What did you do to prep this week?

Well, folks, here we are again! Another week of prepping for the coming collapse and it is coming, and sooner than you might think. Just because Donald J Trump is in office doesn’t mean that all our problems and threats just magically disappeared or changed into fairy dust or something.

In all honesty, we are even more likely to see an EOTWAWKI event now after the election of Donald J Trump because the left wants to see him and the country fail and will do everything that they can to see to it that that happens.

They know if president Trump is successful in creating jobs and strengthening the economy while lowering taxes and regulations that it will be almost impossible to beat him or another similar candidate four years from now.

However, if they can crash the system while president Trump is in office then he will be the one everyone blames and the mainstream media will be quick to offer “proof” that it was Trump’s fault even if it wasn’t.

But I digress, now let’s see… what did I do to prep this week…

I bought two 100 round packs of CCI mini mag ammo, 15 cans of beef stew, and as I write this I have a crew outside fencing my property to help keep the “zombies” out.

And no, before some air head starts sending me emails about zombies and how there isn’t such a thing and how I’m a crazy person, let it be known that when I use the description “zombies” I’m talking about the unprepared masses and not about walking dead.

I also have been working on my other website the DailyCollapseReport.com and I have to admit it’s pretty awesome and needed – please read the about page here for more information and don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss an important update.

Okay, now over to you… what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Prepared Grammy says:

    This week:

    -I bought enough goat feed to last about two months.
    -I bought more popcorn. I used to love popcorn, but quit eating it years ago because of the terrible taste. I realized that I’d been getting microwave popcorn, like most other people, and thought I’d try popping it the old fashioned way again. It turns out I still like it! Popping corn in a pan on the stove is the way to go. It’s still not quite as good as the stuff I was raised on…popcorn that my uncles grew. We’d all get 5-10 gallons of it during harvest time. I remember standing outside on a windy day, pouring the popcorn from one pan to another, letting the “gross stuff” blow away (I thought it was funny when a dead grasshopper would blow on my sister.), and being left with wonderful popcorn. Ahh, memories.

    -The chicks are still alive and well.

    -Extras to add to the stockpile: Bottled water (I took it to work.), dental flossers, and lots of pasta (It was on sale for 29 cents a lb.!).

    -I got a bipod for my AR-15.

    -I made what I believe to a very good arrangement. I offered the use of my honey extractor to a fellow beekeeper who doesn’t have one. He took me up on the offer, and said that he’d give me half of the honey that we extract. He doesn’t actually want the honey, as he’s only interested in the bees for pollination. In fact, he said that he really only wants one small jar for his use. Fine by me. I’ll take all of the honey I can get.

    -I NEED INFORMATION: I ordered fish antibiotics, a bottle of 100 capsules that are 500mg. each of fish mox. Does anyone have dosing information for people, should the time ever come that I need it? Also for those with a medical background, is it really true that antibiotics (including fish mox) can be used well past the expiration date? What about other medications? Is there a rule of thumb for how long they’re safe to be used? (I store meds in a cabinet away from heat and light.) What, if any, changes in dosage should I make? Can I really substitute fish mox for amoxicillin? WE HAVE TWO PEOPLE WITH MED ALLERGIES-ONE TO PENICILLAN, AND ONE TO SULFA DRUGS. WHAT CAN I STOCKPILE FOR THEM. I plan on using the fish mox for the sulfa drug allergy person. ARE THERE ANY NATURAL HERBS THAT I CAN GROW WITH ANTIBIOTIC PROPERTIES? I know that’s a lot of questions, but I really need some expert advice. This is my weak area of preps. Other meds are ok, I think, but antibiotics aren’t. I would like to know what each of you has for medical needs. Does anyone have IVs stockpiled? Where can I get that? (I’m guessing vet supply companies would have them.) Am I overthinking this area, or under thinking it? I have people that I can count on (my DIL in particular) for help with medical care, if I have the supplies.

    -I’m concerned about all of the violence in our country. We need to pray and remain vigilant. I’m very thankful for the knowledge and advice from each of you.

    • Prepared Grammy, my daughter is an MD, & has told me that the only non-liquid medication that deteriorates is Tylenol & mixes containing Tylenol. All others basically “do not have” expiry dates, but should be stored away from heat & light. An expiration date is required by federal regulations to be printed on the outer package, so one is assigned to all meds, whether they need it or not.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        Thank you. I have first aid and AED training. I have some additional training for my job, but it’s not extensive by any means. I have taken care of animals, and can give shots and find a vein because of that. I’ve even assisted my vet with stitches and the like. I figure that will come in handy with people too. I know medical is my weak prep area, and I’m feeling the need to fill it quickly. I’m not sure why I have this sense of urgency, but I figure there must be a good reason.

        Can you ask your daughter what I can get for my husband who’s allergic to penicillin? I want something stockpiled for him, just in case.

        • Check out Patriot Nurse…her site and her you tube…she talks about these things from expiration to the best book for diagnosing..
          also i know they work I used it a week or so ago with my son.

          • I was able to score a used, in great condition, pair of Steiner 12X56 Nighthunter binoculars on Ebay for 357.00 The lens are perfect, There are a few scratches on the rubber armor coating. They are $1,500.00 new.

            I love Steiner binoculars! My wife will get my Steiner 10x5o’s which is a great binocular. My GHB has a small pair of Steiner 8×30’s in it.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        PG, Ditto if you have a cool place can place those antibiotics in a quart jar and throw in oxygen absorbers.. I open mine so all oxygen can be pulled out. and I throw in extra silica packs. There are a couple of antibiotics that become toxic… after their date. I have small stashess of cipro, keflex, amoxil, doxicycline. Doses would be the same as what you would get from the Doctor,
        The Dr’s guess which bug is going around, so your guess will probably be just as close…should medical care not be available. each time I take antibiotics I also take herbals. If I think it could be both bacterial and viral… ie both symptoms as in fever blisters with sinus drainage and chest congestion, then I treat both ways. My favorite herbals are essential oils
        … peppermint for breathing and can be used topically internal ( limited amount ) and aromatherapy.
        … Garlic vinegar can be made and stored for chet congestion and antibiotic effect with correct directions. also antiviral
        …oil of oregano..decongestant and anti viral
        …. for UTI. can use same antibiotics as for URI and herbals as well.. Pippsisswea, Usnea, Uva Ursa, Lomatium,venus fly trap. prevent. Then there are the OTC’s.. pyridium marketed as azo standard.. not a dose for an adult is two small pills, so to get 12 doses one would need a 24 count pack… then there are the things one can make from surroundings.. like home made tamiflu( from sweetgum) and elderberry tincture.
        ….for kidney stones include corn silk. tumeric/ginger also treat gall stones /prevent formation and help flush small stones. …Wounds bites and stings can be treated with plantain( the green plant not the banana) tinctured or fresh, can also eat it with the dandilion and sorrell that grows in most ppls yards, unless poisoned with sprays.
        By using herbals I keep my antibiotic use to minimal… but you need to do your own research. start with info so you can buy wisely… most expensive is not always better. I can’t afford most effective brands but have gotten good results with “less known -advertised” brands in all things.
        I wrote an article for this blog and submitted it, re: what and how I use herbals. Had a correction and I made that, but was never posted… been busy, so have not persued it further..

      • Almost There says:

        Aspirin and Tetracycline are a couple that do not last past their expiration date and become toxic.

        Here are a couple of Utube videos on exp date. one from Dr. Bones, which he has more than this one, just check to the right side of the screen when this one is playing.

        This is PN’s video on the subject.

        There is much information on natural remedies available on the web and in books. Garlic and honey are 2 antibiotic ones. Colloidal Silver is another than can be made.

        Remember, some things that are animal grade, would not be good for humans. It just depends on what it is and who is doing the grading. If it has the USP label on it, it would have been evaluated by the United States Pharmacopeia group, which would mean it is human grade. As with all things, do some research for yourself so you can make the right decisions for yourself and family.


        • Prepared Grammy says:

          I have my own bee hives, and I’m going to plant garlic this year. I also have a little colloidal silver in my stash.

          • Anonamo Also says:

            If you have some pure .997 silver coins or ingots you can make collodial silver. need distilled water, battery and clips to hold it in place with a glass jar. directions for generator on this site.. just put it in search bar. also directions on you tube, if you are a visual learner.
            Important to know with all naturals is how to use most are short term half life and need repetition every 4 hours…collodial silver is best absorbed under the tongue. gastric acids destroy it. also will need probiotics to follow antibiotic therapy with.. think fermented foods, yogurt, buttermilk for restoration of flora. naturals should be continued for abt. 2 days past absence of bad symptoms…ie fever, purulent drainage . Need tea tree oil to add to small amounts of natural honey for infected wound treatment.. makes a fake out on manuka honey. 2 oz/7 or so drops tea tree oil

            • Islandwings says:

              Colloidal products can be purchased through Amazon,com and CampingSurvival.com … also believe the EE carries it now….non toxic and has been used since ancient times…. The book I have on colloidal silver (Amazon.com) does say do not use a metal spoon as it interferes with the silver action…. I put a shot glass over the top of my bottle and then pour into that… take it daily….

              • FL Prepper says:

                SANDBAGS – Bought another 100 bags, If you are going off the Grid, and for personal protection buy about 300 to 400 Sand Bags. Get them filled and set up a few on your property for fighting positions where you can watch the choke points and your drive gate. They also double as flood protection. About 1 full cubic yard of sand will fill about 100 sand bags. Get it. Sand bags have great ballistics protection from gun fire. Sand bags will stop most every round up to a .50 Cal. Yep go watch the actual testing of sand bag ballistics on YTube. They will also hide your heat signature for Nighttime fun and play in SHTF / WROL . lol Maintain the advantage of this force multiplier and you will survive to fight another day. Throw a dozen sandbags in your BOB Bug Out Bags. You can fill them, sleep like a kitten protected at nght, empty them in the AM, nd pack them up, as you are on the move, till you get to your next destination and fill them up again. Also make a great rest for your rifle forearm as you are shooting.

                • Almost There says:

                  FL P,
                  Great information. I’ve found bags on craigslist for free from a brewery. All I want.

            • Anonamo Also says:

              Here are some links to consider…http://www.thesilveredge.com/kill_mrsa.shtml http://www.worldwidewounds.com/2004/november/Thomas/Introducing-Silver-Dressings.html
              Silvadene is commonly prescribed form of silver. It is used extensively for severe burns. Silver gel is available in the first aide in very tiny amounts.
              Best use for collodial silver is to hold under tongue for 1-2 minutes then swallow. stomach acids destroy much of its benefit… sublingual use gives quick absorbtion. For illness and antibiotic effect I use q 4 hours.
              I also use clean and freshly rinsed glass, use distilled water to rinse if your water has any additives including minerals or flouride.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Prepared Grammy I have been growing my own garlic for several years. I found a large patch of it growing a few years along a country road while on a camping trip. It have 80 + bulbs growing in my yard and gorilla gardening style around my neighborhood. I also planted a lot of it (again gorilla style) where I do a lot of camping.

            I don’t know if grocery store garlic will grow wild, but it probably will.

            I make garlic butter topping with the bulbs and or scapes. Most times I just use the scapes and don’t bother digging up the bulbs. July is a good time to harvest the scapes.

            I put some olive oil in the blender and throw the cleaned up scapes into it. I run it on the fastest setting and keep adding scapes till I get the taste I like. It froths up to a thick air-filled cream consistency.

            It works great on pizza or as a butter type coating for bread. Cote the bread and then put it in the oven for a few min. The house smells great (like garlic) and the garlic bread is delicious.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              We missed planting our garlic this year; but a local friend and MAg member plants lots of it, and was very generous this past year.
              Around here, north central Ohio we shoot to plant the cloves around October 10 to harvest around the 4th of July. We were also able to get some good scapes this past year; but, other than baking some with fresh Asparagus, hadn’t found a good use for them. I’ll be trying your recipe which sounds delicious. Thanks.

            • Chuck,
              Been planting grocery store garlic for years. I put in in a paper bag and wait for it to sprout then plant.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        A good friend who is an emergency physician, tells me that there is one antibiotic that can be harmful.
        When the antibiotic tetracycline gets old, it can degrade into other chemicals and a rare kidney ailment called renal tubular acidosis has been reported to result from its use. Just a thought.

        • Prepared Grammy says:


        • Chuck Findlay says:

          OP, I just did a search for the antibiotic tetracycline and it seems it is discontinued but I’m sure a lot of it is still floating around.

          It also seems it was in short supply since 2011 / 2013.

        • OP, my info comes from my daughter, who is a physician, asking the hospital pharmacist about expiration dates. As a retired RN, I know that tetracycline can also cause discoloration on the teeth, which is one reason why it is not prescribed nearly as much as it used to be.

          So if we include tetracycline and Tylenol, then we still only have 2 out of bunches of drugs to worry about. I do know that aspirin degrades as well, but ASA is OTC, not prescription, so,it is easy to replace as needed.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I agree with the list at this point; but, thought it better safe than sorry. In a pinch you can get fresh acetylsalicylic acid from where it was originally discovered, willow bark tea; although the dosage may be a little harder to predict, especially when ASA is an inexpensive OTC medication.

            • You can also drink spearmint or peppermint tea, which contains a precursor to aspirin, which is converted to ASA in the liver. One good reason to never give spearmint or peppermint tea to an infant.

              • I wonder how this would work with someone who can’t take aspirin because of a serious reaction to aspirin.

                • Suzy q, I don’t know. It would probably depend on what exactly the serious reaction to aspirin was. I do know that in the “old days”, it was common to use peppermint or spray mint tea as pain relief for the elderly who had “tender tummies” and could not use aspirin for that reason. Because the ASA was converted in the liver, it bypassed the GI tract. I am in my 60s & have had several friends in their 90s who have reminisced about using mint tea, & who were delighted when I brought them fresh mint from my patch.

                  • I get swelling and hives on my face when I take aspirin. The first time it happened was 12 hours after I took 2 aspirin; the second time was 3 hours and the last time was within an hour. (The aspirin was no coated. I had not heard that mint has some of the same compounds as aspirin so was just curious if I will have to watch for reactions when I have various mint products.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Fish mox is amoxicillin, at least mine is, and I have the same 500mg capsules. For an adult you can take 1 capsule twice a day for most things. I have used them for UTIs and even after 5 years they still work well. I keep mine in the fridge.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        Mine is too. I’m feeling a sense of urgency to fill that huge gap in my preps.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I’m feeling a sense of urgency to fill that huge gap in my preps.

          That’s the story of my life…

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I forgot to say you might want to check out Patriot Nurse on YouTube for more info.

    • Prepared Grammy, I’m working on using essential oils, which come from plants. Many of them have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and/or anti-fungal properties. So I would expect that you could get the same benefit directly from the plants if you learn how to use them. Some of the common herbs include:
      Anti-bacterial – basil, ginger, lemon balm, oregano,
      peppermint, rosemary, sage
      Anti-fungal – lemon balm, oregano, peppermint, sage
      Anti-viral – basil, lemon balm, oregano
      Analgesic (like aspirin for pain) – chamomile, geranium, oregano, peppermint, rosemary

      As you can see, some of them have more than one property. Part of my prepping is learning how to grow these and many other herbs (like ginger – fairly easy to grow) and learn how to use them for medicinal purposes. Currently I’m using essential oils for pain & inflammation and respiratory issues. There is soooooooo much out there and knowledge is something that you can share without depriving yourself and those you love
      I’m amazed at how many plants are anti-viral since there is no medicine for them. There are lots that are anti-inflammatory too. Hope this is some help. Can’t hurt to plant them first and learn about them while they are growing. There are lots of “weeds” in your garden or yard that have medicinal benefits too – dandelions, comfrey, mullein, etc – look them up.
      God’s love & blessings

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        Thank you. I have a bunch of seeds for herbs that I’m planting. I’m going to designate one raised bed for herbs only. Wish me luck.

        • There is so much information on line for free if you have the time to collect and organize it. I’m trying to grow some of the herbs inside because we have a short growing season and I want to grow ginger and turmeric. It really helps if you water your plants regularly though. Not something I’ve been all that good at. Let me know how you do.
          Wishing you God’s blessing!

    • Prepared Grammy, honey is great in its antibotic properties are great. You can buy prepared dressings at drug stores. Silver dressing are good too. Last year I used both to heal up a tough surgical wound. Honey soothes and silver draws. The fish antibiotics are the same. The dosage is the same as human mg to mg. The allergies are a different matter. Sulfa is all around depending where you live. They need to be throughly researched. Most liquid medications break down. When I was working most of the liquid meds were mixed on the floor. A lot of our medications come from plants and trees, but you need to do research.
      As an example once had a patient taking foxglove plant. Went into cardiac arrest come to find out patient was also taking Digoxin which is made from the Foxglove plant. We were able to get him back but he and wife learned a valuable lesson.
      Hope this helps.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        It does help. Thank you.

        • Prepared Grammy,
          Two books I keep on hand for reference are: (1)Herbal Antibiotics and (2)Herbal Antivirals. Both are by Stephen Harrod Buhner and should be available on Amazon. They are excellent!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Prepared Grammy,
      I agree on the popcorn; but, we also use an air popper and like it rather well.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      PG there are all kinds of directions you can go with medical. I figure the more sterile supplies I have , should I become sick I can barter supplies for care., if something I am unable to take care of.
      …also consider sterile supplies for surgical incisions…think appendectomy, and any surgical instruments, needed for the incision, extra blades, sterile gloves,Sterile dressings, scissors, clamps, forcepts, tweezers,. Small Towels that can be sterilized( in pressure canner) .
      Will also need to include individaully wrapped feminine supplies in several sizes/absorbencies, (if indiv wrapped, are sterile).Make wonderful padded and non stick dressings for wounds.
      IV solutions and IV administration sets with IV catheters and butterfly’s, insertion sets.
      Directions and supplies for making IV solution, dehydration formulas, rectal tubes for when no one able to start an IV,
      Hot water bottle, douch syringe and enema bag.
      ….Directions for making sterile wound wash.+ can up some water, so as to have some sterile water for immediate use.Put in liquid supplies in medical supply closet.label clearly.
      .Buy some prepackaged sterile saline .9%. Betadynne/ iodine wound wash, Epsom salts(25 lbs for family of 4), DRAWING salve
      Medical tape in several kinds, widths, and vet wrap for allergic , ace bandages in wide for total immobilization.
      Be on look out for splints, boots, slings, neck braces. for sudden and severe injuries,
      ..bedside commode chair/shower chair and wheelchair for sudden invalid care . small transfer chairs very useful, but computer chair will do same task.
      ….also consider.. Drawing salve,sterile and clean 4×4’s..( sterile is used closest to wound and clean in outer layers to maximize sterile supplies)
      … Learn, Learn,Learn… how to maintain sterile field, how to effectively wash hands, what tools are called so you can assist,
      If anyone has a feeding tube, get a couple of extra ones, and a couple of foley catheters in case of inavailability, of regular feeding tube, include syringes kit to install &fill bulb,
      Need ability to clean and re clean rubber and care items without damaging them.. consider having extra white vinegar , bleach, borax alcohols all kinds, both denatured and PGA, on hand.. all will not be suitable for every item…
      If MD or RN in group consider large/med bore feeding tubes for possible accidental poison/ situations and charcoal. make sure extra stethoscopes and manual blood pressure kit in pediatric and adult/extra large size (as indicated by your group).
      Birth Control, EMCO or similar if not that: then birthing kits and newborn clothes, blankets ,lots of towels sheets and diapers bottles and pacifiers.all parts with rubber-vacume pack.
      You need a medical questionare on each person in your group. ESP allergy,(known- food and drug) chronic health problems and frequent health issues. Include exact age, DOB, and weight(to determine medicaion doses).all medications taken regularly on any schedule… brief medical history. esp surgeries.
      …. Accurate measure devices, including medicine cups and syringes and droppers for small amounts
      .extra sheets, plastic/rubber sheets and incontinent care supplies. Consider herbals for medical conditions ongoing. Learn bio feedback and hypnosis, they can come in handy for lowering blood pressure , assisting in childbirth, panic attacks. …. Do not mean to overwhelm you but..Hope these ideas can give you a couple of footholds on places to start…

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        Wow! I’m going to type this in a Word document and get busy. Thanks.

        • Almost There says:

          PG, rather than typing it all up again, you can copy and paste it into a word document, then reformat. It’s easier that way. That’s what I’ve done with all the good information from everyone. I remove everyone’s name and categorize them into folder’s by topic.

        • PG,
          Copy and Paste to a Word Document would be easier than typing all that.
          Copy is ctrl+ c
          Paste is ctrl +v

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Prepared Grammy,
          I don’t know what computer platform you use; but, generally you don’t have to type anything. Just select the text of the post, copy and paste it into the WP. All you need to do then is a little reformatting. If that’s what you’re already doing, then that’s cool also.

          • I have Yahoo email, I subscribe to the What did you do to prep topic and all posts come to my email inbox. I move the ones with good information to a folder on prepping. As long as Yahoo’s severs are working I can retrieve them. This would work for gmail and hotmail.

            I do have to read and delete all the rest but unlike many of you I have plenty of time to kill.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              I have my own domain and use Mozilla Thunderbord as a POP3 client. All email from thesurvivalistblog.net are routed to their own folder. As I go through them I either delete them or mark them with a color code for Keep, Follow up, or review and keep. The last two are used when I have to check out a URL or video, and want to do it later.

        • For the plastic sheets, you can get shower curtain liners at the dollar store. Easy to store and have multiple uses.

          • Thanks MommaSue. I never thought to look for things like that. I am usually on the fly when I go.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            The inexpensive shower curtain liners are all we have ever used for shower curtains. They work well, are inexpensive, and since we don’t strive for the Better Homes and Gardens look, are efficient and perfect for the job.

          • Encourager says:

            Sometimes plastic tarps are cheaper…and can be used to wall off a sick room. They are thicker, too.

      • Don’t forget suture materials. Worse case scenario, keep a few spools of clear nylon thread or linen thread….no black/colored threads though. I invested in a stapler, but you HAVE to know how to use. Skin glue is handy to have.

        Fyi; You can buy many surgical tools from hobby stores and online at ebay. They are relatively inexpensive.

        Having a bolt or 2 of bleached muslin is also a good idea. It can serve many purposes. Hopefully you can rinse it thoroughly before using. Milled fabrics have chemicals in them and should be applied to open wounds.

        If you require oxygen, stock up on tubing. The standard is changing the tubing twice a month. If you are lucky, you will own a concentrator.

        Quik clots are also a must in my opinion. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but worth it to have on hand. Smelling salts is another good addition to medical supplies.

        I store all my medical supplies in Mylar bags with the exception of those for immediate use. In fact, I found a tackle box that was perfect size for my immediate supplies.

        A word of caution on ANY bagged IV solution. Ringers lactate has certain side effects as does saline solution. You can’t use saline on a person who is on a salt restriction. Ringers can have a multitude of problems as well. If you have to get fluids in a person….subcutaneous injections can help. Additionally, if the solutions are discolored , they need to be discarded.

        Anamo Also has a pretty darn good list. Go at it a little at a time. Pick out what you can afford week by week. Pretty soon you will have a decent amount.

        • Almost There says:

          Great reminder on all medical supplies…

          Might be best to go ahead and get the Muslin (and spare sheets, towels) washed up now while one can do so. I’ve started storing my linens in those space saver bags with a Bounce dryer sheet to keep them smelling good while being stored. Will need to add Muslin to the list or buy a few more flat sheets at yard sales or thrifty stores.

          • Almost There; Bounce is one the worst things you put in storage bags. Chemicals in Bounce are not good for clothes or your dryer. Try small sachets of lavender. I grow my own lavender, dry it and crush it. It is also a good insect deterrent.

            • Encourager says:

              You can also use cedar chips in muslin bags – nice for winter clothing and it repels bugs.

              • Almost There says:

                Thanks Izzy & Encourager.

                I use bounce in the dryer for static control and to make my clothes softer. I don’t like Downy or other stuff that’s put in the wash cycle. I have allergies to some of this stuff most soaps. Do you use a lavender sachet for the dryer? I will look into the lavender and cedar chips for storage. I love the smell of both of them.

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  I dont know her recipe but will ask, my wife makes our own fabric detergents and softners 🙂 and I am the “prepper” we simply both agree on saving money and being prepared

                  • Almost There says:


                    Thanks. I like to learn about all kinds of options. I have the recipe for making my own soap from using the Fels soap, Borax and washing soda, and thought I’d try the bar soap from DT that has lemongrass verbena and oatmeal in it instead of the Fels. I am able to use Tide and Publix’s brand of the mountain scent.

                    I haven’t looked up what could be used for the dryer. I am also going to try the lavender sachets as Izzy mentioned. Not sure how many loads they will do. I love lavender.

                  • Jesse,
                    Vinegar in the final rinse is all I use and have no need for fabric softener. No, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar. The vinegar will take away residual odor in clothing.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      Linda, thats a great idea.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      Almost There, Jesse, and All,
                      I mentioned some of the alternative softening methods mentioned here to my DW; but, she told me that she uses the scent free downy, water, spray bottle mix not only for softening; but, for the static. Our house, especially in the winter is very dry and static prone, and she hates that static cling, as do I, and the 50/50 mix takes care of that along with softening the clothing.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  Almost There,
                  I was thinking the same thing on packing clothing with Bounce dryer sheets. We’ve used cedar before; but, the lavender might also be nice.
                  For softening clothing in the laundry, the DW like me is cheap, Err frugal, and does the following. Mix fragrance free Downy fabric softener 50/50 with water in a spray bottle. Spray a little on each of two old socks and toss them in the dryer as homemade reusable fabric sheets. Works like the dryer sheets at significantly less cost and in our case we also like the no fragrance.

                • Almost There; I put lavender in my washing machine…liquid lavender. I also use it in a cheesecloth packet in my dryer. I have used lemon zest as well, but it costs me a bit more to make.

                  If you decide to make the dryer packets/balls. Use 2 layers of cheesecloth, tie top with sewing thread, wrapped around several times. Make sure there is a good tight double knot. I trim off tops with pinking shears so I don’t get the fraying. They can be used several times before losing their fragrance.

                  Like you Almost, I too have allergies to soaps. My mum was a big fan of Tide. I started getting nasty rashes and it turned out to most soaps. That was back in the 60’s when choices were a LOT less.

                  The only 2 soaps I can use for clothes is Purex or Extra. I use either lavender or Jergens soap for bathing .

                  Because I make my own bath soap, I grow my own lavender. Not only does it look really pretty in your yard, and smells good, it is so much cheaper. There is also white lavender, but it is not as hardy.

                  Jasmine is also another good plant to grow, but is attracts stingers like crazy. I miss growing it because it is a lovely scent outside in the yard and inside.

                  • Almost There says:


                    Thanks for the info. Which lavender do you grow? I think there is one called Russian lavender. Do you dry it so you can use it all year in the dryer?

                    • You’re welcome Almost There.

                      I grow “Sachet” which is an English lavender and “Royal Velvet” which is also an English lavender. I have “Lodden Blue” in pots. I like the these 3 the best because they don’t get too high.

                      You might also consider “Melissa” lavender for cooking and drinks.

                      To be honest, I don’t recall using “Russian” lavender and I have tried many varieties. If I remember correctly, it is not as aromatic as the English and Spanish varieties.

                    • Yes I do dry mine. I tie the stalks into small bunches and hang upside down in my basement. It takes about 3 weeks to dry. Then I can get to the buds.

                      Here’s a tip. If you only want the buds, harvest a bit earlier and you can get a 2nd smaller batch later in the summer.

                      If one is willing to grow a good size patch of lavender, and willing to make the soaps and sachets, you can make money off of it. Take a look on Ebay to see how high priced lavender is.

                    • Almost There says:

                      Thanks Izzy. I will need to read up on it more. Are they perennials? or once and done?

                      And for the second growth, assuming it grows new stalks?

                • Encourager says:

                  Almost There, try using plain white vinegar as a rinse agent. The smell is gone by the time the clothes are dry. Fill your rinse dispenser or add 1/3 – 1/2 cup to the final rinse. You will be amazed how soft your clothes will be. It may take a couple of washes to see the effect – especially if there is residual soap/detergent left in the clothes/towels.

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          I already have a lot, but I’m by no means well-prepared.

      • Ill.prepper says:

        Thank you this was a huge help in prepping. And I need to get busy adding to my medical tote.

      • Always Forward says:

        Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge!

      • I wish I was more like some of you that can do the medical side of prepping. I just don’t have the fortitude for the blood, guts, needles etc… I have CPR and basic first aid training and teach basic first aid to young scouts but not the EMT / paramedics intensive courses as I know my limits. I have had people tell me that you become desensitized to it but I can’t imagine I could ever become like that. Not everyone is meant to be a nurse or doctor and I’m ok with that. I have other skills and talents that God has blessed me with so it evens out 🙂

        • Almost There says:


          Agree. We can’t be an expert in everything. I have general knowledge on many things. At this time in my life, and not saying it can’t change, I know I can’t kill something… I will have to figure out how to get the nutrients that meat provides, or barter meat with someone that wants something I am proficient in or have purchased extra of.

          • No shame in not taking a life Almost There. It’s funny I can hunt, field dress and process animals but to have to perform any kind of surgery or stitching up a person I just can’t pull my self to do it. It’s like my brain shuts off while I do the processing for food but I just can’t get it to shut off to work on a person…..stupid I know but my brain just works like that. Ahhhh the complexities of being human

            • Prepared Grammy says:

              I’m fine while I’m dealing with a broken bone, seizures, or bloody person (I’ve had husband, kids, students, and witnessed a few car wrecks that I’ve administered first aid to. I’ve also steri-stripped my kids.), but when I’m in bed that night I start shaking and crying. That’s when the reality hits of how bad things could have been.

            • Almost There says:


              I used to work at the race track as a jockey. During the winter, the yearlings are broken and then sent to their respective training facility. One time one of them spooked while in the pasture at night and ran through a fence. The fence board hit him between the front legs causing this huge hematoma…. It had to be lance and drained. I was holding the horse while the vet did the lancing. Once the blood and fluid stated flowing, I had to go sit down and put my head between my legs so I wouldn’t faint. All that doesn’t bother me anymore, but I don’t do well with spit and vomit and phlegm….

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Are you a hunter? If so, after field dressing a few dozen squirrels and rabbits and even a few deer, you get used to the internals of the critters, and can even identify the major organs. Also, if you have to do something to a person, keep in mind that I suspect you are only doing it to help. Don’t know if this eases your mind; but, once you’ve been up past your elbows inside a few deer, you kind of loose the squeamish part.

          • Yep I am a hunter and can gut and field dress a deer in less than 10 minutes but the thing is the deer is dead and the person is not and something about what I do to this person could literally kill them just makes me shake inside. Some people are meant to be healers (Dr., nurses, emt, paramedics, etc..) But I am not except the basic first aid and CPR. I know this and accept my limitations. It’s not a gift God gave me but he gave me others so it evens out. I figure I’ll hunt and provide and someone else can do the surgery. Most people who save lives have a hard time taking them (lives) so God gave them people like me who hunt to keep them fed 🙂 and I’m good with that.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              I understand and also know my limitations, and would not attempt anything beyond them, unless it was absolutely necessary. I read about someone decades ago who performed a tracheotomy with a knife and a ball point pen barrel with PGA for disinfectant. Amongst my group of folk are an E.R. doc, several EMT/Paramedics, an NP, and a bunch of people like myself who have had first aid & CPR training and learned to do some rough suturing on a chicken thigh. I am not a doctor; but, if it came down to someone bleeding out I would do all that I could to stabilize for bleeding and shock, until the professionals could take over.
              When you state:

              and something about what I do to this person could literally kill them just makes me shake inside

              I agree; but, if the person would die without my/your intervention, then I think I could take the chance to do what I could.
              Most of the serious shooters I know carry QuikClot and a tourniquet on the range to handle any accidental GSW, and although I know no one that has needed it, any of us would do the best we could if required.

