What did you do to prep this week?

This morning I was in bed, but awake, when I heard my chiwawa mix (Faith) come through the house into my bedroom and set down beside the bed. When it’s early and she wants to go out she will ease into the bedroom as quietly as she can, then set and stare at me to see it I’m awake…

Well anyways, I got up and took her outside and the morning air made me realize just how close we are to fall and then winter. I hope that the balloon doesn’t go up in winter, winter make everyday life more difficult and in a major long-term grid down situation, the cold would no doubt contribute to many not making it.

Cold and difficulty caused by it is one of the main reasons, that I prefer Tennessee over say, Montana or Idaho as a retreat location. Severe weather makes survival more difficult, as long as the electricity is on, the gas still flowing, and the chainsaw still run, fighting the cold isn’t that bad (bad enough) but take those away and survival gets much more difficult.

My point is; assume that the crash will come in winter and prep accordingly…

But I digress, from the purpose of today’s post, and that is what did we do to prep this week, but first I would like to say thank you and give a big shout-out to Angela M, Tanya H, Walter W, Kelli M and Willard N for their generous contributions via Paypal this week, thank you.

Okay, what did I do to prep this week…

I was lucky enough to find some .22 ammo!

I was lucky enough to find some .22 ammo!

Wouxun Radio.

Bought another Wouxun Radio.

And I photo of this mornings sky. Nice...

And I photo of this mornings sky. Nice…

Well folks, that’s it for me this week, what about you. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Haven’t posted for awhile but try to keep up on everyone. DD has moved totally off the grid and we have been trying to help as much as possible. It’s a long way from us so making the trip has been a challenge. We took a week and built a 20 X 24 cabin. It was a major experience as there was no electric, water had to be shipped in and we only had the one week. Got it done though. We are hoping to make one more trip to help them get set for winter.
    Here at home we are doing well. The heirlooms from last year are all producing well and I feel more comfortable knowing I can grow all my food with what we have for seed. Of course this is harvest time so putting up the harvest is top on the list. We put up more shelves for storage as we needed the room, still have more veggie bins to build for the harvest hopefully will get them done soon. Winter is close at hand so need to hustle.
    Be safe everyone

  2. Well lets see, I went to the gunshow last week and I bought a gold am. eagle coin, a R.G. revolver, there’s lots of .22 ammo for about $40.00 a brick, I guess that’s all I did there. I do think that weekends need to watched too, they’ve been to good for awhile and here lately they have been hit regularly. That’s it for now See Ya.

  3. This week I got my cub cadet garden tractor running like brand new. Now I’ll be looking for a cat 0, 3 point hitch and a tiller. Not much in the way of prepping other than a quick video on how to make an extremely powerful and deadly medieval flail.I’ve built a couple shotguns out of junk I had in the scrap bin beneath my workbench and a couple days ago I decided to build a weapon that didn’t require bullets. I built it just for fun,but the first time I used it busting up a patio block,I was amazed at its potential in a battle that didn’t involve guns.I think I’m going to continue making weapons that the average garage workshop could build. I really like showing people that, no matter if the PTB want to disarm its populace,as long as you have junk laying around,you can fashion a very effective weapon in short order,with just a little imagination. On a personal note, when I perform a charitable act,or donate to a cause,I never advertise or make what I’ve done,public. This is one reason I’m not doing that silly Ice bucket challenge, even though several people have “challenged” me. However, I’m going to mention what I had to do yesterday because all night last night, I kept wondering about how often we never know what suffering,need,desperation goes on behind the doors of our elders. My wife and I stop at an elderly womans house in Bossier city on our way to waskom Tx, about once a week to bring her eggs from my chickens and whatever else I can bring her from my garden. She is a retired school teacher and she is 85 years old, and she has no living relatives. I knew her son, and he passed away recently, so she is all alone in the world.I’ve made a point out of checking on her and I call her frequently throughout the week and tell her Im passing through and I’m at walmart,does she need anything. Yesterday, I brought her a watermelon from my garden. It was a big one and it was kind of heavy. I opened her refrigerator to put it in there for her and it was warm inside of it. I asked her how long her fridge had been broken. She said she was saving for about a month to try and buy another. She had it since her husband ( a retired sheriffs deputy) passed away 28 years earlier. She had a guy come look at it and he told her it would take more to fix it than it was worth and he couldnt guarantee it.My wife and I dont have much extra money,but we have what we need. recently,we became 100% debt free,including credit cards. I left her house and all day could not stop thinking about her being without some means of keeping food from spoiling. Finally,I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to lowes and put a refrigerator on the card and brought it to her. My point in telling you this is, no matter how normal things may appear to you concerning older folks, look a little deeper. Old folks grew up in an era where you kept a stiff upper lip and didn’t complain or share your misfortune.When you’ve made it through this mean old world to the age of 85, you deserve better than the few dollars a teachers retirement brings you. Please,look after old folks. Dont let them suffer.Dont let them do without.The Lord provides and when its your turn,someone will come along and look after you. Now,I’m taking the huge monstrosity of a refrigerator up to the scrap yard. It will only bring a few dollars,but it gives me a chance to poke around and find the steel I need to make a wood stove for my sunroom. Have a great week yall.

    • Amen, brother.

    • All joking aside B.C. , God bless you, you are a good man and I’m glad to know you threw this site.

    • BC,
      God will bless you for your giving.

    • Curley Bull says:

      You’re still the man BC!! I believe as you do, if we do our part for others now, someone will do their part for us when the time comes.

      We should compare notes on the homemade weapons over a cup of coffee some time. Before being burglarized 12 years ago, I had quite a collection of primitive weapons. Had been working on a few the last few years myself.

      Be blessed and keep on keeping on,
      I Timothy 5:8

    • You are a wonderful man for doing that

      I pray to The Lord to keep you always safe

    • I’m teary eyed at the generosity and kindness you carry in your heart and amazed at your skills (building a woodstove out of scrap steel!!). I couldn’t even build a rocket stove from old bricks (it’s called being lazy) – ended up ordering one online. You’re an inspiration.

    • BC, just read your awesome post and my heart melted. great way to start the day!

    • Millie in KY says:

      bc truck thank you for being there for her. If MD will do so, please have him send me your email or vice versa. I would like to give you $20 towards that fridge. God bless you both. And make a small casserole or baked chicken for her, too. Elders sometimes don’t eat well, no one to eat with them and keep them company or just can’t see the point of cooking for one….

      • Thanks for the very kind offer Millie. My wife and I will be able to knock the credit card back down in a couple months. If you have 20 bucks you can spare,I would love for it to help someone in your community.

    • restoring my faith in humanity!

    • bc
      When I said you were a very kind person, this shows how you give to others without asking anything from anyone. You & the Mrs’s are awesome.

    • I had to wipe my eyes on that one. You are a generous person and a good samaritan in my book. She is blessed to have you for a friend.

    • God does love his people, and you especially.

    • worrisome says:

      Good job BC! That is the kind of charity I like to do, see a need, figure what I can personally do to fix it! Glad you wrote about it, others will be able to see that they too can find ways to help within the range of their own affordability. Bless you!

    • You’re a good man.

    • OldSoldat says:

      I hate to admit this but this is so rare today that I got all teary eyed. Mind you, I’m an old former drill sergeant (old school) and a crusty old warrant officer (military knows what that means) and I have seen a lot but the world is so doggone selfish and indifferent today, well good on you BC. Great story.

      PS. This is a shining example of why some like the comment section of this blog.

    • Faith in humanity restored!

    • Happy Camper says:

      Look up his yt channel

    • Yea neighbors on both sides of me have cancer real bad (hope it’s not in the water). So I’ve been mowing their yards mostly all summer. Sometimes we will take food over to them, they have a hard time accepting it, that’s why I started mowing their grass, no knock on the door, just get to mowing and I still feel somewhat guilty rushing around in my hurried life seeing their cars in the driveway all day. Hate to say it but the scheme of keeping the masses too busy to do anything substantial applies to me. God bless you all and thanks for “keeping it real”.

    • BC,
      The martial arts weapons like Nun-Chaku (a rice flail) are actually farm implements that were converted to weapons. True disarmament of the population has never really happened; even of it was just a group of monks training in hand to hand combat. Out psyche understands that self defense is a natural right; regardless of the attitude of the politicians. Keep on making those primitive tools.

      Many of us have over the years done things similar to what you did with the refrigerator; and, keeping it to ourselves is generally also what we do. True charity comes from the heart, not the headline. Good job.

      As for the Ice Bucket challenge, I’ve never figured out how the ALS folks are making any money. The challenge as I understand it, is that you can either donate money; or, get ice dumped on your head. With all of the ice dumping I’ve been seeing on TV, I wonder if folks really understand what they’re doing.

      • What I wished folks would is go the ALS website and see just how poorly the money they raise is spent. Research into a cure for ALS gets a shockingly small potion of every dollar donated. Salaries are far higher for members of the ALS management then the equivalent job would pay in the private sector. They spend nearly double on fund raising than they do on research. I’m having to bite a hole in my tongue to not do a video showing people how wasteful the organization is. Lots of people feel pretty good about themselves for doing something they think is helpful and I don’t want to take that from anyone.

        • Makes as much sense as dumping ice water on yourself.Jimmy Charters habitat for humanity is like that also.

      • OhioPrepper – I meant to comment on this before, but never got around to it. With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you were supposed to donate $100 if you did not do it, but that didn’t mean you didn’t donate if you did dump water on your head. You were supposed to donate something like $10 or $20 if you did. Essentially, you got a discount. I know a lot of people who donated money anyway. I think the best one I saw was Charlie Sheen – he dumped cash on his head and said he was donating that. Thankfully, the fad has passed. I just wish people would donate to something they know about or actually means something to them personally.

    • B.C.
      Outstanding work. You made me remember someone that I have been meaning toi check on for a very long time. There is a very nice old gentleman who’s wife passed away last winter for the first several month’s I was very good about bringing him meals and just stopping to visit for an hour or so. His children all live very far away and he has been a family friend for generations. Besides allowing me to hunt on his ground he has offered to help teach me rifle reloading and a few other skills. You never wan’t to let “I am busy” to get in the way of things but it always does. I think it’s time I brought him a couple freezer meals and a hello

    • Very honourable.

    • Yes, my mom had an elderly neighbor whose AC had quit, and he had water bugs all over the place, and he never complained, well once she and stepdad found out they helped him out, got his AC running (all it needed was one cheap part) and the place fumigated, etc. Got him eventually into an old folks home, then another, found his lost relatives for him, helped him fix up and sell his house, etc. He died last year. I think he had a better time at the end because they stepped in and helped.

      It’s things like that, not those glamorous charity third world travel junkets, that make a difference in the world.

  4. This week I found 300 more reasons to thank Canyonman for his good advice, and they were at the best price I’ve seen in 2 years. Don’t want to end up like those Syrian soldiers having to surrender, then be marched wherever and……be at the total mercy of savages. Sad to say, but I honestly believe we have some savages here in the US who would treat us exactly the same way. But I digress…

    I bought a plastic tote and finished out my flu/ebola kit. Now everything is in one place, including disposable gloves, heavy duty gloves, respirators, N95 masks, and all manner of supplies I’ve bought over the past 2 mo. Might be worth an article, I’ll think about it. One thing is for sure, the outbreak in Africa is spinning out of control, as a new case has now been reported in Senegal.

    That’s about it for me this week so far, am heading to Sam’s later on today in the big city. Will be buying more canned goods, and paper products. Can’t have too much TP. Have a great week, everyone.

    • please let me know if you happen to run across any of the water proof ammo. Im pretty sure the regular ammo I have wont work well in my gun collection that lies at the bottom of lake utopia.

    • Canyonman says:

      Always good to hear, WMan!

