What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re staying warm and entertained during this, another day in one of the coldest winters on record. Burr… My body does not like cold weather, I think I’m allergic to it, and the snow sends me into the house and in front on the heater.

Okay, before we get started with this weeks, “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I would like to give a shout-out and a big thank you to  Lee O, Jeff H, Bruce C, Linda C, Jana M, Troy B and Josh B for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you all very much. If you want to make a donation to show your support for the blog and what we are doing here you can do so by clicking this link.

Okay, now let me see, what did I do to prep this week…

Cut and stacked this pile of firewood....

Cut and stacked this pile of firewood….

Added 100 rolls of toilet paper to the cache. No dirty butts at my retreat!

Added 100 rolls of toilet paper to the cache. No dirty butts at my retreat!

Added another sensor and portable radio to my Dakota alert system.

Added another sensor and portable radio to my Dakota alert system.

Added about 30 new cans of canned food to my food stores.

Added about 30 new cans of canned food to my food stores.

I also ordered a Wouxun KG-UV6D Two Way Radio through Amazon.com but it has not arrived yet. Most of my group currently uses these radios (note: these have nowhere near the 36 mile range listed – 1-2 miles is about it on a good day) , but I suspect that they will all want to switch to the Wouxun KG-UV6D when they see mine in action – I’ve read some great reviews of the Wouxun KG-UV6D radio…

Well that’s it for me this week… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. worrisome says:

    Dehydrated bananas & lemons. Also made lemon curd, lemon jam, lemonade, lemon vinegar for cleaning; made a couple of lemon pies and put it all away in storage as appropriate. Turned two bags of oranges into orange juice. Found tri tips on sale canned two, froze two and cooked two to make taco filling, which I will now can. And I made stewed tomatoes and spaghetti sauce with all the left over tomatoes from last summer that I had left in the freezer and canned that. And this coming week I am going to make strawberry jam from the strawberries I froze last summer. That should clean out the freezer a bit as there is a sale on at Safeway for chicken at 79 cents a pound and I want to go get some.

    The little old couple across the street will be going to Colorado with their daughter to look for a place to live or to stay with her. Kind of a trial run. They should be leaving sometime next week. They have found a realtor that they like, but are going to give it 2 months back there before they decide to put the house on the market. In the meantime, once it is closed up and they are gone, we will keep an eye on things as will other neighbors and it will be fine. She had me help her pack up a few of her “valuables” to take with her. She wants to “think” about whether she wants to give them to her daughter or the grandkids so it was a big secret for the moment. They are having a tough time giving up and are very very sad and he is feeling very defeated. Hard to watch.

    I made some hardware purchases, packed away a few more items to take up to the bol and hopefully will get out of here to see the progress sometime late next week after the neighbors take off.

    Placed an order with ee and made arrangements to buy another ½ cow for the bol, the boys says there is room in one of the freezers for it. It appears to me that keeping a year’s supply of beef for those guys is going to be a big effort.

    We are getting rain! Don’t know how much and it is not enough to call a halt to those in charge of drawing up drought disaster plans, but still, it is good to see. I read today that there is going to be some low/no interest farm loans that will be available to folks that are not going to be able to farm this year. The funding will also be available to direct suppliers of farmers as well.

    I was checking out the film from our security cameras here. We have a coyote hanging around behind the houses, I think it is a female and she looks lonely, cold and scared. Now I know why Hope has been restless at night. Watched a raccoon get zapped a bit on the electric fence behind my place. The neighbors two doors down have chickens and ducks which I think is the draw.

    I continue to be amazed at the juvenile level of politics going on in DC and watching the Dow drop for the past month and can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to all of us and when. Take care folks, keep up your prep work, take care of yourselves and each other.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      I managed to get 18 lemons off of my potted Meyer lemon tree. I gave some away and juiced the rest. I put the juice into a plastic ice cube tray for the freezer. Now I can’t get the frozen cubes out of the tray.

      • Schatzie, sometimes if you just dip the tray in cold, not hot water and just on the bottom of the tray you can get them to release. Once they are frozen and out of the tray you can drop them in baggies and pop them back in the freezer so you can use them individually. I love Meyer lemons, they are so flaverful!

        • I love Meyer lemon soap with oatmeal. Yum. This is my preferred soap for the kitchen sink.

          • What a cool idea. Now that I am retired I am doubling down on efforts to make soap and cheese. Think I have got your list of needful items pretty much complete on the soap Bam Bam.

          • Encourager says:

            I love my kitchen soap that has lemon in it…it actually gets rid of stinky onion and garlic from my hands.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      You hit the ground running, worrisome. Good job.

      And if you think politics are crazy in Washington, you ought to be in Texas. Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis has now morphed into Wendy “Gun-toting Barbie” Davis. She went from an F rating with the NRA to advocating open carry in Texas. I’m thinking that the “Yosemite Sam” routine she performed with former Texas governor Ann Richard’s shotgun on stage last week affected her “mood”. She refuses to even discuss her signature issue, which is late term abortion. She is now pro-life, she says.

      As for the stock market, the losses have nothing to do with the politics in DC, but the tapering of QE that was announced by the Fed. As soon as interest rates go up to normal by historical standards(4-5%, which are not high), then the game is over. Don’t have any funds in the markets you can’t afford to lose. I avoided the latest loss by putting all my funds in commodities of one form or another. I have no money in stocks.

      The debt itself will have to be repudiated through inflation or devaluation, both painful and devastating to the economy. But, that’s why we do what we do. Have a great week, if you can after all that bad news. LOL.

      • axelsteve says:

        I wold not trust that politician as far as I could throw it. Sudden converssons like that make me suspicious to say the least.

      • Mary in Texas says:

        Don’t forget Wendy Davis’ little “unclear ” personal history–changing the date of her divorce, exaggerating the time spent living in a trailer, misleading everyone about who took care of her kids while she went finished college and went to law school, and who paid for law school

      • Stealth Spaniel says:

        Yosemite Sam routine? You gave me my laugh for the week! It so describes Wendy Davis. This woman pings and pongs from one political idea to another-like a loose bouncy ball released by a 2 year old. “Please elect me! I’m blonde! I’m thin! I can (maybe) shoot a gun! I said that I was anti gun, but now I don’t mean it. Please elect me!!”
        And we wonder how much more trouble the country can get into. At least Ann Richards was the real deal.
        Thanks for the smiles! 😉

    • WoW–you are so prepared and busy; wish you were my neighbor.
      And that is a compliment.

    • worrisome;
      Could I have your recipe for the lemon jam and curd? Thanks

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Yep – I’d like those recipes too!

        • worrisome says:

          I will post them here… tomorrow or the next day…I have a useful of company until Monday am

          • Suburban Housewife says:

            OK – thanks. Also what do you do with your dehydrated lemons. They look really pretty but other than putting a slice in tea or water I can’t think of anything to do with them. Enjoy your house guests and I’ll keep checking back. Thanks.

            • I dehydrate the lemons for a slice in tea, yes, but in this case, my daughters wanted me to build them kitchen wreaths with dried lemons and bay leaves to hang in their kitchens.

              Also, I do them like I do the bananas…….I slice them thin to dehydrate, get them crispy, run them through the food processor and turn them into powder……..then you can use the powder as replacements for lemon juice in cake recipes and the can also be used as a Vitamin C supplement if you run out of store bought 🙂 🙂

    • Ok ladies, I follow this recipe because it is easy and then I use another website’s instructions for canning it. I double/triple/ and quadruple this recipe and it still works. If you find that there are bits of egg from cooking it too fast, I push it through a strainer as I bottle it. Because all the ingredients are mixed first the bits of egg are less than other recipes to worry about.

      Lemon Curd Recipe

      Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten

      Total Time:
      30 min
      20 min
      10 min

      Yield:3 cups
      Lemon Dessert Sauce
      3 lemons
      1 1/2 cups sugar
      1/4 pound unsalted butter, room temperature
      4 extra-large eggs
      1/2 cup lemon juice (3 to 4 lemons)
      1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
      Using a carrot peeler, remove the zest of 3 lemons, being careful to avoid the white pith. Put the zest in a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Add the sugar and pulse until the zest is very finely minced into the sugar.

      Cream the butter and beat in the sugar and lemon mixture. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, and then add the lemon juice and salt. Mix until combined.

      Pour the mixture into a 2 quart saucepan and cook over low heat until thickened (about 10 minutes), stirring constantly. The lemon curd will thicken at about 170 degrees F, or just below simmer. Remove from the heat and cool or refrigerate.

      Canning Instructions: This website below worries over the acidic quality of lemons vs bottled lemon juice, I don’t. It gives accurate canning instructions is why I am including it here. I have stored this recipe as canned without freezing for as long as 9 months with no darkening in the jars as this website says it will. It never ever lasts longer than that in my pantry as it gets used for lemon pies, lemon tarts, a lemon frosting, etc etc etc. Do use your food thermometer for best results.
      Canning instructions: http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_02/lemon_curd.html

    • And this one is so simple and the guys love it. They use it on toast; bisquits, I put it on hams and sometimes pork chops when I cook them……….Oh, and please read to the bottom of the recipe! I do NOT use the can and flip method, I water bath can them….


      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Worrisome –
        Thanks so much for the recipes. I bet the lemon and bay wreaths are really pretty! Lucky daughters. I dehydrate and grind the rinds for zest – never thought of doing slices like that. That would certainly be easier- I think I’ll give it a try. And I didn’t think about the vitamin C substitute. Duh,,, My DH will love that lemon jam so I think I’ll try that first. Thanks again.

        • Suburban Housewife says:

          No – wait….bananas? what about the bananas? What do you do with them?

          • I dry them until they are crispy, then grind them up and then use the powder in my oatmeal. (great source of extra potassium and give the oatmeal some flavor as well as some natural sweetness) and they don’t take up space that way. I was just about out when this sale happened.

            That ALL is the plan…………but if there are grand kids around…………….then they don’t make it to the powder stage as they eat them.

            I dip them in lemon juice so they don’t darken before I dry them.

  2. Along with contending with the cold (I only went out once this week), most of our preps have come in the form of deliveries of previously ordered stuff. Magazines for AR’s, Glocks, Bersa 380’s, and a sample of a 1911 mag that looks good (once things warm up a bit, I’ll report on it).

    Got in some Organic FD Blackberries that were on sale. Ordered some silver right before the prices started up again (good timing on my part). Got in a pair of Danner tan light weight boots and 10 pairs of mil-surp wool socks.

    The only other things were labels and toner for my printer to continue my “Binder Project”. As my DW has been working so hard to thin out our old fiction paperbacks, I started printing out many of the “how to” articles that I think I might need in a grid-down SHTF situation.

    Might get out a little today as this AM in up to 13 F. Wednesday we woke up to -31 F! Glad that we spent the money on the new windows a couple of years ago. Any that I have gotten all the vehicles serviced of late, they all started right up. We don’t have enough room at our house to park them all within reach of a plug in, so only the diesel truck is plugged in. Good maintenance pays!

    MD, I realize your humidity is different by I store my TP the same way, in plastic tubs. Works for us too. I like the look of that new radio too. I do love the mileage claims on most radios. We have something a little different, but as we are the only ones with them, it’s a little hard to report on their effectiveness.

    To the Pack, take care. We should be entering the “Debt Ceiling” time soon. Getting ready for another temporary shut down followed by a “whip-out”.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      JP… I betcha this one goes by nearly unseen and unheard. No Ceiling and no limit. I’ve sorta given up on the ‘when’ of it and am more concerned with the vague ‘hints’ that are always offered up and missed .. when .. these things seem to leap out at society.

  3. This week I rotated through our medium-range food stores. I have decided to invest more in #10 cans and less in grocery store foods. This will cut down on spoilage. Actually, I’ve only lost a couple boxes of (open) cereal and a log of shelf-stable cheese. I have been able to use up or give away most of the stuff before it gets too far beyond the expiration dates.

    I put in an order with the LDS Online Store for three cases of potato flakes, two cases of apple slices and four cases of quick oats. The potato flakes are on backorder. But that’s not a problem. For those of you who are new to prepping, the LDS Online Store is an excellent place to start when researching food storage. They sell the food under market value. It’s one way they give back to the community.

    We did an inventory of our medical preps. We don’t have as much as I thought we had or more aptly we don’t have as much as I am coming to realize we may need. I put in an order for more antibiotics—Levofloxacin, Ciprofloxin and Bactrim. My dh is allergic to penicillin, so we needed some antibiotics that he can take. Our supplies of Doxycycline are getting low.

    We also put in an order for three bottles of DEET mosquito spray, two boxes of N-95 respirator masks with valves and a 12-pack of surgical tape. I have several boxes of respirators but none of them have valves. I wear eyeglasses. Not good.

    I was reading back this post to my dh. He interrupted me and said, “What if you loose or break your glasses? You’re blind. There goes the best pistol marksman in the family and my right-partner.” (I smiled.) We are heading to China Mart this afternoon to get me a second pair of glasses. (My dh just told me about a Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith stumbles upon a library in a post apocalyptic world. He says, “finally, enough time to read.” He looses his glasses and then steps on them. So here he is in heaven with all he needs for this rest of his life, books, and he can’t read them.)

    We packaged up 80 lbs. of Zaycon chicken beast and got that put up in the freezer.

    I came up with a recipe for canned chicken. I call it “Pollo Tropical.” Just brown some onion in olive oil, dump in a pint of chicken, a can of pineapple chucks with juice and some mango chutney. Flavor with garlic pepper and blackened seasoning. Serve with yellow rice. You could easily extend this recipe by adding a pint of black beans.

    Finally, I ordered this book that Michele recommended. I really want to build a mud stove.


    • Bam Bam,

      Have you ever ordered the Potato Pearls from the LDS online store? They are a short to medium term storage item but taste much better than potato flakes! (Personally, I have both in my food storage.) The potato pearls have butter in them that is why they are only good for 1 to 2 years. They do wonders to help whole wheat bread rise! Besides that, they are the best instant potatoes I have ever eaten! Hands down, the flavor beats anything you can buy in the grocery store!

      • Kate,

        I didn’t see potato pearls on their website. But I will look for them. If they don’t have them online I have a colleague who is Mormon and volunteers at the Storehouse once a month. I can get him to pick me up a case.

        • Oh, one more thing – potato pearls are in bags not #10 cans. The cannery recommends that you store them in the bags, do not try to can them.

          You will love them!

      • Kate,
        I love those pearls. We have several bags, in previously used #10 cans, with plastic lids, in the freezer, and they have held up well, in one case more than 3 years. They are only rated for 2 years, because they contain a milk product, which means you only have to add boiling water. A cup of water and ½ cup of pearls makes two servings, in theory, but in my case generally only provides one serving, to which I also add some additional margarine or butter. You can make them in the time it takes to boil water, which on a gas range in a tea kettle isn’t long.

      • Kate,
        Keep your unopened bags of potato pearls in your freezer and they keep indefinitely. I say indefinitely since we’ve have some for nearly 4 years that were still fine and tasty. I agree that they are some of the best mashed potatoes you can get.
        You also stated, “They do wonders to help whole wheat bread rise”. I had never heard this before, so could you elaborate? Sounds interestin.

      • I searched and can’t find them–I’d like to try them.
        Vacuum sealing in mason jars might make them last longer?/

    • If you want to try one the quick way here’s a youtube vid on how do one in 24 hours. Will it last forever? Nope, but it’s a cheap, fast and fairly easy way to try out a cob oven.

      • Tommy2rs,

        That is a great video. We have a creek behind our home and it is lined with clay. I am hoping I can use that to build the cob oven. This is so exciting. Thank you for posting the link.