            • When I went to visit my mother, my son (3) headed straight to the back yard when he found out my brother was back there with a friend. In a bit he came in and said, “Mama, uncle G has nailed a squirrel. He took the squrrel’s clothes off and catsup ran out.” He looked a bit worried. I told him that was how to get the food out and to go back and watch. He looked very relieved and went back out. He had never seen a squirrel dead unless it had been run over by a car. I did not want him grossed out or fearful. My friends said I should not have allowed him to see anything like that. But, the squirrel was dead, skin was off and he saw the bleed out. It was not like I sent him the watch the whole ordeal. But, I don’t think it hurts a kid at all, especially since he only seemed a bit bothered. He never mentioned it again because, I think, I was not squeamish or acted like it was something he should not have seen.

              When I was seven and sister was four, sister sustained a huge ragged gash from above to below the elbow. I carried her screaming from the top of her lungs as blood streamed over both of us. I was yelling for Mama and deposited sister on the porch as my mother just stood there, not even touching my sister. I was screaming at Mama to do something. Finally, I ran into the house and brought back several clean dish towels and wrapped them around her elbow, Mama still just staring!
              Somehow, my sister got to a hospital and stitched up. When my mother told the story of my sister’s accident she always said, “I don’t know what I would have done without Linda. I was in shock. I had never seen that much blood.”

              When I see people blood and rips and broken bones, I jump into action, even if it looks pretty bad, not just for my children’s and others scrapes.

    • Prepared Grammy
      I, also stopped using microwave popcorn years ago. It had a funny taste and I became concerned about chemicals. I have used a Whirley-Pop popcorn maker from Wabash Valley for years. I have an aluminum one but they also make it in stainless steel. I buy non-gmo popcorn and use peanut oil or coconut oil to pop. The Whirley-Pop can be used on all stoves.

      • PG,
        Walmart has a microwave popper. I have used Orville Redenbacher’s hot air popcorn in it with good luck. Yes, I do know how to use a stovetop popper or a pot.

        OR popcorn comes in a plastic container. I just put the popcorn in a quart Ball jar and cut the wrapper off the round plastic container and taped it on the glass jar. I need to get that down and see how well it stored.

      • Almost There says:

        WM sells Orville Redenbacher non-gmo popping corn and I think it’s organic. It’s the white corn. I haven’t tried it yet, but bought a few jars of it.

    • Coast Ranger says:

      Let me suggest two articles (the first has a couple of parts):

      These would be useful for any prepper.

      They don’t cover your concerns but will help. I’m a big stocker of many bird antibiotics.
      Coast Ranger

    • Prepared Grammy, you will appreciate the information prepared by Dr. Joe Alton on his website. Be sure to copy the 4 part series on antibiotics, then do a basic search for many more articles there. He has a search box, so just type in ‘antibiotics’ and you will get your questions answered.

      Antibiotics And Their Use in Collapse Medicine(tm) by Dr. Joe Alton

    • Prepared Grammy,
      Got to Rawles blog survivalblog.com and in the search window search for militant medic. It will pull up a five part services in which you will find a chart showing anti-biotic uses and a send chart showing diseases with the preferred anti-biotic and it;s dosage for that disease, ans well as an alternate anti-biotic and recommended dosage. I copied them into a spreadsheet I uses for medical treatment.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Larry, I need to preface this, and it will be unpopular as a comment, however, take what you get from Rawles with VERY large grains of salt, consult a good doctor, and please get emt or medic training.

        I will admit to issues on a personal leve with him, however, its also important to understand, he has no real experience / unlike many of the people here who have grown up “prepping” myself among them.

        This being said, good can be found in anything, I long ago realized an important thing, regardless personal feelings, you can learn from anyone. ..even if its what not too do 🙂

        Save the money and take a solid class with a trained medical professional

  2. Picked up some ammo boxes. Dehydrated potatoes. Heading out to the gun show this AM to see what they have.

    • azrealityprepper says:

      poorman, I find ammo boxes to be a great way to store just about anything. Can’t have too many ammo boxes.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:
      • OhioPrepper says:

        I assume you know however, that one should never store powder or primers in metal ammo boxes, lest they become pipe bombs (like the Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombs) in a fire.

      • I love those metal ammo boxes. I have a few fat 50 cal boxes and a ww2 45acp or mi carbine box. I plan on getting a few more soon.

        • Almost There says:

          Axelsteve or anyone that may know,

          I was wondering if there is a difference in the metal versus the plastic ammo boxes, as in keeping things airtight and in good shape.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            I havent noticed one, dont overload the mtm boxes, but they do seal very well, unlike metal they have pound limits, but are about half th price sometimes a quarter the price so much less expensive. Due to my disabilities with spine, 35lbs is my upward limits for multiple moves anyhow. Cant shoulder 80lb-100lb hay bails/concrete sacks anymore like I used too. So I load the boxes up, leaving ammo in its original box and sealing tightly.

            Tested a few by loading fully, sealing with dessicants and dropping em into a 55 gallon barrel for a week…zero water 🙂

            MTM ammo boxes and crates through our hosts link

          • Almost There; I use “Flambeau” boxes. They are a very, very sturdy hard plastic that seals tight. They are much lighter than the metal canisters.

            I also use them for camera equipment and guns. I’ve been using Flambeaus since the 70’s and never had one break.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Almost There,
            The plastic are lighter; but, perhaps not as durable if dropped from height or punctured. They however don’t rust or need to be scraped and repainted.

            • Not the flambeau boxes/cases OhioPrepper. They are extremely rugged. I have sorely abused mine over the years and never had one crack or puncture. However, I have had a few metal cans dent. Plus they don’t rust.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                A review is in the works, have used MTM , milsurp cans and will be presenting findings and reasoning when its out…however, I rarely have had issue with either. The flambeu I need to test now 🙂

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I’ve had Flambeau as well as others and never had a problem either. My point was that in a really hard impact, the plastic might be more likely to break or crack; where, the metal ones generally only dent.
                I’ve switched nearly all of my metal cans for plastic, for both the weight and rust issues; plus I keep a good amount of powder and primers around, and these should only be stored in plastic or wooden containers.

        • I really like the “fat 50’s” for storing 100 round boxes of 22 LR ammo. They hold 42 boxes easily. They are just hard for me to find and expensive when I do.

          • American Pacrat says:

            They could already be sold out in your area by now, but Costco carries nice ammo cans(1 large-1 small)$18.99 or 19.99/2 for the price of one.

            Yes I know you have to drive a ways, since it is just down the block (Montana humor). I remember, but we lived in Missoula so it was a way to Billing for a major shopping or to the military base.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            JP & all,
            Sportsman’s Guide has the Fat 50’s for around $25.00. Not sure what the shipping would be. I just sold a couple to a friend for $20 each since they are just getting too heavy for me to handle and don’t stack well with the others (mostly plastic) ones I have.
            Cabala’s and Rural King here locally have them also.
            Another site I frequent and have had good results with on Mil Surp stuff is ArmyGear.net. If you buy anything there, be sure to get one of the Special Deals discounts. Add it to your cart for $0.01 and you get a 10% discount on your order, not counting freight.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        The metal ammo cans / boxes can also be used for more than just storage. The My in the following link is just the title, not actually me.
        My ammo can stove. A homemade wood stove (rocket stove) with a secondary burn system.

  3. Stocked up on canned navy beans, canned rice (ready to go) and a few other items getting low in storage. Frequent snow squalls keep us from getting out more.
    Still working small areas at a time throughout the house to reorganize and declutter a bit. It’s easier to handle in small chunks than an all day job. Almost caught up on mending and clothes sewing, and reorganized all my knitting needles as well as size tagged them. Received the bias binding foot for the sewing machine to apply the binding evenly.
    Started 3 sweet potatoes in water, and started 2 basins with leek and onion seeds. Picked up a few more seeds I needed like Armenian cukes, and more cosmos and ironweed for the bee meadow. Also pulling out all the chick supplies like heat lamps, etc, and checking everything is ready for this summer.
    Ordered Song of Increase, a book on gentler beekeeping, and also signed up for a top bar beekeeping course in my area for spring.
    Bought a new, energy efficient 7 cu ft chest freezer on sale for chicken processing time. It should be enough for all the frozen birds and bird parts until the main freezers get some free space. Hopefully it will also hold some of the frozen sliced apples surplus. Didn’t want anything larger as we’re strapped for space and it’s too tempting to keep constantly filled.
    I wonder if any of the pack with Kitchen Aid mixers (reg. Size) have purchased the pouring spout bowl cover? I’m interested in getting one but the reviews vary widely between ‘total cr*p’ and ‘great’ so I wonder what others think.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I like my spout cover, but it’s not perfect. I tend to make much larger batches with it on, and therein lies the problem with it.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Prepared Grammy,
        Same here on the spout cover. We generally just run the mixer slower and take a bit more time; but, with less splashing and mess.

    • Babycatcher says:

      I’ve never used mine, because I always start out slow when mixing, and make smaller batches.

      • I’ve never used mine either. I do what my Gramma used to do and cover the mixer with a towel so it keeps the mess down to a minimum even DD does that now

  4. patientmomma says:

    Hello Everyone! Weather in TN has been crazy; two days it was 65 and 70°, then it’s back to winter time and in two days it will be back to spring again. My daffodils are up and blooming and the chickweed is growing like crazy (the rabbits love it).

    Made a run into the small town about 30 minutes away to pick up more lumber for the new rabbit hutches. We were going to build 3 more cages, but decided to do a double-decker on the same foot print. My son got it started but I have to wait till he gets back to get it finished.

    While I was in town I hit the local grocery and picked up a few sale items to add to the stash. Since my home grown cabbages have all be eaten, made into sauerkraut or dehydrated, I picked up some nice organic cabbages for less than $1/ea. Also got some ground round on special so I’ll be making meatballs for game snacks and then canning the rest, hopefully today.

    Found a great book on butchering, which has step by step detailed pictures and explanations for five major types of animals. Need to harvest some hogs pretty soon so I’ve been getting reading, making sure I have the right tools and building up the courage to do the deed.

    I ordered new ID tags for my dogs as the old ones were pretty beat up. I have a red tick hound, a stray that showed up years ago, who is an escape artist. I’ve tried just about everything to keep her safe but every so often she figures out a new way out of the compound. The problem is when she gets out some of the other dogs follow her. She has always come home but the other dogs are not country savy and they are very difficult to find.

    My son saw a large rabbit hutch plus two wire cages on the side of the road waiting for the trash man, so he picked them up. The big one will be good for momma and babies and the smaller wire cages I can use for temporary housing for rabbits when I do bi-annual pressure washing and for the spring chicks to safely forage in.

    A friend told me about an article she read on D-Ribose and ATP for her fibromyalgia pain; (https://www.verywell.com/d-ribose-for-fibromyalgia-715990). When I looked it up I saw that is also good for hearts; you may want to read about if you have either of these issues. (http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2008/5/D-Ribose-Energize-Your-Heart-Save-Your-Life/Page-01)

    I continue to work thru older canning jars (2012 to 2015), washing jars, checking seals and putting them in labeled, clear plastic storage containers. I am going to build an underground root cellar as soon as weather permits and the storage containers will keep the jars dry and clean.

    Lots to do today so I’ll enjoy reading your comments later on. My prayers for those of you in need of healing and comfort. Have a great next week!

    • Selu Corn Mother says:

      A root cellar is usually not the best place to store jars. Root cellars need to have humidity, canning jars no so much. Maybe you can have 2 rooms (yes, that is a lot of money), one with more humidity and one that is relatively dry. There are both kinds of fruits and veggies, some that need humid and some that need dryer air, so you could plan the dryer area to keep your canned foods in. There is a pretty good book out “Root Cellaring” also Backwoods Home Magazine has a pretty good list of books for self sufficiency.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      Weather in TN has been crazy,

      Same here. 50’s last week and now 20’s & 30’s. Monday will be 40’s & 50’s and then back in the freezer by week’s end. It’s been just a generally weird season for most of the last year.

  5. ladyhawthorne says:

    I’ve got six 55 gallon water barrels now set up, one more to attach and 3 are already full of rainwater.

    Repaired one raised bed and decided what is going where this year. This next week will be busy getting onion sets planted and I will start some tomato seeds in jiffy pellets today.

    I’ve been doing a little decluttering and have several bags to take to the local thrift shop. Last week I took scrap metal, about 70 lbs worth and got all of $2.10. But at least it didn’t go in the trash dump.

    Bought a video camera from the local pawn shop, all seems to work well though I did have to buy an $18 memory card as it didn’t come with one.


    Not much to report this week, just seemed busy. We did pick up a couple of items on sale this week, nothing special.

    Just as we got down through the ice and started getting the ice & snow melting, then temps dropped and we got another 4-6 inches of snow. Saturday, it is supposed to get above freezing again, so we can start the process again.

    Handyman did the upgrades we need done. New AC outlet and reinforcement for the security panel. Platforms up against 2 walls in the cellar to store food & equipment; this should add about 400 sq. feet of usable storage space. Installing 3 more florescent lights, what a difference! Now the reorganization can commence.

    Off to a gun show today. They have some things avsailable that are on the budget.


    For the homestead: maintenance/construction, canning jars, pool shock, Essential Oil (Lavender)

    Sale/warehouse food(s): Mac & cheese, peanut butter, canned chili, canned beans, coffee singles, M&M’s

  7. This week we look down some large branches. Now my garden will get more sunlight. It is supposed to go up to 78 degrees today. The plants and trees are budding out.

  8. I had a steady stream of rats come in. As I caught one, another came in. One day, this happened as I stood nearby. Earlier, I had wondered where they got in. I was trying to get a piece of wood to force under a door. However, the two by four needed to have a quarter of an inch cut off the 4″ side. I had gotten the board free at a lumber yard. No one else in town rips. Since I wanted the job done NOW and the Hispanic guy did not understand English well, I used it as is.

    The druggie woman used a hammer and banged the board in place in front of the space under the door. I put Cashmere Bouquet chips into the 1/16 inch space and put caulking on the tiny crack. I have heard Irish Spring and Cashmere Bouquet, bath bars, both work to repel rats and mice. Maybe he won’t come close enough to chew the board or door. Now, I can quit throwing away stored food. I suppose none of the other suspected places are yielding rats, so I am happy.

    I was offered some food items that were “expired” for free. I commented they were fine and took two 1-lb. bags of lentils, a box of Stove Top and a box of PopTarts.

    Five pounds of seconds or fourths of sweet potatoes and a loaf of bread “not expired” came home another day.

    I bought another food grade bucket and gamma seal lid. I think the lid is not on right, so I will put a little water in it and lay it down to see if the guy got it on correctly.

    More can were dated top and front and put on shelves. A hamper moved out of place last year was moved back to the laundry room by the druggie woman.

    In an example of how it was someone’s fault an item was ruined–I told her to take all the cans off a tiny five-foot bookcase in front of the rat door so the bookcase could be moved. I walked away to lie down. When I came back in less than five minutes, she had pivoted a light-weight wood bookcase over-filled with cans of food so she could get behind it. The bookcase is barely holding together! She said she didn’t think it would hurt anything–this after I clearly explained it was not heavy-duty and might tear up if she moved it with cans on the shelves.

    I watched her every moment she was here, except for the five minutes I knew she was only near food.

    This means all the rat poop was gotten up. The hamper out of the kitchen eliminated the narrow passageway its presence made.

    This past week, I did not acquire much but got more beans in quart jars. Oh, I did get enough out of the freezer so I can freeze one can of beans at a time. It will be a long process with two-dozen jars filled lately.

    I found a new product, at least new-to-me. The Premier Chick Brooder for $59 seems to be makeable at home. I will use a light bulb in a cookie tin on legs instead of a heat lamp. If I bought the whole set up, it would be $79.

    About two weeks ago, I got an Android phone and am struggling to learn how to use it. Coupons can be loaded on it. I can see grocery ads for other stores when in WM. Plus, there is some sort of grocery catcher that checks other stores and gives me the best price. The phone was one-time price of $49 and the monthly charge is $40. Samsung Galaxy S3–hope it saves me at least $40 each month, the cost of service.

    Since the back porch light has blown twice in the past four months and I have to get someone to change the bulb, I think maybe water/moisture is getting on the bulb. Once I determine if it needs caulking at the juncture of the fixture and house, I will get an LED so maybe I won’t have to keep asking others to change it.

    Somehow, the electricity in the bathroom does not work–ceiling fan and light, outlet, light over the sink. I fashioned a light. I clamped a light to ceiling fan cord, used an extension cord and plugged it into an outlet outside the bathroom. It’s not pretty, but I can see. I screwed off the cone-shaped aluminum cover meant to direct the light/heat.

    In cleaning out the trunk, I found two new looking twin sheets that I have no recollection of acquiring. They must have been a yard sale item I tossed in two years ago.

    Dominique started laying eggs on Jan 29 and laid two more since then. So, I am back in free eggs. I cannot stand to think about eating store-bought eggs! I do cook with them.

    This may help someone. On Monday when druggie was here, I did nothing of consequence, just watching. However, my feet hurt me so I could barely think. Thursday might, they were hurting even worse, making sleep difficult. I got out my chocolate chips and ate only ten, one at a time, savoring each. I could feel the pain fading in my feet, and I slept well. For the first morning in three days I awoke with feet that did not hurt. Make sure you do not use Dutched chocolate, Dutch processed, or processed with alkali. Most of the nutrients of chocolate have been processed out. Since I refuse to take Advil and such for pain, not even aspirin, I occasionally need relief from the pain that is always present with me. I don’t know why ten chocolate chips works immediately.

    • Encourager says:

      Linda W.I have not been able to read every post as I am limited as to how long I can sit at the desktop due to shoulder surgery (the angle hurts my arm/shoulder). But I keep picking up certain words from your posts that puzzle me… Who the heck is “druggie woman”, and why do you call her such a derogatory name?! It seems she is always helping you. Do you realize how awful this comes across???

      • Encourager,
        My very nice neighbor down the street took in a meth user who “just needed to quit and drug rehab he was in was full of negativity and drinking and drugs and just needed a fresh start.” He begged my neighbor for help. Neighbor took him in. One month later, the guy said his girlfriend needed a place to live. Guy has been there six months, girlfriend has been there over four months.

        When I needed a minor thing done, friend suggested the guy do it. I said, NO. Finally, because of my back, I asked him to bring something in. He brought gf. I told her to wait outside because space was tight here.

        He asked for two or three cokes. I gave him 3 diet coke, caffeine free because I decided not to drink those anymore. Another time, when I was desperate to get something moved, he said he did not like those cokes, and wanted three real ones. I gave him three regular cokes, the ones I drink. Still, on a third trip in, he asked for a real coke. I said I only had one left. He said, yes, you have some and reached for the box, reaching in. There were none in there. He called me a liar!

        I have taken her to get DL, ss card, and birth certificate–three trips.

        One day, she loved my bracelet and kept praising it over and over. Two days later, I hurt so bad and asked her to take something in house while I sat in car. Less than a week later, my bracelet was gone from the place I put it in a plastic box.

        On her first trip into house, she commented on three plastic boxes, wanting to know if I made jewelry. I said it was where I stored my large collection of earrings. This yellow bracelet was right there for her to get.
        There have been many discussions on this forum about her. You just missed them. She took them when she was desperate and probably traded them for cigarettes because she bummed cigs from everyone when we were out.

        Other people on here have harsher things to say. Sure, it is awful. Believe me, I help her more. I really want her to succeed. But, she said she was drug free for six months before she arrived here. Then, she old me the other day it was three months. She cannot remember her lies because it is a different story on lots of facts. She has warrants out on her for stealing from WM.

        The guy walks up to houses and tries the door instead of knocking when he goes to look for work. I think my friend sends him here because my friend takes out my trash can to the road and knows where to put it. the drug guy puts it in the wrong place. I asked my friend to put some cinder blocks that fell into the street from my retainer wall back onto the yard. The blocks were perched precariously on cinder blocks at the top, so they will knock more cinder blocks off. My friend would not have done this. I do not want this guy in my yard without my knowledge. But, he always comes after dark and does not tell me he is here for anything.

        My friend made me a target by bringing him here and sending him here.

        I have never tolerated drugs of any kind. A joint does not disturb me but I do not have those kinds of friends/acquaintances. Well, they may smoke but I have no knowledge. Probably, they just hide it…lol.

        There is nothing she can do to help me that will make up for the lovely yellow bracelet. Monday, she tore up a bookcase by pivoting it instead of unloading the food. I watch her every moment, but had to lie down for a few minutes while she did that one thing. If she cannot follow directions or won’t when I am very specific with instructions and why, she will never hold a job. When an employer gives detailed instructions on how to do a job and why not to do certain things and an employee does it her way and tears up something, the employer is not going to keep an employee!

        Does anyone know a meth addict who quit cold turkey? None of my acquaintances do. Maybe they are wrong. So, that is why I call her druggie woman. I only helped her because my friend believed in them. SHE offered to help me in the house first. And, then I offered to help her with driving her places. She had no idea where anything in this town is located, like the courthouse where I drove her.

        They are eating my friend out of house and home, so I did offer to take them to food banks and just sat in the car. I will help forever, but when people steal my favorite things from me, I am not very happy.

        In order not to disturb people who don’t know about her, I will call her methwoman. She is still addicted.

        I do not believe either of them has quit cold turkey. The guy cannot get a job. Well, he got a job and then they quit calling him. He said he passed a drug test. Who knows? He bums cigarettes from another neighbor.

        If you think you are bothered, think how I feel! I type lying down flat of my back. I cannot sit two minutes to type.

        She has not been here since Monday. She is nursing an abscessed tooth right now and needs antibiotic. I suppose she is wanting their host to provide the money. Neither seems able to do anything for themselves.

        • Encourager says:

          Linda W, I seriously do not understand WHY you still allow these people on your property or in your house !! Why have you not called the police, or if you are a senior, Elder Abuse? This all is none of my business, except you make it all our business when you post it on here. What is it you expect us to do?

          She has stolen from you – that is a crime…yet you don’t call the police and you let her back in your home. You are setting yourself up as a victim. Call your doctor, tell him/her what is going on with your health, your pain, the neighbors – that is, call the doc if you really want help.

          Anyone that called me a liar over a Coke and proceeded to go through my belongings would NEVER be allowed near me again. Again, you are setting yourself up.

          • Almost There says:

            Agree. I’m not totally sure, but if the police have a warrant out for someone, and you know of their whereabouts, and you are allowing them in your house, wouldn’t this be harboring a fugitive? Wouldn’t the police want to know of their whereabouts? For myself, I’m not into self imposed drama and listening to constant complaining from others, as I have enough to do and don’t have time for it. If I complain about something, even at work, I usually have a solution to the problem. Grant it, some of us like to hear some personal stories along the way, and help when we can, this constant complaining and blaming others when you don’t do something about your situation makes for unnecessarily long reads on this prepper blog. Just my two cents.

            • Almost There says:

              Re-reading my post. Just wanted to clarify… Talking in 3rd person here, not directed at you personally.

            • When she went to courthouse, they found the warrant and held her and let her go. Until then, I had no knowledge of the warrant.

              Yes, there are senior services to help me. However, I received a letter saying I did not have a regular doctor, so they could not help. I have no idea where they got that idea as they had the name of my doctor.

              I have read equally long posts on here. Besides, my posts are not all full of problems. I do all I can about my situation. I was sitting here today, trying to figure out how to get things down from cabinet, top shelf. If I go get a ladder and fall, maybe you will not have to listen to my “problems.” Half the people on here have problems, some with no solutions or solutions with no good results.

              Like I have said, things are done here and I have paid for it only to find years later that a shoddy job was done by reputable contractors. My fault? I don’t think so! Blame others? You bet.

              As for calling the police on the woman–I do not want their wrath to come down on me. I no longer sleep at night because of them.

              • Linda; People are trying to give you sound advice, but you come with one excuse after another.

                “I received a letter saying I did not have a regular doctor, so they could not help”.

                Did you contact them again? Did you ask your doctor to write a letter to them?

                No, you don’t always post your many ills. On that I agree.

                “If I go get a ladder and fall, maybe you will not have to listen to my “problems.”

                Oh STOP IT Linda. That is the height of martyrdom. Not to mention a pity party. Every so often I get a bit maudlin and feel sorry for myself, have a good cry and then I shake it off. As most people do. I choose not to be a victim at this point in my life. Not that I ever was really. Oh I have been victimized, but I didn’t make those situations a life long obsession.

                “only to find years later that a shoddy job was done by reputable contractors”.

                How many “years later”? You have a responsibility to keep maintenance up. You could also have had the city or county inspectors inspect the work before signing off.

                I do not want their wrath to come down on me. I no longer sleep at night because of them”.

                That is entirely your fault. As long as you show fear, this woman will feed off of it. It’s called parasitic behavior. And you are enabling it. Just say NO you don’t need her….PERIOD. If she gives you ANY guff, you call your local constabulary. Ask them for extra patrols at night. Or even during the day. You have heard of crime prevention?

                Like a few other women on here, we live alone. And being a disabled senior, as I am, the word gets out and yes we are a bigger target. That doesn’t mean we have to become victims.

                As to solutions? I don’t have a solution to everything at the moment, but I keep trying and I think positive. So can you. Try it…..one step at a time.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  Well said.

                • Thank you for speaking out, Izzy.
                  All of the negative-talk and complaining is TIRESOME and downright ugly sometimes. It really detracts from what this website is meant to be.
                  Like so many, this weekly topic is one that we look forward to but I swear it comes off more like that pathetic Jerry Springer tv show than anything else. Who needs or wants to read about enabling and dysfunction? None of it has to do with prepping. Personally I try to skip over the posts but there are so many and the flow of comments gets disrupted with all the complaining. But then skipping some of them means that I can’t follow it all. Some weeks I don’t even read the comments because its so bad.

                  • IC; LOL @ Jerry Springer. I don’t think we are there yet. I do tend to be a very candid person.

                    This site IS about prepping, I have learned a LOT here. However, OPSEC/personal safety is also part of that. I don’t mind people’s stories, some are quite interesting.

                    So, if we stray from stocking up on food, medical supplies, equipment, etc. it does break up the monotony. I agree on chronic redundancy/whining though. That gets old quick.

          • Amen to ALL of your post Encourager. I know darn well most towns have senior services. Hospitals also have information/resources for disabled people and seniors. If not, the counties do. I went so far as to get info, but if one chooses reasons why not to use it…..then so be it.

        • Linda, your children need an update on your current situation (no hot water, electricity out in bathroom, uninhabitable rooms due to water damage, other rooms impassable because of contents from water-damaged rooms, unable to reach upper shelves or use step ladder, not able to afford reliable help).

          You have said your relationship with them is difficult. So you might want to tell them you know their time is precious, and you understand that coming to help you would be expensive–but you would appreciate their help in brainstorming ways to improve your situation.

          And of course, ask for their prayers–and thank them for their time in considering your request.

          However they respond, express gratitude to them, even if it’s only for their candor. Who knows, a humble gentle approach may bear fruit in the future, if not now.

          They can’t honor their mother if they do not know your situation.

          • Lantana,
            My children know. They consult their father and then tell me what he says.

            When I told my son about my back issues, he said very coldly, “You just want me to feel sorry for you.” Then, he hung up. Later, he told me I needed to move. I asked if he would help me, “I don’t move myself. I pay a Mexican.” No, he would not help me because parents are supposed to help their children. Children don’t have to help parents. He follows his preacher-father’s lead. Ex was a minor Jim Jones. NO, it is not any of my fault except for having married him.

            I really didn’t want to move, but he is just one of the people who tell me what to do.

      • Encouraged

        I agree wholeheartedly. I imagine most of the pack are tired of the “druggie woman” comments. I know I am. I have got to where I skip her posts.

        • okg55,
          I am stunned at that attitude towards me. Other people relate problems! I am sick with worry most of the time and cannot sleep at night out of fear. Maybe I should leave and not come back and you could rest easy. I think I have only mentioned her this last week.

          • I do not get my panties in a bunch about druggie titles. I have no dealings with druggies ,I work with some and they make poor employees, at best. They act like that they are the only ones in the world with problems. I got news for ya snowflake. No one ever said that life was fair.

          • “Maybe I should leave and not come back”

            Linda; Please don’t start playing martyr. It will not help your cause.

            You yourself said you would not let her back in, but you did. If you are sick with worry, then it is you enabling it. Keep her the heII out of your life. Sheesh….it doesn’t take a genius to figure out to remove causation. YES, you have mentioned her at LEAST 4 times in the past couple of weeks.

            I am not, in any manner, trying to be mean. I too, like several of us on here, live in daily pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, mine can reach 10 real quick upon doing certain chores or shopping.

            You really need to get with a church where members can help you occasionally. I do believe in daily prayer. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”.

            So chin up. I doubt anyone wants you to leave. How about a different topic other than the “druggie”?

      • Anonamo Also says:

        Encourager, Do not be so quick to challenge Linda or think hard of her. Linda has been gifted with a helper by a “friend” who brought this drug- addicted woman to her house, Linda needed help, paid her. and she helped her and took things from the house.(no one else was there)several of us suggested she not let her come back for anything. Linda lives in a difficult area and has lots of challenges. When all around you are people unable or unwilling to look beyond their door…it’s very hard to be unable to lift, carry and pull on things that are bulky or hard.

        • AA,
          Thanks. My definition of “heavy” has friend/neighbor and the woman baffled when I say “that is heavy.” Everyone says in disbelief, “Linda, this is NOT heavy.” Well, to me it is. With shoulders, wrists, back, knees all injured, it is difficult around here. If I can hug things, the weight does not bother me so much. When I must move something like a full hamper which is not too huggable, it is heavy. Even attempting to remove things from the hamper was just too painful. Some days, adding walking from the car and walking up steps while carrying is excruciating.
          Thanks, again.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            You need help, just not her help. – be careful. Dont get upset with everyone, most of us also have our issues, I do, however, its our decisions that make or break us. Continuing contact with someone you know is hurting you and complaining about it as well as refusing others attempts to help…generally insures people will simply avoid versus help. Just personal experience talking. Regardless be careful but make decisions that can help

            • Jesse,
              I have not refused help from anyone. I was told it was a long process to get help from an agency in my home. Like I said, they reported I had no doctor. I had to start over again. One doctor reported I was 89 last year when I was 69. Another reported I had not taken a vital med for nine months. These things are not in my control, but I have to keep correcting my medical records, agency reports, etc. I have never refused help and don’t understand where that came remark came from.

              As for help from agencies, I called to get help with income taxes. It turns out to get help, I must drive 20 miles to another county. The tax preparer would not even tell me which form to use because I might sue them if I did it wrong. I cannot imagine how some of the desperately poor and elderly people manage to get free help with income taxes.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                I should have been clearer. I meant with our group here, and not that you refused so much as maybe not taking steps.

                That being said, my apologies fo not being clearer with it. Definitely agreed regarding “state” assistance, its not set up for those of us who worked or actually contributed. Never really has been sadly.

                I deal with that “ish” from people on a regular, and moving is rarely an option in many cases. After all. How many of us are independently wealthy. Not I.

                Extend your circle or search for a local circle, as much as possible. Vet anyone new you bring in, and keep plugging away.

                My disadain of government began back in 2007 when government doctors told me, “nope, you cant work no more” I thought I was screwed, to say it nicely. Ended up meeting a wonderful lady, due to back issues had SSI approved in 5 months, (yes my physical side is that messed up) does it cover things, not really. So I had too learn or I should say put into practice my horsetrading skills and using a lifetime of learned habits create a better me, than, create a better surroundings. With kids and a wife “who works and is amazing” we make it, and are able to have abilities to survive for several months to years if needed.

