What did you do to prep this week?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since our last segment – how time flies when you’re prepping for doomsday! You have been prepping right? With everything that is going on in the world you would be crazy not to prep.

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I would also like to welcome Joe Nobody and Joel M. Skousen to the blog – they will be helping us out by providing their unique skills and viewpoint, via regular contributions to TheSurvivalistBlog.net. Joe and Joel welcome to the team, we are looking forward to working with you both. You can read their bio here – just scroll down the page… 

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week…

Gloves and tools from Chinamart...

Gloves and tools from Chinamart…

Dakota Line Mink and Squirrel Snares 1 dozen.

Dakota Line Mink and Squirrel Snares 1 dozen.

12-Piece Portable Butcher Kit

12-Piece Portable Butcher Kit

Worked in the garden.

Worked in the garden.

Well folks, that’s it for me… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?


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    • JP in MT says:

      DW already did that. That’s how she keep us with your “doings” and such.

  2. Finished planting the main garden plot on Sunday – that’s 3500 square feet of mostly beans, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. It’s where I put the “row crops” and the “sprawly crops”.
    Monday I recovered from planting.
    Ordered and received “The Prepper’s Blueprint” – its on the reading list now. Finished “X Events” – will try to get a review up soonish. Have an idea for a new article … just need to find the time to work on it.
    Spent an afternoon putting sugars into buckets. I had piled up four 50 lb. bags of sugar that needed to be put into food grade buckets for storage. Also got 100 lbs of rice,150 lbs of corn, and 90 lbs of beans into mylar bags in buckets ready to be sealed.
    Pistol league for the summer started, and I am shooting the .45 rather than the .22. Can tell I do not shoot this gun enough – this is why I’m shooting it in the league!
    This week’s purchases were mainly food oriented. Kroger had Tang on sale for $1 a package, so I bought them out. Picked up some beans as usual when doing my shopping. Also some soy sauce and some soup. Need to make a run to the Amish bulk store in the next week or two.
    Been a slow week – busy with caring for mom and just general run-down-ness. Cottonwoods are putting out their cotton and it’s got my sinuses not happy with the world.

    • I ordered that book too, can’t wait to read it. I love Tess’s “The Prepper’s Cookbook”

      • The parts I’ve dipped into look really promising. Nice quality book – and dense. Not like a lot of the “prepper” books put out that are like 80 pages or so.

  3. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Yes, hard to believe another week has gone! Tomatoes are looking good MD and I like the butcher kit.

    Biggest prep is I’ve managed to get signatures from STBX and the house is listed. Knowing I’m moving it’s hard to continue to prep anything as I know I’ll be boxing it. I did add to my kool aid stash. I also added coconut oil with a 2 year shelf life.

    Continue with my gardening experiments and have to say I’m happy with the growth I’m seeing. Last average frost date was a couple of week ago but with the help of some “walls of water” my tomatoes are ahead of most here.

    Hope everyone had a good week! Looking forward to reading what The Pack has been up to.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Glad things are going so well. Moving and starting the next stage of your life is a huge prep. Keep the faith.

  4. D in MN says:

    I went fishing, and took my pup Moose to his first swim at the lakes. I was hoping to make a water rescue out of him, he is so much like his great grandma who thought she saved every one who practiced with her. It is good to prepare a dawg to swim and save your arse if need be since I will spend most my free time on the lakes fishing/boating/swimming.

    Planted some tomatos, broccili plants , checked the blooms on all my transplanted wild berry bushes, lots of blooms and hope a good harvest. Ahhh, more blueberry/Juneberry waffles for breakfast!

  5. I worked almost nonstop on my house. There is a fine line between getting stuff done and annoying one’s tenants with being in their space too much. *sigh*. Called the loan guy finally, and he now wants more paperwork that will take me several hours to prepare.

    The bedbugs are back and I have to refinish a floor. The bedbugs and the large amount of paperwork are the new surprise setback of the week.

    That is the sum total of anything I did remotely resembling prepping. I have been totally consumed with trying to get this house ready for refi before an economic meltdown occurs. Sometimes I think I should have spent the money on weaps and a truck instead of on jumping through hoops for the banksters.

    • Sadja49 says:

      Penny Pincher
      Diatomaceous earth for the bedbugs you can get it at garden supply sections. Took me 2 years to get rid of my infestation. On one bed I literally waited to get bit and then tear the bed apart on a search and destroy mission. Put the DE in corners and cracks rub it in the seams of the mattress. I used residual sprays also but it took almost daily attention to get rid of them.

      • Thanks, they’re not using the powder because they’re afraid it’s toxic to breathe, DE won’t be. It’s just gray (mine is, it’s mixed with bentonite). But, better than bedbugs.

        • DE can cause serious lung problems if inhaled. If it is sprinkled in a home, residue will remain. However, given the choice of lung problems or bedbugs, I had just as soon suffocate from the DE, and I have asthma and chronic bronchitis.

          • Also have asthma and chronic bronchitis. When using D.E. I pickup a package of inexpensive masks in the paint dept of China Mart. Or hold a cloth over your nose and mouth when spraying or dusting with D.E.
            The following website offers great detail regarding DE and bed bugs
            perhaps a bed bug interceptor will work for you…
            fill the interceptor with DE and place under each leg of the bed.

            Suggest you discuss bedbugs with local pharmacist. There are special soaps and shampoos necessary to kill unoticable bedbug eggs on humans.

            The suggestion of the above website is for information only

            • I have a friend do the dusting which is always outdoors. I almost ruined my window ac with a powder on the carpet, so I know that dusting can get back into the air. The dust filled many filters over several years. I just don’t take chances with DE.

              Outdoors, I just sprinkle and hold my breath, then run.

  6. Still no job so preps are things that are either free or low cost around here. Mostly upgrading the homefront with simple projects.

    The sidewalk from the garage to the house is offset funny and the pole that holds up the corner of the house is nearly in the center of the sidewalk. I dug out a rock section between the patio and the sidewalk and laid in bricks for pavers so we can walk around either side of the pole now. The other side of the sidewalk will be expanded soon with a small concrete slab. This already makes it much easier when you are carrying in groceries and such, especially for 80 something year old parents.

    The garden is looking great and I finally have some baby tomatoes! We have been eating the romaine lettuce and this week we tried out the New Zealand spinach. I like it raw in a salad and the folks like it cooked so it’s a winner! More beets are coming up and 99% of the beans I had to replant are up. Peaches are getting bigger.

    We had 3 days of intermittent soft rain with thunderstorms, the plants are happy and I have three 55 gallon drums filled with water! Not bad for less than an inch of rain.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    Welcome Joe Nobody and Joel Skousen to the Wolf Pack. I’m looking forward to your sharing your expertise with us. Thanks M.D. for building and sharing the team.

    This week we made a Sam’s run, and spent the summers budget. They had 90% lean hamburger for 3.35 lb. We replaced peanut butter, hand soap, dehydrated potatoes, cinnamon, and trash bags. We added Dulcolax, Benadryl and Melatonin to our supplies.

    I finally got ‘round-toit’ and updated our garden planning book. It has the layout of plants for 2012, 2013 and now, 2014. We keep records of where an item was planted, and the year the seed was harvested. For example we planted 2012 cucumber seed this year. We record the germination rate as a measure of how successful last years seed saving techniques were. We record the date seeds are planted in the basement and the day they go to the garden.
    This year we learned that our tomatoes left the grow lights in the basement just as the melons needed them, so we will use that timing next year and get double duty from the lights. Seeds are getting expensive; Its gratifying to spit out a watermelon seed in the fall and see it turn into a plant the following spring. This year we only bought tomato (to get a better heirloom variety) okra (we have no experience with okra) onion sets and carrot seed; the rest came from previous years seed saving efforts.

    Scored a yard sale Rubbermaid 5 shelf, 5 ½ ft. tall 24” wide cabinet for $20. It will get stocked with this years canned garden produce.

    If you have productive peach trees able to survive central Wisconsin zone 5 winters, please let us know the variety.

    I checked our village covenants and the only animals allowed are dogs and cats. I wish chickens and rabbits were allowed. There are a lot of folks starting gardens the last 2-3 years; many are adding fruit trees, so I wonder if they are preppers like us. I don’t know how to find out without blowing OPSEC and don’t know if they would call NSA if they thought we were.

    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.

    Because of past actions of congress, we do not have a free press.

    Pray for peace in the world.

    • Hunker down-might try resilience or hales hardy although I would recommend growing dwarf or semi dwarf in containers and over wintering in garage. May survive a few years but then when a really bad winter hits you lose the tree. I have a post somewhere for insulating trees using chicken wire burlap and leaves. Will try to find link and post. Also check with LOCAL nursery or couny extension – they would be best sources imo.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        I’m past the age of lugging even a small tree into the garage. Your idea of insulating a peach tree is intriguing. We have plenty of chicken wire and red oak leaves.

