What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with today’s segment, I would like to thank Sandra O, Tonya V, Linda S, Jeff H, Victoria S, Nanci Q, and Linda C for their generous donations via Paypal this week. Thank each of you, your support for the blog is greatly appreciated by me and every member of the pack.

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Planted this plum tree...

Planted this plum tree…

Installed this "gun rack" on my ATV...

Installed this “gun rack” on my ATV…

Bought another Magpul 20 round magazine for my Smith & Wesson MP 10 .308 win...

Bought another Magpul 20 round magazine for my Smith & Wesson MP 10 .308 win…

Bought this garden tiller...

Bought this garden tiller…

Well folks that’s it for me this week… What about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Tom The Tinker says:

    Rotated wet preps out of basement. Picked up the Estwing ‘dry-wall’ axe, belt sanded a rough edge and used my Ken Onion to hone it. Found a garage sale cooler that ‘fits’ my trunk GHB for camouflage in the car. EE for seed bank, storm matchs, Red Feather and Datrex 3600 bars for the GHBs.

    Meet up on the Maumee River
    July 12th. breakfast > …….. ?
    Farnsworth Metro Park at Roush DeBoeu
    South of Waterville, Ohio. on the Anthony Wayne Trail.
    Grills, bike and hike trail, full heads. On the river at the rapids.
    Conversation, ideas, LMIs, possibilities.
    No Camo please BYO preps. Dogs/bunnage/charcoal/bean pot supplied.

    RSVP to [email protected]

  2. Patriot Farmer says:

    I added two cases of assorted soups to the shelves, 100 rds of .223, 6 crossbow bolts and I turned my compost pile and added a few wheel barrow loads to the garden and worked them into the soil. I also had half of my roof replaced and one side worth of siding replaced, (wind damage). I also spent time at the range re-sighting my rifles.

    MD I’ve been thinking about purchasing a semi-auto 308 rifle. I have narrowed my choice to the M&P 308 or the M1A1 SOCOM or Squad/Scout. I see that you have an M&P, how would you rate it to the M1A1?

    • Patriot Farmer,

      Either one would be great – personally, I think that the M&P 10 has better placed controls (safety and mag release) but that depends on the individual shooter. If possible go get a hands on look at both to see which one you like “the feel of” best.

      • Patriot Farmer says:

        Thanks MD. I hope to shoot both of them soon.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        We’ve also been toying with the idea of the M&P 10 – I really like the weight and feel of it. Of course, it is probably because I love my M&P 15! We’ve also looked at the LWRCi .308, but that one is super expensive and much heavier!

  3. Overhill says:

    Not much this week because on Monday the clutch went out on the primary vehicle, a pickup truck. It’s in the shop. Not sweating it, though, as the cash is in the appropriate emergency fund for such problems. I could go on and on about the importance of having fully-funded emergency funds … but I would just be channeling the teachings of M.D.’s fellow Tennessean, Dave Ramsey, about getting out of debt and staying out debt. … Two different groups of snowbird relatives stopped by on their way home from their winter abodes in the South. Other, minor preps included some more non-perishable foods for the larder. Three or four months of grub stored away, now. Doing some bigtime spring cleaning. … Getting close to putting in the garden!

    • axelsteve says:

      I listen to Dave Ramsy from time to time and I enjoy his show. The mid stream media hates him though.

  4. moonstone says:

    I did quite a few things this week. Im excited about my essential oils I received this week. I bought a kit of 9 different medical grade oils with a diffuser, book on uses for each oil.and some extra bonuses. I am really wanting to learn how to use oils in place of medicine. Bought 6 Lifestraws for backup to my Berky ,also got 2 Berky filters.Received a large order from The Ready Store.bought 3 seven gallon water blocks. I am using well water, our water is really soft and good tasting. How many drops of chlorine per 7 gal. container do I need? Stocked up on vitamins and other supplements. I want to be sure I have lots of Osteo Biflex because it really zaps my arthritis in my hands and knees.Had some dental work done and took care of all my yearly Dr. appointments. I feel like there is so much more to do and so little time. Stay safe Pak and may God bless us all as we strive to survive!

    • Started building the greenhouse today.
      1. Took an hour to snow blow a spot 20 x 12,
      2. Made a frame with 2 – 8′ and 2 – 12′ pressure treated 4 x 4’s.
      3. Made an arch with 4 16′ long wire fencing panels

      Tomorrow, I’ll make the frame for the window and door and then cover it with plastic on Monday. Less than $200 to build – love it!

      This week, I started 4 flats of seeds and wished the snow would hurry up and melt.


      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Love your greenhouse idea. We have a small yard, but it may look into doing something similar, but much smaller next year.

    • Hi moonstone,

      The American Red Cross site says this about well water: “If the water you are using comes from a well or
      water source that is not treated with chlorine, add two drops
      of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to each
      gallon of water.”

      You should use fresh chlorine bleach as it breaks down over the course of a year. As it breaks down it will still work, but you have to use more. Once your water is sterilized though, it should be fine so long as bacteria can’t get into it, and you keep it in the dark.

      More here, on water and food storage:


  5. Urbancitygirl says:

    Finalizing coop decision and placement now that most of the snow/ice has melted. What a difference a week makes!

    My tomato seeds have sprouted on my windowsill.

    Replaced all the bulbs in the house with led bulbs today, well except the basement-that will be another paycheck. This is part of my plan for reducing electric usage for more efficient use of our generator in power outages and also to eventually use some solar energy. I’ve pinned several sites on solar energy on Pinterest. The articles here are well timed also.

    Smokers (for meat) are starting to get my attention. I’m intrigued by another cooking method.

    3 buckets of 25 lbs each of rice were put in Mylar w/oxygen obsorber. Almost have a yrs worth of dish soap. I met my 1 yr goal on homemade laundry soap.

