What did you do to prep this week?

Well folks, it’s hard to believe but it’s been a whole week since our last “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, and I’m happy to say that I’ve had a very good prepping week. I made a little extra money over the past couple of weeks and instead of blowing on beer and woman, like most guys would mine all went to preps.

Folks , it’s getting closer month, every week and everyday, time is running out, please stop wasting time and get busy. Learn skills, stock-up and get ready for the worse, it’s coming and coming fast. The beast is knocking on the door and the balloon is going up… Please don’t be like 95% of the population that will be total unprepared and depended on handouts if there are any handout available.

You owe it to your family, you owe it to yourself – get prepped, and get prepared. Do it now – time is running out.

On another note; go to your local magazine stand, Wal-Mart or other department store and pick up the latest copy of American Survival Guide and turn to page 21 and read the article by Amber Erickson Gabby, “Back to Basics”  the article references me and TheSurvivalstBlog.net multiple times, and is based on my article “Preppers List : Ten Things to Do Now” and yes; I gave her permission to use parts of my article in the magazine.

Okay, before we get started with this weeks segment, I would like to thank Cookies By Heart, Kelli M, Willard N, Michael B, James I, Tonya V, Victoria S, Jeff H, and Nanci Q for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you all for your support.

Now let’s see… What did I do to prep this week?

Well that’s it for me this week. What about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Bought 50 pounds of oats this week, along with some canned goods and more medical supplies. The usual beans purchased.
    Some garage saling done yesterday – a blanket picked up and a book on cheesemaking. Also some tins to make faraday cages with and some sewing books.
    Put together my little garden seeder so I don’t break my back doing beans this weekend. Hoping to get most of the beans planted tomorrow. Still a bit chilly for the tomatoes to go out, but probably this week. Same for the peppers.
    Garden that is planted is looking good – did lose three cabbage plants to heavy rain, but planted more so not a problem. Celery is looking very good – but I expected at least a couple of plants to die so now I have nine celery plants. Guess I’m going to be dehydrating a LOT of celery this year!
    Onions look good – I only planted 500+ seedlings. Broccoli is good, we have carrots sprouting and beets. Garlic is looking very lush. Herbs are good, just waiting on it getting warm enough that I can transplant the rest of them into the bed.
    It was cold enough Thursday and Friday that I ran our pellet stove to warm up a bit. So much for winter leaving…
    I was lazy much of the week – big project finished up last weekend in the computer game I work for, so I took it easy and goofed off some. Worked on a few projects that aren’t strictly speaking prepper related. Today hubby only works about 6 hours so hoping to have a date night with him – dinner out will be nice. This all so I can get him to till the big bed again tomorrow morning before starting on the bean planting!

    • Sw't tater says:

      When you dehydrate the celery take my advise and put in in jars no larger than 10 oz..(.used jelly jars), If you powder part of it,I like to place some powdered in the bottom, larger pieces in the center and leaves on the top of the jar.that way I have all in one jar that I might want to use in a recipe. sometimes I want the leaves to be partially crushed and visible, and larger pieces in soups..and sometimes I do not want any celery visible.

    • You can pressure can celery as well, much nicer for making soups and such.

    • Desert Fox says:

      Tell me your secret to a good dehydrated celery! I dried some last year and when I used in in soups and stews…it was awful (rubbery) that I had to pick and remove them before eating! Now I’m stuck with a few jars of celery I don’t want to use. (I cut them and dried it in a dehydrator for about 6 hrs). Thanks for any help.

      • ChristineM says:

        I blanch my celery for a minute or so before dehydrating. It seems to improve the texture and color. You can use up your current dehydrated batch by putting some in a bowl and add boiling water to just cover it. Let it sit till cool, strain out the celery and add the water to your stew or soup. You’ll still get a lot of the flavor.
        This week I dehydrated 20 lb of oranges and froze some of the rind for flavoring.
        I also dehydrated 3 lb of hamburger using a recipe found on the internet. It was rather labor intensive and I tweaked the recipe a bit, but turned out very tasty.
        I bought some channel cats for the pond and started researching harness and cart options for my mini horse.
        Have been following this site for some time and decided to jump in. This is my first post.

        • suzy q says:

          Welcome to the Pack.

        • Lake Lili says:

          The Pack’s a great place to be. I’ve been around several years now and still pop in regularly because I always learn something new from these fine folks.

          Care to share the hamburger recipe? Sounds interesting.

          • ChristineM says:

            Here’s my procedure for the dehydrated hamburger. Will be glad to answer any questions.

            Put 2 lb lean hamburger and 1 cup water in a pan. Turn heat on high. Start breaking up the meat and keep stirring as the water starts to boil. Add more water as needed, as essentially you are boiling the meat. Add seasonings at this time, beef boullion, turmeric, powdered garlic, powdered onion, pepper, etc. Keep stirring until beef is cooked.
            While it is still hot, put the hamburger and water in a heatproof tall container. If the liquid level is not above the level of the meat, add hot water until it is. Take a chopstick or wooden spoon handle and gently move the beef around. You are helping the grease rise to the top. Leave the container on the counter until it is cool to the touch, then refrigerate until the grease has solidified and can be removed.
            Drain in a colander and taste. If you want to add more flavor, place the beef in a bowl, add seasoning and stir very well.
            Dehydrate till crisp & place in bags or jars.

        • Sirius says:


          Welcome! I’d love to hear more about your insights on dehydrated food. I dehydrate anything I can’t use before it goes bad. The problem is, once dehydrated, even when I cook with it, it ends up tasting like cardboard.

          Does blanching really help that much? And how many nutrients are lost when you blanch?

          I’d love to hear from you. Again, welcome to the Pack.

        • ChristineM
          Welcome to the pack.

        • Encourager says:

          Welcome, ChristineM, to the Wolf Pack!

          • ChristineM says:

            Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome.
            One more comment regarding “rubber” veggies. After adding the hot water and letting them rehydrate, you can place them in a blender or smoothie maker, process for a bit and then add the mixture to the pot. Or, if you just want the flavored liquid, strain it thru a coffee filter.
            I don’t know how much blanching affects nutritional value, but I don’t feel it would be any more than canning.
            Regarding dehydrated hamburger, I don’t have a written recipe, but I’ll make time to write something up. In fact, I’ve got tips & tricks I could pass on that I’ve never seen on any of the blogs. I’d like to write an article to submit and will think on this for a couple of days.

  2. Kermit5575 says:

    Got the garden up and running. put together another 10 x 12 shed for food stowage. found 2 boxes of 22LR at WM for $1.97 ea.first time to see 22 in over a year. We took over 20 inches of rain this week with no problems to the homefront. one of the foodbanks in town got flooded so we are working on getting it back up running. My plum and peach trees all have fruit, now to get up the bird netting. till next week. Kermit

  3. Ronald says:

    Hi Pack, Well this was a dead week as far as preps went I did manage to work on my “primatives” I bought a spear from Bud K its surprisingly well made albeit maybe a little short,Its a m-48 talon. I also finished my dried milk with 3 boxes 4 lb.s each milk. This deal with Russia is getting serious folks time to get really hard core about prepping! Well I guess that’s it for now, Good luck!

    • Bwhntr59 says:


      Perhaps I am a bit naive, but I fail to see how a Russian invasion of the Eastern Ukraine can cause a SHTF event in America. Since Ukraine is NOt a NATO member there should be no trigger event to draw the US into a shooting war. I have no love for the Russians mind you, but if the Europeans are so concerned let them Marshall their armies to meet the threat. The Germans, French and Brits all have equal if not superior armies than the Russians, and if the Poles and others throw in then the Russian Bear can be kept in check. I do agree that a war would probably crash the US economy again, but that would scarcely be a total catastrophe. But make no mistake: I am prepping to the max.

      • Lake Lili says:

        Canada’s CF-18 all went to Romania earlier this week. Fighter jets from Poland, the United Kingdom, Denmark and France took over NATO air policing duties over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Poland will lead the mission and provide MiG-29 aircraft, backed up by British Typhoon jets and based out of Siauliai airbase in Lithuania as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not have fighter jets of their own. Danish F-16 jets will patrol from Amari airbase in Estonia and French Rafale jets will operate out of the Malbork airbase in Poland. NATO has increased its presence after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine. NATO advised that the US handed over the mission at the end of April, but nowhere does it say that they have left…

        Nor does NATO or the Canadian government say where the Canadian jets have gone in Romania, but they may have gone to the Deveselu military base in southern Romania where NATO began building a missile shield base last fall. Apparently it is to be a crucial component in building up NATO’s overall ballistic missile defense system. Launched in 2010, NATO’s missile shield project, based essentially on US technology, will see the progressive deployment of missile interceptors and powerful radars in Eastern Europe and in Turkey. It is aimed at countering the potential Iran threat — and surprisingly it has drawn opposition from Russia, which fears it could compromise its security. Washington is to invest $134 million (€97 million) in the Deveselu base. Technically the air base, which will remain under Romanian command, will host an average of 200 US troops, up to a maximum of 500.

        • Ronald says:

          Bwhnth 59 Have you ever read Mel Tappan? Good book, Tappen on survival, one part describes TPTB starting a hot war that keeps the focus while they keep the population under control, I wonder whether the economy is doing as good as you think. I see a lot of lies and wonder why.

      • Ukraine is an ally that we (NATO & USA) pledged to defend if they disarmed & relinquished their nuclear arsenal, one of the largest in the world, after the ‘breakup’ of the USSR. That treaty was just reaffirmed and signed by president Obama. The president continues to alienate friends & allies and embolden our enemies.
        The action Russia is taking is possibly in retaliation for the US arming and aiding Al Qaeda in Syria, legally and illegally (Bengazi) at first. Saudi Arabia wants access to Syria to run oil and gas through pipelines that Assad now allows Russia to use.
        There is a lot going on behind the scenes all over this planet, but it all still comes own to power and money…oil.

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey, Cubbies! Hope all are well and dry.
    MD, great preps. Will look for that magazine.
    It has been a week. It really put our preppers network to a test here in AL. Friends throughout the south and east are still facing some serious weather related perils. Tornados touched down near me and my childrens homes. Friends and family in FL survived the torrential rains. Lives were lost and homes were lost but the word is getting out. Weather radios and apps were used. People heeded the warnings for the most part. DH and I spent 3 days manning radios and computers as part of SkyWarn. Our ground is saturated. But no mud slides here so far. DH put in an extensive french drain system a few years ago. Thank heavens!
    Besides the weather this week, I made our reservations for The Preppers Expo in Sevierville, TN, May 17-18. Would love to see MD doing a book signing and presentation. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are the headliners so far.
    I got the 2nd Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook and a Beginners Guide to Companion Gardening.
    Bought a new gator machete, keyring knife, 2 empty IV bags, more fishing tackle, OTC drugs, and odds and ends. Learned how to use plastic straws to seal small amounts of everything from meds to matches for the GHB/BOB.
    Some of my network keep potassium permanganate and glycerin in their GHB. I have read up a bit on this chem. I would like your thoughts on this.
    Have a great week. You and yours are always in my prayers.

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      I was also interviewed in a previous issue but I’ll don’t remember the exact date that, that issue came out.

      • JP in MT says:


        Isn’t that the one your avatar picture was taken for?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I subscribed to Survivalist but I think I may switch. This seems to be more what I’m interested in.

        • axlesteve says:

          Tactical G-Ma We like you here please don`t go.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I meant I was considering switching magazine subscriptions from the Survivalist to American Survival Guide.
            I’m a member of this pack forever!

            • axlesteve says:

              TGma That is good to hear. I don`t want to see you leave the blog and add your name to the list of people that left and miss.

    • Just Plain Brad says:

      Love the Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area. Good little restaurant/pub called the roaming gnome. Looking for property just a little west of there! Wish I would have known about the Expo , would have tried to het there.

    • Mary in GA says:

      Tactical G-Ma,
      So glad to hear that you and your family are okay. That storm was horrible for the Alabama and Mississippi folks. I prayed for all in harm’s way. It was supposed to come right through our area later, but didn’t thankfully. Again glad you are fine!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Thanks for caring. Just keep folks in your prayers who are facing troubles with this crazy weather.

    • tommy2rs says:

      If you can find smoothie straws (box of 40 at chinamart), they hold .380 and 9mm. On the very rare occasions we eat fast food I always save the large diameter straws to pack .22 LR in. Make a plug for one end from a foam earplug and these make a nice dump loader for tubular magazines which my favorite .22 rifle has. Pack the “loaded” straws in pvc pipe and you have quiet, waterproof ammo storage for the backpack.

      • Sideliner 1950 says:


        Great ideas here…brilliant. Several different straw types come up when I googled “smoothie straws walmart”…what kind in particular do you mean for the .380/9mm? Thanks.

        • tommy2rs says:

          The brand I have is diamond. They’re in silly colors but they work.

          • Sideliner 1950 says:



          • Desert Fox says:

            The McD’s straws (I don’t eat there but my son does on occasion) are quite large in diameter and great to pak antibiotic creams, honey, (sealing both ends) for your small emergency kits.

    • TGMa
      I was wondering if you an many others who are in those states were ok. Dh & I talked about how devastating the storms were back there. Nice to hear you and your family(ies)are all doing ok.
      Wow, great communications set up you have there to keep folks in touch.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Members of our little group here talked us all into getting our ham license then DH and I joined SkyWarn. I never new that NOAA had no way of knowing a twister is on the ground until a spotter calls it in. Scary but true. When the sirens go off, it may already be too late.

        • mindful patriot says:

          I live in a town that was leveled by an EF-5 in 2007. Accuweather.com has had the best information for our area. I wonder if it would also be helpful for you.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Thanks for the suggestion but I have that, 2 radars, EBS, EMA, Scanners of FD and PD, Safe-T- Net , and the Weather Channel, 4 cbs on scan and 2 vhf/uhf ham radios on scan. Being on the edge of Tornado Alley means being on my toes. It’s a great way to practice networking in crisis. Another prep.

            • mindful patriot says:

              Sounds like a pretty sweet setup. Me…I just look up and decide whether I need to duck n cover 🙂 lol

            • GA Red says:

              Glad y’all are OK. The DH has his HAM license and will call in weather info when needed. He used to be more involved with it than he is now, but knows it may be needed in the future.

    • Sirius says:


      Potassium Permanganate is a very useful survival tool. You can add it to water as a sanitizing agent. You add just enoughto turn the water a light pink. It tastes salty but all the bugs are neutralized.

      If you continue to add it to water until it turns a dark purple, you now have am antiseptic.

      If you pour some powder out in a small pile on your kindling and add a drop or two of the glycerin to the powder, wait a few seconds, you have a flare for a couple of seconds that is jot enough to ignite just about anything, even if its damp.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Do you carry it in your GHB/BOB?

        • Sirius says:

          I sure do. I keep it in a small brown glass bottle and the glycerin in a small squeeze bottle. They live in my first aid kit. I also have some pool shock and some potable aqua tabs. I believe in redundancy, especially when it comes to water purification.

    • themem says:

      Glad you are safe

  5. Just Plain Brad says:

    The local Aldis near me had their large peanut butter marked wrong, 2 dollars cheaper than the regular price. Told the manager and he thanked me and let me buy six jars for the cheaper price! Thought that was pretty stand up! I have also been waiting for a Glock 30S (for about 5 months)at a local shop I frequent. Got the call it was in, been putting away each week for it, went and got it, heading to the range with it today. It will be a nice addition for concealed carry!

    Stay safe all

  6. JP in MT says:

    Well, last week we were out of town so I could/didn’t report in. I spent 3+ days without hitting the Internet. Of course the in box was so full it took most of Monday to get through it.

    Although we ordered some sale food prep items this week, nothing has come in yet. We found a source for more bags for the Wondermill and a hopper for smaller grains when grinding.

    Coleman’s “winter Harvest…” book came in along with a 4 port USB hub to go with the Windows Surface I got for Christmas (if you add a DVD player to it, it requires 2 ports and the computer only has one).

    Picked up shoe laces, disposable knives, and round tea balls for the trade supplies. I’m pretty sure that the Dollor Store won’t be around then.

    The rest of the stuff that came in/got picked up was gun stuff. Lead bullets molds and gas checks; grade 3 brass, reloading powder, and some ammo (including some 22 LR). Not alot, but a little more. I also finally found a box of 200 gr .30 cal bullets for my sub-sonic load project for the .308! With the demand for them with the 300 AAC they have been virtually impossible to find (at least that’s what I assume the problem is).

    Got the “clean” title in for my pickup/BOV. That feels good!

    Getting with some friends this week to discuss our “camping” options for the summer. We didn’t really get out at all last year, so this year we are going to try to make up for that. Got about 3 weeks to get the 4-wheelers tuned up and some welding done on the trailer. Where we usually go, it’s peaceful and quiet. Can’t get any radio except satellite radio, no cell phones or TV!

    Looks like there’s some folks who think we’ll finally get the WH to answer up for Libya. Good luck on that. These guys have lied about it so much, they can’t keep their stories straight.

    Doesn’t look like there’s anything big happening politically. I like that Russia is warning the Ukraine to keep their military out of part of their own country. But other than that, nothing except more of the long, slow slide. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop!

    Keep Preppin’!

    • riverrider says:

      jp, thanks for your kind thoughts the other day. take care.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Hope things went well with you and yours today, riverrider. Can’t imagine having to go through such a thing. Prayers for you and yours.

        • riverrider says:

          ror, thanks. it was friday. lost a day somehow, but we made it thru. the dw is staying busy with family. thats her way of coping.

      • JP in MT says:


        You are welcome. Been through my share of “crap” in the last 2 years. Think I’m due for a break too.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Once the tipping point is reached, JP, it will go fast, just like that sinkhole landslide we saw in PA this past week. TDL is hollowing out everything American, and I believe things will go worse for us than what I had ever imagined. I saw photos this week of men being crucified in Syria, yes…actually nailed to a cross. I’d post photos but they’re pretty gruesome. Google will lead you to them if anyone doesn’t believe me. It seems the Islamists will take the world back to the 7th C., and they have an ally in the WH to help them do it.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        It’s not just the TDL. Did you hear the latest about Rutgers U? A few years ago they had “Snookie” as commencement speaker. This year Condaliza Rice was invited. Well there was protest by both students and professors because she allowed water boarding and torture and supported the invasion of Iraq. She has been provost of two universities. Spent years in academia. And managed to make it through politics fairly intact. But she said that since the commencement was supposed to be about students and not controversy, she declined the invitation.
        What the h— are they teaching at Rutgers? And these are the future leaders.

