What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with today’s “what did you do to prep this week” I would like to give a shout-out and a big thank you to Leslie D, Kelli M, Michael B, Donna S, and Willard N for their generous donations this week via or voluntary $5 monthly subscription service. Thank you.

I would also like to thank everyone for your feedback on the new blog header – as you know I like to “change it up” around here every once and a while and your feedback helps. Personally, I’m still undecided as to whether to keep the new one or go back to the old one. I’m going to watch the “bounce rate” for a few days before making a final decision.

Okay, now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Added a final fourth sensor to my Dakota Alert system - the two not pictured here are set up and active.

Added a final fourth sensor to my Dakota Alert system – the two not pictured here are set up and active.

Bought this "Brush Guard" for my truck at a local pawn shop for $70.

Bought this “Brush Guard” for my truck at a local pawn shop for $70.

Let’s see what else…

Ordered a Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio and a copy of Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections and a copy of Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria.

Also while not a dedicated “survival prep” I renewed my car insurance.

Well folks, those are pretty much the highlights of my prepping week… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. More snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow – they are saying maybe 10 or more inches. That’s a lot of snow for us – we’re not in the lake effect areas so we don’t usually get a lot of accumulation (although we do get cold).
    Picked up 40 cans of Campbell’s soup on sale at 55 cents a can (it’s going usually for $1 or so around here if not more). Also some more canned goods for the stash.
    Pinapples were on sale, so bought five to dehydrate. Of course, everyone in the house likes the pineapple tidbits so much that only about half the amount that began dehydrating actually got into the storage containers…
    Put up two more buckets of beans and two of sugar. Have two other buckets of beans and two or three of rice yet to finish up.
    Have been cleaning madly trying to get the house in shape for houseguests this weekend. (Yes, they are coming in this snow… what can I say, us Midwesterners are all so sick of snow we’ve just decided to ignore it and maybe it’ll go away…) While cleaning did get some slight organization done on the stash. Also threw away a big big big amount of stuff I no longer need (not survival stuffs – old computer games, old manuals for things we no longer own, old bills I don’t need to keep, that sort of stuff). Ended up cleaning out 10 bankers boxes worth of stuff, along with other boxes. I needed the space – storing toilet paper takes up a LOT of space!
    Yearly local gun auction this Thursday – we bought a 12ga. Shotgun. Prices were much more normal for guns – no insane prices for anything except for one M-14 had an insane reserve (over $1500 – it never met the reserve and that is what bids maxed out at. You can find them for $1100 new on GunBroker … so I’m betting this consigner bought last spring at the height of the panic and was trying to get his money back out). Ammo was a bit pricier than at the stores – but I think that was auction stupidity more than anything else – we haven’t been really short on anything but .22LR around here in a while.
    We got some reloading equipment at decent prices as well as some lead bullets that we’ll melt down for reuse.
    Cabbage seedlings are doing well, so is the celery. Need to find time to plant the tomatoes and peppers – just have to finish cleaning first!
    MD – we’ve really liked the Herbal Antiobiotics book – still trying to absorb most of it, but it has been useful so far.

  2. Okiebama says:

    I picked up:
    72 canned goods
    3 more cases of canning jars
    A box of 9mm
    3boxes of .22

    I have kept a close watch on the news and am very worried about what is going on in this country (Connecticut) and around the world. The reduction of troops is not good.

    I have gathered supplies for a small garden. My husband is trading our coffin for a table saw today.

    Not a lot this week.

    • hvaczach says:

      Not just here, Putin knows that Obama is spineless so I fear he will push the Ukraine thing to the brink, and whenever you get that close it doesn’t take much to go over the edge.

      • I have to ask,,,,,,,,,,how did you end up with a coffin?

        • I was wondering the same thing.

        • Hey, at least they are optimists – if they are getting rid of a coffin, they must not figure to need it soon….

          • Hi Victoria,what supermarket chain did you get the soup at such a GREAT price?

            • Kroger – it was in their “scratch and dent” section. It was those four packs they offer sometimes – the wrappers were torn, so they were marked down to $2.20 a pack.

              • Got myself a Deck2 of Conflicted (the prepper card game we play here every Tuesday) and picked up some .22LR, believe it or not Walmart had it.

        • bc,
          I had the same question an figured that they are really prepared or they are a family of goths or vampires, LOL. You could of course use it for a bed, which is the ultimate in a multiple use item.

        • Okiebama says:

          Well all I can say is many if our friends have said we are a hybrid of the Griswalds and the Addams Family. We go all out for Halloween so it made scenes to buy the coffin when one if our buddies wanted to get rid of it.

          LOL we aren’t gothic per se but we do get a kick out of the creepy and delapadated. Our front room houses our antique furniture, my herbs, oils, and many candle holders, along with my altar and most if our Halloween decorations stay up year round. We aren’t Satinists or serial killers. No bloody heads although we have skulls and bats. We keep it fun like Disneys Haunted Mansion.

          • Wish OPSEC wasn’t so important, I for one, would love to visit! We also decorate big for Halloweem, but it is all down before the Christmas things go up.

          • Okiebama, people tend to trip out the first time they come to my house and see my altar with a crystal skull and a black candle, and a few other things I have out. But after the initial shock, they either think its cool, ignore it or never come over again…

      • Do not believe everything you are hearing about the Ukraine. Have you seen TDL do anything good for the Constitution in this country? What makes you think he’s trying to do something good in the Ukraine? The Ukraine has a large Russian population and has asked for help from Moscow. It’s easy to play on the same old fears of the cold war, and TDL is rolling out an old boogieman to keep people occupied. American troops have been at war since 2001 with front line units having multiple combat tours. The stress of combat from Iraq and Afghanistan having caused a catastrophic amount of suicides and bad conduct discharges. How many divisions do you think we can devote to a new war with Russia in Russia’s backyard? What happens to all the Russian migrants here? Internment camps? It’s Obama who’s trying to start another war. First in Syria, now in Ukraine. For TDL a war in the Ukraine sure beats a civil war here.

        • Encourager says:

          Kerry is annoying me big time. Does he think his shaking his finger at world leaders is going to do anything for the USA’s reputation? We are becoming the laughing stock of the world. Now even our ‘ally” (I use that term loosely, maybe I should say leach) Egypt has turned their back on us and gone over to Russia. This after we have sent them billions and billions of $$$. I am sure they still expect their next infusion of $$$ from us, too.

          • JP in MT says:


            The short answer is “Yes”. Our current crop of foriegn policy makers does not understand the thought processes of their own political opponents here in this country. They have NO CONCEPT of how other countries think and cannot “understand” why they are “so unreasonable”.

        • Encourager says:

          Mr O said he spent 90 minutes on the phone with Putin. I think it was 88 minutes on hold….then a 2 minutes ‘talk’…

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Reminds me of a neighbor years ago that had an old metal coffin in a shed. He had it set-up off the ground on sawhorses and kept animal feed in it. As a kid I always got the creeps going in there.

  3. riverrider says:

    nice brush guard m.d.! i would get one but i think it would encourage me to push fast lane pokers out of my way, lol…..preps, notta. buried the gray water line, what a job! re-routed a rainwater line. few odds and ends,trying to tie up the honey do list before i start the new job monday. of course, its supposed to snow/ice on the mountain i have to cross to work. lovely way to start a job. well, at least i got my 4×4 working again. going to look at a retreat property today. i think i already want it but financing could be a prob. they paid 70k for it in ’06, want 50k for it now, but it only assesses for 33k. no bank is going to finance 50k even though its probly worth it. it already has septic system in. i’ll have to have a huge down payment and i don’t have that quite yet. plus i hate going in debt. anyway, thats my week. sic semper tyrannis.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Good luck this week on the new job, riverrider. And yes, the never-ending winter won’t go away here, either. Freezing rain just to the north of us predicted for tonight and tomorrow, with highs this week in the low 40s to low 50s, as much as 20 degrees below normal. I’m sick of all this crap, and it’s slowing down planting season here, which means there will be another big agricultural loss due to hot weather getting here before the corn can pollinate properly. Better store away some more food, I guess.

      Going into debt is a problem for us all, but I’m sitting pretty right now, but would have to go into debt to purchase a retreat property myself. But I really don’t want to depend on the largesse of another, if you know what I mean. Have a great week, brother, I’ll be thinking about you back at work this week. With no time for posting.

      • Texican says:

        Think I brought it with me from OK, sorry.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          You’re forgiven, Texican. Anyone who uses that nick is fine by me, reminds me of the John Wayne move “The Searchers”. That’s the best western movie that has ever been made. Yeah, I said it. (The Outlaw Josey Wales is 2nd and High Noon is 3rd).

          • k. fields says:

            Josey Wales? Good movie but not even in my top 10.
            My list?
            High Noon
            The Wild Bunch
            Once Upon A Time In The West
            Red River
            The Magnificent Seven
            The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
            The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

            • Curley Bull says:

              Hey Fellas,
              I didn’t see even one Roy, Gene, Tex, Rex, Jimmy, Eddie or Hoppy listed . . .

              • Rider of Rohan says:

                Dang, now I have to print my list:
                1. The Searchers
                2. The Outlaw Josey Wales
                3. High Noon
                4. Stagecoach
                5. Shane
                6. Destry Rides Again
                7. Red River
                8.The Magnificent 7
                9. For a Few Dollars More
                10. Rio Bravo

    • riverrider,
      Depending on how anxious they are to dump the land, perhaps they will do user financing. Here in Ohio it’s called a land contract and I both bought and sold a house that way. The one I sold was to someone who didn’t have enough down payment, so they paid me a monthly payment includig interest until the 20% mark had been met, at which point the bank loaned the rest, and I got paid the final amount.

      • riverrider says:

        op, roger that. i’m going to call the owner sunday and see if they are open for that. they got took on the land in 06 during the boom. now it appraises at 50% of what they paid, and the bank won’t loan but 80% of that. i won’t risk my house for it so unless they agree, its over. it is a perfect spot for us, not like a prep retreat, tho not bad, but like a vacation spot thats close enough to go every weekend or even for a night away. large creek runs thru the middle, making lovely music 24/7. even a few swimming holes. my dream spot but the timing and $$ just aren’t right yet.

  4. hvaczach says:

    Good deal on the brush guard! Well for starters good morning everyone. It was kinda slow week again but put 7 quarts and 8 pints of homemade corned beef hash, added 8 pounds of sugar, a few more gravy packets, some hollandaise sauce packets (anything to change mondain flavors I figure), and some taco and fajita spice packets the hollandaise will go into regular circulation as it I fear has a more limited shelf life than the others. cleaned and organized the upstairs pantry, Somewhat organized the basement storage area. The basement project has a long ways to go yet we are also doing a remodel down there so eveything is a mess not just gun and preps room.

    I really enjoyed the article on defensive positions M.D. like the detail about the difference’s on cover and concealment you brought up some good idea’s about adding cover to look like decorative add-ons. And “looking like everyone else in thee neighbor-hood” 10 foot high fences with constantina wire loops does tend to stick out a bit! Went shooting the 1911 I really love that gun, makes me wish I was a better shot because not sure I do it justice at the range. well thats it for me good week all.

    • I enjoyed the article on defensive positions too, and found good points that could be modified for our situation. Fence is out of the question, on 27acres out in the country, any type of fence would stand out.
      We have no bushes planted near the house and DH has trimmed the lower branches off the trees that are within 100 yards of the house.
      Great article with great ideas!

      • If a man made fence is not feesable you may want to do a shrubery fence with naturally occuring foilage in your area. You could then put an ankle breaker trench on the back side. Spacing would depend on what you’re wanting to filter, vehicles, people or both.

        • People, most of the land is wooded, vehicles couldn’t get through. The trees are too close together, and in the areas furthest from the house the under brush is thick, not even a dirt bike could make it through.

          • NWGhostRider says:

            In place of a fence you might consider planting thorny plants, they are better than barb wire, Wild Roses (use the hips for tea, high in vitamin C), Raspberries or Blackberries for the fruit. Once they get started very little care is needed, except to contain them.

            • poorman says:

              My place is circled in blackberry’s. About 4 ft thick and 5 ft high,house is a little elevated so I can see over them. Funnels everything to the driveway and I don’t think you want to come in that way lol. Makes for great eating.

  5. patientmomma says:

    Woohoo, it’s March and almost spring!
    This past week was a toughie; blow out on the truck, which moved up buying new tires to the top of the priority list. I had already ordered tires for the car and they arrived this week also. So there went a pot load of savings; but at least I have that taken care of. I really like MD’s brush guard for his truck and what a great price!

    Bought 100 pds of dog food, the next round of shots for the puppies, and larger collars, and flea & tick deterrent for the entire pack! Does anyone have a recipe for herbal/natural flea repellant?

    Ordered bulk seeds from Jedadiah seeds and some fruit trees. Order edthe book Michele recommended on herbal remedies.

    Off to the farm for the weekend; God bless you all!

    • That’s a good topic to research. I’ll look into it and maybe write an article.

      • HillCountryTXGal says:

        I have been an exterminator (politically polite term in today’s world “pest control technician”) for almost 10 years. I am licensed in 3 states. I am a huge believer in “green” methods instead of soaking everything with chemicals.

        A couple natural repellents off the top of my head:
        Use 1 cup of water and add:

        4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil
        4-4 drops of Lavender Oil

        Just “mist” dog with a spray bottle to repel fleas.

        Use 1 cup water and add:

        8-10 drops of Rosemary Oil

        Just “mist” dog with a spray bottle to repel fleas.

        **Do not use either near eyes**

        I would use this 2-3 times per week for a knock down of infestation for about a month. Then just once weekly. It can dry your dogs coat/skin and/or irritate them

    • Patientmomma, beneficial nematodes sprayed heavily in the yard will help with the fleas. Diatomaceous earth (food grade) sprinkled around the house will also help kill them but you have to vacuum about an hour after putting it down and be careful of the dust, it stays in the lungs.
      This is out of my (horrible) memory, so dont quote me on this, but I think pennyroyal helps, but I think it may be toxic…. I think mainly to cats. Fennel is a big one. I made a spray one year that had fennel essential oil in it and the fleas would jump on and jump right back off. The only thing is that it only lasted until the essential oil evaporated. Then the fleas attacked.
      What I do now is I use a bottle of peppermint castile soap add a few drops of fennel, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender oil to it. Just a few drops of each as animals are much more sensitive to them than we are. I bathe the dogs once a week, or as needed. I also have a spray made from boiling some lavender and fennel and I will spray the dogs before bringing them in. It not only helps discourage the fleas from hitching a ride into the house but also helps cut down the other allergins dogs bring in with them. A flea comb is your friend…

      This next bit will be very controversial, so do your own research on it, but I give my dogs garlic. I give them a small clove mashed into their food every other week or so in the summer time. But like I said do your own research. I also keep diatomaceous earth in their dog food. While I dont think it helps with the fleas, I am betting it helps keep my dogs (and the neighborhood stray cats) free of internal pesticides.

      • k. fields says:

        I also add garlic (and brewer’s yeast) to the dogs’ feed and they don’t seem to be bothered much by fleas.
        Since I use DE in my grain bins it gets spread around so I’m sure that helps also along with the Eucalyptus leaves that are everywhere.

        • Brewer’s yeast — THAT’S what I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain for. Many years ago, I’d read of garlic and brewer’s yeast mixed into dog food. Those two plus any of the other things the Pack oughta take care of the problem. I also seem to recall soaking an additional light fabric collar with pennyroyal. Gotta be careful with pennyroyal though. Lemon grass essential oil would be safer in my opinion.

    • Although I don’t have any specific natural repellents, I can say that we use the once per month flea and tick remedies like Advantage. I was concerned about the effect of these pesticides on the animals, and our vet, who is also a friend and MAG member explained that they are virtually harmless to any vertebrate animal. The active ingredient blocks a neurotransmitter found only in invertebrate animals like ticks, fleas, and most other insects, and the simply stop functioning. It is however a bit more expensive than essential oils in water.

      • HillCountryTXGal says:

        TG mentions…. using diatomaceous earth inside, sprinkled in your house and then vacuuming up in an hour. The easier and safer way would be to put the diatomaceous earth in the vacuum bag or “dirt container” of vacuum and then vacuuming your house. Then remove bag or clean container and take outside of house.

        Use diatomaceous earth as a C&C treatment (crack and crevice treatment) inside your home. If your dog sleeps by a baseboard and there is a crack between baseboard and wall; use it here.

        If there is anyone in the home with asthma, COPD; any breathing issues really I wouldn’t use it anywhere but inside the vacuum.

        • patientmomma says:

          THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! All very good recipes and suggestions. I will start with the yard and work indoors. I have some essential oils but will need to reorder.
          This is very helpful!

    • Cedarcide is natural. It works great and fast on fleas, ticks, bedbugs etc. I have not tried to make my own yet, just bought it so far.

      • patient momma pennyroyal is toxic and is said to cause abortion. but can be used in humans to kickstart recalcitrant menses.
        daughter uses dr. goldstein’s earth animal internal powder on the cat who is sensitive to the vet’s flea treatment. it is also for dogs and is added to foods. the diatomaceous earth is for intestinal parasites. we get this at the health food store. not the cheapest way.
        dr. goldstein has a website listing the ingredients and other natural treatments for your animals.
        recommended to me on this website for internal parasites was ground pumpkin seeds. this i sprinkle in the cat food of the outdoor cat.
        garlic used to be in dog food along with brewer’s yeast. i have read not to give alliums to dogs but ours has the occasional allium and seems unaffected adversely.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      I’d dust the doggies with diatomaceous earth – then dust their sleeping areas and every where else that made sense with some too.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      I have had 2 bad years with fleas. My dogs stay in my own yard, no visiting dogs. I’ve used 3 diff types of applicator oils, the dawn soap/salt baths. I use vinegar/salt/baking soda spray that helps. And DE. You could say that I get obsessive about it.

      I have wood floors. I vacuume daily, even the furniture. I Don’t mind bugs outside, but in my house? Aaaaaggggghhhhh!

      They go back outside, and more fleas! By fall, the dogs are not allowed to roam the main part of the house until winter freezing temps.

      I’m praying that the chickens I get this spring will help. I’m going to make a chicken tractor and diligently move them around the yard.

      • As my vet says, if you have pets and you live in Georgia, you have fleas. We have used Advantage and Frontline but the Comfortis has been the best vet treatment. As for natural remedies, the DE helped and Skin-So-Soft is good on dogs. In my research, it said not to use essential oils on cats but ok on dogs. We know our fleas are out of control when I get bit – the DH is almost better flea bait than the cats.

        • mindyinds says:

          A natural way to get fleas out of one room at a time is to put soapy water (dish liquid) on a plate under the bed at night, and shine a flashlight on it. The fleas are attracted to the light, hop in, get stuck. It will take several nights. I am embarrassed to say that we go rid of several hundred fleas this way one year – ruined a cheap flashlight leaving it on all night, but worth it.

  6. worrisome says:

    I was heading for the bol this week, but a routine stop for an oil change on the truck revealed a mechanical issue so I am delayed for parts and repairs until next Tuesday or Wednesday. So I have been making good use of my time.

    A 20% off sale at a local hardware store caught my eye so there is a stack of more rakes, shovels, hoes, replacement handles for same, garden hoses, hose parts and washers, spray nozzles, drip line parts and pieces, LED lightbulbs, flashlite bulbs, rechargeable batteries, a couple more axes and wedges, good quality combination solid brass padlocks, some extra heavy duty chain. The guys wanted more nails and screws and some other fasteners Also got some lamp oil, rope, some clothesline wire and clothespins. More batteries for power saws and drills. More plumbing connector pieces and some electric wish list items for the boys. They had sandbags there for 5 cents each so I got 250, good to have around if needed. Because of the sale, the price of canning supplies was cheap so loaded up on lids and rings and a couple of cases of jars………I already have a lot of jars. Nephew has lost a couple of his good Klein screwdrivers, so picked up what he is missing.

    Target had a sale on canned beans for a good price with a good sell by date so picked up a dozen cans, mixed varieties. We use them a lot in salads. Also got another can opener, a hand operated citrus juicer and a hand mixer/egg beater thingy. They had a sale on brown sugar so got six additional 2# packages. The guys go through tons of cookies.

    Dropped by Costco, the peaches they had in stock were all California picked and canned so bought a dozen jars of them. Got some packages of dried fruits as well, I am “stuck” on the dried wild blueberries. Bought a lot of fresh fruit and since I am going to be around here until next week while they fix the truck, I will be making up and freezing some of Red Robin’s strawberry lemonade, canning some orange jelly, canning up some pineapple as the canned stuff you buy is now coming in from Thailand/Phillipines. Also canning up some mandarin oranges as those are coming in from overseas as well…………..and since right now they are available from here in California fresh, I am going to make em last! They had baby Kale in a big package and it is now in the dehydrator on its way to be powder to add to smoothies.

    I ordered some of Bam Bam’s and Michelle’s herbals. I am reading about what I might be able to keep growing up at the bol. Thanks for the article you ladies, ya did good! I ordered both the books you suggested, hope they come in before I head back up the mountain so I can read them while there.

    While stuck here I had someone come out and check the well. For $300 he blew it out and then checked for depth to make sure that it had not fallen in. It would have to be done if I sell the place anyway, so thought that this was as good a time as any. When they do this, they also pull out the pump and give it a going over to make sure that it is in good working order. It also confirms where my own particular water level here is. The whole area around me that is on community water is likely to be limited BIG TIME in a month or so, but it appears that I will be ok if I am careful. I have an appointment for the chimney dude to come out and clean the chimney.I don’t want to be tied down to this “stuff” if I get to spend more time up on the mountain.

    Rained here pretty hard on Wednesday, with showers continuing through today. They were thinking that this storm would bring 1.5 –3 inches of new water. Not much run off going on that I could see though. The creek on the mountain behind us is still just a trickle. In order to meet yearly averages we still need 20 more inches of rain or so, which is not going to happen.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      worrisome, you’re as busy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers! I don’t know where you get all the time and energy for everything you do. But you get the job done.

      Glad to see some rain finally coming your way, but I peeked at the long-term forecast, and it’s not promising. The temperature for a good part of the West will be warmer than normal, precipitation looks about normal with above normal rains in Arizona only for some reason. I don’t see California getting enough rain this month to make up for the drought. Maybe I will be wrong, nothing on two legs can predict the weather.

      Have a great week.

      • I agree with you. Worrisome does seem to stay busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!

        We are getting some rain to day and I am sooo! greatful. I’ve got most of my garden in including the potatoes and need the rain! Our Texas drought has been nothing like California’s but maybey this year I won’t have to water as much. Being on community water, I can’t afford to run the sprinklers more than 4 hours once a week.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Understood on the community water situation. I have my own well, so that is a big plus. For the most part, water won’t be an issue in my part of Texas, but is in many parts further west. Texarkana is the nearest city to me, if you want to call it a city.

