What did you do to prep this week?

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Now lets me see, what did I do to prep this week… ?:-)

Spent most of the week getting a water meter and spigot set in place on my property. This will be a big help with my gardening, livestock and extra safety in case of a fire. This is a huge step for me since, I’ve not had water from the municipality in years. I’m so excited 🙂 .

What else did I do to prep this week…

  • Bought a Skil 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw
  • Added more mulch around my  dwarf apple trees.
  • Cleared away underbrush alone my property line.
  • Replaced used food from my storage with new.
  • Bought a “brick” of .22LR ammo.

That is it for me this week, how about you – what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. The Prepper says:

    Busy week for me! Went under contract with my first house, which me and the wife are thrilled with. The price was awesome (it’s a fixer upper that our inspector said has excellent bones), it’s in a great neighborhood and there is 1/2 acre of open space in the backyard to garden and raise chickens. In addition to all of the home stress I also potted up all of my Tomato, pepper, marigold, nasturtium and herb seedlings into. I placed the pots (terracota) on top of a capillary mat with a large terracota pot full of water (you have to seal up the hole in the bottom) in the middle . This is supposed to provide a nice self watering system according to this site:


    Now I can fill the reservoir in the morning and have the peace of mind that the seedlings are getting exactly the amount of water they need throughout the day. Pretty cool design (it’s all reusable) and it only cost me $40 for 10′ of mat, 20 terracota pots and one large durable rubbermaid tote. Anyone else using a system similar to this? I’m really sold on self watering systems, and am hoping to use the following self watering raised bed design when I build our raised beds at the new house:


    Can’t wait to close!! So much I want to experiment with!!! 🙂

    • The Prepper says:

      I should have also mentioned that I made two more worm bins using the following design:


      And two self watering containers using this design:


      The worm bins are crazy useful! We feed them all of our scraps, and the dark nutrient rich castings are amazing for growing stuff! Once I get a house I’m hoping to build one more bin for our in total.

      • Does anyone know how these worm bins would fare in the SW desert? It gets SO DARN HOTHOTHOT here and I worry the worms couldn’t survive.

        • Hey it's Dave says:

          Worms need to be kept between 40 and 80 degrees F. I’ve had mine here near Tucson for two summers with no problem. They’re in an old bathtub in the yard. I cover everything with a layer of shredded junk mail and water it down once a week. The shredded paper lets air in and evaporation keeps it all cool. A piece of shade cloth over the tub keeps the sun off. In winter, a 60 watt light bulb under the tub keeps it warm enough.

  2. The Prepper says:

    Did everyone see that Honeyville is offering a 15% coupon”:

    “SUMMARY: SAVE 15% ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER* from Tuesday 3/22/12 through Thursday 3/27/12. Stock up and save on all of your favorites, and try some of our great new items, like Freeze Dried Yogurt Bites . Simply enter coupon code BLOOM during checkout. ORDER NOW! SALE ENDS ON TUESDAY the 27th of March.”

    Planning to grab some more fruit with this code.

  3. First I would like to ask MD and the Wolfpack about canning outside.
    My daughter bought one of those smooth top stoves and you are not to use aluminum cookware on it. She wishes to can with a pressure canner. So what can she get, hot plate style, that would work for pressure canning? She wants the best possible solution.
    Please, she needs a solution.
    There sure is a big hoopla over the movie “The Hunger Games”. I think most of us were on to this before the books were ever written.
    I am so tired of this perpetual campaining for president.
    Even though I do not feel that “Doomsday Prepper” is a total good thing, my daughter has been watching it. She had already started prepping, but this show has caused her to ramp up her getting more and it actually has taught her some things. She calls me after she has watched it and we discuss some of the ideas she has seen.
    All in all it has been relatively good her watching it with my disclaimer “that you have to watch it with calculating what the producers wanted as far as societal impact”.
    What did I do to prep. Another bust this week. Seems I have lost the rythum of prep buying. Seems that money disappears before I can even spend it at the store. Could inflation have eaten a hole in my wallet before I can get to the store? Or am I slipping into a vortex of prepper disfuntion? I have to find out what is wrong.

    • IndianaAli says:

      I use a gas/propane turkey fryer outside to do my pressure canning. My canner fits just right on the fryer stand. I have had no problems with this but I do have to keep a closer eye on the gauge, etc. but that is no problem because I am usually outside prepping the next batch of vegs, etc to go into the canner. Also keeps the house cooler in the summer. Only thing I dislike is that it turns the bottom of the canner black with the soot, but I can scrub that off when I’m done, just have to be careful not to set it on anyhing or you will have a big black mess to clean up. I think the turkey fryer propane set up was $30.00 at Bass Pro… without the propane tank, but I just use the one from my gas grill.

      • Indiana Ali
        Thank you will tell her.

      • IndianaAli,
        I read that if you coat the outside of your canner with soap the black stuff practically rinses right off – maybe a little rubbing but no scrubbing.

        • I should have said to soap the outside BEFORE you use it. LOL

        • Wow! Thanks for that tip! Would that work on all of my camping pots and pans that I use over the wood fire? That has always been an awful task trying to clean them up. But I love cooking on the wood fire.

          • DJV,
            I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Try it and let us know how it works!

          • Encourager says:

            Yes, DJV, it works on all pots and pans used over the wood fire or on a camp stove. I do not soap my three legged dutch oven tho’. I have a special bag it fits into after use so I don’t worry if the bag turns black inside. And it does!

        • I'm A Prep Kat says:

          I have read this, too. Also useful if you use cast iron directly on a fire.

      • Kelekona says:

        Soap the outside… somehow that makes it easier to clean.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        my Presto canner warns against using an outdoor gas burner. The only reason I can think of is that it is potentially too hot and might skyrocket the pressure faster than you can react. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it but if you use a gas burner use the smallest one you have and keep it down low.

        • charlie(NC): I think you’re right. It seems like because of our lawsuit happy society, coupled with lots of stupid people, the instructions always have every single precaution included. But anyone that doesn’t know to watch the pressure, and adjust heat accordingly, might need to try some other things before they start pressure canning!

      • recoveringidiot says:

        Lots of times the turkey frier type LP burners are miss adjusted. Not enough air in the mix and the flame will “yellow” some and make more soot. Some folks cut the air intake down trying to tame the high pressure burner down to what a regular low pressure burner would do. You can find outdoor burners that use low pressure and they are much more versatile than the single high pressure burner turkey friers. The turkey friers are great for getting something hot quick but not so much if you need more control and lower temps.

      • Found “Hunger Games”.. the book.. at Costco this Friday. Going to read what the author hand intended before I buy a ‘discount’ ticket to the Hollywood adaptation. So far the book is an easy read. Mid sized font, nearly double spaced. Made for the teen market. I am very surprized by the subtext in it. Very critical of governments and social class structure. I am wondering what the under developed teen age mind will do with this kind of imput??????

        • axelsteve says:

          I like to read the book before the movies sometimes.I did that with some tom Clancy books.On the other hand,I never read the hobbit books before I saw the movies.Now I understand some led zeppelin songs better since seeing the hobbit movies.

        • Prudent, I have the books. A friends daughter turned me onto the books years ago. I think you will enjoy the movie. There are some changes but for the most part kept to the book.

        • We saw the movie this afternoon. It was an entertaining movie but predictable, Hollywood.

          • texasmomma says:

            I took my daughter to see it. She had amazing insight into the subtext. She noticed also that there was no God in this civilization. It was very interesting to hear her take on the tyrannical government and immoral society, and the parallels she see with today.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Do you fill the turkey fryer with water when using it to heat the canner?

        • If you do can outside be sure to protect both the canner and the stove/turkey fryer stand/etc. from the wind. You don’t want the canner to have any cold spots and definitely don’t want any problems with open flames.

    • Ellen….”prepper dysfunction” LOL. I can see a whole new therapy developing for it. A concept of “failed prepper” was mentioned eons ago on this blog. Might be in the same catagory.

      Maybe you….and your wallet…just need a break.

      • MtWoman
        Well that must be a condition CAUSE I HAVE IT.

      • Anonymous says:

        I too am a sufferer…I have the intention of buying like seven affordable preps and then Im lucky if I can get two before money is gone for frivilous thing like……insurance, paying off my student loan. I think I need a telethon……or a winning lottery ticket.

        just sayin….

    • JP in MT says:

      If your daughter is starting to prep…Get M.D.’s new book. I can’t recommend it enough, especially for starters!

    • smlflash says:

      I have not ever heard you cannot use aluminium on a glass top stove. You might double check on that. The only cookware you can’t use on a glass top is cast iron.

      • smlflash
        Something about marking up the top. So she is not going to do it.

        • Semper Gumby says:

          The only thing I read about my glass top and canners is it probably wouldn’t keep the constant temp to can. I have done it with water bath but not my pressured one yet.

      • I use cast iron on the glass-top stove here, and my step-mother did for 10 years before I came here.

      • smlflash…..
        “…….can’t use on a glass top is cast iron.?

        I hope you’re wrong! I got a glass top about six months ago and use a cast iron skillet all the time. The manual, on the stove, doesn’t forbid it and I’ve not seen any adverse reactions after having done it since new!

      • Encourager says:

        No cast iron on a glass top stove??? You are kiddin’ me! I use cast iron almost exclusively and never had a problem. Please say it ain’t so! I WILL NOT give up my cast iron!! And can’t afford another stove. =o(

    • Encourager says:

      I, also, have one of those ceramic stovetops. I have water bath canned on it, before I knew it was a no-no. Met a woman who says she uses her huge pressure cooker to can on it all the time. I am not sure I want to take that risk! I was told by the manufacturer that you should not put more than 50# on top.
      We have a Coleman stove that has two propane burners. It is oval in shape. My husband said the pressure cooker should fit fine. I guess you need to know how many BTUs it puts out? As far as canning outdoors, my main problem will be with the mosquitoes and other bugs. I guess I will be canning on my front porch but there is no screening on it. Not looking forward to canning out there!

      • Encourager
        She feels the same about taking a chance on messing up the top of her stove so she looking for other solutions.

      • I just wonder–and this is pure speculation. For all you folks who have glass top stoves, shouldn’t it be possible to weld a grate that sits atop the range so that the weight of a pressure canner would be dispersed over the entire range and not a single burner? It would have to sit low enough so that the canner could heat up easily. But it would have to be high enough to help disperse the weight. (Anyone who could design such a “range grid” could make a pretty penny.)

        • Encourager says:

          Not sure how that would work, Bam Bam. The pan needs to be in contact with the glass to heat properly.

    • inquisitorjje says:

      I have had good luck using a propane burner like what would be used to fry a turkey. Watch the the height of the flame and how fast the pressure rises its a lot quicker than an electric stove. Just my two cents.

      • inquisitorjje
        your the second to mention the turkey propane burner will have her look into that.

        • storm in OR says:

          I also use a turkey propane burner when I don’t want to can indoors. I have had no problem with my pressure canner at all.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      I have the stupid ceramic stove too, I hate it. Funny thing is I do use cast iron pans on it. They aren’t heavy and I don’t scoot them around so they don’t scratch. I never wanted to pressure can on it cause of the weight and heat fluctuation. Just too afraid it would crack.
      We have a two burner camp chef bbq thing. Works awesome on the back deck to can on during the summer. When it’s windy it sucks. So I did some canning in the garage last time I did it. I figured it’s drafty enough to not kill me, I can open the door to air it out, and no wind to mess with my flame so I get a steady heat under my canner. So, that’s my experience there.

      Whole heartedly agree with being sick of the campaigner and chief.
      I just figure the new sensationalized movie out is another distraction from the reality of what is going on in DC. If the media makes a big deal out of something I look around to find out what is REALLY going on they don’t want me to know about.
      Prepping can be learning as much as acquiring stuff. Maybe your just in a “different” prep rhythm for a bit.

      • Soggy prepper
        Well my daughter has wanted one of those stoves for ages, she still loves it but she sees the drawbacks.
        I think she will figure out the canning thing.
        And the infomation the Wolfpack puts out has been a help.

        • Encourager says:

          I hate mine. You can’t stirfry worth a darn on one. The pan spins as you try and stir. And the heat element goes on and off so much that it drops the temperature too much. Very annoying. Mine was a gift from my two sons and hubby. There was nothing wrong with my old stove but it was almond color and they wanted stainless steel appliances. Never consulted me at all…I was more than surprised; I was shocked but wise enough to smile and thank them… I have actually entertained the idea of ‘accidentally’ dropping a cast iron chicken fryer on the top…but I am too Scotch to do it. LOL

      • Soggy Prepper
        I agree about the distraction the media creates-wag the dog!
        So what I did to prep this week:
        I just bought a few little bullets, uh huh!
        Beans from Sedano’s they are cheaper than China Mart.
        Bought a Dell laptop for $40 bucks at a yard sale, I will hook up a web cam and use it for security purposes. I use an app called ICam, it is awesome! I watch what my animals do when I’m not at home…sheesh are they are boring!
        Most of my time has been spent going back and forth between blood work and Dr’s appt. I will be having surgery for a Gastrointestinal Stromal Malignant Tumor, otherwise known as a GIST. Ha ha I love that! The Gist of it is…it’s in my small bowell along with a bazillion ulcers. Prayers needed!
        Oh yeah I forget, the funniest or maybe the stupidest thing about the laptop. The person I bought it from left nude pics of herself and other personal stuff on this laptop. STUPID! I deleted all of this. She was lucky that I bought it.

        • MsFedUp: Prayers for you for wisdom for the docs and their hands to be steady in surgery. And prayers for you a speedy recovery!!

        • village idiot says:

          Good luck on your upcoming surgery, MsFedUp. One of our other members of the Pack had the same surgery a few weeks ago. KFields is his nick, and I don’t think he’s posted yet this week, but you might ask him about his experiences when he does. Prayers going out to you and him for a quick recovery.

        • K Fields says:

          I had surgery for a GIST in my small intestine about 5 weeks ago. Mine wasn’t discovered until it had gotten pretty large and the surgery was delayed until I could get the financing worked out, so once they were in they found it had metastasized into the peritoneum and liver.
          Hopefully yours was discovered early and the operation will be a simple one. Normally, you’ll be out of the hospital in about 3 days or so at the most after your surgery – just be sure to get up and start walking around as soon as you can to help get your digestive tract working again.
          The follow-up drugs – Gleevec or Sutent can be a bit harsh (and more expensive than you can possibly imagine) but seem to be pretty effective in keeping the cancer from spreading in a lot of patients – especially if the original tumor was still small when removed.
          If you have any specific questions, have M.D. send me your e-mail address and I’ll be happy to share whatever information I have from my experiences that may help. I’ll be sending good thoughts so keep us posted on your recovery.

          • KFields
            I sent M.D. an email asking about how you were doing and to let you know i was praying for you.
            Dang, I knew those cancer drugs were expensive. My GI Dr. says it hasn’t metastasized yet. I just wish they would take it out ! Why biopsy it just take it out.

            • K Fields says:

              Thanks for the good thoughts.
              I hope you haven’t looked up the drug costs yet, you don’t need that worry right now!
              The doctors may be thinking (depending on the results of the biopsy) of starting you on Gleevec BEFORE the operation to shrink the tumor. Hopefully that’s the reason and an operation may not be necessary in your case.
              Keep us posted.

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          Prayers everything goes well and without problem.

    • worrisome says:

      Ellen I have a ceramic/glass stove top and ruined it with water bath canning. I now have the Camp Chef two burner propane stove that I use out on the deck. It will do both water batch and pressure canning. You can get this two burner propane stove at Costco for $120. or so. It is NOT the one that looks like a kids play stove with the oven. It is very heavy, so once set up, you will not find yourself moving it very often. What I do is prep everything indoors, then take it outside and put the jars in the canner and let er rip. 🙂 Good look!

    • Have your daughter sell her glass top stove and get a gas one. Glass top stoves suck.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      I too have a ceramic top stove and i have pressure canned two bear and alot of deer plus all the garden last year and mine has hardly a scratch on it. but i do agree with getting rid of it and getting a gas stove in the house. my father and stepmother uses their stove twice a day and a 20 pound propane tank lasts about 30 to 45 days. only draw back oven it electric ignition so i need to find one with a pilot light.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      keep the old stove convert it to propane and keep it in the garage, i got my stove from craigs list for pick up no cost. the one in the house has to have electricity or it wont work got an old apartment stove that doesnt need electricity for just in case.

      hunger games, my daughter made me read it about a year ago it was ok definatly written for teens. the movie was ak not a great movie but wasnt bad they didnt show much if any of the survival skills they had or how bad it can be to live under a cast dictatorship that the book covered a little better. definatly not a movie the government wants as it displays how opresive a government can become. in the theater last night heard a few of the older people commenting how long will it be before we are doing this.

    • How old is your daughter’s smooth-top stove? I’ve been pressure canning with an aluminum canner on mine for 5 years. Also, I’ve never heard you can’t use aluminum on the stoves…er…been doing that for 5 years, too. What I was told and its in the manual – no glass cookware like Pyrex or Corning Visions. She might check with the manufacturer, most of the smooth tops were strengthened for canning in recent years.

    • Canning outside can be done, but it’s pretty tricky. A propane burner would be the best, though I helped grandma do it over a wood firepit, half a century ago.

      You MUST have a windbreak of some kind around the pot and fire. Breezes change the temp erratically, especially on a pressure pot. It’s terribly hot work hovering around a firepit that’s all enclosed on three sides on an August afternoon!

      You MUST have a windbreak around the surface you put the jars when they first come out of the pot. Even light breezes can cool the jars unevenly causing failure to seal, and even breakage.

      I’ve seen the bottom just gently drop off more than one unevenly cooling jar, or jars just sitting there undisturbed suddenly crack and fall to pieces. Funny, but frustrating.

      Overall, I don’t recommend doing it outside. A propane burner in the garage works better. Less wind to worry with, and good ventilation. DO NOT use any kind of burner that is not rated for indoor use in any enclosed space without LOTS of ventilation.

  4. Dean in Michigan says:

    Finished cutting out turf in my yard for two new 10×16 raised beds to add to the collection. That gets me to just over 500 sq ft total planting area with all my beds. Still need to add some good soil and till it all up, but its rainy today.

    Found some cheap 2×4’s and built a couple of trellises for the beans, peas, pickles and cucumbers; and started some sugar snap peas in the ground since they can tolerate a light frost.

    The weather here has been incredible, record breaking, so I got excited and started 2 Jiffy Greenhouse trays inside with Broccoli, green peppers and jalapeno peppers, green beans, pickles, onion and cucumber.

    Have had planters on the deck all week and already have radish, red leaf lettuce, romaine, and spinach showing sprouts. Also built a planter box for the deck which should hold about 5-6 heads of lettuce, which I plan to keep going for salad greens throughout the season.

    Oh yea, and the herbs. So glad it’s garden season.

  5. Survivor says:

    Upgraded my ammunition storage. Buying more .223 and .17 ammo this morning, lots more. Checked my large animal snares and thinking about making more. Researched heirloom vegetable seeds and foraging techniques. Preparing to root some fruit tree cuttings and getting my compost barrel cleaned out for the new season. Downloaded instructions to build a deep well, hand operated water pump for the well on my property.
    I’m planning on a total breakdown of our socio-economic system where electricity, supermarkets and harware stores are no longer available. The Indians of this country lived very well for centuries without any of this stuff and I think I can as well. I know how to tan hides, build bows and arrows, and make cordage….
    Hunting is going to be a tertiary method of gathering food. Snares and traps will gather more than I can. Fish traps can be made on the spot with a handful of sticks and a piece of bait.
    Food storage has been the focus of my significant other’s research. She’s studying meat smoking and drying this morning. She is already an accomplished canner and we both can grow anything in a garden.
    For Christmas and birthdays we buy each other presents to help us survive. For example, this past Christmas I got a set of Old Hickory knives that are high carbon steel that will hold an edge.
    Next week I’ll put our BOB’s together….

  6. Mama Annie says:

    Hello, Wolfpack. Long time reader and very occasional poster with a new name. I appreciate the fact that we can ask questions. Thanks, Creekmore, for even allowing a post full of questions last week. Now I want to ask one.

    For all of my long life I have been a cook: I know my way around the kitchen. I have gathered long-term food supplies, and lots of other stores to actually “cook” when and if. So, here is my biggest question: I can’t seem to imagine how to manage a kitchen with no refrigeration . That “if” poses so many problems for the chef. I routinely have several meals from one recipe since we are a small number. Many things are refrigerated in larger quantities than I use in in one day–milk, a jar of salsa or pickles that I put up, canned. You get the picture. And I live in the South where it is HOT lots of the year. No hills for root cellar, no spring for a “spring house.” I need your best ideas for how one might adjust to manage a kitchen, if and when.

    • riverrider says:

      keep it simmering on the fire all day. add more to the pot as needed. worked for thousands of years.

    • Momma Annie,
      I live in the hot south too and am anxious to hear of any solutions the pack may have. I have been toying with the idea of the Humless Sentinel solar generator – strong enough to operate the fridge and a freezer and a myriad of other things – as long as there is sunshine to recharge. It is sooo expensive for the set up (close to $2500) but I’m an idiot when it comes to other solar set ups that you have to put together yourself. I am very intimidated when it comes to electricity and I don’t want t show my hand to a non-prepper to pay someone to do it for me. The Humless is plug-n-play and completely silent, small (45 pounds) and can sit in a closet fully charge for up to a year until it’s needed. No, I am not affiliated with the company at all, just been researching and this is the best option I’ve come up with so far. The one thing that could make this all worth while is that this would make the best bartering tool ever….think ICE! Of course, I would need an infantry at my front door (and back door) to protect me from thieves so it’s not a perfect plan. So I’m still looking! LOL

    • Mary in GA says:

      Mama Annie,

      Like you and conmaze, I also live in the hot south and have labored over this for years. The most basic (and easiest) thing I’ve found seems to be a zeer pot.


      I figure I’ll get around to trying one of these, one of these days. Obviously to keep much food cool, you’d have to make several of them, but they would be cheap to make. If you have access to a pond or creek, you can put items in a cooler and weight it down and let it be underwater and it will help, but only so much, not like true refrigeration. I read yesterday about bog butter, on another site. People used to preserved butter for long periods of time in bogs using peat moss as a wrapping. I was busy and only read about it a little, figured I’d read up on that more later.

      • Mary in GA,
        If you can butter (or bottle, whatever term you use) it does not need refrigeration.

        • Darn it, I keep hitting the button before I’m done DOH! Home canned butter does not need refrigeration after it has been opened. Can’t speak for the commercially canned brands. Also check out butter crocks. I have an antique one, but they are the latest rage and can be found all over. It holds the butter in a cup suspended over water in the bottom of the crock – no refrigeration needed. With our heat, I’m more thinking of cool drinks – cold milk with all of those great baked goods I’d finally have the time to make using my solar oven. Yum.

          • Mary in GA says:

            You’re right about the canned butter not needing refrigeration after it’s opened. I do think you’re supposed to use it up within a week or so of opening, which is why when I have canned butter, I’ve canned it in small jars. I’m not familiar with the butter crocks you’re talking about that holds the butter over water. I’ll have to take a look at those.

      • Texas Nana says:

        Since I live in Texas, ya’ll know it’s hot here. We have a propane frig and freezer, no they are not cheep, or big, but they are better than nothing. Of course you are limited on whether or not you can have a large propane tank at your location. The other limiting factor is getting your propane refilled in a SHTF situation. But a 250 gallon propane tank will run these appliances for a long time. A 20 pound propane tank will run our deep freeze for about 4-5 weeks depending on the ambient temperature, the freezer is about a 2 cubic feet. Yes, it small but it’s wonderful to have. The deep freezer runs on ac or propane, we also have a frig/freezer which runs on ac or propane. Our deep freezer is about 14 years old, so I have no clue what they cost now a days, or where to buy one, I found ours on the web. Our frig/freezer came out of an old rv. It’s peace of mind, as they run on ac currently but can switch to propane as need be. When hurricane Ike, came through our neck of the woods, we didn’t lose any thing in the frig/freezer, or the deep freeze, we just switched both over to propane, and were good to go.

        It’s important to know that the worse thing you can do for an ammonia refrigeration system is to NOT use it. Leaving it turned off causes “gunk” to built up in the ammonia, which then clogs your system. I turn my off to defrost, once this is complete I restart the unit, let it cool for a couple of hours, then restock. I defrost when my freezer is almost empty, keeping what I need to in an good ice chest. The frig is never empty, so I try to do that every couple of months prior to my big monthly shopping trip.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      I myself am making plans to get a kerosene refrigarator it uses about 1.5 to 1.75 gallons a week i have around 1000 gallons of kerosene stored. i am getting others in my group to store up alot of kerosene since shelf life is upward of 30 years.


      • Mama Annie says:

        Thanks for all these great ideas. I need to stock pots for the zeer pot and start looking for a propane fridge.

        I think my question was more directed to my heart concerns about how to “manage” a kitchen without refrigeration. The only answer may be the perpetual stock pot or soup pot. I was really calling all cooks to think about the need to adjustment recipes so there wouldn’t be leftovers, or provide more one dish meals, the fact that we may have to cook much more often, etc. Summer salads from the garden would work just fine. Canned protein may become more of a condiment — i.e. used in small amounts. If so, it behooves us to can these in small amounts. I just don’t think everyday meals will be organized around “meat.” We may all need to know a hundred ways to use eggs. etc. etc.

        I remember my mother telling stories of taking a baked sweet potato with her to school for lunch. Sounds like a great idea, but really a departure from today’s lunch plans. Other ideas.

        • Mama Annie,

          We put together a cookbook called The Wolf Pack Cookbook that gives recipes using shelf stable foods. Maybe M.D. will offer it for sale one of these days.

