What did you do to prep this week?

It’s been a long, long, very long week for me and to make matters worse I woke up this morning feeling like ran over crap, so bear with me, please.

Before we get started with this weeks what did you do to prep this week I’d like to take a moment to announce the winners of our most recent non-fiction writing contest. I know that I’m late on this announcement, but I had several articles that were sent in before the end date but had not been able to publish those before that date so instead, I extended the end publishing for a few days so that I could publish those articles.

Okay, here it goes.

1. First place and prizes go to Halfway Homesteader for the article Halfway Homesteader.

Prizes include:

  1. Numanna Organic Family Pack Bucket a $399 value from LPC Survival Ltd.
  2. CampingSurvival Gear Pack a $400 value from Camping Survival.com.
  3. A $200 gift certificate of prepper books from Prepper Press

2. Second place goes to Botulism and canning – the whys and wherefores, by OhioPrepper.

Prizes include:

  1. A case of .308 ammo or $300 off Ammo selection of your choice from LuckyGunner.
  2. A Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mill with the Masa/Nut Butter Auger, Drill Bit Attachment, and Bicycle Sprocket Kit a $325 value from ChefBrad.com

3. Third place and prizes go to Jesse Mathewson for his article Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why.

Prizes include:

  1. $300 gift certificate from GunMag Warehouse.
  2. A copy of The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World, as We Know It: Gear, Skills, and Related Know-How

If you’re on this list please email me your shipping address so that I can contact the sponsors and have them send you your stuff. Congratulations.

Okay, now what did I do to prep this week…

This week I spent most of my free time working on my storm shelter – painting the inside, adding beds and supplies etc. My storm shelter is made inside my basement and is double blocked with each block filled with concrete so it’s approximately 20 inches of solid concrete plus the dirt on the outside, so it should be the safest place in my house.

I also spent a lot of time working on my other site www.mdcreekmore.com  the site is going very well with lots of comments, and nearly 1,000 subscribers so far and it’s only been a couple of weeks. The site is an extension of this one and not a replacement and you’re all welcome to join us over there too.

I’ll be posting some new photos on my photos page later today (new photos every Friday) so go over and check those out.

Now, what did you do to prep this week?

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Spent the past few evenings working around the house replacing the trim around the garage doors and back door, with PVC trim,due to dry rot on the original wood.

    Harvested a peck of various veggies from the garden. Plan to make some “Cowboy Candy” tonight from all the jalapenos.

    The potatoes are a lost cause, but at least the cat caught yet another Vole!

    Hung another G5RV, this time in an inverted “V” for better NVIS communications.

    Getting ready to sell my Freeport Maine land (12.75 acres) so I can use the $$ to purchase a nice piece out along the west North Carolina/Tennessee boarder. Anyone interested in some prime property in Maine? The North Carolina property will be what I call our “final resting place” where we’ll hopefully be able to live more or less self sufficiently and mostly off-grid.

    • MaineBrain says:

      Hi Mustang – Where in Freeport is the land, and how much do you want for it? Is it accessible to electricity? Any improvements to it (well, septic etc.)? Thanks – MB

      • AXELSTEVE says:

        Not much this week. I did get some new clothes which helps but not really a prep. It was a hot week and I worked hard this week so getting through with it was a feat.

      • Mustang says:


        Kelsey Ridge Road, two miles from the front door of LL Bean. It’s the last undeveloped lot in the neighborhood with all the lots ranging from 5-15 acres. Electric available at the street. Will need a well and septic system installed like everyone else on the road. Haven’t determined the going price yet, but take a look at it and let me know what you think. Also, the front five acres are the building site, the remaining acreage is managed under the Freeport Land Trust so the property taxes as reduced significantly. Can still use for personal use, cordwood, etc., but can’t clear cut or build on it.

  2. Halfway Homesteader says:

    Wow that’s awesome!! Thank You MD! I’m totally grateful!

    Cleared brush again this week. Seems there’s no end to that at all. Fortunately, tomorrow I will go into Rural King in town and finally get my Stihl Chainsaw off of layaway, so I can stop fighting with the sorry one I have now. Also sold some old furnishings so I have enough $ to go to Harbor Freight and buy the gas powered auger I’ve had my eye on for sometime. That will help quite a bit with this falls fencing project I have planned.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. I learned from each of those posts.
    Continued prayers for the Creekmore family and many others on this site.
    This week brought brutal heat so added watering was needed in the garden. The deer were attacking the grapes, so both vines are now covered with netting. I have had to free one baby bunny that was caught up in the net. The sweet potato slips arrived and hopefully will survive. Harvesting sour cherries each day as soon as they ripen. Plan to make jam or jelly this weekend. Have frozen quarts for pies.
    While working in the yard managed to get a nasty cut. It is amazing how the med supplies get used. Have restocked.
    We have been following the news reports on the grocery chains. It looks like the Aldi stores so many of you talk about plan a massive expansion in the United States. It will be interesting to see if the chain makes it to the sparsely populated parts of the country.
    Oldest DD is here for a brief visit. She has landed her first real job at a school district on the Front Range. Youngest DD is finishing in South Carolina and will start grad school in the Fall. I am glad they are getting their education and training now. From experience I know how hard it can be once you have a family.
    Thanks for all the comments on the entry doors last week. Now I just need to find a contractor. Lots of construction in this small town for the first time since the down turn. It is good to see so many people working again.
    Stay safe everyone. Not sure which Congressman was being interviewed after the shooting, but he was spot on with his comment about the importance of situational awareness.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      You’re right. It is more difficult going to college when you have children at home. I speak from experience.

      • Zulu 3-6 says:

        I don’t know how my #1 daughter manages her baby, grad school, a hubby, a full time job, and AF Reserves. Sure I help doing weekday babysitting, but still, she has a very full plate.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          PG,and Zulu, as stay at home disabled dad (per our wonderful government-sic.,) I have spent many hours helping wife with papers and more. She earned her degrees however, I help a lot- I hope her husband helps as well-

          I changed diapers, feeding, laundry, dishes and now ” the talk ” for both kids, because momma works – and is amazing! And I still don’t feel like I do enough to help 🙁

          • Prepared Grammy says:

            Jesse, That’s the sign of someone who is doing a good job…you never feel like it’s enough. People who think they’re doing everything right, doing enough, and have no room for improvement are the ones who are generally not doing what they should be doing. So, congratulations on being a good husband and father.

          • Zulu 3-6 says:


            Oh, yeah, my daughter’s husband is a jewel. He really helps a lot. She picked a winner I think.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      So true, especially 4x4s and 2x2s, but good job learning from the incident, hope for your sake it doesn’t happen again-

      I purchased a case of sterile saline wound wash and a case of each size of sterile gauze pads after last surgical nightmare because of sheer amount gone through- so agreed, we look and say ahhh. And than bam,it’s gone!

      Anyhow, hope it heals well, and you stay well also -and thank you

  4. grandma bear says:

    Home for the summer! Got the travels out of the way so come on summer. So far we have rain and a high of 60! Put up 18 pints of rhubarb for bread this coming winter. Kale is going strong in the greenhouse toying with the idea of dehydrating. Will enjoy it fresh for sure. Tomato plants are slow growing due to weather. Picking up Zaycon order today. Will make some freezer meals and package the rest. Today will be a putter day, Lots of little stuff to do. After being on the road for an extended period of time I can safely say, There is no place like Home!! Remember we are all in this together.

    • Always Forward says:

      I dehyrated some and then ground it to a powder in the coffee grinder. Then I just put it in spice jars and shake, shake, shake on lots of different foods. It takes up zero space so that is a plus also.

    • Labgirl says:

      grandma bear
      I have dehydrated kale and then stuffed it into quart jars and vacuum packed it. I like to use it crumbled up into bean soups.

  5. Congratulations to the winners–all very well deserved. And happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.

    I just got back from a major stock up run at Walmart and Aldis. I just can’t get over the prices at Aldis. I did a major meat stock up–with good stuff too, like baby back ribs, spareribs and chuck roast. The money we’ve saved at Aldis has helped us buy some nice extras once in a while. They have mangoes for 49 cents, so I might go back and get a bunch so I can can mango chutney.

    I got my new glasses. My old pair were really scratched up. It’s good to be able to see good again. If you can’t see, you can’t shoot.

    I am slowly recovering from Strep, Bronchitis and pink eye. Today was my first time in more than a week of going out and about by myself.

  6. Oh! Another week already?
    Not a lot this time bought 5 dozen canning jars and ordered a propane kit for the generator .
    Lost 2 ducks to a coon . Corrective action has been taken .
    I have a big batch of kale to pick and can this weekend.

  7. Prepared Grammy says:

    Congratulations to the article contest winners! You all did a great job.

    This Week:

    -Added to the stockpile: spices, lots of catfish from last week’s trip,

    -Items ordered: small and large clotting sponges,

    -Garden: I am beginning to harvest vegetables. It’s amazing how much better homegrown food tastes than food from the grocery store. I love picking vegetables, and immediately cooking them. I am also continuing to weed, water, and keep up with pests in the garden, berries, and fruit trees.

    -Preserving: I’m starting to get squash and peas from the garden. I’m thinking about dehydrating soon.

    -Chickens: I now have two broody hens, but I’m still getting a lot of eggs.

    -Bees: I’m going to inspect hives today, but everything looks good.

    -Goats: The kids are weaned, and I’m getting a lot of milk from the does. I’ll be listing the wethers soon.

    -Camper: I have the old one listed, and should have it sold soon.

    **To the person who gave me advice about clotting powder. (It may have been Jesse. I’m not sure.) You advised me to get bandages containing the clotting material. I have a lot of the powder, and didn’t intend on getting the bandages. (I can get the powder locally, but have to order the bandages. I like to shop locally.) I, unfortunately, had the opportunity to use the powder during our recent camping/fishing trip. We’re to the age now that some of our friends are taking blood thinners. One of these men cut his finger while fishing. He didn’t stop bleeding. It wasn’t life threatening, but it was a problem. He was wondering if he needed to get medical care to stop the bleeding. I was the only person in our group of five camping units with a first aid kit. I had to use it three times during the week for minor care. After using the powder, I now know that you are right. I have ordered the bandages. This powder is in such small packets that it will not be useful for a major bleeding injury. Once again, you were right. Thanks.

    Prayers for all.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      PG, I am honored to be among them, I thought their articles were amazing! (And several others were better)

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I have a couple in mind that I meant to write before the deadline, but I’ve been so busy. If I write one and send it soon, will it be entered in the next contest or should I wait until the next one is announced?

  8. tommy2rs says:

    Ordered 2 more .50 cal ammo cans from the Harbor Freight sale and got a free 27 led work light/flashlight. Picked up some more shoot n see targets. These probably won’t be the same quality as the milsurp ones I have but they’ll do for storage. Everytime I try to work outside it rains so I adapted have been packing and storing items the grandkids shouldn’t play with. They’ll be here Saturday. Got lots of meat and supplies for the visit. Picked the first of the yellow squash and noticed lots of butternut squash forming on the plants around the corn, though the beans have yet to sprout.

    Saw this recipe on making hominy without lye, haven’t had time to try it yet. Gots to have grits in the Apocalypse after all.

    Hominy without Lye

    Preparing Hominy — Prepare hominy in a well ventilated room. Use 2 Tablespoons of baking soda to 2 quarts of water for 1 quart of dry field corn; you can double the recipe if your stainless steel pot is large enough. Add the baking soda to the water; bring to a boil while stirring to dissolve the baking soda. Then add the dry field corn, stirring continuously to prevent sticking. Boil vigorously for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then allow to stand for 20 minutes. Rinse off the baking soda solution with several changes of hot water. Follow with cold water rinses to cool for handling. It is very important to rinse the corn thoroughly.

    Work hominy with hands under running water until the dark tips of kernels are loosened from the rest of the kernel. (When working the hulls to remove the dark tips, do so under running water in a colander so the shelled kernels have little contact with the remaining unshelled corn with hulls that still have baking soda solution on them.) Separate the tips from the corn by placing the corn in a coarse sieve and rinsing thoroughly.

    Hot Pack—Add sufficient water to cover the hominy by about 1 inch. Boil 5 minutes and change the water. Repeat this process with clean water each time for 4 more times. In fresh water again, cook the rinsed kernels until the kernels are soft (30 to 45 minutes) and drain. Meanwhile, prepare fresh boiling water to be used when filling jars for canning. Fill the hot hominy into clean, hot jars, leaving 1 inch headspace. Do not shake or press down! Add ½ teaspoon canning salt to pints or 1 teaspoon to quarts, if desired. Fill jars to 1 inch from top with fresh boiling water. Remove air bubbles. Re-adjust headspace if necessary. Wipe jar rims with dampened clean paper towel. Adjust lids and process.

    Process in a Dial Gauge Pressure Canner at 11 pounds pressure OR in a Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner at 10 pounds pressure:

    Pints………………………………………………………60 minutes

    Quarts……………………………………………………70 minutes

    Caution! Altitude Adjustments:

    In a Dial Gauge Pressure Canner

    At altitudes of 1001-2000 feet, the pressure is not increased; process at 11 pounds pressure.
    At altitudes of 2001-4000 feet, process at 12 pounds pressure.
    At altitudes of 4001-6000 feet, process at 13 pounds pressure.
    At altitudes of 6001-8000 feet, process at 14 pounds pressure.

    In a Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner

    At altitudes above 1000 feet, process at 15 pounds pressure.

    June 2005. Released by Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D., Extension Food Safety Specialist. The University of Georgia, Athens.

    • That sounds about right on the hominy but I think we boil it a bit longer . What we do is bring one up in a spoon and check it . When we can slip a husk off the kernel of corn then we go to the rinsing .

  9. Not a lot this week beyond working in the garden and doing regular chores around the house while preparing for DD#2’s wedding (that is a month away) and not spending all my money.

