What did you do to prep this week?

Well folks it looks like we’ve made it another week…

When I posted last weeks “What did you do to prep this week” segment it was nice and sunny, with the temperature in the low 70’s, well as they say around here; if you don’t like the weather stick around for a few hours and it will change…

This morning it’s a cool 35 degrees outside with a light frost on the ground… Is it just me or does it seem that the weather is getting more unpredictable every year?

Okay, before we start I would like to thank Susan B, Melody H and PM for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you all very much for your support and for helping keep this blog going it’s appreciated. If you feel that the information and the community that this blog provides have helped you and you would like to make a donation to show your support you can do that here.

I noticed that my first book “Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution” now has 100 reviews posted… not bad for such a narrow topic. To date there has been over 10,000 copies sold and copies are still moving pretty good. Folks living off the grid in a travel trailer isn’t for everyone, but it can be done. It can be a permanent housing solution, or you can do like I did and save nearly every cent while living so cheaply in the travel trailer, eventually buying a better property, and home.

Okay, lets see… what did I do to prep this week?

Bought Carbon Express Whisker String Silencers for my compound bow.

Ordered “The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook: Keep your loved ones healthy in every disaster, from wildfires to a complete societal collapse“.

Ordered a “Blackhawk Crucible II Folding Knife“.

Worked in my garden – planting tomatoes, peppers and pole beans…

Finished work on my shed extension that I mentioned in last weeks post…

Bought one box of Federal .223 soft point hunting ammo.

Well folks that’s it for me what about YOU? What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below… Well what are you waiting for? Start typing already…


  1. Limited preps due to having major dental work done. Dr ended up having to put me to sleep as the local wasn’t working. I spent Wed & Thurs mostly sleeping. I lost 5 lbs in 3 days since I could not hardly eat anything.

    Today I went to the $ store and bought first aid supplies. Bought some of those 88 cent meds at Wally World. While I was there I noticed that there were a lot of empty shelves. Maybe since I just read the first book of 299 Days it made me think too much?!

    Since I could not do very much. I finished reading MD’s book 31 Days to Survival and 299 Days. I have ordered the 2nd and 3red book of that series. I also ordered a book on making cheese, butter and yogurt and another book on making herbal hand creams and salves.

    Next week I plan to call the herb stores in the nearby city to see if any of them carry dried elderberries and to gather all of the supplies that Bam Bam mentioned in her article. I was wondering Bam Bam, if there is a flu outbreak do you think taking a dose of the elderberry tincture would help prevent getting the flu in the first place? If so, how much would you recommend? With 6 young granddaughters who seem to get sick easily I have been trying to find ways to boost their immunity.

    Just finished watching the remake of Red Dawn. It was pretty good.

    • I forgot to mention that my blueberries are blooming and 4 of the 6 dwarf trees are leafing out. Now if I can just start getting my garden planted.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      vitamin a one time dose…with zinc 50mg one time dose..immunity booster.

    • Schametti says:

      I have the first five of the Glen Tate – 299 Days series sitting here on my desk. 🙂 I heard they were great, and I’m looking forward to reading them, but I hesitate to start them until they release the other five. I haaaaate waiting, with a passion, once I start, I like to barrel through them, lol. I to watched the Red Dawn remake this last past week, and enjoyed it very much, but it made me fret something awful. I can just see that very thing happening. Wolverines!!

      • Schametti,
        I know what you mean. I got books 2 and 3 in the mail yesterday and I am already about halfway through book 3.

        Did you see the first Red Dawn. The first one the kids where living out in the mountains and fought the Cuban and Russian invaders there. I liked that the new one was more about urban fighting. It shows that anyone can stand up and fight.

        My dh finally wants us to get our CCW permits. We have been saving some money so that we can buy some guns when we get the permits. Then it is practice and more practice.

        • Schametti says:

          I’ve not seen the first Red Dawn! I recently heard it was great though, and will have to see about watching that one too. 🙂

          The Hubby and I got out CC permits this last past November. He has a beretta, and I have a .45cal and a mini revolver, (the latter, I just bought a holster for, and will attempt to get used to carrying). I definitely think the times are changing for the worse enough to make that an important decision.

  2. I was just in walmart to pick something up and figured I would stop by the pharmacy area. They were completely out of gloves. As in all brands and all types. They also only had one box of generic face masks. Hmmmm.
    I went ahead and picked up more ibprophen, bandaids and a hot water bottle. The water bottle came with attachments for an enema, while I wouldnt use this particular set up as it is hard to sanitize, I figured I would mention here that enemas can be used to hydrate a person who is seriously dehydrated if an iv is not available. It floods the small intestine with water which it can easily absorb. It is faster than electrolyte drinks.

    • Survivor says:

      Just a thought, but Lowes and Home Depot sell painting masks…

      • Survivor, I was just shocked that this particular walmart was out of stuff in the pharmacy section. Usually they arent out of stuff there…. now there electronics is another story.

        • We just got back from a shopping trip–we had to go to two different Super Walmarts to get cat food (Meox Mix original) and cat litter (Scoop Away). The shelves are empty. We even asked them to check in back to see if they had some waiting to be stocked and they didn’t.

          This is just another reason to hate Walmart.

          • Bam Bam, I really despise walmart, and the only reason I go is because they are open late nights when I get the chance to get to the store. I thought it was just me who couldnt stand them.

            • We hate Wally World too. There are a few things we purchase there but only because we can’t find them elsewhere for a decent price and/or size packages. Motor oil is one and canning jars is another – Ball, not the store brand.

              One thing to note – they are carrying American made towels again under the label “Made Here”. They are from 1888 Mills in Griffin, Ga. I have bought towels from 1888 Mills via Amazon and have found them to be a better quality towel than what is sold at Wally World. Same maker, but better quality on Amazon.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      try the mowing dept.

    • Excellent tip alert. Thank you. I read somewhere that there was a shipwrecked family that saved themselves that way. The mom was a nurse and knew about this apparently.

      • Mexneck, most people hear the word enema and are instantly put off, but I figured if there was a group of people willing to listen outside their comfort zone to hear something that could potentially save their life, it would be the wolf pack.

        • Hey , any group that buys crotchless leather underpants and falsies is surely not going to be put off by a little enema. Thanks for sharing.

    • Schametti says:

      I just bought a couple mags of 20 each latex gloves in the gardening section of Lowe’s, along with a three pack of masks. (I bought them to make soap soon, but the back ups will be great in the med preps. The 20 gloves were just a buck, so definitely something to look into if your walmart doesn’t have them. 🙂

      • Schametti says:

        *Sigh* Bags, not mags, lol.

      • Shametti, I never would have figured lowes for latex gloves. If cvs or walgreens turns up empty tomorrow I will head there.

        • Schametti says:

          Right? I wouldn’t have thought Lowe’s would be the place to stock up on gloves either, but they were there in the garden chemical section, (kinda makes sense really), so I was all.. Ooh! Yes, need! 🙂

  3. For preps this week the Lehmans order arrived with a pressure canner
    and an oil lamp .Spread manure in time before heavy rains. Frost tonight here-
    Wondered how many people in Boston wished they had had a gun for protection when the Bombers were on the prowl.
    Preparing for a big spring garage sale -hoping to buy a rototiller.
    Be well wolves….Bam Bam superb entry re: Pandemic Bird flu. Arlene
    parts 1 and 2.I am focusing more intensely now for that issue.

    • Arlene,

      Thank you for the complement. I was wondering the exact same thing–how many of those folks in Boston were wishing they were better prepared to defend their homes?

  4. Babycatcher says:

    Went to the LDS store for the first time, and bought about $150 worth of goodies. Next job( Mon) is to put it all up…Our new metal roof is finished! It was an insurance job from almost two years ago when unprecedented tornados ripped thru our area. Many people lost roofs, but we waited til the time almost ran out, so we could save up more before the installation. Now, to turn some income into PMs…God bless you guys, I am learning tons from you.

    • Babycatcher,

      It is not called the ‘LDS store’. It is the Family Home Storage Center.

      Latter-Day Saints fast one a month and donate the money that would have been spent on meals to build the building, purchase the canning equipment and purchase those supplies.

      It is not a retail store for preppers to purchase ‘goodies’.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Kate, a non-LDS person would not know that but thanks for the info, its pretty cool.
        Personally I think anywhere you can buy something is a ‘store’. and if it is run by LDS persons then ‘LDS store’ makes sense to me.

        • Lady Hawthorne,

          This is Kate’s pet peeve. The proper name is the Bishop’s Storehouse. They sell food to folks at cost. It’s part of the LDS charity network.

          • Isnt the pantry first and foremost to make sure the members have food if for whatever reason they are unable to buy their own?
            I know some of the missionaries are some wonderful people. I was helped out of a really rough situation by them, and it really shocked me just how far out of the way they went to help a stranger.