      My DW and I have discussed the “Winter iSHTF Coming” scenario many times. It would make a TERRIFIC thread for commenting, M.D. …

  5. Nebraska Woman says:

    I am with you, md. I hope nothing happens this winter either.
    I bought ammo.
    I have so many tomatoes canned that I think I will turn red.
    My mom fell. With the comments this week on elderly people, I have decided that if mom can’t get out when tshtf, then I won’t either. My brothers and their families can go, with my blessing. But I will not leave Mom.
    We’re still looking for a place. I have had several showings, but none are to my liking. I would actually like to buy a piece of land from my old neighbor to build my cement home. We will see.
    I spent $$ on warm clothes, boots, and ran across a sale on quilts, the warm kind.
    My freezer is so full that I need to start canning meat. Maybe that will be my September project. I love projects, and I try to have one a month. In August I organized and restocked the food pantry at church. It was hot work!!! It also made me realize what crappy food they were giving out. Starch + starch = a bad diet. I have been trying to get them to stock things like beans, rice, canned fruit and vegies instead of boxed mac and cheese, which are fine but not as healthy as other options. The problem is the people will not cook the beans! How lazy we as a society have become!
    Be careful, Pack. With the idiot-in-charge who is full of Shiite, we need to guard our health and freedoms even more.

    • It is sad. In my county they discovered that there are many who don’t know how to cook a more balanced meal. It’s not that they are lazy they just don’t know and they think it is too hard. That I blame a lot on mothers/grandmothers who didn’t teach their children – some because they didn’t know but many because it was easier to open that box.

      • I’d also blame it on our culture, suzyq. The vast majority of items in a supermarket are prepared and boxed to take all the work out of it – not to mention a lot of the nutrition. They’ve also added artificial flavors to entice people to eat more and buy more. When people have this stuff in their faces no matter which way they turn, it’s no wonder that’s what they get.

      • Schatzie Ohio says:

        People not knowing how to cook? I think it has a lot to do with the cancellation of Home Ec classes in school and too many working mothers that are too tired to cook.

        • mom of three says:

          I will agree with you 100%. My high school fazed out home ec shortly after I graduated, in 1987. Such a sad state of affairs.

        • I certainly agree with you about the Home Ec classes. We learned the basics of cooking & sewing so we could take it from there. When my kids took Home Ec they did a little sewing and learned how to plan expensive weddings. Real useful, that.

        • When I was about 12 my mother started leaving notes for us about cooking (she worked). The note would read at such and such a time turn oven on to _____ (pick a temp), when oven beeped take meat out of fridge, put in pan on stove, add salt, pepper and garlic powder, put in oven. At whatever other time take potatoes peel, slice (however) and place around meat, then do the same for carrots and later add onions. That’s how I learned to cook. Her notes were detailed enough for me to do it and just vague enough that I had to think about what she wanted. Luckily, I didn’t have any epic fails from her notes. If I had, I would never have heard the end of it from everyone else.

  6. riverrider says:

    hi all. at work molding young hearts and minds so i didn’t get to see that sunrise skyline m.d. ;)…..received some shiny stuff. repacked the bob, again. each time i’m getting the weight down a bit. i’ve come to realize a bob as a long term survival bag is a fallacy. you just can’t tote enough stuff to live indefinitely out there. stuff must be replaced with skills. and comfort comes in last place in the packing order. i finally packed it the way we did in the infantry. i then remembered we were hot/cold/wet/sleepless etc for most of the time. get used to it, wrap your heads around it. learn to enjoy the suck. maybe that’s why i feel the urge to hike when it rains……III

    • psychnurse says:

      ‘learn to enjoy the suck.’ BWAHAHA!! I spent four years on Guam when I was in the Navy, and my personal reality was hot/wet/tired/hungry. Right after I got there, we had a SHTF event in the form of an 8.2 earthquake that knocked out the power and water for over two weeks. It was a great exercise that taught me to always have a stash of cash, and Knowledge is Power (I’m an Okie country girl and I was the only one in the barracks who knew how to flush the toilets with rainwater).

      • “Learn to enjoy the suck!”

        I wish I could teach that to the rest of America. Unfortunately, unless you’ve served in uniform, you will never quite know the essence of what ” suck” tastes like.

  7. Mystery Guest says:

    Well after not giving a fig if anything happened or not finally got inspired to do more.
    So I have 30+ years of old bills and bank statements. And because the garbage company now wants you to separate your garbage so they can benefit from it, I decided I would shred the crap myself and make biomass to burn.
    I ordered the gizmo to mash them out.
    I have been looking at extra bedding. Also have to find my list of lists to get back on track. There are still things I need to get.
    I would like your prayers for a situation that only God can fix in my favor. Also that God would bless my finances to go much farther than I could dream possible. It would be so appreciated.

    • Mystery Guest
      Prayers do work, I know my dh is here setting beside me. We will add you to the list of those who need healing.

  8. Kate in Colorado says:

    Hey gang….blessings to all! We seem to be facing increasing threats both in country and world wide and I sense anxiety and stress in just about everyone I encounter. It is easy to get carried away in the tides of emotions but I urge all of us to periodically take a deep breath, connect with the Lord, and ask for a calm, organized mind. That’s the biggest “prep” of all! This week I put up 175 pounds of tomatoes, worked green beans, and peppers. Then had corrective surgery on both hands to fix a problem called “trigger finger” on both middle fingers that had gotten out of control. If you can’t use your hands in an emergency you are in big trouble. If you have medical issues to address, do so now while you are able. And it’s a great reminder to check in on folks who might need a little help. Keep praying and prepping!

  9. Not much of actual preps, the tomatoes are coming in at a much slower rate, and we are eating them instead of canning.
    Have become friends with LMI and are meeting for lunch today with DHs. I’m really looking forward to it. Other than here, I haven’t discussed preps with anyone so I think this will be a fun afternoon as well as a learning experience. They have goats, and DH has be against getting any, even though he has no experience with them. I’m thinking good thoughts that today may be a turning point.
    Don’t know if you can count that as a prep or not!
    Have a good week pack, we are in for a bumpy ride.

  10. A little of this and a little of that. Just finished working my 14 of 16 day stretch at work (happens about every month). Tired after that stretch and need to rest mentally more than physically. With Ebola. Obola and terrorists probably coming over the southern border I am so happy to have escaped NY and be living in the mountains.

    Additions to our preps are:
    6 26oz Comet with bleach
    7lbs Pasta (vegetable)
    8 19oz cans Progresso Chicken soups
    1lb 8oz Honey
    4lbs Bread crumbs
    50 silver dimes
    6 Half gallon Mason jars
    12 Quart Mason jars
    2 250sf rolls aluminum foil
    Metal storage shelf

    I estimate that we are close to 3 months on food. Going to focus on that hard to get to 6 months quickly, then a year.

    Each week we are in a little better place which is better than 99.9% of Americans.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  11. Haven’t done much at all, I’ve been in and out of the hospital and they’re still trying to figure out what’s going on. They’re pretty sure it’s not my heart, they think it’s GI. I have this constricting feeling in my throat but the GI dr doesn’t think its GI he thinks it’s musculoskeletal. So I’m almost back to square 1. To try and keep my mind off things I’ve been organizing my pantry and reading. If anyone has any homeopathic ideas I’m open to them.

    • Andi,A year ago, I was badly burned when an accident occurred at work. The resulting explosion knockecd me off my feet and at the same time all my safety equipment was blown off of me. I was covered with sulfuric acid and when I screamed in pain,I ended up sucking into my lungs, sulfuric acid which burned my lungs and esophagus. I healed up some and was left with a 40% reduction in lung capacity as well as a constricted airway that I thought I would have to live with. It was downright scary at times trying to suck enough air into my lungs through what felt like a pipe the size of a pencil. I got the colonoscopy a month ago and the doctor told me that he was gonna check me out at both ends. naturally, I asked him to do the top end first. When I woke up,I could breath 10 times better than I could before. I asked him how that was possible and he told me that he stretched my esophagus. Even now I can still breath much better than i could before. My reason for telling you this very long story is to let you know that your esophagus can be stretched. It sounds far fetched but they can really do it.

      • Omgosh BC that would have been scary. That’s for the info I will see if that might be an option.

    • Andi, my 90yo mother has what sounds like a similar situation. Sometimes food gets stuck when she swallows. After a couple other doctors, she just saw a pulmonologist who seems to have a better handle on it. You might want to try in that direction.

    • andi, what you are going thru sounds like what i had…..called “esophageal spasms”. (google it)
      i was suddenly hit with this condition which got progressively worse with more frequent and longer episodes during my 5 year divorce from hell.
      in my case i believe it was exacerbated by stress, anxiety and panic attacks. it seemed to be triggered when i was eating something such as meat or a sandwich, and a piece of food would get “stuck” as the esophageal muscles would suddenly stop working. the episodes were only seconds long to maybe 15 minutes long. twice it progressed to hours and the worst was 22 hours long…..which sent me flying to the doctor!
      i was prescribed a medicine in a gel cap form—a smooth muscle relaxer—which i would puncture and put under my tongue for sublingual absorption. relief would come in minutes with relaxation of the spasm.
      i am happy to report that after said divorce, the spasms have virtually disappeared.
      if you want to email me for more info, ask MD for my addy.
      hang in there! zZ

      • Thanks for that info- several people I know are convinced this is all because my oldest just left for college and I’ve stressed myself

    • Andi
      I am going to ask you a question, but you need not reply to me, only to yourself.
      Any one else this applies to please pay attention, it could save you health issues in the future.
      Do you take thyroid medication?
      If you do, are you taking the drug Levothyroxine(generic)? Yet your blood tests are coming back fine. Are you having problems swallowing, an it is being harder as time progresses. No, I am not a doctor, but dh started losing his ability to swallow, his ENT discovered which drug he was taking, and put him back on the one he should have been on all along(Synthroid). The damage is done, yet we hold out hope he will regain his ability to swallow once again. The wrong medication can cause the throat muscles to smooth out losing the ripples which moves food, water (per his ENT=Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor). It can also cause the colon muscles to smooth out. As I stated this is all per his specialist. Hope this helps you and anyone else who might be experiencing this problem

      • Wow. I hope your husband will regain the ability to swallow again

      • I was taking synthroid for many years and had the same problem. In fact the esophageal spasms were so bad that I would also get a racing heart. Synthroid has artificial color and lactose (I have a dairy allergy). Had to change to Tirisint (tiny gel cap, no dyes, no lactose and 3x’s the price!!), but it worked. Difficult to justify the price, but no choice here.

        • Deva
          He did not have spasms, the act of swallowing started with bread. He said it was like swallowing sand, and the choking started. The reason I mentioned the other drug, from what we were told one month the strength is fine and the next month not so.

          • k. fields says:

            Thanks for posting your husband’s experiences with LevoThyroxine. I’ve just had to start taking it (all the chemo has finally burned out my thyroid) so it’s good to know what to watch for.

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      My step father had similar symptoms for years. Then one evening my mom decided to go home a little earlier from work than usual and thankfully, got home to find him. And, just in time to get him to the hospital. His esophagus (sp) burst. They had to cut him open all the way down the front and vacuume, as food is poisonous in that capacity. He survived, but was near death.

  12. The brush fire on the windward side of the Waianae Mountains I mentioned last week was still smoldering as of Tuesday morning. The paper said that it was started by a pair of 7 year old twins, playing with a lighter they found. By Monday night it had scorched 1000 acres, heading toward a wildlife refuge with over 90 rare and endangered plant and animal species. 20 houses were evacuated, one slightly damaged.

    Wild fires…bad enough in good times, but imagine what they could be like in a collapse, with few or no one to fight them. They don’t get into the novels much, although urban fires do. I think book one of the McClane Apocalypse features a forest fire toward the end, though. We do keep multiple fire extinguishers in the house: two in the kitchen, one in each bedroom.

    What else this week? Kept cleaning up after the feral chickens which like to throw our mulch into the driveway. I like having them around, but they are kind of a pain from that standpoint. They also like to dig the dirt up around recently planted rosemary and plumbago, so I ringed the plants with rocks and bricks. That seems to do the trick.

