What did you do to prep this week?

Well, folks, here we are again. We have been blessed with another week to prep before TEOTWAWKI and I hope that everyone has used that time to do something. I see a lot of folks commenting in past segments of this thread saying that they didn’t do anything during the week because they didn’t have any money. Well, you can do a lot without money like learning skills, getting into better physical condition and planning future projects.

You can also cut costs by scrounging for building materials for projects and using coupons when stockpiling certain items – for example…

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week…

Got in more firewood

Received my new updated copy of nuclear war survival skills

Organized a bunch of stuff that had gotten unorganized during my move

Bought another 1400 round bucket of .22 ammo

Well, folks, that’s it for me this week… what about you… what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Our weather has finally cooled off to the normal range, brrrrr. Lots of drizzle and overcast skies to go with it. A few days ago we worked outside in T shirts, now we’re wearing winter hats, coats and gloves.
    DH is finally into the idea of prepping and came home with 6 dozen cans of soup on sale. He paid just a bit more than I would, but I’m just glad he’s finally thinking in sale/prepper mode. Not wanting to be caught short, I picked up another 50 lbs of local potatoes at the organic market and feel set for winter now. Canned 7 qts and 8 pints of carrots, 7 pints of sale chicken, dehydrated a pile of celery. Vac sealed in jars more dry products like flours and mixes and got 9 lbs of honey.
    DH also ordered in and got the special charger for the new lithium tool batteries we bought for him.
    New coop work is almost done for winter, just have to finish door and window trim. It’s not complete yet but will keep out the elements until next spring when we can do all the final touches. During off months, it’s doubling as a tool/storage shed.
    Have 3 different winter scarves on the go and two are half done. Have a patterned wool cowl scarf I’ll be starting for my friend’s Christmas gift. A new, local wool shop just opened up and stock lots of real wool which I much prefer over fake yarn so I see lots of wool gifts and clothes in the future.
    The damaged knee is healing up with rest and visits to the chiropractor. Have one more visit to straighten the knee a bit more and I should be back stirring up trouble again.
    I’ve signed up for the free gardening/homestead summit starting Oct 31st. http://www.HomesteadingSummit.com

    • Gloria , I am signed up also. I just have to remember to watch it. There is another webinar series going on starting today, TheprepperworldsummitPrepper.com
      I watched one video early this morning, The Secret Garden of Survival.

      • I signed up for it too. I am trying to get at least a little caught up. I will check out that other summit you are talking about. Thanks for the url.

    • Gloria, I found a beautiful red wool sweater at Goodwill, unraveled the yarn, and made wool socks for myself which I love in the winter! I have found lots of good wool suits (mostly gray) there, and I make gray wool rugs, that work beautifully in my décor of blue and cream. I am all for repurposing!
      We used to have a good wool store here, but the owner moved to Arizona. I can order from the internet, but good yarn can be so expensive. You are right about polyester yarn: worthless.

      • Hummingbird says:

        I will tell my SIL to check the resale shops. She is learning how to knit. Thanks.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          If you look (and not all that hard) at thrift stores like The Good Will you can find all kinds of wool clothes. Quality name brand stuff is for sale at give away prices.

        • Sarah Querry says:

          AT the “GOODWILL” on WENESDAY if you are over 65 you get old people discount

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Sarah Querry,
            I think they do that here also; however, only the DW goes into the local goodwill, since they have a sign on their door that says I’m not welcome there. It’s a symbol of a gun with the NOT circle through it in RED, so I don’t go where I’m NOT welcome.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              Here The Good Will doesn’t do that, but The Salvation Army Stores has 1/2 off clothes on Wednesday’s for everyone regardless of age.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                A bit of a drive for you; but, there is a great thrift store in Plain City called Country Closet run by the Mennonite Central Council. The store manager is paid and everyone else volunteers. They have quality stuff and all of their electronics are tested and work, except those specifically marked As Is.

                • Chuck Findlay says:

                  I have a friend that is a driver for The Good Will and he says all the best stuff in sold on-line.


                  This way anyone, anyplace can get access to stuff.

                  • It’s true. The high-value stuff does go to the web sites. I’ve been shopping from them for years! The prices can actually go higher than ebay because people think, “well, it’s a charity” and don’t seem to mind paying a bit more. But you can get some really nice things here. You also get the stores where the people posting have no idea what they’re selling. That’s when you can really get a great deal.

            • TPSnodgrass says:

              I also refuse to patronize ANY establishment, that has as part of their “marketing strategy”, a denial of our inalienable civil rights, So, I refuse to shop at Target, any of their related brands owned by the same parent company, all other places that post their ad version to MY civil and Constitutional Rights. I absolutely vote with MY wallet, it is how I roll…

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Our local Applebee’s used to have the no gun signs; but, groups of us would show up at their front door while one person very publicly disarmed and entered, asking for the manager. A complaint would be made while the manager was handed a card with a gun and a dollar sign, with each surrounded by the RED NOT symbol. An example can be found here.
                Within a few months the signed came down.

              • Hello,I shop on Craigslist Sunday I got a very good Craftsmans chainsaw for free all that was wrong was the fuel line was bad my son fix it put gass in it wow it ran fine! Then I got a Lodge cast-iron Grill for free good shopping my son say free is all ways good

      • From Louisiana…..Sure wish everyone would just add their home state to their comments….some things work in one part of the country but not in others.
        I moved last year from a middle size city to a small college town. Yard backs up on woods and there is a big drainage creek in the woods. Quiet street sort of out of the way. But due to family and illness, I am now working hard to really settle in and get my supplies organized.
        Might I suggest that people get all your health problems taken care of…..if things go bad it might be too late for that surgery you have been putting off or getting medicines you need. This last week I have gotten good news from a bx…..no cancer, but might still need out patient surgery. In hospital for a few hours…but one less thing I have to worry about. Also, buying more meds from the vet supply company before the end of the year.
        I am really a lazy person, but it makes a big difference in your stamina and how well you move if you exercise a little each day, take a walk, move your arms and legs while watching TV. I have found that I was able to get off pain meds for joint pain just by working out for less than a month. And I could actually move so much better.
        Worked in my tiny garden, actually flower beds but I removed the flowers and planted vegetables. Planted more banana peppers, turnips, spinach. cabbage. Brussel sprouts, sugar peas and more rosemary. Continue to nurse along my summer plants of basil and bell peppers.
        Washed out and set up my plastic 55 gallon water barrel. I placed it out of sight from the street but next to the down spout from the gutters. Might need to collect rain water in the future.
        I am eating my first satsuma off my tiny tree planted in the spring. Today I found a fig tree at the farmers market for $10….now have to find the perfect place to plant it.
        I buy product each week from the market. I am waiting for the beets and will buy more turnips to freeze.
        Bought a few first aid supplies and some canned goods the local grocery store had on sale. Will go to Sam’s this next week after I clean pantry and restock items. Making a shopping list for Amazon…
        .I am nervous about the election and feel a lot of pressure to get my home organized. Biggest project I have is cleaning large prepping closet and remaking all the bobs for our cars. Will have some items that stay in vehicles. Now will have food, water and anything that is ruined in the heat or cold in a back pack that I will just have to remember to grab if I am going further away from a few mile from home. I am on the interstate often and sooner or later I will be stopped because of a wreck for hours. Recently with the bad floods here in South Louisiana, hundreds of people were stopped on the interstate because of raising water and they were there for more than 24 hours. They were dropping water and etc from helicopters. Imagine not having your medicines or supplies for your baby and small children. Because of this, I will keep my car supplies in a plastic bucket, it can double as a toilet in an emergency.
        It is good advice to see disasters on the news and then make a list of any supplies you would need.
        Great news about the new baby, Zula 3-6. I started out teaching my grandkids very simple survival skills, they thought they were just playing in the woods. Matter of fact the 10 year old will have me in the woods next week building a shelter and making a meal on an open fire. The teenager only comes along because he will get free food, but he is watching and learning too.
        Checked out some baby chicks an quail at the feed store, husband not interested…..yet.
        Sorry this was so long, but it has been a busy week.

        • Curley Bull says:

          North, Central, or South Louisiana? I grew up in Ruston, Louisiana, but in East Texas since ’84. I come to Pineville, Louisiana fairly often and have friends in South Louisiana.

        • Olivia,
          If he likes eggs, he might be persuaded to get chicks, especially if you point out he might not get eggs if things get bad. If you are backed up to woods, raccoons will target your chicks and hens. Everything loves to eat chicken! I do manage to keep mine safe. Good luck.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          Sure wish everyone would just add their home state to their comments

          I absolutely concur!!!

          • I can’t say that I agree. I add my region to the comments from time to time (Wasatch Front), but I prefer to not be more specific than that.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              OK I’ll give my location, it’s EN-81.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Cute; but it does concur with the information I pretty much already knew about you, verified by little things like a surplus store you like in Oregon, LOL. Since I’ve listed my call here a few times I can easily be found if someone wants to and friendlies would be welcome. All others should be aware of painted rocks and trees around the perimeter, and know that most of my farmer neighbors are hunters and crack shots.
                As for my location in your domain, I am EN80fh.

              • That blanket is absolutely wonderful and a great deal!

              • Chuck,
                What is EN-81?

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  It’s his location using an alternative location system most hams are aware of. Easy to find if you know the type of system; but, I’ll leave that to Chuck if he wants to go further.
                  Mine BTW as I stated before is EN80fh.

                  • OP,
                    Thanks. Now, I can quit thinking about what it could be…lol.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      What the heck. It’s called the grid square or maidenhead system and the location he and I listed is our grid square. The world is divided into an 18×18 grid with 20 degrees of longitude or latitude each and some fancy math determines the grid reference of a location. If I know my grid square and I know your grid square, I don’t know exactly where you live; but, the the purposes of aiming my antenna system, I can point in your general direction to aid in making a contact, and you can do likewise.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      Here is a link to the grid map. Chuck and I are in grid square EN
                      The numbers and letters add a little more accuracy within the square.

                  • Chuck Findlay says:

                    Linda the EN-81 was an inside joke that only other ham radio people would get.

                    It doesn’t tell you a specific location as a street address, more like a block location.

                    In radio terms as far as location it’s close enough when you are talking to someone 1/2 way around the planet.

                    I like to remain aloof to who I am and my actual address (don’t want to be Dox’ed) and the EN-81 really tells people an area only.

                    • Curley Bull says:

                      Not just “Ham Sams”, military also . . .

                    • Ohip Prepper and Chuck,
                      Thanks for the information. There is no curiosity on my part as to an actual address. But, I appreciate the explanation.

        • watch out for ticks–very small carriers of didease.
          read about lyme/burghdorfi disease.
          daughter has it. ruins your life.
          if you are bitten get to doc asap.

          • Almost There says:

            had a friend’s son die from lyme disease, mostly because they don’t think it’s here in TN, but it is and they take too long to diagnose. He got bitten on a raft trip in the Ocoee. Only 22 years old. They tried to fight it with everything they could think of for over 3-4 years, but it wouldn’t kill it. His body just couldn’t fight anymore. Very sad.

          • Curley Bull says:

            Question: Is the Lyme tick bite the one that makes a bull’s eye type mark or is that something else?

            • Almost There says:

              Yes sir. It’s carried by the common brown deer tick.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Yes. The DD of a friend got it when she was a teen after laying in the ditch after an auto accident. As it turns out she ended up in broadcast journalism, first locally and then at the network level as a medical reporter. This made her connections to have some cugging edge treatments; but, it’s still a long, hard, slog.

            • Curley Bull says:

              I’ve had the bull’s eye mark from an insect bite, but was never sure what it was. Mentioned it to a doctor and was told since it had been almost a year that it was nothing to worry about. That was over ten years ago now. Wonder if that could have anything to do with some of the problems I’m having now?

              However, I read somewhere that the tick has to be attached for 24 to 30 hours for lymes . . .

              • Almost There says:

                I wouldn’t believe a word a doctors says when it comes to this… you can get tested for it. It stays in your blood stream unless it gets killed. Another friend of mine had a dog that had it. The dog was only about a year old, but could hardly walk. They finally tested the dog for it and was able to kill it with antibiotics that she had to take for a year, but she was lucky and was able to kill it. It can be very crippling and can kill you, even though it’s being downplayed by the CDC.

                • Lyme disease can kill different ways. When I was a detective, I investigated a murder-suicide where the elderly husband was convinced that he had Lyme Disease and had passed it on to his elderly wife. Despite numerous negative tests, he held to his belief and one night shotgunned his wife while she slept and then did himself. Very sad.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                The DD of my friend was a teenager when she got the infection and it didn’t show until her 30’s or 40’s. I think there is a test for it and it might be worth another discussion with your doc, since we know a lot more about the disease now than in the past.
                I know she had some muscle and joint issues and basically debilitating problems.
                If it were me, I’d be following it up, post haste.
                The tick typically has to be attached for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours per the following site; but, in her case I think was only about 12 hours, unless the E.R. folks missed it, which considering it occurred about 30 years ago when I think we knew much less, could have been the case.

    • I, too, am signed up. This is my second year of watching.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Thanks for posting the link, I signed up too!

    • I bought a new pistol (Ruger 9e). re-arranged ammo. Sold a few things on E-bay to finance a kit for a new(different) vehicle I intend to buy in spring. Did some research on leathercrafting. It might be a valuable skill at some point. Talked to a friend about some initial firearms training for the wife. Purchased a nice base layer for my BOB.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Ruger make some nice handguns that are reliable and I have several. I looked at the 9E; but, I prefer a more conventional firearm with an exposed hammer instead of striker fired. There’s nothing inherently wrong with striker fired, I just prefer the external controls and hammer. Your new 9E is a bit lighter at only 27 ounces vs. the P89 at 64 ounces or P95 at 51 ounces.
        My two are great shooting guns and I expect yours will be likewise with some practice.

  2. patientmomma says:

    Hello Everyone! There’s a chill in the air this morning so had some hot chocolate to warm up before the sun came up. So much to do and so little time to get it done!

    This week I went to the junk store and got another burn barrel, glass for the rabbit hutch doors, two hatchets with different sized blades, an ole timey hand drill and 4 industrial rugs. I love these rugs; they have HD non-slip rubber backing and they take a beating, but clean up with a vacuum. I previously bought 12’ runners for $5/ea; so went back to get more. The price had gone to up to $10/ea but since I bought a pile of stuff the owner gave them to me for $5/ea.

    After reading an article on foods to help prevent radiation poisoning, I ordered more activated charcoal and kelp. I dry my own ginger, horseradish, garlic, onion and ferment my own sauerkraut, so I’m pretty good on those. I certainly hope it never gets that far, but things are looking really bad. Having a stash of these items on hand is always good… but…more is better.

    After reading about whole grain additives to stretch my dog food (thanks Anonamo Also), purchased 50 pds of rolled oats and cracked corn and a supply of animal meds (since the govt will be requiring vet prescriptions next year). Cleaned out the large dog house (a custom built 8’x8’building with windows and dog bunks). My son said he’d clean out the Anatolian Shepherd’s dog house next time he’s in town (they require their own place). Next week I’ll get the new cedar shavings, straw and more DE so everyone will be comfortable.

    I went to honeyville.com (a great site), which a pack member recommended, looking for the 50 pd cocoa, but only found a 5 pd bag or small 8 oz cans. But while there I ordered 50 pds of oatmeal and corn for $5.00 flat shipping. Also got 50 pds of sugar, rice and various canned goods locally. Got the animal feed stowed away in 55-gal barrels and the other into 5-gal buckets. Picked up some pig bowls (10” diameter) for $2.50 ea to use for the outdoor dogs feeding; 70 % less than a large ‘dog’ food bowl and much tougher.

    Went to the big box store for lumber to build 3 more rabbits cages and to enclose a 3-sided shed for the winter. I got supplies to put gutters on the carport for another rain water collection site. Also looked at attic insulation to get an idea of pricing and found that the store has a 20% off promotion until the end of the month. That, with my military discount, would go a long way to get the attic redone; so that will probably be the next project when my truck driving son gets back in town.

    I am outside feeding animals and cleaning farm stuff everyday whether it is sunny, rainy or snowy; and stand a very good chance of getting wet. In the summer I use a rubberized apron or a light weight rain jacket for protection. But in the cooler/colder weather I need to be covered in something heavier and waterproof so I ordered a 2-piece overall and jacket set and I really like it! It fits over my jeans and sweatshirt and has adjustable suspender style straps and with a jacket hood to keep my head dry and hands free. ( Amazon: COMFORT-TUFF S63219.MD 2 Piece .35mm PVC/Polyester Jacket Storm Fly Front Overalls with Attached Hood).

    Lots of chores to do today, plus make a big pot of chili. Thanks pack members for sharing the good ideas! My prayers for those in need of healing and comfort; also praying for this country!

    • American pacrat says:

      You will like the products from Honeyville, I have been ordering from them for a while.

      • What a wonderful post. It’s comforting to read this type of post and see all the hard but necessary work being done. God Help & Bless Us All.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      patientmomma and all,
      The DW and I both have some all weather rain gear we swear by and highly recommend. They are Frog Toggs and come as a 2 piece set with pants and jacket with hood. They are made from Gore-Tex and shed water like a duck (or a frog) while breathing well enough that you don’t sweat inside them.
      In wintder, they make a good wind break, so you can wear a few layers under them and have both warmth and mobility.

      • I never have heard that frog toggs had Goretex! They are made 17 miles from me in Arab, AL and have an outlet/seconds store if anyone lives nearby or has a trip near there. 0

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Yep, good old Gore-Tex. Since the Gore-Tex patent has expired there are now other less expensive manufacturers and a lot of new clothing and other items have gotten very cost effective.
          Around here the Frog Toggs run about $50 per pair; but, you can often find them on sale for a bit less.

    • What foods help prevent radiation poisoning?

      • patientmomma says:

        Here’s the link: http://readynutrition.com/resources/5-foods-that-help-to-naturally-prevent-radiation-poisoning_14102016/
        1. Activated Charcoal – this is easy to obtain without any complications or side effects, and it is not particularly expensive. Approximately 10 g (grams) of activated charcoal will neutralize up to 7 g of toxic material, and yes, it does neutralize radiation.

        2. Organic Geranium – this holistic herb combats the free radicals that are released with the introduction of radiation and harm the cells. It is effective against Cesium-137 and Gamma Rays. The Japanese have found great success with the use of this herb for patients exposed to radiation from Fukushima, and their experiments yielded good effects with a dosage of 100 mg (milligrams) per day. You can read more about it here.

        3. Clay – binds to radioactive particles and prevents them from having further damaging effects to the human body. The clay “carries” the radiation from the human body when it is excreted in the urine and the stool. A good website that details the types and uses of these protective clays is found here: http://www.vitalityherbsandclay.com.

        4. Fruits high in pectin, such as apples – they bind to Cs-137 (mentioned in #2) and neutralize its effects.

        5. Calcium and Magnesium – in combination will lower Strontium-90 absorption by as much as 90%. The Orolate forms of it are preferred, as it will be more readily absorbable into the human skeletal system. When taken preventatively, they strengthen bone tissue and increase bone health. The Calcium can be taken by adults 800 – 1500 mg/day, and children need 800 mg per day. The Magnesium is taken 550 – 1100 mg per day. Note: Caution must be taken by those with heart conditions who are already on such medications as Calcium Channel Blockers, or those whose conditional maintenance depend on a balance of electrolytes and minerals that the addition of these two may affect.

        There are other foods that detoxify the human body, and are effective against radiation. Here are some: Seaweed, Kelp, Garlic, Onions, Wheatgrass, Sauerkraut, Ginger, Horseradish, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Kale.

        • patientmomma,
          Thanks so much!

        • JD from NY says:

          Thanks PatientMomma for the list it is really appreciated!

        • OhioPrepper says:


          and yes, it does neutralize radiation.

          Well not actually. It binds to the particles and allows them to pass out of the system; but, you will still get some activity even when bound, depending on the type of radioactive material in question.

  3. OK let’s see . Planted a Rose of Sharron . Planted 2 lbs of daikon radish seed for goose forage this winter . Ordered 10 lbs of dehydrated pineapple .
    I have 11.5 pounds of beef coming out corning brine today . Tomorrow it will get dry rubbed and smoked . Canned beans and turnip greens this week .
    Also put new axle pivot bushings in my ford truck .

  4. Tried to stay dry as we received about 3″ of rain where I’m from. Cleaned up and organized the garage as “stuff” was getting put down and left anywhere until I had time. Looking at more items/supplies to take to BOL. Made my list of “things to do” at the BOL this winter and in the spring.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      We received about 3. inches of rain in the last week here also; but, it looks like we’re finally going to start getting dryer and colder shortly.

  5. Hi, Pack. Another week! The days are long but the years are short; it seems as if I were just prepping for Y2K.

    I have been using this time to prepare for winter. We went over the whole house thoroughly to check for anything that needs fixing, we raked leaves until my shoulders hurt, we packed up non-essential stuff in the kitchen to make room for more food, I oven canned more flour, and last I organized tools and such as I store them in the garage and it’s cold out there.
    I found a wonderful sale on dried food at my local grocery store and bought so much I had to store it under the bed. So much for dust bunnies.
    The mare is coming along nicely. I should be able to work her well with cattle next spring. The weather is wonderful. Harvest moons and such. The best time is to ride just at dusk, so we saddle up the second time and go out for fun.
    Note: I am not picking on anyone, but so many of the men my age simply hurt. They have given up riding and do not do as much physically as they used to. I stretch every morning, work out with weights (10 pounds) three times a week, and take dog for a walk every day except in the rain (I melt). I do think that this is keeping me younger than other people my age. I heard the other day that sitting is the new smoking , so I do try to keep active.

    That’s it. Take care.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      And the riding you are doing helps with agility and balance, all crucial as we age.

    • I was physically active until ONE accident.

      • Right on. One accident turned my whole life around.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          Right on. One accident turned my whole life around.

          I have to agree, the motorcycle accident (26-years ago) changed everything. I broke every limb I had. it hurts every day. The worst time is late at night laying in bed for some reason. Many times I get up and take the dog for a walk at 2 or 3 AM to get the pain down to the point I can sleep. She loves these late-night walks.

          But I notice that sitting around makes it hurt more. Getting out and doing things moderates the pain quite a bit.

          Not really complaining (as no one wants to hear it) as I could have easily been killed or in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. I feel lucky in that I can still do things. Could have been much worst…

          And the idea of sitting around doing nothing is unappealing. Even more so these days when the time to prep is more important then ever.

          • JD from NY says:

            Chuck yes you are blessed to be alive. My DH back in 07 had a horrible motorcycle accident crushed every rib he has on his right side, broke his pelvis, clavicle, right arm, bruised his heart / liver & spleen. Messed up his back something awful yet no matter how much it hurts he gets up and does what he needs to do because he’s the man of the house and NEEDS to take care of HIS family (his words not mine). He feels blessed also to be alive as there were 3 other guys brought into the trauma ward from bike accidents that fateful night and he was the only one to survive. Does put a new perspective on your life doesn’t it.

    • Ioway.
      First, sometime pain or no pain is the luck of the draw. An injury or inherited weakness or the wrong occupation can be the cause of pain.

      Second, men and women sometimes have worked hard and worn out parts, won’t have surgery. Or, surgery does not help.

      Third, I have seen men in so much pain to even do a small thing. But, then hear tales of what they did. Pain occurs or disappears according to whom they are helping or trying to impress. Women all know this happens with SOME men. The guy who wants me cannot do one thing for me without complaining about his pain. Yet, he cleaned up trees he cut. No pain there!

      Fourth, I can do one little thing successfully and then I am in pain for days. However, anyone would think I am malingering the next time I complain.

      Being active helps, but activity is not the reason some men or women don’t have pains.

      • As I said in my post, I was not picking on anyone. Accidents happen (look at my young riding partner) and bodies do wear out. A good friend of mine who was a classmate just had a major stroke. My point is that I have seen more people my age giving up, gaining weight, and losing what they had in the first place. I am 67, and I would advocate my lifestyle to anyone who has checked with a doctor first. Light weight lifting, a hobby I love, and walking seem to work to me. I am fortunate; I had a good constitution to begin with. But I do suffer from ankle and foot pain, and some days it is a chore for me to even get out of bed. That is why I do not use ladders or climb on roof tops any more. The pain seems to be seasonal and now during the autumnal equinox I have it. My parents and grandparents were active well into their eighties, and God willing, I shall be also.

        • I missed the autumnal equinox because I was so ill I could not get out of bed on September 22. Not pain, but fever kept me down!

  6. Ordered some Israeli gas masks and filters. Looking for an M-1941 field jacket in size 54. Any ideas please share.

    Buying more of the usual groceries and toiletries. War clouds gathering and economy circling the bowl. I’m doing whatever I can to make the family close. Several lodge brothers on the same page as us too.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      yOWWZA Overwatch…. 54! Hey…. thats a 2X… if you are in Toledo….. Woodville Surplus on Woodville Road. or… http://WWW.Majorsurplusandsurvival.com

      War clouds… drums… and the rattle of sabers… I’m more concerned with the morning of Nov. 9th. till Jan. 20th.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Thomas Woodville Surplus is like a 5-min walk from me.

        I don’t like them as much these days as they have gotten away from a lot of the US-made military surplus and now carry a lot of the fake China made stuff. Fox brand stuff is a good example. But still you can find Soviet Block military and actual China military items there.

        For US-made stuff a gun show is where I go.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I’ve had great success for milsurp items at armygear dot net. If you order anything there, be sure to order their “special deal” which costs you $0.01 and gets you a 10% discount on the order.

    • Overwatch says:

      Thanks guys,
      I’ll check out both those websites. I’m in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts unfortunately. A 54 is a 3x usually. I’m not fat other than a beer belly. 6’4″ and 285. Tough to find clothes on the rack. I want the m41 jacket because it’s not as military looking so I can wear it to work.
      War clouds, rumors of war, pestilence, throngs of third world refugees, fiat money, electronic tracking of everything and everyone; sounds like the beginning of the end, doesn’t it?

    • Overwatch; Try Coleman’s. They have all manner of domestic and foreign supplies. If you can’t find it on their site, just email or call them and ask. I have purchased a number of things from and have been very satisfied.


      • Overwatch says:

        I’ve ordered stuff from them through MD’s link. I like them very much but they don’t have the item I want. Thanks for the tip though Izzy.

  7. I’ve had a busy week. Received 1,000 more 9mm FMJ for the range and backup duty. Ordered 500 more 7.62×51 for the stash. Got some .357 magnum for duty and some magnum FMJ for the range. I’m not stocking heavily on .357 as I prefer my 9mm. I already have several hundred rounds of .38 special +P that will suffice for most range use.

    Got another portable solar panel setup so I don’t have to raid my BOB in case of a non-EMP power outage. Also got another 22,000 mAh external battery to go along with the panel.

    Got some more food for the stash. Not a lot, just some canned goods and more water. Going to the store in a little while and will pick up some more stuff.