      • Babycatcher & Kate,
        I go to the local Bishops Storehouse about 4 or 5 times per year, and I do stock up on mostly long term shelf stable supplies. The folks that run the local storehouse known that I am not a church member and that I am a prepper. In fact, some long time local friends who are LDS members volunteer at the storehouse, as do most of the folks you see running the place. In my case the friends who retired a few years back accepted a 2-year mission to learn to manage the facility, the first year as assistants learning the job, and the second year acting as managers, and training the new folks. I would like to point out some things that I do in regard to the storehouse.
        1. Nearly all of the staff are volunteers, and the prices for the commodities you purchase are sold nearly at cost. Since I am not a member, and they are hospitable enough to let me use their facility, I always make a donation somewhere between 10-20% of my purchase price to their welfare fund. $20 donated there will result in feeding someone $20 (wholesale) worth of food, while that same $20 donated (well at gunpoint) to the government will result in feeding someone about $6.00 worth of food at retail. Even with a 20% donation the price, amount, and quality of food you get is still a deal
        2. When we make an appointment, we always plan to stay for extra time to volunteer our services while we’re there. Sometimes just helping a family that came in to do some canning, can get them packed up and out the door in a shorter time. The LDS folks are doing non-church members like me a large favor and paying it back with time or money is appreciated by them, and simply the right thing to do.
        3. The friends I spoke about earlier have convinced me that the best way to do the long term food storage (at least for the items available from the storehouse) is with the #10 cans. Although the food cost per measured unit (e.g., pounds) is a bit more, when you add up the cost of 6-gallon Mylar bags, O2 absorbers, 5-gallon food grade buckets, an your labor, the actual cost difference is minimal. Additionally you don’t have to open up 5 gallons of something and either use it up or reseal it, and if a seal goes bad or an O2 absorber fails to work, you only lose a single can, and not an entire bucket.

    • Babycatcher,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. Don’t worry we don’t bite–well everyone except Kate. LOL

      • Hey, I don’t bite!

        I merely point things out and try to give a complete picture of the situation!

        And besides, we all have Pet Peeves….

  5. KR Prepper says:

    Great week everybody.

    Planted my 12×8 spinach, chard, chasers fav (lettuce) giant Ceasaer (lettuce) Roma, beefsteak (tomatoes) butternut squash, tongues of fire, garden (beans) red, yellow and white potatoes.

    Got my 20 hours of target practice. My hometown was hit by a series of heavy thunderstorms. I was out there, bow and alll. The rain doesnt make a difference

    Bought another half dozen carbon arrows from cabelas

    Set aside a cooler for medicine

    Had municipal gas turned off. The $700 a year could be better allocated elsewhere

    • KR Prepper,
      “Got my 20 hours of target practice?” WOW. Getting that much ammunition and time in the same week would beamazing all in itself.

  6. OregonMike says:

    Hi Pack,
    Very late entry this week. Built 2 more (#’s 10 & 11) raised beds.
    Planted 30 more pepper plants and a dozen tomato plants. Cukes, melons, squash and beans yet to plant. Also all tomato, pepper, and bean seedlings yet to plant. Canned 7 quarts of chicken (raw pack) to try and gain some freezer space. Need to do another 14 quarts to gain more. Made jerky but it doesn’t last too long. Bought a flat of marigolds to plant among the veggies. Merged 11 chick flock (9 week old) with our 10 hen (2 1/2 year old) flock. So far, so good. Still not looking for ammo until the price becomes reasonable. Have enough now to last for the first few waves.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Ain’t that the truth about Jerky? I used to make up five or ten pounds of Jerky at a pop and it would usually be gone in a week or ten days. My ex-wife’s grandfather once ate an entire 5 pound bag, by himself, in a single evening. It’s a wonder he didn’t have a cardiac infarction right there on the spot!

      • Jerky is pretty healthy and low in fat , but I bet he didn’t have a bowel movement for at least a week!

        • hvaczach says:

          Five pounds of jerky about fifeteen gallons of water to replace fluids jerky pulled out I bet he didn’t go past a pisser either.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      All of you:
      Have done nothing but laugh.
      Listen it doesn’t take much to stop up the plumming on an old person. But man 5lbs of jerky. It’s a wonder he didn’t explode and you have to be investigated.

  7. Suburban Housewife says:

    I am finally getting back into the swing of things. All of the stress and activity leading up to my mom passing has really taken a toll on my health so I’ve been sort of hiding out and taking it easy – trying to take care of myself. Finally feeling a little stronger and energetic – Yay me!

    Bought 2 blueberry bushes, some herbs and a fuchsia. Can’t eat the fuchsia but it makes me happy to look at it. DH hacked at the ground trying to dig a hole to plant stuff – he might as well have hacked at the sidewalk. I guess I’m going to have to buy pots for everything.

    Ordered a variety of elderberry products and am on the prowl for an elderberry bush again (and probably a pot for it).Searched for an elderberry bush last season too. No one seems to sell them around here – they say they don’t grow well in this area, but I know some people have them.

    I’ve been cooking from my food stores and working on organizing stuff. Cleaned out my closet and cut my wardrobe in half. Want to cut it in half again. It feels really good – it’s freeing. “Less is more”

    DH rearranged the garage so we can set up a plywood “target” to practice knife throwing. That will be fun. Still trying to get rid of junk and replace it with preps.Sometimes I’m not sure which is which. Being an artist I see potential in EVERYTHING! LOL.

    I do wonder how people organize, inventory, categorize and keep track of the stuff they have – and how to prep without being a hoarder. I am kind of “if I can’t see it – it doesn’t exist” – stuff that gets pushed to the back of the refrigeration stays there forever -I think it’s purpose is to keep more stuff from getting shoved to the back I guess. Same with stuff in the garage – Seriously – if I can’t see it – I will completely forget about it.

    Several weeks back I bought software (Food Storage Planner) which is actually awesome. DH and I spent considerable time and inventoried all our food in the garage and entered it into the software. Great! I’m gonna get super organized! Right?

    So I also rescued a little 6 yr old Yorkie when I was in Ohio, flew her back here to SoCal, only to have her and my old girl Min Schnauzer not get along. She kept attacking the old girl. Hang with me – there is a point to this 🙂
    So I’m sitting on the sofa with my lap top on my lap when the Yorkie flies across my lap/computer and launches an attack on the old girl causing me to jump up dropping my computer on the floor- and then stomp on it as I was breaking up the dog fight.

    The result? New hard drive and all my work down the drain! All of the articles I had saved – everything – gone. Back to square one.. I am seriously considering a cloud type back up now – even though I don’t trust them. Any suggestions out there? the only one I’ve heard of is Carbonite – but I really haven’t done any research on this yet.

    The good news? The dogs are getting along better and better. The Yorkie is adorable – but knows NOTHING! Supposedly she was a breeder in a puppy mill type situation. She’s not housebroken, doesn’t know any commands or anything. But she wants to please is trying hard to learn. She is so darn cute.

    Today we drove almost 100 miles (round trip) to a Strawberry Festival – turned out to be a couple of food trucks, a couple of vendors and one farm stand. Eggs were $8/doz! We did get 12 pints of organic strawberries for $20. We were there maybe 10-15 mins. We ran out of things to see or do. (Sigh) – we just laughed.
    Tomorrow I start making strawberry fruit leather for sure.. the grandkids are coming soon – they love it!

    And Bam-Bam – thanks again for your flu info – I too have elderberry stuff on order.

    One more thing – I started an herbal tincture months ago – the directions was to shake it every day for 3 weeks(which I did) then pour into bottle – well that was months ago -I got busy with my mom – and it got put inside a cabinet where I didn’t see it and so forgot about it. Do you think it is still good? I used Everclear – can it go bad? I’m hoping it’s just a “super” tincture and not spoiled – what do you think?

    • KR Prepper says:

      Hey there. Sorry about to computer. I run a recording studio, so I know how a loss of data can bite you (npi) I wouldnt do the cloud. Check out microcenter in MN (they’re online) and pick up some older nib drives. Keep ur data close

      • what about multiple thumb drives or a back up drive just for storage then it doesn’t have to be “out there”.

        • I agree with hvaczach. Thumb drives, especially non brand name one sold by places like Micro Center as well as SD and MicroSD cards are inexpensive, and the MicroSD when removed from the SD carrier is extremely small, and hide able if required. These come in sizes up to 16GB at reasonable prices, and up to 64 or 128GB for quite a bit more money.
          Your other option is an external USB drive. I have several I bought at our local Micro Center, and you can get a 2TB drive, in a case, with a wall wart power supply for somewhere around $100. We’ve reached the cost point where picking a smaller drive saves little or no money.
          Finally, if you’re worried about personal information, you can get a thumb drive like the Corsair Padlock 2, which contains built in hardware encryption, and keys on the side to enter your PIN.
          I use all of the above methods.

    • Suburban HW, sorry to hear of your moms passing. Prayers to your family.

      As for the hard drive – did you have a back up? Download ALL your files to a thumb drive, external hard drive, and disc. Multiple backups. Keep them safe.

      And if you can, one printout. I know printing a 300 page article is tough and expensive (ink),but for handiness can’t be beat. just make sure it is 2 sided.

      I’d hate to have to replace my “found knowledge”! Good luck.

      • Survivor says:

        One thing you can do is peruse the article and clean out the useless information, advertisements and other garbage before you print. You might find that 300 page article reduced a bit..

        • survivor good suggestion – I do that cause I hate to waste the paper and ink. I do thoiugh, keep the name and copyright so I know where it came from. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Check web for elderberry bushes, i.e. Raintree. More and more seed catalogs list them, i.e. Territorial. Just be sure to buy more than one variety. Most places offer two of different varieties for pollination for a slightly lower price.