    Does anyone have suggestions for Chicken Repellent? Aside from the flying lead variety?

    Tuesday I had the pleasure of helping a neighbor’s guest who needed a jump start. No one between their house and ours had jumper cables. Sheesh. Poor kid was going house to house looking for some. After we were done I suggested that buying a set of his own would be a lot cheaper than calling a service truck even once. He claimed he was going right out to buy some. I also suggested that a spare car key in his wallet would save a lot of money if he ever locked his keys in the car. That trick has saved be quite a bit of money over the years.

    There has been considerable criticism of Israel lately, accompanied by some violence against Jews around the world, so on Tuesday I refreshed my thinking a bit by re-reading the Hamas Covenant of 1988. That is their founding document, so it is useful to know what they plan. I wish every so-called journalist and columnist who writes about the Middle East were required by their employer to read it.

    It does not merely dedicate Hamas to the obliteration of Israel, which at least theoretically might be done without killing several million resident Jews, but to the extermination of all Jews.

    Article Seven: “the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise, no matter how long that should take. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

    “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. ”

    It also says in Article Thirteen: “so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement.” (Hamas)

    So, just in case anyone is wondering exactly why Hamas was founded: It is to commit genocide against all Jews. In Hamas’s own words, genocide is it’s purpose for existence. It strikes me that anyone who declares their solidarity with Hamas is declaring solidarity with Hamas’s goals.

    I think anyone wanting to understand the Israel/Palestinian conflict needs to read the whole thing. The Yale Law School Library has an English translation on-line at:


    Of course ISIS makes Hamas look like a bunch of peaceniks.

    I saw that British Prime Minister David Cameron had something to say about multiculturalism:

    “We cannot stand by and allow our openness to be confused with a tolerance of extremism, or one that encourages different cultures to live separate lives and allows people to behave in ways that run completely counter to our values. Adhering to British values is not an option or a choice, it is a duty for those who live in these islands, and in the end, it is only by standing up for these values that we will defeat this extremism, protect our way of life, and keep all our people safe.”

    Can anyone who isn’t doing serious mind-altering drugs imagine President Barack Obama saying anything like that?Unless, of course, President Obama were referring to Republicans or the dastardly Tea Partiers.

    • Penrod,
      I absolutely agree with your appraisal of Hamas. What the fools don’t seem to understand is that the final destruction of Israel will result in the destruction of all of the Arab capitals and Islamic holy sites. The Israeli’s have a relatively well known ”secret”</b. plan to annihilate these places with nuclear weapons. For details and information search for Operation Samson. During the 1973 Yam Kippur war, it has been reported that when Israel had its back seriously to the wall, they had already been given the authority to start loading weapons in preparation for a final loss.

  13. Patriot Farmer says:

    This was a very productive week. We canned 40 quarts of sweet and dill pickles, 20 quarts of chili sauce, put 65lbs of potatoes in cold storage and donated 50lbs of potatoes, 20lbs of cucumbers and 50lbs of zucchini to the local food bank. We are in the process of drying 58 sunflower heads for seeds. Our local Meijer’s store ran Campbell’s chicken noodle and tomato soup on sale for 29 cents a can. We added 60 cans of soup to the shelves, and another 35 cans of assorted items that were also on sale. I bought 10 boxes of 20ga buckshot, 6 more crossbow bolts, another package of N-95 masks and 3 more 5 gallon fuel cans. I found a few bricks of .22LR but at $54 a brick I passed.
    We completed our generator project this week and it is amazing. We ran on generator power for a few hours and we were able to run everything as though normal power was on. If anyone in the southern Michigan area needs a good electrician I would recommend my guy in a minute. He did great work, more than I expected and saved me $250 on the installation.

  14. ladyhawthorne says:

    I think we are finally down to double digits for the rest of the year, I sure hope so, I am soooo very tired of all the over 100 temps. Even had a little rain yesterday!

    Went with a friend to a little used roadside and we picked two 5 gallon buckets of prickly pear fruit. She has a Mehu-Lisa steamer and it sure made it easy to make juice! (a steamer is going on my want list) My half was 4.75 quarts of juice. I’m not much for jelly but I will use the juice for drinks and smoothies. It’s such a pretty color I want to dye some fabric with it too. Never had it before and it kind of tastes like sweet, mild beet juice. And it was free!!!

    • Grannytraveler says:

      On my daily walks I have been noticing all the fruit on trees in people’s yards. I live in suburbia. I asked one person if they were going to pick their pomegranates and they said NO, we were welcome to them when they were ripe! Yay!!! I am going to start knocking on doors and see if others are as receptive to me harvesting their fruit. Usually the fruit just drops onto sidewalks and yards. We already get a lot of lemons and avocados from neighbors with whom we share our summer bounty. The fruit I’m talking about is from people we don’t know.

      • Babycatcher says:

        I do that too. There are a number of neighbors with fruit trees, who are too elderly to harvest the crops. I go round and ask if I can pick. We’ve gotten quite a bunch of pears and greens that way!

    • Country Vet says:

      The juice is WONDERFUL in lmeonade! You also might like jelly made from it with the addition of lemon juice. Tart with a hint of sweet.Great on a biscuit with sausage and egg. We converted what we didmake into jelly into syrup. Add to lemonade for a refreshing drink. Makes an AMAZING wine cooler! About half a bottle of white wine, quart of lemonade, and about 2-4oz of the tuna syrup to taste.
      We run ours thru out press that we use for apaplesuace. It gives more pulp. Just be careful not to let the seeds buildup in it or you can damage the augar.
      This is a VERY health fruit! The juice supposedly can even actually help you stay cooler in very hot weather. It seems to me that it actually works.

      • tuna syrup?

        • Country Vet says:

          Sorry- the cactus fruit is called a “tuna.”- cactus fruit syrup

          • obviously I do not live in an arid or semi-climate. I posted earlier about canning tuna (the fish) and I just couldn’t see how using anything from the canned tuna would improve the taste of any drink.

            • Country Vet says:

              That is hilarious. No, I am not a tuna (fish) fan period. Can not even imagine it in a drink. LOL 🙂 Too bad you do not have access. You would really enjoy it. A gift from nature. We burn thorns from the pads from the plant for our sheep to eat. Very nutritious.

              • We live and learn everyday. Many have said that once you have home canned tuna, you never want to go back to the store canned. It is a whole different taste and texture. Someday I may visit a place I can get pear cactus and try it. I was actually going to go mow the weeds in my lawn about an hour ago and found it was lightly raining (too much to go mow) now it is back to overcast. In Oregon you mow between showers sometimes. So off to mow I go.

                • Country Vet says:

                  Like everything- there is no substitue for the
                  “real thing.”
                  Nothing that you buy ever tastes as good as what someone has put up from scratch.
                  Wish we had your rain. HOT and dry here.

                  • Prickly pear syrup is a good base for margaritas. They are abundant this year, the horses love them, having to pick pricklys out of their noses right now. Hm. I do have access to a large ranch nearby, might see if he’s got any the cows haven’t eaten yet.

      • mountaingypsy says:

        Co Vet, The tuna remarks were hilarious…..I made cactus jelly from the ‘tunas’ years ago. It was very time consuming for a dozen baby jars full! But it was fun just knowing I did it. It had a wild fruit taste and sort of a honey consistency, good. I don’t live where they grow now. Also did wild plum jelly once. As far as some of you getting fruit or nuts, from people, that is great! It is amazing how many that have trees, just let it fall and rot, rather than offering someone to pick. Wasting food is still a sin. And I had written how a lot of food is thrown in dumpsters, instead of donated, awful.

    • Country Vet says:

      Regarding our conversation last week, there is a huge sale (80% on some things) going on at Gurney’s, one of the suppliers that I use, on a lot of the varieties that I have trialed plus a few new ones that I have been interested in. Posted the link further down in the list if you are interested.

  15. Grannytraveler says:

    Been busy with the new school year starting so there goes any extra money. Low on funds so prepping has mostly been about clearing stuff out of the garage. I’ve been watching a new show on FYI called Tiny House Nation and have been getting really excited about the movement. It has inspired me to start really paring down to true necessities. I’m waiting on my Zaycon chicken delivery (October). This time I think I will can most of it. I still have some in the freezer Usually I only can about 1/2 the order. This time I will step it up. Not much else going on here which is a good thing. LOL.

  16. I think I have about finished canning tuna for the year. Yesterday 6 of us met at the office and canned 182 half pints of tuna. My share was 10 half pints (I had already canned tuna twice this year – my real job was to be one of the instructors – helping some learn the skill). A great time was had and we are trying to work out a time to work on pickles. At home I’ve been working on applesauce – almost at the end of that. Then it will be time to move on to another canning project.

  17. I have had a difficult week. I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to work on my spiritual life. So I started saying the rosary and I started going through the St. Ignatius exercises where you take a passage and meditate on the passage. I was meditating on Jesus with the woman at the well and I had a horrible vision–dead animals in the well. Goats with their heads chopped off. It was terrible. So I called my spiritual teacher and told her what happened. She thinks it was an attack by the enemy. I am still a bit freaked out. Please pray for me.

    • Country Vet says:

      Will do. I think that we all need to start praying for each other if not already doing so. The enemy is definitely stepping up his game. I firmly believe that end times are very near.
      I think what you saw may have acutally been a warning vision. Take care. Beware of any traps that he may set for you. Ask God to place His armor on you and your family each morning and to “place the facemask down” (so the evil one can not tell if it is you of God wearing the armor. ). I also pray that guardian angels be sent down for our protection daily.
      Consider yourself hugged. Keep up the good work.

    • Prayers going up, Bambam. From this distance I don’t know what’s going on in your spiritual life, but I’ll share a little of mine in case there might be similarities.

      When I was 39 yo, I learned that my sins had been forgiven because of Jesus dying on the cross, and I was born again (over the internet, if you can believe that!) My relief and gratitude were so great that I dove head-first into anything relating to God. I started reading my Bible in the book of John, and kept going from there. I found a local church and volunteered for whatever was going on.

      Unfortunately, a couple years later, I learned that not only was the Holy Spirit present at this church, so were satanic beings. This was a real shocker! After a great deal of personal upheaval, I left that church to follow Jesus, instead of the man who was unintentionally drawing these satanic beings. There were some very hard lessons learned along the way, but I am very grateful that I now have the discernment needed to keep following Jesus.

      During that process, some books I was lead to along the way helped a great deal. Here are a few that I can think of off-hand:

      -The Sublte Power of Spiritual Abuse by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen

      -The Light that was Dark by Warren Smith (This is the author’s journey to Jesus and deals with “other” spiritual beings encountered on the way.)

      -A Time of Departing by Ray Yungen

      -Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna

      -Reimagining Church by Frank Viola

      I do hope this helps, Bambam. If you would like to get into this more privately, I hereby give MD permission to give you my email address.

    • worrisome says:

      Bam Bam, I already said a prayer, but then the very first thought that popped into my head was that perhaps your vision is because you are supposed to do something. So while fighting off evil, and you will because everyone out here has already prayed for you on this and evil cannot penetrate such a circle, think of the why of this vision and if there is anything in it or from it that is a take away, lesson or perhaps a path choice you will need to take soon?

    • Bam Bam 9/11 is only 13 days away. What you saw reminds me of Anthrax , just pray,just pray.That is what I’m doing.

    • I pray God will guide you in your faith. I believe it is a sign of trouble ahead. When I have dreams like this I always take heed as it is insight and a warning to prepare or change things. It may not be for you personally, but for all… the sign of the times also say it as well.

    • Bam Bam – I will keep you in my prayers. It sounds like someone was trying to frighten you away from your spiritual journey.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Bam Bam,

      Just pray for wisdom to discern the meaning of your dream. Spiritual warfare is real and my husband has been attacked too many times to count in the past 5 year, after we went on something called The Walk to Emmaus. The armor of God is in Ephesians 6:10-18. I will be praying for you. God Bless and thank you for all the helpful information and help you give to us here in this forum.

