What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” segment I would like to thank K Fields and Judith H for their generous donations. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever received two donations in one day, that you both – it’s good to know the blog has helped you enough that you felt a donation was warranted.

On another note; we will be starting another writing contest next week – look for a list of prizes to be announced tomorrow. One hint, the prizes are awesome, so get to work on your entries… 😀

Didn’t buy a lot of preps this week, with most of the week devoted to working at my new place (I’ll get some pics taken and posted in next weeks segment) mainly clean up where the old trailer was parked. I need to get some more bulldozer work done along the rear property line, I want to clear off about an acre here to use as a pasture for a milk cow and a couple of goats.

The thing, I love most about this property is that it takes the high ground and no one can see me or what I have just by passing through, the only way to see what is going on, on top is to actually come onto my property and look.

Armed Response sent copies of two of their instructional videos namely “Shoot / No Shoot Scenarios” and  “Responsible Use of Lethal Force” look for my full review next week. Lets’ see, what else… and I received my first issue of my subscription to Countryside & Small Stock Journal – great magazine.

What did you do to prep this week?



  1. mountain lady says:

    I, too, want to wish that all of you in the way of the storm will be safe and sound when it has passed.

    As for prepping, went to market of our weekly get-together today, and also got my fresh veggies and fruits for the week. My garden can hardly be called a garden this year. I do have chard that is doing great, in fact, so much I am giving the chickens little treats of it. Did find an almost new pressure canner at the local thrift store for $10.00. Last year I found an Excaliber dehydrator for $7.00. I know I have been very lucky in that respect.

    • Wow Mntn Lady. I need to go shopping with you. I just dropped 125 for my like-new used Excalibur.. Not sorry though. I love it.

  2. This was a very busy week during which we got a lot done, but have little tangible to show for it.

    We received an order of cell phone accessories for DW and my phones. We have identical model phones, and picked up two car chargers, two 110VAC to 12VDC power modules with an accessory (aka cigarette lighter) plug, a new battery (mine is getting flaky) and a USB charger /data cable, all for less than what Verizon charges for a single car charger. Now I just need the software and I can manage my contacts on the phone from a computer with a real screen and keyboard.

    Spent part of the week getting my DD’s gear sorted and packed to go back to college. Her flight tomorrow (Sunday 8/28) to Boston has been cancelled, courtesy of Irene, and she’s rescheduled to leave Monday morning. I suspect that she’ll be lucky to get out of here by Wednesday, so for now we’re in the wait and see mode.

    The garden is growing like a jungle, but not as much produce as I’d like to see. I guess we still have 4 to 8 weeks before a frost, so hope springs eternal.

    I hope that all of you in Irene’s path are hunkered down safely, as comfortable as you can be, and realizing that this will be over before you know it.

  3. Worrisome says:

    Prepping this week has been all about the little things.
    1. Have family here and they helped me re insulate the a/c ducts in the garage. No more messy dusty pink fluffy stuff!
    2. Worked on the damper system to the a/c.
    3. Cleaned out the fountains and chased a mole around the yard with gas sticks and stuck some sort of sonic device poked in the ground to scare him away. I believe he will be back when the company leaves.
    4. Got some clips to hang those day flashlights in every room of the house………getting tired of them all being somewhere else when I want them.
    5. Cleaned out the garage and re arranged all the long term storage stuff. Put away the stuff that we used to keep us safe last winter when it flooded around here.
    6. Worked on the drip system to the container vegies……….things were not optimum there.
    7. Haven’t bought a thing this week other than a couple of new flashlights……lint are ya listening :)?
    The family in Washington DC area and Maryland are not in touch………so hoping they are all ok. Heard from one this morning, she is a triathelon champ and she was taking her kids out for a good long run before they all had to stay in the house and ride out the storm. I imagine they are without power tonight………so worrisome is worrying a bit more this evening.
    I am going to spend tomorrow redoing my go bag. It has been hot and it has been in the car so am going to start fresh with water and food stuffs in it and change out the summer stuff for fall/winter stuff.
    I gave up on a notebook for all my prep stuff and went out and bought myself a Rubbermaid file tote box and set up files in it. One file each for general info, newsletters, financial info, general food info and such. And then just built a notebook for all the wonderful recipes I am getting from being out here. Even created a file called “wish list” so as I drop my ideas in there i can pull them out and prioritize when I am ready for something new.
    Tomorrow it is off to the vegie stand for something to dehydrate, not sure what. Going to clean out the freeze that is attached to the fridge and figure out what is in there. My other freezer is so well organized with the shelves and crates in it all labeled and it is stuffed, so am not going to impress myself with this one. ha.
    Going to bed tonite saying prayers for all in the path of the storm. Thanks again to MD for this blog. It is a good thing! Keeps all focussed on what is important! Bless you all!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Worrisome, regarding Item #7 on your list – message received load and clear! Kudos to you for being flashlight-savvy. 😉

  4. SrvivlSally says:

    Checked the oats and wheat for their states of maturity. Picked about an ounce of Chamomile flowers over the week and set them in a bowl with a napkin under them to dry. Blanched and froze some beans for my mother. Harvested about three pounds of Salal berries. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening I saw a few hundred flying reddish-colored termite ants take flight from out back and I worked to catch as many as I could with a large fish tank net. Saturday, at about 8:30 p.m., I saw a bat fly up from the area where the termites came from and about five minutes later another bat, likely it’s mate, appeared from the same locale and headed the way that it’s counterpart went. Have to get rid of them because they are working to invade the healthy Douglas Fir trees that sit close to the home. I am glad that the bats are eating every termite they can. I stopped using Boric Acid in apple juice so that the treatment will not interfere with and harm the bats because they are so very needed and beneficial.

    • SrvivlSally,
      Do you have any bat houses to attract more of them and give them a safe place to roost? If so, great. If not, check out: http://batconservation.org/ for free plans and kits you can purchase. These things eat thousands of mosquitoes every night, so the more the merrier.

  5. We went out and picked up some things that she likes at the Russian market , I half way speak it but cant read it , so she had to translate for me 😉 Some type of wheat product , and a few other things and some spice mixtures . Always a learning experience lol . bought a solar recharger , bulk loose teas , 2 gallons total of bourbon , same in vodka lol ( shtf , we will not do without ) . replaced a worn rifle sling , more gun oil , vinegar , bleach . The 5 gallon water bladders came in this week , found a good old cast iron pot in a yard sale .

  6. This is my first response to this blog but I’ve been reading with pleasure for quite some time. This week I canned tomatoes, started more cayenne peppers in the dehydrator and we started construction on our greenhouse on Friday. We had two of the walls up and the third ready to assembly by Saturday afternoon.

    • C.R.,

      Feel free to comment anytime we would love to hear what you have to say.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      C.R., welcome to the Wolf Pack. MD is the alpha male. Where he leads, we follow (sometimes). 🙂

    • if you don’t mind my asking. was the greenhouse a kit? my sister is wanting to build one.

      • No Pam, we have been salvaging windows for almost a year and a half now. That along with several other things we saved repurposed around her we finally had almost enough materials. We have bought a few 2x4s in 8ft and 12 foot lengths. Our project got delayed though found a water line leak yesterday been working on it today.

  7. Picked up 4 ounces of silver coins. Aquired 50 more once fired brass casings from a friend in exchange for an equal number of casings in a caliber he loads and I do not. Loaded some more .45 rounds to through into the safe till they come back out next week to get some practice.. Thats about it, slow week. On a bright note thought, I will be back to work finally next month so I should be able to work some overtime and fatten up the larders some. It’s been six months since my second back surgery and I am excited to get back to work.

  8. overkill750 says:

    I worked on the wife’s AR. replacing all the spring in the lower and adding a new forearm and forearm grip. also picked up some camo and some pouches to add to my bug out bag. and found a patch from the China, Burma, India theater of World War II ( the theater that my father was in ) Dad would not talk about the war but after he died we found his DD214 that showed that he was awarded 2 bronze stars for valor, 1 silver star for valor and a purple hearts. He was wounded 9 times and held prisoner of war for 6 weeks until he helped some others escape. I miss that old man.