        • JP in MT says:


          I just wonder how many of those protesting were invited to this years commencement. It’s been my experience that those that protest at these “graduations” aren’t the sort who actually graduate.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          When I say TDL, I mean his minions as well, which are the liberal/progressive maniacs who seek to silence all speech but their own. They have taken over the education system, from kindergarten through college, including most professional schools(Law especially) as well. We have indoctrination now, not education. I just talked to a guy today who pulled 3 of his 4 kids out of public school and will now home school them. This won’t be allowed much longer, either.

        • axlesteve says:

          Well tdl light (Janet Napolitano) is in charge of the uc system. I think that she may have been placed there to be a stooge for tdl.

  7. It’s been a couple of weeks since I was last on here. Tax season is finally over so now I can spend more of my time here at home, well that is until summer semester starts on May 19th. I am taking my last 3 classes this summer and I will be done with school! I have my final exam for this semester this coming Wed.

    DH had surgery last week. We had to go to Nashville for it. Spent a couple of days with family in the area before the surgery. DH is doing fine. Got to go back this next week for a checkup to make sure everything is healing OK.

    My sister who lives near Nashville has had several strokes and is only 51. Her DH had a health scare himself and she told me that if anything happens to him that she will end up in a home because her children will not take care of her. Her children live within a couple of miles of her and have not seen her since Jan! It makes me so mad! My DH and I have had a serious talk about this and when we go back next week we are going to made sure that my bil makes arrangements that my sister comes to live with me if anything should happen to him.

    When we got home last weekend I made some serious headway on getting the garden ready to plant. We have harvested enough asparagus to have it for supper every day this past week. Since DH is not allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs right now he worked on making plans. Now with 3 days of rain I have some serious mowing to get done. 🙂 Besides using the raised beds I am having someone till a large area so that I can plant the 3 sisters. This will be our largest garden ever.

    DH was listening to our local radio station and heard about someone selling large pallets. These are not your average pallets. We got 3 last week ($35 each) and they are 6′ x 11′ and solid wood with large bolts and 4×4 beams holding them together. (These were made overseas to bring large equipment here for a yarn mill.) DH figured out how to use them to make a small barn for our goats. We will still need to get the material for the roof but the walls are covered. Yesterday we bought a large above ground pool for exercise and for extra water! Getting more pallets to build a shed for the garden and using some to make a privacy fence for the pool.

    Well now I need to make breakfast, mow and work in the garden! Busy week coming up!

    Stay safe pack and prayers to all!

    • Just Brad says:

      Hope everything works out for you guys and your sister! Keep the faith!

    • Encourager says:

      My husband made me a lovely porch swing out of oak pallets that were made to haul heavy coils of steel. That is good wood!

    • Brenda
      You and your dh are awesome family to see that your bil makes provision that your sister comes to your home when they have no one else who is willing to take care of them.
      Sending many blessing to your household.

    • seeuncourt says:

      http://Www.blocklayer.com best roof angle calculator EVER!!!

    • I love that you got the pool. The DH and I have talked about it many times, but we would prefer a permanent one. I may suggest an above-ground one for temporary use and extra water. Besides, I do love to swim.

      Glad to hear your hubby’s surgery went well and that you’re making arrangements to care for your sister if needed.

    • Brenda says:

      Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I know that sooner or later DM will end up here as well. She lives in south TX with no family nearby. She loves her home and church. She is very independent, but I did let her know that if it came down to it that I was moving her here with me. 🙂

      GA Red,
      We got the pool off of craigslist. It was only $650 and it is a 15’x30′ oval. We will have to buy a new liner but that is less than $200 for one. We ended up on your side of GA to pick it up. 🙂 We were at the north end though.

      I did a really dumb thing this morning. I had cooked breakfast and was trying to hurry up and get the kitchen cleaned up so that I could get some work done outside when I picked up the still hot spatula with grease on it, to put it in the dishwasher. Of course I picked it up by the spatuala end and not the handle. I now have a large blister on one of my fingers. 🙁 As soon as the pain registered I yelled “That was a really stupid thing to do” as I threw the spatula in the floor and turned on the cold water! DH told me that I didn’t have to hurt myself to get out of work! I just glared at him!

      • GA Red says:

        OUCH! Burns are awful and fingers are so sensitive. I hope it heals quickly for you.

        We were all over the place on Saturday. We drove up to the Blairsville area, then over to the Toccoa area looking at different pieces of property. We either need to win the lottery or inherit a bunch of money so we can afford what we really want. 🙁

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    Hi Pack,

    It rained every day since Sunday so working in the yard and garden was put on hold. We bought 2 Dak hams; expiration date Sep. 2018, and 2 jars of peanut butter to put in storage.

    We need to get more supplies for pandemic protection, and develop skills of home remedies for virus and bacterial infections.

    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.
    This might curl your hair; http://www.barnhardt.biz/2014/04/30/repost-and-update-on-benghazi-and-expendable-faggots/

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.

    Pray for peace in the world.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      With the first reported case of MERS stateside, better get what you can while you can. Fox news said it was a 30% mortality rate. But if 400 of the 800 reported cases have died that means more like 50% doesn’t it? It’s spread by close proximity. Of course, the patient flew in an airplane to London then Chicago and then took a bus to Indiana…No close proximity there! (Sarc).

      • TGMa
        You saw that also……the news media expects many to not hear what they reported. That is until it is their household that comes down with that disease.
        I am ordering more N95’s, and surgical gloves.
        Reminds me of the movie Contagion. Anyone coming from an area that is infected should be quarantined for at least two weeks(or more)before being allowed to travel, especially in the cattle cars………called airplanes.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        T G-Ma,

        I printed some info from Mountain Rose Herbs website on the “Four Thieves” oil blend. They say it is antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-infectious. We have books; Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstone,and Herbal Antibiotics plus Herbal Antivirals by Stephen Buhner. None of those books mention “Four Thieves”.
        Mountain Rose has a price around $80 plus shipping for the ingredients. Hopefully we can make a purchase next month. I hope the MERS carriers stay away, the contagious incubation period is very long before symptoms appear.

        If you can point us to additional information on how to use it, please let us know.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I was looking at Thieves oil but I saw where there are different 4 theives oil formulas for different applications. I hope after I finish these projects in the next couple weeks to get seriously into these essential oils. Another thing is stockup on emergen-C and Mucinex.
          Also, best cough syrup decongestant for adults is equal parts JD or Jim Beam, honey, lemon juice, and water. Heat til just drinkably hot – do not let it boil! Stir well and sip while in a hot bath if possible. If running a fever skip hot bath. Limit to one every few hours. JD for cough syrup was the only alcohol ever allowed in my grandma’s home.

          • T-Gma
            While you’re in the Smokies, downtown G-Burg, new business, Moonshine Still. Don’t miss it ! Everything made locally, legal, free tastings. Believe they have Honey and Lemon with the smoothest shine ever made.
            Along with approx 25 other flavors. For years, took JB and JD with lemon and honey, until I tasted this.
            CDC.gov has lengthy article on MERS. Supposedly US has been preparing since 2012. Still no treatment available or known cure. Figures.
            Anyway, after reading the article…I’m avoiding flights, airports, crowded indoor events in cities with airports serving International flights.
            Also changing diet to foods to strengthen immune system, increasing vitamins, esp Vit C.
            Keep hands clean and away from eyes, mouth, nose.

            Please keep us posted on Thieves Oil.
            Thanks for your comments.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Went to Gatlinburg about 18 mos. ago. Tried a bunch of the moonshine.
              Problem is it is a lot like a mixed drink. I prefer to make my own. I make Apple pie, Peach Pie, Kahlua, Ameretto, Grand Marnier, Limoncello, Blackberry, Strawberry, spiked Cherries, and spiked Watermelon. I make gallons for a few $. It makes great gifts and have used it to barter but I don’t sell it and rarely drink it. I like keeping a few gallons of 190 proof on hand for emergencies…same as neutral grain spirits or ethanol without the additives. Is great for tinctures, antiseptic, and is combustible like gasoline. I prefer Everclear but Golden Wheat is good too.
              Since I do make these, I am excited about making essential oils too! And trust me, I will let you know what I learn!
              But as for the Toddy. JD and JB are aged in casks and absorb the tannins and other elements in the wood and have a medicinal property plus vitamin C in the lemon juice and anti-bacterial properties of honey makes for a more healthful tonic than vodka or other white liquors. I would much prefer a margarita while sitting by the pool, tho! 🙂

          • That’s the cough syrup I grew up using. Good stuff and JD is a staple in our house.

        • LittleAnniePrepper says:

          I made a small amount and put it on an inhaler. I keep it in my purse and use it to inhale when I’m out in public places. I have a compromised immune system and figure it can’t hurt.

      • Schametti says:

        I’m still trying to figure out why us Indiana’ns were lucky enough to be the proud first hosts of the MERS virus. *Sigh* I’m just going to hide inside until this goes away I think….

      • seeuncourt says:

        And Ebola in Canada…

      • Thisall H says:

        Ohh nice, I’ve got to travel through Ciaro Airport this week-end.
        wish me luck.

      • tommy2rs says:

        CDC report on the first case of MERS

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Good grief, Hunker-Down, that update on Benghazi was a hair curler. Everyone should read this so they can understand what is happening. That story was chilling, and I had never heard it put that way before. Wow is all I can say.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        The author has a great talent for digging down to the truth. If pushed, she can back up every word.

        Its not hard to see a setup when a gentleman who prefers gentleman is sent to a country that has a history of killing men of that persuasion.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Exactly, once you think about it you see it either had to be a set-up to get him killed, or it was an affront to the Islamists to get them to attack. Or both.

  9. H. Nelson says:

    Picked up 200 bucks in 12GA game loads, 00 buck, 1oz slugs. Mylar bags came in and been bagging and tagging spices. Hope to bag and tag 120 pounds of jasmine rice and 50 pounds of pinto beans this weekend.

  10. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Good morning MD and Pack!

    Congrats on the magazine story MD! I’ll have to look next trip to Wally-World.

    I was so blessed the start of this week! A friend came by with her fiancée and gifted me with over 100 canning jars in various sizes! In this amazing gift I discovered one blue and one green canning jar. I love those things and have been collecting them since the Bi-Centennial. I keep all manner of dried fruits, herbs and veggies in them. Her fiancée’s wife passed a few years ago and my friend doesn’t can; so her fiancée loaded up all the jars and gave them to me. Boxes and boxes of them! Rings and un-used lids (not sure they’re still good) plus lots of baby food jars with lids. I was so excited I could barely stand it! Best of all…they are boxed! That’ll make moving easier!

    I did add 30 packs of kool-aid more TP and kitty litter this week.

    Been reading Strategic Relocation and have learned things about the area I live in. Still trying to think outside the box for my near future. I’m definitely feeling the need to stock up but knowing I’m moving at some hopefully not too distant point I’m trying to beat that feeling back. Doesn’t help to have preps and no place to put them.

    My little garden is doing really good. Still thinking about the aquaponics and been studying the Mittleider method too. Once I’m re-grouped I think I’d like to try both. I’ve visions of small scale aquaponics in a sunroom (instead of greenhouse) for fresh leafy winter foods and plant starts for the outside garden. Brain gardens are so nice, they never have weeds! LOL

    Worried about those of you in/near the path of the tornados. Tactical G-Ma I’m happy to hear you and your kiddies are safe. Happy Camper, still praying for you. Hope y’all have a good week.

    • suzy q says:

      Don’t get rid of the older jar lids they can be useful for things other than canning. Use them for short term storage (a jar of fruit you opened – the original lid is dented and unuseable – a quart jar of dry food that you are using – that sort of thing).

      • suzy q says:

        by the way great score on the jars and lids

        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          Suzy q,

          I save my old lids for just the very thing you’ve suggested! When I’ve nothing better to do I make counted cross stitch covers for the lids, back them with a small bit of left over quilt batting and then tie a ribbon around the ring. Very cute-z, completely impractical and I just adore looking at my herbal teas in those blue jars.

          • suzy q says:

            Simply because we are preppers doesn’t mean we can’t have pretty and/or impractical items. Life wouldn’t be worth as much if we didn’t have the beauty of nature and our animals around us. So I say prep on with a few of those cute-z, completely impractical items – mental prep is always good.

    • Mary in GA says:

      I’m like suzy q, I re-use canning lids for short term storage too. I also saw a really neat idea on Pinterest for old canning lids to make garden wind chimes. Use a hole puncher and make holes near the edge of the lids, then use fishing line to string them. Tie off at each one and then you can attach the strings of lids to all sorts of things, a pot lid, terra cotta saucer, old pie tin, whatever you choose.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Mary in GA,

        That’s an interesting idea! Wonder if that would help keep animals out of a garden….

        • Mary in GA says:

          Petticoat Prepper,
          It couldn’t hurt, deer don’t like shiny things and most birds don’t like clingy clangy thinks. By the way, I used to do the crossed stitched lid covers. It’s been years, so thanks for the memory. I may do some again.

          • Back in the old days when I got free AOL (and other) cd’s I would hang them with fishing line from the trees in my back yard. They would throw a very bright rainbow reflection in the sun. Birds did not like it at all.

    • I keep my eyes peeled for jars all the time. I’d LOVE to have some of the colored ones, but would be thrilled to get 100 of any canning jars. Someone recently told me that Michael’s carries them. Since I’m close to one, I’ll have to do some price checking.

    • PP
      Wow, all those lovely canning jars.

  11. Good Morning!!!

    This week I was able to stock up on regular sized canning lids (11 packs) and wide mouth ring/lid combo boxes (3) since they were marked way down (.50 and $1 respectively). They had more of the lids when I went this morning, but I had other priorities today. I found a great deal on the “Airborne” supplement at Dollar Tree and got a few of those for the medicine box. We added more cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, and peas to the garden… the peppers seedlings we just bought and planted are looking pitiful, so we are keeping an eye on them. We were able to connect with a couple people locally who grow bamboo so we got some for plant supports and several root/runners to plant for screening as well… we’ll see how they grow.

    I think that’s it for us… Y’all have a great week!

    • Encourager says:

      “Root runners”… I sure hope you dig down and put a concrete barrier around that bamboo. Otherwise it will be all over your place. It is extremely invasive!

      • Shandi says:

        With our luck with the garden this year, those’ll be the only things that grow, but we do have a plan in place to contain them. Since these mostly came from an area of a garden that had been a concrete patio in the very distant past…yes, they had been growing on top of the concrete with no dirt…

    • Shandi says:

      Oooh…. I forgot…. I got 12 seasoning packets for FREE using my coupons!!!!! I’m gonna foodsave several for the back pantry.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Woo Hoo!!!! Free from coupons you are speaking my language! Good for you!

        • Thanks! I am trying my darndest to get the best coupon deals I can and not spend more than absolutely necessary on food items… Of course I told my DH last night, that since the kiddo and I would be home for the summer and I wouldn’t be working, the kiddo and I would be eating a lot of beans and rice or home made beanie weenie’s… I think I need to find some beano coupons and stock up lol

          • Love coupons. Yesterday I picked up the following: 48 oz oil, seasoning, tabasco, 2 cans of salsa and a large bag of cat food – total cash spent was $2.60. No sales tax in Oregon. The savings came from coupons (a coupon for a free bag of cat food up to $15.99 resulted in 22 lbs of cat food costing just $1.49) and a rebate debit card. Wish I could do that every time I go shopping.

            • Shandi says:

              I LOVE coupons… if things go right this weekend, I’ll be able to add the canisters of tang and kool-aid to the pantry for 50cents a piece.

  12. In order to legally exercise my government granted privilege to have a firearm here in the People’s Republic of Hawaii, I took my 20 gauge Browning A-5 to the downtown Honolulu Police Department to register it so they can revoke their kind permission any time it seems like that would be for the Greater Good of Personkind.

    Subtle and sophisticated Wise Thinkers that they are, the Legislature understands that “shall not be infringed” clearly means “of course we can make it a felony.” I give appropriate thanks to our Noble Leaders in the Legislature for allowing me to have such a privilege, bowing my head and touching my forelock in grateful submission to their wisdom. All Hail the Collective. All Hail our Beneficent Leaders. Submission is Freedom.

    I also bought 200 rounds of Winchester .45 hardball (the only type available), 200 rounds of Remington .22LR Target rounds (the only type available), and 10 rounds of Federal 20 gauge #3 Buckshot (also the only type available). This was the first .22 of any kind I have seen on Oahu in more than a year, and 4 boxes was the limit.

    I had to buy a new hard case for the shotgun to bring it back from the Mainland this week: I hadn’t noticed that airlines have reduced the size of luggage which may be carried on domestic flights without paying extra fees for oversize luggage, and the maximum is now a total of 62 inches for L + W + H.

    Anything over 62 inches costs $200 each way. If you have a case which is over 62 inches and you want to fly, you might as well throw it away unless you have a very expensive gun which doesn’t take down.

    62 inches do not go very far, and I noted that several over 62 inches claimed to be “Airline Compliant”. That was true so far as being lockable hard cases, but only the smallest was compliant AND would not incur a $200 oversize baggage fee each way.

    I ordered a sterling bezel for a 1 oz silver Chinese Panda coin. (My DW likes bears and this year’s has a nice design.) A coin -silver or gold- on a chain is a nice way to enjoy precious metal and have a small amount for EDC.

    • Millie in KY says:

      And now you must lose it in a tragic boat accident…how very sad for you…. 🙂

  13. Had a wake up call this week. Tornadoes Monday evening came quite near our home. We spent time in the laundry room (our safest room). Realized afterward thag I forgot to take my backpack with me. Do not plan to leave for a BOL should sfht occur; plan to stay here. But my backpack is in case we need to leave for an emergency, like tornado, fire, etc. So Tuesday morning I looked at it really hard and decided the reason I forgot ig Monday evening was that it wasn’t up to date. So, this week and next I will be working to make sure it has what I need in case I must leave the house fast.

    Our home was not damaged. The garden is doing well so far. About 7 miles from our home, many roofs were lost.

    Prayers for the pack.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Glad you are safe and sound.
      Are you in the vicinity of eastern central Alabama? We may be neighbors!

      • I am west central Bama, G-Ma, in Tuscaloosa county. I had figured already that you weren’t too far away. My parents and sister are on your side of the state, just below I-85.