        • Hunker down – tried to find the link -could not but suggest you google “protecting fruit trees in winter” the greeks and italians used to use chicken wire and leaves to protect fig trees in upstate N.Y. when I was there. Also might suggest that you put the plants on those scooters used in gym class and just wheel them into garage. You could even make yourself out of scrap pallets and castors. Also make sure you get the trees from LOCAL nursery -MUCH BETTER chance of surviving. Hope this was some help.

    • Chickens are not allowed where I live, yet at one time seven out of the nine houses on this square block had chickens. The police and animal control officers said that only if someone complained would they come here. The AC officer said he would just tell me someone complained and go away. Maybe some of your neighbors could get free eggs in exchange for scraps. That way, you hens will be eating free food.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Maybe I’ll ask the mayor if he would squeal on us if we bought a rabbit.

        • The mayor is obligated to say “no.” So, just do it and apologize if the mayor finds out.

          • Always easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission. 🙂 After all, a few bunnies could be your pets…..and then they just accidentally jumped into the frying pan…..

  8. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey cubbies! Been awhile.
    Welcome Joe and Joel. I am a fan of both and look forward to reading your entries.
    M.D., good preps. I am thinking about that butcher kit. I already have a few thousand knives, but they are like flashlights, ammo, and shoes – no such thing as too many.
    Over the past few weeks: trip to Tn Preppers Expo where I attended the DoTerra essential oils seminar and Doom and Bloom wound care, suturing, and stapling class. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are awesome. I saw a lot of neat prepping tools and methods and walked through a good sized bunker. Caution: If building a bunker, be very careful of the materials and chemicals and adhesives used to assemble them. Of gassing of materials and furnishings can make it unlivable. Also, got in some trout fishing. Gotta love TN.
    I got my garden in and with help of DH and SIL got a fence up so that we have a chicken free garden and rec area, got our pool open, treated, and everyone took a swim. The lawn is looking good.
    Got a dozen or so books on essential oils, tonics, salves, herbal and natural remedies. Ordered parts for the auto-waterers for the chickens. DH assemble and mounted PVC feeders. What a great concept!
    Tore up my left shoulder last wkend. I see the surgeon next week. Still have tons to do but at least can read.
    Added a bi-pod for one of my tools, tp, paper towels, coffee, and replaced staples from pantry. Had 2 graduations, 3 birthdays, a new baby, and Memorial Day picnic on top of the trip to TN so sm so broke I squeak when I walk!
    But am blessed to still be on this side of the grass and no major drama going on right now.
    Love and prayers for all. Have a great week and keep prepping!

  9. riverrider says:

    welcome joe and joel! i have read both their works and found them very useful…..preps? worked my a$$ off. that and returned a shoddy backpack in favor of a usmc ilbe ruck. it is like the marines, tough. i think i have finally found the ” big bob” pack. received red ledge rain pants. that’s it for me. folks, they own the press and even the “social media”. its all over but the shooting now. best prep your mind to that. sic semper tyrannis.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I’m afraid you’re right, riverrider. When all the gay marriage, etc. was approved in CA, I figured it would be years before it would get to where I live. Boy, was I wrong.

      Gun control and confiscation will be the same way. As soon as the dam breaks, we will be overtaken rapidly. Obama is laying the groundwork for confiscations by purging the military, building up logistics with huge am-mo and firearm buys, and adding employees/agents to the bureaucracy. He will do it by EO, and the military will help. The A-T-F has been illegally scanning 4473 forms at every gunshop they audit, and the 4473’s that are required to be turned in when a gun shop closes have likely been scanned and entered into their computers. They probably already have lists of every purchase made over the past 20 yrs., along with the name and address of the purchaser. If you were a purchaser of an AR, etc., you will get a visit. It’s difficult for the average American to understand the tyranny we now face, and that’s part of our problem. And makes it much more likely to succeed.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Rider.. anybodyelsein here… The list of tacked on EOs regarding ‘detention’, military assistance for Local and State governments with its citizens, Commodities, what we call our preps, private property, travel. I’m not certain but I’ll take the jump and say… every bleeding Government agency we have strapping up an ‘enforcement group’. Armor, aircraft, mil-spec weaponry, MREs, Freeze dried foods, caskets… duh… ammunition. Now I take a look at the ‘Markets’ say.. Energy, transportation, commodity Shares. Dollar Index. Housing starts. Non-performing loans for everything from strip malls-autos-student-furniture-yadayada.

        Rider I’m in a spiral……. or is it the toilet of an economy. Add the government class that will see me as fertilizer before they surrender budget control…… oh…. OH…. end O rant. I feel.. better… having screamed at the screen……………………

      • riverrider says:

        ror, don’t panic yet. the rumors about the atf are largely that. none of my ffl’s have had any visits especially of the copying kind. this new long gun multiple purchase thing is another matter.so, don’t buy but one at a time. personally, i don’t see the .mil helping like you think. he got a cold reception at west point, and the cadets where i work are not under his spell at all. i just came from a scooter rally and i can say with confidence there are many patriots to get through before they get our guns, and a large number were still on active duty. if they want to pay me a visit, well that’s fine. i may fulfill my destiny yet. keep the faith brother, all is not lost. we’re just gonna have to fight for it is all, and i believe they will be shocked by how many are willing.

      • axelsteve says:

        Kinda funny when gay marriage is aproved in Komradfornia when the state constitution states that marriage is to between a single man and woman.

  10. Not much this week. Built another garden bed. Harvested some green onions and strawberries. Also harvested lambs quarters and clover blossoms. Ordered oats 25 lbs. ,millet 5 lbs, buckwheat 35 lbs and maple syrup 3 gal.
    Time to get off here and get to work as I have to weed eat and haul kitchen wood. Teaching a class on canning on a wood cookstove next Saturday . Have a wild plant Id. class tomorrow .

    • mindful patriot says:

      What do you do with the clover blossoms? Are they the little white flower things? Thanks

      • I mixed the white and red. Dried these and ground them into flour. They can also be used in herbal tea blends. I think I heard of somebody cooking them down into a syrup but not sure on that .

        • tommy2rs says:

          Red Clover Syrup

          What You’ll Need:

          4 cups of fresh red clover blossoms *
          4 cups of water
          4 cups of sugar


          Place the blossoms and water in a pot.
          Simmer gently for approximately 15-20 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover and let sit overnight.
          The next day strain the liquid and press the liquid out of the flowers.
          Add sugar and heat slowly. Stir occasionally for several hours or until it is reduced to a thick, honey-like syrup.
          Can the syrup in jars of your choosing.

          * You can mix red and white clover for this. It works with dandelion flowers as well.

  11. Patriot Farmer says:

    I added 12 cans of soup to my selves, 6 arrows, and spent time at the archery range. The rest of the week I spent cutting fire wood and working in my garden. Most of my plants have broken through. I’m still waiting for my potatoes to come up.

  12. worrisome says:

    Packing up this house is done, the boys are here with the trucks and have spent all day yesterday and will spend all day today and tomorrow getting everything out. Escrow doesn’t close until late in the month or early next month, but what with them starting back to work at “paying” jobs the middle of June, this is our last chance really to move and get me settled. We should have it all in the trucks by tonight so we can spend tomorrow cleaning and tidying things and will leave on Monday for the bol…or I guess I should now just be calling it “home”. What with selling the lake house a couple of years ago and now this one, and including the flood I had in this one I feel like all I have done is sort, pack, move….tired of it. Daughters and family will be up at the bol next week end to help me start unpacking and putting it all away.

    As far as prepping, still not much going on as far as purchasing things. But while packing I did manage to find a stash of stuff to put together 10 5 gallon pails of basic items to pass out to those that may need it in a shtf situation. Toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, hand sanitizers, shampoos and conditioners, some old towels and wash rags I had, aspirin, oatmeal packages, dried milk packages, packages of beans and rice, some Knorr’s sides, instant coffee, tea, sugar, salt and pepper and some paper plates and plastic spoons and forks, matches, small tarps. In previous kits, I had some new testaments and some cheap aluminum pans to throw in as well, but I am out of those this time. These will all go down to the church later today.

    Stopped by the dr’s office and picked up prescriptions for the next full year, visited a few other doctors for my yearly stuff. Did some lab work.

    I have friends in Alaska and will be leaving for a visit mid month. I always learn so much from them as they are modern day natives that do an amazing job of blending their cultures from the best of yesterday with the best of today. Will be up there for a little over two weeks. And then when I get back I will be buckling back down to reality and hard work.

    Can’t believe all the terrible stuff that our Federal Government is promulgating. This thing with our vets is just awful. What bothers me most is that there are some awful consequences for all of their bungling. People are paying with their lives whether it be Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the VA! Not to mention what we don’t know about the IRS & soon the EPA crap they are about to unleash on us. And the latest news about what is going on at the southern border with them just bussing illegals around the country and not sending them home! WTH is that! Glad to see Jay Carney (Baghdad Bob) go, wish Obama would go with him. It is just one pile of worms after another. Now I just pray that eventually some of them may go to jail!

    Out here, the drought continues……….I am giving the house keys to some friends so that they can stop in and use my well and get some baths and do some laundry as they are limited to 50 gallons of water per house per day.

