What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re staying warm and entertained during this, another day in one of the coldest winters on record. Burr… My body does not like cold weather, I think I’m allergic to it, and the snow sends me into the house and in front on the heater.

Okay, before we get started with this weeks, “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I would like to give a shout-out and a big thank you to  Lee O, Jeff H, Bruce C, Linda C, Jana M, Troy B and Josh B for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you all very much. If you want to make a donation to show your support for the blog and what we are doing here you can do so by clicking this link.

Okay, now let me see, what did I do to prep this week…

Cut and stacked this pile of firewood....

Cut and stacked this pile of firewood….

Added 100 rolls of toilet paper to the cache. No dirty butts at my retreat!

Added 100 rolls of toilet paper to the cache. No dirty butts at my retreat!

Added another sensor and portable radio to my Dakota alert system.

Added another sensor and portable radio to my Dakota alert system.

Added about 30 new cans of canned food to my food stores.

Added about 30 new cans of canned food to my food stores.

I also ordered a Wouxun KG-UV6D Two Way Radio through Amazon.com but it has not arrived yet. Most of my group currently uses these radios (note: these have nowhere near the 36 mile range listed – 1-2 miles is about it on a good day) , but I suspect that they will all want to switch to the Wouxun KG-UV6D when they see mine in action – I’ve read some great reviews of the Wouxun KG-UV6D radio…

Well that’s it for me this week… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?


  1. Hi everyone
    So, I came down with something called Bell’s palsy a about a months ago. It sat a pause on my prepping for a bit. I did get a few things done last week.
    – picked up 20 cans of food
    -added mixed items to my first aid kit
    -pick up a Ruger 10/22 take down rifle
    -rotated about 20g of diesel
    That’s about it, some prep is still better than non.

    Be safe and god bless

    • Did you have a viral infection before??

    • My ex got that, it made his face look very disreputable for about 6 months. I think he caught it by sleeping on a root while camping. Instead of complaining and asking if I could help him move the tent, he was silent and put up with it all night and said nothing. (men!) Maybe he got some kind of pinched nerve?

    • My mother inlaw came down with that.It cleared up in time. I guess it depends on the severity.

  2. midnight1st says:

    This week I finally got my wood stove installed. Ordinarily, the winter here would just about be over, but this year I have a feeling that the stove will still save me some money on heat. (Where is Al Gore when he could be of use?) Bought and installed a CO2 detector and an outdoor solar motion detector light for the back door. Painted all the woodwork in the house.

    Got in a DVD on natural tooth care that I ordered from the Survival Summit. DH and I went to the dentist.

    Ordered seeds for spring planting along with two mulberry trees, a Nankeen cherry, and some horseradish and seed potatoes. Picked and ate some collards out of the winter garden. I love to garden and not have to deal with weeds and bugs! Just hope that I can keep the cabbage unfrozen long enough for it to finish out.

    Worked on my survival library. Will soon have to get another bookcase for all the binders. Signed up to take a course in grafting fruit trees and Japanese maples with a master grafter. Made burlap curtains to enclose my food shelves so that anyone entering that part of the house will not see what is there. This has been a tiring week!

    Have a great and productive week!

  3. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Still rearranging & organizing preps. Been practicing with the compound bow out in the cold.Stocked up on a few batteries & canned goods. Paid an enormous electric bill for some ^**^ing reason this month. This summer I am installing a wood burning stove. Electric heat is too much, & propane has gotten out of hand as well. B.S. if i’m paying 1200.00 – 1800.00 for a tank of propane. There’s oodles of wood surrounding us. I’ll spend the entire summer & winter if I have to, splitting it by hand, AND I’ll be in great shape to boot! Enough ranting. Sorry…. God bless.

  4. http://www.happypreppers.com/37-food-storage.html
    I found this when I was trying to find out how long whey powder lasts stored. theres also a bunch of links on the side for preppers. I found a video a while back that was talking about the 37 things to get now, but all it said was you need these 37 things because they will disappear first. it said that for at least 20 minutes before I stopped watching.

    • Madison
      MD has a page on this site that will give you a idea of what you need to put away. Do it a little at at time, and before you know it you will have a nice stash of goods.
      YOU are one awesome young lady to start this on your own, and keep up the great work.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Everyone should own MD’s book “31 Days to Survival”.