      • Brenda says:

        Tactical G-Ma,
        It sounds like we might be neighbors, I am on the west side of GA not too far north of I-20. I was worried about all in the path of those storms. Glad to hear that you and Susy made it through OK.

        • Brenda, I, too, am on the West side of GAS not too far north of I-20. Glad to know others are being prompted to be prepared for emergencies or other stuff.

          • GA Red says:

            Linda and Brenda – I have a daughter living just south of I-20 on the west side. She is moving to a house on the north side of I-20 around the end of the month. I’m hoping they will be able to have a garden at the new place – she learned to make/can pickles with her grandmother last year.

            • Sounds like we may all be in the same area. Would love to met up and share ideas.

              • Linda,
                That sounds like a great idea. Hopefully the DH will be completely healed soon and we will have the pool up and going. I have been hinting at having a 4th of July Party. My hope is to find a group of like-minded people living nearby. I have more neighbors putting in gardens this year and the ones that had them last year are making theirs bigger.

    • Hi Susy, Would it make sense to keep your BOB in the laundry room, at least during tornado season? Everybody’s situation is different, so it’s hard to say. Our GHBs double as our BOBs, so they stay in the vehicles. For other people that wouldn’t work, though.

    • axlesteve says:

      Susy I have been through many earthquakes in my life. No biggie. Tornadoes scare the living you know what out of me.My grandparents were from Kansas ,my grandpa joined the Navy during ww2. They never went back to Kansas after the war. My grandma would not go back.

      • Spent the week cleaning up from the tornado. Lost 2 -100 year old oak trees. One landed 15 feet from my from door . Oh well I have fire wood for the next 10 years. Another tree fell on the house but did no damage. My DW was in Hong Kong n a buying trip and knew more about the storms than I did. We got power back on Thurs. Thank the good Lord there were no more injuries and fatalities than there was.

  14. Lauri no e says:

    Good Morning Pack!

    Relaxing morning just reading and thinking about what I need to do for the day.

    Prayers to all with the storms and all the different things life throws our way.

    Things have been tight financial with all that we have going on but God has supplied everything we needed. This is why we prep to live off our supplies during difficult times.
    The past few weeks I have only been buying can goods and water when I see on sale if funds permit.

    Mending fences with a couple of family members only because my older brother really wanted me to come to this family reunion it was hard but I did it for my brother. I told my husband I forgive them but the trust is totally blown but it will make it easier for me to go home at Christmas a few hours a year and then be on with my life. I heard Emma Bombeck asked her mother one time before a family reunion who are we speaking to this year. I sure do miss her sense of humor.

    My husband and daughter need your prayers.

    Be safe and keep prepping.

  15. worrisome says:

    Offer on the house has been accepted, paperwork is in process.

    I bought a bunch of boxes and am already packing up stuff that I just unpacked from the flood in the kitchen….never ends.

    We have put off all additional prep purchases pending my move and more list making. The boys list that they had put together a couple of weeks ago is pretty much complete. They are making a list for replacement parts so that we can keep things repaired.

    I have scheduled a round of dr’s appointments as I will have to start fresh in Reno and want to give myself time to do that at my leisure. Same with the dogs.

    Have spent considerable time pulling together what I need to set up an office that I find suitable up at the bol so I will be able to hit the ground running when the boys start working for money again in June. The floor and cabinets are all in and done in the loft, so it will be the first room to get furnished and set up.

    Stopped by Costco and marveled at the change in prices, there isn’t anything in there that hasn’t had a right smart price increase. My coffee is up a $1.00, Beef prices were up anywhere from 80 cents to $3.00 depending upon the item. Almonds and walnuts were up over $1.00. I got a decent price on some pork roasts to make green chili burritos up with. (That is something I make up and keep in the freezer and eat around here when I am not interested in cooking a meal). People if you want rice, go buy enough to last yourself about 18 months NOW. The prices are going up and will stay up until it rains…that is if you want California rice.

    The boys had their first of the year experience with a deer trying to jump the fence to get to the garden. Got stuck between the outer (higher) fence and the inner (electric) fence. Hope the wonder dog and BIL managed to round it up and get it to the gate so Nephew could let it out. Nephew also lit off some firecrackers with the hopes it would not come back. Hope figured out quickly what she was supposed to do to move the deer, but she was flabbergasted, scared and then quite angry with the nephew over the firecrackers! She wouldn’t go near him for the rest of the day. They also have found……………and killed two rattlesnakes. Sometime this summer there will be some more brush clearing and possible fencing to make a path to the pond so that the dogs will stay in areas less exposed to poison oak and brushy areas to prevent some of the tick problem we are having and hopefully may prevent any of the animals running into another snake.

    Glad to hear that there is finally a select committee to investigate Benghazi, but where are the ones for the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, the BLM and for Fast and Furious? One thing about being so busy, I don’t have to time to watch the news and get mad. As for the Ukraine? Isn’t it funny how the latest political war over there wipes out the interest in what is going on in the other countries? What is happening these days in Libya; Egypt; Syria; etc.

    Prices of PM are still being highly manipulated, but silver is down right now…………so picked up a little of that.

    Have a great week all.

    • Sirius says:


      Cool deal on the rattlesnakes. I got a 44″ Eastern Diamondback in my kitchen a few years ago. I skinned her out and filleted up the meat. I cooked it on the grill seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Very tasty.

      I saved the skin by rolling it up in wax paper and putting it in the freezer. Then I ordered a snake tanning kit online from one company and a hatband blank from another. One of these days I’ll get around to making the hatband.

      If you still have a lot of brush clearing to do, you’ll have plenty of free snake meat and some snake skin accessories you can trade for preps.

    • seeuncourt says:

      Get a pair of geese. They will kill rattlesnakes, fertilize your garden and weed it, and let you know when anything is within a quarter mile of your place. They will also chase off deer!

      • Geese for rattlesnakes. Ok, I finally have a good reason to have geese around, especially in South Georgia. The DH killed a snake while I was planting last weekend. We aren’t sure what kind, but I don’t care. I’m of the belief that the only good snake is a dead snake. I’d be ok with a King snake, but they look too much like Coral snakes for me to identify the difference.

        • poorman says:

          Some snakes are beneficial. I had gofer problems years ago. Tried flares water ect. Finely sent the two boys down to the creek and they caught a couple of gofer snake and brought them home problem solved

          • GA Red says:

            poorman – I know. I just wish there weren’t so many poisonous ones around here.

        • GA Red
          You and I think alike when it comes to snakes……..
          Just do not wear sparking jewelry around them, they tried to eat my engagement ring many years ago. That is how I learned about their love of shiny–sparklies. 😉

      • worrisome says:

        That is a good idea seeuncourt! Once we get settled up there, I will go forth poste haste and add that the “learning about live stock” list.

        Sirius I will be waiting until I am starving before I bother with rattle snake meat……………no inclination whatsoever! I want them dead and buried deeply! Don’t want them around the animals two legged or four legged that are around me up there.

        • seeuncourt says:

          I got our geese as holdings 3 years ago. Lucked out with one of each gender. They kill snakes, mice, chase off feral cats, keep deer out of the garden, and raise holy check when a Fox or skunk comes by. We were going to eat them until we saw what good guardians they were. Now Peachy and Fifi are on patrol! Loudly.

        • Sw't tater says:

          snake tastes like farm raised chicken, cut across the back to get ‘steaks’.. season like chicken and you’ll never know the difference if de-boned…we live in an area it is illegal to kill them unless they are a threat to you or your critters. So I’ haven’t had any in a while…Oh if it is a cotton mouth..don’t make it mad before you kill it and part the head from the rest of the snake as soon as possible, and crush and bury it .It can still kill you if you get raked by a fang.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Might want to include olives and raisins as well. California supplies a lot them to the American market.

      • worrisome says:

        Tommy………….Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, rice, grapes, onions, garlic, not to mention almonds, olives, peaches, plums, nectarines,oranges and lemons, rice, strawberries and many others that are grown south of the delta in the central valley. Add cotton, hay, and cattle ops, milk and meat……………..it is all affected. Many farmers that do have some access to water will only be putting in about 35% of what they normally do, almond farmers are bulldozing apprx 25% of their trees……….

        • LittleAnniePrepper says:

          I wonder what my family is going to be able to afford to eat at this rate. Nothing. HA!! HA!!

  16. Overhill says:

    The Just Water filter came in this week. I also picked up magazines and stripper clips for two rifles. More canned goods were added, too. Steadily working toward a solid six months’ of grub stored away. Rotated some stored gasoline.

    Met with my insurance agent yesterday to completely review policies for the vehicles and the property. Thought it was timely now that it’s tornado season.

  17. Got my chicken coop put together and the little ladies moved in. It took some convincing but I think my dogs understand those are Mommy’s chickens and are not a snack for dogs. Finally got in the EE order I placed in March. I’ve never had to wait this long before. Got the mowing done so I hope any SHTF event waits until my yard grows back up ( I going to go with the “obviously this place is abandoned so there is nothing worth stopping for.” look. That is the easiest to pull off with a very old mobile home….

  18. Urbancitygirl says:

    Cold and rainy. We really need tomorrow to be nicer so we can finish the roof on the coop and put the hardware cloth around and over the run. I’m planning on moving the chicks to the coop in a week at 5 weeks old. Will use lamp if necessary.

    I purchased blackberry plants for $1.99 at Aldi. But not sure if they will be okay in our growing zone. I searched online and that specific type is zone 6 and warmer, I’m zone 5.

    If the rain stops long enough, we can plant the grape, elderberry, and sun chokes that arrived.

    I want to purchase our first silver and we are confused as to whether we should buy coins or bars or what??

    • nick flandrey says:

      I’m a novice with PMs but the consensus seems to be pre-1965 US silver coins. They will be widely recognizable as money. The prepper community of LMIs will certainly reinforce that too. As a store of value, bars are cheaper but might be harder to use post-collapse as money.

      Ferfal has made an interesting observation that gold chains make good money in a currency collapse, as they are widely recognized, and you can easily use them an inch at a time. Gold Krugerrands will be much harder to make change with 🙂 Chains have the added benefit of not previously having been subject to confiscation (and can be worn).

      I think a mix of types (diversify) to work in a variety of situations is the best choice. Some jewelry for a currency collapse, and silver coins, some bars as a cheaper choice for preserving value, and gold coins as a more compact and widely recognized store of value.

      This is just my thought, but it works for me…


      • Urbancitygirl says:

        DH has the opinion that people would trust gold bars over coins. I disagree. Do you think a combination of coins and bars would be a good idea? We are sticking to silver as we don’t have huge amounts to spend.

        I kinda like the gold jewelry idea also,that’s interesting.

        • We prefer silver and gold official coins minted by national governments way over bars of any size. They can be either pre-1965 US or modern bullion coins.

          Reason: they are the most widely recognized and trusted forms. Silver rounds, and silver or gold bars by any private mint will be less widely recognized, and less trusted to be what they claim to be. While the major private mints like Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are widely recognized and deservedly trusted, even they are less so than official coins. It isn’t that they are less trustworthy, but that fewer people are familiar with them.

          We stay away from off-brand rounds and bars like the plague. One ounce rounds or bars by “Bill & Sue’s Reno Casino and Mint” may be just fine, but how on earth is anyone to know that for sure? There are plenty of such things out there, and sellers want full silver value for them. They seem to us like remarkably bad deals, especially if they turn out to be silver plated lead.

          If you can afford to buy rolls of dimes or larger denominations, I would do so as the mark up over the bullion value is lower than buying smaller quantities. Buying one at a time is usually expensive, unless you chance on a good private deal.

          Used sterling silver tableware is also a something to consider, especially if you live near a fairly big city with an auction house which handles household goods. You need to have the auction house tell you the weight of the sterling in ounces, then figure out how much silver is in it (multiply the weight in troy ounces by .925 to get that) and find out the current price of silver to figure out approximately what a dealer would give you for it.

          If you find a pattern which you really like at an auction, this can be a good way to accumulate silver, and in a form which you can enjoy using. You will have to pay more than the bullion value, but if you enjoy having and using the tableware you may consider it a reasonable deal.

          Tableware is less easily used to buy stuff, though, as sellers need to be able to figure out weight too, and even a spoon is a fair bit of silver compared to dimes and quarters. I would stick with US silver coins to start with: they come in convenient denominations, are widely available, and people are familiar with them.

          Gold jewelry is good if you can get it used. The mark up on new gold jewelry is pretty high.

          However, if you get a nice chain and some gold coins, you can put a coin in a bezel and wear it on the chain. That can give you a beautiful pendant with widely recognized value for a much smaller mark up over standard gold jewelry. Same with silver coins.

          And shop around for good prices. Major bullion dealers are cheaper than the prices I have seen on Amazon lately. For 1 ounce gold coins, hundreds of dollars a piece cheaper.

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            Thank you for your input. The bars make me nervous as to proving their value in bad times. It’s funny you mention tableware as I’ve been contemplating, but for right now I just don’t want to use the storage space for it. Although I like to go to garage and estate sales so I may keep my eyes open for more than the oil lamps, camping gear stuff I’m usually hunting down.

          • GA Red says:

            Back in the late 70s or early 80s, there was a spike in silver prices. Many of the older homes around Atlanta were hit for their silver flatware. Thieves would melt it down for the silver, so be aware that a similar situation may happen again if silver prices go way up again.

    • JP in MT says:


      We have a mix at our house. I currently buy 1 oz silver rounds and 1 oz US SIlver Eagles. The eagles are at a premium over the regular silver rounds, but are US minted currently (1 dollar face) for they theoretically fall into a different category from the silver rounds.

      Last week the purchase price was under $20 (that’s after the dealers markup). Spot was down around $19.14/oz.

      Big question is: what are you comfortable with? That is going to be based upon your why for purchasing them more than what you are buying.

      • JP in MT says:

        I was thinking about this ad I saw the other day from Goldline. They said, if your order qualifies, they would include a 1 gram bar of silver. Sounds great, unless actually have one. They are about 1/4″ x 1/2″. Great to make change with.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        We want to purchase them as a way to have emergency funds in a catastrophe situation that, we hope, doesn’t lose value. For us, we would plan to use it in the event that we’ve already gone they our emergency cash.

        Now where we differ (DH and I) in opinion is what makes more sense to store. I like coins and he likes bars. DH has a friend who shops locally, which leads me to my next question. Is it better to purchase online or at a local dealership/pawn/coin shop?

        I think that we will opt for a mix also to satisfy both of our concerns.

        I am so thankful for input from those already purchasing. It seems I do a lot of research before taking the plunge.

        • JP in MT says:


          I would recommend purchasing locally, if they are reputable. We have 2 places here in town. I’ll only buy from one. The other has done me no harm, but I always listen to “that wee small voice” when it speaks.

          Of course I’m talking about purchasing with cash. If you use a credit card, check, or other traceable money, then go with where you get the best deal.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          My son is just getting into the idea of P.M.’s.
          He is trying to compare buying stocks with hard metals (sigh, he has a long way to go, not a prepper yet).
          In his investigation he is looking for places to sell P.M. if he were to buy any. His first contact was at a pawn shop. They told him they would pay 50% of current value.
          My response to him was that the pawn shop assumes anyone who would sell to them stole the coins and that’s why they would only pay 50%. There are several on line companies that will buy, and I think they pay closer to 90%. They have to make a profit to stay in business.

          I cant get him to stop tying junk silver to todays fiat money, thinking he can make a profit if the price of silver/gold goes up. That’s not why we convert out of fiat money. The possibility of hyperinflation is not on his radar.

        • Hi Urbancitygirl: >>Now where we differ (DH and I) in opinion is what makes more sense to store. I like coins and he likes bars. <<

          There is nothing wrong about spreading out your bets, so there needn't be any conflict so long as you both agree to respect the other's opinion. Buy some of each. I don't think either one is bad, just have my preferences.

          With bars, though, I would definitely pay the small premium to get bars by major, widely recognized mints like Engelhard or Johnson Matthey. You can trust them, others can trust them. "Bill & Sue's Reno Casino and Mint", not so much.

          Confiscation: While this is a possibility with some historical foundation, I think confiscation would be harder to pull off this time around. There would be more resistance, especially since the government officially accepts many forms of gold for IRA investments.

          However, if confiscation is a concern, you might opt for jewelry and tableware, which are highly unlikely to be banned.

          Repeat small purchases in cash can give peace of mind as far as dealers' record keeping goes if that is an issue for you. And I think coins, including modern bullion coins, are less likely to be banned than bars, so you might think about that. Still, if I preferred to have some bars, I don't think the risk of confiscation is big enough to deter me from having some: Go for some of each.

          If you are near a big city (sounds like it!), check out the major coin collector's shows: There are dealers there selling gold and silver coins and bars for cash. Again, since you are dealing with strangers, I would buy only coins by government mints, or small bars from major private mints.

          Before going, I'd check out the online dealers' prices. Buying from them will leave a paper trail, but the government will be interested in the big buyers. Knowing what it would cost to buy from them gives a frame of reference for buying from the local dealer or at a coin show. You can then decide if the privacy is worth whatever added premium the coin show dealers may charge.

        • Bet bullion coins. & store them in a dry, secure, room temperature place. Actually, I have mine divided in several locations. & don’t tell anyone except 1-2 very trustworthy friends who can keep it secret.
          https://comparesilverprices.com/ is a good place to find a good price. & comparegoldprices.com is also good.
          I ordered some of my silver a few yrs ago from https://libertymetals.com/ & at that time, you could send them a personal check, & when it cleared, they sent u the PMs.

    • Schametti says:

      I’ve been trying to get a healthy mix for my PMs. For coins, I DO have some off brand rounds, but TRY to stick with the American Eagle ones, because they’re so recognizeable. I even have some teeeeenty tiny 1/10th ounce gold ones that are adorable, lol. I have some silver bars with anti-counterfiting strips in them. I have no idea what will be the preferred currency of an uncertain future, so I try to have a little bit of everything.. including Marlboro’s and Jack Daniels..

      And why on earth would a local store sell berry bushes that aren’t even FOR your preferred growing region, that doesn’t even make any sense.. Silly stores.. lol.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        If I “were” to buy precious metals, I would buy a mixture of items. Beginning with gold, I would not buy US coins that have a specific dollar denomination on them. As hard as it might be to believe, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gov’t forced those coins to be turned in at face value. Same for the silver bullion coins with dollar demoninations.

        I would buy Kruggerands in small 1/10 oz. and 1/4 oz. coins, no larger unless I had lots of extra money. And I would pay a premium for the older coins. I would not buy any bars, too many have been compromised with tungsten inserts. For silver I would buy Canadian Maple Leafs in various sizes.

