What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with today’s “what did you do to prep this week” I would like to give a shout-out and a big thank you to Leslie D, Kelli M, Michael B, Donna S, and Willard N for their generous donations this week via or voluntary $5 monthly subscription service. Thank you.

I would also like to thank everyone for your feedback on the new blog header – as you know I like to “change it up” around here every once and a while and your feedback helps. Personally, I’m still undecided as to whether to keep the new one or go back to the old one. I’m going to watch the “bounce rate” for a few days before making a final decision.

Okay, now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Added a final fourth sensor to my Dakota Alert system - the two not pictured here are set up and active.

Added a final fourth sensor to my Dakota Alert system – the two not pictured here are set up and active.

Bought this "Brush Guard" for my truck at a local pawn shop for $70.

Bought this “Brush Guard” for my truck at a local pawn shop for $70.

Let’s see what else…

Ordered a Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio and a copy of Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections and a copy of Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria.

Also while not a dedicated “survival prep” I renewed my car insurance.

Well folks, those are pretty much the highlights of my prepping week… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?


  1. Rifleman336 says:

    I like your new header I say keep it…

  2. midnight1st says:

    Put up gutters on tin roofed shed and attached 475 gallons of rain barrels.

    Ordered, received and planted the following herbs: red lobelia, blue lobelia, elecampane, valerian, pyrethrum, pasque flower, meadowsweet, marshmallow, comfrey, astragalus, and goji berries. I’m trying to grow all herbs that will grow here. If you don’t possess it, you don’t own it. I’m afraid that we will not be able to order what we need at some point.

    I also planted broccoli and some horseradish. Also planted the sugar snap peas. More of the garlic that I planted in the fall is coming up. I was beginning to worry about it.

    Bought several cases of veggies, chilli, and canned chicken to add to the stash and vodka to make more tinctures. I am trying to get way ahead on the chicken before it starts coming from china.

    I killed both my printer and my computer this week; so, I had to replace them. Learning a new system is the pits!

    Have a great week, Pack!

  3. My beautiful bride JoJo picked up another case of TP. 80 count double ply, 450 sheets per roll.
    We had our eye exams and will be ordering new eye glasses here shortly.
    Yesterday I had a cat scan. I have blockage in my lower extremities and hope to get that cleaned up here shortly as well. After wards we had a great breakfast and went to a military surplus store. Didn’t buy anything but just looked and made mental notes.
    Ordered a dozen cans or Werling meats for our stock. Prices have not changed for over a year. Don’t know how long that will last.

  4. This week I acquired a laminating machine for $5 at the thrift store. It has a temperature control. Also I found a book there about dollar devaluation (aka inflation). Someone gave me an ancient Bearcat scanner this week, and I looked up the local cop/fire frequencies online, the next thing will be to program them in and listen in. That is, if they’re not encrypted. We shall see. If this works, I’ll have a way to monitor any strange situations in real time.

    I keep being busy when it’s warm out and missing the opportunity to do work outside on my house. Most frustrating. And now we’re supposed to get a foot of snow tonight. Drat!

    The cryptography class I was signed up to do got postponed again. Double drat! I’m going to have to try to learn it on my own I guess. The Bruce Schneier tome I will have to study is so thick, you need Chuck Norris to lift it. (I’m making a funny, there are Schneier jokes that are just like the Chuck Norris jokes only geeky)

    Other than that, I caught a computer virus, but hopefully I noticed soon enough that I was able to kill it before it damaged anything. I’m still running scans.

    Well, this isn’t supposed to be a report of what I couldn’t do to prep, so I guess I should quit while I’m ahead. The radio scanner was a sweet score.

    • Happy Camper says:

      You can usually tune into the emergency services radio, via the internet. It’s possible to listen all around the globe !

  5. Urbancitygirl says:

    We added a case of veggies, picked up more seeds, started packing the TP into plastic containers to have DH put into attick to give me more room in my “grocery store” area in my basement.

    I’ve started picking up meat and bacon on sale for the freezer to help alleviate price increases. Time to move all the rice from freezer into Mylar/buckets to make room. Since we’ve been eating a lot of chili, split pea soup, etc. and I’m enjoying those recipes, I need to stock up more on kidney beans, great northern beans, split pea, and so on. I understand using a pressure cooker will help with the beans (kidney beans were pretty chewy in my chili) so I will need to shop around.

    I have been walking around the house looking at things that need to be done. The “girl” in me wants to get more rooms painted and new rugs. I try to fight the urge, but I tell myself to make it look nice while I can. Organization is important to me, in shtf scenario my OCD tendencies will be a struggle.

    • worrisome says:

      Urbancitygirl. Those organization skills may make the difference between living and dying come a shtf situation. Use that OCD, it is a good thing!