    • Madison. There are many videos out there like that. As a rule I may watch a video but,if it does not get to the meat of the issue in more then a couple of minutes ,I bail on it.They are just some a type scammers trying to get some money out of you.

    • Those kind of videos you can X out the browser window and it will ask you if you want to stay on the page, if you are so inclined, say yes and you can read all what they are yammering about. Or don’t read it all and just scroll down and see that they are trying to sell you something without ever telling you what the 37 things are. There is also a financial advisor who has those kind of stupid videos – it’s quite annoying.

    • I bought the CD. Canned goods and protein bars are the top two items. Really, I found much better information for free on YouTube. Don’t waste your money on that one. Buy MD’s book instead.

  5. Busy week. Was given 5 roosters on Tuesday . Dressed and canned on the next day . Got 40 lbs. of Zacon chicken on Thursday and canned it on Friday .
    Had Prepper meeting today . Guest speaker on Aquaponics .

  6. Finished cleaning the old food out of 236 quart canning jars. Most of the food went to a fellow who raises pigs. I was somewhat impressed with the food as much of it was 10-20 years old, but smelled edible and there were no popped lids. If I were really hungry, I am sure we could have eaten a lot of the old fruit and juices. I found an old pressure cooker at goodwill and replaced the gasket. Our extension tested the pressure indicator free of charge. I hope to begin canning next week.

    I picked up the materials to build food shelves from Craigslist for free. A lot of work to get them, but some real nice plywood and 2×6’s.

    We lost our beloved dog Paco also this last week so after we mourn for a while we need to find another watch dog, but this will be a while.

    • I ate home canned tomatoes/juice 20 years old, green beans 20 years old. They were labeled 1992.
      They were great.
      I water bath canned them.

      • That is awesome! Nice to know the shelf life of these things. I opened a can of pork loin I canned last year and it smelled good and tasted great! I added bar-b-que sauce to it and we had sandwiches! Yummy! I must say I was a little leary eating my own canned meat but I believe it will be just fine. I check them every week to make sure they are still sealed well.

    • So sorry to hear about Paco, G in UT. They become such a big part of our lives for such a short time;and, then, they are gone. When you are able to smile at happy memories and laugh at funny stories of some of their antics, it will be time for a new pet.

    • G in UT. Go find a rescue dog when you are ready.Shop around, you will have a loyal friend for the rest of it`s life.You will be amazed on the different breeds that you can get. You may want a certian breed and find a rescue orginisation for that breed.

      • Check out http://www.malinoisrescue.org/ Malinois are loyal and naturally protective. I currently have two and they are great friends. They are used by the military (I had one while in USAF) and many police departments. Great dogs.

        • riverrider says:

          msgt, checked that out. all this time i thought i had a shepard cross, but i think i have a malinoise instead. never heard or saw one before. he was a pound puppy, now a loyal friend.

    • Not much worse then losing a beloved pet. Thier devotion is unlike anything else. Sorry for your loss.

  7. Babycatcher says:

    Followed Bam-Bams recipe to the letter, and tomorrow will strain two quarts of Elderberry tincture. Got all the vineyard pruned today and trimmings sorted and labelled for propagation. Have to think of a place I can put a couple of elderberry bushes. You guys reminded me that I need to get fish antibiotics and qwik clot for the medicine chest, and more veggies that we can’t grow here, like olives. Enjoy the rain, Cali folks! We know what drought feels like, and don’t like it at all! welcome toTN, FG and others! It’s a great place! ( long as you aren’t near Memphis or Nashville! 😉 congrats to the newbies, as well. I don’t think we have a whole long time to wait…

    • Are any of you Tennessee folks near my old home place?/
      I was 25 miles north of Nashville for many years.

  8. Last year we moved our kids to a different school district because of the problems in our local one. It’s over an hour round trip to take the kids to school now but the new school is way better rated for education.

    More importantly the school is offering a wilderness survival course for grade 5’s and up to 9’s. So the oldest is very excited about taking the course. We spent today putting an emergency kit together for her.

  9. Beans-N-Bullets says:

    Throwing out a question for the pack??
    With the lack of rain in Calif. and most of our power coming from Hydro electric how much do you all think our bills will go up if we don’t get A LOT more rain??
    Man I really need to get some solar put on the place.


    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Down here near San Diego some neighbors were talking about it going up 24% minimum. Apparently SDGE has it already in the works – will be holding some public hearings soon. That’s just some neighbor talk – haven’t really researched it.

