What did you do to prep this week?

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Speaking of SurvivalBlog.com (great blog btw) a computer savvy reader sent me an email a few days ago with a comparison of “The Survivalist Blog dot Net” and “SurvivalBlog.com”, it seems that he had been looking and comparing the Alexa rankings for both blogs using the Alexa Toolbar and wanted to know why “SurvivalBlog.com” has a ranking of 25,348 and “The Survivalist Blog dot Net” a ranking of 71,020 (according to Alexa the lower the number the more traffic a site gets – anything under 100,000 is very good).

One reason for the difference in Alexa rank could be that SurvivalBlog.com receives more direct traffic from readers with the Alexa Toolbar installed (Alexa only counts visits from folks with the toolbar installed. Another reason could be that a large percentage of my readers, read The Survivalist Blog dot Net via their Email or RSS subscriptions (over 9,200 of them) and never actually visit the blog site.

But to be honest,  it doesn’t matter – what matters is that folks are interested in providing for their survival and that of their families now and after a disaster. And I think both The Survivalist Blog dot Net and SurvivalBlog.com have a lot to offer toward meeting that end. Over the years more than a few readers of both blogs have tried to make it a competition between the two, I think that, that way of thinking is silly.

I am not in competition with SurvivalBlog.com (or any other site) and look at them (SurvivalBlog.com and JWR) as an ally, after all the more people we can reach and help prepare the better off that we will all be when TSHT and that my friends is a good thing. 😀

Anyway, now let me see here, what did I do to prep this week ?:-)

  • Done more work on my new survival library / blogging area. I’ll post some pics next week…
  • Worked my garden area and turned my compost pile…
  • Did a mind map to look for weak areas in my preps…
  • Bought two 25 pound bags of pinto beans…
  • And ordered this book and this one

What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Had another 3 day conference to follow the one last weekend, so not too much got done. We will be working on moving more things around this weekend.

    Made my 1st trip to a Big Lots store. Picked up 2 cases of pint jars and 4 Bear Creek soup mixes. Also found that they make pasta mixes so will try the Cheesey Pasta and Alfredo Pasta.
    Git in some of the things that I ordered:
    A 3″x5.5″ solar charger for our smaller electronics devices,
    the Hogue wooden grips for my Ruger 357,
    a portable dog house for the camper,
    the dog’s BOB backpack (she’s really not sure what this thing is),
    A water level spigot for my Berkey water filter,
    4 more tubes of Silver Antibiotic ointment on sale,
    100 cnt box of butterfly bandages,
    and a used Burris 6x rifle scope.

    I also found a great deal on a used Browning High Power. Made in Belgium w/ Israeli makings. Don’t really need another 9mm but I do have a Gun Show next weekend, so I may trade for something else (what else is new!)

    Things are starting to heat up on the campaign trail, and as a result nothing is getting done in DC. Keep an eye on things!

    It’s beginning to sound like more reasons to be prepping!

    • JP in MT says:

      I also picked up some “freebees” from the other vendors at the conference:

      8 x eye glass repair kits,
      33 x tooth brushes,
      enough pencils to keep 2 grade school kids going for a year or 2,
      12 x neck lanyards,
      and a large sandwich bag full of other misc goodies!

      Almost worth the cost of admission from the freebees!

      • JP congrats on the Hi Power and free goodies at conventions are always nice.

        • axelsteve says:

          A hi power is also always nice.John Brownings last design and it is no slouche.My brother from another mother has 2 of them.

          • axelsteve….
            I hope those to HPs aren’t mine };-) I’ve had two: One stolen from my car and one stolen from my house. The one, from the car, was actually stolen twice. I decided I was just not meant to have a High Power, so I’ve got Berretas and Sigs now.

            For several weeks now, I’ve been trying to get my arms and mind around my inventory of preps…just so I can “go forward” coherently. It’s been a heck of a job because, I’m sorry to say, I’ve often acquired “stuff” and it wasn’t always part of a “plan”. So I haven’t acquired a lot of “stuff” for several weeks now as I go about sorting this out.

            I did order up a case (1000 rounds) of 7.62 NATO though; just because it’s been scarce lately, the price was right, and it will always have value, regardless of immediate need.

            • axelsteve says:

              Hawkeye. My friend has owned these guns since the mid 70`s. They are also consecutive serial numbers.That is partialy what makes his hi powers so special.I hear ya on the 7.62 ammo.I would also get some 357 and 45 acp for the same reason.

            • cosmolined says:

              Tell your friend I’ll give him $1 more than you! ROTFL…. Consecutive serial numbers make this the best deal in the world! Congrats, Sir! God Bless, Cos

          • Axel, the SAS was using them up until maybe 10 years ago. I owned one of the FM versions when it was all I could afford as a young Corporal lol.

        • One of my favorite things is the “freebees”. I always look at these little items as “Post Apocalypse Trade Goods”. I always try to have something useful at our table, might get people curious that weren’t at the show.

          A guy had one of these Hi Powers on his table at the last show, was asking close to $800 for it. I think a good Browning in always worth $550, but $800 was a bit much.

          I have to have the hammer replaced on one as the web of my hand balls up and the hammer chews a hole in there (one of my 1st 9mms was a Browning and I can still see the scar).

          • JP in MT….
            You are probably aware of this…but there are High Powers, then there are High Powers?

            FEG (Hungarian) I believe)), FMH (Argentine). FN (Browning/Belgium) and others. Value wise the FN is desirable but the one that seems to be the most “pricey” is the Canadian (Inglis) High Power from WWII. The grip is slotted for a shoulder stock and the shoulder stock doubles as a holster for the gun. I believe there were other WWII version which were similiarily configured and just as pricey.

            I have a buddy who has and Inglis. I’ve worked for something like fifteen years to talk him out of it…alas, no luck; and we passed $750 long ago. I’ve about given up, especially with my recent history of having High Powers stolen!!

            • JP in MT says:

              I understand what you are saying. Both the old one and this “new” one are FN’s (made in Belgium). I wouldn’t mind getting the FHM one as I have a complete “Detective” slide for one and although it will go on a FN, It don’t come off so good.

              Such is life.

    • I’d love to take that Browning off your hands. Have you shot it? Give it a good test before you sell it…nice damn gun!

    • nobodyssister says:

      Things are starting to heat up on the campaign trail, and as a result nothing is getting done in DC. Keep an eye on things!

      Isn’t that a good thing when nothing gets done in DC? I’m hopeful that when people are on the campaign trail they are too busy to screw me over.

      • JP in MT says:

        I agree to a certain extent. But what I was alluding to was things like the operating budget; reducing expenditures to at least match tax revenue. Hell, in an election years let’s not do anything that might upset a small portion of the public and just keep irritating those who are actually paying the bills!


  2. I canned 18 pints of black beans this week. The salsa I canned last week turned out great. My dh and I bought a bag of tortilla chips (which we normally don’t eat) and polished off a whole pint in less than 48 hours.

    I picked up five packages of Bear Creek Soup. I really want to try the chicken noodle soup after the comments folks have posted here. But Walmart didn’t have it in stock. I also picked up two cases of pint jars and five boxes of canning lids. I also bought two more boxes of borax.

    I planted more cucumbers. I also planted some red onions. I started them from seed in pellet pots before I read they are cool weather crops. I have yet to pick the first tomato of the year. They keep getting bigger and bigger but they are not turning yet. We have been eating yellow squash, zucchini and chard from the garden.

    My dh and I are going to an “eat local” festival Sunday. I am hoping to meet some of the local farmers. There will be people who sell local honey, homemade soaps, homemade cheese, ice cream, etc. I am looking forward to it.

    I received my Lehman’s catalog. They had some interesting stuff but the prices were not competitive. They are selling a kit to make homemade laundry detergent for $49.99. The kit contains a box of borax, a box of washing soda, a couple of bars of Fels Naptha, a five gallon bucket with lid, a cheap cheese grater to grate the soap and a wooden spoon. Maybe I should consider selling homemade laundry soap at the festival.

    • Jay Lehman used to do a good job providing hand equipment, etc for the Amish nationwide until the antiques craze and the tourists found him. No more bargains and our local Amish are somewhat reluctant to trade with them anymore. Harold

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        That is good to know – I got my catalog and was disappointed… I thought it was just me. 🙂

        • tommy2rs says:

          I use the Lehman’s catalog as a starting point. Find an item I like, gasp at the exorbitant price, then go look online to find it cheaper. It’s amazing how many times I end up on Amazon that way.

    • Mary in GA says:

      Hi Bam Bam,

      Would you share that great salsa recipe? I agree Lehman’s is too high too. I love to look at their catalogs but rarely order anything.

      • Mary,

        Here’s the recipe I use.

        Garden Salsa

        8 lbs. tomato, peeled and chopped
        4 onions, diced
        8 cloves garlic, diced
        2 bell pepper, diced
        6 hot peppers (Scotch Bonnet), diced
        1 cup red wine vinegar
        2 Tbs. orange juice
        2 Tbs. lime juice
        2 tsp. sugar
        2 tsp. pickling salt
        1 cup fresh cilantro
        1 can tomato paste (8 oz)

        Add liquids to pan. Add sugar. Dissolve. Add veggies. Cook 20 minutes, until thickened. Add cilantro and tomato paste. Cook an additional 2 min.

        Fill jars leaving 1/2 inch head space. Process for 20 min. for half-pint and pint.

        This makes 12-15 pints. (I doubled it and got 29 pints.)

        • Mary in GA says:

          Thanks for posting the recipe Bam Bam. I just wrote it down and will prob. make it next weekend. I’ve canned a lot, but for some crazy reason, not salsa. The whole family loves it so I need to stop picking it up at the store.

          • Mary,

            I stopped buying salsa when they wanted almost $5 for a little jar. I can make it for less than $1 a pint. I went to a “eat local” festival today. We picked up some home canning from a couple of different booths. At one booth they had all kinds of mustard. I would love to try my hand at making fancy mustard. We also get some ginger-pear butter. Here in Florida home caners are required to list all the ingredients on the jar if they sell their product. So essentially I have the recipe for both.

    • Southern Blonde says:


      You have mentioned your yummy salsa several times, and if you listed the recipe and instructions I must have missed it. Would you be so kind as to post the recipe? I am going to make the plunge into the canning world and thought that salsa would be a great start.

      Thanks much!

      • Southern Blond,

        I just posted it above. Salsa is really easy to make. Just dice all peppers, onions and garlic. To peel the tomatoes, put one pot of water on the stove and heat. Put another pot of cold water right next to it. Then put a few tomatoes in the boiling water. When their skins start to split, move them to the cold water–the skins come right off. I remove the stem part of the tomato before putting it in the boiling water.

        So just dice your veggies. Peel your tomatoes, then dice. Measure out all your liquids and the remaining ingredients. Then pour in the liquid ingredients. Dissolve sugar. Add salt. Add veggies. Cook until the mixture thickens.

        I think salsa is one of the easiest things to make. And it’s something you will actually use. When I first started canning I made all kinds of things, especially strange chutneys. Now I only make the stuff we really like to eat. Today I made some tomato relish. I can’t wait to try it on hotdogs. When peaches come in, I want to make a peach bbq sauce. I find an interesting recipe in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

        • Southern Blond,

          One more thing, when you are dicing the hot peppers wear latex gloves and an N-95 mask, especially if you select one of the hotter varieties. Do not touch your eyes or any other sensitive area unless you take off your gloves and wash your hands first.

          • Southern Blonde says:

            Bam Bam–you are amazing and my idol! Thanks for taking the time to give me the directions. You are great!

    • Lehman’s and Vermont Country Store are both wayyyyy overpriced! Vermont Country Store was advertising Fels Naptha, 2 bars for $7.95 PLUS shipping, I can buy it at the local walmart for .97 each! I would love to try some of the canned cakes that they sell but know they are not worth the price they are asking. If anyone is interested in B&M Canned Brown Bread let me know, it’s canned here locally and I can get a reasonable price, will charge just cost and shipping. I grew up with beans, dogs, coleslaw and brown bread every Saturday night! The secret to brown bread is slicing it and steaming it on a rack over the simmering beans! Hoping others from other parts of the country would consider doing the same……

      • Meriah,

        I really liked looking through the catalog but I just couldn’t get over the prices. They are still in business so they must be selling stuff. But who can afford these prices?

        • Harold says:

          Tourists and antique freakers. While living in California, I had someone show me a shucking peg and bet me a hundred dollars I did not know what it was. After I pocket his hundred (he done it in front of witnesses, the fool), I also told him it was a left handed shucking peg also. To add to his amazement I told him I had last used one in 1959 and they were not exactly antique since they were available from Sears catalog order department. He is the kind of person who buys from Lehmans.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            Our shucking pegs always came with a wagon with only one sideboard. I left the farm and the peg in 1957.

    • Bam Bam, when I get around to learning the art of canning I will be picking your brain! You knocked out 18 pints like it was nothing. I am in awe and am looking forward to learning this skill this summer along with dehydrating.

    • sw't tater says:

      the laundry powder I make costs me about 6 cents per load…with the same ingredients, except I use zest soap. You might want to consider putting it in old jars, like spagetti sauce jars? and including instructions…possibly sell the recipe as well. You could add tea tree oil to it for an antibacterial effect…or peppermint oil for a scented version….the ideas are endless.. hope this helps …

  3. Greetings to the Pack! Light week of preps due to business travel. Thanks to all on their input last week on cracked feed corn, shotgun selections and solar panels. I have been very concerned over the DHS snapping up 450 million .40 hollow point rounds. I contacted 2 good friends of mine from who both are agents for one of the government alphabet law enforcement agencies. They will get back to me with their perspectives. I will post those as soon as I hear back.

    On the preps side, I did take the family up to the retreat land on Sunday. This was their first trip and they were expecting a 5 star vacation home. They do not share my vision and I have my work cut out for me in convincing them to the merits and purpose of the property. We did get some small projects done nonetheless and also brought up some needed supplies. I tested the well water potability with a home test kit. It checked out fine on the test but smelled and tasted awful like sulfur and gasses. I am not sure if it was caused by the well water being stagnant since the pump has been shut off for several months and this was just what was stored, or if this is what I am going to have to live with? Any experts on well water please chime in. I will be going back up again this week to work on a few more projects. I did buy my youngest dd a daisy bb gun at Bass Pro. She reminds me of Ralphy from Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out) she is so excited. I will give her goggles and a safety lesson before she can shoot. Collected the usual hotel goodies for my barter box. Finished the book “Shut down”. It was only okay and would not recommend reading it unless you live in the Portland, OR area (as that is where it takes place). The gas company dropped off the 500 gallon propane tank at the retreat property. It will be hooked up into the temporary 5th wheel trailer next week. Lastly I received the dehydrated butter and cheese I ordered from Mountain House. Will also head to Home Desperate today pick up materials to build another raised garden bed. We hope to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a few other things this week.

    Had dinner with some friends this week when I was out of town. They used to live in my hometown and have now relocated. I tried to encourage the woman of the couple to purchase a gun to protect themselves. She responded with “I don’t live that way, I don’t want to live my life in fear and I don’t want to shoot anyone”. I explained to her that having a gun doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to shoot someone, you may be just deterring someone from shooting you or committing other crimes against you. I reminded them that Ronald Reagan’s philosophy in bringing down the evil empire was “Peace through Strength”. The sheer fact that we had big boom boom gave the Soviets Pause to rethink their plans of world domination. I hope I got through to them.

    Hope everyone stays aware of the world around them. I am hearing that we will start seeing the re-gathering of the unwashed of the Occupy Movement (AKA the Bowell Movement) again in May. These moron’s are a direct result of our outcome based educations system and the entitlement mentality that has been created (Thank you FDR, LBJ, Peanut Farmer, Slick Willy and TDL). That combined with the world economic situation and the drums of war, I have been on high alert…not paranoid , just observant! I have some international travel coming up and I am getting more and more leery of straying far from home, my preps, my plans and my flock.
    Have a great week Wolf Pack!

    • IndianaAli says:

      Sounds like you have “sulfer-water” Not sure what you can do about it though. My SIL had it at her home… really stank like rotten eggs but it was safe to drink…just hard to get past the smell… Unfortunately I think they mostly drank bottled water. I would check into some filtration etc, maybe that could help and if it was me I would definitely have it tested to see if it is safe to drink.

      • Nan in NC says:

        My daughter had sulphur water where she lived in Florida. We installed a Britta filter on her kitchen sink and it totally removed the sulphur smell.

    • Clippins says:

      Hey there D2, when you wrote of your water smelling and tasting of sulfur it made me think of our hard as nails water here. If we are gone for a week or more our water does the same but it seems it is only the hot water. Plumber told us to run it for a while and it clears. We were also told to change the filter in our water heater as it gets loaded with minerals. Hope this helps for your next trip.


    • D2,

      My folks had the same problem. They had to put in a water softener.

    • Kelekona says:

      Re the well water:

      Gasses as in you can do that “light the tap on fire” trick?

      Otherwise, yeah, see if it improves.

      If it doesn’t improve, call your area’s equivalent of the Culligan man. My mother has iron and other stuff, and while the under-sink filter still doesn’t make the water tasteless, it is still an improvement.

      With three people in the house, we did have to keep draining the filtering system into jugs and the coffee pot whenever it was full just so it’d make more water for peak usage times.

    • worrisome says:

      Have it cleaned out if it has been sitting for a long period of time. That helps. They either use a vacuum system or they use high pressure air and water to blow it out. There is also an amoeba that can get in wells……..smells bad, the people that clean your well usually have the stuff to put in the well to kill that and then you run it for along time to clear it out. Short of that, you can dump a cup or two of clorox in the well shaft……….let it sit a bit and then turn all the hot water spigots on starting with the one furthest from the well. That runs the clorox completely through your system, including your hot water tank. You can also put filtration on the lines; and/or a chlorinator. It all helps. If all that fails………….then yes, you probably do have sulpher in the ground water. However, don’t jump to that conclusion first…make it your last conclusion. Good Luck.

      • Mother Earth says:

        Worrisome, that is exactly what our well does. When it gets bad, we use Clorox and it gets better. I use a simple filter for drinking water and the water tastes fine. I consider this a minor inconvenience for having free water and it has never gone dry even when we have droughts all summer.

      • Kelekona says:

        Re: bleaching water wells, would star-san work? It’s used by home-brewers to sanitize beer bottles. Since it’s drinkable at working strength, I intend to add it to my stored water at the point when I go to drink it.

    • I bet it was disapointing to have the reaction you got when showing the fam the new location. Hope things turn out well.

      Can’t say I agree with your view of the Occupiers. I don’t think they are that much different than folks that just want a fair shake and for people to respect the environment and generally to look out for each other a little bit. I don’t know that they are looking for entitlements or free handouts…some are disinfranchized college dropouts, but they don’t speak for the bulk of the movement, at all. I also find it odd that so many people think the Dems have been the war mongering tribe…that idea just doesn’t measure up with reality.

      Not trying to pick a fight here, but I don’t believe everything I read, nor everything Beck says is true. Think for yourselves and I’ll do the same.

      BTW, I’d love to hear what you find out about 40 cal rounds…just bought a Glock 23 and bullets aren’t cheap….

      Take care,

      • Tom Fish, I don’t believe everything I read either. I always respect people’s opinions when they are civil as yours are. My point is that too many of today’s 20 something generation has grown up thinking it is okay to expect things to be done for them, and blaming others for their position they find themselves in. There is also a very dangerous undertone of class envy toward anyone making a decent living. This is not the America I know or want. I grew up dirt poor, mostly parentless, and decided I had one life to live. I chose to make the most of my life and not blame the world or expect or receive handouts. I am all for helping someone out and giving a hand up, but not a hand out. I see help wanted signs everywhere. I think working at Starbucks for the time being would be a good alternative to slinging pooh around their occupy camps. On your point of “thinking for myself” I do think for myself, always have. My undergrad degree was in poly sci. Most of my siblings are all registered Democrats. I suppose that makes me the black sheep of the family and puts me in the contrarian category. I have not been 100% satisfied with all Republican Presidents either. I just don’t have much in common with today’s Democratic party. I find my economic beliefs more closely aligned with Libertarian philosophy as they are more in line with a “Capitalist Republic”. Also, I never mentioned that the Dems are war mongers. I did mention that I am concerned about the DHS snapping up all those rounds. I have another source “in the know” in addition to the 2 mentioned in my post that will get back to me with some G2 on the hollow point situation. Also thanks for the tip on the well water, I hope I have it solved now.


        • Fair enough, thanks for the discussion.

          I agree that it seems like the younger folks (I’m 45) seem out of touch with the realities of hard work and dedication. Partly because they see their parents, who have worked jobs for many years quickly lose everything – their job, their 401k, health insurance – all at the whim of the stock market or unexpected job loss that is running rampant. It makes them think “Why would I want to bust my butt for 40 years at a job?”. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. But I still believe that given a reasonable opportunity and upbringing, all those kids need to put their pride aside and go to work….I started at the bottom and have clawed my way to at least a modest living. If they, or anyone, doesn’t at least have that much ambition….well, not good on them….and more problems for the rest of us.

          Take care,

          • Agreed Tom Fish. I also look at the Children of the Great Depression. They grew into what we now call “The Greatest Generation. Talk about hardship to have to fight a 2 front World War to claw your way out of disastrous economic era. I just don’t think as a whole, the “Millennium Gen” get what you stated as hard work and dedication message. My oldest dd clearly falls into this mindset and it disappoints me to no end. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds and age. Good chatting with you on the topic and stay safe.

    • Sounds like iron…do you have reddish colored rings around the drains? If so, it’s iron/really HARD water. My mom has the same issue. Has a water softener with special powder to help with the excess iron…but it still smells. Not much you can do, really. It’ll cost a lot to filter it, as it will plug your filters rather quickly. I’d say buy your drinking water and use a water softener for showering, laundry, etc.

    • George is Learning says:


      this is like the one my brother in law uses. combine this with quality water filter and a ro system at your sink for drinking .

      he still gets a bit of sulfur smell with heavy use. I was wondering about a 2nd aerator system placed in line after the first or maybe the mac daddy of aerators. I hate sulfur smells. We’re in Florida non freezing ( that may be an issue to work around up north.
      great luck to you

      • Kelekona, Clippins, Nan in NC, Indiana Allie, Bam Bam, Worrisome, Mother Earth, Mariah and George is Learning, thank you all for the tips! I did go up to the land today and turned the pump on and flushed it out for 5 minutes. It did not smell after the flush. I also tested the faucet right by the pump and it did not smell bad before I even flushed it so it had to be crap in the pipe. If the problem returns, I have copied and pasted all of your tips and will put them into action.

    • village idiot says:

      Yeah, d2, I noticed the occupy goons are planning to reopen/ reoccupy their campsites in our state as well. It was a filthy dump that should have been closed from the beginning, but the ptb are now saying the tazpayer will foot the bill for their toilets, so I get to pay for the lazy jerks to do nothing. I’m sick of the whole mess of them, we have elections coming up, they can vote just like everyone else. The choices are pretty clear, no ambiguity this time.

      • Village Idiot, elections would be the civil way to solve their gripes. However, my sense is that is not the course they will take. I am told out here in the PRK (Peeps Republic of Kali) we will see protests in a number of locations on May1’st. I will stay vigilant as I hope the whole Wolf Pack does. If you work in a city make sure you have contingency plans to get home if their activities include “uncivil’ disobedience. “The irony of their movement is the love they get from the MSM for doing what you mentioned versus the Tea Party movement who was demonized for having a clear message and being law abiding. Don’t think I heard of one bag of pooh being flung at a tea Party demonstration.

    • axelsteve says:

      A friend of mine is a 5 th degree blackbelt and he still recogenizes the use for firearms for defense.

  4. riverrider says:

    nothin, notta, zip, zero. we were supposed to go to hatteras this past week but that didn’t work out. we did a “stay-cation” instead, touring a couple of civil war sites and just relaxing around the house, ate out a few times. we got quite a bit of wind and rain off and on. i’m heading to camper world to find parts for the camper, probly hit gander mountain since its right across the street:) the gun show is in town but i can’t think of a thing i need right now. no love on the kimber yet. i see them on gunbroker though, so i know they exist. don’t know what the hold up is, i’m about to say forget it and save the 800 bucks for other preps….oh yeah, uncle ben bernake says were going over an economic cliff, if we don’t spend more money. as tim the toolman would say, “URRR?”…take care all and stack it high. sic semper tyrannus

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Gun show here this weekend, sposed to be 750 tables, I’m going on Sunday, can’t buy any firearms after the AR for a full year (see my weekly post) but I need ammo and magazines, and I like looking. I stopped listening to Ben cause my blood pressure rises and I get a headache. STBDW also enjoys pointing out that he can’t hear me through the TV. I spose she’s right…

      • riverrider says:

        tin, shout louder,LOL..happy hunting at the show. storms/rain moved in, i may go tomorrow.

    • village idiot says:

      I’m pretty sure you deserve a week of rest and relaxation. If one doesn’t rest once in a while and enjoy life, what’s the use of living. Sorry the beach trip fell through, maybe later. I need some parts for my guns, and some more accessories. All I need is more money. Haha.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, roger that on all of the above. prepper burnout. i need to focus more on the doing part now. finish all of these started projects and get crackin on the new ones. right now i’m just killin time til canoe conditions improve:)

    • River, I think I need one of those weeks of doing nothing.

  5. axelsteve says:

    Cleaned most of my guns. Bought some food for later.I modified my exhaust on my v star,I get more speed and power and it is not much louder.Loud pipes may save lives but they suck for op sec.

  6. axelsteve says:

    I saw the new ar7 at the local gunstore yesterday. I thought that it was a papoose at first because of the barrel nut.After putting on my glasses it had the ar7 stock on it.Kinda interesting but, I would go with a papoose rather then that mattel or hasbro wonder.

    • Axel, the AR7 is a great backpacker/camp rifle. Mine was the Costa Mesan Ca Armalite made during Vietnam era. Love the iron sights but some newer models come with the milled top for scope mounts.

      • axelsteve says:

        Jarhead. The one that you have is probably a better gun then the one they have out now.This one did not impress me.I think that I would rather have the new Ruger 10/22 takedown model.

        • Axel, I was looking at the 10/22 take down and the tactical a couple weeks ago. I need to do the measurements on the takedown to see if it fits in any of my packs and the tactical in the event I put on a T6 stock.

          • riverrider says:

            j/ axel, i’m mighty fond of the papoose from marlin. 16″. the wood stock can be hollowed out for survival gear or ammo. just a thought.

            • axelsteve says:

              Riverrider. I put a cellphone holster on my sling that holds a 50 round box of 22 lr.Works like it was meant to and you can hollow out your buttstock for other things.

  7. Thanks to everyone for sharing what you do, it is so helpful in trying to learn what needs to be done. Sometimes you get a reminder how fragile life is and how much needs to be done. I had two reminders this week.

    First, I found out an acquaintance fell and got a badly sprained ankle. No big deal, right? That afternoon he died when a clot in his leg broke loose and caused a stoke. One of the nicest people you would ever meet and his family is totally in shock.

    Second, a few days ago when we were having 40 mph wind gusts one of the large trees in front of my house fell over. We lucked out that it didn’t fall on the house or cause any damage. It was a pain cleaning up the mess and the wind was still blowing hard, causing us a little concern with the remaining clump of trees. When the tree fell, it caused a huge crash and this is the exact area where I have been working the last three weeks. The thought of being so close to a potential disaster was unnerving to say the least.

    Preps this week:
    2 more boxes cereal
    5 lbs. cheddar cheese, cut in blocks and frozen
    8 cans tuna
    4 packs of wet wipes
    eye exam
    tests set up for some continuing eye problems
    received my new books from Amazon – The Joy of Keeping Chickens, and The New Self-Sufficient Gardener

    That is about it this week. Keep your eyes open and stay safe everyone.

    • You will ENJOY the chickens! I know that we have . This is our third year of having a flock. We eat and give away many eggs. We have also culled and killed the extra roosters. They were yummy.

    • axelsteve says:

      Ms ACW. I am very sorry about your friend dying so sudden from semmingly small injury.The good book states that time and circumstances befall us all.At least he did not suffer from a prolonged illness or injury.

      • Thanks axelsteve, there is one thing I know for sure. He was one of the gentlest, kindest people I have ever known and a true Christian soul. And you are right about it being good he didn’t suffer a prolonged illness. After dealing with my father’s very long journey suffering with dementia, I know exactly what you mean.