    • Urbancitygirl, I justify those ‘girly’ urges by thinking, if shtf and I were stuck in this house, I want it to be somewhere I enjoy being. Thats why I have freshly painted walls.
      Just because we plan for tomorrow doesnt mean we cant enjoy today and splurge occasionally.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Worrisome and TG, In watching Walking Dead last night-I cringed at the site of the house Darryl and the young girl were in. Commented to DH, oh no – that could possibly do me in.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey UCG. I hear you with the girl inside getting her way from time to time. I try… (TRY), to balance life between.. prearedness and selfsustainability.. with the ‘normal’ every day. In the last few weeks I have bought myself a couple wall mounted coat wracks for my foyer.. new cubbie cubes for my towels, and a couple new shelves, drawers, and a jewelry hanger for my closet. I am PRETTY ocd myself in organizational areas, and I cannot stand clutter. I wanted these things, even though they’re not DIRECTLY prepping related, I justify it by saying that will all this nice, new organized space I made… I have more room to stuff more.. boxes of soap, toilet paper.. medical supplies, and a host of other things.. So it kind of blends them in my mind. I definitely say paint your walls and make your eyes happy. It’s a very good point that if one day.. we all have to hunker down in our homes, and bug IN, (like I plan to do lol), that fresh coat of paint might all the difference in your state of mind for the long haul. You never know. :):)

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        S…. I hear ya. In the past year I’ve repainted almost every room. And I too got into buying “pretty” storage boxes. Gee, can’t just put extra flashlights, candles and lighters, etc in any old box under the side table – shopped around for just the right size, shape, and pretty design.

        Starting to feel foolish, but then I took stock of my behavior after reading your post and must admit that anytime I purchase something I pay in cash now, buy more practical clothing and put my money into preps. And it is quite satisfying!

        • Schametti says:

          I DEFinitely subscribe to the pay in cash plan. I’m sure a lot of people today, have no trouble running up the credit card debt. I did that once too, when I was in college, and dumb, lol….. But woke up a long time ago, paid it off, cut the cards.. and now, if we don’t have the cash, we can’t afford it.

          Keep on preppin in style, UCG. :):):)

  6. Well my carry permit arrived Wednesday so we spent most of yesterday shopping. We went to four separate stores and didn’t find what I wanted to look at, but did handle a few. We even went in a store that had about six cases of 22lr – it was $8.99 for a box of 50. While I didn’t get something I’d call a true carry gun, I did find something I liked – a Browning Hi-Power. I liked the balance of it and the way it fit in my hand. I still want to hold a Remington R51, but they just aren’t in stores around here yet.

    In other preps, I started some seed for this year’s garden and repotted my oregano and aloe plants. I need to start some new herb seeds for cilantro and a few others. I also ordered the red okra I wanted to try – I understand it’s not a slimy.

    Time to go back to read the nearly 300 posts from yesterday and catch up on what everyone else has been doing.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Congrats GA Red on the ccw license! And good luck with finding the right weapon for you! Then practice, practice, practice.

      • Thanks. I’m hoping to start practicing with what I have soon. The DH informed me that the “house” account will have to start buying bullets now too.

    • Done reading and remembered a couple of things. I ordered and received three small LED flashlights for the house. The one I kept on my headboard got moved to a travel bad a while back and needs to stay there. The flashlights are colorful with straps so I have one hanging on a door nob to my nightstand, one on a hook on my fireplace mantel and one just sitting on top of a bookcase. All easy to locate in the dark.

      I also bought four more boxes of canning lids. I buy a few whenever I make it to a Wally World.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      GARed… You fondled possibly the fineist semi-automatic made. The ‘Brownie’ is a 1911 with all the refinements John M. wanted to put in a hand gun. We warmed one up just this last Friday.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey GA. Let me ask you.. what’s your secret to happy, healthy aloe? I started a couple small plants about this time last year.. it’s in a rock looking pot on the floor in my kitchen, and I water it, but really not more than a splash every other week or so.. And it just doesn’t look happy. Half the time I’m plucking dark brown, mushy stalks off of it, and I’m certain it doesn’t like me, or I just don’t know how to MAKE him like me, lol.. I would love some tips and tricks..

      • Does it have flat brown spots all over it that scrape off? If so then it has scales, and you should get Volck’s Oil Spray and spray it. That’s poisonous, so you’ll have to wait a while to use the aloe for human consumption but it will kill the scales.

        I have a miniature orange tree that is dying on me and I am really broke up about it, I planted it from a seed in 1991 or 1992, and it finally made ONE flower 2 summers ago. It is losing its leaves, they wilt a little and then fall off while they are still green. I think it might be scales or a lack of light so I tried to fix both things yesterday.

        • My lemon tree has lost some leaves over the winter but it has new growth. I know they don’t like it to be too cold or too hot. I wish I knew my neighbor better – I’d ask them about your tree.

