What did you do to prep this week?

Well, folks, here we are again,  another week of prepping under our prepper belts and what did you do with the past week prep wise?

I hope you didn’t set on your butt and do nothing or worse completely stop prepping because of the results of an election… That’s the definition of false hope, because as I’ve said before we are too far past the tipping point to bring the economy or the country back to center.

Either you prep for what is coming or you and your family will be forced to face the hardship of your inaction. We are being set up for a crash anyone who has been paying attention knows that our economy is doomed no matter who is president.

Which could be Why So Many Among The “Elite” are Building Luxury Bunkers

Do they know something that the rest of us do not? There are tens of millions of ordinary Americans that are feeling really good about the future now that Donald Trump has won the election, but meanwhile the elite are feverishly constructing luxury bunkers at a pace unlike anything we have ever seen before. So why are so many among the elite preparing for an imminent “apocalypse” when tens of millions of other Americans are anticipating a new era of peace and prosperity? Are they smarter than most of the rest of us, or are they simply being paranoid?

But I digress… what did I do to prep this week?

Bought these little solar powered motion activated lights at Walmart in the as seen on TV section. So far they seem to work good and at only $12 each are a bargain. They are priced even lower on Amazon.com!

Received and mounted the Holosun HS503GU Circle Micro Red Dot Sight on my Cold M4

Dreamed about finding time to go fishing at the lake.

I also added some food items and aluminum foil and a few other things that I’d rather not disclose here.

Well that’s it for me this week… what about you… what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Have been reading my new book, The Big Book of Kombucha, and it’s definitely worth the money. The author explains everything about it, includes loads of pix to recognize good and bad brews, and loads of recipes for also using the scobys in recipes and ointments. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in kombucha, which, like prepping, is more of a lifestyle.
    Also ordered several more books on health and foods. Prevention is always worth the cost.
    Family is finally getting over a prolonged bout of flu and diarrhea. Thought I’d have to spend precious $$ on more Immodium only to find I’d bought and stored lots. Whole family has been sick over the holidays and my stock of OTC meds got dipped into. Nice to have lots on hand rather than drag ourselves out to buy it. But because we were all so sick, we didn’t get much prepping done, if anything. Just did some sewing repairs and knitting, and finally found the pattern for a rabbit teapot cozy that I’ve been searching for months. Plan to make a bunch for next year’s Christmas gifts.
    Finally got out to the store yesterday and stocked up on a sale of tinned black beans, something I use in many soups. Though I check grocery flyers every week, there’s been little for quite some time of good sales or prices worth splurging on prep items. The weather here has also been nasty and cold, and not conducive to travelling.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I know what you mean about depleting some of your OTC medical stores. We’ve been sick too. I was glad I had plenty, and now I’m restocking.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Prepared Grammy & all,
        I feel truly either lucky or blessed. The DW and I have no illnesses right now; but, many of our friends do, some with head and chest issues that are taking weeks to get over. I don’t know if it’s the flu and pneumonia shots I received last year, or the fact that we are nearly hermitlike in this cold. A much younger me used to go winter tent camping and loved cross country skiing; but, my current older self prefers the indoors and a good wool blanket or sweater.

        • OP,
          Hahahahaha, I know what you mean. My idea of “roughing it” now is a hotel with no room service.

          I’m not saying I can’t do it. I’m saying I have no desire to do it.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            That about sums it up for me also.
            I have the gear and the skill set if I HAD too; but, prefer a comfortable recliner in a warm room, to a mat as a pile of debris as both a bed and a shelter. Lord willing I’ll never have to use those skills again.

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          I’m around little kids six days a week, and I seem to come down with every cold and stomach virus they have. I guess that’s what happens when you get coughed and sneezed on. I’m also the person who takes kids’ temperatures where I work. That means I’m exposed to everything.

          • Prepared Grammy,
            Children have virulent bacteria, moreso than adults, so they bring it home to parents. I knew a first-grade teacher whose family was called in to say goodbye when she had her third bout of pneumonia in one year. She lived but the doctor told her she could never teach first grade again. The school moved her into a third-grade position and she was never so ill again.

    • Axelsteve says:

      We have had a deep freeze lately in my area. We are also sposed to have a nasty storm this weekend or next week. we will see what happens and take it in stride. Maybe have an earthquake after the storm who knows.

  2. Picked up some more ammo and food. Just a regular week. As to do they know something we don’t question. When we thought Hillary might win we prepped harder so we could be covered. I think they are now doing the same thing because Trump won. I really doubt that they had any thoughts at all that she wouldn’t win,that’s why all the movie people were running their mouths about how they would leave if it happened. you see how that worked out LOL

    • Still waiting for ’em to leave!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I agree and if I had 10% of the money of some of those folks I’d probably have a bunker too!! We all have that event or moment that caused us to starte prepping and I suspect some of those folks have just had theirs.

      • OP,
        I wonder if presidents prep.

        • Hi LindaW, Presidents prep Big Time. Bunker under the White House. Bunker in Cheyenne Mountain. Bunkers in Undisclosed Locations. Used to be a stocked bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, with hotel accommodations for Congress and families, cafeterias, medical operating facilities, you name it.

          It is important to understand that people who spend their own money on prepping are tinfoil hat loonies, but people who use taxpayers’ money are simply Statesmen Providing Continuity Of Government During Crisis.

          • OhioPrepper says:


            Presidents prep Big Time.

            I have to slightly disagree. They don’t have to prep because they have people.
            Also don’t forget the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center and of course camp David.

            • OP,
              I doubt they even give a second thought to it. And, there are people who must be consumed with thought and time to secure their futures.

              • OP,
                What I meant is that the president and government officials probably don’t spend time thinking about prepping since someone else is taking care of that. They expect it will be there when they need it.

          • Penrod,
            Thanks for all those locations. I was not aware of those.

  3. Not much this week and taking a snow day today . Picked up water chestnuts that were on markdown . Canned collards this week andxandx will be starting a crock of kraut today. Need to clean my Buddy heater today.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      Would you share how you prepare your kraut? I tried it once, and it was a disaster.

      • This is an excellent, if longish, video on making kraut.
        2 important points is to have enough but not too much salt, and also to pound the kraut well in layers to release the juices. Without the juices, the fermentation will not happen and merely turn to mold. Any type of very clean food grade container can be used to ferment. As weights for the top, I use a large downturned plate weighed down with a quart canning jar full of water (and capped).
        One last point: winter type cabbages give better results than summer/early cabbages but these will still work if you’ve nothing else.

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          That’s exactly what happened to mine. No fermentation. Mold. Thanks for letting me know where I made my mistake.

          • Teresa-in-Wyoming says:

            My mother makes hers in her canning jars. They turn out pretty good.

            Just talking about kraut has got my mouth to watering. Now I’m going to have to go get a can and make kraut and wieners.

      • Very basic . Use a clean crock or bucket . Shrewd and bruse cabbage. Add salt every 2 to 4 inches . Ratio is 3 tablespoons salt to 5 lbs cabbage . Cabbage will make its own juices . If it doesn’t make enough to keep the cabbage under brine when weighted down you will need to make a brine and add it . Weight it down . Keep in a cool but not co!d spot and over with a cloth. Skim any scum that forms on the surface .
        We do 10 gal crocks but for people just starting out you might want to do a qt. jar at a time tell you get it down .

      • HaHa. Me too. I have fermented just about everything there is to ferment but my kraut never turns out well. Thanks for the link.

        • All my life two strings of kraut was enough for a hotdog. I have to eat a Reuben without kraut. This last year, the allergist forbid me to eat anything fermented…allergic to it to the point of being dangerous.

          I think of all I am allergic to and never buy, much less stock up and realize if anyone joined me permanently, I would have to buy food the other person liked. Since there are foods I cannot eat that most people love, it would be a formidable task.

  4. The search is over……after coming up short looking for a local bulk salt distributor; I finally ordered 100 lbs. of Kosher salt, 2.5 lbs. “Pink” salt, and bulk packs of Morton Tender Quick and Morton Sugar Cure from an online distributor. Just need to bag a wild hog soon so I can practice dry curing while the weather is cool. “Making the bacon” will be a project for sure, and probably more expensive than just going out and buying it, but it’s all about knowing how to do it if or when needed. Between the canning, vacuum sealing, and now this, my wife thinks I’m more than a little off kilter!
    Proceeding with building my Emergency Communication System and packing into a Pelican Case. Also developed a communications plan complete with an call signs, authentication table, standard SITREP template, and maps with unique grid reference lines, and distributed copies to a few select others. Not nearly as secure as encryption, but may prove useful in a “significant” event. The HF frequencies cover a fairly wide range (3.8 MHZ – 14.345 MHZ) and allow pretty consistent long range comms (>300 miles) and NVIS comms for stations within 300 miles. I have good UHF/VHF coverage out to approximately 10-12 miles allowing comms with personnel carrying an HT.
    Also picked up plenty of seeds and ordered onion sets from Burpee. This year I’ll be starting all the veggies, with the exception of the onions, from seed indoors vice purchasing most of the plants or trying to start later outdoors. The garlic I planted in October is doing great and once I mulch it this weekend, should be good for the winter. Last year I harvested a bumper crop of garlic in May that took me through this past November. Next year I hope to have an even larger crop and if I can find a cooler location to store it, I hope to be able to have garlic available throughout the year. Might need to try starting a second crop in early summer and harvesting it during the winter. Since all the gardens are raised beds, keeping them sufficiently moist has been a problem, so this winter I’ll add another 4 zones to my sprinkler system and install drip lines for the raised beds. If all goes as planned and I get my 01 September 17 retirement date approved, the house will be on the market and hopefully sold well before the veggies go by. I’d like to think having a ready-made productive veggie garden would be an added bonus for any prospective buyers.
    Need to work on awareness! Although the wife routinely tells people I’m always “Scanning”, I think my everyday level of awareness has dropped considerably over the past few years, especially since it’s been a while since I was deployed. Last week I was walking across the….yep, I’m gonna say it…..Walmart parking lot, and as I climbed into the truck a shady looking character showed up right behind me. I was slightly startled and actually slid my hand back to my handgun. It must have been obvious that I was startled since he immediately started telling me he was not a thug and stepped back a little. After talking with him for a few minutes he seemed like an OK guy and was just looking for a few bucks. I did end up giving him $10.00 for which thanked me profusely. After, I sat there for a few minutes thinking how the situation could easily have gone south. Just one more thing to add to the New Year’s resolution list!

    • Dehydrate the garlic or store the individual pieces in vinegar. I dehydrate garlic, onions, celery, and bell pepper for seasoning.

      • Interesting. Haven’t tried dehydrating yet, but will add to my list of skills needed. I though I might get into freeze drying, but the startup cost is tremendous.

        • Dehydrating is the way to go f you are looking at less expensive. I have looked into freezing drying myself and it looks like 3-4000 to get started. Just a hint. If you are going to dehydrate things like garlic,onions,peppers ( except for bell) need to do it outside. The smell coming off of them is extremely strong.

          • poorman,
            I love the smell of onions and garlic in the house! A friend came and said it was not offensive at all…lol. But, some do put the dehydrator outdoors, just not me.

          • My family hates when I dehydrate mushrooms in the house. I don’t even notice the smell but they do since they’re not mushroom lovers. I try to dry them when the family is gone for the day (and use a room freshener afterwards) or do it outside. Same goes for tomatoes, which they do like but can’t stand the intense smell. Onions are a definite outside drying project – the whole house and furnishings smell of it.

            • Gloria,
              I only dehydrate Vidalia onions, so the house is sweet smelling. Other onions might not be pleasant at all.

              • Vidalia are imported here and too pricey to preserve ($1/lb and higher) so we use local organic onions, under $10 for 50 lbs and they’re quite fragrant.

                • Gloria,
                  Vidalia onions must be transported from Georgia to Alabama and can still be pricey. However, I only buy them on sale, not old, just a weekly grocery store sale. At their most expensive, Vidalias are cheaper and more tasty than onions in the winter. Your price for onions is great.

        • Mustang:

          We dehydrate a lot of froze vegatables, mostly for use in soups and stews. Not a big fan of eating ours “straight” but better than nothing. I also do potatoes, shreads for breakfast, dices and powder for soup.

          Works great and all we do is load and unload. We store ours in mason jars, vacuum sesled.

        • I dehydrate my onions and garlic in the house without any smell issues. I guess the older my husband and I get the less this is an issue. Of course, 40+ years of cooking Italian might be the reason, also.

          • Axelsteve says:

            I have aitilian friends who do not mind the smell of food in there house. In fact if that scent was not present, something would be wrong.

            • Axelsteve, I remember when my Italian Nonna came to our house on what turned out to be a rather long visit when I was about 8-9 years old. My sisters and I went to school one day and when we came home, Nonna had our 12 foot long dining room table filled with pasta and desserts. I’m in my 60s and can still remember the smell. There wasn’t a spare piece of table showing. Unbelievable.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Same thing in mexico/ south america 🙂

        • OhioPrepper says:

          The freeze dryer folks just made me a deal I couldn’t turn down, and I have others willing to pay me for the service, so I just ordered one that should be here next week.
          We didn’t get our garlic planted; but, I think we can do it in our damp basement using some techniques with baskets, burlap and potting soil from a post I read here a while back.
          For use as food, there are many ways to store garlic; but, I’m pretty sure that even dehydrating the bulbs or cloves may make them unviable for later planting.

          • OP,
            That is wonderful! I have figured the only way I can afford one is to have others pay me for my services. I don’t want to co-own anything with anyone! Not being viable is what happens to everything dehydrated. So, if I wanted them to plant later, I would just store them. My house is just too cold to grow anything.

            You will have to keep us posted about the freeze dryer. We can all live vicariously.

          • Hi OhioPrepper,
            The freeze dryer is absolutely amazing. It seems to take longer and not process as much as dehydrating; but, there is room for both when it comes to prepping long term food storage. You can’t dehydrate ice cream, cream cheese, or cheese cake; but, they are wonderful freeze dried.
            My freeze dryer runs almost all day, every day; and, it is amazing how much I have been able to “put up” in the 5 months that I have had it.
            There are some very good you tube videos from people who are very experienced at freeze drying. They share the good and the bad; and, have lots of hints and tips for the beginner.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              I’ve seen some of those on YouTube and some that Harvest Right has sent me links for. We’ve been evaluating our finances and have been making some improvements to our home and general lifestyle. We have a rather sizeable savings right now outside of our IRAs and have decided that new insulation, some new doors and windows, and the freeze dryer when it was offered at such a good price, would be a better investment now than equities or PMs.
              I’ve been drooling over it since I first saw it; but, all the stars lined up and I’ll be getting it delivered sometime next week.
              With the Excalibur for Christmas and now this, I’m not sure I’ll ever stop smiling.

              • Prepared Grammy says:

                I’m so happy for you! I borrowed an Excalibur from my best friend/neighbor. She said that I could use it any time I wanted, but I got my own. Now I can dehydrate any time the mood strikes me. Freeze drying will continue to be a dream. Can I live vicariously through you?

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  Prepared Grammy,
                  Ozarkana already has one and is using it.
                  You may live however you want, vicariously or otherwise; but, my real problem now is getting enough counter space for all of the old and new appliances.

            • Could you please provide a few of the Youtube channel names so that I could search for them?
              I have been wondering about the Harvest Right and especially how much time it takes to prepare foods for freeze drying.

    • Ananamo Also says:

      Better than just storing in vinegar.. Take the garlic peel and bruise it thoroughly/ use a meat hammer to crush it… allow to sit in oen air 10 min. Then dice and cover with.. hot apple cider vinegar with mother…in sterilized jars. I use 1/2 pints and pints. result will be anti-bacterial vinegar can use for medicine or for food. When I use as medicine: 9cc q 4 hours x 2 days takes care of chest congestion and breaks up infection. Can add more vinegar after a few doses, shake well, and cont to use. I usually add 2-3 ounces two or three times before i put in the food only selection…

    • Always Forward says:

      Appreciate your motivation! It is best to dehydrate onions outside or in the gargage unless you want your house to smell like a men’s locker room by the end of the week! It is amazing how awful the smell is.

    • Each year, I dehydrate some onions (outside) but now I also pressure can 50 lbs. I whir them up in my food processor until they are about the size of diced onions and then dump them in a big pot and let them heat up and get a bit juicy then pack them into small jars and pressure can the required amount of time…It only takes a few hours to do all 50 lbs and then when I need onions they are always ready to go. I do keep fresh ones on hand as well.

  5. Hey all, Well I got my other 2 night scopes in they work fine, also I got a infrared illuminator that use’s Cree bulbs it help’s keep use down on the scope so it gets around 50 hours on the battery and scope together versus about 20 hours of scope alone with internal infrared! (made by evolva by the way) Well I guess that’s all for now, See ya!

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Brands & advice?

      • Sure, help you if I can, what do you want to know? brands are what i’ve got, firefield and evolva bought thru amazon saves $$ I’m happy with quality, batteries are AA common and 18650 additional illumination any other questions i’ll answer thru this

  6. patientmomma says:

    Hello Everyone! Help!! Does anyone have some herbal remedies for vertigo? I ended 2016 with a raging sinus infection which plugged up my ears and caused vertigo. arrrrgh. Had to take antibiotics; which haven’t seem to help. Any advice is appreciated.

    Unfortunately, other than feeding the animals, I haven’t done a thing. I hate being sick!! I look forward to your inspiring posts to get me motivated. I hope the new year will be one of safety and good health for each of you.

    • Red tower says:

      Vertigo probably means there is still some inflammation causing pressure on the semi-circular canals (they govern balance). A few basic doses of aspirin over the next few days may help to relieve it. A nasal decongestant may also help, by drying up the mucus membranes in the middle ear, thus relieving pressure. If you must go without meds, try a nasal wash containing mint (just the tiniest amount) or you can take a tea with Echinacea, goldenseal and borage).

    • What I use–otc saline nose spray, pseudoephedrine–generic, Vicks on the end of my nostrils, lots of water, Hall’s Mentholyptus lozenges (original kind).

      • oops, you said herbal…oh well.

      • Another idea is to try peppermint essential oil in boiling water. Put a towel over your head and stand in front of the stove to inhale the steam. (Don’t get to close and burn yourself.)

    • Dr. Mercola had an article on vertigo recently. Here is the link:

    • Don’t get vertigo/congestion myself but these seem like helpful remedies:

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Oil of Oregano use as decongestant…I use up to 30 drops a day…I DIVide into three or four doses a day and put in a little warm coffee, I use a chaser, coffee, cola…anything…. also use peppermint essential oil behind the ears and under jawline… both together will reduce inflammation. External use on Peppermint,… can use every 3-4 hours.Also can use in diffuser . cinnamon, cloves can be placed in diffuser for aroma therapy..as well.
      limit internal peppermint oil to 2x day one drop, what can be on fingertip…2x a day5 days… then i use daily… when rubbed on gums, and in the inner jaw ( I try for as close to ear as possible from inside the mouth) Be sure to get sinus areas cleared before bedtime or they can drain into lungs in night with resultant bronchitis and pneumonia… Should have very good results in 2 days to reduce inflammation.
      .mentholatum is a weaker form of Vicks salve., uses dilutant of peppermint/menthol family…..and safe for use even on small children with chest congestion and rhales.. MIL used on asthmatic children and grandchildren. Saved hospitilizations. their Pediatrician approved when results confirmed.

    • patientmomma says:

      Thanks for the guidance. Because of the nausea associated with the vertigo I’ve been trying to drink ginger and peppermint tea, but have also been taking the tiny generic pseudoephedrine pill, spray decongestant and just restarted vitamin D. I will begin the essential oils immediately as I have them on hand. The links were also helpful as this is the first time I’ve ever experience vertigo; it is quite debilitating. I can barely get my daily chores done and it takes twice as long. I appreciate your taking the time to help me.

      • patient momma,
        Heat from a shower in your face helps. Or, just use a steamy hot washcloth over your face, held tight for a few minutes, helps to loosen the congestion that is causing the problem. HUM. Hum anything, just different tones helps to vibrate loose the congestion. Swallow while holding your nose.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          Patientmomma, Anytime…lot of good tips! Humming will break up upper AND lower congestion…

  7. Prepared Grammy says:

    This week:
    My HAM radio was defective. I returned it and reordered.
    My dehydrator was delivered. The box was severely damaged, but it works. I have been reading the books I ordered with it. I can’t wait to get started.
    I started my indoor herb garden. Wish me luck.
    I added more spices, Kleenex, OTC cold medicine, and beans to storage.
    I made more yeast breads. I love kneeding dough.

    Where should I start with herbal medicines, tinctures, et cetera? I need advice from those with actual experience, not someone who simply read about it and posted on the Internet.

    • Mother Earth says:

      Prepared Granny, I just made some lemon balm salve which I use in place of neosporin as I don’t like using chemicals. I also make a homemade “Vicks”, elderberry syrup and a pine needle salve. You are right on the many internet postings. I would suggest going to the https://wellnessmama.com as she has good information to get you started. Hope this helps!

    • Anonamo Also says:

      What you desire to start with will be determined by what you wish to treat. You must do your own research and learn how and what works for your family. I also use herbals for diarrhea/stomach issues. If your family has thyroid issues look the naturals for that up and begin there… Blood pressure and blood sugar.. try huckleberry…( look at nature walks by Darryl Patton for info..on this . There are several herbalists that have you tubes available. If you want/ are concerned about anti virals, look up and stock natures anti-virals. some are available commercially like L-Lysine, others can be gathered wild during certain times of the year. they can also be ordered from a herbalist/ mail order company…
      I began with treating frequent respiratory issues, initial sinus… then bronchitis and pneumonia… I started with garlic vinegars(as described above), oil of Oregano ( a different product… the strongest version, Oregano Oil must be diluted 5:1 to be oil of Oregano, i use olive oil.. one bottle of Oregano Oil will make 5 of oil of Oregano. I bought several of the oil of oregano to have the dropper bottles, then the oregano oil.).
      also consider all your kitchen spices, ceylon cinnamon, tumeric, ginger are all anti-inflammatoies…buying these in bulk would be another good place to use limited funds wisely..(considering none of us are independently wealthy)
      Peppermint, other essential oils… cloves, cinnamon, frankinsence,tea tree, a very good place to start is the core of most of the introductory kits… by one of the companies that sell them.. there are several companies out there…I use piping rock and swansons because they have worked for me and are affordable. I am not in any rewards program and receive no benefit from them…just a satisfied customer.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I want a good cross section of treatments in case they’re needed. I would specifically like antibiotics.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          PG, This should get you started.
          antibiotic effects… collodial silver, Honey + tea tree oil. 2 oz local unheated honey and 8 drops for treating all kinds of wounds.. for uti and Uri also. . Pippissswea, Usnea, oregano, cloves,peppermint, garlic, lomatium, venus fly trap. these treat a wide range of issues..You must know how to prepare and utilize for best effect. I bought my silver from purestcolloids company, you must remember they can not tell you how to treat an illness but how to maintain health.. I used 10cc sublingual held for 2 min and then swallowed. gastric juices destroy silver’s benefits.to get best effect most herbals need a q 4 hour use. silver is no exception. It will destroy the bacteria in the intestines as well so you must be able to replace those with pro and pre-biotics. .. kraut, buttermilk, yogurt
          You also need a good drawing salve, epsom salt, bleach for pulling infection form a wound.
          You will need treatment for upset tummys, for flu, anti virals in addition to what is listed but several of these are also anti viral, antifungal….

    • Start here, scroll down to the elderberry tincture. It’s dead easy and very effective.

      How to Make Elderberry Tincture and Elderberry Cough Syrup
      By Bam Bam

      Thieves vinegar is east to make as well but more costly the first time as you have to get all the herbs together to make it. I bought them all in bulk packages so they’d be on hand to make more as needed. Proper storage required for the ingredients. Air tight, in a dark cool place. If I feel punky for some reason I just take a shot and then I get to feeling better so I don’t have to take another one…lol. Oh yeah, there’s as many recipes for this as there folks making it, so feel free to experiment.


      1 part lavender, dried
      1 part sage, dried
      1 part thyme, dried
      1 part lemon balm (melissa), dried
      1 part hyssop, dried
      1 part peppermint, dried
      1 handful garlic cloves
      Raw (unpasteurized), organic apple cider vinegar

      • In a glass jar, place all dry ingredients.
      • Add raw (unpasteurized), organic apple cider vinegar to cover
      • Place jar in a cool place and let sit, at room temperature, for six weeks.
      • Strain off herbs and garlic, and decant to a glass bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid.

      • Take a teaspoonful several times daily.
      • Add to salads either directly or in a salad dressing.
      • For personal protection, add a teaspoonful to bath water.
      • Use as a topical spray for disinfecting surfaces and/or skin

      juniper berries
      white wine vinegar

      • I make elderberry tincture by the half gallon now.

      • Encourager says:

        Thank you, thank you tommy2rs! Copied and saved and printed out. I think I have all those ingredients; I grew and dried lemon balm this past summer.

  8. A slow prepping week as I am now babysitting my grand-daughter for the whole work day. Thank God I figured out a way that she will happily take bottles of her mother’s milk. It makes for a much calmer day for both of us.

    Anyway, I did get some stuff done. Made a grocery trip and added to the pantry stash. Another trip to the store scheduled for today as I don’t have the baby. Ordered and received 12-gauge 00-buck and slug ammo (80 rounds of each). Ordered two more magazines for my Sig P228. Also ordered a portable car starter/power bank (should arrive today). Managed to find some time while the baby was napping to read stuff on Ham radio operations. Maybe not such a slow week after all.

    I went to the local Ham club meeting last night and my application for membership was accepted. I’m planning on attending the Winter Field Day set for the last weekend of January. I’ll get to know people better and see things in operation and maybe participate.

    Ready for B. Hussein to leave office. More than ready.

  9. Red tower says:

    Minus 31 degrees will sure let you know where all the cold air is coming in! Not the coldest its ever been here, but that was 18 years ago. At least we had all the stuff for dealing with it. We had already weatherized the spots we knew about. I’m beginning to understand why they had so many tapestries and furs around during the middle ages.
    Still teaching grandson some survival techniques. Today we are trying hot cereal. Stubborn little boy, but he will learn.
    Grandpa’s will is stronger.
    Here’s a thought. What would you do if you had to bug out and the car won’t start? Ours still won’t this morning, and it’s been winterized. Would you take off in the cold, dressed as your best imitation of an eskimo? Or would you wait til it warmed up and hope to escape the reason you were bugging out?

    • We get -31F for a couple of weeks mid winter and every night during that time we leave the block heater on the car to avoid such problems. You can’t start a car if the oil is almost solid. If the power happened to go off during the night, then we simply stay home and don’t try to push our luck. If you’re not used to breathing in -30 temps, then don’t try. It’ll likely kill you faster than any apocalypse disaster would.
      BTW, you also mention tapestries and furs in middle ages. It’s also why so many people wore long garments, long sleeves, capes, and night caps/hats.

      • Red tower says:

        Yeah. I knew they used a lot of things to stop drafts, etc, but understanding it–thats different. I’ve actually been in storms for days on end that drop off the bottom of the wind chill charts. i was taught as a child how to put on layers enough to stay warm. That’s the kind of survival stuff we are teaching the young’in right now, since his moms idea is “run to the car, quick!” In nothing more than everyday clothing.

      • HA…I almost even you! I’m in North Cal and its Barkin COLD…my pool froze last night! LOL It does that sometimes.
        Had to get another 3 cords of wood since we dont use the main heaters on the house (PGE bill kills us!)…So its wood fireplace and efficient space heaters…Although when I woke up this am the house was down to 55…brrrr!
        I think our low is a standard 25-35….and I’m only 500ft elevation. 😉

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Gloria ,

        BTW, you also mention tapestries and furs in middle ages. It’s also why so many people wore long garments, long sleeves, capes, and night caps/hats.

        It’s also in our popular culture; but, many people don’t really pay attention to the words of songs or poems.
        Clement Clarke Moore (1779 – 1863) wrote the poem “Twas the night before Christmas” and one of the lines states,“ And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap,”

        • OP,
          I sleep with a small blanket doubled above and over my pillow. I pull my regular covers up around my chin and ears and pull the one above the pillow down over my head and around ears and shoulders. I end up with enough of a hole to breathe. I dig up this little hole after covering up from the top and bottom. Sometimes, I wear a fleece jacket with hood up while walking around the house if it is particularly frigid. Long hair works well to keep my neck warm and head.

