What did you do to prep this week?

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As for preps this week check out the pics below…

Two videos:Brass Tacks Kem-'Ba-Tivz and The Art of the Tactical Carbine 2

Book: Tennessee Vegetable Gardening

Two Ruger 10/22 magazines

What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Well for this weeks preps I needed an emergency radio. I didn’t have a lot of money so I bought a couple of Eaton Microlink FR160’s. I know, I know, I had forgotten the bad reviews they received here. Well it just so happened that my toughest field testers were home when I opened the box. I cranked them for about four minutes and then they were gone. So the antennas lasted a little longer than I thought, being torn off after about three hours of constant bending and adjusting. The antenna are really flimsy and I could tell that they would not last. One of the little green boxes was dropped from a height of five feet onto a hardwood floor. That was the four year old on couch test. The little radio lost a volume nob but kept on going. The nob was easy to reattach but could be easily lost in a SHTF situation. The radio part of these worked a little too well and DW had to put a stop to the music selection as it went from bad to worse. I must say that having a standard ear phone jack is a plus and we had the some peace and quiet for the rest of the night. I cranked the handle for a while and the kids cranked the handle for a little while. That was three days ago. The little radios still have a charge. What they do not have that would be nice is a charge indicator. Now that I have the radios back from the torture test team they will go in the vehicles as a backup emergency radio. Remember ‘Pack, one is none and two is one. May the Lord shine on you in this season of uncertainty and grant you a clear path to the preparations that will preserve your family and those of us being labeled “Sovereign Citizens”. You can have my Constitution of The United States of America when you can pry it out of my cold dead fingers!
    Prepper1776, Lint, BCTruck and all the others who feel that they have to avoid contact. If you come across this it would be great to know that you and yours are OK.
    Deo duce, ferro comitante

  2. All of the talk about first aid got me to thinking today. I made an inventory and discovered I had four first aid kits in the house, one in the garage (some distance from the house) and one in each vehicle. They were all bought at the same time and are all far out of date. Funny thing, three of them had the cloth weave type bandaids in them and they were still good. The thin plastic bandaids all had their stickum hard and dry. Gauze packets and rolls were all ok as was the paper type medical tape. (why this and not the plastic?) I wound up keeping the plastic boxes and the cloth bandaids, guaze packets and rolls and replacing everything else, adding several bottles of iodine that I can used either for first aid or water purifaction. Got a little more expensive since I had bought the kits for 9.99 on a deal and I think it cost me probably fifteen bucks each to restore them. Always keep a bunch of loose bandaids in a ziplock bag in each vehicle so my main first aid kit doesn’t get depleted too quickly. Have to check that more often. Cleaned out the balance of the loose items Sunday and gave them to the daughter. No one except the wife knows about the totes I mentioned earlier. I now have seven of them packed away, shooting for three days supply less water in each of them. That was the extent of my prepping this week since I have to await the magic day this week when financial replenishment occurs. Should be good since all bills are paid for this month. Gas is out of sight here already and thank god both vehicles were filled last week to the top. Don’t use the truck much, just the van and it is economical and since the DW has gotten used to buying a twenty dollar gas card when she goes to Wally World and topping the tank off each time, it pretty well stays full as well. Harold

    • Harold, the kit may contain paper tape because a lot of people are allergic to the regular. I know I am…..the regular tape just seems to eat my skin up.

  3. Heads Up: Thrive, Sale on freeze dried meat (three cans chicken, three cans ground beef) & on freeze dried cheese.

    Case of Meat: $144.60
    Case of Cheese: $154.65

    I have never ordered from Thrive but someone posted this info on Ron’s post. I thought I would pass it on there. Has anyone ordered from them? Has anyone tried their product? (This is a really good price, especially on the cheese. EE cheddar is $40 something for one can of cheddar.) What do you all think?


    • Guys, I checked out Thrive a bit more. You can’t just log on and order from the company like EE. You have to order from what appears to be an independent authorized dealer. That just doesn’t feel right to me. What do you all think? If I don’t like something from EE or something is missing, I can call them up and they are really polite. I am just not knowing about this order from a consultant.

      • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

        The gals at this site are Thrive consultants. Just log into thrive through their site, they get a credit and you can get the price through them as independent authorized dealers.

        I thought M.D. was one? If not he could be easily.
        I have a consultant through a gal I met at a gun show that was one and she has a tremendous awesome personality and she’s like 24 yrs old! Anyway, check it out.

        That’s an awesome price on freeze dried meat. I’m getting that for sure!

        • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

          I think I’m taking back what I said above. I’ve tried calling that number for the sales from the san antonio site and I keep getting an answering machine. I won’t leave a message cause I’m weird that way. But I can’t get a human and it makes me nervous.
          I’m sure it’s fine (maybe), but I’m a skeptic. It’s a crazy good price, hmmm. If you have any luck let us know here.
          The consultant I go through knew nothing of these prices.

          • these new prices just came in a newsletter to us today-she might not have gotten hers yet! I have just started to read this site in the last week or so and dont have a website you can order from but am a consultant and love the food- have tried almost everything they sell and no problems so far- recently spending Sundays trying new recipes so to be able to use when shtf! The meats are great! use the chicken almost daily and the sausage crumbles makes the best sausage gravy for biscuits! YUM! Easy also in that I can use a tiny amount(just 2 of us) and not have any waste. Love the wolfpack!

            • welcome beth…

            • Welcome to the pack, Beth!
              So are you saying the prices Gayle posted above are the actual prices that Shelf Reliance is promoting right now? If so, it IS a crazy good deal. I am also a skeptic and when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I sure would like some kind of confirmation on this before I give anyone my credit card information!