        • Wellllll…I’m sure this will cause some consternation, but I knew a guy in Cal once who kept his perishables in a wooden PYRAMID shaped box out on his deck. The things honestly did stay fresh longer. I witnessed it. That part of the deck was under some trees in the shade, and a creek ran by (quite) aways down the side from the house, but the air on the deck would get hot, and the things in there would stay fresh for quite awhile…milk, cheese, veges.

          And in a couple places I lived in the wilderness, there were what we called “coolers”…cabinets built into a wall that had an open screened window to the outside. We lived in the Cal mountains, in the trees, and this was sometimes adequate for keeping perishables. Just a thought. I know this wouldn’t work in Texas or any hot place, but just wanted to share.

          And something that I myself used to do was keep things in a creek on my property. I’m sure someone on here has kept their beer in a creek? Or watermelons? 🙂

          And here is an interesting link. We also dug into the ground, and kept perishables that way.


          • village idiot says:

            MtWoman, some things don’t seem possible to me, and one of them is keeping things fresh in a wooden pyramid-shaped box. But you know what? I know you and have enough respect for you to realize that something happened to keep the food fresh, or you wouldn’t say it did. My faith in you is more than my doubt about the wooden box. Hope that clears up the consternation thing.

            • VI…lol…thanks..I think. 🙂 I have no idea why the box worked, but it did. He kept milk, lettuce, carrots, etc. in there. I am not an airy-fairy kinda gal…I usually need hard facts. But I saw what I saw, and that’s that.

              But really…I just put that out there ’cause it was an experience of mine. I wouldn’t bet my preps on it though. 🙂

              And I appreciate your respect and faith in me.

        • michael c says:

          I converted a cooler to a fridge using a “peltier junction”, runs on 12 volts (60 Watts) that gives me a cubic foot of space.

          The article is on this sight – ran January, look for: Dirt cheap fridge

    • I am hoping powdered milk and powdered eggs will take care of the major need for refrigeration. Plus I have already been cooking just enough for one meal for the two of us, because we don’t use up left overs very well. Canning meats and veggies and fruits, along with dehydrating foods too. We camp alot, and have learned how to live with only an ice chest for a few things, so I think when TSHTF, it won’t be an impossible thing to do. Because I feel pretty certain there won’t be any ice for coolers!!!
      But the rural area I grew up in did not have electricity until the mid 40’s. So I know it hasn’t been that many years since people lived without refrigeration. We will make it! We are survivors! That’s why we are on this site! Right?

      • BamaBecca says:

        I just remembered that my grandmother kept her milk in the well. Yes, I mean an old-timey deep well with the rope and bucket for hauling up water. She used that well until I was at least 10 years old. I know thats not an option right now, but who knows…..if the SHTF scenario lasts very long, we may all need to dig an old fashioned deep well.

        I’m thinking like Mama Annie and trying to store my food in portion sizes so there won’t be much waste. I’m also trying to build my preps around a lot of soups and stews that can be left simmering and used for 2 meals.

        The idea of putting some things in the creek is a good one, but not viable for the deep south in the middle of the summer….even the water is hot down here then!

        And like DJV says, we WILL make it….

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          I think I saw it on Little House on the Prairie, but even re-arranging meals would help.
          Enough of an easy breakfast to get you going for chores. Then the biggest meal would be noon meal and eat those leftovers for “dinner”. Not really much saved over because of the lack of refrigeration and because it was eaten.

  7. Added shotgun primer [type 209] adapters for my T/C Renagade 50, and the same ones fit my Howdah 20 gauge pistol. Cast 100 .615 round balls [that was a tad more than 5 lbs of lead from my reserves] for both BP and shot shell reloading. DD added a Grandson to the preps yesterday, not something I did but I am proud of it anyway.

    • Azyogi, congratulations on the grandson! My niece informed me last night I am going to be a great uncle.

      • axelsteve says:

        Congratulations on all the grands!!! I am kinda looking foward to being a grand dad. I am not rushing it though.

    • Encourager says:

      Congrats on the new grandson! Hey, if not for you, your daughter would not be here to give birth! So take a BIT of credit, lol !

    • Copperhead says:

      Congratulations on the new grandson!

  8. First: want to thank MD for this blog. I know it must take a lot of work. It’s appreciated. And thanks to all the folk who post such useful info here.

    Not much done for prep this week. Spent much time just recovering from all the activities last week. I’m dealing with some sort of problem with my hips…they don’t want to work. And no prep purchases this week…only bartering.

    Spent a couple hours with the “goat lady” in the community here, and wow, what a connection that is. She has lived here 20 years and has been a dairy farmer her whole life. I’ll be helping her with some of the work there, in exchange for goat milk and veges….and a lot of knowledge. I left her place with a couple huge bunches of garlic plants, some of which I planted in the garden here, and some I sliced the stalks and dehydrated them. I can use them in soups, etc. I also came away with a Cecil Bruner rose bush, some Hollyhock, 4-O’Clock, Coral Honeysuckle, and other plant starts, as well as 2 buckets of goat “dirt” (weathered goat manure) and 10 empty buckets. SCORE!!

    I happened to look at the feed label of the feed for her goats, and saw that it contained a “medication” (cocoquinate). I looked it up online, and it should not be fed to goats used for milk. Humans should not ingest it. I shared my findings with Ann & her husband, and they have now switched feed! Which means I CAN use the milk for cheese and yogurt and to drink. Yay! I was bummed when I thought it wouldn’t work out. New skill to learn: making goat cheese.

    I got another plastic grocery bag of spinach from another neighbor, and I’m dehydrating it to make spinach “powder”, which I can use for noodles (can’t wait to try that…a new skill to learn) and soups and such.

    It’s full-tilt Spring here, and that has me concerned for what the Summer is going to be like. The fruit trees budded and bloomed while it was still too chilly for the pollinators to be on them, so I don’t know what the local fruit supply will be like. I’m seeing more people putting gardens in this year. The neighbor just behind us had a large space tilled recently. I went over and talked with her. She’ll be growing quite a bit, and will be into trading. I hope we have the water to follow-through with them. We have come out of a drought situation in this particular area, but there is still a drought issue in much of the state, and I worry that it could come back to us as well. It’s been a mild and fairly dry Winter. And I am watching the ‘weird’ weather all over. All-in-all, there is definitely an over-all weather pattern change, whatever the cause. We could be in trouble from that. Food supply is going to be affected, I think. So there’s no time to waste in getting what we can put back.

    I am also seeing other interesting signs: a vehicle or two or farm equipment for sale at many homesteads…more than usual. Also more people fixing their homes, and more people moving back out to their rural houses from town. Ranchers & farmers are selling off stock and scaling back all around here. I do think people are ‘getting it’. And I think that holds both positive and negative aspects. I’m focusing as much as possible on the positive…making connections, learning skills, building supplies as I can.

    “To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored.” ~Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping….and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts.

    • MtWoman,
      You simply amaze me! You are to be commended on making the very best of your situation. You may not have a lot in fund$, but you are going to be much farther ahead of some with the skills and connections you are making. Great idea to trade your labor for milk. Glad you have gotten them to switch the feed. You are living the life now. Be proud of yourself. You go, girl!

      • Conmaze…thank you. Those are very kind words, and warm my heart. It doesn’t feel like I am doing much, and when I read what others are doing…and buying…I get a little scared by what I CAN’T do. But I do believe in making the best of what you have and where you are, and I am trying to do that. I won’t be here (where I live right now) forever…at least I don’t think so…but I think I can take my skills with me.

        I read this once, and think it’s very good advice, and try to follow it: “Bloom where you’re planted”. 🙂

        • Would appreciate any information/recommendations the Pack would have about this kind of rifle.

          • This was supposed to be below the post I made about the 22 my son brought me. Sometimes I can’t figure out how this posting works…..

        • MtWoman: you are an inspiration. And I think your bartering skills and survival mindset are gonna get you a whole lot further down the road than someone who can buy up a whole of canned food for storage, but don’t have the survival mindset. I actually have a close relative who thinks all we have to do is stock up a lot of stuff and everything will be ok!

    • Mt. Woman,

      You lucky duck. I so want a Cecil Bruner.

      • Yeah Bam-Bam…I’ve wanted one too since I lived on the West coast. There was one there that covered a whole fence and had the most beautiful…and fragrant…little pink blossoms. I used to pick some and dry them and string them for necklaces for the neighbor girls. Wish I could send you one. The goat lady has a whole bunch of ‘runner’ starts of it.

        Here’s a ‘virtual’ one for ya:

        • If I ever find a Cecile Brunner, I am going to take me a cutting and root it. Most of my roses have been grown from cuttings. I have a Don Juan that is in full bloom right now that I grew from a cutting. I have a bunch of Texas Caldwell Pinks and they are super easy to root. I took a cutting off my neighbor’s Luis Felipe a few years ago and it is just doing great.

    • Wow. I just have to add this: my son came out today from the big city, and brought me a 22 rifle. He said my mother gave it to him some years ago. I took one look at it and realized that it’s the same gun she taught me to shoot with…at least 50 years ago. Wow. Such connection with that.

      You see, my mother and I were estranged for 28 years…her choice. I attempted to mend that fence 10 years ago…worked at it for 5+ years. But I just couldn’t overcome the issues between us. We are not speaking at this time (her choice)…but there is always hope. Having that gun is an amazing connection, whether we speak or not. My mother was/is a tough woman…hunted everything. When I was growing up, we had a freezer in the garage always full of venison, dove, fish, and always a half a cow.

      I’m in awe that that rifle is in my hands for now. I will be taking it to the gun shop here and have it looked over before I shoot it.

      It’s a Stevens Model 66.

      • Thought,
        why try to mend the fence by talking, why not be sneaky and just ask her a question that she knows you know nothing about. eg how did Grandma store food in the kitchen in the summer time.
        Each time, just ask a question about relatives and living, then nothing else. Eventually she might even come to talk with you.
        Hopping to help

        • WRO….that’s a good idea and that’s exactly how I started with her, and continued for 5+ years. She wasn’t interested in that. She is a very angry woman and wants to be angry. Every time I tried to move a conversation to positive things, she’d take it back to all the sad hurtful stuff. All she wants to do is be mad, especially at me and berate me.

          I did manage to get some good family info from her before she decided again to stop talking with me. Too bad I didn’t get the photos though. But my son will probably be able to.

          Some times I feel like an orphan!!

      • axelsteve says:

        I looked up the stevens 66. It looks like a nice looking rifle.They make a couple or few variations of it throughout the years. It looks like a nice solid rifle though.Give it a good cleaning and buy some ammo for it and have someone look at it after the cleaning.Why get charged for a cleaning and a look over when you can only pay for the inspection?

    • I also need to add that I spent a whole day finishing a submission for the blog – about lessons from the Depression, like we talked about awhile back – and if it meets MD’s approval, it might appear here!! 🙂 I’d have to consider that as part of my preps.

      • Mt. Woman,

        Any chance you would email me a an advanced copy? I read everything I can get a hold of about the depression. I’ll send you an article I submitted.

      • FarmerKin says:


        I’m looking forward to your article. Much to learn from that time period.

        • Farmer Kin..it’s in an unusual format: I did it as an interview with my father, in a Q&A format. Whatever we can learn from it is left open. I sure learned a lot.

      • Texas Nana says:

        Mt Woman
        You are an amazing woman, the connections you are making with your bartering is wonderful!!! The care you are giving your Dad is the right thing to do, whether you half sibling think so or not. You can hold your head high, has you have given to him from your heart, with no string attached. Even if you have to move on, you have done more than others.
        You may not spend lots of dollars, but you are making great decisions for the situation that you are in. If money became worthless tomorrow, who would be in better shape, that folks who have been buying everything, or you, who already has a barter system set up.
        Some people can’t see the forest for the trees.
        You have not let the lack of money, hold you back!!

        • Texas Nana…thank you so much. I appreciate your words. I am grateful for the connections I am making.

  9. KR Prepper says:

    This week has been really productive

    purchased Lamar Alexanders simple solar homesteading book.
    Negotiated land terms for property
    Researched shipping container cabin costs
    Tended to potato onions cilantro and tomato plants.. More like seedlings right now
    Bought cases for ammo
    Saw the movie survivor

    Saved for land down payment
    Had a job interview

  10. stephanie says:

    what i did to prep this week.waxed 30 cheeses,bought a 150 lb crossbow,canned a 50 lb bag bag of potatoes,bought $300.00 of meats(yet to be canned)new fuel pump for my suv,and bought an extra 55 gal.barrel.and i canned 8 each bbq chicken and ribs and put up 12 jars of butter .

    • Stephanie…how do you “Put up” butter?

      • MtWoman,
        I can butter all the time. Easy peasy. There are videos on youtube. Several different methods. I do mine in the solar oven. Just be aware that it is not “recommended” by some, but folks have been doing it for years. Everything sterile, heating to the right temp for the right length of time and following directions exactly are the keys. One helpful hint I learned from someone is to boil glass marbles along with your lids and drop a marble in each jar to aid in the shaking during the cooling/solidifying process.

      • stephanie says:

        what i do is sanitize the jars as you normaly would with regular canning.melt real butter in a pan over med.heat stirring consantly,cook for 5 min.continue to stir with wire whisk to prevent scorching.remove from heat and ladle into jars about 1/2 inch from top.add lids from boiling water,and your rings.let set for 30 min.shaking each jar every 5 min.after 30 min.put them in the fridge for 30 min.to an hour.continue shaking the jars every 10 min. or so until firm.the jars will seal themselves.the butter will not be spreadable,but perfect for cooking,adding to veg,ect and they give you an easy and great sense of accomplishment.

  11. riverrider says:

    hi all, not a lot here this week. cut 4 or 5 loads of wood. finished cleaning up the old cemetary in the front field, no cover/concealment left. bought 5 rain flies from sg, the lightweight nylon ones. they are excellent for bob’s,ghb or what have you. similar ones with fancy logos cost 4 times as much….got another ar15. didn’t really want to but my bud was selling one that i built years ago and sold to him. i didn’t want it to get into the wrong hands. turned out a good thing as it has an olympic arms lower…made a sam’s run for tp. picked up 1yr otc meds, pet foods, frontline, etc. now i’m officially banned from sam’s without wife escort…cashed in a bunch of change at the bank. coupled with what i had floating around in my truck, it was within 100 of paying for a kimber, so i beat feet down to the ffl and ordered one. he has no idea when it’ll come in. one came in 3 days, took 6 weeks for another. hope its 3 days:) stack it high yawl! sic semper tyrannus.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      I’d really like to get a price from you if u have an AR you are currently or in the future would like to, sell. TDL is going to make a move soon, I feel it in my gut, and I really would like another before he does….

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        We could go thru my ffl or yours, to make sure all the legalities are up to snuff of course

        • riverrider says:

          tfh, we’re both va.legal to link up and do it if we choose. what are you looking for? i might part with one for a friend.

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            The only preference I have is that it be chambered in 5.56 and go bang when if pull the trigger, and won’t break my bank TOO much :). Would love to link up and maybe see if we could make a deal…

            • riverrider says:

              let me thunk on it. letting my babies go is tough:) i don’t have any fancy brand names, just good shooters. the one that i bought back was an A1, thin barrel, no lug, full stock. 1/12 twist. only takes 55grain. interested in that?

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              Sounds good. I don’t need nuthing fancy., just something thatll function like its sposed to. What price would you place on it?

      • You beat me to it Tin.

    • River, at least the AR stayed among friends, that’s how I have sold mine and bought a few over the years. My AR is an Olympic Arms as well. Nice solid A2 rifle with an H BAR.

      • riverrider says:

        j, roger that. i have this fear of it falling into the wrong hands, used to kill innocent folks and traced back to me. so far none have that i know of at least.

        • River, I agree. I only sell to friends.
          Some of my cheaper guns I couldn’t find buyers for or couldn’t sell because Kalifornia law on assault weapons would have to sell out of state I’ve sold to the LE buy back program because $300 for a $300 Chinese AK or $300 for a $250 M-11 or M-12 beats having to travel out of state and not get what I paid for.

          I know its controversial but $300 in Kroger (Food 4 less and Ralphs) food vouchers goes a long way when the money was tight and I didn’t have to worry about selling to a stranger, travel to another state (4 to 6 hour drive) or worry about a person or shop backing out of the buy.

          Some people don’t like the program but it helped put food on the table and the guns I got rid of were guns I really didn’t need or like (impulse buys in younger days) as I got older. I’ve weaned off the impulse buys, got rid of the cheaper guns (except my SKS) and stick to quality reliable firearms now even if I have to save.

          • riverrider says:

            j, actually i like you using the buyback. i like to use the govs plans to further my own at any opportunity. i too have slowy shifted from cheap guns to better ones as funds permit. i wasted a crapload of cash buying cheap first. only thing i won’t do is buy a colt ar15 just because its colt. with few exceptions, an ar is an ar. never had one fail me if i did my part. semper fi.

  12. I have much to report.

    I have been giving salsas, relishes and chutneys away as gifts for the past year or so. People really like home canned stuff. My dh and I were in Publix Thursday afternoon and a friend who gave us a kitten last year said how much she liked the pepper relish I brought. She wanted to know if I sold it. I said, “no”. But I would trade for fresh eggs. She has free-range chickens and more eggs than her family can eat. I now have a trade source for fresh eggs.

    Then Thursday evening I had a friend and her husband stop by to drop off vet meds. He works for a vet supply company and they throw away expired medicines. So they brought a year’s supply of heartworm meds for my dog. I sent them home with all kinds of home canned goods. While they were here, he mentioned that his dad was a beekeeper. They will bring honey next time they visit. I now have trade source for honey.

    Winn Dixie had a sale on Scott toilet paper, a 12 pack for $6.99 so I picked up nine packs. I would have gotten more, but that was all they had left on the shelf. I am trying to bring myself to the point of accepting the possibility that we might one day have to use washable cloths. That just grosses me out. But back in the day parents had to wash out cloth diapers.

    I made another trip to Sam’s Club and picked up 100 lbs. of dog food, another case of canned cat food, two cases of diced tomatoes and two cases of bleach. I also picked up another 10 lb. of pork loin and got that canned. I also put up 9 pints of chicken breast. I am slowly making progress on canning meats. I would like to get to the point where we have 300 pints of canned meats.

    I did my weekly trip to Walmart and picked up a couple pounds of red beans and a couple pounds of chickpeas. I will pressure can those as well. I also picked up two more cases of pint canning jars. I picked up another two boxes of borax and another two boxes of washing soda, and 12 bars of Fels Naptha. And I picked up 8 lbs. canning salt and 4 lbs. kosher salt.

    My tomato plants have been flowering like crazy but loosing their blooms. Now that nighttime temperatures look to remain over 55 degrees, they should start setting fruit. I was hoping to have fresh tomatoes by Easter but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. My eggplant, squash and zucchini are just taking off.

    • Bam Bam,
      You’re right, busy week! Whew, I’m tired just reading your post. I am so glad to see that the pack is expanding their normal prepping and looking at trading/bartering and skills. If we all keep going like this, we’ll be living the life before we need to – what a perfect scenario!

      I told you on another post that I would share DD’s recipe for kitchen/bath cleaner. She can’t find her recipe she had picked up at our local organic store, but gave me an idea of the ingredients so I found what I think is the same thing while doing an online search listing all of the ingredients. Here it is:

      Glass bowl or measuring cup
      2 tsp. borax
      4 tbsp. vinegar
      1 tsp. liquid dish soap
      4 cups hot water

      We added grapefruit essential oil to add a fresh fragrance but this is not necessary.

      Put everything but water and essential oil in bowl or measuring cup. Add hot water to dissolve the borax (takes 30-40 seconds). Now add essential oil drop by drop until the scent is the strength you want. (Just write down how many drops it took for your particular concoction so you will have it next time) Pour into spray bottle using a funnel and get cleaning!

      Note: Borax is a natural disinfectant when used as a cleaning agent.

      • Conmaze,

        Thanks for the recipe. I have been stocking up on borax, washing soda, bar soap, vinegar and lemon juice. Do you know of a reputable place to buy essential oils? The Indian store I shop at has eucalyptus and rose but that’s it.

        • Bam Bam,
          My DD gets hers at a local health food store. Because it’s not for consumption and just for scent, I wouldn’t worry too much about its purity or spending a lot of money on high quality for this use.

        • worrisome says:

          Try Mountain Rose Herbs Bam Bam for essential oils. Don’t know whether the prices are good, but the product is great.

          • Worrisome,

            Thanks for the recommendation. It’s so great to be able to ask for a reliable source for this or that and have folks you trust recommend sites.

        • Bam Bam, for essential oils, if you are only going to use them for cleaning the stuff you find in the “health food isle” of your grocery store or the health food store will work. Just make sure they say “essential oil” and not “fragrance oil” and even still check the ingredients label. Some of your more expensive oils you can find in a dilution of say 5 or 10% essential oil in a carrier oil such as jojoba. This is fine, it is just a way for you to afford it easier. Rose otto (the most expensive essential oil out there) is a big one that you find diluted.
          The most common grocery store essential oils you will find are tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, and grapefruit, all great for cleaning.
          I order a lot from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have great products and a good price for their oils. I have also been very pleased with their customer service.

    • Kelekona says:

      Washing diapers…. quite a bit of mental scarring there. Somehow I wandered onto a useful-looking article written by a guy with an infantism fetish. (Not a pedophile, he tries to act like he’s less than 1 year old, including the lack of control over basic functions.) I’m so glad that the internet has tried very hard to distinguish the underside from the scaly side in the last two decades.

    • Ms Bam Bam
      Just how big is your warehouse?

      • Right now my pantry is completely full. My laundry room shelves are packed. I have two closets full of cases of #10 cans. And I am working on a third closet. My dh is going to build shelves in my study for my home canned goods. We have a dear friend who teaches wood working skills at the local college who is going to help design shelves that can take that much weight.

        With the price of food going through the roof, I want to get as much canned as I can. I put up 12 pints of chicken and 24 pints of red beans today.

        I fear we are in for an eventful summer. Here in Florida people are up in arms over the Treyvon Martin shooting. Some are trying to make this out to be a problem of Florida’s “permissive” gun laws. But the majority of folks see this for what it is, a grown man hunting down and shooting an unarmed boy, and an incompetent police department who failed to interview key witnesses (until the feds got involved). The boy’s father has had to sue to get access to the 911 tapes that have a recording of what many believe are his son’s final words–cries for help. I am very surprised the local police department has not asked the FBI to do a voice analysis of the tape. If it’s the boy’s voice, the shooter is guilty of both making a false report to police (he said he was the one who screamed), murder and a hate crime. (The man called 911 because the kid was acting suspicious–a black teen walking through a white neighborhood talking on a cell phone.)

        What do you do when both the left and the right vote no confidence in their local, state and federal governments, for entirely opposite reasons?

        • axelsteve says:

          BAM BAM I would not get too riled up ,the midstream(like urine) media is spinning the heck out of the story.As so is tdl. I would give it time and see what shakes out of it.

          • Steve,

            You are right. Some of my students showed me more current pictures of Martin and Zimmerman. Martin was no child. The photo the media has been running with is years old. The photo of Zimmerman makes him look like a skinhead. The more recent photos show him dressed in a shirt and tie. I looked for the link to the photos but could not find it.

        • riverrider says:

          he was no “boy” and eye witness reported it was zim’s voice as the “boy” had him on the ground beating him to a pulp.

        • Move… That is what I did.

        • No one should rush to judgement on this case. To ONLY look at what the liberal media is putting out there and Al Sharpten’s hate speech is to do an injustice to everyone. Now that more information is coming out about both T. Martin (who is NO boy) and Mr. Zimmerman (who is hispanic,NOT white as the media calls him) you start to see a different story emerging from the ashes of this tragedy. Yes it is a tragedy for both families. The worst injustice is for people to convict someone without the benefit of getting ALL of the facts and letting the justice system do their job. Have we become a country of lynch mobs??? Everyone needs to get their knee jerk reactions under control and try not to rush to judgement. Wouldn’t we all feel guilty if Mr. Zimmerman is killed by a lynch mob only to find out he is not guilty???

    • Bam Bam, are you using the bleach or storing it? Is it liquid? Just that I just read last week that after 6 months, liquid bleach starts degrading and losing strength and after a few years it’s just water and salt. You are way more experienced than I so please forgive my question.

    • Cloth wipes for tp arent as bad as you may think, we used cloth dipes and wipes to save money and mother earth, I still use the wipes in both bathrooms for #1 we use tp for #2, but save a lot of $ since there are 3 girls in the house. You can set up a little trash can with lid half full with a vinegar water solution and throw it all in the wash together…

  13. What were my preps? A lot this week, still fill the need to ramp it up.
    2 gallons liquid antibacterial hand soap on BOGO
    multivitamins and calcium
    600 paper plates
    1 gal. jar of pickles
    2 bottles worcestershire sauce
    large jar of chicken boullion
    4 boxes assorted cereal
    fresh veggies, 2/3 of it foodsavered and frozen
    apples and plums
    24 pack of water, 1 gal. and another 2 liter bottle water added
    2 jars spaghetti sauce BOGO
    coffee (have sixteen 34 oz. containers in freezer)
    strike anywhere matches
    planted 1 cherry tomato, 9 romaine lettuce and 9 onions
    worked on planting area for more tomatoes
    small peanut butter and quick grits for evac kits
    paid extra on mortgage balance
    EE-ordered 3 cans milk, 3 large ABD’s and butterfly bandages for FAK
    Amazon-ordered ACEP First Aid Manual and Merck Manual of Medical Information (went throught this site, M. D.)
    DH still working on what he needs for reloading, had some issues with scale he ordered on ebay, but ebay has been really helping to resolve the problem and has refunded his money.

