What did you do to prep this week?

First off, I would like to thank Jack D and Daniel D for their generous donations via PayPal – thank you both it is very much appreciated.

I did not get much prepping done (or anything else) this week, for the past several days, I’ve felt like total crap. :sick:

My girlfriends son has the flu and as luck would have it, I caught the bug – coughing, gagging, snot, cold, burning up, headache, backache, fever I’ve had it all. My throat is so sore that I can barely talk and my eyes hurt so bad that I can hardly see to type this.

I would like to ask you to remember me when you pray.

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” isaiah/53-5

Thank you….

Sorry, for the short post this morning, but I don’t feel like writing, thinking or looking at this computer screen, so I’ll turn it over to you what did you do to prep this week ?:-)


    • DadDeDuex,
      Me! Whooo Hooo!

      • Ok. now that I watched it… Dang. Some of those people are a bunch of yahoos! WTHeck?

        • DadDeDeux says:

          So, I haven’t seen it, but aside from their rationale for preparing, did you glean any good information on how better to prepare?

        • cosmolined says:

          Mama J:
          I couldn’t agree more. (I am however disappointed that my plan to invite folks in need to my house for supper and then POISON them has been revealed…. ) What a disappointing waste of time. I’d rather read “What did you do this week to prep?” twice. Cos P.S. Just in case, that WAS sarcasm. LOL

        • Mama J.,

          You got that right–the young woman from Houston thinking she can just walk out of town on foot to her BOV, through some of the worst parts of the city. That’s nuts.

          And the woman from New England who didn’t think she needed firearms to protect her preps.

          The really fat man with the ham radio was a complete wacko.

          The woman from Utah that made gourmet food from food storage sounded like a real person. I wish they would have said a bit more about her preps. It’s just too bad they choose people who are so extreme and weird.

          One thing I can’t figure out is why anyone would agree to be on the show. I mean, that’s a huge OPSEC violation.

          • Pineslayer says:

            I would guess that they got some $. You already answered the other half, crazy. I haven’t seen it yet, but set up my DVR today.

            Good-bye Templar, I understand your feelings, I too think that it might be time to dig more and deeper holes. It truly is getting edgy out there.

            • cosmolined says:

              Good Bye Templar? Where did that come from? I scanned up a couple of dozen threads but don’t see anything…. If it’s true, God Bless Brother. Pleasure to know you. Cos

            • cosmo…it’s on the post re ‘doomday preppers’ that MD just posted…I know..I wish him well…

            • cos, also – mexneck, bc truck have not posted for a while…

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Thanks for the link, its an interesting article, I don’t agree with the spin it takes.

      So, according to Lorenzo DiTommasso, apocalypticism is a religion. Who is this nut?

      I admit to being an apocalyptic thinker (who isn’t?) but it in no way defines my moral standards.

      I prefer to be known as practicing stingycism.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Though I just got her a new quad core based computer for her birthday, my long suffering spouse says I’m cheapocalyptic.
        She’ll be relieved to know that I’ve decided to give up my cheapo/prepping ways and convert to Stingycism. 😉

        • Hunker-Down says:


          From now on, any politician we vote for should be required to pass a cheapocalyptic personality profile test and have a solid track record of stingycism.

  1. I am new here and have been reading all the posts and information for about a month. I have been a prepper for a long time, in fact I think I came that way naturally from birth LOL. Thank you all for the information, I learn something new here every day.
    This week I pre-ordered 80 lbs of hamburger from Zycon Foods. I will pick it up this weekend. I plan on freezing some, canning some and making “hamburger rocks” out of some. Any one else have experience with Zaycon Foods? This is my first order from them.

    • cosmolined says:

      Welcome to the Pack Storm!
      Sorry, I’ve never heard of Zycon Foods. (Just didn’t want you to think you were being ignored.) I’d try posting on Saturday or Sunday to get responses from the whole Pack. They are a Fantastic group of folks who offer advice that is tempered with experience….. Cos

      • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

        yes. Last week was my first week ordering from Zaycon. And my first time canning meat, I did 10 pints of chicken, froze the rest. The Zaycon chicken is absolutely beautiful and I will order it again the next time they offer it in our area.

        How is the beef? I didn’t order that when it was here, I probably should have. Have you tasted it? The chicken tastes really good, kinda like…Chicken! lol better then foster farms or tyson for sure!

    • conmaze (nofla) says:

      Welcome, Storm. I’m a newbie here too, but it doesn’t take long to feel right at home wih this great group of people who will very quickly feel like family. I too have been somewhat of a prepper off and on for years, but you will learn something new everytime you visit. Can’t wait to hear what you have to share from your years of prepping.

      Zaycon, yes, I have signed up also. A friend told me their meat is top of the line and their chicken breasts are the biggest they’ve ever seen. My friend loves their bacon and cans it. I missed out on the last deal in my area so I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

      If anyone is interested, it would help me if you would please use this link https://secure.zayconfoods.com/refer/zf70735 so that I can get a $1.00 referral discount off my next order. Check to see if they deliver in your area. They have a new deal once a month and deliver to a designated location on one day only so you have to be there to pick up your order. They have fresh (never been frozen) all natural chicken breasts, bacon, lean ground beef, salmon, cod, all sold by the case – usually 40 pounds. They also have clover honey and fruits. Very high-quality stuff, I’ve been told by my friend. This is a good deal per pound and a great way to get stocked up. Can even be a better deal if you get those referral discounts! Get those canners and dehydrators earning their keep tee hee.