  8. panhandleprepper says:

    The mindmap is a great idea. I perform them at work all the time, but never really thought about using the technique for my prepping plans. I will put this to use immediately.

  9. I have no idea why I have become such a diskabobalated prepper the last months. I just cannot get in the grove.
    But surprised myself and went to the grocer.
    Got 6 cans of peaches
    10 gravy mixes
    10 taco mixes
    couple of Fahita and chili mixes
    2-1 lb bags of navy (aka: small whites) beans
    2 cans of pitted ripe olives
    1 medium jar peanut butter
    2 Fels Naptha soap
    2 bags mentolated cough drops
    2 gallons of water.
    1 bottle of LaVictoria hot sauce
    Felt good to “get er done”.

    • Mary in GA says:

      I buy lots of the gravy mixes too. Figure they’ll make rice edible when we’re all tired of it. I just dump mine in a drawer, it’s one of the few things that I don’t store in mylar. It seems to be all preservatives anyway, LOL.

  10. first a thank you to MD for his post – a reminder that there is room for more than one “preppers” blog – just as each of US has a contribution to make – so do most blogs. Also for his reminder to anyone who had a submission rejected because of not following “the rules”. We all want to win, but let’s do it the right way. Now in war…well that may be a little different.

    Second, thanks to Sogger Prepper for letting me know that the Rumor of War III video was shown on BareNakedIslam.com – I watched the entire thing this morning….am quite subdued by the impact of what this video shows – the way it ties it all together in one spot. Much of this I’m sure we have seen somewhere in our newsy travels in papers, tv, or internet search. But what an impact. I’m saddened by the deceit of our elelcted government officials -those who swore to uphold the Constitution – to serve and protect – not surprised, but saddened.

    I’m also F&* (^%$ FURIOUS! Vote, arm yourselves, and get prepared as best you can. SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

    Also, for those who have been on the fence regarding EMP’s – check the video out, it’s near the end – but it does talk about Iran’s practice runs of oops- the missible didn’t get into orbit, oh well – practice runs for the EMP. It’s here- the only thing we don’t know is what day and hour – while we sleep? or do they want to do it in the daylight so they can enjoy the ensuing initial confusion and chaos? Remember, these folks live in the desert – are used to little and to harsh conditions – we are not so lucky – we better learn quickly.

    So thank you to all who contribute, who share your knowledge and your message of hope. I AM hopeful because I believe in all of YOU, in our country, and in our ability to fight back. God bless each and every one of you.

    Now I’m off to celebrate a 3- yr old and act like a kid – not a granny….life is short – enjoy it while we can.


    • Hi Granny…I enjoyed your post. Was wondering about your comment regarding the missile problem…did you mean the North Korean one? I didn’t hear about one in Iran. Maybe I just read your stuff wrong.

      Make sure to dance around and smile when you celebrate! Love that attitude! We should all smile and dance more…..

      Take care,

      • Thanks TomFish – no not the North Korean one. if you go to the site I mentioned Bare Naked Islam.com and find the video RUMOR OF WAR III – start the video and move the cursor to around minute 58 and watch the next few. It talks about the missles that Iran is practice firing in the Caspian Sea. this segment is about the possibility of EMP launch by IRAN. Of course, No Korea is a threat as well. After I watched the video, I typed in Iran launces missles and a slew of articles popped up –

        This would go hand in hand with what Israel is so watchful of – a nuclear attack by Iran. one and one equals two – two attacks – one on Israel and one on our electrical grid – we would be unable to respond to Israel’s needs at that point, as well as our own.

        It also talked about the bill HR 5026 that got shot down – the bill was about preparing a safety net around our grid system – protection from an EMP etc to keep it safe. With most households requiring water and electric – the grid goes down…no water,heat etc.

        I’m going to search out the first two videos and watch them and if Beck does a cd for sale, Im on it.

        Last night when I looked at the net the biggest headline on my homepage was about the Banks and is the yuan the new dollar? yes it was on msn money lol

        Anyway I thought it was a good informative video – I try to take things with a grain of salt – but much of what they talked about is definitely in the news…..and has been.

        Watch your backs

    • Papabear says:

      Since Grannyj has brought up EMPs here is one that someone related this week.

      Several years ago he (the story teller) was an unwilling participant in an EMP experiment by some agency (he wouldn’t say who/what). The only thing that he experienced was that his and everyone else’s car battery was totally dead. He replaced the battery and the car was usable again.

      Any thoughts Pack members?

      • Papabear –

        Over the last month or so there’s been a lot of discussion by the pack on EMP’s and how to protect computer info, like stashing a small netbook, flash drives and cds, extra radios, batteries, etc etc etc. Some good ideas. I guess Im not so worried about my car though it would mean I wouldnt get to work – but more about the grid for water and electricity going down and taking months to repair, if ever.

        Your question makes one think, which I’m doing now. Well, trying to research more….so I can be more informed….

        oh and TomFish – yup dance and sing – act silly – let the kid loose now and again – it’s a wonderful feeling – well aside from squishy diapers …..lol

        • Harold says:

          For what it is worth, back in 1982, the office supply store my wife managed had a transformer on the utility pole outside the building explode. She had my truck parked at the back of the lot. When I arrived, the entire two front rows of parked cars had their hoods up with people looking under the hoods. I unlocked the truck, started it and move it to the front row to wait for her to lock up the store so we could go home. A fellow walked up to our truck and wanted to know if I could tell him what was wrong with his car when our truck worked just fine. My wife then told me about the transformer explosion that had happened. A quick look under the hood of his car and checking out the coil to find no spark, I told him he was the victim of an EMP caused by the exploding transformer and he would be having to buy a new firing unit from Ford and install it on the car. He called me an idiot and a few other choice words and stomped off. As one of my wife’s associates at the store also drove a Ford, and was dead too, I told her we would give her a ride home and since the next day was Saturday, when we came in I would bring a spare duraspark unit I had at home to get her going until she could afford to buy a new one. The next morning, as I was opening the hood of her car to change the unit, you guessed it, here came the individual and wanted to know what I thought I was doing. I just ignored him and three screws and two plugs later, I entered the car and started it up. I closed the hood, locked the car and went into the store with him berating me all of the way and then wanting to buy the unit off me. He actually wanted me to remove it from the lady’s car and let him have it. I told him in no circumstances after the way he had reacted would I lift a finger to help him and I was actually sorry I had diagnosed his problem for free when Ford would have charged him a hundred bucks plus a tow plus the price of a new unit and labor. I guess it was an expensive lesson for a number of people and there were still cars remaining on the front line until Wednesday when the police started ticketing because there was a 24 hour parking limit.

          • grannyj says:

            Harold – wow! what a loser he is! Sounds like another prep to get in place for my old Toyota – 87 pickup. Thanks for sharing that story – and for being a nice guy and helping out the wife’s co-worker….your heart is in the right place 🙂

  11. worrisome says:

    The neighborhood made some progress on putting in security along the back of our property. We have also decided to put in small solar panels so that the systems are not on the grid as well as hooking the batteries up to the generators so that they are always charged. A bit more expensive, but what is another $$ or two after all we have spent on these systems anyway. The objective is to keep weird souls from accessing the backs of our land; potentially keep the deer away from the gardens (small hope there :)) ; and give us plenty of warning. I believe that we will be succeeding in all we decided to do.
    Another neighbor has purchased a german shepherd. This one is a bit older and already has some training. Both of these dogs are very even tempered with our little group and seem to enjoy the children and other pets to no end. This older dog already shows some protective qualities. And has taken to sunning himself on my driveway when he and his owner are out and about. The other neighbor has built a big dog door between my back yard and his so that my dog and his puppy can visit when they are out, those two are pretty fun to watch.
    Family planted some more of the garden over the week.
    We had a family council meeting and have made the decision to put the other house up for sale. As much as we all like to meet and visit there and love the lake access. It is not a suitable retreat and the ongoing expense to keep it up could be put to better use. So I will be meeting with realtors in the next couple of weeks to get it on the market. Hate to do it with real estate so crazy but……….things are looking so bleak as far as the economy and nutty divisive politics that none of us are comfortable at this time.
    Saying prayers for all of the wolf pack and thanking God that all of me and mine are still gainfully employed and have taken so many measures to be as self sufficient as we possibly can be. Next week I hope to be telling you about what some of the men folk in the group are planning to do about getting some real survival training.

    • axelsteve says:

      worrisome. The market for a lakeside house may be pretty good. You need a good realter to market it.

  12. Thanks for everyone in the last few weeks – reading folks’ preps helps give me ideas for ours. Hope everyone is well and employed and in good spirits.

    This week I:

    Took complete inventory of all the stockpile so that I can start prioritizing purchases.
    Stockpiled a bit more water. A few additions on food and medicines to the stockpile.
    Planted four raspberry bushes, and two more cherry trees.
    Rescued auger blade that had gotten itself buried totally in the ground – yay! No progress at all on paddock fencing because of that auger blade…
    Finished last tilling runs on the lettuce bed and the main garden bed. Planted out more herbs and some onions and cabbage and peppers seedlings in the side garden (which will be cold frame/herb garden permanently)
    Inventoried ammo and set up a date with a family friend to go shoot at his range, we’re looking for a good shooting range so trying a few out. Will also evaluate the .357 revolver as to its useablity for myself (a female with really small hands). This gun was my (now deceased) first hubby’s gun and it’s probably a bit much for me. If it is, will be selling it and getting something a bit easier to deal with to go with the other pistols.
    Dealt with the accountant for last year’s taxes (we were late because one gallery got the paperwork to us late – but no late fees since we’re getting a refund.). Plotted how to spend said refund – hubby’s voting for a shotgun, I’m thinking a loom. This should be an interesting decision making process!
    Picked up a book on milk goats.
    Chatted with a friend from high school who now is also a prepper… first steps of the dance towards seeing if we’ll join up or they’ll join up or whatever…
    Picked up some basic fishing supplies (line, hooks, bobbers, etc). As hubby is allergic to seafood and fish … fishing supplies aren’t exactly high on our priority list, but I will eat fish if nothing else so probably need some simple supplies for it.
    Filled the pickup with “free” pallets from the local lumber store – will use for trellises in the garden, stakes for the garden, etc.
    Hubby got the “parking area” set up for the various cars – scraped, timbered and filled with gravel, so now we have a place to park the various cars (four adults and two teenagers in the house – we have cars!).
    Got the current “bug out vehicle” fixed – not that we’re really planning on bugging out but never hurts to have three or four backup plans. It needed some differential work and we’d put it off for a bit.
    Dealt with insurance company and junking mom’s car (we live with mom and take car of her, she’s not totally mobile) after a wreck last week. Looks like we’ll be jiggling cars around and getting something used to replace her car – she doesn’t drive any more and all we need is something she can get into easily that’s comfortable – no need for a “new” car… especially after pricing some! Yikes! Trying to talk hubby into letting teenaged son’s car be mother’s new car and hunting for a pre-1975 car to fix up for son … we’ll see if I win.
    Chatted with our farrier to find a dressage instructor for me (not really prepping related but still important!) and someone to break three of our hay-burners to drive with a view towards getting them able to pull a plow and/or carts/wagons. She’s got a cart for sale we might end up picking up…
    Cleaned on the basement storage area … need to get rid of more junk to free up storage space…
    Hope everyone’s weekend goes well … it’s cloudy/rainy here and I’m thinking of curling up with a good book…

    • charliebuck says:

      Victoria,pick up some 38 Special ammo for your 357.May make it easier for you to handle.Just a thought.Stay Safe.

  13. Concrete Termite says:

    Lets see this week I did a few things.
    36 5 hr candles
    70 votive candles
    40 ft of 550 Cord
    working on dehydrating different types of fruits
    2 MRE for my bag
    Bought a bag that attaches to my bug out bag to double its capacity
    worked on some designs for some portable stoves
    Worked on some plans with a prepper friend on some stuff he may want built

  14. Tinfoil Hat says:

    I won the battle this week, and will finally get to purchase my second AR-15! It took compromise, subterfuge, tense negotiations, and an iron will, and up until the final pinky swear, the whole thing could’ve fallen apart, but in the end it was consumated. Man, the STBDW is one heckuva negotiator. She could make Kissinger blanche I swear. But I won! Lol.

    Now RR and Jar, I need your excellent opinions.:




    Now, I already have a BM as my primary, and reviews and my experience tell me the scope on that model isn’t worth much bc of the thin rail. That being said, I could remove the scope and put it on my Marlin Model 60. Or I could go with the DPMS heavier model w synthetic stock and a more solid feeling gun. I’m leaning towards the Panther. What’s yalls advice for a not gun guy?

    For this week, I took advantage of a hand tool clearance sale my local Sears Outlet was having. They were selling no brand name tools 3 for $6, so I got 3 more pliers, crowbar nailbar prybar, 2 hand and 1 hack saw, and 3 various size hammers for around 25 bucks. I was Psyched about that. A good week 🙂

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Almost forgot! Monday is my last day commuting to work! IT guys installed everything Friday afternoon, so from here on, my work will be done in my spare upstairs bedroom, except for 2 hours every Monday for weekly staff meetings! Gonna save me so much money in gas! Very excited!!

      • riverrider says:

        tin, awesome on the telecommute….my money goes toward the one with the front site. just my opinion. i just built one with no front sight and immediately changed it over to a rail gas block so i could add a backup front site, still don’t like it, i don’t know why. my faves are still the old school carry handle jobs. i hate relying on an optic, though as age dims my sight i will eventually require one. again, this is just my opinion and i’m a dinosaur….whats the twist on your bm? you probly want the same on your backup. i’m about to go thru and standardize mine to 1/9 because i have a mixed up bunch of ammo. i have a 1/7 and a few 1/12’s that will have to go or be converted.

        • riverrider says:

          tin, ps-you are in deep pooh-pooh my friend. a girl like that is a world of trouble…..but pro’bly the good kind;)

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            ROFL, she’s not nearly the ogre I’ve mde her out to be the past 2 weeks. Shes very loyal smart and funny, and hey, she puts up with me, which ain’t easy. I’m mostly joking when I talk about her. 🙂

            I was already leaning towards the DPMS, so thank you for further justifying my preference and making me feel smart:).

            My current AR twist is 1/9, which would match the Panther. Looks like my decision is all but made. Heading out to the gunshow, if I see a Kimber with a canoe engraved on the side I’ll be sure to let you know lol.

            • just saying………… Amazon.com ….. bushnell TR25 reddot and thumbdrive flat/45deg. mount for co-wittness good set of bus sights…………… the 45deg. mount gives you options for other glass….

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Congratulations on our recent win and also on getting to work from home!

        Please tell me what STBDW stands for – I am spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure that one out-


      • Good work, man! Nice purchases and saving gas…good deal. I went from 1.5 tanks down to .5 per week by negotiating a work from home deal.

    • JP in MT says:

      Tinfoil Hat:
      I know you didn’t as my opinion but here it is anyway:
      I really like having a fixed front sight. I have not found it to be a problem with my optics and with have “front sight first” training drilled into me for so long, I think it just works.
      You can easily trade out the front post for something that glows in the dark and have a great backup when the scope fails.


    • Tin Foil, if you go with the DPMS you are looking at one of the most readily available replacement kits/parts out there. I own the Oracle model which is like the Panther but has a flip up front sight. With the Panther you can buy the traditional A2 rear sight/carry handle or go red dot or scope with only a spacer mount to bring it up slightly.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Thanks buddy. Your opinion puts it over the top. DPMS it is. I’ve heard some great things about them, and actually called them the other day to ask some questions. I was shocked that on the 2nd ring, a real live person, no automated directory press 2 for English machine, picked up. Not that I’ve ever had any issues with BM. I’m ordering it Tuesday. Hopefully I can give a quick.review of it this time next week 🙂

  15. MD again, thanks for all you do. If you are like me you don’t need to hear it but you deserve it. Great Job! Finally was able to get into the garden this week. Planted onions, lettuce, beets, peas and the tomatos and peppers that I started from seed. The way its warming up should get corn and beans in the ground Monday. Got my tractor back this morning and almost called into to work sick but I need the money. Started a compost pile. Inventoried my ammo. Got my first jar of Ghee and I think we are going to keep getting it. Number 1 son takes his CDL test Tuesday. Would like the pack to keep him in your thoughts. He’s been out of work for over a year and this looks like a great opportunity for him. Number 2 son who’ s active duty Navy leaves San Diego next weekend moving his family back here. Glad to get them out of that hell hole. Plus now I get to see my grandkids without traving 2000 miles:) Not liking the way some things are coming together either here or worldwide. Keep planning. Keep prepping. Keep the Faith

  16. NorCal Ray says:

    I posted reviews on both of your books this week on Amazon. They both rated 5 star ratings. Great job. Can’t Wait to see what your next book is.
    For preps I picked up a L.A. County Thomas Guide. Thank you cosmo for the idea. In a SHTF event the GPS system may go down and it is the best thing going, with complete street maps of the entire county. Made arrangements for the DD to be taken care of in a SHTF event until I can get down to pick her up. BIG relief to the DW aand I.
    As to preps for the week, I planted Raspberry canes and a Peach Tree. Strawberries are producing like gangbusters. Harvested Chinese Cabbage and Broccoli. Also harvested Leaf Lettuce. Cauliflower is coming up great.
    Picked up Western Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs. It is an awesome book. Very good colored Photos (over 500) and and detailed explanations. It was the first and best book I have found that was this detailed. It is actually helpful. It is published through Peterson Books.
    Picked up a Cuisinart Grain Grinder from Big Lots for 25.00 It is awesome. It does a great job.
    Thats it for the week for me.

    • Ray,

      Thank you. If you have any suggestions or additions that you would like to see feel free to email me.

    • cosmolined says:

      Now if you could only teach my wife to read one….. LOL!
      Glad to have helped. This site is about helping each other.
      All of us beat the snot out of any one of us. Thanks M.D.!! Cos

  17. recoveringidiot says:

    Actually made a little headway this week,
    Went through my RLH (run like hell) gear and made some changes/upgrades to lighten it some. I’m getting older and have spine problems and just can’t handle as much weight any longer.

    Bought some fishing supplies and picked up some hardware cloth to make traps for free, it just had a little rust on the bottom few rows.

    Found some really cheap 550 cord, 200yds, and a bunch of bungee cords.

    Buying ahead on oil and filters for all my vehicles and small engines, not so much a prep as saving money because the cost keeps inflating so fast.

    I think things will slowly get worse, inflation is bound to get worse than it already is if they keep printing money. I pray for us all.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

    • axelsteve says:

      Recoveringidiot. I call my run like hell gear Pink floyde gear. just a play on words.

  18. Prayers sent out for the Pack and their families. Hope those in the snow hit region are staying warm.

    Welcome new pack members and those lurking.

    My Preps for the week
    60 rounds of 12 GA 00 buck
    25 rounds of 12 GA slugs
    300 rounds CCI .22LR

    Gun cleaning kit:
    48 piece cleaning kit
    Dental picks

    Emergency Rescue pocket knife
    Sharpening stone

    Quick Clot
    2 boxes of 4×4 gauze
    Dental picks
    2 16″ needle nose forceps

    Water Prep:
    Filled 3 2L bottles
    1 case 20oz bottles of water

    Food Prep:
    10 pounds flour
    10 pounds rice

    Tool prep:
    12 piece needle file set
    3 piece Folding hex key set Star, SAE and Metric

    Auto Preps:
    2 new tires on the car and a free oil change thrown in.
    A fold up compact 4 Star lug wrench
    New windshield wipers

    Bonus: Asked the manager of the auto shop if I could keep the balance weights from the old tires, telling him I’m making cast sinker weights for fishing this summer. He gave me almost 5 pounds worth saying it will save him the haz mat disposal fees and come back for more if I want.
    I now plan on buying a lead smelter, casts for 1oz-6oz sinker weights, buck shot pellets, slugs and .45 bullets.

    Other preps:
    1 Trumark fold down Slingshot
    4 black bands for the sling shots
    150 1/2″ marbles for sling shot
    2 magnesium fire starters

    The news said we had an earthquake in the area a few hours ago, didn’t feel it. Off to the gym before work.

    Have a good week Pack and good prepping

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Jarhead 03,

      Just a reminder, the smoke from the lead melting is a health hazard.

      We still have about 30 pounds of lead sinkers made from balance weights we made around 1974.

      • HD, you are correct, I used to make 9mm bullets back 15 to 20 years ago and always wore a respirator and did it outside.

        Post shtf, it could come in handy. Lead is expensive and I go through sinkers on the dead sea fishing trips due to coral.

        • tommy2rs says:

          You also swage bullets instead of doing the melt and pour. No sprues, no seams. Back in the 50’s and 60’s my Dad shot match in the Navy. He made all his centerfire match ammo with a swage, lead wire and gas checks. Still got his .45 acp swage but Corbin still makes swages for a multitude of calibers and sells the lead wire in appropriate sizes. They also sell molds for casting your own lead bars in appropriate sizes for swaging

    • Snow? It’s 93 degrees outside.

      • Bam Bam there was a region east of the mid west they were showing on the news got hit with some snow. Even we got a bit in the local mountains near Los Angeles this week.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Jarhead – I am curious. When I click on your name to see your link/site I get a warning that it is a potential phishing site. Is it because it is a password protected site or what? Do you do this for OPSEC? If so it is effective I guess because I just close out and have never gone past the warning sign…

      • Suburban, its my email address not a website. Your internet provider is probably exercising caution. The email address is purely for people on this and two other sites I frequent. If you are concerned you can always ask me here. I missed out the last few days due to work.

    • Other prep. I turned 39 on the 26th. I’m realizing with all the work I have been doing 6 – 7 days a week and many 12 hour and 16 hour days I have to hit the gym at least 2-3 days a week even if for 30 minutes and 4 days a week when I don’t have to work as hard.

      The slingshot I bought was a reminder to stay young as long as I can lol.

      • Jarhead 03, Happy birthday! Somehow I thought you were older. You’re only one year older than my baby boy. He was 38 on Feb. 20th. Again, Happpy Birthday!!
        Be Blessed,

        • Rex, thank you. I feel like I’m 80 today lol. I’m back in the gym and super sore lol. Took a few months off from the gym because of a promotion at work and 60 + hour work weeks. The financial preps are great but need to fine tune the physical prep lol.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Happy bday Jar! Hope you enjoy it! Nice to see someone else in there 30s on the blog. I always try and guess everyone’s age. Sometimes it gets me depressed at my generation that I reckon I’m the only thirty-something concerned with more than what kinda luxury car I can get away with financing or how much more I can buy before I max my Platinuim Mastercard. Incidentally, I read an article about the 20 year anniversary of the King Riots, it had some pics of the deployed marines and I was like “I wonder if that’s Jarhead ’03?”. Lol

        • Tin Foil its possible, with all the pictures taken. Its why I’m building up the defensive/offensive preps. With the anniversary, OBL anniversary, the Florida situation and a resurgence of the Occupy (Bowel) Movement Resurgence for Commie (May) Day who knows one day to the next.

        • Tin Foil its possible, with all the pictures taken.

          Its why I’m building up the defensive/offensive preps. With the 20th anniversary, OBL 1 year anniversary, the Florida situation and a resurgence of the Occupy (Bowel) Movement Resurgence for Commie (May) Day who knows one day to the next what’s going to happen.

        • Harold says:

          Jar, stop right there. Don’t get any older. It just ain’t worth it. If I could roll my 73 back to 39 or even 45 I would do it in a minute.

      • cosmolined says:

        A belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one. God Bless! Cos

      • farmmomwannabe says:

        Happy Birthday Jarhead. We need more “young” people like you involved. Enjoy!

      • Jarhead – Happy Birthday – and hope you have many more…I agree, the harder/longer you perform/work physically, the fitter one needs to be…

        I too know that I need to stay as fit as possible to slow down the aging process…

        and it does get harder to just maintain a certain level of fitness, let alone improve and get stronger…

        but I’m not giving up…and I’m 20 yrs older than you…cheers…

    • axelsteve says:

      Jarhead. Us being Californians I think that we don`t feel them if they below a 3 or so.The auto shop manager sounds like a nice guy.Wheel weight lead is good bullet lead.Get friendly with the tire guy and he will save some for you also,I used to do that for my cool customers.My son is picking up his 45 in about an hour and we will go break it in. This time I will not forget earplugs.

      • Axel, your right. It was in the Devore area which is close to the San Andreas Fault Line. I say all the small ones I don’t notice the better to relieve stress on the big one.

        As for the lead/balance weights you are right. If I find a smelter and casts at the right price it will save me big bucks especially on the sinkers.

        • NorCal Ray says:

          Jarhead 03,
          Happy Birthday. Iknow the feeling about not even paying attention to the small ones. My wife freaks out and I don’t even notice them. I have lead pots, weight molds, lure molds and everything else I need to make any type of fishing tackle. What I’m looking for now are bullet molds and .50 cal. Black Powder Molds. I also have almost a ton of wheel weights from when Clinton shut down the Presidio in S.F.
          All brand new, never even been on a rim. I have another 1/4 ton of used ones. I used to have a lure and weight manufacturing co. in the mid 90’s Email me.

          • Jarhead 03, Happy 39! I just turned 39 again for the 10th time last month! Keep up the good work and your insight on weapons has always been helpful. I will be in LA this week and hope I don’t run into any RK anniversary shenanigans.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              D2, just saw your post (com) was down and it’s what I primarily use for the net since its mobile. Next time down here give me a heads up.

            • d2 prep says:

              Jarhead, will do. Our company has an office not too far from LAX. I will be down next week but not sure if I can get away. Have M.D. send you my e-mail address.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            NRC, thanks, I appreciate it. Been a busy work week.

    • Jarhead, you are so organized!

      • DJV, it helps so I know what I need to add and it helps to know where things are in the dark.

        • village idiot says:

          Haha…J, just in case I didn’t wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a Happy Birthday! Now, take that week off, you deserve it.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Tin Foil no problem. Been out with com down. Got a new phone and looking at a new laptop since the home pc is 6 years old and the net book is in the Faraday container with all o f my flash drives, com and GPS. Thanks

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            VI, thank you! Been trying to take it easy. Long week at work.

  19. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Did more garden stuff. Got some more seeds to the semi-pots, soon to be in the permi-plots. Rigged up a crap load of old plastic I found in the garage to be a tent-like green house structure until the real heat hits. Got some PackaSandras (spelling ?) to keep the grass down.

    Priced a gate for the front car park and have plans to completely enclose our yard despite the fact that the neighbors fences do so on three of the four sides. Looked into pigeon fencing protectors and realized I can snip of some stainless steel nails and hammer them in with pliers to keep the ‘pigeons’ from trying to scale my wall. Priced some thorns at Home Depot to make sure I hear them curse when and if those ‘pigeons’ come.

    Wife told me we need to get a better stocked basement for food and water. So apparently I made some progress with her too.


  20. IndianaAli says:

    Dug out and cleaned up our campfire pit area, nicely lined with gravel now and edged with creekstone, so it is looking good and functional again. Already planning on a little campfire sometime soon, will break out the cast iron dutch oven for a meal. Speaking of cast iron, went ahead and “re-seasoned” all of mine. Planted a fig tree and also a few tomatoes (hoping we have seen the last of frost) and more cauliflower. Went ahead and planted corn and bush beans too. Have been checking plans on the net for a passive solar window heater and also for a solar box oven…. more little projects for DH. Our bees are still buzzing and we are planning to check the hive tomorrow to see how the queen is progressing. DS got his beekeeping supplies earlier this week, ouch they cost quite a bit of $$$$ but what doesn’t nowdays. Maybe helping to butcher a few hogs tomorrow so looking forward to a few tasty pork chops. Really enjoy this blog and everyone’s comments. Keep prepping… things may be a bit scary come May?

    • Indiana, you had quite the productive week. My beekeeping intro class has been bumped until June. I am looking forward to it.

    • NorCal Ray says:

      Be careful using fire with creekstone as it can explode if it gets too hot. Would hate for anything like that to happen to you or any other member of the Pack.

  21. NewNormal says:

    put together a shelf for food storage. vaccuum packed a 20lb bag of rice into 1 cup portions. Went to the local orchard and picked up freshly picked strawberries and canned 10 1/2 pint jars.
    One additional note, I saw signs around town for a ‘Disaster Fair’. We didn’t go but later in the day searched for it online and apparently the Mormon Church was putting on a disaster preparedness fair. I wish I had gone but didn’t know if a dose of religion came with the info.
    It’s a good idea though.