    I’m officially in the grandfather ranks now. #1 daughter had her baby girl on the 18th. 19″, 7lbs 10-oz. The baby is a little doll, very expressive, cries little, and was already turning from her back to her side when she was less than 12-hours old. I’ve seen her do it and she does it effortlessly. Her pediatrician was floored when he saw her do it. #1 daughter is doing great and she is obviously deeply in love with her little girl. Daddy too. Grandpa as well. 🙂

    • Congratulations and blessings on the newborn! What a joy.

    • Congratulations

      • I am not a grandpa yet. I t would be nice to happen sometime soon since I am 56 now. I have 2 sons so it may happen one way or the other.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          Axelsteve tell them to get to work on that grand kid, not like it’s unpleasant work…

          • Not unpleasant at all work.
            My oldest has a girlfriend who does not want kids and the other son is in boot camp right now.He is at fort Jackson

    • Hummingbird says:

      Congratulations grandpa.

    • My four sons says:

      Congratulations new life is always a blessing.

      • I would go get some misc guns for the grandbaby,so they have them later. Get some now before a gun commie gets elected .

        • OhioPrepper says:

          One of the instructors I work with bought a nice little cricket .22 in pink for his now 3 week old grand daughter. He did the same a few years ago in blue for his first grandson.

          • That Cricket idea is a good one. There is a dealer only four miles from me.

            I bought #1 daughter a .22 Ruger target pistol when she turned 11. After she went into the Air Force, I gave her a Beretta 92SB 9mm I had, but I didn’t get my other two kids a gun.

            I will be getting #2 daughter a pistol for her 24th birthday next month as soon as she decides between the Smith M&P Shield 9 and the Glock 26 Gen 4. I have a 12 ga, Rem 870 NIB my son can have. I might trick it out a little for him first (extended mag, 20″ barrel, synthetic stock, stuff like that). He’s 18, taller than me, and can handle a 12.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Zulu 3-6,
              My oldest SS carries an M&P Shield in 9mm and both the DW and I have tried it. Although he likes it, we both find the grip a bit too thin for our tastes. She has been plinking with an M&P 22 and likes it; but, we may be looking at the regular M&P 9mm.

              • OhioPrepper,

                I doubt if I would like the Shield 9 either for the same grip reasons (never tried one though). #2 daughter has small hands and is favoring the Shield for exactly the thinness of the grip.

                As an old firearms instructor, I know how important grip is on effective pistol handling, along with trigger finger reach.

                When Glock was about to come out with what was then called the mini-Glock, back in the 90’s, I got a chance to test fire it at a police FA instructors conference. I found the grip uncomfortably small, although I could shoot it well enough.

                • A friend of mine has a new glock that was issued to him. It is his first plastic gun and prefers old school 45`s and 9mm. He said that he can put a heck of a big mag in the glock and he likes that.
                  He can stick a mag in it that holds more then twice what a hi power holds.

                  • Axelsteve,

                    Yeah, you can get a Glock 33-round 9mm mag if you’re so inclined.

                    Personally, I don’t mind shooting Glocks, but I don’t recommend them to new or weak shooters. They are too sensitive to weak-wristed shooters and that can cause a failure to extract, or failure to feed. Plus the standard 5.5lb trigger is a little too light, in my opinion, for a combat gun (especially for police).

                    In my years teaching firearms at a police academy, the worst guns for stoppages were Glocks. Plus, in my area, the vast majority of negligent discharges by cops and citizens alike, were from Glocks. Most cops are not gun nuts and only shoot on a range when they have to.

                    Of course if one were an experienced shooter and/or had a heavier trigger installed on their Glock (one can get those), I wouldn’t be so concerned. I was insisting that #2 daughter get a New York 1 trigger for her Glock, if she chose that. It’s an 8lb trigger pull.

                    But I’m a Sig-Sauer fan anyway. 🙂

                    • Axelsteve says:

                      I could not stand a 8 lb trigger and a 5 lb is a bit much for me to comfortably shoot. That is one thing that I like about revolvers, they sure have some good triggers or can. A coworker had a python when he was a dea cop back in 1960. They had a dum a s$$ regulation back then. With the 357 magnum the first round had to be a 38 special. He told me that a coworker shot a druggie with 38 round and did not respond like he should have being shot. Another guy gave him a follow up shot. So he got drilled 2 times with a 38 instead of once with a 357 mag. If it was not for the other guy shooting the bad guy the first guy could have been drilled also.

                    • Zulu 3-6:

                      I’m just the opposite on trigger pull. I like my Glocks with a 3.5# trigger. From my personal experience heavy triggers cause people to pull their shots to the right (for righties) when trying to make a deliberate shot. I do knw that the “New York” trigger for the Glock is 12#.

                    • JP in MT

                      Glock has two New York triggers.

                      NY1 – 8lbs
                      NY2 – 12lbs

                      Some years ago the only NY trigger was the 12lb one.

                      I prefer my DA/SA Sig-Sauer P-228. The DA is about 12lbs and the SA is about 4lbs. But, I’ve shot that pistol and his big brother, the P-226, so many times since 1989 that I have no problem with pulling shots or making the transition to SA.

    • Z36, congratulations on increasing your pack!!!

      Getting used to being called grandpa is a little rough. Makes you feel older!!!

      You may have to change your call sign to G36 Lol

      Happy for you buddy.

    • Curley Bull says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! Grandchildren are a true blessing and will enrich you life.

    • Congratulations, Zulu 3-6. You are going to love being a grandpa. I have always thought that God gave me grandchildren as a reward for the hard work of raising my children. What blessings.

      • Thank you to everyone for the congratulations. I certainly do feel blessed.

        I sent #1 daughter a text a little while ago asking how the baby was behaving. She replied, “We caught her smoking cigarettes at the pool hall last night. So she’s grounded.”

        That’s what happens when a cop/Marine marries a Coastie/Cuban and they have kids. 🙂 All three of my kids are smart alecs, just like mom and dad.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Zulu 3-6,

      Also got another 22,000 mAh external battery to go along with the panel.

      Is this just a 5V USB style battery or is it also 12V capable.
      I have some 20,000 mAh that are 5 V only as well as a couple that will do 12 V.

      • This is just a 5V USB battery. Works nice. The brand is RAVPower. Got them through Amazon.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Zulu 3-6,
          The newest batteries I have charge with a 5 V USB source; but, can provide enough current at 12V to start a vehicle. Some amazing electronics and battery technology.

          • OP,

            Can you post the brand, model, etc., as I am interested in getting one of those.

            • Almost There says:

              I found and ordered this one on ebay. Waiting for it to come in. I’m no expert, but it looked good and is waterproof 300000mAh for only $14, free shipping. 5V. Not too many of them left.


            • OhioPrepper says:

              Zulu 3-6,
              Rather than get moderated and I might anyway, look for the following on Amazon after using MD’s link of course.
              Pro Lift I-8006 Multifunction Power Bank
              They list from $70-90 there; but, I got a pair of them for $110.19 including shipping from a woot.com offer. Anyone who isn’t signed up for the free email offers at woot.com is missing out on some great bargains. They offer a variety of items and I think act as liquidators for other companies. Shipping on the entire order is generally only $5.00 no matter the items size, weight, or quantity.

    • Congratulations, It will be so much fun being a Grandpa. We don’t have grandkids yet but I am so looking forward to it.

  8. my four sons says:

    I hope this post finds everyone well. I have started looking at 20 gauge shotguns for my oldest boy. He turns 10 this year and can start hunting small game this year. I have narrowed my search down to 2 choices and hoping the pack can give me a little insight.
    Remington 20 gauge express
    Stevens 320 in 20 gauge
    I have owned and still do own multiple Remington shotguns they have always been reliable quality firearms, with that being said I have heard in the last 10 years that quality has wained also I can get the Stevens for a significant savings does anyone know much about the Stevens? Savage Arms is producing them also known for quality.
    I contacted a man with a tree spade I have a wild Maple and a Wild mulberry I want moved both are beautiful trees and I either have to move them or cut them down. Thats about it for me this week.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      M4S: Rem or Mossy 20 gauge will serve him well… Your son will hand it down to his as either one is a solid piece. Stevens 320 on the other hand are literally ‘Cheap’..er and quality and function are in line with the cost. The 320 is a knock off of several other brands. The result is… a Chi-Com made attempt to undercut even single tube H&Rs among others. I took the one I had to ‘Gun Camp’ and nobody would take it for free. Traded it away at the gun show this last Sept. for a load of 7.62×39. Go Rem or Mossy. If he or you are not happy….. I’ll come get it from ya for your cost.

      • Axelsteve says:

        My son had a Stevens 320 and sold it to pay a speeding ticket. Sounds like it was a good thing to get rid of.I have owned some low cost guns and they did just fine. Low quality is a different matter. No need for low quality guns for shtf.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          Axelsteve… Low Cost is my idea of trade stock. Single tubers, Mossy 500s etc. Low quality just kinda ticks me off. I found that 320 on the used rack at Gander Mt. and took the risk…….. Eh! oops.

          • TTT
            Also having some cheapo guns could be good arming up a relative or someone outside the family that may be uesful to have around during shtf.

    • We have had both Mossberg’s and Remingtons. Stayed with youth model Remingtons (an 870 and an 1100). They are pretty previlent around here, fit my DW and I with coats and such. Accessories are redi;y avai;ab;e too.

    • Curley Bull says:

      I made a BIG mistake for my son’s 10th birthday! I got him a Winchester model 120 youth 20 gauge. First time he fired it, it knocked him down. Second time it turned him almost 90 degrees around. I fired it and DAMN it kicked harder than most 12s I ever fired. I went in the house and got out my 10th birthday shotgun and had him fire it and it’s been his ever since. It’s a Remington model 1148 16 gauge with 30” full choke barrel. It’s still his favorite shooter to this day (that was 32 years ago). I think today if I was going to buy another 20 gauge, I would go for the Remington 1100 light 20. It’s a real sweet shotgun. Just my $0.02 and MHO.

    • M4s,I have heard the mossies are getting a little cheaper made now a days. The older ones were better. I would go with the remmy. They are tanks!!!

      • From my experience with shotties,Very little. Remingtons are the ones to get. The 1100 and 870 also don`t forget the wingmaster. I passed on a wing and I wish that I didn`t. The old win 12 is also a goodie. You can get a good mossy bit I prefer the steel receiver. Tat is just me though.

        • AX,someone told me something in the trigger mechanism. It maybe something plastic.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          Rem. make an 870 SP Police Mag. It is a mix of the standard 870 express and the Wingmaster with a heavy reciever and a bull barrel. On par with the Mossy 59A1. I gave my SIL one of my expresses and a 590A1 and my Neph. the Rem. Pomag. I did keep the 590 shorty and the 930 and the 500SP… can’t kick all the Queens outta the safe…..

      • my four sons says:

        Yeah I will go Remington not that I have anything against Mossberg in particular just in my experiance the Mossbergs tend to have greater recoil than the Remingtons and since it is his first shotgun it may as well not kick his ass.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      my four sons,
      I don’t think you can go wrong with a Remington 870 as a starter shotgun. The first one for my DD was a youth model in .410 and after more than a decade it still performs well. For a beginning shooter / hunter, the youth model may fit him better unless he’s a very large kid.

      • Well, I was feeling guilty about having given #1 daughter a couple of guns and about to pay for one for #2 daughter’s birthday, and nothing to my son. So I asked him if he was interested in the stock 870 I had if I tricked it out into a defense gun. An early Christmas present. He was all for it.

        I ordered the parts and told him he will have to help me put the new parts on so he can learn how it is done and how to field strip the 870 for cleaning. He’s all in for that too.

        I’m going to the local Crickett dealer this week and check into a pink stocked one for my grand-daughter.

    • Patriot Farmer says:

      I own both of these shotguns. You can’t go wrong with either.

      • I had a mossy 190 atp when I was a kid. It kicked pretty good cause it was so light but back then that was fun.

  9. For two weeks I have done nothing, absolutely nothing, barely able to lift my arms to get off the bed most of the time. I type lying down, but that got difficult, also. The bladder infection of 6 weeks seems to be dying down. But, it got really worse, first.

    We have had not a sign of rain or rain for 33 days, then nothing measurable, just a spritz for about 3 seconds. The whole state of AL is affected. Yesterday, the temps dropped and the wind picked up. My October allergies kicked in as I left the house, causing me to sneeze horrible while driving.

    Monday, a friend drove 65 miles to take me to doctor 25 miles further north. Tuesday, I tried to drive, hit a curb trying to turn a corner, caused a huge bulge/knot on sidewall of tire, bent the wheel, bent the wheel cover! I drove slowly to tire place and spent $130 on a new tire and balancing. I had not driven for about 5 days, so I stayed home until yesterday. I am lucky I have not had a worse accident involving cars or buildings!

    My eye hurts, the one with cataract removed. It feels like an eyelash in my eye forever. The doctors tell me there is nothing wrong. The stress I feel is great. THEN, the other eye got some kind of irritation on the outside corner of the eye! Allergy?

    I did get a new dishwasher, think I said that, but cannot afford to have it installed and cannot do it myself. So, water is always on floor if I don’t remember to “cancel/drain” it several times a day.

    October is always a month I struggle to stay well. If October ever ends, I will be better.

    We have been 33 days without rain. The record is 52. No rain is predicted for another five days.

    So, I lie here.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      hope you start to feel better!!!
      perhaps there is a stitch still dissolving in your eye from the cataract surgery???

      • Prepper Doc,
        I have canceled appointments with eye doctor three times because I did not feel like I could drive. So, I will go this next week and mention that. Thanks. The last time I mentioned it, he said, “It’s okay, nothing wrong.” @#$% Don’t tell me my eye is okay. I am not a child or person with vivid imagination!

        • Elizabeth says:

          Linda, If you have had a bladder infection for 6 weeks, you should know that is a very dangerous situation. A UTI can lead to kidney infection which can lead to sepsis. I had that happen and nearly died. By the time I arrived at the hospital, I was delirious. My hospitalization lasted for days. Recovery took months. Your doc needs to know what is the best drug to treat you with. You might need 2 medications. There’s so much more to say, but I’ll just encourage you to return to your clinic and drink plenty of water. I prepped this week by getting my current UTI follow/up and a prescription to have on hand. Good luck. This is not a situation that wishful thinking will improve.

          • Elizabeth,
            The last culture indicated infection is almost gone. I took Bactrim and now cefdinir for two weeks.

            After I had first child, my temp was 106 for two days and husband refused to let me go to the doctor. I became ill three days after first birth. He said I was not sick, that I had just had a baby, that was all. My ob/gyn was so upset and sent me to hospital after a week when I cried and begged husband. Dr followed, cancelling his appointments. It took them two or three days to get temp down below 106. I was in hospital for 8 days with a newborn at home. Newborn was over two weeks old before I could care for him. I was weak for three months.

            Thank you for expressing what I am too afraid will happen again.

            I am going to Tuesday to regular doctor for something else and will have him check urine and do a culture. then, on Nov 4th, I have appointment with urologist and will have them do a looksee at urine and have the culture repeated.

            My kidneys were hurting and my abdomen. Nurse practitioner on the phone chirped that I was okay. Stupid woman.

            My urologist of 36 years retired and I have no loyalty to this urologist office. I will go elsewhere.

            Thanks for the understanding. And warning!

  10. Hummingbird says:

    I stocked up on choc chips, pecans and other items for Christmas baking.
    Dehydrated more veggies.
    Decided to get my CC and have been shooting every day for the past two weeks. An instructor is coming over once a week and has been a lot of help.
    Am also getting myself in better shape. Adrenals have been screwed up, so am on an herbal regime; lost 8 lb; 10 to go. Not sure I can maintain 132, but that’s my goal.
    2/3 of the pasture fence is repaired and is hot. Should be able to finish it this week.
    One of my brothers flew in this week. I haven’t seen him in 12 years, so we’re having a good time. He built a shelf unit for me yesterday.
    Stocked up on Irish cream, brandy and whiskey.
    Best wishes all.

    • HB,prepping for Christmas already!
      Getting goodies ready will not help with the weight loss. Lol

    • Curley Bull says:

      A Dear Sweet Lady on this blog got me started on honey and vinegar a while back and it not only lowered my A1C, I lost some weight with it also. I’m now using a shot glass and taking 3 shots a day. Worth a try . . .

      • CB,
        I cannot use vinegar! Allergies. I doubt honey would lower blood sugar…lol.

        • Actually, LindaW, honey helps to stabilize blood sugar. It’s the one sweet my diabetic husband is allowed, in moderation, of course. For him that is one tablespoon a day. He takes the acv, water, and honey concoction three times a day. The apple cider vinegar helps keeps his after meal spikes low enough that his body and the insulin can take care of it. The honey sweetens the ‘drink.’

          • cgbascom,
            Thanks, I never heard honey was good for diabetes. I like honey and peanut butter mixed together and spread on bread or just eaten with a spoon.

        • Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) WILL lower your blood sugars; it will also help with allergies. You can buy the tablets from vitacostdotcom; I’d suggest the leaves as a tea. It grows wild everywhere, but I believe it’s too late in the season to harvest it unless you live in a subtropical area. Do a little online research to learn more about it. Powerful stuff. Don’t ever handle bare-handed, however!

      • Hummingbird says:

        I will try that. I was told that 1 tsp of honey would help me sleep better and vinegar also helps with night leg cramps.
        BTW any more thoughts about a meet & greet in NE TX?

        • Curley Bull says:

          Darling, that has been on my mind ever since I suggested it, but for me it’s been one thing after another and thus I’ve been leery of suggesting a date/time. I still want us to do it (maybe in Longview?).

          BC would probably show up . . .

          • Hummingbird says:

            I understand about the “one thing after another”. Longview is just a couple of hours down the road from me.

            • Curley Bull says:

              Would Tyler be closer for you? How many others would be interested in (reasonable distance) trying to make it?

              • Hummingbird says:

                Tyler is better.

                • Curley Bull says:

                  Do you know a good place to meet (4 to 6 folks) in Tyler? I don’t know Tyler very well.

                  • Hummingbird says:

                    Hands down first choice is Lindo Michoacan. It’s on loop 323 SE area.
                    If you prefer something other than Mexican, let me know.

                    • Curley Bull says:

                      Spent too many years in military! Can eat almost anything that don’t eat me first. Now what we need is to set a date and find out how many may be able to come.

                  • Hummingbird says:

                    CB, could not reply to your last post.
                    Nov 5, 9, 10 or 12? You pick.

                    • Curley Bull says:

                      Hb, I have a prior engagement on the 5th, am working the 7th through 10th and am guest speaker on the 11th, so that leaves the 12th. Thus far it looks like just you and me! Lets wait till we can get a few more involved.

                      Is anyone else on this blog within driving distance of Tyler (or Longview), Texas that would be interested in a get together?


    • I can help with the Irish cream lol

  11. Prepared Grammy says:

    Well, this was a week for a REALLY BAD stomach virus. I missed two days of work, and should have been home another day. I’m still not able to eat well or back to my full energy level. I wanted to lose a little more weight, but not like this.

    I cleaned up my bee hives, storing the one that I lost in the barn. The seventh grade science class where I work was able to see the effects of crop dusting on bees by looking at a frame from my dead hive. It made an impact on them. (They were studying the loss of bees. What timing!)

    Husband got the materials for a new henhouse. We’re repurposing an old, but still good, dog pen to attach. He’s working on it now! Few women I know are this excited about a new coop. I keep thinking how many women are at the mall right now, buying a new outfit they don’t need, and spending money they don’t have. I believe that very soon they will wish they had a few chickens instead.

    I cleaned out two coops yesterday, and added to the compost.

    I’m reorganizing the canned goods in the basement…first in, first out.

    Husband worked out of state yesterday, and picked up a smoked ham for me at one of his fuel stops. Every time we’re in this area, we try to get one. They’re the BEST!

    Today is a day for getting the housework done, freezing oatmeal cookie dough, making a pot of soup and a pot of white chili, and clearing out the last of the garden plants. We’re also talking about planting turnips. We’ll see.

    Our beef will be slaughtered this week, and be ready to be picked up next month.

    Thanks for all of the advice on HAM radios. I’m narrowing my options, and hope to order in a week or two. (I should probably get what I need before the election.) I’m still wanting advice about a good solar charger for the batteries on hand-held radios. Anyone?

    I should have the last of the house painting done today. Cross your fingers.

    Please pray for a family I know going through the adoption process. They’re trying to stay strong. They want to bring their son home soon.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      As far as a solar charger for the Ham radios, you first should get the 12-volt cords to charge them from an auto cigarette plug.

      Then look for a solar panel (I would say 50 to 100-watt one) to mount a 12-volt female auto cigarette plug to it. Any TV repair shop (or local ham guy that dabbles in electronic repair can do it in their sleep.

      Doing it this way is at first a bit more hands on to get it made, but once done it will charge things faster then one of those $50.00 chargers. And it can also run 12 things as it has more power then a baby solar panel.

      You can get female auto cigarette plugs at any junk yard for next to nothing, just pull a few of them out of just about every auto ever made. Every time I’m at a junk yard I buy a few of them as they are super handy.

    • little chicken says:

      Prepared Grammy,

      I often wonder if I am the only grandma that gets excited over doing anything to make my chickens or bunnies more comfortable.
      Glad to know I am not alone. Agree, shopping for material possessions that aren’t necessary is foolishness.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        little chicken,
        Although at 66 the DW is not yet a grandma (but hope springs eternal), she takes great pleasure in getting extra goodies for the chickens, horse, and goat; although the little horse has laminitis and cannot get all of the treats she would like to receive.

      • Hummingbird says:

        Little chicken,
        I recently got chickens again and enjoy giving them treats & let them out in a larger pen during the daytime. They are happier & it’s training too. They now follow a paper plate when I want them in their covered pen for nightly lockdown. Very entertaining; the rooster is learning how to crow.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          They now follow a paper plate when I want them in their covered pen for nightly lockdown

          I forwarded your post to my DW and it made her smile. We keep some bread and pie crust scraps that she uses to bribe the girls into the coop,
          I tell her that someday she’ll have to go out empty handed and perhaps face a revolt, LOL.

          • I wanted a response to something except “chickie, chickie.” When the chicks were three days old, I would chirp “Dee li lah” in a high voice as I fed them. They learned that food came with that word. I told a friend to watch as I chirped it from a different room. He asked why they climbed four high on each other. For the next six years, I used this. I could have them in the yard and out of sight. That call made them come so I could lock them up…of course, I had a bit of oats each night after luring them. Each new chicken has learned this call as a food call. A person might think I was calling a dog or cat or even a person not chickens. I don’t want to advertise chickens.

            Of course, if they see me with a paper plate, bowl, or bucket, they know it is food time. When I have nothing, they follow me and get under my feet. If I am not feeding them, having a piece of bread in my pocket is good self-defense.

          • Hummingbird says:

            Revolting chickens could be dangerous. LOL
            If I don’t have any leftovers, I slice up a tortilla.

            • Hummingbird,
              They almost kill themselves flying and jumping over each other to get to the oats they see falling. At one time, I just put oats in a Tupperware cup and shook it as I went to their pen for locking up time. They would come just at the sound.

              Revolting chickens get under my feet, almost tripping me. They proceed to peck my toes and jump on me. One hen took a chunk out of my toe and caused profuse bleeding. I think they would eat me if I ever fell down…lol.

      • This nonna wishes her chickens and duck a good morning. And feeds them most of the canning scraps and bird bag stuff from the store. I don’t think I have bought them any grain except sunflower seeds for about 6-7 weeks. I have spent the last couple of days adjusting their coop for comfort during the winter. My neighbors might think I am a bit off my rocker when they hear me talking to them. Although, when they come to visit, they will talk to them, too. Most of us are over sixty, so I suppose talking to animals that greet you at the fence is something that can’t be helped at our age. At night the duck quacks loud to let me know the ladies are in the pen. I step outside and tell her good night. She quacks a little longer and goes into the coop. I figure she’s just letting me know everything is alright and she’ll see me in the morning. They are my entertainment. And I would miss them if they weren’t here. Other women can have their fancy shmancy. My ladies are what puts a smile on my face. 🙂

      • little chicken,
        This memaw is delighted to get things for her chickens!

    • prepared grammy,
      I would be ecstatic to get a coop since my hens live in a Rubbermaid box! I don’t shop at the mall for clothes.

      This past year, I decided that if I ever remarry I will settle for a CZ (cubic zirconium) instead of a diamond. Who cares? I said to a friend that I would rather have a piece of property, all mine just like a diamond would be. A male friend commented that it was too bad more women did not feel the same way. I had a solitaire once and want another, but I just want a CZ the next time. NO, I don’t have anyone in mind…lol. Women think I have lost my mind!

      HA, I might fall in love with anyone who did anything for my chickens. …just kidding.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I appreciate my husband spending TIME on the things that mean so much to me. We work together, and become closer as a result.
        My mother is the complete opposite of me. She is 75 years old, and in incredible debt. There is no way she will ever dig her way out. She is dripping with diamonds, and is embarrassed when I tell people that the stones in my ring are “fake.” (She has original pieces designed and made, and has more rings than she can wear.) She’s also embarrassed when I tell people that I shop the clearance racks for my clothes, which are worn for multiple years. I wear them until they’re worn out or don’t fit. When I was married, I did it on the cheap. Her dress actually cost more than mine. My grandma, her mother, taught me how to live. I’m thankful for her and the influence she was in my life. Living things are far more important to me than putting on a good show for others. I sleep better knowing that I have no debt, a good amount saved, a retirement account, and can help others. Priorities.

        • prepared grammy,
          My ex-mil was dripping in diamonds and expected yet another man to take care of her! She would be horrified to know I even have chickens, not that I would care if she were alive or knew.

          Each husband gave her another diamond ring and she wore all at once, all eight diamond rings. She thought it was cute that I made all my own clothing and that of the girls, even the boy’s clothes for a few years.

          She was all show. Thank goodness for your grandmother!

        • Prepared Grammy,
          TIME is what my chickens and their abode need. I have supplies, just not able to do what is needed. My friend who used to be bf was limited in skills, but helped. Now, he can do nothing because of his osteoarthritis. It is sad for him.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        My DW received a gold band for our marriage and nothing else, except for a new living room set with a good quality chair and sofa. After 34 years we still have the chair; but, the sofa eventually had to go last year. She does like inexpensive earrings and a few necklaces; but, she would rather have a new pair of muck boots than a fine pair of shoes. I really love that lady.

        • Curley Bull says:

          It would appear YOU like diamonds! Seems you married one!!!

          • OhioPrepper says:

            It’s way to late (or early) and you’re choking me up here. I agree and think it’s time to get some nap time.

        • OP,
          When we married, we had no living room furniture. The kitchen table was a little metal ice cream table and we borrowed two metal folding chairs from the church. We had a bed and dresser. I brought my little bookcase from my childhood and sewing machine and cabinet which served as bedside table. The bookcase was on his side of the bed for alarm clock. I had lamp from when I was a little girl.

          Before we bought a sofa, I wanted encyclopedias. The 1967 sofa and kitchen table and chairs are still with me. The table and chairs are in great shape and the sofa is tattered but covered up and used. Anyone in the market for a midcentury 7′ Mediterranean sofa? If Mediterranean ever comes back into style, I am in the money…lol.

