What did you do to prep this week?

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And one more thing before we start, this one is for all of the Tennessee preppers who read this blog, lets remove Lamar Alexander from the U.S. senate, and replace him with Joe Carr – Joe is a strong gun rights supporter (proven) and will represent the people of Tennessee much better than Lamar Alexander.

Find out more about Joe Carr here – Tea Party Challenger to Lamar Alexander: Joe Carr for Senate.

Okay, now let me see, what did I do to prep this week?

solar powered workshop

Put up this 200 watt solar panel array, to power my workshop, and to use as a charging station for communications gear, lanterns, flashlights and other gear.

I would like to thank Mark from Affordable Solar Mounts for sending me one of their mounting kits…

Well that’s it for me… what about you – what did you do to prep this week?


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  1. Sgt Goose says:

    Nice set up! Please keep us updated on how the system works. Not much for me this week. finished my outdoor kennel, 22 tons of stone spread by hand! Picked up a new Colt AR also. Been saving a few months for that. Thats it for me.

  2. Curley Bull says:

    Well, I said I might share with ya’ll what I came up with this morning on what to do with my prepps incase I’m no longer here. I’ll NOT say this is what the Lord told me to do, but I DID pray about it and this is what came to mind.

    I’m going to purchase materials to build vaults and then do some serious digging. I’ll modify my will with a SEALED letter to each family member and a couple of friends. Each letter will contain the location of a buried vault (or two) for that individual. Anyone have any thoughts on this solution?

    On another subject, I too am proud for BC Truck. I’ve been out of debt on two occasions. I ruined it the first time myself during a year of grief. The second time was a couple of years ago when a FAMILY MEMBER hacked into our accounts and cleaned us out, plus maxed out two credit cards. Had to mortgage my paid off home to cover everything and may not live long enough this time to be debt free again. My hat’s off to anyone that can be debt free!

    Long live Coffee and Bacon,

  3. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Fellas,

    WDIDTPTW? I finally got the shocks on my truck and finished repair on the mower deck and cut some grass. Getting lots of squash, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, and peppers, but alas, NO tomatoes. As BC mentioned, we met over a cup of Joe and some high blood sugar treats. Will be bouncing back and forth on an article with some “show & tell” but mostly suggestions for those “more mature” (older) folks with less than active duty fitness and the aches and pains that come with “maturity”.

    Was reading the question about “what would happen to my preps is I weren’t here”? Must admit that I really hadn’t given it much thought before now. Not even my DW and DS know what all I actually have. The DW and 2 SC are the type that would sell/give most away. One of my BIL made the comment couple of years ago; “If I can’t live the way I’m used to living, I don’t want to live”. My DS is more like me. When I do my morning thing (sitting on the patio with my Bible, coffee, and a cigarette), tomorrow morning, I’m going to ponder this question and hopefully come up with an answer (for me at least). I may post a comment latter and let ya’ll know what I came up with.

    Tactical G-Ma, I’ll be in your neck of the woods (if all goes well) the 19th, 20th, and 21st of September for a re-enactment with me buddy Jack. He said he could speak a little “Bammy”. If all goes well again, we’ll be in Franklin, Tenn. In November.

    Be Blessed Brothers and Sisters,
    I Timothy 5:8

  4. Curley Bull says:

    Alright, already! Ken, Mike H., (you too Karren) back off and give the boy some room. Come on fellas, his name should tell ya something. Why do we call someone or some animal a “Lone Wolf”? It’s because they just can’t quite fit in anywhere and are really quite lonely, so back off and show some compassion.

    Now, MD, it’s your turn! You mean you took Joe Snuffy the Ragman’s donation and bought a 100 rounds of 22LR with it? You should be ashamed of yourself. What were you thinking? I want you to sit down right now and send each of us one round of 22LR along with an apology for being the most user friendly, info gathering & sharing, question answering, etc. website out there! You hear me son?

    Curley Bull

    PS: Keep your eye on the snail mail, you just never know.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Curley Bull is right. No need to get ugly or call Lone Wolf names. M.D. is quite capable of defending himself.
      Prehaps Lone Wolf wanted to stir up hate and discontent. That happens pretty routinely. Or maybe Lone Wolf is unfamilier with our host and is really concerned with conmen taking advantage of people.
      Some of you may not recall when there was only one or two sponsors. When M.D. had a little trailer on a rural un developed plot. When his X took him to the cleaners and every penny he made went into improving the website. When he alone moderated every entry and had no days off.
      This is M.D.’s baby that he has developed into a business where he can now afford to profit some and eat!
      He doesn’t charge anything for us to be here or subscribe and if you don’t want to donate, don’t. But I guarantee you, no place else will you gain so much in knowledge, experience, and camaraderie where they don’t pass the hat.

      • JP in MT says:


        Well Said!

        Yep, I remember all of the above. And he handled it better than I would have.

  5. tommy2rs says:

    Got the steam juicer out and juiced the wild plums for jelly.

    Since the hamburger order let me get a box of chicken at a discount I ordered some Zaycon chicken to help fill all jars we now have.

    Stacked wood from the apple tree we lost to the same wind storm that took down one of the black walnut trees. It’ll be good smoker wood next summer. De-barked the sweetgum stump I’ll set to use as a chopping block for wood soon as I get some more pea gravel and sand (keeps the bottom of the stump from rotting as fast). And get my nephew to dig the hole, he’ll need the extra money sooner than later….lol.

  6. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Last Call to OHIO preppers: Meetup on the Maumee River. Saturday the 12th. of July. Farnsworth Metro Park (“Roush DeBoeu”) South of Waterville, Ohio. North lot down the path to the left, right on the river bank… 8ish. till yo have had enough. I’ll be there with eggs, summer sausage, goat cheese and bagles. I’ll also bring some American plastic cheese and a case of MREs & Costco water. NO CAMO THANK YOU. No ‘Iron’ unless permitted in the State of Ohio. Conversation, networking, Swap lies, shoo away the flies. ID by Screen name only unless you really wanna know who your talking too.

    RSVP [email protected]

    • TTT
      If dh was not grounded to 4 tube feeding a day, plus the other need medical issues..we would be there. Even tho it would be a distance for us to travel. Just the thought of your meet & greet sounds SO wonderful. Hope you have a great turnout from fellow pack members. We will be thinking of your tall tales along the creek side.
      You are correct it is time to change my screen name…

      • Next to last line was to read
        “will be thinking of all(ie-everyones)tall tales”
        Being distracted is not a good thing when I am in the middle of writing. The brain is going faster than my fingers can type. No offense was meant, and hope none was taken.

  7. Greeting Pack!
    Prepping this week was spent restocking water and picking up extra food. Worked on the garden some more, really just getting ready for next year. Went through the medical supplies/first aid kits tossed out a few outdated items, let the kids ‘practice’ with some older bandages. Restocked and organized the kits, ordered some new upgrades for more serious wounds. Cleaned and lubed all our firearms, knives, hatchets, multitools. Organized more of our gear, paracord, firestarters, ammo, batteries, etc.. Did get a Kaito VoyagerPro multiband radio from Emergency Essentials, it covers AM, FM, weather, HAM, all while being solar, battery, or hand crank charged. Picked up solar lights for along the driveway and a couple spots for the walkway.
    Worked on security around the new place, changed/upgraded the locks on the doors and windows, put up new security lights. Did a walk around looking for points of entry or concealment, came up with plans of escape or crossfire zones.
    Started planning and looking for products for a security/alarm system.
    Met some new neighbors seemed ok at first but asked some nosy financial questions, if we had any guns , and they seem to know what the house was like inside. The basement had been broken into while the house was empty, the door was damaged but not breached, but a couple windows were broken and repaired. I’ll keep an eye on them.
    Have a safe and happy week!

  8. D in MN says:

    I was on a fishing expedition all week with my daughter and working overtime, so I haven’t been here to post comments. Stocked up on sunnies, bass and jumbo perch. Visited my BO location at my cousins. He assured me I am welcome anytime. There is fresh water on a pristine lake, plenty of fishing off the dock, plenty of wild food to forage, and 2 lake cabins to stay at. There would be his friends and my other family members using his place so it would be well fortified and protected. The water is so clear you can see 20 feet down, and fish like they are in a huge bowl. The beauty surrounding the place is astounding, like an old Hamm’s commercial. It isn’t likely I would have to BO, but it is there just in case. That’s what I did to prep this week and enjoyed every minute of it.

    • “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters”……….

    • Granny W says:

      Good old MN is great……..except in winter especially last winter!! the cold wet spring has been unusual too/hopefully won’t see another year like this for a long time. Meanwhile we tough Minnesotans carry on as best we can and hope for the future.

    • Hamms Bear says:

      Tip of the hat …
      Hamm’s Bear

  9. Granny W says:

    Greetings from So. MN…….been busy with the garden/what there is of it/has been a very tough year for everything here……at least we have potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, onions, 1 cucumber plant & a few beets–had spinach until the hot weather took care of it. I am very experienced at gardening & this has to be the worst year EVER weather wise to have a garden. Scary, when think of needing to live off of the garden in the SHTF future times/we are at the mercy of mother nature. Other than that I have more sale purchases of canned goods/got more butter put into the freezer as a local store had sale at $1.98 per lb. which is a terrific price around here. I am beginning to wonder if I should slow down on food prep purchases/seems like the stores are getting pretty large. Anyone else think about your own mortality and what would happen to the things you have spent lots of $ on if you were to die? Who will use it or will someone just throw it all out as junk?? I have some kids who would use things, but others who would say to just get rid of all the junk and food cause it may be outdated/old!!! Prayers for all the pack, especially those with health or personal issues going on right now.

    • PrepperLabGirl says:

      Granny W
      I actually thought about it this past week and have to hope that if my son and his wife get hungry enough they will learn to eat rice and beans!

    • @ Granny W
      We’re north of “The Cities” and I know what you mean about this being a hard year to garden. Too much rain! We usually get 2-3 5 gallon of plums off of our trees, this year we’ll be blessed to get one gallon bucket.

      Instead of plum jam this year we made Rhubarb instead.

      God bless

    • Granny W
      We think about every day who would eat what we have put up?! My sister’s family, she knows the food is here. I am teaching the youngest niece how to put up jams and jellies, between her work schedule. She has seen my use the wheat grinder to make fresh flour. Yet, they are lacking knowledge on what most of the grains I have put can be used for. Some can be used for flour(rice-pearl barley-oats)or just eaten. There are times I think maybe I should make a how to use manual for them. She is way younger than myself, she was raised when the can has a date and it states it is expired she would toss it………ahhhhh!! It took the longest time to break that bad habit. The girls(her daughters)are being trained the correct way. The next thing she(dsis) will have to get over is being picky eater. If the bubble goes up, be thankful we thought ahead for her an the others so they can thrive until gardens produce and meat can be gathered.

  10. riverrider says:

    rider of rohan, you still out there?

  11. Did some garden work and canning. Quick question, where did u get the solar panels and associated equipment to use them? I’d love to do a similar, affordable setup to power/charge some of our equipment and devices.

  12. Sounds like most of the pack had a good Independence Day. We stayed quite busy with produce from the garden. This weekend we canned 3.5 quarts of crushed tomatoes and 15 pints rattlesnake beans. I froze 4 quarts of summer squash for casseroles and 5 bags with 2.5 cups of shredded zucchini fod use in muffins/bread later in fall and winter. Our okra is just starting to bloom, so we are looking forward tl pickling some soon.