    • The rates will go up. They just need a reason to raise rates and the drought is just an excuse.They will also probably create some greenie comison to run our lives even further.

      • I would like to see a study on how much water that gets wasted by the low flow toilets.

        • So many articles tell us to put a block of something in the tank to save water.
          My tank doesn’t have any room for any size block!!!

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      you & me both pal. I live in MO. & just paid a WHOPPER of an electric bill. Way more than the previous month. & propane here is now $3.99 a gal. I’m converting to wood burning this summer.

    • TR from CA says:

      I live in the North County of San Diego. My bill has already gone up by about fifty dollars per month. My dad’s friend works for SDG&E. He says we will see another large rate hike soon. Hopefully going to be out of CA by the end of the year.

  10. Suburban Housewife says:

    Got my manual to study for the first HAM radio license. Also got 2 Euell Gibbons books – I was a huge fan of his in high school and college and loved his books. Really kind of excited to read them again.
    Been watching “Grow Your Own Drugs” TV show on YouTube. My dogs got into my herb box, tore up and scattered my elderberries and some other herbs. What a waste. So I’ll need to reorder stuff. Funds are tight – really tight- right now so that really makes me angry.
    Also watching Larry Hall videos on self watering gardening systems. (YouTube again) I want to give his rain gutter system a try. In the mean time we built four DIY earthbox type of containers. I am determined to grow SOMETHING in this God forsaken yard – with no sun. Still I’m eager to plant the boxes and at least try.
    Went to get my sorghum flour and found it full of bugs – so I tossed that and ended up checking all of my baking supplies and repackaging stuff I was lazy about. The sorghum flour was the only thing that was bad – but it was a 20 lb bag I had to toss.
    The Peach tree and Pomegranate tree we ordered last fall came in – so now I have to figure out what to so with them – along with the elderberry bush I bought. I think I will put them in containers, since it’s next to impossible to dig a hole in this yard, and not really in the budget to hire the job out right now.
    Also got the “Alternatives to Dentists” DVD from the Survival Summit.
    Dehydrated some spaghetti sauce, cans of refried beans and some salsa. I want to try to make some convenience meals – sort of like home made MREs. That’s pretty much it I think.
    BCTruck – so happy for you and your wife. God answers prayers.
    Blessings to all –

    • TR from CA says:

      You might want to try a stagnant hydroponic box. I learned how to make them at a class held at Bates Nut Farm. Everything was from recycled material except for the 20 gallon tote. Cheap to make and the produce from it is amazing. I plan to make 10 more for this spring.

  11. This week we bought more hay for our goats and rabbits to last is through this cold winter. We purchased two buck rabbits to go into our rabbitry. We are hoping to use them for our table and to use as a food source for our dog. Bought my youngest son some gear for his birthday: compass, knives, Wildwood Wisdom and SAS book. Never to early to learn some useful skills!! We received our book order on permaculture and herbal healing. Looking for a good book on traps, snares, and also on tanning hides. Any suggestions?

    • Kelli,
      Here in Ohio, to begin trapping I would recommend taking a Trapper Education course, run by our Division of Wildlife, which also manages the Hunter Education courses. You should check in your area for the existence of such classes.
      As for hide tanning, the best book I know of on the subject is,”
      Deerskins into Buckskins: How to Tan with Brains, Soap or Eggs; 2nd Edition Paperback by Matt Richards” (http://www.amazon.com/Deerskins-into-Buckskins-Brains-Edition/dp/0965867242). I have the first edition which does not include the soap and eggs, but it’s on the list for an upgrade.

