What Did You Do To Prep This Week

I awoke at 3:16 this morning with nearly unbearable pain in my right shoulder and chest, it’s eased off this morning but It’s still there but now more of a dull aching pain followed by sharp stabbing pains in the right side of my chest when I breathe deeply.

I’m going to go get it checked out at the emergency room – I think it’s chest wall pain and inflammation both of which I’ve been diagnosed with in the past. An EKG found nothing wrong with my heart. I’ll let you know, later today…

In the meantime please let us know what you did to prep this week in the comments below…

Update: According to the Doctors it is Costochondritis (chest wall pain) and inflammation in the shoulder joint – thank you all for your great comments and concern for my well-being, you’re great and I appreciate it very much.:-)

I’m going to relax and try to get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. axelsteve says:

    Holy crap! I hope all is well. Don`t forget to speak spanish at the emergency room.You may have a problem finding a translater for english. Steve

  2. I hope you are doing OK now MD!

    Since we’ve just about got our food storage in order we concentrated mostly on non-food items this week. Here’s the list.

    New Skin
    Zinc (helps kids with cholera)
    Ear Plugs
    Non Battery Thermometer
    Ace Bandage
    Epsom Salts
    Corn Starch Powder
    Naproxin (generic Aleve)
    81mg asparin
    Petroleum Jelly
    Antifungal Crème
    Antibiotic ointment
    Zinc Oxcide crème (diaper rash crème)
    4×4 sterline wound pads
    white bandage tape
    ammo (sorry, don’t know what kind, hubby bought it)
    canola oil
    canned veggies
    makeup (not a necessity but certainly a nice luxury)
    shampoo & conditioner
    bath & hand soap
    listerine (generic)
    5 pounds of nails
    20 cloth diapers (found on ebay cheap)
    sparkie lighter
    5 packs canning lids
    watched a few patriot nurse videos (can you tell by my medical supplies)

    Corn has popped up out of the ground. Tomatoes, lettuce, spinach & potatoes all look great. We have so many peaches on our trees we are going to have to pull some off to keep branches from breaking. Apple trees have bloomed. Grapes look great. Spice garden is superb.

    Now we just need some rain. The rain last night missed us somehow.

    Headed out to Dollar General later. Will follow up with any good finds.

    • Thanks Ga Mom I copied your list of med supplies and printed it up so I can use it to help us get in some more med stuff. I can’t always remember the things I want to put on my list but your list reminded me of some things I need to get.

    • Wow! You must be the most organized person on the planet.
      Where the heck do you find the time to do all that? Nice going!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      GA Mom, that’s a great first aid list. I have almost all of those things in my own kit. I was wondering if you see any need for cold packs and heating packs? I have some of both for my own preps because if power goes down and somebody needs an ice pack, I can use one of the cold packs. Same with the heat packs. Some things to consider, perhaps?

    • OhioPrepper says:

      GA Mom,
      You listed: Zinc (helps kids with cholera). I know zinc is used as part of the treatment for cholera, but are you really expecting this disease to return? I would do everything I could to prevent it, like chlorine and boiling. I guess the zinc is cheap enough, so it wouldn’t hurt to have some in storage.
      I will also be merging your list into mine.

      • Ohioprepper. Watch this video on Cholera. In Haiti they got hit really, really hard with it and they didn’t really have it before either.

        The zinc is cheap & could make a good bater item or help save a neighbors kid. I too plan to boil water but what if you get the germ on your hand & then touch your mouth. You never know.

        • What zinc did you buy and what is the best form to purchase this?

          • I just got regular 50 mg zinc. The dosage is too high for kids but I’ll just break it apart if I ever need it.

    • GA Mom,

      This past week I wasn’t able to do much prepping in the monetary sense because I had a little boy with a $300 dental problem. I did watch a lot of Patriot nurse videos though. I was also able to stock up on a years supply of deodorant for the hubby and I as well as Shampoo. Just curious how much first aide stuff you’re stocking?

      • Kerry, we’ve got 1 or 2 of each of the above items. We also have lots of bandaids, anti-biotic ointment, peroxide, alcohol, bactine, lice treatment, carmex, we have lots of generic advil & tylenol, Vicks, flu & cold medication & a neti-pot. We also have quite a bit of various types of antibiotics – probably enough for 25 treatments.

        I still have a sizeable to-do-list of medical items. I”ll keep posting as I get to them. I’m still following the same rule as I do with food – only buy things you know you will or likely will use. This is what has kept me from purchasing some skin staplers & suture kits. I’m afraid not to have them though.

        I hope your son is fine now. $300 – ouch!

    • Thanks everyone. I just watched the Patriot Nurses’ videos and took notes while I was watching them. Ran to Walmart & it only took a little over an hour.

      Just watch the expiration dates of medicine – usually a shelf will have stuff with all different dates so hunt around for the best date.

      Lint Picker. I do think hot & cold packs should be included – it was one of the things Patriot Nurse suggested. They are on my list of stuff to get – I”m just trying to take it easy so the Visa bill doesn’t get too big. I want to remain debt free.

      Buying stuff is easy for me. I have a spreadsheet with my entire storage stock. At the end of it I have a wish list – with big and small stuff. Each week I tick off some of the items on my list.

      The problem I have is that every time I read this blog – my list gets bigger with all the great ideas!

    • richard muszynski says:

      Greetings. note on cholora (or however you spell it) that when there was a outbreak in India while the Brits ran it they were having a 60% fatality rate from it. they had nothing that would work on the disease. they in despiration tried a local remedy, green bentonite clay. taken internally. it brought the fatality rate down to 3%. that is calcium bentonite which is edible and not the other that is sodium based i belieeve and is used by the forest service to put in their water to make it sticky to fight fires. I got 5 pounds of it for $25. cheap medicine and does not have a use by date nor a prescription needed. i bought mine off the net.

    • Thank you for the reminder… I need to get some Benadryl and moleskin!

      • Richard that betonite clay is some good stuff. My DH took it awhile back when he was poisoned in a Chinese Rest.
        Supposed to remove toxins from the bowells I guess.

  3. Very scary M.D. What is the diagnosis from before? Are you on medication for it? Is it something which you will carry with you for your life?

    I ask these questions as it has relevancy in the possible near future world if a sustained, long term meltdown happens.

    My girlfriend is on a slew of prescriptions. Some for fibermyalgia, some for emotional imbalance, some for pain, some for repitory problems, etc etc. A few years ago the poor girl hadnt any issues but asthma. After a bad breathing incident and a 2 week stay in the hospital, shortly after being released, she started having these other issues.

    Now she has a wide assortment of daily prescriptions she needs to take. With out them she cannot function.

    She and I have often discussed the coming meltdown and she always jokingly says I will have to take her outback and shoot her as she will not be able to survive without her prescriptions. I think the lack of prescription medicine is going to verily thin the herd in any long term shtf scenario.

    Anyway, thats it for my morning rambling. Hope you get treated and better quick. Depending on the amount of typing you do, maybe its time for a voice recognition program.

    • Luddite Jean says:

      Kevin, get your GF to have her thyroid function checked – all those symptoms are also symptoms of hypothyroidism. I went 12 years in a dreadful state and diagnosed with depression, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome before a doc thought to check my thyroid. Her TSH should be less than 2, although some docs never read the new guidelines and are still working to 5 being the upper end of normal. Mine was 3.2.

      Now my symptoms are gradually improving. I still need prescription meds, but at least they are helping. If the SHTF, I’ll be sucking on pig’s thyroid glands, lol.

      • LJ, Thanks so much for this information! Ironically, last Thursday, her Doctor, scheduled her for a Thyroid check as the doctor pointed out many of what you did. She will be going in today and hopefully they will find something treatable.

        Good luck with the pig and thank goodness you dont keep kosher!

    • GardenMom says:

      DH was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and put on prescriptions. He just kept feeling worse. Then more prescriptions. It was a never ending cycle. He gradually got himself off of the prescriptions and he is feeling much better. We tried a diet that has you start with just brown rice, then you gradually add in vegetables in a certain order to see if you are intolerant/allergic to something. Then fruit, protein, etc. We found that he had problems with dairy. He cut out all dairy for about a year. Now he eats yogurt (2-3x/week) and rarely ice cream.
      I hope your girlfriend can work her way off of at least some of the prescriptions. Good luck.

      • Hi GM, thank you for the response. We have just recently changed her diet to more vegis, fruits and proteins. It does seem to be helping a little, but more importantly seems to be taking the punds off her, which in turn is helping her depression a bit as she gets more fit.

  4. First off MD I hope that you are feeling better very soon and that it’s not serious. Glad you are getting things checked out.

    This week I tried digging in my yard to try making some garden beds. What a joke! It’s nothing but rocks. I can’t sink a spade more than about an inch or two. I did dig up some rocks maybe I can fine some use for them who knows.

    I did add some things to our larder this week.
    6 boxes of cereal
    10 pounds of rice
    2 cans beef gravy
    1 can mixed vegtables
    1 can carrots
    1 can white clam sauce
    24 rolls of T.P.
    1 large bottle laundry soap
    8 pounds of pasta

    I put new wiper blades on my truck this morning.

    I also added to our gear a set of re chargeable Motorolla Talk About radios and charger for nothing. My friend had them laying around in his garage, he never used them. I already had a set but now I have 2 sets. It’s good to have back ups.

    I also have my friend looking for an old axe for me. He is into old fire trucks and owns an old fire truck so he’s always on the look out for old fire service equipment. I can also check around my fire house to see if we have an old axe that is no longer used.

    We also tried making pot roast in our crock pot. We have never made pot roast in our house. I have a very Itialian Mom. So we made it and it came out very good. We will be making this again soon. This could be something that we can make up and can then store it I think.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Larry, I have a very rocky (and shady) yard. This is why I went to container gardening. This is also a reason to consider raised bed gardening. Build some frames, fill them with good soil, and plant them. You will be one happy vegetable gardener!!

      Pot roast is delicious. Your comment may be the final persuasion I need to buy a crock pot for myself. Thanks!

      • LP,
        Our house is on a hillside. The land is in addition to being rocky it is also steep and very shaded. Years ago before we moved here over 40 years ago, the back yard was used as a dumping ground for the neighborhood. We had cleaned out tons of old roofing material, peices of metal, ash from old coal burning home furnaces.
        That being said I am going to try container gardening. I tried it a few years back with little success. With some changes I hope things will improve with this attempt. The weather here is still too cold to leave anything outside over night. That will change in a few more weeks.

    • Crock Pot cooking is a great way to make most things. My wife uses the Crock Pot for almost everything we cook. Do experiment with other things you will fall in love with it.

    • AZ rookie prepper says:

      Larry, as LP said, try container gardening or raised bed gardening. I live in the desert, ground is pretty much caliche (mineralized soil so hard it might as well be rock). I bashed out a space for a garden last year, but wanted to do better, so this year put in raised beds, filled with compost and steer manure and good soil and hope to have a much more productive garden. Dont give up, if I can grow decent crops in caliche (I have a brown thumb), anyone can grow something wherever they live.

  5. Added to my storage:

    *50 pounds of rice
    *20 bars of soap
    *30 rolls of TP
    *8 paper towel rolls
    *a solar/crank radio that can charge cell phones too
    *various toiletries
    *more allergy meds – I am thrilled Allegra is OTC because that was the only prescription I was on
    * put aside some empty juice bottles for water purification
    *been watching a lot of videos on water purification- thinking I need to build a solar distiller

    • Newg – If you don’t mind me asking, what type of crank radio did you get? I was looking at a few the other night and found one that also charged cell phones. I had no idea what brand was the most reliable. Thanks!

      • I have brought 2 different systems for chanking power to my cell and both said they would fit in my make of phone— NOT but maybe I can adapt it if I need to – just saying make sure they do work for you

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Sheri, this is a good radio. It’s small, good price, and it’s got lots of functions. Also, runs on crank or solar power.

        • Rob & Lint – Thank you for the input. Lint, I think this brand is one I had looked up before. There are so many, I wanted to be sure I got one that was reliable. Thanks again!

      • I had a gift certificate so I got if from L.L.Bean. The radio I purchased is made by ETON Corporation. Mine has a USB charger on it for the cell phone. I received a cord to charge my cell via USB when I purchased my phone. I imagine I will probably be able to charge ipods and stuff with the radio too since it is a USB charger.

  6. mountain lady says:

    MD: Hope you are feeling much better by the time you read this.

    Did exactly what I said I was not going to do this month. Spent ALL of my money on preps. With all the news being as negative as it is on the inflation and food issues, decided this was not the time to stop prepping. Bought oats, cereal, popcorn, soups, baked beans, saltines, 10 cans of tuna (should have bought at least 10 more), big bag of cat food and most important, 16 dark chocolate candy bars from the $store. I need that if we go down, at least for a while.

