What Did You Do to Prep This Week?

Before we get started with today’s post, I would like to give a shout-out and say thank you to Tonya V, Victoria S, Jeff H, Nanci Q, Gary K, Chris M, David S, Lars M, Linda C, Jana M, and Josh B for their generous contributions via PayPal this week. Thank you.

Now let me see, what did I do to prep this week?

Bought two - one for my Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 and another for the "real" AR's.

Bought two – one for my Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 and another for the “real” AR’s.


Bought a new sleeping bag from Wal-Mart.

Bought a new sleeping bag from Wal-Mart.

And two bags of Charcoal.

And two bags of Charcoal.

Well that’s it for me this week – what about you… what did you do to prep this week?

BTW – What do you think about the new background? Do you like it or do you dislike it?

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  1. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Good morning Pack,

    My preps are that I continue to pack. The boxes are piling up in the garage and are over my head now. I think I’m about packed up. It’s very difficult now to fix anything to eat without going to the store!

    I’ve been enjoying the tomatoes from my uber small garden and will have to harvest and dry my leeks pretty soon. The dog is enjoying the apples that fall and is now checking out plums.

    • Petticoat Prepper
      Did you finally sell the house?
      Hope all is going well in your area and you find a home for you and your daughter that supports your business as well. “Good luck”

  2. hvaczach says:

    Well this week was much more practicing skills than anything else. I am proud to say that I officially started 3 camp fires last weekend using only flint and steel. Not as big an accomplishment as using a bow-drill but 1 thing at a time.
    Started working on reorganizing the shed and garage I let both turn into disasters. The shed used to house my outside dogs but they are gone now so that is a major clean out and remodel for a bunch of the crap currently in the garage.

    • Can’t believe I forgot this one but it’s not on the place yet so out of sight out of mind. I bought a 500 gallon lp tank that was still 30% full. plan on getting it home this weekend or next. Got a good not great deal it was fair to both parties it needs sanded and painted but other than that in good condition.

      • recoveringidiot says:

        Good deal on the tank, I’m on the look out for another one myself. They are a dollar a Gal at the tank distributors in my area. Be careful moving it, I just moved a 500 with 35% with a backhoe that only had one hook in the middle. The fuel will slosh back a forth making it swing bad. Had to go really slow. The loader we used at the other end had two hooks that worked much better.

  3. OldSoldat says:


    Ordered from Amazon the Frontier dried elderberries to make another batch of tincture. It’s almost mid-August already. I take a Tbs daily anyway lately.

    Also picked up a coupla Paleo cookbooks, some tea tree oil and two bags of celtic sea salt.

    Put a few cans of this and that away and purchased some 20 gauge and 9 mm ammo. That’s about it. Have a great weekend. Try to do something to cheer you and yours up amongst all the prevailing gloom and doom. :-)

    • I take four Tbs. in my tea daily. :)

      • OldSoldat says:

        Tincture? 100 proof? Spread over a few teas i hope or that wouldn’t even be classified as tea anymore. LOL

      • Black Rose says:

        I take half a shot glass :-)

        • I made a batch & gave some to my niece to try. She is always cattching things. She has been taking it for 2 months now and has been healthy. Loves the results, so it looks like more batches for her. Her results sold me!!!!

  4. ladyhawthorne says:

    I bought heirloom seeds for next year’s garden on sale for half price.

    Finished a rock filled drainage area so the patio does not flood anymore-when it happens to rain.

    Helped a friend peel & pit her glut of peaches, yum!

    • Where did you get the seeds?

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        A local garden shop here where I live. I read where Walmart has seeds marked way down but they or may not be heirloom or non-GMO. These I trust. I want to save seed in the future. Looks like all I will need to buy now are the Contender green beans. None of the ones I planted have done any good. I finally had lots of blooms and lots of beans start but they are drying up now and the beans are 1″ long and 1/8″ wide, never got bigger. A friend tells me Contender beans are the only ones they have any luck with here.

        • Country Vet says:

          If you are in the same area I am, Provider and Top Crop do well also. I have all 3. Planted Contender this year, Provider last year. Both did equally well. Several years ago I did the TopCrop with good results as well. I order mine from Gurneys. I routinely order from Schumway, Henry Fields, Jung. Grow Organic (my garlic) , and Gurneys along with a couple of Heriloom companies for hard to find varieties. If you are in south Texas I will be glad to share the list of varieties that I have trialed here with good results. I have landraced sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupes, and watermelons-

          • ladyhawthorne says:

            I’m in between Ft Worth & Abilene (closer to Abilene) in North Central TX. We are in a severe drought and this is my first year here. I moved from the Houston area so everything is different. I’ll take all the suggestions I can get. I want to do heirlooms for the most part so I can save seed.

          • Country Vet says:

            Some OP’s are not actually heirlooms but are still “reproducable.” These varieties should work for you also I suspect. We have heavy clay, slightly alkaline. We grow in raised beds, soaker hoses, with shredded paper mulch on most of the rows.

            Suggested Seed List for our Area– Open Pollinated Only!!!
            Tomatoes: Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler, Early Big Red, Cold Set (for early tomatoes), Tropic?? (new variety); Belgian Giant (earliest next to Cold Set)(huge slicer); German Johnson (huge slicer); German Strawberry (huge oxheart); Yellow Pear & Red Pear (salad tomato, climber) (approx 80d from transplant )
            Bell Peppers- Cal Wonder regular, Yellow, and Orange (approx 75d from transplant)
            Egg Plant- Ping Tung (Tiwanese heirloom, long and narrow purple to dark violet fruit that has NO bitterness and is very sweet; heat, humidity and and disease resistatn); Black Beauty- large fruit, some bitterness
            Summer Squash- Black Zuccini, Early Yellow crookneck, White Patti (45d)
            Winter Squash (storage squash) – Warty Giant Hubbard***, Waltham Butternut***,(95d) Lakota, Hopi, Candy Baker ( Cherokee)***- from Baker Creek Heirlooms
            Okra- Clemson Spineless (56d)
            Green Beans-bush- Provider (bush)(Shumway)(50d) ; Early Contender (Gurneys)(49d)
            Green Beans- pole-Mccaslan (65d+) Shumway (also drying bean) Rattlesnake??
            Bens- drying- painted pony (55-85d), black turtle, (55d)
            Broccoli- Green Goliath (Shumway has it back again! ) 55d
            Cabbage- Late Dutch Flat ( large heads, storage)** (105d), Golden Acre** (58d),
            Turnips- Purple Top Globe (55d)
            Beets-Detroit (58d)
            Rutabega- Laurentin (100d)
            Parsnip- All American (105d)
            Chard- Bright Lights (mulitple colored stems) (55d), plus Lucillus (green only) (60d)
            Spinach- Bloomdales Long Standing (42d)
            Carrots- Rainbow (mixed colors)*** (58-65d), Dantes Halflong (75d)
            Onions- (bulbing onions must be short daylight hours types for this area)-Texas Grano
            Green onions- Lisbon, Green bunching (70d)
            Sweet Potatoes-Beauregard (90d)
            Field corn suggestions: (Shumway) – Lancaster Sure Crop (110-120d),Truckers Favorite(95-105d), Hickory King Field(110-130d)
            Sweet Corn- Miracle ( is a hybrid, but can bue used to establish a OP strain easily)
            Cold tolerance depends on preconditioning. For instance, if broccoli has been growing in warm conditions and temperatures drop below 22 degrees F., it will probably be killed. If these same broccoli plants had experienced cool weather, they would probably survive the sudden cold.
            In general, a frost (31-33 degrees F.) will kill beans, cantaloupe, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, peas, pepper, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, and watermelon.
            Colder temperatures (26-31 degrees F.) may burn foliage but will not kill broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, lettuce, mustard, onion, radish, and turnip.
            The real cold weather champs are beets, Brussels sprouts, carrots, collards, kale, parsley, and spinach.

            Hope this helps. Good luck. Can not imagine having to trasition gardens!

            • ladyhawthorne says:

              Thanks so much!
              My beds are raised also, 28″ tall as I have a bad back, we used branches and such in the bottom before adding soil, compost and manure so they’re kind of Back to Eden beds. Our soil here is like AZ: caliche. So hard you need an auger to dig a hole and you better soak it for 2 days first.

  5. Slow week here. Still canning tomatoes and drying cukes . Have started harvesting elderberries. Planted the turnip green patch just before a good rain.
    Also helped a friend take delivery of 3010 watts of solar panels.

  6. Goatlover says:

    Took advantage of the $10 off offer from Honeyville by ordering another 50# of oat groats. They make really tasty oatmeal when run through a little flaker/grinder……

    Made appointment to have two of my does pregnancy tested this week…gotta keep the milk flowing around here! Right now, my son is out back harvesting some fish from the pond. My ex-husband is visiting our kids and I’ve asked him to teach them how to CLEAN FISH…..hope to thin down the huge Tilapia a bit. I’m doing the “grandma thing” this week and have been teaching the youngin’s a little about growing food. They soak it up like spounges!!! One of them has been writing a journal called “Me and Grandma Farming”. Guess there’s more than one way to sow seed, now isn’t there?

    • I take it you live down in the southern states to have tilapia fish in the pond?

      • Goatlover says:

        Yes, Indb, I do!! And the pond is fed by an Artesian well (we call ’em sulfur wells around these parts!) The well keeps the fish from dying, should we actually get a blast of cold air in the winter. The water comes out at about 72 degrees year round.

  7. Prepping this week was confined to specific areas.
    1. Water security due to the mess in Toledo.
    a. 6 cases bottled water
    b. 7 gal. water container
    c. US Army type water purification/turbidity tablets
    d. UV-based water purification container(2 liters)
    2. Ebola preparations
    a. Heavy-duty contractor plastic bags
    b. Box of 100 examination gloves
    c. 20 N-95 masks
    d. Imodium caplets
    e. 100 ct. Tylenol
    f. 3 bottles of elderberry syrup(that’s all I could find)
    3. Paper products
    a. Toilet paper(96 rolls)
    b. Paper towels(12 rolls)
    c. Paper cups, plates, plastic utensils(1 mo. for 4 people)
    4. Food and related products
    a. 3 gal. cooking oil
    b. 5 jars peanut butter
    c. 4 packages crackers
    d. 600 ft. of aluminum foil(for hats…)
    e. 5 gal. vinegar
    f. 4 gal. bleach
    g. Dawn, washing powder, soap, oxiclean
    That’s most of my preps for the week. I had to sell off some personal property to pay for all this stuff, but it was worth it to feel a bit more prepared.

    • Hi Wolfman, don’t forget that aluminum foil hats can double as water containers!

      • Hey Penrod. I just read recently on the Survival Resources website that John McCann tested aluminum foil for holding water, and even the heavy duty foil leaked. The manufacturers must have changed the way it’s made. So what I got from that, is I need to check my aluminum foil also.

        • Well, Mike, you have to be sure to use Aluminum (Tin) Foil Hat quality foil. Mere heavy duty foil just isn’t up to the job. :-)

          • Newbies, you need tinfoil. Aluminium won’t block the phone companies from taking over your mind. Tinfoil hats over 60 years of mind control prevention.

    • Wolfman,

      You can buy the elderberries from Amazon and make your own tincture. Just order the dried berries. For a quart jar, put a heaping cup of berries in the jar. And then fill jar will 100 proof vodka. Shake every day. Two weeks later you have elderberry tincture.

      • Thanks, Bam Bam. I’m going to do that today. How much tincture would one take?

        • One tablespoon in a cup of tea is fine. If you are showing symptoms, take two tablespoons. I just like the taste of the tincture so I take four. :)

          • Bam Bam,
            Do you know anything about the GARNICIA KOLA which is supposed to be a treatment for Ebola?

          • Thank you, Bam Bam. I ordered 2 lbs. of dried organic elderberries. My son has the Grey Goose.

            • Gone West says:

              Just a reminder – You should use 100% alcohol, not 100 proof – that’s only 50%. Otherwise Grey Goose is excellent!! I use Everclear when I’m out of the good stuff :)

          • Elderberry extracts wouldn’t help treat ebola, it’d help the virus kill the patient. Ebola first attacks the body’s T cells, weakening and disrupting the body’s immune system and its ability to fight infection. In the final stage of the disease, the body’s immune system turns on itself, creating massive amounts of inflammatory cytokines that are the cause of the organ damage and the bursting of blood vessels. That’s the cause of all the bleeding internally and externally, it’s not the virus causing it, but the immune systems overreaction to it. It’s called a cytokine storm, and Elderberry extract has been shown to increase cytokine production. For fighting influenza, Elderberry has been proven in studies to shorten the duration of symptoms at least as well as Tamiflu, but only in individuals with an otherwise healthy immune system. Giving Elderberry tinctures/extracts to a person with ebola would only help the body create more of exactly what is the ultimate cause of death, the cytokine storm.

            • That’s an interesting assertion, and one at odds with the lady who is my go to person on anti-viral natural medicines. She told me that elderberry extract prevents the virus from being able to enter a cell, thus stopping an infection before it can get started. I honestly don’t know enough about it to intelligently argue the point. I would be extremely interested in your source of information on this subject.

      • bam bam,
        did you see rational preparedness website about selenium and ebola?
        please read and comment when ready. want your input, please.

        • Americans eat enough meat and seafood that we aren’t typically deficient in selenium. Patriot Nurse has a new video recommending a product called Green Vibrance. She says that trace mineral deficiencies leave one prone to viral infections such as Ebola. Personally, I think if you eat a healthy diet you are fine. There’s no way I would spend that much money on a supplement. To increase selenium eat meat, seafood, eggs and brazil nuts.

          • wasp,

            Here’s one report about selenium deficiency in Malawi (south east Africa). Selenium deficiency does incline people to viral infections.


          • Interestingly, we also know some people (caretakers of people who have died and who were exposed to Ebola (they tested positive to antibodies)) never got sick. What we don’t know is whether these asymptomatic carriers infected other people.

          • Bam Bam – excellent! I don’t buy into all the hype about vitamins and supplements either. The only vitamin I take is vitamin D and that’s because I KNOW I don’t make enough on my own. Anyone who eats a wide variety of fruits and veggies, plus proteins each week should not need supplements (unless it’s something like the D that I don’t make on my own). It is interesting that low selenium levels are linked to increased viral infections though.

  8. Morning all. Hope everyone is doing well.

    This week, we resolved to increase our biosafety supplies. In assessing our preps, we realized we were woefully unprepared if a pandemic hit the region within 100 miles.

    Got some disposable white coveralls, more nitrile gloves, 2 full face shields and replacement shields, plus 2 respirators and extra filters.

    Stored more beans, salt, potato flakes, and ground garbanzo beans for adding to my wheat flour.

    • Encourager says:

      Nancy V, where did you buy the disposable white coveralls?

      • nick flandrey says:

        Home Depot and lowes sometimes have them in the paint aisle. If not, try an autoparts store, and then any regular paint store.


  9. Morning Pack, Well I’ve got my regular medical stuff done, but other than a small cyst removed from my earlobe I’m fine. I checked out a new “survival store” that opened 1 town over where I bought a belt, other than that nothing else but Iraq. I guess that’s it for now see ya.

    • Oh wait I’ve got a gunshow to go to the 23rd. and 24th. its the regular one so am expecting everything to be there.

  10. Patriot Farmer says:

    I harvested the last of my green beans, carrots, beets and peas. We froze the harvest, we just don’t trust the canning jars after last week’s problems. I spent quite a few hours at the archery range this week and bought a dozen new arrows.
    One of our local grocery stores had a bunch of sales on canned meats, salmon, soups and stews for under a dollar each. I totaled 50 cans of salmon, 20 cans of tuna, 25 cans of beef and 25 cans of beef stew. No soups on this run.
    The water issues in Toledo OH caused a ripple effect of panic buying of water and water products in our area. I live about and hour and a half north of the Michigan-Ohio border and fours hours from Toledo. Some of the local cashiers were telling of the great numbers of Ohio residents at the stores buying cases of water and water containers. One cashier joked about an Ohio resident with 4 grocery carts full of cases of bottled water. At our local Walmart all but two of the 7 gallon water jugs were sold. I did buy the last two on the shelves. I was able to use this as a teaching lesson on the effects of relatively minor incidents causing panic buying over several hundred miles.

    • axelsteve says:

      Patriot farmer. You are right about the ripple effect with the water situation in Toledo. I live in Northern California and we had our local stores wiped out of bottled water.

  11. Nebraska Woman says:

    Hello, Pack
    I concentrated on buying cookbooks from ee on cooking with rice and beans, powdered eggs, and home storage. I still like the More with Less cookbook I purchased years ago.
    I have been looking at properties on acreages, but I have found nothing yet that I can afford. Most of the property here has huge McMansions and no outbuildings. I am not a McMansion person.
    I also have been experimenting with baking on my outdoor grill. I made a passable bread, pancakes (one of the 5 major food groups), and biscuits.
    That’s about it, preppers. BTW, if I print preppy, prepared person, or prep, the spell check lets it go. But preppers gets that red wavy line every time.

    • Babycatcher says:

      You can make the program add it to your dictionary….( I’m assuming we are talking Word here…). There’s many words spellchecker tries to change on my machine, so I added midwifery lingo. :)

  12. TR from CA says:

    Good morning everyone. Bought four more 5 gallon jugs and filled them with water. Got 10lbs of rice. More canned items. Saved more seeds. Since school is starting again soon, DW, DS, and I worked on our emergency plan in case we are away from home if something happens. Started to re read the Prepper’s Blueprint so I can fill in some of the holes in my preps. And got an hour in at the range this week. That is it for me. Take care. Be safe.