  12. Well where do I begin, I didn’t get a chance to post or follow as closely to the blog over the last week as I would like to so spending some of my coffee time trying to catch up! Does my heart good to see so many prayers answered on the blog today. Congratulations to all of you that received good news this week. I also wanted to say it’s really nice to see young folks prepping. I wish I had listened to my inner self a little sooner and started before recently.
    We made a trip to Sam’s last week along with our local butcher and I am happy to report after taking inventory, we have at least 3 months of supplies. While that may not be a lot to some it is a great achievement for us. Our goal is to have a year’s worth by the end of the summer if we can hold out before the SHTF happens. I also made a trip to our local state store last week to get Vodka to start my elderberry tincture and silly me, they were packed because of the Super bowl. You couldn’t even pull into the lot as there were so many cars. I didn’t get out yesterday so I will have another week before starting the tincture. We also started looking at our medical supplies as Treeman had a minor injury and realized that our antibacterial ointment is almost gone. Could someone suggest a first aid manual for a SHTF situation? I used to be a Medical Assistant for about 5 years before making a career change and realized I have forgotten a lot of my training and have been trying to re-visit some of those skills.
    I also found two “prepper groups” this week in my area but have been a little hesitant to attend the meetings yet. I did a background check ( local public records) on one of the potential tenants that applied this week for a rental home that had the same last name as one of the coordinators of one of these groups and by accident found a rap sheet a mile long on this guy. While I’m not judgmental as a general rule, especially since people make mistakes in their past, I was a bit apprehensive as a number of these charges were current. (Reminds me of the guy on Doomsday Preppers that got arrested recently) However, I suspect the mailman that delivers to our office is a prepper and I am making casual conversation to see if my hunch is right. If so that would raise the number of preppers I know other then myself to one.
    Stay warm and keep up with the prayers everyone!

    • great! I wish I would meet local preppers in my area. good for you to find LMPs.
      I found this online and it looks promising. you can click the links and print them out. I would find a better one but I`m in a hurry.

      • 1MoreBoyScout says:

        Be wary of some prepper groups. Like Tactical G-ma said; There are some weird folks & groups out there. Keep your “expressiveness” to a maintainable roar. When TSHTF comes to be, & too many people are aware of your holdings, they tend to seek out what they think they can obtain from you. Just be careful is all. But keep up the good work.

    • k. fields says:

      Here’s a list of the medical books on my shelf – there are A LOT of books out there but these, for me at least, are the most useful:
      The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook – Joseph Alton, MD, and Amy Alton
      Peterson’s Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs
      The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Care at Sea – US office for public health.
      Where There is No Doctor – Hesperian Foundation
      Where There is No Dentist – Hesperian Foundation
      Book for Midwives – Hesperian Foundation
      Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
      Functional Anatomy and Physiology – Yamamoto
      Merck Manual Volumes 1 & 2
      Physicians Desk Reference
      Emergency Care in the Streets – Caroline
      Wilderness Medicine – Auerbach
      Ditch Medicine – Coffee
      Emergency War Surgery – US Army

      • Thank you so much for the list. I have seen a few of these books and I have a PDR but its pretty old. I also have decided to NOT attend either prepper meetings I found in my area at this time. The other one listed put a video on YouTube of their monthly meeting. Kind of seems like they don’t really care about folks privacy so I thought it better to just stay away. thanks again for everyone’s help!

  13. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Angel, great preps. You are certainly have a plan.
    Be forewarned: prepper groups scare me. Loose lips sink ships and all. I know a fellow who had his home burgled 3 times while at work and lost $10k+ in stuff that his insurance would not cover.
    The best groups are what I call “closed cells” or people you have met in other groups, learned to trust, and there are controls in place for who comes into the group. Church, gun club, ham radio club, volunteer programs like Red Cross and your county EMA even PTA and Scouts are some groups where you can meet and get to know like minded folks. There are dangerous people out there.

  14. I just came across an Allstate Insurance list of stuff to keep in the vehicle during cold weather.

    There isn’t anything surprising on it, but nice to see they are pushing preparedness. Coming from Allstate may help validate preparing fro emergencies, at least a little.

    You can see it here:

  15. Hi Pack!
    This week I completed the final (I hope) winter related plumbing repair. I had to get in thru the kitchen floor I had just renovated (grr). Pipes I thought were frozen were not just frozen but rusted out AND blocked up. My crawl space had turned into a little cesspool and the broken pipes stank, but it won’t be leaking any more and it will eventually dry out all the way. So that’s done, except for some cosmetic floor repair, which hopefully will occur next week. Maybe this summer I will renovate the basement and dig a shallow tunnel thru the crawl space to the plumbing so next time someone needs to fix plumbing they can just go under the floor. That crawl space is only 1 foot deep in most places.

    The only prep I bought was an ALICE suspenders for another DIY gear project I have going. Also I painted a black pouch green which is really some kind of urban-hip black nylon purse. I have the idea to use this pouch on a belt rig for food and a poncho.