          Instead of fancy furniture, I wanted a house. We married in 1966 and had a house built on a lot one year later. My frugal ways were the only reason we could do that.

          That diamond solitaire was the only piece of jewelry I ever had from him or had in our marriage.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            In 1966 I was still in High School. When we narried in 1982 I already had a house which we were able to eventually flip to buy this place and we have never looked back or regretted it.

            • OP,
              Yes, I remember you are five years younger than I. Was this a second marriage or did you marry later like my son? When he married at 37, first marriage, he had a house and all the furniture and appliances that I got slowly when I married. I like being in town, but would not mind being a short way out of town. Unfortunately, anywhere in the county and near town is the land of druggies, cooking, raising, or buying it. It might be dangerous being alone. Besides, I am probably the only person in this group who does not have a gun.

              I only have 1/3 of an acre here in town, but I still have chickens and room for a garden if I could handle one.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I’m 65 and married for the first and only time at age 31. My current DW was also only 31; however, she turned 32 about 3 weeks later. At that point I had my degree and a good job, had paid off my school loans and my car and owned a house that was nearly paid off. I had a good start on prepping because I grew up with the preparedness mindset. We’re in good shape all around; but, it was planning and sacrifice that got us here, and I make no apologies.
                I’ve been shooting and doing electronics for more than 50 years and have been a firearms instructor for more than 25 years, so prepping, computers, ham radio, and firearms are not only tools; but, hobbies I enjoy immensely.

                • OP,
                  So, you did it like my son. Only, he lived with his father and went to school on grants. He then still lived with his father while he saved a substantial amount for a down payment on his home. He was a very hard worker and did not waste his money, so I think living at home under this circumstance gave him a good foundation. He was focused and frugal.

                  When you talk about ham radios and guns I mostly do not understand a word you say. The years of experience and study show. Same for some of the other guys–not knowing what they are saying!

    • P.G. – we’re the same with the coop we’re building. I can’t imagine spending what I have on clothes or shoes that will wear out quickly or be rarely worn – give me a good solid coop any day. A good organic chicken decidedly fills an empty tum, whereas, a new outfit…..

      • Babycatcher says:

        I guess my hubby spoils me. He designed and built a chicken coop and run( I helped him on the fencing) and then when we started baby chicks, he built a mini house, a one third size replica, that carries the chicks from 6 weeks to 20 weeks, when they go into the main pen. I’m spoiled, I tell ya. 🙂

      • OhioPrepper says:


        A good organic chicken decidedly fills an empty tum, whereas, a new outfit…..

        The DW doesn’t generally look at outfits unless they are replacement jeans or outdoor gear for doing the chores; however, having one of our girls in the meat pot would be a hard convince. Eventually they may stop laying; but, even then I suspect it will be a hard sell.

  12. Did our major, regular shopping trip to refill the pantry and freezer. Good stuff on sale; DW disappointed that she only saved 44% off the regular price (she’s usually over 50%).

    We continued our sorting and repackaging effort on our preps.

    Gun Show this weekend (also open weekend of rifle season). The next one is after the election. It should be interesting.

    Sale/warehouse food(s): Coffee, SPAM, pasta, fruit,

    Other items: New “duty belt” for everyday wear, CPAP supplies

    Guns & Shootin’ Stuff: Finally found the bullet mold I wanted for my BP rifle.

    * * * Time is short – plan accordingly * Nov. 9th will set a new course * * *

  13. Nothing I can think of here. Swap meet Wednesday provided the usual fruits and vegetables, trivial other stuff. Off to the swap in a few minutes.

    I’ve noticed the state and county advertising Disaster Preparedness fairs around the island, mostly for hurricane prep, and a bit for earthquakes. Prepping for such things at least is no longer totally in the realm of the tinfoil thinking cap.

    My niece is in NC, and mentioned having two generators which they used after the hurricane knocked out power. I don’t think she and husband think of themselves as preppers, just prepared. That works.

  14. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Canned beef, chicken, soups, chili(s) and ‘greens’. 22short, LR and 7.62×39. Gasoline. OTCs. Wood. New 20 oz. framing hammer for the back seat of the pick up. CZ22Scout. Basked in the freedom of a Mortgage free life.

    Vote.. Wait.. prepare Packers

    • Axelsteve says:

      I looked up the cz and it looks like a great gun.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        CZ is one of those brands not a lot of people know about that has been a premiere arms manufacturer for decades. Czech arms manufacturer Ceská zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB) was among one of the many arms manufacturers owned and operated by the Communist State. In 1989, the Velvet Revolution brought Czechoslovakia back into the world of democracy (thank you Thatcher and Reagan). Today, CZUB has expanded to the United States with the founding of CZ-USA which makes a great line of firearms.
        I recently acquired a Scorpion carbine in 9mm, and it has become my rifle replacement when I sold off my AR’s and .308 rifles. With my vision issues and basic lack of musculature, which I’m working hard to recover, I’ve migrated everything to common calibers of 9mm, .22 and shotguns to .410 caliber and 20 gauge. These are light enough to be easily used and still relatively effective.
        I do still have some 5.56 for my Contender which is still a tack driver with muzzle velocities several hundred FPS above my old AR’s, so I’m good to go with what I have despite my limitations.
        Sorry for the thesis; but, I just wanted anyone who didn’t know about CZ, to know that they make many great firearms.

        • Curley Bull says:

          I know a few years back the CZ model ? rifle was the most accurate out of the box you could buy.

      • Rural Buckeye says:

        Hey Axle,
        I too will vouch for the CZ. In the early 80’s when I was enlisted with the Air National Guard, they issued us Colt, Smith & Wesson and High Standard pistols to punch paper. Of course all great guns and I have purchased others in between then and now. The SP 75-01 9mm is by far the best shooting pistol that I have shot. On top of its shooting performance, I have ran over 1300 rounds thru it with no jam ups or mis-fires. It fits and works great for me.

  15. grandma bear says:

    The rain may slow down today, would not count on it. We are approaching the record of days of rain fall in October since 1940! Got 12 pints of spaghetti sauce canned, used the last of the tomatoes from the garden. Ordered Bacon on a flash sale from Zaycon for 3.19#. I think it may go on through today.
    Was able to get into the sewing room a little yesterday it sure felt good! Came to the face to face reality that I have to loose weight! If I do not take the bull by the horns now I will set my fate for the future, not getting any younger. I do think it is harder to loose weight than when I was younger. No excuses just need to move the body more, cut out the sweets or at least cut back. Well folks take care and remember we are all in this together.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I’m 53 years old, and wanting to get healthy too. Losing weight is more difficult now. What I’ve really noticed is a loss of muscle tone. I used to be very fit. In fact, when I got a health insurance policy just a few years ago, I was in the cheapest rate category. The insurance agent said he’d only had two others in that category. They were both early twenty-something young men. One was a marathon runner, and the other some type of athlete. Who knew a grandma could be as healthy as two young athletes! BUT, that was a few years ago. Now I’m struggling. Menopause was not kind to me. Keep strong!

      • grandma bear says:

        Thank you for the encouragement! I know Menopause is the pits! Why can you not have hot flashes in the middle of the winter when you need then! LOL

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          lol! I take Brevail. I get it at the health food store. It’s GREAT for night sweats and hot flashes.

    • Sweets are my downfall, too! I could eat a dozen cookies in one sitting!
      This works for me:
      Breakfast: cereal and fruit
      Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with cheese. yoghurt, and another piece of fruit
      Dinner: meat and vegetables and a glass of milk
      Snacks: midafternoon I cheat. I either have milk and a cookie or ice cream and chocolate. I do not do this every day however. Somedays I have peanut butter and celery.

      Good luck. Losing weight is a toughie.

  16. mom of three says:

    Lazy me just got up 15 minutes ago 8:45 PST, because it will say on my time stamp three hours later lol… Stayed up a wee bit later than usual but that is okay I was a busy gal this week. I bought two packages of toliet paper, 1 big package of paper towels, 2 packages of baby wipes Huggies brand in the green tea scent. Started to eat of of the freezer, made a tator tot casserole, corn chowder soup, squash soup, put them in freezer container’s, for future lunches. Got a spaghetti sauce
    started yesterday will make two lasagna, to freeze also. Ordered 8 more boxex of tea from Twinning, I only order when they give out free shipping and I get the tea I like that my stores don’t carry. To jump on what M.D. said go to the library most don’t charge for a card or if they do just a few dollar’s, you can check out or even make copies of articles in book’s , magazines, and use the computers, snd make copies of articles too. I go at least every three or four month’s to check out book’s, or even just sit and read and put them back when I’m done. We are getting a break from the rain I believe we’re going to look at wood to finally finish up the trim around our children bedrooms. Have a blessed weekend.

    • mom of three,
      The library card is free, but copy costs are exorbitant. A printer is much cheaper in the long run, at least for me!

      • OhioPrepper says:

        That’s why we finally broke down and purchased a multi function laser printer some years ago. The Brother MFC7820N allows us to have copy, fax, and printer on the cheap. More recently we purchased a Brother MFC9330CDW which gives us the same with color and duplex printing. I think the first printer was around $200 and the new one was around $250; but, having a copier and being able to inexpensively print both color and black and white pages that are not water soluble like most inkjet printers, was well worth the cost although we had to save for a while to make the purchase.

        • OP,
          Sadly, inkjet is all I can afford. But, a laser printer is always in my sights. I bought a Kodak printer four years ago that never worked. Kodak told me to take it back to the store. Office Max said they did not carry them any longer so could not help me. In my opinion, neither Kodak nor Office Max are very customer oriented!

          The library charges twenty cents for copies, so I don’t make many copies. However, I need to print off about 20K spelling words for the national spelling bee.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Just put what you want printed in a Word or PDF file and on a jump drive and take it to Office Max. They can print it.And they use water resistant ink that won’t run if the paper gets wet.

            You can tell if a printed copy is water resistant if the paper is warm when it’s printed. Ink Jets use ink. The copy stores use a kind of ink (for lack of a better name) that is actually plastic. This is why the paper is warm, to warm up and melt the plastic ink.

            I had to know this when I had my own carpet cleaning company as using hot water (carpet machines use 240-deg water to clean) to clean up an ink spill on an office carpet will set the ink stain into the carpet and it will NEVER come out. Had to use cold water for ink spills on carpet to get them out.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Chuck and all,
              Those are laser printers and the plastic is called toner. The basic operation positively charges an internal drum. The laser scanns the drum and removes the charge where the printing is to take place. The areas where the laser touches become negatively charged and attracts the toner (fine powdered plastic). Next a sheet of paper is positively charged and run across the drum, where the now negatively charged toner is attracted to it. The paper now passes between a pair of rollers and a hot fuser that melts the plastic onto / into the paper, which then exits the printer, hot off the press so to speak. Since the image is a plastic that is fused to the paper, it is waterproof, unlike ink from an inkjet.
              Easy peasy, LOL.

              • I only use laser printers – all set up under a nice big faraday cage. Toner lasts virtually forever in a regulated temperature zone. And paper…expensive but stockable. Still using toner and paper from 1999 🙂 btw, you can make your own toner to refill cartridges with a little know how and chemistry background.

                (Pays to have forensic/organic and etc., chemists in tribes )

                • OhioPrepper says:


                  (Pays to have forensic/organic and etc., chemists in tribes )

                  It certainly does. Our MAG (tribe?) doesn’t have one specifically; but, we have engineers, from multiple disciplines; although the engineer / E.R. Doc’s father is a retired forensic chemistry professor for as long as he’s around.
                  I have refilled toner cartridges and know pretty much how to make the black toner; however, the CMY toner powders would be a bit more tricky.

              • Actually, most inkjet ink is waterproof also. I use cheap off brand ink in my Brother MFC J870DW and it is waterproof. I just soaked something I had lying around and yes, it didn’t run. I tried smearing it between my fingers and it didn’t.

                • OhioPrepper says:


                  Actually, most inkjet ink is waterproof also.

                  Replace most with some, and your correct.
                  I’ve only seen one that was marginally waterproof, which is why I switched to laser long ago and finally color laser just this summer. I’ve had printers and toner by HP, Cannon, and Xerox, and all of those inks ran or smeared if the paper got wet.

            • Chuck,
              Thanks. I do use Office Max, but it is still expensive and just so inconvenient. I didn’t know about the ink. thanks.

  17. We made the biannual run to “Sam’s Club” for Dry staples: rice beans, noodles, and pasta’s, etc. Finally finished up all of the summer canning, (more tomato’s than we have ever grown before). Will start on the cool weather greens, radish, and fall beans now.

  18. Good morning to all. I have been talking to my DGD about prioritizing food purchases right now. With the International issues pushing us into war, I told her there is a possibility we will have shortages of imported foods such as coffee, tea, cocoa, pineapple, coconut, and spices. My feeling is we need to think in terms of several years supply for those food items. I also have to think about substitutes for these items. Many know of chicory to replace coffee. I read recently that plantations grew lots of okra to collect seed to be ground for coffee during the Civil War. The grounds around the house have several sources for caffeine free teas; loads of berries and herbs, etc. Still need to get the perennial herb bed in for more teas.
    Received shipments for more dehydrated foods. My son made a table for my treadle sewing machine, Janome. He brought it here this morning. Will be nice to sew when we lose electricity this winter; usually a 2-3 week event. Plan to work on quilts this winter. Been gathering fabric. Checked all vacuum sealed jars and found 6 had broken seals. The are resealed and heading back to storage. Have done some serious dehydrating since the temperatures are dropping into the 40-74 degree range daily. Also have the pressure canner going. Still working on tomatoes, dried beans, and looking at a 50 pound bag of potatoes.
    We have only 6 weeks to prepare for winter plus do whatever we need to do as a family when the cards start falling down. Pray and hold your loved ones a little closer.

    • I am so grateful I don’t drink coffee or hot tea, smoke, or drink. I have cocoa to last! And sugar to make it palatable…lol. I wonder what I might get sick of doing without.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I don’t drink or smoke, and don’t like coffee or tea either. I never really drank much Coke, but I do like chocolate. In 2001 I was no longer able to have caffeine for health reasons. I do have times that I would like a piece of chocolate, but I’m fine without it. I make cakes and icing with carob now, and completely enjoy them. It’s nice to not have as many vices as some. I guess my big vice is ice cream. I really like home-made ice cream.

        • Grammy
          The only thing that I have smoked was the tires off my 440 powered 68 charger. I do not drink anymore cause of medication ,though I do drink coffee. I do love chocolate and ice cream though.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Axelsteve I had a 70 Monaco (old cop car) that had a 440 police interceptor engine in it. The cops had 7 lengths of chain (big lengths) bolted to the engine and the frame to hold the engine down and keep the motor mounts from breaking, the motor mount was still broke, but the chain kept it from hitting the hood. Lots of power that car had…

            That was the wrong car to give to a 18-year old guy. It’s a wonder I lived through it.

            Also had a 69 Barracuda with a 340 in it. It was also a fun car to own. Again I don’t know how I’m still alive…

            Not that I drove them hard or fast, just saying….

          • Prepared Grammy says:

            I smoke a mean brisket!

    • patientmomma says:

      I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or coffee; but I store all 3 under lock and key. My sons cannot function without coffee; I use 100 proof vodka for tinctures; and store loose tobacco for bartering. Addiction is a terrible thing and all those substances are extremely addicting.

  19. Hello Pack,

    Well, I agree with MD about not having excuses to not prep…but, on the other hand, I know what it is to not have money to prep. This is one of those weeks…so instead wen to the library and got three books on survival. One was on survival gear hacks, another is Preppers Long Term Survival by Jim Cobb and the other is The Worst Case Scenario Hnadbook by Joshua Pivens and David Borgenicht. And of course, I read several dystopian fiction books. Maybe, not perfect way to prep, but at least I am staying in the prepping mindset. I may be slow, but I’m steady. Will just keep doing a bit at a time.

    One more week here, and then we will be heading south. For me that is a prep as I will be out of the cold and into temperate weather. At least won’t freeze if there is an EMP. And although my YDS doesn’t think of himself as a prepper, he’ll be close enough to teach me to shoot and to help us as we continue to look for land which we will be sharing with him (and hopefully some of the other kids) in the SHTF.

    Well, prayers for everyone. As time gets closer to the election, I am praying more. For America. For everyone.

  20. I am up in Georgia this weekend helping my mom. She just had surgery. All went well but she is sore and there’s a lot of stuff she can’t do by herself. I took her shooting last weekend (before her surgery). I am getting really good with my 10/22. I still don’t have the hang of the ghost sites on my G19. I am looking into individual training at the range.

    I found out she had looters in her neighborhood after the hurricane. She was up in Atlanta with my little brother but some of her neighbors stayed home. I should think that if I were to become a looter I would choose neighborhoods without retired marines and sailors.

    That’s it to me. I am off to Publix to pick up my niece’s birthday cake. She turns 13 today.

  21. American pacrat says:

    Morning Pack
    It has been a while since I post” what I did the past week”, as life in the fast lane around here has been anything but calm.
    Dh’s feeding tube fell out, so off the the hospital we went only to find out they do not carry the size the surgeon placed for him. It was a “special order”, so they tested the tube, placed it back in so we could feed him.
    On our way home stopped at the specialized medical supplier. What they had to offer was not the same as what he has. She explained that it can be ordered on line. When we were finally able to return home I went searching on line and behold…I found them. Order 2 of them on sale $50.00 each, normally $90.00. When those arrive I will be ordering more for a back up supply. While I was searching for these tubes I found instructions on how one can reinsert a feeding tube on their own. If shtf, it will be up to us to due this procedure, so the instructions are being printed out and the necessary equipment being added to the stores. Maybe a few more bottles of Clairol as wow, I am going to need it! 🙂
    When you have a special needs person in your family, the supplies that they require will be more than one would estimate. In order to correct this matter it will be a major shopping for surgical tape(amazon-3m Medipore segmented ), 4×4 gauze pads, 2×2 gauze pads, compression pads, 4″ stretch roll tape.
    Went through dh’s ghb, corrected what I had original put in there. Broke the supplies down to 2 bags one for every day and the other for the what IF I needed it while we were out. Still have to put a different bag together for me for when we are out & about.
    Did discover one must dry can crackers, I did not know this 3 years ago but found out when I opened the jars last week. Another lesson learned, back to the drawing board. Found the nuts that I put the same way, will let you know next week how that turned out.

    Please what ever you do hug your family members, let us hope and pray that this nation survives with a president that will lift us up. Not drag us down to a 3rd world level which where we are headed.

    • American pacrat,
      Will this feeding tube be permanent or will he be able to get rid of it later? How did you store the crackers before?

      • American pacrat says:

        Linda W
        The tube appears to be permanent for him due to the radiation treatments he received.
        The crackers I had just put into a jar then vacuum sealed them, not knowing it required the oven canning method.

        • Ohio Prepper,
          Do you mean having the wires joining the two telephones? If so, it looks like I have a very good excuse to keep my yellow wall phone. Everyone volunteers to take it to the thrift store or recycling for me since “it is useless.” I just figure people want it for themselves.

          • OhioPrepper says:


            Do you mean having the wires joining the two telephones?

            Yes; but, you’ll need two old phones, some wire, and a battery. You can rig it to ring the phones with some additional equipment; but, you’ll get no dial tone.

            • OP,
              I think I have another phone, too. What kind of battery? What kind of wire and additional equipment? Is there a youtube video on this? Thanks.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      What are you doing to boost adrenals?
      also do not forget to use milk thistle to clear the liver. ( even liver specialists recommend it)everything has to be processed thru the liver and it gets clogged with the junk we may not be aware of.

      • Hummingbird says:

        They are bovine adrenal capsules with herb activators (Solaray). I’m sure there are several brands available.
        Thanks for the milk thistle reminder.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Info for you and others who may have this problem. You can also buy Foley catheters in size to fit. Mom’s was an 18fr/30cc bulb, in silicone… cost was very high for the name brand, but I kept an 18 fr rubber catheter with a 30 cc bulb,, for a back up.. I usually put 20 or thirty cc.
      You can do the tube, no need of having to go to hospital to get it done, if it comes out.There is only one hole there, clean the abdomen stoma area well, and use a little water based lubricant on the tube… just need to make sure it goes in far enough to clear the inside of the stomach wall, and that is demonstrated when you get gastric contents back in it… just push it in a little more , maybe an inch and fill bulb, pull back on it easy, til you feel it seat against the inside wall. flush and use. will have to plug it with something or double the cath and put rubberband on it. cath tip cover works ususally.
      If stomach is not full it is easier, but it needs to be placed back in ASAP. .. or the stoma chould close. Not likely since he has had his a while. If you use the foley cath. You will require tape to secure the tube to the abdomen, so it is not sucked in. I used tube dressings on Mom and secured to it. If any more questions or something not clear send me a e-mail.
      One method to secure a tube with no disc…. I would take an inch and a half wide piece of tape, 4-5″ long, and split it all but an inch and a half-2″. secure the unsplit end to the belly, and wrap the tails around the tube each one opposite from the other, ( one clockwise and one counter clockwise.)This will give a good anchor.I placed the tape to secure the edge of the dry dressing placed on the belly, since I changed it 2-3x a day.
      You will need a syringe that fits your tube fill port, for a foley that is a standard luer lock syringe, and a 20 cc size would be nice, bulb should be filled with sterile/distilled water. (no needle required)
      For the feeding Kangaroo tube it is a different syringe. . Remember if it bursts/leaks you do not want him to get sick from it. so sterile is good.Distilled and/or boiled is aceptable, must be cool.
      Do not use oil on rubber, it breaks it down. So make sure you use a water based lubricant… It just needs to be clean, so get a small tube, and recap promptly. It only takes a little.
      The foley caths do not last quite as long as the kangaroo, silicone ones…and some of them don’t last more than a month.(I think i just got a bad one).
      The tube does not have to be kept sterile, just clean. Keep cleaned but unpackaged ones in ziplock.. If already opened/used, just wash it well, make sure bulb inflates and deflates… If you attach a asepto/60cc feeding syring to the tube when installing it , it will not leak, but you will need to pull back on the plunger to check for placement/gastric contents.

    • patientmomma says:

      Pacrat; Care-giving for family members is an emotional roller coaster and extremely draining. My prayers for you and hubby.

      • American pacrat says:

        Thank you, for the support. I recall your family having been through a lot the past year.

  22. M. Biccum says:

    The only thing I did was to have a hissy fit because someone stole the chain off my back double gate. Why would anyone steal a chain? Gives you an idea of what we may be in store for in the future.

    • M. Biccum says:

      This is just something that I want to add to my post. I have several “old fashioned” rotatory phones that I was going to get rid of, but in the light of the computer hacking I will keep them as they do not rely on the modern grid and could be jury rigged for at least local communications-or at least I think so.

      • M Biccum,
        I have an old yellow rotary wall phone that I cannot bear to get rid of. It is still usable?

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          My parents have a phone in the basement and on the bottom it’s dated 1945, still works. They don’t make stuff like it these days.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        M. Biccum,
        These phones will still work fine if you still have a landline phone and haven’t switched to all cellular or cellular base station replacements. I worked 15 of my 40 year engineering career in telephony and have seen the redundancy use in telephone exchanges (CO or Central Office in Tesco lingo) for both the switching equipment and the batteries, chargers, and generators. This is why we still have a landline, and in our case it even brings us relatively fast (5 Mbps) DSL where others fight with speed problems and data caps living in the boonies.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Also on the old telephones. A pair of them can be used with just a pair of wires and some batteries to make operative local stealth field communications. By stealth I mean hard for anyone to intercept the communications without physically connecting to the wires, where any radio communications can be intercepted.

    • Axelsteve says:

      they will steal the chrome off a trailer hitch these days.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Why would anyone steal a chain?

      Might it be in preparation to use the gate as an entry point into your back yard to break in?

      Make sure you replace the chain and lock right away.

      As a kind of prep to make money and provide a needed service (I do handyman work) I buy a lot of padlocks, gate locks, better made door locks, chains, door stops and anything else people would want installed to slow or stop bad people from breaking into a home. I find these at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.

  23. PrepperDoc says:

    Busy week.
    Well went out (17 years) so had it replaced and had a simple pump installed at the same time. I stood and watched how they change a well pump and for the first time I understand exactly how to do it myself if I had to. Build derrick out of lumber, position pulley, using winch from boat, no big deal. Simple Pump mechanical driving is obvious— when you can see it!– also.

    On my part I now have mastered the art of creating Raspberry Pi ham radio digital repeater stations. I have three installed in my city now, two of which now work well. Ebay 2nd hand radios turned out to have some lemons…..oops. Whaddaya know….the power amplifier stage is a MODULE and they are all basically identical, and available easily online….ordered a 30watt module and in less than 30 minutes had resurrected a dead 2 meter transceiver. Amazed even myself.

    While the Internet still works (you saw there were significant attacks yesterday, right?) I’m now able to remotely check into these digital repeaters and help their new owners keep them working while they climb the learning curve. Rigging them so the user can easily plug in microphone and use as a normal FM 2 meter rig.

    The slingshot technique of getting antennas UP HIGH is catching on. The local club was more supportive than ever previously– when they observed that five of my students passed their Technician license and several showed up for the club meeting…..one new ham already had their slingshot to put their antenna way way up there.

    Its amazing how much faster people pick up skills when you take them under your wing and SHOW them how to do it.

    Next weekend I’ll be going to a homesteading day-long instruction-fest from a local prepper family.

    I need to reload some more ammo this weekend. Haven’t done that in a long while.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      So you are now officially and Elmer. Good job.
      BTW, I still haven’t seen an email from you.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Yup, that was my SECOND class…there were 24 in the first class, just about killed me. I did a much much better job on the 2nd class…..

        these are full-weekend-boot camp classes.
        Everyone goes home with a Baofeng 2 meter rig programmed with almost 60 frequencies, a voltmeter that they have learned how to use in lab experiments during the class, and their own 2 meter external antenna….that they built themsleves from 14 gauge wire, coax cable,and wood. There are over a dozen little demo’s or experiments at the minimum….. takes me >12 hours to set up for the class and much longer to put everything back up. The entire first floor is taken over for the class.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          So you are now officially a SUPER Elmer. Great job.
          We’ve been discussing putting on some classes here. We’ve had a lot of folks able to pass the tests on their own; but, they are still often lacking any real knowledge about operating procedures or the math, physics, and measurement equipment of the hobby. I had a discussion about this very thing this morning at one of our monthly breakfast get togethers with a neighboring club and we are going to try and put something together. If you could share a general syllabus of your class it would be very helpful, since in our case we’re trying to educate the folks after they get their licenses. Most of then don’t even have enough knowledge to know what questions to ask, so this is a current ongoing project.
          73’s, OP

          • PrepperDoc says:

            I’ll try to write that up. it might make an article.

