What did you do to prep this week?

I know that today is Sunday, and that we usually do this post on Saturday, but something came up yesterday, so we are going to post this today instead… Hey, look at the bright side, at least we all had an extra day to get more stuff done.

But before we start, I would like to give a shout-out and say thank you to Cheryl D, Brenda C, and Sherry S – thank you ladies, your support of this blog is greatly appreciated. If you too, would like to show your support via a monetary contribution, you can do that by clicking on this link.

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

This week; I did a little “gun trading” if you remember a few months back I purchased a Ruger 1911 (a great handgun), well this week I ended up trading it to a new Glock 26. The Glock 26 is lighter, smaller, holds more rounds, is more reliable, 9mm ammo is cheaper to stock-up with than .45 ACP, plus I have plenty of 9mm ammo cached away so no need to buy more ammo, and I can shoot it just as accurately as I could the Ruger.

On the same note, I’m making the Glock even better by installing TRUGLO Glock Low Tritium Sights and installing an extended mag and slide release – parts have been ordered but have not arrived yet. I also ordered this holster for concealed carry of the Glock 26…

Finished putting in the 8X16 ft. raised bed that I mentioned a few days ago.

This week, I also did some work on my raised garden beds to get them ready for planting in a few months – right now I have five 4X8′ raised garden beds and one 4X16. I also have two of the garden towers from “The Garden Tower Project” that I use to grow strawberries. This year I’m also going to expand my garden area by tilling up  a 10 X 30′ area to plant sweet corn and potatoes.

And the big purchase this week was 12 of the One Month Packs of “everyday sized” cans from Augason Farms. I also added some more canned goods (mostly soup) and rice from the supermarket.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling an even more urgency to prep harder than ever before – my gut, research, and my big over-sized brain, are telling me that something bad is happening or is just a few months away. Personally, I think it’s going to be an economic collapse or major  pandemic that will be used as an excuse to declare full martial law nation wide.

Well that’s it for me this week – what about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Nebraska Woman says:

    Glad you posted this today!
    Can you stand one more cow story?
    It’s calving time here, and a friend asked me to help separate his heifers-about-to-give-birth so he can get them in his cow shed a bit more easily. I agreed because it was balmy (42), and I had a chance to ride another of his excellent horses. All the retired neighbors showed up to watch the fun and point out the ones with crooked tails (about to give birth).
    Well, all went well until one heifer decided to give me the boogie eye. She and horse stared each other down (I refuse to play the blink game with a cow) when suddenly she turned, crashed through the fence galloping madly down the road. When I was about to give birth, I could not have done that, so kudos to the cow.
    Horse was hot on her heels with my 14 year old partner hot on our heels. He yelled Head or Heels, I yelled Head, and we had lariats ready to go.
    Now, there are 2 audiences I won’t play to–liberal educators for obvious reasons and a bunch of retired farmers because they know more than I ever will.
    So there I was, giving myself lots of encouragement and yes, praying I won’t flub up in front of these gentleman. My partner threw his rope, I mine. His was an overthrow and nailed the head. Mine was an underthrow and believe it or not, I did something I have never been able to do. I roped the heels!
    We both acted nonchalantly as we brought her back. One more thing marked off on my bucket list.
    I took lessons on firing my Glock..did pretty well.
    I also have the county scheduled to put in water mains to the house, and I have a man sceduled to change my well into a manual pump. As long as my well has water, I will be fine. I am a little worried about all this drought talk.
    I will attempt to dry some potatoes this week. I put lots of cabbage in the dehydrator which was so easy I could not believe it.
    I hate waste, but I got rid of a lot of gmo flour and replaced it with the real stuff.
    Enjoy every “normal” second we have, Pack. With what is going on in the world, I tell myself every day to choose to be happy.

    • Hilarious!!! I had a similar “accident” that looked as though I did it on purpose, and to this day I’ve never let on that it wasn’t. I was walking back to deer camp with some hunting buddies down the rail road tracks. Being young and stupid, I had a round chambered and forgot to put the safety on. We were about halfway back to camp when we walked up on a timber rattler sunning itself on a railroad tie. It startled me so much that as I jumped back,I accidendtly pulled the trigger and shot the snakes head clean off. To this day they are still convinced that I was able to let out a girly scream while jumping backwards,levering a 30 30 round into the chamber,aim and shoot from my hip. Now only you know the truth,,,,,,, I can trust you with my secret,,,,, Right?

      • 1MoreBoyScout says:

        SURE, no problem… “A wink’s as good as a nudge to a blind bat eh,eh” ? ?

      • This Just In!
        Man pulls off hip shot, blows snakes head clean off!
        Saves entire hunting party!
        Film @10

        • TrailGuide says:

          You kids are absolutely the best group to hang with. My day has been made with stories from the ‘who knew’ files.

          Note to self – skip the doom and gloom and check the pulse of the clan 1st. Only this site can make me anxious to count cans of stored stuff and chicken eggs and laugh out loud at the same time.
          ~..~ TG

      • Beans-N-Bullets says:

        thank you for that smile you just put on my face !!
        I’m not retired yet or I would share a couple of my stories, gotta wait another 298 days 🙂

    • I won’t speak for the rest of the pack, but you can tell cow or other stories anytime you like, I enjoy them enormously.

    • Loved your cow story!

    • Donna in MN says:

      That was funny and exciting to read. I wish I could say my week was that way. My love pup Sheba came down with a serious infection overnight (Pyro) and almost lost her.I used Fish Mox to get her through. The vet confirmed my diagnosis and said I was doing the right thing.(Confirmation cost me $330!) It pays to have these antibiotics on hand. I still don’t have a job… An Angel sent me $200 to help me cover the costs.Yes, a card that said an angel was sent to help me out. No human knew I needed the help. God answers prayers!

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        It’s good to hear from you, MN friend. I have missed your comments.
        God does indeed answer prayers. I will pray for you to get a job and healing for your pup.

    • Nebraska Woman, Love your cow stories. This song is for you and every one else who have “Cows Around”.

    • Nebraska Woman,

      Your cow stories are the best.

    • patientmomma says:

      Love the story; I still think you are awesome! And yes, we are in the last days and this country is in severe trouble. I am speeding up all exit plans.

    • Hit the wrong button first — I’m so sorry. Loved the tales of misadventures gone right. Thanks for brightening my day.

    • Nebraska Women
      Cowboy(or girl) stories are just fine with me. It reminds me of my childhood growing up with my step dad who taught me about cattle.
      When I ours made the great escape I just did not have a horse, my neighbor used his quad to round them doggies up for me. That when the lessons began, when I call you will come to me if you want a special treat. You would be surprised how quickly they learn alfalfa is a “cow cookie”.

  2. We spent much of the week either making sure we were ready for the ice storm or iced into the house. We only lost power for about an hour and a half the first time, then for less than 30 minutes the second time. We never even had to run the generator.

    In other news, it sucks to be sick. I came down with a sinus cold beginning last Sunday evening. Late yesterday I started to feel a little better, but I also spent most of the day in bed or on the couch. I’m going to take it easy again today and try to be well enough to go back to work tomorrow. All things considered, at least I was able to stay home thanks to the bad weather.

    • Being snowbound, the DH and I watched some gun videos on YouTube. The DH more than me and mostly Jerry Miculek, but lots of good info and some funny stuff too.

      Also, I made it to the store this afternoon and picked up more canned chicken, toilet paper, peanut butter, mayonnaise and tissues.

      • Would you believe i know jerry very well and see him quite often? He and his wife Kay clark miculek ( a legendary shooter in her own right) live just down the road from me. Kay is the daughter of jim clark senior who pionered the custom ,22 pistol and rifle industry and his son jim clark junior (also a freind) is renowned pistol smith and has won several awards for both his shooting skills and gunsmithing skills. There, i think ive dropped enough names for one day.http://www.clarkcustomguns.com/

    • One more thing – requesting prayers for my SIL who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They are going to take out some lymph nodes to make sure it hasn’t spread then do 6-7 weeks of radiation. Based on her mom’s experience (my MIL), the prognosis is good. My MIL is turning 90 in June and had breast cancer several years ago.

  3. put your boots on says:

    I have been reading this blog now for a couple of weeks but have not commented very much. my wife and i are just now starting to do some prepping. we have always tried to have a few weeks worth of food in the home just because she likes to cook and she buys in bulk to save money. its a lot cheaper to eat at home than it is to eat out on the town every day. Any way, i was reading some posts a couple weeks ago, and the question was asked what is your favorite prepping book or SHTF kind of book. i was looking through the responses and somebody brought up the book “One Second After”. it sounded interesting, so I bought a copy and read it. I finished it this week and that is when my prepping started. OMG, the book scared the crap out of me. Couple that with the Iranian ships that are trying to make it to our coast right now, i am officially starting my prepping.
    First- sent my wife out and we put some more beans, rice, and other bulk food items in the pantry.
    second-cleared the back yard up in preparation for my garden. i have 6 acres of land. back 2 acres are going to be sectioned off for the garden and for the new chicken coup im going to construct this coming week. the front 4 acres are going to be fenced in and goats are going up there. i have a friend at work that raises goats to sell at the town auction and he is getting me a good deal on a couple that were born over christmas.
    third-took the remmington 1911 r1 and ruger mark III (.22) out and ran a few round through the ensure that all is well with them, then gave them a good cleaning. inventoried ammunition for them and the others, which include a 30-.06 and mossberg 535 12-gage, and found that i am lacking in that area. i have some for all, but like many on here i think would agree, i could always use more.
    fourth-just this morning i placed and order for some fish antibiotics and hopefully should get them in a few days. that was one part of the book that really freaked me out, the lack of good medication. luckily me nor my wife nor my 2 little girls (ages 2 and 4) are on any sort of medication as of right now.

    that is what i have done to prep this week. if you guys have any suggestions, i would appreciate them thanks and god bless.

    • Don’t forget water…for you, family and the critters!

    • seeuncourt says:
    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Welcome put your boots on! That’s a good start and you can get some more ideas from the preppers to do list at the top of the blog. If the beans and rice are for long term storage, I would reccomend some food grade buckets, mylar bags and O2 obsorbers. Of course you can find all kinds of list on the net. Just don’t get discouraged, prepping is a life style some even say a hobby. As for advise, this blog has a lot of wonderful people on it that will give sound advise, all you have to do is ask. Welcome again!

    • Great start !!! How ya set for water? Got that windmill going in this week? (Barely kidding ya on the windmill.)

      • put your boots on says:

        cant believe i forgot to talk about water. my home is run off a 1500 gal sistern tank. wells have been drying up like crazy here lately. with normal use (running dishwater, showers at least once a day, sometimes more, and normal everyday stuff) the tank can last about 3 weeks, showers being the biggest consumption. life style changes could make that tank last a long time. i am designing plans right now to reroute gray water piping under the house to reuse for the garden. i have 20 gals of potable water stored right now in the house with plans to get more. almost have the wife talked into getting another cistern tank to double our water storage. also, looking for drums to collect rain and other natural water. snow melt off is a huge source and i wish i had been collecting through the winter.

        • Cdngardengirl says:

          Instead of wasteful showers, maybe it’s time to start taking ‘sponge baths’, where you have a bowl of water and a washcloth. Amazing how much water you’ll save for when it’s really needed

        • We save all of our milk jugs. When the milk is gone, I wash them out really well and let them air dry, then fill them with water and stash them. We have lots and lots in the basement. One drop of bleach added to them will assure that it is drinkable when the time comes. (We also have a well, thank goodness.) We usually buy 1/2 gallons of milk and they also make great scoops for dog food or poultry food if necessary. Also make nice funnels if you need one in a pinch. Welcome to you. This site is wonderful for information of all types.

    • Like everyone else mention, don’t forget water! Remember 2 gallons per person per day is recommended, which for a family of 4 is 8 gallons per day!

      Good luck on the garden too. 2 acres is pretty ambitious!

      • TexasKnowHow says:

        I used to post under the name “Les.” After reading some of BCtruck’s posts and looking at his blog space and YouTube channel I decided to start ding the same and can be found on YouTube under my new name, TexasKnowHow.

        I too use milk jugs to store water in and we have enough stred for three days for me and my wife. I know that’s not much but with the space constraints we have now that’s about all we can keep. Neighbor has a pool and we’re thinking about getting a bathtub water bladder.

        As for the garden, don’t get too ambitious. YOu might get dicouraged. We have a small 40’x20′ plot and its all we can do to keep up with it with work and all. We have been able to put up more than enough corn, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, okra, squash and tomatoes to last us through the year.

        Other thatn that, Welcome! Glad to have you in the community.

        • Encourager says:

          Please be careful using plastic milk jugs to store water in, especially long term. It is nearly impossible to get all of the milk fats off of the plastic. Our milk group has had incidents of the jugs being scrubbed and scrubbed then sanitized. Only to have the fresh milk put in them spoil in a matter of days.

          Milk jug plastic will also spring leaks quite easily. You would be better off using the heavier juice jugs than the milk jugs.

          • I’ll second that about milk jugs springing leaks. I keep them for water storage too in the guise of keeping water on hand for my house plants. I learned the hard way that they can spring leaks very easily.

        • TKH;
          Like Encourager, milk jugs do not hold up nor do the cheap thin water jugs you purchase already filled at the store. I have found purchasing water in the heavy container works. I use the jugs we drink juice out of, then I wash them with soapy water and bleach them to remove sugars that stick to the walls which will cause slim to grow in the containers.
          Have you priced the clear blue water jugs from the local stores in your area. More volume with less space used. Just an idea.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Great start! I wish I had your sense of direction and focus.
      I wish we had half the acreage you have. Consider meat rabbits?
      Look into OPSEC, operational security. You can never remove anything someone knows about your preps from their mind. Just make sure it never gets there, ever. Family members need to have the same mindset. Someday those neighbors may be hungry enough to forcibly take food or whatever from you.

    • You’re in good company, I think there are several others, including me, who started prepping due to “One Second After”.

    • Boots,

      You are off to a great start. I haven’t read One Second After but that is on my to-do list this week–just as soon as I finish 299 Days.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Welcome, boots! After I read One Second After I proceeded to pawn it off to my nearest folks – some I had to bribe with my world famous cooking (read the book, convince me you did and you get the best dang xxx supper; oh the temptation) ….afterwards – no longer was I thought of as a certified nut… just nutty for a very scary reason. Unfortunately, while the book only confirmed my reasoning, most others came away with Scary Movie of the Week syndrome ~ look ~ dancing with the moon new season starts tonight. You just can’t wake some folks up.
      ~..~ Carry On, you & yours are on the correct path and most definitely the best www site to exist in the known universe. TG

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Welcome! You are in the right place, my friends.

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Welcome to the Pack. You have the bug it seems and you won’t regret it. One Second After is a great story but there are others out there. Quiz the Pack for titles. This site is a great resource for information and support. Wish we could all locate to one place, we would be a force to reckon with.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      “One Second After” is a good book and DOES scare the crap out of you — but don’t lose sight of the fact they basically blew a huge part of prepping right down their collective pants legs in that novel: where were the gardens? Why didn’t they plant some orchards? What about collecting farm animals together and making sure they had a good herd of cattle, sheep, goats, mules/horses, and flocks of chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc? Instead they relied, for the most part, on hunting and gathering, and on what they could get local farmers to share with them (while I support not coercing people into contributing, they could have organized what they DID have a lot more efficiently). All in all, it seems like they could have prevented most of the deaths by starvation from happening, though diseases would still take a lot of people out of the equation….

      So, what am I telling you? Try to diversify your prepping as much as you can, and consider getting started on growing stuff and maybe even consider keeping some chickens…. And, as someone else said, don’t forget water!!! Storage and rain barrels/cisterns should be something that you consider for early acquisition since they will pay dividends for years…. It’s a long journey you’ve started, but the most important step of all, you’ve already accomplished! You got started.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack, ‘put your boots on’! Since you are just getting started, now is the time to make up a chart or spreadsheet to record your supplies. It can be simple or as elaborate as you need it to be.

      Do NOT store anything in cardboard boxes! I learned the hard way and had mice chew through the box and then chew holes in at least 12 1# bags of salt. A mess. There was even poop in some of the bags so I tossed it all. Where ever your storage is, use some snap mouse traps from time to time, just in case, and to check if you have the little critters hanging around. Don’t use DeCon, as the dying mice crawl into the walls and the smell is just awful, for about 2-3 weeks. Learned that the hard way, too.

      This site is awesome, and we are all willing to share the “Learned the Hard Way” stories to help one another ~ LOL.

      Since your wife likes to cook, I suggest she sit down and make up a menu using all stored stuff. Aim for one week, then once that is done, another week. List every single little item, down to spices and salt. Then you can buy everything you will need and not miss anything. I have used the spread sheets from the 30 Day Gourmet cooking program to make sure I have every little thing. Go to http://www.30daygourmet.com for more info. I love this method of cooking because I can use it so many ways. I do not make a cent from promoting them, just love the program. Is that okay to mention, M.D.? If not, just edit this reply.

      You and your wife will have to work hard together. Don’t forget to buy canning jars and lids, a canning pressure cooker if you don’t already have one, get the gauge on the pressure cooker checked out (County Extension Services usually will do that for free).

      Just some suggestions! Again, welcome!

    • PYBO

      I also read that book. makes one think about their preps for sure. But do a little research on EMP effects and you will find out it will not be quite as dire as Forstner postulates in the novel. In recent testing a lot of late model vehicles lost some functions, but still ran. Many just needed to be restarted. His battle scenes were highly unrealistic also. The defender always has the advantage in any combat scenario when PREPARED for an attacker. He said in one battle the town lost 800 people. Highly unlikely that a mob type attacking force would have that much determination, as say, a WW2 Japanese Banzai attack. Pressing home and sustaining an attack against prepared defenses requires a tactical skill and determination that most improvised forces would never acquire. But hey if reading that book shook you into prepping more seriously it was worth it.

  4. This week, I did nothing but attend a gun show and completely embarrass myself. Im used to peole pointing and laughing, but this time at the gunshow seemed a bit excessive. Then i realized what all the disparaging looks and murmuring voices were about. I had inadverdantly worn a digital camo shirt with mosy oak camo pants. Ive never before,commited such an embarrassing and shameful gunshow fashion faux paux and i dont know if ill ever go back. Trying to nurse a chicken back to health. she had food stuck in here craw and every day im going out there 3 or 4 times to massage her craw and try and get it to digest. Its called sour crop and i may lose her if i cant get it to work its way through to be digested. listed my boat on craigslist to trade for a camper. I have a place for a bugout location should the need arise, now i just need to get some kind of shelter on it. Thats it for me. By the time you read this, ill be walking around bonnie and clyde trade days looking for cool stuff. Have a great week Yall.

    • So much for trying to make a fashion statement, LOL.

    • Redneck Fashion Police Alert!

      My show is next weekend. Putting things together for it, hope the stuff that is on order shows up in time.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      We used to feed our chickens with that problem tiny gravel.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      BC maybe from now on you should allow your wife to lay out your clothes , don’t forget to have your name and address on the inside

    • Hunker-Down says:

      You cant fool us. You just forgot to change out of your pajamas.

      • @BC
        Boy, don’t you know that the Redneck manual states that you are not allowed to wear “Mossy Oak” after Labor Day, unless it’s to a formal dinner like a Fish Fry or wild Pig Roast. Heck, they could revoke your “Redneck Card” and force you to move to some place like Wisconsin. (i.e. Wisconsin is one of the few states where “Dying of Boredom” is listed as a natural cause.) just say’n

        • “(i.e. Wisconsin is one of the few states where “Dying of Boredom” is listed as a natural cause.) ”

          Hey, now, we who grew up in Wisconsin know better.

          Ed Gein taught us how to make lamp shades and mobiles in the slow times. If you were already dead, Ed would provide an early resurrection. If you weren’t dead, Ed would help you along.