            • Conmaze,

              I just checked the Shelf Reliance website and they are listing the case of meat for $255.99–a more realistic price. So I am thinking the earlier link is not legit–perhaps someone trying to get a hold of credit card numbers.

          • Vienna,

            I would be okay purchasing through Shelf Reliance. They have the same food. Something just doesn’t “feel” right about this site. (I put “feel” in scare quotes because I am definitely a thinker and not a feeler on the Myers-Briggs.)

  4. I think my dh might have just jumped on board fully with prepping. Paying $4 a gallon for gas really hit home with him. He had a doctor’s appointment today. And his doctor told him about an 8 hour home defense gun class he took over the weekend. So my dh and his doctor (who is a friend of his) got to talking about the economy, and about all the home invasions we’ve had here lately. (He didn’t violate OSPEC. He keeps mum about this stuff.)

    Does anyone have any idea how much such courses might run? My dh thought it might be good for us to look into that.

    He was receptive so I “came clean” about the amount of food in the house. He actually helped me do inventory on our food preps. I mentioned that we have enough food on hand for the two of us. Actually, I said that we were 26 pounds of dairy away from being good Mormons. (That registered for him.) Then I mentioned that it would be nice to have extra for his daughter that lives nearby and my mother, who will come live with us when she cannot afford to keep the house any longer. (That’s already arranged.)

    He asked what we would need to buy to get our food preps up to the three person level–mostly, grains and powdered milk. I even reminded him that I ordered the other two cases of milk a few days ago after he brought up the possibility of milk going up to $5 a gallon.

    I think I have the green light to prep now. (Not that not having the green light hampered my preps in the past. LOL I just prepped a bit more covertly. He has been helping me prep for the past year; he just didn’t know he was helping me prep.)

    We talked about water preps and I mentioned that I should probably pick up a few more 7 gallon water containers from Walmart. I even mentioned that I bought a couple of Berkey filtered water bottles. He didn’t even give me that look–like, how much did that cost.

    Okay, I didn’t mention that I have been picking up 200 round of ammo for the last few weeks. LOL Baby steps.

    • Gayle,
      That’s wonderful. Glrelly happy for you on that. Glad to hear about your progress with him. My wife is only moderately on board. she is roughly on board with the food storage mainly because I could argue it from a cost savings standpoint. She accepts that I have a couple guns but doen’t know I have as much ammo as I do (2000 9mm, 20k 22lr. 20k .177 pellets.) But not the rest of the stuff.

      • Sick, that’s a pretty nice quantity of ammo. I’m debating since my Ruger 10/22 and Mk II are getting picky on what they feed on I may cut back on the bulk 500 packs and stick with the better 22 ammo that come in the 50 and 100 count.

    • DH unsanctioned prepping. I see a business opportunity, a 12 step program for closet preppers. Maybe one of the networks would sponsor it.

    • Gayle, I looked up the cost of tactical shotgun classes and the average cost runs from $150 to $500 depending on the length of class, 1 or 2 days, goals of the class, quality of training etc.
      Some do combination shotgun/pistol as well.
      Suggestion, before signing up, do your homework, research them on websites like yelp.com or ask around with local gunshops or LE you know.

    • Congratulations, Gayle! I am very excited for you!

    • Gayle, It is so funny and informative to read all your posts (and everyone else’s) but this really struck a chord! A can of corn is what it took for my DH to come over to the Light Side. Last year we were shopping at holiday time. Cans of corn were running about a $1 each so I told him to go look down that aisle where veggies were on sale, and see if there were any about $ .60. He came slyly running back(what male runs in a grocery store?) and said they were .48 Green Giants). Well I do run and got myself a case of corn pretty quick. When we got home I showed him my stash and said all of it was pretty much 1/2 price. One can of corn did the trick! and he is right there on board.

    • Congrats Gayle. My wife has adapted to buying extra and on sale to stay ahead of price increases. She has not been able to adapt to prepping, so all the extra TP has to stay hidden 😉

      Like someone said, do your homework on the gun training classes. You might also check with some of your associates on who has been in the military. They could give you some help. Also check with the NRA rep near you for arms training. It would not be combat or defensive related but everything can help.

      • Papabear,

        Hiding toilet paper. Now that’s funny. It’s much easier to hide 1200 rounds of ammo. LOL

        I am going to start looking into shotgun-pistol home defense classes.

    • I guess the only way to get my info to you about Thrive foods is to post my email- I sent MD a message-didnt want to step on any toes but no reply yet. be sure to put thrive food in subject line so my spam filter wont kick you out
      [email protected]
      Thanks-keep on preppin’

  5. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    Any of our Australian Pack members affected by the fires down there? I read that there were some big ones that sent a huge plume of smoke over the Indian Ocean on the 13th – 14th.

    • mt woman..must have been in Western Australia…I’m on the East side…no worries here – but there has been severe flooding further south of Brisbane…lots of people evacuated…

      This happened about this time last year too…fires one side, flooding on the other.

      Thanks for thinking of us…and the other aussies are on the east side also. cheers.

      • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

        All right. Well, be safe down there…I track world weather, and Australia gets a good amount of intense stuff!!