    • your tincture should be ok, just a little more potent than it would normally be. I have let some go 3-4 months and they have been fine. Some actually strain after 3-6 weeks and add the tincture to more herb to increase the strength. I would just use a little less than the “recommended dosage”.

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
        I actually do have a back up drive – which I haven’t used for the past year or two – since all of the family crises and chaos. I don’t think much of my prepping stuff got back up. I can never find the darn thing either – same with thumb drives – too little – practically invisible to me. What I really need is some self – discipline I guess! LOL.

        BUT – I do have Drop Box on all of my devices – maybe if I started using that and keeping all my prepping files in Drop Box – then I could access them from any device. What do you think? Is Drop Box fairly safe? Drop Box must be some sort of cloud type of thing thogh to – right? I have never heard of a nib drive- I will check it out.

        And printing – I did start a binder a while back and I think I know where it is – so I will be more diligent about printing stuff and getting it in the binder too.

        Glad to hear my tincture is OK – I have decanting it on today’s to-do list.

        Thanks again all – very helpful. I’m going online shopping for an Elderberry bush or two now – hope they will grow in pots too.

    • Suburban Housewife, your tincture should be fine, as long as all the plant material was covered by the alcohol. Carefully pull it out and open it. If any of it looks moldy or if it has an off smell, then toss it.
      Your tincture really wont be any stronger, even though it has been sitting for a while. There is only so much the alcohol can extract. In order to make it stronger you would need to strain the old plant material and add new.

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        thanks TG – I am going to take care of it today and see what it has turned into.

    • Suburban Housewife,

      Yes, the tincture is absolutely fine–pardon the pun.

    • It’s GREAT tincture. Don’t worry about it. It’s usually a minimum of 2-6 weeks, but you usually don’t ever have to decant it if you don’t want.

  8. Survivor says:

    Had to scratch my plans for the bucket garden for the time being. I’ll see about planting in June. We have a long growing season here. I’m being called out of town by my employer for a few months. They’re sending me to Montana so will have to figure out my escape route back home. It’s times like this when I’m glad the DW had me purchase my hiking GPS.
    I scored three more 55 gallon drums for my irrigation system. Five down, 10 to go. I mowed grass and collected the trimmings for the compost bin/pile. I shared out some heirloom seeds to a few friends who will in turn save and share seeds.
    I finished my trotline just in time to NOT use it. I was looking forward to that as well. Oh, well!!

    • Survivor:

      Montana is easy. There are 2 roads East and West and 2 North and South. One of each is a freeway. The other is 2 lane. If you haven’t been here before just remember it’s a long way between people. Don’t leave town without at least 1/2 a tank of gas!

      I just came back from Washington last night. It was 31 at the border, snowing and slushy once we crossed into Montana. And got colder as we went. The trip from Spokane usually takes about 5 hours. It took 7. I finally hit clear roads about an hour from home, and it only lasted 25 miles. Back to snow and icy roads.

      Normally you would just need coat/hat/gloves and some extra food and water in the car with you, this time of year. Now it’s a full winter kit.

      Saw 2 cars that lost it, into the center (grass) of the highway. One broke up the undercarriage bad, the other ate the protective rails in front of a bridge abutment. Didn’t look like anyone was seriously hurt, just lost attention for a couple of seconds at excessive speed.

      So, welcome and have some fun while your here!

      • Survivor says:

        Thanks JP! I’m gonna be there for about two months living in a hotel and eating restaraunt food. Nay biggie, I use the perdiem money to upgrade preps and equipment.

        • Kelekona says:

          Survivor, remember that grocery delis often have cheaper food than restaurants, and hotel ice is free if you can get a cooler in there. I don’t remember how much the salad bar is, I think a full pound of salad for the price of a smaller one at McD’s.

  9. k. fields says:

    Attended a couple of big parties today (4/20 – northern CA and Earth Day weekend) which were loads of fun and I got to pretend it was all on account of my birthday!
    Was honored to be asked to sit in for a while with the band playing at this evenings’ get together – such fun for an old guy like me. Still can feel the contact high from a full day billowing with smoke but I must admit that the queasiness I usually experience from the chemo drugs is a lot less than normal tonight.

    The past week here was all about the 3 little pigs – purchased 3 weaners last Monday to help dig the gardens, clean up the food scraps, drink the extra milk, etc. They have required a lot of time to get acclimated – every unfamiliar sound, day or night, would sent them running and squealing – but they sure are cute.

    Weather has been warm and dry and predicted to continue, so I can finally get the winter wheat crop in this coming week. The cool weather gardens are still producing, a good bit of the summer gardens are now fully planted, and am finally getting fresh milk again! Things are good here.

    Be sure to do something in your community to celebrate Earth Day!

  10. Hannibal says:

    We watched an old TV show on Netlfix called JERICHO. Post nuclear attack survival. Seasons 1 & 2 are available there & on iTunes. I know it’s 6 or 7 yrs old and was canceled in Season 2, but what a good way to you wrap your head around how society & survivors will act when times get desperate & food, water and other resources are scarce. DW & DD loved it.

    Worked on the FJ, gettin’ her ready for whatever comes our way. I added a 2″ trailer hitch receiver that I got for free and some exterior rear facing lighting. RIGID makes great LED Floods and spots.

    Started selling off old gear & stuff around the house & will use the $ for new preps and more FJ parts.

    Bought more ammo, found some 12g slugs for $7, box of 5.

    Found some acreage w/ it’s own well and septic already installed. It has a small cabin, (maybe 400 sqft) a satellite dish installed and a small warehouse bldg. w/ a large loft bedroom & bathroom & what appears to be a HAM radio antenna tower on the roof. Plus a wood burning stove. All it needs is a good OTG solar power system. & it’ll make a great BOL or retirement place. It has lots of trees and room to grow our own, close to fishing and hunting. Making arrangements to go view it a.s.a.p.

    • The DH and I watched that show too and we really enjoyed it too. It did raise our anxiety levels though but got us to thinking more specifically.

    • I thought that show was pretty good and explored some of the actual issues that may arise in a total collapse.

    • Schametti says:

      I think I’ve only barely heard of this Jericho series, but it sounds like I need to watch it. Does it at least end well? (I don’t mean happy, but if it got canceled.. does it end semi- “complete” or cliffhangerie?). If it has a proper ending, I have some ITunes money from Christmas I still haven’t used, and would love to get something prepper-ie-related. 🙂

      • Kelekona says:

        Jericho is the reason I’m here. I liked the first season, but couldn’t get into the direction of the second. Didn’t even get to the cuts off. Try Hulu or Crackle before paying for it.

      • It does end at a reasonable spot and doesn’t leave you hanging. While the subject is serious and quite intense at times, there is a little humor built into the storyline – much like life. We found it on Netflix.

        • Schametti says:

          Awesome. I’ll definitely look into trying to watch it then. I would be mad if I started watching it, and it just… stopped, lol.

          I started watching this really cool new series a month or so ago.. Was TOTALLY sucked into it.. and it was canceled after three episodes. I was soooooo bummed, and STILL wonder what happened to the people, lol.. (It was called Zero Hour, I think), Very good premise. I guess there just aren’t enough people out there intelligent enough to follow along with a complex plot. If it’s not The Kardashians.. people just don’t care, lol.

          • Kelekona says:

            There is a new show that Scyfy is advertising, didn’t watch it yet… but the first two episodes are now on the website. It’s called Defiance.

            It seems post-apocalyptic and violent.

            • Kelekona,
              I also hope Defiance works out. I have the first two episodes DVR’ed and will probably wait for at least one more until I start to watch. Too many decent shows that get going and die out, especially in this genre.

            • Defiance is good. It is connected to a video game so it will probably stay on. Watch it from the beginning though so that you understand what it going on.

          • Millie in KY says:

            I hate it when they do that! There was a fabulous one called Earth II about 15 years or so ago. OMGosh, it was so good and had Tim Curry as a very charming bad guy, so deliciously evil…http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/preppers-supply-list-for-economic-collapse/
            I was so hooked on it…and then it ended….I bought the series which I rarely do because it was so great.
            I’ll have to look up Jericho, I vaguely remember that one but think I was in school and got out of the habit of watching tv. I listen to Fox, now, the weather station and look for interesting movies or other things but really there is not much out there that I find all that entertaining anymore. Thank the Good Lord I’ve never seen anything of BooBoo Honey Bear or whatever that child is called except a 30 second clip on youtube. :):):)

            • JeffintheWest says:

              I know! The mere thought of what that so-called woman is doing to that little girl is enough to turn my stomach. I only found out about it when I saw an episode of South Park in which they made fun of the mother….

            • Millie, I was thinking what is BooBoo Honey Bear, so I googled it. Aaaagh! Wth?! I am traumatized by a 2 min video clip!

              • Schametti says:

                Baaaha.. Honey BooBoo, actually. And her Mom, June, and her Dad, PapaBear, and her screwed up sisters.. Pumpkin, Chickadee and Chubbs… LOL. (Oh, and can’t forget about the new baby.. the sixteen year old sister just had.. Baby Kaitlynn, who has two thumbs on one hand, lolol). Yes, I watch the show from time to time. It makes me feel better about my life, like Hoarders.. My Strange Addiction, and What’s Eating You. All hilarious..