                So. Not sure if this helps but, understand I dont mean anyone here ill will. Intentionally I am just a blunt person most of the time and should get better at wording things…or, keep on the way I am. 🙂


              • Linda if I were you (and yes I do know I’m not) but I would be on the horn first thing Monday morning and make some calls. 1) to the agency that sent you the letter of not having a Dr. call them and straighten it out, IF it can’t be done over the phone then ask whoever what you need to have to get this moving. Tell them you are writing everything down and repeat everything that is told to you. IF the person you are talking to you doesn’t seem to know then talk to the director directly. Talk calmly but firmly and explain the situation. DO NOT hang up until you either have it cleared up or know what to do to clear it up. 2) Call up several food banks in your area to get information on where to get help for disabled and seniors. These people have a wealth of knowledge (I volunteered at a few and these peopled are networked trust me) and can point you in the right direction on where to get the help you need. 3) If you are on SS disability or whatever call around to find other agencies that will do the work that you want done. Not all agencies are the same. MIL had to interview a few before she found one that performed the tasks she needed including making the bed, etc..YOU have to be persistent because it’s not their job to figure out what you want/need it’s your job to tell them. 4) the Dr. that said no surgery until a walker is usable….BS! Tell them you want to go to a rehab facility after surgery for a week or 2 (knee replacement surgery isn’t that bad MIL had both done and is older than you with a bad back) and you’ll probably be out of there walking with a cane. Yes it does matter on your determined mind but if you want to walk then you’ll walk.
                You may not want to hear this but with the damage to your house, contractors, water damage, not hot water than you should put it up for sale and get yourself a 1-2 bedroom house/mobile home all 1 floor that is more easily manageable by you. There are plenty of senior complex (not homes) that you could also go to or even look for a small apartment to rent on some land for your garden and chickens. As we get older we need to make adjustments to our lifestyles whether we like it or not and it looks like you need to do just that. I am not trying to be mean, nasty or condescending I am just trying to be your friend and point / push you in the right direction. Hoping you find solutions to your problems! God speed!!

                • JD,
                  I DID call three weeks ago. It will take about three months to actually get help.

                  YOU are wrong. They tell me what they can do through an agency. However, I met a woman and have her name and agency. She said she would do what I needed.

                  I DO NOT need knee replacement surgery, just torn meniscus surgery. I have had it on one knee, so I know the drill.

                  I have adjusted my lifestyle! I appreciate your thoughts, but they are not really helpful right now. I think a water heater element would solve the hot water issue, not moving.

                  • Linda, you did not state, that I’m aware of, that you called and are waiting for the help. I’m wrong about what? Asking around for other ways of help? No actually there are other avenues of help that do not rely agencies. But since someone told you that only agencies can help you then ok go by that. I THOUGHT you said something about having knees replaced/surgery if I’m mistaken then I am sorry but if you had it done before (you know the drill) at you lived at the same house than how can they deny you now? I did not say to move because of the hot water not working (which would be stupid) I said you should look into “with the damage to your house, contractors, water damage, not hot water than you should put it up for sale and get yourself a 1-2 bedroom house/mobile home all 1 floor that is more easily manageable by you. ” . You yourself was complaining about water damage and having to have things stuffed into a couple of rooms because the rooms are unusable. I didn’t say you didn’t adjust your lifestyle but living in a place that was adjusted to you instead of the other way around just makes more sense and why should you suffer to live like that?
                    Anyways I wish you well and won’t be piling on as you call it anymore. Good luck with your endeavors.

          • Linda W

            I APOLOGIZE. Did not mean to ruffle your feathers. Sometimes what I say doesn’t come out right…

            I can sympathize with your medical problems. I have a 70 staple scar on the front from colon cancer surgery. And a 116 staple scar all the way down my back from spinal surgery from a broken back from accident.

            Again my apology. I hate druggies.

            • Okgg,
              Thank you. Your apology made me cry. Still, others think I don’t try to get help. I do. Wow! Those are serious sounding scars.

              I suppose I have no friends to help me. I have had very good friends move out of state. Some just up and died…lol…not funny, I know.

              thank you

            • Okg55; We need a scar comparison party on this site. LOL! Trust me, Imma gonna win. 🙂

              • Izzy,
                I would not want the distinction of winning over you! I never had any surgery until I was 58 and the surgery from removal of half my thyroid is almost invisible. Three little marks from arthroscopic surgery on my knee are lost now. The four tiny scars from hysterectomy have lost redness and one I can no longer see one of them. So, my scars are barely visible. you have some serious scars! Even after I have spinal surgery, I will not even be in the competition.

                You said you had staples? The last thing I said to the surgeon before my hysterectomy was NO STAPLES. I even wrote it on the last paper they had me sign. NO STAPLES. I have reactions to some metals.

                • Linda; I was joking with okg55. No, I did not have any staples.

                  The stapes I was referring are in the medical supplies.

              • LOL I remember there was a movie where these guys were comparing scars and I was cracking up and asked DH if that’s what him and his buddies do when they go fishing together for the week. He said That is privileged information that women are not privied to then he winked at me……I truly can see him and his buddies doing it (after a few beers LOL)

        • Encourager says:

          AA, I did not “think hard of her”. After reading her latest reply to my post, I am very concerned. She needs to reach out to the police, her doctor, the State Elder Abuse office. Perhaps she should consider moving into an Assisted Living facility where she can get the help she needs. It does not appear she should be living on her own, what with her pain and her inability to do everyday chores. Her doctor should be the one to approach on that. Staying in Assisted Living does not mean it is a permanent thing. Once her medical issues are under control she could try living on her own again.

          There are many who abuse ‘the system’, we are all familiar with that. However, there are some who desperately need help and care who do not realize services are out there they can use – like Linda.

          I understand your pride and independent attitude of wanting to live on your own but I would encourage you, Linda, to make some phone calls. I wish you all the best and hope you do this for yourself.

          Oh, BTW Linda… You are NOT responsible for these addicts recovery nor do you have ‘to help them out’. They are taking advantage of you in the worse way. And that neighbor who sent them to you? Keep him far, far away. Just MHO.

          • Encourager,
            Assisted living is the last thing I need. The friend is just as much a victim or moreso than I am.

            There are services who refuse to do what I need. I cannot have surgery on my knees until there is enough walking room for a walker in here. They will send someone to do the dishes, but I don’t need that or the laundry done. They will send someone to vacuum, but who can see the carpet? Not me. I am not a hoarder, but this stuff came from other rooms that I lost to water damage.

            They will clean off the counters but not get anything down from shelves I cannot reach. Cook for me–don’t need that. Won’t put sheets on bed. Will do the wash–can do that myself. Most days, I can even hang clothes on the line. I have perfect control over day to day living!

            • BlueJeanedLady says:

              Hello to you both, LindaW & Chuck Findley & Heys to you, too, Encourager, as I’m positively referring to your turn of the phrase assisted living in this thread – – – So, I wanted to include at least you, too, (with more hellos & welcomes to all reading, included)!

              Although I could be wrong, Linda & Chuck (darned if it’s not happened before – ha, ha), and even as the term could vary from state to state & region to region, I’m wondering if you both did not understand the phrase Encourager used, assisted living, in the same manner that I did & how I imagined Encourager did, also. ??? (No harm no foul,okay? If I misunderstood, my apologies. Go forth! Ha, ha!)

              At least from my experience (with both elderly family members of whom I’ve researched such options & been through the ups/downs/in/outs with; & now, these days, even slightly older friends recently beginning to research ideas concerning their own futures) & the situation in my area (and I’m guessing maybe in Encourager’s realm, too – from the way her comments were encouragingly worded 🙂 ) I’d like to emphasize that the phrases “assisted living” and “nursing home” are NOT one-in-the-same, therefore not equally comparable and NOT to be confused. Just sayin’! 🙂

              The clue to MHO and this assumption of mine is in both Linda & Chuck’s comments as both seemed so negative about such, versus Encourager’s more positive sounding approach. (Each to his/her own – – – I certainly understand & value individual choices – – – I’m just jumping out on a limb here and thinking we’ve not all landed on the same branch for purposes of this debatable conversation and hoping for a safe landing space for all to begin so there I go. 🙂

              At least as it applies to my research for my own loved ones (and adding a very simplistic analogy, Linda & Chuck) try thinking of “assisted living” more like a small apartment / small individual townhouse of your own choosing, maybe with a small balcony or yard area included & an on-site, living staff available to “assist” in some areas of daily living if needed & – – – possibly outfitted with an in-house / neighborhood dining facility, possibly plus an infirmary if occasionally needed, yet, none-the-less a home-place you are still able to come & go & cook & eat as you’d like. 🙂

              (These are the type of “assisted living” facility that exist in larger communities in my state so that’s where MHO begins. Okay? Okay!)

              Now, think of that just mentioned apartment like an “assisted living” scenario versus a “nursing home” lifestyle as you need to imagine the latter mentioned term more like a rented room in a larger house – – – One where the bathrooms may or may not be shared with strangers and the kitchen is off-limits for residents and the dining facilities / solo room service without a menu, even mandatory if you want to eat – – – Additionally, this option being a place where your every move is monitored / regulated / dictated, 24/7/365. Ugh! Unpleasant to imagine, indeed!

              I totally get the negativity concerning the idea of a “nursing home” just not seeing such as an equivalent to “assisted living.” (Also describing the type of “nursing homes” that exist in my state and often more common in more rural areas and often not very pleasant, either, even as there are some very good ones in some areas nearer us. JMHO & YMMV, of course.)

              See the difference between the basic definition of “assisted living” and a “nursing home” as I understand such, friends?

              Granted, the above scenario is a simplistic generalization, each situation comes with varying situations & details and yes, the details DO matter. And yes, in my experience / research considering my own elder family member needs, there’s a lot to knit-pick about with either situation. Couldn’t agree more with that thought, Linda & Chuck, yet that’s mostly just real life and an unpleasant reality to deal with on an any day – concerning any type lifestyle option. UGH!

              More agreement with you both, Chuck & Linda – – – Neither are ideal situations, yet I have the need to SHOUT OUT the differences between the two because they CAN BE so very different in some places.

              Personally, I’d certainly consider “assisted living” before a “nursing home” existence, if / when possible / necessary for my own needs, and just wanted to squarely address the potential differences on these pages for all to contemplate (and yes, reasearch on their own).

              Check out all options available in your own states / locals & with great attention to the mouse print on the contracts. AND DO challenge the “nursing homes” (single room in a larger facility, i.e.; the rented room example), claims of being an “assisted living” facility (as too many are financially sucking “assisted living” marketing techniques for “nursing home” facilities targeting the masses and are simply false claims hoping to draw in clients that don’t research such). AND PLEASE, don’t consider them one-and-the-same type of living options before comparing such in a detailed & well researched way.

              Just my two cents worth for individual considerations! Again, all JMHO.

              Many drawbacks as well I do admit, even if you get yourself or a loved one into a more preferred, well researched & reputable “assisted living” facility . . . once the physical &/or mental conditions deteriorate & once the resident(s) need more consistent assistance contracts, if not well defined initially the contracts can be legally terminated with only a month or so notice. And yes, that can begin a new round of heart aches & head aches for the residents & their loving caretakers. Sometimes ya’ can’t win for losing! 🙁

              Too boot, even the nicer (smaller, newer implemented, more individually centered care type) “Alzheimer” care facilities which are actually closer to “nursing homes” realities than the “assisted living” places but still can be a lot nicer facilities than the genetic “nursing home”, can also evict residents if personal attention needs increase – – – and those are the residents often doomed to less desirable “nursing homes” with reasonable (via the contract initially signed) notice if you (as a concerned relative with or without designated power-of-attorney holder-ship) when the patient’s prerogatives can’t be taken in &/or provided for without their cooperation, both physically and financially – – – should the resident need more specialized care. UGH! It’s all very complicated & very unpleasant to imagine, isn’t it? YES!

              Yep, have to agree, most of it is a crap shoot . . . Just remember you can negotiate ANYTHING YOU WANT in a contract if mentally competent (at least to date in the USA) and act accordingly in your own or on your loved one’s best interest! Hint: Best have the assets to sell / collect upon needing to cover such costs for the most desirable results. Yep . . . that can be an uphill battle as well – but so it & so life goes. Just for the record – – – all of the siblings looked into options to move the parents I refer to – to relocate in our homes or near us, too . . . the consenting adult parent refused to leave their area, so that conversation went nowhere, fast. So, no need for any lectures concerning our choices. (Just adding such a tidbit note for the accusatory types that might be lurking with opinionated views on our particular situation.)

              On a MUCH LIGHTER NOTE – i.e.; A PURELY COMEDIC BASIS – – – When all these issues started bombarding us several years ago, via my parents-in-law’s very serious & very quickly developing health issues (one not so cooperative with physical problems, one incapable of willing cooperation due to mental issues) DH started telling me, “If this happens to me (mostly relating to the Alzheimer’s disease, deeply affecting one parent) just shoot me and carry on with my blessings.”

              “Oh great,” I finally said. “So I shoot you, you’re out of your misery, and I go to prison for the rest of my life for your death. Is that what you really want for me?”

              “Well, no. Maybe you could just not hide the car keys like we do for dad, and let me go start the car in the garage one day to make sure the battery was still working and not worry that I never bothered to open the garage door, quickly!”

              I thought about hurting the DH at the time . . . but his s#i+ eating grin helped me to continue & appreciate his then, current stint of well being . . . so all was & all remains well. 🙂

              Gotta keep a sense of humor folks! Otherwise all is doom & gloom and void of making any heartfelt & funny memories! Prayers, best wishes and at least a few inappropriate, but usually necessary, laughs for all. 🙂

              Take care friends. Stay smart & stay safe.

              • Encourager says:

                Thank you BJL; you are correct. I was NOT talking about nursing homes. Let me tell you my experiences with my beloved MIL. When we moved her back to MI from FL, she chose to move into a ‘care community’. She had a two bedroom, two car garage unit with a large screened porch looking out on a wildlife area. She grew fond of a family of Sandhill cranes that she fed bread crusts. She was still able to drive and did. She had a full kitchen and cooked most of her meals but liked to eat out, also. She did fine for about two years and then I noticed a deterioration…piles of unpaid bills, stores refusing her credit card when I took her shopping, her getting lost going to the same grocery store she always used two miles away (I became very concerned when I got a phone call from her when she got lost on the way; she was nearly to Detroit – 50 miles from home). Her son, my dh, did not/could not/would not see her deterioration. I ‘helped get her bill paying in order, made phone calls so she could put me on all her bills so I could talk to them, wrote the checks so she could sign them. She jokingly called me her personal secretary. It got to the point she could not sign the checks and dh had to do it (he was on her bank accounts). He was shocked. She had been writing many checks to Pub Clearinghouse, skam artists, some animal shelter in NYC, anyone who sent her a sob letter. She gave her checking account info, SSN, birthdate, to somebody on the phone claiming to be from the bank…they took $5000 out of her checking account before we canceled the account. It went downhill from there. She fell numerous times and we had to downsize her to a one bedroom apartment, level one assisted living; she had a stove but all her meals came with the apartment and they also cleaned her apartment. I did her laundry. She fell again, badly, had brain damage. Again, was downsized to a level two and then her care became level three, no stove just a sink and fridge. That lasted for the next 5 years.

                My point? There are many levels of assisted living, it all depended on her needs and her ability to take care of herself. At the end, at age 98, she WAS living in a nursing home, completely dependent and died three weeks after moving in there. Was the assisted living all sunshine and roses? No. Had to have a few aides fired for abusive behavior when one bruised her badly by yanking her around; and one who screamed at her and slapped her (caught that one in the act). It was a hard, long, sad road mom was on. We let her have as much independence as possible until the awful brain-damaging fall, when the dementia really took over. We always respected her wishes and treated her with dignity. It was me that took on the administration and made sure THEY treated her with dignity. She used to threaten them “I will call my daughter-in-law!!!” lol

                As with Mom, many of us do not see the help we need. We make poor choices that hurt us, either financially, physically or emotionally. We live in damaged homes with mold buildup, not realizing the mold itself can cause arthritis symptoms and even affect our brains making proper decisions difficult and even getting hostile when good people give advice because they want to help. People take advantage of us, abusing us verbally, stealing things from us, not doing what they said they would do, until it reaches the point they physically abuse us or worse. Sadly, many who care cannot make that person listen.

                Having lived through this with my MIL and also long distance with both my parents as my own sister and brothers stole them blind and abused them, I do know what it is like, Linda W. I gave you my opinion, you took offense, and now that is the end of it. Hopefully, your family members will step in before it is too late. I am done reading your posts because they fill me with dread.

                BJL, I love your humor! I remember one particular difficult day with my MIL when my oldest son was present. We were sitting on the porch after coming home and I said to him (joking) – “If I ever get THAT bad, take me out to the back field and shoot me.” His reply – “Where? Head or heart?” I said “I was kidding!!!!” He said “I wasn’t….” then burst out laughing. That earned him a back-of-the-head slap. Kids.

                • BJL that was excellent info, you also Encourager!! We have 3 steps, if you like, of senior living. Fisrt one would be a senior apartment where all residents are seniors in a type of gated comunity. There usually is an inside garden (picture rect. building with a large green space in the center) that everyone can plant flowers, veggies or leave alone. All the maintenance is performed and some help if you require it is available as in moving heavy objects, getting stuff from your storage unit, buses to malls, church, events, etc.. They normally have a cafeteria if you don’t feel like cooking but each apartment has it’s own full kitchen, small dining area, living room, bathroom and of course bedroom. Also has a common area where there are scheduled activities or ones you create yourself (like playing cards) plus a laundry area. It’s a regular apartment complex but made for seniors with extra security and also has medical on hand just in case (though that would just be 1-2 medical personnel as it’s not a nursing home). Then there are assisted living which is a step up from the senior apartments. You still live in your own apartment but more help is available BUT you must be able to take care of yourself like feeding, cleaning yourself, dressing, can get out of bed without a lift, etc.. Help such as making your bed, doing dishes, helping with laundry, moving stuff, a hand out of bed (NO LIFT) think of helping a very pregnant women out of bed LOL. Help like that which isn’t life care is what it’s about and you live in your own apartment and a dining room for those who don’t feeling like cooking. Nursing homes have 2 sides – 1 side is for those who can feed themselves, go to the bathroom, get around using some help like cane, wheel chair, walker, etc.. but need help getting out of bed using a lift or extra help and has a full time staff dedicated to the clients. Also the room has some furniture, small fridge, TV, but food is served in the dining room or your room delivered you do not cook for yourself. But you can go to activities and you can go out to the garden and leave the facility to go to families houses, parties, etc.. Then there is side 2 where full care is given. This is for those who can not take care of themselves at all, alzheimer, brain damage, etc..As you can see there are a lot of differences to senior apts. to full care nursing homes. DH Gramma was in both the senior apt. and assisted living and lived a very independent life. DH’s father lives in a senior housing complex now and it’s a very nice place. DH’s aunt lives in a nursing home on side 1 as she can do somethings for herself but not all and My Gramma was in Side 2 the last year of her life as alzheimers took her from us and could do nothing for herself so I do know what is what. No one on here is stating that just because you need some help for somethings you should just give up and go into full care NOPE just letting everyone know that there are options if you need them and want to still live an independent life. Be happy if you can have options as some do not.

                  • BlueJeanedLady says:

                    EXCELLENT summation for elder / senior related facilities in your area, JD in NY!

                    Great info to digest. Not sure that we have too many “senior apartment complexes” near us or in our heartland state at present, but my step-mom (both of my parents died way too young, but dad did remarry before he died so we were blessed with SM’s introduction into the family) now lives in a “senior apartment” complex in her adopted hometown in another state.

                    Her apartment facility is actually owned by her church, even as the church does not require membership to live there. It’s a lovely little apartment, two bedrooms, two bathrooms with a large porch / grass area where she tends to her plants. As well, the complex abuts a natural area (wild deer populate such, seasonally) with a lovely pond on premise that wild ducks visit, also seasonally, too. She’s a very active Senior, rarely home alone for a full day, herself, but she adores the natural vistas & the serenity of her place and takes the time to enjoy all, most every day.

                    Although all of us adult siblings have sincerely promised to take care of her if/when her health declines, she’s made all the necessary plans / financial needs for her own future, Senior years, apart from any of our potentially, future offered assistance. At first, we were all a bit offended that she didn’t seem to want our help . . . yet as the years pass we mostly appreciate her sense of independence and wish her well. None-the-less, we’ll be there, if necessary, to make sure she’s treated well! 🙂

                    Thanks again, JD in NY for your informative comment. You & yours keep taking care and staying smart & safe.

                  • Encourager says:

                    “Be happy if you can have options as some do not.” Exactly. Good info for all of us getting on up there in age.

                • BlueJeanedLady says:

                  Now this, Encourager, was funny:

                  I remember one particular difficult day with my MIL when my oldest son was present. We were sitting on the porch after coming home and I said to him (joking) – “If I ever get THAT bad, take me out to the back field and shoot me.” His reply – “Where? Head or heart?” I said “I was kidding!!!!” He said “I wasn’t….” then burst out laughing. That earned him a back-of-the-head slap. Kids.

                  That’s exactly the type of “inappropriate, but usually necessary” type of humor I was referring to! Good for you & yours! 🙂 And, yes, that kid of yours deserved the friendly Gibb’s style (NCIS TV show reference?) back-of-the-head slap for his off the wall response! Bet that boy of yours laughed right along with your head slap, didn’t he! 🙂

                  Thanks so much for relating your story with your own, much loved MIL. Sounds like you did the lady well, Encourager! Just FYI, I had several miscellaneous issues with DH & his siblings also unable to “see” some creeping issues their parents faced as clearly as I, a mere daughter-in-law, too. Just guessing that’s sometimes what it takes for some issues and so be it. Thankfully, all eventually ended without detrimental challenges towards anyone, so no harm, no foul for our family members. Aren’t we both blessed, Encourager, to have had these spousal parents-in-law in our lives for the years we did? Yes, we are!

                  Keep taking care and keep staying smart & safe! Now go find something new to laugh about, just cuz! 🙂

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Assisted Living facilities are a last resort. They are not pleasant places. I would avoid them, as an alternative option I would rather downsize and live in a motorhome then one of those places.

            • Chuck Findlay,
              My house is disintegrating and downsizing for me. I live in two rooms of my house right now. The “downsize” is part of the problem why I cannot get a walker through the house. I would rather just live under a tree than go into a facility. I do have a permanent solution to going into a facility.

          • “And that neighbor who sent them to you? Keep him far, far away. Just MHO.”

            On that I agree Encourager. No true friend would send a problem to your house.

            • Izzy,
              He is a good and trusting soul. I have asked him to get the garbage can from the house since they have been here, and I requested him not to bring either of them. I told him he was making me a victim. I am more concerned for his safety than mine. I don’t often have a heavy garbage can I cannot take down the steps, but occasionally I do put too many heavy things in it.

              • “I told him he was making me a victim.”

                Linda; HE is not making you a victim. That’s on your head. Own it. YOU have the power to stop it anytime.

                I have to say, one of the worst jobs/careers I had was being a psychotherapist. Talk about burn out trying to help people who didn’t want to help themselves and always wanted to be the victim. It really got old. I think for some people on here, that is where they are….burned out on a certain issue. You need to take the comments in the spirit they are meant.

                • Chuck Findlay says:

                  Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives…

                • Izzy,
                  I have repeatedly told my friend and them. It seems they are deaf or forgetful! He is not returning my calls about the latest episode of their coming here. They don’t answer either!

                  It is like some people on here have hearing problems, too. You people think I won’t accept help. Who has offered me help? Giving me people/agencies to whom to turn is no help when I have gone, applied, found the services were not what I need, applied again, and must wait for months for the process to go through again. You all need to stick to facts, not what you assume is going on. IT IS RIDICULOUS how people pile on to any perceived weakness. I am not playing the victim. I do accept help in the form of real physical help but cannot follow every foolish advice I hear as though I have not done it all.

                  I already have many people in real life who say “you need to” and “you ought to.” Mostly, that is go to a nursing home or sell your house or pray. I have a book of senior services right by my bed. I use it and make calls. You can insinuate and call me names but that does not help.

                  • Linda no one is trying to hurt you only help you. Since we have no idea what you have done in the past to rectify your situations we all try to give you advice on what perhaps has helped us in the past to similar situations. This is a great group of people that are not trying to take over your life or put you in a nursing home but only discussing all avenues for you to look at. After all isn’t that what friends do? Don’t they help you search out all ways to help you get through the bad things in life? When I am having problems I like coming here because of the different outlooks on a problem and the bluntness to the solution maybe. That is just me as I hate the beating around the bush type and I like direct solutions and answers. When you tell us something give the whole story as in when you received the letter denying you to services because of no Dr., tell us what you did to try and rectify the problem so we can maybe offer advice on things that maybe you haven’t thought of. Again the Pack is just trying to help you, no sense in being so defensive about advice given out of compassion, a simple “Thank you for that but I tried it any other ideas?” would be nice. I hope things work out for you!

                    • JD,
                      Actually, everyone piled on, blaming me for not getting help, for not being persistent, for not trying again. I probably have thought of more than the whole pack. I have tried many avenues. Right now, I need hands on help. Period!

  9. Always Forward says:

    A very good week getting rid of stuff on eBay, but I can tell you it is a slow process so now is the time to get going on that. I will say my table loaded down with items is going down. Also got my first check from the consignment store. I’m trying to take the more breakable or heavy items there. Looking to replace patio furniture while it is still on sale. Working on upgrading worn out things while there is still time. Who knows how long we may have to make them last into the future? Closed another old bank account and moved the little remaining $. I guess there is a big simplify, simplify pattern here, but it seems like a really good and cheap prep. I think of our grandparents’ homes and how little they had and how organized it all was. Praying daily for the Pack and our world and country.

  10. Attended the ham radio Winter Field Day this past Saturday. I learned a lot about antennas and satellite stuff. One of the old timers was retired from the Coast Guard as a Morse code operator. That guy could really rip the code out. He was “talking” to people in France off a simple wire dipole antenna pushing about 50 watts. It was cold and windy all day and got pretty miserable later in the afternoon. I intended to go back on Sunday, but I had leg cramps and back spasms from the work I did in the cold weather, so I decided discretion was the better part of valor. Sucks getting old.

    Went to the grocery store and added to the pantry stash.

    Busy taking care of my grand-daughter during the week. That girl is getting heavy. Did get some prepping and ham radio reading done.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Zulu 3-6,

      as a Morse code operator. That guy could really rip the code out. He was “talking” to people in France off a simple wire dipole antenna pushing about 50 watts.

      CW and Morse code is the original digital mode and still one of the most efficient when you look at spectrum bandwidth and power. I can still pound a key at about 25 WPM; but, the old ear is currently barely copying at 5-7 WPM; however, that’s what I’m working on daily along with an exercise regime.
      It’s good to see a new ham getting involved with some of the local group. Do they have any ideas to help get you on the air as an apartment dweller?

  11. Chuck Findlay says:

    Bought a 25 pound bag of organic wheat this morning, I put it in the freezer for a few days. At the same store I bought several small bags of dehydrated eggs. I know you can dehydrate them yourself. I copied and saved the method posted here a few weeks back.

    But working so much right now it’s just easier to buy them and put it up as time is a premium. I am using the money from all the work I’m doing for extra preps, not electronic toys or new autos. I want to make the best use of it with an eye for the future.

    Also bought 9 ounces of silver, and several tools I can use to make more money and or make work go faster.

    Always looking for tools and learning new skills as SHTF as well as now this is how I make a living.

    Not much else as I have been getting a lot of jobs (more then I can do) and people calling like crazy. I just got another apartment complex to work for doing things their aging guy doesn’t do any more. I got the job like I get all other jobs, from a referral. I keep telling myself I need to have business cards printed, but I can’t get all the work done now. But I see some point “SHTF” where I may need to go after work instead of having it come to me. The cards and maybe flyers could help with that.

    I’m off today and this weekend only because I told people I’m busy (busy relaxing and doing some prepping work) You need some down time and I need to do some work in the garage.

    I bought a 100-watt solar panel that I’m going to hide in the top of mu van (it has a roof rack and fits in it out of site) so I can have a way to have power for camping, charging battery tools and a few other uses without having to use the vans battery. Last year I used the van for power on a week long camping vacation and the battery was dead. I didn’t drive the van for 4 days and used the 12-volt plugs on it for the whole time and it had a dead battery. I want to make sure I don’t do that again. I could just take a solar panel with me, but I want it integrated into my normal routine so I don’t have to think about it, it will just be there doing it’s job.

    Question for those that use solar water heat:

    I have 2 black plastic pool solar heaters, they are 3-feet by about 9-feet long, I got them at a garage sale for $2.00 each. They are made like a radiator for an auto and are about 2-inches thick. I think they will work very well for a solar water heater.

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to use them for all year (some fluid in them that will not freeze and make a heat exchanger) long or only in warm times of the year. I’m leaning towards all year.

    My question for those here that use solar water heaters is what type of pump should I use to circulate water or fluid? I think it would need to be 12-volt for an off-grid use. I also have no idea what vollume of fluid it needs to pump per hour.

    Any ideas what pumps I should get? What has worked for you?

    If I go with a Winter setup I would guess that 2 pumps would be needed. And a few extra pumps as spares, I’m a guy that likes spare parts on hand so I can fix things when they go down.

    And I also like hot showers and don’t relish the idea of cold ones…

    • You are lucky to have plenty of work. I’d suggest trying Vistaprint for your business cards. They’re online and you make your own design using apps they have. It’s fun to do it yourself and very affordable. My own cards were really nice and I even got some labels and business stationary free from them when I put in the order. You can add a design on the cards if you’d like so have an image that looks good in a format not much larger than the avatars used here. It took me about 20 minutes to get my card design ready to submit and I got the box of cards in about a week. No issues, nice cards, I’m a happy customer.

      • I concur I.C. I have used Vistaprint. I was very pleased with the work. Their prices allowed me to use them with every piece I mail for my miniature work. Great for repeat customers. Thanks for reminding me. I need to reorder more and I keep forgetting.

    • I’ve had good experiences with Vistaprint too.

      They’re currently offering 50% off on business cards–100/$8 or 500/$10 for standard grade.

  12. Patriot Farmer says:

    This week I ended my lax prepping. I bought many packets of seeds, several cases of canned goods, 100rds of shotgun ammo, another 500rds of 22lr and two pounds of honey. With all the civil unrest, threats against Trump, the Iranians launching ballistic missiles, and the Russian continued advance into the Ukraine I believe it is time to ramp up all preparations.

  13. Chuck Findlay says:

    MD I think the left and left-leaning media will blame Trump for anything they see as bad, but I think it’s getting harder for them to sell that load of BS these days as Trump has main street USA behind him and more people are seeing the media for the lairs they have become.

    Most of us here know a crash is close at hand and at the same time believe Trump is our best option to have in place to bring jobs and manufacturing back here.

    Unlike the left and media we want to see Trump being successful in creating jobs and strengthening the economy all the while lowering taxes and regulations that will bring jobs and manufacturing back to The USA.

    The more he brings back here, I see this as a good thing when we get the crash as it will help the rebuilding to have more manufacturing here and not China.

    Who knows for sure, but I think Trump sees a crash in our future and he may be trying to position us to do better on the rebuild side of it. Yea he’s spending a lot of money, but I think it’s a plan to position for post-collapse rebuilding.

    • Chuck,
      I am thrilled beyond belief with all the things he is bringing back to the US. I read someone who said we should be careful not to tick off Mexico because we depend on them for produce. I really wish Mexico no ill will, but maybe people can grow their own produce and learn to eat foods in season. I would hate it but can adjust.

      • Goatlover says:

        It’s been my personal goal for quite some time to look at what I harvest from my goats, chickens, and garden each day and ask myself…”CAN I SURVIVE OFF OF THIS FOR TODAY?” It is such a good feeling to say YES!! Most days, I bring enough in the house from my little farm to sustain me quite well….Adios Mexico!