  7. riverrider says:

    MD, my army buddy has the same thing. the docs can’t figure it out. hope u are well/ get well soon…..well, got some 9mm hp, 30/30,20ga and 22 ammo this week, a magazine extension for my 20 ga 870, ordered another ar15 lower, got the prep room 90% complete. have to build the shelves and cabinets this weekend to finish. found lots of things while digging thru my preps that i forgot i had, have to modify the to-buy-list. thought i was finished with the food part of my preps but second thoughts appeared in that we may be hosting more folks than i planned for. the problem is these folks(kin) bring very little to the table. i will need able bodied soldiers, not just eaters. i think we’re in for a rough year ahead. when uncle sugar goes broke, the first- of- the- monthers are going bananas. that’ll be the begining. and of course all my soldiers are across the pond for another round. thats it for this week.happy prepping folks.

  8. AZ rookie prepper says:

    M.D., please do get it checked out. No sense suffering and we (your readers) want you healthy. Not much for prepping this week, been super busy at work. Taking care of my seed started vegetables, hope to have a good garden. Going out later to get some more manure for the raised beds. Hope to pick up some more buckets from the local grocery store. Will get some material to make a sweet pea trellis. Will probably pick up some more epsom salts, on sale canned vegetables and stop and see if my local sporting goods store has any ammo on sale. Hope all have a good week.

  9. Nor Cal Ray says:

    Hope everything is O.K. It should really be checked so don’t wait. Self diagnosis in a non- SHTF situation is not a good thing to do and can lead to some serious complications. That being said here is what I did to prep this week.
    Went to Food Max bought 3 containers Iodized Salt. Lowes had a sidewalk sale. Picked up 2 five pound boxes of sheetrock screws and 2 five pound boxes of deck screws for 5.00 ea.
    Picked up a line of Solar Battery Chargers, Hand Crank Radios & Hand Crank Flashlights to sell and added 3 each to my own preps. Went to the Deli down the street from my regular job and got (14) 5 gal. food grade buckets. Bishops Storehouse and piked up 50 lbs. Quick Oats, 50 lbs. Rice, 25 lbs. powdered milk. Wal-Mart and got 4 boxes 9mm. Worked in garden this week also. Finally able to get someone else in my family started prepping. Picked up a line of anti-bacterial spray called Silva Klenz that actually kills the MRSA bacteria. Added some to my own preps as well.
    Thats it for this week. Oh almost forgot the most important thing. Reviewed M.D.’S c.d.

  10. blindshooter says:

    I’ll pray its nothing serious, glad you are getting it checked and good luck if you have to go an ER.

    I traded some .308 ammo for two quarts of raw local honey and the guy is going to bring me two more next week. I don’t use the .308 any longer and found I had a lot more than I thought so the trade is a good one for us both. This guy also has a bunch of cows/steers and I may be able to trade or buy some meat off him this fall. He has been trying to talk me into helping him coach his 4H rifle team for some time and told him after I get settled I’d help them all I could. I’m getting another freezer out of my dads stuff but I’m considering canning some of the meat. The freezer is an upright and not very efficient(I ran it for 4 years before giving it to Pops) so I might see if I can trade it for a newer chest type. Still packing stuff and dreading moving even though I’m still not sure when it’s going to happen. Working on a surplus laptop from work to store prepping info on a portable platform that I can run without the grid. Minimal Linux with separate partition for home, no micro$oft os to clutter and die for no reason. Not much happening outside today except for getting ready for the storms coming this afternoon. High risk for twisters and strong storms so this time I will get my tomato buckets in, lost the plants last week and had to replant because I left them out in a hard rain. I never planted in buckets before and let too much water get in them and killed the new plants.

    I think the we are headed for hard times, I’ve never seen our business as slow as it is now(30 years) and it don’t look like any improvement coming anytime soon.

    Sorry for the ramble, I seem to be scatter brained today.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Help out with those 4H kids as much as you can. It’s your chance to help influence the next generation, and I sincerely think it helps keep you young.

      • blindshooter says:

        OhioPrepper, I already help them some with the rifles as I’m nearly useless with the scatter guns and worse with the sticks and strings. My brother in law helps them with the bows so lots of times I go help with the .22’s and usually get one of the CZ’s to tune up at the same time.

        It is great to see the young ones learn safe gun handling and marksmanship skills.

        I just got in from helping some friends that had tornado damage, we still don’t know how many are dead and hurt. I’ll take a generator to another coworker tomorrow, his family is staying in his shop tonight after their roof was damaged. Lots of folks with no power around here. I was lucky, just rain and some wind.

  11. Well I started my rocket/volcano type stove. Will take pictures maybe M.D. will put them up. If he will, will send them even if the idea flops.
    To prep this week went to regular grocery store and bought regular boullion cubes, some canned goods, some noodles, more small white beans, brown sugar, Mayonaise (boy did that hurt), sugar, paper plates, plastic utensils, toilet paper (went up a dollar, that is horrible), more gravy mix.
    I forgot to get peanut butter. Yikes!!!
    Forgot to mention last week I had recieved my heirloom tomato seed.
    I guess this week has been productive enough.
    I noticed that the chili beans we like went off sale and up in price.
    They are still out of regular canned chicken almost 6 weeks now, maybe longer can’t remember when I noticed the shelf spot empty.
    So far sugar hasn’t gone up. Expect that to some time in the future.
    Flour and oats have gone up. Quaker the worst. The off brand is still okay resonable.
    I find it difficult to deal with all the strife that is going on out there and what is to come. I find it difficult because of all those that are going to suffer worse than us. Why, Why won’t they listen??
    Two days later:
    Went back to the grocery store to get soda for my truck drivin’ son who will be home today or tomorrow. Got 4 lbs of pasta. 3 -1/2 gal. bottles of bleach they were 99Cents each (a little expensive but the other’s are more so) 4 jars of jam. And 1 lone mustard.
    The chili beans were back on sale (why I wonder did they ever take them off). But I didn’t get any on this trip it will have to wait.
    Hope your are okay. Nothing scares abody like getting down with something. I had a bout with my shoulder and arm and when I finally mentioned it to my daughter she said about it being the ol’ ticker or a storke. I told her if that was the case I should have croaked weeks before. But prayers go out to you.

  12. Schatzie Ohio says:

    Wishing you the best M.D.

    Bought a brick of 38 special ammo, a 12 pack of toilet paper (we now have over 100 rolls) and 6 cans of on sale Green Giant green beans – we find that Great Giant brand has the best green beans.

    Started a Crochet 101 course.

  13. axelsteve says:

    Not much yet. My inlaw borrowed our car. I did chop some firewood though and I did add some food to the larder just a box of instant potatos and a can of spagetti sauce. Steve

  14. Are you ok, M.D.? I have been “praying without ceasing” since I read your comment earlier. It might not make you feel any better; but, it makes me feel better.
    This week, I made a Major run to Sam’s. A word of Opsec, here. If you buy a 50 pound bag of sugar, make sure you don’t bump into a pallet and rip a hole in it. Anyone can track everywhere you have been in the whole store. They can even tell how long you stood reading labels by the size of the pile of sugar you left behind. I don’t know why everyone got so excited about less than 5 pounds of sugar.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      ROFLOL. Instead of a trail of bread crumbs, a la Hansel & Gretel, it was a trail of sugar. What a SWEET story. 🙂

      • I’m afraid that Hansel and Gretel would still be wandering around in the woods if they followed my trail of sugar. I was looking for cocktail franks and circled the big freezer section 3 times. Then, I remembered that they are kept in the refrigerated section and I circled it a couple of times before I finally found them. I think a good lesson for me would be to pay more attention to my environment. The one time when I did finally realize that I was walking on something scrunchy, I just thought, “Hmmm, someone must have spilled something”.

  15. MD praying for you. I hope it turns out to be nothing but they should do a blood test to make sure it wasn’t a heart attack as somethings during a heart attack the EKG might not pick it up right then again sometimes the blood test takes several hours after a heart attack before it shows all the numbers. Good Luck.

    My prep of the week Lugol’s Solution for radiated water

  16. Got 50 lbs more of wheat. I also got out the new dehydrator and started drying some fruit. I also took some of my wheat and rice and started putting it in mylar bags in smaller amounts. Have been reading a few survival based books and preparing reviews for the blog.

  17. MOPrepper says:

    Been sick all week with an upper-respiratory infection. Just returned from the clinic. Filled prescriptions for Z-Pak, cough medicine w/codeine, and a box of Muscinex-D.

    Persistent dry cough with greenish phlegm and greenish stool, sure sign of a viral infection. Voice has been hoarse for a few days as well. I should have went to the clinic earlier this week.

    Wife bought some berry bushes at Aldi’s for $5/each. Eight plants total. Blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. We will get those planted tomorrow.

    • Keep taking the muscinex. It will help break up the mucous in your lungs – which can lead to pneumonia. Great prep item. It is pricey though. Hope you feel better soon!

    • I think I had that exact same infection (minus the stools). The z pac did the trick (i’d been ill for about a month b4 I got to the dr.) Hope it clears up fast (mine was 99% better after 3 pills and all better by the end of the course).

    • Nor Cal Ray says:

      MOPrepper, check out this website (if you haven’t already heard of it) for heirloom seeds. http://www.rareseeds.com They are based in Mnasfield, Mo. I have bought some seeds from them and had really good luck with them.

  18. I dehydrated some bananas, got some sweaters from Kmart for $1.99 each, with a few long john tops. Bought 10 gallons of water, big jar peanut butter, spagetti noodles, spam singles in a pouch.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Those Spam singles are the greatest! Not so good for a family, but for a BOB or for a single person they are very useful.

    • The Prepper says:

      @terri — how do you dehydrate your bananas? I’ve never been able to get dehydrated bananas to taste quite right.

  19. SrvivlSally says:

    Oh, M.D. I am going to pray for you, I sincerely hope that you will be alright and that, if it is the same thing that has been going on as you have said, that you will be healed from it. This week, I cut some good-sized Dandelion leaves. The plants have not bloomed yet so it’s the right time for harvest. I am going to go on the hunt for Plantain. The supplies have been lacking for months so now we can replenish and get things going again. I earned a 25 dollar rewards debit card for taking a test drive at a local car dealership and received the card not long ago. I have spent the entire week on deciding where I would put the points to best use and that would be hangers for tools in a shed. The tools have nowhere of their own and they are in the way so to get them off of the floor and organized would free up the area and make it much less safer to the legs and forehead (my forehead has not had any injuries, so far). I have planned to put in some spuds and I am still deciding on the areas to use. Now that the plantain is on and I will have a fresh supply, today I will be harvesting some and using it to finish up removing the last bit of infection in my upper gum, getting excited because in a few days it should be gone. Ahh, relief at last. I received a free book in the mail from GFA.ORG, Gospel For Asia, entitled, Revolution in World Missions and am preparing to read it. I have been preparing to check the almanac and other sources to find out how the weather in my location will be for the growing season because I do not want to plant anything that will not grow if conditions are not going to be right. Will be thinking about you.

  20. Luddite Jean says:

    MD, hope you feel better soon. I’ll be praying for you.

    Not a lot this week (still catching up from big bills) but I now have lots of seedlings coming up in the cold frame, and I’ve started digging up the lawn. It’s taking a while due to disabilities and large rocks being unearthed, but slow and steady does it.

    Got yet more canned tomatoes, they’re now down to 15p per can in Asda.
    Lots of broth mix – lentils, barley, peas etc and a case of instant soups.
    Went to a car boot sale today (like your yard sales, but lots of people get together in a field and sell from their car boots (trunks) and got 12 packs of household candles, a carbon steel kitchen knife for just 20p, a Stanley knife for 50p, 4 pairs quality nail scissors, lots of Tupperware and a pocket guide to trees.
    Got a cheap make-up/manicure set in a zip-up leatherette case, which I will restock as my EDC – got fed up of moving all my bits from one bag to another, now I can just pick up the case and transfer in one go.
    Got a head torch (my first).
    Next week we’re going to be giving the BOV a post-winter shakedown (it’s a tiddly RV) and then trying to get completely away from civilisation the Royal Wedding weekend in an attempt to miss it!

    • templar knight says:

      Jean, I feel exactly the same about the Royal wedding nonsense as you, and I’m a fricking American. I’ve just about heard all I can stand. Do you have room for me in your “tiddly(lol) RV”?

      • Luddite Jean says:

        Well, allegedly it’s a four-berth, but you need young bones and the ability of a chimp to reach the two in the over-cab area!

        You’d like where we’re going – it’s in the Dorset countryside, near Corfe Castle, which is a ruined castle that was sacked by Cromwell. We’ll be taking a trip on a preserved steam railway, too. Mostly, we’ll be chillin’ with beers at the side of the firepit.

        You want I should pick you up at Heathrow Airport? :)))

        • templar knight says:

          Of course, but I do need a rain check. My son is in the Army, and is to be deployed to Afghanistan on June 10, so he has 30 days leave beginning next week. I guess I better stay here, but were it not for that! And thanks for the invite. LOL.