    • Hi BamBam,
      Check out Zenni Optical for glasses. I bought one pair,there, just to check them out since the price difference was about $50 from them compared to almost $600 for the locally made trifocal glasses. The prescription was spot on. I bought 3 more pairs for me and some for my son who also has astigmatism. They have nice, fashionable frames. They are not BCD’s.

      • Just an FYI about Zenni.

        Prices are great, the quality is as good as local, and delivery was quicker. The problem I had was my Veralux (progressive) lenses. They got the difference layer wrong (too high) so to use them I have to move them down my nose. So I will have to change the lenses, locally. Since the prescription is correct, they are not returnable.

        I got progressives to be able to shoot better, but now I have to look over the lens to see the front sight, so I am going with distance lenses, with a small bi-focal on the bottom. Once I get the measurements down, I will order a couple more pair.

        BYW, locally my glasses were $465. From Zenni they were $60. I figure it was worth the try, even if it didn’t work out like I wanted.

      • LOL @ BCDs. Haven’t heard that term in a while.

        • Hi NANN!
          I never even thought about it. I guess I am either revealing my age or my background with that one.

    • Bam Bam, where do you order antibiotics and are they available to the public? I’ve been researching herbs and natural ways of dealing with illness, but I have only a few antibiotics on hand(leftover from my dogs prescription ) I would like to stock up on more incase my family needs them. We run a farm, we have kids, we have accidents :/ and we have no insurance because we can’t afford it. Thank you kindly for any info you can share.

    • *I have been able to use up or give away most of the stuff before it gets too far beyond the expiration dates.*

      I keep foods years beyond their expiration dates.
      I’m sure those here can tell you why.

      • I just used Gossner Foods carton milk sold at Dollar Trees.
        It is best by date of Jan., 2013. 14 months stored on a shelf and it is still great tasting.
        A great shelf stable milk. A life saver when you don’t have milk in the fridge.
        The best by date is about 7 months from purchase, but don’t believe it!!!

    • I use Thomas Labs for my fish antibiotics and keep in the fridge.

      Anyone else do this??

      • Thanks JayJay. I will be looking into adding these to my preps. I need to keep them on hand for my livestock, too. It will save big on my vet bill.

        • S'wt Tater says:

          Farmers co-ops and farm supply stores often have calf bolus’ that are sulfa based,…like septra…and injectable forms of penicillin for horses, cows etc…

    • Bam Bam,

      I wanted to thank you for the movie recommendations. We really liked ‘The Snow Walker’. We bought ‘Into The Wild’ as well, but it seemed that the movie was a bit scattered – although good, and the ending was pretty sad.

      The book he had on wild edible plants was the same one I have, and it lists right in it if the plant has any poisonous look alikes – can’t believe he missed that. Good lesson though.

      • You are welcome. I think he was dehydrated, exhausted and starving–it’s easy to miss stuff under those conditions. If I miss breakfast, I am a holy terror. I can’t imagine being that hungry.

    • Okie in CO says:

      BAM BAM , you might want to try aquaticpharmacy,com out of
      Washington state for some FISH antibiotics including fish azrithromycin which is hard to find. Im allergic to penicillin too

    • Bam Bam,
      I too wear eyeglasses and they are certainly a necessity in my case. I keep all of my old glasses as I get new ones and when I can afford it, I try to have new lenses put in a pair of the old ones as well. I have stock piled about 6 pairs. with varied prescriptions. I also wear bifocals so I have two separate reading and distance glasses put back. I remember the Twilight Zone episode too! That is the reason I started keeping my old glasses!

  4. Planted more herbs, onions, and did some transplanting. Onions, celery, leeks, shallots, and many of the herbs are up. Going to get some broccoli and cabbage planted this week.

    Canned goods purchased this week. Also some first aid supplies to replace those we’ve used.

    No auction this week – the weather was too bad.

    Been working on an article for M.D. Continuing work on some other prepper related projects.

    Library book sale today – going to try to pick up some classical music CDs as well as the usual looking for books.

    I’ve gotten a good bit accomplished this week – I’ve been slowly working through “MAGS: The People Part of Prepping: How to Plan, Build, and Organize a Mutual Assistance Group in a Survival Situation”. So far, the little I’ve read is very useful.

    Got in my order of “Trail Food: Drying and Cooking Food for Backpacking and Paddling” and “Plant Propagator’s Bible” .. .both look very useful.

    Dehydrated cabbage, asparagus, and some orange peel. Love the Excalibur!

  5. Received the versa stove I ordered. Made a big batch of soup/stew from my stores to test some of my dehydrated veggies and canned meat,came out great. I will can the leftovers today. I have been working on baking different kinds of bread and plan on trying it in a dutch oven on the wood stove today. Went to the thrift shops yesterday and picked up some odds and ends.

  6. I put away a big box of hamburger helper(14 boxes) for chicken,yaknow they are getting some good flavors now, one 1 1/2 litre bottle seagrams seven, 2 more mosin nagants, that brings me up to 4 mosins and 4 cans ammo for the less fortunate relatives (sept for cleaning-big smile!) I sure don’t like the way the stock market acting-Big drifts it sure doesn’t look good-why are they lying to us? Oh well I guess this is it for now, Oh I still have 1 turned down bolt handle for a mosin as a giveaway! And a gunshow next weekend!

    • Ronald:

      Where did you find the turned-down Mosin handle. I found a service that will do them (welded not bolted), but you used to be able to find them all over. I still “need” 2. HELP!

      • well I did get 1 from amazon I have 2 you want em? I’ll stick around and see.

        • Well I just did it, go to your homepage them type in mosin nagant then go to the page you want but if you just type MD and he’ll give me your email and we’ll go from there for these that I have.

      • axelsteve says:

        JP I like my sons m38. It is not for the squeemish though.I think that a good mosin is a good choice.

      • Hi JP,
        try blazen999 on e-bay. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. The most exciting prep I had this week was my wife’s chest X-ray showing her good lung to be cancer free. They have found cysts on her kidneys but the doctor said they rarely become a problem. We will be saving for a cat scan in 6 months.

    This week,I did something I’ve never done before. I met another Prepper at a coffee shop in Texas and we had a great chat and plan to get together again soon. If there are any others in the Shreveport,Longview,Carthage vicinity that would like to meet for coffee and camaraderie in waskom Texas,I can be contacted at bctruck at gmail dot com.

    After doing a good bit of research,I’ve decided to work my way into having a berretta cx4 storm as another weapon for my wife and I. She is a very capable and accurate shot,but she won’t be capable of handling a 12 gauge and in my continuing efforts of armament commonality,I’ve decided to add the cx4 because it uses the same magazines and ammo as my pistol and keltec sub2000. I watched a video of two average guys hitting a mansized gong at 240 yards,over and over with the cx4 and I’m convinced it will be the perfect addition to our defensive abilities. That’s it for me. We had 1/4 inch of snow while we were at walmart yesterday. Fortunately,being a Prepper,I was able to drive the 8 grueling miles to my house by putting my snow chains on. Have a grat week y’all.

    • BC:

      If the CX4 uses 92 mags, I was looking at BotachTactical.com and they had factory 17 rounders for $17.

    • Great news on the x ray

    • BC,

      Excellent news on your dw’s x-rays. We’ve all been praying for you guys.

    • So glad to hear that your wife is doing well BC……..

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      Glad to hear the good news on the x-ray. Prayers still go out to the two of you.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Yep, great prep having your partner-in-life healthy, bctruck. Congrats and glad to hear the good news.

      Hahaha…we had almost 2 in. of snow yesterday afternoon and last night. Love to watch the kids play and enjoy our first measurable snowfall this season. The snow has all been south of us in Houston, etc. this year. Kind of strange.

      bctruck, I’m in the Texarkana area, that’s not too far from me, what day would you meet?

      • the gentleman i met,is a frequent commenter here and has had an article or two published under another name,so unless he wants to say who he is,ill wont either. I do know that he is retired and im also not working at the moment so anytime would be great for me and im pretty sure for him also. we could even drive towards the direction i think your in and meet at one of the relay station fuelstops (they have great buffetes).

      • RoR,
        That snow has been just north of Houston actually. However, We have had 2 ice storms
        The first one was a mess. The state put down deicer material but the rains washed most of it away before the real freeze got here. Combined with the typical traffic it was a real mess. The second time the state got lucky as the pre treatment was able to work and about 2/3rds of the metro area stayed home.

    • Great news, BC. I’ll keep praying for both of you.

    • B C great news about the wife!!!

    • thanks to all for rthe prayeers and well wishes for my wife. i feel like we can finally get on with life and my wifes whole demeanor has changed to the old enthusiastic and happy charly that i married.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Good news BC. It’s a blessing. My best to the Mrs.

    • BC–Beretta from Maryland just moved one of their operations to Gallatin, Tennessee.
      They told Maryland they would move when the laws prohibited those making Berettas from owning one!!!
      They were serious.

    • riverrider says:

      bc, great news and great choice on the storm. i had one but the design was too foreign for me to adapt to. too many years with the ar. i sold it to my buddy and he won’t part with it for any price. damn fine weapon.

    • Congrats on your wife being healthy!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Great news bc! May you and your wife have many more years together.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Great news on the x-rays BC. I will say another prayer for you all!

    • patientmomma says:

      That is wonderful news about your wife’s x-ray showing a clear lung!! It is what we all prayed for!

    • DW just went through a surgical byopsy after an abnormal mamgram so I know the rollercoaster of emotions that you’ve both been going through. It’s such a good feeling to get that news of cancer free. So happy for both of you. The power of Wolfpack prayer should not be denied!

      • Amen,Amen,amen!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus,for my prayerful friends and for your mercy,grace,love,forgiveness and the promise of everlasting life in our fathers kingdom.

    • Great news on the dw’s x-ray!!!

    • Grannytraveler says:

      That is so awesome! I can vouch for the power of Wolf Pack prayers. My son is still in remission but his oncologist ordered another PET scan and the insurance turned it down. How can a paper pusher know more than a doctor? I just don’t get it. Anyway congratulations on the clean x-ray.

  8. The prepper poster “Why Do We Can So Much, Mommy?” which I ordered from eBay last week came in and is now enjoying some refrigerator time. It’s a take off on a WWII poster. You can see it here:


    The question of preserving eggs without refrigeration came up on another site, so I did a little Goggling and came up with this:

    Oregon State University Extension Service has a page on oiling eggs and on preserving them with water glass. They say that eggs can be preserved “from 4-8 months or longer.”

    Here: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/lane/sites/default/files/images/lc105.pdf

    One of the Noble Solons in our State Senate has introduced an interesting bill on guns.

    Senator Clayton Hee (“intellectually outclassed by the average drunken amoeba”) has introduced a bill to ban any gun manufactured by 3D printing, CNC mills, or laser cutting machines, any gun part, anything which resembles a gun or piece of a gun, and anything which the police or a police lab is unable to determine is or resembles or depicts a gun, gun part, or depicts the nature of a gun or piece of a gun.

    As I read the bill, it might even ban anything written about guns or the “nature of a gun” if the writing was done on a computer. Also possibly photographs of guns or pieces of guns, and maybe even a sculpture of, say, a police memorial if it was designed and produced using a computer and depicted a gun or the ‘nature’ of a gun.

    If you’d like to read the text of the bill, Hawaii Senate Bill 2257, and my rant on subject:


    This seems to be a response to 3D printing of guns and parts, but this intellectual giant’s bill bans most gun parts made in the last two or three decades. I don’t give this guy credit for being devious. I think he really is that dumb.

    • Penrod,

      Without blowing OPSEC, are you in Oregon? If so, whereabouts (quadrant – NE, NW, SE, SW or Central) if you don’t mind.

    • what is wrong with using a cnc mill to make gun parts? I know a guy who makes guitar bodies with a cnc mill. Not many people have been killed using a cnc mill.

      • “Not many people have been killed using a cnc mill.”

        And Senator Hee plans on keeping it that way, axelsteve. As I read it, screws would be a felony if they were for a gun (or the police could not determine that they were for a gun) and made on a CNC mill.

        The guy seems incapable of even hiring staffers who can figure out what his bill would do.

      • All of the major gun manufacturers use CNC mills in their production process. The guy is either brilliant or an idiot, and I suspect I can guess which.

        • Reading this guy’s bill is scary. Why the Dems allow such people to run for office under their label is beyond me, but I think the Hawaii Dems have been taken over by such people.

          I suspect my comparison to a drunken amoeba was pretty much spot on.

          With apologies to any amoeba with substance abuse issues, of course.

  9. Nebraska Woman says:

    Cows, cows, cows.
    My friend had another bad spell, so dog and I had cow feeding chores. The hydraulics on his loader failed, so there I was, cold and figuring out how to feed the 15 head by hand who were glaring at me with such hatred. Just then a young neighbor came up (he’s about 20) riding his horse (well, some of us are die-hards; what can I say?) and told me not to worry. He would get his equipment and do the feeding. I nearly dropped down and kissed his manure stained boots. Anyway, chivalry is not dead. Even the cows looked happier.

    Then, there I was, sleeping in my own warm bed and many things started to go bump in the night. I looked out and there were more cows on a mission running through my front yard heading directly for the creek about a mile away. I called the owner; he asked if I could help; I, envisioning a warm pickup, said yes. I threw on my carhartts, boots, etc. When he showed up, there were 3 pickups and 2 horses, one riderless. Guess what. Yep, I had the skills necessary to help round ’em up. No pickup for me. I put on my fur coat, another pair of socks and mittens. I looked like June Cleaver on a ranch.
    Did I mention it was -10?
    When we got down there, the cattle decided to play Marco Polo with us. I’m glad someone had a good time. It took us an hour to round them up. Lest you feel sorry for me, I actually had fun. I hadn’t ridden a good cow pony in a long time. Red had a long mane which was useful for keeping hands warm.

    I now look at a steak with extra glee.

    Other than that, my week was pretty normal. I am now ordering more stuff from ee, propane is down in price so I ordered more, and in general tried to stay warm.

    Electric grids will be a problem in the future. Did you know that we do not even manufacture the parts needed any more? We get them from China. I trust cows more than I do the Chi-coms.

    Have a good week!

    • Hunker-Down says:


      I wish I had your skills!

    • Nebraska Woman,

      I think you have the story of the week. You had me at the image of cows playing Marco Polo.

    • I apologize, but I am laughing at you over the Marco Polo with cows. They are weird creatures when they in mass decide on a course of action that is inexplicable to us humans. I haven’t been around them much since childhood, but my dad always said cows were the most stubborn when it is really really hot and really really cold.

    • Marrrcoooo….. mooooolo…. Lol been there and done that! ‘cept not at -10…. When we had em, they all got trained to come at the rustle of a feed sack, just like cats to the can opener….

    • Mother Earth says:

      I would be totally envious if it wasn’t for the -10 part! Thanks for the good laugh though.

    • My Oh My! Marco Polo had me laughing out loud!

    • Nebraska Woman, you are so funny. I enjoyed reading your post and like scanning through others’ to see just what I missed stocking.
      Thank you all for sharing your prep storage.


    • patientmomma says:

      Nebraska Woman, you are totally awesome! I wish I had your skills and willingness to get up in the middle of the cold to ride a horse in a creek at -10 degrees. You chalked up some green stamps big time for that neighborly deed. Go girl!

    • Nebraska Woman,
      Horses are almost always more reliable than a truck anyway, especially in a cattle roundup.

    • You have just become one of my new American heroes! Loved the story! We went out today and spent some time with some horses. I’ve never been so close and personal with one before. I feel in love. I’m now hooked and glad we put in fences tall enough to keep horses just in case we are ever able to take one in. Your story also let me see that there are some neighbors out there that will go the extra mile (even on horseback) to help and that there are still neighbors out there that are so worth helping out.