    It is amazing what you can accomplish when you realize you don’t really need some of the things you used to think you couldn’t live without!After seeing some of the things our govt. is up to, I will keep working hard on what we DO need! I hope everyone else out there is doing well and keeping an eye on what “they” are doing! Stay safe out there.
    Ms. ACW (which by the way stands for Angry Conservative Woman!)

    • sw't tater says:

      you make me tired just reading that list!
      I did plant some zucchini, parsley, sage, sunflowers and other herbs in small pots to transplant last of the month…Having a hard time deciding what I can make room for since I am not in my chosen location, due to MIL health. I picked up a couple of containers of coffee, and tied a knot in my rope!

  14. 1st off I got my copy of M.D.’s new book “31 Days to Survival”. I’ve rushed through it once, got the “recommend you buy” notice out. I think this is the best book for someone who is starting out, and a good reminder for those of us how have been at this a while (the “what am I forgetting” book).
    Great job M.D.!

    This week I was part of a group that helped a retiring pastor move. Since his wife is gone and he’s moving to an apartment in the Las Vegas area I got his 2 tree trimming saws, a cast iron roasting pan, and a Mirror pressure cooker/canner.
    I picked up another 100 lbs of rice (it was actually lower than I remember the last time) and 2 more #10 cans of powdered eggs.
    Got some of my order of 45 ACP and 12 ga ammo.
    Ordered magazines for my AR15 for storage or trade. Also received my replacements for the M14 mags I ordered (ordered 20 rounders and got 10’s).
    Picked up a deal on 70/30 blankets from Sportsman’s Guide along with 3 collapsible Coleman 5 gal water jugs.
    Ordered a rear scope mount with rear sight (and matching front sight) for my 10/22 project gun. Also ordered a scout scope mount for my Marlin 336Y 30/30.
    Ordered another set of quick release scope rings for my parkerized Rem 7600 Police, as the mount came in and is higher than I thought.
    I didn’t get to use the new dehydrator yet, but cooked up and prepped the 1st back of chicken to try and went through the shelves of fruit looking for stuff that is a year old to put through it too. Looks like we’ll start with pineapple and mandarin oranges.

    Got another set of shelves up in the basement. Today’s weather looks like its going to let us work in the garage (need to take everything out, assemble the shelves, then put it all back). Nothing really hard just time consuming.

    They have found something else to occupy the airwaves with besides the economy, but gas went up $.10 and diesel went up $.07 per gallon.

    As our weather is starting to “Spring Up” we are getting to finish our reorganization projects, and things are starting to un-clutter. The DW has been very patient with me on this!

    I did order 2 items that might not be looked at as prep items at 1st glance. I’m getting USB players for cassette tapes and LP records. This will not only let me save the contents, but open up even more space as I get rid of BOXES of the the originals!

    Keep your RADAR on and your preps going!

    • JP,

      If you want to help out M.D., you could go to amazon and write up a review of the book.

    • JP, you had the great week this week it seems. I did a little road trip. My gf had such a good time I may have to do some more and stretch out a bit further.

      My gf ordered the book, may order one for her as a gift as well.

    • jp in mt – don’t “get rid” of the boxes of old LP’s find a buyer for them! If you have a lot of the oldies but goodies that we all grew up with, you could make a lot of “prepping” money.

      Everyone sounds like they did a lot of great stuff this week!

    • JP in MT says:

      Just had to let folds know…I got an announcement from Ruger of their tackdown 10/22 (stainless w/synthetic stock). Just what I’ve been looking for!
      Found out that there was a is a review already (http://gunblast.com/Ruger-1022TD.htm).
      Went to the local warehouse store that I was directed to to get one on order. They get their guns from Davidson’s and when we called they had just got some in, so I prepaid for one.
      Comes with its own “backback” case.
      Since our family uses 10/22’s exclusively, this is going to be a great addition for BOB’s/ATV’s/BOV.
      I’m jacked!

  15. Rich Muszynski says:

    greetings. not much going on here. was no spring so trying to get ready for the drought we will have this summer here in the northeast. did get my studded tires off the car and put on the summer tires. have my tomato’s started and growing well. made a humanure toilet this week and will be using it probably by tomorrow. replacing our flush toilet system since it requires no water or electricity. and we can use the composted material to grow plants with in our very deficient in nutrients rocky ground. bidding on a used rifle barrel for a 1936 German Mauser 98 I have. they are getting hard to get since the laws against firearms got stricter. will be taking apart our rototiller, she jammed on a rock last fall and sheared, I hope, a key on the tiller gear in the gear case. pressure canned 16 quarts of kidney beans for the larder. that’s about it for this week.

  16. goldielocks says:

    I’ve been looking at property all week. This morning it’s off to look at 60 acres. It would require a mile and a half of road put in to access it. Lots of trees though. I canned up 7 quarts of coleslaw. 7 pints of Hawaiian bananas, and 10 half-pints of plum jelly with 2 pints of plum juice. Need to can up 19 pounds of pineapple sitting on the counter. I also ordered 38 pounds of pink lady apples to make into juice, pie filling and applesauce.
    Ordered Mel Bartholomew’s New square foot gardening book, very nice!
    The property in question is surrounded by BLM land on one side and on the other is owned by a lumber llc. Love readingthe wolfpack every day.

  17. Pineslayer says:

    Preps for the week include a lot of new tools for the garden and house. A rental that I manage was left a mess, but was a treasure trove of household items. It took me the better part of the week to absorb it into the larder. Got MD’s new book and it is going to Disneyland with us for the week. So I’m treating this trip as a mock bug out into the zombie hordes, hope I make it out with what little sanity I have left.

    • Pineslayer, if something bad goes down while at Disneyland message me, I live about 20 miles from there. No zombie migrations reported but we are supposed to get rain on Sunday/Monday.

  18. The Prepper says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on what is causing the increase in earthquakes, tremors, tornados, bird and fish deaths, etc.? This is especially odd:


    • axelsteve says:

      Bible says earthquakes in the last days.

    • The Prepper,

      I have been keeping up on this story. The latest “news” is that government seismic activity measuring devises were brought in and they recorded minor earthquakes–1.4 and 1.5. It was said that because of the type of rock in the area, the vibrations from the minor earthquakes could be felt for quite a distance, like the Virginia earthquake was felt as far south as Georgia.

      I am just not buying into this explanation. The tremors were recorded by government-owned, mobile devices. If minor earthquakes were causing the vibrations and booms, seismic activities would have been recorded at the University of Wisconsin. But scientists there ruled out seismic activity.

      I think Jarheads explanation of government supersonic aircraft breaking the sound barrier is more plausible.

      • The sounds are too isolated to be caused by jet aircraft. They would be heard over a much larger area. Also the military air space is way west of Clintonville.

        • Could it be the HARP PROJECT?
          energy flows weirdly through the planet, maybe it is being directed by various channels or such?

          • I bet it was Haarp with their big _ss microwave to enhance what”s going on with the weather.

        • old fart says:

          as a cheesehead living in this general area, I can tell you that the military is highly unlikely to do anything super sonic in this area. It is way too populous.The jets from Fort Macoy do alot of training about 75 to 150 miles north and having watched them many times I have never heard them go sonic in over 30 years. I have to say that watching them practice at night is quite cool. You can actually see the after burners come on.

      • riverrider says:

        i remember not too long ago the same thing was reported here. it turned out to be two kids making 2-liter bombs with mre heaters and setting them off all over town. hysteria set in and folks swore their house cracked etc. the biblical stuff is just the net reaching all parts of the world. ten years ago we wouldn’t have heard about the mexico quake, nor cared. same for va., outside va.

        • River, I seriously miss making MRE heater bombs when I was in the Corps.

          My dad was a deacon and told me not to listen to the end of days speech from preachers, holly rollers and crackpots. They are only looking for you to listen to them, follow their heard, give them your money then drink the kool-aid or eat the applesauce. Then he would end the conversation with “wars and rumors of wars”.

    • Maybe they opened up a Curve’s fitness center and the ladies are doing jumping jacks in sync? Lol

    • village idiot says:

      I know that many here have mentioned the warm winter we’ve had here in the Eastern part of the US, and this article I found by Joe Bastardi explains it pretty well to me:


  19. FarmerKin says:

    Hello all,

    I posted so late last week that probably no one got to the end of the blog, so I’m just going to carry over here. Over the past two weeks, I did a lot of read in the archives and the WDYD posts. Mostly excited that with my income tax return, I was able to finally pay off my credit card, and that is such a freeing feeling. I was just putting my receipts away this morning, and realized I did more over the last two weeks than I remembered.

    6 gallons of water
    12 rolls of paper towels ($4 coupon)
    1 box of 150 garbage bags ($2 coupon)
    1 box of 144 gallon sized zip-lock bags ($2 coupon)
    1 pk of 20 bars body soap ($2 coupon)
    6 pk canned soup ($3 coupon)
    20 oz bottle chili powder
    1 Dak Ham
    1 can Spam
    2 can openers (both on sale half off)
    Coleman 5-gal Shower bag
    1 box Large oven bag (to make solar oven with)
    12 cans of fruit
    12 cans of vegetables

    And just ordered 6 #10 of fruit and 6 #10 cans of veggies from Honeyville with a 15% savings ($34) . . . thank you Bam Bam for the heads-up and the discount code!

    Also went to WMart looking for “calcium hypochlorite” to store for disinfecting drinking water. I read it somewhere on this site, but with all the reading I did, I just can’t remember who/where/when. In any event, it seemed like a simple enough task, however when I got there the Pool Shock that they had did not list calcium hypochlorite as an ingredient. I looked at every product on the shelf and couldn’t find anything that listed it as an ingredient. In addition, many of them listed “other” as a significant portion of their make-up, which I am not comfortable with. Could someone please give me a “dummies” run-down on what I am looking for? It may just be that I need to go to a real pool supply store, but since I don’t have a pool and don’t know anything about those chemicals, I’m afraid of walking in there and looking like a prepper instead of a pool owner.

    Thanks everyone, have a great week!

    • Farmer Kin, what is the code for Honeyville if you are bale to say. I am on their site now.



      • Never mind, I found it up above and ordered.

        • FarmerKin says:

          Awsome! Glad you were able to find the code and place your order. I had been in front of the computer all day yesterday, so went out for a little bit last night.

    • Farmer Kin,

      You are welcome. The discount code for Honeyville if anyone is interested is “bloom”.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Look at Readynutrition.com as one source for calcium hypochlorite information .
      Search online for “Poolife Turboshock”. I have a reference to it in our survival water binder but have not used it.
      Additional information is available from Arch Chemicals.
      We bought chlorine test kits from Hatch Company. I didn’t spend enough time figuring the dilution rate needed and bought the wrong test kit the first time around.

    • I have plenty of HTH but I googled chemical supply and my city and found a Co. that sells it three miles from my house. Brosing their web site I found MSDS [materiel safety data sheets] for all the chemicals they sell. [ in PDF format ] Look up MSDS and whatever chemical you store, they are a wealth of information. I keep a binder of all my stored chemical’s MSDS. Among the things listed on them; protection needed for safe handling, first aide for exposure, active ingredients, inactive ingredients, safe storage. Not all MSDS are created equal if you find one lacking look up same chemical from a different supplier. Even common household cleaners have MSDS somewhere, if you are going to make your own cleaners leran to make a MSDS for it [hint good place to keep track of the recipe. It is a valued tool of EMT’s and first responders for accidental exposure, say the neighbor kid gets into your homemade fabric softner, a MSDS for it and MSDS for all engredients would save lots of time in deciding on how to treat the little goat.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      grats on paying of the card it opened up a lot of cash for us to work with.

  20. New Week –
    M.D. Congrats again on the new book again!
    Put my renewed first aid skills together and butterfly stitched my DW sliced finger from the blender blade.

    Moved all my food stores from the garage into the house and devised a spreadsheet that calculates all the servings, calories etc, by total and by person and inventoried every food item. It was eye opening because if I go by calories alone at 1500 per day per person, I have a long way to go. If I go by 9 servings a day per person I look better. Bottom line is I need to add some calories to the stores. It also showed me which categories I was short on such as fruits and breakfast and desserts.

    Also organized all my other non food preps and had two of my dd’s get involved. They actually got excited and each grabbed a box to start packing some essentials for a possible bug out event. Until now they just thought I had gone off my rocker! I also got my cousin more on board by suggesting some fiction novels on SHTF events and aftermath. It was a great move as she is quickly starting to prep and asking a lot of questions. Her husband is part of my very small team as he has many skills that will be useful.

    I signed up for CERT training next month. Someone posted on here last month about completing CERT. I would be interested in hearing any feedback.

    Packed a new GHB for the car.

    Checked off another doctor appointment and will be weaning off another med.

    Picked up the new Ruger 10 -22 carbine and hit the range on Friday. Ordered a Tasco scope but it did not arrive yet. Also was able to finally fire the Desert Eagle .50 Cal. Wow!

    Hope everyone has a great week of prepping.

    • D2Prep…I finished my CERT training a couple months ago. It was very informative and I learned a lot, mostly about what my county has in place for emergency mitigation…a VERY good thing to know, and something that gives an advantage over other folks…and puts you in place to be a help to others, if you can.

      I have signed up for my county CERT team, something that happens here after the “introductory” training. We have meetings once a month where we learn new things and have practice drills…and sometimes watch relative movies (we’re watching “Contagion” this month). In-between meetings, there are things to attend. For us this month, it’s “Skywarn” weather info seminar, and a “Hamfest” about ham radios.

      I’ve met some very interesting people on our team, but no up-front preppers.

      The main advantage to the training for me is the fact that I will have information about any emergency sooner than a lot of other people. I like that.

      Have a good time at your training!! Let us know how it goes.

      • Mt. Woman, thank you. I believe it was your post I read sometime back about you completing the training. Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for the added info about the County Cert team. Looking forward to meeting some of my fellow trainees.


        • Survivor says:

          D2, a couple of years ago I sliced my finger to the bone and the blood poured. My sis-n-law ‘sutured’ it with super glue. Worked really well! I keep a couple of tubes in my first aid kit.

          • Kelekona says:

            Survivor, what do you do if you’re afraid of superglue…

            Then again, having to deal with my hand getting glued in an awkward position for a few days yet again would probably be better than wandering around with a gaping wound.

            • Survivor says:

              Kelekona, I was able to function quite well with the glue. It was only used on the wound itself to hold the edges together. After about 48 hours it was healing nicely. My sis-n-law indicated super glue isn’t far removed from the Dermabond used in operating rooms today. It’s simply a quick, relatively painless option to stitches. I’ve been sewn up without anesthesia before and it HURTS!!!

            • Kelekona says:


              I meant that the last few times I even touched an open tube of superglue, I ended up having to spend several days with my hand glued in an awkward position. Had some minor skin tearing, too.

              I don’t even remember what I was trying to glue back together. I guess I was lucky that I didn’t get around to picking it up yet.

            • Kelekona,
              lf you ever have a problem with super glue getting stuck to your fingers, WD 40 works great

          • Survivor, that is the same thing my FIL recommends. I keep some of that on hand as well.

    • D2, there are many advantages to doing it. Access to information, gear, connections and like minded people as well as FD and LE.

  21. BamaBecca says:

    Not a lot of stuff bought this week….still saving for that a/c for my shed. We’ve already had temps above 80 so I gotta hurry and get that thing in! Don’t want to lose what I already have.

    I did grab 10 cans of tuna and a cpl cans of roast beef and gravy. I just couldn’t help myself!

    I’ve done a lot of researching recipes for easy meals using my preps and found quite a few, now to test them. Also did some research on storing things underground. Heat and humidity is a HUGE factor here…

    I rode the new bike DH bought me last week a few times, boy am I out of shape! lol I know it will get better the more I ride, but I didnt make it up the road 50 yards before my legs started burning! But I kept on peddlin’. No telling how far I may have to ride it when TSHTF.

    Used a storage calculator and found that I have (almost) enough stores for 2 adults for 6 months, but I need to get more dairy. One thing I noticed was that there was no mention of fruits. I have lots of canned fruit for Vitamin C. Factor in my kids, their spouses and the grands and it drops wayyyy down to maybe a month……sure hope I get called back to work soon!

    I freaked out on the DH yesterday about killing a honeybee that had gotten into the house. You should have seen his face! He thought I’d lost it….then I told him about the bees getting scarce and having to have them for pollination….and now he knows, lol. And I’ve gotta find out where that honey bee came from too….I may have a bee hive close by that I knew nothing about! Wouldn’t that be great?

    DH mentioned that now he wants to buy a .45. After shooting my son’s last week, I’m not really happy about that. It kicked and I dont like kicks….yeah yeah I’m a wuss. I guess maybe it makes me feel out of control or something. He says most anything except a .22 is going to have some kick to it. Is that right? Help me out you guys….I’d about decided I wanted a Glock 19 after hearing some of the ladies here rave about them. You’d think after being around guns most of my life I would know more….uuuggghhhh. I really need to work on not being so nervous about using one myself. OK, suggestions for a “lady gun” that doesn’t kick…….????

    Hope everyone else had a great week and I’m looking forward to seeing what yall got done!

    • .22 would be my recommendation. .45″s do a have a significant kick. I fired a .50 cal yesterday and truthfully the kick was very similar to a .45, just heavier to hold.

    • Bama Becca, the Glock 19 has a mellow/slight recoil. I suggest call around different gun ranges that provide rentals. If recoil is a big concern ask if they also have a Glock 19C (compensated barrel) which has slightly less recoil than a standard Glock 19.

      I think you will enjoy the standard Glock 19.

    • Becca,

      I did my gun class with my dh’s little .22 Beretta. Then I got a Glock 19. I know this sounds illogical (I am an INTJ, so for me to say something illogical is very odd) but the .22 seems to have more kick than my Glock. It must have something to do with the fact that the little .22 is so small and light. The Glock, being more robust, absorbs some of the energy from the firing of the gun. If my gun-robustness theory is correct, then my granny’s .44 Derringer would kick like hell. (I don’t think it has been fired in 40 years.)

      • Look up felt recoil calculator, I learned the formula in gunsmithing school but they have them now that you just plug in some numbers and the answer pops up.

    • FarmerKin says:


      BamBam is correct, the larger the gun the more recoil it absorbs. Of course when you get to the larger caliber guns, size doesn’t seem to matter, they just have a big kick – period.

      Initially I was convinced that I wanted the Walter PPK (damn sexy gun), but after firing my boyfriends PPK I knew that wasn’t going to work. It made the top knuckle of my thumb sore after emptying the mag – 6 rounds.

      Once that didn’t work out, I did what Jarhead has suggested, and went to the gun range and held their rentals and then rented the ones that felt good in my hand. I ended up with a Sig Sauer P232. It uses a 380 round and the mag holds 7 rounds. The gun is very comfortable and I enjoy shooting it. However, a 380 round is not considered by many to be appropriate for self-defense (too small).

      Sig’s P239 (9mm) is nice also, I just wasn’t ready at that time for a 9mm. Now I’m trying to decide between that and a Glock 26 (also 9mm). The grip is a bit chunky on the Glock, but it holds more rounds (10 I think). Smooth. It absorbs the recoil well, and Glocks are know for their dependability. I don’t think they are picky about ammo either – guys? Whereas my Sig does not like Federal ammo, but since I know that, I just don’t buy it. It hasn’t had a problem with anything else I have fed it.

      A couple other suggestions besides the rental option, iIf you have friends that have guns you could ask if they will let you try them out. Also, you could take a firearms class, and they will have many you could try.

      Long story short, the teeny tiny guns and the large caliber guns will have a kick. Don’t let anyone pick your gun out for you, you need to do that. Go try some out until you find one that suits you. And don’t worry, after you spend some time at the range getting to know your gun, you won’t be so nervous. What ever you get, make sure someone shows you how to break it down, clean it and reassemble. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • FarmerKin says:

        Oh, something else … a lot of these guns are pretty expensive. You may want to look into a used gun when you decide what you want. I was able to buy my Sig used … it was a LE trade-in and saved me around $300 as apposed to new.

        • BamaBecca says:

          Thanks everyone, for your input. As usual, you all are a BIG help. We don’t have a range close by, so that’s not an option but the trying different guns belonging to friends could definately work. I really need to get past this fear. Up til now, I really haven’t had a lot of need to even KNOW how to shoot. The guys in our family are the hunters and we don’t live in a crime infested area of the country so I’ve pretty much been content to leave the fire power to the guys. My sons have been shooting since they were barely six years old,(always supervised of course) hunting with their father and grandfathers….and mama is a big chicken! lol

          But with the state this country is in, I gotta get off my bohunkus and LEARN. lol I’m almost 50 years old and am not comfortable with firearms……pitiful, just pitiful.

          • Becca,

            I wasn’t comfortable until I took a gun class and learned to shoot. I really didn’t like the noise. So now I use earplugs and ear muffs.

          • village idiot says:

            BB, I don’t claim to be an expert, but I started my wife and daughter shooting a .22 pistol(Ruger Mark II) before I ever had them shoot any larger caliber handguns. Once they mastered the .22, neither of them had any problems shooting a .357 magnum revolver or my .45acp. I really think its a good idea to have a .22 anyway as you will not want to use your ammo up on your primary weapon for practice purposes, and it is very important to stay in practice with a handgun as it is a skill that goes away without use. My 2 cents.

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Newbie to site question: what does DH and HH stand for?

      • village idiot says:

        DH=Dear Husband

        I’m not sure about HH. Heat and humidity. Hopeless Husband. Hero Husband(that’s my favorite, lol). I’ve never noticed HH used here, but I miss a lot of things.

  22. Garden Mom says:

    Gun question – Has anybody purchased the AR-15 in a kit? DH has great mechanical/building skills – how challenging is it to assemble? Are some brands better than others? Thanks.

    • Garden Mom…..
      It’s not a kid’s xmas toy, for sure. You really should have some gun specific skills.
      Then there are kits and there are kits. If the barrel is already assembled into the upper receiver and headspaced, you can probably stumble through the rest if you have a good ASSEMBLY book (not just a field maintenance manual).
      Don’t want to discourage you, but these things go “bang” and you want that to happen in a certain location and a certain sequence and not in YOUR FACE!

      • Garden Mom….
        I just re-read my response and didn’t think it was very helpful. Let me add this…riverrider is out there somewhere and may chip in; I gather he has build a few of these and might be able to help you.

        I would like to point out though, that you would have to buy the “kit” RIGHT if you were to save anything at all.

        The current Cheaper Than Dirt catalog has a kit (PN: ARR-552) listed at $599.97 and that doesn’t include the serialized lower receiver (it does include the “innards” for the lower). It’s a complete box of parts so you’d have to start “from scratch”. I’m guessing the stripped lower would cost you an additional $100-$150.
        The least expensive AR I have, I bought the built-up lower locally for $250. The complete upper was $399 from “R Guns” over the net from their store near Chicago. So, About $650. That was a couple of years ago and is probably more now.
        I have to reiterate that unless you just want to “build something” the price difference probably isn’t worth it.

        Just an opinion. Where are you riverrider?

    • Garden Mom, the hardest part to me is placement of the upper receiver and barrel together. He has to be just right on that on the tolerance. Everything else to me is simple, I’ve helped build them and made many repairs but the barrels I have always bought with the upper receiver and barrel together.

      River, if you read this can you take it from here.

      • Garden Mom says:

        Hawkeye and Jarhead03 – Thanks for the info. We were thinking that we would REALLY know the weapon if we did the assembly. Price is also a little issue – but not the main issue. DH read that one gun company (Luger – maybe?) isn’t taking any new orders because they have so many backorders. That got us a bit worried. We thought we could get it more quickly via a kit.
        Please keep the info coming if anyone has other thoughts. Thx.

        • Garden Mom, several companies are back ordered such as Mossberg, Beretta and Sig I hear are back ordered. Ruger shut down pistol production for the year from what I hear and Glock is working 24/7 a few days a week I was told.

          As well, several ammunition companies are running 24/7 like Black Hills and Federal since they produce for the military as well. Companies are seeing the increase of ammo purchases. I haven’t seen wholesale ammo prices this good in almost 15 years.

        • Garden Mom……..

          If getting to “know the weapon” is a primary goal, you can get an AR and disassemble/assemble it all you want; for both familiarization and routine maintenance. But practically NO ONE seperates the barrel from the receiver, for any reason: Armorers/smiths excepted.

          Ruger was the company that’s not accepting new orders right now. But they should begin taking orders again in about May. Plenty of weapons out there though…but you may find prices going up (guns and ammunition).

          On the other hand, Ruger’s stock price is way up….may not be to late to get in on some of that.

    • The Prepper says:

      AR lower assemblies aren’t difficult to assemble, just make sure you have the right tools for the job. Given the price of BCM uppers, it’s hard to image that you can build one cheaper.

      • new prepper says:

        What are anyones thoughts on DPMS Sportical. They seem affordable for those of us with no skills to assemble one. Am also afraid time is short. Thanks

        • new prepper……

          Don’t have any experience with their “Sportical” but I do have a DPMS M4 Type carbine and a Bushmaster with a DPMS upper. I’ve had no DPMS unique problems with either. In fact I always though DPMS and Bushmaster were very good picks, though there are many “niche builders” out there now, building cadilacs (or at least charging for cadilacs).

        • riverrider says:

          i saw a light in the sky that looked like a guy in a canoe and came running, LOL…..i’m with the prepper and others in that its just as cheap to buy one complete right now as opposed to putting a kit together. if you’re mechanical and have a good manual you can do your own but its not worth the time right now. the dpms sportical looks okay, but check the specs to make sure they didn’t use cast parts instead of forged. i doubt dpms does that, but check. hunt around the net and gunshows, but do it SOON! there is a glut on the market right now but business is picking up quickly. good luck.

        • The Prepper says:

          DPMS makes good guns, and they are very reasonably priced. Get stuff that is milspec and you shouldn’t have any issues with whatever you buy (assuming you take care of it).