    • patientmomma says:

      Bam Bam, My thoughts and prayers for you, peace in your heart and spiritual progression. I also have been having terrible dreams, which have increased my level of preparing. God bless and be with you.

    • mom of three says:

      I will pray for you too. Tonight, is church I will pray in our moment of silence.

    • Thanks guys for keeping me in your prayers. The point of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius is discernment. I think the enemy was trying to scare me off. I meet with my spiritual adviser on Tuesday so I will get her input then.

      • I wondered what was going on. I could tell something had happened the other night when you commented on my post. You’re in my prayers, I believe you are being attacked spiritually. Remember this verse, and be comforted:

        I John 4:4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

        • The Lord is moving in my life and the enemy has been stepping up his attacks big time. He is a defeated foe.

    • Happy Camper says:


    • Curley Bull says:

      Bam Bam,

      I have a comment on your vision, but it is for you and you alone so can’t post it here. If you want, I will send it to MD and he can forward it to you. Would that be ok with you and MD?

      Parson Bull

    • nightshiftsucks says:

      I will not knock anyone for their beliefs, that being said is this a religious blog or a prepper blog ? Maybe I mistakenly went to the religious blog.

      • nightshiftsucks,

        It can be both… God is great.

        • Country Vet says:


        • If your house is not in order now how can you expect to fare in the collapse?

          • Millie in KY says:

            Interesting discussion. I’ve had some really interesting dreams over the past few months. But one thing occurred to me that I was helping a single mom and her three kids. Paid for her electric bill a couple of times, raised some money to put down on a car for her, found her two different jobs and took her to the interviews. Took her and the kids to the store, or where ever they needed to go. Had another friend who found them a free working fridge and I found them a washer/dryer. And yet…the bad luck I have experienced since I met her was horrible. My dogs were dying. Granted these were older dogs but most not that elderly. I lost 6 in just over a year. Had difficultly in finding a job, finally found one and applied there for a post that I was so qualified for and didn’t get it. Hit a deer on the way to work. Lots of other “foul luck” kinds of things, over and over, just get done with the fallout from one and another one would help. Then one day she started to talk to me. Turns out her sister was a witch, murdered by her boyfriend. She apparently placed a curse on this mom and the mom was telling me about the supernatural nasties that inhabit her house and life. OMG. I have backed out of the situation very quickly. I pray for her every day but the short story is that I cannot help her any longer. She is using sage and other things to “purify” the situation. Fine. I use Jesus. So will keep to myself and let her figure this one out on her own. I wouldn’t even go into her house, I could not have told you why, just uneasy. Now I know why….

  18. Exile1981 says:

    Was away for 2 weeks of work in a rural area different than the one i live in. I found stuff not available locally here.

    I picked up a spare mag each for the primary and secondary guns. Found a small grocery store selling fresh made 3kg (about 7lbs) pepperonis, summer sausage and beer sausages for $12 a piece. So I picked up a few and when I got home yesterday I sliced them up and froze them down for school lunches. I also found 50 pound sacks of Quinoa cheap and 10lb bags of red lentils for $25. Bought a new gun vise for doing repairs and found a bag of 200 cleaning patches for the rifle for $4. Also found the cases of 24 raman noodle packs for under $4 so added a couple of those. Also they had a farmers supply store that sells bulk #10 cans of fruits (packed in syrup) for $7-$12 a can and they had apples, mandarins, peaches and pears. They also had 3 gallon pails of MSG free beef and chicken bullion – each bucket had the equivalent of 1700 cubes in them and for $14 they were a good deal. They also had 3 gallon pails of french onion soup mix for the same price.

    I was reading all the info on ebola and decided to get a 3M half face mask for each family member and a case of P100 and a case of N95 filters for them. I went with a mix of the 6000 series for the kids and 7000 series for the adults. I bought them through my business as we use them for work and I have an account (and get good discounts) through the local 3M distributor. The day after I had them picked up I got a call from the distributor asking if I wanted to sell the P100’s back as 3M has had a run on them and the local health authority had placed a huge order for the filters and the factory was telling the supplier it would be months to get them in.

  19. seeuncourt says:

    Castrated 7 piglets. Thank God for homesteads who shoot video! Sure helped me out. All the piggies are sold. Sign of the times when everyone you know wants meat off of the farm.

    • mom of three says:

      It’s the best 100 percent

      • mom of three;
        I checked Costco today, the price of butter for 4-1lb packs was $10.79. When I was at Cash & Carry the price for Dairygold’s large block of butter was $3.47(I am not sure if it was one lb or not). Costco is still lower unless you can find it on sale some where.

        • mom of three says:

          I still have not made it go our Costco, it’s a zoo this labor day weekend, oh heck it’s a zoo when it’s not a holiday. Maybe I can go Tuesday, first day of school. I’ll let you know buy next Saturday, I hope.
          Take care have a great weekend.

  20. Well I bought more ammo with pocket change ( I save my change and roll it and turn it in for paper money) I bought Winchester pdx1 12ga. I have been working on my bob bags as well. I’m getting to do this because I hurt my knee at work, sure makes you feel old when you have to let your 13 yr old son do some of your choirs . Ok out of the funk , I’m like said working on my bob bags. I will take C.Man’s advice buy more ammo.

  21. Well this weekend I am teaching my like minded new girlfriend and her son about what a bug out bag is …..

    Sort of low on cash this month so bought some emergency ration bars in the white bag from amazon for 20.00

    For those of you who order prepping supplies on line amazon prime is a amazing deal . Look into it .

    I like to try to give my bussines to local sites but sometimes cost is a factor for me .

    Looking to buy a new knife when more money comes in

    Hope this reaches all of you well and in Gods grace .

  22. Heading for the reloading shop, for more bullets to add to stock: 9mm and .223. Can’t have enough! 🙂
    Also a die set for my .223’s! Might pick up a tumbler too, if price is right. Just got started with reloading, and don’t have one yet!

  23. PreparedRN says:

    Hello All,
    New to posting on the site, but have been quietly reading and learning for awhile. This week I purchased extra TP and the materials to make my first ever batch of homemade laundry soap! My husband and I also put out some feelers to purchase a 1/2 beef for the first time. I’ve noticed lately that the grocery store meat looks and tastes sort of funny. Our local grocery store had a great sale on 100% juices so we stocked up on those as well. We also made the final arrangements to have our outdoor wood furnace installed! We plant to install a whole house generator very soon…which means we will be investigating fuel storage in the coming weeks. Good grief! It is never ending–got to have preps for my preps!

    This site is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience! Thanks to everyone who shares! Your words have been an inspiration over the past year.


    • Kermit5575 says:

      Welcome, I hope you enjoy this great site and all we have to give.

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      So glad to see another coming out (on prepping). I love making my own laundry soap. And, I wanted to shore up my supplies a bit this week and my local Meijer’s was out of both washing suds and borax. I thought, hmmm… This is a first. Maybe lots of people are starting to make their own,

  24. Jrread Maybe get a used rock tumbler. You might find one of those at a yardsale or online.

    • My first polisher was a rock tumbler that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. Just replaced the media with ground walnuts. it worked just fine until it died. For a quarter it was a good deal.

  25. Canyonman says:

    Sorry for not posting more this week, had some of our “good” relatives in for a wonderful visit. Long long talks about how much ammo is enough. My definitive answer is, “A quantity that we don’t run out.” Does that mean a million rounds? No. I wouldn’t survive enough fire fights to put that many downrange. But as has been discussed so many times here recently, and as Wolfman pointed out regarding the Syrians – I’m not going to be holding an empty gun thinking, “Y’know, I really really should’ve bought more ammo.” 🙂

    One dear relative asked how much 9mm ammo they should have, because they have about 200 rounds, and “that’s a lot”. I am quite certain the first thing they’ll do when they get home is (drum roll, please) buy more ammo.

    p.s. Buy more ammo.

    • Hey Canyonman, you do realize, I know, that if you have 4 more shooters get to your house but unable to bring ammo, a million rounds for you is only 200,000 each for the group 🙂

      Hardly even enough for a respectable Lebanese wedding reception.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Canyonman, Not sure what “enough ammo” is. It would be one thing if a person only had one weapon and one person to worry about. But when you are prepping for anticipated friends and family showing up post SHTF, who knows. I’ve read several articals which suggest 2,000 rounds per battle rifle and side arm. But if you consider hunting rounds, plinking rounds for training, shot gun, etc., I don’t know what enough is??? At least I haven’t figured it out yet. Of course I still have to restock after the terrible boating accident last year were all was lost.

      • Maybe you should check into waterproof ammo ala Wolfman. He lost his in a boating accident too. I lost mine due to flooding this spring and (hanging head) haven’t gotten anymore yet. (sigh)

        • Hi J, You really don’t need to worry about replacing ammo at the bottom of the lake/river/sea/tub: You can save a lot of money by just surrounding your home with “Gun Free Zone” signs. Or so I have been assured. They must work, because 100,000,000 liberals couldn’t possibly be wrong. That’s why they should run our lives for us: They know better than we do.

        • ammo is hard to find anyway.

      • Canyonman says:

        S in Ky: “At least I haven’t figured it out yet.”

        Nobody else has either. It’s like saying you need X number of cans of Spam. There’s no magic number, but I think that 2K quantity is low. It’s why I continue to suggest to folks to get out to a range and do some RTS (Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’) – blast away at something that will move, disintegrate, etc. Melons, jugs of water, plates – and that stuff is shooting back, and about 95% of your rounds are going to miss. Picture your BOL or domicile or personal Alamo and the RFAA (Rampaging Ferguson Arsonist A-Holes) are in your yard. This isn’t “see how many times you can hit the round thingie”. This is “you here, them out there, and your children behind you”. See how few seconds it really takes to blow through 50 or 100 rounds of 9mm or .223, and ask yourself (again) if you really need to order pizza and rent movies this weekend. Then go buy more ammo.

        As for Spam, I’d say 53.2 cans per person, but I really really like Spam. 🙂

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          Canyonman, I agree 100%! I shoot at home and 100 rounds doesn’t last long. When you turn and burn it goes pretty quick. I really want to get into reloading to at least have the ability to restock. A true grid down SHTF situation and ammo will be the new currency. Most people don’t think about ammo as they hunt a couple of times a year and a box of 20 last forever. Hunting rounds are the most expensive to stock up on but all you have to do is buy a box every week or two and it adds up fast. That’s how I started and then buy in bulk as I can. Also, every time a nut case goes off everyone panics and the so called preppers buy everything in sight. I wish I had bought every 30 rd. magazine I could get my hands on last year and sold them on Ebay for $75 a pop like I saw going on. But alas, I didn’t. Head hung, sigh. I was too busy staying the course to panic as that was done years ago.

      • You’ll know you have enough ammo when you run out of storage space.

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          MSgt, Not sure you can run out of room either when you have the wide open outdoors and caches.

  26. grandma bear says:

    Winter is knocking on our door! Wish we had gotten more tomatoes this year, we also are just eating as they ripen. It may be a green tomatoe salsa year! Need to get the sewing machine humming, lots of project so little time. The granddaughters are visiting, hearing the giggles from downstairs is priceless! This grandparent thing is a true blessing. I worry for the world they will inherit. I pray we can share some life lessons with them to ease their way!

    Remember we are all in this together!