          If you don’t know who I’m talking about and have a weak stomach, you might not want to Google Ed Gein. Let’s just say that Norman Bates was based on him.

          The Wisconsin winters are long and cold. A feller has to have a hobby of some kind to keep the spirits from flagging.

          • Amen to that! If you can live in Wisconsin you can survive ANYWHERE! With the exception of Alaska, (the home of the original preppers) it just comes natural. We even have a town named Onalaska! If you don’t prep you freeze to death. Prepping is a way of life in Wisconsin and Packer football is a close second. We have a few Commies but a lot of good people with a Scandinavian accent. Go Cheeseheads!

            • The problem with Wisconsin is that the only habitable month there is September. Luckily, that’s my birthday month. Between winter, humidity and giant mosquitoes in the summer, and that last May blizzard, all you can do is snowshoe, play euchre, and drink beer. We moved out West, because we decided there had to be more to life than that. But I still love the people, except around Madison. Oh, and Ed Gein. Go Pack!!

          • I was also raised in central Wisc. Ed Gein fueled the bogeyman stories! I think my first husband’s grandparents, who were from Plainfield, knew him, or at least were around when the police started bringing out the lampshades! Good to run into another (former) Cheesehead.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          I like that Ghost…. do you do stand up? I mean, that’s nice material.

        • I had forgotten the old saying to prevent such a camo disater. “mossy oak past labor day,will make folks laugh and point your way” how could i have forgotten?

        • Geeze, BC… The crashing camp must have been burning their eyes… Here its brushland and it looks awful with any other !!

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Whyncha come on up to Wisconsin, if driving on ice doesn’t bother you. We could go snipe hunting!

      • Oh, no H-D. I about spewed tea on my computer.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I think you would look good in anything, bc. Those people were just jealous.

    • Uncle Frank says:

      Well BC , look at it this way, at least you didn’t have a bright red plaid Yooper hat on to finish the ensemble.

      Uncle Frank

    • Happy Camper says:

      Can you stock the boat for bugging out ? It makes more sense to be on water.
      I’ve got a distiller set to go so I can desalinate ocean water.

  5. Not much this week, my local Ace hardware reopened after burning down last year. I went and picked up 4 bars of fel’s naptha soap! Can never find it anywhere else….

    • Shai – our Ace burned down New Year’s Eve 2012. They have remained open in a smaller location for many months while trying to get permits to rebuild. They finally decided to remodel an old shopping center space and will move/open there soon. I almost cried when they burned because they had so much new-old stock. They had light switch covers and such that matched colored tile in many of the old houses in the area. It was almost like going back in time.

      • Red, it was the same way here, same building forever which contributed to its burning. Small storefront, but but bigger on same location. I was about to just do some digging on Amazon and order a case of it. Same situation at box stores, either don’t carry it or its always out like the borax and soda. A few years back grocery store burned too, they were able to reopen in same location with repairs while they built a new one behind the old. Never could stand to go inside, they never got the smell out. Two houses burning down in my lifetime makes me sensitive to that particular smell. Could smell it when the wildfires in Bastrop were going on. Nothing else smells like a building burning.

        • bastrop texas or louisiana?

          • Texas, BC. Could see the plume of smoke from my kitchen window. Also many other fires that weekend in the area.. One thing if its just vegetation burning, but all the other thing that burn in buildings is, lets just say, unique. Hey, that reminds me….How do you catch a unique rabbit?

            • You ‘neek up on it. How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way, you ‘neek up on it.
              Which reminds me, I need to get a couple of joke/pun books in my preps. Silly stuff, to lighten up the dark days.

            • nick flandrey says:

              I learned the burning house smell during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. I could see fires and smoke was blowing in my front door.

              You will never forget it.

    • I’m pretty sure I got mine from WalMart. It was a long time ago though, so I could be wrong.

      • Our Wally’s has it sometimes. When it’s in stock, it’s under the washing soda & borax empty spaces. Think there might be some preppers in my area?

      • I was just at Walmart today. They had it in the laundry soap isle right next to the borax and the washing soda.

    • I use Zote from Kmart.

    • LibraryLady says:

      I got Fels Naptha soap at Menard’s next to the laundry products, paper towels, TP, etc.

      • WalMart, the rare occasions I stop in there, its next door to Cabelas, its always empty shelf. Lucky to get borax and washing soda at our regional version of Menards, HEB. Parent company of Central Market. And not to keen on the smell of zote. Been using ivory soap too. Grandkids like it when it expand in the microwave.

  6. riverrider says:

    no preps, but a request for the pack…my sister was diagnosed, by default, with fibromyalgia. i would like the herbal folks to consult whatever sources they have for any remedy available. she has some minor relief with magnesium/malic acid. any help would be appreciated.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      I’ll say a prayer for your sister, hope everything goes well.

    • riverrider says:

      md, can’t believe you traded that ruger away! all good reasons tho……that stock market chart that compared 1929 to this year scared the crap outta me. april 1st, if its correct. i ain’t ready.

      • I thought the stock market chart said 1/14 for the crash?

        • r, the one i linked to monday or weds. lined up perfect with april 1st. don’t know if its bona fide or not but the source was normally good. who knows?

        • Ronald,

          I don’t know if this helps but a friend who owns an investment firm told me to expect a 20 percent correction.

          • That’s good to know(depending on your point of view)I saw the chart on another blog and they matched up on this years jan. 14, lets just hope it’s 20 % right. Just keep on spotting for us Bam Bam we’re lucky to have you!

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        RR… we proly have Gawd only knows how much wiggle room now that ‘congress’ (with a lower case ‘c’) has erased the debt limit and ergo…. the spending limits. Not time to cash out of your ETF cause they should enjoy another nice bounce… but……… what doya need to be ready?

        • riverrider says:

          tom, a replenished cash reserve. had a few setbacks lately that ate up my reserve. now dw is working again and i might have a job, but i need a few months of stability to build back up. and that’s if the dw can stay working. her mother is going down hill, living with us, and giving dw no rest at all. rains it pours, lol. i’ ve got a nasty cold as i type.

          • Thomas The Tinker says:

            Sorry to hear these things RR. Our MIL was with us until last May. Just ‘cleaning’ this up. Cash flow………… ACK! I’ll let you know what hit I take after I cut a check to Uncle Sugar for taxes this year.

      • ozhillbilly says:

        riverrider, saw that same report/comparison this week on the ’29 stock market crash. It is scary. Told my wife about it and that we need to step it up a notch.

    • RR:

      Prayers out to your sister. That fibromyalgia is weird stuff. I have a coworker/friend who was diagnosed with it for years, until she went to specialist in AZ and found it was something else that was treatable. I’ll see what I can find out for you.

      • will e styles says:

        I found mag supplements and reducing sugar intake worked for me.

      • Yep JP I saw the default diagnosis fibroetc. I have heard of cases of that being daignosed over the phone. Same thing with kids with add or ahdd. Just sell the pills and everyone gets paid, regardless if it helps or not.

        • Encourager says:

          Years ago, I went to the University of Michigan’s famous Arthritis Clinic to hopefully get a diagnosis and treatment for my pain. I had a resident sit across the room from me, never touch me, and tell me I had fibromyalgia. I was stunned and asked why he thought so. “Because my wife has it and she, like you, is uptight. So you have the same thing.”

          I never said another word but got up, gathered my things and walked out. I stopped at the reception desk and told them if they DARED send me a bill, I would contact my lawyer and sue them for malpractice. She was on the phone as I went out the door. As I waited for the elevator, an older doctor hurried up to me and asked me to wait. He asked what went on in the exam room. After I told him, he turned beet red, apologized, said he was the head of the clinic and if I wanted to make an appointment with him, he would make sure I would be seen. I did go back and see him, and he told me the resident was out of the program. Sure hope he never practiced medicine any where!!

          I have never gotten a clear diagnosis. I was treated for Lupus, then rheumatoid arthritis, then “arthritis with an unknown cause”. As you can imagine, I don’t care for nor trust the medical field much.

    • Sometimes it turns out to be rheumatoid arthritis, the factor for which doesn’t always show up in blood tests. Some of the specialists try methotrexate to see if symptoms are helped before deciding that a person has fibromyalgia instead of RA. I’ve got both, and nothing herbal (i.e. ginger, fish oil) has helped me very much. But, every body is different.

    • I don’t qualify as an herbal expert, but sending prayers. Please let us know what works for her.

    • Riverrider,
      The first thing I’d tell her is to borrow from the library or buy the book “Eat Right For Your Type”, find her blood type diet and stick to it for 2 weeks – WITHOUT EVEN A CRUMB of stuff she is not supposed to eat.

      I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, and it was so severe my doctor offered to put me off on permanent disability. I couldn’t afford to pay my mortgage and support my kids on the $1015 I would have received, so just kept trudging on in a pain filled, and drug induced haze. Then the book was recommended to me, and within a week of following the diet (which is very sensible – no weird stuff), I was pain free! Through trial and error, I discovered it was a wheat allergy causing the fibromyalgia. So, no wheat – no pain.

      In the mean time, I will do some research, but it will be somewhat difficult when we do not know what is causing the pain.

      • This may be politically incorrect but I am not convinced that fibromyalgia is a real disease. Let me explain. To classify something as a genuine disease there has to be a single underlying cause. I suspect that fibromyalgia is a combination of symptoms that have a multitude of underlying causes. (The symptoms are very real. But if there is no single underlying cause, there can’t be a single disease. All they do with drugs is treat the symptoms.)

        Michele is absolutely correct to start with diet. The most likely cause of the symptoms is food allergy. Find the cause and you eliminate the symptoms. My recommendation is to go on an all natural, organic diet of fruits and vegetables, brown rice (unprocessed) non-chemical laden chicken. Do this for two weeks and see if the symptoms clear up.

        • Millie in KY says:

          Bam, I an convinced of this, too. MS, the fibros, rhematoid arthritis. I read an article not too long ago that said these were often cause by tick born diseases. I have a friend with RA, I suggested she might want to check into it. But she won’t do anything I suggest, so fine, live with it and become more and more crippled up. It hurts me to see but it is her life. If you decide to get tested, get tested for everything not just Lyme or earlichia (butchered that one, sorry). They all cause chronic pain. Also there is chronic fatigue and I wonder about that one, too…..

          • Having had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before there ever was such a thing, I can tell you that I had an unnamed virus. I was sick for a very long time and missed three weeks of school after having bronchitis for two weeks. Even after I was able to go back to school, I could only attend for partial days. It took a long time to get back to normal. My early experiences with illness are part of why I fight so hard to stay healthy now.

          • daughter has lyme. her specialist also treats fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
            recent studies are uncovering tick bite as the cause of a plethora of diseases . some people have more than one of these, so need to try treatment for easing more than one disease.
            there is no cure and no conclusive test. i am asking Jesus to inspire some bright scientist to find a cure.

            • Sw't Tater says:

              I found this info through reading of several different books…Hope this helps someone else, I have no gain form anyone using this info…
              Lyme is so destructive and insidious, because it hides when the immune system is strongest and comes active when the immune system is at it’s lowest because of exposure to another pathogen. There is a form of Cat’s Claw that is TOA free, and POA rich, (to boost the immune system).it is called Samento…it is supposed to clear Lyme in 6-8 months…I have not tried it yet but,I have been using oil of oregano,28 drops a day , and have not had a flare of rheumatoid symptoms… also there is a treatment I have read about called stem enhance, that is supposed to treat rheumatoid, neuropathies and inflammation…we will be trying it shortly for fibromyalgia symptoms.

          • I suspected Lyme’s for awhile even tho every test came back negative. If it were Lyme’s, I’d probably be blind by now. Heard there are many versions of Lyme now. I’ve known a few folks who got caught just before they went blind or worse.

        • Bam Bam – some new research has shown that people with (real) Fibro have extra nerve connections in the body, especially the wrists. They are making strides in finding the cause but I agree that food intolerances and allergies play a big part in body pain problems.

      • Michelle – I have been wondering if it would be worth buying that book and I am about convinced. I just spent about $350 on Lyrica for a one month supply for my daughter who has amplified pain syndrome (what they call Fibro when you’re 17 to 18 and the docs don’t want to pin that on you). She has seen improvement leaving off gluten but the Lyrica is what keeps her human. She is unbearable to the rest of us without it.

        • I fully believe it is worth buying the book, but you can check it out of the library – or even read about it on line.

          If you know what your blood type is or can find out – you may find you feel so much better after being on your blood type diet for a few weeks – changed my life!

      • mom of three says:

        My friend took her two year old of of wheat, he stopped coughing, and his runny nose dried up. It’s been 6 weeks since she did this.

      • “Eat Right 4 Your Type” is worth a look. You can learn about it online today. Author is Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Especially if you are blood type O IMO. It can change your life.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      ?? Did your Sister’s MD to a tumor marker test? Will her MD refer her for a PET scan?? We have a ‘history’ in this family brought on by our PCP not… turning over some rocks.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Sorry to hear about your sister. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and then fibromyalgia. I have to take methotrexate and a shot of biologics (very expensive, thank God for good insurance) every month. After I left my job (as a public high school teacher) and took a medical retirement, the fibromyalgia got significantly better. It was a combination of stress and chronic lack of sleep that caused both diseases. If she’s willing, it might be worth having her tested for RA. I hope she can find something that works for her. Being in chronic pain all over your body can drag you down in so many ways.

      • riverrider says:

        yeah she and my mother tested positive for the ra gene or whatever it is. she had about every test they can think of. she eats well, organic amish food almost exclusively though she got off her diet lately, but she’s back on it now. i’ll let her know about the book michelle. she tested okay for gluten but who knows. thanks everybody!

        • Encourager says:

          RR, she may have tested okay for gluten but our wheat today has other stuff in it that wheat from the 1960’s did not have. One thing is the gliadin protein molecule. (For more info go to http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2012/04/whistleblowers-wanted/) and there are more sites for info. Just google gliadin protein in today’s wheat.

          Our modern wheat also has up to 400% more gluten than back in the ’60’s.

          • Encourager;
            Thank you, I was going to point out that the wheat we grew up eating and the stuff they serve in bread products of today are so different. It all comes down to what they spray to keep bugs off the wheat grain, what they use to fertilize the grain with, as we have to feed the worlds population. It brings about junk wheat so they can feed all of us.
            I purchase wheat berries which I believe are gmo free at our local flour mill, and they are planning to grow large gardens here in the not to distant future with free of gmo products.

        • I am fine with gluten. It’s wheat that is the problem. I can eat wheat once it’s sprouted – so it’s something in the seed coat, I think.

    • I was finally diagnosed with fibro 7 years ago. We had to run the gambit of tests and when nothing showed up they finally said fibro. I took all the meds prescribed and saw a little difference, but started going to chiropractor and massage therapist and I stopped my meds (don’t like to take them anyway). I have found magnesium to really help so I am glad she is using that.

      I now only go to massage therapist once a week and that gives me a few days of almost pain-free days. I am now retired from teaching..two whole weeks and trying to get things moved to BOL…just learn to work with the pain. I do what I can and then rest. I will pray for your sister. There is a support group on FB. Mostly they try to share new info and uplifting little diddies. You have to fight the depression sometimes because the pain can be overwhelming.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      RR, please e-mail me..I have some info that may help…ask MD to forward my e-mail if you want..I do not sell anything,,,

      • Have to jump in here! I was also diagnosed with fibro, tested for lupus etc. I am 34 and didnt believe in the diagnosis either but KNEW something was wrong. Also was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Its been awful. FINALLY went to an amazing doctor after many years of the specialists nightmare, people saying i was just uptight (I am) and that I need to relax( I do).. Unfortunately there is no “cure” but its adult onset mitochondria disease.. Its often misdiagnosed as all of the above and most docs know nothing about it. Just want to throw that out there for those that are still struggling. My mito cocktail is CoQ10, B12, and several other vitamins all prescribed by the doctor. For fatigue… Nuvigil has saved my life. Lyrica made me NUTS. Body pain.. nothing has solved that but I can function now because I’m awake.

    • Tell her to get a really, really good mattress. That will help too. Protolytic enzymes might help health food store wise. Fibromyalgia is considered an autoimmune disease, so she needs to avoid getting any sort of infection that will make her immune system kick in even harder. RA is same thing on joints, fibro is nerves the way I understand it. Tell her to keep on with the docs and beat them up for referrals etc. My doc loooves natural remedies and I got tired of his, lets try this first attitude and jumped his, er, ah, rear. And not in a pleasant manner for him. Rheumatologist said it was fortunate that I recognized the signs at my age. I’ve had osteoarthritis since my 20’s, so I KNEW,something was different. Has saved me from major joint damage so far.

    • Rr, I am in the ‘check her diet’ crowd. Even if she eats ‘healthy’ she could be eating something she has a sensitivity to. Sensitivities are a bit different than allergies, as they dont show up on allergy tests and yet your body can still react to it.
      Maybe have her look into the gaps diet for starters. It helps heal any gut issues first, then start adding in other foods slowly. Milk, eggs, and wheat are generally the big culprits in food allergies and sensitivities.
      Healing is a slow process and when it first begins, sometimes you can feel worse as your body detoxifies.

      • thanks everybody!! i passed every bit of this on to her. she’s grateful as well. i’ll let you know of further developments. i’m getting the books myself. i have fatty liver disease, and what is looking like a wheat allergy. first thing on the liver no-no list is wheat products of any kind. no bread, no beer(boohoo!). i can drink wine though:)

  7. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello MD and Pack, Hope everyone is doing well. Good purchase on the Glock. I have a 17 and 30, both are great to shoot. Received the 9 mm and .223 ammo I recently ordered. Also received 2 radio pouches and single point end plate for the AR from Tactical Supply. Got the single point sling installed and was surprised how quickly I can go to the ready position with it. I plan on getting a different style and trying it with a different mounting point. Ordered 6 #10 cans of freeze-dried pork chops, should be in early next week. Still experiencing snow and cold in the Bluegrass but it is supposed to be in the 60’s by Wednesday. Then they are forecasting another round headed our way after next week. I sure will be glad when spring arrives. Hope everyone has a great week and stay safe. God Bless.

  8. I’m also feeling a bit uneasy these days about the current and upcoming events and have to agree with M.D.’s statement:
    “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling an even more urgency to prep harder than ever before”
    I live in OH and on top of the articles about the National Guard training exercises against “2nd amendment terrorists” I saw a group of military vehicles going down a main road Friday on my way home from work in the crappy weather. This is not a common sight and I have no idea what it was about, but was enough to make me step things up a notch in the prepping department.
    My original plan this week was to inventory medical supplies and brush up on my medical skills I have not used in years. I purchased some items to add to my first aid cache and ordered The Survival Medicine Handbook and a book on medicinal herbs. I also finally started my elderberry tincture after two weeks trying to get to the liquor store. I have been digging out old text books and re-reading them.
    I also received a lovely Valentines Day gift card to Amazon so I bought and inexpensive pressure canner to start off with. I have never canned before so I also picked up a copy of the Blue book guide to preserving. At a garage sale last year, I bought a case of each of pint and quart jars. This will be my next project although having a garden where I am at is very difficult. I am still trying to read on some things but I am completely shaded on all sides by my neighbors trees in which we offered to trim but they will not allow us to.
    Other then that I added a few more canned goods and 4 BBQ lighters and a variety pack of batteries to the supplies.
    Stay warm and safe everyone!

    • If limbs on your neighbors trees are in danger of damaging your property, I think you have the right to have them trimmed, especially if they hang over your property. You might want to check the local ordinances. I know here, if you notify your neighbor and they don’t do anything, you have recourse especially if you notified by certified letter. For what it’s worth, if your tree limb is hanging over my property and I want it gone, I’m gonna cut it off at the property line.

      • We do trim the limbs from our side of the fence as we cant go into their yard. We have also notified our insurance company and sent a letter to the city in regards to the overhang. Unfortunately, these are old Maples and even trimming from our side doesn’t help much as far as the blocking the sun exposure.

