What did you do to prep this week?

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Okay, now let me see; what did I do to prep this week?

Received my two 100 gallon  Poly-Mart rain harvesting tanks from Prepper Water Storage.

Received my two 100 gallon Poly-Mart rain harvesting tanks from Prepper Water Storage.

Built a loft into my barn - still need to add more bracing to hold up heavy weight.

Built a loft into my barn – still need to add more bracing to hold up heavy weight.

Dug holes and concreted 4×4 posts in the ground for my soon to be completed fence around my garden area.

Received my new favorite flashlight the ExtremeBeam M4 Scirrako Tactical.

Received my new favorite flashlight the ExtremeBeam M4 Scirrako Tactical.

Added a Glock Tac Light to my bedside sweetheart... It also has night sites and extended slide release.

Added a Glock Tac Light to my bedside sweetheart… It also has night sites and extended slide release.

Added a speedfed stock to the bedside 12 gauge...

Added a speedfed stock to the bedside 12 gauge…

Well folks that’s it for me… what about you – what did you do to prep this week.

p.s. I hope you all like the pics – I decided to start posting photos in this segment after reading all of the comments and concerns about some other survival blogs that write a bunch of stuff but refuse to take or post photos to show how or that they have actually done it and to prove that they are who they say they are.

About M.D. Creekmore

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  1. hvaczach says:

    I just can’t get over how that 33 rounder looks off the bottom of a glock, it’s like the firsrt time you see a ’68 Camaro with a blower out of the hood! Well I really only had one big prep this week I ordered a new AR from Bud’s. Just waiting for the call that it arrived so I can complete the paper work and bring it home. First time I have ever ordered online but everyone I talk to says it really is a smooth painless process.

  2. I like the pictures. It helps me understand exactly what you’re talking about.

    One serious prep – I ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm on Monday then heard about the gunpowder plant in Brazil blowing up and was really happy I went ahead with the order. They arrived Thursday.

    Because of that, there won’t be much other prepping this week or weekend. We are planning to move some compost to the garden, add some fertilizer, then till it all into the garden. I have a few seedlings coming up for later planting. I’m ready for spring.

  3. Beware, beware… oh, wrong genre.
    Busy listing on ebay this week.
    Also planted tomatoes and peppers and some more cabbage seedlings. Thinned seedlings. Transplanted them. Of course, the way winter is going, I will get these poor plants out in the garden sometime in June… we had snow again this week.
    Tuna was on sale, so bought some. Plus some beans. And some first aid supplies.
    Ground some rice into flour with the grain mill – that was fun! Need to get a pasta press so we can make our own eggroll wrappers. (Who says that we can’t eat well if SHTF…)
    Tasted the hard cider we’ve been making – it’s getting mellower so some more aging is called for.

    • made some hard cider a few months back, aging definitely helps.

    • plantlady says:

      Rule of thumb for when hard cider is ready to drink…is when you are making the next years cider. We made 100 gallons of sweet cider this year – only 10 gal of hard. Not bad for 4 mature and 3 half mature trees. Can hardly wait for the 8 new trees to start bearing in a couple years!
      I got a fine marcato atlas 150 pasta maker deluxe set from kasbahouse.com…just love it. Especially the raviolini head – it fills the ravioli as it shapes it. I really don’t understand why everyone who stores wheat doesn’t have one!! I for one need my pasta!! Now I am eyeing their pasta extruder…but hoping someone comes out with an all-metal version soon.

  4. riverrider says:

    nice work m.d.!….lets see…very little this week. added to the fishing gear supplies: fish hook assortment, bobbers and line. looked for swivels but wallyworld got even cheaper and put them in a cardboard box instead of the nifty round plastic case they used to come in. i like to use the case as a kit by adding hooks and weights to the swivels. i was pissed….filled up all the vehicles with gas, in case the russians pop off the big one…picked up a couple pair of cargo pants and two stripped ar uppers on sale. that’s about it other than working. bad weather moving in sunday night so i’m bugging out over the mountain to a hotel so i can make it to work monday. stack it high folks. it ain’t getting any better.

    • It’s too bad Putin figured out the TDL is pathetic long before the average American citizen did. The Russian incursion into Crimea has all the shades of Germany entering Austria in ’38 “just unifying and protecting the German people” and the TDL is playing the part of Neval Chamberlain!

      • riverrider says:

        you got that right!

      • axelsteve says:

        I thik he knew that when he was first elected. Putin just looked at his voting record when he was a senator.Voting present is not the trademark for a strong man.

        • RB in Alabama says:

          I always remember the time during TDL’s first term when he and Putin were caught talking when they thought the mic’s were off: TDL to Putin “It’ll get easier for us after I’m re-elected”… I thought it was ominus then, but now…

          • hvaczach says:

            Just got fox news update russians crossed crimean border to seize a gas plant here it comes!

            • hvaczach
              I filled up the car yesterday…..of cr*p, the truck needs gas and the extra storage cans. I will have to let the family know. This is going to be hard on them, they have a boat repair business, an it is slow now due to the drought……this is going to make it even harder. YIKES!

            • riverrider says:

              told ya it was all about the money! putin was tired of paying tariffs on the nat gas pumping across ukraine to europe. the rest of ukraine will follow.

              • ozhillbilly says:

                riverrider, I just saw a headline where putin has moved troops into a village in Ukraine outside of Crimea. I imagine he’s testing the Ukrainians? Also to see the reaction of the rest of the world? I imagine he’s already made up his mind no matter what.

              • Rider of Rohan says:
                • RoR:

                  Did you hear that he got a restraining order on the ATF and they went through it like an ex-husband.


                • Yes, I also see that they raided him today and just took what they wanted. Injunction? What injunction? We never got the memo. BATFE responsible for murder in Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious.

                  • Rider of Rohan says:

                    The Constitution, the Rule of Law, Court Orders, nothing has any effect on these outlaws now working for the federal gov’t. This is tyranny.

                  • Tactical G-Ma says:

                    Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m just going by memory but Ruby Ridge was about Income tax evasion. Waco, however, was initiated because too many firearms were registered to that address. If that was the case, wouldn’t it have been the state of Texas who alerted the Feds? Gun records of purchase are kept by the dealer aren’t they?

                    • hvaczach says:

                      Too my recolection Ruby-Ridge was about supposedly he sold 2 sawed off shotguns that the barrels were too short (not the required 18 inches) however I don’t believe they could ever produce enough evidence to convict and he also won a wrongful death civil suit against the government.

                    • riverrider says:

                      too many firearms registered to one address? when was that a crime? the atf was the ones that decided to raid waco despite the objections of the local sheriff who had peaceful interaction with koresh previously. it was fbi that lied to ag reno in order to get the go for the final military assault.

                    • Rider of Rohan says:

                      Here I am going from memory, myself, but Waco started from an allegation of illegally converting semi-auto to selective-fire weapons and possession of explosive devices, didn’t it?

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      I think you guys are right. But how did ATF get on to these if they weren’t already being targetted. I mean look how many years did it take to catch the unibomber and then it was just because his family recognized a drawing.
                      I don’t know but I just think it was hinky. Do you know how many in the north central and northwestern States have declares sovereignty? The posse is big! Libertarians abound! So why did feds target this one guy in Ruby Ridge. Same with David Koresh and the branch Davidians. They had not caused any threat to the community…
                      Another thing … I recently shot my friends .308 with a supressor and it was awesome. Like shooting .22’s. So I wanted one and had a friend who was going to do the work and help me submit for my permit. But, if I hold an FFL or a Class III, my home can be search at anytime without notice and without warrant. I passed.

                    • Tactical G-Ma: “But, if I hold an FFL or a Class III, my home can be search at anytime without notice and without warrant. ”

                      You might want to check with a licensed seller of suppressors on that. I am reasonably sure you not need either a Class III dealer’s license or even a generic FFL to get a suppressor, a legal full-auto weapon, or a short barreled shotgun.

                      You do need to jump thru the hoops: fill out the forms, get photographed, fingerprinted, pay the transfer tax, etc, but no license required. The National Firearms Act of 1934, which covers full-auto, short barrels, suppressors, etc, is a tax law, not a licensure law.

                      I am pretty sure that an FFL holder is subject to one unannounced inspection per year, plus they can inspect as often as they like but only with a warrant each time, and that requires probable cause.

                      No reason to pass on something you want: better to find out the rules from a pro.

                      My recollection of Ruby Ridge is that it was over a failure to pay the transfer/manufacture tax on the sawed off barrels. Basically it was a tax case, but not income tax. Randy Weaver was enticed by federal agents to break the law, he never got notification of his court date, so they raided his place, killed his kid and wife.

                      IIRC, the feds asserted that david Koresh had a full auto weapon, I think a Ma Deuce, and instead of arresting him during his frequent off-compound trips, or just going to the compound with a search warrant, decided to make Big News with a raid. people should have gone to prison for that.

                    • riverrider says:

                      tgma, yep, targeted at the gunshow by atf operatives. i had a run in with some here once, tried to jam me up on buying cannon fuse.they work the shows regular, you can spot them rather easily.. then it was a short trip to follow the paper trail. they never produced one iota of evidence that koresh converted anything. local had nothin to do with it, except to beg the feds to let them handle it peaceable like.

                    • Rider of Rohan says:

                      riverrider, back in the day when I lived in OKC(1980-81), I did quite a bit of shooting at a range where a # of guys had Class III licenses. On one trip to the range I had a guy approach me with some am-mo for sale. At a great price. I turned down the offer, but heard a few days later that a guy who regularly shot there was in trouble for buying stolen stuff from some random guy at the range. I felt like I dodged a “bul-let” there. It was an Alpha Tango Fox guy doing the selling, I’m sure.

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      Thanks Penrod for setting me straight on the licensure of suppressors. I actually looked it up and confirmed what you said instead of believing someone who didn’t know what they are talking about. I am going to start saving to get one. They are sweet. Do you recommend any for .308 or .223?

                    • Tactical G-Ma,
                      To follow up on Penrods information, this is correct. I have several friends with suppressors (all for 5.56). You can get a signature from your local sheriff or police chief, or set up a trust or LLC that you control, and that actually owns the suppressor or other tax stamp devices, which is good in areas where the local law enforcement won’t play ball. Also , keep in mind that the device (in this case a suppressor) is the licensed item, and not the firearm it is attached to, so you must keep a copy of the paperwork with you when you’re out shooting with it, but may use multiple firearms. One friend has an AR and a couple of .22 LR firearms threaded to fit the same suppressor. Also, keep in mind that the suppressor only silences the gasses coming from the muzzle, and unless you use sub-sonic ammunition, you still get a pretty good “crack”, even with the lowly .22.
                      The tax stamp I think is still $200 and a 6+ month wait for processing, and the suppressors start around $500 and on up.
                      Good luck and have fun.

                    • Rider of Rohan says:

                      Ohio Prepper, you are exactly right on gun trusts, and many folks around the country are using them in jurisdictions where LE won’t sign off on Class III application forms. I did a story on Gun Trusts for a newspaper, but it is behind a paywall and I can’t link to it. Also OPSEC. But gun trusts allow flexibility in use of a Class III weapon and a way to pass the weapon on after death. As you might conclude from recent events, the ATF is looking at new ways to regulate the trusts, and has proposed new rules, some of which might already be in effect since I wrote the article last year.

                  • RoR,
                    In the aftermath of Waco, a group IIRC called “Failure Analysis” was X-Raying all of the fried rifles to determine if any had been converted to full auto. ATF went along until they found out that NRA was footing the bill, and then they shut things down. move along, nothing to see here.

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      I find it truly frightening what the ATF/DHS/DEA/FBI and all those alphabet agencies can justify.

                • patientmomma says:

                  OMgosh!! This is exactly like the book Enemies Foreign and Domestic. In the book this is exactly how it started!

      • +1

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Glad to hear you made the week in one piece, rr. Looks like world events are going to come to a head before economic and political problems domestically. Good grief, I really needed another few months. I’d get in a panic mode but I know that wouldn’t help the situation.

      • riverrider says:

        ror, nah this will be a non-event. putin will do what he wants, sabers will rattle, feet will stomp, but he will get away with it free and clear.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Good reminder, we need to empty the gas cans and refill them. Will do it tomorrow.

  5. MD,
    You post pics every week in this segment. I especially liked the ones showing how you built your chicken coop/run.
    Don’t ever feel you have to prove yourself to us. Those of us here for any length of time are here for a reason, this is a site we trust and learn from. Im here over a year already (how time flies) and most of the names I see were here when I joined!

    WDIDTPTW- bought 40lbs of weed and feed for the pasture. We are expecting some rain starting tomorrow so I’ll try to get it all out to day. In two weeks time I’ll have some happy horses!

    Uncle Sam is being generous and will be giving me BACK some of MY MONEY (w/o interest of coarse) and we are putting in a fireplace,,so this week I’ve torn out the wall where it is going and we p/u hardboard last night to start the base. I plan to do that tomorrow while it’s raining.

    Stay safe pack, I think we are in for a rocky ride.

    • R-Me,

      Thank you. I’m glad folks stick around here for years, it shows that we must be doing something right…

    • taminator013 says:

      WDIDTPTW- bought 40lbs of weed and feed for the pasture.

      That caught me a little off guard for a second. I just finished watching a documentary on the History Channel about marijuana, so that was on my mind when I was reading your post. 40 lbs of weed sure would make for some happy horses. And a lot of happy preppers……………………

  6. Tomthetinker says:


    • TomtheTinker,

      There are several common ‘weeds’ you can use as quick clot as well. Most notably is Yarrow and plantain. This summer, while they are growing pick a bunch.

      Plantain is also good for bug bites and bee stings. If you get a bee sting, grab a plantain leaf, chew it up a bit and put it on the sting – will take away the pain almost immediately.

      • First you want to scrape the bee’s stinger and sack out. Use the edge of a coin or knife blade and scrape the area.

      • sw't tater says:

        you can tincture the plantain as well, It works well on poison ivy/oak too.

        • Babycatcher says:

          How much plantain to a quart of liquid? I am always running into it somehow here and dh is HIGHLY allergic, has to go on prednisone if I accidentally touch him….

          • sw't tater says:

            I fill the container with plantain, cover with 100 proof, and remove plant material in three weeks…alcohol can be reduced by heating in open container , over a double boiler for several min. some of alcohol will evaporate…

      • How do I save plantain and/or yarrow off-season? I imagine tincturing would change it as well as sting horribly.

      • Michele (and Bam Bam) – I have tons of Cat’s Claw in my yard. Are there any other uses than exercising to remove it and anti-inflammation?


    • From personal experience, ground cayenne works well. Stings a bit, but it works well.

      • Chewing tobacco works good on bites. Chew til moist and apply little glob on the bite. Leave on at least 30 minutes or longer.

        • Adolf’s meat tenderizer works great on bee stings. Just wet the sting area , sprinkle tenderizer and wrap with loose bandage.

      • Someone told me Quik Clot stings like a mother, so I would guess cayenne’s probably not too much worse.

    • JP in MT says:

      Now I am NO expert….it might loos some of it’s effectiveness, like aspirin that is past it’s expiration date. But if it is a choice between having a non-toxic medical item that is expired or not having any at all…I’ll take the old stuff.

      I have some stuff that has “expired”. It’s not what I use now, but I figure, like I said, it may be better than nothing.

    • Tomthetinker says:

      Thank You All…..

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I do not throw out stuff because its out of date. Old is better than nothing except for tetracycline, swollen cans, and hi protein food left open at room temperature for longer than 30 minutes! I mean, let good sense prevail.

      • Curley Bull says:

        Now I will admit to not being the brightest bulb in the room, but I haven’t burned out yet. About a month ago I found a partial box of Malt-O-Meal in the back of the cabinet and fixed me a meal. It was good! When I started to put the box back in the cabinet, I looked at the date. Would you believe; “September, 2009”?

        I guess it would depend on the product and the storage conditions.

  7. worrisome says:

    HI Wolfpack

    Still in town. Old trucks and truck parts are hard to come by or so I understand. But as of yesterday, they have it and they will be finally done on Monday and I will be happily on my way up the hill! So excited to see the changes to my cabin I can hardly stand myself.

    I havn’t been my usual energetic self but managed to can more mandarins, some lemon curd, some meyer lemon curd, and made lime jelly. I still have oranges to turn into orange jelly and then I “think” I am done messing about with citrus for a while.

    I called the little old couple who are now in Colorado. They are settling in nicely at their daughter’s house. Such transitions at their age can be very tough. But their daughter and family are good folk and have been reading up on what to do for about the last six months, so they aren’t making a lot of missteps that most of us would make in their shoes. She established their own phone line for them so that they don’t feel like they are intruding on the family and it gives them a sense of independence. She also got them a small fridge for their room (college dorm style) so they can keep a few of their favorites in it when they get the munchies. Their house officially has a for sale sign on it now. I miss them a lot, but I know that they are in good hands and since I am also trying to move, this is for the best.

    Bam Bam, MD and such, I found a National Geographic Series called “How to Survive the End of the World.” Episode One is about “Zombies” but really it is about serious viruses and potentially engineered viruses. Y’all may already know about it and I may be late to the party but it is well worth a watch. I down loaded it via Amazon Instant Video on my Roku. Scared the crap out of me! I haven’t watched the other parts of the series yet. (total =4 parts). Wondering now how to get my hands on certain vaccines…

    I bought the book “The New Empire of Debt”, which has been updated recently by William Bonner and Addison Wiggins. The authors and what they are selling aren’t my faves, but the first chapter is a good wake up call, so I figure that I got my money out of it just getting my thoughts organized and I am using it as a reminder not to cave to normalcy bias.

    On my way to get my share of corned beef and cabbage today and make a round of the grocery stores with my coupons for some sales items and buy some more masks and gloves at the drug store.

    The Ukraine issue is worrisome as I have family that could be impacted. As far as that missing plane, I am thinking they put that plane down in some place like Banda Aceh or environs, stuck it in a hanger and have painted it and moved it on to somewhere else. I think someone had a big idea to turn it into a big ol dirty bomb for some false flag event. I wonder what they did with the passengers. At least that is my wild imagination at work on it. And from the sounds of it, my guess is as good as anybody else’s at this point.

    And one final note………….sometimes there is a hero that needs to be mentioned.

    Go be the Heroes folks that we all need to be…………………

    • axelsteve says:

      Worrisome. How old is your truck? What make is it? Parts should be easy to get unless you have a unimog or something.

      • worrisome says:

        1995 Chevy Box Van on it’s third engine. Because it is enclosed we use it when we are hauling cabinets and stuff we don’t want to get wet up to the cabins. It is in decent shape and everything works, but there was some issue with the part……..because the engine presently in it is not stock. All is well now. But thanks for thinking about us.

        • Donna in MN says:

          My old 1991 Dodge Dakota I had for 20 years was traded in when I needed parts and got the last part it needed in the whole country.

      • k. fields says:

        One of the most amazing things about Unimogs is that you can still purchase rebuilt components (complete engines – carb. to clutch, transmissions, gear reduction assemblies, etc.) direct from Germany all crated in foil bags with moisture indicators and desiccant. I just love having a complete back-up drive train sitting in the shop sealed up for posterity – even though the way these vehicles are built, I’ll probably never have the need to use any of the replacements.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Hi worrisome! Glad you finally made progress on the truck repair and will be headed to safer environs. I’d stay there if it were me. Things in the world are the craziest I’ve ever seen them. To even imagine in this day and age that a major jetliner, not some single-engine Cessna, could disappear off the face of the Earth, is well, inconceivable,….to borrow an expression from one of my fav movies. I blame aliens, the outer space variety, not the border jumpers.

      The man from Wyoming who built a pond with permission from the State of Wyoming, and then had the EPA come in and try to bankrupt him is a real hero for standing up to the little commies at the EPA. We are all going to have to stand up to these clowns. Sooner rather than later. Have a great week at the cabin.

      • worrisome says:

        I am seriously considering staying longer R of R. I have pretty much everything I need up there already. So packing a few more clothes and some cooking items that I am fond of in this load to go. Taking the laptop up there this time to leave it. This computer I am presently on is connected to the security system so it stays put and stays on. Shutting down the water and giving instructions to the fire department in case they need to turn it on. Shutting down the propane as well. Shutting off the hot water tank but leaving the electrical on as I still have freezers and fridges working. Stopping in Sacto to pick up more dog food, some metal trash cans, some pm, some bins and such for chicken, rabbit feed. And another Have a Heart Trap.

    • Schametti says:

      Worrisome, Heya. 🙂 I’ve seen ONE episode of the national geographic, end of the world episodes, but the one I saw was about the earth falling off it’s axis, and doing a polar shift. It was pretty scary. After about forty years, (if we survive THAT long), we’re pretty much doomed, as it just gets colder, and colder and COLDER. I’ll have to see if I can find the other episodes. I love zombies. :):) Well not real ones. I’m sure it’s terrifying. But I would love to see it, lol.

      The missing malaysian jet, I was with RoR for the first week. I Almost ALWAYS blame aliens when airplanes go missing.. lol. But with all the evidence that has come to light.. about the communications going down one at a time, and changing course, and the two gentlemen on board with fake passports, I’m afraid to say it was probably hijacked and painted like you said.. to be used for some nefarious plans. :(:( As for the people, I would say they went too high in altitude.. and put them permanently to sleep, so they didn’t have to worry about any trouble from them. It’s all pretty sad. I wonder what they’ll do next though, that’s the really scary part..

      • worrisome says:

        Hey there Sham Wow………..Funny that you mention that altitude thing. I thought the same thing and ya know, there isn’t any talking head out there connecting that set of dots though are they? Agreed the “final” plan is the one that is the biggest concern.

    • You nailed it. Why else would big government be pulling out ball the stops for one plane

    • Worrisome,

      Thanks for the heads up on the Nat Geo show. We watched the one on zombies tonight–very scary.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Worrisome, I am so far behind that I will never catch up, just reading last week’s “what did you do” now on Friday. 🙂 I am pleased that you reported that the older couple is doing well, please do let us know about them now and then, they are like friends to me since you have written about them so much!

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    We always appreciate the pictures, M.D. It’s almost like visiting your place!

    We made 17 pints of chili sauce. Thanks to the Pack for showing us how to move labor from harvest time to wintertime by storing produce from the garden in the freezer.

    We ordered a Cuisinart Food Processor.

    Cover for the federal reserve: Civil unrest caused by empty stomachs is not caused by shrinking purchasing power (caused by continuous money printing by the fed.), its caused by the weather.

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.
    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      The silly report on motherboard about the military and climate change is just another indication of how rotted out and corrupt military leadership has become under this Administration. I could go on and on, but if one wants to know why Russia is flexing its muscle, this link pretty much describes the problem we have in the military.


      • Hunker-Down says:

        We are rotting from within.

        • Survivor says:

          Rider, the bad part is TDL ain’t gonna do anything. It kinda reminded me of Chamberlain at the onset of WWII. The world gave up the Sudetenland over the protests of Czechoslovakia. Hitler marched in without firing a shot. Well, Putin marched in without firing a shot and the TDL has his head buried like a tick in a dog’s ass. Looks like this morning we find out Putin has crossed the border in the Ukraine. Just forays, nothing major. He’s dipping his toe into the water…Putin read our obamanation correctly. Naive, rash and very weak, not to mention he’s a proven liar. Once Putin finishes this little conquest, watch what China does. It’s had its eye on Taiwan for a while now…The rot is depthless…

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            Now we read this morning the TDL is giving up control of the internet to some yet to be named international body. One thing you know for sure is that Islam will have a lot of influence on what happens on the internet after this happens. And freedom of speech will go out the door. Internet sites like this one will be eliminated if there is something on it our new internet masters don’t like. Meanwhile, Congress sits on its hands and does nothing other than fret over the next election. I’m just shocked at how fast everything has deteriorated.

            • worrisome says:

              It is very very scary. And as the snowball continues down the mountain, it IS moving faster.

            • James Page says:

              I saw an article on how a gunshop in California refused the feds request for a customer list of people who bought 80% lowers. Another reason to buy things with cash.

              • worrisome says:

                James Page – they walked through his court order and raid the place despite it. They answer to no one anymore………..makes ya think doesn’t it?

                • Rider of Rohan says:

                  worrisome, it was worse than that in some respects. The ATF went to the judge with an Ex Parte partition, which means the other side doesn’t even get a notice of appearance, much less any chance to defend themselves. So the judge ended up being corrupt as well. There is no protection for the public from these rogue agencies.

  9. Canned 10 lbs. of bacon and 50 lbs of onions.

    • Good for you, that’s quite a bit!