        • Goatlover,
          You live in the land of oranges and bananas, things I would sorely miss. I am happy you have such good daily harvests.

          • Babycatcher says:

            But Linda, you live in the land of grapes and plums. Apples, too, I think 🙂 we all have some sort of produce our area specializes in. We can live on that.:) trading with others to get things we would like to have. 😉 as a country, we have gotten really spoiled.

            • babycatcher,
              grapes, apples, plums, pecans, peaches, strawberries, blueberries…whine whine whine when I see citrus and bananas might disappear…such a first world problem. I suppose I should start dehydrating all the bananas I can get my hands on. At least, I could suck on a hard-as-a-rock banana slice or make banana bread/muffins.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Chuck Findlay,

      I think the left and left-leaning media will blame Trump for anything they see as bad, but I think it’s getting harder for them to sell that load of BS these days as Trump has main street USA behind him and more people are seeing the media for the lairs they have become.

      All of this is true; but, I think his real strength in media are Twitter and Facebook, where he can simply bypass the whole MSM BS.

      • And that is exactly what the MSM is afraid of. They want to be able to filter & interpret everything the President says or does because they think we the masses are to dumb to understand it for ourselves.

        • LR,
          For years I have been insulted by the media explaining what the President or whoever just said. I listened!

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Trump is using Facebook and Twitter like FDR did his Fireside talks with radio.

        Trump is circumventing the media and their attempt to cut up what he says into soundbites that make him look bad.

        The media is fighting back, but Trump doesn’t care and the public is not listening as much to them these days.

        The media will become more outlandish in the attacks as they loose relevance and market share.

        Trump’s presidency is the gift that keeps giving as to the media reaction to him. It’s fun to watch them come unglued…

  14. Kind of blustery here today but warmer tomorrow . Ordered a 100 watt solar panel to add my system . Have a load of aged horse manure on the pickup to use this weekend .
    UGH! This weekend . To much to do . Time to start digging sassafras root . Truck to unload . Snow peas to plant . Have fun yall.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      Time to start digging sassafras root

      There was and hopefully still is a large grove of sassafras back in my old home area in PA. When we go back this summer to visit, I’m going to try and get some saplings to bring out here to transplant. Used to love that stuff; but, now just have to settle for concentrate that isn’t bad; but, isn’t the real thing or free.

  15. mom of three says:

    Waking up to snow, this morning and our snow flake schools are on time WOW! So hubby’s van has a hard time in the snow so he took my Suburban, to work today. Yesterday was my coupon shopping day, I went to Walmart, Winco, Fred Meyer’s, so just around $80.00 I saved $44.00 and got quite a bit. Most was shampoo, shavers, carmex, refrigerator foods, some ramen soups, chips for lunches. I
    checked every label for G&E foods, and I put it back I try not
    to buy anything that is altered. My green onions, and garlic,
    are growing I want to get starts started but I need to just hol
    off until the end of March, for us. I’ve been buying
    container’s for growing in different sizes , been saving egg
    shells, and coffee/tea grounds to add to my soil. Our gas bill
    dropped by $50.00 so that was a huge relieve, now I’m hoping
    the light bill will be down too. My mother in law, is going to
    see if she can rent out an apartment, in her old hometown
    back in California, she can’t stay in wet, windy, snowy
    Washington any longer. At least she is in Northern California, so she in a better zone 🙂 .

    • Hi MomOf Three…what part of Nrth Cali? If you dont mind me asking? Thats where I am…I’m in the outskirts of Redding area…I can understand if you dont want to share that though….just looking for like minded people.

      • mom of three says:

        Close to Chico, she just can’t handle our cold and wet winter’s. I love her so much but she has to go back for her Sanity. If we go back down which we will it would be nice to meet up we enjoy Redding.

        • tech and mom of 3
          I live in lake county. I used to hunt deer in Redding out by shingle town. I have never been to chico for some reason.

        • American Pacrat says:

          mom of three & TechQN
          When you have a meet & greet let me know, dh & I are in the vicinity.
          Chico is a nice area, if your mil likes hustle and bustle of a college town. Lived there years ago, we moved up to Paradise which is just up the mountain. At one time there were a lot of retires living in that area, one for economic reasons. They have/had a great bus plan for getting down to Chico for shopping. The cab service worked in correlation with the bus system to pick up you at your home for those who required a ride to the bus stop for travel. Dh would have me pick him up on my way home from work from the Elks lodge. He loved to play cribbage/card games with the guys up there. We no longer reside in Chico or Paradise, so bus travel & cab service may have changed but it is something to think about for her. fyi

          • mom of three says:

            My mother in law has lived in the Chico, area for 30 year’s and I personally love Paradise, we antique each time we go down. Hubby, has friend’s and family, in the outskirts of Chico, and in Chico we visit and go to Sacramento, and San Jose, we both have family, I love California the mountains, and the water.

            • American Pacrat says:

              mom of 3
              Next time you pass through if you would like to visit let me know. It is nice to put a face on the person we chat with on line. The oldest sibling retired a few years ago, they live above Wenatchee.

        • American Pacrat says:

          mom of three
          On the news this evening(2/6/17) out of Chico the topic was the housing shortage. There are only 116 homes available at this time, and apartments are almost at the zero level.
          Thought you might like to know so you can get everything in order for your mil to find a home.
          Who would have known it would have grown so fast in the recent years. Another word of information, which I did not know. Butte county is a sanctuary area for illegals now, which is hard to figure since they wish to be a part of Jefferson. Goes against the mind set of those who are working for freedom from lack of representation. Being filled up with liberal minded folks from the city is my only hypothesis. FYI

  16. Penny Pincher says:

    Hi Pack!
    The Intercept has a series of articles about the FBI’s inner workings, in case anyone is interested. I’ve been poring over this for a good part of the week.

    My pay got sorted out. So that’s good. I was so tired on my “weekend” this week that I did just about nothing, though I’ve been thinking about what to jettison from the Van de Camping to make room. I keep acquiring objects and need to shed some.

    Prepping wise, the digital quest kinda continues. I kept working on the web page for the tactical training business, and read a book about how to monetize a blog. You’d think I would have learned all this back when I had a blog… some of it, yes, not all.

    A person I met seemed like minded but also seems to be on a fishing expedition, and I can’t find him in any public databases. Interesting.

    I guess that’s it. Not much prepping going on unless you count the digital stuff.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Can’t find in public databases? RUN away! something is fishy !

      • It might be a problem that they don’t show up in the data bases and might not . Run a credit check on me an I comeback as no data . I also don’t show up in amlot of data bases . We preach opsec and then worry when someone doesn’t show up on the web .

        • OhioPrepper says:

          I was kind of thinking the same thing. The guy could be an LMI and the perfect grey man; although it’s still a relationship that should involve significant caution before pursuing in any detail.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Personally I like being “The Grey Man.”

            I like spending time alone (and still able to interact with a few friends and customers) doing my own thing.

            I have an almost nonexistent on-line footprint, I would bet I don’t show up in many public databases, I see this as good…

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            The guy could be an LMI

            What’s LMI?

    • Encourager says:

      Whoa, Penny Pincher! If you can’t find any record of this guy, be VERY careful in what you say to him. Maybe mislead him a little for OPSEC? Does he know where you live or can he find that out? I got a really bad feeling reading your comment. Please be careful.

      • I know lots of people who cannot be found on the internet. I know they are who they tell me they are. For whatever reason, they prefer not to be public.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Honestly, after 8 years in locating people, and another dozen plus years teaching others…I have yet to find anyone without any information –

      Those with small amounts or really small amounts, generally always fake id’s/falsified information/ popular for feds and high echelon money makers to have professional scrubbed files. However, still always possible to find things.

      • Axelsteve says:

        I have a buddy who is very grey . He will not own a computer and only uses burner phones. He uses a computer at the local junior coledg and library. he is a conspiracy theory buff and does not give out personal information to many people. overall I trust him more then I do most people.

    • “A person I met seemed like minded but also seems to be on a fishing expedition, and I can’t find him in any public databases. Interesting”.

      Try to get a latent print from him. If you know someone in LE, have them run it through NCIC/NCIS. If not, you can always use the guise of wanting to hire him and you want to make sure he is okay.

      I’ve had people checked out and one popped on the state list. He was a convicted sex offender from 1996. It pays to be safer than sorry. But then, I am a rather cautious person.

  17. I had 14 trees dropped and cut to length. I now have plenty of logs to split. I have maybe 3 years of firewood now. A few of the trees were a danger to the house. The others were to get more sun to the backyard so that I might have a proper garden. Time will tell this summer. A few more large Poplars that could pose a risk to the house have to come down as well.

  18. Texas Watchman says:

    Well we had a “interesting” time during a ice storm that hit here last month.
    Was a good test of some of our preps too and wow..did I learn a few things,Power and internet went out at same time for about 2 days and well, like my wind up radio really wasn’t suitable to the task, winding it got maybe 3-5 minutes of run time solar wasn’t an option too dark and cloudy, had same problems with my wind up solar flashlight too.
    So we tossed it and did a bit of research and ordered a Sangean PRD-15 rechargeable am/fm radio, runs off C batteries and seems to have long life with the NiMh ones too so ordered 6 of those for it too.
    Still researching for a good wind up solar flashlight, till then i’m sticking with my old standby a ray-o-vac 6 volt(LED) lantern flashlight, runs a very long time on that battery and lots of light where I need it 🙂
    Other n this main preps are just working on putting back some cash and saving for now(again), for those little emergencies that pop up.. like during the middle of the first night of this ice storm/power outage my better half her appendix decided to get sick and fail.
    (these things seem to happen at the worst times and pile up) .so luckily we had some reserve cash for medical expenses and to buy meds and other unexpected expenses ,(internet and ATM’s were down city wide as well due to the ice) but yeah that hit the savings hard n fast, thank god we prep n have plenty of food n backups so we are doing good and thankful for that, the preps just turned this into a hiccup, instead of something much much worse.
    that’s it for us this month take care wolf pack n keep stacking. 🙂

    • Texas watchman,
      It sounds like a bad storm. I am glad your wife was able to have her medical emergency taken care of. Was it difficult to get her to the hospital?

      • Texas Watchman says:

        yes she is much better now. Thank you 🙂
        It was interesting getting there for sure but we keep good tires on the old minivan and keep it in good mechanical shape and keep it half full or full on push water at all times( great tip from this site!).
        Took our time driving and aside from downed power lines and falling trees it was pretty uneventful getting there thank goodness we live in a small tiny city (POP is less than 14K) and have a good hospital here for stuff like that 🙂

        • Texas Watchman,
          Downed power lines and falling trees is a situation that seems far from uneventful to me!

          • Texas Watchman says:

            Hehe my trade was an electrician and we kinda sorta lived for downed lines/electrical storms (burnt up oil field electric motors and controls) and such back in the day, was good overtime pay $, I think my old electrician self popped out driving haha, yeah it was interesting getting there lol 😛

    • Texas Watchman; I have the one in the link below. So far it has worked pretty good. It’s not an expensive one, but it does the job.

        • Texas Watchman says:

          Thanks Izzy that looks like a great one, am researching and looking at the Kaito ones too keep the good info coming love it! 🙂

          • Almost There says:


            Have a comment waiting in moderation due to the link. It’s on the Kaito. I have one and it came by me highly recommended.

          • You are welcome Texas Watchman.

            I found a motion sensor light made by IdealWorks. You can find different ones at Walmart, Home Depot and Ebay.

            It works on batteries. So far, I haven’t had to change the batteries yet in almost a year. Kind of a funky looking space thing, but it has worked great. I ended up buying 4 more. One faces my back door (from inside), another one faces my front door and I have another one on the landing of my staircase. I also put one on the outside of my back door. The actual light part rotates 360 degrees. I think I paid something like $9.95 for them. Talk about a surprise if someone managed to get through my back door.

      • OhioPrepper says:


        I have the one in the link below

        Where? I can’t find it.

        • OhioPrepper; I tried to add the kink in that “LINK” option, but it didn’t work for me. I put it in another post and it is now awaiting moderation.

          I bought mine at Walmart for $23.99. But they also have one by Kaito that is $49.99. It looks pretty decent.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I Understand.
            What I do to use the link option is first go to the web page in another browser tab or instance. Then select the URL in the browser so you have the whole thing and copy it (Ctrl C on windows)
            Next type the name you want to represent the link in the comment reply box, highlight it, press the link button and paste (Ctrl V on windows) into the link pop up box. That link or just pasting a link will always get you moderated, which is why I sometimes make the post and then follow up with the link in the reply, which is what you appear to have done.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              I never like those solar, crank type of radios sold to the prepper market. They always seem to have very low quality tuners on them. And the crank thing is marginal at best. Over the years I’ve bought several of them at garage sales (to resell at hamfest) and have not found a single one I would want to depend on in a SHTF situation.

              In a SHTF situation I want quality items, not junk.

              In SHTF times it’s likely you are not going to have the option to order a new one from Amazon or go to the local Wally World. Why would you not buy things that will last?

              What I did was to use my Sangean (a name brand radio in the portable shortwave market) radio with rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop batteries and a solar battery charger.

              This way I have a radio that is a good (or at least reasonably good) quality radio that I can continue to use if the grid goes down.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I have one of the AM/FM Baygen knockoffs that’s 15+ years old and still works like a charm.
                It can be powered by 3-12 VDC, a built in solar panel; but, only in direct sunlight, or the crank. The crank winds up a large clock spring, that slowly unwinds, running a little generator with enough power to run the radio. It also has an external antenna jack and an earphone jack and cost me something like $30 15+ years ago.
                The radio was invented by British inventor Trevor Baylis in 1993 and after being featured on a BBC documentary in 1994 they started a company and went into production, primarily to produce an inexpensive battery free radio for use in the villages of Africa. It’s a neat little radio and works well, although I wish I had the one that also received shortwave. These things are still available in the $30-50 range.

                • Chuck Findlay says:

                  OP every one I have ever played with has a wide tuner, they pick up several shortwave stations at the same time. Not all that selective. On AM or FM this is not an issue, but for shortwave it is.

                  My Sangean (803A) is reasonable for a portable at picking out a specific station without too much splash over from near by stations. I use it as it was intended, as a portable. And if a close station does cause interference I switch to sideband and listen to it. I can almost always filter out QRM. And with the solar charger its easy too keep it powered.

                  I use it a bit (the Sangean) but mostly I use my Icom R-70 at home. The Icom can pick up things clearly that other radios can’t hear at all. But it weighs 20-pounds and is not too portable.

                  Icom’s are great radios that are a pleasure to use.

              • Encourager says:

                I have a question… has anyone had a problem with the rubberized coating on flashlights, crank emergency radios or hairdryers? We tried to pull out a crank up emergency radio out of its bag and it was stuck. Finally had to cut it out and found the coating on the radio was sticky. Could not clean it up! Had the same thing happen to a small travel hairdryer. I got rid of the stickiness with alcohol but it also took off the paint. I tossed it. Still have the radio and hope someone here can help with a solution to save it.

                Thanks Wolfies!

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  Replace the crank with solar, crank powered is outdated, and sadly, almost always extremely inferior products involved.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  I do have one old Jeep brand crank flashlight that’s more than 20 years old that I’ve used in my Hunter Education classes for 20+ years when demonstrating lightweight things to have in a hunting survival kit. You can crank this thing about 20-30 times and set it on the shelf for a week, then pick it up and it still lights. The problem is the same one you mentioned that the rubbery armor coating on it got sticky. I cleaned it as best I could with alcohol and put it in a plastic bag. I just checked on it and it still works fine, and the coating seems a lot less sticky and even seems to be forming a solid crust. I’ll try the alcohol once more and perhaps what’s left of the coating will form what seems to be the start of a nice hard coating. This is the best and only really functional crank light I’ve ever seen and I don’t know where or when I got it, other than it was decades ago.
                  I wish I could find this one again, since for a survival kit, you can simply pack it along with your hunting gear and forget it. Battery lights, no matter the battery type or solar can’t just be packed away for months and then perform when you need them in a pinch at night; but, this one has always worked fine for that one function.

    • Almost There says:

      I have this one by Kaito, but it came in green. It has 5 ways to charge it. There are cheaper models as well and in different colors. am/fm/sw/weather/flashlight/time of day/temp, etc. Reviews are good and I found out about it from someone else a few years ago and came highly recommended. I keep it for backup, but haven’t had to use it yet. The lithium battery did drain down because it was packed away and I put it in the sun one day and it was fully charged again. Not sure how long it took to charge back up, but after 2 weeks of displaying the date/time, etc on the display, but not turned on, it has only gone down 1 bar on the battery. I like it because I can also charge it from one of the charge sticks or cigarette lighter using the usb part.


  19. VictoriaS says:

    Still working on house prep to get it listed. Hubby brought home the stomach crud a few weeks ago and then I got under the weather so … not a lot accomplished.

    Took another pile of extraneous stuff to the local consignment auction to get rid of. Still have tons more. Have downsized a bit of furniture to various relatives and friends.

    More books packed up. Some other stuff packed. Just under the weather most of the week so didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d like.

    Am still working on getting the monster spreadsheet of prepping items into a more readable list format to publish. That’s coming slowly also.

    Haven’t been buying much for the stash. Since we’re moving, (and we’ve been pretty set for a while) there isn’t much need to put more stuff in just to haul it to another state.

  20. Finally getting my back side in gear. I can’t work when it’s hot so I only have a few more weeks before the heat hits here in north Florida. I borrowed my brother’s John Deere backhoe and started knocking down all the trees within 50 yds of my home. The two 8 ft from my garage will be challenging. If you plan on being someplace for over 50 years get rid of all the oak trees, those things grow fast 😉 . Of course 35 year old backhoes break down often, I allready had a hose blow out and now one of the safety interlocks has malfunctioned and I have to cross the starter solenoid to start it. Don’t worry, I’m an old farmer, I know how to do that safely, I can do it sitting on the seat.

    Had to buy a new stove. The one we bought 30 years ago is acting up and I know not to trust malfunctioning gas appliances. The new on has an edge to edge cooking surface and 17,000 btu center grill burner, perfect for a canning pot.

    Ordered some seeds for late season greens and two mushroom plugs kits. I’m going to saw off one of the trees by the garage and inoculate the stump. I am taking down over twenty large oak trees, I might start a mushroom farm.

    • Daddio7,
      Yum, a mushroom farm. You could dehydrate them for a steady supply of mushrooms. Love the idea.

  21. A mite thin this week. DW came home with a semi-flat right front tire, so after it cooled off it was real flat. 7.5 psi flat. I used the Slime tire pump (WHO in their right mind uses ‘Slime’ as a brand name??? Anyway, the pump works) which plugs into the cigarette lighter to pump it up. Next morning it was still fine, and the next, so I’m not sure what the problem was. DW has the pump handy, along with some Fix-A-Flat, just in case.

    I had two tire pressure gauges go kerfluey while dealing with it, one of the variety with a white rod which pops out of the end to tell you pressure blew up, and the electronic one wouldn’t work even with fresh batteries. I am sick of tire pressure gauges which fall apart, even ones recommended by so called professionals.

    So Brainiac here finally figured out to go on Amazon via our host’s link, and have the results ordered by highest feed back rating first. Duh. $21.95 later I have a TireTek Flexi-Pro Tire Pressure Gauge on the way. 1095 reviews give it a 5 star rating, which seems pretty hard to beat. It’s mechanical, with an actual dial gauge, not electronic, so maybe it will last a while. We’ll see. It’s expensive, but a gauge which blows up when you need it isn’t worth a cent.

    • Penrod,
      Maybe some misguided soul hoped to appeal to ten-year-old boys or let the boy name it.

    • plainsroamer says:

      Two things you have to watch when using Slime and pressure gauges. 1 Be sure to blow clean air into the valve stem to clean the slime out or it will ruin your gauge. 2 have the valve stem at the top of the rim or slime will go back through it with the same result. otherwise a good product I use it all the time in golf cart and lawn equipment tires

    • I have a safty seal tire plug kit that I keep in my truck. I have probably used it 80 times counting all tires from a pickup truck to a back hoe. I have never had a problem with it. I would not use it on a muscle or sports car but I have everything else.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        The fix-a-flat stuff (including the Slime brand) works but if you ever have to have the tire taken off the rim it makes a real mess (and a lot more work to clean it off) for the Tire Jockey to deal with. I would not think it unreasonable for them to charge more to clean the gook off the inside of the tire and rim as it could easily double the work.

        I did this job (full service gas station work) back in my high school days and I have never liked the stuff since.

        I like plugs and patches much more. Every auto I have ever owned had a plug repair kit in it.

  22. Anonamo Also says:

    Hi Pack, Prepping has been slow, but steady. Found and washed out some food grade jugs for water storage. Rotated foods thru the freezer that was bought last week.. lingering there a bit longer.
    … Doing research on optional grow systems…have some parts bought last week, to make cloning system/rooting system. DH in charge of that project. Forcythia is beginning to blossom and Garlic is up to 8″. Daffodyls … say “not yet” ..Sorrell is up and ready to gather!
    .. .Did some cutting down of unwanted plants in yard on sunshiney day… then hibernated during the cold and wet!
    ..prepared tub for planting potatoes… but turned very cold, with low to 28 here. Washed and stored heavy bedding.
    .. continue to address on going health issues with positive results.
    .. Praying for the country , Her leaders, the awakening of the people.
    No time to slow on preps now. watching news reports/alternate sources.
    Keep on Keeping On! Every little thing done, is one thing out of the way.

    • AA,
      How can you clone plants??? HOW? What size tub for the potatoes? I am going to plant potatoes, I think…lol. I accidentally planted potatoes from peelings and got about two pounds of free potatoes. They were just dumped out so as not to put them into the land fill. It was the start of a compost pile that obviously did not get hot. I grew potatoes and poke salat!

      • Anonamo Also says:

        For “accidental planting” that is pretty good. Next time just add extra soilor straw/ grass clippings as the plants grow up and keep them watered… two of my favorite volunteeers! Adding a little of chicken manure to your composting things will give it the heat it needs. absent that try transplating some redworms to the area they will compost it well.

        • AA,
          I did not know they were potatoes, just thought it was another weed. When I feed stuff to chickens that would normally go in the compost, the compost does not get fed often. Chickens compost it for me.

  23. Hi gang….seriously considering moving out of Ill-annoying due to shtf & taxes/regulations.

    Anyone have any ideas regarding these 3 locations: Michigan East of Benton Harbor; Wisconsin Dells; Branson MO…..

    Want to be close to a resort community for business, but live outside that type of area….

    Any thoughts appreciated. Thx!

    • NW Mitten says:

      You may want to look into North West Lower Michigan. Beautiful country with low population and lots of resort areas.

      • Encourager says:

        Haven’t seen you post before, NW Mitten. Welcome! I love that area and from time to time do a hunt for land/cottage on a river or lake. We would love a place to go to recharge and since we are retired, could go up during the week and be home weekends, missing all the nuts on the roads Fridays and Sundays…

    • Encourager says:

      bobbo , I would head north in MI. There are resort areas along all the Great Lakes; Lake Huron shoreline is not as developed as Lake Michigan. Many of the resort areas are not as crowded; check out the Rifle River area. Lots of State and Federal owned land. Of course, the farther north, the more snow. Most soil is sandy but some areas have clay (Ann Arbor/Saline) so gardening can be challenging. We live near the Waterloo Recreation area – lots of lakes and rivers but high population areas within 50 miles all directions. We have lived in MI our entire lives.

      • I would be careful about Michagin due to all the muzzies.A friend of mine retired there several years ago and he gave me a rundown of the muzzy hot spots then. It most likely worse now cause of tdl.

    • NW Mitten; Of all the places you mentioned, I would choose somewhere in Missouri. I have property in the Ozarks…immediately south of the big lake. I love it down there.

      Branson traffic is a nightmare during season and expensive. The closest city is about 40 miles or so straight north to Springfield, MO. However, there a number of smaller communities like Galena, MO. The terrain is stunning. A lot of lakes and rivers and GREAT fishing.

      Bill Shoals is another nice area…..about 20 miles out of Branson. White river meanders around from AR into Missouri and into Bull Shoals Lake. Some decent prices on property still. Depending what you are looking for that is.

      The temps aren’t bad either…in winter. Summers you deal with humidity.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I live in Illinois too, and I understand what you’re saying about taxes. But I’m staying since we have about 50 acres, are debt free, and all of our family is here. But I know our state can’t keep going the way we are.

  24. 50 lbs more of rice…
    15 more cans from EE of various items.
    sealed the wheat I bought a week ago.
    2 more giant packages of TP and a basket full of razors and such.

    trying to get hubby to get the propane in.
    looking for a good set of radio/walkie talkies…I know MD suggested a specific on on Amazon, but I need three with head sets not two…

    spent time and to much patience on watching the issues in CA…things are getting ugly in this state and it scares the living crap outta me….glad I’m rural, wish I was more so…but I need this job and cant move….have a disabled son I need to make sure has his items.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      looking for a good set of radio/walkie talkies…I know MD suggested a specific on on Amazon, but I need three with head sets not two…

      Which radio service do you plan to be using. Licensed services such as amateur radio (requires a test), GMRS that only requires an application and money.
      There are also the FRS and MURS license free bands; but, they have a few limitations, primarily on antennas and power.

  25. I got more dehydrated food in along with 5 gallon pail of beans. Hey if nothing else I can make any intruders gag before they try to get me. I also bought another 120 ends of 7.62×39 ammo. Finished my AR Rifle build in 300 black out and another one in 7.62×39. Test fired both and worked flawlessly. Will sight them in when snow isn’t butt deep to an NBA player. That’s about it

    • Axelsteve says:

      I like the idea of the 763×39 ar build. It is a 30 cal with a heavier wider bullet and likely to be more accurate then a ak. I think it is more flexable then the straight poodle round build up.It may not have the range of a poodle round but it offers more felxability . I am not saying don`t own a poodle round I am saying ad to the poodle round in your supplies.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        I do not recommend ever using 7.62×39 in an ar configuration far too many feed issues. Go 300aac if you want 30 cal in an ar- otherwise drop 699 on a PSA palmetto state armory ak – stellar reviews 🙂 and more than accurate enough

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Btw, im talking 1000 round tests, – not 50 rounds and yay! If that makes sense, I teach and shoot and have watched more fail than work. Period

          • Trust me girls, staples leave a much worse scar.
            Last summer my 7yr old GD saw me without my shirt and started laughing. She said pawpaw if we could open your scars like zippers, we could roll a bowling ball through…

            Enough about scars. Prepping wise,,,,,,son in law and I tilled garden. Bought more ammo. Several of us preppers had a friendly shooting competition. So much fun. I shot a 12 inch group at 100 yrs with an open sight 44mag off hand,,,and finished 3rd. These 62 yr old eyes cannot compete with young ones.

            Love and prayers for the whole pack.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          While I’ve scaled back on my cartridge sizes since my vision no longer supports much more than 30-50 yards, I have several friends who shoot the AR in 7.62×51 (.308) and they like them. You can also purchase the rifle in that configuration as the AR-10 from Armalite and other places.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Ounces equal pounds. 7.62×51 is a different shape than 7.62×39 which is why it works in the armalite, ar10 config, however the feed issues are a serious issue over time using 7.62×39 due the shape

  26. Afternoon from Seattle ! I was shopping at Walmart while I was there I found 3 case-iron skilets from 8″ to 12″ for 9.00$ it was on the closeouts ! I love cooking on cast-iron ! And at habor fright I got a Dutch-oven for 29.00$

  27. Washed the clothes & hung most of them to dry on the racks, both to increase the humidity in the house when it is so dry in the winter & to save money.

    Used a coupon to have the oil changed in my car, which saved me $20. That night, my husband took the car to have the tires rotated, & came home to announce that it wasn’t shifting properly, so he made an appointment at the dealership. I was glad I had saved the coupons attached to the Christmas card from the dealership, because one of them was for $50 off any service. I drove in to meet him after work at the dealership, then we drove home together, to save on the gas money. I am not happy to have to spend the money on the car, but I am pleased to have used coupons for $70 of the costs. Those are funds I can use elsewhere.

    Cooked & ate all meals at home. We used to eat a lot of the Betty Crocker scalloped potato mixes & I have learned to do those myself, using the dehydrated potatoes from the buckets & #10 cans. Dehydrated more of the elderberries from the freezer. Purchased 7 one-pound packages of ground beef marked down to over 50% off from the mark down bin & put all but one in the freezer, in the spot where the frozen elderberries used to be. Used the one I kept out for dinner that night.

    Mended a few items, but tossed one item Ihad planned tomend, because the fabric was too far gone to hold a patch. Purchased a brand new, size 2T, fancy white dress at Deseret Industries, with the original tag from Jolene’s still on it. It has sheer ruffles at the waist, with little circles of pearls that had been sewn on, & was marked down to $4 (from $38 original price on the tag), & will be Little Stuff’s Easter dress this year, with the addition of a pastel bow. The evening of the day I bought it, I showed it to her mother over skype.

    Finished preparing our taxes; small state refund, with some $ owed the federal government. Because we owe money this year, I will not file until a few days before the deadline, because I want the interest on those funds for the first quarter of the year, instead of giving it to the government.

    Continued to declutter, getting rid of things we don’t need to make space for those we do.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      I will not file until a few days before the deadline, because I want the interest on those funds for the first quarter of the year, instead of giving it to the government.

      You found someplace paying interest? That’s interesting.
      Would you mind sharing?

      • OP, since we owe the federal government, those dollars will come from a credit union savings account, where they earn interest. Yes, the amount is small, but it is MY interest, & not Uncle Sam’s.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          I understand the reason and have done it more than once myself in the past, I just haven’t seen too many places actually paying interest. I still need to finish the taxes; but, I think we will come out way under this past year, owing nothing and getting nothing back.

      • BlueJeanedLady says:

        Heys and Hellos to Ohio Prepper and Marivene (& any interested others),

        I find this brief thread very interesting and honestly wish I understood a lot of money matters (taxation & credit unions versus traditional banks mostly, concerning this thread) much better. We’re blessed to have many family & friends in various occupations that can offer us “heads-up” type advice in many an area of expertise but the only two CPA’s / once paid tax-preparers (& I’m only qualified to share my personal experiences as a tax-payer, now filing our own results sans accountants) these two former CPA’s are retired & admittedly not up-to-date with the thousands of state & federal rules & regulations these days. Regardless here’s my 2 cents worth on such via this particular conversation:

        Marivene stated,

        . . . I will not file until a few days before the deadline, because I want the interest on those funds for the first quarter of the year, instead of giving it to the government.

        My DH had this same attitude from our earliest married years and granted, it took me a few years (duh – because I only thought about it once a year & then conveniently forgot about such until the next year, for too many years,) to truly get it. YET, he was right! (Ha, ha, ha. Don’t tell him I admitted he was “right” as he might never let such a publicly voiced comment go & then I’ll be in deep doo-doo from now ’til doom’s day. Ha, ha, ha!)

        Since the fog has finally cleared in my own mind on this topic and since it soon mellowed to a single, simple explanation . . . If anything is owed to either the state or the federal IRS we don’t actually file any tax forms until early April each year, either. After all, like you implied Marivene, why give either of our required income tax liabilities (penalties, IMHO, state & federal income tax dollar fees – but income taxes are a specific, personal beef of mine -) before we can gain at least another annual quarter of savings account interest accumulation by March 31st? Neither the state or the federal IRS require such income penalty payments before April 15th, so why, if we owe, should we give up such earned income / savings account interest gained voluntarily before such becomes legally necessary? Agree with your thoughts, Marivene, completely.

        And Ohio Prepper, you asked Marivene a couple of wonderfully (IMHO) appropriate questions:

        You found someplace paying interest? That’s interesting.
        Would you mind sharing?