    I had this idea this morning: If I enclose my back porch, and sell most of my stuff that isn’t prepping related, I might be able to reduce my living footprint to the point where I can use my back porch and basement for “storage”, rent my apartment out in its entirety instead of have roommates, have an entrance separate from the tenants, and get a cheap RV to live in part time. I’d get more rent that way, so the particulars are something I’ve been hashing out in my mind all morning. Sanitation and HVAC are key, I think, plus any ramifications with firearm storage, moisture, what exactly constitutes “owner occupied” for a house (for repair permit and lending purposes), where to put the RV so I won’t get robbed or get a ticket, how to get rent while out of town, how to get things repaired while out of town, etc.

    I want this idea to make me more free rather than less. If it’s too much of a pain in the butt I will find some other way to save/make more money. But it might work, and it might make me closer to being able to just find a BOL and park there, MD style.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Penny P –
      I own a home in Ohio and live in CA. I use PayPal for rent – works great. It’s free if you follow certain rules – easy fast reliable.
      I also pay for Angies List for repairs. I have yet to have a bad experience with anyone I have hired. It’s been worth the $ for us. There are free referral sources – but I think you get more reliable trustworthy references and better workers because it is a paid service. Maybe a little snobby of me – but you get what you pay for right? Still cheaper than hiring a management company.

      • S'wt Tater says:

        alternate idea for repairs… make contacts with a local person you trust now, before the need. Before you leave area review property with the person.. like a.guided inspection…when you have problem let them handle it, and pay the appropriate bill

    Does anyone know the real skinny on the LDS store.
    Have they really stopped selling the public.

    And even there on line store seem to be very limited know.
    And the site I seem to keep bringing up seem to have nothing to do with the LDS. Just a starter kit ect.
    Or am I just looking in the wrong spot?
    Can you order bulk on line it did not look like it to me?

    And when I search I keep pulled up this site
    provident-living-today.Is that they new site if is? they
    are really changing the image?
    An knowledge on the subject.
    Not much prepping here just restocking used items.
    And the store told me no sale to general public anymore??

    That suck if it is true..


    Thanks Pack

  17. Hello everyone! I’m late again posting and once again I am learning an incredible amount from everyone. I had a discussion with DH and he wants me to stock TP but I think I’ll order a portable bidet bottle. I visited Kate’s blog and am going to order a carpet sweeper this week. Couple of things – I got the Healing Spices book by Aggarwal and the Rodale book The Herbal Drugstore by White and Foster. These have helped me already. I started eating celery (for BP) and beets (for tricky gallbladder) at lunch (cooked) and when I went for a checkup my BP was lower. I won’t change any meds without Dr ok, but key want to show steady improvement. I also got the Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook by Duke, but I can’t recommend it. There are so many options (including Asian) and he includes both researched and traditional uses, so that it seems everything has been used for every ailment at some point in time. I did put away 3 qts of applesauce, another liter of olive oil, and I now have enough bread flour for another 5 gallon bucket. I now buy preps a little at a time, as I get comments at the grocery when I buy large quantities.

  18. PGCPrepper says:

    Just ordered 1 lb of dried Frontier elderberries that someone mentioned above. The tincture is rather easy if I remember. I’ll have to search recipe here.

    Storage after opening bag? Airtight? Dessicant absorbers maybe?

    Storage of tincture? Regular Ball can jars good? Novice questions I know.


  19. Well looks like my preps for the next few weeks will be saving money. Just talked to my sister in the DFW metroplex who I will be visiting in later march and they now have Winco foods! Can’t wait to see the bulk departments. Just hope shtf that they are calling for in march happens while I am down there.

    • George, what are they calling for in March? I try to keep up but must have missed this. Thanks!

      • Oh, one of those so called experts is calling for the shtf to occur on or around march 4’th , give week or two. It is over on shtfplan.com by mac salvo some economist is saying all the things are lining up for this march.

  20. Caught a lucky break. Went to a local thrift store that is connected with the local soup kitchen. Someone donated 12 #10 cans of various items. They were priced $3 per can and I grabbed all 12. While setting them behind the counter to hold while paying 2 people started looking at them and 1 woman started to grab the cans. The staff told her the were sold. 3 minutes later and I would have missed them.

    My wife made detergent and washed the clothes with it. Worked great and so much less expensive than store bought.

    Dropped of the M1 for a small repair. Should get it back before the end of the week, weather permitting. Don’t let the revolution start this week.