    • Overkill, your dad sounds amazing. I’m sure he (as well as my dad, uncles, and brother – WWII, VIetnam) could tell us much about survival in the extremes and doing “what you have to do to survive”. These folks are a wealth of knowledge, surviving not just the wars, being born in and around the depression years… I’m sure he would have good advice for you in these trying times if he were here! Hugs – granny

      • Overkill750 says:

        Thanks granny, yah my dad was a tuff old bird and taught us to be self-reliant. But it was my mom that taught us to think outside the box for problem salving and the importance of being true to yourself and that integrity was more important then popularity. I didn’t have a “Brady Bunch” childhood but I would NOT trade mine for anything.

    • Tigerlily says:

      I swear I read that post and I thought for a minute you might be my dad, but then I remembered my grandpa was a POW in Japan, so different location. Almost the exact same story though. Those men were amazingly strong willed. I found out at my grandpa’s funeral about the lives he had saved. He never in all my life spoke one word of any of it.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Overkill, your dad was a true hero. Sorry that his generation is gone and all too soon forgotten. Thanks for telling us a small part of his history, he must have been a wonderful dad.

  9. I purchased a DC powered pump (Dankoff Solar Force #3020-12B) for my well to replace the 240V 6hp pump. Since I have solar electric, I can power the DC pump better (more options like straight solar, battery) than the AC pump. The AC pumps installed around here are “over sized” for the actual requirements of water. The DC pump is a piston pump and runs on a pulley/fan belt that could be powered by bicycle.

    Ordered LED lights to reduce my electric usage.

    • michael c – Just noted your post. Wow, that is a serious pump! How do you have it set up i.e. how many watts are you feeding it? I’ve heard they can pump an enormous amount of water, are you using it for irrigation as well as domestic use?
      Man, don’t just make a statement of purchasing a new pump, give us some details! I want to know more!

      • K Fields, that IS a real pump – to replace a real pump (that uses 20 times the power). Although, I just got it, it is not installed, yet. I bought it to make sure I have water, I could (and will) water external areas like the garden. I have the pressure switch to maintain “city” pressure for my palace ‘er place.

        Care and feeding – if you go to the AltEstore.com you can get the specs for this pump. But, in a nut shell – it can be powered by battery or solar (min 22 Amp solar output) of which I have both (disclaimer – Michael C has 20kW batteries and 750 Watts solar plus portable systems) The pump will work without filter (grit and sand are killers of other pump types), will run dry.

        • Thanks, I’ll check it out. I would love to have something that could produce a big volume, but I doubt I could afford a Dankoff. My little NEMO only produces about a gallon per minute but only needs 4 amps at 24volt dc. Different pumps for different purposes.
          Congrats on moving towards self sufficiency!

          • You know, I had to buy that type of (surface) pump because my well pipe is only 3 DIA. And could not fit (4″ min pipe) a pipe pump. You should check out the Altestore.com for submersible pumps – if you have a bigger well pipe since these will cost less. You would still get more flow than with the pump you have now.

  10. Well what did I do this week? I FOUND THIS SITE! I look forward to reading, learning, planning and getting to work. Cheers.

  11. The Prepper says:

    I have been trying to conserve money so I didn’t get much done this week. Did a lot of cleaning and organizing though, which is just as important in the long run.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      You are correct, cleaning and organizing are important parts of prepping. If you need another place to clean and organize, I can give you my address.

  12. I have been reading this blog for awhile now and have learned alot from you fine folks. MD, thanks for your article on Tennessee. There are alot of simularities to what I had when I lived in western NC. Now that I’m in the eastern part of the state it’s quite different. My preps for this week consisted of getting everything ready for the hurricane. I look forward to continuing to learn from everyone’s posts and hopefully contribute as well.

  13. Preps nothing…
    last Friday, I was using my laptop and bam… my china made powercord, fried.. worse it also fried the laptop power module. I only had 1hr and 40min on battery. I managed to get only about 65% of my info transfered across.

    Ironically I was looking at getting a backup device, so now a New Laptop, less data, and working to get the rest off of the harddrive, which is XP protected is challenging!

    Back up your data to another computer.. NOW!!!
    my electronic prep for this week, so I can see all the other preps that I did before… 🙁

    • blindshooter says:

      WR, try mounting the drive on a Linux box, you may be able to get more of your data that way.

      • good idea thank you will look into that

      • blindshooter,
        Are you a Linux guy?

        • blindshooter says:

          I love Linux for several reasons, it’s almost free, easier to secure and I can use it to run old hardware. Some of the machines I service run on an open source OS, and I have to get them to “play” with Micro$oft.
          I can’t do command line except for very basic stuff and then I depend on forums and search engines.
          So I would not say I’m a Linux guy but I am a fan.
          Do you fly with the penguin?

    • Have you considered a cloud service such as

  14. Did stop at some garage sales yesterday morning;
    picked up 2 smaller gas cans (plastic) for only $2.50,
    two smaller oil lamps for $2 each
    a small DC air pump
    .. ya.. go preps… LOL

  15. Didn’t get too much prepping done this week. Found DAK him this week at a Wal-Mart super center and bought three cans (that’s all they had on the shelf.) Also bought three pkgs each of thin spaghetti and large elbo macaroni. (both hard to fine where I live) Received an order of 12 ga 00 and 4 buckshot to add to the ammo cache. Made a trade with a friend, a bucket of wheat for a few pieces of green paper with Geo. Washington’s picture printed on them. Also bought a couple of very high intensity flashlights which require only one AA battery and are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Thanks to you, MD for the excellent blog and to all who post great items that have helped me to become a better prepper. I’m slowly inching up to a two-year supply of food and equipment.


  16. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. With a drought-killed garden this month seems odd…no major canning to do. Did slice and clean a 5 gal. pail of onions which survived. Took a peek at the sweet ‘taters and they are doing great; they love the heat. Pa tilled up both gardens. Local fella selling a mix of rye/wheat so will sow over garden when we get next rain.

    Made an appt. to take beef to be butchered and arranged with neighbor to haul her. Getting two+ dozen eggs a day so need to get my egg sign out.Broke down and bought some egg cartons. People aren’t good about bringing them back. DS brought his pg cat to the farm which I was displeased about but the three remaining kittens have turned into quite the hunters. Seen them with bunnies and mice plus a small snake so guess I’ll keep them around! The ragweed is blooming early making me retreat to the a/c most of the day. Finishing up some quilts. Rounded up the ingredients for another batch of soap. My boys claim is is the only thing they like for shaving; doesn’t cause shaving bumps.

    Neighbor had two huge walnuts come down in our last storm and gave us the wood so got that hauled home, Waiting on cooler weather to split it up. We hemmed and hawed forever about buying a splitter…best thing us old folks ever did! Makes short work out of the worst twisty wood.

    Looks like Irene may not be as bad as predicted. Lots of people without electric. Smug feeling knowing you can take care of yourself!

    • Plant Lady says:

      Ummm, you might want to check with Remington, Savage, etc. to see if you can sell them the walnut for gunstocks. Or any hardwood lumber mill or local woodworker…walnut is way too pricy to use for firewood! 40 yrs. ago a cousin had a big old walnut in his yard and it was breaking up the sidewalk. Was going to cost him $300 to have it taken out (about a months wages then!). Luckily, he checked with my Grandpa first (loves to cut down trees). Cousin ended up getting $1500 for the tree…they even dug up all roots down to finger size (for walnut stain making). They replaced the yard and reseeded it and put in a new sidewalk, also.
      Or maybe have the trees sawn into lumber and planed…beautiful wood!
      You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much you could get for the wood.

  17. Got a chain & lock for the generator. Can be heard for a mile.
    Filled 2 more 2 liter bottles with water.
    Got silver impregnated band aids.
    Received the Envirofit stove. Good design, terrible management. It had been re-shipped (returned) and not properly packaged. The bottom fire brick was decimated. Relined it with oven cement. Cheaper than return postage.
    Gathered fire wood before storm.
    Harvested 3 dozen pears. Will not be able to eat them all before spoiling. No canning experience.
    Leveled the rain barrel. The ground had shifted, making it lean.
    Hardest prep for someone who is going to be 75 next week.
    Thanks for a great site. Egils

    • Hi OldLett

      I won’t try and get you to can if you feel to unsure about it, but I will put out the idea that you can make a pear butter or chuncky pear stewed fruit and it will last many more days in the fridge then the raw pears will..

      The easiest way to do so would be the Pear Stewed fruit, cut your pear in quarters, take out hard middle/seeds and stem, cut into three equal parts and put in a big measuring cup, for each 4 cups of fruit, add up to one cup of sugar or honey, if you like it less sweet go down to half a cup but you need to sugar to help it keep, so please don’t cut it out altogether.