  6. I spent another 350 on organic food storage… booyah!!!

  7. breadmomma says:

    being a coastal person…still quite partial to the south oregon coast…lots of good things to hunt, fish and forage…along with a LOT of potable water sources, a decent amount of space to grow and a fairly self sufficient situation where we live…
    as for prep…
    4 cases Scotts TP..more mileage if you know what I mean…
    topped of tanks, rotated and treated…
    more cases of meat, salmon, and 50 lbs. mayacoba beans…
    topping off wood supply…have enough for this season so now working on next years supply…madrone, ash and alder to sit and dry out…
    other than that we are sitting pretty tight right now…DH is finally well from his bruised hip fall and he is getting around good and back to business…daughter is half way through Paramedic program at school, and I am 7 months closer to pulling the pin on the full time job…
    working on other tradeable skills…DH is in his second quarter of pottery class and is making pots and plates like crazy…along with his mad skills with plumbing and electricity, he is learning all sorts of new skills..I am teaching sausage making and meat preservation classes to small quantities of folks for “just fun”….lots of hunters in area makes for a lot of good meat to put up…also working with local fishermen…they love to fish…but I am always amazed that many do not like to eat fish…sooo…am still putting up a lot of first class seafood…also made some cheese last week..a local farmer is getting into the milk business so I am taking advantage of some nice fresh milk…keep your powder dry, your provisions safe and well hidden and your hearts and minds pure…

    • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

      Breadmomma…I miss Southern/Central Oregon. I’ve spent a good bit of time there. I lived in Grants Pass for a time. And you are right…incredible resources there (fishing, game, wild edibles, great soil for gardens, water), not to mention how things GROW!! It seems you can just put a seed in the ground and you have a whole garden.

      My friends there laughed at me because I was so excited about all the blackberries that grow everywhere there. They considered them noxious weeds; I saw them as a major food source! 🙂 I made one of the absolute most delicious trifles EVER using blackberries I picked there.

      If I could relocate, that would be where to.

  8. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    I hope people are still reading comments here, as this is a VERY good article about Heirloom, organic, hybrid and gmo seeds, with lists of providers. I found it really helpful.


  9. charliebuck69 says:

    I need some help from Pack members with experience with M1 Garands.I have a chance to purchase one for 350.00.All refurbished,even new barrel.I am needing input from anyone who owns one(or more),is this a fair price,where can I find bulk ammo?I was told to shoot 150 grain FMJ,not hunting ammo,is that good advice?Thanks for any and all input.Stay Safe Pack.

    • charliebuck69,

      Which company made the Garand? Yes $350 is a great deal.

    • cosmolined says:

      I collect Garands. I agree, buy it. Even if it is not accurate, you can sell the parts for more than $350. There were 4 arsenals that made them here in America. If it is a Winchester or International Harvestor, they are worth 3 times that. Look to see if it has a Blue Star import stamp on the bottom of the barrel just below the front sight. These were Korean re-imports with grossly corroded barrels that still have some value, just not as shooters. As to ammo, don’t shoot anything but ammo designed for the Garand. Shooting 180 or 200 grain bullets in it, especially if you don’t use grease to lube it, ( NOT OIL), can result in bending the oprod unless you have an adjustable gas plug like a Shuster, SP? Cos

      • cosmolined says:

        I know your friend said it was a Springfield but until I hold something in my hand, I doubt. (The CMP, Civilian Marksmanship Program, who are experts on military weapons, sent me a 1903A3 when I’d ordered a 1903. There is a BIG difference.) Gun shows are the best source for cans of clipped Garand ammo. It’s going for a lot more than the 50 cents the CMP asks now. If you are a Vet, log onto CMP.org and you can see current prices on stuff. (Service grade,(good barrel), M1’s are currently $650.) Cos

        • charliebuck69 says:

          Cosmo,I think you are right about it not being a Springfield.I found C.A.I,Georgia,VT on it.I am going to look it up now to see what I can find.Gun looks fairly decent,stock needs refinished,tube under barrel looks to be stainless maybe?I will check out CMP link,thanks for your help buddy.Now I need to make time to test fire it!Be Safe,God Bless America!!!

          • charliebuck69:
            I’d guess that is Century Arms, International. That may be the latest Korean imports. Sorry I don’t know more.
            It still was a great price. The gas cylinder below the barrel is made of stainless steel. God Bless America and you sir. Cos

            • charliebuck69 says:

              Yes Cos,you are correct.I researched it and it is Century.Some parts are American ,like the barrel,the rest is mostly made by Beretta,according to the marking and what info I found online.Thanks for your help buddy! I also acquired a Colt Target Match HBar AR 15 for 500.00 from the same guy.850.00 for both!Made my day.Wife says thats it for awhile on guns.Stay Low and Watch Your Back,my friend.Be Safe.

  10. Hunker-Down says:

    If you don’t like to eat GMO food, you might be interested in this;


    Boycott Walmart produce!

  11. riverrider says:

    m.d. , i don’t know if you want to post this or not but here goes: http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com
    he’s running for prez on the constitution party ticket. he’s a good man, and actually represented the PEOPLE while a six time representative in the House. He helped me personally, little ole me. he was a dem until they got stupid, then a repub til they got stupid, then an independent. of course the two parties couldn’t let that go, it might catch on, so they ganged up to defeat him. i’m voting for him just to send a message to them. thanks.

    • village idiot says:

      I think a vote for Mr. Goode is a vote for Obama. The only people who will vote for Mr. Goode are people who would normally vote Republican. I don’t like any of the ones running, but I honestly don’t see how our country can survive 4 more years of Obama. I’m going to vote for whoever is running against him who has the best chance to defeat Obama. But I sure see your point. I just don’t think right now is the time to make it. But that’s just me, I ain’t telling you how to vote.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Riverrider, I’m with you about the Republican debacle. I plan on voting for a third party candidate. Both ruling parties say that if you do vote for a 3rd party person, you are throwing your vote away or giving it to the other side, total BS. If not now, when? The leading Repub’s are all crap, so how can that be better than Obama. Big O is a big disappointment, W was even worse, before them no one addressed the real issues either. They have executed the divide and conquer plan perfectly. The system must change to one that we vote for people and not some political ideology that serves a very few or at best is a complete lie. This is America, if there is a way to fix it, we can. We just have to admit to ourselves that the problem won’t be fixed by either party and then soldier on.