        • JP in MT says:


          I see your logic, just don’t agree. The reason is it’s my “coin collection”. My spelling may be off but I think it’s called numeristic value.

          Plus I can just see them finding ANOTHER reason to give me another antisocial title. I already qualify for so many 😉

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            I was speaking of American-made bullion coins such as American Eagles, JP, and not numismatic coins that are the specialty of collectors. Numismatic coins have a large premium over their gold value. I don’t think the gov’t will call those in, but I’ve been wrong so many times who knows. At this point in time, there is no telling what may happen.

            • JP in MT says:


              I’ve been in the same position (being wrong about what the government could get away with).

              I may have used the wrong words. I was talking about the US minted coins like Silver Eagles, and the gold eagle series. If I’m asked about them, I tell them it is my “coin collection”; just like the nickel and penny books I did as a child, just can’t find any books right now.

              The “collector coins” are the ones I actively avoid as their “value” is determined by what the market in collectables will bear. I’ve seem people make money in collectables, but for me they are too unpredictable. I have one Silver Eagle that is in one of those plastic cases and has an official “rating”. I got it by accident when buy solver at the “per ounce” rate.

          • robert from mid michigan says:

            I am a coin collector as well. I specialize in walking liberty half dollars and that route is not what I would do to build up a stock of silver some of these go for literally thousands of dollars and grading is critical to value. however buying old mercury dimes and other silver coins for scrap metal allows you to have a known value in silver per coin that is known the world over and is very portable.

            many coin dealers will sell coins in this bracket for fifteen to sixteen times face value depending on currant market price. every week I buy twenty dollars worth from my coin dealer in dimes and halves pay cash and walk out he knows be my first name only.

            if you want to go the bullion route I would definitely buy silver eagles as they are high quality and easily recognizable. mint rounds are great for after a collapse and to retain wealth but in a crisis situation will be harder to use.

            in a crisis I would use junk silver I have rolls of them scattered around my preps from bob.s to some of my buckets of staples and in my safe of course. my coin collection has value but in a collapse they are all but worthless as a coin I paid hundreds for will be worth its silver. they are a long time investment and hopefully I will not need to sell them in a crisis but after when there value hopefully rebounds. we all have hobbies and vices coins are mine.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          RR… you are far from the first person to relay this info on minted coins. I’m not alone…. thank You Gawd. It is not paranoia to think that when our currency is ‘reset’ that U.S. minted coin will be ‘reset’ in exchange rates right along side the toilet paper we use as currency… now. (sorry… I just had to throw in that TP thingy) With that in mind, a mandatory ‘recycle’ of all U.S. coin and currency via the FED, in order to ‘re-issue’ our NEW money, would be a simple way to do a repeat of the FDR theft of all PMs in the form of ‘coin’… or bullion.

          RR… I’m thinking PMs in any form may have to be ‘secured’ outside the reach of Los Federalies until such time as Citizens are once again ‘FREE’ to exchange something other than Government Legal Tender…. with out a felony charge. That sort of event would demand a reset in our Government as a whole… would that be right?

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            One thing is 100% sure, the gov’t will take anything it can get of any value, including people’s land. I’m not even sure paid-for, tax paid land that has been in families for generations is safe from these corrupt commies now in charge. I wouldn’t put anything past them. They lie, cheat and steal now, I can’t even imagine what they will do when the gloves come off.

            What we now see along the Red River in No. Texas is evidence of just that. Ranchers have owned and paid taxes on this land for generations, yet some corrupt judge now says this land somehow belongs to the federal gov’t. If this country still respected the Constitution, that judge would be looking for a new job, and those ranchers wouldn’t be having to contest the ownership of land they’ve had in their families for generations.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Schametti, I know right? The berry bushes were a steal and I couldn’t help but notice there was no zoning range on the container or tag so checked it out when I got home. It’s only $2.00, but, I won’t go back and buy more unfortunately.

        I’ve also considered liquor, but besides making tinctures and that we don’t drink much, I haven’t put the cash out to purchase extras yet. Seems I always have something more pressing on my prepping list. These days it’s gardening.

        I really hope this weather improves quickly. I am a neat freak and I’m getting overwhelmed with the seedlings on my windowsills. And the pkgs to plant are taking over my kitchen.

        And I love the chicks but boy, after a few weeks I certainly am ready to get them outta the house also!

        • nick flandrey says:

          I’m voting with you for coins. I “might” have bought a bar at one time, but when the DW asks “how do you know it’s real?” you really don’t have an answer other than faith.

          I like the idea of smaller coins (1/10’s and 1/4ths) in gold to make change or buy smaller items. My local dealer charges an increasing premium as you get into smaller denominations though. Basically something like 2% for ounce coins, 4% for halfs and quarters, 8% for tenths. He usually has bar for 1% over spot but it may not be CreditSuisse….

          I’d buy locally for big purchases (or big to you.) That way, you can see your choices and walk out with the PM. No waiting and wondering. Developing a relationship with the dealer helps too. Pricing here locally is negotiable. With a friendly attitude, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Another thing to ask is if they have stock that has a lower premium. They might have something that would be acceptable to you at a real savings.

          I’ll recommend http://www.montanararities.com for online purchases. They were highly recommended by another prepper blog, and their monthly purchase plan is a neat idea. I’ve read about people buying online and waiting months for the fulfillment, which would cause me a great deal of stress I don’t need in my life. Montana Rarities has delivered on every promise so far, and very promptly.

          Funny that dinnerware was mentioned. There was just a discovery reported of a stash from roman times. It had lots of chopped up dinnerware in it! Don’t buy silverplate though. Unless you know which patterns are really desirable, there isn’t any money in it.

          Hope that helped.


        • themem says:

          Ucg-if you have space may want to plant them along a wall/fence that offers wind protection. Also if your in town you might be in the microclimate of the urban heat island – also you can take root cuttings and get heaps more by next spring- if the ones you bought survive-really no need to spend for extras

          • Urbancitygirl says:

            You know, I am going to look at how to do root cuttings. I was at tractor supply over the weekend and picked up another blackberry. Got them both planted. I walked around my yard looking for a protected spot and just opted to put them in the berry patch (just a small spot where I already have raspberries).

            If we live here much longer, I won’t have any yard left.

  19. – Got in touch with a prepper from 180 miles away. Showed him around the city, different stores to buy stuff. He was IMPRESSED to see MREs at 6$ =) We got the best stores here.

    – Contacted the other member of our group. Convinced him to get new firearms. He added a 22lr and a .177 hunting rifle (I know, but it’s considered a firearm here, if pressure is over 500fps), and more soon.

    – Tested my pails to see if they could take oxygen absorbers. I’ll know later today, when I open one. I hope it works.

    – Bought a paracord bracelet for me, one for DW and 2 MREs for the BOBs to replace the ones we ate couple weeks ago.

    – Got asked SEVERAL times by friends about the situation in Ukraine. Every prepper in the province in Defcon 3 now, but go explain that to the uneducated masses… Well, at least I convinced ONE friend to prepare. Come to think of it, I need to do a follow up on that, to make sure it wasn’t just empty vows…

    – Planned to walk 10 miles in deep woods with 2700feet hills around in a day, this summer. That’s the hardest part of the walk towards our BOL, and we need to make sure we can do it without our BOBs and babies (mine’s 18 months, his is 23 months) before we actually do it for real. No worries, someone’s gonna know our planned route, and we’re going to carry basic survival gear (knives, ponchoes, water filter, water canteens, compass, etc.) ’cause we can’t afford to get hurt/lost. Thanks Google Earth for the maps, landmarks and elevation data.

    Well… that’s about it. University semester is over, a new one’s starting. It’s not exactly summer here, up north, but at least snow’s gone.

  20. nick flandrey says:

    Got a new carry holster, and switched EDC tools. Got a second-hand tire and rim for my BOV. One of the lessons learned in the pro-responder community after Katrina and Sandy is that you need spare MOUNTED tires if you plan to move thru the affected area (chainsaws too). Too many roofing nails everywhere. So, mounted spares (multiple), plug kit and inflator are all needed.

    Hurricane season is approaching.

    BTW this is national preparedness month. Perfect innocuous excuse to sound out neighbors and friends without compromising OPSEC.

    Got my first harvest from the new garden! A hand full of green beans was less than I was hoping for, but this is my “learning” garden. So far I’ve learned that peas REALLY don’t like to be handled, and I got WAY too few bush beans. The broccoli is growing quickly. Funny how some of them have doubled in size, but others are much smaller. Soil and water is the same for all (new raised bed.) Cauliflower is much slower…

    Something is eating my veggies. Everything back to stem is gone on a variety of things. I don’t see any signs of what it could be though.

    My new peach tree has fruit!

    I brought some metal shelves home and will be reorganizing the food and water storage area. It is really different prepping for long term survival, and not just to get thru a local emergency. Lots more bulk food, and a bunch of “other” consumable stuff, like toothbrushes, deodorant, paper goods, etc. Those of you who started out thinking long term are probably shaking your heads and going “Doh!” but it is a significant difference from straightforward disaster preparedness (where I was quite comfortable and had my preps and strategy well tested).

    Congratulations to everyone on this week’s preps. Everything we do now should help us in the future 🙂


    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Which veggies are being eaten? All of them or just certain ones?

      • nick flandrey says:

        The leaves of the broccoli are being nibbled, but the most noticeable is the bush beans. Some plants are just a branched stem ending in little nubs. I’m pretty sure the crooked neck squash is being nibbled back too. (By nibbled, I mean that the edges are disappearing until the leaves are gone. No dropped partial leaves or debris.)

        No tracks in the dirt, or disturbances. The dog keeps everything but squirrels and birds out of the yard. I’m wondering if it must be some kind of bug?

        So much to learn about gardens. I’m glad I got started.


        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          I’m thinking maybe you’ve a cabbage looper or something similar in the bug world. Try going out after dark and look through your plants (check the under side of leaves). If you can find one of the little nibblers then you can identify it either on line or at the local extension office. Once you know what’s nibbling you’ll be able to address the best way to remove them from your garden.

          • nick flandrey says:

            Thanks PP, I’ll look tonight.

            I don’t think there are any wood chucks in this part of the south, but I’m mentally filing the ‘removal’ technique. Dog poop as an invisible door, who knew?

            I don’t recall ever seeing a rabbit locally either. There must be some, because they live everywhere in the US, but between the dogs and the 30 pound cats, I haven’t seen a single one. Squirrels and possums we have in plenty. I have pecan, oak, pine and cherry trees that feed the little rats, and they’d still prefer to steal from the bird feeder. Talk about eating machines, I’ve watched a squirrel with his mouth in the bird feeder, and his rear hanging over the edge, spend all day eating and pooping, barely moving otherwise. They should be tasty if it comes to that 🙂

            Thanks for the help!


    • themem says:

      Maybe rabbit or woodchuck?

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Rabbits? donno…. about rabbits. Woodchucks will eat every… thing.. right right down a row take a poop and finish eating the rest like a machine. If a Chuck… find the holes and there will be two or more… drop some fresh dog poop in all but one. This one should have some sort of ‘back stop’ like a shed wall. Live trap it or set up a shot out the back door or window with a CB cap unless you got the room to use a LR. Worked for us… We used a piece of rusty star plate and popped the sucker from the back bedroom window. Chuckers are tough meat… ya gotta soak em and BBQ em.

  21. Mary in GA says:

    I spent some time earlier in the week preparing for a weather event that ended up being a non event thankfully. The same storms that Tactical G-Ma mentioned above were supposed to move through our area with heavy thunder storms, hail and possible tornadoes. The Governor issued a state of emergency for GA, and our county EMA manager issued warnings. The reason I mention this is because even though it didn’t happen, it was predicted and reported regularly. It surprised me, when I would mention it to people, how many were like, “Oh really? I haven’t heard anything, just that we might get some rain”. I was shaking my head! If people won’t prepare for a reported bad weather event, how could you ever get them to prepare for a worse situation?
    Aside from that we got 3 new Trail Cams with extra chips and mounted those at our farm. I also stocked up on extra feed for our livestock. I’m about to put in some more beans today and that’s about all for me. I hope everyone has a great week!

    • GA Red says:

      Mary, I get the same kinds of responses a lot. The hubby and I just do what we can.

  22. Just saw this on topprepperwebsites.com
    The Survivalist Blog is rated #8 in their sites ranked by the prepper community. Way to go pack!

  23. I finally got the compost bin built this week and am filling it today. I have about 20 grocery sacks of kitchen scraps in the freezer so along with the grass clippings and mulched leaves I think I have a good start.
    It’s 3′ tall, 3′ deep with 2 bins that are each 4′ long. About half the lumber is some I got for free and all but one piece is cedar.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Very good! gonna love home made compost. I couldn’t believe the difference from my first year without adding my own compost to the last 2 years.

  24. tommy2rs says:

    Got lucky and found a NIB Buckmark Camper at a price I couldn’t resist so I got it and 3 extra mags. Nice trigger for a factory job. 2 FTF on the first 2 mags but it smoothed up after that. Only had time to run 50 rounds of cruddy lead RN through it so far but it shoots better than I can offhand, from a rest it really shines. And its way easier to break down for cleaning than the Ruger Marks. Already have a new front sight from Hi-Viz on the way.

    • JP in MT says:


      With my 1st Browning I found that after 500 rounds I cleaned it up and had no further FTF’s. Just ran them through as I got time. Now after probably 2,000 rounds it’s the favorite 22 pistol around. Trigger is now glass smooth.

  25. Garden work done more beds built. Went by the local produce stand and saw some bell peppers under the table . Asked about them. Was told they had bad places on them. $9 and a bit of work later 48 half pints of bell pepper canned .

    • Fixit
      Did you mean you dehydrated the peppers first or you canned them in moisture?

      • Canned them in moisture. We can a lot of things . Beside had broccoli stalks drying .

  26. Goatlover says:

    Gosh,I don’t feel like I did very much this week! UGH! We are about finished with barn alterations so I can move the bucks out to their “summer home” on the northernmost part of the farm. I got permission to KEEP the little heifer I’ve been taking care of for a friend. He will get her bred when she’s grown and I’ll have another milk source for the family…
    Dehydrated a bunch of celery to be used in making vegetable soup sometime down the road. Finished weeding/mulching the 150 asparagus plants and used some heavy duty wired to prop up the large ferns. Bought more dried beans (can you ever have enough?)! Not a hugely successful week, but a little progress is better than none….

  27. Tiernan says:

    MD – I actually subscribed to American Survival Guide this week. Along with Recoil, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science..
    Other than that not a whole lot…

    Bought four reams of paper to start building my survival binders
    Got an OD Green Condor LBE
    180 Red Army 7.62×39 FMJ
    50 rounds of .38 Special FMJ
    2 Golfing monoculars

  28. Robert Lawrence says:

    I bought and read your book.

    • Robert Lawrence,

      What did you think?

      • Robert Lawrence says:

        Short answer? I really enjoyed it. It was very well written, to the point and clearly written from an experienced point of view. It helped clear my head and get me refocused on my goals. There is soooo much information out there and it’s really easy to mentally lose track of what’s important, what you need and what you don’t. The long answer has all the follow up questions I had which would be better asked in an email. Here’s one off topic though. I sent you a link to a news story I shot a while back about a water main break in Boston. And the water panic aftermath. Did you watch it? What did you think?

  29. Donna in MN says:

    I finally got a job starting in a couple weeks as a maintence worker for 13 campground sites. Took me 4 months to get it plus a lot of red tape.
    This gives me a chance to find more wild food patches since they are close by.

    Moose returns every retrieve now at 12 weeks old. Doing leash training now, and recalls… and when the water warms up he will be doing swiming retrieval for (live) water rescue like his grandma Kewanee. German Shepherds need a job to do, and since I will be on the lake a lot this summer, he will be my new fishing buddy and hopefully a rescue just in case of boat accidents. That is my prep for the week and last 4 months…

  30. Bam Bam says:

    Not much accomplished this week–end of the term and I had to submit grades. No major flooding here. We are on high ground–probably 20 feet above sea level. 🙂 We are waiting for the rains to ease up so we can drive up to Georgia and visit my folks and check on their property. My sister has been there for the past month so I am sure everything is in order. She is a workhorse.

    We have our first case of MERS here in the U.S. It has a 30 to 50 percent mortality rate but there is still not enough information on its virulence–how easily transmittable/contagious it is. From what I have read, it is spread by sustained contact with bodily fluids. If this is correct, there is little danger of contagion. But we just don’t have solid science coming out of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi it is taboo for a female nurse to treat a male patient and for a male nurse to treat a female patient. Given this gender barrier, it should be easy to determine its virulence. But alas the information we have is neither complete nor accurate.

    H7N9 is still cooking in China. As summer approaches we should see a reduction in cases. However, authorities have opened live markets. I would be more concerned about H7N9 this fall than MERS. The flu is programed to mutate more readily than just about every virus and when the flu mutates it typically looses some of its lethality but gains virulence.

    Please keep my folks in your prayers–mom is battling breast cancer and going through chemo, dad is battling lung cancer and is also going through chemo. There was a “family explosion” two weeks ago when my dad asked the doctor if his lung cancer could be caused by mesofelanomia or something he was exposed to in the service and the doctor said point blank that it was caused by his failure to quit smoking 20 years ago when he had half a lung removed. (My mom, sister and little brother were all there for that doctor’s consultation.) My parents are dying–my mom through no fault of her own, my dad because he chose to smoke and drink himself to death. I am resentful that he is not there to take care of my mother. Please pray for me.

    • Goatlover says:

      Will remember you and your family in prayer! Try not to resent your Dad’s choices. It will do you nor your family any good! Be there for both of your parents, be a conduit of God’s love, and leave the rest in His Hands…….

      • Bam Bam says:


        “Be a conduit of God’s love”–I am praying for the strength to do just that. The sky is clearing and we are ready to pack up. I’ll check in with ya’ll tonight.

        • BamBam your dad may have contacted it in the service he may have benefits do to him and in this time in your family may need the extra assests contact a DVA benefit specialist for help. and please thank him for his service.

    • BamBam;
      Oh wow, you have our prayers for you and your family.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      May God be with you and your family. The Pack is praying for you.

      • Mary in GA says:

        I am so sorry. Will pray for safe travel for you and your husband, for healing for your parents. I will also pray for you to have His peace and comfort as you deal with what you must.