    • NewNormal, from what I understand they don’t push their beliefs. I do know they are the most prepared organized religion community in the country. I am going to be attending a canning session locally sometime soon that they put on. I am not worried about the religious aspects.

    • new prepper says:

      Have been to a few of the events they sponser, have learned some things and enjoyed myself. Very friendly and not pushy..

  22. Kelekona says:

    A light week on actual preps, though I suppose the iced-tea jug I picked up could be used for water storage.

    Hubby had suggested that we should move to cheaper housing before I realized that part of the issues is lack of closets, (and how there weren’t many positives to outweigh the other negatives in this unit.) He determined that unless we did more than downgrade slightly, it would be cheaper to buy a house, (and I think that was just factoring “takes pets” without what they would add to the rent.) It would be really great if we found a place that everything right, but with horribly dated decor driving the price down.

    We’re still going to be in the same city with its horrible logistics for any sort of disaster, but it might turn out to be a decent enough improvement depending on what we get.

    • Prepper RN says:

      In a house, not a condo or apartment, you can have a garden on your land, place a rain barrel, do any improvements that you want. Any house can be made to look better/cleaner with some paint for cheap. The good outweighs the bad, even in an outdated home if it yours. I bought a condo 4+ years ago and regret it. I have to live by their rules and it sucks that I made a bad decision back then that I have to live with now.
      Take the plunge if you can, you will be glad. God bless

      • Hubby wants a garage and I am adamant about mature trees. I also am developing strong opinions about HOA’s that are fussy enough to take a lawn mower across a maintained yard. (That narrow border of long grass against the side of the house makes the yard feel bigger, and not only the patch behind the shed not visible, it’s only 10% grass at best.)

        And I was going to keep this on the downlow until it was over, but I really doubt anyone knows where I live and that all my stuff is worthless junk.

        We’re camping out in a townhouse; I like the floorplan, detest the neighborhood… especially the uniformity of appearance that only video games could match, a few sculptures or 2 more colors of paint would go a long way towards us not getting lost half the time. I keep cats because I can blame random noises on them, but there are too many thumps to blame on them. And I don’t care if it’s racist, a bunch of dark-skinned neighbors were being outside and loud; they weren’t doing anything wrong, just being cultural or waiting for a field-trip bus if there was a purpose at all, and it fired my paranoia censors. And then there was the pool hall in the garage when we were trying to sleep. And WTF is with all the families and children and dogs? And the people who criticize my cats simply because they like to sit on the window sill?

        Right. I mean, our budget and wants is going to put us in territory where we are going to wonder why no one in the neighborhood has a corrugated metal carport.

        I miss our first rental in light of where we’ve lived since. Obviously fake wood paneling, top-floor of a 1940’s house that was divided into thirds, downstairs neighbors got robbed, our doorframe had some sort of shot peppering it… considering the renter that took over DB’s smaller unit across the street, us hanging a coat-hook was probably not even noticed, much less reason to complain, especially since we left it instead of holes.

        But ugly interior is a bonus for buying, again especially if it drives the price down. I can majorly re-aesthetic a habitable house, possibly to the point where I could get a wall knocked down as long as a professional is watching.

  23. This week I received a book from Amazon.com on Depression Area Cookbook. It has a lot of simple recipes. I received 10 (20) round mags from CTD along with a 100′ role of 1” webbing. I found some 1″ buckled at WM for .58 cents for two. These are great for belts, tying down things and making straps. I ate my first blueberry off the tree I rescued from WM’s dumpster last year. I also adder 250 rounds of 223, 25 rounds of 20 ga buckshot.

  24. . This week cucumbers and tomatoes went in the ground. We are harvesting spinach and lettuce with a few spring onions. Bought more junk silver and a few sterling silver spoons, Set out the grape vines and set the posts, staked the peas, continued the ” convict conditioning” program we have been doing . We understand that while we might ahve a great little homestead, we will need the stamina at our ages to keep it going. I suppose not really prep but we had two light sockets burn out so we bought replacements plus 2 . Early discussions on our under ground off grid structure, researched several books and websites.
    We also watched season 1 of The Colony. We enjoyed it.
    Hopefully next week will be more accomplished.
    Press in and Prep on

  25. Been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks enjoying the time with my kids. I did manage to clear out some more room in the house, but I need to rework a couple of rooms so that I can store supplies in them.

    Nearly finished putting together the first aid kit for my wife’s car. I still need to add 3 or 4 more items (eye patch, super glue, metal splint roll, and compression bandages) to it to round it out.

    My wife will be taking an archery class out at the community college this summer (she is very excited about it).

    Picked up another rubber sealed tool box to use as a shotgun ammo box.
    2 boxes of 12 ga 5 shot
    2000 rds of Winchester .22 LR
    200 rds of .223 Federal American Eagle
    4 general first aid kits
    Some Glow sticks
    More water proof matches and a couple of sealed containers to go with them.
    1 x 105 qt Sterilite container for our house medical supplies

    • village idiot says:

      Cain, that’s some special time you’re spending with your kids. They grow up so fast. You did get some things done, and that’s what is important. Take care.

  26. New books are up: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/04/hereare-todays-books.html

    I included some older books that are available free on Kindle but also lots of other places on the web. I didn’t do all the searches to find them but many will be there and easy to find in other formats.


    My preps are still very small-time. This week I bought a whole bunch of extra canned groceries with my regular shopping and am putting them away. Case of large cans tomatoes in various styles, multi-pack tuna, kippers (smoked fish), stew, cases baked beans, pasta sauce, various bulk nuts that I will be vacuum packing.

    I discovered that even more of my vacuum packed jars and bags unsealed. I’m glad that I hadn’t put them away yet, but left them out to check. They took over a week to unseal. I don’t have any extra lids yet to try doubling them up as some of you suggested.

    • Natalia…re the vac seal bag seals failing…next time, try sealing them twice – leave about 1 cm (1/2″) space between the seals…both top and bottom, and see if that gives a better result…

      or, if sealing sharp items, like penne pasta or long spaghetti, either wrap paper towels along the sharp ends of the spaghetti, or add a couple of bags of ziplock/glad bags –

      those ziplock bags can then be used when necessary as spare containers to soak dehydrated veges etc in – if not too badly punctured…hope this helps…cheers.

      • Thanks for that, I will do that in the future. I was only doing herbs and dried (but not pointy) jamaica flowers from Mexico (for tea). I found that the herbs and smaller ground things were the things that unsealed in jars; my theory is the vacuum pulled out some dust along with it, though I did use filter paper. Thanks for helping, Chloe. 🙂

    • Natalia,
      I have one of the cheaper models of the foodsavers but it has worked fine for me. I do find some of the bagged stuff that comes unealed for me is when I seal a lot of stuff and don’t let the unit rest. It seems if I seal two or three things and then wait I don’t have any getting unsealed but if I seal 4-5 or more in a row some of the last ones will come unsealed. I don’t know if the heat strip overheats or whatever but if I let it rest in between it seems to seal better. Plus check the black plastic bumper on the inside of the top and make sure there is not any dirt or any kind of particles on it. Mine can get dirty some times and I just wipe it off with a paper towel.

      • George, those are great tips, thank you so much! I wasn’t doing a lot of sealing, in fact only did those two bags (the rest were jars), but I did have to try a couple of times each to get a seal as I was just learning, so maybe just that overheated it. I’ll check the bumper too. Thanks again. 🙂

  27. Suburban Housewife says:

    I love your outlook on stuff MD. I think I have ended up at that other blog a couple of times because I can never remember the word “the” at the beginning and I just am so used to .com instead of .net – I have never spent time there looking around as my time has been super limited- I just see its not where I want to be and fix my errors. I will go explore it when I get a chance – but quite honestly I am in love with these Wolf Pack people!

    What did I do to prep?

    This is a random culmination of bits and pieces over the past several weeks. What a year this is turning out to be – pure chaos and really no end in sight.

    As you know I am pretty brand spanking new to this blog and to the whole prepping thing.  I marvel at the transformation that is taking place in me. It’s almost as if I’ve had a brain transplant, I have become consumed with prepping. I know a lot of you understand that perfectly!

    In all the flying i’ve had to do recently and with numerous connections I was able to peer into many backyards before we got too high to see. I am absolutely stunned at the lack of gardens. Yet another blow to my Pollyanna-ish outlook. I guess since I think it is important and enjoyable I expect others to think so too. It kind of broke my heart a little to see all of these huge yards and no discernible garden. What I wouldn’t give for a large yard! I read and hear about people not preparing but I guess I just want to give people the benefit of the doubt. My husband keeps telling me that people just don’t think this way or plan like this. I was raised in NW Ohio – we always planned and stocked up – just for the winter or tornados , not doomsday or anything. My DH was also raised there and not only did his family not do that – he’d never heard of it and wasn’t aware of anyone that did.

    So I did manage to read some on the plane(s)-(thank you Natalia)
    M Ds dirt cheap book- gave it to my husband to read and he is actually reading it! I’m not sure innout 37 years i’ve seen him read anything but business books.. No wait he did read Ben Franklins biography In fact he’s gone to Harbor Freight a couple of times to learn about and check out the solar panels there. I am shocked! But happy 🙂
     12/21/12 – it was Ok, not my thing
    One Second After – liked that a lot
    Half Past Midnight- really enjoyed this one too
    Day of the Dogs – made me want to just quit breathing, holy cow, what a scenario

    Being Elmo – to recover from Day of the Dogs book and I highly recommend this documentary. It just made me smile all the way through it. Seriously, it’s good.
    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – that was Ok, pretty interesting. I like people so I liked this.

    Planted pots of tomatoes, a pepper, basil and marigolds on my daughters deck and more marigolds interspersed with lettuce by her front walkway. Got her started on storing water and thinking about hurricane preps. Was delighted to see she already has a really nice emergency radio. Her having her own babies now has made me less crazy to her LOL – she’s thinking more seriously about what she would do “if” and especially what if her husband would get deployed.

    He’s a captain in the Marines and training/hoping for the Olympic shooting team – although their little 18 mo old son has sure cut into that practice time, and with a new little daughter due soon – that dream may get replaced. But I got to talk guns with him a little bit – trying to learn, but seriously I don’t think guns are my thing. All the numbers and abreviatioms and terminology just makes my eyes glaze and my brain sputter.

    Ordered MDs new book 31 Days
    Ordered some other books but forgot what they are

    I ordered gluten-free brownie mix and chilli mix from Augason Farms and had it sent to my youngest daughter.

    Also ordered it for myself as well as a bunch of small cans of dehydrated onion, peppers, cheese powder (by mistake – we are dairy free, geesh) and freeze dried strawberries, (also a mistake but they will get eaten). It came while I was gone and I was very disappointed to find that they had not packed it well at all and all of the the cans are severely bashed and dented. I hope it won’t effect the shelf life.  DH opened the package and said they were just tossed in the box with a couple of those air bags things laying on the top. Disappointing.  Before I give up on or “bad mouth” Augason Farms I will talk to them and see what they have to say. 

    Went to Costco and got a Foodsaver (on sale) as well as a Cuisinart food processor. Not sure I’ll keep the food processor, would prefer non-electric processor and a good mandolin. 

    Looking for a dehydrator now. Did some reading and researching solar dehydrators. They seem to take up a lot of room and we have such a tiny yard, plus a finicky HOA – I guess I’ll just have to buy one… I bought a cheap one once but it was so annoyingly noisy I returned it to the store. I am pretty much convinced that if I want organic food storage – and I do- I will just have to rely mostly on myself to make it (what a concept!)

    Found all of  the ingredients to make laundry soap – finally! I thought Washing soda and Fels Naptha was really hard to find – think I was just looking in the wrong places. I got some Zote soap too.. Not sure why, not sure what it’s good for…

    Bought 2 dozen canning jars at Walmart – I don’t know how you all find such great deals on them. I can find them cheap in OH and NC but here in SoCal they are super hard to find and no deals on them. And it doesn’t make sense to try to ship them cross country darn it.

    Lots more odds n ends but this is getting to be a really long post. Life has been chaotic, I can barely keep track of where i am let alone what i am doing lately, and I’ve only been able to squeeze in little stuff here and there, but it adds up. I will spare y’all from any more of my blathering for now.

    My task this weekend is to get my art studio shut down and empty. Gave up my lease, will use the rent money for prepping. It’s a little sad but I’ll get over it 🙂

    Happiness to all.

    • Suburban Housewife,

      Where did you order the food from? If you ordered it from EE call up and tell how the cans arrived. There should be a return slip in the box the stuff came in. Send it back and ask for a refund or your money back.

      Please let us know who you ordered from (or from whom you ordered–to be grammatically correct). I have never had a problem with EE or Honeyville.

    • Prepper RN says:

      My first order from Augason Farms was a case of 6 #10 cans of honey powder and 2 of the cans were bashed in and the box that they were sent in was untouched. Leading me to believe that they were shipped that way from the start. I called to rectify the damage with them and I have to say that their customer service was wonderful. Tehy sent me 2 new cans and they left it up to UPS to pick up the damaged ones. Which they never did. My gain for the damage was 2 cans of honey powder to use now. Give them a call. God Bless.

    • Waterboy says:

      We buy canning jars at our local OSH store.

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Waterboy –
        That’s Orchard Supply – right? We don’t have any of those down here…

        • anonymous says:

          There are lots of Orchard Supply Hardware stores in SoCal…you need to do a GOOGLE search…I’m sure you could find one…lot of jars. Good luck!

          • Suburban Housewife says:

            Anon – Nope – checked the store locator on their web site – nothing south of Huntington Beach…

    • Suburban Housewife, I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been getting some benefit from the books–and especially happy to read your reviews. Thanks for those!

      Wonderful your dh is coming round! Mine I’m hinting a lot too. Ought to get MD’s book.

      The Zote is good in the laundry detergent in place of or in addition to the Fels Naptha. At least, I have seen it specified in recipes.

  28. Candy in Nebraska says:

    We recieved a total of 600 bricks from neighbor, 2×4’s already cut up into the sizes we need, long boards no clue on the szz but a bunch. The neighbor also left 2 good wooden nightstands before he left, antique beer stien w/ music box, 5 cots needing minor repairs, a picnic table needing repairs. Daughter found some old suitcases and makecases there as well. and a toy bulldozer for the grandson.
    Purchased 50 # of flour for $7.00, Black forest ham for $1.75 a pound.
    daughter got her survial books in. 1 is a navagation book supposed to teach how to read a compass but reccomends you have a gps system. another was on hand to hand and there is a 3rd book but I can’t remember. and she also recieved a mummy bag for 30 below that she won’t let us steal itfrom her.lol
    Oldest DD and SIL got us 2 old foot lockers, and a Medic Litter. DH says he might put that between 2 trees and use as a hammock. She offered body bags but DH said no. MIL is to big for the ones DD could get..lol I guess DDs unit is cleaning out storage.
    DH got an old Food Army Storage Locker and a gallon size coffee maker needs inserts but I can always make hobo coffee if I have any nylons around.
    Got a bunch of mismatched socks that im turning into calico baby rattle snakes for the grandbabies for Christmas this year. What I don’t use is going to be stashed for dust ragsor quick mitts for the kids as much as kids lose those things a lot.
    Been working on the garden still have some things to plant but not much. Potatos are doing so well im about to put another layer on some of them.

    That is about it.

  29. Not a bad few purchases for the week:

    Celery and Cucumber starts for the garden (I know, kinda lazy, but they were cheap and fit with my goal of planting only what I will truely eat. Too impatient to mess with starting seeds, lighting, watering and all that).

    Extra magazine for my Glock 23, and a box of 50 rounds, full metal jacket. Only spent $5 on the pair as I was fortunate to redeem a gift certificate from my sister-in law (DSL?)

    Mini-leatherman from Cabelas, on sale for $4.99 Comes with carrying pouch to attach to my belt. Features wood saw, straight blade, standard and philips screwdrivers, can and bottle openers and the needle nose style plyers. Folds to about 2.5 inches. Good for the BOB.

    Learned how to field strip my Glock from UTube videos.

    Moved my small safe to my safe room, organized our passports, car titles, gun, etc and put them in. Taught my wife the code.

    Went for a walk with my son. He has autism – Asperger’s. Wich reminds me….Please take a few moments to learn about Asperger’s…you’ll probably find you have many of the traits, if you are at all like me and my son. He struggles with social skills but kicks butt with his grades at school! Also, as a great excercise for you and your children, talk with them about being “extra” nice and helpful to special needs kids. They have a rough life and could use a friendly face or supportive word. And ask them to take a stand against bullying. Thank you, so much!

    Thanks for listening in….thanks for the blog, M.D. I enjoy it greatly…although it has taken a small bite out of my productivity at work :o)

    Take care, everyone. Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t be misled. The truth is out there.

    • IndianaAli says:

      I have a nephew with autism/Asperger’s too. He is such a sweet kid but the world has to be a bit rough for him too it’s hard to be different no matter what your issues are. If we would all follow the golden rule to do unto others we would be a better world for sure. Hang in there : )

    • TomFish,

      A lot of folks here are INTJ. We do have a lot of traits in common with someone who has Asperger’s.

    • trapper from manitoba says:

      I second the bullying education to younger people. I just dealt with some as my kid was being picked on also and if more kids just helped out the kids in need bullies wouldn’t be able to bully. Education is key, whether it is happening to your kids, grandkids or what not, if they don’t know how to react, they can’t fix the problem. Talk to a kid today, it may help better someone’s life tomorrow.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Every fight I got into in school came about because I can’t stand to see someone picked on or bullied. Won some, lost some but stopped the bullying every time. Most bullies only go after easy targets that can’t or won’t fight back and usually back off if someone stands up to them.
      But that was a long time ago, now it seems some of the young today have no problem hurting or even killing one another for the dumbest reasons or no reason at all. The sheriff a few counties away locked up the mother of a 14 year old that is in jail for murder after she told him that she had not seen him for 2 weeks before he shot 3 people while robbing a convenience store. All he could get her on was negligence but at least he did something.

    • Hi WolfPack-
      Asperger’s is more common than you’d imagine, especially for those in the technical fields like engineering and comp sci. Many children who are the targets of bullies turn out to be on the autism spectrum. Seems kids can tell who is ‘different’, and choose their targets according to who is least able to defend themselves. Asperger’s kids are an easy target. I was one of the bullied, though I don’t think I would have been diagnosed with anything more specific than general geekiness. I have spent my entire life trying to overcome the damage done to me as a child by other children and the unfeeling and hateful adults (other kids’ parents and quite a few teachers) who joined into the vicious abuse of a child who looked and acted differently than the others. There were no rules against bullying that did not result in bruises or broken bones in the 70’s. It went on for more than a decade, unchecked by anyone… and my well-meaning parents did more harm than good by alternately telling me that it was either my fault that I was being bullied for trying to stop them (I should just ignore it) or that I should try to make friends with them, that then they wouldn’t pick on me any more.
      Guess in a way, I should thank the bullies. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the damage I endured my entire childhood. It is what drove me into the woods to learn about the plants and animals there and to the libraries to check out books and magazines to learn more about it. And to spend time with my grandparents (instead of with kids my own age), who taught me about self-sufficiency and the lessons they learned growing up in the Depression, which have launched me into my lifelong drive to know how to do things for myself that few people (outside of this blog) know about.
      Love your son, TomFish, and use the time with him to help him learn self-sufficiency and life skills. He will take strength in knowing things that the bullies don’t know and it will help him see the world in a different, more creative way than those around him. Knowledge is the only defense against the bullies of the world.
      God Bless,

      • My folks married very young (teens) as they were expecting my older brother and I can along less then two years later, to say that there were times we lived hand to mouth would be fair, and my dad worked pipeline and we followed him from job to job, from small farm to bush cabin and back, in grade two I went to four different school, and when you are new and “from across the tracks” being picked on was a fairly common event.

        Thankfully my folks did a great job with us in that regard, I always had my big brother, who if I couldn’t win when being bullied, would back me always, when I look back on it now, we were not bullies ourselves (my mom would have stopped us cold in our tracks if we were unkind to another child that was being nice) but we were tough kids, my mom didn’t believe in taking flack and if someone pushed you, you pushed back now and harder.. got the strap a few times a school over the years but it didn’t take long before we either made friends and or where left alone by the more “we have lived here for X gens Clicks”

        The only time I remember really being bullied was at one school, the boy was tough as nails, same grade as me, and he sent me home with bruises, black eyes, fat lips, older brother could take him but he just kept coming, my mom finally waited and watched him come at me after school and she caught him and picked up and gave him a heck of a talking to, then his mom called my mom, because his older sister told, and next thing I knew, we were going over to have a sunday dinner at their farm and his mom and dad had found out what was going on, he got taken to the woodshed and I got a very formal “sorry, won’t happen again, and my dad says I am your new protector at school” we were there another year and half, and I got to know him better..

        Won’t say that I ever forgot what he did, but he had a hard home life at the time and sometimes its easier to hit then to find a way to talk about it, thankfully once we were friends, he had a person to talk to that was not part of the “guys” or his sisters.

        Strange but our families are still friends, and I still see him and his wife and five well-behaved little ones now and again when I head home..

        When I read about what happens now, bullying though facebook and text’s and knifes and kids killing each other, its become a whole nother matter then what I had in the late 70’s and early 80’s

  30. trapper from manitoba says:

    Hey Pack, I’m loving the 2 books MD !!! They both finally arrived Thursday and i read Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat that night. Do you mind if i email you with a question ?? I glanced over 31 Days to Survival but i am saving it for this week’s evenings. Looks good.

    Also a quick story, years ago i guided a Dakotan through a really fun hunt for Black Bear that ended with him getting a bear that entered the record books. Anyways, we were recounting stories of our youth in the evenings over a couple of cocktails and i had mentioned that the only rifle i ever got as a gift was my first rifle from my Dad and that it was an original Cooey single shot 22 that i carried everywhere. I also mentioned that it had been stolen and that i always wanted another. Last week i received a package in the mail with a note telling me that the Dakotan had passed away and that he always treasured the time i guided him and that when he passed i was to receive his Cooey 22 single shot. It was a surreal moment as i opened that package and stared at a mint condition 22 almost exactly the same as the one i had received as a 13 y/o boy many years ago. Neat eh ??

    My preps for the last 2 weeks were as follows

    I bought a pressure canner, jars, lids and printed off all kinds of literature about canning. I am super excited !!!!!
    I also bought an apartment sized freezer that i would be able to run on a generator should we lose power here.
    I bought more canned meat and some canned fruit.
    I bought an adapter so i can refill the small disposable propane cans with a BBQ sized tank myself.
    I bought 10 kgs. of rice and a case of instant noodles.
    I found a GO-Kit at the local “cheap” store that has an N95 respirator, medical gloves, microbial wipes, thermometer, antiseptic wash, and a protective eye shield for $2 so i bought them all. 6 packs.
    I also signed up for another CPR course as mine is set to expire soon and one of the conditions of the guiding license is that i must have a valid one.
    My daughter and I ventured down to the river to see if the suckers had started to run yet but there was no sign of them. They will be safe now till mid-may when the season reopens.

    5 weeks of no smoking feels great !!!!! Cheers everyone !!!

    • apper from manitoba

      Thank you – and sure ask away…

    • Trapper,

      Five weeks, no smoking. Have you calculated how much money you have saved?

    • Good for you, Trapper! I’m on week one and a half myself. Nicotine gum is helping and so far, so good. Would rather not use the gum, but it is what it is.

      I’ve also been thinking about canning, but haven’t taken the steps yet, just researching and reading. I’d be interested to hear your results.


    • 5 weeks! Congratulations! No small task!

  31. Purchased:
    Sent in co-op orderfor 50 lb soft wheat, 13 lb quinoa, 15 lbs oats.
    Picked up 50 lb bag hard white wheat to replace what I’ve used this winter. It was 15$ – 3 to 4$ more than last year)
    Bought cans of chili, cold cereal and several other items on sale.

    Got several veggies and melon plants. Then had to rescue them from temps in the 30’s. One cantaloup isn’t doing well, trying to revive it now. Will try planting next week – hoping for warmer weather and less wind 🙂

    Took the car in for the major maintenance visit. It costs a lot, but hopefully will prevent breakdown in the future and ensure longer lasting car.

    Thanks for the blog. I changed my favorites bar link to amazon to be the one from the link in your post. Thank you.

  32. cosmolined says:

    This week I went through my original Platoon Medic M3 bag from 1971. Rotated the old bandages out with the new Israeli ones that are simply FANTASTIC! Bought 2,3 and 4 inch ace bandages.
    Watching the news has me a bit reminescient of my son’s birth here in Lost Angeles 20 years ago when the City was on fire….. Locating mags, loading PRN and putting fresh water in my LBE canteens.
    We are definitely in “interesting times”. God Bless, cos

    • riverrider says:

      cos, i know i’m supposed to know but, prn?

      • axelsteve says:

        prn is a nursing term I forget off the top of my head.

      • cosmolined says:

        It means Take as Needed. Sorry Riverrider. Cos

        • riverrider says:

          cos/ axel, well dang i knew it was a nursing term, my wife is a nurse. i just didn’t figure you’d be using nursing terms on here:) i wasn’t sure if you missed an “o” or you meant pay-role number,LOL!

          • cosmolined says:

            Notice I was working on my Medic Bag. This old brain slips and falls once in a while. LAM! Cos

            • riverrider says:

              help, i can’t get up!

            • cosmolined says:

              River: This old brain is Airborne. It does PLF’s….

            • riverrider says:

              cos, well in that case…RE COVER!

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cosmo, taking this week easy on Rivers advice. I’m working on dental preps for this week. Med preps are important. Even my nieces have asked the doctors and nurces if I can apply bandages and once on the IV lol.

    • MtWoman says:

      Cos…where do you get the Israeli bandages?

  33. Waterboy says:

    Bought a Mosin Nagant M91/30. Bought a SigPro 2022 in 9mm. Got two more 55 gallon water barrels and filled them. Stocked up on some more canned food. Ordered two way radios, a Condor Hudson Bay knife. Re-seasoned my cast iron cookware. Practiced fire starting with a fire steel. Finished and tested my Farraday cage. Busy week.

  34. Waterboy says:

    Oh yeah, and I ordered 31 Days to Survival.

  35. Prepper RN says:

    Hello to All,
    I sure appreciate all I learn here from everyone, each week.
    My preps this week started with dealing with my new computer and its bad hard drive. I bought a brand new Dell from Amazon under my Amazon card and prime membership. I am having trouble with getting Amazon to resopnd. Dell wants to refurbish it to repair it and I want a refund. I paid a lot of money for it only to have it broke from the get go. It will take up to a month to get it back as well. FRUSTRATING. Dell and their coustomer service/tech support just down right sucks.
    Bought a small cheap notebook computer for now.

    Preps went well otherwise.
    20-2 liter bottles of soda at 30 cent/bottle. On clearance from the Kosher passover section.
    4 cans crushed and 6 cans sliced pineapple @50 cents a can-kosher.
    6 large bags of potato chips @ 25 cents a bag-Kosher.
    4 cans potato starch, $1/each on clearance.
    6 boxes potato pancake mix, 50 cents each, on clearance
    4 20 ounce bottles of Arizona tea, free with coupons.
    2-10 pound bags of cane sugar from Costco @56 cent/pound. The 25-50 pound bags were selling at 58 cent/pound and the said “granulated sugar” not cane. If it does not say cane on the bag then it is beet sugar and beet sugar is all GMO now. Cane has not yet been modified.
    Made 12 pints of pineapple jam with the crushed pineapple and 10 pints of pineapple jelly with the pineapple juice from the sliced pineapples as I dehydrated all the sliced pineapple.

    Best was that they had a Goal Zero sale going on and so I bought a 150 watt inverter with battery charger, light and solar pannel kit for cheap. I am not able to put out solar pannels at my condo, but will be able to manage these at this time. Also bought 2 other battery charger kits from them as well. The prices were better by 30-40 % better than I could find on sale on line.
    I am praying for our Country.

    • worrisome says:

      If you can start over on the computer, you might try Portable One and pick up a brand different than Dell. At the present moment, they rate the worst at communicating, are terrible for service and their rate of bad units returned is much higher than most others. They also have a terrible reputation in countries that they manufacture in for being horrible about dumping chemicals and trash and not recycling. I have an Asus……….love it.

