What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning all… hope you’re up and prepping this morning!

Okay, before we start today, I would like to thank Reindeerlady for her generous donation via PayPal this week. Thank you, it is appreciated…

Have you noticed that the blog is downloading faster and is more “snappy” as of the past few days? Well folks there is a reason for this – all websites and blogs are constantly under attack from people trying to inject bad stuff into the site code secretly, and if successful this can cause all kinds of trouble for the site owner and readers…

So to prevent this from happening to The Survivalist Blog.net, I’ve added the “Sucuri Cloud Proxy” service to our defenses – the Sucuri Cloud Proxy stands between us and the rest of the world. Any visit to The Survivalist Blog.net passes through the proxy / firewall which blocks attacks, scanners and anything that can harm the blog or our readers.

So far the service seems to be working great… I did a lot of research on Sucuri and found nothing but positive testimonials from folks using their services, including some of the largest news sites and blogs online. And the customer service is great.

Okay, now that you’re up-to-date on what is happening with the blog, let’s get on with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week?” segment. I love this part of the blog – don’t you?

This week I ordered a few books via Amazon.com including Proof of Heaven, Gunsmithing – The AR-15 and Old Ways of Working Wood: The Techniques and Tools of a Time Honored Craft.

Randbrands sent me two bottles of their RAND CLP good stuff…

And last but not least I bought this new Mossberg 590…

mossberg 590

That’s about it for me this week – what about YOU what did YOU do to prep this week? Go ahead let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    I didn’t do much of anything. Bucketed another pile of wheat.
    Read this morning on infowars that the police are not able to find ammo. Gettin’ bad when the said police are in that shape.
    Why are the police (which places?) having trouble?
    But wondering if that means it will be sooner than later they start a confiscation assault?
    So with the gov’ment so armed and the rush on ammo and guns causing this drought what can we expect?
    Why is it taking so long to resupply the public?
    I guess what ever answer they or those give it will be a lie.

    • riverrider says:

      don’t put too much stock in the police ammo shortage. most depts keep many thousands of rounds in warehouses for backup. they’re just not willing to dip into it yet. people have to understand the supply chain of ammo. each company can’t have an assembly line/logistics line for every caliber every day. most produce a years worth of one caliber, then retool for a run of a years worth of another n so on. even with three shifts and good logistic they can only produce so much. in this climate its sold before they even get it made. then you look at the component industry. they have only so much capacity as well. frankl, i’m suspicious that dhs bought 1.6+ million rounds at all. i think they are hiding even more scary purchases under the ammo contracts. they have done it before.

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        CaaaLang! went the hammer on that nail head! RR.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        So that means companies like Winchester are a one line operation? Doesn’t make sense. But then again nothing makes sense anymore. And just what constitutes a years worth of ammo? Even a company like Winchester would have projected sales for various reasons. And I am not saying they would use any of them such as borrowing money, or the sale of the company. But companies all look to the vast crystal ball of the future. They should have had a backlog, warehouse full of the stuff.
        I guess the excuse would be the danger of it going up like a fireworks factory.
        And even though we have gov’ment pooting out ammo at their sites and them buying from regular companies, plus buying from other countries that means that NOW if something such as a US land based war we are out of luck because the regular companies cannot produce enough to keep us from falling under the thumb of the enemy?
        Yes, I know it also has to do with other companies supplying the places like Winchester say with the brass so on and so forth.
        But seems with the first run on guns and ammo they would have seen that there are 50 states, hundreds- thousands of gun shops, and an increase of hundreds of thousands more buying and would have developed some means to keep a supply chain going.
        The police may very well have a back log of ammo. But seems that would be the larger cities and not so much the smaller ones, even though they may have enough to get through a couple of shoot outs. It should go further as are they not down sizing?
        I too believe the government has more and been buying more than the 1.6 billion that is constantly being repeated when someone writes an article. They have that bunker that is probably full of the stuff. I have no idea where tdl is hiding the billions purchased under his watch.

        • riverrider says:

          winchester and the rest use past sales to guide how much they produce, add a few % for increases. like everybody else, they use a lot of “just-in-time” logistics because warehousing costs big bucks. not saying one-line, but not every line either. cci for instance makes rimfire ammo for a bit, then switches over to centerfire. if they sell out of a particular bullet, like they have the last few years, you just have to wait til next the run. some companies run shotshells for so long, switch to centerfire etc. they can’t afford, til now, to run all types of ammo all year long. wasn’t the market for it til now. theres 40 cal to be had even when 9 mm and 45 are long gone. so if .gov was the cause of the shortage there would be no 40cal.

        • Also, companies *should* be reluctant to add more capacity. That would mean adding more people, which would mean an even bigger Obamacare bite. Not to mention what would happen if they added capacity and something happened that caused the demand to drop.

    • a lot of the ammo manufacturers are refusing to sell to govt and police depts in areas that restricts ownership of guns and accessories(aka clips)


      • ATK Aliant (Federal) ammo operates in government owned facilities on old Army ammo plants (like Lake City) and in order to get the facility use, Federales get first draw on the ammo. They don’t really have a choice. Don’t know how many brands are in this bind.

  2. I wanted to start by thanking everyone who commented on my DYI: MRE article. I learned so much: (1) check the vacuum seal every few weeks, (2) don’t try to seal egg noodles because they have jagged edges, (3) if you use dehydrated veggies, chop them up small so they rehydrate easier, (4) if you are sealing things with sharp edges, place the contents in a ziplock bag and then use the food saver bag as an over bag, (5) if the meat in your freezer looses its seal, run it under cold water and place back in freezer—the thin coat of ice will reseal the bag, (6) you can vacuum seal more than food, (7) don’t seal condiments like catsup and mustard in with the rest of the meal because they can explode, (8) you can vacuum seal soup—just freeze it first, (9) food saver bags are washable and reusable, and (10) you can use an apple to rehydrate brown sugar. Dang guys! Ya’ll rock.

    I am going to spend some time this week creating my own “meals in a jar” now that I have the jar sealer attachment. I am going to go back through the Wolf Pack Cookbook and see what can be put up. I am really excited about the idea of having “meals” already put together.

    I have the book Meals in a Jar but I just wasn’t all that impressed. The core problem with the author’s approach is that if you put all the items together in the same jar, you have no way to account for varying cook times—e.g., you can’t put dried beans and rice in a jar, and then hope to dump the jar into a pot of water and then have something edible afterwards. Beans have to be soaked and they take longer to cook than rice. The same goes for dehydrated veggies—you can’t just dump dehydrated veggies in with pasta, because the pasta will be overcooked before the veggies are ready.

    So what else did I do this week, other than learn a lot of cool stuff from the Pack? I vacuum sealed the bulk of my dry foods. I got all of my dry beans (the ones that are not in #10 cans) sealed up in half gallon canning jars. And I got quite a bit of pasta sealed up as well. I ran out of half gallon jars. (I new I should have bought more when they went on clearance at Tractor Supply last fall—live and learn.)

    That is it for me. I am just finishing up a huge project and will have more free time (and money) once the project is submitted.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      Bam Bam have you checked out Honeyville Grains? They have instant red or black beans. Chef Tess does alot of instant meals in jars that use the instant beans. She has a cookbook I think it is called The Gourmet Food Storage Handbook.Check out the Honeyville blog site. They have all kinds of recipes.

      • Encourager says:

        I buy dehydrated instant refried beans through my food buying club (boxed, not in bulk). I have also seen them in stores like Whole Foods. They taste great – just plain beans, nothing else added. So you can doctor them up like you want.

      • Schatzie Ohio,

        I’ve never considered instant beans. I wonder what they do to the beans to make them instant. Do they taste okay? (I pressure can my beans. So I guess that’s why I’ve never looked into instant beans.)

      • Why not cook your beans ahead of time and then dehydrate them. Then they would reconstitute quicker in your jarred meals.

      • nana blue says:

        Shatzie Ohio,
        I make instant beans by just dehydrating canned beans or after i cook dry beans. They cook up the same way and you don’t have to buy them special.

    • Wish my TSC sold the canning jars 🙁

      As for the meals in a jar…. do a search on youtube. Lots of good videos there. I personally like the following channels

      Linda’s Pantry

      There are many more… but these I try and follow pretty closely

    • BamBam;
      Glad you like the tip on the apple, amazing what we pick up from grandparents, mothers. On the vacuum seal machine, I am working on # 5 or #6, wore out the previous ones. Any tips that I can share, just ask.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Bam Bam, that is kind of what I was looking for, too, how to put a meal in a jar for ease of just dumping in a pot with some water. And I wasn’t impressed with that book either. It wasn’t bad, it’s just that I read it and thought “I can do better than that on my own”. 🙂

    • nanablue says:

      Bam Bam,
      You were my inspiration to get my tail in gear and put together my bobs. I am ashamed to say I had everything i needed except the bags themselves. I have nine people to prep for and it’s no easy task. My DS, DIL and I went to salvation army to see if we could get some backpacks to get started. Well, we hit the mother-load!
      My DS got a great camping backpack for 2.99! We were also able to get enough packs for all the kids (5) and his DW. for under 30. I found one for my dog. Is that wrong?? She is a great dog and seems to like it. I found a collapsible dog bowl for inside the bag with her food. Anyway Bam Bam I just wanted to thank you for a great article. Hope there are more in your future. Take care.

      • Nana Blue,

        Wow. You really hit the mother load. And to find a doggie backpack with the collapsible bowl. I really want one of those.

    • Bam Bam,

      I owe you a follow-up to something we were discussing a few weeks ago:

      The name of the cattle ranch near you is Deseret Ranches. They are at 13754 Deseret Lane, St. Cloud. Just east of Orlando (isn’t that about 1 to 1 1/2 hours from you?)

      Phone number: 407.892.3672 (This is the office number.) They also have a number to make a reservation for tours: 407.498.0388.

      If you go to visit, please tell us all what you think of it!

      • I forgot to add that the lady on the phone told me that they were a for-profit organization owned by the church. Everyone that works there is an employee.

        If I ever had to have take a job again, this is what I would want to do!

      • Kate,

        Thanks for the information. Orlando is about two hours south. I am going to try to talk my dh into going.

  3. riverrider says:

    nice shotty, m.d…not a lot here this week. ordered some shiny metal. dw bought me some nice merrell hiking boots.. added a few corned beef to the stock, its been scarce around here…sent another email to my rep in la la land, he’s one of the good guys…..ordered a new military compass. the tritium was faded in my old one. went by the gun shop. if you subtract all the old single shot 12 gages they have, i have more guns than they do, lol! more ammo too! one of my former recruits,now sergeant first class, called with a possible hookup on ammo. a neighbor is moving and doesn’t want to lug it across the country. i’d take the ammo and leave the furniture but i guess i’m strange thata way. oh, finally met the neighbor on down the road, he’s retired jet mechanic and lmi, though in the beginning stages. good to know. keep stacking it folks! III

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Thanks for the tip on the shiny metal, riverrider. I was able to get some from your source, and thanks to MATT as well. My grandson is now the happy recipient of a brand new Silver Eagle for his birthday, though it was a little late. He didn’t care(he’s two).
      And I’m convinced the ammo mess is Obama’s attempt to dry up ammo for the public. I think they will be back in the market for more very soon given how successful they’ve been at drying up supply and causing panic buying. I think we will soon see shortages of hunting ammo, although Wally was well stacked with .270 and 30-06 last night. I took a few boxes off their hands.

      • riverrider says:

        ror, i’m thinking that hunting ammo will become more available short term as fired brass in those cals is about all that is available to load. tdl has decreed that the 556/762 army brass be crushed and sold to china again, along with the ammo cans. the purchases by dhs may be real, but in 2009 they used such a contract to buy supersecret drone tech from ge. it was too secret at the time to write in a contract. some of the companies getting the “ammo”contracts are fishy, formed days before bidding/winning the contract. could be tdl lining his friends pockets, or something fishy. either way it stinks. the dw and i were just discussing getting a handi-rifle in 30-06, as that is about the only available rifle ammo here. waiting to see what the sfc’s neighbor has to say. now the dw sees why i was buying all that ammo over the last couple years.:) III

        • riverrider says:

          oh yeah, another reason i don’t think its tdl…..he ain’t smart enough!

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            No, river, he’s not really smart, but he’s cunning. I run the police beat for a newspaper I work for, and it’s amazing to see how cunning some of the criminals are, and how they use other people who should know better to their advantage.

          • riverrider says:

            excellent point!

      • Rider,

        I think you should cut Obama a little slack–after all, he has done more to arm the citizenry of this country than any other sitting president in the history of the U.S. 🙂

  4. Good Morning all. Actually I think I have noticed a better response time while getting around the site lately. Thanks for taking so good care of the site. I really have the urge to get a long barrel shotgun but hate to use the funds when they are needed elswhere. The only SG I have is for home defense and would not be all that good for bringing down a bird or two.
    Far as preps are concerned, haven’t added much of anything. What I have done is put my canned goods in better order. They were kind of helter skelter by date and in several locations. Now they are all in one place by type of food and date. My better half says we have too much but I keep reminding her that once we have to start living off it she’ll be amazed how fast it will go away. Got my raised beds cleaned out and ready to plant. Just waiting for the cold weather to break. According to our weather men we have a couple more lite freezes in the next few days. Hopefully they will be the last. My Foodsaver should show up either today or Monday. Really looking forward to working with it. Sold a couple of items this week and using those funds to increase the number of buckets for my container growing. That’s about it. Hope you all have a safe and blessed new week.
    P.S. This retirement thing is great! It’s been almost a month now and me and the wife are just loving it. Hope you all get the chance to try it out too before what we all know is coming.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Glad you are enjoying retirement…I got an early start when DH became disabled..things are a little tight, but at least we are not spending our life spinning our wheels. This site has helped us/me find different ways to do things..not as grid dependent as some, but not ready for the blackout yet..

    • Survivor says:

      There are several FaceBook sites that promote private sales of weapons. No registry! A buddy of mine just passed on a 12 guage, semi-auto goose gun with something like a 38″ barrel. There are sites for Oklahoma and Arkansas.

  5. We still have items that we ordered From Amazon through MD’s link coming in. I also started hitting the Thrift Stores in our area. At first I was just looking for extra manual kitchen items and food storage items. But since we wear sweatshirts pretty much year round, I started looking for more. I’m getting quality, used ones for $2-3 each. This weekend we are going to get some tubs, one set of which will be for different sizes of them. Also the new (to me) truck is getting it’s accessories installed Monday, as the parts are in. So here’s what got done this week:

    Upgraded Air Filter for truck w/maint kit
    Acquired Electronic trailer break for truck
    Acquired replacement fog light for truck
    Superchip for Truck
    Misc. Kitch/Prep equipment @ Thrift Store: 7
    Small Double Boiler (for soap) @ Thrift Store: 1
    Honing Oil: 1
    3 Books (2 prep fiction, 1 non)
    Storm Matches, w/case: 2
    Used Sweatshirts: 3
    Used Fleece Vests: 1

    Trade Items:
    Liquor, 750 ml: 1
    Disposable Lighters: 6
    Disposable Knives: 3

    Eye wash cup: 1
    More prescription Meds

    Pasta, 1 lb pkg: 4
    Black Tea, bulk loose: 1 lb

    Sold 2 ea 22 LR handguns to extended family w/ammo

    Guns & Stuff:
    30 rnd AR Mags, SS w/Teflon: 8

    .308 ammo, 150 gr. FMJ: 50 rnds

    More ammo is becoming available, except 22 LR, around here. Even found some of the AR mags I like (they are out now). Guns, except AR’s, seem to be in fair supply. I even made an offer on a used Browning 22 LR semi-auto take-down (I’ve wanted one of these for 20+ years and never found a good, used one).

    When we went food shopping, we did notice that regular prices on basic items are edging upwards again. We still shop sales so our budget hasn’t noticed the difference yet. Pasta seems to be on sale a lot ($1 ea for 1 lb packages). Either they have a bunch or they are getting ready to raise prices again.

