What did you do to prep this week?

This morning I was in bed, but awake, when I heard my chiwawa mix (Faith) come through the house into my bedroom and set down beside the bed. When it’s early and she wants to go out she will ease into the bedroom as quietly as she can, then set and stare at me to see it I’m awake…

Well anyways, I got up and took her outside and the morning air made me realize just how close we are to fall and then winter. I hope that the balloon doesn’t go up in winter, winter make everyday life more difficult and in a major long-term grid down situation, the cold would no doubt contribute to many not making it.

Cold and difficulty caused by it is one of the main reasons, that I prefer Tennessee over say, Montana or Idaho as a retreat location. Severe weather makes survival more difficult, as long as the electricity is on, the gas still flowing, and the chainsaw still run, fighting the cold isn’t that bad (bad enough) but take those away and survival gets much more difficult.

My point is; assume that the crash will come in winter and prep accordingly…

But I digress, from the purpose of today’s post, and that is what did we do to prep this week, but first I would like to say thank you and give a big shout-out to Angela M, Tanya H, Walter W, Kelli M and Willard N for their generous contributions via Paypal this week, thank you.

Okay, what did I do to prep this week…

I was lucky enough to find some .22 ammo!

I was lucky enough to find some .22 ammo!

Wouxun Radio.

Bought another Wouxun Radio.

And I photo of this mornings sky. Nice...

And I photo of this mornings sky. Nice…

Well folks, that’s it for me this week, what about you. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Not a lot this week. Still decluttering and sorting. Used another 10-pack of bankers’ boxes and tossed out a lot of old useless stuff. Still finding things I didn’t realize I had. Hope to have all the clutter finished by Thanksgiving. Working on antennas the rest of the weekend, since I now have most of my radios dusted off and ready to start playing with, assuming I actually get any free time.

    • Happy Camper says:

      Since I’ve been disbanding my house I’m going to confess I’m a part time hoarder, but I don’t mind, I’ve donated loads to local charity and local landfill

  2. We finished our road to our property! That was the big one this week. Now we can move onto more fun projects like building a cabin. If anyone has a link to good plans, I would love to have it!

    I ordered the Foxfire 11 book from Amazon this week. While I think all the Foxfire books are useful, I wanted this one specifically because of its description: It “celebrates the rituals and recipes of the Appalachian homeplace, including a one-hundred page section on herbal remedies, and segments about planting and growing a garden, preserving and pickling, smoking and salting, honey making, beekeeping, and fishing, as well as hundreds of the kind of spirited firsthand narrative accounts from Appalachian community members that exemplify the Foxfire style.”

    I canned a ton of tomatoes this week. I made Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Barbecue Sauce and Zesty Salsa. I also put away two quarts of dehydrated Kudzu to add as greens to soups, stews and sauces. Here is the Pear Orange Sauce recipe that someone requested last week. It is a favorite. I think I eat half of it before it even makes it to the jars!

    Pear Orange Sauce

    5 quarts pears, pealed and chopped in chunks
    3 cups sugar
    zest and juice from two large oranges
    1 teaspoon of nutmeg
    2 T lemon juice

    Place all ingredients in large pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer for about one hour or until pears are softened. Harder pears will take more time than more ripe pears.

    Use an immersion blender to blend ingredients into a sauce consistency. You can simmer further to thicken or can immediately. You can also move sauce to a crockpot and turn into Pear Orange Butter at this point if desired.

    Ladle into prepared jars to ½ inch headspace. Waterbath 20 minutes. Makes about 6-7 pints.

    • Country Vet says:

      Sounds WONDERFUL! Thanks for the recipe.

    • what sort of cabin are you needing? How many people do you need it to sleep? Are you planning for off grid or electrical? Do you plan on plumbing or running water?


      • Southern Forager says:

        5-6 people. Pretty basic to begin with but with an option on electrical and plumbing. Probably a well. Would love to go solar. Style is open at this point.

  3. ChristineM says:

    Blessings and prayers to all. Hang in there! We’re waiting on the radiologist opinion re a spot on DH’s leg bone. A little anxious about that.
    Have been very busy with two part time jobs, but am now getting a break. Woo hoo … more money for preps.
    MD’s photo is a reminder that I need to get off the fence and make a decision regarding hand held. I missed field day this year.
    Sis has been overrun with eggs, so I’ve dehydrated about 12 dozen boiled. Will be dry canning 5 dozen today (first attempt at dry canning).
    Was looking at the household budget and we’re still on track to be debt free in a few months.
    Am getting a horse pen ready for my birthday present. She’s a 7 year old black mini mare. Sweet as can be.
    We were running out of shelf space and a local dollar store put theirs on sale, so will be assembling those today.
    Be safe everyone.

  4. Country Vet says:

    Gurneys is having an 80% off sale for Labor day. Some of the varieties that I have had the abest luck with are marked down.