  21. JeffintheWest says:

    It’s been raining pretty steadily here for the past three days, with several more days forecast. It’s BADLY needed here — especially since Governor Moonbeam is proceeding with his plan to ignore the will of the voters and drill two massive tunnels from N. California to feed the dryer, desert portions of the state with NorCal’s water. The rain has curtailed our outside plans quite a bit, but we did figure out where we were going to put the dome greenhouse finally, and that means we now know where we’ll be planting the fruit and nut trees and the berries. I guess we can call that progress, though we have yet to go pick out the trees and berry/grapevines we want. I’m hoping we get that done tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Other than that, not a lot of prepping going on, but planning and deciding count at least a little bit! 😉

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      Yep. They do indeed. (Heh heh, governor moonbeam)

      • Boy Scout. Brown has been called Guv, Moonbeam since his first time in office many many years ago. When in that office the first time, he appointed a bunch of very liberal judges that thought capital punishment was just too darn inhumane……..took years to get the balance back. He was a hippy freak then, now he is a hippy freak but has gained some levels of sophistication so he can hide behind an image a little better.

    • Loving the rain! No appreciable lake level improvements for the most part yet, but it is a start! After almost 3 days of rain here, the ground had finally soaked up enough water that the creeks finally started flowing.

      Unless there is a good two more months of storms though folks, don’t expect that the bread basket of California is going to be able to provide the nation with much of the crops that you are used to:
      peaches, nectarines, almonds, pears, walnuts, prunes, raisins, rice, tomatoes, cotton, soybeans, spinach, lettuce, grapes, some citrus, some artichokes, some avacados, beef, sheep, dairy products, cattle feed,……..are all going to be affected. Depends on the farmers willingness to gamble on planting “stuff” without reliable sources of water.

      Farmers with almond trees – trees are budding out right now…too much rain or rains that are too hard will drop the blossoms and reduce the crop……..happens to the pears as well. On a good note, the wine grapes that are beginning to grow new limbs are right now getting a much needed drink right now.

  22. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Spent from 4:15 am Sunday until 2:30pm Sunday playing “you circle me, I’ll circle you” with a rather vocal, snorting white tail buck & 2 of his girlfriends in the woods, on the backside of our property. I finally lost them or vice-versa & gave up. Had view of them most of the time, just couldn’t get in close enough to make a shot with a bow. Phooey. I’ve never had a buck snort as loud & long at me as this one was. I sure did make him mad. It snowed most of the time. It’s fun hunting when it’s snowing, but the cold just plain SUCKS. I wanna go back out before sun-up, but I dunno.. I’m pooped! Good exercise I guess. Makes the Wild Turkey 101 (bourbon) taste a little better.. God bless Wolfpack!

  23. Fenland Prepper says:

    Used the new dehydrator for the first time this weekend on some apples, thinly sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon, came out nice so now have a ready supply of healthy chips!. Got a big two door metal cabinet and set it up to start filling with canned meat.
    Got two telescopic fishing rods + kit to go in the back of the car, all goes into a bag two feet long.
    Finally fixed the sagging shed roof, jacked it up and spliced in a new 6 foot timber across the old joint with some 8 inch bolts, better now than it has been for 6 years.
    Keeping an eye on the weather as the north road out of town has been under water now for three weeks.

  24. Well, I finally canned another case of chicken breast this week, bought more flour/bisquick/cornmeal/cereal/& oatmeal and put in mylar bags. Also bought more ramen noodles for bartering if needed. Bought several more pieces of silver. Vacuum sealed more chocolate/butterscotch/peanut butter chips in mason jars for treats and baking. Going to go to Sam’s this coming weekend for more of my usual (2 month run) of water, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, paper plates, utensils, solo cups, & canned chicken. Really hard to beat Sam’s prices. While I am close by going to stop in at Sportsman’s Warehouse, they have a great price on #10 cans of powdered milk for $11.00 each, I haven’t found it cheaper any place else so far. I also stopped in this past weekend to Walmart and bought five more 5 gallon buckets for $1 each from their bakery to put my mylar food storage in. They get their icing for cakes in them, when they’re empty, they wash them and either sell them or reycle them. A lot cheaper than buying them at Lowe’s or Walmart new. I made another 5 gallons of laundry detergent, always good to know how incase I couldn’t buy it anywhere. Works really good too and saves a ton of money! My spouse bought more ammo while it can be found. I printed off more uses of things like dehydrated lemons, baking soda, vinegar and honey for future references. Added more gummie multi-vitamins to my stash. Starting to study to take my Hamm radio test, boy it’s complicated for my brain which works much better with people than machines! LOL Everyone say a prayer for me in the weeks to come for studying. A young mother with two children,which is a friend of my daughter, was having a really difficult financial time this past week and was torn between food or gas for her car, so needless to say, my daughter’s and I (which they prep too) all went into our pantries and storages and put together a really nice collection of needed things and took to her. She was overwhelmed and said her pantry/cabinets had never been so full! It really felt good to just go into my pantry/storage and get those things together to help someone else in their disaster moment. If a disaster situation comes my way, it will be so comforting to have all my preps just waiting, it will help ease some of the stress that will go along with a SHTF scenerio. God Bless each and every one of you on this site, so glad I have met kindred spirits who I can express my joy of preparing to and reading each of your stories . Many of you just amaze me at all that you are doing, I have a long way to go but I keep praying & prepping!