    Due to the example in the EU of potential savings taxation, we moved our “surplus” cash to a different venue. It’s still accessible, but out of the sight of the government. Wish there was something I could do with DW’s 401k. It’s just sitting there like a fat target (she can’t move any of it as long as she works for the company). I’m hoping the market continues to rally for another year so I can clean out mine, without being taxed into non-existence.

    Finished the 1st of the 299 Days series. I don’t recommend you start this if you wish to have a life for several days; very good read. Chapters are short, and the story line is very timely and compelling. If you are a “large capacity” reader, I’d recommend getting all 4 volumes before you start.

    Things are not looking good, if you look at the societal supports; they are rotten. Denial is rampant; some are beginning to wake up, the others are just making excuses and saying things will get better. They have more faith in mankind than I do. So, keep preppin’; I think we’re going to need it.

    • Finished the 1st of the 299 Days series. I don’t recommend you start this if you wish to have a life for several days; very good read. Chapters are short, and the story line is very timely and compelling. If you are a “large capacity” reader, I’d recommend getting all 4 volumes before you start.

      LMAO… I had the same problem. I couldn’t put the book down. There is going to be 10 books in all… and supposedly the rest have already been written… he’s just putting out two at a time in print. I wish he’d hurry up and put 5 and 6 out.

      I’ve ready 1 and 2… and Im holding off on 3 and 4 until the next two come out…. that way I REALLY have no life while I’m hole up reading the books.

      • worrisome says:

        That series is good! On the whole normalcy bias, denial thing? I have quit talking to people! They see what they want to see. It is going to take pain and take financial loss to ever get them to look hard at what is going on around them. No vision and “Survivor” on television is more important. And so few have every involved themselves in any critical thinking. They just run around “believing it will never happen to them…….”

        • mountain lady says:

          I stopped talking to people about 2 years ago. I realized that I was losing OPSEC by talking too much. I don’t think of those I talked to, any of them started to prep. Having too much fun keeping their heads in the sand.

      • YUUUP! I am addicted also. Read the first two in a couple days and then got the next two and went through them just as fast! Number 5 just dropped today and is available on Amazon , hopefully #6 will be here soon. This series just may well be how things shake out when shtf.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Get as much of the pasta as you can at 14 a pound… some of the cheaper pasta’s are now packing it in 12 oz. for the same 1$. I noticed this two months ago, so they are selling out their supplies of what they have on hand…

  6. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Nothing much to report in the way of doing anything… ‘cept dog training. We did get some great info on a chicken coop and some chickens to go in there. They are $8 (just inside laying age) just around the corner from our house and these guys have all the supplies we will need for cheap. Still planning on boxing the entire backyard out in tiers to make the most of the space we have. Got the go ahead for a new deck and a double deck above that so I am pretty much set with work for the next month.

  7. FarmerKin says:

    Not much done in terms of purchases this week, just a couple small things on BOGO at the grocery store. The seeds I planted in my garden last week are starting to sprout (so exciting)! I love sweet peppers, but have the hardest time getting them to sprout. Had three finally come up, and go figure, I got hung up at work and did not attend to them for just one day and I think they are all goners. I searched You Tube last night looking for tips on improving the success rate of sprouting pepper seeds and came across a lady who used the wet paper towel in baggies method combined with her crock pot to keep warm (insulated in towels as not to cook them) and achieved good results. So I am repurposing an old rice cooker I was going to take throw out, to try and do the same thing.

    That’s about it. Stay safe everyone.

    • Granny Em says:

      I found that a heating pad on low will help the peppers to grow, but it still took 11 days last year. I also keep them covered with plastic until they break ground so they don’t dry out.

      • Babycatcher says:

        That’s a great idea! Thank you! I don’t have the money for a heater mat, but do have a heating pad we don’t use! You are a genius! Thanks!

      • I use old electric blankets to start peppers on. I cover them with a vinyl tablecloth.

  8. I had planned on buying a dehydrator (Nesco 700W – 5 tray) from Amazon. I went to Costco on Tuesday and, lo and behold, they had a Waring 620W for $39.99, which is $30.00 cheaper than the Amazon price on the same model. It got good reviews on Amazon, so I think I’ll be happy.

    Making jerky tomorrow for my first time ever. 🙂

    • gunrunner says:

      Good luck on dehydrating… If I may, test often for dryness. I make about 60# of deer jerky annually, it needs to bend and not break. There seems to be a thin line on too wet and almost brittle. I notice that after I am done the meet still dries a bit more. I hope this helps….

  9. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! Thanks to MD for protecting the pack. This week was a Costco week, I try to go every 3 months to load up on stuff. Bought cereals, butter, sugar, flour, hot sauce, tuna, bottled water and a few other things I can’t remember.

    What I am most excited about is my hair conditioner I’m making now. No more chemicals and more self sufficient…my main goal. New trees arrived…idiots sent them now!! Hello it’s still snowing and spring has not arrived! Picking up some herb plants today and that’s all for me! Take care everyone!

    • worrisome says:

      Mother Earth can you share the recipe for the hair conditioner?

      • Mother Earth says:

        Sure, put a chamomile tea bag in two cups of boiling water with a sprig of rosemary (I used a qt jar) and let it sit overnight. Remove tea bag and rosemary. Add a cup of water, one half cup apple cider vinegar and 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice. That’s it! Note: your hair will smell like vinegar while wet but after its dry I smell none. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and loving it.

    • Plant the trees now. AFAICR, it would have been best to plant them in late fall, but before spring is OK. I think they need time to get their roots settled in before they start the big demands of putting out leaves and flowers.

  10. Rider of Rohan says:

    Hi Pack. Well, I was supposed to be off to look at some land for a retreat this weekend, but stuff happens. My MIL fell and broke her hip/pelvis and has been in the hospital all week, but is getting out today. My wife is with her to help, and I’m sitting here watching it rain. Thanks for all your prayers. The land will have to wait a little while, I guess.
    As far as prepping, I went to Wally last night and cleaned up on hunting am-mo both in .270 and 30-06. I’m thinking there will likely be a shortage by fall. This regime and its allies are buying up am-mo, buying up outdoors mag-azines, buying up production facilites where outdoor programs were made, and buying up fire-arms companies. They are shutting them down or crippling their operations. This is how they are going to destroy the 2nd Amendment IMO. Scary stuff.
    As for other preps, I bought multiple D, C, AA, and AAA rechargeable batteries along with a solar charger, and that cost a lot. Pretty much took up all my money this week when you add it to the am-mo. Hope the rest of you did better than me.

    • riverrider says:

      sounds like you done good, to me.

    • oldjunkeez says:

      i bought a batteriey charger that charges duracell batteries the alkaline type it works and the battreies are chepper it is cold in texas now keep stacken shit is comming

  11. It’s been a busy week for me. I think that I mentioned that my DW was over in Europe cutting business deals with the Frenchies, which gave me plenty of time to purchase some new items and reorganize the old ones.
    Last night I decided to eat out after munching on Lima Beans pizzas 3 meals a day for 9 days. So Pico my parrot and I drove the 90 minutes into Frostbite Falls and ended up eating at a Chinese place called Long Duck Dong’s.
    One of the items on the menu was “Drunken Lesbian Duck” which I turned down. Instead I settled for the “Dog Chow Mein”. Now I’m not sure if it was made with real “Dog Chow” or real “Dog” but it beats another Lima Bean pizza for sure.

    I have a problem that I’m hoping the pack can help with? I’ve been searching the web for dehydrated water in #10 cans. If anyone knows a good supplier please let me know.

    Peace through superior firepower!

  12. worrisome says:

    Hi Pack. Leaving soonish to go see what the boys are doing up at the BOL.
    Spent one day last week cleaning out the garage and inventorying. Things are going up to the BOL and I am behind on replacement even though I did a big shopping trip last week.
    Following my calendar/budgeted list for this month.
    Case of copy paper and 4 printer ink replacements.
    Nails, screws, hooks and fasteners for the BOL ahead of next building project.
    A set of replacement burners for the Bar B Q’s the one here and the one up at the BOL. Also some fire igniters (8).
    Metal rolling shelving from Costco for the BOL & totes to fit.
    Mouse bait, mouse and rat traps.
    First Aid:
    Added some more fish antibiotics and some more bandages
    A couple of knee, wrist and ankle supports
    Fresh aspirin, fresh vitamins,
    4 cases canned tomatoes, 4 cases stewed tomatoes, 4 cases tomato paste, 4 cases tomato sauce, 4 pure cranberry juice, 16 pounds of hamburger, 12 double packs of chicken breasts, 2 bottles of dehydrated onions AND 4 bottles of olive oil. Due to droughts, I read that olives were not producing well in many places so decided to stock up a bit more ahead of a price increase.

    Now on to raccoon catching. Set up the Have a Heart Trap, nothing! But I heard the small trash can with the dog food thump and rattle, nephew was here so we went and peeked out the window and there that lil devil was, mulling over how to open that can. Nephew opened the door really fast, beat on the wall, yelled (loud) and hissed (yes hissed) and that raccoon tried to climb a trellis fell over on his side and took off running. Hasn’t been seen since. We will see.

    The rescue dog Hope finally ( I think ) earned all the training we have put her through. A guy came around selling that cleaning stuff in bottles and I told him no that I wasn’t interested, he persisted. Hope got between me and the screen door, pushed me back a bit, laid down on the floor between us, growling very very softly, staring at him solidly and let all that hair raise on her back. The salesman made a fast retreat. Since I know her as this crazy big ball of fur with abandonment issues that keep her never farther than 4 feet from me and as this lump of fur that when frightened comes and lays on my feet and covers her eyes……..I was rather astounded! Not only on what she was doing but on her restraint. I didn’t have to hold her back, I didn’t have to tell her to be quiet…….she knew exactly what she had been trained to do……………nice! Thanks neighbor for taking her to class.

    • Encourager says:

      Very impressed with Hope, Worrisome! Exactly what she should do. Almost made we wish that stupid human would have touched or tried to open the door, just to see her reaction! Great training.

      • worrisome says:

        Encourager, your thoughts were like my neighbors. He said that he wished he could have seen it happen. The neighbor has been training her to “guard” on his command. And he and Hope use me for practice to be guarded, so apparently she has it all figured out. Ya know, for me, I am glad that he has taken an interest to train her. She is so damned BIG and for one that big to be untrained would be very tough on me. But I expected her to reach the status of a good doggy citizen, not to have me as a job. But I will enjoy this and feel safer for having her around.

    • Survivor says:

      Take a good sized log and, with an 11/2″ spade bit in the drill, bore down about 2″. Then drop in one of those glow in the dark toys, the kind that absorb light and then glow. Put a small piece of fish in there, too. Drive 4 nails at an angle to the opening 90 degrees from each other keeping the nail tips about 3/4″ from each other. Now set that contraption near the trash can. The racoon will stick his hand in to get that shiny thing or bait, but, like a monkey, won’t turn it loose and will stand there til you dispatch it.

    • This is my ploy and part of my success in catching raccoons. I never frighten a raccoon I hope to catch. I put down food right where I saw the raccoon. When that is gone. I do this for several days. Then, I put the bait in the trap. I catch a raccoon the very next night. That way, the problem is solved. That raccoon will come back, just prolonging your joy at catching him. Crumple a 4×4 inch square of foil until it is the size of a golf ball and put it in the cage. Raccoons are fascinated by shiny objects.

      • worrisome says:

        Thanks Survivor and Parsimony. Good suggestions. So far he hasn’t come back. Perhaps when he hit the electric fence in his panic to leave the other night, he decided someone else’s dog food supply might be easier? We will see. I have heard that they have routes that sometimes takes 3-4 days before they show up again, so I am waiting to see what happens.

    • Good for Hope!

  13. Schametti says:

    Crazy Busy, Nerve-Wracking, and Expensive Prepping week for me this week. It’s possible that I watch too much Gelnn Beck and let him make me nervous, but sometimes, I think that can work out to being a GOOD thing, lol. All this Cypress stress had me heading to the bank this week, and cleaning out my savings account. While not all-together impressive, they still grilled me about why I was removing my money from their establishment. I told them I was building a green house.. a lie, but one that I would like to make happen.. one day. 🙂

    SO WITH my savings dangerously out in the free air.. I invested in silver. Better late than never, I hope? I bought 50 1 oz silver bars, and forty American Silver Eagles, (in uncirculated 20 coin rolls), from JM Bullion. MD, thanks for having a trustworthy sponsor link here for me, AS WELL as your investing in silver article that I read, twice, before calling. Whew, expensive stuff. How much of this stuff should I accumulate? How much.. is enough? IS there such a thing?

    I made an Emergency Essentials order for 24 self-heating cans of soups and drinks, which looked super cool to me. As well as a superpail of their ABC soup. I’m pretty excited about adding 340+ servings of soup to my prepping pantry. The Katadyn Pocket water filter was a HUNDRED BUCKS off at EE this month, so I bit the bullet and ordered one of those too, along with two water bottles. And lastly, after being reminded by Glenn that I still haven’t put together an appropriate Grab-N-Go bag, in case that monster tornado comes through, that initially started me prepping in the first place.. I bought an emergency essentials backpack, three days worth of MRE meals, and a 64 box of 4 oz each water pouches.. (I’ll be adding an emergency kit, wet wipes, dog food, flashlights, batteries, etc to this when I get everything in). I don’t plan on bugging out anywhere, but just in case we DO have to run to the underground tornado shelter that I had put in last summer.. we’ll be ready.

    I bought two pounds of alfalfa sprouts, a pound of clover, and a pound of Chinese cabbage.. (half for sprouting and eating now, and half for adding to my prepping pantry), and bought The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook. (Oh, and I got those six awesome books for ten bucks that Mother Earth recommended a couple weeks ago). I read a little about fish antiobiotics, and watched a few Patriot Nurse videos, …hopefully soon I’ll be able to buy some antibiotics for my stash. I made the mistake of telling me Aunt about the fish meds, and she gave me grief about. I mean, I understand her worry and concern, but.. from everything I’ve rad, they seem perfectly safe, not to mention the same stuff people take anyway… right? Anyway….

    I ordered the CCRadio-2 AM/FM/WX/2-Meter Ham Band Radio w/ 20 Presets (in Titanium), which was on our ‘bigger ticket’ prep list. Hopefully I can figure out how to work it, before I tuck it away into an EMP bag to hibernate. I look forward to hearing someone out there, when and if the grid goes down, and I get lonely, lol.

    I have a few more little things I want to get in the next couple days, but Hubby has put me on prep-spending probation until NEXT payday. We only get paid once a month, so that will seem like an eternity, I’m sure. What was left of my savings, I’ve tucked away in the closet fireproof safe for safe keeping. I hope it’s still WORTH something when I get it back out again. If I ever get it back out again. The future sure doesn’t look promising, does it Pack? 🙁 *Hugs*

    I (finally) finished my three rainwater barrel garden containers, (the kind with all the pockets around the outside), primed and painted them, as well as the barrel dollys I bought for underneath them. Now I just need a: A billion tons of potting soil, and b: for Indiana to stop being stupid, and turn into REAL Spring. That being said.. we’re expecting TEN INCHES of snow on Sunday. *Groan* Not cool. I also looked into getting some free pallettes to try turning them into raised garden beds.. in the future.

    I started, finished, and aced my NRA “Personal Defense in the Home” class. I shot, and hit my target kneeling, hiding behind a wall, hiding behind a nightstand, left handed, right handed, moving targets, shouting commands, and even shooting IN THE DARK while fake-calling 911. It was intense, and definitely got me all revved up, lol. I was extremely proud of myself. :):) Hubby passed too!

    That’s it from here this week. Weather permitting, I’m the Easter Bunny this Sunday.. :/ Wish me luck. In my family runs the bunny gene.. My Gram for 40 years until she died.. my Mom for sixteen years until she tore her knee to bits, then it was handed down to me. IN MY OPINION, the happy go lucky bunny gene skipped me, but since I am my mother’s only.. I seem to have no choice. I don’t like letting her down. 🙁 *Sigh* So.. I guess it is what it is. Wish me luck that I still fit in my darn suit, since I’ve gained a bit of weight the last couple months.. lol. Stay tough, Pack. ~ Amy.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      If that tornado shelter is yours and secure, consider storing your BOB/ Tornado bag there, It will be one less thing to grab when the storm arrives. We are making plans to prepare a hidey hole in our shelter, ..some of our ideas are, a padded bench, that is also a secured box, pull out to open from back..