  13. worrisome says:

    Family on the way from the Bay Area. A little more conversation on Ebola is on the agenda and the fact that Russian Bombers are doing fly ins with their fighter jet escorts. At least one son in law is getting nervous about it.
    The travel trailer/hospital/isolation center is set up & provisioned appropriately. Someone enlightened me to the fact that putting lots of stuff in there might contaminate it all in a SHTF situation. So I provisioned appropriately. Still need a new mattress, a plastic cover for same and some cheap fresh clean pillows that I can bag up individually and use as needed and throw away. BIL and nephew to figure out the mechanical issues for the tires/bearings/axles etc.
    Found a sale, on bags of beans so bought some black, small white, small red and split peas. Found a “decent” price on thick sliced bacon so bought a bunch to freeze for now.
    I called the store I have used for years in my old stomping grounds and placed my annual order for cases of stewed toms, tom sauce, tom paste, canned beans, pickled beets, pickles, pickle relish, mayo, mustard & ketchup, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes in oil, Crisco, artichoke hearts, corn, tuna, chicken and beef and………..peanut butter. Will be doing a run to Costco to replenish some shampoo & conditioner, bleach, rice, flour, bean salad (love it), Romano Cheese and butter. Stopping in with an olive grower I know to pick up their latest in EVOOs and maybe some olive oil soap if he has made any lately. Hoping to pick some blackberries while I am in the area, heard they are perfect at the moment.
    Also did an EE order. In consideration of potentially being isolated for a few months, I went through my baking supplies and went, o o, need some powdered eggs and a couple of other things like that.
    Dehydrator has been running all week with tomatoes, squash, peppers. I also pickled some of the peppers and made up some more tomato sauce which I canned.
    We had some sort of electrical hiccup. My computer went down and when it came back up only the operating system was there. No files, no programs, etc. I have spent the week putting it back together and reloading the files. I have a small amount of bookkeeping to redo, and I did lose some of my latest word & excel files, but most everything was backed up on Carbonite.
    Watching the news, one tragedy after another bumping each other off the news space. Glad that TDL is finally dropping some humanitarian supplies into Iraq for the Christians. Hope that the “targeted” bombing runs kill off the ISIS crew. Such barbarianism! Hard to believe that in 2014, there are many still living in such midevil (spelled wrong on purpose) times.
    This week’s chores: Boys will be going hunting soon so I need to go through the freezers and see what I need to use up, organize and make room for whatever they get. Then will buy another ½ or full beef, depending. Thinking that there will be a Zaycon foods order going in soon. Going to top off the propane tanks & gas tanks. And chop up the lavender I just harvested off the plants that surround the garden.
    Garden and chickens are doing fine. Chickens are giving us 5 – 8 eggs per day, they spend some of the time hanging around with us if we are out and about. And if we sit down anywhere, they are in our laps. Never gonna be dinner. And they follow Hope around like she is the Queen of Chickens…………hysterical.

    • OldSoldat says:

      Family on the way from the Bay Area. A little more conversation on Ebola is on the agenda and the fact that Russian Bombers are doing fly ins with their fighter jet escorts. At least one son in law is getting nervous about it.

      …and elsewhere…


      • axelsteve says:

        they be probing. Just testing us typical cold war stuff to see what we do. I would so some electronic warfare on those planes. Hack there radar systems with gay porn and Maryln Manson music.

        • Canyonman says:

          LOL Yup.

          Can’t blame the Russians, though. If/when Soviet subs come knocking on our ocean boundaries, I expect our guys to say, “Nay nay!” :)

    • Hi, worrisome, I rarely agree with TDL as you say, but getting supplies to Christians/religious minorities in Iraq and bombing ISIS/ISIL I do agree. Of course, he has no long-term strategy. It should be helping the Kurds/Christians establish a state, but we will see. A friend sent me this link.

      DO NOT LOOK if you have a weak stomach, as these photos are from ISIS fighters doing their dirty work on Christian women and children. I can’t even express my disgust at the inhuman, barbaric, horrible way these people are being exterminated. As if they were animals or even worse. These ISIS scum are Satan’s Army unleashed on Christians. Civilized people have to do something. And if one Islamic country has condemned the extermination of Christians, I’ve yet to see it. The world…doesn’t care. http://www.catholic.org/news/international/middle_east/story.php?id=56481

      • Canyonman says:

        But, but… that would NEVER happen here! EVER! Right?

        Buy more ammo.

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        OMG. I have never seen anything so horrible in my life.

        • Me, either, Nebraska Woman. The Caliphate, plagues, crucifixions of Christians, beheadings, stonings, kidnapping of Christians, forced conversions to Islam, brutal gang rapes, murders, genocide….I feel like I’ve been thrown back in time 1000 years.

          • Wolfman
            My dh states that we are still in the 1,000 year war and it just a continuation. Only we get to see the genocide live and on tv or internet. The twin towers was a resurgence of the 1,000 war an bringing it to the shore of America. This is only the beginning unless they are total irradiated(isis/isil) this is “RELIGIOUS” war.
            My dh read the Koran(sp), the more he read the more upset he became. He has tried to read just about every religions book that was available. When one was in the jungles of Vietnam, you had to keep your mind occupied, his was the different beliefs of countries trying to understand where their mindsets were. Knowing a people’s belief is to know your allies or enemy.

            • Did same thing when son was in desert storm. Son was born left handed. Had to learn to be right handed at times so not to offend friendlies.

      • Worrisome says:

        I went to the site, was sickened, about what they are doing and about the fact that our idiot media doesn’t show it, thus glossing over how horrendous it is. Bless you for being real,.

        • It’s not easy looking at what is happening right now in the world, to Christians in the ME especially. I’m sure many think it is deserved, so they could care less. These same people will be begging for someone to help them before it’s all said and done.

    • And on a lighter note…..my sister has been buying cheap/inexpensive pillows from Target. The expensive part she says are the pillow covers.

  14. M.D., I hate to say this but the dark background is very hard on my eyes. I feel this way at other dark websites, too, so it just isn’t this one.

    • Dee in California says:

      I agree about the dark background. Looks nice, but is hard one eyes. Harder to see the objects. But great job otherwise! Thank you for the helpful information and encouragement!

  15. Morning pack.

    My biggest prep for the week is that I finally converted one room in our house to food storage only. I installed a portable AC unit in order for me to have this room at 65 degree. Living in Phoenix I will go broke if I had to lower the temp in the whole house. I’m very happy with this investment, it gives me much better peace of mind that my food is protected better.
    I added mix can goods and I canned some ground beef.
    Went to the shooting range for and hour.
    Added 60 gallons of water.
    Stay safe and god bless the pack

    • cover any window with styrofoam,as much as you can fit in it.Any space not taken up by preps,fill with empty cardboard boxes,sealed shut.They will act as insulation and use less ac.Store bottled water in there,as they will act as a heat sink and stay cool when the ac is off.

      • Good suggestions but leave a little space between boxes so air can flow around them or they tend to insulate the bottom and middles and anything too close to walls as the sun will make the temp here much higher. The smaller space you need to cool the shorter the run times, however it takes alot of power to start a compressor as well (that’s why they add start capacitors) it helps create starting torque (for lack of a better way of stating it.) so running 6-8 short cycles an hour may not be any more efficiant than running 2-3 longer ones.

      • Dean
        Great suggestions, I will do this today so I can keep the room nice and cool at the lowes cost possible.

        • axelsteve says:

          For this week I put away some food and water. My son bought a 12 guage pump shotgun so I am gonna suprise him with some ammo. It is a stevens not sure of model yet.

      • Grannytraveler says:

        This is a great idea. We did the same thing to our bedrooms and my food storage room. Who needs light at night? We have seen a big drop in our electric bill and my upstairs bedroom is cool in the summer for the first time. Usually I can’t get it cooler than 80-85 because it is on the 2nd floor with windows facing west (ugh). All of our bedroom windows face west. We live in SoCal. Bad foresight on our part when we bought this house 35 yrs ago.

    • That is the way I have my “pantry”. It stays 60* year around and has not raised my electric bill that I’ve noticed. I put tin foil over the window, then insulated the window with fiberglass insulation (that’s what I had) and taped and stapled plastic over that. The room and window are on the west side of the house so I expected it to get warm in the afternoon, but I was pleasantly surprised. Stays cool, dark, and dry!!

      • Dove.
        Sounds like a great room. My room is with out windows, ran the vent through the wall to the out side. I sealed the door frame as good as I could. Our house is build with great energy efficient materials, that makes the room so what insulated

      • Dove,

        Just a heads-up about foil in the windows. That’s a tip-off to law enforcement that you are running a home pot farm. Put butcher paper (or similar) preferably white to reflect heat, then put the foil over that. It’s less conspicuous and is more appealing from the outside.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      My bedroom is a built in room in the garage. The garage is a large metal building. 2 sides of my room are about 1 ft away from the sides of the garage, the ceiling of my room is about 7 ft from the garage roof. The room has regular fiberglass batting insulation and the garage has a thin sprayed on stuff that looks like shredded stuff. It was built in the 80’s.

      We get temps over 100 pretty much all summer and my room a/c unit has a hard time keeping it cool though it works fine during below 95 degree days.

      My question: is there anything I can do to keep my room cooler, such as the boxes or something? Any ideas are helpful.

      • hvaczach says:

        Do you live in an area with high humidity? Is this a window A/C and if so is the condenser outside, or thru the wall into the garage? If you live in an area of hi humidity and 100 degree heat it will most likely not keep up, and even filling the space with boxes could actually make it worse because you can’t cool air until the humidity (latent heat load) is removed so filling a room with boxes is eliminating square footage but not eliminating humidity. Also how long since the condenser coil on the A/C was washed? this should be done anually a dirty condenser can ruin the units ability to cool and eventually ruin the unit. If it is blowing into the garage and not outside than you are heating up the area you are drawing cooling air for the condenser from and thus eliminating efficiancy and carrying capacity, much in the way a dirty coil does. If humidity is not an issue than eliminating square feet of cooling space may very well work.

        • ladyhawthorne says:

          The a/c is one of those inside units where the duct and drip line goes outside through the wall, both go to outside the garage. I keep the coils and filter cleaned. It’s not usually humid here, only if it rains but we are in a drought. I can’t make my room any smaller-I moved from a 3 bedroom house to this 10×12 room, so it’s pretty well packed around the edges with the little bit of furniture and stuff I kept. Can’t fill the room because this is where I sleep and have my own space. Has a small closet and a small full bath.

          I guess I was more wondering if putting something between the metal garage walls and the insulated drywall of my room might help. I have insulation above the ceiling as well. There’s a ceiling fan that helps move air around but no windows which probably helps keep it cooler.

        • axelsteve says:

          maybe some insulation in the roof of the room.were the walls insulated?

      • ladyhawthorne
        There is a product that looks like bubble wrap but is silver foil in color. It comes in rolls that have a width of 24″ & 48″, the length I do not recall. That goes down first, then add ridge foam insulation(1″ or thicker) over the top of that around the walls that take the most heat and the roof should help drop down the heat index in your room.
        I used this in the building we created for storage, it still gets warm in there(80 degrees) on the days it reaches 100+ degrees . I only use an oscillating fan at this time to push the heat build up & out through the over head vent.

        • ladyhawthorne says:

          Thanks, I’ll look into that!

          • hvaczach says:

            The insulation becky is talking about would work well and the type of cooling unit your talking about moves room air across the condenser then removes the hot condenser air out of the room. This variety of unit in your particular case is very handy, but in general these are smaller systems in my area generally just used as an emergency back-up for critical areas. So I am not really that familiar with them but if everything is clean then my guess is it just can’t keep up on those hot days to be fair large whole house systems really cant keep up in those kind of temps.

            • You said not humid,, how dry is it? Here in Tucson I use no AC at all. Just evaporation cooling, a swamp box that cools by evaporation. Can drop temps by up to 35 degrees f doesn’t work well at humidity higher than 40% though.

  16. Schatzie Ohio says:

    I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen.
    This past week I went over the BoB’s and replaced some food items, I also bought a Sawyer Mini filter, a LED flashlight, the battery holder cases that I believe O.P. mentioned in a past post and a SOG Seal Pup – all to up grade the BoB’s. While taking care of the BoB I checked out the dog’s back pack and also made up a kit for the cats.
    We bought a Rubbermaid Brute trash can and the husband drilled some holes in the side of it to make a composter bin. I have to clean up the chicken coop and put the poops in the new composter sometime today – :-)

  17. Morning Pack:

    Took some time off and spent 7 days in the woods. Checked out some more of our BOV/Trailer ideas. Broke a few things (like my 3rd scissor jack off my trailer). The new generator worked exceptionally well (the group voted it the best improvement to my trailer to date – it’s super quiet). Found a few other things that need fixing and I think we have found our battery charging problem. Will probably need new batteries for next year. DW’s 4-wheeler showed its overheating problem again so this time we think we can get it fixed. Also found we did not have a manual for it, so got one in. Today we are going over to where we keep our trailer to do some reorganization and repairs.

    Got my “new favorite” 22 LR rifle back from the shop. I had it drilled and tapped and a Weaver-style mount put on it. It only had dove tail groves and I plan to put a quality scope on it. Took the Ruger 308 to the range. What a sweat shooter. If you are “recoil sensitive” I can recommend a semi-auot 308. My M1A SOCOM was a sweet shooter with little felt recoil. My Ruger SR7.62 has even less! Plus I put a Mag-Pul stock on it and the available Limbsaver recoil pad. The trigger is typical military type, heavy but crisp. Nothing a 3 lb Timmney can’t fix; but it still drilled the group out at close range. I will be playing with the scope to decide what it will ultimately end up with it, in a “scout-type” position. Once we figure out what scope is going to stay on it, we’ll wring it out further out. We have target stands at 100 and 200 yards, with metal gongs at 300 and 400. Looking forward to ringing them regularly.

    Ordered some Glock mags from Botach with their latest sale. Bought 2 for my LC 380 off e-bay. Picked up 3 bricks (525) of Federal 22 LR and 4 boxes (100 round) of CCI Subsonic 22 LR this last week. The stuff is slowly showing up and the Federal was $20.59.

    Picked up 7 canning jars at a Thrift Store. Got my copy of 299 days, vol 9. Also picked up a box of nitrex gloves (just in time for Ebola!) I need to use the gloves when I cut onions, as I react to the oil and can’t get the smell off my hands.

    Our only food prep was fresh cherries, dehydrated or frozen. My DW found a cherry pitter that does 4 at a time so these have become a new favorite. If you haven’t had half frozen, pitted cherries, I highly recommend it!

    I ended up pulling a muscle in my middle back, so I’ve been taking it slow this week. Been busy, but couldn’t point out with what if asked.

    Looks like several things that we have been prepping for are starting to come around. Financials are volatile, Ebola is loose, wars and rumor of wars. Guess the best thing to do is what we have been doing. Financially we are trying to get ourselves in a position where we won’t loose anything if we have to “pull the rock over our heads” for 3-4 weeks. I saw an article about how over ½ of the families out there would have trouble putting their hands on $400 if they had to. Says a lot about the general population; makes me proud to be a financial 49%er. At least I know we’ll eat during the coming crisis.

    Bam Bam and the others, thanks for the Ebola info. Quality information makes it easier to decide what to do.

    • JP,
      I’ve got a Yamaha 600 ATV that used to over heat something bad if it was driven for long periods at low speeds. So bad that the gasoline would begin to boil. Complained to Yamaha and had to threaten a suit if they didn’t fix it. They sent a factory tech out and he put a cooling fan on it and it fixed the problem for good.

      • JP in MT says:

        Big Bear:

        I think the problem is in the cooling fan. We’ll see.

        • axelsteve says:

          have your radiator cap tested or replaced. Sometime they go bad and don`t hold enough pressure to regulate temp.

          • axelsteve:

            That was what the problem was. They showed me how it had come completely apart. Guess that’s something to add to the “spares” box. Thanks.

            Plus I now have a manual (not sure why I didn’t get one with the bike, so I know where/how to get at some of the simple things.

            • Another thing to keep in mind with those coolant systems is always use distilled water in your mix with antifreeze . The distilled water has a higher boiling point .

              • axelsteve says:

                Fixit. I did not know that about distilled water. I will have to remember that. Distilled water is so cheap also.

              • Fixit:

                I only use distilled water in may batteries, didn’t know about the radiator. I will be putting up some 50/50 mix, made at home. Priced a quart bottle at the MC dealer – wow! I didn’t realize it had gold in it!

              • no it does not,,
                Distilled water boils at 100degree centigrade when the pressure is one atmosphere. it is its boiling temperature at this pressure.

                Tap water is not pure water. When impurities are added to pure water the boiling point increases at the same pressure.

                • Lee you are right on a stove if you are heating water but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about a 50/50 mix of distilled water and antifreeze under a pressure cap . Had to look it backup to get the right ratio . Distilled water in this case gives you a 3 degree rise per pound of pressure before boiling over what tap water will.

            • axelsteve says:

              JP in Montana. I am glad to be of help.

    • You’re welcome. I’ll keep the news coming.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      I”m still shopping for a new inverter type generator, is that the type you have? If so what brand did you go with? They cost a lot more than the regular sets but all I read says its worth it. I need a backup for two fridges and a small freezer. I have a big old style generator but its loud and burns fuel like its free.

  18. picked up 4 bags of cat food (two still on order), a can of coffee and another box of garbage bags. canned some blueberry topping and blueberry pie filling. today will be a busy day helping to teach a workshop on tuna canning and then berry and apple picking. lost most of the apples off one of my tree – one day they were on the tree – the next they were on the ground.

    • suzyq
      Just because the apples hit the ground they are still useable, make apple butter or apple sauce out of them. My dh cousin brought me 6 buckets of apples that hit the ground, and I made apple sauce out of them. That was a year ago, and I am so happy to have converted them into a food source that will be good for years to come. Just an idea so they do not go to waste.