                • JeffintheWest says:

                  Hoarders freaks me out too. I’ve caught about five minutes (total) of various episodes of that show — most recently of someone apparently cleaning a hoarder’s house out holding up a dead and dessicated rat of considerable size, and that is enough to give me nightmares.

                  In a sense, I guess all of US are hoarders too, but at least we maintain some organization and cleanliness and only hoard things we’ll actually USE as opposed to copies of Life magazine from the 1950’s or empty cardboard boxes squashed flat and slowly rotting.

                  • Kelekona says:

                    I don’t think there is a good comparison between preppers and hoarders, especially since one is a learned behavior and the other resembles OCD. Preppers have a different definition of need, possibly defined by believing that the Great Depression will happen again.

                    I am a hoarder in that I honestly get uncomfortable without a certain amount of stuff around me. But I recognize that many of my collections are “full” and I honestly am trying towards a state of knowing where everything is and how to get to it.

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      I think it truly is a matter of perspective. To some people, I would probably seem a hoarder since I accumulate things like food and fishing line and paracord and firewood…. To others, I’m merely careful. I think it’s fairly clear when someone has passed from “hobby” to “obsessed” in these matters, but I suppose the impulse is there in all of us to one degree or another (I’m recalling George Carlin’s riff on “stuff” from a couple of decades ago here…). Still, I call a hoarder someone who goes through the trash and extracts used (and empty) insulin pen needle injectors and saves them for some inscrutable purpose…. To me, that’s OCD quality hoarding right there.

                  • Schametti says:

                    I watch just as many or more shows on the history channel too. I just like a little variety and balance in my life. I’m happy being on the computer, reading here, researching things, and having something on the TV. I might not be focused on it every second, but I multi-task, lol..

                    My Mom calls me a Hoarder, (she doesn’t mean it in a BAD way, but I still hate it). I loathe clutter. My house i picked up, (well except for my boys dragging out their dog toys all day and night long, that I have to pick up daily, lol), but my shelves have just the right amount of things, stuff is put away or where I think it should be.. But I have one closet full of prepping supplies, and that makes me a hoarder. Ergh, I don’t think so..

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      The”History Channel.” Hehehe. Around here we refer to it as the Myth Channel since all they seem to have on any more are “reality” shows of dubious merit, and speculation on ancient aliens. My favorite “catchphrase” from the History Channel? “Some people say…” as if that makes it legitimate. Can you tell I hold degrees in history here? 😉

                    • JeffintheWest,
                      Well there’s always the Sci Fi channel, where you’re likely to see the WWE. No science but lots of fiction. I actually get most of the good history shows now on National Geographic and Military channels. Some day to save money we may completely eliminate our satellite subscription, and many of these channels are making it easier by the day.

                    • Jeff, hehehe, I just switched it over to H2 and they had someone who theorized that the spanish flu was because of aliens….
                      Oh, now they are talking about space bacteria.

                • All I can say is wow, the things people entertain themselves with. Then again, I am sure many people think my entertainment of documentaries is weird. To each their own I guess.

                  • True but I’ll take the History Channel over most “reality” shows too. One problem – I dropped to basic cable and they won’t let me keep it.

                    • I prefer the History Channel to any of the so called reality shows. I have really cut back on how much TV I watch. Mostly I am on here reading people’s comments! 🙂

                    • Kelekona says:

                      A quick look at XMBC, we get PBS, DIY network, Documentary.net, Hulu is broken, TIME.com, HowStuffWorks.com….

                      And you never know what is out there breaking copyright unless you’re looking. It’s not all Naruto.

              • Millie in KY says:

                TG, that was probably the same clip that I saw and hurt my eyes on. I have never watched the show. It’s white trash at its worst.

  11. Orwellian States says:

    This week was busy. 1. I planted onions, taters, and cabbage in the garden. 2. I purchased 24 tomato plants and 50 pepper plants to go in next week. Got a little carried away with the peppers. 3. Did some work on the 8N tractor, 4. Purchased some .308 for the Enfield and 7.62×39 for the Russian SKS. I buy some for various firearms whenever I get off the mountain. 5. Add some cans of various items to the stock, 6. Filled some 5 gal. cans for the fuel reserve, and &. purchased some “junk” silver and a 1/4 oz gold maple leaf. I am so glad spring is here. Winter was so wet and dreary in East Tennessee – can’t wait to work in the garden.

    • riverrider says:

      308 for an enfield?

      • Yep, 308. Some of the Enfields were rebarrelled when sportsterized.

        • Much easier to come by most of the time than the .303 british.

        • riverrider says:

          yeah i had one years ago, it was called an ishapore, made for the indian police. but i haven’t seen any in a long time. wanted to make sure somebody didn’t try n use the wrong ammo in it.

          • Thomas T. Tinker says:

            Got one River. The Ishapore.. Indian Royal Arsenal… was produced until 1968 from the ground up as a 308. It was the last commercially built 308 for the military. India needed a 308 to satisfy NATO requirements and as they had all the tooling…. most of it… they machined a receiver, produced a new bolt and fitted it with a new 12 round box mag and stock. It is a solid shooter as long as you don’t want to take a long shot. Mine is the carbine model and it is a great ‘stash’ weapon. SHingTF…. I could live with it.

  12. Millie in KY says:

    I never think I get much done until I go and make a list and then think “WOW!”…
    I ordered another 8 pack of grains from EE in the superbuckets. I had a bit of extra money and so now we should have enough grain to go for a year.
    I found an ad on the Bowling Green, KY craigslist for a guy in middle TN who had fruit trees for sale, 60 of them for $500. I called, he said he could sell less for $10. each. Great looking trees, so I took a trip down yesterday and got 2 concord grapes, 2 Anna apples, 2 peaches, 2 pears. That should be enough for us with the other trees that we have.
    I have been collecting recipes like crazy, mostly one pot things (crock pot) that I think will be transferrable to a Dutch oven.
    I also orders a few thornless raspberries, 200 strawberries and 6 small hazelnut trees.
    For fun, I ordered an incubator, as long as we have power, I can at least raise some chicks for trading, eating or egg laying. In the meantime, it will help to repopulate my flock which was decimated by foxes last fall (they seem to have moved on, thankfully) and the occasional hawk. I have the fertilized eggs. And the cost was about the same as ordering 20 or 30 more chicks. So what the heck, I’ll give it a try!
    Lastly, I had a job interview this week. I think it’s something I would enjoy and just a few miles from my house. Now if the pay will be decent and a bit of insurance, I would love it. Everyone please pray if this is the right job that I get it.
    This week, fish come in for the pond, will report on that adventure next week. And will be also getting half a dozen blueberry plants locally.
    The BB’s, raspberries will be going into raised beds and perhaps the hazel nuts, too. Strawberries are going into 6 upright PVC pipes with holes in it and a soaker hose in them.
    I have just about blown thru my bird money so will have to slow down as soon as I get the garden dirt in. Still looking for a load of that.
    Good prepping, everyone!

    • Millie, praying for you for the job. Good luck with those eggs, hope it works out.

    • Schametti says:

      Good luck with the job, Miss Millie. I’ll cross my fingers and say a prayer for you. Good luck with the babie chickies. I’m sooo jealous. I know I keep saying it and saying it, haha, but I so want chickens!!! I need to continue my search and hunt to see if I can convince my subdivision to let me have them, buy a coop, etc etc.

      I’m so jealous, the trees, the chickens, (I think you have adorable baby goats too?), and a fish pond, stocked! It sounds like you’ve got the perfect homesteader set up going on there. I think I need to move to Kentucky, and move in with you.. you can show me the gardening ropes.

      My girlfriends have found an eight bedroom house nearby, with forty acres and a pond, etc etc.. and they’ve been bugging me to look into it, and buy it for them, (Hahaa, right), but it sure does sound tempting. An old farm house with my best friends, and plenty of room to prep.. probably a pipe dream, at best, but I might have to go take a look at the place anyway, just for fun.

  13. Just got back from teaching half an Appleseed. I did a lot of karate this week, and made my own beef jerky. Got a few shirts at the thrift and also dropped off some stuff I didn’t want anymore there, so a tiny bit of decluttering. Bought an old army poncho liner. It smells though – the old school ponchos smell like barf and it seems to have seeped into the liner too so I have to wash it. I am hoping to make a pouch for it and attach that to my go bag (just call me Linus). I’m not sure in retrospect how useful it will be, but my sleeping bag is bright yellow and way too bulky to hike with, so this is just another option.

    • One other thing, I’m watching the elderberry tree in one of the public park gardens around here, to get some fruit when it finally makes fruit. I already have elderberry syrup, gloves, masks, immodium, plastic sheeting, etc. A squirrel cage fan might be a good addition – see alpharubicon.com for a fan in an ammo can idea for your safe room.

      For coughs, you can use plantain (that weed with the spike) or mullein in a tea. With a lot of garlic, I would say, too.

      Elderberries are good for boosting the immune system but if this is a flu with cytokine storm action you might not want to boost your immune system any more. Garlic might be a better idea for combatting that kind of flu. Will have to look it up and see which kind it is.

      • worrisome says:

        Penny Pincher, if and when you do follow up on the cytokine storm angle, would you please let us know? That will be important if we are ever in a pandemic for this one. I understand that there are over 100 cases now and some 20 have died. That is a 20% loss ration, not good!