      • Prepper RN says:

        I heard back from Amazon. They are letting me send it back for full refund. I have just ordered a Mac. I want no problems. I just found a simple one. I do not do anything special on the computer so I thought simple was best. I did hava a laptop and bought a small 13 inch Macbook so to be portable. I now have this tiny Acer netbook now to use. I will keep it and download my books onto it since I do not own a Nook. this net book weighs less than 2 pounds and should work great for that. Thanks so much for the info. I really will never buy another Dell. I have been telling everyone of my bad experience.

    • Mother Earth says:

      Prepper RN, good to know about sugar, thanks. Trying to avoid as much GMO as possible.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Mother Earth,
        Stock up now on cane sugar. They say we are only a year or tow from GMO cane. Sugar may be bad for us in large amounts, but it is a great food preservative as well as a strong barter item. It will be worth more than gold, I think.

        • Prepper RN,

          I think you are right–sugar will be worth more than gold. Back in the day folks used to keep their sugar under lock and key. The first time I saw a “pie safe” I cracked up at the idea. But sugar will be extremely valuable in a post collapse world.

          • Prepper RN says:

            Bam Bam,
            Not to mention the fact that Goldman Sachs in 2010 bought and placed into storage 1 million tons of sugar!
            Very telling…whether it be due to GMO or its future value….STOCK UP!

  36. WOW! This is the first time for me here at this site. What great information.
    I am a new-ish prepper 3months now. So here goes, my preps for last 2 weeks:

    canned 10 lbs chicken
    planted onions
    purchased pocket knife
    target practice
    3 gallons worth of powdered milk
    2 4pk AA batteries
    2 shampoo and conditioners
    found plans for sun oven
    finishing touches (except paint) on chicken coop
    12 lbs Asparagus canned
    also did some other smaller preps. The most amazing thing that I prepped this week was my best friend! Finally convinced her that this is not an option, and that she really needed to get going. I dont even mind sharing my pressure cooker!

    Thanks everyone for all of the great information. You will definately be hearing more from me. I think that I found another favorite site!! Yay

    • Sounds like you are off to a great start, Ammie–welcome!

      • Thanks Lantana! Other great news! Our town has an antique market on the last Sunday of each month. You’ll never guess what I found and purchased today! My wheat grinder! Soo excited. Now I have to find some yummy bread recipies so that I can try it out. I hope I got a good deal, does 65.00 sound rite? It looks like new and the vendor said that he tried it out and it worked great!!
        If anyone has any recipies for bread it would be much appreciated!

        • ammie…yes, you got a good deal on the grinder – I paid $300 for mine..so, good score…and good prepper eyes already…

          • Thank you! It sort of looks like a meat grinder, but has the plates that grind. Now I am even more excited that I got such a great deal!

    • Ammie,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. It sounds like you are off to a good start. Do you know anything about onions? I planted some this week but then I read they were a cool season crop?

      • Papabear says:

        Bam Bam,
        Talked to a hard core gardener (runs a test garden in Houston). She said that onions can grow most of a year. Make sure they have water when it is hot so they don’t dry out.
        Have heard of planting times in Sept, Dec, and spring months. Almost sounds like they can be planted several times a year for multiple harvests.

        • I live in Michigan and we have been planting onions for several years. Honestly, my husband is the gardner in the family. We moved in the last year, a more seculded area, and we are now on sand vs clay. I can only imagine that the onions will do significantly better in sand due to the constrictions that clay give. We favor WalaWala onions ( not sure if spelled correctly). Produce large onions and freeze well!! Hope that helps in some way! May have to try dehydrating this year.

        • tommy2rs says:

          For a perennial onion look at Egyptian Walking onions. They do like being planted in the fall but once started you get onions year round. Walking means they do spread so take that into account when choosing an area to plant in.

          • Tommy,

            I will check out walking onions. I’ve hears about them but have no experience growing them.

            • farmmomwannabe says:

              I planted Egyptian Walking onions last October. They’re up but haven’t spread yet. Not sure how long it takes, but learned at the farmers market that you can use them lightly the first year. Will let you know how they go.

        • Papabear,

          Thanks for the information. For years all I grew were tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Now I am learning to grow everything I will need.

          • Papabear says:

            Bam Bam,
            I haven’t gardened in a couple of decades. Learning to do it all over again.

    • Welcome Ammie…good start…and looking forward to reading your future posts…cheers.

      • Thanks Chloe! I am a bit of a chatter box, so I hope I dont drive you all batty. It’s just nice to be able to chat and share ideas with others. Soo happy to be here!

  37. What I did this week:

    Bought 31 Days to Survival from the Paladin Press website. When I tried to buy it from Amazon, it was only selling from 2nd parties, but now it seems normal on Amazon. Don’t know what was going on there. I will review it after I read it. I would be happy to use MD’s link for Amazon as I buy a lot of stuff there, but can’t exactly figure out how to “bookmark” the link. Help please?

    I am loving Natalia’s free kindle book suggestions, thank you so much! I get the e-mail every day and read through them and order any that look interesting. I am a very fast reader, I can go through a fiction book in a couple of hours (longer if it is a book I am trying to learn something from). Even though a lot of the apocalyptic fiction is a far cry from great literature, I still find it very interesting to see a lot of people’s perspectives on how different disasters would play out. Thanks again for your recommendations!

    Bought a jar of ghee, can’t wait to try it out. Got a Victoria Grain Mill for free from points saved up on the Amazon credit card (which I pay in full every month). I dehydrated 4 bags of apples that were on sale; I LOVE my apple corer/slicer/peeler machine, I whipped through at least 30 apples in a half hour. My husband got me the excalibur dehydrator for Christmas, and I ‘ve been using it every weekend since. My kids and I have discovered that we really love dehydrated fruit, and the stuff you do is home is much better than store-bought.

    Received the Lehman’s catalog, and although I like looking at all the pantry porn gadgets, I agree with others that the prices seem high. Just like real porn, I guess!

    • Gwen,

      To bookmark a page look in the top right hand corner of your browser, there should be a star the word bookmark or similar…

    • Thrilled to hear you are enjoying the book suggestions. Would be great to hear what you think of the books you’ve read. I haven’t actually read any of them yet myself! I can tell that a lot aren’t very good literature, just from the description or look inside, but put some up anyway. I’m with you on it’s sometimes just interesting to see people’s thoughts on how disasters would play out.

  38. Ordered two bottles of ‘fish’ Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid (Augmentin) for the home pharmacy. Built two Altoid tin EDC kits for me and the Mrs., and have a couple more in the process of being built, but not completely happy with the contents yet. Anyone know the shelf life of 400 Altoids stored in a ziploc baggie btw? Added some wood to the woodpile, not much, but at least the pile is going in the right direction now that the heating season is about over. Went morel hunting for a couple hours, and came back with an empty sack (dammit). Take care everyone.

    • I have been asking around about the “fish” antibotics. How do you know what dosage to give? I am alergic to Pennisillin ( sorry bad spelling). Do you know if it contains Pennisillin? My dad and his wife vacationed in Mexico reciently and I was able to obtain 10 “Zpacks” for about 3.99 each! I was told that you can only take antibotics of the same only so often before you become immune, and would like to have other choices. Thanks for any info! By the way the morrells are pretty much done here in Michigan. Only finding “buggy” large yellow, and few of them. We had nearly no blacks to speak of this year. I believe due to the frost. Dehydrate well!

      • ammie…check out Dr Bob in the US…at survivinghealthy.com – may be able to buy human antibiotics for SHTF…

        and may need to check out Dr Doom/Bloom and Nurse Amy – to find out more about antibiotics and dosages.

        Patriot Nurse has some good Youtube videos – be careful and diligent – it is not just antibiotics that can kill – before you ingest anything – better to have a professional advise you –

        and get this info squared away, preferably in written form – don’t trust your memory and wait for SHTF time.

        Or, go and see your usual doctor – and go from there…s/he will know your medical history and allergies – and those of your family – as my reading of your post shows you are not familiar with medications –

        absolutely no disrespect meant – just making sure that in your search for rounding our all aspects of your preps, you do it safely and with full info.

        I’m not on this blog to insult or offend you or anyone else – and if I can point you in the right direction – happy to do so, and hope this helps…cheers.

        • Great advise! Not only am I alergic to pennisillin, my mother is too and she almost lost her life due to a dosage that her Dr. gave her when she was a teen. When I found out that I am alergic also, I began to question my Dr. whenever I was given antibotics. Better safe than sorry. Definately no offence taken. Just shows that you care. I am the first to admit when I dont know something. That is why I love to be able to share thoughts with others and begin my learning journey.

  39. Not a whole lot of preps this week. Signed up the youngest DS for Tae Kwon Do lessons. He has always wanted to learn, and it was his birthday. Happy Birthday, dear Youngest. Learn well.

    Purchased 2 cases of pint canning jars and lids at KMart
    Transplanted seedlings from seed trays into peat pots (marigolds, rosemary, cilantro, basil, assorted hot and sweet peppers, and three kinds of tomatoes)
    Took dog for vaccinations
    (getting her the Lyme vaccine… we lost our last faithful friend to Lyme that didn’t respond to many rounds of antibiotics. Not sure if it was the disease or the antibiotics that killed him in the end, and don’t plan on losing this friend the same way)

    Also spent the evening with some of my Prepper Family. One friend and his DS2 this week received two bee colonies and are in the process of acclimating them to their newly-built hives on their back property. The maple season here was a bust, but they did complete construction of a rather elaborate wood-powered maple sugaring system composed of two 50-gallon drums over a long wood pan hooked up to a huge series of tubing connected to several acres of trees and the shack alongside of their barn to house it all. Spent a good deal of time talking about logistics of trading teen-aged children and man-hours between our different properties depending on what tasks need to be performed at different times of year to get the most production out of what we have. My friends also planted a large number (25-30) of berry bushes on a side yard of their farm, and we discussed the possibility of planting some grapevines in an unused pasture with the potential to do some small-scale wine making. We are quite near the Fingerlakes Region (Upstate NY wine country… yes, we do have it!), and one of our members spent 15 years in the Ca wine industry as a QC analyst… so it is an idea not without merit.
    All in all, not that much to report from my own homestead… but our Prepper Family has been busy.

    • village idiot says:

      Good on you for signing your son up for Tae Kwon Do. My oldest son was the smallest kid in his class until 9th grade(where he grew 4 in. and added 30 lbs.), but he was tortured by a number of kids in his class, especially the black kids. I finally signed him up for TKD in the 6th grade, he was black belt before his 7th grade year, breaking boards, etc. He has attacked the first day of school and was able to bloody the nose of the attacker and get the upper hand. On a school bus, no less.

      That was the proudest trip I ever made to the principle’s office.

    • 30 April 2012

      Alikaat…so proud of you for enrolling your son in self-defense classes…have him show you what he learns at each lesson – amazing what some of my student’s parents learned…and had 2 mothers enroll after a few weeks of their respective children attending classes…

      Amazing journey we are all taking in our own individual prepping circumstances…cheers.

  40. Okay, since I already admitted I’m not at home, here’s the story behind last week. Our rental had had mold, and I drew their attention to how the mold wasn’t obliterated by just replacing that section of floor. We had just gotten new management who could not wait to prove themselves by jumping on every problem, so we had to get out quick.

    I sometimes get overwhelmed by housework, especially since I noticed my allergy to ready-made foods. (Not to mention it’s hard to clean things when things are in the way.) Hubby admitted that he has a tendency to tune me out, and I had yet to resort to using clue-by-for to recruit his help.

    (We had been putting off the “I really need help with the living room clutter” nag for weekends, twice because of my hangover, one of which was because his acquaintance was running out of people to call and he needed drinking buddies, and one weekend was obviously “the horrible awful no-good bad day” on him and I decided to lay off for safety reasons. When I finally warned “no excuses, ten until four on Saturday with a break for lunch,” he decided to work on painting the scratched panels of the car instead, and all I could do was congratulate his artful dodge because it was actually more important.)

    I assumed, since I distinctly remember explaining the situation about the mold and had him call housing to work out the details, that he knew that they had to rip out the floor. I know I have a meager pantry, but I had to move it out of the way while still cooking and trying to get everything clean and away including that niggling 5% of mess that just wanders around the kitchen without stopping long enough to get put away.

    The drunk was self-inflicted to escape the stress, the twisted ankle was a direct result. The inability to properly use the other foot and the inability to walk because of ornery guts was not, and he was aware of this.

    I gave him the simple task of clearing the scraps from the living room floor, he decides to pack the food. (Something I would have mostly done two days ahead of time if he had offered any suggestions about what he wanted to eat during our exile, I did ask him only three times.) Finally screaming at him to clear the living room because the guys are ripping up the kitchen floor and need a place to put the table without tripping, he finally realizes that I want the random papers off of the floor.

    I can’t remember how many times I screamed at him to grab things out of the kitchen before he said, ‘dear, the floor guys will handle this, we just need to get ourselves out of here.’ and I said something like “oh, you weren’t here when they told me to clear everything I could out of the kitchen.” I honestly not really gotten that he tends to just quietly go about his business without saying anything if he thinks that good advice makes no sense. (Clear examples, “You’re going to want a decent blanket.” “Bring toilet paper.”)

    By the time I said, “they might need to rip out the bathroom vanity too, so clear the front bathroom while I pack my personals,” I had a distracting amount of sores in my mouth from the stress. The next morning, I went back to the house at the crack of dawn so I could take care of the things I had forgotten before the men got there, and I had to spend a good fifteen minutes cleaning out the front bathroom because “clear it in case they have to rip out the vanity” means “just grab the things between the door and the tub and don’t worry about the garbage behind the toilet and the motor oil under the sink.”

    Things I need to do are to send him text messages when I need him to actually pay attention to me, and to ask at least twenty times before I turn into a harpy about him not doing what I ask him to do.

    Oh, the food he grabbed, three jars of pasta sauce, several cans of beans, one can each of every variety of tomato I had, tortilla shells, cheese, a packet of sausages, a can of mushrooms, the four-pack of fresh chicken breasts, and the half leftover pizza. And by virtue of me saying “that box” potatoes, a few carrots, and some bananas that went off before we dealt with them.

    I know, bug-out bag, I don’t have one and a can of sterno and some underwear that smells like sterno wouldn’t have been quite as helpful as just spending five minutes throwing clothes into a laundry basket. Towels and blankets were available, TP was n0t, and they provided us with a cutting board but nothing sharper than a butterknife. Would it have killed them to give us a vegetable peeler and some kitchen shears?

    Flashlights are in the car. Come to think of it, there is a sharp knife in there. I’m going to add garbage bags and put the wet-wipes back in even though they dehydrated themselves.

  41. SurvivorDan says:

    2.2 lb sleeping bag with compression bag. Portable solar charger. 4G phone.
    Not exactly part of my legitimate prepping but I upgraded my trekking gear and can dual use all for a disaster or Teotwawki……… hey, I can justify anything.

  42. SurvivorDan says:

    Recieved free preps (love free preps!) courtesy of thesurvivalistblog.net. 3) 1st aid packs and several paks of non-genetically modified seed from MD’s contest. Thanks MD!

  43. Sunday 29 april 2012.

    Hello to the pack…one and all…

    Well, have had a busy week…thank goodness I packed my car early – as Monday was handover of a rental with a new tenant, and had to get back to retreat – and I loaded car for rogaine weekend on Tuesday –

    Wednesday was Anzac day – so tidied up here and on Thursday tenant in big smoke house told me saw water running out my backdoor…so, within 5 minutes I had turned off water/gas and was locking the gate and off on my 6hr trip to the house – arrived circa 5pm….

    hot water system (HWS) was leaking…all over floor in laundry – thank goodness water was only in the laundry…turned tap off and HWS off at meter…called plumber – earliest he could come over was 6.30am next day.

    Result – new HWS installed (invoice for $1007), and noticed the tap was leaking – so that was replaced as well…checked and the solenoid was had it in the old unit…had them wheel it into the pool area, and when I get a chance will take all the copper out of it before dumping it…

    So, as soon as plumber was finished on Friday, had to attend to an absentee vote (local council/mayoral elections) as I was not available Saturday – and drove off back to my retreat – arrived early evening – too tired to log in to the pack…as had to get last of my stuff for the rogaine weekend.

    Saturday – drove to the meet-up place and set up camp – they had a huge turn-out, ready for sign in and to collect our topo maps, location beacons etc…had our compression bandages and other necessary items checked off by the organizers – team worked out our route, and used our Silva magnetic compasses to check our course – and what was achievable in our 3 hour time interval – and all teams were off at 3pm…well – long story short – I was stuffed …walking on dirt roads is not like walking up hills in a competition and looking for the controls – each control has a set number of points allocated – the more difficult to access, have a higher number of points.

    And as other teams passed us – I really felt my age and realized I need a personal trainer to make me push harder to get more fitness…because I am not just going to roll over and succumb to old-age – before I have to, but then again, maybe it’s already too late.

    Anyway, got back within the designated end time at 6pm…and when I saw the other teams getting ready to do the 1 hour night event – at 7pm – I just moaned…there was no way I was able to do that…and Sunday was going to be an even harder day.

    So, feeling quite shocked at how slow I was – comparing myself to people in their 30-40s – decided that I would not stay for Sunday’s events – and I pulled down my camp, reloaded my car, and drove back home to my retreat – and slept in my comfortable bed – and this morning, was so tired.

    This is a recovery day for me.

    I phoned my DD and told her that I was back safe, and that I was so slow…and DD reminded me that I am not in my 20s, 30s, 40s anymore and to be happy that I am still getting out there at my age. There were only 2 other women there my age or older…but I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t keep going for the 2day event – but I’ll get over it.

    However, the best part about it was that I now have personal knowledge of that particular terrain, including the creeks and other important things to know…and we got to keep our maps – and I am going back there one day on my dirt bike, and am going to scout around – it’s a State forest.

    Going to go back to the big smoke in about a week or so…as I only brought back a 10kg tin of SR flour that has been sitting under my stairs – got to use all my ground flour stores…and 2 more 25kgs buckets – as I need to pack some more stuff away.

    Received my Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supply Guide – valid to June this year…still have time will place my order.

    Guys, where has this year gone…so much to do.

    If my post is a little jumbled – still exhausted from yesterday, and that’s my excuse.

    It is only 1600 hours here, and now going to catch up with all the global news – so I can get this old tired body to bed early…

    cheers to all…

    and noticed some new posters…so welcome on board…

    and MD, noticed Dakin gave your book a good review.


    • cosmolined says:

      It’s kind of early for me to have a beer, but…. Cheers! LOL
      You had a wonderfully productive week and deserve to rest.
      My sons were both home this weekend, so I didn’t do a thing
      except enjoy them. God Bless! Cos

      • riverrider says:

        its 5 o’clock somewhere;)

        • RR, true, true…and it’s 1230 hours Monday as I’m typing this post…

          and steadily getting car unloaded, clothes washed…etc, all the mundane things that I had no time for during the past few days…there were 76 posts yesterday…today logged on and over 250 posts…going to read them right now…cheers…

      • Cos…having a chuckle at your post…yes, I work hard, and I party hard too (well my kind of ‘party hard’ is having fun – doing the things that bring me joy –

        and yes, am still tired today – and so glad I made the effort to get out there.

        And I too love it when my DD comes over – we laugh and talk non-stop, while walking the dogs – I cook her favourite meals, and have some packed for SIL to enjoy when she gets home…and I am quite happy to get back to my routine of prepping. God Bless you Too – cheers.

    • village idiot says:

      Wow, chloe, you had one busy week. I meant to mention ANZAC Day when it came along, but let it get by me. My DD has been studying WWI, and was particularly interested in the Siege at Gallipoli. She had never heard of it. Lots of good men lost their lives there, and didn’t accomplish much, same as in many places today. We seem to never learn from our mistakes.

      And I feel your pain, I’ve got a bum knee, and can’t run very far at all, though I can still walk with some of the youngsters. I still think I’m smarter than 90% of them, so that gives me an advantage. Plus I’m patient, so that’s the game changer. It seems to me that you still held your own, so there is no reason to be ashamed of your performance. Think about this, you were going up against the people who were in top shape. You are very likely to outdo the average person in that age group, or any age group for that matter.

      Here’s hoping you get rested soon, and feel better. Catch up on the sleep and relax a little, you deserve it.

  44. Soggy Prepper says:

    Well, this week not a lot prepped, but got stuff done.

    I had about 5 huge celery plants from last years planting taking up space where I wanted to plant flowers. So I yanked them out, chopped them up and dehydrated them. I blanched them first like the lady from the dehydrate2store site says. They stink while dehydrating. But they are done and sealed up. I’ve used some already in soup and it’s actually pretty good, not sure why that surprises me, but happily so.

    DH finished my raised strawberry bed early in the week and I got dirt in it with the berry plants in between rain showers. It looks good and I am pleased. DH also tilled my garden! Yippeee! I haven’t planted anything yet, but will get to it eventually.

    In a different spot I used to have flowers I planted 4 tomato plants and 9 cucumber plants. They look happy. Front of the house flower box I just planted flowers this year instead of celery and tomatoes. I know, horrible. But I just wanted flowers. That’s my, “non-prep, I’m looking normal” space. Plus it’s pretty. 🙂
    I also got a semi-dwarf gala apple tree. I haven’t planted it yet, I have to dig out an old ornamental cherry stump first to put the apple where I want it to go. Not looking forward to that. I don’t think it’ll be a problem planting it there. I read something about not planting an apple where an old apple tree used to be but that didn’t make any sense to me. Any tree people have advice on this?

    The main thing I did was graph my receipts I’ve saved for the last 3 months. I then wrote out what I spent on what each month on paper. I then called my DH and told him how much I loved and appreciated him. He wanted to know what I had done/wrecked/blown up/broken! I assured him all was well, explained my financial awakening and told him I won’t gripe about the $ he spends anymore. (all the men’s jaws just dropped I’m sure!)

    Wow. Keeping track of where you spend money is quite an eye opener, at least for me. I found places I can cut like crazy and will be working on it! So men… your women can be taught! lol Seeing it on paper just kinda shocked me, kinda embarrassed me too. I suck with money spending on non-important stuff, humbling.

    I also watched the Beck special, Rumors of Wars. Pretty good. Very disheartening, I wish everyone was aware of how bad things are getting. They will soon enough I’m sure.

    Anyone else curious to see how May first goes with the Occupy vermin? Maybe a precursor to how the summer will be, we’ll see.

    Keep on preppin’, even a little at a time. It’s not gona get better anytime soon.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Soggy Prepper,

      Here is another angle on Becks “Rumors of War” special.

      http://barnhardt.biz/ Look for the entry on 04-26 which says;

      Posted by Ann Barnhardt – April 26, AD 2012 4:49 PM MST

      We need to understand the enemy, and the ignorance of the sheeple.

      • HD as I walked around the “mall” (sort of – only went to one store) I saw numerous Middle Easterners all wearing western dress, and seemingly acting the way “we” do – and then I thought of the subject of Ann’s video above…

        I wondered which of the people I walked past and watched yesterday were, in reality, “putting on the show” that they are not part of the abomination of the Islamic culture…just saying.

        also, did anyone see the blurb on the net yesterday about the drones that are monitoring the border between Canada and North Dakota? And have now ventured over to WA state near Spokane?

        • Hunker-Down says:


          The clothes they wear in public do not alter the warlord theology drilled into their psichy since birth. You cant see their attitude toward women until fathers kill their daughters.

  45. Ridge Runner says:

    Had to buy a new refrigerator. Kinda ate up the budget this month, but I guess as long as the power grid holds up and/or I don’t run out of stored gasoline for the genset, a fridge could be considered prepping.

    – Ordered a few space blankets and an emergency tube tent.
    – Ordered a Woodsman’s Pal (great tool)

    Cathy has last infusion of adriamicin this coming week. Then she starts on a less debilitating drug. That’ll be a blessing. That’s about it. Ya’ll be particular..

  46. A little off-topic, but is this guy one of us? A very sad story, but probably a situation worth looking at.


    • Gwen,

      “is this guy one of us”

      No. If he did kill his family then he was not one of us… But the incident does show the measures police will go to with the article statinng that they used explosives. A couple of things should be apparent and learned from this #1 don’t kill your family and # 2 always have a secret exit from your bunker.

      • riverrider says:

        md, maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, and now we will never know….also #3: opsec. they found him thru pictures left behind of his retreat area, which led to hikers noticing his truck. you are dead right on target. if they want you, guilty or not, they will use any means to get you.

        • riverrider,

          That is why I said if he did…

          “guilty or not, they will use any means to get you” and they probably will… don’t be the hunted be the hunter.

          • riverrider says:

            md, 10-4, a bunker w/out a secure way out is just an expensive coffin:) i thought it was kinda funny how many of the officers had to be treated for cold/exposure/dehydration and one even broke his ankle, and they weren’t even being shot at. that tells me they were WAY outta shape and had little outdoor knowledge. that falls under excellent intel, and becomes a weapon in our hands, meaning be in shape to run them to death. i gotta get crackin on that. take care hunter.

            • River, many SWAT/SRT departments fixate on urban and this is what happens.

              Its why our LA County SWAT, LAPD and other smaller departments with SWAT teams train in the local mountains in the event of a situation like this as well as mutual aid. Cosmo can attest in Los Angeles County area the hills are equivalent to small mountain ranges, the mountains peak at 5,000 to 6,500 and many of them work with DEA and other agencies for pat farm eradication. Experience and training wins out every time.

              As for dehydration that can always be prevented.

              Remember Rambo had an exit strategy when running from the deputies lol.

            • laineylx says:

              I mean no disrespect to you, but I live here in North Bend where this all happened. If you are not from here then you can not appreciate how the terrain is up on the mountain where the bunker was or how the weather changed here in the 48 hours that this all went down. I was not surprised to hear that someone broke their ankle (people have fallen and been killed hiking up Rattlesnake Mountain) and the weather went from pleasant to down right cold very suddenly here. We here in North Bend had to deal with the annoying sound of helicopters 24/7 for two days, but I thank every law enforcement officer who risked his/her life to make sure that we in this community stayed safe. Please think twice about talking bad about law enforcement, we prep and my husband is in law enforcement.

            • riverrider says:

              laineylx, i meant no disrespect to you or yours either. my terrain is very similar and from my own experience here and in other parts of the world, if you are not training for it high altitude is going to kick your butt. changing conditions could/should have been prepared for and dehydration is just poor training/execution. propper footwear for the conditions helps too.
              something you have to realize is that not all law enforcement is as ethical and moral as your husband, therefore we have to prep for that as well. i’m not saying the guy was a good guy. if he killed his kin, may he fry in hell. i have seen many a man go to death row that turned out innocent though. btw, i was LEO long ago and hold a degree in criminal justice myself.

            • cosmolined says:

              I’m about to hijack this thread. 20 years ago tonight, my son was born during the riots here. We were at Kaiser Sunset when things started to break. About 1 A.M. I noticed the hill was burning about 3 hills away from the hospital. When it started burning 2 hills away, I went home and picked up my Hi-Power. On the way back to the hospital, I saw two LAPD Officers in a cruiser stopped at the light next to me. I made eye contact with the one on the passenger side, gave him my Best parade ground salute to which he only nodded. These folks are the line between us and the evil…… Just my 2 cents. Cos

            • cosmolined says:

              I am truly sorry if I’m hijacking, but this was so funny I have to share with the Pack. Once I got back to the hospital, the baby had been delivered. The staff brought him in about 2 A.M. and said they didn’t have enough staff to care for him and we should go home. After they wheeled my wife and son, (No child seat), down to my camaro, I showed her my Hi-Power and told her to stay out of the way, I would kill anybody who stopped us. She said, “Yes, Dear.” I just reminded her of that moment and she said, “That’s the ONLY time you have been right!” ROTFL…. No wonder my son’s are stubborn. Cos

            • RR…fitness is so important – good to read your post on needing to increase levels…I do what I can, as best I can…I remember reading a post some months back..someone on here did a night walk with his BOB -with a group…said it was tougher than he imagined it would be…

              I stepped out of my comfort zone – and will do it again in a few weeks time….go for it RR….cheers.

            • SurvivorDan says:

              Leaving tomorrow for a 4 day trek up in the White Mountains, just me and my pit. I was going for the solitude but I’ll look at it as when-they-come-for-me training as well. It’s a 2 fer! 😉

            • SurvivorDan says:

              Ex-LEO myself- just recently in fact. But some agencies, especially the FEDs may come for anyone for perceived or concocted wrong-doings. If I am innocent (and I would be) I would do what it takes to prevail and make it difficult and/or expensive to rob me of my freedom. I think that is what riverrider meant. I believe in the rule of law except when the rule is unlawful. Sic semper tyrannis.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              I know I live in the LA area but was an avid hiker and have experiance in mountain operations. It’s difficult terrain and draining . Thinner air,warmer during the day and drastic temp drops. Dehydration hits just as hard as the summer months adding body armor and full gear. That affects you.