      Add half a cup of water, and simmer the fruit/sugar combo till cooked, then give it a mash with the potato masher and cool and put in your fridge to keep in a covered bowl or jar with lid (well I run a very cold fridge but fruit stew can last upwards of two weeks)

      You can add spices if you want, like cinnamon or ginger or a tiny pinch of all spice, you can eat the stewed fruit as fruit itself or you can use it as a side dish with white meats like pork or chicken, you can use it as a topping on pancakes or oatmeal.

      Hope you enjoy them regardless on what you decide to do with them, fresh local pears are a delight.

    • mountain lady says:

      Since I will probably forget by next week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    • Judy(another one) says:

      Happy Birthday!!

      Suggestions for your pears: Pear Butter, Pear Honey or even, blanch and freeze those extra pears in a light sugar syrup.

    • oldlett-happy birthday and many more!

  18. i have a question regarding water in plastic bottles. i had packed several water bottles in d.h. emergency bag that he keeps in the car. i was told if the water in the bottles stay in a hot car that it can become contaminated. has anyone heard that?

    • Yes the answer is yes, depending on the grade of the bottle.

      The cheap come in a 12-24 pack are not good for you. Designed to break down, take one, bounce on counter and watch the particles of plastic float around. Drinking from car not good. IF the bottle heats up/freezes the breakdown occurs even faster.

      Keeping water in one or two large bottles are good ideas. Look for the triangle on the bottom, you want to see the number 3 or 2 at the least. Another option is to use a Water carrier, the number s on them are level 3 or higher. Eg. Coleman brand, high grade plastic.

      Some of the old containers contain the BHTs etc, there are other chemicals that are dangerous, keep away from them, they should not be used at all, keep on shelf as souvenir only, or for looks.
      Hope this helps.

      • makes you wonder about how long cases of water have set on hot loading docks. i’m suprised more haven’t gotten ill.

    • Tigerlily says:

      I had heard the same thing so I did a little research on it a while back. Short and quick version, go to Snopes and read this.


    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      pam s, I have heard that too, something to do with the plastic releasing chemicals into the water from the heat. I was told the solution is to use steel water bottles.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      pam s, no need to worry about modern plastic bottles. The older ones contained BPA, but the new ones have removed that chemical and should be good to go for years. If you are still concerned, you can go with something like Nalgene bottles, but they can leak if tipped over. http://store.nalgene.com/ Or stainless, which is good but don’t buy them if they are painted because the paint will chip off in use.

      • don’t know what i would do if i couldn’t ask all of you for advice.
        sometimes i feel like i’ve led a sheltered life.

  19. Howdy all-
    Made it home with my boys from South Jersey, where we were visiting my 95 year old grandfather. Thanks to my eldest son’s ability to navigate using the iPhone, we wove our way around the worst of the NYC-evac snarl and it only took us a little less than 5 hours to make it. In good weather, that commute takes us about 4 hours.. so we were really lucky. Lots of traffic, but it all moved pretty well. No one was driving like an idiot – everyone just wanted to get out of there. It was kinda weird.
    I’m writing from my parent’s home, because I made it home very early Saturday morning to discover that my preps had been thoroughly sabotaged. While I was in NJ, my DH decided it was a good time to clean house and reorganize, making several trips to the dump to dispose of what he considered clutter. My stash of charcoal, the brazier, and the extra propane tanks for the gas grill are all gone; about a half a cord of wood from cutting down our very ancient apple trees gone (when I asked about that, he said he donated it to a guy he works with who heats his house with wood!), and all of my camping equipment packed up willy-nilly into plastic bins and shoved into the loft of the barn, where it is completely inaccessible to me until I don’t know when because of all of the seasonal yard furniture stashed in front of it in advance of the hurricane. Think I should pause to take a breath? Well, I’m not finished. When we walked into the door, it looked like someone else’s home – completely sterile, with no sign of anything of mine or the kids. It had all been packed away and shut into closets or bins. He’d even hired a cleaning service to come steam clean the rugs and furniture so that it didn’t even look like we lived there. Not complaining about the clean… just the calculated thoroughness of it all. As if we were filth to be hidden under the rug! It makes me sick to think of what he might have thrown out of my camping/backpacking equipment… it can’t possibly all fit into the 5 or 6 bins he claims he put it all in.
    I read with incredible envy the stories of people here who are able to work with their spouses and children. Not only do I not have that, but mine is working to eradicate any chance we might have to insulate ourselves from what is coming to pass in the next few years. Sure, I still have my pantry, but how much can you really store in a 4X5 closet? Besides, that is only a very small part of what I have been doing to prepare… and not nearly enough space or support to do even that well. I am terrified to look into my camping equipment – a good amount of my long-term food preps were hidden in plain sight as a rather large stock of backpacking foods, that by themselves filled 5 or 6 30-gallon rubbermaid bins. I’m willing to bet those were considered ‘unnecessary and probably spoiled’ and discarded, because I don’t see them anywhere! I really really really hope that I’m wrong, but I won’t know until I can get in the back there and look.
    I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle… I will be defending my thesis within the next year, and have a tenure-track faculty position waiting for me when I get that piece of paper. I can’t afford to make any life changes now without risking my career and my childrens’ futures… but feel this treatment requires some kind of response. It is dangerous, insulting, and incredibly infuriating.
    Not only have I not prepped this week, at a time when my preps should have come in handy, what preparations I have made have taken a very bad hit.
    I think I may have to hold my breath, let it pass, and wait it out until next year. Doing anything else would make things much, much worse.
    I am thankful to you all for the continued posting of ideas and positive solutions that keep me hopeful. Someday, I will be able to apply some of what I learn here when I am able to take back my own life. Until then, I’ll just keep my head down and wait it out.
    Just like living in a hurricane.

    • mountain lady says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you. A year is a long time, but will give you the time to prepare yourself for getting your life back. I remember those feelings, a long, long time ago, and so I really feel for what you are up against. Good luck and say lots for prayers. The Lord will help you through this if you ask for the help.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Hi Allikaat,

      Just keep your cool, keep your priorities in the order you want them to be, and don’t let a short term response derail your plans. Good luck.

    • Jo (Georgia) says:

      Alikat, I’m so sorry you’re having to live with this abuse. Have you considered getting a storage unit? You can usually pay for them with cash, months in advance, and your not so DH wouldn’t have to know it existed. Some times the disaster we must prepare for is our fellow man, not nature.

      • Mother Earth says:


        I can’t even imagine the despair you must be feeling. So sorry to hear this, but I think Jo is right, find another place to store your preps. I pray this next year goes well for you.

      • Thank you all for being so kind. I think I may be able to store some things with my parents (though there is little space to spare in their small retirement home) and with some other dear (Prepper) friends, who have many times offered me and my kids a safe landing space if we ever need it. And I could do so without arousing suspicion with my DH… so it is probably long past time that I took this path. Guess it just took something like this to make me realize that this is necessary. Even if I did not have to worry about things getting discarded at home, it is perhaps a good plan to have things stored in multiple locations in case one ever got compromised by either man or nature.
        Thank you all again. Stay safe,

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          Cat, my prayers are with you. Don’t rile the beast, just do what needs to be done until you get that piece of paper next year. Then it’s your life to live again. Stay safe!

          As tk said, please keep posting here. You can rant and vent here, without upsetting the anti-prepper.

        • Cat,

          One word about your thesis–a good dissertation is a finished dissertation. And don’t worry too much about the defense. You are the expert on the topic you’ve chosen, so you know more about your chosen topic than your committee members. Also, your chair will not permit you to schedule your defense until the other members have signed off. In other words, the actual defense is merely a formality.

    • templar knight says:

      Good Lord, alikaat, this is awful. My spouse has never been as committed as myself, but would never hinder my preps in any way. I really feel bad for you. My thoughts are with you through these tough times, but remember, This too shall pass. Believe it!

      And please keep posting here.

      • alikatt-went through the same thing with first marriage. i walked away with my sanity. i agree with everyone else, get a storage locker and remember to make copies of all your important papers. however low he gets, you’re a better person than that.
        remember we’re family here.

        • Copperhead says:

          Alikaat, I agree with the others…keep posting here to get it off your chest and be able to function at home without too much pent up feelings. These folks here in the Wolf Pack are wonderful!

          Get that piece of paper and then tackle the world!!
          My prayers and God’s blessings!