      • I keep mine on a table on my sun porch and it seems really happy. I haven’t had mine too awful long but re-potted it recently. My mom had one for years and just kept it on her sun porch. I think she watered it about once a week which is what I’m doing. The pot mine is in won’t hold much water at one time but I give it what it will take. I just don’t really know what to do with it now that I have it other than use it for burns.

  7. Prepping Preacher says:

    again, it’s been a busy week – in fact, I think I can predict that busy will characterize all of my time as well as anyone else who is prepping for the coming “fun”…

    Monday I started a 5 week beginner bee keeper class; I’ve begun studying for my General level ham radio license; I managed to trade in a broken Leatherman and with a small amount of cash, buy 2 new ones, 1 of which went automatically to my wife; I’ve started negotiations for learning welding from a former serviceman whom we are providing some personal help; finally, my wife and I have begun discussion regarding the garden on our property… also, with regard to our property, I have 3 chainsaws at the shop for repair/maintenance so they can be used to clear a portion of the property….

    • Question for the bee keepers – how far will bees travel from their hives to collect pollen? There is someone with hives less than a half mile from me (more like 1/5th of a mile) and I’m wondering if his bees will pollinate my garden. I think they will but want to make sure.

      • IndianaAli says:

        I believe bees can travel up to 4 miles from their hive, approx. We just started with a few hives last year. Lost one this winter, the other seems to be OK for now. See if you have a local beekeepers club near you, they are a wealth of information. But the one thing I have learned is every beekeeper does things “his own way” so you have many different answers to a question but keeps things interesting.

      • GA Red,
        Typically a 1 1/2 to 2 mile radius from the hive.

        • GA Red,
          Another thing with the distance to the bees. I suspect you don’t use any pesticides, but if you do, keep in mind that those same bees that travel to you for pollination, can also pick up the detrimental things and carry them back to the hive.

          • We try to NOT use pesticides but had to use some anti-fungal stuff on the grapes last year. Each spring we have a swarm that moves in at one end of our house and seem pretty docile. After about 2-4 weeks, they are gone. I’m just hoping that my garden is attracting our neighbor’s bees to pollinate my fruits/veggies and I’m not doing anything to hurt them. I’m guessing that the more I garden and the more I plant things they like, the more my plants will produce. I want to help my neighbor’s bees while they help me too.

            • GA Red,
              Do you mean a real swarm? That is, a basketball sized clump of bees, hanging on something? If so, they are not only in their most docile state; but, they may be something you’re beekeeping neighbor might be interested in. Catching swarms and integrating them into an Apiary is something that all of the beekeepers I know will gladly do. The next time you see a swarm, contact your neighbor and let them know. It might even end up being worth some honey at year end. At roughly $100 per package (with queen) they can help grow an Apiary at virtually no cost.

              • No clumping but just hundreds of bees flying around our Nandina, Azaleas and Hybiscus (I think) every spring. I don’t go near them as I have tendencies toward allergic reactions. The DH has to wade through them to get to the water hose if he needs it. Our oldest daughter knows one of their sons, so I’ll see if she can get word to his parents. They are originally from Russia and really keep to themselves, so I’m not sure how easy it will be to get to talk to them.

  8. I bought a case of tuna to add to my stores

  9. Two boxes of 9mm at $18/each at local shop and two pairs of bootlaces for the dp.

    I was just about shocked out of my boots to see full display cases and racks at shop, never mind that they actually had rounds. While they had quite a few full-size pistols & revolvers, the quantity of compacts was astounding; however, since very few CCL in the fascist lefty state of NJ, they may be sitting on those compacts for awhile.

    Speaking of NJ, there are 18 gun bills up for vote this coming Thursday. Most are anti-gun, and one is a compilation of previously voted down stuff. If this whole shebang passes and the Gov is dumb enough to sign, we’ll be right up there with NY and CT. Amazing how the stupid can ram thru stupid bills and the stupid continue to vote the stupid back in. For fellow Jerseyans, the phone number for the senate majority office is 609-847-3700. I was going to call late last week, but the workload was so bad for end of month that I didn’t even have time to uncross my eyeballs. The NJ Dems are all about power and corruption. The way to stay in power is via feeding the unentitled more and more entitlements on the backs of the worker bees. Considering the exit rate of worker bees and companies, the higher taxes (and stupid laws) will help fuel an even higher exit rate. Yes, I want out of here so bad that I can’t stand it anymore.

    The dp’s dm has been on deathbed at nursing home for over a week. Hence, a steady stream of relatives hampering prepping. Anything food that I manage to buy gets used almost immediately. I’m so tired and burned out that I didn’t even hear the oil truck at 7:30 this morning. Fortunately, the driver called his office, and they called the dp’s cell and then he called me.