        • JeffintheWest says:

          You are right about that!

          By comparison, the Spanish Influenza of 1918-1919 had a fatality rate of roughly 2% and still managed to kill an estimated 50 million people world wide. This one, if it takes off, will kill 10 times as many people out of a population that is roughly double what it was a century ago — that means you can expect a minimum of 1 billion deaths if it spreads as quickly and efficiently as the Spanish Flu did.

          Again, to compare, the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) killed roughly 22% – 23% of the world’s population in the middle ages, killing about 100 million people out of an estimated 450 million world population at that time. (For the record, H5N1 (the last bird flu scare) had a fatality rate of nearly 80% based on a very limited statistical base, but it seems to not be such an issue any more.)

          • JeffintheWest,
            The Spanish Influenza and the Bubonic Plague both occurred in the pre-sterilization, pre-antibiotic age, when the mortality of even a simple infected cut was high. Today’s antibiotics are very effective against plague, and medications like Tamiflu appear to be effective against the newest influenza strain. One thing that kills people with the flu is ancillary infections like pneumonia, for which we have effective treatments.
            I’m not blowing this off, but as preppers we need to be realistic, and attempting to divine numbers from diseases in the past, must take in to account modern medicines and medical technique, including such things as quarantine and a more general awareness of the public to these diseases.

  14. FreeRangePagan says:

    Hello Pack!
    We’re wrapping up the season here, so work has been about all I’ve been doing this month.

    The best prep I’ve gotten done is that Lady has decided to prep!!! We made a list for her and now I’m slowly adding an item a week or so. She’s more on the zombie-ready side of it but I’l take it. She’s got a multitool and a sleeping bag so far. Also, she’s got a new job!

    I’ve gotten another 2 litres of water put up, I’m almost out of room on the shelf. Picked up a bunch of candles at a rummage sale, and a few books on natural cooking, solar greenhouses and sausage making.

    Can anyone recommend a good meat grinder? Lady and I have decided to get one before summer really starts.

    That’s about it, keep safe everyone!

    • Good Job FRP!
      Glad the Lady has decided to come on board. Zombies are a great way to scare someone into becoming a prepper!
      I have all kinds of meat grinders. I have used the old time metal food grinders that clamp onto a table.Must have alot of patience and helpful cranking arms.
      I have the kitchen aid attachment grinder that goes on the front of the mixer. Works great. About 80.00 if you have a heavy duty kitchenaid already.
      I have had the cheap plastic one from Walmart. This does OK if you go slow. You can’t try to push the meat through. It will heat up after about 30 minutes.
      Of course the stainless industrial models are the way to go if you can find and afford it. Cabelas has some nice ones but they are pricey. You get what you pay for right?
      Slightly freezing the meat is helpful so I goes through the burrs easier. The soft fat can gum up the grinder sometimes.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        I’ve been thinking about rigging mine so that I can set up a stationary bike and use it to crank the meat grinder — it’s actually designed to allow that to be done, but I need to get a few parts — and a kitchen! Plus having a stationary bike in the kitchen would be all too exciting for the lady of the house, I’m betting…. 😉

      • Audrey Druse says:

        Mama J,
        I am not sure if you will see this but I thought it was worth a try. I have tried to pressure can ground beef from the store. I fried it up and hot packed it, processed it 75 min for pints. When trying it later the meat was almost mush. I was wondering if I used the grinder with a larger grind (3/8″ holes) if that would help. Or if purchasing the chili grind from the store would fix the problem. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it. The idea of having ground hamburger for so many different dishes appeals to me.
        Thanks for your help and all the info you share with us.


    • FreeRangePagan says:

      MamaJ- Thanks! Maybe I’ll start with the cheap one and see how it goes from there. I think I’d like the hand crank one, I’m trying to get things that don’t require electricity, both for the cost and if the power goes out.

      Jeff- that’s an awesome idea. Wish I had room for it.

  15. Schatzie Ohio says:

    UGGH! This morning at about 5:00 AM the husband let our GSD out and she promptly mixed it up with a skunk.

    I decided to make a “shoe” box and used a small plastic tote to include:
    shoe horn
    laces for shoes and boots
    tube of Shoe Goo
    shoe brush
    trimable insoles
    spray Scotchguard
    leather shoe cream
    Sno Seal

    It will be important to keep your shoes in good shape if/when SHTF.

    • hmm….. I may have to look into something like this… I can honestly say that ‘shoe maintenance’ has not been on any of my lists of things to get – well other than extra laces. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack and MD, I haven’t posted in a while due to work and projects. I hope everyone is doing well. I did manage to add to the preps and get a little more organized.
    Replaced an old gun cabinet with a closet style cabinet.
    340 rds. of 150 gr. 30/06
    250 rds. .357 mag.
    30 rds. .44 mag snake shot
    Gun smithing punch set
    Gun cleaning pick/brush kit
    Under seat storage box for pickup (for prying eyes)
    10 Thermold 30 rd. .223 magazines (ordered in Dec.)
    1 8 rd. .44 mag. magazine
    Patched a leaky roof building
    Cleaned out the flower beds
    Organized out building
    Well that’s about it besides several projects around the house. Hope everyone has a great week! Prayers for all the folks in Boston and those affected by the bombing as well as the folks of West, Tx. You all are in our thoughts. Let us never forget how quickly life can change and always be on guard. Watch your six and God Bless!

  17. Found an interesting article about vaccinations that includes a 2-page printable (to help a parent analyze whether a specific vaccination is appropriate for a particular child at a given time).


    The article also has quite a number of sources listed, for those interested.

    • Lantana, thanks, my kids are vaccinated, but every time I have to take them in I worry about it. These diseases are nothing to play around with but at the same time they have a lot of toxic stuff in those vaccines.

      • TG,
        You stated, “they have a lot of toxic stuff in those vaccines.”. Can you name some of the stuff? The Doc in our MAG isn’t worried about the contents.

        • Three off yhe top of my head, formaldehyde, murcury, snd aluminum. Different vaccines have different things as a preservative. If this is something that concerns you, you can look up the ingredients online for each vaccine.

        • Actually they do not have “a lot of toxic stuff”. They may have very small amounts of a substance that if the dose were large enought may prove to be toxic.
          Stop and think for a moment. Ask yourself “why would they want to poison people”? Do you really think they are monsters or what?

          • Ron, I actually do think they mean to poison us. The vaccines do contain those ingredients, no one disputes that. But here is the issue. Kids are given something like 28 vaccines before the age of 6. Most of it is in the first year. Now each of those has been proven safe by the fda (for those who actually trust what the fda says), but the safety of the vaccines together hasnt been tested.
            Now, I am all for keeping our kids healthy, and like I said my kids are vaccinated, but most parents have no clue about their options when it comes to vaccinations.
            Like Arlene stated above, you can ask for the preservative free vaccines, you can also do a delayed schedule, you can choose not to vaccinate, or you can choose to keep the schedule that the cdc has outlined. It is a matter of making an educated choice.

            • TG,
              Who are “they” and why do “they” want to poison anyone?

              • Ok, that was me wearing my tinfoil hat. Taking it off, I dont think “they” are trying to poison anyone. With that said I do think that “they” (being the people who make money off of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals aka big pharma) dont give a hoot about people. Maybe they started out that way, but now it is more about being accountable to the share holders. Just my 2 cents…

              • Kelekona says:

                The poisoning aspect makes a lot more sense if you go with “just happens to be poison” rather than poisoning was the aim.

                Let’s say that someone in the lard industry wanted people to think lard was good for them, and then found ways to enhance the flavanoids in lard so that they liked the idea that lard was good…

                Then they find that lard was bad, or that one or more of the processes used to make lard-gathering more efficient was bad…

                Or people just stopped liking the pale color of the meat by-product, meaning that the entire industry had to do something to preserve profits if a side-business suffered.

                • Kelekona,
                  “Then they find that lard was bad . . .”
                  This one miught be a bad example since lard is defintely not good for us, although it is marginally better than oils with transfacts. LOL

                • Kelekona, your right, I stated it badly. Although your comment makes me think of crisco…
                  Ohio prepper, the lard being bad for you depends on the people you talk to. There are s bunch of people who very much believe that lard (from sustainably raised animals- not the cafo animals) is a healthy fat.

            • ” I actually do think they mean to poison us”. I dont suppose you have a theory on the motivation for them to be poisoning us?

              “The vaccines do contain those ingredients, no one disputes that”. Nor do I. I am trying to point out that its the dose, not the substance, that is the poison.

              • Ron,
                I agree. Formaldehyde was mentioned as an ingredient, and according to the lists of ingredients for common vaccines I have from the CDC (in pdf) that is correct; however, a quick search of “foods containing formaldehyde” list a large number of fruits, vegetables, and meats, all containing some amount of naturally occurring formaldehyde. If you stop eating and drink enough water, that will poison you also, due to an imbalance of electrolytes. It comes down to making an educated choice after being properly informed
                How about cyanide? According to the Agency for toxic substance and disease registry: “In certain plant foods, including almonds, millet sprouts, lima beans, soy, spinach, bamboo shoots, and cassava roots (which are a major source of food in tropical countries), cyanides occur naturally as part of sugars or other naturally-occurring compounds. However, the edible parts of plants that are eaten in the United States, including tapioca which is made from cassava roots, contain relatively low amounts of cyanide.” Low amounts of cyanide, which means again that we should not panic, just be educated.