    • Great story! Several times I have seen that people order from ee. What is ee?

  10. Hunker-Down says:

    We dehydrated two batches of celery that yielded 8 half pint canning jars, including desiccant packs and an O2 absorber. The drought in Califoolnia has us worried.

    We wrote a page for our survival manual with instructions on cleaning personal wipes, following Tactical G-Ma’s instructions.

    The DW is finally becoming a prepper!!! But, she won’t admit it. For our 53rd anniversary last week she bought me a Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio and a Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger. Whooopie!

    I bought her an extension to a long range camera lens. She has taken pictures of cars two blocks away, and we can identify anyone sitting on the side from which the picture was taken. It will be handy on scouting trips.

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.

    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.

    • Good thinking on the celery! Keep looking for “deals” and prepare for more expensive fruits and vegies over the next 18 months. Also be aware that most of the replacements for the lack of vegies and fruits will be coming in from other countries, please make sure you are comfortable with the country of origin.

      Hunker Down, you do know as well that you can regrow celery by cutting the celery like 3-4 inches above the bottom and then sticking it bottom side down in wet soil? I have a mason jar with celery starting in it right now. Just needs a window with some light and good damp soil and you are good to go.

      We are getting some rain/snow now. It has been off and on since about Tuesday here.

      • I grow fresh celery all winter. You can grow green onions like this as well.

        • Millie in KY says:

          I have a pot of green onions and basil in the kitchen window going all the time. Just use the green onions you get at the store, they will last a couple of months, minimum, when they start to peter out, I just buy a new package for 1.00 or so.
          And, oh, man, I could not believe how many things went up in price when I went shopping last week.
          Still working hard, next thing is to pay auto insurance and brakes on DH car. Still juggling the budget with the debt we acquired while I was off tucking kids in bed (oh, crap, forgot, I have no kids) and making new friends in the ER (oh, crap, forgot, I have no insurance)…..I have a couple of friends that when the weather improves just a tad, we are going to get together on a cheese making expedition and I’m looking forward to that!
          Stay safe, everyone!

        • Hunker-Down says:

          You don’t have winter 🙂

          • We actually get about 10 days of cold weather her in North Central Florida. Sometimes it gets down in the 20s. That’s dangerous because there are so many folks around her living in cracker houses with no heat.

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Hey Hunk and Worri –
        Have you tried using your dehydrated celery ? I did some and when I tried to use it – it was AWFUL. Very rubbery and chewy and I had to pick it all out of the soup I made. Just AWFUL. I but freeze dried or just forgo celery in a recipe before I use that stuff again.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Celery was the first dehydrated veggie we ran out of. We soak it for 10-15 minutes so it will expand back to original size, so we can guestimate the proper amount to use. I thought it worked as good as fresh in soups. Last year I blanched it before dehydrating it but forgot to this year.

    • News from N Calif. In Lake county we are having some good rain. I hope to see it continue.Monday I will see how lake mendiceno is doing from it.

      • axel,
        Any word of radiation contamination from the rain that you are now getting?

        • axelsteve says:

          Dog log. I am not glowing yet. I will check in the morning tommorow though.

          • k. fields says:

            Same here on the coast.
            As I walk down to the beach about 3 times a week, I started carrying my Geiger counter with me after the Fukushima incident in 2011 just to see if I could find any bases for all the hoopla that started spreading on the internet.
            So far at least, I’ve detected nothing but the normal natural background levels – and that matches the findings of others in this area that have been doing the same checks.

          • Western_Reservist says:


            funny you mention that1

            a buddy of mine in St. Louis area got his mitts on a good Geiger counter. it started snowing, so he thought it would be fun to scan the snow coming down.

            NOT GOOD!

            the Geiger counter sounded off quite substantially….

            wonder what that’s about???

        • Kelp 2014. Dog Log. The UC system has scientists spread all along the coast sampling kelp. Apparently is a big absorber and they can study the types of radiation from it relatively easily. The project is being run out of Berkley. Tis a good thing and will perhaps take some of the melodrama out of the issue. However, there is always the concern that if they find something, that the Fed will either shut down the study or prevent them from using it to warn us.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Hunk, do you grow your own celery?
      Makes me happy that you and wife are taking sanitation seriously. DH and I have the Baofeng UV5RE Plus dual HHs. We have had to have a friend program them for us because nothing seems to work on our computers, 1 with Vista and 1 with MS 8. But they work well for inexpensive radios. Definitely a good addition and the charger is awesome. Even her long range lens has multiple uses.
      Happy Anniversary and hope ya’ll have many more happy years together.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        We bought the limp celery stalks for $1.29 each. I’m not looking forward to programming the Baofeng, we also have MS 8.

        • I have a Baofeng and it came with a cd-rom that had a program for my PC on it. The program allowed me to set up all the programming for the radio then download it to each radio.

  11. Bought more Aspercream, Arnica gel, sinus rinse, generic benedryl batteries (AA,AAA,& 12V), 55 gal. drum liners and tall kitchen can bags. Not a lot but every little bit helps.

    • Can I share here that peppermint oil is great for toothaches??
      I let a piece of beef(I have teeth that catch food particles!!) gather between my teeth without knowing it till it was too late.
      I tried salt water on the gums and teeth(yes, the teeth hurt too) and after it didn’t work, read my prepper book.
      Peppermint oil numbs it and I finally got some sleep.
      It works. Even the gums feel better.

      • Peppermint oil will keep mice out of your storage area too. Just soak cotton balls with the oil and strew them around the room. Mice and rats really hate the smell.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Last winter we were able to keep a 2 foot tall peppermint plan under lights in the basement, and that was the first year we didn’t get mice as soon as the weather turned cold. This year we didn’t bother trying to keep the plant alive and I caught 3 mice, last fall.

        • Going in the attic with my TP.

        • I tried that and all the mice did was haul off the cotton balls.

      • JayJay,
        Another option for a toothache is whole cloves. Just take one and place it where it hurts and bite down on it. It really helps a lot.

        • Great–I don’t whole, just spice cloves–will get, but that peppermint oil knocked the pain right out in 2 minutes.

      • S'wt Tater says:

        peppermint oil on the gum, 3 x a day for 3 days then a couple of times a day for a few more will also kill a gum infection.

      • Thank you SO much Jay Jay and others. I’ve been fighting a toothache turned infection since Friday night. I got a piece of coconut between tooth and gum at our potluck at work Friday. I came home and flossed and used my water pik until I finally got it out, but it was too late. I did the salt water, Oral B medicated mouth rinse, & Listerine. They all numbed it for the moment but not for long. Every 2 hours I was rotating Tylenol aspirin & ibuprofen. I did the whole clove. I made hot tea hot cinnamon and cloves. It’s now Sunday morning and I just read the post about peppermint oil. I got my little bottle from the kitchen and dipped a cotton swab in it. I “painted” the affected area. It immediately stopped the pain. I’m not a fan of peppermint but I was willing to try anything at this point. I actually bought it to do the cotton ball mouse repellent, which works like a charm.

        So again, thanks for the information on peppermint oil. I had never heard or read that before.

        • S'wt Tater says:

          I found it out the hard way after an infection that kept re0ccuring for two years…on my lower outer gum…after 5 days of peppermint oil..{.I apply with what will go on a fingertip,(wash hands before and after)} the sack the infection had been in came out…that convinced me, and was the beginning of my trying herbals.
          FOr those who are new to this blog, be sure to go back and read all the medical and herbal posts, you will find posts what does and does not work…in circumstances…

        • Glad it worked. I am also learning a lot about herbs by reading many blogs online.
          We ordered the peppermint for my husband’s bad breath. It works really well.
          An Amish associate told us how it worked for his bad breath.
          We keep a bottle and add a drop for every cup or more if you need it; then I started reading other benefits of peppermint and went to my prepper notes and in herbs, read about the tooth soothing peppermint.
          I was miserable like you for hours and couldn’t sleep.
          Again, glad you found relief.

          • a bottle of water and add a drop per cup..duh, I’m tired!!

          • Just wanted to say thanks again. After I posted yesterday, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until early evening. Without anything for pain. I dabbed it again at bedtime and this morning before work. No pain yet and the swelling has gone down.

            I already knew I needed to get these two teeth capped to follow MD’s 31 day rule about dental health, but was trying to hold out for my tax refund. I have dental ins at work , but it only pays about 30% to save a tooth. (70% if I left ’em yank it out.) The last time I got a cap it was $1000. That was several years ago, I can imagine what it will cost now. I think now I can make until the refund gets here.

            I’ve just now started trying herbal remedies, but between this and Bam Bam’s cough syrup, I’m sold. The closest I’d been to home remedies was Vicks salve or turpentine. My dad thought if one wouldn’t cure you the other would.

            I will keep read and learning from the pack.

  12. Rider of Rohan says:

    We received the best prep ever this week. My son in Colo., who just got out of the Army a couple of months ago, came home. He decided it would be better if we were all close together, so he will go to a small college in Texarkana, TX., which is not far from my home. Let’s just say he brought expertise and knowledge to our little group, plus we’re delighted to have him so close. And besides, no state treats vets better than Texas. He will go to college tuition free. Yay!

    Also received 2 new books I ordered, The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy and The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics. A doctor friend of mine recommended them. I was also able to finally overcome the doxy problem and scored big. I’ve been trying to find them since December. I also acquired 3 other kinds in human form, which is better if you can, but fish and birds get sick as well. Still in the medical vein, I bought more flu masks, 2 more bottles of Sambucol(that’s all they had at ChinaMart), benedryl, baby wipes, and cotton swabs.

    Food preps will come later today, as we are headed to Sam’s this afternoon. Plan to add lots of pasta, canned veges and meats, and various broths and bouillon. Also plan to add more toilet paper and paper towels, along with plastic utensils.

    You had another great week prepping, MD. Congrats.

  13. Not a lot this week, one of my wife’s co-workers is becoming a good friend, she does a lot of canning, and has offered to teach my wife how, she supplies us with goods from her stash every week.Wee did pick up some sewing supplies, and about a years worth of OTC allergy meds.
    These used to be prescriptions, at $150 a month for me, now we both have what we need for pennies a day.I would be re-loading now if I could find any powder, so I am just stocking up on bullets and cleaning a lot of brass.
    I have been taking my own advise and making sure I have all of the tools I need to service the various mechanical things around the house, and I am making lists of what is needed where.

  14. mom of three says:

    Went through everything, figured out how much we had I need more. I added 20 cans of chili, 6 packets of dryed soup mix, bought more vegetables, fruit. I just bought stuff I was running, out on today hubby and I will go get more noodles, cat food. Just keeping our head above water.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      When I get the dried vegie soup, I add my own canned tomatoes and a package of cabbage. Mmmmm. To potato soup I add chicken and broccoli. Makes a good meal. I am getting low, so it’s time to buy more.

  15. Finished the rug..
    restocked the normally used canned goods, picked up quilting fabric to make baby quilts for new “grandbabies” expected by friends of my kids who are like my own.
    used up all the split wood, need to restack the house supplies..geeze. Live in shorts and flip flop year round locals, have actually worn most of my boots collection for the first time in forever….
    I really miss hating the summer heat right now. Freezing rain yesterday, 66 today?
    got onion sets, calendula seeds, and first seedling of desert parsley is up. Just one so far…. Replaced the chewed up bay laurel seedling with two. Going out to turn water back on at kennels keeping fingers’ crossed that no damage to pipes happened this round of cold…
    Keep your toes warm, pack. Don’t think its over yet…

  16. Got the alternator fixed – a little more expensive than I expected but that was okay – it was only about $20 more. Spending part of the weekend in a city 80 miles from home so am going to do some checking to see if I can find any good deals. Did pick up a new pair of shoes for $9 had been marked down from $25 but not sure what they started out at.

  17. I don’t want to pour cold water on your Wouxun radio purchase but you might want to look at this this article discribing the issues they have had dealing with Wouzun China – btw this guy is one of the largest US Wouxun importers

    As an alternative suggestion, take a look at this series of articles covering the Baofeng from CodeGreenPrep.

    Good radio, Not great – really inexpensive (base radio $40.00, good antenna, car antenna, programming system less that $100.00) it covers MURS/FRS/GRMS and Marine bands along with standard ham bands.

    • Michael,

      I’ve read many other great reports from folks that love the radios from people that know a lot more about it than I do, so I’m not really worried about it. If I have problem I’ll send it back through amazon.com.

      • MD,
        What license do you have to use this radio? It requires either a commercial license or an amateur radio license. Although it covers the FRS, GMRS, and MURS frequencies, it is an FCC Part 90 certified radio and may not legally be used in those Part 95 services. My Baofeng UV-5RA is a similar radio at about half the price, but has the same license issues.
        As for the 36 mile range, if you were high enough (like some western mountaintop, and your other communications partner was similarly situated, it would probably work; however, it’s a very specific situation. Many years ago, when there was a ham aboard the space shuttle, I was able to communicate on 10 watts to the shuttle that was about 400 miles directly overhead. Height is everything in this situation.

  18. Canned 5 pts hamburger and 5 pts chicken.

    Bought 2 cases of bottled purified water (This could be short term preps as winter still has us here and we are on some precarious electric lines – way our in the country, and on a well).

    Was scouting the craft isle for another big package of cheesecloth (which I found and bought) when I found a 105 skein pack of embroidery thread, along with needles and paper cards for them. Not sure why, and I’m not usually given to spur of the moment buying, but now the kids will have pretty clothes when TSHTF. I haven’t embroidered since I was a teenager (back when God wore knickers).

    Will have to drive to the big city in the next week or so, lost a diamond in my wedding band, and we bought the policy on them. The nearest store is about 80 miles away. But the good news is, there are also in that city a Costco, Winco and Mormon Cannery – whoo hoo! I will be straightening up in the meantime so I have a place to put the stuff. DH says I’m trying to kill him adding stuff to move, but I’m reasonably sure we all have only about a year or so before TSHTF, and we need a LOT more food.

    We are potentially looking at a 38 acre property with a large pond on it. Still waiting for information back from the listing agent. There appears to be a small building on it, and we are wondering if it could be converted into a small temporary home. We would like to build our future home as partially earth sheltered, to save on utilities, and are considering cargo containers – waterproofed and reinforced – lots of ideas, not just have to make them reality.

    • Michele – Not sure what you are using the cheese cloth for but my local MFP group has really excellent cheese cloth that we sell. It is far better than anything we have found in the local stores (I’m on the Oregon Coast).

      • Suzy Q

        Do you know how much they sell it for? I’d like to find it by the bolt – but haven’t so far.

        I use cheesecloth for a bunch of stuff – mostly things like thickening yogurt, straining foods, sprouting seeds, etc. I can’t imagine not having it if TSHTF, as I’d likely be doing a LOT more of that type of stuff – we are so spoiled right now.

        • I think it is $5 for a couple of yards. I’ll try to get in touch with the MFP who actually orders the cheesecloth and see if I can find out where he orders.

          • Michelle: The cheese cloth is ordered from theraglady.com. We order cheesecloth #90.

          • Another item to use instead of cheesecloth is flour sack cloth. Although I have not tried it yet, it is supposed to be better for straining things like cheese and honey.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      Canned 5 pts hamburger and 5 pts chicken.


      This is my next project to learn to do. Been looking @ excalibur and reading up on process. Thinking of getting MD’s rec for model but can pay up if worth it. Sometimes paying up ≠ better unless bells and whistles are worth it. Just started researching today.

      Also ordered three more 3.5 gl. water bricks this week. Expensive way to store but I like the portability on first storage.