  21. Tomthetinker says:

    Crappolla MD…. We in here in the Choir expect to be notified by this evening. You wouldn’t happen to have a history of ‘floating’ rib would you?, rotator cuff issues? Been splitting wood? In the meantime……..

    1. finished off pantry preps in total this week. *
    2. got Mommasan set for fem issues for one year. *
    3. finished off ammo preps… yeah I said finished. *
    4. cooking preps are finished.
    5. med preps, OTCs at costco. * Rx are complete. *
    6. Fuel preps are short one face cord of wood.
    8. BOBs, BOVs are all repacked, lubed and oiled.
    9. Beer cooler in basement is condition green. *
    10. back up bikes are all tuned and shiney.
    11. bills are paid.
    12. garden is in!
    13. Hardware stores are about 60% of goals
    14. we are flat outta room.
    15. the other ‘boot’ can now drop on my head.
    * = rotating stores.

  22. Hope its nothing serious and you’re on the mend soon.
    I’m still finding long term food storage a bit confusing (I don’t live in a normal house with a yard etc) but my main preps recently has been getting in shape. I picked up some fitness equipment on sale (which I will use). It sudenly dawned on me, all the ammo and food won’t help if I’m too fat and weak to run 100 yards or carry a good supply of ammo. I’ve lost close to 15 pounds and increased my strength over the last 6 weeks. My main post shtf plan is to hide, but, the best laid plans etc.

    Hope you feel better.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Congrats on losing some weight. As far as hiding, that may be much harder to do than you anticipate. Hard to hide when you need stuff – just read about Ishi, the last “wild” Indian and you’ll see that hiding isn’t always an option. But, hey, whatever works for you.

      • I meant ‘hide’ where I am as opposed yo trying to be a mountain man. But I figure I may have to run (literally and figuritively) at some point. So off the sofa and hit the treadmill. It has also helped everytime I have to lug a case of water up the stairs.

        Added to preps: 250 rounds 9mm (on sale at big 5).

  23. I bought 100 durabag sandbags, the kind you fill with pea gravel. Havn’t bought the gravel yet. But I am not taking any chances next year with flooding.
    I saw a “you are not a prepper unless” on another blog. I liked the one you are not a prepper unless you have your attic insulated with toilet paper. Well I bought 7-12 pks to add to my already formidible supply this week so I guess I am an official prepper.

    Spent $273 dollars at the store stocking up on things to eat. Nothing I would consider preps per se. It is absolutely appalling how high the prices are.

    Spent a lot of time catching up on reading this week now that i have new glasses.
    Survival skills of Native Californians
    And the fiction I am in the process of reading “Indivisible” by Troy Grice about the results of a financial crash. Probably been done better elsewhere but still scary.

    I sure hope you are OK M.D. Will be sending good thoughts your way.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Judith, I’ve got on my bookshelf, “Indian Uses for Native California Plants” or something like that. It tells which plants are good for eating, weaving, basketmaking, etc. I guess it’s true….great minds do think alike. LOL

    • nancy (Northwest) says:


      I have the “Survival Skills of Native California” in my cart at Amazon. Haven’t bought it yet for various reasons, one being I no longer live in California. When I read about it there was something said about a southern Oregon county or two. Let me know how you like the book. Thanks.

      • Nancy it is a fascinating book. Great just for the history alone in it.
        If you like working with your hands there are all kinds of crafts you can learn.
        And I think the section on nuts would apply to Oregon also.
        For the survivalist that is into primitivism it is the real deal.

  24. MOFreedom says:

    Hope all is well and you can actually afford to pay for the treatment.
    This has been a week of getting support stuff for weapons going. Mags, 8# of Varget powder (Enough to load 1217 .308 precision cartridges) 5 pieces of 40mm ammo cans, 800 pcs of 9mm brass, 250 pcs of .45 ACP brass, and going totrade some factory ammo for projectiles and a Leupold Vari-X IIc 3x9x40 scope. Straight barter, gotta love that. I would rather shoot cast lead projectiles from http://www.missouribullet.com if they are going to go less than 1400 FPS, otherwise I’ll spend the extra money and get jacketed.

    13 pounds of pure tin
    2 pounds of lead
    2 lithium-ion 18volt batteries for the Dewalt tools
    2 chargers that will charge above batteries.
    20# (Really 17#) propane tank with heater for $10

    That’s it for my week, hope all is well with everyone.

    [email protected]

  25. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    MD, I feel your pain. Hope all is well soon.

    The ol’ SUV is sitting in the garage – dead and deader. Last week I thought it merely needed a new battery – done. This week it seems the battery is just a symptom of a much more expensive problem. So it sits in the garage until I can have it towed to the shop for diagnosis and repairs. I remember when kids were diagnosed and cars were fixed with wire. Now kids have wires and other stuff hanging from them and cars need diagnoses. Strange, huh?!!

    Bottom line, I didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything that relates to prepping this week. I just tended to my veggies while the weather took a turn for the worse and gathered more rainwater.

    • Lint – I feel your pain….I took my BOV in for an alignment and found out I needed $825 worth of front end work done. Ball joints, pitman arms (I know there’s a joke there somewhere) and a bunch of other stuff. It does drive better though. I only spent 7 hours this morning at the repair shop. Cut into my whole day. I hope your SUV only needs minor work after the diagnosis 😀

      Take care of yourself MD…My Prayers are with you for feeling better soon.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Sheri, sorry you had to wait all that time while your vehicle was repaired. Shame they don’t offer loaner cars like in the old days. That’s a big chunk o’ change you paid, hope the new balls and joints (yes, there is a joke in there somewhere 😉 last a loooong time for you.

    • axelsteve says:

      Lint picker. What make of suv do you have? Electronics can be a pain sometimes. Steve

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Steve, I’ve got a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer – one of the vehcles that was eligible for the “cash for clunkers” rebate. LOL, no way was I getting rid of my baby. It’s got over 100,000 miles on it and has been a good vehicle up to now. I hope I can afford to get it fixed, if not then I’ve got a lot of walking to do because everything I need is about 80 miles away. Really, I’ll be in deep doo-doo if the car can’t be fixed on the cheap.

        I’ll say one thing about having lots of food on hand, I knew I would not starve to death as I wait to tow my 4×4 in for repairs. In fact, if I didn’t need to go visit family next Sunday for Easter, I wouldn’t get the rig fixed until May.

    • axelsteve says:

      800 dollars go pretty fast in car parts these days. I work in the parts dept of a Toyota dealership and I know that modern car parts are not cheap.A few weeks ago a guy complained about the price of a part and I told him that You are not working on a 64 chevy.He told me that I would be surprised on how much chevy parts are these days. I told him that my I owned my last gm product in 1979. Steve

    • Nor Cal Ray says:

      A couple weeks ago you asked about a cheap 2 man tent for your B.O.B. The cheapest one I have or can easily order in is about 30.00 wholesale. You can get one of equal quality from Wal Mart for about 20.00. It is up to you just let me know.
      As far as your vehicle goes it may not be as expensive as you think. When my battery went out on my Expedition I had to have the alternator reset. It cost me 100.00 The Ford’s and the Chevy’s are both the same I believe.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Ray, I think I’ll get the Walmart tent, thanks for the price comparison info.

        Just made an appointment to get the ol’ SUV into the shop. They will take it Wednesday, so that will be a load off my mind. Also makes me think about a backup vehicle or a secondary mode of transportation. So, another thing to add to the list of to-do and to-get. If it’s just the alternator, I’ll be getting off lucky I think. Anyhow, the rental vehicle will be a cash-zapper, too. Oh well, could be so much worse.

        Thanks for the upbeat news about the cost of alternators, Ray. Hope you and yours have a fantastic week.

        • Nor Cal Ray says:

          Lint Picker, no problem. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but with personal taxes, and dealing with the Estate Taxes I kind of blanked on it until they were done.

  26. Hope you are better now. Prayers for you and a candle lit too.
    Let us know how you are.
    Chest pains can be very scary.

  27. Christine says:

    Holy crap, I hope you are okay!!! Please let us know asap. I will be praying for you.
    This week i bought some preps, but mostly I rotated and reorganized my food preps. With no basement, i am getting very hard up for storage space. Trying to get creative with keeping my preps out of sight.

    • Christine. We are getting tight too. I turned a coat closet into a pantry – put in shelves and put a lock on the door. Our master closet top shelf is lined with tp & papertowels. Lots of stuff under the bed – we store cans in boxes that we have cut down to about 4-5 inches high. Holds cans great and you can slide them in and out. You can also store stuff in sealed boxes that someone might see – try to find old paper boxes. They’ll never know 🙂

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Christine, I was reading another survival blog about stealth hiding places for food storage. The blogger said she sold her end tables and instead stacked cases of food up until they were just about the same height as her end tables had been. Then she had her husband cut a piece of 1/2 plywood to match the size of the top case of food and put the plywood on top of her stack. Then she threw a small tablecloth over the cases, which covered them and also went all the way to the floor so nobody could see the boxes. Basically, she made a new “end table” out of her food storage. Then she put the lamp and knickknacks back on the new “table” and she said her visitors never noticed anything unusual. Now that’s what I call creative!

      • I purchased some metal 55 (?) gallon trash cans, filled em’ with stuff, put a piece of 1/2 plywood on top and a table to cover, lamp, pictures. Never know it’s a hiding place 😉

  28. nobody from nowhere says:

    i am 1 first aid kit away from having a 20 gallon rubber maid tote full of first aid kits. i picked up a large first aid kit from costco to hang in the storage room on the wall also. all my augason farm food kits started arriving this week so i’m putting them in the gun/food storage room. i have a year supply for a family of 4 arriving tuesday, and enough add on kits to take what i already had on hand to enough food for 4 people for at least 4 years.

    i also started cutting fire wood for next winter and staking it so it can season up in the summer monthes(we are still burning wood right now).

    i’m also in the process of fixxing up a truck bed trailor with a camper top on it. could be really handy if bugging in isn’t reasonable!!! highly mobil and lite enough to take anyplace behind my blazer!!

    always thinking and planning.

    here is something those of you planning to bug in need to think about. range cards of your bug in area. look at the best and worsest place the looters could be coming from. range everything and draw a small map with the ranges on it. keep them handy at all times.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Note to looters. Those marks on the trees and rocks painted white are not decorations.

      • AZ rookie prepper says:

        OP, great idea (marks on trees and painted rocks) and great notice to looters….if only they can read.

    • axelsteve says:

      nobody. You can always keep the gastank from the truckbed trailer and use it as a auxillery tank. You can get creative and hookup a electric fuel pump and transfer fuel from trailer tank to blazer.you can hook it up when you connect trailer to blazer. Also a pintle hook would be good for more flexable connection. Steve

  29. templar knight says:

    MD, we’re thinking about you, man. And hoping and praying that everything will turn out well. My preps this week:

    1 superpail of wheat flour
    1 superpail of corn meal
    1 superpail of pinto beans
    1 superpail of lentils
    1 superpail of sugar
    40 lbs. of sea salt
    10 lbs. of bakimg soda
    1000 rds. of 5.56 NATO
    6 AR-15 magazines
    1 holster for .45ACP/Glock
    2 cans of RemOil
    1 set of binoculars

    String beans and corn doing very well, squash a little slow. Still waiting on tomatoes and peas. Weather is unsettled, with periods of warmth and cold, then wind howling in between. I’m not saying I’m ready for summer, but spring sure has been crazy. Several people were killed in storms just south and east of me. God bless them and their families.

  30. Prepared and ate all dinners/suppers from food storage.
    Still trying to figure out how to make potato pancakes from instant potatoes.
    Found out we like Spam, but not the other brands of spam like meats.
    Canned chicken in the large tuna can sized cans makes good chicken and rice.
    Everyone is happier when Mama has her hot tea in the morning and Iced Tea the rest of the day.

    • Selene, I’ve made potato pancakes from instant potatoes. Make up the instant potatoes as you would normally. Then add flour and an egg. The egg binds things together. You’ll have to experiment with the amount of flour to make a thick-enough “dough” (for lack of a better word) with which to make the pancakes. Add salt/pepper to the mix if you wish, then into a pre-heated skillet, with just a little bit of oil. If the first pancake is not stiff enough to turn without coming out just like mashed potatoes, add a little more flour. You should be able to just turn them once each, browning as dark as you want per side.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      Try using the dried hash brown potato shreds.

  31. j Stuart says:

    Hi MD,

    I’ve had similar problems. Sometimes it’s just muscle pain, and sometimes it’s the real thing. An EKG usually tells the story.

    If you don’t do it already, I’d start the fish oil pills and low dose aspirin regimen. I just about gave up on beef and fatty stuff just so I can be around to see TEOTWAWKI and enjoy the party. I got your book and CD. I haven’t checked the CD yet but the books excels.

