What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning all… hope you’re up and prepping this morning!

Okay, before we start today, I would like to thank Reindeerlady for her generous donation via PayPal this week. Thank you, it is appreciated…

Have you noticed that the blog is downloading faster and is more “snappy” as of the past few days? Well folks there is a reason for this – all websites and blogs are constantly under attack from people trying to inject bad stuff into the site code secretly, and if successful this can cause all kinds of trouble for the site owner and readers…

So to prevent this from happening to The Survivalist Blog.net, I’ve added the “Sucuri Cloud Proxy” service to our defenses – the Sucuri Cloud Proxy stands between us and the rest of the world. Any visit to The Survivalist Blog.net passes through the proxy / firewall which blocks attacks, scanners and anything that can harm the blog or our readers.

So far the service seems to be working great… I did a lot of research on Sucuri and found nothing but positive testimonials from folks using their services, including some of the largest news sites and blogs online. And the customer service is great.

Okay, now that you’re up-to-date on what is happening with the blog, let’s get on with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week?” segment. I love this part of the blog – don’t you?

This week I ordered a few books via Amazon.com including Proof of Heaven, Gunsmithing – The AR-15 and Old Ways of Working Wood: The Techniques and Tools of a Time Honored Craft.

Randbrands sent me two bottles of their RAND CLP good stuff…

And last but not least I bought this new Mossberg 590…

mossberg 590

That’s about it for me this week – what about YOU what did YOU do to prep this week? Go ahead let us know in the comments below…


  1. Schametti says:

    MD: About the Sucuri.. it keeps locking me out.. there was about two hours straight that I got an error and couldn’t get on the site at all. I don’t know if anyone else has been experiencing this tonight, but I wanted to mention it, just in case. It was kiiiiind of a pain, but I just found something else to do while I waited, lol.

    • I had that problem all day yesterday. Today it is much better for me.

      • Schametti says:

        It seems better for me today also, I reeeeally hope it was just a fluke day, and that we won’t be experiencing the like often.

        • Schametti,

          They have been working on it today – the system must think that you’re IP is trying to do something to the site.

          • Zombies are pretty sketchy….;)

          • Schametti says:

            Baha.. I might be a sketchy zombie.. but I COMPLETELY lack the necessary know-how to pull off ANYthing sketchy to ANY website.. especially this one with beefed up security. 😛 Thanks Sucuri for believing in me, but nope. Not a chance, haha. I’m glad they’re working on it. Hopefully they can figure out what happened. It hasn’t happened today at all though, thankfully.

    • Granny Em says:

      That happened to me, as well.

    • I think sucuri has a problem with new people logging in. My first three or four attempts were blocked. Since I finally was able to get in I haven’t had a problem since.

  2. Purchased a tactical light for shotgun, Motorola walkie talkie’s, and emergency candles, also attended the National Preppers and Survivalist Expo in Nashville, Tn. last sunday.

  3. Greetings Pack!
    Made a few runs to the local grocery, Walmart, and BJ’s to stock up on food and supplies. Got an order from Amazon that had an assortment of goodies for our preps and some fun stuff for the kids.
    My neighbor who is a corrections officer at the county jail picked me up a hundred rounds of 22LR from a law enforcement only shop, that was the most he could get they’re running low too, since nobody else has any at all. I’m almost afraid to do any shooting, because I don’t know when or if I’ll get any more ammo.
    Spent some time helping my cousin in her greenhouse with the 3200 seedlings she has started.
    Listened to an interveiw Glenn Beck had with Rand Paul, WOW, this guy had some really great ideas and plans that could turn this country around. Debt, balanced budget, immigration reform, tax code reform, rolling back federal government waste… I hope he is able to get the people of this nation and the GOP to listen and understand, the only way out is to follow the constitution, not attack it.
    Have a safe and happy week!

  4. WV Mt. Momma says:

    Hi Wolfpack! This is only my second post so please bear with me. You all have been a lifeline for me for quite some time now – sometimes I get so worried about the future, I get physically ill. Other times, I just have to put my big girl panties on and just do what needs to be done! Being from WV originally, we mountaineers have this survival instinct, so we just keep on keeping on. To that end, my DH and I have started re-learning some of the “lost arts” of homesteading/prepping.