    As for other things, I added some first aid/medical supplies and found a new location to store the “stored up” supplies. Still have an active supply also. Received 5 personal Sawyer minj water filters that had been ordered. Thess will go into GHBs for each family member and daughter’s boyfriend. Went through son’s clothing to remove items that are too small, too stained, tol torn. Had to purchase 2 new pairs of jeans since all his jeans had rips (major rips). He will keep a couple of them for working around the house. Otherwise, it was good to clear out some space for his clothes that fit. DH’s vision innhis left eye has cleared mostly from the burst blood vessel. 10 days till laser surgery on that eye.

    Thanks everyone for inspiration, encouragement, ideas, etc. Y’all have helped me prepare my family so much for everything from a simple power failure to so much more. Stay cool this week. It is suppose to be hot and dry here (humidity will probably still be 90% or more). Prayers for those in need.

  13. Didn’t add any food this week but did find a store that marked down its heirloom 2014 season veggie seeds from $1.59 per packet to 25 cents per so I bought 20 of them and put in freezer. That’s it for this week.

  14. PrepperLabGirl says:

    Biggest prep was getting my income tax finalized. My taxes had gotten too complicated for me to do on-line myself so I took them to an accountant (my college room-mate). I tried to get rid of credit card dept last year by withdrawing some retirement funds. No penalty since I am 60 but I didn’t have enough tax taken out up-front. Bad advice from Edward Jones! So I ended up using a credit card to pay Uncle Sam because I didn’t want payments hanging over my head with the IRS. Live and learn.
    On a more positive note, I ordered 8 #10 cans of instant milk from Augason on their BOGO sale. Bought BOGO stuff on sale at Winn Dixie. Found an 8 qt stock pot at Waterfront Mission for $4.99.
    Still picking blueberries and blackberries. Was a challenge this past week as we were experiencing record highs.
    Had a good 4th with family and son set off fireworks with some extra pay hours he had. Sigh. He could have used that for preps but John Adams wrote that we should celebrate Independence Day with fireworks so we did!

  15. UrbanCityGirl says:

    Hello all! I imagine everyone has been very busy between gardening, planning, and celebrating. We spent that past two nights staying inside with our pups. The Shephard was scared crapless over the fireworks. Fireworks were being sent off in the street just next door, across the street, and behind us, etc. it took an hour yesterday morning to clean up the debris in our yard, front and back. DH and I commented that we didn’t know where everyone got the money (very few around us actually have jobs) to do BiG fireworks displays from 9pm til 4 am, Friday, and started again at 10 am Saturday and all night last night again. We love fireworks, but needed to take care of the dogs. We are exhausted. And 2 parties during both days in our families.

    For the past two weeks, DH installed 2 more rain barrels for me that are linked together. I received 3 more free pickle buckets with lids. Those I’m using around the yard for various projects.

    Bush cucumbers are coming up nicely. My tomatoes have baby tomatoes growing and I’m getting ready to start dehydrating herbs soon. The chicks don’t like lettuce, but love peas.

    With 13 raised beds, 4 potato bags and successive planting, I am curious as to how well I can feed us from garden surplus. And in zone 5 for me we don’t have substantial food besides spinach, kale, peas, and lettuce yet. So I am paying close attention as to when the heavier hitting produce like potatoes, squash and tomatoes, etc are produced and how much I can accumulate on my own.

    My bush beans appear to be pole beans, oh my gosh, and are growing faster than my dedicated pole beans . So funny, but they are climbing and I’m happy.

    I have many herbs and each morning I put some in the coop after a quick clean out. It is working to keep flies away and keeps the coop smelling fresh. I am going to dry as much as I can to use herbs thru the winter months in the coop. We should start getting eggs from the girls in about a month or so.

    Even with 4 of the 50 gallon rain barrels, and quite a bit of rain and cool nights, I’m still using more water than I really realized I would use in the gardens. So, if I were to depend on this water collection for personal use, I’d have to really cut back on watering plants and seriously conserve. Water always seems to be one of my weaknesses. I don’t want a pool or a hot tub, besides, don’t have the space, but I will consider a small backyard pond for sneaky water storage as well as add a barrel to the coop and maybe a decorative barrel on the gutter on the front of the house. Always more to do and plan.

    We often lose power in summer storms, and it’s one of the things we plan for, so we are looking at air conditioning that can be used in high temp power outages. Our generator will power the house, but the air conditioning is on a separate meter. There are these air conditioners that sit on the floor and a hose goes to the window. This would be much easier for me to install than a typical window air conditioner in a summer power outage. I’m all for planning for power grid down scenarios, but I personally plan to be as comfortable as we can for local outages.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I have pondered how folks afford fireworks. Guess the same way they do cigarettes, beer, trips to Disney and Six Flags, and $200 sneakers! They sell there EBT!

      • mom of three says:

        My hubby, weny to buy some fireworks, one lady spent $199.00 on ONE firework. It was suppose to fire off 100 fireworks, for a finally but for $200.00 no way. I’m glad it’s over fifteen hour’s of booms, is enough for me 🙂

    • ChristineM says:

      Poor pups. At the place I lived before, during the 4th I had to give the dogs storm anxiety pills and spend most of the time in the pasture with the horses trying to keep them calm and make sure bottle rockets didn’t burn the pasture. Sure glad to be out of that hell hole.

  16. mom of three says:

    I have been picking Raspberry, like crazy my yard and my neighbors have been coming on so fast I have to pick everday now. Came back from our property goodness we still need to work harder on it we need to do a huge dump run, our trailer is so nasty I finally told hubby, I have to go home. We slept in our VW Camper, the kids in the small travel trailer, it’s just getting to hard to get in and out. But our mobile home trailer, is so full of black mold it is so smelly, even using kilsz, won’t cut it. We did not go church tonight they had a sold out concert, I could not justify tickets, for the four of us it would have been $120.00 better to use it on food. I’ve been coupon shopping bought some more 2 TP, 4 Nalley luncheon meat like spam, 2 canned chunked chicken, 3 boxes of velvetta. I finally got my cupboard organized and it’s looking good. I’m late posting around 10 pm my time Zone, we have a wonderful 4th, a awesome parade. Flags flying everywhere, fireworks so pretty, loud but pretty. Kitty, stayed inside that was good. Have a blessed rest of the weekend and week. Prayers to you all God Bless !

  17. Contrarian says:

    Hello Pack.
    Except for the heat this week everything has been good. Picked up` some first aid supplies, otc meds and got some ammo. Splurged on extra meat and butter for the freezer. It will help as the prices here are climbing a little more.

    GS2 is still fighting off the RSV he picked up. He is at home getting well instead of the hospital.

  18. Suedaprepperlady says:

    Happy Independence Day, all—I rarely post, always read others posts, lol….but had something significant to post….we are making a much anticipated 4 state move next week—when we put our house up for sale, we said “If God wants us to move, it will sell…”, well, it sold in a week. When we went down to buy a house, we said “Well, if God wants us down here, He will find us the right house”…well, He did and then some. So now, with only 2 weeks to vacate our home, we have been packing, tossing, giving away like mad fiends……today, we had to finally give in and begin to pack 3 years worth of supplies, food, paper goods, medical supplies, etc…OWOWOWO…..there were 2 good things about going through this—-got to check dates, conditions of packaging, etc…but, even more importantly, felt very reassured that we have been able to amass quite a bit of supplies….of course, there is never enough…….SO, when we reach our destination, we will be ramping up our efforts. Moving all your supplies can be daunting…but, it can be done…and, we are in our mid 60’s!!!! Have a good week, all……

    • Suedaprepperlady
      Congradulations on the new home.

    • Encourager says:

      Suedaprepperlady, isn’t God good? (All the time!!) If only more Christians would trust Him like you do. Wonderful news about the new home and all your preps. I couldn’t imagine us packing up all ours and moving! Ouch is right! Especially in the mid 60’s!

    • Sueda,
      Congrats on the new place! We just went through a move to a new place 30 minutes away, can’t imagine three states. We used up quite a few preps so we wouldn’t have to move them, but still had a good amount.

  19. Moved the hot peppers from the porch to inside the perimeter fence of the main garden. Deer are keeping them browsed down too much. With the fireworks last night, I imagine the does will be very spooky for a few days and leave my stuff alone!!!
    Making dill pickles still and pickling jalapenos has started. Cukes and summer squash are about to peter out, so once the zucchini has nurtured a fruit that I can save the seeds, out they go. Already have another round of cukes sprouting, as well as some new tomato plants. The cherry and pear tomatoes are ripening, and the larger tomatoes are showing signs of being ready.
    Made red and green salsa yesterday for DD’s cookout and we had a view from the upper end of the property of 3 different firework displays. That was cool, not to mention lots of people taking advantage of a year where fireworks are not banned due to drought!
    Otherwise, not much.
    Hope all are well and prayers for those who aren’t. And God bless America, because we’re gonna need it!

  20. Babycatcher says:

    Got the pressure canner out for the first time in years, and put up 9 pints of green beans, -and water bathed 6 pint and a half jars of tomatoes. Yellow squash will be put up in a few minutes, and I’ve been freezing all the berries the plants are producing( only about 2 pints so far). Weeds are starting to take over so I had to take the weedeater to the raised bed paths! Picked up a couple of new feed boxes for the horses, and some earth augers to hold the swing frame down in case of high winds. It has blown over once already. Will finish weed eating this week, then get some more food stuff. Anyone else still having trouble finding 22 ammo?

    • Local 22LR is impossible to find around here. I was able to pickup a box of 410 today but that was it.
      There is a link at the bottom of the comments here for Lucky Gunner. Prices aren’t bad and they have what they advertise. I’ve bought from them multiple times and delivery is quick.
      Good luck

    • JP in MT says:


      I am always looking for 22 LR. I am the main supply source for 4 families, so there is always a need. 1st quarter was okay, found bricks pretty regular. 2nd quarter was real bad, not one brick, only a couple of boxes. This quarter has started off a little better, but still no brinks.

  21. Back on the prepping wagon after several months of health issues with my mom and the death of hubby’s father. Summer is the only time I have much time to do prep projects as teaching takes up all my time (well that and the horrid commute) – during the school year. Now that our vacation is over, we can get back to focusing on projects. Today we stocked up on a year supply of allergy meds, razor blades, shaving creams and 6ish months supply of toilet paper and paper towels. Aldi’s now sells black beans so I picked up 4 lbs of them. I am going to try to cook then dehydrate some beans this week. Ordered 40 lbs of ground beef, made my project list for the summer as well. We did a lot of talking on vacation about the state of the nation. (yeah, depressing vacation conversation). And the best part of the week -I harvested our first produce from the garden. (happy dance!).

  22. Patriot Farmer says:

    This week I made a second planting of potatoes and a third planting of radish. I started harvesting beans and peas today and getting ready for canning.
    We had a pretty bad storm go through this week. The high winds took down a lot of trees in the area and so far I’ve collected 5 truck loads of fire wood. So the past few days I’ve spent a lot of time splitting and stacking.
    I hit a local sporting good store and found a bogo sale on fishing equipment and lures and added a few value packs of pistol ammo to the stocks.