    • riverrider says:

      amy, we love your enthusiasm, but don’t tell us how much metal you get nor where you put it/”the rest” of your stash. makes you a tempting target for theives. we would hate to hear you got ripped off or something. opsec, darling 😉

      • Encourager says:

        That was the first thing that crossed my mine also. Seriously, Amy, you need to beef up on your OPSEC (OPerational SECurity). Stop being so descriptive with where you put money, coins, and stop using your real name, like now. I sure hope you haven’t told anyone in your extended family about emptying your savings account. If so, you need to find another hidey-hole immediately.

        • Tigerlily says:

          Just so everybody knows, I’m a real life, long term friend of Schametti’s and that has never been her real name. If you remember her first post, she said she chose her name because she can’t say machete and it comes out as schametti every time she says it. She had just bought one at the time so that became her screen name. Having lived in Indiana and thinking back to the number of Amys I remember living there, without the picture somebody would have a really hard time finding her!

          • Schametti says:

            I am incognito now. *Dones Scary Zombie Mask* >.<

            Tigerlilly, hehe.. There were NINE other girls with my same first name as me, (I promised I wouldn't say it again, practice makes perfect, lol), just in my graduating high school class, so hopefully in time people forget anything personal I've posted, and I will be unfindable. <3 Thank You for the support, Lovely Lady! *Hugs*

        • I wanted to say this. I am no computer genius, but I think I could find her if I wanted to find her. No, I am no thief.

    • worrisome says:

      Schametti. Be careful hon on how detailed you get here. While most of us are about as trustworthy as anyone can ever get, there are lurkers, you don’t want to be specific about guns, ammo and pm. Be general so know one ever know how many and what kind. As for the rest, you are doing super! Good to see you thinking about things and taking action. Good girl!

      • Don’t mean to pile on but Survival Blog had a piece like two weeks ago where some Prepper guy found out that his “buddies” at work were keeping a list of folks with food ect. so when the SHTF they could come over and take them for themselves.
        I’ve also read where some folks who work in gun stores have been found to keep lists of people with AR’s ect. for the same reason.

        I keep all of my stuff buried in my own private mine field, but that’s another story for another time.

    • Schametti says:

      Sorry. *Hangs Head* I didn’t think it likely that any of you Guys would show up at my doorstep, or that talking about silver was any more or less against the OpSec rules than how many rolls of toilet paper I have. is there a list somewhere I can review? I’ll practice being vague and shady, (lol). And no I don’t talk to anyone locally about this stuff anymore. Just you guys.

      Tater, yes the tornado shelter is ours and in our fenced in back yard. And I was planning on keeping the bag in there. It’s not very big, but the hubs and I, the bag, and our two ShihTzus should fit for the worst of it.

      • No need to feel bad, if folks didn’t care about you they would not have said anything.
        However, I think that it might be best if you just send it up here to me in Frostbite Falls Minnesota for safe keeping. Just address it to Ghost at the Moose and Squirrel Bar, they know me there.

      • Schametti;
        I would like to add my two cents worth. For your protection and the other women who put their personal photos on this site, may I make a suggestion. Change it out for something else, we now have photo recognition software. It is one reason I do not post pictures of myself or family.
        Now you mention your aunt’s reaction to fish meds, here is a brief history lesson. If she ever watched 60 minutes in the 80-90’s, there was an article about antibiotics for sheep. Same medicine that we humans used, only difference was the price. Yes, the price–sheep it was 3 cents per pill, for humans it was $3.00+ per pill. So be careful who you speak to about “fishies”, but thought you could give her an update. It will stop her wrinkling her nose at you.

        • Face recognition software . . . Oh my–I hope no one recognizes me from my avatar photo.

          • BamBam;
            But,but,but your pic is so cute who would have know you were in Avatar? I really do like the pic, it is different!

          • Hunker-Down says:

            Just get a shave and a hair cut, then you wont have to worry about the software. 🙂

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Bam Bam I love that photo, I’d know you anywhere!

      • JP in MT says:


        No need to feel bad. It’s hard not to be excited and talk about what you are doing. The others are right, don’t get too specific. Even with the lists I publish, not everything gets said. Many times I list things so others will know that it is available, or to start discussions.

        In my case, those that know me, suspect I prep, also know how I feel about beggars and thieves. And since I shoot more and better than all of them, and there is little doubt that if you see the muzzle of my weapon, you are “about to experience a life-changing event”, so they don’t/won’t press it.

        I also hope to be out of here by the time things get to that point.

      • worrisome says:

        Schametti. There is one guy that was on here that was popular with us all. He traded in survival supplies, always listed his latest “find” and was robbed like 3 times in a very short period of time. He is in California and met with some of us. He gave up posting and I for one miss him, he had lots of great ideas! While none of us will ever know if someone he became acquainted with here caused his difficulties, can’t say that it didn’t happen either. So please please be careful. And I agree with Bam Bam, your picture is very very cute, and recognizable, get rid of it. :_)

        • Tigerlily says:

          Awww, I miss him too! If you are still reading the blog, which I think you are, we all miss you! And my son still has the arrow head you sent him. Thanks again!

        • Maybe he will come back with a new name. I wish Lint Picker and Jar Head would come back too. I miss the banter.

          • Tigerlily says:

            Ooh, I had the wrong person then! I thought we were talking about Lintpicker. Who was worrisome talking about?

          • I thought she was talking about Ray.

          • Tigerlily says:

            Why do we keep losing all the old people that were on here when I started reading? Not that I post all that often myself….

          • Tigerlilly,

            I wonder the same thing. It’s kind of funny that you get attached to people you’ve never met.

          • Tigerlily says:

            I know! I had a facebook friend that passed away awhile back and the only reason I knew about it was because one of her family members logged into her account to tell all her friends that it had happened. I was devastated and cried for hours even though I had never laid eyes on the woman.

            I think all of us on here let little pieces of ourselves go out into the world when we tell each other what we have done. We post about the things we are proud of and the things we aren’t so proud of. We share the deaths of loved ones and dear pets, and we share the excitement of births. Honestly, we are no different than friends that we may go out to dinner with and tell these things to, but instead I eat my dinner at my desk and read about the important events in all your lives. You are all just as dear to me as those I know in person.

          • worrisome says:

            Tiger I was talking about NorCal Ray. But I miss lintpicker and jarhead as well. They brought a lot to the group.

          • Schametti says:

            I wish I wasn’t so new, so I could have known them. They sound like great and knowledgeable folks. 🙁

          • Lint was hilarious & smart. If you think the oldtimers ain’t reading, think again. I would. I think I read someVERY familiar writing styles. Maybe some of you know who they are. IDK. Just saying they are smarter than I am.

          • I'm A Prep Kat says:

            I got here just before Lint PIcker left, and I really liked Jar Head. I miss his posts.

        • axelsteve says:

          Good ol nc Ray! And lintpicker! Gone but not forgotten. I live kinda close to lintpicker. Too bad we never met up.

        • I miss all of them too, especially Lint Picker.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Here is the list:

        Anything you have that a parent with starving kids wants (after TSHTF), and knows you have. If they don’t know, they have no incentive to shoot at your house.
        So, anything on the above list, stifle it with OPSEC.

        I have never seen anyone post the exact number of t/p rolls they have in long term storage; they (we) must be nervous about the topic. hehe
        You do have backup tools for when you run out of t/p, don’t you?

        • I have at this time 162 rollls of tp!!! I also have various backup to the wiping situation, baby wipes, clothes , have saved all my extra phone books from the last few years and have tried most of the alternative methods for wiping. As a good prepper you need to practice you alternative activities NOW so you don’t have any suprises later. I have not tried the phone books yet , that will be one of the last options!!! And for opsec I will not disclose how many pages are in my phone books in case the page number is on the internet somewhere.

          All kidding aside I have always been fairly private and my business is mine, we can discuss a lot on here and still be vauge enough to not let opsec down. And I do have 164 rolls of TP and buy every time it is on sale and I have a coupon or it gets under my target price point of about 40 cents a roll.

          • Dang, George, you have me beat–I only have 146 rolls of T.P. in stock. I haven’t found Scotts on sale in a while.

          • If you need any extra, you can come to my house, I have 288. Working my way up to 365.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            Through trial and ERROR, I found that the cover of the phone book is too slick to be effective.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Phone books here are only fifty pages.and kinda smallish….ain’t hardly worth mentioning…

          • Encourager says:

            About the telephone books…make sure you gently crumple and smooth then crumple and smooth before using a page…makes it softer and not so rough on the tush. =o)

          • Don’t worry about having soft TP…eventually you’ll develop callouses on your delicate hind end…Hardcore TP for hardcore preppers! 🙂

          • Survivor says:

            Hey George, I was aquainted once with an old woman from Germany who had lived through WWII. She told us what ya do is tear the page outa the phone book when ya first sit down, then crumple/flatten several times until softer and more pliable. By the time you’re ready, so’s the paper! She said ANY paper one could find then was put through the same process.

      • It’s OK to talk about PM’s…. just do so in general terms.

        Something else to consdier…. our lovely govt trolls websites to see what it can find on people. That’s one reason I no longer have a blog. Didn’t need the men in black banging on my door.

      • JP in MT says:


        Nice change to the picture!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Amy, I know you’re excited and enthusiastic about prepping, but google “Loose lips sink ships”. Don’t tell all your family, friends or neighbors what you’re doing, or when something happens they will all show up at your door looking for a handout. Unless of course you are prepping for them as well. Some folks do prep for extended family, and I don’t fault them for it. But even if you do, think “operations security”, and spring it on them as a surprise. But I love what you’re doing, I just wish more would. Take care, and Happy Hopping!

      • Schametti says:

        I don’t talk about prepping to anyone anymore, outside of my Aunt and Mom, who would just come over and look, if I didn’t tell them what I was up too. They hide their nosiness under the guise of being worried about me, and I do believe that, (especially since they think I’ve stepped off the deep end in life now, lol). And one friend who comes over to my house once a month to learn from me what I’VE learned about prepping so she can start, (One day. I keep sending her home with a few little things because in my opinion, on day is already here).

        I have changed my picture. I hope no one can face-recognize software me now. Rawr.. a couple months ago I Walking Deadified me, cause it looked cool. Now my own face scares me, LOL. But maybe you guys won’t worry so much about me now. Thanks, too.. by the way. And I’ll leave my name off of future posts. 😉

        I have to be honest though, if I can’t post anything that I got during the week, due to OPSEC.. I might not have anything else to say here, anymore.. :/ So if next week, I just say Hi.. you’ll know it’s because I’m afraid of getting in trouble again, LOL.

        • worrisome says:

          Oh go ahead and post what you got but think about what it is…anybody with basic math skills now knows how much you pulled out of your savings for instance. I don’t think anybody cares about the tp supplies. Home protection items maybe not so much. I never share how many guns, type of them or the ammo in quantity I have, however, if someone asks about home protection I might respond with the fact that I have a firearm by every door not specifying what they are. If I buy some ammo on line, that is all I will say, not expand to tell how much or what kind. You are not in trouble, we are just trying to help you so you don’t get hurt…and I think your new picture is adorable!

          • Schametti;
            Please do not be discouraged by our noting your OPSEC error, it is because we care. Although I have been only posting for a short time, on this site(only). It is because these people who read and share care about the others on this site. They (and I) are not trying to be mean, just teaching you caution on your preparations. Think of us as the older siblings in your household.
            How else will you learn but by making mistakes(my dad’s quote to me growing up). So do not go away, I really enjoy reading what you have to say. Your enthusiasm is so refreshing!!

          • Schametti says:

            Aw, Becky.. I’m not going anywhere. 🙂 I’m a lot harder to get rid of than that. I’m kind of like those annoying Japanese stink beetles, (disguised as homely ladybugs), that show up here, (in my undisclosed location), every year. They’re everywhere, and nothing you do can make them go away, or not find a way into your house.

            I DO understand the need for secrecy, and I’m 99% better locally, I just didn’t think it was unsafe on the blog, since there are a lot of *Insert Name Here*’s in my *Undisclosed State* lol.. 🙂 But I promise to behave smarter now.

            Thanks Worrisome. 😀 Don’t get tooooo close though. I might bite. 🙂

            And since it APPEARS to be safe.. I am up to 138 rolls of toilet paper, but haven’t yet thought of a back up option when that runs out. (Well, I DO have about a dozen 250 piece wetwipes packages, but those are for impromptu baths when/if there’s no water). So much to think about, so much to buy. I may never get everything I need/want.

          • JP in MT says:

            Guys, I don’t want anyone to take this wrong, but I have that many rolls of TP for the camper. I’m withing a large package of having THAT prep squared away. That doesn’t include what we have stored in the bathroom and trailer for regular usage.

          • That’s either one large camper… or there is no room left for the ummmmm campers LOL

          • SW:

            Those in storage are not IN the camper, but in the house. I also like the camper stuff if we have to use the bucket type stuff (got several bottles of “sanitizer” for these). Most of our potential “guests” will be female, so this is must have at our place.

          • Encourager says:

            Has anyone noticed that even the so-called “Mega” size TP rolls are much smaller? Less sheets on the roll and a bigger cardboard tube? It used to be I could barely fit a Mega roll on my roller. Now I have room to spare. Of course, the price has gone up also.

            Do the companies think we are blind and wouldn’t notice?????

          • It’s not just TP…it seems like everything at the grocery store has been hit by what my dad calls “the shrink ray”.

          • tommy2rs says:

            Orange or lemon oil discourages the asian lady bug some and sticky fly paper clears them out of your home quite nicely. Get couple stuck on the fly paper and they soon call others to join them. Spray the orange oil around the exterior of your windows and doors at the first sign of ladybugs. Citrus based aerosols can help some also, well sometimes anyway….lol

          • Schametti says:

            Thanks Tommy.. I’ll have to try that, cause I HATE those little guys, lol.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Every month I buy a pkg of 18 wash cloths at WM for $4. They will have many uses when TSHTF, Washing bodies, dishes, in place of kotex, fold up to put on injuries. wipe bottoms, clean up pet accidents, etc. I also buy a pkg of (18) 14 x 17 terry towels in the paint section of WM for $7.++. Both items last a surprisingly long time with our large family for such cheap prices. When they become rags we still save them for just incase!

      • Encourager says:

        There was this story circulating around about two years ago (don’t know if it was true, but I think it was).

        This divorced man had his son over on weekends. The man was a big-time prepper. Also had a nice collection of firearms. He had told his son to be tight-lipped but you know how teens are. One time when he was staying with his dad, and dad was at the store, he had some friends over and showed and bragged about all dad’s “stuff”. Well, the friends talked…a lot…about what they had seen.

        Forward a few weeks…said dad was at a bar after work. Struck up a conversation with some guys sitting at the bar. Subject turned to prepping and this complete stranger said he didn’t have to prep, he had a gun. And he knew this guy who was big into prepping and was fully stocked with food, guns and ammo. Dad felt creepy crawlies up his spine. Asked who the guy was. The stranger GAVE HIM HIS OWN NAME…

        It happens. I had a ‘friend’ who I had talked to about ‘stocking up for an emergency, such as a power outage from a tornado’ and she said…I will just come to your house. I said ‘if you come empty-handed you will be turned away.’ She hasn’t spoken to me since, its been two years, and we had been friends (I thought) for over 10 years. It happens.

        • Schametti says:

          Haha, that’s what I tell my Mom, Stephdad, and best friend when they say that. I just tell them flat out and with a straight face that they better be bringing their own preps to the ‘party’ to help out, and be prepared to get your hands dirty, because more mouths mean the need for more food, and they’re now in charge of planting the fields, and harvesting. (I don’t have ‘fields’ yet, but I sure would put them to work if anyone showed up expecting food and shelter without earning their keep).