  27. Millie in KY says:

    Preps still slow. I just realized I have now been back to work 10 months, the credit cards will take forever to pay off, though. However, we have gotten to the point where there is actually a little extra left over every month. This month’s “extra” bought four new tires (badly needed) for my car and a microwave. The old one just died and it was one hubby had pulled out of the trash somewhere, he tried it out and it worked so brought it home and scrubbed it down. It’s lasted for 2 years! It was a real revelation to have something nice for lunch, put it in the microwave and….nothing…..I had to do it the OLD FASHIONED way which involved heating up the oven (and it’s been in the 90s here consistently in the daytime) for 20 min. so I could have my lunch!
    Other than that, though, I did a little bit. Tomatoes are coming in and I will do some canning real soon with them. I have been squirreling away the vaccuum packed coffee containers, the square bricks. The price on them isn’t too bad, could use for trading or using. Probably using. I don’t drink it but hubby does. I always get a jar or two of extra peanut butter, too, hubby eats a lot of it but I need some set back, too.
    I did get my yearly exam and mammogram, all is well for that. Next will be dentist appt, and get a couple of moles taken off. I should be in good shape after this.
    I have been working on a better resume, have someone helping me who is giving me great ideas and it’s shaping up well. There is a new factory going in that makes pet food here, I want to try and get in the lab there, the money should be much better. That would help a lot. And my new little business got three orders this week so off to make the items and get them in the mail on Tuesday!
    Stay safe everyone, I don’t get to post as often because of a hellish work schedule but I do try and read each week to see how everyone is doing….

  28. Prepping is a way of life for me now, and I learned why it is important tenfold this past week. I grew up watching my mother can and stock the pantry, make meals out of scraps and always picking up pennies and other coins on the street for a rainy day. She sadly passed away Monday at age 90.

    As I and my 2 siblings met to do legal realities and begin the task of clearing our parent’s home, I realized her pantry had enough food to feed our large families for at least a week. So I cooked almost entirely out of her well-stocked pantry and the task gave me solace.

    I then followed her recent instructions: “When I die, don’t let my supplies go to waste: be sure to take everything useful – my china is nice, but you can’t eat it.”

    So I gathered up the medical equipment and first aid supplies, vitamins and supplements, OTC meds, the remaining dry and canned foods, herbal oils and soaps I had made for her, batteries, cleaning supplies, and my father’s beloved hand tools. And headed home to the mountains of TN.

    My Mom, with keen foresight, found a way to help stock my preps with her own supplies, after her death. I am grateful for her generosity. She KNEW as we all do here, the importance of not wasting supplies.

    I have told my daughter to do the same – its a fine prepper tradition.

  29. worrisome says:

    Good Morning everyone! Hope you are looking forward to a nice Labor Day weekend, some barbeque and your fave beverage! Doesn’t mean that you have to quit thinking about prepping, but if you could add a little joy, so much the better.
    Busy week for us, with a big sidetrack into Napa for the fun and joy of cleaning up after the 6.0. While bad enough to be a pain, Napa has it together when it comes to general disaster preps. I want to meet whoever is charge of the emergency services in that area and shake his/her/their hands! There are some economic losses and there are some serious injuries, small homes and businesses red tagged or yellow tagged, but all in all, it was a very typical 6.0 shaker.
    There have been numerous questions about why folks don’t carry earthquake insurance in earthquake country. First of all, premiums are extreme, if you can get it at all. The deductibles are in the 10s of thousands with so many exclusions that it is laughable. In this instance, most folks are better off developing an earthquake fund. Earthquake insurance, when available can be bought for both the buildings and the contents. But because of the cost, most if they get it, cover the buildings and do not cover contents. Those loosing barrels and tanks of wine for instance would never ever have had insurance on such. It would have been excluded. Also excluded would be business income. Losses to buildings would have such a high deductible, a small business loan at today’s interest rate would be cheaper.
    DD1’s home is back together minus a lot of broken stuff. She is going to need a new large screen television (power surge), a new desk, a new printer and a salad bowl. The garage door railing that twisted has already been replaced. Really, that is it. Everything else that broke is an electable at whether it needs to be replaced or not.
    BIL & Nephew and the crew are off to work for the whole week end because of time lost to the clean up effort………..I will be making sure that everyone eats well.
    In my absence here, the garden went nuts, I have three kettles simmering away making tomato sauce, the dehydrator drying peppers, the sink full of water soaking some broccoli I am going to freeze. Carrots, cukes and garlic are going to be relish somewhere before the end of the week end. Neighbor will be over in a bit to help me. And I ordered a crate of apples so I need to go get those and get busy making apple sauce, butter, pie filling and such.
    I plan on staying home all week end, staying off the roads and away from town. Next week, I am going to be reading and printing up everything I can find on Ebola, making several copies and putting it in notebooks so we have it should we need. And candidly, that Pandora’s box is open and it will be needed.
    Been watching the news from the middle east and Obama’s continued lack of reaction. Guess I am gonna say it. His delays are deliberate, he is being directed to do nothing and he is. With the exception of a few bombings to keep up appearances, he is dodging it all. Who his real boss is? Any guesses.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Used to have a friend who lived in earthquake country and he said all the same things you did. The deductibles were outrageous and almost not worth the cost. It does sadden me to think about all that lost wine. HA!! HA!! Glad to hear the DD didn’t have any more damage. I’m sure she appreciated you being there to help.

    • riverrider says:

      saudi arabia. they agreed to help us with oil to make p the losses from iraq, libya, syria and finally iran. hillary set it all up. isis is really led by a saudi prince, with the guy we let go from iraqi prison running the boots on the ground. hillary was funneling arms to them thru turkey, another isis supporter. this is what got steven’s killed. a lot of their hierarchy is libyan. beginning to make sense yet? tdl will only bomb enough to hinder their genocide of the kurds. he told isis this week that if they run back to syria they will be safe. he calls them isil out of respect for the prophet. we can now assume tdl is a sunni radical jihadist himself.

      • Worrisome says:

        River rider, could be, but this guy, bummer, grew up in Indonesia and hung out with commits, then with bill ayers, where did he connect with that Middle East group? Not denying your theory at all, just haven’t been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

        • Worrisome says:

          That should have been obummer. And communists…hate auto spell!

        • riverrider says:

          indonesia is a hotbed of radical islam. his father was mooslim and tdl was raised muslim. he wants to destroy america, said so in his book. what better way than strengthen our enemies?

      • I’d say that was pretty accurate, riverrider. The group in question is known as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which originally began in Algeria and was known as the Group for Preaching and Combat(GSPC). It has since spread to Libya, Mali, and a number of other countries in No. Africa, and Boko Harem is loosely allied with this group. They supplied Boko Harem with a large cache of weapons seized from Libya after Gadhafi was deposed with US/NATO help. NATO allied with this group of jihadists, and several shiploads of military supplies were smuggled to jihadists(ISIS) in Syria in an effort to help them overthrow Assad. A large number of fighters for Al-Qaeda in Iraq during the US intervention were Libyan, so many were already in place and ready to go when they moved out of Iraq and into Syria. Saudi Arabia and Qatar were the original monetary backers, but Turkey soon saw a chance to increase its influence, and has taken over some of the action. TDL dreams of the Caliphate being reborn, one reason because he believes one Islamic entity will be easier to deal with and influence as opposed to what exists now. It is one of 3 spheres of influence in the world he and his allies desire, the Caliphate, the Western Alliance, and the East/Russia. This is how these PTB want the world to look, and to be controlled. Does this sound crazy? Maybe, but I can’t find any other thing that makes any sense given the action of these people now pulling the strings.

        • riverrider says:

          roger that wolfman. they let slip a few days ago that they want to unify mexico, u.s. and canada first, then bring everybody under one world govt with one army on the assumption that one army can’t war with itself. what fools they are. “they” were hillary and general patreus. there is some kind of stepford wives thing going on here. they go to the white house for dinner and come back brainwashed. look at juan williams, the fox reporter. he was anti obama until he got invited for dinner. now obama can do no wrong in his mind.

          • They go to the WH and get Chicagoed. “Sure is a nice life you’re having, but we know this and this, and we need you to help us to this and that”. N-S-A investments paying off big time.

            • riverrider says:

              aha! that makes sense now with the statement by the outgoing black female senator(a smart woman). she said tdl “has a huge database, that has information on everybody and they are going to use it and one day they will have to face the music so i hope they know what they are getting into”. this was back in 08, before snowden and the nsa came to light.

      • I recommend the book “Hatreds Kingdom” by Dore Gold. While long and dry in places, it is a chronology of the Saudi Kingdom from its inception, and the book title sort of tells it all.

        • Yep, a great book if one wants to understand the Saudi contribution. If one wants to see the overall picture of Islam, I suggest Jihad(formerly Jihad in the West), by Paul Fregosi, a French author. Easy to read, interesting, well-researched, and historically accurate. A must read on the subject.

    • I saw some footage on the broken wine bottles. Entire cases of bottles were crushed and broken when barrels of aging wine fell on them. While earthquake insurance may be expensive; shoring things up and strapping things down (especially large barrels, just seems to me like a good business practice. I saw a lot of destruction (on the news) of bookcases, large screen TVs, etc. that would probably be fine, if they had been fastened to the wall. Certain preps are simply common sense.

      • worrisome says:

        Ohio Prepper, you are absolutely right. Had things been bolted to walls and floors in some cases, they absolutely would have made it. Despite all of us knowing we should, dd1 and her hubby had delayed and failed to have everything done. The frames the tanks were on failed, as did the stands barrels sit on. As for the bottles, those that had lips on their wine racks fared better. People get busy and forget the basics………

        • worrisome,
          I’m not talking about wine bottles in racks. The video showed cases of bottles that had fallen from a stack or cases that had been crushed by falling barrels. They were a lot of folks with gloves, sifting through the debris, looking to salvage unbroken bottles. IMO, this should have been a standard part of doing business in wine country in an earthquake prone area.

          • worrisome says:

            Yup, but it happens. If you look at the footage of the grocery stores, grocery racks were not fastened either, the inside of the local Ace Hardware was interesting, as was Home Depot and Orchard Supply – especially their back stock areas.

            It is easy to decide to move “stuff” around, but they seem to forget to bolt the shelves down once moved. When first put up and being inspected, it is required to clear the inspection…once time has passed and people decide to reorganize, well then mistakes happen. Some of those wineries are several generations old. In shipping areas, outgoing stock can be stacked in cases on pallets 6-8 feet high while awaiting the truck………….over it goes. Then there are the refrigerated warehouses….where they use Home Depot style racking to store cases of wine…………again several cases high………….and so it goes. There will be a lot of chin music around there about how to do it better and different and for a while, they will……..the last shaker that shook anything off a shelf there was 12 years ago…………….

  30. the last week of the month is always slow for me because of low funds before monthly pay day. But I did can some pickled watermelon rinds for a sweet treat when the SHTF. Got one of my annuity payments early yesterday so today I got some parts for my rain water catchment system. Will work on that for the rest of the weekend. My tomatoes are terrible this year, but the potatoes and onions did well. I have started picking onions and pots to can. Green peppers are also a joke this year. What is really disappointing is I got zero apples. Good thing I had a banner year last year froze and canned many many quarts of apples. Hopefully next year will be better.

    I tuned up my black powder rifles and pistol. Lots fun and shooting practice.

    • Country Vet says:

      Some trees will set an excessive number one year and then skip the next year, creating an every other year patern. If you have only one tree, you can thin the apples very early while they are still small and icnrease the chances of a good crop the next year as well, essentially averaging out the crop. Alaternately, with 2+ you can heavily thin one every other year and alternate to keep one in high production. Somve varieties are more prone to this pattern than others.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Yup, no apples for us again this year. Very depressing. Hopefully next year will be better. Been too dry here in the Midwest. All my husband does is pull water from the creek to water the garden.

  31. GHB/BOB class went well this week. WE had some good questions asked afterward. Was able to place a person from another forum who moved into the area on an off grid farm with other preppers to work and learn. Harvested my first batch of turnip greens of the season this week. My horseradish roots came in and got planted in their bed that i built last weekend . that covers this week have a good one

  32. patientmomma says:

    Hello Everyone! It’s been somewhat a productive week. I got 3 of the pumpkins diced up and a dozen jars of pear sauce and pear butter canned. Put up more mustard greens and kielbasa and of course tomatoes of all flavors: diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, salsa, regular ole tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes. Pickled a couple of jars of jalapenos, habaneros, hot banana peppers, some sorrentos, and something called Persion Red Hots, those made my eyes water! I pickled a couple of jars of okra and dehydrated the rest.