        • Petticoat Prepper says:


          I’m sorry this is happening. I lost my mom a few years ago and currently am losing my dad to cancer. I will keep you in my prayers!

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Bam bam, so sorry. I’ve lost several people to cancer and it’s just so tough from the onset.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Bam Bam,

      I’m deeply sorry for your pain and family situation. I know how hard it is to lose your parents (and I can see why you might feel the way you do about your dad’s life choices), but remember, as Ecclesiastes says, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven — a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.…” I do know this — you are one strong lady, and will overcome this as you have so many other things in this life.

    • themem says:

      My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

    • DesertDiva says:

      Bam Bam,
      You are added to my prayer list! My Mom has been gone 10 years this month and Dad 7 years. It is so weird that I think of them every morning when I wake up.

      You have many friends here and you will be held close.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Bam Bam,

      So sorry, will keep you in my prayers.

    • Schametti says:

      So sorry, Bam. 🙁 I’ll add you and your parents to my prayers. *Hugs*

    • Prayers for you and family.

    • Encourager says:

      Bam Bam, I am praying for all of you, but especially for you. Do not hang onto bitterness for it will suck your soul dry. Your Dad made his choices and now he must live with the consequences. Forgive him, and release that burden. Life is hard enough without dragging around that baggage!

    • Bam Bam says:

      Thank you for all the prayers. My dh and I had a wonderful day at the beach with my mom, my brother and his kids.

  31. Rider of Rohan says:

    Wally put canned Del Monte vegetables on sale this week. I bought 4 cases. Also Green Giant even less, bought 2 cases of assorted. They put cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and chicken noodle soups on sale, 4 cans for $2.98, got 16 cans of each. Then added a case of beans @.50 a can, sauerkraut, water, and Tang-type drink. The regular kitchen pantry is full.

    I spent some money on PMs, two tarps, cheesecloth, and 4 bottles of Nature’s Way elderberry syrup. MERS is now in the US, so I will order more elderberry this week. There are so many black flag event possibilities these days that the hammer could drop at any moment. Like MD said, time is short now, folks. Ramp it up.

    • riverrider says:

      ror, i forgot to mention….we had a train derailment and fire 12 miles south of us, as the wind blows. it was heavy crude thankfully instead of chlorine or worse. i need to work on a plan for this, should it not be so lucky next time. looks like the river bank gave way under the load. it was just inspected last week, supposedly.

      • nick flandrey says:

        This is one of the scenarios I raise with people who won’t prep or get a BOB “because there are no natural hazards here.” EVERYONE near civilization and most that are in the country have rail nearby. The rest have underground pipelines that they don’t know about. They periodically are damaged and cause deaths and evacuations. Add in the stuff that moves by truck and there is always the risk that the sheriffs will be knocking on the door saying you have 10 minutes to get your stuff and get out.

        Glad you weren’t badly affected.


      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Glad you are safe, brother, but crude oil can be dangerous as well. These oil trains scare the crap out of me. Rather than building pipelines to haul crude, the enviros are preventing them by filing lawsuits, etc. Pipelines are way safer, but that’s the point. They want these trains to derail and hurt people and property so they can demand an end to petroleum products.

        • Lake Lili says:

          And everyone of those enviros rode a car to work (ever if they car pooled) or a bicycle (which was made out of metal that was mined by machines, made in a factory and shipped by truck to the store) and they wear cotton that came cheap from India or more expensively from the US (crops grown by machine, put through a gin, woven in a factory, assembled in a sweatshop and shipped and trucked to their local hippie store)… the simple fact is that our world requires oil to operate at every level. The enviros simply want to be selective (and it is their selection that counts) about when, where and how it is used.

          • riverrider says:

            yeah, its like they think if the pipeline isn’t built, the oil won’t get burned. however, it will, and it will be the chinese burning it in much less efficient/more pollutant ways. they don’t see that its in the best interest of the environment to have the pipeline.

  32. Lake Lili says:

    Glad that all of you in the South are safe. We still have snow on the ground… so it will be June before we’re planting.

    Its been a hard couple of months for us financially… and kind of an interesting wake-up call for when the buck stops. When we moved out to the Great Rock in the Gulf of St-Lawrence things were okay financially. The there were a series of serious truck issues that have suck all our available cash and somewhere in there Canada Post and the Canadian Government (despite being told four time and two of those in person) has not processed our changes of address. SO Monkey’s disability payments and the baby bonus are not coming in. That moved us to the status of pinching the penny until the maple leaves fall off. So it has been an interesting challenge and I have hugely grateful for the pantry I had built up in times of more plenty. So while my acquisition of preps has slowed there are other areas where things have been busy – applying for a community garden plot, getting the paper work into the school board for homeschooling next year, baking cakes for some additional funds, getting ready to make the 415 mile journey to meet Monkey’s new doctor. So pray for us and have a great week.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Wow, will be praying for you and Monkey, Lake Lili. It seems that many have been hit hard lately, and have been thankful for their preps. Yep, that’s the why, folks. Good luck with the new doctor, and it sounds like Canada Post has been taking lessons from the US Postal Service. Yikes! Praying you get your funds soon.

  33. Sw't tater says:

    Purchased as able…cereal,dried beans, frozen veggies to dehydrate..few tools and batteries,medicines that we use most frequently in 3’s,coffee, …too slow, but steady. ran dehydrator a couple of days..
    Worked in yard, preparing beds, night temps..too cool for what I need to plant the worst. With constraints presently,doing containers this year and in process of getting all supplies, have started some plants already…we’ll just see how that goes.
    Packed up some grains and beans in pails of various sizes.
    Did sprout some apple trees. The Morninga, swelled/rooted…but did not survive.

    • Sirius says:

      Sw’t tater,

      3 out of the 4 of my Moringa that sprouted didn’t make it. 1 just died off and 2 were destroyed by my neighbor’s dog. Hos dog keeps getting into my back yard and tearing things up and fighting with my dogs. This guy won’t even return my calls now. He probably thinks I’m going to sue him. I’m not. But I can’t have my dogs continue to get injured, so next time, its off to the pound with his dog.

      His dog is licensed, so they won’t put him down. They’ll call him and then charge him a few hundred bucks for picking him up and kenneling him. Hopefully, him getting fined will motivate him to fix his fence and take better care of his dog.

  34. Curley Bull says:

    Glad to hear that my “Bammy” translator and her family are all fine. Prayers for those that were/are in harms way.

    Haven’t even tried to read last week’s post/comments. Just not enough time. Was out of town at another re-enactment. Met some new and interesting people. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but most re-enactors are preppers. They are prepared to survive and thrive without any modern convinces. There was a new young man with us. He asked if someone could show him how to start a one-match fire and the whole crew looked at me. Then someone told him I have taught wilderness classes and from that moment on I could not turn around without him asking questions. I wish he lived closer, I may have found my protégée/replacement.

    Prepps this week? Not much. Trying to reorganize what I do have and make a few changes. Working on getting the garden finished. Am putting together some “fire straws” I learned about from Lisa (Survivor Mom) and put them in a kit for others. A really neat idea.

    Till next time,

    • Shandi says:

      I don’t reenact but several members of my “extended” family do, although I have participated in a couple of “Schools of the Lady”…. Every one of them “puts something by” for hard times…

  35. Daniel Adams says:

    m.d, Did you use your new rototiller yet? could you do a review on it ? thanks ,dan

  36. Chuck Findlay says:

    I’ve been busy working so I did not do too much, but I did buy some silver and ordered a few prepping things off Amazon.

  37. 5 bears in MN says:

    Hi pack
    This week I planted 2 cherry trees dehydrated corn and peas worked on a get home bag so I have an extra one around if someone in the family wakes up and needs one. Picked up another canned ham, canned chicken and some extra pasta. Ordered a credit card knife thing looks slick my nephew has one in his wallet and showed me I think it will be a great addition to my EDC for only $2.95. Received a FREE Gerber knife through the local NAPA store for buying a new alternator cant beat that.
    Well that’s all I can think of have a good week.

  38. Patriot Farmer says:

    I planted two apple trees one cherry and one plum this week. I added a few shotgun shells and I actually found 20ga buck shot. I haven’t seen 20ga buckshot in years. I added 5 new hens to my flock and I picked up a nice file set at a garage sale. I’ve been spending a lot of time sharpening axes, hatchets, and chain saw blades. I also found some silver 50cent pieces in some change I got back at a local store.

    • Hi Patriot Farmer, I hope you got better prices on the buckshot than we have here. While I brought some back from the Mainland at $4.99/box of 5, out here the only store with them charges $7.99, and I still bought a couple boxes. The online sellers don’t ship ammo out here, and the locals take plenty advantage of that.

  39. canadagal says:

    Hi pack. Concerned for those in tornado country. Still recovering from hip surgery so not doing much. DH brother passed away this week so that used lots of time. He was 89 and had been someone who would help anyone in need and while he had been in a home the last few years it was still a great loss to family & the community at large.

    DH has been gathering maple sap & boiling it down. So far about 7 cases of 12 times 12 oz. each. We had not planned to do it this year with my surgery but it started the run right when I got home & DH had to stick close to home to look after me so decided to work on that. Sure happy with results & it is still running.

    He has also redone the well pumps & lines as there was some leaks in the pressure tank & some metal pipes had corroded through.

    I have worked on computer finding things we want to order & getting a list ready. We have never used mylar bags & oxygen absorbers (haven’t been able to find locally) so that is on the list to order. among other things. Hope to order next week when I complete list.

    Have a great week everyone.

    • Keep up with your exercises and walking. You will be recovered soon, although it takes awhile to fully recover, walking without pain will be worth it.

  40. Received my bulk packages of canning lids from Lehman’s. Good deal. Received two more filters for the Berkey water filter. Bought lots of lumber for various project having to do with food storage or production. New chicks due Monday.

    Working in the new garden area now. More potatoes in and in a day or so the tomatoes, peppers, and beans will go in. Will also do a few circles of the 3 sisters. Fruit trees look great. Berries look even better.

    Need to find some more canning jars and buy more bagging supplies for the foodsaver.

    MD, I too feel things are coming to a head. I just hope it is relatively peaceful event, but I will not hold my breath.

  41. riverrider says:

    hi pack, i learned some valuable lessons this week. one, don’t put off spending time with someone you love. two, live life every day because it very well might be your last. three, trust in god or whatever supreme being you believe in to know the way. burying a 6 year old will teach you this, and more….prep wise i did manage to order some of the shiny stuff, and made a run by the tactical shop, just to get out of the house. the group is doing a bob test run next weekend, ought to be fun. take care all. sic semper tyrannis

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      I’m so sorry, no one should have to bury a 6 year old.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Much love and prayers to you and your family.

        • River
          Prayers to you and family.
          There’s another little angel in heaven. There’s another shining star at night.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Valuable advice, and much appreciated, sir. There are very few of us who spend the quality time with our loved ones that we should. I decided to take the daughter on a 3-day outing after she finishes her 1st year of college Tuesday. Heading up into Arkansas to do some fishing, eating, relaxing, and bonding before she goes to work for the summer. Oh, and look for some land. Should be fun.

    • Sw't tater says:

      I knew you were going thru something, from a post by JP, so you and your family have been held close in prayer.
      Hang in there, cherish the precious memories.keep on loving those close to you. very valuable lessons often cost the most. as someone else has pointed out, you do not have to worry about the place he rests in now…I t is my belief that “Abraham’s bosom” is most comfortable.

      • riverrider says:

        thanks. i have no doubt he was taken to prevent him suffering what is to come.

    • themem says:

      There are no words adequate . . .prayers to you and yours

    • DesertDiva says:

      You will be in my prayers and I am so sorry.

      Great advice and I am listening. Spent last weekend with my 7 year old grandson in the big city. I savored every minute and kept reminding myself to be the moment. We only get to see him a few times a year but he did say he “most defiantly” wanted to spend a week with us this summer. I can’t wait!

      He says we live in the WILD and when he got in our car said “It smells like you guys in here”. I asked what it smelled like and he said “like wilderness and soap”!

      • TNSioux says:

        Priceless words from that child! My granddaughters say the same thing about our house, it smells like home and we love it here.

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Riverrider, sad to hear about the pain your family is going thru. I truly couldn’t imagine it. But, I do appreciate the reminder to love and spend time with family.

    • riverrider
      No words can express our sorrow for the loss of your loved one, we send our prayers to you and your loved ones.

    • Schametti says:

      So sorry for your loss RR. :(:( *Hugs*

    • Hunker-Down says:

      We pray for your family.

    • Hi riverrider, I cannot even imagine going through what you are going through.

      My thoughts are with you.

    • So sorry for your loss RR. I don’t know…I would just go crazy. Praying for all of you that are grieving.

    • Encourager says:

      So sorry for your loss riverrider! The death of a young child seems such a hopeless thing. Praying for you.

  42. mindful patriot says:

    Prayers for the Pack

    This week, I took notes on how to make homemade/canned chili beans and added it to the recipe box. Just need a pressure canner now.

    As others have mentioned, drinking straw storage is my new fun prepping item (you put small items in the straw and seal). SouthernPrepper1 has a cool how-to video on youtube. It would be a perfect addition to cashes to store extra socks, etc. in the larger candy-size straws as they could be made pretty much water-proof.

    Ordered a book on how to build a tiny home, and a case of seasoned
    beans&rice. Finished all my classes this week…what a relief to be done! Received the case of canned butter and grain mill from EE. Walked for exercise on days weather permitting to increase health. Using up what’s in freezer to ready for beef order.

    Interesting dream this week…was away from home and began noticing mushroom clouds. Among other things, chaos and violence happened much more quickly than I have ever imagined it would. Woke up in a cold sweat. Adaptability was crucial, as was a Divine Protector. The big bad survivor types were among the first to die because they took unnecessary risks/overestimated their abilities.

    Anyone catch the item in the news that on Wednesday, a U-2 spyplane shut down LAX and re-routed/cancelled flights? hmmm…

    • >> a U-2 spyplane shut down LAX << I did see that, Mindful Patriot. That was pretty interesting if it was the real story, and may be even more interesting if it wasn't.

      Who knows any more?

    • riverrider says:

      been watching that radar sight that was linked here the other day. all of a sudden a crap load of military jets around d.c. today. refuelers circling just south. kinda makes you go hmmm.

    • Sirius says:

      The Los Angeles local news reported that ATC computers went down causing the re-routes and cancellations.

  43. Nancy V. says:

    Will check out American Survival Guide when I go to Wally World. This is a great blog and I am happy all your hard work is getting recognized 🙂 Glad everyone is okay after the storms that sailed through the South.

    Preps were good this week. Followed my plan of buying 4 extra pantry items every time I go to the store (more if it is on sale). Bought 4 each of green beans, peas, corn, carrots, salt, garbanzo beans, pinto beans and mushroom soup. Received my extra N95 masks and latex gloves too.

    Shot my first 150lb recurve crossbow (belongs to a archery friend). Hope Santa Claus reads this blog, because I know what I want for Christmas! 🙂

  44. Not much prepping this week. I did put in for a new job in another city. No pay raise but we will be getting away from a city of over 2 million and into a city of 320,000. Leaving a county with 168 murders in 2011 and moving to a county that had 12.
    Moving from an area ranked 52nd in the nation for cost of living to an area ranked 270th.
    Hmmmmm…. on 2nd thought, If this works out it will be my prep of the year.

    • Lauri no e says:

      That’s what we did.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Moving from 52nd to 270th on the cost of living looks like a big pay raise to me! Prayers you land this!

    • I still have no job after 8 months but love being out of the big city and into the country. Thank God for my parents being the patient and loving type.

    • Encourager says:

      Praying you get the job, Ron! Yes, I would say that would be the prep of the year! Awesome!!

    • Praying you have much favor and the decision makers make the move easy, profitable and the new job FUN.

  45. Schametti says:

    MD Cookies By Heart is me. 😀 I can’t seem to figure out how to put my name back in there in place of a business name I had years ago, lol. 🙂

    What did I DooooOOOOoooo to Prep this Week???

    I have fiiiinnnnnnally finished all that dang pallet prep work for my raised garden beds. I’m bruised and battered, complete with splinters, but I’m SO happy it’s finished. 30+ pallets cut, garden-clothed, and stacked four high.. ringed in a weedable base row of bricks. It’s not the prettiest garden most like, but it’ll serve me well for the end days.. :):) lol.

    I bought.. God.. some fifty bags of dirt to fill them. Soooo much dirt. I wanted to go to someplace with a pile of top soil to get delivered, but no one would lend me a pick up truck so I could pull it off.. so I was forced to buy it by the bag again this year. Along with Peat Moss, Manure, Chicken Poop, etc.. and I finally got them all filled.

    The two 100 foot irrigation drip systems that I bought from Lowe’s came a few days ago, I’ve just been waiting for a little sun, and warmth to come back, so I can figure out how to put them together, and get ready to plant. Is anyone in Indian, (Zone Five) planting yet? I’m so not wanting to have to wrap my plants in plastic like I had to umpteen times last year, so I’m trying to patient and wait. Does anyone know when the last frost should be for my area? What plants can be planted in earlier cooler temps and what should I wait on. I’m so nervous about making too many costly mistakes this year.

    As it is, I’m struggling with watering woes in my greenhouse this year. I was giving the plants a splash of water evening evening, and apparently with the overcast days, that was too much moisture for them.. because I started growing teeny mushroom looking spores on the top of the soil. Good grief, sometimes I think gardening is just too hard for me, but I am determined to master it well enough to at least be able to feed my family something green post-doomsday.. I scooped out the spores, bought some fungicide and sprayer the ever-lovin crap out of them, so hopefully they’ll straighten up now.

    My Emergency Essentials order came in yesterday.. a 55 gallon rainwater barrel combo, four red feather cans of butter, and a few servings each of macaroni and cheese, biscuits and gravy and eggs and ham. I’ve squirreled them away in another new hidie hole. I’m still trying to break my compulsive habit to want ALL my Preps in the same place so I can look at them all, and feel comfort.. lol.. and instead, feel more ready to be invaded by Marshal Law, and hope they don’t get it all. I need more hidey-holes. Or.. a bunker. I’m still holding out for a bunker, lol.

    I still can’t find my missing seeds, and I’m about ready to give up the hunt. I’m still feeding my little stray kitty, who’s plumping out nicely. I got some flea and worming meds from my vet, to which kitty was not impressed with, but she got over it. Tonight, I’m hoping to build her the tote inside a tote, outside kitty house. That, along with cleaning out a corner in the garage and filling our (two now) 55 gallon water storage barrels.. are my plans for this evening. A prepper’s work is never done.. specially this time of year.