    Have a great week folks! Prayers to all that need them, Encourager, I saw your entry about the family being a bunch of dunces! I am so sorry to hear it! Special prayers to you, no matter what you expect and even if you know how they are going to act, it still hurts!

    • worrisome;
      Are your friends on a city service that gets it’s water allotment via well or just the paper water contracts for the area? It takes a minimum of 600 gallons per day for a normal household to function. How in the world are they enforcing this small amount to each household? What about the business in that area, are they also restricted? We have been through droughts before, and that is one reason I refuse to hook up to the water delivery service in our area. It is the first step in controlling the population.
      Do your friends have a well that they can put back into service, or did the county make them fill it in when they went on the local water service.
      Oh, before I forget let your friends know the state is trying to change the constitution so they can control the ground water. That means the controlling of personal wells, which is a violation of the California constitution as it stands right now.
      Almost like times of old when the citizens grabbed up their brooms, rakes, pitchforks an stormed the castle to route out the evil within. Looks like I may have to find mine in the barn and scrap off the black widows, cobwebs, to prep it back into service. 🙂

  13. I got potatos, onions and green beans planted early last week, Tomatoes yesterday and today green peppers and cabbage. Yesterday Monring I went to the local asperagus farm and got 20 pounds worth. Processed about 5 pounds last night, Plan on doing more tomorrow.

    Got a 25 round magazine for my 10/22 and 100 rounds of 9MM.

    That’s all Folks

  14. rjarena says:

    Yes, I agree that the week flew by, I think the holiday had something to do with it, anyway, picked up some cheap bulk 5.56, .38 bullets for re-loading, a new bullet puller, water(never ending this time of year) can goods, beans and rice.
    To try to cut expenses, we are giving up our “smart” phones, and picked up pay as you go simple phones. Little over two years ago I got caught up in the marketing hype of the “smart”phone, for me nothing more than a waste, wasted money, wasted time(both playing with it, learning how it works), I just do not see how it brought me any advantages, I gave it a try, but no dice, so away it goes, I can put the saved money into preps without losing any sleep.

  15. axelsteve says:

    I agree with the smart phone. I am not a techie or a tech guy for starters.My wife has a smart phone cause of work and the company supplied it. She uses it for work but she does not like it.I have a normal cell phone and I don`t even like it much. The thing about the cell phone besides the expense is that I like to say that I have the phone not that phone has me ,if you get my drift. I also kinda think that with a smart phone they have more areas to track you with.

    • JP in MT says:


      My DW has and likes her “smart” phone. She uses most all of the features that come with one. Plus she travels the state so it’s handy for her. I tried and gave up. I went back to a flip phone that if it falls into the creek when I’m fishing, I at least have a little time to get it out before I’ll need a new one.

      I’d go with prepaid, if it wasn’t for her needs.

      • axelsteve says:

        JP in MT I hear ya brother, ya gotta keep em happy. I am just not a phone guy in general.

  16. We didn’t get much done between school wrapping up for the year and the rain we’ve gotten this week, but …

    I managed to hit some sales at the stores… added 12 cans tuna to the regular pantry and 48 to the back pantry (gottta love sales!!!!) I was also able to find white vinegar on sale for 50 cents a gallon, so I grabbed 10 of them. Between pickling, cleaning, and weed control, we’ll use it up!

    The kiddo and I picked up a couple pounds strawberries to make some strawberry freezer jam – this will be her first foray into “canning” and she’s gonna be doing most of the work, so we decided on a freezer jam for her first time – easy, kid friendly (with a little help), and guaranteed success… a good way to start her on the right path of food preservation and preparedness…

    Our biggest expense and prep this week was picking up 2 chocolate lab/black German Shepard mix puppies. The pups themselves were free, but between the food and everything else, they are adding up to be expensive lol. They are about 7-8 weeks old and are currently inside, but we hope to have them be indoor/outdoor dogs and train them to a wireless “invisible” fence type thing as they get older.

    Hope everyone has a great week (and stays dry)!

  17. axelsteve says:

    I gave my nephew some 22 lr for a graduation gift. He is out of hi school now. He was really happy with that and so was his parents since 22 ammo is rare in my area.I wanted to give him something for graduation and I was broke so it worked out well.A coworker bought a 10/22 recently and I sold him some 22 lr. He was very happy since he bought the gun and he could not shoot it. Nothing worse then having a gun in your closet calling you out to shoot me but you can`t find any ammo.Thank you tdl.

    • JP in MT says:


      Someone said around Y2K that ammo would be the currency of the next millennium, Looks like they were right!

  18. Michigan says:

    I traded my half ton two wheel drive in for a three quarter ton four wheel drive. I stocked it with my basic road side essentials and one weeks worth of food. My not so dear wife decided she wants to be with someone else so I have more time and money for preps. About to move into a rental house until I can get some money saved up to buy a house. I’m a single guy with no kids. Do any of the survival food manufacturers produce single serve meals. Even with my large appetite five servings would be a waste.

    • worrisome says:

      Mountain House has packets for single servings and for two and in some cases for four. You literally open the top, pour in water, seal for a bit and then eat them. Not bad for flavor, a little high in sodium……….but they work:) Sorry for the upset in your life……….divorces are not fun.

      http://www.beprepared.com has Mountain House as does lots of other retail prep suppliers.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      All break-ups are rough, kids or no kids, especially when it’s not your idea. Just hang in there and don’t do anything you might regret. It does get better with time. God bless.

    • JP in MT says:


      That sucks. Happened to me when I came back from Korea in 1989. But, lucky for me I found my DW in 1990 and she decided I was worth keeping n 1991. I won. The ex got everything she wanted. Turns out things were not greener over someone else’s septic tank.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Hang in there, Michigan (which is where I would live if I were free). If she does not want to be married, she would have made your life miserable. It hurts now, and believe me, it will get better. Prayers for you.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      Sorry to hear about your not so DW. I currently am doing the big D and while it wasn’t my STBX’s idea (mine due to many, many, many other women that I recently discovered) it is a very painful process. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Everyone says it’s better later so hang in there.

    • Sorry to hear that your wife is being stupid.

    • Not trying to make light of people’s situations, but I guy i know was out the other night just a couple of hours after he and his wife decided to divorce. He’s kinda skinny, but is way tougher than he looks. Some idiot thought he was a perfect target for one of those slam games. Needless to say, the intended victim proceeded to take his frustration out on the bozo who thought he was going to be the next YouTube star…

    • Michigan – sorry about your turmoil – sending prayers. Not sure what foods you like but I buy bulk items and repackage. Takes a little time and measuring but it works for me. Also I get pasta, oatmeal, rice, pancake mix and biscuit mixes and throw in different things – hence my bacon onion mushroom cheese biscuits or pineapple pancakes.

    • Michigan,

      I don’t want to stick my nose in your business, but if it was her idea to end the marriage, why are you moving?

      When I split with mine, I let her have the apartent. I got a better one, closer to the beach, for what my half of the rent was in the one we shared.

      No offense to the ladies, but this is the 21st Century. Gone are the days when you get the house, kids, car, and perpetual alimony.

    • Sw't tater says:

      Hang in there Michigan, ..no easy road, but take the high road! Instead of renting a large house, you might try to find someone/friend/family/etc with a couple of extra rooms.you should be able to get to goal sooner.

    • Michigan,
      You take care. You will be in our prayers.

  19. JP in MT says:

    It’s been a couple of weeks for us. Last week I left on Tues and got back on Monday. Too the trailer out for it’s first “test camp” for the year. My equipment worked well, I just broke a few things. The biggest worry was the rear awning support. I wanted to back the 4-wheeler under it, it usually rains/snows Memorial Day weekend, and backed into it. I bent it so bad that when we got ready to go it took 3 of us to get it bent back to a position we could tie it up just to get home.

    I was figuring it would cost about $1200 to replace it,as it would all need to be replaced (according to our local dealers, they can’t get the parts). One of the guys gave me a complete awning off his “dead’ motor home and I found the part on Amazon. So I ordered a $100 part (using MD’s link) and we will get the guys together next weekend to replace it.

    We also had the fuel line freeze and crack on the propane generator again. Fortunately I had a spare with me from the last time. I was just one wrench shy of fixing it. Sine the DW didn’t come out until Thursday, she got one at the pawn shop. However, we have a Honda 1000 as a backup, since we really only need to recharge the batteries. We desided to pull the propane generator off the trailer and put it in storage, and only use the 1000. It’s very quiet and does what we need.

    Then as we were loading up the DW’s 4-wheeler we found a oil leak. Since it was in the front and clear oil, I think we lost a seal in the winch. It’s now in the shop fixing that and getting her rear rack welded on.

    I took advantage of the Mag-Pul sale and ordered 5.56 and 7.62 mags. “You know you are a gun nut when you order magazines for a gun you don’t have yet.”

    Found once fired brass for my 257 Wby. These things are usually like gold! Picked up a used/complete, but very dirty, Lee Reloading press for 12 ga shotgun shells. And ordered a Cold Steel Boar Spear. I’ve wanted one for a long while and when a sale came up where it was $20 cheaper than the Amazon price, I bit.