    The big thing this week is I harvested 5 roosters and learned the technique of skinning instead of plucking. My neighbor from down the road came over and demonstrated; way easier than hand plucking. Since I don’t use the skin except for a little flavoring I’ll use this method from now on. It really takes two people unless you build something to hold the bird while pulling the skin. I just received a new butchering set, which was perfect timing. I put those roo’s in the pressure cooker and in 30 minutes I had tender meat. I am doing broth as I’m reading the blog. Smells soooo good!

    Made the trip to the city to order some parts for my old truck, hit the big box store to get dog food, vinegar, sugar, spices, disposable gloves, dawn and bath soap and a few personal items. Stopped by the phone store for a quick repair, moved on to the farmers market and picked up a fresh veges that didn’t grown in my garden this summer and hit the feed store on the way back.

    Received my order of some Robin Williams DVDs; I really enjoyed his movies-he made me laugh.

    My prayers for pack members and for those Christians being tortured and murdered around the world. I email my worthless senators and congressman every week urging them to speak out and stand up for Christians around the world.

  33. Country Vet says:

    Beautiful photo MD. Your dog is much more polite than my brats. While they will not overtly wake me up, they are not above “accidently” making noise to wake me up by knocking something over or a loud “sigh.”
    Hi everyone! Hope today finds everyone well. Prayers going out for all who need them.
    Still fighting cutants. Trying a new approach. Havs just placed 5month flea and tick collars on most of my fruit trees about 1′ from the ground. Theory is that they will kill the scout ants if they cross them and that they tend to avoid insecticides. We will see what happens. Something has got to give. This should be safe for the bees and have minor impact on the beneficials. The little devils were actually harvesting FRUIT this year, not just the leaves which is bad enough. We got no apricots because of them and they got at least half of the grape crop. They were even harvesting mulberries. Have never seen them go after fruit as long as we have been fighting them. Not sure.what it means. Bad winter?? Behavior adaptations due to the pressure we are keeoping on them> something else?? Will let everyone knowhow the experiemnt pans out.
    Turmeric roots that I planted have come up- I am VERY excited about them. I was able to get some roots from India.
    First round of chard, broccoli and cabbage seedlings under lights are up.( * a huge grasshopper got into the garage and decimated about 1/3 of them. He had a REALLY bad accident.) Will start round 2 this afternoon, followed by a third group in another 2 weeks.
    Canning corned beef hash this afternoon. Meat is through brining, now just have to cut it up with the potatoes and onions and process. I can taste it already! I am so excited.
    Can hardly wait to “crack” open a jar for a taste test.
    Need to get beds prepped for fall garden, but TOO HOT! Frequently Labor Day is the hotest day of the year here and I think this year is going to be no different.
    Got diesel farm tank and propane tanks filled up this week.. OUCH! At least we have it in place ready to go.
    Too much to do and not enought time to get it done in.
    Keep up the good work everyone and stay safe. Please continue to share the knowledge that you have, It may lessen someone else’s learning curve and in turn save their families. Time is short I fear.
    Thank you MD for bringing this group together.

    • Country Vet,
      I cannot grow Turmeric here in the NW, but I do find it fresh at the Asian markets. I bring it home and after processing it make a tincture with it. I sure wish I could grow it and ginger here.

  34. I wrote and sent md an article about saving money to help those who live hand to mouth, save for preps and to have extra money at home.

    I harvested and cooked some lambsquarters for the freezer. It shows how a bushel of raw greens turns into a quart! But it doesn’t take much of a serving for the vitamin/mineral value.

    Our growing season is about over up north, leaves are starting to turn, and I let the carrots go for another month to plump up. Wasn’t much a summer, which leads to the saying: Minnesota has only two seasons–July and winter.

  35. Not much the last couple of weeks. The summer garden is about done. We’ve pulled out several dead tomatoes and dead zucchini plants. I made 5 more pints of tomato sauce (I lucked up on a few free tomatoes) and 4 half pints of Inferno Wine jelly last weekend. I still have loads of peppers and will likely make more pepper jelly tonight or tomorrow. The first row of turnips got thinned and are growing well. The beets are barely growing. I planted another row each of beets and turnips this past week along with a row of carrots. I’m hoping for rain since I emptied both rain barrels this week.

    I made a Sam’s and Big Lots run to add some extras and/or replace some items. I’ve also done some more work in my office and now have my mom’s sewing machine where I can use it. The first project was to repair the hubby’s pajama shorts. In return he installed a shelf for me in my shower that we bought over a year ago.

    I don’t entirely feel like I’m prepping anymore as it has become a way of life. Take care and stay safe everyone.

    • I also spent most of yesterday at the dictor’s office then the ER with the youngest. Thankfully she only has Mono but any healing prayers sent her way will be appreciated. She catches everything.

  36. Received a a new cookbook in the mail that has numerous make at home recipes of many convenience type products available in stores. It’s titled “Amish Cooking” it is a hard cover, roughly 320 pages and covers everything from breads, treats, school lunches, pancake/waffle/cake mixes, meat recipes and much more. It was originally printed in 1977 and reprinted in 2012 by Pathway Publishers. It appears that at least some of the recipes are born out of the great depression when people had farms and made their own recipes at home . This book appears as a single source for anyone if they had nothing else and contains economical, nutritious meal recipes. We are really looking forward to testing some of the bread recipes which appear very simple and basic. I believe you can get a copy on Amazon but I bought our copy from the publisher for about $15 including shipping if memory serves.
    Here’s the link to Amazon if anyone is interested, Amazon gives it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


    • Country Vet says:

      Col D
      Just ordered the book off of Amazon. Got a “very good condition used ” for $11.99 including shipping. Thanks for the headsup. Loks very promising

  37. OldSoldat says:

    Well, I finally had the cataract removed from my right eye. I had my cornea damaged by a dart when I was a child that luckily did not put my eye out so anything dealing with the eyes makes me a tad squeamish but all is well now that i can see again from both eyes. I figured a combination of texting and driving with only one good eye was not a good idea. j/k

    I also purchased even more shiny stuff.

    I had to make more jalapeno/garlic sauerkraut simply because it’s so delicious it gets eaten up very quickly. Dilicious probiotics = good stuff. Drove up to Richmond, VA and checked out my old home and the new Redskins training facility that would have been within walking distance of my home. While there we visited the new Southern Seasons (google is your friend) and overpaid for some serious looking vidalia onion chow chow and a jar of “pickled silly spicy okra” to test, ultimately to make if liked. About to go check out the newly redesigned collapse blog.

  38. huckleberry lady says:

    Hi everyone! This week I canned 7 quarts of tomatoes, 24 pints of salsa, we harvested our potatoes and got 30 lbs. I currently have a big batch of applesauce cooking down!
    We have been eating a lot of corn on the cob and will start canning it this week as well.
    Also dried two batches of plums and working on drying some hot peppers from our garden. Oh and we also started fishing for steelhead, hopefully we can get enough to can too. Everything seems to progressively getting worse so we will just keep on prepping.
    Have a great week everyone.

  39. TR from CA says:

    Hello everyone. Well after a month of purging the house, I had my garage sale today. Rough count was just under 300 people showing up. Got rid of 99.9% of everything! The rest went to Amvets. It feels so good to be free of stuff we did not need or want anymore. DW did a happy dance. DS made lots of cash selling toys, books, and grandmas homemade cookies and bottled water. He told me he wants to put half away (proud daddy moment). Now to evaluate holes in preps and fill what I can. Worked on my container garden. Added lots to my binders. And made a few more things out of the Wolf Pack cookbook. That is it for me this week. Take care. Be safe.

  40. yeah, MD. people died last winter, mostly homeless people Ithink. and we werent even in a SHTF situation. imagine if we were…
    I have a heavy blanket just in case, and several blankets under my bed and in the closet. my mom has some in her closet, and I have jackets and warm clothes that I grew out of but at least one of my sisters could wear. I also have gloves, a huge heavy coat, and scarves set aside.
    so this week, i added my leftover gauze, pills, and a syringe from when i got my wisdom teeth taken out. i also added a prescription savings card. i can save 75% on a prescription if my insurance ever decides to not pay for it, or president obozo decides to make it so medicaid wont pay for it. he did that with my xopenex. i’m not even sure if the pharmacists would take a coupon card in a really bad situation, or when it expires.
    I added a leftover jar to can with. im not sure if i could can with it, but i might can some blueberries. help?

    • i just added some hand sanitizer.

    • Country Vet says:

      Good job. Just keep plucking away a little at at time.
      You are doing great. Your family should be proud of you even if they are not aware of your efforts.

      • axelsteve says:

        Madison Keep going ,you are doing good! Most people of your age group can`t see any farther then thee cell phone app.You are doing well.

    • Warm slippers, socks, boots and hats too, Madison. Little bit by little bit, you’ll get there.

    • mom of three says:

      Are you wanting to do blueberry jam? You can just freeze thd blueberries, or dry them. Check out Jarden.com they took over Ball canning jar, they have lots of recipes to try.

    • Madison,
      Along with your blankets and other cold weather gear, add a few space blankets. They are windproof, reflect back 90+% of body heat, and only run about $3.00 each. Layered with your existing cold weather gear, they can help keep you warm without much cost or weight (http://www.amazon.com/Grabber-Outdoors-Original-Emergency-Survival/dp/B00029TM80/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1409483210&sr=8-5&keywords=emergency+space+blanket).
      Also, for your BOB or GHB, one of the larger, heavier ones can be useful (http://www.amazon.com/Grabber-Outdoors-Original-Sportsmans-Blanket/dp/B002CQUA6E). I carry both in my EDC, so they are always with me.
      Additionally, on a hot or rainy day, they can provide protection from both sun and rain.

    • thanks for all the awesome ideas! winter is coming and i want to look up ideas for in case the power goes out. i`ll probably put some winter stuff and water in the trunk of my car in case we have to bug out, but i really dont see us bugging out if it gets as cold as last year.

      • Madison and All,
        If it comes to bugging in, in the winter, there are a lot of good ideas on building shelters within your dwelling. While it may sound odd to build a shelter in your living room, bed room or bathroom, it actually can make things warmer. One of the best books I’ve seen on the subject is “Tom Brown’s Field Guide to City and Suburban Survival” (http://www.amazon.com/Browns-Field-Guide-Suburban-Survival/dp/0425091724) which is in my library; although just getting a copy from your local library, reading it, and taking some notes could be useful.
        Back during the eastern blizzard of 1978 (before some of you were around) which stretched from Iowa to the east coast, many folks were without power, and locally, an elderly woman, with more brains than many I suspect, moved her mattress, and all of her sheets, pillows, blankets, etc into the bathroom, along with canned food (a manual can opener), water and a battery powered radio. She placed an inch or so of water in the bathtub and se numerous candles in the tub and lit them. In the tub of water they presented no fire hazard, and with enough of them burning, she kept the small bathroom comfortably warm. Obviously she had candles on hand; but, having the smarts to shelter in place in the bathroom made life much more comfortable.

      • Madison,

        Consider getting some wool socks and a good pair of boots. Check on Ebay for a pair of boots.

    • If it’s just a jam jar from the store, you can store dry things in it, or fridge pickles.

      If it’s an actual canning jar with a new lid and a ring, you can can anything in it, but do learn what things you can water bath can and what things you have to pressure can. If you don’t have a pressure canner, you are best to stick to jams, jellies, tomatoes (with extra lemon juice if not real sour), and pickles.

  41. IndianaAli says:

    Just the usual prepping for me this week, putting up garden, working around home, straightening up barn and garage, anticipation of winter.. Ugh. Making a list of items that are worn out and need to be replaced etc. Did oil up tools and garden tools while cleaning up also.