        • New prepper I own a DPMS M4 (oracle) and a 24″ varmint/target upper and love them both. No problems reported here.

    • It is very easy to put together an AR-15. I have done 5 for my dad and sister. i have used different uppers and lowers from a few different companies. My personal favorite was Del-ton. Some people have done dusiness with them with their older models and had problems. But like any thing else they learned from their mistakes and have started making betterquality parts. I like them because their uppers are already built for you. (i find it the most difficult part). They also have EXCELLENT customer service and helped me on my first build. I’m not affiliated with them in any way i just like their professionalism and i like the quality of their AR’s.

  23. Good week here. My beautiful bride JoJo had her knee surgery and all went well. She has been mostly bed ridden since I brought her home and I have doing my best to take care of her. She hasnt growed at me yet so I must be doing ok.
    The dog has gotten use to me taking her out 3 times a day. She has always been JoJo’s dog till now.
    I had my first performance review at work. I still have a job and looks like I will for awhile.
    Have a lot of weekly chores to take care of today. Better get started.

  24. First I subscribed to your blog and I started gathering supplies for a keyhole garden.

    • NeedANewName!/Cruzette says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Kennith!

    • Garden Mom says:

      What’s a keyhole garden?

    • Welcome! You couldn’t find a better site than this one!

    • Kennith,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. I had never heard the term “keyhole garden” so I watched a youtube video. It’s essential just a raised bed.

      • I have experimented with keyhole gardens…a Peace Corp friend helped me build a few. They build them in drought areas (Africa), they conserve water and they are on the spot composters…the children of the village usually are in charge of them. They pour the water and human/animal waste in the top part of the keyhole. Not quite the same as a raised bed. Mine have been very productive. But I like the look of my plain old raised beds better than the keyhole beds.

  25. Michigan Bob says:

    This was a great week for prepping. I had my offer accepted for 7 acres with a real nice creek running along the rear property line. The property is all trees with a small clearing in the middle that can’t be seen from my new dead end road. I can’t wait for the closing…

  26. LazarusLong says:

    Nothing quite so ambitious. Bought a few more seeds for spring gardening, put a better scope on my ruger 10/22, joined a gym and STARTED GOING TO IT!!! If anyone is interested, there is a gym that is going around that is a pretty good deal. It is called “Planet Fitness” and has a $30 annual fee with a $10 monthly fee. And i haven’t had any prototypical “gym”experiences there. I am in my 40’s and can’t figure out most of the stuff there, either members or staff will show me tips and tricks. Found out how out of shape I really am. Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in this company. Not am employee, owner, or investor. I just joined about 10 days ago but am impressed.
    got all the ingredients for the homemade laundry soap. Waiting for an opportunity to try it on a load of only my clothes while my wife is not here. She doesn’t like change much, being one of those “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of girls… Prep on, Lazarus

    • NeedANewName!/Cruzette says:

      I started making my own homemade liquid laundry soap about a year ago, and I love it. The savings are great too! I figured it costs me about 22 cents a gallon. It smells pretty good as a liquid, but when the clothes are dry, you can’t smell anything…which I like. I’ve never cared much for that fabric softener smell.

    • Lazarus,

      I have started using my own laundry soap. It is so much better. If you dw doesn’t come on board, save the empty bottle of the brand she uses. Then mix some of her brand with some homemade soap. LOL See if she notices the difference. If not, keep adding a bit of homemade soap to her laundry bottle.

      Every time my dh says, “I don’t like this or that” I remind him of every time he had said he doesn’t like something and then I fixed it and he liked it. “I don’t like oatmeal cookies”. “I don’t like lasagna”. “I don’t like pot roast.” LOL

      • sw't tater says:

        The only thing about the liquid laundry soap, I made was .. that I had to shake it up each time….when you are dealing with a 100 load bottle and arthritis….it’s just so much easier to measure out a tablespoon of the powder…It’s basically the same ingredients, you just grate the soap finely instead of melting it.Mix all in a ziplock bag.one cup should wash 50 loads unless they are really funky.(1cup each borax and laundry soda, 2 scoops oxiclean generic and one bar of soap, grated.(Zest is our favorite)Stores in small space, and is easily portable.
        If you are drying clothes in a washer there are ways to reduce fabric softner way down as well. the first being take an empty 32 oz spray bottle, put 3 oz of liquid fabric softner in it, fill with water and spray a cotton dishrag or cloth with 15 sprays of the mixture and put in dryer with clean clothes.Be sure to shake before each load.

  27. Charlie (NC) says:

    Money is a bit tight with me but I got some work done in my garden.
    My collard, potatoes and onions are looking great. I planted some squash seeds. I’ve got some corn planted that I think should have come up by now so I may have to replant it. Yesterday I did spring for some tomato plants that I’ll get planted in the next day or so and I have some tomato seeds sewn in small containers for transplant. They appear to be coming up now. I’ll know in a day or to.

  28. Brought me an mossbreg 500 shootgun & mr80 to last me other mouth food

    • fine, resonable, solid, love the safety, own 2 in 20 ga. and one in 12. whats a mr80?

  29. DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

    Hey Wolfpack,

    Missed ya’ll last week… it’s been nuts.

    Did check-out trips on all the boats, stocked them all with water and emergency rations.

    Inspected and filled 81 Scuba Tanks. Checked out all the other equipment too.

    Planted 30 assorted herbs in the “gutter garden”. I’m excited to have the chocolate mint… because hey, who doesn’t like chocolate. It smells rather like thin mint cookies and I have no clue what I’m going to use it for yet. Any ideas? Also put 8 celery stalks, and 4 romaine stalks in pots. I tried started the romaine stump the same way as I did with the celery and it worked.

    Canned 8 qts of ham soup, dehydrated 10 lbs of sweet peppers. Bought and stored 15 lbs of coffee beans, 10 lbs of pasta, 72 lbs of dogfood.

    Took my neice and nephew fishing. My nephew caught a baracuda, about 3 feet long. He was all excited, “hey Aunt XXX (name redacted for OPSEC 😉 ) look at this. We could eat for a week on this baby.”

    Me: “No way, Unhook it and throw it back. I don’t like baracuda.”

    Him: ” Well, I didnt like the ham and beans you made last night but you told me if TSHTF and thats what we have I would start to like it. I think you need to start to like Baracuda because if we were starving you would be glad to have it.”

    Me: ” We arent starving yet, throw it back”

    Him: Nope, this is dinner tonight. You should get used to these things so your body doesn’t get shocked by them when thats all we have…”

    And on the conversation went. Should I mention we had smoked baracuda the next night for dinner.

    Moral of the story: Dont educate your kids unless you want that knowledge to come back and haunt you.

    And finally, I took 2 flying trapeze lessons. My brother’s answer to what to get the girl who has everything. I was hoping for another excaliber dehydrator but he thought this would be more fun.

    Happy Prepping All!


    • I used the chocolate mint to make sparkling meade, it was fantastic. Try a tea sweetened with honey.

      • Az, saw some at walmart in little planters. Was thinking about it. Any suggestions for use? I may grab a couple on the way home.

        • Use as you would any mint. I like to grap a sprig of parsley after dinner to help my digestion, then a bit of mint for a breathe freshner. For a cold evening drink a hot mint tea half & half with a light dry white wine. Heavier reds I like black tea or chai. For an interesting Ice tea mix white tea with mint then mix in 1/3 white grape juice instead of sugar.

          • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

            I also got citrus mint which is fabulous in the sun tea I brew every day. I’m going to try it with the chocolate mint too.

            Put the chocolate mint in with some iced coffee and a little milk. Kinda like a minty mocha.


    • DiverGal,
      Too funny on the chocolate mint. Made me laugh because I almost bought a plant the other day after rolling a leaf in my fingers. The smell was heavenly, but I didn’t know what the heck I would do with it! The people at the garden store must have thought I was a nut.

      How was that smoked fish, by the way? You’re nephew was right, we’ve got to start living the life now. He sure did give it back to you. Kudos. You’re doing a good job teaching him.

      • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:


        The smoked fish was “okay”. If I was starving I would eat it but still will never be my favorite…. A nice blackened grouper…. some snapper…. more to my test.


    • DG,

      I have regrown celery and scallions. It’s good to know Romain will regrow as well.

      • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

        Bam Bam,

        The Romaine got leaves quickly but the roots took forever to come out. The second batch I did, I scored the bottom a little bit so I’m hoping that helps the roots come out a little faster.


        • DG,

          How on earth can you grow lettuce down South? My lettuce here is already getting kind of wimpy. Are there certain types of lettuce that will handle the heat?

    • A good way to experiment with herbs is to use one in salads. I made a pasta tuna salad and put in fresh basil snipped minutes before. Yum. This is a great little recipe and perfect for hot days. Boil up some pasta. Dice onion, celery and whatever other veggies you have on hand–tomatoes and sweet peppers are really good. Put in bowl. Add a pint of corn relish. Add two cans of tuna. When pasta is finished rinse in cool water. Add to bowl. Add a bit of either Italian dressing or olive oil and water. Mix. Refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving. Serve with crackers.

      On days when I am doing a bunch of canning I will make this in the morning because when I am done canning all day I don’t feel like cooking supper.

      • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

        Bam Bam,

        Sounds Yummy. Do you make your own corn relish? Have a recipe you feel like sharing? 😉


        • DG,

          I will fish out my recipe and post either tomorrow or in WDYDTPTW.

          BTW, Publix has butter on sale this week $2 lb. for Publix brand. That’s my stock up price. Whoot! Whoot!

        • DG,

          Here’s the corn relish recipe I use.

          Corn Relish

          2 large bags of frozen corn (8 cups)
          2 hot yellow peppers, diced and seeded
          4 cloves garlic
          3 cups cider vinegar
          1 ½ cup sugar
          1 cup red onion, diced
          1 cup sweet red pepper, diced and seeded
          1 cup sliced green onion
          2 tsp. cumin
          2 tsp. pickling salt
          1 tsp. black pepper
          4 Tbs. cilantro


          Dump all ingredients except corn and cilantro in pot. Heat until sugar is dissolved. Add corn. Bring to boil over high heat, reduce heat and boil gently, uncovered for 20 minutes. Add cilantro and cook for another two minutes.

          Remove jars from canner and ladle relish into hot jars, leaving ½ inch headspace. Process 10 minutes for halt pints and 15 minutes for pints.

          This makes 9 cups so you may want to double the recipe.

    • FarmerKin says:


      Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they? Well, at least he is on board AND has a skill. Gotta love it!

  30. Loaded up on “goodies” from Costco. Spread manure in the garden also planted garden. Got a little rifle training in, and discussed with friend the pros and cons of Guniea’………..

  31. OH…and CONGRATUALTIONS on your book MD!

  32. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Congratulations on the book MD! Will be ordering this week hopefully, as funds allow. Well, after my shortage discoveries last week, I’d love to say I went out and bought 100 cans of spam and 100 cans of soup, but, I didn’t :(. Still doing everything I can to save as much money as I can before the wedding and summer. Between the recent school shooting in Ohio and the Trayvon Martin affair in Fla, the media is absolutely ramping themselves into a frenzy, and I’m truly concerned TDL will be striking out at the 2nd amendment very soon. So I spent a lot of time this week shopping/looking/dreaming/negotiating with the STBDW about a new AR-15. The battle continues this week. Wish me luck….

    As far as actual preps, I straightened out my medicine closet and made room for a hand crank radio I plan on buying this week and some more batteries. Replaced fence posts and reset in concrete around my back yard, and read up on homemade water filters. That’s all. Depressing when I look at the state of affairs and how much everyone else is doing, while my hands are kinda tied

    • village idiot says:

      Tinfoil, CNN has been running the Martin affair all day today, and the coverage of such a thing is unprecedented in my mind. The media is prepping the battlefield, and we can look forward to some ludicrous actions from the TDL as a result. The sheeple are being mindbombed into believing that firearms laws are to blame for this incident. I wouldn’t be surprised if the TDL didn’t take some kind of unilateral action without any Congressional legislation. We shall see, but something’s up.

      • mountain lady says:

        Do you think if the race riots get too hot this summer that the TDL will declare martial law?

      • Village Idiot,

        Most folks here see though the media BS. This is not an issue about “stand your ground”. And most folks see that. Stand your ground does not give you the right to get out of your car, chase down an unarmed boy, and shoot him.

        I don’t think there’s anything that TDL can do about gun laws here in Florida. We are one of the states that passed legislation making it illegal for police to confiscate weapons during declared emergencies like they did during Katrina. I say this by Gov. Scott had appointed a panel to review Florida’s gun laws because of this shooting.

        • Encourager says:

          I liked Jeb Bush’s comments this morning. He clarified what the law stated. And then added it did not apply to following someone and then shooting them. What bothers me is the “new” Black Panthers offering an award for the shooter. Good grief, they did not say dead or alive but they might as well have! It is this kind of thinking above and beyond the law, that is going to cause some real problems. I feel sorry for this dead boy’s family; they seem to be pretty overwhelmed by all the hoop-la. I don’t think they have had much time to themselves to properly mourn their son. My heart and prayers go out to them.

      • VI, I have been watching it as well. I think the guy is guilty and there needs to be a trial but the problem I have is like you said, they are adding fuel to the fire and its going to be a powder keg.

        I am double checking my security defenses at the house, tuning up the SUV and getting it ready. I see the May ’92 LA Riots all over again.

        • village idiot says:

          In total agreement with you, Jarhead, and this should be a good lesson for anyone. When someone is retreating, let up. Of course, in the heat of the moment, things happen. There is an eyewitness account of Martin beating Zimmerman up, and then the shot was fired. In my mind, that is why the police didn’t arrest Zimmerman right off. In any event, the Stand your Ground law certainly doesn’t apply in this context, as Zimmerman was persuing Martin. But just one juror in a trial could refuse to convict, and then, Rodney Kind on steroids could occur. I just hope Florida doesn’t overcharge the guy due to political pressure. A death penalty case makes it hard to get a conviction, the Casey Anthony trial being a case in point. Second degree murder seems more appropriate to me. But where is the prosecutor in all this, he could have charged the guy as well.

          • Pursuing of following?

          • riverrider says:

            vi, holy crap! i just found something on freenorthcarolina blog about this. i was trying to stay out of it but my god, the lies…..little trayvon was a 6-2, 180 gangbanger sent to stay w/ his dad to “straighten him out” during a current school suspension. zimmerman had grass/stains on his back, blood coming from the back of his head and nose and says HE was the one yelling for help as “little trayvon” had him on the ground beating him. they have spliced the 911 calls together to look incriminating.

            • RR,

              Now that is pertinent information. Why can’t the media present the relevant facts?

            • Tinfoil Hat says:

              Yup RR, all true info about “innocent” young Trayvon. Now, I am sorry the young man is dead, and Mr. Zimmerman apparently showed extremely poor judgement. That being said, there is always three sides to every story. My side, your side, and the truth, and we ‘re only hearing one of those, and it ain’t the truth. This situation is nowhere NEAR over. It’s gonna get ugly. Real ugly.

            • axelsteve says:

              Yep riverrider. The media shows a picture of him from the 3rd grade before he was 6 ft 3 and gang banging.Then they say he was the perfect innocent angel.

            • riverrider says:

              update, seems trayvon was a “made” man in the gang. you get “made” by killing someone for the gang, or something of like magnitude ,to prove your loyalty. there is supposedly an eye witness that corroburated zim’s story. the cops are forbidden under fla law to arrest when there is probable cause that self defense was at play. they called the prosecutor to verify. he could only be charged by grand jury indictment. they are following the law. what a novel idea.

            • village idiot says:

              rr, as usual the media rushs to judgment to satisfy the race baiters. The media is also NOT reporting the fact that the guy is Hispanic. Funny how when Hispanics are accused of doing something bad by the media they are white, and when the media has an ox to grind they are a minority and brown. I hate this classification crap. That’s why I put American on the census form I filled out under race. Most of us in this country are a mix of European, Native American, and other races, and I’m so tired of this race crap I could spit. / Rant over.

            • Tinfoil hat: you are so right, three sides to every story. And I’m gonna add to that: there are only 3 people who really know what happened, Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and God. Trayvon ain’t talking, obviously, George is hiding somewhere in fear for his life, and I think God is pretty much gonna watch all play out. It’s incredible that there are “witnesses” who saw two completely different versions of what went down. Yes, I think the only people who are going to suffer any really bad consequences from all of this are the rest of the citizenry.

        • axelsteve says:

          Jarhead. Be careful ,those things can get nasty.

          • Axel, I’m trying to stay objective as I have been in some situations that had me in court hearings for use of force but I’m sticking to just saying

            Be prepared, be aware, watch your back and stay out of areas known to be less than reputable.

            I was 17 or 18 when the whole Rodney King Beating took place and barely 19, our unit back from the Gulf, Gov. Wilson called Papa Bush because the National Guard was ill prepared with most of the ammo being processed in Nevada. We drove up the 5 freeway watching LA burn. It was frightening for those us that lived in LA, the fact that Papa Bush ordered us in to us meant things were extremely bad thinking the worse since no cell phones. I remember throwing a pocket full of quarters because I lived less than 20 miles from the epicenter.

            I hope I never see anything like that again and I am taking a risk with work as it goes to court or doesn’t. Won’t say any more than that as to preparing, may have to do a post but careful on what I would write.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, i like that “prepping the battlefield”. absolutely. i typed more but thought better of it and deleted. i’m trying to be a good boy this week:)

        • I am afraid it is going to be a very long, very hot, and very dangerous, summer.
          I think I need another gun and more ammo.

          • Ron,

            I think you are right. I need more shotgun shells.

            • Bam Bam, you and others living in that area will be in my prayers. They had a march here in LA while I was at work, didn’t even realize the protest march was one block west of me. At least I was on lunch at a cutlery shop lol.

          • riverrider says:

            ron, roger that. the black panthers have a price on zim’s head. he’ll be railroaded into a 30 year term to quiet the masses. i’m truly amazed at the propaganda machine at work on this one. they will still riot to celebrate the wrongful conviction. they ignore that he has black heritage himself. does that make it a self-hate crime?

            • Whats really sad is the race baiters using this young mans life and death for personal gain.
              BTW: There were 3 shootings in Houston on Sunday. 2 dead and 3 casualties. Wheres the outrage?

            • charliebuck says:

              Black Panthers are a joke.They are as useless as the media,just stirring up trouble.The sad part is if it was a white teenager that was shot,we would never hear about it.I am really tired of the cries of racism,since the TRUE racists are the ones that make the most noise.

    • riverrider says:

      tfh, what kind are you looking for?…we all have times like that. when we don’t have cash, we add knowledge or practice skills or just make lists and plan. its all productive. besides, how are you going to tote 100 cans of spam:) i think we have a few months yet, but ar’s are going to go up soon. the gunmakers are kneejerk marketers. they jump on one bandwagon, change ALL their production over to that. then when another fad comes they do it again to the detriment of all other types in their line. they all dove into ar’s, glutted the market, while pistols are in short supply. dummies. now they are retooling to the pistol market. soon only the original makers will be left to charge what they want.

      • axelsteve says:

        And the dealers will mark up the heck out of what they have.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Thanks for the encouragement RR. Some weeks are just better than others I suppose. As far as the AR, I’m not real particular. Chambered in 5.56 is the only real preference I have. Just something reliable and that ain’t cost me an arm and a leg, if you have something like that available…I too had quite a bit more typed regarding the goings on in Fla, but decided to hold my tongue…for once…for now….lol

        • Sadly enough, the cheapest place that I can buy one in my area is Cabela’s. Every where else is out of stock or overpriced.

          Look into Windham Weaponry for your AR. Windham is the new name for the original Bushmaster company. They sell a no frills base AR model at Cabela’s for $850. Part of the purchase is being donated to a charity for veterans (if that matters to you). The reviews on Windhams ARs are very positive. Everything is mil-spec on these ARs.

          There are a couple of cheaper models available at Cabela’s, but they lack certain features that I am looking for in an AR.

  33. sharoola says:

    This is my favorite part of the week! Seeing all that everyone else has done and putting into print what I have done! This week I:

    * got a 55 gal water barrel for $10 off of craiglist
    * filled 4 soda bottles with brown rice and put in deep freezer to kill any buggies or eggs
    * put myself on auto order every 2 months for several food items and hygiene items so its a little easier on my pocketbook than buying in bulk all at once
    * bought a box of borax, a box of washing soda and 3 bars Fels Naptha
    * made a dozen candles
    * bought about a dozen boxes of mac and cheese
    * 4 tubes of toothpaste

    • Sharoola, interested in your candle making methods. I am making some today with my youngest daughter. It was a hobby I did as a Kid but this is the first time in close to 40 years. I am using metal molds purchased at a candle making store. However, I recall using plastic molds as a kid. Would like to hear how you make them.


      • d2 prep…I used to make “sand candles”…at the beach. Took the wax & wicks and a pot to the beach. Heated the wax over a driftwood fire; made shapes in the wet sand; and poured the wax into them. Inserted the wick, and maybe a shell or too at the top; let them cool; and lifted them out of the sand. Very simple and easy to do…perhaps a good idea for WTSHTF. Could be done in dirt too.

        Also used to make “ice cube” candles in wax milk cartons. Fill the carton with ice cubes; insert the wick; pour in pretty warm wax…let cool, and peel away the carton. The ice cubes would harden the wax around them, leaving spaces in the candle. That would be a waste of space in a SHTF scenario, but some whimsy may be needed even then.

        Probably unnecessary to say, but always use caution when handling hot wax, especially when using cold, wet sand or cold ice cubes.

      • D2, I make candles out of several things such as alcohol/liquor bottles, glass jars that have lids such as peanuts or jelly and even old tumblers.
        I have metal and hard plastic molds as well as making molds from styrfoam or paper cups designed for coffee or tea cups where you let the wax cool down a bit and before it hardens pour it in the foam cup, stick them in the freezer and when I remove them I cut the cup off.

        I’ve made them over the years as gifts as well as apart of my preps lol

        • D2,
          I buy soy wax and my wicks by the roll from candlescience.com. Seems to have the best prices.

          I pour mine into jars that I either got for free, got cheap on craigslist, or just emptied from my own fridge. Easy and cheap! When I have it on hand, I add citronella to some of them. Another cheap product from candlescience.

          Hope this helps!

        • Thanks Mt and Jarhead. Good tips indeed. I recall using a lot of plastic molds when I was a kid. yesterday, we made 6 large candles yesterday and the outcome was about a B-. It was fun nonetheless having my 9 year old daughter help prep without knowing she was prepping. I will incorporate your ideas into the next batch.

  34. M.D. Congratulations on the book and can’t wait for it to come in. My gf ordered it for me.
    Welcome new members of the Pack and prayers for the pack sent.

    I had a good week, not a lot of preps mostly reorganizing and planning:
    31 Days to Survival (ordered)
    EMT (training certification text book)

    1 case of water
    1. Ten gallon water jug

    Tune up, oil change, topped off fluids, rotated tires & new wipers
    Put the snow chains in the car
    Placed an extra case of water in the trunk
    Second sleeping bag
    Took a road trip on Tuesday

    48 pack of TP
    6 pack of baby wipes
    6 tooth paste
    3 large bottles of mouth wash
    3 six pack of tooth brushes
    60 shaving razor blades
    Need to focus on the comfort items that keep me clean

    Picked up two cherry tomato plants

    Have a good week everyone

    • Prep to add: recorded on my DVR the first season of THE COLONY and have been watching it with great interest. Saw the second season and its possible The Green Channel is bringing the show back for a 3rd season.

      It was filmed down the street from my work and it was interesting to discover that the LA River actually has Carp and Talapia, booth junk fish in a junk river but good size none the less.

      My gf watched it with me with great interest wondering why they didn’t do this instead of that and why the shower was more important than security and the importance of bartering when cash will be worthless other than TP and tender. Great to see she is learning.

      • Jarhead, what channel is that on? I have not heard of that series before.

        • D2 its original and soon to be airing is on the Discovery Channel. The whole 1st season was on the Green Channel which Discovery owns.

          Its a reality show for preppers (in a way) that they have 8 to 10 people in a simulated post pandemic (ITEOTWAWKI) scenario where they are in a deserted urban scenario (1st season LA 2nd season Texas coast area where gators and snakes roam) and they have to scavenge for food, water and tools/equipment, barter, fend off “attackers” trying to take what little food/water/supplies they have and find ways of getting power tools to work by means of alternative energy (solar panels/windmill) and take parts from multiple vehicles to fix one to get them out of the area. The 2nd season even had a FEMA type gov organization lol.

          The fun part is watching them bicker and argue, contemplate their humanity/faith as they run low on food and people outside of their group beg for food and water. Its in essence a 10 week science/psychology experiment. Also its an interesting way to see how people from different back grounds work together or don’t as they try to come up with ways of getting by, making things work and creating weapons for defense as well and fishing/hunting.

          • Jarhead, that sounds awesome, I don’t think my provider AT&T carries the green channel but I will search for it on Netflix. It sounds better than the other reality shows on TV.

            • Never mind, we do have that channel and I set it up to record the series. Next airing is on 3/31.

  35. Drum Roll Please………..The bug out cabin is done!

    I was going to write an article for entry but I think I’ll just take a video of it, all around inside & out, put it on You Tube and then post links to it here one Saturday. Or maybe I’ll type up a short article and put the link to You Tube in the article so no one misses it.

    Total cost about $14,500 (for a 300 sq ft cabin that sleeps 5, all the fit out and the furniture). If you have time, you can do a lot of the work yourself and it will run you about $10K. If you don’t have a ton of money & can just afford a small 1-2 acre cheap bug out property way out in the country, you can plunk this baby down on it and you have shelter!

    Other than finishing the cabin, we’ve been busy putting in our large suburban garden and we bought a 1950’s tractor for our bug out farm. We are nurturing about 75 tomato plants to plant out there. We’re putting corn out there too – I guess the deer will be happy in about 2 months – ha-ha!