    We are inching closer to a full year supply of food/cooking/cleaning/hygiene. But we are weak on water storage and heating fuel. We have some, but nowhere near a years worth for heating and only 180 gal of water. No well (city lot), a small lake is about a mile by foot and it would be unsafe to travel to. We have water catchment and filters though.

    • Encourager says:

      Urbancitygirl, rice also should go into the freezer for two weeks to kill any bugs and eggs in it.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Encourager, I got a freezer in January and was so happy to be able to purchase larger bags of rice to freeze before putting them in long term storage. So much easier than rotating small bags thru the fridge/freezer.

        • Encourager says:

          We love our freezer! Unfortunately, it is stuffed with brown rice (goes rancid too fast to keep in buckets), and lots of veggies, some meats. We are looking for another freezer to store 1/2 of a pig and 1/2 of a steer. And I want to raise meat chickens this spring…will have to shoehorn them in the main freezer…

          • Encourager, we have 2 freezers – one for meat and one for vegetables/fruit/bread. Freezer organization can be challenging – I have found that using banana boxes works great – I try to make sure that the contents in the bottom box are the same as the contents in the top box. This way, all the shredded zucchini doesn’t end up in the bottom box only to be found 3 years later!

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            I’ve been trying to find better deals on hamburger and not having luck. In my first marriage we got 1/2 cow/beef but I really hated the taste of the meat. Don’t recall if it was grain fed or what (not sure I’d have known what it really meant at the time anyway) but I do know I thought the meat was “bad” and tossed much of it.

            I want to try it again, but nervous. I also wonder if grinding my own hamburger meat is worth it. Would it be any cheaper.

            I love and crave beef but DH will only eat it as ground beef, otherwise he’s strictly a chicken eater.

            • Encourager says:

              Urbancitygirl, one time our friend, a local beef farmer had an older cow that wouldn’t breed so he butchered it and had it all made into hamburger. It had an off taste and we hated it. He took all 30# of it back. Said the dogs didn’t care! His meat is always 100% guaranteed.

              Find a local beef farmer and explain to him the off beef you got and ask to buy a couple of pounds. They always have some in their own freezers.

              It is a shame to grind the entire quarter up as you lose all the roasts and steaks! Maybe your beef farmer will cut you a deal for just hamburger.

              We have a farmer’s market about an hour away where many of the vendors specialize in meat. There is one just for lamb, one just for chicken and other poultry, one for pork and one for beef. The beef farmer at that market has wonderful beef – entirely grass fed and he grows his own hay for winter feed. His cows are Scottish Highlander cattle. I buy bones from him for bone broth and have had some steaks, roasts and ground. All of it was excellent but very expensive. You can buy just one package of whatever if you want.

              The problem with buying ground beef in a grocery store, that if they do not grind their own from cows they purchased, the ground beef could come from 5 or more different countries and is ground and mixed together. It is usually the poorer quality beef that is ground up.

              Sorry this reply was so long!!

              • Urbancitygirl says:

                Encourager, thank you for the information. I have a refreshed vigor now for my hunt. With spring coming around, I will hit a few different farmers markets and try to get a few pkgs only for a taste test at home.

  6. Fauxcus says:

    My offer was was accepted on the BOL! Hoping to close in about two weeks. Looking for work in that area, and will make the move sooner, if at all possible. Started on my chicken tractor and got my garden seeds started.

  7. Week 6- now have a GHB and a BOB -and a place to bugout to when SHTF DB#3 and SIL were open to my prepping and thought it would work if I have to go-I go there.
    Bought a solar shower-figured if I’m going to use river water to bathe it’s going to be warm river water.
    Worked in the garden-onions beets carrots turnips radishes and broccoli in the second bed-had some leftover copper tubing so I ringed the beds
    Hit the flea markets, thrift stores and an auction-picked up 7 boxes of candles, 300 each plastic forks, knives, and spoons a cooler bag on wheels and a real old fashioned can opener for less than a twenty
    Still learning how to bake bread from scratch-it’s delicious work but somebody has to do it
    Stocked some more food preps mostly Bob’s Mills and canned fruits and veggies-bought matzo to help with cracker addiction – shelf life of over a year
    My town is offering 55 gallon drums for rain barrels so I reserved 2 -will need to figure out how to frame s rack b/c back yard is tiny
    Mapped out locations within 3 miles of all cattail and wild blackberries that I know
    Working on the toolkit and emergency car kit will have to upgrade my first aid kit next week as well.
    Working on my binders-daresay that is the most fun.
    Thanks for all the suggestions and tips last week and this week-be safe and take care.
    Made a deal with an Amish lady I am friendly with-she is going to teach me how to make butter, cheeses, sour cream and yogurt I am trading her one of my old quilts for the lessons
    Need to order my pressure CANNER this month but since I mailed off thr check to the IRS it will have to wait until next payday

  8. Purchased 5-30round 5.45x39mm magazines for my AR along with another 750 rounds of 5.45x39mm (non-corrosive).

  9. I really didn’t do anything this week as I was out of town for a few days but JoJo, my beautiful bride, tackled the our storage area and made better use of our space. We have a 42 foot 5th wheel toy hauler. It has a 14 foot garage area we use for storage and as a man cave. She started by taking apart our plastic shelves and with the use of a small saw instead of 5 shelves there are now 8 and almost no wasted space, Items that do not require climate control were moved out into a single axle covered trailer we have. Much of the previously shelved items were boxed and labeled. Care was taken in regards to best use by dates. She also added another shelf to a kitchen cabinet that we really needed.
    It is a world of difference.

  10. Purchased 40lbs Diatomaceous Earth, food grade, from local feed and seed store….$22.00
    Inventoried all my preps, after adding DE to bottom of all storage
    buckets and plastic containers.
    Spread DE around area where food items are stored. Should eliminate any bugs and hopefully any mice.
    Several vacumn sealed bags needed to be resealed. Tried using mylar bags, sealing home iron. No luck. Any suggestions on purchasing a mylar sealer ?