      • Normally I would have picked up the windfalls but couldn’t determine for sure how long the apples had been down, and I have been advised that we have a high level of arsenic in the soil so we were advised not to pick up windfalls – however, we can grow pretty good gardens with the right conditioning so it seems a little bit of a conflict of information. Yesterday, while picking apple we used the minute rule – if the apple fell on the ground and we picked it up within a minute or so it didn’t count as having fallen on the ground.

    • country vet says:

      Windfall apples make great applesauce, even if a large percentage are green. Our first round this year was from apples a storm had ripped off. Best that I have made.

  19. Still canning green beans and tomatoes,, each week I think the plants are about done but they surprise me. I’ve run out of canning jars and pick them up at Freds, a local store at a pretty good price. I’ll have to make a run there again today before I start canning.
    I’ve also run out of space in the pantry for the jars and the shelf unit I was working on in the bed room is finished, what I can today wil be the first on the new shelves. Does anyone know do I have to enclose the shelves? They are not in direct sunlight, but the curtains on the windows let filtered light into the room during the day. DH brought up a good point saying saying they should be kept in a cool DARK place. Are they good the way they are or should I toss a blackout curtain over them and plan to enclose them?

    Found out this week we can’t afford the hand pump I wanted for the well, not sure of the static water level, but the well itself is 240′. Well man said the simple pump would run us about 3K (we will start saving). He did recommend a generator, and we looked at them at Lowes last night. The ones we saw had outlets for plug-ins on the side,,not quite sure how that would work for the well.

    Hang on Pack, we are in for a bumpy ride!

    • R-Me
      On generators that I have seen like yours and ours they make a pig tail. It plugs into the 220v and the other into the electrical box with a special 220 plug just for the generator. Not knowing your set up, you would need to make sure your main line off so it does not feed back into the electric line.
      We have one we have to set up this way for the well & pumps to the house. Then because of the distance between the well & our home we are looking at a house system that is tri fuel. We will use propane as the running time is double to gasoline.

      • Worrisome says:

        And propane doesn’t have the storage issues gas and diesel do…lasts forever…all of our generators except a couple small ones the guys use on job sites are propane.

        • True, propane is great, but in grid down you never know what sort of fuel you might end up finding after you’ve run out. Scott Hunt recommends multi-fuel generators for this reason. It’s what I plan to buy.

      • Thank you, now I have an idea of what I’m looking at. Since it will take a year for us to save for the simple pump I need to plan with other options and think a generator will be a good in-between solution. I will look for propane.

    • In order to cut the light from my shelves, I got wide stick on velcro – put a run around the top of the shelves – put the opposite side of the velcro on the top back of some blackout drapes that I had and stuck them together. It works great and looks good. I did not have the carpentry skills to do otherwise.

    • We just purchased a Earth Straw from Flojack. About $600 and works similar to other hand pumps… Not quite as much outflow but another option to look into.

  20. Long post, mostly on the run up to Hurricane Iselle. If you don’t like long posts, please skip.

    Step-son got a pile of inoculations last week as he is off to Istanbul for a year of teaching English at a private middle school. As I recall he got typhoid (oral), hepatitis, and a couple others. Also a prescription for some anti-diarrhea pills which are the preferred treatment for typhoid if the inoculation doesn’t work… I’ve had enough experience over there to be quite clear one does not want to be running off to the pharmacy after getting a serious bout of the runs. Many things are available there, but some should be taken along. I guess that means…um…be prepared. Funny how that works.

    Monday: There was an article in the paper about Waikiki’s vulnerability to hurricanes, including flooding. The land is low (mostly former rice and taro fields which have been filled), and there is a big drainage canal which runs behind the hotel/condo district, connecting to the ocean, so the area can be flooded from all sides. Joy.

    As the story says, “Civil defense, emergency management officials and scientists say it’s possible hundreds, maybe thousands, could be killed across Oahu….Waikiki would be flooded from heavy rain and storm surges…Power would be lost for what could be a very long time.

    On Kauai after Hurricane Iniki, water and utilities weren’t fully up and running for four months….

    More than 650,000 people will require emergency sheltering and care and 1 million people will need feeding…”

    Imagine feeding a million people when you are unable to truck in supplies and equipment from the next state. A million people means the entire population of the island is expected to need help, which of course means that they expect essentially no one to be able to take care of themselves, much less help anyone else.

    “Officials acknowledge there’s not enough (public shelter) space for everyone.” Well…that may cut down on the numbers who need food and water….

    Even for those who do get to public shelters, there is no food, water, or medical supplies provided. They are just space, mostly in public schools. People who don’t bring their own supplies will just have to do without.

    One of the people from the UH National Disaster Preparedness Training Center said people need to prepare now: ” It’s like the three little pigs…Everyone makes a choice. Those who invest the time and money and get results in preparing for a disaster are like the pig who built his house out of bricks. Those who don’t (will) get the straw house. If we get a Category 4 of 5 storm, there’s going to be a lot of people who wished they had prepared.”

    We need a lot more of these articles.

    Tuesday: We got more, right on the front page, top of the fold. Two storms on the way, the first expected to hit Thursday. There was a sidebar telling people what they should have for a minimum of 7 days. That is quite an improvement over the 3 to 5 days they frequently talk about.

    In late morning I went to CostCo to top off the gas and do some routine shopping. The gas line was out of the driveway and down the street for 12 gas pumps- over a hundred yards long. Inside was full, but orderly, with people buying 5 to twelve flats of water each, 3 to six 50 pound sacks of rice each, multiple cases of Ramen noodles, multiple cases of canned soup, batteries galore, 5 to eight four packs of canned chicken and tuna, multiple 30 packs of toilet paper. I succumbed to panic and bought a bag of paper plates. Everyone seemed in good enough humor despite pretty long lines with all the check out counters open. I got through the check out line about 12:30 and heard they were out of water.

    Wednesday: The swap meet was mighty thin, few vendors or sellers. I got a couple German medical clamps and a full set of tactical survival bananas in their original wraps. Stopped at the hardware store on the way home to get a bottle of bleach and windshield washer fluid and the clerk said they have been selling propane like crazy, and generators. “People don’t care about the price. $850? They just buy them.” Seems to me that they could replace a lot of food for $850. We have been drawing down the frozen foods and filled more one gallon juice jugs and froze them in the extra space.

    Wednesday Evening: we got an email for Honolulu Department of Emergency Management about evacuating to public school shelters:

    “Who should evacuate?…Residents living in older homes built before 1995, on exposed ridgelines and anyone living in an area prone to or with a history of flooding. Remember, if you choose to evacuate to a shelter you must bring all of your disaster supplies with you.”

    Our house was built in the early 1950s, right on top of a ridge.

    Thursday, 1:00 PM. Still sunny and light breeze here. I’ve been putting stuff under cover, we both cleaned out and repacked our back packs for quick exit if needed, and I have cleaned out and backed the truck into the carport so we can throw stuff in if it looks like we are going to get hit hard. We plan to go to a friend’s condo, not the public shelter, if we do need to bug out.

    I sure hope we are spared. There isn’t much which can be done if the houses go. There aren’t enough shelters on the island.

    Maybe this one will finally get the attention of the govt so they will start pounding it into everyone’s head that everyone is responsible for their own safety. They need to say it loud, and keep saying it. No one is driving in from the next state to help us.

    Thursday Night: Sweetie, one of our cats is sick: lethargic, not responding. Does not seem to be in pain, though.

    Friday: Iselle has been downgraded and last I heard was 100 miles south of us, heading West. WhoooHooo!

    This morning has been a standard rainy morning and a bit breezier than normal. Have heard of gusts on Oahu up to 60 MPH but haven’t seen anything like that here. There are some scattered trees down and power outages, but doesn’t sound like anything major at this point. We dodged this one OK.

    I had to go to the vet this morning with Sweetie cat- she was extremely lethargic last night and remained so this AM, so off we went together, neither one of us very enthusiastic about the expedition. It was raining, but not too hard, little wind, very little traffic as most things are closed. After some interestingly priced tests she got an antibiotic shot and a shot of water between her shoulder blades. Shall see if it does any good.

    Shall keep our eyes peeled for Julio next. Currently projected to track north of us, but hurricanes are about as reliable as President Bill’s wedding vows.

    • I enjoy long posts, you really get to understand the story. Glad HI dodged the bullet on this one, unfortunately it makes folks numb to the next warning and they will be less prepared.
      Sorry to hear about Sweetie ;-( hope that has a happy ending.

    • Worrisome says:

      Hope sweetie gets better soon. I had a cat that was so sensitive to any stress I exhibited I would shut her in my room so she wouldn’t get upset. After a while if I didn’t come across calm, she would just take herself to my room and hide under my pillow.

    • Penrod, thanks for the report. I wondered how you were doing over there several times this past week and was really glad to see your post. I hope the next storm will not be much worse then the first.

      • Thanks, Ron. It currently looks like Julio will pass north of us, probably further north than Iselle passed south of Oahu. Fingers crossed.

        • Penrod – I’ve thought about you several times this week. Glad to hear you are OK. Other friends have been praying for Hawaii as well. Stay safe.

          • Thanks, GA Red. Things are looking good here: Julio continues to track well north of us.

            Sweetie seems better, if not up to snuff. Shall have to keep a pretty close eye on her for a few more days.

            It was almost funny to think of going out in a hurricane because of a sick cat. All the preps one makes and then something comes out of left field. Fortunately it wasn’t really a hurricane, or even a bad storm by the time I did have to take her out. Just a rainy day.

    • Penrod
      Sorry to hear the kitty is not feeling very well. Hope she starts to feel better, sound like to was bitten by something to make her so sick.
      Knew you were prepared if it came in as bad as was predicted. Nice to know the local establishment finally told those who thought they could come with just their clothes on their back….sorry we are just a place to put your head. The rest is up to you.
      Enjoyed the funny……..paper plates. YOU were out?? Now that is hard to believe

      • Hi Becky: “paper plates. YOU were out??”

        Oh, gosh, no. I just had to do something to declare my revolutionary solidarity with the panic-buying proletariat.

        It just didn’t seem quite right to leave with nothing but a jug of milk and a jug of orange juice, and paper plates have a long shelf life.

    • Pernod,
      Sure glad it wasn’t worse for you. Take care.

    • Copperhead says:

      Glad to read your post, Penrod. Sure thought about you while that hurricane was coming close to HI. I can learn lots from the experiences of others going thru their adversities. Happy all is well. (Hope Julio stays way north)

      • Thanks, Copperhead.

        One thing weird about it all was, having listened to what the emergency/disaster response people have told us one-on-one over the last several months at disaster preparedness fairs (“scared s***less”), then listening to the governor blather on for five minutes about what a wonderful job his administration has done to prepare (with the unstated “and vote for me in the Saturday primary election”).

        When the FEMA guy admits we could lose more people to dehydration after a hurricane kills thousands directly, I don’t think we are so well prepared.

        None of the water distribution pumps is in a hurricane proof building, so how well prepared is your administration, Governor Abercombie?

        When the power grid goes down, and there are four big generators (none in hurricane resistant buildings) for 200 pumps instead of one small generator per pump, how do you power the pumps Oh Governor “We Are So Well Prepared” Abercrombie? The pumps which survive, that is.

        When the electric company says their big concern is not the municipal generators but the grid because termite problems prevent stockpiling large numbers of poles, and the replacements cannot be flown in because of their creosote, so they have to come 2400 miles by ship to possibly damaged docks, how well are you prepared, Governor Abercrombie?

        When the fire department guys start shouting that we all need our own water, food, medical supplies, and SHOTGUNS because NO ONE in the police department, fire department, or ambulances or electric company is coming to help us no matter what the problem for maybe a month, how well prepared is the government, Governor?

        It seems to me that either the governor is an idiot, or he isn’t getting information from the people on the ground— in which case his system is incompetent. Same result.

        • Dear Governor Abercrombie got primaried out last night. His opponent, David Ige, rolled over him with 68% of the vote.

          Ige too, is a liberal Democrat, but he has long had private sector experience in a family owned company, whereas Abercrombie’e entire education and career has been akin to Our Beloved President’s. Ige has has an electrical engineering background, Abercrombiue pure political, and went thru school in an era when sociology and political departments were possibly more infested with Marxists than even today. And he was a friend of The One’s parents, which says something. That was not an issue tho: he made a lot of missteps early in his administration, and never recovered.

          Ige was instrumental in starting to pay down the underfunding in the pension and retiree health benefits funs…more or less 20 billion underfunded. I hope he continues. We don’t need to be another Detroit.

    • Thanks for the post. I’m glad you’re doing ok, I was very concerned about the islands. My niece recently moved home from there, but her boyfriend is still there. Hope you stay safe.

      • Thanks, Andi. People in newer -post 1994– buildings are relatively safe, but huge swaths of housing are single wall construction, all prepped and primed to blow away. And no place secure to store water, food, etc.

    • I’ve been thinking about you Penrod. I told a very close friend of mine about a post you made a while ago about how unprepared Hawaii state govt. was for a hurricane. She was incredulous.

      I’m glad things worked out well for this one. I can only hope the State gets It’s head screwed on straight after this very clear warning.

      I was concerned for you and your family, but not worried. After reading your posts for a couple of years, I know you have your stuff together.

      You should be running Hawaii’s emergency planning agency.

      • Thanks, Sirius. Far and away the scariest thing for us is the likelihood of the house blowing away. There just isn’t much to do that is cost effective. We added Simpson StrongTies a couple years ago, but a big blow would still wipe out the whole ridge community.

        Running an emergency planning agency: AAAaaargghghghggh!

        It just isn’t in the political culture here to do such non-sexy things. We want our legislators to put up technologically obsolete libraries full of hard copies,then let them rot away for lack of maintenance.

        I think the planning/response agencies people are OK. The problem is lack of funding and political support for just plain telling the people loudly, clearly, and often that we are responsible for our own safety, not the government. It goes against the political culture. They say we need to be prepared, but not nearly so much as needed. That started to change a bit with Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, and I hope it continues after this warning.

        • Canyonman says:

          My dear Penrod,

          I was delighted to read your epic post and to hear that you and yours are still on the sunny side of the lava.

          Having digested, pondered, and considered the many differences in tropical versus mountain survival – for instance, there hasn’t been a single shark attack in the Rocky Mountains this year – I have decided that I have a great deal of respect for you, and that I wouldn’t live in Hawaii if paid a considerable sum.

          That being said, I feel that there is some chink missing in my survival armor. A glitch in the system, a flaw, an error. You see, I served my nation proudly, and some might even say with distinction, in the Army infantry. I have done the world tour and seen/done interesting things. I have attended various and sundry survival courses in assorted climates, and even had a little side gig for a while building BOBs for those who will probably never BO.

          So please, dear Penrod, inquiring minds MUST know. Where does one procure: “a full set of tactical survival bananas in their original wraps.” – ? In what type of “original” Kryptonian wraps are they swathed? Most importantly, can you please share with us what makes these bananas tactical?

          • Excellent questions all, Wolfman, and in fact I wondered a trifle that no one had asked any earlier.

            One can get tactical survival bananas high above the azure waters of Pearl Harbor, in the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountains, from certain vendors of such within the guarded compound of the Kam Swap Meet, on any Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday morn.

            Tactical Survival Bananas, unlike Tactical Survival Assault Rifles, come in wrappers not black, but yellow or sometimes green. Yellow wrappers may be plain yellow, or camoflaged with brown spots.

            I generally buy our Tactical Survival Bananas from a vendor next to our vendor of Tactical Survival Papayas and Tactical Survival Pineapples. Others, less demanding, may just saunter into Safeway for theirs.

            These are all Tactical Survival Fruits because it is my tactic to slice them up, scatter the fragments upon my Tactical Survival Cereal, and eat them to survive, and because, as we all know, any marketer worth his salt realizes that all he has to do to sell pretty much anything these days is to call it tactical. Tactical pocket knives, tactical belts, tactical T-shirts. Ideally black, of course, but I being an open-minded cosmopolitan type am willing to accept survival bananas in yellow wrappers as tactical.

            I hope, Canyonman, that you have now achieved tactical survival enlightenment, and that I have remedied the shockingly inadequate training you received from various and sundry survival courses in assorted climates.

            • My apologies, Dear Mr. Canyonman, for miss-addressing you as Wolfman. Not that there is anything wrong with Wolfman which wouldn’t be cured with some Tactical Survival Bananas, mind you, but he and you are not the same. I think.

              Technical term: Ooopsie Man!

              • Canyonman says:

                Wolfie and I have much in common, and like you, he and his would always be welcome at the Casa Del Canyonman. But alas, we are not the same.

                I am searching the web in an attempt to track down those TSBs. I believe this to be a fascinating notion, but apparently I’m the only prepper who has none, as no one else has commented. Are the “original wraps” camouflaged to look like actual bananas? Replete with Dole logo? And as these are not merely “survival bananas”, but TACTICAL survival bananas, I feel as if I have surely missed the banana boat on this one…

                • Canyonman says:

                  There seems to have been a lag in the posting of comments, which is why I missed your very thorough explanation on Tacticality. So my previous/most recent comment makes little sense now.

                  I do agree completely on the “tactical” label, and will avoid purchasing the black Tactical Survival Bananas, which are certainly marked up in price because they are, well, black.

                  • “will avoid purchasing the black Tactical Survival Bananas”

                    I am relieved to hear that, Canyonman. The ethics of Marketing Departments is well known to be little more stringent than those of the average national politician. Surely any such Black Tactical Survival Bananas have been artificially colored, and may not even be in their original wrappers.

                    As a retired military type, you may enjoy something I wrote up a number of years ago in a pseudo-military journal, The PyroGerbil Institute Proceedings. Or you may be so offended that you will set mutant ninja zombies on my trail. With that warning, here is the page:


                    If you do read it, please keep in mind that my stats shortly thereafter revealed that someone apparently from the Chinese ministry of defense had found it using a keyword search for ‘self-propelled mortar.’ I hope he suffered a revelation.

