What did you do to prep this week?

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And one more thing before we start, this one is for all of the Tennessee preppers who read this blog, lets remove Lamar Alexander from the U.S. senate, and replace him with Joe Carr – Joe is a strong gun rights supporter (proven) and will represent the people of Tennessee much better than Lamar Alexander.

Find out more about Joe Carr here – Tea Party Challenger to Lamar Alexander: Joe Carr for Senate.

Okay, now let me see, what did I do to prep this week?

solar powered workshop

Put up this 200 watt solar panel array, to power my workshop, and to use as a charging station for communications gear, lanterns, flashlights and other gear.

I would like to thank Mark from Affordable Solar Mounts for sending me one of their mounting kits…

Well that’s it for me… what about you – what did you do to prep this week?



  1. Did some garden work and canning. Quick question, where did u get the solar panels and associated equipment to use them? I’d love to do a similar, affordable setup to power/charge some of our equipment and devices.

  2. riverrider says:

    rider of rohan, you still out there?

  3. Granny W says:

    Greetings from So. MN…….been busy with the garden/what there is of it/has been a very tough year for everything here……at least we have potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, onions, 1 cucumber plant & a few beets–had spinach until the hot weather took care of it. I am very experienced at gardening & this has to be the worst year EVER weather wise to have a garden. Scary, when think of needing to live off of the garden in the SHTF future times/we are at the mercy of mother nature. Other than that I have more sale purchases of canned goods/got more butter put into the freezer as a local store had sale at $1.98 per lb. which is a terrific price around here. I am beginning to wonder if I should slow down on food prep purchases/seems like the stores are getting pretty large. Anyone else think about your own mortality and what would happen to the things you have spent lots of $ on if you were to die? Who will use it or will someone just throw it all out as junk?? I have some kids who would use things, but others who would say to just get rid of all the junk and food cause it may be outdated/old!!! Prayers for all the pack, especially those with health or personal issues going on right now.

    • PrepperLabGirl says:

      Granny W
      I actually thought about it this past week and have to hope that if my son and his wife get hungry enough they will learn to eat rice and beans!

    • @ Granny W
      We’re north of “The Cities” and I know what you mean about this being a hard year to garden. Too much rain! We usually get 2-3 5 gallon of plums off of our trees, this year we’ll be blessed to get one gallon bucket.

      Instead of plum jam this year we made Rhubarb instead.

      God bless

    • Granny W
      We think about every day who would eat what we have put up?! My sister’s family, she knows the food is here. I am teaching the youngest niece how to put up jams and jellies, between her work schedule. She has seen my use the wheat grinder to make fresh flour. Yet, they are lacking knowledge on what most of the grains I have put can be used for. Some can be used for flour(rice-pearl barley-oats)or just eaten. There are times I think maybe I should make a how to use manual for them. She is way younger than myself, she was raised when the can has a date and it states it is expired she would toss it………ahhhhh!! It took the longest time to break that bad habit. The girls(her daughters)are being trained the correct way. The next thing she(dsis) will have to get over is being picky eater. If the bubble goes up, be thankful we thought ahead for her an the others so they can thrive until gardens produce and meat can be gathered.

  4. D in MN says:

    I was on a fishing expedition all week with my daughter and working overtime, so I haven’t been here to post comments. Stocked up on sunnies, bass and jumbo perch. Visited my BO location at my cousins. He assured me I am welcome anytime. There is fresh water on a pristine lake, plenty of fishing off the dock, plenty of wild food to forage, and 2 lake cabins to stay at. There would be his friends and my other family members using his place so it would be well fortified and protected. The water is so clear you can see 20 feet down, and fish like they are in a huge bowl. The beauty surrounding the place is astounding, like an old Hamm’s commercial. It isn’t likely I would have to BO, but it is there just in case. That’s what I did to prep this week and enjoyed every minute of it.

    • “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters”……….

    • Granny W says:

      Good old MN is great……..except in winter especially last winter!! the cold wet spring has been unusual too/hopefully won’t see another year like this for a long time. Meanwhile we tough Minnesotans carry on as best we can and hope for the future.

    • Hamms Bear says:

      Tip of the hat …
      Hamm’s Bear

  5. Greeting Pack!
    Prepping this week was spent restocking water and picking up extra food. Worked on the garden some more, really just getting ready for next year. Went through the medical supplies/first aid kits tossed out a few outdated items, let the kids ‘practice’ with some older bandages. Restocked and organized the kits, ordered some new upgrades for more serious wounds. Cleaned and lubed all our firearms, knives, hatchets, multitools. Organized more of our gear, paracord, firestarters, ammo, batteries, etc.. Did get a Kaito VoyagerPro multiband radio from Emergency Essentials, it covers AM, FM, weather, HAM, all while being solar, battery, or hand crank charged. Picked up solar lights for along the driveway and a couple spots for the walkway.
    Worked on security around the new place, changed/upgraded the locks on the doors and windows, put up new security lights. Did a walk around looking for points of entry or concealment, came up with plans of escape or crossfire zones.
    Started planning and looking for products for a security/alarm system.
    Met some new neighbors seemed ok at first but asked some nosy financial questions, if we had any guns , and they seem to know what the house was like inside. The basement had been broken into while the house was empty, the door was damaged but not breached, but a couple windows were broken and repaired. I’ll keep an eye on them.
    Have a safe and happy week!