    On a different prep note….A friend of mine passed away from lung cancer Friday at 52, leaving behind a husband and 4 children, youngest is 10. Only found out she was sick 6 wks ago, gave it a fighting try to no avail. Just a reminder for everyone to make the most important of preps… our spiritual prep and get right with the Lord, we never know when our day will come.

  42. Bought a dwarf fig tree. Still behind on my canning due to crazy hours at work.

  43. Hubby and I cut and stacked a face cord of firewood, have more to do but he needs to pace himself. I started a tote bucket of beginner preps as a Christmas present for a dear older single friend who’s just getting into prepping. She has very little money to prep with so each week I’m picking up a few items to fill the bucket for her along with a pail of sugar and of salt, and a binder of important prepping notes. Still sewing lady napkins and quilting. Finished organizing all my food supplies, just need to make a master list of what and where. Bought 3 more pounds of pure beeswax from an apiary to use in homemade salves. It’s pricier this year due to huge bee die-offs and lower production of honey.

    In a prepping vein, today I visited a pioneer village for more ideas on how people used to do things, how they kept their life simpler to accommodate long work days. Staff told me the most valuable ‘home’ there was the farmhouse and attached food gardens and meat animals. And with good reason.

  44. Forgot to add that I picked a few quarts of elderberries for tonics and dehydrated them for future use.

  45. Happy Camper says:

    I’ve spent loads of time scouring properties for sale, everything that ticks all my boxes turn out to be unsuitable. Well that’s a polite way if saying the estate agents are lying through their teeth about most things they advertise and advise. I’ve had one agent tell me to ignore the building inspection reports on a property because builders were overly cautious.
    I’m down to my last property to look at, which is by far the best, but a bit further out geographically than I wanted to go. 109 acres, 2 br brick home, off grid 12v power (solar and gen), creek, established gardens, private, seperate guest accomodation (the original dwelling), three bay shedding.
    But I believe what I see lol.
    I’ve started taking footage for my youtube blog which I will start in about a month, everything will be posted about a month behind for my own security as I will be travelling alone.
    I took my daughter in for a tattoo yesterday- ‘diabetic’ tattooed inside her left wrist, for medical purposes obviously. And I decided spontaneously to get a crusafix tattooed on my wedding finger. By chance my daughters appointment was (yesterday) the day her father, my husband, well ex, moved his belongings out and left. So it’s significant that I’m now dedicating my relationship to Jesus and moving forward.
    It’s been a stressful few weeks to say the least, and I’m doing well, I’ve had to take a few Valium and enjoy a few nice bottles of red (not together) but I got through it.
    My best to you all 🙂

    • Very sorry to hear all this bad news in your life, but you seem to have landed on your feet. You have a good head on those shoulders, I believe you will prosper as well as anyone can in these dark days. My hat’s off to you.

      • Happy Camper says:

        Thanks Wolfman, there’s no such thing as a negative, just a new opportunity 🙂
        Some people self destruct at any change of life circumstance, but I go with the motto ‘if you do what you always did, you get what you always got’.

    • Country Vet says:

      Happy Camper
      Have sent up a prayer that you will find the perfect place and soon. Maybe the best has been saved for last. Go with God and place our trust in him. Keep moving forward and do not let the “other side” distract you. Also, “ask around.” When we bought our property, it had not even been shown to us by a realtor (and it WAS listed on the market). We too had been shown nothing but “junk.” Someone that we knew , knew someone, who knew someone that was trying to sell it. They even owner fnanced the downpayent pending the sale of our other property.
      Since you have mentioned that your daughter is diabetic, be sure to stock up on the herbals that seem to help and research diets. ( I am sure that you have already done this, but a reminder just in case since you have obviously had your hands full) Grid down would be a serious situation for her. Good luck!

      • Happy Camper says:

        Thanks Country Vet, you are spot on. My house that I’ve just sold was bought by a lady who was keeping in contact with the local agents, so my house didn’t even hit the market. And the house I’ve found on the internet to look at is inadvertently listed in the incorrect district- I’d say an admin mistake by who ever entered the details online. So this property isn’t being picked up in localised searches. I will point it out to them when I hopefully get through the property.
        The best lie of a house was one with the gyprock (drywall) falling off from termites and the agent said “don’t let a small thing like that put you off” !!!!!!!!!! REALLY,
        I’ve got my camper completed for off grid, so I’m leaving on my around Aus trip in about a month.

    • AZ Camper says:

      Happy Camper, I am so sorry to hear of your trial, but you are doing well looking to The Lord…He indeed is a father to the fatherless, husband to the husbandless; He gives hope to the hopeless, and He provides the strength to carry on…He is always, always faithful to His own, even if we can’t see it at the time…sounds like you are doing well in the middle of a bad situation…

  46. Got drug antiquing with my mother in Portsmouth OH…
    On the plus side I found a 2 qt military style canteen, albeit in black, and an en bloc for my M1 Garand. Three bucks for both.
    Not much again this week, been hiking around the 33 wooded acres for sale behind my rental place with the BoB. Looking at putting a snorkel on my Explorer.
    40 rounds of 30-30
    Possibly trading my Henry .22 lever action for a Taurus 6″ barrel .357

    • axelsteve says:

      Teirnan. I doubt that I would fool with a snorkel on a explorer. You probably have a computer or two in your engine compartment that would go south if you got it too wet anyway. Some vehicles have computers under the passenger seat that is also delicate. I would not want to submarine many modern or semi modern suv`s It is your rig though so do with what you wish.

  47. Hi folks. Just got back from uncle in laws where he had a big limb fall on his house. After much fighting with insurance and a worthless contractor he got his kitchen gutted and ready for repair, as well as the roof. I scavenged his cabinets which will go in the basement/butcher room of the Bol, was promised some of the furniture. What we don’t use I will try to sell. It’s a lot of work for a junk man like me but my only real source of prepping cash except for the windfall I’m gonna blow at the gunshow tomorrow. I’m trying to hold out for that g19 my heart is set on. Hope I find one cheap enough to buy ammo too. What is left over will be spent Monday at the flea market- call it prepper rich. Been perplexed over spending five bills on a gun when two fifty would do and leave me much to buy Mylar bags, o2 absorbers and many other things. I just won’t be happy till I get a high cap 9mm but it will be a loooong time till I can spend this kind of money again.

    • P.s. Any advice, even harsh is appreciated

    • Possibly prayers were answered. The gun show had almost exclusively new guns, there were less than half a dozen used flocks and Springfield xds but I got the deal of the day- a lightly used xd with the box, two mags, cleaning brush, manual and the kydex/plastic mag holder and holster for three and a half. Was able to get a cheap light $50 nylon holster that will accommodate the gun with light $15 and two more new mags $45. Bought a Cree flashlight and nice little sling pack plus plastic sword for the boy and a few cool silhouette targets all for what I was prepared to spend on the gun alone. Now does anyone want to donate some ammo lol.

      • Hi Bilbo, “Now does anyone want to donate some ammo”

        If you see a boat with a prepper in it, just follow it around until the ammo jumps overboard. Then collect it.

        • Not going anywhere near a boat now that I’ve finally got my gun. That whole prepper gun- boat accident thing is too funny.
          I did sell my dad’s pontoon in July and one guy tried to trade me a scar17 and ar10 for it. We swapped some emails but didn’t get comfortable enough for me to kid him about it. The whole time I was laughing thinking about it.

  48. Babycatcher says:

    Got 9 pints of salsa done with my remaining tomatoes, I found pumpkins! I had planted them then they go lost in weeds when I left for a week of garden duty in VA, and babies were the priority when I got back. So tomorrow after church, I need to pick pumpkins…anyone know what to do about canning pumpkin? Is it like other squash/ cucurbits? Ok, will go google now. Prayers for those needing them, and blessings and strength be to the Pack, to get our preps finished before the fan gets turned on….

    • PrepperLabGirl says:

      In the past I have roasted pumpkins in the oven, put them through the food processor and froze them in one and two cup portions for recipes. Recently I have been looking at alternative ways and found that its not recommended to can them. I found some instructions and youtube videos about dehydrating after the roast. Will try that I think.

    • You cut the pumpkin into 1 inch cubes,put in large pot and cover with water.Boil 2 minutes to heat thoroughly. Pack in jars,leaving 1 inch headspace. Can add 1/2 tsp salt per pint 1 tsp for quarts. Ladle boiling cooking liquid over pieces leaving 1 inch headspace. Process pints for 55 minutes and quarts for 90 minutes at 10 lbs pressure in pressure canner. From Jackie Clays book

    • Pumpkin can be safely pressure canned in chunks but not water bathed. You really do need the higher heat of pressure canning for safety. Puree is not recommended except for freezing. You’ll find info on pressure canning pumpkin here:

  49. mom of three says:

    Let’s see we bought
    1 pack of toliet paper
    1 pack of paper towels
    4 cans of Tuna in oil ( for kitty)
    1 pound of Bacon
    2 boxes of tea
    4 cases of bottled water Rite Aid had it for $2.22 a flat
    picking the rest of the neighbors raspberry and froze them
    neighbors plums are just about ready to pick.
    I will share with my neighbor my raspberry jam,and dried
    plum leather. She has a Asian pear tree, that I will make
    more jam out of it. ( I don’t like the Asisn pears) but I can’t
    let them go to waste. I made jam last year she loved it so I
    will do it again. Been thinning out my raspberry canes, today.
    My tom tomatoes, are all most done. Finally getting rain it’s
    been close to 4 weeks with out rain. Take care all prayers for everyone.

    • Country Vet says:

      mom of three
      Have you tried baking the Asian pears with cinnamon sugar?
      We love them that way.
      I have not done it yet, but understand that they can also be canned like spiced apples. I would pressure can to soften them.
      Bet you could make pear butter or pseudo applesauce also.
      If you try it, please let me know. It will be another year or so till our baby Asians produce enought to do much with. Hopeing that they will produce well in the years the apples “miss.”

      • Asian pears are a fruit that needs to be acidified (same principle as having to add acid to tomatoes), figs are another fruit that needs additional acid. Find good, tested recipes for canning the pears.

  50. Chuck Findlay says:

    I bought a bunch of seeds from Dollar General, they were 90% off. I bought all they had left.

    I worked on a new solar panel mount for my portable (50-watt) camping solar panel. It now is easy to pivot to track the sun.

    Not really prepping but I bought a new battery for my truck.

    I replaced the batteries in one of the power packs for my Icom 220 MHz ham radio. The batteries were no longer holding a charge. And I also made a long charge cord so I can charge my hand held radios from the solar panel without having to leave the radios in the sun. The cord is 20-feet long so it will allow me to have the radios in the shade.

    And I canned 10 pounds of ground chuck and 2 small jars (24-links) of maple sausage links.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      I forgot, I chopped down 2 trees for a customer Friday and she didn’t want the wood so I loaded it all up and took it home. Not only was it free, I got paid to cut it up into stove length size and got paid to load it into my truck.

      I won’t get paid to unload it tomorrow, but nothing is perfect…

  51. Not a lot this week. Still decluttering and sorting. Used another 10-pack of bankers’ boxes and tossed out a lot of old useless stuff. Still finding things I didn’t realize I had. Hope to have all the clutter finished by Thanksgiving. Working on antennas the rest of the weekend, since I now have most of my radios dusted off and ready to start playing with, assuming I actually get any free time.

    • Happy Camper says:

      Since I’ve been disbanding my house I’m going to confess I’m a part time hoarder, but I don’t mind, I’ve donated loads to local charity and local landfill

  52. We finished our road to our property! That was the big one this week. Now we can move onto more fun projects like building a cabin. If anyone has a link to good plans, I would love to have it!

    I ordered the Foxfire 11 book from Amazon this week. While I think all the Foxfire books are useful, I wanted this one specifically because of its description: It “celebrates the rituals and recipes of the Appalachian homeplace, including a one-hundred page section on herbal remedies, and segments about planting and growing a garden, preserving and pickling, smoking and salting, honey making, beekeeping, and fishing, as well as hundreds of the kind of spirited firsthand narrative accounts from Appalachian community members that exemplify the Foxfire style.”