    Thats all for last week….

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I use my curling iron but I know someone who uses a handheld mylar bag sealer from Amazon.

      • mindful patriot says:

        only woman I know with a tactical curling iron…
        you prepper you

    • Lyn
      I purchased a curling iron for the hair but the blades are flat, that has a multitude of heat settings. I found it at B*g L*t$ for $20.00, figured if it did not seal the bags, oh well, I would give it to someone who could use it.

    • I use an iron and wrap the Mylar bag over the edge of a metal level. BC Truck did a you tube teaching video. After watching the video it was easy to do.

    • hvaczach says:

      I have just been using my food saver and I do a double or a triple seal layer. I don’t try to vac them just add O2 absorbers and seal so far seems to work well.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Where did you find food grade DE @ 40# for $22?

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Tactical gma,

        I’m not Lyn but DH and I picked up a 40 lb bag of DE today at Tractor supply for $19.99. Food grade. The bag is paper, so I’m thinking of transferring to a bucket with lid to keep it dry.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thanks. I will get a bag next time instead of the gallon container!

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            I had the gallon container in the cart when DH stumbled into a clerk and he mentioned using it to rid his garage siding of bees and shepherded us over to the large bags a few aisles over near the horse supplies.

            • Encourager says:

              Are they honey bees? If so, contact a local apiary as they will usually come out and take the bees.

              • Urbancitygirl says:

                I should have clarified,the clerk mentioned using the DE for bees, not my DH.

      • Feed stores carry food grade DE.

        • No Way
          Yes, most feed stores carry food grade DE. My Tractor
          Supply was out…went to another feed store…in a city.

          Good luck

  11. moonstone says:

    Penrod,Thanks for the info. I had read the amount sometime ago but had kinda forgot. I will write it down this time. The website was very helpful. I love learning to better prepare. My DH is not so into this so I do most of it on my own. Thanks again.

    • You’re very welcome, moonstone. Glad to help!

      PS: Ready.gov is also useful. try here for water:


      If you have trouble convincing family members that prepping is useful, you might suggest that both the federal government and the American Red Cross strongly urge us to prep. Who are we to ignore the Federal Government or the Red Cross????? 🙂

  12. Jersey Drifter says:

    Slow week for me. Finished transplanting tomato and pepper plants into larger peat moss pots. I figure I have at least 5 weeks at the earliest before they go out. Also transplanted basil and parsley, trying to give them a head start. Put up another 5 lbs. of dry lentils. Also ordered 3 cans of red feather butter and some popcorn. I didn’t want to order too much butter without giving it a try on bread, toast, potatoes, steamed veggies, and cooking.

    Also been thinking real hard about getting a reloading press. 6.5mm Japanese ammo is real hard to find and somewhat high priced if you can find it. But I have been able to find brass. Also would like to reload .38 colt long. So that fact plus reloading common stuff ( well again if you can find it and not be gouged in the price ) makes me ready to pull the trigger ( pun ) on a purchase.

    • JP in MT says:


      Do you have a revolver that fires original 38 Long Colt or the newer stuff? The original used a .375″ bullet that was larger than the case (similar to 41 Long Colt).

      • Jersey Drifter says:

        It’s an old one. Was my grandfathers, now my dad’s and he is 89. I don’t plan on shooting it before first having someone with knowledge check it out. But my grandfather had .38 specials with it, gun is marked if I remember correctly 38 long colt. I did some looking around on web sites to find date of manufacture, but I can’t find the paper work I had. Only would shoot it to make sure it worked, or in a home break in. And that would not be my go to gun.

  13. A good friend gave me a great deal on 223 reloads, I just had to buy the tips and powder. The reloads look better than the new stuff that I’ve been buying. I have another friend that has a private range and he gives me all of the brass. Traded the brass for the reloads. I set up my second rain water collection system, with 3 more barrels. I also bought 500 rounds of 22lr from another friend that gives me a call when he gets orders in at his shop. I’ll pick up another 10 barrels on Monday. I’m starting my garden barrel business to cover the costs of my preps, and pay off a credit card bill (besides the mortgage, it’s all I have left to pay off). The same friends that gives me the brass goes to numerous prepper meetings throughout the state. I’ve struck up a deal with him to sell them at the meetings, and he gets a piece of the action. I’ll be selling them for less than half the price of places that sell them on-line. Tomorrow I’ll put up a net to cover my gardens. Birds and squirrels had been driving me insane lately. In the winter I’ll take off the netting and replace it with plastic so I can have a full 12 months of growing my veggies.

  14. Had my ’94 station wagon in the shop. It needed lots of maintenance and repairs. However I feel the $1000 was well worth it as now it is tuned and drives like a dream. Next I am doing maintenance on my teeth. My knee decided it too, needs overhauling so have an orthopedist’s appointment to determine the source of the pain. I want to get everything fixed, repaired and replaced before summer — just in case. This week my preps have been in the organizing and inventorying category. I am working on a double garage filled with materials I use to make Love Gifts for the homeless and abused plus about 500 seniors in various programs that just need a reminder they are special and still have value. I also get to come up with several hundred “somethings” for women and youth camps and events each year too. I was blessed with after Christmas sales where I spent $300 buying 25 cents super-clearance items — some valued at $20. Unfortunately, the bounty overflowed my storage area so I bit the bullet and forced myself to rearrange. I still have the basement to put in order and get all my personal preps better organized. However, it helps to know the ministry part of my life can continue for years in a crisis situation. That’s when people will REALLY need a little TLC and encouragement.

    • axelsteve says:

      Linda. these days 1000 dollars does not go very far with auto repair and maintenance unfortunatly.

