What did you do to prep this week?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since our last segment – how time flies when you’re prepping for doomsday! You have been prepping right? With everything that is going on in the world you would be crazy not to prep.

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Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week…

Gloves and tools from Chinamart...

Gloves and tools from Chinamart…

Dakota Line Mink and Squirrel Snares 1 dozen.

Dakota Line Mink and Squirrel Snares 1 dozen.

12-Piece Portable Butcher Kit

12-Piece Portable Butcher Kit

Worked in the garden.

Worked in the garden.

Well folks, that’s it for me… what about you, what did you do to prep this week?


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  1. axelsteve says:

    I did not shoot that turkey! it clearly commited suicide by hanging itself.

    • tommy2rs says:

      I might have pulled that one off if The Boss hadn’t been the first to see him. That one or the old I let the dog go for a run in the woods and just look at what he did…..lol

  2. Did not plan on doing much this week but you know how it goes. The Garden is producing a lot of lettuce and spinach so I have been giving some to my coworkers and neighbor. Really need to dig deep into the pocket and have about 8 large trees dropped so I get adequate sun. I won’t drop a tree that has a chance of hitting the house. Living on the north side of a mountain has its benefits (did not use the central AC last year) but it makes getting good sun tough.

    I added the following to my stores: peanut butter, cranberry crunch peanut butter, Hormel L&D turkey, Hormel smoked ham, Brunswick Chunk White Tuna, VanCamp’s Albacore Tuna, Polar Chunk Light Tuna, Polar Peach Preserves, Polar Fuji Apples, Dinty Moore Chicken Stew, and Picket Fence Chicken Breast. Thank goodness for Go Grocery’s low prices.

    My Thrive delivery arrived consisting of Chopped Chicken, Beef hamburger and Roast Beef. It has a 25 year shelf life and 1 year once opened.

    Bought 20 silver dimes. My local gun shop had a grand opening at their new larger location and I bought 100 rounds 9mm at a good price.

    My immediate neighbors are retired. They a being hit hard by rising food prices and QE’s low interest rates. They used to travel all over in a little to camper but can’t do that this year. It is hard to talk to them without blowing OPSEC so I encourage them as I can.

    • Where do you get cranberry crunch peanut butter? Sounds delicious- if it’s what I think it is – crunchy pb with cranberries mixed into it.

  3. Contrarian says:

    Picked up some OTC meds and supplements this week. Got a flat of bottled water to replace the one that was rotated out.

    There was plenty of rain this week so the garden is doing well. The raised bed is working out better than the containers were. This year the containers have herbs and flowers.

    Stay safe my friends.

  4. IndGran says:

    Got a few more canned goods in. Hearing worrying rumors about mid July being the beginning of woes.

  5. We got a second freezer and a cow to fill it. Grass fed meat for less than $5 a pound. Yeah! Gotta get some of it canned for a rainy day.

  6. Not a whole lot this past week but discovered I had a store reward that was expiring Saturday so off to the store I went. With just over $20 in store credit I was able to replace the battery operated clock in my living room, got 13 new pens and 2 new buckets (can’t have too many of those). At a different store picked up 16 new washcloths for $1.98 after an e-gift card then off to the store. Not my best grocery store day with coupons but the checker did mention he hadn’t seen so many coupons come thru at one time. This week will be even better.

  7. Encourager says:

    I am sick at heart. Got up this morning and turned on the news. I was shocked yesterday when I heard the obummer administration traded five top Taliban terrorists to get back one soldier. I was very happy we got him back but uneasy that it cost five terrorists?

    Then this morning’s news. This soldier was a deserter. He wasn’t captured as he was obeying orders and serving our country…he was AWOL.

    I thought we did not negotiate with terrorists. Now this prez has broken that rule. What is next??

    And why can’t our government get one Marine back from Mexico? He has been beaten and chained to his bed, all because he made a wrong turn in Texas. Isn’t Mexico one of our Allies? I guess not. This admin would rather negotiate with terrorists than free a Marine.

    I am disgusted.

  8. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Per my master, the dp, no more stuff is allowed into the house. (Yeah, he’s the owner of said abode.) I’m anxiously awaiting his going out of town for several days later this month so that I can re-organize what he messed up, re-buy what he threw out, etc.

    Yes, I’m very down in the dumps right now, especially as I don’t even have a garden again this year. It’s one thing after another, and yesterday I even broke a tooth. (Thank you, God, but ain’t I tough enough already? Yes, I’m paying attention. Could you please tap some sense into the dp? Thank you.)

    • Mari,

      Oh sweetie, I am praying for you. Try to keep your spirits up. Depression takes a toll on you body and soul.

      You are a tougher woman than I am. Ultimatums bring out the crazy in me.

      • At least I can still laugh in silence and roll my eyes in secret. Last night’s laugh was when he need alcohol to put on a tick bite. Well, it took me awhile but I finally found it in an unlabelled box in the basement. I advised him that I found it where he put it. Turned around, rolled eyes, and snickered to myself like Precious Pup used to do in the cartoons.

        • Giggle. Take your fun where you can, friend!

          • Hi, Patti. Hope all well with you.

            This morning’s stunt was he called me at work to ask where the trash bags are. “I don’t know, you moved ’em.” Snicker!

  9. Hey Mari,
    I am doing pretty good.
    I love it when they move something (that was organized) in a fit of rage and can’t find it on their own! That makes me a little evil, I know.