          • Babycatcher says:

            It’s interesting, that in order to keep gaining new interest in Ham radio, the ARRL has dropped the CW( Morse code ) requirement for the General and Extra licenses, but unless you know someone who can teach you hands on, most people are clueless when it comes to setting up a station( whether mobile or at home), and it doesn’t help that most radios now are ” plug and play”. You don’t have to have any real in depth knowledge of how they work, just follow the Chinglish instruction manual. This is especially true of digital modes! Fortunately my hubby( who had his call before I was born) is a wonderful teacher and is showing me things like setting up a 40 meter dipole( we have no tall trees so are using fiberglass and metal sectional poles we got at Dayton), and other aspects of operation. These are things that are crucial to know in a grid down situation, and God bless you for taking the time and expense to teach others. PS, this was to PrepperDoc, but any of the hams here can probably relate. PPS, I actually am an Extra licensee, but don’t ask me to set up a station somewhere without a technical type person nearby. I guess it’s the “quantity vs quality ” equation.

            • OhioPrepper says:


              the ARRL has dropped the CW( Morse code ) requirement for the General and Extra licenses

              Actually it was the FCC that dropped the code requirement for ALL license classes. I’m also an extra and did it all the hard way; but, I think that forced me to take the time to developed skills that many new hams don’t have. I was actually discussing this very subject with a few older hams this morning on a 2-meter drive time discussion. One is a surgeon within a few months of retiring who just purchased some new digital capable equipment, and we were discussing the merits of having radios relying on internet connectivity. Once again things like digital radio and Echolink are bringing folks into the hobby; but, once again we’re missing those skills.
              My largest problem right now is helping my non-technical DW upgrade to the technician class license. She’s been licensed now for 35 years and once learned the code; but, as it turns out, did it only to appease me before we were married.
              What Prepperdoc is doing and what many of us old hams are attempting is to bring up a new generation of folks who are not merely appliance operators, and I suspect that although slow, we are making progress,

    • A Prepper Doc,
      About watching the well work–I watch guys do things, then even if I cannot, I tell guys how it is done. A friend who is pretty good with minor car things was going to take a light out in front of my car. He looked and was afraid he would break something because he had never seen anything like it. He told me to go to Auto Zone, have them change the bulb/lamp, watch and tell him how. I did and he was grateful. The next time I saw him, he even asked me to show him. I pointed and talked while he twisted what I told him then pulled it out and replaced it all.

      When an element burned out in my oven, I could replace it because I had watched a guy replace one years before.

      I am good at watching since I used to watch my father repair everything. Plus, I ask questions but not too many. AND, I have taught people how to do things many times, even over the phone. Being detail oriented helps.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Linda U-Tube has videos on doing just about everything you can think of. It’s easy to watch and learn these days.

        • Chuck,
          Thanks. I have seen some of those but now cannot do much as far as around the house repairs. When I was watching and doing, it was 30 years ago. It was harder to learn in those days!

  24. Always Forward says:

    The bees adore Rose of Sharon. They can get quite large, but can be cut back. I started one just by rooting a twig when I moved and it is huge now. Passed some on to a beekeepin friend.
    Thanks to y’all for the heads up on the on-line seminars.
    Also ordered kelp, three 180-count bottles of capsules on Amazon for a pretty good price as far as collecting antidotes to nuclear issues. Have the potassium iodide already and also the charcoal.
    Dehyrated one more batch of red peppers. They are so pretty and dry quite fast. Freeze warning tonight so I will go pick the rest.
    Babying my kale by watering and fertilizing. It is growning quite rapidly so I am excited about that.
    Trying to check favorite websites to stay current with the news, but not watch too much to the point of stressing out.
    Still culling the house and listing stuff on eBay. Sold a nice Danish bottle opener for $25. Try to Christmas shop and buy preps with proceeds. Almost always have a surplus in PayPal to spend – if it continues to work, that is. Wonder if we’ll have anymore hacks of operating systems. Need to have more cash on hand I guess.
    Prayers for the pack. Stay alert.
    Oh, and great advice, MD, about all the things you can do that don’t cost money. I’m sure there are more – like organizing and getting rid of stuff.

    • rose of Sharon plants also throw off seeds like nobody’s business. I have them growing everywhere now and must pick the sprouts like weeds. But my sis, who’d love some plants, cannot get them to live in her soil. No idea why. Maybe they prefer my clay soil.

  25. OhioPrepper says:

    The weather here is in the nice autumn range and we have been getting a lot of small things accomplished and larger ones planned. Here are the highlights.
    1. Continued removing the last of the trees from the yard and started a new brush pile for the wild critters.
    2. Had the final meeting with the Generac representative. We have a firm quote and a date certain to install the new 16KW propane fueled generator on November 2.
    3. Tried a can of the new Campbell’s beans with pulled pork and it is delicious; but, did require our standard canned bean additions of a little ketchup and brown sugar.
    4. Connected the VGA splitter from the downstairs (family) computer to the new 55 inch HDTV. It works well and is kind of fun to watch YouTube or the NWS radar loop on the big screen.
    5. Picked out and purchased a new tactical shotgun for the DW. A Mossberg SA-20 tactical
    6. Chilled, opened and sampled the shelf stable milk and it is as good as any regular milk I have ever tasted, so it’s time to get some more.
    7. Received two Pro Lift Works brand Multi Function Power banks. These little battery packs are not much larger than a pack of cigarettes and have enough energy to jump start a vehicle and can also be used to charge laptops, cell phones, and other items that can be charged from a USB port.
    That’s all for this week.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      OP … Take a look at Rem. new Hi-Vel deer slug. 20 gauge 3/4 oz. low recoil 1600 fps rocket ship…….. I switched from Bernecke KOs. +/_ 3 inchs at 100 yards… Off hand shots on a torso plate at 100 yards are do-able. Come on up and we’ll show ya.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I already have a lot of 20 gauge shells in various types, and this new gun is primarily for tactical relatively close-in defense use. I’m not going to need much additional ammunition for now, other than some 20 gauge I’ll be trading for about 500-600 rounds of 12 gauge I no longer require. For deer hunting I’ll be using either the .357 contender or the Remington 870 in .410.
        With my pacemaker and vision issues I’ve been scaling back to calibers and firearms I can more easily handle. With some practice I may try some IDPA or 3 Gun next summer when our club starts things back up again. While I no longer have any AR’s or 12 gauge shotguns, I have what my limitations can handle and what I can get the DW to manage and to with which she can become more proficient.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          OP!!! “Steel Plate” match. Sunday the 30th. Fulton co. Conservation club. St Rt. 14 between the turnpike and Wallymart. 9:a.m. sign in. firing begins at 10:a.m. No scores.. times if you care.. make it ring and move on.. good practice at any speed.. Your pistol Cal. carbine is ok to use.. I’m running my 45 and my SIL is going to run my 9mm carbine. Come on up and take a look…. or…. heat up your Scorpian… (sp?)

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Wow…you must be wealthy. I’m a near-retirement physician and I consider the Generac folks to be rip-off artists. 16 kW is a huge amount of power.

      We have 8.9 kW worth of DC solar panels, driving 8 kW worth of inverters. We produce 50% of our monthly electrical power that way — and we use a lot of AC/heat in a 3000+ sq ft abode….

      For survivalist purposes we would be be completely fine with far far less power….just unable to run the 1st floor AC. I could jerry rig the 2nd floor AC, and the guest house is fully powered. But who wants to run all that AC during EOTWAWKI?

      The advantage of solar is that it is renewable and QUIET. We have 38kWhr worth of backup batteries, which might be overkill, we started with half that much. We have a cheap ($600 or less) 6kW propane generator driven by an UNDERGROUND propane tank…..why have your fuel out in the open where someone can shoot it? We have additional backups by gas generator and then there is always the diesel tractor.

      I would really think about whether a 16kW generac is worth it. One of my neighbors has that sort of thing……but my solar power MAKES me money every month and the generac does nothing but depreciate…..

      Just suggesting you be very careful with those folks.

      • patientmomma says:

        I have a standby generac and it is a piece of junk; I do not recommend that brand. It has been serviced under warranty 6 times. Do some research and get something more reliable.

        • I have had honda generatators for YEARS, and have been very happy with them. Originally, I had 1000w, then I grew out of them. I now use 2k as back up for solar. No power hungry appliances, AC, etc. My biggest useage is satellite internet. Granted, I have learned to do vacuuming and laundry at different times, and preferably on different days. No micro, no dishwasher, no clothes dryer, etc. My solar is 3500 and is enough.

          • I also have, use, and like very much my Honda generators. We have a 3k as a primary and a 1k as backup for our camper. They are coming home for the winter. Just in Case.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        My problem is with my old house with multigenerational wiring, some from the 40’s and the other from the 60’s, and using a smaller unit would have required mass of new wiring and panel upgrades which would have ended up costing more than the 16KW with a single 100 amp transfer switch, so this is the least expensive and fastest way to get running and since I’ve been adding propane tanks to the tank farm over the years, it gives us a very viable way to run things in an emergency. I really don’t see a massive grid down for any prolonged periods unless it were an EMP, in which case we have other problems to attend to, and in which case your solar system may no longer function. I have several friends with Generac systems from 12 to more than 20K and they have pretty much been problem free for years.
        We have looked at solar and over time we may still look to add some also; however, here in Ohio the sun is quite often unavailable, especially during the winter when things are generally overcast.
        I don’t recall you ever mentioning your location, as in general state, so your experience and weather conditions may be better than here.
        In any case, I’d be interested in more information, like brand of panel and type of storage you use. Battery technology has been steadily improving; but, I’m not sure how far it has advanced in the long term in that arena. I would however welcome your input on the system you have including the various components and their ratings and relative cost for potential future additions.

        • PrepperDoc says:

          Ha Ha…yes I’m a little close to the vest with any information about my whereabouts…..

          SOLAR AND EMP:
          I’ve done about all I can to (easily) protect from EMP. Put MOV surge arresters at the combiner boxes, the DC input to the charge controllers, and the AC outputs/inputs from the inverters. Impossible to know if that would really protect. There is a fighting chance.

          then I have backup panels in storage, a backup charge controller and need to get my backup inverter back from repair…… in emp-hardened trash cans of course.

          A couple of panels I even have inside aluminum foil…..

          So I expect to still hve SOME solar even after an EMP….

          I use the OUTBACK brand of inverters 48GVFX or some such number I think…..48 volt battery pack.

          Yes, batteries are improving but the COST PER WATT still goes to plain old flooded lead acid cells…. I hve Rolls Surrette plain old stuff and I treat them very very carefully and hope to have decades of service. If you USE those batteries…they wear out….the number of coulombs you can transfer is finite. So I have a very special schedule to try and make them last forever. A friend did not do that….and wore his set out….OUCH.

          He is now listening more to my advice.

          My return on investment is about 5-6% per year, which is better than Treasury Bonds by quite a bit….. financially…it was a NO BRAINER. Not to mention the value from a PREPPER standpoint.

          I make about 35 kWhr of AC power on a bright sunny day in the spring or fall. (Less during the hot summer because the diode voltage declines and my angles aren’t optimum anyway then) On a cloudy day I make only 12-15 kWHr — but I still make some.

          There is a goernment site you can use to predict the equivalent “hours of noon-time sunlight” that you can expect averaged over the year for you exact location, based on the data from the nearest airport — extremely accurate….it told me exactly how much $$$ I was going to make.

          • OhioPrepper says:


            Ha Ha…yes I’m a little close to the vest with any information about my whereabouts…..

            I understand that; but, could you at least give me a hint, like your state.
            If for instance you live in AZ or TX you probably have much better non overcast sunlight hours than here in Ohio. OTOH, if you live in a climate more like mine, then perhaps I could look into solar as yet another power option.
            While nothing you did for EMP protection is guaranteed, it looks like you’ve done all of the technical things that could be expected. Hopefully we’ll never need to find out.

        • OP,
          My house has all manner of wiring, including knob and tube! No one seems to have updated anything.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I understand, and most of my updates over the years were done by me, since at the time it was all we could afford.

            • OP,
              The house was all you could afford? It is great you know how to do stuff!

              • OhioPrepper says:

                It wasn’t the house that was all we could afford, just the upgrades and remodeling. I did a lot of wiring and plumbing, added a new full bath, laundry room, work sink and gutted, insulated, and replaced drywall (or sheetrock, LOL) in many of the rooms. We live for a few years with a bit of dust and mayhem; but, we now have a large house that’s comfortable and has been paid off for more than 2 decades. We did pay to have some windows replaced and I’ll be replacing some carpet and a few outside doors shortly, since the current ones are quite old and don’t insulate as we would like them to.

    • OP, what do you think about using an old KVA for aircraft for house power. They are diesel or jet fuel???
      Aikido is close to Judo!!! I used rolling the other day at work from 3′ in the air, still managed to injure my elbow in the roll, but it protected my head. I slipped on hydraulic fluid and stood up at the end of the roll. Looked around and nobody saw me. Nothing like being a Ninja and having someone see you fall. Lol

      • Babycatcher says:

        My dad did that once in a parking lot. There was a blip in the concrete, and he went head over teakettle, rolled over his shoulder, and came up on his feet like nothing had happened. It was cool to watch. All those wrestling matches and gym classes at the Naval Academy has served him well! Ps, he was about 65 when this happened. 🙂

        • OhioPrepper says:

          I don’t know how young Thor 1 might be; but, my falling event happened last august at the young old age of 65.4; I guess it turns out that like any well honed skill, it sticks with you. Good to know.

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Hello Ohio Prepper (& any interested others),
            Oh how you, OP, made me grin and recall a moment in my life with your comment,

            . . . I guess it turns out that like any well honed skill, it sticks with you. Good to know.

            I discover this fact in a surprising scenario, too. No I am not / was not ever a martial arts champ by any stretch of the imagination but I was a Red Cross certified Life Guard & Water Safety Instructor skilled swimmer / instructor back in the day (beginning in the late 1970s) and yes, that well honed skill stuck with me some nearly, 20 years later – long after I’d stopped practicing such on a regular basis in an unsuspected, semi-emergency.

            I was fortunate to be invited to a working / vacation trip to Hawaii (actually twice, but this was the second trip) with my husband & his co-workers / employers in the 1990s. Our touristy endeavors together were limited as we had to work all such adventures around his required work schedule but we did find an afternoon to go snorkeling together along the shores of Maui so we eagerly took advantage of the day, the sunshine, the island, the Pacific Ocean and the opportunity! What fun!

            Now, it’s important to note here that DH can swim but was more than comfortable staying within the more populated area (populated with both people & marine life). I was a bit more confident with my water trekking skills and decided to venture out around the land mass point to the north and view more of the colorful, coral reef collections in addition to the marine life near the cliffs.

            Glad I did because the scenery was spectacularly beautiful, even through my rented (read not high dollar equipment) snorkeling mask. Simply stunning.

            However, as I was returning back to the sandy shore I got caught up in a wild ocean current and this current wasn’t taking me the direction I wanted to go: The wild & independent ocean current had me headed directly into the craggy land mass, straight towards the giant boulders that could have split my head into two or more pieces, when suddenly, I instinctively knew that was not a good destination to hit land & I needed to quickly re-focus on a better landing location.

            Somehow – without even giving it a second thought – my well honed skills in water safety education honestly kicked in and I began swimming diagonally with the current, toward my sandy beach landing point of choice, and arrived safely a few minutes later, without incident.

            DH had seen the final part (but not the entirety) of my semi-struggling efforts and was quick to meet me on shore as I crawled through the soft sand (exhausted) and very literally hugged the beach while catching my breath. And he was totally impressed with what he witnessed as I had accomplished such without injury and cheered me mightily even as he knew I was admittedly a bit shaken – as I know he was, too.

            Frankly, I was also impressed with my efforts (actually amazed that such years old, well learned & honed lessons kicked in so automatically for my immediate needs) but soon decided what I needed most (even beyond his kind & sincere compliments during those very moments) was a good, stiff, full salted rim, Margarita on the rocks with extra limes, at the beach bar! 🙂

            Good times, good memories (good results) one & all! Gotta say that the moral of this story is that there are many good & proven reasons why we should all learn and practice life saving skills for future, often unexpected, uses & indeed & as always, as you stated OP,

            Good to know.

            Good to know, indeed that those well learned skills can sure stick with us & come in handy at unexpected yet extremely beneficial times! 🙂 Keep taking care, all.

          • Op,
            No one ever taught my son how to fall. As an infant he just tucked his body and rolled on his shoulder, never getting a scratch most of the time. I witnessed his fallin down concrete steps when he was 18 mos old. And, he did not have one scratch. Of course, I had a heart attack as my pregnant body tried to chase and catch him on the concrete steps.

            My daughter, on the other hand, fell and hit her face every time. She still has scars from falling and tearing up her face. I mean, she was ten and still falling on her face. Of course, she would run down hill on the sidewalk with her hands in her pocket so….

            I cannot imagine having the instinct about how to fall, but he knew something. The daughter never did learn.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I’ve just received an unplanned and great addition to this weeks preps. I have a neighbor, friend, and MAG member who is a farmer and an amazing gardener. I’ve been helping him with his amateur radio equipment, antennas, power supplies, etc. and he has sometimes dropped off spare vegetables. Since there is a great chance that we will have our first hard freeze tonight, he went and harvested everything that was even close to ready to go and dropped off a 5 gallon bucket full of red and green peppers, and some tomatoes, along with a nice little (10 inch) pumpkin, so it looks like tomorrow will be processing day for this additional fresh bounty

  26. Hey everyone,

    Worked out in my gym/Dojo tried a body building technique and my biseps are screaming. Rock hard too!!! We need to be in the best shape we can be for what is coming.
    Next need to get on the treadmill with the BOB to make sure its not too heavy. I might have too take out the kitchen sink. Lol
    Bought water.
    Bought canned meat.
    Bought 420 rds of 556.
    Bought more TP,I think DW is trying to corner the market. Lol
    Had 2 more choppers fly over my house. One was an old Huey with a winch hanging out the door,the other I’m not sure what it was. You could hear the engine but not the rotor blades. Looked like an assault chopper.

    Heard twitter,Google ect has been attacked. 007 said the attacks were coming in from inside the country. Hope its not a red flag event!!!

    Had a problem with my weather radio this morning. It started beeping and I had just static on the radio. Had to change batteries and then changed the channel. It must be the change of temperature that made me lose the channel???
    I hope NOAA wasn’t hacked.

    • Babycatcher says:

      IIRC, NOAA was one of the .gov agencies that were unobtanium during the hack. This is what makes me think it was a test for something bigger

      • Bcatcher,Big H, speech to Goldman Sachs, was dissolve America, dissolve the boarders,dissolve our military!!!
        No wonder she didn’t want to release her speech!!! If this does not make your blood boil,you are not an American. Never Hillary!!! I hope they don’t deploy our military else where, when they are needed here for a revolt!!!

        • Babycatcher says:

          Got that right! It’s scary, thinking a person who is so deranged That she thinks she can get away with all she has done and get elected to the highest office in the land. But God knows, and she may get there and we may be in for hard times for a few years. But she will get her comeuppance, have no fear.

          • Bcatcher, soon we will know. I cannot believe anyone would even consider voting for that thing!!!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Thor 1,

      Heard twitter,Google ect has been attacked. 007 said the attacks were coming in from inside the country. Hope its not a red flag event!!!

      It’s not a red flag but perhaps something even worse. We live in the age we in the computer community know as the Internet of Things or IOT, where we are networking everything from cameras to refrigerators for the easy connectivity, novelty, and convenience. The problem with the small inexpensive internet devices is that they are small, as in not a lot of memory or horsepower to run them; but, enough to collect data (from the fridge or the camera sensor), format the data, and squirt it out to some TCP/IP server on the internet. The problem is that the code is very sparse and often poorly written without taking security into account, and in some cases these IOT devices have been hacked externally to install a bot (short for robot originally from the Czech, from robota or ‘forced labor a small piece of software that can be remotely controlled.
      When activated from an external source, these bots all attempt to make an HTTP, web connection to a web server in a domain, like Google. When a site is hit with hundreds of thousands or millions of page request simultaneously, the servers just can’t keep up, and although modern servers don’t crash, they do get very slow. This is known as a DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service attack, and that’s what happened recently.
      Benjamin Franklin said ‘Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” I think the modern corollary would be ‘Those who surrender security for convenience will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

      I hope NOAA wasn’t hacked.

      This is also not likely. The NOAA weather radios operate by receiving a standard FM signal from 1 of 1025 individual transmitters spread across the US and its territories on 1 of 7 (or 9) frequencies (. These transmitters can be affected by weather such as icing or propagation most often due to solar activity. The local station that covers my area is located in Columbus Ohio with the forecast coming from NWS ILN in Wilnington, Ohio; however, on some occasions I can receive the NOAA station from Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis when the band conditions are open. Those are also the evenings when we can work VHF and UHF DX or distant stations not generally available on these bands.

      If you ever have that problem again, you can check the NWS website for listed planned or problem outages for a station.

      162.550 MHz WX1 (My local frequency)
      162.400 MHz WX2
      162.475 MHz WX3
      162.425 MHz WX4
      162.450 MHz WX5
      162.500 MHz WX6
      162.525 MHz WX7

      161.650 MHz WX8: Canadian
      161.775 MHz WX9: Canadian

      • OP, thanks for the info. Hey have you heard of the training exercise in Boston? They actually have tanks. I mean tracked tanks!!! Not APCs. Something really big is starting to happen.
        Under the guise of a training exercise.
        As far as my NOAA, I have had to readjust the antenna before for reception but never completely lost a channel.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Thor 1,
          My DD lives in the Boston area. I’ll have to see if she’s hearing anything.
          As for NOAA, the transmitters can sometimes go down. You might try some of the alternate frequencies and see what else might be available; however, it may not be your correct weather info and forecast.

          • OP, there was video of Boston on DAHB007 utube.
            Check it out.
            I saw a post by BC on another prepped site on the 21.

  27. ladyhawthorne says:

    I’ve been working on getting my toilet repaired this week as it developed a leak at the floor and a drip from the tank. I tried one of those wax-free things but the toilet sits on a metal & rubber flange that is raised above the cement floor. Back to the store this morning to buy 2 wax rings just in case.
    my knees are killing me at this point so it might be tomorrow before it gets finished. Thankfully I can use the bathroom in the house (my room is in the garage).
    Got to visit with my nephew yesterday before he headed back to Florida today. He’s in the Air Force, has been for 10 years, it’s the first I’ve seen him in that time. Good young man, we are pretty proud of him.
    I’ve also been watching some YouTube vids and doing some online reading on homesteading and preparedness. If anyone is interested in family friendly YouTube videos on a wide variety of homesteading and preparedness subjects, I would highly recommend http://www.thehomesteadnetwork.com There are shows all week, some during the day, most are Fri, Sat Sun. Good people and good information.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      What skills do you have?

      Look for a barter group in your area to see if you can trade.

      Other then being a bit heavy, toilets are not hard to put in. A new wax ring is $2.50, new bolts are $4.00, and that’s about all you need if the floor flange is in good shape.

      It should only take a guy one-hour or less to put one in. A minimum labor house call charge should cover that time.

      Or if you are a member of a church, see if you can post a card up asking for help having someone install one.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Thanks Chuck, I have a male friend I can call if I can’t get it done. I did buy wax rings after the rubber thing did not work. I’ll be working on it Sunday. Unfortunately I have no money to hire someone and fixit type people are hard to find out here. But one way or another I’m determined to get it done.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I would imagine a doz fresh baked cookies or an apple pie would be a good incitement for a friend to do it. It says thank you in a way most guys like, that being good food.

        • ladyhawthorne,

          My cousin owns his own plumbing business. One of the things he taught me was to always use 2 wax rings (one on top of the other). He says he’s never had a toilet leak when he did that. FYI.

          • Sirius, nice to see you. How have you been?

          • American pacrat says:

            About ready to send the blood hounds out searching for you!!! Many missed you on the sight & were worried, so I got a hold of J in the West. He was concerned like I was, to where you were and wondering if you were hale and hearty.
            See miss a day on the sight and they worry about you.
            I will give J in the west an email to let him know you posted.

  28. Phoroptor says:

    Question for the group, I have been trying to find garlic bulbs for planting w/o luck. I can order from various sources. Can I use grocery store bulbs for planting or have they been treated, etc.

    • I have had some limited success with grocery store garlic bulbs. My store carries only bulbs grown in the USA. I take them out of the package and set them aside for a month or so. When I peel back the outer layer to separate them, some of them have new growth on them. I plant those, but they don’t seem to get very big and the second year bulbs didn’t seem to get any new growth on them. You could try the grocery store, but if you have a seed company that you normally do business with, you might want to get your garlic through them. You may have better success. Good luck.

      • Almost There says:

        I am going to try and plant garlic this year as well. I found it on clearance at TSC (Tractor Supply) a few weeks back. Was told to wait until November for my area (Zone 5) because I don’t want it to have too much growth on it so it will make it over the winter. I’ve also been told that you have to really fertilize it well and move to another spot the next year (really rich soil), moving the location each year as it takes out all the nutrients from the soil. Guess I will have to go back and ask when to start fertilizing it. My guess would be in the spring.

      • There are a lot of good online sources for garlic, but…. you must order them very early, like April to May, because the limited stocks sell out fast come fall. Otherwise, check garden centres, or ask any gardening friends or acquaintances if they can spare a few bulbs. Store garlic often comes from China so you’ll want to verify the source before buying any.
        Garlic needs very fertile soil to do well – add lots of manure, some bonemeal, anything with seaweed, etc. Green tops in late fall don’t harm the garlic – they’ll continue to grow next year. If anything, it’s a good sign that your garlic is growing and not just sitting there dithering.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Also try a little cotton seed meal (great stuff) and depending on soil, maybe a very little Epson salt.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Can’t hurt to give them a try.

      I was lucky in that I found hundreds of them along a country road a few years ago when I went to the Countryside Magazine 4th of July weekend. I grab like 100 new ones every year and hand them out to everyone I know. I planted them all over the place and I don’t know what to do with all of them. I make some good garlic bread with them.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      A gardener that I go to church with says that you can plant garlic from the store.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Just be aware that the garlic in the store are nearly always soft neck, if you are planning to keep them in the bulb for longer storage you would want to grow hard neck garlic.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      In our area we’re actually a little late planting garlic and will be doing it in the next few days. We have some soft neck and hard neck garlic from last year that was harvested in July and hung to dry for about 6 weeks. We’ve now separated the cloves from the bulbs and will be planting them about 2-3 inches in depth. We plan to just layer on some chicken litter over top of everything. The litter is a bit hot for most garden uses unless composted; but, layering a little on top of everything will give it time to age over the winter and allow the nitrogen to slowly seep into the soil.
      Around here the rule of thumb is to plant on October 10 and harvest on July 4, so we’re just a bit late.
      In any case, planting the grocery store garlic can’t hurt anything and it’s inexpensive enough to experiment, so I would go for it.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Garlic….. garlic….. Me DW and I have planted a few stealth patchs of the stuff. Swan Creek Metro park, Secor Metro park, Fulton Co. conservation club, Slippery Elm bike path …. Each patch has come back again and again. Take a pointed stick and a pocket full of cloves and you will never run out of the stuff. Clip the first one inch off the tops of the shoots when they are about 8 to 10 inchs high and take the next couple of inchs of the shoot…. chop… add to your meal. The shoots have a more subtle taste and you never have to dig up a bulb. I keep a pot in the laundry room window going year round.. Eggs, hashed browns, home bake bread… mostly I loves it in me scrabbled eggs and taco smeets.