  15. Texanadian says:

    sold my tractor, ouch, got the asking price, people just left with my pool table, ouch, more stuff sold during the week. The prep to move back to Canada continues but it hurts seeing this stuff go. The garden is doing fine. Don’t let the SHTF for a few more months please. Let me get resettled. 🙂

  16. Rooikat says:

    Let’s see…
    I obtained a copy of “The Siege of Firebase Gloria’, one of the best war films in all of recorded history.
    I also took part in the ‘let’s learn how to store beans, then eat them, after we learn how to cook them’ project, which was a success. Nobody died.

  17. Surviving in Ky says:

    Hello MD and Pack, Nice MP 10 and rototiller MD! Made several orders this week to round out some areas of preps. Ordered Strategic Relocation and the Secure Home from Infowars.
    Ordered the following:
    50 assorted sutures and suture instruments
    2 skin staplers
    2 staple removers
    1 clothes snips
    24 piece military style field medical kit
    2 life straws
    Tactical Triad Gun Cleaning kit
    Latest book from Joe Nobody
    Did some work around the homestead now that the weather has finally broke. I have so much to do it is almost overwhelming. Worked on the shed somemore yesterday and will probably do more today or clean thr garage, not sure. Both need work! Hope everyone is doing well and as always stay safe MD and Pack. God Bless.

  18. Added 2 more essential oils to my slow growing stock. Got eucalyptus and citronella. Also picked up guar gum so when I finally get around to using my grain mill for the non-wheat flours I’ll have it on hand. Both cars got oil changes this week. Went to a natural food store looking for something for my arthritis, I have it all over and some days it’s really rough in the morning. Talked to a lady there who recommended Curamin. Trying a small bottle to see if it helps, nothing else has done much yet. Nice thing is it has a money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work I’m not out anything! I’ll put that money back into preps. Hoping it works.

    Added some more canning jars. Going to vacuum seal some rice that I have in the freezer today. Will put spaghetti squash in the dehydrator today. I think that’s it aside from reading this blog and learning from y’all!

  19. Received my cytokine herb mixture yesterday and will make the tincture shortly. That’s it for this week.

  20. Lets see, I got some practice with hubby’s AR. For some reason I was a bit intimidated by it, but really it is alot smoother then the handguns. Stocked up on canning jars from Amazon..they had pints on sale. Weeded the garden, peas and doing well as is the spinach and kale, healed off the taters to go in the ground. bought a variety pkg of essential oils for making vapor rub, insect repellant etc.. Hubby took down 7 trees that had grown up tall enough to shade the garden area…he got it stacked and ready to season for next year.

  21. TN-Sioux says:

    Florida Gal has changed her name since the big move North! This was a great week and we accomplished a lot of things around the place. As I sat finishing our taxes opened mouthed looking at the amount we had to fork out my phone rang. It was the gun shop informing us our new Smith & Wesson Governor was ready for pick-up. We laughed all the way to the shop about the timing of that call. Picked up our Zaycon ham and ground beef order, pressure canning tomorrow, Garden plot is tilled and worked in some leaves and compost. Starting to cut wood for next season and built a larger compost bin. Rainey days we paint inside and when the sun is out we hit the property and garden. Be blessed this week and thanks to all the contributors who have taught me so much about this lifestyle.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      That’s a tremendous life style change from scuba diving to cutting firewood. Sounds like you like the new life!

      • TN-Sioux says:

        Would not trade this for anything, sure wish we could have started younger but 60’s are the new 30’s right?

        • Encourager says:

          I will keep repeating that…60’s are the new 30’s…60’s are the new 30’s…60’s are the new 30’s…60’s are the new 30’s…

  22. Garden got tilled for the first time, now DH (his idea, but not gonna argue..) wants to get a dump trailer full of organic compost to till in. Yay! Already located the compost, and I think the trailer holds 4 yards…yay! Temps to be in 40’s several nights this week, so will wait until next weekend for the actual planting. Wow, normally I try to get the garden started around valentines day, but now it’s almost Easter. Oh, well.
    Found another citrus tree for a grat price, lime this time, and want a clementine, will get that one if any are left later this week.
    Actually started to put away the long sleeved shirts, sweaters and hoodies until yesterday. Will hold off on that another week or so as well. I have a couple of those plastic zip up coverings that bedding sets come in to put the sweaters in, will toss a couple of pieces of cedar wood in with em and they’ll get shelved in the cedar closet gun room.
    Speaking of gun room, need to get DH to inventory the ammo, quick visual yesterday tells me there is a lot of .45, but not near enough .223 or rounds for the hunting rifles. Also need more .22 but who doesn’t.
    We’ve got the use of a large tractor and shredder for a while while a friend finds a new property. DH swears he’s going to mix the horse manure and cedar chip pile to let it compost. Need to get a bucket full in the actual compost pile and some turning to be done.
    Stocked up up on a couple of cans of black olives each of whole and sliced. Planning on doing that until prices go up again on them, as well as some other canned items that I can’t grow right now.
    I have decided that I am going to add 5 cases of pints and 5 or 6 cases of half pint jars to my stash. I think I can then really focus on jar lids and getting those Tattlers.
    I’m also gathering up my flash drives and making sure I have double backups on the important computer files, like pics and documents. And the all important music, audiobooks and movie files as well.
    Been visiting some of the digital stuff that library card gives me access to. Some decent stuff listed, but not much selection. Need to figure out if this allows me access to some of the state university libraries, as well as the state’s. UT and A&M have extensive libraries on many things, now Baylor has been around longer, the library there was a fun place to go in high school…and I did so make an A on that paper my senior year. What gave me a passion for Arthurian legend!! Want to be able to find some old herbal books.
    Annnnywaaaayyy……hope you guys up north get some sun soon, really hard to believe snow is still falling up that way! Temps here is Texas just above the 50 degree mark at midafternoon. At least it did rain some this morning.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Good preps! If you have ever been to a renaissance fair it’s like stepping back in time. Bet you would really like that!