    • Fitxit
      I knew one could can bacon………but onions? Please tell me how, if you could.
      I am in the process of doing banana chips, and learned the secret to keep them from turning brown.
      Use only plastic cutting board with a “Stainless steel” knife, then into lemon juice–no water added. Use a plastic slotted spoon to remove and place on the dehydrating sheets. Now I use the cheap plastic gloves when handling the food, so I do not transfer contaminants to the fruit. Also, it you have a slice or cut on your hand you do the oh darn dance.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        That’s funny! Is the Oh Darn dance anything like the Peepee dance?

        Anyway, that’s a really good tip about the bananas!

        • Tactical G-Ma;
          YES, and I had a few of those when in the middle of not now….. I can not stop but mother nature is calling……….
          It always happens when I am canning something. :-).
          You are welcome about the bananas, it took experimenting before I had it worked out and they did not look like road kill. I saved the bruised sections along with the peels to go in the ground and around the new trees and plants I need to put in around our place.

      • Schametti says:

        Ooooh you have the oh darn dance too? I call mine the dammit dance.. but when I’m spraying blood all over the kitchen, I guess I turn into a potty mouth, lol.

      • Ok as requested in large bowl , glass or SS ,put a gal. Of water and 2 teaspoons of citric acid
        Remove outer skins and roots from onions and rinse if dirty.
        Chop or quarter the onions as desired.
        Place in the bowl of water.
        Prepare your jars and put onions in . Add1/3 of the jar with the water / citric acid mix . THen fill with hot water to about 1 inch.
        Wipe rims and cover with heated lids . Screw on rings.
        Put in water bath canner
        1/2 pts and pts rapid boil 30 mins
        Quarts rapid boil 45 mins
        Use in any recipe where you would use cooked onions.
        Note! Put in just before dish is done as they are already cooked and just need to heat and flavor blend a bit.
        To use as sauté drain and cook in butter or olive oil. Save the drained liquid as sup stock.
        Hope this helps.

  10. I like the pics as well. I love that 33 rd mag. This was a bit warmer overall than it has been. I actually can see the lawn under some of my big pines. The snow and ice are slowly retreating. As far as preps I got an small order from EE, Some Mylar bags. I got some of the 1 gallon resealable mylar bags. I really like them. Added some #10 cans of Milk and eggs. I am doing my annual inventory since it is impossible to do anything outside. My local gun shop is getting a shipment of 22LR next week and called to ask if I wanted to reserve some, which I did. So glad he is proactive.

  11. Nebraska Woman says:

    Good Morning, Pack.

    Since I am limited with storage, I did not buy much this week except some more canned goods. My friend buys food every six months, eats well, and I plan to pick her brain to get her grocery list.
    My younger brother and I have worked on a bug out plan. If the signs are right (ie bank failures), we can simply drive to my country home, well armed, and live there. Thanks to this site, I am almost completely off grid. We both agree that we need more ammo, pepper spray, etc. The rest, food–water–shelter–is fine.

    However, if there is an emp, there are problems. If Mom cannot go, one of us will stay and that would probably be me. Hopefully I could join them later, but I doubt it.

    My YB and SIL could make it easily with biking or walking. They are in great shape. I can walk a mile with a 5% grade and jog back down, so I am good.

    The rub in the plan is this: we would would want to take her 2 sons, their wives, and three children. I have enough food for 5 adults for 4 years @ 2000 calories per day, but that would last maybe 1 year with all those mouths to feed. As far as they go, my SIL has not told them anything. She has BOBs prepared for them and will let them know at the last minute. They are young, good natured, and work very hard. That will be needed post emp. The kids are the ones we want to save. No question that they will be a priority.

    Our problems are twofold: we have a giant river between us and my acreage. We are afraid they will be taken over by gangs or the government…same thing. The second is keeping the children quiet for opsec as our trip will last 2 or 3 days by bicycle. (We do have enough bikes, bike tires etc for the trip).

    One far-fetched scenario would be a raft in a place where no one would find it. But this river has a huge current. We need to work on our bug out plan.

    For the kids my SIL says they are well-behaved but even then, I can see problems.

    This is a wip, so any advice will be helpful.

    Have a good week, stay safe, and keep praying.

    PS. Thank you all so much for all of your suggestions and prayers for mom. Internet hugs to all of you!!

    • Nebraska Woman,

      Are you interested in starting your mom on graviola? I will send you 200 leaves if you are – to get you started.

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        Bless you. I went to the site you suggested and purchased some. It should be here within the week.

    • Donna in MN says:

      Nebraska lady, I would love to read what you did and how you did it being almost completely off grid. I am trying to figure the costs for me, and I am still trying to convert amps to kw’sand w to amps to what I need that will produce that kind of power. So far I figured I need to put in about a $20,000 investment of equipment which is too much for me to afford. I use about 220kw a month.

      I am expecting our rural electric rates to increase next year substancially because of epa’s fake global warming crap, depending if the power companies add the new taxes/fines in kw usage or another stupid service fee. My bill doubled last year, mostly in service fees.
      I hope you could give us advice.

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        I put in county water and had my electric pump changed to a hand pump. It is centrally located between the house and my animals.

        I found an old wood stove I had put in the kitchen and am experimenting on wood cooking. Wouldn’t you know I have a woodlot? I also have a wood fireplace upstairs to heat that area.

        Plenty of candles, matches, how-to books, etc. round out my storage. I have shelter, food, clothing in abundance, lots of bay leaves to keep away critters, and good water. What else do I need?

      • Southside says:

        Donna, check out the Northern Arizona Wind and Sun forum, these guys are very good at what they do and very helpful.Someone there can help you decide what you need for your wanted/needed life style. I am a vegetable farmer and am completely off the grid,I have a huge system(for a normal home) as I run 6 refrigerators ,several freezers and a couple of deep well pumps for irrigation. The whole trick to solar is STORAGE. You either have to use it while the sun is out or store it. That is the expensive part, every dollar you can cut off your bill now will save you hundreds when you build a system. The first step is to examine your lifestyle, do you leave lights burning,use the grid for heat ,hot water or cooking these are things that become very expensive on solar. It can be done although some sacrifices are going to be made.

  12. Nice to see a friendly gun shop owner out there, mine is a big store in the city, they are very nice but so busy they could not do that, their best service right now besides their good advise is that they are very reasonable in the pricing area. Put up a little ammo, found that one of my local grocery stores sells a lot of prepper supplies, has red feather butter cheaper than any online source. Added more can goods and water.

  13. I have had an excellent week of prepping. I will no longer say bad things about China Mart. We were there picking up $219 worth of scripts and when my dh opened his wallet, the cashier said, “Is that a AAA card?” My dh pulled it out. The cashier scanned it. The price went from $219 down to $15. We saved $204 on our scripts. The price was so good I called in refills and picked them up as well. I have 18 months of my expensive script (I cut them in half) and 9 months of the other script I take. And I can call in another two refills to bring up my inexpensive script to 12 months. I am just stunned. We saved $408 dollars this week.

    While at China Mart, we also picked up some OTC meds, some hygiene supplies. I got a really bad cat scratch this week. It got infected. I learned that if a cut is not bleeding (and you are not somewhere like a hospital where there are germs all over the place), it should not be covered with a bandage—doing so only makes the wound moist and thereby promotes growth of bacteria. I also learned that iodine is the best treatment for most wounds.

    We made a run to Sam’s Club and picked up six cases of water, 10 lbs. honey, 4 bottles lemon juice, a 25 lb. bag of flour, bacon, spices and soda. Scotts toilet paper is up to $23 for a big package. Yikes.

    I put in an order with EE last week for a case of stew veggies, onions, green peppers and celery. That is supposed to come in this afternoon. So I will be labeling and putting up.

    • Great score on the nice discount for your Rx, more $$$ to prep!
      Quick question about EE, do you find it less expensive to order from them than to buy fresh and can/dehydrate it your self? Or does it last longer in #10 can?

      I p/u a few cases of #10 cans, but it was stuff I can’t do myself, like cheese.

      • riverrider says:

        bam, i like ee because i can put it on the shelf and forget it until i need it, no rotation etc. doing it in their factory environment has to be safer i would think. i’m hinky about dehydrating my own b/c if the moisture content is not perfect you can get a moldy mess or nasty stomach bug later.pay once, cry once. jm2c.

        • The #10’s are a good idea. I had some homemade stroganoff dehydrated and packed into vacuum bags for homemade just add water meals.

          It was not rats or mice, but CATS who got into it. Sometimes close to rats I think, they are almost daily driving me crazy – and I think they all have it out for me – they wait until I have a bunch of stuff in my arms and can’t see them, then they dart right in front of my feet – trying to kill me.

          The bad thing is – I brought 2 of the 3 cats INTO this relationship and we got one since.

          • So that’s what my dogs are up to!! They’re trying to kill me. They better think it over– I’m the one who feeds them!

            • Encourager says:

              When we got our last dog as a puppy, after she learned to sit, we began training her that she was NOT the leader of the pack. It worked well for me, dh, and oldest ds. The youngest is a softie and that dog knows it!

              She is NOT allowed to walk down a hallway or through a door before us. She must wait at the top or bottom of the stairs until we are up/down. It only took a few weeks for her to learn this. She also must wait until we give her the okay to eat out of her bowl. And if she has her bowl taken away from her during eating, she sits calmly and waits for us to put it back down.

              She is a very strong willed dog but obedient. Now, if I could only get her to stop digging up the beds that have manure in them!!!!!

          • I knew it!!!!! The cats managed to get the kiddo to fall today and it seems they have been trying to trip us adults up even more so after that fall! It’s a conspiracy of the feline kind!

            • Shandi,

              No cat has ever tripped over another cat. They think we are big, stupid oafs and it’s our fault if we fall over them.

      • R-Me,

        The #10 cans are rodent proof–no chance of mice getting at my food. The least expensive place to get food in #10 cans is the LDS Online Store. But their selection is limited. Check the sales at EE and Honeyville. Today Honeyville has 10 percent off everything. I haven’t been able to get my EE coupon code (the one on the back of the monthly flyer) to work the past few months. I put in the coupon code and nothing is taken off. If you have a Sam’s Club membership, check out their stuff online. The prices are good but I’ve never tried the Auguston Farms stuff.

        • We have a EE store locally that was very helpful when I had a problem with an on line order. It was nice to pick up the phone and have them tell me where I could get helped.

        • I was able to order from Sam’s without a membership. This was a couple or three years ago so I’m not sure if it still will go through, but worth checking out. Up until then we hadn’t tried dehydrated food, it passed the DH’s taste test.

        • Buckwheat says:

          I did not know that EE had coupons on the back of the flyer! Man, I am kicking myself now.

          • Buckwheat,

            Whenever you buy ANYTHING online do a Google search for “coupon code” and the name of the store. You can save 10 or 20 percent doing that.

            Speaking of saving money, membership for Amazon Prime went from $79 to $99. I am inclined to let our prime account go to the wayside. There’s a class action lawsuit against Amazon right now. Amazon Prime is supposed to be free two day shipping. The lawsuit alleges Amazon encourages sellers to inflate the cost of products to cover the cost of shipping. So members and nonmembers pay different prices for products.

      • JP in MT says:


        I like #10 cans so much, I’m getting ready to invest in one. But I’m buying used.

        EE is one of the “stores” I use regularly. The other is Augason Farms products, usually bought “local” or from Wal-Mart on-line. I spend quite a while putting $/serving calculations on my computer until I finally figured out to just focus on what these 2 offer me.

        Speaking of EE; if you are in the market for sauce mix, their Alfredo Mix is excellent, comes in #2.5 cans, and is currently on their close out/mark down page for almost 50% off ($6.79/can @ 6 or more, 12 per case). We use it with canned chicken or tuna on pasta.

        • Thank you, JP. I love getting a heads-up on special offers. The family loves alfredo and we have pasta. This is much easier in stressful times than homemade.

        • JP,

          Be cautions about calculating food storage in terms of number of recommended servings. If you keep track of what your family actually eats, each person eats a lot more than a single serving. To be cautions, take the total number of servings you think you have, calculate how long that will last, and then realize that you’ve probably got half the food you think you have. (This was a huge revelation to me.)

          • JP in MT says:

            Bam Bam:

            I had the same thoughts one day when looking at my spreadsheet. That’s why I track the inventory by number of servings, yet I also have another field on the cover sheet that I can adjust to the number of servings per person per day. The first part lets me keep my cost comparisons fairly constant, the second a more realistic idea of how long things will last.

            I also can adjust the spreadsheet for the number of people. I currently have it set for 2 (DW and I) and another for 10 (extended, local family).

      • A couple of years ago I had a serious bumper crop of tomatoes and a brand new dehydrator. I dehydrated many tomato slices. I put them into ziplocks and to the shelf in the kitchen they went. Somewhere around January I noticed maggets crawling on the ceiling and just about every where else in the cabinate. Appearently what I thought was dry wasn’t, and the fly larve had survived and hatched. I had to clean the entire kitchen as a result. Now I am very very careful with dehydrating. I like the idea of #10 can because of this little episode. Don’t get me wrong DYI is great but sometimes you just cannot match what a profeesional can do.

        • carl,

          I bought a dehydrator and was really excited but one of the first batches I did was mushrooms and they got moldy after a few weeks. I had to throw out the whole batch.

          • BamBam & wolf pack;
            If you have mushrooms that mold here is a way to testing your products before putting them up. Take a batch put some into a canning jar, seal with vacuum machine. Give it 48 hours in your cupboard or where ever you will store them……..if you see moisture they are not dry enough. I usually air dry them after them after they have finished in the machine while the batch is in the testing process. You will get a feel for when they are truly dry(snap test)or somewhat dry. I am experimenting with sweet onions at the present time. Sliced sections and segmented to see how they turn out. The best advice is ‘if they feel an appear to still be soft’ leave them in the machine for another hour.

        • This happened to me, too. Such a waste, and so disappointing. We now have canned tomato powder, but no longer have DH slices. Sigh.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that our peach tree bloomed last week and set fruit this week. I need a BB gun (a pink one) so I can sit out on my back porch and shoot the crows that try to eat my peaches.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        A BB gun has little effect on crows, Bam Bam. My shotgun works great, and we have a big crow hunt every year, but they are getting harder and harder to call. Too much food in town, like your peach tree, I guess. Oh, my pellet gun works pretty good on the urban crows. Get one in .177 cal. at 1200+ fps speed, scope it, and it will take care of your varmint problems.

        • NWGhostRider says:

          If you can kill a crow, hang it up by its feet near where the other crows gather and it will scare them away, also works for starlings.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            I’m too embarrassed to tell you how I’ve hunted crows in the past. When I was growing up in the 1960s the farmers in our area had a $.50 bounty on crows during planting and harvesting seasons. That was quite a sum of money in those days, especially for kids. On good days I’d make as much as $10. So we had some unique(think cruel), and frankly wrong ways of hunting them back then before the day of electronic callers. Some of us got pretty adept at calling both crows and ducks, though.

      • Bam Bam, Your pink BB gun comment reminds me of when the 18 year old DD of friends of mine dropped out of college and moved into an apartment in what her Dear Parents considered a ‘bad’ neighborhood. I found a baseball bat at the thrift shop, painted it Girly Pink, added her initials in purple sparkles over the oval label, and on the other side wrote “Masher Basher” in purple sparkles. Then I added multi-color ribbons to the big end, and gave it to her in her parent’s presence. She thought it was a real hoot, and parents actually decided she was now armed, so they relaxed.

        Last I heard she still has it about 15 years later.

        • Penrod,

          I still have the baseball bat my brother gave me when I went away to college.

      • Crows are kinda thin here, but what I have trouble with is tree rats, otherwise known as squirrels. I save the mesh vegetable bags and twist tie them over the branches. Still gets air and sun, but the squirrels have to really work at it and gives me time to grab the pellet gun. My peaches are blooming right now, except for the insane one that always blooms in late January and early February. Somehow, it’s the only one I’ve been getting fruit off of last 3 years or so. Drought also has killed back branches big time. Makes good bar-b-que wood.

        • Bam Bam,

          Try the netting stuff for birds that you can get at the home improvement stores. It is inexpensive. They work for all the fruits that are not on the end of the branches, the birds will still peck at those.

          Still, overall they work and will save most of the fruit! I even net my strawberry patch.

        • Survivor says:

          Rat trap and peanut butter from WalMart. Set it at the base of a tree. Very quiet and effective. I drill a small hole in the base of mine so I can tie it down. Sometimes the trap don’t kill them outright and they try to take it up a tree.
          Squirrel and dumplings…mmmmm

          • Survivor,

            That is an excellent idea. We have traps leftover from when mice invaded our garage.

    • Nsaneprepper says:

      Bam Bam…when you said AAA are you referring to the auto club? Or did you mean AARP? Was the discount with insurance or self pay? Thanks.

    • Chicken little says:

      Bam Bam,
      Don’t get me started on Scott toilet paper. I have been buying that brand my entire life. the 1000 sheet rolls. It is so thin now it isn’t worth buying anymore. Every time I use it I tell myself I am going to call them up and let them know why I won’t buy it anymore. Pisses me off. Everything we buy now is so much smaller. My storage ivory soaps I bought 3 years ago are so much bigger than the same count packages now. It is to the point where why buy this stuff there is nothing to it. Thanks. I feel better getting that off my chest.
      Thanks for the advice on the valerian root tincture. I am going to make it soon.

      • Just like the John Wayne toilet paper I buy. It don’t take crap off of nobody

      • Schametti says:

        I think the smaller and thinner thing is so that they can give us less for the same, OR MORE money, and we don’t think the inflation is really as bad as it is. :/ It’s getting pretty bad though. It’s hard to find quality these days.

      • There is a Kroger house brand of one ply TP. I get this and just use more of it length-wise than the 2-ply. A roll lasts way longer even when using more than 2-ply TP and holds together better than that “soft” TP. It’s also relatively cheap if you get a 12 pack.

    • patientmomma says:

      bam bam, I use a colloidal silver gel (external only) for dog and cat scratches. Clears them up in 24 hours or less. I think I get it from amazon.

  14. mom of three says:

    I bought flu face masks, 10 in a box, a bag of gauze, several more candles. 2 boxes of cream of wheat, 9 more boxes of mac & cheese,
    2 flats of water, tea tree oil. Our flowering plum trees, are all in bloom it’s SPRING here in the North West. I won’t start seed, starts until next month. My next area is getting my medicine and cat food stocked up. Have a great week.

  15. Picked up some hay to tide us over until we get a large load in, including an extra bale of alfalfa to put in the garden.
    Then went around the corner to a nursery I’ve wanted to go to but never had before that specializes in herbs. Wow. Picked up some lemon balm and a new catnip plant (cats keep smashing it up, go figure..) and planted it in a cute little plant cage that a friend gave me. Maybe that will help it survive the cats… Was wandering around and found some interesting plants that were unmarked. Asked what is this? Elderberry! I believe it’s the Mexican variety, but with the other 3 I have, I am set! Plopped it in a 5 gallon planter I had lemon grass in last summer, what a root ball! This place also had bags of starter fertilizer with the mycorrhiza in it, so got that too. I think that will really help my garden out. Last year I was digging humus out of my pasture underneath some mega live oak trees, but was getting some weed seeds that I don’t want in the garden. Too invasive. But the area I had mixed it into the soil had the best production, tomato wise.
    Grocery store had some good heirloom tomato plants and peppers, so got the first round of Brandywine, German striped and yellow pear, Serrano and cayennes.
    Saw something on the news this morning, a couple of women in the DFW area are collecting dried cow patties and marketing bags of it as mosquito repellant. Take a chunk, light it in a terra cotta saucer and keeps skeeters at bay. Need to try that, DH is a mosquito magnet.
    DH did break a rib with his mishap with the horse. He scheduled his ct scan for his head on Monday because he had to go to Louisana with the boss fishing… Men. Do have some questions with the PA prescribing him 4 days of 40 mg of prednisone without a tapering off. Was actually kinda glad he was gone while he was taking that round, he tends to get ‘roid rage. It was the same one who told me my thumbnail would reattach last summer.
    Anyway, too many odd things happening in the world this week, missing airplanes, crazy drunks driving into crowds, and potential war… Keep everyone in your prayers, no matter what you keep holy.

    • “Keep everyone in your prayers, no matter what you keep holy”

    • I have a friend that drinks tonic water (quinine), sometimes with gin, and it keeps the mosquitos away. They use quinine for malaria.

      • I’ve also been told tonic is good for RLS as well, but post shtf I believe that cow dung will be much more available!! Don’t care for the taste myself.

        • Shai, I suffered with RLS for years!! A few months ago I got off all artificial sweetners and my RLS and night time pain completely disappeared! If you use them it may be worth a try.

          • Lauri no e says:

            Aunt B,

            I have done the same with the sweetners and you are so right, I feel so much better since I have gotten off of them.

    • Lauri no e says:


      My aunt uses the Avon skin so soft for mosquito repellant and she says it works for her and I have heard this before but have never tried it myself.

      • YEp, Lauri, it does work, but for some reason DH refuses to even use commercial repellents. He prefers to hole up inside, which annoys me to no end, there’s way too much to do. This autoimmune disease is tearing up my joints and the fatigue that goes along with it makes it really hard for me to get chores done. I’m going to try something I saw on Pinterest this spring, scattering dried garlic around the kennels and his shop. For some reason, the skeeters tend to congregate inside. Keep an automatic sprayer going in the kennel feed room, but the refills are expensive! Hopefully this colder than “normal” winter we’ve had will keep a lot of the bugs at bay.

        • Lauri no e says:


          I have problems with mosquitoes like your husband but I have stayed in due to the West Nile Virus we have had really bad the last couple of years. I am also hoping all the cold weather will help the bug problem this year.

          I also like Aunt B having giving up artificial sweeteners
          the last couple of months and have felt so much better and no night leg cramps so you might want to give it a try if you use any.

          I will keep you in my prayers and I am so sorry you are in so much pain.

          • Pennyroyal can be used for mosquitoes. Pick a leaf and rub it on your clothes. Don’t rub it on your skin, I have read that it is toxic in high concentrations.

            Michelle? Do you have any info on this?

            It is easy to grow and I harvest seeds each year from mine.

            • Yep, Pennyroyal works as a mosquito repellant, as does lemon balm, rosemary, lemon grass, and several others, but how effective probably depends on how hungry the mosquito is and how tasty you are. Eating a lot of garlic works very well too, but could be a repellant to some people as well. Wonder if it would work on UN troops – hmmm.

              I know Pennyroyal works well for fleas. I lived in Alameda the year we had a massive sand flea invasion. I took old pantyhose, knotted them up and put pennyroyal oil all over them then threw them under the couch and beds. They left the house immediately, and you could see them jumping off people as they entered my door, but it was pretty strong.

          • I can’t stand the taste of artificial sweeteners, any of them. Give me pure cane sugar and turbinado sugar anytime… My RLS is genetic, Daddy had it and so do both my sisters, and starting to think DS has it too. Wish there was an herbal remedy for it, haven’t found one yet. As for the mosquitoes, you would think with the drought they would be gone, gone, gone, but nooooooooo…. DH is such a magnet that if he’s outside, it’s freezing, and the wind is howling, a mosquito 30 miles away WILL….FIND….HIM… As for me, I’ve watched them land on my arm, bite me, and you can almost hear them go yuck! Most of the time, they don’t even try to bite.

            • patientmomma says:

              I have heard people on cholesterol meds or blood thinners are prime targets for mosquitoes. Any truth to that?

        • midnight1st says:

          Have you tried the herbal insect repellent? It works great for us. Just fill up a quart jar with fresh yarrow leaves and cover with a quart of rubbing alcohol. Let it sit for three or four weeks, pour in spray bottle and add 20 drops of catnip essential oil, shake and use. It works better for us than any of the commercial ones. It’s worth a try. If you live somewhere yarrow will grow, it’s a great thing to have and is pretty, too. It has a white flower and the leaves look like fern.

          • Been looking for some yarrow plants. I have planted seeds and the cats decided that where they’re going to dig. It’s time to break out the pepper sauce and make some repellant spray.
            In other news, I’ve had quite a few instances of the law of attraction the last couple of weeks, so I’m putting it out here… Time for some personal windfall…momma needs to afford some housekeeping help!

            • I got a yarrow plant last year from the range at an Appleseed shoot. Yarrow grows in fields all over here. It looks like a very fine fern and has a distinctive strong medicinal smell when crushed. If you can’t find it now in nurseries or online, you might be able to wait a couple months and find it just growing wild.

            • Gosh I thought Yarrow grows everywhere. As we were walking around the property yesterday, although most weeds are not yet up, I could see old yarrow and pointed it out to DH. He just cracked up every time I saw a good weed starting to come up, and said “That’s my girl”.

              • Michele
                I wanted to thank you for your information on Rosemary Gladstar, I had looked at her books but was not sure they were what we needed for l a beginning instruction on herbs. I purchased these books for a friend and myself.