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      I wonder how he would feel if you cleaned out his stuff with out him knowing about it?

    • My situation not that bad, but same problem with spouse not being “on board”.. I feel sorry for you. Pray for patience and treat it like a training exercise – sounds dumb but it can help make good out of bad. It’s as if you were looted (but from inside). When my barn was robbed, I had that sick violated feeling even though less than $1000 of stuff was taken. This is common among victims of crime. It makes you feel sick but it can build you up too. Just having it happen to you makes you better at dealing with any other similar problem in the future – IF you are introspective about it . Some anger is good So you have been looted. You nee dto think better about how to SECRETLY build up a cache of supplies (more locations better in different directions). Keep your preps in the shared house minimal and keep the BoB’s in your car or locked closet. Keep notes and get organized about it. Keep all the records of the cache and survival refs at your office (not home) in a special “Personal” file. Thinking of my own situation I always wonder how this kind of spouse reacts when the SHTF ! Will they thank you and admit you were smart or will they take your preps and kick you out?! I could go on and on with more. I have been thinking through this for different reasons. BE prepared.

      • Being or having a faithfull mate is way more than who sleeps where. Faithfull is support for the dreams of your mate. Faithfull is to be trustworthy to that dream. I think far more than your preps have taken a hit, your trust for the man must be gone or nearly so. If he has proven himself unfaithfull, and untrustworthy in the minor thing of being prepared how goes the big things between mates? Been there and done the sticking around for the kids, trouble was if I can’t trust my partner with the trail mix, why trust them with young minds? Negative examples teach in the long run, not so much in a dash. Hardknocks will remove negative imput it’s just hard watching your kids graduate from that school.

    • Worrisome says:

      It is best to know now that you haven’t got a true partner than wait until the SHTF and have such a person throw you and possibly the kids under the bus. Very sad, hoping you will be okay!

      • I am amazed at how much people here have read between the lines of what is happening in my life when people in daily face contact with me and my family have no idea or choose to say/do nothing. Thank you all for your suggestions and support. It means so much to me that there is this incredible community of people here who are willing to give positive moral support, creative advice, and recommendations that will work that I may not have come up with myself. I am just too close to things here to think all that clearly. Thank you all so much.
        The semester starts for me today, and with it goes the majority of my free time. Please don’t feel that I am not here if I post less frequently than I have the last few weeks. I will continue to read as much of the “What did you do to prep this week” posts, and will, if I have a few minutes… but my time for the next year or so will be strictly limited. Thank you all for being so kind, and thank you, MD for building this great community of friends.

        • templar knight says:

          Good luck and God bless you in your endeavors, alikaat. I know you realize this, but most of the people here are survivors, and have experienced some hard times and have taken some hard hits in this life. But they picked themselves up, put a smile on their face, and persevered. I have the utmost respect and admiration of these folks who post here. They are truly the best.

    • Now that you are fully aware of the level of sabotage you have been subjected to – act immediately.

      No mention to the children ever about re-acquiring preps; which must be stored away from your home, yet accessible in case of emergencies.

      These new preps are to be your secret – except for one trusted parent.

      And start putting away some cash – gives you options.

      Now that you know what / who you are dealing with, you have to also act accordingly – he did not telegraph to you his intentions, therefore, you are to do the same.

      Stay focused, follow through with your education – and you may also need to consider preparing for a day when you may be locked out of your own home by your other half. Don’t think it can happen?

      The pain and shock you experienced, that has come through in your blog, shows that you may need to be more aware that the sabotage can still continue…

      As an objective reader, I can see you are still feeling hurt that all the energy outlaid, plus money to gather together preps to see your family through has been thrown away.

      Stay calm, start again, keep your own counsel, stay on track.

      We are all preppers here and we empathize.

      I wish you strength and courage.

      May God bless you and give you double the preps you lost. Think of Job.

      Rise above this. Regards

  20. VALadyPrepperNurse says:

    All of my free time this week was spent preparing for Irene. I was pretty sure I had everything I needed, and I was right, but I made sure things were organized and easily available if/when needed. I went out to fill the car with gas, pick up a few fresh food items, and then I secured the house and yard so nothing would become a projectile. Filled the bathtup with water just in case, but did not need it. Survived the hurricane with no damage, thank goodness.

    Hope everyone has a good week!

  21. STL Grandma says:

    Well, it’s been a rotten couple of weeks for preps. Had no money to begin with, then the day the money came in, my computer decided to blow the motherboard. It started going Thursday night, so I spent Friday morning saving all my data to the external drive and just about the time I got it done, the frying started. Just when I thought I was going to have to spring for a new pc… my ds came over with a pc left in his basement by a former friend who took off for parts unknown, leaving his worldly goods behind.. other then a lotta porno to remove, the computer was just dandy and all the data transfered back took a few days, but done now.

    Also weeded 4000 books into about 2000 books and told oldest ds to come get half his inheiritence (sp?) cause he claimed the library. Strange the books that were instant “Let it go to Bob” and how many were instant “No… that’s an old friend.” Both DH and I are bookworms, if you can’t tell.

    Bonus, now, I have another set of metal shelves free for more preps! 😀 Into week three of baking my own bread using the Biga & Soaker method and the bread is very tasty. I’m satisfied with the rise and loft to the loaves, as well.

    DS the youngest, who gave me the PC, also made his move to the same rural area that has my daughter and that me and DH are planning on relocating to, so that’s one more family safely away from the Zombie Sodomite Hoards. (to be known as the ZSH from now on in my mind lol) Other then watching the baby while they got the move done, didn’t get anything else done.

  22. Hunker-Down says:

    We’re shopping for 55 gal. water barrels.

    Wow, $85 at Emergency Essentials. We can get recycled food grade plastic barrels that have a 2 inch screw in plug for about $12. They look identical to the picture of the barrel on the EE web site. Everything has to go in and out of that hole. I have no way to determine what might have been in the barrels; the seller claims that they are “food grade”.

    With just 10 gallons of any cleaning liquid it would weigh about 90 pounds and there’s no way I can pick it up and shake it. How do we clean it such that it will be safe for storing drinking water?

    M.D. Are we at least in the top 10 of ‘dumb question people’?

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Thanks M.D.

        If I use 2 of the Danny Lipford DIY barrels for grey water I can get along by purchasing only one of the EE barrels for drinking water. Thanks for the money saving tip!

    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      H-D, One way to clean barrels is to lay them on their side, spray into the 2 inch hole some water and the cleaner you want to use, put the plug back in and roll it on the ground. Still heavy, but doable.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Exactly! Let gravity do the work. It should only take about a gallon of 50% water and 50% unscented fresh household bleach to do the job if the barrels are rolled around several times. Don’t forget to tip them over to clean the inside top. Then rinse with clean tapwater – should be good to go. If there was something funky inside them originally, you can tell because it would be sticky or smell funny….or kill you – one or the other. LOL, just kidding.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Thanks AZ,

        but I’m too old to dance with that amount of weight.

  23. I’ve been lurking around here for a while and just recently posted for the first time. So I would like to say thank you, MD Creekmore, for hosting this marvelous blog and to all posters who give such wise advice and encouragement. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of useful information.

    This week my preps were a little different since I was mainly getting ready for Irene. She turned out to be a bit of a non-event as far as hurricanes go (at least in my part of VA). Not that I’m complaining, I’ll take a Cat 1 over a Cat 3 any day.

    Washed every dirty piece of laundry in the house
    Ate up as much perishable food as possible
    Tested flashlights and batteries
    Double checked food supplies, TP, first aid supplies, etc (was in good shape here)
    Picked up 2 extra cases of bottled water
    Bought 1/2 case alcoholic beverage of choice 🙂
    Removed all potential projectiles from the yard

    At the thrift store I found an old copy of Stocking Up by Rodale Press for 98 cents. I think there must be another prepper/homeschooling family in our neighborhood who donates their books because I keep getting a whole lot of great finds there.

    Does anyone know of an effective way to secure stacks of firewood to keep it from blowing away? Mine survived the storm intact but…..

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      I have never tried this, but I’m wondering if laying down some heavy-duty ratchet-style binding straps (tie-down straps) and then stacking the wood on top of them and then bringing up the two ends and cinching them tight might work? Then tighten up the bundle again each time you remove some of the pieces.

      • I once used two parrallel 2 x 4’s, 8 foot long, with eye bolts on each end. Stacked my wood on the 2 x 4’s and used ratcheted straps to tie it down.