              If they had to blast him out and he died I won’t loose any sleep as the man was a coward. He wasn’t one of us that’s for sure. The officers and deputies have my respect.

      • I thought the same thing–any intelligent prepper would have a secret exit to the bunker. I really thought this guy would be long gone, and the cops would be sitting out by the main entrance for weeks before they realized the guy was long gone.

        • Happy Sunday BamBam……..

          “I really thought this guy would be long gone,………….”

          He was “long gone” (by his own hand) and good riddance too! Gives preppers a bad name I think.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      The guy was a whack job. The pictures of his “bunker” didn’t show anything that a prepper would have. No food even listed on news articles that I’ve been seeing in the paper and else where. The papers haven’t even alluded to him being a prepper, so at least the news outlets haven’t tried to sensationalize this story…yet.

  47. Prepping Preacher says:

    this week i obtained a pick-axe and bush pruners from a friend who works part time for a construction site debris sorting company(only description i could come up with)… i found the shovel-end of a manual post hole digger on my recently acquired b.o.l. … a pair of wooden handles and a little effort will provide me with a 2nd digger for my impliment collection… i also purchased 12 cans of potato soup mix @ $3/28 serving can from a local salvage grocery outlet to add to our stores… related to this – imho, Bear Creek soup mixes are very good… we have the potato, brocholli & cheese, minestroni and chili varieties which come in multiple-serving pouches…

  48. village idiot says:

    This has been an off and on busy week. My FIL and I picked 4 gallons of mayhaws, and we will make jelly this week. Not sure how many jars, but a lot. We also went fishing two days this week and caught 96 fish. We spent most of two mornings cleaning and putting up the fish, and now have a good number of them in the deep freeze, after enjoying a fish fry. Good stuff. I received the canned butter I ordered two weeks ago, still waiting on the cheese. A trip to Sam’s and I bought 2 flats of tuna, 1 flat of canned chicken, 1 flat of salmon, 2 flats of green beans, 1 flat of cream corn, 1 flat of rotel tomatoes, 1 flat of mixed vegetables, and 50 lbs. of sugar. Added salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, Italian seasoning, Cavender’s greek seasoning, vanilla flavoring, and almond extract.

    I bought 200 slugs, 2 mags for my Colts, 4 mags for my son’s AR, a mag holder, and 420 rds. for the AR/Mini.

    I also bought and stored 10 ga. of gasoline. That’s it.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, man i call that a nice week of preppin there! especially the fishin:) i bought a license, doubled in cost this year.grrr!

      • village idiot says:

        I had a great time. We mostly caught crappie(white perch) in the 3/4 lb. range, but a few were slabs in the 1 to 1 1/2 lb. size. Caught a few blue gill, but nothing to brag about. They should fire up in a couple of weeks, and then we’ll have some numbers to brag about. Saw two gators as well, nothing unsual there as they shadow boats looking for an easy meal, but they still make me nervous.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, the only good gator is a grilled one, well, fried ain’t bad either… thats some fine fishing though. i’m hoping the forecast holds and i can hit the riva thursday. monday is me bday, my last one, as i will be 49 and holding from there on out. lookout summer, here i come:)

          • RR, happy birthday…may you have many, many more – cheers.

          • village idiot says:

            Ditto on the birthday wishes, river. I hope you can enjoy a great steak and a good beer. At least that’s what I always want on my birthday. Other than a new gun, lol. A new Kimber wouldn’t be a bad present for you, either.

            • riverrider says:

              chloe/vi, thanks, but unfortunately my dog got hit by a truck first thing this a.m., so all i got was a huge vet bill. looks like he will make it, after surgery tomorrow and rehab, poor guy. he’s a great dog but he chases this one nieghbors truck every time it goes by. this time he caught it. guess i shoulda got the fences up sooner, but no garrantee he woulda stayed in it. there goes the kimber fund. oh well, i have too many guns already, and rusty the wonder dog would be hard to replace.

            • village idiot says:

              Roger that on your dog, river. My dog is worth more than any Kimber, and I’m happy to hear Rusty will be around for a long time. Hopefully, he is wiser. Take care and keep me up to date on Rusty’s progress.

            • RR, have been trying to post back to you – for ages it seems, re your dog and his taking on the vehicle…hope he recovers swiftly…and lives to chase again. cheers.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            River, happy birthday!!!

    • cosmolined says:

      I know I’m from Wyoming and people there are slow, but what the heck is a mayhaw? (It sounds like a mule sneezing…) Cos

      • village idiot says:

        It’s ok, cos, as mayhaws are native to the South. They bloom early(March) and are producing fruit by late April or early May. They make the best darn jelly, and people use them for other kinds of cooking as well. I make jelly out of mine. Here’s a link if you’re interested:


        • BamaBecca says:

          village idiot, I SHOULD know the answer to this question: Is a mayhaw the same as a Pawpaw? (as in “pickin’ up pawpaws, puttin’ ’em in your pocket”) If so, I haven’t seen any since I was a child in the 70’s. I’m not sure I even would recognize one if I did.

          • village idiot says:

            No, they aren’t. Here’s what a mayhaw looks like, Becca:


            • BamaBecca says:

              Thanks! It looks like a crab apple, but even though I’ve lived here my entire life, I don’t recall ever seeing one.

            • village idiot says:

              BamaBecca, you may not remember, but I’m pretty sure bc truck had an orchard of mayhaws on his land across the street from his house. bc was an OTR truck driver and was gone two weeks at a time, so his orchard was attracting people from around the area(Minden, La.) to help themselves to his mayhaws. He finally got disgusted and had the whole orchard destroyed.

              We’ve found wild mayhaws around sloughs and creek banks over the years, but mayhaw orchards are a growth industry in No. Louisiana, NE Texas, and So. Arkansas. You can pick plenty on them in the wild, but they only cost about $8 a gallon at the orchards, so most people now get them there. We’ve also found lots of mayhaw trees around the banks of the Ouachita River, so river banks and tributaries are fertile hunting grounds as well. Good luck, hope you find some. They make the best jelly ever, well, maybe possum grapes make the best. I gotta think about it.

        • BamaBecca says:

          You know my brain is only working on 1 cylinder cuz I just now noticed your link, lol. I did some research on it too and there SHOULD be some around here, although I’ve never seen any. My mom told me that there aren’t nearly as many as there used to be due to the timber industry. They have gone the way of the wild plum and dogwoods in our woods. Very rare to see anymore.

          I do remember BC Truck….just dont rem the convo about the mayhaws.

          I found a place about an hour from here that has the mayhaws for sale….think I’m gonna mosey on down there and pick a few pounds! They are only a buck fifty a pound if you pick them yourself.

          Thanks for the info! 😉

    • VI, Good week there. You got me beat on the slugs. I’m playing catch up. Where you getting yours and for how much? I pick up the 15 packs of slugs or 00 buck at Walmart for $12.97

      • Village, the fishing sounds awesome and the mention of the fish fry has me hungry at 9:00 PM! I received the MH butter and cheese last week too. Not sure when I will break into it but it beats having none.

      • village idiot says:

        Jarhead, I put some of the slugs(25 boxes) on layaway during S&W Days at a local gunshop. They give you till Father’s Day to get them out. I paid $3.99 for each box of five. I got the rest of them(15 boxes) at Lucky Gunner for $4.50 for a box of five. Our local Wal-Mart had none. I’ve now bought all I’m going to for storage, but will buy additional if I decide to deer hunt with a shotgun, which is highly unlikely. I shoot a rifle, always have except for bird hunting. Oh, yeah, a belated happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoyed your special day, or soon will if you’ve been working too much.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          VI, I have only hunted pig with slugs, that and a few doors lol. The area I’m in don’t go through slugs like other areas. The guy at the Walmart said “I only see you officers and military types buy them, they’re too expensive for the guys looking to shoot at the range” guess he thought I was a cop lol. I like getting 15 for just under $13.

          • village idiot says:

            Jarhead, the guy at the gun store looked at me like I was from another planet when I put 25 boxes on layaway in March, and the guy who got them out of layaway wanted to know what the heck I was I going to do with all those slugs. I told him I was doing research. I think he bought it. LMAO.

            I like the Wal-Mart price, too, Jarhead, but our local Wal-Mart is getting spotty on supply and variety. I’m sure it’s going to get worse as we get closer to the election. We will see a stampede if Obama somehow gets back in.

          • charliebuck says:

            I have been told that a shotgun slug will penetrate body armor,is this true?My wife is in law enforcement and this worries me,alot.

            • JP in MT says:

              I don’t think a slug will penetrate, but it’s going to depend upon the trauma plate she’s using. Check with the manufacturer.
              Of course a 16 lb. sledge hammer won’t penetrate either, just don’t think I’d still be in the fight if I got hit with one.

            • village idiot says:

              charliebuck, I looked at a website that photographed the results of shotgun slugs on Class IIIA body armor, and the slugs did not penetrate it. That being said, it would behoove you to contact the manufacturer of the armor for information.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Charlie, the slug will not penetrate the vest but it will crack some ribs and you will have to replace the vest.

  49. Not as much this week as I planned, since my buck goat decided my new fencing was just perfect for him to destroy… most of my time and money has gone into fixing that. That said, there were a few things I managed:

    1) Wrote my entry into the non-fiction contest – on goats. But, Carolann beat me to it with her posting! She did a great job too, and unfortunately my ideas were very, very similar to hers, so I’ve had to scrap that article and start on another… 🙂

    2) Cycled through four more cases of water to keep it fresh

    3) Added some bulk spices to our stores – salt, pepper, and garlic powder

    • village idiot says:

      I feel your pain, Steve, as I wrote up a long article on buying your first gun, and a similar story appeared two days later. I’m going to submit mine anyway, as it is a little more detailed. Otherwise, I wasted a lot of time, and have no entry in the contest.

  50. My week focused on the kitchen, dehydrating and fermenting veggies, cleaning out and reorganizing nooks and crannies, taking inventory and making a few donations of staples.

    Need to look for recipes and tips for using turnip/beet/radish greens, don’t have much experience with those. Do you just boil them with bacon or what?

    Also enjoyed this month’s Homestead Revival (no affiliation, just a satisfied reader) preparedness challenge link up, for blog posts about food storage, emergencies or sustainable living. This time the giveaway is for water storage.

    Anyway, in case anyone’s interested in reading or linking up, here’s the preparedness challenge link:


    As always, prayers for those who need them, and to those with something to celebrate, congrats!

    • Papabear says:

      Fermenting veggies? Is that something besides making saurkraut?

      • Lantana says:

        Papabear, you can ferment lots of different vegetables, same principles at work as with sauerkraut but not so much pounding.

        I like fermenting turnips & beets, and of course you can ferment cucumbers to make great pickles. If you like spicy, it’s not hard to make Chinese cabbage into kimchi , either. i’m looking forward to trying to ferment various squashes this summer.

        Fruits can be fermented, but are more prone to mold because of the sugar. The longer they ferment, the more likely a bit of alcohol will be produced as well.

        Haven’t tried fermenting fish or beef yet, but pickled eggs are tasty too.

  51. Organized a Solar Oven cookoff. Several prepper friends had never taken their ovens out of the box. This was a great learning experience for our group. We had four Sun Ovens and two homemade solar cookers going simultaneously. The group learned how to position the ovens for maximum temps, picked up some tips on cooking, and got hands on experience (No more excuses!) It was suggested that they start with simple items to cook. We enjoyed beef tvp/noodles in cream sauce, french green beans, rice with beef in gravy, fresh bread, pizza, hotdogs and baked beans, hardcooked eggs and baked bacon, with peanut butter cookies for dessert. Even the Sun cooperated.
    Personally added more canned goods, homeopathic meds, and updated the inventory spreadsheet.

  52. Goldielocks says:

    Canned 24 pints of salsa. 16 qts of diced tomatoes. Bought 30 half-gallon jars and filled ’em with assorted dehydrated foods that were in foodsaver bags with oxygen absorbers. Much nicer in the glass! Got 3 whole chickens for cheap to make canned dog food for son’s dog. Ordered and recieved a copy of Making Cheese Book. Like I don’t have enough to do around here.
    And to think I am an ENTJ- Female, considered rare in the less that .02% of the population, lucky me. Ha.
    Cabela’s has a coupon for FMJ 9mm Brass for my Glock $10.99 will have to run over today and get my box to add to supplies. Planted a lot of flowers and some veggies this last week too.

    • ENTJ?

      • BAMBAM posted a link some months ago – do the test and see what you are – and then let us know…Briggs-Meyer test if I recall correctly…cheers.

        • HURRAY…finally got a post to make it through cyberspace…VI, rr, grannyj and hunkerdown…will try to re-post my replies…cheers.

          • Response to VI’s post –
            VI…thanks for that…my right knee is a little weak..and going down the hills, I could feel it..and it was up and down hills continuously – or so it seemed to me – my military boots stood up well to the creek crossings, only paid $3 for them ages ago – and were already nicely broken in – they have been such a bargain.

            Forgot to mention that I also took my Lifestraw filter with me – mine cost $29.95 at the local camping store …but didn’t use it…still had 2 litres in my pack.

            Yes, have recovered…took my m/bike out for a spin yesterday afternoon…as soon as I get my QuickBooks entries out of the way for April – and make another trip to the big smoke to take care of stuff – am going back and give it another go, at my usual pace…as realize that hills are big game changers for this old girl.

            Yet can walk for hours on level ground and slight inclines, on bush tracks etc…but those hills got me, plus lack of proper and specific training – but now I know what to expect out that way, for next time.

            Re ANZAC…yes, terrible tragedy – who profits from wars. Our last Anzac died last year if I recall correctly.

            Yet the number of Aussies that are making the trip to Gallipoli each year is huge…my neighbours in the big smoke attended one year…they said the dawn service was very moving…

            whereas I am no longer able to attend and watch the street parades…I embarrassed myself badly by crying uncontrollably when I saw the soldiers marching…and I had to stumble away back to my car, could barely see for the tears…affected me profoundly some years ago for some reason …so, now I light a candle as soon as I get up, and let it burn all day and evening till I go to bed…just to remind me of their courage and sacrifice…and the blundering military leaders who gave the orders for that day….and…of the continued sacrifices of this generation – right now…too tragic, so many of our best.


            Response to grannyj and hunkerdown’s posts…
            and does anyone recall the ‘painting’ of people’s doors on their homes some time ago in the news…at the time filed it away in the back of my mind -as the article’s author wondered why that was happening to thousands of people’s homes…and lo and behold…drones are now in-situ in the US…just saying…cheers. also, have tried repeatedly to post today…responding to VI – but no joy…lets see what happens with this one…


            • FINALLY…guys, here are 2 of the replies that I repeatedly tried to post – they are not in their correct places – but what the heck…they made it..Yippee…cheers.

            • grannyj says:

              chloe glad you are feeling better No didn’t see the article about the house painting – sounds as if they were targeted for something or they were hoping that the paint would do what the lamb’s blood did in Moses’ day. I’ll have to find that one. was that in the US?

              I’ve got to get in shape as hills and inclines kill me – have since I was a kid….I have the perfect spot as I live on a hill….no excuse not to be working at it other than…nah, I’ll do it tomorrow. lol

              glad your posts are coming through, always enjoy them.

            • granny j…’painted’ such as military painting of a target before they enter the co-ordinates into a laptop to send missiles to destroy it…can any of the military guys explain it better…and in the meantime, will do a google search for the articles…

              the painted houses/targets were in the US..thousands of them.

              however, hope this doesn’t jam my ability to post when I type certain words – that are obviously censored on my side of the pond….cheers…

            • Hawkeye says:

              I can tell you, from my flying days, that when a radar sees something and displays it on the radar’s screen, it is refered to as “painting the target”.

              Is that what you were refering to?

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Chloe, my definition of “painting the target” is the use of a laser targeting system that when you aim it on something hardened like a tank, building or structure it assists an aircrafts guided missile or guided smart bomb onto its target. Two good examples in a movie are “Clear and present danger” and Battle Los Angeles” off the top of my head.

            • Jar…that is it…you got it…

              still can’t find that article that mentioned where and how many houses were ‘painted’ – however, am paying attention…if I find any new articles about it…will definately book mark it. cheers.

        • Bam Bam says:


          I took the test as part of the marriage prep. I scored INTJ–in the extreme. I answered every question on the “I” scale and the “N” scale. I missed one question on the “T” scale. But I am only moderately a “J”. My dh scored ISFP–but he was only one question from an “E”. LOL. I think logically; he thinks spacially.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            Bam Bam,

            Spacially? So that’s what my DW has! Is that a code word for illogical communication syndrome?

            • Bam Bam says:


              Yes, exactly. They just think “differently” than we do–that’s a nicer way of saying that they don’t think logically.

  53. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! Only purchased some bulk spices this week. The rototiller of 17+ years died. So all $ will be going towards a new or newer one. Still impatiently waiting for better weather to plant garden…painful reading about everybody else’s here. The new bees are doing good and latest fruit trees planted are looking good too. Found out I have another grandchild on the way. It’s funny how I look at things now. Previously I would have been shopping and now I will “shop” for preps.

    Prayers for Ridge Runners wife Cathy. And welcome to new members!

  54. FarmerKin says:

    Still experimenting with the dehydrator, and gaining a new appreciation for the prices of the prepackaged #10 cans. There is a lot of food in those cans. Last week Russet potatoes were on special so I dehydrated three 5 lb bags of them. I did them in slices and found a 5 lb bag of potatoes would fill two quart jars. This week red potatoes were on special and decided to dice them instead. Prepared this way, a 5 lb bag will fill one quart jar. Since space is a real issue in my house, this was a good lesson to learn. I dehydrated another 6 lbs of roma tomatoes. I did these sliced also and would say that about 2.5 lbs fills a quart jar. I also dehydrated onions and boy I was not prepared for the odor. I love onions and actually enjoyed the smell for the first hour or so, but after 4 hours it was pretty strong. I started to get a headache and had to evacuate the house. Will definitely have to take that into consideration before doing another batch.

    Other preps were small:

    2 spare vegetable peelers
    1 Bear Creek soup mix to try after hearing so many comments
    3 pks of 50 tealights
    3 replacement wicks for kerosene lanterns
    a backpack for building a better GHB

    Also, discovered that full episodes of Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Bunkers are on YouTube. Since I do not have cable or satellite, I had never seen either of these shows before. Some of those people are a little out there, but saw a couple I thought had their act together … aside from the OPSEC issue of being on the show in the first place. Wish my pantry looked like some of those on the show. Wow.

    Have a great week everyone!

  55. I had a pretty good (I think). I’m still very new to all this so learning is a lot of what I’ve been trying to do.

    This week I got a lot more food and water purchased and stockpiled. I also purchased more medical supplies for my kits.

    I used my pressure canner for the first time and canned 15 pints of pinto beans. Now that I’m not scared of that pressure canner any more I have lots more to can 🙂

    I also learned how to make 3 kinds of cheese and make a compost. I’ll be doing both of those later this week.

    I found the number and called (waiting for a call back) to take the classes to become CERT.

    I’m going to a class today to learn how to make sourdough starter and use it for bread, waffles and so on.

    My tomatoes are growing and I got my first few actual tomatoes on the plants now :). Picked some blackberries and will either can or freeze them.

    I also canned pineapple, pears and made pickles.

    • ooOOoo, what kinds of cheese did you make Joanne? Sounds like you’ve really made tracks this week.

    • JoAnne, sounds like you did alot more than just learn! Way to go! You will fall in love with using that canner! My Dh is afraid I’m going to can everything including the bath towels!

  56. Not much here this week since extra busy with work. Got my 31 Days to Survival on monday and posted my 5 star review on amazon.
    Had someone look at my house this week but no offer yet , selling real estate is a slow process in this area unless you price it low and are willing to take a loss.
    Worrisome, don’t know what you and your family situation on your property is but if you don’t absolutley have to sell put your price on it and just see what happens. You can always turn down offers you don’t want, but wish you luck on selling it fast. I really want to sell to get a better self sufficent location but having a payed off property is still a really good thing, so I can be patient and wait for what I want and still prep this location, just would much rather have a more isolated location.
    If any of you have Fred’s stores in your area they had canning jars and lids on sale this week so I picked up 2 qt, and 2 pint cases of jars for $7 each and got 12 boxes of lids for $1 each. Never bought the Family Harvest brand but will try for that price , the only thing is they did not have any wide mouth jars or lids which I usually prefer since it is just easier to can with.
    That’s is about it just taking it easy and working in the garden and reading my new book!!!

    • george,

      Thank you for the review – I’m glad that you like my book…

    • Old Hillbilly says:

      Been buying the canning jars from Freds for years. Use to buy 600+ per year (a pallet load) to can apple butter in for a local church sale. Have been using them for our own purposes for years also…never the first problem. Like any other jar, occasionally one will not seal and usually it just takes a new lid and re-heating. On rare occasion one will crack but not often. We use a lot of their lids also to put on used jars we recycle. A word of advice…if you are going to buy from Freds, get them early as soon as them get them in stock as they sell out pretty fast and to the best of my knowledge they only order these one time a year….at least my local one does.

    • worrisome says:

      Thanks George and that IS what we are going to do. Not going to give the place away, but putting it on the market and see what happens. :_)

    • Forgot to add my new training excercise for the week, doing some work on the house and sliced my index and middle finger on my right hand open right at the tip and needed to get three stiches on each one. So the new training is to learn how to wipe with my non dominant hand. I thought I was pretty ambidexterous but not enough. Can’t wait to get the stiches out this friday and get back to normal.. Plus typing without the first two fingers on your dominant hand is not easy also..

  57. Well this week’s update for us is actually for the last 2 weeks since I have been so busy with my new job (yay)! I’ve missed you Wolf Pack! Here goes:
    -From a food promotion job we had a while ago, 160 packets of instant oatmeal
    -20lb bag of rice (only 10$!)
    -5lb bag devil’s food cake (just add water)
    -5lb bag cornmeal (just add water)
    -tuna packets good until 2015
    -fishing pole (free)
    -Coleman inflatable boat $15 (that’s ALL hubby)

    Went to a “free” yard sale and got the following for a 13$ donation:
    -couple hundred feet of rope
    -1 large sleeping bag
    -2 regular sized sleeping bags that can zip together
    -Coleman camp stove w/ 2 propane tanks
    -5 gallon water bucket (even had water in it!)
    -picnic table that folds into a briefcase (strong enough to hold 275 lb hubby!!)
    -1 North Face hiking backpack
    -1 Alpenlite Hiking back w/ frame

    Our B.O.B.’s are now complete (or are they?), with a 2 week supply of food in each. I’ve also got just about everything needed to start attempting canning! Someone said something about canning butter a while back…any info on how that turned out would be awesome!

    • Kystle, all I can say is “wow”! You hit the mother lode at the “free” garage sale!!!! That is awesome!

  58. KR Prepper says:

    This week has been amazing! purchased 200 rounds for maverick
    Closed on new property
    Purchased on demand water heater, buddy heater, propane tanks, propane reefer, 60 w solar panel kit, batteries, inverter, cables, toilet, barbecue pit, charcoal, cleaned out storage area, went to the range with my stepson.. I’m getting better.. Inventoried ammo, and med preps.. Need reccomemdations on how to clear land by hand.. Praise Jesus!

    • KR prepper…wow, that is an amazing week…can you even remember what your life was like before prepping…I know that prepping is ‘my normal life’ now. Cheers.

    • KR, I will be clearing land on my new retreat property soon too. I am hoping my friend who offered to bring his company’s equipment up to clear it will follow through. I recently watched that movie Warhorse with my dd. One of the scenes has the horse dragging a plow the old fashioned way. I saw a place today in the sierras that rents manual plows and other clearing equipment. Not being a farm boy, I assume there are a number of ways to hook up some of the manual equipment.

    • village idiot says:

      Do you mean you want to clear land without power equipment? A chain saw is way easier than cutting with a manual saw, and a lot safer, too. I do have an old crosscut saw at my deer camp, mostly for looks, but wouldn’t want to have to use it. Most people around where I live clear trees with a chain saw, and then have the stumps grinded up to just below ground level. My 2c. Just be careful.

  59. Well, not much to report, we picked up a dutch oven this week, and dug out and cleaned an seasoned an old bean pot. Plants are on target to move from the greenhouse this week. It was wonderful to keep them protected from the late frost and not have to jump through hoops to do it.

    I started orange peel vinegar mix to clean with and orange extract for us for gifts and our cooking.

    Had taken a break from listen to talk radio but caught Glenn Becks show regarding “Rumor of War III” Don’t remember who posted a link but thank you I’ll be watching it sometime this week.

    Lots of personal stuff going on with youngest DD so that will put a damper on our preps for a while. Will pick up what we can when we can.

    Prayer to all that are ill, and just Prayers for us ALL in general!

    Thank you M.D. for this site, and for all of you wonderful people that are so eager to share and help!

    Hubby planted soldier beans and more corn this week.

  60. This week I recovered from Appleseed, bought some .22LR ammo, bought some dried fruit, chocolate chips, and trail mix, and a bunch of spaghetti fixings for the pantry. I stretched a plastic and chicken-wire fence across the back of the back yard, to keep people out of the garden and so the tenants can put their dogs out so they’d be inclined to stay and not move out on me to somewhere with a real fence around the yard.

    Wal-mart was out of larger pistol ammo. Clean out, except the Hornady zombie kind.

    Oh yeah, and I also bought an army poncho. The new kind, that doesn’t smell bad. You can turn one into a tent with the right kind of poles, which I’m getting this coming week. I thought that was nifty.

    Well I’m off. Oh, I saw a rumor that Japan is trying to pick up and move to either some islands that belong to Russia, or to mainland China, because they’re afraid Fukushima will blow. How strange that would be, to have everyone in Japan just abandon their homes and emigrate en masse somewhere.

  61. Papabear says:

    Prayers for all the Pack members, new and seasoned.

    For storage picked up: canned chicken, canned tuna, olive oil, herbs/spices, calcium hypochlorite crystals, bar laundry soap.

    Still working with DS1 on a bug out plan for him. He is not interested in staying put if/when there is a problem.

  62. Grannytraveler says:

    Finally got all the tomatoes and peppers in. First time that I have used the topsy turvy planters. Can’t remember where I read that they were on sale at Big Lots (maybe this site) for $1-peppers, $2.50-tomatoes. Bought a lot and have them all hanging from the south side of the house. I have tomatoes in the ground as well. Have my cukes, beans, and eggplant in the ground as well. Next is looking for a dehydrator. Received a great deal on a foodsaver -free from friend who never used it!!! It works like a dream. Bought chicken from ZayconFoods.com and wish now that I hadn’t split my order with my daughter. The organic, skinless, boneless chicken breasts actually taste like chicken, imagine. Hate to admit it but I have been stocking up on junk food for the summer camping trips-boxed cereal, powerade, etc. Did order fruits and veggies from Honeyville Grain. Also restocked some items. Just noticed my evaporated milk supply is getting low so have to stock up on those. Bought a small freezer that I hope to get a solar generator for. I have downloaded various DIY plans and gave to DH. We’ll see. He is still adjusting to retirement.

  63. D2,
    I live in an area rife with sulphur water. You can do a couple things to get rid of the odor and taste. One way is to aerate the water,like you would do to get the stale taste out of boiled water, or less labor intensive, just leave the water in an open container over night and the sulphur will off gas during the night.

    I’ve been around sulphur water so long it really doesn’t bother me any more but The taste is still ‘off’ right out of the well.

  64. This has been a tight week for me. Short on both funds and time, although I did order a few UVPAQLITES and a trauma pouch (empty). I’m also awaiting the arrival of a package from County Comm with some weapons tools, pry bars and other misc things, and today while the wife was sleeping snuck out to the local outdoor store and bought 30ft. of 7mm rappelling rope and an ultralight ‘biner. Oh yeah, TP and other hygiene items from wally world.