    Anywho, it’ll be interesting to see how things play out after mil passes. Will I be tossed out, will dp get on board, will dp be agreeable to relocate, or will he want to stay in NJ? TX to be close to his drama-queen alcoholic druggie tramp daughter? Soap opera plots galore. If stay in NJ, I’m currently in a workplace position that gives me a daily soapbox of sorts to provide numerous tips on EHS and related. Perhaps I’m still alive (and I certainly shouldn’t be) for such purpose. The timing is certainly auspicious. Yes, I maintain opsec.

  10. Hello, all!

    Well, this week I finally finished moving in with my SO, so now we are down to one household. Just in time to leave the country for a few months for work. Oh well.

    Finally used up my first batch of laundry soap. 70 cents worth of material lasted for at least 6 months of laundry! Couldn’t figure out where I hid the borax during the move, so had to buy a new box.

    Picked up some ammo from WM. No more limits on anything except .22 (which they never have anyway). 2 boxes of 30 30 and 5 of 7.62 for the BF’s birthday (you know you’re a prepper when…)

    Ready to strain a bunch of tinctures today. Red raspberry, red clover, and a couple more. I need to leave a list of detailed instructions with the BF or he won’t touch them while I’m gone. Tried out a couple headache infusions this past week too. He’s my little guinea pig.

    Organize organize organize. That was the theme of the week. Two households into one house makes for a cramped life.

  11. Curley Bull says:

    Hey Pack,

    All this talk about fleas has me scratching. If I missed it, I apologize, but no one mentioned an old remedy called sulfur. Get large bag of granulated sulfur and a small spreader and start walking around your house. You might want to use powdered (dusting) sulfur around entrances and where animals tend to linger. Sulfur is good for fleas, ticks, chiggers, ants, bugs-in-general, and snakes. They just don’t like it.

    Bam Bam, you’re a good researcher (I’m not), and I have a project for you or anyone else interested. I remember my Grandfather would put a pinch of sulfur in the dog’s food (can’t remember if it was daily, weekly, monthly . . .) and his dogs never had fleas or ticks. I know too much would kill the dog. I also remember that my Grandparents had small green bushes on either side of the steps (front and rear) that kept fleas and such out of the house (They called it the “Flea Bush”) and I cannot figure out what it was. I so remember a stray dog covered in fleas showing up one time and my Grandfather getting a handful of the leaves, crushing them, and rubbing down the stray. The fleas left immediately.

    As for prepps this week, again, nothing. Another bad week health wise. Worked two days and laid in bed two and a half days. Getting old just ain’t for sissies is it?

    Be Blessed,

  12. seeuncourt says:
  13. Elderberry bushes arrived yesterday, but with the temps doing a nosedive info a true blue norther they were put into a comfy bed of compost in one of those orange buckets along with the horseradish roots. I figure St Patrick’s day before the tomatoes get planted.
    Found a huge gap in my medical preps when DH had the gout attack from heck. Then he tried to overdose himself on the meds. Turns out that the FDA got their hands on this particular drug that existed before 2009. Well, now a big pharmaceutical company now has a patent. Raised the price. And its a plant derivative. I’ve found the particular crocus that it is made from is available but very toxic. What to do? Make sure I also plant a cherry tree… Nope won’t work in this climate…
    The horses were shod by a former Marine who kept me entertained with the view…er, his views on the world. But he’s right, “when the shtf, you’re gonna need transportation!! Horses also got their vaccine updates. Asked the vet about adding tumeric to the elderly mares feed as she’s been lame during the cold weather. She claimed to know nothing about herbal stuff and didn’t recommend it as she didn’t know anything about any potential side effects. Victoria or anyone, please tell me how much to add in her feed?
    Brrrrr… Hate not being able to complain about summers heat…

    • Nsaneprepper says:

      Anyone that has natural prevention and treatment for outbreaks of gout it would be greatly appreciated. Have only had real problems once since originally diagnosed several years ago but it is something I would rather prevent than treat.

      • Cherry juice is best preventative I have found and reading up on colcrys I found an entry on wiki that stated that guifasen..the main ingredient in mucinex supposedly reduces the amount of uric acid in your bloodstream. Going to read up further on that. DH had the flare up after splitting 4 bottles of wine with 2 of our friends the other night.

      • Black cherry juice seems to head every list. Works for some but not everyone. The bad-for-you list includes beer and wine. My dad had it real bad finally had to have surgery on both feet to remove all the chalk-like deposits on the bones. I suspect that maybe I’m starting to get it as both big toes often hurt like crazy.

    • Bam Bam says:

      Here’s a good website on natural remedies for gout. When my mom had a flare up with her gout, I had her eat blueberries and cherries every day (increase anti-oxidants) and take devil’s claw tincture.