  24. I recently started a part time job, my prep is learning the skill of standing on my feet for 4 hours at a time. This is something I think would be useful during shtf, why because I am sure we will all be taking shifts on guarding our property day and night. If articles I have read are correct the most dangerous place will be entering and exiting your home. The thieves will be better dressed than you. My feet ache but it is something I rather learn before time than to add an extra hardship in a stressful time. My brother will be moving in with me on the 1st. We will be job hunting for him soon.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Allie, do your work shoes have good arch supports? If not, you can buy a pair of orthodics from Dr. Scholl’s and they will help your feet. Your back may get tired, too, from standing 4 hours. This will ease as your muscles strengthen. Doing sit-ups will help your back.

      Hope your brother finds a job.

      • I may take your advice and get Dr. Scholl’s because it is the arches in my feet that mainly hurt. I haven’t noticed any difference in back pain (had it since I was 12). I hope my brother finds a job soon too. Keep us in your prayers. Pray my husband gets the job at market street. If so my prep budget will be at least double or triple what it was in the past.

        • Allie,

          If you are considering the Dr. Scholl’s, you might also consider the Quadra Step. Here’s the link:


          I was professionally fitted and got the shoe inserts for less than $100. The two most common reasons for back pain are improper foot mechanics (which can be fixed with orthotics) and weak abdominal muscles (which can be fixed by exercise).

    • allie-you may want to get support hose. i know you may think “well i’m not old enough to wear those” but if you are standing for long periods of time you may start with vericose veins in your legs. mine started when i was in my teens and now i’m having to have them stripped. hope all goes well with you job.

  25. Recieved a bonus this month so felt best way to invest was in preps for the family.
    Purchased small Honda 2k watt generator for backup. Purchased a .308 which has been on my list for three years . Lost power last night and the toughest decision was which backup light to use. Preps come in handy. Went with the LED headlamps but was prepared with coleman lanterns, candles and or the new generator. Did find that rechargeable batteries in scanner were low so fixed that issue today by purchasing regular batteries to go along with rechargeables.

  26. templar knight says:

    Prepping was a little different this week. I went to Little Rock for DD’s volleyball tournament, and spent the between the games time looking at diesel generators. After pricing, and then finding out that I had to get muffler kits, and fuel drums, and fuel drum kits, etc., I decided having to store diesel and the subsequent parts needed to keep the thing working just wasn’t worth it. The diesel generator is better than the propane, but the fuel complications added to other considerations makes diesel gereration too complex. I have decided to go with the Generac Propane Generator. Thanks K Fields for your help and advice, and also OP for touting the advantages of propane.

    I did go to Wally World and found some .308 hunting cartridges for 13.97 for a box of 20, so bought 100 rds. Also got 2 large bundles of burlap-type camo netting, Break Free CLP, cleaning patches, .177 pellets, bbs, and some CB caps.

    I also ordered a 6 mo. supply of MH freeze-dried food from Ready Made Resources. Many places now have it back in stock, so I decided to get some more while I have the chance.

    And a big thank you to everyone for the advice I received on house training a dog. Our pup hasn’t peed or pooped in the house for over 2 weeks, and she whines at the door when she needs to go out. The Wolf Pack rules!

    • Worrisome says:

      Shelf life is better with propane………you made a good choice

    • riverrider says:

      tk, me too on the propane. my gasoline issue sealed it. one thing about lp tho, you can’t make it. you can make biofuel to run the diesel tho. this is the catch 22 with lp. that said, i’ think i’m going lp generac too. i already have lp tanks for heat. i have two, and keep one full at all times. good luck on the grandbaby!

      • templar knight says:

        Thanks riverrider. And the grandbaby is here. He was 6 lb. 14 oz., 21 in. long, born at 2 pm. Son called me at 3 am, we made it to Texarkana at 9, and didn’t miss any of the action. Everyone ok. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Oh, yeah, his name is Oakley Tate.

        Will be in Magnolia this week, pam s and brad.

        • riverrider says:

          tk, congrats!!! hey i found a place that has great prices on generacs. i’ll post the link later if you want.

        • Hi tk-
          Hooray, and congratulations on the new addition!

        • Oakley Tate Knight – what a great name! Congrats to your son and daughter and, of course, the happy grandparents! It’s a great day when a healthy new life is beginning.

        • templar knight says:

          I would appreciate that link, rr. And thank you all for your well wishes. The happy couple are headed home in just a couple of hours. I will be doing very little commenting, or prepping, this week. I just thank God everyone is doing well. And the same for you folks here. And I’ve been thinking about you, alikaat. I said a little prayer for God to give you the extra strength and determination to see you through this. I have a feeling you already possess plenty of both.

          Mr. Fields, thank you for all your assistance. You have been a great help to rr and myself. Take care, man. And “watch out for that tree”(cue the music for George of the Jungle).

          • riverrider says:

            tk, cpogenerac.com….great prices, claiming free shipping, but the transfer switch not included. i have one but i think their’s is dif because it has to have a way to sense the grid going off. they have great prices on those too. see what you think. have fun w/ the g-baby!

          • Another generator link you might explore is http://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com – no personal exp. but their prices look good.
            The George of the Jungle tune I like, but you’re the first to use it. Usually folks start singing, “I am a lumberjack…” from Monty Python and that one gets a bit strange if they go past the first verse. It’s always funny though. I’m 6’5″ without my boots on and weight just over 220lbs so as they sing I’ll put on my best “I am not amused” face and their voices always kind of just trickle away…

        • Copperhead says:

          Congratulations, tk! Glad the little one has arrived and all are well. Nice sized little guy.

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          tk, congrats on the new grandson! I’ll light up a cigar in his/your honor. Start teaching him to prep asap. 🙂

  27. -Not a whole lot, no $$$ however
    – Drained and sanitized the 110 gallon fresh water tank on this rv this weekend. If and when we get to a “Level III” Alert we will fill it up.
    – Sold JoJo’s 40$&W. Since she has such a problem racking the slide and is very happy with her 38 S&W revolver we had a chance to make a few bucks and double the amount of ammo for my 40. Sold it to a friend and coworker.
    – As part of our on going Now That You Have It You Better Try It program we opened up a 7 oz can of Bega Cheese. This stuff is very very good. They say it’s a chedder but it is kind of like a sharp gouda if that makes any sense. We will be ordering some more. I want at least 4 more cans in our stocks.
    – Relocated most of our food supplies into the same storage area and in plastic totes in case we need to bug out without the rv. Also makes it easier to rotate stock.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Ron, thanks for the review of Bega cheese.

      This weekend I tried a can of the Bega cheese, too. It has a very mild taste, somewhere between a super mild cheddar and a gouda – good description. It has a cream color to it and a somewhat soft consistancy. Refrigeration made it firmer. It wasn’t by any means runny, but had the consistancy of Velveeta (if anybody is old enough to know what that was). It’s processed cheese, so doesn’t melt the same way a good, natural cheese melts.

      I made a couple grilled cheese sandwiches with it. The taste was so mild, I could hardly tell I was eating a cheese sandwich. Maybe my tastebuds are too old?

      Although I would not eat Bega cheese day-to-day when there are better tasting cheeses still available, I definitely will get some additional cans to add to the pantry. It will be good for when the SHTF.

      • Lint Picker,
        I really did like the Bega cheese but for some reason I put the can in the fridge before opening it so I dont know what it is like at room temp (about 80 degrees in our rv with all the triple digit temps we have been enjoying this summer).
        There is one thing I forgot to put on my WDYDTPTW List.
        I took a 1st Aid/CPR class. First one I have taken since the 70’s. All the others I have been at I taught. NSC, ARC, & AHA, taught them all. Was certified in WI for Medical 1st Responder.