      • GA Red
        You read my mind…………I hear the chain saw warming up to a nice pitched hummmmmmm.

    • don’t worry about the ohio guard. first, the training wasn’t the guard, only a tiny team within the guard. likely they picked that scenario because they ran out of other ideas. the team, called a cst, runs training scenarios every day like no other unit. they specialize in weapons of mass destruction detection and reaction. the guard going down the road was likely going to help snowed in folks with medication etc. like they do here every big storm. the guard won’t be your problem unless tdl has the time to switch units out of their areas. i’m optimistic about the army as well. the fed/state leo’s are on my radar though.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        riverrider, my problem with these type scenarios are the re-enforcement the lib/prog types get when these things are played out in the public arena. For example, the lib asks, ” If the authorities are not expecting any trouble from these people(pro 2nd Amendment), then why are they running scenarios using them”? That, along with the Hollywierd tendency to paint every patriotic American as a terrorist, affects the mindset of the low information-types, both the educated and uneducated.

        All one has to do is get on Twitter and look at some of the hashtags, #gunsense is one of the worst, and observe “educated” people make fools of themselves. Much of their ignorance comes from stories just like the one about the Guard scenario in Ohio. So it’s best to react and discourage that kind of nonsense in the future, because, in reality, the pro-2nd A folks would be the ones most likely to help someone in a crisis.

        • riverrider says:

          yeah funny how they call us derogatory names, we just call them liberals. and then they want to shoot us in the head and crap down our throats, direct quote by lib media ref sara palin.

          • In my part of Tx, you don’t even have to call anyone a cuss word name when you are mad…just call them a liberal…sure stirs them up.

      • riverrider

        Thank you! that sets me at ease…well a little anyway. Its so overwhelming to a newbie prepper like me when there is so much to do and not enough time or finances to get it to a comfortable level. I’m to the point that every little thing I read or hear news wise makes me feel like I’m falling more behind. Thank you again and I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      I agree totally with you about the Ohio National Guard’s scenario the other day. If they apologized to libs for that scenario they used last year, they owe us conservatives an apology over this one this year. And they shouldn’t be using ANY scenario that depicts US citizens as bad guys, period.

      On the other thing (the convoy in crappy weather), you probably don’t have anything to be concerned about. Remember, the National Guard belongs to the state (unless and until they are “Federalized”) and is the state’s primary “go-to” organization for heavy lifting in the logistics area — so considering the problems you guys have been having with winter weather, they are probably on their way to set up a shelter or two for folks forced out of their homes by power outages and the like, and to help with snow removal and so on — the ONG has a lot of heavy equipment that can and are used for those kinds of things. They also help by delivering food and water to people trapped in otherwise inaccessible areas by weather, so again, I’m guessing that they were most probably being moved to some central location where they could get out and get busy if needed.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        I’m certainly not defending the NG for having patriot type
        targets for their training but I suspect the reason they do that is that if they used targets that depict the REAL enemies they’d catch hell from every direction. Just more
        PC crap.

      • Uncle Frank says:

        “Remember, the National Guard belongs to the state (unless and until they are “Federalized)”

        They have technically belonged to the Feds since 1933 and the Fed has extended more and more control.

        Check Wiki for : National Guard of the United States for the appropriate cites.

        They are just on loan to the States. While they do receive some state funding the majority of their money comes from the Feds. And we all know TNSTAAFL

        Uncle Frank

        • JeffintheWest says:

          The relevant law currently in effect (per the citation you provided is as follows:

          “The National Defense Authorization Act 2008 Pub.L. 110-181:

          Repeals provisions in section 1076 in Pub.L. 109-364 but still enables the President to call up the National Guard of the United States for active federal military service during Congressionally sanctioned national emergency or war. Places the National Guard Bureau directly under the Department of Defense as a joint activity. Promoted the Chief of the National Guard Bureau from a three-star to a four-star general.”

          The repealed sections are those which permitted the President to call up the National Guard at his own discretion over the objections of the State Governors and absent a Congressionally sanctioned state of emergency or war. The governors of ALL 50 STATES had protested the earlier bill’s provisions in that regard.

          Which means that it’s actually gotten HARDER to call up the National Guard as of 2008 (and thank God that bill got passed before the current emperor assumed the purple), not easier.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Of note, the National Guard Bureau has no power to call up the National Guard, instead serving as the funnel for federal funding for equipment and training, and as the source for regulations ensuring the National Guard can fulfill it’s duties in conjunction with the Active Duty forces when actually legally called up. They also serve as the conduit by which National Guard units and commanders can bring issues of concern (generally involving training, equipping and providing forces — typical Title 10 responsibilities) up the chain of command to the JCS for resolution. The Commanding General of the National Guard Bureau exists to provide the National Guard’s perspective on issues and concerns to the JCS on an equal footing (4-star) with the other service chiefs, and actually has no command authority over any National Guard members whatsoever except for his staff on the NGB itself.

            • riverrider says:

              roger that jeff. several states balked at the call-ups post 911 after the first assaults were complete. rumsfeld thought that the ng was purely his reserve to use as he saw fit. va gov balked at over 50% of va guard being gone at once. others joined. rummy offered to hand over the guard back over to the states along with the bill. i really wish they had took him up on it. it could have begun a whole new world…..

              • riverrider says:

                lol, funny note on that… la adjutant general honore’ post katrina said he’d still put his hq in the citadel, which flooded. ngb general blum, jackwagon i served in bosnia under, told him no he wouldn’t. guess where it is….the citadel. gen honore’ has bigger….stars, lol.

                • JeffintheWest says:

                  Yeah, the NGB can talk all they want, but when the chips are down and it’s in their state, the state Adj Gen will just tell them to mind their own business…. 😉

      • I was an officer in my state’s national guard for 15 years and am still proud of what we did and accomplished. They are made up of mostly patriots and people wanting to receive college benefits in exchange for service. I would argue that the vast majority of them believe highly in our 2nd Amendment rights and would be quite vocal with those beliefs. Educating others in what we as main stream prepper’s are about and our fears is important. Ensuring that our military leaders understand the difference in following orders and not caring out a non-lawful order remains my biggest concern. Because I don’t see our political leaders today, being concerned about our constitutional rights unless its for political gain.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Frankly, when I was first on AD, the NG was mostly not considered too hot a deal by us — part-timers, and sometimes it showed pretty badly — witness the poor LA guard Brigade that spent the entire period of Desert Shield stuck at the NTC in Fort Irwin because they simply couldn’t beat the OpFor there — three months or so they struggled with that, and then finally got sent home, while the “roundout brigade” for the 24th ID was instead taken from an AD unit in Europe (2nd Armored, if memory serves). But in the past 20 years, the NG has gotten VERY professional in their performance, and quite frankly, I’d pick a good percentage of their units over the AD folks now, especially on the USAF side of the fence since the idiots in charge in the USAF have taken to thinking careerism is more important than competence and are moving people from job to job after about a year, giving them zero time to become proficient, or even generally capable. The NG, on the other hand, has people that have been doing the same job for YEARS (sometime decades), and often in combat too, since they’ve been called up so much. The differences these days really show; and not to the AD’s advantage.

  9. Good Morning Pack:
    Our prepping last week was the news of dh being released from the secondary hospital to come home. He is scheduled to be sent home tomorrow(Monday), it has been a very long haul as you know. It will be exactly 60 days come tomorrow, which does not sound like a lot, but boy and I glad he is coming home. He still has a recovery time yet to get through, and he is still NPO(nothing by mouth)until the esophageal muscles strengthen and he does not aspirate food or fluids, but it will get there.
    Thank you for all the prayers, good wishes it truly does work.
    Prepping, I switched the dogs and cats over to a non corn based food, and they are doing so much better. Dogs are looking better their fur is shiny and they are losing weight(they were a little chunky).
    Going through items to be put away into storage or given away to
    Good Will or Salvation Army. Have a great week looking at the seed catalogs, spring is coming.

    • Becky, Excellent news! It will be so good having him at home where you can both feel more comfortable and at ease. Prayers continuing for recovery and strength!

    • Becky:


    • Great to hear, Becky!

    • so glad hubby is home. healing is easier when your in your own comfort zone.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      That’s good on the pets! (Of course, you already know how I feel about the DH coming home finally!)

      I had a “naturopathic” vet (she used meds sometimes, but always tried natural methods first to help strengthen the pet’s natural vitality), who told me to think about the kinds of things that cats and dogs eat in the wild. As a general rule, you won’t see them stalking corn, peas and asparagus in the wild. They like meat, and lots of it. So a protein heavy diet — with minimal carbs (more so for cats than dogs, since dogs will sometimes eat certain herbs and vegetables) makes a lot of sense for them. Just think about what it is they would eat if they weren’t trying to con you into giving them cookies all the time! And kibble is generally not good for them — raw food (if you can get it — leftovers from the butcher are a good way to do it if you can) is the way to go. If you must use kibble, mix several different brands, focusing on the ones that list meat, meat broth and meat byproducts as the first ingredients (as a general rule, they list ingredients in the order of “most” to “least” on their ingredient list — a little alert reading can really help your pet stay healthy). Canned food usually has a lot of preservatives in it, and animals are more sensitive to that than we are (though that’s mostly a function of size — they get a lot bigger dose per pound than we do out of the same size can), though here again you can find good ones if you just take the time to actually read the cans and ignore the marketing hype. They may be honked off with you for cutting their carbs initially (they get addicted to them just like we do), but they will be healthier, have more energy, have shinier coats, clear up long-term digestive issues, lose weight, everything, within just a matter of a few weeks. Wish I could lose weight that fast!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I am so happy for you and hubby! You are still on the prayer list.

    • Encourager says:

      Great news about your hubby, Becky!

      And great move on the pet food. Read your labels and make sure there is no soy in it either. My dog can’t tolerate grains other than rice. She is doing quite well on Taste of the Wild food.

    • Becky, 60 days IS a long time. So glad to know he is on the mend and heading home.

  10. I went out and got sticks for a fire and stuffed them in a tough black plastic bag, and got some old papers that I labeled “prepping supplies”.
    took 3 bags out of my closet and treated them with vinegar to use as go-bags. I`m fixing to check them to see if they are dry enough to put stuff in
    got a bunch of clothes that I washed and stuff out of my closet to put in the go-bags. I found a pair of leather boots that are in good condition and put those in a plastic bag, and another pair of shoes I wore that are still good.
    also added a bottle of something called mearicle solution. its used for first aid to flush out cuts, to clean and disinfect ears, and to get rid of ticks. I made a seal out of saran wrap and taped the cap down to keep it from leaking.
    cleaned out a coke bottle and an ocean spray bottle and filled them with water. I put 2 drops of chlorine bleach in each bottle.
    cleaned out some Gatorade bottles and filled one with water. I`m having a hard time cleaning out two of them cause at least 1 still has a smell to it. I rinsed them out, cleaned them with dish soap twice, cleaned the part you put your mouth on, then treated them with baking soda over night.
    added a water bottle, some snacks, and duct tape to the stockpile

  11. Received a paper cut going over some old sermon notes this week. The pain was just soooo bad, the only thing which would make it go away was to smoke 1/2 lb.of pot. Wow! before I knew it, I had eaten almost all of my Mountain House Chicken and Rice without even adding the water. I still say that The Monkees was the best rock band ever! (sarcasm)

  12. You are amazing, Madison. I wish my daughter had your drive for self preservation.

    • thanks. I wish my family did too. my mom isn’t on board with it yet, so she thinks I sneak stuff that she needs into the stockpile. my family has been snooping in the cabinet when they need or want something. not on my watch!

  13. My primary survival prep this week was to make darn sure I had a plan for Valentine’s Day, including a small but appreciated present for my DW.

    I also went to the dentist, and while there I mentioned hurricane preps, and that the Board of Water supply had told me that they don’t have enough back up generators to run the system when Hawaiian Electric’s big ones go down, and that neither their generators nor any pumps are in hurricane resistant buildings. So no grid power, maybe no pumps = no water for 930,000 people who can’t drive to a place with water.

    My dentist, who is a pretty conservative guy, went pale. He had never thought about that aspect of hurricanes. I told him we had a 55 gallon water barrel and WaterBob tub liner, and he immediately asked where we had gotten them.

    I gave him the info, and mentioned I had used Google Maps to find the swimming pools in our neighborhood and printed out the results. He brightened up and said that he had a pool, and would get a filter.

    His assistant said that she doesn’t do much to prep for hurricanes, “just a camp stove and fuel, food, some water, candles, batteries, a first aid kit, ‘and some other things'”. Not bad for someone who doesn’t do much.

    He said he couldn’t believe that the Board of Water Supply had admitted that they were so badly prepared. I guess I am too, but mighty glad they did.

    Finding that out pushed us over the tipping point for getting the barrel and a LifeStraw Family size filter and a 1000 gallon AquaPail. I’d been putting it off, but finally realized that water really is the number one prep, and I had been seriously neglecting it.

    On Wednesday some of the coffee klatchers at the swap meet were gabbing about hurricanes, and one little old lady, probably in her early 80s, said the she fills empty bottles, drops in some Clorox, and stores them in her garage. Saves food, too.

    It was nice to see there are some other people out there who prep at least for the likeliest natural disasters. Some of them don’t talk about it because prepping is so assumed.

    • My little town had a very old water system and some very “untalented” people running it. That was why i drilled my own well,out of fear.

  14. Not much this week. I bought a bit of food for later.I also bought a alice pack at a yard sale or a ghetto copy of one I am not sure.it is missing the lower shoulder straps ,I am not stressing on it though.I was thinking that I could improvise the lower strap or use it as a bag to strap on the luggage rack on my v star. I figure that I will find a use for it either way.I also scrounged up a food grade bucket and lid and I am in the process of filling it with food and misc supplies.Something for bugout or charity.Like M D I also feel that the end times or shtf or whatever phrase that you want to use is coming sooner then later.Has anyone but me noticed that the stooge panel of xperts at nat geo? The stoogsperts claim that there is no reason to beleive that there will be a financual collapse.Well excuse me but, how did you become a stoogspurt in that field? Get your degree at fema .gove? I have only seen a few segments of that show, it does not give me reason to watch more with that reasoning.

  15. Last week was mostly finding some ammo and continuing our saga of sorting through stuff we brought with us 17 years ago, putting what we are keeping into plastic tubs, and getting rid of the other stuff.

    We know we are near the end of the sorting as we found a box with some of those 1/10th pint collectable booze bottles I got when I was with the ex-wife in Austria in the early 80’s. Didn’t even know I had any, though she got them in the divorce. Well, they make good trade items now.

    Found 357 Mag 158 gr JHP and 22 LR this week. The 357 was around $30 per box of 50 and the 22 LR was $23 for 500 and $21 for 525. Supplies are still tight but more is staying on the shelf (except 22 LR) so I think people are slowing down on the panic buying. Still not finding 9mm and 45 ACP in JHP’s.

    We did our “stock up” food shopping yesterday. Cashed in my rain check for the $.79 corn bread mix for $.25 each. Picked up sm. red beans and chicken breast. Will cook up the chicken and dehydrate most of it today and tomorrow. Will also be dehydrating some frozen vegetables that we got on sale. Other than some drink mixes, M&M’s, and peanut butter, most of the rest was restocking the pantry with sale items.

    Along with our usual purchase of 12.7 and 20.0 quart clear storage tubs, we needed something larger (my TP stash was needing containers) we found 35 gal Rubbermaid tubs for about half price (since I don’t mind Christmas colors ($7 vs. $13 each).

    Picked up some LED table lamps at the dollar store. A friend called the light output “like glowing wheat germ thought a marshmallow:. He was pretty close, they are pathetic.

    Things are looking pretty scary on the financial front. The debt ceiling passed by 20 votes, with 28 Republicans voting for it. That should tell you all you need to know about Congress.

    It’s been cold and snowing up here. Warmed up enough to clear the plowed roads and is back to snowing again. Hope the Pack came/is coming through this latest storm okay. That goodness for Global Warming; imagine how bad it would be without it!

    • I was all set to believe this tail,until you said you found .22. You almost had me! ;))

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Golly bctruck… all ya gotta do is be at the door of Gander Mountian on Friday mornings… at opening. First 10 in line get a lead to the ammo department and a 10 box limit instead of 5. (they do a night shift restock on Thursday nights… everybodyknowsthisdon’tthey?)

        • Millie in KY says:

          Thomas, a lead? What does that mean? I could do this locally, get off work at 6 am and could be there by 6:20 or so…

          • Thomas The Tinker says:

            The store in Toledo, Ohio. restocks Thursday nights. They allow the first 10 at the door the next day a head start to the ammo section……. Our Gander Mountain re-designed the whole store and it is now the largest “Gun Shop” in No. West Ohio and So. E. Mich. The only ammunition in short supply there is…… 22LR. Lots o 22L and short and caps etc. Lot of match ammo but……… not 22LR.

            I’ll be there next Friday and let the Pack know if I found any…… and the cost.

      • What is a good price on .22 LR? Lucky Gunner has 40 grn Remmington box of 500 for $80. That seems steep to me.

        • Bam Bam:

          I am patient and stop at the shops that carry it A LOT! That being said, up here your will find it for $21 to $29 for 500/525. No way would I pay $80. I can still sell it for $40/500 at a show (at least before the weekend is out). It used to be $50-60 for 500 and it would be gone before Friday’s closing. I was at one where the guy had a box of American Eagle (which only has 400 in the box) and was asking $100 for it. Still had it at the end of the weekend show.

          Now it will depend upon where you are living, what you are going to find. It will also depend upon the population density. We only have about 45,000 people using our area stores, regularly. Up here they are usually getting 10-20 bricks (usually a brick is 500 rounds) at a time, and limiting people to one brick. I have been buying mostly for friends and family this year, but if they don’t need it I mark it up and sell it at the show. My market is those who can’t/won’t shop for themselves. This funds my other firearm needs (mags and this year some new pistols of a type I forgot I needed). Plus the tables are usually $50 each.

  16. Picked up some plastic sheeting and a couple pair of work gloves (the type with latex and nitrile covering not the leather type – hope to get a couple more pair of the leather gloves soon). Stored a little more gas.

    Will see the doctor on Tuesday and hope to get okay to return to work on Wednesday.

  17. MD, I’ve got the same bad feeling about sooner rather than later. Several financial analysts have it too. Lots of recommendations in last few months to buy the two certain metals. One newsletter mentioned that China getting ready to announce in April it’s holdings vs what US has (or not).

    Prepping for me? Not much. Snowstorms and an MRI combined with 10-hour workdays butchered my week. Trying to fit in many medical things so I can get doc to admit that I need an epidural. Can’t stand the pain much longer, I can barely move around, and I’m getting really concerned about what my employer will do re med insurance that expires in March.

    Clipped a bunch of coupons for some shopping today. (Been stricken with nasty cold for weeks, which has played havoc with med appts. Thanks to immune suppressing meds, nothing short of antibiotics will help at this point. Yes, I know I need to order some of the fish ones.)

    Looked on Craigslist at campers in NJ plus property in TN. My comments to dp re getting the heck out of NJ have been ramped up, but he won’t leave his 96 y.o. in-the-nursing-home dementia-stricken mom. She really should have been moved close to her dd after her three-year stint living with us.

    Readied my list of shops in NE Philly for an ammo run if I can convince the dp. I have vertigo, so no driving over bridges for me. Haven’t called yet for prices, but last I heard was their prices about a third of what they are in NJ. Ruminating on Rem 870 20-ga, which is probably all my shoulder can take. Now if the dp will kindly get his head out of sand and allow a big metal lockable thing into his house . . .

    Read The Breakers (alien twist, first 3 books of series) and downloaded EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots.