      • TGma, I would LOVE to go to one, but need someone to go with me that would enjoy it as well. One of my best friends in the frigid lands of Indiana loves them as well, but we can never get together when one is on. I even have a box full of patterns for costumes and other references on that type of garb. We used to have a real forge in the neighborhood that made knives and swords. Not sure if they’re still there, they used to have open house every now and then. Hm need to check. I have an idea that a blacksmith could help me with. Want to put together a rotisserie spit for the fire pit, along with various hangers for pots, etc.

    • Per Hiero Desteen says:

      Temps where I’m at haven’t budged from the mid-40s with rain all day long. Rain is good, but the temps are terrible for this time of year. Ready for this neverending winter to be over, but not ready for 90 degree weather yet. That’s what usually happens when we have late springs. Early summers. I’m gonna shut up before I jinx us all.

      • supposed to be hot again this summer.

        • Per Hiero Desteen says:

          Actually, we had a cool summer last year compared to normal, or at least my weather station said so. The gov’t station 30 miles away right beside an asphalt road said otherwise. I wonder why.

    • k. fields says:

      Shai – I’d recommend not mixing the horse manure and cedar chip pile to let it compost, the cedar will take way too long to break down.
      Instead, use the cedar as mulch/pathways for about 3 years THEN pick it up to compost.

      • Thats not a problem, K, as the chip pile is about 4 years old. Just need to get the manure cooking to kill off all the grains and other seeds. And just found a horehound plant growing by the horse pens. Huh. Would have never known if people around here hadnt opened my eyes to the wealth beneath our feet! Plantain going to seed, been harvesting leaves and drying them to add to the medicinal stores, and the passion flower vines are coming up again. Also need to get out and cut some of the shepards purse as well.

    • Shai,
      You should be able to get into the universities’ online libraries too.

  23. TimeHasCome says:

    We bought 48 cans (13 oz.) Chilly on sale at 88 cents each . If we don’t eat it in a couple of years my two big dogs will.
    Just found this blog , great stuff.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Welcome to the pack! Hope you’ll give us a little intro without blowing OPSEC. Was that chilli with or without beans. That much with beans could effect the Ozone! 🙂

      • TimeHasCome says:

        New to Prepping , very concerned about the US economy . It seems to be getting worse by the day , or is it just me being more aware?. Thank you Tactical G-Ma for the invite to write a few words . I love getting the tips you folks have to offer .
        The chilly I bought has meat and beans and my two large German Shepard’s love the stuff. The male is still a pup at 9 months old , you cannot fill him up.

      • TN-Sioux says:

        Welcome you will be so blessed by the folks here and all their collective knowledge.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome TimeHasCome. Ditto TGMa’s comments! BTW, better be careful if that chili has beans…TDL is trying to get a bill through to tax the methane cows produce. Next step will be dogs and us…just sayin’.

    • Nsaneprepper says:

      We bought chili for Y2K that we didn’t finish until 2009 and it was perfectly fine so don’t give up on it after just two years…BTW WELCOME!!!

  24. Nice work & acquisitions there, MD.

    Not much by me for many many many weeks except a bit of lurking and short comments. The dp’s mother finally passed away. The build-up and the aftermath were a mess, to say the least. And now he’s on a mission (since he’s retired and no longer has a mom to go spend his days with) to get into mischief, such trashing a lot of my stuff. I caught him before he got rid of all (and I mean all) of my books. At least I found my missing “The Devil’s Advocate” by Taylor Caldwell, which is a real gem. However, I can’t find my best herb book.

    The dp’s mission in cleaning (?) the house includes (he thinks) eliminating all preps. Got that? All preps = food, batteries, solar chargers, etc. According to him, emergencies never happen, I’m a disturbed hoarder, Armageddon-type things won’t happen, my books are useless, only 3 days of fresh food allowed, only a week’s worth of frozen food (no bulk packs), any supposed hobbies are worthless, because I like the outdoors we must not be compatible, he doesn’t eat beans, etc. Oh yeah, I knew this was coming, and yes, I’ve been poking at TN info for when he throws me out. For someone who makes it a point to always tell me how smart he is, he sure is pretty stupid. Vengeance was swift. The tarp over his riding mower was full of holes including a giant hole over the seat. Gee, no ready replacement as he had gotten rid of just about everything of his that looked like a tool or a tarp when he retired. Do I have a couple of tarps? Yes, of course. Did I offer one? No! But I did suggest that he go buy one before tomorrow at which point we’ll have 3 days of rain. He still hasn’t done it. Wait’ll he discovers that I have tarps. Hee hee, I bad. Well, he didn’t ask so I didn’t tell.

    On a better note, I did buy 2 more pairs of hiking laces for my boots. I read a few books, i.e. The Yellowstone Conundrum. That’s a scary book involving the Yellowstone caldera, numerous dams and rivers, and nuke plants. Well, my daddy told me never live at or below water level. And one look at the nuke plant site map on the web is enough to think about daddy’s other good words from his AF days — tuck head firmly thru legs and kiss butt goodbye.

    And on another possible better note, the dp is trashing a lot of his stuff from basement shelves. Perhaps when he sees what I really have, at least some of it will be “allowed” to stay.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      What does do stand for?

    • get a storage place and move it ALL.
      you know what’s coming and he may actually be a bit disturbed. it never gets better.
      get out while the getting is good.

      what is ‘dp’ ?

      • He is more than a little disturbed…oh Mari you will definitely be in my prayers. Please watch out for yourself.
        What are your options? I am not even sure what to pray for…except your safety and maybe? the dp joining his beloved mother in the hereafter? He could find peace there from his demons. Take care, friend.

    • Encourager says:

      Mari, I am worried for your safety. Please be very, very careful! Share what is going on with someone – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let the police know what is going on…just so they have it on record in case anything happens, which I sure pray it doesn’t.