          That story about the Dad and son is chilling. I’m glad, (in this case), that my two sons are dogs, lol.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            Hi Amy,
            I really think prepping is akin to having cash at your home. You wouldn’t tell anyone that you had $1000 cash in the right front drawer of your bedroom chest. And it’s best to talk of prepping in general terms. Other than here, this is the place you can brag. Well, up to a point. LOL. You’re doing fine, and we want you to share. Heck, we all do that, and that’s how we learn. I hope I didn’t discourage your enthusiasm.

  14. Hventures says:


    Second post on the site and I wanted to drop an update. Back at the beginning of February I twisted my knee and have been laid up. However, the Lord blessed and I had plenty of savings to get me through till I went back to work. The experience was an eye opener for me since I currently live alone. Doing daily activities from crutches is a lot more difficult.
    Moving on to prep. I am up to 1 year of stored food and necessities. Still have some odds and ends to get but that’s coming along nicely. As per my prev post when I reached this mark I would go ahead and purchase a rifle I was looking at. AR’s have been impossible to find locally and 9mm and 223 rare as unicorns. I was again blessed when I received a phone call letting me know a small local gun shop got some bushmasters in. I was there the next morning and much to my surprise he had 9mm and 223 in stock and the AR 15 I have been looking for. I replenished my supply of range ammo for my 9mm and purchased 500 rounds of 223. The AR shoots like a dream and I spent two days shooting breaking down and cleaning it with another stop for more ammo. I am officially out of 223 for now but will go down and get more very soon. All in all I am now mildly comfortable with the way the gun shoots and operates. This week I plan on another run to the gun shop to find more ammunition and purchase a new compass mine may or may not have ben taken hostage by my dog. I guess that will teach me not to leave biscuit shapped devices on my porch even for a second.

    • worrisome says:

      Hventures: I sympathize with you on the knee. I had two knee surgeries in just over a year due to a car accident. I spent a lot of time on crutches! I made up my mind that I was not going to let it interfere in preps, I just changed what I was going to work on while laid up. I did a lot of cooking, canning and dehydrating and some planning. AND hobbling around on crutches is exhausting that is only surpassed by the exhausting effects of stepping down wrong on same sore knee…………

  15. Kelekona says:

    I have been phenomenally sick since the beginning of the year. I do have a tendency to spend these three months in mild hibernation, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so unable to do anything. Even though I have yet to properly prep, the haphazard efforts I did make are getting us through. I decided on a to-do list for next year.

    Buy the new stove and get the gasline installed so I can make two turkeys worth of curry kits next November. Also, the ground beef from autumn’s bulk purchase should immediately be turned into convenience food so that I don’t worsen the hibernation thing with my preservative allergy.

    This is more fluffy nesting “we’ll be fine” plan, but start building furniture without first dealing with the fear of power tools. A plowmule that can passably cook and knows traditional woodworking is probably worth shooting someone over.

    Get in the habit of keeping a proper inventory, keeping track of customized food usages, and run a virtual test of just how weird meals would get at the end of my supply.

    Even though it snowed yesterday, I feel like I’m late to the party in getting my garden started. Even if I miss getting it in by spring, I should not wait until the fall planting season to try for something viable. Yeah, it does sound like planning to fail, but a failed garden still builds habit.

    • Don’t mean to pry, but in late winter folks tend to get run down from lack of sunlight. It’s called “SAD” Seasonal Affective Disorder. You might try putting a “natural light grow” bulb in the lamp you sit most often under, see if that helps.

      • Kelekona says:

        Ah, yeah. I priced lamps specifically for SAD and found them expensive. Especially since I can muscle through this evolutionary advantage when I’m not otherwise sick.

        I do have F.lux, which is supposed to help circadian rythyms by shifting the color temperature of my monitor when the sun goes down, maybe I should mess with the settings.

        Then again, my office is in the sunroom and whoever designed it got it right. During this time of year, my monitor is getting drowned out by the sunlight during certain parts of the day.

        I’m thinking it’s a case of I should have gotten my flue shot this year. Usually I don’t bother because my only contact with the outside is grocery runs and my husband.

  16. Encourager says:

    Ordered and received my food buying club order – canned diced tomatoes, canned tomato puree, canned refried beans, big order of grated Parmesan cheese which went into the freezer.

    Finally feeling a bit better from this virus (on week 3!!) but energy flags by mid-day. Was able to work in storage area, repacking buckets and putting stuff away. I have run out of buckets! So need to make a Sam’s Club trip and a Walmart trip just to get free buckets. I will call first and have them hold them for me so it isn’t a wasted trip. I like the rectangular buckets they get frosting in. They stack well and fit on my shelves.

    Will finally be able to treat son to dinner out for his birthday tomorrow, which was 3/5. Felt really bad about being too sick to take him out but he understood. Spent long time on phone with youngest, he is traveling a lot with his job and is on his way out west for two weeks. Wish the youngest was onboard with prepping; he just rolls his eyes. Oh the hope and self-assurance of youth…

  17. I spent all my prep money at the EXPO last weekend but I am going to the Nashville Flea market tomorrow with my daughter and I am sure I will dip into the egg money. Hope everyone has a great week. I am signed up to go to Swanee TN to a talk and free dinner Tuesday night. I was made aware of it through the Nashville Meetup group of preparers. It is called The 50 Machines you will need to Restart the World. If it turns out awesome I will report back next week.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Thank you so much for the update on that! I wanted to go( we had friends who went) but are saving our money for a Berkey…it’s 3 hrs of gas we didn’t have to spend. We did find out there is Carolina Readiness Supply right over The Hill, in NC. It’s only an hour for us.

      • nana blue says:

        Hey everyone, anybody know if there are any prepper expos or maybe a seminar our a cannery..anything prepper-wise in the north east?? Pa maybe? The closest one i found was a gun show that had a few wise food buckets. I wish i could actually go and see things.

      • Orwellian States says:

        Waynesville??? It is about an hour from where I live in Del Rio, TN. Last there about 3 months ago…..lots of great stuff. This week I planted apple trees, installed new part on tractor’s draw bar (garden time), purchased more canned food for stock and ordered silver Canadian maple leafs. Also, started work on asparagus beds. Glad spring is ALMOST here.

  18. We have been busy tearing down the Trek decking that failed. Trex company are replacing the decking and part of the railing. That was apart of the settlement they offered. The old boards I am thinking of using along the roadway as border to keep the gravel from getting into the pasture. Who knows it is junk!
    We need to get the out building ready for storage, so they take priority over supplies. Spent the morning listening to the local patriot radio program, and tomorrow the other channel will have programming. Learn a lot from the hosts, and the patriots that call in with the going on’s in the neighborhood and nation. This stations are not under the control of the “big boys”, so their programming is really free speech.
    Have great weekend-pack.

  19. Annie Nonymous says:

    Another food kit ordered – I get them for emergency visitors, and/or charity in case SHTF. It’s one of those 3 day kits of freeze dried meals, and they seem pretty complete. They also keep like FD foods (years), so they sit in wait of never being used… until they are.

    Hey, speaking of food… your header vanished… I miss the chocolate bar!!!

    Also stocking more ballistic wampum when I can find it… I am wondering if the whole billion bullet purchase was to deplete shelves to keep them out of the hands of citizens?

    ALso, tho it’s not prep related (OK, maybe it is!) working hard against the socialistic agenda of removing our freedoms one by one… It’s scary when you see more and more POLITICIANS in formerly normal states (some on the fringes of the so-called NW Redoubt) follow the lead of D. Swinestein & Co, trying to subvert the constitution and our rights… Do NOT let these anti-Americans in sheeps clothing poison our great nation!!

    OK, out to the shop, am working on a restoration project, and also studying hazmat for a new job prospect that puts me close to our new BugIn Location… interviews are coming up shortly, so please say a prayer for me, that this opportunity allows me to work not only for my sake, but for Gods greater glory.

    Have a Happy Palm Sunday – I always loved getting the palm fronds and making rings out of them, and wearing them until they fell apart. And remember what this week, and the event at the end of it, meant for all our salvation!


    • riverrider says:

      “swinestein”….lol, you know i’ll have to steal that one!

    • “studying hazmat for a new job prospect that puts me close to our new BugIn Location… interviews are coming up shortly”,

      That’s funny because I am in the process of interviewing people to fill an open hazmat position I have. By chance are you relocating to Texas?

      • Annie Nonymous says:

        Sadly, no, tho my inlaws old place is in NE Bexar (small world?!) so that’s still an alternate should up here become untenable… little to suburban for my tastes, but at least it’s not Dallas or Tarrant Co! 😉 This puts my commute from +100 miles to -40. Still a ways, but a manageable hike if need be. (Mind you, if the offer were right… 😉 )

        Oh yeah, got a late addition to the list – got 5 new apple trees planted yesterday… mostly old stock varieties, that produce pretty heavy from Late spring to Autumn (well, not this year, but in a few years, we’ll have an orchard! LOL)… and all pretty disease resistant. Also talked about putting in a new garden in one of our sunny spots (maybe it’ll take off instead of languishing… mmmm….), gonna need a bit of prepwork, but it’s better than the overshaded swamp we unknowingly put the last one in…

        Happy Palm Sunday, and a blessed Easter week to y’all…

  20. Some canned goods and other dried goods added to the stockpile. Also some cleaning supplies and first aid supplies.
    Managed to find 1000 rounds of .22LR at a bearable price (not good, but bearable). Ordered it.
    Bought an oil lamp and a kerosene lantern at the local consignment auction. Also some old but in good shape medical and dental instruments – which will come in handy for both TEOTWAWKI and around the barn equine emergencies. Also picked up some books to resale.
    Some dehydrating of onions and bananas.
    Got onions, shallots, cabbage, celery, and broccoli seeds planted. Ordered some last minute seeds – mainly squash. We’re probably going to be selling some of the excess produce at a local farmer’s market so figured we’d try some “odd” squash and see how they sell.
    Went to Sam’s – bought cocoa powder, salt, instant potatoes, pepper and some mac and cheese for the stash.
    Woke up early today and got to a local gun show. Nothing worth buying, but did get a book on our Enfield rifle, so that was good. Hit the Amish bulk store – oats, sugar, spices, and some other dry goods.
    Stepdaughter is off to visit her mother this week (spring break for the local school district) so will be doing a bunch in the storeroom organizing and am hoping to organize the “survival” printouts.
    Ordered two books related to prepping – “A Nation Forsaken: EMP” and “Beyond Collapse”. Really liking the Beyond Collapse book – very thoughtful and interesting. The EMP book … eh. Not so useful.
    Contributed to the “Lights Out Saga” movie on Indiegogo.
    We’re going to get hit with this newest snow storm but its been nice knowing we have most things we need. I went and got some eggs and bread – more to be completely full up than that we needed it. If nothing else, prepping’s made weather issues so much nicer to deal with.

  21. JP in MT says:

    For those that are looking for an inexpensive hunting rifle, CDNN Investments has a Russian single shot rifle in 223, 243, or 270 for $179. Shipping usually runs about $20 to your FFL dealer. Then there is whatever the dealer charges for a transfer fee.

    In the past I have found Russian civilian firearms of good quality, although the actions and the finish on the triggers is a little rough at 1st. Considering the cost of bolt action rifles, single shots are an inexpensive way to pick up a hunting rifle for about half the money you’d have in a bolt.

    • riverrider says:

      jp, i was eyeballing that rossi pair they had. thats a great price on the ruger 30-06 too.

      • JP in MT says:


        I got lucky last year and got an older Ruger 77 RS (with rifle sights). It’s upstairs waiting for the rings to come in (Leupold QR’s) so I can put this nice 3-9×40 that I picked up the year before.

        I was thinking that I might want to divest myself of some of my used scope (mostly pistol scopes for scout mounts), but they might be of use in a later time when I can’t purchase any.

  22. Granny Em says:

    Typed a long reply and hit submit before realizing that the internet had gone off. Don’t know where it ended up. Sorry if this shows up twice !
    We’ve had 18 inches of “lake effect” snow since the first day of Spring. So, my gardening has been confined to starting seeds in the little peat pot greenhouses. I saved seeds for the first time last year, so I planted 60 in case only a few germinate. If they all grow, I’ll take the extra seedlings to our local food pantry. Also planted sweet and hot peppers, butternut and zucchini squash, 2 kinds of kale, broccalli, cukes, basil, thyme and parsley. When they get big enough, I’ll transfer them to 12 oz. foam cups and put them under a 4 foot shop light. Then, I’ll pack them into milk crates to set them out to harden off. That way, it will be easy to bring them in if frost is forecast and they won’t blow over on a windy day.
    I didn’t garden for 20 years, then the Pack got me inspired two years ago and I put in a 40 X 50 foot garden . This year, I’m adding sweet corn, quinoa, amaranth and hulless oats, so I think I’ll need a larger plot. It’s a good thing I have a neighbor with a plow and a DS with a rototiller and a willingness to help plant. Now, I just need more fencing to keep out the resident rabbits, woodchucks and deer. Right now, I’m feeding the bunnies ear corn in the hopes that they’ll leave my new blueberries bushes alone.
    Have a great week, All.

    • I used to hang 4′ shop lights, with grow bulbs, from the bottom of my kitchen cabinets. Rotated plants every 12 hours with the ones on the dining room table!!! I could sprout and get 100’s of healthy plants started this way. Just hang the shop lights with chain from little cup hooks screwed into the bottom of the cupboards, you can raise the lights as the plants get taller! Good luck with the garden 🙂

      • Granny Em says:

        Thanks !
        I hang my shop light between 2 ladderback chairs in the dining room. I sit the starts on bins at first, then shorter bins then on the floor as they grow. Last year, I placed my squashes on the window sill when they started to vine and the next day they blossomed ! I can’t put anything in the ground until Memorial Day.

  23. OregonMike says:

    Good (sunny) morning, Pack,
    It’s been a light prep week this time around. First, DW shot a perfect score (as opposed to her husband who missed 1) in our Oregon State pistol match. Taadaaa.
    We planted carrot and radish seeds this week. And, transplanted lots of lettuce. We put shade cloth and bird netting over the chicken pen so the garden doesn’t have to be covered to protect it. The girls aren’t happy about it but it won’t last forever.
    Tried some soups we had canned last year and will make some adjustments this year (like don’t include pasta until time to eat). Spicy tomato soup will make great base for stews and other dishes in the future.
    Newly planted fruit trees are budding out because or in spite of my talking nice to them. I’m a happy camper.