  28. Plant Lady says:

    I thank the Lord that this week went better than last. Last week MIL was discharged from Hospice – after 2 years – for doing too well (although she is completely helpless). It was a nightmare switching out the equipment and the nurse really let me down. MIL was discharged Tues. and didn’t even have hospital bed and wheelchair until Wed. after 6 pm (sigh). Had to buy MIL a bed to make sure we had one (that was another nightmare)…sure would have rather used that big chunk of change for preps!
    This week re-read my cidermaking book and learned I shouldn’t use the beer or winemaking equipment for cider so was going to order the items online (we live waaaay out in the woods). I was most pleased when I checked a local party store first…their small selection of supplies has been really expanded and I got everything I need. Even better, I got it for less than it cost online, even without shipping fees – so mighty pleased – and totally amazed – about that! Also stocked up on some more 22 oz. beer bottles and caps.
    Yesterday was a great day! My youngest brother and family came over for the day to help us clean up and fix up the really nice huge old cider press/grinder I got at an Amish auction earlier this year. Got it pressure washed/sanitized, replaced one support leg that was dicy and moved the crusher for greater ease of use. Worked like a charm!!! Have plans to totally refurbish it this winter with a better layout, wheels to move it more easily (it is huge and heavy!), rebuild the basket (and add a second one) out of Corian, and replace the follower and wood tray where the juice drains with Corian or stainless steel. Then it will be good to go for another 100 years. Got a gallon of juice from a heaping 5 gal. pail of apples. And the juice wasn’t bad, even though it will be month before the apples here are ripe (hehe). 3 tablespoons of honey into the gal. of juice fixed that right up. MMM-MMM-GOOD! My brother will be back on Thurs. to press his Golden Transparent apples – they are ripe. Looks like I had better stock up on cider containers…have already had some limb breakage because the old trees are loaded with apples! And – YIPPEE – my long-term plan is working already and its not even quite TEOTWAWKI yet…my brother’s neighbor wants to bring his apples over to press and will trade the use of his really nice chicken plucker later this fall when we whack the first 24 chickens. That is if the eggs I put in the incubator yesterday hatch out enough replacements! My Cider Mill is open for operation!!!
    Really late in the year to be hatching out eggs, was going to wait until spring…but the economic world is getting real scary and with earthquakes in weird areas and odd dire weather everywhere…I want to start the spring with fresh layers! Plus one of my Welsummer hens actually went broody after 3 yrs. and hatched out two babies…so I guess its time.
    Harvested our first-ever peaches from the 3-yr. old trees. Big, luscious and juicy according to my husband – I can’t stand peaches. I find it hard to believe those little trees can support those big peaches…I thinned half of them out twice this year and will still end up getting a doz. or so from each tree. Sure are eager bearers!

  29. Glad folks are safe and keepin’ on. We’re still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, onions, and squash. Got to harvest more potatoes and dig the sunchokes soon. I Pressure-canned quarts of tomato juice and more pints of salsa. Our weather has cooled considerably, leaves are starting to turn, and tomatoes are ripening much slower now. Peppers have not really begun to turn color yet. I pulled the Tiger Eye bean pods that had dried on the vines and harvested the dried beans – they’re now in glass jars, stored. Apples are turning red and some are already dropping from the trees. And I’m unsure if we will get large ripe Tomatillos this year.

    Most of this year’s gathered seeds are now sorted, bagged and filed in my seed storage boxes. I have more tomato seeds fermenting to save for next year.

    Last week we had more cool weather and I puttered in the greenhouse every day. I potted up a few of the plants that will be over-wintered indoors and I divided my Ginger and harvested some Ginger root.

    Last Monday I was able to sow lettuces, mustards, and beets in the new planters. The seeds began sprouting on Thursday so I have some new green growth to look forward to.

    Prepping a few garden areas for some Fall grown Mizuna and other fast-growing greens using Mustard, Beets, and Lettuce seeds. Hurricane put a damper on the weekend, though, so the seed sowing in the garden will wait for this coming week.

    I made more sectional dividers for my binders (I make my own with old manila files). Spent some time filing printed materials I’ve gathered up over the past couple of weeks.

    Not many food storage purchases, still preserving homegrown foods. I had planned to pressure-can a batch or 2 of dried beans but didn’t know if the low pressure system would have a negative effect on the canning process, so that’s postponed until this week, too.

    I purchased some books, though, for Winter reading and those have arrived. Also got some useful toys: an Energizer 3 LED Headlamp and a solar hand-crank emergency flashlight. I’m loving my new headlamp since it brings out the nerd in me. Lol

    We recently purchased a small fire extinguisher to add to our stash and then scored 2 free, unused fire extinguishers that were abandoned along with a bunch of junk and garbage. The large ones have already been installed in the goat barn.

    Saturday before the weather turned lousy, we finished the gutters on the goat barn. Soffets, fascia, and gutters with spouts are now on — not that the goats care, but their digs are lookin’ good. And we found some oil paint through the Sherwin-Wm. (they found surplus at a few stores) and picked up 3 gallons then had them mixed to our color choice. The best part is 30% off a sale that began today. Score!

    Still reloading the .223s and even had a chance to use some earlier in the week. I’m working on some new dog food recipes and so far, two paws up! Woof! Got another free 5 gal food bucket and need to clean it up before using it. Pickle juice doesn’t go well with rice…

    Michelle eats and eats and eats – she can’t help herself because she loves good food. She is trying hard to stay fit because she is proud of her toned, thunder-thighs….er, hocks.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Michelle is a pig, there is no doubt about it.

    • Note to everyone about Fire Extinguishers. Go with ABC cause they are good for everything.
      They do need to be professionally tested every 6 years. Meanwhile check them every 6 months and shake them a bit. Turn upside down, right side up, repeat 12 times. Make sure wasp have not built a nest up the hose nozzle.

      • Ron, Good tips, thank you. Wasps? Yikes! These are the first outside extinguishers for us so we’ll be sure to watch for ’em.

        • Don’t waste time on 2.5 or 5 lbs unless you can get them free. 10 and 20 lbs are best investment. Don’t cut corners on this vital piece of equipment. Make sure you know how to use them, you only get one chance.

  30. plant lady- hope you don’t mind a suggestion but, if your mlw has a specific illness as cancer,ms etc. if you contact the agency for that specific illness such as ” american cancer society” they will furnish some supplies or if you need a certain drug and your mlw as limited insurance the drug company will furnish the prescription for her. you just need to get a doctor’s order. (i was a social worker and had worked for a medical supply company). maybe that will help.

    • Plant Lady says:

      Pam: Thank you for the kind suggestion! MIL has Alzheimers and the local Alz. Society has been broke for 4.5 years (I keep checking – hehe). Luckily, her Medicare and supplemental insurance will cover the cost of a hospital bed and wheelchair. What caregivers of Alz. patients really need is respite time – but no one but the non-profit Hospice she was on will/can provide that – they would put her in the nursing home for 5 days once every 60 day certification period (and we just lost that). If I could get her awake and moving early in the morn, I could take her over to our local Senior Center that has an Adult Day Care program from 9 am-1:30 pm…but she rarely wakes before 11 am. And she is bipolar and for the first 3.5 years was like our own private terrorist – biting, hitting, throwing things, and her mantra was telling her son (my husband) “You are the biggest disappointment in my life – I wish you had never been born”. She wasn’t even that nice to me (oh my). We still see little flashes of this…just enough to make me very leery about waking her up before she is ready (hehe). I am VERY motivated to find help and have tried everything with the help of various social workers…but haven’t found anything available yet. MIL has just enough money not to qualify for Medicaid so she would qualify for one of the waiver programs to keep her out of a nursing home…but even then they only provide someone to wash her up & dress her and a nurse to visit (on their schedule, not hers)…no respite time. I can handle the caregiving part, I just dream of finding something that would allow me one hour a day so I could go outside and take my dog for a walk and tend my chickens. Two hours a day is a dream…I could do some actual daytime gardening then! And since I am dreaming, a couple “extra” hours once a month to go to the woodcarvers guild or do something just for myself would be really nice.
      I am blessed to have a wonderful husband of 31 years that helps when he can, but as a trucker he is gone often. And when he is home there is so much work to do around here that I just can’t get to. My sister (an EMT) is an immense help, I hire her to come over and help a couple hours a week. And I can call her day or night when MIL is having one of her TIAs and she will come right over. I force her to accept pay because this is a long-term deal and her willingness to help is invaluable. But even with my sister over, can’t go anywhere because MIL is rated as a two person transfer, so she can’t get her to the bathroom alone (I am big/strong so I can do it safely). Can’t afford professional help because of that…would have to have two people…and the last time I checked it was going to be $18/hr. for just one person.
      If you know anyone caring for an Alzheimers patient, the best thing you could do is give them a break…just an hour, even just occasionally, would be such a blessing for them. Caregiving for Alzheimers is a 24/7/365…and the folks who do this are saving everyone else their share of the $7,000+ a month it would cost to put the patient in a nursing home under Medicaid.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Plant Lady,

        You’re a Saint.