    I had some older sunflower seeds that I planted between other plants in the garden and put some green bean seeds in a bare spot in the garden. If I get green beans, great. If not, the plants should help the soil in that area.

    Other than that, I’m still getting up to run three days a week.

    Congrats to the winners. Those were really good articles!

    Prayers for those in need.

  10. First I want to say Thank You to MD and all the others who prayed for my DGD. She is 29 years old with severe/profound disabilities. She had an unknown angioma (blood vessel filled tumor) on her liver that ruptured requiring 2 major surgeries and over 20 units of blood with total sedation, oxygen and tube feeding for 4 days. I spent 13 days living in her hospital room. She is home but still not eating much. I have been home 3 days and have hit the floor running. It feels great to be moving around using rest periods to accommodate the back injury and a knee that no longer works. No knee replacement; age.

    Now in 3 days: still planting pepper and tomato starts; canned ketchup in 1 cup jars (when open will not spoil from lack of refrigeration; will use up within a day or two), harvested cabbage crop and planning to start canning today.

    Looking at reinforcing canned food storage area as the earthquakes are increasing across the country. I am trying to keep cardboard between jars. Now I am planning to build a rail 4-6 inches high to keep jars from being knocked off the shelves. This could be a big project as I do stack boxes of canned jars on top of each other. I will probably need to add shelving to limit one jar high placement.

    Keep up the prepping. Things are getting very hairy out there. God Bless!

    • Hey, cardboard works great but if you have old tube socks that are wholly just cut the foot off and put the leg part over the whole jar. You can’t get as many jars back in the box but it does work.

      • Sammie, That’s exactly what I use. Keeps the jars from clanging together and possible cracking. I wear white tube socks most of the time so have ample supply. The wife likes to wear white anklets which still have about one and a half inches of elastic at the top. I use those around pint and half-pint jars.

  11. Zulu 3-6 says:

    Added to my grocery stash as usual.

    Received my new sharpening hones. I’ll play with them this weekend sharpening my ill gotten gains.

    Went to the dentist again and had a crown removed and prep work done for a bridge. That will be put in next Wednesday. Its amazing how dental science (and medical science) have changed over the years thanks to computers. The doctor and I had a chat about how dentists had to work in the 1950s versus now. Quite a difference, and not just in computerization.

    Trying to get my son to come down for a visit so we can go pistol shooting, but the job he has often requires him to work weekends. My #1 daughter would go in a heartbeat if she wasn’t breastfeeding her baby. #2 daughter would also, but she lives a 3-hour drive away. I don’t like going to the range by myself, but I guess I will if I have too. It’s been a few months since I busted some caps with my handguns.

    • JD in NY says:

      LOL at “ill gotten gains”. Hope a kid or 2 shows up to “play” cowboys with you. Happy Father’s day Zulu!

      • Zulu 3-6 says:

        JD in NY,

        Thanks. No shooting this weekend, but #1 daughter is taking me out for Mexican tonight and is having all her baby’s grandfathers and great-grandfathers over tomorrow for dinner as well.

  12. I realized that honey is a pretty important thing to have around for a number of reasons. So I went out and purchased 4 x 1 kg jars (1 kg = 2.2 pounds).

    Also pasta was on sale for .75 cents per .9 kg package (approx 2 lbs) so I bought a LOOOOOOOOT of pasta. Can’t have enough of the stuff that stores right?

  13. Penny Pincher says:

    Hi Pack!
    This week brought more drama and I got the crud that is going around. Meanwhile my tenants moved out, they left it pretty clean plus they left behind a lot of almost full liquor bottles – woohoo! The big piece of land I wanted sold. I wasn’t sure about it anyway because it had a lot of big rocks. There is another one that I need to see. If I could catch some sleep I might feel better. I am Death On A Stick.

    In Raspberry Pi land I’m building some toys based on a Zero. They will eventually be headless. Til then I need to cram more attachments on them to set them up, so I need a hub. I shoved all kinds of electronic crap into the van so I could work on it and I’m like the kingdom without a nail.

    My Bitcoins took a hit, but I wasn’t as disappointed as I was when silver went down from $48. I really was hoping JP Morgan would have to eat its shorts back then.

  14. Goatlover says:

    Pickled some more jalapeños. Figs are also starting to ripen, so I am picking those daily. Ordered new inserts for my muck boots….hurting feet really makes it hard to farm.
    I made a batch of goat’s milk shampoo bars that are designed to help those with psoriasis. It’s a recipe I’ve come up with after researching various treatment remedies online. I’ve found 8 people with psoriasis to try the bar, free of charge, and provide feedback on its effectiveness.
    I have a 5-gallon container of mulberry wine fermenting in my guest room closet. (Berries are from my tree.) The yeast is working on all that fruity sweetness, and the room smells like someone spilled wine in there! LOL
    Starting a spreadsheet to track everything I produce over a year’s time. I’m predicting 3,000 eggs, 100 gallons of goat’s milk, and 1,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables. Should be an interesting exercise if I can get in the habit of weighing and counting everything I bring in. Keep prepping, pack. It’s a crazy world out there…

    • Goatlover,

      Here’s a recipe for folks with skin problems. Fill half pint jar with oils, add a heaping TBS of beeswax. Melt in microwave–about a minute. Let cool a bit. Then add 30 drops lavender (for not weeping skin problems) or 30 drops tea tree for weeping skin problems.

      Question: how many years did it take for your fig tree to start producing fruit? Our tree (from one gallon pot) is three years old. But no fruit.

      • Goatlover says:

        I think It’s about 4 years old now. It’s my first decent crop. Last year there were maybe 6 figs on it! This year there’s more like 50 or 60 fruit on a 5 foot tree. Thanks for the info on the oils. Tea tree is in my recipe for shampoo, along with aloe, sea salt, pine tar, and some other stuff!

      • Bam Bam and Goatlover – I have a niece that is allergic to beeswax. Any recommendations?

  15. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Good job halfway homesteader, and OP, I could not agree more- well done yall 🙂

    Okay preps, well, for past 6 months have been titrating off of medications that while necessary are possible for me to live without happy to say that I am 4 months away from no more 🙂

    Still have pain daily, Always will but not tethered to drs and the dea by default any more 🙂 plus I know how to grow or brew My own relief:):)

    Chickens have been laying good, camp trip next week!

    • Congrats Jesse. I was so glad to see that you won a prize. You have done a lot of work in your product reviews and you certainly deserved to win. Well done!

    • Jesse, Congrats to you also & I hope getting off those meds works out. I’m perhaps 3-5 months from getting off all of my anticoagulants for the aFib and I can’t wait.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        OP thats awesome, feels good to get away from “the man” that much further ya know?

        • Jesse,
          I’m not all that worried about “the man” as much as doing my best to be self reliant. I know that there are natural products that could be used to help my heart like some of the meds I’m now on; but, the anticoagulant to keep clots from aFib forming could be it and miss with herbals, and this will bring me much peace of mind. My next planned event would be in about 7 years when the pacemaker battery runs low and the device needs to be replaced; but, if I’m still alive @ 72, we’ll cross that bridge then.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            OP, for myself the meds tie me into a system i don’t want to be a part of. Rather be able to travel more, live more and worry less – soon they will be able to upgrade pacemakers too a whole new level 🙂

            • Jesse,

              soon they will be able to upgrade pacemakers too a whole new level

              I’m not sure what you mean here.
              I have a state of the art PM/AICD combination with a 7-8 year bettery life, which is much better than the old 5 year units I started with.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                OP, while not yet in the usa they are cloning replacement parts from your own cells in some parts, I’ve kept an eye on it simply because it would be nice to be fixed (spine/) combined with massive advances in nerve regrowth it could mean new hearts and or spines etc., quite soon.

                • Jesse,

                  massive advances in nerve regrowth it could mean new hearts and or spines etc., quite soon.

                  From that perspective I agree and have been following all of the gene manipulation, stems cell, etc. research; but, quite soon could still be several decades and at 66 with CHF I may not live long enough to see the rollout and implementation to the general public

                  • JD in NY says:

                    DD wants to do this and that is what she is going to school for. First it was robotic prosthetic then when she saw the lab attempting to grow a human heart she looked at us and said I found my calling. Kids like her give me hope in this generation.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      JD awesome

                      OP agreed

                    • JD,
                      My DD went into neuroscience; but, genetics at the level we have now were just in their infancy when she graduated HS in 2009.
                      We’ve seen computers & electronics advancing almost too fast to keep up; but, genetics and neuroscience are running at a pace not far behind; however, that makes sense, since each new breakthrough or discovery stands on the shoulders of the old knowledge and that old knowledge is getting deeper and wider every day.
                      My current pacemaker couldn’t have been built just 10 years ago, and in the next few months I’ll be getting a procedure to implant a passive device that will end my need for aFib anticoagulants for good.
                      I think we often look back with nostalgia at the way things were; but, we should all still realize that we do live in amazing times.

                • JD in NY says:

                  Out of curiosity I wonder if they could make a pace maker that charged a battery like those movement (kinetic) watches???? You know the kind where you move your wrist it continually charges the battery. Or in your case since your a prepper how about attaching a solar panel to the top of your head and whamo there you go! LOL just messing with ya OP 🙂

                  • JD,

                    Out of curiosity I wonder if they could make a pace maker that charged a battery like those movement (kinetic)

                    As an engineer I can see where this could be done; but, they don’t actually charge a battery; but, a super cap or high capacity, low leakage capacitor. The problem with a kinetic system is that if you go dormant long enough, then no energy is generated. For the watch that stops, it’s no big deal since you simply reset it after it starts. For the pacemaker they would find my dead carcass lying on the floor.
                    All in all the technology has gotten orders of magnitude better, with the electronics using less power and the batteries being higher energy density. Early pacemakers had a 3 year battery life which then was extended. My first pacemaker (primarily a defibrillator placed in 2007) lasted a bit more than 5 years and the current one seems to be living up to its estimated 8 year battery life based on my last device check.

          • OP–Congrats on winning for your great article. Loved reading it and learned from it too. Well done!

            • Terra,
              Thanks. I have at least one more in the pipeline; but, I’m waiting for my new propane tank installation to get some additional photos to include.

  16. Jesse Mathewson says:

    MD I am quite jealous of the cellar, Arizona homes rarely have those,though to my mind it would make sense to do so here…- very nice job! Stay safe!

    • Jesse Mathewson,

      Thank you. I’m going to post more photos of it next week.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Awesome, I am hoping to get back into my own property sooner – and a cellar I will dig! Food, ammo, everything- in Az it stays dry if not in a flood plain and than if you do it right you can work water around it- regardless great storage faculties, not to mention, if I am able to dig what I want, will have an underground 25 yard range 🙂

  17. I am taking inventory of my preps so far, mainly to figure out how much my pantry can hold.

    Also, I am labeling boxes to put my preps into.

  18. Congrats to the winners! Excellent articles all.

    Managed to plant some green beans and okra in my small raised bed. Dries out so darn fast tho on the south side of the house.

    Haven’t felt too good all week so not much accomplished. I’ve at least made a list of what I have to do (lots of paperwork and checks to write). Gotta hit BJ’s, Walmart, grocery store, plus travel to shop for a dress for a wedding in July.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Mari, don’t hit Wal-Mart too hard 😉

      Okay. So I would like to know, I am not one that enjoys fancy days (weddings etc.,) – do all ladies enjoy them?

      Regardless enjoy!

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Nope Jesse, I hate those kind of fancy do’s, I have avoided them for years.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        If I’m close to them and the wedding is within their budget, I can enjoy myself. I can’t enjoy an event that I know will take years to pay off.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          PG, this is why I love this site- realists on it-very nice actually, refreshing

        • Jesse,

          I can’t enjoy an event that I know will take years to pay off.

          Yes and unfortunately quite often longer than the marriage.
          The old pastor who married the DW and me in his living room with only both sets of parents and my two stepsons present told us that quite often the length of the marriage was inversely proportional to the cost of the wedding.
          Our total cost was perhaps $600-800 total and we just passed 35 years, so I’ll take that.

          • Prepared Grammy says:

            We’ve celebrated 34 years.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              PG- ten and happy, no desires to change 🙂

              All relationships have quibbles, however, communication honest, open and necessary works!

              • 15 for us and looking to make it 50 more but we’ll both be over 100, so probably not gonna happen.

                Have to admit I was a little nervous when we hit 12 because that’s how long the bad marriage lasted for me.

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  Six year mark here, though never married- this is also first biological child for me

                  We are very different, but very good together

          • We will be 40 years tomorrow. Not sure where the time went!

        • Ditto!

      • Hi, Jesse. Okay, I’ll go gentle on Wally’s. Nope, I’m about sick and tired of all the DP’s family’s formal weddings. Each one of events cost anywhere from $150K to $250K or more. And they’re in NYC or on Long Island. I’m disgusted with shopping for such affairs. Even the DP is sick of it. Methinks this is the last we’ll go to.

        • JD in NY says:

          Hope you feel better soon BamBam!

          • JD in NY says:

            Sorry Mari don’t know why this posted here.
            As for weddings costing 150k-250k holy cow who are they trying to impress??? Wouldn’t be me that’s for sure! I find that money ill spent like that is the kids and parents making a show of it all and how many of them end up in divorce after a few short years any ways. Nope Dh and I got married on the CHEAP and still together after 30 years. Though there are days that man can try an angel’s patience and I’m looking at the hefty bags and a shovel and thinking how long will it take me to dig 6 feet down and will I be able to move him with my back being the way it is??? LOL just kidding everyone but I bet most of you have felt like that on a day or 2 ;).
            I am glad that their was only 1 wedding I went to that was opulent (couldn’t wait to leave) and the rest have been simple affairs including some in backyards and you brought a change of clothes and had a real BBQ party that lasted till the next day. All those are still married after all this time :).