  24. What did I do? I put away more water storage. Rinsed more containers for storing rice and beans. Found some new beans&rice recipes. Bought SPAM for the first time in my life. Read more about foraging plants/food, started prepping the outdoor garden area (would be nice if it were to thaw a bit today so I can do more work out there!), planned more for the garden, and bought a IWB holster for when I get my CCW permit. I’m such a novice, though…

  25. Sw't Tater says:

    ..MD, thanks for the work you have been doing for the blog.
    …slow and steady is the method for progress. Sometimes it’s so slow it is maddening.Temps have been everywhere this week, so nothing done outside.
    …. Prayers for the Pack, those grieving and with illness, those who offer and apply what is written here, for our nation and the heart of Her. ….Found my SIL,31, has a mass in abdomen, not enough info on size and location to truly process…found incidental to chest scan searching for blood clots and evaluating pneumonia.
    …Price storage building for home replacement.. working on possible floor plans, after doing brief evaluation on current building.
    Repair of old building=repaired old building,much work and time..remove& replacement= new building,w/ limited space,less physical work, Both paid for…costs comparable.
    ,… first aid supplies.. I got benadryl cream, cortizone cream for making “bite treatments. 2 bottles of peroxide.some allergy pills in variety…
    …..lucked up on some veggies at a very cheap price..started with the dehydration of those and have begun to dehydrate the 40# potatoes I have bought on sale in the last two weeks. Have done two batches and sealed with O2 absorbers. more to go on today..Working on that quanity posted in earlier article this week!
    Decided to boil them to mostly cook them, they peel easily, slice well and are easy to dice from there.Plan to use them mostly in soups and as stewed, so this should work well. I cut eyes off some and cooked the remainder for eatin’ with green chili, (I was very popular at home.).
    I spent some time last weekend searching out the prices for veggies, I am not able to grow.(.due to critters or space, currently). Made the decision to modify old one…, heated w/ thermostat dehydrator up for summer..DH is aware of this job for him to complete…must find thermostat etc.
    Thanks to who ever it was that posted the site for dehydrated veggies in bulk. I did some research and passed it on to others who have shown interest. Cooked the egg shells, crushed for further useage..in compost/plant food.
    JAXUN.. be sure to get the info on probiotics, not everyone needs them in the same amounts as a supplement. The best one we have found so far is digestive advantage.I usually use pills for this because their measure are exact, and I don’t like fermented foods. If I must eat 1/2 cup of anything it must be something I desire, or it will not stay.
    Be aware that most gastric surgeries have a weird side effect, the tastes will change several times..mine started just a few months after surgery when I started eating dill pickles..ate them for several years, now don’t want them again…
    Peanut butter is available in LTS, it has to be re-hydrated with small amounts of olive oil. We use the natural too, due to cholestrol/ triglycerides issues. If your DH chooses to try meats again, Note that chicken is most often poorly tolerated, the problem is the fat pockets in the meat, esp in the thigh..and breast meat is very dry..I have to moisten it to tolerate it, chew very thorough, with small amounts of a warm liquid helps too. Ground meats should be the lowest fat you can get, If you buy ground turkey, some common brands are very high in gristle, which causes intolerance problems. Tell her to “Hang in there, surgery is a wonderful tool for weight loss. Like any tool there are bad ways to use it as well as good. The benefits are optimal for several years, then your body adjusts to the change, so use this tool wisely>”Been there done that!
    Nuts, some tolerance may change ..so search/ develop a plan B. Ideal would be to grow your own peanuts.(.that takes sandy soil and we have mostly clay.- tho I remember Dad growing some here a few times.) Keep on keeping on.
    Take care of those you love, and prepare for those who don’t love you.

  26. Unfortunately I did not get as much done as I had hoped. We had a very severe storm Monday and we were without power from Monday evening to Wednesday morning. It made me realize that my DH is not as ready for a SHTF situation as I had thought. We do have a generator but I understand that is a very short term solution. He was having withdrawals from his precious TV lol. I am glad that we do have the generator because Monday morning my DH and son had ripped out our old kitchen cabinets and was busy rewiring the kitchen and reworking the plumbing when the storm hit. The good news is all of the cabinets are in, the countertop is ordered and I am picking up the odd and end stuff that we need to finish the job. We will have less than $1500 in this whole venture! Final tally to come. 🙂 I will finally have the room I need to be able to can my garden produce! Plus we will have a much better food storage system! I have been going thru this blog and I am making a list of things to order. Books and soap making supplies. I will be going to the thrift store this week to see what I can find.

    • Schametti says:

      Doh, I hear you there.. lol. Two winters ago, we had a NASTY ice storm come in and our power was out from power lines being completely frozen solid, for SIX DAYS. We stayed warm with our gas fireplace, (Internally vented, so it smelled terrible, but at least we stayed alive), though barely, omg I missed my internet soooo much, lol. It will be a MAJOR adjustment if the grid ever goes down for good, or for a lengthy amount of time. I’m a TON more ready for it this time though, if it happens again. 🙂

  27. ladyhawthorne says:

    I just love this place and the all the wolf pack, thanks MD for all you do. I look forward to this particular post all week even though I read the others too.
    I placed a small order on amazon thru MD’s link, hope it helps a bit.

    Made another run to the scratch & dent discount grocery store and found some more bargains.
    5 lbs unbleached bread flour and 4 lbs harina together for 1.25, now residing in the freezer to kill off any possible bugs.
    2½ lbs oatmeal 1.00 also now in freezer
    8oz Hershey’s cocoa 1.50
    large jar Ragu for 80¢
    1 lb each lentils and garbanzos 40¢ each now in freezer
    14oz coconut flakes 1.00
    2 lb jar of mustard 70¢
    2 bottles Hershey’s special dark chocolate syrup 1.49 each
    2 lb local raw honey 6.99
    5 pkg taco seasoning 39¢ each
    3 40oz jars of crunchy peanut butter 3.00 each. Crunchy is not my favorite but when I see they want more than $6 for the store brand of creamy in this size, well I feel I got a great deal.
    250 tablet 500mg vitamin c 50¢
    60 tablet 1000mg vitamin c 55¢
    30 packs store brand 1000mg packets of vitamin c drink (like emergenC) 75¢
    130 multi vitamin tablets 1.00

    Sold a couple small things on ebay and etsy this week, YAY!

    Tomorrow I will be planting the rest of the veggie plants as I picked up some more soil at Wallyworld.

    Things at work have me worried, 5 paydays in a row we have been paid 5 days late. I’ll hang in as long as I can as I know I would not find as good a paying job anywhere else. We’ve had 2 or 3 days late before but this is a first for it to go 5 days, especially for 2½ months.

  28. We went camping with a friend from Sunday through Friday morning on the other side of the island. While the immediate purpose is to have fun, the subtext is about using the camping gear to keep familiar with it, evaluate what should be modified, repaired, upgraded or discarded, and check out various short term emergency prep recipes.

    Our big lesson this time was Read the Directions, but Don’t Trust Them. We got an inverter a while back which plugs into the truck’s cigarette lighter so we could charge phones and iPads. We have used it a couple times to charge DW’s iPhone, but nothing else. This time we charged three iPads and her iPhone as it is a hot spot for wireless.

    The instructions say that if the truck battery gets run down from charging devices, the inverter will shut off so the battery can still start the vehicle.

    Wrong. I tried to start the truck and it went clikky clikky clikky clikky. Not even a grunt. We also had a car with us so jumpstarted it fine, and thereafter ran the engine while charging.

    So we learned again that one must field test gear and verify that it will do what it claims.

    My back went kerfluey a couple weeks ago, so we added a couple of 62 quart insulated coolers from CostCo to the gear to replace the 164 quart monster we had been using. They have wheels and retractable luggage type handles. Turned out to be a great improvement. We had another about the same size without handle or wheels so we didn’t lose any capacity, and the smaller coolers were both a LOT easier to lug around and they let us organize chilled food better.

    We now have three of the 164 quart coolers, and keep them packed with bubble wrap for storing fragile/valuable things during a hurricane. They make essentially indestructable storage/shipping containers. Just run duct tape around the lip for sealing out water, then strapping tape around the circumference to keep them shut.

    • Tom B;
      You might want to research a company called GoalZero. I purchased a lamp that can be charged with solar panels, wind up, plug(a/c) all this comes with the lamp. For those who are wondering, yes, we had to use it do to a power outage last month. They also have a system that will charge your ipads, cell phones, etc. Our Costco had them in stock but I had already purchased ours through EE(Emergency Essentials). Might be what you will need in the future.

      • Thanks, Becky. I did see an interesting folding solar panel set up at CostCo the last time I was there, but was in too much hurry to check it out. Portable solar chargers seem to have been around for seven or eight years, at around 100-200 bucks, and I assume they have gotten a lot better. Since this area trends sunny, we may well try one out.

  29. Babycatcher says:

    We bought a woodstove fireplace insert, and are having it professionally installed next week, before the roofers come and replace our hail-damaged roof with a nice metal one! I’m so excited! It’ll be the first time dh has ever used wood. I’m the expert on that! Keep up the good work, gals and guys. We’re gonna need it!

  30. Goatlover says:

    Here a little, there a little! I thought I hadn’t done any prepping this week–until I started thinking about it! I canned collards, dehydrated pineapple, stocked up on more beans and pasta, sold $200 of homemade soap (so I could have more prepping money!), planted eggplant, zucchini, watermelon, squash, cucumber, and pumpkin seeds in the garden; ordered in a two-year supply of herbal worm prevention for the goats, harvested more tomatoes and bought a few pecan trees. Life is good, in SPITE of TPTB!

  31. It’s been a slow week for me. Only thing I got done this week was get some more half gallon mason jars.

  32. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi M.D. and Wolf Pack. My prepping this week was the purchase of some Duke Body Traps on eBay. I also ordered some handgun parts for the guy that bought my weapons and ammo at the gun show a couple of months back. Since spring hasn’t really arrived yet here in the Midwest I’ve been doing a lot of studying and research on the internet. Around all of the bad weather I’ve been gathering supplies and trying to get my garden in order for the coming garden season. I’m trying to put in the permanent raised beds. Due to the expense I won’t get them all done this year but it’s a start. That’s about it for me this week. Take care all.

  33. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    HOLLEYCRAPPOLLA MD…. the Mossy 590 is an outasight choice. You are going to love the action as you break it in. It gets ‘glass y er’ and glass y er as ya go.

  34. Hello pack, I hope those of you in the path of the winter storms are safe and hunkered down. This week we got lucky and purchased some .22LR ammo to round out our supply. At least now we can plunk when we wish to. We are trying to decide whether to purchase another 9mm pistol and are torn between the Springfield XD-9 and Glock 19.
    Personally I like each of them, however I’m leaning toward the XD.

    • JP in MT says:

      Col. D:

      I have fired both the Glock and the XD-9. I found the XD to be a bit more comfortable but went with the Glock as magazines and parts are more readily available. Under normal times the total cost of a Glock will end up being cheaper.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Col. D Sir! My BIL runs XDs. They have a smooth reload to them. The other 7 members of the family.. and myself, run Glocks. G 19s, G 26s and 17s. The armorer at TDI has shown me the what and how of working on a Glock. Very few tools and a sandwich bag of drop in parts. Which ever really fits you Sir…… You cannot go wrong if it ‘fits’.

  35. This week I checked out ways to put in access to my new land. 54 acres to seclude and set up my new home and preppers compound.

    I also looked into setting up a water well. My only real option is to go down 1800 feet, costing 15 dollars a foot! or to do a large bore well and pump seep water.

    I also picked up another backup pistol that I can conceal just about anywhere. Got some more books about survivalism and started training myself with archery.

    • Nick;
      I am a certified dowser. (1) Did you have a dowser check out the land for water? (2) I know different areas have different depths that one has to go down for potable water, why so deep??
      We are west coast, so I am thinking you are east coast.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        In the flatland,Where we are the aquifer is 365-550 feet deep, 1500 sounds like drilling for oil….I would second that motion to get someone to douse it….That could lower your cost considerably, even in some mountainous areas the water table raises with the lay of the land..You might be particularly blessed.

        • Nick & Sw’t Tater;
          Where we are you do not drill below 300 ft unless you want to take a chance on salt water intrusion into the well. That is why I almost fell out of my chair when I saw those number for the depth of the well site.
          In future posts let me know what is happening.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Becky, We are not near the coast, Our well was drilled in 1970,and our area is blessed with soapstone deposits… in most shallow wells.several large bore wells were attempted by family on our property, One had methane,..when this well was done, the driller would give a report each day…he went thru three shelves of rock, the first was about 6″ thick, the second was about 12″..went into solid soapstoine for a while and then into an 18″ rock, fell thru 150 ft of white sand and the water came to within 100 ft of the top. Had to put steel casing in to prevent cave-in… A neighbor didn’t find water until 550 ft, and there is one well that is almost 700. There are shallow wells of 100-250 ft in the area., within 6 miles of us..a few really shallow ones of 40 or so, Our big bore one was about that, but it was filled in years ago, it was needing re-curbing, even 40 years ago it was getting hard to find someone to do that.
            That’s why I said opined to Nick, no matter where he is , needs to find a dowser, He might be able to find an underground river/pool even if he is in higher elevations.

          • Sw’t Tater:
            As a dowser, the main thing we look for is a(1) live stream of water on the property we are dowsing. Next is the amount of (2)recoverable water (3) purity (4) depth that the well driller will have to go down. Certain areas like TN have granite in the land mass, so it is another item a dowser should be made aware of when locating a water site for the customer.

        • Orwellian States says:

          Drilled our well three years ago when we built/moved to BOL. 600 feet for a total cost of $12,500 including pump. It was much more expensive than we had planned. What I was not happy with was the crew had to take a gps location reading to turn into the state (TN). Why????

          • Your comments are the first I’ve read about drilling a water well / pump. Interesting, too, because we had the topic come up at our family dinner just two nights ago. We live in suburbia mid-west, however, and highly suspect our city would frown upon us drilling a well in our backyard, even if we only “intend to use it for watering plants” (haha, right, sure). I’d love to have one as a back-up water source! We do plan to look into our city’s codified ordinances, however, to see if it’s prohibited…

          • My parents, who live in a suburban setting, were able to get a city permit to have an irrigation well drilled in their back yard. Perhaps your city is more permissive than you might think…I’d contact a well-driller in your area and ask (then follow up with the city).

          • Thanks, Jen. I think we will look into it further. I did try to look up our city’s ordinances & I can’t make any sense of them (which is odd because I usually have no problem understanding such things).

          • Sw't Tater says:

            I think they are using those to document the depth and usage of water from aquifers, those large cities main wells are in the aquifer and we can’t have the common folk using up all the water that the sheeple need.

          • “What I was not happy with was the crew had to take a gps location reading to turn into the state (TN). Why????”

            Two reasons — so if there’s a problem with other wells in the area, they can tell you, and so others in the area can get an idea what they’ll have to go through to get water.

            I’ve been looking at land in Kentucky, and when I find a likely prospect that doesn’t already have a well, I check a site they run that has maps of where people have had the best success drilling, AND their database of wells. Knowing it’s only 200′ to good water in usable quantities puts a site ahead of a place that’s 500′ to salty/sulfurish water.

  36. JP in MT says:

    We are doing our 1st batch of dehydration today. We are doing chicken. I can usually pick up chicken breasts for less than $2.00/lb. I grill them on a Cuisinart Gridler, which takes less than 10 minutes for a pair. Then 4+ hours in the dehydrator. We’ll store them in wide mouth glass jars, vacuum sealed with the Foodsaver.

    • Well we have finally done it!

      FIred up the new dehydrator and did our 1st batch of chicken. Since I can usually get chicken breasts on sale for under $2.00/lb, I cook them in a Cuisinart Gridler in under 10 minutes, dice it up, then 4 hours in the machine. 1st batch looks good. Thanks to everyone who encouraged it!

      Next up – cherries!

  37. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Oh…. and I took the advise I’ve been reading, watching, hearing from far to many sources… most far smarter than myself. I made the jump and became my own bank. Scary…. but its done. The fiat world can go pound paper. Thank you Mr. Turk, Mr. Maloney, Mr. Marino, Mr. Ubank and many many many others. And a special thank you to one Mr. M.D. Creekmore for the root cause of my search into independence and self reliance. I am relaxing in depth by the hour.