    In the last few weeks we’ve planted 2 cherry trees, 2 blueberry bushes and 4 blackberry bushes. We bought a shot gun & ammunition for it to add to our weapon cache.

    We aren’t stocking up on food, medical supplies, etc. anymore because we have about 1 1/2 years of it. Even without that over our heads there is still so much to do, not enough time to do it and certainly not enough money to do it all.

    Pray for a miracle to end this financial nightmare the USA is in.

  36. Worked in the garden, which is growing great. Ordered some chunk cut dehydrated potato’s. Canned 10 quarts of chicken in my wife’s favorite recipe. Whent to a pick your own farm and picked twenty pounds of strawberries. Five pounds slicked and dehydrated. 15 cut up and froze to make into jam next week. The recipe is on my blog, gardenforyourlife.blogspot.com. It’s quite tasty.

  37. I started up the garden, planting some radishes, lettuce, herbs and beets. I bought a small amount of food to add to the emergency stores and I bought 500 rounds of 7.62x39mm HP ammo. Oh yeah, I bought 9 boxes of shotgun slugs too.

    I have also been looking for a job, put in for about 18 of them this week and last, hoping to get some money to supplement my retirement annuity so that I can put that money toward long term survival food stores.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  38. Local store had a new Oscar Meyer 1.5 lb pack of thick sliced bacon on sale for $2.99 so I got 15 packs, think I will try the canned bacon thing at that price if I ruin a few packs it won’t be a disaster. Also picked up 5 cases of 24 pack water at local farm store for 2 dollars each. Looks like on of the little squirrle bastards buried an acorn right in the middle of my spinach that was coming up so I will have to replant some. Guess I should have known better to not put out the mylar pinwheels and fake snakes when I planted the stuff. Also put in tomato plants, may be early but will cover if it looks like it will get cold but with this weather not likely. Also got my big planters ready to plant the potatoes later in the week when they get ready. Congratulations to those in the Pack with the purchase of the new property , can’t wait to get out of here and get me some!!

  39. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! I didn’t buy much this week, been busy planting the fruit trees and bushes that arrived. Replanted some herbs and made my own yoghurt. Very good! I made a couple of fruit syrups to enjoy with yoghurt. My BIL just dropped off a ton of eggs, so I’ll can a batch of lemon curd this week.
    I have a gun question for Ohio Prepper, JT, river rider or jarhead 03. When I took my ccw training last week, I shot an LCA9(?) and the recoil made my hand hurt for hours after. Can anyone suggest a 9mm with less recoil or do I just need to toughen up? Thanks!

    • Mother Earth,

      I really like my Glock 19.

    • Mother, have you considered the Glock 19? There is also a compensated model with slightly less recoil than that. Bam Bam is a happy Glock 19 owner recently and many here in the Pack male and female own them.
      Glock I would say is probably the predominate pistol in the Pack.

      I would buy the G17 or G19 myself if I was to include 9mm into inventory. I own a G21SF in 45.

      • Mother Earth says:

        Thanks Bam Bam and Jarhead 03! I believe that’s what I will go with then. Always helpful to get advice from the Pack!

      • I am a happy owner of a Glock 19 too. I tried a Glock 26 and it had a lot of recoil which I didn’t like. DH explained it was due to it being smaller and lighter than the 19. I am very happy with the 19.

        • Ms. ACW, your right, smaller the gun, more recoil. I have a friends that love the Berreta 32ACP Tomcat, great gun but how small it is for a 32 it definitely let’s you feel it. Makes a great pocket pistol but puts out some stiff recoil if your not used to it.

          • Mother Earth says:

            Thanks everyone! I now understand there is more recoil the smaller the gun and makes perfect sense. I had held a glock 19 in the gun store but my sil thought it would be heavy for me. I didn’t think so and now I’m pretty set on the glock.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      I liked the way the Glock 19 fit my hand, but after shooting it I discovered the “beaver tail” chows the top of my thumb knuckle. Hurts like hell and I start to wince which screws up my shot. (DH’s P11 did the same thing.)

      So I’m in the minority of Not a Glock 19 lover. I do LOVE my LCP. Very small, conceals awesome. I won’t be snipping anyone off though as it’s a close up and personal shot. The Glock 26 with the extended magazine is nice also. Didn’t chow my thumb and has an easier trigger pull then the LCP. DH says I like small guns which seems strange because I have big hands.
      The big Glock 17 shoots awesome, just heavy to carry around.

      So before you buy it… shoot it. When it chows your knuckle it sucks and no matter what you’ll flinch every time you have to fire it. Make sure it works for you and it’s comfortable!
      just my 2 cents.

      • JP in MT says:

        Soggy Prepper:
        If I may offer a suggestion on the Glock 19.
        My hand “balls up” at the web and a G19 will tear up the top of it (I still have the scar from my 1st Browning Hi-Power). Serveral years ago I spend some $300 to have a grip reduction and beaver tail extension put on my G32 (same size as G19 only 357 SiG).
        Now The Glock Store (GlockStore.com) sells an add on beaver tail for about $25. It does extend the trigger reach, but does the job, I get to keep my backup G19 (DW likes hers) and I’m not out a fortune.

    • Can’t say that I am a Glock fan. Own one, but just don’t care for Tupperware plastic guns all that much. My wife and I prefer full frame, all metal hand guns. I personally think there is less snap in the recoil of a all metal hand gun. 1911s are my weapon of choice. My wife and I are currently in the market for another handgun chambered in.40 S&W that fits the above description.

      • i love my kimber ultra carry 45 acp- i carry in the small of my back inside the waistband- i guess i am a medium sized- to heavy- planning on losing weight- 5 foot 6 inches and i have no problems shooting it- i have small to medium hands and bone structure- i had a 38 S&W and it “kicked” more than my 45= i think kimber makes a 40 caliber too

        • village idiot says:

          Love my Kimber as well, mama, and it really fits well in my hand, which is medium size for a man. Recoil is quite manageble, and the size is perfect for everyday carry. I had been carrying a Combat Commander, but the Kimber has now taken its place.

          • i just mainly wanted to point out that women should not be afraid of a 45 caliber- personally i want a gun that will STOP someone from trying to get to me and hurt me- when you are a woman carrying a gun you run a risk of the person trying to hurt you grabbing for the gun believing you will not shoot or you will hesitate- if you are a woman= or a man too- you need to really think can i shoot a person? think about the consequences after that action- but if you are a woman i feel you will have less time in that situation to make that decision NOW- before you even carry. if you doubt what i am saying have your husband or other male in your family approach you and hold your hand- empty please- like a gun and see how close they can get and disarm you before you can say BANG- it is a lot closer than you think- you guys can move fast!!!! also practice how you can get your gun out if you are grabbed from behind and other situations- if you carry your gun in your purse it is at times like not carrying at all- which is why i carry on my person- i also have had the experience of being at gatherings and had strange kids come up and start messing in my purse- yes bad parents but highly dangerous if i had my gun in there- also think about purse snatchers. i carry in a holster and also a tank top with a built in holster- under dress blouses- it makes getting to my gun harder but again i know exactly where it is and also i wear clothing appropriate for carrying a gun- when i nursed my kids i wore clothing appropriate to that too. there are a lot of articles about women that carry- there is a great magazine called women and guns- it is a little expensive but a great one to read for a couple of years at least- my husband enjoyed it too. hope this helps someone and i didnt come off as too preachy

            • village idiot says:

              No, mama, not preachy at all. It is so important for a woman to carry a weapon on her body, not keep it in a purse. And one other thing I notice all the time. I see women talking on the phone or texting when they should be keeping their eyes open for danger. Young woman are the worst about not having any situational awareness, and being caught by surprise. If you see something or someone coming, at least you’ve had a few seconds to think about a response. Many women are surprised by an attacker, and are unable to respond to the attack. They get into a vehicle, and are taken to an alternate location, where few survive. I’ve told my daughter many times to run and scream if attacked, and never follow the instructions of the attacker. You are way more likely to live if shot or attacked in a public place rather than taken to a place the criminal has selected. Just saying for all the women out there.

            • Soggy Prepper says:

              I agree with village i, not too preachy at all, more like right on.

              And Villiage, I’ve had many conversations with both my daughters of what to do if attacked.
              Run, scream, fight, kick, bite and no matter what, Do NOT go with them! I tell the girls what they will do to you will be worse then being dead and you’ll be killed anyway when the freak is done with you.

              I may tend to go a bit far, but it’s the truth. Make the baddy let you go or kill you immediately cause it’s going to be hell if he takes his time!

            • Yadkin Girl says:

              I thought I was preachy! I told my daughter to never, ever get into a vehicle with anyone because then you are sure to be dead. Just fight, fight, fight! And scream, punch, kick. I also told her, when stopped by a cop, to lock her door, roll down her window just enough to talk with them and, once again, never get out of the car. And, if the cop wants you out of the car, ask them to call for backup or tell the officer she would follow them to the closest police station.

              I don’t think these talks scare her. I think they prepared her for things she may never think about. There are too many nuts out there.

              And, for younger children: my daughter and I had a ‘secret’ word that only she and I knew. She picked it out (so she wouldn’t forget it). This word was reserved in case I ever had to send someone to pick her up if I couldn’t. Even if it was someone she knew, if they didn’t know the word she would not go with them. I was a single mother so I thought this was neccessary.

              Anyway, Mama, you are not preachy – you are a mother!

            • Thanks, mama! That is stuff I hadn’t even thought about. I’m gonna get DH to practice with me, and see if I can keep from being “disarmed” before I can say “Bang”. Good stuff!

            • I have a good friend who works for the FBI. He told me that in a lot of crime situations involving evil intentions towards women, the best thing for a person to do is to make sure that she is not taken from Crime Scene #1 to Crime Scene #2. For example, if someone stops the car and points a gun at you and says, “Get in,” that is Crime Scene #1. It is at this moment that you have to be prepared to resist, freak-out, run, shoot, spray, or whatever, and take your chances of being shot. You have the element of surprise at this point, and the gunman may be so shocked that you resisted that he may take off. If he actually does shoot you and kill you, the reality is, if you get in the car and go with him to Crime Scene #2, something much worse almost always awaits you, and it too will almost always end in death. My friend said they don’t openly recommend this policy, because obviously it is pretty much telling women that your choice comes down to choosing between instant death and torture/death, but the reality is, your biggest chance of staying alive is to refuse surrender at Crime Scene #1.

            • Plant Lady says:

              mama: I love my new Glock 21 .45 caliber. I was pleasantly surprised that there really doesn’t seem to be much “kick” at all. When we had a backyard shoot a couple weeks ago, I put well over 100 rounds through it in a couple hours and never even had a twinge in either wrist. I am pretty big, though – not quite 5’11” and built like an amazon, with huge hands. But even my young beanpole nephew handled it with ease.
              I have been pondering how to carry…I need a good holster and something to hold a couple magazines. Not interested in carrying concealed at this point – just want to have it on me around the yard and back in the forest. Figure having it in plain view may help deter someone contemplating a bad deed. I garden a lot, so need something that will help keep dirt/dust away from the gun and a couple magazines. And I seem to spend a lot of time on my knees, so don’t want it dragging in the dirt. Any suggestions?
              After we get hubby a Glock 21, I think we will get .357 magnums next.

            • plant lady-i can only recommend concealed choices really- (except at the end of this post) i dont know your situation but i wear jeans and shirts- mostly- i carry inside my waistband in the small of my back- i also carry what is called left handed although i am right handed- what i did- was after seeing magnum PI- lol- was stick my gun in the small of my back and it naturally- for me- went in muzzle pointing down towards my left leg- the handle towards my right shoulder- i hope that makes sense- i had a holster i had gotten- i dont remember where and it worked- but i had a custom one made of heavier leather- to cover the whole of my gun- as it was touching my shin- and in the winter it was cold!! it stays firmly put- only when bending over do i have to worry about its silhouette showing briefly and i can feel it at all times and it is comfortable- the only problem is- sorry if this is too personal- it is hard to go to the bathroom- you need to take it out and hold it or set it on the toilet paper holder in public places. i draw holding it downward and then bringing it around my waist flipping the safety when i clear my waist- it is faster than it sounds- this position does not seem to work as well on men as it does ladies-although my husband does carry this way at times-because ladies wear our pants higher and to me the gun fits in the small of my back perfectly- when he wears it he “sits” on the barrel. when i have to wear skirts or pants without a belt – you HAVE to wear a belt with a waist type holster in order to hold the weight of your gun- i use a special tank top made with a holster in it- you can find them on the internet- but in order to balance it you must carry one or more magazines or a second gun on the opposite side. check out a site called the well armed woman- they have holsters specially designed for women and some darn good advice too= i also got a leg holster from cheaper than dirt to carry my gun on our property and in case TSHTF-but havent tried it out- i do know they have lots of different holsters and mag carriers- designed for the military- i would think maybe they would have something that doesnt drag your gun? if this doesnt make sense to you or the pack- maybe i can send MD a picture of my holster and me carrying it- without my face of course and he can forward it to anyone if interested if that is allowed

          • VI, I used to teach womens self defense classes and one thing I told them was “if you are attacked fight for you life, dig your keys into their eyes or neck, if you don’t have your keys use your fingernails and even toenails if wearing sandals/open toe shoes and dig into their eyes and skin so if they take you they most likely will do harm or kill you, the attackers DNA will be embedded into your fingernails/toenails. Whatever you do, fight, fight fight!”

            An ex gf of mine all of 5’1″ and less than 110 put down a 6’3″ date that tried to force himself on her.

            You are right people are so into their smartphones, MP3 etc they are oblivious to what’s around them.

            • village idiot says:

              Jarhead, I was in San Antonio last week, and since I was mostly sitting around waiting for the women to finish shopping, I spend several hours observing people. I can’t tell you how many women, and men too, I saw playing with their smartphones with nary a clue as to what was going on around them. Of course, there is some safety in numbers, and there were many thousands of tourists, so that may be part of it. I was sitting on a bench one afternoon when a gent from No. Carolina sit down, and it wasn’t long before we made a connection. He tapped his ankle with a cane and I tapped my boot. We both knew we were carrying. Pretty funny. We had a nice long conversation.

  40. Bought vegetable seeds, batteries, baby wipes, ibuprofen, medical supplies, 6 tubes toothpaste, toothbrushes, 3 pkgs deodorant, 12 pack soap, 2 roles duct tape.

    On a side note, I took my wife and two boys to the shooting range today to try out the new Ruger 9m and Remington 20g shotgun I bought and was very annoyed with the Ruger. It jammed about once every 8 or 9 rounds (not good if you’re in a fire fight). I’m not sure if it’s just this one pistol, or the model across the board. Either way, I won’t be using it very much if TSHTF. I’ll be using a Glock.
    On the other hand, the 20g was awesome. I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. It shot well, had very little kick (which is nice for my wife) and even my youngest son was able to handle it.

    • Storm,

      When I took my dh’s little .22 Beretta to the range it jammed up every third shot. The guy said that higher end handguns need to have 2000 or so rounds put through them, to break them in so to speak. Gun gurus: could this be the problem?

      • Years ago, I bought a CZ75 took it to the range and was very disappointed in it as it kept jamming.
        Later that night, sitting watching a movie, I disassembled the CZ75, then started rubbing the parts, slides etc with a piece of wet cloth (super fine sandpaper)
        The next day at the range I fired off over 5 magazines worth of rounds with only one problem.
        The Armourer Tech, then changed the trigger from a 12pnd pull to a 6.5pnd pull.
        Loved that little CZ, it was very accurate and reliable afterwards.

      • Bam Bam…..

        I hope I never buy a gun that takes 2000 rounds through it just to make it work properly.

        Many (perhaps most) problems with jamming, failure to fire, failure to eject are a result of the magazine. If you have more than one mag (and I hope you do), change mags, back and forth, and see what happens.

      • Thanks guys. I thought that being new it might have been jamming until it was broke in, but it was really frustrating and never had a problem like it before with other pistols. I’ll run another few hundred rds through it and see what happens.

    • Storm, my gunsmith mentioned Ruger had shut down manufacturing for pistols possibly through the year. I owned a P90 and it took almost 4 months just to get a spring through them. I’m thinking they have been having issues. I was under the assumption they shut down production for new models to compete but it could be a defect issue.

      • Actually ruger shut down taking new orders through at least may or until they clear their backlog. They seem to be having a good year. All new guns need some break in period. I start noticing those defects after 500 rounds. If it’s good after 500 rounds it’s a service gun. Try other ammo too. Rugers have a reputation of being finicky, although my mini-14 eats up cheap ammo. Put a few hundred rounds through it then decide.

        • Ken, my Ruger P90 as ugly as it is handled everything I put through it I’m guessing about 50,000 rounds minimum.

          Thanks for clearing up the Ruger deal.

      • Article the other day said that Ruger recieved orders for over 1 million units so far this quarter and would no longer take orders from its distributors as they cannot meet demand even with increased production. I imagine that this will work itself out in a few months. Gun sales are up across the board, just like 2008 all over again.

        I have a Ruger SR9 in 9mm and after the first 200 rounds have never had a problem with it. I only use Federal, Remington or Winchester ammo.

      • village idiot says:

        Jarhead, they didn’t shut down, they just aren’t taking any more orders until they catch up with a backlog of 1.2 million orders. They will begin taking orders again sometime in May. So far as I know they don’t have any quality control issues. They have always treated me with the utmost curtesy, and have solved every problem I’ve ever had, which have been few and far between. But you and Storm are saying you have had issues, so it might be worth checking in to.

        • VI, It was a recoil spring for the Ruger P90. I am a fan of Ruger owning a Mark II 22/45 bull barrel, two 10/22s and the P90. Getting factory parts was my issue waiting 4 months.

          I was saying what my gun shop told me. I got some bad info I should have researched it.

      • Jar……

        I doubt “a defect issue” would extend across their entire line??

        The Fox News article I read said that retailiers and wholesalers are stockpiling them so as to have inventory if Obama is re-elected. The industry is fearful that in a “last term” there is nothing to restrain Obama from a full out attack on gun ownership and typically, when new laws are enacted, older guns are grandfathered!!

        • riverrider says:

          hawk, with that crowd, i don’t have any faith that anything will be grandfathered, like australia. tdl has constantly bowed and deferred to the u.n. on domestic matters. the u.n. small arms treaty will be welcomed with open arms in washington. and with open bolts everywhere else.

          • riverrider….
            It may or may not be “grandfathered” but that doesn’t change what people have come to expect (and are expecting) and what some sources are attributing the recent rush on weapons/ammo for (especially in the present case of Ruger). Rightly or wrongly… it’s 2008 all over again.

            It’s also a “curious” topic…U.S.Treaties vs. The Constitution (2nd Ammendment imparticular). In the case of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty you referred to…it is in direct contradiction to the Second Ammendment, it would seem?

            • riverrider says:

              hawk, roger that. this a bunch hasn’t had any hesitation with ignoring the constitution so far, doubt they will with respect to the treaty. it is not only directly in contrast to the 2nd, but completely against the very foundation of our republic. no where does it allow that foriegn treaty overules the bill of rights. add to it that this treaty won’t be voted on by the people…..with respect to the gun buying , here at least, the possibility of a gun grab plays into it, but it seems that a large part of it is sheeple becoming people. they are waking up to the fact that .gov is not their friend and not going to save them from whats coming. this is what i see in the gun store here anyway.

    • I find that it takes about 200 rds for a good handgun to work out all its hiccups.

  41. I so love reading this site. So much information my brain hurts after a while.

    I want to send out a big woot to those of you who are honing skills, learning new skills, are already trading/bartering and lining up resources for when things go south. You are all prepping at the top of the game and should be commended. As I posted to someone earlier, real prepping is living the life now and some of you really are. A true inspiration. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us. And a BIG thank you to MD for keeping this going for us.

    Prepping is part of my normal life so I don’t really keep track of what I do week to week. When I go to the store it seems I walk down every aisle looking at the strangest things always with the thought of how I could use it in an alternate way. Drives me crazy sometimes. LOL Anyway, the preps I can remember from this week:

    Planted green and yellow beans and assorted herbs. Picked and roasted 3 pounds of brussel sprouts – yum. Will harvest the kale and dry and powder it to add to recipes.

    16# brown rice
    4# each black and garbanzo beans
    2 Worcestershire sauce
    4 fish sauce (for pad thai from my stores)
    4# linguine
    2# mushrooms dehydrated and dry canned
    4 tap lights (now have a total of 12)
    Ingredients to make dry laundry detergent
    Various OTC meds
    Received 144 AA batteries I ordered from 1saleaday.com for less than $19 and change. They’re tucked away in the freezer now.

    Major funds went to installing a 6′ privacy fence around my yard tool shed and my well and another 6′ privacy fence enclosing another shed and firewood stash. This was not really a prep but to keep my grandson from getting into trouble or hurting himself/others. His OCD gets him obsessed with getting into things and won’t leave the water/hoses alone and he winds up throwing firewood all over the yard and up on the roof or whipping the hoses around when he has his meltdowns. Now he can’t get to them. A side benefit is that when TSHTF no one will be able to see me go out and use the hand pump on the well to fill up the pressurized tank and my firewood is not in plain sight. Love OPSEC.

    Got a partial delivery of the Shelf Reliance I ordered through the deal they had running on the cheese and meat. Got notice from them that they are so backordered that I won’t receive the rest for three months! I ordered two cases of the meat and one case of the cheese and only received 2 #10 cans of cheese. Hope life stays stable until I get the rest delivered. That’s a lot of money to have tied up with nothing to show for it. They offered to refund my money, but it was such a good deal I didn’t want to lose out on it. Fingers crossed.

    I withdrew a major chunk of my savings from the bank and buried it in my yard. This will not only keep me from spending it but insurance it will be there and I can get to it when I need it.

    Had planned on purchasing my 20 gauge this week, but the fence had to come first for immediate safety reasons. I did call Glock twice this week to see if there were any Glock Days planned for my area. I had to leave a message both times and never got a call back. I did call some local gun shops and no one had a Glock 19 in stock but could order one. I would really like to at least hold one in my hand to see how it fits before I spend that kind of money. I guess first things first – 20 gauge.

    DD was able to pay off her car with her tax return so that freed up some money to put toward other debt. (Dave Ramsey) I’m hoping she can be all paid up within a year so that she is able to help with the prep expenses. Right now it’s all on me.

    Welcome to all of the new pack members and prayers for everyone. Have a great week. Stay safe.

    • Forgot to mention that I had a guy come out last Sunday and start clearing out the hedgerow in back in preparation for keeping goats when the time comes. He got 2/3 of it done but threw all of the grape vines, kudzu and some kind of really thorny vine along with three medium size dead trees he had to cut down all over the fence and piled it in my yard. We had agreed he would haul it all off but he told me he couldn’t get to it until next week. Not good with the grandson’s meltdowns – too many sticks to use as weapons – so my neighbor and I loaded up his pickup and had to make five trips to the dump. Needless to say, he won’t be doing any more work at my house! But the good news is that even if I don’t finish the other 1/3 there is plenty of room to cross fence it and get the goats (Nigerian dwarfs so they don’t need as much space as Nubians or Alpines) I guess I had a pretty busy week. Would not have gotten anything accomplished had I not taken three days off from work!

    • Conmaze,

      Have you tried calling the ranges in your area? They will let you rent guns for $10 an hour.

    • The 20 gauge is good if you want a smaller shotgun, but it’s hard to find ammo for it that’s bigger than #6, unless it’s slugs. If you want your shotgun for home defense, consider getting a 12 gauge. On the other hand, inside a house at a range of 30 feet or less, a 20 gauge even with 7 1/2 shot will still do a lot of hurt to an intruder. I’ve been looking everywhere for #3 buckshot for my 20 gauge, and I’ve had to console myself with #6 shot.

  42. Hello Everyone,

    I took advantage of the Honeyville sale and bought powdered milk, butter, and wheat. I cleared out a ton of stuff from the basement shelves and organized it for a neighborhood yard sale in April.

    I talked a neighbor into ordering some can organizers from canorganizer.com to get her pantry straightened out. I talked her into trying canning last summer. I have her mad hopped-up on couponing; I am turning her into a prepper, but she doesn’t realize it yet. She’s been a real project; to her utter dismay now, she actually voted for Obama — right after the election, I had to give her a written test of about 30 questions in the “you know you are a conservative when….” format in order to convince her that she wasn’t actually a liberal! And then, once she started paying attention to how liberal/socialistic policies actually affect her family, the lightbulb went on. De-programming these people is hard work!

    The last prepping thing I did this week was to throw several apples at a visiting black bear every day. Obviously a juvenile just waking up, so damn cute. Takes a daily nap on the cool grass. No wait, that wouldn’t be a prepping thing, would it? That would be a stupid thing! Somebody stop me.

    • Kelekona says:


      Cut slices into those apples and treat them with industrial capsasin…. wait, that would just make him immune to pepper spray, wouldn’t it?

      Are you allowed to shoot bears with rock salt?

      Call animal control and describe his tameness… they’ll mildly torture him while moving him…. Rough treatment of bears is actually kinder than having to put them down because they are too used to humans.

    • NeedANewName!/Cruzette says:

      oooh…thanks for sharing that website, Gwen. That picture under “organize” is definitely pantry porn.

    • Gwen,

      You might want to check out the LDS online store–their price on wheat is better than Honeyville and they have free shipping.


      At the LDS Store, white wheat is $30 and red wheat is $28 for a case of #10 cans.

      At Honeyville, white wheat is $60.99 per case (before the discount).

      If you are buying in #10 cans, the LDS Store is always cheaper. But their offerings are very limited unless you go to a local storehouse.