    Take care of yourself. Your site is one of my favorites and I’d hate to have to go without your perspectives.

  32. Ridge Runner says:

    -Bought 2 Yaesu 2meter hand held radios
    -Started reading “Deep Winter”

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Which model radios? Yaesu BTW are my favorites in VHF/UHF gear.

      • Ridge Runner says:

        Couple of FT-250R’s. First Yaesu radios I’ve purchased. Always been an Icom man. Reviews on these HT’s were very good, and a good friend has a Yaesu HF rig and loves it. I have an Icom 706MKIIG in the truck. Great all band rig, especially since I had it “snipped”.

        Best.. Ridge (N3JUY)

    • Thomas Sherry’s trilogy Deep Winter, Shatter, and Remnant are some of my favorite books.

      • Ridge Runner says:


        I like it so far, although I don’t think it’s as well written as “One Second After”. Plausible plot though.

        Best.. Ridge

  33. Mountain Boomer says:

    GET well soon! Times a wastin’. I’ve been readin’ this site fer a while. this is my first time a talkin’ to ya’ll. I been gettin’ ready fer bout a year now. goin’ slow but shur. This week got 100 rnds 20ga #6. Another 500 rnds .22 . Seems like to me most of the long time storage stuff has been bought up. I been gettin’ store bought vittles fer quite a while now. I’m a thinkin’ huntin’ and gatherin’ up wilst make ends meet. I mayhap feel a might better if in I talk to ya’ll now and then. The wife said to write like I talk so as not to put on airs.Ya’ll get ready as best ya can, for the time to hunker down is acomin’.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Well howdy, Boomer. I likes y’all’s way of a-speekin’. Pull up a chair and set a spell. Glad ta have ya aboard. (OK, so my down home mountain speak isn’t very good).

    • axelsteve says:

      Boomer. Where are you from?A co worker recently retired and bought a place in national city Tennesee and he likes it.I asked him if he is having problems learning to speak the language and he said.I can never learn to talk that slow. The funny thing is that he is a soft spoken kinda slow speaking man. That made me think poor guy.Nothing against Tenesee just people speak differntly regionaly and it is interisting sometimes.Welcome aboard boomer. Steve

  34. GardenMom says:

    * Printed a lot of stuff off of MD’s cd. Did some research and printed other stuff too. Added it to the binder.
    * Planted lettuce and spinach seeds, which got snowed on this morning.
    *Great sales on veggies, including canned potatoes and carrots, which are often excluded here. Bought a bunch.
    * Filled more water containers. A few weeks back I had about 1/2 month of water stored, now I have almost 2 months. I know I have more to do, but I feel better knowing I have that much at least.

  35. added 5 more cases of canned food (2 green beans, corn, carrots, & peaches)
    10 lbs sugar
    10 lbs rice
    15 lbs flour
    8 Gallons water
    6 boxes of cereal (Amazon has some good cereal deals)
    Have built up to an extra 30 day supply of RX meds – working on this one.
    Added 2 cans of fix a flat to my car emergency kit

  36. button crazy says:

    M.D. Hope you are feeling better. I added these items to prepping this week:
    1. Epson salt
    2. 2 boxes instant potatoes
    3. 2 cans of chili
    4. 3 large bottles of water on sale at walmart
    5. 5-gallon gas can-no gas yet
    6. 2 small canned hams
    7. 2 boxes of surgical bandages
    8. 1 box of matches
    9. 2 rolls of wax paper
    10. ordered 3- cans of whole egg powder & #10 can of powdered milk
    11. Razors
    Try to add more each week when i shop. Some of the grocery stores around us have been having sales 10/$10 a good way to stock up on some items. Also have been my spring cleaning this week. I also sell items on e-bay. Have made that almost a full time job. The extra money comes in handy for different things. My husband spoke with President of our local bank this week. He told my husband that things are going to get a lot worse.

  37. MENTALMATT says:

    I hope you feel better, me I’m hitting Sams Club for a bundle of T.P. Oh thanx GA MOM I loved your list. I’m watching the silver market. $43.00 an ounce silver is a bit high, I’m waiting for another dip. Once this oil bubble pops and it will, silver will come down and then I will buy more. Any how I will scavenge more preps this week. God Bless

  38. otter ridge says:

    MD the whole family is praying for you.get well soon

  39. M.D.
    Hope you feel better and they found out what’s wrong. Nothing scarier than chest pains. Earlier in this pregnancy I had shortness of breath (which apparently is common), but still incredibly scary. Through facebook and this blog you have given me and my family a lot of hope.

    This week has been a slower week as far as preps are concerned. Wasn’t feeling well. Hubby is away for pre-deployment training and has been gone a week, guess I might be a little down in the dumps because of that. Also, funding is low. Still waiting on a check from New York State—lovely tax season. Took step-son to dentist, which was a $300 problem, and that was after dental insurance!

    Spent another $300 at the commisary. Bought an extra pack of TP as well as a year supply of Shampoo and conditioner for both me and the hubby. Bought “food for the month” as I’m trying a new method for cooking dinners around here where by you take a whole day cooking and then freeze food. Like stouffer’s, only healthier. As a side note, Sam’s club is having an open house this weekend. I may just have to go there and spend a little money….

    Assessed my BOB. Put in my primary vehicle—it has just been sitting on my bedroom floor. I’m missing a few things, but getting there.

    Watched some Patriot Nurse videos and made a list….we are WAY behind on preps for medical/first aide. Realized I also need to re-certify for Basic Life Support through the Red Cross.

    Took kids today to have them fingerprinted.

    With hubs being gone have been keeping pistol loaded by the bed at night. Fellow army wife had a break in and vandalism and I thought she lived in a fairly “quiet” area. Obviously someone had been watching her house, knowing her hubby wasn’t around. Can’t wait to get back to the country—neighbors have already noticed (and commented) my hubby’s car is always in the driveway.

    Big project for the week is to clean up garage and get organized. It looks like an episode of Hoarders and I’m not even kidding. A friend offered to help me, but I’m hesitant because that’s where my food storage is! It’s not a grand amount, but it’s enough to make someone scratch their head and wonder why…..

    Happy prepping!

    • Kerry,

      Just tell ’em that you stocked up so you don’t have to drag all the kids to the commissary with you – or “what? you don’t buy extras so you can stay home when it’s raining cats and dogs?”

      I’m sure the folks here can come up with some really good ideas, being the creative, inventive folks that they are!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Kerry, as grannyj said, accept the help. You don’t have to explain anything to anybody unless your friend mentions all the food. If that happens, then explain that your husband wanted to be sure you and the kids would be well supplied while he’s away. Don’t have to give any further details.

      Take care.

  40. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    This week we’ve focused on water. All that wheat won’t do us a bit of good when there is no water! Filled all those empty 2 liter bottles we’ve stored. Don’t ask why we’ve been storing them empty. Bought a total of 3 large blue water jugs from walmart. Received the Berkey filters we ordered. Hubs found the components to build the homemade Berkey, ala MD’s suggestion.

    Last weekend we made another trip to Costco. Stocked up on the usual – canned vegs, diapers, sugar, peanut butter. Not much else worth mentioning. Wish my costco carried wheat. It doesn’t even have dried beans.

    Also, this week marks the first week of my new work schedule (per my boss, it’s a trial run, but it is fantastic). I get to work from home two days per week! Saves gas (drive 1 hr each way to work), time, and childcare $! Hope it lasts.

    We finally got those nasty storms today. Illustrated that we’re not fully prepared yet.

  41. Patriot Farmer says:

    MD glad to hear everything is alright. This was a good prepping week. I added another 6 fruit trees, several cases of canned goods, 10 young hens and 2 ducks to the flock, 100 rounds of rifle and 500 rounds of pistol ammo.

    I also planted another row of white pines across my back yard.

  42. Got a 15 watt solar panel and small charge controller to keep my whole house back up generator battery conditioned. Installed it yesterday. Finally got the first set of tire based raised beds done and planted (Tomatoes, beets, peppers (hot & bell), carrots, Swiss Chard, radishes, lettuce, potatoes (Idaho, Red), onions). Will start working on the next set this week. Also will be getting the materials to build a pen for raising pigs. A friend down the road is selling some for $50 each (250 lbs on the hoof at this point).

  43. Received, then used our new grain mill from http://www.grainmaker.com WOW what a tool, ALL made in MT, usa. Not only is this a workhorse but also a work of art. Worth the money as this is a must have for grinding. Nothing twinky about it. Been testing it out on grinding wheat and making bread/buns.

    Got my incubator going as the neighbor needs 90 pullets.

    Canned more beef broth.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      R, did you get the big daddy or the smaller one? The prices are high, but they look quite sturdy and made in the USA makes them even better in my book. Thanks for the link.

      There is a company in Utah that makes dutch ovens and I’m thinking I’d buy one of them because they are also made by real craftsmen – nothing made on an assembly line. Whooohoooo – you go, you American entrepreneurs!!! Here’s the link. (I am not associated with this company in anyway.) http://www.macaovens.com/ovens.htm

  44. nancy (Northwest) says:

    MD, glad you have a diagnosis. And hope the doctor was able to relieve the pain. I had a doctor tell me about 25 years ago that I had Costochondritis and it was because I was “well endowed.” Five years later and a new doctor found I had ribs out of place which caused the pain and inflammation. Fixed the ribs and no more pain. Take care of yourself.

  45. For preps this week ordered MDs book. Got a back yard blow up pool, fun for the summer and emergency water source if needed. Beehives arrived today and installed next to the garden.

    MD consider a chiropractor for your shoulder and chest wall problem I have asthma, neck and shoulder issue and usually 3 visits and I’m good for a year. I used to think it hoola boola but it has been amazingly helpful.

  46. Creekmore,get well soon Bro! 50lbs hard red wheat,ordered new hand grinder.Picked up 3 spools trilene big game line 12 15 20 lb test big spools,100ft 1/16 cable 100ft 3/32 cable for snares,ordered another book on foraging wild foods,1oo rnds 40 sw,20 rnds 30-30,100 rnds .22lr subsonic,sinkers,berkley crappie bites,1 oil lamp.Cleaning and oiling all guns this weekend.Shoot better get off here an get at it.


  47. nobodyssister says:

    Hope you feel better soon, MD.

    Went to the shooting range, shot my Ruger revolver and my husband’s Walther PK380. Also bought 2 ounces of junk silver. Now looking for a second Wiggy’s leeping bag on ebay.

  48. bigfootjunior says:

    Glad to hear its nothing bad M.D.

    I’m the guy on here going by Gerald, my son came up with a screen name for me its “bigfootjunior”
    I haven’t done nothing this week, my brother has been fighting cancer, so I been spending as much time as I could with him. Between work and all, my brother past away Thursday night, I like to thank my cuz Stevo for helping my mom out through all of this. He has been a real Blessing, so THANK YOU again cuz.

    Oh, I did get M.D.’s cd in today can’t wait to see whats on it

    • So sorry to hear of your loss. Hang in there, you all will be in our prayers.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Sorry about your brother’s passing. One thing about tragedies, you learn who you can rely on and who you can’t. Thankfully, you could rely on your cousin.

      I lost my wife to cancer 4 years ago and our only child (a daughter) to cancer 3 years ago. It was a rough patch for me for awhile, but the internet and its virtual friends helped me through it. Come back here often if you need to “talk” because the people here are the greatest I’ve ever “met” on a blog.

      • Sorry for everyones losses. Lint you are right the people on here are the best.

      • templar knight says:

        Lint, I will never feel sorry for myself again. What a terrible loss, my friend, yet you have turned tragedy into something good. I’ve noticed how helpful and kind you are to folks on this blog, and how you are the first to respond to people’s troubles. You are an inspiration.

  49. This week I learned more about human parasites, fun fun.

    Two People in my household have had the same exact same symptoms this week too. Absorbine Jr. seems to help. Makes one wonder. Perhaps it’s an added bonus from chemtrails, or perhaps it’s from something else like H.A.A.R.P., who knows? Maybe even a double-triple whammy of some kind?

    riverrider April 16, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    MD, my army buddy has the same thing. the docs can’t figure it out.

    j Stuart April 16, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    Hi MD,

    I’ve had similar problems. Sometimes it’s just muscle pain, and sometimes it’s the real thing.

    M.D. Creekmore April 16, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    j Stuart,

    According to the Doc’s my heart is good.

    Then there’s this:

    Non-Governmental Parasites
    They may be the cause of many mysterious health problems, says Margaret Durst.

    Parasites – Are You a Good Host?


  50. Lake Lili says:

    Good week! Ice went out on the lake April 10th – early by a week this year. Day time temp still about 7C. We put up:
    18kg of sugar
    6lbs of butter
    3 x 30 rolls of TP
    4 tins of apple juice
    6 tins of ham

    I also slow cooked 10lbs of onions – nothing tastes as good in a fry-up!