            • So far, only one couple of the super expensive weddings divorced. And that didn’t last a year ’cause the husband apparently thought he wasn’t being worshipped properly.

              I’m with you, I prefer attending a fun-filled backyard event. Or a 2-day Polish reception.

              • Zulu 3-6 says:

                I was the best man at a Polish wedding and that had to be the best wedding I ever went to (mine included). I was in the Marines then, as were the bride and groom. It’s kind of tough to dance polkas in dress blues and medals :-), but fun as heck.

            • Prepared Grammy says:

              My son and DIL were married in April. The wedding was in a barn, and we had a ball!

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Mari, smart!

          • What else is smart is that I got a perfectly acceptable long layered flowing pants and a top for $40. Too much walking thru a very big mall in sneakers blew my back out tho. And I found a layered sparkly top (didn’t get it yet) at $52 in a local store that would be great any time of year. Next up will be new fancy shoes. Yes, the kind that kill ladies’ feet. Can’t bear the pain of wearing the “old” ones yet again. See what we females suffer thru?

      • BlueJeanedLady says:

        Honestly speaking, ladyhawthorne, Joan & Jesse, I’m not so sure whether it’s a like or dislike of “fancy dos” for the ladies as much as it can be an outside expectation of what is “fancy” or “not” and whether or not any given lady really wants to participate in the “judgment” games.

        I think it’s mostly an individual choice. Personally I enjoy dressing up – all fancy – maybe for some certain occasions every few months or years or so – but I draw the line at having to “re-up” a fashion spree at each and every special event that we are (too often in our opinions) requested to attend and DH & I both mostly simply resist and desist any potential participation.

        I tend to only buy “classic” clothes for “dress-up” (I never fall prey to trends for expensive clothes) and if it’s something that I can’t wear again (besides the gawd awful bridesmaid dresses I was suckered into purchasing at a much younger age and have FINALLY donated) I just don’t bother if required to meet the status quo and bow out of any related, said “fancy” event. I’m just not that interested in keeping up with the Mrs. Jones(es) these days as my “classic” style might be dissed for being a “repeat.” (Not that I care, that much yet it still stings when some idiot female acquaintance says “I remember when you bought that dress,” as I restyle an older outfit – – – yet I just don’t want to pretend I’m playing the game that much & DH is usually happy as I void the event altogether which usually means he doesn’t have to have his “good suit” altered (either up-sized or down-sized depending upon weight gain / loss this or that year such invitation was issued) so all usually works out well for us these days.

        We’ve made a few exceptions over the years (fancy wedding attire for some relatives / friends) but I can count those times on a single hand (maybe a few extra fingers over the 30 + years we’ve been married).

        Then again, I’ve several good friends (well maybe only 3 or 4 good & forever female friends) that truly appreciate how I can make an old classic style dress new again for a special occasion (and the guys never even realize it’s something old that is simply restyled / revamped) but I usually avoid the situations that could result in attendees even snidely mentioning that my dress was worn before and the DH’s best suit was re-sized. (Again, the guys don’t seem to even notice so I mostly rest my case against the overly judgmental attitude of some women.)

        There is an old belief that women dress for men, but real life tells me that most women really dress for other women which is (IMHO) a dumb attitude for women to take and a game I’m not willing to play. Even as my husband compliments me when I “dress fancy” (and I know he means such when I do dress “real pretty” like) he’s just as likely to think I look mighty fine in those old blue jeans and that weathered, long sleeved T-shirt – – – And for that I’m grateful – – – as I think he is, too! 🙂

        • Wooo hooo,
          Party at Penny Pincher’s. I’ll bring the chips! Can someone else get the dip and handle the BBQ!

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Blue jean lady. I agree. Nothing wrong with looking good- 😉

            I like a good time, however, have never seen any benefit in debt spending to have one 😉

      • JD in NY says:

        Mari don’t listen to Jesse – hit it HARD…smack it around a few times, show it who’s boss ….hahahahahaha sorry Jesse just couldn’t resist 🙂

      • Jesse – I have a love/hate relationship with fancy dos. I do like to dress up every now and then, plus get the hubby to dress up (he looks really good). However, I despise fancy shoes and crowds. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to carry when I’m in some fancy dress and I’d rather be barefoot. Fortunately, the DD that’s getting married on the beach planned it as a barefoot do and I spent less than $100 on my dress. With proper planning, I should be able to wear it again in December too.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          GA Red, nice! Again being human is nice to look good, I guess my thing is people (crowds make me extremely nervous, flashback heck) and of course overspending -which you addresses perfectly,thank you 🙂

          • Jesse – I’ve never liked crowds and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. DD#2 has a pretty tight budget for the wedding. I did buy her dress, but I’m trying to let her pay for the rest. DD#1 is helping with the flowers which are all silk. The fiance is in charge of the low country boil for the reception. He has also volunteered to make cupcakes and I suggested a small cake from the local grocery store if they really want a “wedding” cake. We’ll see how it goes.

  19. ladyhawthorne says:

    Well since we have a president that actually endorses our 2nd amendment, my podunk Walmart actually started carrying .22 ammo again with no buying limit. I got some less expensive ones for target practice, which is all I ever do with it.

    Today I took some of my extra food to a family that is having a very hard time financially and medically. In one afternoon I am also seeing that they both came from dysfunctional families with a history of alcoholism (they don’t drink) but the mentality of don’t make waves so no one gets mad has a very deep root. So a lot of their financial woes and not being able to take care of the children’s medical issues comes from not standing up and fighting for their rights. I believe it was the right thing to do to help them today and perhaps I can talk to her more in the future to see if she will start standing up even if her husband won’t. Whether it will do any good is an iffy question but I can try and I can pray for them.

    • ladyhawthorne,

      I believe it was the right thing to do to help them today

      I absolutely agree with you on this. When I was a kid in the 1950’s & 1960’s (yes I’m old) there was very little public assistance, and what little there was, handed out staple foods like cheese and peanut butter.
      Charity came from neighbors, civic organizations and the churches, helping those who really needed the help.
      For the family of the alcoholic, there was no cash; but perhaps food or clothing like warm winter coats for the kids. Back then it really did take a village to help those downtrodden in the community; but, the government wasn’t there to make things fair! by handing cash to the family and getting it spent on booze or other items that didn’t really help the family or the kids.
      I remember my mom trading some neighbors for cheese and peanut butter, which were BTW great. She traded them whole chickens or beef roasts or bacon, with the former two items always being abundant in our freezer.

      • O.P.,
        I don’t think that stuff was actually cheese–it’s probably better to call it “cheese product”. LOL (I grew up poor.)

        • Zulu 3-6 says:

          My mom was a social worker for Wayne County, Mich (the county Detroit is in), during the 1960s. She got to see how things changed for the worse after the Civil Rights Act, etc, came into being.

          She had a number of very deserving clients on her case load, but ended up collecting a bunch of freeloaders. One of the freeloaders submitted a request for money to buy their baby a crib. Back in those days, the case worker had to make a home visit to check out the circumstances. My mom’s first question was, “What is the baby sleeping in now?” Answer: “Oh, the box the new color TV came in.” (Remember this was in the late 1960s and color TVs were extremely expensive).

          My mom denied the request, telling the client to sell the TV and use that money for a crib. The client appealed and my mom had to fight to keep her decision in force. Luckily the office supervisor agreed with her and the decision stood.

          It’s only gotten worse and my mom would probably get fired if she did that today.

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Wow, Zulu! I totally believe your comment but again, WOW! Good for your Mom for standing by her decision back in the day and like you said, lucky her office supervisor supported such. Then again, you are probably correct that had your Mom worked such a position today she probably would have been fired. Good for you for learning so well from her then work responsibilities. Again, WOW!

  20. ladyhawthorne says:

    Questions MD, why do the comments put the newest on top now? And why did I have to reload the page to make a post?

    • ladyhawthorne,

      Several other readers asked for newest comments at the top. Don’t know about the reload issue…

      • MD,
        The reload issue has to do with the checkbox that says: “I am not a spammer” and unless it is checked before typing anything on a reply, you have to reload the page and lose your work.

      • BlueJeanedLady says:

        MD – I’m not sure why readers of this site would like “newer comments” at the top because they don’t appear in chronological order by doing so but merely start atop at the next day posts (with newer comments below) regardless of what was printed – in an older first mode – the day before, thus really confusing the reader if trying to read in any type (new to old or old to new) order while making any kind of chronological sense.

        As well, please note my early a.m. (6/17/17) reply comment to Billy T which (finally) posted below Billy T’s (6/16/17) noted problem about needing to “reload” pages (and copy and save reply comments before reloading without losing such) which I believe several are having the same problem these recent days. As well, please note (my – higher on this page – 6/17/17 reply after Billy T’s 6/16/17 reply) asking “why” the “I am not a spammer” now required check is even useful. Again, I am not a spammer but if I were – – – why on earth would I claim to be so on this or any other site? I just don’t understand the purpose of such (or potential problem solving capability) at all but do tell if I’m completely clueless as to the “why” of such. As always, always willing to learn just sometimes need a heads-up as to what I’m suppose to learn.

        Honestly, I’m not trying to tell you how to run your site, MD as I couldn’t do so if you paid me but some of the very recent changes are very confusing and not at all user friendly. I could be mistaken (again I’ve erred before) but I think when someone (?) recently suggested you put newer articles at the top (versus the bottom) of your new MDCreekmore site (and yes I like the contents of such but haven’t been able to post there, either as my two replies simply disappeared – no “in moderation” notation, they just disappeared) he/she was referring to “Articles” – not necessarily individual comments under each article – on THAT site and not the comments addressed on THIS site’s headlined articles as the individual comments are added throughout the week from day to day, day AFTER day, throughout the week including extra comments beyond the initial comments. Maybe (again I’ve been mistaken before – darn it but it happens) but something very non user friendly seems to be happening on THIS site when newer comments (again not articles) day by day and not hour by hour are posted at the top of the related page.

        Please note that they only way I can make sure this comment even reaches you is to first “copy” such, then “reload” the page as now required, then “paste” such into the “reply” section, then check the box “I am not a spammer” box before “posting” such. (A whole lot more complicated procedure than previously required and again, a tad more than frustrating even as I know I’ll be “in moderation” because I’ve used your name &/or because of length, which is fine as I truly get and appreciate that point as it’s your site!)

        Again, just wanted to reiterate whatever changes you’ve made in the past week or two is inadvertently making THIS site less user friendly. I’m certain I didn’t explain it well but it is what it is so I’m just saying so. Thanks in advance for anything you can let some of us know if things just need to be reset to work better for your (site master) needs or if this difficulty in posting is considered a better plan in the long haul so that we each need to work a new learning curve in navigating such. Thanks again for you attention to this matter and best wishes for all, regardless. ~BJL~

      • It really sucks that spammers create so much work for you.

        • BlueJeanedLady says:

          Agreed, Bam Bam. Still don’t understand why a “spammer” wouldn’t check-off on such to avoid speculation but I’m guessing that’s another moot point above and beyond my understanding of how such works. Oh well.

          • I agree BJL. I had a heck of a time posting last night trying to figure out how to do it. I reloaded, then it disappeared. I agree that spammers would check the box and not admit they are spammers. I thought I was really dumb trying to figure out how to post, and others were posting….oh well, now it is asking me to reload so I better copy so I won’t lose it.
            I had to reload several times, and thank goodness I copied my text. Is something wrong with the site? Is the problem the “I’m not a spammer” box?

            • I am also having trouble. I have followed the directions and I still end up getting the reload message. Maybe because I am too slow or the post is too long. I love this site, so I will happily do whatever I have to do to make it work. It is well worth it to me. I do make it a habit now to copy my post before I push the Post Comment green bar, just in case it decides to go wonky on me.

              • IDPam & all,
                I have always typed my responses in a word processor where I can spell check, etc. and then copy into the text box.
                What appears to work for me is to click the ‘m not a spammer box before typing anything into the text box and then watching it change from Reload to Post Comment; however, sometimes this doesn’t even appear to work.
                I don’t know what kind of controls are available; but, other sites I’ve seen use the ‘m not a Robot for this kind of thing.

  21. I don’t know exactly what kind of storms you get; but, that shelter looks like a really great place for nearly any contingency and something on our bucket list here also.
    I did and acquired the following:
    1. Sunday the heat was in the high 80°’s and low 90°’s but the house remained a rather cool 75-79° and I realized that the insulation we had installed last fall was working as it should, keeping the house cool. I suspect it will be fine in the winter also; but, after the installation the winter wasn’t all that cold.
    2. Since our old lawn tractor with the mowing deck is pretty much beyond fixing, we picked up a new 54 inch zero turn mower to more easily cut the grass, which this year due to all of the rainfall, has been more like mowing hay.
    3. Watched the Grow Network: Grow Your Own Food Summit
    4. The owner of my WISP came and took down his WiFi radio and put up my new VHF/UHF antenna that is working fine and now gives me simplex coverage for this county and all adjacent on both FM and digital modes.
    5. 12 2x8x16 pavers to reset the old 1000 gallon propane tanks
    6. A small supply of 500 mg ciprofloxacin for the FAK
    7. At the local farm market:
    • A small supply of maple sugar candy
    • 1 quart of maple syrup
    • Some cucumbers
    • Some cauliflower
    Spent today at the gun club helping prepare for our annual, open to the public, free shooting sports day.
    That’s about all; but, as always, has only chipped away a little off the To Do list

  22. Posting is difficult !!!

    • Yeah. I just posted with a link in it, and instead of getting a Going To Moderation sign it just disappeared. No idea if it went to moderation or got trashed. I copied it so maybe I’ll try posting again, as when I do that by mistake I usually get a “It looks like you already posted that!”

      • Penrod,

        Did you hit “I am not a spammer”? You have to hit that and then post. The page will automatically refresh.