      • Gwen,

        I should add that some people give a donation to the LDS Store. I called and asked whether I should give a donation. The woman on the phone said they would rather that I share with those in need. Many Americans are angry that Mitt Romney didn’t pay a high enough percentage of his income in taxes. I think his tithes and the work the Mormons are doing with their member’s tithes is some of the best Christian work in our country.

        • Yadkin Girl says:

          LDS is great! At the one nearest us, you have to participate in the canning. The people are nice and the prices are great. You can also borrow their canner, buy cans from them and can your own stuff at home – stuff they don’t sell. We bought items at Costco and Sams to can and canned a lot on our own with their canning machine.

      • Hey Bam Bam, what’s the shelf life on their flour and wheat cans?

        • Storm,

          Someone last week said he wouldn’t trust the flour past two years. Wheat in a #10 can will outlast most of us, if properly stored.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        It’s cheaper yet if you call and make an appointment and actually go to a dry pack cannery and do it yourself. Some stuff is pre-packed that you can just buy there without having to actually do the work. But it’s actually kinda fun, everyone has always been very nice when we’ve gone. We’re not Mormon either, but they rock on food storage!
        If you go it’s only 3.50 for a 5.5lb #10 can so 21$ for a case.
        It’s an excellent way to get your year food storage for one for about 500$.


        • Soggy Prepper –

          don’t forget that the cannery also has a “rental”. If you use their free sheet that tells you approx how many cans for each type of product – i.e – 25 lbs of flour = 5 #10 cans – you can pick a rental date, pick up the canner, the products, cans, lids, o2 absorbers, mylar bags etc. and take it home and do it there. Your “rental” is for a week, so if you also buy items like split peas, lentils, popcorn and anything else your storage needs, buy cans lids etc, at the LDS cannery you can put those up as well during your rental week. (My cannery the “rentall” is free.)

          I know people who go together and bring it all home and set upo a production line. It works!

        • I called a local cannery yesterday and got the rundown from the “elder”. She was very nice and said each session takes about 2 hours. They ask that you make an appointment. I may do it this Saturday since we are expecting rain.

    • Gwen: Bear is delicious!

    • I posted in the wrong spot. The reply to Cruzette was actually in response to this post of yours, Gwen.

      I remembered seeing plans on making these (can organizers) yourself, so looked some up. http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/2009/02/16/build-your-own-can-rotating-rack/ . I think ordering them would be much easier, but it might be nice to have the plans handy, just in case, you know? 🙂

  43. village idiot says:

    Not much prepping this week, but did manage to pick up a few things while on vacation. I found a coin shop in San Antonio, and bought 10 Mexican 5 peso silver coins to go in the stash. Actually, they are beautiful coins, and 90% silver. I also went to a Cabela’s in Buda, Tx. and found a camo jacket for half price, and also bought some fishing line, sinkers, corks and hooks. While in Buda, we went to the Jardine ranch and loaded up on Jardine’s Texas Champagne(hot sauce) and 5-star ranch rub.

    We were in San Antonio the night the tornado hit Devine, Tx, which is 10 or so miles south, and were lucky enough to see a funnel cloud from our hotel room(10th floor) in addition to one heck of a lightning show. Exciting. We did the usual things, spent two days on the Riverwalk, visited La Villita, shopped at the River Center and The Mercado, ate some great Mexican food, and wasted enough money for at least one or more years of food storage. Pretty stupid if you asked me, but the ladies sure were happy. Looks like the rest of you were busy while I sit on my butt thinking about prepping. I also have a lot of reading to catch up on as well as well as continuing to organize my preps. Have a good week everyone.

    • Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. And if you enjoy it thats OK!
      I lives outside Buda back in the late 70’s. Sure has changed.

      • village idiot says:

        Ron, the whole area between Dallas and San Antonio is booming. Constant construction on roads, buildings, and the same old/same old crap you see everywhere….chain restaurants, chain stores, strip malls, Starbucks and consumer nonsense. What a waste of the country’s resources. There was rarely a view of the countryside(if there is any left) along the way. From Waco to San Antonio is basically one strip mall. Yuch!

    • riverrider says:

      vi, i would count keeping the ladies happy as prep number 1.

  44. My prepping is starting to ramp up into high gear. My recovering wife and newborn daughter is an excellent motivator.

    I sealed up a window frame in the basement with mortar and crack filler. Bought parts to rebuild a wall in the basement.

    Went to WMart for more ammo, camping supplies, book case, basic first aid kit, 7 gallon water container, tools, and two tool boxes with moisture rings in the lids.

    Picked up another Mossberg, Ruger, and a couple of AR-15s. My wife is tickled that I’m buying weapons for both of us. I started replacing parts on the AR-15s with Magpul after market items. My wife is wantinge to track down a larger caliber hunting rifle in .308 or 30-06.

    We have started bringing in freeze dried food for taste testing. Stuff has a crap load of salt in it. Wife is a bit leary of the freeze dried food with the high levels of salt. Were shopping for a dehydrator, but haven’t seen one that wows us.

    Next up in the next couple of days is a generator, more fuel, and a deep freeze. Once I gety hands on those I will feel a bit more comfortable with where I am sitting far as prepping goes.

    • Cain,

      Yes, freeze dried food has an inordinate amount of salt. We never did consider this as it wasn’t a health issue. Last summer the doctor said I was to go on a low salt diet. We have since tried most of the entrees with extra rice, beans or pasta to cut down on the salt and fill up the stomach. We have added two or three cups of rice, pasta or beans to a freeze dried serving and it comes out okay. However, we were never big on salty or spicy foods.

      Our preps are set up so that we will go thru all the perishables first (even with a generator you may run out of gasoline, ie Hurricane Ivan), then the canned, packaged and dehydrated food, and last the freeze dried.

      • Same here. If something happens, we will go through our perishables first, then the other food last.

    • Typing replies via cell phones is a bad idea.

    • riverrider says:

      cain, wow nice work on the armament side. on the food, its cheaper, more versatile and less salty to stock the basic ingredients and fix them how you like. like #10 cans of rice, pasta etc, tomatoe powder or canned tomatoes, canned or fd meat. toss in spices to your flavor, wha la, gourmet meals and a whole lot more of them for the money than mountainhouse. if you want easy, pre mix and store in vacuum bags. just a humble suggestion.

      • The game plan as it stands right now is to purchase 6 gallon food buckets, 1 gallon Mylar bags, 300 cc oxidizers, and white rice in bulk after the deep freeze arrives. Given that we are expecting other family members to show up, we are figuring it will take 60 pounds of rice per month to feed everyone.

        Here is a question: What is the shelf life of 1 gallon of rice in a properly sealed Mylar bag with a 300 cc oxidizer on the bottom of the bag and another 300 cc oxidizer on the top of that bag that has spent 24 hours in a deep freeze prior to being moved into a 6 gallon food bucket with a Gamma lid?

        The reason for the high number of firearms bought in the last three weeks is to correct a shortcoming in our prepping. While I know 2=1 works far as prepping goes, we took it a step further with 2+1=1. Two in use with a spare in event of failure. Parts and tools to repair these weapons have or are currently being brought in. The only weapons getting tweaked by any degree are the ARs with Magpul MOE parts, Yankee Hill flip sights and EOTech red dots. Everything else is iron sights or scopes.

        • riverrider says:

          cain, sounds like you got her covered. the rice properly stores like that should last 20-25 years. some has even been found in ruins thousands of years old still in edible condition. stack it high!

        • Cain,

          It depends on the type of rice. Brown rice has a short self life. When properly stored, white rice has a shelf life of 30+ years–at least that’s what I’ve read. I’ve never tried any rice stored that long.

      • Yadkin Girl says:

        I agree. We have very little canned “meals”. I would rather make meals and dishes from scratch using the ingredients we have.

        • Cain,
          From what I’ve read, opinions vary to a small degree, but if white rice is stored properly (mylar, O2, cool, dark, food-grade bucket) it should last just about a lifetime. Different story on brown rice because there is more oil in it, however, if stored properly you’re looking at 10, 15 years, maybe more. Don’t forget to either freeze it for a few days before storing it away or sprinkling in some diatomaceous earth to ward off bugs.

          • Bay leaf is another item I forgot to mention that is being thrown in with the rice.

            Plan on freezing the rice before they go into the buckets.

        • Yadkin Girl,

          That’s how I have set up my food storage as well. Other than home canned soups, I don’t have any prepared meals. It’s much cheaper to buy ingredients and then prepare meals yourself.

          • Mother Earth says:

            I concur Bam Bam. I too store just ingredients other than what I can, freeze or dehydrate. And boy will I be upset when I can no longer use the freezer! I continue to add canning jars every year just for the day electricity is gone.

          • Yadkin Girl says:

            Bam Bam,

            I am new here and have a hard time following what I have said and where I said it!!!!

            Anyway, I believe you (if not, sorry…I don’t know where I wrote it on this site and who responded – but, I think it was you!!!) asked about wood fired brick ovens and I tried to help but was litthe help (I have changed my name to Yadkin Girl). I just found a site that I used for initial research.


            If someone could help me follow what I say, I would appreciate it.

            • Yadkin Girl,

              Yes, that was me. I think it’s such a useful skill to be able to bake in a brink over. I sure wish you would consider writing an article on this.

            • riverrider says:

              yadkin, you could do a “control f” which is the find function, and type in your scene name. a “next” and “previous” button will appear at the top and all your entries will be highlighted. just click the buttons or scroll down the page

          • Yadkin Girl says:

            Bam Bam,

            I will think about writing an article. For me, the oven is one of my best survival tools as I can bake anything in it. I will not be able to do so for this contest as I am too busy this week.

  45. cosmolined says:

    I know my Airborne Brothers will think this is whining, but here it is.
    After 14 trips to the Chiropractor, my neck Finally doesn’t hurt. Sure was hard to forgive the man that ran the light… but I have. (He’ll live.) LOL . Cos

    • Cosmo, I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and they are the greatest. Had the lower back and neck cracked.

      • Jarhead, just a word of caution on the neck cracking (you may already be aware); I know someone who had a stroke after having their neck manipulated by a chiropractor. Also my DW had her neck problem exacerbated when she had her neck manipulated by the chiro. I cringe when I hear it knowing the possible negative side of it. Here is an interesting report on the subject:


        • d2 re Jarhead:

          I know someone who had positive experience with chiropracy. I do think that the art should be folded into the greater institution of properly overseen medicine. Enough training that they could call for an MRI and read the result.

          Midwifery should also be folded-in enough for licenses and respect and all the periphery, even if they have to call in a surgeon and crew for things going wrong.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          d2 prep,

          I have been suggesting a chiropractor for the DW’s long standing neck pain. Drugs have been ineffective. Because of chemotherapy in 2001 her skin is very thin and easily bruised; perhaps her veins and arteries are the same.

          Thanks to your post, I’ll switch sides and ask her to avoid the neck snappers.

          • Hunker-Down,

            I go to a neck cracker. It has helped me tremendously. I go four or five times a year. My neck problems were caused originally by weak abdominal and back muscles. I do exercises for 15 minutes each day, and I am fine. When I get too busy to do my exercises, my neck goes out and then my hips go out. Very bad.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Bam Bam,

              Wouldn’t it be nice if the the medical schools merged bone poppers and the chemistry set internists into a single specialty?

            • H-D,

              Yes, then we could get cracked and drugged.

          • Hunker Down, glad to help. Hope your wife’s neck gets better soon.

      • D2 and Kel, thanks for the heads up! I have had some serious injuries over the years from the Marines and my fighting days. My neck gets stiff pretty quick so along with ice packs the neck snapper works and I feel the blood flowing and can look around easier..

        As for the back adjustments, it has prevented me from using pain meds and constant physical therapy when my lower back pops out of alignment.

        To me there is a reason the field has been around as long as medicine itself. While waiting for my appointment (5 days) I showed my gf how to do an adjustment and got it half way adjusted and it was better than nothing alleviating the pain and use of ibuprofin. The military started recognizing them about a year after I got out and a friend that’s a Corpsman said down time on back injuries were cut in half from the old method of physical therapy and avoiding surgery.

        Love it, love it, love it lol

    • congrats on being painfree…cheers.

  46. Kelekona says:

    I’ve been pretty much cut off from prepping for a few months… I managed to sneak in a cheap tarp to keep in the car while buying a slightly bigger/nicer one for my scooter. Hubby is the one interested in and controlling the garden.

    The beer-supply store also recognized DH well enough to talk him into a discount for bulk order. The store is tiny, so if DH buys three-or-so brews worth of grains, the store will crack them for free while he is picking up the hops. Not a real prep because it’s not bread wheat and I don’t have a grinder, but I’m sure I could find some actual rocks if I tried hard enough.

    I managed to leave the subdivision once on my scooter, to find that my ghetto grocery store isn’t ghetto anymore and I’m going to have to actually brave surface roads for places that deserve their upscale prices. I got into an informal game of chicken with a semi, wondering if it was going to disrespect my right-of-way and hoping that I would be the one to hit him if there was contact. I’m hoping that my sprained wrist is hand-controls plus stress, and that I’ll harden.

    • Kelekona says:

      And I broached the subject of cheap guns to the hubby…. he hates everything he’s tried, knows what he wants…. at least we’ll get the black-powder pistol as soon as we roadtrip to my mother’s.

  47. One other thing I forgot to mention, I wanted to say something about the Supreme Court taking up Obamacare this coming week. My husband and I run our own small business, just the two of us, no employees. We sell replacement windows, and contract a man to install them for us. In 2006, we were paying $900/month for health insurance for a 4 person family, which we bought through the Small Business Association, which provides the cheapest rates we can get. As you all probably know, here in Mass we were the first state to start universal health care, which was implemented in 2007. It was going to revolutionize health care and save everybody a ton of money, ha ha ha. There are only 4 companies you can buy insurance from, and surprise surprise, all of their monthly prices are within $100 of each other. We are now required BY LAW to purchase health insurance from one of these companies. Since this was implemented, our insurance has gone up $200/month every year, so when I got my new year’s bill March 1st, our insurance is now $1,800/MONTH, and if we don’t pay it, we are breaking the law. It is the lowest price plan we can get. Since the economy went bad 3 years ago, our business income has been cut in half, so that now health insurance costs us more than 25% of our total income. Last year I tried throwing in the towel and getting on the state’s plan for sheep, but was rejected. My husband and I are both in our 50’s, and take very good care of our health. Neither of us is overweight, we have no bad habits, we require no medications, we walk 3 miles every day, we eat right. It is very possible that before this year is out, we may have to stop paying health care and become criminals. This health care law is not sustainable. I know most of you probably have insurance at work if you have jobs, but many companies are going to stop providing insurance because of how expensive it is going to become under Obamacare, because it will be cheaper for them to pay the fines than to pay the insurance. I truly hope that the Supreme Court shoots down the Individual Mandate, even though most of what I read in the MSM seems to indicate that a lot of people think the Supremes will let it stand.

    • worrisome says:

      I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said about ObamaCare and mandated health insurance. This plan is a mess! Part of my job is trying to maintain health insurance for the company I work for. When you look down the road for 2013 and 2014, it is a nightmare. Nicely put! Glad you commented!

    • This is the whole purpose of obamacare. Good luck. The SCOTUS should kick it out but anything can happen. BTW: The MSM? They Lie!

    • Gwen, I truly sympathize with your insurance going up so much. DH and I are both on SS and he has a retirement plan that is turning into nothing more than the fund for medical insurance. For just the two of us, we pay over $800 per month for med/drug coverage. I received an email this week that said in 2014 the Medicare monthly premium will more than double and that will mean our other coverage from DH’s previous employer will probably double too. Beyond the personal costs, this legislation will bankrupt the country and it is leading us into a downward spiral. TDL and the demo-rats just don’t get it.

    • sw't tater says:

      Gwen, We all feel your pain! the health care law has already cost me the only job I had, 15 hr a week…and making any money doing odd jobs is out, because no one has money to pay for anything being done.My better half is disabled. has insurance which if Odama care continues will cost us 1/4th his income. and I have no insurance and no money with which to purchase.I looked at a health co-op, but the one I qualify for costs 160 per month. My total meds and Dr’s visits were 600$ last year.(half that was labwork) We are praying the law does not stand and any remanants are repealed post election.

    • George is Learning says:

      1800 a month? How is a normal American supposed to pay fees like that on top of rising cost of living expenses?

      I used to smoke cigs, I quit several years ago when the price started hitting 4.-4.50 a pack. times that by 30 days and I still don’t seem to have enough money, much less an extra 1800 a month to spend on healthcare. Granted if i get hurt or sick thats gonna be bad news for me.
      The real problem is the cost of healthcare, its nuts, wacked out of the world crazy expensive.
      I took my daughter into the emergency room for a stomach pain. She was crying from the pain. We spent and Im not kidding here 3 hours in the waiting room 1 hour getting various checkups and an 8000 yeah 8 thousand dollar bill.
      If the cost wanst so G’dam high we wouldnt need insurance. We could just pay cash and wala . I mean no f’ing way does a pill cost 200$ and before I hear the crap about R and D. bull crap bull stinking crap. Most of the medicines can be found in natures plants all found by some dang jungle dweller living in a tent.

      Yeah mornings are not my best time to post lol
      8000$ stomach ache
      On a side note my daughter has acne, took her to the doc he prescribes a pill (ofcourse) the charge for the bottle in the 600$ range !!!! 30 dam pills for 600$
      but if you have this discount card its only 25$
      I blow a lid at that point. So the poor soul who does not have this card pays 600$? yup!
      screw you

      I guess thats how I really feel 🙂

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        LoL! I hear ya George is Learning!
        My youngest DD just had a physical last week (son too.) We hadn’t been for 3 years, figured before the shtf the kids (and us next week), all need a check up and up date shots expecially tetnus and whooping cough.

        Doctor said, Oh, she has some acne I’ll phone in a script for some cream for her. I said ok (doh).

        Before I went to pick up the cream I phoned the pharmacy to ask what the prescription was and how much. It was a tube of gel with benzole peroxide ( 5.49 cents over-the-damn- counter cost) with some amoxicillin to take care of the redness. It was 95.00!!!
        95 dollars for a tube 46.6 grams!

        I laughed and told the pharmacist we weren’t on welfare and I couldn’t afford that cost, that I’d buy the benzol peroxide over the counter and have her wash her face more. The pharmacist actually started laughing and said that washing her face more would help more then the 95$ tube even with the antibiotic.

        I kinda felt like an awful mom at first. But her acne is Not that bad and if I can buy nearly the same damn stuff for 5.49 and have her wash her face for free with a pharmacist saying it would work better… Damn. Just ticks me off now.

        Although the 95$ was waaaaayyyy better then an 8,000 stomach ache! Bet you had one after getting the bill!
        Can’t wait till its free!

        The oldest DH said if it gets too expensive for her she’ll just pay the dang fine and use the emergency room if she ever needs anything. I wonder how many other young adult Americans will be doing that also. Fine is a LOT cheaper then being forced to purchase the socialist mandated health care.

        Don’t even get me started on how that’s going to work for the special needs population!! Will they be “worthy” of treatment? What about if an ultra sound shows the child will have Down syndrome or spina bifida? Is the obummercare going to fund the care of that yet unborn person? or rather pay for the parents to just “try again”?
        (No, no where is the above stated in the obummer legislation. But by putting numerous happenings together it would Not surprise me.
        Something wicked this way comes,… comrades.

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          Oldest Dear Daughter, not oldest DH. lol
          Like I’d want more then one!

        • To help with her acne:

          Apple Cider Vinegar
          1 spray bottle (available at WM for 99 cents in travel section of cosmetics)
          Coconut oil

          Put ACV in spray bottle.

          When in shower, wash face with soap and then, close eyes, take deep breath and spray entire face with ACV. Hold breath and rinse immediately. Rinse around eyes especially well. Use coconut oil as the moisturizer under makeup. After washing makeup off, soak cottonball (or make reusable little flannel wipes) in ACV and clean face. Before bed, apply small amount of coconut oil until absorbed into skin.

        • sw't tater says:

          On Acne….I was having awful time with ingrown hairs on my face…until I found essential peppermint oil. when I use it regularly., once daily..I have no infections. No sinus infections, no dental infections and no ingrown hair problems. Getting this info from a herbalist has saved me many Dr’s visits and pain.
          Re….current odama legis. Don’t worry about the special needs population.obummer legislation will not have any money for treatment of such individuals, they will however pay for any parents of said ones to be fixed, so there are no more.. .and don’t forget as we get older and older there will be less and less money to spend on those who fall and break something it will be much easier to give such ones a big pain shot that puts them out of their misery…so they will never hurt again. That is coming! When you put a board of individuals to decide who gets care that is what you get.

        • riverrider says:

          whole corporations are anouncing they plan on dropping insurance and paying the fine. cheaper by far.

      • Kelekona says:

        The problem is that anyone who is successfully charged for hospitalization has to pay for the last handful of people who weren’t, or healthcare providers just charge out the nose because they can.


        We do need some sort of healthcare reform, but make it that no one pays more than a week’s food budget just to have a doctor walk in and tell them that they aren’t dying. (I’m talking about the budget of food actually eaten in a week by some of the under-employed crowd here.)

    • Gwen……..

      You and others like you weren’t the targeted beneficiary of TDL’s “Affordable Health Care Act”…the “downtrodden masses” were. I mean, aren’t they entitled to the same things as those who pay for theirs? Putting them into houses they couldn’t afford and bestowing success without regard to merit, through affirmative action, has worked so well, why not insurance too and don’t forget……………………. Don’t you just love Socialisim?

      • village idiot says:

        Hahaha…Hawkeye, gotta love that socialism until reality intrudes, as in socialism works well until you run out of other people’s money. And that’s where we are now. The country is broke, and the politicians are still spending like drunken sailors, enriching our enemies like the Chinese and bankrupting hard-working citizens. We are going to fall long, fall hard, and fall sooner than you think. These things take a while to happen, but once they do happen, they happen quickly. It wouldn’t take much, perhaps a riot, another drought, a loss of confidence in our bond market, and the show will be over. Dang, I better go shopping right now.

      • riverrider says:

        i promised myself that i wouldn’t get drawn into these conversations this week. you sure are making it tough though. 🙂

      • Just think in a couple of years people with ins. through their job will have to start paying taxes on the value of their policy. Thanks Obama

        • riverrider says:

          pj, worse still, if you survive the cancer and insurance pays 100k on the bill(not a large number when dealing with cancer), you will have to claim that 100k as income and pay taxes on it. now, if you make only 25k a year how are you going to pay 25k in taxes? the 100k also puts you in a higher bracket so you pay even more on your first 25k! so then you sell your house, if you’re lucky enough to still have it. you AND the buyer have to pay tax on the sale to fund obamacare. there are hundreds of dirty little secrets in the 6000 page law.

          • As less and less pull the wagon and more ride they keep bleeding us for more.It.s only going to get worse and thats when we the preppers will be in a good position Rivver.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I know I’m a dinosaur but I remember, “Kill a commie for mommie”. Now it’s “Kiss a commie?” The rat bastard Chicoms were our enemies but now they love us, if only we keep disarming and kowtowing? Associating with American socialists/commies and foreign despots is OK? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
        Stop me before I rant again….

        • riverrider says:

          dan, did you see tdl tell the russians” come back after the election when he’ll have more flexibility”? he knows the fix is in, he’ll be able to do what he wants, like give up our defensive capability.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      If the Supreme Court does not reject the individual mandate, this is no longer the land of the free.

      If the individual mandate is judged constitutional, the government can force us to pay/do/be anything they deem beneficial to the government.

      We will be treated just like Nero and Stalin treated their citizens.

      • riverrider says:

        the scotus won’t overturn it even though it is unconstitutional. they set the precident back in 1942 when they told a farmer to destroy his wheat crop and fined him for it, even though it was for his own use. they can’t go back. their hipocracy knows no bounds.

        • River, my dad and uncles told me how they told my grandparents they had to slaughter a number of their livestock mostly pigs during the Depression

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I’m inclined to believe that the SCOTUS will let it stand. Look what they did with eminent domain? Rigged game gents. The Supremes will probably throw it back at the Congress. And even if the Repubs {lesser ratfinks} take the Senate they will have to overcome a veto.
          I am ranting again…………stop me MD.

        • I suspect that significant portions including the individual mandate will be overturned. This will be no problem for TDL, however. Rather than fining individuals who do not get insurance, TDL will provide a tax benefit for those that do.

          The reason the Democrats didn’t do this in the first place is that they couldn’t get a new tax passed. (Congress would have to increase taxes in order to give a tax break to those who get insurance.)

          SCOTUS would then put the issue back before the American people. If you want higher taxes, government mandates and universal coverage vote Democrat. If you want lower taxes, individual rights and responsibilities, and millions of Americans who are excluded from the heath care system (due to pre-existing conditions) then vote Republican. This is a rather charged way to put this issue, but on conservative principles health care is not a right–it’s a commodity. And those who cannot afford it, should stop complaining.

          • Bam Bam – I agree. There is no win-win situation here, nor is there for any of the social issues. That is why I don’t really believe in the position of either major party – and I can not with good conscience register with either. There are core issues championed by each major party that I have strong moral objections to.
            Neither side is completely right, but things can’t continue the way they are for much longer, either. I suspect each major party will continue to try, with limited amounts of success, to advance their own agenda, each cancelling the gains by the other side out. The net result will be that nothing ever gets better for anybody – instead, the general trend will be a gradual decline into decay and ill health for the whole population, aside from a very limited, very privileged few.

            ‘Things fall apart.’ ~Joan Didion


          • Maybe if people start honestly asking themselves why they cant afford to feed, cloth, house, etc, etc, etc, themselves we would be a better nation.
            Oh and btw: Please do not confuse health care with health insurance. Two different issues. Yes yes I know, it is intentional.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            Bam Bam,

            The financial foundation of the whole package is built upon forcing insurance payments from everyone. If the individual mandate is unconstitutional the bill falls apart like unraveling a knitted financial sweater.