    We started doing raised-bed gardening,and up to 4 beds now. One thing we have learned (ask me how I figured this out 🙂 ) is that the beds should not be any wider than 4 feet across…..unless you have REALLY long arms and can reach more than 2 feet across! We bought a very good book on Square Foot Gardening and we have adapted our beds to what works best for us. We have already planted leafy veggies and they are doing fine. The cold weather had me a little worried, but I put a sheet over them at night and they came through with flying colors….now if I could keep the squirrels at bay…….

    We also bought an All American canner and have had a blast canning all kinds of food. When folks ask us if we’re “PREPPERS” we just tell them we’re revivng the lost art. Moonstone, congrats with your canner….just follow the directions explicitly, and you will be fine.

    Thanks for being here for us, MD and the Pack. It’s a lifeline that we need. Nice to know there are like-minded, sane folks out there! God Bless.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Sounds great! We’re doing the same thing in the flatlands. Keep on Keepin’ on.!

    • Schametti says:

      I’ll bite. 😛 How did you learn that beds shouldn’t be any wider than four feet across? lol

      • I like the new Zombie you.
        We’ve used raised beds for the last 4 years and found that if you make them too wide they are difficult to plant/weed in the middle.

        That might be what he means?

        • Schametti says:

          Thank You. 😛 It’s a fun picture. And hopefully it’ll keep everyone, in part, from worrying about me.. OPSEC might be a foreign concept to me, but I’m a quick learner. (Well, sometimes, lol).

          That makes a lot of sense on the weeding. This year is my first ever attempt at gardening, and I’m doing containers.. I’m hoping that makes for little to no weeding. I might have to work up to raised beds next year, time and money and doomsday permitting.

    • WT Mt. Momma,

      I always had my beds about 3 and a bit wide. Just used a 12 feet 2 by whatever you are using and cut in half and half it again and then you have the small sides to whatever size of bed you are building. We had 4 of those 8X3 beds and it was a nice size.

      Now, I am a bit on the small side anyways, and having some knee trouble, I got a book from Amazon (trough blog MD of course) by the name of “Stand Up and Garden” which I am thinking will fit my needs to a T. Have read it cover to cover, not a bad little book at all. I am a master gardener and her ideas are very sound. Her bed are 3 feet high (which is just right for our old knees, no bending) and one fills them with straw (no hay) and the last 6 inches is filed with good top soil (I am going to use Miracle Gro).so it will have not weeds. The only thing I would add are some earthworms to the beds. They love straw and in no time at all one would have a very friable and rich soil. If one keeps adding straw and top soil I believe, in time, one would end up with 3 feet of magnificent soil, and after that one needs only to top dress the bed every year with some compost. The book cost about $12.00 and I consider it money well spent.

      Just thought you might like to use the bed you already built and get another one using the this new method and compare the results of both beds. Compare easy of gardening, quality of produce, water consumption etc., then write an article reporting to the Pack your results. (as for me I am going with the raised bed, my knees are begging me to do it).

      Always enjoy your postings.

      God bless, Linda Lou

    • WOW, four feet wide, you must have long arms and legs. We make our beds 30 inches that is a good size that we can stand over while planting, weeding, harvesting. Some we go wider for crops that are wind pollinated ,like corn, that need to planted in blocks. We don’t use constructed raised beds. The garden area is ringed with rocks dug from the ground, kinda acts like a raised bed by keeping the soil from getting stepped on or run over. the planting beds are mounded up to give more surface area.So its not really raised beds its well walked paths.
      Mauy I suggest for the squirrels 22LR they can be tasty.
      Glad to hear that your getting into prepping, its good for keeping fit ,inside and out.

  5. k. fields says:

    Spring is definitely here – all the fruit trees are in full bloom! It’s a beautiful sight to see.
    Major task this week was planting the summer wheat crop and, if this weather holds, the winter wheat will be ready for harvest in the not too distant future. I only plant ¼ acre plots so it isn’t too much work.
    Momma cow and son are doing fine and his big sister seems to have accepted him as a part of the family.
    Tomorrow will be spent going to the range to renew my CCW permit (has to be done every 2 years here) and I’m a bit anxious as I just had cataract surgery on my dominate eye last Tuesday and I’m not sure how I’ll do having the distraction of wearing these big, dark glasses. Wish me luck.

    • K,
      With all due respect, shut up about Spring will you. Here in Frostbite Falls it’s -47 and snowing 24-7. We don’t even get to see the sun until July, and that’s only for 2-3 days.

      I’ve assisted cataract surgeries since the 1970’s. Things are so very improved since then. Most of them now turn out 100%. Hope all goes well!