  65. I love reading all the great ideas ya’ll have. I am new to prepping and still have a lot to learn and a limited budget to do so on. We live out in the country on about 4 acres of land with a pretty big garden so we do have that to our advantage but I’m curious if anyone up here has tackled the task of preparing to survive with celiacs disease ( no wheat, barley, rye or gluten which is found in ALOT of prepared foods)? This means we can’t do most prepared soups mixes and no bread, crackers, pasta, etc. Anyone have any advice?

    • riverrider says:

      beans and rice?

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      My DD has sensitivity to gluten too. There are some prepared items that are GF out there – just got a chili mix and brownie mix from Auguson Farms for her, and for me too so I’ll have it when she visits. I just Google the heck out of it to find stuff. Our family is also organic vegetarian/vegan, so no eggs and dairy for us either. I bought a book -Vegan Unplugged – which is pretty darn helpful and may help you with minimum amount of adaptations. Also while buying the prepared stuff seems pretty convenient, I am just stocking basics like plain veggies and then putting together my own mixes and spices using my own recipes. Keeping it as simple and as close to our regular eating as possible. It took a little bit in the beginning but it’s starting to come together in my head and also in my pantry. I’ve been picking up the Blue Diamond Nut crackers when I can, and plan to repackage them with the Foodsaver so they will keep longer too. Hang in there – it can be done…

    • I believe Augason Farms has gluten free canned goods. There have been several posts on the past from Pack members that require a gluten free diet.

    • worrisome says:

      Amazon has lots of gluten free products including flours and such. Just go through MD’s site and type gluten free in the search bar…it is amazing.

    • conmaze says:


      Welcome to the world of prepping and welcome to the Pack.

      Gluten free? Yes! You can do it. My grandson is gluten free and lives with me so I’ve prepped for him. I buy Pamela’s bread mix and baking mix in bulk (25#) from Amazon then fill one-gal. mylar bags (holds approx. 5#) and then freeze. I am using two-year-old mixes now with no issues. Now you can make everything from pizza to bread to cakes and cookies.

      I have a recipe using tapioca and brown rice flour, xantham gum and eggs to make fresh pasta. All of this can be stored long term. I also use Tinkyada brown rice pastas. They are absolutely the best store-purchased pastas. Kinda pricey but well worth it. I have a case set up to be delivered once a month to store back. I love their lasagna noodles and recipe for veggie lasagna on the box. I also order the Tinkyada from Amazon but it is available in Publix, Wegmans, some Walmarts, some Winn Dixie. It depends on where you live.

      I have also stocked up on Betty Crocker’s GF chocolate cake mix. I absolutely LOVE this cake mix. One box makes one layer or 9×9 cake. You will not even know it is GF. I can eat gluten, but I prefer this cake! This is another item I have set up for monthly delivery from Amazon. I take the mx out of the box and prick the bag with a pin and seal it in a foodsaver bag. Again, I’m using year old stock and it is fine. I always rotate my stock out.

      Bear Creek soups – potato, broccoli/cheese, taco don’t contain any gluten, barley, etc. However, they are not made in a gluten-free facility (if you are extremely sensitive) but GS has no problem with these. These are really good soups and you can add your own rice and/or GF pasta. Each pkg. makes a half-gallon of soup and Walmart carries it and Big Lots for $3/pkg – less expensive than canned soup. Down side is you have to make sure you store enough water or have acces to water. Better yet, start making your own soups (minus noodles) and start canning. (You don’t add the pasta before canning anyway, so you can add your homemade noodles or Tinkyada pasta when you’re ready to eat.)

      Most importantly you need to get some good GF cookbooks and start baking/cooking from scratch and forget about pre-packaged foods. If you do this, you will find there is very little you have to live without and you will be much healthier when you make it yourself with no preservatives.

      I have a cookbook that even has recipes for Goldfish crackers, saltines, almond biscotti. All ingredients can be put up for storage (at least one year) and you can just rotate out your stock to keep a minimum of one year’s worth on hand.

      Stock LOTS of white and brown rice. Not only can this be used in place of pasta in a lot of dishes (casserole-type) but you can grind it to make flour. Stock up on powdered eggs, powdered milk, dried potato flakes, yeast and xantham gum (buy in bulk and freeze it) and you’ll be good to go to make any of your “carb” foods you mentioned. Even if we lose power, your frozen stuff will still be good for at least a year after thawing out.

      I hope this has helped you. You are really not limited at all. Sure, you can’t put back cases of Ramen noodles and Campbell’s soup, but there are many alternatives there for you.

  66. XZombieMommyX says:

    Ordered books on edible & medicinal plants. Also ordered some face- conforming masks w/ eye shields for the kids.
    Stocked up on several boxes of pasta & jars of pasta sauce, BOGO free.
    Found an ammo can at a yard sale. No ammo to go in it though…yet!
    That’s about it here. Nothing too exciting!

  67. MENTALMATT says:

    Kelekona, that was the funniest article I have ever read here on this blog. I’m not sure if it was meant to be, and I’m sorry for laughing at you, I’m really not, but that was halarious.
    Any how I hit up Aldi’s and got misc canned goods for the pantry. I ordered 400 rounds for my 308, from the Sportsmans Guide. I need to get some 223 ammo, decent not that Russian crap. Anyone got any ideas, I’m all in. Looking to get some more 12 gauge 00 buck for the Remington 870 that I picked up used (awsome). Oh yeah I got to order your new bood M.D. I have your other one, so cant break up a streak now! On a serious note we are anticipating more of the Occupy scum coming soon to all major cities, including us here in the “D”. This is being bankrolled by communist, simple and plain. Oh and please dont forget the “Travon” case. God help all of us.

    • riverrider says:

      matt, ammoman.com has the u.s. 223, natchezshootersupply also….as the truth comes out to the light of day, the trayvon affair seems to be fizzling out. even his mother has backed off. but you know reason seldom plays a part in mob mentality. same for the ows crowd. be careful out there.

    • cosmolined says:

      Check out Wideners.com. Before it became illegal for a prisoner, err, resident of Lost Angeles to buy ammo online,
      I always found great deals there. The availability varies often
      but it’s worth checking out. God Bless you and keep you safe, Sir! Cos

    • George is Learning says:

      cheaperthandirt.com has all your ammo needs. super fast delivery and great pricing.

      heres your link to the .223/5.56

      nothing but 5 stars for cheaperthandirt.com
      nope I dont work there, I just have had great service


    • village idiot says:

      Matt, I’ve used Lucky Gunner because they advertise here on MD’s site. There are many good choices, including many mentioned by other. Stay safe out there, Matt.

  68. Pretty good week of prepping for us.
    6 cans salmon
    2 33 oz coffee
    3 jars canned peaches
    3 jars canned pears
    4 cans mandarin oranges
    200 lbs white wheat
    100 lbs yeloow corn
    3 40 oz ketchup
    2 20 oz worcestershire sauce
    8 cans ranch style beans
    50 lbs salt
    5 deodarant
    27 rolls toilet paper
    4 toothpaste
    4 toothbrushes
    2 bottles baby oil
    2 cans shave cream
    2 large shampoo
    50 ct box trash bags
    2 box gallon size ziplock bags
    2 750 ft rolls of clear food plastic wrap
    12 rolls paper towels
    13 canning jars at flea market
    2 9 x 13 cake pans with plastic lids (so I can stop using foil and/or plastic wrap to cover cakes, etc
    DH got misc small hand tools, 3 wooden cigar boxes and 3 small metal boxes at the flea market
    All in all, a good week!

    • Wholey Moley DJV! New to this prepping and you are inspiring! My goal for next week is to get close, or even beat your achievements this week! Cant wait to get started! I am working on a somewhat limited budget, but I can do my best. I should say that you have had a FANTASTIC week!

      • Well Ammie, I hope you have a good week as well. Mine aren’t all that productive though!!

    • riverrider says:

      i’ll say!

    • George is Learning says:

      you forgot the kitchen sink

      • George, I was washing dishes in it! Which is probably true. I seldom run the dishwasher because I don’t like a) the noise it makes b) the length of time it takes c) the plastic stuff in the top rack doesn’t get dry. Yes, I realize if I spent enough money I could buy one that is actually silent (my sister has one) but why bother? I can wash them better and faster my self!

  69. Tinfoil Hat says:

    A question for the pack. As some of you already know, I run a part time home based business of vending machines. I currently own and operate 7 different full sized machines, 3 snack, 1 snack and soda, and 3 soda machines. Personally, I don’t drink soda. I prefer water or Iced Tea. However, bc of my machines, I keep a LARGE supply of soda in a cool, dry area to prevent it going flat. I know A LOT of folks who are nearly addicted to soda. In a SHTF scenario, I personally think my stock of soda and candy/snacks could be a VERY valuable barter source. My other prepper friend considers it a waste of prep space. Now, obviously a good prepper has shed or has worked towards shedding there addictions, be they nicotine caffeine or whatever else. But I really feel like my inventory is a legit prep. If YOU were addicted to Pepsi, and had a spare box of .45 acp, would you trade it…?

    • Concrete Termite says:

      Someone would want it. People would want to feed their sugar fix and would probably will trade you anything you would want for it. An unprepared person in need of a serious sugar fix may get whatever you want for it

    • I am a Diet Coke addict. Yes, I have said it out loud. I would definately trade, however, I would want a LOT of soda for ammo. Candy/snacks are great! Dont you think that a parent would trade something for candy to try to give their children some sense of comfort? I try to prep what my family needs first and worry about barter items last. I have incluced in my preps several items that my husband or I dont use. I do a lot of couponing and if I can pick an item up for free or nearly free I will snatch it up! Such items would include denture cream, feminine products, dandruff shampoo, hemmeroid cream, again only if I can get on the cheap. I do sacrafice some space, but may be worth it.
      Hopefully this helps. Still new to this and learning. Good luck!

    • Tinfoil, I think the sugar in it alone makes it valuable. I know that there have been times when I have waited too long to eat and needed something fast and grabbed a soft drink. It’s carbs and caffeine. So yes, I would say it would be a good barter item.

    • cosmolined says:

      Personally, nope. I have instant coffee just in case. As you are aware, soda goes bad. Without electricity, you will have a pile of stuff with a limited shelf life and you will be the one desperate to unload it. Just my 2 cents. God Bless! Cos

    • It would depend on how old the Pepsi is for bartering. Maybe you could barter something for it now that you could use later.

      • Tinfoil, My wife and I drink 1 coke a day and have done so for 20 years. I can see my addiction getting the best of me and trading away my first born if needed for a case of coke if I have been without it for a month (JK)!, However I do personally think anything that there will be a shortage of in a post apocalyptic world will have some value. Just like the old trading posts of yesteryear were comprised of things people needed and desired. I personally stock up on hotel coffee packs and toiletries and have a large box of what I call barter stores. HopefullyI will see you in the post event world and I will be your first “new” customer.

    • TFH..keep it, you have already paid for it..it’s an asset – and when people get tired of drinking only water all the time…a little sweetness will be treasured.

      Also, nicotine/alcohol – are also good trading items…and just because wars etc occurred, people did not give up their needs – same as with soda/pop – will be a required item…so, keep it.

      I know that when I am out in the scrub – and keeping myself hydrated, a nice icy bottle of water/cordial mix helps so much in between drinking bottles of water. Cheers.

      • Also, flat lemonade is a good drink to give someone recovering from diarrhoea, or a stomach bug…

        If someone is too ill to eat – a little sweet drink can sometimes perk up their appetite, of get them through a period when there is not a lot of food calories to go around.

        if someone is diabetic…a quick and small amount of a sugar hit can keep them from falling into a coma…

    • Absolutely not, but that is just my opinion.

    • Papabear says:

      Tinfoil Hat,

      You are servicing your customers with the soft drinks. Maintain your business. Bartering with it during a crisis is a definite possibility. I wouldn’t trade for it, but the wife would be craving a soda and candy.

      Make sure to keep it locked up and out of sight.

    • riverrider says:

      tin, being one of those poor souls addicted to diet coke, YES! i would trade about anything after a 2 week ftx for a diet coke, hot or cold. that and a beer. so when tshtf head this way and don’t forget the diet coke:) and skittles, gotta have skittles….

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        I’ll load the BOV with your diet coke and skittles and head west. Just make sure you don’t shoot at the (slightly) rusty 88 Ranger with a gun rack and a beagle in the back seat as we pull up to the yard 🙂

        • riverrider says:

          got ya covered:) your beagle will get along with my pups nicely. hope he likes pedigree. when you get to the roadblock, ask for the master sergeant. i’d give you the running password but opsec you know. maybe you can guess, its from the mango hunt in apocalypse now;)

  70. Concrete Termite says:

    I have a question for the pack. Is the homemade laundry soap an irritant to someone with sensitive skin? I always see you guys talking about it, and posting how to make it. My daughter has sensitive skin and I don’t want to wash her clothes in it if there could be an reaction.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Good question – I’ve been wondering the same thing. Got all the stuff to make it but hesitate as my DH has trouble with laundry detergent. We use the “free and clear” stuff – and I notice there is a lot of fragrance in the stuff I bought. SMels really nice but not worth torturing my honey.

    • worrisome says:

      Make up a small batch and test it. If it doesn’t work for you, make up the rest of whatever you have bought for the recipe, put it in a bucket and use it for barter. At some point any cleaning solution may be preferable. :_)

    • sw't tater says:

      you could make a sample batch…I made a batch for someone who was allergic to all but one soap…The family said it worked well. I used the soap he knew was safe, and I omitted the borax, because he had a known allergy to it, so …To give the proper proportion I doubled the laundry soda and doubled the ox-boost. My Low allergy formula…1, bar soap of choice, 2 cups of laundry soda, 4 scoops, generic ox- laundry boost. grate soap very finely, use cheese grater…mix ingredients in large ziplock and knead until they are of uniform color and all lumps are gone…use 1- 1 1/2 tablespoons per load… should cost about 6 cents per load to wash. you could add vinegar to your rinse load at 1/2 cup per load to soften laundry, and remove any odors. Hope this helps…

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        My DS1 has excema (sp?) really bad when he was younger, and I have sensitive skin as well. I use the washing soda/boras/fels naptha soap. Have for years. It was the only thing that didnt bother our skin. Also, was the only thing to get the “skid marks” out of the boy’s unders!! really good stuff IMHO.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Now THATS what I call a product endorsement!
          I have all the fixins, just waiting for the opportunity to sneak the finished product into one of those soap bottles with the store label on it.

          • Bam Bam says:


            Mix the homemade soap with your dw’s soap so she doesn’t noticed the change. Then slowly add more homemade stuff. LOL

    • village idiot says:

      I have sensitive skin, and had been seeing a dermatologist twice a year. I’ve not needed to see him this winter at all. I’m not crediting Bam Bam’s laundry detergent, but it certainly hasn’t caused me any issues. If you want to check without making a batch, just take the individual ingredients, mix with a little water, and put a little of it on a patch of skin, the inside of the forearm works well. If there is no reaction, no problem. You can make a batch and use it. HTH.

      • Kelekona says:

        Some skin problems come with using scented detergents. I had just had a preference for no scent, but then DH either noticed or discovered that he had less chafing with the free and clear lines.

        I’ve still got a huge jug waiting, but I’ll definitely have to try the homemade stuff. Sounds like the un-hydrated mix might take up less room, too.

  71. I didn’t do much this past week as I lost my job last Monday. So, I took advantage of the free time and made 30 jars of strawberry jelly since one of the grocery stores in town had strawberries for .94cents a pound. Planted some more things in my garden before it finally rained last night (woohoo). Moved the chickens finally into their outdoor coop. They are settling in nicely. Grateful I have a good store of prepping things in case I can’t find a job right away.

    • Sorry to hear about the job loss. You are in our prayers.

    • Katie..when one door closes, another opens…take this time to do what needs to be done, so you can hit the ground running when you start your new job…cheers.

  72. FarmerKin says:


    I’m so sorry about your job. Way to go with the strawberry jelly though. I’ve heard the saying about making lemonade when life gives you lemons, but strawberry jelly is even better … yum!

    Wishing you all the best in finding another job quickly.

    • Thanks farmer. Trying to look on the positive side that I don’t have to have child care this summer!! Hoping I can find something by fall.

  73. It has been a busy week for me with work and home, I felt like I was too tired to go get food, but I sat down and watched the news for about 10 minutes and woke myself up and went anyway.
    25 lb rice
    8 lb beans
    5 lb mixed beans
    15 or so cans of fruits and vegs
    40 lb dog food
    Few large jars of spices
    30 canning jars
    I went to the zoo today with my kids and took a back pack and wore it the whole time, trying to practice for a Bug-Out situation. I actually did ok, but I realize I need a lot more work since my bag wasn’t close to what it would be. I also have lost about 4 lbs. I am very concerned about my stamina and being physically fit, since now I feel I need it to survive. There was an older lady on Survivor (tv show) that inspired me a few seasons ago, she worked very hard before the show and really prepared her body. She was winning a lot of the competitions against people a lot younger than her. I definitely have a ways to go, but at least I’m on my way. Lol.
    Another concern I have is being able to care for myself and my girls if we are separated from the men in the family. 2 SIL and DS in military and DH retired military and now in law enforcement, and could be gone in SHTF situation. I am still talking to my girls about prepping and trying to get them on board.
    My dehydrator came in and we haven’t tried it yet. My DH did buy some beef and try out the Foodsaver, which he loved.
    I worked on my garden and compost.
    I also got kefir and started it.
    God bless you all, you are all a blessing to me

    • George is Learning says:

      funny how watching the news and just witnessing humanity makes one think about prepping. lol

  74. BamaBecca says:

    No prepping done this week, or last week either. Friday, we lost my 26 yr old nephew. He had a severe case of PTSD due to deployment in Iraq. We will never know exactly what happened, but he had been sick with a stomach virus for several days and the Dr thinks he over medicated on his VA prescribed sleeping pills and just couldn’t wake up when he threw up. His lungs filled with it, cut off oxygen to his brain and he spent 9 days in ICU fighting for his life.

    I know that we each have a time to go, and that this must have been God’s plan, but it makes me SO angry that he had to suffer and that the VA did nothing to help except give him sleeping pills and tell him to drink alcohol or whatever he had to do to “self-medicate” until they could find a “cocktail” that would work for him. He served his country, missed the first year of his daughters’ life doing so….and this is the thanks he got from the VA?

    Please remember my sister, my nephews wife, his sister and his little girl in your prayers…..and pray for all of our young men and women who serve our country and then are treated like they really don’t matter once they are of no more use. They are just thrown away to fend for themselves.

    Sorry for the rant, just really really angry right now.

    Keep on prepping folks….cuz our gooberment doesn’t give a crap what happens to any of us.

    • BamaBecca,
      I am so sorry for your loss, my God comfort you and your family. Praying for you all. This is such a sad situation.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family

    • cosmolined says:

      My heartfelt condolences for your family. May God welcome him to the hall of warriors….. Yours, Cosmolined

    • Prepper RN says:

      My heart and prayers go out to you and your family for comfort. I am so sorry.

    • BamaBecca-
      My heart goes out to you and your family. There aren’t words to describe how wrong it is that this could happen to someone so good and so young.
      This is too sad to be real, but there it is.
      So very sad for your loss,

    • Ms BamaBecca, I can understand the pain you and the family are feeling at this time.
      Sad that thepeople ar the VA have to bear the brunt of your anger and frustration. They are not God.

    • I hear you loud and clear… My dear son is also 26, wounded in an IED attack in Iraq and had to wait 15 minutes alone with his roomate who was decapitated….the VA gives him all the drugs in the world he could want to sleep and forget… add to that the fact he started drinking when he came back… my greatest fear is he will go to sleep and not wake up….this child I spent so many years sheltering and nurturing to be a good man…. and now he is broken…… I will surely remember your family in my prayers….

      • PrepMom, is your son seeing a therapist? Many of them specialize in PTSD. I hope he can get the help he needs. Praying for all. SMB

      • farmmomwannabe says:

        PrepMom, My heart hurts for you! My prayers for your son to find a therapist to help him through his agony to peace. You’ve done a great job teaching him resiliency…..it takes so much energy to keep on when hurting so much. Prayers for you and for him.

      • BamaBecca says:

        PrepMom, I haven’t been ignoring your post, was trying to find this link for you. http://www.giftfromwithin.org. Its an organization to help people with PTSD. I haven’t had a chance to look it over good, but this is the organization that my sister had requested donations go to in lieu of flowers. My brother found it for her and he usually does pretty good research, so I’m betting it is a trustworthy site. They also have a FB page. It is PTSD The War Within.

        My heart goes out to you and your family and I will keep you in my prayers as well as Village Idiot and others who are experiencing similar things.

        Much love and prayers coming your way.

        MD, hope you don’t mind me posting this link. If its not ok, please just delete it….and send PrepMom and VI my email addy. Thanks!

      • village idiot says:

        PrepMom, what happened to your son is rough, one of the worst things that can happen to a soldier. There is little doubt that anyone would be devastated by such a horrible attack. I sincerely hope and pray that things will get better. Our son was deployed to Iraq, not in the worst of fighting, but he came back home with an alcohol problem. We have worked for 2 years to get him clean. I credit golf with turning him around. My other son got him started playing golf, and he now loves the game so much that he has all but stopped his drinking. Thank God for that. I would hope and pray that your son could find someone or something that would heal his hurt. We will be praying for just such an outcome for your son. Keep us informed on his progress and take care.

      • Bam Bam says:

        Prep Mom,

        The VA has a dual diagnosis program–alcoholism and PTSD for returning vets.

    • Oh BamaBecca, this is heartbreaking! I am so sorry for your family’s loss of your dear nephew, and pray that God will sustain you all through your grief.

    • BamaBecca,

      You and your family are in my prayers and the prayers of The Wolf Pack…

    • worrisome says:

      So so Sorry! There are no words………………

    • Bamabecca…sincerest condolences on the recent loss of your nephew…

      So dangerous to mix some prescription drugs with alcohol…tragic loss, but he is in a better place now, no more suffering.

      And yes, soldiers pledge their lives for their kin and country – your nephew won’t be forgotten – and is now in the loving care and company of our Lord…God Bless you and know that I will be praying for you to get through these grieving years while you are supporting your family….God Bless…

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Praying for you and your sister and the rest of your nephews family. I’m really sorry…

    • Bama Becca, my condolences on the loss of your brave nephew. That is an awful way to go.

    • George is Learning says:

      So sorry for this loss. Words just dont work in times like these. What you need is a good hug. Its a sad thing when one of us leaves this place. People on the other side are joyous as one of theirs has returned. They now wait on each and everyone of us to make our own journey so that one day we can all be reunited.
      God is with you in your time of mourning.

      Blessings to your and your nephews loved ones.

    • So sorry to hear. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      We pray for him, for you, and for your family.

    • Papabear says:

      Prayers said for your nephew.

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      BamaBecca, So very sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in our prayers. These kids go through so much for us and for the world, yet go through so much more than any of us should bear. The Wolf Pack is here for you!

    • So sorry for your families loss, you will all be in my prayers!

      • BamaBecca says:

        Thank you all. A moment of silence was observed in his honor today at Camp Shelby. A military funeral tomorrow. Thank you so much for your prayers. I hurt for my nephew….and my heart is breaking for my sister. I can not imagine the horror of losing one of my babies. No mother should have to bury her child.

    • village idiot says:


      I’ve hesitated a little bit to comment because this hits close to home. I want to tell you how truly sorry I am for the loss of your nephew. Please express my sincere condolences to your sister and to your nephew’s wife for me, and congratulate them on your nephew’s service to his country. Nothing can take that honor away from your family. Your nephew was a brave and honorable man. I also have a 22-year old son who is in the Army and deployed 6 mo. to Iraq. He was not in the worst of the fighting, although his best friend was wounded, thankfully not too badly. He also heavily drank when he returned, and it has taken us almost 2 years to get him off the alcohol. He’s clean now. Your nightmare is one I’ve thought of with our son as well.

      I will say one thing. Your nephew is the victim of those wars just the same as if he had been killed in combat. These endless wars are taking a toll on our soldiers, and it’s time to leave these people over there to their own devices. They can’t be civilized. And enough is enough.

      I will be praying for you and your family. To survive the hurt, to heal, and to prosper in the future. God Bless you all.

      • BamaBecca says:

        village idiot, thank you and I am so glad you’ve been able to get your son off of the alcohol.

        So much of what they go through over there we will never know, and it breaks my heart knowing that they have to carry it all inside themselves.

        Thank you and everyone else for your kind words. 😉

    • charliebuck says:

      Bama Becca,So sorry for your loss.May God comfort you,and your nephews family,mom,wife,sister,daughter.Take Care,I will be praying for you and yours.

    • conmaze says:

      You and your sister and your nephew’s family are in my prayers. May your hearts find peace. God bless you.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts.

    • So sorry for your loss. May your grief get easier to bear with the passage of time.

      • BamaBecca says:

        Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers. They have meant much more than you know.

  75. MENTALMATT says:

    Riverrider, thanks for the heads up brother, tommorow another day another adventure.

  76. I was also trying to figure out a good bug out plan for the family and decided that 2 hours is too far to go with kids, grand kids, dogs, etc. We also probably need a couple of meeting points in case we do have a separation scenario. I’m thinking if the men are here to carry kids and babies we should be ok. My mind goes back to Kosovo seeing those families on BBC channel news with kids and trying to carry a few of their belongings.

  77. Does anyone know if it is possible or even a good idea to can sweet potatoes that have already been frozen? Sister-in-law gave me about 10lbs. Would like to start Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the help!

    • Prepper RN says:

      I would unfreeze them and mash them and then smear them on the fruit leather trays of the dehydrater. Once dry, you can crush them into sweet potato powder to rehydrate like potatos. If you do not have the trays, plastic wrap is ok, not ideal though. Canning may be problematic due to already being frozen.

      • Thanks for the info. I have a feeling that there is a lot of work ahead of me. I think that I will try some, but unfortunately I think my chickens are going to have a great treat this summer. Hate to waste, makes me sad. I would, however, rather not waste the time or energy on a task that wont turn out (canning). Ham and sweet potatoes for dinner this week. Yum Again, thanks for the insight, much appreciated!

        • Ammie, don’t think of it as waste; think of it as tuition. That fattens up the chickens.

          • The chickens LOVED the sweet potatoes! They are only 2 months old and it was fun watching them running to find a place to eat and not let anyone take their precious food. We have 18 total and what a pleasure it has been. Never have done anything like this before and we are anxiously waiting for them to be old enough to produce our first eggs! Reds and Wyndotts about a 50 /50 mix. We have enough sweet potatoes to give nice treats part of the summer.

            I truely appreciated info from RN, but I think that we will get more enjoyment out of them with the chickens. Next batch will be fresh, not frozen and canned! Thanks again RN!

  78. Bulldog94 says:

    Oh my …so sorry. Prayers your way.

  79. Bulldog94 says:

    Not much other than buying some ammo and cleaning the arsonal. Oh Yeay! Our garden is really starting to take off and we did some work there! DW is the bomb in the garden!

  80. mountain lady says:

    Finally got some veggies planted in my oak barrels. Two of mixed lettice, one of chard and one of kale. I have a lot more work to do before I am ready to go.

  81. axelsteve says:

    I bought a used gunsafe at a garage sale today for 10 dollars.It needs locks for it so I may have paid a tad much for it.I also had a plumbing emergency today.My waterheater hose sprang a leak and I replaced it.Not bad it only cost 17 dollars with a thing of teflon tape. I found the safe at a garage sale when I was riding my bike at a swiss town called lucern. I had to come back with the car to pick it up.Thank you Jarhead for the idea of getting one.

  82. Not entirely unralated, but I wanted to share how I stockpile some of my preps. My BOL is only a mile from home. In-laws have a home that is built into a hill deep in the woods with no neighbors. They heat with wood and have a hand water pump outdoors. Their garage has been converted into living space (which will be ours). In return, we are prepping for them. So, anyway I make up “kits”. This is an example of a womans kit:
    12 tubes toothpaste
    8 tubes deoderant 4 body wash
    6 toothbrushes 6 scrubbies
    6 dental floss 24 razors
    12 bars soap
    2pkg rubber bands (if long hair)
    2pkg bobby pins
    4-5 tubes chap stick
    I have used empty kitty litter buckets for these preps. I know it sounds gross, but they only carried the litter (not used!!!) and they are all the same size and have a lid that clamps down. Easy to stack, dont take up much room, and have a heavy duty handle to carry. I would rather save my food grade buckets for food. This has worked out great for me and can get everything in one bucket.
    I have based my preps on what I use in a month and gone from there. Buckets varry by needs. I have had the ability to individualize buckets for each person. Once given a bucket, they would be responsible to use as necessary.
    I am prepping for myself, husband, mother and father in law, and my mother. My mother has even bought things to ad to her bucket.
    Shampoo and conditioner are what I consider community property, so they are stored separately. I store “personal” items in buckets. Hope that this helps anyone. Use what you have!! Creative ways to take care of business.