    On the scary side – a loaf of bread in our local grocery (10 miles away) is now $3.69.

    • mountain lady says:

      Our little local stores charge all but $5.00 for a loaf that costs $2.50 in town (35 miles). Our gas is holding steady at $4.23/gal. I think this is what they are calling the new normal. I think quite a few of us will have major lifestyle changes, but we will adapt.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Yes, we will all adapt. We have no choice. I believe in God, so I believe He is testing us to see if we are worthy of His blessings.

        Hang in there, moutain lady and Lake Lili – we may live in different places but we’re all in the same boat.

  51. Lake Lili says:

    Sorry MD… Meant to also say that I am glad that it is not a heart issue. I hope that you will fully recover.

  52. OhioPrepper says:

    This was an interesting week. My prep group is spread throughout various parts of the state, and last night we all met for dinner and a movie. The movie was Ayn Rands’ Atlas Shrugged, in a packed theater and at the end received a standing ovation. Hopefully this represents a trend in people who are producers being fed up with those who are only consumers.

    I picked up 3 new shelving units on sale, so I now have an additional 60 sq. ft. of storage in a 12 sq. ft. footprint, for a total cost of $57.00. You’ve got to shop the bargains when on sale. We also snagged 8 more pounds each of white rice and Great Northern (aka Navy) beans, plus some cans of brand name whole tomatoes on sale.

    Hoping to finish taxes and get them in Monday, but had a big surprise. It seems they’ve raised the income limit for eligibility to take the tuition tax credit and that will sweeten the refund quite a bit. Plan to put the extra cash back into my daughter’s college fund just in case scholarship, etc. are not as sweet this year. What the government giveth (or in this case lets you keepeth) the school or somebody may taketh away.

    • Jim (toledo) says:

      Would you recommend the movie to someone that hasn’t read the book yet? I’ve been really busy with school and other reading (mainly gardening/homesteading texts) and haven’t had time yet to read it… I have read Anthem and The Fountainhead and really liked both of those.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I would definitely recommend the movie to anyone who is interested in seeing it. Our group attended with 13 people and my wife and daughter were the only ones who had not read the book and both thoroughly enjoyed the movie and “got it” so to speak. John Stossel’s most recent show had the producers and one of the actors on his show, and played clips of interviews with typical Hollywood celebs at the premier showing early last week, and it seems even most of them “got it”. I suspect many who have not read the book will see this movie and then decide to read it, since it only depicts the 1st 1/3 of the book. The next release dates are scheduled for April 15 2012 & 2013.
        Sorry I got a little rambling here, but the short answer is yes.

      • Tomthetinker says:

        Jim and OhioPrepper: Jim: See the movie if you have time. Clinical tests have proven over and over that the mind will retain the visual image far longer than any other imput it recieves, be it audio.. smell or touch. You will get far more out of the book having seen the movie. Jim, Google Atlas Shrugged, The Money Speech. That will give you a drift of how Ayn Rand can put a point across. Now that I got that outta the way…..
        O.P.: Please sir, with all respect.. and no offense intended! I Saw it Friday night and Sat. evening in Perrysburg. The script(s) writer for “Atlas Shrugged” (the movie) must have used an old…. old copy of “Cliff Notes”. At 1 hour 42 mins, this attempt falls far short of any thing Ms. R would have approved. Standard prose to script ratio is 120 pages of prose per (1) hour of ..edited.. film. Far less for prose to video (TV). This attempt has jump-cut scenes that are in the 2nd. and 3rd. ‘third’ of the book. I am very happy the story is out in a media that people may ‘see’, as most won’t read it. This first installment needed to be in the range of 4 plus hours long. When the ‘Fountain Head’ was produced, Ms. R in fact pulled in her option to back the film if the director in any way ‘abridged’ the final court room speech given by Gary Cooper. She got what see contracted for… the whole, unedited speech. Again, I’m glad the message is out… not so glad that it is in such an edited, deleted and abridged format. See it Heck yes…. but read it.. oh hell yes.

        OP… I am somewhat rabid on Ayn Rand’s work. for the above Sir, I bow to any blows you may needs be apply.

        • Tomthetinker,
          I absolutely understand your position, but realize that presenting 300 pages in an hour and a half of movie is bound to miss some things that fans may find objectionable, since we all have favorite lines or parts that we would like to see included. I’m just glad that someone took on the challenge of making the movie that for the most part remained true to the original message. We could all discuss how it didn’t contain a particular favorite scene, or that the acting was sub-par, but I am still glad to see the message getting out into a world that IMHO desperately needs it.
          Now for the rest of you – it’s time to read the book.

    • If you get a tax refund, you loaned the government money at 0% interest.

      • axelsteve says:

        Amen David! And I hate to give my money let alone for zero interest. I also hate to give more money to mr teleprompter bary then I legaly have to. Steve

      • Not necessarily—as he mentioned he got the credit for education credit. There are lots of credits tax payers get just for having children, or childcare or in my case—-business expenses related to being an educator. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s claiming the wrong number……it means that his tax credits outweigh his liability….

      • You’re right, but this year there were a bunch of health related expenses in sufficient quantity to write off. With no mortgage and its requisite home mortgage deduction, it’s rare that I have enough to do the Schedule A. After finally finishing its turns out that the tuition tax credit has eluded me. I fall into the new income ranges; however, since my kid has some rather large scholarships I lose out once again. It seems that it’s always been no child left behind, unless of course you’re a high achiever. Such is life.

  53. Crazy Stev-o says:

    Back in august my cousin was diagnosed with cancer. Since then I have been prepping slowly and helping him. Almost 2 weeks ago I moved in with him to help him as his time came to a end. Thursday night he passed away. Starting on tuesday when I move back home I will start prepping full time. While I was with him I did get to help out on my grandfathers small farm for the experience. Also when the earthquake happened in japan it got my wife more on board than she has ever been.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      Sorry to hear of your loss. It was a blessing that you could be there for him.

    • Luddite Jean says:

      Condolences, Stev-o.

      Hope the preps go well.

    • blindshooter says:

      Crazy Stev-o, I’d be proud if you were my cousin.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Stev-O, I’m guessing you also have a cousin on here named BigfootJunior? He said some nice things about how you helped out. You’re a good man for helping a sick relative in a time of need. Surely your good deeds will not be forgotten.

      Bless you, sir.

      • Crazy Stev-o says:

        Lint Picker,

        Bigfoot Jr. took my thunder. We were talking about surviving and I mentioned that I was going to post and what I was going to post. Living for the last 2 weeks with no internet left me replying to anything impossible. But helping my cousin go onto the other side was what I needed to do to help our family. Also Thank you to all who commented.

        Crazy Stev-o

  54. lol Nancy – yeah, I’ve heard that too about my shoulder pain – see, those docs (musta been a man – sorry guys) are fixated…

    Md, glad you’re feeling better – take the good drugs and go night-night. You’ll feel a helluva lot better in the morning!

    Prepping – have the canner reserved for next month (soonest I could get in – that tells ya how many people are coming in) – got back from Cash n Carry an hour ago where I bought 5 lbs each of split green peas and lentils. Also bought 25 lbs each of garbanzo beans, black eyed peas and lima beans. (made my mental list of what’s next up there – baking soda, powder and salt in bulk. I also found that they have clear jel up there in bulk – for canning. Thinking of getting those big restaurant size cans of peas, corn etc and dehydrating them. They’re already prepped! – I’ll try one first – see how it goes – frozen ones work great!)

    When I took the canner back a week ago I purchased white rice and 25 lbs of refried beans to can next go round.

    This week is pay week and I think I’m buying a water system – around $130 – three barrels in a stand – posted the link to it here. I need something that I can access since I, at 5 ft tall, CANNOT lift or move one o’them suckers when full. That’s 150 gallons of water. Should take care of my needs for a few months of SHTF, and I still want those water bricks to try – for portability.

    Truck is also going in next week for brake system replacement and to assess other needs. I need that truck, can’t afford to replace it. Oh I also paid off a bill today. I feel sooo behind, but progress, progress

    Md, get well, the rest of you, stay safe, alert and keep on keeping on!

  55. rob in Ontario says:

    I saw last week and an other rob here- so changed my nic–this week I finally got my gun licence from the RCMP- so will be able to buy some rifles and shotguns soon and even need it to buy ammo- bought a few books one from costco- its one of series of 3 – Self-Sufficiency ( they have so many subjects to many to mention) — got the new Food Saver vacuum out bought it for $10at a dicount store bran new and found out the dollar store bags will not work with it – grrr- just a note on health- about 7 years ago I was sick- doctors could not find what was wrong– was a parasite i picked up(plumber) caused chronic Diarrhea- was gaining weight yet not eating– lost my memory-was sleeping 20 hours a day which for me is backwards as I get along with 4 or 5 hours sleep- was off work over a year to recover- the speicalist put it down to irritable bowel – what a fool- so turns out my thyroid was out of wack on pills for life now- and i also had chronic fatgue– but since all this I can not stomach any MSG’s causes diarrhea to come back for a day or so-so check your foods for mono sodium gludimate so if anyone you know has stomach problems take out MSG’s from their diet- good Luck everyone

  56. I understand waking up with pain all to well, lately so take care and rest.

    Tomorrow x-ray & ultrasound on shoulder and neck, x-ray eyes, then evening MRI, the CT scan showed excess fluid on part of my brain.

    No other prepping really, but been thinking of ditching my apartment, moving into my Van and office, then acreage every 2nd weekend. In the winter I will be there full time, so might as well start saving money now!

  57. MomofTwom says:

    Sorry to know you have been feeling poorly. Hope your better now.Bought two cases of water and some beans and rice.

  58. Hope you feel better soon M.D.

    The weather here has kept me indoors most of the week, so only got a few things done in the gardens, which would include 60 feeet of double rowed pea’s planted, and 300 onions in, and got a couple more beds ready for the seed potaoto’s but it needs to dry up a bit now before I would want to plant them.

    In the house, we add in more medical supplies, picked up clothes for the 3 to 6 month old to add to the baby/children trunk, Smoked meat (homemade Canadian Bacon and corned Beef) on sunday, butchered out three rabbits, canned the rabbits for future use.

    Otherwise, went though the tote that has cloths that are to riped or stained or etc for use anymore and started cutting them up into peices for quilting later down the road.

    Got a friend of mine to cut my butchered goats horns from last year into rounds for me to work with, but left the tips to make into toggle buttons.

  59. Glad you’re okay, I prayed for you. I thought it was probably costochrondritis as I’ve had bouts of it several times and recognized the symptoms. PAINFUL! It can make it so hard to breathe and even to lift up to get up out of bed; but it will subside with rest and time (like most things, huh?).
    A note of caution…if you over-exerted on something, it might have caused this…and I’ve learned that the affected area can be more easily prone to re-injury…so be cautious. Glad you’re okay. BTW, read your book last week and really enjoyed it – posted a review at amazon.

  60. one other note…do you have any other symptoms of hypothyroidism? gastro problems, muscle aches, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, etc? my costochrondritis was due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism (because the regular TSH diagnostic test doesn’t pick up the majority of cases and it can take years to get properly diagnosed unless you know which lab tests to ask for) – and this condition is often reported among hypo sufferers.
    Take care.

  61. axelsteve says:

    Well I pissed of my brother inlaw yesterday.When he returned with our car I gave him a couple of small boxes of stuff that he owns to take home. The stuff is his that he has clogging up my small barn in the back yard.I decided that I need room for preps and not his crap. He also has 5 junk motorcycles in my backyard and more crap in my garage.He is overstaying hes welcome with his stuff.My wife is on board and supportive of my decision.Anyway my life is getting in better order. Steve

    • Steve,

      One thing I learned years ago is that most people will take advantage of your good nature if given a chance.

    • Let me understand this correctly… He’s pissed at YOU for returning HIS stuff? Been there. Amazing isn’t it?

      • axelsteve says:

        Well Mark. You can pick your wife but you can`t pick your inlaws. Kinda a packaged deal.It does suck at times though. Steve

      • Candy in Nebraska says:

        My daughter lived 30 miles away from us in a two bedroom house, we kept reminding her that she needed to get her stuff moved to her new house. It finally got to the point that we had to tell her she had a choice…Move it to her place or I was selling every bit of it. If it didnt sell I was throwing it out. She moved it all in 5 hours after being told and I think she is still pissy about it..lol

        • axelsteve says:

          HA HA HA HA Candy!!! It turns out that he is moving at the end of this month and he will move his stuff when that happens. Its about time. Steve

  62. I’m glad you are gonna be OK MD. Your need to see the doctor reminded me to check my medical preps. I’m going to add more injectable antibiotics from the feed store. My doc says to follow the weight/dosage guildlines on the bottle for swine. He said swine and humans have similar physical characteristics. He may have been messing with me…. Also while I’m there going to pick up 50lbs more wheat and 50lbs of oats. We have been using grain from the feed store with great success. It’s cheap and excellant quality. Ask to see some before you buy. We pour it front of a strong fan as we fill our 5 gal pails. This blows the chaf away and much of the dust if present.