  23. Not a GD thing. GD stands for gosh darn if anybody was offended. Went to the Outer Banks before Arthur did and then headed up to the Smokey Mountains. Had perfect weather at both places and came home to find it hot with my AC not working. Pays to have rich friends with a beach house and a mountain house. The latter might make a good BOP at the end of a private road..;but I didn’t tell my friend that.

  24. Please forgive if this has been mentioned recently; I haven’t been around on this website for some time due to family business. Today, I looked up the shelf life of bleach. Lots and lots of prepping/storage lists mention bleach as good to have on hand. And I agree – it has many uses. However, it has a relatively short shelf life, and so should be rotated and replaced frequently. Here’s a link to an article about it: http://chemistry.about.com/b/2014/01/31/chlorine-bleach-shelf-life.htm Hope this helps.

    • You can instead store plain pool shock tablets (about hockey puck size, come in plastic wrappers). I read somewhere you don’t want to store them in or near anything metal. Maybe a plastic pail with a lid would work.

    • Encourager says:

      Pat, we all need reminders from time to time. 😉

  25. ChristineM says:

    Dehydrated more squash. Gave squash to a neighbor. Traded crook neck & white for zucchini. Sold squash to the farmers market. Grilled squash. Made squash casserole. I’m not complaining; just happy I can grow something.
    Picked up 12 bars of soap at the family dollar store and $1 plastic tablecloth for the GHB.
    Yard sale finds were a soaker hose, rope, and a bow saw.
    One of my sister’s roosters was attacking people, so I practiced my butchering skills. We’ll be harvesting a dozen birds next week.
    Tried the Jif Salted Caramel Hazelnut spread for long term storage. It’s really good.
    Went to six stores & couldn’t find cayenne peppers. The owner of our local veggie market looked for them where he buys and came back with less three pounds, so they’re in the dehydrator. I don’t know if they are GM, but saved seeds anyway.
    Found a dairy 8 miles away where we can buy raw milk, so don’t have to make that 40 mile trip any more.
    Been trying to figure out how to make paracord anklets with no clasp, just a simple slip knot, that can be covered by socks.
    MD, my DH liked your solar panel photo & said installing something here will be moved up on the to-do list. Yeah!
    Not much in the way of celebrating here on the 4th. Not sure if it’s because it’s dry, lack of enthusiasm, or too busy prepping. Best wish to all.

  26. As soon as the checks are mailed Monday and delivered Tuesday will have paid off the tires I had to put on my car and one of the doctor’s bills from last year (yippee!!). Picked up 90 lbs of Italian Prunes (frozen), provided 30 lbs to a friend who couldn’t pick up any, canned 5 quarts of prunes, dried a bunch and still have prunes to do. Still working at sorting stuff out (dump, sell, keep) – I get the feeling that is going to be a never ending process.

    M.D. for some reason I have only received 17 comments since this morning – despite the fact that I subscribed to this thread about 8:30 am (Pacific Time). I’ll go back and catch up on the comments – just thought you might like to have the information (this is really a case of no harm/no foul).

  27. sw't tater says:

    I have been working up fresh veggies for the past two weeks. No time for a garden, but was able to get some thru a local grocery, from a sale ad. String beans yellow squash and zucchini. Picked a few cherries,and a few blackberries, I froze them for making jelly/jam later. Have prepared above fresh veggies for dehydration and am in process with high humidity and three dehydrators. Missed the elderberries in bloom they went very fast here as well.

  28. Happy Camper says:

    Happy 4th of July pack !
    This week I experimented with thermos cooking, the most helpful Youtube videos were from @BCtruck. So a big thanks to you sir. I knew my thrift store reject thermos I had wasn’t much good, but at least I got to practice cooking rice, wheat berries etc in it. It’s gone opinion the bin now, I’ve deemed it a health hazard because the temp drops so fast on the food it’s going to do bad things if it’s allowed to live.
    On BCs experiments, again, thank you sir. I have ordered a thermos Nissan 1.8l for $56.95 inc. post. And I’m looking forward to getting it, it’s so cold here this winter.
    I’ve looked at the online information about pets after a disaster, there’s not much data on it, more stories. But after H Katrina people were forcibly separated from their pets, some pets were shot (out if convenience and compassion) and many were left to starve. I guess those pets that survive go on to breed and some will die a terrible death. The fires and floods here in Australia over the past few years have highlighted the danger that caged and fenced pets have.
    It’s food for thought, our pets need to be included in our prepping. There’s no way I could pack all mine into my vehicle for an extended period, so I’m going to consider some portable cages, additional ropes etc. they also need what we need as in water, food, shelter, medication, love, vaccinations and (some people also need) neutering.
    I’m flying to Sydney this arv for a few days for the next stage in denervation of my neck, can’t wait this neck is giving me grief. But I’m hoping on my route from the airport to my accommodation I will find some good stops to pick up preps or ideas etc. even a quick stop into China town would be great.
    Trying to get my son back on track somewhat, but there is a fine line between loving your child and enabling them to be a drug user. But thanks for the support last week. I love when people complain about a picky eater toddler or bossy baby that is the end if their sanity…. That ride ain’t even left the platform !
    Happy week friends x

    • Im Glad my vids were of some help. I still have and use the nissan thermos. Now that stanley is made in china, it cant even be their one selling point.

  29. Picked some blueberries, peaches and apples. Just got done putting them up along with some venison jerky. Got my EE box in with purification tablets a couple of gamma lids, more small Mylar bags and my first solar power. It’s a goal zero nomad 7watt. Painted the stairs and walls of the Bol basement still got ceiling to do. It was a productive week. Now gotta get rice and beans for those bags.

  30. Mother Earth says:

    Well I haven’t been posting much but I am reading!

    Dh found a tiller at a great price and only used maybe twice. While I can’t imagine not gardening, it worked out for us. Dh is also repairing my 10 year old 4-runner, first time it’s ever needed any work other than brakes.

    Harvesting peppers from the garden and trying to stay ahead of the weeds. It’s been a great season with plenty of rain, but the weeds are loving the weather too.

    Starting another temp job this week, about all old people can get now it seems. I’m not complaining as I’d rather be home anyway. Can hardly stand to listen to the dumbness those people spout!

    • axelsteve says:

      Mother Earth 10 years old is not old for a 4 runner. Hang on to it if you like it.My son has a 1990 4 runner ans it still keeps on running.

      • Mother Earth says:

        Axelsteve, I tell my dh, he’ll have to pry my 4-runner out of my cold dead hands, I like it that much! I’m hoping to keep it many more years. I worked at an awful job to pay for it as it has always been my dream machine.

  31. OK, my blocked link woes continue, but here we go.

    So what appears to work now for me is to link to the WordPress mirror site. The Nickel Squisher site is now being blocked too even though there is only one post on it. I think WordPress has a problem with Blogger, is what is going on here.

    This week I got good news: the thing that I thought was going to keep me from refinancing my house ended up not being a problem at all. Instead there were three other things I had to provide for documentation, one of which looked like it would take a month to get but only took a day (woot!), so that’s done; and I have to finish the bit of house rehab I started while waiting. The bad news is that it’ll take another week or two to finish it. (Please, dollar, don’t crash until fall!)

    I just spent the whole day today first at karate and then lying in a stupor on the bed, too tired to move a muscle. But I got to make a joke about cement on/cement off.

    Oh, and I discovered another plumbing leak, a very slow drip that I will eventually have to replace a valve in the basement. Sigh.

    Also this week I installed one of two new rain barrels next to my existing one. I had to go to Lowe’s three times to get stuff: One time was because I forgot my stupid wallet and had to go home and get it. I’m glad I didn’t get pulled over on that trip, I was conceal carrying on top of driving with a forgotten wallet. The fact that we have to even worry about such things is testament to the control grid we already live in.

    My corn is now twice as tall as I am. You never see super tall corn in a commercial farm field, but I’ve seen it in private gardens before. 10 feet plus is the height of my corn. But I forgot to plant the squash. I might try anyway. I’ve just had so much other stuff going on, my garden has not gotten the attention I should have been paying it this year. That fancy tater bin, I just now dumped more soil into it. That should have been happening all along.

    Might be time to plant winter wheat?

    Well, this is what did you do to prep, not what excuses do you have! LOL So aside from the one rain barrel, the karate, and the house rehab/refi in progress, I got rid of a bunch of crap out of the basement but discovered some old coffee cans that must be antiques, so I saved them; and I dug my shopping list of AR parts back out so that when I get my refi I can build that AR.

    I also continued to price vans for the live-in BOV idea, and decided that I have to avoid selling the car wholesale to buy the van retail or I will end up with a crappy vehicle and no money out of the exchange.

    There are also people seeking to replace their vans with small cars because they are sick of paying so much for gas. This might be a concept, if I have a free and clear car. Often though, their vans have 200K miles on them.

    The 4th of July party last night was a great opportunity to get rid of brush and I think I’m done burning the brush pile now plus one pallet the tenants had dragged home is burnt. Now what I have for outdoor clutter is mostly sand, “urbanite” cement rubble and old paint cans. I know I can combine the sand and the old paint cans and then leave them out for the trash man, so now I’m going to either build a short concrete wall and use the rubble as filler, or I’m going to find a place to dump it, and that should take about 5 carloads so it better be close by.

    Keep your powder dry!

    • sw't tater says:

      When the weather is already warm, zucchini or yellow squash will come up in two- three days and produce in 35 days with adequate water. Just soak the seeds in warm buttermilk or warm water for 45 min before you plant and water the hill well.

  32. picked and canned 18qts greenbeans
    more berries canned
    reset scope on 30-06
    made a good haul at the salvage grocery

  33. OldSoldat says:

    Road trip from Central Virginia through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois to Cedar Falls, IA non stop. Spent time with DW’s parents and drove to Missouri (Fort Leonard Wood area) thru Missouri back to Illinois and then Kentucky (Fort Campbell) and finally down through Nashville, TN through Crossville, TN to Maryville, TN and back through Kingsport/Johnson City, TN where I scouted the area pretty good for possible places to homestead.

    Having roamed the NC and VA mountains for decades, I have an affinity for this sort of terrain. Love Eastern TN but West VA and Western VA is still tops to date due to familiarity mostly. My wife and I have hiked almost every wilderness trail on the S. and central districts of the Shenandoah Parkway and have spent much time there from Front Royal down through Harrisonburg, VA to Ashville, NC.

    Narrowed down the possibilities. Being retired Army, a military post has some desirability but not mandatory. Pretty productive week me thinks.

  34. Encourager says:

    We had a test of no electricity. Bad, bad storm in the wee hours of the night…whole house generator did not kick in. We were stumbling around in the dark trying to close windows, couldn’t find the flashlight in my nightstand (it was right there but couldn’t find it by feel). The dog was tripping us up freaking out over the strobe lightning – we had so many lightning hits I thought someone was throwing a party.

    Dh got the generator going the next day and we were on it for almost 48 hours, not counting the night before when it didn’t work. Have since bought a new gel battery for the genny. Now genny is happy and starts right up like a good girl.

    A tornado tore through the countryside but lifted back up before it hit us, thank God! Oh, the govt now says it wasn’t a tornado, but from the air you can see a half-mile wide, straight path with roofs gone, trees knocked over, and houses/barns gone that goes for almost 20 miles. Stupid government. Call it what you will, it knocked out power for 3 days for over 20,000 people. Idiots.