    Got my seed catalogs all in one place, but I generally buy just about everything from two anymore — Jung’s and Territorial. Johnny’s is non-GMO, but almost everything is hybrid. Lamenting the increasing offerings of hybrid vs open pollinated in most of the catalogs. How long b4 gov comes up with new laws like Europe where one can only grow what gov says. No garden last year, so I have seed that I didn’t open but I will be buying more. BTW, the hull-less oats were a success two years ago. My soil is bad bad bad with way too many viruses thanks to a crummy load of soil that dp had trucked in. Gotta switch over to 4×8 raised beds with weed barrier covering the entire garden area. Would much rather it be in TN though!!!

    • Oh, almost forgot 2 real biggies — the dp actually listened to me in filling up spare gas can and propane tank. Gosh, the thought of losing his creature comforts in the snowstorm did wonders.

    • Been stricken with nasty cold for weeks

      Colds and flus are totally unresponsive to antibiotics.
      The cells in your body are surrounded by an oily membrane. Bacteria are found on the outside of these cell walls and Viruses are on the inside of the cells. Regular antibiotics are unable to penetrate the cell wall and so they only work on bacterial infections, not on viruses.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        That’s why you take the elderberry syrup, or tincture(though I’ve never had it). I can attest to its effectiveness. I was once a skeptic, but not any more since it cured me of a bad cold in 2 days. That never happened before in my life.

      • This cold started right smack in my bronchial tubes. I’m not even so sure it’s a cold. I had elderberry juice, but it didn’t help, unfortunately.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Mari, being in pain will drain you of any humanity. I sincerely pray that this epidural will help you.

      • With my prev history of back problems plus all the new herniations & breaks, it’s the ONLY thing that will work. And you’re right, the pain (and difficulty in doing anything) sucks the life right out. Thank you for your prayer.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Mari, ….in addition to the fish meds,..coliodal(sp?) silver,oil of oregano, peppermint oil,olive leaf extract,….then..elderberry, and other immune boosters…

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        Colloidal silver is still the best as faar as I am concerned.

      • Nada works except epidural. Believe me, my deepest sympathies & prayers for anyone with similar problems.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Mari, consider the RF procedure in addition to the epidural. It truly extends the efficacy of the epidural.

          • Tactical G-Ma, RF procedure?

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I have had epidurals for several years and they last about 4 months. A week after my last epidural the Dr. used a probe and RF to deaden certain nerves. The procedure is supposed to last 9 mo. I am in month 6 and still doing well. I can tell the feeling is coming back a little but has lasted sooo much longer than the epidural alone. Ask you doctor if it’s right for you.

              • Hmm, I shall ask doc about that. Usually epidurals last quite awhile for me, as in a few years. Of course, now I have much much more damage in the way of more herniated discs and existing are worse.

  18. mom of three says:

    I bought 12 cans of chili, on sale. Bought 8 pounds of noodles, one 25 lbs of flour. Bought 4 package if bacon , on sale 1.79 each usually I don’t buy bacon, except in bulk but this was pretty good did not shrink very much. I bought more seeds, laundry soap was a good deal. Try not to add worry! God, has it all in control that was our message last night at church 🙂 Have a bless week everyone.

  19. I didn’t do much this week, work/snow/food poisoning had me down.

    Got a small, light Wenzel Hiker/Biker 2 person tent
    2 100 gallon water bobs
    40 rounds of 150 grain .270 WIN
    An ACU rucksack
    ACU poncho
    ACU wet weather gear
    An OG Green 1 quart canteen

    MD, I’ve carried a Glock 26 for a few years now. Had it on my ankle while I bartended with a 17 mag in my pocket.

  20. Ok I’ll try this again, 1 big box of chicken helper(14 boxes),60 clips for mosin nagants, bar b que sauce, powdered gravy mix, S.seed vault garden seeds,and 1 large bottle Bacardi 1 3/4 litre dark rum and the gun show I got 1050 rd.s .22 l.r.h.p. but it was selling out fast ($48.00 a box x 2 boxes) lots of federal 62 grain 223 more than they could sell, one thing different there was at least 7 dealers selling silver where they’res normally only 2. 7.62 x 39 was plentiful also, 12 gauge no.4 thru 00 buck plentiful, man 7.62 x 51 was piled high. Oh it was Rem. golden bullet H.P. .22s, Medical supplies were for sale at 3 locations. survival supplies were for sale at 5 locations, and mil.surplus everywere, oh yeah guns too! Well hows this Oz hillbilly.

  21. Not much this week, food and water, did find some more reloading powder, a big+, weather is too warm for this time of year, gives that false sense of spring. Wife is sick, so a lot of house chores for me, and some yard work, pine needles everywhere and leaves that fell just before the firs snow are now exposed, so rake time!

  22. I`m worried about what I would do about medicine. I have 5 prescriptions, 1 I could do without. I`m not sure how I would do in a shtf situation once they were gone. I`ll have to look up herbs I can find to replace them.

  23. patientmomma says:

    Hello Wolf Pack! I did get a little bit done this week in spite of work and kids and dogs! I order the Zaycon bacon and sausage links but it will be a couple of weeks before it comes in. Picked up some meat on special and got that taken care of. Took a truck load of boxes out to the farm and got them unpacked and put away.

    I’ve been doing lots of reading on chickens. One of neighbors down the road wants to give me some chickens and new chicks when they hatch. I figure by March I might be ready for them.

    With all the talk of rising food prices and the failing dollar, Monday I’m making a run to big box store to buy more bulk items.

    I pray for the Pack and for this country to survive the coming disasters, both natural and political.

  24. charlie (NC) says:

    450 rounds of 9mm added to the armory. Not much else this week. I need to get my garden ready but it’s too wet.

  25. charlie (NC) says:

    Has anyone bought and read the “37 critical shtf items” advertised along with this thread? Is the info worth buying or is it stuff most of us already know and have?

  26. ladyhawthorne says:

    This week was all about garden stuff. We had a few days warm enough to work in and most of this week we are supposed to have 70’s. Got the wood all primed and painted for the 2nd 3 x 8 raised garden bed. It might be all the new ones we get to build in time for spring, due to funds.

    Got in more seeds, just one more order to come in. I know I won’t use all of them so I hope they will keep until next year in the fridge. The seeds I ordered are non-GMO so I can save seeds for next year too.

    This week ends my unemployment, I have enough money for 3 more car payments but I really need at least a part time job. Any prayers anyone wants to send up are much appreciated. Thankfully the car is my only bill as I am living with my parents.

    • Praying for a job! We will be getting back to our normal temps here to. Today im moving the nest boxes that are inside the roosting house,outside under the roof in the run. The chickens are sleeping in the boxes and making a “mess” of the eggs, if you know what i mean.Ples its really starting to make my eyes water even though im pretty good at cleaning up in there. I think if i move the boxes, it will knock down some of the stank in there. wish you could video or photograph you raised bed progress. just so you know, i operate a non profit home for unwanted ripe tomatoes. ;)))

      • Hobbitt of the Shire says:

        do they stay with your adopted bacon? that would be a family made in heaven

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Sorry, BC, I doubt there will be any unwanted tomatoes, ripe or otherwise. Fried green tomatoes are pretty well liked here and everyone in the family eats tomatoes like they are bacon. Of course they taste pretty good with bacon too!

  27. Attended the Convention of States tele-townhall part II. If you are interested in helping out or learning more about it the website is conventionofstates(dot)com.

    Got my ‘Herbal Antivirals’ book in. Bam Bam, if you do not have this book – it is a MUST HAVE. The first chapter describes how the pandemic type viruses set up the body for the major cytokine storms that is the real killer in these things – terrifying and yet facinating (I feel like Spock here). It also tells you which herbs to make as simple tinctures, and how to combine them to stop the cytokine storm, and drain the lungs and lymphatic system.

    Received herbs from herbs.com, bentonite clay, apple pectin, pure oregano, lavender and eucalypus oils. Bought 2 – 2oz bottles of pure tea tree oil.

    Slowly working on my book, and starting a business – have an appointment with Small Business Administration on Thursday for help with what permits and licenses I need and with writing my business plan. Beleive it or not, The state of Oregon is encouraging me to do this as part of my unemployment.

    Also ordered ‘Carrots love Tomatoes’ and ‘The Vegetable Gardner’s Bible’.

    Canned 5 pts spagetti sauce. I had made spagetti, and saved the rest of the sauce for lasagne, then stepped on the scale and found out I’ve gained 6lbs in a couple months. My loud exclamation of disgust brought DH in, and he’s gained weight too – so no lasagne – canned spagetti sauce.

    Also canned 10 lbs chicken thighs, and a bunch of broth.

    DH bought a bunch of silver. We have differing opinions about whether silver would be useful after TSHTF, but he could be right, it might be useful.

    Ordered DH 2 more of his favorite razor (They are now hard to find) and 5 packages of cartridges for it.

    Pulled out the neti pot and started using it again – this time adding 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract to the (boiled and cooled) saline water. Showed DH how to use it as well – he said it looked like waterboarding (he had a survival class while in the Marines and they did it to everyone to show them that while it feels like they are drowning – they won’t actually die). Both of us have some sinus issues, and apparently mine translates to asthma as well. Both are much clearer, and I haven’t been having any issues with asthma. Also DH not snoring as much – weird.

    Bought 3 packages of organic tobacco seeds. Neither of us smoke but tobacco would be a great barter after TSHTF and things settle down. Will practice growing it this next year (and – besides – I think TEOTWAWKI will be the end of 2014 or sometime in 2015).

    Bought a case of 6-1.75 liter bottles of 100 proof vodka for tinctures. Time to get some of my powdered herbs into vodka before they lose potency. Discussed with DH buying smaller bottles for barter later (hey – ‘comfort’ items will be in demand after TSHTF).

    Also seed flats, seed potatoes, fertilizers, and got 2 free seed packs with the order so got cilantro and oregon sugar pod pea.

    6 bottles of concord grape juice (great for constipation). Large bottle of childrens vitamins.

    100 rounds .45 ammo.

    After axelsteve asked about heavy metal detox, I realized I needed to detox DH too, so bought fresh cilantro and raw almonds and made the paste for him (I ALWAYS have garlic here).

    We have been pretty lucky lately, and got money we were not expecting, so were going to go get me an AR-15 for my birthday week after next. I wanted the Ruger with the stainless steel barrel, piston fired, 2-stage trigger – the good one, but in balancing the checkbook, I realize I may have over spent a bit (ya think?), so while we have the money for the AR I want, it would put us seriously low on funds, and I don’t like to be that low. I like a little wiggle room in case I spend more than I expected, or something happens – and I do NOT want to take money out of our down payment fund to cover minor emergencies.

    And…BTW, when I do get my AR it will NOT be an assault weapon. I plan to get a 1″ sticker of a rainbow or a unicorn for it – so it won’t be scary 🙂

    • (and – besides – I think TEOTWAWKI will be the end of 2014 or sometime in 2015). Thats what my hunch/feeling/inner voice/mental poke,is telling ,me also.

      • BC,

        I know a lot of people think this is crazy, but I was under hypnosis back in August, and moved FORWARD to 2017. During that time, I said that there ‘was a lot of sadness’ in the 2015-2016 time frame. I’ve also talked to a few other people who claim that they too have seen a piece of their future, and “everything is changed by 2017′ – they ALL said that.

        Crazy or not, it gives me a time frame to work with, and if I’m wrong, or crazy, at least I’ll be ready for most anything by the end of this year.

    • “my AR it will NOT be an assault weapon.”

      Hi Michele, I’ve seen a couple Hello Kitty AR (non)assault rifles which were pretty cute in pink and white, with Hello Kitty decals on them.

      If you Google Image search ‘Hello Kitty assault rifle’ you’ll see the little darlings. The pink bayonets are particularly girly.

    • Hi Michelle, I seem to recall information several weeks ago that some recipes (tinctures?) could be made more quickly using a crock pot/slow heating method, could that work with the lobelia with acv? As happens too often, I bought the ingredients but didn’t need the treatment right away, so let it sit. Now, with a sinus problem and trouble breathing at night, thought this might help. Thank you so much.

      • Get that lobelia in apple cider vinegar, and in the mean time, make lobelia tea. Pour boiling water over 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of lobelia and steep for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT BOIL the lobelia. Lobelia can even be smoked for asthma.


        • Amazing! I hadn’t realized lobelia was so potent and useful in so many ways.
          I now have some in apple cider vinegar working away, just wondered if making some up, then putting the mason jar in a crockpot with a couple of inches of water and cooking on low would speed things up. Thank you for the tea recommendation, and Dr. Christopher page– I don’t think it will be smoked here. 🙂

          • Dr. Christopher was AMAZING! It is his book I have that I recommend so highly, but it’s $85 (or more – even on Amazon) and if you are not a serious herb student, or don’t think it likely you’ll need that much information – there are a lot of other good herb books out there.

            I use lobelia primarily for my asthma, but also for cramping (anywhere) sprains, strains, etc. Great stuff and I have POUNDS of it here. I just sent some to my former sister-in-law to help her stop smoking.

    • Michele,

      I can’t order the book until next payday. What herbs do they recommend for draining the lungs?

      • Red root, inmortal and pleurisy root. I’m having trouble locating red root and inmortal as well as Chinese skullcap.

        “Red Root – Ceanothus spp.- is particularly useful in the periphery for spleen and lymph enlargement and lymph drainage; Inmortal – Asclepias asperula – is specific for optimizing lymph drainage from the lungs; plurisy root – Asclepias tuberosa – is specific for reducing inflammation in the pleurae and lungs. They can be used interchangeably to some extent.”

        He also lists Chinese skullcap, isatis, licorice, houttuynia, lomatiu,. cordyceps, astragalus, rhodiola, boneset, elder, Strobilathes cusia, Forsythia suspensa, and Sophora flavescens.

        For severe symptoms they recommend a tincture of “equal parts of Chinese skullcap, isatis, licorice, houttuynia, lomatium, red root, yerba santa (Eriodictyon spp.) elephant tree (Bursera microphylla) osha (Ligusticum porteri) and either inmortal or pleurisy root”. They would take 1-2 teaspoons PER HOUR. The “dosage needs to be high for two reasons. The first is that there are so many herbs in the formulation that each herb has a reduced presence in the formulation. The second is the nature of moderate to severe influenza infections. As the disease progresses up the scale of severity, the cytokine cascade increases in intensity. The body needs to be bathed in the plant compounds in high enough quantities that the cytokine cascade is potently inhibited. In addition, the body needs to be suffused with enough of the antiviral compounds that the viral entry into host cells and its presence in the body are severely curtailed.”
        All quotes from Herbal Antivirals by Stephen Harrod Buhner

        • Michele,

          Thanks for writing all that up. There’s some herbs on the list that I’ve never used. I will definitely check out the book.

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          Michele…thanks for the tips! I am in awe of you and BamBam. I will order the book ASAP. My friend ordered a correspondence course in herbal medicines for $500. If anyone is interested, I will get the particulars.

          • I’m currently taking Integrating Ayurvedic and Herbolgy from Evergreen Herb Garden – Candis Canton Kinajes. It was $400.

            Yes, I would love to know which course your friend is taking – maybe for later – $500 is a really good price.

        • horizonherbs.com sells skullcap seeds and plants, but I don’t believe that they sell the dried root.

          • Skullcap is a different herb than Chinese skullcap. I have skullcap here – great as as relaxant – it is in my ‘Herbal Ease” formula – valerian, skullcap, passionflower, hops and chamomile.

        • Michele,
          I got Chinese Skullcap Root Pieces, Organic / You Ji Huang Qin / Scutellaria Baicalensis 1lb Bulk Herb Cut Slices on Amazon.

  28. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Still recovering from the beating the electric bill gave me/us. Did manage to add some canned goods to the preps. mostly veggies.
    Need to rotate some stored water. Out with the old, in with the new.
    Gonna use the old to bathe our big dog with, he could use one!
    Gonna do some work on chicken coup. Fence mending, a new door,
    and some better ventilation. I have everything I need pretty much.
    The weather’s mild so— here’s yer hat, whats yer hurry!? I think I’ll let the Mrs. bathe the dog…..

  29. Rob in Ontario says:

    Happy Sunday Pack and MD- been sick with a cold all weekend in bed or just relaxing in armchair. This week I found a nice blanket liner for sleeping bag , was checking out different siting options for SKS, thinking of going with hollowgram type

  30. ⋆ Ordered an Excalibur w/timer from Amazon

    ⋆ Ordered an LEM products jerky cannon

    ⋆ Ordered another Fido jar

    ⋆ Received three more water bricks

    ⋆ Made my first elderberry syrup and two quarts of tincture

    ⋆ Made three quarts of sauerkraut today for fermenting

  31. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Forgot to mention snares! Snares for trapping rabbit & what-not. I made 4 cable snares out of some old lawnmower idle control cables. I want to make 4 or 5 more.

  32. Wal-Mart online carries the Augason Farms line and it’s cheaper than buying from the Augason Farms site.

  33. Fenland Prepper says:

    Well we put up some new fences thanks to the hurricane winds in the UK. Bought more canned meat and made a load more pickles. Doesn’t seem like much but we are expanding the stores every week so at least it is going the right way. Still keeping an eye on the floods but it least it looks like the rain is easing off now. Flood water is half a mile away!

  34. This week was a good week for my prepping.
    I added 40 cans of mixed soups and 40 gallons of water.
    Rotated my can foods from prep are to pantry
    Build another 4×8 raised bed for my vegetable garden, I. Have 4 of then now. Planted tomatoes in one of them.
    Added mixed items for my first aid kit.berkey
    Added 500 rounds of 357mag.

    I have a questions for the pack, I bought the Berkey water system as one of my water sources that I keep in my prep storage area. My questions is, does the filters need to be primed when in storage? Are the system good to go when needed? And last how many filters will be good to have in my prep storage.

    Everyone have a great week and stay safe

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Primed… ?? We keep 2 extra sets of Berkey black filters vac packed for our ‘Bucket’ filter. We pick up candle filters when we see them as back up and vac pack those as well. Seems I did read some Packer saying you had to prime dry filter units prior to using them…..

      Anybody….. anybody… Beuller… beuller… is this right?

    • 2 black filters will filter 6000 gallons.

      • Might want to also add spigots with those extra filters.

        • I never heard about priming filters when I bought my Berkey but that’s been 14 years ago, and 2 spare filters.

          • Babycatcher says:

            Yes, if they are completely dry, it takes a long time to filter a batch. I accidentally left the lid of mine off for several hours after filling, and once it was empty, the filters dried. Took 8 hrs next time we used it. But I’ve kept the lid on since and have not had any more problems.

  35. Took advantage of the big sale at EE and got a few #10 cans of Mountain House. Used a gift card from Christmas, so it was “free”. The biggest accomplishment was getting my spouse much more on board with prepping than before.

  36. No personal preps this week. Did 2 group buys for other preppers in the area. The way I see it the more tools , knowledge and supplies I an build into the area the greater my survival chances are . 1 of the buys was a grain flaker that’s $129 on amazon but by doing a group buy was able to get them for $81 apiece.

  37. Yesterday finally saw the front and rear doors replaced. Got new security/storm doors front and rear as well to replace the old storm doors. Inside temp has already gone up 6 degrees without changing the thermostat. Only cost slightly more than the equivalent of a new Colt 901 modular system (with both uppers) that I’m currently lusting after but It’s gonna be worth it in the long run. One of the replaced doors and it’s storm door will go on the well house. The other storm door goes on the green house and the old front door is being turned (via The Boss’s artistic hand) into an intruder practice target.

    Now I just have to find the cash for the Medeco double cylinder deadbolts to replace the current deadbolts I just bought and that will be the last of the door upgrades. Next the windows and figuring out how to convince The Boss that, yes, we do really need those bullet resistant polycarbonate windows that cost enough to replace the truck….lol. Yeah, that’ll happen.