    • hello storm…welcome.

      • Thank you all for the warm welcome.
        I pick up my hamburger this Saturday and will have some that evening. I will report back on my take on the quality.
        On another note, I scored on ten new five-gallon buckets with with locking lids from work today free. They may not be food grade but I use Mylar bags so it is a moot point.

  2. Plant Lady,

    I do appreciate your thoughtful comments. We have done one doc visit and have more tests scheduled. Yesterday’s test had a good result. I do watch as he sleeps to see that he’s still breathing.

  3. I have a question. I have some bamboo growing on the property and I was thinking about using some to make a trellis for some of my plants (vegetables and flowers). When I went to collect some, I noticed an area where the power company had already cut it down so they could reach one of their poles, so I was thinking about just collecting that. While I was gathering it, I noticed something black all over it. I am not sure if it is mold but that is what I am guessing. So my question is this, should I just abandon this and cut fresh bamboo and let it dry for a week or would rubbing alcohol (or something else so long as it isnt bleach) clean it?

    • TG
      I have lots of bamboo of different kinds. It is mold. Wipe it with a weak bleach and let it air dry in the sun. The bleach will go away in a couple of days and will not hurt anything. I use bamboo for tomatoe cages and staking up other plants. It is great stuff.

  4. SurvivorDan says:

    Fell off a ladder in the kitchen while rounding up a scorpion. Impact a couple of inches over and I could have been on ‘A thousand ways to die’. lol.
    I was incapacitated the next morning and had to use my cane to get about and forced to put off my planned errand for the day.
    The point of this is I couldn’t stand the lack of productivity. I made a second ammo can stove out of a 20mm ammo can. Then cooked off the paint with a hot fire tonight. Better than nothing. No matter the circumstance, you can do something to prep.

    • Survivor Dan, hope you are feeling better and recover soon.

      I’m planning on making a smaller ammo can for camping trips and simple cooking/heating water. Glad your ok and still prepping.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Thanks Jarhead. Worse pain today than yesterday but Mrs. S.D. says its my own fault because with an impact injury to my kidneys and back, I don’t want to take pain killers that may mask any symptoms if something worsens. I have an idiot for a doctor – me! Still better than Monday night, yikes!

        The 20mm can is not too big unless you mean hiking/camping. Then it needs wheels. I like this size cuz it holds an 8″ pan w/folding handle, a 1 qt pot and lid, utensils, spices, tinder, oven mitt, 2 steel cups and some paper plates. I’m using the 2 1/4″ single air hole design with 16 skewers for the cooking top. Works well and one end is very hot while the end by the hole not-quite-so-hot. Some fabricate a built-in metal damper but I just use a log or a rock for a damper.

  5. Encourager says:

    M.D., are you feeling any better??

  6. Stopped by to get caught up on comments and ended up here all day. Time well spent. My prayers to all of you facing hardships. My preps this week were light as money continues to be an issue. DW and I were discussing all the spin out there about things getting better, yea right. We make good money and still have to watch every dime to keep our heads above water. The gun show this weekend continued to grow.This time the line was out the door and into th parking lot. I guess that’s going to be the new normal. I have to go pick up some bulk sugar tomorrow from Costco before it becomes illegal to own or distribute. Never thought I’d see the day where it’s OK to smoke weed in the parking lot of the grocery store but if you have pure cane sugar your going to get cuffed and stuffed. Oh and I came across this for those of you looking to add to your cold climate preps. It’s been chilly down South 🙁 Now I’m ready for my clear blue and 92.
    Deo duce, ferro comitante

    • Mexneck, I went to our small town grocery store yesterday and they wanted $9.96 for a 10lb bag of sugar!! Bout choked right there! Hopefully I have plenty stored for awhile.

      • Hi Copperhead,
        Well you know the shadow guberment, if they can’t make it illegal they’ll try and price it out of range for everybody except the elite.


  7. miniceptor says:

    Still learning… and this really covers the last 2 weeks. I still feel like I’m all over the place. I read an article and think “what a great idea” and end up side tracked. =(

    – worked a bit on a family binder
    – started freezer cooking (love this!)
    – dedicated a portion of our $100/wk grocery budget (for 6 people) to purchasing supplies out of the camping section (fuel, blankets, etc.)
    – ordered a non-electrical vacuum sealer (thanks debbieo)
    – learned how to preserve fresh eggs and how to freeze them (plan on stocking up this week)
    – contacted a local gardener about trading the egg shells (I don’t have any use for them… yet)
    – researched organization methods for food storage

    Any help / suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • miniceptor, I am still new (9 months) to prepping. When I first started I was all over the place as well. I think that is normal for newbies. I have found that the further along I get the better I feel and the easier it is to focus. I still have a long way to go.
      Something that has really helped me along is having several lists. I have a weekly shopping list, on it is certain food items, water, shopping the sales adds and trying to stock up on OTC meds and other med stuff. Then I have my monthly list. My monthly lists is a focus on one area of preps, such as lighting, cooking, defense. This gives me the ability to do big preps on a monthly basis without sacrificing the little stuff. Now if I can figure out how to get ahead of the toilet paper game…….

    • Welcome, Minicepter! The Wolf Pack is a great bunch. Read here often and you will learn lots. Also surf M. D.’s blog and you learn more than you can absorb! It’s full of good stuff. Looks like you have a pretty good start..just keep going!