        • worrisome says:

          Gee we could do one of Bam Bam’s columns on quotes about “Busier than”…………………….. keep it up you two. My personal favorite is a one armed paper hanger on stilts…..but whatever :)/

    • worrisome;
      I wanted to let you know that recipe for the lemon curd was just awesome!! I am thankful I printed it out and make extra copies as it is no longer available. Since it tastes so great, I may have to hide the jars from myself. My db, oldest sister love the flavor of lemon in pastries, so this will hit the spot. I will send a jar to each of them.

      • worrisome says:

        Glad to hear that it worked out for you Becky. The boys eat it right out of the jar if I don’t watch it.:)

      • Dee in KY says:

        Becky, would you be able to re-print the receipe and post for me. I use it alot with cakes and would love to have it. Thank you!

        • worrisome says:

          Here ya go Dee…………I was just looking at it as I am about to make some more………

          Ok ladies, I follow this recipe because it is easy and then I use another website’s instructions for canning it. I double/triple/ and quadruple this recipe and it still works. If you find that there are bits of egg from cooking it too fast, I push it through a strainer as I bottle it. Because all the ingredients are mixed first the bits of egg are less than other recipes to worry about.
          Lemon Curd Recipe
          Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten
          Total Time:
          30 min
          20 min
          10 min
          Yield:3 cups
          Lemon Dessert Sauce
          3 lemons
          1 1/2 cups sugar
          1/4 pound unsalted butter, room temperature
          4 extra-large eggs
          1/2 cup lemon juice (3 to 4 lemons)
          1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
          Using a carrot peeler, remove the zest of 3 lemons, being careful to avoid the white pith. Put the zest in a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Add the sugar and pulse until the zest is very finely minced into the sugar.
          Cream the butter and beat in the sugar and lemon mixture. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, and then add the lemon juice and salt. Mix until combined.
          Pour the mixture into a 2 quart saucepan and cook over low heat until thickened (about 10 minutes), stirring constantly. The lemon curd will thicken at about 170 degrees F, or just below simmer. Remove from the heat and cool or refrigerate.
          Canning Instructions: This website below worries over the acidic quality of lemons vs bottled lemon juice, I don’t. It gives accurate canning instructions is why I am including it here. I have stored this recipe as canned without freezing for as long as 9 months with no darkening in the jars as this website says it will. It never ever lasts longer than that in my pantry as it gets used for lemon pies, lemon tarts, a lemon frosting, etc etc etc. Do use your food thermometer for best results.
          Canning instructions:http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_02/lemon_curd.html

  7. Good morning pack,
    We finished restocking the preps I used during the ice storm two weeks ago, guess being alone I didn’t use too much! But it was quite the learning experience.
    Our local news station is offering rain barrels so we ordered four of them, one for each corner of the barn. If the still have some next month we’ll p/u four more for the shed. The sheddoesnt have gutters/leaders so I’ll check Craigs list to see if I can get some used.
    Ive been using my dehydrator, did five lbs of potatoes, but they turned gray (and look very unappetizing) DH says if we’re hungry we’ll eat them,,,which is true, but the last batch Idid stayed a light golden color. Must be a different kind of potato. DH bought a Dehydrators Bible, I’ll see if it makes a difference in the end product.
    He also bought the jar attachment for the food saver, so now my potatoes are in jars and I don’t have to worry about the sharpe edges poking through the bags.
    Today we’ll stop at the state armory toad a little ammo. Last trip they had 40S&W, this trip we are hoping for some 22LR. I also plan to ‘test drive’ a Taurus 709 slim they say they have in stock. As much as I love my Glock22 I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry it con sealed,

    Imade elderberry tincture back in January, so when DH started c/o a sore throut this week I made him tea with the tincture added in, and even the non believer that he is hedid say he felt better,,,, thanks BamBam!

    • You’re welcome.

    • I have dehydrated about 50 lbs. of potatoes.
      things I have learned.
      1) use only a stainless steel knife
      2) thick or thin slice means more dried and only a little difference in the time
      3) blanching is necessary if you want nice white potatoes
      4) chilled water afterwards means just that–ice cold chilled for many minutes

      Hope this helps.

      • JayJay
        Thank you for the information. I was wondering about doing
        potatoes but with everyone having bad results I held off thinking someone had the missing answer to this problem.

      • Very helpful, but one (OK two) questions
        Do you blanch before or after you cut them?
        And what is the cold water for?

        I have another 5 lb bag, but I hesitated dehydrating them after seeing the gray results from the first batch.

      • Mary in GA says:

        I have read that potatoes need to be blanched before de-hydrating. I have only de-hydrated store bought hashed browns.

        • r me
          i live in northeast ohio and have guttering in the garage if you want it.ask mr. creekmore to be go-between.

          • Wasp
            Thank you for that kind offer, but I don’t think we could be any further apart (Im in southern SC)

  8. IndianaAli says:

    Haven’t posted for awhile on preps. Have been reading but just not posting. Found some celery hearts on clearance for 49 cents for pack of two, regularly almost 4 dollars, so picked up 8 for the dehydrator. Also picked up some canned beans and canned chili on local sale. Not much $$$ to spend but every little bit helps. Planning out garden but with our upcoming snow and ice tomorrow, seems like Spring will never get here. Picked up coats/jackets at Goodwill for 4.00 each, fleece and 100% wool like new for myself and a winter coat for GS next yr. Unfortunately nothing practical for DH. Also picked up some cookbooks and a few devotional books to help with the spiritual prepping side of things. Keeping an eye on the world and national news situation, as always it does not look promising. Keep praying and prepping. Have a good week.

    • Indiana,

      You know you can take the celery bottoms and plant them. I’ve never had a real celery grow. What grows are smaller stocks with lots of leaves. The leaves are great for salad and soup.I just go out and cut a few when I need them and they grow back.

      • Black Rose says:

        I planted a celery and it grew into a bushy with lots of leaves plant. I had no idea you could eat the leaves.

        • Black Rose,

          I think the leaves are the best part, especially for cajun food and soups.

      • IndianaAli says:

        Thanks, I didn’t know that. Always learning on this site. : )

      • Redwood Mama says:

        We were having bok choy in a stir fry and my son told me I could plant the bottoms of them and I was skeptical, but they are growing new little bok choys out of the joints!!! We could not get the seeds to do more than sprout last year so I am really jazzed!

  9. M.D. If I might suggest, take your CB to a radio shop to have it “peaked and tuned”. It will encrease the watt output by double or more and they fine tune the recieve so incoming signals are picked up more clearly and from further away.Also,if you are going to use it now,a 1/4 wave antenna cant be beat on a vehicle. just mount it as close to the center of the vehicle as possible so your outgoing signal is as multi directional as possible. mine is mounted to the top of my toolbox,behind the cab.

    I had been nursing a problem with one of my girlds for months and months. Its called “sour crop”. food doesnt get ground up inthe craw and forms a mass that can sometimes be masaged and helped to works its way through the digestive system. this poor girl had been getting bigger and bigger and nothing i did was working. It got so big that she was having diffaculty walking and couldnt fly up to a perch to roost. I had to put her down and it scares me that i have so much love for my girls. It was a sad day at the bctruck poultry plantation. Ive started replacing my can goods one item at a time. The old canned good are gettingfed to the chickens at a rate of a can a day. Im almost through the canned corn and then ill start on the sweet peas. There is a grocery store called “sav a lot” in the town near me,but ive bnever gone to it because,,,, and this is embarrassing,,, its in an area of town where people dont look like me, and life has taught me that you are far less safe in areas where your skin color is a sharp departure from that of the locals. I broke down,armed up, and went into the store and man am I glad I did. I was able to replace my canned corn (6 cases) at slightly more than half of what it would have taken at china mart.I checked all the other prices on things i buy regularly and I can really put a dent in the weekly food bill by shopping there. The people in the store were kind and corteous,the store was clean and organized, and im embarrased that I allowed my preconcieved,and incorrect assumptions ,keep me from going in there. Its a funny world and we are all products formed by our environment.
    6 months ago, I started buying winchester PDX1 in 12 gauge, to be used as my home defense round in my 590A. bought 2 more boxes yesterday and it is very hard to find it on the shelves. I think others have realized it is the best of both worls ,a 3/4 OZ slug,preceeded by 3 .32 caliber balls. I would so hate to be on the recieving end of that. Have a great week Yall.

    • BC,

      Provide some large sand for your girls. They eat it and it helps them digest their food. So sorry about your girl, I get really attached to my chickens too.

    • axelsteve says:

      bctruck. Don`t feel bad about being judgmental. It may save your life being that way. When I lived in Colorado there was a part of Denver that has a large population that does not look like me and you have to be real careful there.There is also another large group of those people in another section of Denver who are largly retired or still active service. The difference in those people are different as night and day. The gi section had very clean houses and well cared for lawns, trimmed trees and hedges.They were kind and respectful and would not say a foul word.Most of there houses were 2 bedroom 1 car garages but they could be on the cover of a magazine or real estate flier. They always treated me well and tipped me for cleaning there carpets.The other group side of town looked like the oj riots just happend and they talked like they were making a rap cd.

    • I don’t get to Save-a-lot as often as I should because it’s a ways from me, but the deals are awesome. They had boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.49/lb. in the family packs. Each package was around $5. I bought 4 packs and my entire grocery bill was less than what I would have paid the ‘regular’ grocery store for just the chicken, and I had a cart full.

      Be sure to sign up for their emails. Their sales run for 2 weeks.

    • Curley Bull says:

      BC, there’s a Sav-a-Lot in Marshall.

    • There’s a Save a Lot around the corner from my house. There is also an Aldi around 8 miles from my house. Aldi’s prices are 10 cents less per item than Save a Lot’s on the things I like to buy, but then I have to justify the mileage by being in that neighborhood anyway. (Home Depot and Lowes are there too so it happens sometimes). I ran a comparison around 4 years ago between Save a Lot, Aldi’s, Kroger and Wal-Mart and Aldi’s won on price.

      I would say that being a different race than a neighborhood in my city is mostly not a problem, unless the racial tensions happen to be high because of some event that happened. Still, I would not want to be in or near the projects at night even during good times. Last time I did that I was driving a cab and I got mugged. Quit driving cab the next day.

      • For a little perspective- the closest grocery store to us is 8 miles away 🙁 Wally World is a 45 min drive. Aldi’s sells Moser Roth dark chocolate, which is in my opinion, the very best. And it’s relatively cheap.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Bc, I also recently discovered sav a lot and some Hispanic stores. At first I did not feel safe going alone, definitely not a safe neighborhood. But I pay close attention to my surroundings And was thrilled to discover how quickly I could stock up at their prices. Now I devour their weekly ads and review sav a lot online sales ad. Sav a lot will also often put out coupons in their physical circulars (I receive mine thru the mail) for incredible deals.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        I review circulars, get my coupons together, then I plan my “route” thru the city for all the loss leaders and specials. I’m in and out of each store very quickly. I typically don’t actually “need” anything so I use these deals to add to my stockpile.

        My big shopping is done at Sam’s club and Meijer on weekdays. I always avoid crowds since it takes awhile to compare prices (sell by dates) etc. and I don’t feel guilty in line at checkout when I have a lot of coupons.

        At Meijer this week I used their Mperks and my coupons to save $80 plus from my bill. I usually can get double the goods or free items by watching circulars and using coupons. And also by never HAVING to buy something- I just wait til the sale.

        I’ve got DH convinced his fingers may fall off if he removes something from my basement pantry without letting me know so that I can restock.

  10. Hey y’all well I put away 19 packages of lipton soup mix, 12 lb.s baking soda, 14 boxes chicken helper, 1 lb. lawerys seasoned salt and tried to buy a Honda 250 but he didn’t have a title, then tried another a Honda 250 but my parts guy said no his parts book only went back to 79 (this one was a 75) so I’m still looking. Oh well that’s it for this week.

    • JP in MT says:


      I brought a newer Honda 250 here with me from Hawaii. The altitude was just too much for a 250. If I was to get another one I’d get another 400. Both were good bikes.

      • JP in MT: Thanks I found another one this ones a 1986 Honda xl 600 r enduro any warnings (9000 miles)?

        • JP in MT says:


          I’d start picking up parts as you can. Especially “consumable” like filters, belts, rings, gaskets, chains, etc. Get a repair manual, both aftermarket and factory if you can. Reason is that you are going to have enough trouble finding parts now. Later……? Also check all the welded joints. 9000 miles on an enduro tells me it spent a lot of time on the road, or was used hard. I would make working on this a “prepper project”. It should serve you well.

    • axelsteve says:

      Ronald. I got the straps for the backpack. Thank you very much again!

  11. Kinda thin here. I turned our biggest compost heap as it had way too many trimmed branches on top. So now they are all buried and the rains let loose about 3 AM so they are all moldering and I’m happy. Also put compost around three small rosemary bushes and two big ones in another composted garden bed. Also harvested a few tomatoes but we ate them.

    A little off topic but yesterday I helped DW and her co-teachers take the 1st-5th graders to the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island. Lots of interesting planes and helicopters there, and the hanger they are in still has bullet holes in the windows and walls from the Japanese attack.

    Since the last time I was there they have gotten a Flying Fortress which crash landed in a swamp in New Guinea on it’s first bombing run of WWII. It is in remarkable condition for getting shot down, crashing, and sitting in a swamp for several decades. The propellers are all bent back, and it is full of .50 and 20mm holes. Pretty sobering sight, but the crew survived.

    I asked, and was told they plan on leaving it as is rather than restore it. Great: the bullet holes and crash damage are what make the ‘personal’ history. Hard to imagine what it was like for those men.

    • Penrod,

      I was born in the pink hospital. Have you ever read about the lantern bombs the Japanese dropped in the jet stream to attack Hawaii?

      • I have heard of something similar, I think, but didn’t know they were used here. I have read of a couple which made it a fair distance inland on the Mainland. Were they bombs attached to some sort of balloon which were just released and allowed to wander on the air currents until they fell?

        We pass Tripler Army hospital all the time as it is between us and downtown, and one of the CostCos we shop at. It is great to see a pink military hospital on the side of the mountain. You can even see it from Diamond Head if you climb to the top.

      • Rob in Ontario says:

        If I remember right there was several of those bombs that fell on the west coast , and I believe one person died because of it

        • Actually, I live in the village where the only fatal weather balloon bombs landed and there were 5 children and one pregnant lady killed.

    • axelsteve says:

      My youngest son remarks on how in ww2 a man would carry a 12 lb rifle and fight with it and how a modern man would cry about having to pack the rifle and the recoil from the rifle. He remarks on how unmanly modern man is.

      • Those old bolt action ’03s do pack kind of a wallop compared to today’s Good Ol’ Poodle Shooters, don’t they?

        • Exile1981 says:

          I have an old WW@ lee enfield in 303 and they do pack a heck of a recoil. I like it for hiking in bear country as it’s way more reliable than my more modern rifles and the ammo is easier to find lately than 308. Unfortunately I doubt the wife or the kids could fire it, as even an hour at the range with it leaves me feeling abused.

          • JP in MT says:


            Try an aftermarket stock. The a linear muzzle break. We ended up doing both for a friend. It helped but his wife still had issues. He got a used 30-30 for her.

        • tommy2rs says:

          I grew up shooting my fathers 03-A3 30.06. It was heavy and kicked harder than any other 30.06 I’ve ever owned but it hit where you pointed it and never failed to fire. I put the kick down to the stock design. That one went to my brother with my blessing….lol. I kept the .300 mag, it shot as well and kicked half as much.

        • axelsteve says:

          yep but handy if ya gotta shoot something bigger then a poodle.

      • Western_Reservist says:

        your son hit the nail on the head, axlesteve.

        today most of the “male species” I see cannot be termed or defined as “men.” far from it. most are geldings.

        sorry to say, but I think a lot of their moaning and whining is the result of a concerted effort by popular culture, media, Hollywood and the elites to neuter “real men.”

        where are our Gary Coopers, John Waynes, or James Cagneys of days gone by? they could handle a gun and most every kind of “trouble” they encountered.

        • Suburban Housewife says:


        • axelsteve says:

          Western Reservist. My son bought him a mil spec 45 auto on his 21 birthday. He told me that he did not want some pansy 9mm or a 40 but he wanted a mans gun.He wanted a gun like his great grandpa carried in ww1.

        • Encourager says:

          They are the Marines, the Rangers and the Navy Seals. Hope I didn’t miss any.

    • grannyj says:

      Penrod, thanks for the “virtual” tour of Ford Island.

      Dad was a Pearl Harbor survivor, Silver Eagle. Uncle was a survivor as well. Lived there in the early 50’s…my aunt recalls the Japanese planes flying in over housing on their way to the airfields to wreak their havoc; blackout curtains, etc.

      I never got to visit Ford Island, but I have been to the Az Memorial several times. it never fails to amaze me, sadden me, instill me with pride in the men and women who fought so valiantly and never whined and complained.

      I agree with you – the holes, etc., show the true story of that plane, removing them would erase the courage of those that flew her. Thanks again.

      • You’re welcome, grannyj. You’re right: it would be terrible to turn that plane into just another restored example of a war plane. I thought it was far and away the most emotionally affecting plane I saw. Much like the scores of window panes in the hanger with bullet holes. Every one of them said “I was there.”

        • grannyj says:

          penrod, we think alike.

          yes, yes and yes. To see it and touch it is to remember – to relive, to as you said “I was there”…each year we lose more and more of our WWII warriors…we have to continue to remember their valor.

          Bless you.

          • Bam Bam says:

            There’s a UF historian named Michael Gannon. I’ve heard him speak several times. He wrote a book called Pearl Harbor Betrayed. The sailors and soldiers at Pearl reacted very quickly–so quickly in fact that the Japanese called off a second wave of attacks. Kimmel was the scape goat for folks in Washington D.C.

            • I firmly believe Roosevelt ‘let’ that attack happen to get the American people on his side to enter the war.

              • JP in MT says:

                I really got into reading about Pearl Harbor in the 80’s. My opinion is that the US government new there would be a war with Japan. But they thought it would come in the Philippines. They didn’t have much in the way of current issue equipment and were pretty far down the supply chain. I think it was a write-off. I think they were genuinely surprised at the attack in Hawaii.

                Much like using civilian aircraft to attack American cities, they were sure that 40′ of water and the distances involved were insurmountable for the Japanese. They underestimated their opponent and ignored intelligence reports that went against their per-concieved notions. Always a bad plan.

                • I agree, JP. My Dad was in the hospital supply industry (so he didn’t get drafted as that was designated a ‘critical industry’), and he told me that he knew we were on the way to war.

                  Along with his day job as a salesman, he temporarily ran a small manufacturing company which made wooden hospital furniture after the owner, a friend of his, died of a heart attack. He ran it until they they could find a buyer for the company, and he knew his friend had been on the verge of converting to manufacturing steel hospital furniture. He decided to nix the project because he was completely satisfied that war was coming, and that steel sheet and steel tubing would be impossible to get for furniture.

                  He figured the companies which stayed with wood could survive, and those which switched would be out of business.

                  Good decision.

                  At the same time, the military hospitals were being expanded at a huge rate. His first really big sale was to Walter Reed Army Hospital, in 1941, when he drove down and made a cold call, and then, at a time when 1000 yards of sheeting was a huge order for the company (bed sheets were sold by the yard), phoned in an order for 10,000 yards.

                  The Army knew what was coming.

                • “They didn’t have much in the way of current issue equipment”

                  You are exactly right, JP. That is exactly the reason there were so many theater-made knives from the Pacific Theater. There was nothing like a sufficient supply of Ka-Bars or any other kind of fighting/utility knives. At the beginning of the war the Feds scoured all the sporting goods companies and bought anything even remotely appropriate. The guys in the field found a lot of them to be too small/fragile, and a cottage industry sprang up, I suppose mostly among the SeaBees as they had the manufacturing equipment, to turn stuff like leaf springs into knives.

                  The father of a friend of mine was still in the 1970s wearing a WWII vintage bali-song/butterfly knife on his belt which he had made himself in the SeaBees. He machined the blade from a leaf spring, the aluminum fittings from the part of a crashed Japanese warbird, and the grip panels were plexi from a plane canopy.

                  He was very proud of that knife. He had made it himself and it had served him well all the way through the Pacific.

              • There was a Russian spy called “Tricycle” who alleged as much, and alleged that he’d warned the US it was going to happen but was blown off. He was a triple agent or something.

            • grannyj says:

              Bam Bam – I’ll have to find the book – sounds good. Thanks

              • grannyj,

                I was working my way through graduate school as a newspaper reporter when I first heard him speak. He taught me the importance of fact checking–going back to original sources. Gannon’s book on Pearl overturned 50 years of lazy journalism.

      • JP in MT says:

        I had my retirement flag raised over the USS Arizona. Great memories.

    • So much to miss about Hawaii. Ford Island is not one of those places, it being the home of the naval brig.

  12. I am going to go to the gun show tomorrow, just to see what they have, did find some .223 cheap at the local gun store and picked up a few boxes. The fish antibiotics came in and the tub emergency water saver too. Trying to pick up a few extra can goods every week, and also trying to stash away a little extra cash too.

    • axelsteve says:

      Speaking of ammo,Yesterday I went to the local pawnshop and he had 22 lr. He was asking 20.99 for 50 rounds of american eagle 22 lr. He was asking 195 dollars for a box of 550 rounds of 22 lr bulk pack. Isn`t charging that much illegal? I know that it is immoral.The thing is they keep on hand those free new testemants Does he ever read it? I know having to make a profit but how much profit ? I do worry for those guys souls.

      • dDd you let him know that he might qualify for a photo down at the local Post office? And that the local churches might be putting his photo on a milk carton? Seriously, letting him know his prices are out of line and not buying from him is what you should do.

      • JP in MT says:


        Check the box on the American Eagle. If it is the red box, there are only 40 rounds in each box, 400 per brick.

        • axelsteve says:

          JP TZhey were the 40 round box come to think of it. I would not buy from that guy.

          • JP in MT says:


            I am still surprised at the prices people will pay for ammo. Now I have been shooting, and buying more than I shot, for a number of years. I have yet to define how much is enough ammo, but it is not THE priority for me. I buy for my working friends, and what they don’t need goes on the table at the gun show. I mark it up to cover my overhead for being there. It does cost $35-50/table, plus travel and meals Most people expect you to sell it to them, at a show, for the same price as the place I get it. Why would I bother to do that. I don’t scalp them, I’ve even had dealers buy mine, mark it up, then put it on their table. Okay, but I never have any left for Sunday, let alone have to pack it home.

      • Ouch, my local gun shop had 50 rounds of 22lr today for $3.99 and he sold out in 7 hours (limit of 2 per person). He dislikes the other gun shop in town that charges $10 for 50 rounds and breaks up bricks and sells them in plastic sandwich bags to boot. In January I went to visit my parents in MD and got bricks of 525 for $28. In MD of all places!