        • This article recently came out about keeping warm at night and reiterates some of the same points:

          • OhioPrepper says:

            As it turns out, these are not so old, LOL.
            #1 The grate. We have several of these in the old section of our house.
            #2 My DW remembers her mom bringing a hot brick wrapped in towels to bed when tucking her in.
            #3 The nightcap. I’ve worn a knit cap many times to bed, especially since I have no hair up there for warmth.
            #4 Layer – yep still do that one
            #5 Sleep with the dog. While I’ve never done that myself, I have friends who have and one of the cats likes to sleep with the DW. I understand that shepherds in Australia will dig a small depression and, fill it with grass, and cuddle up in it with their dogs.. I heard this from a musician in an interview when they discussed how they named their group. The group was of course, “Three Dog Night” which was explained as a cold one.
            #6 Sweats, T’s and wool sweaters here. I haven’t worn official PJs in years. The DW uses the Joe Boxer brand of flannel PJ’s, nice and warm.
            #7 We don’t snuggle at night as often as we used to.
            #8 Hot Iron, See #2 for hot brick. I have seen cast iron skillets with a hinge lid for this purpose.

            • BlueJeanedLady says:

              Ohio Prepper – Ha! I only had to read the first four words of your #5 suggestion
              #5 Sleep with the dog.

              when I thought of the same thing you did,

              I heard this from a musician in an interview when they discussed how they named their group. The group was of course, “Three Dog Night” which was explained as a cold one.

              as mentioned in your last two sentences on #5. How funny.

              I have slept with the giant dogs – my mastiffs – only two at a time (never had three grown ones at once and the queen sized bed might have never been able to handle two adults plus three huge dogs). Ha, ha! Thus stated, I never actually had a “Three Dog Night” . . . none-the-less, the two dog nights were plenty warm and very, very appreciatively, toasty!

              I always enjoyed sleeping with the big furs as they never wanted under the covers, just wanted to snuggle next to in the winter and stay just close enough to lay a paw upon during the summertime, but the little one we “inherited” (we took him after the in-laws could no longer care for him) wants to sleep under the covers year round. That drives me a little nutty – I don’t like the small and furry beasts crawling around me under the sheets and startling me awake at night – but this little booger is welcomed under the sheets on the DH’s side, even if the little dog doesn’t have that much warmth to share. 🙂 Gotta love the critters, don’t ‘cha.

              The cats (when we had them) all seemed to like sleeping above the covers either at our feet – or atop our heads! Wonder if that’s why there’s never been a band self named, “Three Cat Night” ?!?!? Go figure! 🙂

              Okay – – – now the lyrics running through my brain begin with the words,

              “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.
              Was a good friend of mine.
              I never understood a single word he said,
              but I helped him drink his wine,
              and he always had some mighty fine wine . . .”

              One of my favorites, that “Three Dog Night” band, both now and back in the day! 🙂 You, yours and all others – keep taking care.

              • BlueJeanedLady says:

                Oops – once again, I messed up my “quote blocks”. Hope the message is clear enough to read in context despite the posting errors. My apologies. 🙁

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  I for one enjoy your posts! And am the last to judge someones grammatical errors. 🙂 lol 🙂 keep on keeping on most awesome lady

              • BlueJeanedLady,
                When my son was three, his Sunday School teacher came to us in a very sanctimonious tattling about our son. It seems they were talking about Jeremiah. He piped up and said, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.” She thought he was just being a brat. I started laughing. She was shocked. I told her about the song Joy to the World where that was part of the song lyrics. She was so confused that such a religious sounding song had irreligious words. I am quite sure she wondered what the new preacher’s wife listened to on the radio. We sang along to all the songs when we drove. My son was so curious about levees too, since “I drove my chevy to the levee” in American Pie.

                Jeremiah WAS a bullfrog!

          • I’ve got a couple of these soapstone bed warmers for when the power is out and the electric blanket doesn’t work. It’s nice to warm the bed first then pile on the comforters and blankets.


            • Encourager says:

              We picked up two soapstone warmers during the 127 World’s Longest Yard Sale…at $3 and $5 each. Never used them in bed. I am weird – I love to slide between ice cold sheets!!

              • Almost There says:

                Encourager me too. What a deal on those though. I’ve always wanted to go to that sale. Maybe this year.

              • I picked up several hot water bottles and made insulated flannelette ‘pockets’ for them so they wouldn’t burn us.

          • Simple and effective: fill a cleaned two-liter soda bottle with the hottest tap water. Cap tightly and slide it in between the sheets. Warm feet all night! The next night, microwave the full bottle for four minutes — no leaks, no waste, no worries.

            • Anonamo Also says:

              Microwave requires electricity. Dog doesn’t., but mine takes the electric heating pad… LOL

            • When I was a child, we burned coal or wood. The fires went out at night. The adults in the family would heat bricks by the fire and wrap them in towels to put in the beds. That was a real encourager to help us slide between those cold, cold sheets!

        • Years ago, my super cat would drape over my neck or under my head at night. Cozy!

    • patientmomma says:

      Oh my gosh; -31 ! I’ve never experienced temperatures that low. I really admire your ability to live in such harsh conditions! I guess you have to be raised in it to tolerate it.

    • Red tower says:

      DH just got his vehicle up and running just before he got this job (the last one gave him a truck to drive). Unfortunately, the money he was going to spend on a block heater was used to go get the grandson. We expected this winter to be cold, just hoping not so soon. Read on later news it was -42 or so in Boise this morn.

    • I can’t even imagine -31. It is 50 degrees outside right now and it’s supposed to drop to 28 tonight. That is very cold for Florida.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Bam Bam,
        As I type this the temperature is sitting at 5.5 ° F and headed down. The wind chill is well below zero, and that is a good reason to stay inside and play with radio and computers. Even with all of that, -31 is bone chilling, unless your in Canada and using Celsius, LOL.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          We were at 7 this morning, very cool for here. This is the time it needs to come.by thursday we are supposed to be about 69.

        • When you hit the minus thirties and forties, C and F are both the same number/reading.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Actually, °C and °F are equal to each other, only at -40. This is the intercept of the two temperature lines.
            The C line runs from freezing at 0 and boiling at 100, while the F line runs from freezing at 32 and boiling at 212
            When you lay out these lines, they cross or intersect only at the -40 point.
            Converting between the two scales is simple algebra using the equation of the line: mx+b

            • Solani, BC Canada says:

              Coincidence or synchronicity perhaps? (I really don’t believe much in coincidences) Both D and I are originally born in California and US citizens. (nope, no “snowflakes” 😛 ) Traveled very different paths through life that somehow managed to merge in Canada… ??
              Anyhow, back to what I intended to write… We both grew up with Fahrenheit and US measuring units. I however adapted very quickly to the metric and Celsius system when I’d moved to Sweden, as I found it to be more logical. D jokingly calls me a “traitor and un-American” for refusing to re-learn Fahrenheit, quarts, ounces, lbs. etc… I even bought my own weather station just so I can see what the temperature is, as well as have the time set on the 24 hour setting. So on our kitchen table facing each other, we have a “divide” down the middle. His side is °F and AM/PM and mine is °C and military time… Right now, it’s 22:25 and -26C° (outside) LOL

              • OhioPrepper says:

                As an engineer I’m comfortable in both systems; but, use the metric when I can since most engineering units are metric. We measure volts, amps, mass, and time with Milli, Micro, Pico, etc.
                In the English system you have to remember too much, which I do; but, prefer metric in part for that reason.
                Measurements like inches in a foot, feet in a yard, feet in a mile, yards in a mile, all require too much thinking, and are BTW 12, 3, 5280, 1760.
                In the metric system the numbers will all be 10, 100, 1000, etc, and you can doo all of that math in your head.
                I remember back in the 1970’s when the U.S. was considering officially adopting the metric system that one of the arguments against converting was that auto mechanics would have to toss all of their tools and purchase new ones. What happened instead is that they now all have to purchase and maintain two sets with one for each system.
                When we cook around here we generally weigh ingredients in grams, since you get a finer resolution, since there are 16 ounces in a pound and 455 grams per pound.

                • Ooops, tiny correction: 453.6 gm/lb LOL

                  • OhioPrepper says:


                    Ooops, tiny correction: 453.6 gm/lb LOL

                    That was a typo and should have been 454 (rounded up); but, if you want to get technical, it’s actually 453.592 LOL.

                • Solani, BC Canada says:

                  I also measure in grams when baking, especially if following a recipe I haven’t previously used but also use the deciliter and liter.

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    Here we’re still kind of stuck with teaspoons, tablespoons and fractions of cups; but, all of our mandatory food packaging information like serving size is in both ounces and grams, making grams easy to use. We have already converted most dry measurements, e.g., a cup of sugar, to their gram weight equivalents.
                    Most if not all medical items from OTC to prescriptions use gram equivalents.

    • RedTower,
      How old is this grandson? I learned if I offhandedly told my son that suchandsuch is what his favorite superhero ate, he would venture a bite once I quit pushing. He would even eat things if I told him Snoopy ate it. I quit putting tomato on his plate and he cried because he did not have any. From that day forward, he ate tomatoes! My father pushed me to eat things that I now know I am allergic to!

  10. This week, I bought my first food grade bucket and gamma lid at Lowe’s. Once before, I did buy a food grade bucket, but the gamma lid from online did not fit. I asked the guy to put the lid on for me since I knew I could not do it. He told me to just push it on without removing the center part. Naturally, I told him how to do it! He tried everything he knew, pushing and beating with his fist, and finally we went to the paint dept so he could use a mallet. Even then, it took many whacks of the mallet. This bucket is for the many boxes of Morton’s. I won’t empty the boxes, just place the round canisters in the bucket.

    When I got home and was looking at the label on the gamma lid, I was horrified to see this was for dog food! Look at http://www.gamma2.net to see the different options for dogs or pet containers. Finally, when I went to the FAQs, the site stated these gamma lids are food grade. This will be the last one I will buy from Lowe’s.

    As I was in line at WM, I noticed the guy’s shirt in front of me. It was a company name that gave no clue as to the type company. It had a statement underneath that needed explanation. It turns out he cuts trees under power lines. He said he climbed trees to cut the limbs he ties off. I explained my situation with the hickory tree. He was telling me how he was reasonable. I explained I had no money and was hoping someone who cut trees could get their money from a BBQ place by selling the wood. He nodded and said he was friends with a bbq owner. He gave me his number for me to call on a weekend so he could come and see what had to be done since it is between two houses and is hanging over the neighbor’s house. Hopefully, this will work out for me. He said he is licensed and insured. That may be only when he is working for his employer.

    I thought I would die doing it, but I finally got two screws into the center part a kitchen drawer rides on. Now, I have my drawer back. I know you might think it sounds dramatic to say so, but this kind of fix is so hard on me so that I must recover!

    I have spent the week in piddling organizing and washing clothes and such. After almost four month of being continually ill, the place is a wreck.

    Even though the nurse practitioner said I did not need to see the urologist. I fought through and got an appointment. He sort of pooh poohed my having a uti for so long, and said it happens, nothing can be done. I related my experience after my first child was born. He sort of changed his mind and then continued to not take me seriously. THEN, all of a sudden, he developed a strategy and gave me advice and a cream. The whole experience turned out positively in spite of the poor beginning of the appointment. He explained things I did not know or understand.

    The weatherman said the “s” word LAST weekend! Wednesday, I thought I would get milk. Nope! There was no whole milk and only six gallons of 2%. I bought one. Thursday, the milk was cleaned out again.

    Right now, thawed chicken water is my goal. A plastic one with nipples won’t do, so I have a dilemma.

    • Also, tuna is $.69/can. So, I will buy at least a dozen cans today. My comment is in moderation because I included a link…argh.

      • LindaW:
        We had a sale this week. $.39/can/case and another 10% off!

        Time to stock up!

        • JP,
          At first, I felt a deep envy, wishing I had found some of those, NOT wanting yours or wishing you hadn’t found a better price. Then, I remembered I want Star Kist. Yes, I am a spoiled brat, but the other tastes nasty to me. Was your SK tuna? If so, what was the name of the store? I am going back to get another dozen cans. I had too many groceries to carry in before they freeze in the car.

          • LindsW:

            There are some things that “generic” (store brand, as these were) is okay with me, others, not so much. I don’t eat tuna “straight’ or with mayo/salad dressing, only in a mixed dish, so I really can’t tell the difference.

            There are times I can get Star Kist tuna for about $.79/can. Just not all that often.

            • JP,
              Starkist is $.75 now at WM. Of course, that is only because SK is cheap at another store. I don’t eat it straight either, but I can tell the difference.

              • Axelsteve says:

                I do not eat mayo so I use mustard and a few other things in my tuna.

                • BlueJeanedLady says:

                  Axelsteve – I actually love canned tuna and have been known to eat a can just for a snack. (Chicken of the Sea has been my favored brand – grew up on that brand – but it’s had some recall issues in the near recent past and StarKist is okay with me yet I really don’t like most of the “off” brands as something seems “off” to my taste buds – – – just me I suspect. I also try to stay away from brands from China . . . just ‘cuz.)

                  I do eat mayo and love it with tuna, and I do love mustard but never thought of putting mustard on cold, canned tuna! Humm . . . I’ll have to try that one. Sometimes when I’m out of mayo (and too lazy to make any fresh) I’ll drain a can of tuna (save the “juice” for the cats – they love it – or the occasional odd dog that likes it, too) and add a couple of tablespoons of dill pickle relish & a little extra, finely chopped onions (any variety) if in the fridge. (Never a sweet pickle relish – I really dislike sweet pickles – only a dill pickle relish with a tad of dill pickle juice, too!)

                  Just thought I’d throw the idea out there for you, Axelsteve. You might enjoy the simple addition of just relish, (dill or sweet, your preference) too. Continued happy eats! 🙂

            • Not a fan of canned tuna but this one isn’t too bad can hardly taste the tuna. But when The Boss wants some tuna this is what I make for her.

              Mediterranean Tuna Salad


              1 (6-ounce) can or jar of tuna (packed in spring water)
              1/2 cup artichoke hearts, diced
              1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives, chopped (I just use black olives)
              1 roasted red pepper, chopped (or pimentos)
              1/4 cup fresh chopped parsley
              2 tablespoons slivered basil leaves
              3 tablespoons olive oil
              Juice of 1 lemon (or bottled if necessary)
              Salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste


              Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Chill until ready to serve.

              Serve in lettuce leaves, on a baguette, or on whole grain crackers.

              • What a delightful sounding recipe tommy2rs. Definitely a keeper recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

              • BlueJeanedLady says:

                Thanks tommy2rs – Your recipe sounds delicious to me, then again, I can also eat tuna straight out of the can. It’s funny how different people like or dislike tuna. I have a close relative that loves any kind of cold tuna salad (and would probably enjoy your recipe) but he refuses to eat “hot tuna”. “Huh?” you ask. Translation: Any tuna cooked or heated up in a dish or casserole. Go figure! 🙂

              • Sounds good!

          • If you add pepper relish to store brand tuna it tastes fine.

    • I once finally found some gamma lids at a store and bought a bunch. Only to find they didn’t fit a single bucket I had. Not a happy camper!

    • Anonamo Also says:

      As long as the lid will fit the bucket, it will protect what you place inside. Remember Lowes is a home dept store and their products are labeled for those uses… to PROMOTE that use. We have gotten about 1 and half-2″ of white fluffy material. I heard it is called Sn o w. in line to get some more later in day/night. No sales on tuna here.. and .am not buying seafood due to contamination of oceans.
      So far all our lids have fit some of my buckets, tho when getting from odd sources be sure to get the matching lid at same place…and check for fit, before you buy… silicone can be used under rim to seal if not rubberized. cheaper than 10 rounds of duct tape…
      When you use that tuna be sure to space it…. out so mercury and radiation does not “light you up”… just sayin’ … for YOUR consideration.

      • I eat no more than one a week, if that many, since Fukishima.

      • AA,
        Remember? I said I had someone assemble it in the store? The lids were stored about the “food grade” buckets, so it appeared strange to buy a dog food lid. The lid did not say it was for dog food. I did shop carefully!

        Free buckets are touted on sites like this as usable with gamma lids, so getting the wrong size when ordering online might not be possible.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          Linda W,
          I got that, I was not dissing you in any way. You do remarkably well for your situation… I know you prep with severe limitations.
          You use methods, for increasing the foods you can eat, that are not available to me in our rural area. Being in close in to a town/city services does have benefits. I am so glad you were able to make this purchase!.. This was definitely a good move!

          It will help you protect one item many people will overlook and is so very essential…. if you have them, put some silica packs in with the salt to help pull out any moisture. place several in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to drive out moiture and they are re-useable.(until you melt them like i did, oops!).. the little packs that are put in medications… If you have a pharmacy you use regularly they will prob save them for you for free they throw them away…
          Salt.. could be a good barter item, if you have enough.
          If someone/anyone need to “make room” in that container, putting a couple of containers in double bagged zip lock might enable you to fit more…just be sure to label it, so you know if it has iodine or not and if it is kosher/canning etc.
          I often place some in with my baking supplies in a ziplock double bagged or in a used/but cleaned pickle jar..

          ….. My point was to point out, especialy for those who have NOT began buying buckets, packing or obtaining them…. IF it will protect DOG food it WILL certaintly protect human food as well.
          I would freeze all dry foods except sugar and salt before placing in buckets. ..I do a minimum of 10 days in coldest freezer… If in one of these very cold area a dry storage outside would work… There is a reason I do n’t live in the great north area…( my definition of great north..is anything north of TN-Ky line.). ( insert smile!)
          and you are right…about shopping for tops for buckets, probably best to get them at the same place,( also my point), and get someone to assemble. Great Move! I would not have thought about that. but i have someone to asist with in home assembly.
          .. I always get the lids of used buckets with them, and occassionally I will find a bucket that is non standard…and have to be careful to protect those lids. a certain amount of this can be done by packing buckets very tightly and over-filling to last ounce and i put in oxygen aborbers.

          • All my free buckets do come with lids! I want the gamma lids so I can add to buckets. I can see more salt containers on a shelf I cannot reach. Most things are kept in glass jars, like 40 lbs of sugar. I won’t be dumping anything into plastic to store in plastic. I like having one salt canister out to use from and the package states what I have in my hand. This is my way to do this. If I had a sealer and bags, I MIGHT empty salt into them. MIGHT!

            I can barely lift the salt in the bucket enough to move it a few feet. There is only about 20 lbs of salt in there at the moment. I need small packages, small canisters to lift. I have to do this my way unless someone wants to come help me pick things up. I do want to seal things, but don’t have the equipment–Food Saver.

          • AA,
            I was NOT concerned about the gamma lid protecting anything. I was worried about it being food grade since precautions for dog food are not as stringent as the precautions for humans.

            I do freeze all things before putting in containers for storage. I am not so new to this. As for prepping with limitations, I do not have mental limitations or disabilities, just physical ones–joint injuries. I am not so hopeless. I don’t have anyone to do physical things beyond me.

            Filling up a five-gallon bucket means I have a bucket I can neither pick or budge even with pushing. Even when buying groceries, I can only carry so much at a time and make many trips to the car to bring in groceries. I could put things in my little red wagon and pull it to the door, but now I cannot pull the wagon due to torn rotator cuffs and the back getting worse.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              The Gamma Seal lids are food grade.
              The basic difference between food grade and non food grade have to do with the dies used in the plastic; thus, white are always better when you can get them.
              There are also some additional concerns with the release agent to make the bucket come loose from the mold; but, food grade also uses a food grade agent.
              Are you using Mylar bags inside the buckets? If so, instead of using a 4-5 gallon bag, many folks use the 1 gallon bags. You can place quite a few of them in a bucket for storage and protection from insects, etc; but, can still move things piecemeal. Additionally, you can store different items in a single bucket, like rice, beans, salt, and sugar.

              • OP,
                No mylar bags yet. Long before I discovered this blog , a friend was going to put food in a crawl space. I suggested making the buckets with a variety of items. She thought I was brilliant…lol. Right now, I only have the one bucket. I was just trying it out, since this will be the first bucket with a gamma lid I have owned. When I get all the salt down from the high shelf, I may consider putting something related in this bucket, like spices. Since I still and always will buy the small containers, I would just put those in a gallon plastic bag and place on top of the salt.

                I buy ONLY French’s ground black pepper and in very small little metal boxes. These are to the pont they clutter a shelf. So, those will be added, not for variety to the bucket, but as a place to store them and gain back shelf space.

                Somehow, I cannot tolerate other peppers. I have tried other brands. I don’t use a lot of pepper EVER, so this is not a problem. Therefore, many small containers, bought one at a time with a coupon is my way to go. I have tried other brands. This is not a preference or brand loyalty.

                I have forty pounds of sugar in quart jars….somewhere…lol. When I get a foodsaver, that will all go in mylar bags and into a bucket.

                I don
                t want/need a guy for his brute strength, but strength, even a bit more than my own is a perk.

                • LindaW,

                  If we lived close, I ‘d love to drop by and help you with some of your high-shelf chores. I don’t have brute strength anymore, but I can do shelf picking. 🙂

                  Here is a suggestion that may get you some help. As of Jan 1st, the Boy Scouts of America increased the number of community service hours required for Boy Scouts to advance through their ranks. Helping older, physically diminished people counts toward service hours.

                  You can draw up a list of things you need done, but can’t do, that the Scouts can do in an hour or two on a weekend. When I was a scout leader, our troop, and Venturing crew, did these things.

                  In one case, the troop camped out on the person’s land and worked for nearly two days cleaning up an old farm (of course that was in summer). The troop killed two birds with one stone. Got a pile of service hours for each kid, and knocked off a camping trip too.

                  Finding a nearby Scout troop shouldn’t be too hard. I suggest calling one of the larger churches in your area and ask the pastor if they sponsor a troop, and if not, who does.

                  You will need to talk with the troop Scoutmaster and see if they can help and set up a date.

                  If you can’t locate a troop, ask MD to send you my email and let me know. I will track down a nearby troop you can talk with.

                  • Zulu 3-6,
                    LOL, a shelf picker is just what I need right now. I was going to chance standing on a stool with both knees apt to collapse, but vertigo as a residual from recent illness has left me afraid to get up on the low stool.

                    My husband was a Scout Master. I’m sure I can find scouts. Thanks.

                • Linda, I wouldn’t waste mylar or foodsaver bags on sugar. If your buckets have sealable lids, then put the sugar in the buckets and get the lids sealed tight. That will do the job since sugar never spoils. If you’re in a flood prone area, store the buckets high (or have someone put them up there for you).

                  • Gloria,
                    Thanks. I will remember that. It will be a long time before I will use a gamma seal and bucket on sugar since it IS stored. I really need to get other things in bucket right now. Thankfully, I am not in a flood prone area. I am on one of the higher places in town. The lot next to me is slightly higher by inches, but the lots behind us are noticeable lower. I have to come uphill to get here. Plus, I live on a plateau. We do have flooding but not widespread or very deep, just not anywhere near where I live.

                    This week, I am going to put all the little packets/pouches of stuff in with the salt to get it all in one place. I looked and cannot find the containers of pepper, so it is probably beyond my reach, too. Thanks.

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    Gloria & Linda,
                    I only store sugar in glass jars or #10 cans without a Mylar bag. Placed directly in a bucket it can get into the crevasse sin the corners and be very hard to get back out. I also generally store something like sugar in multiple smaller bags, either Mylar or Foodsaver.
                    We only use Gamma Seal lids on items that we need to access often, like chicken feed and other feed stocks.
                    Also, never use an O2 absorber with sugar, since it will cause it to clump, and simply waste the O2 absorber.

                    • So far, I like my sugar in the quart glass jars since they are liftable and mostly because they are DONE. But, I do appreciate knowing about the corners and problems. Oh, I stored pasta in glass jars, whole grain, imported and expensive. Now, I found out I am allergic to wheat and but can tolerate any wheat but whole grain. It was bought for less than cheap pasta and now will be chicken food!

                      So, do you store sugar in mylar bags but not in a gamma seal? I can see where any bucket would work if it is in Mylar bags.

                    • I have about 500 lbs of white sugar stored in buckets, and another couple hundred in DD;s closet. If I used jars, there’d be nowhere to store them here as I’m already looking for more storage space. Don’t use cans at all – house is too humid for them.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      We have stored sugar in glass jars using the Foodsaver to seal the jar, and had a few from the LDS cannery in #10 cans. These all work out OK.
                      I’ve done a few experiments with sugar in 1 gallon Mylar bags that were also OK. I found over the years that storing anything small like sugar or flour in a 5- gallon bucket without bagging it, can be problematic getting the last little bits out of the bucket; plus, I personally like the extra protection from outside contamination from chemicals, insects, etc.

                      Now, I found out I am allergic to wheat and but can tolerate any wheat but whole grain

                      Emphasis is mine. I’m not sure what you mean here, can you grind your grain into flour or sprout it?
                      On the Gamma Seal lids we use them when we need access to the contents on a regular basis. For the most part that is for goat and chicken feed. I also have some bright orange buckets with bright orange gamma seal lids where I store many of my Hunter Education supplies, primarily to emphasize to a class that bright Blaze or Hunter Orange is so important in hunting safety.
                      One other place we use the Gamma Seal lids is to store open boxes of breakfast cereal in the summer. It can get very humid here, and many cereals, especially those with flakes, can get rather wilted and soggy. Storing the boxes, once opened, in a bucket with a Gamma Seal Lid, along with some silica gel desiccant, keeps the cereal nice and crisp.
                      In the end we all have to work with the limitations that we have, be it financial, physical, storage space, etc. and realize that while there may be better ways of doing things, there are no wrong ways.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      500 pounds of sugar is a lot. I can’t get the DW to store more than about 80-100
                      Are you bagging the sugar or storing it directly in the buckets and if the latter, how do you get small quantities out to use it and reseal what’s left.

                    • O.P. – I just store sugar in clean buckets with gaskets on the lids. Not had a problem with caking up as I make sure the lids are tightly resealed. I avoid buckets & lids that don’t have gasket lids.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      Do you just place the sugar in the bucket or bag it? If yes, do you have any problems getting the last of the sugar out of the bucket?
                      As for lids, I agree. No gasket, no use.

                    • O.P. I just pour sugar straight into the buckets. They’re a good thickness (usually from icings, batters, etc, never thinner ice cream buckets) and not prone to drying out provided the gasket is fixed properly. They’re good to the last handful, which might sometimes need a gentle nudge out but nothing drastic like knives or hammers. We use a lot of sugar for canning and I do rotate them, so I couldn’t verify they’d stay soft for the very long term. I buy brown/gold sugar in 2 kilo bags and leave them in the store bags in the bucket. Can get 3-4 bags into one bucket, depending on size.

                • Anonamo Also says:

                  Linda, Have you tried White Pepper.? I have a family member who only uses this pepper. Just sayin’,

    • patientmomma says:

      I buy my gamma lids from BayTec Containers; they fit on any 2 to 6 gal bucket. I use a rubber mallet to get the ring on the bucket. I get my food grade buckets from a trader for $1 each if I buy in bulk. I get email notices from Bay Tec when they have sales and some months they have 10 to 15% off if you buy a dozen and in December I got free shipping. The batch I bought were $6.75/each. They are usually around $10 to $11. EE sells them individually for $10.

      • I pain $3.98 for the bucket and $7.28 for the gamma lid. I still need to research the thickness of these at Lowe’s. They can be found 90 mil thick. I want the thickest ones. I will take any bucket with me to make sure I have the right size AND to get someone to put the rim of the lid on the bucket. I have got the rubber mallet but I am quite sure I would not be able to get it on. Some things I do with much difficulty and then suffer from making injured joints worse. I know my limitations.

        • Axelsteve says:

          I get my buckets from the grocery stores with a bakery or deli. They are always eager to give me a bunch of them.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I have a friend who has access to once used buckets that would otherwise end up in the trash. I’m expecting he’ll be calling me shortly with another few dozen. He gives them to me and I give them to others.
            Our only deal is that I cannot sell them or toss them, and quite frankly, it’s getting harder to find people who need them, since I’ve had this nearly endless supply.

            • OP,
              If I were closer, I would relieve you of a bunch of buckets. I have to pay for used buckets at bakeries, delis, WM, everywhere! People around here have learned the value of a bucket. I did have an employee sneak me two of the square buckets with lids. I will probably plant peppers in those.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I’m down to about a dozen buckets right now; but, I’m out of lids. My source says he will have me another 2 dozen or so here any day. I may get lids for all or not; but, when the price is free, you can’t complain much.
                They can also be used with normal lids that will seal pretty tight with a mallet and unless you need frequent access, that’s what we do instead of the Gamma Seal lids.
                You can also make a good quality gravity drip water filter from a couple of them and a filter element.
                I almost had some for Chuck Findlay a while back; but, he couldn’t make the Findlay hamfest. I’ve been in touch by email with OhioGirl and she and her husband are in the middle of a move after closing on some property about 25-30 miles from us. We plan a meetup at some point and hopefully she’ll be needing some buckets by then.