              • Yikes, Michele, I’ve identified shepards purse, plantain, bluebonnets, rain flowers and what’s called wild garlic in my yard. I think I need to go back to Cabelas and get that edibles of Texas book they had on the shelf….. As for Yarrow, I have nothing to go on except the drawing, yes, drawing that was on the seed package. Off to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website…. Hmm… They should be having their native plant sale here pretty quick…

                • http://www.wildflower.org/gallery/result.php?id_image=21642 is this the right one? I have strange things pop up all the time. Had some rare variety of the rain lilies come up a while back, these were yellow instead of white. That makes them copper lilies. And they’re called rain lilies because they only bloom after it rains. Foliage looks like daffodils, but when they’re mowed smells oniony… I’ve got nettle, several varieties, and have even had tumbleweeds much to my SIL’s mom’s delight. Then had to tell her that noooo, roadrunners are not purple and they don’t go beep beep. They actually squawk and chitter… See, there goes one now… And the humming birds have started migrating. Just saw the first one yesterday, so single feeder went up. Not much blooming yet, they need energy to fight these nasty wind we’ve had.

        • My father in law passed away last fall from a mosquito bite. West Nile virus. Use something when you are outdoors folks. Not for you but your loved ones won’t have to go thru the loss of a loved one

          • Mike, so sorry for your loss. West Nile is prevalent here, so I worry, but he’s a grown man and won’t let me follow him around like he’s 3. What I really worry about is when he’s on the coast fishing, where people are picking up flesh eating bacteria infections. He does take precautions against that, wearing protective pants when wading, which also helps with jellyfish and stingrays. And the Mosquitos are really bad there!

          • Lauri no e says:


            So sorry for your loss.

        • Momma Mc says:

          Unfortunately, the skeeters survived. Got my first bite Saturday afternoon when I was changing the deadbolts on our doors.
          I use a garlic spray called Mosquito Barrier. I bought it at work two years ago, as we were spending a couple thousand a summer just on Off for our employees and it still didn‘t do much good. It worked great and is safe for humans.

          It worked so well I bought some to use at home as well. I live in an area where they grow more and more rice now and the skeeters are horrible. This works for us for about 2 or 3 weeks between sprays. I’ve even taken it to the campground and done our site before we set up. The smell is heavy when you first spray, but dissapates within a few hours. Neighbors have never complained. There are lots of places on the web now that sell it. Even on Amazon, so be sure to use MD’s link.

          We also tried a new product last year called Bug Band. It is ground up corn cobs with geranium oil on them. We use it inside. We started with styrofoam cups of the stuff on our desks and conference table, but it always seemed to get knocked over and spilled, so i went to the dollar store and bought panty hose and knee-hi stockings and had my guys in the supply room put about 1/4 cup in them, tie them up and made “sachets”. We hung them under our desks, conference tables, and the work stations throughout the plant. It worked amazingly. The guys even had them hanging from the roll cage on their forklifts. We keep it in stock in our store room now. Bug Band is also available on Amazon. They make arm bands and other products too, but we haven’t tried them.

          I’m not affiliated with either of these companies. I’m a purchasing manager that has been through many things that didn’t work, only to find the two that we still use. Just passing along a tip that you might try.

      • Mixing DEET into it also works, if you are in a really buggy area. Also, there is a kind of fern that repels mosquitoes but I can’t remember which one it is. I got shown that in girl scout camp as a kid.

  16. Rob in Ontario says:

    Great pic’s MD. like said above those of us here for any length of time have been for good reasons (GREAT SITE), nothing done this week blew rad in one truck got it fixed yesterday and other truck blew engine , good thing is I do have a spare for it just have to wait a month or so to get at the other truck under feet of snow yet

  17. Bookmark: Check

    Pictures: Yep, I think it adds some realism to your report.

    Last weekend was our shopping run to another town, we end up doing this about once a quarter, and we took out Costco rebate check. Good thing it was bigger than last year as we spent even more. Also made a run to the sporting goods store there. I also went back yesterday as l didn’t get everything at Costco, stopped at the gun show, and again at the sporting goods store (they give a 5% military discount). We went way over budget, but got some ammo, reloading powder, and knife sharpening stuff we needed. The PM’s I had on order came in. With sales on at the grocery, we had the dehydrator up and running all week. Today, the grandson’s are coming to help move the last of the “junk” out of the basement, so grandma can move and sort through the last of the space for preps.

    Duracell Batteries: 40 AA
    Honing Oil: 3 bottles
    Lansky Diamond Knife Sharpening System
    Lansky Sharpening Stone, extra, for serrated knives
    Clear storage tubs, 45 qt: (Costco): 6
    Solo Fork/Knife/Spoon: 500 each
    Pre-Moisten Wipes, flushable, 600 cnt: 1
    Tampons: 2 x 36, 1 x 18

    Home DH/canned Chicken: 17 pints
    Home DH/canned Hamburger: 6 pints
    Home DH/canned Green Beans: 6 pints
    Home DH/canned Corn: 6 pints
    Home DH/canned Peas & Carrots: 1 pint
    Home DH/canned Peas: 1 pint
    Home DH/canned Broccoli: 1 pint
    Dehydrated Hash Browns: 6 cartons
    Ramen Noodles: 48 Beef, 48 Chicken
    Tang, lg: 2
    Nesquik choc milk mix: 1 lg
    Syrup, Mrs. Butterworth: 2 jugs
    Green Tea, 100 cnt: 1 box
    Pancake Mix, lg bag: 2
    Instant Rice, 64 oz: 1
    Cashews, lg: 2 (a prep only because that’s where I store them)
    Backing Soda, 7 lb: 1
    Brown Gravy: 12 jugs
    Organic Maple Syrup, 32 oz: 2
    Quick Oats, #10 cans: 12
    Hard Candy, Butterscotch disks: 8 pkg
    Butter, Red Feather canned: 6

    Ammo & Reloading:
    Ammo: 5.56×45: 500+ rounds
    Powder: 12 lbs
    Ammo: 20 ga.: 50 rounds
    Ammo: 7.52×51: 100 rounds
    Ammo: 9mm: 100 rounds
    Bullets: 100

    I only spent an hour at the gun show and saw NO 22 lr for sale. Not even at inflated prices. 3 companies providing lead bullets, but primers were up to $143/5000 and powder was “inflated”. Several folks selling home made food/canned products, which I like to see. I have a pistol on order and it isn’t in yet, it’s new this year, so I home for June. The show has grown over last year, which again is good. Fairly good crowd for opening on a Friday afternoon.

    Not sure what the mood is in your area, but people here are optimistically cautious that Russia/Crimea will lead to China/Taiwan but we won’t have a real problem until North Korea moves south. Then most figure the S will really HTF.

    I didn’t do as well money wise as Raven, but we’ll keep trying. You guys keep moving forward!

    • JP in MT
      Did you dehydrate canned chicken from Costco? I have lots
      of canned foods want to dehydrate to save space and weight.
      Please elaborate on your process.


      • JP in MT says:


        No, I dehydrate fresh/frozen chicken breast from the store.

        I fillet it thinner, cook on a griddler, dice, then we dehydrate it. Canned chicken just stays that way. It is what works for us.

        I suppose you could use canned chicken, but with fresh at $1.88/lb regularly on sale, that’s what we use. I’d just cook, trim to size, and dehydrate. We have talked about doing patties, but haven’t yet.

      • JP in MT says:


        I was told not to dehydrate canned vegetables. I don’t know about fruit. Something about the canning process makes dehydration not work.

        However, frozen vegetables work very good. We figured that if we can get them for under $1/lb, and can them in glass jars, we save over buying #10 cans of dehydrated/FD vegetables.


        • JT in MT,
          I’ve dehydrated frozen…Works great!
          Also purchased dehydrated food from Harmony House Foods. Grown in USA, non GMO, bulk packaging of veggies, beans, some fruit. Purchased a sample of various veggies to try. Since it comes in bulk for repackaging, ie vacumn sealing, allows me to make whatever size serving bags we use. HH included details on rehydrating the veggies along with how many ounces of dehydrated vs reconstituted. Found their bulk prices
          were slightly more than buying canned items in store.
          The beans are precooked before dehydrating. I used 3 tablespoons beans for 1 entree dinner. Reconstituted
          in about 15 – 20minutes, added own seasonings. Taste was good.
          Thanks for your info.

          • Lyn:

            Thanks for the info about Harmony House. I know of them, but have not used their products.

            I have a project that calls for beans, I was going to dehydrate my own, but if they have them pre-cooked and dehydrated, that might work best for my project.

            • JP in MT
              Discount code “backwoods” for 10 or 15% disc.


              • Rider of Rohan says:

                Thank you, Lyn. I had never heard of this company before. I just placed my first order for a sampler pack of beans and some fruit.

        • sw't tater says:

          I have dehydrated canned pumpkin, because it was nearing the expiration date, it turned out well, I just spooned it out on the tray, in small dabs, keeping it thin..could put it on fruit tray too..and put it in the jar is small “dabs”..dehydrated it til firm. No problem with dehydrating canned string beans either..I tried some.to reduce volume…frozen works excellent..

          • sw’t tater,
            Thanks for info on pumpkin, and string beans.
            Grocery store size canned foods take so much room in storage, not to mention weight should someone decide to move.
            Was considering cooking rice then dehydrating and vacumn sealing. Should be similar to Minute Rice at that point.


            • sw't tater says:

              If I want instant rice, I buy it already done…saves time and effort. Might need the regular rice for rice flour.

        • Ozarkana says:

          JP in MT
          I have dehydrated all kinds of canned fruits and veggies for ages. Even black olives, tomato paste and sauce, spaghetti sauce, cream of mushroom soup, pork ‘n’ beans, will all dehydrate fine. They take up so much less room in the pantry.

          It is also a lot easier to just get out a small amount for whatever you are cooking instead of wasting a whole can or sticking it in the fridge until you finally find it a couple of weeks later and have to throw it out, anyhow.

  18. Congratulate us – we are new parents again! 14 girls and 5 unknowns. The unknowns are cute, I know one is a Polish (they even start with little puffy tops), I’m pretty sure one is a silkie, 2 have furry feet and one is just a multi-colored little one. I always go for cute flocks, so got 4 buff Orpingtons (‘cuz I like their big butts and the way they waddle), 4 Ameraucanas (blue/green eggs), 2 speckled Sussex, 2 golden Wyandottes, 2 Sicilian buttercups. I also wanted 4 Astralorps, but apparently those did not hatch.

    Asparagus. I feel like Bubba on Forrest Gump, canned asparagus, frozen asparagus, asparagus soup, pickled asparagus… We now have 4o pints of spears, 9 of the 1-1/2 pints of spears, 6 pints of pieces (for soup), 4 pints pickled asparagus, 11 lbs of frozen in 22 freezer baggies. DH loves asparagus.

    One jar didn’t seal properly, so it – along with some fresh will be made into soup for DH and I for dinner one night.

    Bought 50 lbs cabbage and have started making the saurkraut by fermenting. It is taking a lot longer than I remember shredding it and pounding it down. Maybe I’ll get DH to help me today. I got out my big crock and discovered – it is not an 11 gallon crock, but an 8 gallon crock – don’t know how I got 11 gallons in my head – so may have to may have to press the 3 gallon crock into service as well. If I do, I’ll make the smaller batch into kimchi for variety, only with regular cabbage instead of Napa cabbage.

    Bought 18 lbs corned beef. Plan to can most of it – some plain so we can have some for Rueben sandwiches for DH and some with potatoes for corned beef hash. As soon as I get the cabbage done, may go get more while it is on sale.

    We are also going out today to look at a piece of property. There was a 38 acre plot that DH originally did not seem particularly interested in seeing, but I wanted badly. Then it had an offer pending on it. Turns out it is owned by someone he works with, and that the owner is willing to carry for a few years.

    Now it looks like the initial offer may not be taken as the purchaser’s credit is not good, so we are going to see it and see if we’ll make a backup offer. It has both a pond and a spring on it, so hopefully we could use the spring for water, as there are several homes in this area that have springs for water. Does anyone here know much about that?

    Got the last of the herbs in for the cykotine storm tincture, and will have it mixed this weekend. As soon as I know how much I have, I’ll be able to post a price and how much extra I’ll have that I can sell. I figure since there are so many herbs in the mixture, we probably need about 1-1/4 cups per quart – and we want to make it a bit strong, as this is for some serious stuff.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I am so happy for you. My goodness how your life has blossomed.
      Congrats on the new babies. They sound wonderful. And good luck with the property.
      You are a treasure on this blog.

    • JP in MT says:

      And I didn’t even know you were expecting!

    • Michelle,
      Very exciting news! I hope to get in on purchasing some of that tincture. I hope this new business really takes off.
      I have two bantam Sicilian buttercups and they are great layers, beautiful chickens with wonderful personalities and a little hyper…Have fun with the new bunch.
      Hope you get that land, it sounds perfect!

    • hvaczach says:

      Thanks for the reminder local super market has corned beefs on sale need to buy some for the hash.

    • Congrats on the new little ones! They sound so cute, enjoy. 🙂 Counting on your new business being up and running soon. Hope you have enough of the herbal cytokine mixture for many of us to buy some!

      • Hiplains says:

        Woo-Hoo! Silkies are so gentle…great for little kids to handle and the Buffs are always quite nice too! Hope the land works out…what a perfect time of year!

    • Schametti says:

      Eek, congratulations on the new babies. I am soooo jealous. I saw pictures of silkies recently, and fell in LOVE. Do they make good egg layers?? Cause if I ever decide to fully commit to having chickens, I reeeeally love the silkies. :):) Too cute….

      • No, Silkies are not great egg layers and their eggs are really small, but what they are is GREAT mommies. If you have one that goes broody, you can grab a bunch of your eggs from your layers, and put them under the Silkie as well, and she will faithfully sit on them and raise them as her own.

        Silkie roosters are also great parents, and while he doesn’t sit on the eggs, he will sit on babies to keep them warm, will be right along side of momma. Nice since your layer’s chicks will quickly get awfully big for so small a mommy.

        And, while I think it is pretty self evident, I’m gonna say it – for the eggs to be fertile, you have to have a rooster.

        One of the goat people around here told me that someone who bought a milk goat was surprised that she had to get pregnant and have babies to get milk.

        • Schametti says:

          Baahaha.. On survivor this season.. the ‘beautiful’ tribe won a reward of three hens and a rooster, and they couldn’t figure out why they didn’t need the rooster to continue getting eggs.. (because the guys wanted to eat the rooster). The girls just.. didn’t get it. It was hilarious.

          Silkies are so darn cute. I guess I could have one for a pet, but if I were to get hens for laying, I wouldn’t be able to have a rooster.. (I’m not even supposed to have HENS here yet), but I’m hoping that either changes.. or TSHTF and laws no longer matter, cause I WANT chickens, lol.

          I have a book on chickens and hens and things.. (well it’s a big chapter in a homesteading book anyway). I’ll have to do more research on which hens that do well in this area.. are good layers.

        • Hiplains says:

          Oh Wow. Sounds like that person needs to stick to goin’ to the store…. poor goat

    • Michele, congrats on the little ones and the new business! Looking forward to see what you develop.

  19. Hey Pack! Well I didn’t do much of anything worth while but 10 packages of onion soup, and 5 packages au jus, and 10 packages of gravy all of the rest is going to the gunshow in one week. I hope I can buy a shotgun there! And some reloading componenets for 12 guage. Some ammo and some silver usual gunshow goodies. Oh Well, I guess that’s all for now See Ya!

  20. mindful patriot says:

    Preps this week were ho hum-
    Put up an order from EE.
    Placed another order with EE.
    Fish is on sale, so put some of that up.
    Worked on character development for my middle son. SHTF will be nothing in comparison to parenting this one.
    Performed maintenance on the car.
    Spring break has started and I want to make the most of each day. Today, will try to come up with a plan to have fun while being intentional about prepping. Have a great week all!

  21. Schatzie Ohio says:

    Bought 6 chicks from Tractor Supply. Come this fall we should be back in the eggs. Plan to start some tomato and pepper seeds this next week.
    I have to bake a carrot cake for the husband’s 77th birthday today.

  22. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hello Cubbies! Hope all had a good week.

    Great preps. We have two of the tactical flashlights. They are awesome. We keep one hanging by each the front door of the house and the motorhome. I have already lights in our ghbs.
    You will really enjoy the loft in the barn. Gives so much more room. I like the arms additions also. What’s your plans on the fence? You are truly ambitious. I, too, like the pictures. Gives me ideas. Thanks for the reminder how we can support this blog. It’s free to us only because of donations and advertisers and purchases from the advertisers via this website. Again, thank you for all you do and giving us a forum to exchange thoughts and experiences.

    My Condolences to the family of Curley Bull due to the passing of his sister. Prayers for them and all out there who are ill or in need.

    I’ve been having trouble walking and using my arms along with the flu and pneumonia. Saw the specialists again on Monday. After tests and Xrays over the past two weeks, all have decided it is the flu virus setting up house in my joints. The pain is greatly subsiding and the swelling is all but gone. All this has been going on since the week before Christmas. And yes, I did get my flu shot in October. And yes I am drinking my elderberry tea and have now added NSAIDS (naproxen). So, I am improving slowly but am improving!
    Now, I also have been prepping this week. I still have 22 chicks in the brooder. The oldest are almost 3 weeks old and are putting on feathers. They are so sweet!
    I added to my preps a box of 3/0 dissolving sutures. I already have nylon sutures for external use in stock. Also, added both a foam and a rigid cervical collar, a roll of Sam splint, a diagnostic pen light, 2 ever ready Israeli compression bandages, and holsters for our ham walkies. I also ordered a self-defence keychain Kubaton that also is a glass breaker and a pen knife. Recently there was a lady raped in the restroom of the big 15 screen movie theatre in the nearby town. It will be much easier carrying the Kubaton than a firearm in my hand when going into restrooms and dressing rooms or places where I may be isolated.
    I got 2# more of dried elderberries. And DH and I decided on our plan and location of the new chicken coop. We are going to build that next week.

    I would like to make a few statements to the pack:
    There has been a good deal of confrontation and unusual entries the past couple weeks, maybe longer.
    To anyone, I may have offended I ask your forgiveness. I have beliefs, standards, opinions, and desires that some do not agree with. That is my right just as it is your right to disagree.
    I personally like hearing the opposing views, but respectfully.
    God bless and keep prepping.

    • TGMa,
      Sounds like a great week of preps….
      That is tough with your joints. You might also try cutting back on grains (particularly those with gluten) and white sugar. They can lead to or exacerbate inflammation.
      Take care of you.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Oh and I forgot. I got two pairs of the little swim goggles for med kit. They are great for smoke and chemical fumes and a perfect match with the n95 mask. Also bought 2 pairs of hazmat gloves, large bottle of betadyne, a large bottle of DMSO, and 5 dozen ball regular mouth lidson sale.

      • Tactical G-Ma,
        I’m not sure what you meant by hazmat gloves but I want to make sure that you know that there is no one all purpose glove. For example, there is one glove that works great against the strongest acids but will soften and melt in water. I wish I could remember what it is made of but can’t right now. Anyway, Chemical compatibility is important. Here is a link to sources of that information.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thank you so much for the glove charts. I need to go thru all the ones I have. The ones I just purchased are suitable for gas, diesel, dilute acids, fertilizer and chemicals. I also have tyvek and tychem suits. I have several types of gloves in the med kit. I also have several types of gloves in my ghb and tools.
          We all need to be reminded that certain things are good for only certain uses.

    • mountain lady says:

      Have you considered using tumeric for the inflammation?

      • mountain Lady,
        Great idea! I should have thought of that. I put it on my eggs every morning (I have an autoimmune disease) and it really helps.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          My cousin swears by it. I should try it. I am not thrilled with taking naproxen cause it’s tough on the tummy.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey TG-Ma.. :):) I bought a compression bandage, and a CAT (tourniquette) this week for my med-preps this week too. I wanted to get some sutures/hook needles/thread but can’t seem to find any on like.. amazon, for example, my go-to shopping place for non-food-preps. Where did you get your sutures. Did they come with needles AND disolving thread? I would love some advice on what kind(s) I should be looking for…

      • Ames, amazon is where I got mine. Full suture kit, but it’s “veterinary” use, only. The sutures are actually expired, but I don’t think TPTB have found a way to build in a switch that turns them off… Wink wink. Now I just need to find a source for lidocaine, injectable or gel. Wonder if our vet will give me a prescription…I also got a military field medic tool kit, with multiple tweezers, hemostats, and scalpels with multiple blades. I also have staple guns as well, we actually use them a lot on the dogs. Some of them get so intent on running, they’ll blast right into a barbed wire fence, and then there are a couple who will tangle with javelinas, which look like cute little pigs, but are actually rodents. With tusks.

        • Nsaneprepper says:

          Not sure if it would work but I saw a commercial the other day for a hemmorhoid cream that has, I think, 5% lidocaine and I wondered about using it for other purposes for the lidocaine effect.

        • Shai,
          Amazon has tattoo cream. I think that has lidocaine as the active ingredient.

        • midnight1st says:

          Amazon has Water Jel burn gel with 2% lidocaine – 25/$14.79.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I got mine at Amazon. They are a box of 12 suture sets with absorbable suture and 1/2 circle needle. Search for:
        Look Suture 3/0 18 Plain Gut Absorbable Suture.

        They are sold by Jersey Dental.

        Great minds must think alike. Am trying to plug the holes in preps. Much to DH’s consternation!

        • Schametti says:

          Yes, I read a book recently that said you should have… sutures/needles, tourniquettes and compression bandages, and I’m like.. uhhhhh, crap, I have none of that.. so I guess I better get me some, lol. But the tourniquettes, and compression bandages are pricey. And the book SAYS you need one of each per person in your group, but.. I oculdn’t afford to do that right now, so I’m starting with one. I mean, aren’t they reuseable? :/ I will have to get the suture kits next.. I THINK I saw the ones you mentioned on Amazon, but I couldn’t tell for sure if they had the needle(s) in there too. I’ll check them out again, thanks. :):)

          • A, the sutures are needles with the “thread” attached. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have the proper forceps to use the needle as well. And sterilizable scissors to cut the sutures. Practice can be done on chicken breasts or banana peels.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I always thought pigs feet are the best for practicing stitching. There are YouTube videos that teach how to knot. One thing I done have in my kit is staples and stapler. I really have to pace my purchases. But I do have reusable foreceps, clamps, and scissors. My scalpels are disposable as well as the majority of syringes.
              It is impossible to prep for every medical situation but the biggest asset is a calm mind when your loved one is bleeding everywhere. Mental preparation is really important.

              • Schametti says:

                That’s true, TG-Ma.. The stitching can always wait a bit, but the gushing blood… can not. I spent a pretty mint on four pouches of quick clot, but I know how important it might end up being. Especially with me in group.. cause I’m so damn clumsy, lol.. I’m constantly slicing my fingers open.. so quick clot was a must. I hope I have enough, LOL.

                I bought a little med kit with sissors and clamps and tweezers, etc from EE last month, and have them all stowed with a healthy supply of bandages in a little canvas medkit. Hopefully when I pick up the sutures, I can get an extra set, in case we lose a pair of clamps or something in an emergency or whatever. Sutures? I hope to NEVER need em, but better to have them all the same.

              • Tactical G-Ma,
                We have both a Veterinarian and a practicing E.R. Doc in our MAG, and our suturing practice has generally used chicken leg and thigh quarters (after which we cook and eat them); although pig’s feet have been mentioned as an alternative.

    • T-GMa, have you tried an Epsom salt bath for the inflammation? Friend of mine suggested I try it next time I got sick but haven’t yet. Would be interested to know if it helps you if you try it or already do them. Hope you feel better soon!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Epsom salts baths help a great deal with the osteoarthritis. But this infection was so painful even tramadol didn’t help. It looked like I had elephantitus! I am so much better. But yes, I have tons of epsom salts in my preps. You know it is a laxative also.

        • I did not know about the laxative. Thanks for sharing that! You guys are like an encyclopedia. I learn so much from you all! Well, hope you do feel better soon. Hate to be sick anytime, but especially in the Spring!

        • Sounds like me when I had the first flare up of RA. Illness can cause it, mine was stress. In one week, DS was in a bad wreck, my daddy went into the hospital for the final time, my favorite cat died, sliced open a finger requiring stitches, and my darling dog was being treated for an injury to her eye. TGma, did they run a blood test for rheumatoid factor? If they did, and it was more than 30 you should see a rheumatologist…. Mine was over 400 when the GP ran it, and almost 1000 when the rheumatologist did it. Sedimentation rate also determines inflammation in your body. I would have a flare up every 3 months or so, depomedrol and vicuprofin would help until I finally reached a stage where I was in pain ALL THE TIME. I feel for you… What’s really bad is people think its like regular osteoarthritis, but it’s not. Your immune system is working overtime trying to kill you, and it wears on you, just like stress does, causing incredible fatigue. Hope it’s not that and it goes away..