    • Good job! It is great that you were able to provide some help! If you can do it without sacrifice it is good for your soul and theirs! Just make sure you don’t tell them too much about what you have in that pantry! Smile.

      I call doing things like that paying it forward and paying it backward. I have had some really great help in my past and I am sure that I might need it again someday, so when I see a clear path to help someone, I do. Might not always be able to do that………….

      • Thank you worrisome, It was a blessing to help someone else and you are correct, silence can be golden!

  25. nick flandrey says:

    Hey Guys, did a few things this week.

    Picked up another colman stove at an estate sale for $3. At the same sale, I found some replacement mantles, some repair parts new in box, and a propane lantern. I’ll get them cleaned up, and either give this one to a friend, or add it to the pile… Got a can of fuel for a $1 at another sale.

    The same sale had some of the extra heavy coax cable for ham radio antennas, just in time for me to get my new (old) base station connected to something so I can get out on HF. I lucked into a dummy load/ wattmeter as part of an auction surplus lot, so things are really coming together for me to get my station up on HF.

    For anyone interested in taking the exam, the best advise I can give is just keep repeating the free online tests, noting and learning what you get wrong, until you can pass every time. This will get you your ticket and you can start USING your radio. Follow up with the ARRL exam prep book to actually learn the material at your leisure. I’d take both the tech and general at the same sitting too. You pass the tech, you can then take the general for the same fee. If you pass, you can get on HF! There is no downside to trying for the general, as you’ve already passed the tech and paid the fee. HF is important to get out of your affected area in case an emergency takes out your local repeaters.

    Other preps, I finally found a not too far out of date Nurse’s Drug Reference. I’ve been looking for a PDR or good drug book. Can’t beat 25c. 🙂 Same sale had a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, and the flashlight thing for looking in ears and noses. $3 more and they were MINE!

    Added some shelf stable food to the shelves, ate some of the shelf stable I put up, as it was past it’s use by. One year past and the Taco Bell meals still taste good (which surprised me, because I figured they wouldn’t have tasted good to me when fresh).

    Added some OTC drugs to the bag.

    Found out there is a Tractor Supply store closer to my house than I thought. They have a TON of useful prep stuff. They had a HUGE seed selection, including a whole display of organic. I’m going to try a much bigger garden this year.

    Really glad I moved a bunch of my retirement funds into cash, from stocks. That is looking like it was just in time.

    Sold some stock I forgot I had, and will be converting that to metal.

    Costco has a 2 pack of led flashlights on sale. They take C cells and claim 500 lumens, with a zoom focus. They are certainly bright, and I like the larger size for the car and garage, and the fact that they don’t use AA batteries. I like that I have a use for any C cells that might be available post-SHTF. Everyone’s reliance on AA cells is a weak point (although there is the standardization positive, I think it can’t hurt to have a few options to use whatever might be available.) Anyway, they are backup, not primary, so I’m not worried about any weakness in the zoom mechanism.

    Good week overall.

    On a related note, I found a bunch more burst and leaking Duracell AA batteries. It seems like I’m finding them in everything. NOT what I expected from my ‘go to’ brand. I think they must have “improved” the chemistry way past the point of usefulness. I won’t be buying any more for a while.

    Glad to hear about everyone’s preps. It is motivating to know others are working hard at this too.