      Looked at Mr. Goode’s site, I will research some more. I like Gary Johnson, they might make a great ticket together, with Dr. Paul as a senior advisor. Bottom line is that whoever is in that office has many bending their ears. I would like to see a candidate that introduces his/hers team. That would be a refreshing change.

      Thanks MD for allowing this rant. A post about 3rd parties might be fun.

      Preps for the week, looking at the weight analysis of tent vs hammock. Bugs, temp, terrain, and comfort being my X factors. Lots of advantages to hammocks in milder climates.

      • IF I take you at face value then I have this to say. You and other like minded individuals have had almost 3 and a half years to form and field a VIABLE 3rd party and candidate. You didn’t. Now you want to come in and siphone off votes from the Republican Candidate. History teaches us what the result of this type of misadventure will bring. Does Ross Perot ring a bell?

        If I do not take you at face value then I have only this to say to you, Soros and his sock puppet oVamanos, thank you for your effort.

        • Pineslayer says:

          I guess I was being stupid in my belief that the GOP would put forth a real human as a candidate. It would appear that my choice will be Newt, Rick, or Mitt. Ugh. I would rather of had a choice of Ron, Gary, or Buddy. But this the same system that shunned McCain in favor of W. Neither party has a snowballs chance in h8ll of getting my vote, but they all thank you for playing their game.

        • Hunker-Down says:



        • village idiot says:

          Wow, I wouldn’t have believed in my wildest dreams that the thing in the WH could ever get re-elected. But people here seem to want him back. And I would take Newt, Mitt, Rick, or anyone over Obama. I have no hope after reading all this. What a downer.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            village idiot,

            I would vote for the telephone pole in your yard before TDL. By his track record he has shown contempt for our constitution.

        • Ron,
          Agreed. I may not like my choices but anything is better than four more years of the traitor in chief.

          • Msxneck, There are strange little meanspirited and very arrogant people sitting in front of screens in little cubicles busy punching keyboards and attempting to cause dismay, disruption, discouragement and chaos.
            George Soros funds them but they don’t know that or don’t care.

        • Ron,

          But to flip your comment, the Republican party had three and a half years to come up with a candidate and the best they have (at least right now) is Santorum and Romney. I am hoping that Santorum is just the latest non-Romney candidate. Maybe Ron Paul will get some time in the lime light. (If Ron Paul wasn’t so whack on foreign policy, I would consider voting for him.)

          But my gut feeling right now is that if Santorum or Romney get the Republican nomination, Obama is very likely to win another term. The Republican party needs a war hero to step up (and they need Obama to really screw up on Iran and Israel).

          • Ms Gayle,
            Lets flip this once again. WE, all of US, had three years to get involved in our local party and if needed to gain control from the rinos lounging around there.
            As Frank Zappa said, “There it is, the way you made it. There it is, don’t you hate it?”
            We dont have voice in the party if we are not involved in the party. Walking into a polling place every two or four years is not involvment. All the complaining now is what happens when we leave it to the people who created the status quo. We should not be surprised with the results.

            Be that as it may, the ONLY way oVamanos can win is if everyone stays home. Which is double stupid because there are a lot of other races that are just as important on the ballot.

            • Ron,

              Good point. I find it so difficult to support either the Republicans or the Democrats, as I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

            • Gayle……
              Sounds like you’re one of those Liberal Conservatives? Have you checked with your “shrink” lately? };-)

            • Hawkeye,

              I know. But when it comes to social issues like gay marriage or abortion, I am liberal. I cannot see giving the children of heterosexual parents rights that we deny to the children of homosexual parents. And I cringe at the idea of the government telling a 14 year old girl who has been rapped by her father that she cannot have access to an abortion. The law that the Virginia governor vetoed requiring a woman who seeks an abortion to have an ultrasound inserted up her vagina is absolute lunacy. Actually, I could agree with Romney’s stance that a woman has a right to an abortion if her life is in danger, in the case of rape and if they fetus has a severe anomaly (the fetus is anacephalic, that is, the fetus does not have a brain).

              I have never figured out why it is that Republicans believe in small government (I believe in small government too), but Republicans who are social conservatives want to use the coercive power of the state to regulate marriage and a woman’s womb–that is, social conservatives want to use taxpayer money to fund agencies that would impose their religious values in the rest of America.

              Here’s the problem with the two party system: Republicans say they want small government but want to fund agencies that limit freedom (freedom of gays to marry, freedom of women to seek abortion). The Democrats have the flip-side-of-the-coin problem. They are all willing to speak about freedom to marry, freedom to terminate pregnancies but they are not willing to give citizens who work for a living the freedom to keep their hard earned case. Democrats want to use the coercive power of government to force hard-working citizens to fund those who legitimately need help AND those who simply want to game the system. If it’s my money, I am much more apt to discriminate between those truly in need and those who are simply lazy and unwilling to look for a job.

            • Gayle…..
              To each, their own. Actually I enjoy your posts and especially your enthusiasim!
              I will say, however, that I don’t think Republcans are so much against “Gay Marriage” as they are FOR conventional marriage. “Marriage” is a word and it has a meaning and has had a meaning for centuries. That meaning has nothing to do with two homosexuals, out in the parking lot, rear ending each other! I recently read that less than half of American adults are married, at all, in America today. Republicans just view this (same sex “marriage”) as another assault on “real marriage”. We have seen what lack of marriage/family (in the traditional sense) has done to the black community and it’s 80%, “out of wedlock” birthrate; and it hasn’t been good.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            Using your definition of freedom it seems that the 10 Commandments limit freedom.