                    Also, several visits were made by someone at the US Department of State. Possibly they were doing research, though so far no one has contacted me about research grants or massive royalties due yours truly.

                    in any case, it is rather off-color, so beware.

                    And keep that poor Chinese military feller in mind whilst perusing it. He may still be having nightmares.

                    • Canyonman says:

                      That is without question the funniest thing I have read in quite some time. WELL DONE! And yes, I remember hearing of that incident…

                      But I have to think there may well be merit in the Tactical Survival Banana. A banana peel is in itself waterproof; could the contents be removed and the peel then refilled with, say, apple? Vienna sausage? Assorted cheese cubes? Bullets? The shape does lend itself to a variety of tactically surviving applications. What about a defensive model packed with gunpowder and a peeling-activated detonator? Carry it in case you’re accosted by a roving gang of vegans who demand all your non-meat supplies.

                    • “The enhanced methane gas round”! I gotta tell you, I fell on the floor laughing. After giving it a bit of thought, though, I bet that’s what is leading to all this global warming. It’s your fault, Penrod. Or some poor gerbil that has been abused. Who you gonna call? N-S-A?

                    • Hi Wolfman, “Or some poor gerbil that has been abused.”

                      Well, now, we all know that any Gerbil-American can be as patriotic and self-sacrificing as any other American. Just imagine entire flights of PyroGerbils soaring to our country’s defense.

                      Possibly they should be part of the Prepper Opera. The Chorus, perchance.

            • Am I the only one who is thinking that Tactical Survival Banana’s, sliced on a bias, and placed over a grill on very high heat (to caramelize the grill marks), sprinkled with salt and dusted with pepper, would taste YUMMY with Vanilla ice cream?

              OOHHH that’s right. I’m supposed to store rice and beans….

              NEVER MIND!

              • Well, of course one is supposed to be storing rice and beans, but “Freeze Dried Ice Cream and Grilled Bananas” does sound like a fine song for the Prepper Opera.

    • Long post maybe, but very educational. Thanks for the report from the path of the storm. Next thing I know you will take Jim Cantore’s slot at TWC.

    • Gone West says:

      Glad for the post Penrod, was thinking about you :) Excellent post, not too long either.

  21. Chuck Findlay says:

    I ordered Marjory Wildcraft’s videos, she was selling a 3-DVD set for 1/2 price last week Only $18.00 for a normally $37.00 price.

    I also canned 9-pounds of bacon and right now I have 5-pounds of ground sirloin in the canner.

    And I picked up a metal medical cabinet (Zee Medical brand) that looks to be made for use in a factory, it’a 18-inches wide by 30-inches tall. It was $5.00 at a garage sale. I’m going to mount it to the brick wall in the basement and use it for med-supplies to restock my kits when I need to.

  22. Hi All,
    We emptied out our five 55 gallon water barrels in the root cellar. They’d been full for a long time and we thought it would be good to get them cleaned out and full of freshwater. I made a combination siphon/pump device to make the job easy. It uses an in-line squeeze bulb like those found on boat gas tanks to get the flow started and then a little drill powered pump takes over and does the job quickly. I got the bulb at NAPA and the Wayne drill from Amazon. Here’s the link for the drill pump: tp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000H5VJAS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    The setup works well!

    We’ve been talking about the Ebola problems and are worried a bit more than usual. The potential for a pandemic is high and therefore we’ve reviewed our planned defense against becoming contaminated. If we see the beginnings of a real pandemic we’ll begin self isolation and just stay in our location without any contact to others. Sure would be a good excuse to declare martial law and shut down public gatherings (including the November elections)!

  23. Once again the search for housing continues, keeping me from doing much prepping.
    Grabbed eighteen 1 gallon empty water jugs at work. Figure I can keep them dry n closed until needed for a bug out or transporting things.
    Messed around with my radios a bit, cleaned a few weapons. Might sharpen some knives later.

  24. Spent time at Sam’s restocking. Ordered another 50 pounds of rolled oats. Oats are my usual breakfast and ingredient in vegan burgers so I use them up fast. Canned sweet pepper relish. Froze a dozen 1 cup bags of diced peppers. Canned 16 pints of diced tomatoes. Picking again today. Bought gutters for a 20 foot roof to collect water for the house and drinking. DD and I plan to hang the gutters this weekend. The news is pushing the urgency to get things done. The World is a very dangerous place right now! Keep prepping.

  25. Quiet week – haven’t felt well most of the week and have just been taking it easy. (No, it’s not Ebola). Went to the auction and got some stuff to resell on eBay/Amazon. Also got some stuff at the local library book sale. Other than that and some thick plastic sheeting (the last roll I bought got used as a drop cloth… ooops?) and some food into the stash, it’s been a lazy week.

    I’ve stocked up on the .45 and am now rotating to the .357 for building up the supply. Next will be 9mm… and then back around to the .45…

  26. Chuck Findlay says:

    Noticed a few mentions of the Toledo water problem above. And while it’s OK (As OK as it ever gets) to drink Toledo water again, the city is under a water use restriction till the end of summer. No watering of lawns, no washing autos, no watering gardens or any other high use of water.

    Looks like a good time to start working toward an off-grid water supply to be able to live through things like this. And while I personally had good water (Oregon, Oh water was good) only a foolish person thinks they will never suffer a problem like this when my city’s water intake is only one-mile from the Toledo intake.

  27. I ordered two more boxes of respirators. We had plenty of face masks. But I wear glasses. So face masks won’t work for me. I also ordered two more boxes of surgical gloves. I spoke with my doctor friend at work. He said if cases started popping up around here he would stay away from the hospitals, he already doesn’t shake hands, and he would touch surfaces as little as possible.

    We are heading off to Sam’s Club today to get extras just in case.

    • Bam Bam,

      Get the N95 masks with the plastic valve in the front. They make it possible to wear glasses with them. Even if you are doing strenuous work. They’re a bit more expensive, but worth it.

      • Yep. That’s what I got. I am glad I tried the regular face masks first. I learned they fog up if you have glasses. Not good.

  28. k. fields says:

    Been out of the country for the past couple of weeks attending a number of operas in Germany – I spoke about the trip here back last spring so I won’t go into it now – but the operas were unbelievable, Germany was beautiful and the S… didn’t Hit the Fan while I was gone. I can’t ask for better than that and hopefully I’ll get to attend again next year.

    Homestead is doing great – no problems here at my place from the CA drought at all. There is one wildfire burning in my county which is only about 30% contained, but it is far away on the coastal ridge. Just in case though, one of the first things I did on returning home was to make sure all the fire fighting gear was sorted out and working properly.

    Some friends temporarily moved in while I was gone and kept the homestead running smoothly – it’s so good to have people around you can really trust. They had a good time getting a break from their city lives and will head home tomorrow with big bags of fresh produce, homemade cheeses and some great stories to share (yes, the bear is still hanging around).

    Picked up some additional cases of wine on the drive back from San Francisco to restock the coffers – my only “prepping” purchase. Like all good preppers though, I eat (drink) what I store so this item is constantly in need of replenishing. Seems to disappear a lot faster than the powered milk for some reason.

    And Bam Bam is no longer a little yellow puppet! First a name change and now a different avatar – I’m afraid soon she’ll disappear completely.

    Was surprised to see all the coverage on ebola here while I was gone, but I guess it’s the latest “big media” gloom and doom item to worry about. What’s there been, 1,000+ deaths in this latest outbreak which began over 7 months ago? One thousand dead in an area of extreme poverty, poor medical facilities, poor sanitation and wariness of any authority figures (including health care workers) due to years of war. That’s about equal to, well, just about a week’s worth of pneumonia deaths in the US? Yeah, ebola is not something I’m going to be loosing sleep over at this point. I’m not saying ebola isn’t scary, but it’s more scary like HIV/Aids than Influenza – unless you’re going around trading bodily fluids with strangers, you probably don’t have to worry too much. And the reports of it going airborne? Really folks, actually read the test data about the pigs and monkeys. Those results weren’t what some yellow-journalism websites may have led you to believe.

    • I’ve done quite a bit of research on ebola, and I haven’t posted anything from some “yellow-journalism” website. And I’ve read some of the research, Bam Bam has read even more. I’ll stand by what I’ve posted. You’re quite arrogant and smug, sounds to me like you’re on the OFA payroll. I actually talked to Col. Jerry and Col. Nancy Jaax, the 2 US Army researchers who discovered ebola Reston, and they told quite a different story than you. They told me personally that they consider this virus to be the most significant biological threat on the planet. I’ll take their word for it, thank you.

      • Worrisome says:


        • Worrisome says:

          When my federal employee coast guard SIL says it is time to have a talk about Ebola, I listen, carefully..

      • country vet says:

        You are sooooo right. Those that bury their heads may regret it this time. The monkey/pig incident is only a very small blip on the radar. Some are always going to believe what the “powers that be” put forth and are unwilling to follow the trail or dig out the abstracts. Too bad that they often take other members of the flock over the cliff with them

    • k.fields, welcome to the troll club. All it takes is to disagree with the “movement”and this weeks house of horror sideshow.
      What strikes me as funny is how many people died from Mad Cow, Swine Flue, and Bird Flu, and still don’t realize they are dead.

      • I know, it’s crazy. Getting ready for events that might, or might not happen in the future is not what I would expect to find on a prepper/survivalist blog. How to play patty cakes, how to improve your golf swing, heck…opera singing is what I come here to learn.

        Seriously, any preparation one would make for an ebola outbreak would work for a bird flu outbreak as well. I honestly think it’s something we will have to face in the near future. I don’t want to discourage people, I honestly think I’m doing everything I can to help. If that makes me a troll, I reckon I’m guilty. I was probably a little harsh in my response, and if I hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize right here, right now.

        • Worrisome says:

          You aren’t the troll wolf man, the other party in this may well be.

        • Wolfman,

          The WHO declared Ebola a world health emergency. Be careful, you can get it by going to operas and drinking fine wines.

        • k. fields says:

          Your reply was fine – personal jabs seem to be the stock reply when someone posts a comment that doesn’t agree with the current herd mind. Over my years of posting here, I’m been called much worse than arrogant, smug and on the OFA payroll.
          Not sure what about my post caused the snarky comment about opera singing though. As a member of this blog, I at times talk about my life as do most other folks here, and the weekends have traditionally been our opportunity to share those personal tidbits. Whether it’s the story of a trip, a personal crisis, or the health of loved ones – they’re what make the posters here real and part of a community. I sincerely hope that window that allows each of us to view others as more than just faceless “preppers” never closes for that is what makes this blog something special.

          • Well, ok. I don’t want to get in a pissing match with anyone, that’s not what I’m here for, nor do I wish to hamper anyone’s prepping. But one must admit that a prepper taking an opera tour of Germany seems a bit far-fetched. I’m not saying you’re not telling the truth, not accusing you of anything, but you have to admit it sounds a bit….eccentric. Anyway, have a great life, and no hard feelings.

            • I think an opera tour of Germany could be a lot of fun, though since I am mildly deaf I prefer museum hopping.

              I kind of like the idea of Prepper-Opera Afficionadoes, though: It does go against the image of knuckle dragging Neanderthals with guns. :-)

              Someone ought to write a prepper opera.

              • hmm a prepper -opera with zombies . nah that would work better in a ballet.

              • Penrod, great idea, and I have the title for it.

                “Phantom of the Propera” – It’s about a guy who runs a prepper blog, but has a secret desire to throw it all away, and return to the life of a sheeple. Here’s some song titles.

                1.”Wishing you were somehow prepping again”
                2. “All I Ask of Tools”

                • Hey Wolfman,

                  You may be on to something there. How about a glorious, rousing story with a soaring musical score, about knuckle-dragging Neanderthal opera afficionado/preppers with guns, beans, bullets, and bandaids, doing battle with mutant ninja zombies in a grid down apocalypse situation?

                  Our Dear Host could be the conflicted lead, doing battle with both the zombies and his dark inner desire to just let them bite him. It would have everything: violence, angst, deep recriminations, zombie sex, pinto beans, tin foil hats, and, ultimately, redemption. Not to mention great music, and voices in people’s heads.

                  It would surely be as popular as “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” was, and that ran for 5 years. (real play, I saw it while going to art school in Noo Yawk City. It was fun. If interested, there is a Wikipedia entry for it. So color me weird.)

                • Canyonman says:

                  Not an opera, but there was a little-known musical called “Les Miserables” (which is French for The Miserable Ones). It’s about a bunch of people who starved to death.

                  And as Penrod indicated earlier, The Three Little Pigs is of course based on the prepping philosophy…

            • k. fields says:

              There’s a hamper in the boat, a soft wind in the willows. There’s more to life, dear mole, than living down a hole.

              My life as a survivalist doesn’t stop me from having friends outside of the culture, enjoying concerts, attending music festivals, watching ballet, spending an evening dancing or a day at an art museum. It’s not an either/or thing, or at least it shouldn’t be in my opinion.

              I’ve seen a lot of survivalists burn out over the years because their world became too small and self-centered. Prepping should be a positive addition to your life – not your only reason for living.

              • mom of three says:

                Keep doing what your doing, I agree we can’t live life under a rock. People from all walks of life do all kinds of things. We love going to the beaches, museums, long road trips. I think we should as a group stop putting down each other and start understanding, that all of us have different religious faiths, we have different skin tones, our education differs too.
                I learn from everyone here and I think it’s wonderful that all share from experiences, and from the heart. I pray for those who ask for prayer, and I still pray for those who don’t believe. I know we all won’t agree but to call people trolls, and being snarky, to each other takes away from what we are here for understanding, teaching, learning from each other. Have a good week everyone do something fun, for us it’s going to be the County Fair.

          • Nebraska Woman says:

            I am a prepper, I adore opera, I am not a troll, but I wonder if this ebola scare is a false flag to grab more federal power. It has taken 1,000 lives in the poorest, dirtiest regions of Africa. That really isn’t a lot of deaths from that disease. Bet more people are killed by unsanitary conditions than the ebola virus. However, I do take the warnings seriously and am as prepared as I can be.
            k. fields is entitled to his or her opinion as all of us are.

            • Hi Nebraska Woman, I doubt that it is a true false flag, but I will not be the least bit surprised if the power freak elements in government (as if there are any who aren’t) seize the opportunity to take more power.

              The results will be much the same.

              • Penrod and Nebraska Woman, I don’t think this one is a false flag because of the well-documented history of the virus. But…”never let a crisis go to waste”, so yes, it will have the same result if an outbreak occurs, just as you both say.

          • axelsteve says:

            I have had friends stationed in Germany and they ALL liked being there.My fil was airforce nuke tech and did not get out much since he was cold war era vet. The rooskies would have liked to have found some of them. A friend of mine likes to go back there every so often.

  29. I ordered some bleach tablets & picked up some vitamen c to store. Looked at a few rural properties online, but DW is not yet ready to consider that. She is making progress on accepting all this prepping stuff, but I’m patient.

    Also saw a review of a new book called The Coming Death of Money, by James Rickards -on preparing for the collapse of the USD. I hope to get a cheap used copy from ebay/amazon in 3-4 mths.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      My local home store (Menard’s) sells bleach tablets for $2.95 a bottle of about 25 per bottle.

      Look around and you may find them locally without having to order them in.

  30. MD, what all do you do with charcoal, and how much does it cost?

    • Madison,

      It’s from Walmart $10 a bag and I use it for cooking in my Zoom Versa Stove and grill.

      • I figured you could use it for things besides cooking.

        • Madison,

          You can use untreated charcoal briquettes or charcoal hardwood for makeshift waterfiltration. Just crush it until its dust. If you have a fish tank, you can also use the activated charcoal from that.

          The reason you crush the charcoal is you want the water passing through the charcoal, not flowing around it. The water will come out black, but drinkable. Don’t forget, you are a carbon based life form. It won’t harm you.

    • Worrisome says:

      Also nice to have some charcoal around to use as part of water filtration. But don’t buy the kind that has already been doused in lighter fluid if you are going to use it fir filtering

    • Madison
      If it is alright I will jump in here on this question. I purchase the charcoal during the summer holidays. Most big box lumber stores will have it as a special promotion for you to come in and shop. Labor Day will be here before to long, check stores in your area.
      If I remember correctly I purchased 20lbs for about $10.00. This is how I stock up on the briquets for the smoker or using in the Weber BBQ.

  31. I bought 20 pounds of sugar and a box of 200 nitrile gloves. The gloves are great for jalapeños and I went through 10 pounds of sugar last weekend. I’m making a small batch of tomato sauce today and contemplating what to do with some okra and corn. I’m wondering if I can combine it with some tomato sauce and can it in my pressure canner. Suggestions?

    • hvaczach says:

      I add lots of peppers and onions and zucchinni (probly spelled that wrong) to my spagetti sauce. the zuc leaves no noticeable flavor just really good vitamins and filler for the sauce. I also do this with my home canned chili, I would think okra and corn in a can of chili with a little cubed beef would be really tasty.

    • I can a recipe of 1 part chopped tomatoes, 1 part chopped onion to 1 part okra. Makes something to braise meat in or act as a soup base.

      • country vet says:

        I have found that if I dehydrate my okra first before adding tomatoes and onions (layer 2c dry okra in qt jar , add a layer of onions and finish filling with tomatoes and juice) it does not turn to mush and makes an excellent gumbo. Extra work but the results are well worth it.

        • Docj
          Now that sounds interesting.
          Was planning on dehydrating it as an experiment, but you already answered that question for me. Yes, love it fried, dh aunt taught me the correct way to fry it. Now if I could get my mom’s cast iron skillets from the baby sister……;-) I would have it made. Actually the pans I use now work just fine.
          It is a on going joke between my sister and I, she is never to put them in a yard sale or I will put a for sale tag on her.