      • Thanks, BamBam. I found some cherry based supplements and some really good cherry juice. That juice makes a mean Cosmo like cocktail with some of the gallons of vodka we all have…. I’m also thinking of getting some of the homeopathic gout remedies too.
        I’ve got an autoimmune disease, and I’m starting to wonder if the treatments involving suppressing the immune system are self defeating. I feel like everything is in overdrive and it’s literally wearing me out. Having a very hard time with getting things done due to this fatigue. Some of the treatments are the same as for gout, but I think I felt better when I just treated the flare ups with methylprednisone and pain meds…

        • Encourager says:

          Shai, I strongly recommend you going to the library and getting the book “The Autoimmune Epidemic” by doctor Donna Jackson Nakazawa. She developed an autoimmune disease and late on other autoimmune diseases. The book seems to be directed at the medical profession as an education tool; I skimmed a lot of it, but still it helped me. She is correct in calling it an epidemic.

          It will give you a better insight into what is going on in your body and perhaps some solutions. It sure can’t hurt!

          I, too, have an autoimmune disease, have since the 1970’s. It comes and goes; I know stress brings it on. I have just decided to stop eating modern wheat and corn since they seem to exacerbate it.

    • hiplains says:

      Shai – Tumeric, 2daily TBLS for therapeutic dose for about 45 days then down to 1 daily TBLS. Don’t give them any other NSAIDs and watch for stomach irritaion/ulcer activity. Also thins blood somewhat, so if surgery is needed or serious injury, stop. Just mix right in with feed. Most horses find it pretty tasty. There have been some great studies done on this therapy for equines! Personally, works great for my own osteoarthritis. Good luck!

      • Thank you!! I was thinking that was going to be about the dosage after reading the websites that somehow lead to a sales pitch for premade supplements.

  14. New to this so I am playing catch up. Hit big lots with a 20% off coupon. Bought 6 cases of water some canned tuna chicken ham and ham. Got Bear Creek soup mixes-2 of each flavor that I like bunch of canned veggies and fruits and some nuts. Also picked up Bobs Red Mill – six packages assorted and 3 jars of PB and 6 jars ofpreserves. Some paper goods and other sundries. Thank you all for posting-helped me immensely in trying to get at least a year’s worth of food stockpiled.

    • worrisome says:

      You are better off today than you were before you were before you started. And each time you add something or think through a buying decision, it gets better, easier and you get more focused. Keep it up……………

    • Click on the “Prepper’s to do List” at the top of the page. It’ll give you some good direction on how to get started. Welcome to the pack!

    • Welcome themem,

      Glad you got on the bandwagon, and good start. There are some good posts for beginners, 10 things to do now and 10 more things as ideas while you are getting going. Yes, I realize that the amount of stuff you must do and accumulate can be overwhelming, but slow and steady wins the race, and the fact that you are at least IN THE RACE, has you better prepared than about 98% of the population – you are on the right track.

      When you’re ready for bulk orders, Bob’s Red Mill has a catalogue, and you can order their stuff in bulk. Further, they use absolutely no GMO products – they are one of my favorites.

    • mom of three says:

      Rock on I went yesterday, I needed more laundry supplies. I won’t go to Big Lots, unless they have the 20 percent off sale. I love the canned chicken, really good and a good value too. Glad you found this sight it’s been teaching me a lot.

  15. You know you’re a prepped when you’re waiting by the fish pond at Cabela’s and you are people watching the wannabes stalking around.. One guy has on military issue camp rainsuit with desert boots…he has gone past me 3 times now.
    Got a cool little knife sharpener with a combined fire steel and compass. Will be perfect fit for purse.

    • Nice buy, Shai. I just love gizmos that do more than one thing.

      • Yep, great find, but as usual the “survival whistle” is crap. Guess I’m used to these dog whistles DH uses. I did enjoy the people watching while he was trying on shoes. It’s obvious more “people” are asking questions, especially in the gun and ammo depts there. I actually think that people that don’t do more research before asking college students about what guns they need are just rude. C’mon, that kid has no idea what you need, he’s just trying to make sales. If you want to pick brains, go to a real gun shop, during the day and ask the owner for a few moments of his time. Other than picking up the Cabelas brand vacuum sealer bags, don’t really get much there.

  16. Patriot Farmer says:

    Found a sale on canned stews and bought 20 cans. I had a new trigger put on my 1911 and took care of a few dental issues.

  17. tomatogal says:

    Haven’t posted in what seems like for-ever, but try to read at least every other day. Scored two rain barrels on clearance at HD for $30 ea–complete with screening for the tops and spigots, made some great new pickles (pumpkin, taste like pickled peaches) and have the onions, leeks and pepper seedlings started. The Big news is that not only is DH fully on board now (he was sort-of before), but he is ready to start checking out BOLs in the Cumberland Plateau! It will be a big move for us–this county is the only one he has ever lived in, but the cost of staying in the liberal North is getting to us.
    We’re not ready yet, but in a week he has changed the time-line from “four to five years” to “within two or so”.
    Will keep the Pack posted–right now it’s great to do research on- line in the dead of winter (19 degrees and dropping to 5 tonight).
    Wow, do I have a lot of “stuff” to weed through…

    • Dee in KY says:

      The Cumberland Plateau is a great place, my DH and I go there about every other year and spend a week, we have a timeshare there so it helps. It is beautiful land and we were just talking the other day about going back again. You will love it. I would love to have a BOL there too but I don’ think that is going to happen. I like being in Central Kentucky, we are in a good location from major nuclear plants, major earthquake fault lines and hurricanes. We do have tornadoes and floods from time to time.