            The democrats and republicans and libertarians, even though they have different goals, think they are smarter than God.

            • Thats the problem when you live in a society that has forgotten the price of individual freedom. Individual Responsibility. That is what the arguments really come down too now, is it not?

      • I 100% agree with pine, but for even more reasons. Yes, the top republicans are garbage. Id vote for Ron Paul who might be electable but couldn’t get the nomination. On the other hand I don’t like the values Obama ran on, but fortunately he hasn’t really been that successful implementing them.(aside from Obamacare which will continue to encounter difficultines being practically put into action.)

        It might not kill us to have obama take another term as is the likely casualty of pouring out support for a 3rd party candidate but doing so could have a positive impact in proving that a 3rd party candidate DOES have a chance, thus allowing one to take the chance at going 100% as a 3rd party candidate for the next election rather than waiting till they don’t become the dem or republican candidate.

        • OK. So not everyone does remembers Ross Perot… mmmm…. maybe its the legal drug thing?

          • Hunker-Down says:


            I voted for Berry Goldwater. I voted for Ross Perot.

            This time around our constitution is in peril. I will not waste my vote on a third party candidate because the mainstream candidates all have enough money to pommel a third party.

            Because the republican party is the only one with the money to resist TDL, I’ll vote for the telephone pole in your front yard if the republicans nominate it.

        • Wow Skilz, you are going out on a limb. Why are the electable candidates so lame? Why do the good people get run off? Why do we have to hold our nose when we walk into the booth?

          Answer: fear of change, fear to do what we know is right, because we fear that we will be alone in our revolution. The rulers feed off our fear, but they fear us more. If we decide that the time is now to fix things, they will be flipping burgers. I don’t want to wait 4 more years to see if they have a “come to Jesus” moment.

        • village idiot says:

          I tell you what I fear, and why I’m prepping when I ought to be enjoying retirement. Obama. That simple. And how voting for a 3rd Party and getting Obama elected for another term will make any point of any kind is beyond my ability to comprehend. I’ll tell you this, we’re one Supreme Court justice from losing our 2nd Amendment rights, as 4 of the 9 voted that it wasn’t an individual right. And whoever wins the next election will likely get to appoint at least one justice. I could go on but it’s not worth it. And I didn’t even mention the damage that’s been done by QE1, QE2, Twist, and how many other money-printing and money distribution schemes. I must be in an alternate universe.

          • Village….you are so right!!!

          • village idiot, I am with you on this. I got sucked into that 3rd party candidate thing with Ross Perot along with lots of other people. What did that do? It gave us Clinton for another 4 years. I will NEVER do that again.

            And the fear of TDL winning another term and choosing another Supreme Court Justice will effectively ruin any chance of keeping your 2nd amendment rights. We cannot afford a second term or get ready to lose those well loved weapons.

            • Agreed nuttbush. He has taken away our right of habeus corpus (sp), has already declared he wants to do away with the second amendment, is contemptuous of our rule of law……..without the restraints of cowtowing to his base, it will be ugly if he gets to continues his “reign”. It is anybody but, Obama this time.

          • The ironic part is that so many gun shops now have a picture of Barry up with the caption “Salesman of the Year”.

            • It is true, the more he flails around out there trying to crush the constitution. The more he flails at not fixing the economy, the more people begin to take matters into their own hands to prepare.

        • I think the top Republicans are garbage. Romney is completely out of touch with America. Santorum brought home his dead baby is his kids had a chance to play with it. He had his kids play with an infant corpse.

          I do think Romney is off his rocker campaigning in Michigan against the bailout of the auto industry. There should be space to consider a conservative argument for the bail out–yes, a conservative argument. Here you go.

          If you are hungry because you’ve been irresponsible with your money, it would be nice of me to help you out. But I am not morally required to help you out. If I accidently burn down your crops and that’s why you are hungry, then I have a moral obligation to help you.

          The government is partly responsible for the woes of industry in America. Excessive protectionism on unions has created a business environment where American corporations are not as competitive as manufacturers in other countries. If federal policies are part of the problem, then the federal government should be part of the solution.

          • village idiot says:

            Gayle, I had a long response to your comment, but I re-read it and changed my mind. My sister had a stillborn infant. That’s all I’m going to say, other than this. Have you ever had a baby?

          • Gayle,
            Santorum didn’t bring his dead child home for his other kids to play with ! This is a proceedure that is sanctioned by many groups when there is a loss of a child. The children could see the baby and know that this child was a human being and had been planned on and expected to be brought home frome the hospital. The children most likely wanted to see their little sibling and it seems to round out the whole process of life. After all it hasn’t been that long ago that families had funerals of family members right in their homes. Older homes usually had two living rooms, one was called a parlor. It was the parlor that held the casket and where the wake took place. What the Santorum family did was no different than what was done in the past. Their love for their child was very commendable. Just because you don’t understand that, doesn’t make it wrong or some kind of weird thing ! Having been born and raised in Michigan and lived there for 35 years and having a father that made his living in the Buick for 40 years of his life, I can tell you both sides of the story there, There is some good that came from the unions and there is some bad that comes from the unions. Daddy was one of the first workers to join the union way back when and at that time there was a great need for a union. Like most things time changes things even the unions. Some things for the good and unfortunately for the unions it is for the bad. I had many heated talks with my father about the unions but he never could see what I was trying to tell him. Even Mom knew that the unions were not good for everyone. She always said that the unions get the auto workers a raise and that seems good but when they got the raise everything in town went up and not everyone worked for the auto industry so they didn’t get the raise, they got the higher cost of living. Things are not always cut and dried !