    Heal fast my friend…

    • Burt,
      Your Doc is right, humans and swine have very similar physiology and anatomy. – ( seriously)
      Also mentality sometimes. – (tongue in cheek)

  63. Diana Smith says:

    Spent a good share of week splitting/stacking up the huge maple the electric co-op took down in our yard. It was partially dead and we didn’t want it falling down on our house. Several years ago we lost another the same size that barely missed our house. Thankful for good neighbors who showed up with chain saws and helped cut that one up. Already have 3 cord from this tree!

    I’ve been doing spring cleaning on my storage cupboards. Happy to find 3 qts. venison stew that got pushed to the back. Lucky,too as my son would have long since eaten them. He got his first deer last year and now is a really bigt fan of venison(his wife got a deer,too).They are both in the Army and in full charge of guns/amunition department. Bought three fresh pineapples and tried out my new Excalibur dehydrator. Really like it. Evenly dried the rings. Going to try eggs now that the girls are laying daily. New chicks half-grown so project this week is to section off part of chicken shed for a pen for them. They should be laying by July.

    Orchard done blooming and escaped frosts. Greenhouse bursting with plants but these crazy storms keep rolling thru with high winds. Did plant out two dozen broccoli plants that were growing out of their pots and covered them with Remay for a little protection. Plus a flat of onions. Will have to get busy this week as our big order of seed potatoes due in. Garden all tilled and ready to plant. The two baby blueberry plants each have three berries! Best food preps will be the ones we establish here at the farm. Been picking rhubard daily from plants I grew from seed. Freezing so we’ll have it handy when the strawberries come in…mmmm,pie. DEE

  64. I think you spelled the name of your malady wrong and thereby mis -applied the cause. In your case it is probubly COSTCO CONDRITIS resulting from loading palletts of food at COSTCO without using a forklift.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I think it’s contagious. I had similar symptoms after my last trip to the LDS cannery 🙂

    • HA! I was wondering if someone else would catch that! I thought the same thing when I first read the diagnosis. Tip of the hat to Ken!

  65. PATTON**** says:

    Went to local LDS Cannery and canned 12 cans of powdered milk and picked up 150 pounds of Hard White wheat to bucket it up, all for long-term stocks. Also picked up some 3-dozen empty cans and borrowed (for free) their portable canning machine to bring home so I could can up about 100 pounds of sugar for long term stocks. Picked up some more sales items (canned goods, pasta) at local supermarket.

    • Do not do the mistake of putting an oxygen absorber in the sugar.
      It does not need it.
      It makes it clump up hard
      It makes it taste funny.

  66. MD, hope you are feeling better soon. Wondering what meds they give that help with this?
    Prepping: After getting my house back together after my almost flood, which gave me a good idea of what works and what doesn’t in such an emergency, I got some container planting done. Have peas; chammomile; spinach; lettuce; basil; dill all done.
    Just delivered, blueberry plants to replace the hedge across the front of my yard. Lavendar plants to replace less vital items around my fountain in the front yard. 100 gallon propane tank (to supply the generator for my well, freezer and fridge). And the last order of emergency freeze dried and dehydrated food from my supplier that I ordered March 13. (Yes, they are still getting orders out, albeit slower due to the heavy demand and the purported government buy up of all things Mountain House). Bless them!
    On it’s way ~ Stock tank to plant my potatoes, onions, garlic and few other root veges in. 1/2 wine barrels for tomatoes. A small chicken coop for the chickens I have lined up.
    Next up will be the purchase of the propane generator. I already have a small solar generator that will keep up with my small appliances.
    Worried, seriously worried about a couple of things if there is ever a long emergency. Getting necessary prescriptions for myself and my dog! I can get by without some of mine, but the dog cannot, she needs shots. She is a great watchdog; snake killer and even turns the light off at night before jumping up on the foot of my bed :), I am not willing to give up on her. I know the final outcome, just not willing to face it.

  67. Finally broke down and bought an AK (ak74).

    Was out of town and in Spokane’s Wal-Mart found FD and DH foods in #10 cans. Turns out that some of the major store (our local on is not one) got a large shipment in 2 weeks after Japan’s mess started. Nothing on their website. Prices were compatable or cheaper than what I usually pay on line. So we stocked up and got about 20 different cans to try.

    • What section of walmart are the #10 cans in?

      • nancy (Northwest) says:

        In Oregon and Washington there are maybe 8 Walmart’s that carry #10 cans. (Anyway, that is what I got from the distributor’s site.) Most in the eastern part of the states. My Walmart, a super Walmart, has them at the end of the “seasonal” aisle in the grocery department. (Small town, they be elsewhere in a larger store.) The store here also carries buckets of wheat and oatmeal (quick and regular.)

  68. Got our ceramic water filter/ 5 gallon bucket kits set up. Ordered crimson trace laser sight and holster for the Judge , and the 45acp pistol. Got in the spare grinder plates for our hand power grain mill. Picked up 20 lbs of baking soda, 50 lbs of salt and 60 lbs of sugar at Costco. Ordered more storage buckets. Also ordered a laser mount for the Mossberg 500 12ga Persuader. Still looking for a laser for it.

    I found the letter concerning using ammo for barter after SHTF event very fruitful. I will be ordering several thousand more rounds for barter , just in case.

    Is there any way to get anti-biotics legally for storage? Will they keep?

    • You can buy injectable antibiotics at your local feed store. We keep a supply of Bio-miacin 200. A broad spectrum type. Keep in a cool dark place for up to three years…

    • some people are prepping with fish and livestock antibiotics.

    • For Antibiotics try http://www.calvetsupply.com/

      These are for fish but everyone says its the exact same thing. Diversify yourself. Watch patriot nurses You Tube video on antibiotics for the best types to store. She also says many are good for YEARS passed their stated expiration date.

      I would not barter ammo. They might use it against you.

  69. Hey M.D
    I wrote you here a while back about finding the land I was looking for in Hardy. Yesterday, I found a good 32′ travel trailer, just like you said in your book, and I got it for $1200.00. All I have to do now is pull it onto my land and set it up. So. yes, the things you talk about are out there and available for those who will take the time to look. I also found a cast iron wood heater, the small one called “Little Sweetie”, in a pawn shop in Missouri. It was brand new, never had a fire in it and I got it for $135.00. They seem to be running about $200.00 everywhere I look for them. So, preppin, I’m doing as fast as time and money will allow. Loved your new book and your CD. Using it for a guide for the things I don’t already know about. Thanks again for the good work on preparing all that material and making it available.
    Talk to you later
    Billywade Dalton

    • Billy B,

      Congratulations! There is nothing better than owning your place free and clear. Give me a travel trailer on a few acres over the 30 year mortgage any day. Glad you liked my book and CD.

  70. Well one of my freezers died. It was one that was probably 20 or so years old when I got it, and I’ve had it since 1986. I hosed it out and as soon as it completely dries out will clean it and use it for storing stuff in.
    The only thing I lost that I was heart sick over was the bacon.
    So that leads me to believe that we should check and recheck our supplies. Don’t assume anything.
    Man, kinda eye opening.
    So again keep an eye on your supplies. Dry or canned or frozen.

  71. Justincase says:

    What I did to prepare this week was purchased 4 55gal food grade water containers.Awsome deal only $25 each! “used”
    And stocked up on some ammo-
    My next project is a “victory” garden with non hybrid seeds
    U know the ones that u can get more seeds from!
    Alittle expensive $130 for a year round garden. The hard part will be getting the dirt ready for planting… (I don’t like to dig)

    Have a nice day – Justincase

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      just finished my eigth bed of the year digging sucks bad but well worth it. doubling the size of the garden and using heirlooms for the first time should help with keeping costs down in the future.

  72. MD… Thoughts and prayers are with you. I can only imagine what crossed your mind when you awoke to that crushing pain this morning.

    Not a lot of purchases this week as we had a few unexpected bills arrive in the mailbox.

    – Kept current on world events, and my regularly visited blogs.
    – 1 box of non-stick abosorbant dressings
    – 1 box of butterfly bandages
    – 1 tube of StingEze
    – 1 can of canned meat. I think Luddite Jean calls this “roadkill”. HA!
    – ordered two additional copies of the “Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine”. I already have a copy in our comprehensive first-aid kit. I wanted additional copies for the kits in our cars. It’s a GREAT first-aid resource. I’m found them used at Amazon for $4 each.
    – Ordered inexpensive repair parts for our Dietz lanterns.
    – Found a bigger backpack for the items in my wife’s car.
    – Vacuum-packed a few rolls of toilet tissue for the bags in the cars.
    – Views several video’s covering exhaust modifications on generators.

    That’s about it. MD, get well and thanks for this forum! And, thanks to everyone else for sharing. Peace to everyone!

    • When/if you make exhaust mods to your generator,be sure not to attach anything that won’t rock or vibrate with the engine. every time the rubber mounted engine torques up to meet a new or different electricity demand,the mods You’ve made have to flex with the engine. If you mount the mods to the frame,it will eventually crack at the weakest joint. I have a video on YouTube showing my exhaust mod. Under user name bctruck. It makes enough of a difference (adding a better muffler) that you can here the gen head whirring and the lifters/valves clicking

      • Thanks for the note and the insight, BC. It was your video that I watched. I appreciate the info!

  73. I remember the first time that condition hit me. In my case, it was on the left side and I really thought I was having a heart attack. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the times when it has happened to me was after I had had a lot of sugar in my diet.

  74. Canned 24 pints of chicken, called a donut shop and got promised buckets with lids, hit Sam’s and bought 50 lbs rice, 10 lbs great northern beans, 10 lbs pinto beans, dehydrated corn, peas, carrots, celery, hot peppers, and potatoes

  75. robert in mid michigan says:

    well finished the garden beds have to agreee i hate digging.

    looked at th eorders for 2 no.10 cans of powdered cheese from sams club they do hit you with shipping but its like 5.00 and i got the two cans for a total of 32.00 still havnt got the cans but we will see.

    50 lbs of rice
    50.00 set aside for the wonder mill jr deluxe
    50 lbs corn
    built rabbit hutches for four rabbits wife not happy about that but as we are in town we cant have chickens

  76. M.D. I sincerely hope you are feeling better today. Please take care of yourself.

    This week we added 2 gallons of vinegar, 2 (60 ct.) boxes of hot chocolate, 6 cans of pineapple, 2 pair of black berkey water filters. Our family also added a Chihuahua, by chance. Our cat and the dog seem to be getting along fine so far. Any advice on Chihuahua’s would be greatly appreciated as we are unfamiliar with dogs. Thank you!

  77. 1000 rounds of .223; 250 .30carbine; chamber inserts7.62×25 for the .303 enfields. rotated the canned goods so atrip to aldis was good. odered 20 ar mags from sportsmans guide for a 125 bucks they’re orlites{new}got an cb 40 channel base to play with. got micks cd . great info.planted the lettuce and picked some mustard greens; freshalways taste better. take care ya’ll.

  78. The Prepper says:

    Got a ton of stuff accomplished this week:

    – Bought an Aimpoint 3x magnifier on sale for $400!
    – Got 9 more 30 round PMAGs
    – Picked up 8 cans of Dole Pineapple which were on sale 2 for 1
    – Picked up 12 cans of diced tomatoes
    – Ordered 2 #10 cans each of dehydrated raspberries, blueberries and strawberries
    – Ordered more buckets, mylar bags and large sized O2 absorbers

    Also attended a seminar on raising chickens. There is lot more to them that I originally thought. Gonna start working on a chicken coop design that will work in an urban environment.

  79. Finally filled up my 55gal. water barrel. I built a piano style dolly for it to sit on so i can push it around the garage as needed. Still really heavy but it moves pretty well. Not that I’ll ever move it, but I figured if I had to get it off the concrete anyway… might as well have wheels.

    Eating brown rice for every meal so it doesn’t go to waste. Bought 50lbs brown cause the wife doesn’t like white rice and put it into buckets. A few months later i found out it only lasts 6 months to year before going rancid. Do your research! When these buckets are empty I’m filling them with white rice and the spouse will just have to suffer through TEOTWAWKI with less flavorful rice!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Add some soy sauce or beef broth to your stores so you can add flavor to the white rice. Your wife might like it.

      • always cook my rice in chicken broth (learned that from emril) lasts about a year if you get swansons in the 2qt…though i have used it long past that and it was fine…still looking for an instant dry version that will store longer…don’t like bullion,to much salt…

        • axelsteve says:

          don. My wife cooks chicken in a crockpot. She puts some water in the pot and uses the water and misc drippings to cook the rice with. Rice comes out real good. Not low cal but good ol comfort food. Steve

    • You could freeze the rice, unless you think you’re going to lose power, but while it’s frozen it’ll keep for that time. Actually I have some 3 year old brown rice and it’s fine. Mileage probably varies.