    • Can I ask u where did u buy the fish antibiotics and what’s the specific name.
      I have this on my to learn list, so any bit will help

  13. mom of three says:

    All of the snow melted away yesterday. We are suppose to get 2-4 more inchs of snow on Sunday again. . I ordered a dehydrator, hubby had point’s on a credit card, wanted to get something from the cc, so a $100.00 Walmart card was the choice. It should be here next Friday,   I don’t know why I waited so long to buy another one.
    I bought a dozen of canned soup, whole tomatoes, in store special.
    Stocked up on bulk foods, 2 boxes of canning salt, at winco $1.48 a box don’t forget the canning salt. Put 10 lbs of rice, macaroni, in small food grade buckets, bought 5 packages of Hormel peperoni, two package’s of lasagna noodles, a 3 pack of Dial soap, from the dollar tree. Melted the soap down added oatmeal, and lavender oil, put them in a rubber mold, and got 6 bars out of three bar’s. I start my new job at the donut shop, next Wednesday, filled out the paperwork for taxes I have not done that for 14 year’s. Stay warm, and safe this coming week.

  14. Bought some hand tools for the house. Not actually a prep item, but it allows me to leave DH’s alone. I sure miss my tools in CA. I’m not one to wait until DH gets home to fix things – learned to be self sufficient years ago.

    Found my 15 gallon crock and brought it in, and am now ready for cabbage sales in the next week or two.

    Have been making tinctures right and left on the powdered herbs from last year before they lose potency.

    Ordered a big order from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    Bought some supplies to start seeds in the house. We have a bunch of seed trays, etc. somewhere in that mess we call storage, but couldn’t find them, so bought more. Won’t be an issue, everything is really cheap this time of year, and having that is good preps. Rearranged one of the upstairs rooms (we are living in box city, and will until we find our own place), and restacked boxes to make room by the south facing window, then re-arranged some preps to steal a shelving unit to put seed trays on, and moved it to the window in the next room.

    Bought a brooder light. Looked at large plastic bins to contain baby chicks.

    Poor DH, while he has been a survivalist for many years, he was born and raised a city boy in CT. Never really had much of a garden. Never had chickens, goats, etc. Had a few pet rabbits for awhile, but that was the extent of his livestock raising.

    I’m stressing him out seriously with all this – especially with pushing for 2 calves this past week (it was a GREAT deal – dairy farmer selling newborn to 1 week old bull calves for $20 – started on colostrum. We finally agreed that since our square dance caller is a rancher, we’ll ask him if we can buy a 2-3 months old calf once we get moved. As DH pointed out, by the time I buy all the calf starter, milk replacer, and a littel bit of hay, it would probably be about the same price as buying a 3 month old calf that doesn’t have to be bottle fed, and much easier on me at butcher time if I don’t have to bottle feed the little guy.

    DH bought another 100 rounds of .45 and about 100 rounds of buck shot for the 12 gauge.

    DH’s metal detox is coming along much better – he could not believe how much metals came out of him. Kidneys are now back to normal, but I told him I’d like to keep him on the cordyceps for another week or two.

    Had an appointment with the Small Business Administration this week. Found out some great stuff like I do not need a business license, just to register the name with the state and get a Fed tax ID. Trying to come up with a name for an herb company. Thinking about words like serenity and sunshine and summer – that sort of thing, just not hitting on the perfect name – suggestions?

    • Michele,

      You are starting a herb company? That is wonderful. I hope you will accept Paypal.

      If you don’t mind me asking, how much would it cost to get the herbs necessary to make just a quart of flu tincture? It is very expensive to buy all the herbs, especially since you get a deal only if you buy a pound at a time. But if you could buy the herbs just an ounce or so at a time with all of them together (just dump in canning jar and add vodka), that would be great. Quote me a price and I’ll be your first customer.

      • Black Rose says:

        I would love to buy prepackaged the hebs for a tincture I can make myself by adding the liquid. I find it overwhelming to find all the stuff my self and mixing it. I would buy prepackaged to make a quart or so at a time

      • JP in MT says:

        HD is right!

      • Yes, I do have a paypal account set up under Self Reliant Granny. I will figure out how much the herbs make, and figuring about 1 cup or slightly more of the mixed herb to make a quart of the tincture, but it’s going to be expensive, so after I figure it out and post the price (it will probably be a few days), I will not hold any of you to the offer to purchase.

    • axelsteve says:

      how about summertime hills healthy herbs?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      If you start a web site and anchor your name on this blog to it, a bunch of us from here would go there to make a purchase.

    • Redwood Mama says:

      I thought of “Herbs of Summer” when I read your description. I would like to order from you also!!! Thanks for all you share, Michele.

    • Michele
      Your dh is right about the cost of feeding a calf, an if you are thinking about beef down the road. Dairy cattle take a year long to beef out than the other breeds. Not saying it can not be done just know you will have a longer time frame before the butchering. Another thing bottle feeding a baby is a 4+ times a day and then you can also get attached to them, and it makes it harder for putting them in the freeze. That is one reason I do not purchase babies that have to be bottle feed. Came to close with the live stock we had, and I sprinkled alfalfa leaf on the calf to make the mother clean it and they bonded. It was her first calf she was at a loss with what to do with it.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        From time to time we bottle fed various critters on the farm. They become the worst pests in the barnyard, stepping on your feet, pushing you over and usually causing you to spill anything you may be carrying, just to keep from falling. Goats always stabbed me in the foot with their feet. Sheep usually caused me to fill a boot with water or milk. Calves smashed me in the back, etc. etc.
        I loved them all. They were never duplicitous and never lied.

    • Tricia in NC says:

      Sorry for hitting the report button!

      Michele, How does your DH know how much metal was purged from his system? I am curious and of course find this interesting. I have used cilantro for chelation after the flu vaccine from the advice here. Tricia

      • Let’s just say stuff was a different color for a few weeks.

      • Schametti says:

        I have been interested in cheletin since I read about it a few weeks ago.. I’ve got a chiropractor too, who, (he and his mom), do the hollistic thing, and they have been using ten iodine drops a day, to convince my thyroid to start working a little better on it’s own. I thought cheletin had to be done via professional IV treatments though, is there another way to do them yourself? 🙂

        • Yes
          Cilantro Chelation Detox Pesto

          two large bunches of fresh cilantro
          4 medium garlic cloves
          1 cup nuts (I used almonds, but you can use sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts (a good source of selenium), or any mixture of them (sunflower and pumpkin is popular)
          1/4 to 1/2 c olive oil, or flax oil

          put cilantro, garlic and nuts into a blender and blend (might make it easier if you do the nuts first) add enough oil to make it a nice paste. Take 1 tsp twice daily for at least 2 weeks.

          Also, add in chlorella – start with only 1 – 1,000 mg tablet a day (it can give you a bit of tummy upset it you start with too much – but is TOTALLY non-toxic).

          The vitamin shoppe has the best prices – 300 tablets for $23.99, or 100 tablets for $9.99. This is a GREAT green food and has so many good things for your body in it, and it all by itself is great for detoxification.

          Those two alone will do miracles for you.

          Other things you can do to detox is make turmeric tea (this is also GREAT for inflammation and pain due to inflammation. Turmeric is a SUPER FOOD.
          4 cups water
          1/2 tsp turmeric
          1/2 tsp ginger
          sprinkle of black pepper
          honey to taste
          Bring water to boil, then reduce heat to low and add spices – cover and simmer gently on low for about 10 minutes. Add honey and enjoy – it is actually quite tasty.

          • Schametti says:

            Michelle.. WOW.. thank you so much. I haven’t written anything good in my ‘prepping journal’ in months, but this definitely qualifies. Great info! Appreciate it. :):)

    • Summer Tranquility?

    • Bctruck says:

      Michele,where in CT was hubby raised? I’m from enfield CT originally.

      • DH was born and raised in Waterford, which is right next to New London.

        • Im from the other end,up near the Massachusetts line, I mean i could throw a rock and it would land in Mass. i delivered alot of “munitions” to groton. (sub base) most money i ever made was hauling munitions to CT. Does he still have an accent? I dont, but my older brother who lives in mississippi,sounds like he just stepped off the yankkee boat. i have no idea why. You would never guess by my accent i was from anywhere but Louisiana.

          • I don’t hear much of an accent (except when he calls sub sandwiches “grinders”), but we did this thing about accents, and it had us both dead on. His was in a very small area, and mine covered most of the Pacific NW – on into Montana

  15. Hunker-Down says:

    Great catch on the brush guard, M.D. We need to put pawn shops on our list of stops when we go to the big city near us. The DW is a flee market junkie, maybe she will enjoy window shopping there.

    Wednesday we paid $4.49 per lb for 19 pounds of hamburger at a local grocery. It was a “deal”! Regular price for 90% is $5.49 lb. I showed the manager a one pound package from his display case and asked, “Can you make me 20 pounds of this and give us a deal?”. He said ‘no deals’, times are really tough.
    I responded, I need the meat. He asked if I wanted it packaged in 1, 2 or 3 lb packages. I said, put it in one box if that works for you. Suddenly his demeanor changed and he said he would sell it to us for a dollar per pound off.
    We canned 24 pints at a cost (minus the onion soup mix, jars and fuel) of $3.48 per pint jar. DANG! We should have done this 9 months ago.
    If anyone is thinking of getting a deal from their local store, maybe making a point of not needing retail packaging may get you a better deal.
    Zaycon hamburger is 50 cents cheaper and 3% less fat but it would have cost us $30 in gas to make the trip to their drop off point and we can’t handle their minimum of 40 pounds.

    We haven’t seen the real scarcity of beef yet. Western states drought and the polar vortex in Northern states like Montana and the Dakotas will cause great harm in cattle herds in the near future. It takes 2 years to go from breeding a heffer to selling her offspring for hamburger. Processing plants may go out of business.

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.
    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.

    • H-D,

      We ordered 80 lbs. hamburger from Zaycon this week. It was 70 cents per pound more than last time we ordered. But still cheaper than the grocery store. (And we only have to drive 5 minutes to pick it up.) Our big cost is the food saver bags to put it in.

      I tell you, meat prices in this country will at least double by the end of the year. That scares me. I want to get a year’s supply of meat put up in the freezer.

      • I did too! I was shocked at the price I paid for it until I read H-D’s post!

        I pick mine up on April 5th.

        HD – Don’t you order from Zaycon? I thought you did.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Yes, we ordered chicken from Zaycon a couple of months ago and are well pleased with it.
          It was just our bad luck that the DW didn’t have a dr. appointment near the town where Zaycon delivers, and I panicked (too late) on the price of hamburger.
          We have yet to receive an email from Zaycon advertising deliveries in our area; I sent them a nasty note about their oversight. Bam Bam posted about Zaycon hamburger 3-4 days ago so I went to their site and on their primary page it seemed that hamburger was not currently on sale. After logging in, I found both hamburger and ham will be available soon at our pickup site.

      • I buy rolls of vacuum bag material for a better price at this link:

    • Exile1981 says:

      I pickd up 60lbs of ground beef from our local store last week because the butcher tipped me off that starting on the first (today) prices are going way up on beef. They packaged it into 2lb packs for me and gave it to me $1.25 lb less than the price in the cooler. I was there this morning and the price did go up today by about 30%.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        It was your post last week that put me in panic mode.

        • Bam Bam says:

          Sorry about that, H-D. I keep a mental count of prices. I was shocked a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the prices in Walmart.

    • kate114 says:

      HD, I thank God every time I see your end-of-post. Some (!) might say “what difference, at this point, does it make?” but I say the future will try very hard to gloss over, trivialize, rewrite, cover up, bury what was done. You are right, we must not forget.

  16. Rider of Rohan says:

    Not much real prepping this week, but did spend some time on this blog(too much, lol), and have been following world and domestic events closely. All is proceeding according to the plans of some evil and bad people. US rapidly disarming as Russia flexes its muscles, China expands its sphere of influence, and our allies look somewhere else for protection, or panic. Australia and New Zealand are now hung out there like low fruit for China to pick. The warning a Chinese general gave to Australia a couple of years ago about US fecklessness is now reality. It’s as if China had some inside knowledge. Cut defense spending and veteran’s benefits by billions, but increase domestic spending by hundreds of billions, with much of the increase going to unions and illegals, that is some cray-cray policy. Unless one is paying off unions and illegals for supporting an agenda. An anti-American agenda at that.

    My real prepping consisted of an optic wonder, a self-contained screwdriver w/multiple attachments, a head lamp, 2 old-style can openers, 8 rechargeable AA batteries, a Spanish dictionary, some tac am-mo, a large box of 100 shotgun shells, and 1 box of 40 CCI velocitors(that’s all I could find).

    Stay saucy, Pack, and have a great week.

  17. Thanks to a good friend I’ve been reading this blog for a while now. I always look forward to Saturday’s ‘What did you do to prep this week’ but have never posted. Maybe when my friend reads this she’ll figure out who I am and be inspired to post as well.

    This week I ordered elderberries and bought the vodka to make my first tincture. If it doesn’t turn out right at least I have vodka. Can’t go wrong with that! I added a case of green beans and peas to my stock, cans of soup, and picked up 18 lbs of chicken breasts to add to the freezer. Also added 5 pounds of pasta to the mix. I’ve yet to dehydrate any meats and am thinking about experimenting with some of the chicken. I dehydrated strawberries and will be putting some mixed veggies in to dehydrate today. And the most difficult prep of all… still trying to get my dh on board a bit more. He seems to think I’m a little nuts sometimes but he has admitted that it’s nice not having to rush out for milk, bread, and toilet paper when there’s snow in the forecast.

    Oh, and how can I forget… added another 40 cans of cat food for the critters. I think 2 of them would eat us alive if they had to subsist on only dry food.

    I think that was it for this week. Too darn cold to go outside and gearing up for more snow. Yuck!

    • Welcome to the pack!

    • GDS,

      Welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    • GDS,
      Welcome, I made my first tincture in January following direction posted here, this week DH had a sore throat and I added it to tea w/honey and he reports he feels better.
      It was easy to do,, so go for it.
      And all here knows my DH was slow to come around (but he is a smart guy who watches/reads lots of news) and he can see what’s coming.
      It’s more fun to prep together!

      • Thank you all for the welcome! R-Me, I hope my dh comes around more. He’s more of a spend now, panic later guy. He doesn’t seem to object to what I do but sometimes I see his eyes kind of glaze over. That’s when I know it’s time for me to back off a bit and continue quietly doing what I do. I did download One Second After to his kindle, maybe he’ll read it and see the light!

        • Schametti says:

          Welcome, (officially) to the wolfpack, GDS. One Second After is STILL one of my most favorite books, and I read it months and months ago. Hopefully your Hubs reads it, and comes around soon. I’m one of the blessed ones, and mine is 110% supportive of my cray-cray prepping ways, lol.

          • Shametti,

            If you liked One Second After, you have to read 299 Days. There are seven books in the series. I read the whole series in one week and I can’t wait for Book 8 to come out.

            • Schametti says:

              Hey Bam! I have all seven of the 299 Days series sitting here on my desk. I HOPE I love it.. but I refuse to even START the series until Tate released all ten. I haaate waiting, but I would hate the wait even more if I was waiting to find out what happens next, haha. Thank You for the recommend.. let me know if there are any more MUST READS out there.. and I’ll add them to my list.. :):)

    • mom of three says:

      Our cat, is horrible I buy 20 cans and it’s gone in 10 days. I need to just buy 100, so I can breathe and not be running to get her more. This is along with dry food, and some bacon now and again.

      • We have 3 cats. They go through 2 cans/day plus dry food. I was buying 42 cans every 2 weeks just trying to stock up. Bad weather and busy weekends kept me from getting to the store so I never managed to get ahead. I did get to stock up on some dry food, but one can’t be trusted near the bags. She tears right into them as soon as I bring them in the house. That’s why she’s so…fluffy!

        • Bam Bam says:

          You can order pet food from Walmart and if you spend more than $50 you get free shipping. So now I have cat litter, cat food and dog food shipped and the guy just stacks it in the garage. That saves gas and we don’t have to go into the store and lug all the stuff.

        • We keep the extra dry cat food in a rubbermaid storage tote with a pail of cat litter on top to keep my “fluffy” cat out of the stash.

          • aldi’s has reasonably priced tuna which the cats love. it is close to same price as fancy feast.
            we use blue buffalo wild cat food. it is more expensive but they eat less because it is more nutritious and there is less poo as a consequence.
            i buy taurine capsules and occasionally add it to their wet food. good for cats.
            if you store in garage watch out for rodent damage.
            we have a garage cat who does duty as a bird seed protector.

        • We buy 2 boxes of 48 cans at Sam’s Club then one flat of 24 at Big Lots to have 5 flavors for the cats. I also get 2 of the 20ish pound bags of Meow Mix and 2 16(?) lb bags of prescription Urinary SO for them. We use 2 cans of wet per day, so we buy about every 60 days. The prescription food lasts a little longer but that helps spread out the cost. We feed at least 5 cats.

          • My cat doesn’t eat the canned food (strictly a dry food boy)
            I buy the 9Lives shredded for my chickens and get it in a four pack for $1.59 at BiLo. Chickens always have their crumbles in the coop, but they get a can per day (there are nine of them) along with a scoop of scratch. I also save the egg shells to pulverize and add into the scratch. That gives them extra protein, calcium and bulk to help digestion.

          • ga-red
            have a cat with urinary crystal problem. she is about `16 yrs.
            vet prescribed UR food.
            she was getting weaker and more fragile.
            got library books about cat diet and changed tactics.
            totally went to wet food and not only did the urine clear up she got young again.
            i give her gerber baby meats–that ‘s what i add the taurine to occasionally– and she gets a little blue buffalo dry.
            i think it has saved her life.

        • We have two indoor cats, and go throught 1 small can every two days. They get it in the morning as a treat. We keep the dry food in a large Rubbermaid trach can with a lid, which keeps out the cats, but is primarily to keep out mice, if and when they get past those same cats.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            If there was TEOTWAWKI wouldn’t we want to stop feeding our cats except maybe a little bit so they will start hunting? We have used cats to discourage mice, squirrels, and bats from nesting in or near our house when I was little. Still we will have to deal with snake bites and rabies.

            • As someone with a herd of barn cats, I can tell you that cats hunt because it is in their nature and not because they’re hungry. A cat that is well taken care of and well fed actually makes a better mouser.

              • I’m not sure if my well-fed fur babies make better mousers or not, but I don’t seem to have any mice and I regularly find half-dead to dead snakes in my yard every spring. One of the fur babies brought a mole up to the patio for inspection just before our last snow storm too.

    • Hi GDS! Welcome to the Pack!!

      • Thanks NANN!, looking forward to getting to ‘know’ everyone. Bam Bam, I’ve been getting a good price at Petsmart but never thought to look into ordering from them or Walmart. That would be so much easier. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

    • JP in MT says:


      We dehydrate chicken a lot. What we do is use the breasts when they go on sale. Because they are very thick, I slice them longways in half(ish). I then cook them (I use a Cuisinart Griddler) for 8 to 9 minutes. I lay them out on a cookie sheet, on paper towels, to drain off any left over fat. I put the whole sheet in the fridge for an overnight. Then I dice them. These are what the DW puts in the dehydrator overnight (about 12 hours) until they are ready. They then go in pint and quart jars. These are vacuum sealed with a FoodSaver using regular lids. Add the labels and store.

      Works for us.

      • That sounds easy enough! Do you ever pre-season the chicken? Wondering if dehydrating them intensifies the seasonings?

        • JP in MT says:


          No preseasoning. I don’t know what it will end up in. You could, but I keep the spices separate.

  18. Momma Mc says:

    I haven’t posted preps in a while, but have been adding a little here and there.

    I too broke down and went to Sav-A-Lot. My kids call it Sav-A-N-Bunch. They’ve been telling me for a while that I should have been going there. They were right. I added 96 cans of corn, green beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, kidney & black beans, spinach & turnip greens to my stores. The spices there are much cheaper than WM and I was able to find some that I can’t get there any more. Added 6 of those. Added 12 packs of gravy mixes & 12 packs of seasoning mixes, 25 lbs sugar, 8 lbs each of rice & beans. All for $102.58 with tax.

    Back at WM, I found a Mr. Buddy heater on year end close out for $49 regular $79. If our power goes out in tomorrows storm I’ll need it in the bathroom farthest from our NG heater. Also picked up 2 cases of wide mouth canning jars, parchment paper, & 20 lbs of of thick sliced, hickory smoked bacon. I’m going to try my hand at canning bacon this next week. BC, you wanna come help?

    Got my eyes checked and ordered new glasses and saw the dentist to have a couple teeth capped. Have those awful, huge temp caps on there now, but at least they aren’t hurting anymore.

    Generator has been checked, fuel checked, and vehicles filled up. PLENTY of food and water on hand. Got 24 solar lights under a light charging, still have the tabs in them. Much safer for the kids to carry around than candles and keeps them occupied with the neat shadows that they cast. Today will be spent making sure ALL the laundry is done and the electronics are charged (to be able to watch local news casts). We are prepped for this storm and anything else that comes our way.

    Feels good to be prepped doesn’t it?

    • madison says:

      what does the heater run on?

      • Momma Mc says:

        Propane. Small bottles or a 20 lb cylinder with an adapter hose. And it is approved for use indoors.

        • Momma Mc,
          It is for indoor use, but the larger tanks (not the small cylinders) are not, so make sure you can place the tank outside if possible.

      • grannyj says:

        Madison, if you mean the Mr Heater,it runs on those small green bottles of propane. Or you can get the 20 lb white canister and fill with propane at stations that sell it. You must use the proper fitting and for the large can.

        Since I live in an older mobile home (it’s drafty) I use my Mr Heater to warm a cold room that I need to be in for a bit.

        It’s a great little back up on a cold night or day!

        • JP in MT says:


          We have the next size up, the 2 canister model. It is our backup heat for the house. Won’t keep the whole house warm, but we won’t freeze. I have just about all the accessories that you can get for it, and extra 20 lb bottles. Propane is also our backup for cooking. Great stuff.

        • madison says:

          thanks. I was wondering what propane was for earlier since people talk about getting new propane tanks sometimes here. I knew it had something to do with heat. I wont get any because I don’t have a job and wont pay for it.

          • madison,
            IIRC you are headed off to college in a bit. If so, keep in mind that some things like these heaters and fuel are not allowed in the dorms. With my DD currently in college, the best we can do in some cases is extra warm clothing, a stash of food, and a BOB. You make the best with the limitations you have; but, don’t get thrown out of the dorm by accidently violating the rules.

            • Dorms have very strict rules. My daughter cannot bring a Candle of any kind into the the dorm. But make sure you always have food you can eat. When school closed for snow, there was no food available on campus. My daughter keeps soup, mac n cheese, and protein bars all the time.