      Put up another three quarts of sauerkraut. I use the fido (fee-do) jars which are sort of expensive (mine are anyway) but easy to keep air out and they gas off well. I still use a cabbage leaf to contain cabbage below the brine so I can burp the Co2 once per week. Don’t like the idea of holding air out whilst not allowing most of gas out. Living kraut has totally turned around my gut health almost exclusively, but not quite. Other things are helping too.

      Found a very nice source of grass fed beef. Very good.

      Added to propane storage also.

      BC, happy to hear about your wife’s prognosis. I know how hard it is on the spouse when the SO is sick. My wife has been through the ringer. All looking up here too.

      • PGCPrepper,

        I am SO looking forward to St. Patty’s day next month – cabbage is so cheap then. I have a 15 gal and a 4 gal crock that are going to be getting a workout for a few weeks in March- I love homemade sauerkraut and DH has never tasted it: and you are so right – it is so good for your gut health – and therefore your immune system (about 70% or more of your immune system is contained in your gut).

        I’ve always used a plate to keep it below the brine, but the MFPs in Placerville, used a gallon baggie filled with water – pretty ingenious idea I thought.

        • PGCPrepper says:


          Yes, I’ve seen the H2O filled bags used. I have read some negatives on that and not just leeching issues. I just like the fido jars as I do not have to worry about skimming mold due to air. I would’t mind owning a Harsch-type crock with the water seal on the rim though for larger batches. Love your input always.

        • PGCPrepper says:

          Wait, cabbage is cheaper on St. Patty’s day? Correlation? Had no idea.

          It’s so cheap anyway. Head of cabbage, some carraway seeds and maybe some garlic or a bit of carrot is a pretty good cheap food source to begin with.

          • The correlation between St Patty’s day and cabbage being on sale is for corned beef and cabbage. It is usually only a few cents a lb during that time – watch your ads for the two weeks before.

          • friend’s husband makes sauerkraut with a bit of dill in it. delicious!!

        • Yummy, just thinking about real sauerkraut makes me salivate. Used to help my former in-laws make it in big crocks topped with a plate and a rock, and then a piece of old sheet tied down over the top of the crock. That gallon baggie is a pretty neat idea.

      • i have an exclaimer dehydrator and absolutely love it, check out http://www.dehydrate2store.com, a ton of information and lots of videos to show you how.

    • Forgot to mention that I started DH and I on graviola tea daily as a preventative. DH has worked in both shipyards and paper mills and both are teaming with nasty chemicals – ESPECIALLY paper mills!

      Ordered a bunch of medicinal and culinary herbs from My Patriot Supply via the link on this site. Also bought about a lb of red clover seed for sprouting from the local store run by a Mennonite family – will actually use them for planting red clover for our bees and us.

      Ordered two sets of bees, another beginner hive and 2 additional honey supers from The Honey Store in New Plymouth, ID. The 3 lb package of bees were only $90 each and the hive (with a hive top feeder, etc) was only $145 and the honey supers $45 each – quite a deal! I pick them up second week in April, and am glad they are local bees because they can take the local freezing winters here.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Michelle, what’s the shelf life of the dried elerberries you get?

        • Tactical G-Ma,

          I’m making an assumption, but since I order the elderberries whole (not powdered) and keep them in a cool, dark dry place, I’d assume at least 2 years – probably more. If TSHTF, I certainly hope I have more than 2 years – or that I get property soon, and elderberry bushes in full production before then.

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        Good luck with the bees! The farmers here grow GMO and spray way too much. The hives have died off.
        Fresh honey is sooooo good.

        • I love honey. Some folks sell local honey in my area. I should get some instead of the store bought stuff.

      • Buckwheat says:

        Just curious if anyone has done this, but can you make bees a part of a defense plan? For example, position a couple of hives around the house in a manner that you could or an intruder could turn their day into a really bad one? I have no experience with them but, I would get really interested if this is an option. I was having visions of attaching one of those intrusion detection trip wires to the hive box that use the 12 gauge blanks. or even placing them 100 yrds out near any cover that villains could use. if falling under attack – hit the hive box with a .22lr, maybe a stupid question but i entertained myself for a little while thinking of the possibility and chuckling to myself…

        • No one had better shoot my bees!

          Actually, honey bees are pretty mellow most of the time – they could get a little testy when someone is trying to steal their honey though.

          Africanized bees bees would not survive the winters up here (seems to me the whole year is pretty much winter), but in less Northern regions you could use them for a defense, but you might get it as well – those are pretty mean bees.

      • Michele. What would you recamend for getting crud out of your system that I can easily get.I used to be a welder and there is a heavy metal issue with those people.

        • For heavy metal chelation (detox), eat LOTS of cilantro and add chlorella. The two of these together is a miracle chelation for heavy metals – including mercury from your fillings (and your mother’s fillings before you were born), lead, cadmium, fluoride and aluminum.

          You can make a paste of cilantro and eat 1 tsp twice a day. Recipe below – I don’t care too much for the taste of cilantro, but this makes it actually tasty.

          Cilantro Chelation Detox Pesto

          two large bunches of fresh cilantro
          4 medium garlic cloves
          1 cup nuts (I used almonds, but you can use sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts (a good source of selenium), or any mixture of them (sunflower and pumpkin is popular)
          1/4 to 1/2 c olive oil, or flax oil

          put cilantro, garlic and nuts into a blender and blend, add enough oil to make it a nice paste. Take 1 tsp twice daily for at least 2 weeks.

          Also, add in chlorella – start with only 1 – 1,000 mg tablet a day (it can give you a bit of tummy upset it you start with too much – but is TOTALLY non-toxic). The vitamin shoppe has the best prices – 300 tablets for $23.99, or 100 tablets for $9.99. This is a GREAT green food and has so many good things for your body in it, and it all by itself is great for detoxification.

          Those two alone will do miracles for you.

          Other things you can do to detox is make turmeric tea (this is also GREAT for inflammation and pain due to inflammation. Turmeric is a SUPER FOOD.

          4 cups water
          1/2 tsp turmeric
          1/2 tsp ginger
          sprinkle of black pepper
          honey to taste

          Bring water to boil, then reduce heat to low and add spices – cover and simmer gently on low for about 10 minutes. Add honey and enjoy – it is actually quite tasty.

          Between the chelation paste and turmeric tea – you should be good to go.

          If you are still wanting to do more, Burdock root is an excellent blood cleanser, as is dandelion (yep – that ‘weed’ you are always trying to kill in your grass – QUIT killing it – transplant it – it’s VERY valuable), so you could take capsules or make tea from it, adding nettle leaves as well for extra nutrition.

          I shouldn’t have to say this – but I will. As much as is possible, use organic. Yes, I know it’s more expensive – so grow an organic garden this year. For oils use cold pressed, extra virgin oils.

          Getting a little preachy – aren’t I?

          • ladyhawthorne says:

            I used to buy cilantro pecan pesto, I think it would be easy to make just substituting the cilantro for basil and pecans for pinenuts. I would eat it on pita bread, yummmmm!

          • If you eat hot stuff, my favorite way of eating cilantro is in pico de gallo. It’s a raw salsa. Just chop (or throw everything in a food processor) a bunch of cilantro, an onion, a tomato or two, and as many jalapenos, serranos or whatever chile you like. De-seed the chiles if you like them better that way. After everything is chopped put it all in a bowl with a lid and douse with lime juice (lemon works too) then shake it all up and it’s ready to eat.

            I put this on everything from eggs to beans to chips or any taco I make. Even burgers, hot dogs, sausage dogs, smoked bologna sandwiches. It’s almost mandatory for fish tacos. The Boss hates it as she thinks cilantro tastes like soap (poor thing) and can’t eat anything hotter than black pepper dust. YMMV.

          • Know how to tell your virgin olive oil is the real deal?/
            Put it in the fridge–it will turn to a solid.
            Mine did overnight.

          • start putting together you book yet?? hint hint

            • Yes, wasp, my DH has seconded the request. I’ll let you all be my best critics when I get it done, comments, criticisms and edits gratefully accepted.

          • thank you Michele. I do eat allot of cilantro and garlic. My wife likes mexican food.I will look into the other things.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Michele, Do you care to tell how you can the hamburger and chicken?

      • Pressure canning is the only safe way to can meat.

        Since I am pressure canning, I do not need to sterilize the jars, just wash them in hot soapy water, rinse them and leave them sitting in hot water (or in the dishwasher on a rinse and hold cycle) until I’m ready to use them. Pressure canning sterilizes them just fine.

        I did 5 jars of chicken and 5 of hamburger. Since I did the chicken raw pack, I took the skin off the chicken and just put it into the jars, bone and all – each of the jars held about 3 thighs. you do not add any additional water for raw pack meat – it makes it’s own. I wiped the rims, added the lids and rings, finger tight, and put them into the pressure cooker and then turned on the heat.

        Since the chicken was raw pack, the jars were still a little warm, but not too warm, because of the raw chicken – so I put them into the pressure cooker while the water was cold.

        If the jars are cold, put them into cold or warm water in the pressure canner. If the jars are hot and the food inside is also hot, be sure you have the water in the pressure canner hot as well, or you’ll end up with broken jars.

        For the hamburger, I brown it first, and drain out as much of the fat as I can. Each pint jar will hold about 1 lb of hamburger. For the water, I use the Lipton onion soup in the water.

        Fill with the water, broth or Lipton soup water to 1 inch of the top, clean off the rim carefully (I use a little vinegar on my rag to wipe the top to be sure it has not fat left on it). Add boiling lids, then rings FINGER TIGHT only. Put into the pressure canner – by now the water in the pressure canner was hot as well.

        Put on the lid and wait for steam to come out then set your time for 10 minutes – it needs to vent out the air so there is only steam in the canner. After 10 minutes, put on the pressure weight. Once the pressure is up, can pints for 75 minutes, quarts for 90 minutes.

        I made some assumptions here that you have some basic canning knowledge, and skipped a few steps. If that assumption is incorrect, and you need a beginner’s step by step, I will be glad to provide that as well.

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          Thanks! Tried canning hamburger using the boiling method but by the time I boiled it and then canned it, it had lost a lot of taste. I even used a bullion cube in each jar. I will brown it next time. I have seen some brown it and can it not using water, not sure how that would come out. I like the idea of the onion soup mix though. Do you use any salt or bullion cube with the chicken? What is the shelf life of both?

          • I didn’t add salt or bullion cube with the chicken, but you can if you like. Shelf life should be the same as any other canned product – listed at a year or two, good for much longer than that.

          • I can my hamburger/ground chuck by also cooking it first but I do leave the meat a little pink, it will do most of it’s cooking during the canning process. I do allow for some of the grease to go into my hot jars with the meat but I haven’t tried filling jar with water yet. Mine has turned out really well. I am thinking of adding taco seasoning to my next cooking so all I have to do is open up a jar and viola’ pour over tortilla chips and add canned nacho cheese for a SHTF taco salad! 😉 I also can chicken breast and pork loin when they go on sale.

        • what is ‘finger tight’? i can practically seal a jar when i put the lid back on.
          i asked a neighbor who cans how tight she did it for canning and she said she does it as tight as it will go. i don’t want to try pressure canning and find everything has bubbled out of the jars. i am scared to try it, do it too loose, and then poison us with improperly sealed jars. on the other hand ,i don’t want to screw them so tight that they explode.
          what is ‘finger tight’?
          many thanks.

          • wasp,

            The rings hold the lid in place. They don’t have to be super tight.

          • It is NOT the ring that causes it to seal, it is the vacuum in the jar. Finger tight is just putting the ring on until it stops just to hold the lid on until it seals – don’t superman it down.

            You want it to allow air to escape while it is processing, and if it is too tight that won’t be able to happen and you are likely going to buckle the lid and have it not seal properly.

            You can remove your rings after your food cools and the lid is sealed, to keep them from rusting. I put rings back on before moving a bunch of jars as well – just so I won’t accidentally catch them on something and pop the lid. Removing your rings also allows you to easily see if a jar unseals itself later – a good thing to find out. It rarely happens – but it does.

            • many thanks for clarification. eases the mind. want a pressure canner this year if $$ available-car repair at Christmas put $$ tight. thank God car is still alive. thought it might have to be junked.

              are you two collaborating on your book yet? more hint hint.

    • Oh, I ordered 50 (1 lb.) packages of ground beef from the slaughter house we use…3 years ago it was 2.30, 2 years ago it was 2.70 and last year we didn’t need any –we were stocked up still.
      Today it was 3.30.
      But I can rest assured it is grass fed, no antibiotics, etc.

  19. This week, we inventoried all our canning supplies. We had set aside half a day for this, and it ended up taking less than 2 hours. We decided that we must be slightly better organized than we had previously thought. 🙂 Read some interesting books on companion planting techniques, aquaponics, and garden soil amendment. Then, we got silly and decided to inventory our garden seeds, since it’s nearly time to start the seedlings. It became obvious that I am going to have to update my garden plans for the coming year. We have seeds for several things that we want to grow, but that didn’t make it onto the planning graph. I wonder if anybody knows of a cheap property stretcher? LOL

  20. My body dislikes cold weather, too. So much so that I’ve got a horrible cold & bronchitis, and now I’ve got a nasty relapse from being out in the cold last night. Nothing has helped, so looks like I’ll need something prescription strength to knock out the bronchitis. History repeats itself.

    Consequently, no preps last week along with numerous medical appts being re-scheduled yet again with the expiration of my employer med plan looming in March.

    • Mari,

      Keep fish antibiotics on hand–then you don’t have to make a special trip to the doctors.

      • Yeah, Bam Bam, my bad. I really need to order some. I’ve got OTC items, but not much in way of stronger stuff. At least I had a quart of frozen elderberry juice. Mmmm, it tasted good.

    • Elderberry will knock that cold right in its butt.
      I have read accounts that even after a few days, it is beneficial to take elderberry–good luck if you do.
      Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        I’ll vouch for the elderberries. They worked wonders on a cold I got earlier in the year. Knocked it out in 2 days. I’m a believer! And I used to be a skeptic.

        • Rider, I have never used elderberry syrup–the question is do you take it every day or wait till you start feeling puny??

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            I waited until I was sick for a day before I started the elderberry syrup. It knocked my cold out in 2 days. I’m thinking about beginning a daily regimen, but I’ve got to get more syrup before I can. I’m working on it.

    • Ooh, I accomplished a prep something. I received my new pair of hiking boots (back ups).

    • S'wt Tater says:

      This is what I do…and you might want to try it…it’s, too late for this time, but next time after the first symptom..or when you get exposed…try oil of oregano 8 drops, oral followed by warm liquid..like herbal tea, a sinus soother is my choice, follow with a drop of peppermint applied one time to your inner and upper gum..

  21. MD, great report.
    I AM curious how many rolls of toilet paper you packed into the containers as well as what was the size of the container AND whether you used anything else to prevent moisture from humidity or mold from entering and affecting the paper.

    Please comment.
    That is a great strategy.
    Best wishes.

    • Lawrence,

      No problems with moister, I have a dry storage building. The only problem that I’ve ever had was once a mouse (I set out traps in my storage area) managed to get into one of the containers and chewed up a couple of rolls. The containers are from Wal-Mart.