    Still waiting on our little tax refund to get another EE order. I’m growing impatient..

    MD, you sound ominous for the coming dangers. Anything you’re worried about in particular, or just.. everything combined? What beast is coming for us, (so I make sure I have the prepping bases covered for that one too).. lol.

    I hope that everyone is doing well.. Take care Pack. *Hugs* ~ Love A.

    • Schametti,

      Thank you very much.

      As for what I see coming, well that could be a 2,000 word blog post (one that I need to write) but I see the economy going belly up, war or a pandemic, probably by design of the real world power holders. They want a major disaster, so that they can usher in a one world government or at the very least put the United States in a form of martial law with them in full rule.

      They will take full control over everything via a puppet leader that they will control from behind the “curtains” and the majority of the population will welcome it and even demand it, because they want stability and order and will gladly give up their rights and liberty to get it if the disaster is deep enough and lasts long enough…

      • Schametti says:

        MD: You should DEFinitely write that 2,000 word blog post, lol. I would totally read it. I agree with you, from the sounds of it. I am definitely fearing an economic collapse, hyper-inflation, riots, and a Marshal Law type of scenario to go into effect. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how bad.. but I definitely feel like it’s all too possible, probable.. and coming soon. I wish I knew for sure. It would make me a lot more confident that I’ve made good choices with my savings/etc… Otherwise, my family will think they’re right, and that I’m crazy, lol. ;);)

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      I am in zone 5. In between rain, I’ve planted: peas, spinach, several lettuces, radishes, onions, Swiss chard and basil. They like the cooler weather. Last year I planted my spinach too late and it bolted quickly in the heat. I replant all of the above in late summer/fall for another crop. Oh, my potatoes are planted in bags also.

      I wouldn’t recommend watering any of your plants in the evening. Morning is best, for me, because it gives them time to dry.

      Last frost here generally is Mother’s Day to Memorial Day. I really hope we get that warm, it’s been a tough spring so far.

      I have garlic I planted in the fall (bulbs I saved from my previous harvest) that are popping up nicely in their raised bed. I will probably be harvesting them some time in July then I will seed the bed with a crop of something else.

      • Schametti says:

        UCG: I don’t typically SEE morning. Ever since my husband.. (before his accident), worked the graveyard shift for over a decade, we’ve just kept that sleep schedule, as a habit, albeit it, probably a bad one.. So that’s why I water in the evening.. So as to not be in the sunlight, but there when they need it when the sun does get hot, (and still before I’m awake, lol).

        I’m going out of town for another week, (to help my Aunt through another surgery), so I wanted to get as many things out of the greenhouse, before I went, as I could. The evenings have still been awfully chilly though, so I didnt want to murder anything by planting them too early..

        At the moment, the only thing that’s planted in the ground.. are strawberries that came back from last year with a vengence, and have spread themselves happily.. over a bed and a half that I DIDN’T plant them in. They look amazing too. So despite not even wanting them there this year, (I had PLANS to stack two more pallets on top of them this year), but they look so darn good, I didn’t have the heart, so I altered my plans to let them be. I love strawberries. :):)

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      We’re zone 6 and May 15th is the date. We’ve already got onions, garlic, broccoli asparagus and spinach coming up.

  46. Granny Em says:

    I received my Winter Garden book from Amazon and picked up a book about black smithing at a rummage sale for a quarter. Also, got some more extra peanut butter and tuna fish at the grocery store and butter, silver solution and garden seeds from EE.
    I’ve transplanted all of my seed starts into 16 oz. foam cups of Miracle-Gro soil and they are under lights in my dining room. Most are growing very slowly, especially the bell peppers, but not the cukes and squash. I’ve had to remove them to the windowsills because they’re too tall for the grow light shelf and most already have buds. They can’t go into the ground before June first, but I hope to get them outside sometime soon to slow them down a bit and get them toughened up. As to the peppers, they took almost 3 weeks longer to germinate then anything else. I think I’ll start some more tonight and sit them on a heating pad to see if that helps.
    Someone gave me a bunch of garlic that was picked last year. Some is sprouting . Would it be O.K. if I plant it now, even though people were talking about planting it last Fall? I’ve never grown it before.
    Hope everyone has a good week. My prayers go out for all who need them.

    • Sw't tater says:

      soak the seeds in warm milk or water and they will sprout faster, works really good with okra…so should with pepper.heating pad should help too, they like warm.

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        Swtater. Really? Soak in warm milk? I was going crazy waiting for the peppers to sprout. This is my first year starting my own seedlings indoors and I couldn’t believe how big my tomatoes are over the tiny sprouts of green peppers and the jalapeños, well, omgosh they are teeny right now!

      • Granny Em says:

        Sw’t tater,
        I soaked them overnight and they puffed up nicely. They are planted now and sitting on a warm heating pad. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Yup, you can plant it in the spring. I couldn’t wait so I planted it 2 weeks ago and it’s already coming up. About 30 plants and I’ve never planted it before.

      • LittleAnniePrepper says:

        I was talking about garlic. Duh…

        • Sw't tater says:

          When the garlic starts to put up spikes and a big bloom on top , pinch it off to delay it a couple of weeks, and the garlic bulbs will get bigger. also chop up some of those leaves and put them in a vinegar and you will have an awesome garlic sauce for changing the taste of anything you are tired of…be sure to peel and crush some bulbs, allowing to sit for 10-15 min on counter, then put those in vinegar for an antibiotic like effect when sore throats crop up…works on vampires and others as well!:>)

  47. Going thru and weeding out decades of Stuff. Heading to the hills!
    Packing essentials and selling what’s left.
    No garden this year…won’t fit in the U=Haul.
    Purchased a mylar bag sealer…few $$ more than flat iron for hair.
    Works great.
    Purchased 75lbs of rice and more beans to seal in Mylar.
    Spent 2 days contacting bakeries, grocery stores, donut houses for free buckets. No luck. Seems in this metro area…merchants are getting wise to free buckets. Lowes offered 13% discount on food grade buckets, when purchasing 5 or more. Cost less than $3.00 per bucket.
    Hopefully spring and summer weather won’t be so destructive. Prayers to everyone. Keep one eye open and go with your instincts. Things are a changing …fast

    • Happy Camper says:

      I can’t get food grade buckets for under $13 in Australia. It’s ridiculous !

    • Encourager says:

      For the free buckets, check with Walmart and Sam’s. They do not charge for them. Ask for a large garbage bag because they are a mess with the leftover frosting. They told me first come/first served. Friday and Saturday mornings are a good time to go as they frost cakes for the weekends and always have specialty orders to fill.

  48. DesertDiva says:

    Great week! Got in the new rebuilt motor and transmission for the 1974 Scout International and DH is putting it all back together. He doesn’t know this, but I ok’d the cost as it would be our only vehicle that would survive an EMP. (I am not sure he knows what one is and we don’t discuss it) I bought a new small SUV last year and the dealer said it was a computer on wheels. I didn’t realize, as my old one was 12 years old, but it had to be done. Lucky I put 50% down and got a three year no interest loan. I have been making double payments and will have it paid off in 6 months and then DEBT FREE. Yahoo.

    We hit the property delinquent tax sale and picked up the 1/2 acre beside us for $800! We have been trying to get it for years and even offered $4,000 a few years back but it sold for $10,000. The folks never paid the taxes on the property when they found out they couldn’t build on it as it was too close to the creek. Now I can get my root cellar and chickens next year. Someone mentioned using a new septic tank installed for a root cellar. Does anyone have information on doing this?

    Spent last weekend in the big city visiting the kid and grand kid. So much fun! Gave my new survival knife to my son and had to order a new one for myself. Also he had no food in the house (they always eat out) so after my grandson’s baseball game they were starving. I brought out all my snacks from my GHB/BOB and they fought over the food??!! That will all need to be replaced. Plus, for the second time visiting they had no TP in the bathrooms. REALLY? Guess what, I had that in my bag too. What are these kids going to do in an emergency? Scary thought. Our son barely looked up from his phone the whole visit. Yes, the new zombies!

    Planted the cold weather vegies. It has been a warm year in the high desert and we got an early start. We usually can’t plant the garden before Memorial Day. Yes, I am jealous of all you southerners! DH also started the orchard and planted two cherry trees. They are grafted (five different types of cherry on each branch) and looked very interesting. Any luck with these mutants out there? Going to town again next week for more garden items and plan on getting a few more fruit trees.

    Hit the grocery store and came home with lots of canned goods on sale for $69 each and the Dollar General had Wolf Brand Chili (no beans; DH favorite) for $1.50 each. Came home with lots of food to add to the larder.

    Just put in my monthly order to EE. Last month they had Provident Pantry vegies on sale and this month it was the baking mix combo for $59. Great Buy. The granola is fantastic too!

    Does it seem like there is a new natural disaster with fatalities every day now? Yes, the earth is rumbling. So glad to hear no one here was flooded out. My prayers for all of the wolf pack. I have never in the year and a half of being here have felt such an urgency from our leader. It gave me a bit of a lump in my throat.

    Be safe and blessings to all of you.

    • DesertDiva says:

      Just finished my post and saw Schametti posted the same time as me. (Gosh girl, you are a machine!) I guess we both felt warning in MD’s post to step up prepping after reading MD’s post.

      Thanks MD for your reply and explaining your thoughts. I know you have NEVER been doom and gloom and you are not now but it did feel like a kick in the rear that NOW is the time to move our prepping into high gear. Thank you again!!

    • themem says:

      Desert Diva. Mother earth news justt had article on the root cellar

      • DesertDiva says:


        Thank you so much! I will check it out.

        • You’re welcome -hope it works for you

        • k. fields says:

          Couple of things – First, if you want to do this get a PUMP TANK not a septic tank. Septic tanks are divided into 2 compartments to facilitate the breakdown of sewage, pump tanks are a single compartment so you will not have to deal with the interior divider.
          Second, a lot of concrete tanks are actually made to order so if you speak to the manufacturer, they could easily block out the “door” opening for you when the tank is being poured thus saving you from having to later cut the door yourself. Due to the rebar built into the tank and the thickness of the tank walls, cutting a door is not an easy task and you could easily crack the tank and destroy its usefulness.
          Unless you are short, you’ll want to order an extra-deep tank. Your normal tanks are only 5’6″ high with extra length increasing the capacity. In example, a 1500 gallon tank is 11’6″ X 7′ X 5’6″ while a 1000 gallon tank is only 9’9″ long.
          Here in Northern CA, concrete tanks sell for about a dollar a gallon capacity plus delivery.

          • DesertDiva says:

            K. Fields,

            Wow, great information. We live in Nevada and are very rural and already on a septic tank. Didn’t think about the 2 compartments or the door. Great information! I will have to go with the extra large one as I am 5’8.

            I will have to check with the county on permits as I know we needed one to install our “Usable” septic. I will start with the company we got our septic from and see if they can custom design one and find a local to dig.

            The lot is right next to the creek so I am sure it will remain very cool and a perfect spot to store out garden goodies and canned goods.

            Thank you so much for your time!

          • k.fields:
            I will check into pump tanks as you advised. Thank you for the heads up on this style of tank instead of septic . It is amazing how we are a tuned to one another on this site. 🙂 Great minds!

    • DesertDiva & themem
      I just read the article on septic tanks for root cellars in M/Earths magazine. I started looking for sizes, particulars, and I have not had time to price them here in the agenda 21 state of idiots……..it is CA.
      Once upon a time, they actually made them in the area we live. I tried finding their phone number………they moved out of the area.

      • DesertDiva says:

        Hi Becky!

        Thanks for the information. Does Mother Earth have a website or is it just the magazine? I will do a google search.

        I am so glad to hear your DH is doing better.

        Appreciate your help!

        • You can find their magazine on line, you can read the article there. You will find it really interesting, on what you need to look for, and how to prep a site for setting a new but damaged tank(cheaper). We have the place to set two side by side, dh and I are discussing this as an alternative to putting up another out building for me to stuff. 😉
          He is doing quiet well, thank you.

          • DesertDiva says:

            Hi Becky,

            So glad to hear your husband is doing better! Boy you have been through the wringer the past year!

            Thanks for the info on the septic tanks and I will look it up on line. This property we acquired has issues but there is a flat area that would be perfect for a root cellar. I like the fact that it would be below ground as it gets hot here in the summer and I am out of room in the house for supplies. Plus our stash wouldn’t be in one place, wouldn’t be seen and I want to put the chicken coop on top if I’m able. Maybe next year.

            Thanks again and take care!

            • DD
              Love the idea of putting a chicken coop on it, great disguise. We live in what is considered a high desert area, can reach temps of 110+ for weeks at a time. Can get down right cold here also, that is why my citrus trees have baby blankets when it freezes. My other plants have sheet I buy at the good will to protect them.

              • DesertDiva says:

                themem and Becky,

                Just got off Mother Earth website. Thank you. Wow, I have heard this mentioned before and have never been on the site. And there is was, the septic tank root cellar! I have the perfect area for it as the creek flooded many years ago and left a 15 foot embankment. The picture is so cute and I can imagine chickens on the top. Whew, lots of work.

                Becky, we are high desert too and at 6500 elevation. Most people don’t think it gets cold or snows in the desert. Just put all the cold weather vegies in and we are expecting snow today.

                • DD
                  Don’t forget to look at the “sump pump tanks” that k. fields recommended. I have not had the chance to examine them for a root cellar but they might work better than the septic tank. Price wise they could be less, we need to do more homework. Just what we always wanted to do after we left school…. :-).

                  • DesertDiva says:

                    I saved K.F’s comment (thanks so much for the details) to check this out for sure. I plan on making some calls this week. It does make sense to have it “customized” without all the additional work. Thanks all!

  49. seeuncourt says:

    A month ago, I bought a heritage breed Large Black boar, for Princess, the Duroc, so I wouldn’t have to eat her…yet. Happily, she is due to have piglets the last week of July! I built her a harrowing barn this week with an extra side space for the piglets. I used a book of plans for the farm from 1920, picked up at a gunshow. It’s amazing how much changed when farming ceased to be about feeding yourself and your relatives, and became about profit and subsidy. Tragic. Anyway, my prep for the week is piglets and a new pig barn made from pallets, scrap lumber from a friend’s remodel, and recovered metal roofing. You’d never know.

    • seeuncourt says:

      Farrowing, stupid auto correct!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      A couple of thoughts about the piglets (used to raise them on the old family farm). If you’ve not done so get a few 2 x 4’s and cut small sections about 6″ long then use them to brace more 2 x 4’s (laid ‘flat’) around the perimeter of the pen, so you create a low ledge if you will. It’s not uncommon for the sow to squash a piglet when laying down to feed. This gives the baby a little extra safe space to get out of the way.

      Also hang an infrared light for the piglets in the evenings unless you live some place really warm. Also, keep a hammer hanging on the outside of the pen. You’ll need that to repair the ledge sometimes and it’s good for those sows that have a personality change once they become momma’s. Saved my leg once with a hard hammer hit to a snout once.

      I attended every birth my sows had and used paper towels to clear the piglets nose and mouth. I didn’t want to lose any and the sow doesn’t clean them up like a cow would.

      Good luck with the babies…they are really cute!

      • seeuncourt says:

        The ledge was part of the 1920s plans, as is the extra space with hard wired heat lamp. Only the piglets are supposed to be able to access this are by crawling under a wall with a 10 inch open bottom. I made the roof to this hinged so I can open it up and check on things. Have a creep feeder and gravity Fed watering nipple in there too. The hammer is a good idea, though.

        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          Interesting that it’s part of the 20’s plan. I learned this from an ‘old pig farmer’. We made our creeper out of wood slats in a corner of the pen to form a triangle. The sow that nearly got my leg (thank God I was 18 and could really move fast!) was in a farrowing crate and having a hard labor. It was about 1AM, I was alone and drew an injection of medication to assist her labor. When I injected her, she tore the heavy iron bar crate from the floor to retaliate. I dove under the creeper and as I leapt from there over the pen wall, she broke through the slats and grabbed for my leg; managing to grab ahold of my jeans leg. I thought she’d pull me back in but I managed to reach the hammer on a support pole and whap her a good one on her nose ring. She was one mean sow…always turned 20-22 piglet so I kept her just for the $$$ I’d make on her. After that I used a farrowing crate that was completely enclosed instead of the open bottom ones you nail down.

          Good luck, have fun and keep those hammers handy!!!

          • seeuncourt says:

            I’m also going to take your advice and clean and dry the piglets. I got a few rolls of shop towels today just for that purpose.

  50. exile1981 says:

    not much in the way of preps, some more canned goods picked up, some spare plumbing supplies and started taking down my old fence to prep for the new one. Then I woke up this morning to 6″ of snow and below freezing temps compared to the shorts weather on thursday.

  51. patientmomma says:

    Hello Wolf Pack! I hope everyone had a productive week! I lost/misplaced my phone so I’m back tracking to see where it fell off my belt. My 20 year old string trimmer quit on me so I had to buy a new trimmer and replacement parts. Got 20% off discount but even with that -ouch-prices are really getting up there.

    Put some more seeds in the ground today and potted some herbs. Gave two dogs a summer cut and a bath! That was fun!! Went up to the feed store and got some new chicks; they are a lot of fun to watch. Got chick starter and other supplies for a couple of weeks.

    Been reading gardening and chicken books, trying to improve and find out what’s new. A friend of mine saves the plastic utensils he gets from carryout dinners for me and I pack them with MREs and Mountain House individual meals in the BOBs. Picked up a few extra medical supplies and filled up 5 gas cans and the truck; that hurt!! But, at least it is available now; it may not be later on.

    Prayers go out to each of you in need this week.

  52. JeffintheWest says:

    Pretty good week. We hit the county-wide yard sales pretty hard and scored some badly needed furniture items (all our stuff is STILL in storage in another state, though I hope to rectify that this year), but more importantly scored a number of good tools — including a DRILL PRESS for $30. I’m still pretty excited about that!

    Got the orchard finished for this year — will have another couple of years worth of trimming and stuff to do before I expect any real yields, but at least the process is underway, and the trees seem a LOT happier now than they were last year!

    Got a ton of leaves raked up (actually, that’s about literally true) and have started trimming the other trees on the property to get them healthier and more bug resistant. Still got a lot of dead wood to take down, but that helps too — we just about have next year’s firewood all saved up, and with at least five dead trees to fell, we should have the year after that’s too!