        Stealth Gardening is fun and easy… think of how many places you’ed like to plant some berry bushes, herbs, oats …. GARLIC.

        • patientmomma says:

          LOVE garlic. Lived in Asia as a youngster and developed a garlic habit! Walk down garlic street where every shop has a specialty version of garlic! Plus it is very healing.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Yes, the garlic scapes are delicious. We’ve used them with some butter to roast asparagus.
          With the exception of ice cream or other sweet deserts, garlic or onions are a good addition to nearly any food. At least IMHO.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            OP I use garlic scapes to make garlic butter, or a kind of butter. I put some olive oil in the blender, put it on the highest speed so the oil froths up and start dropping in the scapes till I get the taste I want.

            Then I spread it on bread slices and put them in the oven for a bit.

            Everyone loves it.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Sounds great. Just forwarded this on to the DW and a few friends who grow that great tasty veggie.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Best foods for the heart: Garlic, Onions, Leaks, Cucumber, and Avocado!

  29. Thomas The Tinker says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mail Lady delivered my brand new K-bar /Becker BK-5 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 found a source for Elk, Bison, Boar, Goat, Deer meat(s)….. now I know The WAWKI is ending.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      TTT, Is this an online source for the meat? I’ve had Elk a few times and I think it was probably the best red meat I’ve ever had.

    • TTT,yes yes do tell. Please?

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Its at a new local fresh market “Fresh & thyme” Frozen in bulk, patties, tubes and 1 lb. cubes. I’m doing Elk Monday night for dinner. 😉

      Anybody in here process frozen smeets for long term storage????

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Local as in the Toledo area? What’s the name and will they ship within Ohio?
        As for long term storage frozen meat, the longest we’ve kept any is about 18-24 months. The biggest thing is to prevent freezer burn, meaning very well packaged. I think vacuum sealed in plastic and then double wrapped in butcher paper would do the trick. We’ve had just the paper with good success; but, the plastic and vacuum would I suspect extend the time a bit.
        While I don’t remember the exact details, I recall an expedition to the Southern Pole finding frozen meat that was still edible although it had been there for something like 50+ years.

  30. Chuck Findlay says:

    The local Menard’s (a home store I’m in at least 10 times a week) had Armour brand canned meat (Shredded Chicken Taco Sauce, Chicken BBQ Sauce and Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce for @2.00 a can. I tried the Pulled Pork and it taste good, one can (10 oz each can) made 2 sandwiches, and the dog also like it. I bought all they had, 37 cans.

    The best by date on the cans is 6-17 so I have some time on them. But most all canned food is good for longer then that. I’m going to put them in one of the rotating can racks and slowly work my way through them.

    I need to buy more can racks,I have 6 of them and they are getting full.

    I also did a hack repair on a friends truck radiator, it’s a 20-year old truck he wants to replace this coming spring, he wants it to hold on till then. The plastic tank had a split down the side and he didn’t want to replace the radiator.

    I took the radiator out, melted some plastic from the fan shroud into the crack with my 140-watt soldering gun to fill it / weld it shut. I then covered it with JB-Weld liquid 5-min epoxy and then put it back into the truck.

    Did this yesterday and it’s holding pressure fine. I have a pressure tester and pumped it up to 18-pounds and no leaks. I had him replace the radiator cap with a 7-pound one to lower the pressure so there will be less stress on the repair.

    For anyone with an old auto that is tight on funds this is an easy and inexpensive fix to try. I charged him $65.00 to do it and he was happy.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      That was a very ingenious plastic weld!!!

    • Chuck,
      Have you ever used the as-seen-on-tv repair kit? It has glue that is set with a uv light that included? I got some from WM and have not used it. I just wonder about it. On TV they claimed it could mend a boat cut in half and the boat would not spring a leak. Would that work on a radiator or anything plastic in a car?

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I’ve seen the advertisements for the UV-light thing glue. I have no idea how it works. I tend to shy away from gimmick things as I work in peoples homes and want a solid repair so I don’t get call backs and or leave a customer with an unhappy view of me because something I did, did not work or stay fixed.

        I would hazard a guess that it would not work for a radiator repair as there is a bit of pressure inside an auto coolant system that isn’t there on a boat repair. And (I don’t know how to explain it) the plastic radiators are a different kind of plastic then most of the things we see in a home. It almost feels like a composite plastic like a recycled plastic made from many different plastic types, not sure the UV thing would work on it?

        The melting / weld thing did work and all it took was a soldering iron. The JB-Weld probably wasn’t needed, but I only wanted to work on it one time and a bit of extra repair was better then having to pull the radiator a second time.

        Almost none of the things we see on TV actually work as well as they show them to work. The only thing that I’ve seen that does work as well is the Jaw Saw chain saw. I have one (as does my Dad) and it works at least as good as they show it on TV. You can cut up a downed tree in no time with it.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          I’ve seen the advertisements for the UV-light thing glue. I have no idea how it works.

          We have it an it works fine. Almost everyone has used a two part epoxy with the resin and hardener. You mix them together, smear them on and wait for the polymer plastic resin to get hard. Don’t use enough hardener and it takes forever to cure; but, too much and it cures and hardens before you have it all applied. This uses a resin that is UV cured and lets you apply, adjust and get it right before curing witt the UV light. My dentist now uses a similar resin and light curing technology for some fillings.
          The end product is however very much like the old two part epoxy and withstanding heat and pressure might not work so well. What you did was melt the plastic and allow it to weld together, similar to how it was originally molded in a molten state and injected into a mold in the manufacturing plant that made it.
          I’ve melted various kinds of P.E. and H.D.P.E. plastic into a molten state and used them to create little trinkets. When I was a kid, we had a toy that did the same thing making little cars and soldiers. For any of you who are old enough to remember lead casting sets, this was / is similar except not quite as hot or toxic.

          • Chuck and OP,
            Thanks. I got this for one purpose–to reconnect plastic parts on a trophy my daughter won about 40 years ago. It is such that it cannot just wait for glue to set and dry. Well, I don’t want to take the trophy apart.

            I never send for anything and have only bought one other “as shown on tv” items. I buy them at WM in a special section for these things.

        • Chuck,
          I wish some of the workmen who have fixed things in my home had the same work ethic as you. Some have been great. Others? Not so great and don’t stand behind the work like promised.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Our closest Menards is about 25 miles; but, it may well be worth a trip to check out what food they now carry, especially since they’re close to the Ollie’s, Harbor Freight, and GFS, so almost any excuse will do LOL.
      What you did with the plastic is what I was trying to tell someone how to do with their cracked water tank last week. A good soldering gun, propane or butane torch and a little patience can often work wonders fixing many things in our plastic world, and the kind of repairs you did are something everyone should be aware of and consider, before replacing expensive parts or calling a repairman, with you as the possible exception of course, LOL.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        OP I try to stay away from repairs like this when working for other people as I don’t want call backs and then suffer as far as my God-Like repair skills in my customers minds…..

        And even if you tell someone that a repair is temporary and may not last long they still blame you if it doesn’t last. Better to just do it right even if it’s more expensive.

        I do occasional auto repair and when doing breaks I always turn the rotors, replace flex lines if I see even a small crack in them for others to make sure it’s done to industry standards. Almost every auto has small cracks in the flex lines after a few years but are still OK for years, hard to explain the OK / replace point on them, but you know when, when you look at them.

        But when doing breaks for myself, family or friends I can many times get away with just new pads as the rotors are fine. Not something to do with a real customer.

        I watched a news show it was 60-min or 20-20 and in it they took an auto into a repair shop to see how honest the shop was. The news show disconnected a spring inside a drum break and all the news people thought was needed was for the spring to be put back on. They figured that if the repair shop did more then that they were screwing people.

        But looking at it from the repair shops point of view the spring came off by itself (never crossed their mind that a customer would take the breaks apart and take the spring off) So it was likely weak and needs replaced. They come in a pack of all the springs for the wheel /break so they replaced all of them. .

        What would happen if they just put it on and it popped of a few weeks later? They had to do it right (and therfore more expensive) to make sure they did not kill someone or get sued.

        The news people could not or did not want to understand this.

        This is why professional repairs by pros cost so much. They are protecting themselves and the customer.

        But if we do get bad SHTF times I see these back-yard type of repairs being the norm. But until the government and lawyers are out of the picture I don’t see them as a common thing.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          The news people could not or did not want to understand this.

          I’m pretty sure it is the could not case. I attended a monthly breakfast yesterday with a local ham club, and another engineer I know who is also very knowledgeable about numerous subjects and I were discussing this very topic, sort of. We have both noticed how clueless nearly all media types are when it comes to math, science or in your case, even basic mechanical things. Quite often, even their subset matter experts seem clueless.
          I do recall that in college I was surrounded by other math and science geeks in our engineering curriculum; but, that many of the folks who didn’t or couldn’t handle the math and science were either in education or journalism, so I guess it’s just par for the course.

          • OP,
            Why were education students in engineering classes? Education majors were generally considered to be stupid. That is one reason why I never was an education major until I had to take seven grad education courses. Even there, I did find really ignorant and stupid people, especially the journalism majors who were also obnoxious.

            When I graduated with a BA, I had over 100 English hours compared to the 18 required for graduation!

            Education majors now come from the bottom half of the class. I, my son, daughter and dil are exceptions to this trend. Unfortunately, the bar is set low in education departments.

            • OhioPrepper says:


              Why were education students in engineering classes?

              They were not in engineering related classes, just other kids we would run into on the campuses of the various schools in the area.

              • OP,
                It is so obvious, no matter the discipline that education majors were not the brightest.

                • OhioPrepper says:


                  It is so obvious, no matter the discipline that education majors were not the brightest.

                  I’m not sure if that’s a fair assessment.
                  I equate brightest with high IQ, and many of these kids were plenty smart. Most just seemed intellectually lazy and lacked intellectual curiosity, preferring to party and get high or drunk, rather than read a book or watch a documentary or how to video. I’ve had people ask me in discussions about various things, “How do you know that?” and my response in general would be, how do you NOT know that. Intellectual curiosity is a trait I find in some of the best people I know, regardless of their IQ or ability to understand complex things in depth.
                  These are the people, much like many on this forum who want to know why AND how things work.

                • Curley Bull says:

                  Just thought I would drop this in; the most knowledgeable man I have ever known never went to college! James would read anything he could get his hands on and seemingly had a photographic memory. I lost a friend a few years ago that had a PHD in education plus 3 other master’s degrees (2 of them in engineering). I knew a fella years ago that seemed to be making a career out of going to college. After 9 years he finally graduated and within 3 years was VP of a major oil company. Then there was this old man when I was in high school that never finished the 6th grade, but could not be stumped by a math problem. You just never know about a person until you spend some time with them. I think James was truly the most educated one of them all . . .

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    One of the smartest radio and RF guys I know has no formal electronics education. He is a retired naval aviator (O5); but, much of his education came before the naval career. It’s something he enjoys, understands, and has been doing for more than 50 years, starting out like me hacking old tube type TV sets. I went to college for engineering and he did the navy route. He doesn’t know a lot about computers and digital technology; but, could stack up against anyone in the analog RF field.

                  • Curley Bull,
                    I don’t equate bright with college or even high school education. My father went for a few weeks to the eighth grade and then dropped out of school. Later in life, he became a contractor. In the middle of the Depression, he was ashamed he had no shoes to wear to school and would not go back. My mother, a math whiz taught him how to multiply and divide..well, he could but not well. She taught him how to figure area and things he needed to know to figure a job. He read all the time, all sorts of books and information.

                    Intelligence has nothing/little to do with education. Howard Gardner in Multiple Intelligences identified seven intelligences. Then, he added two more.

                    OP, I have people ask me how I know things, also. My answer, I read. I do.

                    • My grandfather, born in 1903, had nine sisters, most older than him. He was spoiled by them and dropped out of third grade. He never learned to read but by the end of the Depression he had earned enough as a share cropper to by a 120 acre farm. In 194 he retired, rented out the farm, bought a home near Flagler Beach and spent the next 20 years surf fishing. Having money to count takes some of the sting out of not being able to read.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I live in the Toledo Ohio area and there are 3 Menard’s here, one of them is 5-min away. My only dislike about Menards is they don’t sell Milwaukee tools, I have to go to Home Depot for them. And I like Milwaukee as every one I have ever owned stands up well to the work I do.

        Harbor Tools is on the other side of town but I don’t go there much. They seem to have a hit & miss as far as tool quality. Some things I have from them are good. I have their 10-ton manual log splitter and for the last 4-years it has worked good. I also have one of their 90 amp welders and it works good, but I use it lightly and it probably would not hold up to serious use. I only have ran it for 15-min or so in the last year. I have built a supply of wire for it and have 2-X the money in wire as the welder cost. But you can’t wire weld without wire…

        GFS is also only 5-min from me, I stop there 2 times a month.

        This goes against the prepper model we are sold as the way to be a real prepper. But I actually like living close to all these stores. Once my parents die (he’s 88, she’s 86) I am going to move out 15 to 20 miles or so as I do like the country. But I still want to be close enough to work and buy things.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          No idea why that is all caps?

          MD we need a preview button for post so I can fix them when I screw up…

          • Hi Chuck, if you go to the comment window, there is a “B” or “BOLD” icon. That’s what does it. I think. I’ve done it accidentally before, and think that’s it. Shall try it this time and see what happens. Looks like it is. You have to hit the end Bold icon when you are done

        • I support the “Chinese “when I buy tools they are cheep

        • OhioPrepper says:


          his goes against the prepper model we are sold as the way to be a real prepper.

          The prepper model really has more to do with mindset and action than pure location. Many would think that we should all live in the western redoubt in Idaho or perhaps in TN. Having certain capabilities, like being able to provide yourself and your loved ones with the requirements of life like food, water, shelter and defense is more important than some mere place. While living in a rural area has some distinct advantages like the ability to hunt or keep animals and a big garden, the disadvantages are having either no paid work or a very long commute. Just based on your posts of what you’re doing and can do, I suspect you’re still in better shape than many, so I wouldn’t even give a second thought to the so called prepper model and carry on my friend.
          When I was first out of college I lived in a little town where I found employment and ended up purchasing a house. Although it had a rather small corner city lot, I still made use of what I could for gardening including some vertical trellis work for squash and planted a pair of dwarf apple trees that actually produced very well, You make do with what you have available, and that’s not only all you can do; but, a dang sight farther than most of you neighbors.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Your reply was not all CAPS; but, all bold. To make text bold, or italic, or quoted, you select the text you want to affect by highlighting it with your mouse and then hit the appropriate button. You will see something like strong in and slash strong just ahead of and just after your selected text. What probably happened is that you accidently hit one of those buttons and made your whole message bold. Just watch what you’ve typed before hitting the POST COMMENT button

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            I meant bold, not caps.

            But I did not highlight anything in the post, that’s why I said “No idea why that is all caps?” I mean bold

      • I LOVE Ollie’s. We check out every store in the area when we shop in Michigan.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          I first encountered Ollie’s back in western PA when visiting family more than a decade ago, and then they opened a few of them here. I still go to Big Lots on occasion; but, Ollie’s is what the old Odd Lots was before they started name branding their own stuff and seemingly no longer chasing after the overstock and truck or train accident freight salvage. I understand that those are less reliable sources on which to run a business; but, they also made for more fun, not knowing what you might find and knowing that you need to get it now before it’s gone.

    • Axelsteve says:

      My radiator once started to leak on the upper tank seam. At work we had a sheet metal shear. I took some shear drop ( scrap) and found a couple pieces that were about a quarter inch wide by a couple of feet long. I un solderd the top tank and used the shear drop to rod out the tank. I then re soldered the top to the tank core. After that I cleared out the tank by running a hose through it to clean out all the crud. I can`t fix stupid but I did fix that.

  31. Been a busy last couple weeks, but not a lot on the prepping front. We sold and shipped our calves this past week, they are down more than half from where they were last year, but the meat in the stores isn’t any cheaper don’t understand that one.

    I did get a large order of herbs and essential oils that I am low on or out of, in the other day.

    Cheese is on sale here so I bought several pounds to put in the freezer. Been making soft cheeses hoping to start learning how to make hard cheese, we eat a lot of cheese and hate to think of not having it.

    I bought several pumpkins to can. Found several packages of Kale and spinach marked down, got all they had I will dehydrate all of it to make green powder with.

    Bought a few more vet meds. As I said a very slow couple weeks prepping which I hate as I feel we are running out of time and there are so any more things I need to do and get.

    And if I could ask for prayers one of my daughters very good friend was in a serious car accident yesterday (no fault of his own) and is in critical condition he is only 21.
    Stay safe and have a great week.

    • Prayers for your daughter’s friend and his family. May God Bless them.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Ranchers wife,

      We sold and shipped our calves this past week, they are down more than half from where they were last year, but the meat in the stores isn’t any cheaper don’t understand that one.

      Unfortunately I do. It’s the middlemen, many of who aren’t making more profit; but, having more regulations costing them with overhead like Obamacare. You should see if you can do some private sales which is what some folks do around here. I have a good friend and MAG member who farms (primarily dairy) for a living, and he’s seeing the same things with his male calves that often get sold off for meat. If Hildabeast gets elected and the TPP goes through, we’re liable to see more imported cheap beef coming into our markets. I would hope that USA produced product would be able to sell better; but, many cash strapped folks will often buy on price perhaps not even knowing the difference in quality, since they’ve never really had any good farm raised fresh beef.

      • OhioPrepper ,
        I think all farmers and cow people are going to be hit hard after the elections, We have a friend who bought several dairy steers to raise and resale, he can’t sell them no one wants them. To make it worst he has to buy hay to feed them.

    • Prayers coming. I have a boy that age, makes me shudder to think of what they are going through.
      Take care.

    • American pacrat says:

      Ranchers Wife
      I feel for you, we raised a few head and we lost money every year with the cost of hay/alfalfa.
      OP is right, with the influx of beef from other countries, home raised will be the ticket. In our area we have a ranch that sells the meat via small mom & pop store, because it is advertised grass feed, they can request more per lb. It is a win-win situation for them, so it might be something that will work for you. There are on line sales I have seen for home raised beef. Americans are tired of having beef that is contaminated with e-coli from bad processing plants.
      We have always used a butcher that is a fanatic about his shop & equipment being clean between processing of each customers meat.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        American pacrat ,
        I’m not saying that e-coli is a good thing to have; but, properly cooked meat should not present a problem with any bacterial infection. Uncooked vegetables like a salad OTOH could be very bad for you if contaminated.

      • American pacrat,
        We do try to sell butcher beef, have a few times but seems most everyone here has cows, so hard to sell but we do sell a few. I do have to say once you have eaten fresh home grown beef you don’t want store bought any more.
        The week they started bring in beef from Brazil is when the prices dropped to the floor. (Thank you government!)

        • American pacrat says:

          Ranchers Wife
          Reach out to the folks in a large city/metropolitan area away from you. Our local rancher set up an internet sales of their home grown beef. Then a local butcher you know & trust who is so picky you could eat off their floors. Been in your mucky boots when came to beef sales. The purchaser does not realize the cost in raising it from a new born calf to a 1 1/2 or 2 year old prime beef for the table. Know what you went through, just not beef coming from out of the USA. Does the local Ranchers asso know that this occurring?

    • patientmomma says:

      Prayers for your family friend.
      “We sold and shipped our calves this past week, they are down more than half from where they were last year,” The 3 cattle ranchers near my place said the same thing. One is down sizing, one is going to sell all except for his own family use; other guy hasn’t decided.

      • Patientmomma,
        We talked to someone this morning who is going to sell out. I can’t imagine selling out right now with the prices so low you know they are going to take a huge loss. We have a few open cows that we were going to sell but decided to hold on to them for a little longer. Hubby was at the sale barn last week they had one cow go for 48 cents (pound) crazy! Have to hope the price goes up a little.

    • Curley Bull says:

      I remember back in the ‘70s the bottom fell out of beef and the feed was worth more than the stock we were feeding. I got into raising registered breeding stock and things were a little better. Didn’t sell much, but got a dang good price for what I sold. The expense of making the shows plus lost wages taking off work began to be a problem and after all that time, I finally figured out how to make money with cattle. Got Herford cows for my angus bull and raised what is called “Baldies” for beef. Took a while to build up the clientele, but I was making more for my cows and the customer was getting cheaper (and much better) meat. If you wanted a whole one, no problem. If you wanted half, we would find someone wanting the other half and I would haul it to the slaughter house. You pick it up and pay me so much a pound cut, wrapped and frozen. We both came out better. For years after I sold the ranch, people were calling me wanting beef or for me to recommend someone, but there was no one else doing it that way. BTW, alfalfa turned out to be the best way to go. I was (at that time) getting it in square bales from Arkansas (second cutting too) for $3.95 per bale (semi-trailer load) delivered and stacked. Locally alfalfa was selling for $5 to $6 a bale and was only fed to thoroughbreds. This was their feed and fodder bought very few round bales. My stock looked better in winter than most did in summer and cost me a lot less per head. If it weren’t for heart and back problems, I’d still be doing it.

      • American pacrat says:

        Curley Bull
        That is what we raised bally livestock, but wow I would love to had your price for alfalfa. Give me a good old Hereford any day of the week, they are gentler to raise and train than pure Angus which a just snotty animals.
        We raised a ballies, we had one she was my over grown puppy in a cows body. As I told everyone, not everyone can have a 1100lb doggy that moos and minds better than the dogs. Kept her until we had to have her put down, she is buried here at the ranch.

        • Curley Bull says:

          This was in the ’80s and early ’90s price wise. Know what ya mean about the oversized pet. Had an 1,800lb bull that didn’t have a mean bone in his body, but could hurt you accidentally. He would get in front of you lay down and you had to rub his belly before you were allowed to pass.

          • American pacrat says:

            Curley Bull
            Now that is just darn hilarious, thanks for the laugh this morning..dh enjoyed the story also.
            Did you notice that your cattle were smarter than most folks give them credit. I would work them without using a dog or a cattle whip, the whip was only a guide stick as my arms were no long enough. lol

          • JD from NY says:

            OMGosh Curly Bull you just made my week! I can’t help but picture a giant almost 1 ton bull laying in the field wagging it’s tail waiting for a belly rub from you. Now that is too funny!!

          • OhioPrepper says:

            While none of our farm critters are going to score well on an IQ test or perform high level math, they are much more aware of the world around them than some may give credit. The DW sometimes brings whole kernel corn to the chickens in the evening to bribe them into the coop, and that mostly works; but, when she brings bread or especially pie crust remnants, they obey immediately.
            A neighbor was over the other day and we were both in and out of the house few times and were finally outside as he was getting ready to leave. The DW came out the same door we had been using a few minutes earlier, and Liberty, our miniature horse, let out a very loud whinny, since she knew the DW was coming out to put fresh water and hay and lock her in for the night. We may expect these behaviors from dogs and cats; but, other critters can also be amazing if you pay attention.

  32. Overwatch says:

    A quick call out to friends we haven’t heard from in a while. If anyone knows them, please bring us up to date.

    Sirius was having serious health concerns.
    BC has been MIA for weeks.
    Tactical G-Ma hasn’t posted in a year.

    Just want to know if they’re ok.

  33. Just a quick pop in to say we purchased an acreage!!! A bit further out from work than we were hoping, that was the compromise, but a nice house that will fit all of us on 3.5 acres. Wood burning stove already there with a bit of the acreage wooded so we can keep it running. We are grinning ear to ear, making plans, and frantically trying to ready our place to sell. See y’all later!!!

    • Congratulations! Good luck in your move and in selling your old place. Keep in touch.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Clara A,
      We used to heat exclusively with wood so I’ve done a bit of chopping, splitting, stacking and burning, and all of that work tends to focus the mind on best ways to manage wood for the future, so my one factoid for you to keep in mind, is that a properly managed wood lot can provide approximately 1 cord of wood per acre per year. Just a rule of thumb to help you plan.

      • patientmomma says:

        Thanks; good to know …that a properly managed wood lot can provide approximately 1 cord of wood per acre per year. Just a rule of thumb to help you plan.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I live on a city lot (80 X 260 ft deep) and have no harvest able trees to speak of.

          But I have at least 4-cords of wood (a real cord, not the 1/2 rick-cord they call a cord of wood these days.)

          I got it for free by stopping by homes where I see wood stacked up from trees being cut down. Just ask and almost always they say yo take it.

          Also about a week after a Spring storm or a winter ice storm you will see lots of downed wood you can get for free.

          I also demo kitchens, bathrooms and other things in homes and get a lot of wood that way.

          Finding free wood is not hard if you are willing to do a bit of work for it.

          • I found free wood for my friend who desperately needed it. I saw a guy cutting wood and stopped to talk. He had contracted to clear acreage and haul it away. He was happy for anyone to take what they wanted. He said it saved him loading a truck, gas to drive, and unloading at the city dump.

            My friend was ecstatic, never having gotten free wood. She said she just bought it before.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              I’ve been burning wood for my whole life and I have never bought it other then having the tools to harvest it and the time involved in doing so.

              So yes free wood is easily doable.

    • JD from NY says:

      Awesome Clara A!!! So glad you found something that works for you 🙂

  34. I just thinking about BC as well, look forward to his witticism’s. Finished painting the water barrel storage rack, and tested the water barrels for leaks, the bung plug gaskets leak and will need replacement. They are old, but at least they don’t cost much. Did some maintenance and cleared downed timber on several trails, and repaired deer stands. Me and the BIL put up two new stands in areas we have never hunted. Put up a scent dripper in one area, our family considers deer hunting a major prep. Venison has been our families red meat for over 2 decades. Hard to believe that deer season is almost here.
    I gave a morakniv with removable firesteel a good test in the woods this week, wow it is impressive. Sparks really well when scraped with the back of the knife. Watch that knife, it is very sharp and the plastic sheath is a little short in the back. If you’re not careful you could nick yourself pretty easily. For the price I would recommend keeping one or more of these around to use.

    • Aussie Prepper says:

      Col. D – I have friends in Phoenix who were recently out here and he said the same about diesel vehicles over there too.

      Here is Aussie the 2.5 to 3 litre diesel dual cab 4X4 pick ups are incredibly popular and are just getting better and better. My daughter has a Mitsubishi that has excellent power and drives very well on and off road and she is getting a whisker over 6 liters per 100Km – 1.6 US gallons for 62 miles. My older Toyota 3.0 liter gave me 2.1 US gallons for 62 miles. I now have the latest Toyota V* diesel Landcruiser Wagon and recently on a 4,000 mile trip with my Yank mate who came over for it I got 3.1 US gall for 62 miles. We talk Km/Liter here and I have converted them back for you. The dual cab pick ups are about the most versatile vehicle out there and over here they are so popular the makers dont offer a petrol (gas) engine any more.

      They also have towing capacities of 3.5 tons.


      • Aussie Prepper says:

        Woops, addressed my reply to Col. D when I should have addressed it to Jesse Matthewson, sorry ’bout that!


      • Lucky Aussies,some Americans would trade there kids for a Toyota diesle.