        • Hi Bam Bam, I think I missed that the first time, and lost the post entirely. Fortunately I’d copied it, so I think I did it right the second time. My goof.

    • For me also. I got a “reload page” message after I typed and submitted. I don’t want to retype everything. Maybe it’s working now. Oh well. Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers on here! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  23. Congratulations to the winners! Well done!

  24. Not much this week except reading the news.

    Is it any wonder the lefties are violent?

    Huffington Post is a fairly mainstream lefty news site, and this opinion article was posted there a day or two before the GOP shootings:

    Excerpt: “Draining the swamp means not only ejecting Trump from the presidency, but also bringing himself and everyone assisting in his agenda up on charges of treason. They must be convicted (there is little room to doubt their guilt). And then — upon receiving guilty verdicts — they must all be executed under the law. Anything less than capital punishment — or at least life imprisonment without parole in a maximum security detention facility — would send yet another message to the world that America has lost its moral compass. In order for America’s morality and leadership to be restored, it must rebuke Donald Trump, his entire administration, and his legislative agenda in the strongest manner possible. And nothing would do more than to convict them of the highest offense defined by our Constitution, and then to deliver the ultimate punishment. Donald Trump deserves nothing less. Mitch McConnell, Steve Bannon, and Paul Ryan should also share Donald Trump’s fate”

    In case you are wondering what passes for reasoned debate on the left: there is no excuse for debate. Just kill Trump et al. This author may be part of the flakier left, but it is in line with what a lot of lefties seem to be calling for: Violence against anyone who disagrees with them because ‘Hater!’ is the same thing as a capital crime.

    (The link takes you too an immortal GoogleCache of the original column, which HuffPo had the sense to take down. I don’t know how much they vet the opinion pieces before publishing, but it doesn’t matter a lot: HuffPo is read mostly by Dems and this is what they find there.)


    • This all promises to get a whole lot worse, in my humble opinion, especially while news media wants to create news rather than report it. What is going on with crazy protests and violence is far worse and far-reaching than the ’60’s, when the new batch of teachers were draft dodgers and preached communism. The latest batch of lefty protesters, aside from the paid violent bunch, learn this nonsense from their teachers and professors. Got one of those professors in the DP’s family.

      Perhaps the young should read about the Bolshevik revolution and its aftermath to find out what happens to those who’ve outlived their usefulness.

      In any case, I intend to ramp up prepping as clandestinely as possible. Being in NJ, tho, tends to send shivers up my spine. I have feel and almost taste trouble to come. It’ll be ugly and not limited to the snowflakes. The whole world seems about to turn itself upside down and inside out.

      • Mari,

        Perhaps the young should read about the Bolshevik revolution and its aftermath to find out what happens to those who’ve outlived their usefulness.

        Yep, Vladimir Lenin called these same people, “Useful Idiots”
        The one thing we all may have going for us, is that those on the left have always been the anti-gun folks, and even if they do manage to purchase firearms, we are the ones with the training and practice.

        • That they are! The last 8 years have been dreadful with all the deliberate devisiveness, starting at the top by a community agitator. I wish more people would read Alinsky’s Rules, which IMHO make things appear quite obvious.

          As for the nonsense from college students, if it’s any consolation, one of the DDs of my DD’s BFF said “Most of us aren’t like that.”

          • Mari,
            I’ve read that little book several times and have a pdf copy. If anyone else wants one, simply Google: “rules for radicals pdf”

            A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals
            SAUL D. ALINSKY

            Also note that the book is dedicated to the very first Radical in history, Lucifer

  25. Greg Monger says:

    I don’t know what happened, the bottom of the comment section said to reload the page and my previous posting disappeared. Not going to repeat myself, other than to say prayers to those who need them and keep on prepping folks because the world is a wild place.

  26. I’m having a real problem sending a post to this site. I’m advised that I have to reload the page, upon which I lose everything I typed. The problem cropped up in the last couple weeks or so. What’s up?

    • Now I am copying what I have typed, then reload the pace and enter the copy. At least that way works.

      • Billy T,
        This is my regular mode of operation. I copy into Microsoft word to do all of my major editing, spell checking, etc, copying little snippets of text back into the text box to add formatting features like BOLD or italics, and then copy those formatted changes back to the word processor.
        This does take a few extra steps; but, saves me the potential loss of work, sometimes just because of a website timeout or other error. It also fits my engineering OCD fastidious nature, LOL.
        Amd BTW, the offer to forward your emails to Sirius still stands and I do keep OPSEC.

    • Billy T,
      Here’s what you need to do.
      When you hit reply, don’t type anything until you check the “I am not a spammer” box and then wait until the reload page change to Post Comment.
      I’ve made MD aware of this and I think he’s looking at it.

      • Billy T says:

        Thanks OP. It was a bit perplexing, although I did create a workaround. Anyway, I’ll check the box before typing the post now!

    • Marivene says:

      Having difficulties here as well posting. It seems to work better as a reply. Congrats to the winners.

      Spent most of the week doing the usual, but have been using the small glass cloches that allow me to plant earlier to keep the water off the ant baits when I use the sprinkler. Ants are bad here this year, & I have been using the borax/sugar paste, as well as two types of commercial ant baits. I plop one down, & put a cloche over top of it, propped up with a piece of bark. So far it seems to be working. This is for areas like the garden, or the parsley bed, where I obviously cannot use ant spray & still use the crop. Normally the cloches are put away by now, since danger of frost is past, but since I have them, I am using them for this, at least for a while.

    • BlueJeanedLady says:

      Having the same posting problems, Billy T. I’ve also learned to copy before reloading (as comment will disappear every time I’m required to “reload page” which is every time I write a reply comment) but forget once in a while as that’s not routine for this site thus I lose the original comment altogether as I’ve also lost several comments (not the same as “in moderation” at all) in the last few weeks and it’s getting a bit tiresome.

      Also, I’m a bit befuddled by the “Are you a spammer?” question. Seriously? Although I am not a spammer, if I were I doubt I’d say I was when posting – – – so not really understanding that one. This is my 2nd attempt at re-writing this comment (and I’ll remember to copy and “reply” again after reloading) but this is a frustrating practice. If I’m not up to the learning curve of this new necessity I’m fine with that if someone can explain such but otherwise – – – it’s not fun.

      Just noting so – so that others describing similar problems aren’t feeling alone as I’m getting the impression from comments that do manage to post that it’s “not just me.” Sure hope this can issue can be resolved relatively soon. Thanks for any attention to this matter.

      • I’d suspect that trolls and spammers have been making a nightmare for M.D.

        • BlueJeanedLady says:

          Good point, Mari!

        • Mari,

          I’d suspect that trolls and spammers have been making a nightmare

          Actually trolls and spammers could simply check the button; but, these types of things alone with the Captcha that I really hate are typically used to thwart Robots and information collection spiders.

          • Yep, Ohio Prepper, lots of websites now require keying in a given series of numbers and/or letters to stop the auto junk.

            • Mari,
              Those distorted blocks of letters and numbers are called Captcha and with my vision issues I truly hate them.
              One interesting use of these, Captcha is that some enterprising folks put them to good use by using all of us for crowd computing. There are many ancient manuscripts with various symbols, and I saw some where that some of these symbols were being used randomly in the Captcha symbols to get a lot of people to essentially do pattern matching and voting on what some of those ancient symbols might be, in essence helping translate those old documents.

      • BJL,

        There are people who write computer programs just to mass spam websites. That takes money out of the pockets of folks who host the website. By having users check the box “I am not a spammer” the website host shuts down auto spamming.

        • Bam Bam,

          You are 100% correct. It’s amazing to me that folks would complain about clicking such a checkbox that helps this site to stay up and loading faster for them.

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Sorry if you misunderstood, MD as I wasn’t complaining about clicking such a checkbox that might “help this site to stay up and loading faster…” (even as it doesn’t load faster for me which is a moot point) as I was concerned about how much more time consuming and user unfriendly it was (for me and others that mentioned such similar quirks that I had read / imagined) to make a regular poster go through so many additional steps merely to make a reply post in a routine comment section. Again, it’s your site and your choice to do what you wish but please don’t imagine I had any intention of complaining about your choices as I was only wondering what the “new normal” might be as use of this site was becoming more complicated (slower – not faster) from at least my viewpoint. I’m good to go with your decisions because indeed it’s your site, just asking what the changes actually are and wondering how I could better adjust to the changes you’ve recently applied of which I don’t completely understand. Nothing more, nothing less.

            • MD–Your assumption of us complaining about checking a box is incorrect. It is not checking the box that’s the problem. It is when we are writing our post, we cannot post as we normally have done. Instead of “Post a Comment”, we get “Please reload this page to post a comment”–thus we lose everything we have just posted when we reload. This is a problem we are trying to let you know about–we are not whining and complaining about a new button. We are experiencing posting problems. Your response to BJL was surprising…….

              • Terra,

                There should not be any “reload the page” to post a comment.

                • But we are making you aware that there is this message when we go to post.

                  • But we are making you aware that there is this message when we go to post.

                    I don’t know how MD tests the changes; but, when I was doing website designs for control systems, I used multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, etc.) and tested each against the new code. Quite often small browser differences will behave very differently.

                • Hi, M.D. I think the problem crops up when you hit POST without checking the I am not a Spammer box. You then get a RELOAD instruction, but if you do reload, you lose your post. Since “I am not a Spammer” box is below the POST icon, you might not see it if it is below the bottom of the screen i.e. if you have scrolled down just far enough to see the POST icon.

                  • JD in NY says:

                    Actually Penrod it happens either way, whether I tick the button or not it states to reload the page. I copy what I have posted, reload and if my post is gone then I paste and send. But the button doesn’t seam to be the issue it’s just giving the reload page no matter what. MD you may want to log in as someone else in case you are not seeing what we are seeing. Just a thought

                  • BlueJeanedLady says:

                    You are partially correct, Penrod as I do lose the post after following the RELOAD instruction. My issue is that I don’t even get the POST option to begin with so I hit the RELOAD option then my post is lost. I always see the “I am not a spammer” check box as I do scroll down far enough but since the RELOAD prompt comes first, (again no POST option at all) of course that’s what I do first and unless I’ve first copied my un-posted comment it is lost. When I remember (again my “new normal” for this site) to copy I still have to find the comment of which I am replying too I must then hit the REPLY prompt again and might find – might not find (if not then I paste my reply if necessary) and continue on trying to post my initial comment. THEN I get the 15 second “countdown” and only after it counts down, the PLEASE RELOAD instruction changes to a POST prompt. I then check the “I’m not a spammer” box and after that hit the POST prompt. Happens the same way every time.

                    • BlueJeanedLady says:

                      Correction: Last sentence “Happens the same way every time,” should read “Happens the same way MOST every time.” My apologies.

                    • BlueJeanedLady,
                      This is what seems to work consistently for me.
                      Click Reply
                      Click the Not a Spammer box before doing anything else, at which point the box counts down and converts to a Post Comment.
                      ONLY Then can you start typing or copying your reply into the text box.

                    • BlueJeanedLady says:

                      Hello, OhioPrepper! We ran out of room with the “reply” prompts (too many in this thread) but I hope you see this as I respond to your comment,

                      This is what seems to work consistently for me.
                      Click Reply
                      Click the Not a Spammer box before doing anything else, at which point the box counts down and converts to a Post Comment.
                      ONLY Then can you start typing or copying your reply into the text box.

                      I tried such for an unrelated comment I made earlier this a.m. under this WDYDTPTW thread – clicking on the “I’m not a scammer” box first before even typing a response – but it did not change the RELOAD prompt to a POST (or even a countdown prompt) prompt at all so I’m still just planning on copying every response (so I don’t lose it) as the new practice just seems to be my “new normal” here for now. So it goes!

                      I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m complaining as I’m really just trying to describe a problem I’m having that I don’t believe is unique to me (so many others on this site have also mentioned they were having similar posting problems) but I did want to thank you, OP, for a potential solution for me to try.

                      Also, OP, I do understand what you are saying about how different browsers can cause small differences (I’ve no clue how the different browsers work yet it makes sense to me that all are not equal) but I use FIREFOX which I thought was a pretty darn compatible browser across the spectrum. However, if you know otherwise just give me a head’s-up and I’ll keep an open mind! 🙂

                      Again, thanks so much for your suggestions, OP. I guess I’ll just keep copying and pasting as necessary in the meanwhile and that’s okay as long as it works. 🙂 Keep taking care and staying smart & safe.

                    • BlueJeanedLady,

                      Hello, OhioPrepper! We ran out of room with the “reply” prompts (too many in this thread) but I hope you see this as I respond to your comment,

                      No problem, since I get all post updates as emails and troll through them as I get time and additionally had to post this the same way you did.
                      As it turns out my consistent way of posting still doesn’t work all of the time.
                      I click the spammer button; see the countdown and post button and it seems that if I take too long the button reverts back to the reload button.
                      When I mentioned multiple browsers, I was only talking about when I was developing web applications and I do very little of that anymore.
                      I use Firefox for browsing and Thunderbird for email and have been very happy with both, since the teams keep these things up to date.
                      The only place where I have to use I.E. (MS Internet Exploder) is when accessing our county GIS system which uses a MS only extension called Silverlight, and I try and avoid that also
                      Because of my vision issues I always compose in a combination of the text box for applying formatting tags like BOLD and a word processor to help with spelling and grammar. I also use my Text to Speech as a final check before the final copy, paste, and post.

                    • JP in MT says:

                      My latest responses have seen something similar. I click the “not a spammer” box and his post. Then I have to hit the refresh arrow on the address bar. My comment then reappears and I can then post it.

            • BJL–you weren’t complaining. There has been a problem posting for nearly everyone. I first thought it was me, then I started reading that everyone is having problems.