  22. On Wednesday the ice storm in PA started knocking down trees and power lines. Philly Electric had a million people without power. Some still are out.
    I was out for 30 minutes. Took that long to move gardening stuff out of the way and get the 12 year old 3550W genny out and connected. Then one pull had it running. Turned the transfer switch and had heat, refrigeration,a couple of lit rooms and the TV for my disabled daughter and #1 EX. (Don’t ask.)
    Last summer the genny carb got cleaned and oil changed. Just in time.
    #1 Ex finally admitted that I did not have a tin foil hat.
    #2Ex was getting cold in her house and I got my Little Buddy and some propane bottles to her. Worked like a charm.
    It was dark when I returned. No street lights. No red lights. Only 2 houses in a densely populated area had lights. Some rooms had dim candle or flash light glows. Unbelievable. Totally stupid. What were they thinking?
    My battery ( some solar rechargeable ) powered people detecting lights worked. Then it struck me. I was a WELL LIT TARGET in a long term emergency. Next prep blackout !!!

  23. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hello cubbies!
    MD, great preps for the week! We may need to add some of those sensors. Do they set off an alarm? Seems there have been a rash of break-ins about 5 miles down the road. The dogs are pretty good at letting us know if anything is around.
    Also, am happy to hear there is rain falling in No.Cal. Every drop is needed.
    I didn’t prep much this week. DH had two doctors appt. And suspected strepthroat and kids and grandkids were all sick. I prayed a lot this week.
    I did attend a NWS sky watchers course. March starts one of our peak tornado seasons. I picked up a couple books on self reliance at Goodwill. I also hooked up with a couple more concerned people in my area.
    Hope everyone has a great week. The Pack and your loved ones are always in my prayers.

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      Yes, you set them up and if anyone passes by the sensor (sensor range 80 or so feet) it sends an alert back to the receiver, (alert zone one – or 2-3 or 4 depending on the sensor tripped). These work off of the MURS radio frequency, and have a range of 1-2 miles. So you can set the sensor out 1-2 miles from your house and it will still send an alert back to the base station when someone passes by.

      This is the basic system, but the base station only works on AC power so if the electricity goes on so does the alarm. That is why I bought the mobile radio that runs off of AA batteries.

      You can also put these inside of a building to alert you of a break-in.

    • axelsteve says:

      T G Ma We are getting plenty of rain today and the past couple of days. We are supposed to get much more Sunday. I hope so,we need a good rinse off around here.

  24. riverrider says:

    my only prep this week was meeting up with a group of lmi’s for fun in the woods. we reconned an area said to be used by nato troops. absolutely no nato troops to be found, just snow and very good conversations ref preparedness. there is hope yet….oh, have you noticed tptb trotted out a year old story about the “sniper” attack on a kali power substation? this propaganda is called prepping the battlespace. see, the .gov DOES prep,lol! look for more of this as they set the stage for martial law or some form there of. i think they sense their time is running out. i hope it is. stack it high folks.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Great news on your wife finding a job, I’m happy for you both! Hope the one works out for you as well. Curious were they would be in the Bluegrass? Be nice to know the territory ahead of time, never know when that might come in handy. Take care.

      • riverrider says:

        “curious were they would be in the bluegrass?” ?

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          Were Nato troops might use?

          • riverrider says:

            ah, rumors abound but i think they are just that. many sightings are just normal training events. we trained the same for 30 years and now all of a sudden everybody is noticing it. foreign troops have trained here like forever as have u.n. and even guerilla troops during the central american struggles. i remember being alarmed when i read marines were training in the cities back in 1980’s. don’t worry, rand paul will be all over it if they train in ky:)

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Sounds like fun, riverrider. And I was curious about the sniper attack on the CA power plant. You think it might be a false flag attack? I did wonder how someone could fire that many shots and not be noticed by someone.

  25. I spent the week trading out wheat products for gluten free products in my long term storage. I ordered more canned cheese and some garden seeds and bought more soups.
    Made my first charity bucket and found a good use for those little ziploc bags with an extra button in them that come with blouses and sweaters. They are the perfect size for salt, pepper, dry onions and chili powder in the bucket. The Christmas popcorn can will just hold enough food for 3 days for 2 people. I’ve included a “how to list” for preparing it and a P-38 can opener and matches in case they are on the road. Have to pick up a small saucepan to add.

    • Happy Camper says:

      Cheese in a can ? What does it taste like ?

      • It’s not bad at all. It’s a step up from Velveeta and makes a decent grilled cheese sandwich. It should be good for mac and cheese also. It’s made in Australia and I get it from Emergency Essentials.

        • GrannyEm Thanks, I just received my Emergency Essentials catalog, I am going to check out the cheese. I was just looking for cheese in a can yesterday. Thanks again!

      • It’s called Bega Cheese and we think its great. There are several sources for it so shop around for prices. Two sizes, roughly 1 oz and 5 oz.

  26. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Pack. Bctruck, glad to hear the good report on your wife. Wish I was lucky enough to know another Wolf Packer to have coffee with! Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    My prepping this week has been limited due to working on my AR project. I’m better than half done and right on budget. Once my wife found out what I was up to though she started monitoring my funds. She said, “Whoa boy, lets do half this month and half next month”. Nuts! She did buy some first aid supplies this week though.

    As far as Punxsutawney Phil and his six more weeks of winter is concerned . . . wonder what groundhog tastes like???

    • axelsteve says:

      Deep fried of grilled?

      • axelsteve,
        Bar.b.qued. It’s not bad when you are REALLY hungry.

        • Deep fried in butter.

        • ozhillbilly says:

          Actually had barbecued raccoon when I was a kid. Wasn’t bad except it was greasy. At the same gathering where the coon was being served I saw a baked possum. I couldn’t bring myself to try it. That thing was floating in grease. I’ve not eaten groundhog but usually trap four or five in my garden every year. Would try it if I could get my wife to cook it.

          • I made raccoon soup a few years back. You have to shave off the “stink fat” from its back, that’s what makes it greasy. I made biscuits and gravy from what I rendered off the stink fat. Also remove the stink glands from its armpits or it will be gamy. I didn’t but I didn’t know they were there. It was gamy but I like that.

            Possums are supposed to be very greasy but I haven’t had the opportunity to eat one yet.

            • nick flandrey says:

              I watch “The Woodwrights Shop” because everything he builds uses hand tools, and he has interesting craftsmen on. He had a guy that was making chair seats, and was talking about learning from an old, almost blind woman, somewhere in the woods in one of the Carolinas. He said she got so into teaching him, she forgot about dinner. When all the water boiled out of the pot, the possum dinner made the worst smell he’d ever smelled!

              The Joy of Cooking book says “trap and feed on milk and cereals for ten days before killing” then you have to remove glands, pluck the hair, parblanch in 2-3 changes of water, then roast like pig. LOTS of work for what sounds like a really NASTY meal….

              BTW, Joy of Cooking has at least one recipe and preparation directions for pretty much all North American game. You probably already have a copy, or you can get one at just about every yard or estate sale. I use mine all the time.


    • It’s been awhile but groundhog is not bad. 🙂

      • Babycatcher says:

        They are rodents, like beavers, and BBQ beaver is deeelish!

        • was told groundhog must be boiled in several changes of water to be edible but that the smell from the boiling is sickening. hearsay.
          my daddy said possum is the greasiest meat he ever ate.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Take it from one who knows. When you get down to having to eat raccoon, possum and groundhog, you are pretty hungry. Never had groundhog, but the other two are poor eating. But, it’s better than nothing, I guess.

  27. Curley "Bull" says:

    Howdy Pack,

    First off, Bctruck, the “meaner half” and I are delighted to hear of your wife’s better health. We both said a prayer for her the other day and give God the Glory for the good news.

    About the cold weather; I’m enjoying it even though it does hamper some prepps getting done. I had a heat stroke during those 108 deg. days a couple years ago and cannot take the heat like I used to (as my son says, I’m also not 35 any more). I can always put more clothes on, throw another log on the fire, etc., but can not get naked enough to beat the heat without AC.

    Prepps this week: Cleaned and lubed most firearms. My son and I plan to do the rest next week. Inventoried ammo and made a list of what I still need to start hand loading.

    Til next time, may all be blessed,

    • Thanks curly bull .. By the way,the chicken fried steak was great the other day. I brought my wife and a freind back there after coffee.

  28. grandma bear says:

    This week was all about staying warm! I did have a major baking day so the freezer is full of baked goods, but really would not have had to put it in the freezer, just in the garage! When we hit 18 yesterday it was a heat wave! Catching up on some reading and weeding out the old magazines, will take them to the local library for donation.
    Put an order in for more rice, beans and corn meal. Will bring stores back up to my comfort level.

    Keep warm and remember we are all in this together!

  29. Added a few cans of veggies, a couple cans of Spam, four more cans of chicken and a few cans of Vienna sausages. I also added some more fruit. All is part of the rotation.

    The DH has commented twice recently that he has been happy to not be worried about whether or not we were prepared for any bad weather that might come our way because we have been prepping for quite a while. Weather is a tricky factor here.

    We keep prepping and praying for those in need.

  30. MD
    what kind of can storage racks are you using?

  31. Did not do anything this week except live off the preps. Snow and ice hit last Saturday and I still have 2-3 inches on the ground. I can hear the ice breaking when I walk across the yard. A little slippery but I try to keep vertical. Chickens and outdoor cats are doing well. I have kept them fed and watered even with frozen water lines. The road off the mountain is still iced with packed snow. Neighbor says I would probably make it down the “hill” since I have 4-wheel drive, but I do not see a good enough reason to go to town. It is nice knowing I have no need to try to drive to town. I have been fighting intermittent frozen pipes. The pattern has been frozen pipes for a couple of days and then running water a couple of days and then frozen up again. My water thawed yesterday afternoon. Time to do some laundry while I have the running water. When a little warmer, I plan to spend some time under the trailer to see why the pipes are freezing and then thawing when the temperature is still below freezing. Bet they are thawing with the heat of the interior of the house. Hope reasonable winter temperature return soon. I have hardwood cuttings to take and will not expose myself to this type of cold. Everyone take care.

    • patientmomma says:

      Be careful with the freeze/thaw routine in the pipes. It causes the fittings to come loose even though the pipe may actually not “burst”. You could end up with water spraying wherever there is a glued fitting. Once the weather warms up, check all your pipes, reseal them and then insulate them. THis winter has taught me a lot!

    • I hear ya , docj, I had 38 high here today; did all laundry since the pipes are on the outside wall and freeze and I had to catch up.
      Those pipes are the only ones we worry about.
      I left our water running each time it was below 15° and didn’t want to see the water bill!! It was $34.

      I was shocked–I expected $100 or more…because I leave a stream, not a trickle.
      My philosophy: I’d rather have a huge water bill than a ‘huger’ plumbing bill.

      • Wish I could leave some running, but I use a cistern for the source. I do not want to drain the tank in the middle of the night. But I chose to live this way and would have it no other way. Good news is I do not have a water bill.

  32. Harry the hat says:

    Dear Pack,

    It has been a bad week found my father-in-law found passed. The funeral was Monday and with the snow was a mess. My FIL was 90 and still working 30 hours a week. Then on Wednesday we had the snow and ice and many in south east PA has no power. Many of my fellow bus drivers have no power. A middle school and elementary school did not have power. Many of the families still not have power on Friday. Still many trees are still blocking streets. At least I family went to a hotel because of lack of power and heat.

    When LE arrived at FIL home we were told to remove any valuables and any firearms. They are finding homes being broken home and taking anything of value. Then they will steal all the copper pipes even with the water running and making a mess. We took the advice and we now have to go by every few days to make sure everything is OK.

    The DH goes back to work on Monday after being off 7 days.

    Just doing what we need to keep thing of adding to preps.

    God bless to all and those without power and heat.


    • Harry the hat says:

      I fior got I lost a tree in my front lawn.


    • Harry:

      I went through some similar gyrations when my Father died in December. My bother was living with him, but ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery. I was staying with him when he died. My BIL is a senior member of the local LEO’s and had increased patrols around the house.

      Fortunately we did not have any issues. With the cars parked there and similar daily traffic, things didn’t look much different. Since he was pretty much a loner, he had no friends in the neighborhood, so word of his passing didn’t get out.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Yes, I am sure you have anything of value is out of the house now.
      A dear friend’s son passed away in his sleep. When her other son found him, he called the ambulance right away and left with it to make arrangements. When he got home 3 hours later, he found that EVERYTHING in his dead brother’s home was gone, including the car. This occurred in Memphis, TN.

      • Nebraska Woman,

        Memphis, TN is a cesspool of crime and corruption – I would not want to be anywhere near there when the SHTF… It’s the main reason that TN has a high violent crime rating, and this is the cause.

        • Memphis is 70% blacks; not racist, just a Tennessee girl stating the facts.

          • JayJay,

            That is true according to population records for the area…

            • Babycatcher says:

              And Sevier County has the highest taxes in the state( we have an additional food tax on everything else, to get the tourist $) and it’s 10%, and it’s my understanding 80% or more goes to Nashville, then to Memphis. It sucks. I feel like we are being bled dry to support leeches…:(. They certainly don’t use it for much infrastructure here, except roads that lead to tourist destinations!

          • Beans-N-Bullets says:

            10-4 good buddy

        • Nothing like several gangs to ruin a neighborhood. The dhs should treat gangs like terrorist groups.Leave law abiding citizens alone.

          • excellent idea. give the militarized police something real and actually useful to do. they are obviously eager to use their new toys and are going about it the wrong way.a great idea.

    • Harry. When my friends dad then later when my friends mom passed away, I stayed at the home during the funeral service as security. TURNS OUT THAT PEOPLE WATCH THE OBITS AND SOME HOUSES GET BROKEN INTO DURING THE SERVICES. Sorry about the caps.I am sorry for your loss as well.

  33. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Harry, sorry for your loss. But am glad you and your family stayed safe and warm. Seeing others suffer when I have evaded an event is tough to take. Hope all get the their power back this weekend.

  34. This week I have been trying like crazy to get things posted to my etsy page, but my internet has been so wonky. One minute I am connected the next I’m not. Grrrrr! Just trying to get here today and post a comment has been a trial in patience. I think this is my third time trying (and hopefully it goes thru). I will hit submit and then it says ‘check your internet connection’
    Havent gotten much else done. Hoping the rest of the pack has had an awesome week.

  35. This week i added numerous cans of peaches and pears to my stores, my family loves them dehydrated. Also added a case of Southwestern bean soup, and diced tomatoes. I purchased a submersible speaker/mic for my hand held ham radio, a 6 meter dipole antenna, and a 2 gallon Berkey water filter with replacement filters. I added a 64 gig iPad to store prepper books and materials in my faraday cage if needed. .

  36. I stored back some beans and grains this week and I’ve also been trying to win a survival bunker as I really can’t afford to buy one (like most ppl can right?) But if you want to as well Rising S has a Big Giveaway going for solar, water purification, blast valves and…,
    You have the opportunity to win an underground survival shelter.
    This bunker is constructed entirely from steel and is 10×30. This
    fallout bunker is equipped with all the things you will need to live
    “off-the-grid”. You could have a chance to NEVER pay another
    utility bill again. This underground bunker is safe for
    earthquakes, nuclear fallout, civil unrest; there really isn’t much
    that this shelter can’t defend against. The bunker will include
    an NBC air filtration system (NBC is nuclear, biological and
    chemical), two blast valves, 12V solar panel and battery, a water
    filtration system, and an infrared security system. Amenities will
    include a full kitchen, alcohol burning cook top stove, a full size
    stair case entry, standard security door, escape hatch, LED lighting,
    12v TV/DVD, composting toilet, tankless water heater and full
    shower. This survival shelter is large enough to sleep 4 people
    comfortably while insulating your family from danger.
    CLICK HERE TO ENTER>>> http://bit.ly/1frz3LN

  37. I did want to pass on something from a prepper friend. Their plan is to put up what they are going to eat into tubs with a month’s worth in each (or 2). Because they are currently building their new home/BOL they are using up some of their older supplies, rotating things out.