  38. Millie in KY says:

    Still not much, money is so tight. I did get a call that the 5,000 rounds of .22 LR ammo is on the way. I ordered it back in late December, I think, when someone said “order it, it will get there when it gets there, if not, well, you tried” and that made sense to me.
    Have had an awful time with a fourth dog but all is well now. The Devil things he is going to get his way by attacking my dogs. Nuh uh.
    I did finally start to get unemployment checks and if we are very careful we can squeeze by. But car tags coming up and insurance on the cars and land taxes this summer. Ugh.
    I did find the foolproof formula for great food that I wrote about a few weeks ago, kind of by accident. I have typed it out and will attach it here. Maybe some of you can find it of use for prepped foods, I’m thinking. It’s a lot like what someone else posted a bit ago.
    I am so glad you are all here. Thank you for all the tips and explanations. And I do have a question: when you dehydrate food, are you doing the meat raw? It sort of cooks slowly over the minor heat and then dries out?
    OK, without further ado, here is the thing I promised for you:

    Foolproof Formula for Great food
    From a column by Mary Hunt
    Step 1: Combine an 8 oz. carton of sour cream, 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon pepper with one item from Group A. (Omit sour cream and milk when you use tomatoes.)
    Step 2: Sir in one item from each of the groups B, C, D, E.
    Step 3: Spoon mixture into a lightly greased 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking pan.
    Step 4: Sprinkle with one or two choices from Group F.
    Step 5: Cover and bake casserole at 350 F for 1 hour and 10 min. Uncover and bake 10 more minutes to brown a little.
    Yields 6 servings.
    Group A:
    10.75 oz. can of cream of Mushroom soup, undiluted
    10.75 oz. can of Cream of Celery soup, undiluted
    Two 14.5 Ounce cans of Italian-styled diced tomatoes, undrained.
    10.75 ounce can of Cheddar cheese soup, undiluted
    10.75 oz. can cream of chicken soup, undiluted
    Group B:
    Two 6 ounce cans solid white tuna, drained and flaked
    2 cans chopped cooked chicken
    2 cups chopped cooked ham
    2 cups chopped cooked turkey
    1 lb ground beef, browned and drained
    Group C:
    2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni
    1 cup uncooked rice
    4 cups uncooked wide egg noodles
    3 cups uncooked medium pasta shells
    Group D:
    10 ounce package frozen chopped spinach, thawed
    10 ounce package frozen cut broccoli
    10 ounce package frozen Italian green beans
    10 ounce package frozen English peas
    16 ounce package frozen sliced yellow squash
    10 ounce package frozen whole kernel corn
    Group E:
    2 ounce can sliced mushrooms, drained
    ¼ cup sliced ripe olives
    ¼ cup chopped bell pepper
    ¼ cup chopped onion
    ¼ cup chopped celery
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    4.5 ounce can chopped green chiles
    1.25 ounce envelope taco seasoning mix
    Group F:
    ½ cup ( 2 oz.) shredded mozzarella cheese
    ½ cup (2 oz.) shredded Swiss cheese
    ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
    ½ cup fine, dry bread crumbs
    Sample combinations:
    • Chicken casserole. Cream of chicken soup, broccoli, rice, chicken parmesan chees and bread crumbs
    • Ham casserole. Cream of celery soup, Italian green beans, wide egg noodles, ham garlic and two portions Swiss cheese
    • Turkey Casserole. Italian style diced tomatoes, spinach, medium pasta shells, turkey, onion, garlic, mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs
    • Vegetarian Casserole. Italian style diced tomatoes, yellow squash, rice, olives, four portions of celery, four portions of bell pepper, garlic, Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

    • Millie;
      Are you using a dehydrator or in your oven? Is the raw meat to be marinated or left plain? I ask since I always did jerky, not for future meals. I shall check my book on dehydrating by Mary Bell, I just received it so we will learn together. Sound like a plan to you?

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Millie, I tried to post this earlier , had it typed out but our power blinked off, from lightening and I lost it all. When I do meat, I cook it, unless I am making jerky. I remove all visible fat and slice it very thin.. for beef jerky, I marinate it for 12-24 hours, We prefer a terriaki.(sp?)
      everything else, I cook completely done, remove all visible fat, then tear the meat in small strips, for ease of drying.Chicken has a lot of fat hidden between those muscle in the thighs, try to get it all out, I dry mine until it is dry, can be snapped when bend. then I put mine in salvaged spaghetti sauce jars,, or Bama jelly jars (they have rubber rings inside, clean them well and boil them before using, if they are warm, and dry when you fill them, all the better . ) with a couple of moisture absorbers out of vitamins( a big box pharmacy will usually save them for you-they throw them away) and an Oxygen absorber. I have used the hot hands for O 2 absorber, and they will seal a jar. I have done some chicken, turkey, ham and jerky..trying for variety…
      When you get veggies, These do not have to be blanched..from experience… zucchini, yellow squash, okra and cukes, carrots and celery can be dehydrated..easily, just wash, cut up, Peel or scrape the carrots…and slice in even pieces, put in dehydrator, until crispy…be sure to slice the okra thin and even for better drying.The Okra was divine, and zucchini chips wonderful. Hope this helps y’all out..

      • Sw’t Tater;
        You made my mouth water at the thought of okra any time of year. I really like it when it is pan fried, we fight over, did I buy enough for dinner. Can make an entire meal out of the way I fry it.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          you just put warm/hot water over it about 45 min, before frying, and drain. Prepare per usual. It tastes just like fresh.

          • Sw’t Tater & Millie in KY;
            Found my book on dehydrating, it notes hamburger, bacon but not the other types of meat unless you want to make jerky. So Millie—Sw’t Tater will be the person to go to for the dehydrating your meat questions. Hope that helps.

  39. canadagal says:

    To all the Wolf Pack who prayed for me. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks to you & to God. The Dec. CT Scan had spots on my lungs. Now the March CT Scan the spots had disappeared. So now after 5 years I guess I can say I’m cancer free. Yahoo!

    Spent the last week visiting our 3 sons & families. Very enjoyable time but too short. Just left 2nd son’s place when a blizzard hit but made it to 3rd son’s. Don’t believe I’ve seen over 1/2 of province’s highways closed at one time before at least not in times of modern snow ploughs. By the time we were ready to leave from there the main highway from his city going east was opened. When we got home we found out part of province without being hit but all the same trucks had not been running so some things had run out at the grocery store. Just another reason to be planned ahead

    Had a wonderful talk with one daughter in law about preparing & discovered she was much more prepared than I thought…even though I knew she was probably the most prepared. Another daughter in law doesn’t want to hear about “conspiracy theories” as she calls discussing the news but on the other had she is all for saving money so she knows when the best time of year to buy the products she uses on a regular basis so she buys a year’s supply at that time. Also she just bought a whole beef. Therefore she is well prepared even though she would have a snit if I called her a prepper. Third family is starting a new business so money is tight but they seem to have been buying a lot of food items in bulk. This family has been heavy into the scouting movement foe a number of years so they are very well prepared in the camping area. It was a very good trip for calming a mother’s concerns Now our daughter who lives in another prov. is another case but one can’t be expected to win all the battles at once can one?

    Peppers planted before I left are mostly up but celery is not through yet but we were only gone a week. Thanks again for your prayers !!!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      That’s great news, and may your health continue to prosper, canadagal. And I know it’s a relief for you that some of your family is prepping, even if they don’t call it that.

    • Canadagirl, Wonderful news on your health and your children. God is good.

  40. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    (AKA Reindeerlady 🙂 This week’s preps included buying 8 cans Spam (which I don’t love, but it’s meat and it lasts), more seeds: broccoli, greens, carrots, onions, garlic. Hubby picked up some 9mm and 7.63 x 39, and I don’t have a clue what that means, but he can use it. The 9mm is for my Glock, tho.
    Not much else due to sick kitties. Have a good week, everyone!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Just look up some different recipes for that SPam, and print them off..Look for ones that use ingredients you store, or things you have a list of substitutions for., so you won’t have to eat it the same way each time.

    • Grumpy
      I rinse the geletin off, then slice about 1/8 in. thick. I fry it until it’s crispy and eat it with sunny-side up eggs. I’ve tried all of the different types they market and like them all.

      One trick to get the hunk-o-spam out of the can is to poke a hole or two in the bottom of the can with a knife. It pops right out then.

  41. PGCPrepper says:

    I’m just going to say thanks for the prayers for those who offered them. Tonight I am throwing up and my tinnitus has been worse than ever. I’ve had blood in my stools also. I’m going to say goodbye for a bit. I thought I was going to do that two weeks ago but I hung on.. I do not want to go back to an emergency room or local hospital if possible but DW got me in to see a specialist at John Hopkins Tuesday so a road trip is in order. I am not confident and I am scared to death. I do not sleep but here and there and never at night.

    I QFor those who believe, I ask for you to also pray for my DW. I have not left the house in a month and she has to handle everything. I mean everything. It is showing on her and she is only 40. Her name is Tina.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Let the Christ lead you in your decisions. Lean on Him for inner strength. Talk to Him about Tina.

      All of us are praying for you and for her.

    • Prayers going up for you and your wife. Remember to keep the faith and believe that all things are possible.

    • riverrider says:

      i’ll say one or two for you tonight brother. good luck at jh. i guess you’ve tried mcv?

    • Schametti says:

      I’m so sorry. 🙁 *hugs* Prayers for you and the misses, and hoping you’ll be back here and posting with us again real soon.

    • PGC Prepper;
      Your wife has not only my prayers for all that she is handling, I send her my strength and support.
      Please listen to your wife, go to the specialist. You may be walking a different path than my husband, but a specialist saved his life. He is still with me, and it has been since 1999 that he went through his last treatment for cancer. Agent Orange did a d**d** on his throat. Look at Nurse Joyce Rileys site on those who served during the Gulf War. When you are up to it let us know how you are doing. We will be there for her and you.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        I casually looked up Nurse Riley. I will look at it closer but I left my unit in Germany the month before they deployed to the Gulf War. I was in DC at the Army Personnel Center and the Pentagon. I was a personnel warrant officer (human resource manager) and I retired in ’99 so missed all after. My wife works on an installation and we support our troops thru org. like The Fisher House and whatever we can do but I was fortunate to miss these long, drawn out wars so my condition is likely not service connected.

        Happy you have enjoyed having your hubby remain in your life and recovered from cancer.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Prayers for you and Tina, PGCPrepper. Please let us know how you’re doing as soon as you feel like it.

    • worrisome says:

      PGC, prayers to you are your wife. So sorry you are going through this very rough time! Wish we were all closer so we could help you guys! Hang in there, Praying that the specialist has the answers!

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Thank you all so much. You guys are really a great group of people. Luckily, since I can’t sleep ever, I have a repeat of the best TV show on TV…Redeye. LOL. I’ll see you soon. Keep the faith but prepare for the knuckleheads that have the freedom to practice free will.

    • PGC,
      Prayers going up for you and yours.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Will say prayers for you and Tina, PGCPrepper. Asking God to grant you strength and courage and to hold Tina in His hands. Also asking God to guide the specialist. You are not alone out there; please try to see us all connected in Christ. <>

    • More prayers for you and Tina from TX, PGCP.

  42. moonstone says:

    Well,we paid off the mortgage on our home! It now belongs to us! We are now debt free! Can finally start some needed repairs. Bought an All American canner. Never canned anything before.Would like to start with meats while they are still affordable.Have read so many good posts on the subject here,I think I can do it. Just a little nervous.What do you think?Bought some more foodsaver bags.I use my foodsaver a lot.Am making a raised bed for strawberries out of cinder blocks.Was told this would work good. Comments?We are supposed to get 4-6 inches snow tonight and tomorrow.We need the moisture!Stay safe Pack you are all like family!

    • Moonstone,

      After you actually use your All-American you will laugh at yourself for every having been scared.

      • Agreed… I love my All American.

        As for the blocks…. all my raised garden beds are made from those nice little 8x8x16 concrete blocks. Put a cap block on the top… now you have a place to sit your produce basket, coffee cup, or your toush.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          leave some of those blocks set up and plant in the holes, good for planting seasonings…parsley, chives…

          • And good for planting things like Mint that want to run away and take over the whole bed 😉

    • Tigerlily says:

      Just curious how you are building your raised bed? Are you making a stacked pyramid type or just a rectangle? Strawberries are pretty hearty little fellows, so I’m sure it will work out.

    • moonstone:

      Congrats on paying off the house! We paid ours off in August and it took until November until the paperwork was done. Glad we did it when we did. Cars are the only other thing I’ve had payments on and it only too 10 days to get the paperwork done that it was paid for.

    • I agree with Bam Bam – you will love the canner!!!! I jumped right in with raw packing meat – it’s fantastic to make a “quick” beef stew with! 🙂

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I highly recommend checking out this YouTube channel for canning as well as dehydrating: http://www.youtube.com/user/BexarPrepper

    • Moonstone:

      Read over the material that came with your canner and get very familiar with it. The more familiar the less scary. Get a current copy of the Ball Blue Book or if you can find one a copy of the Georgia Extension Office’s “So Easy to Preserve”. They will be some of the best money you will spend with your canning.

      Have fun with it, do it safely and with tested recipes and the canner will serve you and your family well for years to come.

    • Congrats on getting the mortgage taken care of, moonstone. Haven’t tried strawberries in the cinderblocks, but we’ve been pleased with using them for beds, especially with herbs tucked into the holes like Sw’t Tater mentioned.

  43. PGCPrepper says:

    I was not finished with that post but I’m on “self meds” LOL and somehow posted before editing. I will just say that I am not looking for sympathy; just a prayer for me and DW, Tina. I will check back in when I can. Keep looking after each other.


    • Pgc, I am still praying for you and your wife. May God bless you with the gift of healing and may God strengthen Tina for the road ahead. I love that you are always thinking of her, but please remember…God made us girls pretty strong. If she has her faith, she can get through anything. Really. I, too, faced what looked like sure death in the short term, but God gave me a little more time. He could do that for you, too. We all love you here, just like we would if we actually knew you. Don’t forget that you are not alone. Take care.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Thank you Patti. My wife is both gorgeous and awesome. I have been fortunate to have her in my life.. She knows this. We’ve been best friends for quite a bit and she gets my stupid jokes when others do not or she just laughs anyway 😀

  44. JP in MT says:


    I found an article on Raw2les site that I think is very appropriate to what we are starting to experience now.


    I was commenting on another site and told them of the new philosophy that we have started operating under:

    “Just because it was available yesterday, and at ***** price, do not count on it being that way tomorrow.”

    To implement this we are “living out of the pantry” and replacing/adding to it from whatever is available. This has allowed us to avoid panic buying and focus on sales and “surprise” availability.

    This is not to say that our preps are where I want them, they aren’t. But we have been at it for a number of years, and things are starting to get into much better shape. Income is down, but we are able to get much more prepping done, and focus on a particular area. Inventories are extremely important and should be reviewed regularly. I also try to keep a list of items to pick up if I “stumble” across them. These are non-critical items, but will make life a lot easier when times get even tougher.

    You guys (MD this is you too) keep me motivated and involved. Thanks and keep it up!

    • JP in MT,

      Thank you. That is what this blog is for to help each other…

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      JP, thanks for the link. I read the article, and it pretty much confirmed what I already know. My FIL and I have spent some time together over the past week as his wife has been in the hospital and my wife has been helping. This conversation came up, and we both agreed that things can change very quickly, in a matter of days. A black swan event, I think it’s called, like the assassination of the Archduke that led to WWI is not out of the question. As a matter of fact, it seems more likely all the time.

      You got me to thinking about this last week when you posted about how the ammo shortage would translate to a food shortage. Neither one really makes any sense, but we have an ammo shortage. As you said, a food shortage would be 10 times worse. I noticed the NWS is predicting the drought to worsen. That could be the event we fear. Note to self—buy more food.

  45. I finished the new expanded garden last week so this week I planted! A couple of light rains made all the plants spring up! My new bunnies are weaned and growing, dinner hopping around. We held a meet up with my preppers group today. We went over the value of getting even a small garden started and raised beds. A good time was had by all! This week will be getting supplies for a stand for my water barrels and one more rabbit hutch.

    • Pics on my website, gardenforyourlife.blogspot.com

    • looks great Ken

    • Schametti says:

      OMG your back yard is awesome. A prepper’s paradise.. and I totally looooove your baby bunnies. So cute. I want my dinner to hop around, I’m jealous. But I haven’t been able to commit to live preps.. at the moment, I just see them as more work, and more mouths to feed, instead of their benefit to me, lol.. but hopefully I’ll get there.. eventually. Can I come live with you? 😀

      • It’s really not that hard, other than the initial set up. Things like building hutches for them or coops and pems for the chickens take effort to build, just like my new garden beds. Once done they last a long time. Yes I have a couple of 55 gl drums filled with chicken food and rabbit pellets, but in a grid down situation I can get by without it for either. Leaves, grasses, and scraps will do for both. The waste from the bunnies can go streight into the garden without needing to be composted. Time to daily maintain both is low. Water and feed for both is about twenty min a day. Weekly chores is about an hour.