              • BlueJeanedLady says:

                Thanks, Terra. You and OhioPrepper both reiterated my concerns much better than I apparently did in the first place! 🙂

                • I was making our host aware as you did and he developed an attitude. Just trying to help, then we are suddenly complainers. People do not have to hurt feeling here…….

          • clicking such a checkbox that helps this site to stay up and loading faster for them.

            It isn’t the act of clicking the checkbox; but, the inconsistency of what happens when you do.
            Most of the time when I click it the Reload button counts down and turns into a Post button; but, not every time.

            • Well said OP. You said it much better than I could

              • Chuck Findlay says:

                I just don’t post as much when it’s more work and filled with problems like post disappearing into the either, the annoying count down timer and the reload thing.

                I understand there are issues to deal with, but it’s not as user friendly and that’s going to have an effect on post traffic as it frustrates people.

                Just look at all the post above voicing frustration with this issue.

  27. Settling back in after our trip. Scored a perfect motor with which to motorize the Country Living grain mill. Now just need a 2.5 inch pulley to go with the mandrill so I can reverse the rotational direction. Got a neat little AC/DC blower from Goodwill for $3. I want to build a forge and am also toying with the idea of a wood gasifier. The blower will work for either. Got a roll of 4 mil black plastic from HD.

    • Sorry, I neglected to congratulate the contest winners. Great articles!!
      Also bought a couple hundred of the CCI .22 all copper rounds. I was intrigued by the 1850 fps muzzle velocity. Turns out the copper bullets are only 21 grains vs 40 grains for most LR HP rounds. Still, they are fast and I’m going to see what they will do.

      • Billy T,
        While cross sectional density of the bullet does play a roll, the basic energy equation is E=MV2 (M V squared) or M x V x V, so the energy goes up exponentially with the speed, so those little guys might work quite well for some applications.
        21 gr x 1850 x 1850 yields 71872500 Gr Ft squared.
        Where a more standard round 40 Gr x 1200 x 1200 yields 57600000
        Gr Ft squared or about 1.25 times more energy from the smaller, faster round.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          One thing to remember, with 2 exceptions I have yet to see commercially manufactured ammunition live up to its claims of speed/ additionally there is test barrel length and twist as well as rifling pattern, all which affect speed.

          Handguns for instance rarely see full round potential development with say wmr, or ultra fast loadings like velocitor/aguila hyper etc., however, there are powders available that change that (caliber specific/ 9×19 etc., loadings)

          Regardless, that’s a fast round and will generate more overall joules/ftlbs* of energy from a rifle (16″+ barrel) I would expect, for sufficient burn-

          *joules is not equal too ftlbs but is a comparable measurement of energies generated

          • Billy T says:

            Thanks guys. Points well made. You obviously have tons more knowledge on this topic than I! My .22 rifles are Ruger 10/22s and I’m only interested in the comparative performance of the CCI rounds vs the Remington ammo already stocked. As to actual vs advertised performance, I think CCI is pretty good. Hopefully, their ammo is consistent from one round to another!

            • Billy T,
              I think Jesse makes some good points.
              I sold my AR platforms since my vision doesn’t work with them; but, I’ve kept my TC Contender with the .223/5.56mm barrel so I still kept some of that ammunition.
              On point worth noting, is that TC with a 14” barrel out performs every AR I’ve tested it against by at least 200 FPS.
              Different twist; but, more importantly a sealed breach.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                OP, and BillyT,

                Sealed breach, definitely will generate more pressure, eg., better performance also, isn’t it a 1/12 rh –

                CCI has been decent (especially their defensive lineup- Speer) for tolerances and quality, the only American ammunition i will buy to stock anymore sadly:( – hornady had some bad lots As well- and don’t get me started on federal 🙂 Remington- I don’t touch [this is .22lr not centerfire]

  28. Still clearing fence lines. Man what a bunch of tangled viney obstinate bunch of junk that grew up when I was looking. It was only 27 years ago that I cleared it and put the original fence up. How could this happen in just 27 years? If anyone here is subscribed to my YouTube channel, I will be giving away two custom BC knives when I reach 35,000 subscribers. Stay tuned if you want to enter! Now I’m off to get gas for lawn mowing. I can’t believe how much gas my new mower uses. Way more than my old one! Have a great week y’all!

    • LOL, Bctruck, ya put a grin on my face & I’m chuckling to myself.

    • Hi BcDude, Yer problem is likely all the Hybrid Double Extra Fast Growing Tangly Obstinate Viney Stuff you likely bought on the cheap from some purveyor of such low rent kinda GMO stuff like Slippery Louie’s Garden Shop & Investment Art Gallery, or maybe got the remainders left over from the filming of Little Shop of Horrors ’cause you’re yer basic Do it Yerself, Repurpose, ReUse, Tightwad-type individual.

      On the other hand, maybe yer GrandMaw Truck has spent every weekend for the last 27 years slipping some left over bone meal from her GrandMaw Truck’s World Famous Hickory Smoked Looter Bacon and Hickory Smoked Looter Jerky into yer fence line and the added calcium just made everything explode in appreciation. You might ask her when she’s in a good mood an’ yer well armed.

      • I think it was probably slippery Louie. Grandmas real careful with that bonemeal. Much of it goes back to the hogs whom she harvests that delicious bacon from. Oddly, the hogs never seem to be fewer in number,,,,,,,,oh well, got to flip the bacon. Later.

        • BcDude, GrandMa bein’ Grandma, thrifty and all that, it is possible that she is a trifle short on raw materials for GrandMaw Truck’s World Famous Hickory Smoked Looter Bacon and is substituting an undoubtedly FDA-approved ingredient in her product, which should in that case technically be called GrandMaw Truck’s World Famous Hickory Smoked Burglar Bacon, them being easier to get a hold of in relatively decent times. No matter: The secret is in the smoking and Both are DeeeLicious!

        • Penrod & all,
          I think you’re all overlooking the really most obvious problem here.
          Too many of these weeds have vross pollinated with the lowly Kudzu, at which point they simply take over.

          • We’re not even allowed to say that word here unless we include “whom God hated” directly after.

            • Hey, Bc, I just checked out the Wikipedia entry for that k-word plant. Clothing, annamool feed, jelly, medicine, camouflage, it seems that it isn’t a totally destructive Spawn of Satan, not that ennybody but a Prepper would see any upside to it, mind you. I wonder if it can be distilled…

  29. Overwatch says:

    Hello all,

    As a history buff, I did some research after hearing a comment on the radio. The guest stated that the tone of our nation’s political rhetoric is as bad as Spain’s was in the lead up to their civil war. The parallels are amazing. Left and Right polarizing while absolutely demonizing the other side. I’ve started discussing this with some lodge brothers whom I trust implicitly.
    Bought an old fashioned coffee percolator. Still organizing garage and dad’s old tools. Getting more shelving from a local Ocean State Job Lot for the extra room upstairs. Training my tenant (another lodge brother) to shoot. I’ve already shown him the light regarding freedom and liberty. I took him to the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston to show him the real birthplace of our Republic. He’s coming to our NRA firearms safety class next month ( a prerequisite to get an LTC in our benighted Bolshevik leaning state). Great having him around. He’s good to my kids too.

    • Overwatch,

      I am a history buff too. I learned something new this week. The phrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships” was coined by the government in order to account for the number of ships that were sunk just off the East coast. They came up with this propaganda because they wanted to hid the fact that German U-boats were sinking the ships. It wasn’t folks talking; it was the German’s sinking the ships.

      It’s only a conspiracy theory until it is proven true.

    • BlueJeanedLady says:

      Hey and hi Overwatch.

      I have one of my parents old electric percolator coffee pots. (A corning ware product, approximate 1960s era.) I also have another 1940’s style glass stove-top percolator coffee pot my in-laws once owned. Then again, I’ve two, more modern day “coffee maker electrical style pots that DH & I have purchased and yet another campfire steel / ceramic pots for decent camp style coffee. DH (who has since stopped drinking coffee) jokingly once asked me if we had too many coffee pots. “Oh no, no, no!” I proclaimed as he wondered if we should reduce our inventory a bit.

      “I’m gung ho on reducing some of our carb count food stuff you’ve also reduced as we consistently review our ‘food stash’ but I ain’t giving up my coffee brewing options in any way shape or form.”

      He grinned and I kept all of my coffee pots . . . So all remains well! 🙂

      • Overwatch says:

        I got an enamel one. I’m going to need coffee when the SHTF. Mrs. Overwatch will figure out the proper ratio of coffee and water for our taste. Gotta be Dunk’s though. Up here, there’s one every hundred yahds or so. We’re wicked addicted.

        • MaineBrain says:

          You mean “up heeyah,” of course.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          I have found to swap from drip to perk coffee you will need the paper filters and almost double the amount of coffee, for the ame quality coffee… using expresso helps somewhat/ so that is why you really need paper filters to use in old time baskets,.. unless you like coffee grounds.

          • Overwatch says:

            Thank you for the tip. I would never have thought of that. Just have it for grid down emergencies.

      • BJL – you can never have too many ways to make coffee – you just never know when one of your coffee makers will go out on you. I have an electric percolator and a pour over maker as back-up. I love the pour over as it makes really good coffee, but it’s too time consuming for every day use. After the advent of drip makers, my mom started using a filter in her percolator to reduce the amount of grounds making through the basket. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever use the percolator.

        • GA Red,
          My wife insists on many ways to make her coffee, they are Brian will make it when I tell him, Chris will make one once a week begrudgingly, I can nip to Costas as part of the shopping mission hydration and work has a free coffee machine. Notice there don’t seem to be a plan for her making coffee herself !
          As to shopping,
          Sent her off into town to buy some M5 wingnuts for our camping tripod BBQ and fire thing. I thought the wingnuts would be better than needing two wrenches (I think you call them) to put it together in the field.
          I looked up the store on there www page and found they had the right wingnuts.
          Off goes the wife and returns an hour later. I asked Karen for the wingnuts so I can run a tap through the hole to make sure the threads run clean.
          “Oh I didn’t buy the nuts” says my beloved wife, “What’s in the store bag then ?” I asked.
          She then pulled out a rigid plastic pint drinking mug with plastic screw top lid with a big plastic drinking straw going through the lid.
          I asked her what was that for and she happily tells me that she and my daughter Sarah thought it would be perfect for keeping flies and critters out of her Vodka and Coke.
          I think I see the direction our prepping and survivalism is heading 🙂


          • Bri – I don’t think your wife would survive with my hubby. He doesn’t even know how to make my coffee, but knows I need it before I can string sentences together in the morning. Best of luck!

        • BlueJeanedLady says:

          Hey GA Red – – – Ya know, it’s funny but I haven’t recalled such for decades until you made a reference to such but I remember my Mom (with the old 1960s era corning ware electric percolator pot) pouring her hot coffee from the electric percolator pot (again I was a mere child back in the day) through a small handheld, wire mesh strainer. I remember asking mom once what she was doing and she simply stated, “I’m straining out some of the coffee grounds that don’t seem to be caught in the coffee ground container of the pot because I don’t like coffee grounds in my coffee.” Made some kind of sense to me at the time so I never asked her about such again.

          I really had no idea what she was talking about but she reacted so calmly and so matter-of-factly that I didn’t think twice about it at the time.

          Al these years later I’m realizing I’ll need more paper filters (or more small sized wire strainers) to enjoy any of the coffee from her old corning ware electric percolator and/or the even older stove top glass percolator (both with strainer like containers for the coffee grounds that seemed good-to-go at the time as I inherited from my folks & my in-laws with the potential to reduce the coffee ground mess!) I think I expected less of the camp fire pot from the get go . . . but still . . . how funny that I grew so much older before truly understanding such as DH & I’ve lived with drip coffee makers and paper filters for so many decades now! 🙂

          Thanks for the grins and the heads-up, GA Red, to either buy more paper filters or more single serving small wire mess strainers for a possible change of lifestyle as we now know such might occur. As a full fledged, adult, coffee addict these days – I’m taking your comments seriously (?!?) and so glad I read such comments of yours and others, thoroughly! Ha, ha, ha! 🙂 Happy coffee dates for all, now and forever amen! ~BJL~

          • BJL – I’m not a fan of asparagus, but my ex used to use an older corning percolator pot for cooking it. They have many uses.

            • I’m not a fan of asparagus, but my ex used to use an older corning percolator pot for cooking it.

              My DW had never had Asparagus until a few months ago when we were gifted some, and now she can’t get enough. Lightly roasted with olive oil and some garlic powder or scapes and it is good stuff if you don’t wait too long to harvest it and it gets woody.
              Our old patch died off and the new patch probably won’t be ready until next year so we are currently at the mercy of friends for it.

    • Overwatch, always good to study history. Seems only the names change. I think “may you live in interesting times” is about to kick the whole world in the butt.

    • Overwatch, I’ve invited a coworker to join me at the range so he can get in some practice. His missus will be happy that he blows off some ammo. No doubt he’ll replace it w/o her knowing.

  30. cndnathan says:

    Hi Md,
    great blockfort!
    What will you put on as a roof ??

    Does anyone have any good resources to suggest for reading on choosing and or building the correct rounds for optimum stabilization (30 cal projectile)

  31. Congratulations to the winners!
    I had an Amazon gift card that I used to get a solar charger and power pack to charge phones and devices (thinking of hurricanes). I made sure all my e-books were downloaded on my devices so they would be available without internet.
    I also ordered a 1 pound bag of fruit pectin from Amazon.
    I have picked and froze close to five gallons of my sister’s blackberries and will need to take some back to her freezer as mine is getting full. I found a blackberry pie filling canning recipe on-line and might try that this year for Christmas gifts.
    I am still picking blueberries, squash and tomatoes and freezing them. I got some of the frozen tomatoes back out of the freezer last weekend and made 11 jelly jars of salsa using Mrs Wages mix. I water-bathed 8 and will have to eat up the other 3 jars soon so will need to buy more chips.
    OK, I hate to complain but trying to post is kind of annoying.