        For purposes of current day financial activities, I think she answered your question with two simple words, credit union, OP but I’d like to expand a bit (again, JMHO) for all to consider. – – –

        For any & all Packmates . . . Drop the traditional banks (especially the ones, “too big to fail”, again MHO) for the majority of your needs and join an applicable credit union if you can find an applicable one for your affiliations & needs, as soon as possible!

        DISCLAIMER TO ALL: Don’t rely on my words and do your own research, everyone, concerning the differences between traditional banks and credit unions for your individual needs as the often subtle differences are too varied & vast to address in a single comment concerning my personal opinion. – – –

        But, do take a look at the options available to you & your personal financial situation(s) if curious. We’ve been with our credit union so long now (early 1990s?) that I no longer know of all the differences between traditional banks & credit unions, nor how they apply across the board. However, I do know that we DO still get a small interest accumulation on our savings accounts at our small credit union and that the pennies can add up to dollars when applied – – – and, once-in-awhile, rather quickly and yes, they usually (at least these days) actually cover small income taxes owed each year. Win-win for us! 🙂

        No, I’m not going to name such (my credit union) as it’s small & probably not available to you if you don’t have the exact same affiliations as we do nor if you don’t live near my area. None-the-less, if banking matters (and interest accumulations on savings accounts) are a real concern for you &/or yours . . . you might want to do specific research for your own particular needs within your individual affiliations & areas. Just food for thought (and cash for later, maybe) to digest! 🙂

        Again, great topic to consider and good eye-opener for each of us to research. Thanks for the thread.
        Keep taking care, all. Stay safe & stay smart, always.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          All it took was mentioning a credit union to make me think. Our last auto loan for a portion of a previously owned vehicle was through AAA and they are affiliated with a credit Union. We had to open an account with $5.00 to be a member and qualify for the loan, which was paid off last December. We still have the $5.00 in the open account, and we’ll be checking with the CU on options for placing some of our excess after tax funds someplace that may pay a bit of interest. We normally bank with a local bank, primarily because they have a local branch, and the DW and some of the tellers know each other rather well, were the CU would be mostly mail or online transactions and thus not as convenient; but, we could move just the savings we rarely touch there for the extra interest.
          I’m not an accountant; but, I’ve done my own taxes with one exception for all of my working life. In 2015 when I had my stroke, we used a paid preparer since I was not up to the task by April 15.
          Prior to 1998 I did my taxes all by hand; but, in 1998 a new tax package called Personal Tax Edge came out and I tried it and continued to use it up until 2005. Starting in 2006, I was still using that same package; but, the company had been purchased by Intuit, and the package was and is now called Turbo Tax. You have to know a few things about your taxes, like what general forms you need to make sure you purchase the proper package that covers those forms. We have to use Small Home & Business, since we have some farm income and need Schedules C & F.
          When you get all of your tax documents, 1099’s, W2’s, receipts, etc. You sit down and run through the interview process and it simply works.
          It often comes with free online electronic State filing; but, may charge extra for electronic Federal filing. Once when getting back a rather large refund, we paid the extra to get the cash quickly; otherwise, we simply print out the completed forms, sign them, and mail them in. Turbo Tax also generally has you download updates at the point you’re ready to start, so it has the latest updates for any tax code or rule changes.

          • Almost There says:

            I have used Turbo Tax for years with no problems. You can start out with the free version, and as you answer questions, it will bump you up in price as the return gets more complicated. They also offer an optional product, for a fee, to help you if you get audited. The following year, they will import the demographics and other things and you can breeze through.

            One word of caution, I would not recommend importing your W-2 from your employer. You never know who’s lurking.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Almost There,

              One word of caution, I would not recommend importing your W-2 from your employer. You never know who’s lurking.

              While I have more than a 1040EZ, the additional forms we have are easy enough to enter by hand. No mortgage interest or current employment (W2’s), and just a few 1099’s and the farm income and expenses. It makes it rather easy; but, I still like the package to double check things for me.

        • I am going to add a little bit.

          Credit Unions are member owned. Each one has it own board chosen from members in good standing. Credit unions are not under the the central bankers. The credit unions I have used paid interest on my savings.

          Here’s the deal on banks. They are all required to keep a minimum of $15 million in their banking facility…depending on the size of the bank.

          When you make a deposit, you allegedly have that money available NOW. Not always so. Some banks close their deposit intake at 2 pm, some at 3 pm and a few at 4 pm. Most banks lie through their teeth about why YOUR money isn’t available to you immediately. It isn’t available because at 3 pm, banks transfer the majority of their deposits to a fed bank. There are 12 fed banks in America. So depending on where you live, depends on which fed bank the money is transferred to. Okay, now, the your bank is going to earn interest off YOUR money. So if they can keep your money at least a day or longer, they are earning quite a bit. Fed banks close at 11 am. Ergo, your bank might not have had their transfer recorded. Do the math. There are approximately 6,200 banks in America, not counting branches. That’s a LOT of money being recorded each day by the fed banks. They cannot get to every single bank deposit in one day.

          Say you make a deposit after 3 pm on Friday. That money is not technically available till Monday when the feds open up. The bank may clear the check, but a LOT of banks will then charge an “insufficient fund” fee. B of A is notorious for this. Some smaller, local banks may not, because they cannot afford to tick off customers and lose business.

          When you make a deposit, if you need to buy something, always deposit “with cash back”. It serves 2 purposes. It gives you some of your money immediately and no one knows where or what you bought.

          The top 4 banks in America are Chase Manhattan (JP Morgan Morgan)…owned by the Rockefellers with some assets going to the Rothschilds. B of A, silently owned by the Rothschilds. Citi Bank, part of the Rockefeller/ Rothschild holdings. And good old Wells Fargo <<<< Buffets favorite bank. All 4 have in excess of trillion dollar assets. Now pay attention….the first 3 are selling off assets. What does that tell you? Oh yeah….they are going to pull something soon.

          If you really MUST have a checking account, try to get into a credit union. At the very least, don't keep a lot in your current account. ALWAYS get paper statements.

          It was a sad day when old socialist Woody signed the most convoluted FR Act in 1913. America has been owned by the "money changers" ever since.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Your money isn’t or may not be available because of fractional reserve banking. A bank is always insolvent. Only your misguided trust in the bank / banking system makes it work.

            Once trust goes out the window like it did in the 1930’s and in Cyprus and Grease you get banking runs and banks can’t give you your money. Why can’t they give you your money when everyone wants it at the same time?

            Because they are always insolvent all the time.

            Trust banks at your own risk. In the not too distant future people are again learn that banks are not to be trusted. There (like the last time) is going to be a lot of suffering and peoples retirement and life savings are going to go up in smoke.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              I don’t know that I would call them insolvent, unless you’re dealing only in cash reserves, as in physical dollar bills in the vault, in which case you’re correct. In the 1930’s they didn’t have FDIC and FSLIC; but, even those are only stop gap measures, and I think a bank run might end up rationing how much each of us can remove from the institutions.
              That’s in part why we’re taking some of our cash reserves and turning them into tangible assets like the generator, insulation, windows, doors, and the summer kitchen and food prep area. These have all been in the long term plans; but, this just seems like the time to get them done. Perhaps we’re all just feeling a bit of that intuitive urgency.
              Also, this might be a good time to acquire some additional PM’s.

            • I have to disagree Chuck. If banks were “always” insolvent, then they would be in receivership and the auditors would take over.

              I will finish this tomorrow. I think I am just about brain dead for tonight.

              In the mean time look up Greece and the Troika.

              • Back in the saddle….again.

                As I said in another post, ALL banks are required to keep a minimum reserve amount in their accounts depending on the size of the bank.

                For simplicity’s sake, let’s say there are 2 columns. Assets in one and liabilities in the other. It is far more complicated than that however. When banks start to fall below their minimum, They start to sell off assets. Mortgages are considered assets. They sell these to other institutions to recoup money. But, when people stop paying on their mortgages, they become a liability. So that money is transferred from asset column to liability column. Same with credit cards. Stop paying on them or declare bankruptcy, they then become liabilities. When banks start to lose their interest payments from customers….therein lies one of the problems. Another problem is, banks are allowed to use YOUR money to make investments. When those investments go south, guess who suffers? Mismanagement also plays a part.

                I agree with Chuck about banks being untrustworthy. In my opinion, the banking industry is the most dishonest entity on earth. Their machinations and manipulations are something to behold AND be very scared of.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I was thinking about this over night and I think it depends on your definition of insolvent. While it’s true that if every depositor ran to the banks and demanded all of their cash, the banks would have to tap dance for a while, since much of that money is loaned to persons who are paying it back in installments with interest.
                Likewise though, most people are insolvent (me excluded at the moment), since if all of their creditors for home loans, Vehicle loans, and other outstanding debt would demand to be paid in full, most could not come up with the funds.
                Luckily most loans come with contracts to stop the lenders from doing that under normal conditions, as do many deposits that are in the banks.
                Our real economic problem is more with the obligations made on our behalf by the various governments.
                That Full Faith and Credit, is in the end, each of us, and at least for a time, those economically ignorant who are on the dole, thought and probably still think, that the government really could print money with no consequences have been our problem.

  28. I haven’t replied before, mainly because it is the same thing every week. I stay aware. Situational awareness, local-regional-national-world, is vital. If I find a “good deal” I jump on it. For instance,I have a co-worker who gets medicine shipped to her in styrofoam containers with frozen gel-packs to keep the meds cold. She gave me 3 of these with the gel packs today. They will go with the others I have “hoarded”. While no one has everything they will ever need, I am to the point that additions have to be too good to pass up. I am finishing a remodel on a bathroom that will also be a safe room when done. All in all life continues and is not that bad. Stay aware, stay safe, and stay frosty!

    • Encourager says:

      Hi Ron, glad you finally jumped into the chat pool! Perhaps you could give us some pointers on situational awareness?? I am sure there are some here who don’t understand how important it is.

    • Rod; You can also get the Styrofoam coolers free from hospitals.

      • When I received products to test, the products were sent in a Styrofoam box that fit into a cardboard box. I saved the freezer packs until I had too many of those for the freezer. I love the “coolers” that came through the mail.

    • BlueJeanedLady says:

      Now don’t laugh (okay, go ahead and laugh, it’s funny) we use the Styrofoam beer coolers as planters for several of our crops in our garden. It all started, years ago, with the tomatoes . . .

      The particular coolers we have (over a couple of dozen these days, most over ten gallon size – great for two tomato plants or two pepper plants or several herbs, each – not mentioning other gardening foods that thrive in such) were purchased from Wally World as cheap Styrofoam “beer coolers.” So . . . no reason to wonder why some of our friends & neighbors then chose and continued to choose to jokingly call our food garden a “Beer Garden!” 🙂 Yes, we got the joke and laughed along with all.

      We have, as the centerpiece of our multi city lot property, a giant and massive and lovely looking black walnut tree. Not only is the tree huge and beautiful and full of black walnuts every year, it also shades a good deal of our yard and a big portion of our home. Unfortunately, its roots and the natural toxin the roots release (I believe the toxin is called “juglone”) into the surrounding soil for its own survival opportunities and is also toxic to many garden foods that (otherwise) grow well in our planting zone. Thus the challenge between man & nature began at our current home-place and DH was not willing to lose the battle! I wasn’t willing to give in easily either, but that guy of mine was DETERMINED!

      Not willing to cut down the magnificent tree for the sake of a few ground planted tomatoes in those early years on this property, we began our first venture into container gardening, many years back. We started with the standard, 5 gallon plastic buckets, but the late summer heat and humidity killed most of the roots off (heating the plastic buckets too severely thus killing the roots of most plants) weeks before the growing season was intended to end in our are. Bummer of a darn lesson, but so we learned.

      Took a few growing seasons to figure out that the roots of the tomato plants died because of the excessive heat the plastic buckets transferred to the roots but eventually we did and so it went and there we went, later. Not willing to give up the idea of summer, homegrown tomatoes, nor willing to cut down the majestic tree, DH decided to try planting such lovely tomato fruits in a Styrofoam beer (10 gallon) cooler that was simply languishing in the garage from a previous summer canoe event, once shared with multiple friends as we floated down a nearby, lazy river one summer. The idea actually worked and the two plants in the one 10 gallon cooler produced beyond the expected growing season and that was the first year I began canning tomatoes. Yay!

      Voila! A new way to grow our tomatoes, successfully, was born. Thus we started stalking end-of-summer sales for cheap Styrofoam beer coolers every summer’s end (and still keep our eyes open for such these days) and added several per year, on the cheap. And then, as friends & neighbors joked, our “beer garden” was born and grew larger (more beer coolers with more planted crops) every year. DH also engineered a PVC pipe contraption, above the planters, (and yes we still have such and yes it has to be disassembled each winter to survive) as a drip irrigation system for the garden and we’ve had mostly wonderful food crops since!

      Still, the area was jokingly known as the “beer garden” by our closest friends! 🙂

      Determined not to be bested by our comedic friends & neighbors, several years later we constructed a mid sized gravel pit / patio area, outlined in landscaping timber next to the garden, which could handle our big dog’s Wally World kiddie swimming pool, a few lawn chairs and a genuine (not Styrofoam) Coleman style cooler for hot summer in the city’s evening gatherings. Once we stocked the “real” cooler with “real” beer and enjoyed such on hot summer nights occasionally, we finally enjoyed the “beer garden” in all its intended glory! 🙂

      Moral of this story? Give me a Styrofoam beer cooler and I’ll give you a food planter with a reasonable plan / method to create a true “beer garden” in all reality! Forever and ever, Amen! 🙂

      • BlueJeanedLady; You just gave me a capital idea for my Styrofoam coolers. I bet they would be great for indoor herbs. I am going to give it a go by golly.

        I have mentioned before about going to your hospital. Check with the in hospital pharmacy. I recently asked Walmart pharmacy about them also and my fav pharmacist said he would save some for me.

      • BJLady,

        I got 6 small styrofoam coolers at the local thrift store for 50 cents each this last summer. I was just waiting for an excuse to use them efficiently. You gave me that excuse. I’m going to try some lettuce. Thanks!

      • BlueJeanedLady says:

        Extra Note to Izzy & cgbascom . . . (& interested others),
        Although I’m thrilled to have offered you each (and anyone else reading) something to try for your own gardening benefits, please let me offer an added thought for all to consider: Don’t forget about adding a few, small drainage holes in the bottom of your Styrofoam coolers even as you use them for indoor planters!

        While I think the Styrofoam containers would probably work great for indoor planters I’ve only used them outdoors, and yes, with small drainage holes added, so thought I needed to add that little tidbit about drainage holes for each of your personal considerations, if you choose to proceed! 🙂

        I’m sure most experienced gardeners all probably realized how advantageous the drainage holes in a planter might be without my add-on comments . . . just wanted to note such an option with best wishes for success of such indoor planters if anyone attempts this outside-of-the-box idea of mine. Honestly, the drainage holes don’t have to be large at all – – – a couple, three nail sized holes drilled / poked into a ten gallon, Styrofoam beer cooler works just fine for us even as we use them outdoors, with consistently great results. Just guessing some similar idea might be needed for an indoor planter to perform as well.

        Perhaps all one would need to do if the idea is used indoors would be to add a few similarly small sized drainage holes (depending on size of coolers) and place such Styrofoam coolers on top of a disposable aluminum type pan (or any other type water collector you have handy to avoid any potentially indoor placement water damage) if used indoors and all will be well and the good eats will thrive. Yum!

        Just wanted to add this hindsight thought / suggestion about the drainage holes while hoping for everyone’s individual successes if trying this as an indoor planter idea! Good luck, all! Let me know how using the Styrofoam coolers works, if you choose to accept this mission, indoors or outdoors, for each of you, too! 🙂 Hoping for happy & healthy harvests.

        Keep taking care, all and as always, stay smart & safe!

        • When I plant in five gallon buckets, I have the lids left over. I use them to put under plants in the house. I don’t know how large the coolers anyone uses is, but the lids to buckets axquired free are excellent under pots.

  29. Left my job Monday so laying low, watching pennies and organizing.

  30. FLgardener says:

    I honestly don’t normally take bait like you threw out today. But just to set the record straight, wanting Trump to fail and fearing he will fail are two totally different things. Liberals DO NOT want Donald Trump or the country to fail. And you are an azzhat for saying so. There are plenty of reasons to prep beyond politics, and all you do is alienate people whose beliefs are left of yours when you use idiotic divisive rhetoric like you did today. You’d be a lot better off trying to mend fences instead of burning them down. Regardless of where one is in the political spectrum, we are all in this together whether we like it or not.

    • No We Didn't says:

      Fl Gardener,
      Yes there are many reasons to prepare. Loss of job and sudden change in expenses are just two of them. We all have ample reason to prepare for our own event. I don’t have hurricanes, but we have tornado’s. I am well away from a 5 ft sea level rise should one occur. I would like you to consider from another perspective. Sometimes calling and making descriptive terms does not do justice to a complaint. I don’t wish an answer and do not intend to respond, but wish you to think the answers to this series of questions. I am not ALWAYs on board with every comment either.
      Is it not the LEFT who are burning and rioting.?( I don’t recall any riots in 2008 or 2012). I have seen, via you tube all kinds of disturbances, including calling for the murder of our elected officials .. and adults acting…like little children who are used to getting their way.
      And NONE of those have been arrested, YET. Hummm mmm , so far showing, Quite a bit of restraint.
      Follow George Soros and what he is up to. you will KNOW who is planning on failure. .. Just Follow the MONEY. see where it goes.. just a few things to think about.
      I am rural and away from the havoc. Do not have the alphabt news agencies… so I could be missing some things…

      • FLgardener says:

        Like so many people in the country I am a square peg that doesn’t fit well into left or right round holes. I am much more libertarian in my views. Politics is like a three ring circus and ALL politicians are corrupt. Their votes always go to the highest bidder from the corporate oligarchs. And they do their best to bring home some pork for the constituents. I believe in small government and a balanced budget and that the debt should be paid off. I believe in work or starve, so I’m not your typical bleeding heart liberal. I dislike Trump immensely, but I pray he surprises us left of center and does a good job as president. I mean really, would you want your attractive young daughter alone in a room with our president?

        I objected to Mr. Creekmore’s assertion that “the left wants to see him and the country fail”. That simply isn’t true. I know many on the left don’t want to see environmental protections gutted and a host of other issues. That cannot be misconstrued as wanting the country or Trump to fail.

        I do think Mr. Creekmore is right in that teotwawki political event is more likely, not because the left wants it to fail, but because our system of government has been hijacked by the corporate oligarch like George Soros, the Koch brothers and others who put their personal wealth far ahead of what is good for the country. I mean seriously what kind of future does our country have when the choices for president were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? When you step into the voting booth and have to pick the lesser of evils, how can we ever hope to balance the budget and pay down the debt.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          Would you want your attractive young daughter alone in a room with our president?

          Not a problem at all, Trump is not going to rape anyone. Let me ask you, would you want your attractive young daughter or any woman alone in a room with a guy you likely voted for and again likely still support, that being Bill Clinton?

          • Excellent point, Chuck.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            CF, to be honest, if they are high ups in business or politics. I have nothing to do with any of them. I dont make silly choices. I simply refuse to get involved with what cannot be changed at this point, preferring instead to do the alternative- teach my kids what I was taught and hold my tribe close.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Liberals DO NOT want Donald Trump or the country to fail.

      I disagree on that. I see them gleeful at times when they feel they can pound him down. This looks a lot like a hope he fails mentality.

      Do a U-Tube search on Trump and read the comments below the videos, they are filled with some serious hate for him and what he is trying to do.

      And all he’s trying to do is to bring jobs, manufacturing back to The USA and he has the audacity to put The USA first rather then other countries and The UN. It’s very clearthe left and mainstream media hope he (and therefore The USA) fails.

      Before you tell me how wrong I am, please spend a few hours looking at the comments on U-Tube.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        There are now said to be more than 22,000 twitter statements of intent to assassinate the President of the United States. And you are saying the Left is not trying to damage the nation?

        Some of these people are now sitting in jail. More need to be. Some are guilty of a capital crime….sedition / treason.

        Start pulling money from states like California, and start using shotshells with the riots….and things will calm down very very quickly….otherwise, we’ll be rid of some thugs.

        I am tired of the anarchy.

    • I disagree also with FL in that indeed is a totally different reaction to Trump’s election compared to Obama’s. Decidedly more violent, exceedingly critical from day one, and supported / enabled by some outside forces whether main stream media, Soros, the Deep State, Bankers, and just a few hours ago a reversal of Trump’s VISA freeze by a Portland Federal Judge, the former acting Attorney General’s refusal to enforce the VISA freeze from the 7 countries from the outset, etc. I am sure Trump realizes what he has coming down the line.

      • Does anyone happen to remember that the Repubs said they would oppose everything Obama tried to do so he could get nothing done after he was elected? Attitudes are the same now, but I am dismayed at the volatility of the opposition to Trump. As people on here have pointed out, Trump is not the first president to limit immigration.

        I think if he did not threaten the freedoms of the LGBQT issue and Roe v Wade, he would not be opposed with all the violence.

        • Almost There says:


          If you think it’s only the LGBQT and the pro-choice folks causing all this, you are hugely mistaken. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Able-bodied people, unwilling to work, have been getting handouts for far too long. Once more new jobs become available, these people had better get cracking cuz the hand will be removed. I am sure they will want the status quo on that too.

          • AT,
            In a way, I think you are right. However, I think the people who want the handouts are only rioting/protesting because the other factions are protesting/rioting and they draw their energy and purpose from them. They can look legitimate. Maybe I am totally wrong on this.

            I don’t care if I agree with the cause, I have no tolerance for rioting and burning things.

            I was actually relieved that no one assassinated Obama because of all the hate spewed forth about him from both parties.

            A guy who is 58 and struggling to find employment begged me to help him get a disability. When I asked on what grounds, he said he was tired of working. He knew I had a disability AND was over 70. he said he did not mind working but wanted a check like I have so he can work on his four acres and house. He can find employment, but not too far from home–like half a mile from his house. Ten miles is too far.

            He is from Mexico, a citizen for forty years with ss card. He told me he came here for the check when he got old. He gets paid under the table and at jobs where he pays into ss. He is another one who thought because I offered him a coke when he worked here that he can come with his bil and just ask for a coke. I am by no means selfish, but these cokes are not free! Besides, I was doing him a favor that day, so why should I reward him. He should have bought ME a coke. When he works, he makes in one week what I get in one month. Yet, he threw it up to me that the gov game me a check and not him.

            I doubt if I will ever be cut off because of age and low income and disability. I would love to work! It is a gift.

            • Almost There says:

              I know someone my age, 10-12 years from being able to collect SSI, if he will even get it, and thought he could get disability from being overweight… He’s never paid into the system, always worked jobs that pay cash, and was born in the States…. He’s not that overweight that he can’t work, he just chooses not to work for someone else and wants cash money if he does work. His mom died and he has been living with her for a long while….. and so has a house that is paid for… Some people…

              • AT,
                I know. People think weight will help get the disability. I get weight loss advice all the time from strangers. lol No, I am not on the electric cart because I was fat and ruined my knees. I had back injuries that put me on the cart and I gained weight! Plus, when I was paid cash, I reported it and paid taxes because I feared reprisals.

          • Almost There; You are absolutely correct. All the Soros paid people are willing to protest anything and everything. Plus all the college students want everything handed to them…..even good grades. They too protest about any and everything.

            If people had done this over Obamao. they would have been in jail almost immediately. I think these people, in some part, are afraid of the slap down that is coming. It’s going to seriously crimp their lifestyle.

            I am hoping Sessions goes after Soros. He needs to be tried under the RICO Act among other laws.

            Frankly, I am sick of these idiot miscreants.

            • FLgardener says:

              I really doubt that will happen. People like Soros and the other big movers and shakers donate to both campaigns either directly or indirectly, so that no matter who wins the election their access to the oval office is maintained. It is the same with every elected official in the federal government and most state governments as well. Officeholders need huge amounts of money to win elections, and they are firmly under the thumbs of the biggest donors. So what is right doesn’t matter only what the oligarchs insist on.

              Despite Trump’s claim of self-funding, he received a donation of 7.5 million dollars from a single donor, Linda McMahon, who was rewarded with an appointment as the director of the Small Business Administration. So much for draining the swamp. But it no different than Hillary’s “speaking fees” from Wall Street. The Citizen’s United decision by SCOTUS opened the floodgates of big ticket donations and scuttled any chance of righting the ship.

              • FL, this is not true.

                McMahon gave money to super PACs, not to Trump.
                She gave $6 million to the group Rebuilding America Now (was Great America PAC) and later gave $1 million in October 2016 to the group Future 45. Both groups spent money primarily on television advertising.

                Since you call yourself “libertarian”, you should be well aware of equal scrutiny and should know that Clinton’s PACs had more than double the $$ donated than Trump had. And most of the Clinton donations were tainted or toxic. Why don’t you list some of the co-conspirators or corrupt donors who gave to Clinton? Her party is nothing more than a pay to play scheme that is unraveling.

                Your comments show that you are a liberal, not a libertarian. Nice try, though.

            • OhioPrepper says:


              Plus all the college students want everything handed to them…..even good grades

              Be careful, there’s that wide brush again. I know quite a few college students including my two DSS and my DD who work or worked hard for their degrees.
              Part of this is the MSM as it always has been.
              Two thugs break windows and get the front page while on the same day 50 boy scouts clean up a park and only get honorable mention on page 10.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                And thats why i dont watch or read msm / OP 🙁

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  I do monitor the MSM a bit; since it’s what many of the masses watch, and opposition research is a good thing, so you can see what’s likely to be coming your way and have a plan to counter it ahead of time.

                  • Jesse Mathewson says:

                    I rely on people like yourself OP and my friends currently active in three different armies around the world, as well as a variety of non/kosher sources.

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      I have some other sources also, and I’m glad to share the ones I’ve been told are not sensitive. Some of my contacts are in agencies that provide me with confidential information primarily for my use only; however, none of it is go to jail classified.
                      Quite often it’s just information that can allow me to prepare or help with local folks and agencies that might panic the public. No real secrets, just prudence.
                      There is an amazing amount of unclassified information running around local LEO and Firefighting arenas.

              • Let me rephrase OhioPrepper.

                “ALL these protestors who are IN college”. Or how about “ALL college students who are protesting”? Do these comments somehow manage to asssuage your need to keep correcting people?

                Rolling my eyes……

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  Sorry if I offended you. I’ve been teaching numerous classes for decades and have learned to be specific, which generally means trying not to use the words, all or always and never.
                  Fear not, for I’ll make no more corrections to what you state.

                  • OhioPrepper; I was not offended at “ALL“, but I was a bit ticked. For all the wealth of information you provide, I swear your “teacher” habit can be annoying. 🙂

                    I think most of us on here are guilty of bad syntax and typos from time to time. I’m pretty good at reading typonese and I ignore bad syntax. As long as I understand the message…I am good to go. Just my perspective.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      I need OP for my reviews 🙂 hes amazing!

                    • Izzy,
                      I try to keep my “teacher habit” in my head. Since no one pays me to grade essays, I just grit my teeth and keep reading.

                    • LindaW, are you a certified teacher? My daughter makes good money reading and grading high school AP essays online.

  31. What did I do to prep? No buying but hubby bought me a new handgun for my birthday yesterday. Sig Sauer P290 380. Trying to get use to using it.
    Looking at buying some goats but since we just put out big dollars on a whole house LP generator I have to be careful.
    I have been dragging downed trees to a pile to put as natural looking baracade on our driveway. That’s about it!

    • Goatlover says:

      Goats are awesome….but then again, my name shows you that I am biased! LOL I have had Nigerian Dwarf goats since 2008 and can’t imagine life without them. The milk is really, REALLY good…so much so that my grand children request “Grandma’s Milk” instead of store-bought when they visit. Do your research, find a local Goat Mentor, and best wishes!

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I got my first goats last spring, and they’re having kids this spring. I can’t wait! And you’re right about the milk. It’s great, and it makes the best ice cream!

  32. OhioPrepper says:

    I concur with our host on the discussion of zombies. They pretty much started out perhaps 20+years ago as the MZB’s (Mutant Zombie Bikers) because gunning down MZB’s didn’t look and sound as bad to the masses as potentially gunning down the unprepared masses themselves.
    This week we did and acquired the following:
    1. Picked up some block cheese ends, some on bone ham, and another 3 pounds of pecans, from the local Amish / Mennonite farm market.
    2. Started collaborating with another local ham / engineer on repurposing some code he has. For those who understand this stuff, he’s coded a complete DTMF decoder in a PIC microprocessor, and I have some other decoding functions I’d like to try with it.
    3. Finally got the new freeze dryer unpackaged, and brought into the house with the help of a friend. It now sits in its place on the countertop in the new summer kitchen, and it not only weighs 100+ pounds; but, it is HUGE.
    4. Received my Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box and moved all of the First Aid supplies into it.
    5. Received my new 16” Emile Henry Pizza stone
    6. While Decluttering I found
    . A small can of TAL 5 lubricant (made by the WD40 folks)
    . CRC Lubricant
    . Two spray cans of WD40
    . Can of Goof Off
    . Can of LPS Penetrating Lubricant
    . Some sparklers
    . A few packs of firecrackers.
    . Peanut butter jar filled with 2 inch Does-it-all *Deck style) screws
    7. The Freeze dryer came with the wrong power cord and manual. Called and it’s been sent and should be here tomorrow.
    8. Received Baofeng UV-888S bundle (two radios and a USB programming cable). Along with a $25.00 Amazon gift card I received for Christmas, the total cost was $7.00. Our local group is updating our communications and resurrecting a 70 cm repeater that just came off of coordination.
    9. We were cleaning out our EMA consumables and there was a box of Cyalume sticks available for any member to take. I now have six more in my kit.
    10. Some stevia, white baking chips, and, yeast for baking
    11. Mozzarella and Co Jack Cheese to try out that new pizza stone.
    12. Two 3-liter (101 fl. Oz) Cranberry juice.
    13. Two Cranberry juice mixes
    14. The friend who gets me the food grade buckets called and I picked up 19 more buckets and lids
    . 9 – 5 gallon
    . 10 – 2.5 gallon
    . 11 unused lids
    . 1 unused lid with a pouring spout

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Saturday update.
      Received two Bell & Howell Tac light Lanterns.
      I now have more lighting than I need; but, two is one and one is none so have at least a dozen different types, LOL.
      I think I’m probably done with lighting for now.

  33. Forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that I received my free bag of cat food – earned with points. In the past I would receive a coupon for a large bag of cat food but this time it was a small bag (thought it was going to be a coupon but they actually shipped a bag of cat food via UPS).

    This week notified the realtors that I was not going to relist with them. What they don’t know is that a new realtor will be getting the listing next week but I’m going to ask him not to put it into the system for a couple of weeks – hopefully giving it a chance to fall out of the system and then come back higher up in the listing. We will also be reworking what is said about the house on the internet – the previous listing info missed alot of the pluses about the house (things like close to shopping, post office, schools, library and, for some, most importantly the beach – although the house isn’t close enough to the beach to get wet you can walk to the beach).

    More relevant preps included some canned goods, sunglasses ($1 a pair so couldn’t pass those up), getting the back-up for the back-up for the back-up glasses repaired (meaning I now have 3 pair of servicable glasses that I can use when not wearing the contacts) and learned how to make two types of cheese.

  34. Encourager says:

    Read this article and thought I would pass it on as it was quite good. “TOP 10 PRE-INCIDENT INDICATORS”, January 27, 2017; by Kelly McCann, Michelle Ly

    As for prepping, nada. Living off of pre-cooked and frozen meals as I recover from rotator cuff surgery. Can’t sit for long at the desktop as my arm is at a funny angle and the laptop has no room on my lap thanks to the ‘super-sling’ on my arm! Sigh…this, too, shall pass! Doc says I am doing good so am making progress.