    • I really, really like the idea of looking at what I use in a month. I should have thought of this before, but have been using online ‘lists’ instead. I now will work up a month’s supply of what *I* use. Thanks for the thought. Oh…and I have 2 litter buckets empty and available…that’s a great idea too.

      • I did the same sort of thing when prepping food. I sat down and made a list of our staple foods. I then tried to decide how many times per month we have these meals. For example we eat spaghetti 2 times per month then multiply times 12 month would 24 “sets” of spaghetti sauce, noodles, mushrooms, garlic bread. This way I know how many to purchase and dont end up with 60+ bags of spaghetti and only 24 jars of sauce. Very hard to come up with meal plans for an entire year, but broken down it seems to be more achieveable. This also helps me only buy what we use. I have looked at the online lists and dont particularly care for Spam and some of the other items that I am finding. Thats why I decided to go the route that I am currently on.

        I was using the empty buckets to store bird food in the garage, and then it occured to me to use for preps. I dont think I would store food. I have noticed that even after I washed them out, you still get a hint of the “fresh” smell and I think that it would absorb into food stuffs.

        Glad that it helps someone! Good luck and happy prepping.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      My SO and I considered packing Month bins. We thought we could put into it everything we use in 1 month – food, meds and vitamines, feminine hygeine, etc. Then label them for each month of the year. It would make rotating stock easier, I think.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Oh, I like that idea. I’m going to look into that. Maybe a rubbermaid tote of the supplies for a month. Food, don’t ever think I’d get it to fit.
        But soap, shampoo, hygiene, tp, cups. That’s a great idea!

  83. Hunker-Down says:

    We finally made our trip to Sams for supplies. We are going to make a homemade Onion Soup mix and Taco Seasoning mix using long term storage ingredients from Wolf Pack recipes. At Sams we found;
    Parsley flakes
    Celery salt
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder
    We still need to get Turmeric and Cream of Tartar.
    While there we also purchased a 12 pack of green beans, Nesquik, Peanuts (not boiled), Peanut butter (expensive) Cinnamon, peroxide and a 7 pound bag of powdered sugar.

    Next Saturday I’m going to an official class to learn how to use a 9 iron and a couple boxes of sheeple poppers.

    Last week Glen Beck had a special on the gathering threat of war from a strategic perspective. Other pack Members have commented about it. Hopefully it will be made available on a DVD. There is an interesting insight that is very informative in understanding the mind set and motivation of those who are focused on destroying our way of life at http://barnhardt.biz/ , the entry dated April 26, titled “Necrophilia is Not A Joke”. Apparently Senator Lindsey Graham thinks it’s OK.

  84. I am happy to report that my tooth is in much better shape! I got the infection taken care of, and a temp fix done on it, and will be getting the permanent work done in the not-too-distant future. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU my generous Pack benefactor. You ARE an angel!

    Well, I’ve been away from a computer for a week…was house & Pet sitting at my son’s gf’s place in The Big City, and no PC there. It was an interesting experience, in that I couldn’t just run to a PC for info, and had to use “old-style” ways of figuring out what I needed to know. The main info I needed was DIRECTIONS! I was completely unfamiliar with that area. I went to 5 (FIVE) different stores and gas stations looking for a paper map…with NO luck! At the third gas station, I was told that they don’t carry them any more because “everyone” uses the internet and their PHONES and GPS UNITS in their CARS for directions. Good heavens…I hadn’t realized that it was going so deep and hard in that direction. Now paper maps are at the top of my list to obtain. I managed to find my way around (using only a general map from a tourist info place) and by the time I left to come back home, I knew the area pretty well. I am very good at placing & remembering landmarks, etc, for which I am grateful, but I will be increasing my skills in this anyway…just in case.

    Not a lot done this week prep-wise…money is still low and I was busy with other things…but I did have one great thing come about: I stopped by a Big Lots while in The Big City, just to see if there was anything different about one there…and they were having a ‘closing-out’ 30% off sale…off EVERYthing! I spent a little money and bought some Purell hand-sanitizer (still the best I think, and getting harder and harder to find, as more places are making their own brand): 2 big bottles for a $1 a-piece, and 8 small bottles for 50¢ each; a roll of plastic sheeting (for windows ITSHTF) for $3; an orange safety vest for $3; 2 boxes alcohol pads for $1 each; a siphon pump for $1; two tubes of Neosporin for $2 each; 2 9-LED mini-flashlights for $1 each (with batts) (Lint would be proud!), five ‘tube’ mini-whistles for keychains @ 25¢ each; and…best of ALL…another toolbox set of 3 for 1/3 what I paid for the first one. They are black with red lids and will be used for first-aid kits. Even though none of this was in my budget, it was a great haul and will greatly add to my preps…so I had to take advantage of the situation.

    While in The Big City, I also went to a National Tool Supply store, and found some really good 5-gallon (and 2.5 gallon) gas cans there. The last one I bought (at Walmart) swelled and split at the seams..which could have been a real disaster if I hadn’t caught it in the act and before the gas came out. These at National were ‘stiffer’ plastic and better made. They were twice as much ($20) so I couldn’t buy any…this time anyway. They also had light blue really good 5-gallon food-grade plastic water ‘cans’…$20 each as well. Something I will keep in mind for when I have some bucks. And I wanted to share the info here in case any of the Pack wanted to check it out.

    Oh…yeah…I also cruised through an Academy store, and bought a 100 box of 22 shells. I figure I best spend the few bucks that was and start stocking up. I still only have the rifle, but I can be ready for when I get the handgun, right?

    After that, I accidentally found a GREAT Army-Navy store (by getting lost) and cruised through it as well. I ended up buying a small ammo can for just a few dollars. I figure it will make me feel “official” about getting into the whole gun thing. Still feels weird though.

    I got back to the casa to find that Dad had done an ok job of watering, but that more bugs have hatched and are attacking things. Time to pull out the big guns and get it under control. My third planting of beans is up, and I want to keep them going, for food for us, not as food for the damn bugs.

    There may be more to report, but I haven’t settled back in yet, so will add anything I think of later.

    Thanks for the blog work MD.

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping….and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts!

    • village idiot says:

      Welcome back, MtWoman. I’m glad your tooth is better, and you sound much happier! I submitted an article with folks like you in mind, so I hope it gets published. I’ll give you a heads up if it makes the contest. Have a great week.

    • cosmolined says:

      Hi Mtwoman!
      I was wondering where you went…..
      Chloe already embarassed me so you can too. I was glad to help.
      When I had an abscessed tooth I was ready to use vice-grips on myself! Nobody, not even a Texan, should have to edure that. LOL. God Bless! Cos

      • Well…ok then Cos…yup everyone…COS is my Angel. Stand up guy, he is. Muchas gracias Cos.

      • conmaze says:

        Oh, Cos, you are a sweet prince with a generous, kind heart!

        MtWoman, so glad you’re feeling better. Toothaches are horrible!

      • Lantana says:

        Three cheers for Cos!

        You have a heart as big as Texas (even if you wouldn’t particularly care to be here–oh well, more barbecue for us. . . 😉 )

    • Mt. Woman,
      Try real estate offices for maps, they used to give them away. Glad you’re feeling better! SMB

    • Mt Woman…welcome back…good to hear your tooth is getting treated…

      re the paper maps…do your local telephone books have maps of the area in them like ours do… what I have done is cut the map pages out, covered them with contact paper and then stapled them together – so it’s easier for me to find my way around…then I decided to use a small A4 book of clear sleeves, and I put each page of the maps in them, in same order.

      Hope that helps…

      amazing bargains…and the things we preppers see – all useful for daily use or for shtf time…cheers.

      • cosmolined says:

        Rereading my comment, embarassed seems too harsh a term.
        How about revealed my secret identity? You called the shots as you saw them. It went bad when my “Can I ask a private question?” was posted….. My fault for not seeing the Contact tab at the top of the screen. (I’m computer Stupid.)
        You are an amazing woman and I hope my friend. Cheers! Cos

        • Thursday 3 May 2012

          Cos…good to see your post…yes, I saw it (and so did everyone who logged in, even the lurkers) when you posted a ‘private word’ to MD…and then it got posted – so that made me chuckle, and then, when you noticed it had gone public – I just couldn’t stop laughing at your comment back to MD – could see you were so embarrassed.

          Personally, I don’t understand why people keep good deeds private, and yet bad deeds are splashed over the news ad nauseum.

          So, for me, it is a good thing to read about good people doing good deeds…it lifts us all up to know that there are people who will help others willingly…and also shows me that the bonds forged via this blog are strong.

          Yes, am honoured that you consider me a friend.

          There are so many good people in the pack…I don’t look at citizens of a particular country as a whole…I look at each person on their own merits – and hope the rest of the pack does the same…i.e., don’t lump me in with the stereotyped view of Aussies

          And if you want to hear about one of the stupid things to happen on my side of the pond – soon – is that TPTB are offering us $300 p/week to have asylum seekers live in our houses as quests – while they are still not proven to be bona-fide refugees either.

          Yet so many of our homeless people are not given the same opportunity/offer…crazy.

          So, don’t want to get started on a rant here…and hope this posts…

          May have to start calling you the tooth fairy…LOL…cheers.

          • village idiot says:

            chloe, I read Tim Blairs blog in the Daily Telegraph, and saw where the government was offering to pay people to house asylum seekers. That’s a head scratcher for sure, but sounds very much like some of the schemes of our President. Illegal immigration has been one of the tools of the politicians in our country to change demographics, and to bankrupt the country in the process, the Cloven-Piven Strategy being the name given to it. Put so many people on welfare and government aid that the country is bankrupted. It’s working pretty well, I might add. The resulting govenment is supposed to be a socialist/communist utopia. I’ll refer you back to Stalin for info about how that will turn out. According to an FBI informant, one of the President’s buddies, Bill Ayers, proposed the elimination of 25 million American conservatives in the utopian changeover. Scary stuff. We’ve seen a hatred of Christians, practicing Jews, conservatives and libertarians being promoted in the media. Reminds me of the Two Minute Hate in the book 1984. Just about every villain in Hollywierd movies and TV shows is a conservative, white male.

            Life imitates Art again. There are SWAT teams clearing private property in the Antelope Valley in LA County right now as we speak. Ridiculous regulations and zoning laws in California are being used to force people off their own land and into cities. All in the name of sustainability, as if the people in charge have any idea how to sustain anything other than spending other people’s money. The sheep are much easier to control when they are crowded into one place, and keep them from being able to be independant by growing their own food, being in control of their energy, and using their own land the way they see fit. It’s surreal to see this going on in the US.

            • MtWoman says:

              VI…I’d like to read more about these things; do you have links?

              “offering to pay people to house asylum seekers”
              “SWAT teams clearing private property in the Antelope Valley in LA County right now as we speak”
              “proposed the elimination of 25 million American conservatives in the utopian changeover”

            • village idiot says:

              MtWoman, I’ve tried to send you links to these articles twice and they keep disappearing down the rathole. I’ll try again later, cooking “gourmet” supper right now.

            • MtWoman says:

              VI…thanks…I’ll keep my eyes peeled…or you can ask MD for my email…that would be ok with me.

            • VI…if I posted more of the things that are happening…probably none of my posts would get through…so, have to temper my posts.

              The glitches that are happening are not a co-incidence – and not just to my posts…but how do I prove it…can’t – so I don’t even bother…and just keep posting when I can.

              Yes, am awake…re-read Stalin/famine articles the other night – spun me out so much with nightmares I was too scared to go back to sleep.

              Is it too strong a statement to say that our respective leaders are puppets – following the same routines in the same play, in different geographical location.

              It’s surreal to see what is going on here as well…and yet don’t understand what it will take to wake people up – thank goodness I can talk prep-talk with you guys.

              I remember the scene in the movie Schindler’s List – where the townsfolk were being rounded up…and how in Stalin’s famine..people were not allowed to feed the starving people…and how is that different to what is happening in some parts of the US…

              VI…there was another EO signed 1 May…can google and check it out…can use key words like ‘US under international law’ or something similar…

              Lets all keep our eyes and ears open. cheers.


      • MtWoman says:

        Chloe…Thanks…I’ll check the phone books, but even they have become minimized due to folks using the internet for info. I think we’re all in deep doo-doo if the internet system ever fails/gets disrupted. In fact, internet failure/disruption is a worthy topic of discussion for prepping. How dependent are we? How crazy will it get if/when folks can’t use their “smart” phones for ALL their business? Pretty crazy I think. Along with everything else, we’ve been herded into dependence on such technology, whether we want it or not. I’ve been trying to leave AT&T for a couple years now, but ALL the phone providers that I research (that I can afford) are behaving the same way AT&T does: big biz attitude. I’m still looking. In the meantime, I’m trying to minimize my personal dependence on technology. I have to say, the idea of no internet stresses me. I’ve gotten WAY into it…not like other people, but pretty deep. This last week without it brought that home. Time to take a good look at that.

        • 3 May 2012
          Hi Mt Woman…I have to specifically ask for a local phone book from the Post Office.

          Yet the yellow pages are still free for collection from our Post Offices – they are stacked up, and can help ourselves to however many we want/need. And I had to buy a local road map for $20 when I first arrived in this area…as all the country roads had my head spinning at the time.

          I found that when I was working out alternate routes from one site to another – all off the main highway – important info was missing…it was only when I sat with all three in front of me, for hours at a time, with different colored highlighters, that I was able to plan my 1st, 2nd and 3rd most preferred routes to beat feet to my safe places.

          I then drove these routes – and had to adjust some of my notes…the maps are a guide only…the reality may be quite different…it’s good to know this info now.

          A lot of important info was missing on the different maps…have to repeat that…you will see what I mean.

          Keep those old telephone books – cut the map pages out, with the street index as well – and keep them somewhere safe…I always have a copy in a briefcase that lives in the car. I also have backup copies at my big smoke house and my retreat, and plan ‘B’ site…as I can’t/won’t rely on my memory alone – as who knows when I will need that info.

          Re the internet gets ‘disrupted’…I have been shouting into the laptop screen these past few days – as many posts don’t make it…let alone try to pay bills via net banking – and all the other necessary things I need the laptop for. When this goes down…definitely going to be harsh adjustments for me.

          I have an Iphone…(plus a back-up Iphone – I just transfer the sim card over when one decides to stop working for whatever reason) have had since they first came out…however, have resisted all offers for free upgrades, and no apps on my phones either…

          So, last week, while sorting out hot water unit etc..my phone died…so, I transferred the sim card over, imported the phone numbers from the phone that had stopped working, into the other…once the battery had completely drained – was able to get it functioning again…

          so – what did I do while sitting waiting for the plumber to arrive – I hand wrote the important phone numbers into a notebook – as really needed all the bailiff and magistrates courts numbers, all tenant’s contact numbers, everything – that I need to run my business – so, I know what you are saying re we rely on technology too much…yet, it is so much easier and faster to connect/sort stuff out…

          Yes, I know can download the info from Iphone to laptop…but technology failing is no joke for me…so, a hard copy is now in my Rental Leases briefcase…which goes with me everywhere.


    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      I just got a pink mag light in honor of Lint 🙂

  85. This week added these items to the farm.

    One small 10 by 10 pop-up greenhouse
    12 8 foot pen panels plus 2 gates
    4 by 4 chick or duckling raising box
    1 large glass wine making jug
    2 1 liter brown wine making jugs
    1 full new case of canning jars
    1 large box of assorted canning jars, and box’s of lids
    1 bag of assorted rags, and cloths etc
    1 Green Large living room Chair
    3 Pink livingroom chairs(that fit together, one corner with a side on each)
    1 Full Size Sears Hide-a-bed with mattress couch
    64 4 inch by 6 inch round cake pans
    5-3 loaf bread pans
    6 huge bun pans
    2 French loaf pans
    14 wire freezer baskets
    40 Welded Wire Trays with 2 inch lips
    Small Cast Iron 7 Egg or Po Pan
    Small Steel 2 shelve Table
    2 Med Size Water Troughs on wood bottoms with castors

    Worked in garden, moved out and transplanted 72 tomato plants 48 peppers, 3 cherry trees arrived in the mail, 3 green grape vines arrived in the mail.

    That’s it for me at the moment, going to be a busy week but they say it will be warm so that will be good for the garden and yard work. Got three clutches of duck eggs due to hatch this week, plus two rabbit does due, and just had another set of twins born in the barn.

    • Ps, Guess I should add a note on why the extra furniture counts as prepping in my book- Think Bunkhouse fixin..

    • village idiot says:

      Good to see you back to normal, farmgal. Great week prepping, hope you got your endurance back. Take care.

      • Thanks Village Idiot, Lots going on behind the scenes as they say with family, DH’s work and the list goes on.. been a rough week or two, but things are settling down a bit and I can see a path or at least a way to put one foot in front of the other, which is really all I need at the moment..

    • Farmgal…did I read that right – 64 round cake pans…amazing – and having a chuckle, as my preps don’t seem so over-the-top right now…cheers…

      • Well 62 now I already barter two of the cake pans for a little extra help in putting in my garden, but yes, 64 round cakes pans, I figure that they can be used in so many differnet ways around the farm and they were dirt cheap, so snagged them from a farm sale I went this past weekend.

        • Farmgal..you definitely got the better deal…2 cake pans for help on the farm…when I last needed two workers to help me with a house – a few weeks ago now – they wouldn’t work for $15 p/hour cash, plus I would shout them each a pub meal…wanted $20 p/hour plus the pub meal – or no go…

          so, I drove to the other backpacker hostel…offered them the same deal -$20 p/hour but they had to provide their own lunch. They agreed – 2 Scottish lads – and it was a win/win – paid them each $100, and the house was cleaned to my standard.

          I bet I could have bought a few cake pans for that money…hahahaha…am so proud of you…am going to remember your post as I am really impressed…


          and tried to post earlier…but it didn’t get through…hope this one makes it…

  86. Hi Wolf Pack,

    Prayers to all! BamaBecca so very sorry for your loss.

    It’s been a busy week work wise (thank God!) but I’ve managed to do a bit. Stocked up with 50 lbs sugar, more bear creek soup mix, scored on shampoo and conditioner plus added 4 books. Better than store bought, Surf fishing, Living off the country and Homesteading.

    My best prep this week took me a couple weeks in work and study. I hived my first set of bees! It was a bit scary with book in hand to dump about 11,000 honeybees into their new home but I managed with only one sting…DH was asking questions and when I looked up to answer him….ouch! Checked the girls yesterday and all is moving along inside the hive as should be. So, I’m hoping for a small amount of honey this year with lots for us next year.

    Also managed to re-pot vegies in greenhouse (too cold here still of tomatoes and peppers) plus what can go into garden is either in and up or just planted. Rain for the next week here 🙁 boy am I tired of it…but good for just planted seeds.

    Hoping the entire pack has a great week!

  87. First off BammaBecca so sorry for your loss…prayers for you and your family!

    Second I was wondering if someone from the pack could tell me what all news sites they follow throughout the week?

    Preps for the week:

    Health and Beauty
    10 bottles shampoo/conditioner
    25 womans deoderants
    32 rolls of toilet paper
    2 packs tampons

    5 boxes macaroni and cheese
    1 package hot dogs
    7 bottles of ketchup
    4 bottles of mustard
    16 bottles of dressing
    10 bottles of barbeque sauce
    8 boxes of crackers
    4 boxes of cereal
    10 cans of soup
    4 cans of baked beans
    6 jars of alfredo sauce
    6 jars tomato sauce

    2 big bottles of dish soap
    8 cans scrubbing bubbles

    10 bottles of bayer
    1 pack of prilosec

    1 Pair of thermal socks
    4 blankets
    24 D batteries
    Assortment of toys (Birthday, Christmas etc.)

    I know theres more, but i can’t come up with it at the moment. Thank you MD for your wonderful site! Keep stacking pack…the prices just keep rising!

  88. to all the pack members who have lost loved ones – my condolences and prayers.

    to those with reasons to celebrate – congratulations

    to all of you who contribute, encourage, and share – thank you

    Now a question – as I hadn’t thought about it until this morning as I left work two coworkers and I were discussing the occupy movements scheduled for tomorrow on May Day – and the fact that May 2nd is the first anniversary of OBL’s death –

    I’d say we should be very aware on these two days – especially if you live near a military installation, or a large city especially if occupy is there. Large crowds…..not a good thing in my opinion.

    Stay safe. May God’s blessings shine upon you.

    • Good point Grannyj…not to mention the “scrapple”….what I call the crazy wannabes that hang out at political gatherings, but are not part of it. They scare me more than the protesters themselves. They act randomly and do crazy things, egged on by all that energy. I will be glad to be out in the ‘boonies’ for this week.

      • grannyj says:

        mtwoman – yup – scrapple – I like that! just look at today’s headlines – Oakland and Seattle – trouble trouble trouble. we knew it was coming….

        • MtWoman says:

          Yes. Unfortunately the ‘scrapple’ creates a situation where well-intentioned protesting gets highjacked by their antics. I may not agree with what a protest is about, but I defend forever Americans’ right to protest! “Congress shall make no law….abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. Unfortunately, the “scrapple” make it non-peaceful, and make the focus on that rather than any good that could come out of it.

  89. Today’s books are up: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/04/books-available-april-30-2012-plus-more.html

    They were up quite a bit earlier but I never got to posting here until now, so hopefully those who were interested were already checking there.

    All the best!
    And thank you to those who have mentioned in their comments that they are getting books and getting something out of them too. I appreciate that a lot! Loved the reviews! 🙂

  90. I have been spending a lot of time on my preps and realized how lacking I was on one aspect LAUNDRY. I have purchased a washboard and tub, but there has got to be a better way. This is my most hated chore and usually gets done first because then I dont have to think about it later. I just cannot bear the thought of having to stand in a creek smashing clothing against a rock. Can you say winter! Burr. So, I ask the Wolf Pack what do you do? I have enough laundry soap to last 2 people for 1 year, but I believe that I will need different soap with the washboard. I admit that I am clueless in this aspect and would truely appreciate the help.

    • Remeber, any soap will work. Agitation of the clothes in soapy water is required. During Desert Storm I would put my clothes in a bucket of soapy water, with a lid, and drive around in a hummer. Rinsed and wrung out with a mop bucket. Hung it to dry and was good to go.

  91. Forgot to ad that I do have many, many clothes pins and enough clothes line in prep storage. Thanks again for any thoughts!

    • Bam Bam says:


      I have stocked 6 boxes washing soda and six boxes of borax, and dozens of bars of Fels Naptha. That will make many years worth of laundry soap. I need to do more research on hand washers but I am leaning toward just getting a mop bucket with a ringer.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Bam Bam,

        We have this;

        I tested it using a 5 gallon bucket and it works well. I used one bucket for washing and another one for rinsing, using the ‘washer’ for both tasks.

        • Bam Bam says:


          Thanks for the tip. I am going to look into getting one of these.

        • Thanks for the help. I thought about visiting the local Amish family with the hopes that they would share some insight. I do remember seeing Borax and Fels Naptha soap at the store. Never really gave it much thought until now. Thanks for the info everyone. Will be looking for a wringer and another large basin.

        • Very interesting. Price is not bad either. This just may be an option. Thanks!

      • cosmolined says:

        Bam Bam:
        I thought I’d get the plastic mop bucket and squeezing attatchment too until I saw the price at Smart and Final in Lost Angeles, $125!!!! Maybe a $3 rope and clothes pins is a better
        idea for me. God Bless. Cos

    • TomFish says:

      Don’t know a lot about it, but I’ve seen some tubs with a lid and hole, thru which you put a plunger type thing and agitate them clean. Seems much easier than a board.


      • BamaBecca says:

        For everyone who is planning for a clothes line, rope stretches….as does the “clothesline wire” you can buy in Walmart. I raised 3 kids with no dryer, so I KNOW about clothes lines, lol. When I put up a new clothesline this past year, I went to the hardware store to get the wire. Not sure exactly what its called, just told them I wanted wire for a clothesline. You can buy it in several lengths and it IS pricier than the Wally World stuff…..but it will last for years and years. You wont have to worry about rust either. The kind with the green plastic around it will rust once the plastic wears off.

        • village idiot says:

          Hmm…you just blew my clothes line rope idea out of the water. That’s why I love this site, we have people who have first hand knowledge. I’m heading to the hardware store this weekend to find some real clothesline. Thanks, BB.

  92. alikaat says:

    Hi Wolfpack-
    I know what y’all think of the MSM… but this article seems to be just a list of baaad things coming our way, that given the current level of cooperation that has been evident in DC as of late, are likely to go poorly. Ignore the ignorant comments in the blog below it… there is no rational response from the public on most of these subjects, because the right answer to all of these events is not going to be popular and is going to hurt, no matter what happens.
    Just thought I’d share the source of my angina for the day…



    • Hunker-Down says:


      It looks like the federal reserve has thrown the first bomb at congress by telling them they better spent ‘it’ right. As if anyone is at fault it ain’t us.

      The dorks in congress are too occupied peering up their posterior to tell the federal reserve its their fault for printing (electronically issuing) ‘it’.

      It’s our fault for allowing the federal reserve to exist. Since they proclaim who is ‘too big to fail’ surely they place themselves in that group. Should we?

      • alikaat says:

        Hi HD-
        No. But in what way can we as private citizens do about the fed? It’s way above our pay grade. We can talk to people, write to our representatives, vote the idiots out… and prep.
        Unfortunately, other than the last item on that list, I don’t see the rest of the actions being much help at all.
        I know I sound very defeatist the majority of the time when discussing gubm’t action and current events – but there just doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the insanity. And I never whine just to hear myself speak – it is always for the intent to come up with a solution. Really despise feeling helpless.
        So I keep learning, keep prepping, keep reading and talking to folks here. These are the only things I do that seem productive in the face of things that are broken that are just too big to fix.
        Too big… period.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          This is long, but enlightening.


          Glen Beck and Ann Barnhardt talk about one enemy, and the other is the federal reserve. We do not study the history or purpose of either. How sad. How tragic. How stupid.
          If we don’t get into the heads of the enemy and develop a plan to make him fail, we will loose.

          • alikaat says:

            Hi HD-
            Thanks for that link. I’ve spent a bunch of odd moments going back to try and take a bunch of it in today. Most of the info there I’ve come across before (one of my hobbies is reading economics texts) in one for or another, and some of it is a bit inflated… but that could just be a matter of the point of view/opinion of the writer.
            Still working on it… will get through at least the main page before going to bed tonight.
            Thing that has struck me so far is that this is all good info and good history… but I haven’t seen any solutions to the problem.
            That’s what I am about – looking for solutions, then finding a way to make them happen. I’m pretty darn stubborn, and tend to get my way, even if it takes a decade or two to get there.
            Guess first, I’ll have to decide on which problem I want to fix! Think small… find a way to protect my family. If anyone else is helped along the way, so much the better.
            Thank you for the informative site.
            Have a good evening,

            • Hunker-Down says:


              About 90% into the article there is a chapter titled, “How to Abolish The Federal Reserve”.
              If the Treasury were empowered to issue the dollar WITHOUT an interest charge there would be no debt associated with it. The federal reserve issues a dollar with a mortgage (interest) attached to it.

              Isn’t it the height of stupidity to allow the entity that issues the dollar to have the power to assign the mortgage amount attached to it AND do it with no government oversight? A group with that set of tools has no incentive to be loyal to any country.
              And we get to pay their bills!

    • village idiot says:

      Cat, the Bush Tax Cuts will probably be extended, and the debt bomb will get kicked a little further down the road. I was somewhat confident that the gridlock might be broken, but the more I look at trends, the less confident I’ve become. It looks like the country is split about 50-50 on everything, so nothing will get done. Until it’s too late to do anything. That’s why I prep.

      • alikaat says:

        VI, you have hit the nail on the head why I prep. Though I tend to suspect there will be an accompanying slow environmental breakdown punctuated with increasingly severe weather events to further stress an already unstable system, it is the decisive gridlock and continuous kickball game of delayed responsibility that is the biggest source of concern right now. With a more agile government capable of mobilizing in the face of environmental fiascos, we might be better able to weather what is approaching. But with the overwhelming inertia that accompanies even the smallest of necessary actions on the part of our gubm’t, we no longer have the ability to efficiently deal with a steaming pile of horse manure dropped in the middle of the road, never mind a season like September of 2006.
        This country is in deep horse puckey if our gubm’t doesn’t get its act together, and sooner rather than later.