            Maybe tdl can finance it by taxing cheezey fries? Doesn’t he have a czar for that?

            • Hunker-Down,

              I agree with both you and Ron. It is unconstitutional to require every American to buy health insurance. There is no way to get around the fact that people who take care of themselves (people who watch what they eat, exercise, choose not to smoke, etc.) will be forced to pay for people who get sick through no fault of their own AND for people who choose to smoke crack and eat junk food. And that’s wrong.

              But should it also not be wrong for insurance companies to profit from denying coverage to the sickest Americans?

              I don’t have a good answer here.

            • Hunker Down………..
              Too bad you can’t have it both ways. Insurance companies charge based on actuarial realities. They could include pre-existing conditions, etc., but healthy policy holders are going to pay the tab for their doing so because insurance companies aren’t going to purposely lose money. If they choose not to cover them, hospitals/Medicaid pays for them anyway and the healthy taxpayer gets the “hit”. One way or the other, some will need medical treatment and be unable to pay and those that are able will pay, either through their insurance premium or via their taxes.
              Someone needs to ask eventually, “why medical costs go up in leaps and bounds” for no apparent reason”, far in excess of inflation. Someone somewhere is lining their pockets. Maybe someone should look at that and probably start with ambulance chasers!

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Bam Bam,

              Part of the solution could be tort reform, allow insurance companies to operate in any state (fair competition?), prohibit pharmaceutical companies from spending money training the general public to be internists (advertising) and folding the charges into the cost of a prescription, get serious about medicare fraud, triage illegals in emergency rooms, allow us to buy medicine from world wide approved manufacturer (fair competition?), redefine the FDA, and don’t allow bloggers to rant or post run-on sentences.

            • Hunker Down:

              Yeah…ending “run on” sentences should fix it.

          • Here’s what I see as one of the major problems of our health care system. I don’t know how it is in other states, but here in my state, you can’t “shop” for any medical services. What I mean is, if my doctor determines that I need an MRI, he just sends me where he sends me, and I can’t find out what my MRI is going to cost until AFTER I get it, AFTER the insurance company decides what they are going to pay, and they tell ME what I am going to have to pay. I literally cannot call around to different places and find out what they charge for an MRI, because no one will tell me! What the hell else in life do you buy where you have to buy the thing before you know what you are going to have to pay for it? That is insane! Can you imagine having to go out, agree to buy a car, and only find out after you have signed the paperwork what the price is? And I know from talking to other people that MRI’s cost a lot of different amounts from a lot of different places! If we were allowed to shop for many of these medical services, I’m sure that prices would come way down. But they deliberately keep that information away from us, so that all the companies involved can milk all of us for as much money as possible. So in my humble opinion, the FIRST STEP of fixing national health care would be to force everybody in the business to publish pricing that everybody can know for tons of regular procedures that are commonplace. Let us shop, let us even decide that maybe the price isn’t worth the test. But stop forcing us to buy things that we aren’t allowed to know the price of!

            I loved the Justices’ comments yesterday about the individual mandate. The gubt was arguing that since everybody uses healthcare, everybody needs to pay. The Justices responded, “So, if everybody needs a funeral since we are all going to die, can the government then force us all to buy funeral insurance? Since everybody has to eat, can the government force us to buy broccoli?” From what I hear, the gubt didn’t have any good answers for that.

            • K Fields says:

              Wow Gwen, that’s really strange.
              I live in CA and I’ve just gone through a number of medical procedures and you can bet I shopped around! Some procedures were less expensive locally (like surgical fees) and some were less expensive in the closest “big city” (such as a colonoscopy that large medical centers do on almost a production line basis). My doctors and local hospital had no problem talking costs with me and advising me how I could save money and where the service was more important than the cost savings (not only concerning services but prescription drugs also). In fact, at my local hospital, you MUST sign forms agreeing to an estimate of charges (and paying up front with cash or insurance) before anything is done except in the case of emergencies.

            • Gwen, and everyone else up about healthcare,

              That’s actually a big piece of the no easy answers. Do we know how much it actually costs to set and wrap a broken bone, especially when adding in furniture wear from obese patients or whatever costs that the smokers incur during the procedure.

              I keep thinking about it like auto insurance. State minimum insurance is to cover damage to other people, and I’m grateful because people who saw the underside of my car kept giving me strange looks when I said I was still driving it on the highway after I was hit. You could get more insurance for other things if you like.

              The brocoli argument is not without merits simply because of line-drawing. Ask me about fruit and the sweater incident if you are interested in my rambling parables.

              All of Foodcourtia would probably be banished from America, forcing people into slow-service diners or making the lower-earner-partner a slave to the kitchen. Do you realize how many soccer-dads lack the multitasking skills to plan dinner while shuttling 2.5 children to their practices? Their families would probably starve 3 nights a week without drive-troughs. (End rant, insurance parable below.)

              Long story involving being an occasional personal chauffeur for a quasi-friend. I had to drive her through a security checkpoint, and ended up trying to hip-bump a concrete barrier out of the way while trying to change lanes without hitting the guard. The moral is that color-match spraypaint is cheaper than “my own damn fault” insurance. (Or your insurance company getting any wind of a blunder. I didn’t get a report simply because I didn’t want my insurance company to laugh at me.)

  48. Greetings Wolfpack,

    I haven’t checked in a couple months. We’ve ordered impact windows for entire house this week. Goal is to make house harder to break into and improve energy use.

    Gun show today – DH added a small handgun for pocket carry to our supply. I looked at a Taurus 38 with aluminum frame, weight was nice still not sure though, still hate my S&W bodyguard. Every time I use it I end up with little nicks, cuts and burns all over my hands. I’m left handed and have found this gun awkward to handle. Any lefties out there with recommendation for a CCW is appreciated. DH think I need to switch to a revolver.

    That’s it for us this week, need to recover my savings from window purchase before we resume any other major preps.

    • Given that I am left eye dominate, I tend to fire left handed. SO I understand

      Look into a 1911 with ambi-safeties and ambi-mag release. Very popular with the CCW crowd since the rounds in the 1911 are single stacked to produce a thinner profile. If .45 acp seems a bit large for you, they do make the 1911s chambered for different rounds: 9 mm, 22 LR, 38, etc.

      The following manufacturers make 1911s with a stock ambi-safety: Taurus, Sig Sauer, Colt, Rock Island, and CZ Dan Wesson. A mag release for both hands or left tends to be an after market modification.

  49. breadmomma says:

    dusted off the generator that we purchased 20 years ago in Houston…Onan diesel…changed out fuel line and new battery…runs like a new one..oh ya…never used it so it sort of is…a nice generator that hums along just nicely…takes care of the garage…freezers, refrig…etc…
    got all small motor tools up and running..new son in law is mighty handy and smart…more beans, bullets, bandaids and bouillon….working on raised beds…hope to have this project complete…

  50. Prepper RN says:

    Hello All,
    Busy week here. car in shop to replace computer that was going bad, tune up and oil change. Took the car-less time to can 16 pints of chili meat sauce, 9 pints of pineapple jam, 5 pints of corned beef.
    Dehydrated 4 heads of cabbage and 10 lbs of potatoes.
    Received 50lbs of vital wheat gluten and put most of it up. Will use for my bread and want to learn how to make wheat meat for my non meat eating friends if needed.
    Vacumed sealed my soap bars as I now have a large supply and heard it will dry out.
    My preps are good for me to live off of now for more than a year. I have now expanded to items that will help others or for bartering.
    Started peach wine and grape wine.
    Organized my medical supplies and added some more suture kits and a suture removal kit.
    Praying for our Nation.

    • Someone I knew used to make their own wheat meat. You take some whole wheat flour, and a lot of water, make a slurry, let it settle, and pour off the water, add new water, and then just repeat that a bunch of times. At least I think that’s how she did it.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Penny Pincher, making wheat meat from whole wheat takes a lot of work and a huge amount of water to get the gluten out. Bexar Prepper just did a youtube vid on it and that really prompted me to get the 50lb bag of wheat gluten. I would not do it otherwise. I would rather make better use of my wheat berries.

    • PrepperRN
      It doesn’t hurt to seal your soap up, but as far as it drying out that should not be a real big concern. I was taught that letting it dry out a bit made it harder and it would last longer.

    • Garden Mom says:

      Prepper RN – I read that we are supposed to take the wrappers off the soap and let them dry out for a few days, then rewrap the bars. This way they will be hard and dry when they are needed. Otherwise they soften in storage. I didn’t do much research on it though. AND – I love my vacuum sealer, so that sounds like a really good idea. Something new to try. Okay – I’m rambling, sorry.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Most of my soaps have been my preps now for more than a year and I was more affraid of wastage and the drying, as I did find a couple of them with cracks in them like they are too dry.
        I also store some liquid body wash when I can get a good deal on it. But I feel that soap bars will be a better item to pass out to those who might need it.

        • sw't tater says:

          When the soap is really dry it makes great laundry powder…the cheese grater grates it so fine…it’s easier to mix!

    • Prepper RN,

      Check out preparednesspro.com and put “wheat meat” in the search bar. She is the “foodie” prepper on the Doomsday Prepper show. She has all kinds of stuff on wheat meat. She really does know her stuff when it comes to food. Lots of good info and she does a lot of research.

  51. Had three custom Kydex sheaths made, their multi-use, multi position sheath, to go on ALICE/MOLLIE equipment, or as a neck knife. SharkTac makes great gear. Got more D,C, AA, and AAA batteries for my electronic gear. Got more ammo for the .357 magnum and the M336 LMBR weapons system. Assembling a my ALTOIDS tin, survival kit, my get home bag, and the run for the hills for generation or two.

  52. worrisome says:

    MD hope the cabin is coming along nicely for you.
    I found a sale on green and red peppers believe it or not so went on a week long dehydrating spree! Went through my basic canned goods and put a list together of items that I have been using up and need to replace. Found a deal on some yarn, and since I love to knit and crochet I kind of splurged on enough to make several sweaters and some hats/scarves and mittens.
    In this continuing process of weeding through boxes and boxes of dead relatives “left behinds” I came across a knife that my brother had for most of his life. When he died, his wife apparently gave it to my father. When I was eight (which was many many years ago) my brother spent a lot of time teaching me how to throw that knife. So I took it out in the back yard, focused on what I remember him telling me to do and within 10 minutes of messing about it with, I was able to nail the tree I was aiming at 3 out of 4 times I threw. My brother always told me that this knife was so perfectly balanced that it made it easy. I think he was right. And since he was my big brother, my protector, it is a treasure to have it my hands doing something he would have approved of me relearning after all these years. After fooling with it for a while. I took it to a friends house to have her husband show me how to sharpen it so I can continue to take good care of it. That is it for this week. Please take care of yourselves preppers! Whatever happens, taking care of ourselves is a good idea!

  53. I’m interested in whether anyone has plans about disguising their preparations from the air. For example, large gardens will be obvious, windmills, other more unusual setups, etc. I hadn’t thought of this before. I think it may be borrowing trouble to worry about that, but if there were easy to implement ideas, why not?

    • BamaBecca says:

      That’s a great question Natalia, one I have also thought about. I’d love to hear the Packs thoughts on this subject as well. One thing I plan to do is planting food throughout the woods behind my house in tiny plots. The downside to this is wildlife eating it all, but a chance I’ll have to take. If it can’t be seen, it can’t be taken.

      • To keep most all wildlife away all you have to do is put human hair or soap shavings or both

        • the soap and hair never worked for me. I have deer all over my yard and they love my garden!! What has worked for me is to fence my garden and leave the corner posts a little taller than the wire I fence the garden with. Then I string thick fishing line between the posts over the wire. The deer can’t see the line but when their whiskers touch it, they are scared. I just buy a roll of the cheapest line I can and string it at all different heights.

        • Encourager says:

          Or…and this works, it really does…have a man piddle around the garden, making a barrier. (NOT in the garden or on the plants! Gotta have aim!)

      • Becca,

        Be careful here. I tried planting little plots of veggies near a creek behind my house. The bugs got to it. There is a term I heard and I got a kick out of the idea–squatter gardening.

        • BamaBecca says:

          I will Bam Bam…I’ve been doing a lot of reading on companion planting. I plan to try out some sweet potatoes and several kinds of squash, maybe some cukes this year. Haven’t gotten around to it yet cuz I’ve been trying to get everything done in my yard first. Also, we have several clearcuts close by and I’m going to plant several types of melons on the edges of those.

          I can plant oregano near my melons and sweet potatoes to deter bugs and will look like weeds to most. Still learning and planning, hope to get started on my “woods” garden in a week or so. Will let you all know how it turns out.

          • Becca,

            I tried a squatter garden last year. I might try it again because I have more seedlings than I have room for in my garden.

    • riverrider says:

      nat, i put a lot of my preps under my deck, like the rainwater tanks, generator, etc. ..garden, i think will be okay for now. there are camo nets like the mil uses that are handy to cover equipment like tractors etc. showmystreet.com will show you what you need to disguise or move. scary that anybody can get that info.

    • Natalia…this is a good question and something to really think about. And not just from the vantage of large airplanes, or even helicopters, but also, many people have small planes, gliders (soundless), ultralights (basically motorized hang-gliders) and other small aircraft, including balloons. These smaller aircraft can see a lot of detail from the air. I know, because my father built & flew small aircraft and I grew up flying around in them myself. You can fly low (and be gone before anyone could get outside to shoot) and see a LOT. Truly something to think about.

      • I guess a camo net wouldn’t work for those! I hadn’t thought of those small aircraft.

        • riverrider says:

          how many folks are going to have aviation fuel after tshtf? i have a clear patch in the woods as backup, but plan on growing right out front w/ a privacy fence around it. by putting it in view of the house it should deter theives, all but the gov theives anyway.

          • RR…there will be many with planes, ultralights, etc. and enough fuel for quite awhile. Don’t want to blow OPSEC, so will just say: I know this. Some small planes and ultralights take very little fuel…sort of like a lawn mower. They can be expected to be around for awhile if SHTF is what we’re talking about. End of the world? We don’t need to worry about ANYthing!

    • Garden Mom says:

      Natalia, We talked about disguising our growing food from wandering people, not so much from the air. And we talked about putting vegetable plants in the landscaping by the house, especially plants that non-gardeners might not take – lettuce, spinach, etc might look like weeds to some people. Carrots, potatoes, etc could be planted around the house also. Tomatoes and other obvious ones we will plant in pots up on our deck, then pull them inside when necessary.

      • Garden Mom-
        Good idea about the tomatoes in pots. I like it. Also, there are ornamental trees and plants that can provide for back-up nutrition and may already be in your yard. Most daylilies fall into this category (bulbs, young leaves, flower buds all tasty), and also crabapple trees and many actual weeds like dandelions, lambs quarters, sorrell (looks like tiny buttercups with heart-shaped petals and clover-like leaves), and white clover is rich in iron as a tea additive, as well. A lawn can hide many vitamin-packed salads or servings of cooked greens if it is not the icky boring monoculture so highly prized by suburban elite!
        Also, wild dog roses are both good natural fence and excellent vitamin C source for the winter, when fresh fruits and vegetables are in short supply.
        There’s lots you can do in plain sight that would only make you the eccentric neighbor who doesn’t pull her weeds or trim her bushes very often… and that is not something likely to get you on anyone’s radar.

    • Natalia, here is a way to figure out how well your preps are covered: go to google or mapquest and do an aerial view of your home. Don’t inter your address just do a general search or address of a business near you and since the updates are about every 6 months to a year it will give you an idea or how best to camouflage your preps from eyes in the sky.

      I have tarps I’ve painted with the same color as the grass with some black and brown paint drops here and there for shading and concrete color for the back driveway/patio area. I only have to be concerned if there was a prolonged lack of water for the lawn.
      My shed’s roof is painted the color of the grass and the sides are the same color as the brick wall and pushed into the corner. I looked at the ariel view and it doesn’t stick out like the neighbors tarp/car covers and sheds.
      Helicopters circling or flying low would have to be looking for it to notice.

      • Kelekona says:

        Jarhead, I guess my mom is doing well with her oaks. We could pick out details in the springtime shots but the latest set is in summer and the neighbor’s unremarkable meadow stands out more than her house. Streetview’s cameras don’t even have the contrast range to pick up a building unless you are sensitive to the difference between grays above the 85%

        Of course, all of that cover means that crocuses and tulips are the limit of gardening…. that and thinning the tiger lilies to new patches…. I was doing survival preps when I just wanted lusher weeds.

  54. Hey everyone;
    Bought another Canvas Tent 10×10 sized. Adding it to the other Canvas Tent that is 10×8, but putting a Canvas cover/fly over the both of them will now give me a good sized home, if that is my next direction. Will be using Durofoam insulation on the walls and ceiling (I like shiny and reflectance) will be easy to heat it up and should keep its heat pretty good utilizing a Rocket Mass Heater.
    Bought a smaller Compound Bow for only $40. Good little plunker, will need to up the calibration and zero it in. Looks like a good little varmint hunter and training bow.
    O yaaaa, de-skunked the dog last night from 12am to 1am, then dropped her off at the Kennel so they had a go at it as well. She smells much better now.
    De-skunk recipie;
    1L bottle (large) hydrogen peroxide
    1L of water
    1/2 box of baking soda
    3 tablespoons of dish washing liquid (Dawn apparently works ).

    Stir together and start soak the dog in it – do this outside – by wetting his fur thoroughly and continuing to work it through with a rag for a minimum of 15 minutes keeping it away from his eyes and mouth.
    Picked up a Carpenters Hatchet, love it though it needs some work done to it.
    Picked up a Second Hand Portable wood burning stove with pipes for $40
    working on adding in some more solar options and trying to make my own Wind Power Generator (I live on a Ridge it is always windy! )
    Gas keeps going up so trips going down, now it is $1.32ltr = aprox $5.28gal for the cheapo gas.
    Looking into a more vegetarian menu so trying to modify my preps as well. There are so many reasons for this, where to start on why, just why O why not.
    Cheers ~WildE

    • Wilderness,
      Deskunking, I remember it well. I had a Samoyed that loved to chase skunks. The best remedy I found, by far, was good old tomato juice. I’d keep 4 or 5 big cans on hand at all times. Being a white dog, poor thing looked like I attempted to butcher him while he sat there soaking in the stuff. I just rinsed him off with clear water and sometimes had to repeat, but the smell always came out.

  55. mountain lady says:

    Not buying anything for a while. I did receive a carton full of candles from a nice older lady who is moving East to live with family. Next week she is giving me all her split peas and beans. Accepting gifts is still prepping, lol.

  56. This week I planted up the rest of my garden at home. Started more tomatoes: Black Krim and Rutgers Red. The Roma finally sprouted, but the Black Krim are just sitting there. I need more paper cups to plant more tomatoes, there’s some weird green stripy ones I got last year at the farmers market that I want to propagate, plus some purple cherry tomatoes and “hillbilly” which are streaky and very large.

    Priced “super soil” (like a compost/peat moss mix) from a landscaping company and also lumber to make raised beds to expand the garden. Determined that the 64 cubic feet of soil I want would be like 96 5-gallon buckets of soil, so I think I’ll borrow a truck and just buy the soil in a couple weeks, or if I can find a place to get free composty soil I’ll just start carrying some buckets in the car and get it slowly. I also bought an entrenching tool (folding shovel) for the car. I think I will also look for alternatives to buying lumber to contain the soil. Maybe old dresser drawers from someone’s trash would work, but I’m not sure how to keep them from looking junky with plants in them.

    Today I went to my friend’s old farm and started turning soil in the old pig pen (hasn’t had pigs for years) to put a garden there too. (small, and has a fence that will keep deer out) The recent rain made the soil all sticky so that was almost futile – couldn’t get the soil to come off the roots of the sod. Planted a couple melon seeds in the mud patch I managed to hack out. It’s some weird melon called the Tigger melon that I’d got from rareseeds.com last fall. She’ll get the next door farmer to till the back field and I’ll grow mostly wheat and adzuki beans there. The guy who took apart the small tiller will reassemble it and then it’ll be good for doing the pig pen. I learned today the difference between plowing, disking and tilling. We discussed rigging up gutters to irrigate the garden/fill rain barrels.

    Oh, drat, I left a yarrow seedling in the car and it probably burnt up. But I found 5 4-leaf clovers today. 4 of them I found within one square foot of ground, all at once.

    I repotted a ginger plant I started from a ginger root from the store, because some of the leaves had turned brown and the stems are looking a little transparent/rotten. I cut off one rotten side of the greenery. Maybe I’d overwatered it? Or maybe it was getting rootbound? I guess I’ll find out. So now it has a bigger pot.

    The front yard is starting to come in (lettuce and radishes, also the sunflowers) but the carrots aren’t coming in. I have bad carrot karma. I think I might see a corn seedling or two out back. I guess time will tell.

    • BamaBecca says:

      Penny Pincher, I went with cinder blocks for my raised beds. They cost me 1.49 ea @ Marvin’s. I bought enough to get a good start and have continued to buy a half dozen or so each week to add to what i already have. My thoughts were that the cinder blocks won’t rot and they can also be sued for other things if need be. Just my 2 cents 😉

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      if you use the wood from most modern furniture you will find that it is in fact particle board and will fall apart very quickly. if you use real wood from furniture it may have been treated with something that you do not want to eat. you may want to look into buying untreated deck boards 2 by 6 are good and ooften cheap.

  57. I am concerned about the shortages of goods. Ruger has stopped taking new orders (likely until May) because there is a backlog. I ordered a case of meat and a case of cheese from Shelf Reliance and the response was so strong that this is now back ordered, possibly til May. Now I find out Ya-Hoo Baking Co. is out of tea cake in a can. (This is shelf stable cake.)

    I was in Walmart and a one pound bag of beans was $1.49. That’s nuts. To top it all off, there was an article in the newspaper today that a hotdog at a Texas Ranger’s game now costs $26.

  58. Haven’t done anything for preps this week. I pretty much only do something around the 1st and the 15th. Although I am looking at getting a ruger SR556. I am very tired of cleaning my m4. Anyone have that AR? If so are there any issues that yall have had? And how do yall like them in general?

    • Luke….

      Love my SR556…bought it used (2 months old) for $1700 but that included a $410 EoTec Holographic sight (also 2 months old).

      My biggest concern was that it might develop signs of “bolt tilt”…that is, asymetrical thrust on the bolt from the piston rod, causing the lower rear part of the bolt to impinge on the threads where the buffer tube screws into the receiver.

      Something over 700 rounds through it now with NO signs of that yet and I’m getting more and more confident everyday. Knock on wood!!

      The SR556 comes standard with Troy quad rail, folding front and rear sights, Hogue pistol grip and three Magpul polycarbon mags in addition to Ruger’s lifetime warranty.

      You can’t go wrong, from my experience, so long as you can find one at the right price (The Ruger list price was $1995)! I’m in no way associated with Ruger other than having been a customer for over 55 years.

      • Thanks Hawkeye ,
        I’ve heard that because of the unique 2 stage piston design there is normally no carrier tilt. Anyways. Thanks.

  59. Went to an Army Surplus/flea market, found a cherry pitter like my dad use to have, that everyone wanted to borrow. Universal meat grinder food chopper in the box with all the parts for $5.00. Pick up two P-51s for the GHBs and a light weight Gerber knife sharpener.

    Walked over our potential bug out property. We’ve owned it for years now looking at how to make it a retreat. Hubby has been playing with different cabin building plans for a while now.

    Harvested the rest of the carrots and will be getting them into the dehydrator today.

    While not GMO I did break down and buy 4 100 sweet cherry tomato plants. I love them! I have back up garden seeds that are non-gmo and I’m starting some for this years garden.

    Other than that not much else. Reading and learning from all the rest of the Wolf pack. Need to get the new book that M.D. has out.

    WELCOME to the new comers, everyone stay safe and healthy!

  60. recoveringidiot says:

    MD, hope the book is profitable!

    I have decided to give up on the garden. My job is going to own me for a while. The boss and I had a long pow-wow and he talked me into not quitting just yet:-)
    We will be very busy and it seems I’ll have to travel even more for a year or so. The money should be good but I’ll have no extra time.
    I talked to one of my neighbors and he says if I can help get up taters this year he’ll give me some.(did that last year and worked out great) and his son puts in a bunch of tomato plants and offered me all I’ll need or have time to put up, all I have to do for him is fix a computer (I’d have fixed it for him anyway).
    I went somewhat crazy and bought a used Kawasaki mule yesterday! Got a great deal on it but had to drive all day to pick it up, thank God for friends willing to loan me a trailer. It needs a little work but I can handle that if I ever get any spare time. I hope to have time to hunt some and the mule will be a great help for an old guy that manages to get a deer to commit suicide.
    Hope everyone has a great week1

  61. Well Lets see what did this week bring..

    First, congrats to M.D. on his new book! I look forward to reading it when it gets here, and then I will do a review and tag it.

    So for me, its been a no buy week in terms of anything off the farm, other then critter feeds.

    This week has all been about the gardens, pruned out the grape vines, and the elderberry’s pruned some of the rasberries, and blackberries, still more to go, plus I need to prune out the gooseberry and current bushes this coming week.

    Put in pea’s, split a few things and made a new row with them, bedded down around a hundred 3 inch high garlic starts that I put in last fall and are up and doing well this year.

    Harvested spring horseradish, so nice to have it back in the house again.. Worked on hugelbeets, turned and watered a number of compost piles, checked on and feed worm bins.

    Skills training this week was all about pruning, and confirming that you can use the pin it method to start new grape vines, I have five new ones to move over this year to their own spots, and I did alot of different training with the draft cow.

    Otherwise, got a little crossbow training and target practice in, some sling shot practise in and a little time with the good air rifle, along with making it to the start of a new course locally on how to do staff fighting, it looks like it will be a lot of great fun, and even better DH is learning so we can practice at home together..