          • Gypsy Dancer says:

            Watch garage sales for cast iron cookware. I find 8-10 pieces a year…barter, you know.

    • Gumbo base. Regardless of what you do, okra will thicken it. I’m one of those rare southerners that thinks okra is awful. I grow it, but hate dealing with it because it gives me a rash. Or vegetable soup….

      • Shai – I like it in soup but have rarely found a way to use it in season. I grew red okra this year because I found it to be pretty and heard that it is less slimy. Unfortunately, it has not done well in the garden. I only have a few plants left and probably only enough for some soup.

        • Okra – Cut it up, drop it in corn meal(mixed with a little flour, salt, pepper), and fry it up. Best tasting stuff ever. We bag it up in gal. bags after dropping it in the mix, put it in the deep freeze, and ready to fry okra 24/7/365.

          • Sounds tasty. Will definitely try it once my crop is ready (if ever, sigh).

          • We had never grown or rarely ever eaten okra until last year. We are northerners ya know! WE LOVE IT and grew it again this year. Its slow to come but everything is 3 weeks late this year. We cant wait for our first fried up batch.

          • We cannot use cornmeal as DS reacts badly to cornmeal. So we have been trying various other dry mixes to roll our okra in. One I particularrly liked was a mixture of breadcrumbs (panko, I think) and homemade pecan meal. Anither variation we have tried is breadcrumbs and Parm cheese.

      • country vet says:

        The plant eats me up also. DH has to cut it. I can not even weed under it. Still love it though.

        • Squash plants!!! I couldn’t understand what on earth had made my eyes nearly swell shut and resolved to go to the doctor in the am. Morning came and the swelling and burning had went away, until I went back and worked some more weeding around my squash plants. It was almost instantaneous the first time I wiped sweat from my face.

          • axelsteve says:

            BC I am glad that you are ok.

          • BC – squash and zucchini plants will eat my arms alive. I used to wear long sleeves to cut the squash and zucchini from the plants but I’m really careful when I touch them now and my arms don’t get so bad anymore. Squash was worse than zucchini, but the okra never bothered me. A few years ago, I got one of those white prickly things stuck in my arm and the spot would never heal. They took a biopsy to see if they could figure out why, but never found anything. They stitched it with black stuff, which I am apparently allergic to as well. It did finally heal after the stitches came out.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I combined tomato sauce (runny), okra, corn, peppers, lima beans, onions and garlic with a few seasonings then processed it in the pressure canner for 75 minutes at 15 pounds in 12oz jars. When I open a jar, I’ll add cooked rice and chicken or some other meat for a hearty lunch.

      • patientmomma says:

        I tried canning stewed okra last year and when I opened one jar the okra was slimy. One of my friends told me it is common for okra. So this year I am freezing most of it, but will try pickling a jar or two.

        • patientmomma – I know it’ll be slimy, but it’s in soup so I don’t think it will be too noticeable. I did like what someone else said – dehydrate it first, then add it to a jar that you can soup it. That might make it less likely to fall apart in the soup too.

        • patient momma, i could be entirely wrong as i have ever canned okra but i think if you put a small dried hot pepper in the jar bottom before filling with okra it cuts the mucus.
          the pickled okra i have had with the hot pepper in the bottom was not slimey while without the hot pepper it was slimey.
          that is the pickled. i didn’t pickle any of it myself as any small amount of okra we eat is lightly sauteed in cornmeal.

      • GARed
        Man, you are making my mouth water……….when is dinner??
        Oh, course you have to give me at least a few weeks heads up.. it is a long way to drive……. :-)

        • Thanks Becky – I used to make “leftovers stew” when my girls were little then freeze it in small containers. I used all kinds of stuff, including leftover baby food. My 21-year-old still talks about how much she loved it and how my mom used to feed it to her when she was little. I’m thinking this stew will taste similar, especially if I add meat and rice or pasta. I made some “leftovers stew” a while back while cleaning out my freezer and found at least 4 leftover pot roasts.

  32. Got a couple of good used sleeping bags and a pair of sneakers at unclaimed baggage total cost $54. Repacked the camping gear, fixed, painted shelves for the Bol. I set shelves tall enough for quart mason jars. Now just need stuff to go in them. Please God give me more time to get ready.

    • Just picked up half dozen n95 cheapo masks at the flea market $3 and two fire extinguishers $7. Fixed one four wheeler and brought the other home to put carb kit on. We sold some land so me and siblings get a small split. I’m thinking of hitting them up for a little bit of it to put into the house at the Bol, wish me luck. The ole lady already has designs on all of it so pitching in even my part will be tough. On another note my sis had her front door kicked in, they stole two TVs laptops and Clyde, her 44special. She works some nights so punks knew when the one car wasn’t in the driveway. Crazy prepper dude across the street that sis is friends with caught it on his home surveillance system so the story ain’t over. $1000 deductible on insurance. Freakin crack heads. No offense to crazy prepper dudes because I are one.

  33. tommy2rs says:

    Arrrg, I’ve finally gone soft (or is it softer) in the head. I was catching up on some of the posts from last week that I had just skimmed lightly and managed to post this on last weeks WDYDTPTW.

    Spent most of the week supervising foundation repair at the MIL’s house. Decade after decade of rain running off the roof had eroded the soil away from and even undercut the foundation. Now that that’s properly fixed the next step is gutters to redirect the rain water to prevent a reoccurrence.

    I found some time to repack the bulk pack .357 into 50 round MTM boxes and even labeled them as to lot number, caliber and bullet type so I wouldn’t have to play what’s in this box if/when I needed the ammo. Next time it’s the .45 acp, a much bigger job

    Also dehydrated summer squash and vacuum packed it for soups and such

    Now if I can just get the chow chow made.

    • seeuncourt says:

      I’ve been looking for an authentic recipe….would you share yours?

      • seeuncourt
        On the chow chow recipe, are you looking for the one that does NOT have cabbage in it? Green tomatoes with jalapeno peppers, green peppers, etc?

        • seeuncourt says:

          IDK, the dh is from red lick, TX (east) he wants chow chow. I wanted to surprise him by making it. help

          • seeuncourt
            I found a recipe on line that you might like. Will find the internet address for you, then can see if this is what you want. It a recipe that I like it is spicy sweet…great for hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, spoon….eat it out of the jar. :-)

          • unseecourt
            here is the address, if you type it in should come up with the site. It is a Green tomato chow chow relish
            http://www.acanadianfoodie.com & her name is Valerie Lugonja. Every thing I have seen is with cabbage. This recipe hails back to the 1940’s era, I found it in an old WWII canning book that was my mom’s an lost it due to unforeseen circumstances. Think you will like it, but make sure you wear rubber household gloves that are easy to get on and off when you are working with the peppers.
            Learning experience, I forgot to wear my gloves an touched my eye when it itched.

      • I adapted my old recipe into a sweet and sour style as The Boss can’t stand eating anything hotter than black pepper dust or stuff that’s too sweet. And yeah, I use cabbage, green tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, onions and such. Took me a while to adjust to chow chow without real heat in it. It was just so blah, kinda like having to drink decaf or hot tea in the morning. Just doesn’t do the job for me. Used to use habanero’s for the bite they gave the chow chow….lol

  34. Still recovering from pneumonia. Will finish second round of antibiotics on Monday. Anybody hear how Encourager is doing?

    I also noticed that your picture changed Bam Bam.

    Penrod, glad to hear that you made it through the first wave. Said prayers for you and others in storm path.

    No prepping this week. Read more, and rested lots. Plan to pickle more okra today and make some pepper sauce today. Hubby planted more zucs. I do not think I could have too many.

    Visited farmers market today and there were fewer vendors, but my favorites were there. Got some tomatoes, peppers, squash and onions for this week.

    Stay well and keep prepping. ‘Fraid we ard going to need our things soon.

    • Also looked at a truck today. DD took hubby’s car to school this summer, so he and I have been sharing my CR-V. He would like to have his own vehicle though. Anybody have a ’97 F150? This one appeared to be in really good shape, but had 220,000 miles on it.

    • Thank you, Susy!

  35. patientmomma says:

    Hello Pack!

    Canning in high gear now; between garden harvesting, worries over epidemics and Obama wanting to declare martial law, I am canning like crazy. Put up 8 pints of green beans, 4 pints of purple hulled peas, 12 pints of carrots, 4 quarts of pasta sauce, 6 pints of salsa,7 pints of chicken breasts, 14 quarts of beef stew and put 6 trays of jerky in the dehydrator. Put up 6 pints of kale and another 6 of mustard greens, both with kielbasa. Making 12 pints of salsa and 4 pints of pickled hot peppers today!

    Went by a liquidator outlet store and stocked up on 49 cent items; packaged cheesecloth, plastic sheeting, gauze, band aids, etc. Found some hotel size items so I got 20 bars of soap, 40 mini sewing kits, 40 finger nail kits, 40 shampoo, and 40 hand cream, each for a $1.00/bag. Found 2 TYVEK coveralls with hoods and some pants and jacket and hoods separates == the coveralls were $1 and the separates 49 cents each!! I was so surprised to see the Tyvek labels in them. I already had some coveralls I bought online for $6.00 each.

    When by Traders and got 2-55 gal food grade drums for $20/each. I bought a 2500 Sq Ft roll of house wrap, which I am going to use to insulate the garage, tool shed, dog kennels and chicken and duck coops and if there is any left over, it will patch some spots in the attic!

    Stocked up on “school supplies” during tax free weekend and of course chicken dog food, sugar, TP, and good ole dawn dish soap, and Lysol disinfectant.

    Prayers for those of you in need and hope you have a good week!

  36. UrbanCityGirl says:

    My 3 chickens are laying regularly now. I want to look into making fodder and such as a backup to feeding them. My water barrels are full thanks to the rain. Cukes growing well and harvesting a nice tomato daily. I have 13 tomato plants and waiting for them to ripen. Zucchini coming in. I am picking them small to cook on the grill. Yumm.

    Made raspberry jam this week with youngest daughter.

    Dehydrating herbs daily.

    My focus on gardening, cooking, baking has really been going well. My DH told me he is proud of his little farmer wife this week.

    We bought a new gas grill to replace our very very old one. Feels good since I grill almost daily in nice weather.

    I am quite concerned about : ebola, Russia, Israel, Iraq, planes going down, planes missing, our open borders, obamacare, rising food prices, etc. I mean, oh my gosh, can things get any crazier?
    As soon as my family that will be arriving today for a weekly visit leaves, I will refocus my efforts on stocking up supplies.

  37. UrbanCityGirl says:

    Oh, I did stock up on some items we use in the school supplies section (pens, markers, notebooks)

  38. ChristineM says:

    More N95 masks, gloves, extra vitamins C/D. Froze 10 lb broccoli on sale. Got enough free wood from a dumpster for a prep storage shelf unit (which I had recently cleared a spot for) Amazing what people throw away. Thirft store finds were canning jars, brand new quart spray bottle & two sets of shower curtain hangers. Some of the metal ones work great as s-hooks for a variety of items. Got another old metal LP record stand ….. good for drying dehydrator screens & frames. Dried/froze squash & pepper seeds.
    Hay was baled. Horses are so glad to be out on the pasture again. Easier to get to the backstop too. Need to decide which gun to use for my cc.
    Finished the wine bottle tower. Sure looks pretty in the sunlight and easy to disassemble for malatov cocktails. Finally starting on solar project. Parts are coming in.
    Hmmm, for 6 days now there’s been a semi parked in town with AF emblem on cab & trailer. Never seen that before.
    Made thieves oil mixture.
    Would appreciate any suggestions/comments on house generators.
    Stay safe everyone.

    • Christine,
      There are a few posts up around the 11:30 area that folks have made suggestions about generators. We have many knowledgeable people on this site.

    • Get a propane. An electric start if you have trouble pulling the rope. I want mine plumbed to the house tank so I do not need to worry about filling the 35 lb tanks. I will save them for the gas grill for canning.

  39. OldSoldat says:

    Hat tip @drudge and@zerohedge in below quote:

    “The last 3 months have seen Russia’s “de-dollarization” plans accelerate. First Gazprom clients shift to Euros and Renminbi, then the UK signs currency swap agreements with China, then NATO ally Turkey cuts ties and mulls de-dollarization, Switzerland jumps in the currency swap agreements, and BRICS create their own non-US-based funding vehicle, and then finally this week, Russia’s oligarchs have shifted cash holdings to Hong Kong. But this week, as RT reports, Russian and Chinese central banks have agreed a draft currency swap agreement, which will allow them to increase trade in domestic currencies and cut the dependence on the US dollar in bilateral payments. “”The agreement will stimulate further development of direct trade in yuan and rubles on the domestic foreign exchange markets of Russia and China,” the Russian regulator said.

    This move away from the Bretton Woods agreement is a large issue imo. Why is the dollar still the “petro currency” anyway? Does it have to be? Well, when Iraq decided to step away we, coincidently I’m sure, invaded. What will we do now? Moreover, who will buy up the overly printed treasury notes when they move away from the dollar? Supply and demand folks. I hope all understand the significance of this. Your dollar’w worth of goods may cost you two dollars real quick. The poster above who is buying Rickards book is making a smart move. Haven’t read it but follow him on twitter. Good move.

    We instill our little sanctions and think we are a playa against Putin and I laugh. Putin laughs. I laughed and then I sucked it up and bought a 100 oz bar of silver and another oz of gold this week. I intend to convert 20 percent of my savings to PMs and pull just as much out of the banks. I have a business degree with a lot of economics behind it and I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. The whole world is upside down but if you have cash after bills and preps, well, your choice.

    I’m simply amazed at the normalcy bias out there and folks concerns about simple minutia..and that is the most understated thing I’ve ever said prolly. God bless.

    • OldSoldat, very well said. I went to a town on business recently that looked as bad as some 3rd world crapholes I’ve seen. Houses allowed to deteriorate, yards unkempt, people lounging on furniture on front porches, garbage scattered all over the yard; yet young males and females doing nothing but whiling away the time, standing around, goofing off. No pride, no drive, no ambition, just satisfied to live off the fat of the land. Or, in this case, the fat of the carcass. Because the US is mortally wounded, the private, productive economy basically destroyed, dead for all intents and purposes but for oil and gas. And worse, the shots that mortally wounded her were fired by some of her own people. I better shut up before I get the troll moniker applied to me again.

  40. riverrider says:

    hi all. not much prepping lately. managed to score a couple bricks of 22lr to practice with. finally received the p22. picked up a fishing net, and some cat-eye tape. met with a lmi group. just read that russia and china made an agreement on currency exchange. this could be very bad, on top of everything else. watch monday’s market opening for signs. anybody heard from rider of rohan? rider, if you’re watching, hope all is well on your end. take care. out.

    • OldSoldat says:

      See post just above yours my fellow Virginian. Also, Russia has coordinated a swap with Iran and a few others. Our leadership is almost comical in it’s idiocy. So is our people but free birf control or something…or Kardashian or something. You know, priorities and such.

      • riverrider says:

        roger that soldat, i don’t know what’s holding it together at this point. i knew it could crash, i just didn’t think it would crash, at least not this soon. this is my worst case scenario. total shtf would be better than this because this way the govt can hold together and make our lives hell under “legal” pretenses. oh well, we don’t get to chose our challenges i guess.” i shall endeavor to persevere”.

    • Worrisome says:

      Just so you know, rider of Rohan has found some property, has some internet issues…and is busy. He is fine. The rest he can share himself when he catches up with himself

  41. hvaczach says:

    Ok, I may or may not have a problem! This is for the “Gun Guy’s” out there. I put a Sure Shot reflex sight on a 16″ barreled carbine and at the range started at 25 yards dialed it in pretty well, went to fifty yards and got a five shot group I could probly cover with a soup can went back to 25 and still driving nails went out to 100 and it is all over the place. Most are probly inside a basket ball with some real flyers. Now there is no magnification just straight reflex sight, but wondering why it is so all over the place. Mind you my eyes are not as good as they once where and can take shooter error into account but I am dialed in at fifty why so all over at 100?

    • JP in MT says:


      I need a little more info, but here’s my best guess’s:

      1: Check the crown of your barrel for a burr.
      2: The bullet weight may be wrong for your twist. I have a 260 Win that I really like. At 25 years it shoots everything, but at 100 yards only the light bullets will group. 85 gr bullets are 1″ or less, 140 gr groups are the size of a grapefruit.

      • hvaczach says:

        Its a dpms oracle in 5.56/223, I was shooting cheap PMC 55grain FMJ I think the rifle is a 1/9 twist but will have to recheck.

        • riverrider says:

          try 62 or 69 grain ammo. i would run a box of match thru it to see if its the same. i just had a marine capt come to us w/ the same issue. it was solved by ammo, but in the opposite direction. switching to 55 from 62 closed up his groups. if this is a new gun, you need to shoot 200-300 rounds thru it to break it in to get the “final” zero. with a reflex sight you aren’t going to be minute of angle anyway. minute of man is the goal, and fast.

          • Thanks rider I will pick up some 62 next time I go out and I understand it won’t be pin-point but was hoping better than that. I recall reading an article on how twist rate affects accuracy with different weight bullets but couldn’t remember which way to go.

            • hvaczack:

              I thought I had a comment to you on this, but I don’t see it.

              The DW and I will be taking her AR out to set up her new optics. I’ll be taking 55 gr, 62 gr, and 75 gr ammo. Her’s has a 1/7 twist, mine is 1/9. I have been replacing the 55 with 62 as the 62 becomes available at prices I’m willing to pay. If I am not mistake the A! m16/AR’s were a 1/12 and that changed to the 1/9 on the A2 and M4.