    They had most everything, except large bulk staples, in the original packaging. After storing for 2 years, many of the items took on an after taste of the container. Cardboard, plastic, etc. Glass items were okay, as was pasta in boxes not bags. They are changing the way they are putting up future supplies. Things are eatable, but not when the stores are still open. I shared with them what we have learned from our own experience and from The Pack. I sent them home with some of our pancake mix (they need a new recipe for making it from wheat) and some of our dehydrated hamburger and chicken.

    Thought you guys would like to know so real world reports.

  38. Good afternoon, my fellow Wolfies. My ongoing project is to dehydrate as much of the store bought canned goods as I can. I keep thinking about what a problem it would be to dispose of trash in a bad situation. I guess I could bury a lot of it since I have almost 2 acres; but, I would rather not grow food over rusting cans in the soil.

    This week will be dedicated to dehydrating cans of spaghetti sauce since the tomato paste and tomato sauce dehydrated so well. I can not stop munching on the dehydrated cream of mushroom soup. It is so nice and crunchy and salty. It sure beats munching on greasy potato chips to get my salt fix.

    I have mentioned before how I grew up hungry and dirt poor with 10 kids in our family. My siblings, who (by the way) know all of the words to the song “Happy Days Are Here Again”, have always mocked me for keeping, at least, 3 months of food in my pantry. They will never know how much is in my pantries, closets, cabinets, drawers, garage, storage building, attic, under the beds, and in dressers.

    When we received the warning from the weather service, last week, to prepare for a “significant winter event”, I looked around to see what all needed to be done. I grabbed the hot glue gun and glued the bow back on my fuzzy booties real quick. I am prepared.

  39. k. fields says:

    It’s been a good week.
    So far my gauges are reporting 3.5 inches of rain having fallen (it’s still raining now) and the winds have hit 40 mph a couple of times here on the northern CA coast.
    The rain has been very welcome on the pastures and winter wheat crops and the winds have allowed the wind chargers to take up the slack as the solar panel output always drops this time of year due to the overcast skies. Now if we just get a few days of clear weather to allow me to get the potatoes in the ground, then more rain, the winter planting season may not be a total loss after all.
    Started drying off the mother jersey as she will be due to drop around the first of April. With most of the pigs now gone, I’ve been overloaded with milk this winter so it will be nice to be cutting the production down for a while. Her daughter will drop her first calf around the first of May, so milk production this coming summer will be over the top.
    Been stocking up on wine lately as the low rainfall could cause prices to go up later this year, but that’s about as far as my purchase prepping has gone.

    • With that much rain, I hope the ground is able to absorb it and not create runoff problems. Good to see your getting some.

      • JP I think for her it will run off into the pacific.I hope that it runs off into the lakes in my area. Be it Beryesa or mendiceno or clearlake or even lake lake sonoma and ralphine.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Thanks for the tip on wine. Besides a good g & t, I love a good glass of red wine. I will head to the store tomorrow.

    • Mom in the Mitten says:

      Yes we purchased some wine this week too for this reason. Also raisins and olives will be stocked up on next week as those have been reported to be affected by the drought there as well. Get em before they skyrocket in price! Artichokes as well, but we dont eat many of those.

  40. We are getting rain, and up in the mountains(our watershed) much needed snow, so that is good. an amazing thing happened today, I stopped by the local gun store, and they had ammo! lots and lots of it, 22lrs, 223, tons of 7.62 any way you want it, and most handgun ammo by the case. They even had a delivery of much coveted(by me at least) Re-loading powder! I still need to find some powder for my .41, but now I have something to keep me busy through the rest of the month,an excuse not to watch the Olympics!
    I did read something that bothered me, not that I need anything to add to that list, but here we go, the Iranian Navy is sending 2 warships to the US maritime boarder. Yep, I see that working out well……..

  41. patientmomma says:

    Hello Wolf Pack, Thanks for the great articles this week; they and the WP comments have been educational!

    Not too much prepping this week, trying to work, pack, move and get the house ready for selling. Got some animal supplies: food, medicine, equipment. Went to tractor supply for puppy meds and I figure I saved myself at least $500 in vet bills. I did buy a string mop and wringer mop bucket . I figure I can use the wringer mop bucket as a washing machine if needed.

    I replaced carpet in the kids rooms, and decided to do the hall way also. Since I had to take a day off of work for the carpet folks, I had the bug man come and do the annual termite inspection. At least that’s out of the way for selling the house.

    My son emptied and packed the laundry room for me; that was a huge help. I’ve been sorting things, giving away some, but most of what is left will go to auction or an estate sale when I sell the house. Been fighting off something for the last couple of days; increased my dosings of elderberry tincture and started gargling with saltwater.

    My prayers have already gone up to God for those of you needing strengthen and blessings!

  42. As our Mama J puts it I am “thriviling”!
    Now we know what is happening and dh is on the mend, we thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. Shrapnel from a mine explosion under the truck he was driving during Vietnam war, it has been in there all this time. I have a hubby with pink skin, and he does not look like an albino. 🙂
    I purchased 50lbs of wheat berries, 25lbs of whole oats, 25lbs of pearl barley, & 20lbs of whole dried milk from our local flour mill. Yes, the town near us has an old fashioned flour mill, and it is expanding coming this year. What once was old is new again.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      What ever happened to Mama J or for that matter Repair Mama? I always enjoyed their comments.

      • Schatzie Ohio;
        I have not seen her post in awhile, but then I have not been able to read the posting very much since December.
        Anyone hear from Mama J??? If you are out there MJ, give us a holler.

    • k. fields says:

      So glad your husband is doing well!

    • Becky, if your husband has any health issues, I hope you see into VA disability if not already.
      Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m butting in—the money is there and if he was hurt, get what you can.
      Gene has hearing loss, heart trouble, coronary trouble..lots.
      They won’t accept that his knees are damaged because of AO, but who can say they aren’t??

      • JayJay;
        Thank you he is medically retired from the military an receives a pension for services rendered, this just changes his status level from an M to an ?. It will just take time for the VA to process it, when they get good an ready.
        Is your dh bodies “bio-mechanics” altered from time in service? If so, that is what you change the statement of claim with through the VSO.
        Sometimes you have to call in the big guns……a Congressional Inquiry on the office you have been working with. We are in CA, so it is OAKLAND. Land of the we might get to it today or we might not. There is a retired military person who has a claim in an works in that office and he still is waiting for them to acknowledge his medical disability from service in Afghanistan. All he is trying to do is assist others along the way, but he can’t get them off their behinds(higher ups)to process the paperwork properly.
        Civilians in a military operation, is equal to eating a case of peanut butter but nothing to wash it down with……..gets backed up. This is for the Oakland office only!

        • I have stories that would make most hair curl about the VA hospital care in Nashville–but it’s all we have.
          He seems to be doing fine with levetiracetam for his seizures–now, if we could just get his knees and back well.
          He takes turmeric, glucosamine, and meloxicam for that. It helps.
          We are fortunate to have the disability; they have denied some claims, but most were approved.
          They even paid the Vanderbilt bill and the Bowling Green(that sent him to Vanderbilt) bill because he could not get a room at VA when he had his last seizure.
          Vanderbilt docs wanted to send him through a lot of tests(that would NOT find the reasons for seizures) and when they discovered he was VA, they suddenly said it wasn’t necessary–imagine that!!!! Truth is, VA, said, no thanks.

  43. I started my bug-out bag! here`s a list of what I have
    twisty ties
    nail file (cant have any ratchet nails)
    a ribbon for trying things in place
    a couple small bottles of hand sanitizer
    a bra
    stretchy string
    feminine products and an old prescription medicine to go with it
    a small metal Christmas box with a handle that I`m going to turn into a first aid kit
    scotch tape- pack of 2
    an empty water bottle
    a bottle of water
    an empty gallon zip lock bag
    a clothes pin
    a sample bottle of liquid vitamins that I`ll probably end up throwing away cause i`ve had it for so long
    some immune system support dietary supplements. you just mix with water.
    a bag of sample sized shampoo, conditioner, face soap, bath soap, and lotion
    a pair of jeans that I made work jeans because they have paint on them

    I know I need a lot more stuff. I don’t even have food, but these are things that I found around my room that wont be missed by my non-prepper family. the bag I have is leather and it has many pockets, but it doesn’t have much space in it. I want to get a regular backpack to use.
    I got a sprouts bag and put a hoodie, light sweater, a quilt, and a scarf in it as part of my BOB.
    I cleaned out a bottle of soda for water and I need to put baking soda on the lid before I can use it.
    I put 10 bottles of water, 3 sponges, and a snack in the stockpile.

    • patientmomma says:

      Good for you Madison! A little at a time turns into a stockpile.

    • You’re doing great, Madison. Glad to see someone your age prepping.

      • Great job Madison, I have been prepping for about 6 months now and all my small weekly preps are starting to add up…keep going
        Question for you, what’s the trick w baking soda on the bottle cap?

        • my mom said it would get the coke smell out of the bottle cap. I got the smell out of the bottle, though

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      You are doing a great thing for yourself, & you are off to a great start. A little at a time is right. Good for you! Be proud of yourself. Your taking control.

    • Really good start, Madison. Good for you!

      If you think your Bug Out route may have water sources, you might think about popping for a LifeStraw at some point. It’s hard to carry enough water to last long, so if there is water on the route, a 2 ounce LifeStraw can save an incredible amount of weight. Might not be worth it immediately, but something to consider for the longer term.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Best advice for anyone, Penrod. Due to its weight, no one can carry the amount of potable water necessary to travel any distance. I have a Life Straw and water treatment pills in my BoB.

    • don’t forget really comfy walking boots and extra comfy socks.you never know. also with your bandaids have some blister bandages for your heels just in case.

    • madison. You are off to a good start. Check yard sales and thrift stores for preps.I would get a pocket knife and a multi tool and a fixed blade knife. You do not have to spend a whole bunch of money on them,just don`t buy cheap stuff.

  44. Last weekend I helped DH build a rabbit hutch. It is almost done. DH cannot handle cold at all as his pain increases so he has only had a couple of days to work on it. I am working 6 days a week now, 10 to 11 hrs a day. First couple of paychecks will be paying off some bills and then I will start adding to the preps again.
    Tomorrow is supposed to be fairly good weather. If so I will be working in the yard after church, if not I will be doing homework as I am still taking one class this semester. I got a 91 on the first test! 🙂

    • patientmomma says:

      Brenda, that is great you are able to work so many hours at your job! Most folks I know are getting their hours cut way back. Guard your health!

  45. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello M.D. and Pack, I haven’t posted in a while. Just trying to survive the worst winter I can remember since the late 90’s. I hate winter! We’ve had too much snow, ice and 0 temps. Haven’t done a lot lately prep wise except some reading and researching prep info. Replenished the pantry of what we have used over the last 3 months. Ordered and recieved a single point sling for the AR. Order also contained some 22lr, .410 defence ammo for the judge, and some 7.62×39. Ordered some more 9mm and 223 after a previous order has been pushed out until August and Sept. I think they are doing this because they are pre Sandy Hook prices. That would put these 2 orders at 1 1/2 years since ordered. The good news is the recent order isn’t much higher and will complete those 2 calibers on shtf min amount. I have to figure were to store now. I’m going with ammo cans and away from the house. That’s about it from the Bluegrass execpt they are giving a chance of snow for the next 5 days. Did I mention I HATE WINTER!!! Sorry for those that enjoy it, well not really, just trying to be polite. Take care brothers and sisters and as River says, “Keep stacking it high.” Godbless.

  46. S'wt Tater says:

    We are surviving…
    ….few purchases…ramen noodles, pasta,gravy mix, taco seasoning mix,canned pineapple…DH’s favorite candy 4 pks into rotation with 4 6oz pks dehydrated tropical fruit.
    …. Bottled up 6 gallons water.
    ….made snow cream, in lactose and sugar free for MOm and I …Dehydrated 16 lbs frozen veggies, and 5 lbs assorted meats.

  47. this has been a good week – we have been very blessed… i have taken and passed the Technician Class Ham Radio operator test… I was given a fully functioning Dell notebook-sized laptop; though a little older, it works wonderfully… the latest weigh-in for my lead hoarding is now at 22 lb… I was given 2 older chain saws but with a little TLC, I’m thinking they will do for clearing some of our land this spring and summer… these bring the total of chain saws to 5…

    I’m continuing my study for my General Class Ham license and take the test in a couple months… meanwhile, I’m foraging for suitable radio equipment…

    pray for the best while prepping for the worst..

  48. Since I’ve mostly been prepping ammo and weapons in my few years, on Sunday I went and printed out both of the “10 Things To DO Now Lists” and headed to Wal Mart. And since I could care less about sports, I had no idea it was Superbowl Sunday… but I managed to use these two lists to fill in some gaps.

    (2) 40 oz jars of Peanut Butter
    8ibs of pinto beans
    (2) 20 oz Tang powder
    1 lb of iodized salt
    19 oz of grape Kool Aid
    (2) 16 oz cans of Corn Beef Hash
    24 Ramen packets
    (4) 12 oz cans of precooked chicken
    A can each of chickn and beef bullion cubes
    2 cans of peas
    6 toothbrushes
    5 ibs of white rice
    a 6lb, 10 oz can of peaches
    1 lib cna of ham
    2.98L of olive oil
    (1) 3.2 oz packages of instant milk
    30 rounds of 7.62×39 Tul Ammo
    1 lb can of green beans

    Still on the hunt for a house.

  49. Florida Gal says:

    I feel like I could write a book about this week, but I will keep it to the “Readers Digest” version. We closed and moved into our TN home. After two days the well went dry and we will need a new one. Two big problems, the ground is to wet to get the drilling rig in position so we need to limp by until they can proceed and to reach our place you have to travel a mile on a dirt road up and down some major hills, trucks get stuck. Next lesson we need a 4×4 truck as well. The DH thinks this is a gift from heaven, me not so much. So we move on to the next hurdle, no one including the City records can tell us where our septic is located. Made a few calls and the consensus of the local professionals is wait for it to back up, then they can find it pretty easy. Praising the Lord this has not been an issue yet! We did get in on our first Zycon chicken buy and that was as advertised, great product and a great price, we plan to get the bacon in March.
    All in all we love our new place and even enjoy the adventures! We can’t wait to get this new little homestead up and running, it is just plain beautiful here. I did have some withdrawal from all the news from the pack while we were without internet during the transition. I guess I need a new name since this gal will only be visiting Florida to see friends and family, any ideas?

    • k. fields says:

      Florida Gal,
      You need to find yourself another septic guy. I’ve worked for years maintaining systems and finding a tank isn’t difficult if you use a flushable electronic tracer. The model I use is made by Prototek, but I imagine there are others that work just as well. You simply flush a capsule down the toilet and then using a device that looks like a metal detector, track the capsule across the yard until it drops into the septic tank.
      Then you expose the top of the tank, measure the accumulation, and reach in to rescue the capsule for use on the next job.
      Don’t wait for a back-up or you’ll end up ruining your leach field.
      Here’s some info on the model I use:

      • Florida Gal says:


        thanks for the info, this is a small town with only 2 games in town and they are true good old boys. We do plan to contact someone in the next larger town who can be of some help. Never had a well or septic so these rookies are learning and I agree we will not be waiting around for our STHTF!