      • Oh, he’s not dangerous to me. The worst he would do to me is throw me out. No, I have few options as I’m working disabled. Obamacare would likely mean my death. In NJ, if I lost my job and Cobra ran out, my Obamacare would just about match what my take-home pay is right now. Doctors don’t take Medicaid, so that’s worthless. And disability is about a 2-year waiting time. Rock? Hard place?

        Danger to himself? Well, my arm(s) are always always always locked up.

    • CountryVet says:

      Be VERY careful. I strongly suspect this person has the potential to be dangerous! “Co-operate” and help by removing ALL of your “stuff” to a storage unit, telling you DP that you are donating to a “worthy cause ” (none more worthy than you- right?). Do it and do it now! This situation could turn violent in a heartbeat. Find someplace to go yourself and relocate yourself ASAP. Do NOT let this person know where you are going or wher you are stroing your “stuff.”
      Prayers are with you.

    • Mari, what everybody is saying is true!! Anytime an immediate family member passes, about 75% of the rest of the family goes bats*it insane. Watch out for yourself. And watch out for those other family members who will “rally” to support their own “blood”
      Be careful…. And don’t let him determine what you do!!

      • Goes? LOS. Personally, I think 90% of his family is whack-job left-wingers. Certainly little in the way of true life skills unless it’s what Obummer says.

        • Lol. Makes you wonder wtf you’re doing with him? I’ve been married so long now that I would be lost for a while without him…. But as always, land on my feet and keep going. Lots of people are still amazed we are still together, but he puts up with my eccentricity and I see thru his BS. I also keep the “secret” of him being terrified of mice, rats, etc. it’s not easy, but you will do what’s best for you, when you’re ready. Hang in there Mari!

    • Brearbear says:

      Ex never supported my prepping….
      I left her a huge stock of food etc…
      Left her well set up in every way i could financially etc.

      Only took just my truck/tools b.o.b./ gear…with me.

      She gave all the preps to a soup kitchen.(sayed she didnt have “room”!

      Single life is terrible…but its hard to find a good hearted Christian prepper woman!

      It sound scary for you Mari…get a storage facility.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Neither you or she were in your right mind while going thru a split. What’s done is done and time to let it go. Look at the magazines, tv, etc. Women are supposed to be self-absorbed with acrylic fingernails and highlights in their hair. And men really appreciate the beauty but for most of us it means high-maintenance. Especially with husband, children, home, livestock, gardening, prepping, and frequently a job outside of the home, it’s just not sustainable.
        Being that you live a nomadic and rural type of life, I think a Christian dating service might be right up your alley. There are tons of women out there who want a partner to prep and grow with. You gotta take a step to first find female friends even far away who have the same interests. But I warn you, most prepping women want to be an equal not a subservient. 😉

        • Brearbear says:

          Tactical G-Ma

          Thank You for the advice…and warning!

          Im not caring for the opsec part of a dating site though!

          “Nomadic Christian Prepper man seeks…” ?…

          Feel im gonna be single awhile…i dont have a hard time finding a woman…
          its the Christian Nomadic Prepper part…

          Never had children…never been married. (raised lots of other peoples kids though)!

          And i am getting older.

          Next time..it must be done the Lords way…not living in sin.

          God Bless!

          * i am not sure you know which alive mag i meant: (there is an American alive also)…

          “alive is a Canadian natural health and wellness magazine”

  25. WthrMan says:

    We received our Berkey last week. Works great. We had some trees taken out so now we have lots of sun in the backyard. Looking forward to a vegetable garden with radishes, beets and tomatoes. Bought seeds.

  26. Another week of real estate courses for me. not much in the prepping category of life I did make a pot of beans a couple of weeks age and used one of the Dak Hams in it. The pintos were great over rice. This week I tried the Bacon flavored Spam. It was real y good on the breakfast tacos we made. Will probably make sandwiches out of the rest, a “SLT” instead of a “BLT.”
    Bought a little more PM’s and got the order in from JM Bullion that I bought using M.D.’s link. Now is a good time to buy both gold and silver.
    One more course and I’ll be finished with the educational requirements of the real estate licensing. I already have a broker that has said they will take me in and let me learn the business. I’m excited about starting a new chapter in my life.
    Still haven’t been able to close on the BOL land that my DW and I am buying, tittle issues and heirs down the line to deal with. Oh well, at least the seller is paying for all the title word for the deed.
    Nice gun M.D. I’ve been thinking about getting a .223 in and AR platform. My wife has a Remington R-15 and it sure shoots sweet. I’ll probable go the black gun route with mine and I’m thinking I just my build it myself. Been watching some YouTube videos on assembly and it doesn’t seem too complicated. I am a little familiar with them since I carried one in the Army back in the 80’s. And it seems like every time we go shooting, I end up cleaning my wife’s!
    Well that’s about it for me this week. Will be waiting on the gun show in two weeks to come to town and debating over whether or not to build up an AR. Keep prepping!

  27. Getting things ready for the arrival of new critters (chickens and bees). Tore down all of the hives in the bee yard and brought them into the work area for some cleaning and setup to be ready when the new bee packages arrive in mid May. Found a lot of dead ones, and it looks like there will be 30 or more pounds of honey to extract later this summer. While I hate losing any hive, more than 2 weeks of -10 to -20 temperatures (actual) and -15 to -40 wind-chill simply annihilated the hives this year. Setting up better stands with space for 6-8 hives, and building enough extra supers to hopefully catch some swarms, since free bees are nice.
    Had one medium size tree come down missing the propane grill and the window on the house, pretty much splitting the difference between them. I’m not sure if I could have felled the tree as cleanly. Sometimes lady luck just smiles on you.
    That’s all this past week, but as spring gets here and things hopefully start to dry out, this report should get busier by the week.

    • congrats on getting chickens! I sure do love my fresh eggs in the morning.