                • Ohio Prepper, that is all true enuff! Look at your fingernails. See white lines? Thats your body getting rid of excess cyanide. Some parts of the southwest have naturally high levels of cyanide in the water. Since moving east my nails have lost almost all of the white lines.

              • Ron and Ohio Prepper, your right the dose does matter. But what worries me is how much is too much. Like I said above kids get something like 28 vaccines now, not counting the flu vaccine, which is a lot. They have never done a study on the safety of all the vaccines together, they are instead studied individualy. They also tend not to study the vaccines for long term effects.
                The fda lets the companies do the studies and as long as the company says its safe, all is good. Well, the companies are more interested in getting paid so as long as it appears to be safe lets push it fast. I know that there are trials that studies the immediate safety, but how long do those studies last.
                My theory is that big pharma is not interested in health care, sick care is what keeps the money rolling in.
                Any which way, I think we all agree that education is key.

                • TG my friend, All I can say is maybe you are seeing evil where evil does not exist. I have not heard of any massive die offs of children in this country.

                  • Ron,
                    And in facxt, our lifespan keeps getting longer, even with all of those chemicals being used in the foods (or just perhaps, because of them).

                    • OhioPrepper, I just got a crazy image of bodies being found in a couple hundred years perfectly preserved from all the food preservatives they have eaten.

                    • Kelekona says:

                      XXX Holic: Kei , episode 7, how much truth is in the fiction. I think I believed before that modern people wouldn’t rot as fast.

                      As far as vaccines being poison. Which childhood mental problems are on the rise? Correlation between later birthdays and ADHD diagnoses within a classroom.

                      I’m glad that polio has been wiped out, at least. And I’m effed-up without the full spectrum of vaccines.

                    • I have actually heard that they do not need to use as much chemicals during the embalming process as they did years ago – the reason being all the chemicals we currently having in our bodies. How accurate I don’t know as it is a bit of trivia I picked up years ago.

                    • TG,
                      So they find perfectly preserved bodies of 80 year old people vs. completely disintegrated bodies of 40 year old people. I’d personally rather be in the first category, and in fact, how many of us would already be dead at our current age had we been born a mere 100 years sooner.

                    • OhioPrepper, cant say which I would go for…. hows the quality of life in both options? I *think* I would choose quality over quantity. But then again I have never been faced with my own mortality, so at that time my choice may be different.

                    • As Grace Slick once sang (back in the early 70’s) “Maybe the preservatives in your food are preserving you”?

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      Kelekona: Only two diseases have been “wiped out” Smallpox and Rinderpest (a cattle disease). Polio is still infecting people, even here in America.

                    • TG,
                      Life back then was often described as harsh and short. Compared to today, where life is long, how harsh it is depends generally on the choices of the individual.
                      Quality of life however, really depends on your definition of it. To me, being relatively mobile and pain free and in reasonable health as I get older helps define it. Working with my critters, and garden, and spending time with real friends is another part of it. Some folks seem to think that if they have a 70 inch flat screen TV and I only have a 42 inch, that they have a higher standard of living. IMO it’s all about what makes you happy, especially in your golden years.

                    • OhioPrepper, I understand what you are saying, and that is pretty much what I was getting at. I wouldnt mind living to 80, or longer, if I can enjoy those years with my family. Quality of life for me isnt life without struggle or pain as that is a part of it, or by how much stuff I accumulate. For me it being able to enjoy my time here. Like I said, I have never been faced with my own mortality, and would like to think I wouldnt give up without a fight. But, I can think of a couple of instances where I dont think quantity would be better.

                  • Ron, no massive die offs that I know about either.
                    Perhaps I am paranoid about people injecting things into our kids. I know every time my kids get vaccinated I watch them like a hawk and spend weeks worrying about them. Then again I have had one with an allergic reaction.
                    On top of that not trusting the fda, and the money makers in big pharma.
                    I am by no means telling people not to vaccinate, but to know what is in those vaccines and to know the side effects.

                    • Well until someone can explain a rational motive for the willful poisoning of people I am not going to worry about these things.

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      ron, the use of the word “rational” with the phrase “willful poisoning of people” seems to be a bit of an oxymoron.

                    • Encourager says:

                      With my firstborn, he had to have all his vaccinations at half dosages because he ran such a high fever and was so sick from them. It was a scary time.

                  • Kelekona says:


                    this is what is wrong with not being able to conduct long-term organised studies on humans…. what do the preservatives do to a living body?

                    Of course, what’s right with not being able to do these studies taps into anything freedom related.

                    • Jeff,
                      the word rational is an attempt to remove the phrases, “I think” and “I feel” as justification for irrational conclusions.

                    • Kelekona – I just read about a study done by a high school student from Texas on the differences in fruit flies that are fed organic produce vs. those fed standard, chemical treated produce. The organic fruit flies were healthier through the generations. She started her exploration because she overheard her parents arguing over the price of organic vs. non-organic. Her parents buy organic and don’t worry about the price now.

                    • GA Red,
                      It would be good to see the actual data on that experiment. Assuming that the non-organic food actually did contain some sort of bad for you chemical, the dosage usually expressed in mg per kg could be infinitesimally larger when feeding the fruit to the fruit flies.
                      There have been too many “cancer scares” in the past where the human would have to ingest 20 gallons of diet soda (or other food) per day for 20 years to reach the cancer inducing dosage. I’m not saying that the experiment wasn’t a good one, put unless you know all of the facts; it’s hard to rely on the outcomes.

                    • Kelekona says:

                      OhioPrepper, look up some GMO experiments, including the French study on rats. I’m not sure if it is mentioned, but what are the chances that they got ahold of some RR strain without it being doused in pesticides?

                    • Agreed on the cancer scare. I grew up using saccharin (liquid first) then the study came out about it causing cancer in rats. I don’t use it now but we didn’t stop using it then because we considered the dosages for the size of the animals compared to humans.

                      On the other hand, in blind taste tests with my kids, the organic foods win every time. I have even begun to recognize the flavor difference in carrots. As long as I can afford it, I will buy more organically grown food than not.

                    • Kelekona,
                      “doused in pesticides?”
                      I’m not sure what you mean by this; however, we own a piece of a farming operation, and the only thing ever “doused” on the fields, is fertilizer, in the form of manure, for those who have animals. Any other chemical requires the operator to be certified to purchase and apply them, and since they are expensive, I don’t know anyone who uses more than absolutely required. Some larger farms actually use GPS to apply chemicals to the field based on where they are in the field based on the specifically pre-measured soil and plant conditions. I don’t know of anyone douesing anything.

                    • GA Red,
                      “the organic foods win every time. I have even begun to recognize the flavor difference in carrots”. Are you sure the difference in the flavor is organic vs. non-organically certified, or field grown (which I think most certified organic is), or is it the difference between field grown and hothouse and greenhouse grown. Especially in the off season, many fruits and vegetables are grown in green houses, and I personally don’t like those near as well. In our gardens, we use companion planting, but have been known on occasion to carefully use a little Sevin, which makes the plants non-organically certifiable, but doesn’t appear to modify the taste.

  18. Not much in preps this week except to get about $20 face value of junk silver. Woke up monday morn and saw that silver had dropped so went online to look at it and it took me about an hour just to place my order the site was running so slow. Was almost late for work but wanted to get it in .. Got home from work and was going to order some more 1 oz rounds but NONE AVAILABLE. I don’t really want to place an order and then wait a long time so will just have to be ready next time, will check out a couple coin stores and see what they have.

    Other than that got garden going and had to cover plants due to high winds and storm coming in then we have a frost warining so left them covered and yesterday took the buckets down and the rollypollys had eaten my cucumber plants down to nothing, did not touch anything else, so had to replant the cucmbers, oh well may have been early anyway.

    Will be interesting to see what happens to the bomber they have in custody and what the spin will be, and will be waiting to see if Glenn Becks statement will be something big or just more hoopla.

    • Schametti says:

      It seems that GBs points were mostly to do with the third suspect, the brains behind the operation, I guess. (That Saudi National that WAS to be deported, then all files/reports of him were wiped away, and they didn’t even deport him, they just.. let him go). It’s pretty infuriating, when the government KNOWS that he’s part of the bombing operation, but think he’s ‘too important’ to imprison.

  19. Picked up my second Hi-Point C-9, so now I have twins. Background check went from 3 days to 2 weeks. Not surprised. Scored a 100-round bag of ammo for $30. As soon as I got home, I [romptly managed to get a serious paper cut from a box edge — trigger finger, of course. Must be my guardian angel ’cause I ripped back half my fingernail three weeks ago; trigger finger. So, for some unknown reason (fate?), I’m being prevented from hitting the range and using ammo. Geez, I only want to use one box or so in a class.

  20. Over the last two weeks got 10 cans Bush’s baked beans, #10 can of cut green beans, 2 boxes of assorted bandaids, 8 cans of Sterno fuel and another small 6 inch sq stove-giving me three now-and bought some more junk silver quarters. Also started to prepare my raised bed gardens for planting but that’ll have to wait another two weeks or so. It was 23 degrees outside this morning here in SE Michigan. The weatherman is promising warmer weather in about a week or so. He must be talking to that stupid groundhog! Keep storing.