    Ordered a couple of 10 lb buckets of AF Quick Oats and a couple of mixed cases of AF #10 cans. Wal-Mart seems to have the best internet prices on these things. Not their whole line, but what they have is very good pricing. Plus I get free shipping.

    I found a new source for 5 gal buckets; confectioneries! The one I went to last weekend had them, with lids in great shape, for $2 each. I found out about another source locally that gives them away. Will look into that one this week.

    Went to the Thrift Store and found a pot and a mold for “re manufacturing” old and travel size soap bars. Ordered a front basket for my 4-wheeler and got a new helmet. DW got 4 pair of winter gloves and a small “portable” green house from 1saleaday.com. My order of 2 LifeStraws and 2 LifeStraw water bottles (for the 4-wheelers) came in. I picked up a military-style 3 day back w/water bladder that I have been looking at. Plus we added some medical supplies and masks that were on sale.

    Been a busy couple of weeks for us and it’s not going to slow down. We have a Mission Team coming up to visit from TN. They will be here next Saturday. We have a very small church (under 50 attendees on a normal Sunday) so we have very few “hands” to get things done. The Associate Pastor has been in charge of this. Then he falls off a ladder and breaks his leg; elevate, no walking, etc. until surgery next Wednesday. So he’s out. The Pastor is in the hospital for emergency hernia surgery. 2 of the 3 Deacons are on vacation and the 3rd has MS so he already has mobility issues. I just got nominated as the “head gofer” so I’m doing all the running around that the others normally do. The Team is coming in on the 7th and leaving on the 14th of June, so if you don’t hear from me for a while that’s why. We could definitely use some extra prayer!

    Things are getting “strange” on the Federal Level. Looks like Jay Carney has finally had enough of trying to explain “stupid” in a regular and recurring basis. I hope they get the VA problem fixed, not just lopping off one head. This is what happens to a system where you make up new, unachievable “standards”, add no resources to make it happen, then tell people their jobs are on the line if they don’t comply. They lie! Happens every time. I was warned about the one in Spokane, WA from vets that live there. Ours in Helena, is pretty good I’m told, but I haven’t been there. They treat our veterans like they are disposable. They do a job most don’t want to do, keep the pay and benefits minimal, then don’t live up to the promises make. But we got money for golf trips and to save the Darter fish! (Getting off the soap box now, before I get all wrapped up.)

    Have a great week and prep harder than before! I’m afraid we are going to need it.

    • riverrider says:

      the one in roanoke is said to be good care but they got caught shredding service records “because they ran out of room.” can you believe it? then they moved out of a building, renovated it, then decided it was too small and are building a bigger one, all the while renting another. i haven’t been despite the fact that i have a payable claim. they can keep it.

    • Hey JP,
      Can you help out a dumb blonde? All things electricity freak me out as I have never taken the time to learn and understand it.
      How do you charge the batteries on your trailer with a honda 100? My trailer plug is 220 (and I thought that was standard) and the 1000 is 110. Is there some sort of workaround?
      New batteries and a generator are on my short list of prepping items, so I would love it if you could explain it to me.
      Take care!

  20. I bought some compost for the garden, and a set of very small screwdrivers. Read a couple post-apocalypse books. Also I did some pruning in the garden. Five of the neighbor’s chickens have discovered our yard and like to visit, kicking mulch all over the place. I enjoy them more than I dislike raking the stuff back, so that’s OK.

    Especially if they are still around after Something Bad happens.

    It’s almost 5:30 so time to head off to the swap meet, looking for treasures.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Hi Penrod,

      I saw something this week where the Obama Regime was about to, or maybe already had, began negotiations for native Hawaiians to have their own gov’t, legal system, etc. alongside and equal to the system of the United States. Can you tell me more on that? Or did I misread it?

      • Hi Rider, This has been going on for many years. There is a faction among Native Hawaiians (relatively few of whom are pure native Hawaiian ancestry) to get federal recognition as an Indian tribe. It would bring control of land, money, and political power to some people. The state Democratic party is strongly in favor of it.

        As I understand it, recognizing a Native Hawaiian government should require an act of Congress, so unless Dear Leader does one of his Executive Orders I won’t hold my breath.

        The thing is, Hawaiians are not and never were a tribe, most certainly not a single tribe. There were a number of independent individual chiefdoms throughout the islands, and in the late 18th and early 19th century the man who became King Kamehameha the Great sailed from chiefdom to chiefdom, slaughtering everyone who refused to recognize him as absolute ruler.

        While Kamehameha ‘unified’ the islands’ political structure (and is hugely revered today for doing so) he was in my opinion also a mass murdering imperialist warmonger. That is how he unified the independent chiefdoms: he murdered everyone who wouldn’t submit. This is how one becomes a Great Man.

        He established a monarchy which lasted until 1893, when some subjects of the monarchy, mostly immigrants from the US and Europe who were citizens of Hawaii and also senior cabinet officials, overthrew the then Queen, Lilioukalani, and established a Republic. They immediately petitioned the US for annexation, which was denied.

        Some US Marines landed during the overthrow, and gave some assistance, the importance of which is also subject to reasonable debate. It may well have been non-trivial, and Congress apologized profusely for it during, I think it was, the Clinton administration. Like France should apologize to Britain for having helped overthrow the British Crown in the 13 colonies. Right. I always thought that overthrowing monarchies and replacing them with Republics was a good thing, but I guess I was always wrong.

        The War of 1898 came around, and the US decided that it would be really useful to have a major naval base in the middle of the Pacific, and annexation went through.

        Anyway, whether Hawaii was once tribal or not seems moot to me: by the early 19th century Hawaii was recognized as a single independent nation under a monarchy, and by 1893 was clearly multiracial, multiethnic, under a monarchy seen by senior members of the government as spendthrift, inefficient, and corrupt. How inefficient and corrupt is a matter of reasonable debate. It was certainly not a monstrously violent, corrupt regime like Khaddafi or Saddam Hussein, but sub-optimal.

        How touchy is the Overthrow? Republican Governor Linda Lingle refused to celebrate the 50th anniversary of statehood in 2009 because doing so would offend some people, and she said so explicitly in public. Instead, we commemorated statehood.

        A Republican governor, who’s very job exists precisely because of statehood, was too afraid of political repercussions to celebrate the anniversary. And “commemorations” scheduled at the Iolani Palace were canceled because they would have been too offensive.

        You can probably figure out what I think of the whole thing…

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          “I always thought that overthrowing monarchies and replacing them with Republics was a good thing, but I guess I was always wrong.”

          Yes, in a sane world, it was. Now we live in a world where communist dictatorships in places like China are admired for their non-existent fight against global warming as they open a new coal-fired electrical generation plant each week. Meanwhile our leaders are increasing electric prices dramatically, thus ending any chance for industry to be able to ever compete globally. We’ll just facebook them into oblivion as we sink into 3rd world status. Thanks for all the info, Penrod.

  21. Nebraska Woman says:

    Good morning, Pack.

    1. I helped my friend put in her garden…most had been done so we mulched, watered, weeded, etc. It felt so good.
    2. The homestead I built so lovingly will have a court-ordered auction in 3 weeks. I am planning on bidding, so prayers please that I can go back home. I get the first $50,000; I must split the rest 50-50 after expenses.
    3. I added chicken, beef, and pork to my supplies via canning, drying, and freezing.
    4. Old apples were on sale for 59 cents a pound, so I canned applesauce.
    5. I had a family get together (14 people) in my small apartment. Crowded, but the food was good.
    6. TP at 69 cents for a 4 pack. I had several coupons, so stocked up!
    7. On a sad note, my former pastor lies in ICU dying from complications of bacterial infections and pneumonia. The doctors say it’s hard to cure bacterial infections because of drug resistant strains. Hmm. I never go to doctors…most of the time the body can cure itself. I am 64 and very healthy.
    Back to my beloved pastor. He is truly a man of God and one of the few people I have ever loved.

    Pray as hard as you can for our country, our “leaders” who do not know how to lead, and our families.
    Forgot, Jay Carney is gone. Wonder where he will put his nose now that it is at least 18 feet long.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I fell on the floor laughing when I read that Jay Carney remark. And the reason it’s so funny is because it’s true. Praying for you and your pastor, that he recovers and that you get your house back.

    • +18 for that nose joke!

    • Sw't tater says:

      Nebraska Woman, this has been eaten twice…herbals are the answer to bacteria resistance! oregano, olive leaf , Samento…to start…

    • NB
      Thought you had won on the place being yours and not the ol goats. Darn, my neighbors gone and I don’t know how to drive a backhoe from CA to Nebraska to assist on this matter. May dad always said if he enough land an a backhoe who would miss a pain in the ??.
      I am send my request to the man upstairs to give you your place back, since you earned it. Keep us posted………..an if you hear the loud sound of a backhoe……it could be me :-).

  22. mom of three says:

    Not much for us either, 4 cases of water, 2 four pounds of sugar, one gallon of milk that was $2.00 off so for .99 cents. I took that milk and measured five cups put it in a freezer ziplock bag, for homemade Mac & cheese, I put away three bag’s. It has been a busy week at the donut shop, so I’ve been tired. Boy on the buckets, I wish I could get them out to everyone, right now we have six buckets, for a dollar a piece we have sold two, if they don’t get sold soon we recycle them out.