              • riverrider says:

                1/7 on the a2/m4, due to the tracers being 69 grain wouldn’t stabilize in a slower twist. commercial manufacturers split the dif with 1/9 and even some 1/8, 1/10.

      • axelsteve says:

        I would check on the torque on the action screws to see if they are too loose or tight. Maybe the barrel channel needs a bit of floating.

  42. Was waiting in line to pick up dh meds along with my mine. When a little lady about late 80’s early 90’s asked me if I knew what happened to the tea party. Why were they not a force in the up coming election, had to explain they are not a party but a concept for following the Constitution of the United States. That Lerner did not give them exempt status..so. on..was a great discussion. We moved on to what was going on in our country, an the lady in front of us must have been BO lover. I could see her body movements, she was getting rather peeved at us. Loved every minute of it!! It was rather funny to watch her, thought flames were going to come out of her head. :-)

    Now for my shopping list at Costco. Picked up 25lbs sugar, 3 cans of coffee, salt & pepper corns. W/Mart shopping 3 bottles of witch hazel, shampoo, cat food for the outside kitties. At the Patriot store I picked up the step-daughter a 72 hr bucket, they are about as prepared as………..you guessed it most Americans.
    Have been canning peaches today, did(14) 1/2 pints so we do not have waste. Waiting for this group to finish ripening. The other peaches I have I plan on making peach/strawberry jam, it will be made in a sample batch to see what it tastes like. If it is as good as the apricot & strawberry, this is staying home, for us to eat. yum!

    • IndianaAli says:

      I love to make FLAMES come out of their heads! Funny!

    • mom of three says:

      Yummy, we will be getting our peaches, this coming week.
      I’ll be canning peaches, and do up some salsa, & tomotilla too.

  43. This week I picked a bushel and a half of Elderberries which are ripening in Tennessee. I plan to make syrup and jelly with it this week. I also picked some Autumn Olives and Kousa Dogwood fruit which I will be going back for more.

    I canned mostly spaghetti and enchilada sauce this week. On a happy note, I submitted some of my canned goods to the local county fair and won five first place and four second place ribbons and “Best of Show” which was thrilling since it is only my third year canning.

    I was able to get eight cases of jelly jars from Target this week for under six dollars each. They have a sale online and if you show it to them they will sell at the same price. They have an even better deal on the pints but I have yet to find them in stock.

    The kids went back to school this week which will hopefully make things easier to work on preps. My husband has been working on digging out stumps on our property so that we can fix the drive. It is slow going as the trees were large.

    Did anyone read the article about McDonalds having their worst monthly sales in ten years last month? That is truly an indicator of our troubled economy when people can’t even afford McDonalds.

    • country vet says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the jars. Can never have too many.

    • Thanks for the Target tip! Heading there tomorrow!

    • mom of three says:

      Congratulations, on winning at the fair that is super cool:)

    • TR from CA says:

      Hi. Regarding McDonalds. It was not so much that people can’t afford to eat there. It was based on that people are becoming more educated about What they are eating (GMO, pink slim, etc) and that they are moving away from all fast food. KFC and Taco Bell were also down in sales. I guess it is safe to say that people are finally starting to wake up.

    • AZ Camper says:

      Southern Forager, congrats on the ribbons! I have also done the fair and it is a lot of fun to see those ribbons attached to your jars! My husband teased that he will barter with my blue ribbon jams. Being a full-time mom and homeschooler, I don’t get those pats on the back from the kids, ( and don’t expect that) like I used to get when working outside the home, so it felt good to have someone say “good job” (the judge from the fair) for something that I did. I am starting to think now about what to enter this year for the state fair.
      I am spending most of my time prepping for the new school year and trying to get better organized around the house so that things go more smoothly when we hit the books. One thing I want to do is try some meals in a jar. If you haven’t heard of it, the idea is to put dehydrated ingredients all together in mason jars or Mylar bags so all you have to do is add hot water and the meal is ready in a few minutes. Check out “Chef Tess” videos from the Honeyville Farms website. She has a lot of good meal suggestions. I think you can also find her on her own site. Basically, you make your own “Mountain *ouse” meals for a smaller cost. Has anyone done this? And did you think it was worth the time to prepare these ahead so when your week gets crazy a meal is quick to make?

      • Southern Forager says:

        AZ Camper,
        I totally know what you mean about pats on the back! I used to work full time at a very demanding job. The money was nice but I would not trade it for the world now. I enjoy my kids and being available to them. However a “good job” in the form of a ribbon is super fun!

        I like the idea of dehydrated meals in a jar but I have not done it yet. So far all I do in that direction is dry canning to help preserve my dry goods.

        My meal helper to make a quick meal is currently canning meat and canning easy sauces to pour over meat and cook. I’ve canned a lot of turkey because it was on sale. It’s great for casseroles and is interchangeable with chicken. I also can enchilada sauce, chili sauce, Asian plum sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. for quick meals.

        If you come a cross an easy, tasty, dehydrated meal in a jar, please post it!

        • Encourager says:

          Southern Forager, from time to time the Pack gets together on here and sends in recipes which M.D. posts together. I think it is time to do it again, this time with canned sauces for quick meals.

          What do you think, M.D.??

  44. country vet says:

    We have spent this week processing cactus tuna. We have canned several cases of qt and pt jars of syrup and made jelly. It came out beautifully . Planning on using some in lemonade made from some of my dehydrated lemon slices from last falls crop. Tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Also to die for in a margarita. Great as a glaze for any poultry.
    Lots of balls up in the air right now. Hard to decide which. Is most pressing -all bad.
    Keep on slogging ahead everyone! Don’t let a anything get you down. Together we can get thru anything.

  45. I bought 80 silver quarters, 50 silver dimes, 2 1oz silver bars, 50lbs of popcorn, 50lbs of long grain rice, 10lbs of pinto beans, a bow saw with extra blade and an 11×19 tarp. I got a free LED headlamp from Harbor Freight. I attended a “stone age” survival presentation.

    1 of the silver bars has Nixon, a Model A and the White House on it. It says “There is a Ford in your future” on it. Out of curiosity I looked for in on eBay and there are 2 with asking prices of $98 and $125. As I paid only $20 I just might try to resell it and use the profits to buy more dimes or quarters.

  46. Need rain. Need rain. The trees are wilting.
    Picked up 10 pounds of Hatch chilies today, fajita portions bagged and frozen, and a batch of kickass salsa verde got frozen too. There was no ways was putting it under pressure for 60 minutes… Made chicken enchiladas with it for dinner. Mmnmmmnn.
    Not much else newswise from the border.

    • You didn’t go to hatch to pick them up did you? I used to make a special detour from las cruces to hatch and down to drumming to get my hatch chiles.

      • Demming.

      • Missy Taz says:

        BC – it’s chile harvest and roasting time! Good crop this year! Give me a holler if you’d like some fresh Hatch chile!

      • BC, all the grocery stores here are doing chile festivals (tada!) but I got hooked on them when DH’s uncles used to send us crates of them from NM. HEB, central market, whole foods are all featuring them! I need to get a full box next Saturday and let them roast them. I should take one of the old coolers to have them dumped into so I have less work to do. Timed the roasting per cookie pan in the broiler at 20 minutes per tray. Then the steaming and peeling process, took all afternoon, but sooo worth it..

  47. Well,,,,, What a interesting and boring week. I was nearly finished turning a small mini mag flashlight into a .25 cal. covert pistol when someone suggested i check ATF laws to be sure I wasnt in violation. Ive already built two other guns and felt I had a pretty good understanding of the laws concerning Home built guns. I WAS WRONG!!! I called the ATF and spoke to an agent that is an expert in the area of owner built guns and weapons and he told me, while it is perfectly legal to built the gun I described to him,I had to first obtain a $200 tax stamp BEFORE I begin my build. He told me “dont tell me anymore” he then went on to inform me of a law called the “assemblage” law,that is, If I possessed the parts to build what I had described to him, without the tax stamp, I would be in violation,even if the parts were scattered throughout my shop. I put the brakes on my build and (hypothetically) destroyed what I had so far made progress on ( he said in jest). I only lacked a trigger and I had that figured out in my head.That was the exciting part.
    The boring part was scrap wood. My friend is a woodworker and it is now his fulltime source of income. He saves the scraps of wood that range in size from 2×4 to 4×8. He just throws it in 55 gallon drums that I removed the tops on and cut handles into. The area I store the wood ,is in one of my shops and last year, I told him I couldnt take anymore, because I was out of room and halfway through the winter,I ran out of his free scrap wood. This year I resolved to do all I can to take all the scrap wood he will give me and Ive found a way to make that possible. I had 4 full 55 gallon drums of scrap. I dumped them all out on the floor of my shop, sat in my roll around office?shop chair, used one of those long handled old people pincher grabbers and carefully stacked and fitted the scrap wood all the way down to one full drum and about a third of another drum. I think I will be able to take every bit of scrap wood that his shop produces.
    watermelons are producing faster than I can give them away. Tomatos are still kicking them out, squash is about done (thank God). I am officially no longer a member of the 300 plus club. For the first time in quite a while, Im below 300 pounds. Thats about 20 pounds lost in a little over a month. Have a great week yall!

    • ChristineM says:

      Congratulations for being kicked out of the 300 club.

    • Congrats, BC. Keep up the great work!

    • loclyokel says:

      Excellent work on the weight bc. I have been close to the 300 mark in the past, but now closer to the 250 for the last few years and working on getting lower now. would be much happier at the 200 point, but I didn’t put all this on overnight and its not going to disappear overnight either. Stick with it, you’ll be amazed at the changes in your life you’ll see when you can get medications cut or eliminated. GOOD JOB!

    • Congrats BC however the twenty pounds you lost I fear I have found!

    • TR from CA says:

      Way to go on the weight loss BC! Keep up the great work.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Great going, bc! I should say that I, too, am losing, but I ate 2 pieces of really good bacon this am. Didn’t feel a bit guilty either!

    • YAY on the weight loss! I’m still working on mine but I’m not getting on the scale or taking any measurements. I feel different though. I have a nice workout routine thanks to my physical therapist combined with being more mindful of what I’m eating and I can feel a difference in some of my clothes. Keep up the great work – you can do it!

  48. M.D. — I like the green background at the sides. Helps keep down the glare when I’m on a laptop.

  49. Tough week here, Ds#3 had a baaadd PTSD episode .. his first since his IED attack in 08… spent two days at the VA with him. he is back at his place now seems to be doing OK… he has some sessions he will need to go to..
    On the prep front we picked our beans and pulled the first planting.. they seemed done, I ordered some gloves and masks, picked and dried some red raspberry leaf that is suppose to be a natural anti nausea/ diarrhea med, found a windshield shade ( the mylar type) to try out some solar cooking … Dh did some dry firing drills with his glock…has anyone tried a solar pump on their well? We are looking at options I also picked up the book ” Stalking the Wild Asparagus” by Euell Gibbons… it sold for like a quarter a the library book sale… I am going to try some of the recipes in there… just as a dry run if I should ever need them..

    • I’m sorry to hear about your son’s PTSD episode. I’m glad he is better, and please tell him I appreciate his service. I had an Army son who deployed to Afghanistan, I know how tough it is for them. I have yall in my prayers.

      • I have worked with guys coming back with PTSD. Many turn to alcohol to knock themselves out because they just can’t sleep otherwise. There are two tinctures that tend to help. One is skullcap. The other is Valerian Root. When the sleep issues resolve, it’s easier to deal with the other issues.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Your son is my prayers, too. It’s good he has a family who will stand by him. Blessings.

  50. This post was made by a nurse. I am not trying to scare anyone, I just thought this was an excellent and well-thought out comment on the ebola virus and how hospitals would be affected by an outbreak. If you’re not interested, just pass it by.

    “The human population of this world has always been kept in check by viruses, or some other method of sheer destruction. The Flu, Polio, Smallpox, you name it, these things have a purpose in nature. They keep populations under control.
    Since the dawn of the industrial age we began to outsmart them all. We Vaccinate against the flu, we all but eradicated Polio in this country. We had beaten our enemies into near submission, and as a result, the worlds population has exploded. But our Genius is beginning to catch up with us. Anti-biotic resistant bacteria are on the rise, the flu is devising new ways to counter attack our defenses. And Ebola, well, lets just say it’s doing what all viruses do. It’s trying to survive, it’s trying to find a way to use our own immune system against us. Think about this for a minute…

    The Flu infects you, your body goes into defensive mode, realizing that it must expel the invader. So your own body fills your lungs with mucus and fluid, which forces you to cough. This is the real genius of the flu. It actually depends on your immune response to spread itself. And it doesn’t have much time to do it either. Because your body begins to increase it’s own temperature. Yes, having a fever is an immune response, not caused by the flu, rather it is literally your body attempting to make you so hot that the protein coat protecting the flu virus breaks down, allowing your white cells to attack.

    This is what all viruses do. ALL of them. They find a way to exploit your natural immune responses to propagate themselves.

    Ebola…. once just a hemorrhagic fever on steroids, now is a bona-fide menace. I work in a hospital laboratory at a major hospital in a major Metro Area. My wife works clinical micro for the same company. I’m very well versed in just about everything a STAT lab in a hospital can, and does do. My wife on the other hand, actually majored in micro, with emphasis on virology. So I wanted you all to know a few things about this outbreak that became apparent to us as it began to spread.

    #1. Something has changed. This virus used to have a much shorter incubation period. And it would kill within a week. The mortality rate was much higher once upon a time. However, this is not the case anymore. Based on the sheer number of infected, the virus it seems, may have found a way to transmit itself easier. Typically when a virus “evolves” it gains in one area, while giving ground in another. It makes sense to me that Ebola gave up alot of it’s lethality, for the ability to spread itself easier, and incubate much, much longer.

    #2. Africa is a mess. There is no way to tell how many are infected. Once upon a time Ebola would strike a village and wipe everyone out, and that was it. It would kill so fast that it could not spread out of the hotzone. Because of what I said above that is not the case anymore. On a continent where borders still mean very little to the native population, it is a scary mix. Even if the CDC or the WHO wanted to get accurate numbers, it would be hopeless due to the unknown number or people that distrust western medicine, refuse to get help, or wander around from village to village. The infrastructure simply does not have the same capabilities we do in the west.

    #3. Even in the United States, out of all the various hospitals I have worked at, there is no hope of containing anything like this. One of the largest hospitals I worked at only had two reverse flow isolation rooms. [b]TWO[/b], let that sink in for a minute. If this thing goes as bad as some think it will, we are, quite literally, screwed. Patients only show up to the hospital when they go symptomatic. So by the time they get there, they’ve already infected their entire family, their work group, and anyone they got within a few feet of on the way to the hospital. When they get there the ER nurses would treat it either like Flu, or Sepsis. But the whole time the patient is infecting all of them. And all of them, in turn, begin to infect everyone else in the exact same way. If this is as virulent as the WHO thinks it might be, by the time people realize what is going on, there will be more sick people than there would be beds available at every hospital in the US combined.

    #4. Testing blood for anything is not as simple as looking under a microscope. And hospital labs are not set up for exotic virology. We run basic Chemistries, Cardiac enzymes, blood counts, sed rates, drug levels, bacterial cultures, all the basic hands on shit. The kind of things that old people usually present for, blood loss, infection, and cardiac events. Anything exotic gets sent out. Sometimes to the State lab, most of the time specimens get sent across the country to Quest Diagnostics, or to other organizations actually set up for it. Your average city hospital is pitifully, laughably, not ready for anything of this nature. Sure, running a CBC can tell if you are dehydrated, it can tell of you are loosing blood, it can tell if you are fighting “something” off. It just can’t tell what. A sed rate can determine if you have excess inflammation, but it can’t tell you why. A Lactic Acid level can indicate Sepsis, but it can’t tell you from what. The point is, at the early stages of an outbreak, people will get treated for run of the mill things. Because nothing a hospital can test immediately will be able to tell anyone that you are carrying the most deadly hemorrhagic fever currently known. Honestly, if a person came into a busy ER with a fever, the triage nurse would put them in the waiting room until a non urgent room opened up in the back. They simply have no way to know who is carrying what.

    I’m not saying we’re all gonna die. This thing could fizzle out. And everything could be fine. What I am trying to illustrate here is that just because a lab exists in a hospital, does not mean that it can tell you everything. There are triage algorithms that work for everyday field medicine, but nothing for an outbreak. Thinking that living in a developed nation will curb the spread is ridiculous. If anything, it makes it worse. Our commute, our workplaces, our homes, our methods of entertainment, all of those things that we love so much about living in the the west, are the things that viruses depend on to spread.

    If this virus truly has found a way to transmit easier, the healthcare system would be completely overloaded with something they simply can not handle.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to scare anyone, I just hope people can be realistic about the capabilities of hospital containment, hospital laboratory testing, and the fact that the healthcare system, in ANY country, could not handle a massive outbreak.

    So don’t expect miracles from front line hospital staff, we don’t have the tools, and we certainly do not have the manpower. Ask anyone in the medical field how much overtime they could work if they felt like it, don’t even get me started on how thinly stretched people in the industry are. Though I suppose if this does turn into something, that will become apparent very, very fast.

    Good luck, don’t freak out, wash your hands, be prepared, hug your kids.

    That is all.”

    • Babycatcher says:

      Thank you for this info! I was wondering about this, especially #3. In nursing school we learned that using universal precautions is supposed to help the prevent the spread of disease, but what about people who come in, and no one knows what they have, and, like you said, by the time they figure it out, it’s mushroomed….it’s insidious….thanks again!

    • Country Vet says:

      Thanks for another voice of reason.
      Hopefully people will listen before it is too late. This virus is NOT the old virus.
      It has learned new tricks and is infinitely more dangerous. Kinda like dynamite vrs nitroglycerine.