    • Encourager says:

      Spring???Leaves???? What is a blossom???? Last year at this date, all the trees were leafed out, blossoms full out on all fruit trees and it was in the 80’s. Then we had 3 killer frosts and lost all the fruit for the year in MI (except in the lowest part of the state).

      We are expecting another inch of snow tonight. I think spring forgot us this year. Waaaaaaaaaaa……..waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

      Okay, done crying.

      • Encourager, at least you shouldn’t have much in the way of pests. We’ve already seen our first grasshopper. . . could be a tough year in Texas. . . . Speaking of grasshoppers, wonder how Mt. Woman is doing. She had quite the battle with them last year.

  6. Son of Liberty says:

    I would highly recommend the book “Discovery to Catastrophe” by J. Wood to any survivalist. It is a great read and comes from a biblical perspective. I’ve read it (multiple times) and have talked to numerous people who have read it Bible in hand to check against it’s claims.

    It is a fiction dealing with prepping, survival, end time events, Christ’s second coming, and similar issues. It is also a ‘how to’ manual for serious preparedness with like minded persons – community if you will.

  7. Pretty quiet around here and too cold to really work on the gardening. The raised bed is in and awaiting the arrival of spring – real spring, not the calendar spring – had a killing frost Thursday evening.

    We picked up a few canning jars, lids and tops – great price during the off season. Started reading “Going Home” by A. American. It’s a great read about a prepper with a GHB making his way home after an EMP or CME through central Florida.

    Also started the precious metal plan and ordered our first batch of silver bullion coin.

    Still cannot find any 9mm or .22lr ammo anywhere in the area, but the folks at the local gun shops are saying there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Gun sales are slowing down based on the somewhat good news from Washington about the assault rifle ban and that they are seeing an increasing number of back-ordered ammo shipments coming in. One said that their 9mm ammo is lasting longer on the shelf – it lasted an hour and a half instead of just an hour!

    • Keith,
      I hope that you are correct on the gun issue. You might want to check out the article at the “Renew America” site on the U.N’s plans to force complete registration through the Small Arms Treaty.
      Funny story on the 9mm lasting 90 minutes on the shelf.

  8. I didn’t do much for prepping this week. I did get a 48 package of AA batteries and 16 more rechargeable ones. I did not get any more TP though. I did show my wife how to use just one panel of TP. You take the panel, folld it over twice to end up with a smaller square. You tear out a small corner of the square where they come together. That will leave a hole in the center of the panel. You insert your finger through the hole and put the panel as close to your knuckle as possible. Wipe with your finger, then draw the panel down your finger, cleaning the dirt off as you go.. Use the little piece to clean under your fingernail. All my wife said was “ewwww buy some more TP”.
    Please note that I am including my prayers for all that requested same, their significant others that helping to overcome and my congratulations to those who are recovering or have received news that their maladies have gone away through the grace of GOD.

  9. WV Mt. Momma says:

    OK, I’ll tell you about the raised beds being too wide 🙂 – if you have beds that are wider than 4 feet across, you have to disturb the veggies that are in the front 2 rows, in order to get to those in the inner rows. Even if you can get to both sides of the bed, it’s still a stretch and I usually end up doing a face plant into the soil trying to reach into the middle. It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but you live and learn as ya go! I finally put up trellises in the middle area for the tomatoes to vine up against. After that fiasco, we started building the beds 4×12, so they are easy to reach. We also cordon off the beds into 1 foot squares with string, so we can do the square foot thing. It really works! I was pleasantly surprised, so we’re adding a new bed every year. Since we moved to NC, we have found that the soil is clay, so the raised beds are easier to grow the veggies for us.

    • Schametti says:

      Ew yeah my entire back yard, while large – is full of clay, such a pain. I have no idea if anything would or could grow out there. I’m doing containers this year, but would love to try raised beds sometime.. maybe next year, if we have the opportunity, (time, money, doomsday, etc), lol. Face planting in the dirt does NOT sound fun, so I will have to keep that in mind, haha.

      • Schametti, save your yard clippings and start prepping a Back to Eden garden–by the time you’re ready to plant next fall or spring, that clay will have started to loosen up.