  6. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Last Call to OHIO preppers: Meetup on the Maumee River. Saturday the 12th. of July. Farnsworth Metro Park (“Roush DeBoeu”) South of Waterville, Ohio. North lot down the path to the left, right on the river bank… 8ish. till yo have had enough. I’ll be there with eggs, summer sausage, goat cheese and bagles. I’ll also bring some American plastic cheese and a case of MREs & Costco water. NO CAMO THANK YOU. No ‘Iron’ unless permitted in the State of Ohio. Conversation, networking, Swap lies, shoo away the flies. ID by Screen name only unless you really wanna know who your talking too.

    RSVP Tomthetinker2500@yahoo.com

    • TTT
      If dh was not grounded to 4 tube feeding a day, plus the other need medical issues..we would be there. Even tho it would be a distance for us to travel. Just the thought of your meet & greet sounds SO wonderful. Hope you have a great turnout from fellow pack members. We will be thinking of your tall tales along the creek side.
      You are correct it is time to change my screen name…

      • Next to last line was to read
        “will be thinking of all(ie-everyones)tall tales”
        Being distracted is not a good thing when I am in the middle of writing. The brain is going faster than my fingers can type. No offense was meant, and hope none was taken.

  7. tommy2rs says:

    Got the steam juicer out and juiced the wild plums for jelly.

    Since the hamburger order let me get a box of chicken at a discount I ordered some Zaycon chicken to help fill all jars we now have.

    Stacked wood from the apple tree we lost to the same wind storm that took down one of the black walnut trees. It’ll be good smoker wood next summer. De-barked the sweetgum stump I’ll set to use as a chopping block for wood soon as I get some more pea gravel and sand (keeps the bottom of the stump from rotting as fast). And get my nephew to dig the hole, he’ll need the extra money sooner than later….lol.

  8. Curley Bull says:

    Alright, already! Ken, Mike H., (you too Karren) back off and give the boy some room. Come on fellas, his name should tell ya something. Why do we call someone or some animal a “Lone Wolf”? It’s because they just can’t quite fit in anywhere and are really quite lonely, so back off and show some compassion.

    Now, MD, it’s your turn! You mean you took Joe Snuffy the Ragman’s donation and bought a 100 rounds of 22LR with it? You should be ashamed of yourself. What were you thinking? I want you to sit down right now and send each of us one round of 22LR along with an apology for being the most user friendly, info gathering & sharing, question answering, etc. website out there! You hear me son?

    Curley Bull

    PS: Keep your eye on the snail mail, you just never know.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Curley Bull is right. No need to get ugly or call Lone Wolf names. M.D. is quite capable of defending himself.
      Prehaps Lone Wolf wanted to stir up hate and discontent. That happens pretty routinely. Or maybe Lone Wolf is unfamilier with our host and is really concerned with conmen taking advantage of people.
      Some of you may not recall when there was only one or two sponsors. When M.D. had a little trailer on a rural un developed plot. When his X took him to the cleaners and every penny he made went into improving the website. When he alone moderated every entry and had no days off.
      This is M.D.’s baby that he has developed into a business where he can now afford to profit some and eat!
      He doesn’t charge anything for us to be here or subscribe and if you don’t want to donate, don’t. But I guarantee you, no place else will you gain so much in knowledge, experience, and camaraderie where they don’t pass the hat.

      • JP in MT says:


        Well Said!

        Yep, I remember all of the above. And he handled it better than I would have.

  9. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Fellas,

    WDIDTPTW? I finally got the shocks on my truck and finished repair on the mower deck and cut some grass. Getting lots of squash, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, and peppers, but alas, NO tomatoes. As BC mentioned, we met over a cup of Joe and some high blood sugar treats. Will be bouncing back and forth on an article with some “show & tell” but mostly suggestions for those “more mature” (older) folks with less than active duty fitness and the aches and pains that come with “maturity”.

    Was reading the question about “what would happen to my preps is I weren’t here”? Must admit that I really hadn’t given it much thought before now. Not even my DW and DS know what all I actually have. The DW and 2 SC are the type that would sell/give most away. One of my BIL made the comment couple of years ago; “If I can’t live the way I’m used to living, I don’t want to live”. My DS is more like me. When I do my morning thing (sitting on the patio with my Bible, coffee, and a cigarette), tomorrow morning, I’m going to ponder this question and hopefully come up with an answer (for me at least). I may post a comment latter and let ya’ll know what I came up with.

    Tactical G-Ma, I’ll be in your neck of the woods (if all goes well) the 19th, 20th, and 21st of September for a re-enactment with me buddy Jack. He said he could speak a little “Bammy”. If all goes well again, we’ll be in Franklin, Tenn. In November.

    Be Blessed Brothers and Sisters,
    I Timothy 5:8

  10. Curley Bull says:

    Well, I said I might share with ya’ll what I came up with this morning on what to do with my prepps incase I’m no longer here. I’ll NOT say this is what the Lord told me to do, but I DID pray about it and this is what came to mind.

    I’m going to purchase materials to build vaults and then do some serious digging. I’ll modify my will with a SEALED letter to each family member and a couple of friends. Each letter will contain the location of a buried vault (or two) for that individual. Anyone have any thoughts on this solution?

    On another subject, I too am proud for BC Truck. I’ve been out of debt on two occasions. I ruined it the first time myself during a year of grief. The second time was a couple of years ago when a FAMILY MEMBER hacked into our accounts and cleaned us out, plus maxed out two credit cards. Had to mortgage my paid off home to cover everything and may not live long enough this time to be debt free again. My hat’s off to anyone that can be debt free!

    Long live Coffee and Bacon,

  11. Sgt Goose says:

    Nice set up! Please keep us updated on how the system works. Not much for me this week. finished my outdoor kennel, 22 tons of stone spread by hand! Picked up a new Colt AR also. Been saving a few months for that. Thats it for me.