      • I have said it before and I will say it again… the first non-arguable proof that we will receive that there is a pandemic is when the hospital parking lots are filled with dying people.
        There will be two kinds of people at this point. Those who are infected and those who are not.
        Till then don’t panic. Possible and probable are two different things. Just keep prepping.

    • axelsteve says:

      the earth can handle the population that we have just fine. It is the governments that cannot handle it. The earth is large enough to handle the population it is mankind that cannot handle it. Jerimiah 10/23 brings that out.

    • Worrisome says:

      Thanks for the info, some of us like to be prepared and have info on hand. In a serious pandemic, the hospitals will be telling you to stay home and keep patients as comfortable as you can as they will be over run. Already saw that happen a couple of years ago with a flu epidemic in the area.

      Keep up the good work wolfman. Coastie SIL has been reviewing things here and been talking a lot. I have been taking some notes…if I find that there is anything to add to the body of knowledge y’all have posted I will addit. For those that don’t think reviewing info for pandemics or haven’t invested in items that will help prevent spreading the disease, and have been ridiculing others reviews on the issue, don’t drop by my place looking for help when one happens….you will be so on your own.

    • Joecardio says:

      Great information, My wife and I live close to a major city in Canada. My wife works in an ICU (med, surg, neuro, trauma) She’s a Cracker Jack of Medical knowledge. She tells me as zoo as there is word of a possible pandemic, Masks are placed at all entrances with a poster saying if you have or have come in contact with persons with respiratory (or whatever the symptoms of the possible virus are) that you must put on a mask before entering. Now if people didn’t know, the masks don’t mean crap, but it at least puts an offensive at the gate.

  51. Met with our realtor again this week. In our price range, in the area we are looking at, there have been about 6 acreages that have been sold or are pending sale in the past year and a half. So we may have a wait for what we are looking for. We don’t want to spend more, we would have to go further out to find something. A bit scary, but we are pressing on and getting ready to move – new furnace in the works, packing up boxes, throwing stuff out, giving to charity. Planning on sell and moving to a rental and be ready to spring on an acreage in our price range.

    Not sure I will be adding a lot to stores as we prepare to move. I did refill some 2L bottles with water that had a date of last year on them. Finished knitting some wool socks I was going to wear camping in Wy in the fall, but looks like I won’t be going on the elk hunt. Still nice warm socks for winter. Any one else a knitter? It is more of a creative outlet than a “survival skill” for me, although I like to knit practical things.

    Prayers for all the pack, I think of you guys a lot as I go through my week.

    • Crochet much, knit just a bit. I would love to learn to knit socks using double points, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to hold all the needles. Thinking about ftrying one of those sock knitter thingys. I am not sure what they are called. Any suggestions?

      • You can also knit socks on a very long (32″) circular needle with the stitches split into between needles and the cord sticking out and folded in half between the two. This is called “Magic Loop”. That is how I did the most recent pair. Double points take a bit getting used to, but you don’t have to hold all the needles at once, just the two you are working on at the time. You do have to figure out how to fit the others in your hands comfortably. I like the Magic Loop method better. I would think the sock knitter thingy would knit tube socks, not socks with a heel, but I haven’t studied one so don’t know for sure.

        • I just let the other two or three needles hang while I only hold the two I am using. If you are concerned with dropping stitches off of the needles not being worked, get some needle caps and put them on. I am still in the middle of knitting one sock with double points. The knitting isn’t hard, it’s finding the knitting after someone moved it that’s hard.

    • I knit – m cousin crochets but can’t read a pattern so she has someone teach her a stitch and then she uses it to make afghans something that will be definitely useful in the future. I prefer knitting things for the youngest – as they are not so picky and are happy to be warm and fed.

  52. Babycatcher says:

    Canning spaghetti sauce like crazy, cukes are finished, and most of the corn hasn’t yet come in. managed to get a touch of poison oak on my forearms, have to be extremely careful when working around the house….my hubby can get it from door handles, for instance, and he has to take prednisone if he gets it. I try to be careful when I’m weeding, but sometimes, it just gets me. Worked more with the Morgan mare today, desensitizing her to ropes around her body, legs and head. It’s training her mother never got, but I will see that she does. Other than trying to tame the Weedgarden, and processing what’s coming out of it, it’s been a light week. Prayers for those who are sick, or just need encouragement.”keep up the good work, Pack!

  53. Got back late from helping with a tuna canning workshop and then going berry and apple picking with a fellow canner. Now have two boxes of apples to turn into some great winter treats.

  54. Happy Camper says:

    Question for the pack: what security measures can I put to use on my camper trailer for when I travel and camp places ?
    I’ve got a 12v sensor light and my Stafforshire Bull Terrier is my shadow but I’m very aware that a lone travelling female is very vulnerable. I’m in Australia so guns, tasers and pepper spray are out of the question.

    But WDIDTPTW: house almost ready to go on the market, just waiting on getting carpets laid (trashed from my kids), aquaponics system rehomed to a friend, storage unit obtained and partially filled.
    I pick up the camper tomorrow which I’ve ordered a 1kva Yamaha generator, 12v HD TV DVD, motorised jockey wheel. It already has two 100 AH gel batts and only 100w solar panel. So the gen will top up the battery and run the microwave. Had to get an elec. brake unit and tow bar fitted on my Subaru Forester.

    My camper will be set up to go totally off grid and I did the research and have got the best one for off road durability made by a dedicated off road mob. Although my vehicle isn’t more than able to go on more than a dirt road, I know the camper will outlast the vehicle which gives me peace of mind. Wow, I’m so happy, this is my best and biggest prep to date :)

    • k. fields says:

      Happy Camper,
      Congrats on getting your camper set up – it sounds great.
      A couple of things I use for security when I travel down to Baja and can’t take a firearm may be of interest to you. I keep cans of wasp spray handy and set-up a homemade alarm system using a few little personal alarms like these strung with some trip wire. They’re cheap, easy to set up and almost foolproof – when the pin is pulled, the alarm sounds.
      They are very loud and have never failed to awaken me when someone is getting close to my camper.

      Like you, I also travel with a dog – which is probably the best security you can get.

      • axelsteve says:

        Happy Camper. I agree with KFields. #1 it sucks that you cannot have a firearm. With that being said I think the addition of another staffy would be good. I have one that is a great dog.I have a male staffie and a female crossbreed and between the 2 of them I would feel pretty safe.

  55. IndianaAli says:

    Picking, cleaning, canning, freezing, picking cleaning canning, freezing.. Occasionally I mix it up a little with some dehydrating… you can see where this is going… LOL. Can’t complain though, a lot of hard work but worth it to have the bounty preserved.. running out of room and canning jars though. That’s about it… need to do more organizing, cleaning out garage, etc but just don’t have the time… working more hours and some other life issues that have taken more of my time/attention that I would like but that’s life…Hoping to get around to printing out some articles for my binder next week, already have the paper, ink, so it’s a no cost prep. Feel like it is going to be an early Fall this year so the pressure is on to get things done around here…. of course monitoring news but that just depresses me… trying to keep it to a limited time when possible otherwise I would just want to bury myself under the covers and never come out.. Praying for all especially the persecuted Christians in Middle East, weighing heavy on my heart.

  56. Finn Mahone says:

    This week I had a job interview at a place under a mile from home which can help save fuel money especially if I walk to work. I have my fingers crossed tight for this job. Keep me in your prayers to get this job. Thank you.

    I also continued working in the yard improving the borders of our garden. We have such rocky soil that you have a hard time sinking a spade in the dirt more than an inch or 2 anywhere in the yard. So I decided to grab my pry bar and did up some rocks to use to build up the garden borders so that we can add more top soil to make the beds deeper. I worked for 2 days digging and moving rocks around.

    I also got rid of a pesky groundhog that was raiding the garden. It now resides in a much happier place.

    We picked some Oregano and Basil and dried them to put away to use later. I dried some Basil in my home made solar oven. Only took an hour to dry the Basil.

    My cousin needed some instruction mounting a scope on a new pellet rifle he bought this week. He bought a 22 caliber Benjamin air rifle with a suppressor on it. He lives 2 states away so my instructions were over the phone and e mails. But it turns out he wants to give me his old 22 caliber air rifle for helping him out.

    That pretty much sums up my week here. Keep moving forward.

  57. rebuilt 2 2cycle engines (mechanic training at a friends shop), cut 5 cords of firewood, canned 36 quarts of garden produce, traded 2 cords of wood for a small rowboat, bought a plow for my atv, repaired my bike trailer. found a case of mason jars in a recycling bin

  58. I bought a solar-powered recharger for my cell and pad devices that will charge these 2-3 times before needing its own recharge. This, along with my 1200 watt dc/ac inverter, will help a bit when I’m stuck in my car when the SHTF.

  59. Donna in Mn says:

    I made a batch of blueberry infusion jam, includes raspberries, June berries, and wild red cherries, but mostly blueberries in the mix. Took a jar to my daughter who’s renting a cabin south of here w/her friends, they were all on their Facebook pages, social media, tweeting and messaging their other friends all day like zombies with that addiction.
    I sat around the campfire in silence since no one wanted to talk and were too busy with their dumbphones. I was amazed how disconnected these people were from real life.

    • Canyonman says:

      Amen, sister! Ain’t it interesting how a generation of young people can be so disconnected, while their entire lives center around being CONNECTED? :)

      Seriously – it’s simply not possible that folks have that many interesting things to say.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Donna, my friend and I walked into a restaurant and saw two parents and four kids bowed in prayer, so we thought, “How nice.” When we moved closer, we saw they were all texting. No fooling. Through their meal they barely laughed or interacted with each other. Such a shame.

  60. Grannytraveler says:

    Haven’t done much prep wise as I have been fighting a nasty bug I think I picked up on 2 long flights. Talk about a great germ incubator-think airplane! Did our monthly shopping run to Winco and almost had a heart attack on how much prices had risen. We used to stock up on meat there but no more. Their canned goods are still decently priced and their heavy cream prices are amazing (bad me). Don’t know if we will continue to make the trek.

    My son still says I’m not allowed to buy pasta (that’s what happens when you let someone help you organize, LOL). So we have been eating a lot of pasta salads this summer. I am looking now for whole wheat pastas which I am mixing with the regular white pasta. They don’t seem to go on sale very often though. Everyone seems to be going on the “no white food” diet. I have friends throwing out perfectly good food. I tell them to donate to food banks-not throw it out. What cracks me up is that they still drink soda and diet soda.

    Ordered more antibiotics and made a run to Walmart to stock up on ibuprophen, aspirin, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium. Still have to order some N100 half masks, hopefully by next month and refill filters. I have a lot of disposable N95 masks but I know they’re not the greatest.

  61. SoCalPrepper says:

    Well, not much. We sold our house! This tiny, 780 square foot house was supposed to be our dream house / remodel project. We even had drawings done. Unfortunately, construction financing is just too hard to get, and we realizedbwe’d be overbuilding for the neighborhood so…we decided to sell it. My neighbor is purchasing the property to rent to his assistant and build a shop in the back – he is a sculptor / artist so that is working out well. For you guys not in CA…780 sq ft house, 300 sq ft basement on a 6000 sq ft lot…just sold for $537k without even listing it! We paid $420k in 2008. I’m not getting any cash out because we already took it out last year to pay off all of our debt…so I’m ok with that!

    So we’ve been hunting for a rental to park in while we house hunt. We have a tough decision to make. Decent sized houses on decent sized lots (for CA, that’s about a 2000 sq ft house on an 8,000-10,000 sq ft lot) run from about $700k on up to $2 million. We can, in theory, swing up to about $1 million BUT I would rather buy something for less and put any extra money towards paying down the rest of my student loans and paying down the mortgage faster. The hard thing is the inventory…in my entire city, the # of homes under 1.1 million on a lot bigger than 7000 sq ft (I won’t go smaller) is a whopping 5. 5 homes! So we’ll have to rent for a few months to see what comes on the market.

    I’m looking for the biggest, cheapest home I can find! I’m happy to do interior remodels or even a roof if the structure / lot is what I want and the price is right. So we’ll see!

    • mom of three says:

      WOW, it’s expensive to live in the Pacific Northwest, housing is just ridiculous. We bought our home for $83,000. Now it’s worth around $ 425,000. It’s crazy how much everything is going up. Good luck on finding a home for a lower price. My husband, will never go back for that reason alone.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        It sure is crazy here! Well, at least we were able to find a rental that we love. It is a townhouse with a ton of storage, for less than our old mortgage payment.

        Now comes the hunt…we’re not really looking for something cheaper. We’re looking for something in the $700k-$1m range, with the requirement that the lot be 1) bigger than 8000 square feet and 2) be somewhat defensible. It may take some time, but I’ve seen some good candidates. So we’ll see!

  62. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Pack. As I mentioned recently I’m still around and check the site out regularly. Have been terribly busy with garden, family and other things. My wife is starting to come around more and more. Funny though, we’ll talk about me buying something and then after I do she says, “You spent how much money on what?!” I guess the grief will be worth it in the long run. One of the purchases this week was a Ruger SR22 for her. I told her it’s for her and it is but it’s going to be a training weapon for the whole family. Have a couple of grandkids getting of age to be learning gun safety, etc.

    Also went to the gun show yesterday and bought 1,000 each of 9 mm and .223, both PMC. One more weapons purchase and I’m done there and will start paying more attention to deficiencies in my preps. For those of you interested, I saw a lot of .22 caliber bricks yesterday from $45.00 to $55.00. Lots and lots of 50 and 100 count boxes starting at ten cents a round and up.

    One thing I’m weak in and suspect many of you are is training on different aspects of firearms handling and defensive techniques for self and home. Some of it may be as simple as how the bad guys think and then of course the fundamentals and familiarization with weapons, handling techniques, etc. Just something to think about. If you don’t know how to use your weapons properly then you are likely going to hurt yourself or get killed. Don’t just treat them as door stops.

    Nuff from me. Keep prepping Pack.

    • ozhillbilly
      Let me assist you on the confusion from your wife. She is like most women who are finally convinced to become self reliant. To her it is food on the table, to you it is protection(guns&ammo). You need to let her know you are sorry she misunderstood you, but you will help with putting more provision into the household an putting money away for the other items. Which before you purchase make sure your cupboards are full to over flowing………side boards are needed to keep them in place. Then she will not be so upset with another gun purchase or excess ammo.
      Just a women’s mindset on self reliance……….especially if you have children & grandchildren.

      • Canyonman says:

        I believe a lot of our perception of how bad guys think will change drastically when SHTF. It’s no longer an attitude of burglary/robbery/taking someone’s stuff, like in the good ol’ days; now it’s, “hey, they have stuff in there, and it should be mine, because I’m entitled, and people like that took all the food and jobs and are probably the 1%!!!!!”

        Then we have the isis/whatever they’re called today, and other radical muslims doing unspeakable things to women, children…

        We’ll have DHS and the Obamajugend armed to the teeth, and that’s a whole ‘nuther set of problems.

        Our philosophy at mi casa is not to defend the homestead with a shout of “We’ve got a gun, please go away!” Without elaborating and possibly offending any of our more genteel “Coke and a smile” followers, I will simply say that anyone who thinks they’re harming and/or taking from me and mine has purchased a one-way ticket. Non-refundable.

        • Canyonman:

          Personally, I plan give any hostile group in a SHTF situation a warning shot. Find the one in front that has most of his group’s attention then it’s “308 @ noon”. That should convey the appropriate message to the rest of the group. Reapply as necessary until you achieve group understanding.

          No, I’m not one of those blood-thirsty gun nuts, I just am not going to play games, hold hands, and sing Kum-ba-ya (sp?). I am just a old Cold Warrior who’s odds were 10:1 if things went “South”, read the “tea leaves”, never did drink Kool-aid, and have a very low tolerance for “stupid”. They have been warned. If they don’t take the hint – that’s not going to be my issue.

          • hi, jp,
            i don’t know if true but read that one reason swiss were not invaded by germany is that the swiss, who all receive military training, were taught to shoot dead all officers first.

            • wasp: I’m not sure what their training consists of but I do know that it exists, and they are required to maintain their government issued weapon and keep a supply of government issued ammunition. That is how a true militia should be maintained, in my opinion. I’m not sure of their policy for people who truly object to using firearms on moral grounds. My interaction with the Swiss was very limited in my 2 tours of duty in Germany, but I’m sure they have it covered.

  63. packing up the house, getting rid of so many things that have found a way to hid LOL. will be leaving here in 2 -3 weeks for
    a new adventure in life for wife and myself. we have been
    retired for 7 years and seems like the body starts falling apart LOL.
    anyhow, oldest son lives in n. Idaho and that’s where we are headed.
    folks, take care, stay safe and be aware. wishing all of you
    the very, very best.

    • grandma bear says:

      Retired in N Idaho 8 yrs ago and never looked back. Welcome Home!

      • grandma bear,
        thanks, we are really looking forward to this but
        getting rid of all the things that we have collected for
        the past 25 years here is unblieveable. LOL
        just counting the days.


  64. Kermit5575 says:

    First, Penrod glad you and yours made it through the weather in good shape.

    M.D., I like the sleeping bag, the DW and I have been talking about what we would do if we ran out of K-1 and propane in the middle of winter (14 miles to the first place we can buy any) we came up with the same Idea.

    Congrats, BC.//

    Got in an order of 10 cans of my favorite coffee, (would hate to be without my coffee if the shtf) all that good clean water and no coffee!!! not good.

    got one (1) Augason Farms 30-Day Food Storage Emergency All-in-One Pail and
    one (1) Augason Farms Regular Rolled Oats Pail – 23 lbs

    canned up 20 pounds of pork and 10 pints of good beef hotdogs.

    Stored more beans, salt, and rice.

    got 20 pounds of pears, will can them up this week.