  23. Mom in the mitten says:

    I’ve been reading here and slowly prepping for several months. DH is not really onboard. I try to share news and articles with him (and my teen boys) that are not way out there in hopes that he slowly comes around but I think that he just thinks that I am in a phase and will soon move on. But I am very happy that this week when we stopped to get some veggies to plant in the garden he suggested fruit trees and blueberry bushes. So 3 apple trees and 2 pear trees and 4 blueberries are now on the agenda to plant this weekend, in addition to getting the rest of the garden in. Already have potatos, sweet peas, some onion and some of the tomato plants in. And they are all looking good so far. DH does like to be able to go to the pantry or med closet and pull out whatever he needs. DS1 does think that have some beans and rice is good but doesnt quite believe the signs or news that is out there. DS2 doesnt really care one way or another but he does enjoy the canned fruits I’ve made. DD is just a tween so she just doesnt have an opinion on current events or anything beyond today. I’m hoping this little bit of “pushing info” to DH at a slow pace is working.

    • Your family sounds like mine. My DH was “OK” with it when I started , my older son thought it was cool & youngest doesn’t want to hear about it. After Hurricane Sandy they were all happy we had food and ways to cook it. After the ice storm they were even more happy we had food, heat and electricity via our generator. So every opportunity you have to show that the things you’re storing/skills you’re learning can help in any situation they will become more on-board with the activities.

      DH was the one who suggested this Spring we start a garden & he bought me a rain barrel for my birthday. So he’s very ‘ into it’ now.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Mom in the mitten
        Andi is right. A long time prepper but nothing like today. I always did what was recommended and have been several times it has proven to be life saving. In 2006 I started getting really serious. DH got sick and we moved from NY to AL. When I came out of the closet to my DH it took a bit for him to get on board, my best friend thought I had lost my mind, and my sister thought that the Rapture would come if something bad happened. It took years, little emergencies, prices going up, and the TDL, but now all are on board. I don’t prep for zombies or doomsday. I prep for unforeseen events that interrupt our daily lives.

    • Mitm,
      When I started my whole family thought I was nuts. Now even the teen sees the wisdom in storing something back.

    • Try sticker shock by dragging them along to the grocery store. Think of their favorite foods; anything that goes up over X% can no longer be purchased. Ouch.

    • My DH “puts up” with me because he too likes being able to grab a new can of shaving cream, soap, shampoo, etc. out from under the sink, and I’m not getting hollered at at 4 am when he runs out in the shower. Now that he’s taking more supplements I take advantage of bogo’s at cvs and make sure hes got them handy because if he runs out, he stops taking them. I imagine he thinks that the bottles are bottomless….or doesn’t even notice…
      The kids also “shop” in the pantry too, DD is always baking cakes for school, birthdays etc. I’ve tried to get her to pick up a couple of boxes when it’s on special like I do, but I just keep a couple of mixes for her 9pm emergencies. I really can’t complain, my MIL did the same thing for us when we were young and broke all the time!

  24. Goatlover says:

    Honeyville has a sale going on right now, so I ordered another 100 pounds of oat groats, 50 pounds of beans, and a few #10 cans of refried bean flakes. My sweet potato slips finally arrived yesterday, so I planted them this morning IN THE RAIN! At least it kept me cool….also planted fresh jalapeno plants as the ones from last year are going kaput on me. Bought more band aids, diaper pins and handkerchiefs. I got tired of canning tomatoes, so I switched to dehydrating them.

    Right now, I’ve got a dozen 8-ounce jars of country sausage in the canner. Those pigs were nasty to raise, but they sure taste good these days! I like to add sausage to my greens and green beans when I cook them, so these small jars will be perfect for that. One more thing—I bought a small pressure cooker this week and am looking forward to trying it out.

    Keep prepping, folks!

  25. patientmomma says:

    Hello Wolf Pack!
    Preps for this week: rice, coffee, extra funnels, a few canned goods and some bottled water. Dried some herbs and dehydrated carrots and potatoes. Canned some ham and bean soup. Made up a few bottles of capsules of DE for the animals and then made herbal capsules for the humans in the house.

    I’m repackaging rice, sugar, beans from the big bags into manageable sizes for family and barter. I’m also filling CYA cache barrels with a variety of different things needed as backup to the backups for the ultra-emergencies which are coming. Spend time early in the mornings weeding the garden; the weeds are unreal this year! What do the farmers use on their fields to keep the weeds under control?

    Times are getting tougher and people getting more evil; prep and pray. God bless each of you!

    • Patient momma, are the DE caps for your critters to take care of intestinal parasites? Just wonderin’!

  26. Finn Mahone says:

    Feels like I did a ton of work this week but maybe not compared to others. I worked in my yard this week taking care of my garden. Got up the other day to find something ate half of my bean plants so I put up a fence around my little garden plot. Tried to trap what ever ate my bean plants without success after 4 days. Transplanted some herbs into a much larger pot outside. Cleaned up yard waste ant turned some into compost. Put in poles and made a string trellis for my pea plants. Still no sign of life in my Potato Towers maybe it’s still to soon to see any progress. Found a lot of unused planting pots laying under some bushes and emptied the soil from them and re mixed with fresh compost and put into 5 gallon pails for storage. Went for a job interview Thursday too. Just trying to keep myself busy to feel useful.

  27. Not much prep stuff this week. We had a birthday this week & have a graduation next week so I’ve been busy dealing with those.

    On the plus side with that planning was we went to BJ’s to pick stuff up and I got a couple 6 packs of fruit & vegetables.

    I ordered Tess Pennignton’s “The Prepper’s Blueprint” so I’m looking forward to getting it. I also picked up a medical kit for my son to take with him to college.

  28. Rider of Rohan says:

    Rain…rain…rain…and more rain. We’ve had rain every day this week as a cutoff low pressure is just sitting and spinning around the Ark-La-Tex. I wish to God I could send it to Cali. Cutworms taking a bite out of the pepper plants, having to result to pesticides to save them.

    Got onions, new potatoes and squash this week out of the garden. Squash producing like crazy, new potatoes too, green beans in a couple of weeks or less. Time to get the pressure canner out.

    Also picked mayhaws this past week, squeezed out almost a ga. of juice, time to make the best jelly evah! Will take loads of sugar. We’re going to do it the old-fashioned way without sure-gel. Should be a learning experience. I did go to Wally this morning and load up on paper products(TP, paper towels, plates).

    That’s about it, have a great week, Pack.

    • Re: Cutworms
      You don’t have to resort to chemicals to protect your seedlings. Here’s what I do and it works great!
      Cut toilet paper or paper towel tubes into 3″ lengths, when you plant a seedling (or when seeds come up in the soil) put the tube down over the plant and push slightly into the soil to keep it in place and give no gaps between soil and cardboard. That’s it. The barrier prevents the cutworms from getting to the seedlings, and the cardboard breaks down naturally over time and feeds your soil’s earthworms.
      Hope this helps, and good luck!

    • Rider, we’ve had over 10″ of rain here the last two weeks. My garden is very happy. That low can move back west about a hundred miles and keep raining on us. Highland lakes only came up a couple of inches because the ground is soaking the rain up as fast as it fell. But the garden is very, very happy!
      So my preps again are few, just working in the garden mostly. Grandkids had a stomach bug this week, ugh.. Grandson’s birthday party today with an inflatable waterslide. Niece came down from Dallas for the weekend. And it’s h-o-t. Even with the rain I’m still having to keep water on the squash plants. I think the water is just soaking on thru down deep. Elderberries are blooming like crazy, hard to tell but they are making fruit. Except for the Mexican one. It’s not in the ground but a large pot. I need to move it near the other ones to pollinate, might as well dig another hole or two and plant it and the goji berry into the ground.
      I did pick up a half dozen more quarts of hydrogen peroxide. I’ve found that a combo of it and our favorite homemade laundry detergent will actually clean tile grout back to its original color without chorine bleach choking me. Actually works better than bleach too! Spray it in tile shower and cleans it way better than the aforementioned bleach!
      Hope things with the VA hospitals gets worked out soon, I’ve seen the problems they’ve had for years and their patients have no choice and can’t sue from what i can tell. SiL spent 5 years in the navy and with the different classes of discharges they have now, he can’t even use vet benefits. Wasn’t a dishonorable, but an early general discharge.
      DH brought home another horse…sigh. Makes 4 now. Money pits, but glad to have them. They were trying to come in the chicken coop with me last night….
      Keeping the faith and my apocaloptomist attitude. Even of it all goes to heck, it will all be alright!

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        Thanks for the tip on hydrogen peroxide.

        • NW, scrubbing with a brush helps, but what I do is big scrub every couple of months, then spray the peroxide on the grout lines weekly , let it sit and it keeps things cleaner. I have a deck brush with a handle that is floor designated only. And you can always tell when something nasty is on the floor by the bubbling.