  32. JP in MT says:


    Finished up my 1st 2 EMP buckets. Article sent in.

    DW working extra hours on the company-wide software upgrade (of course she’s salaried). So, she won’t be attending the gun show with me (just the dog!).

    The latest “prepper” project is setting up a hitch-mount cargo basket to put my E3000is generator on the rear bumper of my trailer. I got all the parts I think I need last week. This weekend I assembled 90% of the basket. I have a piece of plywood that I’m going to put between the generator and the basket (90% cut). Monday is the generator service and measurement of the bolt holes that the wheel set is bolted to. Tuesday: (bad weather day) prepping the wood and bought more hardware. Wednesday: Final finish on the wood, drill the mounting holes, removed the spare tire mount (will eventually go to the front), and installing the bolt on bracket for the rack (2” bracket w/1.25” adapter) on top of the bumper rather than under it. Thursday: Final fitting of the basket. GS1 and I spent 3.5 hours fitting, re-drilling, up and down lifting of the generator. We were finished by 2:30 PM! I can add a 5-gallon fuel can to each side, and when fully fueled we’ll have 40+ hours of run time (we usually use it 3-4 hours per day) and under 250 pounds of weight (basket rated at 500 lbs.).



    We are having our natural gas system reworked. The company contacted us as it is part of a neighborhood renovation. We will lose access to the alley (therefore the garage) behind out house for 4-6 weeks in 3-4 weeks. We had to do a lot of moving of supplies, erecting screens etc. to avoid unwanted questions. I did learn that our gas system is independent of the grid. Nice to know information, at least for short term outages. Someone with more experience with how these systems provide gas to homes might be better able to explain it.


    For the homestead: large muffing pans (for single-serve home-made biscuits)

    Medical: Vodka, 100-proof, 750ml: 1

    Home-prepped food: dehydrated potatoes

  33. Congratulations to the three winners. I enjoyed all of the articles and totally agree with the selections. This week I visited Costco and picked up more frozen organic green beans, peas, corn and squash to be dehydrated. I also shopped locally and bought some fresh organic carrots, onions and celery to be dehydrated as well. I will be canning beef and pork in small containers, since there is just me. I am the queen of soups and one dish meals, so I will be well set with a good supply of healthy foods. A questions for you dehydrators. I was planning on making various dried vegetable combinations and using my Food Saver to package them meal sized portions, to save space and free up my canning jars for other uses. I read on line somewhere that the dried products would poke holes in the bags. Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with sealing this way? What about double bagging them. That would still be better than using jars. Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      IDPam thank you!

    • IDPam,
      I’ve never had a problem with food poking through the foodsaver bags, however the Reveal brand bags (I think that’s the name) have been an issue with me. You’re gonna want to put your dehydrated goodies somewhere, like a box or a bucket, so you don’t accidentally step on them, they will puncture then. Also, keep your stash away from the pets. I still remember my dog with a bag of dehydrated carrots between his paws just drooling on them and then him licking his chops as he munched away.

      • Sirius, thanks so much for the good news. They will be packed in a bucket. Had to laugh about your carrot eating dog. While I was filling up the dehydrator with raw sliced carrots, I managed to drop three slices on the floor. I called the dog and pointed at them. He picked one up and went to his bed in the other room. Repeated for the other two slices. Later in the evening I noticed three slices of carrots put nicely all in a row. I guess he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I feed him a raw diet, and he knew darned well that orange thing didn’t qualify.

        • BlueJeanedLady says:

          Ha, ha, ha and thanks IDPam & Sirius for both of the funny dog foodie adventures of your canine companions concerning their different carrot capers.

          I have a related story concerning banana chunks with two of my big fur boys. Although I never fed a true “raw diet” to any of my giant breed OEMs they all got a good selection of various raw meats & fresh veggies and fruits to supplement their regular kibble.

          One day I cut two peeled bananas in half, alternately giving these two furs a big chunk – one bite – one big gulp per serving for each. Older dog would eat anything – and I mean anything. (He actually had to spend a night in vet med – multi hour barfing scare before we figured out what he had eaten – after striping a small mulberry bush of it’s leaves once.) Younger dog was a more of the picky eater type but never wanted to give up eating opportunities to the older one – – – just cuz, I suppose! 🙂

          Tossed the older one half of the banana, first. He chomped twice and swallowed. Tossed the younger one the other half and he quickly spit it out. Older dog snatched it up from the floor and ate it, too. So be it! 🙂

          Then I gave the older dog his next half and once again he devoured such. Last I gave the younger dog his other half but he did not spit it out this time but he didn’t chew or swallow it either – – – instead he ran with it to his open kennel and remained in kennel in a rather “pouting” mode. I guessed he was hoping for something better than a banana half for his second serving. Older dog followed the younger into the same room but did not violate the sanctity of the other dog’s occupied kennel and just laid down – in the same room – facing the younger one’s kennel as the younger one fell asleep guarding the uneaten last banana half.

          Honestly dogs can crack me up with their individual quirks. What a joy they can be.

          I laughed about it – forgot about it – and about 20 – 30 minutes later went through the room asking both doggies to come outside with me. Younger one quickly got up and ran out the door ahead of me. Older one waited til the younger one headed out the back door and then slowly sauntered into the now empty kennel.

          I’ll be darned if that older dog didn’t have the actual intent of waiting for the younger one to become otherwise occupied as I literally laughed out loud when the older one calmly walked into the now empty kennel to snatch that hoarded & forgotten banana half before he would exit the back door with me! What a hoot! 🙂

          Gotta love the fur family members, don’t ya!

          • JD in NY says:

            Oh man do I know what you mean! Our old pup that died last year loved everything BUT corn/peas and carrots. I always mixed in veggies in her bowl for extra nutrients but she would literally move them around her bowl until all her other food was gone and then look at me. I just stood there with my arms folded and told her you do not leave this kitchen until you finish your veggies! Well she would look at me and SIGH then pick up one piece and eat at it, wag her tail like see mom I ate my veggies and try to sneak off. DH would look at her and say you better listen to mommy and eat your veggies and she literally ROLLED her eyes at him, sign a very long sign then ate them and pouted off. Her personality was like having another big kid in the house LOL. Still miss her though I do love my pups whom also have their own quirks about what they eat and how they act :). Like you said gotta love the fur family members 😀

  34. JD in NY says:

    Hey all! First and foremost I want to wish every Dad out there a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Toughest job in the world is raising kids and if you did your best, stuck around through think and thin, and you believed in your heart being there for your child meant more for them then you not being there then GOD BLESS YOU! It’s easy to walk away and have someone else take care of your responsibilities but that’s not being a parent, being a parent means dedication and too few people in this world have that. So Thank You for being a DAD!
    I forgot to mention that in the last month I earned my Shotgun and Rifle instructor certs and my RSO certs. DD and YDS also earned theirs (juniors) so now everyone in our family is certifiable LOL (didn’t need a class to know that hahahahaha). This week has been very hot and dry had to keep watering the garden early in the morn just to stop my babies from drying out, did loose a few pepper plants but I’m in the process of planting more. Finally rained Thursday YEAAAA and it’s supposed to rain today but in the 90’s today and tomorrow so not happy about that. Don’t know how you people do it down in the hot states I’m flippin’ dying here. It rained so much prior to this past week that the farmers are JUST getting in their crops. The farmer who rented out our land (yes we decided to let someone rent again) asked till what time could he go till and DH laughed and said go all night if you want you won’t bother us, so he did plow till 4am. He disked yesterday and today he’s planting corn (no roundup as his cows are organic and he feeds his cows and animals with it). My garden is pretty much planted with 200 tomato plants, 100+ peppers of dif. var., lots of cukes, squash – dif. var., 200+ onions, pumpkins, 100+ potato plants, lettuce, radishes, 50 bush beans, lots of herbs, some odd things (for us) like eggplant, bokchoy, etc that I like but the family doesn’t really care for. I know there are other things planted but I have brain dust and can’t remember. The farmer is planting several large rows of sweet corn for DH so I don’t have to :). All my root veggies will get planted in August as they grow better for me here in the fall then in the spring, plus I’ll plant peas, spinach, brocolli raab and all the other cool weather veggies to keep us going till the winter hits. I have tried doing the row covers to keep going through the winter but we get so much snow that they collapse so that’s 4 season garden doesn’t work for me 🙁 . DH repaired 2 garden tractors and is just waiting on some parts to finish up so I can use one for what I want. It’s a 70’s cub cadet and smaller then his big one but will make it easier for me to do homesteading stuff with. Speaking of homesteading we have 2 new members that we added Tuesday…2 piglets :D. they are going in the freezer this winter and I’m happy, happy, happy! So glad I learned how to make sausage earlier this year it will so come in handy. Purchases are light as we are broke LOL but did manage to pick up 3 cases of veggies that were on sale for 39cents a can. Been basically building things with materials on hand and in the middle of totally dismantling an old portable garage that’s torn up and getting rid of anything not being used. I’m finished with the front of the house garden and I put in a bunch of perennial flowers and a water feature (didn’t cost me a thing as I made it from large rocks I found and we had an old small solar pump that I’m using now not that is prepping to most but it makes me happy and to me that is a prep because you just need pretty things in your life to make it all bearable. I did pick up things that I did not buy but were given. Several expensive solar lights that a neighbor was tossing because they didn’t work anymore, took them home and cleaned them up and all but 2 work great. The 2 that don’t just need batteries and next time I’m in town I’ll stop at the dollar store and grab 2 lights and use those batteries ;).
    DD just called and said she got another part time job which she’s thrilled about as she needs a new laptop for school and other things. It’s minimum wage but they told her if she wanted she could have 30 hours a week and it won’t interfer with her other job she only works a few days a month at so she’s a happy camper. I also have wonderful news I have so far lost 5 of the 10lbs that I seemed to have accumulated over the past 15 years! Like BC I have no clue when this could have occurred …..I’m blaming fat ferries :). But I’m eating better, less sugar and lots of water plus school calisthenics (jumping jacks, jumping rope, squats, push up, situps, etc) and I’m walking farther so it’s working and I’m feeling skinny hahahahahaha.
    Well I think my post is to long and I better quit but I want to send prayers out to all of you Packmates for a wonderful week and to all of you in camo and blue extra angels to protect you in this crazy insane world! PEACE

    • JD,

      so now everyone in our family is certifiable LOL (didn’t need a class to know that hahahahaha)

      I’ve been certifiable in 10 disciplines for about 25 years and it doesn’t get any better. Many students are still clueless and many young guys even more so.
      At least here in Ohio the certified pistol instructor credentials are all you need to qualify for our CHL (Concealed Handgun License).
      How does NY fair in this regard.

      • JD in NY says:

        OP no you have to have your CHL BEFORE anything that pertains to pistols. Unfortunately every single county puts in their own additions to become a certified pistol instructor so just because you can teach in one county doesn’t mean you can teach in another. Some restrictions to teach in some counties are seriously ridiculous. I didn’t bother becoming a pistol instructor to much hassle!!!
        OH and my bad I meant to congratulate the winners great job all of you!!!

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          OP- love it

        • JD,
          Here in Ohio any instructor with certification from a nationally known organization can teach the CHL class. All of my certifications are with NRA; but, for handgun only, we have some with the USCCA certification and a few with OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy).
          I’ve also taught instructor classes to more than a few Boy Scout and 4H leaders, since we have a lot of shooting sports here.

          • JD in NY says:

            DH has all his certs from NRA, NY, USCCA and a couple of counties where the county police decide if you can teach or not. He also teaches scouts, 4h and the school trap league.+ he’s on the board of the local BSA shooting sports council….guess you can say he loves teaching safety and the art of shooting especially to kids :). BUT like I said certs or not you HAVE to have you CCL before you even think about instructing anyone or touching a pistol period. The joys of NY

            • JD,
              For non instructors here in Ohio you only need to take an 8 hour course, submit an application with a fee, and pass a background check.
              They recently made changes to the law to include NICS as part of it, so a CHL can be used to bypass NICS; however, the DW and I missed this and won’t have the new CHL until mid next year. It’s not been a real problem since passing NICS has never been an issue for either of us.
              My biggest problem with the way we do things is convincing people that they really need to get some additional training beyond the basics required for the license.
              I’m working with several folks right now to provide some training in light tactical.; but, wish more people would feel the need for more training.
              OTOH, we don’t need people like your Charles Schumer setting the rules either, and BTW, why do you all keep sending him and his ilk back to congress.

              • JD in NY says:

                LOL I Never voted for chuck-u schumer or his ilk, never would. The people that voted for him are the same that voted for hilderbeast because we, the conservatives, are nutz for wanting the smaller gment and to abide by the Constitution. I doesn’t help that NY has open borders were anyone can come here drive right up to the closest welfare office and get their freebees. Talk about living within a budget and TPTB tell the sheeple that those (us) are going to take away all your free stuff and your kids are going to starve. Happens every election and those who are wearing their a$$hats vote in the same people just so they don’t have to work for money. One of my kids did a research paper on how much welfare pays you to live and the figures were astounding, between free money for rent, utilities, food, medical, phones, heap, food pantries, clothing vouchers, and everything else I would have to work 80-100 hours a week just to come close but I get to pay taxes and the free stuff is also tax free so yea me! That’s why we want out of here as soon as we can.

                • JD,
                  I’ve seen similar breakdown of the figures and it comes to a pretax income something like $70,000+.
                  I did collect gubment money once in the past when I received unemployment while seriously looking for work. More than half of my current income comes from SS; but, since I paid over $300,000 into that I don’t let it bother me.

                  • JD in NY says:

                    Unemployment and SS are NOT welfare as we pay for those things all our working lives. It’s not gubment money it’s OUR money that we are forced to pay each and every paycheck. Never feel like your on the public dole because you received Unemployment and/or SS.