  23. I helped my DW with a grade school field trip via city bus (they learned to ride the bus, cross the street safely, that kinda stuff) to the bowling alley and then to the mall for instruction on buying lunch -we had 5 first graders. Yikes-

    I checked the weather report to find we should expect 40mph winds this weekend, gusts to 65. So I spent the afternoon pruning trees I should have pruned a while back. Got all the ones near enough to the house to do damage, at least I hope I did. Plenty of branches protecting the grass right now, but they shouldn’t whack the windows or roof.

    Also mentioned the winds to our next door neighbor as he was out working on their compost heap. We both will be bringing in and tying down on Saturday unless the predictions change.

    I went to a Disaster Preparedness Fair last Saturday. It was interesting to see, but not sure it will have much impact on our prepping.

    It was set up by the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management, which did not appear to have made much effort to include any actual vendors.

    The only profit seeking company there was Simpson Strong Ties (they make hurricane/earthquake clips to hold a house together). Other than that all the groups were either government or the Red Cross. I thought that was a real shame as people who were interested enough to go to the fair would have benefited from having the local vendors available to sell supplies and gear, or at least to hand out flyers and demo what they have available.

    I did write an email later to Be Ready, a local store which specializes in disaster prep gear, and sent them a copy of the email flyer I got, suggesting they contact HDEM about future fairs. Hard to believe they weren’t involved because they seem to be the only specialist company here.

    Honolulu Fire Department had a booth and I had a good talk with a couple of their guys. We got talking about hurricane preps and they were adamant that “people need to take responsibility for themselves because we are not going to be there to help.” They will be too busy with the biggest problems to help with smaller ones, even if the phone system works.

    I mentioned that an acquaintance had been one of the responders to Hurricane Katrina and had come back absolutely freaked by what he saw.

    I started telling the firemen that he had said “Everybody needs food”, they nodded, “water”, they nodded, “a chainsaw”, they nodded, and “a 12 gauge shotgun.” At the “shotgun” one of them practically exploded in agreement. Said “No one is going to be there to protect your family or your supplies. No One. YOU have to take responsibility for your own protection. YOU.” He could not have been much more clear. I don’t know if that is the official policy of the HFD (probably not), but it sure was his.

    I mentioned our 55 gallon water barrel and he wanted to know where he could get one. A real shame Be Ready wasn’t there.

    One of the pamphlets I picked up turned out to be excellent: “Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards” by Dennis Hwang & Darren Okimoto, published by the UH Sea Grant College Program. They made a big effort to make a useful, Hawaii-specific, guide to prepping for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis, and had a good section dispelling myths about why people should not be bothered.

    I hadn’t known before that between 1819 and 1975 we had damaging tsunamis on average every 6 years, nor that hurricanes doing damage hit about every 15 years. I knew that they were real problems, but not the actual frequencies.

    The great section of the pamphlet was on how to upgrade a house to withstand winds and earthquakes. Lots of good, clear instructions on the various options, both commercial and do it yourself. The guys who researched and wrote it did a real good job.

    I talked with the rep from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, and he reinforced what I had gotten from them via email last fall: Our water system is highly vulnerable.

    I had already found out that they don’t have enough emergency generators to power the system, but now I learned that the emergency generators total four. That’s for a system which is the sole provider of drinking water for over 900,000 people who cannot drive 75 miles to some place which does have water. They may be able to provide water trucks which people can walk or drive to with buckets. May. Shades of “American Blackout”. I have trouble believing they have enough water tankers to distribute 900,000+ gallons per day.

    The system pumps and the generators they do have may not survive because they are not in hurricane proof buildings, and the rep agreed that if a lot of houses are destroyed, the laterals would be snapped off and leaking, so the system could not be refilled until the cut off valves were dug out and closed.

    What happens when the water has been off for four days? People start dying. Swimming pools would be really important. Yeah. Using Google Earth to map the neighborhood pools and having filters and bleach would make a difference.

    I think the best thing BWS could do is put a warning in every monthly water bill. “We cannot guarantee you will have water after a hurricane. You need to take responsibility. A three day supply is not enough.” I won’t hold my breath.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Excellent report on the Disaster Preparedness Fair, Penrod. After what happened to the generators at Fukushima, one would think the first thing anyone subject to a tsunami would do is tsunami-proof their generators. Most likely their plan includes taking the public’s generators if they need to. I talked to a Texas Dept. of Public Safety officer who told me the emergency plan in Dallas included taking the public’s generators. He said it might not be on paper but it’s an understood. Probably will be just about everywhere. I have a hand pump and hose for use on an underground gasoline storage tank, I bet I won’t be able to keep it if news got out to the authorities. I guarantee that a large part of their disaster plan is to take away the things private citizens bought for themselves to mitigate disaster. Is something a conspiracy theory when it’s the truth?

      • Hi Rider, Well, yeah, you’d think they would tsunami proof them, but then it would mean building new generators from scratch. Hundreds of millions of dollars each, and finding big enough parcels of land around here is not easy either.

        There is a great big old one right between the downtown business district and the harbor, which blocks views from offices and expensive condos alike. That one is being shut down and mothballed, held for emergency reserve, with the plan to eventually tear it down. I’m sure that day will make the downtown property owners happy- it really is a huge eyesore.

        There is another one out our way, right on Pearl Harbor, so it gets a fair bit of protection from water. I have no idea how high a storm surge or tsunami it would take to knock them out, but it would be very nice to eventually build newer, more efficient ones inland.

        That won’t happen any time soon. I expect the Sierra Club would stop them. The Sierra Club has been doing what it can (a lot) to block the electric company switching form petroleum to natural gas because gas would burn cleaner and cut the cost of electricity, which is c. 3 1/2 times national average now.

        Why? Cleaner, cheaper natural gas would mean cleaner, cheaper electricity, and that would lessen the incentives for us all to bow down to Sierra Club’s preferred method, which is all solar.

        The electric company has gotten permission to experiment with gas brought in by small container, no ship loads, no big storage facilities. The paper said recently that it will be at least 2020 before they get permits for full scale switch over to natural gas. That’s the permits, mind you.

        As far as the Board of Water Supply….well…they are stuck with the resources the Legislature gives them, and those idiots seem pretty dedicated to letting anything government owned fall apart, then get their pictures in the paper for funding major renovations or replacements. The legislators who people automatically vote for here are utterly incompetent in so many areas that I could go on for pages about those fools so I better quit here.

      • worrisome says:

        RofR – keep that hand pump and hose well hidden my friend. That to me is an essential after shtf plan item! We have an abundance of them. Labeled so that we don’t grab one for gas that we need for water, etc.

      • “Is something a conspiracy theory when it’s the truth?”


        Today’s paper has an article about the Pacific Risk Management Conference which was here this week for disaster prep officials (big bucks- IIRC fees were over $500 to over $900/day). The story is behind a firewall.

        Excerpts (quotes from various people):

        *”communities across Oahu can make a difference quickly if people take personal responsibility…planning needs to start with personal responsibility. If that happens, it will free up the government to prepare for their own roles.

        *”It’s imperative (that volunteer) communities start organizing. The government will not be there for them. We’ll all be too busy clearing roads and getting the airports and harbors back open.”

        *”It would be hard for elderly people to get supplies and if lawlessness ensues it could be hard for them to defend themselves.”

        *”Oahu’s non-coastal communities have been slow to embrace readiness…After a presentation (at one of the inland areas) residents (said) they were on high ground and asked why they should care.

        “When I asked “How will you get food?” they said “We’ll go to the store.” She explained that a disaster would likely close transportation networks, shut down stores and cut off access to supplies and even energy.” (No mention of no energy = no water!)

        *”Since Hawaii is the most isolated archipelago in the world, …officials have estimated it would take up to seven days for Civil Defense emergency operations to respond to a disaster. Also, Hawaii’s power is non-contiguous- the state can’t count on backup power from neighboring states…so the islands could be without electricity for a prolonged time.”

        *”I don’t think the general population understands that about 80% of our supplies are brought in….”

        *”Few Oahu residents have retrofitted their homes or have seven days worth of supplies…and those planning on shelter stays do not realize they must bring their own supplies.”

        The Wikipedia entry on Hurricane Iniki says of Kauai: “Electric companies restored only 20% of the island’s power service within four weeks of Iniki, while other areas were without power for up to three months. ” If Iniki had hit Oahu instead of Kauai, it would have been deep kim chee time.

        So the problem seems to be that in a state culture addicted to the proposition that “the Man” is going to take care of us, the Man is for once saying uh uh, not me, take personal responsibility serfs, I won’t be there for you. And THAT creates a big problem, because the people aren’t yet listening to that message.

        930,000 people who expect the Man will take care of them, and the Man is saying he isn’t even going to try. And they aren’t listening.

      • PS: I forgot, Rider: Thanks!

    • Penrod, Kudos for helping with a field trip. In my experience, few adults are willing to help with young children if they are not related, which I understand given current societal problems. On field trips, extra eyes and hands make the experience more enjoyable for all.

      • Hi fmwb, Thanks. In some cases they could not do the field trips without a volunteer or two as there would not be enough adults to keep the little kids safe crossing driveways and streets, getting through parking lots, and in my case making sure the little boys have an adult with them when they go to the boys’ room.

        Half of the students we take are SpEd, and this is all about preparing them to be safe when they are on their own.

  24. Rider of Rohan says:

    Nice photos, MD. I didn’t ever think you were a poser, but keep the photos coming anyway, always good to see what other folks are doing. I’m thinking some water barrels are in my near future.

    For food this week I ordered 3 superpails, one white rice, one kidney beans, the other one sugar. They have already shipped, so should be here this week. Salt will be next. I also stocked up on canned beef and chicken broth, canned chicken, spam, tuna and salmon. Does anyone know if freeze-dried meat keeps its food value over time? I need some meat for long-term storage, and I wondered if dehydrated or freeze-dried was the way to go. Headed to Sam’s this afternoon for toilet paper, paper towels, and plastic cups for storage.

    The situation in Russia is going from bad to worse, so gassed up all vehicles, ran the generator yesterday afternoon, and after hearing Tommy2Yrs say Russian imports were being held up, spent $200 on the American version of Russian imports, figuring they might get in short supply again.

    Have a great week, Pack. Prep Hard and Prosper, I think a certain character on Star Trek said one time.

    • riverrider says:

      rider, i’m certain fd keeps its nutrition but its terribly expensive. i use keystone and from pleasant hill grains. its guaranteed 5 years shelf life and is yummy. phg has free shipping over 99.00.

      • We have used Best Prices and Werling but not Keystone. I check the prices and value added regularly and prefer Werling. I can order a mix of 12 cans, 14.5 oz each, at a decent price. I don’t want to order a full case of this or that. I can only build our stash a little at a time and I wany to keep a balance. I wont buy the big cans when there is just the two of us. When there is no refrigeration we don’t want to waste.

    • I believe the response to prep hard and prosper is peace and ling life.

    • riverrider says:

      hey rider, did you know crows can count? yep, but only to one. send two guys into a corn field, the crows fly out of range and wait. send one of the guys out of the field, the crows come back. bam! goodbye crows.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Yep, nice little trick. And that’s what it takes to get crows, those buggers are pretty smart critters, riverrider.

  25. Still recovering from our tragic car accident and the loss of our beloved Nash Rambler.

    Filled up all cars/gas cans, filled up all water storage, got extra cash out of bank, purchased more lamp oil from Wally World, filled up all the pet food containers to the brim.

    Waiting to see what transpires with the Ukraine, Russia, and NATO.

    Little know fact: Russia, China, and a number of other countries are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO. Iran, Turkey, India, and Pakistan have applied for full membership, but now have “Observer” status. The Ukraine was about to get full membership in the SCO to counter the EU’s offer, when this trouble started.

    In 2012 China, India, and Russia held joint war games. In 2013 the SCO declared that it was going to start It’s own “World Bank” and currency. The President of Turkey has said that they would dump NATO membership if allowed to join the SCO.

    Including the 4 Observer countries, the SCO covers over 1/2 of the World’s land mass, has well over 1/2 of the World’s population, and controls much of the World’s resources.

    Combined the SCO’s military is much larger than NATO’s and would include 5 nuclear powers. Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Iran (soon to be.)

    • hvaczach says:

      Not to mention combined they control over half of the U.S.’s debt, and have traditionally been very oppresive govt’s. India, China, and Iran also have difficulty feeding their own people and populations are growing at epic rates. In many ways China and India almost have to go to war with someone simply for natural resources at some point.

    • worrisome says:

      Ghost, this is good information and gives pause when thinking of what may be coming at us in the future.

    • Tomthetinker says:

      Ghost … Gezopetes! This is depressing as nail in a sidewall. Thanks for the heads up Ghost … I gotta read up on this.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Yikes! But this is no surprise to anyone. Japan and Australia have been paying attention to these developments as well. Japan passed the largest defense bill since WWII this past year, and Australia asked that the US base troops there a couple of years ago. Given the current trajectory, the US will be unable to mount much of a response to either China in the East or Russia in the West. One additional item I noticed this week, China’s new J-20 stealth fighter is an exact copy of the F-35. The plans/blueprints/details were stolen from a secure facility that the military had asked the Obama Admin. to prevent Chinese visitors/students/scientists from entering, which of course was not done. $20 billion in aircraft research up a mule’s butt, the Chinese have a plane as good as our best, and someone should be held to account. Paging the Obama sycophants for an explanation. And the fact that Clinton gave the Chinese our plans for MIRVed nuclear missile warheads is not one.

      • Worrisome says:

        The things you know rider. Depressing but since we all need to keep our heads out of the sand…I am glad you know it and are sharing it!

      • riverrider says:

        if its copy of the f35, they don’t have much. the trillion dollar boondoggle won’t fly.

        • The F-35 flies quite well. I see them flying around Eglin AFB where initial flight training is done. The F-35 is a noisy aircraft and sounds like the F-4. Since Congress and others are trying to make it a plane for all services for all missions only time will tell if ends up with the sorry reputation the F-111 had..

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          It’s the stealth technology and coatings that are the big loss, riverrider. The plane was not well-designed for air-to-air combat, I agree.

      • Rider old friend, how are things in Rohan? Are the Hobbits eating you out of house and home?

        You mentioned China and Japan. Back on 2/20 Breitbart had an article on how our Navel Intel has come across a plan by China to launch a “Short Quick” war with Japan over the islands between the two. ( Oil & Natural Gas)

        I wondering if the plan is to have the SHTF at many places around the globe all at once? Korea, Japan, Ukraine, maybe Iran tries to invade Israel through Syria?

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          It’s those danged orcs, Ghost. We kicked them out of Rohan, and now they all show up in DC. Who knew the Washington Monument would be turned into the Tower of Barad Dur? But hope is alive. Frodo still lives!

          Ghost, I doubt there is any plan other than to pressure our allies at every point to see how we will react. The honest truth is that we can’t do much to stop Russia or China. Russia wants to rebuild the old Soviet Union, and China wants control over all the Pacific area. The wild card in the long term is Turkey(they seek to reprise the Ottoman Empire), which is likely to seek the parts of Eastern Europe Russia doesn’t get(Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia).

          • Schametti says:

            You lot are so smart. :):) I try to be aware, and pay attention, and watch the news, and know what’s going on, but you guys take your history and geography knowledge to amazing extremes. I waded through allll of the above, and learned a lot, so thanks patriots. ;);) <3

            I still don't know/and will worry.. about what's coming though. Whatever comes.. it sure doesn't like like it can be good.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Are U.S. combat boots made in the U.S.?

        • riverrider says:

          some are and sadly some aren’t. they are supposed to be but some u.s.companies can skirt the law though.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            So, if China shows up, we have to wait for a purchase order to be filled, then shipped from ??? before we can be issued equipment?

            Sounds like the pentagon set up a circular firing squad in their lobby.

  26. Blessthishouse says:

    Picked up 150 rds of 22lr….. Funny story I’m from KY but working in IL went to a grand opening of a Wal Mart super store in IL and was lucky enough to get there before the ammo was sold out. I ask for the limit they would allow to be sold per person 150 rounds stepped to the register and was ask for my FOID card, I explained to the lady I was not an IL resident and didn’t need a FOID card to purchase ammo only my KY DL. Well that set of an argument of if I had the right to purchase, after having an asst mgr then a mgr and me showing them the IL State police web site on my phone I was able to purchase but even then they didn’t know how to get thru the transaction on the cash register when it ask for FOID card I suggested they inter yes when it ask and it worked.

    • Babycatcher says:

      What’s FOID? Something identification, I guess?

      • Sheila B says:

        FOID stands for Firearm Owner’s IDentification card. IL requires one to even purchase ammo. Love this nanny state – NOT!

  27. Fenland Prepper says:

    I bought three 6×3 cloches to extend the growing period for the veg plot, bought a plum tree and cleared out a 6 x 4 lockable steel cabinet to extend the food stores. Doesn’t seem like much but I can see it adding up over the weeks.
    Booked off 5 days to take my girls camping in Scotland, plan is open fire cooking, water purification, fishing, trying out temporary shelters and eating what we catch!

    • Fenland Prepper,
      Camping in Scotland. We did that back in 1988 and had a great time. Only rained once. Enjoy.

  28. Started a prepper coop – people joining – contributing so we can bulk purchase, then distribute the goodies. Just Austin area right now – shipping costs make it prohibitive for out of Austin area people. But, would be happy to help you start your own local coop. Would appreciate a like on my new page – https://www.facebook.com/prepperlee

  29. Donna in MN says:

    I am still searching for a job. The one I was told I would get I think fell through as I believe they got workers at no cost to their budget.

    I found good ash firewood and contacted a friend who may split a semi load with me so I could have hardwoods for years to come.

    I am planning to get a new pup from my Bighorn Shepherd line, a Mesha great grandpup male, pure black, plush coated, laid back but protective like his ancestors. He is in the middle.


  30. 19Pinky67 says:

    This week, seedlings began to emerge. YAY!! We got our lights adjusted in the grow room, only to discover that our timer had stopped functioning some time since we last used it in May 2013. So, it’s down the ladder to turn the lights on in the morning, and again to turn them off in the evening. We organized the fishing tackle boxes, which has needed to be done for a couple of years now. Glad to have that chore off my mind. Come on warm weather, Mama’s ready to go fishin!! 🙂

  31. Grannytraveler says:

    Didn’t do much this week in the way of preps. Did score some wide mouth canning jars at Ralph’s Supermarket for 1/2 price and lids and caps. Wish I could have bought all of the cases but alas, not enough money. Found out that my 100 gal. water storage container had the spout broken off and all the water had leaked out. Of course no one knew how it had happened. Will be fixing that this weekend and refilling. My year old boxer Boo ate my fruit tree seedlings so there goes my hope of a small orchard. LOL. Did plant some basil and habanero peppers. Hope to get the rest of the garden in ASAP.

    Everyone is healthy at the moment (knock on wood) so I am very thankful for that. The weather has been beautiful and I feel badly for everyone who has had to deal with the snow and ice storms. Are they a wake up call to get more people on board for prepping? Too bad the majority just live from day to day.

  32. This week I built my ollas and tested one and it works perfectly as it is supposed to. Ollas are used to water the garden beds and have been used in the southwest and in asian countries.

    To make them I bought 8″ plain clay flower pots. I silicone glued a plastic milk cap over the bottom hole of one pot. Then I used Gorilla glue to glue the 2 wide rims of the 2 pots together. Once that was dry I went back and filled in any gaps. You wet the areas you are gluing and the Gorilla glue expands into the clay and holds tight. Once dry it is waterproof.

    The pots get buried in the garden bed 2-3 feet apart. You fill with water and cover the hole at the top with a piece of tile or a rock. That keeps out dirt and helps it not to evaporate. The water slowly seeps out of the clay into the surrounding soil and what I have read says that the plant roots will seek it out.

    In the little greenhouse I have more radishes, beets, lettuce, ground cherries and 2 carrots sprouted. Sadly still no tomatoes or peppers or watermelon. Looks like I will be planting everything out in the next week. I may have to buy some tomato and pepper plants.

    • Great idea, ladyhawthorne, I’ll have to try it this year. We’re officially in a “low rainfall” area, but it has gotten too dry for two or three months during the summer for the past three years.

    • Schametti says:

      I NEED to get going and get my new little greenhouse set up, and get some seedlings started. I bought a bunch of heirlooms for the first time this year, so I could try to grow from seeds, and harvest them back out again at the end of the plant’s life cycle. I just hesitate to start too early, since, geez, we’re expecting more darn snow tomorrow, (here in Indiana). I’m about sick of winter let me tell you.. lol. Maybe this week I’ll actually get some things started.

      Any advice from the master gardeners know.. for my area… ish, what should be started early, and what can wait til the weather warms? Since it’s just my second official gardening, I still have SO much to learn.. and love gleaning info, tips and tricks from the veterans.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Schametti, I am using milk jugs as mini greenhouses and put them outside on my patio table. I’m in your growing zone. Not a master gardener, but from my research, seems could be a solution as I don’t have a sunny window to start seeds indoors other than above my kitchen sink. I’m trying to find
        no electricity needed solutions for starting my own seeds. Hence, the experiment.

        I also have looked at greenhouses. But since I have an urban backyard, I was concerned about taking up the space. I’d like to find a portable greenhouse, but they don’t appear to be well made???

        • Schametti says:

          I didn’t know how well I would USE a greenhouse, so I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one, so I found this one, at a local Harbor Freight store..


          And I think it’ll be a good starter size. I’m concerned that I’ll completely blow it like I did last year though, lol. I started a bunch of seeds on my kitchen table, ended up warping it from dribbling water..oops. And the FIRST day I try to harden the plants by putting them outside.. all their baby little stems snapped and I wasted months of effort. *Sigh* Duh…..

          So I’m hoping to do better this year. :/ lol.

          • Babycatcher says:

            Make sure you have a way of keeping your greenhouse from blowing over in high winds. Where you are is part of tornado alley, I think, so you should take pains to strap your greenhouse down. Here in E TN we get straight line winds of more than 60 mph, so my greenhouse( which is the One Step 6 x8 from HF) is being constructed with 5 concrete pillars poured into the ground, then installing J hooks, and bolts, then the 4 x6 PT sill on top of that. I still might run straps over the roof to hold it on….

      • Hunker-Down says:
    • I’ll try that too. Sounds like a cheap way to keep things irrigated when you’re not home much.

    • Do you bury the entire resultant pot–the depth of two 8″ clay pots? I can see that would keep it from evaporating into the air. I have to buy the pots tomorrow!

  33. Overhill says:

    More beans, bullets and Band-Aids this week, as they say … but it’s never as much as I feel I should be putting away. … Decided to put in a garden – first time in many years. … Feeling more motivated to do stuff now that some warm spring-like weather is finally here and my little chunk of property is thawing. … M.D., you obviously are the real deal. That’s why this is now my No. 1 prepping site.

    • Schametti says:

      This is my ONLY prepping site. I love it here. :):) Good luck on the garden. I put in my first one ever last summer, and I’m excited to be gearing up for season numero two. Good luck to us both.. I think growing your own food is THE most important skill you can learn as a prepper.

      • Overhill says:

        Thanks, Schametti. When I got into prepping two years ago I was introduced to one big prepping website. Since then, I have branched out, finding this website and others. I visit two or three every day. This site gets a couple visits per day by me, now. … I’m enlisting a lady friend who is an amazing “green thumb” for advice on the garden as I go along.

        • Schametti says:

          I was herded here by a great mutual prepping friend, when I FIRST got started, (also two years ago.. Happy Anniversary. 🙂 lol). And thankfully, this site, plus books and googling, was all I thought I needed and could keep up with. I think it’s great here.

  34. BK in KC says:

    I vacuum sealed 20 lbs of rice and 16 lbs of pinto beans and purchased 1000 rounds of 7.62×39. I also bought some gauze and bandages from the dollar store.

  35. Ozarkana says:

    What a great idea for watering the garden, ladyhawthorne ! Thank you. I will be grabbing some Gorilla glue and getting busy on another garden project this week.

    • There are some you tube videos on it too. But use the gorilla glue and not silicone, it will hold up better.

      • Schametti says:

        I can’t.. quite.. envision it. So I might have to search out those YT vids. I’m hoping to put in a drip-irrigation system this year for my container garden.. I wonder if they’d work together….

        • The drip system is what I use in my garden. Got it on a programmable timer, so I don’t have to worry if I’m out of town. Plus with each individual plant getting its own dripper, the weeds don’t really get a start. The drippers come in different drip rates. Works like a charm and saves water too.