    • tommy2rs,

      Someone on this site, about a year ago, suggested a film you could install on windows that would make them at least bullet resistant – and that was a lot cheaper than replacing the windows. However, DH reminds me that bullets go through walls almost as easy as through windows, if they really want to get you.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Especially the way we build walls. Even “brick” houses are nothing but a facade. If you really want bullet proof walls, you either need to build load-bearing walls out of cement blocks or rock, or simply sand-bag the entire outside (or inside) of your house’s walls. The bottom line is that the best way to defend your house is probably not to get holed up and trapped in the house, but to build overwatch positions (multiple ones) that you can use to fire at people moving on the house (where they will naturally assume you ARE holed up) and which allow you to stay mobile and dangerous. Sometimes the best defense really is a good offense.

    • We’re really replacing the windows because this house is older than dirt and the wind just whistles through them and the so called storm windows like they weren’t there. The polycarbonate is just something to aggravate The Boss with. If it ever got to the point where there’s an attack on the house that can’t be suppressed I just turn two valves and hit the easy button to start the pig roast. And no, no electricity needed.

  38. I have a question for the Pack. I’m in the process of planning raised beds for veggie gardening. What is the best material to use? I’ve read the pros and cons of treated wood, and I know that the kits sold don’t last longer than a couple of years. Any way you look at it, this is a major investment. What material provides the most bang for the buck (non-toxic and durable)? Thanks for your input. I really need it.

    • NWGhostRider says:

      Pressure treated is the longest lasting, but it is impregnated with arsenic, I believe cedar or redwood is the longest lasting for untreated wood.

      • I don’t know that I’ve ever seen cedar for sale in my area. I believe those two woods would be cost prohibitive. Wondering if there are options? Other materials? I bought Home Depot kits (approx. $75./$80. apiece) two years ago and they are buckling and falling apart.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        I thought they stopped using arsenic for that about 20 years ago. Supposedly the new stuff has no affect on gardens or the soil. At least that’s what a scientific report (though God knows that could have been like those old “scientific reports” on the benignity of smoking) said that I read a year or so ago. I can’t remember the new stuff they are using, but supposedly it is chemically inert and won’t leach into the soil.

        • they used to use copper arsenate, has been replaced with ACQ, which does not have the leaching toxicity issues, however is extremely reactive to steel, so you have to use triple galvanized or S.S. fasteners. You can also use the recycled plastic timbers, you can get them at most homestore/lumber yards. they are more expensive, but last longer.

          • rjarena, would the plastic timbers leach chemicals? I’ve just purged plastic from my kitchen due to issues with BPA.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      We used truck and tractor tires for ours…it’s a lot higher, but as we are tall, we like it for easing backstrain.

    • I use 2 x 6 untreated lumber in some and 1 X 6 in others. They aren’t expensive. When the time comes to replace one, remove the fasteners and replace it. I don’t think I spent over 17 dollars for the wood in each of mine. The fasteners cost a bit but you don’t need to replace those.

      I am not sure where you are, but I generally replace my wood pieces about every 4 to 5 years but that is only as needed. I inspect each board every spring and mark the ones I want to replace. Then, I slowly replace over the summer (the plants don’t seem to mind). I believe my oldest pieces are about 8 years old now. No need to replace them if they still look good.

    • Black Locust. But good luck finding it.

    • Encourager says:

      We used treated wood for our raised bed – which is really raised, to hip high. For the bottom, we laid strips of wood across and then rubber-coated hardware cloth. Then two layers of landscape fabric.

      We lined the sides, where the dirt would touch the treated wood, with pond liner and stapled it in place. The pond liner also reduces the water needs as it stops evaporation from the sides.

      So far it has worked great. This will be the third year using it. I love that I can weed easily without bending over. We use plastic deer fencing on the sides, attached to re bar posts with Velcro strips. Keeps the critters out and easy to open to harvest/weed/plant.

    • No Way,
      My raised beds are made of concrete blocks. I can stack them, unstack them, move them or just plain rearrange the whole back yard whenever I get the urge. They can be lined with plastic or canvas if you want. I put several layers of cardboard down first. Some of them have landscape fabric or you can put down a layer of screen wire if you have a problem with moles or voles or whatever creatures love to eat gardens from the bottom.

      I shred every piece of paper that I can get my hands on and save garbage bags full until I am ready to make another bed or extend one that is already set up. This makes a great bottom layer and the earthworms love it.

      Some of the beds are set up so I can sit on the side of them while I am planting or weeding. Others are higher so I can lean over them without having to bend over them.

      When the deer are eating my sweet potatoes, they prefer the lower ones so they can walk the full length of the beds and tromp all over the ones that they don’t eat.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Mine are made of corrugated panels for the sides and treated lumber that has been painted to make it last longer. I use several layers of cardboard in the bottom and also put in any wood like branches we have cut. My beds are 28″ high so they are plenty deep even if I use good sized branches…they hold water like a sponge as they decay, think hugelkultur. We are in a drought area with high summer heat and high winds so I am also going to try making ollas for watering as well as drip hoses.

      • Beans-N-Bullets says:

        redwood last a LONG time and is as good as you can get in my eyes anyway. After that it would be cheap dog eared fencing that you reinforce so it doesn’t buckle/bulge and you can do it cheap and experiment without breaking the bank. Cement blocks can be found on Craig’s list sometimes for almost nothing. Keep looking you will do great.

  39. Millie in KY says:

    Everyone has been so busy and productive! And always give me ideas for things to do. Still working on living within our means, this month’s extra money waste was an oil leak in DH’s car. Fixed and only $250 but still, $250 I would rather have used for something else. Another $250 for the next 90 days of auto insurance. (sigh) And an unexpected extra $150 for natural gas with the very cold weather we have had here. Thank God I get paid on Friday….
    It will be in the 50-60’s this week and I will go out to the started garden (last year) and look it over. I know now where to put the hazel nut bushes and raspberry bushes that I got last year. DH is on board with the garden so will have to keep him busy with that for a couple of days in a month or so. I have contacted Michele about some dried elderberries for an experimental foray into making syrup. I found some .22 LR for 6.99 per 50, probably pretty high but I got five boxes anyhow. And Once Second After is available on Kindle now for 2.99 so just bought that and also The Survivors: Book One which is free today. I just picked up Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders for 50 cents at Good will, only a few pages and I’m hooked, love his writing and haven’t read any of it for a long time so will go back and see if they have more, I think they did.I bought a second one but have forgotten which one it was. The hardcovers, look like they have never even been opened…
    Prayers for our sick wolves and for those who need work. Stay safe everyone. And Madison, good job! See if you can start to add a bag of beans and one of rice every week to your stash. Get some dried onions in the spice section and a container of salt and pepper. Personally I like hot peppers in my beans/rice, so you may want to get a container or two of that for some spicing up of food. Good going! We are proud of you!

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Millie in Ky… If you should find a copy of Clancy’s “With out Remorse” …….. Oouuha you will have a nice read on the origins of the ghost like ‘Mr. Clark’ and not a few nice tips on how one could deport themselves in an angry world.

  40. This week, we brought Honey the pregnant Dexter cow home. Right now, she is staying in the barn with a llama, a sheep, 4 goats and 20 chickens for company. Once she is comfortable, she will be outside with the horses. Also finally found a billy goat for the girls. Looks like we won’t have kids until July. Would anyone like 3 nice milking goats? They are very sweet and need to find new homes as we’ve graduated to the family cow now.

    Finally found something to use for the aquaponic grow beds – calf sleds! Will switch to short stock tanks when they come in – probably in May. Picking up the red wriggler compost worms tomorrow and the duck weed – almost time to plug in the whole system and see if I can make it grow some food!

    Learning a lesson this week also…My niece has come to stay. She is 20 and has grown up in a very small fly-in community. Prior to arriving here, she had visited only 3 other communities in her lifetime. Sweet girl but, like my foster children, is affected by FAS. I’m learning that my preps are not as valuable to her as they are to me. 3 tea bags in a pot of tea, loads of dish soap in the dish water, full roll of toilet paper gone in less than a day, long showers and hugely full bathtubs, wasted food at every meal and the list goes on. As each new situation comes up, I try to deal with it calmly and usually with a sense of humor but there is an entirely different mentality at work in her mind. Normal in her world is simply to use up what is within reach and someone will simply replace it. One would think that preparation and conservation would be a naturally occurring instinct in someone who has gown up at the arctic ocean, hundreds of miles north of the arctic circle – not so. Hunt, eat and then hunt again. I hope we can reach a place of understanding before either of us decides to throw in the towel.

    • Babycatcher says:

      I’m sorry she has FAS. It’s a real challenge. My sister has it too, and I raised her to teen years when my father finally remarried. Keep plugging away. My sister sees the need for prepping and is not only frugal, but holds down a full time job, paid for her trailer and car, and raised her only child to be a hardworking wholesome adult. So there’s hope. Keep teaching your niece. It’ll sink in….

    • I would love 3 milk goats, can you mail them to NE Oregon? 🙂

      • you could always come up for a visit and then take them over the border in your car – I’m sure no one at the border will ask any questions if you give them a bit of nice goat cheese – best to do it though before the babies as kids are a real pain to travel with. lol.

    • Encourager says:

      Nice choice on the Dexter cow! I would love to have one. They give good milk and the little bulls can be made into steers and then some good steaks! A good, all around cow.

      • so far so good with Honey – she is “sweet” I plan to give her a nice massage every day so that by the time baby is born in April, we’ll be best friends forever! My next project will be making a milking stanchion for her – my goat stanchion is just a bit too small.

  41. Nsaneprepper says:

    Mainly just checking to see if this site will let me post…last time it said I was “blacklisted”? E-mailed MD but got no response so not sure what that means. Did pick up some steel case 9mm to see how it works in one of the weapons.

    • Nsaneprepper,

      I removed your IP from the blacklisted list. The security software thought you were trying to do something bad to the site, for whatever reason and blocked your IP (blacklisted).

  42. Ready Rooikat says:

    You guys are putting us to shame!

    Since we are basically snowed in here, with the most snow as well as the longest snow fall I have seen in 16 years (2 feet snow/ almost a foot of ice over a 4 day period) I thought it would be a good time to redo the jeep’s gear.
    I am rebuilding my bug-out bag. I am putting it into a better, bigger bag. All medicines/food are being updated. New clothes, for both me and the wife. New dog supplies. Adding a pocket stove, and a nifty coffee can heater I made to both cars.

    Today, since my Wife is out (a lunatic friend picked her up to go to a baby shower), I am setting up shelters in what had been our living room, to decide on one to live in the jeep. I have a 1975 British army 6×9 shelter (tarp), a East German rain camo shelter half, and a 8×10 plasic reinforced commercial camo tarp.
    So far, the shelties seem to like the East German one.

  43. SoggyPrepper says:

    Gosh I haven’t posted in about 6 months but do lurk about and been reading MD’s blog more consistently again. News sucks. It’s good to hear the humor everyone has on the blog yet with all seriousness of people who know the shtf is coming soon and taking steps to alleviate it’s impact on their families. The site is uplifting, thanks.

    DH unemployment ran which is uncomfortable yet we still make due, God is good. We’ve been using more of our food storage and that’s what I wanted to mention. My preps have been “using preps”.

    We’ve been using the ground beef and chicken wet canned food from Rainy Day foods. I stored it about 4 years ago and it is great. The ground beef to me is best in soups, taco stuff and casseroles. Very worth buying and stocking.

    Provident Pantry whole wheat flour, not so much. I know, I know I should have used it sooner, but procrastination…. Stored 2/11 I opened both cans yesterday (at least I was smart enough not to store more whole wheat flour than that!) and both were rancid. Now I need to find out if I can do something with it, dog biscuits? or probably just throw them both out.
    The normal flour with the same date is beautiful. I will start using my canned flour now since I’m through all the 25lb bags I had mylard up from the LDS cannery 2-3 years ago.
    Pasta stores great too. Very good. Even if you’re lazy and don’t put it in mylar.
    A six gallon bucket of “save time white bread mix” from Rainy Day Foods stored in 2010 opened in dec is wonderful. I had a 6gl bucket of Ezekiel mix from RDF split. I had one other bucket on it so it wasn’t weighed down a lot, not sure what happened there. But good to know… check your big buckets occasionally too!
    Discovered I hate Ezekiel bread. This big bucket I haven’t even opened yet (ground up my own mix to try it) and it has barley in it. I need to open it. If its bad I still may be able to use it some how even if it’s just giving to my friend for her chickens in exchange for some of her chicken’s eggs.
    So hopefully that gives you a better idea of “real time” uses for some foods. Use your flour, baking mixes… No really. Use them. It’s very upsetting opening a can to smell yuck! Even worse if its shtf!
    #10 cans are better then super pails. Unless it’s something you use a lot of like sugar, flour, white rice.
    All the rice I’ve opened has been great even stuff stored in 2010.

    Milk. Using up the last of my 25lb bag/mylared milk from LDS. Getting a little iffy. I have a very sensitive “smeller” . DH says it smells like milk, bad smeller (he thought the rancid wheat flour smelled fine, ppffft). Tastes a Lot, a lot like “fake” milk as the kids call it. When before they didn’t notice until they drank half the glass, they notice before they drink it.

    Have a great week and keep prepping (and using what you have! Rotate, rotate, rotate!

    • Welcome back! We’ve missed you. Good to know on the flour. I would have been one counting on the flour to last a LOT longer–especially if in a can. Thank you for the info and prayers for your family.

    • Grind some of the wheat and try heating it some in the oven (like you can do with stale crackers). Otherwise, maybe chicken feed? On the milk, mix it up while the kids are out of the house and mix it half and half with the real stuff. If its really cold and not foamy, they should drink it fine (we did, and I can smell powdered milk a mile away!). That way you can stretch your milk expense.

    • Encourager says:

      The problem with flour, any flour, is that it loses nutrition as soon as it is milled. The whole wheat flour went rancid because of the germ in it. What you have left now is basically no-nutrition-flour.

      You would be better off buying wheat berries and not flour. But then you would have to have a mill to grind them into flour. With some of the hand mills you will have to grind the same berries at least three times to get it fine enough for cakes. Once the flour is made, store it in the freezer or best, use it immediately.

      I am puzzled by the desire to store flour for years. Is it because people do not realize it is dead as far as nutrients go?

      • SoggyPrepper says:

        I use a lot of flour because I make my own bread and everything else from scratch. But, Encourager, back when I began storage I didn’t realize the shelf life….. And that’s the story! lol And also the lesson for the new preppers. Any mixes with barley, brown rice, milk, oil of any kind do not store long.

        We go through probably 25lbs every 3 months, I just need to use the canned flour I have now. I thought I’d use it faster then I have. We have tons of wheat and an electric Wondermill and a couple hand mills. So I learned! With not too much waste under my belt! In large part because of the discussions on this blog and researching out storage times.

        • Beans-N-Bullets says:

          great info, thank you.
          Best of luck to you and yours with the job hunt. LEAN times we are in

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Glad to see you are ok…thanks for the info on what worked and didn’t..

  44. JeffintheWest says:

    Been raining here pretty much all week. First day of sunshine we’ve had in a while, but hopefully more rain will get here soon! In the meantime, I attended a Master Gardener seminar on pruning fruit (and other) trees (focus was on fruit trees, though). Learned a lot and got to walk around among different kinds of trees and learn some of the tricks for each one. Also made contact with THE Master Gardener and introduced myself, reminding her that I was interested in starting the next Master Gardener course — she remembered me and told me we would be kicking off next January. Really looking forward to it! Another seminar in a week or so where we’ll learn the tricks of the trade in planting bare root trees and bushes as well (apparently it’s not as simple as I thought). Can hardly wait, as I want to get those babies into the ground soon and get them started growing.

    Other than that, not much. Added a few spices and picked up a few more back-up things (rubbing alcohol, that sort of thing).

  45. nick flandrey says:

    Hey All,

    I had a busy week.

    Made a big metal purchase. I had some stock that I basically forgot about, so I cashed that in and bought the metal. I had some cash left in my pocket, and the local range had something in stock that I wanted so……… dang, they sold it. The universe must not love me.

    Well, stopped at my favorite thrift store, came up empty. Stopped at a new toy store a block away that I’ve been driving by, and meaning to stop…..and the universe DOES love me!! Not just one, but TWO M&P Shields in 9mm. And almost $150 cheaper than the one that got away at the range. 🙂 So I bought one, and if I like it as much in use as I like it holding it in my hand, I’ll be buying another!

    762 and 556/223 has been plentiful at my local Academy Sports, so I bought a couple of boxes of each. Pmags were still onsale, so 2 more of those ended up in my cart too. No 9 except expensive defensive loads. No 22 at all.

    I hit some yard sales yesterday, and scored a partially full propane tank, and 2 five gallon gas cans for a total of $9. I couldn’t believe my luck. Got a double bit ax head for $7. It’s rusty but it’s an old Vaughn. It should clean up nice.

    I got another 150 surgical masks for $15 at Habitat ReStore. Got a cheap duffel bag to expand my bulk (‘stone soup’) medical stores.

    I’ve been working on a mobile ham radio I got cheap. I think I’ve done everything the internet says, to fix it. I’ll test it in a few minutes when the kids go down for their nap. Soldering under a microscope is tough. I’m glad I picked up the ‘scope and the needle point soldering iron when I saw them.

    Until recently my food preps have been for a local disaster, not long term bulk purchases, but I’m running scared now. I have been adding about $25 to each costco run, which gets 25# bags of flour, sugar, salt, and either rice or a couple of flats of canned veg. I’ve started to do the math for long term bulk, and man that will be a lot of food to put up.

    Every journey begins with a single step though….

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!


    PS, I linked to MD’s 10 things to do right now on another (non-prep) forum. Even the ordinary folks are starting to get nervous and wonder if they should be doing something to get ready.

    • Hi Nick, if you haven’t already, don’t forget some pinto beans to go with the rice. And CostCo and Sam’s have big containers of Chili powder and Cumin powder for cheap. Makes a great chili combo.

      • nick flandrey says:

        Thanks Penrod, I did get a couple of small bags of beans. I know they are a prepper staple, but we NEVER eat beans. You’re supposed to stock what you eat, so beans have been at the bottom of my list. I guess I need a few good recipes, and truth be told, if it gets bad, beans will taste alot better than grass soup (see Selco’s SHTFschool.com for that story.)

        I made tortillas from scratch the first time the other night. So I’m practicing cooking from bulk. They sure are easier than bread.


        • Hi Nick, I had never cooked a dried bean until we bought an LDS Starter Kit with pintos in it and we tried this recipe. It is really good. At least we think so.


          We frequently substitute two Mild spiced Portuguese sausages for the bacon.

          The first time we tried it, my college student step-son took a bowl to his computer, and then hunted us down to say “Yowza! Good!”

          Another thing we like to do is add cumin powder and chili powder to commercial canned chili. It really improves them.

  46. Death Merchant says:

    I went out to a new gun store and purchased 200 rounds of 7.62×39. Got a decent deal on them so I plan to buy up some more when I get the chance.

    Next plan is to clean my SKS and het a new case for it.

  47. The garlic and shallots are planted. Should have been done already, but weather has not agreed! Planted some beets and spinach in one of my waist high beds. Plan on putting some hoops and frost cloth over the top to keep freezing under control. Planning on using everything I ever learned from Eliot Coleman on gardening 12 months a year.

    Started using my Royal Berkey to filter water for the humidifier. I do not run pond water through the humidifier without filtering. Took a taste. No bad. The only problem I am having is the drip rate. Takes a good 8 hours to get only a gallon or so. I have primed twice and washed the filter twice. Any more ideas?

    Keeping my skill level up on my little sideline business. I propagate landscaping plants. Will be transferring this skill to more food crop skills this year. Already doing berry plants, brambles, etc. and elderberries. Took about 75 hardwood cuttings this morning of some landscaping plants. Now it is a waiting game. Will be doing more over the next several days including a couple of blackberries I want to try root cuttings. The more I know about different types of cuttings, the more food producing plants we will have on the mountain for family and neighbors to gather from.