  65. Soggy Prepper says:

    I’ve been watching too much news lately and getting that autumn frame of mind to get everything kicked into high gear and top off the stocks for the future.

    Ordered my seeds in from Baker Creek for next year. I have tomatoes I got from them four years ago that have re-seeded themselves the last three years, it’s a tomato patch.

    Ordered essential oils and fragrance oils for my soaps from Brambleberry. Also got more chap stick tubes and beeswax for homemade lip balm and lotion. Home made is about the only lotion that doesn’t cause “ouchy bumps”/hives on me.

    DH turned 47 and apparently that means you get an AK-47 for your birthday. I was pretty sure he didn’t like those, mumbling something about “spray and pray”, but then he came in smiling with it. Maybe kinda like prayer beads but a gun? lol

    I did have a problem this week that I was hoping the pack could help me with. Brief explanation…
    I changed out 5 of my 55gal water barrels with fresh water this week. Great news! 3 year old water IS safe. I drank a bunch siphoning the barrels to start the drain and the dogs thought it was their personal faucet. So now you know. Bad news. After I filled the last barrel (city tap water) and put my 1/4cup bleach into it (maybe overkill but it lasted 3 years last time!)
    I was looking at the bleach bottle and it had lavender scent.
    I wanted to cry.
    I never buy that stuff, if its not regular bleach its useless, but I apparently bought it and used it without actually looking at it, second mistake!
    I’ve contacted clorox by email, got the text book answer…”we recommend empty, clean out, refill yadayada…”. I’m going to call Monday and actually talk with a person. But my question is why? All I can find on the web is No and don’t for scented and I agree, didn’t mean too, couldn’t smell the stupid lavender and I cleaned everything with the stuff while I was emptying the barrels. Seriously. Unless I shoved my nose in the bottle the lavender was not detectable, just the normal bleach chlorine smell.
    Does the scent go toxic over time? Shut down organs? What is the chemical scent? It’s not listed on msds sheets or on the bottle. Does a 1/4 cup make that much of a difference in 55gal?
    Does anyone in the Pack know the explanation as to why it’s super bad to use the scented?
    I have bought my regular normal bleach in anticipation of re-doing ALL the blasted barrels AGAIN (takes about an hour per barrel, slow siphon). But I’m talking to clorox first. I really want to know WHY scented, in that ratio, it is so bad.

    Check your labels on your bleach. bah-humbug.

    • Worrisome says:

      Gosh…I wish I had your answer, would u please tell us how it turns out?

    • What type of tomatoes are your tomato patch?

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        I had purchased 3 kinds of seeds, I don’t remember the third (it was 4 years ago, lol) One was Bonny Best and the other Glacier. I think over a couple years they may have crossed, I’m not the best farmer.
        Where I planted them is in the front of the house in a built in brick flower box like older homes sometimes have. It gets full afternoon sun and the bricks heat up and hold heat into the night. I think that’s a big part of what makes them such a happy patch! I’m in the pacific northwest also.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Ok, I finally got a hold of clorox, took over a half hour and I finally called the medical emergency line. Got a real person there, after calling back the second time (got sent to a survey first time without every getting a human).
      The answer I got concerning scented bleach.
      The customer service rep. said the scented bleach is NOT a Registered disinfectant. So the job I wanted it for, disinfecting water, is not what it would do. Only the regular and the concentrated bleach are REGISTERED disinfectants.
      I asked if what I put in the barrel (I said I only did one cause I felt dumb) would turn toxic or poisonous and she actually laughed and said no. It does not turn toxic, does not become poisonous or change chemically, it degrades. Not into something bad but less effective.
      So I then asked if I went and drank some right now would it be safe for human consumption. She said if I liked lavender bleach flavor it would be fine.
      I questioned if I went and put a 1/4 cup of regular bleach into the barrel right now, without dumping it, would that be fine. She said the water would be disinfected and I may want to wait awhile before consuming because it’s going to be a strong bleach smell.
      So, there you go. If the lady is wrong then so am I.

      The medical gal I asked what would happen if I drank 1/4 cup of straight lavender bleach and she said she would recommend me drinking 8 ounces of water to start diluting it. Then she asked me if I had really done that! Geez, no.
      I will add normal bleach for disinfecting to my barrels and feel comfortable enough that the scented bit I had put in won’t kill us off in a year.
      I think the key was “registered disinfectant” the rep. said that about 5 times.

      • Hi Soggy Prepper: Now THAT is some seriously useful info in an emergency. Thanks!

        I had assumed that all the emphasis on using unscented bleach was because the scent agent was toxic, not just unpleasant. So, in an emergency, if the scented stuff is all that is available, we can use it.

        My guess is that there is no need to add regular bleach to the barrels which already have scented bleach. The idea is to kill everything in the water and seal it. So long as it remains sealed, new organisms cannot get into the now sterilized water, so it remains safe even after the bleach inside degrades.

        I suspect anyone drinking a quarter cup of straight bleach would not be worrying about much of anything for very long, especially not about whether it was scented or not.

  66. Quick list – dehydrated about 15 lbs of veggies, bought 5 cases of pint jars and 1 case of jelly jars from Target, thanks to a poster on here, big purchase of 2 compound bows (unexpected income this week woohoo!), purchased produce to make a batch of salsa.

  67. Chuck Findlay says:

    I just got back from Meijer, and along with my ice-cream and perogies I bought a lot of wound seal powder, band-aids and patches to fill out several of my first-aid kits. The stuff is expensive, but it could be more expensive not having it.

    • Chuck:

      I was talking with some medical professionals about “wound seal powder”. They are recommending that you don’t “pour it into the wound”. This used to be shown as the proper way, but they advise making packets with gauze (which is the way the new stuff comes). FYI….

  68. Chuck Findlay says:

    I bought powder, Band-Aids and gauze pads with it infused into them. I figured that all of them could be handy at some point. I also read that the powder stings like heck so it would be my last choice of the three to use. But then beading to death would be a bit lower on the desire list then using the powder.

    • Chuck: If I might also suggest, add some surgical “super glue” to your kit. I work with an outfit that does fire extinguisher/first aid/safety equipment for businesses. The owner and I were talking about this stuff some time ago. He figures it saved his life/leg after he had a chain saw get away form him.

      • Where would one purchase “surgical” super glue?

        • Susy:
          The place I go is called “A&M Fire and Safety”. They service businesses. The actually store is small, family run. I would think that any town should have something like that with 35 miles or so.

          The glue these guys sells comes in single use tubes for $.75 each. Now I’m not sure how different it is from the stuff you’d get at the store, might be more sterile. But since it does not expire, isn’t all that expensive, I stock up when I remember.

        • A quick check shows Amazon has Vetbond by 3M, Tissuemend, and Dermabond. Some of the comments are worth reading. Dermabond seems really expensive, may be for human surgical use instead of mere pets, so they have charge more…

          My understanding (I have never used the stuff) is that one does NOT put superglue into the wound, but pinch the edges together and put a coat over the surface of the skin to create a sort of bridge or bandage.

          I think the difference between the regular glue and veterinary glue is the solvent. I have no idea if the regular glue solvent is actually dangerous tho. Maybe someone out there can better inform us.

  69. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Pack,

    Penrod, sure glad (and thankful) you and your folks are ok.

    BC, down right proud of you fella. I’ve only lost 7# thus far.

    Wolfman and K.Fields, glad you two finally made up. I look forward each week to hearing from you.

    Lea, I’m adding your son to my morning prayers (and you too). I do understand how a service person can have trouble dealing with what they have seen and/or done. I still counsel a young friend that was a medic in Desert Storm.

    Canyonman, well, I just don’t know. Army was a plus, but straight leg is a plus one. 11B40H was my last MOS. I had four total.

    WDIDTPTW? Again, not much. The first day I felt really good after shaking off that bug, “Old man’s disease” (forgot I wasn’t 35) got me. Snatched up a 70# load and when I turned, bam. Even with pain pills, hurt too bad to ride to doctor the first four days. Drove myself to the doctor on day five, but couldn’t get out of the truck, so came home. Through prayer, forcing myself to do stretching exercises, and . . . I’m up and going (although slow and with cane). What can I say; I’m not 35 anymore and sometimes not too bright either.

    Be blessed and prepp hard,

    • Thank you, Curley Bull. It feels really good to out from under that one.

      • PS: I did the same thing to my back a few months ago. I tried prescription pain pills but did no good. Then I mentioned to my doctor that my back was spasming in pain. He gave me some stuff for spasms and it worked great.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Don’t know what I did wrong, but it’s one after another. Woke up this morning (yesterday now) with an abscess tooth. Now it’s pain pills and antibiotics. Guess I could use a little extra prayer myself from the pack.

    • riverrider says:

      FOLLOW ME!

  70. Encourager says:

    Bought some medical preps, band-aids, Musinex DM, cotton balls, stuff like that ($100 worth!).

    We also did the 127 World’s Longest Yard Sale for two days. Was very disappointed; about 1/2 less people selling stuff and many of the ones selling had obviously shopped at a dollar store and thought they could make money off the junk they bought there. And we never had a problem parking up close; it used to be you had to wait at least 20 minutes for a parking place. So the number of buyers was also way down.

    The second day, bought a ‘used 3 times’ fruit press to make apple cider and/or wine. We looked it up online when we got home – a new one that looks exactly like what we bought goes for almost $400; I paid $75. Sweet!! Also bought a very large cast iron bell with a holder. It rings loud enough to be heard at least a mile away! Thought it would come in handy if SHTF to alert the neighborhood to trouble. Paid $50. Also some small hammers, a couple of wood planes, odds and ends of tools.

    Still got the cough and some nights still running a low grade fever. Still on the new antibiotics. The narc cough syrup is helping a lot. Crud seems to be breaking loose in my lungs, so that is a good thing. Still no energy and I fall asleep at the drop of a hat…

    Picked, cut up, blanched and froze our first pickings of Roma green beans ( the wide, flat ones). Onions doing good, cabbage has some holes, need to dust with DE. Have to make pesto this week.

    Making a list of what I need to complete a sick room, just in case. Need to buy some disposable coveralls. Is there a certain type needed for a sick room? I don’t want fluids to penetrate all the way through. Where did some of you buy yours?

    Oh, found out the neighborhood cop we have been dealing with can be a jerk. We attended a meeting regarding the new township hall and the township supervisor asked my dh what he thought of the new police department…oops. Seeing as the officer never got back with him regarding the neighbor who pulled up the boundary markers and cut down out 100 year old oak tree, his report wasn’t too rosy. Next thing we knew, that officer was on the phone, upset because he got chewed out by the chief for not doing his job. So he called us up to chew US out…big mistake. When I confirmed the tree was smack in the middle of our property and confirmed by the survey, he said “Are you sure?” I told him to come over and look for himself, since obviously he doubted my integrity. He made an appointment with us to do so and never showed up. When I called him he said he was waiting for the zoning guy to be able to come with him. I calmly pointed out to him how important it was to keep your word and that he could have called and cancelled as we stayed home to keep the appointment. Young, full of himself, arrogant and needs to be taught he was hired to SERVE and PROTECT (and respect!!) the people who hired him. That will come in due time or he will be gone.

    • Hi Encourager, It might be worthwhile to write the Chief a not describing the whole thing. Nice, calm, recounting.

      The officer calling you up was extremely unprofessional, and if the chief is a good guy s/he will want to know.

      And a letter is easy to throw into his personel file for future reference. It might save you some grief in the future.

  71. H. Nelson says:

    Hmmmm.. This last week was 4ea 15 gallon water barrels and two flats of 16oz Coleman propane bottles.

  72. mindyinds says:

    Not doing much for storage these days except trying to keep up the water supply in bottles. Have made a chart for close friends as to when and where to find wild foods in this area according to season : Agarita in May, Mustang Grapes in early July, Wild Persimmon in late July to August, Figs in mid-August, Loquats in April. Most of these are available on property some of us own, also in local parks (think we are not supposed to pick these, but good to know where they are!). Still working on the list; there are wild pears somewhere around here I am told, and also black walnuts.

    • Mindy, I’m finding very few Mustang grapes this year. I think that last freeze in April got to the vines while they were blooming. Now, I’ve got a persimmon volunteer tree that’s fruiting out.. I also found out that Agarita root is comparable to goldenseal for medicinal uses. Article I read was on Foraging Texas website, I think, as a remedy for typhoid and potential antiviral. I’ve also got webworms attacking my argarita, boo!
      30% chance of rain this afternoon…. Heading outside to do a rain dance, wish me luck!!

    • And let me know where you find the black walnuts? Heard that COA is going to put more permaculture type stuff around LB Lake.

  73. mindyinds says:

    We got 8/10ths of an inch – mostly lightening, thunder and bluster, enough to knock out the internet. I will ask around as to the black walnuts. I think they are pretty isolated, but I know one old Texan who would know. Only one place I found the grapes, the rest of the places were very sparse. Foraging Texas is a great site! Found out about day flower there, and the last time we “weeded” around our church, I kept some with roots and planted them. Having trouble visualizing them going into the pot, however.
    Is that LBJ Lake?

  74. Joecardio says:

    Hey Everyone. This week for prepping I bought a rain barrel to begin to harvest rain water,as well as the piece that adapts to the downspout. I also picked up a 1000 ends of .22lr, I also managed to pick up my first solar panel and charge monitor. I am glad about this as one of my priorities is to have enough renewable solar capacity stored and able to be harnessed when the SHTF. But my biggest regret is not buying a 3300w generator that was on sale for 120.00$. It was the last one in the store so it was priced to move. I got to my car, thought for a sec that I can’t pass it up and when I went back in it was gone. Bummer. It felt like the honey hickory ham, to those who enjoy movie references.. A couple other things were a hand brace drill, and a large set of bolt cutters which were also priced to move as well as a 5lb bucket of protein powder for my pantry. Be well everyone.

  75. Encourager says:

    I am so p.o.’d!! My dh was back in our woods working at putting up fencing when the neighbor (who cut down our tree), his son and his son’s friend confronted him about the survey markers that were put in by the surveyors. Filthy-mouthed, nasty, poor excuse for a man that neighbor is! I believe the officer who has been working on the problem with us has shared everything we said to the officer in confidence to the neighbor regarding this situation. He mentioned that we were going to sue him (we are but in small claims court), how many times we had called the officer (got that right) and other info only the cop could know. Neighbor also threatened my husband.

    Sorry, had to vent… If SHTF, this could become a dangerous situation. I seriously think that man is off his rocker.

    • Encourager
      Took three ‘cowards’ to face down one man…alone. Your dh needs to carry a mini mic tape recorder, so if that happens again he has the threat live and on MemorX. They also have ink pens that are video recorders, he might have to carry it with him. The other thing is walkie talkies with you on the other end and not far from the phone to the worthless cop with the BIG mouth.
      May I recommend a restraining order for the cowards that came after you dh. You might also inform the BIG mouths boss, of what is going on. Take someone with you who is not a family member willing to be a witness for you(heck)take the neighborhood minus the coward.
      You both be very careful.

      • Becky,
        When recording other people, be sure of your state laws or you could be committing a crime. Here in Ohio we have the one party rule, that basically states that as long as one party in a conversation (that would be you) knows about the recording, then it’s OK. Not all states laws operate that way, so just be sure of your laws.

        • OP
          Oh darn. I totally forgot about that law, thanks for the reminder.
          I do not recall if there is a law on video recording a vile threat by those scum bags. If you can record officers of the law when you believe they are in violation of a persons rights. (why not the dregs of the barrel?)
          I am not being flippant but there has to be someway to help Encourager & family from being abused.

          • Encourager says:

            When dh got back to the house, he sat down and wrote out what went down. I typed it up for him, asked questions, added more info and made copies.

            Yesterday the zoning guy showed up unannounced. I called dh who was at a nearby farm and he hurried back. While waiting for dh we had an interesting conversation and I decided to let him read what we had typed up. He turned red in the face and was upset, saying this was way worse than he had been told by the officer. Dh arrived and we all went back to the woods where he inspected and approved the survey posts and the fence posts dh was putting in, saying he was doing it perfectly, 6 inches in from the property lines.

            He left after stating he was going to meet with the Chief of Police AND the township attorney regarding this. Oh, and nasty neighbor had called the officer, who then came over the night of the incident and walked back in the woods with my dh. He mentioned I had gotten very upset with him and my dh asked why? (He knew…lol) The officer said when I told him the oak that was cut down was right smack in the middle of our surveyed property, he asked me “Are you sure?” My dh then proceeded to give him a father/son talk how you NEVER ask a woman that question…without being willing to face the consequences. He had me laughing off and on all night about that! And how polite that officer was to me when they got back from their inspection!!

  76. Hi pack,

    I have a late week questions that I hope I can get some help with.
    Part of my water storage plan is to use my pool. I maintain it very well all year around, my questions is.
    Will a berkey 4 filter system make the water drinkable?
    Should I boil the water first/after
    Any other method to treat pool water.
    My pool is 44000 gallons so I hope it can be used when SHTF
    Have a great friday

    • Hi Max, There seems to be more controversy about pool water than I thought. Some people claim that pool shock, which is used to keep pools free from algae, contain chemicals other than chlorine which are not safe to drink. The claim I have recently seen is that since pool shock is not a food item, the manufacturers are not required to disclose all of the contents.

      I have no idea if that claim is true.

      If it is, standard water filters like a LifeStraw Family size are unlikely to remove them as they are dissolved chemicals. A purifier, like an AquaPail, may very well remove them, so far as I can tell, but I don’t know that.

      While we store a couple months worth of water, we had expected to use LifeStraws and AquaPails on neighbors’ swimming pool water for fall back. Right now I don’t know what to think.

      I wish I could find a definitive statement one way or the other from a manufacturer or some organization like the Red Cross, but I just came across this claim and haven’t yet followed up.