          • Schametti says:

            Yes I HATED how much water we wasted last year with the sprinkler(s). In order to get just the right angle, even putting a stopper on it on one side, we still watered a whole lot of grass that didn’t need it, lol.. which was annoying. So I’m really excited to get the drip hoses in place. Unfortunately, my bestie, my gardening co-partner bought some SOAKER hoses, so I’m hoping they fit in well with the drip hoses, and everything works in harmony. I told her not to buy anything without me, but she doesn’t listen, lol…..

            • Soakers are good too! I always laid the hoses out first, then planted along it. Then you mulch like crazy on top of it. Bad thing with those is they get water resistant after a couple of years, at least with our rock hard water! That’s when I went to Lowes and got started with the drip lines.

            • Urbancitygirl says:

              I have rain catchment system. But watered by hand. Whew, a chore with 10 raised beds 2′ x 10′ each. So late fall I reworked the system by putting my barrels on cinder locks to get some water pressure. I’m putting up a 2nd system this year and hoping the water pressure plan works. Free water, 4 barrels x 55 gal each.

  36. We got a few things done this week, but we have bigger plans for the weekend… if the rain holds off, that is..

    We got 2 5 gallon and 1 3 gallon jugs filled with water, added 8 pounds of rice to storage, bought shelving to help organize all the stuff I am slowly adding to storage, 2 12 packs ramen noodles, made laundry soap, and tried a couple new recipes using things we are planning on growing and what we have in storage.

    This weekend we are starting our seeds for the garden, transplanting some flowers, doing a first till of the garden beds, and starting on our compost bin. There’s more, but I can’t remember at the moment… not enough sleep, and nothing to eat yet today… off to remedy the lack of food with lunch!

    • Schametti says:

      I’ve been wanting to get some ramen to add to the prepping pantry. I always used to like the creamy chicken flavor. Unfortunately, my husband refuses to allow ramen into the house. Sadly, he still all-too-freshly remembers our meager beginnings, when we had a tiny apartment, no furniture, and could only afford top ramen and koolaid for dinner, (two for a dollar pot pies, if we were celebrating, LOL), and we ate so much ramen, he said never again. But.. but.. I actually LIKE it, and it’s been years. I wish he would lose the grudge, haha..

      • Hunker-Down says:

        That reminds me of when the DW and I got married. We lived off post at Ft. Bragg N.C. Buying groceries from the commissary, we could make a meal of a hot dog and a slice of bread for .17 cents each. I think that was before ramen noodles were invented. Our first son was born at Womack Army Hospital at Bragg.Those were terrific times.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          P.S. The bill for our sons birth was $3.75 and we were told that most of it was for meals for the DW

      • We love ramen… the kiddo will eat it any chance she is given lol. I understand your DH’s reservations about it and the memories it has for him, but I seriously think that it is an easy food to store long term and none I have ever had long term has gone bad or stale… growing up my mom got a great deal on it and bought cases and cases… we ate off of that stock of ramen for literally years. The seasoning packets would harden up, but the noodles were fine. I think that by the time we ate all of them, that last one was 4 years out of date, but still edible. A few packs of ramen in the back of the closet won’t hurt anything and , depending on the “event”, may be welcome in the end.

        • Curley Bull says:

          My late wife and I went through some hard times in the 1980s and eat a lot of Ramen noodles. Drain and eat with butter and salt or with sauce over them. My wife made noodle soup adding some veggies and some rabbit or whatever we had. She even made a casserole with them.

          Hey, they’re a good filler, especially for feeding others.

        • Schametti says:

          Exactly. I ate my fair share of ramen, and I was bitter toward them for a LITTLE while, but I don’t hold grudges as long as the hubby. I am going to have to talk some sense into him, and if that doesn’t work.. smuggle some in to the back of the pantry where he won’t see them. I think filler will be good, when and it TSHTF and we’re no longer really able to eat until our bellies are stuffed like ‘the good ole days’ lol.

          HD, oh my gosh.. I can’t even imagine.. a hospital birthing bill less than four dollars, that is amazing.. I wish it was like that today.

          When I was a kid.. and my mom was in no better shape raising a daughter by herself.. most of my dinners were a can of beans and a cut up hotdog.. Hey I didn’t care, I liked it. 🙂 I didn’t realize til I grew some, that it was the cheapest way Mom could fill my belly on a waitresses pay. Good times. Builds character, right?

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            As a child I ate good. Everything fresh, home grown. But when I set out on my own, I could get Kraft Mac n Cheese for as little as a dime a box. that would last a couple days. I was never a fan of spam but ate my fairshare of potted meat. Could eat all week on $5. Cigarettes were $1.25 a carton. I think I made $1.10 per hour waitressing…best incentive for furthering my education!

          • Get a plastic tub you can’t see through, ramen on the bottom, beanie weenie cans on the top. Maybe some hard candy. Label it “tshtf comfort food”. Put it up so high he would need a step stool to reach it.

        • Shandi
          Thanks for the advice on the noodles. I was just about to toss them out thinking …….these are not edible but now I know better. Back they go, whew!

  37. Asthma has been acting up the last 2 weeks — signals the beginning of pollen season.

    Dd has been home on spring break this week. We hit the thrift store and consignment shop for clothes. She found denim skirt and jacket, 2 casual tops, and a dressy top. She helped with some spring cleaning and cooked lots. DD loves to cook and dorm life is not conducive to creative cooking.

    Also at thrift store, found 6 quart canning jars for 30 cents each. Will go back to look for more.

    Changdd H2O in 2L bottles. Used H2O to water container plants so not wasted.

    Garden: Oregano, sage, parsley, and rosemary overwintered well. Purchased a second rosemary as I use lots cooking. I have lettuce and radishes going nicely in containers. Cilantro has not sprouted. Inside, tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds are sprouting. This weekI will start more peppers as well as basil and thyme. I have seeds for squash, zucchini, okra, rattlesnake beans and others for direct sowing later. We are starting a new garden plot this year — about 1000 sq ft. DH doesn’t like square foot garden, so we are doing one big plot. He has tilled twice already. Today’s plan is to add amendments and till for third time. I did soil tests two weeks ago, so we would knlw what to add.

    Ammo: purchased 1 box of 9mm JHP and 1 brick of 22 LR thkis week. Found out that local Gander Mtn gets ammo in Tuesday after closing, so I was in line Wedn morning 30 min before they opened. They figured that they would be out around 10. I will plan to go everytwo weeks for awhile to build our stock.

    I am glad spring is arriving. I love these days where is it warm enough to be outside w/out a jacket, but still cool at night. No AC nor heat on right now! Yeah! This is what helps my budget billing for electricity.

    • Forgot one thing: completed federal and state taxes for DH and I, and both kids this week. All filed. One major to do item done!

  38. Goatlover says:

    Picked up over 200 pounds of pork that was processed from the two pigs I raised—sent them to the butcher early because I was TIRED OF THOSE RASCALS! Had most of it ground into sausage and will be canning much of it in the near future.

    Traded the butcher some of my homemade goat’s milk soap for 50 pounds of tallow. Will be rending it for soap and candle making!

    Planted pole bean seeds this morning next to the one-foot tall corn plants in my garden, along with pumpkin seeds in those spots where the corn didn’t germinate. It’s called the Three Sisters planting method and I’ve had good success with it in the past. (I know, most of you folks are still dealing with WINTER but here in Florida, it’s a different story!)

    Borrowed a doe in milk from a goat friend, as my last doe dried up a week ago and the next one isn’t due to kid until May. I just can’t be without fresh goat’s milk!

    Hubby has gone nuts in the precious metals department. ;o) Not complaining, mind you, but it’s hard to keep the spreadsheet up to date.

    Mended fences this week and have been bottle feeding a nearly-starved calf for a friend of mine. If “Sweet Love” pulls through, I may just keep her!

    Keep prepping…

    • Schametti says:

      I’ve been trying to add as much PMs to our coffers as we can afford, but good lordy, it’s pricey. It’s one of those preps that’s hard to justify the cost… but I put half my savings into it.. (not much, compared to some people’s, I’m sure, but I put as much as I could into it). I wish we could get more.. just trying to spread out my investments. I can’t help but wonder though.. will I be using it to barter one day..?? Or will I be selling it back in a decade when.. nothing happened? I guess we’ll see. It sure is pretty to look at until then though.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Amy, here’s my take on it. I have about 20% of my assets in PMs. If they go up as a result of inflation, then I will have a good bit of asset appreciation, and it will cover most of my losses. To handle the problem of barter, etc. in the future, I have my PM assets spread out over 90% silver coins(pre-1965 US silver coins that are not silver dollars), US silver dollars, Canadian silver dollars, American Eagle 1 oz. silver bullion coins, Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz. silver bullion coins, a few Mexican 25 peso silver coins(cause I liked them), and a small variety of 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 oz. gold coins. Oh, and a few British gold sovereigns. I also worked in the jewelry business back in the day, and I have a goodly collection of loose semi-precious and precious stones(garnet, topaz, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc.) in various sizes.

        • Schametti says:

          Hey RoR. Thanks. I always wonder how my choices compare to other people who actually know what they’re doing, caaauuuse, I don’t pretend to, haha.

          I have, let’s see… 40x 1/10th ounce gold coins. And something like.. 10x 1/4 ounce gold coins. It sure doesn’t sound like much, but it cost me like.. ten grand of my savings.. lol. Gold is so expensive.

          I also have.. American silver eagles, in one ounce varieties, some half ounce coins, and some silver rounds.. that adds up to about eight grand invested, I think at this point. Then I have jut shy of eighteen grand in cash.. but I’m a little concerned about it, at this point.. hoping that the dollar doesn’t crash, and make it worthless. What’s more reckless, spending it all now, and having goods and supplies for when and if something goes terribly wrong, or having a big stack of paper that isn’t worth a dime on a good day. I mean, I guess we could use it for toilet paper, or lighting fires?? LOL.

          And I put about fifteen grand of my savings into weapons, guns, knives.. ammo, and more ammo.. cooking supplies, buckets of freeze dried food, canned goods, hygeine items, fuel starter, books, sleeping bags, heaters, propane, flashlights.. medical stuff, gardening stuff, seeds.. etc etc etc.

          I want to feel like I’ve split it into thirds, and that that’s the safest way to go about it, but I can’t help but still feel uneasy about it, and worry that I’ve made the wrong decision(s), or that I need to make different choices before it’s too late. I worry too much. It’s in my nature, lol.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            I’m no financial advisor, Amy, and don’t claim to be, but having an investment portfolio that is well-rounded is the way to go, I think. I have some cash as well, and other funds invested in the stock market. If we were to have a deflation like we had in the 1930s, then cash will be king. Gold was called in by the gov’t at that time, which is why I don’t have everything in gold, but I still think it’s a good long-term investment nonetheless. It’s pretty much inflation proof, and allows room for a lot of appreciation. Silver fits in that category as well, though to a lesser degree. My grandpa gave me a silver dollar for my birthday every year when I was growing up, and that led me to an interest in collecting coins. I have continued the same tradition with my grandkids, alternating years with 1 oz. silver bullion American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. My grandson is already interested in coins, and has a small collection started. Be diversified with your investments, and don’t have everything in one basket is the advice I’ve heard all my life. If by some miracle, or a change of heart by the politicians, we somehow come through this mess one needs to be prepared for that as well. Having extra food on hand, obtaining gardening skills, learning to protect yourself and your property, and having confidence in your abilities is great preparation for any future that might come along, so don’t worry too much. Prep Hard and Prosper, Amy.

            • Schametti says:

              Sounds good, RoR, and thanks. I’m sure I’ll still fret more than I ought to, but it helps knowing that I’m following good paths that others before me have taken, and find sound. I wish I had a grandparent like you growing up, to teach me valuable lessons, and to encourage healthy interests. I lost my Gram, and best friend when I was ten, too too young.

              I’m curious what you mean by.. gold being called in by the government? Does that mean the government makes you hand it in? :/ For free? Do they pay you? What if you don’t wanna? I don’t like the sound of that at all…. lol.

              • Rider of Rohan says:

                Amy, the link below provides pretty good background on Roosevelt’s EO that confiscated gold. Bottom line, most folks who had small quantities of gold didn’t give it up. My grandparents didn’t give up their small collection, I’m proud to say. Of course, and this may or may not be an issue, if there is a paper trail one might be hard pressed. Another great reason to deal in cash, with small purchases spread over a period of time.


      • JP in MT says:


        As with RoR, I have put some of our preps into PM’s. My mix is along the same lines, although I don’t have any Canadian silver. To my way of thinking, PM’s are a way of preserving wealth. But they can’t be eaten, worn, of shot, so those things come 1st.

        As far as cost; 2 1/2 years ago we needed to generate some cash. We had managed to get out of dept, but our reserves were low. I had been buying PM’s in small quantities over a period of a couple of years. I ended up selling most of our gold at $1840/oz and about half of our silver at $38/oz. I look at the current prices as a bargain, and everything I buy now as a replacement for what was sold is a profit for us.

        But be aware, a lot of people were eager to buy what I had because they were speculating on the PM market. Right now it’s about $1350 and $21, so they lost – IF THEY SOLD NOW! If they didn’t sell yet, they’ve lost nothing, they still have the asset.

        Remember, everything in moderation and keep the 1st things first!

        • Schametti says:

          Yeah JP that’s what I’ve been trying to do, as I just outlined, kind of, above for RoR. But I just wish I felt more solid about my choices.. Holding my head up confidently and knowing for certain that I haven’t made bad choices. I guess nothing is sure though, eh? :/ lol.

  39. Ozarkana says:

    This week, I started my redneck security system. I put up 3 signs that say ‘BEWARE OF LARGE DOGS”. I am using my Dremel to “chew up” a couple of 3 foot long 2×4’s. The signs and the “chew toys” will be out all the time; but, I also bought a can of rust colored paint and a roll of yellow caution tape that will be deployed if the S really does hit the fan.

    Which reminds me, I collected 2-five gallon buckets full of horse poo from a friend. I don’t think that anyone will be all that willing to climb the fence over the caution tape to see if that is real blood or real dog poo.

    I realize that this may not stop anyone meaning ill harm to myself or my family; but, it should cause them to think twice before they open that gate.

  40. Craze2bme says:

    I decided today would be a good day to post for the first time. I would like to thank you all and MD for the many things I have learned and the motivation to do some things that I may never have tried. I have a lot more to accomplish though. I have been reading this blog for about 5 years, I don’t know exactly.
    Not much for me this week. I did can some mandarin oranges because I don’t want to buy the ones from China.

    • worrisome says:

      Craze – Welcome, to publishing :). I am sure that in all that time of reading here, you probably had some things you could have added to the mix. Hope you will in the future.

      I am in agreement with canning your own mandarins instead of importing them from anywhere. At least you know how you did it and that your environment was sanitary. Good for you!

      • Craze2bme says:

        Thank you for the welcome. Maybe I could have added a few things as I am a grandma but sure have learned a lot here.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey! Welcome Craze. :):)

  41. Been working in the garden. I’ve added two yards of garden soil to my raised beds to raise up the level. I’ll need one more for the rest plus one more for the two new beds that I got the wood for. Now I just need to build them. Next comes the Mel’s mix for the top layer and I’ll be ready to plant! Expanded the stand for my rainwater collection containers. At 275 go each that’s a ton a piece, so bigger is better. I got the activated charcoal, 50 pounds, for my 55 gl drum sand filter. Now that I have all the parts for it, time to build it.

  42. Harry the hat says:

    Hope all are well as the winter is now moving toward spring. Most of the snow is gone. I worked in the yard and cleaned up from the trees that dropped limbs from the snow a few weeks ago. A tree that came down was removed.

    Went to Wally Mart and behold the ammo case had ammo except 22’s. I picked up 900 IMI 223 for my rifle, from sportsman’s guide. Since I am feeling better hope to go over my preps and clean up my garage for storage.

    God Bless and stay alert to what ins going on in Russia and DC.

    Harry the Hat

  43. Not a lot done this week. Added Maggi Chicken Rice Soup, Parade Brown Gravy Mix, Piggly Wiggly Turkey Gravy Mix, Loretta Rice Sides Beef & chicken to food larder. Bought 6 Silver quarters. Got a large lot candles at thrift store for almost nothing and bought a 5 gallon bucket/lid at Lowe’s to store them in. My wife and I are cleaning and organizing the basement so we have more more for storage.

  44. Geting ready to start the meat chicken operation. The Whiz Bang Chicken Plucker is nearing completion as well as picked up some food grade plastic gloves, chicken bags and labels. Put the smoker together and ordered another freezer. Should be able to put away 100 birds this summer in sausage, canning, and soup. Still need to sprout the garden seeds. Not convinced we are ready just yet. Good week.

  45. On Monday we picked up our order from Zaycon. We got a case of bacon (40 lbs) and a case of sausage (36 lbs).

    MD, thanks to your photos on the chicken coop I got the idea to transform the storage shed that is next to our chicken pen into our new coop. We have started cleaning it out, it had got infested with rats. Will be using face masks and safety goggles to get the rest of it. Some serious cleaning is in order! We had placed some of our stuff that we salvaged from our house fire into that shed. We started going thru that and threw away a lot of stuff. It will make a nice coop once we get it done.

    A couple of weeks ago my truck was hit while it was parked at work. The main damage was that the left rear taillight was destroyed and we had to replace it. It only cost us about $68 to replace and DH did the work himself. We turned in the receipts for the cost along with photos of the damage. A few days later we get a call from the insurance company. She said that it appears that we received additional damage and would it be OK for an adjuster to look at the truck. I said OK and this week they gave us a check for $480! We have used that money to but the material needed to replace the flooring and the floor joists in our bathroom. I am about to go do some major shopping with the rest of the money.

    DH has completed building the rabbit hutch and I have ordered the feeders and waterers from Amazon. We will be receiving goats and chickens by the end of the month. DH met a guy that wants to get rid of some of his goats and chickens. He is holding some for us, plus we found out that his dad owns some property nearby and we might be able to buy some! 🙂

    • Hiplains says:

      Yay! Insurance NOT my favorite so whenever a real person wins, I am happy, happy!

    • Ms. Brenda,
      I was rear ended last monday. My 1998 Chevy was damaged on the rear, drivers side corner. I never had a rear bumper on it as it is a basic work truck, rubber floor mats, crank your own windows and a 5 speed. It was just sheet metal damage and Lights all work. I got a check yesterday and it’s on it’s way to the bank. I do not plan on getting the damage repaired. Not sure what the money will be used for but I am sure it will be good.

      • Ron,
        We already replaced the taillight, of course it is essential to have a functioning light but the rest of the damage will not be repaired. The truck is an 01 F250 and it has about 330,000 miles on it.

        I accidently submitted before I completed my comment above and then my internet went down. So I did what any girl would do. I went shopping! lol Only my shopping was buying extra food to store. My freezer is the fullest it has been in over a year. Some of it will be coming out once I get the mylar bags that I ordered from EE last week. I have rice, beans, flour and cornmeal in the freezer just to make sure there are no bugs in it.

  46. MD,every morning when I get up at 4:30 & have a cup of joe,this is one of the first sites I visit. In the evening after work,I visit again. Keep it up. Pictures are always better.

  47. Just Plain Braf says:

    Got and installed Mr. Beam battery operated 300 lumen motion sensor flood lights! So far so good, using rechargable D batteries. Easy to install and don’t rely on house power. Let you all know how they work out!

  48. Just Plain Brad says:

    Damn, hit report on myself! Sorry.

  49. Greetings Wolfpack!
    Hope everyone had a great week! This has been a huge week for me. Picked up a Ruger P95 at the gun show last weekend. 100 rounds each of .357, & 40 Cal, 200 rounds of .45, 500 rounds of .22 LR, 700 rounds of 9 mm, & new BOB’s for three of my kids. My daughter (17 years old)comes over every Sunday now, to help with prepping supplies, and we got another 16 2 ltr bottles filled with water, three more 2 ltr bottles filled with sugar, & 20 more packets of Bearcreek soup packed away in buckets. She asked, “Next week, after we get done packing away supplies, can we go on a hike with our bug out bags, so we can start getting used to the weight again?” She really is amazing. So, Sunday afternoon, after me and my three oldest children watch “American blackout”, we will all throw on our BOB’s and go for a short hike. Went to Big Lots last night, they had Bearcreek soup on sale, picked up 15 more packages. Hope everyone has a blessed week and the means and ability to keep prepping!

    • Schametti says:

      American Blackout, (if it’s the same one I watched), was pretty terrifying. So much happens so fast. I won’t go into details on why I didn’t like the end, in case you haven’t seen it yet, but I don’t think most SHTF scenarios would end that way.. lol.

      PS, stay out of elevators. 😉 lol.

  50. Schametti says:

    Good eeeevening Pack. :):)

    What did I do to prep this week….. (does anyone else sing that sentence to the tune of the klondike bar song, or is that just me? lol). mostly organized my preps. I realized how fast I was running out of room in my prepping walkin-closet, AND I’ve been worried about Martial Law going in to affect, and someone comes to take all my preps, so I’ve been working very diligently on spreading them around a little bit. Two totes of freeze dried food went under my bed. I filled a backpack up with food and hid it behind a pile of bears in my closet.. All bread making preps.. flour, sugar, cornmeal and yeast.. went into a freshly cleaned out junk kitchen cabinet.. and the kitchen junk went to the attic. I cleaned out the cabinets under the bathroom sinks, and moved all my soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and tampon preps to there.. It’s a start anyway.. I’ll continue to work on it through the next week, and see where all I can stash and hide things. I’m just afraid.. I’m going to forget where everything is, haha…

    I gave my mom her Mother’s Day backpack this week. I know it’s not Mother’s Day yet.. but sometimes I forget how much of a serious over-planner I am, and how I finished it months before Mother’s Day, and I’m a bad waiter… so I forced her to take it home early. 🙂 She was pretty adorable, taking everything out to look it over.. bullets for the guns they inherited, but never used.. a machete, a first aid kit, and wet wipes, freeze dried food for six days, and a life straw, which I had to explain.. led flashlights. She was so excited, and put the backpack on and walked around saying she felt so prepared, lol.. My mom is a dork, but I love her. And now I won’t worry about her as much, while she is hopefully heading to my house, after a serious SHTF scenario.

    I’ve been breaking in my conceal and carry purse all week. The leather is so stiff, I have the bag overstuffed, to try and stretch it out a little bit. Now pretty much every one I know wants one.. lol.

    I made a large amazon dot com order. Well, large for me anyway. I got a tourniquet and a compression bandage. A emergency minor surgery book, and a book on traps and snares. I bought a box of emergency water pouches. My best friend has plastic bottles of water in her car’s get-home-bag, and I know, at least I think I’ve heard, that plastic bottles and sun and heated cars don’t really mix well, so I figure.. with 64 packs of water, I can put some in her bag, and my mom’s bag, and our storm shelter bag, and my hubby’s get-home-car-bag, and I’ll still have water for all four of the prepper slumber-expo bags for next month too.. and STILL have pouches to spare to hide in the closet somewhere.

    Speaking of the prepper-slumber-expo bags.. I also bought four Doans magnesium fire starter kits, and some tinder.. and I’m planning a survivor firestarter event.. to practice making fire with no matches or lighters. None of us have ever done it, and I book I read this week.. (“The Family Survival System”) suggested we practice things like that, before a disaster.. which I’ve always known, just never done it. So now we’re going to do it. Now I just need to find a nice winner’s prize. I know that knowing how to build a fire from scratch is the real prize, but I think they’ll try harder if they get to win something, haha.

    We’re also going to go see the premier of Goodbye World for our prepping slumber-expo, since that’s it’s opening weekend. Have you guys seen the preview for it? I’m really excited about it.. :):)


    I also bought Stephen King’s Cell, and The Stand for my grid-down entertainment library..

    I’m getting so many books (especially of the homesteading, skills and preparedness kind), that I need a bookshelf, desperately. I’m going to start looking to see if I know any tradespeople especially talented with a hammer and nails.. to come and build me a sliding bookcase, to cover the door of my walk in closet pantry.. and see if I can’t.. disguise that a little bit. I know I would feel a lot more comfortable about having more in there, all together, if no one could see it.. Wish me luck.. I know that’s going to be a tall order, that no one is going to want to help me with, but it shall be done!! :):)

    I think that’s about it for me this week. I look forward to catching up with everyone this weekend. Be safe out there.. Much Love.. ~ A.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Hahaha….you make an extraordinary event out of everything, Amy, and I love it. I’d give a lot to sit in on that prepper extravaganza you have coming up, I feel like I would forget the cares of the world for at least that amount of time. Might die laughing, but that would be a great way to go. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the report.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Klondike bar? Really? You just ain’t right! Hahaha!

        What RoR said!

        • Hiplains says:

          Ummmm, just how big IS this walk-in closet?!?! 😉
          Dang it now I have the sily klondike tune roliing in my head!

          • Schametti says:

            Hiplains, haha.. big enough to walk in, and have a fully loaded down heavy duty shelf, taller than myself, on each side of it.