    • Red tower says:

      Ace hardware, if you have one, also carries food grade buckets, with the gamma lids sold separately. They are the white buckets with the ace logo, not the plain white utility ones. The branded buckets can be used without a liner. The utility buckets are okay with one.

      • We have a local hardware that went ACE, Then an ACE did open. I might go out there just to look around since it has been open for two years and I have never been there. Thanks for the reminder.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I’ve used Gamma lids for years for everything from animal feed to long term storage of food. I’ve never found one that didn’t fit every 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket I’ve found; but, to get the ring (with the center removed) onto the rim of the bucket has always taken a mallet and a lot of work.

      • My bucket was not the right size and I was shocked. I worked on one for hours. Then, I discovered it had no gasket. Thankfully, I never got that one on. I measured the rim of the right bucket. Mine was about an inch too wide. It was a puzzle to me. But, it was a free bucket.

    • Linda:
      I buy 2 gallon buckets from the local donut shop. They are easier for me to lift post rotator cuff surgery. They come with sturdy lids, but I don’t know if they would work with gamma lids.

      • Moe,
        I have several from the donut shop here, so I will take one to Lowe’s and see if it will fit. Sometimes when I lift too much or move wrong, I can hear the rotator cuff tearing more.

        • Linda:
          Ouch. That sounds painful. Take care. My Mom has problems with both shoulders, they gave out a few years before her hips. I was lucky enough to have good insurance and a need for the surgery to continue working and so went under the knife 10 years ago. Grinding wheat manually is good exercise as long as I don’t overdue.

          • Moe,
            I have the insurance, just no one to help out afterwards. I know many people who have had rotator cuff surgery and said I could not do it alone. Besides, my knees need surgery first and my back. I try to keep the shoulders mobile, raising my arms for tasks like washing hair, fixing it, reaching up for things even when it hurts. I know women who can no longer raise their arms even to fix their own hair and go have it washed and styled each week. Others sit and do nothing. Even if had lots of help and I could do nothing, I would not want to be that immobile and helpless. I like retaining all my mobility I can as I age. I do try to do things and not overdo the movements.

  11. Patriot Farmer says:

    I attended a local gun show and bought two backpacks and a concealed carry purse for the DW. I couldn’t find any sales or discounts on other preps. Maybe next week sales, discounts or coupons will come in.

  12. Just ordered a 2 Gal fermenting Crock from Ace Hardware of all places. I was hoping to run right over and pick one up, but they don’t carry them in their stock. This morning after coming across an article on making sauerkraut I got a hankering to try out making some myself. Like everything else, if my first batch turns out well, I’ll upgrade to a 5 Gal Crock and make a big batch for canning.

    • Axelsteve says:

      my mom had a 67 mustang and now has a 07 I am not sure if you are a car or horse person. I just thought that I would bring it up.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I am not sure if you are a car or horse person.

        I’m a car person that likes the car to have a lot of horses under the hood…

  13. Activities

    Gun Show: Friday – sold 2 rifles, a couple of small items (good day!); picked up a used holster, a book, wide suspenders, & covered expenses for the weekend. Saturday was slow but we still moved some small stuff; took over another empty table. Sunday was dead and snowing, show closed early, only sold some ammo at the last minute.

    Due to a scheduling issue, we are having 2 weekends in a row with gun shows. The next one is in mid-Feb. Looks like we will get above freezing on Monday (only day in the 10-day forcast) before it gets cold and snowy again.

    Very cold this week. Well into the negative temps every night. Glad we changed out our 1st floor windows a couple of years ago. Thursday, it was -30 @ 8:30 AM and it didn’t officially get above -4.

    Received our order of basic OTC medical supplies from the funds left over from this year’s Flex (medical) account. Not only did we get to use the left over funds, but got free shipping and an additional $30 worth of supplies!

    Several Amazon orders came in this week. One was a case of 4 oz. water pouches. On another blog from Montana the host was saying it was easier to thaw a 4-oz. pouch than a 16-ounce bottle so they could be left in the car all winter. Made sense.

    Our current project is dehydrating potatoes. I can usually get 10 pounds of Russet’s for $2. It takes about an hour to peel and shred them (Salad Shooters are great). Blanch for 5 minutes and into the dehydrator. Currently we are putting them into vacuum sealed quart jars, but I think we will start on 2 gallon buckets. We use a lot during the summer so, why buy commercial ones of $7-8 a gallon carton. My goal is 10 pounds per week, very doable. A 10 pound bag ends up making 2 quarts of dehydrated shreds.

    Thursday was “Blue-Hair Day” (senior discount – 10% off everything, including sale items) so we picked up a few things.

    * * * How’s your skill list? Anything that can be practiced indoors? * * *


    For the homestead: HTH #3 pool shock

    Sale/warehouse food(s): M&M’s, Ova Eggs, 12 egg envelopes, Drinking water, 4 oz. pouches (for the vehicles), coffee, tuna, AF Chili, instant oatmeal, frozen vegetables & potatoes (for dehy.).

    Other items: FSA EOY medical supplies, wide suspenders

    Books/media: Book: Lyman bullet casting (used)

    Guns & Shootin’ Stuff: Used leather holster (crossdraw), IWB leather holster for LC9 w/CTC laser, nylon chest rig/waist belt, 22 LR ammo (pulled from the gun show table),

    • JP in MT Were the pouches already filled with water or did you buy the empty ones?

      • cgbascom:

        They were filled, kind of like the Capri-Son drinks. I think the brand is Mainstay. They came from Amazon.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I have 4.27 oz (150 ml) Mylar water pouches from Datrex that are at least 20 years old. Every few years we open one and they are still good.
        The US Coast Guard approves these along with the Datrex bars (which I also have) for use in survival watercraft.
        Their rated life is 5 years; but, that is stored in all kinds of conditions on a boat, while these have been kept cool and dry like all our preps should be kept.
        You can find these in 12 packs or larger on Amazon for between $1.25 and $1.50 each.
        Just another option.

      • Thanks, OP and JP. I’m looking at water containers that can be frozen (left in sub zero weather in the van) without damage and leaking. Mylar might be better than a stiff plastic.

    • JP,
      You found Ova eggs in a regular store?

      • LindaW:

        The only place I have found Ova Eggs in a store is Sportsman’s Warehouse, of all places. But then compared to most of the US, our towns are 35-55,000. Bigger cities might have stores that carry it, or more stores that carry FD foods. I feel lucky that our new grocery chain, Stokes, carries a fairly large selection of AF freeze dried. Along with the large 6 gallon buckets of their stuff.

        • JP,
          There are a few places that are for hunters and sporting people. I may call around. Thanks.

    • JP,
      Did not mean to post. Yes, I have a skill to practice indoors. Right now, I am honing my skill at warming up in bed in a house with no heat. When I leave the house, I turn off the heater. I was gone for four hours and it was below freezing out. Right now, I need to get my fingers under the covers.

      • There are times that I don’t like the cold, but I dislike the extreme heat less.

        I’m glad that so few people live around me, but I don’t like the short growing seasons.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          There are times that I don’t like the cold, but I dislike the extreme heat less.

          For cold you can always layer up or bundle up or create some kind of heater, even with just candles and a can.
          For heat you can only take off so much until it no longer helps and if you have high humidity with the heat. Arrrgh.

          • OP,
            There is only so much clothing that can be removed before the police are called.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Actually in my own house and on some parts of my own land I can take it all off with no one calling anyone. The problem is that it’s often cooler to have some items that breathe and perhaps allow the sweat to evaporate for cooling. I used to wear a caftan many years ago and it was very cool (thermally) in hot weather.
              Think of the way the desert dwellers of the middle east and elsewhere dress. There’s a reason for it.

              • OP,
                I could never go naked outdoors or in woods. I just feel like a creepy person could be out there, too. I have a gauze nightgown that I love wearing in the yard. The nightgown drags the grass and is voluminous. I would sit in the swing and loved the freedom. It was sort of sheer but still covered me enough to go to the mailbox. I have some very nice pictures of me sitting/lounging on a bench and in the swing. By the way, I do have six-foot fences in back and on one side and lots of vegetation on the side where the swing is located.

                Yes, and those woolen caftans are cooler than people imagine wool can be. Plus, the wool is good for warmth in the freezing desert nights.

                In the summer when I return home from being out in the heat and dressed properly, I always undress and put on a loose cotton nightgown because of the heat in the house and outdoors. I go out to care for chickens and plants when I had them, all while in a nightgown. I have single women neighbors front and back who have no children around, so I trust no one is offended or watching.

                I have often said I could live with a sheet wrapped around me. I just hate clothing. I hate shoes. I really hate socks. In a frigid climate I don’t know how I could wear enough to keep me warm without going crazy.

                You in a caftan….I would never guessed that would be clothing an engineer would wear.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  My caftan wasn’t wool; but, a cotton linen blend IIRC. Still very cool in the heat. I learned to walk in a caftan while learning to wear and use the Hakama which is a flowing dress like uniform piece. It’s sort of the martial arts version of a Scotch Irish Kilt.

                  You in a caftan….I would never guessed that would be clothing an engineer would wear.

                  I don’t know why you would think that. Nearly all of my engineering friends, male or female are out of the box thinkers who don’t care much what other people think. Most of us tend to do what is practical and makes sense, at least to us individually.

                  • Jesse Mathewson says:

                    Kilt is about the most practical wear out there…

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      I don’t know where it ended up; but, I did have a kilt when I was much younger, since my maternal grandmother was 1st generation Scotch Irish in this country, the McCauslands from county Tyrone.
                      I wore a borrowed Hakama a few times in my early martial arts days as a tool to learn how to walk in a soft and stealthy manner; while still keeping a good foundation for balance. Google aikido Hakama to see what one looks like. If you try one without practice you’ll end up tripping; but, with practice you gain both power and grace just in your stance and walk.
                      Walking in a kaftan or I suspect a long nightgown is similar, and takes similar practice.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      That is awesome, my background pre 2007 was muy thai, escrima/kali, just a bit of jui jitsu -mostly muy thai though. Amazing how much one can grow with a good solid background in martial arts, of any type, firearms, blades or empty hands etc., its the dedication and understanding that to be truly good one is not aggressive as much as they avoid conflict. (At least that has been my take away.)

      • Axelsteve says:

        turning off the heat is a common mistake. It is better to lower the heat than turn it off. My wife could explane it better since she works in h vac. More so if you have a heat ppump. Se it is cold where we live also.

        • Axelsteve,
          I understand the principle and reasons. But, this is a space heater that still frightens me even though I have used one for 35 years. Thanks for the info.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Axelsteve & Linda,

          turning off the heat is a common mistake. It is better to lower the heat than turn it off

          Once again the why of your comment is basic physics. It’s called thermal inertia. Think about it this way. Bring a pan of water to a boil and then turn down the heat to a simmer, you can keep the water simmering for a long time on low heat. Now bring that same amount of water to a boil, then turn off the heat and let the water freeze. Now turn on the low heat and see how much longer it takes to first melt the ice and then get the water simmering again.
          Lots of wasted energy.
          On top of that, if the internal temperature of the house gets to freezing, not only do you waste a ton of energy getting it back to where you want it, you risk freezing pipes and having damage that can be expensive.

          • OP,
            If it is freezing out, I probably won’t be leaving the house for long or will chance leaving the heater on low. If the heat is turned off for a long time, not only must the air be heated to feel warm, the walls, furniture and everything has to be reheated so the air can feel warm.

            It’s hard when the heat must be off for a long time even if it is 40 F degrees out. Everything seems so cold for so long. But, I was flying out of town for a month and just was not going to leave an electric space heater on for that long.

            Your comparison the heating freezing water was apt.

  14. mom of three says:

    Beautiful pictures of the lake, I hope one day we can visit Tennessee, my step son, and wife live close to Knoxville. Well, our cold snap is all most over we’re supposed to get a little more snow, than warm back up to the 40’s. I’ve been rearranging cupboards, time to bring all 2017 January to June, canned food out to be put in my lazy Susan, to use up. I’m taking the plunge and will start dry canning sugar, flour, and a few other item’s this weekend. We will get another tank filled with propane it’s up to $1.09 a gallon weekends only. Went to Big Lots, got 2 packages of baby wipes, 1 bag of laundry soap, cleaning products. Safeway, 2 four pounds of sugar, 6 cans of soup, 6 assorted beans, tomatoes, 2 dozen eggs, Gator adequate, and 6 boxes of noodles. We are finally over being sick with a flu type sickness, just me hubby, and our son were affected. Took our baby giant to the vet for a nail trim, for $16.00 dollars it’s better to have them do it then me. We found out our kitten, is a Maine Coon so she will be large her tail is all ready 9 inches long. We think a breeder got rid of them the litter, because the kittens, were not up to par because of her heart condition, and the group was really tiny. We have her on a protein wet food and no grain dry food, in two months she went from 2 pounds 4 ounces, to 5 pounds now. To think she would have been put down if we had not taken her. The lady who fostered her might have kept her but wanted to see if anyone else would take her on. When she gets to be a year we will put her on blood pressure meds, to help slow her heart down our vet, says she should live a good long life as far as I’m concerned she has all ready lived longer then she was supposed to so I’m okay with how ever long we get to have her. Well, happy new year pack and have a blessed weekend:)

  15. MD

    I have two of those solar lights, one for each door of my house. One door faces east the other north. The east door, the unit gets plenty of sun and operates flawlessly all night. The north facing door the unit only operates for the first couple of hours after dark then fails.

    I’m in Canada so north walls might only be an issue as I have less direct sunlight than you, but it’s something you may want to consider when placing those lights.

  16. Still putting our new place in FL together. Got some more 5.56mm to add to our collection.

    Spoke with our potential new Pastor about starting a “Hurricane Pantry” at the church.

    Getting down in the high 20’s this weekend, Yikes, are we still in Minne-snowda?

    Just heard that there was a terror attack at Ft. Lauderdale airport. Surprised that there aren’t more like this.

  17. I have been feeling worn out. Late nights and early mornings, caring for my husband, caring for another vet and his sister, my animals, and occasionally, grandchildren while trying to keep the house relatively clean and then cooking, etc. has pooped me out. Need to find time to myself (I can usually do that at about 4 or 5 in the morning).

    That said, I did get an order into Amazon for some hydroponic nutrients and net pots. I decided that I wanted to try the Kratky method of hydroponics and I have plenty of containers I can use for lettuce and spinach. If it works out well, I will try tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers next fall for the winter. Oh goody! I also get to learn how to hand pollinate.

    I have gotten the bags around for this spring’s planting. I have a beautiful front porch, which faces west, courteous of my youngest son. It cuts down on the heat coming into my livingroom and is huge so there is plenty of room for the bags of planted vegies. My husband will be able to ‘help’ plant and take care of them. With luck, he’ll also be able to eat the first tomato. It’s usually a contest with the grandchildren, who gets the first tomato of the season.

    I also bought dish soap, hand soap, tissues, tp, cotton balls, and q-tips. These are items that I don’t always keep track of and I thought that having more, in this case, would be prudent.

    I cannot wait until January 20. I am praying every day that it will be a successful inauguration and that any protests are contained and not allowed to fester. I am trying to see past the attitude of the present occupant of the WH, but I have never been as angry as now when I see his flipping the bird attitude towards the next occupant and the American public. He doesn’t care, never has and never will. I don’t know of another person as evil as he is.

    Prayers for the Pack. God Bless.

    • BTW, I purchased Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out” and Dana Loesch’s “Flyover Nation.” Good reads so far.

  18. PrepperDoc says:

    Busy week for me. Published my 2nd book, this one on ham radio and public emergency comms….a huge amount about how to do digital very inexpensively. This one is published “in the clear.” Sharp folks (like OhioPrepper) will figure it out. Just keep my secret safe, will ‘ya??

    The first book has now sold over 160 copies. I haven’t gotten any check yet but should be coming. Our gracious host tried to decline his portion — we won’t let him get away with that.

    #2 Son helped me get the irrigation pipes out of the old garden and it is now mowed down and I’ll work on getting ready for spring garden. Repaired fences….went much faster than expected.

    Local club is actually warming up to what we’re accomplishing with digital. They want me to do a program on it with all the people who learned so much.

    Read the entire book “One Year After.” In one day. Very very scary. Do everything you can to avoid society falling apart. Like the Wednesday dilemma this week — once it really cracks, it can be a really dark dark time. The work I am doing with the local ARES group would help significantly in avoiding a total crackup of my county….they are slowly learning even about EMP….and backup power….and lots of obvious things if you just ask the “what if” question as one youtube on this site pointed out.

    Do good while you still have breath, folks!

    • Prepperdoc,

      Do you have a link to the new book available yet? Or is it still going through the Amazon vetting process?

      I’m really looking forward to this book as I have a strong interest in emergency comms.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Hi Zulu — for opsec reasons I can’t put the link…. a bit of google-fu and you’ll find it, but keep my secret safe!

        • PrepperDoc,

          Well, I thought I’d ask and see if I caught you in a weak moment. Guess not. 🙂

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Zulu 3-6,
        Emergency comms is a good thing to know; but, from our offline email communications perhaps you should start with homebrew stealth antenna projects.
        BTW, are the gutters on your apartment building metal or plastic?
        Just a thought.

        • OP,

          Unfortunately, we have no gutters.

          I do have that twin-lead Slim Jim J-pole antenna that I can hang up near my balcony. I can only keep it up while in use, but it isn’t hard to put up or take down. It is more than adequate to hit the nearby repeaters.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Zulu 3-6,
            Well now that you’re in the club and can hit the repeaters, that gets you started. While not ideal, there are some HF antennas that can be setup in an apartment depending on the rig and accessories you get.
            HF has been working well right now with lots of contacts around the gray line and even some long distance contacts on VHF when the conditions are right.
            Hopefully we along with you new club member hams can get you something up and running.
            Looking at your building on Google street view, it looked like it could have a lot of stealthy antenna possibilities; but, I understand that there a limitations you have to live with as everyone does.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              Years ago I lived where no antennas were allowed. I was and still am involved in ham radio, scanners, and shortwave radio. I put up 11 antennas (the house would grow a new one at night) and never got asked about them. Yes 1/2 of them were cammo antennas (A 220 MHz vent pipe, a HF vertical flag pole, small long wires) but the other 1/2 were easily seen if a person looked. Never got any comments on them.

              OP the stealth antenna book has already been printed, I see them all the time at hamfest. I don’t buy them so I can’t say what’s in it (stealth antenna projects I would imagine.) as I can figure out how to hide a wire myself. But before putting all the work in on writing a book about stealth antennas it would be worth looking the one already printed.

  19. Prepping has been slow lately. Its’ been 0F to -20F so outside
    work has slowed down. Been sorting and cleaning brass for
    winter reload projects. I just retired 20 years in the trucking industry and catching up on sleep. The late winter trout fishery
    comes on, and in spring it will be time to engage bush craft.
    Not hard for a country survivalist surrounded by national
    forest mountains abundant in wilderness.

  20. ladyhawthorne says:

    Snow today and going down to 11 tonight, exceedingly cold for here. If I stay under the quilt I’m warm. So I dragged in a different electric heater from the shed and it seems to be warming things up. The other is just too small for this kind of cold. BTW my room is a barely insulated room inside a large metal garage/shop. I can go inside the house but Mom keeps it way too hot for me.

    Mailed off one large package of loom knitted Hats For Vets and have 3 more completed so far. I did look at the ShipsProject site but the patterns are beyond what I can knit as they call for double pointed needles and I have never been able to master using them.

    I ordered The Encyclopedia of Country Living finally as I had a pretty good December with Ebay.

    We did have one day that was 73 so I got 3 rain barrels primed and made a filter for the main one. The spigot got clogged this past summer because I had no filter on it. Once it warms up again I can paint and set them back in place. I also have 4 more barrels to prime, paint and connect in.

    I put 1 more gallon of ripe tomatoes in the freezer this week. That makes 4 gallons so far with more ripening on the counter.

    Prayers for the pack, our country and our military. My nephew is being deployed to Iraq later this month. When he visited us this fall he had a great T-shirt that said F*#% ISIS in English and Arabic. Loved it!

    • ladyhawthorne,
      Keeping a house that hot would make me ill! What color do you paint your rain barrel?

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Last time I painted them with a terra cotta color I had, this time I will repaint them the green of the house trim, kind of a cross between grass green and olive green, not bright and not yellowy.

        • ladyhawthorne,
          Both are good colors. I want to paint a picture on my white rain barrel–blue sky, green grass, and some flowers. The white barrel is so stark.

          • OhioPrepper says:


            The white barrel is so stark.

            The white barrel OTOH doesn’t absorb as much heat as any darker color, and a warm rain barrel just invites critters to grow in it. Just a thought.

            • OP,
              I thought of that, too! The water inside does get yucky. When I decided I would just grow potatoes in it, I then started worrying about the potatoes getting too much light and turning green. That’s when I came up with the idea of painting it with blue and sky green grass and flowers. I hope a darker blue and darker green would keep light from the growing potatoes. What do you think?

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I thought you were going to use it as a rain catchment or storage barrel, and thus my response about growing things.
                By growing potatoes in it, do you mean with dirt or with water, as in hydroponics.
                With dirt of some sort I don’t see any problems even without painting it. With hydroponics, that something I’ve only tinkered with a little around the edges and am fully unqualified to even wager a guess.

                • OP,
                  Dirt. It was bought for a rain barrel. However, I decided I would just plant potatoes in it. I would think some potatoes would grow near the outside and might touch the sides, so I thought paint that was pretty would be best. The white is very stark and unappealing.

                  This from CocaCola. I should have gone with Pepsi since those barrels are blue.

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    You pulled something on me that my DW does all of the time. You switched the context of the conversation with no warning, in this case from rain barrels to potato barrels, LOL.
                    I would say that you can paint away because I don’t know how much of what kind of light would cause the Solanine to build up in the potatoes; but, better safe than sick.

                    • OP,
                      You made me laugh until I choked on pecans I was eating and then coughed too hard. I have been told that before. It seemed straight-forward to me…lol. Potatoes don’t have to get much sunlight to form solanine. Even if potatoes are just right at the surface of soil, they get enough light.

                      Maybe I worry needlessly.

    • Chuck Findlay says:


      It’s good to have a hard copy of a book, but the electronic version is also nice. Here is a link to
      The Encyclopedia of Country Living (9th edition, I have a paper copy of the 10th edition)

      Click on the link, let it load and once loaded, right-click and save it to your computer.

      It’s PDF format so all computers read it as does my Nook E-Reader. I would imagine other tablets (I-Pads, Kindle’s) will also read PDF files.

      • Solani, BC Canada says:

        Hard copies are good to have if having had an EMP event you can’t charge your reader or power your computer and all the info on those now helpful devises are lost for most likely ever. D has a of good library of prepper books. Older books but still very useful and accurate info. I really like the old ones that tell it how it was way back when. I have found online, received/subscribed to various newsletters and “how too’s”, most in PDF format but also in other reader formats. Found programs online so I can read those too. I’m currently taking on the task of printing out “my library”, so that if/when SHTF, I’ll still be able get the information I need. Gone through nearly 2 reams of printing paper so far. Not to forget the ink cartridges, darn those things are expensive, even if you have the printing settings on draft, removed the pictures and only print in gray-scale. But yes, I really believe having some type of “hard copy” is vital.

        • If you plan on doing a lot of printing a laser printer is much cheaper per page than an inkjet. With auto duplex it will also print on both side of the paper.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Must agree, have one myself, toner has a very long shelf life, and per page much less expensive.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          We have combinations of electronic and hard copy and have enough extra pieces of hardware safely stashed to get at the digital copies under any condition.
          What kind of printer are you using. I started decades ago withdot matrix and then moved up to ink jet; but, we’ve been using only laser printers now for years, having recently purchased a color laser this past summer. In the end these are products in their own right and can print a lot faster and for less expense than their for runners.
          The Ink Jet printers used the razor and razor blades model, where they vbirtually gave you the printer, and make all of their money by selling you the ink cartridges.
          The laser printers also work as fax (in & out) scanners, and copiers) and my newest one will also do Duplex printing

  21. Goatlover says:

    Just got back in from planting my 4 elderberry bushes. Very excited to see how they do. I also spent an hour pruning back all of my grape vines and watered the raised beds I planted this week…potatoes, carrots, romaine, mixed salad greens, snow peas, and sunflowers. It’s kind of weird working so hard in the garden and then reading about you all getting ready for blizzards and such. Oh well, you can read about our hurricane adventures in the future perhaps! Such is life in Florida. Since our “cold” snap of upper forties is tomorrow night, I will be seasoning my new 8-gallon cast iron cauldron in preparation for cooking down the sugar cane juice I plan to extract by the end of January. Hubby will stoke up the fire pit outside and I’ll oil down that pot and enjoy the cool evening air while it heats and soaks up the oil.
    I’ve got a bunch of pole beans picked from the garden that need to be canned in the next day or two. Then the sweet potatoes will be ready for canning. Blessings to the pack.

    • Any tips on canning sweet potatoes. I got about 50 lb from my first crop. Was thinking about dehydrating some also. What varieties do you grow. I grew Diane, Georgia Jets, Hernandez, Nancy Hall. The Diane’s yielded better and have a smooth creamy taste. I live about 30 miles east of Gainesville.

      • Daddio7,

        You must live somewhere near Interlachen then. I used to live in Crescent City.

      • Goatlover says:

        I can’t remember what kind of sweet potatoes they are! LOL I boil my taters with the skins on them, then cool them, then take off the skins and cut the taters into 1-inch chunks and pressure can them. You shouldn’t try to can pureed sweet potatoes because it’s too dense to get hot enough in the canner. Also, DH and I just bought 5 acres in Putnam County for a weekend get-away/BOL. We might be part-time neighbors!

        • Thanks, I will probably do some this weekend to keep warm. I live on the east side of the river next to a potato field.

      • Go Gators!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Cold snap?
      I just checked and it’s 0.0 ° here right now. Unlike our Canadian friends to the north, that’s in Fahrenheit and would be a warm spell for those up north using Celsius ° LOL.

  22. Had very good test of the little wood stove I put in The Boss’ greenhouse, though I did have to reload it around midnight and again first thing this morning. But it kept the temp well above freezing with minimal wood use. Not bad for a little $70 tent stove. And I didn’t get yelled at because all the fu fu plants died, so win win. The little water jacket attachment worked as advertised as well, I was skeptical as it clamps on the flue pipe to heat the water. So she has hot water to adjust the water temp to what she thinks the plants need and I don’t have to lug hot water for her so two win win points.

    Got a new little space heater in for The Boss’ office and the one from there got moved to the bathroom. Not really a prep per se but it saves me hearing about how her office is so cold even with the new hvac unit. Fried some bacon flavored spam one of the nephews got me as a joke gift this Christmas. Not, I repeat, NOT like bacon nor is it bacon flavored even when fried in bacon grease. Still relegated to the Crocodile Dundee food group, you can live on it but it tastes like dung. Durn nephews had a good laugh though. Got some more gutter material that were leftovers from a job a buddy of mine did so I’m in the middle of hanging gutters for rain collection on every shed, out building, outhouse, hen house and dog house I’ve got. Got in ten trees (or more appropriately, tiny little twig like things) The Boss got for her Arbor Tree donation thingy. They’re in the ground in a temporary well mulched and deer protected space. If any survive and thrive there I’ll transplant the few we want and give the rest away come spring.

    Trying to learn how to play my new jaw harp but the handle bars on my mustache get in the way. I’ll figure it out somehow without shaving, trimming or other wise mutilating the mustache.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Try waxing the mustache to keep it out the way. My Uncle used to play… good memories.

      • Already wax it, between the ‘stache wax, beard oil and beard conditioning paste it takes longer to do that daily regimen that it does to take a shower. The Boss mocks me by saying I’m putting on my makeup…lol.

        I think the solution is going to lie in better hand control but what do I know, I have all the musical talent of a rock….lol. Still it’s something to figure out, got to keep learning.

    • T2, I keep thinking of J Giles band. Lol

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I’ve played jaw harp for years off and on, and you generally have two choices, pain as it pulls hairs out or trimming.