    Found out we will be getting a dump of male illegals age 17-19, 600 or so of them, or so they say, about 1.5 hours from here. They are being dumped in an unsecured ‘Camp’ that is normally full of 12-17 year old incorrigible youth. Have no idea what they will do with the almost 300 kids there already. What a mess. Can’t we impeach him? Please????Thumbs his nose at the supreme court and keeps on breaking the law. I am so fed up with the whole mess.

    Garden is coming along; dh found 5 corn plants in the big garden, all in a row. We did not plant them; we have never had corn there. Rather weird. No idea what type corn it is; better not be GMO or Monsanto will be after us for stealing their corn.

    Our two eating tomato plants by the back door are lush and dark green but have no fruit. What are we doing wrong?? One plant has two blossoms, that’s all.

    I picked elder blossoms and made a tincture using 100 proof vodka. The elder went from blossoms to setting fruit so fast I was only able to pick enough for a pint of tincture.

    Prayers for the Pack! Keep on preppin’, things may be getting nasty before the summer is out. I see a epidemic of various diseases coming down the pike thanks to these illegals being shipped all over the USA without treatment of all types of Hepatitis, drug resistant TB, scurvy, lice, measles, rubella, chicken pox, and who knows what else.

    • Worrisome says:

      Hi encourager, I have been watching that illegal dumping thing closely. No doubt it is deliberate, no doubt the architect is Obama and company. The illegal older teen agers isn’t much different than what it has always been, parents over there are willing to send 15 and 16 year olds and up over the border to work in the fields…but these young children that they are sending now, IS different. I can’t imagine sending a 9 year old girl off with coyotes like they are now. What awful thing is going in Guatemala! Etc. that a parent would do that?

      What really bothers me most is that we are all still reacting to the latest lawless activity of this crazy bunch in Washington instead of getting out in front of it all and putting a stop to it. We seem to have no means to stopping it. Congress only plans to sit for 28 days between now and the elections…Obamama has every day to think up new evil.

    • JP in MT says:


      I have found that a small solar panel works great in keeping those batteries topped off. I have several, the 1st kept my diesel’s batteries topped off so that it starts tight up in the dead of winter after sitting for 2-3 months.

      Using MD’s Amazon link:


      The price goes up and down, right now they are $21.50. I’ve seen them just under $20. They have a built in regulator that keeps them from overcharging your battery. If your batteries are anything like mine, this is a real money, not to mention labor, saver,

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks JP. The genny is in a very shaded area so no solar panel would work. We would have to have the panel on top of the barn, but then, that might work. Gets full sun at least 6 hours of the day.

        • JP in MT says:


          Actually I think you would be pleasantly surprised. My truck is often parked so the sun does not hit the windshield. After all in this app you are looking for a trickle charge over a long period of time, enough to keep the battery charged and electricity flowing through the charging system. You won’t get a lot of juice out of it, but I think you would get enough.

    • Encourager,
      the tomatoes can be fussy if life is not perfect, or too good. Check amount of sun, at least 8 hours direct light a day, even moisture in the soil, not totally dry then soaked too much. Fertilizer/compost content… too much nitrogen/nitro rich compost[manure, mushroom soil] will lead to a problem similar to what you describe. Sometimes just letting the plant grow wild and happy will lessen fruit sets, they need a little stress to make them think about reproduction, pinch back or cut off the ‘suckers’ or vines that start between the leaf branches, leave one or two main lines, tie or trellis them up off the ground to avoid disease and pests, that should give ’em a kick in the butt. One other possibility is that if the temps are below 60f or over 90f consistently the plants won’t set fruit. Lastly the type or variety of tomato can effect its tolerances to certain conditions. Good luck!
      The corn could have dropped by a bird, been hidden there by a squirrel, or just made it through the compost cycle.
      Glad the storm missed you, I’ve come close twice having tornados come within a mile of my grandmom’s home while I was there, ain’t nowhere to hide in a mobile home!, and at a place I rented years ago. Both times we could hear it, almost feel it, one damaged several homes and did damage to barns and equipment in a rural area. The other did a lot of damage to the town even, taking the lives of a young family. An F3 only 100 yards wide, small but strong. The power is awesome, the storm carried debris over 50 miles away. It took the government a couple weeks to figure out what we all knew, yup it was a tornado. Whatever it is called, whether circular or straight line, the results are the same.

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks Big D. Just curious, does the Big D stand for Detroit?? That is what it was called before it went down the tubes.

        • Encourager,
          I hope I don’t follow the path of Detroit!
          No, D is for first name, I was blessed with a son, lil’ D, besides I’m not the smallest guy around.
          Hope my gardening ‘insight’ will help.

  35. 19Pinky67 says:

    This week, I was able to add a few items to our food stores. Other than that, it’s just been weeding the garden and taking care of the chickens. Although, DH finally remembered to try out the manual reel mower I had purchased at an auction last fall. He said it was sure enough one cutting machine!

    • I’m looking for a manual reel mower to use in the little backyard. We will have to let the front and side acreage go if gas gets to be a problem. I’m wondering about the feasibility of staking out a couple of goats. I’m concerned with wild critters even though we are in a fairly populated rural area. Our property used to have a goat pen but it has totally collapsed. We’d have to do some serious fencing as it is surrounded by ravines. Has anyone had success with pygmies. Wonder if they’d give enough milk to make the effort worth it.

      • JP in MT says:

        Pinky & Linda:

        Our yard is very small, and it is difficult to get from the back to the front without going through the house. We have an electric mover for the front, but are using the old push mover in the back. It’s a novelty for my grandson’s. They want to use it on both. Okay, as long as it gets done, I’m happy.

        • The only time I used a push mower was as a 10 year old. I couldn’t mow in a straight line and really messed up the front lawn. Now at 70 I doubt if I could do any better, but I have a grandson that could tackle it. Praise God for our kiddos.

      • Babycatcher says:

        I used to raise meat goats in Virginia. Also was treasurer of the mid Atlantic Meat goat and Lamb Cooperative. Please do not ever stake goats out. They are sitting ducks for whatever predator comes around. And if you get busy and forget you left the goat out( I have done this) if something comes along and scares it it could wind itself in the chain and suffocate. I’ve done this. Not pretty, and the children never forget. Pygmys have springs for legs, and are too small to fool with. I like Myotonic goats( Tennessee Fainting goats) because they aren’t quite as large as a Boer, but they don’t jump over fences, and are lighter on the pocketbook to feed. The milk amount isn’t as much as a dairy goat, but they could be used for both milk and meat, and are friendly and easy to care for. You also won’t end up with a milk glut and have to find a place for it….just my 2 cents, from having milk, meat and harness goats for 10 years. If you cannot afford cattle panels or field fence, don’t get them please….

  36. Yum, I’d love to have some of those spring rolls! Haven’t posted, since we’ve been working on building 3 Hugels on our ledge (we live on what is basically granite) for gardening. Took us a while to gather up about 4 ft of slash wood and downed dead wood. We covered that with wood chips from last fall (we got 3 dumptruck loads to mulch our berry fields and couldn’t use them all). When we had dirt delivered, they got the truck stuck, so to get the truck out, they bobcatted the dirt onto two of the Hugels. Whee! I thought we’d have to do that one wheelbarrow load at a time. Because of the hurricane coming through, we covered the mess with straw and then bird mesh, held down with those big staples for agricultural cloth. We put a row of battens near the top (waste wood from when our equipment barn was built two years ago) and put extra dirt up there for onions. We were really huffing to finish yesterday! (We have left one unfinished, and are still adding wood. It will be part of next year’s garden.) Arthur has whipped through, and now the power has been put for 9 1/2 hrs. The Hugels are untouched! Although we did lose three trees near the garden area. We’re still planting up here, since we had night time temps in the 40s til a week ago. But not to worry, we get so much sun in summer, my radishes germinated in 3 days! Yay!

  37. Purchased meat products in bulk packages since the cost of beef, poultry, pork are on the rise.
    Half way through(hopefully)canning all the berries into jam or jelly. Tried my hand at fruit roll ups processed in the dehydrator, turned out pretty well for a first time. The apricots, not so much. I am giving them to the neighbor for his chicken. That is about it for our place, it is to hot to due much outside.

  38. Bam Bam says:

    I am slowing regaining strength after learning last week that I had pernicious anemia. This week I put in an order for more soap making supplies. We are down to a dozen or so bars of homemade soap. We found an Asian Market that is just perfect. They have shrimp and other seafood for half the price of Publix–and the sea food looks better. I picked up a bunch of stuff including mung beans. I want to sprout them. I am squealing with delight at all the stuff I can cook now. And it’s all healthy, except the spring rolls which are deep fried in peanut oil.

  39. Hi pack
    We had a power outage drill this week – storms came through & knocked power out for about 18 hours. We always learn something new when it happens. I hate to start up the generator to power only a few things, so I’d like to find another power source for when we want to power a few things. We’re shying away from solar since we don’t get a lot of direct sunlight, but I’m going to do some more research on that.
    Other than that I went to a canning demonstration at our farmers market. It was given by Marissa McClellan who has written a few caning books and runs a canning blog. This week’s was the first of 3, next week is a pickling demo and the 3rd is on tomatoes. The seminars are being being done thanks to a grant from Ball to the farmers market. They also had a set-up from a local agriculture group promoting what they called “modern day Victory Gardens” I thought it was great to see.

    • Isn’t it strange that some groups are advocating small home gardens and others are prohibiting gardens — even the ones NOT in neighborhoods with covenants. More and more I am detesting Nazi-type ruling entities. Someone needs to publish some surveys on where NOT to live. Maybe the bottom will fall out of there real estate markets.

    • I have used Marissa McClellan’s website when I had a canning question. She has interesting sounding recipes too.

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      Try an inverter. I don’t like pulling out the big generator myself, that runs the whole house, so an inverter works to power fridge, fan, lights. Just hook to car in driveway and run cord thru window. Not bad for short term. Or power up batteries and bring inside.

    • Pastor Cathy Oary says:

      I think the generator on the show, Jimbakkershow.com is the best I have ever seen, but it is $2,200 but you do not need fuel and is solar powered which comes with it and a crank and uses lithium batteries. They also have many items with food at 39cents with a 25 year shelf life, and other prep items.

      • Curley Bull says:

        Pastor Cathy,

        Do a little research before you buy. I checked out Jim Bakker’s solar generator a couple of years ago on behalf of 4 older Ladies that were looking at it. At that time it was a 600w unit for $1,600. I found a 3,300w unit for $1,875 with a 240w solar panel vs. the 90w panel with the Bakker gen. Two of the Ladies bought the 600w unit because it was from Jim Bakker and they haven’t been overly happy with it. It doesn’t do all they had believed it would do and/or last as long as they believed it would. The other two Ladies (and myself) bought the larger unit for $175 more and thus far have no complaints. This unit can also have two more solar panels added to it by just plugging them in (mounted where they get sunshine of course).

        If you’re interested, look up Roger Young in Utah. I have not ties with him or his company. Also you might find others out there just as good or better.