              • Susy,
                My DD has common kitchen areas on each of the dorm floors, so they can cook food. She does however have a lot of heat and eat or open and eat items in the inventory.

    • Schametti says:

      Feels amazing to be prepped, MC. Hear Here, (I never remember which here that is, haha). I never would have thought WM would have Mr. Buddy’s. I just got mine last month from EE, (Emergency Essentials), cause they were on the monthly special sale, and got two fifteen pound tanks of propane stashed for it in the shed.

      Does anyone know if these are suseptible to EMP attacks? It’s much too big to fit in either of my homemade faraday cages, lol..

      Great idea, letting the kids run around with solar lights. I never thought of that. I have three LED lanterns, and a bunch of batteries stashed, plus a set of rechargeable ones, and a solar charger.. that I aim to use long before ever having to turn to the oil lamp I bought. Fires after TSHTF scare me to death, so it’s the best plan to be cautious.

      • Schametti,
        There should be NP on these with EMP, although they do contain some wiring, but no real electronics. They use a piezo igniter and could in a pinch be lit with a match or lighter.

        • Schametti says:

          Thanks so much for the info OP. :):) I appreciate it. And I am relieved to hear it.

    • Momma Mc, for the kids, I also have a good stash of glowsticks of varying sizes, colors and shapes. Even though they dont last long they will quiet the kids down quick. I pick them up around Halloween and the 4th of July as they seem to have an abundance of them then.

    • dear momma mc
      don’t let BC near your bacon!

  19. This is my first time posting, though I read this blog every day…

    So, this week I organized my camping/survival supplies to keep the most essential items (lanterns, matches, fire starters, propane tanks, etc.) in easy access points.

    Went grocery shopping and forced my wife to double up on nearly every staple (though she does not understand my obsession, and tried to ignore me on this).

    Received 1000 rounds of subsonic .22LR in the mail.

    Developing plans to create a hidden storage area under my garage. We’ll see how that goes, if it ever does.

    Enjoying one of the snowiest winters on record here in the mitten state!

    • Congrats on scoring the 22!

    • Welcome!

      Sounds like a good week for indoor work! Today is turning out the same here, if for slightly different reasons. It started raining hard around 3 AM, now it’s almost 9 and still going strong. I hat eto think how much snow it would make.

      We are planning an expedition later, tho to see the new Russian movie “Stalingrad”. It’s in Imax 3D and subtitles as the dialog is Russian and German. Apparently it is a huge hit in Russia. The reviewer said the opening makes the one in Saving Private Ryan look pretty peaceful. I hope no one ever has a reason to make a similar one called “Milwaukee”. (I grew up there.)

      • Rule of thumb, 1 inch of rain equals 3 inches of snow. As you know, some snow is wetter then other.

      • Back from “Stalingrad”. I definitely don’;t want anyone making one called “Milwaukee”.

        Good movie, I thought the 3D didn’t add much but $4 to the ticket price, but good. Very much like “Enemy At The Gate” right down to the Krauts machine gunning the boats crossing the Volga, but very interesting to see the current Russian take on the siege. After all, while we lost around 400,000 troops, they lost around 25,000,000.

        The opening was a little confusing as it opens up with a current earthquake (Are we in the right theater, Honey?), but then it got into the WWII story and was good, right down to a Wild West pistol shoot out on Main Street and a great bank shot off the turret of a wrecked tank. Horrific fire scene when the fuel storage tanks blow. Rotten Nazis, Heroic Proletarian Russkies, all the good schmaltzie stuff. Subtitles as it is in Ruskie and Krautish.

    • Welcome to the Pack, Mkirk!
      The wife will understand when you don’t have to run to the store in a hurry or you’re snowed in. With all the snow we’ve had this winter, I’m grateful to have a good stock.

  20. Some of you will remember JarHead’s friend,Officer Jaime Padron who was a policeman in Georgtown, Tx. was shot and killed about two years ago,,his murderer, Brandon Daniel has been sentenced to death.

    I thought if Jarhead is still around, he and others would like to know that…..

    • I miss Jarhead. I wish he would come back and give us an update.

      • worrisome says:

        Me too………….thought he was a cool guy!~

      • Arizona Reality Prepper says:

        Bam Bam, same here, miss some of the previous posters, but just like them, I find myself less interested in posting and more interested in doing things and watching others.

      • Jarhead and Lint picker both. Lint was always good for a laugh. I wonder how many of us have ‘manly salmon’ colored flashlights thanks to him.
        Speaking of missing people, what happened to Momma J?

        • Yep. Every time I see a flashlight I think of Linty, especially the time I razzed him about a typo and hand to proof my comments carefully for the next month until he finally caught me.

        • Donna in MN says:

          She came back last fall and said she had been busy and didn’t have time to post. She disapperared again. It is a lot like what is happening to me.

          I had flat tires to change and the last two lugnuts were stuck. I called neighbors with hefty men to help. Never heard a word. So a wrenched neck, back, arms and lame leg later, I called for more firewood other than the rotten stuff I got and the guy who promised to deliver dry firewood never delivered..twice now he never showed up. When I am ready to walk again, I will have to cut and split a few tons of firewood myself. UUgggh!

          • Donna in MN
            People just aren’t what they used to be. Wishing you the best!

          • k. fields says:

            Wow, there should be another word for neighbors like that – they certainly aren’t neighborly! Hope you’re better soon.

          • So sorry you had such a rotten experience. I guess a plus side is you are learning about these people now instead of later. Forewarned…….. Good luck!

            • Donna in MN says:

              Hey thanks. It only makes me stronger to be self sufficient and do it my self as we all should be I guess. I would’ve been glad to pay someone to loosen those 2 lug nuts, but God gave me the strength to loosen them myself at a price of mutilating my muscles. I wish He took the $20 instead….

          • Mama J. said she’d be back in the fall.

        • Don’t forget Cosmolined. It was good to see Survivor Dan post a few days ago too.

    • Friend of Jarhead03 says:

      Lee Tx Jarhead03 says thank you and it means a lot to for you to remember. He may come back to the page. He’s doing well, has been busy and had been lurking on and off. I’m not saying my name due to anonymity.

      • Surviving in Ky says:

        Hello Friend, Tell Jarhead03 I sais hey and miss his post.

        • worrisome says:

          Please tell jarhead he is missed. He came up with some really good recommendations that I implemented. Would love to talk to him again.

        • Jarhead03 had great advice, wonderful stories, and is greatly missed. Can’t wait to hear about the updates on his new place and thoughts on current conditions.

  21. Moved the unrepairable washer to the breezeway as the cats had decided to jump down behind it and then expected someone to come to their rescue. They were just being snoops because the only things behind the washer was dirt and a few things that had fallen behind it. Since the washer is out decided to repaint the laundry room as get it a little more organized before the new washer arrives.

    Picked up some jelly jars and will be heading off shortly to help with a canning workshop. Have someone who is interested in my quart jars (this is good as I am only one person and quart jars can result in too much food to be used as one time – think grid down and no refrigeration).

    Supposed to get a really good rain storm Monday – wish I had rain barrels set up.

    • Hi, It is just me, too. I do prefer pints. But, I like quart jars for tomatoes. If I made soup with it, I could eat it all before it spoiled. lol Green beans and tomatoes are the only things I want in quarts. However, I do can those in pints, especially the green beans. I am getting up my nerve to can meat and will use half-pint jelly jars. Even one of those each day would be more meat than I normally eat in a day. Even if someone were eating with me, opening several pints to make soup would make a large amount, enough that company could eat well. Growing up, there were seven in the family, so a quart was hardly enough. I just have to remember I am not a family of seven!

    • k. fields says:

      Yeah, I only use pints also. Being single, I’d end up just wasting food otherwise.

    • I found a use for quart jars: keeping dehydrated things in them. I made the mistake of pickling quarts of sunchokes last year and that’s just a giant jar to get through. They’re ok in soup.

      • I do use quarts for storing dried foods but for the actual canning its pints and half pints. We would all be better off according to the experts if we used the meat as a condiment instead of a main dish.

  22. HillCountryTXGal says:

    Not much done this week….
    I did buy Mountain Men S1 and Doomsday Preppers S1. I had never seen these shows but had heard alot about them. I don’t have cable so got them at Wally’s online. My fave is on Doomsday Preppers when the guy shoots his own thumb off OUCH.

    The “well man” states he will have to go down 800′ or so for about $16,000.
    Does anyone know of a hand pump that will work when grid goes down at this depth?

    • 16K sounds like a rip off to me….

      • HillCountryTXGal says:

        Yes sounded like alot of money to me also. I will get second estimate. I guess it is because of the rocky land in this county. I’m originally from across the other side of the country so this Texas terrain is all new to me. *sigh* LOL

        • Live in Hill Country too, its not cheap, especially depending on the area you’re in. Read area as county….

    • k. fields says:

      TXGal, 250 to 300′ is about the maximum depth you can pump water by hand – the weight of the water being pumped is simply too much for a person to handle beyond that point.
      A windmill assist could drop that to maybe 450′, but 800′ will require something other than human or wind power.
      For grid down use, there are submersible “solar” pumps available that will work at that depth, but they draw a lot of power and are initially very expensive to purchase.
      Practically, I feel your only option will be to use a generator.

    • I would definately get 2=3 estimates on the well. ?$16,000 sound high even for Hill Country prices.

      • Donna in MN says:

        Sounds right for a solar powered unit with a shed and holding tanks. The USFS bought one for the horse camp, but put it among the trees, duh, gov’t people. A honda generator hook up is used when we have cloudy days during a big event with lots of horses there.

    • 16K is a huge amount even for the hill country, I’d get another estimate. There are also some great maps of all the natural spring in the hill country available online. I once did a little research about it because we’re in the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. Farther up in the hill country should be where the runoff is coming from that feeds into San Antonio. Do your research before you shell out that kind of money. Maybe he was quoting for a windmill pump as part of the deal?

  23. A couple of af things added to the preps this week. Bought Spam on sale at the local grocery store as well as peanut buttter and canned soups, It’s not much but every little bit helps and this is stuff we eat on a regular basis so it can go into the rotation.

    Also got Lifestraws for my DW and my BOB’s. Found them through eBay for $19.95 w/free shipping. Also found two nalgene plastic water bottles that were in some stored boxes the DW has been going through. Will be adding those to the BOB’s as well.

    Started the courses to get my real estate license and that took up about 30 hours of my week. One class down, five to go!

    Had a chance to use the new camera my DW had bought me to make a new video for my YouTube channel. This one is a brief description of grip installation on my Yugo M57.

    Got potatoes planted on Monday of this week so that has everything in the garden done for now. Can’t plant tomatoes and peppers until Easter week. We always get a late cold snap so we just wait until after that to plant these two things.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I got a UCO Candelier lamp last week. It’s nicer than I thought it would be and works great. I think I’ll just keep it here at the house and use it for when the power goes out. Got a whole bunch of tea-lights for it. Also stopped in at the local hardware store and found that they have lamp oil and wicks for our huricane lamp. plan on buying some of that soon to put up for just in case times.

    Sorry to hear about your bird BCtruck. Wish we could have chickens where we are (probaly could but since we live in a rental right now I don’t want to build a pen). We’ll get us a place one day but for now this works fine.

    Haven’t closed on the land we bought for a BOL. Title company having some issues since it’s in a different county even though its only 15 mile away form us. Maybe by next week we’lll be able to take possesion. Can’t wait to have a place close to go shooting at.

    Well that’s it for me this week. Hope everyone stays well.

  24. Our only prep this week was ordering 80 lbs. hamburger from Zaycon. I want to encourage everyone here to look into projections for meat prices. The U.S. cattle heard is at its lowest levels since the 1950s. Because of the drought ranchers can’t afford feed. Our local family-owned grocery store has started raising cattle themselves. And I’ve heard there is a new (first and only) slaughter house that just opened. We are fine here in N. Florida. But out west is a mess. I think we are seeing a return to “normal” precipitation levels out west. Before the War of Northern Aggression, the Midwest was called “The Great American Desert”. I think we are seeing a return of the dust bowl. And that spells disaster for meat prices.

    Stay safe, my friends.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Bam Bam, one thing is certain. Regardless of precipitation, there are too many people in the West now for the water resources available. California has never had enough water to support 35+ million people long term, and other places out West don’t as well. That’s why this open-border immigration silliness should be stopped ASAP. The US does not need the surplus population of Mexico or any country for that matter. And to import people just so the rich can have cheap domestic staff, cheap lawn care, and other cheap help is stupid. Some one should have been looking out for the long term best interests of this nation. Hear that, politicians?

      • worrisome says:

        Couldn’t agree more Rider. And can add a few things as well. Las Vegas! The added subdivisions built in the late 1980’s and 1990’s and on through say 2005. They have only two choices for water, the Colorado River, Lake Mead or the aquafir which they are pulling down big time. That kind of over building should never have been allowed.

        Same is true here in California. Here, Gov. Moonbeam and before him our great body builder cheater…….put more energy into the wet dream of high speed rail between, ahem, Stockton and Modesto when the interest should have been “water” resources. Then add Feinstein and Pelosi shutting down a lot of water distribution to protect a little fish called the Delta Smelt…………..and here ya go. This all started being a big red flag years ago…………….and has been ignored.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          worrisome, long-term water resources for crop production in California is bleak. In years past there was enough water to both irrigate the farms and supply the people. Now the state has to make a choice, either eliminate farming on a large scale, or reduce the population. Farming will be eliminated first because there is no political will to stop the immigration. There will be some outflow as folks leave the state(such as yourself), but generous welfare benefits make it attractive to the non-productive, which is not what California needs more of, that’s for sure.

          As for the billions of dollars in waste, a couple of things. Someone is benefiting from it and should have to repay. The corrupt politicians who voted for this waste, and feathered the pockets of their friends in the process, should be jailed.

      • RR,

        Yep. We’ve had a wet winter here in N. Florida and every time it rains I think of folks out west. The current living standards are unsustainable out there. What scares me even more is the projection that China will run out of potable water sometime between 2025 and 2040. They can get by for a while by importing water intensive crops. But they will run out of potable water. I must be in a gloomy mood this afternoon, but I think WWIII will be fought over potable water and farmland.

        • grannyj says:

          Bam Bam, didn’t I read a few months ago that some of the water rights were sold to the Chinese? Was it Colorado? somewhere in the Midwest.

          This makes me think of Red Dawn,only it was the Russians and South Americans……and Putin’s cabinet has just given the OK for action in Ukraine. He’s giving the US the finger……

          • Bam Bam says:

            Yep, TDL is leaving the folks in Ukraine out to dry. Russia invades Ukraine and TDL is jogging around the White House in support of Mooshel’s school lunch program.

            • Please tell me where you get your information on the Ukraine? Because it’s not the same accounts that I get first hand from people who are living in the Ukraine. People in the Ukraine sure don’t see us as the great saviour. I know that’s hard to swallow for some people but that’s the way it is. Not everyone wants to come live in a police state.

          • i read somewhere that china is shipping out water from the great lakes.
            we may need that water ourselves one day.

        • I’m not sure Bam Bam. I think we could get water from the ocean like the Saudi’s do. However, that would require some of the blue states to admit that conservation isn’t going to solve all their problems.

          I know it is expensive, but it is better than not having it.

          • Bam Bam says:

            China has desalinization plants but the cost is prohibitive.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              How about taking some aircraft carriers out of mothballs and firing up their desalinization plants? Seems like it would be good reuse.

              • That would require thinking on the part of legislators and agency heads — something that is apparently impossible.

      • k. fields says:

        In my opinion, CA water problems have less to do with people and more to do with attempting to grow heavy water use crops in areas that were never suited for them.

        Much of CA is still irrigated via canal and ditch systems that would be recognizable to farmers in the Middle East 7,000 years ago. Flooding fields is still common mainly because subsidies made water so cheap farmers have resisted switching to more efficient means.

        Alfalfa and cotton, both grown mainly for export, have for years been mainstays. And the main food crops?
        Broccoli takes 5+ gallons of water per head
        Walnuts about 5 gallons PER NUT
        A single head of iceberg lettuce? – 3 and a half gallons
        Tomatoes, almonds, pistachios, etc. all take enormous amounts of water for comparatively little return.
        And remember, there is NO RAIN during most of the growing season in CA.

        As for water for domestic use, Los Angeles uses LESS water today than it did 40 years ago even though the population has INCREASED by more than a million people. Blame the illegal immigrants? I don’t think so.

        • axelsteve says:

          I will still blame the illegals. If they were not here many problems would be much less severe.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            Including the water problem. LA uses less water because of the loss of heavy industry, not due to an influx of illegals.

            • axelsteve says:

              Don`t forget the golf courses and grape farms.

              • k. fields says:

                Now that I agree with.
                The LA area uses about 150 gallons per person per day while Palm Springs uses 736 gallons per person per day.
                Grapes? about a third of a gallon per grape. Not bad compared to other CA produce but still a lot.

                • Donna in MN says:

                  What waste either way! I use 3-4 gallons a day for me and my 3 dogs. Of course my septic is frozen, now and can’t use drains or toilet–that is usually half the year these days as cold as it has been.

                  • worrisome says:

                    Wow Donna I wish I could get that thrifty! I am not a heavy user and conserve as I can, but it is doubtful that I am anywhere the level you have accomplished!

                  • k. fields says:

                    I so agree Donna! The lowest use in the state is the San Francisco area at around 75 gallons per person per day and the main reason is smaller yards and landscaping – still way too much. Most people simply don’t think of water as a finite resource until they run out, and CA simply cannot continue down this path.

            • k. fields says:

              “many problems would be much less severe.” … “Including the water problem.”

              The number of illegals in CA definitely causes problems, there is no doubt about that, but blaming them for water shortages is carrying things a bit far.

              1. Sixty-two percent of CA’s water is used for agriculture, 22% for the environment and 16% for urban uses (residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial activities – all human uses other than agriculture).
              2. CA had 20 million people in 1980. By 2013, the numbers had jumped 90 percent, to 38 million. Yet total urban water use hasn’t increased. You say, that’s due to the loss of heavy industry but the facts don’t back you up. Industrial water use was never more than 8% of the urban use totals in CA.

              But from those facts you conclude that illegals are exacerbating CA’s water problems? Sorry, but I simply don’t see it.

            • worrisome says:

              Whether it is a population explosion or not, k.fields argument misses the big point of fact that the water to agriculture is feeding the nation. Not just California. Losing it, and you are right Rider we are, is going to be of major importance to the nation.

              Democratic governance here struggles with any long term planning of significance. The liberal leaning towards illegal immigrants is going to be interesting to watch since so many of them end up in jobs in agriculture of which there are less and less each year. Given the average age of farmers here (63) those giving up for the year are tired of the fight and many will just give it up entirely.

              Instead of fighting to retain ag land as an endangered species, they are throwing it away in the central valley big time.

              • Rider of Rohan says:

                worrisome, as usual, you hit the nail on the head. There are nationwide implications to the loss of farming in California, with only the import of produce from Mexico able to fill the gap. But, guess what, Mexico doesn’t have the environmental protections of the US, so expect much more sickness, death and exposure to dangerous chemicals. I’m lucky I have some land to raise a good part of my own produce.

                k. fields, to say that California is not using more water than it would have without millions of illegals and their offspring is totally illogical. Whether one agrees with illegal immigration or not, the facts are that most of the growth in California’s population is from illegal immigrants and their offspring. As is most of the population growth in the rest of the West, and maybe even the nation as a whole.

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  Rider, Worrisome, K.,
                  I really can’t speak to how the illegals do or don’t effect water. I do know that the farms will not be able to purchase water for irrigation.
                  I am very leary about eating fresh uncooked vegies and fruit from Mexico. DH and I both contracted cyclospora at Red Lobster last summer after eating premixed salad from Taylor Farms, Mexico. And we know that E. Coli is rampant.
                  AND to top it all off, a new tougher strain of Cholera has grown since the earthquake in Haiti and has now made it’s way to Central America and Southern Mexico.
                  Then the US has ok’d chicken meat from China…where do you think bird flu comes from?
                  Laws….we better be eating only what we grow. Don’t have to worry about financial ruin or EMP cause we all gonna die from food poisoning! Just sayin’.:’-(

                  • worrisome says:

                    You are correct t gma. The one thing that California had going for it was some controls. The west is going to always have water wars………….they have been going on since the 30’s, mostly from lessons learned in the Dust Bowl. Asking for safe food from Mexico or imported from the east is insane. Watering methods in the central valley aside, ag land is under attack and again, it is an endangered species, once gone, we will not recover it. This state is unsupportive of legislation to protect it. They would rather save a smelt than save a farmer. Safe fresh food and the farming belt IS an endangered species…………things could be done………….but like Rider, there isn’t any vision or wisdom here to get it done.

                    • Rider of Rohan says:

                      worrisome, there is a cabal now in power in California, and in DC as well, who could care less about anything other than a statist agenda of control. Whether it is water, land, natural resources, electricity, wood stoves, etc., these people want total control. We called them socialists, communists, & fascists in the past. They’ve now dressed themselves up in green suits, but the agenda is the same. Running deficits in the hundreds of billions, or even trillions is somehow sustainable, yet much of what people now do on a daily basis somehow is not. California has billions of barrels of oil, but it can’t be drilled. Millions of acres that can’t be farmed, yet somehow a $3 billion train to nowhere is sustainable. It’s as if we’re living in opposite world. We are heading toward a cliff that doesn’t have a bottom, yet the most important issue facing our country for these people is legalizing law breakers. I’m trying to figure out how these people think an open borders, welfare state is sustainable. I’d love for one of them to explain that to me. It’s one of those mysteries of life.

                    • worrisome says:

                      Rider I concur! Add the debacle of putting aside literally millions of acres of virgin redwood habitat for an owl that is nesting in the old warehouses of the saw mills. (The spotted owl supposedly nests in virgin redwood forest-not true).

                      I call it philosophical schizophrenia.

              • k. fields says:

                The point, Worrisome, is CA has experienced years of drought but a lot of agriculture still expects heavily subsidized water to be available so they can continue business as usual.
                Your solution is what? Divert all the rivers so the cotton fields can continue to be flood irrigated?
                Blame the illegals?

                Drought is nothing new to CA. And although the urban population has made great advancements in conserving the available water as I pointed out, the central and southern CA agriculture concerns have simply continued their wasteful ways.
                Yes, there will be fewer crops but continuing business as usual (growing water intensive crops in areas without water) simply isn’t sustainable – for CA or for the country.

        • k fields,
          Even the water that is being routed from the Colorado River is as I understand it, still brought across from the river, by open, uncovered ditches. When moving water this way across a hot, low humidity desert, there has to be a huge evaporation loss. I think just converting to a pipeline would increase water availability by substantial amounts.