            When we moved in to this house, (and because I don’t have children – just pets), I tore out the carpet, and laid down tile.. and put a protective covering on the walls.. then put two giant bidcages in there. I didn’t have birds, but sugar gliders. You might have to google them, if you don’t know what they are. I can never tell how wildly known-about they are at this point in time. Anywaaay.. I HAD sugar gliders for seventeen years, and for three years in this house, but I no longer have them anymore. I gave them up, when I decided to become a prepper, and needed the space for preps.. lol). I only had two elderly boys left anyway. But a friend up mine up north, took them in, and now everyone is happy. The walk-in makes for a great prepping space though.

            Now if I can just find that someone I need to make me a cool hidden passageway, book case concealment door. Dun Dun Dun. I was hoping my uncle would do it, but.. he’s not been feeling well lately. 🙁 He has Krone’s Disease, and will have to have a pretty evasive surgery soon. He’s my amazing electrician uncle who built the house he and his wife live in. He’d be perfect for the job, I just can’t ask him to do it, with him feeling to poorly these days. I hope he gets his surgery and feels better soon though.. and that I find some other talent to help me with the job.

            What did you doooooOOOoooo ..to prep this week??

      • Schametti says:

        RoR I would love to invite you to our prepping slumber-expo. I’m sure you could teach us much. :):) Should I pencil you in a guest speaker?

        I know you guys only keep me around for the funnies. I’m like the Sunday comics, prepper style, lol.

        I can’t believe I have to wait THREE MORE WEEKS until it gets here though. Man, it’s almost like waiting on a prepper’s Christmas…. ;);)

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Careful, now, I might just take you up on that offer! And yes, you are like a breath of fresh air, but that’s not why I’m so crazy about you staying around. You do lots of great prepping, young lady, and I always love reading about what you do. And Merry Prepping Christmas to you!

          • Schametti says:

            Haha.. How far from my parts are you anyway, RoR? (I’m in the central Indiana area).

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              NE Texas, closest city is Texarkana. A little ways away from Indiana, which is one of the few states I’ve never visited, by the way. 750 miles or so from my house to Indianapolis.

              • Schametti says:

                Drat! Texas is soooo far. But that’s a great place to be, for what I expect is coming down the turnpike.. so I’m glad you’re a Texan. :):) I’m right outside of Indy. Indiana is a tallllllll tall state, but I’m right here in the middle.

    • LOL I didn’t think of it that way before, but I may forever in the future be singing it in my head that way.

      • Schametti says:

        Haha uh Oh. Now I’ve started something, LOL. I guess it was just me before, huh? Oops. As TG-ma said.. I’m just not right.

        • Schametti says:

          Penrod.. I’m not sure, but I think I heard that the heat makes something in the plastic leak into the water, and can cause some kinds of cancer.. (especially of the breast tissue). I’m not sure if there’s any truth to it, but I figure it’s better to play it safe than sorry, at least in my circle. I know that EVERYthing seems to be killing us.. haha.. but might as well pick our battles, eh? LOL.

    • “I think I’ve heard, that plastic bottles and sun and heated cars don’t really mix well”

      Hi Schametti, Sounds like a good week.

      I keep commercially bottled water (the kind that comes in flats at CostCo & Sams) in my truck and rotate it out once a year. No problems with it so far. At least, it is still wet and I haven’t grown green fur on my eyeballs.

      • I have a soft sided cooler that I keep under the seat with bottled water and a snack. It stays so much cooler and I don’t worry about the plastic off-gassing me.

  51. Put in two potato towers, one in Russets, and the other in Red potatoes. I plan to plant carrots on the top, although I won’t get those in for a couple of weeks.

    We’ve got a bit of a swale in the back yard that tends to pond when we get a heavy rain. I’ve spent several hours over the last week digging a trench in our rocky clay soil to put in a drain so I can use the area for something other than a bird bath.

    I had a couple of dozen blocks (Castle style) that I previously used in landscaping elsewhere. I am using these to build some raised planters along the side of the house. Once the first one is finished, I will transplant some strawberry plants from my main garden bed (the darn things refuse to die when I plow them under!). When I get the other two (raised planters) done, I will be adding additional strawberries (later this month).

    Finally, I have ordered some blackberries from Starks, and have prepped a section in another part of the yard to plant these. Holes dug… need to test the pH and get the appropriate additives and fertilizer before the plants come in.

  52. Yikes, I forgot the goji berry plant. It’s only 6″ tall, but I am patient. And the new elderberry plant is already showing flower buds.

  53. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Pack. Been very busy lately. The garden is officially started for the year. I’ve started a bunch of tomato, peppers, cabbage, etc. in my little greenhouse. Best thing I ever did building my little 6 X 8 foot greenhouse. Only thing is it’s not big enough.

    Went to our local gun show today. Bought the last of the stuff I needed for my Johnny Cash AR. I’ll try to finish that project fairly quick. Didn’t see any real bargains today and noticed the crowd wasn’t anything to write home about. The ammo selection was respectable with acceptable prices. What surprised me most was all of the .22 caliber ammo for sale for a change! I literally saw cases of it. The prices were $8.00 for a 50 round box to $65.00 for a brick. Just wondering out loud here but with the availability of it seemingly improving, will the prices get back to “normal?” One vendor did tell me that his supplier told him that they weren’t manufacturing as much .22 caliber ammo versus other calibers? Just repeating what he told me. Don’t know if it was just a sales pitch to sell his inventory or the truth.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      ozhillbilly, a couple of things. First, I’ve been buying .22lr a couple of times lately for $3.50 a box, and one time for $25 or so a brick. I don’t think .22 will ever get back to normal, and if I could get it for $30 or under, I would buy if I were you. I still see it sitting on store shelves in a couple of gun stores here for $60 a brick, which I refuse to buy at that price, and so does everyone it seems.

      Two, look for a story I linked under your comment to riverrider. Very important.

      • ozhillbilly says:

        Thanks Rider of Rohan. Did see the link you mentioned. Talked to a fellow at the gun show yesterday about the 80% receivers. He was thinking of getting one. Also believe (hope) that seeing .22 caliber inventory seemingly improving that prices will start to be more reasonable?

    • Seeing more .22 available in WNC. Prices vary widely from $4 to $10 for 50 rounds, depending on the shop. Bricks of varying sizes can be found, sometimes, for $40 and up. Went to a small gun auction last night and all the ammo was snapped up but at lower prices than in the past. In almost all instances for less than store prices, usually people over bid.

  54. Worked a bit on a guest post. Got my taxes done, and wrote a check to the IRS for the balance we owed beyond our withholdings. Also did some internet sleuthing, then went to the Minnesota Fraud Hotline site (https://fraudhotline.dhs.mn.gov/) and put in a tip on a suspected SNAP benefit fraud case I heard about recently.

  55. Urbancitygirl says:

    Maybe I’m overreacting, but the Russia/Crimea/USA thing has been under my skin. And with Sunday and Monday deadlines, I’m concerned things could escalate for us. So, instead of being a scared baby, I talked it over with DH and we decided to get some things done now.

    Tractor Supply: picked up everything for the baby chick’s needs to prepare for them to arrive in April. DH got me a large wagon/yard cart with1400 lb capacity that was on sale. Grabbed (2 ea) 40 gal propane tanks and filled em to add to our collection. 2 lighters, several very large packs of seeds (can’t have too many right?). Seed potatoes. A book that caught my eye- Free Range Chicken Gardens, by Jessi Bloom.

    Target: several toys for our Shephard, she’s spoiled. Sweatpants/shirts on clearance.

    Bass Pro Shops: redhead brand fleece jacket on clearance for DH. The last pair of cold gear infrared undergarments on clearance for DH. I’ve been focusing on finding clearance winter wear since we have pretty brutal weather and DH works outdoors quite a bit.

    SAMs Club: 4 ea of 55lbs bags of dog food. So 220 lbs of dog food. We decided that we are now going to buy 2 of the 55lb bags every 2 weeks. 25 lbs of rice, rotated into freezer. 3 tshirts and capris for myself. Large box granola bars, 2 huge canisters of lemonade, 1 ice tea. Large packages of batteries AA and D. On hand we stored a very large assortment of rechargeable batteries.

    Tomorrow we may hit up harbor freight. I’ve been procrastinating about solar. But, just to have something on hand, we may grab those and get batteries. We already have several inverters of varying sizes.

    We also paid all of our utility bills 2 months in advance. Just in case there is a banking issue. Pay checks and pension are auto deposited into our account.

    Paid off my car (1 1/2 yrs early). We still have 1 credit card and house pmts (but ramped up the house pmts to have it pd off in under 5 yrs, hoping we have the time.)

    I need to amp up water storage. And finish the 2nd rain gutter/collection system. But need the ice and snow to melt to make the job safer to do.

    The snow this year has been a bear. I really cannot wait to get out there to garden.

    For fun, my regrowing of celery is a success. It was old celery way past it’s prime. Made a batch of stock and was gonna compost the bottom, but instead put it in a coffee cup with water.

    Been sick, bad cold, cough, and congestion. So after all the running around, I took a hot bath and hubby picked up take-out. Yeah, I’m spoiled. Taking advantage while I can. Hot baths ooh la la.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Harbor Freight: didn’t get the solar panels. Of course, when I finally make up my mind they are $60 more than they have been. So, I will hold my breadth and wait for a sale.

      But, I did pick up several tarps in varying sizes in lightweight and heavier duty. 3 pairs of work gloves, more flashlights, a Jerry can for additional 5 gal of gas storage, a pkg of razor blades, duct tape, masking tape, more rechargeable batteries (I need to do an inventory on batteries cause I have quite a large bin full and want to make sure I am rotating).

      Tractor Supply: made another trip as they are giving military discount at our location. Drooling over the chicks, they’ve discounted their prices, but I can’t buy as I’ve ordered mine from a hatchery and I’m limited to number allowed in the city.

      Purchased “the complete book of butchering, smoking, curing, and sausage making. How to harvest your livestock & wild game” by Philip Hasheider. Also the urban farm magazine. Meat bones for the Shephard and my 2 ankle biters, flea preventative, sure hope I have a better control on the fleas. Couldn’t find DE, so I will prob order online. Took a look at the rabbit cages, but want to do more research and get acclimated with raising chicks first.

      I’m hoping there are some good sales this coming week because I want to completely fill my freezer ASAP.

      • Schametti says:

        Heya UCG. :):) Sounds like the trouble with Russia has kicked you into a higher prepping gear. I have surges like that too, where I’m like OMG MUST GET STUFF NOW. And then I ease back a little, then I do it all over again, haha.. It’s a little stressful, but I can’t help but feel it’s ALL going to be worthwhile. I still don’t know what, or when.. but it seems bad, and it seems like it will be soon. I guess we’ll see, hmm? You got a LOT bought though. I’m jealous. I can’t afford another big surge right now.. I’m forcing myself to leave my savings (the cash half), alone.. But then I go through periods when I’m like.. but.. what if the dollar collapses, and the paper half of my money goes worthless?? Maybe I should spend it while it has value?! But then I talk myself out of it again. Ack, I wish I had a crystal ball, or that God would talk to me a little bit louder, so I knew what I should do……

        PS, I am soooo jealous of your coming chicks. I want them so bad, but our town ordinances say NO). So I can get them, and wait to be reported, or I can wait until TSHTF but by then, it might be too late, and too hard to collect them, and their supplies, so.. it’s a holding pattern for me. :/ Boo, lol).

        • Urbancitygirl says:

          Yep, the news seems to often dictate my prepping. Flu season…hmmm…. Better stock up for that! Winter…oh yeah, it’s time to stock up! It’s that time of the month omg-have to STOCK UP! What? A potential war!? What do I stockpile?! Aaaggghhhh….

          My DH just asks me to review my preps and he patiently carries all the supplies and pushes the carts while I throw items in. Then he lugs it all into the house and asks if I feel better. Yup. Haha

          We don’t have a big enough savings, but we are almost debt free, especially when the last of my kids is off the payroll (graduation). At first I felt guilty spending the money, but I really don’t buy big ticket items on a whim without research. Won’t go into debt to do it either.

          Can’t wait for the chicks myself. DH says they will be the best kept chicks around.

          • Schametti says:

            Aww haha UCG.. you and your DH sound so much like mine. My guy is so patient and understanding when I make him list after list after LIST of things I NEED him to bring home to add to my supplies. He doesn’t STAY patient if I’m out there in the stores with him though, because I have a tendency to not be able to control myself, and then I’d go broke and we wouldn’t eat for half the month, lol.. So I try to plan, and make my lists, and only get so much every month, until we have another payday roll around. It’s brutal….

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Tractor Supply has the DE, diaotomaceous earth, on the shelf over the chicken feed. It is great for mite control.

        I also have the complete book on butchering, smoking,curing and sausage making. I learned a lot from it.

        You are wise to do one project at a time. I wound up selling my rabbits and cages. They are really labor intensive and we like being able to camp at the lake and travel a bit. The chickens can be left for a few days but the rabbits need constant attention and of course they can produce a heavy amount of meat.

        • Urbancitygirl says:

          Oh my TG, I could not find the DE. Bought some last year and I was stumped. Two trips to the store even. I’ve been sick and I’ve lost my voice so I didn’t ask for help (I can be stubborn). But, I love that store so I will get back there some time this week.

          I did not realize that the rabbits were that consuming. Oh boy good to know. Thank you. Although DH is quite helpful, he works long hours and also has to go out of town on assignments so I assume responsibility of all “projects”.

          • UCG, you want to buy food grade DE. Those little bags are a rip-off. Go to a feed store, or call ahead, and get it in 50# bags. After I clean my chicken coop I cover everything with DE, and also spread it in the run, so a 50# bag is cost-effective. You will LOVE having chickens!

      • UCG,
        My prepping spurts are usually a reaction to current events as well. At some point you will start to feel more calm, knowing the items you collected can get you through a real bad situation.
        After you get that freezer filled you can start pressure canning! It is so much easier than it sounds and the home canned soups, stews, and other miscellaneous entrees are delicious!

        • Urbancitygirl says:

          Patti, although I’ve only had the freezer for 3 months. I filled it quickly with hams and meats I got good deals on. And also rice. With the freezer I was excited that I could buy larger bags of rice because they could fit. I also keep several jugs of water in there as well, just in case of a power failure (we have them often, more so in the summer though). We have a generator.

          I grew up water bath canning and freezing food, but never pressure canned. I do have the supplies (just acquired) for pressure canning, but haven’t taken the leap. Nervous I guess. So, I decided that I could at least fill up on meat and worse case scenario, start pressure canning if things go sour. Although, I’d be much smarter to just get over myself and plunge in so that I could really get more on hand.

          We are serious about our meat, big time carnivores. I would also like to learn to smoke meats, dehydrate, jerky. We have a dehydrator but I haven’t progressed past fruit and herbs.

          • This is an excellent opportunity to buy corned beef because stores stock it for St. Paddy’s Day. I’ll be shopping for mark-downs so as to stock the freezer. If you just purchased 12 packages you could have corned beef monthly, and make reuben sandwiches with leftovers.

  56. I love this website for ideas and motivation. As previously mentioned, I love to check in several times a day when possible.
    For the last month or so, I have felt a strong need to greatly expand my food prep and made significant progress this last week. At local Schuncks, found 4 lb bags of a discontinued white rice, black beans, and pinto beans for only $1. What a preppers bargain! Bought 32 lbs of both beans and 16 lbs of rice. Sealed them up in Mylar bags, along with additional bags of Mac noodles, potato flakes, and pancake mix. Called several other prepper friends and they two stocked up. Topped it off with an order to EE for their 6 #10 cans of dehyd meats in their 24 hour sale. Will split order with sister. They are running a good sale on canned
    dehyd vegt if anyone is interested.
    Also added another 7 gal water jug for basement. I immediately criticized my self once I got home, for not buying more because this is a weakness area for me.
    Last week, made a trip to Chicago. For work, will need to make this trip 1-2 times a month and haven’t created a BOB to travel with. My country mouse self hates going in there and I can’t see why anyone would want to live there. To each his own but I pray I never get caught in there and have to get out quick. I need to really focus on that this week.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Chicago is bad, we used to live in one of the suburbs. If I had to go there I would try to learn the neighborhoods I had to travel in, and the neighborhood on either side. Things change quickly from block to block. There are clusters of blocks where English is not spoken. Watch your comfort factor as you drive through different areas, and find an alternate route you may need to use in an emergency. It will take several trips to get a feel for the safety factor of each area and decide where you need to find alternate paths of escape. After dark, especially in the summer there are areas where cops didn’t stop us as we slowly ran red lights, knowing thugs would come out from between buildings if we stopped the car.
      This was 25 years ago when things were still relative civilized. Now, crooks know its illegal for you to carry a gun.

    • Schametti says:

      I hit my two year prepping anniversary when I realized that my husband takes busy trips all over town, and that surely, he would be out when and if TSHTF for real, so it was just two weeks ago that I got his get home bag all set up with ration bars, and a first aid kit, space blankets, hothands, etc.. I need to get him a new knife to put in there, and maybe some pocket money, in case he needs it to help get him home.. But don’t feel too bad about not having your bag yet, you’ll get it. Chicago.. *Shudder* We live a few hours outside there, and I’ve been a few times, but not by choice. Terrifying on it’s own in regular times, I cannot imagine it in a disaster situation. Be safe.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Was talking with #1 son this morning about prepping . He lives north of Milwaukee in God’s country. He said he and kids would head to Alabama, where we are, if SHTF. But we, DH and I, told him he would be safer to stay there simply because of good food and water supply and he would never make it past Milwaukee, much less, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville or Birmingham. We have family in the country there who are quite resourceful.
        Big cities give me the creeps in the best of times.

        One thing I added to GHB that some don’t think about was a cheap hearing aide/ amplifier. If I am going to be on the ground, I want every advantage.

        • Schametti says:

          I’m sure it’s lovely up there. Sometimes I wish I were in a more rural area. We are in a pretty good mid-size city, but on the outskirts. So there are still entirely too many people around me, but not mass droves of them, at least. We can’t really afford to pick up and move, and our family is scattered around here, so I’m not sure we’d want to, even if we could. I’m hoping all the same though, that my mom (and her husband), will head my way when TSHTF though.. I worry about her, and aside from the preps I’ve given her, they’re definitely not ready for anything major happening, and I’m sure I could always use the hands in the garden at that point in time, if we’re pretty much living off of it. The future sounds scary no matter where we are though, I guess. Here’s hoping we all make it through ok.

        • Tactical G-ma, I grew up in Milwaukee and there is no way I would leave anywhere north of the city in SHTF if it meant going around Chicago. 294 80, etc are dead stand stills on normal days and nites. Those roads would be cemeteries in a disaster. For anyone prepared, the North
          Shore of Milwaukee on north should be fine. Especially compared to bugging out past Chicago.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Son is just outside of Appleton. Plenty of dairy and cattle and corn and wild life. I think it will be a good place.

  57. Urbancitygirl says:

    I like the pictures. Not only motivating, but sometimes eye candy too

  58. Having mixed feelings of envy and anger that so many people are able to work in their gardens already. LOL. We still have snow everywhere and I can’t wait to start working more outside

    • Hiplains says:

      I’m with ya, TRfire! Snowed again this am but now blue sky is showing thru. Re-reviewed my garden plans but that’s as far as it goes.
      Good news is that I can start seeds indoors the last week of this month.

    • TRfire, I thoroughly understand. We, too, had snow again this morning. Spring arrives, winter returns, spring, winter, …. We can see the overall warming effect, though. My MIL even has some flowers poking their heads up through the ground. Hopefully you will have fewer bugs with so much cold/snow this year. We can use this time to plan what to put in and where.

  59. Wild Weasel says:

    Economy has been tough and had to take on a part time job. Starting working at a friends LGS selling parts and offering gun services. Help him out with sales also so it’s a win win for both of us. Have talked him into starting to be more than just a gun store and start leaning towards more prepping items, we will see how it goes. He did make some changes adding shelving and also expanding the showroom. Had to scale back preps do to financial stress but continue to be diligent in everything we can. Garden may have to go on hold this year we will see how the next few weeks pan out. Everyone keep a watchful eye out there is change in the air.

    • Hiplains says:

      Not much this week here. Made a week’s worth of bread for 3 households – I’m getting this gluten free thing down. Stocked up some essential oils and inventoried wound care stuff. Thanks to this board sourced some cheap water barrels to store & make rain barrels out of next week.
      Question: I have a shed out back that I want to keep some of the 55 gal water barrels in. I can insulate the heck out of it but winter temps will freeze the water for sure….If I fill only 3/4 full and set up a heat lamp (chicken coop type) for really cold nights, do you all think it’s possible to keep the barels from being damaged? There is some passive solar gain during the day. Thanks for your thoughts! Curly Bull, still prayin’ for ya’ll. Blessings to everyone!

      • Hiplains:

        I got introduced to gluten free home made English Muffins this week. I need to find the form she used, as my Spring project is to start baking with real wheat (I finally got an electric mill). They tasted a little heavy, and needed a little help from some creamery butter, but were otherwise quite good.

        • Jp – I think tuna fish cans cut out both top and bottom on cookie sheet might work

        • Hiplains says:

          Gad Zooks, I love english muffins!! Would appreciate the recipe! I’ll try real hard not to keep them all to myself 😉

      • Hiplains,

        I wonder if you can’t get one of those bubble makers you use in 5 gallon buckets for shrimping.

        • Fishing supply houses have the bubblers, DH has them for the bait tanks on his boat. He also has a full size medical oxygen tank to refill the smaller ones. Aquarium supplies too.

        • Hiplains says:

          BB- Huh? land-lubber here. I don’t know what you mean

          • Hiplains,

            There these little things you can get at Walmart to add oxygen to buckets so shrimp can breath. They are cheap and they would keep the water moving slightly so it would be less likely to freeze.

      • I also live in a frigid climate. Last year I put 4 55 gallon plastic barrels in the garage. I filled then to about 50 gallons or about 4 inches from the top. I also tried the coop lamp in hopes of keeping them from freezing solid. Well they did freeze solid but the ice never reached all the to the bungs. The heat lamp did nothing. It did take until May for the barrels to thaw completely. While it was nice to have 200 gallons of water in reserve, I question the worth of having 200 gallon ice cubes. I changed over to bottled water cases.

        • Donna in MN says:

          Using smaller bottles or freezing ice cubes to store in cold winter climates are better than a 55 gallon ice chunk. The bottles and cubs can be thawed inside easily as long as your home is heated when SHTF.

          My winter BOB has a couple bottles of water, but it would be kept in my coat pocket next to my body to keep from freezing. My car winter BOB has a pot and small cooker, since kept in freezing weather, I have ice and snow everywhere to melt.

    • Schametti says:

      I wondered about this too. My spring plans.. include getting a corner of the garage cleaned out for our (currently single), but hopefully soon, a second.. 55 gallon water drum. Our garage is attached, and I plan on putting them against the shared wall of the kitchen, so I’ve been wondering myself, if I would get giant blocks of ice. I mean, I suppose, even if we did, we’d be able to use the water eventually.. I can’t put two giant water drums in my house… already hubby has our two steel trahcan made faraday cages in the house, which drives me crazy, because he’s worried about his generator getting too cold in the garage, lol… Oi. Men and their babies, lol.

      • Schametti says:

        Do you think my barrels might have a CHANCE of not freezing through the winter though, if they’re against a semi-warm-ish wall in an attached garage? I can’t decide if this is a good idea, or a terrible one, lol…. I hate making mistakes, but I don’t know where else I could put them.

        I have 60 gallons of 7x each jugs in my prepping pantry as it is, so that wouldn’t be our only water or anything. I have a katadyn pocket filter, four water straws.. about a hundred packs of 4 ounce water pouches..

        Water makes me nervous. I KNOW it’s the one thing we’re all going to HAVE to have.. fret fret fret, lol.

        • I know my concrete brick wall retains a tremendous amount of heat. Then again, I am in so cal, so it never gets all that cold.

          • Hiplains says:

            Thanks for your thoughts. Water is a real concern for me as town water availability is a risk (plus I use a berkey everyday to make it drinkable now) and out of town the well is so deep that I have yet to find a hand pump that will work. Water takes up a lot of space! Argh. I melted snow a plenty before but summers here anymore are very, very dry.
            patti – oh yeah! I use my concrete block walls for a heat sink for my heat-loving veggies. It cools off here a lot at night in summer so the heat radiates back out onto them. Funny how you look at everything differently – and see multiple uses of common things!

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        S, I recall, or I’m making this up, not too sure which, but don’t you have an underground shelter for storms? That should be below freezing. Water definitely freezes in the garage for us here. And this winter there is no getting around it. I empty my rain barrels late fall, and my winter water plans are to use what I have stored in the house and melting snow. But I do want to get a couple barrels filled and put in my basement. I’ve earmarked that job and expense for this spring or early summer.