        With a brother’s love,
        Aka; Parson Bull

  40. ladyhawthorne says:

    I finished the lattice wall for the front patio and am working on a planter box made from 2 small filing cabinets. I’ve harvested some tomatoes, about to get some jalapenos and so far have 1 bell pepper. 3 watermelons, the 4th tiny one died. Beans are blooming like crazy and beets are coming on.

    Went this morning to help some friends with a small farmer’s market table in the next town over. I will be making cookies to take next week!

    I will also be starting up my ebay business again. Still no job and none to be found here in the middle of nowhere so I will just make my own for now. Thank goodness for the love of parents, I do have a roof and food and a car to drive.

    I’ve been ignoring the news for the most part, I’ve heard enough lies for a lifetime.

    • ladyhawthorne
      I keep hoping & praying that an opportunity for a position will come your way, with the benefits you need for the future. Like you stated if it does not come to you, make your own job. Good luck on your endeavor.

  41. Nice solar array there, M.D. Yup, I’m envious. All my solar stuff is small and hideable. Rats.

    Not much by me again this week. Last Saturday was a 4 hrs work in the am. Monday was an end of month day/night, 7 am – 9 pm, rest of week was 7 – 5 (yeah, I even manage a 15 minute lunch). No wonder I get nothing personal done. Gotta keep that employer-sponsored insurance, otherwise I’d croak under obummercare. Yes, the small o was intentional.

    I did sell my old car for about $200 less than I wanted just to get rid of it and shut the dp up. Had to spring for a new windshield and battery for $300, so that kinda hurt.

    Bought a small pair of binoculars. Gun shop was closed for holiday, so couldn’t pick up some more “food.” Perused Mountain Rose Herbs, Amazon for jeans, Ruger for .22’s. Read the first two books of the Perseid Collapse series by Steven Konkoly. Wished the dp would leave the house once in awhile so I can sneak more stuff in and/or rearrange what he frewed up. Kept an eye on the news. Some Americans are getting more and more po’d. Gee, I wonder why that is? Somehow gotta figure a way to pinch the lefties and make them squeak.

    • Mari,

      Hide-able is a good thing – but no one can see my house or anything that I have going on by just passing by, I’m on top of about a 150 ft high hill surrounded by trees, the only way to see what I have is to drive up the hill past my gate, via the drive way up to my place.

      • JP in MT says:


        The more I hear about your land, then more I get a little envy in me. Hoping to find something similar around here. Although we are in the 80’s and low 90’s, I like it better in the mid-60’s to mid-70’s. Our low humidity feels good too.

        But I do like your setup!

        • JP in MT,

          It’s took me about three years to get it laid out like it is now – I still have a bunch of projects to do… I just hope that I have time before the balloon goes up…

          • MD,
            no matter how many projects you finished, there will always be a couple more to go… if I just had a little more time/money.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Yeah, sometimes the realtor will note that a property might be useful, and decide to buy it and flip it themselves…grrr.I’ve seen that happen to others, but it hasn’t happened to us….

  42. moonstone says:

    Happy 4th Pack. Good celebrations,also my daughters birthday.born on Bicentennial 1976. I ordered from Augason farms BOGO sale.6 bread and roll mix,2 alphabet soups,4 margarine powders,12 milk,12 potato shreds. Just some basics that I wouldn’t want to be without. lots of zucchini .Found an awesome recipe for blueberry zucchini bread. have lots of blueberries too. Eating tomatoes and green beans out of garden um ummmm! Built a rocket stove from cement blocks works quite well. I also tried cast iron in a hole with charcoal. made a peach crisp, Best I ever had.I have also been working on more proteins in a can. I worry about meat sources when SHTF.Also working and learning with my essential oils. Them oils,they are amazing! Stay safe my friends and keep on keeping on!

    • I make zucchinj-blueberry muffins. So yummy! Saw a recipe on pinterest for lemon zucchini bread, but I have not tried yet. Zucchini is so verstile.

  43. Nebraska Woman says:

    Hi, Preppers!
    I paid off my legal fees of $7,000 for the privilege of getting my divorce and having my home auctioned off. Well, at any rate I do not have to put up with the ex any more.
    I have been spending the week cleaning, painting, and weed pulling at my home. I want top dollar for it.
    A neighbor offered to sell me a parcel of land (2 acres) and I am considering it. I think he wants my horseback riding skills ha ha. I sure miss riding his fine horses. I do not, however, miss the cows. I am sure they have it in for me alone as my riding partners do not seem to have Marco Polo played on them. I think the cows save it for me. I am going this week to help move them to greener pastures, so I will have a tale to tell next week.
    Brats were on sale this week as were canned beans. I found 1 ply tp on sale at Dollar General so I stocked up.
    Those bodacious bastards on the left got to me this week. I have political correctness fatigue, political fatigue, Obama fatigue, and many more too numerous to mention. So I took all that fatigue and worked in my neighbor’s garden and felt better.
    Have a good week and pray that the auction goes well so I can start over!!

    • JP in MT says:

      Nebraska Woman:
      Congrats on you major prep. Being divorced and now better educated on male/female relationships, I will say I’m not a fan of divorce, but I understand why it happens. My oldest daughter didn’t have a house, but I ended up spending almost $10K to get her out of her marriage (his 5th, all for the same reasons – infidelity and money management) and getting her so she can be self-sufficient again.

      I really struck gold when I got remarried. We walk side-by-side through all the stuff that happens. Our current arguments are usually because we didn’t understand what the other just said, took exception to it, and were upset for about 20 minutes. We are both focused on the same future and that is a BIG plus.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Nebraska Woman,

      Wow, congrats on final divorce! I’m still at it…$30K to my attorney so far. House sold (well accepted offer) just waiting to see about a repair list and then hopefully onto a closing! STBX is really dragging this out, have a trial date this winter. Good luck on your sale and congrats on the possibility of 2 acres.

    • Worrisome says:

      Praying for you and have fingers crossed that your future path smoothes out!

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Nebraska Woman,

      Hang in there, you’re almost home free on the divorce. You will feel liberated, believe me. It will be like this huge weight has been listed off your shoulders. I’ll be praying for you.

      • LittleAnniePrepper says:

        Whoops, I meant “Lifted” off your shoulders. I fat finger everything these day. HA!! HA!!

  44. Grannytraveler says:

    More beans and a major score on dairy products at a local supermarket that was closing that day. I bought 14# of Challenge Butter for $7. I also was able to get eight 32oz containers of Chobani Yougurt for $4. Same thing for heavy cream. Bought eight quarts of those for $4. Gee I love freezers!!! Also scored on a lot of various cheeses – same deal. Everything marked down to $.99 or less and BoGo free. The list goes on. I spent about $100 that I really couldn’t afford but the deals were just too great to pass up. The value of what I bought was probably around $800 if not more. You don’t know how hard it was to share the wealth with other family members but I did it. LOL

    • Babycatcher says:

      Can you freeze yogurt? What about dehydrating? I learn something new everyday!

      • Grannytraveler says:

        We will go thru the yogurt quickly. We use it for everything. The expiration date is almost the end of July. The heavy cream and butter we did freeze though. The expiration date on the cheese is almost four months out. If we don’t use it all up by then, we will just freeze it. Have to admit we are big cheese eaters. Don’t know about dehydrating yogurt. I’m open to suggestions though.

        • Encourager says:

          Grannytraveler, if you can buy dehydrated (powdered) buttermilk, why can’t you dehydrate yogurt? I would stick to the plain yogurt or homemade yogurt, but it is worth a try. Could be used like you would powdered buttermilk – bread, pancakes, etc.

    • JP in MT says:


      I understand the shopping spree. When the DW found that sale this week it was the last day. Got $150 of stuff for %40. That’s a good deal any day. Especially since it’s stuff we use and can store.

    • grannytraveler
      You did an awesome job shopping for the future.
      I heard a business owner state that the $20.00 bills just do not purchase what they did, and he was going through them faster than ever to buy products for his store.
      So, you did a GREAT job.

  45. Gradually, the neck and back are getting a little better from the rearending. Was able to do some serious shopping with the help of a young man pushing my carts out to the car and loading everything into it. Perishables were bagged and put in front with me so I only needed to take them into the house. DGS unloaded the rest of the purchases. Was able to add more of items and purchase some Chicken Helpers for my DGS.
    I put the truck in the garage to have a valve cover replaced before it go in for the bed repair. Settled with insurance company on the truck. Now waiting for money to change hands. I canned 16 pints of black beans and 25 more pints of chicken.

    I want to thank M.D. for the article on the Rutger 10/22. My son taught me to dismantel my 410 he bought me years ago to overcome my phobia of guns. I know that gun inside out and upside down. I cannot say that about the Rutger so I ordered the video, etc. from Amazon so I can learn how to take care of my rifle. I can shoot it. Went after some coons who were stealing my hens during the afternoon hours right in my fenced in yard!!!! So far, I have 3 coons under my belt and my DGS has 2. Have not been seen evidence of visits for a while now. I am a firm believer that it is not enough to just shoot a gun. A person should know how it is put together and how it works. Thanks again, M.D.

  46. Madison says:

    I showed my prepping stuff to my 9 yr old sister. I told her what its for, and she really appreciates me taking care of them. She was thrilled with the food I saved for her that nobody else will eat. I told her I don’t have a first aid kit, and now thats her goal to get one, except I’ll be paying for it. I didnt put anything aside this week, but im glad to get her on board.

    • Bam Bam says:


      Check out the dollar store for inexpensive first aid kits. I think you mentioned that you turned 18. Check and see if you can get CERT training. That will put you in touch with people in your community who can really help get you prepared.

      I hope you don’t mind but . . . I assume with your diligence and intelligence you are going to consider college. If you can get an opportunity for a student loan, consider taking out the maximum. The interest rate is less than 3 percent. Given the real level of inflation, you will do better by taking the loan and investing in prepping stuff rather than waiting until you graduate and purchase the stuff with your earned money. (The folks complaining about student loans are the people who decided to attend $40,000 a year colleges just so they could say “I attended bla-bla-bla-university.”)

      • Madison says:

        I got certified in CPR and first aid, if thats what you mean. I’ll think about the loan, but that will be a last resort because I dont like being in debt. I like that rate, though

        • CERT training is different from CPR and first aid. CERT training gives you training in lots of areas. Flagger training and advanced first aid are two of the subjects my local CERT group have done or will be doing. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. When you are CERT certified you register with your county emergency dept., you receive an ID badge, CERT backpack and certain equipment. I would have to say that most of the CERT members I am familiar with are into prepping (they know the dangers that may occur in their area). I don’t have my certification, yet, but I hope to have that problem remedied by the middle of next month. Actual CERT training doesn’t cost anything to get (you may find that you want to replace items or add items to your CERT backpack after you get it).

          • Encourager says:

            The basic CERT training classes are the first step. Then if you join a CERT group, other training classes are offered for free, along with more equipment. That is the way to go, Madison. It will also help you in meeting other like-minded people.

      • patientmomma says:

        I recently read that student loans went up 20% or more (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/student-loan-interest-rates-increase-24369190). Lowest quotes are 4.45%, some are higher. If you can’t get a fixed loan rate; don’t do it. Better to pay as you go or try for a scholarship than have your student load burden you for years.