  18. Thanks for the words of encouragement – have lurked on this site for a few weeks now – am making a plan to get more self reliant and prepared. Appreciate all the info from the pack.

  19. klipper says:

    Its been awhile since I’ve posted, we’ve been busy training a puppy and trying to stay warm in the north woods.

    While not an intentional prep, the puppy (a Brittany) has turned out to be an excellent watch dog. He is really a family pet/bird hunter but is smart as a whip (working on his CGC at 7 months) and is very attentive to what/who is outside the window.

    Organized our pantry, took inventory, bought water on sale, and purchased some items to fill some holes in preps.

    We are waiting anxiously to head north to our retreat. Its -27 (real temp) there this morning and the snowfall map tells me that there is 40-50 inches of snow on the ground…hope the roofs hold out. We will be heading there this weekend as the temps are supposed to be in the 20s…above zero!

    Stay warm and safe friends!

  20. Here I am home in NJ from work today, taking a vacation day due to the storm. But it gave me the opportunity to fire off an email to 8 assemblypersons sponsoring a bill to drop the max mag size from 15 to 10, but allow retired cops to continue with 15. They even had the nerve the include in their Statement that this is in response to the shooting (Jan 2011) of Giffords. Then I fired off an email to NJ Senate Majority head Sweeney regarding this Thursday’s Senate vote of at least 15 loony bills. Here’s that one in case anyone interested:

    “Dear Senator Sweeney:

    Stop! Enough already! Please stop the upcoming votes on yet more lunatic anti-gun laws. Such laws only serve to interfere with the rights and personal property of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing against the criminal element.

    Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are not the problem. I trust that you are up to date on the FBI Uniform Crime Report plus the fact that firearms are being sold at record rates. More guns = less crime. Go figure.

    New Jersey already has far stricter firearm laws than most other states. We don’t need even more laws that either border on lunacy or are absolute lunacy.

    We are quickly approaching the point at which perhaps NJ law-abiding citizens should seek recalls of legislators who are hell-bent on violating the rights of citizens to satisfy the whims of a political fringe that ignores facts but fosters hysterical frenzy.

    With higher and higher taxes, fewer opportunities and jobs, companies leaving, and constant harassment, is it any wonder that there is such an exodus from New Jersey? Our legislature should concentrate on real issues, not wasting time on the whims of left-wing power-grabbers.”

    Should those bills pass, they include making more arms and magazines illegal plus replacing firearm cards with inclusion on driver’s licenses. If Christie signs those passed bills, he might as well forget about any run for the presidency.

    • worrisome says:

      Nice letter!

      • Thanks, worrisome. Wish I had copied the last one I sent to Christie. It was priceless. Probably had somebody on his staff howling or rolling on the floor.

        For those who send letters to political persons, hope you copy over to a word doc before sending. Saves a lot of time by just tweaking letters for specific purposes.

  21. Good thing I didn’t get the 20-gauge that I wanted. Seems I’ve re-damaged my right rotator cuff. No wonder I hate snow so much. I did it about 3 storms ago, most likely when brushing off the top of my car. The reaching was apparently the bad part. Even have to pull my calculator down by my fingertips. Aaaaargh!

    Okay, this means I’ll probably be limited to low-kick stuff. Any recommendations other than one of those really neat Mossberg .22’s that might soon become illegal to the NJ left-wing loon establishment?