    • Mother Earth says:

      I agree with Bam Bam on the meat situation. It doesn’t look good with the early blizzard in the fall, the drought out west. Meat is definitely becoming a luxury item. I ordered the chicken breast late winter from Zaycon and bullied the dh into buying a beef from his brother earlier this winter. I was able to save on the butcher cost by packaging the meat myself, so you might check out that option too. Although it was a large outlay of cash at the time, I’m sure we will come out ahead based on beef prices.
      And now that China has purchased Smithfield, I will be finding a local farmer for a pig.
      Went to the store yesterday for groceries and of course it was packed with shoppers getting ready for the next snow storm. Bottled water was already low. One fun thing, I had only a half of a cart compared to the full carts in line with me. Which reminds me of “how to tell if you are a Prepper”…

      • grannyj says:

        What???!!! China bought Smithfield? How’d I miss that one?

        I guess I’ll be figuring out how to raise a pig….sigh.

        • China bought Smithfield so they could get meat for their own people, not us. They won’t import our pork because it contains ractopamine which is a US food additive that makes piggies gain weight. Most of the rest of the world thinks it’s dangerous, but the US still allows it. If they can control the production at Smithfield, they can get credit for “importing” US pork to offset the cheesy Chinese things we import from them (in the tariff discussions). Unfortunately, none of the good pork (without ractopamine) will be sold here. Google ractopamine.

          • grannyj says:

            Jeanne – thanks for the info.

            I have the room for the animals – cow, pigs, etc., but have no one to really help w/fencing etc. I’d raise my own if I could do all the manual labor …don’t have the funds to pay for help always, so I do what I can.

            But, I’m working on a plan….have some options…

            • seeuncourt says:

              I have some seriously good pig fencing that i created for almost free. I’ll post an article. I works to keep the pigs in, and makes feeding a breeze.

          • seeuncourt says:

            another reason i raise my own piggies!

            • granny j
              any people who would do the work for you for half the meat?
              trustworthy people?
              use a lawyer to protect yourself.

        • worrisome says:

          Yup grannj they did.

        • Babycatcher says:

          Last summer, I think. We used to live in the area and bought Smithfield products until that happened. Won’t touch them now, just in case…

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        We already have made a switch from beef to chicken due to raising beef prices and also bean based soups. I craved burgers this week so gave in to the crave. Fired up the grill in -9 degree weather. It was worth it.

        But, can’t see spending the money for much beef, sigh.

        Though we have at least 2 feet of snow still on the ground and 4 inches or more expected today…. I’m impatiently awaiting my garden surplus. I love salads, and the store bought produce just doesn’t compare.

        • Donna in MN says:

          I got a gift of money in the mail for valentines day and treated myself to a sirlion steak–the first beef steak in a year. The hamberger prices made me cut my use in half by making borritos with a lot of fixins inside it instead of hamberger on the bun.

        • If that is so, I won’t be buying chicken. Out sourcing to countries that are totally indifferent to basic sanitary conditions for raising food is not smart. Also allowing our agriculture/farm suppliers to use products banned in other countries is criminal. We need an agriculture overhaul!

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            It’s almost like some random plot lifted right out of a Stephen King novel, except it’s not.

        • and what is going to happen to our chicken farmers and all of their employees?

      • I think finding a local farmer is a great idea. I’ve been pushing DW towards all local grown produce and meat. She’s still not on board. COSTCO is just too convienant.

    • And there are 2X the people in this country than there was in the in early 1950s.

    • Bam Bam,
      I think I mentioned this before; but, when I was flying back from a business trip to AZ last December, I struck up a conversation with the woman sitting next to me. She was headed east for a wedding, but lived in the Phoenix area and worked for the local power and water district. When I asked about long term water resources, she said that the subject is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Everyone seems to know it will be a problem, but like whistling past the cemetery, are going to ignore it until it can no longer be ignored, and that will be a real kick to the lives of a lot of folks. We get four seasons here, with this winter being colder than normal; but, water is generally never an issue, and I prefer water over nicer weather for the long term.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Never been to Arizona. I do know that when I was a kid, people with TB, respiratory problems, and allergies were told to move there. Then I heard people were installing lawns and using lots of water for plants and grass. Then it was not so good for breathing. Is water still used to build oasis in a desert? Could that be a part of the water trubs in western states?

        • Tactical G-Ma,
          I normally have no allergies, hay fever, etc; however, when I go to AZ my nose immediately starts running. One of the gals out there told me to take Claritin starting the day before I come out. You are correct that AZ was where they sent patients with lung issues, Unfortunately the smog from the large population, along with all of the non-native plants people bring out with them has made the air not unlike many major cities back east.

        • worrisome says:

          Yes t gmail…’ll oasis = las Vegas, Tucson. Phoenix, all of the inland empire, l.a., etc. Etc. Lots of lawns, country clubs……

  25. Pineslayer says:

    Busy selling extra gear on eBay to fund needed items. Working very well so far. Seems that my vintage US made gear is a big hit with Asians.

  26. JP in MT says:

    I want to get a Ranch Hand Front Bumper for my new truck. I’ve had one on the last 2 and they were great. It is not a brush guard, although it looks like one. I replaced the front bumper, bolts to the frame, and weighs about 350 lbs. I even get to keep my factory fog lights for this truck. My local farm supply place carries them, but done not install them. I talked to a body shop (it’s bad when they know your name) and they will do the install for me. I like these for up here because my trouble is not brush, it’s 4 legged critters who like to roam on the roads at night. Some think that $1100 for a front bumper is a bit much, but with $500 deductible + car rental, I’m money ahead after the second deer (with moose – you need a new truck anyway).

    We had a little problem with the internet this morning. Though it might be the -14 w/snow weather but it turned out to be a modem/router hang up problem.

    Our preps this week started with the gun show last weekend. Sold off some gear and such that we didn’t need, picked up some 12 ga #4 buck that I did, then mail ordered more. Found a good my on a box of 147 gr 9mm for me and 44 Mag Blazers for a friend. Maximum for 22 LR was $50/brick or $5/box and there was still some left at the end of the show. I sold some excess for $40/brick, Stingers for $12/50, 100 round boxes went for $14/15 each, 22 Mags for $15/50. I didn’t have much after taking care of the “extended family” but it paid for my expenses at the show.

    After MD showed some can organizers, I went on Amazon (using his link) and ordered 4 different ones. Since we are going no where today (Costco run even got put off a week), we may get them unboxed and set up. I got in my double magazine pouched that went on sale on eBay.

    I found a solar porch light w/motion detector on 1saleaday and ordered it. We can’t seem to keep a light bulb working in our current fixture so we’ll try this. I also found a wide mouth Thermos bottle (w/spoon) at Kmart. It is supposed to keep hot food warm for 7 hours and cold for 9.

    I also got 2 set of HD chrome plated adjustable wire shelves/racks on an eBay sale. They are the 4 shelf ones. I have a 6 shelf that I use for boxes of ammo without any problem (rated at something like 600 lbs/shelf). Normally the 6 shelf units are $170 each, these were $60 delivered.

    Food wise we finished filling up a bucket of M&M’s, put up a bucket of small red beans and another of navy beans, found some Bear Creek soup mixes on sale, along with some Spam, instant oatmeal, and pearl barley. Ordered some dark and medium cocoa powder on sale, with a package to make Brownie Sugarsnaps.

    I also found some powdered molasses on sale at Rainy Day Foods. It came in yesterday. I worry about the glass bottles of molasses falling on the floor and making a mess. No worries now.

    This stuff in the Ukraine has got my attention. There is nothing we can do to help them either. Treaties or not. And Putin knows it. To him we are a paper tiger with no teeth. The problem is that this may set of a chain reaction of things that quickly spin out of control. Prepping looks better and better all the time.

    • JP,
      A bucket full of M&Ms,,,,,if SHTF I’m headed to Montana!

      • JP in MT says:

        It’s Bam Bam’s fault. She got us started on the idea.

        • Bam Bam says:

          It’s the chain reaction I am worried about. Hitler invaded Poland and the world did nothing . . . .

          • JP in MT says:

            Bam Bam:

            Well they at least declared war that time. They gave him Czechoslovakia in 1938. And did nothing about Austria either. The Allies were about as ready for war as we are now. There was nothing they could have done, just like there is virtually nothing we can do for or about the Ukraine.

            • I think to avoid war, Ukraine will be split in two. Half the country leans toward Russia; the other have wants to join the EU. Having thought about this situation overnight, Russia is there at the request of the people–sort of like France being here for us during the American Revolution.

              • Bam Bam,
                I think that is a possibility. The Russians really want to keep their only warm water port in the Crimean peninsula in the southern Ukraine; however, the other portions of Ukraine contain vast resources that they also covet. The big problem is that if they decide to simply take it all, the EU is unprepared to do anything without US, and we are unwilling, and currently have a leader that is neither feared nor respected around the world.

      • seeuncourt says:

        Must be a Montana thing. We do that too. The DH says that nothing will boost morale in the bad days like some sweets.

        • JP in MT says:

          I have a category for deserts in my preps. Everything from canned cakes to mixes. Hard candy, M&M’s, Skittles, and Life Saver mints. I figure things are going to be rough, a little candy/cake/cookies can’t hurt.

          • Is there a source for canned cakes? I was thinking something like the old C-rations we used to have in the army in the late 70’s – early 80’s (before MRE’s). they had pound cakes in them and were pretty moist and good if I remember right. Or is there a new alternative?

            • Boston brown bread comes in a can, and there’s an Italian sweet bread/cake in a can, usually avail around Christmas time.

              • JP in MT says:

                The B&M canned bread is available from Amazon.

                MREDepot carries canned candies. Cake sometimes.

              • I think the Italian cake is really a sweet bread – Pannetone?

                • jp in mt
                  if you have mixes stored know that the baking powder may fail.
                  baking powder is a mix of cream of tartar -tartaric acid crystals from grapes- and baking soda.
                  i have a supply of the soda and am looking for a source of cream of tartar that is not those expensive little bottles in the grocery store.
                  i hope storing these 2 things [separately] will give us rising when the baking powder has gone flat. .it can be added to your stored cake mixes and they will rise for you if the leaven they contain has gone flat.

            • Dee in KY says:

              I canned banana bread, watched Katz Cradle on youtube, followed her instructions to the “T” and a week later all my cans came unsealed, bummer. May try again in the future but was expensive to make and hard to lose. Please post any good receipes you may find or have!

              • read ‘ask jackie’ at backwoods home magazine about canned breads–or any other thing. i have her books-they have no indices but they deserve a thorough read anyhow, so you’ll get the gist.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Omg! A bucket of m & m’s? Hahaha, gotta tell DH that one. He just may start one for post shtf to take care of his DW (me) during her monthly ailments. In those times, I’d consider that bucket “priceless”. Now I am being very serious.

        • urban city girl
          the choc cravings may indicate lack of magnesium.
          i used to have to have dark choc and vinegar potato chips then.
          thanks be to God, that’s gone. but i still don’t know what vinegar potato chip craving indicates!!

    • Don’t worry about the Ukraine, President Obama just announced the USA is going to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      JP in MT,

      M&M’s !!! I’m coming! Our toy rat terrier is a highly trained M&M sniffer.
      We will find your stash!
      Resistance is futile!


      • HD, bet my kids can sniff out the m&ms before your pup! Lol. Ihavent found a hiding spot yet for cchocolate that my kids havent found…

      • JP in MT says:

        HD: That’s if your terrier can get past my half basset snuggle hound. To her, all other animals are for running with. Death is the only reason to stop running (although she will wait on the other dog to get up and go again).

      • Babycatcher says:

        My daughter just brought home a huge bag of Hershey’s mixed mini bars, like Special Dark, Krispy, milk chocolate and Mr. Goodbar…..I’m in heaven!

  27. Arizona Reality Prepper says:

    Not much prepping over the last couple of months, little bit here, little bit there. Bought some manure for the garden. Went to Costco and picked up large quantities of t.p., tissue, paper towels, bar soap, hand soap. Sold a K98 rifle and ammo IOT get more .223 ammo. Prepped some more garden space. Looking nervously at the drought here, could be another bad fire season this summer.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Arizona Reality Prepper, good luck this summer. I bet lots of people here live with some fire danger. It is on my mind 6+ months out of the year, so I feel your pain.

      We are doing a lot of work up here in my county on hardening our homes and sterilizing 10′ out. That Home Ignition Zone, HIZ, is where most homes are lost. So everyone out there move wooden furniture, firewood, and anything flammable away. When those embers hit the house, they fall down and try to ignite everything. Look for the areas around your home that gather leaves and snowdrifts, that is a place where embers might accumulate also. This has been your Public Service Announcement of the Day.

      • Arizona Reality Prepper says:

        Pineslayer, thanks for the best wishes. I agree with you, I am sure lots of folks could have some problems with fire. Good tips on keeping a home safer during fire season, thank you for posting those.

      • worrisome says:

        Is 10′ out enough? I had an insurance inspector tell me to clear out as much as I could for at least 100′ feet.

    • k. fields says:

      Fire danger is definitely something to worry about. Although I don’t live in a particularly dangerous area fire wise, I do spend money to be sure I can fight a fire should one occur. Yes, I have the equivalent of a fire truck and have wharf hydrants located all over my property. Let the jokes commence.

      • Arizona Reality Prepper says:

        k. fields, no jokes will come from me. I think if you have assessed your dangers and feel that your preps are what you need, then go for it !!! Some people way underestimate the danger of fire. I went through the AZ Monument Fire 2.5 years ago, not a fun time.

        • I would point out that when it comes to fire, no one is immune. Were I live we generally never have wildfires, since we get an abundance of water (snowing again today); however, we still keep our fire departments relatively busy on structure fires. If your house is flammable, then it can burn, and if no fire department is available, then you are it.

          • Arizona Reality Prepper says:

            OhioPrepper, I certainly empathize with you on your abundance of water, my family live in Missouri and they have had quite a bit of snow this winter too. You are certainly correct when you say “if no fire department is available, then you are it”. Lots of fire extinguishers here, several hundred gallons of water in storage with hand pump sprayer, etc…..I have 100′ of clearance around my house, but that may not be enough….just hope I never need to find out.

      • Well, I won’t pass up an opportunity to razz someone here . . . . K. Fields, don’t you belong on that other blog where you have to have a firetruck to join? 🙂

  28. Millie in KY says:

    I had too much other stuff going on this week but managed to order a small bag of elderberries and “the recipe” (remember the Waltons) from Michele. Thank you, dear for providing this to me! I also got two big “swing away” can openers from Gordon Foods. That was about it. It was a very hard week for me for some reason, and I plan to spend some more time sleeping today and tomorrow.. I have to get back on the prepping truck, though. The weather is warming up, supposed to dip some this next week but that should be the end of the worst for us in S KY I think.
    Take care everyone!

    • Babycatcher says:

      I heard you guys are preparing for Ice? It’s supposed to get real cold again for a short while….we aren’t too far south of you, I think….

  29. Still in the process of decluttering. Should be complete and be able to start better organization by the end of the month.
    Ordered some 4# packages of bees for delivery in May and will be ordering chicks later this week. Spring will eventually be here, and there is much to do to prepare.
    It’s actually in the mid 40’s today, but more cold and snow are forecast.

  30. I managed to do nothing this week. Well, I did watch the tulips bloom and my herbs are coming back to life.
    I worked on a commissioned piece this week. Waiting on a few supplies so I can finish and get paid.
    The dh finally got a decent paycheck yesterday so I will be hitting the store today or tomorrow. Need to load up on animal food and other supplies around the house.

    The homemade traps have not worked on catching the mice who decided my home had an open invitation. My dog who will chase anything that moves seen the mouse run across my kitchen (ewwwwwe) looked at it, looked at me, then jumped on the couch! Really?! The pup slept right thru it. The rabbit, who will attack my dogs, seen it and came running into my bedroom and up on my bed. On the other hand, my kids try to feed the thing(s). *rolling my eyes* so I think I am going to have to figure out how to put out some snap traps without hurting the kids/pets. I did tell the dh we could get a small snake. It would clear the place out quick. He told me (and none too politely) that wasnt an option. Oh well. I offered to bring in one of the stray cats…. I’m not sure who started laughing first. The cat would be too busy hiding from my dogs to bother mice hunting.

    Neighbor drama continues but on a lesser scale. The kid who would chase my dog down to pick him up (and got scratched by him) now runs inside screaming whenever he is outside, properly leashed. He is still a puppy. Now my female, very protective adult dog, they still try to pet her even when I tell them no. I will never understand the people think. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if step daddy is coaching this behavior trying to get a lawsuit. Not happening…

    So thats about it in my little corner of the world. Hope everyone has a blessed week.

    • go to hardware store and get the small cruelty-free live traps. put bacon or peanut butter inside and when mouse goes in usually can-t get back out. they are brown transparent plastic.
      check daily and take mouse far away and release. put them in the neighbor step-daddy’s yard!!! when he isn’t looking!!
      then reuse trap. wear gloves to avoid disease.
      used to use them all the time.
      p.s.- cat will beat the snot out of a dog. dog noses and talons do not a pleasant combination make.

      • Wasp, thanks for the evil laugh! Lol. I am awake late at night when they are sleeping….

        I went looking at china mart for the cruelty free traps and didnt find them, so I went ahead and picked up snap traps…. as I prayed I wouldnt catch one. Lol. Besides cleaning up a dead mouse, I am squeamish about stuff like that. I will see if a hardware store is open today.

      • JP in MT says:


        The DW’s office uses “cruelty free” traps. They usually get replaced when the smell, of the dead mouse stuck to it, gets overpowering. I find it to be an oxymoron to say killing an animal in a trap is worse than letting it starve to death.

        • Jp, are the glue traps what they consider cruelty free? If so I will stick to a snap trap (even though the rabbit already had a run in with it).

        • i don’t let them starve. i check daily . it is catch and release int o the woods.

  31. Grannytraveler says:

    Not much done on my stash. I have been using quite a bit of it the last few months so haven’t really been grocery shopping for a while. Talk about sticker shock. Ran by Walmart to pick up some of their Equate brand OTC’s ( I like them) and thought I would take a quick run thru the rest of the store. A gallon of milk there was $3.65 WT…!!! Please excuse my language. I am paying $3.19 for it at the local Fresh n Easy. Half of the stuff on the shelves didn’t even have prices on them. It will be quite a while before I return there. It is a Super Walmart and it was somewhat empty.

    I did manage to buy 2 LifeStraws. One for my first aid kit for the house and one for the kit in the car. Hope to get a couple more every month to cover everyone.

    Had some work done on my Odyssey so it is now in tiptop condition. At least for the present. LOL. I missed the Zaycon chicken order and that is going to hurt come the summer. Oh well, just didn’t have the funds. Trying to stock up on more beans since I have cycled thru a lot of the ones I had stored. Good thing everyone likes soup in this house.

    We finally got some rain so I am getting more into gardening mode. Don’t know why but rain always does that to me. It has been so warm here in SoCal that I have been hesitant to plant anything for fear of a late freeze. Hope to have the garden going by the middle of March. BTW, this has been the worse allergy season that I can remember in decades.

  32. I’m still working on organizing the store room, but the local grocer had a sale I couldn’t resist, so now there’s piles of new stuff in the middle of the room and the organizing is going even slower.

    At the above-mentioned sale, I got 50 cans of various fruits, vegetables and soups. Also several 64oz. bottles of 100% juice at 99¢ each, and a few jars of PB.

    Then I hit the dollar store, looking for disposable shavers. The name brand package was 10 for $2.95, but I found the store brand to be 12 razors for $1. I bought 2 packages of those, 2 more lbs of salt, a 3 pack of reading glasses for $10, another heavy-duty tarp, and a 6-pack of store-brand toothbrushes.

    Also ordered the Heirloom survival seed vault, as well as medicinal herb garden seeds, which the mail carrier brought to my door a little while ago.

  33. Added 11 lbs of dehydrated vegetables to my deep larder. That’s 17 000 calories, 30days of Iron, 30 days of Vitamin C, 20 days of Vitamin A, 10 days of Sodium and 10 days of Fibres =)

    Also added a couple cans of veggie soup. I like soup. Soup is good when it’s cold outside =P

    Added a couple instant oatmeal packages to our BOBs. MREs are fine, but they really lack fibres.

  34. Exile1981 says:

    DW told me the other day that she is fully on with my prepping; for years she has been supportive but not directly involved. Now she gave me a list of things she wants me to increase stocks of.

    • JP in MT says:


      Excellent. I know that my DW has been supportive, but again today she came up with something she would like us to have around.

    • Congrats. Two heads are better than one.

  35. Does anyone know if this site is worth paying attention to? Or even if its not, if there’s a grain of truth to this?


    Ould appreciate the thoughts of those who understand this situation better than I do. Thanks

    • TG,

      This story is making rounds on the Internet right now. I haven’t seen a reputable source make such a report.

      • Bam Bam, thanks. I have hit the point where I dont know what is and is not believable with any type of news source anymore.

    • worrisome says:

      TG I am not sure where I know this from, but back when the Russian empire broke up, the Ukraine gave up and dismantled the nukes in order to receive protection from the west. Someone like Rider of Rohan who keeps up more recent history, could probably fill you in. There maybe something left, but I wondered when I saw another article on this yesterday in something else. I believe that the contract that the Ukraine signed with the west is what is vexing the US and Europe now that Putin is making a play. We are all broke and Russia is on the move and defending the Ukraine could be a nearly impossible job.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      TG, when the old Soviet Union broke up into several states, a treaty between the parties and the US and the UK guaranteed the safely of Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics if they would give over control of all nuclear weapons in the new states to Russia. That way when the USSR broke up there wouldn’t be a host of new nuclear powers. Those weapons in the new national territory of the Ukraine were left under the command and control of Russia. What this guy is threatening to do is take over the Russian nuclear sites still on Ukrainian territory. I doubt there are many left, or that Ukraine would do such a thing.

      Both the US and the UK signed the treaty, and are obligated by its terms to guarantee the national integrity of the Ukraine, including the Crimea. However, as things usually do, events in Georgia(the former Soviet satellite) take precedence. Russia invaded Georgia and took for itself a portion of that former Soviet Republic. Since the US and the UK did nothing, Moscow by de facto policy would be allowed to take back the Russian-speaking and Russian-leaning parts of the old USSR. They are now in the process of doing just that. Expect more, not less bad behavior, when one gets away with it the first time. And, in all honesty, the US has stuck its nose where it doesn’t belong many times. With less national interest than the Russians have in Ukraine.

      And as an aside, Sarah Palin predicted the Russian invasion of the Ukraine back in 2008 when she criticized the soft response of Obama to the Georgian invasion. She saw Russian behavior all the way from her house in Alaska. Kinda neat.

      • worrisome says:

        I just knew that you would have the answers and be able to articulate it! Thanks for all the history lessons Rider!