  10. Canned 4 qts of “Habitant Soup”! (split pea/diced ham/sliced carrots/ chopped onions)! Great stuff!

  11. Hi all. Think this is my first time commenting, maybe second, but I learn a lot from you all each week. Pretty slow week here: bought the wood for our raised veggie beds and started assembling them, did a little target shooting with the DW, but ammo still too limited to do a whole lot. Did luck up and find several 100-round boxes of 223 at the Wally world, so grabbed those. Also found a local gun shop that has a some Bushmaster AR’s in stock for less than $1000 each. Need to do some trading to have the cash, but hate to pass it up, you know? Thats about it from this part of Georgia…have a great week.

  12. Please delete my comment, as I left my name on it….duh!! lol

  13. moonstone says:

    Sitting here at computer watching the snow come down. It’s a really gentle snow, trees are covered, good day to stay in and homestead for a while. It’s Mother Natures way of giving us some needed moisture. Tigerlily.I am making bed 3 blocks high,4×8.Should give me room for lots of berries,hopefully. Can’t wait until I have my own canned meats! Besides saving costs it will be too great to just open up jar and have my main course ready to eat.JPinMT, It took 32 years to pay off mortgage. We feel a real comfort knowing that our home is really ours! PGC and Tina.my prayers are on the way to heaven for you. Our God is an Awesome God! LadyHawthorne, Thanks for reference to BexarPrepper. I have watched her videos before. I like her. She seems very sincere in truly wanting to help us. Think I’ll take a nap.Love and Prayers!

  14. One box ammo and ordered two more.
    One can of CLP.
    Microfiber cloth.
    Some canned food, mostly to replenish.
    One packet of radish seed (OP).
    Seed orders ready to rock & roll, three companies to accomplish.

    Checked to be sure stock on my next acquisition, meaning a twin for little 9 Alice. Checked out some arms. Shop employees thinking s-gunz may be next on bad list.

    Got scuttlebut on ID & MT on another site & heard more about CO at a shop from someone w/lots of friends there (plus hunted there). Seems blue wave from CA moving right along eastward. “Environmentalists” making things tough in the first two. Denver controls CO. Was glad to see sheriff of Wald Co. stand up.

    I’m getting a real bad feeling after Cyprus, especially with DC looking at new avenues for revenue, i.e. tax on bank transactions, how to get at 401(k)’s and IRA’s. Don’t think having any gold in a bank box very wise anymore. Everywhere I go in non-left places, I hear people getting more po’d.

    Opsec more and more important.

  15. Hi Pack,
    Had a pretty good week here. Plants are growing like crazy in the greenhouse. Tilled the garden, and began laying out my plant beds and walkways through it. This year, Im taking a suggestion I read over the winter for my walk paths. Have my DW bringing home lots of cardboard from her job at Wal Mart. Will lay this in all the pathways to eliminate growth there. Rain halted progress today.

    Also made the monthly Sams Club trip to replenish supplies. Picked up 2 more Blueberry plants, and 2 more Red Rasberry plants while there. The ones I bought there and planted last season are doing great!

    Finally threw in the towel on trying to get the old 85 Nissan Pickup running. Just costing too much. Found a really nice 98 F150 extended cab for a really good price. Bought that, and listed the Nissan on CL. I had it sold, and off the property in a little over 12 hours!!!

    So that was about it for this week. Ready for many hours of Garden time coming up!

    • Schametti says:

      I bought two of those blueberry bushes this year! Any tips on making them do great? 🙂 A friend reccomended coffee grounds, I haven’t gotten them planted yet, but I hope mine do great too.

      • I just dig a hole about the size of a five gallon bucket, fill it with good composted dirt from my pile, and plant. I,m fortunate to have really great dirt to begin with very dark, rich, and drains well. Keep them watered frequently for the first year. That is really all I do.

        • Schametti says:

          I don’t have any compost. I have considered trying my hand at a compost tea maker that I read about.. two totes, a couple boards, some coffee grounds/newspapers/junk and a bunch of worms. But I haven’t decided if I’m capable yet, lol. How long until they bear fruit, the first year or no?

          • Schametti,

            Composting is really easy. At its simplest, just pile your veggie and yard waste in a pile and in a year it will be ready. If you want to get fancy, get some chicken wire and build a compost bin. Put in a layer of green yard waste and then a layer of brown yard waste. Mix in eggshells, coffee grounds and any veggie peelings. You don’t have to order worms–the worms will find your compost.