  22. Dee in KY says:

    Sorry I haven’t written for several weeks but my Father had his second stroke and between being with him and traveling with my job, I just haven’t had time to sit and get my head on straight enough to write. Lets see, last week I went to Sam’s and stocked up on more toilet paper, paper towels, solo cups, paper plates, plastic cutlery, canned chicken, lots of water, honey and several other items. Just this past Saturday took my concel & carry class, YAY, now just waiting for permit from State Police, really proud of myself for seeing that one thru! I have put lots of items up in mylar bags, canning jars and bought extra canned goods at stores like Kroger, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Peddler’s Mall & Big Lots. All my favorite haunts for getting great “cheaper” deals. I always coupon which really helps. My DH bought more ammo an another gun for me so we are feeling more secure when they start to get more expensive or more scarce, just like food. Bought another solar panel for my duracell powerpak 600 for backup and a converter to plug in and convert AC to DC appliances. My grandbaby watches her cartoons in my car on her DVD player and in a power outage, she could still plug it into the adapter and the powerpak will let her watch it for a while and then I recharge with my solar panel the next day. My DH also surprised me the other day with a nice cast iron dutch oven and two more oil lamps, already seasoned the oven, just love it, would be great for an outdoor firepit type grill. Bought a couple more silver coins, a little at a time. Bought extra chicken breast at Kroger’s to can, stuck in deep freeze and will can soon in the future. Every day a little something to add to prepping. Did everyone see article the other day on internet about Yellowstone Old Faithful and possible eruption, would kill every thing in 500 miles of it! So surreal to think of that happening, how horrific! I pray every day for our Country and the good citizens of America, we need lots of mercy and forgiveness from God in these troubling times.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Sorry to hear about your dad and the trials you’ve been going thru. But congrats on your concealed carry permit.I encourage everyone to get one.
      Your preps are awesome. You mentioned Yellowstone erupting. Not only will lots die but ash will cover all the US west of Tennessee and throw the entire world into a nuclear winter for months up to 5 years. And the Super Caldera is overdue by past eruptions. Of course, one can’t worry about that. Just continue prepping as you can and watch for cars when you cross the road and stay inside when it is lightening outside! 🙂

  23. Sorry to hear about your dad’s strokes. Hope he’s recovering well.

  24. Lauri no e says:


    Sorry about your dad and will keep you in my prayers.

  25. Overhill says:

    Late to the party this week, for sure. Love reading this weekly installment on this site.
    Last week: Bought 100 shells of 00 buckshot for the 12 gauge. Added a few 12-packs of TP. Did lots of reading on various sites. And last but not least, celebrated three years of being completely debt-free (my humble little house, old vehicles and all) by going out and getting that very rare steak dinner (I’m very frugal.) Deciding to go debt-free many years ago was well worth all of the hard work and sacrifice. Since then, there has been a great feeling of financial peace which continues. Not paying mortgage or car payments frees up some cash for preps. I recommend eliminating debt to everyone. It’s worth the struggle.
    Best regards to all. -Overhill

  26. Running late this week . Went to Prepper meeting Saturday . Taught grain storage at a meeting Sunday afternoon. Which added 40 lbs of rice and 50 lbs of wheat to my storage . Added a few more gamma lids to my supply.

  27. nick flandrey says:

    Slow prep week for me, no good yard sales or estate sales. I did get a hand cranked sharpening wheel, but unless I get a good homestead site, that is really just a wall hanger.

    I bought a bunch of new plants for the garden, but didn’t get anything planted. My tenant moved out, and the house needs more work than we hoped, so that will suck up most of my time this week.

    Had a hard freeze last night, despite being in the 70’s mid afternoon. Hope I didn’t lose any plants.

    I did get a small package of metal in the mail. There is a guy in Montana that will ship the same $ amount to you every month, so you can accumulate while dollar cost averaging. We’ve been very pleased so far.

    Got a good price on beef, whole tenderloins for $4.56/pound. Bought 2, cut them up and vac packed, then frozen. We’ve definitely noticed more chicken, hamburger,and pork in our diet lately. The cheap steaks go a long way toward breaking that up.

    Someone previously posted a link to a free beginning gardening ebook, which I just read. I found it to be a nice overview, and I learned that fruit trees needed to be paired to get pollinated. I didn’t know that, and it saved me when I bought 2 new trees this week. I read the tags to be sure they would self pollinate! So thanks for the link and the book!

    Man the world situation keeps getting weirder. Yet most people seem to be going along as if nothing could ever change from the way things are at the moment. I dread the day when someone wakes up and says “OH SHTF!!!” and sets off the cascade that brings it crashing down.

    Prep hard pack!


  28. Haven’t read all the posts yet, will save them to read offline later. My main prep this week is a bug-out-bug. Got tired of my mini van parts costs and bought a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. Now I can actually fix things rather then just replace parts. Bought points and condenser spares. A new alternator belt, and cleaned the oilscreen. Added Militec ™ to oil to aid lubrication. (Disclaimer my brother sells this stuff but I am not affiliated in any way, and wouldn’t allow his business to affect my recommendation) I use Militec ™ on my BP guns and it saves on clean up time. First rain here Saturday since we got a trace back in November, and naturally the wipers on the bug aren’t working yet, used parts are still in goodly supply so that’s this weeks project. In other preps got a stainless steel mess kit to replace the aluminum one in my bug out bag. Loaded 100 rounds of .45acp for my conversion cylinder ( for the 1858 NMA ) and got all brass shotgun shells for my 28 gauge shotguns, these are very reloadable and take large pistol primers, sweet when loaded with bucknball hand loads.