    My gut level feeling is screaming. Keep working and keep your heads down low.

    • Babycatcher says:

      On the propagation, Mikes Backyard Nursery is where I got my info on propagating grapes, and other stuff. He’s a great guy, makes easy to follow videos. Been doing this for about 5 years, and I sell at the local Farmers Market…good stuff…

    • I have a problem with dryness in winter. Should we get a humidifier? Best model you recommend? We don’t have forced air heat, so I would have to do a freestanding version. Been thinking about it some.

  48. Rider of Rohan says:

    As some have mentioned they did, I was also able to obtain some .22lr this week, but not at great prices. I paid $51 for 550 of the litter buggers. That’s pretty expensive for .22lr, but that’s the first I’ve seen in a year. Now I see TDL has ordered another 75 million rounds for his domestic version of the Armed Forces(HS), so I’m sure .22s will get squeezed off the market again. For the gov’t to keep ordering am-mo every time the shortage starts to ease is pretty good evidence of market manipulation. And for the Congress to give Obama a blank check to spend as he wishes, one can expect to see even more purchases if they can find a place to store all of it. Ridiculous for a bankrupt gov’t to continue to spend money it doesn’t have on something it doesn’t need. Oh, well, that’s why we prep, I guess.

    I also continued to improve my medical supplies by obtaining some anti-fungal and anti-yeast medications. I’m trying to broaden my medication spectrum. I also bought liquid benedryl since it acts so much quicker than the tablet form. An insect sting could be deadly for someone without quick access to quality medical care. Also added 300 ct. of Walgreen brand substitute for zyrtec, some Israeli bandages, and gentian violet.

    My wife went to Sam’s Club yesterday and got 72 rolls of the jumbo toilet tissue, 12 rolls of paper towels, and feminine products.
    I also got 10 pair of leather gloves and two disposable respirators from a relative. Nice haul. He just retired from a chemical company, and these were extras he was given for safety over the years.

    That’s about it, Pack. Wish all of you a great week prepping.

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Rider of Rohan, I know I’ve been one of the biggest complainers of the lack of availability and cost of .22 caliber ammo on this sight. Having said that, I’m to the point now that if you can find it buy it as long as you can personally live with the price you are paying. At the last gun show I attended (a month ago) a fellow had a sign announcing he had bricks for $60.00. Can’t tell you anything more about it cause it I didn’t investigate. Since then I’ve been to store after store here locally with no luck finding any at any price. Oh, they say they get it in but unless you are there when it hits the shelves you are going to be out of luck. I did discover two sites that list all calibers of ammo, the seller, the availability and price per round. One site is wikiarms.com and the other is armsbot.com. Hope everyone finds this information helpful.

    • riverrider says:

      nice haul! and yeah, i sent my reps a rfi as to why the post office needs sniper ammo, among other things. its getting crazy. you hear the “i’m the prez, i can do anything i want” comment from obozo? my lt. gov tried to pass a gun grab to take 2a rights from dui drivers among other misdemeanors. the lifestyle police, arrogant elitists. follow me!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      to make capsule benadryl work quick in an emergency… open capsule, place it in a teaspoon of honey, place under the tongue…

  49. Rosanne Dover says:

    I have MS and rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. Took methotrate for several yrs Terrible side effects. Have been taking nutritional drink with excellent results…vemma. Would be glad to talk to you about it. Email carolinamriatcomporiumdotnet

  50. Greetings to the Pack. My preps this week consisted of assembling a dental emergency kit, the result of DS breaking his front tooth requiring a dentist to fix. I realized how unprepared I was to deal with this type of emergency at 11PM on a Saturday night. I included a tiny jar with dried milk powder (add a small amount of water when needed) to keep a knocked-out tooth alive while getting to a dentist.
    Checking in to Patriot Nurse’s suggestion of tactical medical seminar in Dallas at the end of March. I hear the focus is emergency dental treatment.
    Also ordered a case of Yoder’s Bacon. Tired of paying $4 for a 9 oz package. Bacon is a luxury, not real healthy, but nice on a Sunday morning.

  51. charlie (NC) says:

    speaking of garden towers. I suspect you could build a jumbo
    garden tower from old tires, stacked and filled with dirt. Anyone
    ever try that?

    • i read where a missionary in the amazon actually had a friend who slit open the craw of his ailing turkey, cleaned it out, and sewed it up. it is drastic but worked beautifully.
      in the story, at least!

    • see the deliberate agrarian site and rural revolution for info on tire gardens

  52. Babycatcher says:

    Got the elderberry tincture strained(thanks, BamBam) pruned grapes, blackberries and orchard while it was below 40( temps will be rising this week) and got st start cleaning the pasture and filling the compost bin( it’s an 8 x8 chain link enclosure, so I can use the tractor to load and empty). That’s all, folks.

  53. Patriot Farmer says:

    One of local chain stores ran a sale on seeds, 20 packets for a buck. I was able to get most of my seeds for spring planting this year. I was able to stock up on a few more canned goods mostly tuna and salmon this time along with 12 freeze-dried emergency meals and another case of water.

  54. More soups and first aid items into the stash. A few canned veggies also. Continue playing with our Excalibur – the pineapple is divine. I cannot stress how much better the Excalibur with the temp controls does dried foods over our older cheaper model.
    More snow. More hay. More winter. Blech.
    Been a busy week, but not really for prepping – vet visits for the dogs, errands, and just general busy-ness. Hopefully will get more accomplished this coming week.
    Went to a gun show today. Picked up a surplus Marine backpack for the son as his “get home bag”, a new pistol bag for myself, primers, bullets, a knife for myself, some .303 British, and some ammo for the Nagant. Priced .308 riles, didn’t see any great deals. Also didn’t see any good deals on another Nagant or an SKS.
    Read “Curtain Fall: Disaster, Preparedness, Survival, Awakening” as well as “American Meltdown: Book Two of the Economic Collapse Chronicles”. The “Curtain Fall” was pretty decent (if a bit of a less-worrysome disaster – Yellowstone), but the American Meltdown was less interesting.
    Most of the seeds I’ve planted are up. Going to plant broccoli and cabbage early this week and then start on the tomatoes and peppers at the end of the week. Most everything that’s sprouted is looking really good – I have four flats of onion seedlings, a flat of shallots, a flat of leeks, 18 pots of celery (I fully expect to lose a good bit before it gets established in the garden), plus a lot of basil and other herbs.

  55. TrailGuide says:

    Greetings pack. I think I have actually visualized a SHTF moment. Got all (ALL) the basics covered because DH & I live a frugal, self-sustaining life-style. We suffer through some minor stuff (ailments) but after we both recovered from seasonal flu (thank you elderberry tincture), DH found that weird sinus thing suffered all his life had come to roost (no offense to chickens, we got um and know they are a cranky crowd).
    Anywho – Trigeminal Neuralsia. now there’s a PHD research for you if you have nothing else to do on any given Sunday.

    DH describes it as a mind-numbing, bring ya to your knees pain. He has an appointment with a special guy, Neurologist, in a few weeks (if the poor soul makes it and my prayers are blessings). Currently on anti seizure meds.
    OCD research on my part found – aka – ‘suicide condition’ due to the intensity of pain. Any of the clan have information or help is appreciated because I’m about out of my beanie brain.
    SOS – Michelle & BamBam, and any others with thoughts on this.

    • riverrider says:

      i’ve been having terrible sinus pain lately. went to a good doc. no meds, just saline rinse and humidifier for the wood stove. still had an attack, up all night with whole face feeling like an elephant was stomping on it. sat up right all night , ran saline. the pain broke, now i can’t stop the flow two boxes of kleenex later, lol. when i follow her regime i have no trouble but i forget. good luck.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      If having sinus pain too, it can trigger the neuralgias.. so the trick to stop pain is reduce the swelling along those nerves..anti inflammatories, ice pack, sinus meds..these stopped my episodes of neuralgia..

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Anti-inflamatories is a great suggestion I’ve learned. Fish oils (DHA/EPA) is a great supplement for inflammation to rebalance the omega 3 ratio to omega 6.

        Gluten and grains are terribly inflammatory to some. Everyone with neurological, sinus, migraine issues should at least read Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter IMO.

    • Trailguide,

      OK, I just looked up Trigeminal Neuralsia – nasty stuff! I don’t have anything off the top of my head, but if you think your DH would really be interested in an herbal solution, I will do my best to find out for you.

  56. We did not get very much prepping accomplished this past week. Added about a dozen cans of food to our long term storage, inventoried all of our garden seeds, read some articles and e-books on permaculture. We’re still buried beneath snow around here, so not able to get outdoors and do as much as we would like to do.

  57. ozhillbilly says:

    M.D., I know the 1911’s are great weapons but (my opinion) you can’t beat a Glock. I doubt you will regret the trade.

    My only prepping this week has been to order a barrel for my Johnny Cash AR I’m building. This is/has been a fun project and I recommend if any of you have thought of doing something like this, do it! I put a $600.00 limit on this weapon and I’m well within my budget. If all goes as planned I should be done with it by this time next month. I did this project to familiarize myself with the AR platform but you can build most any weapon you desire as the parts are out there. I can’t wait to take my new AR fishing!

    • ozhillbilly,

      I’ve owned Glocks for around 15 years and a number of 1911’s and the Glock is a better handgun. But then the 1911 is 100 years old and it was the top of the line for most of those years and is still a good handgun.

      • recoveringidiot says:

        I too love the 1911, the “blocks” grip angle turns me off. I do have a S&W M&P in 9mm and so far its been great, much easier to point for me than the Glocks. First got the 9mm because of ammo prices and availability but its been taken over by the new wife who loves it. I guess I’ll dust off the 9mm handloading stuff I have stashed back. Nothing against the Glock, they seem to be very reliable but the ergonomics suck for me.

  58. We just got back from a major stock up run. We picked up a case of 100 proof vodka for making tinctures. We got lots of meat for the freezer–bacon, dinner sausage, lunch meat, hotdogs. We got our scripts filled. We’ve managed to put up close to a year’s supply of many of the medications. I only take two medications but one of them can’t be replaced with herbal remedies–it’s a thyroid medicine. We picked up more OTC meds. I can’t believe the prices of food. I don’t know how ordinary folks are getting by. We buy cheap and stock up. I couldn’t imagine going to the store every three days with the prices I saw. Even the cans of vegetables are getting smaller.

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      Yup. My wife & I went to grocery store a few day’s ago. We’ve been noticing steady price jumps on pretty much everything. It really suck’s for everyone, & should’nt be this way. No one in this country should go hungry, ever.

    • Encourager says:

      Bam Bam, have you ever researched how to use dried pig thyroid for human thyroid problems?

      I take either Armour Thyroid or NaturThroid which are made from pig thyroid.

      Just wondering…

      • Mother Earth says:

        Encourager, I was wondering about dried animal thyroid also. It’s the one med there seems to be no herbal remedy for and I’ve searched a lot!

      • encourager, my wife also takes armour thyroid.
        we never heard about the pig thyroid. could you please give
        more information. greatly appreciate it very much.

      • Encourager,

        I have read that that’s what they used before Synthoid was developed. This is a real issue for me, as I take the highest dose made. I will research it a bit more.

      • Encourager,

        I looked up Armour Thyroid and NaturThroid but I am confused. (I am just now having my morning tea so that may be the reason for the confusion.) I didn’t see a dosage on either bottle. Blood tests are used to determine the dosage of Synthoid. How did you do this?

        • I get my thyroid tested about every 6 months or so, the same tests as when using Synthroid. My dh just started Armour Thyroid a month ago; I have been on it for years, until they had all the problems about two years ago. They are now back to producing it. I am currently taking NaturThroid but unhappy with it. For my needs, I have to cut a tablet in half. They don’t cut well and I have to guess-timate on how much the crumbs actually equal. At least the Armour is scored.

          I had hives for 1 1/2 years until we finally traced it to a pharmacist replacing my brand name Synthroid with a generic and never telling me. I went back on the brand name Synthroid but started getting hives after a few months. So I was switched to the “natural” thyroid.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Bam Bam, Even if you can’t stop taking the thyroid meds, you might be able to reduce your dependence on them by taking herbal support for the thyroid…just an idea..

    • bam bam, my wife has the same problem with the thyroid
      [both removes ] and taking meds.
      hope that there is something to take the reg. meds. place.

      • I’m in the same boat as lots of others here it seems. As a group of people with ineffective thyroids, we really need to figure this one out. This is the area where I feel the most vulnerable.

        • B, i agree with you and it sure does sound like many others are in the same boat about their thyroids and meds.
          anyone have any advise?
          thank you in advance, much appreciated.


          • I don’t really have any suggestions but would like to relay some of what I have read lately. There has been a real increase in thyroid problems in recent years with doctors prescribing all kinds of medications. The one big thing many are beginning to link to the problem is the big push to reduce sodium intake – our best source of iodine, the natural thyroid regulator. Doctors are also finally admitting that high blood pressure is not always linked to sodium in the diet (my DH is a perfect example). Another factor noted in an article I read is the way regular table salt is produced these days – something about the processing method making the salt ineffective in the body. I don’t remember the details, but while I do still buy cheap table, I’m not buying as much and I’m using Himalayan Pink Salt in my canning (I only buy it when I can get a really good deal on it).

            • Encourager says:

              In “Eating for Your Blood Type” they mention the lack of iodine in our diets as being a main factor of thyroid problems. I am going to talk to my doctor to see how much iodine I should take to supplement. We don’t eat much seafood and neither of us like oily fish.

              One thing I really disagree with in that book is their fact that no one should be eating much dairy, if at all, since cow milk doesn’t do much for humans. That is true if you are talking about our over processed, ultra-pasteurized milk. We have switched to raw milk and it has not upset my digestive system like the store milk had. They warn you to take calcium pills…I would rather get my calcium naturally.

        • B,

          I hear you. I take 200 mcg of the Synthoid generic. I have been stockpiling the generic stuff. But that stockpile would run out eventually.

        • I dug out my old “East for Your Blood Type” book and re-read it for Type O. Wow. I had read this many years ago and I guess it just never sunk in. Many Type O’s have thyroid issues and there are a lot of foods out there we should NOT be eating!

          Seriously thinking of giving it a try but it is pretty overwhelming. I would be completely changing how I eat. A long time ago, an allergy specialist told me to think of the one or two foods I would NEVER give up. It was those foods I am hyper sensitive to. He nailed it.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      I’m in same the boat with Thyroid issues , I can only get one 100 pill bottle at a time and can’t renew early

    • I also take thyroid meds. My husband occasionally travels internationally. Last year he went to the Philippines. I researched the pharmacy requirements before he went. He was able to purchase a years supply of thyroid meds for me for $100. All he did was hand them the drug name and got the closest level to what I take as he could based on what they had.

    • i noticed the coconut oil was in a different shaped jar. it is one and one-half ounces less than the old jar.
      also soap is being packed wetter so it is heavier thus you get less for the money.
      the cat food is a couple of pounds less but in the same bag and the price did not go down.

  59. This question is slightly off topic but one that is weighing on my mind. Any useful advice or comments on how to prepare and/or plan of how others have dealt with their children being off at college. I find myself waking in the middle of the night wondering how I will get my DS home should SHTF. He will be 4 1/2 hours away in August. Suggestions are appreciated!

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      DW and I ‘prepped’ out DD dorm room for two weeks. When she moved off campus we had her up to a flat 30 days. We were lucky in that she was ‘on board’ with the reasons we did it… and actually sacrificed the closet space.

      Getting her home… Geezolla! That question is as varied as grains of sand… so are the answers. If DS is ‘on board’ and willing to maintain a Get home Bag that may be all you can do. We three had plans made.. rally points etc. You have a hard one here to deal with Kellieccc. Hardest thing for us to accept is that Baby was out of the nest and had to rely on herself and what common sense, critical / tactical thinking we hoped to have shown and given her.

      My Bad, but I had her enrolled in the pistol classes at TDI when she was 16. Mr. Benner gave her very very good training. She was shooting IDPA in her junior year at college. She has a custom Glock19 and a custom 20ga. 870 shortened turkey gun with nice fiber optic sights. We didn’t pound these things into her. We are lucky that she accepted the logic and the responsibility and now she and her new husband practice each month. They maintain only 60 days of preps…. eh…. time and space…..

      Sorry to Blow V ate like this…. your question just made my mind re-run this whole thing myself. Good Luck with DS.

    • Encourager says:

      4 1/2 hours by car? Does he have a scooter or a bike at school? Is he on board with prepping? Does he know to leave like NOW if we have an EMP? Does he have a get-home-bag packed and ready? Good hiking/walking boots?

      There were times when I was sick at heart worrying about my son away at college. He was 12 hours away by car. He was able to have his guns with him at school, if kept in the Safety Officer’s building that had 24 hour access.

      Then, he graduated but could not get a job in MI so is working and living in MN, also a 12 hour drive. The difference is having to go around/through Chicago to get home, or up through the UP of MI and then across the bridge and down. Which makes it 20 hours to drive. IF he can drive…

      He also travels extensively with his job. So far this year he has been to Dubai and Alaska. I have finally had to give him completely over to the Lord to take care of, or drive myself crazy with worry.

      He is getting wiser; for Christmas he asked for stuff for a get-home bag. His brother and I had a ball buying stuff for him. He sees a lot with his job; things the public doesn’t. I think it has scared him more than a bit. Suddenly his parents and big brother seem a lot smarter!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Encourager said it well. I would make sure he has a bug out bag, some way to protect himself i.e. pepper spray and a good knife, protein bars, water, and a map with routes marked. A good bicycle with good tires is a must.

      • Ive given some thought to getting home if for some reason my wife and i are elswhare when/if an emp or cme event should happen. I have maps with the railroad tracks on them. I think walking home VIA the railroad tracks are likey to be far less of a target for bad guys to victimize walkers, than the highways.

        • My daughter is also 3 hours away by car. Her current living space will keep her comfortable for a few months and she has the luxury of being able to plant a garden, collect rain water etc. She also has a bike and a bugout bag with a way to filter water, protein bars, camping equipment etc. If something should happen in winter, she would have no choice but to stay put. Walking 180 miles in our winter climate wouldn’t be a smart thing to attempt.

    • THANKS for all the comments and advice. Preparation and prayer….it’s all we can do!

  60. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    My brain must have still been sleeping this a.m. In addition to some veggie can’s & home made cable snares, we also put some candles into preps. Lined inside of main gate to chicken coop with 1/2”x1” wire mesh for critter control, & maintaining flock head-count.
    Need (1) more roll of chicken wire to completely enclose top of yard area for the lil’ scratcher’s. LOT’S of hawks and owls around here. Fox & coyotes too. (Glad we have dogs) Gonna concentrate our effort’s the next 6 weeks, on obtaining 5gal. plastic buckets & lids for thing’s like: dry beans, legumes, etc. re-strung, cleaned & oiled 5 fishing poles & reels. they were filthy w/line on em old enough to drink.. Rotated water stocks. Used the water on Jr. instead of the dog. (not sure who was dirtier though) lol

  61. Not much this week. We’re in between snow storms. I found some anise and wintergreen oil at the pharmacy. I discovered a fellow prepper up at church (very small church) and found out the local small grocery does a “case lots sale” once per year. Have been planning my seed purchases today. Have a lot in freezer from last fall, but it’s not nearly enough, as we have to plant for eating, canning, storing, and then there’s the wildlife… Lol!

  62. Went to the doctor for a routine checkup. Coughed a few times so they did a swab. Have a sinus infection (first ever) and H1N1 (never get the flu.) The Tamiflu has kept symptoms light but the Cefprozil for sinus doesn’t seem to be doing its job. Tomorrow I’m ordering elderberries and a supply of meds for my pets!!!!