      • Rider, thanks. That clears this up a bit for me.

      • RoR,
        “Since the US and the UK did nothing” is just one point. The US under NATO was supposed to place missile defenses in Poland, and when Russia protested, we dropped that. What liberals like TDL see as gestures of peace, hard liners like Putin see as weakness, and TDL seems to be on a crusade to weaken this country at every turn.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          RoR, OP,
          I agree this administration is perceived as weak. But I wish TDL had never even commented on Ukraine.
          Think back to just post-USSR when Russia didn’t want to let go of Georgia. There is North Korea, China, Pakistan, and more who would see any action on our part as agression. If the EU needs to take a stance, they really do have the collective resources to stop this. We have to stop the spending and playing big brother in Europe and Asia. The governments and many of the people do not want our intervention anyway!
          This time I say we sit this one out.

          • Tactical G-Ma,
            I not only agree, but don’t think at this point we have any other option, other than perhaps to send John Kerry over as a hostage, err.., negotiator.

          • worrisome says:

            I don’t think we have the resources to do much militarily in all honesty. We might be able to freeze some assets that are located here in this country as protest and we may be able to restrict some trade. Short of that, we haven’t much in the way of control. Putin holds the trump hand in my opinion in several ways……………..the gas lines running in Europe, the fact that area he just “repatriated” is mostly Russian speaking and are NOT fighting back, that he has the ONLY control of the Black Sea and running anyone else’s ships in there is kinda suicide. But I do think that this lil dust up is going to embolden the Russia, China, Iranian alliance and oh, by the way, Egypt’s military just cut a deal with Russia for arms………….

          • The EU will do little to nothing. Russia supplies all the natural gas and oil. Georgia found out what happens when funneling off some of that.

        • And TDL is so good at it. His ineptitude makes it look downright goalish. Oh!

  36. Mary in Texas says:

    Told my husband hat the dryer vent needed to be cleaned. He said he could do it. I told him that I already had an appointment to have it done as I couldn’t decide whether it would be worse to try to get him around if he was paralyzed by the fall or making funeral arrangements. He agreed to have it done. I had a friend whose house burned from a build-up of dryer lint so try to keep it clean. We waited a little long this time as their was a HUGE amount built up in the outlet vent and inside the dryer. All this with what is supposed to be an efficient filter. Watch out for this.
    Onions are growing well. Found plant lice on the kale and had to clear out some of it. We’ve eaten a lot of kale this winter so can’t complain too much. H
    Have started some of the yard and garden cleaning even though it will be freezing several times in the next week. Also doing some household organization while the weather keeps me inside.

    • I have always lived in houses where the dryer vent went out one of those slinky-like tubes until my current house. Here the hole lines up exactly with where it comes out of the back of the dryer. It goes straight through the wall into the carport. The only buildup of lint is under the DH’s work bench. Good design and easy to clean.

  37. We weren’t able to get too much done but we got a little windfall and were able to do some prepping…

    We bought 3 climbing rose bushes to train to grow on the fence facing the road. we were only able to get 3, but it will take care of about half of the area we need covered when they are grown.

    We got a sling shot for my DH (I love being able to say that lol) to “play” with since we have rabbits and they will try to invade our garden.

    We found a small, child sized garden spade for the kiddo and DH to use around the yard. It isn’t a toy, but a well constructed miniature version of a full sized garden spade.

    That’s about it besides putting away more water in 2 liter bottles.

    Have a great week!

    • Schametti says:

      I bought myself a wrist bow (slingshot) several months ago, buuut, I still pretty much suck at it, lol… Maybe when it gets warmer I can practice some. I sure need it, haha. We have a lot of rabbits around here too, (and a garden, but it’s raised, I’ve yet to see any nibbling from anything but the damn bugs), so I’m not worried about shooting the bunbuns until tshtf and I need to eat them, lol.

      • My Dh is a pretty good shot with his sling shot but needs a little practice… last night he was aiming at the head and hit the rump of one little yard invader. If he manages to get one it’ll be rabbit stew for dinner. I don’t need a SHTF situation to have rabbit for dinner 😉

        • Schametti says:

          Shandi, That’s a good point.. why wait? 🙂 I need to get with some of the local hunters around here to show me how to catch and skin, and cook a rabbit up tasty. That sounds like a great skill to learn PRE-SHTF. Good call….

  38. mindful patriot says:

    I am ever so inspired after reading the posts to get out and do whatever I can to prepare. Thank you all for the thought-provoking dialogue.

    This week, I made initial contact with the guardians of the fortress and informed them of my interest to purchase. They have a repair to make, then will be back in touch. I noticed the workman there near the end of the week.

    Also, I have accepted a new job which will allow me to increase efforts toward prepping. Unsure when I will start…next week maybe.

    Received and put away an order from http://www.beprepared.com. They ran a half-price sale on MRE’s and since I did not have any, that was part of my purchase.

    Have a good week and keep it sunny side up, and your ear to the ground.

  39. Hey MD/Folks,
    Am brand new to the site and prepping in general. Have really enjoyed reading the articles and comments and so appreciate the information and sense of humor. Some of the prepping sites out there just depress and scare the crap outta me, but I always feel better when I visit here. I mean, it’s not like we have enough to be worried about just looking around at what’s happening. Plus I feel so far behind in my prepping since I only started recently, but every time I read something from this site, I feel educated a little more and get a chuckle or two as well.

    MD, if I use the links in your posts to buy one of the herbal books will you get credit for it? I definitely want to support your site and your advertisers. Thanks!

    • Texgal,

      MD, if I use the links in your posts to buy one of the herbal books will you get credit for it? I definitely want to support your site and your advertisers. Thanks!

      Yes. And thank you.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Welcome TexGal.
      There was a time a couple of years ago where doom and gloom and guns and blood did play a much bigger role.
      Thank goodness the blog has evolved in a very positive manner. Self defense is large in prepping but doesn’t mean much if you die from starvation or sepsis 2weeks later. Some really knowledgeable people contribute so hang around and you won’t regret it!

    • Bam Bam says:


      Welcome to the Wolf Pack.

    • Welcome Texgal. We have many helpful, intelligent, experienced people here who share freely and add to my knowledge frequently. Hang out, ask questions, soak in the encouragement and knowledge. I haven’t seen such a supportive group anywhere else!

    • Welcome Texgal. Always nice to see a neighbor!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I say a big welcome to a Texan from a Texan. You will learn much here, so get ready to get busy!

  40. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey ya’ll,
    A little late checkin in.
    First off,good preps, MD. Especially the cow catcher. Never know when you’ll have to plow thru a hoard of zombies or blackberry stickers! 😉
    I didn’t realize just how much I missed jawing with the pack. Yous guys are soooo smart!
    Well, my week has been spent kickin’ this p-monia. I feel great except my legs don’t want to work and 1 knee is twice the size of the other. DH and I spent this morning shopping at Sam’s and visiting with neighbors we haven’t seen since getting sick.
    But this week I did set up a brooder with 17 chicks hatched Monday. We lost one but the others are looking well.
    Been planning our menus and stuff to take with us for “PrepperStock”. Since I don’t have anything to sell or anything I excell in, DH and I just plan on learning and breaking the info back to our little tribe.
    Ialso picked up 25# self-rising flour, jalapenos, and some meats for repackaging and freezing.
    Love all you guys and you are always in my prayers.

    • worrisome says:

      Tact. G-Ma………..glad you are feeling better! Are you going to the same Prepper Stock event that BC attends?

  41. blessthishouse says:

    Im totally new to prepping and have spent the last month or so putting together my BOB, I feel that I have got that covered. My wife, daughter and I have been traveling with my job over the past 2 yrs. So its very difficult to begin to stockpile food, since we are 500 miles from home. In the case of SHTF we intend on Bugging out toward home any ideas on how to stabilize gasoline for long storage times ?

    • axelsteve says:

      the best long storage fuel is propane and maybe deisel. You can add fuel stabilizer to gas but it has a limited shelf life.

      • I’ve had good luck with PRI gasoline treatment (petroleum research industries) I treated 4 barrels with it and it lasted 6 years.

    • I’ve used both StaBil and PRI-G and so far I like the PRI-G better. Haven’t had any issues with it in my small engines either. I posted a video on gasoline storage on my YouTube channel. Welcome to the pack!

  42. grandma bear says:

    Hello Pack! I too cannot wait until saturday and this post! I also took advantage of the canned foods that have been on sale at Krogers. Picked up some not too expensive beef cut it up and it is now on it’s way to being jerky. Had a bottle of red wine break in the stores rooom so that prompted a clean up and reorg.. More snow oh yeaa! Just kidding but freezing rain to follow, love having the wood stove going a warm blanket and soup on the stove, Life does not get any better. Concerned about the world events and how that will impact our military. SIL army so…..

    Cannot thank Michelle and BamBam enought for the insite on the herbs.

    Take care and remember we are all in this together!

    • Bam Bam says:

      Grandma bear,

      Oh, my, I must be tired or something–when I read your comment I pictured a bottle of red wine actually breaking into your food storage.

  43. k. fields says:

    As others have already written, we’ve been getting some much needed rain here in northern CA. My pastures have now greened up, wildflowers are blooming, trees are flowering and everything is looking just wonderful.
    Early potato and pea crops are now in so schedules are slowly returning to normal. Hopefully the rains will keep up throughout March but I am planning on putting in another large water tank this month to help through the dry season – I don’t think we’ll get enough rain this year for the wells to keep up with the irrigation needs come August / September.
    As usual, no purchases of prepper stuff – just can’t figure out anything I really need.

  44. I added the following to my supplies: 1 roll silver dimes, 25lbs rolled oats (in a mylar bag with O2 absorber), 1 Gamma Seal, 500 rounds .30 caliber carbine ammo, a mechanical can opener and 5 gallon bucket of small hotel type soap bars (won at a thrift store silent auction for $3). I also got a 5 gallon food grade bucket from Bi-Lo for free.

  45. TrailGuide says:

    Welcome all the new peeps.
    It’s difficult for me to recant our weekly preps as we don’t think of them as such. Rotate as needed, replace ~ two is one, one is none seems to be in our subconscious.
    If I could pass any prep it would be: I don’t prepare for XXX reason. Live as sustainable, self-sufficient as possible. If life turns to terrible with no notice, then you will adapt and perhaps survive – Lord willing.
    Years ago, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut-off – OMG- bad things might happen. And yes, they certainly do on a regular course. Getting geared up and battle paint on the face helps but at the end of the day – what is the best cosmetic remover of war paint?

    Gear up with quiet reserve that tomorrow is another day.

    Think not: I must prep as fast as I can, but prepare for the worst and live for the best – it is in the simple things will amaze you more.

    Like: how come they SAID barred rock chickens are docile and friendly when mine have such evil thoughts I can see them plotting to peck me to pieces if I fail to bring scratch (aka raw oatmill) at bed-time?…. Inquiring minds need to know 🙂 Ungrateful chickens!
    OK, wolf gang. I must resume my defensive position as night is nigh and I have to dig deep in the pantry for oat-mill to lure wayward Rocks back inside the fence. Chickens in the road – has new meaning on my street.
    Carry on, rear-view mirrors are generally useless on this path.

    ~..~ TG

  46. Schametti says:

    Today marks the two year anniversary of the tornado that came through Indiana, killing many families, and wiping out whole neighborhoods, and the event that made it immediately imperative that I become a prepper, and like now. We put in our underground storm shelter two summers ago, and my preparedness bug pretty much grew bigger and bigger from there..

    I’ve been busy busy the last two weeks. I had my 37th birthday, and the dear husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. (It’s on the same day, I don’t know what I was thinking, haha.. but at least he only has to remember one significant present giving event a year, lol).

    I bought a 6×8 mini green house this week.. which I’m really excited about. Last year, my first gardening attempt ever.. I started a plant nursery on my kitchen table, which turned out to be a disaster.. in the way for months, and warping my pretty cherry wood table in a few spots.. so not this year!! I need to get a shelf system of some sort to put in it, (when I put it together, if we ever stop having these retchid snow storms). Now.. I just have to figure out what needs to be started early.. because.. I have no idea.

    In the avenue of garden prep, I DID buy two starter bags of dirt, fourteen starter pots.. and an adorable little garden deco blue bird that will bring my garden a bit of luck. :):) The bestie and I, having a year of semi-mostly-successful gardening under our belt, have decided to upgrade, and double our planting space this year.. as well as switch from sprinklers, to an irrigation drip system. We’re hoping we have another banner year this year.

    I put together a get home bag for hubby to put in the car this week. It has glow sticks, ration bars, boxed water, survival blankets, flashlight. I suddenly felt like a terrible prepper, because he didn’t have one. He takes near-daily pilgrimages to WalMart, no matter how many times I try to get him to just go once a week, he always ‘forgets’ something he MUST go get immediately. I think he’s just bored, and has a walmart hobby, lol. Anyway.. knowing our luck, he’ll be at WalMart when something dreadful happens, and will need the pack to get home, so.. now he has one.

    My mother doesn’t know it yet, but she’s getting her own personal emergency backpack for mother’s day too. I’ve been working on it the last two weeks, and so far she has her own led flashlight, a machete, a small first aid kit, a lifestraw, and two 72 hour freeze dried food kits from Food4Patriots. She won’t realize, I’m sure, what a thoughtful gift this is, so I’ll probably have to send her flowers too, to take the sting out of the ‘weird gift’ haha.. but now I won’t worry AS much about her, directly following a shtf scenario. I’ve told her to come to me when and if something DOES happen, and she says she won’t until or unless she’s starving, but I told her not to wait that long. I love my Moms, and while I know she comes in a package deal with a semi annoying hubby, and two very furry pomeranians, I would rather know she’s safe with me, than.. out there.

    Hubby got an early birthday present this week.. a Remmington 870 Tactical 12 gauge shotgun.. he was excited, as this is his first long gun.. But wouldn’t you know it.. we were dropping off some recyclables at the local goodwill, and someone stole it right out of the back of the car, while we were inside.. ;););)

    I finally got ALL of my money out of the bank. We took all month to do it, withdrawing money once a week, much to the annoyance of the bank clerks. And MAN did they ask a lot of questions.. when they realized..that it was obvious that I was pretty much emptying my account. I felt pretty nervous trying to come up with plausible easy lies. I know I didn’t have to tell them ANYthing, but I figured telling them that it was none of their business would make them even more suspicious, and they might make it harder on me to get the rest out. I feel a lot more comfortable about any kind of bank seizure happening, or whatever now. We put another five grand of my savings into precious metals the last two weeks. This now officially makes HALF of my savings in gold and silver. It still makes me nervous.. but I really feel like it was a good move, and now just worry about the paper half of my savings that could potentially end up worthless, if we have a collapse…

    The last couple weeks I’ve really been letting my worry and paranoia get to me.. thinking about Marshal Law, and soldiers coming in and taking from me everything I’ve painstakingly gathered over the last two years.. It’s made me really aware of all of my prepping things being in one area.. and how it might be in my best interest to get creative, and start separating everything and hiding it in other areas. I figure if they’re really adament about cleaning me out, they’ll hunt and eventually find everything.. but I could at least make it harder for them. I’ve moved the medical and hygeine stuff to totes in the guest bedroom closet.. and some of the food totes under the bed in my room.. I’ve taken some of the metal out of the safe, and hid it elsewhere.. But I still feel a little vulnerable.. and really wish I was good with a hammer and nails.. so I could make some super awesome cubby in the wall, or under the floor, or something equally hidden. But I’m not that talented.. lol. As I keep falling back on.. I really need a bunker.

    We’re also thinking about getting a Mono Vault Burial Tube from Cheaper Than Dirt, so we can bury some stuff in the yard.. But I can’t decide if this idea would make me more or less nervous.. since it will obviously make it harder for US to get to the stuff too, and not just someone wanting to steal it. It’s definitely something to think about.

    I think that’s about it for me from the last two weeks. I hope everyone is doing well, and prepping like tomorrow depends on it.. cause.. tomorrow seems to be inching ever closer. Love you guys. 🙂 ~A.

    • It was my birthday on Tuesday of this week as well and I turned 57.

      We moved way out the heck and gone to get away from the concern about someone taking our food and stuff.

      We also had a lot of fun with the article about security earlier this week – No trespassing signs, warnings about how expensive ammo is – therefore no warning shots, then signs about how many yards they are out from the house – you are now 200 yards out, 150 yards – with a few bullet holes in the signs – for added emphasis. Gosh it’s fun being married to another prepper.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Happy Birthday and am so glad you are happy!

        • axelsteve says:

          Same here,I am glad that Michele is happy!And I am much further then 200 yards out.

      • JP in MT says:

        Well happy birthday, kid. We got a card from church in the mail Friday reminding us it is our anniversary Sunday. Thank goodness for the lady that does this. We just laughed. We’ve been married…… now is it 1 year or 23. After a while it’s just too much fun to worry about.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. JP!

          Isn’t a happy marriage supposed to be an oxymoron? (JK) I hope you two are as happy as DH and I!

          • JP in MT says:

            We are very happy. Both messed it up the first time. I had a friend, speaking to the ladies at a 4,000+ person seminar say: “Ladies, when your man comes home from battle at the end of the day. Are you there to help take off his armor, feed and curry him, and patch up the wounds? Or are you standing there at the door waiting to finish him off?”

            My wife lives by how that lady felt. Most that know me wonder how she does it. I just smile and say “It’s a God thing.”

        • We were married on Valentines Day for almost the same reason, with all they hype there was no way DH would forget!
          Enjoy your Birthdays Schametti and Michele!

          • Nsaneprepper says:

            We also got married on Valentines Day….29 years ago! Not a smart idea though…all the hotels raise their prices for the holiday and living near the coast you have to book way in advance!

          • We picked the day after Valentine’s… too many family members with Valentine day birthdays…

        • Happy Anniversary! Nothing like being married to your best friend.

        • Happy Anniversary! It is good being married to someone you love and can trust.

      • Happy Birthday, Michele! How wonderful to enjoy your new place, new DH, new life!

    • IndianaAli says:

      I remember our March tornado all to well. Hit very close to us too. My nephew was actually in the school at Henryville when it hit.. Scary day for sure. I don’t know why people think prepping is so crazy, I mean with our crazy weather a family should always have preps on hand for such disasters. We are patiently awaiting our snow/ice/sleet that is coming tomorrow. No need to leave our home as we have preps so we can ride it out… only makes sense.

      • axelsteve says:

        I have been through more earthquakes then I can remember. I have never been injured or had property damage. The thought of those dang tornad0s scare the living heck out of me. No thank you sir.

        • I’m the same way, an earthquake is a yawn, go lean against the doorway for a minute.

          After spending a few weeks in Nebraska when I was 17, I still watch clouds VERY CAREFULLY, and it was a mere 40 years ago. Those suckers are SCARY!

      • Schametti says:

        I’ve been in a few verrrry small earthquakes.. We don’t get many in Indiana, and when we do, they’re not very noticeable. Kind of cool actually, feeling that little ground shimmy, lol… but I’m sure the massive ones aren’t neat.

        But yeah tornados.. I was born in Kansas, in the heart of tornado alley. I spent many many summers at my Dad’s, in a storm cellar, waiting out dozens and dozens of tornados.. but frighteningly enough, while Indiana has fewer tornados than Kansas.. the ones that scared me the most were here, (in Indiana). Once, my grandmother and I, and my baby cousin, were in a TRAILER during a tornado touching down. We threw the baby in the dryer, sat against, and had one quite a terrifying ride, as insane winds pick the trailer up, spun us around, and dropped us a few hundred feet away. I’ll NEVER forget it. We were lucky, but omg.. so scary. I’ve had a healthy respect and fear of them every since.

        I was disappointed and worried when we bought this home, and it didn’t have a basement, but you know blah blah.. the location, size, price etc.. was all so perfect for us, that we bought it anyway, and just went on with our lives. But that tornado two years ago.. really impressed upon me how important it was to put our safety first, and get that shelter installed. I have no regrets about it, that’s for sure….

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Do you have a bunch of old paint cans on a shelf somewhere? If you do, add another one. The big box stores sell an empty, unused 1 gallon can. Buy one and splotch a little paint on the side of the can and on the lid, so it looks as used as the real ones. Put some silver in it and move it to the middle of the other cans.

      • Do one better: Get the label off another can, and color photocopy it and attach that, or just attach the original to your silver can. If you’re extra paranoid, then put the silver in bags so it doesn’t jingle, leave a can of almost-gone paint open till it gets a skin on the paint, take the skin off and dry it the rest of the way out, and then lay it on top of the silver in the silver can. Now your silver can looks like a can of dried out paint. (just don’t let someone who isn’t in on the joke rearrange your paint cans)

        • Do you one better my grandfather would drill holes in his basement, line them, and fill soda cans (coke,pepsi) with silver (whoops these where about 5 gal. size) place them in the holes and bolt drain covers over them some trick huh!

      • Schametti says:

        Ironically enough.. lol.. I DO have old paint cans lying around our garage.. much to my annoyance.. haha. My husband and I have lived in this house for almost six years, we painted when we moved in, and put the old paint in the garage, in case we nicked or smudged something.. but of course we were too lazy to ever be bothered about fixing wall scuffs. I’ve asked my husband.. every few months.. for.. six years… to please take the cans to the hazmat dump or somewhere, ANYWHERE.. But he never has.. Men.. lol.

        I would be soooo nervous though about hiding treasure in something that looks like trash. I’m still having trouble with the idea about burrying some outside in the ground.. It’s like that little old couple that found ten million dollars worth of gold coins on their property.. sometimes.. life happens, and you never get back to get them.. I’m such a worrier…

        In the last few days we’ve installed a wall clock dummy safe, (the clock really works, but it’s REALLY just a spot to hide coins/etc. And I put a ‘dress’ safe.. on a hanger, and under an old sweater.. with some more of our valuables in there.. so that’s just one more spot to hide our valuables. I know it goes against all kinds of OPSEC rules to disclose such, which is why I didn’t last time I posted, lol… but I figure it’s a pretty great idea, and someone might be able to do the same.

        SO FAR, the rest of our money, ammo, guns and PMs are in the big obvious safe… but soon, (I ordered it yesterday), we’ll have the mono burial vault from Cheaper Than Dirt, so we’ll have that spot.. SOMEwhere in the yard soon too. I can’t decide if these.. four spots.. is spread out enough, or if I should think up some other hidey-hole to go along with them.

        I LOVE the drain spout soda can idea, Ronald.. but we don’t have a basement, so we couldn’t do that. And I wouldn’t want to do that in like.. the garage, cause then my husband would forget and think they’re real drains sometime, and get who knows WHAT kind of gunk on our coins… haha.

        Great ideas though guys.. What else can you come up with??? :):)

        • Schametti, there are lots of ideas for hidey-holes such as the fake soda/food cans, fake cleaning supplies, hollow books, the electrical outlets, ect. Maybe make a couple of drawers with false bottoms, or make a little cubby hidden in some furniture.