            • Schametti says:

              I’m just not sure where I’D PUT a compost pile, or, if I would have enough to ADD to the pile to be worthwhile.. OR if I’m patient enough to wait a YEAR for something to be ready, lol. I know it’s all excuses, but.. good ones, I think. I have looked at the kind you can buy, and turn to speed things up, but even those seem like they’d take.. awhiiiile.

  16. Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 cal. Air Rifle
    @ 200 yrds
    vs. 20lbs of clay

    ranger 45 air rifle vs 275 lb wild boar

    these guns are in the 700$ for the Sam Yang to 1600+ for the .45 up to 2100 for the .58 cal ranger
    search em out on google

    Im also looking at getting a black powder gun

    I’ve heard some rumors of an additive going into future ammo that limits the life span to 5 years

    This week I picked up some Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex to go in the stash for parasites I saw on patriot nurse, some grapefruite seed extract as well.

    Some rebuild kits for some work tools
    Got some new freon gauges

    A book on herbs and their uses

    Some beer and a steak but Im gonna drink and eat that tonight since the wife is away at her parents house-)

    Have a great week all

  17. Goodafternoon pack! I hope evyoerye is doing well! Keep hitting up the sales and stocking up…i have a feeling thattime is of the essense!! Could some one tell me how they are calculating how much tp they need?!

    • Schametti says:

      I’m sure it depends first and foremost on how many butts you have to cover, 😛 hehe. There are two of us here, and I have 138 rolls so far. I would love to get more, but I’m starting to run out of places to PUT it, lol.

    • We seem to use about 8-10 rolls per person, per month.

      • Encourager says:

        We were doing a Mega roll every two weeks with just the two of us. Opened a package of extra large rolls and we are going through two per WEEK. They have shrunk the rolls so much and made the cardboard in the middle bigger. So frustrating!!

        I actually started dating the inside of the cardboard roll so I could keep track of how much we were going through. But I did that about two years ago. I will have to do it again with these stupid new rolls.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Open a 4 pack , hide the others and see how long it lasts’
      . We try to be frugal with it, and we use one double roll per person per week.Unless we are sick
      . My goal is to double that amount. for one year….I don’t stock corn on the cob, and the phone books are too small.
      There was a post on here last year for the plant substitutions for TP.
      There is also the choice of making your own butt wipes from re-usable cotton cloths/ paper towels, and disinfectant solutions…for very long term.

  18. KR Prepper says:

    Hello All.

    Not as much going on. I have a question y’all.

    Im stuck between getting a pistol carbine or an sks. I have MD’s “part time arsenal” and would like to expand to a semi. I have a 500 ceiling.

    • Pistol carbine effective range 100 yards. SKS effective range 300 yards. But 9mm parabellum cheaper than 7.62×39. If getting a parabellum, get a Hi-Point, they are around $200. I understand SKS’s are now up to $600. Good grief!

      Depends on what you need your effective range to be. Also, an SKS round can get through a car door easily.

    • JP in MT says:

      KR Prepper:

      With current pricing issues you may have trouble with getting a “quality” pistol caliber carbine in your price range. If I understand what you are looking for you want something you are willing to bet your life on. I’d recommend the SKS.

      I would only recommend a Hi-Point as a “fun gun”. I’ve known several people that rave about it, but none that have fired over 1,000 rounds with it (any of you that have please let me/us know).

      I have met 2 that had catastrophic failure with Hi-Points over 1000 rounds (both were in 45 ACP)! My guns are ones I would bet my life on working when I need it to, that’s why mine are more “expensive” and from established manufacturers. Don’t let haste to get “something” make you buy something that will turn out unreliable. Cheap is better than none, but understand that, in my opinion (which is probably worth what I charge for it) that a cheap gun is only a stepping stone to getting a good one.

      I do have a 9mm carbine on an AR platform. However, in a pistol caliber carbine I prefer the 1892 pattern level action in 357 Mag, 44 Mag, or 45 Colt. Better accuracy, longer range, better stopping power. Even the 44 Mag is very manageable in the 16″ barreled carbine.

    • Kr prepper,
      If you need a carbine or rifle to shoot up to 100yds, go with the pistol carbine. Otherwise, go with the sks (another point to consider: the sks can also serve as a hunting rifle if your state doesn’t restrict you to using only a shotgun).
      As an owner of a Hi-Point firearm (9 yrs, with over 1000rds & no failures), Hi-Points can serve you well. Just remember every manufacturer can have lemons. Inspect your potential purchase well & clean it regularly. Good luck on buying the new tool.