                    • In GA, unemployment is paid by the business, not the individual so I haven’t been paying for it my whole career.

                    • GA Red,

                      In GA, unemployment is paid by the business, not the individual so I haven’t been paying for it my whole career.

                      I would respectfully disagree.
                      Unemployment, Workman’s Compensation, ½ of the FICA, along with all benefits are paid by the employer on your behalf and are part of your total compensation and if the employer did not have these additional costs, they could be paid to you in more salary, wages, and benefits.
                      When I talk about paying more than $300K into SSI some in the past have said that I only pay half of it, and it falls under the same concept as far as I’m concerned; plus in my case, I’ve made a fair amount of money over the years as a self employed consultant and paid both halves of the SSI.
                      All money is fungible and that paid to someone else on your behalf is still technically out of your pocket.

                    • OP – as an accountant, I see them as part of the cost of doing business, not necessarily part of the “total compensation” package. Also, when I’ve been self-employed, there was no unemployment insurance so I definitely wouldn’t consider it part of total compensation. Just a different view.

                    • GA Red,
                      I’m not an accountant; but, only an engineer who has started several businesses with employees from a few, to one that now has more than 40, and from my perspective, every little niggle of tax or licensing paid to some government agency is less money to be spent on the employees.

                    • JD in NY says:

                      GA Red there is no unemployment for self employed people so that would be a moot point.
                      As some one who has been self employed and had several employees every dime I spend on an employee is considered part of my budget for that person. Yes it is part of doing business but s is having an employee. Say I only have budgeted $50,000 for 1 employee, I will consider how much this employee is going to cost me in my said costs to legally employ this individual and then compute how much salary to offer this person to keep my budget intact. I can not offer a person $50,000 then pay out another 15-25k in taxes, health ins., etc.. and expect to keep my $50,000 budget that is unrealistic. So yes when I work for someone else I am very much aware of the cost of doing business and how much more money I would make if a company didn’t have to put it up so I can stay employed. Unemployment, SS, medicare, vacation days are earned by you working a certain amount of days, weeks, years because if you didn’t work you would not receive unemployment, vacation time (different states have their own rules about qualifying for SSI I believe). But basically if you worked for someone it’s not welfare you earned it was my point.

    • Congrats on the certs.
      We had so much here in NJ that I couldn’t plant when I needed to. Now it’s so hot & humid that I don’t even want to go outside, much less mow the lawn (aka weeds). Shouldn’t anyway ’cause my lower back is hurting like crazy. Maybe if I hold off a few hours, I won’t be able to mow because we’re going to have 3 days worth of thunderstorms. Haha.

      • JD in NY says:

        I know Mari it’s been just a fun spring hasn’t it 😉 . Today it’s 95 here and humid as heck. Today I emptied the dehumidifier already once and I know I’ll have to do it again in a few hours oh well it could be -30 and six feet of snow so I’m not complaining :D. Hope your back feels better and if you don’t get the lawn mowed then oh well it’ll be waiting on you after the rains AS ALWAYS LOL

        • Yeah, JD, it does kinda beat snow (a 4-letter word). I managed to get to the store long enough to get some Tylenol. That and a few hours rest got rid of a lot of pain. Did some watering. Maybe I’ll do the little raised bed again. Some of the okra popped up, no beans yet. Go figure. Maybe some little hoops would be in order. Hope what I have works ’cause I don’t know where the DP hid the wire cutters (I cut down hold coat hangers.)

          • JD in NY says:

            Mari not to be nasty or anything but has DP been tested for having a stroke or dementia or anything of that nature? I ask because he is acting out like some people I know who have had brain issues like those I have mentioned. My neighbor gets down right nasty and blames everything on his kids when things don’t go right and he was never like this before and I have known him for 25+ years. He has the start of dementia where he has good days then it’s like being bi-polar with no meds, so not fun to be around if you get my meaning.

            • He’s had a couple of minor strokes, but those aren’t the issue. He’s just a spoiled former city boy who has absolutely no clue about country living. Totally befuddled as to what goes on in a garden. At least he’s been having “fun” cleaning up the lot he bought next door. Probably be the death of him. And too much time in front of the TV vs doing things.

              Considering how poor his family was when he was a kid (hey, all the Italian families in Brooklyn were poor, so nobody realized they were poor), you’d think he’d appreciate having a stash of necessities. At least he’s more accepting of minimal prepping than he was a couple of years ago.

              • JD in NY says:

                You know Mari maybe he sees you buying food for just in case as a flash back to his poor child hood. People relate differently to their pasts and he might just think we’re going to be poor if you buy extras, as if you buying more food and having it around might cause it to happen. Have you ever asked him pointedly why he’s so negative towards you putting food up for a rainy day? Might be an interesting answer

                • JD & Mari,

                  Have you ever asked him pointedly why he’s so negative towards you putting food up for a rainy day? Might be an interesting answer

                  Or it might be a combination of normalcy bias and not wanting to face the bad times of the past. When I see people with hard childhoods, especially if they were abused, I generally see them in one of two ways. They either still live like they did and follow the old habits and learned behaviors of that past; OR, they make extra effort to make sure they never have to deal with those kind of situations again.
                  Perhaps some discussion and a little probing could find out why and help mitigate old habits and fears.
                  As an example, when I was young I had a cousin who adopted a little girl, about 4-5 years old who had been raised in an orphanage in Germany, and even though her new home was warm and loving and had plenty of food, they caught her taking food and stashing it in her bedroom. It turns out that as a little girl back in the orphanage, food had often been scarce and hording/hiding food to feed you when there was none had become a habit that took several years to break, even though her new environment had none of the challenges or dangers she had experienced as a child.

  35. We were able to do the following:
    1. Purchase 500 rounds of 9mm
    2. 12 cans of veggies
    3. Some cans of gun cleaner
    4. Dried some meats
    5. Purchased a long awaited favorite, a MP 92 AK 47 machine pistol!!!!
    6. Two cases of water
    and some down time with my family…that’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      MikeT- a dangerous “assault” gun with 93 million round clips to contribute:) you bad bad man :):) hahaha love it! Good preps

  36. Lol…yeh going to do much modifications on it next week. I was joking that it would be my EDC the other day and got that your crazy look!

  37. MaineBrain says:

    Bought 5 cases of water on sale at the local grocery. DH said, “Why do we need that, we have 30 gallons of water put by.” “Because, dear, water is like toilet paper, there’s no such thing as enough.” Just dehydrated 2 bags of frozen peas, now dehydrating 3 bags of frozen chopped onions – in the garage! Congrats to the contest winners. Good stuff. Happy Father’s Day!

    • How long and what temp for dehydrating frozen veggies, i.e. peas, beans, corn?

      • MaineBrain says:

        Mari, it depends on the veggie, size, etc. I start with frozen vegs because they don’t need to be blanched. Just dump them on the trays and start ‘er up. Peas – 12 hours at 121 deg (my dehydrator goes in increments so I can’t set it to 125). Chopped onions – 14 hours at 121. I use the book The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook by Tammy Gangloff.

        • Wow, MaineBrain, guess I’ve gotten too used to doing just faster stuff like herbs and jerky. Thanks for the info.

          • MaineBrain says:

            It’s good to have some dehydrated veggies on hand (onion, carrots, celery, mushrooms, peas, green beans etc.) that you could just throw in a pot with some dehydrated beef or chicken and some water and throw in the solar oven for a stew. I even dehydrated some sliced tomatoes from last year’s harvest. Load up the dehydrator before you go to bed, unload in the morning. I keep dehydrated mushrooms on hand because DH doesn’t eat them and I don’t go through a package fast enough before I have to throw some out.

    • MaineBrain – the DH and family used to be concerned by how much toilet paper I buy and keep on hand. Then one day, the DH got to thinking about it and now uses it as an example for others on the need for prepping.

      • MaineBrain says:

        Indeed, GA Red! The day the toilet paper runs out….. Anyone besides me remember when Johnny Carson created a toilet paper shortage in the 1960s by saying there was a toilet paper shortage? *Fake news* (it was a joke in his monologue) that soon became real enough when there was a run on the stores. Thank heaven toilet paper doesn’t have a “sell by” date. But the day the toilet paper runs out….. we switch to baby wipes, I guess. 🙂

  38. Antique Collector says:

    Your amazon link is not working, thought you might like to know so it can be fixed.

  39. Made rhubarb powder with the freeze -dryer. I think it will make a nice addition to smoothies and can be used in rhubarb cake or in muffins etc. Will have to modify some recipes to see about the ratio of powder to water to re-constitute to make the recipes work out properly. I put 70 pounds of cut up rhubarb in the freezer that I will take out a little at a time to experiment with.
    The 50 meat chickens and 10 turkeys are now about 35 meat chickens and 8 turkeys. The chickens keep dying. One at a time. They are too old to need a heat lamp and there is no evidence of a weasel or other critter. I’m thinking that they are tipping over because of heart attack. Next year I think I will order Grazers instead of Cornish Giants. They grow a little slower but do well on pasture and are a bit sturdier than the Cornish Giants.
    Caught my first swarm of bees – I don’t know if it counts since they were my bees to begin with. I put on my bee suit and stood in the middle of them when they were deciding where to clump with the queen. I had masses of bees hanging off me and felt like I was in the middle of a tornado. Once they settled on a branch, I climbed the step ladder and clipped the branch down and carried it to the bee box I had set up. Way cool! I had 2 hives last year and now I think I might be harvesting honey from 5!
    I think I will look into using a small wind mill for aerating the pond which is 50 feet across and about 10 feet deep. Used a sump pump and extension cord last year but would like to go totally mechanical.

    • JD in NY says:

      B don’t know how hot it’s getting there by you but make sure you have enough ventilation if it’s stagnant in there maybe a small fan to keep the air moving. If it’s cold try leaving the heat lamp on even if it’s indirect just to keep the coop warm.

      • The chickens are already 8 weeks old. They are probably about 6 pounds on the hoof and have been in their outside coop for the past few weeks – so, no ventilation issues and the temp has been mostly between 50 and 75 F and they still have the heat lamp in the shelter if they want it.

        ’bout those strawberry plants – yup – 4000 and if you would like to help weed them, come on down!

        • JD in NY says:

          Hmmmm maybe you have a critter….my neighbor had guiney fowl and they were dying off and they couldn’t figure out why so the put in a camera in their coop, wound up being a chipmonk was killing them. Never heard of such a thing but yea they’ll kill them. If you can put a camera in maybe that will shed a little light on the subject. Or maybe your group caught something and it’s spreading through your coop?
          Don’t mind weeding…you have Strawberry daiquiris LOL 🙂

    • B,
      Caught my first swarm of bees – I don’t know if it counts since they were my bees to begin with.
      It absolutely counts!! I have two local beekeeping friends who did the same thing earlier this month. A swarm is a swarm is a swarm and had you not caught yours in the process, some other apiarist would no doubt have caught them and called it a swarm, LOL. BTW, good eyes seeing and catching them in the process. It’s perhaps the easiest way I know of to do a split; but, does involve good timing.

      I put on my bee suit and stood in the middle of them when they were deciding where to clump with the queen. I had masses of bees hanging off me and felt like I was in the middle of a tornado
      A bee tornado indeed!!! Been there, done that, and while it’s rather intimidating the first time, I find subsequent times to be fun. Perhaps it’s as close to bonding with these critters as you can get, LOL.

    • B,
      Freeze dried rhubarb powder sounds great. Still hoping to get the FD running any time; but, the clutter is still inhibiting things here.
      FD strawberry powder mixed with the rhubarb might also be an interesting concovtion, LOL.

      • yum – the mix with the strawberries will have to wait until next year – our 4000 strawberry plants are due to begin harvesting in July 2018! I should probably package up all the rhubarb I can this year so I’m ready to focus on strawberries next year. OP, I think we have the best lives!

        • JD in NY says:

          B did you say 4000 STRAWBERRY PLANTS?!!! OMGosh I’m movin’ in with B just forward all my mail to her house! LOL yes I love them that much 🙂

        • B,

          OP, I think we have the best lives!

          I would agree. I have aches and pains and there is surely a lot to complain about if you’re of that nature; but, I don’t think I would trade my situation (except for a little better health) for anything.
          I do feel a bit like a piker on my Strawberries though. I think we only have about 25 plants and don’t expect we’ll harvest much until next year; but, then a again, thousands is probably just that much more work.

          • work schmerk – there’s no work here, it’s all just messin’ around with fun stuff. Today, the volunteer from Austria and I made a 8 x 16 shelter for all the misc. pressure treated wood that has been stacked next to the house for far too long. Nice to get stuff done. My next “shelter” (’cause it is the summer of shelters) is one for my fire wood out at the cabin – 8 x 12 x 8 feet high is a pretty handy size and it is big enough to several chords of firewood. 6 deck blocks or put the posts in the ground, 2 2 x 6 x 12, 5 1 x 4 x 12, 10 2 x 4 studs, 4 sheets of 8′ x 3′ galvanized tin roofing… some scrappy stuff to add stability to the sides and shazaaaam – 2 hours later, ya move right in.