    • I think figured the problem out. The trigger on this one is very short. I ordered another in a different style with a longer trigger. Here’s hopin’ that will do the trick cause I ain’t messing with the ‘stache. Ordered a thumb piano while I was at it, first saw one at Hemisfair in ’68 ( I think it was ’68 ) been meaning to get one ever since but, you know, life happens. At least I can finally scratch that one off the list…lol

    • tommy2rs,
      How large is the greenhouse?

      • Hers is a little one as it’s just for her plants, 15′ x 12′ tacked to the back of the portable storage bldg we have. Single angle roof 10′ high at the back and 8′ high at the front. Stick built with covered in clear corrugated polycarbonate.

        • tommy2rs,
          Thanks. I was wondering how many cubic feet the heater would keep warm. Is the corrugated plastic on all sides? Thanks.

          • yes, poly carbonate on all sides and the roof but the back side is backstopped by the portable building, have gutters on that for rain diversion and collection. Only one side is exposed obliquely to the north wind, the opposite side has a wind break in the form of trees, and the front faces the sun travel for maximum effect. In the summer it’s shaded by the black walnut trees.

  23. Bought another 1000 rounds of .223. DH Christmas present finally came. Tactical vest. He is tickled with it. Bought new sling strap for DH 30-06. The while at a country grocery store saw some old medical cures. Iodine, alum, turpentine. Good to have in the medical closet. Spent sometime in the spa back muscle slowly healing. Need to put up some new fence up but I’m not strong enough yet.

  24. Always Forward says:

    Waiting for a Southern snow event. We had about 30 minutes of giant flakes and now all is quiet. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Started dehydrating some kale in the dehyrator, but the leaves are so big I switched to cookies trays in the oven at 175 until crispy. Then after I broke them up and destemmed them I used my new coffee grinder to make a powder. Wow, can you pack a lot of kale into a 4 oz. spice jar! A real space saver. My daughter had given me some tomatoes and celery she had done that to and I am always shaking it into soups, salads, sandwiches etc. I like the idea of the lowest common denominator when it comes to storing all this stuff. I think someone above said they powdered their dehydrated potatoes. I’ll have to go back and look.
    Still cleaning and replacing. Tried a consignment shop for a few items too hard to ship on eBay. Will see what that brings. Got rid of a nice platter for the thrift store and picked up a Land’s End fleece vest for $1.50, a book on cooking with beans and rice and also some old-fashioned bread recipes. Received 6 bottles of our favorite shampoo on Amazon and also a new heater fan for a bathroom. Will put the electrician to work here shortly. Trying to fix, replace or get rid of everything from top to bottom. Closet is looking good. Will try on old jeans this weekend while the weather is bad. Switched to wearing out old socks and towels first so when the time comes they will get tossed and we’ll switch to the new ones. Climbed around over the cupboards to organize stuff stashed up there – mostly spices, bouillion cubes, gravy packets and the like. The thought of only dull food is rather chilling and it’s small and tradeable. Prayers for all the pack every morning, now more than ever. I think we’re going to need it and, as I’ve said before, everything is easy now. I’ll bet those folks in Venezuela wish they had just put something back – rice, powdered milk, anything. Oh, and I hemmed a pair of pj’s, a big one for me. Any more suggestions on good indoor projects are welcome for this long weekend event. I went and powdered the kale after I was humbled by some of your amazing posts!

    • The plight of Venezuelans is enough to frighten anyone into putting things back for the future.

    • Powdering most dried veg is so handy. I’ve even powdered tomatoes to add to soups to ‘beef up’ the flavor. Besides powdered kale (for smoothies) I also did small kale flakes for soups and stews so the gang gets nutrition but can’t pick out the tiny bits. They’re fussy but I’m smarter. Powdered potatoes make an excellent thickener for most food dishes, just start out slow or you might end up with stiff mush LOL Powdered parsley is also handy. This year I’ll be making beet powder as none of my gang cares for beets, and there are some articles on how beet powder helps kill certain cancer cells.

  25. Been doing a lot of puppy training and playing. He has so much energy. Now knows sit,lay down and of course NO !!! Lol
    Brought firewood in the house in anticipation of the storm and started a fire.
    Bought bread and milk. Lol
    Bought water,meat and booze. Lol ready to be snowed in !!!

    Watched several videos from Maineprepper, he is very knowledgeable and am glad to see him back on YouTube.
    One video was on the saiga 12 on changing the piston which is very easy and one of the things to do to keep your saiga 922r compliant. He also stated how to charge AK style weapons, which is palm up thumb out so not to scrape your thumb on the safety lever.

    Can’t wait to add another day to the Nobama countdown !!! Lol
    Heard a B52 lost/fell off engine on training mission in N. Dakota. It was unarmed but made me think about a red flag event. This with all aircraft carriers back in port. Be prepared !!!

    • Prepping is great, the fire sure feels good in the cold and saves the gas bill. Lol

      • Puppy fell asleep on my slippers on my feet. He is so cute. He slid down the steps yesterday at my wife and jumped up the steps when I came down. Picked a winner.

    • Wow just put the last log on the fire now, guess I have to get more. 5 hours of fire, pretty cool or should I say hot. Lol

    • Are you training you puppy to not fear firearms, thunder, and any loud booms?

      • Teaching him to hate liberals/Democrats. Lol

        • But… Yes he is not afraid of firecrackers, just curious as to what they are. I trained guard/attack dogs in my youth. He is a natural.

          • Something special about a puppy’s first snow/ice.
            He hit the ice on the back porch and was sliding around. He did pretty good til he got to the end, then he fell down.

            • Almost There says:

              Thor 1,

              I am sure you are getting lots of good laughs with the puppy… My dog used to love the snow. He would run laps around me because it made him frisky…. I sure do miss him.

              • AT, sorry you miss your pup. You should get another one. They are a lot of work , but you get an alarm system,a garden protector and a best friend all in one. In my case , he eats like a horse. He has tried to eat my chair and the door frame. House and home……..Lol

                • Almost There says:

                  Thor 1,

                  I wish I could, but can’t right now. Am gone too long from home at one time for work (most of the time it’s 12 hours), can’t have a dog door because I have indoor cats and don’t have a fenced yard. I had a Schipperke. I taught him to lay down and play dead when I would say “bang” and pretend to shot him with my hand. He was the coolest dog ever.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Thor 1,
          I saw this on a T Shirt and thought you might like it.
          Roses are Red
          Soylent is Green
          Get to the shelters
          It’s 20 17

  26. MasterSergeantUASF says:

    Tried out the $38.00 freeze-dried sample from http://www.preparewise.com. Wow! Tasty, plentiful, and the least cost per 2000 calories I could find. Seriously, these 4-serving pouches could really feed 6 adults or 7-8 children. My wife and I literally tossed out half after having stuffed ourselves as much as we could. I plan to order the 720 serving long term food supply ASAP, and then every 6 months, order another until I have a 5 year supply. Unless any of you, my prepper family, have better advice?

    • I hope you tossed it to the dog.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      #1Get rice, and another grain, like quinoa ( a high protein natural grain, chia also good) to make and serve with it,.. it will further stretch the products you are buying.
      Rice is very versatile can be used to make a vegetable dish, a desert, rice milk,…ie you can make baby food from basic food storage supplies+ adult multi vitamins…
      #2 get extra measuring cups and place in each bucket or bin. use exactly what you need for your number of servings, so you have less waste. This works for baking needs as well. I use single serving yogurt cups for this…to measure dry cereals, flour and cornmeal.
      #3, To give you a quicker, fuller storage plan sooner…think about extra sides to have,.. like instant potatoes. Consider.. extra servings of your favorite foods., get extras to make 30 meals worth of one favorite.( What- ever makes your family purr, for us it is green chili). Also consider the things that enhance plain food….., powdered milk, eggs, honey,cheese sauce, ingredients to make gravy,(or gravy mix if you like it) cooking oil, sugar.. I stock bbq sauce, ketchup, mayo for one year only.Lerning to make from scratch is a definite skill.

  27. Must be motivated. Came home and felt like doing a little canning. I have 7 Qts. of Turkey/Beef Chile in the pressure caner now and will have rest for dinner. Only problem is I used most of the red wine. Tomorrow I’ll smoke the chicken and veggies!

  28. MasterSergeantUASF says:

    On another note, our rural water district issued a BOIL WATER ADVISORY about 10 days ago. 4 water districts in my area were completely shut off for the last 10 days. WM shelves were completely cleaned out of bottled water the first two days. This is why we prep. My household had water, just have to boil before drinking or cooking. When I first got the advisory I just giggled. Because I have four 1000 liter water totes in my basement for bathing and cleaning, six 55 gallon barrels of clean drinking water, another 13 five gallon bottles of drinking water, and another 50 1 gallon jugs of drinking water from WM. I’m not bragging, just saying, this is why we prep!

    • Red tower says:

      Kudos for the water preps. I have about 60 gallons stored, and filters. Working on more. Too many folks get food, but forget the water.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I have a well, a generator, and plenty of propane.
      We still keep a few 5 gallon buckets around for flushing though, and several drying racks to save using the electric clothes dryer if running on the genny.
      We do still have several cases of bottled water, and other potable sources including multiple ways for filtration. The genny and hundreds of gallons of propane are great; but, two is one and one is none still applies.

    • Always Forward says:

      Nice going!

  29. Hardly anything this week. Got one gallon of gasoline for the generator just in case. Picked up a few more candles.

  30. Mostly prepping for next week hunting trip. Going to TX to hunt feral hogs. NOT cost effective, but great for the spirit, renews my man card! 🙂 Actually, at my age and after a lifetime hunting, I can see that my last hunt is coming nearer and nearer. The Pulmonary Fibrosis is progressing also, so I am definitely looking forward to this trip, as it could well be the last. I’ll be back prepping for the benefit of the family upon return.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Billy, if you havent tried it you might consider Serrapeptase.. It is an enzyme. I use it for inflammatory responses. We got the largest doesd one we could afford and I only take it 2 days at a time for things like muscular over use… Here is an info sheet on it… if interested. https://www.onlineholistichealth.com/enzyme-serrapeptase/

      • Thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a try. I was diagnosed a little more than three years ago. Doctors deny there is any cure. Five year survival rate is lower than for lung cancer and the cause is unknown. Anyway, I can no longer do many things I took for granted. Have tried several things, including stem cell treatment. There are two drugs which slow the progression and I am taking one of them. So, although I am a Christian and trust God completely, I still am not anxious to leave wife and family. I need to be able to pass knowledge along to our grandchildren.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Billy T,
          Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is what took my best friend. His wife who already had two engineering degrees went back to school to become a doc to help him. It however didn’t work out well in the end, since he passed while waiting atop the lung transplant list. When you say

          Doctors deny there is any cure. Five year survival rate is lower than for lung cancer and the cause is unknown.

          . That’s the idiopathic part and I can assure you that there are people trying very hard to understand this disease and find a way to fix it.
          I would be having lunch with him and he would get winded just talking in normal conversation. That’s the most helpless I’ve ever felt in my life, not being able to help him.
          My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend, and may you make this hunt your best and hopefully not your last.

          • Thanks OP. It’s a bit daunting, but it is my firm intention to live until I die. Not quitting anything I am able to do. Enjoying life in all it’s aspects. Anyway, I appreciate your prayers and good wishes.

        • PrepperDoc says:

          I’m really sorry to hear of your difficulties. I’ve seen/taken care of some folks with that disease. Life on THIS earth can’t go on forever….always be prepared for the next one…. sounds like you are. Wish you the best.

          • Thanks PD. I actually lost an uncle to IPF several years ago. Thankfully, I have a portable oxygen concentrator to use when working and at higher altitudes. Our BOL is at 6000 feet altitude. Doing anything involving physical activity requires the machine and I have to use a similar machine at night even at Phoenix lower altitude.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          BillyT, I hope the serrapeptase helps you.
          Did you try the nutritional stem cell treatment? DH has neuropathy and it is helping him with idiopathic nerve pain. Still too soon to know if it will work completely, but definitely helping. Insurance does not cover it. about 6-7$ per capsule.best results was obtained for him at 3/day., off for past 2 months..He is experiencing the residual results now.

    • BT, hope you get some barbeque. Lol

      • That is the plan. I became almost addicted to wild boar hunting many years ago in Turkey. Absolutely some of the best eating to be found on four legs! Boar loin sliced thin and fried with eggs for breakfast, accompanied by fresh biscuits, is a wonderful repast.

  31. My major accomplishment was signing up for a two day handgun class at Front Sight in Nevada. DW and I will be getting together with my sister and BIL in a couple months in AZ, so it seemed like a good time as the airfare is already spent. Wish I had time for the four day class, but not this time.

    My DS-S was extremely appreciative of his Christmas present of a two burner Coleman camp stove and money for fuel. He camps, so he’ll get some fun out of it in good times. His birthday is coming up and shall send him a couple five gallon water jugs for camping and emergencies.

  32. Continued to cut citrus peels from the clementines we eat into thin strips & dry them on a plate on the counter. They smell nice while drying, & when dry, I store them in a blue mason jar. They can be used in various herbal tea mixes, or as an ingredient in potpourri.

    You have all heard over the last few months the items I made for & gave to various members of my family, so I thought I would share what I received. Our youngest daughter gave me some of the cast iron candle hooks for canning jars from Lehmans for Christmas that I requested. I put 2 of them inside my blue Ball mason quart jars, with candles from my thrift supply that fit & gave them a test run. They work very well, & are indeed wind-proof, being down inside the jar, but still burn well enough to give light, & look pretty besides. She also gave me a few real, hand dipped bayberry candles. Our middle daughter gave me a 5×7 professional photo of their family, which I love. Our oldest daughter gave me a painting she did. Our son gave me a gift card to Home Depot (he hates to shop & knows I buy a lot of garden/yard items there).

    I looked out the window on Sunday & thought I saw bunny tracks all over the snow on the front yard. We live in a subdivision, so that is not likely, but then in the corner of the lawn, I saw a small pile of droppings, so somebody got a bunny for Christmas, I guess. Used a shovel to move the pellets to where they will be useful for fertilizer.

    Put away the Christmas plates. I have made thin foam liners to go between all but 2 of my BHG Christmas plates. When I bring home apple boxes from the grocery store to cut down to hold my canning jars, there are sometimes thin pieces of foam inside, used to cushion the apples. I wash those off, then cut circles the size of the plates from them, to go between the plates to prevent nicks & chips. I have been doing that for a year & a half now, & have made good progress. I think it is frugal to take care of what you have, even if it was purchased second-hand. About half of my Christmas Charm china plates have dividers as well.

    Put away the blow mold angels. Brushed the snow off the 2 little bales of straw that are part of the display. I bought the bales years ago for 40% off with a coupon at JoAnn’s. I never removed the plastic covering, as it protects the straw from the weather. I just place the bales label-side down. Two of the shorter angels sit on top of the bales, & 3 more lean against them. I have used them for ten years now & plan to continue using them.

    Thawed the last package of cinnamon rolls & iced them with orange glaze, thickened to icing. They make a tasty breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate.

    Spent 5 days snowed in, for all practical purposes. DH & I shoveled to clear the drive & cul-de-sac to get him to work, but the roads were so bad, it wasn’t worth risking damage on the other car by taking it out. We had everything we needed & did just fine. Out little city plows the cul-de-sacs last of all, bless their hearts.

    Shopped some on eBay where prices had dropped, for Fisher Price little people animals for the ark, farm & the nativity, for 2017 Christmas gifts. The lions, giraffe & one of the alligators have arrived.

    I bought some beginning reader Margaret Hillert books on Amazon, the “winter” ones that had been reduced, for a penny each, with $3.99 shipping. These are the books my children used to learn to read, & middle DD would like a small “library” of them like I had for our children. I did an inventory of the ones I still had, & asked her which ones she had ( 4 of them), then looked at the ones youngest DD still had on the shelf in her room. Little Stuff will “inherit” 4 more that are “duplicates” between youngest DD & myself, since middle & youngest DD are the only ones able to have more children at the point in time. Four of the books have arrived this week.

    While we were snowed in, I hemmed more of the flannel wipes for use as tp in our disaster kits.

    When the snow finally quit falling, & the city plowed enough of the streets that we deemed it safe, I made an errand run on the 6th day (today). Picked up milk & a few groceries, so we are stocked again. Eggs were on sale for 49 cents a dozen, so I picked up 2 dozen, even tho they were not on my list. Dropped off donations at the thrift store & came home with 11 half pint jars, a tall jelly jar & a Ball quart from the Bicentennial series. Each of them were a quarter. I found a fisher price little people goat for the Noah’s ark, & one of the cornstalks for the fisher price farm, as well as 4 duplos, loose on the toy aisle. Picked up 4 plastic “ears” of corn, & all of those came home with me for another half dollar. Bought a tiny skillet & a small metal bowl for Little Stuff to use with her play kitchen, for a buck. Washed everything & put it away.

    • Marivene,I cut circles from scraps of quilted fabric scraps, serged around them and used between between plates. I used by-the- pound quilted fabric for making pillows I sold and then used the scraps for the plate protectors. I only had thin “strings” to toss.

    • I like to save my orange peels and boil with cinnamon sticks, cloves and bay leaves. That’s such a great winter scent for the house.

      • Bam Bam, I sometimes use a little of the dried peel to boil with a few whole cloves & a cinnamon stick. The cut perl makes the house smell good while it is drying, & again when I add it to the mix. I can also open the top of a half pint jar, after filling it half full & shaking it, to scent a room. All that from something I used to throw away!

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Bam Bam, Is this just a scent for the house or does the mixture have other medicinal or culinary uses?

        • OP, I am not Bam Bam, but citrus peels contains the oil, which is a disinfectant. They make a great deodorizer as well.

  33. Almost There says:

    Hello Pack,

    Dehydrated some more mangoes, got in a pineapple corer and will try it out this coming week to can some pineapple and try dehydrating again. Bought a smoked ham on sale for .99 a pound and will can that this weekend as well along with some carrots and potatoes.

    Little treacherous driving in to work this morning with 18 degrees and ice and snow. I don’t worry about me, it’s those other drivers that get too close to stop in time or give you space in case they slide. Glad I have my stuff in the trunk in case of being stranded somewhere. But, I need to move it to inside the car because one morning we had an ice coating everywhere and I couldn’t get the trunk open. Go figure.

    Put some more stuff on e-bay, got more to list, still getting rid of things and organizing. Hard to do when my day is spent driving and working 14 hour days… I am grateful to have a job and my health. One of these days, I will be organized.

    Signed up for a hydroponics class Tuesday where we will be learning about growing the different lettuces. The last 2 classes were about different types of containers to use and different ways to keep the plants hydrated, and the last one was about different types of lighting used.

    Watched the video of the week, “Why we Prep”, and a couple of YouTube videos with Steve Quayle and Henry Gruver on Russia and a nuke attack. So much information, I am going have to watch again. And there is a Part 3 released yesterday.

    My friend has some sugar gum balls for me to make a tincture to combat the flu with, thanks to AA for the recipe.

    DBIL started his treatments everyday this week. Continued prayers appreciated.

    Also watched Alone on Thursday, and “The Selection” right after that. Alone is about surviving with only a few things, being able to get your own food, cook it, make your own living quarters. This time they are in Patagonia, there are 7 people left, and 2 of them are women. Yah….. For The Selection, it’s about common folk (well, maybe not so common, but non-military) who have volunteered to go through some of the same training that the Navy Seals, Green Beret, Army Rangers and the like go through. IT IS BRUTAL. The very first day, they did 1000 sit ups and the Navy Seal did it with them. Last night, they had their hands and feet tied up and dumped in the pool and had to bob and tread water for 5 minutes. Talk about frightening. There is one girl left out of the 8 and 2 didn’t make it through the water exercise. Thank God that there are those that are willing to put mind over matter to protect us and willing to go through basically torture training to test their will. Those Veterans are indescribably strong.

    Prayers for those that need healing, silent requests, for DT and for America.

    Stay warm pack.

  34. Backwoods Prepper says:

    The only thing I have done this week is unpack my get home bag and repack it with cold weather gear. Spent the last couple days moving a butt load of wood to the front porch for the impending storm. Just in time.

  35. Wow its that time again already? I’m still combing through the thousand emails from last weeks post!! LOL

    Slower week….lets see
    Ammo orders came in—2k of each caliber (kid is plinkin as I write this!)
    Finished the master bath side closet clear out…wow the room you obtain when you toss our garbage you dont use, or wear!.. It is organized and now holds my buckets of wheat (red&white), oats, sugar, oils, pwdrd milk, and Ammo, Ammo, Ammo….yikes!

    Received additional order of buckets from home depot online…they have a great sale of 20 buckets for like 100 bucks…no lids, but I have gammas…
    Froze the new bags of rice, oats, cereals, wheat…etc…to prep it for storing.
    Ohh oh…I made a ‘prepper soup’! And it was damn good too!
    I took one of my soup mix bags (creamy chkn&wild rice) and added a couple cans of white chunk chkn..and one cup more rice…and some fresh veggies…and one can broth..
    I wanted to see exactly how much I would make of a certain item that was in my prep stocks and how many servings etc…

    I tell ya it was one of the best soups I’ve made (and I’m a good soup maker)…Hubby literally loved it so much he declared it THE Best!
    It was nice to know exactly how much and of what items I can use to make a meal…and how long it would last…etc..
    Glad to say that one soup fed the two of us for 5 lunches, a couple (2-3) quick dinners…there was that much, for that little.
    As they say, eat what you store and store what you eat!

    Now next on my list is a Dehydrator…I’m looking at the Excalibur, but heck if I know which version is best…do I need one with a timer or no? I know I want the 9 tray….so that’s the next item for my preps.
    I will be canning this weekend. (new prssure canner is fun!)
    I have a ton of meats I got on sale and they are going into the canner for stews, soups etc…

    I’ll hit Winco this weekend for Bulk shopping now that my additional Mylar bags and absorbers came in…gotta fill all those new pails!

    Cheers WolfPack!

    • Almost There says:

      Ok TQN… Details please on the chicken and rice soup. What brand did you have for the base mix, and did you use canned chicken? For the “canned” broth, which kind and was it the actual metal can or one of those cartons?

      For the dehydrator, I don’t have an Excalibur…. yet… but definitely get the 9 tray and I think the timer would be handy. You can always “cook” whatever it is more if the timer goes off too soon. For the one I have, I may turn it on to process overnight and only need to have it on a little more after it has been on for 8 hour, but because I don’t have a timer, it ends up running all night.

      • Hey hey, sorry I’m on call this weekend and dont always get time to myself to check on posts!

        Ok Almost there…here is the soup:
        1. One package “Creamy Chkn & Wild Rice” from ‘Shore Lake’ (my local rural market had it, but you can find it online from other stores-est? $3.99).
        Yes it was actual CANNED Chkn…(from my preps!)
        2. Two cans of White Meat Chunk Chkn (great value-wally world–good price $2.38 each?)
        3. One carton of Chkn Broth (dont think it matters which brand, I used the one with the soonest expiration)
        4. Two cups of fresh celery, Two cups of fresh chopped carrots, One cup of diced red onions, One CAN of green beans (soonest to expire) (I canned my fresh beans for dinners instead)
        5. About One to Two additional cups of white jasmine rice (its our basic staple)..to thicken it up and make it more filling (dont like watery soup)…add or dont depending on your wants…
        6. Seasoning to your own to taste..I did light garlic powder, black pepper and light seasoning salt.

        I dont really measure when I do soups, its a guesstimate thing, always has been. So use your own estimates…but this is pretty close to what I put in it…

        I did use all the broth to count as the 8 cups water called for from the Soup Bag…I find it tastes better…there is a recipe on the bag too that you can use if wanted.
        I may have added additional water later on if my rice got too thick…

        So there ya go…cheap, easy and mmm mmm good! You can maybe use other ready made soup bags, I have many of them…But I really likes this brand the most. It had the best flavor!

        As for the other comments, thank you! I plan on doing the Excalibur…now I just need to budget for it. 🙂

        • Almost There says:

          Thanks TQN… I have a few different rice types in my stash, but haven’t tried them all yet. I’ve heard other people say how well they like the jasmine. It’s cold here this weekend, may need to try it out tomorrow.

          Thanks again.

    • TQN, canning is great, will be eating some chilli this weekend that I canned using the american canner. Next on my list is a freeze dryer for long term food storage. Grow Cayenne pepper and dehydrate. It is one of the best things to have !!!

      Cheers back at you. Lol

      • Thor 1,
        I hung the cayenne to dry before I had a dehydrator. Then, I broke it up and put in a coffee bean grinder, the one with stainless steel cup and blades. I then had cayenne pepper.

        • LW, only after deseeding. Cayenne peppers are good for many things including stopping bleeding.

          • Thor 1,
            I didn’t know any better and ground the seeds, too. Have you ever seen peppers that are threaded onto string and hung in the house to dry? That is what I did on dental floss. The result was very pretty and the peppers turned from green to red while hanging to dry. I had grown the cayenne and made multiple jars of cayenne pepper jelly and made a small fortune from the little enterprise. The peppers I hung were the last of the crop from one very prolific plant grown in a bucket.

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Thor 1 and Linda W., (& all)

            Thor 1 – – – I always leave the seeds in while using the cayenne peppers, ripe or dried. Aren’t the seeds the major source of the heat / hot spiciness flavor they add? Let me know if you know of a health reason not to use the seeds . . . although . . . I’ve been using the seeds as well as the fruit in recipes for decades now, and have never suffered an ill effect (other than a hot and happy flavor for my taste buds) in all these years. 🙂

            Linda W. – – – I, too, have dried the cayenne peppers by stringing them (with regular sewing thread & a regular sewing needle, linking them together through the stems) and hung to dry. (Yes, they do look pretty & kind of makes the kitchen look “homey” as well.) I tie a knot between each pepper stem – leaving a bit of thread – so I can cut them off separately and use as needed in soups & stews before grinding them into powder for longer storage.

            Note to all – – – I also use a coffee bean grinder to use for grounding dried herbs & spices but it is not the same grinder I use for my coffee beans.

            Being the coffee purist (some say say “the coffee snob”) I am, I don’t want my coffee grinder to pick up any oils / lingering flavors from the garden items: My two grinders (both electric) cannot be fully dissembled & therefore cannot be submerged in dishwater nor placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. So, I only wipe them clean with a damp cloth after each use.

            I have two, inexpensive yet good quality Black & Decker brand coffee grinders – one is black in color that I use only for the coffee beans and the other is white in color of which I use for the herbs & spices. I’ve had both grinders for years and I think they were only about 10 – 15 dollars when first purchases, so quite a bargain for both then & now, too boot!

            Just thought I’d add this extra “grinder info” for those that take the flavor of their ground coffee beans to the nth degree and beyond! People, like me that is, with coffee obsessions! 🙂 Keep taking care, all.

            • I have 2 coffee grinders. 1 for coffee and 1 for powdered cayenne. I use a ninja food processor for crushed red pepper and pico de gallo. The second is great on homemade tortilla chips. Mmmm

              • 1 is a MR Coffee and 1 is a Cuisinart like my coffee maker. Both are good quality, I have a MR Coffee dehydrated as well.

            • BJL
              Good info on coffee grinders for peppers. I will be putting one of those on my Amazon wish list. I used my food processor in the past and it didn’t do a very good job. I also learned not to grind inside. Everyone, including the dog, had to evacuate the house. LOL

            • I have the red KitchenAid coffee bean grinder. It has a stainless steel cup with blades inside. I can remove the cup and wash it so I doubt anything would be left to taint coffee. I bought this for a guy who put a coffee pot here. It was a Christmas present and on sale at Lowe’s. His mother loved the one I gave her. Since they were on sale, I went back and bought one for me. The guy left the coffee grinder here, so I use it for grinding anything but coffee. The one I bought for my own use is in a cabinet in the box it came in.

              One caution–let the matter inside the cup settle. Otherwise, if it is ground to a fine dust, you will be breathing it and cleaning it off everything. The dust of the oats I ground did settle down, but the first time, I just snatched off the cover. I don’t grind cayenne that fine.

              I did not tie a knot in between. Good idea. I tied one knot that was at the bottom of the strand. I figured I would carefully pull one cayenne pepper at a time over the knot and the rest would remain. Since I took them all off at once for cayenne pepper grinding, who knows if it would have worked. “Homey” was the word I thought of as I was writing.

              I cannot stand the heat in any pepper. Plus, I have an allergic reaction. However, a bit of cayenne is tolerable to me.