    I have been doing a lot of reading and learning – and THAT is a prep. I have also started a gardening project. Since we have such sandy and depleted soil, I have started a chart of sorts, listing each veggie we want to grow and then looking up everything about it such as preferred soil, Ph, water requirements, depth, spacing, height, days to harvest, etc. Once done, I will be able to group various veggies together and maybe get better results. Now, for many (most?) of you, you all know this stuff. We struggle every year to get enough out of the ground to just add a bit to our meals. It has been very discouraging to me how much work vs success. If we ever had to live on what we grow, we will be in deep, deep well…fertilizer.

    I could not believe that a ‘celebrity’ in la-la land has called for a military coop to ‘overthrow’ Trump.(https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2017/02/02/sarah-silverman-asks-military-to-overthrow-fascist-trump/) Isn’t that something she should be arrested for?? I do not understand this insane hatred the far left has for our elected officials. It is just so evil. It is as if they have lost their minds…scary, and if TPTB don’t start following the law instead of letting them riot, burn and beat up folks, I am very nervous how far these nuts will go. We stay away from college campuses, and I am glad my surgery was done at a satellite facility and not at the university-connected hospital.

    • Encourager; Believe it re celebrities. I am not surprised Silverman shot off her mouth again. She is a complete moron in my opinion.

      The harridan Sarandon is starting up again. Honest to Pete, these celebrities really do think they are important. I bet not one of them could an Act that had been passed or even know what the acronym USC stands for.

      • Ashley Judd was also doing her harpy routine. This clip is quite unique, and if you can’t stand her harping on, skip to 3:58 for a great ending:

    • Thanks for sharing the situation awareness link. Hang in there with the recovery, the physical therapy is a bear but a year from now (or less) your movement will be so much better.

  35. Michael T says:

    Well got my wife a Laser Max laser for her Glock….its worth and is zeroed to 15 yards. Great internal laser. Split wood and added some more canned veggies. We are getting ready to move out of this anti freedom state so making some small touch ups before we put the house up…renting it out to make a little cash.

  36. What kind of beef stew did you get? I used to love Dinty Moore then they substituted some hamburger crap for the beef chunks they used to use and now I can’t stand it.

    I prepped my raised beds for planting my spring garden, thinned the carrots I have growing and bought another Kershaw Leek pocket knife (made in America).

    • RayW. Thanks for your comment. See my new food tasting/sampling initiative below.

    • Ray,
      It is probably not even meat. It may be soy/tvp/hydrolyzed protein. I won’t eat soy and know it has other names! If you feel you need more estrogen in your body, go ahead and eat it.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        We try to avoid soy as much as we can, since the DD is allergic to it. Even a small amount of soy protein (not oil or lecithin) makes her skin break out. One of our decision points to get the freeze dryer and new dehydrator was to be able to make our own long term soup mixes (like Bear Creek) without soy and all of the sodium they contain. Soy protein can be a nice addition to our stores; but, since the DD has had her problem and we really read the labels with an eye towards soy, we are seeing it everywhere. OTOH, a lot of my neighbors make a good part of their farm income with that crop, so I can’t be too harsh on it.

        • OP,
          I think about the cumulative effect of soy lecithin. Some days everything I try to eat has some kind of soy in it. The freeze dryer would be very helpful in avoiding things I know to be bothersome. Has she noticed if things with gums cause her problems? I have.

          In WM I fondled a $2.47 freeze dried ice cream sandwich and thought of you. Well, the fact you had a freeze dryer.

          They would have to grow something else if soy went the way of tobacco in some places. Maybe!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Ray White,
      This is the first I’ve seen you here, so welcome aboard. Since you had an active link with your name, I clicked on it and found your OFFICAL and Offical site. Do you perhaps mean OFFICIAL and Official? Sorry for being the grammar and spelling Nazi; but, since I use a screen reader, words like these just stick out like a sore thumb when I hear them.

    • Ray White,
      I looked at Dinty Moore today. The can still has beef chunks in the picture. But, it could be hamburger inside. Maybe it is like applesauce that has a picture of an apple on the can.

  37. PrepperDoc says:


    Folks, you can kill yourself or others if you don’t do your “due diligence” before you start practicing medicine without a license on yourself or others….. If you are going to spend $$$ buying antibiotics (which I think is a very very wise idea) then you need to take several hours and STUDY antibiotics. You woulldn’t just climb onto a new $40,000 tractor and start pushing levers would you? Start the engine without oil in it, huh???

    Here’s an “empiric” outpatient guide to antibiotics….itis a START but you HAVE to understand allergies and crosss reactivitities…and you’re going to have to do a bit of reading if you want to practice medicine. Sorry, but a spade is a spade.


    • OhioPrepper says:


      Sorry, but a spade is a spade.

      Thank you!!!
      I’ve had these same thoughts over the years when folks are proponents of herbal medications in lieu of modern medicines; but, while I’m rather well read, I’m an an engineer and not a doc like you, so I didn’t want to get into any battles. While I know these things could be useful in a pinch when modern medications are unavailable or as supplemental therapies, I think I see too many who look at modern medicine and the docs and bit pharma as somewhat evil.
      Also thanks for the link, and I would also suggest that everyone acquire a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference). I have several older ones I’ve gotten at library book sales, and although they may not cover the latest medications on the market, there is a ton of information in even the older ones.

      • Prepper Doc and OP,
        Herbs used with some modern medicines cause reactions and some herbs render the antibiotics useless. If I were going to take up a profession just to be able to treat me and mine in a situation when the miracles of medicine were suddenly denied to us, I would be a pharmacist.

        All the information is in books, but computer contains information he doesn’t have on the tip of the tongue. I consult my allergist on regular visits to see what I can safely take and how to treat a reaction. I also carry two epi-pens and a practice one.

    • Almost There says:

      Agree… Can’t stress it enough. DO YOUR REEARCH. Each class (“type”) of antibiotic works on different bugs. Antibiotics do not work on viral or fungal infections. You need to know what you are trying to kill. Allergy to Penicillin can put you in anaphylactic shock and you’re dead.

    • PrepperDoc; I so agree with you. Especially about ANYTHING that people might try to put in someone’s veins. If one does not know patient history, IV’s can be more dangerous than good. Same with medications. While I have the knowledge to start IVs, I would be VERY hesitant to do so on someone whose medical history I don’t know.

      I had to laugh at one of your comments. I have a friend who teaches part time at Harvard Medical school. All of her students are fresh interns or residents. She teaches lab work. She said about the same thing you did….”I hope these youngsters learn”. My answer was….ask then for their driver’s license to see if they are even old enough to drive.

  38. I did prepping in the area of vitamins and antibiotics. Managed to get 2 more buckets loaded Ordered my apple tree and boysenberry plants to be delivered in April.

    I had an outstanding offer today to collaborate on a book about “cold cases”. The publisher offered to publish my book in progress as well. I am going to pounding the keyboard daily. I hope I can make enough to buy some of my bigger preps.

    Prayers for fellow Wolfies and our fearless leader.

    • Izzy,
      How interesting. I love shows about cold cases. My step-brother was found dead in CA and nothing was done/found. I have often thought about contacting someone about his case.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Sorry to hear about your brother

        • Prepperdoc,
          Thanks. We were mortal enemies when teens. I had not seen him for over 50 years as he moved to CA long ago. Still, I hate he died before we could talk. My half-sisters and I have talked since our mothers died and are real friends and feel more like sisters. Plus, I hate to think someone got away with murder.

    • Almost There says:


      That is wonderful about the publisher. You will have to let us know when it comes out. What kind of apple tree did you order? How long does it take for apples and boysenberry’s to produce?

      • Thank you Almost There. Hopefully we have research done in about 6 – 9 months for the cold case one. My book needs about 8 more chapters.

        I chose the Adirondack crabapple. It will take about 2 years to mature. But I am also thinking of getting a Honey Crisp tree. It is faster growing. I am having the landscape company plant the tree for me so it is done proper.

        The boysenberry vines take a year to produce. Plus, you really have to care for them…..otherwise they can get out of control. I loooove boysenberries….and so do birds. There are pests as well, ergo this will be a trial and error to see how well they do here.

        I have a very small yard, so I am limited to what I can grow. Hopefully this year I will get a small garden going for things I like. Of course my potato buckets. I have had good success with them.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          Of course my potato buckets. I have had good success with them.

          Potatoes for us have always been a challenge, so could you expound on the buckets?

          • OhioPrepper; I start with quartering my potatoes depending on size. Then I use a good acidic soil about 6 or so inches deep. I plant seed potatoes with sprouts up. Add another layer of soil…2nd layer around 9-10 inches, plant more seed/potato quarters and cover again. Don’t forget to punch a few holes in bottom of buckets. I set my buckets on a large concrete slab. It helps keep insects away as you can spray the slab instead of the potatoes.

            Two things to also remember; NEVER use store bought potatoes. They are sprayed and won’t grow. Never tamp soil. They require loose soil. Also, soil needs to be moist, but not wet. Potatoes grow better in a colder climate than summer climates.

            When you see the leafy parts coming up, wait till they are around 5 inches tall and then put more soil around them,. Try not to get dirt on leaves. Potatoes grow up not out which is why you have to keep “hilling” them. When you see the tuber leaves turning yellowish brown, it is time to start harvesting the. You can cut away the tubers or just pull them out….carefully.

            Potatoes take about 4 months to grow. It may take you awhile to get the hang of it. It is worth it. I have already started my potatoes and should have them by end of May.

            One year I ended up with just under 15 pounds in 1 bucket. Some were the size of my foot. Nice size for when you want a fish and chip dinner. My 2nd bucket had a little over 13 pounds. You can also grow carrots and squash in buckets.

            Gads…I need to relearn canning. It is one of those “show me” skills. Telling me doesn’t cut it. Sadly, it’s just the way my brain works now.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Thanks for the instructions. I’m assuming you use typical 5 gallon buckets / pails and harvest the potatoes right from the bucket without transplanting.
              We’ve never had problems with squash or carrots, just those danged potatoes.
              Since I missed planting my garlic in October due in part to cold and rain, this might also work for garlic, and then transplant the whole root ball in the spring.
              I learn something nearly every week here, so thanks again

              • You are welcome OhioPrepper.

                Yes I do use 5 gallon buckets. It is about all I could handle. I never transplant. I lay out a tarp and pour our the dirt and potatoes a little at a time.

                British people have mostly long narrow yards. Basically the width of the house….like my house is. Not much room for large gardens so they went to container growing a long time ago. My cousin taught me about growing potatoes in a bucket when he came to America on a visits.

                Just keep at it, you will get it. My first couple of tries were pretty sad.

            • Izzy,
              Store potatoes that start to sprout are the only potatoes I have used for growing potatoes.

              There are lots of canning how-to on you tube. Some demonstrations are downright unsanitary and often incorrect to boot. Bexar prepper is very good. I cannot remember the other woman I watch.

              • Linda; I don’t use store potatoes because they have what is called an “inhibitor” on them against insects.

                I have watched You Tube videos on canning. This is one of those areas I have to be shown in person…again. I use to help me mum can. But due to a serious brain injury, I have forgotten many things.

                I have been sewing/embroidery since I was about 8 years old. When I went back to making some of my own clothes, I didn’t have a clue. I had to literally retrain myself. Talk about frustrating. But I persevered because it is my bread and butter in my dotage.

                • Izzy,
                  I did not know about the inhibitor for insects. Do you think it is in the potatoes grown from eyes?

                  I hate your having had a brain injury. Sorry. Forgetting how to sew would really be horrid for me! Sewing has been extra money for me or supported me before I went back to school. When you do watch canning videos, I hope you do watch the ones using good hygiene methods. I am horrified when a guy uses his thumb to clean off the rim of a jar or picks up a jar by placing four fingers in the jar. He had just sterilized them! Try bexar prepper. She mentions the woman from whom she learned, another one with solid skills and care for cleanliness.

                  • ” Do you think it is in the potatoes grown from eyes? ”

                    The eyes come through the potatoes. So I think the whole potato is contaminated.

                    “I hate your having had a brain injury. Sorry”.

                    Thank you Linda. It is what it is. Yeah….thanks to ex husband. Between my blinded left eye and the temporal damage, seizures, blah, blah.

                    I had a few scary years. But you know, I was self supporting and I still had to work. I just pulled up my boot straps and got to it. I don’t look back much. I’d rather be happy with what I have now. Not to mention my prepping and my miniatures keep me going. 🙂

                    • Izzy, I survived a brutal ex. And, no matter what he did after the divorce, I managed by my own wits.

                      Miniature what?

  39. PrepperDoc says:

    I get very concerned when I read people who seriously believe that non-medications are going to significantly influence the outcome of a serious infection.

    I’m not talking about piddly infections. You’ll likely get well no matter what you do (unless your diabetes is way out of control). I’m talking about the kinds of infections that really are scary — that could kill you.

    Let me give you an anecdotal example. One Sunday morning a while back I had a finger infection (pain, warmth, swelling, redness). We drove to church. Made it through Sunday School. Comes the Sunday morning sermon and I looked at my hand, and the swelling is now past the base of the finger(s) and now moving up into the back (dorsal) side of the hand itself.

    As soon as the prayer was said, we drove immediately an an emergency room that I trusted. Within a few minutes, I was flat on my back with an IV being started. We all knew what was at stake. I had a deep space infection of the hand, moving rapidly through the deeper tissue planes alongside the tendons, and if this didn’t stop, I would be in an operating room later that afternoon under anesthesia with a surgeon opening up my hand like a tin can, washing out all the pus, leaving the wound partially open with a silastic drain to allow additional pus to drain as the infection healed. I would be out of work for a month or ore.

    You dont kid around when you think you have MRSA. (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus)

    Intravenous Vancomycin began to drip into my vein and I sighed with relief. Over the next two hours — as we all watched wondering if the surgeons would have me next, the infection halted, and then every so slightly regressed. BIG SIGHS OF RELIEF.

    By about 3 or 4 PM I was back in the car, my wife driving, as we headed to a pharmacy to get a big bottle of Clindamycin which I would start IMMEDIATELY as a backup to the 1 gram of intravenous Vancomycin that had saved my hand.

    I’ve seen people where we cut basically ALL the flesh from their “lady parts” area…..bigger than a basketball’s cover. And then brought them back day after day, day after day, for more washing and cleaning under anesthesia in a desperate effort to save their lives from Fournier’s gangrene.

    Folks, there is a reason why these drugs were invented. Lives by the hundreds of thousands — probably by the millions or tens of millions or hundreds even — have been saved. You can believe whatever you want, but if you get a rapidly advancing infection; if you get a serious pyelonephritis; if you get a tisssue-obliterating lung infection; if you get menningitis…..you are going to DIE if you don’t get powerful antibiotics quickly from someone who took the time to learn what they do for a living.

    Been there, done that, saved many lives. Watched others die, for whom help arrived too late.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Correction: BACTERIAL menningitis will kill you in hours. Viral is often much less serious, tho there can be significant sequelae.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        PrepperDoc ,
        I have several good friends who are docs or retired docs, and I tell them tongue in cheek that they and the medical community they are part of, are the main reason for diseases like many cancers and Alzheimer’s.
        When they look at me with the puzzled look, I tell them a story of someone with a simple condition like you had with your hand, perhaps a 15 year old boy who got a cut in the barn while doing chores back in the 1800’s and who’s simple infection cost him his life. In the modern era, as your story tells, he is cured and lives to a ripe old age, where he develops cancer or Alzheimer’s.
        The worst infection I’ve ever had was one I got while in the hospital. It was campylobacter, and took me down rather hard until a course of antibiotics took care of it. I don’t know if any folk remedies could have done the same thing.
        If we look at history, we see that simple discoveries like penicillin may be some of the biggest medical advances in our time and prior to that, the herbal medication helped; but, left us defenseless against many diseases. Even Yersinia Pestis (the plague) is curable now; but, not with herbal medications.
        For those who use herbal medications, I’m not completely knocking the practice; but, as PrepperDoc says, modern medicine has and still does work miracles, and in some cases are the only line between life and death.
        BTW, I had to look up sequelae; but, that just expands the vocabulary. Thanks.

      • Prepper doc,
        Okay, I am going to get a bacterial meningitis vaccine tomorrow. I need to have spinal surgery and do not want to contract something deadly.

        My knees were tightening together when you got to the “lady parts.”

        When I was in grad school, I helped my 90+ neighbor. She saved soap and water and put both in a dishpan and used for weeks. Soon, the side of my nail had white, pus infection. It progressed more slowly than yours. One day, I said to the doctor, “I am afraid I am going to lose my index finger.” He said, “Me too.” I was on four antibiotics at once. He refused to give me anything for the fungal part of the infection. So, I went home and put on a fungal cream. My ignorance about the dangers of mixing anti-fungals and antibiotics might have killed me. He was so angry when I told him what I did.

        I went to him every day before class, so when I went into the office, I was to go straight through the door and a nurse would put me in a room as he left whatever patient he had to come to me. One day, the nurse, doctor, and I all tried to go through the door at once to get into the exam room. THEN, I had an hour and a half trip to class, getting home late at night. Like I said, my infection was not fast-moving, but disturbing still as it advanced up my finger even with antibiotics, several of them.

        I made my neighbor empty the dish water every day, scaring her with my three week finger infection. She had diabetes and did not want that kind of problem.

        • I did not say, but I was washing her dishes for her most days. And, she refused to allow me to run hot, fresh water to do so. I was trying to “mind” her orders. I did make sure she knew her dishwater was the cause of my distress.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        Prepper DOC, I have the highest respect for the medical people who have studied for years to obtain knowledge. They serve a population who need ongoing and emergency care. My goal is to need neither! To maintain MY health. Can I prevent injury,? You bettcha, prevent falls, use safety practices..good handwashing, and hygeine.
        When the Vanco does not work alone, what then? there are so few new antibiotics in the pipeline and it takes years to bring them back… I have found with resistant infections… two different ones that the use of herbals esp oregano, garlic, and lomatium have enhnaced the antibiotic that was marginally effective, ( In one case Cipro, another Doxi, Keflex.as prescribed)..When fevers and edema persists , beyond when relief should be occurring(ask Dr when will I see improvement?) on a resistant infection, and one has medical care available. they should RUN to it.
        When Drs send you home and say ” we’ve done all we can, take her home and love her”.. then one gets REALLY serious re: using herbals to enhance what care IS available.
        The #1 key to treating infections is PREVENTION.
        The second is treating at the FIRST sign of illness/ inflammation. While Iwas sitting in that worship service I would have circled with an ink pen tthe reddness and swelling… applied Oil of oregano every 20 min.( from supply in purse) and alternated with Frankinsence on alternating 10 min….then to ER ASAP. ( I probably would have left service early )
        People die because they IGNORE warning signs., and think.”.It’s just a little place, it did not bleed much, just a scratch” I just I had a friend who almost lost hand from infection, caused by carpentry injury… past two weeks. Those that don’t have meds and prompt care WILL DIE. Each erson must make the choice what they will maintain and how they will treat sudden injuries… major and minor.
        Will herbals stop all infections…NO more than antibiotics HAVE. By knowing what is anti- viral and anti bacterial one can OFTEN prevent serious illness and enhance the care they do have.
        I just choose to USE what I have, to the best advantage. THe More we LEARN the more we can help with protecting ourselves and our family.
        I advocate learning.!(Even By Physicians!)

        • Anonamo Also says:

          Prepper Doc, I did not mean to sound haughty or mean. When I re read I realized that it Could be interpreted that way by you or others. That is/was not my intent.
          Do antibiotics work? If used properly and consistently , Usually. More and more germs are building resistance.
          Do herbals work? Yes, but not exclusively! Herbals have worked for THOUSANDs of years. Over many civilizations. …garlic, tumeric, oregano, basil, are jsut a few.
          Herbals are also specific to regions, in that Oregano grown in Tn will be different from one grown in Fla. same properties, (different levels of some components due to soil differences.)
          Each person must do their own research, unfortunately that means trying things that may be ineffective… kinda like a Dr practice.” Try this if this doesn’t work by 4 days call me and we’ll try something else”. Sometimes it is like you said, Too little, Too late!
          When my DH and later I received a gift of HAP from hospita stay.. he had 21 days of antibiotics in 5, 7, and 8 day regimine. Fevers did not break until we added herbals. I used herbals before, still got the infection, still needed antibiotics, but did not have the persistent fevers. WE told the Dr who was prescribing antibiotics,(which He changed after first round) that became effective after added herbals, I also kept Temperature records and presented those with what I did, so he ( very young Dr) would be aware. I told him, “some day you will have an infection that will be resistant to everything in your toolkit. If that person is your wife or child, these CAN make a difference. Go and Learn all you can.”

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Anonamo Also,

            Do antibiotics work? If used properly and consistently , Usually. More and more germs are building resistance.

            I think those statements hit the nail squarely on the head. I’ve known a few and hear about too many people that don’t take the whole prescribed course of antibiotics and stop when they’re feeling better. This is where evolution takes over, and those few mildly resistant organisms get to procreate some more and breed the resistance into their offspring. Once again it’s the masses that cannot or will not do what’s needed, who then end up jeopardizing all of us. If herbals do not have deleterious side effects or are specifically contraindicated, hitting those bugs from every direction is probably a good idea. I once gave a bottle of my locally produced honey to my primary care physician, and when I saw her later, she said she had been doing some reading about treatment of wounds with honey to avoid scarring. She treated a cut on her sons face (the pretty one she said) with some honey and there was no scarring. I think they ate the remainder of the jar.

          • University of AL at Birmingham has/had a dept that studied alternative medicine. I need to see what they are up to and reports. It seems they took alternative medicine seriously but not in order to discount modern medicine.

          • patientmomma says:

            Anonamo Also, Prepper Doc, Ohio Prepper, et al., thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! All of you have given me valuable information, which I copy, save, and use as needed. I live in the country and I get occasional bites, scratches, splinters…small stuff… but I don’t ignore them, I take the precautions advised to make sure they don’t get any worse. The essential oils have worked really well along with colloidal silver gel and liquid.

            My son is allergic to poison ivy/oak and home remedies help him when he has an outbreak. Fortunately, we have been able to stop it before it gets to hospital level. Thanks again for sharing.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              For poison Ivy itching, and any itching I searched out a herbal way of dealing with it.

              Here is what I found


              It’s easy to make and works very well on any skin itching I have had. I’ve been using it for a few years.

              In the comments to the video it says it last (potency wise) for 6-months. But I have some of it that is 2-years old and it still works great. Everyone that tries it wants me to make some for them, it’s that good on any itching.

              The only thing I did different is that I went to a herb shop and bought dried herbs. I have Plantain growing all over the yard, but at that time I could find no Yarrow. So I bought dried herbs.

              I also was a bit concerned about using fresh (not dried) herbs as I didn’t want any mold growth from the moisture in the leaves.

              I now have Yarrow growing around my property so I can make this remedy from what I have in my yard once I dry it.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        OK, you asked for my opinion, you probably will not like it.

        I looked at the last reference you listed since it was from the BBC. I researched the “scientist”. She hasn’t published anything that I could find in a REAL medical journal other than (in my opinion) pseudo-Quack journals.

        If you REALLY have something of importance, you will published it in LANCET or in the New England Journal of Medicine. I get asked once or twice a week to be an “editor” for this or that new quack journal…..

        Nothing that she did impressed me at all. Frankly, I think this stuff is really really close to be quackery. You can’t inject an essential oil into your veins. It is NOT going to save your life. If you take antibiotics for 21 days and your fever breaks on day 15, and you ascribe that to something you started on day 10, by what statistics do you assert that what you did on day 10 had ANYTHING to do with the fact that your abscess finally drained???

        Folks my neighbor across the street when I was a kid died of cancer at thehands of a quack. Please, please, if you really thought this stuff would CURE someone…..wouldn’t the hospitals be empty????

        I’ve been practicing medicine for, what, > 30 years now?? Believe what you will, but remember, if essential oils would have saved the world…..penecillin would never have been developed. Billions of dollars have gone into research to save lives. Just watch what has happened with AIDS — you might not be impressed, but we in the medicine are VERY IMPRESSED — when I started, these sad peopled died in a few days right in front of my eyes. Every intern in my hospital had an AIDS patient….and 100% of them died. Now they live DECADES. Astonishing.

        Learn how to use antibiotics. Get them while you can. There’s nothing wrong with using Chapstick (or similar) on your lips when they are chapped, and similar comfort therapies…..but when you have a life threatening infection, you need real medicine.

        So….you probably didn’t like my answer, but that is it. I also looked at the first reference, and they are just trying to take your money. On Saturday mornings where I live, the local talk station has Quack program after Quack program, from 8 AM through noontime. I just laugh.

        These are my opinions, your money may vary. My job is to keep my patients alive.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:
          • PrepperDoc says:

            Hi Jesse! A Class?? What, on antibiotics or on ham radio??

            Seriously, I do teach classes on ham radio; have taught 2 Technician Classes. To pass a multiple choice test of less than 50 questions, the Technician course took SEVENTEEN HOURS. I’m going to try a “General/Extra Class” test this spring.

            To teach medical care/surgical care of infections?…..an overwhelming task. For the beginner, there are probably a few hours’ worth of reading on the Internet that one could identify the links to with some Google fu and some prior knowledge….. to know how to care for people who are SERIOUSLY ill, with sepsis, hypotension, impending mullti-organ failure (declining renal, hepatic, and pulmonary function)….that takes may be several months of training in real life after 4 years of medical school. To teach elementary surgical techniques? Surgical drainage of abscesses? CT-guided needle drainage? Obviously one begins to realize that this is a huge task and in End Of The World situations…..very very difficult to equal the performance of modern healthcare systems.

            Perhaps I’ll come up with an article some time on basic antibiotic therapy. I think I wrote one once, long long time ago…..

            One think people forget: before ANY antibiotic comes to market, hundreds of thousands to millions of $ have been spent in clinical/lab trials ALONE. There are carefully proven studies that the thing WORKS. Take an introductory course in Statistics (you probably already have) and you begin to understand what it takes to “prove” something beyond just anecdotal stories….

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Basic antibiotic therapy would be a really good article!

              I understand regarding stats etc., yes, my previous life and educated side was in the CJ world, specifically drug related and juvenile criminal delinquencies sidelined with teaching firearms/ specifically cqb/ and surveillance / counter surveillance techniques and applied-

              I took some classes “emt/field medicine” as a result, and have had training as a result of personal wound care/multi-poly bacterial infections (one that had me at over 60k wbc and loss of short term memory/ week in hospital multiple pic lines vanco drips that honesty, i dont remember much of, though, the resulting long term wound care was remembered and documented for future use by wife/daughter and self.

              (Btw. Hate vanco lol really hard on the system overall)

              • Chuck Findlay says:

                Basic antibiotic therapy would be a really good article!

                The problem is liability issues. There is always some fool to go do the wrong thing and it could cause all kinds of problems.$$$$$

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Amen on all of this. While some therapies have come from the herbal side of life, Willow Bark tea for instance contained the original ASA that we now use in known dosages, I agree that if this all worked miracles, then we would have all been cured of everything a millennia ago. Since I know only a little about alternative medicine and I’m only alive today because of modern medicine, my Bi V pacemaker with and A.V. node ablation for instance, and the medication that keeps me running relatively normally. Prior to antibiotics, simple infections (like your hand) killed millions, and unfortunately, since the invention of antibiotics, the overuse and misuse is causing other problems. I have a fair amount of first aid and first responder training, and know a lot about my specific issues and medications; but, I don’t hesitate to see one of many professionals when it’s required.
          BTW, I always used YMMV as Your Mileage May Vary; but, in some cases, Money works as well or perhaps better.
          Thanks for the professional insight.

        • PrepperDoc
          Thank you for taking the time to look at the links I included. I also appreciated that you searched for yourself.
          My experiences with medicines have caused me to search for alternatives for everyday situations and enabled me to keep all my parts and not need to take any prescription medicine. These alternatives include eating healthier, preventive maintenance and taking care of problems before they get to the point that I would go to a doctor for them.
          If you are interested, I’d be happy to share some experiences and get your medical opinion on what you would have done or how my choice could be harmful. Who knows, it might help you be better prepared when you deal with similar issues.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        I read another of your references and for the first time found an article published in real medical literature. Also some interesting stuff about FEEDING livestock with a more balanced diet — I’m in completely agreement that antibiotics are grossly overused in livestock and this is a real threat to our population.

        Here’s the article I found: https://www.esciencecentral.org/journals/essential-oils-and-future-antibiotics-new-weapons-against-emerging-superbugs-2329-8731.1000105.php?aid=14230 Unfortunately, it is only a “review” article which doesn’t provide any real research, but I completely agree with the position of the author that plants/nature are the original sources of many/most of our antibiotics. Thus it makes complete sense that there ARE useful substances INSIDE these “essential oils”…..but the plant is using them far more effecitvely (in their version of “veins”) than YOU can….inject those inyour veins and the results will make money for the embalmer!!

        I want to caution you that jjust because something stops germs from growing in a petri dish (lysol will do that, and so will Chlorox) DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN INJECT IT OR EAT IT AND LIVE!!!! There is a vast difference between “antiseptic” (Lysol) and “antibiotic” (amoxicillin)

        Let me tell you also that I’m not seeing what all these people are claiming — that there are people all over the place with infections for which we have ZERO treatment. Nope. Not. In truth, that is so rare that it makes the newspaper headlines!!! Our Infectious Disease people (4 years of internal medicine training and then another year specifically on infectious diseases) are the only ones allowed to use the “latest greatest” antibiotics — the rest of us just use plain jane stuff and that way we DO NOT create all kinds of horribly resistant stuff every day of our lives. Believe it or not, all those docs include a few SMART PEOPLE who really are trying to keep you alive. The livestock producers……well, maybe they are just out for the Almighty Dollar.

        So PLEASE….keep your alternative treatments (fine!) BUT please DO NOT PUT A LOT OF $$$$ into them!!!! Instead, buy up all kinds of real antibiotics and put them in a gentle refrigerator so they last a LONG LONG TIME. Beware outdated tetracyclines (they will do in your kidneys) Spend MORE TIME learning about the REAL antibiotics and I think you will be far far more valuable to your neighbors and loved ones with your knowledge. Antibiotics are easily obtainable right now…..that might not always be the case…….our government is becoming increasingly intrusive…..

        • PrepperDoc says:

          I’m sorry that I’m just so set on this view….might be odious to some here…..but that’s my feeling. If I were in pharmaceuticals, I would certainly be testing for new antibiotics in all of these oils and alternatives…..but you have to achieve a certain bloodstream concentration of an antibiotics to kill off bacteria, and until the new wonder component is identified, purified and able to be delivered in significant concentration….I just don’t think it is going to be very effective. If anyone can prove otherwise, please by all means, NEJM, JAMA, Lancet and a host of other journals await your well-conducted research….and a Nobel prize will likely follow! I will forever be in your debt.

  40. PrepperDoc says:

    What did *I* do this week? I can’t remember back to Sunday or Saturday….
    Mon/Tue/Wed I worked like a dog in the hospital, taking care (mostly) of people with urinary tract problems (stones, obstructions, etc. A few other problems — liver tumor, kidney transplant, but mostly run of the mill stuff. Taught a couple of “young squirts” who were sent to our department for some training. Some of them actually learn. I’m old and I sure hope SOME of them learn…..

    I got off early Wednesday (from having worked into the night Tuesday night) — and went immediately to work on a new emergency comms dig. repeater that has quit. Replaced a single board computer. Reset the system. Completely reset the system from wooden enclosure to pre-prepared metal kitchen vegetable stands — the room it is tucked away into is considered part of the air system of the huge building (HVAC equipment right beside me) and I hadn’t realized my simple wooden enclosures for the repeater assemblies were no-nos.