        • Since you’re just starting out, I’ll throw this out also.
          Have your well tested before you go to the expense of drilling a new one.
          Most of the time, a “dry” well is simply one that has been over-pumped – essentially the water was pumped out faster than the well can recover so the pump goes dry and shuts down. When a well is tested, a special pump is used so the output can be throttled down to a sustained level of output that the well can keep up with over a 24 hour period. Many times, around here at least, that rate may only be a 1/4 of a gallon per minute. That’s not enough to serve your home directly from the well but if you install a storage tank between the well and your house, you may be fine. That 1/4 gallon per minute will be putting 360 gallons a day into your tank, and if you conserve and don’t have a big family, you can get by on that.
          A person doing a well test will also be determining the condition of the well. Many times a well’s output will drop simply because the well needs cleaning.
          Anyway, just look at all the possibilities before electing to drill a new well – they are expensive and there is no guarantee that a new well will produce any more water than the old one.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Tennessee Gal
      Ex Florida Gal

      • Florida Gal says:

        Like it!

      • Get you a pair of solid copper rods shape in an ell( 8 or 10 gauge wires will work ) hold them out infront of you . Walk around the house about 10 feet out. Every line in the ground you cross the rods should cross. Just don’t hold them to tight. Mark the spot and move out farther and repeat. It want take long to find your line to the tank and then the tank.
        Welcome to Tennessee . What part are you in?

    • Mother Earth says:

      Florida Gal, I feel your pain, when we bought this place, it had been empty two years and my dh had to dig holes for both the well and septic to find them. He was less than pleased but he put in a new pump and then had to put in a new line from the house to the septic as it was clay tiles the tree roots had taken over. Our well has been great even during droughts, so we got lucky.

    • Florida Gal, 57 years there; east, west, or middle??

    • Florida Gal;
      Since you need to either confirm the well has potable water and the rate of recovery. If you can send a drawing of the property or a parcel map to this address I will check it for you. I will need to know 1) does it have a septic tank on the property 2) where it is located on the land in relationship to the home.

      I will let you know what I find out, before you spend money on something that could be a easy fix. dowser198 at yahoo.com
      in the subject line let me know it is you.
      Let me see what you have going on there. This my field of expertise, I really worry when someone needs water and the first thing is what is it going to cost me…….zero dollars. You need the help and it is my gift to you for the new homestead.

      • Florida Gal says:

        Thank you so much for your kind and generous offer! We have had the well inspected and the water quality is great plus it has a good filter system. The problem is the rate of recovery and the location of the well. We talked to someone who knew the couple who lived in the house and lost it to foreclosure. They chose to have the well done to close to a steep drop-off but it was close to the house. We are told they have had trouble all along but couldn’t afford to do the well in the preferred location. The have a really good set-up with large storage tanks but the well location did them in. Others in the area that we have talked to have plenty of good water and fear their lack of funds to do it right in the first place is the real problem

  50. I picked up a couple dozen cans of various food items that I found on sale…mostly canned meats. I’ve been rotating out my self-bottled water from last year…using it up and refilling. Today I picked up some 4 gallon wastebasket liners at DG to test the strength and see if they’re good to use in my porta-toilet. They’re cheaper than the ones I usually buy, but may not hold up as well. Also placed an order with EE.

    I also recently put my stock of TP into bins. I had no problems with mice, but one of my cats, who loves to chew on the wrapping…and anything else she can sink her teeth into.

  51. Hi everyone
    So, I came down with something called Bell’s palsy a about a months ago. It sat a pause on my prepping for a bit. I did get a few things done last week.
    – picked up 20 cans of food
    -added mixed items to my first aid kit
    -pick up a Ruger 10/22 take down rifle
    -rotated about 20g of diesel
    That’s about it, some prep is still better than non.

    Be safe and god bless

    • Did you have a viral infection before??

    • My ex got that, it made his face look very disreputable for about 6 months. I think he caught it by sleeping on a root while camping. Instead of complaining and asking if I could help him move the tent, he was silent and put up with it all night and said nothing. (men!) Maybe he got some kind of pinched nerve?

    • My mother inlaw came down with that.It cleared up in time. I guess it depends on the severity.

  52. midnight1st says:

    This week I finally got my wood stove installed. Ordinarily, the winter here would just about be over, but this year I have a feeling that the stove will still save me some money on heat. (Where is Al Gore when he could be of use?) Bought and installed a CO2 detector and an outdoor solar motion detector light for the back door. Painted all the woodwork in the house.

    Got in a DVD on natural tooth care that I ordered from the Survival Summit. DH and I went to the dentist.

    Ordered seeds for spring planting along with two mulberry trees, a Nankeen cherry, and some horseradish and seed potatoes. Picked and ate some collards out of the winter garden. I love to garden and not have to deal with weeds and bugs! Just hope that I can keep the cabbage unfrozen long enough for it to finish out.

    Worked on my survival library. Will soon have to get another bookcase for all the binders. Signed up to take a course in grafting fruit trees and Japanese maples with a master grafter. Made burlap curtains to enclose my food shelves so that anyone entering that part of the house will not see what is there. This has been a tiring week!

    Have a great and productive week!

  53. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Still rearranging & organizing preps. Been practicing with the compound bow out in the cold.Stocked up on a few batteries & canned goods. Paid an enormous electric bill for some ^**^ing reason this month. This summer I am installing a wood burning stove. Electric heat is too much, & propane has gotten out of hand as well. B.S. if i’m paying 1200.00 – 1800.00 for a tank of propane. There’s oodles of wood surrounding us. I’ll spend the entire summer & winter if I have to, splitting it by hand, AND I’ll be in great shape to boot! Enough ranting. Sorry…. God bless.

  54. http://www.happypreppers.com/37-food-storage.html
    I found this when I was trying to find out how long whey powder lasts stored. theres also a bunch of links on the side for preppers. I found a video a while back that was talking about the 37 things to get now, but all it said was you need these 37 things because they will disappear first. it said that for at least 20 minutes before I stopped watching.

    • Madison
      MD has a page on this site that will give you a idea of what you need to put away. Do it a little at at time, and before you know it you will have a nice stash of goods.
      YOU are one awesome young lady to start this on your own, and keep up the great work.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Everyone should own MD’s book “31 Days to Survival”.

    • Madison. There are many videos out there like that. As a rule I may watch a video but,if it does not get to the meat of the issue in more then a couple of minutes ,I bail on it.They are just some a type scammers trying to get some money out of you.

    • Those kind of videos you can X out the browser window and it will ask you if you want to stay on the page, if you are so inclined, say yes and you can read all what they are yammering about. Or don’t read it all and just scroll down and see that they are trying to sell you something without ever telling you what the 37 things are. There is also a financial advisor who has those kind of stupid videos – it’s quite annoying.

    • I bought the CD. Canned goods and protein bars are the top two items. Really, I found much better information for free on YouTube. Don’t waste your money on that one. Buy MD’s book instead.

  55. Busy week. Was given 5 roosters on Tuesday . Dressed and canned on the next day . Got 40 lbs. of Zacon chicken on Thursday and canned it on Friday .
    Had Prepper meeting today . Guest speaker on Aquaponics .

  56. Finished cleaning the old food out of 236 quart canning jars. Most of the food went to a fellow who raises pigs. I was somewhat impressed with the food as much of it was 10-20 years old, but smelled edible and there were no popped lids. If I were really hungry, I am sure we could have eaten a lot of the old fruit and juices. I found an old pressure cooker at goodwill and replaced the gasket. Our extension tested the pressure indicator free of charge. I hope to begin canning next week.

    I picked up the materials to build food shelves from Craigslist for free. A lot of work to get them, but some real nice plywood and 2×6’s.

    We lost our beloved dog Paco also this last week so after we mourn for a while we need to find another watch dog, but this will be a while.

    • I ate home canned tomatoes/juice 20 years old, green beans 20 years old. They were labeled 1992.
      They were great.
      I water bath canned them.

      • That is awesome! Nice to know the shelf life of these things. I opened a can of pork loin I canned last year and it smelled good and tasted great! I added bar-b-que sauce to it and we had sandwiches! Yummy! I must say I was a little leary eating my own canned meat but I believe it will be just fine. I check them every week to make sure they are still sealed well.

    • So sorry to hear about Paco, G in UT. They become such a big part of our lives for such a short time;and, then, they are gone. When you are able to smile at happy memories and laugh at funny stories of some of their antics, it will be time for a new pet.

    • G in UT. Go find a rescue dog when you are ready.Shop around, you will have a loyal friend for the rest of it`s life.You will be amazed on the different breeds that you can get. You may want a certian breed and find a rescue orginisation for that breed.

      • Check out http://www.malinoisrescue.org/ Malinois are loyal and naturally protective. I currently have two and they are great friends. They are used by the military (I had one while in USAF) and many police departments. Great dogs.

        • riverrider says:

          msgt, checked that out. all this time i thought i had a shepard cross, but i think i have a malinoise instead. never heard or saw one before. he was a pound puppy, now a loyal friend.

    • Not much worse then losing a beloved pet. Thier devotion is unlike anything else. Sorry for your loss.

  57. Babycatcher says:

    Followed Bam-Bams recipe to the letter, and tomorrow will strain two quarts of Elderberry tincture. Got all the vineyard pruned today and trimmings sorted and labelled for propagation. Have to think of a place I can put a couple of elderberry bushes. You guys reminded me that I need to get fish antibiotics and qwik clot for the medicine chest, and more veggies that we can’t grow here, like olives. Enjoy the rain, Cali folks! We know what drought feels like, and don’t like it at all! welcome toTN, FG and others! It’s a great place! ( long as you aren’t near Memphis or Nashville! 😉 congrats to the newbies, as well. I don’t think we have a whole long time to wait…

    • Are any of you Tennessee folks near my old home place?/
      I was 25 miles north of Nashville for many years.

  58. Last year we moved our kids to a different school district because of the problems in our local one. It’s over an hour round trip to take the kids to school now but the new school is way better rated for education.

    More importantly the school is offering a wilderness survival course for grade 5’s and up to 9’s. So the oldest is very excited about taking the course. We spent today putting an emergency kit together for her.

  59. Beans-N-Bullets says:

    Throwing out a question for the pack??
    With the lack of rain in Calif. and most of our power coming from Hydro electric how much do you all think our bills will go up if we don’t get A LOT more rain??
    Man I really need to get some solar put on the place.


    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Down here near San Diego some neighbors were talking about it going up 24% minimum. Apparently SDGE has it already in the works – will be holding some public hearings soon. That’s just some neighbor talk – haven’t really researched it.

    • The rates will go up. They just need a reason to raise rates and the drought is just an excuse.They will also probably create some greenie comison to run our lives even further.

      • I would like to see a study on how much water that gets wasted by the low flow toilets.

        • So many articles tell us to put a block of something in the tank to save water.
          My tank doesn’t have any room for any size block!!!

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      you & me both pal. I live in MO. & just paid a WHOPPER of an electric bill. Way more than the previous month. & propane here is now $3.99 a gal. I’m converting to wood burning this summer.

    • TR from CA says:

      I live in the North County of San Diego. My bill has already gone up by about fifty dollars per month. My dad’s friend works for SDG&E. He says we will see another large rate hike soon. Hopefully going to be out of CA by the end of the year.

  60. Suburban Housewife says:

    Got my manual to study for the first HAM radio license. Also got 2 Euell Gibbons books – I was a huge fan of his in high school and college and loved his books. Really kind of excited to read them again.
    Been watching “Grow Your Own Drugs” TV show on YouTube. My dogs got into my herb box, tore up and scattered my elderberries and some other herbs. What a waste. So I’ll need to reorder stuff. Funds are tight – really tight- right now so that really makes me angry.
    Also watching Larry Hall videos on self watering gardening systems. (YouTube again) I want to give his rain gutter system a try. In the mean time we built four DIY earthbox type of containers. I am determined to grow SOMETHING in this God forsaken yard – with no sun. Still I’m eager to plant the boxes and at least try.
    Went to get my sorghum flour and found it full of bugs – so I tossed that and ended up checking all of my baking supplies and repackaging stuff I was lazy about. The sorghum flour was the only thing that was bad – but it was a 20 lb bag I had to toss.
    The Peach tree and Pomegranate tree we ordered last fall came in – so now I have to figure out what to so with them – along with the elderberry bush I bought. I think I will put them in containers, since it’s next to impossible to dig a hole in this yard, and not really in the budget to hire the job out right now.
    Also got the “Alternatives to Dentists” DVD from the Survival Summit.
    Dehydrated some spaghetti sauce, cans of refried beans and some salsa. I want to try to make some convenience meals – sort of like home made MREs. That’s pretty much it I think.
    BCTruck – so happy for you and your wife. God answers prayers.
    Blessings to all –

    • TR from CA says:

      You might want to try a stagnant hydroponic box. I learned how to make them at a class held at Bates Nut Farm. Everything was from recycled material except for the 20 gallon tote. Cheap to make and the produce from it is amazing. I plan to make 10 more for this spring.

  61. This week we bought more hay for our goats and rabbits to last is through this cold winter. We purchased two buck rabbits to go into our rabbitry. We are hoping to use them for our table and to use as a food source for our dog. Bought my youngest son some gear for his birthday: compass, knives, Wildwood Wisdom and SAS book. Never to early to learn some useful skills!! We received our book order on permaculture and herbal healing. Looking for a good book on traps, snares, and also on tanning hides. Any suggestions?

    • Kelli,
      Here in Ohio, to begin trapping I would recommend taking a Trapper Education course, run by our Division of Wildlife, which also manages the Hunter Education courses. You should check in your area for the existence of such classes.
      As for hide tanning, the best book I know of on the subject is,”
      Deerskins into Buckskins: How to Tan with Brains, Soap or Eggs; 2nd Edition Paperback by Matt Richards” (http://www.amazon.com/Deerskins-into-Buckskins-Brains-Edition/dp/0965867242). I have the first edition which does not include the soap and eggs, but it’s on the list for an upgrade.

  62. Well where do I begin, I didn’t get a chance to post or follow as closely to the blog over the last week as I would like to so spending some of my coffee time trying to catch up! Does my heart good to see so many prayers answered on the blog today. Congratulations to all of you that received good news this week. I also wanted to say it’s really nice to see young folks prepping. I wish I had listened to my inner self a little sooner and started before recently.
    We made a trip to Sam’s last week along with our local butcher and I am happy to report after taking inventory, we have at least 3 months of supplies. While that may not be a lot to some it is a great achievement for us. Our goal is to have a year’s worth by the end of the summer if we can hold out before the SHTF happens. I also made a trip to our local state store last week to get Vodka to start my elderberry tincture and silly me, they were packed because of the Super bowl. You couldn’t even pull into the lot as there were so many cars. I didn’t get out yesterday so I will have another week before starting the tincture. We also started looking at our medical supplies as Treeman had a minor injury and realized that our antibacterial ointment is almost gone. Could someone suggest a first aid manual for a SHTF situation? I used to be a Medical Assistant for about 5 years before making a career change and realized I have forgotten a lot of my training and have been trying to re-visit some of those skills.
    I also found two “prepper groups” this week in my area but have been a little hesitant to attend the meetings yet. I did a background check ( local public records) on one of the potential tenants that applied this week for a rental home that had the same last name as one of the coordinators of one of these groups and by accident found a rap sheet a mile long on this guy. While I’m not judgmental as a general rule, especially since people make mistakes in their past, I was a bit apprehensive as a number of these charges were current. (Reminds me of the guy on Doomsday Preppers that got arrested recently) However, I suspect the mailman that delivers to our office is a prepper and I am making casual conversation to see if my hunch is right. If so that would raise the number of preppers I know other then myself to one.
    Stay warm and keep up with the prayers everyone!

    • great! I wish I would meet local preppers in my area. good for you to find LMPs.
      I found this online and it looks promising. you can click the links and print them out. I would find a better one but I`m in a hurry.