          • Oh, and I get nail brushes at a beauty supply just perfect for washing veggies, scrubbing hard to get at places and of course, scrubbing dirt off your hands after gardening!

    • poorman says:

      wish you could send that rain to Cali also. Up here in the mountains its not so bad but still don’t like seeing the lakes and reservoirs low like they are. One of the water canals by my house is dry,first time in 25 years I’ve see that.

  29. k. fields says:

    Been a little while since I’ve checked in, but not much new has been going on here. Spent last weekend at the auto races – perfect weather, good race and all-in-all a great time although the flying to and from really wasn’t pleasant – being nauseous from chemo drugs and spending a lot of time in a crowded plane isn’t the best combination. Since returning I haven’t left the homestead.

    As usual, there are have been no purchases to speak of but I’ve been feeling it’s time to start a new project of some sort so I’m building a couple of top-bar bee hives to maybe replace my old Langstroth stacks. I think they will be easier to manage as I continue to age and the cancer progresses.

    Daughter milch cow seems to be a natural mother, caring intently for her new calf, and her mom is now in full milk mode again.
    Piglets are growing fast, especially now that they are getting extra milk rations. They’re currently spending their days plowing up one of the 1/4-acre plots getting it ready for the next planting.
    New mule has fit in beautifully and is sharing mothering protection duty with daughter milch cow for her calf, which is a load off my mind – not many predators will stand for long up against an angry mule! My old mule and old mama cow have been best buddies for years, so her offspring have also always had extra protection.
    The bull? Well, he’s now full grown and this season he’ll have to start earning his keep. Hopefully he’ll be up to the job and the payoff will be worth all the trouble.

    Asparagus and the first early potatoes are being harvested now and are on the menu almost daily in one form or another. Additional potatoes will continue to be planted for the next couple of weeks to further stretch their harvest time, but this is it for the asparagus. I’ve been canning some for use as a treat later, but for the most part, I try to just eat what is in season at the time. Why take the time and effort to can everything when I live in an area where there’s always something new coming in fresh simply by continually planting? As the asparagus finishes, the first leeks, peas and strawberries will be ripe – can’t wait.

  30. Tiernan says:

    Kinda scavenged an abandoned house. The bank is tearing it down:
    Various first aid supplies
    Little girl’s book bag
    Some salt, herbs and spices
    4 storage tubs

    Put an MOE trigger guard on my M4.
    2 liter Camlebak bladder fro my tac vest
    Small Pelican case
    1 used aluminum M16 mag

  31. Dug all of our red potatoes this past week and put them up in cold storage. will be sharing some with friends and family. Got almost 2 bushels form 5 lbs. of slips. great harvest for us in our small garden. planted beans ans corn where the potatoes were.
    Got to try my new solvent trap and adapter for my Walther P22 this morning it works great.
    Wish I could afford to justify some PM purchases. Prices are great right now but money is a bit tight too.
    Spent the morning cleaning tools. Can’t wait to get out and use them again.

  32. madison says:

    I took inventory of everything I have in store that we need. I lost the paper I wrote my numbers on, but I had around 15,000 calories worth of vegetarian food. I took a bunch of cheese crackers out that none of us will eat so its less now. I have around 5,000 calories of meat. I have 15 or so water bottles and a soda and juice bottle full of water. I fed some dollar store chicken salad and crackers to my sister and she likes it, so I can definitely store it.
    I have a bunch of free food i got that only my littlest sister will eat, so I put a bunch of it in a shoe box. I have 6 chicken and 1 tuna salads that are 190 calories each, 6 Austin brand crackers, and 8 cans of Vienna sausages. I put it in a bag labeled “emergency food”.
    added a bottle of pancake syrup to the food cabinet. my mom said we have enough to last a year, so she let me have a bottle for the stuff.
    I’ve been watching a lot of doomsday preppers. I really want to get where those people are. I want to get a shipping container because they said its only around $2,000. I might get one when I start my career.

    • Sw't tater says:

      Don’t get so consumed with calories, but do center on items for a complete entre’, or side dish. I found when I centered on calories, the only thing that got bigger was my behind. The stress of counting calories…
      My answer was to buy several pks of spaghetti, spaghetti sauce one week and canned meat to serve with it the next trip. another idea that works for us…
      Mac and cheese can be put together with pasta and canned cheese . 2 lbs of pasta and a jar of cheese dip will put together mac and cheese for a family several times-about about 5$ total, and it will fill you, not leave you hungry. add a can of english/sweet peas to it and a 5oz can of tuna or chicken chunks and you have an entre’,
      …or Learn to make pancakes from scratch, it will save you tons of money!

      • madison says:

        ok. I’m not sure if I`ll find the cheese dip at my walmart, but ill look.

        • Sw't tater says:

          look in the mexican foods, sometimes it is in jars and some brands are in cans…it comes in several brands, compare.

      • tommy2rs says:

        And pancakes don’t have to be sweet and topped with syrup. I make savory pancakes by adding some sliced green onion and bits of left over meat, a dab of leftover corn (or tons of other variations) and whatever seasoning I feel in the mood for. Makes a meal you can eat from your hand. And it can cooked on a flat rock if that’s all you have.

        • Sw't tater says:

          I add protein powder to ours, along with three or four (depending on size)eggs.. and stevia, because of blood sugar issues. I make home canned fruit topping with stevia, fruit juice or pulp. not expensive and low sugar. My point is, even if you are diabetic, you can alter recipes to make them friendly to your familys needs…it just takes planning.
          Recipe for high protein pancakes… 2 cups flour, 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda, 2 scoops soy protein powder,4 small eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. stevia(amount for 6 servings) use instructions on packet..
          .Mix dry ingredients together, add one tablespoon coconut oil/or olive oil… then add warm water…til batter right consistency. allow to rest for five min after all dry ingredients are moist and batter is pour able. Pour into greased skillet. (I use spray alternate)… Will make 6 large pancakes,Enough for two hungry adults…

  33. SoCalPrepper says:

    Picked up 2000 rounds of .22 at 5 cents a round at my local range’s Memorial Day sale, and bought another $300 in PMs…7 silver eagles and 1 1/10 oz gold eagle. That brings me up to about $900 in PMs (by ounces). Something is better than nothing I guess!

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      SoCal… I’d say you picked up more than most of us! I took my change jar to the market and cashed it in… drove up Monroe St. to my local coin dealer and traded the cash for 1 silver round OPM-1 oz. and got change. LIL at a time is something to me too.

  34. Bam Bam says:

    I picked up some essential oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, and clove. These are the ones that I use the most. I put in an order at Walmart–mostly hygiene products. We’ve been keeping purchases to a minimum. We need to replace dh’s 20 year old van. The motor is about to go. So we’ve been looking for a newer one.

  35. PrepperLabGirl says:

    Made my first order from Augason Farms. Their #10 cans were on sale. Bought and received a Camco Manual Dough Mixer on Ebay. Still researching grain grinders. Ordered some camping recipes books, Making and Using Dried Foods and Joy of Jam from half.com.

    • PrepperLabGirl says:

      Rats, wasn’t finished and hit the wrong button.
      Son was out looking for ammo and bought me a box of S&W longs for my 32 pistol. He had me pick up the last two boxes of 22’s from a local pawn shop for him.
      Worked on organizing my kitchen so I can start processing fruit and vegetables. All my kitchen preps are being containerized! Blueberries have started and they are loaded this year.
      Blackberries look good and will have some plums in a couple of weeks. Apples look s0-s0. They are very iffy in this climate.
      Everyone have a good week!

  36. kellieccc says:

    I picked up a few bags of rice and beans and have worked in the garden. Watching the news and then going to the grocery store and seeing how prices are rising on a weekly basis causes me to get that pit in your stomach feeling of doom and dread. I overheard a man tell his wife to put back a jar of sauce because “they already had one at home”. The ignorance of the common sheeple is scary.

    On a positive note, I signed up for a free online self study canning class from the Nationa Center for Home Food Preservation through the University of Georgia. I do not know how to can and am petrified of killing my family from botulism. I am almost finished and am going to try canning in a few weeks! Here is the link if anyone else is interested- http://nchfp.uga.edu/. Hope everyone has a great week!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Yes, the sheeple are scary. My neighbor (love them) had to borrow A CAN-1 can of tomato sauce! They almost never have food in their house. They go out most of the time and when they are going to cook something, the go to the store to buy it first! My anxiety would know no bounds if I had cupboards like that!

    • Bam Bam says:


      As long as you use a reputable recipe and follow proper canning protocol, you will be fine. There are very few botulism deaths in the U.S. each year and most of these are from eating restaurant food.

  37. Sw't tater says:

    few purchases, usual OTC medications , few extra pounds of rice , beans, few cans of fruit, and coffee in regular and decaf.case of Grape and strawberry Jam, sugar substitute x4,
    Dollar store had 32 double roll tissue on sale, and other store honors competitors sales, so I hit it twice!
    Made dental appointment for coming week,
    ordered and received package of supplements unable to purchase locally. .. oregano, olive leaf,peppermint and lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, hawthorn….basics should last several months.