    I canned a ton of tomatoes this week. I made Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Barbecue Sauce and Zesty Salsa. I also put away two quarts of dehydrated Kudzu to add as greens to soups, stews and sauces. Here is the Pear Orange Sauce recipe that someone requested last week. It is a favorite. I think I eat half of it before it even makes it to the jars!

    Pear Orange Sauce

    5 quarts pears, pealed and chopped in chunks
    3 cups sugar
    zest and juice from two large oranges
    1 teaspoon of nutmeg
    2 T lemon juice

    Place all ingredients in large pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer for about one hour or until pears are softened. Harder pears will take more time than more ripe pears.

    Use an immersion blender to blend ingredients into a sauce consistency. You can simmer further to thicken or can immediately. You can also move sauce to a crockpot and turn into Pear Orange Butter at this point if desired.

    Ladle into prepared jars to ½ inch headspace. Waterbath 20 minutes. Makes about 6-7 pints.

    • Country Vet says:

      Sounds WONDERFUL! Thanks for the recipe.

    • what sort of cabin are you needing? How many people do you need it to sleep? Are you planning for off grid or electrical? Do you plan on plumbing or running water?


      • Southern Forager says:

        5-6 people. Pretty basic to begin with but with an option on electrical and plumbing. Probably a well. Would love to go solar. Style is open at this point.

  53. ChristineM says:

    Blessings and prayers to all. Hang in there! We’re waiting on the radiologist opinion re a spot on DH’s leg bone. A little anxious about that.
    Have been very busy with two part time jobs, but am now getting a break. Woo hoo … more money for preps.
    MD’s photo is a reminder that I need to get off the fence and make a decision regarding hand held. I missed field day this year.
    Sis has been overrun with eggs, so I’ve dehydrated about 12 dozen boiled. Will be dry canning 5 dozen today (first attempt at dry canning).
    Was looking at the household budget and we’re still on track to be debt free in a few months.
    Am getting a horse pen ready for my birthday present. She’s a 7 year old black mini mare. Sweet as can be.
    We were running out of shelf space and a local dollar store put theirs on sale, so will be assembling those today.
    Be safe everyone.

  54. Country Vet says:

    Gurneys is having an 80% off sale for Labor day. Some of the varieties that I have had the abest luck with are marked down.

  55. UrbanCityGirl says:

    I too am concerned about a winter (storm) crash and last year I spent considerable time searching and finding kerosene heaters (3), mr buddy propane heater (1 smaller). Stocking up on their fuels to get us through at least 1 severe winter., various long underwear, Blankets and sleeping bags.

    Now that you’ve brought it up, I will be looking for another sleeping bag as they will be going on sale and we could probably also go around and collect wood from storm damage, etc. though we don’t have a fireplace or wood stove. The wood could be used in our rocket stove and also in garden beds.

    But this week I’ve kept the dehydrator running with: thyme, basil, lemon balm, roses, purple cone flower, oregano, marigold, and sage from my garden. And today, tomato peels. I blanched and froze bags of tomatoes from my garden and will grind up the peels after dehydrated.

    I put us on a tight budget so we could squeeze out as much as possible for preps in the coming months.

    My car needed $380 in repairs and I handed DH the cash. It was funny cause he said “where did this come from? Never mind, don’t tell me. Good job little wifey!” It was nice to have the cash on hand and not have to take it out of paychecks. I think he realizes now how much I plan for emergencies, and he is proud of me.

    My cukes died with all the rain and humidity, but I scored a big crop. Everything else is coming in nicely and I am processing the food daily with my goal not to let any go to waste. Still a big effort.

    I seriously want to yell “get out of my house” some days. I feel like a slave with all the comings and goings and trying to keep up with the garden and housework and still read and research.

    I swear, additional people really add to my daily workload, but DH sure helps me a lot. It’s probably just the stress of the news reports and my anxiety to get more focused and it’s stretching me with all the demands on my time. Sorry, rant over. It’s really not that bad.

    Yesterday we went to an Amish auction and we picked up an oil lamp, 6 old fashioned metal gas containers, a rolling cart with big wheels, a good housekeeping cookbook and a little handbook called “Five acres and Independence” by MG Kains. It was a nice break, a long 3hrs drive one way, but felt good to spend the day with just my DH.

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend all!

    • Happy Camper says:

      It’s currently winter in Australia and it’s been the coldest winter I’ve been through in this area. I live in northern nsw in a sub tropical climate so the temp variance between winter and summer is minimal. But this year I’ve had the heater on most days and even had to buy two more long sleeve tops (I only owned one lol)
      But I think the variances to the normal will get more in the years coming and best to be prepared. But as I’m about to travel south I might have to buy a coat ha

  56. Crazy week – first week of school (I have a great group this year!), a bad head cold…what a combo!
    But, prep tasks were still accomplished –
    -ordered from Honeyville during their sale and got the order in
    -used O2 absorbers from order to dry can what we got from them
    -dry canned rice, salt, dry milk, and dehydrated items
    -researched online for locations to retire to in a few years
    -picked up a free flashlight at Harbor Freight
    -picked up accessories for the generator we are buying tomorrow!
    – started reorganizing my canning shelves and moved my dry canned items to another location
    – picked up 10 cans of our favorite canned greens
    -ordered coupons for 30 more cans (will buy when the coupons come in)
    -picked up a 4 lb bag of black beans, 4 bottles of shampoo and 4 sticks of deoderant

    How much fuel would you experts store for your generator? Do you put any stabilizers in the fuel?

    The news is just getting scarier by the day. We had to go into lockdown this week at school even.

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      We have a generator that will run the entire house, except air conditioner (different system) and a smaller 2000 watt generator as a back ups then 2 large inverters we can use by putting our car in the driveway and hooking to the car battery and then running thru the window of the house that will run fridge, a light and charge iPad, phones,etc (the quietest option). We lose power every single summer and so we have our options.

      We have 6, 5 gal cans and a few smaller cans. We keep them filled with gas and rotate them out monthly by filling our vehicles and refilling. This weekend we picked up 6 metal old fashioned cans cause DH can’t stand the spouts on the newer ones. We still have to fill them.

      We find that we have more than enough gas on hand for the small scale emergencies. And we don’t run the generators nonstop in power outages because we keep the fridge fully stocked and also keep water bottles in freezer to rotate thru fridge in power outages. By doing this, we greatly extended our time between fill-ups to the generator and our gas went further.

      We want to either buy a propane generator or adjust our current one to use propane as we stock propane long term.

      Anyhoo…. Also look at how loud your generator will be. We tend to try to use other methods before using the large generator (no one else on our block has a generator).

  57. Preps this week: Took my twin home to see Mom and Dad. While we were there, we helped put away 20 quarts of canned peaches. YUM. Mom gave me four to take home. Picked her tomatoes and they are juicing today. Last trip until spring.
    Canned 60 quarts of tomato juice and 20 Salsa yesterday. I know I am getting older but that really kicked my butt. Get today off for the holiday so put a roast in the slow cooker and have the day to myself. While I was gone, DH got the new Vortex scope mounted on my 30.06 for deer season. Boresighted free. Next weekend will go out and dial it in for me! I just love this man! He takes such good care of me!
    Two more weeks and the last batch of meat chickens hit the freezer. Am sooooo tired of raising meat chickens. All told, we raised over 200 this year for friends, family, and bartering. They will be good though in the long run. No cows this year. Just couldn’t afford them. Saving for a pig.
    That’s it for me! Take care pack. God bless and prayers for everyone that needs the good blessings of the Lord.

  58. I haven’t acquired too many preps over the past couple of weeks, but I have been continuing to clear and harvest trees at the back of my property to build my off grid bug out cabin. I have cleared approx. an acre so far and have a nice pile of logs starting to season. According to my calculations and the size and number of trees I have felled, I figure I already have enough logs for the lumber I need to build my cabin after they are milled. That makes me feel good. But the heat has been ruthless. Small price to pay. I also bought a small inverter and a battery for the solar panels I have already started to acquire. They are entry level for now as I will upgrade when necessary and move the smaller inverter to a system I’ll have in my workshop. This weekend past, I took my small system camping with our friends; one of which has a camping trailer. I was damn near laughed out of the park by my buddies, but when all their kids toys , tablets and all the cell phones needed charging, they humbly came to me with their tail between their legs. I gave em the gears of course and when the trailer’s battery died, my small system saved the day to recharge the battery for it. So I was hero of the weekend, but the sad thing is, that many of the kids couldn’t entertain themselves without the electronics. Between the sporting goods, fishing poles, gold pans (was a gold bearing river through the park), telescope, bridge to jump into the river and on and on the number of things to do, their eyes were glued to these frigging idiot boxes. No imagination. If the shtf, it just may be the best thing to happen to the imaginations of todays youth. Be well.

  59. Hi Pack!

    This past week I ordered and received some AR-15 parts and then took them to a friend over the weekend to get help assembling the AR. I discovered the stock I ordered didn’t come with buffer parts. Oops. So I still don’t have a working AR yet. Worse, Midway is out of stock of the buffer tube I want, but then I found an American-made buffer parts kit on Ebay. I’m doing a fixed A1 type stock because I milled a polymer 80% lower and was afraid the stock-holding ring on the lower would eventually crack if I accidentally whacked it (or if I fell down on top of the rifle) without the reinforcement of a fixed stock. I also realized I forgot to drill one of the pin holes out in my lower, but that was easily fixed with a drill press.

    I’m hoping the pull on an A1 stock won’t be too long for me.

    I want to mill an aluminum lower now. Just as an extra. Maybe then I’d take the polymer one and put it on a .22 practice AR eventually.

    The DPMS lower parts kit I got had a trigger that was very out of spec. It would not even fit in the lower. We had to use a different trigger assembly. For a minute I thought I’d made a mistake milling the lower, but nope, it wasn’t me. Apparently this is a typical problem with DPMS. If you’re going to build an AR, either get a different lower parts kit or plan on putting a different trigger assembly in.

    We also had fun shooting a lot of pistols and I discovered I can shoot most any pistol fairly accurately at 21 yards. That felt good.

    I have also been shopping for a used BOV/van to use as a camper last week and test drove a couple really decrepit diesel ones and passed on them. I’m still looking and now I wonder if I should get a used pickup truck instead and build or find a camper box for it, or find or build a camper trailer or tiny-house trailer. It’s just that the van is the most stealthy camping option, so I could camp on any street and probably not be noticed as long as I’m not there too many nights in a row. But the pickup truck could be a little more agile, if I was able to stick the trailer somewhere else and just drive the truck as a daily driver. Mileage is another consideration. I’m spoiled with my compact car in the mileage department.

    I think today I will continue the decluttering project. I will turn my attention to paperwork now and see if I can ditch any old bills etc.

  60. Finn Mahone says:

    Still going through the hiring process for my new job at the hospital. Lots of trips back and forth to fill out paperwork, blood work, drug testing,TB tests ( they test for TB 2 times ), testing to see if I can wear a respirator (yes I can). The final physical is tomorrow morning and orientation is Monday. This job will be a great help to us to help pay bills and to expand on our preps and put some money away for a new home.

  61. Love this site – I always learn so much in the comment sections. Prayers to all those needing them. Thanks for the laughs Penrod & Canyonman!

    Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been canning green beans and salsa. Have canned 40 pints of salsa and 14 quarts of beans. The tomatoes have been slower than normal this year, and I didn’t get the fungus (black spot) killed off, so they look terrible, but still taste good. Just have a lot more waste (bad spots, sunburned tops, etc) that I’ve had to cut off. Note to self – check the tomatoes more often next year! Think I might try my hand at canning tomato sauce since I have enough salsa now. Need to pick up a strainer/food mill this week. I think my local Big R store carries the Roma brand, and I’ve heard Victorio is good. Any recommendations?

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