        • Aussie Prepper says:

          Axelsteve, Toyota have just released their new model Hi Lux here with a 4 cyl 2.8 litre diesel that is good for about 170 horsepower and about 30MPG. Like my Arizona buddy I cant understand why you guys haven’t gone crazy for them too? Is it a Gubbermint thing?

          Diesel has lots of advantages – it is much cheaper to refine from crude and stores for 10 years with proper additives.

          New tech diesel engines with common rails are incredibly efficient – my V8 Landcruiser has stump pulling torque from 1200 rpm and is happy in any gear from a bit under 1000rpm. Only available in manual gearbox though.

          With common rail engines though, clean fuel is absolutely critical. A bit of crud will kill them deader than Hillarys honesty. I have had aftermarket filters and water separators fitted.


          • Axelsteve says:

            Back in the 80`s toyota made a diesel carolla and the folks who have them hang on to those things. The us goverment do not deisels for some reason. Too bad the Prius does not have a deisel option. My aunt had a vw beetle deisel and it got better real world milage then the prius does.

            • Aussie Prepper says:

              Axel, never saw a diesel Corolla here, or a Beetle.

              Got a friend who has a VW Golf 2.0 litre turbo diesel that goes like a scalded cat when you boot it yet on the highway gives 4.5 litres for 62 miles – almost 60 of your mpg’s.


  35. I have been testing and prepping several items.

    Over the past week I found out that once again in the United States we are screwed when it comes to vehicles. Due to our wonderful governmental regulations, we cannot get factory new preferred diesels (like the ones some of us may have driven in other locations overseas at times) however, I found a place to buy old Canadian Military Vehicles that are diesel and get the same mileage as my 4 Runner does currently for under $20k. So this may be occurring sooner rather than later.

    Brought my 4 Runner in and had some small additions made, things to make it a better vehicle for off-roading, without standing out as the crazy prepper guy. I learned long ago, painting targets on my back with my own actions ensure you get shot eventually, and it only took one bullet.

    My 14′ x 4′ motorcycle trailer is a single axle, soon to be upgraded with additional springs, and already has two spares. Additionally it is getting a facelift effectively making it a toy hauler while still remaining inside the “legal” application of a simple tool hauling vehicle. Upgraded my water caching to 2k gallons, and potable water supply was upgraded another 250 gallons.

    Soon to have reviews out on several tube fed .22lrs, and than single shot takedowns and lastly the odd ball .22lrs eg., pump/ rolling block etc. (yes, contrary to what may be assumed given another article here regarding .22lrs I actually on a few different versions-well more than a few) I am including a link to some of my pride and joys.

    Per all social media and text/ computer based conversations I have sold all ARs and AKs and divested myself of these notorious dangerous and despicable creations.

    I do highly recommend others begin doing the same, and “record” receipts when possible…or at least dates sold and serial numbers – 🙂

    If you have additional questions, dont ask.

    Deer season is in full swing here- (for certain types) regardless, cannot ait to put some venison in the freezer! Wish me luck.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      VW diesel Jettas before about 99 had a mechanically controlled, mechanical injector pump that should be EMP invulnerable.

      Jettas 99-03 TDI have an electrically controlled mechanical injector that could be run reasonably well by a potentiometery or pulse width modulator (0-12 volts) controlling the fuel flow, plus a another voltage or to to enable or disable fuel flow.

      I found a 2002 and am happily getting 36-45 mpg. It does have low clearance, of course, not suitable for off-roading. But the turborcharger is quite fun, and the car moves like a cat. While getting 40 mpg around town.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I think preppers over value the EMP resistant autos for the reason that the fuel delivery system is likely not EMP proof. If we do get an EMP strike and the free flow of gasoline / diesel fuel stops and everyone is going without it and you are driving about it tells others you have fuel to burn.

        Ask yourself how you see that playing out.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          It’s called Shelter In Place, armed to the teeth.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            It’s called Shelter In Place, Armed to the teeth!

            I’ve been a hobby gun owner since 1980 or so, I got that handled well.

            OK maybe a bit more then well…

            • Chuck:

              “I’ve been a hobby gun owner since 1980 or so, I got that handled well.

              OK maybe a bit more then well…”

              I resemble that remark!

        • PrepperDoc says:

          Yes, your point is valid: the need for the vehicle is to GET HOME QUICKLY.

          After that, most of the diesel will be for the TRACTOR to till land for crops.

          But I have to GET HOME and also may have to FIND MY WIFE and a working vehicle will help in that. she will be in the hinterlands.

          (I am armed way way beyond the teeth.)

          • OhioPrepper says:


            (I am armed way way beyond the teeth.)

            I suspect that most of us are, sort of. Keep in mind that the etymology of the phrase are the defense tools that one can carry on the body, and once the holsters and pockets are full, you carry the knife in your teeth. When the phrased came into prominence, I suspect the other tools in the vehicle were not considered quite as important or ready at hand, LOL.

        • First, Aussie- the honest answer is the oil lobby bought and owned /owns most of the politicians in office, tobbacco, medical, lobby/etc., owns all the others. Hence no sweet diesel rigs like yall have, unless we want to pay twice what one is worth for importing one.

          Second, I cover all bases available, always. Its interesting the back and forth between stay at home/road warrior etc., the reality is truly much simpler. We individuals, are almost always seen as being wild savage beasts. The truth is quite different in many cases.

          Facts rule over fantasy. The idea that everything will break down and everyone will be going nuts…is a fantasy. Reality is much different.

          The only times this has happened historically is when a government is involved. Argentina, Croatia, Bosnia, Russia, etc., all had outside and internal governments involved.

          No government involved and history shows people work together more often than not. Recently the floods…government came in and started arresting people who were helping their neighbors! I mean come on?

          So yeah, I look at all aspects. And always prep for every potential reality.

          However, I dont need to argue or even discuss this with yall here. I prefer a much more level headed approach.

          History does after all repeat itself.

          If you want to discuss it further, email me, I dont hide behind “anonymity” and invite solid discussion with the amazing pack members here.

          jesse.mathewson @ hotmail.com

          • OhioPrepper says:

            We have exchanged emails on occasion and can continue if need be; but, I would only take exception to one thing and agree whole heartedly with all of your other points. I really don’t think the oil lobby is the problem with diesels; but, the greenies and TDL and his EPA mandates since global climate change (whatever that is) is a bigger threat than ISIL doncha know. I think the oil companies don’t care if they’re selling gasoline or diesel, and in fact diesel is probably a better profit margin since it takes less refinery steps to make. Note also that home heating oil and diesel are basically the same stuff; but, with each having a different color dye added to make sure the gubment gets its share. Can you even find a modern wood stove without a catalytic converter?
            I agree that in general, people (individually or in groups) left to their own, unhindered by government can accomplish great things and often do.
            As for the fantasy of everything just breaking down, there is a little truth in that way of thinking; but, an occasional nail, screw, coat of paint, or regular maintenance takes care of that also.
            Preppers, home schoolers, and even the Amish are freaks, only because we scare those who NEED to control and their only irrational next step is to denigrate us; since not much else works.
            Keep on prepping everyone, and if nothing big really does happen, we’ll all still be in good shape.

        • CF, if its a mechanical fuel injected diesel, it may have more advantages. There are kits to run vegetable oil. They will run on almost anything. That would be the Holly Grail of bugout vehicles.

  36. Patriot Farmer says:

    I grabbed my weekly big three, food, ammo and water (all on sale or with coupons). I also rotated my generator gas, bought copious amounts of shoe/boot laces, and spent two days at the range. Hunting is still pretty slow but now that the temperatures are dropping my odds should increase.

  37. I think I started a post last week, but never finished it. If I already posted this, I apologize for the repeat. DH is recovering well from his brain surgery (#3 in 6 years) and we are waiting for the V.A. to get the oncology appointment confirmed. DH has been working on paperwork for various scenarios and “what ifs” with his tumor diagnosis. Preps aren’t only for “EOTW” situations, dh is being sure our family will be taken care of financially should he not be around.

    Preps -inventoried the empty canning jars – have way more than I thought. Considering doing some canning and dehydrating this coming week. Helped dd & her hubby move into their new home. Not much else.

    • American pacrat says:

      Does you hubby have the coverage to see an oncologist outside the VA setting? In case they are not timely with his treatments.
      Sending our best wishes for him to have a full recovery.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Most people think of TEOTWAWKI as something like a meteor strike; but, we are all statistically more likely to have a personal event that affects life “As We Know It” so planning for the inevitable is something we should all be doing. Many of my friends are both hams and shooters, and we have recently talked about our SK (Silent Key) plans, which in ham radio parlance means someone no longer operating since they have passed. Where are the guns and radios and other things of value, and what are they worth. Ar there outstanding balances on things that need paid and what insurance policies are available.
      With the recent unexpected passing of my kid brother in July, we were scrambling to get together the pieces of his life for a decent obituary, which prompted my DW to ask if we should both start keeping a running obituary for ourselves in case they were required. While it may seem morbid to some, it actually makes sense and just makes one less issue for those left behind during a already tumultuous time in their lives.

      • Hummingbird says:

        OP, you are absolutely right about the obituary. DH and I were together 15 years, so some specifics about his earlier years were not known. Fortunately, family members were helpful, but it was still very stressful.

      • Afternoon from Seattle everyone just a quit note: I grew up in Vegas in the 50s and watching the “A bombs” going off it’s like the sunrise from the north ! And it scares the “HELL” out of me! May the grace of are Heavenly Father keep us safe from that

    • Hummingbird says:

      LB, I’m glad your DH is recovering and bless him for thinking ahead.

  38. Busy week. Engaged daily in cancer fight doesn’t keep me from preparing for what may come and ensuring my family is ready for the unexpected (or soon to be expected!).
    1) Vacuum packed five pounds of kidney beans
    2) Harvested remainder of my Scarlet Emperor dry beans
    3) Winterized two garden beds
    4) Brought in a truck load of firewood
    5) Purchases: 75 pounds sugar, 50 pounds flour, Assorted canned goods (soup, meat, fruit, veggies), Some MRE entrees, a few #10 cans of assorted items, assorted hygiene items, added to water storage
    6) Practiced fire starting skills with the children
    7) Wiped down and inspected firearms
    8) Re-packed both car bags for winter
    There is always something to do!

    • KTS, fight the good fight. My DF,DS,DW and myself have all defeated cancer. Keep prepping for your family and never surrender!!!

    • Anonamo Also says:

      consider herbals… to add for the fight I have seen Graviola tea (twice a day) and Pau D’Arco(once a day, can mix them in same cup) do wonders.

  39. Contrarian says:

    This week I made a point of writing down what progress was made. Usually forget by the end of the week.

    -Downloaded a copy of nuclear war survival skills.
    -Replaced batteries in flashlights until the batteries ran out.
    -Got more batteries.
    -Got a small first aid kit to replace the mini kit in the weekend bag.
    -Picked up more band aids in a variety of sizes. Used some of them to replace the ones in the mini first aid kit from the EDC because the old band aids would no longer stick to anything.
    -Got a tetanus shot

  40. Babycatcher says:

    Cleared more brush out of the pasture, painted the hallway, hubby installed new door alarms,reinstalled trim that has been refurbished, and walked 1.3 miles. Not a long haul, but I haven’t walked in probably six months. Been too busy on the house. As of today, only the living room, Master bedroom and master bath, and hall bath floor are left to do. The rest of the upstairs is Done! This is a huge deal for us, as this house has only been painted once since it was built, in 1988, and not in my color preferences. If we needed to sell it, we could get close to top dollar, once it’s done. Prayers for the pack.

  41. Always Forward says:

    As someone asked about above, two of the good post-nuclear events food that are beneficial are Brazil nuts and kelp, along with the potassium iodide pills previously mentioned.

  42. Interesting that you have chosen now to include in an e-mail previous posts regarding coupons. Where I am, store coupons are not easy to come by. However, last week I received a stack of coupons from a supermarket commencing this week and going through until next year.

    I was able to increase the contents of my supplies with $10 off the purchase price of my most recent shop. Added to that, my ability to shop the sales and saved some extra money. Furthermore, I have increased my points tally with s company and this equates to money off a future shop and in two weeks of shopping $70 or more per week, I will have $75 credited to my card.

    In total, this equates to approximately 1/3 off the price of 4 weeks worth of groceries (excluding the sale price).

    It certainly is worthwhile looking for ways to make your money go further.

  43. Chloe in Maine says:

    Hello everyone…
    Greetings from small town Maine.
    I managed a trip into the big city and stopped at Goodwill. I paid $6 for this very blanket … I’d swear it’s new… shows no sign of wear.
    They want $471 for it.even if it was a $50 blanket I got a good deal.
    I found a deal online(craigslist) for 3 great shape Jerry Cans and a 5 gallon Eagle gas can… snagged that… $50 for all four… up here a used jerry can will run $40 each and the Eagle can another $25.
    Lastly, I stopped at the Church last sunday. They were having a rummage sale to benefit the needy. Somebody donated medical supplies and I bought them up… sealed boxes of band-aids, surgical tape, saline pods, gauze pads, gauze rolls, cold packs and burn dressings with silver… at $25, I feel like I stole from the church. Well over 5x that at the pharmacy or Walmart for that matter.
    I don’t usually have spending sprees… but the bargains were there.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Chloe: Other than canned goods and Meds ….. I’m finding a great number of my preps at Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, garage and estate sales. Isn’t amazing just what and how much of it people just discard as ‘Stuff’.

      • Almost There says:

        WOW, What a find. A couple of years ago, I found a pair of hand made Mukluks for $9.99 at the local thrift store. They cost $560 new. Beautiful, never worn, excellent quality made by Black Dog Rise. I had to sell them because they were 1/2 size too small. I love the hospital cotton blankets, but they don’t have them as often as they used to and of course, the price has gone up when they do.

      • Chloe in Maine says:

        I hear you on those other chance finds. I’m so limited here. GW and Sal Army, that’s 60 miles of driving… Savers is 120 miles of driving. Travel/gas add to the cost so I only get to hit those places when I have to make the trip. As for yard, garage and estate sales, people up here do that on Saturdays (go figure) and that’s my double shift day. I miss 99% of them unless by chance someone is having one along my travel route for work. If I can hit one I usually find something… and I manage pretty well… I’ve got some OCD so I have gear for three and survival for three and I’m all alone. And yes… It’s amazing when you find that something for a dollar that you can make work as good as what sells for high catalog items. *wink*

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Chloe that’s a good deal, it reminds me of my $5,600.00 MontBlank Swiss watch I bought for $1.00.

      Deals like this are not common, but they do happen and it makes you smile…

    • Overwatch says:

      Chloe, welcome. Please tell me Reny’s is still around. Always got nice deals there.

  44. I found the shelf stable cartons of milk at Dollar General that someone mentioned and bought several, along with instant potato mixes, plastic straws and bottles of sunflower oil.
    At the grocery store, picked up 2 boxes of tea bags and several cans of pinto beans.
    I bought collard plants at a local feed store and a new variety of mint. Planted the collards in the garden bed that I had fertilized with aged chick manure from the brooder box. Then I had an issue with my dog again thinking she should dig it up and eat it. Sigh. As old as she is, you would think she would get over that. I will attach wire tunnels to rebar and cover with curtain sheers. I have been watering them every day also, since there has been no rain for weeks. My drip system needs a repair, which I picked up the parts for this week.
    I have been eating kumquats off my tree as soon as they look ripe enough. Will be going out to the persimmons today to cut more off the trees before critters and birds get them. My young hens are producing eggs now and I will be eating lots of omelets. I can’t get them to use the laying bucket. They just drop the eggs where ever they happen to be in the pen. I am going to try fixing a milk crate for them to see if they will use that. I even had two old eggs in the bucket so they would get the idea.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      I found the shelf stable cartons of milk at Dollar General

      Did you mean Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Around here we found them at Dollar Tree; but, if Dollar General also has them, it’s worth looking since we have several around.

      I can’t get them to use the laying bucket. They just drop the eggs

      It’s the same her with our brood boxes. Two nice ones attached to the wall that go ignored by the girls, meaning every morning and evening is another easter egg hunt.

      • Have you tried putting curtains in the front of the unused boxes? Hens like privacy and dark to lay their eggs, and this should encourage them to use the boxes. Also place a few sprigs of dried herbs like lavender, sage, etc in the nest. They find the herbs appealing.

        • They are buckets with an opening cut in them so they are private and they worked when I had hens before. I think they might be sleeping in them. This flock may be bird brains.

        • Gloria, then they may fight over the colors. Lol

        • OhioPrepper says:

          We’ve tried numerous things; but, the girls don’t seem to even know that the nest boxes exist. We’ll probably be getting some additional new chicks this summer, since the current girls are a few years old, and perhaps we can raise the chicks in the coop where they may find the boxes. A friend who has some of the siblings to our girls has problems with his girls using the boxes also, so we’re thinking it might also bee the breed (Barred Rocks) who are not all that broody.

      • Yes, I did mean Dollar Tree! Well, they are both my favorite stores.
        Since my chicken tractors open from the top, I use a child’s rake to get the eggs.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          OK, I was kind of hoping there might be another source.
          For the eggs, our girls have a coop that’s about 8×12 and a fenced in paddock area that’s about 25×35 so the eggs can be anywhere.

      • OP,
        I don’t know your setup, but leaving the hens in their lockup until about noon encourages them to lay eggs in egg laying boxes or buckets. I never did that but let them roam my whole yard. They always came right back to their chicken house to lay eggs. My first chickens were the best in every way.

    • Love the dollar tree milk. It does go bad bout a year after it’s use by date.
      American Pack Rat, are you in Jefferson? I think we know each other from another site. Does pureed rice and beans as a tube feeding sound familiar?

  45. Bought a bread maker then bought three medical books, theses were natural plant type medicines.. I already have about 30 of them in my library. A hobby of mine. I also ordered a couple medical staple kits. It’s more common to need staples, gun shot wounds were common when I was working and thank heavens that part of my career taught me well for potential problems. I need a few more surgical drapes. Brother in law got a deal on 223 so my hubbys set with with another 1000 rounds.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      !223!Just thinking…. not asking which rifle the ‘223’ is for … 5.56 vs. 223 can cause pressure problems in bolt action rifles. I’d like to hear from someone in the ‘Pack’ as to this issue.

      • Aussie Prepper says:

        TTT never had a problem in my bolt actions and as far as I know gun manufacturers are not concerned either. I do remember Ruger going on record and stating SAAMI spec ammo, whether military or commercial, was fine in any rifle they make. The only “wrinkle” might be the twist rate for a particular bullet weight. 55 Grain military/surplus will work fine in 1 in 12 or 1 in 14 twists. The longer 67/69 grain military stuff needs a faster twist of at least 1 in 9 inches to stabilise. I fired some in a 1 in 14 Sako and they went through the paper (when I could actually hit the paper that is 🙂 )sideways at 100 yards plus.


      • OhioPrepper says:

        From my nRA training, in our classes we basically teach that if the rifle is marked 5.56 you can use both and if it’s marked .223 you should only use that round. Unfortunately the two nomenclatures are often intermixed without thought. Both of my AR’s were marked 5.56 but they are now gone; however, my contender barrel easily handles both. It’s one of those things where you should buy good quality firearms and follow the marking or manual.

      • Curley Bull says:

        .223 is loaded to SAAMI standard and
        5.56 is loaded to NATO standard and can/will produce 12,000 plus more psi than SAAMI . . .

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I don’t think the pressure is an issue with a Ruger firearm. I remember reading once that Bill Ruger said “You can’t put enough gunpowder in one of my guns to blow it up.”

          Don’t know if it’s true, be he seemed to think so. But then there is always some fool that can break a crowbar in a sandbox…

          • I wont buy Ruger- and dont belong to tthe NRA, I also detest Reagan and every president since Lincoln…

            I mean, Ruger supported along with Smith and Wesson the 93 gun ban- they funded supporters of. Its documented, look it up.

            Reagan passed the 86 ban- again. Documented.

            The NRA has been behind three of the largest bans since 1900.

            And presidents…dont get me started.

            My family was moonshining since long before the ban on spirits, my family has members that went to prison for killing “revenooers”, and has fought to support freedom since before this country existed.

            A rant, but a legitimate one.

            As preppers isnt it necessary to know and understand truth over propaganda?

            I have been shot at by guns that dont have manufacturers except some little guy in Kabul etc.,

            Brand is unnecessary, caliber unimportant, all that really matters is…how are you going to ensure your family/tribe continues to thrive.

            • OhioPrepper says:


              As preppers isnt it necessary to know and understand truth over propaganda?

              Indeed it is; however, there are certain realities beyond our control that we must try and make the best of, and failing that, I don’t know what your options are. I’m an NRA life member and have been a certified instructor for 26 years. Things are not perfect with the NRA; but, they are the only organization that helps hold that thin line between relatively free firearms ownership and the outright ban, which is what Hilabeast and her progressive minions want.
              Reagan wasn’t perfect either and with the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act, he also banned ownership of any fully automatic rifles that were not already registered in private hands. PolyTicks by necessity, sometimes requires compromise.
              Note my spelling of PolyTicks is more accurate than the one the spell checker preferred, being in this case composed of the root POLY meaning many and Ticks, a blood sucking insect.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              I also detest Reagan and every president since Lincoln.

              If you are interested in a bit of truth and facts, it would be worth your time reading the book “The Real Lincoln “. It may just change your opinion as to how great he was, or in truth was not.

              In wars the victors get to write the history books, and this was the case after the Civil War and how it relates to what schools tell us about Lincoln.

              • Lincoln wasnt great, I owned the second largest collection of letters and papers from him west of the Mississippi for years…he was a liar and a thief, despicable man.

      • TTT,the answer is no. There are differences that could cause a catastrophic failure. It is OK to shoot 223 out of a 556 though.

        • Aussie Prepper says:

          I consider myself corrected Curley Bull, I checked and it’s 50,000psi v 60,000psi and that is a LOT!!! I did fire maybe a couple hundred in my Sako with no problems though. No more ……. thanks Buddy!!


          • Curley Bull says:

            As Chuck stated, sometimes it depends on the firearm. I have always said and still say, “Per dollar spent, you can’t buy a better firearm than Ruger!” However, I would check with the manufacturer first. The hunting load I use (45LC) in my Blackhawk can only be safely fired in one other revolver, the 454 Causull or it could be fired in a TC contender. When I was looking at a lever gun for CAS I wanted something I could also hunt with and emailed 4 different brands giving the specs on my hunting load. The only positive response I received was from Henry, “Nowhere near proof load, enjoy!”

            • OhioPrepper says:


              I have always said and still say, “Per dollar spent, you can’t buy a better firearm than Ruger

              I guess they’re an OK gun based on the relative quality of my Blackhawk, Single Six, P-89, P-95, Mark II, and a few 10/22’s.
              I agree; but, I left out the Mini 14 Stainless Ranch rifle I sold when I bought my first AR. LOL.

              • Add an M77 and I’m happy!!!

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  Thor 1,
                  I looked at the M77 and the Savage 110 years ago and ended up with a Remington 700PSS in .308. Unfortunately, vision issues forced me to abandon that rifle; but, the good news is that I sold it to a good friend who still cherishes and shoots it. That was a gun I had wanted since I was just out of college; but, it took a while to afford it and even then with only a decent Tasco scope instead of the Leopold I really wanted. Such is life.

          • Aussie,it could even be enough to blow the primers out the back. If shtf and I had nothing else I may use it when forced. I had a bad experience in a mini 14 chambered in 223. The ammo boxes were marked 223 but I was getting a huge fireball out the front and brass was getting ripped at the back by the extractor. Once it even jammed the bolt back. I thought it was the cheap Chinese ammo but then looked at the markings. It was 556!!!

          • Highly recommend not shooting 5.56 out of .223 🙂 love my Aussie brothers though, always reliable

  46. *Picked the 18 walnuts from our small English walnut tree, & also picked some ripe red raspberries. Put up more apples as slices. I finished putting up the CandyCrisp apples, but still had some of the Golden Delicious to go. I have started looking for a cider press. We have 6 apples trees, plus a crabapple tree, on our lot. This year two of the trees bore well & another two began to bear & had a handful of apples each. Two are not old enough to bear & the crabapple tree was loaded. I gave our oldest daughter 2 of the half bushel boxes, but that still left us with quite a few apples. I am thinking that in future years, when all the trees are mature & bearing, a cider press might be a really good thing to have for the “heavy” bearing years.

    Cut & stewed tomatoes, then put up more tomato sauce for the pantry. Picked the remaining tomatoes, green or otherwise, from the vines since we have a hard frost warning this week. They were covered with aphids (our county has a late infestation), so I washed & dried all the tomatoes & sorted them into green, some color, red/ripe into my ripening bowls on the buffet, where they will continue to ripen gradually. The vines went into the garbage can, to go in the pickup the next morning. We did have a frost, that killed some of the aphids. Filled at least one tree tub (usually 2-3) per day as I pulled weeds, thistles & grass from the strawberry bed, red raspberry bed & back perimeter. Filled the dehydrator with comfrey that I had chiffonaded to make it dry faster.

    Mowed the lawn & used the grass clippings as mulch on the garden beds. As I pulled out grass clumps from the berry beds, I cut off the roots & threw the “tops” on the lawn to dry out, then ran over them with the mower to make more mulch for the garden. After I had filled the dehydrator, I cut the rest of the comfrey & added it to the same area as the grass tops, so it would also be shredded with the mower, since it makes excellent compost. Pruned back part of the mature grapevine & made 3 more grapevine wreaths as I did so.

    Started moving the wall blocks from a raised bed that we are dismantling over to the back perimeter wall. There should be enough blocks from that bed to finish out the back perimeter. We are planning to move the fence forward to the same level as our neighbor’s fence, which will give us a little more space in the back yard, as opposed to the front yard. It will also move an established peach tree into the back yard.

    Stocked up on kidney beans, hominy, cream of mushroom soup & thin spaghetti at the case lot sale at Fresh Market. The thin spaghetti was American Beauty & was 49 cents a package if your bought 10 minimum. Mended the 2nd side of my purse handle. Received & cashed a pine cone check, then took another pine cone survey. Began to wrap the Christmas presents. They are far easier to store “in plain sight” when they are wrapped.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Now it’s time for fried green tomatoes. Yum!!!

      • I have made green tomato relish before, but fried green tomatoes are not as well received at our house as the ripe tomatoes, so I will probably let them ripen.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Whatever works for you and yours. When I was a kid, my dad would get out the electric deep fryer about this time of year and we would have fried green tomatoes, onion rings, and hushpuppies. Brings back good memories.

        • Marivene,
          There is a recipe on the internet for green tomato pie. I imagine it tastes like an apple pie.

          • Linda W, thank you for thinking of me, but over one third of the tomatoes have ripened now. I stewed another batch today & will puree & cook it down tomorrow. I have put the green tomatoes in bowls, buckets & boxes before, just on the dining room floor inside & they always ripen just fine. Some years we are still eating fresh ripe tomatoes at Thanksgiving. Since we like them ripe, I have quit looking for “green tomato” anything recipes.