    • I discovered a while back what shotshell primers do to a dryer when DH doesn’t clean out his pockets well. Not so hot on your nerves, either.

  29. Hello pack,
    Not able to do many preps due to DW’s cancer scare. I did go to Hobby Lobby with the kids and got my first ever…….patern and material. That’s right, real men learn to sew with their sons and daughters. I thought the depot level disassmebly of the M60 was complicated, the sewing machine has more parts and knobs! I also discovered sewing machines are not easy to operate and they bite if you’re not careful. So we all took turns running some material through the machine, adjusting the tension, running more material through the machine and repeating. I think we’ll be ready next weekend to try the real thing.
    Our next prep is to replace the front door with something a little more beefy and less “no knock” police invasion friendly. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to break the bank but I would like uninvited guests to have to work to get in. Nothing says prepper like front yard bollards easing visitors into a lane of fire in front of a 8 foot tall foot thick oak door so we’ll try to avoid that look. Sure would discourage the solicitors though.
    Curious to see what’s going to happen in Conneticut and if Texas will provide volunteers to help protect private property there. Sorry it’s come down to that but the guberment done lost its mind. Remenber y’all, we call him TDL for a reason, don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. In the Lord’s name I will pray for all who need it and would appriciate the same.

    • riverrider says:

      cav, there’s a couple posts in archive here ref doors. in short,replace the hinge screws with long ons that go into the studs. same for strike plates and obviously add a deadbolt if none already installed. john mosby recommends adding extra hinges between the usual three. support the strike plate area with a piece of angle iron or flat iron if there’s space under the facing. if you take the interior facing off carefully, there is likely a gap between the door frame and the studs. drill hole in the iron and install in the gap with screws above and below the strikes and thru the strikes themselves. this makes it damn hard to kick or hammer in.

      • Thanks RR,
        I was wondering if I would have to double up on the studs that go on the side of the door. But that iron plate idea sounds strong. We still have time to do a little more research before we buy.

        • riverrider says:

          in good stick built houses the door frame is doubled already, one stud on each side, a header over the opening to support the roof and another “jack”stud to support the header.

  30. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Cavtrooper,

    Yep, every young man should learn to sew, cook, wash/fold, iron, and keep house. It paid off for me prior to and during my military career. I have and still use the sewing machine (Singer Treadle) that my Grandmother taught me to sew on. Over the years (using this machine), I’ve made my own backpacks, tents, and various web gear. I’ve even sewed a few leather projects on it.


    PS: I used to keep the choppers flying for ya’ll. Don’t know your age, but served with CSM Donald F. Hemphill.

    • Curley Bull,
      Or as Robert Heinlein stated, “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Curley Bull,
      Thank you for all you have done for this nation. I think CSM Hemphill was in good company.

      And welcome home soldier.

      • Curley Bull says:

        Thank you Darling! But I’ve been home a long time.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Curley Bull, Soldiers of our genre returned to the States being called ugly names, being spit on, ridiculed. I know it was a long time ago but you still deserve to be told thank you and welcome home.

          • Curley Bull says:

            Tactical G-Ma

            I was blessed to come home to an area that looked upon their returning service men and women as heroes for serving. The only time a fool ever thought about spiting on me was 12 years after I came home at the DFW airport. You know how they do; put you out at one end and give you 20 minutes to make your connection at the other end. Here I am in my Class A’s, with two bags, double-timing through. As I came upon one gate there were four college age folks watching. One started calling cadence (hut, 2,3,4) and one of the girls yelled, “Run little tin soldier, Run”. Then the second male started clearing his throat like he was trying to build up a good spit. This is when I said a prayer; “Heavenly Father grant me the strength to just go on and go home for they surely know not what they are do”. I heard sort of a bump and a thud. Looking over my shoulder I saw an elderly white haired couple, the man still holding a fist with his right hand and a young man in the floor. The other three looked to be in shock. I walked 2 feet taller from that moment and said “Thank You Lord”. No one had to tell me; they were of the “Greatest Generation”.

            Again though, Thank you,

  31. grandma Rosie says:

    The prepping I did today was being on here ALL DAY reading all the posts! Hope that counts, because to me it does since I learn so much from from everyone. Last week I did get 12 1/2 pints of butter canned and 12 1/4 pints of Cream Cheese canned from Katzcradul youtube site. Have canned butter before but was the first time for the cream cheese, so will see how it turns out.
    I have snow/rain coming AGAIN tomorrow and again on Friday thru Saturday so wont get to town for a while. Sure is nice not having to worry about running out of food or supplies. I am in Mo and we have had a COLD winter this year Keep prepping everyone, were gonna need it!!!

  32. Almost finished the aquaponics system – sprinkled some lettuce seeds in one of the grow beds just because I don’t want to wait any more! If all goes well, will have both fish and vegetables on a regular basis by next fall (the first veggies will be ready to eat in a few weeks, of course).