      • Hmmm, this talk about college…. If I had to do it all over again I would have looked at a good trade school and learned a good paying trade for now and after shtf. Just my .02

  47. patientmomma says:

    Hello Pack! MD you are so right about Lamar Alexander; he is useless!

    It has been a productive week at the homestead. Harvested more squash, tomatoes, and first of the okra. I canned 8 pints of squash and 8 green beans. Made squash and banana bread and passed them around to my neighbors.

    We found a neglected apple tree which was over grown with trash trees, poison oak, and huge weeds. It was half dead, but trying to bear some apples. We spent about an hour untangling old chicken wire, welded wire and barbed wire which had at one time protected the tree from the critters. We pruned off the suckers and dead branches, staked it and put in some fertilizer stakes, just to keep it alive. My baby apples trees won’t bear for a couple of years, so this old tree should perk up and bear a good crop next year.

    I’m working on filling a 50 gal jalapeno barrel with rice, beans, coffee and sugar, and a few other items; all of which has been individually vacuum-packed and placed in large air-tight plastic bags. I’ll test this barrel out and see how the contents fare after a couple of months in the woods.
    The critters have found my garden so my son and I got some fencing to discourage the woodland foragers. That is next week’s project.

    God bless each of you and prayers for those of you with special needs.

  48. Terminalprep says:

    Research,research,research. Price comparisons on ammo. Reviews on portable water filtration systems. I’ve been saving up some cash and I’m about make a pitstop in a state with no sales tax, lower prices and a better selection than where I live so it’s time to drop some cash on some much needed items.
    I just read what little there is about the Detroit water cutoffs and the potential privatization of a public utility. That was both interesting and disturbing. I also read a lot of new articles about the potential future of our National and world economy. Very unnerving and made me feel like I was running out of time. I’m well aware of the media’s unwritten “we scare because we care” policy and yet I still wonder if someone’s yelling “fire” and people are ignoring it even though there really is a fire. I have A LOT of time to sit and think about these things.
    I came up with a potential plan to ration my much needed meds and create a stockpile but my wife has showed ZERO support on that plan so I’m going to have to wait to talk to my Dr about it. Pretty sure I know what he’s going to say though. Now to find some new books to pick up next week. Oh, and I saw a woman this morning in Colby, KS standing by the side of the road with a “need food” sign. We had stopped for coffee and so I bought her a breakfast sandwich, some bananas and a big jug of water. She was very grateful and let me take a pic of her holding her sign. She said she was hitch hiking to Oregon. 5 minutes later a cop rolled up and took her away. A very,very troubling sign of the times.

    • sw't tater says:

      Just a few tips… to help… You didn’t specify which meds , or type med you want to reduce., so I will address some ways I have done and have seen work… Just make your changes slowly, and monitor yourself carefully. Do not expect your health care provider to be enthusiastic about you using natural means. Remember if they control your health and your food they have you in a tight spot.
      1)to build a med supply.. just get your meds filled four days earlier every month.! It will give you a months supply over 8 months. any doses skipped or halved will also add up. I used half doses for my Rx’d meds when I was requiring it. Have swapped to herbal and natural products except for one that I take PRN..
      Herbals/ naturals are not generally cheaper, but you can build a years supply without counting each pill.
      B/P and heart medications, fluid pills can often be gradually decreased when natural heart tonics such as hawthorn are taken routinely. Hawthorn usually takes about 2 weeks to be fully effective and is generally given three times a day. Just read the instructions on the bottle. If this works well, a home made tincture can be made and utilized.
      Meds for blood sugar control can be reduced with dietary changes…If this is your problem… try increasing protein a bit and decreasing the carbs that cause cravings. B-complex liquid/sublingual will help calm the cravings too certain fruits contain enzymes that help the pancreas.. among them Bitter Melon. Read ..” A promise made, A promise Kept.”..a book about diabetic control, available on Amazon….

    • riverrider says:

      refill every 21 days instead of thirty. most insurance allows that to cover lost pills etc.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      I lived in the Detroit area for a few years and remember the water department whining that they were running out of water. What was really happening was they were running out of treatment capacity, and had skimmed off the money that was supposed to be for expansion. Look at where Detroit is located; it’s impossible for them to run out of money.

      A private water company could only be worse if the owners are the same people running the public department today.

  49. JP in MT says:

    We have had a good couple of weeks. Last week DW was on the road and brought home goodies. Last weekend was the gun show and we moved enough stuff to pay for them and bring in some extra cash, plus inventory for the next show. This week we took Thursday and we to a larger town 2 hours away. I should know better, but it’s like we had to take out a second mortgage when we go.

    The most expensive was we replaced our camping generator. After trying 3 different ones over that last 5 years we finally decided what to get. We have a Honda 1000, we like it because it is very quiet but it is not big enough to really work our system. So we bought a Honda 3000is. It’s even quieter, has an electric start, and will run for 20+ hours on one tank of fuel.

    Then we started shopping for other preps. Found that our retired military ID lets us get a Glock LEO package. So I got a G17 w/3mags for $410. Just couldn’t let that deal go buy. Stopped at the new Cabella”s Outpost and got some 22 LR and 22 Mag ammo and a Can Cooker, Jr (a pressure cooker type device for the trailer). Got a new set of sheathed kitchen knives for the trailer at Ross’ (no clothes for DW through). Got another box of Winchester 22 LR (235 count) when I stopped at a gunsmith for a part.

    We had another good sale on sauce mixes an pasta ($.25 & $>75) so we gathered in some more. Picked up some AF #10 cans while in town with the gun smith. Grabbed another WISE food 60 entree bucket. Took the DW out to shoot her new (to her) Remington 1100 Youth Camo shotgun and found that WalMart has reduced the price of Federal 100 packs of 12 and 20 gauge shell down to $19.96 (a $6-7 drop). Finally found some 9mm JHP. Found some S&B 200 gr subsonic loads.

    I got in Mag-Pul mags for the 308 (20 rnd) and 223 (30 rnd) (the 10 rounders are still coming). Found one of the reloading powders I use and got a deal on 2 bags of 12 gauge wads, and a 17 cal cleaning rod. Ordered a sling for the new 308 and added some disposable lighters to my trade stash. Plus found a cheap, local source for CR123 batteries.

    All in all, we added a lot more stuff than I had intended, but it was nice to find the deals. Sure hope we don’t have to use it too soon. The rulings from the Supreme Court have been a small positive. Listening to the press you would think they practically impeached the Pres, but the rulings were very little. And he is not deterred in the slightest. August should be a fun month to watch as it is the last “work” time before the elections.

    Stay well and keep preppin’

    PS – MD, I like the solar set up!

    • JP in MT,

      I still have to wire the shop, but I have all of the stuff ready to go. Hopefully, I’ll have that all finished by next weekend.

    • Nice week you had there, JP in MT.

    • I love my 20 ga 1100!!! Good gun with easy use and repair history

      • JP in MT says:

        WE/she has been waiting and looking for quite a while. Too little practice with a pump so we both went with auto-loaders. Just took a while to find a used 1100 in 20 and then to find it in the camo/youth version was a bonus. Plus we got it for at least $250 less than the last 1100/20 I saw. We’re happy. The ammo being on sale is an added bonus, too!

        • axelsteve says:

          JP in MT.
          Good news on the 1100,they were a good gun. My neighbor had 2 of them for sale years ago and I wish that I could have bought one.

  50. Worrisome says:

    Still in recovery. Back to see the dr.s at Stanford this week. Getting so spoiled I may never recover.

    We had a nice 4th. SIL made his special blend of hamburger mix, with beef and sausage and they were the best burgers I have ever eaten. They will be coming up to the cabin in a few weeks and he said he will make up a batch and we make patties and freeze them to so we can just pull a few when we want them..the boys are going to love that.

    Found some local honey that was wonderful so I bought a years supply.

    The bil and nephew have kicked off their first paying construction job in a couple of years, they are having a good time with it. The man that was my next door neighbor and now lives behind us on the mountain is taking care of the dogs, cats chickens and making sure that watering system for the garden is working as it should. He has been puttin Hope through her training as she has gotten a little lazy with all the stuff going on. Back to remembering she has guard dog responsibilities and that she can’t spend all her time in the pond.

    Guess that is about it for now. Looking forward to being released to drive so I can head for my new cabin that I have yet to spend a full week in….

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Glad to hear you’re doing better! I had a time where I wasn’t aloud to drive and it made me nuts! Good to have a real neighbor when you need one, they can be hard to find sometimes. I know how hard you worked to get to your cabin so I’ll definitely be praying you can drive and get back there. Such a wonderful place to rest and recuperate!

    • patientmomma says:

      Worrisome, take the time to regain your strength; listen to your body. If you feel tired slow down. Keep a daily journal of how your body is doing, what time of day, after or before meals, etc. It will help you learn what you can do and when. Be brave!

      • Worrisome says:

        Thanks patient momma, you are right and the journal idea is a good one. The boys have my hammock up, I have endless knitting projects, the neighbor wants to help when I start canning the garden and keeping the books on the boys building projects only takes a few hours a week. I don’t listen to my body, I just do what needs to be done until gets done. So this is going to be an all new chapter of my life.

    • WeatherMan says:

      DW and I are going to get 6 gl of summer berry honey this next week for our supply. Not sure how long it will last as we use it in everything. Hoping for 6 months!

    • worrisome
      Sending our best wishes to you. May the doctor(s) give you a
      thumbs up so you can go to your new home. Your are in our prayers.

  51. Clara A says:

    Well, after so many people gave advice last week on building a storm shelter for a property in which we were interested, it was mysteriously pulled off the market. Our realtor was not impressed with the price, and maybe busy, but we never got in to see it, just drove in the driveway and looked at the exterior from inside our car. We could not just drive by because it is hidden by trees at the very end of a very short gravel lane. Within a day or two it was taken off the market. The first property in a years time of casually looking that I have fallen in love with. Not the house, just the property, the feel of it. Oh well, must move on….

    Finally got dry enough to tackle some weeding of the garden this week. One of may gardens has gotten quite wild and I may need to end up pulling up some plants so it is more accessible. Resolved to try to walk each garden every day it is not pouring rain. Also worked on weeding front flower beds, preparing to hopefully sell our house.

    Replaced sugar stores with 16# of sugar and working on flour stores with 20# flour in the freezer.

    Learned a lesson – don’t eat mango skins! My older daughter loves mangos and ate one skin and all. Ended up with itching blisters on her lips and chin and swelling. Turns out mango skins (and leaves and bark) have urushiol like poison ivy does. Treating with hydorcortisone cream and benedryl.

    May not be around next two weeks as we are going on vacation to Yellowstone in one week. My daughter’s Make a Wish trip – go fishing and cook her catch over a fire, roast marshmallows and hot dogs and sleep in a tent and see buffalo. Hope the big volcano sleeps. Prayers to all.

    • I’ve been lots of places,, but Ol’ Faithful at Yellowstone is the most amazing.
      Enjoy your trip

    • JP in MT says:

      Clara A:

      Thanks for the heads up on the mango skins. My DW does a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Currently she uses mostly frozen fruit, but mango are going for good prices right now and she said she didn’t know about the skins and probably would have cut up the whole fruit.

      The Pack is always full of good info!

    • Encourager says:

      Clara A, if you really like the property, go back to the house and if no one is home, leave a note in the door. Tell them you are interested in buying it and want to have a look. Sometimes you cannot rely on your relator to have your best interests in mind.

