What Did You Do To Prep This Week

The past two weeks have been hectic, I’ve worked eight nine hours a day burning copies of my “ITEOTWAWKI – And I feel Fine” survival cd and filling orders – a lot of orders. The first week saw over 400 orders with over 600 orders total, I did not know if I should laugh or pull my hair out.

All orders have been shipped so everyone should be getting their CD’s sometime next week. If you have received yours please let me know what you think of it in the comments below… So far the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

On another note, my book “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” will be available from Paladin Press this coming Tuesday. I’m so excited, my book published by a major publisher – thank you all. I could not have done it without your support and the book is dedicated to you.

Okay, lets see what did I do to prep this week…

  1. Sighted in all my rifles (I do this once every six months)
  2. Cleaned all my guns (I do this once a month and every time I shoot
  3. Tried several new recipes from Peggy Layton’s book Cookin’ With Beans & Rice
  4. Getting my gear ready for the spring Turkey season
  5. Put back several bottles of Vodka, Jack Daniels and Tequila (for barter of course)

What did you do to prep this week?


  1. Annie Nonymous says:

    (1) Concentrating on Communications this week. Pulled our back-up transciever out of storage because our main unit went dead (OK, we killed it – the antenna shorted and the finals blew – lesson one, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK!!) and got it all set up – only to find out it didn’t! Pretty scary reality check to realize your gear you trusted to be there was dead weight, so BOTH are going into the shop… with sheepish feelings!

    So… realizing that we were out on a limb, invested in a backup radio. ( I don’t like dropping names, let’s just say it’s made by “Company Y” and it’s a model 817). These are an All band (80m-44o MHZ ) 5 watt units that will transmit all modes – voice, CW, SSB… best of all, it’s self contained (batteries are IN the radio!) and it’s all about 1/2 the footprint of my iPad. We’re thinking about an amplifier, but for now… it’s superportable, supereasy to work, and reasonably priced. Ture, it’s VERY ow power – but in a pinch, it’s a soluton. People that have them swear by them – I’ll let you now how ours works out when it gets here.

    (2) Working on vehicles – a couple may end up staying behind, but our 2 GOOD vehicles are slowly getting a mechanical makeover. While they’re pretty healthy now, pretty good is not good enough.

    (3) Looking at a water filter. I know some deride “backpacking” filters, but I used one for years without a hitch, but got rid of it when I gave up backpacking for a while. I know, silly me. Anyway, I’m replacing it with the current issue of the one I had, made by a company that begins with a “K”… they’re spendy, but the last one was bulletproof, and the new ones are bult even better. And I know they work.

    finally – (4) Investments. Moving some of the fluid stuff (stocks etc) into harder stuff (metals, etc.)… NOt all of it, but enough for a hedge. Figure between the ickel rush and the way silver is going up, can’t do too bad. (Whod’a thought??)

    Gotta run… whatever you do, have fun!!

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Annie Nonymous,
      What a great rig. This OM is a bit jealous. Add a little 100 watt all band amp and this could replace most of my shack.

      • Annie Nonymous says:

        Hi Ohio!
        We’re looking forward to getting it (or more like it getting here). Debating on whether to supplement it with a second radio (I worry about ending up with a bunch of gear!!) or one of those 100W amps from Japan. But yeah, I’m a little more than excited – Everything I read gives this unit high praise for what it is, and like you – it could well be the radio that makes my current shack obsolete 😉

        Plusses? It will give us a QRP solution that would be difficult to match – and the ability to commo between ourselves outside the “normally expected bugout channels” – CB, FRS/GMRS/ 2m-440/marine/airbands – with essentially a HF “HT”… people talk about opsec, but having been a radio nut, “fox-hunter”, and having worked as a dispatcher, it’s amazing what you can find out by listening on these bands… and how little security they really WILL have on these usual culprits.

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Annie Nonymous,
          Once the radio arrives you may want to look into the MARS or CAP mods for it. You generally have to be reasonably competent with a soldering iron, but these mods allow the rig to transmit virtually anywhere it can receive. Not something to use in normal times, but a good capability post SHF. I was in MARS for a little more than 15 years and the two rigs I used both worked fine out of band.

          • Annie Nonymous says:

            I did MARS for a while also… 😉 I already have a pair of Yaesu HTs that are opened, and I can use it for anything from normal gabfests, er, “ragchews” on 2m/440 to our normal work freqs… Makes it nice having a normal sized radio over a belt anchor!! I also found out (accidentally) when I took a train trip recently and was listening to the conductors doing “train business” it works quite rather well on their band as well… I was an Icom nut for years, but Yaesu is slowly swallowing, er, stealing my heart! )giggles(

            While we’re on ham stuff (and speaking of anchors)… our neighbor had an old boat anchor 10-80 meter rig in his garage… turns out he’s held hs ticket for decades (I never knew) … my other half was helping him move some stuff out for dontation collection and asked him about it, out of curiosity… and he said, oh, it’s been sitting on that shelf there for 20 years… I don’t know if it still works but if you want it you can have it!