  38. Leonard says:

    Your Dakota Line Snares reminded me of something I wanted to share recently. Much as I like Buckshot, and bought snares, books and DVDs from him, he doesn’t offer “Dog Proof” Raccoon traps. I’ve been looking at these and decided it might be a better SHTF trap, because it doesn’t kill the animal–a dead animal in out mild climate quickly becomes spoiled and not safely edible. Standard leg hold traps would do the same job, but would likely catch dogs–some of which might be my own. Raccoon traps are species specific, and the animal is alive until you whack him. Fresh meat!

  39. Granny Em says:

    We finally got the garden tilled today with my biggest prep to date, a Kubota B29 tractor with a 48″ tiller. It sure beats our 40 year old hand tiller. Tomorrow I’ll plant the corn and green beans, but won’t put in my sets until the fence is up. The bunnies decimated the celery and broccalli overnight when I planted them without the fence up. My 2-1/2 year old great grandson is coming to help plant so he’ll learn where his food comes from. That should be fun !
    I stocked up on more tuna fish and peanut butter this week and also got 4 lbs. of fresh asparagus to freeze.
    The state of the country is scary. My prayers are with all of the Wolfies in need of them. Keep the faith and keep on prepping.

  40. Baby catcher says:

    Didn’t get a whole lot done cuz our daughter from VA was visiting! First time she’s been here, and we’ve been here 9 years! Got the peas stripped from the plants, area ready to go for next crop. Must weed! Corn and bushel gourds are up, and all the other things look great! Broccoli going to seed( got the big heads out a couple weeks ago) so am saving the seed. Finishing the downstairs is the next big hurdle. Keep prepping, pack, times awastin’ !

  41. Worrisome says:

    Just need to say that the sheeple are waking up! I have been involved in 4 conversations today with strangers….in each one they brought up elements of concern to them about the political or financial problems this country faces. One was 40. One was late 20’s, one was 21, and one was in his 60’s. I did not proffer anything in the way of advice…but thought it was amazing for all of the separate concerns floating around out there.

  42. Worrisome says:

    Becky, this is a country community water system. The water comes from Lake Mendocino which is fed by the part of the Eel River. As it leaves the dam it becomes the Russian River, where it wanders south through Sonoma County exiting beyond Guerneville. And it is pretty close to empty. And yes the limits are draconian. There are three water systems in no cal in these dire straits. These friends thought about putting in a well when they first bought the place, but decided it was too expensive and are sorry now with that decision. My husband was not interested in the offer the water district made to us to extend the system on out to us. He opted for a well. Now we r glad he did. Could it fail? Sure, but it never has . As far as the friends go, the deal is 50 gallons per day per home. Failure to do so results in having your water turned off. They aren’t going to give out a bunch of warnings either. Water redundancy is a good thing.

    • Worrisome
      If they need help locating a site, give me shout out. It bothers me to see people so restricted. Thought they
      were on shallow wells that were be low the water table level. This is a pain typing on dh tablet I brought him for his b/day.:-)

      • Worrisome says:

        I understand on the tablet. We packed and loaded my computer yesterday, I have access via a kindle fire and an iPad the company bought me when I retired…don’t know how to run either of them very well…
        And I will tell my friends about your offer. Thanks!

        Once I get settled I want to give you a new email address….give me a month. I want to be able to send you some pix from Alaska.

        • worrisome
          You have a great trip…….have lots of fun. I will chat with you after you get back.

  43. Honey the Dexter cow finally had her calf yesterday morning. The kids named the baby “May”.

    Planted 200 strawberries, 40 raspberries, 2 pear, 1 apple, 3 blueberries, 6 grapes AND fenced in the area to keep the critters out. Now that most of the perennials are in, I must focus on creating the vegetable garden. Like Granny Em above, I love my new Kubota tractor -makes so many jobs so much faster and easier.

    It has been more than 4 months since I have had a chance to replenish my pantry supplies – haven’t run out of anything – but if there’s room on the shelves and room in the freezers, I just don’t feel fully prepared. It has been good to see that we are eating what we store – but now it’s time once again to store what we eat!

    Reading up on Swales and Crater Gardens – Anyone have any expertise in these areas? I could really use some help.


  44. axelsteve says:

    I got a couple of cans of butane and a sharpening stone. The stone is coarse and very coarse so I think it is more for axes and etc instead of cutlery. I also got a el cheapo drill bit set that I will use for mounting sling swivels and a friends 10/22.

  45. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Getting this olde barn ready to sell off … if we are lucky ….! Drill mixed 14 80 pound bags of quick-crete, poured, raked and troweled the driveway patchs and rain barrel pads, cut down the 30 foot weed next to the fence, patched fence, painted fence … and the garage. Tore down my Rocket stove for moving. Pavers next to the garage. Raised the tomato bed 71/2 inchs.

    Bow practice this morning from the ‘deck tree stand’. Helped a fella install a 360 degree + 8 stationary camera security system. He thanked me with an in the box 8 camera system I started putting up this morning.

    Family meet up next week end…. 12 plus quests in the house.. cooking out…sittin around swappin lies and shooing away the flies. good times.

  46. UrbanCityGirl says:

    Officially spring finally. Today I will plant zucchini and cukes. The pole beans and bush beans started to sprout. The tomato seedlings were placed outside and so far so good. I have volunteer tomatoes popping up all over, I weeded out most of them (don’t have the space) but saving a couple to see what they do.

    Covered strawberries with netting. Shephard pulled out the 2 new blackberry and raspberry plants but didn’t touch the established bed. Last year she got all the peas and many of my tomatoes. A gate and fencing has been ordered.

    The chicks are surviving 50 degree nights fine in the coop. They turn 8weeks old this week. I’ve been researching ways to feed them in a shtf scenario. There are no feed stores in the city.

    DH is starting to collect the remaining supplies needed to add the last 4 barrels to the rain catchment. My existing barrel has been really nice for watering in transplants.

    I’m realizing how much I dislike cooking as the weather warms up. I just want to stay outdoors. And I’m sore from the yard work. I have made a few larger meals to take advantage of leftovers, but have to admit to carry out a few times already. So I’m paying attention to my stamina this summer and really need to better plan dinner meals for when I’m worn out, and hot and tired at the end of the day.

    All of our prepping has been devoted to increasing our gardening space on a small lot and managing chickens, gardening, and dogs.

    With the snowy spring, I’m just now picking our first salad greens. Since DH was so gracious to build our little coop/run, I’m encouraging him to build me a small greenhouse. It will help us get some early and later crops I hope. And those precious crops would need to be safe from predators.

    I started hanging my clothes outdoors last summer, I love it and we now added 2 lines to our basement for inclement weather. My movement towards more independence.

    My grown daughter told me it’s like I live on a farm. I said thank you. She said, “it’s not a compliment, you are in the middle of a big city.” Silly girl. But, she secretly enjoys coming over to see what’s new. And she told me my chicken coop was “legit”.

    • poorman says:

      Crock pot can be your best friend when you are to busy or (lol) lazy feeling to cook dinner. I have learned to cook tons of things that way. My favorite would be pot roast then tacos or something from the left over meat then soup from whatever was left from the first batch. About three days that way then go to chicken something. You can always can the left overs also.

      • UrbanCityGirl says:

        Poor man,
        I used to do a lot of crockpot cooking, more when I was working full time and raising the kids. I made a nice pulled BBQ pork in it last weekend. The leftovers were great. It’s something I should be doing a better job of. Now that I’m not working full time I guess I assumed I had more time for cooking, but it just isn’t so.

  47. Look forward to learning from Joel and Joe.
    Very little done this week. Marched in the parade on Monday and then manned the table at chinamart selling poppies.
    Did my 5 miles every day and made it in under an hour each time. Going to go for more miles instead of less time.
    Practiced rifle and pistol shooting-instructor is mean SOB and is helping tremendously – might have to buy him a bottle of Jack when done.
    Made mozzarella cheese and Italian bread and Naan.
    Garden is doing well – the newsprint and mulch keeping down the weeds, had some rain and so all I had to do was pick strawberries, greens, and radishes. Raspberries and blackberries are setting fruit looks like it may be good season.
    After reading comments, decided to add herb garden. Thanks to the pack.
    Hit the yard sales and flea markets and bought a big box of asst. Nails, screws, bolts etc for $5 -have go through the packages, baggies and jars and sort. Also got a mandolin for veggies and a hand crank food grinder. Bought some lamp oil, candles and wicks at thrift store as well as a white garbage bag full of gauze pads, gauze, bandages etc. Less than $10 for everything.
    Received my all-American canner -read over instructions-going to try canning bacon and chicken one night this week.
    Food preps –
    3 more jars of peanut butter and 6 of jelly (really good sale)
    Almond paste and coconut milk
    Case of tropical fruit salad
    Case of vegetable stew (Amish made in 1 quart jars – so I’m thinking of the jars as bonus)
    Two year supply of Centrum for women
    Dozen cans of evaporated milk and dozen of condensed.
    And 10 more bags of Bob’s mills products some flours but also trying the amaranth, quinoa, whey protein, and flax seed.
    That’s about all – work is crazy and will only get crazier as summer gets closer.