          If it was me, I would have it as spread out as possible and not just in the house. Could you possibly hide some of it in your moms yard without her knowing?

        • schametti
          i have had a thought.
          we have several pet graves. make a row with pet grave markers and bury your metal pets in one.
          the graves can always come in handy when a fur family member needs one.

    • Happy Birthday, gals.

    • Happy Birthday!

      • Schametti says:

        Thanks so much everyone for the birthday and anniversary well wishes. I really appreciate it. It was a very nice week. With Valentine’s Day two days before our birthday/anniversary celebration, we just celebrate the whole darn week, haha. Then I don’t feel TOO jipped if I only get one present.. :):)

        But this year I got all kinds of presents.. a new camera lens for the camera I got for Christmas.. new and awesome over the ear headphones.. and my new beretta nano out of layaway. Who could ask for anything more?

        • Happy Anniversary, Schametti!

          “someone stole it right out of the back of the car, while we were inside.. ;););)”

          You should have parked further from the water. If folks don’t overturn their boat while on the water, people just crawl on out and loot cars all the time. Happens all the time.

          As for PM, if you bury the nice shiny new stuff in the yard, a hundred years from now someone may have the pleasure of finding your cans of gold eroding out of the path and fund their own prep, like the couple in CA who were in the news this week.

          • Schametti says:

            Penrod, haha.. I was surprised no one else commented on my poor gun gettin stole’d. :):) Guess we better start savin for another one.

            I was SO JEALOUS reading about the couple in Cali. I mean wow, ten million in gold?! I wish I could even afford to buy that much, let alone ever being lucky enough to just find it lying around.

            TG, I hope you read this far down to see this.. I’m not sure if I could bury something in my mom’s yard without her knowing about it. And even if I COULD.. hmm, she’s a good forty minute drive by car, so if TS ever DOES HTF.. it’s an awfully long trip away to have to get it back.. I think I better stick to hiding it in my own backyard.

            I definitely don’t want anything that could be mistaken for trash or for anything that could be tossed out by mistake. My husband, (hit by a drunk driver in 2006, and a life long member of the TBI club), has MOSTly good days, but heaven forbid he have a bad one, and accidently throw it out. I would never forgive him, lol..

  47. Hi pack.
    Busy week doing some long needed preps, that I have had on my list for some time. I finally installed rain gutters w down sprouts going in to rain barrels. Even when I live in Phoenix, having a way to get what little rain we get is still worth it. We got some rain today for about 45 min or so, I easily collected 120-150 gallons of water
    What else,
    Added 40 cans of mixed food
    Canned 18 quarts of home made vegetable soup.
    Added 100 lb of flour,50 ln of rice and 8 24 pack of soup in a cup from Costco on sale for $3.5 a box of 24.
    Reading up on taking EMT certifactaion class.
    Well that it for me, everyone have a great week…….god bless

  48. Added a dozen canned goods, mostly veggies, to the stash. Also added 12 roll pack of TP and another package of q-tips. Noticed I only had one q-tip box in storage so added another.

    I also dehydrated more frozen french fries and a bag of mixed veggies. I froze for two days 6 LBS of long grain white rice then vacuum sealed into quart jars.

    Finally got around to checking out an Amish market about 5 miles from home. Bought 2 lbs of grass fed hamburger and 2 Delmonico steaks, also grass fed, to try out. So far I’ve cooked one hamburger and it was good. They mark their meats either grass fed or grain fed. I like that. I may shop there more often since the nearest Whole Foods store, which also sells grass fed burger and my favorite ribeye steaks, is about 15 miles from home.

    I also bought a jar of pure Michigan honey at the Amish market. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve been told that if you have pollen allergies, consuming locally made honey can help alleviate them. I don’t know because I don’t have any such allergies, but some country folks I know swear by it. That’s it for this week for prepping.

    I’ll just add that I’m in agreement with those who fear for the future of America. I’m really not too worried about me and dw. It’s the kids and my grand kids. I remember when the boys were about 7 yrs and under, I knew then only about a third of what I know now. So some of my prepping is naturally for them. Hang in there pack.

  49. petnumber1 says:

    Hello all,

    I haven’t posted in a very long time, but have been keeping up with the posts every day/week. Glad to see everyone is doing well.

    I received a small windfall this week, so went to the local LDS cannery with a new friend of mine who is LDS. We learned to can our own food with their canning equipment (I canned a case of hot cocoa!), and we bought a bunch of pre-canned stuff – 1 apple slices, 6 pinto beans, 12 dry milk, 1 cocoa, 6 oatmeal, 6 potato flakes, and 6 spaghetti bites – all #10 cans. Came in just under my $200 budget! I want to go back to that place again soon!

    Also ordered/picked up some miscellaneous stuff – Food-Saver jar attachments for both regular and the wide-mouth jars, a pair of binoculars, a bottle of vodka and elderberries and star anise, 36 double rolls of TP, 12 large rolls of heavy-duty aluminum foil, a propane stove, 1-minute tent, 2 propane lamps, several tubes of Neosporin, 2 bulk boxes of Band-aids, and ordered a bunch of antibiotics for my poor sick fishies.

    The big thing I’ve been working on is turning the second basement bedroom into another storage room. My grandson’s dad built a storage organization system for my garage as a Christmas present, so now there’s a bunch of storage stuff that can go out there. That will free up the extra bedroom. His brother tore up the carpet and tiled and repainted the whole room, then put together 5 4-shelf storage units. It’s perfect food storage area down there because it stays cool all year ’round. Our project will continue another few weeks, as I sort out the stuff that can be stored in the garage, and then start moving food storage into the new room.

    Learned that a lady I have become friends with is a prepper also! She’s the one who took me to the LDS cannery. She also works part-time at a local coin shop part-time because her boss gives her a discount on junk silver. SO nice to have a local buddy to prep and talk with!

    Hope everyone has a terrific week, and as always, thanks for sharing your knowledge, experiences, and guidance! 🙂

  50. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Pack. It’s been a busy week. I am the proud owner of a new Gen 3 G 19 that I picked up today. Had to send some parts back to the manufacturer on my Johnny Cash AR but got a UPS notification that I should be expecting a package soon from said manufacturer. I don’t know what they have done cause I haven’t heard a word from them other than the UPS notification. It’s curious to see how this Connecticut gun confiscation thing is going to play out. Thoughts on this Pack?

    • riverrider says:

      the yellow bellies will turn them in or hide them, but they won’t fight. then tptb will use that as an example of how its done. then they’ll mess up and come down south n try that.

    • worrisome says:

      Oz & River Rider……………..the resistance is beginning please take a moment to watch this…………………


      • ozhillbilly says:

        Thanks for the video worrisome. That guy sure is fired up and rightfully so. The politicians are typical politicians. Curious to see how many of them get reelected? I was at probably the primary retail police supply store in my town yesterday and this topic came up. The clerk said it was his opinion talking to the customers of the store that our local law enforcement would not support something like this here. Also recently our County Sheriff was pinned down on the subject and he claimed he would not. Guess we won’t know for sure until these folks are given hard choices?

        • worrisome says:

          Oz, you have to wonder how many LE in Connecticut are in organizations like Oath Keepers and such. What happens there is going to be important to the rest of us I believe as they start squeezing more and more out of the 2nd Amendment.

      • Great video! Thanks for opening the eyes of some to the unconstitional gun-grab that is going on in Conn. Like River Rider said…loet’s see them try something like that in the south!

    • k. fields says:

      I don’t think much will come of it. Yes, those folks who tried registering their stuff after the deadline will run into some problems but the state probably will just decide to accept the late registrations.
      CA has had 2 different registration deadlines for various “assault” weapons – one in 1991 for named weapons and another in 2001 when the regulations were further tightened by feature. It’s estimated that there was only about 10% compliance with the registration requirements.
      If you’re caught here for some reason with an unregistered assault weapon, you will be charged, but no one is going around kicking in doors to confiscate them.

      • riverrider says:

        k, the yankee lib is a different breed as we say down here. he can’t be happy unless everybody is miserable. i doubt they can “let it be.” just not in their nature. jmho

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          riverrider, these politicians in CT make me ill, because they are part and parcel of the effort to bury any information on what happened at SH. Why was that guy left in the school for the amount of time he was? Why were there no wounded? There were wounded at VT, Columbine, Aurora, Killeen, Jonesboro, every mass shooting ever. Yet none here. And no one is questioning it. I call BS on the whole thing.

  51. Rifleman336 says:

    I like your new header I say keep it…

  52. midnight1st says:

    Put up gutters on tin roofed shed and attached 475 gallons of rain barrels.

    Ordered, received and planted the following herbs: red lobelia, blue lobelia, elecampane, valerian, pyrethrum, pasque flower, meadowsweet, marshmallow, comfrey, astragalus, and goji berries. I’m trying to grow all herbs that will grow here. If you don’t possess it, you don’t own it. I’m afraid that we will not be able to order what we need at some point.

    I also planted broccoli and some horseradish. Also planted the sugar snap peas. More of the garlic that I planted in the fall is coming up. I was beginning to worry about it.

    Bought several cases of veggies, chilli, and canned chicken to add to the stash and vodka to make more tinctures. I am trying to get way ahead on the chicken before it starts coming from china.

    I killed both my printer and my computer this week; so, I had to replace them. Learning a new system is the pits!

    Have a great week, Pack!

  53. My beautiful bride JoJo picked up another case of TP. 80 count double ply, 450 sheets per roll.
    We had our eye exams and will be ordering new eye glasses here shortly.
    Yesterday I had a cat scan. I have blockage in my lower extremities and hope to get that cleaned up here shortly as well. After wards we had a great breakfast and went to a military surplus store. Didn’t buy anything but just looked and made mental notes.
    Ordered a dozen cans or Werling meats for our stock. Prices have not changed for over a year. Don’t know how long that will last.

  54. This week I acquired a laminating machine for $5 at the thrift store. It has a temperature control. Also I found a book there about dollar devaluation (aka inflation). Someone gave me an ancient Bearcat scanner this week, and I looked up the local cop/fire frequencies online, the next thing will be to program them in and listen in. That is, if they’re not encrypted. We shall see. If this works, I’ll have a way to monitor any strange situations in real time.

    I keep being busy when it’s warm out and missing the opportunity to do work outside on my house. Most frustrating. And now we’re supposed to get a foot of snow tonight. Drat!

    The cryptography class I was signed up to do got postponed again. Double drat! I’m going to have to try to learn it on my own I guess. The Bruce Schneier tome I will have to study is so thick, you need Chuck Norris to lift it. (I’m making a funny, there are Schneier jokes that are just like the Chuck Norris jokes only geeky)

    Other than that, I caught a computer virus, but hopefully I noticed soon enough that I was able to kill it before it damaged anything. I’m still running scans.

    Well, this isn’t supposed to be a report of what I couldn’t do to prep, so I guess I should quit while I’m ahead. The radio scanner was a sweet score.

    • Happy Camper says:

      You can usually tune into the emergency services radio, via the internet. It’s possible to listen all around the globe !

  55. Urbancitygirl says:

    We added a case of veggies, picked up more seeds, started packing the TP into plastic containers to have DH put into attick to give me more room in my “grocery store” area in my basement.

    I’ve started picking up meat and bacon on sale for the freezer to help alleviate price increases. Time to move all the rice from freezer into Mylar/buckets to make room. Since we’ve been eating a lot of chili, split pea soup, etc. and I’m enjoying those recipes, I need to stock up more on kidney beans, great northern beans, split pea, and so on. I understand using a pressure cooker will help with the beans (kidney beans were pretty chewy in my chili) so I will need to shop around.

    I have been walking around the house looking at things that need to be done. The “girl” in me wants to get more rooms painted and new rugs. I try to fight the urge, but I tell myself to make it look nice while I can. Organization is important to me, in shtf scenario my OCD tendencies will be a struggle.

    • worrisome says:

      Urbancitygirl. Those organization skills may make the difference between living and dying come a shtf situation. Use that OCD, it is a good thing!

    • Urbancitygirl, I justify those ‘girly’ urges by thinking, if shtf and I were stuck in this house, I want it to be somewhere I enjoy being. Thats why I have freshly painted walls.
      Just because we plan for tomorrow doesnt mean we cant enjoy today and splurge occasionally.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Worrisome and TG, In watching Walking Dead last night-I cringed at the site of the house Darryl and the young girl were in. Commented to DH, oh no – that could possibly do me in.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey UCG. I hear you with the girl inside getting her way from time to time. I try… (TRY), to balance life between.. prearedness and selfsustainability.. with the ‘normal’ every day. In the last few weeks I have bought myself a couple wall mounted coat wracks for my foyer.. new cubbie cubes for my towels, and a couple new shelves, drawers, and a jewelry hanger for my closet. I am PRETTY ocd myself in organizational areas, and I cannot stand clutter. I wanted these things, even though they’re not DIRECTLY prepping related, I justify it by saying that will all this nice, new organized space I made… I have more room to stuff more.. boxes of soap, toilet paper.. medical supplies, and a host of other things.. So it kind of blends them in my mind. I definitely say paint your walls and make your eyes happy. It’s a very good point that if one day.. we all have to hunker down in our homes, and bug IN, (like I plan to do lol), that fresh coat of paint might all the difference in your state of mind for the long haul. You never know. :):)

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        S…. I hear ya. In the past year I’ve repainted almost every room. And I too got into buying “pretty” storage boxes. Gee, can’t just put extra flashlights, candles and lighters, etc in any old box under the side table – shopped around for just the right size, shape, and pretty design.

        Starting to feel foolish, but then I took stock of my behavior after reading your post and must admit that anytime I purchase something I pay in cash now, buy more practical clothing and put my money into preps. And it is quite satisfying!

        • Schametti says:

          I DEFinitely subscribe to the pay in cash plan. I’m sure a lot of people today, have no trouble running up the credit card debt. I did that once too, when I was in college, and dumb, lol….. But woke up a long time ago, paid it off, cut the cards.. and now, if we don’t have the cash, we can’t afford it.

          Keep on preppin in style, UCG. :):):)

  56. Well my carry permit arrived Wednesday so we spent most of yesterday shopping. We went to four separate stores and didn’t find what I wanted to look at, but did handle a few. We even went in a store that had about six cases of 22lr – it was $8.99 for a box of 50. While I didn’t get something I’d call a true carry gun, I did find something I liked – a Browning Hi-Power. I liked the balance of it and the way it fit in my hand. I still want to hold a Remington R51, but they just aren’t in stores around here yet.

    In other preps, I started some seed for this year’s garden and repotted my oregano and aloe plants. I need to start some new herb seeds for cilantro and a few others. I also ordered the red okra I wanted to try – I understand it’s not a slimy.

    Time to go back to read the nearly 300 posts from yesterday and catch up on what everyone else has been doing.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Congrats GA Red on the ccw license! And good luck with finding the right weapon for you! Then practice, practice, practice.

      • Thanks. I’m hoping to start practicing with what I have soon. The DH informed me that the “house” account will have to start buying bullets now too.

    • Done reading and remembered a couple of things. I ordered and received three small LED flashlights for the house. The one I kept on my headboard got moved to a travel bad a while back and needs to stay there. The flashlights are colorful with straps so I have one hanging on a door nob to my nightstand, one on a hook on my fireplace mantel and one just sitting on top of a bookcase. All easy to locate in the dark.

      I also bought four more boxes of canning lids. I buy a few whenever I make it to a Wally World.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      GARed… You fondled possibly the fineist semi-automatic made. The ‘Brownie’ is a 1911 with all the refinements John M. wanted to put in a hand gun. We warmed one up just this last Friday.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey GA. Let me ask you.. what’s your secret to happy, healthy aloe? I started a couple small plants about this time last year.. it’s in a rock looking pot on the floor in my kitchen, and I water it, but really not more than a splash every other week or so.. And it just doesn’t look happy. Half the time I’m plucking dark brown, mushy stalks off of it, and I’m certain it doesn’t like me, or I just don’t know how to MAKE him like me, lol.. I would love some tips and tricks..

      • Does it have flat brown spots all over it that scrape off? If so then it has scales, and you should get Volck’s Oil Spray and spray it. That’s poisonous, so you’ll have to wait a while to use the aloe for human consumption but it will kill the scales.

        I have a miniature orange tree that is dying on me and I am really broke up about it, I planted it from a seed in 1991 or 1992, and it finally made ONE flower 2 summers ago. It is losing its leaves, they wilt a little and then fall off while they are still green. I think it might be scales or a lack of light so I tried to fix both things yesterday.

        • My lemon tree has lost some leaves over the winter but it has new growth. I know they don’t like it to be too cold or too hot. I wish I knew my neighbor better – I’d ask them about your tree.

      • I keep mine on a table on my sun porch and it seems really happy. I haven’t had mine too awful long but re-potted it recently. My mom had one for years and just kept it on her sun porch. I think she watered it about once a week which is what I’m doing. The pot mine is in won’t hold much water at one time but I give it what it will take. I just don’t really know what to do with it now that I have it other than use it for burns.

  57. Prepping Preacher says:

    again, it’s been a busy week – in fact, I think I can predict that busy will characterize all of my time as well as anyone else who is prepping for the coming “fun”…

    Monday I started a 5 week beginner bee keeper class; I’ve begun studying for my General level ham radio license; I managed to trade in a broken Leatherman and with a small amount of cash, buy 2 new ones, 1 of which went automatically to my wife; I’ve started negotiations for learning welding from a former serviceman whom we are providing some personal help; finally, my wife and I have begun discussion regarding the garden on our property… also, with regard to our property, I have 3 chainsaws at the shop for repair/maintenance so they can be used to clear a portion of the property….

    • Question for the bee keepers – how far will bees travel from their hives to collect pollen? There is someone with hives less than a half mile from me (more like 1/5th of a mile) and I’m wondering if his bees will pollinate my garden. I think they will but want to make sure.

      • IndianaAli says:

        I believe bees can travel up to 4 miles from their hive, approx. We just started with a few hives last year. Lost one this winter, the other seems to be OK for now. See if you have a local beekeepers club near you, they are a wealth of information. But the one thing I have learned is every beekeeper does things “his own way” so you have many different answers to a question but keeps things interesting.

      • GA Red,
        Typically a 1 1/2 to 2 mile radius from the hive.

        • GA Red,
          Another thing with the distance to the bees. I suspect you don’t use any pesticides, but if you do, keep in mind that those same bees that travel to you for pollination, can also pick up the detrimental things and carry them back to the hive.

          • We try to NOT use pesticides but had to use some anti-fungal stuff on the grapes last year. Each spring we have a swarm that moves in at one end of our house and seem pretty docile. After about 2-4 weeks, they are gone. I’m just hoping that my garden is attracting our neighbor’s bees to pollinate my fruits/veggies and I’m not doing anything to hurt them. I’m guessing that the more I garden and the more I plant things they like, the more my plants will produce. I want to help my neighbor’s bees while they help me too.

            • GA Red,
              Do you mean a real swarm? That is, a basketball sized clump of bees, hanging on something? If so, they are not only in their most docile state; but, they may be something you’re beekeeping neighbor might be interested in. Catching swarms and integrating them into an Apiary is something that all of the beekeepers I know will gladly do. The next time you see a swarm, contact your neighbor and let them know. It might even end up being worth some honey at year end. At roughly $100 per package (with queen) they can help grow an Apiary at virtually no cost.

              • No clumping but just hundreds of bees flying around our Nandina, Azaleas and Hybiscus (I think) every spring. I don’t go near them as I have tendencies toward allergic reactions. The DH has to wade through them to get to the water hose if he needs it. Our oldest daughter knows one of their sons, so I’ll see if she can get word to his parents. They are originally from Russia and really keep to themselves, so I’m not sure how easy it will be to get to talk to them.

  58. I bought a case of tuna to add to my stores

  59. Two boxes of 9mm at $18/each at local shop and two pairs of bootlaces for the dp.

    I was just about shocked out of my boots to see full display cases and racks at shop, never mind that they actually had rounds. While they had quite a few full-size pistols & revolvers, the quantity of compacts was astounding; however, since very few CCL in the fascist lefty state of NJ, they may be sitting on those compacts for awhile.

    Speaking of NJ, there are 18 gun bills up for vote this coming Thursday. Most are anti-gun, and one is a compilation of previously voted down stuff. If this whole shebang passes and the Gov is dumb enough to sign, we’ll be right up there with NY and CT. Amazing how the stupid can ram thru stupid bills and the stupid continue to vote the stupid back in. For fellow Jerseyans, the phone number for the senate majority office is 609-847-3700. I was going to call late last week, but the workload was so bad for end of month that I didn’t even have time to uncross my eyeballs. The NJ Dems are all about power and corruption. The way to stay in power is via feeding the unentitled more and more entitlements on the backs of the worker bees. Considering the exit rate of worker bees and companies, the higher taxes (and stupid laws) will help fuel an even higher exit rate. Yes, I want out of here so bad that I can’t stand it anymore.

    The dp’s dm has been on deathbed at nursing home for over a week. Hence, a steady stream of relatives hampering prepping. Anything food that I manage to buy gets used almost immediately. I’m so tired and burned out that I didn’t even hear the oil truck at 7:30 this morning. Fortunately, the driver called his office, and they called the dp’s cell and then he called me.

    Anywho, it’ll be interesting to see how things play out after mil passes. Will I be tossed out, will dp get on board, will dp be agreeable to relocate, or will he want to stay in NJ? TX to be close to his drama-queen alcoholic druggie tramp daughter? Soap opera plots galore. If stay in NJ, I’m currently in a workplace position that gives me a daily soapbox of sorts to provide numerous tips on EHS and related. Perhaps I’m still alive (and I certainly shouldn’t be) for such purpose. The timing is certainly auspicious. Yes, I maintain opsec.

  60. Hello, all!

    Well, this week I finally finished moving in with my SO, so now we are down to one household. Just in time to leave the country for a few months for work. Oh well.

    Finally used up my first batch of laundry soap. 70 cents worth of material lasted for at least 6 months of laundry! Couldn’t figure out where I hid the borax during the move, so had to buy a new box.

    Picked up some ammo from WM. No more limits on anything except .22 (which they never have anyway). 2 boxes of 30 30 and 5 of 7.62 for the BF’s birthday (you know you’re a prepper when…)

    Ready to strain a bunch of tinctures today. Red raspberry, red clover, and a couple more. I need to leave a list of detailed instructions with the BF or he won’t touch them while I’m gone. Tried out a couple headache infusions this past week too. He’s my little guinea pig.

    Organize organize organize. That was the theme of the week. Two households into one house makes for a cramped life.