    • DW of JP in MT says:

      We have a 9 tray Excalibur without a timer. I love it! I guess a timer could be handy, but I haven’t felt a need for one yet. Since I’m more concerned about something not being dry enough rather than too dry, I don’t worry if it runs longer than needed – other than using extra electricity.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        DW of JP,
        We received the 9-tray Excalibur for Christmas; but, haven’t had it out of the box yet except for getting the serial number for registration. We’re in the process of getting setup to have enough additional counter space to use it, and the freeze dryer that will be here this week.
        We are sooo out of counter space right now.

    • DW of JP,
      I have the nine-tray Excalibur. It has a timer and thermostat. I would not get the new glass/clear door. Since light degrades nutrition, I cannot see it as a plus. You will love it.

    • a timer maybe nice but a thermast is more important. herbs are dried at a low temp. meat at a higher temp than fruits and veggies. get a couple of good books on dehydrating and study them.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        suzy q,
        I have several good books and pamphlets and have been dehydrating off and on for years using those little round plastic Nevco dehydrators.
        This will be a big step up that I’ve been wanting for decades and once we get enough counter space cleared off / installed for the new gadgets, should be a lot of very productive fun.

        • actually meant the comment for someone else. I do understand that the machine can be noisy but you are right it should be a lot of fun and I will be looking forward to your review.

      • suzyq,
        I debated about the timer. It was a large purchase, so I decided to go ahead and get the timer. (I had money back then, not so much now.) It has been helpful. It is possible to scorch food in the Excalibur. After scorching a thing or two, I realized the value of having a timer to stop the machine.

  36. OhioPrepper says:

    I shop that As Seen on TV section often, since I occasionally see things on the tube that look interesting; but, need to be seen and held before purchase. It costs me sales tax this way; but, that’s often less than the shipping and handling charged by the advertisers. Fishing can be fun; but, here it would now be ice fishing.

    1. Had the whole first floor of the house insulated with injected low expansion foam. They’ll be back to do the second floor on the 15th since it was raining and they didn’t want to work on wet scaffolding. The downstairs is already noticeably less drafty and warmer as the temperatures fell into the teens and now single digits. It seems that winter has arrived.
    2. 1000 count low dose (82 mg) aspirin. This is almost a 3 year supply.
    3. 2 burner propane gas grill for $45.00. 50% discounted from Wal-Mart
    4. Caster wheels for one of the last shelving units
    5. Harvest Right had an amazing special on their Freeze Dryer so I ordered one that should be here this upcoming week.
    6. 2 packages of Chips Ahoy. Good quick snack.
    7. Swapped my BTECH UV5001 VHF/UHF radio transceiver to a friend for his UV2501 and some cash. I wanted the smaller radio and he wanted more power.
    8. Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU Propane Blue Flame Heater with blower, on sale at the local Rural King. I’ve been working via email with Almost There on her propane upgrade and she pointed me to this one. Once again the pack works together for the good of all of us.
    9. From Dollar Tree
    • Pretzel and cheese dipping sticks
    • Bread sticks and cheese dipping sticks
    • 10 packages Tasty Cake Pecan swirls. One of my favorite treats
    • A&D ointment. Based on a post here I’ll try it with Cayenne for a joint rub.
    • 2 more quarts shelf stable milk – Dated September 2017
    • 16 more tea candles

    • OP, which freeze dryer did you order ?

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Thor 1,
        I got the Standard Analog model, which was the least expensive. It has knobs instead of a Touchscreen, which means it will be easier to fix if I have problems. These models are all refurbished; but, come with their standard new warranty.

        • My Excalibur has knobs and was new not refurbished. You can buy a new motor/fan so that you can have it to repair. I am going to get the extra motor/fan/heater or whatever it is.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I wasn’t talking about the Excalibur; but, the Harvest Right freeze dryer.

            • OhioPrepper…arent those freeze dryers like ‘really really’ expensive?
              I’ve looked for one and was amazed and the cost.
              Besides where the heck would I put a monster like that? LOL
              I have a decent sized house, but I’ve already made it into prepperville with all the pails, stocks, cans, etc…ROFL
              Luckily My oldest doesnt care that his whole closet was turned into a prep pantry! He’s autistic and he spends most his time with his drums, or playing Xbox-Kinects….
              So I could take my shelving and transform his room! Hubby said it looks good, but I really think he’ll draw the line at a Freeze Dryer! HA!
              (although he does have a 3500 sq ft shop I could prolly try to use—hmmm now that’s an idea!)

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Yes, they are expensive (the refurbished one I ordered was around $2K; but, new ones are $3-4K); but, we’ve been evaluating our cash flow and savings and have been able to save a lot each month, since our income, at least for now is significantly larger than our expenses, a fact that we have also been planning for, for most of 30 years. I guess you could call it financial prepping, meaning putting funds into paying off your mortgage or funding you retirement rather than expensive vacations, etc. For instance, we paid cash for 3 of our last four vehicles, and only financed a small amount on the last one. Also, only one of the last four was new.
                I have some assets in PM’s and equities; but, we’ve decided that we want to get everything in order as we age and can do less or are less tolerant of the heat and cold so that’s also why were insulating and getting an estimate on new doors and a few new windows and installing yet another propane auxiliary space heater.

            • OP,
              The Excalibur comes with the touchpad, too. I love knobs over touchpads on all appliances.

  37. Just finished “The Final Day” by William Forstchen. Might just reread this weekend as it looks like I will not be leaving the house till Monday, due to the storm that is coming through. I hope and pray that his books remain fiction and does not come true. Also plan to go through my 72 hour/bug out kit, replace, reevaluate and may add items to it.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I read, actually listened to One Second After; but, haven’t gotten back to the new ones yet, since the first one had so many holes in it. If however it makes more people and perhaps our congress think a bit and pay attention, it will have done its job IMHO.

  38. Babycatcher says:

    Sewing, bought more staples, particularly sugar, since I used a lot in canning this year, books, horse blanket, and other small homestead stuff.

  39. Almost There says:

    Hi MD,

    A suggestion for next week’s “Hypothetical Wednesday” using the Ft Lauderdale airport incident as the story line. They locked people down in place for 6 hours! Not allowed to go to the bathroom, not allowed to get anything to drink at a restaurant, couldn’t leave their current location. Lots of things to consider.

  40. Chuck Findlay says:

    Today (1/6/17) I was at Menard’s and they had a bunch of cast iron pans on clearance for $1.00 each, pre-Christmas they were $7.95. They are 5-inched in diameter and came as a package with cookie mix to make 1 cookie. I bought 5 of them.

    These pans are a good size for a bug-out or get-home bag. They are the perfect size to cook a few eggs for an egg sandwich. And being cast iron they would work over coals and a fire pretty well.

    I don’t think they will last long so if you have a Menard’s close to you and want one Tomorrow is not too soon to go get one.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      There is a Menard’s in Marion not too far from me. We’ll have to think about a trip in between other weekend commitments.
      Thanks for the heads up.

  41. Local pharmacy had vitamins at half price so I added some to my stockpile. Ordered seeds and gardening supplies and started planning an expansion of the garden.
    Ordered Mr. Creekmore’s book before the price increase and bought at least one if not both of Prepperdoc’s recently released tomes.
    Delighted to see so many on this site live in my “home” state, keeps the homesickness at bay and gives me hope that if things go south when I’m back helping my parents that like- minded people exist among the throngs that have arrived following The Mouse.
    I am almost finished with a quilt I designed for the daughter of my oldest niece and will next finish a king size quilt for my oldest and his bride-to-be. I decided she was a keeper last summer when she brought me buckets of cleaned wheat from her Dad’s farm but it took my son a few more months to propose.
    Hope everyone stays safe and warm. looks like much of the south will get some of the white stuff.

  42. I had to start seeing a new doctor. He ordered the same tests my last doctor ordered, except when the results came back he said I was borderline diabetic and apparently had been for quite some time. Why did my old doctor keep running tests and telling me everything was normal? Technically it was normal but she could see where I was headed and said nothing. So I am really irritated by this. Anyway, I’ve spent the last week looking up carbs and low carb recipes. I won’t be able to think of anything else until I get a handle on my new way of eating. So that is a prep, getting healthier.

    I hope I will be able to read everyone’s posts tomorrow.

    • Almost There says:

      Hi Thorn,
      Check out cinnamon and essential oils for getting your pancreas to start working better. Exercise also makes a difference. I just watched a video earlier this week on Essential Oils by Dr. Axe. He has a wealth on information on many different issues and uses food and EO’s to work on them.

      • Thank you, I will look into that. Have already increased my exercise and lost 2 1/2 pounds in the first week.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Take a look at this

      • Hey Chuck,

        Thanks for the link. I’m going to watch more of his videos. Sadly, I keep getting more disgusted with the medical community each year.

    • Thorn; I am curious if you had the fasting test or the hemoglobin A1C test. Do you mind sharing the values on your test?

      Xanthan Gum is very good for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

      I can empathize with the doctor situations, I don’t usually talk about my medical issues or chronic maladies because I don’t like to appear like I am whining.

      All of last year I was pretty darn sick. I had been seeing the same doc for 7 years. I started putting on weight a few pounds at a time. Then the hair was falling out and matted. My eyes were gushing water. I was fatigued all the time. I KNEW it was my thyroid. Trotted off to doc and asked for another thyroid test. Always came back fine according to doc. I aksed if there was any other tests for thyroid and he said no. Lie #1. I was also having sever pain in my lower left side. Doc say…gas. Lie #2. No tests or xrays were ordered. Doc says I have a leaking aorta valve. Lie #3.

      To make a long story short. My feet swelled up almost over night….they had never swelled before. I booked out to the clinic after calling and saying I was coming. Got there only to find he decided to leave early. Went to the walk in clinic in a wheel chair…I could not walk. The NP IMMEDIATELY took one look at me and said I needed to get to ER pdq. I got there and collapsed. I was told congestive heart failure. I said NO.

      After 10 1/2 days I was diagnosed with a rare disease that involves the parathyroid. Familial something or another. The pain in my lower side was a torn muscle and had been bleeding. Five pints of blood later, 3 IVs, constant oxygen, a heart cath, filter for a blood clot, et. etc. Had I gone home and stayed, I would have dies within a matter of days from the amount of edema in my body….including cerebral edema. I overheard a doctor say “who let her get in this condition”.

      Before hospitalization, I was on 9 different prescriptions. I now only have to take 3. I do have to be on oxygen for probably another year. And I’ve lost most of the 70 pounds I gained.

      I now have 6 doctors that all work hand in hand. Five are from India (awesome docs) and 1 is American. They leave NO stone unturned. If one inputs info, they all can read it.

      But, here’s the deal with a LOT of doctors now. When Obamacare kicked in doctors were given the option of certain programs. One of which is, if they can reduce the amount of tests being ordered and paid for by medicare and other insurance companies, they get a bonus check from the govt. FACT! My ‘former’ doctor was involved in it. I found out by asking, but also went to his former nurse. What an eye opener.

      I say to everyone, question test results. DEMAND further tests if your gut says to do so. Particularly thyroid tests, Make sure you get copies of ALL your doctors records as well. .

    • Anonamo Also says:

      I use Bitter Melon capsule one/daily /15 days out of the month to level my blood sugars. It takes a couple of months for it to kick in. I take it for 2-3 months and back off it for a month, then repeat. one bottle is usually 60 ct and will last for 4 months…so very economical. It has pulled my Husbands blood sugars which were borderline high,down to low normals of 80. Mine bottoms, but after a few days back on the bittermelon.. I can tell it is stabilizing( don’t have to eat as often, and tolerate more normal balance of carbs and protein. If you use cinnamon be sure to use cyelon cinnamon… the other is a false, cinnamon flavor but not health benefits… If you have huckleberry plants in your area, consider using the leaves/tea to equalize sugars… according to Darryl Patton’s You tube video’s… on one of the plant walks …

      • Thanks for the info on Ceylon cinnamon. I was told that Saigon was the best, but obviously not.
        Oldest DS is type 2 and the metformin goes through him like sh*t through a goose so he no longer takes it (he’s a long distance trucker and this is totally unacceptable) so he changed to bitter melon every couple of days and it works way better. I’m trying to find seeds for actual bitter melon veg/fruit to grow but the few sources want arms & legs for seeds and shipping. Still on the hunt.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          My brother was truck driver OTR for 30 years, just has become disabled., ..See if any of this you have heard before…maybe some of it will help you and him.
          You would be better off to get him a half dozen to dozen of the bottles of bitter melon. It is called bitter melon for a reason! he should take it for 15-16 days of the month and rest off of it ,…was the information I got. If was proved in one study to re grow isles of langerhans….. fenugreek, the cinnamon,gymnea sylvestre,also have good effects on sugars.. the cinnamon after taken for 4 weeks can have a positive effect for up to 45 days after off of it…. so it would be a good one to use on the days he does not take bitter melon,with some of the ther herbals, they are not expensive. if you watch the supplement companies can get them at half price, from reputable company… Apple cider vinegar will bring down blood pressure(think it is the potassium, for b/p) and help with regulation of sugars…I don’t know how it works,… but many swear by it for all kinds of health ailiments.
          . Diabetics of ten have difficulty with regulation because the selenium and chromium levels are too low. they are key minerals to stabilize sugars, .. they fight insulin resistance..and in one study that was done, 99% of diabetics were low… He should also boost his magnesium levels…+ vitamin D, most adults need 6-10thousand units a day… has lots of benefits.
          I hope he has a glucometer and checks his sugar on some kind of regualr basis. The tighter his control now the less likely he will be disabled by necessary insulin injections… last I heard if one is on insulin it disqualifies from driving.

  43. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Love the Holosun HS403B myself, and will be adding another too my bug out carbine- good choice M.D. 🙂

    Actually have a review in the works for that brand. Needless to say it is one of the extremely positive reviews. Love it!

    Lets see, preps for the week…

    Located a bicycle trailer that is rated for 235 lbs- updated some rotation necessary products and assessed overall preparedness based on current possibilities and potential changes.

    Added bicycle racks rated for 80lbs apice with sidesaddles too the larger bikes meaning that as it stands we as a family have multiple options available now.

    Been a good week, had fun completing testing of a new much stronger AR lower made of brass and polymer/ (no they dont spontaneously explode) and yes, I am very happy with the ones I have.

    Have been testing some new barrel profiles! .223 wylde 10.5″ – in heavy profile/stainless. Extremely happy with accuracy and overall performance especially as it allows a much lighter (4lbs loaded) AR for bugging out.

    Anyhow, as always. Good to see you all!

  44. Penny Pincher says:

    Hi Pack!
    After my employer lost their contract, my bid to shoot the moon didn’t work, so with proverbial hat in hand I asked to work in my same old position for the New Boss (“Same as the Old Boss”, sorry couldn’t resist), at a pay cut. They graciously accepted. The Old Boss couldn’t be reached for comment. I am a bit disappointed in it all but will abide for the time being.

    I renewed my CCDW this week. So I can continue to exercise a God given right in exchange for another Pinch of Incense and the state looking up my skirt.

    Trying to learn something about electronics. I think I’ll be learning how to solder components soon. That will be fun. I bought a cheap little board computer that I thought had a case and jacks from the picture, and it is just a wafer with pins on the edge. YouTube to the Rescue! Once I get past the “big blob o’ solder” beginner stage I’ll add jacks to it. Unless the pins on it are for plugging into something rather than soldering. (Read the Fine Manual!)

    I have embarked on a free Morse Code learning program. I am also studying for my General HAM exam, and this seems to be going well and is tying in with the electronics basic study. I also got back to trying to learn Russian. If nothing else, maybe I will learn how to key the word “Samizdat” and that will seem impressive.

    Speaking of the grapevine, I am investigating an instance of Fake News on the personal level that someone brought to my attention. There is a picture of me with the caption “In Memoriam” on a mystery FB account. I have a feeling I know who it is. I also think there’s a good chance he meant well, i.e. doesn’t actually know what that is supposed to mean. (One says “In Memoriam” for the dead). Still I’m staying frosty, until I find out more.

    All the shooting groups around here have the winter doldrums. I miss the pew pew pews but OTOH I’ve got vehicle bugging out down to a science now due to all the stealth camping for work. I’m not convinced the Trumpening is going to make America great enough to save it from the economic poo-storm on the horizon, and I’m rather leery of this so called Purple Revolution and shadow government stuff of the Dems. This is beginning to look like classic Commie battlespace prep to me, unless they’re just being overdramatic.

    I’m enjoying a day or two off before I have to drive several hours to pee in a cup for the New Boss.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Trying to learn something about electronics. I think I’ll be learning how to solder components soon.

      Penny Pincher when I was in 4th or 5th grade a gym teacher gave me a broken shaver to look at. I took it home and took it apart and fixed it. I can’t remember what was wrong, but doing this is a good way to learn.

      Go to The Good Will store and buy a few things (working or not) and take them apart and put them back together and see if they work. With these Good Will items you only have $1.00 invested and if it can’t be fixed you are not out much money.

      You don’t need a ton of tools to do this.

      A set of small screwdrivers
      Needle-nose pliers, wire cutters
      soldering iron & solder
      Several kinds of glue like epoxy liquid and epoxy pudy
      A multi meter (I like analog ones and think everyone should have these above a digital one.) and it doesn’t have to be an expensive meter to do the job. But with that said I don’t like the $5.00 Harbor Tools ones, the sockets for the test leads don’t feel very good to me. And I hate junk tools.

      There are several videos on U-Tube on how to use a multimeter. The scale on an analog meter scares people with all it’s numbers and I think this help push people to go digital meters. That and people tend to believe that the newest thing is always better. I have several digital meters but I almost always use analog meters as it gives a better represent ion of what is going on. Once you get comfortable with a multimeter you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

      Here is a good video of how to use an analog meter.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Actually I no longer have any analog multi meters; although I do have quite a few analog fixed meters for voltage, current, and frequency.
        For someone like Penny Pincher who is just getting started, the Harbor Freight Tools meter is fine. It is inexpensive and accurate enough for any hobby or ham radio task.
        I also have a Beckman Industrial and a Fluke bench meter; but, these are expensive for the beginner.

        Penny Pincher
        The trick to soldering is to realize that the solder does not make the connection; but, only seals it. I would start by taking two pieces of wire, stripping an inch of insulation off of each end and twisting them together. That metal to metal connection is the electrical path. You then heat the wire with the soldering iron or gun until you can touch the solder to the hot wire and it melts and flows into the twists via capillary action. Do not touch the solder to the tip of the iron or gun. Make sure the solder you get contains a rosin core, more than one if you can and make sure the bare metal is clean and bright before you twist it together.
        This will get you a good start.
        For normal electronic wiring a soldering iron in the 25 watt range will do most of what you’ll need.

        • Ohioprepper let me bring back some memories for you . I have a pair of Simpson 260s that get used on a regular basis.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I don’t think I had one of those; but, did have some Triplett meters of that same vintage.
            Everything I have now are DMMs including some of the Harbor Freight units. Since they quite often offer them free with any purchase I still have a few new in the package, and have given more than one away to some of the new hams in the area, many of which have no measurement equipment at all. My bench has a wide variety of somewhat expensive test equipment including a nice Fluke meter; but, on the portable meters I still use those little HF units with success, and also don’t worry about breaking one in the field.

  45. * Going through my ammo stores, reorganizing and counting. Pretty good on everything except .380. Gave it all away after giving the LCP away, and then got a Le-Tec PT A3 for free…
    * Paid on my 44 Mag Winchester and Glock 43 layaways
    * Finished “Cry Havoc” by A. American earlier. Details an escape from Atlanta to Texas in the midst government crack due to an economic crisis. More entertainment value than useful.

  46. I couldn’t kick the Christmas cold that I caught. I was getting worse, so I was able to see my PCP and get a Z-pack which is working.
    I bought facial tissue, paper towels, cough drops, and Christmas gift bags for storage. Some butter and bacon to store in the freezer.
    I took down my tree and went through my decorations and took out my least favorite until I had turned 3 boxes into 2. The discards will go to Salvation Army.
    I assessed my canned goods and made a list for my next stock up trip.
    Picked up my sunglasses. Now I need some sunshine to try them out.
    Made three more seed orders from Southern Exposure, Kitazawa and Tomato Growers.
    From Amazon, vacuum cleaner bags, a tortilla press and a 4 pack of Bob’s Red Mill organic Masa Harina flour which I will have to find room in the freezer for. I will be learning to make tortillas.
    My son helped me cover all my citrus trees while it was still raining as we are having a hard freeze of mid-twenties this weekend. I know a lot of ya’ll are laughing at mid twenties but my citrus trees are living on the edge!

  47. I had a couple of snow days this week as well as the holidays. we have had weather down in the 30’s. most people here don’t know how to drive in snow so it can be the better part of valor to stay home if it gets much more than an inch or so. it is now raining so definitely warming up.

    actual preps included protecting both myself and my car by driving responsibly in the snow and ice, picking up some canned items and my order of bees wax and melt and pour soap arrived. this order looks great but I have a question about a previous order. I used a different vendor that time and the melt and pour soap had Orange spots on the outside. at first I thought it may just be a dye that got on it and cut the spots out – has anyone else had that happen.

  48. I sort of went crazy with my prepping the past 2 weeks. I took a good inventory of the foods I have stored and it looked like a lot of food fatigue in the future.

    I ordered 24 bottle of Jarritos, 12 bags of Pansit noodles, 6 jars of Spruce tip syrup (yum), 6 jars of Cuban honey, 1/2 lb of Aleppo pepper, 12 bags of Aloo Bhujui (potato noodles), 2 jars of Sumac (culinary), Xanthan Gum, and several other spices as well as Madagascar vanilla…6 bottles.

    I also bought another 6 month tub from Survival Foods. Fifty more pounds of Jasmine rice and 50 pounds if Basmati rice, 10 lbs of coffee, 4 bottles of whiskey, 2 bottles of brandy, 2 boxes of creamers, 6 containers of salt substitute and lastly 10 gallons of water. Oh yeah, 6 more buckets.

    Wheeeew! Okay, I am broke for awhile, but I feel much better about my stores. And…the expanded variety. Not to mention all the work of getting a lot of these items home and stored.

    I have a question for the pack. Do any of you know where one can get a “Dansom” plum start? It is the old fashion style plum. It has a thin, elongated (oval) shape as opposed to the round plums. I found one Blue Dansom on the net, but it isn’t the old variety. Thanks much for any help one can provide.

    • Izzy, have you tried Stark Bros.? They have a variety of Dansom plum that is an heirloom tree, the Shropshire Cultivar. It doesn’t look elongated, though. At a former home we had two plum trees with the blue elongated plum fruit, but it was a Japanese style.

      • Thanks cgbascom for answering. I did look at Stark Bros. It seems when I can’t find something elsewhere, they seem to have it….or can get. I found my boysenberry plants there. I am thinking maybe they are called something else now? I don’t really know squat about plums, but I told my doc’s nurse I would ask the pack here.

        • Izzy, I had a blue Damson plum tree when I lived in Idaho. When I moved to Utah, I knew it was iffy, but I ordered one from Stark Bros. It did not live; neither did the 2nd one I bought. It gets too hot in summer where I am. Stark does sell them, but blue Damson plums are round, with a deep purple skin & dark yellow flesh. They make incredible jam, & can be puréed for plum leather without adding any sugar.

          I also had a prune plum tree in Idaho, & have one here as well. The prune plums can well ( which the Damson do not), but they do not make as nice of fruit leather or jam as the Damson do. I grew up with prune plums in Ohio; my parents had 3 trees. Mine is a Stanley prune plum. Hope that helps.

          • damson plum and black current are my 2 favorite preserves!! along with orange marmalade!!

    • Izzy,

      You can order the Madagascar beans off Ebay and make your own vanilla extract–just slice the beans long-ways, then cut into one-inch pieces and then cover with 100 proof vodka. It takes about four months to get really good extract but it is totally worth it.

      • WOW…thanks Bam Bam. I went straight away to ebay to have a look. A couple of questions. The ones on ebay say to use Bourbon. Does it matter if it is Bourbon or Vodka? Two; several sellers supply their own bottles. One of which is a qt size jar. Two big? I am truly a vanillaaholic. Do the vanilla beans…by themselves store well? I have never done this before….so guidance is needed.

        • I forgot yo add, I am highly allergic to almost all alcohol. Does the Vodka dissipate?

          • Izzy,
            Look at a vanilla bottle to see the alcohol content in that. Plus, cooking dissipates the alcohol content. Just don’t drink it and you should be okay.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Yes the Vodka or PGA evaporates and leaves no residue behind.

        • Izza,

          I have never made vanilla extract with bourbon but I suppose that would taste good in cookies. I just use a pint jar. For the alcohol just make sure it is 100 proof. Anything lower will contain too much water and water allows for spoilage.

          If you are making cookies (or cooking anything) the alcohol burns off. If you put the extract in a smoothie it will not.

          I actually like to make a steam pot with rosemary, vanilla extract and lemon peel.

          • I am glad you said “100 proof”. I am one step above dumb when it comes to alcohol….other than what I use for cooking. How many beans do you use in the pint jar?

            I basically use Vanilla for a mouth wash when I get a dental infection and pain.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Bam Bam & all,
            When you state:

            For the alcohol just make sure it is 100 proof. Anything lower will contain too much water and

            Nitpicky me needs to emphasize, the alcohol just make sure it is At Least 100 proof for the alcohol illiterate.

    • Damson?

  49. Wow. I am late for the party. Winter has arrived in Florida. We have a windchill factor of 37 degrees and it is suppose to get down to freezing tonight. I am debating picking my unripened papaya.

    I did come up with a great prepable (new word) idea for comfort during the winter. (The cold weather has inspired me.) I set up a hot chocolate bar. I had cans of cocoa mix that I order from Emergency Essentials. So I opened one and put it in a mason jar. Then I got some miniature marshmallows, some chocolate pieces, toffee pieces and peppermints, and put it all on a serving tray for a hot chocolate bar. I plan on ordering more cocoa mix. Any small comforts we can add to our preps will really help to normalize a bad situation.

    This week we made a trip to Walmart to restock items used during the holidays. The citrus crops are coming in and friends are dropping off oranges and grapefruit by the dozens. I have eaten two dozen blood oranges this week (my favorite). If our papaya make it through the freeze and ripen, I will be dropping off papaya to our friends.

    I experimented with adding store-bought laundry detergent to my homemade laundry soap. The results were excellent. I felt like the homemade stuff wasn’t getting our clothes as clean as I liked (and I wanted the nice smell of the store bought stuff). Also, with the original detergent recipe the bath towels had fuzz on them. So when you dry off after a shower you had yuck fuzz on your face. Adding store bought soap solved these problems. So my price for 5 gallons of laundry soap went from $6 to $12, but the results are well worth it.

    • BamBam, can your trees be covered to help keep them warm enough to get through the night? I don’t know whether you have small trees or the regular size. 37 degrees here in the UP is down right balmy. Right now it is 16 degrees. This morning it was -5 but I was grateful there was no wind. My poor ladies. They couldn’t wait for the hot water to break up the ice in their water dish.

      • cgbascom,

        The trees are taller than the house. It is good for them to freeze back to the ground the first year. As long as the roots are covered and the stalks are capped (papaya are hollow) so no water gets in, they will regrow in the spring. Instead of growing straight up, however, they will grow out–at least that’s what I’ve read. This is my first year as a papaya farmer. I am disappointed because I have fruit that was about half the size of store-bought fruit.

      • Oh, and we are only getting down to 28 degrees and I’ve created a warmer micro climate for them using a stone wall and windbreak trees.

        • Bam Bam

          I like the micro climate idea. Will be moving my ladies in the spring to a new home on my property. Will consider the direction of the wind (which is always an issue here) and make a wall of some sort to keep them warmer next winter. We do it for us, why not them?

      • OhioPrepper says:

        It’s 6° here right now and a wind shill to around -10° or lower.
        However, they are projecting 50° and rain by Thursday. Crazy weather this year.

        • It is back up in the 60s right now and will be in the low 80s by the end of the week. I really don’t like cold weather.

    • Almost There says:

      Bam Bam,

      Is your homemade soap the powder or liquid kind? Also, does your homemade soap have Oxi-Clean in it to get things cleaner? I’ve never made it, but I remember someone mentioning that they put Oxi-Clean in their homemade powdered laundry soap.

      • Almost There

        I’m not Bam Bam, but I put Oxi-Clean in my homemade laundry soap. I don’t use any particular measuring. I use one bar of FelsNaptha, 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, and about 1-2 scoops of Oxi-Clean and mix everything. I use this dry. I use one scoop of this mixture for every load, wash and rinse in cold water, and pour about a cup, give or take, of distilled vinegar in the bleach section and run the load. The laundry detergent lasts about a month, sometimes more if I am not doing spring or fall cleaning, but that is just two of us. When I had a house full, it lasted about 2-3 weeks depending on whether I did the laundry or the kids did it.