  21. Hi all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted much but still drop in every now and then to see what’s up. Between increasing anxiety and personal family junk, I haven’t had the time to keep up much. That said, we have kept prepping.

    1 12-pack of 8oz canning jars
    1 12-pack pint jars
    1 pack extra lids
    First-aid kit – 140 items for $6
    The DH found some bullets he wanted
    Garden planted
    Avocado tree repotted

    And the really biggie – the DH bought me an All-American pressure canner!!! You should have seen my face.

    We’ve also been doing some things to be better organized. I’m trying to buy a pack or two of canning jars every week or two as the budget permits. We are hoping for a good crop from the garden.

    I’ve also been helping one daughter with feeding herself and her fiancé. She understands prepping from the cost savings on food standpoint and is good at remembering prices for comparison shopping. I try to find foods she can use when I do my grocery shopping and we have made two huge pots of stew recently from leftovers I put in my freezer. They are growing a garden at his mom’s house too and plan to share some of what they are growing with me.

    • GA Red,

      Congratulations on the All American. I absolutely love mine.

      • I spent some time this evening reading about it. I’m most excited about being able to can soup that my daughter and I make instead of freezing it.

  22. hvaczach says:

    Not really a prep so much other than just prepping supper but got two racks of ribs on the smoker and boy do they smell good.

  23. Nickles, nickles, and more nickles… Sprinkle some long term food storage and that sums up my week.

  24. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Sunny Sunday Pack..ers:

    Beans: 2 quarts of honey

    Bullets: 9 boxes of 22mag. shotshells…. cause that is all to be found in Toledo.

    Bandaids: Doxycycline. Tegaderm.

    Bullion: A little bit.

    Books. New addition of Merick Manual.

    Other. IDPA match this morning. Six strings of fire.. all mixed perp and NoShoots… point blank to 30 yards.

    Was just thinking…. Feds want to remove firearms from the public… they can’t.. so far. So they purchase the majority of domestic ammo production using Tax ‘contributions’ and digital money. Result.. no ammo to speak of and closing in on $ in unpaid bills…..

    FYI… Gander Mountian receives it’s delivery of ammo every Thursday evening. It is stocked for the Friday opening… First come… First serve. Friday mornings, starting at about 5:30ish a.m. fools like myself start to line up for the ’10 box Friday sale’. At 9:00 a.m. the doors open. At… eh…. 9:20ish…. your outtaluck till next Friday unless you are one of the first dozen in the door. Missed the cut this week. Crappolla.

  25. Seeuncourt says:

    Still snowing here, but i finished the new and improved chicken coop and enclosure, incubated some eggs into chicks, and purchased a used rototiller (Honda f501). That should get the garden in as soon as the snow melts! Picked up a dozen canning jars on sale at the local hardware store. Repurposed some old pickup camper cabinets into “outside the coop” nesting boxes for the other chicken coop. They worked great! Knitted wool and alpaca mittens for next winter.

  26. Added to the “what did I do” list today. Hit the commissary for some deals. Canned pasta sauce (ok not the BEST tasting, but will do in a pinch) for 50 cents a can, condiments, peanut butter, jelly, and toothpaste. And the hubs found the magazines he was looking for at the PX. Not a bad week. I need to inventory and reorganize the food supplies soon.

  27. Bought a couple of boxes of ammo and took my grand daughter to the range to hone her pistol skills. She loves shooting and I just wish ammo would become more available for her to shoot. I purchased a new Ruger K III a few weeks ago for her to use and she loves it.

    • Yay for the granddaughter. I’m such a happy camper when I hear about the younger folks doing such things.

  28. I got a new dehydrator!!! I had one of those old snack master one with 4 trays, was loud and the cover was warped. Hubby and I went to cabelas yesterday, he got 5 boxes of ammo and I got a 80. Discount on the new toy!! Going to get lots more dried, yessir!
    Got the last of the micro waterers installed in garden, making more tomatoe cages out of reinforcing wire, had enought tubing left over to install waterers in herb garden, my dearest brought home another timer to break up the zones, so if we’re out of town I don’t need to rely on DD to water.. But suspect the grand kids wouldn’t let her!
    Now I have a question for our herbalists out there… I have a star jasmine vine about to explode into bloom and the honeysuckle is blooming. How can i make my own oils, tincture etc, same way as vanilla extract or what? Michele? Bambam? Help? This jasmine only blooms for a few days, been nursing it thru drought and I want to make some stinky stuff,, been totally stressed last few days, Boston and West… My SIL was about 30 miles from West and felt as well as heard it, Stepmom about 20 miles away didn’t hear or feel it…and some aromatherapy is in order…I even had a customer service chat girl from Amazon ask me about if I thought West was an attack when she realized I live in Texas. Just a terrible, terrible accident. But they did have ammonium nitrate stored there and they were only licensed for ammonium sulfite. Can you say lawsuit? Sure you can….
    My problem is what carrier to extract the essence.
    We got about 3 cords of oak split today, most gets used for ‘cue, but plenty for fireplace if power goes out in ice storm…..next winter!
    Hope oaks are done pollinating pecan comes next… Bleah! Sometimes I do wish our worst pollen season here wasn’t the winter!
    Hope and pray this week is better!

    • Depends on what you want.

      Honeysuckle tincture for asthma and breathing problems – fill a glass jar with the flowers (preferably picked early in the morning) loosely packed down. Fill with 80 to 100 proof vodka or brandy. Put the lid on, and shake it every day for two to six weeks. Strain out the flowers (or keep them in – your choice).

      Honeysuckle (or jasmine) for the pretty smell – can be obtained by putting the flowers in a jar, and covered with your choice of ‘carrier oil’, for me that is usually almond oil.

      You have a couple choices here, you can gently heat the oil with the flowers in it or not. You might want to try that with your jasmine since it only blooms for a few days, so you will not have the option of continuing to strain it out and adding more flowers after a few days to increase the fragrance.

      Pick your flowers early in the morning. Place them in a jar and barely cover them with your oil and gently shake them a couple times a day. For flowers that continue to bloom, you can leave them in a few days, strain them out, then pour your oil over a fresh batch until you have the strength you want.

      Also, I found on the web – gardenguides.com this method. I have never tried this, so cannot vouch for it either way.

      How to Extract Essential Oils from Honeysuckle Flowers

      A pleasant, sweet aroma makes honeysuckle flowers prized for their essential oils, which can be used in a variety of applications. Extracting essential oils from honeysuckle flowers involves a few kitchen utensils and approximately one hour of time.

      Step 1
      Fill the stockpot with a gallon of distilled water.

      Step 2
      Add three cups of honeysuckle petals and stamens to the pot of water.

      Step 3
      Place the bowl in the center of the pot of water. Make sure the water doesn’t overflow into the bowl. Remove a little water from the pan, if necessary.

      Step 4
      Place the lid of the stock pot, upside down, onto the pot. The knob-handle of the pot’s lid should hang inside of the pot once it is covered.

      Step 5
      Allow the pot to simmer on the stove for approximately 50 minutes.

      Step 6
      Fill the upside-down pot lid with ice. The ice causes the inside of the lid to condensate with honeysuckle essential oils which will drip from the knob of the pot lid into the glass bowl.

      • Thanks, ever so much Michelle!! Looked last night when taking scraps to compost pile, and a couple of blooms have already burst open, it’s so pretty as well as aromatic. I have a bottle of “sweet oil” but it’s pretty small. Combo of olive, almond and I think castor. It’s sold as a skin oil in the Hispanic section of most stores here. Now I don’t think I have three cups of honeysuckle flowers, but the question is, loosely or packed?

        • pack them in baby. more flowers, more scent

          • Encourager says:

            Michele, I absolutely love the smell of violets. Would I be able to capture the scent of them using this method? Also for Lily of the Valley?

            • Encourager, any flowers/herbs can be infused by oil or alcohol. Just try to use a light smelling oil (Michele said sweet almond and I have to agree, but apricot kernal, grape seed oil, and rosehip oil also works) as a stronger oil like olive would be a really hard smell to overcome.

  29. Melody H says:

    This week I got 2 more cans of powdered milk, 2 more freeze dried fruits, freeze dried cottage cheese and also smaller cans of butter powder and sour cream powder, to try. I hate the idea of buying a #10 can of something I might not like or use, so these two will be tested this summer. Have been researching a dehydrator, which I hope to have by mid-summer, to start practicing on so I’m ready for harvest season. I went to a newly opened Christian book store in this very rural area, and purchased 10 small New Testaments for 30% off! She was so happy for the business that she gave me a 20% off coupon for my pastor (because the new store was announced in the bulletin for the last month) I kept thinking of all the people without hope if an emergency happens then continues, and thought if they were me, I’d welcome a New Testament. I’ll buy some more when I’m able to afford them.

    • worrisome says:

      Melody, I made up some pails of supplies to give to people in case of big disaster. Clean wash rags, soap, toothbrushes and small tubes of tooth paste, shampoos and conditioners not used in hotel rooms i have stayed at. Also some oatmeal packets, rice packets, bouillon cubes, tea bags, matches, etc. I also dropped a new testament in each one…

    • Not to toot my own horn, but this might help with helping the needy.
      Many Blessings.,,,

      • Mama J, I was mia when this article was posted so just read it, I love your ideas. I have a lot of holes to fill in my own preps, this will help a lot for what I need and then if time permits for charity purposes. I am like you, I would adopt strays, especially kids.