    Stay safe.

    And if I could pose a question to the pack – what type of food preserver do you recommend and why?

    • I love my All American canner.
      You can make the most awesome soups, sauces, canned meat and produce. They are shelf stable, high nutrition fast foods for a busy life. Nothing in them you don’t want to eat.
      Dinner from a can, ready in 15 minutes, but it is a home cooked MEAL, so satisfying and delicious.

      • Patti – exactly. Love stews and soups. What has been your experience with shelf life? Would appreciate any guidance you would be kind enough to share.

        • themem,
          They seem to last forever, but only if they get pushed to the back. If my family can see the jars they go real quick!
          Jackie Clay says they will last many years and my limited experience seems to back that up.

    • To start, make sure you have a large water bath canning pot, be it a large stock pot or a dedicated canning pot. I have a 6qt pot that is sold as a tamale steamer that gets used for tamales once a year then gets used for small batches of pickles, jam, etc. as well as a canning pot, I also water bath some in my larger stock pots that half gallon jars will fit into. That’s usually for gift jars of dill pickles that generally get eaten right away. Then get a food saver vacuum machine (I’ve worn out 3 since they went on the market). I started pressure canning with a 6 qt pressure cooker, but it only holds pints. I’m shopping for a new larger one, as the old birthday just passed and I am NOT going to get a new fishing pole or shotgun, DH is bad about buying me things that HE thinks I need…

      • Shai – thanks the water bath canning is taken care of – needed a way to can things that are low acid. Like Patti, I want to be able to open a jar of something HOMEMADE and not filled with chemicals. Thanks for all your insught – love reading your comments each week.

      • … and Happy Birthday.

  48. This week my husband got a few more post holes dug for the garden which is really taking off. He also bought some 9mm and 380 ammo.

    I purchased eight more frozen turkeys (.49 per lb at GFS) and five pounds of beans to can this week. That will produce about 48 pints of chopped turkey and another 48 of bone broth. I bought two meaty ham bones from the Hone Baked store to use for canning the beans. They are BOGO this week.

    The kids and I picked white clover to dehydrate and grind for flour. If foraging will one day supplement your diet out of necessity, it is better to learn to use it now. Not to mention it is healthier than what you buy in the store!

    I canned Rhubarb Mint Jam because that is what is ready in the garden. I bought supplies to can English Mint Sauce to serve with meat because the mint is just overgrown and I want to use it.

    Very concerned for the future based on the news. If anyone has a regular news source other than the lame steam media I would love to know it. We listen to a few channels on YouTube but I would like to expand our sources.

  49. Put what gardening I will have time for in large pots near the house, as I have two young deer that like to pass through our patch of land. With my schedule I do not have time to put up fencing to restrict them, so the dog keeps them away by barking, of course the containers are only steps away from where he sleeps.
    Went power shopping in town, one stop was Costco. Picked up dehydrated hash browns, lady was telling everyone who would listen how long the expiration date was on the potatoes. I said if you want to extend that date put a hole in the box an vacuum seal them, and should you want a longer time for eating them drop them in Mylar bag with h20 absorber. She was amazed and I had quite a few women listening………..the men not so much. I still saw many a sheeple in the store while I waited for dh medication to be filled.

  50. tommy2rs says:

    Got in 500 rounds of .357 I had ordered because it was half price. Not my preferred load but one I use as a daily shooter. Also we pulled the trigger on two recliners that are wide and comfy enough to sleep in. We can close off the living room by shutting two doors if/when the power goes out during the winter and just keep minimal heat in that room at night. And no sleeping on the floor for which my old much abused bones will thank me. Oh and we got about 300 canning jars from one of The Boss’ uncles who is cleaning out his home after his wife passed. We’ve been helping him migrate his photos from his old pc to his new one, which has reinforced my disgust with windows 8. If you want Windows 7 better order the disc before October which is when it will stop being sold. Ordered ground beef from Zaycon as well. Got to have something to fill up those 300 jars….lol.

    Yesterday we watched a big ole gobbler in the backyard, while The Boss was repeating her mantra in my ear “no you can’t shoot him in the backyard so stop drooling”. Spring turkey season’s over anyway but dang….

    • We keep hearing turkeys, but none have ventured close enough to see from the house. It’s time to refill the feeders with protein anyway for the deer now the fawns are dropping, that should draw them in….

  51. axelsteve says:

    I did not shoot that turkey! it clearly commited suicide by hanging itself.

    • tommy2rs says:

      I might have pulled that one off if The Boss hadn’t been the first to see him. That one or the old I let the dog go for a run in the woods and just look at what he did…..lol

  52. Did not plan on doing much this week but you know how it goes. The Garden is producing a lot of lettuce and spinach so I have been giving some to my coworkers and neighbor. Really need to dig deep into the pocket and have about 8 large trees dropped so I get adequate sun. I won’t drop a tree that has a chance of hitting the house. Living on the north side of a mountain has its benefits (did not use the central AC last year) but it makes getting good sun tough.

    I added the following to my stores: peanut butter, cranberry crunch peanut butter, Hormel L&D turkey, Hormel smoked ham, Brunswick Chunk White Tuna, VanCamp’s Albacore Tuna, Polar Chunk Light Tuna, Polar Peach Preserves, Polar Fuji Apples, Dinty Moore Chicken Stew, and Picket Fence Chicken Breast. Thank goodness for Go Grocery’s low prices.

    My Thrive delivery arrived consisting of Chopped Chicken, Beef hamburger and Roast Beef. It has a 25 year shelf life and 1 year once opened.

    Bought 20 silver dimes. My local gun shop had a grand opening at their new larger location and I bought 100 rounds 9mm at a good price.

    My immediate neighbors are retired. They a being hit hard by rising food prices and QE’s low interest rates. They used to travel all over in a little to camper but can’t do that this year. It is hard to talk to them without blowing OPSEC so I encourage them as I can.

    • Where do you get cranberry crunch peanut butter? Sounds delicious- if it’s what I think it is – crunchy pb with cranberries mixed into it.

  53. Contrarian says:

    Picked up some OTC meds and supplements this week. Got a flat of bottled water to replace the one that was rotated out.

    There was plenty of rain this week so the garden is doing well. The raised bed is working out better than the containers were. This year the containers have herbs and flowers.

    Stay safe my friends.

  54. IndGran says:

    Got a few more canned goods in. Hearing worrying rumors about mid July being the beginning of woes.

  55. We got a second freezer and a cow to fill it. Grass fed meat for less than $5 a pound. Yeah! Gotta get some of it canned for a rainy day.

  56. Not a whole lot this past week but discovered I had a store reward that was expiring Saturday so off to the store I went. With just over $20 in store credit I was able to replace the battery operated clock in my living room, got 13 new pens and 2 new buckets (can’t have too many of those). At a different store picked up 16 new washcloths for $1.98 after an e-gift card then off to the store. Not my best grocery store day with coupons but the checker did mention he hadn’t seen so many coupons come thru at one time. This week will be even better.

  57. Encourager says:

    I am sick at heart. Got up this morning and turned on the news. I was shocked yesterday when I heard the obummer administration traded five top Taliban terrorists to get back one soldier. I was very happy we got him back but uneasy that it cost five terrorists?

    Then this morning’s news. This soldier was a deserter. He wasn’t captured as he was obeying orders and serving our country…he was AWOL.

    I thought we did not negotiate with terrorists. Now this prez has broken that rule. What is next??

    And why can’t our government get one Marine back from Mexico? He has been beaten and chained to his bed, all because he made a wrong turn in Texas. Isn’t Mexico one of our Allies? I guess not. This admin would rather negotiate with terrorists than free a Marine.

    I am disgusted.

  58. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Per my master, the dp, no more stuff is allowed into the house. (Yeah, he’s the owner of said abode.) I’m anxiously awaiting his going out of town for several days later this month so that I can re-organize what he messed up, re-buy what he threw out, etc.

    Yes, I’m very down in the dumps right now, especially as I don’t even have a garden again this year. It’s one thing after another, and yesterday I even broke a tooth. (Thank you, God, but ain’t I tough enough already? Yes, I’m paying attention. Could you please tap some sense into the dp? Thank you.)

    • Mari,

      Oh sweetie, I am praying for you. Try to keep your spirits up. Depression takes a toll on you body and soul.

      You are a tougher woman than I am. Ultimatums bring out the crazy in me.

      • At least I can still laugh in silence and roll my eyes in secret. Last night’s laugh was when he need alcohol to put on a tick bite. Well, it took me awhile but I finally found it in an unlabelled box in the basement. I advised him that I found it where he put it. Turned around, rolled eyes, and snickered to myself like Precious Pup used to do in the cartoons.

        • Giggle. Take your fun where you can, friend!

          • Hi, Patti. Hope all well with you.

            This morning’s stunt was he called me at work to ask where the trash bags are. “I don’t know, you moved ’em.” Snicker!

  59. Hey Mari,
    I am doing pretty good.
    I love it when they move something (that was organized) in a fit of rage and can’t find it on their own! That makes me a little evil, I know.

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