    • Your garden looks great!

  46. Lauri no e says:

    Hello Everyone, I had a busy week cleaning out my closet and working on my stock with more organization and re-stocking more can goods. We still have so much to do and is it every enough. Going over the can goods and we need more but you can only do what you can afford at the time. I did take a black marker and write the due dates on top of the cans (this is only day one and I only did the can vegetables). Different ones talking about tp, I have 330 rolls. I did add to my laundry soap and body wash stock pile, I have everything to make the laundry soap but I have such sensitive skin and allergies that for now I am sticking with what works. Please pray for my daughter she is in denial about what is happening in the world. She does work very hard and she sees what we are doing but as a young adult she just doesn’t want to believe its that bad. She knows that jobs and the economy are really bad but she wants to hope for the best. I am very thankful she is a Christian and she is a die hard Republican but between age 11 to age 23 I wanted to trade her away.
    Now for my preps.

    Husband order a CD for building mechanical things.
    More can goods, laundry, dish and body soaps.
    2 packs 10 count D batteries
    1 hand crank flash light
    16 cases of bottle water. (Got a lecture from my husband about not waiting for him to get home to unload the water out of the car).

    Thank you to all the Men and Women on this site and M.D. that you care enough about your families to prepare for them, I have a couple of friends that their husbands go to work but do nothing around the house or help out much less prep for them. I had a ex-husband like that notice I said ex-husband, my husband now is so helpful and a hard worker. The woman on this site are so amazing with all the canning, gardening and cooking that you do, and so many know have to shoot a gun. We need to work on those steps. Have a great week and keep prepping. Blessings to all.

    • Lauri no e,

      You should really try the homemade laundry soap–it is so much better for people with sensitive skin. I am convinced that most skin problems result from contaminants. Remove the unnatural chemicals and most skin problems clear up.

      • Lauri no e says:

        Bam Bam,

        I tried to post a comment back and it sent me to Word Press and told me I was commenting to much. I only commented to you and PGH about praying for him so I will wait and see if the other comment shows up or if it is going to shut me out again. Thanks again, and I need to try out the homemade soap.

        • Lauri no e,

          Commenting too much? That must be an error–I comment a lot and I’ve never received that message.

          • I got the same thing earlier today… told me to “slow down”. All day today this site has been jacked up (visually speaking)… of course it couled also be something wrong with this computer terminal and not actually the site. dunno. All I get is a white screen with the text. No layout and no header. All the links that should be on the right are on the bottom of the page. **shrug** Im still here reading though LOL

        • Sw't Tater says:

          Check to make sure you are not allergic to the borax, before you make it..I have found one person with many allergies, and that was his trigger…for allergy. If you are allergic to it, just double the laundry soda and add soap,.. just choose a soap you already use… it is not likely you would be allegrgic to soad or peroxide. I make the powder, which stores in less space.

          • Lauri no e says:


            Thanks for the info.
            How do you make the powder?


          • 1 large box baking soda, 1 large box washing soda, 1 box borax, 2 bars grated Fels Naptha, 1 bar grated Pink Zote. I doubled the recipe last week and filled a 5 gallon bucket 2/3 full. I’ve been using this for over a year, and i love it. I use 2 Tablespoons in each load. Since it’s not full of fillers, it goes a long ways.

          • nanablue says:

            Is that good for kids clothes? I got five little rugrats that play HARD outside. They play ‘survivor’ and build forts and come in with grass and mud and…you know the drill. i need something that really cleans.

          • Nanablue, I have kids and my DH is a mechanic so his uniforms couldn’t get much dirtier. On heavily soiled clothes I add an extra tablespoon of soap and about 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide. It works the same as that expensive oxyclean.

          • Lauri no e says:


          • Sw't Tater says:

            Lauri no e
            I use 0ne cup laundry soda, One cup borax, 6 oz grated soap(finely grated-or run thru food processor) and 2 oz of oxi clean in generic. grate the soap and combine dry. You can put the ingredients in a large ziplock in alternating order, and mixing is easier. just massage the bag until the color is uniform.
            I use about 2-3 table spoons per load as we have very hard water.
            I put 4 batches in a gallon ice cream bucket. Make sure you use a soap you have used before, some ppl might not tolerate the fels-naptha that is commonly used.
            My family prefers zest or a generic similar to dial..we are allergic to some others..
            It does not suds, and is not supposed to, but cleans well. can also use it as a paste to pre treat.

          • Lauri no e says:



  47. Way off topic: According to the Drudge Report the new Leader of China met with Russia’s Putin today and issued a warning to The West not interfere with the inner dealings of other nations (like Syria, Iran, or North Korea).
    Is anyone listening in D.C. or are they all out playing golf in West Palm Beach? Meanwhile Chairman Barry continues to do deep cuts to our military while spending millions of the study of drunk/fat lesbians.

    • Encourager says:

      I find it very interesting that China and Russia issued that warning when Mr. O was in the Middle East at the time… “issued a warning” ~~ and what will they do if the warning is ignored???

    • Sw't Tater says:

      They are flying all over the world campaigning. cutting money for peanut items and throwing the money out by the dirtpan load on other items.

    • Well, he said he wanted us to feel the pain.

  48. So I tried to post earlier but it timed out for some reason… on to try again…

    We didn’t do much prep wise this week except to talk to principals… We have decided that we will definitely be moving to a permanent BOL location… so everything is on hold for now. Now we just have to find the place and I need to find a position. 😉 We have it narrowed down to Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee… I have or can get certification in those states, but we only have the option of doing online research right now since I won’t have the ability to really travel until school is out for the summer. Does anyone here have anything they can share (that won’t compromise OPSEC in any way) that may help us in our decision to choose the right place? My fiance’s job will transfer with him – he works from home. But I will need a teaching position (English) and a good school district for my DD.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      avoid West Tn or Ky, due to earthquake risk.. Good folks in all three states. Something else to consider.
      .I would evaluate where the rest of my family lives, If i were emotionally close..and think about getting in” easy drive” of anyone you would feel compelled to assist- (If a parent had a major health failure, for instance).
      The older we become the harder long drives become. Once in your “place” make tenative arrangements to care for that person in your place.

      • Thanks, hadn’t thought of that. Being close to family isn’t an issue… we are scattered all over the US and there’s no real easy to get to each other as it is right now much less post SHTF. And none of them live in an area we would consider living in.

  49. I had a rude awakening regarding OPSEC this week and if you are active duty military, please listen up. When purchcasing firearms in states where we are stationed, if it is not your home state, there are special requirements for such purchases. Rifles and shotguns are fairly straightforward with the presentation of a set of current orders and driver’s license. Handguns are quite different. Alway check to see if your base has a Base Order for the process of purchasing weapons. Yes – we do have to get special permission to buy weapons. Also, your base may require that you register the weapon on base after purchasing, even if you live off base.
    Anyway – that being said, I received a call from someone I had not spoken to in years. The guy was 3 states away and said he had heard I was buying up guns. I couldn’t believe this! My guess is that this info was passed on to him by the person who signed my paperwork as a character witness and knew a friend of a friend or the guy who works in the local gunshop who happens to be retired law enforcement and loudly commented when I went into the store about my purchases. Needless to say, I plan on telling no one what my future endeavors are, no matter how small they seem. People will take your information, no matter how seemingly insignificant and before you know it, your privacy is shot to smitherenes (sp).

  50. OregonMike says:

    I’m partial to the Pacific Northwest myself. Lots and lots of rural property. No, or very few, targets that would be of interest to terrorists.
    Best of all, it’s a long, long distance from New York and DC.
    Washington, Oregon and Idaho. You can select the type of weather you prefer as well as population centers and how far away from them you would like be. Plus, at least in Southern Oregon, lakes and rivers are plentiful, as are the fish.

  51. Schametti says:

    MD: About the Sucuri.. it keeps locking me out.. there was about two hours straight that I got an error and couldn’t get on the site at all. I don’t know if anyone else has been experiencing this tonight, but I wanted to mention it, just in case. It was kiiiiind of a pain, but I just found something else to do while I waited, lol.

    • I had that problem all day yesterday. Today it is much better for me.

      • Schametti says:

        It seems better for me today also, I reeeeally hope it was just a fluke day, and that we won’t be experiencing the like often.

        • Schametti,

          They have been working on it today – the system must think that you’re IP is trying to do something to the site.

          • Zombies are pretty sketchy….;)

          • Schametti says:

            Baha.. I might be a sketchy zombie.. but I COMPLETELY lack the necessary know-how to pull off ANYthing sketchy to ANY website.. especially this one with beefed up security. 😛 Thanks Sucuri for believing in me, but nope. Not a chance, haha. I’m glad they’re working on it. Hopefully they can figure out what happened. It hasn’t happened today at all though, thankfully.

    • Granny Em says:

      That happened to me, as well.

    • I think sucuri has a problem with new people logging in. My first three or four attempts were blocked. Since I finally was able to get in I haven’t had a problem since.

  52. Purchased a tactical light for shotgun, Motorola walkie talkie’s, and emergency candles, also attended the National Preppers and Survivalist Expo in Nashville, Tn. last sunday.

  53. Greetings Pack!
    Made a few runs to the local grocery, Walmart, and BJ’s to stock up on food and supplies. Got an order from Amazon that had an assortment of goodies for our preps and some fun stuff for the kids.
    My neighbor who is a corrections officer at the county jail picked me up a hundred rounds of 22LR from a law enforcement only shop, that was the most he could get they’re running low too, since nobody else has any at all. I’m almost afraid to do any shooting, because I don’t know when or if I’ll get any more ammo.
    Spent some time helping my cousin in her greenhouse with the 3200 seedlings she has started.
    Listened to an interveiw Glenn Beck had with Rand Paul, WOW, this guy had some really great ideas and plans that could turn this country around. Debt, balanced budget, immigration reform, tax code reform, rolling back federal government waste… I hope he is able to get the people of this nation and the GOP to listen and understand, the only way out is to follow the constitution, not attack it.
    Have a safe and happy week!

  54. WV Mt. Momma says:

    Hi Wolfpack! This is only my second post so please bear with me. You all have been a lifeline for me for quite some time now – sometimes I get so worried about the future, I get physically ill. Other times, I just have to put my big girl panties on and just do what needs to be done! Being from WV originally, we mountaineers have this survival instinct, so we just keep on keeping on. To that end, my DH and I have started re-learning some of the “lost arts” of homesteading/prepping.

    We started doing raised-bed gardening,and up to 4 beds now. One thing we have learned (ask me how I figured this out 🙂 ) is that the beds should not be any wider than 4 feet across…..unless you have REALLY long arms and can reach more than 2 feet across! We bought a very good book on Square Foot Gardening and we have adapted our beds to what works best for us. We have already planted leafy veggies and they are doing fine. The cold weather had me a little worried, but I put a sheet over them at night and they came through with flying colors….now if I could keep the squirrels at bay…….

    We also bought an All American canner and have had a blast canning all kinds of food. When folks ask us if we’re “PREPPERS” we just tell them we’re revivng the lost art. Moonstone, congrats with your canner….just follow the directions explicitly, and you will be fine.

    Thanks for being here for us, MD and the Pack. It’s a lifeline that we need. Nice to know there are like-minded, sane folks out there! God Bless.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Sounds great! We’re doing the same thing in the flatlands. Keep on Keepin’ on.!

    • Schametti says:

      I’ll bite. 😛 How did you learn that beds shouldn’t be any wider than four feet across? lol

      • I like the new Zombie you.
        We’ve used raised beds for the last 4 years and found that if you make them too wide they are difficult to plant/weed in the middle.

        That might be what he means?

        • Schametti says:

          Thank You. 😛 It’s a fun picture. And hopefully it’ll keep everyone, in part, from worrying about me.. OPSEC might be a foreign concept to me, but I’m a quick learner. (Well, sometimes, lol).

          That makes a lot of sense on the weeding. This year is my first ever attempt at gardening, and I’m doing containers.. I’m hoping that makes for little to no weeding. I might have to work up to raised beds next year, time and money and doomsday permitting.

    • WT Mt. Momma,

      I always had my beds about 3 and a bit wide. Just used a 12 feet 2 by whatever you are using and cut in half and half it again and then you have the small sides to whatever size of bed you are building. We had 4 of those 8X3 beds and it was a nice size.

      Now, I am a bit on the small side anyways, and having some knee trouble, I got a book from Amazon (trough blog MD of course) by the name of “Stand Up and Garden” which I am thinking will fit my needs to a T. Have read it cover to cover, not a bad little book at all. I am a master gardener and her ideas are very sound. Her bed are 3 feet high (which is just right for our old knees, no bending) and one fills them with straw (no hay) and the last 6 inches is filed with good top soil (I am going to use Miracle Gro).so it will have not weeds. The only thing I would add are some earthworms to the beds. They love straw and in no time at all one would have a very friable and rich soil. If one keeps adding straw and top soil I believe, in time, one would end up with 3 feet of magnificent soil, and after that one needs only to top dress the bed every year with some compost. The book cost about $12.00 and I consider it money well spent.

      Just thought you might like to use the bed you already built and get another one using the this new method and compare the results of both beds. Compare easy of gardening, quality of produce, water consumption etc., then write an article reporting to the Pack your results. (as for me I am going with the raised bed, my knees are begging me to do it).

      Always enjoy your postings.

      God bless, Linda Lou

    • WOW, four feet wide, you must have long arms and legs. We make our beds 30 inches that is a good size that we can stand over while planting, weeding, harvesting. Some we go wider for crops that are wind pollinated ,like corn, that need to planted in blocks. We don’t use constructed raised beds. The garden area is ringed with rocks dug from the ground, kinda acts like a raised bed by keeping the soil from getting stepped on or run over. the planting beds are mounded up to give more surface area.So its not really raised beds its well walked paths.
      Mauy I suggest for the squirrels 22LR they can be tasty.
      Glad to hear that your getting into prepping, its good for keeping fit ,inside and out.

  55. k. fields says:

    Spring is definitely here – all the fruit trees are in full bloom! It’s a beautiful sight to see.
    Major task this week was planting the summer wheat crop and, if this weather holds, the winter wheat will be ready for harvest in the not too distant future. I only plant ¼ acre plots so it isn’t too much work.
    Momma cow and son are doing fine and his big sister seems to have accepted him as a part of the family.
    Tomorrow will be spent going to the range to renew my CCW permit (has to be done every 2 years here) and I’m a bit anxious as I just had cataract surgery on my dominate eye last Tuesday and I’m not sure how I’ll do having the distraction of wearing these big, dark glasses. Wish me luck.

    • K,
      With all due respect, shut up about Spring will you. Here in Frostbite Falls it’s -47 and snowing 24-7. We don’t even get to see the sun until July, and that’s only for 2-3 days.

      I’ve assisted cataract surgeries since the 1970’s. Things are so very improved since then. Most of them now turn out 100%. Hope all goes well!

    • Encourager says:

      Spring???Leaves???? What is a blossom???? Last year at this date, all the trees were leafed out, blossoms full out on all fruit trees and it was in the 80’s. Then we had 3 killer frosts and lost all the fruit for the year in MI (except in the lowest part of the state).

      We are expecting another inch of snow tonight. I think spring forgot us this year. Waaaaaaaaaaa……..waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

      Okay, done crying.

      • Encourager, at least you shouldn’t have much in the way of pests. We’ve already seen our first grasshopper. . . could be a tough year in Texas. . . . Speaking of grasshoppers, wonder how Mt. Woman is doing. She had quite the battle with them last year.

  56. Son of Liberty says:

    I would highly recommend the book “Discovery to Catastrophe” by J. Wood to any survivalist. It is a great read and comes from a biblical perspective. I’ve read it (multiple times) and have talked to numerous people who have read it Bible in hand to check against it’s claims.

    It is a fiction dealing with prepping, survival, end time events, Christ’s second coming, and similar issues. It is also a ‘how to’ manual for serious preparedness with like minded persons – community if you will.