            (Annie got home from work, saw it on the coffee table, picks herself up off the floor at this point with a huge grin!)

            We got it hooked up, let it warm up for a good long time (love the glow of tubes), and tuned it up… successfully! FAR more sensitive than anything I’ve had solid state. Next will be the “smoke test” on the transmit end (it needs a mic – thinking of an old ribbon or something of equal coolness if we can find a good one cheap) and if it pans out (no reason it shouldn’t!) we have just gained a realtively high power DX machine, to contact friends and family far far away!!

            • OhioPrepper says:

              Annie Nonymous,
              I also still like the glow of old tubes. My first rigs were totally homebrew from old TVs. Then I saved my money and bought the Heathkit SB series (301, 401, and 200) which I used for a long time. I finally saved enough for a Kenwood TS-430 which is still my HF rig. I too have been heading toward Yaesu ever since buying a used HT and getting a good deal on some new 2600’s. To me the most impressive thing is the fact that they start with a block of cast aluminum and mount everything to that. Really rugged. BTW, if you’re in need, I was sorting through some old Junque a few months back and found out I still had a pair of 6146 still new in the boxes, but I no longer have radios that take them. Will probably eventually put them on eBay, when I get some free time 🙂

  2. axelsteve says:

    I found some nice preps this week. I found a nice R E I sleepingbag and a ll bean downjacket on the side of the freeway. I also picked up a small mat.I guess they blew out of the back of a pickup truck. The bag needs to be dry cleaned and so does the jacket. They are worth spending the money to do it though. I bought some spagetti sauce at the dollar tree today.2 big cans for 2 dollars. just a lite l something to add to the larder. I need to change oil in car this weekend and rotate tires. I hope the weather is good. I change oil and rotate tires every 5000 miles on my carolla. I will try to sneak in some shooting and yard cleanup this weekend. Steve

  3. Christine R says:

    Hello, preppers!
    This week:
    I got several packets of asst sutures for the comprehensive grab and go first aid kit.
    Ordered extra wicks for my daughter’s oil lamps. (yes, I help others prep. It will help me out in the long run. )
    I ordered spare parts and plates for my sister’s grain mill. I get a free loaf of bread each week.
    Paid off two more credit cards, one to go. (Maxed them while waiting for disability)
    Ordered accessories for new Volcano Stove
    Ordered more cotton clothing for summer
    Hot water heater went out this week – had it fixed and ordered a solar shower for next time – basin baths just don’t cut it.
    Stocked up from caselot sale at local grocery
    Super coupon shopping got me some free and cheap OTC meds, paper products, bottled water, vitamins, toiletries and a few canned goods.
    Started chix on layer pellets and can let them out to free range for an hour or two a day if weather permits. Still slow on eggs though! My sis brought me a dozen so I wouldn’t have to buy any.
    Reading “What So Proudly We Hailed” by James Howard
    Hope your week was productive, too!

  4. Walt Lewis says:

    I started learning new, simple recipies that use the ingredients that I store. I also ordered berkey water filters to make a home made big berkey .

    I have a small water filter in my BOB but realized that for more than a week or so alone it would not cut the mustard!

  5. richard Muszynski says:

    greetings. in case you wonder the greetings is the first word on the old draft notification that you were the luck winner and report to induction on such and such a date to claim your prize. anyway. ordered a small stun gun for my survival medical kit for use on venomous insect, spider and snake bites. most people think it can’t work because big pharma didn’t market it and that is fine. world is too crowded anyway. ordered a 50 pound crossbow pistol at BuddyK on sale. little 5 inch quarrels on it that would make nice poison darts i believe or trank darts. take game without a sound. Planting our seeds for the plants that need a long germination and growing time before being put out in the cold cruel world. should be about 6 weeks to warmer weather here in the north. putting in a lot of tobacco this year for trade in case it becomes necessary to do such. have fun everyone. summer may come eventually.

  6. Texas Red Neck says:

    Hmmm- – – purchased a 1 man 2 woman tent– (read: 3 persons) Gotta have a sense of humor here! Checked prices on various items for stock at home. Went to Wal-Mart and United as well as Albertsons and even checked a salvage store that sells nothing except food items. Getting ready to purchase many items for the home stocks. It’ll be basic but it will be better than most around here!

    Went thru the check list of items needed and scrounged (purchases) some things from the “Thrift Stores” Amazing what one can find in these places.

    • richard Muszynski says:

      freetings. yard and garage sales also can have some fantastic buys at them. I got a Alladin lamp at one that needed a wick for 25 cents. at another got a nice 20 lb propane tank with a little rust on it and looking scroungy, but with the new 3 sided valve on it that makes it refillable for a dollar. will cost me about a buck to sand it, use a little metal putty on the rusted spot and i have a spare propane tank that new would be about $40.00 up here . Just have to look and know what you are looking at.

  7. Yeah, the 817 is a nice rig. I have friends in law enforcement that use it for wilderness search and rescue. I have the 857D

  8. prepped my ceramic water purifier buckets, received another 250 rds 12 ga buck, still looking at solar ovens , picked up the S&W 642 with laser for the wife, ordered weaver mount and laser for my Mossberg 500.