            • Hi Gayle

              Having had two infant deaths, one within a matter of hours and one at five days, I have to say that alot of folks (including my own mother) found it hard that I bathed my babies, dressed them in their pretty outfits, touched them and spent time with them after their passing, took photos of them with our wedding rings etc

              With my little girl, the hospital was amazing!, the staff explained that they had a special room that we could hold her while she passed and we did hand and photo casts, took little trim of her hair, they got the stuff together for bathing her and spending time with her etc.

              With my Son, I got a nurse that felt that the best thing to do was to take him away as fast as possable, and she thought I would let him be cremeated in a mass of little babies at the hospital.. Boy did she learn! I finally sent my hubby to get the head nurse, and I got my time with my son.

              I know that its hard to understand for someone that has not gone though it but I really doubt that he took the baby home for any other reason then to have a proper wake for it and allow the children, his wife, himself and his family to take their time saying hello and goodbye.

              From someone who has had to do that more then once, I understand that it makes folks uncomfortable and that many don’t understand it in today’s modern world but I would humbly ask you not judge to harshly on this one, mothers need time with their babies even if just for a few hours..

            • village idiot says:

              Thank you, farmgal, for telling what still must be a difficult thing for you to recall. My sister felt some of the same emotions as you, and had her little girl dressed in a new little suit. I guess I’m just getting old, cause I’m tearing up thinking about it. God Bless You, farmgal.

            • Farmgal,

              I think it is commendable for parents to spend time with their dying and/or deceased children. I teach nursing students, many of whom have worked in the field for years and are now returning to college to get the four year nursing degree. Many parents refuse to spend time with their dying infants.

              I think it is important for parents to take pictures of their deceased infants. Hospitals can and should provide rooms for parents to say goodbye.

              My problem lies in taking the child home and exposing young children to a deceased child. I watched a video clip of Santorum explaining that he wanted his children to know their sibling. My point is that that is so strange, that coupled with Santorum’s extreme conservative social views, if he were given the Republican nomination, Obama would win easily.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Thank you for reminding us of the love we have for one another. We cannot escape our humanity no matter how many years one works in a clinical environment (my mother was a RN).

            • Front doors are wide for caskets to go through. It is a leftover from the time bodies were cared for and displayed at home.

          • texasmomma says:

            Shocked and appalled by your comment. Alan Colmes got a heck of a backlash for trying out the liberal talking point that santorum let his kids play with a dead infant. I would have hoped that that particular talking point would have died right there.

            • Texasmomma,

              Do you really think that exposing young children to the corpse of their deceased sibling is psychologically healthy? To actually bring the dead body into the home?

            • village idiot says:

              Gayle, it occurs to me that the Santorums might have wished to have privacy when they said goodbye, or perhaps they wanted their children to say bye in the place they could all gather and feel comfortable. I don’t know, but you’re looking pretty heartless here. When and if the SHTF, we will go back to home wakes, so you might better give it more thought. Frankly, I’m not a Santorum for President fan, and he won’t be given anything. He will have to go through the primary process and be nominated at the Convention. I don’t think he will be the nominee, but if he is the fact that his family said goodbye to a deceased member of it at home shouldn’t be an issue.

            • texasmomma says:

              I run a psychiatry practice and have access to psychiatrists and psychologists whenever I have a question. The consensus is that this society has become sanitized to a natural part of life. If handled correctly it would not only not do damage but would be a very healthy experience. Santorum and his wife are pro life. They feel that life begins at conception. This baby was a part of their family since the time that the family found out there would be a baby. To pretend that the baby didn’t die and that there was nothing to mourne would be more damaging. I agree with granny mae 100%.

            • I believe that it wasn’t so long ago that houses had parlors that were for the display of dead relatives prior to or during the wake. It was only after the mid 1900’s that it was changed to living rooms (My timing may be off by a bit). We have been conditioned to be uncomfortable with death but in the end none of us can avoid it.
              Although Mr Santorum’s actions may seem morbid by todays standards, IMHO the left was trying to make it seem outrageous. Which it is not. What I do find outrageous is the removal of the UCMJ article that makes bestiality a crime.

            • Texasmomma,

              I watched a few more videos of Santorum after reading the comments on this thread. I can see where you all are coming from. One of the videos was an interview with his oldest daughter who remembers meeting her deceased brother. She felt the experience was healing, that it was an affirmation of life. So I concede the point.

            • This is a cultural shift that I have never even considered. When I heard the “news” report of Santorum letting his kids play with the dead baby I took it at face value and thought, “What kind of freak is this guy?” But having read through the posts here, I have come to understand why someone would hold a funeral service at their homes. I did not know that in the past this was customary. I tend to think viewings are incredibly strange, even when they are at funeral homes.

              When my stepson died I thought it was grotesque that they kept his body on machines after he was brain dead–that they were somehow prolonging acceptance of his death, thereby making it harder on the family. (They did this because he was an organ donor.) But my dh was grateful for the extra three days that he “got to spend with his son.” (I put this in scare quotes because I do not believe the person remains with the body after death. So the body is not the person. So the attachment to the body of the deceased doesn’t make sense to me.)