  19. This prepper wants to thank aldis for helping a prepper out. This past week milk sold for $1.49 a gallon, large eggs $.49 a dozen, 4 lbs. of sugar $.89. limit 6 on everything. This sale is suppose to go on until april 1st. I asked the cashier what was going on and she said take advantage of it and don’t ask questions. Believe me I have.

  20. “SOMEONE” in the pack is a new ham radio operator. That me!

  21. WV Mt. Momma says:

    That’s wonderful! Welcome to the world of HAMS!

  22. I’m a bit late to post, but this weekend I was helping teach another Appleseed. By teaching, I learn stuff too. I got a reloading press (but there are no reloading supplies left – will have to wait until they are, but at least I have a press) and picked up some brass here and there on trips to inspect the targets. I met some gunny types and also joined a prepper network locally. The head of that thinks you need a 12×12′ room full of TP to be properly prepped.

    I dunno about a whole room of TP, but I can think of uses for a lot of rolls of TP besides wiping: make a guest bed out of it, use it as insulation for your BOL, barter it for food, improvised gas mask filters (in a 2 liter bottle). I also once saw a picture of a prison knife with the handle made of molded TP-mache.

  23. This week I vacuum sealed about a half a gallon of Folger’s HalfDecaf ground coffee (not my first choice for coffee but was free from a relative) in pint jars so it would not go stale. Also vacuum sealed in quart jars some Honey Graham crackers (to go with my stored jars of organic peanut butter) and plenty of Cheez-It crackers (both plain and the Hot ‘n Spicy versions) just as a morale booster. Transplanted from peat pellets to 4-inch pots the little heirloom tomato, hot pepper and summer squash plants I am raising from seed. Bought a seed packet each of Scarlet Nantes carrots and dwarf bush type Nasturtium (flowers are edible in salads). Planted my three extra large planter tubs with sprouting russet potatoes and covered them with more dead leaves and compost. Ordered gallon size mylar bags of dehydrated cabbage, freeze-dried green beans, dried vegetable mixture for soup and Greek-style lentil and vegetable dried soup mix for my food storage from Mother Earth Products. Picked up my senior rat patrol cat from the vet’s office after his three-day hospitalization following removal of 3 bad molars and treatment of a drug-resistant urinary tract infection. He also has hyperthyroidism from a tumor, so back to the vet’s later this week for chest x-rays then an appointment at a specialty clinic for a radioactive iodine shot to kill the tumor(s) — the cost of “organic” rat and mice control to protect my food storage is getting steep.

  24. 1 Built a rabbit hutch for the rabbits I’m getting
    2 Started my spring produce garden.

  25. ok..ned some help – been planning on a big order with Zayocon foods (chicken time) aqnd I know many of you buy from them, I saw one bad review – and now I’m afraid – those of you who have purchased chciken from them, how did you find it? Was it clean, fresh and all that? I dont want 7 day old chicken.

    My DIL would have a fit if it turnhs out to be yucky – I finally convinced her that “prepping” in bulk is better – since they have kids.

    Thanks all, appreciagte you yeas or nays


    • Granny J..,

      We picked up our order from Zaycon yesterday morning (80 lbs.). We packaged it up and everything looked (and smelled) just fine. I haven’t cooked any up yet; but I don’t expect a problem. I ordered their hamburger last time and it was excellent.

  26. nana blue says:

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are well. Being saying lots of prayers for healing this week. Started for the pack and ended with my niece. She’s a Marine, did two tours overseas. She’s a heck of a sniper. Anyway, she comes home safe and sound and gets into a horrific accident. Drunk driver broad sided her. Broken ribs, pelvis, spine, punctured lung, you name it. I lost count how many surgeries she’s had in the last few days.
    But God is good. Today she was sitting up in a chair and off the ventilator. Drunk drive walked away. That being said, you never know what tomorrow will bring and i wanted you all to know I’m learning a lot from all the people on here and i wanted you all to know i appreciate the wisdom and guidance for this fairly new prepper.
    You’ve all been a source of inspiration and i thank you.

    • worrisome says:

      I am praying Nana for your niece! What a terrible thing! Hope the drunk is going to jail for a while. I had a similar experience a while back, I got t boned by a drunk but had a lot less injury……….could say “just a knee…” but candidly it has not been fun going through the surgeries, the rehab…….Good luck

    • Nana, We are saying prayers for your niece. We hope everything turns out ok for her. Please thank her for the service to our country!