  61. Curley Bull says:

    Hey Pack,

    All this talk about fleas has me scratching. If I missed it, I apologize, but no one mentioned an old remedy called sulfur. Get large bag of granulated sulfur and a small spreader and start walking around your house. You might want to use powdered (dusting) sulfur around entrances and where animals tend to linger. Sulfur is good for fleas, ticks, chiggers, ants, bugs-in-general, and snakes. They just don’t like it.

    Bam Bam, you’re a good researcher (I’m not), and I have a project for you or anyone else interested. I remember my Grandfather would put a pinch of sulfur in the dog’s food (can’t remember if it was daily, weekly, monthly . . .) and his dogs never had fleas or ticks. I know too much would kill the dog. I also remember that my Grandparents had small green bushes on either side of the steps (front and rear) that kept fleas and such out of the house (They called it the “Flea Bush”) and I cannot figure out what it was. I so remember a stray dog covered in fleas showing up one time and my Grandfather getting a handful of the leaves, crushing them, and rubbing down the stray. The fleas left immediately.

    As for prepps this week, again, nothing. Another bad week health wise. Worked two days and laid in bed two and a half days. Getting old just ain’t for sissies is it?

    Be Blessed,

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Curley Bull,
      Don!t know about sulfur but am sure sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather.

    • Bam Bam says:

      C. Bull,

      Did the green bush look like the one in this video? Oh, and what part of the country where your grandparents from? (That info would help narrow the field.)

      • Curley Bull says:

        Bam Bam, I’m thinking the leaves were a little shorter and (they may have kept them trimmed) the bushes were 18 – 24 inches tall. Great info in the Wax Myrtle.

        Thank you,

    • Bam Bam says:
      • Curley Bull says:

        Once again Darling, you have proven to be the goto girl. That is what I was looking for. Dang, if we weren’t both married, I’d pick up some flowers and come a courting. In fact, I might just revert back to another religion propose to You, Michelle, Tactical G-Ma and . . . Thank goodness for ya’ll, I can’t do it.

        Really, THANK YOU,

  62. seeuncourt says:
  63. Elderberry bushes arrived yesterday, but with the temps doing a nosedive info a true blue norther they were put into a comfy bed of compost in one of those orange buckets along with the horseradish roots. I figure St Patrick’s day before the tomatoes get planted.
    Found a huge gap in my medical preps when DH had the gout attack from heck. Then he tried to overdose himself on the meds. Turns out that the FDA got their hands on this particular drug that existed before 2009. Well, now a big pharmaceutical company now has a patent. Raised the price. And its a plant derivative. I’ve found the particular crocus that it is made from is available but very toxic. What to do? Make sure I also plant a cherry tree… Nope won’t work in this climate…
    The horses were shod by a former Marine who kept me entertained with the view…er, his views on the world. But he’s right, “when the shtf, you’re gonna need transportation!! Horses also got their vaccine updates. Asked the vet about adding tumeric to the elderly mares feed as she’s been lame during the cold weather. She claimed to know nothing about herbal stuff and didn’t recommend it as she didn’t know anything about any potential side effects. Victoria or anyone, please tell me how much to add in her feed?
    Brrrrr… Hate not being able to complain about summers heat…

    • Nsaneprepper says:

      Anyone that has natural prevention and treatment for outbreaks of gout it would be greatly appreciated. Have only had real problems once since originally diagnosed several years ago but it is something I would rather prevent than treat.

      • Cherry juice is best preventative I have found and reading up on colcrys I found an entry on wiki that stated that guifasen..the main ingredient in mucinex supposedly reduces the amount of uric acid in your bloodstream. Going to read up further on that. DH had the flare up after splitting 4 bottles of wine with 2 of our friends the other night.

      • Black cherry juice seems to head every list. Works for some but not everyone. The bad-for-you list includes beer and wine. My dad had it real bad finally had to have surgery on both feet to remove all the chalk-like deposits on the bones. I suspect that maybe I’m starting to get it as both big toes often hurt like crazy.

    • Bam Bam says:

      Here’s a good website on natural remedies for gout. When my mom had a flare up with her gout, I had her eat blueberries and cherries every day (increase anti-oxidants) and take devil’s claw tincture.


      • Thanks, BamBam. I found some cherry based supplements and some really good cherry juice. That juice makes a mean Cosmo like cocktail with some of the gallons of vodka we all have…. I’m also thinking of getting some of the homeopathic gout remedies too.
        I’ve got an autoimmune disease, and I’m starting to wonder if the treatments involving suppressing the immune system are self defeating. I feel like everything is in overdrive and it’s literally wearing me out. Having a very hard time with getting things done due to this fatigue. Some of the treatments are the same as for gout, but I think I felt better when I just treated the flare ups with methylprednisone and pain meds…

        • Encourager says:

          Shai, I strongly recommend you going to the library and getting the book “The Autoimmune Epidemic” by doctor Donna Jackson Nakazawa. She developed an autoimmune disease and late on other autoimmune diseases. The book seems to be directed at the medical profession as an education tool; I skimmed a lot of it, but still it helped me. She is correct in calling it an epidemic.

          It will give you a better insight into what is going on in your body and perhaps some solutions. It sure can’t hurt!

          I, too, have an autoimmune disease, have since the 1970’s. It comes and goes; I know stress brings it on. I have just decided to stop eating modern wheat and corn since they seem to exacerbate it.

    • hiplains says:

      Shai – Tumeric, 2daily TBLS for therapeutic dose for about 45 days then down to 1 daily TBLS. Don’t give them any other NSAIDs and watch for stomach irritaion/ulcer activity. Also thins blood somewhat, so if surgery is needed or serious injury, stop. Just mix right in with feed. Most horses find it pretty tasty. There have been some great studies done on this therapy for equines! Personally, works great for my own osteoarthritis. Good luck!

      • Thank you!! I was thinking that was going to be about the dosage after reading the websites that somehow lead to a sales pitch for premade supplements.

  64. New to this so I am playing catch up. Hit big lots with a 20% off coupon. Bought 6 cases of water some canned tuna chicken ham and ham. Got Bear Creek soup mixes-2 of each flavor that I like bunch of canned veggies and fruits and some nuts. Also picked up Bobs Red Mill – six packages assorted and 3 jars of PB and 6 jars ofpreserves. Some paper goods and other sundries. Thank you all for posting-helped me immensely in trying to get at least a year’s worth of food stockpiled.

    • worrisome says:

      You are better off today than you were before you were before you started. And each time you add something or think through a buying decision, it gets better, easier and you get more focused. Keep it up……………

    • Click on the “Prepper’s to do List” at the top of the page. It’ll give you some good direction on how to get started. Welcome to the pack!

    • Welcome themem,

      Glad you got on the bandwagon, and good start. There are some good posts for beginners, 10 things to do now and 10 more things as ideas while you are getting going. Yes, I realize that the amount of stuff you must do and accumulate can be overwhelming, but slow and steady wins the race, and the fact that you are at least IN THE RACE, has you better prepared than about 98% of the population – you are on the right track.

      When you’re ready for bulk orders, Bob’s Red Mill has a catalogue, and you can order their stuff in bulk. Further, they use absolutely no GMO products – they are one of my favorites.

    • mom of three says:

      Rock on I went yesterday, I needed more laundry supplies. I won’t go to Big Lots, unless they have the 20 percent off sale. I love the canned chicken, really good and a good value too. Glad you found this sight it’s been teaching me a lot.

  65. You know you’re a prepped when you’re waiting by the fish pond at Cabela’s and you are people watching the wannabes stalking around.. One guy has on military issue camp rainsuit with desert boots…he has gone past me 3 times now.
    Got a cool little knife sharpener with a combined fire steel and compass. Will be perfect fit for purse.

    • Nice buy, Shai. I just love gizmos that do more than one thing.

      • Yep, great find, but as usual the “survival whistle” is crap. Guess I’m used to these dog whistles DH uses. I did enjoy the people watching while he was trying on shoes. It’s obvious more “people” are asking questions, especially in the gun and ammo depts there. I actually think that people that don’t do more research before asking college students about what guns they need are just rude. C’mon, that kid has no idea what you need, he’s just trying to make sales. If you want to pick brains, go to a real gun shop, during the day and ask the owner for a few moments of his time. Other than picking up the Cabelas brand vacuum sealer bags, don’t really get much there.

  66. Patriot Farmer says:

    Found a sale on canned stews and bought 20 cans. I had a new trigger put on my 1911 and took care of a few dental issues.

  67. tomatogal says:

    Haven’t posted in what seems like for-ever, but try to read at least every other day. Scored two rain barrels on clearance at HD for $30 ea–complete with screening for the tops and spigots, made some great new pickles (pumpkin, taste like pickled peaches) and have the onions, leeks and pepper seedlings started. The Big news is that not only is DH fully on board now (he was sort-of before), but he is ready to start checking out BOLs in the Cumberland Plateau! It will be a big move for us–this county is the only one he has ever lived in, but the cost of staying in the liberal North is getting to us.
    We’re not ready yet, but in a week he has changed the time-line from “four to five years” to “within two or so”.
    Will keep the Pack posted–right now it’s great to do research on- line in the dead of winter (19 degrees and dropping to 5 tonight).
    Wow, do I have a lot of “stuff” to weed through…

    • Dee in KY says:

      The Cumberland Plateau is a great place, my DH and I go there about every other year and spend a week, we have a timeshare there so it helps. It is beautiful land and we were just talking the other day about going back again. You will love it. I would love to have a BOL there too but I don’ think that is going to happen. I like being in Central Kentucky, we are in a good location from major nuclear plants, major earthquake fault lines and hurricanes. We do have tornadoes and floods from time to time.

  68. Thanks for the words of encouragement – have lurked on this site for a few weeks now – am making a plan to get more self reliant and prepared. Appreciate all the info from the pack.

  69. klipper says:

    Its been awhile since I’ve posted, we’ve been busy training a puppy and trying to stay warm in the north woods.

    While not an intentional prep, the puppy (a Brittany) has turned out to be an excellent watch dog. He is really a family pet/bird hunter but is smart as a whip (working on his CGC at 7 months) and is very attentive to what/who is outside the window.

    Organized our pantry, took inventory, bought water on sale, and purchased some items to fill some holes in preps.

    We are waiting anxiously to head north to our retreat. Its -27 (real temp) there this morning and the snowfall map tells me that there is 40-50 inches of snow on the ground…hope the roofs hold out. We will be heading there this weekend as the temps are supposed to be in the 20s…above zero!

    Stay warm and safe friends!

  70. Here I am home in NJ from work today, taking a vacation day due to the storm. But it gave me the opportunity to fire off an email to 8 assemblypersons sponsoring a bill to drop the max mag size from 15 to 10, but allow retired cops to continue with 15. They even had the nerve the include in their Statement that this is in response to the shooting (Jan 2011) of Giffords. Then I fired off an email to NJ Senate Majority head Sweeney regarding this Thursday’s Senate vote of at least 15 loony bills. Here’s that one in case anyone interested:

    “Dear Senator Sweeney:

    Stop! Enough already! Please stop the upcoming votes on yet more lunatic anti-gun laws. Such laws only serve to interfere with the rights and personal property of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing against the criminal element.

    Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are not the problem. I trust that you are up to date on the FBI Uniform Crime Report plus the fact that firearms are being sold at record rates. More guns = less crime. Go figure.

    New Jersey already has far stricter firearm laws than most other states. We don’t need even more laws that either border on lunacy or are absolute lunacy.

    We are quickly approaching the point at which perhaps NJ law-abiding citizens should seek recalls of legislators who are hell-bent on violating the rights of citizens to satisfy the whims of a political fringe that ignores facts but fosters hysterical frenzy.

    With higher and higher taxes, fewer opportunities and jobs, companies leaving, and constant harassment, is it any wonder that there is such an exodus from New Jersey? Our legislature should concentrate on real issues, not wasting time on the whims of left-wing power-grabbers.”

    Should those bills pass, they include making more arms and magazines illegal plus replacing firearm cards with inclusion on driver’s licenses. If Christie signs those passed bills, he might as well forget about any run for the presidency.

    • worrisome says:

      Nice letter!

      • Thanks, worrisome. Wish I had copied the last one I sent to Christie. It was priceless. Probably had somebody on his staff howling or rolling on the floor.

        For those who send letters to political persons, hope you copy over to a word doc before sending. Saves a lot of time by just tweaking letters for specific purposes.

  71. Good thing I didn’t get the 20-gauge that I wanted. Seems I’ve re-damaged my right rotator cuff. No wonder I hate snow so much. I did it about 3 storms ago, most likely when brushing off the top of my car. The reaching was apparently the bad part. Even have to pull my calculator down by my fingertips. Aaaaargh!

    Okay, this means I’ll probably be limited to low-kick stuff. Any recommendations other than one of those really neat Mossberg .22’s that might soon become illegal to the NJ left-wing loon establishment?

  72. Dee in KY says:

    Sorry I haven’t written for several weeks but my Father had his second stroke and between being with him and traveling with my job, I just haven’t had time to sit and get my head on straight enough to write. Lets see, last week I went to Sam’s and stocked up on more toilet paper, paper towels, solo cups, paper plates, plastic cutlery, canned chicken, lots of water, honey and several other items. Just this past Saturday took my concel & carry class, YAY, now just waiting for permit from State Police, really proud of myself for seeing that one thru! I have put lots of items up in mylar bags, canning jars and bought extra canned goods at stores like Kroger, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Peddler’s Mall & Big Lots. All my favorite haunts for getting great “cheaper” deals. I always coupon which really helps. My DH bought more ammo an another gun for me so we are feeling more secure when they start to get more expensive or more scarce, just like food. Bought another solar panel for my duracell powerpak 600 for backup and a converter to plug in and convert AC to DC appliances. My grandbaby watches her cartoons in my car on her DVD player and in a power outage, she could still plug it into the adapter and the powerpak will let her watch it for a while and then I recharge with my solar panel the next day. My DH also surprised me the other day with a nice cast iron dutch oven and two more oil lamps, already seasoned the oven, just love it, would be great for an outdoor firepit type grill. Bought a couple more silver coins, a little at a time. Bought extra chicken breast at Kroger’s to can, stuck in deep freeze and will can soon in the future. Every day a little something to add to prepping. Did everyone see article the other day on internet about Yellowstone Old Faithful and possible eruption, would kill every thing in 500 miles of it! So surreal to think of that happening, how horrific! I pray every day for our Country and the good citizens of America, we need lots of mercy and forgiveness from God in these troubling times.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Sorry to hear about your dad and the trials you’ve been going thru. But congrats on your concealed carry permit.I encourage everyone to get one.
      Your preps are awesome. You mentioned Yellowstone erupting. Not only will lots die but ash will cover all the US west of Tennessee and throw the entire world into a nuclear winter for months up to 5 years. And the Super Caldera is overdue by past eruptions. Of course, one can’t worry about that. Just continue prepping as you can and watch for cars when you cross the road and stay inside when it is lightening outside! 🙂

  73. Sorry to hear about your dad’s strokes. Hope he’s recovering well.

  74. Lauri no e says:


    Sorry about your dad and will keep you in my prayers.

  75. Overhill says:

    Late to the party this week, for sure. Love reading this weekly installment on this site.
    Last week: Bought 100 shells of 00 buckshot for the 12 gauge. Added a few 12-packs of TP. Did lots of reading on various sites. And last but not least, celebrated three years of being completely debt-free (my humble little house, old vehicles and all) by going out and getting that very rare steak dinner (I’m very frugal.) Deciding to go debt-free many years ago was well worth all of the hard work and sacrifice. Since then, there has been a great feeling of financial peace which continues. Not paying mortgage or car payments frees up some cash for preps. I recommend eliminating debt to everyone. It’s worth the struggle.
    Best regards to all. -Overhill

  76. Running late this week . Went to Prepper meeting Saturday . Taught grain storage at a meeting Sunday afternoon. Which added 40 lbs of rice and 50 lbs of wheat to my storage . Added a few more gamma lids to my supply.

  77. nick flandrey says:

    Slow prep week for me, no good yard sales or estate sales. I did get a hand cranked sharpening wheel, but unless I get a good homestead site, that is really just a wall hanger.

    I bought a bunch of new plants for the garden, but didn’t get anything planted. My tenant moved out, and the house needs more work than we hoped, so that will suck up most of my time this week.

    Had a hard freeze last night, despite being in the 70’s mid afternoon. Hope I didn’t lose any plants.

    I did get a small package of metal in the mail. There is a guy in Montana that will ship the same $ amount to you every month, so you can accumulate while dollar cost averaging. We’ve been very pleased so far.

    Got a good price on beef, whole tenderloins for $4.56/pound. Bought 2, cut them up and vac packed, then frozen. We’ve definitely noticed more chicken, hamburger,and pork in our diet lately. The cheap steaks go a long way toward breaking that up.

    Someone previously posted a link to a free beginning gardening ebook, which I just read. I found it to be a nice overview, and I learned that fruit trees needed to be paired to get pollinated. I didn’t know that, and it saved me when I bought 2 new trees this week. I read the tags to be sure they would self pollinate! So thanks for the link and the book!

    Man the world situation keeps getting weirder. Yet most people seem to be going along as if nothing could ever change from the way things are at the moment. I dread the day when someone wakes up and says “OH SHTF!!!” and sets off the cascade that brings it crashing down.

    Prep hard pack!


  78. Haven’t read all the posts yet, will save them to read offline later. My main prep this week is a bug-out-bug. Got tired of my mini van parts costs and bought a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. Now I can actually fix things rather then just replace parts. Bought points and condenser spares. A new alternator belt, and cleaned the oilscreen. Added Militec ™ to oil to aid lubrication. (Disclaimer my brother sells this stuff but I am not affiliated in any way, and wouldn’t allow his business to affect my recommendation) I use Militec ™ on my BP guns and it saves on clean up time. First rain here Saturday since we got a trace back in November, and naturally the wipers on the bug aren’t working yet, used parts are still in goodly supply so that’s this weeks project. In other preps got a stainless steel mess kit to replace the aluminum one in my bug out bag. Loaded 100 rounds of .45acp for my conversion cylinder ( for the 1858 NMA ) and got all brass shotgun shells for my 28 gauge shotguns, these are very reloadable and take large pistol primers, sweet when loaded with bucknball hand loads.

    • I discovered a while back what shotshell primers do to a dryer when DH doesn’t clean out his pockets well. Not so hot on your nerves, either.

  79. Hello pack,
    Not able to do many preps due to DW’s cancer scare. I did go to Hobby Lobby with the kids and got my first ever…….patern and material. That’s right, real men learn to sew with their sons and daughters. I thought the depot level disassmebly of the M60 was complicated, the sewing machine has more parts and knobs! I also discovered sewing machines are not easy to operate and they bite if you’re not careful. So we all took turns running some material through the machine, adjusting the tension, running more material through the machine and repeating. I think we’ll be ready next weekend to try the real thing.
    Our next prep is to replace the front door with something a little more beefy and less “no knock” police invasion friendly. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to break the bank but I would like uninvited guests to have to work to get in. Nothing says prepper like front yard bollards easing visitors into a lane of fire in front of a 8 foot tall foot thick oak door so we’ll try to avoid that look. Sure would discourage the solicitors though.
    Curious to see what’s going to happen in Conneticut and if Texas will provide volunteers to help protect private property there. Sorry it’s come down to that but the guberment done lost its mind. Remenber y’all, we call him TDL for a reason, don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. In the Lord’s name I will pray for all who need it and would appriciate the same.

    • riverrider says:

      cav, there’s a couple posts in archive here ref doors. in short,replace the hinge screws with long ons that go into the studs. same for strike plates and obviously add a deadbolt if none already installed. john mosby recommends adding extra hinges between the usual three. support the strike plate area with a piece of angle iron or flat iron if there’s space under the facing. if you take the interior facing off carefully, there is likely a gap between the door frame and the studs. drill hole in the iron and install in the gap with screws above and below the strikes and thru the strikes themselves. this makes it damn hard to kick or hammer in.

      • Thanks RR,
        I was wondering if I would have to double up on the studs that go on the side of the door. But that iron plate idea sounds strong. We still have time to do a little more research before we buy.

        • riverrider says:

          in good stick built houses the door frame is doubled already, one stud on each side, a header over the opening to support the roof and another “jack”stud to support the header.

  80. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Cavtrooper,

    Yep, every young man should learn to sew, cook, wash/fold, iron, and keep house. It paid off for me prior to and during my military career. I have and still use the sewing machine (Singer Treadle) that my Grandmother taught me to sew on. Over the years (using this machine), I’ve made my own backpacks, tents, and various web gear. I’ve even sewed a few leather projects on it.


    PS: I used to keep the choppers flying for ya’ll. Don’t know your age, but served with CSM Donald F. Hemphill.

    • Curley Bull,
      Or as Robert Heinlein stated, “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Curley Bull,
      Thank you for all you have done for this nation. I think CSM Hemphill was in good company.

      And welcome home soldier.

      • Curley Bull says:

        Thank you Darling! But I’ve been home a long time.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Curley Bull, Soldiers of our genre returned to the States being called ugly names, being spit on, ridiculed. I know it was a long time ago but you still deserve to be told thank you and welcome home.

          • Curley Bull says:

            Tactical G-Ma

            I was blessed to come home to an area that looked upon their returning service men and women as heroes for serving. The only time a fool ever thought about spiting on me was 12 years after I came home at the DFW airport. You know how they do; put you out at one end and give you 20 minutes to make your connection at the other end. Here I am in my Class A’s, with two bags, double-timing through. As I came upon one gate there were four college age folks watching. One started calling cadence (hut, 2,3,4) and one of the girls yelled, “Run little tin soldier, Run”. Then the second male started clearing his throat like he was trying to build up a good spit. This is when I said a prayer; “Heavenly Father grant me the strength to just go on and go home for they surely know not what they are do”. I heard sort of a bump and a thud. Looking over my shoulder I saw an elderly white haired couple, the man still holding a fist with his right hand and a young man in the floor. The other three looked to be in shock. I walked 2 feet taller from that moment and said “Thank You Lord”. No one had to tell me; they were of the “Greatest Generation”.

            Again though, Thank you,

  81. grandma Rosie says:

    The prepping I did today was being on here ALL DAY reading all the posts! Hope that counts, because to me it does since I learn so much from from everyone. Last week I did get 12 1/2 pints of butter canned and 12 1/4 pints of Cream Cheese canned from Katzcradul youtube site. Have canned butter before but was the first time for the cream cheese, so will see how it turns out.
    I have snow/rain coming AGAIN tomorrow and again on Friday thru Saturday so wont get to town for a while. Sure is nice not having to worry about running out of food or supplies. I am in Mo and we have had a COLD winter this year Keep prepping everyone, were gonna need it!!!

  82. Almost finished the aquaponics system – sprinkled some lettuce seeds in one of the grow beds just because I don’t want to wait any more! If all goes well, will have both fish and vegetables on a regular basis by next fall (the first veggies will be ready to eat in a few weeks, of course).


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