  30. Hunker-Down says:

    We planted heirloom tomato and pepper seeds in pots, under grow lights in the basement.

    Gurnee sent our 12 hazelnut trees last week. The ground is frozen so I cant dig the holes. I cant leave them in the shipping container long enough to wait for the ground to thaw so I mixed peat moss, perlite and Wisconsin dirt in 12 five gallon buckets. Because the peat will draw moisture out of plants, I added (naturally) too much water to the buckets. To get the excess water out I put a towel over each bucket and flipped it over in the garden and let them drain for 2 hours. Finally, the buckets have a good moistened soil mixture for the trees. I just snuck those dirty towels into the washing machine and hope the DW isn’t paying attention to the dummy that has been carrying buckets in and out of the basement the last two days.

    It’s snowing again. Maybe I can dig the holes next week, nighttime temps still get down to 30. Winter sucks.
    We were supposed to plant peas and radishes last week but a snow bank still owns that spot.

    I hope the marathon bombing will wake up someone who will begin to think that maybe it would be a good idea to learn who the enemy is. Wearing politically correct blinders is getting us killed. We can never eliminate an enemy our government does not want to recognize. We must find out why.

    • riverrider says:

      we know why, he’s one of them.

    • Striking a balance between what this country has been and what our enemies are doing is a huge… maybe sticking point, debacle…?

      This country is mostly “could theoretically trace their line back to another country,” some more recent than others. Declaring the “protection” of Japanese-Americans during WWII to be subversive to the American way… Terrorists goals are designed to make us afraid. How many disabled and dead do we tolerate before hobbling our individual freedoms further?

      (I’d rather be able to carry my own snacks on a plane, even if a fellow passenger’s “snacks” kills everyone aboard.)

      And second amendment is a little outdated, I understand that at one time it was desirable to have a wealthy person with a cannon to give to the citizen militia… These days, the tech of warfare is more reasonable to be owned and maintained by the government. Could the NRA really stand up against tyranny even with every hunter, general weapon-owner, and sudden military defector on their side? How many wealthy Burt Gummers would it take to cause a sever inconvenience to the government, assuming everything except radioactive materiel was able to be got?

      • JeffintheWest says:

        The Constitution is never “outdated.” And as far as “the NRA” (though I’d rather say; “average Americans”) standing up to tyranny, even though all the high tech is on the Government’s side, you should probably study up on Vietnam’s or Nicaragua’s revolution. Or even our own, where the Brits had all the “advantages” militarily speaking.

  31. MORE – rice, beans, TP, powder, primers, lead, ammo, silver, and gunsmithing skills class this Thursday!

  32. Ok Pack, I am getting my notes together for an article for herbal remedies. Is there any specific illnesses or such you would like added into the article?

    • TG – herbal remedies for stress, depression, anxiety for both adults and children would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Encourager says:

      How about
      1. pain such as arthritis, sprains,
      2. overworked muscles, headaches.
      3. Sinus pain and pressure,
      4. allergies.
      5. Baby problems like colic, constipation, teething

      Okay, I will quit now!!

    • Sundancing says:

      I would love to learn about basic “getting old” stuff – herbs for blood pressure, diabetes prevention, cholesterol, etc. Thank you for doing this! 🙂

    • I vote for pain, arthritis, and sleep! RA here and would like to reduce the prescriptions… And to a note on elderberries, I THINK I may have a wild one growing here… Will double check when it blooms, will take it to Austin at the Wildflower Center to verify.

  33. Renewed my subscription to Backwoods Home magazine. Bought some useful books at local thrift shops: Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy, We’ll Eat Again (UK WWII rationing recipes), American Folk Medicine, and Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. Also got The Prepper’s Cookbook from Amazon. Sprouted 24 dozen small peat pots of carrot seedlings. Added 12 cans Yoder’s ground beef, 2 cans Emergency Essential’s green coffee beans and a six-pack of #10 cans of powdered dairy and egg products from Honeyville. Dehydrated and then vacuum-canned about 3 dozen jars of various vegies and fruit (fresh, canned and frozen). Stocked-up on 19 lbs of dry pasta either discounted at local grocery stores or at near wholesale price from Costco. Intend to cook the pasta and then dehydrate it so I will have “instant” pasta in my food storage. Found a nearly new Columbia fisherman’s vest, a still in the unopened package Eddie Bauer Espresso Maker (will fit on the rocket stove) and a still in package 5-in-1 emergency whistle (compass, waterproof match holder, fire starter bar) at local thrift shops. Right now I am dehydrating fresh spinach leaves so I can bake, from food storage, spinach and bacon quiche in the solar oven.

  34. Encourager says:

    WHAT?!?! Whole Foods, Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farms are now agreeing to allow GMO products in their stores and in their products?!?! Good grief, can’t we trust ANYONE to keep our food pure? They have ALL lost us as customers. http://worldtruth.tv/usda-forces-whole-foods-to-accept-monsanto/

    Okay, I looked up the info regarding Monsanto being protected by the USA laws from being sued regarding GMO products causing health problems and it was Obama who appointed the Vice President of Monsanto as adviser to the head of the FDA.I stand corrected – the bill passed protects GMO (read Monsanto and others) from being sued for health reasons (http://www.policymic.com/articles/31783/monsanto-protection-act-highlights-special-interests-behind-legislative-process) and the Vice President of Monsanto was appointed as adviser to the FDA head.(http://www.care2.com/news/member/101960828/2911019). Need to be completely factual here.

    • Encourager and wolf pack- a new bill was just introduced into Congress to try to insist that the GMo foods be labeled as such- so PLEASE contact your Congressmen and woman and tell them to vote for this bill.(sorry I don’t know the number of it- this inf was sent out by Marie Rodale from Rodale press which is very reputable (Organic Magazine Editor). Arlene

    • Encourager, absolutely insane. Thank goodness for the non gmo project. I try to watch for their label when shopping.
      It is terrifying what is happening to our food. Most people dont have a clue. I have known about them for a while and am still finding things. For instance tuna. Who would guess that canned tuna is packed into gmo soy. The only cans I could find without the soy is $5 for 5 oz! Even bags of sugar are more than likely in part gmo sugar beets unless it says pure sugar cane. Even then I dont trust it. It is sad that while trying to buy basic things I have to argue with myself over cost vs gm free.

      • How about Tuna in water? Around here it’s the same price, and IMO a lot tastier, but be aware that most tuna still contains some mercury compounds.

        • OhioPrepper, all I buy is tuna in water. Here is what is listed on the label: light tuna, water, vegetable broth (carrots, celery, peas, soybeans), salt.
          I checked every brand and its all the same. The only thing I could find without the soy was in the health food section for the price I listed. I avoid soy because of the gmos, but I feel really bad for those with soy allergies. Corn is just as bad.
          As for the mercury, thats the reason we dont eat it a lot and I usually fix it with cilantro.

          • If you know someone on the west coast maybe you could visit during tuna season. It will be one thing I miss when I leave here. Fresh caught tuna and then canning it makes for wonderful meals during the off-season.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Now THERE’S a shock! Mr. “I-want-Health-Care-Passed-immediately-but-no-way-am-I-going-to-suffer-under-it” has decided it’s okay to put anything they want into our food supply? Tell me it ain’t so!

      Why is it that every law the Dems propose is dedicated to the principle of taking something away from Americans? Why can’t they just leave us alone, allow us to cling to our guns and bibles and self-reliance in our benighted ignorance out there in “fly-over” country? If they don’t want healthy food, or freedom of choice in health care, or a gun of their own, that’s just spiffy, but why does that ALSO mean they need to take away OUR rights to have those things? Is it so they somehow won’t feel cheated when they see that we 1) don’t care what they do to themselves, and 2) are living just fine (in fact better) without all their stupid ideas? Okay, rant over. Sorry.

  35. Encourager says:

    Okay, this would be funny (and I did laugh at first), if it weren’t so shocking.

    Just saw something on the news that blew me away. Last week, a man in California had a fake petition and walked up to people and said he was tired of people criticizing Obama and wanted it stopped – he told them his petition was about repealing the First Amendment. Everyone he approached signed it.

    Yesterday he did it again, except he was repealing the Sixth and Seventh Amendment (your right to a speedy trial). He said repealing it would get rid of the glut of backup in the courts. People signed it willingly.

    He said he just thought like a politician and promised the opposite of what he wanted. It was funny – at first. Then appalling. Do people really NOT know the Constitution? All of them were willing to sign away their rights under the Constitution with the stroke of a pen. Not to mention putting down their names and addresses to a complete stranger… Yes, before you start (and you know who YOU are…;) ) I know that you cannot change the Constitution with a petition.

    And yes, this WAS in California, but I am sure you could get people to sign those petitions in every state.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      He did the same a week or two earlier with the Second Amendment. People just blithely signed whatever was shoved in front of them — even when he flat out told them he was seeking to repeal a Constitutional Right — they didn’t even listen. They’d just say something like “uh huh” or “right” and continue signing. The good news is that several people DID tell him “no” or “no way.” Welcome to the world of the Sheeple….

    • I seen the one about the second amendment, and also talked about doing the same thing with the first amendment. Some people are so oblivious.