  57. Pretty quiet around here and too cold to really work on the gardening. The raised bed is in and awaiting the arrival of spring – real spring, not the calendar spring – had a killing frost Thursday evening.

    We picked up a few canning jars, lids and tops – great price during the off season. Started reading “Going Home” by A. American. It’s a great read about a prepper with a GHB making his way home after an EMP or CME through central Florida.

    Also started the precious metal plan and ordered our first batch of silver bullion coin.

    Still cannot find any 9mm or .22lr ammo anywhere in the area, but the folks at the local gun shops are saying there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Gun sales are slowing down based on the somewhat good news from Washington about the assault rifle ban and that they are seeing an increasing number of back-ordered ammo shipments coming in. One said that their 9mm ammo is lasting longer on the shelf – it lasted an hour and a half instead of just an hour!

    • Keith,
      I hope that you are correct on the gun issue. You might want to check out the article at the “Renew America” site on the U.N’s plans to force complete registration through the Small Arms Treaty.
      Funny story on the 9mm lasting 90 minutes on the shelf.

  58. I didn’t do much for prepping this week. I did get a 48 package of AA batteries and 16 more rechargeable ones. I did not get any more TP though. I did show my wife how to use just one panel of TP. You take the panel, folld it over twice to end up with a smaller square. You tear out a small corner of the square where they come together. That will leave a hole in the center of the panel. You insert your finger through the hole and put the panel as close to your knuckle as possible. Wipe with your finger, then draw the panel down your finger, cleaning the dirt off as you go.. Use the little piece to clean under your fingernail. All my wife said was “ewwww buy some more TP”.
    Please note that I am including my prayers for all that requested same, their significant others that helping to overcome and my congratulations to those who are recovering or have received news that their maladies have gone away through the grace of GOD.

  59. WV Mt. Momma says:

    OK, I’ll tell you about the raised beds being too wide 🙂 – if you have beds that are wider than 4 feet across, you have to disturb the veggies that are in the front 2 rows, in order to get to those in the inner rows. Even if you can get to both sides of the bed, it’s still a stretch and I usually end up doing a face plant into the soil trying to reach into the middle. It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but you live and learn as ya go! I finally put up trellises in the middle area for the tomatoes to vine up against. After that fiasco, we started building the beds 4×12, so they are easy to reach. We also cordon off the beds into 1 foot squares with string, so we can do the square foot thing. It really works! I was pleasantly surprised, so we’re adding a new bed every year. Since we moved to NC, we have found that the soil is clay, so the raised beds are easier to grow the veggies for us.

    • Schametti says:

      Ew yeah my entire back yard, while large – is full of clay, such a pain. I have no idea if anything would or could grow out there. I’m doing containers this year, but would love to try raised beds sometime.. maybe next year, if we have the opportunity, (time, money, doomsday, etc), lol. Face planting in the dirt does NOT sound fun, so I will have to keep that in mind, haha.

      • Schametti, save your yard clippings and start prepping a Back to Eden garden–by the time you’re ready to plant next fall or spring, that clay will have started to loosen up.

  60. Canned 4 qts of “Habitant Soup”! (split pea/diced ham/sliced carrots/ chopped onions)! Great stuff!

  61. Hi all. Think this is my first time commenting, maybe second, but I learn a lot from you all each week. Pretty slow week here: bought the wood for our raised veggie beds and started assembling them, did a little target shooting with the DW, but ammo still too limited to do a whole lot. Did luck up and find several 100-round boxes of 223 at the Wally world, so grabbed those. Also found a local gun shop that has a some Bushmaster AR’s in stock for less than $1000 each. Need to do some trading to have the cash, but hate to pass it up, you know? Thats about it from this part of Georgia…have a great week.

  62. Please delete my comment, as I left my name on it….duh!! lol

  63. moonstone says:

    Sitting here at computer watching the snow come down. It’s a really gentle snow, trees are covered, good day to stay in and homestead for a while. It’s Mother Natures way of giving us some needed moisture. Tigerlily.I am making bed 3 blocks high,4×8.Should give me room for lots of berries,hopefully. Can’t wait until I have my own canned meats! Besides saving costs it will be too great to just open up jar and have my main course ready to eat.JPinMT, It took 32 years to pay off mortgage. We feel a real comfort knowing that our home is really ours! PGC and Tina.my prayers are on the way to heaven for you. Our God is an Awesome God! LadyHawthorne, Thanks for reference to BexarPrepper. I have watched her videos before. I like her. She seems very sincere in truly wanting to help us. Think I’ll take a nap.Love and Prayers!

  64. One box ammo and ordered two more.
    One can of CLP.
    Microfiber cloth.
    Some canned food, mostly to replenish.
    One packet of radish seed (OP).
    Seed orders ready to rock & roll, three companies to accomplish.

    Checked to be sure stock on my next acquisition, meaning a twin for little 9 Alice. Checked out some arms. Shop employees thinking s-gunz may be next on bad list.

    Got scuttlebut on ID & MT on another site & heard more about CO at a shop from someone w/lots of friends there (plus hunted there). Seems blue wave from CA moving right along eastward. “Environmentalists” making things tough in the first two. Denver controls CO. Was glad to see sheriff of Wald Co. stand up.

    I’m getting a real bad feeling after Cyprus, especially with DC looking at new avenues for revenue, i.e. tax on bank transactions, how to get at 401(k)’s and IRA’s. Don’t think having any gold in a bank box very wise anymore. Everywhere I go in non-left places, I hear people getting more po’d.

    Opsec more and more important.

  65. Hi Pack,
    Had a pretty good week here. Plants are growing like crazy in the greenhouse. Tilled the garden, and began laying out my plant beds and walkways through it. This year, Im taking a suggestion I read over the winter for my walk paths. Have my DW bringing home lots of cardboard from her job at Wal Mart. Will lay this in all the pathways to eliminate growth there. Rain halted progress today.

    Also made the monthly Sams Club trip to replenish supplies. Picked up 2 more Blueberry plants, and 2 more Red Rasberry plants while there. The ones I bought there and planted last season are doing great!

    Finally threw in the towel on trying to get the old 85 Nissan Pickup running. Just costing too much. Found a really nice 98 F150 extended cab for a really good price. Bought that, and listed the Nissan on CL. I had it sold, and off the property in a little over 12 hours!!!

    So that was about it for this week. Ready for many hours of Garden time coming up!

    • Schametti says:

      I bought two of those blueberry bushes this year! Any tips on making them do great? 🙂 A friend reccomended coffee grounds, I haven’t gotten them planted yet, but I hope mine do great too.

      • I just dig a hole about the size of a five gallon bucket, fill it with good composted dirt from my pile, and plant. I,m fortunate to have really great dirt to begin with very dark, rich, and drains well. Keep them watered frequently for the first year. That is really all I do.

        • Schametti says:

          I don’t have any compost. I have considered trying my hand at a compost tea maker that I read about.. two totes, a couple boards, some coffee grounds/newspapers/junk and a bunch of worms. But I haven’t decided if I’m capable yet, lol. How long until they bear fruit, the first year or no?

          • Schametti,

            Composting is really easy. At its simplest, just pile your veggie and yard waste in a pile and in a year it will be ready. If you want to get fancy, get some chicken wire and build a compost bin. Put in a layer of green yard waste and then a layer of brown yard waste. Mix in eggshells, coffee grounds and any veggie peelings. You don’t have to order worms–the worms will find your compost.

          • Schametti says:

            I’m just not sure where I’D PUT a compost pile, or, if I would have enough to ADD to the pile to be worthwhile.. OR if I’m patient enough to wait a YEAR for something to be ready, lol. I know it’s all excuses, but.. good ones, I think. I have looked at the kind you can buy, and turn to speed things up, but even those seem like they’d take.. awhiiiile.

  66. Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 cal. Air Rifle
    @ 200 yrds
    vs. 20lbs of clay

    ranger 45 air rifle vs 275 lb wild boar

    these guns are in the 700$ for the Sam Yang to 1600+ for the .45 up to 2100 for the .58 cal ranger
    search em out on google

    Im also looking at getting a black powder gun

    I’ve heard some rumors of an additive going into future ammo that limits the life span to 5 years

    This week I picked up some Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex to go in the stash for parasites I saw on patriot nurse, some grapefruite seed extract as well.

    Some rebuild kits for some work tools
    Got some new freon gauges

    A book on herbs and their uses

    Some beer and a steak but Im gonna drink and eat that tonight since the wife is away at her parents house-)

    Have a great week all

  67. Goodafternoon pack! I hope evyoerye is doing well! Keep hitting up the sales and stocking up…i have a feeling thattime is of the essense!! Could some one tell me how they are calculating how much tp they need?!

    • Schametti says:

      I’m sure it depends first and foremost on how many butts you have to cover, 😛 hehe. There are two of us here, and I have 138 rolls so far. I would love to get more, but I’m starting to run out of places to PUT it, lol.

    • We seem to use about 8-10 rolls per person, per month.

      • Encourager says:

        We were doing a Mega roll every two weeks with just the two of us. Opened a package of extra large rolls and we are going through two per WEEK. They have shrunk the rolls so much and made the cardboard in the middle bigger. So frustrating!!

        I actually started dating the inside of the cardboard roll so I could keep track of how much we were going through. But I did that about two years ago. I will have to do it again with these stupid new rolls.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Open a 4 pack , hide the others and see how long it lasts’
      . We try to be frugal with it, and we use one double roll per person per week.Unless we are sick
      . My goal is to double that amount. for one year….I don’t stock corn on the cob, and the phone books are too small.
      There was a post on here last year for the plant substitutions for TP.
      There is also the choice of making your own butt wipes from re-usable cotton cloths/ paper towels, and disinfectant solutions…for very long term.

  68. KR Prepper says:

    Hello All.

    Not as much going on. I have a question y’all.

    Im stuck between getting a pistol carbine or an sks. I have MD’s “part time arsenal” and would like to expand to a semi. I have a 500 ceiling.

    • Pistol carbine effective range 100 yards. SKS effective range 300 yards. But 9mm parabellum cheaper than 7.62×39. If getting a parabellum, get a Hi-Point, they are around $200. I understand SKS’s are now up to $600. Good grief!

      Depends on what you need your effective range to be. Also, an SKS round can get through a car door easily.

    • JP in MT says:

      KR Prepper:

      With current pricing issues you may have trouble with getting a “quality” pistol caliber carbine in your price range. If I understand what you are looking for you want something you are willing to bet your life on. I’d recommend the SKS.

      I would only recommend a Hi-Point as a “fun gun”. I’ve known several people that rave about it, but none that have fired over 1,000 rounds with it (any of you that have please let me/us know).

      I have met 2 that had catastrophic failure with Hi-Points over 1000 rounds (both were in 45 ACP)! My guns are ones I would bet my life on working when I need it to, that’s why mine are more “expensive” and from established manufacturers. Don’t let haste to get “something” make you buy something that will turn out unreliable. Cheap is better than none, but understand that, in my opinion (which is probably worth what I charge for it) that a cheap gun is only a stepping stone to getting a good one.

      I do have a 9mm carbine on an AR platform. However, in a pistol caliber carbine I prefer the 1892 pattern level action in 357 Mag, 44 Mag, or 45 Colt. Better accuracy, longer range, better stopping power. Even the 44 Mag is very manageable in the 16″ barreled carbine.

    • Kr prepper,
      If you need a carbine or rifle to shoot up to 100yds, go with the pistol carbine. Otherwise, go with the sks (another point to consider: the sks can also serve as a hunting rifle if your state doesn’t restrict you to using only a shotgun).
      As an owner of a Hi-Point firearm (9 yrs, with over 1000rds & no failures), Hi-Points can serve you well. Just remember every manufacturer can have lemons. Inspect your potential purchase well & clean it regularly. Good luck on buying the new tool.

  69. This prepper wants to thank aldis for helping a prepper out. This past week milk sold for $1.49 a gallon, large eggs $.49 a dozen, 4 lbs. of sugar $.89. limit 6 on everything. This sale is suppose to go on until april 1st. I asked the cashier what was going on and she said take advantage of it and don’t ask questions. Believe me I have.

  70. “SOMEONE” in the pack is a new ham radio operator. That me!

  71. WV Mt. Momma says:

    That’s wonderful! Welcome to the world of HAMS!

  72. I’m a bit late to post, but this weekend I was helping teach another Appleseed. By teaching, I learn stuff too. I got a reloading press (but there are no reloading supplies left – will have to wait until they are, but at least I have a press) and picked up some brass here and there on trips to inspect the targets. I met some gunny types and also joined a prepper network locally. The head of that thinks you need a 12×12′ room full of TP to be properly prepped.

    I dunno about a whole room of TP, but I can think of uses for a lot of rolls of TP besides wiping: make a guest bed out of it, use it as insulation for your BOL, barter it for food, improvised gas mask filters (in a 2 liter bottle). I also once saw a picture of a prison knife with the handle made of molded TP-mache.

  73. This week I vacuum sealed about a half a gallon of Folger’s HalfDecaf ground coffee (not my first choice for coffee but was free from a relative) in pint jars so it would not go stale. Also vacuum sealed in quart jars some Honey Graham crackers (to go with my stored jars of organic peanut butter) and plenty of Cheez-It crackers (both plain and the Hot ‘n Spicy versions) just as a morale booster. Transplanted from peat pellets to 4-inch pots the little heirloom tomato, hot pepper and summer squash plants I am raising from seed. Bought a seed packet each of Scarlet Nantes carrots and dwarf bush type Nasturtium (flowers are edible in salads). Planted my three extra large planter tubs with sprouting russet potatoes and covered them with more dead leaves and compost. Ordered gallon size mylar bags of dehydrated cabbage, freeze-dried green beans, dried vegetable mixture for soup and Greek-style lentil and vegetable dried soup mix for my food storage from Mother Earth Products. Picked up my senior rat patrol cat from the vet’s office after his three-day hospitalization following removal of 3 bad molars and treatment of a drug-resistant urinary tract infection. He also has hyperthyroidism from a tumor, so back to the vet’s later this week for chest x-rays then an appointment at a specialty clinic for a radioactive iodine shot to kill the tumor(s) — the cost of “organic” rat and mice control to protect my food storage is getting steep.

  74. 1 Built a rabbit hutch for the rabbits I’m getting
    2 Started my spring produce garden.

  75. ok..ned some help – been planning on a big order with Zayocon foods (chicken time) aqnd I know many of you buy from them, I saw one bad review – and now I’m afraid – those of you who have purchased chciken from them, how did you find it? Was it clean, fresh and all that? I dont want 7 day old chicken.

    My DIL would have a fit if it turnhs out to be yucky – I finally convinced her that “prepping” in bulk is better – since they have kids.

    Thanks all, appreciagte you yeas or nays


    • Granny J..,

      We picked up our order from Zaycon yesterday morning (80 lbs.). We packaged it up and everything looked (and smelled) just fine. I haven’t cooked any up yet; but I don’t expect a problem. I ordered their hamburger last time and it was excellent.

  76. nana blue says:

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are well. Being saying lots of prayers for healing this week. Started for the pack and ended with my niece. She’s a Marine, did two tours overseas. She’s a heck of a sniper. Anyway, she comes home safe and sound and gets into a horrific accident. Drunk driver broad sided her. Broken ribs, pelvis, spine, punctured lung, you name it. I lost count how many surgeries she’s had in the last few days.
    But God is good. Today she was sitting up in a chair and off the ventilator. Drunk drive walked away. That being said, you never know what tomorrow will bring and i wanted you all to know I’m learning a lot from all the people on here and i wanted you all to know i appreciate the wisdom and guidance for this fairly new prepper.
    You’ve all been a source of inspiration and i thank you.

    • worrisome says:

      I am praying Nana for your niece! What a terrible thing! Hope the drunk is going to jail for a while. I had a similar experience a while back, I got t boned by a drunk but had a lot less injury……….could say “just a knee…” but candidly it has not been fun going through the surgeries, the rehab…….Good luck

    • Nana, We are saying prayers for your niece. We hope everything turns out ok for her. Please thank her for the service to our country!

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