        • Almost There says:


          So you do 2 washes? One with the soap and one with vinegar? Or are you using the vinegar instead of the bleach? How many dry ounces is your scoop?

          • Almost There

            I do one wash. The soap goes into the tub and the vinegar goes into the bleach section of the washer. I just use distilled vinegar instead of the bleach. It helps with rinsing extra powder out of the wash and since I don’t use fabric softener in the dryer (allergies), it helps keep the clothes soft after drying. It also helps keep the clothes soft when I hang them to dry.

            I don’t know how many ounces my scoop is but it is the one that comes with the Oxi-Clean. I use what I have and it seems to get the job done.

            BTW, I do not know how this system works on the new computerized machines. I have used it on a front loader with success, but I hated the machine so much that I gave the front load washer and dryer to my son and daughter-in-law, who used it for about 4 years before it broke down. I currently have a simple washing machine. One knob for size of wash, one for type of water and push a button to turn it on. Don’t have to have a degree to operate it. I call it my KISS machine.

            • Almost There says:


              I have a KISS machine too. I use dryer sheets to help with the statistics electricity. Does the vinegar help with that as well? If so, I may switch to the vinegar.

              • Yes, it does. I will occasionally toss a wet rag, sprayed with vinegar into the dryer with the clothes. Especially if I am drying towels, socks, and t-shirts. I never leave the rag in the dryer when I am not using it. The dryer will pick up the smell. Although, I like the smell of vinegar. In my mind, it relates to clean. I’m just weird like that.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Almost There,

                the statistics electricity

                I’m betting on auto correct, LOL.

                • Almost There says:

                  Ha. OP didn’t even notice the typo…. yeah auto correct gets me every time

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    That’s the advantage and sometimes the PITA of proof listening instead of proof reading. The biggest disadvantage of proof listening, at least with my tools, is that Bold or Italics don’t always get noticed.

            • cgbascom,
              I bought a top loader that only used about 6 inches of water on the large load. It made grinding noises and the cycle used most did not work. I hated it and had the store come get it. I got an Amana from a rent-to-own, one that was previously rented out. It was cheap and works great, Amana. They were shocked I wanted to pay it outright instead of renting.

              I use vinegar for the rinse. I use the wash and rinse cycle and then an extra rinse with vinegar.

              • LindaW

                Isn’t vinegar great? Rinsing, cleaning, drinking (with a little honey), very frugal ingredient. This, Murphy’s oil, and soap are my only cleaners.

                • I use two gallons of vinegar each month, so you might say I like it…lol. I use All, 20 Mule Team, Original Dawn, and Dove soap! I do have Murphy’s Oil Soap and should be using it!

            • Cg,

              I am going to try vinegar.

            • Almost There says:

              Cg. I guess I have a KISSS (keep it super simple stupid) because my machine doesn’t even have the bleach section. It’s a Whirlpool.

              • Almost There

                If it’s possible to catch the wash as it begins the rinse cycle, put the vinegar in then. Use the soap dispenser. If it were me, as mindful of my time as I am, I would put both in the same place at the same time and see how that works.

                • Almost There says:

                  Cg, there is no soap dispenser either. Argh!! KISSSS? It works good, but it must be ancient.

                  • I have never used the soap dispenser or the bleach dispenser since I have had a washing machine…1967 or even at home. I just cannot stand the ickiness caused by stuff in the dispenser. I pour things directly into the machine, even the bleach when I used it. I like to keep my washing machine very clean inside out and all in the little dispenser cups.

                    I poured the bleach carefully into the washer in a place that had lots of water before the machine agitated. But, I have not used bleach in 35 years except for maybe 5 times.

                  • I don’t have a soap dispenser, either. I just dump my soap in the washer over the clothes. But I do have a bleach dispenser where I put the vinegar. A suggestion would be to soak a washcloth with vinegar and throw it into the rinse cycle or wait to use the dampened cloth with vinegar on it in the dryer.

                    • Anonamo Also says:

                      another hack for softening laundry in the dryer….
                      I used 130cc of liquid fabric softner, in a 32 oz bottle, fill with water shake well, spray on a clean dry cotton cloth and put in dryer with clothes. ( I used from 20-30 sprays) amount needed will vary with kind of clothes that are being dried and humidity levels… that 4 oz+ will be effective on approx 4 months of laundry ..a small bottle of laundry softner usually will take care of our needs for 14-18 months.. If you don’t have a spray bottle can mix 10 cc fabric softener with same amount of water and put it on cloth and throw in dryer. will have same effect,it will not be as cheap as the spray bottle method.
                      …. The vinegar does work on a cloth and put in dryer, but i can never get it into the rinse cycle…in the washer.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      Anonamo Also,
                      That’s what my DW uses for softener, except she doesn’t measure anything with near that much precision. She’s been doing it for years and it seems to work fine without wasting those little paper dryer sheets.

      • Almost There,

        I make the liquid laundry soap and add oxyclean.

  50. Did anyone else notice that Debbie Schultz, former DNC chairwoman, was standing behind George Piro FBI special agent in charge of the Fort Lauderdale shooting case???

    Hmmmm !!!

    Canidair said they had no one by the gunman’s name on a flight nor check a gun.

    Hmmm !!!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Thor 1,
      As I understand it, he was legally transporting the firearm in checked baggage, which is a common thing to do and not all that hard. I have several friends who attend training out at Frontsight and do it all the time, including ammunition. This time there was a guy involved who had obvious mental issues and these are some of the hardest to deal with up front.
      When you state,

      Did anyone else notice that Debbie Schultz, former DNC chairwoman

      You disrespect the woman when you fail to use her whole name. For those who don’t know it, it’s Debbie WasserMoron Schultz
      So let’s try to get it correct next time please, LOL

      • OP, they are now saying he flew on Delta. He had a gun and toiletries in a bag per the TSA. Motive unknown……

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Thor 1,
          That’s what I heard. The gun was evidently correctly packed and checked per airline and TSA regulations. I know folks who do this all the time when going to training or competitions by air. I think we never thought about someone taking that package at the destination and using it. There are unfortunately some thinga that won’t be stopped except by that universal rule.

          It usually takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      I do believe government knows bout everything and has about all the care for “we the people” as no one anywhere. Eg., Im not exactly sure as too why anyone ever votes with a damn pen anymore…am I the only one that sees TJ was right? Refreshing and all that shit

  51. Hummingbird says:

    Not many preps for the last few weeks. Everyone wanted to come here for Christmas last Saturday and that was fun. Had a spud gun tournament, put several of the younger kids on a horse for their first ride & got to see nieces and nephews I hadn’t seen in several years.
    I was gifted the ingredients & recipe to make insect repellent from the beauty berry bush.
    It snowed here yesterday and is just about melted. I really dislike cold weather and look forward to March.
    Removed all the motion activated night lights that DH needed and am practicing moving around in the dark. I pulled a Ruger 9m out of the safe to shoot and like the 15 round capacity. Been practicing one hand and off hand shooting.
    Best wishes & healing thoughts to all for a better year.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      I pulled a Ruger 9m out of the safe to shoot and like the 15 round capacity.

      Which Ruger 9mm?
      I have both the P89DC and the P95PR and love both of them. With my vision issue I mostly point shoot and both of those duns run like an extension of my arm. If BTW you have one of those, there is an aftermarket 18 round magazine available.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Before ruger did what s&w did and pulled in with the feds on new legislation against gun owners…I loved the P series, bulky but reliable and relatively accurate

        • OhioPrepper says:

          My first 9mm was the P89DC and I’m pretty good point shooting it, probably because I’ve run thousands of rounds through it since 1990 when I purchased it. I agree that Bill Ruger kind of screwed us; but, he and other manufacturers were kind of caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, and the firearms are still accurate workhorses.
          OTOH, I made a small fortune in my IRA on Ruger stock back when things were first getting crazy after TDL took the office. I purchased 1000 shares in the mid $40’s and sold out a few months later in the mid $60’s. That was around the time concealed carry was catching on and the LCP and LCR were selling like hotcakes. Ruger stock made an increase of $8.00 (about 20%) in one day, when they announced they were no longer taking orders until they worked through an almost $1,000,000,000 backlog.
          They also make some other fine firearms. I have a single six (with both cylinders), a Blackhawk in .357 magnum (I used to use for deer hunting), a Mark II (with bull barrel) and a 10/22, now in a bull pup stock with both 30 round banana and 50 round drum magazines. They are all fun to shoot.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            I love the P series, and my daughter and wife love their sr22s 🙂 I have a duramtic high standard and walther p22 🙂

            • Hummingbird says:

              I am curious. Do you & family feel skill with 22s has helped skills with larger calibers?

              • When I was farming I carried a 9 shot .22 revolver in my pickup. Sometimes before going in from the barn I would target practice with soda cans. I got to where I could set up 6 on a board and hold one in my hand. I could knock off all 6, throw the one in the air and hit it twice without reloading. A .22 revolver has little recoil and repeatedly pulling the double acting trigger trains your finger to release enough to reset it.

                This muscle memory carries over to when I shoot a semi-auto pistol.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                Absolutely muscle memory. Proper grip, press trigger etc

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  If you can shoot a .22lr accurately and properly, you can shoot anything. Understanding that by the time you react with recoil the bullet has already left. So first shot will be where you want it regrdless size

              • OhioPrepper says:


                Do you & family feel skill with 22s has helped skills with larger calibers?

                It absolutely can. We generally start all new students with 22 rimfire because it is easy to shoot with little recoil and the bullet is fast enough to be accurate even at distance.
                After taking a proper stance and grip always perform the following.
                1. Sight control (proper alignment)
                2. Hold control (keeping that alignment with a good firm; but, not tense grip.)
                3. Breath Control (that tiny pause in breathing just before you break the shot)
                4. Trigger control (Squeeze the trigger until the shot breaks, then gently release to the triggers reset point)
                5. Follow through (keep the sight alignment long enough for the bullet to exit the muzzle)
                These five fundamentals should be performed with EVERY shot for every firearm type and cartridge.

          • OP, I have 3 rugers. Does that mean I am supporting you? Lol a 10/22, mini 14 and a model 77 in 30-06.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Thor 1,
              You’re not supporting me per. se. since it’s been a few years ago. I purchased 1000 shares of Ruger around $42 and sold it a few months later @ $67, so the tax deferred profit is sitting in an IRA to use as needed in the future.
              I had a mini-14 stainless ranch rifle I sold when I got my first real AR and now I have only a single six (twin cylinders), a 10/22 in an aftermarket bull pup stock, a Mark II (bull barrel) and the P89DC & P95PR.
              So I guess I’m down to only 5 Rugers.

        • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

          Hey Jesse I am a little slow on the uptake about Ruger and S&W pulling in with the Feds. on legislation against gun owners. Could you please expand on this comment.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Both companies stood behind the brady bill sadly – not overtly but covertly using funds. Likely to hang on to any mil/le contracts

      • Hummingbird says:

        P89DC and am liking it a lot. When point shooting I’m still a tad to the right when I speed it up, but improving and better with the Ruger than the Sig.
        The weight was tiring at first, but now I think I could handle 3 more rounds, so will look into that. Thanks.
        Your mention of vision issue brings up another scenario, what if I lose my glasses, so will practice without them.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          I still need to get in a little more practice with the P95PR; but, it is essentially the identical gun to the P89-DC, and has the same form an fit and the only functional difference is the decocker safety vs. just the decocker. The magazines are interchangeable.
          Some of the cast aluminum has been replaced with polymer making it about 5 ounces lighter which makes it a bit easier to carry. You wouldn’t even notice those extra 3 rounds which add perhaps 1.5 oz back to the weight.
          I had a FNP9 that I’ve sold and have shot sig and M&P and so far the P89 and P95 have been the best guns for point shooting, at least for me.
          On pulling to the right, that happens, possibly because your pulling the trigger instead of squeezing it (assuming your right handed) and that can change the aimpoint to the right ever so slightly without notice. We use a technique called BSA (Balance of Speed and Accuracy) were you start slowly with aimed or point shooting, and build up the speed, dropping back if the accuracy starts to fall off. Back to the basics always seems to work.
          The Picatinny rail under the barrel is nice also for a light or a laser.
          The only problem I have with either of these guns for carry, is finding a decent holster. I prefer a paddle holster made from Kydex and have been looking to some local folks who can make one custom for the guns.
          I have a good holster for the 380 I normally carry as well as a J-Frame I sometimes carry (stainless 640 with a crimson trace); but, I really want the extra power and capacity of one of my P series if I can only find a holster.
          As for point shooting without glasses, that kind of thing can happen to anyone. Even with good vision at twilight, you lose a lot of contrast and detail; but, you can still make out gross target silhouette and hit center mass with practice. Nobody is using a spotting scope to call the X ring on the kind of encounters we’re practicing for.

  52. Tractorgirl says:

    This has been a disastrous week…first of my father in laws s funeral was Wednesday …arrived home and our house had been broken into and our gun safe was turned on its back and pried open…several guns were taken …our bedroom was totally tossed..every drawer gone thru and tossed on the floor…bed upended..bathroom and walk in closet ransacked as well….silver..hand guns AR…jewelry and my sanity. Gone….make sure you arm your security systems..update to cameras to record…even get the fancy ones that call your cell phone…nothing was sacred to the scum that robbed us…this is the Warning…get as much security as you can…..I am still recovering from the trauma..and not much rattles me..I am having a hard time focusing and getting things back together…

    • tractorgirl,
      Chills covered my body as I read this. I would think someone who knew you were going to be gone is the culprit, friend or neighbor would be my first guess. I hope the person is caught for your sanity sake, although I am sure this trauma will last a while. So sorry.

      • Axelsteve says:

        When my friends dad and later mom passed away I was in there home as security while they were at the service. Each time There was a knock on the door and stranger left after I came to the door.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        As sad as it is, likely someone you know, what family wasnt at the funeral?

        1. They knew where the good stuff was.
        2. They knew exactly when too hit.

        • Axelsteve says:

          they read the papers for when and likely just got lucky on what they found

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Two of the classes I teach are Personal Protection in the Home and Refuse to be a victim. One of the topics we cover in both classes are your advertised away times.
            Telling someone untrustworthy, posting on social media, or giving too much information in your telephone voicemail or answering machine message that you are going on or already on vacation, or allowing the mail or newspapers to pile up while you are gone, are indications to the burglar that no one is home. Likewise, if anyone knows you are attending a funeral they would also know that the home could be vacant. In this case the decedent could be just a friend who attends your church or local club or organization, and someone knowing that could watch your home from a distance and wait for you to leave. I’ve been asked a few times to house sit for friends who were attending funerals. In these cases nothing happened; but, better safe than sorry.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Another reason to network, eg., I have friends /family non genetic – who stay at the house while I am away and never advertise my absences. Additionally, my local neighbors rely on me to formulate local neighbor watches etc., as a result generally either fear or trust me and are extremely alert.

              In our little 3 block section, we havent seen police in over a year…they simply dont get called, weve had one instance of mail theft and one vandalism. I caught the vandal and clarified the reasons that they should avoid our neighborhood… the vandal stated i was a rascist and “why dnt you call the cops” too which I responded (with almost all neighbots watching…)

              I dont call the cops… (i refuse to even dignify ridiculousness of race in these circumstances)

              I said, I deal with the problem and than call them- so please leave (in command voice)

              Too which the neighbors watching applauded further solidifying my unfortunate position as “that guy you don’t frank with”

              Tis the unspoken agreement of the community we live in, what you do is your business. But mess with our street/community, and you get all of us

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Wow….sorry to hear that.

      What kind of safe were they able to get into??? I finally broke down and got one that I think would take a torch to get into…..

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Prepper Doc a simple battery powered grinder gets through safes…avoid the doors, go through back, side or bottom

        • PrepperDoc says:

          Jesse, can you explain that a little more? I can understand grining a small hole….but how to get a big enough one that you can get anthing OUT? My safe(s) are bolted to either the wall or the floor. Some are rinkydink ( and hold commmensurate guns) and some are fairly good ones rated for > 1 hour of fire.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Max quarter inch steel for the vast majority of home safes under 10k – and not generally hardened- so cutting it / like a door- the fire resistant part is 1/2 to/too (uggg) 3/4 drywall –

            My FIL is a master locksmith amazing dude!

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              Just looked, my safe is 1.5 inches of (I assume ) concrete, that would be some serious and time consuming grinding.

              I know it took everything my brother and I had in us to get it up the stairs. And that was with a rest stop every 3 steps and the door off.

              He told me I’m on my own when I move the next time…

    • TG, sorry for your loss.

      The robbery sounds like someone knew you were going to the funeral. The scum!!!

    • Tractorgirl

      My sympathies to you. TAKE HEED someone was or is watching you. I know from experience. 3 years ago I had to be out of town for a funeral overnight. When we got home next day, the front of my building ..cement block. had a gaping hole in it from a big vehicles bumper. They took over 500,000 rounds of ammo and completely cleaned out my reloading room. That was a lifetime of reloading, buying and puting back ammo for over 40 yrs. I figure at today’s prices I lost over 175,000 dollars. Insurance. Only paid to fix building.

      Funny how there was a huge gun show that weekend leads than 25 miles away. That took several people and a huge vehicle to pull off. I live in the country virtually secluded, and very few people knew what was there…..

      Local state and ATF investigated for months…never recovered anything.

      I hate to add to your concerns but to think they are not still watching you……beware.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      If you advertised the funeral, basically and sadly its an open invitation. Regardless security they would have done it.

      Side note, dont put “vote for” or “I like” stickers on your vehicles either.

      Good luck with the claims, hope you had extra insurance for firearms. 🙁

    • Almost There says:

      Hi TG,

      I am sorry to hear about your FIL and the robbery. I know how you feel even though I didn’t have as much stolen. They came during the day, I easily could have been home. It’s been about 10 years ago and another living situation. They tried to kick in the front door, but it had a steel plate in the frame. So they went to the back of the house and threw a brick in a window and climbed thru. Stole expensive tools, a couple of guns, and my jewelry. Insurance paid, but had no rider in the jewelry, so it was a flat amount. There was an alarm on the doors, but no motion detector. Besides, they were in there and out, so the police say, in five minutes, so even if the alarm had went off, they wouldn’t have gotten there in time to catch them. They were stealing another day and the police caught them and found the tools that had been stolen and they were returned. Guns and jewelry not recovered.

      You feel violated, and unsafe in your own home. Scum is what this type of person-people is-are. I hope they catch the scum bags and if they try to sell them to a pawn shop, hopefully they will get caught. Where I live, the pawn shop has to wait 30 days before they can sell in the event it is stolen property.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Almost There,

        They came during the day, I easily could have been home.

        I suspect I’m not alone when I say I hopefully would have been home
        Another Bad day at black rock.
        Sheepdog 1, wolves zero.
        I had my home burgled about 40 years ago. I was away at the local Y teaching a well advertised (as in our names listed as instructors) self defense for women class with another instructor. When we entered the house and saw the back window pried up and broken, we immediately did a quick search of the house to no avail. Wish the thieves would have still been there, cause they would have had their career stopped short.
        I was missing a guitar and a banjo that were never recovered and no one was ever caught. The most problematic thing about the incident was when I would later be looking for something and could not find it, only wondering if it was yet one more thing stolen, and way to late for another insurance claim.

    • Always Forward says:

      So sorry. Hope they catch them. Check the pawn shops around the area. All the best in recovering from the trauma.

    • Tractorgirl,
      My DM lives in south TX and most people have someone stay in the house just for that reason. They just read the obits, it is easy to get an address.

    • Babycatcher says:

      So sorry you went thru that. We didn’t put an obituary in the paper til.two weeks after the death(which is when the memorial service occurred). We also had someone in the house to guard it, and the house was mostly empty. All valuables were disbursed to heirs. I am sorry you are going thru this.

    • Hummingbird says:

      I am so sorry and I understand the trauma you feel as it happened to me too.

      • Tractorgirl says:

        Thanks to all…we had someone at the fatherin laws house but not ours,,..we think they got spooked because there were so many things they didn’t get to…yes a family member who dislikes us greatly did come to mind….those guns are probably long gone and all the ammo with never be recovered…we had a Liberty safe..they pried to door off and the posts on top broken as well..they knew what they were doing for sure…now I have all the clean up and organizing…new security system on order..cameras and all the bells…husband already ordered a new custom safe…any suggestions on securing the safe…and or a new suggestion for all my costume jewelry that I have sentimental attachment….such as my wedding jewelry (now gone)…sad..thanks again for your advise and comments..

        • Tractorgirl says:

          They upended the safe and stood on the door to pri it off…they took mostly handguns and ammo

          • West of the Big Chicken says:

            Hate your lost, FIL and possessions. Prayers.

            In the future, only a suggestion, if safe door is right handed open, place in left corner, bolt to floor and wall. Left hand open, reverse. Cannot be pried open. Can still be cut into with right equipment. These people would be pros, nothing you can do about them.

            Brother’s house broke into, police said they would be back to clean out house, I mentioned to boss I was house sitting, he asked what I would do and I replied, “Stop the Invasion.”

            I am known as the idiot crazy employee.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Youve responded well, I just hope you can get some back 🙁

    • Encourager says:

      Tractorgirl , there have been numerous homes broken into during a funeral around here; I think the thieves call the funeral home to find out exact times, etc. We had a neighbor watch our home during my MIL funeral. We do have a security gate but I am sure it would only slow down a determined person. We also alter our times of leaving to run errands, etc so we set no pattern up.

      My heart goes out to you; praying for peace for you and your family. Dirty rotten scummy people who do this kind of thing!

  53. Contrarian says:

    Picked some ammo. Did an informal inventory of supplies.

    Now the bad part. A rodent got into some of the stored food. Have to check the other areas. Hopefully the damage is limited.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      We had a run of mice recently, took care of em with our rat terrier (highly recommend the breed, easy to train, extremely intelligent and amazingly good catching mice/etc., just keep em from your chickens)

      Use M.D.s link, but this is an awesome live trap, and will work for quail and dove

      Rat Trap – Medium Animal Humane Live Cage Atomic Barbie

  54. Solani, BC Canada says:

    Was very happy that I’d gone with D to town the other day and saw that Walmart had just stacked the “not so happy veggies” in the $ 1.00 rack! YAAAY!!! 6 big bags (5 in each bag) of bell peppers, several bags of onions of varying types, as well as other veggies, including 2 bunches of asparagus, that definitely didn’t look happy but I know that if you cut the ends off and stick them in water overnight, they’re almost back to “perfect” again. 🙂 I *GRABBED* all I wanted, before anyone else could… *grin* Campbell’s soup cans were on sale for .67 cents so I bought a lid of 24 mushroom soups. Bought a few boxes of big lids for my canning jars as well as spices, fresh garlic and ginger. Canned 10 quarts of my favorite onion and bell pepper pickles. Not that I was running low on them but I can’t resist buying when it’s that cheap! Next stop was our buddy the butcher and picked up enough “scraps” and bones to fill the back of D’s Explorer. Still need to take care of that but thankfully it’s cold enough outside that it will stay frozen until I have time to deal with it all.

    Really need to start canning meat since our 4 big deep freezers are full and the 5th one is getting there… Did a HUGE job this summer cleaning out all the meats and stuff that were way beyond “best before date”. By the time I was done what was left filled 2,5 of the freezers. Anyhow, now our freezers are up to date and everything is in vacuum-seal bags, just need to re-arrange stuff in the freezers so I know where everything is. My goal is to have beef in one freezer, pork in another, wild game in the third etc… And the one inside, a mix of everything and then re-fill the one inside with whatever when it gets low. Not looking forward to it since I’m not very tall and I have to stand on something to be able to reach the bottom of the freezers. I keep getting the mental image of me falling head first into the darn things/coffins and the lids shutting over me!! 😛 Add to that it’s -25 C outside and all bundled up I look like the Michelin-man and am about as mobile as him too! Think I’ll deal with the freezer we have inside the house first and then have D bring more stuff in… LOL

    I’ve had people asking me why I’m rendering beef and pork fat, mostly beef. There are quite a few reasons why I want to have a large supply of rendered and canned fat. Both as a fat supply for cooking as well as making more pemmican, also I would be able to use it for making soap as well as a light source and since along with the meat scraps we get, there are large amounts of fat so, it just makes sense using everything I can, including bone marrow. I’m also canning butter when I can get my hands on butter when it’s on sale. Butter prices here in Canada are outrageous. Almost $4.00 a pound and that is the cheapest Walmart brand. Have a friend that has connections with the Mennonite’s in this area and apparently they are willing to sell, so we’ll see how much that would cost and what else they might have to sell.

    I’ve put up 3 gallon jars of water-glassed eggs. D did what he calls one of his “science projects” last year. He’s always got some science project going. He wanted to see how long eggs would keep fresh using the water glass method. Last month we cracked open the last one in the batch he had made a year ago, smelled it, it smelled like an egg, fried it, it held together nicely and still smelled like an egg while frying. Will admit that I was fully prepared to spit it out when I tasted the fried egg but… It tasted just like an egg should taste and it had been in the water glass jar sitting on the floor next to the fridge for a whole year. So yes, water glassing eggs definitely works! 🙂

    I took down the 2 sheets of plywood D had put up to cover the entrances to the crawlspace’s upstairs the other day and ventured into those spaces (entire length of the house on both sides) armed with a flashlight and a duster to attack cobwebs… I nearly cried when I saw what all is in there. Actually almost just backed out of there and said H*LL NO!! Sweet sweet D, I really do love you but… Both sides are stacked with canned jars of only God knows what, dated back to his first wife that passed away about 20 yrs. ago. Knowing that D doesn’t want to throw anything away, I’m guessing wife #2 just put everything in there and had D put up the plywood and out of sight, out of mind… *sigh* Oh well… On the up side, I guess I won’t have to buy canning jars for awhile, just a lot of lids and seals… I am consciously NOT even trying to think about the job of the multiple trips carrying them all down and out to empty them, preferably downwind somewhere…

    I put the plywood back up and will deal with it come spring, unless I get motivated… Must admit, there are times when I’m actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything… I’m not a quitter though! I’ll might “gripe” a little, or go for a walk, find a “safe spot” and shed a few tears if needed and go at it again!

    All the old meat I cleaned out of the freezers this past summer was a welcome and much appreciated treat to our carnivores out here. Made sure “our lone mama wolf” (Freya) got enough for her and her 3 growing pups due to someone shot her in the rear when they’d shot and killed the rest of her pack, which resulted in her not being able to hunt… 🙁 She’s always been a “good girl” and not crossed any boundaries, quite the opposite actually, especially now that her pups are grown up. They somehow manage to keep the neighboring pack of 11 wolves away from our territory. Could have something to do with that they are all big, healthy and at least twice the size of the wolves in the other pack? Who knows… Mama Freya is completely healed now and doesn’t look like she has any lingering problems, what we can see at least… We are fully aware that the 4 wolves we have out here are WOLVES and not “tame dogs”. Have never attempted to pet or go near any of them, even if I do enjoy “singing” with them early morning and night. I’ll either chime in when I hear them howling or, I’ll start the howling session and they’ll chime in. 🙂 They do keep their distance, even if it’s only the other side of the field, or just within the forest line around the yard our house is on. Kind of makes you jump at first when you look up straight into the eyes of a wolf… I’ve however never felt stalked or threatened by them, it’s not like they’re trying to hide and/or sneak up on us. They’re just laying/sitting there quietly watching and when you do make eye contact, they’ll (Mostly Freya) cock their head to the side and then bounce up, do the classic “dog” play invite, head down on the ground between their paws, butt in the air and then playfully bounce away. Really trying to figure them out but then I guess they’re trying to figure us out as well. They’ve never bothered D’s dog when she’s been out with us or out on her own. However, I do believe they know who’s feeding them… But yes, I am armed when I’m out and about and never let my guard down… A wild animal is and always will be a wild animal. However, mutual respect does go a long way, be it one of the wolves or any of the many bears out here.

    Anyhow, getting way off track! 😉

    I’ve put up a few adds where I’m searching for another big container, don’t care if it’s banged up and got dents in it, as long as it’s reasonably whole and not rusted through. Have had a few responses but they’ve all been newer containers and way to much $$$ for my budget.