      • Babycatcher says:

        Yeah, sometimes the realtor will note that a property might be useful, and decide to buy it and flip it themselves…grrr.I’ve seen that happen to others, but it hasn’t happened to us….

    • We routinely ate mangoes – skin and all — in Haiti. I wonder if it was contaminated by chemical sprays. Since we have to make due with store-bought now, I’ll be sure to pare. Thanks for letting us know the dangers.

    • nick flandrey says:

      A nice Thai lady told me how to peal a mango. Stand it on end, with a chef’s knife slice down, just to one side of center, skimming along the huge inner seed. Then do the same on the other side. If you skim the seed just right it cuts easy, if it is hard going, cut further out from center. Then use a big spoon to scoop the mango from its skin. You’ll end up with 2 nice halves of fruit, no slippery knifework, and the maximum usable fruit for the minimum effort. (you can then do the same technique for the remaining 1/2 inch strip on the short side of the seed.)

      Once I tried this, I never went back to pealing 🙂


      • tommy2rs says:

        I do the same but instead of using a spoon I just use a paring knife to cross hatch the fruit side then push up from the skin side and you end up with small squares of mango sticking out that you can slice off or, as I like to do, squeeze half a lime over it (sometimes dusting it with ground cayenne as well. Lime and chile are surprising good on fresh mango) and eat it bit by bit off the skin.

    • sw't tater says:

      Use plaintain, the plant not the fruit on the rash, it makes poison oak go away in minutes..apply as often as needed., even safe to eat.

    • Nsaneprepper says:

      Clara A
      I pray that your daughter’s trip is everything she hopes it will be. May God bless you and yours with all His blessings.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Clara A,
      Pray your trip goes well. We went to Yellowstone in 2008. We were in the northeastern part of the park. It was pretty remote. We saw 3 coyotes chasing and harassing a wolf. The wolf was cowered down with its tail between its legs. We watched them for about 20 minutes and they finally chased it over a ridge. It was great. Yellowstone was just amazing. I’d like to go back (hopefully) sometime in the future. God Bless and safe travels.

    • charliebuck says:

      First time I ate a mango in Hawaii 30 years ago,my face broke out around my mouth.Locals were laughing,telling me sap on the skin does that.Always peeled them after that.

  52. TR from CA says:

    Hello everyone. This week was a great week of learning for me. I canned for the first time ever. Blueberry-lime jam. I could not believe how easy it was. I am hooked. I also finished reading “The Prepper’s Blue Print”. It is a must have book in my opinion. Easy read. Step by step what to do. Well that is it for me this week. Take care.

  53. We had a delious cantaloupe from the farmers market a few weeks ago so I saved the seeds and started them, plants are five inches tall so this morning they went out in the garden. This is the first year we are doing raised beds and it’s working wonderfully. The soil around the plants is still workable with just my fingers, so I know the roots are able to grow, and the size of the plants confirms this.
    Except for the corn,,, I must be the only person in the south who can’t grow corn! “knee high by the 4th of July” mine isnt. some stalks are that tall but real wispy and no sign of buds starting. Each year I move it to a different location in the garden hoping this is the year,,and each year what I do get goes to the chickens (I do have some happy chickens)

    Tuesday evening I heard my rooster screaching the worst noise, I went out to see a small red fox just on the other side of the pasture fence. He saw us, my dogs saw him and the chase was on. Dogs were gone a good 15minutes, they came back wet, panting and muddy. I hope they got him ,, if not he will be back the next time he is hungry. Each evening I’ve been sitting out in the yard w/the .22. I must look very red neck but if that sucker come back he’s toast.

    But let’s see,, real prepping I canned four pints of green beans from the garden and the plants are still producing so I should be able to do more in a week or so. Had the first BLT and the Romas should be ready soon,, and I don’t even want to guess how many quarts I’ll get from them.
    DH swapped squash and cukes for jams!

    Stoped after work on eve trying to find some ammo with no luck, guess the trick to that is going early. We have a range on the lower edge of our property and up till now you fired standing, took a knee or from your belly. Yesterday we started making a bench like you see at real ranges so you have something to rest your hand on to steady and your spotter has some place to sit with the scope. It should be done this w/e.

    Prep hardy pack, I think we are in for a bumpy ride!

    • Bam Bam says:


      This is why I keep coming back to the Wolf Pack–the stories. Sometimes I feel like I have known ya’ll for my whole life. I can see myself sitting out there with my .22 and my dh cussing up a storm at the dogs for getting nasty again. I just look at the dogs and think I would have done the same thing to get that damn fox.

      • BamBam,
        I’m here a year and a half, most of you were here before me, and I do feel that we are “friends” If I have questions or concerns I know I can air them here on Saturday and someone in the Pack will have an answer.
        I like to hear what other folks have accomplished and the way they get from point A to point B.
        Some mornings I snort coffee out my nose in laughter, other mornings my eyes fill with tears because of what someone is going through.

    • R-Me
      If you get that little thief, make a fur pelt out of it. They make nice additions to a coats collar.

    • C.R. AKA Mistyvalley says:

      This winter put all your chicken coop clean outs where you plan to plant corn next year. The nitrogen from the “coop” will help your corn. Ours is six feet tall right now and getting ready to make ears.

      • Do you think it will help any for this year if each week I put the coop droppings around the corn or is it too late? I clean out the coop on Sundays so I think I will give it a try.
        But most diffinately will do over the winter.
        Thanks for the suggestion

        • From what i understand,chicken poop is to nitrogen rich to use it immediately on plants. It has to be aged 6 months before use. I save mine in 55 gallon drums and pour it on my garden after growing season,then till it under.

  54. I was watching my local news channel last week and the female anchor mentioned Hobby Lobby winning its case in the supreme court, Then in the next breath she say “well it looks like Hobby Lobby can now legally deny women access to birth control”. I though my head was going to explode. The sad thing is, all the uninformed who rely solely on the pablum fed to us through the main stream media,will now have that opinion. The next bit of news from the same channel,from the same anchor woman, A car with 3 mexican men in it,had been pulled over by police in shreveport. They found a huge quantity of cocaine that was hidden in secret compartments in the car. The anchor woman actually referred to the men as “undocumented workers”. I wanted to shoot my TV. I will no longer get any news whatsoever from television. My preps for the week are this. I PAYED OFF MY PICKUP TRUCK!!!!!!!! Next month I will have all my credit cards payed off and the month after that I will have the hospital that saved my wife,payed off. I will officially be 100% debt free. (insert dave ramsey we’re debt free scream here). I met with curly bull for coffee and a donut (maybe two) and we discussed our differing needs for a GHB,based on our own personal situations. IE: season, with or without spouse, distance away from home, and so on. We discussed collaborating on a video but Im thinking two folks with varying degrees of physical handicap,should collaborate on an article for the blog.It would perhaps benifit more people since it seems as though most of us here are in the baby boomer category and might also have limitations they should consider when building a get home bag. I want to thank everyone for thier input and suggestions on my question to the pack last week. Now ,im fixing to go out back and do a short video on my GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS GARGANTUAN squash plants. They are loving the chicken poop! Have a great week Yall!

    • Great job on paying off pick up,, that has to be the BEST feel good feeling ever!

      Doing an article on GHBs will be hard because everyone’s situation is different and your bag has to meet your specific needs. It was a very good question and even though situations are different (locale, time/distance to travel) I’m looking forward to the article. Every little bit of info helps tweak my survivability.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      You speaking of the lie told by the news anchor about birth control. I saw an interview where Hillary said the same thing. Made me really angry!

      • Ive since heard the “denying birth control” spin, over and over. Only a fool wouldnt know the difference between an abortion pill and birth control. Unfortunately, thats who we have voting is fools who are easily led.

        • axelsteve says:

          I had a vascectomy 20 years ago and Obama still wants me to have birth control covered. I thought that I did.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Don’t you know it’s damn near un-American to be responsible for your own actions? The TDL will tell you what you do or do not need. (sarc)

      • I was talking, arguing, with someone the other day when they said why does Fox et al. view so different, I replied The mainstream media all have the same opinion, on the same subject, with the same catchphrases, at the same time no matter the subject. Doesn’t that ring an alarm when if I pick 10 people at random we won’t agree on half of the issues? They didn’t have a retort but I saw a little bulb go off in their head, and their eyes got bigger. so maybe I actually got through to them, maybe even for a second.
        What we see on the TV, newspapers, radio, cable, internet, entertainment is all being manipulated to paint a picture they want us to see, and if you question them, lookout you’re a kook. I watched George Stefanoupolis interview Obama and actually correct him when he slipped and said ‘my Muslim faith…oh I mean Christian. George later denied that there is any left bias in the media…by the way he used to work for Clinton!
        People deny it all the time, they’re either liars or they may not know what they’re part of…but not knowing you’re part of a conspiracy doesn’t mean that your not part of one. Make no mistake this is a deliberate plan.

        • IndianaAli says:

          My husband and I saw that interview during the first election and have discussed the “slip” many times. I have never, nor have I ever known anyone, who has made this kind of slip about their faith. Even my mother, who has Alzheimer’s and cannot remember hardly anything, can tell you what her faith is. It is something almost “automatic” in a believer. Never known a person who accidentially called themselves a Buddist, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, by mistake… I think sometimes with a slip of the tongue the truth comes out…. Just sayin.

          • Indy,
            I agree, its an automatic reflex. Unless you’re pandering to different crowds changing your ‘beliefs’ like a chameleon to get them to vote for you.
            I don’t care if he is Muslim, but why hide it? unless your up to something.

        • Freudian Slip?

    • JP in MT says:

      Congrats on paying off the truck. We had a sever financial reversal 3 years ago and has to sell most all of our PM’s, plus refinance the house, the car, and my truck. So far I’m out from under the truck and car, gained a few of the PM’s back, and am doubling down on the house now. Gives us some flexibility on picking up other things.

      • My wife and i worked our tails off to pay off our debt back in 06 to 08. we doing great, then it came time to buy a new 18 wheeler and i chose volvo for its aerodynamics and MPG. It was the worst financial blunder i ever made and it absolutelt ruined us. we lost our savings first,then got in debt to the IRS, then ran up credit cards to pay for truck repairs,it went on and on and now 6 years later, we are back where we were before we bought the volvo. Ive got a couple dozen videos of all the breakdowns and mechanical failures the first year. The second year i didnt even bother recording them anymore. we knew we were going to fall,we were just trying to pick the softest place. I try not to even think about it now. We are broke,but we are happier than we have ever been in our lives. Somehow,having your life spared (mine from an explosion at work,hers from cancer )makes you appreciate the most important things in life.

        • nick flandrey says:

          BC, I had a friend of a friend who was also ruined by his volvo truck. He was making a good living hauling dirt locally in an old beater, and thought he would like OTR trucking. After all the research, he bought a Volvo for mileage, etc. The truck would not stay running. Every time he did manage to get a load, the truck would die. One time they tracked it to half a sunflower seed shell in the fuel system. In the end, after running up all his credit to try and stay in the game, he threw up his hands, parked the truck and told them to come take it. I wonder how many other men and businesses were ruined by the company?

          I admire you for sticking to it and paying it back.