      • 1MoreBoyScout says:

        Be wary of some prepper groups. Like Tactical G-ma said; There are some weird folks & groups out there. Keep your “expressiveness” to a maintainable roar. When TSHTF comes to be, & too many people are aware of your holdings, they tend to seek out what they think they can obtain from you. Just be careful is all. But keep up the good work.

    • k. fields says:

      Here’s a list of the medical books on my shelf – there are A LOT of books out there but these, for me at least, are the most useful:
      The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook – Joseph Alton, MD, and Amy Alton
      Peterson’s Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs
      The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Care at Sea – US office for public health.
      Where There is No Doctor – Hesperian Foundation
      Where There is No Dentist – Hesperian Foundation
      Book for Midwives – Hesperian Foundation
      Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
      Functional Anatomy and Physiology – Yamamoto
      Merck Manual Volumes 1 & 2
      Physicians Desk Reference
      Emergency Care in the Streets – Caroline
      Wilderness Medicine – Auerbach
      Ditch Medicine – Coffee
      Emergency War Surgery – US Army

      • Thank you so much for the list. I have seen a few of these books and I have a PDR but its pretty old. I also have decided to NOT attend either prepper meetings I found in my area at this time. The other one listed put a video on YouTube of their monthly meeting. Kind of seems like they don’t really care about folks privacy so I thought it better to just stay away. thanks again for everyone’s help!

  63. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Angel, great preps. You are certainly have a plan.
    Be forewarned: prepper groups scare me. Loose lips sink ships and all. I know a fellow who had his home burgled 3 times while at work and lost $10k+ in stuff that his insurance would not cover.
    The best groups are what I call “closed cells” or people you have met in other groups, learned to trust, and there are controls in place for who comes into the group. Church, gun club, ham radio club, volunteer programs like Red Cross and your county EMA even PTA and Scouts are some groups where you can meet and get to know like minded folks. There are dangerous people out there.

  64. I just came across an Allstate Insurance list of stuff to keep in the vehicle during cold weather.

    There isn’t anything surprising on it, but nice to see they are pushing preparedness. Coming from Allstate may help validate preparing fro emergencies, at least a little.

    You can see it here:

  65. Hi Pack!
    This week I completed the final (I hope) winter related plumbing repair. I had to get in thru the kitchen floor I had just renovated (grr). Pipes I thought were frozen were not just frozen but rusted out AND blocked up. My crawl space had turned into a little cesspool and the broken pipes stank, but it won’t be leaking any more and it will eventually dry out all the way. So that’s done, except for some cosmetic floor repair, which hopefully will occur next week. Maybe this summer I will renovate the basement and dig a shallow tunnel thru the crawl space to the plumbing so next time someone needs to fix plumbing they can just go under the floor. That crawl space is only 1 foot deep in most places.

    The only prep I bought was an ALICE suspenders for another DIY gear project I have going. Also I painted a black pouch green which is really some kind of urban-hip black nylon purse. I have the idea to use this pouch on a belt rig for food and a poncho.

    I had this idea this morning: If I enclose my back porch, and sell most of my stuff that isn’t prepping related, I might be able to reduce my living footprint to the point where I can use my back porch and basement for “storage”, rent my apartment out in its entirety instead of have roommates, have an entrance separate from the tenants, and get a cheap RV to live in part time. I’d get more rent that way, so the particulars are something I’ve been hashing out in my mind all morning. Sanitation and HVAC are key, I think, plus any ramifications with firearm storage, moisture, what exactly constitutes “owner occupied” for a house (for repair permit and lending purposes), where to put the RV so I won’t get robbed or get a ticket, how to get rent while out of town, how to get things repaired while out of town, etc.

    I want this idea to make me more free rather than less. If it’s too much of a pain in the butt I will find some other way to save/make more money. But it might work, and it might make me closer to being able to just find a BOL and park there, MD style.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Penny P –
      I own a home in Ohio and live in CA. I use PayPal for rent – works great. It’s free if you follow certain rules – easy fast reliable.
      I also pay for Angies List for repairs. I have yet to have a bad experience with anyone I have hired. It’s been worth the $ for us. There are free referral sources – but I think you get more reliable trustworthy references and better workers because it is a paid service. Maybe a little snobby of me – but you get what you pay for right? Still cheaper than hiring a management company.

      • S'wt Tater says:

        alternate idea for repairs… make contacts with a local person you trust now, before the need. Before you leave area review property with the person.. like a.guided inspection…when you have problem let them handle it, and pay the appropriate bill

    Does anyone know the real skinny on the LDS store.
    Have they really stopped selling the public.

    And even there on line store seem to be very limited know.
    And the site I seem to keep bringing up seem to have nothing to do with the LDS. Just a starter kit ect.
    Or am I just looking in the wrong spot?
    Can you order bulk on line it did not look like it to me?

    And when I search I keep pulled up this site
    provident-living-today.Is that they new site if is? they
    are really changing the image?
    An knowledge on the subject.
    Not much prepping here just restocking used items.
    And the store told me no sale to general public anymore??

    That suck if it is true..


    Thanks Pack

  67. Hello everyone! I’m late again posting and once again I am learning an incredible amount from everyone. I had a discussion with DH and he wants me to stock TP but I think I’ll order a portable bidet bottle. I visited Kate’s blog and am going to order a carpet sweeper this week. Couple of things – I got the Healing Spices book by Aggarwal and the Rodale book The Herbal Drugstore by White and Foster. These have helped me already. I started eating celery (for BP) and beets (for tricky gallbladder) at lunch (cooked) and when I went for a checkup my BP was lower. I won’t change any meds without Dr ok, but key want to show steady improvement. I also got the Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook by Duke, but I can’t recommend it. There are so many options (including Asian) and he includes both researched and traditional uses, so that it seems everything has been used for every ailment at some point in time. I did put away 3 qts of applesauce, another liter of olive oil, and I now have enough bread flour for another 5 gallon bucket. I now buy preps a little at a time, as I get comments at the grocery when I buy large quantities.

  68. PGCPrepper says:

    Just ordered 1 lb of dried Frontier elderberries that someone mentioned above. The tincture is rather easy if I remember. I’ll have to search recipe here.

    Storage after opening bag? Airtight? Dessicant absorbers maybe?

    Storage of tincture? Regular Ball can jars good? Novice questions I know.


  69. Well looks like my preps for the next few weeks will be saving money. Just talked to my sister in the DFW metroplex who I will be visiting in later march and they now have Winco foods! Can’t wait to see the bulk departments. Just hope shtf that they are calling for in march happens while I am down there.

    • George, what are they calling for in March? I try to keep up but must have missed this. Thanks!

      • Oh, one of those so called experts is calling for the shtf to occur on or around march 4’th , give week or two. It is over on shtfplan.com by mac salvo some economist is saying all the things are lining up for this march.

  70. Caught a lucky break. Went to a local thrift store that is connected with the local soup kitchen. Someone donated 12 #10 cans of various items. They were priced $3 per can and I grabbed all 12. While setting them behind the counter to hold while paying 2 people started looking at them and 1 woman started to grab the cans. The staff told her the were sold. 3 minutes later and I would have missed them.

    My wife made detergent and washed the clothes with it. Worked great and so much less expensive than store bought.

    Dropped of the M1 for a small repair. Should get it back before the end of the week, weather permitting. Don’t let the revolution start this week.

  71. JeffintheWest says:

    It’s been raining pretty steadily here for the past three days, with several more days forecast. It’s BADLY needed here — especially since Governor Moonbeam is proceeding with his plan to ignore the will of the voters and drill two massive tunnels from N. California to feed the dryer, desert portions of the state with NorCal’s water. The rain has curtailed our outside plans quite a bit, but we did figure out where we were going to put the dome greenhouse finally, and that means we now know where we’ll be planting the fruit and nut trees and the berries. I guess we can call that progress, though we have yet to go pick out the trees and berry/grapevines we want. I’m hoping we get that done tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Other than that, not a lot of prepping going on, but planning and deciding count at least a little bit! 😉

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      Yep. They do indeed. (Heh heh, governor moonbeam)

      • Boy Scout. Brown has been called Guv, Moonbeam since his first time in office many many years ago. When in that office the first time, he appointed a bunch of very liberal judges that thought capital punishment was just too darn inhumane……..took years to get the balance back. He was a hippy freak then, now he is a hippy freak but has gained some levels of sophistication so he can hide behind an image a little better.

    • Loving the rain! No appreciable lake level improvements for the most part yet, but it is a start! After almost 3 days of rain here, the ground had finally soaked up enough water that the creeks finally started flowing.

      Unless there is a good two more months of storms though folks, don’t expect that the bread basket of California is going to be able to provide the nation with much of the crops that you are used to:
      peaches, nectarines, almonds, pears, walnuts, prunes, raisins, rice, tomatoes, cotton, soybeans, spinach, lettuce, grapes, some citrus, some artichokes, some avacados, beef, sheep, dairy products, cattle feed,……..are all going to be affected. Depends on the farmers willingness to gamble on planting “stuff” without reliable sources of water.

      Farmers with almond trees – trees are budding out right now…too much rain or rains that are too hard will drop the blossoms and reduce the crop……..happens to the pears as well. On a good note, the wine grapes that are beginning to grow new limbs are right now getting a much needed drink right now.

  72. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Spent from 4:15 am Sunday until 2:30pm Sunday playing “you circle me, I’ll circle you” with a rather vocal, snorting white tail buck & 2 of his girlfriends in the woods, on the backside of our property. I finally lost them or vice-versa & gave up. Had view of them most of the time, just couldn’t get in close enough to make a shot with a bow. Phooey. I’ve never had a buck snort as loud & long at me as this one was. I sure did make him mad. It snowed most of the time. It’s fun hunting when it’s snowing, but the cold just plain SUCKS. I wanna go back out before sun-up, but I dunno.. I’m pooped! Good exercise I guess. Makes the Wild Turkey 101 (bourbon) taste a little better.. God bless Wolfpack!

  73. Fenland Prepper says:

    Used the new dehydrator for the first time this weekend on some apples, thinly sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon, came out nice so now have a ready supply of healthy chips!. Got a big two door metal cabinet and set it up to start filling with canned meat.
    Got two telescopic fishing rods + kit to go in the back of the car, all goes into a bag two feet long.
    Finally fixed the sagging shed roof, jacked it up and spliced in a new 6 foot timber across the old joint with some 8 inch bolts, better now than it has been for 6 years.
    Keeping an eye on the weather as the north road out of town has been under water now for three weeks.

  74. Well, I finally canned another case of chicken breast this week, bought more flour/bisquick/cornmeal/cereal/& oatmeal and put in mylar bags. Also bought more ramen noodles for bartering if needed. Bought several more pieces of silver. Vacuum sealed more chocolate/butterscotch/peanut butter chips in mason jars for treats and baking. Going to go to Sam’s this coming weekend for more of my usual (2 month run) of water, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, paper plates, utensils, solo cups, & canned chicken. Really hard to beat Sam’s prices. While I am close by going to stop in at Sportsman’s Warehouse, they have a great price on #10 cans of powdered milk for $11.00 each, I haven’t found it cheaper any place else so far. I also stopped in this past weekend to Walmart and bought five more 5 gallon buckets for $1 each from their bakery to put my mylar food storage in. They get their icing for cakes in them, when they’re empty, they wash them and either sell them or reycle them. A lot cheaper than buying them at Lowe’s or Walmart new. I made another 5 gallons of laundry detergent, always good to know how incase I couldn’t buy it anywhere. Works really good too and saves a ton of money! My spouse bought more ammo while it can be found. I printed off more uses of things like dehydrated lemons, baking soda, vinegar and honey for future references. Added more gummie multi-vitamins to my stash. Starting to study to take my Hamm radio test, boy it’s complicated for my brain which works much better with people than machines! LOL Everyone say a prayer for me in the weeks to come for studying. A young mother with two children,which is a friend of my daughter, was having a really difficult financial time this past week and was torn between food or gas for her car, so needless to say, my daughter’s and I (which they prep too) all went into our pantries and storages and put together a really nice collection of needed things and took to her. She was overwhelmed and said her pantry/cabinets had never been so full! It really felt good to just go into my pantry/storage and get those things together to help someone else in their disaster moment. If a disaster situation comes my way, it will be so comforting to have all my preps just waiting, it will help ease some of the stress that will go along with a SHTF scenerio. God Bless each and every one of you on this site, so glad I have met kindred spirits who I can express my joy of preparing to and reading each of your stories . Many of you just amaze me at all that you are doing, I have a long way to go but I keep praying & prepping!

    • Good job! It is great that you were able to provide some help! If you can do it without sacrifice it is good for your soul and theirs! Just make sure you don’t tell them too much about what you have in that pantry! Smile.

      I call doing things like that paying it forward and paying it backward. I have had some really great help in my past and I am sure that I might need it again someday, so when I see a clear path to help someone, I do. Might not always be able to do that………….

      • Thank you worrisome, It was a blessing to help someone else and you are correct, silence can be golden!

  75. nick flandrey says:

    Hey Guys, did a few things this week.

    Picked up another colman stove at an estate sale for $3. At the same sale, I found some replacement mantles, some repair parts new in box, and a propane lantern. I’ll get them cleaned up, and either give this one to a friend, or add it to the pile… Got a can of fuel for a $1 at another sale.

    The same sale had some of the extra heavy coax cable for ham radio antennas, just in time for me to get my new (old) base station connected to something so I can get out on HF. I lucked into a dummy load/ wattmeter as part of an auction surplus lot, so things are really coming together for me to get my station up on HF.

    For anyone interested in taking the exam, the best advise I can give is just keep repeating the free online tests, noting and learning what you get wrong, until you can pass every time. This will get you your ticket and you can start USING your radio. Follow up with the ARRL exam prep book to actually learn the material at your leisure. I’d take both the tech and general at the same sitting too. You pass the tech, you can then take the general for the same fee. If you pass, you can get on HF! There is no downside to trying for the general, as you’ve already passed the tech and paid the fee. HF is important to get out of your affected area in case an emergency takes out your local repeaters.

    Other preps, I finally found a not too far out of date Nurse’s Drug Reference. I’ve been looking for a PDR or good drug book. Can’t beat 25c. 🙂 Same sale had a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, and the flashlight thing for looking in ears and noses. $3 more and they were MINE!

    Added some shelf stable food to the shelves, ate some of the shelf stable I put up, as it was past it’s use by. One year past and the Taco Bell meals still taste good (which surprised me, because I figured they wouldn’t have tasted good to me when fresh).

    Added some OTC drugs to the bag.

    Found out there is a Tractor Supply store closer to my house than I thought. They have a TON of useful prep stuff. They had a HUGE seed selection, including a whole display of organic. I’m going to try a much bigger garden this year.

    Really glad I moved a bunch of my retirement funds into cash, from stocks. That is looking like it was just in time.

    Sold some stock I forgot I had, and will be converting that to metal.

    Costco has a 2 pack of led flashlights on sale. They take C cells and claim 500 lumens, with a zoom focus. They are certainly bright, and I like the larger size for the car and garage, and the fact that they don’t use AA batteries. I like that I have a use for any C cells that might be available post-SHTF. Everyone’s reliance on AA cells is a weak point (although there is the standardization positive, I think it can’t hurt to have a few options to use whatever might be available.) Anyway, they are backup, not primary, so I’m not worried about any weakness in the zoom mechanism.

    Good week overall.

    On a related note, I found a bunch more burst and leaking Duracell AA batteries. It seems like I’m finding them in everything. NOT what I expected from my ‘go to’ brand. I think they must have “improved” the chemistry way past the point of usefulness. I won’t be buying any more for a while.

    Glad to hear about everyone’s preps. It is motivating to know others are working hard at this too.


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