        • And yes, it “might” kill you to have Obama for another term. If he has no incentive to maintain his posturing for all of his bases, he will do the things he really wants to do. Including getting rid of your guns, potentially highjacking your pension and your gold and silver, destroy our nuclear arsenal, just to name a few things he “could” do. Anyone is better than him. Left to his own devices, we will have no way to return from that abyss he is creating. I will vote for anyone but Obama, even tho I think all 4 that are left are a bunch of sniveling jerks that spend all their time manifesting their self importance and intolerance without ever addressing the real problems facing this country. 8 years is too long! An agenda can really get rolling when it no longer matters who gets hurt. Need to keep turning them all over! Never vote for an incumbent!

          • Im not saying to vote for Obama. Gosh no. Id rather you shoot yourself. Im just saying that the rebublican candidates in my lifetime (and particularly this election) aren’tmuch better. I litterally fell like I am voting. For the lesser eveil than my favorite candidate.

            I get the ross perot analogy. I didn’t vote for him only because he isn’t electable. But we have to get to a point where a third party is electable.

    • riverrider says:

      all, yes i may be throwing away my vote on a third party, but i will not vote for the devil to avoid voting for the antichrist. i will not let the republicans think they have me in their pockets. i will not vote for anyone who thinks the constitution is an out-of-date piece of paper. i will not lay down, i will not go along to get along any longer. if they want my vote they better get with MY program.

      i will retreat no more forever. sic semper tyrannus

      • village idiot says:

        You talking like that, riverrider, now I got to go watch Braveheart. For the umpteenth time.

        • mountain lady says:

          FREEDOM I am ready to fight for her if need be, as I am of the Wallace clan, and not one to give up easily.

  12. Just have to post this one. While trying to get out the door for work the wife started asking questions about the things that got dehydrated. In the past she has demonstrated that she wants a garden but will do nothing to make it come about. This time she said that she has no interest in canning, knowing that I do, and said we should be canning some food. She thinks we will need it because “all this isn’t going to get any better”. I was able to keep a straight face but spent most of the drive to work pumping a fist and yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

    Getting her to the point of interest has been a challenge. It has to be her idea or it is dumb. Now if she can come up with the idea of OPSEC….

    Sorry if I’m babbling. I’m thrilled that she wants “us” to put food aside.

    • papabear…good to hear it’s all coming together for you…just imagine what can be accomplished now – with your DW on board…have fun.

      • Copperhead says:

        papa bear,
        Good for you!!!! and for her, too, as she will benefit more than she knows when getting prepared. Am happy for you!

    • Thats awesome Papabear! Print out the recently submitted article about OPSEC and leave it laying around somewhere….

  13. Guys, I was in Walmart today. I wanted to pick up some 7 gallon water containers, some shotgun shells, 9 mm ammo and some canning jars. They had not one of these in stock. (And this is at the location that usually has stuff. The ones in town are almost always out.)

    • Gayle,
      That’s what I’m talking about! I know things have been weird for the last several months now, but seems like it just hit the fan overnight and I don’t know whether to be frightened or relieved! I don’t like the idea that I can’t get what I want when I need it, but, as I said, I’m being optimistic that people are waking up.

      Check out your loca ACE Hardware for the jars. I just picked up a case each of 1/2 gal (for dry packing only), quart and half-pints this weekend. Their price is about average. Oh, and I cleared their shelves of strike-anywhere matches – both sizes. The guy thought I was nuts by the look on his face. I used the “camping with the scouts” shtick someone mentioned earlier and told him they were the only place in town that still carried the stick matches. He seemed okay with that by his response of “ohhhh, I see” and light-bulb nod of his head. (:

      • Conmaze,

        I went to another Walmart tonight and found one box of shotgun shells, which I promptly bought. I was also able to pick up a box of hollow points and a box of FMJ for my 9mm. I got the last two 7-gallon water storage containers. And I got the last flat of quart jars. I did go to Publix to pick up some pint jars.

        It’s just a weird feeling to walk around a store in the U.S. and see empty shelves. I saw that in Europe when my dad was stationed in Scotland back in the 70s. But not here in the U.S.

        • gayle, welcome to the new ussr:)

          • RR,

            Intellectually, I have understood what we are heading into with empty shelves and desperate people. But to actually see it was a visceral feeling that I did not expect. If gas prices go up to $6 a gallon, ordinary Americans are going to get desperate.

            • village idiot says:

              Wal-Mart has been off and on out of ammunition ever since the dufus now in the WH was elected. That’s nothing new. I have a friend who works in the sporting goods department who alerts me when they get the shipments of ammo in. That way I get first choice. As for gas, it ain’t gonna go that high. The economy will slow down and demand will fall off. Unless there is a war in Iran. Then $6 will look good.

            • Village Idiot,

              My dh is watching CNN and he just yelled that Wolf Blitzer just reported that gas is already $6 in some part of Florida.

            • village idiot says:

              That’s interesting. I bought gas yesterday for $3.36, so I’m talking about the national average rather than what is the most expensive. But, I ain’t saying I couldn’t be wrong.

            • Already at $3.50 in South Texas. I told DW to fill up before it gets to half a tank and I will top off my backup barrels, discreetly of course. I found a nice cache site nearby that I plan to fill this week. Just in case things start to get interesting.

            • riverrider says:

              gayle, you bet they will. arab spring wasn’t so much about democracy as it was about hunger. the basics got too expensivefor the average joe/aqmed to afford. coupled with over 50% young male unemployed, you have a deadly brew. thats about whjat we have here now. all we need is spark.

            • village idiot says:

              Gayle, that $6 gasoline was near Disney World. I read on a blog this morning a statement from a lady in Orlando who said that gas less than a mile away at a Citgo was $3.56, quite a difference. I think the high dollar gas was at a tourist trap.