  47. Not a lot this week but had to have my car jumped twice in 2 days so spent some time trying to find an inexpensive battery – not possible with my car. the best price I could find was $118 installed. have scheduled an open house for November 5th. we’ve reduced the price slightly. one of the neighbor’s just listed their house for more than mine is now listed at but it only has one bath and a single car garage. mine is 2 bath and a three car garage so hope is holds up well against the other house. I have 13 days so if I can average one room a day cleaning top to bottom I should have 3 or 4 days to take care of any last minute items.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Almost every junk yard sells batteries for $25.00 WITH A 30-day guarantee.

      I have no idea what auto you have, but I find it hard to believe any junk yard of reasonable size doesn’t have one that would work for you.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Also clean (with a wire brush) or have someone clean the connections. It may be they are dirty.

        A way to check this out is the next time it doesn’t start tap them around (make them move a bit) and see if it starts. Don’t hit them too hard as you can break the battery. If it does start you may not need a battery.

        PS” batteries have sulfuric acid in and on them, be careful, ware glasses of some kind and old clothes if you wire brush them.

        A trick I do to my autos is once cleaned up I spray the terminals with polyurethane real heavy )to the point it’s dripping off them) to protect them from air. this cuts down corrosion 99% and it last for years.

        • Chuck – currently I drive a 2009 dodge caliber. I joked with my cousin that when this car dies I pull the battery and sell it separately. I did try for a refurbished battery but they didn’t have one in stock. when we checked the battery at home we found the fluid was low and when I had it checked at the first shop the battery was declared dead. since it was jumped twice in two days and four times in the last 3 months it was felt that getting a new (or a refurbished) battery was extremely important (I drive a lot for work) but timing wasn’t right to try the wrecking yards. That’s an interesting idea about the polyurethane. the battery was original to the car so it lasted a good long while.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Another thing I’ve used on battery terminals as part of cleaning them is a paste of baking soda and water, to counteract the acid.
          The polyurethane is BTW a neat idea and worth remembering.

      • I bought batters from junk yards the last one been in my ford van now 3 years for 15.00$ still going strong

  48. Almost There says:

    Hello Pack,

    Something very odd just happened. As I was typing this and went to another webpage to look up Fels Naptha soap, I come back to this site and it’s gone, as well as my gmail I had open and my other e-mail service… I’m on satellite internet, and I don’t have any baby monitors or DVR’s in my house…. Hmmm.

    So, starting again.

    Sold some things on e-bay and bought some more things like the solar chargers 300000mAh, a Otterbox for my cell phone, a car charger and some 390 batteries so that I can sell some more stuff on e-bay. Going good in this arena. Listed some more items this weekend.

    I took some things to the thrift store that helps their local people. Found a couple of things while I was there.

    Had a new backdoor put in with the rot proof casing/trim and the glass has the built in blinds. Looks really good. Saved the old door for now as nothing was wrong with it. The casing had rotted at the bottom because the builder didn’t put an overhang on and the water hit the door and went up under the threshold. Now it’s all sealed up properly.

    Bought some of the shelf-stable milk at DT and also found some great smelling bar soap and I was wondering if it could be used to make the homemade laundry soap some of you have mentioned making. They have 2 kinds: oatmeal and coconut and oatmeal and verbena. They are 7oz, have no animal fat, animal by products, harmful chemicals or excessive artificial fragrances, (not sure what that means as that is subjective), no colors or parabens, made in USA and no plastics in the soap or packaging.. Seems to be good. According to one recipe I found, the Fels Naptha soap costs a few cents over $1 for a 5oz bar. When done making the concoction, the price for the Fels Naptha is .40 of the total cost of .71 for 2 gallons of soap. So, if this soap can be used, it’s even less expensive.

    I’ve been enjoying eating the chicken jerky I made a couple of weeks ago and have shared it with a few friends and they really like it too. Made it with part of the Zaycon chicken order. Time to order more chicken since it takes around 3 lbs to make 1lb of jerky. Saw in one store, the price of 2.8 oz of beef jerky was $5.

    I watched the debate (I consider that part of my prepping) and have also signed up for the summit. I hope I have time to watch.

    Washing up some coats and blankets getting ready for the winter.

    The weather has been very nice here. Prayers for the pack for healing, jobs and for America. Will be early voting this week, then sit back and wait…

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Almost There,

      s I was typing this and went to another webpage to look up Fels Naptha soap

      How did you go to the other web page? New browser instance or new tab? Which browser and which operating system are you using? Which email client are you using or are you using webmail? The DDOS attacks from last week would not have caused anything like this, and whether it’s dial up, satellite, DSL or other broadband should not be an issue.

      • Almost There says:

        OP, I opened a new tab. I am using IE and Windows. I had gmail, startmail, this website already open in different tabs, and when I open a new tab, it opens with MSN as the home page. I typed in “how to make homemade laundry soap” in the search box, which opens another tab, found a site and clicked on it to get the name of Fels Naptha. When I returned to this site, nothing was displayed. Refresh didn’t even work. Nothing was displayed on anything I already had open. Very odd. It’s okay. I call it a fluke that is non-repeatable and has never occurred before, so I can’t call it happening intermittently like I do sometimes at work so the IT people have a general picture of the problem.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Almost There,
          Sounds to me like you just got hit by one of the worst viruses out there. It’s called Microsoft Windows LOL and is one of, if not the worst excuses for an operating system available. Your problem probably just falls under the sometimes windows just does that column.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Sounds to me like you just got hit by one of the worst viruses out there. It’s called Microsoft Windows

            Through most of windows history I would agree.

            I like Win-7 as it seems to be stable, but I hear Windows is back to being full of problems with 8 and 10.

            I see no need to go beyond 7 right now.

            • Taming Windows is like taming an animal, you can’t show any fear. I put Win 10 on my Win 7 desktop, it only bit me once. I put 10 on my wife’s 8.1 laptop, gentle as a lamb. My wife brought a laptop home from her client’s mother. Apparently 8.1 does not activate the firewall automatically and the trial antivirus had run out. I loaded and ran AdwCleaner. 211 infections, browser hijackers and who knows what else. Let it run for about an hour and hit the clean button, problems solved. I shut it down and rebooted it several times and it connected to the Internet just fine and the DVD player worked even though something was rattling in it if you shook it. The lady said her kids had dropped it several times. HPs are tough.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              I would like to agree with you and mostly do, LOL. I have a Windows 7 machine (Core I7, lots of memory, SSD, etc) and a few months ago the windows update offered to upgrade to Windows 10. I like an idiot agreed, and now the system sits there unable to boot either one. I finally have the CD’s to reinstall both 7 & 10; but, once 7 is running again, I may just stop right there.

          • Almost There says:

            Yeah, that’s what my work’s IT dept says when they can’t explain something or fix the problem… Oddities and intermittent things are the hardest to troubleshoot. We have Windows 7 at work.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      You can use any soap you wish. I have gotten good results with zest,dial, irish spring, zote, fels naptha, and castile…. in name brand and generics. Important thing is to add enough. If you/family have allegies can use double portion of laundry soda and omit the borax. Some ppl are allergic. I use it because it is a disinfectant.

  49. Wow, just finished watching the new walking dead. That was intense. I hope shtf isn’t that rough.

    • Chloe in Maine says:

      I also just watched TWD… didn’t expect two to die…. as for SHTF… I’m planning for the worst and hoping for the best. fingers crossed

  50. Chuck Findlay says:

    I can describe almost every The Walking Dead show in one sentence.

    Were here, need to go over there, and by the way there are zombies between here and there…

    • CF,sometimes there are worse things then zombies. Like last nights show,smacking people on their knees in the head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed. Nasty!!!

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I started watching the Walking Dead when it started and I found it interesting. I’m not much for relationship and drama shows, so when they got past the hardest parts of just surviving, I stopped watching. I personally prefer a good documentary or how to show and although shows like these aren’t really in that category, they can often give a glimpse out of the box so to speak, and make you think. TWD is way past that point and I have limited time for entertainment anyway, so I moved on. I’m glad that some folks still like it, since we all need some joy and entertainment in our lives.

        • OP, this year looks pretty interesting. Kind of shows the need of numbers as in a wrol situation.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Thor 1,
            Kind of shows the need of numbers as in a wrol situation
            As a long time student of history, I didn’t need a fictional show to alert me to this. Unfortunately, history is replete with way too many examples. Perhaps those examples are also subconsciously why I keep prepping.

            • OP, I know this and you know this but the show may entice younger people to start prepping. The show does have quite a following.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Thor 1,
                I know and with the seeming lack of knowledge of history. . .

                • OP, I liked fat guy’s in the woods. It was on the weather channel. The time he is in the woods and says, alright we are going to make a fire with a condom. He hands them all one and they just look at him and say what??? Lol

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    Thor 1,
                    I’m not familiar with “Fat Guy’s in the Woods”; but, I have enjoyed “3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar”. Fat guy doesn’t appear to be on in the next week according to my satellite program guide. 3 scientists is on Monday.
                    As for the condom, I’ve used that and a hand drill successfully once to make a flame. The flame is then used to start the fire if it is properly built. I’ve also used bow and drill, fire piston, flint and steel, and ferrocerium rod. Pretty much everything except the Ferro rod required char cloth, so the condom thing was partially a trick question unless the fat guy had some available.
                    BTW, the condom and hand drill are very tough to get going and the hand drill left enough calluses on the hands and fingers to be long remembered.

    • JD from NY says:

      Funny I know people who watch this show religiously to the point they count down the days of when it’s on but don’t prep. I personally have never seen the show, just never had the desire to as I’m not a zombie type of movie watcher (except for the 2 I have seen which was Vincent Price’s Last man on Earth and I am Legion which I believe are both based on the same book). I just could never get into it but if there are some good tips in the first few episodes then maybe I’ll borrow from the library to watch. Oh my kids all watched World War Z and all came to the conclusion that people will watch whatever Hollywood puts out as long as a certain actor/actress is in it no matter how stupid it is. LOL

  51. Penny Pincher says:

    Hi pack!

    My nuke preps took a temporary step backwards but I think I can catch up. Went to see family later in the week. I ate way too much. I guess we can file that under “EDC calories”. Family is cursed with incurable normalcy bias. It’s maddening.

    I saw that movie “World War Z” where Brad Pitt dodges a billion zombies in order to get to the doorstep of the World Health Organization so he can invent a cure. I think the conspiracy flame war between the anti-vaxxers and the anti-anti-vaxxers would be more entertaining than the movie itself, which was just a 2-hour ad for the UN.

    I learned (again) how to cast “Boolits”. Seems appropriate for Halloween to call them that.

    I still haven’t been reassimilated by the Zuckerborg. I don’t know how the world will manage without my share of the cat memes. I might have to call Vladimir Putin and see if he can hack me a new account there, but I don’t know when he’ll find time with all his saber rattling.

    Came home from out of town to discover someone had jacked the thermostat way up. Sigh.

  52. JD from NY says:

    Hello Pack!
    Brought DH home Monday night and slowly he’s been doing better. First couple of days were rough but now he’s starting to feel more like himself. Our 15 month old puppy was beside herself when she saw him walk in and after she Finally calmed down she stuck with him the entire night and the next day even to the point she insisted on going into the bathroom with him, which DH was not thrilled with but she refused to leave LOL. He’ll see the Surgeon in a couple of weeks for an update and we’ll see what happens from there. BUT he is doing very well thank you LORD! Everyday gets a little better and Sunday he went into town with me to get supplies, he was slower than usual and needed to rest in between some stores but he said he felt good moving about 😀 . We’ve been kicking up our preps and DH is looking at everything on a where are we standing if Russia looses it’s head or Hilderbeast is elected. He wants to purchase several of those handheld Ham units but is trying to decipher which one would be best for our kids to have since now they are spread out in a 150 mile radius. Even YDS goes to a trade school in the morning that is 20 miles from home and his regular school in the afternoon is only 8 miles away (he said if their going to do an EMP he hopes it’s in the afternoon so he doesn’t have to walk so far….. oh brother!) Any help with which model goes further and has / can make a portable antenna attach is greatly appreciated. DH comes from old school Ham radio setups and didn’t realize how portable they have gotten so he’s a little out of the loop on them.
    Preps: I did manage to get some logs cut up until my chainsaw chain finally had enough. We have several but they are too large for me and kill my back so had to wait a day to get another chain and of course it poured for 4 days so no cutting. This week is to be clear (as it’s pouring out as I’m typing this) so I’m hoping to get everything cut and then I’ll move onto splitting and stacking. Picked up a hand crank/solar SW/FM/WB/AM Radio for $20 at a sale. Canned Apple Butter and Apple sauce plus made Dehydrated Apple slices, picked up 2 – 50lb bags of potatoes for 8 dollars each and 50lbs of apples for $13, More borax, laundry bar soap, washing soda, 3 cases of pint jars and canning lids and another 50lb bag of dog chow. Picked up some work gloves on clearance for everyone Did do a few things around the house to up the value if we sell in 2 yrs or if there is even a market by then. I know there was more prepping done but I’m so used to doing things that now I just think of it as regular stuff and not preps do most of you feel like that? Every week just trying to do things to help us survive / thrive our SHTF and anything else that may come down the pike.
    QUESTION……….I notice that there are a lot of older (40+) preppers out there but are there many under 40 preppers out there? New, established, in the middle whatever, was just curios and wanted to know what was your AHA moment? I think because us oldies but goodies grew up in the cold war,nuclear could happen at any time era that maybe we are more prone to believe it could happen unlike those who hadn’t experienced it….Just my thoughts.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      None of the portable handheld units can communicate more than about 3-5 miles under optimal conditions as a handheld. The most important thing for radio communications in the frequency ranges those units use is antenna height, period.
      To use those radios you will also need a license. It could be a GMRS license that I think still costs about $85.00 for 5 or 10 years or an amateur radio license which is free of cost; but, will take some study time and testing. There will be those who claim that you don’t need the license in a real emergency, and they would be correct; however, the most important thing for communications is the knowledge and skill of the operator, and not the equipment, so trying to use one without a license would mean trying it with no practice, knowledge, or skill and that would probably make communications near impossible.
      Some other radios that may still be viable and small and run unlicensed would be either FRS which are inexpensive or Citizens Band (CB); but, even though those are unlicensed and you could practice with them, keep in mind that none of these things are cell phones and connectivity and voice quality can and will at times be sub-optimal, so practicing before the emergency is essential.
      When I came home after my stroke last year it was a bit of work to even go into town with the DW; but, from a mental sanity aspect it was great therapy, so I hope your DH continues to forge ahead as it will only get better.
      I don’t know anyone prepping who is under 40; but, a few who are in that range.
      My aha moment if you could call it that was when I was 8 years old in the late 1950’s and read about the survival kit carried by the US fighter pilots of the era in one of my dads magazines. Except for the firearms for which I substituted my air rifle and squirt gun, I put together that kit and carried it on my adventures into the local woods. My parents seemingly could do anything and we had an always full freezer and a well stocked pantry that would have fed the family for months without resupply. We weren’t considered preppers, just prudent, so what is now called prepping, at least for me, has always just been SOP since I was a kid. Lucky for me, it’s also a lifestyle I enjoy immensely.

      • JD from NY says:

        hi OP, I didn’t mean using them as walkie-talkies I actually meant as HAM radios. And yes to be trained and licensed in them is the plan. Just wanted to know if these hand held units work well as Hams like the old school stuff DH is used to and since these are small would a plug in antenna maybe outside attached to a window go the 150 mile distance (maximum 150)? DD is on the seventh floor of a building and DH thought possible it would but not knowing how good these are as HAMs

        • OhioPrepper says:

          In any case, these are walkie-talkies or as we call them, handy talkies or HT’s. Ham radio refers to the license, the frequencies, and the power level allowed for transmission.
          The old style amateur radio gear your probably talking about uses HF frequencies in the 1.8-30.0 MHZ range and these can work locally or at a distance from across the state, country, the world, or the solar system.
          The little inexpensive radios use VHF (144-148 MHz & UHF 420-450 MHz and are used for line radio line-of-site communications or through a local repeater.
          A Google search for amateur radio repeater and your location should give you a list of them in the area with the specifics required to access them.

          Without the repeater, you can estimate the distance the radios might work with the following formula based on the antenna height. You double the height of the antenna in feet and take the square root of that value. This will give you the theoretical distance the radio can communicate in miles. Do this for the radio antenna system on both ends and add the numbers. For line of site with no land (hills) or structures in between, this is a good starting point. The little radios will typically run at a low power setting of about 1 watt and a high power setting of about 4-5 watts. You can add antennas that will give a little better advantage than the rubber ducks that come with them. Not knowing all of the details, all you can do at this point is work the math for viability and then try it.
          As an example for the math, the little unlicensed FRS radios claim a range of 5-6 miles, and under very good conditions they can do that; but, if you’ve used them you know that they generally don’t work at that distance.
          Here’s where they get that number:
          Assume you hold the radio in front of your mouth to speak, which in my case puts it at a height of about 5 feet. Double 5 is 10 and the square root of 10 is 3.162, so assuming a similar sized person holding the other radio, the theoretical distance is 6.32 miles. If the two have an unobstructed view like a really big field or standing on hills with no obstructions, this would be possible.

          To make a guesstimate, let’s assume that the 7 story building is about 12 feet per floor above the first, or 6*12 = 72. Double that to 144 and take the square root and you have 12 miles, so probably not without a local repeater to help. At 15 feet per floor it still only gets you about 13.5 miles, so without a repeater, these little radios will most likely not do what you need.

      • I’m also interested in getting a CB radio, the distance I want to cover? Will it go to Colorado? No? No big deal. I have a friend there, more important is my wife and family in Ohio be nice if she was on board with me, I”ll save her in spite of herself. Dec. 31 is when the dollar is supposed to crash and be replaced by the Yuan. Supposed, who knows if it will or when. A little trick I found, heating pads are expensive, right. I always look for a way around things, my sister in law showed me this one. Put about a pound of rice in a sock, then tie it off. Put it in the oven or Microwave and you have a heating pad for about an hour. I don’t think they’re crazy enough to use nukes, chemical warfare yes. And they (whoever they are) will go for our grid it’s damn flimsy as it is.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Cb radio uses the 11 meter band that used to be a ham band. Hams still have 10 meters and they are close enough in frequency to behave roughly the same. In this case, since you’re limited to 4 watts output, it’s important to have a good antenna system (antenna and coax) and like everything in the high HF to VHF and UHF bands, antenna height is paramount.
          With a high enough antenna for both ends of the communications system on 10 & 11 meters, local communications is pretty much guaranteed; however, when the propagation is up, you can easily talk thousands of miles with those radios.
          I remember once at a Boy Scout winter camp in the mountains of western PA when I was a teen, working a shrimp boat in the gulf on only 4-5 watts with a ground plane antenna missing 2 radials tossed into the side of a pine tree.
          That’s somewhere between 1100-1200 miles; but, that kind of comms isn’t reliable.
          In any case, CB radios are inexpensive, and any affordable unlicensed communications system can come in handy in a pinch.

    • My AHA moment may be a bit insignificant, but I was less than 12. I had learned to sew on my great-grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. Mama had to trade it in to get an electric sewing machine that was only used by me. She did it for me. I worried that I could never sew if there were no electricity. I am not sure why not having electricity ever again was such a worry to me.

      I had seen my parents make almost everything we needed. Daddy gardened and Mama canned. She had made our clothing all our lives. But, suddenly the possible lack of the ability to sew worried me.

      Sewing has been a lifelong lifestyle for me. I sewed for my sisters and my mother when I was less than 14. I made my children’s clothes and mine after I married. Sewing supported me after my divorce. Sewing is fun for me, causes stress to disappear. Sewing is as much a part of me as my degrees! Both are part of my identity.

      My mother found a treadle sewing machine for me when I was about 30. So, it makes me feel secure.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        The DW has a treadle sewing machine that has had the treadle replaced with a small motor. It works the same as the original as far as operation and parts, so one of the things on the to do list is to find the treadle pieces to make it work either way again, so there’s always something new to keep you busy.

        • OP,
          Mine will always be a treadle. I have three small machines that have a motor and one more complicated. Plus, I have the two commercial machines and a home serger and commercial serger.

          • Curley Bull says:

            Linda, tell me about these “Commercial” machines. I’m looking for something stronger/heavier than the norm for some heavier work (canvas, light leather, etc.).

            • Curley Bull,
              You need a “straight stitch, walking needle upholstery machine”. I think it is walking needle, walking something. I am going to the local sewing machine shop on Wednesday, and I will ask.

              When you sew on heavier material, you might want to not use a regular seam where you put the two fabrics together and sew, leaving a seam behind next to the skin. Laying the pieces of fabric one on top of the other where you see the raw edge on the top and the other raw edge on the underside of the garment or whatever. You certainly want to sew leather this way. That way, if you want to sew two seams, you will not have a bulky seam. Let me explain that. Let’s say you sew a seam in a sleeve. Then, you want to attach the sleeve to the body of a garment. Think how many layers would be in the underarm.

              I don’t have an upholstery machine, but I have used them. There are lots of them in this area after the sewing factories moved out of the country. Buy from a reputable dealer.

              I have a commercial serger that sews over the edges of seams and cuts the seam. Plus, I have a collarette. It puts on the band around necks that has two rows of stitches. I know how to hem with it also, although that is not the purpose.

              • Curley Bull says:

                Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ve made back packs and even tents using the treadle machine. Guess I’ll just stay with it and/or my hand crank portable.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Linda said:

        Sewing has been a lifelong lifestyle for me.

        Have you given much thought to doing this to make extra money?

        Locally (Toledo Ohio) it’s hard (as in really hard) to find someone to hem pants for less them $12.00. I have asked at a local Johann’s Store, looked on Craig’s List and can not find anyone to do it.

        There are a lot of guys walking around with ill-fitting pants that need them hemmed. A flyer put up in locations around town could bring in some money. If you don’t have a working printer just layout what you want to say and Office Max can print them up for you.

        It may be worth looking to see if you can join a local barter exchange and use your sewing skills to build credit for things you need done. like your toilet repair.

        And just because we have a SHTF situation doesn’t mean people will not need clothes maintained. I always seem to need something fixed.

        • Chuck,
          I tried “sewing for the public” and wanted to kill people. I made Cabbage Patch clothes, Teddy Ruxpin clothes and various other things for craft shows. I even made dog clothes and sold those on a route in Alabama. Since I am terrified of dogs, it was an adventure that kept my heart beat up.

          Then, I designed clothing and sold them in a boutique. I sewed for a select clientele–the clientele who was happy, appreciative and non-demanding. I made a separate pattern for each person since I can draft patterns and don’t rely on commercial patterns. I refused to use a person’s choice of patterns, thread, or elastic.

          Demanding person–a young doctor’s wife thought brown was the perfect color for a Christmas skirt for her young daughter about five. I told her I would not use the elastic she brought. She said the fabric store said it was the correct elastic. I used the elastic against my better judgment. Then, she called raving because she could not get the skirt up over the child’s hips. So, I had to pick out stitching from a loosely woven wool. I refused to use her elastic, only what I provided. She was furious even after I corrected the problem she caused. That was the end of public sewing.

          One woman had me come to her home to talk about sewing two prom dresses for twin girls. She said just use a size ten for both and make one a bit smaller. ??? No, I don’t sew that way. And, by the way, she expected me to give her a discount for her having twins. My question in my head was–do you get discounts on pads, tampons, groceries because you have twin girls? No, I did not ask.

          I did sew for lots of people, individuals, but they never had one complaint. I could sew for a wedding party and not have a complaint. But, making one blouse for some people was such an ordeal.

          I do suspect my services will be needed. But, it is a dream that anyone can trade hemming pants for toilet repair. That does not happen. Guys will trade but not for what I have to trade. That’s why my yard has not been mowed in six months. And, I have a mower in the yard waiting, full of real gas and plenty of oil.

          Right now, I cannot advertise for anything because I cannot sit long enough. Plus, my machines are trapped and I cannot afford to pay a small fortune to have them removed from the sewing room. If they were out, I could sew on them.

          • Chuck,
            My friend who did very expensive repairs on my car knew he could get repairs from me. He brought his camo pants for me to sew the crotch back…a very difficult job because the material was thick and original construction had been ripped out. It has been years since he helped me, but still can get free repairs, if I could sew right now and get to my machines.

            He was full time National Guard and had been for 30 years. I did not want any of those guys for a bf because bfs leave and quit helping…lol. Most of these guys were married anyway, just good guys. They were actually walking in step, not marching, when four of them got out of the jeep and went upstairs and took out the clawfoot tub and moved it. It was not connected anymore, so it was just a matter of lifting. then, they marched off back to work.

            Year round national guard unit and building is in my town. And, I have no connection with them since all the ones I knew moved on while I was going to school and working.

            I just need my machines rescued or I will lose them. Thanks for caring and the advice. I lack money and muscles not plans…lol. You are a nice guy.

          • It sounds like I said the craft shows and Cabbage Patch clothes were a pain. No, they were good sewing experiences. Actually, three people and complaints drove me to sewing for only a select few customers through the years. The wholesale dog clothes business brought $1000 orders which I filled in one week, very lucrative but scary because of dogs.

    • JD, what kind of puppy? I hope its a GS!!!

      • JD from NY says:

        Sorry Thor 1 not a GS (but I do love them!) she is a Pitty / Black Lab mixed with some Husky. From the side she looks Lab, from the back Husky and from the front Pit bull with a black face and HUGE white teeth that have a habit of scaring the bejesus out of anyone who walks on the property. She weighs in at about 85lbs of pure muscle, can run like a grey hound and LOVES water LOL. Once a delivery guy walked up our long driveway (the company was supposed to call us before hand to let us know he was coming but didn’t) and she cornered him against the garage. He was white as a ghost and stock still until I got her into the house. He said he trains GS for security on the side for 30 yrs and this was only the second time in his life were he was truly afraid of a dog. He threw her a couple of biscuits which she ignored and beared down on him like a junk yard dog until I came out and told her to stop and come. He asked me where we had her trained and I said no where, we never trained her to be security she learned that from the old girl. She learned to hunt, guard, walk the perimeter and not touch the animals on the property only protect them. She is extremely smart and you only have to do something once or twice with her and she has it. Oh and she is a rescue dog that we got when she was 10 weeks old from a bad situation. Her bad traits….she’s a total toddler, leaves her toys everywhere, gets overly excited and thinks she’s a lapdog and tries to play with the 6lb cat who will have none of it LOL makes for an interesting household that’s for sure!

        • JD, I had a brindle Pitt bull very intelligent and loyal.
          DW took in a Pitt bull that was in the street 2 years ago. Huge pitt, just a playful puppy. But it liked playing with my patio furniture and shredded the cushions. So we gave him to a friend. The dog tore his out door water faucets out of the walls. The dog now has a happy home on a farm out in the middle of no where!!! Lol

          • JD from NY says:

            Thor I have found that because they are so playful and smart they need to be challenged and occupied so they don’t destroy things. When our older girl was around she kept the young pup occupied (just like a mom 🙂 ) but after she died the pup was kind of lost so we human parents had to pick up the slack and somedays that can be a full time job! When we go out we leave a few boxes and plastic bottles around for her to play with and destroy if she wants this way she does no damage to the house. DH said already he wants to get her a “friend” so she has a playmate so yes we are getting our pet a pet LOL. It’ll be another rescue if possible and hopefully another pitty as we really do love them so. It is too bad the media has hyped up that pitts are so bad when in reality it’s the owners who train them. If we put down the owners instead of the poor animal then the world would probably be better off!