  80. I guess I’ve posted everything but what I did to prep this week. Today I got more food.
    20 cans of tuna
    15 boxes of various dry pasta
    8 large bags of dry noodles
    10 jars of pasta sauce
    10# of rice
    8 large bottles of juice
    3 big jars of peanut butter
    30 cans of soup
    5 cans of ravioli
    12 cans of black / baked beans
    36 double rolls of TP
    several other items I can’t think of, but I did make up a spreadsheet to keep track of what I have and what I need. My wish list is, too, getting longer each time I read other posts. There is always something I haven’t thought of that is mentioned.
    I did hear this evening that OPEC is cutting oil output due to too much oil on the market. I don’t see good things coming out of this…

    MD, have you ever had issues with spasms before? I am definitely no doctor, but I know that severe spasms can occur anywhere you have muscle tissue and can give similar symptoms of what you listed. They are overlooked since they really aren’t an illness. Muscle relaxers usually work pretty good. Just a thought. I hope you are feeling better.

  81. Annie Nonymous says:

    First, you take care of yourself, MD… gotta make sure we stay as healthy as we can, because in a SHTF we may not be able to hit the local ER (or that ER may be the living room!!!) … I’m just glad it wasn’t something more serious… Prompted me to add to the “closet surgical suite” nonetheless, so thank you for that prompt!!!

    Been watching the price of junk silver go thru the roof, (up almost $6 for $1 face in a week? Be serous!!!) and prices on formerly relatively inexpensive prep goods go thru the roof, which is a disappointment… on top of a lot of “fear mongering” advertising, esp. in light of the Fukushima Meltdown, I worry about price gouging now… I suspect that the merchants think they have us on a hook. Just… um… remember that “normal” channels are sometimes a better (and more anonymous) way of increasing your survivability stockpile…

    Speaking of Survivability… Yikes… did a test of the BOB, and what a disaster. First, the water filter broke – in 3 places – luckily I did have enough to go with but still… Tried to order a replacement (a more durable version from the same manufacturer) and seeing the price on that double, well, you saw my rant above!!! Then my stove wouldn’t work… backup did, tho… Tent and etc. held up well (yay!!) but then, went to throw on clean clothes the next day – and realized some things didn’t fit! (oops!!)

    Really taught me a hard lesson – CHECK YOUR GEAR!!! Make sure it works, that what you have is compatable with what else you have, and that you ay need to update items before it becomes a L/D sit.

    Further purchaases are on hold, as had a mechanical breakdown in my daily commute vehicle… yeah, real life sometimes intercedes… but been reading on building shelters (yurts and log cabins and geodesic domes and the like) , and (thanks, MD!!) following craigslist property listings… Little bit pricey for junk real estate, unless I want something I know wont perk or have water (TRULY junk land! lol) but I feel that something will throw itself in my face eventually!!! Still following up on the gunsmithing thing (the more people I talk to, the more I find out that skills are what will be lacking in a post SHTF society…) as well as solar. Cool ideas forming!

    So yeah… I realized that no matter what cool gear you have or cool preps you’ve done, you can’t sit stahnant and not check your stuff every so often… I am thinking once a year is not often enough now…

    Have a great week!

  82. i bought 50# of wheat, 40# of wheat flour, 50# of pinto beans, 10# of split green peas, 50# of brown rice, 10# of raisins, and 1000 rounds of .22lr.

    i went and shot a round of sporting clays.

    i initiated a compost and plastic 5 gallon pail pick-up weekly at a friend’s restaurant (he recycles the pails).

    planted potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, beets, parsley, lettuce, peas, and radishes. kale from last year started reforming new baby leaves (yum!).

    started advocating for removal of a ban on keeping chickens in our suburb. so far, the city council is receptive.

    i’m shaping up pretty good on the guns and food end of things, need to round out the preps in the health and clothing areas in the upcoming months.

  83. Amateur Gardener says:

    Purchased another 25 lbs of pinto beans; two lbs coffee; two 6-packs of 1.5 liter bottles of water; 2 cans garbanzo beans; 3 cans of evap milk. Planted another Roma tomato plant in my garden. Encouraging my friends to have their e-quake preps ready. Rec’d notice that my latest order from Emergency Essentials is due to arrive this week.

  84. Spoke with a retailer over the weekend. She got a letter from Mountain House saying that they would only sell to “big box” stores. She is now carrying Gourmet Reserves from AlpineAire Foods, http://www.tyry.com/, and it has less sodium than the Mountain House.

    This can be an alternative if you are not getting shipments of Mountain House.

  85. I ordered sprouting seeds(just started doing this) and received some wheat germ that I plan to use to make my own granola. Always looking for a cheaper way to do things.

  86. Well we have some automobile maintenance issues as well so that cuts into the prep budget, but received an order for a dutch oven that fits into our volcano stove – we’ll use it for camping but also as a post shtf cooking vessel – if we like this one we’ll order another one. Picked up a couple of LED camping lanterns and a bunch of D cell batteries – again primarily for camping but useful for other things. Ordered some freeze dried veggies and meat from shelf reliance since they are not having as drastic of shortages as mountain house, and readied the backyard for a raised garden.

    Received a yugo AK underfolder I ordered a week ago- Haven’t had time to break it in but the quality is far above my WASR. It has the thinner, 1mm stamped receiver as opposed to the 1.6mm stamped receiver they are known for having, but it is still a well built rifle, and the folding stock adds some flexibility. Of course that’s assuming everything goes well on the range, but I cleaned it up and it seems very well made – worth taking a look while prices are still reasonable.

    MD – glad all is well – hope everyone has a great week!

  87. Muddy Fork says:

    My brothers, parents and I put up grains and beans in mylars with o2 and metal 55 gallon barrels.
    600 lbs of rice
    600 lbs of pintos
    600 lbs of great northern
    800 lbs of corn (will be adding more)
    700 lbs of wheat (not enough but all we could find)
    unknown amount of spices were slid into the open spaces between the mylar bags in the barrels. Each barrel will end up with about 300 lbs.

    Any suggestions for oats??? The rolled oats Tractor Supply had was far from clean, but my horses like it.

    My back still hurts. Which reminds me, I need to add to my medical supplies.

    • Muddy that’s quite the haul! Sounds like you and your family are prepping hard! Try these places for bulk orders:

      Your local LDS cannery, restaurant supply store (near me it’s called Cash & Carry), food co-ops will order in bulk for you, of course Sam’s Club and Costco have some things in bulk. Cash & Carry has no membership fee like Sam’s and Costco.

      Also, Honeyville Grain – 4.99 for shipping no matter how much you order – they are out of Utah

      Walton Feed (out of Idaho)

      Bobs Red Mill – out of CA – they have gluten free products in bulk as well. I’m not sure if they ship bulk to individuals, I get bulk bags at the C&C.

      • Muddy Fork says:

        We made several runs to Sam’s over the past few weeks while we stocked up of the big packing weekend. My wife has to eat gluten free so I’m WELL aware of Bob Red Mill, good stuff but they are proud of it. I don’t think we have a LDS Cannery around here but we do have a small retail shop that is Mormon based, I’ll visit with them too. I’ll check out the other suppliers too! Thanks for the info.

        We are new to this in some aspects but have always tried to be prepared and have really enjoyed the site over the last month or so. Junk land next to a national forest is not hard to find and sometimes it even has a well and septic from old burned down homes at great prices. Word of advice…always talk to the neighbors before you buy. Thanks MD and get better.

  88. I bought my hubby 2 more pairs of jeans to pack away. that makes 14 now so I am done with that. He wanted enough for 2 weeks. I agree with above that you have to check gear and supplies often. Things in go bag got damp and runied quite a bit. I need to buy lots more canned fruit and vegetables. Friday is payday so when I go shopping I can get more going on that. I love this site. I always get more ideas where I am lacking in supplies. Feel better MD!

  89. In keeping with my earlier post on antibiotics, I went on the hunt for sutures and various surgical supplies. Ebay has a good selection of scalpels. forcepts, suture needles, and skin staples… I hope we never need this kind of stuff but I’m ordering anyway. Can anyone recommend a good field surgery guild?

  90. texas2steper says:

    Went to the local gun show this weekend. Bought 4 more mags for my Remington 597 22 rifle. I now have at least 5 mags for every firearm I own that uses a mag. I also have 4 of the 30 round mags for this rifle but they will not feed consistently, so it’s hard to trust them. Also got 200 rounds each of 40 cal and 9mm ammo, 500 CCI Stingers, 1000 rounds of plain old 22LR hollow points and 5-6 round bxs of 12ga 00 buckshot and 5-6 round bxs of 12ga slugs and 2 boxes 12ga 2 3/4″ #7 shot. In addition I got the book When All Hell Breaks Out. I also found a really great fire starter the back side is a magnisium rod and on the front side it has a flint, the handle has a compas and thermometer built into it along with a carbide scraper.

    I also messed around with differet ways of srarting a fire without matches or lighter. The Firs Starter I got works great will instsantly ignite cotton balls and dryer lint. Also the grass our here in the desert right now is very dry since we have had no rain in over 200 days almost anything will start it burning right now. Thats why there are so many grass fire burning in this area. The fire starter and battries and steel wool worked the best and fastest. Magnifying glass and the Sun also worked well but kind of hard on the eyes (hint don’t stare at the hot spot just sit back and wait for some smoke to appear). I do realize that all these methods require some type of tool that you may not have in an emergency. I have not tried rubbing two sticks together yet.

    I stored 6-5gal jugs of RO drinking water. I live in an apartment complex and the swiming pool is right outside my kitchen window. I can use that for flushing toiletes and washing clothes, dishes and self. I am very lucky that my apartment has a garage so I have a place to store stuff.

    I addition to the book I bought I also ordered MD’s CD this week.

    Still waitng on CHL to arrive as well as the 18 1/2″ barrell I ordered for my shotgun. I am also waiting to get my coupons to attend a 2 day class at Frontsight for $100.

    I am trying to decide what caliber rifle to buy that will be a good all around large and medium game. Leaning toward 30-06. I welcome any sugestions in this area.

    I am also in search of a water filtering system in case I have to start using the pool water or some other type of water supply for drinkin Any help here is also welcome. I am a real newby to all this but am giving my best so if anyone sees an area that I am missing please feel free to point out. I hope the book and CD will help a lot with this.

    I put together a first aid box and ran out of room in it so started another one. I am so glad to hear abot getting suture kits and antibiotics for the farm supply, will be checking that out for sure.

    I want to thank all of you for your post they give me ideas that I would have never thought of on my own.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      On the water filtration for potable water I think the consensus would be for the big Berkey system; however, it is expensive. If you get just the black Berkey filters you can build a filtration system, but IMO they quickest, and least expensive thing acquire is a self contained filtration bottle available from Katadyn, Seychelle, and others. I have some of the Seychelle 28 oz bottles that are good for 100 gallons per filter element, and small enough to pack in the BOB. The best place I’ve found these is at the LDS online store @ http://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product3_10705_10551_21003_-1__196989. Even if you get or build a Berkey style system, they are less than portable in a pinch, so having a bottle style filter is a two-fold system for both portability and backup when at home.
      Here is a quick video with some more details about the filter bottle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmC8AFWpJI8. Note that I do not know or endorse the folks in the video and he does make one technical error when he says the bottle filters 99.9% (3 log) because the filters actually do 99.9999% (6 log).
      On the fireside I always carry fire steel and dryer lint, some waterproof matches, and butane lighter. It’s good to know how to make a fire with two sticks, but a match or lighter is always the better choice in a pinch. The idea is to build a fire for light, warmth, and heat, not to prove you’re as good as any caveman, although you should have the skill just in case.
      As to rifle selection, what do you consider large and medium game?

    • axelsteve says:

      texas2stepper. I would go with the 06. With the right bullet weight you can hunt elk deer and smaller game if you want.270 shoots a bit flatter but I think yo have more bullet choices in 06. Steve

  91. My food dehydrator just arrived! 🙂 Happy lady right about now, especially with the price of strawberries!!!!! Dirt cheap right about now…you can bet I’m goin to be having strawberries post TEOTWAWKI! 🙂

  92. Gary -n- nw_fla says:

    Not too much this week, bought 2 x 1.75 liter bottles of liquor, placed a small order for dehydrated potato’s, and parts for a back up toilet, 500 rounds of 22LR, 50 rounds 45 ACP, planted onions and peppers and decided to take the rest of the weekend off. Sometimes you just have to rest. Looking around for a shotgun, haven’t made up my mind yet on which one but reading to get a better idea of what’s available. If nothing exciting comes along, I’ll go ahead and pick up a Remington 870, but open to ideas

    • The 870 is a solid, dependable gun. IMHO it’s a good choice.