    My job for today is to go searching through the various buildings out here for material to make the frame for my drying racks/screens. Guess I better get to it before it gets to dark to see what’s out there. Definitely don’t feel like tripping over the skunk or making him/her feel cornered. Got a feeling D would make me sleep in the doghouse until he could stand the smell of me again… *big grin*

    • I would at least keep a couple of dishtowels around the freezer and throw one oven each ends near the lid so I would not be trapped. I am not sure those can be opened from the inside! All that food is a nightmare. Can you get someone to help you with a handoff of food as you take it out and down? If your husband won’t throw things out, I am quite sure you can find anything you need. Don’t use window screens to put food onto. Funny post.

    • Almost There says:


      Maybe you need to get some of those Boy Scouts (can’t remember if you are in Canada or not) up there in the Spring to help bring those down AND get the lids off!!! Wonder how many badges they could get out of the deal. Fix them a good meal and a few sweet treats and they’d probably be happy as a lark. Once they open them, I would put them in buckets of water and soap to get a good rinse going and make them easier to clean for their real scrub down. A toilet brush or 2 might be in order to scrub them out.

      Always enjoy reading your posts. You have some interesting go-ins on up there.

      • Solani, BC Canada says:

        Linda W & Almost There,

        I found lots of useful things during my “scavenger hunt”. 🙂 Opted to go with 1×1 inch wood for the frames I’m using for the racks to hang above the wood-heater to dry the meat for the pemmican. Secured the corners with these little metal corner thingies (whatever they’re called) and also an extra piece of wood on the bottom side of the corners so the screws don’t go all the way through and have me risk scraping my hands on them. That also made them more stable so, I guess that choice was a win-win situation. I am using metal window screen on those racks as I need to have the air flow both from under and above. Just need to make sure meat juice doesn’t drip down on the heater. If it does, I’ll try how it works with parchment paper between the meat and the screen. Would definitely help with the cleaning of the screens. I guess this will be my “science project”. 🙂

        Also found more canning jars, EMPTY ones YAAAY…. LOL I found 2 canners, need to check them out to see if they are functional. On the other hand, I’d really like to buy a new one that lets me know the precise pressure inside of the canner and from what I can see, seems easier for a newbie canner to use… I also found 4 Dutch ovens, complete with lids. One of them is a huge one that has legs on it. Asked D the history of them and he told me that 2 of them came across the country in his ancestors covered wagons. COOL! Will make sure I take extra care with those. Well, I’ll do that will all of them, but the 2 family ones feel extra special. Wish they could talk, what stories they could tell!!

        Yes, I have really found out that I can find just about ANYTHING out here and I haven’t even gone through a fraction of the stuff in the various buildings out here. I have no problem at all dealing with all of those “treasures”, what really gets to me and has me quite overwhelmed at times is that it’s not just D’s stuff I have to deal with. I’m also dealing with both previous wives’ belongings, which at times makes me feel like I’m walking not just on eggshells but barefoot on glass shards. Don’t want to upset D and bring back hurtful memories for him but… I’m VERY grateful that my sister-in-law came up from Mississippi this past summer and spent a month out here helping me with the bulk of those items. She was an enormous help dealing with those. She’s a wonderful woman! When she understood how I felt about it, she took over and just said, D can get however P’eed off at me as he wants to, I’m his sister and he’ll get over it! Still find stuff everyday but it now feels more manageable somehow.

        Yes, I do place towels around the edges of the freezers that are outside, just in case the lids would come down. Only freezer that really worries me it wouldn’t open if I would fall into it, is the largest freezer that’s in what D calls the boathouse. (previous owner 30+ yrs. ago built a boat in it, therefor the name stuck) That freezer has a hasp on it and I’ve checked to see what that darn hasp does if the lid comes down hard enough and sometimes the latch does catch, so I put a bolt in the loop where you can put a lock through, but it still catches on the edge of the loop. I do love the fact that everything now is in vacuum-seal bags but at the same time, it’s a PITA when you try to dig a hole to get to something further down, those slippery bags won’t stay put and create an avalanche!! *grrrr*

        Yes, I’m in Canada.
        I asked D about the idea of checking to see if there is a Boy-Scout group around here that I could ask for help with carrying down all the old canned jars. He wasn’t all that thrilled with that idea. He doesn’t like strangers out here. Something I can relate to since I’m not crazy about people either. Asked him if he would help me getting the jars down and out but he didn’t seem all that thrilled about that either. His solution was to just leave the jars where they are and buy new jars… Ehhh… NOOO! The short time I was in the crawlspaces I did see that some of the seals on the jars had rusted through and the mice had been cleaning out what they could… Got enough mice in the house as it is!! Don’t need to have a mouse smorgasbord upstairs. Especially since I’m storing quite a lot of our supplies up there. I’ve placed sticky-traps all around the house and catch on average 6-7 mice a week. Which makes the lady that works with wildlife rescue in our area very happy, since I “remove” the mice from the sticky-traps (so I can re-use the traps) and put them in “my gas-chamber”. She’s been buying dead mice from the pet store at $3.00 a mouse. Now she gets them for free and basically has an unlimited source of food for her injured owls and such.

        D didn’t believe me when I told him that there were so many mice in the house. I have above average hearing and told him I can HEAR the mice when they’re running across the carpet in the bedroom at night. He told me that no one can hear mice run on carpet… HA!! Riiiight… Changed his mind when I’d put the traps out and immediately started catching the little rodents in the bedroom! Have previously used the “catch’em alive” traps but for some reason, the little fur-balls have found out they can escape from those. There’s no escaping a sticky-trap! Still need to be careful with the traps since our mini weasel (Smudge, he has a gray streak down his back) also manages to get in the house every now and then and I definitely don’t want to catch him in one of the traps. Smudge is a mobile mousetrap and semi-tame. Totally crazy! I can watch him for hours, as he always manages to make me laugh. As soon as he hears that we’re outside, he comes BOUNCING like a mini maniac and follows us everywhere, popping up here, there and everywhere. He does get fed when he shows up, so that most likely keeps him following us around. I also get a giggle when Smudge manages to find a way inside the house and D’s “fierce” dog Roxy (a red healer) nearly jumps out of her skin and runs for cover… Yeah, I’m evil… LOL

        I hope I haven’t bored ya’ll with my long and sometimes sidetracked and off-topic posts. Please feel free to skip over them.

        I do have a weird and at times very raw and dark sense of humor but I do believe that it’s my ability to laugh at my own “eff-ups” that keeps me alive and kicking. I can be dead serious when the situation demands it but with all that has happened over the years, I’d be dead if I couldn’t get to the point where I can joke about it. I also believe that in a survival situation you need to take it seriously but… you also need to be able to have a sense of humor, however strange it might be. I believe those moments are important and crucial to survival as well.

        • Please don’t stop, I find your life stories very entertaining. Some of us do not get around much and live dull lives. My wife works with disabled children so conversations about her work are kind of depressing.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Solani/ Love your approach!

        • OhioPrepper says:


          I hope I haven’t bored ya’ll with my long and sometimes sidetracked and off-topic posts. Please feel free to skip over them.

          Interesting stories can be fun now and then. Don’t we all spend good money for books to inform and entertain? That being said, entertain away.

          I also believe that in a survival situation you need to take it seriously but… you also need to be able to have a sense of humor, however strange it might be

          Absolutely!! Rhetorically, the best way to get over stubbing your toe is to laugh at the thing you kicked and should have either been picked up or you should have seen.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          Thank you for your stories and trials.
          I can relate to the former wife things. I married a man who had been married for 30+ years and lost her suddenly. After I dealt with her ashes being on the counter… the rest was a peice of cake.
          an idea for getting the jars down… If you have 3 or 4 two gallon buckets, take those to the area where the jars are, and fill them, what ever you can manage, will probaby be 9-12 jars at a time unless they are pints. take them to the entrance and have someone receive them… Every one you get cleaned now is one more jar that you have to secure something in.
          Another thing you could use is a plastic bin you could partially load and slide to the entrance… just be careful not to load either too heavy, and do not try to take them down a stairway alone, unless it is a proper stairway. It is too easy to mis-judge weight and balance.

        • Solani

          Don’t stop. I’m enjoying your stories very much. You’re right. What is the use of prepping for the future, if you are unable to laugh about the past and present. There would be no joy in prepping. Maybe that’s the trouble with the ‘snowflakes.’ No joy in their lives, nothing to look forward to.

        • Solani,
          You have a real treasure trove! It’s good your sil helps buffer you from the “wrath of D!” I an understand how you can hear mice running across the carpet. How do you gas the mice?

          I certainly would not leave the jars up there! Carrying down jars could be dangerous and tedious. Can you use a tote bag to carry four jars at a time until you get them all to a level where you won’t fall? Maybe you could set a goal of so many jars each day to keep you fresh while you are bringing things down. Getting tired makes us get clumsy or careless and hurt ourselves.

          I do agree about not having strangers in the house. Maybe his sister could come back and help. People have commented on the huge amount of food I have. I offhandedly tell them I just need to get rid of it since it is obviously the result of my buying too many bargains. So, often I will offer them a few items. Usually, I ask if their dog will eat some of the older cans of food. These people are usually someone who has helped me a bit. I really try to limit who comes in the house for any reason.

          If your weasel gets into a sticky trap, it won’t get hurt and will probably be able to free itself easily.

          Even in a survival situation that is serious and calls for seriousness, there should still be room for levity.

          • Solani, BC Canada says:


            How do you gas the mice?

            I pinch them by the scruff of their neck so they can’t bite me, remove them from the sticky-trap and place them in a catch’em alive trap, shut the lid and place the whole trap with mouse in a plastic bag. Next step is a 5 second ether/starting fluid spray into the plastic bag, close bag and it’s lights out for the mouse.

            I do agree about not having strangers in the house. Maybe his sister could come back and help. People have commented on the huge amount of food I have.

            Yes, that is the main reason D doesn’t want strangers out here. No need to advertise that you’ve got a stockpile of foods and other items. Me, I mostly just don’t like people period… lol But I agree with not advertising what you’ve got…

            I do wish my SIL could come back up for a visit at least. D and his sister hadn’t seen each other for 20 yrs. prior to her coming up here past summer. I’d even like to take it a step further and want her move up here but she has her kids and family down south, so I can understand that she wants to be near them. However, they all know that if things start to get really nasty, we’ve got more than enough room for all of them out here. But, they are also prepper minded folk, so I think they’d opt to stay where they are, or all move out to my SIL’s place which is more off the beaten path. Would love to have them all here though and know that D REALLY would love it since the only family he has is his sister and her children since he has no children of his own.

            In regards to the old full jars upstairs. I think I’ll go with the idea of bringing up a couple of big sturdy buckets, open all the windows upstairs and empty the contents of the jars into the buckets and then CAREFULLY carry the buckets downstairs and out. Stairway is a real stairway but a tad steep, so I’m always careful when walking down it. Add to that D’s dog is an ankle-biter, being the Healer she is. She has however learned that if she bites my heals/feet, I bite her back… I will not take that kind of behavior from any dog!

            I’m used to the big hardheaded Mountain guard-dogs and have never taken any BS from them either. D’s got Roxy spoiled rotten. She’s a sweet dog but she’s has D VERY well-trained… lol D has asked me if I want a dog of my own and yes, I really would but… I feel it would be very difficult and unfair towards a new dog/pup having a whole different set of rules compared to the other dog being allowed to more or less do whatever she wants…
            Also, I know it would create arguments/fights between me and D if he’d interfere with my way of raising/training my dog… So, nope, no new dog. At least not yet…

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              I have regular neighborhood bbqs, however, I have my preps in locked areas – and never advertise them except to family (most of whom are not blood, I dont sady cannot trust most of my blood)

    • Solani or anyone,
      I read about the process of water glassing for eggs. The site said to put the eggs small end down in a gallon jar or quart. The next instruction was confusing–do not let the eggs touch and to stack them after the first layer.

      If the eggs are stacked, how can you make sure the eggs don’t touch. Even one layer thick, it would be difficult to keep eggs from touch since they have roly poly ends. Can anyone explain this contradiction?

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I’ve read about using sodium silica (water glass) for storing eggs; but, I’ve never tried it, so I’d be interest in anything people have to say here also.

      • Linda; A quart jar is basically worthless. Too small. Depending on how many eggs you want to store, a gallon or larger is needed. Glass, not plastic. And with a good lid.

        ONLY farm fresh eggs can be used. Do NOT wash eggs…..except for chicken poop and then very carefully wipe it off. When eggs are laid, they come out with a protective coating. Store bought eggs have been washed so cannot be water glassed.

        I have never worried about which end is up or down when I put them in the water glass. I just make sure they are thoroughly covered. I have never heard of not letting eggs touch. I have water glassed eggs for years when I can get farm fresh eggs. None have gone bad from touching. I do insist on clean hands or wearing gloves (surgical) when I pull a couple out of jar. Dirty hands contaminate water.

        Water glassed eggs can last for many months. In fact eggs can last several months without refrigeration if your storage area is cool enough. When in doubt, do the water test. If the egg floats…it has most likely gone bad.

        • Izzy,
          Thanks. Eggs not touching seemed impossible to me. How about a half gallon or gallon jar? I would use Ball. What is the best place to get the stuff to put into the water? I think I would use bottled water instead of faucet water.

          • Go with the gallon jar. You have to account for the water glass taking up space as well as the eggs.

            Tap/bottle water doesn’t work plain. You need sodium silicate. Lehman’s carries the one for water glassing eggs. https://www.lehmans.com/product/water-glass-liquid-sodium-silicate

            It is a bit pricey when you first start out, but it lasts a long time. I have also used the same water glass at least a couple of times before changing with no harm.

            • Izzy,
              I meant water to put the sodium silicate into. Yes, I knew plain water would not work. I will check out the link. My next thought was if I could use the water more than once. Plus, I will never have a dozen fresh eggs to treat since there is just me and I don’t keep more than four, maybe six hens. Can I just put in a few eggs each day until the jar is full? In a glut of eggs, I would only get about a dozen extra each week. Maybe more, but never enough fresh eggs to fill a gallon jar. I suppose that I now need to buy a gallon jar. I gave away four pickle jars last fall!

              This interest me because I am out of eggs from my one hen. I miss eggs even though I buy them from the store in the winter. I just refuse to eat one not from my hens. Thanks for the information.

              • If you have decent tap water, they yes, you can use it. My water is so bad, I won’t even give it to my cats.

                I would wait till you get at least 1o-12 eggs stored up, then put them in the water glassing jar. You simply temporarily store eggs in a bowl with a towel over it in a cool place. I suppose you could add a few at a time, but then you won’t really know which are the oldest if they shift.

                NO, a gallon jar is not too big. I use a 2 gal jar. I can easily get 2 dozen eggs in it. Water glassed eggs can last 4-5 months.

                Btw: Selling your fresh eggs when you have a glut can make you some pin money. People will pay $4.00 a dozen for fresh eggs.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                You must eat a lot of eggs.
                We’re down to only 4 girls right now and after a bit of time off for molting, we’re back to 3-4 eggs per day and with just the DW and I they build up rather quickly.
                I have frozen some and plan to try both dehydration and freeze drying soon!!.

                • Anoanamo Also says:

                  Country Vet swears by using hydrated lime method, (from you tube 6 ways to preserve eggs) has some that are 2 years and 100%…just FYI . freeze drying would be my second choice. have done the dehydrated and they are ok for cooking but i was not impressed with the taste when rehydrated.. I fully cooked, with no oils, diced with spatula and dehydrated, then put in food processor and ground to size of cornmeal. 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp water=1 med egg. they did beat no eggs and i have a few pints put back. Dehydrated, i can put about 2 dozen in a pint. with oxy absorber.

      • Solani, BC Canada says:

        LindaW & Everyone

        This is how D does his water glassed eggs.

        First off, he only uses unfertilized eggs (no rooster present in the hen-house) Don’t wash the eggs, just wipe them off with a dry cloth if they are dirty. The eggs are naturally covered with some sort of protective layer which needs to remain on the egg to help seal it from air, water, etc… We use gallon pickle jars. Carefully place the eggs in the jar, it doesn’t matter if the eggs are touching each other. I’ve never heard of that.

        Mix water glass // Sodium Silicate and distilled water. For one full gallon jar of eggs take 1 cup water glass and 9 cups distilled water. Mix the water solution before you pour it into/onto the eggs in the jar. The water glass mixture needs to cover the eggs by at least 1 inch. Put the lid on the jar and tighten it. We have our jars on the floor between the fridge and the outer wall and is quite cool there. Use clean rubber gloves when you take an egg out, the water glass is slimy and also you need to make sure the water glass solution is as sterile as possible. Rinse the egg with water before cracking open. Water glass is not poisonous but it’s darn slimy and you’re likely to loose the egg on the floor if you don’t rinse it off first. When I use the water glassed eggs in baking, I crack each egg in a glass first just to make sure I don’t get a bad one in the batch and have to through it all out. Only difference I’ve found when it comes to the water glassed eggs, is that the yolks are more fragile.

  55. Great day today!! been hammering on learning for my ham technician license!! passed the technician license and the general license test!! that’s about it for me for the last 2 weeks!!
    keep on prepping!!

    • bill w,

      Congrats! You should have your call sign within a week or so.

      • 5-10 days Zulu!! thanks for the congrats!!

        • PrepperDoc says:

          That is GREAT NEWS. Congratulations — to pass the General at the same time is qhite a good job. I wish you well on getting a station going. I’ve written quite a bit about that, if you google PrepperDoc you’ll find several articles.

          The little Baofeng $25 VHF/UHF rigs are not the most sensitive receivers onthe block, but they do work for getting started. If you have a ham near you to help you with HF, it is areal hoot!! A simple resonant diople and you’ll be hearing amazing things.

          • prepper doc I have my basic ham shack set up I have a icom-880h dualband radio set up as a base station and a yaesu ft-990 for my hf setup for the other base coverage with a 80-10 m dipole ant!

          • believe me it was a shit show as always with me!! first I was told I passed the tech then offered the general test thought I passed both I did really well with the general . as I was getting in my truck and phoning my wife with the good news I saw the vec waving to me!!I went back to hear him say I missed the tech by one point!! bummer but they let me do the tech test again so I got both today!! he said that has never happened before!! leave it to me to set it worked out!!
            got my general class so that’s all that’s counts!! drove 60 miles to get my license!! glad

    • Almost There says:

      Congrats bill w.

  56. Limabulldog94 says:

    Hola! (that is almost the whole of my Spanish vocab so yeah about that) Today we scouted out a sewing table for DW’s new sewing machine she got for Christmas. (I’m a great hubby and get what she wants!) Also we got a new Lodge 12 inch cast iron that i am current seasoning. Can’t wait to start using it! We have some smaller ones but don’t use them regularly. Added a few foods and pew pews to the pantry. Other than that staying warm in Texas! God Bless.

  57. I have been getting ready for tax season to start. Since many of my customers have fees withheld from their refund checks and they qualify for eitc and the gov will not be releasing their refunds until after Feb 15th, I will not be getting paid until the end of Feb. That is going to suck!
    Last week I forgot to mention that we picked up a new steel door to replace the back door. The frame was slightly damaged so we got it for $178 instead of the $356 original price. It has a window with the built in shade. We made sure that the door and shade works.
    DH also got a wood heater dirt cheap for his shop. He has still got to buy the flue and the heat resistant sheetrock for the back wall, right now it is bare studs with insulation so no big deal.

  58. 11 more days !!! Lol

  59. A NATO plane was playing chicken with a Russian airliner in Russian airspace. Obama needs to STOP putting American lives at risk for political reasons.

  60. Overwatch says:

    Illustrative of the human condition: Yesterday we had a snow storm. Over a foot fell on my area of SE Mass. I had to pick up one item at the grocery store that I had overlooked. The lines were 8-10 patrons deep, the lot full. I felt like I was going through the evacuation of Saigon.
    Absolute Charlie Foxtrot. Yet another reason to be prepared.

    Earlier this week, I grabbed another salt water fishing pole and some heavier tackle. Spring will be here before we know it. I also bought some motor oil on sale which came with free filters. DW grabbed extra groceries, having found Progresso’s Macaroni and Bean (pasta e fagioli) soup for $1.25/can. We both had fond memories of this soup as children but neither of us had ever mentioned it. After my DS and I dig out the driveway, guess what’s for lunch.
    Also bought a steel ammo can of 5.56 mm for $174.00, a box of 250 rounds of.40, and a box of .357 Sig.

    • OW, focus on rifle ammo now. It is the primary weapon.
      Nice caliber choices on the handguns.

  61. 100 rounds of 9mm, plus coffee for rotation. 12# rice for which DP raised a fit. Wonder if he will figure it out if he reads Koppel’s Lights Out that I gave him for Christmas.

    • Mari, 9 mm is a great handgun round. Focus on rifle or shotgun rounds. Long guns are much more effective.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      Wonder if he will figure it out if he reads Koppel’s Lights Out that I gave him for Christmas.

      So Kopple has a Lights Out also.
      I’ve read the original from the 90’s by David Crawford that I still have as a pdf. This started as a shareware novel back in the 1990’s like Rawles Patriots and has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times.
      As for your DP, I wish you luck. We come to this journey by different routes. Some are just aware by their nature; some obtain information like a book that opens their eyes, and others have to have a TEOTWAWKI event happen to them personally. I wish you well on that book doing the trick.

  62. Encourager says:

    Just caught a bit of 60 Minutes. They had a segment on the new military drones…that think, that communicate with each other and that can fly in formations of 100 or more. They are small – probably 8-10 inches across. They sound like a swarm of insects. They gave me the chills and a feeling of dread. Yes, they could be used for good – seeking out terrorists or a lost child but yet… I cannot help wondering how they could be turned and be used on us Americans in times of trouble.

    The other segment I caught was about “Planet 9” – a new planet that is out beyond Pluto and from all the clues they are following, a big planet as many objects are being drawn into its gravitational force and are orbiting around it.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Yes, I saw the same thing and my response to my wife was that it is time for us to buy another shotgun.

      • 12 Ga drone shot. Lol

      • OhioPrepper says:

        If you saw the segment, those little things were small and quick so a shotgun might not be all that effective. I think it is also technically illegal to shoot a gun or a laser at an aircraft, so if you’re going to be illegal anyway, I think high powered broad spectrum RF could overwhelm the receiver input stages on them, and if they can’t communicate and coordinate, they can swarm. That being said I suspect at least some would kill themselves when their formation falls apart.
        BTW, I found your other book, and as soon as I can get time to get the newest windows version of Kindle with text to speech going, I’ll be getting both of them. That being said, perhaps you could now contact me via email and maybe work out an HF schedule, since I work stations in your vicinity with ease, given the right propagation. BTW, nice 2×1. I’ve been Extra class for more than a decade and haven’t seen any that I like well enough to change, plus my current call has a attribution in Rawles Patriots that’s good to keep around.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Here on the border we already have over a dozen predator drones being used for… “keeping it secure” eg., keeping us in and watching us- they run them from black tower, a research project/facility on ft Huachuca – they have additional hubs being used to train and run drone operators, but it is all centralized through black tower on ft Huachuca – things its important too knw.

  63. PrepperDoc says:

    The EMP book has now sold 182 copies!!
    I’m ecstatic of course. All kinds of people are learning about EMP and how to protect fairly easily from it. (If you do the work)

    It appears that I don’t get paid until an entire month in arrears, so nothing to send to the host here until after the end of the month….

    The NEW BOOK (which for opsec reasons I can’t give much detaills about here….) has now sold 7 copies. I’ve now pointed it out on a couple of blogs in the amateur radio emergency groups / winlink / bpq communities. I’ve now ordered 75 copies myself to give away to educate and encourage people and possibly stimulate more demand. If I get to go to hamfests, I can potentially sell or even give away copies there — particularly if I find a vendor whose product really relates to emergency service and I want to support the vendor. Copies are cheaper than I could photocopy them for….and much much nicer.

    If you have a skill / knowledge….this is a very very cool thing to do. Maybe I should write a post about how to do it easily?

    • Prepper Doc,
      Information on the process would be great! Please do!

      • OhioPrepper says:


        Information on the process would be great! Please do!

        I think he did. It’s in his book.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Unless you meant the process for publishing. Sorry if I hit the SUBMIT botton too quickly.
          In that case I would however wholly agree.

          • OP,
            Your response puzzled me until I read this comment. Yes, publishing was the process to which I referred. It seems that the way to buy his book is pretty much a secret to which he offers no clues…lol.

    • Prepperdoc,

      OK, it took a little bit (I guess I’m not the sharpest tool in the box), but I found your new book. So, now you’ve sold eight. 🙂

  64. 10 more days !!!

  65. MD, nice AR,who is the manufacturer of the lower?

    Is that an old pic of the lake ? Looks to enticing for kayaking or canoeing and fishing. I can’t wait to pull out the kayak this year and fish with my wife or her Dad.

    • Thor 1,

      AR is a Colt. Lake pic was taken a couple of days before I posted it here.

      • I have a Colt too. Match grade H-Bar 2. Match grade trigger, barrel. I left the A2 stock on it just feels comfortable. I have a magpul stock and an ergo grip but haven’t put them on yet. It does have a Harris bipod though. Your lake ? I was wondering due to snow how frozen it might be….. It might have frozen fish in it now. Lol

  66. Tractor Girl
    It makes me sick that there are people like the ones that raided your home. I know no words can ease the ppain. Hope they catch them. Just remember you are surrounded by the Love of Wolf Pack.The numbness is over, now it’s anger and make you want to get even.Don’t, they will get theirs some time,never enough punisment, There still good people in this world!

    • Tractorgirl says:

      Thank you Be Be….I am not made or vengeful ..I am having a type of PST….I can’t focus ..concentrate..I have lost some of my balance..I try to clean up and organize the stuff they tossed all over but can’t seem to get it pulled together..I am trying to give myself a week to settle down and then get busy..if not I will go to dr or someone with knowledge of this…..maybe someone out there can give me an essential oils recipe for such events….I do feel like all your thoughts are with me and it warms my heart…thanks to all..

      • Jesse Mathewson says:


        Remember the positives, you and yours were not hurt. Things were taken, and you should be upset, get upset, that is both natural and right. However, remember, the positive is you know you and yours who live there are and were safe.

        Additionally, if I may, your loved one who passed, is still with you. Memories, positive and negative as well as actions taken mean you reflect them in your life and actions.

        There is positive in all this doesnt mean you cannot embrace the rage you feel at the perpatrators of said deviance against you. Or the loss you feel with loved one being physically gone. All very natural and good feelings, I guess what I am saying is, dont avoid the feelings. Let them out, (carefully use a punching bag or such) but dont bottle them up. That will only promote further ptsd

        I know ptsd intimately and disagree with the current veterans affairs approach embrace your emotions and remember they exist to protect you

        • Solani, BC Canada says:

          Jesse M & Tractorgirl,
          YES, I very much agree with Jesse about PTSD rage/anger. Having lifelong PTSD myself from childhood abuse and more up through the years, it is very important to “blow off steam”, preferably in a safe environment both to oneself and others. Don’t bottle it up, it will just fester, grow and further clog up the emotional drainage system, meaning other stuff that happens, even if it’s just little things after will get stuck on top of the previous crap/trauma and create stress that might not have bothered you at all if it would have been able to flow through the “drain”. It’s OK to feel angry, hurt, sad when sh*t happens. Try to deal with it as soon as you can as it will only get more difficult to process and rid yourself of the aftermath the longer you let it fester.
          Punching bag is a very good idea! I’ve always lived in very rural areas and have punched many tree’s, screamed my brains out (without having to worry about anyone hearing me) kicked, thrown pine-cones and rocks. It’s also OK to cry. Lavender oil could sooth and also help you sleep as well. Perhaps check and see if there is any type of trauma group which you could join and talk, talk, talk… Stay safe and I’m so sorry for what you are going through right now.

      • Wolfies; Get out your formula notes please. I need a homeopathic remedy for psoriasis ….on scalp. A friend of mine has this malady and it is driving her nuts. I told her to use olive oil on head at night and also use tea tree oil behind her ears.

        Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

        • So sorry, I put this post in wrong spot. (:

        • Solani, BC Canada says:

          I make a salve out of of Marigold, cold pressed virgin olive-oil and bee’s wax. I’ll halfway dry the marigold flowers and some of the leaves, crush them slightly and put in a jar, add olive-oil to cover the marigold and let sit for about 3 weeks, shaking carefully every other day. (avoid direct sunlight) After 3 weeks, strain the olive-oil/Marigold. Melt bee’s wax in a double boiler. Pour the melted bee’s wax into a tempered glass or ceramic bowl and while constantly stirring, drizzle the olive/Marigold-oil into the melted wax. Pour oil into wax until it is halfway to the consistency you wish to have your salve. The wax mix will thicken more when it cools. If it turns out it’s to solid, put it back in the double boiler, melt (don’t let the bee’s wax boil at any point) and add more olive/marigold-oil. Personally, I also add vitamin E oil to my salve. This salve is good for all kinds of skin conditions, rashes, burns, babies butts, cow/goat teat’s etc.