        • Hummingbird says:

          She sounds like a “once in a lifetime” dog. I had one & not sure I’ll be blessed with another one.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            I’ve had 3 once in a lifetime dogs. I think there are 2 factors to having one.

            Personality of the dog you find. I have been lucky in that somehow when I picked a dog from a liter of dogs I have gotten a good one all 3 times.

            The second factor is how you interact with the dog. If you show love, kindness, a bit of a firm hand (when young) to show then boundaries to mold them into a good dog, you end up with a good dog that is very much a part of the family.

            • JD from NY says:

              I agree Chuck 100%. We also have had 3 “once in a lifetime” dogs, One lived to be 20 yrs old and succumbed to cancer, the 2nd one was 16+ yrs old which we just put down in the spring (and I still miss her terribly!) and this young pup who is just as much a part of the family as any of us (and she knows it 😉 ). You are right on the love, kindness, firm hand when needed but forgot one important thing…..plenty of car rides LOL she LOVES car rides hahahaha.

            • Hummingbird says:

              With my Duke, I only had to “think” it and he responded. I’ve taken several animal communication workshops and understand now how it works. Didn’t seem very unusual at the time.

  53. Hi! Have you heard about the Planet X coming? Please Google and read up about it because whether you are religious or not, this could be the end of the world as we know it. I know that it sounds too gooey for words, but PLEASE, I plea with you, read as much about it as you can.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Planet X, also called Nibiru or planet 9 has been speculated about for years, and the fact that some see it as some kind of cosmic danger is pure hogwash. The search for a planet beyond Neptune or Trans-Neptunian bodies started in the mid 1800’s and ended at the start of the 1900’s with astronomer Percival Lowell’s search for Planet X (Planet 10, now Planet 9 since Pluto has been demoted from planet status). He proposed Planet X to explain apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the giant planets, mainly Uranus and Neptune speculating that the gravity of a large unseen body could perturb the orbit of Uranus enough to account for the discrepancies in his calculations.
      JPL and NASA are actively looking for it; but, it is of no concern to us, other than scientific curiosity.

      For more details check the NASA article at
      Hypothetical Planet X’: Overview

      • OP, I read an article on info wars about ST. Jude heart devices can be hacked. Read the article.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Thor 1,
          Any computer with an outside connection can be hacked; but, heart devices would require a near field connection to both establish and control the device, and that would not go unnoticed unless you were comatose at the time. Until I get the chance to read the article, I’ll not be concerned, since most of those “tech experts” that write them, show their lack of understanding very quickly into their explanation.

  54. I live today for today and prepare for tomorrow as best possible.

  55. I voted.

  56. Today was a big day for me. It is the first day in over 7 weeks that I have felt well. I went to WM for a few things tonight, the first time in a week. When I came home I did not feel compelled to fall into bed weak and exhausted. I am able to breathe and my kidneys do not hurt. This is a happy day.

  57. Chuck Findlay says:

    Just got back from (it seems my daily visit to) Menard’s and along with a bunch of plumbing stuff for an upcoming job I bought 4 medium size fire extinguishers as the ones (2 in the house and 2 in the garage) I have are dated good till 2012.

    Fire is a devastating thing that can make the best prepared person homeless, we all should have a way to contain and knock it down before it can destroy our lives.

    My dad was a volunteer fireman and fire inspector for 40-years and when I was a small kid, I will never forget looking at the few homes he showed me the day after the fire was put out.

    I’m going to test one of the old extinguishers tonight on the camp fire ring I have out back. If they still work (and I think they will) I’m going to put 2 of them in my truck and van.

    I won’t use the van / truck extinguisher on someone else auto (did that 2 times in the past and both times never got so much as a thank you, let alone an offer to replace the extinguisher), it’s there to save my truck and tools.

    • Chuck. when they did the map your neighborhood locally they wanted to know if you had any fire extinguishers. the idea being in case of an earthquake you would take your extinguishers to the foot of your drive so that anyone could use them if necessary. as a cert I recommend everyone gets their own as fire grows quickly.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Suzy Q

        Chuck. when they did the map your neighborhood locally they wanted to know if you had any fire extinguishers. the idea being in case of an earthquake you would take your extinguishers to the foot of your drive so that anyone could use them if necessary.

        Not sure what you mean, is there a program where the local fire department goes around doing this?

        I replaced them because I noticed they were out of date, not because of any government action.

  58. MasterSergeantUASF says:

    I aquired 4 water totes and 6 rain barrels for a total of 1430 additional gallons of shower water. I readily keep 600 gallons of drinking/cooking water at all times. I’m on rural water but also have a well and 2 freshwater ponds to keep me irrigated. So happy I left the big city and moved to the Smallville, U.S.A.

    • ” So happy I left the big city and moved to the Smallville, U.S.A. ”
      Well said, MasterSergeant.

  59. Chuck Findlay says:

    Just picked up an interesting thing, the first year DVD set of the TV show Jericho (a post nuke attack on the USA TV show) at The Good Will for $3.00. I remember watching it back when it was on TV.

    Have to look for the second year DVD set, not that there was much of a second year, but it did close up the show and answer a few lingering questions about the black guy that was a bit mysterious as you were never sure if he was a good or bad guy. He was my favorite person in the show as he was a person that did things, solved problems and did not stand around with a lost look on his face. He was focused.

    One thing that I don’t understand about Jericho TV show is that they kept killing off the main people on the show. The town mayor, April the EMT woman and the blind sister. How did they expect the show to work when you remove 3 well liked people?

    • American pacrat says:

      They were killing them off as the writers knew the show would not last to much longer….to close to the truth for TPTB.

      I have both sets and it is a good learning video of what they did and did not do to be prepared. You will notice even the mayors family which had a farm did not can, nor did the farmers–not one family with canned foods as back up. They did remember the chickens…lol

  60. Almost There says:


    REPORT FROM SOMEONE IN ARLINGTON TEXAS. She said a family member voted straight Republican today and her votes got changed to Clinton. You can read about it here.


    • Almost There says:

      And a request for an International day of prayer on Thursday October 27th.

      “Soros has already said, that while Trump is Certain to win the Popular vote, Hillary is certain to win the electorial College vote and he has called it a done deal! We cannot allow this to happen. ”


    • OhioPrepper says:

      Glenn Beck who now hails from Texas, also reported the voting machine ”malfunctions” or perhaps operator error. No, he didn’t think so either

    • At,
      Exactly how can a person tell how the machine reports a vote? Since it is suppose to be a secret ballot, seeing how I voted on the machine would afford all the opportunity to see how I voted. How?

      • Almost There says:


        I’m not sure. The machines are all different. I don’t know if each county purchases their own machines, or they are purchased by the state and they are all the same. The machines that we use, once you push the button, you can’t see who you voted for and everything is wiped clean. The voter people have to reset the machine after each person.

        We also require an ID and they have a list of registered voters printed on paper, with a signature line, where we have to sign our name.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Almost There,
          The machines here are Touchscreens and at the end, show you all of your vote tallies for final approval. Once accepted a paper record is then made on a cash register style tape. The polls are always manned by at least one person from each party. We show ID; but, in our little area we know most of the workers and they know us, so there is no hanky panky going on here. In the large cities however?

          • Almost There says:

            I think ours have changed to touchscreen as well. We get to see the final tally and the end too. But to get to the machine to vote, there is hanky panky going on everywhere… Then, in some areas, the software is changing people’s vote from Republican to Democrat. I bet you don’t see that paper record or do you? It when the person pushes the button for the final time is when it is recording something different. And then to even get to vote, people that have registrations in multiple states, don’t even have to show proof of where they live, or any id, that’s not right.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        inda, As I understand it, The people made their selecrtions, then reviewed them, BEFORE submitting them…they found them changed.. Some noticed, BUt how many did not?
        . Do not submit selections that are not yours. record voting machine number and get it corrected before you submit vote.

        • I mark my ballot with a heavy marker, completing a line by marking to complete the line. I insert it in a machine. There is no record I can view nor can anyone else.

          The last time I voted, a few months ago. I hesitated and the woman told me I could insert it in the machine or if I wanted to make it a secret ballot, I could put it in the folder. She patted a file folder. I was stunned and stuffed it in a machine that snatched it and read my votes.

          For the last 20 or 30 years, a sticker with a number written on it has been stuck to the back of my ballot. I have objected mightily to having the number by my name affixed to the back of my ballot, saying that it was no longer a secret ballot. I have tried to stop them, but the workers said they only looked at the number and matched it to a name if there were discrepancies.

          I go away muttering my objections. I have never considered my ballot here as a secret ballot. They no longer put a sticker on my ballot. So, I know from what they said, they can know how I voted. And, I am quite sure there are people who go to the trouble of ascertaining how people vote.

          I doubt that anyone changes ballots here since it is so heavily republican that the few democratic votes count for little or nothing in the electoral college tally. However, I am quite sure they know exactly who votes how.

          • Linda, that is the way the voting is done in my township. I complained one time when I went to vote at the local level. I knew that I did not have to declare a party, but when I went to vote there were only two sets of ballots on the table sitting in front of the workers. I asked if there was a ballot that did not show either democrat or republican. No, was the answer. I turned around and walked out.

            My worry is that as soon as the machine sucks my ballot out of the envelope, that I don’t know if it was recorded the way I actually voted. I do have to show ID and they write the number of the ballot sheet next to my name, which I hate, since it does not make it a truly secret vote. But I also know that they have to account for every ballot so there is not the perception of cheating.

            I do get quite a bit of pleasure when I get phone calls from political parties touting their particular candidate or asking me who I would vote for in the upcoming election. I know that they have answers written down for the most probable questions or answers that the person being called may come up with. But, I am always smiling when I get asked “Can we count on your vote for… or Who will you be voting for? My answer: “I never tell anyone who I am voting for.” They either stammer or I get the silent treatment. And I just know that my answer is not being covered by the answer sheet they are reading from.

            I don’t have much control over my vote once it’s gone. But, I don’t have to make it an easy path either.

            • cgbascom,
              Thank you! I am reassured that “no one will ever look at how you vote” every time I vote and complain. I am not a child. A number by my name and on the back of my ballot assures me someone can and might vote.

              When we had local issues to vote on, a certain church called me wanting to know how I was going to vote–wet or dry. I hemmed and hawed with the old geezer full of his self-assigned privilege as he demanded to know. I pleaded with him, saying I wanted it to a secret ballot like it should be. Finally, I asked him his name. He refused. I asked him how he was going to vote. He adamantly refused to tell me, saying his ballot would be a secret. “See, you understand.” I said.

              Would you believe the same guy called me the next day, calling me by name once again. AND, after the election, he called back. That was the first year I voted wet, and our county went wet. They drove me to it. I actually had/have nothing against drinking.

              I called the minister and told him about my experience. He was horrified and apologized.

              I am dreading voting because I don’t like the process. I like the little booth with curtains to draw and levers to pull or push.

  61. Almost There says:

    More voter fraud being reported on in Columbus. Steve Quayle dot com is taking reports from across the country. This time in Columbus, where they aren’t verifying people who don’t have a voter registration card. They are just signing affidavit’s without proof of residency or even a driver’s license and then voting.

    • AT, there is so much cheating going on in the election that there will have to be a re-vote. Democrats will do anything to get her elected. Trump clearly has support of the country by his rally turnouts.
      1)Early voting needs to stop.
      2)Absentee ballets need to stop unless you are active military or handicapped.
      3) Voting machines need to be improved.
      4) ID needs to be shown. (It is illegal for someone over the age of 18 not to have ID, (the police can hold you for up to 72hrs to prove who you are.)

      George Soros admitted on video of bribing electoral college members. He is a large contributor to the Democratic party and owns 1/3 of the voting machines.
      He needs to be arrested and charged with voter fraud,bribing a public official and not allowed to own voting machines as a conflict of interest.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Slimeball-George needs to hung till 99% dead, revived and done over like 100 times.

        He was in a German concentration camp (as an inmate) during WWII and sold out fellow inmates to save his own skin.

        It would be hard to find another person more deserving of a rope with 13 loops in it…

      • Almost There says:

        I agree Thor. Heard Kaine only had 30 people show up at a rally in FL. As for Soros, he needs to be thrown in jail, never to see the light of day… and throw away the key.

        There is also the issue of 24 million voter registrations that have something wrong with the registration, people are registered in more than 1 state.

        Then there’s the 1.2 million people who are dead, that somehow vote from the grave. Maybe lots of Zombies out there.

        The software and hardware that is used needs to be developed by one company and any election for a federal job should have to use that software, where all the votes go to an independent company.

        I saw on one of the news shows over the weekend that the software developer showed where someone voted for Trump on the machine, pushed the button and the software changed the vote to Clinton and counted it for Clinton.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Thor 1,

        He needs to be arrested and charged with voter fraud,bribing a public official and not allowed to own voting machines as a conflict of interest.

        I disagree. I think a Spec Ops direct action practice mission would be better. Oh crap, was that live ammunition. Oh well mistakes happen.

  62. Chuck Findlay says:

    I think it was Stalin that said “Votes don’t win elections, Vote counters are what win elections.”

    Something Hillary has taken to heart….

    • OhioPrepper says:

      The most common version I heard was a Palindrome of sorts.
      It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” You are correct that it was Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

  63. Here is a valid argument for Trump should he loose the election.
    1) The 12 states that illegally issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants to vote should be disqualified for violating voter laws.
    2) After Soros was on video stating he bribed the electoral college. They should all have their bank accounts subpoenaed. Disqualifying their vote and arresting them. There is a record.
    The lawlessness that our current government displays makes me sick.

  64. Hello again from skibos,
    I cannot locate all the replies to my first comment. Wonder if there is a trick to that… I would love to
    re- read them all. 🙂 Thanks again everyone.
    I am the lady with a much panicked late start with prepping and I explained that my husband recently inherited some riffles and didn’t want to tell me what type of ammo they take (or at this point I wonder if he could). They are not the best out of the collection since my husband doesn’t hunt, still I’ll take them.
    My question is:
    I have 400 Winchester 12 gauge 2 3/4 7 1/2 shots already.
    Will these be compatible with these riffles?
    A) Remington Model 1100 (Ser. DU9443)?
    B) Pardner Model SB1, New England Fire Arms (NEF) made in Gardner Mass. (single shot)
    12 gauge 3″ Mod?
    C) Ithaca Gun Co. Inc. Model 600 12 gauge 2 3/4. This one I am pretty sure will work. LOL. But what is it a rifle or shot gun?

    D) Than there is another single shot browning Model # 81 BLR Patent No# 3377731
    States Caliber .308 only.
    How do you tell .308 Caliber size is best?
    AA) we already owed one hand gun.
    A Smith & Wesson SD40 VE
    States Bullet R.P 40 S&W. ???

    Now I did not know if listing serial# s online was prudent, I have tried searching online by serial #s and got no results.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    • Skibos:

      You 12 guage ammo will work fine with the 12 guage shot guns; you didn’t say what caliber A & B are, if 12 guage they will also work.

      As for 308 ammo, I use 150 grain Soft Point (SP) ammo for mine. (The BLR means in is a lever action and should have a magazine). The reason I use 150 gr is that most military Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) (what you might aquire in a SHTF situation is 147-150 grain so you won’t need to adjust the rifle much if at all to use it). You can use “better” (read more expensive) bullets in the same weight if you choose (I have a few but keep Soft Points at about $20/box of 20).

      Your pistol uses 40 S&W ammo (that’s what it will say on the end of the box). Most any weight will do. My preference is 165 gr, but that’s just my preference. If you can, get FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) for practice and JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) for “work”.

      IMO – JHP in 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 357 Mag, and 38 Spec ial will be the first things to disappear (in handgun ammo) if Hillary gets elected. Same with .223/5.56 and 308 ammo. If you are concerned about this I would start buying it now.

      • Skibos:

        I would also look at getting more magazines for your rifle and the pistol. With what you have, 3 spare rifle and 5 spare handgun magazines would be a good place to be. Along with a good quality holster for the pistol (figure on playing about $80+ for a good one, this is not an area to skimp, especially if you only have one).

        The last time this kind of panic buying started, it was 2 years before prices and availability “normalized”.

        You rifle and pistol are not all that common so you may have to look online for them.

      • Curley Bull says:

        I have a BLR (Browning Lever Rifle) lightweight in .300 WSM (was quite surprised at the mild recoil) and would love to have a BLR in .308/7.62×51. I don’t remember what I paid for the extra mag a few years back, but have been looking for the expert that can marry it to a 10 round AR-10, M1/A1, type mag giving me 10 -12 rounds.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      The easiest way to make sure you can follow all of the replies to a post is to select the box that says:
      Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.
      Before hitting the Post Comment button. You will then get an email for every post made to the thread after that.
      I suspect many will answer your firearms questions, so I’ll wait a while to not be redundant; but, in general, if the ammunition of the firearm is marked Gauge you’re dealing with a shotgun, most likely having a smooth bore barrel, like a straight piece of pipe. Caliber is measured in either thousandths of an inch where 308 is .308 inches or 308/1000the of an inch, or in metric millimeters (mm) which is 1/1000th of a meter. Your .308 could alternatively be called 7.62 x 51 mm; but, you may also see things like 9 mm.
      In any cased the caliber measurement is nearly always for a rifle or a handgun.

      • JP,
        I took your advice and with the info you offered I was able to locate and order:
        240 Rounds of .308 Winchester, SP, 140 Grain, 250 rounds of .40 S&W, JHP, 165 Grain, 200 Rounds 12 Gauge, 2 3/4″, Low Recoil Ammo, with the 400 rounds of 12 gauge I already had on hand that will give us approx 1,100 in assorted ammo.
        I also purchased 3extra (for now) Smith Wesson 10-round SD40 .40 S&W Magazines and only 1 Browning BLR Lightweight ’81 .308 Winchester Magazine, 4 rounds. Whew, those puppies are $80.00 each.
        What I really like to have is a Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle 5847, 223 Remington, Hogue Black Syn Stock… Oh well!

        • skibos:

          As of right now….FYI

          You can get an AR style rifle, 500 rounds of ammo, and 10 30 round MagPul magazines for the price of a new Mini-14.

          (I didn’t know how much that magazine for the rifle would be, but $80 sounds about right. I sold off a pistol because the 10 round magazines are $38 each and Glock ones (13 rounds vs. 10) are $25 or less.)

          You might also want to check those low-recoil loads in the 1100. Mine has/had issues with my low-recoil loads.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            JP is giving you good advice. My first .223 / 5.56mm rifle many years ago was a Mini 14 Stainless ranch rifle; but, I soon sold it and switched to a couple of AR-15 platforms. Due mostly to vision issues I’ve now switched to 9mm in both my good rifle and several of my handguns.
            It looks like you’re off to a good start.
            Have fun ; but, most importantly, get some training and be safe.

      • Thank you OhioPrepper !

  65. BlueJeanedLady says:

    Concerning on the subject of worries of voter fraud and “rigged” elections:

    Our area started with the touchscreen voting computers during the 2010 mid-term elections. I wasn’t comfortable with such but they did offer a “preview” option (another look-see at how you responded via the touchscreen before pressing the “submit” option). Up til and including that year we had to “sign in” to a handwritten ledger of registered voters with photocopied signatures. Signatures were compared as signed-in, but ID’s were not checked. We received no paper receipt of our vote, just a useless, childlike “sticker” that said, “I voted” of which ended up on my vehicle’s dashboard, just cuz!

    In the 2012 elections, the touchscreens seemed the same but there were a few more at our precinct and the sign-in process was nearly the same that year – yet a photo ID was then (new state law) required with a signature that matched up with the handwritten / copied register that was required & compared to, so I didn’t fully fret, yet still no printed receipt for my computer produced & delivered ballot.

    In 2014, the previously printed sign-in sheets were replaced by touchscreen ipads / clones that people were required to sign-in with an index finger. Honestly, they didn’t even offer a stylus type pen for a better representation of any real life signature(s) – and just as honestly, I don’t have that “finger touch / touchscreen skill” (replacing a pen with my index finger) so my signature looked like I was three sheets into the wind as “signed” – – – again with my index finger – – – but it was accepted as a verified voter signature even as my signature looked nothing like what was photocopied into the printed register sheets used to check my photo ID against.
    Sigh . . .

    That experience didn’t set with me well but so I proceeded with the rest of the sheeple merely wanting to honestly vote. I did notice that non-intimidating, “voter watch volunteers” were walking around the not completely shielded voter machines (long gone were the actual curtained off voting stalls and anyone behind you could read your screen) as the volunteers were more prominent that year (2014) – – – Yet, since I wasn’t cheating in any way shape or form, I really didn’t feel that threatened by such – – – None-the-less, still no receipt for the completed ballot, just a hope & a prayer that the computers weren’t hacked and yet another, “I voted,” sticker to added to my dashboard.

    This year, 2016, DH & I requested mail-in, absentee ballots, filled out honestly, and scanned / copied on our personal printer to keep a record of such – not recorded on the internet or in any type of internet “cloud” – before delivering to the county court house (yes, the ballots were delivered to the court house in person).

    Yes, the ballot(s) have all my / our personal information actually on the ballot(s) so – – – Yes, my / our votes are not anonymous this year, but at least we’ll have proof that it was actually “ME & HE” that completed such ballots and – – – AND they shall be counted – – – George Soros & company be damned! 🙂

    And the leftist politicians and the lame stream leftist media still have the “audacity” (remember Obama’s words) to claim an American election cannot be “rigged”! Still shaking my head but so goes life in these United States these days and better hopes / wishes / prayers for the future of our nation.
    That’s all I know to do right now & until I learn better, so be it.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      We have to sign in to a printed sheet with a copy of your signature after showing ID. Our area is small enough that we pretty much know the poll workers and most of them know us. While voter fraud can and IMHO has been perpetrated in cities like Chicago, I think that we are still the most free country in the world, and I don’t fear the elections being rigged, at least around here. As always, YMMV.

      • Almost There says:


        What happens if they didn’t “know you” and they aren’t on the printed sheet? Do they still get to vote, and if so, what proof of citizenship and that they live in that precinct is required AND verified? Do they require a utility bill in that person’s name for proof of address?

        And what you are talking about is only part of the problem. The other part is the machines purposely changing someone’s vote from Republican to Demoncrat. We have nothing to verify what we selected was actually recorded as we voted and after the final button is pushed.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Almost There,
          Ohio is one of those racist vote suppressing states that actually requires photo ID, LOL.
          If all you have is some other ID like a utility bill, you are given a provisional ballot that gets counted after they can verify the information, generally within a few days after the election.
          When you complete your voting, a small printer prints the tallied information on a small roll of paper like those used in calculators or cash registers. You can actually bend down and see what the tally was for your vote if you are concerned. Although the voting is tallied electronically, there is a separate tally of the paper records by another team at the board of elections, and any discrepancies are noted and investigated.

          • Almost There says:

            Thanks OP. TN is also one of those racist vote suppressing states that requires a photo ID…. 🙂 I didn’t ask if I didn’t have that, how would I vote because I got there 4 minutes before they were closing.

            When I voted, I asked the older gentleman who lead me to my machine, how do I know that my vote wasn’t switched at the end. He proceeded to tell that he can show me just before I press the button. I said, but what about after I press the button, “do these print out who I voted for”. He again repeated what he told me at the beginning, and then said that “no, we don’t have anything that prints out other than the election commission people getting a report of the tallies”. Wonder if [email protected]@s owns our machines.. I could tell the guy was getting upset that I would imply that there may be voter fraud… He was in his late 70’s or maybe even early 80’s. So, I just left him thinking about my question. Another poll worker guy said that he is seeing more people vote than ever before in TN and many are first time voters. I just hope they voted for the right one… One can only pray that they did and will.

  66. finally got my brick stair project done!! been almost 3 months in the doing!! now to clean up and move to the wood pile!! have 5 trees to take down and we should be good for this nh winter. will replenish gas and diesel supplies this coming week and the reserve will be enough to get through the winter with my equipment! prep on everyone time is getting short!!

  67. Encourager says:

    Happy to report our home is slowly being put back together. Since all the drywall and insulation had been removed from around the wood stove pipe, we had it checked thoroughly…it was good we did as they found a long crack in it. All had to be replaced. A big expense we did not expect.

    I am trying to look at the sunny side of this mess…my home will have new insulation, new drywall and fresh paint – in the dining/living room, master bedroom, upstairs bathroom. For a small additional fee they will paint my master bathroom also. Yes!! Decided to go ahead with the bathroom renovations since everything is all torn up anyways. Might as well get it all over with! We have sinks, lights, fans, towel bars, shower heads all in the office where I am right now. Also, many boxes filled with stuff from the china cabinets and shelving. In the barn are toilets, two more sinks and other pieces. Once we are done, the office will look so spacious and dh will be glad to be able to move around in the barn! And to think all of this started because we needed new shingles on the roof…sigh…

    The next three weeks I have surgery scheduled every Monday on my legs. Then I get a two week break and have rotator cuff surgery. Six weeks in a sling and then six weeks of physical therapy (or as my dh says, physical torture as he is currently having physical therapy for his bum shoulder). My oldest ds volunteered to do Thanksgiving at his home…and my youngest ds will be here for a week at Christmas. Not sure if Christmas cookies will get baked this year and probably all presents will be bought online.

    We delivered our absentee voting ballots today. Glad we won’t be voting at the hall in the crowds of unhappy voters. Will be so glad when this election is over…

    I consider my surgeries as prepping; mainly because if SHTF I would not be able to have them. And it is not that any of them are optional! I just thank God I am healthy enough to withstand them.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Keep that great attitude. When given lemons you managed to make lemonade and that kind of attitude and carry on thinking will serve you well in the future, as I suspect it already has in the past.

    • Almost There says:


      Glad it is all turning out to be all new stuff. And yes, get your health issues in order. Time is running out in more ways than one. Prayers for your healing.

  68. Chuck Findlay says:

    Today is a good day in The USA, unless your name is Hillary and you watch the news…

    Everyone is wondering why the FBI re opened the investigation into her. I think the FBI director is in CYA mode, he looked at the pols and figured out that Trump has a good chance of winning and he is trying to save his own rear. I don’t think er will ever know for sure, but you have to think Hillary is in panic-mode.

    Question” If Trump wins do you think Bill and Hillary will flea the country to stay out of jail?

    If they do, I would hope Trump sends Navy Seals to bring them back (in handcuffs)

    It’s long past the time the Clinton’s should be held to the same standards we all are. There should not be 2 sets of laws, one for all of us and a set for politicians that violate the law right and left. Won’t happen as they always get away with it, but in the Clinton’s case a bit of justice would be nice to sea…

    Another Question: Will Obama pardon her?

    • Encourager says:

      CF “Will Obama pardon her?”

      I am sure he will….. I had to laugh at all the posts of Facebook about the death of the FBI head honcho…tomorrow… So many of her ‘friends’ have been found dead in suspicious ways… How do you commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head while your hands are tied behind your back?????

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