    I’m agreeing with those who suspect something is “brewing.” Just as soon as I can navigate without my head bursting open, I’m inventorying and resupplying. I think we are getting close to “crunch” time. I am also checking out the barter list and stocking up on those items. Sure wish dh were fully on board. He did stock up on gas, propane and kerosene prior to our Southern snow. That’s progress! Unfortunately, he also found that the camping items he told me would tide us over if the power went didn’t work any more. I want a demonstration our generator works. There is more to prepping than just getting stuff! I’m going to start using the calendar to check supplies from now on. Glad to get everyone’s input and suggestions. It sure helps. Thanks.

  63. Nebraska Woman and BC Truck you two are so funny! Many others on here too. 🙂 Only here can you can scared about the future and laugh too. Great prepping for the newbies. Don’t get discouraged. Remember every little bit helps. Continued prayers to all.

    Speaking of prayers, I had asked for prayer for my sister. She is finally back at home and is receiving continued therapy at home. I have another sister who is currently unemployed and single making plans to stay with sick sis to help her. I hope she can. Just found out that the sis with the health issues, her daughter (my niece) has a heart problem. She is only 32 and has two young children. What I understand is that the left side of her heart is working against the right side. She has been prescribed meds, if that does not work they want to do experimental surgery (risky) and if that does not work they have given her a year to live. My niece does not eat right and she smokes. Prayers appreciated!

    I finally started getting a paycheck again and really did a lot of shopping yesterday and today. I went to the local grocery store and stocked up on canned goods. I got lucky and got several packages of pork chops for only $1.79/lb.
    I ordered a case each of bacon and sausage from Zaycon. I also ordered books from Amazon; The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 acre and the 7th book on the series 299 Days. DH has been busy working on a rabbit hutch so I ordered water bottles for the rabbits. He will be setting the hutch in place tomorrow and we will get the rabbits either tomorrow or the next day.

    From mid Oct to the end of Jan we mostly lived on our preps. The good news is that I have a better idea of how long certain items last in our household. With this weeks purchases I am back up to at least 3 month’s and some are over 6 month’s supplies. I plan to have at least a year’s supplies for the 2 of us by the end of tax season. We are going to redo the chicken coop and plan to get at least a dozen chicks by the end of April.

    I don’t remember who said it right now but I would love to have 3 milk goats! That is on my wish list. I have to get more fencing before I could do that though. 🙁

    • Brenda:

      Glad you are having a personal turn-around. Sorry about the sisters, will add them to the prayer list.

      I have a friend who has been living off his preps of late. They found some issues with what and how they were storing some stuff and will be able to make appropriate changes before things get “interesting”.

      • JP, Thanks for the prayers. Oct – Jan has always been the hardest time of year for us. Simply because of how our income comes in. That is what got me started stocking as much as possible when the money is coming in. 🙂

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Brenda, prayers sent. It sounds as if you have a lot on your plate, so keep yourself healthy, too.

    • I think those might have been my milk goats – You are on the right track if you plan to have a good fence first. Goats will eat everything and anything that is dear to you. I know this from experience and will be re-planting a few things this year – like…my apple trees, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and a whole bunch of other things. It’s not that they are trying to be obnoxious, they just really like the taste of the raspberries and will continue to eat until they are gone… Then they discover they also like the taste of whatever is beside the raspberries and so it goes until you come home and all the evidence of the careful planting and tending you have done over the past few years has disappeared. You will cry and then re-plant. Best to start with the good fence so you will always love the goats.

      • B,
        It was your milk goats, too bad I live so far away from you. My SIL has one and she lives next door. That goat has been a challenge at times. He ate all of my corn one year.

        Thanks for the prayers NW. DH and I have both been trying to get in better shape.

  64. I made the mistake of going to WallyWorld this week! DH needed his blood pressure meds refilled……the place was PACKED in the middle of the day, middle of the week…..I asked the cashier WHY the place was mobbed with people. She said, “It’s not the 15th of the month yet. That’s when people run out of money on their food stamp cards. It will be better after the 15th!” I immediately hit the dry beans aisle and picked up another 10 pounds. Our country can’t go on like this much longer.
    Other preps this week: I canned 14 pounds of chicken, planted corn and tomatoes. Bought another gallon of raw, local honey. Placed an order for more vegetable seeds. One of my bantam hens went broody this week, so I moved her to a separate pen, along with her nest and eggs. Bantam chickens are excellent setters; so, I’m building up my flock of bantams. They will serve as my incubators when TSHTF.
    I’m also trying my hand at making sauerkraut with cabbage from my garden. Just started it yesterday with a kraut crock I “gave” myself for Christmas. Fermented foods for gut health!!!
    Last, but not least, we added to the stockpile of PMs. I, too, feel like late 2014, early 2015 things will deteriorate significantly. Keep preppin’ folks!

    • Goatlover,
      Many people started getting their income tax refund checks and for people without checking accounts Wal-Mart is the cheapest place to get them cashed. We send all of our customers without accounts to them.

  65. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey Cubbies.
    Hope everyone has had a good week.
    We had 2 birthdays and valentines day so not much leftover for preps. Did order some new chicks. Need to enlarge the gene pool. and brooder parts and lamps. Got some spring cleaning done but still have much to do. Got DH a lift for the lawn tractor and a mulching kit. As we age it’s not so easy to do routine stuff. DH made tons of deer and beef jerkies. But we had grandkids spend the weekend and the bags are now empty.
    To those who have fibromyalgia, RA,OA and diseases involving connective tissue, I was reading where the biggest culprit identified so far, is artifical sweetners, all kinds. I too believe much of the hard to identify illnesses are food related. I have now become allergic to cinnamon. Thank goodness for Benadryl!

    • Tactical G-Ma;
      Is that “all” cinnamon or just the stuff from the grocery store? Do you have a health food store in your area that you might find cinnamon and will not have a reaction and be needing the Bendadryl?
      Like you I have to have my cinnamon…yum!

  66. Encourager says:

    Any of you ever had a chore to do, but dreaded it and put it off until you simply couldn’t wait another second? Yeah, me too…

    Finally dragged myself into the storage area and started the inventory and clean-out. Now, I am going to be completely honest here in hope I can spare someone else the embarrassment of what I found.

    I found over two laundry basket loads of canned/boxed/bottled food so outdated (2010 and before ). My dh was not a happy person. At least he said not to toss the rancid olive oil because he would use it to keep the dust down in the driveway this summer…

    Okay, I will confess to buying stuff because I thought it was good to stock up with it. Bad me. Never used it. Now never will.

    Earlier I suggested to write out some menus and stock the stuff you needed for those recipes – recipes you will MAKE. I am embarrassed to confess I did not follow my own advice. Yes, I DID have stuff stocked that I use all the time in my normal cooking. None of that stuff was old or expired. Why? Because of FIFO – first in, first out. But spending hard earned money on stuff I found on some stranger’s list was plain dumb.

    Lesson learned and now passed on? Stock up on stuff you use, period. Someone who made their own “essential” list doesn’t live here and they don’t cook here. If you want to see if you like someone’s recipe, buy enough for one meal and try it out. If you like, stock up. If not, don’t buy!!

    Sigh…I know you all are shaking your heads in disbelief. But I did it and learned the hard way.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      use the oil for soap…lubrication, for those screws..

    • Encourager, outdated doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It seems nowadays, manufacturers date everything to “expire” in just a year or two. I still have items on my shelves that are outdated, which I bought when the sale was just too good to not buy cases. The only thing I have tossed was a box of pasta I found a couple days ago that expired in 2009, and I only threw it out because pasta does tend to taste like ass after a while. The only other food I’ve ever had a problem with was “the cheesiest” mac and cheese. The powdered cheese turned darker and tasted a little burnt.

      My rules for stored cans…if it’s not bulging, rusted or dented, and doesn’t “spurt” when opened, I consider it good unless it smells nasty. I use the sniff test on boxed goods, then maybe a little taste test before consuming a meal of it.

      • NANN! – you use the same method I do, but I draw the line at cans over 10 years old.

        • I haven’t had any cans reach 10 years yet. When I was young, I’d always heard cans would last about 7 years. I know cans aren’t made the same nowadays, but I’m not throwing out food just because of a date on the lid.

          • Nsaneprepper says:

            I used some ten year old nalleys chili and it was perfectly fine.

          • Encourager says:

            One of the reasons they don’t last as long is the pull-top can top.

            • hi. we are Eastern Orthodox and the rancid olive oil is used for lights. you get floating wicks from a church supply. put water in glass container, oil on top and float the wick. not safe near cats or kids. we use hanging lamps.
              as far as other stuff, like pasta, i boil it and put it out for birds. not good if you have possums bothering you, though.
              bought 20 pounds of rice but was beetle infested. birds got it. beetles just extra food to birds.
              also, i read jackie clay’s column in backwoods home magazine. she has things much older that they have safely eaten.
              but it is a good lesson for all of us. don’t be embarrassed. thanks for the reminder.

  67. ….unfroze my water…and my bleach…and my propane tank/line…
    …propane heater thawing out the camper…cleaned camper…
    …been back to miminalist nomadic explloration winter living…

    …tired of living and working in this cold!…
    -48c coldest so far in dec. temps hovering -4 yay!
    …now -20 🙁 today bit of snow…

    lessons learned winter camper living? using lots of hand sanitizer/paper towel just gotta get a back up heating plan to my back up heating plans… alwways struggling to keep things unfrozen… my friends just brought me mexican hot sauce other day…yay! ran out of propane ooopsy slept with my hot sauce!
    …last winter i lost 6 bottles to freezing… (it makes a very bad smell)! am always shifting things from cab of truck to camper…
    life would/will be HARD without hotsauce n beers…

  68. This week, I decided my storage room needed some love, so I set out to reorganize some shelves. I found the 1000 lb. capacity shelves on the shelving unit I got for Christmas last year, don’t really hold anywhere near 1000 lbs. very well. The shelf holding some of my water stock was sagging badly, so I unloaded the shelf to see if I could turn it over. There were huge cracks on the bottom side, so now I’m in the process of replacing the crap shelves with 3/4″ inch plywood. Luckily, my ex was anal about always having a good stock of all kinds of wood and ply in the garage, so I didn’t have to buy a single sheet.
    I picked up a few more cans of fruit and meats, bottles of juice and a couple large bags of pet food. I think I mentioned recently that I had been buying canned meats because I couldn’t afford a pressure canner yet. Well….I got a call a few days ago from someone who had one in their garage they were going to toss if I didn’t want it! They’re out of state, so I don’t have it yet. Hoping it arrives before the SHTF.
    Also received my order from EE yesterday, and took a few extra items I ordered to some beginner prepper relatives today. Still working on rotating self-bottled water from last year into use.

  69. Bought twenty five cans of meat, reloaded some 40 caliber rounds 308 rounds

  70. I purchased a UCO Candlelier Deluxe and 20 candles as well as smoe extra water and canned food.

    • I had to look up the Candleier. I’d never heard of it. Looks like a pretty neat gadget, and I might have to have one myself. Thanks for turning me on to that!

  71. I scored an old CDV-777-1 Radiological Monitoring Set this week. Yesterday I went thru old 1st aid kits in our vehicles. They were free back in 2000 so I had stuff to replace. Today they are more useful then when they were brand new. Also went thru the get home bags.

    JoJo lost her job a few weeks ago so we are slowly cycling thru our food stores and using the FIFO principle.

  72. Chuck Findlay says:

    I bought a bunch of canning jars at the Salvation Army Store for 1/2 of what they would cost in a store. I also bought several tools I can use to make money with. Tools allow me to continue to work post shtf. I also bought some silver, not as much as I would like to, but always moving forward to build the supply.

    Been busy working so I didn’t do much else. I can’t wait for warm weather to get here so I can get out and do more in the garage without having to burn a ton of wood heating it up.

  73. grandma Rosie says:

    Wish I felt sure we had this year to prep. Most places I have been on think this year will be it. Google Americanspring I didn’t read it yet but have seen it mentioned several times. A new march on Wash DC on May 16th People are really getting fed up with the govt and are about ready to boil over. Went to an auction yest that had guns listed. Got to talking to a man looking at them and he said the only way he would give up his guns was when they take them from his dead hands. Other wise he said he would give them up WHEN HE SAW THE GUARDS OF OBAMA GIVE UP THEIRS!!! If anyone saw that SurvivalSummit you know some are really getting not just guns & ammo but body armour etc. They are preparing for a revolution.This was on computer NOT NatGeo.

  74. Received my tax refund, and used most of it to pay off some debt. However, did use some to place a couple of EE and Thrive (Shelf Reliance) orders to catch some of the January and February specials. Ordered a compost bin from Amazon, but when it arrived, found it has a ton of parts, so will probably be sending that back. Really want to find something to compost since we have a small garden.

    Bought a few things to do some organizing – as it’s definitely my shortfall. Have great ideas, but am terrible about implementing! Looking to reorganize my kitchen for a more efficient layout, but we’ll see if I have the money to do so. Need to replace at least one microwave, as one of them officially died, and the really old one is starting to take longer, so feeling like it might not last too much longer. I’m doing more cooking on the stove top and oven, but since I’m a single mom and work full time, I do appreciate the convenience of the micro.

    I too have that “my stomach is cramping” feeling about the economy. Love the ideas and humor on this site. Praying for the Pack for illnesses and jobs! DD has been home all week with some sort of virus – has had a temp for a week now. Took her to the dr on Tues, had her tested for strep since her throat was somewhat sore. Test came back negative – just irritated from drainage. I only had her take ibuprofen a couple times when she was miserable. Otherwise, we been trying to let it run its course. I did receive the elderberries and star anise from Amazon this week. Would the tincture help? She’s not coughing or anything, just the dang temp and malaise that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

    • Encourager says:

      Regarding the composter, Sheila B, now is the time to post a “Wanted” in your local Free Cycle or Craig’s List. We found a name brand one for free on Free Cycle. Just had to go pick it up. Someone had shot it a few times with a 22, but no big deal. Just more air to help compost!

      • Good idea Encourager. I haven’t used Craig’s list before, but there is one based out of a larger city about a 1/2 hour away.

  75. I think you will really like the Foxx holster, it is comfortable and well made… for the money a great holster.

  76. Lets see, this week I rotated and added to my water. Planned my next big shopping trip after bills are paid. Picked up 30 toothbrushes for $3.
    Got some planting done, got some more seeds and a couple more strawberry plants. My lime tree has a few blooms on it so I am hoping the weather is cooperative for the bees.

    Found out I have mice and completely blame the neighbors. We have been here for almost 2 years without any issues, then these guys move in… I would have figured they came in from the field due to the cold but the neighbors kid let it slip that they are having issues with them ‘because the people who lived here before were dirty’ except we put flooring in next door and the place was spotless… Oh well, what can ya do? So I am trying out this home made trap. I really really, really need it to work. With kids, dogs, and a rabbit, poisons and snap traps are not going to happen. Well, that and who wants to clean up a dead mouse?
    Speaking of such wonderful neighbors. My pup got loose 3 days ago and their little girl was all like ‘come here puppy’ and when the pup jumped on her he accidentally scratched her. Didnt break the skin or anything. Today the neighbor came over and told my dh that we needed to control our dogs because if they got loose and bit his (step) kid again he would call someone. He waited 3 days to say something and I waited outside for over an hour WHEN IT HAPPENED for them to come out and talk to me. Freakin trouble makers. Grrrrr. Ok rant over.

    In awesome (for me) news. I made my first etsy sale. Woohoo!! The lady purchased one of my wire wrapped sculptures and has since asked that when I get more done to let her know. She wants 3 or 4 more in varying colors if I am so willing. Lol, I was doing the happy dance. Which brings me to my next topic.

    I have been thinking about pms. But I dont want to go out and buy a bunch of junk silver or anything. I have a some put up. What I was thinking is that since I do a lot of wire wrapping and stuff, getting some wire in sterling and gold. Right now I work with copper, but I was thinking of starting with small amounts of silver then going from there. I can make all kinds of stuff, and I do have some gemmy beads to go with it. With things the way they are I can craft with it, sell it, buy more, andif things go to hell, well I figured it might work the same as pms. So any other thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    So thats it for me. Sending prayers for those who need it and wishing everyone a good week.

    • Oh I almost forgot, someone from the pack mentioned something last week (I think) about needing to apply for assistance. My internet has been all kinds of stupid lately or I would have replied sooner… something a lot of people dont know is that on food stamps you can get fruits and vegetables seeds and plants. I dont know if that will help or not, but I know it helped me get off assistance that much faster when I needed it.

      • pray and Jesus will move the neighbors or the Holy Spirit will transmogrify them or you will become invisible to them. it can happen. personal experience.
        p.s. per mice–get a cat. ours do a great job. just that every so often you come across a mummified mouse behind the furnace. no stink issues.
        if a cat brings me a mouse as a present i give him tuna in reciprocation. encourages for the next time a mouse is on the hoof.

  77. This week I hooked up my solar panels FINALLY and the controller and batteries appear to work so far. This after how many years of dithering and whatnot. I combined 2 Harbor Freight kits. Now I just need jumps between the two batteries to turn them into a battery bank, I have some house wire sitting around, that should work.

    I’m looking forward to an Appleseed KD shoot next weekend. Yeah, I’ll be shooting outside all day in February. I think I must be crazy. But, just call it toughening up. (note to self, get or make shooting mittens, and find the Hot Hands). So I’ve been getting ready for that – buying food, finding my wool pants, getting my range bag ready, making sure I wash my long johns, etc.

    Aside from this I’ve just been reading and decluttering. it was kind of a slow week, I worked some extra hours too.

  78. I’ve got two rabbits that have kindled this month. one had 4, and one had 10. All are doing great, no losses! My 4, 55gl water drums have been replaced with two 275gl water totes, so I’ve doubles my water storage. I bought 9 copper and black maran chicks and have them under a heat lamp in the garage. If the economy hits the fan, i’m sure to have a rooster or two. If it don’t, then they will be roasters in due time. I’m picking up 5, 12v batteries tomorrow for my solar panels, and 5 more next payday. Then all I need is a charger and wiring to complete the set up when I need it. This week i’ll be making a sand filter out of one of my 55gl drums and the rest will find a down spout in the chicken run.

    • Speaking of prepping by having a plan for Valentines day, I got DW a Ruger Sp101 357 revolver. She’s not real comfortable with semi-autos, so for the handgun its K.I.S.S. It looked so pretty snuggled in with the candy and flowers. it shoots very nicely, and very little recoil with 38’s loaded. gonna change the grips this week to something a little softer.

      • What an awesome Valentines gift!! You got a brother? LOL

        • Yes I do have a brother, and if he’s smart, he saw my pick on my fb account and did the same for his wife.

          • LOL sorry, I should have specified ‘single’. If he did the same for his wife, you boys were raised well!

      • ken:

        You might want to look into Hogue wooden grips for the SP101. I bought a used revolver with a pair. When I sold the revolver I kept the wood grips for a future purchase. They fit the hand MUCH better than the factory or rubber grips. Felt recoil did not change. Well worth the investment.

  79. I havent posted in quite awhile but look forward to reading this segment every week. For awhile we werent able to add anything to our stores but this past couple of weeks has brought 8 bottles of laundry soap, all found on sale and also used coupons. We now have close to a years worth of TP and 6 months worth of paper towels. Coffee was also on sale for 2 for $10 and we picked up 6 cans. I will probably try and grab more at the end of the week. I saw a 20 pound bag of rice at Walmart for $6.00. 30 cents a pound seems pretty darn good. And I have none in stock.

    I think Im going to take a loan from my 401 K to get all of our debt paid off. I am overwhelmed every month and the stress level that accompanies this situation is too high. I take full responsibility for this mess. Ive done some stupid things in my life.

    We sold an extra vehicle that was nearly 20 years old but ran well. I was glad for the extra cash and the person was grateful for a car that doesnt completely suck fuel. It will save me some money on insurance every month as well.

    Husband and I bought 80 pounds of pork and made brats, breakfast sausage and italian sausage. Its good to have the freezer reloaded again as we were getting low.