  9. info, small fish hooks, barb less, and 10 or 15 lb spider line can work as suture material when needed as well as fishing.

    we don’t have a retreat place , but i am concerned about the 5 million people that live south of me coming north looking for food and refuge.

  10. Worked the plan and have so far avoided having the lake in my house. If the wind doesn’t blow and waves don’t develop and the weather begins to clear and if the damn keeps dumping water, the plan will work. For a SHTF plan however? It isn’t good enough. If even bigger trouble were to happen as in the damn couldn’t dump the water, or there was one more big storm, or if the sewers fail, it IS SHTF and GOBAG time.

  11. Rich K7SZ says:

    This is my first posting to the group.

    I have been an avid survivalist/prepper for almost 50 years. You’d think in that amout of time I’d have my ducks lined up, but sadly, no. BUT, I’m gettin’ there!

    Our (my wife & me) overall approach is to use money wisely, do our homework before we purchase survival/prep supplies/articles, and keep an ultra-low profile. Our arsenal is complete….almost….I need to add a shotgun (traded my trusty Mossberg M-500 for a RCBS progressive press, brass tumbler, powder dribbler, powder scale, an assortment of dies, and misc reloading supplies).

    Every 2 wks I hit Wally-World and purchase (with cash) 100 rds of CCI .22 cal jacketed HP “Stinger” ammo. This is more expensive than most .22 rimfire ammo but it is the only round that feeds reliably in my AR-7 survival rifle. Anyone who’s owned one of these weapons knows exactly what I’m taking about! It takes high velocity (1640 fps) ammo to cycle the AR-7 action without causing a feed malfunction. Wally-world also has reasonable prices on .223 cal (5.56mm) ammo for our other weapons, so when money allows, I pick up 100 rds (five 20 rnd boxes) of .223.

    Along with the CCI ammo, I also pick up 5-6 Mountain House freeze dried meals (this is all that is readily available since FEMA has apparently glommed onto the majority of the canned freeze dried foods Mt. House produces….possibly they know something we don’t??) These bags are easiliy stored with our long-term food supplies.

    Our local Kroger store has two dozen 16.9 oz bottles of water for $2.99 per case, so I normally buy 3 cases every time we go shopping there. We have been drinking purified (distilled or via reverse osmosis) water since 1984. Our plans are to add either a Big Berkey or something similar in the near future. The bottled water is very easy to transport: not so the Big Berkey, in the event we have to relocate in a hurry.

    My wife and I are both ham radio operators so we have multiple radio sets that we use regularly. MFJ just sent me their new Model 8322 triple trunking scanning receiver for review. This handheld unit is quite impressive but the ONE thing we need here in NE Georgia is a scanner that can track digital trunked radio systems. Unfortunately the MFJ unit only handles analog trunking systems and, as far as I can deduce , this unit can not be upgraded to decode APCO P-25 digital trunked systems. Pity.

    As long as we are talking EmComm, last week we had some extremely severe weather in our area necessitating the call up of our local ARES unit. We had tornado watches/warnings for an extended period of time so this was a good time to unlimber our ARES portable radio gear and set up using improvised antennas and 100% battery power. Our primary ARES gear consists of a set of VX-3r mini-handhelds that we carry all the time, backed up by a set of FT-60r handhelds in our EDC “go-bags”. All have extra battery packs included. Our portable comm station consists of a Stanley wheeled tool box with two 20 A/Hr gelled electrolyte batteries, charger, CB radio, FRS radio, and IC-2027 dual-band V/UHF FM radio that will produce up to 50 watts RF output. We used this set along with our portable Diamond XR-50 dual-band antenna to check into the ARES net. Since we seldom get a real chance to use this gear, it was a good time to exercise this equipment and smooth out some rough edges.

    Recently I procured a Kenwood TS-7730 2M mobile. Since this unit is about 20 yrs old it does not have the CTCSS tone board installed to access our local repeaters. Therefore, I decided to turn this old 2M tansceiver into a digital modes radio. Toward that end I have mated the 7730 with the new MFJ TNC-X to add 2M packet radio to our EmComm kit. Future plans call for configuring a SignaLink interface with this radio (along with one of our mini-netbook computers) to handle WinLink, ARPS, along with other digital modes our local ARES group is experimenting with.

    While all this was obviously not done “last week” in fact this is an overview of things we’ve done in the last 3 weeks to improve our survivability in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. All one has to do is look at the current situations in Christchurc, New Zealand and Sendi, Japan to obtain a no-holds-barred look at what can happen to modern cities in modern societies.

    73 Rich K7SZ

    • OhioPrepper says:

      “ultra-low profile” and your amateur call don’t seem to me to go hand in hand LOL. BTW, I love the name of your city, suspect it’s a great topic of conversation. I too work locally with both ARES & RACES and volunteer with the county EMA. If things really go off the deep end, amateur radio will as you know be key.
      In any case, welcome aboard and take care about that OPSEC.