        For our cars, I have water stored in a medium size cooler. I recheck my car emergency stash spring and fall. The cooler
        also holds several other emergency items, including a small stove.

        • Hiplains says:

          UCG, just a suggestion – make sure you have a drain in the basement you can drain the barrels into if you need to move them or change out the water.

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            Good suggestion! Crud, just took a look down there. Will have some reorganization to do, but would totally make sense. Sometimes my eyes just don’t see the obvious!

        • Schametti says:

          UCG, Yup! I have the storm shelter. Unfortunately, it’s pretty small, just a little circular hole really. My DH and our boys, (two small shihtzu dogs, lol), will fit comfortably, should a tornado come through, and force us down there for some time, but it’s not really big enough to store things in. I have an emergency backpack down there, with a couple days of food, water, and supplies for the four of us, in case, as bad luck sometimes dictates.. something heavy falls on the door, and we can’t get out for a little while.. (and don’t worry, the fire department knows we have the shelter, and are meant to check, if there is damage, yadda yadda.. Not that my mom wouldn’t come after me first if something like that happened). ANYWAY, wow, I’m talkative today, lol… the shelter is only big enough for our bodies, in an emergency and not for water storage, though I sooooo wish I had a bunker for storing supplies, etc. I know bunkers have their reputations, but I don’t care, I want one, haha… Alas.. maybe one day…

  60. Week 3-thanks to the pack for all the info
    4 more cases of water and a rain barrel-need to get a purification system-river is VERY close-any suggestions would be appreciated
    Lots of asst candles from thrift store at a nickel a piece
    Dozen asst spices
    5 more Bear Creek soups
    3 more peanut butter and jams
    5 pounds pasta
    5 jars tomato sauces
    3 more each canned tuna chicken turkey and ham
    8 bread mixes
    6 cans pie fillings
    Case of asst veggies
    Case of asst fruits
    2 buckwheat pancake mixes from the Amish
    Maple syrup
    5 boxes cream of wheat
    2 boxes crackers
    Toilet paper kleenex plastic utensils
    2 cast iron frying pans- griddle-fried chicken pan-and a Dutch ovenfor $10 each
    Also picked up latex gloves and two more cashmere sweaters at thrift store and a book “1001all natural secrets to a pest free property”

    • themem:

      Looks like a great week!

      If you can get some Augason Farms Creamy Wheat cereal you might want to try it. We found we like it better than boxes Cream of Wheat from the grocery, and if my math was right, cheaper. And it is already in #10 cans for putting up.

      • JP -thank you – I’m prepping for one and still new to this. Three weeks ago I didn’t have a week of food in the house. Let alone more than a case of water. Have to say a HUGE thank you to MD and the pack – wish I started so much sooner.

    • themem,

      You might look into getting a Berkey water filter. You can also check the Texas Baptist Men’s Association filter–they send them to villages in developing countries and bring them in after hurricanes and such.

      • BamBam
        Will do – Berkeley looks good but I read some problems with filters, will check out the other. Thanks.

        • theme,
          The other one is the just water filter. You can buy them at cheaper than dirt or amazon in the 30-40 dollar range (complete with a spigot), so much cheaper than Berkey.
          All you need to make a Berkey type system is two plastic food grade buckets, which are usually available locally at Home Depot.

        • rthemem,

          Get one from a reputable source like Jeff the Berkey Guy. His ad should be somewhere on this site.

    • Schametti says:

      Aww a baby-prepper. *Pinches your cheek*
      :):) I am proud of you, and welcome to the pack.

      I didn’t see you the first two weeks, or I would have said sooner.

      I love crackers, and I always want to buy them to add to my preps. I have a couple boxes in there, but worry about getting too many.. Have you ever had stale crackers? (Not the kind that are just chewy, but the kind where something goes horribly, chemically wrong?! 🙁 Where it tastes like bitter rubbing alcohol?). I don’t know what happens to crackers sometimes, but they can go NASTY and much sooner than I ever thought they could. I’ve had cheese crackers go bad in my regular kitchen pantry, that were only.. maaaaybe six months old. So strange. I wonder what happens to them sometimes. I’m rambling… Sorry, haha. :):)

      • Schametti,
        The prudent homemaker has lot of frugal recipes, including ones for crackers. You might just store ingredients and make them from scratch if you are a cracker fiend. 😉

      • Hiplains says:

        Yes, yes! I had some crackers that the whole family agreed tasted like diesel fuel! What in the world?! DH doesn’t buy so many boxes at a whack since then, ha! Not enough cheese or peanut butter in the world to cover THAT up :0

        • Hiplains says:

          Oh dear, not that we all have been drinking diesel now….I mean they tasted like it smells. Ah you know what I mean , right?

        • Schametti says:

          Hiplains! I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about!!! LOL. I thought for sure people would be like.. WHAT?! Haha.. I’m not sure what kind of chemical break down happens in old(er) crackers, but yeah, they’re isn’t any spread int he world that can even make that tolerable! OMG, so gross…

          Patti, I shall have to google that. It never occured to me to try making crackers from scratch, but now I am intrigued.. :):) Thanks. I’ll look and try it.

      • Eat them too fast to go bad but didi notice very short shelf.life -thanks for the welcome

      • Thanks for the welcome -even if it is two weeks late LOL and for it I offer some gardening advice.-for you potatoes dig aditch and coverup potato vine as it grows be careful sunlight on tuber will make it turn green AND POISONOUS cucumber s sound like powdery mildew recommend hog wire fencing and soaker hose or punch some holes in 2 liter and bury next to plants fill through the top sticking up out of ground. Learning bunches here-but I do know gardening. Have a great day/night

    • mindful patriot says:

      themem, I could sure use that book “…pest free”. Worked in my garden, ended up with lots of itchy red bites. Think I have chiggars(?)

      • MP -great book so far -added some to what I know. IF chiggers clear nail polish dab on and take some benadryl- will see if it says anything about how to get rid of them and will post if it does.

      • MP -great book so far -added some to what I know. IF chiggers clear nail polish dab on and take some benadryl- will see if it says anything about how to get rid of them and will post if it does.

        PF – ok here’s the recipe. 4 tablespoons of liquid dish soap , 4 teaspoons of canola oil to 1 gallon cold water spray entire area. Recommend that you do in morning and then change clothes and shower – the chiggers like to crawl up.

        • mindful patriot says:

          Thank you themem for the chigger-gitter! Funny thing…I do not know what they look like. As many bites as I have, never have seen a chigger.

  61. Patriot Farmer says:

    I added two boxes of shotgun shells and a few more freeze dried emergency meals. I am getting ready to help my son move to Texas this week. He landed a gunsmith job with an up and coming firearms manufacturer in Texas.

    While shopping this week I noticed several people with multiple shopping carts filled with cases of bottled water. I overheard one of them saying she was hoping to get 100 cases that day. It seemed pretty odd that I would see so many people buying so much bottled water on the same day. Did I miss some event?

    • PF:

      Understanding OPSEC, I would say it sounds like something regional or local, rather than national.

    • Donna in MN says:

      Weddings?—many people prefer bottled water than drinks these days. You could be seeing prepping taking off in your area too. My daugter used to be a Mtdew addict, now it’s bottled water and that takes several cases a week for her and she is one person.

  62. Started an article and hope to be able to share with you all shortly. MD’s approval of course.
    Picked up 2 bottles of Olive oil, two cans of Sausage Gravy, another can of Menudo, and a can of Baking Powder at one of those dollar stores.
    Cleaned up our pantry spreadsheet. Now instead of Green Beans, or Black Beans, or Lima Bean, all of the entries read Bean, Butter, or Bean, Navy, or Bean, Ranch with Brand names. Followed with columns for size and best buy date.
    As mentioned in an earlier post I was rear ended monday and got a check friday. Just sheet metal damage to a 16 year old truck. I have beeter uses for that money.

  63. JP in MT says:

    For those inclined to reload and would like a manual on PDF…


    It’s from 1967 but the loads are viable, although you may want to adjust for newer powders, but the price is right. It’s also the only one I’ve got on PDF so it’s now stored with those files.

  64. Snow everywhere still! Am working on ordering seeds. Got 50 # of short grain brown rice which I have maneuvered into the freezer. DH brought home 16# of corned beef and 8 # of chicken to can. He passed his general ham radio test last week and our new Baofeng radio has arrived. I will now have to start studying! Turns out many folks up here use ham instead of cell phone, and at least one of the ham frequencies connects to a phone line – holdover from the time before cell phones. We’re planning on getting rid of those expensive game boys.
    Both of us finished “One Second After” this week and talked about it. Enjoyed it immensely, mostly because I went to school in the area about 40 years ago. Oh boy, though, it really does make you think, doesn’t it?! Among other things, I realized I’ve been using our freezer incorrectly – using it as storage instead of as swing space for foods before processing. For example, the brown rice I put into it this week needs to be cooked and then dehydrated. Will have to begin working on that. Best wishes to the pack for a good week!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I never thought of cooking and dehydrating brown rice. How much longer will it last?

    • Jeanne,
      Welcome to the amateur radio fraternity. It’s a useful skill and fun hobby. Keep in mind however, that the phone patch may not be used for business purposes, so completely ridding yourselves of cell phones or landline needs to take that into account.
      Also, you’re freezer should be used for both short term storage and for food prep storage. Sometimes frozen items like meat, are better when thawed, cooked, and eaten, without the canning step in between. Also, buying some things in quantity, like bread, and freezing it, can save you money on sales or discount purchases, for food you will be eating in a normal rotation.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        OP et al.
        I buy meats when prices are good and repackage and freeze. Same with the fresh vegies we grow…into the freezer. But just before harvest each year, we go thru the freezers and cook up and can or eat all the older stuff so it doesn’t go bad. Then the process starts all over again. There are lots of dishes that canned goods taste good in. Or when last minute guests drop in, canned goods work well to stretch the meal.

        • Tactical G-Ma,
          Having to preserve food from the last harvest at the next harvest would mean that you are actually producing a surplus of at least some items, which is good news. We should all be in that position on an ongoing basis.

    • Schametti says:

      I try to suggest One Second After to all my friends. It’s a good way to try and make them think without saying, hey, you should prep. lol. I love love love the book. I read it almost a year ago, and I STILL think about it from time to time. It’s a book that really stays with you, that’s for sure.

  65. worrisome says:

    Just got off the phone with the boys at the bol. I was telling them that TG and I had a conversation on the blog about Hope and I was saying that Hope has pretty much decided that she owns the pond. So now, the official name of the pond is forever Hope’s Pond. BIL wrote it right on the map we keep in the shop.

  66. midnight1st says:

    This week I ordered, got in, and read the two books that Michelle suggested in her last article. They are fabulous and will be so much help in fighting the diseases we are up against now that will be even worse in the future. Those books are fabulous! Thanks so much Michelle for sharing them with us. Thanks also to MD for running such a helpful site and to all the members of the Pack who are so generous with their knowledge.

    After reading the books I got busy and ordered all the bulk herbs for making the recommended tinctures and the extracts for the ones I could not find in bulk. I started a bunch of new tinctures from the last herb order that I got. I also started a big batch of the herbal insect repellent made with yarrow and catnip. It’s hard to believe that the mosquitoes will soon be toting us off again after having been through the coldest winter ever.

    Cleaned off the garden and the yard beds some. Cleaned out the pond. The parrot feather had just about taken it over. Planted two kinds of lettuce, cabbage, beets, sugar snap peas, and horseradish. Also planted three nanking cherries. Pruned the plum trees and peach trees.

    In part of the house I hung blackout drapes that I bought at a hotel liquidation store. They are gorgeous. They came out of the Ritz Carlton and were probably only a year old. Each window was only $39. They were pinch pleated and were decorator fabric and when closed do not show any light from outside. I really think that I got a steal on those. I could not have made them for anywhere close to that. If you live anywhere close to one of those stores, they are really worth checking out. I intend to return and buy more for every window in the house.

    I ordered two more filters (this time the white ones) for my Berkey. I also got a great weeder from a guy that makes them. They have tines with holes drilled in them through which he put several strands of heavy duty wire. It works great and without bending to weed. The suckers just pull up by their roots.

    That’s it for the week. Prep on, Pack!

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      I’ve never been to a hotel liquidation store. It sounds like something I could have fun doing. Will need to see if I can find a location around here. I have long ago installed blackout curtains in the bedrooms that work great. But, after my wake up call to prepare, I haven’t found any that are heavy enough for my living room. I bought a pair, but they just don’t do the trick. I’ve had my eyes open to finding some for a year now without luck.

    • Schametti says:

      It seems I missed a great article by Michelle. I’m going to have to try to find it. That’s what I get for only participating in the WDYDTPTW thread, and not peeking my head outside for the rest of the articles, lol.

      • Hiplains says:

        Sch – def! Sooo much info to learn and it is um, shall we say, “lively” at times!

        • Schametti says:

          Haha I have seen mention of the… fighting that’s been going on. So in THOSE cases, I’m glad to be well out of it. I don’t handle confrontation well, and like the kiddie pool version of skirmishes, thanks…. But don’t want to miss out on good herb and tincture info, so Imma have to go timidly forth and try to find them, lol.

          • midnight1st says:

            That article was about two weeks ago – maybe not quite that long. or maybe just a bit longer. It was an article that was addressing the flu, particularly the cytokine storm. It was written by Michelle and edited by Bam Bam.

  67. Spinach coming up. Cabbage, cauliflower, and brocolli in along with a long list of other plants in the cole family. Bought more potatoes than I have even planted at one time and plan to buy some and plant some more closer to June for winter storage.

    Neighbor and I are working together to prepare present gardens for both properties and layout what needs done to greatly expand garden area ASAP. Crops will feed his two families on his land and a total of 7 family members of mine living in town. Still adding more trees and berries to the orchard. To cover what I have, I am getting my nursery up and running on top of prepping. Everyone around here knows I propagate landscaping plants in the summer and broker berry plants this time of year. You would be amazed at how many fruit producing plants I can intermingle with my saleable stock. Retiring is no excuse to rock all day on the porch or watch TV for hours. 74 coming up first week in April. I have a lot of upper back pain, but moving helps. Getting out of bed in the morning can be a real pain in every sense of the word.

    Completed 4 annual checkups of late; 3 just this week. Diabetes still very much controlled. A1C dropped again to 5.6. If you can get your chronic conditions under control and reduce or be able to quit taking meds, you will be much better off when the SHTF. After having controlled diabetes (oral meds and an A1C of 6.4) for 15 years, it is good knowing I have been in the normal range for 2 years now. Getting healthy is important. Also had eyes and feet checked. Both are doing great even with the diabetes.

    The neighbors are a young couple with 2 little boys and a girl on the way. The couple always helped in his mom’s garden. She left the state with a new friend and a new lady, friend of the family for 30 years, has moved into mom’s house. She is a city girl wanting to be a real country girl. Spent this week teaching how to plant seeds and walking her through the old garden giving her ideas. The neighbors, both houses, are young people with strong backs and owners of big equipment useful in clearing new garden areas on both of our properties. Our trade offs are my skills; garden and food prep and their physical and mechanical help. With the probability of food shortages later this summer, I told them to let me know what food they still had to buy even with his mother’s big garden. Top of the list was celery. Ask youself the same question for your garden this year. BTW: Michelle and Bam Bam, the new lady is interested in herbology. I have gotten her into some books. Looking around for some formal classes.

    I agree on world situation. Do what you can. Garden this year with CA being in a drought. Put back what you can. Learn new ways to grow things; raised beds, intensive, vertical, container, etc. Look at ways to have produce 12 months a year. Read Carol Depp’s book on Sustainable Gardeners. Grow storable staples with lots of calories.

    Take care, one and all. Do not stress but keep your goals in sight.

    • Right now, Rosemary Gladstar is selling her herbal classes for $275. I bought both on line and printed, as I wanted the printed for – forever, and the Internet one in case there is something in it that is not in the printed version. Both classes were $425, but so far, reading the printed one while waiting for new tires to be installed on the car, and waiting at the laundry mat for a king sized quilt to dry, the printed course is very good.

      If you want the link, I’ll send it to you.

      I also have an Ayurvedic and herbal class I am taking from Evergreen Herb gardens. That one is about $400. You can find a bunch of classes on the Mountain Rose Herb site under herbal education, and MRH give herbal students a 25% discount.

      For Californians, if you are planning to grow any grains, consider Sorghum/Milo. It is very drought tolerant, and the left over leaves can be used for animal feed. Come to think of it, Amaranth (a kissing cousin of pigweed) is also very drought tolerant and it’s leaves also good for both pets and people. I threw out a bunch 2 years ago, and the ones I thinned out were either used as a potherb or given to the chickens.

  68. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Pack,

    TGMa, Sis hasn’t passed yet. Monday she will be unplugged if there has been no change. She’s a tough ole gal and it’s all up to her and the Good Lord. She may make the journey home or she may do like a friend of mine did in 1968, spit in the doctor’s face and stay around for a while.

    Visited with Sis a little while this morning, then Jack and I went to the Gun Show in Longview. All prices were high. Saw plenty of 22LR. The cheapest was $60 for the 525 box of Remington Thunderbolt.

    Ya’ll remember the GI water can that has been behind the driver’s seat of my old truck for 2 ½ years. I promised a taste test. Well, day-before-yesterday I drank about 12oz of it. Had a wee bit of what I would call a plastic taste, but otherwise ok. Hasn’t made me sick yet, therefore I believe it to be good. I will, however, empty, rinse, and refill all 6 (H2O in the other 5 is only a year old). Tap water has chlorine in it and the OD green container prevents sunlight from getting to the water.

    OH, I did pick up a clamp-on bipod and butt pad for my AR. The pad isn’t for recoil; it’s to add a little length.

    That’s it for the week. Sure wish I could’ve made it to Deer Lick Creek, but maybe next time. Besides, my translator wouldn’t have been there.

    Be Blessed and Keep Prepping,

  69. Heads Up: Cabelas has 50 rounds Federal 9 mm for $14.99. I just ordered 1000 rounds. This is the best price I’ve seen in a while.

  70. hello everyone,
    This week I decided that I need my own tractor. Planning to make a “hobbit hole” by using a big culvert that would be placed on the ground and then covered with dirt. Depending on who is asking, it will be the kids’ play place, a root cellar or fallout shelter. Can’t dig down as there is just too much water down there. With my tractor, I would also like to push snow, push in and pull out fence posts (depending on my mood), cut grass, pull the kids in a big wagon out to our cabin, move fire wood, and so much more. Every time I hire someone to do work, I feel uncomfortable with their presence in my house/yard. Op-sec is my biggest challenge so I’m looking to create a bit of privacy by doing more for myself. Been thinking that a Kubota B series might do the trick – any advice from people who have small tractors?


    • Surviving in Ky says:

      B, Not sure what you are looking for but I have a New Holland. It is 30 horse and 4 wheel drive. It’s good tractor for a do it yourselfer. I’ve used it to move snow, plow the garden with a roda hole and bush hawg about 8 acres. I would like to get a bucket attachment for the front end but those are kindly pricey. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you Surviving in Ky, I’m in research mode so every bit of information helps.

        • Donna in MN says:

          I had a Simplicity mower with a plow attachment. You will need chains for your wheels to plow snow if you have a lot of it, especially if there is ice.

    • Texanadian says:

      I have a John Deere 2520 4×4 25 horse that works great on my place. It has a front end loader box blade and post hole digger. I bought it as a package and it is a life saver. Also happens to be for sale if you are near Houston. We have sold our property and are moving back to Canada.

    • We have a John Deere 4720 and it’s a real good size for our 27 acres. We have the bush hog, hay spear,front bucket, disk harrow, box blade. and hole auger. We had the back hoe and had no use for it until we sold it (always the case).
      With it we have taken our 27 acres of Forrest and turned it into a small farm w/gardens, pastures and riding arena.

      DH hasn’t had any trouble with it and says the maintenance is easy,, he does it all himself. Some of the attachments we bought used and the only thing a pain in the butt to get on is the bush hog, that takes two of us.

      Hope this helps your research and doesn’t just muddy the water,

    • Granny Em says:

      We have a Kubota B2920 with a tiller and bucket, new last Spring. It has worked well for us and we plan to get a backhoe and snow blower as money allows. We used it all summer and haven’t quite used up the diesel that it came with. Wish there was a way to convert it to natural gas, though !

    • Babycatcher says:

      We bought a Kubota 3300 series when we moved here 9 yrs ago. Bought the trailer to haul it on, got the front end loader, and a Woods 3pt boom and 9 inch auger and a yard box(in case we needed to make a driveway) and a renovator. We have used the heck out of it and it’s still going strong. It needs some hydraulic work now, but we would not have this farm where it is today without it! In the first six weeks, we planted 20 fruit trees, several hundred perennial and bulb holes( we brought 300 varieties of plants with us from Virginia and only had 6 weeks before cold set in), blackberry bed, raspberries, blueberries, and a number of trees and shrubs. It’s also our lawn mower. Like I said, a real workhorse. We have also plowed the garden with it using the renovator, because it has turf tires on it and it’s too expensive for the tractor tires and wheels. I’ll use the money I would have spent on that for a walking plow and work harness for the Morgans. They can do it…

  71. Cytokine herb mixture.

    I have 16 bags of the herb mixture I can sell over and above what I need for my family.

    By the time I added it all up, it comes to $15 per bag, including shipping in the US. If you are somewhere other than the US, you’ll need to contact me for shipping rates.

    Each bag of powdered herbs would make 1 quart of tincture once you add your alcohol. It will be slightly stronger than a usual tincture, because there are so many herbs in the mixture instead of 1 cup for a quart, I put 1-1/4 cups.

    I will include an instruction sheet and a list of the herbs. All the herbs are roughly the same amount – I mixed 1 lb of each of the herbs – it was a huge batch. If you’d like to make your own, you can get the list from the flu article from a couple weeks ago.

    If you are interested, or want more information, contact me at [email protected], and I’ll get your address and tell you how to pay me.

    If there are more people interested than I have herbs, and I get enough additional requests, I can order more herbs, but there would be an extra week or two lead time for me to order the herbs and get them in.

    • Dibs on two. Michele, I just emailed you.

    • Dibs on two for me, please. I will email now.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Emailing you right now

    • OK guys, I’m getting close to out of this batch. I will fill them first come first served (except for one person who asked not to use paypal, and I’m holding his order) If you are still interested in ordering, be sure you put your address in the email, so I can send you an invoice via paypal (you can use it to pay whether or not you have a paypal account) and how many you’d like. The $15 is inclusive of both tax (there is no tax – I live in Oregon) and shipping is included.

      Also be sure you let me know if I run out if you want to be put on the waiting list, and if you do, I’ll keep you informed.

      • Schametti says:

        What is this tincture for, Michelle? I needs to read your article STAT. Do you have the link handy by chance? :):)

        • Hiplains says:

          Sch – put Cytokine in search in the upper corner and it will take you to the article!

      • I just paid. Thanks so much!

      • I have two invoices out that are not paid yet, but essentially, all herb packets are gone.

        I will re-order right away, since there does seem to be interest, so let me know if you are interested in being on the waiting list.

        Right now, since I’m just starting out, I will keep your names and addresses, but will NOT send an invoice for payment until I have the herbs in. Last time, it did not take long, but I’ll keep anyone who wants to be on the wait list informed.

    • I want two bags. Email me please for address and paypal info. Many,. many thanks for all your hard work and great information.

  72. huckleberrylady says:

    DH and I went through and inventoried our ammo and figured out what we needed to get more of. Lots of some, not enough of others, but a good idea of what to focus on in the coming months.
    Ordered 3 bottles of antibiotics, hopefully will get those this week. Talked to a friend of mine who is a pharmacist and was told I could call in my prescriptions on the 21st day after my last refill to have my scripts refilled. So I marked out my calendar of when to call in the refills. Within 4 months I will have an extra months worth.
    That was it for the week, have a great week pack!

  73. Survivor says:

    Got the 20 HP engine for the sawmill mounted last night. Have about 2 more hours of welding and then we go operational. First thing to build are solar kilns. Trying to work out of town and get stuff accomplished really puts a damper on preps….