    Thursday I recuperated and I think just worked on various measurements — measured sensitivities of about TEN scrounged 2-meter rigs, culling the few that aren’t up to the task. We had an old friend and his wife over for dinner (he has lung cancer, is in chemo…..prayers….) — and gave him an hour talk about the state of the threats we face as a nation….they had ZERO understanding before our talk but went home far far more concerned and with a copy of One Second After to read — we threw the breakers to demonstrate the solar panel backup…..and it got DARK. Inverter #1 failed!! That hasn’t happened for months and months….but it did. And my spare has not returned from repairs….. In a real scenario I would have had to de-stack the units, and limp on Inverter #2 at half power…..not good.

    Today I worked on about four projects. The repeater had quit AGAIN — but it was just my failure to re-attach a USB power supply to the Raspberry backup battery. Started a test on the coax/antennas…. met for lunch with some older hams who focus on CW DX….but garnered a couple who may help with better emergency comms in out city…..REALLY DO NOT WANT ANARCHY if at all possible, folks!!!! And visited the site of a radio tower that previous dinner guest just happens to own the property of…..so we may get to put OUR little antenna on that great big huge tower….which would be a great backup to the building mounted and residential pine-tree mounted backbone that we’ve been building in our commuity for half a year now…..

    I’m pooped. Had one set of kids and a grandkid over for dinner….

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Tribalism is “anarchy” eg., no centralized governance – which historically is better than what we have…less war at least 😉
      Chaos is major issues in the streets with no controls.


  41. Got 50 more tea candles at Kroger – $2.39
    Large bag of hard candy for storage.
    Canned a few pints of beef for stew meat, etc.
    Received the Eastern Dogwood tree I ordered last September. Now I have to go to the mountains to plant it. The temp in Phoenix is reaching the 70’s and it will try to start sprouting.
    Praying for the Trumpster and our nation.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Tucson is right behind you for heat, fellow Arizonan!

      Good grab on candles

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Billy T,
      I don’t know if you have the Dollar Tree stores in your area; but, the ones here generally always have a 16 pack of tea candles for $1.00, which is a little more expensive than what you paid (6.4 cents vs. 4.8 cents each); but, can be picked up and added to the supplies over time. In any case, you got a good deal on the candles and it looks like your continuing on. Good to see that.

      • Axelsteve says:

        the dollar tree is a g great place for preps. B it candles ,matches ear plugs automotive fluids. all kinds of good stuff. I once bought a big sharpening stone there.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Most of our primary shopping is about 15 miles from here, and we nearly always hit Dollar Tree and Big Lots on our trips, since you never know what goodies you might find.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        I love Dollar Trees dehydrated fruit,..pineapple and mango combo. It takes almost 4 packs to pack in a pint jar with ox absorbers. This is one of my preps for when we no longer have citrus shipped in. The tea light bought there don’t last very long, but are sufficient, they do also have a 6 pack of emergency candles. I also hit their pastas,stews, canned meats, and pasta sauces. Sometimes ours has energy bars/ meal replacement bars., and shelf stable milk. Some paper supplies like sticky notes are cheaper…. Ours is also greater than 15 miles away. Sometimes you actually get what you pay for. So shop wisely everywhere! No I don’t work for them, but have to stretch every dime til it gives change.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          Not really a prep, but for the last few months The Dollar Tree has been selling Red Devil brand of indoor / outdoor all purpose calk.

          In Menard’s or Home Depot these sell for $4.00 so $1.00 is a good price on it.

          I have purchased about 130 of them so far. That may seem like a lot, but I have a handyman business and a few months ago I used 11 of them in a home that I put in new windows in. So 130 isn’t a large amount for me.

          PS” When I use them I charge the customer $4.00 for each tube.

      • We do have Dollar Tree stores here. I have scored some good preps there – a case of large pillow candles, galvanized 1.5 gal bucket, common first aid and other medical supplies, all at excellent prices. I haven’t tried any food from there, but will take a look at that. I have been meaning to put Big Lots on my prepping circuit.

        BTW, does anyone know if water softener salt is safe for human consumption??

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Billy T,
          We have tried a lot of DT food and most of it is brand name at good prices. Our local DT has cooler and freezer sections and we occasionally buy treats and microwaveable foods there, as well as occasional candy and sometimes even fresh bread. Of course, YMMV.

          BTW, does anyone know if water softener salt is safe for human consumption??

          We keep some on hand for just that purpose in an emergency. You do have to make sure that it is just plain salt, with no additives, like Red Out for iron treatment. I built a heavy duty table near our softener out of treated lumber and with the deck about 2 feet off the floor, we strive to keep at least 1000 pounds of salt on hand at all times; both to feed the softener, and as a backup salt supply if required.
          Some softeners use rocks salt, and although I think that would not be harmful, it sometimes looks more like road salt with perhaps a bit of dirt or other rock contents in it.
          Since most salt is mined (a lot right here in northern Ohio and lower Michigan), it is sometimes dissolved and recrystallized to make more pure salt, and that is also something you could do with the rock salt.
          I think most recently the DW has been purchasing 40 pound bags from Aldi.

          • Thanks OP. I think the salt you are talking about is the stuff not in pellets. Anyway, we have a lot of salt, but given the quantities needed for meat preservation, I think I will explore use of softener crystallized salt for that purpose.

            • Encourager says:

              Billy T, YIKES! Make sure all salt is food safe; some softener salt has additives as does ‘sidewalk’ salt. Better safe than sorry.

  42. Finally getting down to basics. Just bought a pair of Solomon Quest 4D 2GTX3 season hiking boots. Shugemery on You Tube “ask me a question part 5” recently responded to a viewer question as these being his 5th most important piece of camping gear behind his back pack, hammock, top quilt, and under quilt. Got me thinking. $230 dollars- yikes! I guess you get what you pay for, and good solid shoe wear is a must. I’ll have enough on my mind if/when the time comes to be wishing I had better shoe wear. One thing for sure, I won’t be sitting on my ass!

    Although have over 55 boxes of MH freeze dried food, about 60 food grade 6 gallon buckets with Mylar bags, gama lids etc, hundreds of canning jars and pressure cookers, dehydaters, etc., haven’t acquired or even tried a lick of canned food yet (short to intermediate term storage) so now making a point of buying a few cans / brands and trying them out, making sure they are ok before buying larger quantities. I noticed the cans have pop off lids. No need for can openers any more. Tonight, Progresso’s chicken pot pie for starters. Very palatable and would wolf it down in a heartbeat even if just mildly hungry, especially if camping. Will try out others, especially if recommendations. Beef stews, clam chowder and just regular stuff.

    DW finally coming around on board, interested in getting a garden going this spring. Yay!

    • Almost There says:


      I LOVE the Progresso Tomato Bisque (I think that’s it, don’t have a can handy to confirm) and the Clam Chowder.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Almost There & Carl,
        We too eat a lot of Progresso soups. We occasionally find them on sale and not only do many of them have the easy open pop top lids, we have found all of them to be hearty and delicious.

    • Some people find that the pop top lids do not last as long, especially when stacked one upon the other. Those lids have a weakness that allows a person, even kid, to put the top off. Notice the line on top where it can be dismantled by even me. check them often for failures.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Ditto to LindaW, Watch the easy open cans ..they are easily compromised. I avoid them for long term storange and have 3 different can openers, all hand powered models. I rotate these every 3 months and do not buy more than a 3 month of those.

      • Anonamo Also & LindaW:

        We now only use pull-top cans in the house for the short term pantry. Accidentally left a can of green beans in the trailer one winter, what a mess. Easy open they are!

    • Carl a GOOD pair of boots costs money but it’s money well spent. My boot were 160.00 on sale DD boots I got on clearance for 60.00 but are worth over 200+, just picked up a pair for YDS on clearance for 75.00 last years model that cost 250.00. DH has always purchased expensive boots but his feet are always dry and warm and last for years. I purchase Danners (American made) and DH likes his Rockies?? (I think that’s them.). Nothing worse than hiking / hunting / bugging out and your feet are wet and cold….just ruins your day doesn’t it.

      • JD in NY

        “but his feet are always dry and warm and last for years.” I hope so 🙂

        • cgbascom how many people do you know would spend 200-400 dollars on “fancy” shoes and boots and the only thing they are good for is to make your feet look nice LOL. If I’m going to spend that kind of money they better keep my feet warm, dry and on occasions a back rub would be nice! Hahahahahahahaha

          • OhioPrepper says:


            how many people do you know would spend 200-400 dollars on “fancy” shoes and boots and the only thing they are good for is to make your feet look nice

            I suspect in many cases they would also make your feet hurt, so perhaps a foot rub instead of a back rub, LOL.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I love the Rocky boots that are/were made here in Ohio. When I go down to deer camp I pass their outlet store in Nelsonville, and quite often stop to look and try on boots. I have several pairs from there and have to try on a lot of them to find something that fits. Shoes and boots have always been my bane of existence, since I’m kind of a little guy. I’m 5’6” tall and wear about a size 5 ½ shoe/boot, so mail order has always been out of the question.
        And I’ve heard all of the tiny feet jokes, so we need hear no more.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I’m 5’7” tall and wear size 12 shoes.

        • OP,
          My daughter says it’s definitely not true!

        • OhioPrepper; Look up Massy’s Shoes. They have hard to fit feet in many, many sizes. I wear a quad A width and I have found them through Massy’s paper catalog. Oh Maryland Square also has hard to find sizes. I just remember if they carry men’s shoes.

  43. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Was a light week, have been having some back pain, back and forth hot and cold making the bones bounce.

    Chickens are laying, keeping em warm helps.

    Water storage rotated, and working well.

    Picked up a high standard sport king 103 1969 for $150 – a no brainer.

    Looking at a couple of acres for a second BOL- regardless, having a fun week.

    Working on food storage options, and expanding water storage- and expanding the aquaponics setup, wanting to get a better overall return on water use. Hoping for closer to 90% savings on water used from house.

    Anyhow, fun!

    • Almost There says:

      I hope your back gets to feeling better. Nothing worse than a hurting back…. Well, a hurting mouth comes a close second.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Lifetime I generally dont complain much, had first surgeries and traction etc.,at 12 sooo lol 🙂

        Adapt and live right?

        Got a procedure done last friday…was more invasive than normal

    • I also am not a complainer. In a poor rural family with six children, there was no room for complaining! But, as one who has occasionally been bothered by back trouble, you absolutely have my sympathy. Back pain almost completely immobilizes me. Where are you looking for backup BOL? There should be some good possibilities in the mountains not too many miles from Tucson. Our BOL has taken sooo much time preparing. I can’t imagine taking another one on. I do admire your ambition and wish you the best of luck.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Tribe, we have BOLs in several states, two other countries and four counties here in Arizona. 🙂

        Been living this life for a bit, so, ya know 🙂

  44. Last weekend, I planted 2 Mexican plums, 2 Beauty Berry bushes and a paw paw. I set up my PVC and fence-wire trellis and planted a double row of sugar snap peas.
    On a grocery run, I bought more stuff for storage: canned tomatoes, canned tomatoes/green chilies, taco seasoning packets, canned soup, instant potato packs and pizza crust mixes.
    Big Lot’s had a 20% off day and I got: granola bars, case of quart canning jars, a pack of bed risers, chocolate PB powder and 6 boxes of organic peppermint tea.
    I am going to try the bed risers so I can store containers under the bed. I want to store stuff for long term that I won’t constantly have to crawl under there to retrieve. Hopefully, it won’t make the bed so high that my short legs have trouble getting off and on.
    I got my other order of native trees and bushes this week and will be planting them. My sister wondered where I was going to put them all. She thought my acre and a quarter should be full. Nope, I am filling the front yard now. Lawn is useless, in my opinion. I would rather have a forest of useful trees and plants.
    I know some of these tress will be years to maturity and I might not be around to enjoy them. I have heard, however, that the best time to plant a tree is yesterday and I have been steadily planting every year since I got this property. When I am gone, my son will probably sale this homestead. I am fine with that, just hope he sales it to someone who will value the trees.
    My youngest sister was in the hospital for a week and a half. She had diverticulitis and an abscess. I was very worried about her as that was what my father died from. She went home yesterday and will have to follow up next week with the surgeon to get another CT and get the drain removed, hopefully. Please keep her in your thoughts as this came out of nowhere and she is really bummed about it. She has a small farm full of animals and raises different fowl to sale. I hope she doesn’t over do it with all her animals, 4 children and a husband who recently had foot surgery. At least her 17 year old son is a big help.

    • Almost There says:


      Prayers for your sister.
      Had recently signed up for the Big Lots card. Will have to start using it more. Thanks for the reminder about getting canning jars there. I found thin crust, ready made pizza crust at DT this week. I asked the girl at the register if she had tried it and she said she really liked it, so I bought a few of them and put them in the freezer so they will keep longer. I felt a few of the packages and found some were harder than others, so bought the ones that were softer.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      I hope you have a paw paw that does not need a pollinator…or already have anothr kind… been looking at these and wanting…

      • This is my second one to plant. The first one is still alive but not really thriving. I may be too south for them.

  45. Got a call last Saturday that a longtime friend had died so I spent the week in Texas, first as pallbearer then visiting the kids and grandkids. Delivered some heirlooms to the kids (AKA cleaning out the portable building some…lol). Spent time with the grandkids. Taught them a few knots and together we made knot boards to serve as examples for further study. It was also a way to leave spools of paracord and a few knives at each house. Of course I have a bunch of new bruises from the boys showing me how their martial arts training is going. The girls wrapped me around their fingers too, which The Boss found very amusing for some reason.

    Only prep was stocking up on supplies from Texas, essentials like peanut patties, chewy pralines, chili petin and several trips to different HEB’s for spice and seasoning packets not available here except by mail order. Filled on up good Texas smoked brisket and chicken fried steaks. Oh and had a meal at the Alamo Cafe in San Antonio, lot of memories there. Enchiladas of course, even had a Big Red. I’m not a big fan of that bubble gum flavored soft drink but it’s a tradition, so I downed one to the memory of absent friends. But now this means I’ll be busier than a one armed paper hanger the next couple three weeks getting caught up on things that need doing here.

    • tommy2rs,
      I am sure the grandkids needed interaction with a grandpa type after losing their own. I don’t drink RC Cola, but it is a tradition with Moon Pies, and sometimes tradition matters more than preferences.

    • Almost There says:


      Sorry to hear about your friend and glad to hear about teaching your grandkids tying knots. I need to learn those too.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      It’s sad to hear about your friend. We’re coming up on 2 years since I lost my best friend and I still sometimes choke up when I think about him.
      I’ve been working on some knot boards and training a few of the local MAG and EMA members.
      You may already be doing this; but, I’m using a combination of Black and Orange paracord for some of the knots that join two pieces of cordage, like the Prussik, since it makes it easier to see the relationships if the two pieces of cordage. I also use the website: animatedknots.com as a great resource fir people learning, or old hands refreshing their skills.

      • I already had a massive spool of OD green and a smaller one of black with reflective bands in it so if I stake down a tarp for whatever reason I don’t trip over it in the deep dark night and do a face plant…lol. So we started with those colors but I did take each set of grandkids to the store and let them pick their own colors once I was sure they were interested. Some wild combinations ensued…lol. Even taught them how to use a pull tab from a soda can to make a slide stop for staking out a tarp.

        I knew the animated knots site from using it for the classes to teach folks how to lash together an outdoor kitchen. It’s quite a useful site.

  46. Rut-Ro, Scooby, I don’t think I did very much this week in the preparedness department! Did can some carrots from the garden, and got a new water hose and sprayer so I can water the new raised beds that don’t have irrigation set up yet. Bought a couple of very large metal garbage cans to hold feed out in the barn….rats were eating through the plastic ones. Ordered a winter coat for our upcoming trip, and ordered another year’s worth of nutritional supplements. Have a dear friend getting married at our farm today at 4 p.m. so I’ve been quite busy helping her! Keep prepping everyone. Me thinks the food has been laced with crazy dust or something. People are surely losing their minds…

    • goatlover,
      Are kids invited to the wedding?

      • Goatlover says:

        Goat kids or human? LOL No human children, but I’m sure the bride and groom would love some photos with my new triplet goat kids….will have to mention it to them!

        • Goatlover,
          I was teasing about the goat kids. I had a friend with goats that would always say to company, “Come back soon and visit with the kids.” He had no children.

  47. I guess I don’t spend lots of time in front of my home computer.
    I never knew you had another website, M.D.
    Please notice that I’ve signed up for it now.
    Thank you.

  48. Last Saturday night I came down with that stomach virus that has been going around. I was not able to do anything all day Sunday. I also have been dealing with extreme vertigo since Saturday night. It has been awful, it is like the world is spinning all around me. I have to do everything in slow motion. I am on steroids right now to get me stabilized and the Dr. told me that when I am better able to do it to look at a youtube video called half somersault. Check it out pack because if you get vertigo after shtf you will wish you knew how to do this. I also learned that I need to find out what I can use instead of pedialite to help with dehydration.

    The good news this week is that DH with help from DS2 and a friend has been putting that stack of wood that he bought a couple of weeks ago to good use! Projects are getting done despite my inability to do anything.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Brenda, my (sort of recipe, for dehydrationn formula) unflavored coolaide,( or lemon/orange juice).. salt and sugar(natural honey or molasses, if not an infant under one!) and potassium salt.
      start with labels and use one serving per quart,
      Flavoring to taste/preference. much cheaper to make own.
      If lips “pucker” back off on potassium salt., add more water,. salt will rebalance potassium. consider epsom salts in bath water to boost magnesium levels.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Anonamo Also,
        This is the recipe we use from the former NCOIC of Cholera @ USAMRIID, for Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS):
        1. 1 liter water
        2. ½ tsp + 1/4 tsp (3.5 g) table salt
        3. ½ tsp (2.5 g) baking soda (NaHCO3)
        4. ¼ tsp (heaping) (1.5 g) potassium salt (KCl)
        5. 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp (20 g) sugar (or even better, use glucose)

        I’ll also be looking at yours and here is another good resource: http://rehydrate.org/ors/made-at-home.htm

        • Sheesh…I have forgotten a lot of what I learned in the military. So, I am curious OhioPrepper. Why is the glucose better than sugar?

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I’m not sure since I basically copied the recipe from the stated source; however, I assume that since normal table sugar, sucrose is a combination of glucose and fructose, and the cells generally need glucose, that it’s more effective when the body can utilize it directly and not have to metabolize the sucrose to break it into constituent sugars.
            Perhaps PrepperDoc could chime in and fill in any details.

            • OhioPrepper; Thanks for the info. It makes more sense now. Geeez…I am getting a bit dippy.

              • The World Health Organization uses a simpler recipe for oral hydrating solution:
                1 liter clean, boiled & cooled water
                1/2 level teaspoon table salt
                6 level teaspoons sugar.
                That’s it. They say you can flavor it with a little orange juice, mashed banana, or other mashed, unsweetened fruit. The mashed banana or OJ would add a bit of potassium.

      • AA,
        Thanks for the info, I have had any sickness other than a cold for several years so I had not even thought of this.

    • Brenda, there is a second problem associated with dehydration. Besides the lack of body fluid there is also possible electrolyte imbalance.
      Be cautious with any concoction, be it pedialite or sports drinks. They can provide to much electrolyte which is also dangerous. The symptoms of too much and too little are the same and medial folks always assume it is to little and start providing more with possibly deadly results.
      Best practice is to drink lots of water and eat a banana or an avocado everyday to keep your electrolytes balanced.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      That bug or something like it was going around here also. The night of Thursday January 12 I was fine and early on the morning of the 13th I just started vomiting, even with little in my stomach. No vertigo here, since the next 12 hours was spent either running for the toilet or leaning over a bucket waiting in my big cozy chair by the ventless propane radiant heater, sipping ice water and Gatorade. After 12 or so hours I was fine but a little wiped out. This had been running through numerous friends over the previous few weeks. I only remember the date because I was having the freeze dryer delivered that afternoon, and the DW had to direct the driver where to place the pallet in the garage. I didn’t even get to see the pallet for almost two days; but, all is well and there seems to be no lingering effects.
      Thanks for the YouTube video, I’ll take a look and snag it if it looks useful.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        There is almost nothing in the world I hate more than throwing up. I can’t stand it.

        I’m sorry you had to go through that.

        • OhioPrepper says:


          There is almost nothing in the world I hate more than throwing up. I can’t stand it.

          Thanks and I’ll also second that. The worst part was that I had no real solids in my system, so it was basically just sour tasting acidic liquid that left me with a raw throat for a few days. The puzzling thing is what caused it or how it was transmitted. I have two male friends who contracted it; but, not their DW’s; although one did have his dd come down with it. Likewise, my DW who spent the day emptying the bucket and keeping me in fresh ice water and Gatorade did not catch whatever it was. At this point we are all doing OK; but, still don’t know whatit was, where it came from, or where it went.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          There is almost nothing in the world I hate more than throwing up. I can’t stand it.

          Liberals are worst, as they never go away, at least once you up-chuck whatever was giving you a hard time is behind you…

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            You can lead a moron (I mean Liberal) to knowledge, but you can’t make them think…

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Just watched the video and something came back to me from nearly 20 years ago. When I turned my head a certain way, the world started spinning (vertigo) and the first time this happened I was on the range with a long barreled handgun getting ready to practice some metallic silhouette from the Creedmoor position, which is shot lying on the back, legs bent and feet flat on the ground, with the pistol resting on the right leg, obviously with the muzzle well beyond the leg. It’s a very stable position; but, when I brought my head around to line up my eyes with the sights, the world started spinning.
        There I was, laying flat on my back, spinning, and feeling like I could fall. It’s a very weird sensation.
        I went to my doc, who laid me on the table and gently twisted my head until I was spinning again. She told me that part of the balance system contains cilia (small hairs) that have a small ball of calcium on each end to act as a plumb bob, and what most likely happened was that one of these came loose and was rolling around bumping into the other hairs. It was similar, but different than the video. All I could do was avoid certain positions for a week or so, and the little ball was absorbed back into the body, at which point the symptoms went away.
        And yes, I unloaded the gun, packed up, and went home.

        • When I have vertigo, it is always with ears and sinuses involved. I hate it. One time, it was so bad I was lying on the bed, clutching the sheets begging my husband to hold me down so I would not fly off the bed. I drink lots of water and take otc pseudoephedrine. I hold my nose and swallow. Apply warm compresses to face. Drink hot chicken broth. Do anything to relieve congestion in ears!

          • PrepperDoc says:

            Right on! Called “labrynthitis” — when the eustacian tube gets swollen and the middle ear can’t drain and the curled tubes with all the hairs that maintain your balance by sensing shifting fluid get all fouled up—-you get vertigo. Happened to me a few times. Decongestants (Afrin oxymetazoline up your nostils or otc pseudopherine) will help. Great pick up!

            • PrepperDoc; What if you can’t take OTC meds? What are the alternatives?

              • Izzy,
                I suck on a packet or three of Horsey Sauce from Arby’s. First, I eat a roast beef sandwich with about three packets of sauce applied to each bite just before I bite it off. Don’t laugh; it works.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                Which OTC’s, There are many to choose from in various categories.

                • OhioPrepper; I don’t remember all the ones that are out there. Somewhere I have a list of the ones that my doctor told me I could not take. I am allergic to more meds than not. Both scrips and OTC.

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    That’s too bad; but, keeping a list and avoiding the problem medications is certainly the wise thing to do.

            • Prepper doc,
              I forgot about the pseudoephedrine that I do take along with all the other stuff. I think I would be ill continually without the generic pseudoephedrine to take when this happens. I am not sure why I have so many ear problems. It could be milk. My eardrum burst when I was about one-year-old.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          OP our club doesn’t do IHMSA silhouette shooting any more. But I still shoot the Creedmoor position with my contender as it’s very stable.

          I also use a Harris Bipod (It’s amazing how the price of these has went up since I bought them in the 1980’s) for the Contender.

          • OhioPrepper says:


            our club doesn’t do IHMSA silhouette shooting any more

            My Metallic silhouette days ended 20 years ago back when I was shooting IPSC and I never used a bipod for the contender. I did have a heavy Harris for the 700PSS in ,308; but, that was also sold to a friend due to the rifle being way beyond my vision. My local club shoots IDPA and 3-gun; although I’m just edging back into some of that due to my vision issues.
            If you look around there’s some kind of shooting for everyone

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              I use the contender a lot for hunting and the Harris bipod really gives me a stable platform.

              • OhioPrepper says:

                I’ve used my contender with the scoped .357 magnum barrel for deer, or did up until 2014. With my vision and general health issues I hope to get out this fall again with some hard work and a bit of luck. While in the field I generally shoot from a sitting position using my knee or some other surface for support.

        • OP,
          At times I feel like my head is like a bobble head doll. I’ve been told that my head wasn’t moving but since I felt like it was I gave myself a sore neck. I can just move my eyes too fast and everything starts spinning and you should see me trying to walk. Lol

          I told DH I do not care how I feel I am going to church in the am and seeing how late it is I had better get to bed. It will take me awhile to get there! Lol

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          She told me that part of the balance system contains cilia (small hairs) that have a small ball of calcium on each end to act as a plumb bob, and what most likely happened was that one of these came loose and was rolling around bumping into the other hairs.

          I could have fixed it for you right away, all it would have took was a drill bit…

      • I didn’t get the normal diarrhea with this, just the severe vomiting. DH had the ambulance come because I had been throwing up for 45 minutes. I had collapsed on the floor when they got here. They helped me get into bed and made sure I was drinking water and that the worst was past before they left.

  49. Brenda; Have you tried the Kool Aid recipe?

    2 quarts water
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt substitute (made with potassium chloride)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 package Kool-Aid or other flavoring (optional) OR
    2 teaspoons vanilla (or other) extract


    2 quarts water
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    2 1/2 tablespoons sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 cup  orange juice


    1/2 cup hot water
    3 1/2 cups water
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 1/2 tablespoons sugar
    1 teaspoon Jello gelatin powder/mix, any flavor

    Mix all ingredients and keep in fridge for up to 3 days.

    Vertigo, while not painful, it is just plain miserable.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      As long as the patient’s kidneys are still working those generally sounds like good ideas. Thankfully the kidneys will fix MOST electrolyte screwups……if they still work.

      You want sugar in rehydration recipies because of a really cool effect it has that crosses cell membranes and then draws water with it! Completely independent of the normal micellular packaging that is destroyed by an acute gastroenteritis. You want the potassium salts because you lose that big time in GI distress.

    • Izzy,
      Thanks for the info.

  50. Took puppy to the vet he weighs 39.6 lbs on an empty stomach. He got his rabies shot so now he is legal. We went in the same room that we had put our other Shepherd down in and the misses got sad and I told her it was the circle of life. I think she feels that now. The vets said ears are in the house, and ironically that was our other Shepherd’s nickname. I think it made her feel better.

    Bought water.
    Bought canned food.

    Started to feel sick this morning so I gargled,then drank my garlic,honey,Cayenne,oregano ect. Water and presto, no more cold. Truly amazing.
    Started working out again and practicing on the heavy bag. That must mean spring is getting closer. Who cares what the little groundhog said !!! Lol

  51. Almost There says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Bought a few more things from DT-Sea salt, pizza crust, couple more shelf stable milk (dated Nov 17), peanut butter in the little cups (came 3 to a pack) for my GHB and at work, soy sauce, couple of cans of Ravioli. Saw they had some Teriyaki marinate, and thought, WOW, good deal since it’s around $1.79 at Kroger… Brought all 6 bottles to the register… Very disappointed as I read the label, as it is made from genetically reengineered ingredients…

    Also bought some mangoes to dehydrate, that are on sale at Kroger for 50 cents each until next Tuesday. Lowest price I’ve seen. Also bought some blueberries 3 pints for $5. Thinking about making some blueberry fruit leather with the ones in the freezer and putting these new ones up in the freezer. Never made fruit leather before… Kroger has avocadoes, strawberries and pears also on sale.

    BIL’s oxygen was in the 70’s when he went for his radiation treatment on Monday, so they admitted him to the hospital. Come to find out, he had aspirated a piece of food, and the pain patch that he just started using caused his issues. Removed the patch and gave him antibiotics for the infection…. All is well. He now has to use the feeding tube so that doesn’t happen again. They changed his pain med. Prayers are working and still greatly appreciated.

    Prayers for the pack, unspoken needs, healing, for our President as he remains tall and stoic during all these attacks from every avenue. It will most likely get way worse as things that have been wrong for a long time get corrected.

    Stay safe everyone.

    • Red tower says:

      My Dad had a similar experience. My prayers are with you.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Almost There,
      We have both Kroger and DT here, so thanks for the heads up. Last we checked DT was out of shelf stable milk; but, it’s worth checking again, perhaps tomorrow.
      When you mentioned aspirating food, it brought back a bad memory. Back in 2002 my father had his gall bladder removed and was recovering fine, eating and up walking around ready to go home the next day. While napping, he vomited and aspirated a lot of it and that was pretty much the end. My brother and one sister lived back there and the other sister in Florida and I made a trip back home to see him before he passed. He was 81 and is really my only hero in life. A lot of my can do, prepping, DIY, self reliant attitude came from that man, who was basically the same kind of person and could seemingly do anything he put his mind to.

      • Almost There says:

        OP, if you had your freeze dryer up and running you could be taking advantage of all these sales… 🙂

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Almost There,

          if you had your freeze dryer up and running you could be taking advantage of all these sales…

          The power cable and the correct manual should be here tomorrow. We got some blueberries and strawberries today at Kroger. Worst case we’ll freeze the berries as we’ve done with others in the past. Place them individually on a cookie sheet in the freezer and then vacuum pack them frozen in a Foodsaver bag. When you open the bag they come out individually instead of a big clump of frozen berry. The frozen berries or other even store bought frozen fruits and vegetables can then be freeze dried.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Almost There,
            Actually, your post was what sent us looking for the berries, and I think we may also try fruit leather in the dehydrator.

            • Almost There says:

              Since I only have one sheet of the solid tray for my garage sale found dehydrator, here is the recipe I am going to try with my berries. It works for both strawberries and blueberries and I can use my oven.


              • OhioPrepper says:

                Almost There,
                Thanks for the link. Another site worth exploring and I’ve just signed up for their emails for now.

              • AT, when we were younger & I didn’t have enough of the trays for the fruit leather, I tried using the rectangular Tupperware lids. Lightly coated with olive oil, they worked great, & the rectangular little leathers were just the right size to wrap in plastic wrap & roll for lunches. Our kids used to call the designer fruit leather, since the “T” imprinted from the lids to the leather. I set the lids on a regular dehydrator tray, 4 per tray, & when the top surface was dry, I flipped them out onto the tray, on the dry side, to finish

                • Almost There says:


                  Interesting… You are right, the problem is needing a lip so the thick liquid doesn’t run off. May give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

  52. Red tower says:

    Got DGS back to his mom. Didn’t expect to have him so long, but at least everything cooperated for travel. Helped DD stock up on food as she just acquired a new,foster daughter. Kept abreast of the news. It irritates me because I can see what’s coming and I don’t like it. At least my kids are awake and aware.

  53. Contrarian says:

    Hello all.
    Picked up more ammo. Just can’t have too much.
    Finally got some water barrels. Found a 55 gal and a 35 gal at a yard sale for a total of $20.
    Working a gun show outside Houston this weekend. Hotel prices are very high no matter where you look. Making a point to stay away from random crowds and traffic.