      • Hell there and welcome to the group, I am a newcomer myself, there are lots of folks here from all over the US and Canada, so some of the info is different, some the same all pretty much grounded though.

        Garbage cans from new are fairly safe the older ones were galvanized and quite safe. My Grandparents used one for over 15yrs to hold water for drinking, they hauled the water from a clear spring 10 mls away, never had any problems. Make sure you use the higher end faucets if you do that though. For food prep, you can seal the lid with some aluminium tape the same type that you use on duct work. It is great tape and you can get it most places.
        Mylar in itself protects the food from within and out, you could put it in a wooden box and so long as no little critters eat into it your good to go.

        Shotgun, may fav of all time was the Model 1200 Defender, replaced by the Model 1300. This shotgun has a quick change barrel from smooth bore to a rifled bore, I could change the barrel in under a minute. The 1200 held more ammo than allowed here so you would have to put a plug in, but it can be removed when push comes to shove. The real modification that I did was to take the forestock off, and use a round chisel to make the groves much deeper, then replace after the finish dried. This gave me excellent control, the first time in the range proved that one to the the 10th degree.
        We had a friendly competition; a fellow had been practicing with a Bennelli auto loader for 3 months so we had a shoot off. I won, we had 10 bowling pins on the mound we started from opposite ends with a person keeping track behind us. I hit 6 before he had finished his 4, as I was quicker I just kept hitting them down.. LOL he was mad! I found that in a fast shoot the shotgun actually assists you, as the forestock naturally comes back towards you as you complete the pump!

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I agree on the 870. It’s inexpensive and a good solid reliable gun. Fir a little extra you can probably find the combo with both smooth and rifled barrels. The Mossberg 500 series and both the Winchester 1200 & 1300 series are also good solid shotguns.

        • rob in Ontario says:

          I agree- I had a Winchester 1200 and a Reminton 870 Express both great guns –today I was looking at Mossberg 590 Persauder-$350 not to bad up here in Canada for new

  93. 1) Finished the Earth-Tainer project. The tomatoes are in and my fingers are crossed. Containers planted with tomatoes, peppers, basil, squash, eggplants.

    2) Took inventory of the food stockpile – looks pretty good.

    3) Dehydrated mixed veggies, hashbrown potatoes, and green beans.

    4) Baked whole-wheat bread successfully so I’m thinking it wasn’t an accident last time around.

    5) Watched The Patriot Nurse videos and added too my medical supply list things that I’m missing.

    6) Read “Natural Meals in Minutes.”

    7) Going to the LDS cannery tomorrow for more beans and milk.

  94. This week I bought some food, 200 pounds of all purpose flour, 36 pounds of granulated sugar,8x48oz of peanut butter, 7×12 vegetables can. I found about 20 plastic bucket with lids (so I froze the flour in ziploc bag and put them in bucket). I bought can opener 😉 , dynamo flashlight, toothpaste, toothbush, dishsoap and shampoo. Found good deal for baking powder and yeast (at Target, baking powder 77¢ and yeast 3.99$)
    I checked for a book about medecine plants and I was wondering ; should I get one? what do you think about it?

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      am, while it’s always interesting to know which plants have medicinal uses, it is often time consuming to gather and prepare them unless done in advance and then you have to wonder how long they will remain effective.

      My own personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is to stock up on various medications and store them properly (go online for details) so that you have them on hand and need not try to find stuff in the boonies because you may not be able to go out into the boonies. Suppose there is radiation in the air, a bad storm, or some other thing that prevents you from going outdoors, at those times you will be glad you have commercially made products in your first aid supplies.

      Get the book if you are curious, but also get some meds and store them.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I think this like all preps comes down to perspective and what you are planning to protect against. If you’re plan is to get through short term disruptions in commercially available items such as medications, food, etc. Then I would agree that having a stock of items is what you need. If however you think that a longer term disruption may be coming then you need a twofold plan. The medications and food items we all should have stocked up on, and alternative sources for those items or their replacements. In a long term situation I look sat the years supply do things to get me through a year or so, while I’m getting the additional livestock, larger garden, medicinal herbs, etc. into production for the new paradigm. IMO you need to cover all of your bases and this will take at least two discrete sets of preps.

        • I think the best is to be prepared for a long time. If it’s shorter, great! But if it’s longer I think we’ll be very gratefull to get a ”Plan B” . Do you have any suggestion of boof to learn about medecinal herbs and other topic usefull??

  95. I posted earlier about using 55 gallon metal trash cans as hiding places for some storage items (clothes, canned goods, medical supplies), but in a post from yesterday, MuddyFork said he stocked his metal containers with food that was stored in mylar bags. Is this a great idea or one not so good? Only thinking about some type of toxic crap leaching from the metal trash can. But can that happen with food in mylar bags?
    For prepping, I purchased a 50 pound bag of popcorn. At least we’ll have a snack when SHTF….

    • Muddy Fork says:

      I dont think I would use trash cans just for the reason you mentioned. I used new food grade barrels with sealable/gasket lids which makes them water tight. Even the bears around here will have trouble getting into these, let alone the mice. I also use them for deer/bear/hog feeders, they are tough.

    • Weird I did three replies to different posts and then it put them all in one post… so…

      Garbage cans from new are fairly safe the older ones were galvanized and quite safe. My Grandparents used one for over 15yrs to hold water for drinking, they hauled the water from a clear spring 10 mls away, never had any problems. Make sure you use the higher end faucets if you do that though. For food prep, you can seal the lid with some aluminium tape the same type that you use on duct work. It is great tape and you can get it most places.
      Mylar in itself protects the food from within and out, you could put it in a wooden box and so long as no little critters eat into it your good to go.

      At the bulk food store they had a popcorn called large poppers, boy are they ever, big and round look for them, they would make great snacks or decorations for Xmass trees.

  96. stevesmitty79 says:

    Got a hernia repair. Man, does my stomach hurt. Can’t hardly walk, but getting better. Next surgery will be to take care of some gall stones. No problem yet, but things like this need to be taken care of asap, as we all know modern surgery is about to go down the toilet fast. Can’t say enough about getting your teeth fixed too. I’ve had toothaches that were worse than getting shot.

  97. I put my garden in, and squirreled away some instant food and a gallon of water at work in case I got stranded there. Of course there’s also the 72 hour kit in the car, but if I were stranded there for a few days and THEN had to go away in the car without going home first, I’d be OK.

    I am contemplating tearing out half of my back yard for more garden. Want to find a good cheap source of fertile soil and make a raised-bed thing out of it. The other half of the b.y., I’d hoped to put a driveway. I might be able to get $25 more out of a tenant that way.

    I might now have a year worth of toilet paper. Might need another 24 rolls. Decided to keep prepping for roommates as well, or I really will only have a few months worth of food.

    Bought a little more silver. Not too much. Gotta pay the bills.

    Bought more canned vegies yesterday. Bought 50# of whole wheat flour and 16# of cat food earlier last week, and ordered plastic containers for all but made a math error and ended up with tiny ones. Reminded me of the scene from Spinal Tap where they made Stonehenge way too small. LOL!

    BTW, my latest post on Codex Alimentarius, I might have partly got got by a hoax, so I did more research, and I will publish an addendum later tonight. I gotta get back to how-to’s instead of conspiracies. I’d rather help people figure out what to do than just bitch about the world, and I’m a noob at conspiracies so I keep repeating old ones.

    I’m trying to work up the courage to ask my church if they’ve got anything in the works for prepping.

  98. Bought four more seven gallon Aqautainer H2O Containers (went up in price at Walmart by more than $3.50 since I bought the first four six week ago), bought more OTC medicines, butterfly strips, mole skin (and other foot care products), some personal toiletries, toilet paper (also went up in price dramatically), Lugger Toilet, and Clove Oil and Zinc powder (mix those latter two together for a temporary filling or to plug a cavity to stop a toothache for a few weeks), lip balm, and some other mouth care products. Bought some of those wrist splints for carpal tunnel syndrome and some finger splints.Extra purchase was a new product for those of us who grind our teeth over all that’s still left to do .
    Yesterday, I canned ground beef, and dehydrated more veggies. Was afraid the power would go off during the storm before my pressure canner got done processing the last four quarts, but it didn’t; I am so thankful.

  99. Hope you are back to 100% M.D.! Thank you for a great place to share ideas and info. I posted earlier on stocking up on antibiotics from the local feed store. I found this web site that offers antibiotics “for your pets” at fair prices and a very good selection. Prep on!

  100. Annie Nonymous says:

    Have had a few chest twinges as well… is NOT a comfortable feeling. At least we know you’re OK!!! (Must be all this religious discussion – giggles !!!)ught a bit more silver, but.. with the way inflation is going psycho I am wary of it now… To qualify, I was burned – pretty hard – in the Hunt Bros thing of the 70’s… so I am really leary when a metal that was $5 an oz goes to 7-8 times as much… because all it takes is a nasty Gov move to collapse it to dust. I also figure that Unca Sam will NOT kill off its Fiat currency, it may change the rules, but it will always be worth *something*… Doesn’t mean I am not waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop, but they will not let those sheeple starve, if for no other reason than election time is nigh approaching…. (And anyway, Silver IS a very cool metal, be it for electrical generation or Jewelry or, well, you know!)

    The REALLY cool thing… this may sound weird but it gels (or groks, if you’re of my generation)… I’m getting into alternate energy. I looked at one of our propertys, and relized we have a hydro plant source capable of ustaining us AND our neighbors in a SHTF scenario. Since on most of our property (the land I was raised on and inherited in the “north”) as well as 2 of the other stands we have outright have both lumber and softwood fuel potential, I am considering building a hydro plant.

    OK… Still waiting to get my replacement filter (note – do NOT put your berkey in a place where it can get mashed and have to rely on a pocket filter that may break!!!) and I pray it may happen.

    OH – this is HUGE – read Abby Gehring’s “Back to Basics” about Hydro power… I did a head test on 2 of our properties (see, I really AM bad!!!) and could almost supply our home AND our neighbors on one site (we are looking into solar to make up the diff, and sharing our bounty with our neighbors because it’s the Neighbo(u)rly thing to do!!) , and the local town (is THAT cool or what??) on another (TG Daddy told me to buy water-frontage property!!!) … It is (believe it or not) easy to pull this off, plus, my machine shop could run off the one source as well, which would thrill me to no end, as it would give us a mill AND a water power machine shop… so please wish me luck on this venture (and if you are so inclined, a prayer to our Lord wouldn’t hurt!!!) I wholeheartedly recommend reading Abagail’s book – she woke me up!!!

    I also foound this 1870’s book on Mechanicization… OK, it IS dated, but it talks about Bearings, and Power transfer, and whatnot… While it may sound silly now, in this time of plenty, I am (as we say at work) “leaning forward” to when we don’t have most of what we have… I am thinking, if we had this knowledge in the 1800’s and our current technology, what COULDN’T our homestead provide for the commuity?

    The biggent thing, IMO, is to remember, that while we may have seperate faiths and separate beliefs we ARE a community, we all are Survivors, and by the Grace of God we will. We ALL have gifts, and if we are willing to share them to insure WE all survive to make it to the “other side”, whatever that is… well… what more is there, really?

    Have an AWESOME Friday!!!

  101. Picked up 20 Federal 5.56, 50 .357 magnums for the range and a box of Hornady Critical Defense 20 Gauge rounds.
    Two cases of H2O.
    And a quick trip tot eh Dollar Tree for 3 boxcutters, two bottles of: aspirin, anti diarrhea and ibuprofen.
    Double checked an M113 at my Reserve Unit’s motorpool that I plan to “acquire” if the importunity presents itself in a bad situation…

  102. Richard H says:

    This week I retrieved my machete. Started designs for converting my pick up truck to run on wood gas.made a small pole arm. Began work on a small fallout shelter, it’s an earthen bunker. Practised starting a fire after a thunder storm (without a knife or axe or previously fabricated tinder) Sharpened some tools. Read more on TEOTWAWKI related subjects. And Identified a secondary bug out location.

  103. Have ordered a 1000 gal propane tank to replace my 500 gal. only costs about $25 a year more to lease. Am putting in a hand pump in my well so water will be taken care of. Am going to buy a solar battery charger and a couple of more deep cycle batteries. I was givin a tip by a friend that is a missionary in some backward countries. He said all the people use Trojan batteries he said they last much longer and holb their charge better the the usual (costco, etc) do. They are expensive though. Not sure the trade off is worth it. FG

  104. nnyredy says:

    reseved my knive back from the shop tuched up the edge nicely but couldent drill the tang to tighten the handle that way [broke the bit trying] but thay did pour gorilla glue throug the hole and between the handle and the tang witch loced it up real tight so this is a heads up to all my fellow prepers who have a chinies rough use kinve from S.M.K.W. THIS IS ONE WHAY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.will rewrap 550 cord on handle later,all so perchased three plastic storage bins for moore storage of distilledwater and other goods.prep the body prep the soul.

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