      • bc,
        I introduced a good friend and MAG member. to bees, and he also took up chickens. He supplied me with eggs for a few bags of feed, and now it’s time to try some on my own (they are BTW dang good eggs). He ordered the chicks which will be at his place in late April. He’ll keep them all together for 3-4 weeks and then I’ll move mine into the coop. There was a coop on the property that we fenced in for the dogs for nearly 15 years; but, they are now both gone, so it’s back to chickens. Just have to add some top fencing for flying predators, nest boxes and roosting area and we’re good to go. The DW grew up on the farm with chickens, but that was about 50 years ago, so it will be new for both of us.

      • axelsteve says:

        bctruck. Did you make that video of the eggs with bacon inside of them yet?

  28. Good morning all – the DH and I celebrated our anniversary on Saturday by spending some time in the mountains with one of our daughters. We managed to find a dirt road and spent over an hour driving along a ridge. Because there weren’t many leaves on the trees at that elevation yet, we had some awesome views. Lots of blackberry bushes along the road, so we know there will be plenty of bears up there later in the year. It was just a good day to be in the mountains. Besides, the yellow fog has hit the rest of the state – aka pollen – and I needed a break from it.

    Yesterday I did a Big Lots run and a Sam’s Club run:

    2 months of cat food
    2 cans of chicken
    36 rolls of toilet paper
    3 vegan pre-made meals for the youngest daughter (for lent)
    bottled water
    6 boxes gluten-free macaroni & cheese
    2 bottles Pink Bismuth (generic pepto)
    1 box Rice Chex
    Cat Litter
    1 can of coconut milk
    2 packages of shelf life rice milk
    1 pack of Mandarin Oranges
    1 box of Kind Bars (gluten-free granola bars)
    1 box of 3 Musketeers bars
    1 box of Hershey bars
    1 400ct bottle of baby Aspirin

    Milk and eggs that I don’t count for storage or long term use, but always on the grocery list. Everything is in my regular rotation but I always try to buy 2 when I need one or have an extra on the shelf, if I can afford it. Wow! It looks like I did more than I thought too.

    I’m still nursing some seedlings and have had some outside this past week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to till some more organic matter into the garden this coming weekend then start planting within the next couple of weeks.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      GA Red
      Congrats to you and DH. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

      DH and I love the mountains too. Next month we’ll have our excursion to the windy roads.

      Funny you mention the blackberries. Looks like we have a bumper crop this year. The blooms on the pears got to set this year so I hope we’ll have plenty to can this year.

      I have to spend Easter enjoying kids and grandkids then will plant afterward. Have a loose rabbit in the garden I have to deal with too.

      • Thanks T G-Ma! I love dirt roads. When we finally stopped after the dirt road, we all got out of the car. The hubby put his hand over his mouth and said, “You don’t want to see this.” I just replied, “Don’t look at my side either.” My car looked like it was going to need a new paint job. The blackberry bushes were really close to the road and I was trying to not bottom out in some places. Most of the scratches will just rub off with a good bath and the rest should buff out with a good waxing.

        If you ever see a dark blue BMW driving down a dirt road, it’s probably me. I will take my car almost anywhere. I get some funny looks but my car has taken me to some really beautiful places. My next car may have to ride a little higher though.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          GA Red
          My cuz has a rzr that he off-roads up on Lookout Mtn.
          My body wouldn’t take it now but it looks like so much fun sliding around in the red clay.
          I still have my on-off road 4-wheel drive vehicles! I can’t afford the maintenance on a BMW!
          And I would cry if I got one scratched!

          • The DH usually does the work on the BMW, otherwise I wouldn’t have it. Our neighbor and his wife also work for the local dealership, so we get a discount on parts and some free tips/advice. I let the youngest have my last one. The first incident was a mail box. The second incident (and the final) was another car. I really would like to do something bad to her driver’s ed teacher – he told her to drive on the right side of the lane instead of in the middle. I think the mail box cured her of that.

    • A couple of things to add in the realm of learning –

      We watched a program on the sniper attack on the electrical station in California and the vulnerability of the US power grid earlier in the week.

      Last night we watched “The Soviet Story” on Blaze TV. Very good program on the history of genocide in the Soviet Union.

  29. nick flandrey says:

    Still working on getting the rent house finished up.

    Won a 225 gallon tank in an auction. Picking it up today. Found a lid that almost fits the dutch oven I found. Oh well, I’ll keep looking….

    Still need to get my veggies in the ground.

    Ug, lots of work, not lots of time….

    keep plugging away I guess.


  30. SoCalPrepper says:

    Our new shed came and was installed last week. We have a bit of a weird setup – tiny house (720 square feet) with basement (about 250 square feet) and detached garage which leaks – so only my husband’s contractor stuff that can get damp can go in there. Once we remodel, it will be an amazing huge garage, but that’s a year off. SO – we got a Tuff Shed.

    This weekend we moved stuff from the basement to the shed that doesn’t need to be temperature controlled – family glassware, extra linens, business paperwork, bikes, things like that. Now my basement is totally decluttered and everything is on metal baking racks (NSF shelving) in labeled bins. It looks great, and now I know EXACTLY what is down there in my preps, so I can add to it!

    The shed looks great too, with the same shelving and matching bins.

  31. carlo n jacki says:

    we rarely join in on this great weekly update and bonding exercise, but we will do better in the future. lets see, we canned 20# of meat, strawberry preserves and blackberries. wonderful dh bought me a new hunting rifle, for our anniversary, we planted more chilis and upgraded our computer systems.

  32. Arlie Kelly says:

    A request to the wolf pack I normally stay in the back ground and try to keep a low foot print because of the Government Agency I retired from last year but this news from my wife’s Dr. Caused me to come out and ask the Wolf Pack to put my wife on their prayer list we found out today that they found a growth on a lymph knode in her neck that has involved her jaw and into her ear cannel that he stated was the big C we have been together for 35 years and I would be lost if something happened to her.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Arlie, you and she are in our prayers. Keep us apprised of her condition.

