What Did You Do To Prep This Week

I awoke at 3:16 this morning with nearly unbearable pain in my right shoulder and chest, it’s eased off this morning but It’s still there but now more of a dull aching pain followed by sharp stabbing pains in the right side of my chest when I breathe deeply.

I’m going to go get it checked out at the emergency room – I think it’s chest wall pain and inflammation both of which I’ve been diagnosed with in the past. An EKG found nothing wrong with my heart. I’ll let you know, later today…

In the meantime please let us know what you did to prep this week in the comments below…

Update: According to the Doctors it is Costochondritis (chest wall pain) and inflammation in the shoulder joint – thank you all for your great comments and concern for my well-being, you’re great and I appreciate it very much.:-)

I’m going to relax and try to get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Picked up 20 Federal 5.56, 50 .357 magnums for the range and a box of Hornady Critical Defense 20 Gauge rounds.
    Two cases of H2O.
    And a quick trip tot eh Dollar Tree for 3 boxcutters, two bottles of: aspirin, anti diarrhea and ibuprofen.
    Double checked an M113 at my Reserve Unit’s motorpool that I plan to “acquire” if the importunity presents itself in a bad situation…

  2. Richard H says:

    This week I retrieved my machete. Started designs for converting my pick up truck to run on wood gas.made a small pole arm. Began work on a small fallout shelter, it’s an earthen bunker. Practised starting a fire after a thunder storm (without a knife or axe or previously fabricated tinder) Sharpened some tools. Read more on TEOTWAWKI related subjects. And Identified a secondary bug out location.

  3. Have ordered a 1000 gal propane tank to replace my 500 gal. only costs about $25 a year more to lease. Am putting in a hand pump in my well so water will be taken care of. Am going to buy a solar battery charger and a couple of more deep cycle batteries. I was givin a tip by a friend that is a missionary in some backward countries. He said all the people use Trojan batteries he said they last much longer and holb their charge better the the usual (costco, etc) do. They are expensive though. Not sure the trade off is worth it. FG

  4. nnyredy says:

    reseved my knive back from the shop tuched up the edge nicely but couldent drill the tang to tighten the handle that way [broke the bit trying] but thay did pour gorilla glue throug the hole and between the handle and the tang witch loced it up real tight so this is a heads up to all my fellow prepers who have a chinies rough use kinve from S.M.K.W. THIS IS ONE WHAY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.will rewrap 550 cord on handle later,all so perchased three plastic storage bins for moore storage of distilledwater and other goods.prep the body prep the soul.