        • Alikatt, I decided to read up again on Stalin and the famine…before I went to sleep last night…result: nightmares – prep on guys.

          • village idiot says:

            chloe, I’ve been wanting to re-read George Orwell’s classic, so I started 1984 on Sunday night, and have progressed slowly as I’m really trying to get as much as possible out of it this time. I read it when I was a youngster, and although it did leave an impression on me, this time it’s eerily prescient.

            • MtWoman says:

              VI…I read 1984 for the first time last year. There are SO many parallels to what’s going on in the US and the world today, it’s SCARY. And I mean SCARY.

            • Yes VI…read it carefully. Also, see if you can find other articles on his take on things…all those years ago…simply uncanny to read them in our time. cheers.

        • Kelekona says:

          I’m slowly becoming convinced that someone will be able to mobilize to the tune of controlling the people by taking care of them.

          I think I would prefer Google to be in charge rather than Fox. But corporate-run country doesn’t seem pleasant no matter who is in charge.

          • alikaat says:

            Take a look at the link about the Fed that HD left above. There are valid arguments that we are already under corporate control, and have been for almost a century. And it’s not Google holding the reigns.

            • Kelekona says:

              Alikaat, I’m thinking it would be much worse if they didn’t have to keep up the masquerade. Basically, “we’re in charge and will decide what’s done.”

              Interesting article. We were actually taught in school that the Federal Reserve controlled the interest rates to keep the economy cycling between the limits they placed on extremes.

        • MtWoman says:

          Boy Cat…you sure put my thoughts into words!!! That lack of Gov “RESPONSE-ability” was SO obvious with Katrina, and the other disasters (Joplin, that East coast hurricane, etc.). And I think we can’t expect the Gov to improve. Einstein said : “A problem cannot be solved by the same mind that created it” (or something like this). I truly believe we’re on our own at this point…those of us who are still thinking for ourselves and paying attention to what’s going on.

          • alikaat says:

            Hi Wolf Pack-
            Thank you for indulging my need for intelligent and rational conversation on the topic of inflexible government response. What is interesting is that we here on SurvivalistBlog are all quite widely dispersed along the entire political spectrum, and we can all agree on what the problem is, and respect each others’ opinions and thoughts on the issues at hand.
            What I see at the national and even international level is an unwillingness to respect ideas of others when they do not agree with one’s own. This may be partially be an artifact of MSM reporting methodology… only controversial statements are really newsworthy in order to sell ad space… but if the MSM really is the source of this attitude in politics, it may be that this style of communication has developed a life of its own. The politicians and policymakers seem to reflect the same bias toward believing the controversies and paranoid convictions that there is no common ground with the other side, much like what is seen on the MSM news outlets. This ridiculous paranoia is the source of the inflexibility and gridlock in our governing bodies. There is no reasoning between the sides. So there is no governing going on.
            From the example of the intelligent folk here on this blog, I think I can say the politicians are wrong. Dead wrong. They need a moderator like MD up there! (JK MD… I wouldn’t wish that kind of existence on anybody)
            I think that is supposed to be the responsibility of the Speaker of the House and other top leaders… but because they are by design selected from one of the governing parties, he/she is hogtied as to their available toolbox of mediating powers.
            Still not sure what solutions exist to fix the problems we can all see, but it is good that places like this exist to keep an open, intelligent space available for discussion of some of the scariest events coming our way. I don’t see the need abating any time soon.
            Thank you, MD. For giving us this place.

            • worrisome says:

              Cat. I am reading Tom Coburn’s book “The Debt Bomb”. It includes his experiences in both the house and the senate and his perspective is unique and informing. Tom is a Republican but in this book he pretty much equalizes the field and tells you how bad it is on both sides of the aisle. There is a “group think” going on back there. And it overlays the need for them to keep their jobs; maintain their investments; and pander to their supporters all of which is a priority way above the best interests and the will of the people. I have to read this book a single chapter at a time because I get so upset that I am afraid I am going to have a stroke! What I am getting out of the book in all truthfulness is that there is little hope that we are going to get out of this mess no matter who sits in what chair in Washington.
              Makes me glad that I am taking all measures I can.

            • Bam Bam says:


              I watched an interview with him a few days ago. I was actually hopeful for our country when I listed to him. His basic claim (in the interview) is that both Republicans and Democrats need to pull their heads out of the butts and start being honest with themselves, each other and the American public. He thinks it’s not too late–that if politicians are up front with the American people and can get the will of the people, there is nothing America can do, including pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. I was thinking about getting his book.

          • Bam Bam says:

            I have read that the feds are studying Walmart because Walmart has a better disaster response program than the federal government. They can reroute supplies with the click of the mouse.

            • worrisome says:

              Bam Bam, get the book, at best it is educational. I wish I didn’t react so negatively to what he is saying in the book, as he does name the names and explains explicitly how they think. I think it frightens me firstmost; so much so that I feel quite defeated. And this after being so far along the road to being somewhat self sufficient for my family, my friends and myself.

  93. Paranoid says:

    I always get my response to this question in late and don’t think they ever get read and this may be my last comment on this blog as I we are preparing to move.

    There seems to be some really good people here and some of you are great preppers! Some, I wonder, how they can get so much done in a week!? Makes me wonder if all is real!

    The rest of you – keep focused and prioritize. You can’t do everything and can’t prepare for every type of disaster.

    I hope we all are preparing for something that doesn’t happen. To me, there are a lot of potential dangers: EMP, civil unrest, economic callapse, radical Islam, Iran, North Korea, and the ever present gov’t taking away our liberties and freedoms, water shortages…

    As for my clan, we will continue to prepare. Our current focus is to learn skills and put the final touches on our “bunker” on 35 acre piece of property we bought 2 months ago 500+ miles from where we are now and plan on making this our new home and BO location. We bought several solar panels and batteries so we will be off the grid. We cashed out one of our 401K plans and paid cash for everything. Our plan – to disappear from the radar and become totally self-sufficient.

    This week, we will start to move our gardening supplies, water tanks, generator, stored food, tools and fuel containers. Next week, the rest of what we need and settle into our new place. Our current place, we will rent and hold on to.

    We decided to do this after some careful and long thought on what we felt comfortable with and how we can truly survive what may happen and, if it doesn’t, what was best for us in the long run. My hope – that nothing happens and we retire at our new home with all our animals.

    My first project will to build a new wood-fired brick oven – one of my passions.

    It was a pleasure sharing with this group and learning some things from you – albeit, for a short time. I wish you all luck, joy and happiness and to not loose sight of what is really important! Family! Love of one another!

    • village idiot says:

      I wish you good luck, sir. I wish I had known you earlier, as I have an interest in brick ovens myself. If you get to comment later, I would love to discuss brick ovens with you.

    • Good luck at your new place, sounds like you and yours have a great plan in mind, as for things that get written up, well-I’m guility of being one of the ones that tends to get a little long on the words but I also blog, and about 80 plus percent of the time if you click on the link and go to the blog, I have things written up on different things I write about here in detail on the blog.. example, there is a photo with the cake pans stacked in the wire baskets along with half of the rest of my list..

      So that’s about as real as I am going to bring it to life for folks, and my rule of thumb personally, is if I hear a great idea or thought from one of the pack members, I take it and run with it, I will look it up, read more on it, and put it into first hand use on the farm and see if I like it, can do it or not..

      I am grateful for the pack and all the folks that write some of the most amazing things sometimes in the smallest or longest posts week in and week out, they inspire me, and that can only be a good thing!

      • I lost my job on Dec. 21 of this year. I had a job interview yesterday and hopefully I will have some good news by the end of the week. Michigan has been awful to find good work. If truth be told I was victim to 2 down-sizings and 1 company closing in 5 years. I lost 3 jobs in 5 years. Luckily my husband has a good job and has been able to support us.

        So unfortunately I have had a lot of extra time lately to prep. It’s nice to have the time, but the money is short. I discovered that I had a large basket of extra yarn in the closet today and was able to crochet an entire blanket in one day! (Very large chrochet needle) I will be working on scarves and hats tomorrow. Maybe those of us that get a lot done in a week are not working as much as you. (Wishing that I was) I have to believe that everyone here is truthful and go from there. I personally have a goal to “out-prep” DJV this week. I was so inspired by their post.

        Between job hunt and interviews I will be prepping, prepping, prepping and hopefully catch up. Lots to do and seeming less and less time to do so. Wish you the best of luck on the new place. So happy for you!

    • cooolwoods says:

      best of luck! I drool at the lists some of the pack post.
      I wish I had started prepping sooner myself, I’ve taken 50k in pay cuts in the last 3 years. I too could have posted some really cool lists,we all do what we can.

      stay safe

    • Paranoid…wishing you all the best…you are doing the right thing – now, as the water is getting hotter- it is definitely the boiling frog approach, squeezing people with ever more taxes, rising fuel and food costs – on wages that stay static…

      Happy that you are able to detach yourself and family from the current state of affairs/mess the way you have…and to stay off the radar…good move.

      First priority is to provide/protect your family – so, this week it appears you have managed to get much done…good on you…God speed and may the Lord protect you and yours….cheers.

    • worrisome says:

      Some of us have a lot of help! Which is why I have accomplished so much in the last 18 months. It feels kind of good to be able to slow down now and just do the smaller “convenience things” as I think about them.

  94. New books up: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/05/books-available-may-1-2012.html
    (including one especially for you, MD.)

  95. Forgot these in the previous post today…. but these are actually reductions, .99 rather than free, but look to be decent, in case anyone had their eyes on these before and didn’t want to pay the regular prices. Check descriptions and ratings as usual though.

    Primitive Skills And Crafts
    Last Reported Price: $9.84 Current Price: $0.99

    Homesteading (Back to Basics Guides)
    Last Reported Price: $13.72 Current Price: $0.99

    Living Off The Grid
    Last Reported Price: $9.84 Current Price: $0.99

  96. Ok, now am I going crazy or what? I knew that Doomsday Preppers were talking about a season two. Is it all over? I wait all week to watch and try to get new ideas. Kinda sad. Same thing happned with Doomsday Bunkers one week I was watching and now cant find it anywhere. I guess that is why they brought all of the past shows back last week. If anyone has info, please share.

    • IndianaAli says:

      I think the show is done for a few weeks/months, then they will start repeats again of the previous shows building up to a new season… that’s usually the way they do things on some of the cable type channels. I’m not sure about the Doomsday bunkers show, I only got to see that once or twice I think. I guess you could check out the NatGeo web site to see if they have any show schedule or info on the prepper show.

  97. Prepper RN says:

    GMO Food Alert for RICE.

    Thought you should all see this to be aware.
    This abouve article has links to many other informative links.

    More corporate food manipulation for bad.

    • Soo gross! No rice from Kansas!

    • grannyj says:

      Wonder if the Mormon church leaders have seen this – and where the rice comes from, as well as the wheat. It is the best price around….think I’m going to have to ask at my local lds cannery. I doubt the Church would really approve – at least I hope not!

    • This is crazy. What is wrong with these people?

    • prepper RN…I have been buying what I can as fast as I can…who knows what is ahead with the food manipulation –

      also, apparently, there are some reported cases of mad cow disease in the US…

      with the agencies mandated to manage our food safety…on our side of the pond as well…they are failing.

      Some GMO wheat crops – on my side of the pond was destroyed recently by some concerned people…it seems the food shocks just keep coming.


      Also, the radiation cloud from Japan is now drifting over Oz and NZ…all negative portents.

      • MtWoman says:

        Chloe…yes…there’s been a definite report of Mad Cow disease in California. And the report said that it was by CHANCE that they found it, and that they do not know how much meat might have gotten through to the public. Interestingly enough, it’s brain and spinal cord matter that can infect humans, and isn’t that part of what they use in “pink slime”? Pays to be mostly vegetarian right now I think, IF you grow your own plants. Frankly, I think a critical mass of some sort will be reached…whether it is food manipulation, viruses, social breakdown, or just general mayhem…and I don’t mean that guy in the insurance commercials…and many, many are going to suffer. I think there’s only so much we can do to “prepare”, but I do it anyway.

        • village idiot says:

          MtWoman, the account I read reported the infected cow to be part of the dairy herd, and that it had never had a chance to be in the food supply. That being said, how in the world could a dairy cow get infected with a prion disease? Something’s not adding up, I smell poop.

          • alikaat says:

            Hi VI-
            Most ecologists and veterinary epidemiologists think Mad Cow is carried in the wild deer populations, and is not lethal to them. Not sure how it gets from the native deer population to dairy cows, but it is assumed that when it pops up randomly in ranches where it has never been observed before, it is likely from native deer populations. I can imagine a scenario where a coyote or wild cat makes a kill (sick animals are easier to catch, you know…), and the remains are left in the open, or in the case of a wild cat, pulled up into a tree. Scavengers go in for their bits, dragging what they can away from the kill site. Brain, spinal column (the primary sites of infection and most likely to be contagious) are dragged through grass, which is either consumed by cattle or hayed and put up for later. Not sure how long a prion can stay viable in a hay bale, but since a prion is so simple an organism, it may be able to infect an animal a considerable amount of time later. Some viruses can stay viable for more than a week in dry, cool weather.
            I haven’t done any specific research on the subject of prions, this is all just speculation on the part of a scientist outside of the field being discussed, but it is quite possibly what is going on. With a few hours research in the literature, I could give you a better answer.
            It is quite possible, however that cows from the same dairy herd could have been infected in the same way. There will be an uptick in testing in the region that the infected cow is from, and local wildlife will be tested and tagged if the public health department has the funding for it.
            No poop… rather a different kind of mess.

            • village idiot says:

              Cat, if I understand it correctly, a prion is a misfolded or mal-folded protein. Once this protein is ingested, the genetic code it contains begins to change the other proteins in the brain, causes them to misfold, and over a period of time the changes in the proteins cause brain damage, and then death. A prion is difficult to destroy since it’s technically not a living creature.

              That’s not a bad scenario for the transmission of the disease, either, probably as viable an explanation as one is likely to get. Interesting stuff.

            • Alikatt…the article I read stated that dead infected animals (cows/pigs) are then feed to the cows…bad hygienic practices…perhaps.

              One would think that this would be a priority to figure out…to protect humans.

              On the other hand…what is their track record…e.g., any outcome on all those contaminated vegetables some time back – or has that also become just another can to kick down the road.


          • MtWoman says:

            Contrary to popular belief, dairy cows do end up as some of the beef we eat…at the end of their usefulness as dairy cattle. And as for how it got infected, who knows. Things are so screwy these days, I think anything can happen. Cat offers an interesting idea…

            • MtWoman says:

              …in fact, the dairy cow with Mad Cow was at a processing plant, about to be “rendered” and was randomly tested. (see CNN article I posted link to).

            • MtWoman says:

              AND…there is a report that this particular cow was “lame” and lying down a lot, hence it was slaughtered and sent to be rendered. More info emerges all the time…..

          • MtWoman says:

            VI…there is also a practice of feeding poultry “litter” and bovine remains to cows. The poultry are fed cow remains as well, usually the parts that are deemed ‘dangerous’ to humans (like the brains and spinal matter). So…the litter could contain prions. There is a movement to stop this practice, but it doesn’t get much steam, as the beef industry likes the ‘cheap feed’ for their cows.

            Here is CNN’s report on the Mad Cow found in Cal, and it contains a bit of info: http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/24/health/california-mad-cow/index.html

            Our whole food system is pretty disgusting right now.

            • I'm A Prep Kat says:

              It’s all so scarey. Makes me so glad I know the farmers who raise the meat I put on my table. I stopped buying meat in the stores years ago. This is just more fuel for that fire.

        • Mt Woman…mad cow has a 20 year incubation period…something to think about…

          when I read the article…I immediately thought of all the good deals you guys have on your side of the pond re meat prices…and, you know – I wonder – how is it financially viable to keep meat at such a low price…that it is just too good a deal to pass up…

          could be nothing, could be something…could be I’m just a little paranoid tonight.


          • Kelekona says:

            Chloe, about cheap beef,

            I forget the angle of comparison, but someone was saying that for England, it was “better” to import beef from I think New Zealand. It might have been comparing the energy needs of having a local feedlot vs shipping meat that could be kept on grazing land.

            Hopefully you can find a different source for what I’m talking about, sorry I couldn’t give you any good keywords.

            Also, going off of statements the McDonalds food is so cheap because it is subsidized, the prices we pay at the store might not be the true cost of beef.

            I’ve also seen a bit of price variation in different areas of the country, and I’m guessing it depends on whether or not it’s an area where cows are raised.

            • thanks Kele…there is a huge demand for our live export of sheep to the middle east and cows to Asia…thankfully we don’t have too many issues – and perhaps our meat prices are high because there is such a huge demand for it overseas…same with butter from NZ. cheers.

  98. Now THAT is creepy….. I recently bought some parboil rice at the Hispanic market near buy..I didn’t realize it was parboil until I brought it home. Do you know anything about it?

    • Prepper RN says:

      It seems to only being grown in Kansas. I looked on a goya brand bag of rice and it has no origin on it. Basmati rice is from Tailand on my bag. I think that more research is needed. Par boiled is still GMO if it comes from Kansas. But Kansas is only one of many states where rice is grown. I will keep researching this.
      Parboiled rice is ok, it is just partially cooked then dried. It saves on cooking time for some.


    I live in a small town in Michigan and it can be troublesome trying to find some of the things that I am looking for. Outdated computer and dial-up service doesn’t help either. I have, however, found some wonderful sources within my community to purchase some of my preppers musts!

    There is a large pharma company in our area called Perrigo. This company produces items such as ibuproffen, asprin, nico losenges, allergy relief, among many others. They also have a company store for the general public. I am able to purchase ibuproffen sometimes 4 boxes for 1.00, cough syrup 1.00, vitamins for around 1-3.00. So keep these places in mind and maybe you will have one close to you.

    We also have a discount grocery store in our area. Yesterday I was able to pick up a 1.5lb log of summer sausage (Armour) for 2.99, Cappuccino Mix (ad water)2lb bag for 2.99, and Powerade dry mix 2lb bag for 2.99 (makes 5 gallons). I also get my powdered milk here 2.79 for a bag that makes 3 liters.

    So wishing that I could share these deals with all of you. Maybe I could host for a weekend if someone was interested. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that these places are out there. Happy prepping!

  100. Soggy Prepper says:

    Glenn: Do we have a chance at turning the country around…or is it too late? If your interested, it’s free to watch, very good one too. I so agree.


    It’s a 17 minute spiel pretty much summarizing the state of the nation (HUGE reasons why I prep all set in a concise string), followed by who and why we win in the end. ~*Yes, God* ~

  101. Bam Bam says:

    Okay guys, you have to read this article. Scientists have discovered a fungus that kills a fungus that causes ants to become zombies–infected ants march mindlessly to their deaths.


    • alikaat says:

      Holy moley- that is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen today. Those images are likely to lodge irreparably in my brain. Now, when folk around here talk about zombies, I’m going to see those ants!
      Very cool.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Bam Bam,

      The last scene from The Walking Dead seems to go down the same tract. Cant wait!

      • Bam Bam says:


        I know. The zombie ant thing is just too cool. I was thinking: if it could happen to ants it could happen to human beings.

  102. Bam Bam says:

    Attn: Publix Shoppers

    There are some exceptional sales this week:

    Chock Full of Nuts Coffee (big can): $7.99 ($4 off)
    Uncle Ben’s Rice, 5 lb. bag, BOGO
    Ham, almost half price
    Ragu spag. sauce: BOGO
    Hotdogs: BOGO (just okay sale)
    Oscar Myer lunch meat: BOGO

  103. TomFish says:

    BPA in cans

    Are you all thinking about this? I am. And my organic-leaning wife if freaking out.

    What to do?

    • Prepper RN says:

      BPA in high acid foods is the worse especially with tomatos. It has the highest amount of BPA leached into them according to studies..Del Monte has most of their fruits in BPA free cans, especiallyt the #10 cans at Costco. Best to buy frozen fruits/veggies and dehydrate, or fresh and then can your own. Buy spagetti sauces in glas jars only. BPA is testing in 83% of those tested. BAD!

  104. BamaBecca says:

    I think (I hope) I diverted disaster today in my food storage. I went out to the shed to get some potatoes, happened to glance @ one of the glue boards I have out there to catch critters and found WEEVILS on the glue board. I haven’t been storing in mylar or anything (shame) and have my beans, rice, grits and oatmeal stored in plastic totes in their original packaging. (I know, I know). Was trying to wait til I went back to work to go to the expense of anything better.

    Anyway, I started moving some things around so I could get the totes out to inspect and found weevils in the potatoes I just bought a few weeks ago. I’ve never heard of them getting into potatoes. Had to throw out almost 20 lbs of red potatoes. Then I checked my totes, removing and inspecting each package, but could not find anything that was infested. Once I had removed everything from the totes, I found 7 or 8 weevils per tote in the bottom.

    Now, I know most would have thrown it all away and started over, but I have WAY too much money invested and can’t afford to replace what I’ve bought any time soon, so I put it all in the freezer and will leave it there for a few days. Then I plan to empty each package 1 by 1 to be sure I didn’t miss anything and put them in the jars I had set aside for canning. Hate to tie up those jars, but oh well.

    I also didn’t find any bugs on my shelving, which was surprising. I cleaned them good anyway with straight vinegar, then sprinkled bay leaves all over them. (Should have done this months ago!) I’ll keep a very close eye on everything for the next few weeks to make sure I don’t find any more.

    One question for you all. After putting the oatmeal in the freezer, should I run it thru the dehydrator before dry packing it?

    This has definately been a lesson well-learned….and for anyone who doesn’t keep a close eye on their food storage, please start doing so. I’m just blessed that everything wasn’t totally ruined!

    • MtWoman says:

      BamaBecca…so sorry for your stash troubles. But it sounds like you may be able to save some. This is making me plan another round of inspection for mine. Sorry it happened to you, but thanks for sharing so that we can all think about it. Especially this Summer, here in N Texas….the bugs are bad and going to get worse…they say. Time to take measures….

    • Bam Bam says:


      I have the vast majority of my food storage in #10 cans. It’s a bit more expensive that way but if I am going to invest in food I might as well invest a little more to keep it safe from bugs.

      • Wow, that is wonderful that you JUST caught it in time! We are occasionally troubled by pantry moths (that come in on infested food) and I HATE having to go through everything. I don’t know about dehydrating the oats before dry packing, so I can’t help there. Thanks for the reminder.

      • BamaBecca says:

        I have a few things in #10 cans, but not much…mainly eggs, milk powder, margarine powder, shortening powder. It was cheaper to build up several months worth of meals by couponing and hitting the sales than it was to buy #10 cans in the beginning. I plan to add more of them as funds allow. But my main objective was to get enough for 3 or 4 months before buying for longer term storage.

        I hadn’t realized that the LDS had oxygen absorbers so cheap! I’m thinking that I may go with 2 Liter drink bottles/oxygen absorbers for my beans and rice for the time being instead of using my canning jars. Not exactly the best option since I read somewhere that plastic will allow moisture to leach through, but better than what I WAS doing.

        • BamaBecca says:

          Natalia, I dont think I’ve ever seen any pantry moths. I’d never heard of them until today when I was reading up on how to get rid of the weevils.

          And you’re very welcome…keep a close check on those investments! 😉

        • I use 2-liter bottles to store oats, rice, barley,and powdered milk. Havn’t had any issues with moisture as of yet. Always keep in a cool dry place. Hopefully you can keep your jars for other things. Good luck!

    • bama…yes, you are blessed that you got to it in time…and I would have done the same, save it, rather than throw it out.

      I have only vac sealed or mylar bagged my rolled oats…no experience with freezing it…however, wouldn’t hurt to dehydrate it for a few hours – just to be sure.

      are you able to gather plastic soda pop bottles – watch the youtube video of how he vac seals items…no need for absorber – just some electrical tape, and vac seal tube connection, and a suction cap…hope this helps…cheers.

    • BamaBecca

      I was concerned about weevles too. I have been visiting a site by Kellene Bishop (doomsday preppers “Gourmet meals” lady). I addressed this issue with her and she suggested using diatomaceous earth. This stuff in all natural and is edible. Suposedly aids in digestion and will take care of weevles. I have ordered some for myself last week. Hopefully comes soon. You can find diatomaceous earth on her site here is where I ordered from Fivestarpreparedness.com.

      I was told that freezing things like flour, oats, noodles, rice only puts the weevles in hibernation. I have had issues with weevles myself and am hoping that this new method takes care of the issue. Also, all you need to do is sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the boxes when stored in buckets. You can do this even with the stuff that you think maybe infected. Hope that this helps. It is miserable thinking that your stocks may be in danger.

      • Bam Bam says:

        I was able to find diatomaceous earth at my local Ace Hardware.

      • conmaze says:

        If you use diatomaceous earth, please make sure it is FOOD GRADE and not the stuff for swimming pools (pool stuff is poison!)

  105. I forgot to send through a reminder yesterday about books, sorry!

    Here are today’s books though: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/05/books-available-may-3-2012.html

    In case any of yesterday’s are still free, here’s yesterday’s link: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/05/books-available-may-2-2012.html

    (MD, I will reply to your email soon; I’m kind of having a bad week, and am feeling pretty scattered! )

  106. Hunker-Down says:

    There is another great rant at Barnhardt.biz.

    The last paragraph has an overview of how fraudulent the unemployment rate is, and how TDL and buddies WILL get it below 8% before election day. We are being vaporized on the page where they count humans.

    Has anyone seen anything on the claim that our national election votes will be counted in Spain?

    • charliebuck says:

      Hunker Down,yes I had read a very convincing article about a company in Spain being awarded the job of counting the votes.Supposedly so there would be no bias or fraud involved………….
      I will attempt to find the article and repost it here if I do find it.Be Safe.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Yes. I’ve read a few articles on how our vote in November is being counted in Spain. Wouldn’t want to pay Americans to do that or anything. I’m Positive the vote won’t be tampered with out of the U.S.A. ~heavy sarc~

      I was wondering if that’s why Michelle (big ass) obummer was over there vacationing with one kid and friends. Butter them up with the near half a million they just spent. Could be “just a coincidence”, mmmhmmmmm.

      Of course she can’t go to the mooslim countries with Barry as he knows that would be bad since he was Raised as one in Indonesia. So, hey, Spain, why not. It’s good to be Queen.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        I tried 4 times to post links. Just search engine votes counted in Spain in November and you’ll pull up a bunch of articles.

        • Indeed. Just Blogs saying exactly the same thing.
          If that is how we know define truth then go for it.

  107. Voting is controled by the 50 States. That claim is false. Life is screwed up enough these days. I dont see where anyone should start or spread falsehoods or fears.

  108. So I have been thinking about preparation since late 2011 and not just because of December 2012, but in case of any kind of disaster. I have been stockpiling the basics like water, canned goods and rice. Also, I recently purchased 2 portable hand crank power supply generators and 3 lifestraws. My stockpiling continues on an almost daily basis. I plan to purchase ammo today or tomorrow along with some other camping equipment and hand tools like an axe.
    However, I do have a problem. I live and work in Riverside, CA. Not certain if this far enough inland, but there are a few mountain ranges a wave would have to go over to get to me. While I have a job I find preparing, at times, difficult because I am still going about my life with a be prepared attitude, but realizing that life and civilization, at this time, still go on. Honestly I would love to get an ETAP boat and head into the sea sometime in December. However, this is not a likely scenario for me because of money.
    In addition to my location my home has no basement or cellar. Where am I supposed to stockpile? At this time I am putting things around the house and I will likely put some things outside, but I worry about the summer heat and its effect on my goods. So I am constantly thinking about my stockpile should my house be compromised.
    Any thoughts?
    I am considering a bug out plan involving my brother who lives just outside Phoenix, AZ. 2 things I think about. Is AZ or parts of AZ safe from flooding? How do I transport my stockpile? Should I use 2 cars?

  109. Greg Garcia says:

    I entered into contest to win a Kel-Tec pistol caliber carbine that could fold up and go inside of my bug out bag and takes what is probably the most popular handgun magazines on the planet, the Glock 17 9mm.

    Here is the link to the contest.

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