    Getting the first pair of planter boxes set up — more as a weather experiment this year to see how certain plants do and get some herbs started, but this should be the end of our “new home learning curve” and get us well on the way to an excellent garden next year.

    And, we are getting a dog on Monday!!!! Yay! (Maybe a cat too, there’s one at the shelter that’s been languishing there for months, and we might go for her too.) A major step towards securing the property for the eventual presence of chickens and other animals. Plus, of course, I just like dogs….

    Next steps — start getting some of the tiny oak seedlings out of the flower beds and into the ground where they can do some good, and then to start working on painting the exterior of the house….

    Oh, and we attended the first meeting on the State of Jefferson held in our county. Small turn out, but the information about the meeting was suppressed by our local fish-wrapper, so it wasn’t very well publicized. Nonetheless, a committee was formed to move the county towards making a declaration of our desire to withdraw from the state of California, and a lot of questions on things like finances, government overreach, and personal liberties were answered to the audience’s satisfaction. One thing I was really pleased to hear — if the State of Jefferson is formed, the intent is to NOT have a state income tax, and to seriously cut all corporate taxes. That alone will virtually assure the state will take off as a haven for people and businesses that just want to work hard and keep the money they earn!

    • JP in MT says:


      Keep the information coming. I grew up outside Portland and loved it when I went south for a visit. If this thing takes off, we’ll probably be moving out there.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Sure will! Oregon is a separate kettle of fish right now — they aren’t really moving, though Californians are talking to them about it. So far four counties have voted to separate, and three more have it on the ballot for June 3rd. This one is currently under the control of statist types, but many of us hope to change that come June 3rd and then we can move forward. Something like nine other counties are getting on board too, even including Lake County, which much surprised me (I figured there were too many Sacramento commuters living in that one for it to be a big hit). The funny thing is that San Diego county (!) expressed interest in it too; which I think would be a GREAT idea, if for no other reason than to give the finger to the LA/SF/Sacramento doofuses. 😉

        This time around, we might even succeed; since the plan is to go forward knowing the California state legislature will say no (just as they did after it was overwhelmingly voted for by the residents up here in 1992), and then proceed with a major law suit to try and overturn the decision via the Supreme Court. Some interesting legal nuances here, but from the presentation we got today, they actually might have a shot at it. As one of the presenters put it today, “The difference between us and the folks in 1992 is that we don’t plan to take ‘no’ for an answer!” A round of applause ensued. BTW, we started the meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Felt great to be in America again for a few minutes!

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Oh, and I forgot to add that if the S really does HTF, it sounds like enough people up here feel the same way the majority of us on this blog do to make this one of the safer havens to be in!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Jeff, I wish all of you much success with the State of Jefferson. These urban idiots who have no idea of where the food and resources come from need to receive a commuppence from us rural folk. We’re getting tired of their crap.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Yep! They call us up here “the Welfare Counties,” but that’s because they’ve destroyed our livelihoods in favor of the Spotted Owl and so they can steal our water from us at no cost and then sell it to each other downstate. If we can get control of our own affairs, I suspect this region would be a powerhouse economically speaking within a decade. A lot of southern Californian business owners have already said they’ll be relocating to Jefferson if it pans out — which, if Toyota is any example, means that the rump state of California will be biting the big one all the way down the line. Then we’ll find out who the REAL “welfare counties” are!

        Oh, I also signed the petition demanding that a voter ID law be put onto our county ballot this June 3rd. The state will sue us if we pass it of course, but it should just add more fuel to the fire for a state of our own….

        • Kat's Tale says:

          I wish S. Oregon would join the state of Jefferson. We are ruled by the bleeding hearts in Portland/Salem. Our votes don’t count for much down here. They are doing everything they can to stop ranching, logging, farming and many other industries here in our state. The ranchers over in eastern Oregon really are having a hard time of it. I have talked to a good number who would like to succeed from the state.
          I don’t hold out much hope of it happening , but it would be great if it did.
          If you guys could get rid of the Looney Tunes in the bay area and the Sewer Rats in the greater L.A. area you’d be a lot better off.
          The best of luck.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Actually that came up at our meeting. According to the presenter (a guy named Baird), while we can’t do much to help you — us in California have absolutely no standing in Oregon, of course — we would 1) cheerfully welcome southern Oregon into the new state (you have a lot more in common with us than you do with Portland), and 2) they’d be willing to help you guys start getting organized to do something about it.

            The big issue is that you folks need to find some people in Oregon that are ready to step up and lead the effort, then we can share what we’re doing here, which may or may not be the best answer for you guys up there, but which might help you come up with some good ideas on how to proceed for yourselves. Then, if you want to throw in with us, we’d be very excited and happy to travel this road alongside you all. It would be a great thing for both our areas — and was what was almost achieved in 1941 before the War stepped on the effort.

            As Red Green used to say; “We’re all in this together.”

    • JeffintheWest;
      Loved the analogy of the local bird cage liner(fish wrapper). You gave me a smile and great laugh when I needed it.
      Now to let you know, you were not far of a past history in the lower city. Once upon a time a made man worked at a tire sales in the lower city. He could not take the quiet life style so he left witness protection an went back to his old life ……but not for long. Believe he ended up with those fishes, he was in a Mario Pusso book 1970’s. Just can not remember the title.

  53. PhotonGuy says:

    I got two more guns to add to my collection. Aside from that I also got another gas container to store up gasoline in case of an emergency and I got a battery operated lamp as well.

  54. Col. D says:

    Hello pack, I built a new workbench using a product called Simpson strong ties which I purchased through a major home center retailer. It makes the task real easy by providing a method to construct a really strong bench using lumber (2 X 4’s, 3/4″ plywood and wood screws) easily obtainable at any home center or lumber yard. Finished a new electrical service at the farm with the help of my BIL. It’s finally done and I can call the electrical inspector this week so the power may be turned on and we can begin other projects at the farm.
    We have a local person who installs fencing that is going to finish our perimeter fencing in the next 2 weeks around one of our pastures. That’s about all of the major tasks we will get done this spring and with all of the brush clearing we’ve been doing were pretty tired right now and ready for a rest!

  55. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Just made a trip to the nearest Wal-Mart and no American Survival Guide. Will try Barnes and Nobles next time in a bigger town.

  56. JP in MT says:


    If you are a reloader, check out this site:


    They currently have .451 cal 185 gr JHP’s for $14.95 /100 plus shipping. Yes, they are blemished but I have yet to know of a target complaining. Best I can do around here is $22.96 at Wal-Mart for Hornady (when they get then in).

    They also have discounts for military and first responders (do the application before you order!).

  57. Hey pack – got hit with some flooding this week. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, only a couple inches in the basement which built up in the time we tried to get the generator on after the power went out. Amazing how much water accumulated during 10 minutes without the pumps on. Since we were having the water/power issues, we opted for some dehydrated food for dinner that night. We did a little mini compare between Mountain house and Wise. First big difference is in how they’re cooked – Mountain House was just add boiling water and Wise is boil water and add the mix to the pan. The MH cheesy lasagna and chicken teriyaki and rice were both very good. The Wise chicken teriyaki was not good at all, but the beef stroganoff was good.
    Today we planted some peas, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes along with a few herbs. Hopefully they’ll do well.

    • Hi Andi, Thanks for the info on MH vs Wise. We like to buy the foil packets of entrees which sound good or have good reviews, and check them out on camping trips or power outages before buying the cans. They are expensive for major stockpiling, but they are hard to beat for convenience after a long day. Nice to supplement the more labor intensive foods.

      We haven’t found any MH we dislike, but think the Mexican Style Chicken and Rice is really good. A little salty, but very well spiced.

  58. Patriot Farmer says:

    I recently found out that the Michigan Agricultural Commission has removed the protection formerly given to small family or hobby farms that operate in areas zoned residential. This ruling includes all “farm” type animals. The commission has relegated the authority to determine authorization to have farm operations to local governments. We all know that local governments are free from arbitrary and personality based decisions. I contacted my state representative who informed my that I should have no problem keeping my chickens. Now I worried. If I loose my chickens I will loose a big part of my preps.

    • Ozarkana says:

      Don’t worry, Patriot Farmer. If you like your chickens, you can keep your chickens. If you like your coop, you can keep your coop. Meantime, I would start checking into keeping quail or ducks. Don’t let them take you down.

      • Patriot Farmer says:

        We’re all waiting to see how this is going to fall out. More details on the new restrictions are coming out everyday. Our township has an ordinance that allows for raising poultry on private property. Many of us are hoping we can fall back on this.

        • Encourager says:

          I, also, am nervous about these new rulings, living in Michigan. Our land was changed from agricultural to residential about 5 years ago…that way they get more tax monies. I think I need to contact the township supervisor to see how these rules will affect us.

  59. Practiced at rod & gun club; bought more practice rounds
    The guy with the jars did not come through AND still hit on me
    However did get 6 dozen pint, half pint and quarter pint at yard sale
    Went to class for permit
    Bought a Kershaw knife with interchangeable blades at auction $7
    Lodge griddle from thrift store $4
    10 bags of Bob’s Mills & 5 more pounds of pasta from Big lots
    Received Mother Earth News Archives w/ 6 bonus mags and reusable produce bags
    Finished planting out garden though I am probably going to add some planter boxes on balcony – thinking food prices going to go waaaaay up
    Went through my sewing supplies and organized
    Orderd lodestone carat stick and the acids and a gram scale that is not electronic
    Was given 10 quarts of honey b/c it crystallized (favorite)
    Bought molasses and yeast -really liking the bread thing
    Added 6 books to the Doomsday library – bread book, another canning book, best recipes from labels, little house on prairie cookbook and Amish cookbook
    Bought tackle box full of gear at auction $21
    Got a flour sifter and egg beater at flea market $2 each
    Made a yoke and rigged 2 spackle buckets to it so I can get water from river if I need to do so.
    Assembled and added to first aid supplies
    Went back to work after being out for a few days so I am playing catch up there as well.
    Set my goal – 5 twelve minute miles by end of June – 10 by end of August.
    Be safe everyone.

  60. Good Afternoon Pack;
    It was a short order since I am only ordering what we need at this moment. No extra additions until dh has his last surgery to put everything back. That might be sometime on or about June, it all depends on him passing the swallow test. He has to no longer aspirates food into his lungs. He did well on the last test but not to the satisfaction of the speech therapist to let him start eating and drinking again. Some of the materials went into esophagus, and that leads to pneumonia.
    Ordered wide & regular canning lids from Lehman’s, I have been waiting along time for them to come on sale. I ordered Mylar bags& O2 absorbers, vitamins for the cats and dogs.
    Busy trying to get the weeds, debris cleaned up before the summer heat hits our area. Balancing dh schedule to what & when I can get things done makes for an interesting day……make that days.

  61. Ozarkana says:

    Good Evening, dear pack,
    We are about 50 miles from Mayflower, AR. We had lots of wind, rain,hail, and sirens; but, no damage this past weekend.

    Our major preps this week have been in the new orchard. So far, we have planted 6 assorted peach trees and 5 assorted apple trees. Our plans include, nuts, cherries, apricots, plums and pears. I can see why the old gardeners kept “orchard journals”. I have already started ours.

    I totally agree with M.D. and other members of the pack. I feel such an urgency to get as much done as I can, as quickly as I can. There is such a disquieting feeling in the air.

    We are keeping everyone in the pack in our prayers. Today is still here until tomorrow comes. As the song says, “The cares of tomorrow can wait ’til this day is done”.

    • Our little mountain top near Hot Springs had a lot of the wind and rain, but the weather passed mostly on the other side of town, although there were a lot of trees blown down or lightening struck…. Glad you made it through that weather ok… I went with my daughter on a field trip to the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock and we visited their tornado exhibit which simulates being in a basement storm shelter during a tornado…she has never really experienced a tornado before and was undone by the experience… but now she kind of knows what to expect if we have to go through it.

  62. recoveringidiot says:

    picked up some ammo at a good price today at one of the best gun shows in the area. I see a lot of “survival food” dealers at the shows lately. Way too much money for that stuff, we just make up our own with Mylar and o2 absorbers.
    I need a small generator and decided on a inverter type but see a large price range. The Yamaha and Honda get the best reviews but are twice what some of the others cost. Anyone have experience with one of these? I need something to keep a freezer going while we can the frozen stuff in a long power outage. I had a 6500 watt set but sold it as I don’t have room for it at our new place. Plus it was so loud the whole world knew it was running and used gas like it was free. I understand the inverter types are really fuel efficient and very quiet. Anybody have one of these?

    Pray for us all

    • Urbancitygirl says:

      Recovering idiot
      We have a very large generator and are looking at the honda ourselves. But the price, yikes! But in the meantime, I find using an inventor off the car worked really great for me in lieu of pulling out and setting up the large and heavy generator during our last power outage since DH was not home and it was storming outside.

      I was able to run the fridge and some lights and a fan.

  63. The chickies in the incubator finally hatched – sort of… My average has been about 50% success over the years. This time, I got excited because everything was looking so good – but…from the 22 incubated eggs, 1 had a crack and was bad, 5 I put under a broody hen for the last day but they didn’t hatch, 6 had spraddle leg (I didn’t take the egg racks out of the incubator in time and they couldn’t get proper footing in the first few minutes after hatching – 2 of these have died, 2 are on death row and 2 are a bit gibbled looking after a few days of treatment but might make it), 10 are in the barn under the heat lamp.

    My tractor arrived but I haven’t even had time to do more than turn it around and start detaching the bush mower from the back.

    Completed my hunter safety course and am now ready to do the test required before I can apply to own a firearm.

    The greenhouse only needs a window and door built to make it functional.

    The cow is STILL pregnant – bought her in January and the previous owner thought she should have calved at the beginning of April but wasn’t sure. Can see the baby moving and the vet checked her the other day so she isn’t in any trouble.

    Put a deposit on 1000 gallon fuel tank that will hold 300 gallons of diesel and 700 gasoline. There are no regulations in my area regarding installation or safety…Any advice would be appreciated.

    Feeling disorganized and overwhelmed by spring.

    • On the fuel tanks, from what I’ve read, it’s best to put them where they cannot be seen from the road or a neighbor’s house. Some say burying them is the safest, but then u have to pump the fuel out of the tank. Also, clear any brush away from the location, to reduce fire risk.

    • B, Think twice before burying that fuel tank. State laws very on size and that’s big enough to fall under the rules of many states. Above ground is less regulated. Also make sure that tank is well grounded. Flowing liquids create static and you do not want a fire.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Yes and if you bury it you must use one of them high dollar tanks with the interstitial space. EPA controls that. Best to keep them above ground with a big whopper of a padlock on it. If one drop spills onto the ground the Feds will fine you big time. And you have to register each time you make a diesel purchase if you are using farm fuel. And about static…always fill plastic cans with them sitting on the ground, especially when filling with gasoline. The static electricity from plastic could light up your life!

        • Thank you Ron, G Ma and RedC,

          The tank I am buying is a single wall tank. There are no laws governing installing this size where I live. I do want to make sure that it doesn’t pose a threat to the environment – I like my drinking water and growing a garden, and I don’t want to blow myself up…So far, I have learned
          1. above ground with shade to reduce evaporation in the summer (Thinking about another application for the “texas prepper greenhouse plans),
          2. some sort of under tank containment system is also good – it can be like a big plastic pan or clay berm in case of a spill,
          3. placed out of site of road but within the sight of the house to reduce the chance of someone helping themselves
          4. pokey rose bushes planted around the tank to deter skulkers
          5. a cement pad in filling area so minor drips can evaporate and minor spills can be absorbed with proper chemical and not by the earth

          It’s snowing again here.

  64. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Bow Practice. In a juice glass at 50′ now from the tree stand. Gonna take an age to move that out another 25′. Modern bow sights are like poaching… cheating.. I love em. IDPA match Sunday. Tomatos in, beans in, onions in, strawberrys in, strawberrys out… tree rats seem to like em. Water preps increased by one rain barrel.

    Local Prepper Rondevoux July 12 / Saturday. Farnsworth / Roush DeBoeu Metro park, south of Waterville, Ohio. More info and RSVP [email protected] by mid June.

  65. Happy Camper says:

    Traded some handmade stuff for a dog cage which I’ve turned into a Rabbit hutch. Got two sets of breeders, one doe had five kits the day after I got her home.
    Decided to cull down to one buck and two does for now due to upkeep. So I dispatched my first rabbit and it’s being slow cooked in white wine for dinner. Smells great !
    One of his kits (born a few days ago) is the same colour as him, so I will use the matching pelts to make a pair of moccasins eventually.
    Got my balcony farm set up for composting the rabbit waste into a new worm farm.
    I ordered a stun gun to use prior to rabbit dispatch, the first hatchet blow to its neck didn’t kill it instantly, I want zero suffering. So I read about giving bunny some alcohol soaked pellets then about 15 mins wait, then stunning and fast blow to the neck.
    Can anyone give me some feedback on this ? I will be dispatching and butchering on a balcony, no guns possible in Australia and I don’t have huge strength. Pulling their neck grosses me out totally.
    Any feedback, ideas GREATLY APPRECIATED 🙂

    • I always used a strong stick (broken bow rake handle) and held the rabbit by the hind legs and hit it hard behind the ears. This stunned or killed it and I immediately cut its head off. They didn’t suffer.

    • seeuncourt says:

      The stun gun is a great idea. I use a long bladed very sharp martini fillet knife. It takes the heads off quickly. I’m not strong with an ax either. I hang the rabbit by the back feet, stun h on with a tire thumped, then slice the head off. The stun gun sounds even better!