  54. Hello Pack and hoping this finds everyone well!! Haven’t been on in a couple of weeks as my computer while attached to my backup external drive had an accident, a very one in a million accident (involving 1 DH and 2 puppies) and I had to order a new drive and backup. UGH! So I was without my computer for a few days. I lost a lots of videos, books, prep stuff and other things but they are replaceable it will just take time. No big purchases just a lot of doing. Still trying to do everyday get rid of something which feels good. Put a few cords of wood under the deck to dry out for future use. Refilled DD I.C.E. box for school and took her last week. She was upset before going back as the professors she had were ranked terribly but when she got to school 2 professors were replaced and with high ranking professors. She called and said these professors are great and are US citizens. Last semester 2 of them were from other countries and she had a very hard time understanding them. Glad this semester she’ll be able to understand her teachers!
    Put my important books on 1 bookcase so they’re easier to find. Rearranged my pantry to see what needs to be replenished. Took eggs to some of my older neighbors and was gifted a large bag of murder mystery books by one and 2 big bags of doggie biscuits by another because her older dog couldn’t eat them what wonderful neighbors I have. We discovered a lot of energy being used and found that our old freezer is going so I’ve been cooking and canning what is in there and will hopefully be empty by the end of this coming week. DH thought about fixing it but it’s very old and we decided to get a new one when we find a good price on one. So far I’ve canned up 12 pints of meat balls, 5 pints of beef broth, 13 pints of pizza sauce and 12 quarts of chicken and veggies, lots more to go. At least if the freezer goes the food will be safe. We also decided to pull some money out of our account and get a bigger tractor to work our land as we are not going to rent out the property any more to any farmers. The contract ran out with the farmer and he is starting to suffer from demensia (very sad!) and we really haven’t had good results from other people who want to rent from us so we decided to use the land our selves. Bigger pond, 2 more out buildings and expanding the gardens plus more animals …..looks like we’re going to be busy this spring/summer/fall lol. Wish it was spring already oh well just have to keep busy and plan those gardens out :). Prayers to all and especially to President Trump with all the violence these peaceful and high road people are creating he and our country need all the prayers we can give! PEACE

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      JD I do a regular backup to DVD’s at least every month and more often when I download anything important.

      As a temporary storage I dump files onto a flash drive every few week or so and from it to the DVD.

      It’s a bit more work then just leaving them on the computers hard drive, but I have a system worked out and don’t have to worry about data loss when (not if) the computer dies.

      • Honestly Chuck I just got lazy about doing it to DVD’s as my folders increase constantly and I had almost 2 TB on the backup. Oh well my fault but I didn’t loose everything, stuff up to less than a year ago was on DVD’s the rest they say is history. ;). Just have to suck it up, pull on my big girl panties and get it going again. Such is life.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Chuck & JD,
        I backup to external USB hard drives at least every week, or after any serious downloading or work. I have a rather large (physically 5 inch in a case) 1 TB drive and several small (physically 3.5 inch) 2 TB drives. The 2TB drives were on sale at Best Buy for around $60.00 and are powered by the USB, so you just plug them in and they’re good to go. I also have about 400 GB of storage on a Linux server on the network, for things I need to access on a regular basis that need to be backed up from one of the work computers.
        I used to back these all up to a DDS DAT drive; but, those only hold about 40 GB and have been outdone by inexpensive external USB hard drives for storage space, performance, and price
        I store the small 2TB drives in one of a few fireproof boxes where I also keep some other valuables.

        • OP I was backing up to an external USB 2tb harddrive at the time of the “incident”. It was a freak accident one of those 1 in a million things that just happened. No different than saying my house getting hit by lightning and ZAP everything is gone. Sometimes your best laid plans go to crap. It is what it is, I was able to extract some data before the entire drive quit. The backup was toast. Ahhhh life.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Ouch. I’ve never had that happen; but, I know of instances when a commercial RAID array crapped out. This is actually a problem with lots of equipment and back up equipment.
            When you start a RAID array with say 5 disk drives, all with the same MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and a drive dies, you simply replace that drive with a new one and start the rebuild process. In two cases I personally know about, while doing the rebuild function, one of the remaining disks that had the same MTBF as the others, decided to die. Much was lost other than the last full backup.
            A full back up is BTW the only thing I ever do, since incremental backup is only a little faster, and high capacity media has gotten vary inexpensive.

            • Oh do I know about RAID arrays and crap happening. We have all our business on a server with an array and one died and while rebuilding it another took a dump. We have several full backups listed as a certain day, then a weekly and then 1 a month. I have 2 separate HHDs just for backups because heaven knows if it can go wrong it will. I don’t have personal stuff on the server, and since it was my laptop that took a flying leap with the personal USB backup hooked to it I was SOL. Sometimes no matter what precautions you take shite still happens. No worries I’ll eventually get back up to where I was but I have been printing out more stuff instead of leaving it in digital format. So much for a paperless society LOL

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Suggestion to all, upgrade to ssd drives. More stable, less energy and longer life.

              • When 1-2tb ssd harddrives come down to a more reasonable price I plan on it.

              • OhioPrepper says:


                Suggestion to all, upgrade to ssd drives. More stable, less energy and longer life.

                While that’s generally true, large SSD devices are still unavailable at good prices like the 3.5 inch USB 2 TB drives I got for $60.00, the FLASH memory devices in them do have a maximum number of write cycles. I’ve been working with FLASH memory for more than 20 years, and although they have gotten better, they are still not a panacea. Best IMHO to continue to have a mix of devices, and only use the SSD for booting and occasional storage, as in not as your computer swap drive.

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  I backup in triplicate. Which means a little over 30 t in information/ etc., – gold foiled DVD ROM for very important information in 3 hr rated fire/water proof boxes inside my backups cage (paranoia or smart..):)

                  • OhioPrepper says:


                    paranoia or smart

                    Perhaps it’s a bit of both. I backup to multiple hard drives, both portable and in a Linux server on the network. When I get to a point where I need to stabilize things, like archiving files of a certain subject, I burn to multiple DVDs and store in numerous places, including one of the outbuildings.
                    BTW, I was once told, it’s not if you’re paranoid; but, are you paranoid enough.
                    There’s a fine line between being so paranoid that you can’t sleep at night, and complete normalcy bias, where everything will be fine, because it always has been.

    • Encourager says:

      JD, if you have the room, don’t toss that old freezer. It can be used to store animal feed and pet food to protect it from critters. Even canned goods or camping gear (sleeping bags, etc) that need protection from dampness, moths, mice, etc. JMHO! 🙂

      • We have an old chest freezer that we kept for storage but this one is a stand up. DH may use it to store things in it but at the moment it will need to get out of where it is and DH can put it some where else. He’ll need to put some type of dehumidifier in it though to keep mold out of it as fridges / freezers do seem to collect it.

        • Almost There says:

          Just keep the door cracked a little and it will keep the mold out and make sure it’s good and dry inside.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Or you can cut a few 2-4 inch holes in the sides with a hole saw and cover with hardware cloth, then you can close and secure the door. In the case where you may want to lock away the contents this will help keep all unwanted intruders out.

  55. Hey everybody,

    Just checking in. I’ll be back in the next week or two. Ask Ohio Prepper about what my cat did last week. I’m getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow. It’s the 1 (ONE) sporting event that I like to watch. So sue me… I’m going to indulge.

    This is interesting…
    I got accosted by 8 green beret’s today.
    Damn right I bought some cookies!

    • American Pacrat says:

      Snake eaters made you purchase “cookies” ?? OK, lol!! Tell those 8, a snake eaters wife said–good job.

      Hope you are feeling better, I have not had time to due a thorough scan on all the emails the past few weeks.

    • LOL my DD was a “green beret” and when it came to cookie selling those little girls could out maneuver seal team six hahahahahaha!

      • American Pacrat says:

        Thought he was speaking about military who are referred to as “Green Beret” aka Special Forces. Never–ever heard of the girl scouts using that name. No wonder for the confusion, now I am rolwl at my self

        • Back in the day Girl Scouts used to wear Green Berets, getting one cornering you isn’t so bad but when they hunt…..ummmm sell in packs forget it you’re done for ;). Ohhh and you think soccer/football moms are bad cookie moms are way more intense…..can you say quota??? LOL 🙂

    • Watch out for the brownies !!! Lol

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Hey OP what did the cat do?

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Jesse & all,
        I’ve had both email & phone conversations with Sirius, with the last being a week or more ago. I’ve checked the emails and I only vaguely remember what was probably said on a phone call with too much else going on here. If it comes to me, I’ll be back or hopefully, Sirius will be feeling batter enough after his SF cookie hangover, LOL, to join us again.

  56. We had the most amazing thing happen this week. I had hired some tree cutters to clear about three fourths of an acre of land for me. When, they got around to clearing out the heavy underbrush, they found an artesian spring. Also extremely well hidden was an old hand dug well (filled in of course). There is no telling how many antique red bricks were used to line the well. The well is a ways uphill from the spring; but, I would love to figure out a way to utilize both of them.
    I have already had a well drilled for the orchard a couple hundred feet further down the hill. Has anyone built or seen a spring house or a spring box?
    Other preps lately have been pressure canning, water bath canning, dehydrating and freeze drying everything that I can find at a decent price.
    Be safe and strong, my fellow Wolfies.

    • patientmomma says:

      Ozarkana, You are blessed with a natural spring. I have just the opposite situation in my back 40; a spring on a small hill and old well down in the meadow. I have not done anything with them as they will be a backup to a backup. Plus, too many other things higher on the priority list. The spring houses I have seen around TN have rock bases, starting beneath the ground and building up to about 3 feet; the rest was build of cedar trees or thick cut lumber. Have fun!

    • azrealityprepper says:

      Ozarkana, the best spring house I ever saw was made of limestone. The walls were made of stone and cement with a timber roof and asphalt shingles in white (helps keep the internal temp down). This was near an old old farmhouse from the late 1800’s (maybe as early as 1880???). The spring house was used to keep their foods cool and was probably some temperature near 65 most of the year.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      One of my uncles and some cousins lived on a farm with a spring house when I was growing up, and I learned a lot about it because I was fascinated by it. The floor was a large slab that I think was limestone; but, a poured concrete slab (also mostly lime stone) would I suspect work as well. The slab in the floor had a trough about 2-3 feet wide, and a foot deep, and the spring water ran through this trough. The building that house this (the spring house) had I think wooden walls filled with sawdust, and the internal space was cramped, perhaps a 4 or 5 foot cube. The inside was very cold and damp, and I remember the old metal milk cans holding things like milk, apple juice, and I don’t know what else, sitting in that flowing water about 6-8 inches deep. I don’t recall where the water headed after leaving the springhouse.
      I hope this helps and made sense to you.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Congrats on finding a spring, but remember opsec and don’t tell anyone. If the Feds find out and they need water, you are POL. A spring house is a wonderful asset!

    • William Spettmann says:

      Engineer775 on youtube has some great videos on developing a spring. Clearly explain how to install a spring box. Excellent video. Hope this helps.

  57. Tried some habanero slices that I canned this year on an Italian sub and oh boy !!! Twice hot. Lol

  58. Received my Thrive Life FIFO Pantry Storage system! In the process of setting it up and stocking it. I plan to make a run to SAMS and the commissary to pick up some bulk packages of stuff we use regularly.
    – Purchased a Game Camera to observe the wild hogs. The camera should provide a few pics of the beasts (Hogs) and particularly the times they come to feed. I want to ensure I can get onsite and setup before they show up to feed. I also bought some “Scent Away” to help reduce any human scent when I head back into the field. Due to the terrain and swamps, I can’t always approach the bait site from downwind. Tomorrow I hope to check the camera during the day and possibly get a little hog hunting in as well.
    – Also received the Laser Genetics Laser Designator NS300X40-SZ I ordered from Optics Planet. Between the motion activated green led light above the bait and the laser designator I should have pretty good vision for night hunting. Haven’t yet decided what NVG’s would be best. The models we used in Iraq and Afghanistan would be nice, but are far outside of my price range.
    Other preps include:
    – Bought an AR-15 Parts kit and added to my BOB/GHB.
    – Ordered two earbud/lapel mics for the Yeasu FT60R HT’s.
    – Started prepping the raised beds for planting next month.
    – Finally got my IRLP node online and functional!
    All the preps will help in any number of SHTF scenarios, but survival in any long term event will require support from others. I’ve been going over all the skill sets I have that would be immediately beneficial to any survival group, such as Ham radio operation, combat/security skills, electronics, plumbing, canning, etc. I have many, but come up short in some areas like sewing, gardening, and good old fashioned food preservation techniques. All my recent preps, particularly my push to harvest wild game (currently hogs) and cure the meat has the wife wondering what’s going on and adds to her anxiety. Hopefully, I never have the need or end up having to join a group. I’d be happy to just go on working quietly on my preps and never need them….besides, it’s fun learning!

    • Almost There says:

      Sounds like you have been busy. My problem will be with getting protein from meat. I know that will be something I will have to barter for…. At least at this point in my life. Learning how to preserve food without any refrigeration is something I am trying to learn about.

      In regards to your wife…. you may have to spill the beans (not literally of course) and talk to her about it and see what she thinks. It’s not going to be fun if she doesn’t see prepping as necessary. PrepperDoc probably has some good advice on that subject. 🙂

  59. Can anyone tell me where I can find the lists that used to be posted at the top of the blog; the top 10 items you need , and the next 10’items you need. I have shared them with others in the past but can’t locate them on the site. Thanks

  60. Received my Thrive Life FIFO Pantry Storage system! Can’t hardly wait to set it up and stock it. I plan to make a run to SAMS and the commissary to pick up some bulk packages of stuff we use regularly.
    – Purchased a Game Camera and hope to add to the “Bait Site” in the next few days. The camera should provide a few pics of the beasts and some insight into their feeding times. I also bought some “Scent Away” to help reduce any human scent when I head back into the field. Due to the terrain and swamps, I can’t always approach the bait site from downwind.
    – Also received the Laser Genetics Laser Designator NS300X40-SZ I ordered from Optics Planet. Between the motion activated green led light above the bait and the laser designator I should have pretty good vision for night hunting. Haven’t yet decided what NVG’s would be best. The models we used in Iraq and Afghanistan would be nice, but are far outside of my price range.
    Other preps include:
    – Bought an AR-15 Parts kit and added to my BOB/GHB.
    – Ordered two earbud/lapel mics for the Yaesu FT60R HT’s.
    – Picked up a few bulk packs of AA & D batteries.
    – Started prepping the raised beds for planting next month.
    All the preps will help in any number of SHTF scenarios, but survival in any long term event will require support from others. I’ve been going over all the skill sets I have that would be immediately beneficial to any survival group, such as Ham radio operation, combat/security skills, electronics, plumbing, canning, etc. I have many, but come up short in some areas like sewing, gardening, and good old fashioned food preservation techniques. All my recent preps, particularly my push to harvest wild game (currently hogs) and cure the meat has the wife wondering what’s going on and adds to her anxiety. Hopefully, I never have the need or end up having to join a group. But, I’m being very careful about what I discuss with some of the neighbors we routinely associate with. On a positive note, two of the couples have recently purchased handguns…..didn’t want to miss the opportunity if Hillary had been elected. I’ll be happy to just go on working quietly on my preps (Alone) and never need them….besides, it’s fun learning!

  61. England Calling in 🙂
    This week we made a special trip to a dedicated camping Mega-shop on a place in Essex. Now I am 54 and mentally aware where a survival scenario ma lead us and the things I’ll have to do in the worst scenario, it don’t phase me as I believe it’s a duty to protect my own family and group. However, it would be cruel to take a young child out of their comfort zone and introduce them into a SHTF world and have to teach them, comfort them and plan for them with them thinking that the new surroundings are as alien to them as it would be if they got beamed up and dropped on Mars.
    So our visit to the camping store was totally to ease our 4 year old granddaughter Millie into her first survivalist camp this summer and, hopefully, her beginning of a love affair with the wonderful wilds that exist away from the computer games and the brainwashing kids TV that are sad to see a kid sat in front of.
    My 29 year old son Chris is one of Millie’s favourite people and a gift from Chris is special to her. Chris bought her a little water olive green water bottle which will make her see herself as having something to put on her belt to go with her little camo back pack that has been handed down from her bigger brother.
    Chris is good with her and will make her first camp an adventure letting her do minor chores with him so she begins to learn that jobs need doing at camp.
    Karen, my wife, insisted that we bought a plastic camp toilet as using a compost toilet might put the little one off of camping, boy, those toilets do smell after a weekend where 300 survivalists have been using them lol. I think it’s a good idea from the wife as I can imagine my 4 year old granddaughter waking me up at silly hours in the night to take her to the stinky toilets !
    For us grown-ups, we just bought stuff to keep our BOBs in good order. 3 new Hexi stoves and additional fuel, more paracord, trouser twists to keep the ticks from getting up inside our field trousers and loads and loads of small stuff to keep our go-gear as ready as can be.
    Worked on the Land Rover LR3 to make sure it’s all up to this seasons weather needs and a general self service.

    Oh, my mother-in-law got a new fitted kitchen and she chucked out a load of stuff.
    I dove in like an old magpie and took some almost new plastic carving boards and found some 2 core household electrical wire that the electrician chucked on the skip pile, boards and wire are just enough to make the 20 meter cut inverted V dipole that I am making for my bug-out antenna for HF. Funny how when you need something the very thing turns up for free if you keep your eyes open.

    So my American friends, just a slow but productive prepping week amid 51 others that take the same kinda direction.
    I wish you all a safe and good week from your English comrade


    • Hi Bri!
      I must ask you what exactly are trouser twists? We probably have them just under a different name. Also if you choose to bug-out will it be because you live in or around a city and will you still stay in England or head north towards Scotland or south towards Wales? Just curious as I haven’t been across the pond and wondered how it would work out. Also, and this maybe a stupid question but do you have borders that prevent access to other areas that are not England (Like Wales)? Sort of how we have Canada and Mexico borders. Like I said having not visited your country (though I would love too 🙂 ) it’s interesting to know how other people in distant lands plan out their “what if” scenarios. Love how you describe things too, YDS watches some programs on BBC and now calls a flashlight a torch, took DH a while to figure out what the boy was talking about LOL. Take care and God bless from across the pond 😀

      • JD; Trouser twists are like mini bungee cords. They used to in the military to blouse the pant legs over boots. You can use almost anything though as long as they are tight.

        Wales is part of the UK. No restrictions to there of Scotland.

  62. Thanks Bri, I wasn’t sure about Wales and the way things seem to change almost annually you never know LOL. When we stick our pants into our boots it’s called blooming as what we do when out hiking. If that doesn’t work duct tape to the rescue 😉 hahahahaha. I will look into those twisty ties though. What is your big Camping world called? Is it like our Cabelas or Bass Pro shops? Just trying to imagine what the store looks like. Thanks for the info 🙂

    • JD It was not me answering but Izzy was kind enough to fill you in while I was doing stuff away from my PC, spot on about the trouser twists though 🙂
      I have most my food in store around the house and would bug in until our lot get here where we can leave with a fairly sizable group. We do have two bug out locations well away from built up areas and there is an option to get out of Dodge via a boat or two.
      The two main reasons I will bug out with the family and friends are as follows;
      1) if the politically correct idiot police turn a blind eye to the protected Islamists who will group and run riot. If we defend against them, which I am reasonably equipped to do within current British laws, it will be me and mine getting arrested and our preps will be taken by default and, 2) if disease starts jumping from house to house in our quite tightly packed together housing estates. I live in a quite desirable estate and my neighbor is 20ft away on one side and we are joined to the other neighbor by a party wall on the other side.
      The Camping store is called Camping and general and it is on Canvey Island near South End on Sea in Essex.
      At this time we can cross into all countries that make up Britain without any boarder. I do wish Trump would build a wall around the Scottish Nationalist’s crazy leader Nicola Sturgeon’s house, sick of her covert Marxist BS and her not understanding democracy !
      Thanks for your best wishes and the same in return to thee and thine


      • My apologizes Izzy was canning chicken and just responded without looking at the name – my bad as I should know better than that! My Bri you sure are close to your neighbors Sure do hope you like them ALOT 🙂 . LOL at the wall joke, there are a ummmm few people I wouldn’t mind Trump building a wall around either ( I live in NY so I’m sure you can guess quite a few of them LOL!!! ). I’m sorry that you are loosing so many of your rights as TPTB think the migrants need them more than you. PC is going to kill us all if it isn’t rectified soon. PEACE to all across the pond 😀

        • JD in NY; No apologies necessary. I didn’t know if Bri would get back on today given the time difference.

          As to the TPTB, I think Britain will be better off in the long run. There are several other countries speaking out against the EU with plans to dump the EU. However, I am sure the powers at be will try to find a way to punish Britain. Like they did Greece.

          • Hope fully other countries will get the guts to leave the EU now that you have gone against the grain. I could only imagine what they are thinking up as a punishment as if you are an insolent little child. They forget you are a sovereign country and want your say back. I truly hope it works out for you guys! Prayers!!

      • Welcome back Bri. From one Brit to another, glad to have you aboard. A great group here with lots and lots and lots of info. My house is a bit south of you in Welling. Sadly, I don’t get there too often these days. One of the reasons I don’t go back is the refugee issue. With my mouth. I’d end up in the gaol. Fyt; I’ve traveled through Essex a number of times on my way to King’s Lynn and Norfolk.

        Just curious Bri. What do you think of Bercow and his resistance to the HS2 scheme? Mu cousin seems to think well of it. I agree with you about Nicola….what a w****er.

        I had to laugh at your wife Keren’s comment about “facilities”. When I use to camp with fellow reenactors, I put a sign on my privacy tent that read “Private Loo”. For some reason no one bothered it. 🙂

        Anyway, keep coming back mate. We get a bit lively at times.

        Cheers. 🙂

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Bri & Izzy,
          I don’t know if either of you saw something I posted here a while back; but, in short it was part of an interview with Daniel Hannan, one of your conservative MEP’s. In the interview, he was asked what he thought about the notion that Barack Obama had been born in Kenya. He replied. “Your president was plainly born in Brussels”, From my perspective, he’s a good one and we could use a few like him.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Here’s a link to the article:
            Dan Hannan: Obama wants America to be Europe

            • Now I understand the MEPs. It is actually just EU and he NOT one of Britain’s MPs.

              The conservative party in Britain has become a combination of parties. Some of the Tories aren’t much different from Labour party members. In fact at one point the conservatives were in league with the Labor Unionists.

              Kind of like some of politicians in America. Ryan, McCain and Graham come to mind as alleged conservatives. After reading the article, IMO Hannon is nothing more than a liberal using a conservative title in the European Parliament.

              • OhioPrepper says:


                Ryan, McCain and Graham come to mind

                I think Ryan is basically a good guy trying to work in a broken system; however McCain and Graham have always been progressive Rinos.

                Hannon is nothing more than a liberal using a conservative title in the European Parliament.

                I only know about him from interviews I’ve seen here, and he at least looks far better than many we have over here.

          • OhioPrepper; I did not see that post. Some of the conservative MPs in Britain are much the same as the Rhinos in America. I will have to look up the MP who made that comment. Obviously he was either in his cups or flipping teaspoons.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Just wait a bit. A link to the article is awaiting moderation.

              • Okay. Thanks so much OhioPrepper.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  It looks like it’s out of moderation. Our host is evidently busy tonight.
                  While you and I speak essentially the same language, there are some differences in meaning, like tabling an item in a discussion. We mean set it off the table for later, and I understand you mean bring it to the table and deal with it. With that context, can you explain?

                  Obviously he was either in his cups or flipping teaspoons


                  • In your cups basically means snockered. Flipping teaspoons means crazy. Like Americans say “he/she is just plain insane or nuts”, we Brits say “he/she has been his/her teaspoons”. Brits also say “gone round the bend”. I speak English, but I understand American. 🙂

                    • OhioPrepper says:

                      Thanks. It’s good to learn new idioms. One a friend used that I’ve picked up on and was once told is vulgar; but, since most in the US don’t know that, I use it anyway: “Not Bloody likely” or similar versions of the bloody portion such as Bloody Ell, LOL.

        • Izzy,
          I am not sure what I think of Bercow, I don’t get the logic behind his little anti-Trump speech the other day. One must assume that when he forgets that the known abusers of human rights from the House of Saud are given a warm welcome here in political circles then Trump, who has not killed anyone yet, should also be welcomed. I then think of the glee that our politicos welcome Benjamin Netanyahu, who I remember making a speech in America saying Israel would do whatever it took to protect its people which received massive applause from American politicians, and I then must believe he is just a tool for the elites to sway opinion to some degree.
          HS2, if he is against it then Bercow just won back a brownie point from me as I’m against it also.
          I just don’t get the need for a 30 minute faster arrival at the cost of ancient woodlands and the quickly vanishing green belt. Is it beyond the ability of people to get up 30 minutes earlier and get an existing train to arrive at the required time lol

          What period do you reenact ? I forge swords of the types common from 449 to 1066, both Anglo-Saxon and Viking era.

          The camp the family are going to is Funky Preppers Summer camp, dates yet to be announced though. Need to get those dates soon as my wife, sone and son-in-law need to book time off work. (Well if the son-in-law gets bored with his current situation and goes back to work).
          Do you do any of Funky’s camps ?

          I’ve been on this list for some time now and I do enjoy the straight speaking. I was on UK Preppers but they are PC to the max and wont discuss topics which need addressing.
          I don’t mind things getting a bit heated on boards as it just shows passion of belief.

          Be well, stay safe

          • Bri; I don’t think there are any funky camps in America except by people are doing reenactments.

            I did a couple of Renaissance reenactments, some Revolutionary reenactments, but mostly Civil War period. I did period food and period clothing, but I did participate in a few black powder competitions. My shoulder didn’t like the latter much.

            “I forge swords of the types common from 449 to 1066, both Anglo-Saxon and Viking era”.

            I am intrigued Bri. I wish you could post a photo on here. I would love to see your work. Does your wife make the period clothing?

            Bercow, in my opinion is a bit of a jerk. I just recently started following the HS2 scheme because one of my cousins like it, there others do not. Personally, I like the older rail system and the cars. I loved to look out over the countryside. Time marches on….bigger an faster is the order of the day I guess.

            Bri; I am not much of a PC person myself. It has gone too far. Occasionally, I get myself in trouble being too candid.

            It is starting to snow, so I best get my salt ready. My best you and your family. 🙂

            • Izzy, I am sorry I thought you were in England when I read from one Brit to another, thanks for the correction.
              I have had for a very long time an interest, passion would be a better word, toward the roots of my people and the lands they came from to make England what it was prior to the Norman conquest and how it evolved into what it is today. I like to think I am a patriot and that I am so because I have reached out through history, personal and national, to see where I belong and what my country should be to the population.
              It became a point of association to history that I learned the roles of society of our, so called, dark age ancestors. The traditions then took their place in my studies.
              Now back 30 years ago I taught Shotokan Karate and I got a side interest in the blades of Japanese feudal era. Later through my studies into my own Northern Germanic people’s ancestral culture I found out how good Northern Germanic swords were of that era quoted above.
              Time moved on and I worked for 32 years as a bricklayer, hated it but I was very fast and good at it). 5 years ago I fell 18 feet from a scaffold and damaged my back and neck.
              My compensation funded bringing our preps up to a VERY respectable level but also letting my son build a forge I can work comfortably in.
              I don’t do the costume thing but I do enjoy forging blades. I got a video on youtube of a cut test of one of my own swords I kept for my own collection, sometimes I fall in love with one and just can’t pass it on lol.
              I’ll never get rich from forging swords and knives but it stops me from going mad and restores some of the pride I lost when my wife had to take over the role of earner in the household.
              Here’s the link and there’s absolutely no intention on my part to drum up any business.

              Be well and mind the snow 🙂

              • OhioPrepper says:


                Now back 30 years ago I taught Shotokan Karate

                Back 50 years ago I studied Shotokan Karate (1965-1969) until I headed off to college. At school we had a true Mixed Martial arts (no cage matches) club where anyone of any rank or style got together once or twice a week to practice, work out, and learn from each other. The Katana is a neat tool; but, way too expensive for a college student and my early years after graduation, during which I practiced several other arts. More recently I’ve been getting back into Kata and practicing with a heavy wooden Bokken, several lengths of Bo, and Nunchaku.
                I learned a lot from the arts well beyond basic kicking, blocking, and punching in most part due to a Sensei who was dedicated and serious about the entire art.
                BTW, I think our host has also studied Shotokan.

                • OP,
                  I actually give a big thumbs up to gaining techniques from interaction with other styles in an informal kinda friendly workshop.
                  My Brother was quite good at Wing Tsun and he got taught by the senior non-Chinese instructor here in Britain. I found mixing my Skotokan with Wing Tsun gane me very powerful kicks with the ability to use very fast in-close hand strikes and blocks.
                  The only problem was when I’d go to compete at a Shotokan or general karate competition the ref would not score a punch if the knuckles landed in any orientation other than horizontal lol.
                  I had a falling out with the local school I taught for when I went against their glory seeking and I actually taught non-competition and more self defense Karate.
                  If you train to just miss your opponent all the time in training you’ll never be able to drive a punch in when you need to. The kids I made stick to the light touch-on ethos but teens and adults I insisted actually make a good contact.
                  My students got good at blocking hard and fast. If you don’t know your’re getting hit you don’t know you should be blocking !
                  In my opinion it was like shooting, you don’t go out with a gun or bow to miss the target !

                  The wife and I are away for a long weekend to Yarmouth, the place we want to sell up and move to. Our local Essex police are making rifle owning harder and harder so we want to visit some shooting clubs in and around Yarmouth to see if they can still get a class 2 then class 1 permit through in around 18 months. Yarmouth is a much more rural area than where I live now so it may be easier.

                  Have a good weekend all,

                  • Bri; I think you will like Yarmouth MUCH better. I always enjoyed visiting Yarmouth when I changed rail for bus to carry on to King’s Lynn and Norfolk. Quite a few famous people hail from Yarmouth. Lots and lots of history there. I hope you and your wife can find something suitable.

                    There is also a miniature show (1:12 scale) in Yarmouth. If you could make your swords in that scale, you could make some decent money.

                    Show in Birmingham….

                    Swords in 1:12 scale….


                    Get to it Bri….hehehe. 🙂

                  • OhioPrepper says:


                    I actually give a big thumbs up to gaining techniques from interaction with other styles in an informal kinda friendly workshop.

                    That was essentially our college club. A lot of guys from all over the U.S. who had taken various arts at various levels, and since we were all in our late teens and early 20’s we still had the stamina and need to want a place to work out, that wasn’t the typical basketball or calisthenics. It was kind of exercise with a purpose, and I learned a lot.

                    The only problem was when I’d go to compete at a Shotokan or general karate competition the ref would not score a punch if the knuckles landed in any orientation other than horizontal.

                    I never competed until I was out of college a few years and studying Eugue Ryu and then only attended a single competition. My original Sensei was very traditional, and thought that American (U.S.) students) were too impatient and they had been emotionally coddled with all of the additional colored belts like orange, and blue and various colored stripes and the handing out of trophies. He used the traditional 8 Kyu ranks and only white, green, brown, and black, stressing that the true advancement was in the skill of the artist, not the color of the belt. We did not attend any competitions other than a few arranged with other small clubs or groups, and he thought that trophies were kind of a false vanity, not in line with the true spirit of the art.
                    So now I’m recovering from my stroke of two years ago. A vision issue I’m dealing with; but, probably the hardest being all of the muscle mass and tone I lost that month in the hospital and during the following recovery period.
                    So I’m getting back into the arts for the same reason I started them some 50 years ago. Exercise with a purpose, and while my legs and balance are doing rather well, my hand and arm strength are still not what they were or should be; but, I’m working on that.
                    I know nothing about the wilds of the U.K.; but, I hope your trip to Yarmouth is successful. I still find it hard to understand the gun laws in other countries; but, I wish you luck in gaining what you can in that arena also

  63. The next week is going to be a super prep. The electric company and our General generator will be in next week. The propane company a week after that. So cleaning up the site has been my prepping. Having a whole ranch LP generator will give me some peace of mind. Plus it’s a big investment.
    Oh, question about your new fence. Did you make a firer break? The threat of fire is something we live with. Since I live next door to a wild life reserve I have woke up to a controlled burn before.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      You stated General generator
      Out of curiosity, what brand and model / power output are you getting?
      Our Generac 16KW runs for 5 minutes every Wednesday @ 11:00, and it’s been kind of fun just to wait by the back door listening for it to start up and shut off. It’s been doing that since November of last year, and listening for it hasn’t gotten old yet. Just hearing it start for the weekly test kind of gives you piece of mind.

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