  5. UrbanCityGirl says:

    I too am concerned about a winter (storm) crash and last year I spent considerable time searching and finding kerosene heaters (3), mr buddy propane heater (1 smaller). Stocking up on their fuels to get us through at least 1 severe winter., various long underwear, Blankets and sleeping bags.

    Now that you’ve brought it up, I will be looking for another sleeping bag as they will be going on sale and we could probably also go around and collect wood from storm damage, etc. though we don’t have a fireplace or wood stove. The wood could be used in our rocket stove and also in garden beds.

    But this week I’ve kept the dehydrator running with: thyme, basil, lemon balm, roses, purple cone flower, oregano, marigold, and sage from my garden. And today, tomato peels. I blanched and froze bags of tomatoes from my garden and will grind up the peels after dehydrated.

    I put us on a tight budget so we could squeeze out as much as possible for preps in the coming months.

    My car needed $380 in repairs and I handed DH the cash. It was funny cause he said “where did this come from? Never mind, don’t tell me. Good job little wifey!” It was nice to have the cash on hand and not have to take it out of paychecks. I think he realizes now how much I plan for emergencies, and he is proud of me.

    My cukes died with all the rain and humidity, but I scored a big crop. Everything else is coming in nicely and I am processing the food daily with my goal not to let any go to waste. Still a big effort.

    I seriously want to yell “get out of my house” some days. I feel like a slave with all the comings and goings and trying to keep up with the garden and housework and still read and research.

    I swear, additional people really add to my daily workload, but DH sure helps me a lot. It’s probably just the stress of the news reports and my anxiety to get more focused and it’s stretching me with all the demands on my time. Sorry, rant over. It’s really not that bad.

    Yesterday we went to an Amish auction and we picked up an oil lamp, 6 old fashioned metal gas containers, a rolling cart with big wheels, a good housekeeping cookbook and a little handbook called “Five acres and Independence” by MG Kains. It was a nice break, a long 3hrs drive one way, but felt good to spend the day with just my DH.

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend all!

    • Happy Camper says:

      It’s currently winter in Australia and it’s been the coldest winter I’ve been through in this area. I live in northern nsw in a sub tropical climate so the temp variance between winter and summer is minimal. But this year I’ve had the heater on most days and even had to buy two more long sleeve tops (I only owned one lol)
      But I think the variances to the normal will get more in the years coming and best to be prepared. But as I’m about to travel south I might have to buy a coat ha

  6. Crazy week – first week of school (I have a great group this year!), a bad head cold…what a combo!
    But, prep tasks were still accomplished –
    -ordered from Honeyville during their sale and got the order in
    -used O2 absorbers from order to dry can what we got from them
    -dry canned rice, salt, dry milk, and dehydrated items
    -researched online for locations to retire to in a few years
    -picked up a free flashlight at Harbor Freight
    -picked up accessories for the generator we are buying tomorrow!
    – started reorganizing my canning shelves and moved my dry canned items to another location
    – picked up 10 cans of our favorite canned greens
    -ordered coupons for 30 more cans (will buy when the coupons come in)
    -picked up a 4 lb bag of black beans, 4 bottles of shampoo and 4 sticks of deoderant

    How much fuel would you experts store for your generator? Do you put any stabilizers in the fuel?

    The news is just getting scarier by the day. We had to go into lockdown this week at school even.

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      We have a generator that will run the entire house, except air conditioner (different system) and a smaller 2000 watt generator as a back ups then 2 large inverters we can use by putting our car in the driveway and hooking to the car battery and then running thru the window of the house that will run fridge, a light and charge iPad, phones,etc (the quietest option). We lose power every single summer and so we have our options.

      We have 6, 5 gal cans and a few smaller cans. We keep them filled with gas and rotate them out monthly by filling our vehicles and refilling. This weekend we picked up 6 metal old fashioned cans cause DH can’t stand the spouts on the newer ones. We still have to fill them.

      We find that we have more than enough gas on hand for the small scale emergencies. And we don’t run the generators nonstop in power outages because we keep the fridge fully stocked and also keep water bottles in freezer to rotate thru fridge in power outages. By doing this, we greatly extended our time between fill-ups to the generator and our gas went further.

      We want to either buy a propane generator or adjust our current one to use propane as we stock propane long term.

      Anyhoo…. Also look at how loud your generator will be. We tend to try to use other methods before using the large generator (no one else on our block has a generator).

  7. Preps this week: Took my twin home to see Mom and Dad. While we were there, we helped put away 20 quarts of canned peaches. YUM. Mom gave me four to take home. Picked her tomatoes and they are juicing today. Last trip until spring.
    Canned 60 quarts of tomato juice and 20 Salsa yesterday. I know I am getting older but that really kicked my butt. Get today off for the holiday so put a roast in the slow cooker and have the day to myself. While I was gone, DH got the new Vortex scope mounted on my 30.06 for deer season. Boresighted free. Next weekend will go out and dial it in for me! I just love this man! He takes such good care of me!
    Two more weeks and the last batch of meat chickens hit the freezer. Am sooooo tired of raising meat chickens. All told, we raised over 200 this year for friends, family, and bartering. They will be good though in the long run. No cows this year. Just couldn’t afford them. Saving for a pig.
    That’s it for me! Take care pack. God bless and prayers for everyone that needs the good blessings of the Lord.