    • Encourager says:

      Arlie Kelly, you and your wife are in my prayers. This is a wonderful praying group! I would also suggest you look up some of the herbal medicine posts. There was one about a certain herb that has a great impact on cancer. I cannot remember the name of it. Wolfies???? Can someone help here??

      • That herb is graviola and I think it is available on Amazon. Make a tea with it but do not drink more than 3 cups a day.

        • Encourager says:

          Just went to Amazon site – wow, there are so many different types – capsules, tinctures, tea bags, and different strengths.

          Which one??? Help!!

          • Encourager,
            I am going to try this one more time. Comment has not been posting, even emailed MD about it.

            Get the loose tea leaves. Use 3 to 4 leaves per cup of tea and do not drink more than 3 cups per day!

            • Encourager says:

              Thanks Brenda. I, also, have had trouble posting. I emailed MD and he said no one else has complained…so the problem must be at my end.

              I don’t think so.

              • I was really getting frustrated, it has only been that one day (so far). I could reply to other comments but when I tried to reply to yours it would just vanish.

    • Mike near ATL says:

      A friend of mine just went through a similar experience. Hang in there, be her rock and love her, brother. She’ll need you.

    • Prayers for you and your wife are in progress.

    • Arlie Kelly says:

      Thank you all from bottom of my heart.

    • Brearbear says:

      Arlie Kelly

      I am not sure where i read this…
      …also asking the packs input on this…


      The big c…cannot live in a high alkaline environment?
      (can get litmus?-paper at health food store…think put in mouth or pee on it…shows how alkaline your body is?…

      …also read somewhere…that it is a fungus?…

      If that is right…then anti-fungal herbs/diet…might help?…
      O.O.O.-(Oil Of Oregano)-is anti-fungal for example…
      ..maybe having a diffuser of essential oil running when sleeping and in house?

      Also…”maybe”…try the Master Cleanser diet…and other detoxifying approaches?

      I also suggest a naturopath/practitioner of holistic medicine.

      Hope this helps?

      God Bless!

      You and your dear love of your life are in my prayers!

    • Arlie Kelly,
      Get some loose tea leaves called graviola or also called soursop. You can get them from Amazon. Use 3 to 4 leaves to make a cup of tea. Drink no more than 3 cups of tea daily. You can drink this with any kind of traditional treatment. Got this info from a previous comment a few weeks ago. Please try as you really have nothing to lose. Prayers are with the both of you.

  33. Mike near ATL says:

    This week I started buying seed and supplies for my first-ever vegetable garden (I grew up with my parent’s garden in the 70’s but have never done one myself), I bought a few extra cans of food, gathered together the beginnings of a medical kit and I made a DIY water filter using a couple of Berkey SCCF-9 filter cartridges and 5 gallon buckets.
    Planning for a possible bug out but much more likely a bug IN.

    Appreciate this blog, getting new ideas almost daily!

    • Hi Mike! Just wondering if you’re native to the ATL area or a transplant? I’ve been in GA my whole life, but I’m still learning about gardening too. We had a real garden last year for the first time and did better than expected in some regards. I’m hoping this year isn’t quite as wet.

      • Mike near ATL says:

        Been here since 1988 but originally from southern IL. Yeah, I’m thinking maybe a bog garden would work better. Cattails are edible, ya know. 🙂

        • I live near an overgrown pond that has some mighty healthy cattails growing in it. The DH says the pond was nice when he was growing up and there were several other small lakes and ponds as you followed the creek back through the woods. Two of them were drained and now are subdivisions.

    • Mike,
      I am NW of ATL. With this being your first garden be careful to not make it too big! I know that I always want to plant more than what I have space or time for! 🙂 Just remember that whatever you plant you also need to preserve and that takes time. Good Luck with it!

  34. Mr. Bill says:

    Went down to spend a week with Mom, Arkansas weather really spoils a guy coming back to the north again. Brought Dad’s anvil back up with me, gonna set me up a nice little forge and have some fun playing at being a blacksmith.

  35. Big Bear says:

    Good morning everyone.
    I just got an email from a friend that has a link to a very interesting website: http://www.flightradar24.com/ I thought you all might be interested in it ………… As you are looking at the images on the site think about what would happen if there was a major EMP event. Here’s the text that that gives info on the site:

    This is absolutely real time.
    Have you ever wondered where that plane flying over head is going and what type of aircraft? Every day you see planes in the sky, sometimes very high, with or without con-trails. We often ask ourselves these questions: What type of plane, Airbus A320,330, Boeing 727, 747 or some other manufacturer.

    Where did it come from, where is it going, what altitude, what speed, what airline, etc.. Well, now you can see all this information
    Instantly on your laptop screen. I just watched the plane whose vapor trail I could see over head, on my laptop, and was blown away by all the information and also the view.

    You are also going to be totally blown away when you see how many aircraft are flying in your area. I can now see why an air traffic controller is one very, very busy person.

    Here is a note to help you get more out of your visit to this site.
    These are all the aircraft in the air right now. In the left hand
    column, there is a box called “planes”. The number in the box is the number of aircraft airborne. This view is what the various airport air traffic management people see for planning purposes.

    Some additional tricks:
    Drag the map to take you to the area you want to view. To view your region or town, you can zoom in by tapping with your
    Mouse. On the map you will see all the planes in the air. When you
    Click on a airplane, on the left screen you will get all the
    Information related to; airline, plane type, air speed, altitude in
    Real time that is re-calculated every 10 seconds. On some you can also click on view from the cockpit.



  36. Hi everyone! This week I bought a book I’ve been hearing a lot about: Where there is no doctor. I also bought and modified a police scanner with some pretty good decryption on it. The last thing I did was buy a couple targets for my shooting range. I use a Glock 20 for close range target practice. Does anyone know where I can get some good ammo and possibly an extended clip?