  14. Wow….so many comments 🙂 a whole resource in itself!

    as mentioned I just started to prep, so with each shopping trip my stockpile of food gets bigger. I also bought two fire extinguishers today…who’s going to come if order is down? And if power is out and candles and the camping stove are the alternative to light and heat a fire can happen pretty quick I guess.

    Got some tools like a saw, duct tape, etc.

    Started a list to organise what I’ll need to buy, what I already have and what the shelflive is.

    • PA-B,

      Good call on the fire extinguishers. What’s that old motto? Safety first! I bought a couple myself thinking the same thing. I also picked up some extra water hoses on clearance last fall to make sure I can reach every corner of my property if need be.

      I’m trying to stay away from any type of lighting that requires a flame. Kids and pets and flames don’t make great companions. I ordered some great solar lanterns from Amazon and have a variety of styles of battery-operated lighting. And, of course, salmon colored flashlights (that’s for you, Lint, if you’re lurking) teehee

      To go along with all of those rechargable batteries, I also have a solar charger and a back up of regular batteries stockpiled.

      Sounds like you’re being thoughtful in your prepping. Just be patient and try to plan it out. It can get overwhelming and I found myself getting caught up in this feeling of such urgency and rushing around and spending money quicker than it was coming in and never really having a plan. Luckily, I caught myself early and put it on pause for a minute. Lesson learned – don’t go in debt prepping! Getting OUT of debt is a big part of prepping – duh! Do your organizing, get your lists made, ask a lot of questions, read, read, read, ask more questions, read some more and then set your priorities. Knowledge and a well-laid plan are priceless. You’ll do great!

    • PA-B,

      I think I’ve seen you post a couple of times but I don’t recall if I properly welcomed you. If not, welcome to the Wolf Pack. If you have any questions, ask away.

    • hi PA-B – if you have kids – some glow sticks will help…and no worries re fires etc…

  15. bernie in texas says:

    hi chloe hope you are well google this100 items to disappear frist it tell you what you really ned to look for

  16. village idiot says:

    Just saw on the news where the State of Illinois is proposing a 2% tax on ammo to fund a hospital fund for high crime areas. More taxes on the law-abiding to fund care for the crooks. This stinks. And you know Obama will try to do the same thing if this succeeds. I hate to say it, but better lay in more ammo pretty quick. USA Today has a letter to the editor where one of the Occupy bums is suggesting they get guns and storm Washington and Wall Street if their demands aren’t met. Something wicked this way comes. It’s time to put everything into another gear. I gotta get busy. I mean busier.

  17. Heads Up: Honeyville Farms, 10 percent off.

    Here’s the info.


    SUMMARY: SAVE 10% ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER* from Wednesday 2/22/12 through Monday 2/27/12. Stock up and save on all of your favorites, and try some of our great new items. Simply enter coupon code PREPPER during checkout. ORDER NOW! SALE ENDS ON MONDAY the 27th of February.


  18. I’m just getting started on this and am new to this site. I’m doing research before I stock up on anything. How do I know the shelf life of various foods and also when a disaster came what would I do with all the empty cans? Is there a better way to supply food for my family other than dehydrated foods? The things I’m reading the shelf life isn’t very long and I don’t want to waste supplies. Thanks.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Google “food storage shelf life”.

    • I’ve got two ideas for what to do with empty cans. One is to figure out how to join them together into a large sheet and use them for…. something. (Martha Stewart copper roof sheeting might turn up some hits on the folding technique, some sort of flat-fell seam I think.)

      The other idea is to hot-glue junk onto it and use it as a pencil cup.

      Really, cans have many uses from cooking vessels to storage to materiel. Look up how to make a rocket stove from a #10 can.

    • Katie,

      If you are just starting out with your food preps, the best thing to do is to make a list of the meals you prepare frequently, and just get more of what you usually buy. Stock up this way until you have a 3 month supply. Follow the First In, First Out rule. If you choose foods you eat regularly and rotate your food items, they won’t go bad. Once you’ve got the three months supply, start looking to up your supply of staples–rice, beans, wheat, honey, sugar, oatmeal. Log on the LDS Online Store for the absolute prices. Go to Emergency Essentials and check out what they have. My recommendation is to order the starter kit from the LDS Online Store–it’s like $30 or something. It includes two $10 cans of wheat, two of beans, a rice and an oatmeal, don’t quote me on this. But you could order that and learn how to cook with it. The stuff in #10 cans has a really long shelf life–anywhere from only five years to 30 years and beyond.

      You could also check out the Mormom Food Storage Calculator. (Mormons recommend that their followers have a year’s supply of food–to be self-reliant, and to plan ahead and anticipate things like job loss and natural disasters.) So the Mormons tend to have the best information when it comes to food storage. (I am not Mormon. But I think this is a great strength of the religion.)

      • The girls at the website foodstoragemadeeasy.net have the easiest way to start and continue with your food storage tasks and they are my upline for Thrive- which is a freeze dries foods for long term storage and everyday use(use mine all the time) I believe they are LDS (mormon)so they gets lots of great input for this prepping part. Baby steps will get the job done.

  19. Added 10 more cans of tomato soup to my storage.

  20. First time. Guess I’m a cubbie in the Wolfpack, eh?
    This week … Cooked a rabbit stew w/out anyone knowing it was rabbit meat that I bought online – was WELL received! (thinking to slow roast the next one)
    Read more on building a survival home (can’t remember book name), Drank only 1 coke a day, purchased starter veggies and some seeds for the garden. Hope to plant this weekend.
    Mrs. Johnnie

  21. how do I turn off the responses. My mail box has received about 600 of them, this is killing me!

    • Prep Now open one of the emails and below the post/response is a section that says Manage your subscriptions:

      Look for that and click the link and you can remove yourself from the updates.