      • Nuttbush54 says:

        Plant Lady, I know exactly where you are coming from. My father suffered with dementia for the last 7 years of his life and it took my mother, my two siblings, their spouses, the grandchildren, a part time aid, my spouse and myself to take care of him. We struggled to find a way to get care without it bankrupting my parents and finally found a elder law attorney who gave us financial advise. My father forced the issue on a nursing home by falling and breaking a bone. The attorney’s advice earned his cost because he was able to get him qualified for Medicaid for nursing homes. Check online for pro bono legal work for the elderly, contact the county health department too. I am not sure what state you live in but check to see if there is a senior services available who can steer you to help. Is there another hospice service in your area? I was able to find a different hospice provider for my father in law when he was “kicked out” of a hospice facility because he wasn’t sick enough. The new provider accepted him and covered him until his cancer worsened and he went back to the hospice facility.

        You probably have already thought of these things, but I was struck by your story, it seemed so familiar. I just wanted to let you know someone understood what you are going through. I wish I could help you more. This is why I walk in the local Memory Walk to raise money for the ALZ foundation, so they can help people.

        • Copperhead says:

          I, also, can empathize with you. My hubby had Parkinson’s Dementia for 10 years. I took care of him at home for the first 8. He was never combative, but was still 24/7 for quite awhile. He and I went hand in hand everywhere as he would get lost in the house and everywhere else. It is a load to handle by yourself. Most are ‘too busy’ to lend a hand. I finally had to put him in a special Alzheimer’s/Dementia Center. There seem to be all these agencies, but they never did work out.
          I will keep you in my prayers as you travel this rough road. Be sure to keep posting and let us know how it’s going.
          Don’t feel bad if your patience runs low at times…it IS normal. Hunker-Down is right–you’re a saint.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Plant Lady, have you considered hiring a Fiji woman for a few hours each week? They are usually very good at caring for the elderly, don’t cost as much per hour as a nurse, and are usually pretty big women. You can usually find a phone number for them at your local senior center or from a social worker who specializes in geriatrics.

        Good luck with your MIL. You truly are a saint to put up with so much. Sometimes the best thing for an old and demented person is pneumonia. Sorry to say, but it’s true.

      • Plant Lady says:

        Sorry folks, I am not a saint…not even close! But thank you all the same!!! Did I mention that from a year ago June until this past April I was also caring for my 93-yr. old grandfather? I did have to put him in a nursing home in April…he was so jealous of the time I had to spend with MIL (and even my dog!), and even jealous of all her “visitors” (the Hospice folks) that he was terrorizing MIL and dog and started hitting me. And he is my height – but about 80 lbs. heavier. It about broke my heart, but had to do it before he hurt me or MIL or dog badly. Could handle MIL’s angry outbursts since I am about 6′ and she is under 5′ – and she can’t walk. Even if you love them above all others and they are currently a wonderful person (like my Gramps was until we “took over”), they can and will “go bad” on you.
        I really hate to write about this, since it always sounds so whiny. But with bad times just around the corner, everyone should be aware that taking care of your old folks probably isn’t going to be a walk in the park! The mental strain is horrific and can affect your health…to the point that studies have shown caregivers die on average 4 yrs. sooner than non-caregivers. Its bad enough now, but when the SHTF it will be real bad. I am so torn between what MIL needs and everything else that needs to be done, both everyday life and prepping to get self-sufficient as quickly as possible…the stress really wears you down.
        This type of Alzheimers runs in my MILs family – her mom had it, an older sister dies of early onset Alz. about 25 yrs. ago, then MIL got it, then her next younger sister got it…and the two youngest sisters are terrified. The younger sister died last fall of pnuemonia, before she got as far gone as MIL…and it was truly a blessing for her and her family. Sadly for my MIL, she is as healthy as a horse except for some transient TIAs (little strokes). It really sets off the guilt/stress when you find yourself praying for death for someone else…even though it would be the kindest thing, because end-stage Alzheimers is as grim as grim gets. Its even worse when she is in a lucid moment and is begging you in tears to help her die since she can’t figure out how to do it…and she is so scared and lost and doesn’t want to live like this any more…but your hands are tied by the law and not wanting to spend the rest of your life in prison. You try to explain that, then your heart is broken into a billion pieces when she says “that is too bad, try harder, because I want to die for you, too, then you won’t have to live like this any more”.
        Please don’t treat Alzheimer patients as though they are idiots because they can’t often communicate clearly…they are fully functioning inside, they just can’t get it out most of the time. Don’t talk “down” to them or talk in front of them about things you wouldn’t if they were fully functioning…because they DO know and DO understand a lot of the time…that is what makes this such a HIDEOUS disease.
        I am no saint…the saints are those poor parents caring for handicapped children. Theirs is a life-long ordeal knowing they will have to leave their helpless (adult)children to the mercy of others (who most likely don’t give a darn) after they die. Gramps is 93 and MIL is 87…so I am playing a limited term engagement here (hehe).
        It is a sad note that in our society that the only available solution for caregivers is to institutionalize their loved ones…that is pitiful.
        My prayers to those in a similar situation and those who have gone through it already. And if you are someone who is considering taking in your old folks, start praying for mental strength now, get in great physical shape and start stocking up on eldercare supplies: diapers, rubber pants, plastic mattress covers, suitable beds, wheelchairs, baby monitors/intercoms, portable commodes, etc. Then you will have them on hand for yourself in later years.
        So, LP, what are “Fiji” women? Immigrants from Fiji or is it an organization? We don’t get many immigrants here, way out in the woods. We are in the second poorest county in our state with a population of 14,000…which drops to under 6,000 when all the retirees go south in the winter. Retirees with a pension, farmers, truckers, welfare rats or those willing to drive at least 60-120 miles one way to work are about the only ones who can afford to live here…so not much of a draw for “new folks”.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Plant Lady,

          You are giving of yourself to others, just as Christ would.
          Find a conceptual garbage can to kick, you’re still human. Beat the crap out of it when you get frustrated. Pray for a peaceful death for your loved ones, always remembering that God gives life and it is His alone to take away.

  31. This week has been a real roller coaster. Wish the ride was over.

    On the bright side, went to Sam’s club and got a bunch of canned veggies, some canned beans, chicken and tuna. Also picked up some canned butter and some ammo at a gun show.

  32. Late in posting. Busy but very nice weekend! Whew! I’m still exhausted.

    Added a few cans of beef stew & chicken, 10 pounds of black beans & some duct tape to the storage pantry. Made arrangements to have our cabin moved to our retreat property within the next week. Bought a bunch of very large packs of batteries from Sams.

    I hope everyone in the way of the floods up in the Northeast is doing well. A root cellar would be in terrible shape in a situation such as this. Keep your preps good & dry!

    • riverrider says:

      ga mom, beware the sam’s energizer batts. i got a bad batch, they are 2016 dates but die in no time in my radio. duracell lasting 10-12 days, energizer one day. advise take a couple out and test them before you depend on them. just my experience.

  33. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey a few weeks back and I lost power in a rain storm, so my sump pump did’nt work and my basement flooded. Does anyone have any reccomendations on a back up generator, I’ve put this off for long enough. Oh just in case you missed it crime in the “D” is beyond our control, oh well job security I guess. God Bless

  34. The Prepper says:

    Did anyone watch preparing for the apocalypse last night? I’m not real sure where they get the people but they definitely get the people who are a bit out there. Wish they would get a down to earth person who who explain why putting back food, growing a garden and storing some extra supplies is a good idea regardless of any future calamities. The future is looking bleaker by the day, but these shows only turn people off to preparedness IMHO.

    • riverrider says:

      p, i think that is their intention to make us look like fools. if u look at the funding stream, u may find a link to uncle sugar.

  35. Wellrounded says:

    Any of you guys able to take advantage of the masses of people trying to get rid of the emergency supplies they bought for Irene. Just read a news article, so many people trying to off load everything from wine to gas generators…….

    • This doesn’t surprise me. MA people did the same thing right after the horrific ice storm in 2008. Generators that some stores made a special run for because there were so few to be had were returned so people could get their money back. Of course, nothing will ever happen again, right? It’s mind-boggling.

      Now people are bitching about not being able to have their morning coffee. Maybe they should buy an old fashioned coffee maker, a camp stove, some propane and with stored water why, they could actually have some coffee! In a well ventilated area of course.

      • templar knight says:

        Lynda, there are so many who can’t even boil water without the kitchen stove. Truly, I fear for our country. The number of completely helpless people is shocking.