  8. I haven’t acquired too many preps over the past couple of weeks, but I have been continuing to clear and harvest trees at the back of my property to build my off grid bug out cabin. I have cleared approx. an acre so far and have a nice pile of logs starting to season. According to my calculations and the size and number of trees I have felled, I figure I already have enough logs for the lumber I need to build my cabin after they are milled. That makes me feel good. But the heat has been ruthless. Small price to pay. I also bought a small inverter and a battery for the solar panels I have already started to acquire. They are entry level for now as I will upgrade when necessary and move the smaller inverter to a system I’ll have in my workshop. This weekend past, I took my small system camping with our friends; one of which has a camping trailer. I was damn near laughed out of the park by my buddies, but when all their kids toys , tablets and all the cell phones needed charging, they humbly came to me with their tail between their legs. I gave em the gears of course and when the trailer’s battery died, my small system saved the day to recharge the battery for it. So I was hero of the weekend, but the sad thing is, that many of the kids couldn’t entertain themselves without the electronics. Between the sporting goods, fishing poles, gold pans (was a gold bearing river through the park), telescope, bridge to jump into the river and on and on the number of things to do, their eyes were glued to these frigging idiot boxes. No imagination. If the shtf, it just may be the best thing to happen to the imaginations of todays youth. Be well.

  9. Hi Pack!

    This past week I ordered and received some AR-15 parts and then took them to a friend over the weekend to get help assembling the AR. I discovered the stock I ordered didn’t come with buffer parts. Oops. So I still don’t have a working AR yet. Worse, Midway is out of stock of the buffer tube I want, but then I found an American-made buffer parts kit on Ebay. I’m doing a fixed A1 type stock because I milled a polymer 80% lower and was afraid the stock-holding ring on the lower would eventually crack if I accidentally whacked it (or if I fell down on top of the rifle) without the reinforcement of a fixed stock. I also realized I forgot to drill one of the pin holes out in my lower, but that was easily fixed with a drill press.

    I’m hoping the pull on an A1 stock won’t be too long for me.

    I want to mill an aluminum lower now. Just as an extra. Maybe then I’d take the polymer one and put it on a .22 practice AR eventually.

    The DPMS lower parts kit I got had a trigger that was very out of spec. It would not even fit in the lower. We had to use a different trigger assembly. For a minute I thought I’d made a mistake milling the lower, but nope, it wasn’t me. Apparently this is a typical problem with DPMS. If you’re going to build an AR, either get a different lower parts kit or plan on putting a different trigger assembly in.

    We also had fun shooting a lot of pistols and I discovered I can shoot most any pistol fairly accurately at 21 yards. That felt good.

    I have also been shopping for a used BOV/van to use as a camper last week and test drove a couple really decrepit diesel ones and passed on them. I’m still looking and now I wonder if I should get a used pickup truck instead and build or find a camper box for it, or find or build a camper trailer or tiny-house trailer. It’s just that the van is the most stealthy camping option, so I could camp on any street and probably not be noticed as long as I’m not there too many nights in a row. But the pickup truck could be a little more agile, if I was able to stick the trailer somewhere else and just drive the truck as a daily driver. Mileage is another consideration. I’m spoiled with my compact car in the mileage department.

    I think today I will continue the decluttering project. I will turn my attention to paperwork now and see if I can ditch any old bills etc.

  10. Finn Mahone says:

    Still going through the hiring process for my new job at the hospital. Lots of trips back and forth to fill out paperwork, blood work, drug testing,TB tests ( they test for TB 2 times ), testing to see if I can wear a respirator (yes I can). The final physical is tomorrow morning and orientation is Monday. This job will be a great help to us to help pay bills and to expand on our preps and put some money away for a new home.

  11. Love this site – I always learn so much in the comment sections. Prayers to all those needing them. Thanks for the laughs Penrod & Canyonman!

    Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been canning green beans and salsa. Have canned 40 pints of salsa and 14 quarts of beans. The tomatoes have been slower than normal this year, and I didn’t get the fungus (black spot) killed off, so they look terrible, but still taste good. Just have a lot more waste (bad spots, sunburned tops, etc) that I’ve had to cut off. Note to self – check the tomatoes more often next year! Think I might try my hand at canning tomato sauce since I have enough salsa now. Need to pick up a strainer/food mill this week. I think my local Big R store carries the Roma brand, and I’ve heard Victorio is good. Any recommendations?