  40. Chloe in Maine says:

    Congrats to the winners!
    I didn’t get much done this week. Did get some refinement on the irrigation for the garden…
    With the time off I had I had to get home repairs/upkeep done. Got a big portion of the list done. Hope to finish by the end of summer. If the return to work is any sign of what’s to come (13 1/2 hour day) it’s going to be a long busy summer.
    Need to find a good pressure cooker… just don’t want to pay a lot… you know how it is.
    (tried to post this but it disappeared… hope it doesn’t repeat)

  41. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Happy Day for father’s,

    And mothers honestly, don’t care –

    We are good people here, you know, special days are fun but…heck, outside of burfdays we do not really celebrate days – we do celebrate each other all the time 🙂

    Just saying, hugs yall

  42. Well, this week has been the run-up to the Summer Preppers camp @ Church Farm Ardeley.
    So with us going on the 23rd we’ve started sorting kit and packing our bags with things that have been taken out for various reasons over the last year.
    Great ritual that has us forming a relation with our kit and remembering where we have things for quick finding.
    This year our two eldest grand kids are coming (9 & 4) and we made them pack their own bags while talking about why they have their needs specific items packed.
    My 4 year old granddaughter was so pleased Uncle Chris bought her her own set of mess tins, and totally understood why she can’t have the lighter and solid fuel field cooker like her 9 year old brother has in his kit.
    We made the little one a small FAK and told her to keep it at the top.
    My son, grandson and myself all have military Alice clip water bottles but we had to make the granddaughter a custom one from an old load bearing rig compartment.
    Sorted out the LR3’s minor work that needed doing, wife crunched a running board which we replaced.
    What made me so pleased was that the granddaughter rushed to meet nanny when she came home to show off her little BOB, her mum and my son-in-law got the same kit review when she came to pick the grand kids up today.

    M.D, I decided not to send you the report of the 2016 prepper’s meet as we were so close to the 2017 meet. My wife will be with us this year so there will be photos and a decent write up of what the gathered expected 300 + of the British preppers got up to.


    • JD in NY says:

      Hey Bri How are you guys doing across the pond with all this craziness going on in your neck of the woods? Hope you are far enough away that it doesn’t effect you personally but still it must be nerve wrecking! I just don’t understand people, they see this happening everywhere and still can’t see the forest thru the trees. Guess it doesn’t exist if it isn’t happening to you 🙁 . God bless and stay safe!

      • JD, thanks for the concern.
        I don’t worry for myself but for my son who manages large projects in and around London.
        He is a survivalist so his radar and threat awareness is better than most.
        He actually got hauled into a Metropolitan police station on Thursday because one of the police saw the rifle bag he was carrying at Liverpool station. It was only two air rifles he bought of a hobbyist gunsmith he works with but the police were right on him.
        Now you may say that was good but my son has travel London underground, walked through the overland station and traveled back home on the overland train many times with rifles in a rifle bag, this was the only time he got stopped. The police were totally satisfied his guns were legal and he was transporting them in a correct and safe manner.
        Now why have I told yo that, one of the coppers was a shooter himself and racognised the bag as a rifle bag. He could not take it out and check it with the public around as it may make them panic ! so off my son was hauled to the nearest met station to have them checked out.
        SO THE PUBLIC WOULD NOT PANIC ! What have the Brits become when a police man looking into a gun bag makes the public panic, I’d be rather glad they were doing their job to at least try and make the people feel safe !

        Yes, My country is populated by sheep and wont see the enemies for who and what they are.
        Let’s just say I know a man who has been very busy of late in his branch of the Law enforcement. I said it’s about time the patriot was not muzzled so we can sort the problems out in about two weeks, even he would not comment on my statement and he’s also more politically center-right.
        It will come to a head soon, at my age I’m in the game to teach mine and those who don’t have their heads up their arses what little I can to aid them. I hope I’m around for the top to bottom clear out of the fools that have brought us low and who let the guest wipe his filthy flip-flops all over my beloved country.

        You know I understand the game being played by the covert Marxist world leaders and it bothers me how thick the average guy is that he can’t see it.
        Point of case, we has a lefty MP Jo Cox killed last year by an idiot white guy. Now the media jumped onto the story as they do like a chance to call nationalists evil. I watched a news claim that when he killed her he shouted Britain First ( a UK nationalist political party), I also saw two doorstep interviews with close by witnesses that clearly stated he never shouted Britain First. The witness accounts have been ignored and the mantra that the nasty nationalist shouted a far-right (sic) groups name as he killed her has become the official narrative.
        I do not have a superior intellect but it seems I’m a bit more clued up than the average lefty that accepts the official line without question.
        Still, at least they hold pointless vigils and flock to the sites of tragedy like the horror tourists they truly are !!
        I suppose you could say I dislike Joe Average and his equally clueless woman creature.


        • JD in NY says:

          At least your son is keen on his environment and see’s backdoors to get out quick unlike “joe average” who goes about with not a care in the world texting on their silly little phones. Causing panic by opening a rifle bag didn’t even surprise me, snowflakes, can’t upset the special little snowflakes you know. Instead of having vigils how about demanding action, but no that just might hurt someone’s feelings and we can’t have that either. I completely understand as I live in the great socialist state of new york and the idiots….well….their masses are great and their IQ’s are low so TPTB keep getting re-elected 🙁 .
          London underground I’m assuming that’s the subway because here it means something completely different 😉 LOL.
          God Speed to you and yours and Happy Father’s day to you!

        • Bri,

          I suppose you could say I dislike Joe Average and his equally clueless woman creature.

          Well said friend. Many on the other loving, tolerant, caring side of the aisle would certainly not have used dislike; but, no doubt some other epithet that shows their true core being.
          The media here that we call the MSM (Main Stream Media) sounds just as you described yours, feeding pabulum to the sheeple who happily accept it without question.
          We who are the ones trying to be prepared are often mocked, with shows like National Geographic channels “Doomsday Preppers”, where they always try to find the oddities that shows us all to be the unhinged fringe.
          As I typed this I thought of another good preparedness / prepper novel I read years ago called “The Folk of the Fringe” By Orson Scott Card.

          • OP, thanks for the book tip.
            I see my friend Amazon has it and so I shall order it.

            Cheers again,

          • MaineBrain says:

            I work in the MSM (mainstream media) and proudly so. Don’t think you rely on it? Take a media diet for a week. No TV, no radio, no books, no magazines, no newspapers, no cell phone, no computer. No weather reports. No news. No emergency alerts. (And we are in the midst of tornado and hurricane season.). If, after a week, you can say you didn’t miss it, good on ya.

            • MaineBrain says:

              But then how will you know if Kim Jong Bonehead pushed the red button?

            • MaineBrain ,
              Are you actually comparing weather radio and the EAS to the MSM?
              How about BBC and Fox Business, or this site and the folks on the ground all over the world I talk with on my radios.
              Me thinks you’re painting with a rather broad brush, and I recall no one saying we all want to live in a cave shut off from the world.

              • MaineBrain says:

                MSM “feeding pabulum to the sheeple who happily accept it without question.”. Your quote, OP. A pretty broad brush, I’d say. And the EAS IS the MSM. Every radio and TV station and cable system in America is required to install equipment to relay alerts, at their own expense.

                • Chuck Findlay says:

                  Take a media diet for a week. No TV, no radio, no books, no magazines, no newspapers, no cell phone, no computer. No weather reports. No news. No emergency alerts.

                  Not a good argument there.

                  *My phone is not a smart phone, it sends and receives calls, I don’t text with it. I get no emergency alerts.

                  *I have a TV, but it hasn’t been turned on for months. I do watch DVD’s on the computer but I’m very aware of the feminist / Socialist agenda pushed in movies and dismiss them so little impact on me there.

                  * I haven’t turned on the van radio for weeks and I don’t listen to AM or FM in the house.

                  *My local news paper (The Toledo Blade {called the Toledo-Bla by many people} is a Left-Wing piece of garbage and I don’t buy or read it.

                  *I read a lot of books, both paper and in E-Format, but I have trouble seeing how you call them the media?

                  * as far as weather reports I have a weather radio and a Samsung Tablet that I only use for next weeks forecast to plan my work week. No media input on either one of these.

                  * I do use the computer a lot but not so much for news. I lost interest in most of the latest news years ago (that’s why I don’t go to MD’s new site), I’m not a news junkie any more as I’ve found it doesn’t make my life any better and have instead focused on positive things I can do in my life. The news is also filled with socialist ideas and agendas that I quite easily see through and dismiss most of them. So what news I do get, gets put through a very good filter so it’s impact is limited.

                  Take a media diet for a week.

                  I do it all the time every day and my life is much better for it.

                  • JP in MT says:


                    Your comment reminded me that last weekend I checked the radio reception at our preferred campsite; nothing! AM or FM. Somehow I survived the week there (again).

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      I have not followed msm for over a decade, and doing very well, between ham operators and weather alerts…never see a need:)

                • MaineBrain,
                  The Emergency Alert System is not part of the MSM; but, does use all major and minor broadcasting facilities to get out emergency communications. I have several EAS radios here, the most important one being my NOAA weather radio with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) that allows me to program the counties and alert types that interest me. This is the radio that can sound an alert to wake us @ 0300 when there is a Tornado watch or warning in the areas around me in which I have an interest.
                  In very severe weather conditions I participate in the local county and state Skywarn program, where hams and other trained individuals act as the eyes and ears of the NWS to provide real time on the ground information.
                  I don’t see EAS providing pabulum to anyone, but only alerts from weather or other potentially harmful events or activities that allow individuals to act in their own behalf.

            • MaineBrain,

              Take a media diet for a week.

              I see multiple responses to this statement and I finally realized that the subject of this thread is ridiculous. I have no need to take a media diet, although I have had week+ long camping trips where I did such.
              You are correct that there is MSM everywhere; but, that doesn’t mean that we all accept it as pabulum without thought. IIRC I think this thread started because you took umbrage to our disparagement of the same, and I still assert that much of MSM is more involved with trying to create news in order to support their left wing big government agenda than actually reporting the news.
              All news outlets have their biases; but, some no longer try to even pretend that they are not biased, and simply shovel pabulum from their perspective, still seemingly wondering why they are for the most part distrusted.
              When recent actors and comedians made inferences to killing the president and GOP members of congress, MSM barely covered it; but, had the same thing happened during the last administration, there would have been nothing but screaming from the rooftops about racist tendencies of the right, since those on the left are oh so loving and tolerant, as they smash people’s heads with bricks and burn down neighborhoods of those they dislike.
              You have noted I hope that the gunman who fired on the GOP baseball practice and nearly kill GOP majority whip Steve Scalise was a Bernie Sanders supporter and another member of the tolerant left.

  43. JP in MT says:


    My personal issue with MSM is when they are supposed to give facts and instead give opinions, filtered through their particular agenda. I listen to those who give facts and look to them for information. Of late, the “news” has not been facts, but interpreted opinion, on both sides; therefore I spend very little of my time listening to them, regardless of the medium.

    • A lot of it lately has been totally made up stories. Insane! TPTB are working overtime. Unreal the quantity of sheeple.

  44. grayfox114 says:

    What did I do to prep…………………I went to a yard sale and bought an unfired, fixed stock DPMS A-15 for a song or less, not that I needed it………..I also made the acquaintance of an individual that shares many of the same thoughts and feelings that I have regarding impending “something,” and an innate distrust of the PTB……..all in all, a great weekend!!!!!

  45. Antique Collector says:

    Yesterday was a bit of a set back for dh & I.
    The past .gov administration under the “BO & his congress” decided that to MANY drug addicts were dying….so those who require their pain medications now follow a more regiment path to receive the paper script which is handed only to the patient then to the pharmacist. Oh, forgot the other wonderful(snarky)part they get to pee in container or have their blood drawn to make sure they are taking it..not faking it. Every month I have to take dh in to the office so he can be poked & prodded to satisfy some ARSE hat. OH. yes I am so happy I could cough up a hair ball!!
    Doctors who do NOT OBEY these new rules can lose their license for practicing in their field of expertise.
    Last time I checked dear “”OLD BO”” was not a licensed doctor, and the majority of CONGRESS under his control were not licensed physicians, just carpet baggers(attorneys).

    In the next two years–or LESS all pain medications will be placed into the hands of a Pain Control oversight person. Did I say CONTROL, why yes, I did.
    Our physician informed us that …NO pain meds would be given to patients any longer after a certain time frame.
    You might be lucky and receive the gloried aspirin with a coating on it for you pain control.
    Noticed that this all came about after that piece of Horse POOP was out of office.

  46. Chuck Findlay says:

    Finally got the basement cleared up after the fire, they are going to start on it Monday. It will take 6-weeks or so (we are told, but who knows how long it will really take?) to get it cleaned up, a new furnace, hot water tank, new breaker box and replacement of the wiring. I already did the plumbing repairs.

    I worked out a deal (a $4,500 one) with the ins company to clean up the first and second floors of the house. I’m going to wash all the walls, repaint them, clean the furniture (I did carpet and furniture cleaning for 25-years and have my own machine), clean the carpet and replace the kitchen ceiling tiles. About a weeks worth of work. It’s going to help the prep fund to get almost $5K for a week of work.

    I bought an alcohol stove at a garage sale today, it was in new condition and has never been used as the burner still has the plastic seal on it. It also has a cutting board that fits over the burner when not in use.

    I paid $5.00 for it, E-bay is selling it for $400.00 Not sure where I’m going to use it (going to keep it) but I’ll find a place for it. Maybe in an outdoor (Summer) kitchen that I want to build.

    Here it is


    Always go to garage sales on Thursday, it’s the first day of the sale and you find the best stuff before someone else gets it. That’s how I get such good deals.

    • Chuck,

      I bought an alcohol stove at a garage sale today, it was in new condition and has never been used as the burner still has the plastic seal on it.

      Good score. I have a two burner dual fuel Coleman camp stove I bought new for $20.00 on closeout a while back and keep two gallons of fuel on hand for it. I also picked up a one burner butane stove in a nice case, new at Aldi’s a few weeks back for $15 and purchased 12 cans of fuel for it for $21.00.
      I don’t know if these will even be used other than to try them out and make sure they work; but, they were inexpensive enough, and 2 is one, etc.
      These give us at least 6 ways to cook and I haven’t even assembled the parts for a Fresnel lens base solar oven.

  47. A heads up to those of you with a Food Saver. They are having a sale on bags and rolls. In addition several are “buy one – get one free”. I stocked up so I can transfer my dehydrated vegetables from the temporary storage in quart jars in single serving sealed bags.

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