        And Lynda, one of my fondest memories is having to make camp coffee(putting ground coffee into a boiler with water and boiling it for 10 min., then pouring the coffee off the top after the grounds settle) when a windstorm blew our hunting camp away near Douglas, Wyoming one fall. The temp dropped from the low 50s to 19 degrees in just a few hours, and that was the best-tasting coffee I ever had, even if I did have a few grounds stuck in my teeth.

        • riverrider says:

          tk, a building super i know says you’ld be amazed to see how many renters give him a lost look when he hands them a light bulb to replace a burnt out one. hard to believe, but judging from some of my last troops i can. no useful knowledge what so ever.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            RR & TK,
            Cant boil water? Cant replace a light bulb? Castro and his brother could successfully invade them and they probably wouldn’t care.
            There’s no way us preppers can (Gail, correct my grammar?) store enough food for the ignorant masses. Most of us don’t have the storage space or funds to prepare to feed our families after TEOTWAWKI.

            • I am still licking my wounds from last week’s lashing, so I had better not step on anyone’s toes this week. Hamburger. Yum.

              Perhaps I take a somewhat different perspective. I don’t see that I have an obligation to prep for anyone beyond my extended family. I will help if I can, but I am not going to feed the masses at the expense of my family (including my pets). I will feed my pets before I feed the hungry masses.

        • STL Grandma says:

          You know, I was thinking about this just the other day when the talking head on tv said that folks “should have three days worth of food and it’s ok to eat cold canned food for a few days” and I’m thinking to myself – Anyone who eats cold food just because their electricity is out is a blithering idiot and we’d be better off without said fool.. and then I remembered that I was talking about a full 80% or more of our people and then I just got sad. I’m so glad I found this blog and that MD started it in the first place.

          • Jo (Georgia) says:

            keep in mind they can’t recommend people start fires, so they wont be responsible when the idiots burn their houses down. Or worse yet apartment dwellers burn everyone’s house down.

  36. TK, I am an addict. A coffee addict and I will never go without it no matter how I have to prepare it. My local paper had a story about people lined up in their cars in the next town to find an open coffee shop and waiting in line 30 minutes. In the meantime, the people two towns over are complaining that National Grid, our power company, hasn’t responded quickly enough. There are thousands of people without power.

    We have ours but could have survived quite nicely without it. What I find disturbing is that Vermonters have had to have food and water airlifted to them because their towns were cut off by floods. Apparently not that many had enough in the way of supplies to last them more than a few days.

    People need to start paying attention and realize that we are not immune to disasters, whether natural or man-made. I find it frightening that they don’t and it’s a heads up for me to be less forthcoming about my own preps. Amazing how helpless people are.

    • Amen. We should never put ourselves in a position where we wouldn’t have coffee for the morning. I have three backup plans to ensure hot coffee. The first is the regular coffee making using the generator, the second is the french press using water heated on the gas stove, third is the french press using water heated on the propane camping stove, and even if the french press broke, I could put a coffee filter in a strainer and pour boiling water though it.

      Coffee is a necessity, for without it there is no humanity.

      • Let’s just say I wouldn’t be human without it, as well my family knows.

      • The smell of fresh brewed coffee could be an OPSEC violation. Now I do not know about you but I really hate goblins before breakfast.
        Last time I went to war I found Tasters Choice and hot water in my canteen cup worked very well and did not attract attention.
        IF time or conditions do not permit, Just a pinch between teeth and gum…

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Yeah, I was totally surprised to learn that people in Vermont, of all places, were running out of food and water so quickly and had to have some flown in. However, I wonder how many were in that situation? Sometimes the news media and/or the govt tend to exaggerate things in order to make them seem widespread in order to justify the expense.

      I see more and more mention of prepping, even showing up on MSM sources and in govt PSA advertisements. Maybe they know something we don’t? Maybe gearing up for 9/11’s anniversary? Whatever the reason, more people are getting the message but not necessarily heeding it.

      • It was National Grid that flew helicopters in and there were about 5 towns cut off according to news reports. The flooding was unexpected and severe.
        It’s that unexpected part…..always be ready for it.

      • riverrider says:

        lint, i agree somethings up. look at the billions we’ve spent on the space station, even giving away tecnology to the russians/chinese fortheir help in getting it up faster. also i think they realize they can’t afford to take care of everybody. there has to be some personal responsibility…..agree on doubting vermonters need the supplies already too. we took truckloads of stuff to sw va ,only to watch it sit in the lot for weeks and reload it back to the warehouse.

  37. Copperhead says:

    I am amazed also about the lack of preparation that people do in my area, too. There is not a soul I can talk to about any of this except my DD and SIL. They are onboard with me, but not SIL’s parents, so we are getting extra to help them WTSHTF. Most everyone walks around thinking “it won’t happen in the USA”. Dummiess!!! Better know I am keeping quiet and will have a few ‘extras’ to share but refuse to support people with their heads in the sand.

    • Copperhead, the comments are coming fast and furious in my local on-line paper and the town officials a few towns over are threatening to call a state representative. National Grid is doing the very best they can considering how many are/were without power.
      One poster had it right when he said “So much for hearty New Englanders.”

  38. Worrisome says:

    Just had a crazy thought based upon the experiences of a friend who does missions to small towns in Mexico? They go down there and build small houses, bring food, improve community wells, set up community showers and such. They also bring along a barber who shaves all the men’s hair and shampoos and uses a lice shampoo to rid the women of lice. When you are hunting and butchering animals and birds, lice are an issue. So it will be off to the store this week end to buy some of that lice shampoo stuff for my preps. Hope I never need it, the idea gives me the creeps, but from what my friend says, it is pretty common where folks are living very close to the land and have little in the way of facilities…………My friend have used their missions as experience to prep in very common sense ways. Doing some good for others and learning essential skills themselves. Where they live, Mexico is the closest place that needs help…………….He says that if they could find places in the US to do the same they would rather, especially this last year or so where the drug cartels are making so many inroads.

    • Worrisome, Consider food-grade Diatomaceous Earth instead of chemicals that will have expiration dates. It is quite safe, biological, and used on animals. DE can be used on humans too. DE will kill lice, fleas, mites, and other tiny insects. It is used to de-worm animals, too. When using, wear a mask so that you don’t breathe in any of the particles. It is completely “safe” and non-toxic but a life-threatening irritant to small bugs. Just search the product and read up on it. DE doesn’t have an expiration date that I’m aware of, either. I used it on my goats this summer when I noticed some itching and figured they might have mites. The DE was simply sprinkled along their backs and tail areas, rubbed in gently, and applied the DE several times for a week, then once every other week for about a month. The itching ended within a day and mites disappeared. I used the DE for about a month to make sure I got any newborn mites from egg cases, just in case. Hope this helps.

      • Jo (Georgia) says:

        Thanks Worrisome I hadn’t though about that aspect!, Lynn, do you have a trusted vendor you use? I did an internet search and it seems there is a wide variety of content quantities among vendors. I’d like to make sure I get one that works. I’m also very excited that I’ve read it can control bugs that get into my worm bin with out hurting the worm. Seems like a very useful thing to have around.

        • Worrisome says:

          Of course it helps……….I am with Jo tho, do you know a vendor?

        • Jo & Worrisome, I’ve been buying organic food-grade DE through Southern States. I’ll check the brand next time I head over there. We store the DE in a trash can and don’t have the label.

          I did a search and you’re right — there were plenty of places to buy DE but as with mail order, there would be postage. Might be best to shop locally, just be sure you are getting food-grade and if you want organic, look for the organic label.

          FWIW, the gal who works at Southern States ingests some DE, claiming it lowers cholesterol. Don’t know about that but she’s not alone.

          Interesting that DE can control bugs in worm bins — I tend to get the pesky fruit flies in the summer. But they’re everywhere. I’ll read up on the effects in a worm bin. Thanks!

          We’ve been using Frontline for flea control with our dog and I’m going to switch over to a DE treatment to get off the Frontline chemical “treatment.” We will apply about the same rate and in the summer months, once a week. Incidently, we made the powder shaker with a plastic jar and lid, drilling holes in the lid. Works great.

  39. Jo & Worrisome, I left a second comment but it didn’t get posted. I called Southern States and asked the brand name: St. Gabriel Organics. The package is 4.4 pounds and sells retail for $9.95. I checked online and found their website: http://www.stgl.us/

    Hope this helps!