          • Well,i cant say im glad im not alone,but the truth is,ive known dozens of others who lost all they had worked for trying to keep a volvo on the road. I cant blame it entirely on volvo because the EPA,in all its wisdom, made truck engine MFGR,s switch over to the new regeneration converter long before the engine makers were prepared to,so everybody who bought 2008 trucks (for the small sum of $144,000) were unknowingly part of volvos testing grounds for the new systems and sensors, which all failed consistently,but were never covered under warranty. I can hold my head high. I did the right thing,they didnt.

            • sw't tater says:

              RE Volvo: My brother was driving one for a company til today. He got a new truck of a different stripe today!In the past year its computer system has been down at least three times, and the log book system down at least that many more..replaced the system twice during that time..If you are thinking of driving avoid the Volvo..if you want to sit in a repair shop they are great!

            • axelsteve says:

              You also have to consider that Volvo is or was owned by gm. Gm is a branch of government or was til recently and gm warranites never have been worth the paper that they are written on.

            • My son, who works for a trucking company, was stuck with the only Volvo for a while and he detested it. He soon became ‘unavailable’ for runs if he knew he’d have the Volvo. Finally the company got rid of the Volvo and everyone’s happier with the old Peterbilts. I used to drive a Volvo car in the 70’s and had neverending problems with it too. Hunkajunk was a better name for it.

          • Kat's Tale says:

            We used to run a lot of Volvo’s in our fleet. Now we run mostly Freightliners w/ cat engines. They have their issues too sometimes. We have some that have a ton of miles on them. It can really ruin your business when you can’t depend on your trucks to run. The first brand new truck my dad bought way back in the 70’s was a Mack. Talk about a lemon.

        • charliebuck says:

          I hear you bc.Buddy of mine drove Petes for years,got a Volvo awhile back and is hating it.I had one for awhile{company owned},now I have a Mack and I am a lot happier.

          • all I ever bought was kenworth w900,s. I put millions and millions of miles on them. My last kenworth i put 1.3 million miles on the same engine,with no failures. The volvo broke down in the amarillo dealers parking lot,the day i bought it. If that wasnt an omen of days to come,I dont know what is.

    • Bam Bam says:


      I too am amazed at the poverty of news coverage. The only “contraceptives” Hobby Lobby wanted to deny were those that ended the life of an already fertilized egg. They had no problem with the pill or other genuine contraceptives; they had a problem with the “morning after pill” which can either prevent fertilization of the egg or prevent the fertilized egg from implanting into the uterine wall, thereby terminating the life of the embryo.

      • We certainly don’t need enemies, we’ve already got a fifth column with the loony media.

      • Kat's Tale says:

        They were ok with 16 out of 20 forms of birth control. I have shut up a few people that were blabbing on about the war on women and how they were being denied the right to birth control. No they weren’t. They could still walk into a family planning clinic and get it for free or almost so.
        Or they could try an aspirin like my daddy used to tell me too. Put it between their knees and keep them closed to hold it there.
        Sorry, not trying to be crude. My daddy was serious.

    • patientmomma says:

      Awesome! Freedom is in sight for you!

    • riverrider says:

      bc, i can’t tell you how much i am in awe that you got all that paid off in the short time. great job. i only have a couple of cc bills hanging around my neck like anchors and i never seem to get anywhere with them. i will use your inspiration to buckle down and pay them off!

      • Thanks RR. It was 6 years and it felt like 60. First thing to go was motorcycles and campers. Now that i can afford another bike,I dont want one. Its no fun riding without my wife and she cant pull a clutch anymore because of her arthritis. She will be getting carpul tunnel surgery on the 11th, we will see how her hands are after that.

        • riverrider says:

          bc, i must be getting old because riding the harley more than a few miles seems a lot like work these days. if it wasn’t paid for, it would be gone. good luck to the dw on her surgery.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Congratulations on being debt free!!!!! One of the best feelings ever. Sorry we don’t still live in MS or I’d come over to the bayou and visit. In a lot of ways I miss the south. Iced tea and hospitality galore. We’d Midwest now, but there’s no place like the south. Enjoy the financial freedom – more money for preps, right? 🙂 Would appreciate the article about people who have some physical issues. I could bug out if I had to, but my feet from the RA aren’t always in the best shape. DH is 50 and in great physical condition. I’m afraid I will just slow him down. Take care….

    • BC,
      Good job paying down your debts! We worked hard to pay down all of ours, about a year ago we were completely free… but still renting. Then we found the right place, so…now we owe more than we ever did, but it feels great having a place of our own. We bought far less than we were ‘approved’ for, encouraged really, so the payments are manageable with a little left for preps.
      Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the Volvo and it set you back. You did more than most and took a shot, it didn’t achieve what you wanted, but did learn a lot, and next time you’ll be much wiser. Most importantly…you’re happy!

      • Thanks Big D. The volvo was actually my last truck. I was an owner operator for a couple dozen years. Made a bunch and spent a bunch. Im not driving anymore. gave it up ater 33 years.

  55. More ebaying – although I’m done for a bit with listing so should be finishing off this latest round of ebay sales within the next week or so.

    Beans, meds, and some hardware and tools added to the stash.

    Went to the weekly consignment auction – they had some guns and reloading equipment. The guns were definitely going for lower prices than they had been a year ago, which is good news for buyers. Managed to get four reloading dies that will be backups at a good price. None of the guns were what you’d call necessary for us, so I didn’t get any.

    Gardening is going apace – need to work on it some this weekend. Otherwise it’s the same old same old here.

    • Oh, and we started our first batch of mead yesterday and have begun drinking our Imperial Blonde Ale we made. The ale is quite good. The mead made the house smell wonderful…

  56. Wow! The solar system looks very cool. Up here in the “Great White North” I’m not sure in the winter there would be enough sun to power the dang thing.

    The “American Thinker” web site has an article by James Lewis, called “Dangerous Times: Obama the Betrayer”. In it Lewis connects the dots between Obama-Islam-World Wide Communism–Drug Cartels and a dozen of the issues we are dealing with on this site, like the invasion of Illegal’s .

    In God We Trust

  57. Supported the federal Conservative party of Canada with a donation – this federal party has the most respect for Canadian anglers, hunters and firearms owners and is actively trying to repeal an onerous bill restricting Canadian firearms owners.

    Purchased a dedicated slug gun for deer hunting and about 100 rifled 12 gauge slugs.

    Waterproofed my backpacking tent.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      I agree the Conservatives are our best bet here , so happy the long gun registiry is gone , I was looking for a small 410 this weekfound a nice packbackers one for under $200

  58. hvaczach says:

    Well I spent too much money this week! Bought five 30 rounders for the A.R.’s 2 magpul, and three metal ones the brand escapes me. The mag pul were about 20 a piece but the metal ones were only 11 bucks, too cheap to pass on. I also picked up a 32 round glock mag ( I guess all your pics of the night stand gun finally got to me M.D.) Made arrangements to buy a half hog and a half a beef from one of my sisters, should be ready In about a month. Picked up 100 rounds of .223 and finally bought my first 100 rounds of .22lr (from a local retailer) in almost 2 years! (is wrong to be so excited).

    • axelsteve says:

      Hvaczach. My wives job at the hvach has been crazy busy lately. Funny how folks don`t check out there systems before it gets hot or cold.

      • hvaczach says:

        I have alway’s pointed to that as proof of people’s lack of willingness to prepare for anything even summer.

    • JP in MT says:


      If you are looking for AR mags, along with other mags used by LEO’s, keep an eye on Botatch.com. They have no minimums, free shipping, and currently have sales on Mag-Pul mags, etc.

    • DSG Arms has Magpul windowless 10 for $79.95. Great deal and I do believe it’s free shipping for anything over $49. But that ends today.

  59. C.R. AKA Mistyvalley says:

    I haven’t been posting in a few months. With job loss in Jan. Preps have been slim. However, now that the garden and various berries and producing been very busy!

    Made 22, 1/2 pints of goose berry jelly, and have more juice to do and some in the freezer. Very good year for them. We have been eating tomatoes from the garden for the last few weeks.

    Now, the black berries are getting ripe so more jelly!

    Old farmers saying about corn being “knee high by 4th of July”
    ours is over 6 feet tall! Gotta love the chicken fertilizer!

    Hope everyone had a safe 4th!

  60. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey Cubbies! Hope are enjoying this Independence Day weekend. And I hope everyone has the opportunity to read the Declaration of Independence.

    M.D., Now I am truly envious. Wish we had the cash to add solar power!

    Well, my week has been slow. DH and I built four new nesting boxes on the outside of our bigger coup. I’m still working on getting that field cleaned up. And still have weeds that need pulling. But am getting peppers and tomatoes aplenty.
    The kids and grandkids came for a BBQ on Wednesday since they all had party plans for the 4th. SIL did put up a mister around the outdoor kitchen. It kept the temp about 20 degrees lower and that’s great on these 100℉+ days.
    Added more coffee, paper goods, pork roasts, and mixed nuts to the larder. Also, bought more OTC meds, a new push mower and fishing pole. Boat and hot tub are both down awaiting parts.
    The 4th DH made pulled pork

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      The complete system costs around $500 – here is a link to the panels.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Well, I hit the wrong button. Friends just returned from 2 weeks on the Appalachian Trail testing their GHB. That’s a good example for us all.
      But best prep is that we learned grandchild #9 is on its way.

      Love to the Pack. All of you and yours are in my prayers.

      • Congrats on #9! I have 13 great nieces & nephews and life is never dull with them around. 😉

      • Tac G,
        God Bless you on #9. We have two grandbabies with one on the way. Seven children will bring us more, no doubt, but hopefully not till they get a little older.

    • JP in MT says:

      Took 2 looks at your post and now understand how you get so much done – “The 4th DH made pulled pork”. So what do you have the other 3 doing?

      • Encourager says:

        Good one, JP!! Still laughing!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        You heard of “Sister Wives”? Well, I have Brother Husbands. (Jk) Still can’t get one to take out the trash or scrub a toilet!

  61. riverrider says:

    impressive array m.d……it was hot as heck all week, got next to nothing done. picked up 500 rds for the vz58. that’s about it. shot some fireworks in rebellion to the regime. tdl and the media said happy 4th of july instead of independence day, undocumented aliens instead of illegal.makes me sick. sic semper tyrannis.

    • hvaczach says:

      Couldn’t agree more that’s like calling crack dealers “unliscenced pharmacist’s”, or murderer’s “premature life revoking agent’s”.

    • axelsteve says:

      When the control the verbage they control the argument. Don`t change your use of words to appease those tyrants. I still use words or phrases that have been replaced with updated terms.I still use some words like veneral diseases instead of std. I never use the term meter I say yards even if it is measured in meters.I say litres just cause of the 2 litre soda but I refuse to use the litre to describe an engine displacement. I do not usually say gay cause gay used to mean happy.

    • @Riverrider,
      I believe that you once mentioned that you are in VA? I also read that many of the Aliens are being set to VA. Any truth to it, and what are people doing about it?

      • riverrider says:

        they tried to house a bunch in brunswick county but the citizens revolted and sent them packing. i’d be curious to know if they are stashing them in old army barracks though.

        • Babycatcher says:

          That’s a great point. I used to live right down the street from where they were trying to put the aliens, and Ft. Pickett is only 20 miles away….

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