          If used on head, I’d most likely just use the marigold/olive-oil and dab it on, as the salve could be problematic to get down to the scalp through hair? Regardless, always test salve/oil on non-affected skin first, to ensure there are no allergic reactions.

          • Thank you so much Solani. I will have to make this as my friend probably wouldn’t….argh. But, I think I will also try it on my skin as it is terribly, terribly dry.

            • Solani, BC Canada says:

              You’re welcome. 😉 You can find various variations of recipes for the Marigold salve on the Internet if you google it but, this is the one I’ve used for years. The salve I made this fall was for some reason not as “potent” as the ones I’ve previously made in Sweden. Not sure why. Could be the plant/flowers itself? I’m used to the single petal flowers but couldn’t find any seeds or baby plants for them over here, so I had to go with the big multiple petal layer flowers. Not sure what the difference is but this year, I’m going to ask my daughter in Sweden to send me a few pouches of the single petal flower seeds.

              I also have very dry skin, strangely enough mostly on the right side of my body and use this salve (a thinner version) for that too. Mostly on my arms and my feet. Also works great on dogs paws/pads both when dry and cracked skin but also to protect them from cold/ice and if you live somewhere they put salt on the road. Use a thicker (more bee’s wax) for dogs paw pads and make sure paws are completely dry before applying. I also use it on “new tattoo’s” and since my oldest daughter is a tattoo artist, let’s just say I have quite a few… 😉

      • Tractorgirl; It is okay to think vengeful thoughts and be angry as all get out. In fact, it is cathartic.

        When trauma first hits, we automatically go into a “denial system”. Some more severe than others. Denial systems are put in place to give us time to recover. You not wanting to clean up after the mess the burglars left is part of the denial system….and they are a subconscious. Not dealing with the issue(s) is all part and parcel of DS’s and PTSD.

        When I was still in private practice, I would have clients tell me they didn’t want to be angry. They just wouldn’t let go. So, I created a little rag doll I called the “Dammit Doll”. I told my clients to pretend it was the object of their trauma…usually an ex, Beat the tar out of on your counter, sofa or wherever. It will get the juices flowing to release pent up (subliminal) anger.

        The sooner you right your home, the quicker you will heal. The memory will live on, but physically you will start to do better. The fact that your home was invaded…where you sleep is unsettling. This type of trauma takes time to get over because our safety zone has been violated. Physical activity DOES help.

        I hope you have told the cops who you suspect. Even if you have no proof. I would also be checking local pawn shops, thrift stores, gun shops and Ebay.

        In the meantime, might I suggest you try ‘Valerian” for nerves. It acts as a calming agent, but without any drug side effects. I will certainly be praying for you Tractorgirl. Prayers are powerful medicine. 🙂

        • Anonamo Also says:

          Tractor girl and Izzy, FYI! Be careful with the Valerian, ESPecially,… if you have never taken it, and if you are sensitive to medication amounts…ie, if the amount of drugs you use,… are on the low end to obtain effectiveness, (to show what I mean..example 81 mg of asprin 3x a week will make me spill blood in urine, thins my blood too much, and I use half dose of weakest pain pill, should I be presribed one for tooth extraction etc.).. the first time I took Valerian..I did nto know this and I slept for 28 hours. on standard over the counter, ONE capsule. It is also in sleepy time extra tea and is available at china mart. I tolerate that amount ok…

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Anonamo Also,
            Sleepy Time?
            I”ve always preferred Morning Thunder myself.

            • Anonamo Also says:

              Yes, I don’t drink it because I like it, I drink it for the effect….on the nights I just can’t turn off and need to rest, have early appt.. a single teabag/cup mixed with peppermint will knock me off into dreamland and I have no bad effects..ie.. with no grogginess.. but valerian by it’self knocks me out for more than a day… “Throat Coat” is another one we use for sore throat, I mix mine with peppermint…don’t care for the taste, but it works well.
              My DH likes Morning Thunder and Pau DeArco tea’s
              I like the cinnamon apple and holiday spice ones, the tangerine-orange teas…

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Anonamo Also,

                don’t drink it because I like it, I drink it for the effect

                Same with me on the Morning Thunder, between the caffeine and the mate it the pick me up that generally doesn’t let you down.

          • Solani, BC Canada says:

            Tractorgirl, Izzy & Everyone,
            Yes, be very careful with Valerian and also St. Johns Worth,(sp?) especially if you are also on any chemical based anti-depressant/mood-stabilizer. Combined they CAN create total havoc. The Valerian will change how you’re body/liver takes up everything from OTC pain meds. as well as Opioids, natural or the chemical variations, benzo’s and mood-stabilizers that go through your liver.

            My system is on the complete opposite side of the scale of Anonamo Also’s, meaning I am a ultra rapid metabolizer. I have a mutation on the genes in my liver that causes various meds (quite a few of them) to basically just pass through with little or no effect at all. Which is at times a PITA but still preferable to risking death with just the normal prescribed dose of whatever… I have chronic back pain and the levels I’ve been taking of the synthetic opiods are high enough to outright kill someone. Was told by a doctor/biologist that Valerian could help me as it slows down the genes in the liver, which would give it more time to be able to take up the opioids and distribute them to wherever they needed to go, instead of just flushing them through my system. That didn’t work on me either.

            I don’t get the benefit of the pain meds or the “high” that goes with these types of medications, which in some ways really bums me out, since now that I’ve moved here to Canada, I’ve been weening myself off of them and get the withdrawal, now that’s just not fair!! LOL If you don’t get the “benefits” you really shouldn’t have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms either! *grrrr*
            Have now nearly phased out the opioids/Tramadol from 600mg per day, down to now 100mg. and will keep on until I’m totally off them. Not feeling much difference in the pain department. Basically only taking the 650mg OTC Acetaminophen now and have raised the natural vitamins/minerals I take with added Cats Claw, which works both as a immune-booster, mood stabilizer, muscle relaxer and more. Tried the medical marijuana but don’t like the “high”, same as I don’t like the drunk feeling from alcohol, that is if I even get drunk since alcohol also more or less just goes straight through me. I’m a very expensive date if and when someone has wanted to take me out to the bar… LOL I don’t like ANY substance that effects and slows down my ability to think. Been trying to find a good source that sells the medical marijuana oil that doesn’t have THC in it but the ones I’ve found so far, are out of my price range.

            But yes, be very careful when trying out Valerian. I’d go with the Valerian tea (weak cup) first and see what reaction you’d get.

            • Anonamo Also says:

              If kratom is legal there(not legal everywhere) try it., it works for some people.. gives energy boost, and helps with severest pain. canabis oil (if you can use legally) has also been effective for some people, even taken rectally , produces no mental side effects…. l also would try tumeric, ginger….and other inflammatories… you did not say what type of pain., as in bone, nerve location… swansons has a homeopathic nerve pain and a fibromyalgia formula. both of these “take the edge off ” of severe nerve pain/according to DH,.also have arthritic formula.. they are by Dr Barbara Hendel.
              Tylenol/acetaminophen does not touch any pain on me. Does nothing.
              I used herbs for Lyme arthritis and problems with cold fronts has not afffected me as bad as last year.am not supposed to take NSAIDS due to gastric issue. I have tramadol rx/portion that is 3 years old, so use infrequently.. but use one 50 mg ultram with 200-400mg ibuprophen and a prevacid 30mg( to protect my stomach.).. Its been more than a month since i had to use this combo… the tramadol will extend and enhance the ibuprophen’s pain relieving benefits. If pain is severe this could be safely used as often as the tramadol by it’s self..( but i’d only take the prevacid one time a day)

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                I do use kratom, works well, I use white and a darker version, there are a few kinds

    • Tractorgirl says:

      Bebe..i think you are from my state…..would love to connect but not give everyone my local….maybe you could let the boss know and he could email me your location…..

  67. I am not able to see the comments posted before January 7. I am so happy my banana and papaya made it through the freeze. The leaves got killed but the fruit and stalks look fine. We are back in the 70s tomorrow. I don’t see how you folks up north can deal with cold weather. I need to research how to stop condensation from forming on the insides of my windows. It was 28 degrees outside and 68 degrees inside without the heat on.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Bam Bam,

      I don’t see how you folks up north can deal with cold weather.

      Thicker blood, more layers) e.g. sweaters and hoodies
      I actually prefer cold (to a point) over heat. I can always layer up or throw the proverbial log on the fire, but for heat there’s only so much you can take off and have any additional relief.
      Actually it was 6 ° here yesterday most of the day, getting warmer all night, and now sitting at an almost balmy 34° and scheduled for 60+° with rain on Thursday.

      I need to research how to stop condensation from forming on the insides of my windows. It was 28 degrees outside and 68 degrees inside without the heat on.

      Basic physics again. High humidity as in lots of water vapor in the air and a cold object to chill the vapor and allow it to condense. Take a glass of a cold drink into your yard on a hot humid day and you see the same thing on the outside of the glass.
      The only solution is a dehumidifier or insulated windows, e.g. 2 or 3 pain) so the inside stays warmer and doesn’t invite condensation.

      • Almost There says:

        I still get condensation on the inside of my double pane windows when it’s cooler in the house than outside and humidity is in the 80’s. You’d think I have a meat locker going.

    • Bam Bam

      I’m glad your fruit made it through the freeze.

      OP is right, good insulated windows or a dehumidifier work the best for reducing condensation on windows. Sometimes a fan blowing warm air around the room will help.

      Right now it is 23 degrees where I am at in the UP. It was cloudy all day with a bit of sun right before sunset. The best thing was no wind. It was actually pleasant feeding and watering the animals. They even ventured outside their coop for a little while, today. They hate the wind more than I do.

    • BlueJeanedLady says:

      BamBam – – – You mentioned,

      I am not able to see the comments posted before January 7.

      If you scroll down to the last posted comment on this page, directly below that last comment and on the left side of your screen there will be a prompt that says “Older Comments.” Once you click on to that prompt you will see earlier posts (comments) from the current week’s regular WDYDTPTW column that were initially posted / printed before this page. As I understand, our site mastermind needed to limit the number of comments, per page, so this practice was started a few weeks (not sure of exact date) ago.

      This newer way to access older comments in the same week’s column (as I described above) works just dandy on my laptop and my desktop – but since I don’t normally view this site on my smart phone or tablet, I can’t say for certain if it appears exactly the same on those devices or not.

      Hope this little tidbit of info is helpful for you. Good Luck! 🙂

    • Solani, BC Canada says:

      I also prefer the cold. Like OhioPrepper wrote, you can always put more layers of clothes on. Living in Florida some years ago after previously living in a colder climate really did create problems since my blood was thicker. Had to eat extra baby aspirins daily to thin my blood, which created the opposite problem when I moved back to Sweden. Being here in Canada now the temperature when I got up at 4AM this morning was -24F Had to light the propane heater in the kitchen after I had re-loaded the wood heater in the front room. Need to get some kind of fan system rigged in the front room so the heat can circulate better. Other than that, what I feel is most important is to have appropriate clothing for where you live as well as extras. Feeling really sorry for those that live further south that aren’t used to the invading cold that seems to be a global thing right now and knowing that many don’t have heating sources. I can imagine that portable heaters in the stores sold out quite fast. One thing I did in my house in Sweden before I got my wood heater installed (it had only been used as a summer cabin previously) was when I went to bed, I had my kids, 2 extra thick duvets, all of my cats and 3 dogs (2 Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs and one Siberian Husky mix) with us in the bedroom and the door shut. That kept the bedroom nice and cozy! 🙂
      I had double windows in my house that I could open to get between the glass. Come winter I’d place a layer of cotton between the glass (on the bottom) Place some dried flowers (just to pretty them up) and also salt and rice to absorb moisture. It worked to keep the fog from forming but when it would get really cold, there would be beautiful ice-crystal flower patterns between the windows. We have double pane glass sliding windows in the house here in Canada, no fog but have a thin ice layer on the bottom of the window glass inside.

      • OhioPrepper says:


        beautiful ice-crystal flower patterns between the windows

        Those BTW are called fractals and are ubiquitous in nature
        Good to see someone else using propane. It’s my favorite homestead fuel and the subject of the next article I’m working on.

        • Solani, BC Canada says:

          Yeah, now that you mention it I recognize the term fractals, the ubiquitous on the other hand is a new word for me so I’ll have to look it up… 🙂 Regardless, the ice-flower patterns are really beautiful and like snowflakes, no 2 are alike.

          Yes, we do use propane and have made sure we have a large amount stashed. Our kitchen stove/oven which is an older model is propane only, which I really like since when the power goes out, I don’t have to worry about an electric starting mechanism. Do have a small convection oven for when I just want to do something quick in the oven and an old microwave, mainly used to re-heat coffee. LOL Wood heater in the front room can also double as a stove if needed but, not an oven. Also have propane lights we use when the power goes out, which it does regularly… We try to keep our electricity down to a minimum both for financial reasons and that we’re at the end of the electrical grid and our fuse-box can’t handle to much without blowing a fuse. In the house we can run our LED lights, fridge, house freezer, computer, TV and microwave but add anything else, such as washer/dryer, convection oven, vacuum-cleaner etc. at the same time and the main (or whatever it’s called) will “blow”.

          Thankfully the outdoor freezers run on a separate fuse-box, which also powers D’s mechanic shop and can put out more electricity. We also have 5 generators that we have enough fuel stored for if/when SHTF to power the freezers for perhaps 6 months, which would hopefully give me enough time to can/preserve everything currently in the 5 freezers. I would however prefer getting most of it done before it reaches that point in time…

          I’d like to get into the solar panel system, as I know one day there most likely won’t be either propane, gas or diesel as fuel. But right now, money is very tight…

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Ubiquitous means essentially, found everywhere.
            Fractals make up those ice patterns, the pattern of the branches and leaves on plants, and even some areas like the nervous system of animals, from mice to people.
            On the propane I have capacity for about 2100 gallons (at 80% per tank) on site and plan to expand again this summer.

            Wood heater in the front room can also double as a stove if needed but, not an oven.

            If you get a cast iron Dutch oven and learn to use it sitting on that stove, you can do amazing things including lots of baking and roasting. I have three or four and lots of other cast iron that are years old, so I don’t know the best sources or prices; but, I’m pretty sure that the cast iron subgroup of the pack can give you more good ideas there.

            • Solani, BC Canada says:

              Aha! Thanks for helping me out with what Ubiquitous means. 🙂

              I have one cast iron Dutch oven in my pots & pans cupboard and on my last “scavenger hunt” while searching for material to build my drying screens I found 4 old cast iron Dutch ovens. Need to get D to climb the ladder to get to them as they are way up in the rafters of his shop. I might be a “dare-devil” in many ways but… I’m not crazy about heights if I can avoid them. Will do it if I have to but if I can find a way to get around it, I WILL… lol I do use the Dutch oven that’s in the house but haven’t tried baking in it. Have read some about it but not tried it yet. Will start researching on that topic more in-depth.

              I really have no idea how many propane tanks D has, they’re everywhere… lol When he finds tanks for sale at a good price, he’ll buy whatever he can get his hands on. Not sure about the rules/laws in the US in regards to propane tanks but here in Canada you can’t trade in older (outdated) tanks. Thankfully he knows how to renovate older tanks and also has a key-card at the local propane dealer, so we can fill our own tanks, which both keeps the cost down by not having to pay the fee for exchanging the tanks but also only paying for the ACTUAL amount filled in the tanks. We’ve found out here that even if you exchange a tank of whatever weight, you don’t get the actual amount of propane weight listed on the tanks, even though you’re still paying for it… Also, we don’t get any hassle in regards to the age of the tanks…

              Having had farm animals and the equipment needed for tending a farm we still have the big fuel tanks for diesel, gas etc. Just need the fuel truck to come out and fill them every now and then. We usually do that when the neighbors out here need to get theirs filled. Makes for a better price/deal that the truck only has to make one trip out here to fill us all up. 🙂 D also has some kind of preservative, can’t remember the name of it and he’s still sleeping, so I can’t ask him. But, it helps keep gas/fuel from going bad if we’d need it.
              He’s also kept all of the motor-oils etc. that he’s changed over the years, meaning there are MANY full oil drums which can be used if there’s nothing else to buy. Not sure how that works but I think it’s mainly the tractor he’s thinking about fuel-wise.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                If those Dutch ovens have lids with deep rims, you can cook amazing things with just a little charcoal. In the heat of the summer or when camping doing this makes a lot of sense.
                On the propane tanks, I suspect you’re talking about the smaller 20# units. While I have a few of those around, they are mostly for the BBQ grill, a little portable spot heating, and refilling the 1 pound canisters. I have a few of those that I find along the way and although the propane per gallon cost is more for the tank exchange, I can trade an older empty tank for a new full one and keep using the new one.
                my main propane supply comes from larger non moveable tanks that allow us to purchase a few thousand gallons of propane during the low price in midsummer, and run nearly everything the rest of the year.
                While adding stabilizer to gas and diesel helps, these fuels still have a limitation on use if not used up and replaced where propane has no limits on viability as long as the containers are kept sealed.
                The next article in progress has to do with the use of propane and I hope to be able to submit it in the next 3-4 weeks.
                As for that old motor oil, I’m not sure of all of the uses for it; but, I know a local company (farm equipment) that does the same thing. Once filtered it can be used for light lubrication tasks, and can be used to fuel a fuel oil heater, turning waste oil into a usable item.

      • Solani,
        I have seen fans that go on wood stoves to push heat beyond the stove. You just place it on the stove and the heat runs the fan. There is no need to plug it up.

        I would rather be cold. Actually, I prefer summer but like to be under the ac most of the time…lol. I hate all the clothes necessary for winter.

        • Solani, BC Canada says:

          Yeah, I’ve seen those fans too but I can’t place anything directly on top of the wood stove other than if I wanted to cook on it. Could perhaps put up a shelf on the wall above/behind the heater to place a fan on but I still don’t think it would help circulating the air throughout the first floor of the house. I have an idea going around in my head to make a hole in the backside of one of the living-room walls, which would be at the back entrance to the house and install a small fan similar to a bathroom fan that wouldn’t use much electricity to help circulate the air. Problem is, the layout of the house as it is now, doesn’t allow for circulation. A fan in the wall at the back entrance would however make circulation possible. Living-room where the wood stove is, is so hot I can’t stand sitting there in the evenings watching TV, even if I dress down to a tank-top and shorts… and the rest of the house is cold. My old house In Sweden has an open floor plan which the air can circulate freely throughout the rooms.

          Yeah, I don’t like all the winter clothes either I’m a barefoot girl long after fall has set in. Most of all, I really hate socks, hats and scarfs!!!! My solution to the winter sock situation is I have tanned and sewed rabbit furs into socks with the furry side in. Nice, warm and snugly on my bare feet and also look good when folded over covering the outside of my big ugly thick waterproof knee-high winter-boots. 🙂 Thankfully my hair is long enough to wrap around my neck, so that solves the scarf situation! I use ear-muffs instead of a winter hat. Do have a winter hat though that I keep in one of my jacket pockets if I would need it… Mittens or gloves on the other hand are a must. As well as a jacket and insulated pants that can handle temperatures down to -40…

  68. I just thought I would pass on some info my great uncle told me to the fishermen in the group. He told me that the pioneers used to smoke carp.Of course it’s very important to clean it well.I tried some that he had smoked,and it was very good.I wish I watched him do it.

  69. Busy week….444 posts so far!

    Caned 7 qts of Turkey/beef chili, made eight chicken pot pies and froze/vacuum sealed and now smoking a couple 4 lb chickens. One with a brown sugar based rum and the other with lots of sage, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Using a Master built vertical smoker and having a heck of a time maintaining 275 degrees. Hope to have the trial run complete by 2130.

    Youngest son is coming home for a week and we’ll be going hog hunting. The smoker will be in demand,… hopefully. Also will get a chance to try dry curing some pork.

  70. 9 more days til NObama !!!

  71. 8 more days til Nobama !!!

    He has now given $10 billion dollars/gold to Iran.

    He also gave them enough nuclear material to make ten nuclear weapons.

    He has released more terrorist detainees.

    He is an enemy of the USA !!!

  72. OP,
    There was no more room to respond. I don’t store wheat. All my flour was in a freezer that died and was full of meat, so there was no way to save the flour. I am allergic to wheat. I figured out I could not tolerate whole wheat at all. My throat starts to close and Every inch of my body itches so violently that I had rather starve than eat anything with whole wheat. I have never stored wheat and it will be the last thing I store. It would only be for other people, but there is no one else here. Consequently, anything I eat with flour is limited to maybe two slices each day. Or, I will eat only one serving of pasta and no bread. Of course, putting chocolate with flour for cookies seems to be tolerable…lol.

    • Have you figured out deplorables yet?

      • Thor,
        That seems to be a response to my wheat comment. I am sure it is a joke, but I don’t get it. Not even the NOBama comment below, which looks like a punchline to the joke/question. Are you being mean to me?

        If people would put to whom the comment is for, it would make reading this blog easier.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          If people would put to whom the comment is for, it would make reading this blog easier.

          I do this all of the time and wholeheartedly concur.
          These threads can often get rather deep, and a hint like the addressee most often helps.

        • LW, why would I be mean to you ? I don’t even know you ? Last week you asked what a deplorable was so I said Hillary. She truly is deplorable but she called Conservatives/ Republicans deplorable. NObama is for the count down Lol

          7 more days til NOMObama !!! Lol

          • Thor 1,
            I was really just being silly when I asked if you were being mean to me. You know I don’t think she is deplorable. I thought her comment was really very stupid when she said it! At one time or another, I am appalled at things most politicians say.

  73. NObama Lol !!!!

  74. Watching the show shooter, very cool. He loaded a round that exploded in a snipers face that was threatening his wife. Lol

  75. I hope you preppers in Missouri are ready for the storm. Its supposed to have an inch of ice and heard the national guard has been activated with the governor declaring a state of emergency.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Thor 1,
      My DW has a phone friend (kind of like an old pen pal) that she talks with quite often who lives in Missouri and she was told the same thing this afternoon by her friend. The friend has taken things home from work today to allow her to work from home for a few days. It sounds like it could get nasty, so all you MO pack members, stay frosty.

    • I am prepared as I can get Thor. I just pray I don’t lose power as my house is heated by electricity. I will call early AM for extra portable oxygen tanks. Hunker down.

      • Izzy, I hope you have a generator with another heat source. Good luck !!!

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Izzy ,
        Do you have any alternate ways to heat your home or at least portions of it?
        A Mr. Buddy heater and some 1 pound propane canisters are a good thing to keep on hand. So are Aladdin or Coleman mantle lamps. These lamps not only provide a lot of light; but, a significant amount of heat.
        A few candles or a can of Sterno sitting under a terra cotta flower pot can also generate a lot of heat. You just need to keep one edge of the pot lifted a little (like sitting on a pencil) to let air in the bottom. The drain hole acts as a chimney, and the pot will get hot and radiate heat into the room.

        • OhioPrepper; I have done the terra cotta pot thing. I will bring them up in the morning with a load of candles. And I will put blankets over my arch ways. Do the best I can. My hill will be virtually impassable even for emergency vehicles. Very, very steep.

          According to the map, the worst looks like it will be to the south of me. In 96 there was a bad ice storm here and power went and man did I have a mess. I was gone out of town and my pipes broke. Was not pretty.

  76. I just have to share this feel good story. God was definitely watching over man and dog. A true miracle.


  77. I heard that the protests/chaos against Trump may start as early as the 14th. What does everyone think about these idiots? They want to start violence !!!

    • I think these people are flaming idiots. If people had done when ObaMao was elected, we would all be classified as racists and just about every other expletive known to man.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      They have no care for the common man and you named the ones who will take money to be a target for ones who pay them to protest. I wonder how much they will pay the families of those who are killed because they were in not peaceful protest, but in riot. They will push for as much disorder as they can get by with. Only bullets STOP riots. When they enter a building and begin to tear it apart… being met with a set os several 20 guage shotguns will get them out again…and make the next group less eager to run inside and cause havoc.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Anonamo Also,
        I think Thor 1 will agree with me when I say:, That’s why we go armed although generally not with a 20 gauge (not guage) shotgun.
        I only point this out because there are many who misdpell it and my reading software then pronounces it incorrectly.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          OP< my finger got out of sinc. on spelling.at least i did not skip letters and you could figure it out… just am not perfect today. (smile)
          When riots begin…my point is it will take something substantial to stop a WAVE of people..(..as in riots that are being promoted… The news stations are promoting violence.).. either in mass or throwing coctails( like was done in Ferggie… town… against the business owners, who lost their means to make a living.)
          If you are in a place that is having protest/riots you must make a choice…#1 Protect you and yours or #2 get -outta dodge .. .If you choose this one…make sure your insurance covers the business in full…and is updated.
          I am rural and do not have a business. Riots would not get on TV if started here… they'd have to walk too far.
          ALSO.. Did you see the report that tied the ships in port to the dollar not being accepted to refuel? think it was on goldfish report, with Kent dunn saw it this morning.. that made sense…wouldn't be the first time aboat was docked and unable to load/unload , do other business…etc. thoughts?

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Anonamo Also,

            my finger got out of sinc

            You of cource meant sync, LOL

            I am rural and do not have a business. Riots would not get on TV if started here… they’d have to walk too far.

            Same here. We did the GOOD thing decades ago and should danger come this way, they would have to deal with an entire armed rural neighborhood

        • OP, “misdpell ” Lol You misspelled misspell !!! Lol

          I left some links below about the Communists groups so everyone understands what we are dealing with. Lock and load !!!

    • Here are some links. We need to be ready if it goes hot !!!

      God bless the USA.




      • Anonamo Also says:

        On reports today, common sense show., among others….threats against americans in Mexico and US.they will not leave our our south american neighbors, if they don’t cooperate they will also be in danger… plans have been released and hamas and isis and other true deplorables will be in the mix. They believe Navy ships in port are in danger. date to start the invasion/ruckus is 18th.
        If you are near any border, or on any port…even inland remain vigilant.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Not exactly the best news available. Living on the border I can give you direct knowledge if you like. Most of my Mexican family (yes wife is mexican/russian etc.,) and close friends (decades spent in Mexico and South/ Central America) I would suggest these are incomplete at best reports more than likely if true funded by as most terrorists are…our government.

          Case in point, pick a terror group that hasn’t had our/national (not individual) assistance in beginning and even continuing 🙂 just saying.

          • Anonamo Also says:

            I am not near the border….well away! Just where I grew up. I know not best news available, but when nobody else is reporting currently, and news of current conditions south of the border are repressed/ ignored…maybe some report of preverse PLANS will save someone’s life by helping them be more vigilant during these days.
            The plan is for civil unrest over the entire country. If people refuse to go to protest and refuse to be manipulated it will fail from that perspective. If people are vigilant and proactive to protect their lives and the lives of the ones they love, it will fail because of resistance.
            Of course, they are funded…someone(Soros) has been paying those protestors all over the country and running ads for 15- 22$ an hour(tho I have not seen recent reports)… the leopard does not change it’s spots..
            . http://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/11/13/staged-craigslist-ads-offer-1500-week-paid-anti-trump-protesters-411658
            Someone has rightly pointed out that each time socialism has taken over a country, the citizens have been disarmed. They have not managed that here yet. They have been chipping away and trying consisitently with all the false flags.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              The protestors are not near the border…;) they are in high profile areas. Even in tucson its rare. And most people ignore em. Lol, arizona is truly still very much the west, eg., FREE people who really for the most part dgaf about what others think or do, transplants here cause trouble but we generally end up running em off.

    • If you remember back in the early 1990s, during the Rodney King case verdict riots, the Korean business owners in LA armed themselves and formed a MAG around their neighborhood. No rioters bothered them after the first display of force.

      However, I think in some places (DC being a primary one), more than a simple display of force may be necessary. Unfortunately for the average law-abiding DC citizen, gun possession is restricted.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Zulu 3-6,

        If you remember back in the early 1990s, during the Rodney King case verdict riots, the Korean business owners in LA armed themselves and formed a MAG around their neighborhood. No rioters bothered them after the first display of force.

        However, National Guard troops relieved some of them and those businesses later burned to the ground.
        You fight harder defending your own.

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