    • Happy Camper says:

      Thanks for the info, I think I went wrong by going for the neck rather than behind the ears. I also didn’t anticipate the fur getting in the way of getting its head off.
      I’ve got a friend who thankfully has experience with pulling their feet and heads apart, so when these kits are ready to dispatch he’s going to come and go through it with me. And also we will give the stun / axe chop a go. I want bunny to not know what’s coming or happened and the dispatch to be complete in seconds.
      But all info appreciated 🙂 HC

  66. Very little for me this week.
    Finally finished my knitted scarf. First knitting project and it took extra long because I realized too late that I was inadvertently adding stitches as I went. OOPPSS Started a second scarf for stitch practice and working on a pair of slippers. My family is crazy for knitted slippers and noone makes them anymore.
    Ordered and received a new sling for my AR.
    Considering making a large purchase of silver. I was going to go for bars until I read everyone’s comments this week. I think I will add a few coins to the order for Christmas presents for the nieces and nephews. I hope to make the purchase this week but may end up dillydallying trying to decide what to get.
    Received my Lansky knife sharpeners. I love their pocket version.
    Working off the bills. I’ve been putting money into my rental property mortgage and car to get ahead of the lender game. I can’t stand the thought of paying double or triple or worse because of mortgage interest rates.
    Ordered The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible and I can’t wait to read it!! I’m living vicariously thru everyone’s gardening this spring. The BF tells me that my garden is very tall now but he hasn’t sent pictures, so I’m guessing he actually killed it. I asked for pictures of the compost too to see if he managed NOT to kill that appropriately. 🙂
    Sent my youngest sister a water bath canner, a Ball canning book, and some canning utensils. She made pickles this week and a salsa recipe that will work for canning. I like getting my family on the path to self sufficiency. My other sister (I have 3!!) started seeds indoors about 2-3 weeks ago and they are already overwhelming her indoor capability. Hopefully the weather gets warmer up north so she can get them outside!
    Still far far away from home, so doing what I can. Lots of reading. I’ve been researching lots of remedies and how to’s. Watched some youtubes on how to spin yarn. I think I’ll just stock up on yarn for now instead.
    Have a great week everybody! You guys keep me motivated.

    • Hi Daisy, >> I think I will add a few coins to the order for Christmas presents for the nieces and nephews.<<

      Kids love them! Back in the 1980s and early '90s, when silver was still relatively cheap, I bought a roll of Silver Eagles every year and gave one to each niece and nephew for Christmas. One little guy opened his and really lit up, and said "Oh Boy! Big MAN'S money!" Big = Grown Up.

      When I was a kid back in the '50s I sometimes got silver dollars for Christmas, and still have them. Any denomination is a great present for kids. They seem to sense the quality of real money, actual silver coins.

      My intention was for the kids to keep them and play with them, but parents universally took them away for safekeeping. That always disappointed me as the kids never saw them again. I wanted them to grow up with real money in their drawer, but it didn't work out that way. So it goes.

  67. Purchased a “Little Badger” survival rifle which is a single shot .22 LR fold up rifle with threaded barrel which will accept a silencer for stealth varminting.

  68. Been working on the big spring cleaning in the house so I didn’t add much this week. We did get some apples and mushrooms dehydrated. Maybe this batch of apples can actually get stored instead of eaten. Dang they’re good! I did pick up some more canning jars, really trying to get a good supply, then I’ll concentrate on the lids. Got the obligatory 40 cans of cat food that I get every payday. Received the Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible and started going through that a bit. Looks like a great book! I think today I’m finally going to try my hand at dehydrating eggs. Been wanting to do that for a while. Maybe even bring myself to clean the garage. Maybe not… Have a good week, Pack!

  69. GA Red says:

    Mostly physical fitness preparing this week. We also continue our search for the right piece of property and the DH continues to research the cost of farm equipment, depending on the size of any property we might purchase. We looked at a couple of properties yesterday and just didn’t get the “warm fuzzies” from either of them. One was even straight down a steep hill from the road. Ugh. We will keep looking and researching.

    Green beans have started sprouting. The bees that show up here for a few weeks each spring are back and burrowing into the ground at night. The squash and zucchini I started inside and set out last weekend are already blooming. The tomatoes we planted are blooming. I’ve run out of salsa from last summer. Looking forward to this year’s produce.

    Stay safe. Will say prayers for all. Time to see what everyone else did this week.

    • GA Red says:

      One more thing – bought two bags of local/certified chicken manure and brought it home in my car. For those of you who remember the kind of car I drive, just imagine how thrilled I was when I realized that the odor was going to kill us on the way home and had to open some windows. It’s been almost 24 hours now and we still have a fan blowing into the trunk to get the odor out. For the first time since we got our minivan that we use like a pick-up, I want a real pick-up – especially if I ever need to bring home chicken manure again. It won’t be going in the Beamer next time. I still have to spread it in the garden, but I’m giving my nose time to re grow some of those little hairs inside first.

      • JeffintheWest says:
        • GA Red says:

          There is this one neighbor we don’t much like and I was thinking about spreading some along the fence next to his yard. That way he can complain now so that by the time I do get chickens the county will think he’s complaining about my fertilizer.

        • Encourager says:

          Jeff, we had to actually sign an agreement with the township when we bought our property that we would not complain about normal farm smells, including manure spread on the fields, or any normal farm noises. That was 35 years ago!

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Well, at least ONE town had some common sense — even if it WAS 35 years ago! I hope your local government still does. Mine, sadly, not so much.

      • Encourager says:

        ROFLOL! I am glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that, GA Red!

        Reminds me of the time we hauled 60 chickens to the butcher in the back of an old van. It was pouring rain and my friend felt bad about the chickens getting wet so we loaded them in her van. Twenty minutes later we had our heads hanging out the windows, trying to breath. After they were dropped off we stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. We were soaking wet, hair dripping down our backs and…someone across the store said “WHAT is that smell??” We realized it was, ummm, us…so we ran out the door. We started laughing so hard we could hardly drive home.

  70. nick flandrey says:

    Question for the pack, Costco has a battery powered water sterilizer pen on sale. Anyone use one? Do they work and last as advertized?

    It seems too good to be true. Couple of AA batteries sterilizing hundreds of liters of water, in only 48sec per 12 oz. 3000 gal lifetime.



    • seeuncourt says:

      It will sterilize out living organisms, but not purify or filter out other yuck in the water

      • nick flandrey says:

        And that is an important difference. Spores and cysts remain then?

    • Brearbear says:

      Hi nick!

      Are you taking about the steri pen?
      I never tried one… I am wary of the battery part of system…
      Would recomend the Katadyn pocket insteadd.
      Its a big investment…but is built like a tank…(also suggest buying a spare filter…
      Invest in some pool shock also…

      • Where do you purchase pool shock? I have only found tablets that have lots of ingredients.

        • Brearbear says:

          Calcium hypochlorite-(C.H.).
          …can be bought here in Canada from Wally world…Canadian Tire and from swimming pool companies.
          Make sure the pool shock only lists (C.H.) as the active ingredient to be safe for water purification.
          And yes…Stay away from ones that have fungicide and algecide .

        • Brearbear says:

          …and yes…you need granular…for measuring…not tablet form.

      • LittleAnniePrepper says:

        I got a Katadyn pocket off ebay 1 1/2 years ago and paid $250. I just saw one on Amazon that was $312. Yikes!

      • nick flandrey says:

        Yeah, it seems to be the Steripen. Comes with a plastic bottle too.

        I think I’ll stick with Lifestraw for now.


        • Brearbear says:

          I too…have several life straws…
          Like magnesium bars/and firestrikers…they are cheap..
          So i …in the past keep giving thse things away as gifts!
          One thing though…is they are not that strong and can be
          Bent/twisted/broken fairly easily…so i suggest reinforcing
          The lifestraw some how…

          I also have use and recomend the M.S.R. Miniworks EX Microfilter.
          It is fairly affordable compared to the Katadyn Pocket…
          And it works great with the M.S.R. Dromedary bags.
          (I have several and they come in dif sizes…when empty they
          Roll up small/compact)…i hang them off my load carrier…they also have attachments like a strawclip so i can keep hiking and have a drink without taking off my pack…

          I have the Katadyn/Miniworks(with dromedary bags)/pool shock…
          And a bleach stockpile.

          Think redundancy…

          And as far as WATER goes…having the best filter purifier systems
          In the world in my humble opinion…should be THE #1 prep item!

  71. -acquired some more 22 ammo from a pawn shop. (like to pay cash)
    -ordered 2 large factory magazines for my glock 17.
    -made a plan on preparing for a grid down scenario.

  72. Brearbear says:

    Hi pack!

    Am still living around the campfire…
    It snowed a foot yesterday…

    Got a Mosin Nagant… Yay! I love it!

    Also been killing beer cans with the pellet gun.

    Saw my first Robins yesterday…
    The creek keeps going crazy with water one day…next day…down to a trickle…

    Back to work soon…

  73. k. fields says:

    Sitting here on the porch watching it rain – yes, it’s still raining off and on here in my area of Northern CA even though it’s now May. Looks like I won’t have any water/drought issues this year after all and all that extra hay and grain I put back last year won’t actually be needed.

    Still awaiting daughter cow to drop her first calf but it should be coming any day now. Seeing how well she does will determine whether she will be staying long-term or not so there is a good bit of anticipation.

    New piglets are happy and healthy – constantly squealing and running around everywhere. Gotta love them.

    A new wild resident here is a small flock of band-tailed pigeons, I guess the forest around me has now matured enough for them since the last bout of logging. Their cooing is wonderful to hear in the evenings. They seem to be fitting in well with the large quail and dove flocks as there’s plenty of extra feed here for them all, so they will hopefully breed and return every year.

    Crops are all doing well and, as always, producing more than I’ll ever be able to use – good thing the local farmer’s markets reopen here this coming week as it looks like there will be more surplus than the piggies will be able to handle. Too much food growing, too much milk/livestock – what’s a poor prepper to do?

  74. Jeanne says:

    Checking in late this week – and can happily report that the snow has finally melted! This week I got out Grandma’s old Universal clamp-on grinder and ground the beef roast ($3.25/pound) I had my DH pick up at the end of last week for hamburger. I learned that I picked too fine a blade at first as the sinew got caught in the blade, but when I changed to a coarse blade it went quickly. Totally worth it. Then this week, the butcher had “today only” sale coupons on the grass fed ground beef that brought it below the price of the hamburger. Go figure. Based on my experience with the meat grinding, I intend to step up my shift away from electricity for as much as possible. There is a learning curve and I want to get through that before the stress of an emergency.

  75. Bwhntr59 says:

    Hello Pack

    I often read some of you buy Red Feather butter. This is sealed in cans. how long is it good for? taste OK? Thanks for any info.

  76. IndGran says:

    Does anyone think handmade items such as mittens and hats and scarvesvwould be good for barter? What ideas do you have that would be helpful.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Personally, I think they’d be a GREAT idea. However two caveats; first, they are highly weather dependent and wouldn’t work too well when it’s 110 degrees out, so there’s that. And second, they may not get you much during the first six months to a year of a serious situation, but after that their value will steadily increase.

      Suggestion. Make a few, take them to your local farmer’s market in the fall, and see how they sell. That might help you with any design ideas you are interested in, as well as give you a feel for the possible potential market (keeping in mind that not everyone at the farmer’s market might be a local, which might skew your statistics a bit).

    • Ozarkana says:

      Hi IndGran,
      Mittens, hats and scarves sound like a great idea. I hit up the after winter sales and have several sets of each in a big box in the top of the closet. I vacuum sealed them to keep out bugs and dampness. They are not nice, handmade ones; but, we may get to the point where anything is better than nothing.

    • Lake Lili says:

      Mitts/hats/scarves are a great idea! You might also want to look at making underwear and socks. Another idea is taking old blankets and making them into coats. Jeff’s idea of giving them a trial run at your local farmer’s market is a great one.

  77. Indiana joe says:

    Well got the pressure canner that I took from the in laws and canned my first five lbs of ground beef. Wasn’t that hard just alittlelearning curve.

    Put together the frame for the veggie garden. 4 by 8 6in deep tilled and topped with 4 inches of top soil and then 2inxh of manure

    This is the first garden so any advice is greatly appreciated

    Scored a 55 gallon water bucket with thread hole and seals in the top two openings Ten bucks.
    Also idea for those of you who store water in 2liters. Gas stations and grocery stores or Cvs are happy to give u the crates the store them on their pallets.

    Happy prepping

  78. Very little, unfortunately. The retired dp is on a real tear about “hoarding”. He helped in some re-organizing while I was at work. Let’s just say that there’s good help and there’s bad help. Can you guess which his is? I did manage to save most (I hope) books that I would never trash. Next I’ll have to move things out of the sunlight into where they really go. Since he helped, I can’t find the bill of sale so that I can sell my previous car. And, his eminance has proclaimed that no more stuff can come. LOL, I’m real good at sneaking stuff in but I’ll probably have to wait until he’s away a few days next month.

    When his worship gets like this, I simply hide in the bathroom and read my Kindle. He still hasn’t figured that out. Not very observant for someone who claims to be so smart. Needless to say, I’ve read quite a few books in the last several weeks, including MD’s first book and one by Ragnar Benson.

    I managed to buy another 8 pairs of heavy, smooth-bottomed mostly-cotton socks for $10. They’re Lanesboro from BJ’s. Someone was asking about comfy socks last week. My more favorite, tho, are my PowerSox (mostly wool) that I got a super deal on last year at a local store. Those retail in Kohl’s for $28 for 2 or 3 pair. On the web, they were up to $28 per pair! For once, I’m not crazy about good elastic at top of both kinds because my sciatic nerves are really pissy right now about anything tight.

    Trying to keep up with med appts, and I really need to schedule physical therapy before one doc will proceed. Geez, I been in this body long enough to know what needs to be done. History, history, history. Some of us learn from it, others don’t. Darn it, I wanted things done so that I could actually have a garden this year.

  79. Prim n Prepper says:

    Well, so far this week, I cleaned my oil lamps and put away the winter ones, and cleaned my large walk in closet. ( I donated 90% of my clothing and shoes.) I took measurements for the large pantry that is going in half of the closet. The wall where the door is gonna be happens to be right off my kitchen, so that’s convenient. I am putting a vintage screen door on it. I dehydrated 6 pounds of cheese, made two batches of soap (one laundry and one bars). And tomorrow I will be oiling all of my garden tools and hand tools for the season.

  80. Encourager says:

    So sad. Received a call late last night that my Dad has been placed in a Hospice facility (in AZ) under heavy sedation. He has COPD, Emphysema and congestive heart failure. His lungs and around his heart are filled with fluid. He is 91. When I called Hospice this morning they told me there was no point in flying out there to be by his side, as they don’t think he will last that long. I am grieving that he is all alone, with no family by his side. Please pray for me and that Dad will pass soon and peacefully.

    • My initial reaction – ignore them and go. Saying a prayer for you both.

    • My thoughts and prayers for you and your father.

    • Lake Lili says:

      Have to agree with GA Red – Go! Our prayers are with you and your father.

    • InterestedObserver2 says:

      +100 to what GA Red said. Even if you are too late (and they don’t know for sure), you can still say goodbye to him.

    • Curley Bull says:

      I agree with the rest! GO! I’ve seen several linger beyound their time just waiting for a family member. They too want to say goodbye, even though you may not be able to hear it.

      On another note. He is not completely alone. The Lord is with him!

      Our prayers are with thee and thy father.


      • Encourager says:

        Thank you Curley Bull. I know he is not alone – Jesus is with him. If only my sister had told me on Monday, I would be there already. But, again, she plays her games.

        • Curley Bull says:

          I can relate. My sister did the same with our mother. It was the nurse that called me when she took a turn for the worse and the nurse that called me, about half way there, and told me Mom had passed. You must do what I had to do; forgive her! She has to answer for herself just as you have to answer for yourself.

          With a Brother’s Love,

          • Encourager says:

            Curley Bull, I learned a long time ago that forgiveness has little to do with the one forgiven, but everything to do with the one forgiving. Living in anger, bitterness and resentment does terrible things to you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    • suzy q says:

      Encourager – If at all possible GO! You’ll never regret it.

    • AZ camper says:

      Encourager, I am praying for you. I sat with my husband by his father’s side when he died. If there is no one here in AZ, maybe he is on my side of town. If you would like to talk with me, I give MD permission to give you my email. I may be able to go check on him for you if he is near my city.

      • Encourager says:

        AZ Camper and everyone else,
        Thank you ~ you have blessed me with your prayers and advice.

        AZCamper, he is in Payson AZ, up by the Rim.

        M.D. please share my email address with AZ Camper. I will email you permission, too.

        • Encourager says:

          The problem with just up and going, is that the memorial service will not be until two weeks after he passes. I would have to fly there and back twice, which I can’t afford. My sister is Executor of his bitty estate and has POA. She and my two brothers have already stripped the house of any valuables, over two years ago when Dad was hospitalized, including his gun collection and his journeyman tools. They even took his portable GPS unit that was left in his car. At that time, she used her POA and emptied one of his bank accounts of over $7000. One brother took $10,000 the year before. What is left is a broken down trailer with a lot of junk in it.

          • az Camper says:

            I am sorry, Encourager. Family situations can be so challenging.
            Being able to forgive is certainly an evidence of God’s grace on your life. I pray for peace and comfort for you during this time.

          • So sorry you have to go thru this. Family drama is never good but it always seems to show up at times like this (I have had my fair share of the family drama).

        • Encourager,

          Sure thing. I will also remember you in my prayers and ask my family to pray for you and your family.

    • I am so sorry you are going through this Long Distance. That is tough. Believing God will show you what YOU need to do. May His peace fill and comfort you.

  81. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Sorry to hear of your dad’s coming to the end of his time. For all things there is a season. Mine passed at 92yo last May. He had no idea I was there. The folks who provide hospice are so compassionate and caring. I pray he was prepared and we all will meet him someday. We love you and you just do what you feel you can do.

  82. Encourager says:

    My Father went to heaven this morning at 2:37AM. He fought a valiant fight against COPD and Emphysema and lost ~ but gained heaven. He was a Veteran and joined the Air Force at the beginning of WWII. After a memorial service at his church, we will travel to Prescott AZ for a full military funeral.

    When I asked him in November where he would go after he died, for the first time ever he looked me straight in the eye and said “I am going to heaven to be with my Jesus; and I am going to hug my Mom!”

    Give Grandma a big hug for me, too, Dad. You will be missed; see you later!

    Thanks to all my Wolf friends for praying for us. Continue to keep us in your prayers and pray for traveling mercies for us. I appreciate all of you so much!

    • GA Red says:

      Hugs and prayers for you Encourager. Will be praying for safe travels as well.

  83. Tactical G-Ma says:


  84. Tactical G-Ma says:

    That +100 was to GA Red’s comment of hugs and prayers.

  85. Encourager says:

    Thank You all!!

    Okay, Dad is a Veteran. He was a life-long member of the VFW. Would it be best to contact someone at his local VFW to help with arrangements for a military funeral when we take his ashes to Prescott Veterans Cemetery?

    • Encourager, yes, the VFW should have the info. You also should be able to get info from the funeral director. My condolences to you and your family.

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