  74. Surviving in Ky says:

    Hello MD and Pack, Nice pics MD! Hope everyone is doing well. Made a run to Sam’s and the Container Store. Picked up 4 more ammo boxes but was disappointed they were out of the olive oil barrels. They said to check back in three to four weeks. They were also out of the steel 55 gal. barrels. I guess my cache project will have to wait. Stocked up at Sam’s
    15 lbs. hamburger- repackaged and put in freezer
    15 lbs. pork chops- repackaged and put in freezer
    10 lbs. baby back ribs- repackaged and put in freezer
    80 count of swiffer
    pods for dish washer
    12 cans of coffee- Love Coffee!
    8 cans of chilies and peppers for chili
    Kitchen garbage bags
    Large lawn garbage bags
    Poured part of the concrete piers to redo handy port in order to park camper and tractor in. Cut down an old apple tree and some bushes that had got out of hand for DM. Ordered an adjustable stock and single point sling attachment for the sks I picked up. Got this after I lost all my other guns in a boating accident. Weather was great yesterday! Getting set for more of ol man winter. Sleet and 3 inches of snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Did I tell you all, I hate winter! That’s about it from here Pack. Take care and God Bless. And as RR would say, keep stacking it high.

    • riverrider says:

      ribs, chops, burgers? yum, when’s the cook out?

      • Surviving in Ky says:

        Good to hear from you River. Come on down, I’m partial to the ribs. DGF believes that is all I want when we go out. Can’t help it, love them baby backs! lol

  75. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Ok, let’s get this straight! I never called MD a poser. I said that there are posers with websites, blogs, etc., who are scammers. In a SHTF scenario they would be outed immediately.


    • Tactical G-Ma,

      I don’t know–he did write an article on cross dressing. 🙂

    • JP in MT says:


      I just don’t see him in poofy pants, knee highs, and a skinny sword.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        JP in MT
        I know that even the Air Force taught you how to use a dictionary. Would it have sounded better if I said M D was a true Polymath?

        I may be a hillbilly but I know a few 25 cent words. So cut me some slack ok? Sheesh!

        • JP in MT says:


          That dictionary thing might be true, but when would a grunt (especially a REMF grunt like me) take educational advise from a Zoomie? I usually had to strain my eyes real good to see one.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I thought you were AF. You were Army? I was Navy. But you worked in the elephant cage right?

            • Curley Bull says:

              JP, back off on my translator. I don’t care if she was a swabie. She’s OK in my book. You get her all upset and I’ll never learn Bammy Talk.

              BTW, what unit were you with and when? If you’re an old guy we might have crossed paths.


  76. Nothing added this week. I did work on my prepping binder though. There were so many things printed out and sitting here waiting for the hole punch. Now the binder is finally organized! Also reorganized my prep closet. Have to add one more set of shelves and then there’ll be another reorganizing party. Sometimes I get in there and feel just a bit overwhelmed. I seriously need to work more on my inventory spreadsheet. Once that’s done I think that will help.

    And if I didn’t have that Klondike song in my head before… it’s there now! Thanks! LOL!

    • Schametti says:

      Baahahaha.. What did you doooOOOoooo to prep this week. :):) I have infected everyone like a virus. You.. are.. welcome.. lol.

      I need to get more ink, asap.. so I can print more things. I got suckered into buying a couple ebooks, by a guy named Frank Mitchell, called “Family Survival System” and “Advanced Water Survival System.” He made it sound like the info was better and more fabulous than anything you can find free on the internet already.. haha. I fall for those every time… lol.

      Anyway.. I always feel like I got more for my money if I print them out. So I need to get a hole punch, and a binder too, so I can put these in there. PRIMARILY.. these books are just about skills skills skills. Knowledge and Skills are better than any prep or tool you can put away. I agree with that, buuuut I still think the food I put away, and the tools will be invaluable. So.. yeah. I wish I had people’s email addresses here. I would just email this to everyone, so I REALLY felt that I got my money’s worth from them, haha.

      • JP in MT says:


        Binders are great, but if you have a lot of documents, we went with a spiral binder. The machine punches rectangular hole along the spine, you put heavy clear plastic covers on front and back, that the circular plastic binding holds the pages together. Our Staples store will also bind thing that way for you.

        • Hiplains says:

          I have so much info it’s overwhelming. Do you all have a method for putting it all into hard copy that doesn’t make you crazy??

          • Schametti says:

            About this time last year I though, spontaneously, HEY, I want to build an aquaponics farm. So I bought an Ebook on it, printed all 100+ pages of it out, took one look at it, got overwhelmed and stuck the whole darn stack of paper into the closet. I still don’t know what I was thinking, lol.. I hate ebooks. I want REAL books. I wish the people who sold you EBooks, at least had an OPTION for a cheaply made, printed version.. even if it’s just a print out that’s been bound, hey I’m okay with that. Ink is darn expensive. :/ lol…..

        • You do know that Office Depot, Staples, etc..will take the reams of paper you purchase and drill holes in them with out even removing the wrappers for a small fee. That’s what it’s called when doing it in bulk like that. If you must buy a 3 hole punch, get one that handles more than just a couple of pages at a time. You can also get file folders with metal thingies at the top, like what some doctors use, those work well with recipes. I have a Holiday recipe file, a canning recipe file (with notes for changes in seasonings, etc, and for what I call my go-to recipes), and most important of all, one for the instruction books for pressure canner, the electric turkey fryer, and other assorted small appliance manuals. I also keep a binder with the large appliances, hvac, aw heck, anything to do with the house INCLUDING paint chips, name of color and the formula for the paint, interiors especially. Most of the retailers change the names on their colors every couple of years. Generally the retailer puts a label on the can with the info in it. I write it on the back of the paint chip immediately so it’s not obliterated by paint. I also make sure I have at least a quart made up to stash as well. Came in handy when the DGS decided to use the wall to practice writing his H’s with a black Sharpie. Yes, I am a hardware brat. My DH still is astounded when I ask him, fine thread or coarse when he sends me to pick up nuts and bolts… Daddy was a hardware salesman for a wholesale company and then bought his own store. Anyway, keeping all that stuff with dates purchased and receipts makes it easy to figure out the customer service numbers, etc, like when my 4 yr old fridge went out last month…and had to get a new one because the one part that went out was not being made anymore, and was not going to be again. Soooo, lesson learned, buy from companies based in the US!

          • Shai – I have a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer from 1971 or 1972 and a freezer from 1970 – both are by Kenmore. When we had the repair/maintenance guy out to work on something else from Sears, he said we should keep the 40+ year old appliances because they are repairable and made better than the new stuff.

            • Older is always better. I use to tell my husband that all the time— but I really don’t think he believed me.

          • Petnumber1 says:

            Shai, you and I must be twins! 🙂 I, too, put all my electronics/appliance/home decor/software/hardware/etc. instruction manuals and receipts in binders. When I bought my house, the previous owner had done that, and left the binder on the counter with a sweet note. Best idea ever!

            Also, you can buy paper already 3-hole-punched and print stuff out on it already punched. Staples has it, and I’m sure Office Max/Office Depot do too. Here is Staples’ selection: http://www.staples.com/hole+punched+paper/directory_hole+punched+paper

            • Petnumber1,
              Along with stashing the instruction booklets an receipts for new items, I always find the pdf version, download it, and store on a computer that gets backed up frequently. Unless something catastrophic happens, we should all have some kind of computer or ebook reader still working if we can manage enough power to keep it charged. Even an alternater on a bicycle could potentially do this.

      • I’ve downloaded a couple free ebooks, they’ve all been nothing I couldn’t have found online, too. And I can’t print off my kindle so they may be of no use in a SHTF situation. Hence, the binders. I seem to have binders for everything. Only remember buying two. I put them in a dark closet and the dang things multiplied! Hahaha!

      • Babycatcher says:

        Because we didn’t have TV then, I had no idea what you guys were talking about with the Klondike song. Just watched the commercial (1983) on YouTube…now I’m hooked. Thanks! 😉

        • Schametti says:

          Wow, 1983, I couldn’t remember what year it was. OMG I’m older than I thought.. haha..

  77. Howdy Pack!

    This week I was able to do quite a bit of exterior scraping and painting on my house trim and did one coat on one side of it. This is so I can re-fi and spend my money on prepping and living instead of stupidly high bank interest. The alternative if I can’t refi is to put the house up for sale, and use whatever profit there might be from selling it to get out of the city. I might be looking for a 1031 exchange property to buy if I decide to do that, so the IRS doesn’t recapture my depreciation. I’m hoping for mixed use so I can have business zoning, and owner financing with no underlying mortgages so I don’t have a bank involved. Sometimes people with these kind of properties get old and need to sell, but face a big depreciation recapture or estate taxes/new basis and you can help them not have a giant tax bill if you structure it right. The downside is then you’re stuck in their shoes, so you want to make sure you’ll make money off it and not end up trapped in that town forever. The difference is often just health and knowledge.

    My taters I started indoors are all around 9 inches tall now. Soon I’ll put them outside. I saw a scheme to get a lot of potatoes in 4 sq. feet and I’m going to try it this year along with the usual thing I do. You build a bin 2×2 feet and add boards to it and fill with dirt as the plants get taller, burying half the plants every time they get a foot tall. I’ve always just stuck them in the ground and got 3-4 taters or so off each plant, so this will be different. If it works, then I have more square feet to plant corn or tomatoes or whatever. I have some rough on one side cedar planks I scored out of a dumpster last year, that I might use for that.

    All that ladder time is making my legs sore, so I guess I’m getting PT in without really thinking about PT.

    I just heard about a decluttering challenge called 40 bags in 40 days. You clean one little area of your house up per day and try to get a bag worth of stuff you don’t want from it, for 40 days. I think I will try it.

    Otherwise, I’ve just been getting my books ready for tax prep. I’m reconciling now, so almost done. Today it is supposed to snow so I am not going to be painting outdoors. Perfect for paperwork and decluttering. If it warms up past freezing later in the day I’ll do some cement repair.

    I think that’s it.

    • Schametti says:

      Hey PP. I’ve seen that Potato Tower method, I want to try it, but I’m not too overly skilled with wood, so I’m not sure I’d be able to pull it off. But it looks awesome. I would love to get triple the potatoes out of the same amount of space.

      I have to figure out what to do with my cucmbers this year. They did terrible last year. I tried putting them in a pallete container garden, and I don’t know if they got too much water, or not enough water, or if I didn’t have the kind of trellis they liked, but it went all wrong, so I’m going to have to google something better for them this year.. lol. I love cucumbers, so it made me super sad last year. They got this powdery mildew looking stuff ALL over their leaves, and the cucs were white and like.. hollow almost? :/ It was bad.

      I’ve been doing the UNOFFICIAL decluttering challenge. I didn’t have a plan, or a method, but I’ve been getting stuff out of my house for months, taking loads to goodwill, and the trash, and the attic, all in the name of having more nooks and crannies to stuff preps, so I hope you do well on your 40 bag challenge, good luck. 🙂

    • Hiplains says:

      Penny P – I may have misunderstood you but in case I didn’t; you can identify a 1031 replacement anywhere in the US – you are not stuck to one town. Just like for like property and you can defer for a bit if you need to so if you find a buyer for your property, you can tie it up and then go find your replacemnt property. 1031 are a very powerful tool we still have. Best of luck to you!

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Penny Pincher,
      I started saving my large, 55lb bags from dog food to grow potatoes. Want to increase my yield and gonna roll the bags down, put in a little dirt and raise them and add dirt as the plants grow, until they reach the top. Not sure how successful I will be, but figure it’s worth a shot, plus it gives me more freedom on where to stash them.

  78. Hi everyone.
    M.D I like that you post photos and share all the great preps that you do.
    My week of prepping was mainly focused on getting organized I’m my garage. I did inventory over what I have and what I need over the next few weeks.
    I did get a few items;
    Put away 110 gallon of water in 2 EE 55 g barrels.
    Canned 14 lb of ground beef
    Pick up a real nice led flashlight
    Added mixed items to my first aid kit.
    Pick up a truck load of scrap wood from new home build sites dumpster. I chop it to fire wood PC for out door use of my solo stow.
    Added two more 30 g propane tanks to my preps , feels real good that I now have one year worth of propane for my 5th wheel in case we have to get of the grid.
    Hope everyone is well and safe

  79. 5 rounds for my flare gun
    5 Marine Flares
    2 gallon plastic gas can
    20 rounds of .270 WIN Hornady American Whitetail
    5 rounds of .410 slugs
    100 rounds of .22lr CCI
    50 rounds of 9mm 115 grain Tul Ammo FMJ
    2 15 round M1 Carbine mags
    3 ( centerfire systems sent an extra one) Belgian shelter halves
    3 20 round Sten mags
    1 15 round PT 92 mag

    I picked up almost a thousand rounds the week before, Until I buy a house I’m going to back off on everything for a bit. There’s no reason to put everything in the house I’m renting and fix it up for someone else.

  80. IndianaAli says:

    Picked up the usual few cans to the pantry, some more toilet paper and paper towels. Saturday was so nice, spend most of the day cleaning up around the place and getting a few of the raised beds ready… but unfortunately more winter is on the way here. I did plant some lettuce and onions in the cold frame planters and picked up more onion sets. We lost a hive of bees so today we cleaned that up to prepare for the new swarm we will get in the spring. Have been having very fierce winds over the past week which blew down thousands of pinecones from the tops of our trees. I’m collecting them to use as fire starters in the wood stove, just got to find a place to store them dry and keep the mice out of them.. challenge for sure. Getting a truck load of scrap together to cash in for more money toward preps maybe next week. Turned an old shed into a dedicated garden/fishing storage bld so I can finally find all the rakes, hoes, shovels, etc. Just finished gathering and hanging up the tools today. The winds blew our floating dock free of the mooring on the bank so had to drag that back and re-anchor it. Cleared out flower beds around the house, perennials are starting to come through the ground. Going to try adding some vegetables amongst the decorative plants this year as an experiment. Need to order a few more raspberry and blackberry bushes and possibly another cherry tree or plum tree. Will be getting my seed order together this week, don’t need much this time as I have some seeds saved from last year. Dehydrated some carrots I got on sale also this week. Placed an order for some essential herb oils again and some dried olive leaf after reading a blog talking about the multiple benefits. Also ordered the leaves Michelle recommended for cancer, just cannot remember the name right now. That’s about it, other than keeping an eye on the national and world events, does not look promising.
    Love this site and love the pictures MD. You are the real deal.

    • Schametti says:

      The winds have been TERRIBLE in Indiana, haven’t they? Parts of my provacy fence, (albeit not built well by the previous owners), has been blown down three times this spring already. At the moment, my stepfather has ratchet strapped it together in FIVE places, to get us through the windiest parts of the season, and hopefully this summer when they ground gets a little harder.. we can get a few panels replaced. But it’s been terrible. I would kill for a brand new fence all the way around, but when they quoted me at eleven grand, I just couldn’t manage it all at once. Oi, lol.

      • IndianaAli says:

        I am so tired of this winter weather. Sunday seemed like the worst day ever after such a nice Saturday here in Indiana. Those cold winds blowing Sunday went right through my bones. This week is looking better but going to get cold again where I am this weekend again.. BLEH! I can’t wait to get my hands into the dirt again and get to planting the garden. Come on Spring!

  81. k. fields says:

    Been making use of this fine sunny weather to construct another underground water tank before the ground gets too hard to work – drought here in CA looks to continue as the winter rains here in the north now seem to be over.
    Other than that, not a lot has been going on.
    Oh, did finally get my system cleared enough to start the graviola tea that Michele recommended. CT scan didn’t look good so it will be interesting to see what, if any, affect the graviola will have – I’ll let everyone know 6 months from now when I’ll get another set of scans and compare the rate of growth or reduction. So far, for me at least, other “natural cures” such as the turmeric M.D. recommended has had no positive effect. Hoping this one will be different.

    • Hiplains says:

      KF my heart goes out to you. Congratulations on your forward going spirit! Prayers of encouragement and healing for you.

    • I vote for GONE in 6 months! Should be close at least.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Best wishes for a complete recovery, k. fields. Stay strong.

    • mindful patriot says:

      k. fields, you are on my prayer list. I wonder if the book “Eat Right for Your Type” would be of any help.

      • k. fields says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve looked into that but for my blood type, O-, the recommendations are a diet heavy on lean meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables, and light on grains, beans, and dairy.

        All my life I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian (eggs, diary and vegetables), so though my diet is heavy on vegetables my main foods are grains, beans and diary – just the opposite of the diet’s recommendations.

        I think trying to radically change my diet as an experiment after living this way for 64 years would have more negative effects than positive (I doubt my body can even process meat at this point). I’ve always been healthy till this cancer popped up, so I feel continuing my present diet is my best course.

  82. tommy2rs says:

    Saw this on Simply Recipes and while I detest slimy green stuff (aka vegetables) I thought someone here might be able to use it.

    Nettle Soup


    1/2 large shopping bag of fresh nettle tops
    1 Tbsp olive oil
    1 teaspoon butter
    1/2 cup chopped shallots
    1/2 cup chopped celery
    1 pound of yukon gold or russet potatoes, peeled and chopped
    4 cups chicken stock
    1 to 2 cups of water
    1 bay leaf
    1 teaspoon dried thyme (or a couple sprigs of fresh thyme)
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
    2 to 3 Tbsp of heavy whipping cream


    1 Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Prepare a large bowl of ice water. Wearing protective gloves, transfer the nettle tops into the boiling water. Blanch for 2 minutes. Use tongs to lift the wilted blanched nettles out of the pot and transfer to the bowl of ice water to shock them. Strain in a colander. Cut away and discard any large stems from the nettles. (This should be easier to do now that the nettle stingers have lost their sting due to the blanching.) You should have 3 to 4 cups of blanched tender nettle tops and leaves for this recipe. Any blanched nettles not used at this point can be frozen for future use.

    2 In a 6 quart soup pot, heat the olive oil and butter on medium heat. Add the chopped shallots and celery and cook until softened, about 5 minutes.

    3 Add the chopped potatoes, the chicken stock, bay leaf, and thyme. If using unsalted or low sodium stock, add one teaspoon of salt. Bring to a simmer and simmer for 5 minutes.

    4 Roughly chop the blanched nettles. Add 3 to 4 cups of the chopped blanched nettles to the pot. Add enough water to just cover the nettles and potatoes, 1 to 2 cups. Return to a simmer and simmer for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and the nettles tender.

    5 Remove the bay leaves (and thyme sprigs if using) from the pot. Using an immersion blender or working in batches with a standing blender, purée. Return to the pot and take off the heat.

    6 Add salt to taste. Depending on the saltiness of the stock you are using, you may need to add at least a teaspoon or more to the soup. Add 1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper. Add lemon juice. Right before serving, swirl in the cream. Adjust seasonings to taste.

    Sprinkle with black pepper and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint to serve.

  83. Hi pack

    Any one have a suggestion for a good quality manual grain mill?

    • Hi Max

      There are lot of them out there sized for different budgets.

      The Cadillac of grain mills is the Country living mill
      http://countrylivinggrainmills.com/ has videos, can be “motorized” – check the site and you can see how.

      http://www.thewondermill.com/ a lot of folks buy this one

      http://www.grainmaker.com/ I have seen this one in action and tried it – very easy to use, made in Montana. If you have a Mother Earth News Fair around you, they might be there. Have models setup so you can try the different ones….and can be “motorized” – bright red

      Emergency Essentials sells several hand ones that are less
      than a 100. They are small, but good for just starting out.

      Lehman Bros (east coast) has several that you might look at. The Diamant (about 1000$)

      http://retsel.com/ made in America

      The websites have good info, videos. I know the pack has lots of info on their individual choices as well.

      Personally, I look for ease of use, ie changing stones for different grains, ability to grind different grains including oily seeds, ability to grind fine, medium, etc……and cost.

      Hope this gives you some info to start searching. Look for the TMEN fair nearest you- good info- there are other sustainability fairs all over as well.

      Good luck

  84. Petnumber1 says:

    Hi all 🙂

    I’m so disappointed bctruck hasn’t posted yet. He is the highlight of my Sundays! 🙂

    This week was all about first aid. I had spent years putting together the ultimate first aid kit to keep in my car, travel with, etc. Except now it is gone. I don’t remember the last time I saw it, so I can’t even begin to backtrack to figure out where it might be. I have a really sinking feeling that when my SIL built shelves and re-organized my garage, it might have gotten thrown away – that project took days, and towards the end, we were both just chucking stuff into the dumpster right and left.

    So I bought all the supplies to replace it (along with a few more things I didn’t have in the old one. I’m taking my best friend on a cruise next month to celebrate her retirement, which is what made me start looking for it. Oh well, this new one will be bigger and fresher than the old one….but egads, first aid stuff is expensive!

    Did a little more cleaning/re-organizing downstairs to get the storage rooms in shape. Mice got into the one storage room and decimated a big bag of rice I hadn’t sealed/bucketed yet. They also chewed through another bucket containing bags of beans. So that’s it for me and buckets. From now on, if it doesn’t come in or can be put in a #10 can or jar, I ain’t stocking it! 🙂

    Lots more to do downstairs (including deep cleaning and mouse warfare) before I’ll feel comfortable enough to start inventorying and moving stuff around. I hope SHTF waits a few more months, at least!

    Besides the first aid stuff, I stocked up on household cleaning supplies, etc. and picked up a few more cases of stuff at the LDS cannery. I love, love, LOVE that place. Also ordered chicks to arrive in early June – mostly bantams this time, but a couple of Auracanas as well.

    Still too cold to do any gardening, but next weekend, I’m going to clean out the raised beds, turn the compost-pile-on-steroids over, and pick up some more dirt to refill the beds. Studying up on the potato tower idea and trying to figure out a way to build vertical supports for the climbing veggies. The ground is so hard and clay-ey that digging holes for posts is almost impossible, so I need something that can go in the raised beds and support itself. I’m thinking of getting long, thin, PVC pipe to bend over one of the beds. Not sure – I have to figure it out in my head first and then spend some time in the PVC aisle at Home Depot. 🙂

    Hope everyone has a terrific week – praying for the ill and infirm, and heck, for all of us!

    • PetNumber1,
      I too have heavy clay soil. We are constantly adding more raised beds to grow in. As far as vertical supports goes that is something that we are working on too. If you go with the pvc get some rebar and pound that into the ground and the pvc will slide right over the rebar to help hold it in. We have part of our garden fenced in (need to finish the fence) I am building narrow raised beds on each side of the fence flowers will go on the outside and climbing veggies on the inside.

      We have a place that we can go and cut down as much bamboo as we want. We plan to use that also for climbers. Good luck and let us know about your progress.

  85. Exile1981 says:

    My oldest is doing a survival course through school so I offered to help the kids put together first aid kits for there camping weekend coming up. This gave me a good excuse to go through a lot of my supplies again and look at what I may be short on.

    Added more vitamin E, more bandages (large ones), and vics vapour rub.

    I was sick most of last week and it was a really bad chest cold with lots of coughing and weakness in muscles. It’s been doing the rounds of our community so no surprise I caught it.

  86. Babycatcher says:

    Got three of the raised beds turned over and planted with the oldest child’s help, got new locks for the lower house door, and working on some comm stuff. Next major step is rebuilding the donkey’s shelter into a 12 x 16 shed with tin roof. He’s had a 12x 24 tent for 5 years now…then we have 770 feet of fencing to replace…hyacinths are up and daffodils are going nuts! I love spring!

  87. texmexmix says:

    This may sound off but I won 60 vintage working lighters at an auction. I figured they would be a good bartering item if need be.

  88. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Pack,

    Sis passed on at 2pm today. They unplugged her and two minutes later she was gone. I got called in to sub today so Joey waited till we were both home to call. Said it looked as if she tried to smile. She was a prepper in more ways than one and was ready. There will not be a funeral as she had given her body to science. Soon as Joey gets things squared away, every one will meet at her house for a farewell dinner. It was her wish that when her ashes are returned to Joey (could be six months, could be ten years) that he take them to a wilderness area near the Canadian border that she loved and spread them out.

    We want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes.

    With a Brother’s Love,

  89. Encourager says:

    Dh and I (and oldest son and two friends) completed the CERT basic training this past weekend. Now we have to decide on what group to join for further training. It was held in another county about 40 minutes from us. The head of the EMS there has been pushing our nearest EMS/Fire to offer the class and get a group going (they cover each other). He said he would work with me to put a bit of pressure on. It cost them nothing, everything is reimbursed through FEMA.

    Received a large order through our food buying club. I am replacing all GMO stuff and buying more gluten free stuff. I will be donating canned veggies and pasta to our food bank. I am not sure where to donate the organic wheat berries, if a food bank would take them?

    Interesting info on the Yellowstone caldera rising 10 inches in one week and releasing Helium-4 (found when a volcano is about to erupt); then it came out the obum admin wants to keep that info out of the public eye. Apparently those that monitor seismic activity were told to turn down the seismic recorders so they would not ‘alarm’ the public. geesh.

  90. Pacific N.W. Son says:

    We’ll Folks been very busy lately, I have got me some property with 42 Acres, a Fresh Creek run’s threw it, wooded area, Pasture with stock pond and its a Prepper’s Paradise, know its time to get settled in, start the garden, build a chick coop. Start doing some fence repair work. In the last few months I have gotten Ammo, Dry Food Goods, a picked up another Rottweiler….

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