  80. We have been very busy traveling. Went to SC to see abt a possible job change for DH, but it will nit work out for now. Visited with DD and boyfriend at college on Friday. Took them to lunch and delivered valentine’s candy. At Target this week, I found king size flannel sheets (100% cotton) for $17.48. Figured that would be quite a bit of fabric for forTP substitute,diapers, burp cloths, etc. Have purchased most of the seed we need for garden. We would like to try potatoes, but cannot find less than 5 lbs of seed potatoes per pkg. How much would that plant? Still too wet to work in garden, but will be starting seeds as soon as we return home. Today and tomorrow I am accompanying hubby on a work trip to various company sites so he may upgrade various network componets. Basically I am along to keep him awake while driving. Prayers for ill pack members and families.

    • Encourager says:

      Check garden supply stores for the potatoes. Most carry bulk in a bin and you pay by the pound. They won’t be available for at least another 6 weeks in MI.

  81. Urbancitygirl says:

    Hello, I’ve been reading this site for well over a year. I guess I didn’t feel I had much to offer but well, I have gotten to “know” many of you and really look forward to all the comments.

    Our prepping adventure is just that. Living in an urban setting and due to DH job, it’s not yet time to evacuate. So, I prep in place. So far, we added many raised beds and this year will be my 2nd year growing veggies. I ordered 4 hens this week from a hatchery after spending considerable time researching (allowed 4 hens, no roosters). They will arrive in early April. My coop will be ordered soon.

    We have 6 months of food in a mixture of long and short term. Three months of stored water (a weakness for sure). One year supply of over the counter meds and vitamins (inventoried this weekend). Some fish biotics, need more. DH installed rain water roof catchment for me last year and bought more barrels recently to expand to 200 gallons.

    We added a Shephard puppy a year ago (after so many suggestions to get a big dog on this site). I am in love with her.

    Started elderberry tincture 2 weeks ago. Ordered elderberry bushes and Jerusalem artichokes online and stocking up on seeds this week. Last year I installed raspberry bushes, planted rhubarb and artichokes. My thoughts are to plant perennials where I can.

    We have bobs, we also have emergency kits in both of our vehicles and DH work vehicle. I hid emergency cash in our personal vehicles as well as in hiding places at home (not a lot, but it’s a start).

    Added various back up cooking and heating units but would like to add a wood stove. DH installed a whole house generator.

    I’ve learned how to make chicken stock, bake bread, dehydrate, and cook in a Dutch oven. Lots more to learn.

    We have fire arms and a decent stash of ammo, but need more. DH is retired army sergeant so he encouraged me to get my CPL (done) and I’m a better shot. To his dismay, I prefer the Judge over semi automatics.

    I’ve been working on reducing our energy costs/usage and have cut those costs by up to 50percent which would be helpful in grid down, sporadic power outages or job loss. And by cooking from scratch I’ve got meal costs down to $5 or less with leftovers.

    Thank you for all the wonderful advice.

    • Urbancitygirl, Wow. Good going. You are WAY ahead of most people in the neighborhood.

      And for most problems, staying home will be just fine.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Haha, if you knew my neighborhood Penrod- I am def ahead.

        We have talked about looking for a couple acres. My thought process is that we have to stay put til DH retires, but could use the property for “camping” (what I will tell everyone). Promptly plant berries and trees. And, though we’d prefer to be farther away, we are considering only 100-200 miles away in case of shtf scenario. Thinking that distance may be easier to reach for us as long as we safely get out of the city.

        • I like your thought process on location distance in relation to where you are. We are also located near a large city and want land away from here. We are looking at an area that is an hour to hour and a half drive from us. We should be able to reach it in SHTF but will also be more likely to use it and prepare it for moving there later with it somewhat closer.

          You are way ahead of the curve compared to many and that probably includes me. We both work, but we’re doing what we can.

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            Thank you for the encouragement. In driving around our city, the decay is overwhelming. When I speak about it with my kids, they just don’t see what I see. Then, one day my oldest told me “mom, we grew up with this and maybe we just don’t see it-it’s normal to us.” Broke my heart but was also an awakening.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      UCG, hey! Good job! You and DH are on the right track!

    • Welcome to the Pack, Urbancitygirl! Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job with your preps. Your list reminded me of a few things I also need to get done, such as the fish meds. Kudos on learning the new skills too.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Nann, Do not forget the natural antibiotics, like coliodial(sp) silver, oil of oregano,olive leaf extract.,garlic..and there are others.. in this age of resistant bacterial things will only become worse…Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Thank you for the welcoming.

  82. Like Nebraska Woman we are worried about the effects of the drought. Bought some more water barrells. Working on a more water friendly opton for the garden.
    Still haven’t found any 22LR lately here. Sure would be good to get some as well as some 45ACP.
    Waiting to see if I got the promotion I interviewed for. Lots of travel involved which worries me for getting home by myself but the increase in wages would help us retire that much quicker. I felt good going from the interview but as time goes by I thought of things I “should have” said. Oh well. Gods hands now.
    The neighbors property is up for sale but can’t afford it. She has lots of outbuildings and a spring that we have been able to use for years. My cousin called and said she might be interested which would be a god send. The two properties together would pretty much solidify the WANT to bug in. Between the two properties, we could be pretty much self sufficient.
    Ordered from Cabela’s a 1hp commercial grinder and 44lb meat hopper. DH went to Cabela’s on line the next day and found it $50.00 cheaper so we have a $50.00 gift card in the mail. He called and complained. Good for him. Got a smoker for Christmas so we are going to be putting away chicken/pork sausage and pepperoni this year.
    Got the garden seeds and will be starting them soon in the house. Look at supplementing the chicken food with some fresh watermelon and cantaloupe. They love it.
    Prayers for the Pack. May we all survive together. God Bless You and Yours.

  83. Greetings Wolfpack!
    I am so happy, that everyone here is doing as well as they are. My thoughts and prayers go out to those of us who are having trying times right now. I find it peculiar how many of us are so connected. Earlier this week I had a very ominous feeling about the future, and told my kids that we need to start prepping harder than ever. I just found out this week that Bear Creek also has rice. I ended up buying ten of each flavor they have! I was able to put away almost 8 2 liter bottles of sugar, and started working on putting away more water. Was able to pick up a few medical supplies for the BOBs. Trying to save money for the upcoming gun show in three weeks. Hoping to be able to pick up a few items. Took two days off work, have to spend some time with my kids. Seems like I never get to see them since the divorce. 18, 17, 15, and two & a half years old. Have the older kids reading survival books. After they read it three times, then I quizzed them on their knowledge. Hopefully, will be able to get out soon and physically test them on their recently acquired knowledge. Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

  84. mountain lady says:

    Well, I too have not posted in months. For a long while, I could not even get the site down to read, but everything seems to be working now, except for my fingers. I have been trying to maintain my prep level and do believe I can survive for quite a while. I had decided to plant a larger garden this year, but with the drought and the possibility of a dry well, I have decided to just plant tomatoes and other veggies in my 6 oak barrels, Those can be easily handwatered. I guess you all know that tdl came and decided to give Cali a fist full of dollars. I am sure the powers that be in this state will spend it on something. The fact that he thinks we can end this drought with money is just plain silly. Please pray for rain for those of us on the left coast.

  85. Bought some odds and ends, including a waterbob. Got a few more canned soups. My big prep was picking up my first zaycon order last week. My vacuum sealer gave up in the middle of processing the chicken so I had to run out and grab a new one. I guess I can finally get those neat little attachments I’ve been looking at that foodsaver has (my old one was not a foodsaver). Ordered The Vegetable Gardner’s Bible. The BF gave me 3 boxes of .40 for Valentine’s Day because, as he says, 1 box is practical and 3 is romantic. Can’t beat that logic. 🙂 Also been getting up to date on my medical checkups. So, typical couple of weeks, did more than I thought and less than I want!

  86. Hey everyone! Been lurking for quite sometime and loving all the outstanding folks here! To the fibromyalgia discussion…yes, yes it’s the diet! My long story short, get rid of “fungus” or those things which foster it in the body. Watch/read http://knowthecause.com for what they call the “phase 1” diet to clean out the junk. After 30 days, it’s amazing how the body responds. Commercial wheat and corn is riddled with mold and the mycotoxins they put off – it’s no wonder so many experience such physical misery – think about what is fed to the livestock to boot. I am no longer sick every 45 days w/ sinus, bronchitis, and has helped osteoarthritis!
    Thanks for allowing the rant – heck of a way to introduce myself – hope it helps!

    • Hi hiplains and welcome to the Pack! Thanks for the link and info. I was just having a discussion with my sister last night about cleansing the body of crap. I was thinking of starting another juice diet this week, but I think I’ll check out the info you shared first.

    • Encourager says:

      Hiplains, this was a GREAT way to introduce yourself! You will fit right in with all the other extremely helpful/knowledgeable folk on this wonderful site. I look forward to reading your input! Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

    • Encourager says:

      I am in shock. I just went to the site you posted, Hiplains, and am in shock. I have fought fungal infections for over 50 years. At one point, I had Candida so bad, there wasn’t one fold of skin that wasn’t inflamed. I went to a D.O. who was also a Homeopathic doctor. She put me on a diet that eliminated a lot of food, and two different Rx fungicides. It did help tons. I shed so much Candida I was physically ill. She also told me I was pre-diabetic. She never mentioned diabetes was fungal-related; maybe she didn’t know it was. Unfortunately, she was one of those doctors who had a difficult time communicating with her patients. I ended up finding another doctor…that hasn’t a clue.

      Thanks for this site. It may be just the turn-around I need. I have already decided to use the eating plan for Eat For Your Blood Type. The book mentions how prone Type 0’s are to fungus infections and lists many food I would never have suspected.

      It is ALWAYS difficult to completely change your eating habits. I love to bake bread every week, love mushrooms and blue cheese. Now I have to eliminate all wheat and corn, mushrooms, oranges, kidney beans (I love them), navy beans, etc. Sigh, big changes.

      • Oh Encourager, you experienced what’s called a herxheimer reaction when the shed is so drastic, it makes you sick 🙁
        Most doctors arenever taught about fungus! It is in the old medical journals (1940’s) but certainly not taught to med students now. Most MD’s have no training in the area of nutrition even. The big pharam sponsors many of their educational seminars so that’s how we get pointed to pills instead of lifestyle changes. Diflucan and nystatin are 2 of the best RX antifungals. To save $ look up non RX fungal killers and rotate them every couple of weeks (I use olive leaf, grapefruit seed extract and tumeric) but the diet change is the biggest thing and the fastest. Yes, hard to do….no sugar (main food for fungus) … I love homemade bread too- but when you feel so profoundly better, it’s worth it. Keep after drinking water too. You can do it!!

      • Encourager,

        It’s my understanding that Candida overgrowth is a sign of an underlying heath issue (such as diabetes) or a weakened immune system, or the most common cause is the use of antibiotics. You get your blood sugar under control and there is a good chance that the Candida overgrowth will go away too.

        • M.D. – candida and diabetes is like the chicken and egg story. Which came first? We may never know.

          Medications can drive up blood sugars, essentially causing diabetes. I personally have started to black out from a heart medication that dropped my blood sugar too much. I currently take apple cider vinegar every morning and put cinnamon in my coffee to aid with glucose control. The vinegar helps with all kinds of other stuff too.

          The link provided has some very interesting ideas. I am going to include more of the “safe” foods and less of the “problem” foods into my diet to see if it helps but I’m not going cold turkey. I still believe in eating a wide variety of foods.

          • GA Red,

            The candida (yeast) came first, we all have it because it is part of our bodies make up, and is usually kept in check by our immune system. But when we are sick the candida can grow out of control causing all sorts of problems.

        • Encourager says:

          M.D., back in the 1970’s I was on Prednisone, high doses, for 1 1/2 years (!). I had such severe hives; they could not diagnose what was causing them. A nurse across the street was on call to rush over and give me epinephrine injections when my throat would swell shut and when my husband was home, he gave them. Had some close calls. I believe that was when everything went haywire with my immune system.

          Went to a specialist in Illinois who hospitalized me; after a 6 day fast of nothing but water and MOM, they began testing. I was severely allergic to petrochemicals, including natural gas, and to a lesser extent, corn, crab, and other shellfish. None of the food allergies were life threatening.

          I lived in a home that had gas heat, gas water heater, gas clothes dryer, gas stove/oven; and lived on a corner that had heavy traffic – with stop signs.

          We moved. But my immune system has never recovered completely. The prednisone allowed candida overgrowth. Fighting it ever since.

  87. huckleberrylady says:

    Hi Pack,
    I had read a few other pack members some time back talking about making flu kits, so I worked on making a flu kit this week. I picked up 4-20 packs of the alka-seltzer severe cold & flu. Another box of 20 N95 mask, a box of 100 latex gloves, 3 bottles of pedialite for the electrolytes. I also went to the dollar store and got 4 shower curtains for plastic (many uses and super cheap). I put in two bottles of acetaminophen and a jar of menthol rub. Oh and a big box of black plastic garbage bags. This was just a start on my flu kit, I put it all in a clear tote with the snap locking lids.
    I also stocked up on some more food preps; another 25 lbs of rice, a 4 pack of Progresso beef soup, 2 containers of salt, 1 bag of brown sugar, 3 containers of misc. seasonings. I also found Malto meal at my local Winco. We usually eat cream of wheat, but I saw the malt o meal with a maple and brown sugar flavor. I bought a box of it to try it out and see if it would be worth buying again. We really liked it and decided it would be good to have since we didn’t have to add any additional sweetener to it like we do the cream of wheat. My family likes putting brown sugar usually on cream of wheat. My DH and I decided that we could try vacuum sealing the boxes of the malt o meal that comes wrapped in plastic and then store the vacuum sealed boxes in some of our buckets inside Mylar bags.
    Does anyone think this would work to get a ‘longer’ term storage life out of it?
    I also bought 4 boxes of canning jar lids and 2 boxes of canning salt.

    I have also been doing some painting in my house to spruce things up, we are working on getting our house on the market this spring so we can get moved out to our permanent BOL.

    Have a great week everyone!

    • I would pour the malt o meal out of the box to vacuum seal it. The box will most likely make holes in the sealer bags.But you should definitely get a longer storage life.

    • I just mentioned this to someone yesterday and your post reminded me – if you don’t have Pedialite or Gatorade, mix your own with 1 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of sugar in water (I use a 16 oz water bottle). It works in the same way – just doesn’t taste so great.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Ditto Deb and GA Red on both. I have a book where I write or print off recipes for important solutions. Electrolyte solution is one of them. I bought the little packets that is added to a bottle of water(bought wherever Crystal Lite, etc.is sold) for my ghb and a Katadyn filter. If you live in the south add salt tablets. Dehydration is bad.

      • At a former office job, we did a survival training class discussion/test (in a conference room). They gave you a list of items and you were supposed to do something like list them in order of importance. One of the things it said you did NOT want in a survival situation was salt tablets. On the list of things you DID want was a tarp – to be able to collect water from the morning dew.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          GA Red, I guess I need to relearn my old survival stuff. Proly much in this old noggin is outdated!

          • I always thought it was a bit of a strange class for a bunch of office people, but we all learned some stuff.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I stand corrected…DO NOT TAKE SALT PILLS! See why I love you guys. Ya keep me informed!

        • Why no salt tabs? I do endurance sports plus work outside and salt tabs are still used quite often. Anything more than an hour of physical movement and salt tabs are quite handy.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I just googled it. And there are better ways to completely hydrate than salt without the side effects of too much salt, i.e. bloating, high blood pressure, etc.

          • I’m digging up old brain cells so bear with me – something to the effect of in a survival situation, salt tabs will make you retain water and you may not necessarily be sweating out the salts, which would be harmful to your body. Your main concern is water. You’re “supposed” to be able to get enough salt from your foods.

            In endurance sports, hot weather, and specific situations, salt will be useful as long as you’re getting enough water to balance it. Personally, when I’m cutting grass in the 90+ degree heat in the summer, I prepare the sugar/salt water I mentioned earlier to help prevent dehydration and migraines. Salt helps the body use the sugar from what I remember.

            Someone with more training than me might be able to explain it better.

            • Sw't Tater says:

              and if using large amounts of water, ie heavy sweating be sure to replace the magnesium and manganese as well…diabetics need to be especially careful to replace the magnesium, because this is often excreted too freely.

    • huckleberrylady;
      If you do not wish to put the malt o meal into the vacuum seal bags you can measure out what you would eat for a week into the correct size glass canning jars you just purchased. Use the canning lids(metal) or Tattler lids(reusable) and vacuum seal the jars. To protect the jars I use old socks that have seen better days(have holes in them)for a slip cover. Starting at the bottom of the jar up the side to make a cushion should they be bumped.
      You can also use small zip lock style bags for the meal and then leave one corner open so that the air is pulled out of the bags and you can then place them in the food saver bags for sealing. I use this method with long grain white rice, and anything else I can think of.
      Your name reminds me of my childhood picking that fruit with my mom many years ago in eastern Oregon. 🙂

  88. Formerly posted as “Les” but after reading one of BCtruck’s posts I decided to start a blog and YouTube channel and that’sthe name of it, TexasKnowHow. Hope I put the website link in right.

    Just checking in. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything and found out I too was “blacklisted” like nsaneprepper. I emailed M.D. and now I can post again. I’ll wait till tomorrow to catch up on preps that I’ve been doing. Thanks again for this weekly forum M.D.

  89. Encourager says:

    So…I re-read the Eat Right for Your Blood Type books (I have two different ones by same author). After meditating on them a few days, I got the distinct impression to check this doctor out.

    Here is what I found out:
    He has never done double-blind studies or clinical trials on his theories. He will not tell how he decided what food went with what blood type. He also wrote a book about blood types and arthritis. Again, he would not publish nor talk about his findings or theories. He claimed, back in the late 1990’s that he was in the middle of a ‘scientific trial’ where the results would be published shortly. He never published the results.

    I am starting to think that here is a doc that made a bundle of money on unproved theories. Rats.

    Dh and I have decided to eliminate all wheat from our diets for six weeks, along with corn and sugar. We won’t be substituting Einkorn or Spelt for the wheat until after the six weeks, if then. I will eliminate any food that has a propensity for mold, such as blue cheese, olives (not olive oil), etc.

    My own unscientific test!

    • Encourager says:

      I should have mentioned that we are DONE with modern wheat. Just as we are done with GMO corn. We don’t eat any soy unless it is fermented (such as organic Tamari or Soy sauce). As expensive as it will be, we will make the sacrifice financially and purchase organic food or pasture raised meat only, unless we grew it or knew the person who grew it.

      Eating out will be difficult. Wonder if I could talk the Texas Roadhouse into using pastured raised beef?? hmmm…. just kidding. I realize that if we eat out, we don’t have much control over what is on the plate but we CAN give up rolls, pasta, etc. And not eat out often…

      • Good research on the Blood Type diet guy. Thanks for sharing.

        Eating out won’t be easy but most chain restaurants offer gluten-free menus upon request. While they can’t guarantee perfectly gluten-free meals, if you say it’s an allergy, they will work harder to make sure there’s little to no cross contamination.

        Chili’s recently started using a seasoning on their nachos that tears me up. I talked to the manager and he let me know that I can get them without the seasoning. I just have to ask.

        Asking questions and talking to the manager when necessary is always good. Talk to the people at Texas Roadhouse and they might be able to accommodate your needs, except maybe the grass fed beef part.

        Good luck. There seem to be several here who are gluten-free, so ask any questions you think might help. Maybe we will all learn something.

        • Encourager says:

          Thanks GA Red. It is not that I am allergic to wheat or gluten; I have gone on an elimination diet with wheat/gluten for three weeks and then back on. Could not tell any difference.

          It is just the overall health issues that so many people have developed with modern day wheat. I don’t want to be added to them!

          What, you don’t think Texas Roadhouse will get in some pasture raised beef just for little ol’ me? Hrumpf!

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