  62. SurvivorDan says:

    Made biscuits. Doesn’t sound like prepping?Well, I never made a biscuit before from scratch in my life. It was an unholy mess! Stuck to the pin, flour everywhere, first batch was a horror, etc.
    I love bread. So, I figure I have to learn how to make biscuits and bread. First in the oven and later in more primitive mode.
    Ain’t scared of much but the upcoming bread making battle is daunting. Lol.

    • SurvivorDan
      Biscuits are the easiest thing to make.
      Sounds like your dough was a little to wet.
      Use a tad less wet ingredients and/or knead more flour into them before rolling out.
      And make sure you have sprinkled enough flour on the dough and take some flour in your hand and run it over the rolling pin.
      Listen I can mess up a lot of stuff, but found my nitch with biscuits.
      Keep trying they are well worth the effort.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        But I did put flour on the pin. Will use more. And drier dough. Sprinkle flour on the dough before I roll it? Doh….that may have contributed to the debacle. lol.
        Thanks for the tips Ellen. I will try again tomorrow. Gravy and biscuits!
        If I can never make bread over a fire, I could get by on biscuits. Until that tired, dirty, scared baker wanders onto my retreat….

    • Mary in GA says:

      Keep dusting the pin and surface and ball of dough (and your hands) with more flour as needed. As a southern girl, I’ve made biscuits from scratch since I was 12 years old, LOL! Extra flour is the key.

    • Survivor Dan………
      Sounds like the first time I tried bread in the desert, camping. Three cups all purpose flour, two eggs, one can beer in a dutch oven and off we went. Messy as all get out, to start with, but oh so worth it; not that dutch oven cooking while camping out had anything to do with it?

      • This sounds interesting. No yeast, just eggs? When you say “off we went” do you mean you made it before you left and it sat in the dutch oven for a few hours? Can you explain a little or point me to a recipe or article? Thanks very much.

    • village idiot says:

      Hey, Survivor Dan, I’ve been out-of-town and just got the opportunity to read your article. Good stuff. Since the thread was dead, I was afraid you wouldn’t see my comment, so hope you don’t mind it here. Your article made me think about my security lighting, and some extra things that I need to do. Thanks.

    • SurvivorDan try this recipe for biscuits (no rolling pins or yeast required): 2 cups flour, 1 T baking powder, 1 t salt, 1/3 c oil and 2/3 c milk. Mix together and divide into bisuits as big or little as you like. Put on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 min. in 425 degree oven.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        No rolling pin and the accompanying unholy kitchen mess?
        God bless you sarahy!!!
        Will try this first tomorrow.

        • Hope it works for you – let me know. Not everyone likes drop biscuits but we often had them with homemade tomato soup. They are great with homemade jam.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Success!!! Easy and no mess. These are heavier biscuits than some. Had a buddy (thirty+ years ago) in the DOD from Louisiana who made these biscuits for biscuits and sausage gravy. I liiiiike it!
            I love you sarahy!

            • SurvivorDan says:

              If I ever want a lighter less crumbly biscuit like a dinner type, do I add more milk?

            • SurvivorDan says:

              Usually I’d be on a forum asking about the efficacy if a certain weapons cleaning compound or looking for an opinion on the latest .308 rounds. Now it’s ……… how to make a biscuit?
              Is it that I am getting into my dotage or simply thinking less like a warrior and more like a prepper? Next I’ll be baking pies! Lol.
              {I do love a deep dish apple pie….}

            • Glad you liked them. You made my week! You could try a little less flour or a little more milk.

              Now that you have biscuits down you could try this pizza dough receipe. No kneading or rolling pin required again.

              1T yeast, 2T warm water – mix together and set aside

              1 c warm water, 2T oil, 1 t salt – mix together and then add yeast mixture.
              Finally add 3 c flour (more or less) and mix together.

              Shape to fit pizza pans or cookie sheets (should be enough dough for 2 pizzas). Top with favorite toppings and bake at 425 for 20-35 min.

              Actually faster to make than to order it and have it delivered unless you live right next to a pizza parlor.
              You can substitute shortening for the oil but then you will need to use hot water (to melt the shortening) and wait until it has cooled down before adding the yeast. If the water is too hot you can stunt or kill the yeast.
              A trick to keep in mind for the yeast is that if it is a little old you can add a little sugar to the yeast and water. If the yeast proofs it is fine – if it doesn’t proof the yeast is dead and should be discarded. Just don’t discard old yeast down the kitchen sink drain or there may be some interesting conversations going on.

            • village idiot says:

              Survivor Dan and sarahy, I have basically the same recipe for my bisquits, but I do a couple of things different. I use buttermild instead of milk, and they have a great tangy flavor. And I put these bisquits in an iron skillet on top of the stove. The skillet has cooking oil that is already hot, and I drop the bisquits in and let them cook until I see a crust forming on the bottom of the bisquits. Then I pop the bisquits into the oven and cook them. I love that crust on the bottom of my bisquits.

            • Survivor Dan, I was like that. I went from guns and ammo to rice and flour. Since joining the Pack I realize the Beans and Band-Aids are just as important lol. It don’t make us less of a warrior, just a better well-rounded warrior.

              I haven’t gone into canning or a big time garden but have some cherry tomatoes, mint and celantro plants lol.

            • Survivor Dan: that is so funny, “gone from guns and ammo to baking biscuits”! Well, maybe not completely. If the biscuits are bad enough, you can always use them for ammunition! Lol! Remember Ellie Mae Clampet? Lol!

            • Survivor Dan: I’m posting this a little out of order from the thread, but couldn’t resist commenting. Your post below says “If I ever want a lighter less crumbly biscuit………” Now that is a hoot! It’s amazing what our prepping mindset has us doing things that we normally would never think of doing! But did you ever think you would be asking a group of women how to get a lighter, less crumbly biscuit? It’s like some of the “guy” things I keep asking my DH! He gets a very puzzled look on his face as if to say”why would you need to know that, you have me!” And I remind him that he might not be here , or busy fighting off zombies, and so I want to at least have an idea!

            • Encourager says:

              Survivor Dan, about kneading biscuits…you need a very light touch. Guys do everything hard. Just use your finger tips! Pat gentle after a bit of kneading. Pat into a kinda circle about 3/4 – 1 inch thick then cut out. When cutting out, do not twist the cutter – the biscuits won’t rise as high as a straight in-and-out cut. You can re-knead the leftover dough gently, pat out again and repeat. A hot oven, at least 425* is best. 10-12 minutes should do it but watch them after 7.

            • I don’t think there’s another site where we could talk about guns & biscuits with the same seriousness. And where people are so helpful. I am grateful I found this site.

    • Garden Mom says:

      We love bread too – and I have no idea how to make it. I too have been experimenting with breads that don’t require an oven. Messy, but fun.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      it gets better, my kids refused to clean the kitchen when i first started baking bread. the first few batches were bricks coated in flour i am positive of it. now although not like store bought it tastes better, i can clean the mess up in just a couple of minutes. good luck with your future bread making and that is a huge prep. in a couple months you will look at store bought as just soft cardboard with no flavor and its not even good for you. its also cheaper to make your own.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I make a remark about my disastrous attempt at trying to make biscuits and I get so much input/help. What can I say……..thanks Wolfpack. You’re a great bunch!

        • BamaBecca says:

          SD, if you still have trouble with the biscuits, it might be a good idea to find someone who knows how to show you. I told my daughter probably 100 times how to make biscuits even trying to walk her thru the process over the phone, but until I actually showed her, she couldn’t do it….now her biscuits are “almost” as good as mine! Best of luck! 😉

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Good suggestion but no one likes me. I’m a barbarian. I tenderize meat with a tire iron and I throw bare chicken bones over my shoulder when I feed. I poached my neighbor’s Koi and ate them. I don’t like me.

            Seriously, a hands-on baking mentor would be great but it’s hard to get anyone to assist with anything.
            You all are helping me with your great advice. Hey, I made biscuits and today I will make bread.
            Bread or Bust!!!

            • SD, we are apart of the Pack. I have seen many actual warriors and warrior types learn the things we never thought we would and on the same note seen the gardeners and those that can food purchase their first firearm and slowly building up ammo and other firearms. Its what I love about this blog.

              We evolve or we go the way of the hippies I mean dinosaurs lol

            • Survivor Dan,

              You could go to youtube and watch a couple of videos. I have learned so much by watching folks do stuff.

          • BamaBecca: I had to do the same thing with my nieces when they wanted to learn how to make yeast rolls. I’m not very good at descriptions and explaining, I guess.

    • I had the same worries. So I started making all of our bread (including grinding wheat into flour) and once I got fairly proficient at it, I started trying it using the propane camping oven. It requires a lot more oversight, but I sure didn’t want to have to learn how to make bread after TSHTF. Just one less adjustment to worry about. I was ahead of the game on the biscuits though, because I had been making them from scratch for at least 30 years. Hang in there!

  63. Free Kindle Book I found today: Alone


    I just downloaded it myself so haven’t read it yet. I don’t know how much technical information is there but we get a lot of that here! It does sound good, though.

    Like last week, I don’t know if it’s free for just today, so I hope all who would want it will see it today!

    • Natalia
      Thanks went and downloaded, but will have to really really set my nerves to read it.
      Sounds pretty solitudish for and hopeless for me.

    • Natalia…got it…thanks.

    • Thanks Ms Natalia. Sounds depressing. I downloaded and hope to read it this coming week.

      • Would love to hear a review from any of you. Thanks for replying.

        I too thought it sounded depressing, kinda like On the Beach. However, whether someone was the last person in the world or not there may be solitude, voluntary or not, involved in the choices we are making. We are planning for our families, but in any disasters, some people lose their whole families. 🙁

  64. SurvivorDan says:

    Just bought a bread making machine but that doesn’t count as real bread making. Some wanderer comes around after TEOTWAWKI and I might take him/her in and keep ’em alive if only he/ she can bake!

    • SurvivorDan
      As far as the yeast/white/light/wheat bread I am no help. I used to be able to make a batch of recognizable loaf but lost the ability somewhere and haven’t been able to get it back.

    • Encourager says:

      SD, I use my bread making machine just to mix the dough and let it do the first rise. I have a setting that says “dough” and that is what it does – it doesn’t cook it. Then I can divide it up; lately I have been making a small loaf of bread and 4 – 6 hamburger buns. I then let it rise once more and bake. It is a great tool!

      • Candy in Nebraska says:

        We do the same ass Encourager, wee make thedough then let it do its final rise in a bread pan or we make rolls and stuff. The machine seems to have a different flavor to me.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Just read the instructions and it has a dough setting. I’m liking this more. After my battle with the biscuit dough and ensuing flour storm in the kitchen, I am loathe to fling flour around whilst beating the sh*t out of the dough. ‘Dough’ setting has appeal.

    • Prepper RN says:

      Check out on youtube the no knead bread recipe from the Sullivan Street bakery. It is easy, not messy and can be altered to what type of flour you are using. My best tip is to use a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten with each loaf of any kind of bread. It lightens it and improves the texture. Same as with dough conditioner

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Bread making machine debut…..tomorrow. Pray for me.

      • mountain lady says:

        I will wish you luck. It took a few tries to get mine to turn out the way I wanted.

      • Encourager says:

        Okay, did an experiment. First, I milled Winter White wheat berries into flour. Then I tried two different recipes. One was the ‘wet dough’ one that I had success with using King Arthur Bread Flour (BTW, that is where I got the ‘wet’ recipe, from their site). That bread was awesome – texture was great, no holes. Made excellent sandwiches, toast and used some to make hamburger buns that turned out sturdy enough for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. I did brush a beaten egg on top then sprinkled sesame seeds on and slashed once before baking (Hubby’s request).
        So… One recipe was that wet bread recipe, but I used 100% WW flour and subbed buttermilk for the dry milk and water. Oh, it had orange juice which I thought was odd, but they claimed the OJ did something chemically to reduce that bitter taste WW flour has sometimes (then I realized that you were suppose to use the KA whole wheat flour…that seems a bit rancid by the time you buy it…milling it fresh should not have that problem??). How did it turn out? Pretty good; tasted great, but I think I should have reduced the flour more as it was not as ‘wet’ as the original dough. Will try that next time. It sliced fair, was a bit crumbly. Toast was just okay; did not color up as well as original.

        The second recipe was one I had from my bread machine book, using white bread flour, buttermilk, butter. It has always been my standby, even tho’ I don’t bake it in the bread maker. So I changed nothing but the flour, used WW. It was pretty good, nice flavor again; however, was a bit dense. Sliced well, toasted okay.

        I added Gluten Flour, 1 tablespoon to each recipe. One thing I learned, do not let either raise above the edge of the bread pan, and tent with foil after 20 minutes so top does not get too dark.

        I have one more recipe to test – it is from Sally Fallon’s book called ‘Nourishing Traditions’. Awesome book, BTW. In her recipe she mixes the WW flour with whatever liquid and lets it set overnight, in other words, soaks the flour. She believes in soaking ALL grains and legumes over night before eating. She also likes to use an acid (buttermilk or vinegar) in her bread recipes. Will post next week when I made that recipe.

        Good luck, Survivor Dan. Don’t be afraid! Now is the time to experiment over and over until you have confidence you can turn out a good loaf of bread – and great biscuits – not after TSHTF! I have a simple, great biscuit recipe (but uses white flour) if you want it. Actually, I will experiment with using WW pastry flour (soft white winter wheat) to make biscuits along with Sally’s recipe next week.

        • Encourager says:

          Hmmm… I should have added the reason Sally soaks the grain/legumes is that an overnight soaking starts the grain/legume to sprouting, just a bit.

          Also, butter the heck out of the bread pans, especially with the ‘wet’ recipe, or it will be hard to get them out. AND use an instant read thermometer and when the bread reads 190* in the center it is done (this is for the wet bread; I took out the other when it read 180* as it was not a wet dough.)

  65. STL Grandma says:

    Well, I’m going to have to change my name because we finally moved 40 minutes away from STL. Still same area, though. The new place is just another step in the preps, we’re renting while we look for the appropriate piece of land. Lucky thing, we moved in next door to my prepper DS/DIL and four granddaughters. They need all the help they can get. Place has a 1/2 acre that is cultivatable and a nice barn and so I’ve three gardens in and my sunroom is full of seedlings. The gardens are half planted so far with the cool weather plants. They look great! It’s very peaceful here now. Food preps aren’t coming along as fast as I want, the move took a lot of $$ and we had to eat a lot of it. The pick back up is slow. DSiL did get us a 55 gal drum and we have it under a downspout now, collecting water for the garden for me. It’s a start in the right direction.

  66. Linda in FL says:

    First off, I’m so happy about your book, MD…and thanks so much for this web site.

    Still waiting for my pitcher hand pump well to be dug..the cable and phone line locations have been drawn…so will keep y’all posted.

    Rest of the week after working was spent rearranging for DD and Grand-Ds to come for Spring break from up North. My DD thinks I’m a loony toon and so I have finally given up talking, and just try to minimize the stacks and stacks of stuff. Which forced me to go through and check up on inventory. Reminder to self: need more 12 g shot.

    Oh, and Sunny, I really like my Taurus 38. Also, someone mentioned vitamin C….Tang has 100%…Low sodium V-8 has 120% (also good with Bloody Marys).

    Am trying my hand at a cherry tomato plant on my screened porch…am hand pollinating….(sounds a little creepy)…have about 20 small green ones! Later, hope to put in a stone/brick patio (I’m in a townhouse with HOA rules)…then will look at more container gardening.

    Did pick up 4/24s TP…had a couple coupons
    5 Dak hams
    10 Beef stews
    10 Chunky soups
    Dried fruit

    I am close to the Sanford shooting and think we all need to really pay attention to TDL’s comment about needing to re-look at the gun laws.

    Best to all and prayers and thanksgiving for your posts, ideas, and wisdom. Be safe.

  67. Oh boy…here it starts…..

    • riverrider says:

      so many levels of stupidity. like the national propaganda networks, she failed to do even the most cursory research on the case or her subject. you gotta love these “intellectuals”. my hometown news even lamented how “poor little trayvon was gunned down” yeah, poor little 6foot2, 180 lb, gangbanger, aka SLIMM, a “made n***a” in his own words. you don’t get “made” in the gang by being a choirboy. you have to shoot and/or killed somebody at the gangs bidding. even poor little trayvon’s dad said that wasn’t his son calling for help. the really sad part is now zimmerman’s life is over. the feds will charge him to shut the ignorrant crowd up, the jury will convict to avoid riots, the judge will give him 30 years to avoid looking soft on the “white” guy. nobody has noticed zimmerman has black grandparents as well as latin/white. stupidity compounded by laziness.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The author draws an analogy about “a child going to the corner store to buy candy”. That’s the same as a 6’2″ , 180 lb gang banga wandering around the neighborhood?
        I knew something was up as soon as the media kept showing the lad when he was probably 14 or 15. Did you notice that the author wants to do something about destructive technologies like gun and car manufacturing. I naturally object to the slur about gun manufacturing, but CARS? Green baby!

        Trayvon will evolve into a saint, a fine young man who taught Sunday school, he wanted to grow up to be a doctor-lawyer (so he could treat the poor and then sue evil companies for them), helped old ladies across the street, once chased a car (on foot) for 5 miles to return a dollar that blew out the window, loved his sister {knocked her up}, gave CPR to a puppy (after saving the adorable pooch from a house fire), etc, ad nauseum.
        Perhaps the shooter should not have followed Trayvon, but if he was then attacked…….. Wait for the fact folks.

        • riverrider says:

          he was suspended for 10 days for maryjane. earlier for burglar tools and womens jewelry in his pack. they removed his gangsta pic from his facebook page. facts are trickling out, but as soon as the greiving mother got on cam, the facts went out the window.

      • You are so right! So many levels of stupidity! Do you think these anti-gun people will be on our doorsteps, begging us to protect them because they have no personal defense of their own, when TSHTF? It’s just getting more frightening every day, wondering what’s gonna come down the pike next.

    • Just read the part where the author teaches literature and human rights in college……..lets you know where this is going!

    • There is a rally going on in Sanford, FL tonight. You couldn’t pay me to be there. A lot of facts not being released about this incident.

  68. Bulldog94 says:

    Well we had a pretty busy weekend. Had to mow for the first time! YUCK! I got really sunburned… lol
    We purchased and put up 50lbs of rice and 25lbs of beans. Not gormet survival food but will keep us on the right side of the dirt. Will add more as $ permits.
    We learned how to bake our own bread. (Thanks to Farmgal for her help!) Our first batch of dough is rising as I type.
    We plotted out a garden and are getting seeriuos about it. Keeping it simple though, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and maybe some strawberries. Priced out some berry bushes and will soon plant them aroung our fence in the back yard. Also looked at adding some fruit trees as well. Plums, pears and apples.
    Lastly I was able to save a few more dollars for when the gun show vistis in three weeks.

    Hope the week was productive for ya’all as it was for us ! Cheers!

  69. We added two new raised beds.
    Bought and planted our first two of hopefully many dwarf apple trees.
    Bought our first batch of survival food. Trying out the various options to see what our family would like to eat.
    Bought $20 dollars of nickels to add to our stash (crazy I know but there is a means to that madness- think pre-64 dimes and quarters).

    • axelsteve says:

      I bought a 333 round pack of winchester 22 lr and a couple of big boxes of strike on box matches. I bought some carb cleaner and poured some into the tank of my lawnmower and is started up after 10 or 12 pulls. It is running good on several month old gas for now.I could not use the grass catcher since the grass was to wet for it to work. My lab pup came out and checked on the grass since it was shorter then it used to be.The wife made the wedding cake for bil moochie and it was real nice. Bil got too drunk at reception and threw up on my friend.Did I tell you my bil is a real class act? Not. I am glad that I left early.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Good on you chris! Good start!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I just opened a #10 Augason Farms scrambled eggs mix because I have 6 cans and have never tried them. Very good. From Walmart.

        • I found Bear Creek Soup at Walmart this week for $3. The package makes half a gallon of soup.

  70. Busy week. Fruit tree order arrived so planted 7 trees betwen rainstorms. Got them mulched with well-rotted wood chips…worms in there as big as snakes! Also planted 50 strawberry plants and everything looking good. Almost 80 here todayin so. central MO and supposed to stay warm all week.. Spent most of it transplanting tomatoes; couple of hundred plants of 12 different varieities. Some I sell to neighbors and a couple are new varietyies I’m trying.

    Kinda scared about all my apple,peach,pear,plum trees finished blooming and still a week to go in march. At least I have plenty of canned fruit ’cause in the good years I can like crazy against the years of killing frost. Pa cut the grass in yard and both orchards….getting long enough to bale. Cows finally out to pasture much to their joy.

    Did some ordering at Honeyville and got two cases of Starkist tuna in water at a price I haven’t seen in a way long time at our grocery store. If it is still on sale Tues(senior citizen discount day!) I’ll pick up another case. Also put away 20 pounds macaroni. Having some punch card prize deal at the store and you get extra punches for certain items…the items most people pass by like the 10# bags macaroni,gal. jugs vegetable oil and fresh brussel sprouts!!! So I haven’t bought that much and have a almost-filled $250 card. That amt is probably 4 mos grocery budget for us . The $1000 top prize would fill some prep holes but these have all been good bargins anyhow.

    My first rows of potatoes had some that were uncovered in all that rain but they didn’t look like they were rotting so I hilled them up again. Another 10# spouting nicely. Planted beets,onions,leeks,pakchoi out in the lovely beds that held strawberries before Bad Dog used them for a play area!! She is totally fenced out of garden now.

  71. i am in the middle of washing out 5 gallon food grade containers i bought off craigs list-i bought 40 and have 10 more non food grade that i need to clean up for other uses- i am hoping this next weekend to finally repackage and inventory my supplies- i finally got an empty closet- by shipping off daughters junk she left here 2 years ago and can organize my supplies. i feel i have been buying willy nilly and have kind of stopped for now until my husband- who has recently come on board with the prepping- can see what i have done and we can decide together what to do- it is nice to have a supportive partner. i am also looking around the house more for things to sell and get some cash for prepping and emergencies. i also held a AR15 for the first time and husband and i want to get one- eventually two- and i shot an air rifle of my sons- hit the target two of of three times- havent fired a rifle in many many years so nice to know i can still do it- used to be pretty good. i did buy one box of ammo for each of our guns that we have as well as solvent and oil. and i did last week buy $100 worth of food at the local LDS store. if my calculations are right we have enough food- without counting the garden and cows for two for 6 months- i need to work on the toilet paper situation though…LOL- that seems to be a big concern here lately as well it should.
    read a free book on the kindle about pandemic- not much new about prepping but interesting on the pandemic stuff- it is the jakata pandemic- but it may not be free anymore-http://www.amazon.com/The-Jakarta-Pandemic-ebook/dp/B0047DX080/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1332708241&sr=1-1-spell
    funny thing too- i bought some solar lights to help recharge my battery stash- am still building it up- and they wouldnt work so i felt i got taken- and hubby said did you turn on the switch- i said what switch they are solar- easy to work- well they do have a switch so they are working now.
    our garden is doing well- still planting stuff and we had bad weather but nothing got damaged.

  72. Wellrounded says:

    Been a busy week here. Had to leave the farm 3 days out of seven, puts a hole in what you can get done. Did get a couple of good buys, a large electric boiler (be a great help on canning days and butchering days) for $20.00, a few games for the “When we have no power” cupboard, a little sewing table for $5.00 and a foldable table tennnis table that will go into the sewing room as a cutting table, also $5.00.
    I spent most of the week cleaning out the kitchens. Yes that is plural, I have 2 kitchens, one where it is safe to touch things and one where you’ll get your knuckles rapped if you so much as move a wooden spoon, lol. The big kitchen has been reorganised into baking, butchering, cheese and dairy production, brewing, preserving and bulk meals cooking areas. So nice to be able to walk in and start work without having to haul stuff out of storage and set up. Also converted another room into a pantry to free up some extra work space in the kitchens.
    Haven’t been able to get into the garden much since our wonderful week of flooding so its a bit of a mess at the moment, but in one corner I have found a lovely patch of self sown vegies. Chard, green beans, rocket, coriander and lettuces, a bit of a bonus as I’m already 2 weeks late with our autumn vege crops.
    Found some lice on our poultry last week and have begun treating with diatomaceous earth, I’ll let everyone know how effective this is and the method we used in a week or two.
    Our gas prices have been steady but the price of propane has risen from 75 cents per litre to 99.9 cents per litre in 2 weeks, no mention of why that I can find on the internet or other media news. Usually there is massive public outcry and disscussion about these sorts of rapid price rises but not a whisper this time, no idea what it means but it makes me a little uncomfortable.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      I lost a few hens to lice a couple of years ago. Since then I put out a few shallow feed tubs with mixed peat moss, sand and diatomaceous earth for them to dust bathe in. They love it and I haven’t had any more problems with parasites.

  73. Soggy Prepper says:

    Preps this week:
    –10 pk of hot hands in a box.
    –2 fire steel
    –Honeyville order; raspberry gelatin, shortening powder,
    smoothie mix for fun
    –Got the kids next year curriculum, (we like alpha omega lifepak) Half price on ebay!
    –walla walla sweet onion starts
    –32 strawberry plants
    –an Outward Hound dog backpack that fits both the lab and GSD
    —Failed horribly at sprouted wheat bread

    The dog backpack is fun. I tried it out on both of them with water bottles in the sides. They could care less! lol So, cool. They will take turns wearing it on walks. 16 bucks on ebay (I ‘heart’ ebay).

    The bread. So I must have mixed up sprouting directions with alfalfa sprouts. My wheat sprouts were like an inch or more before I did something with them. First strike.

    Second strike. I don’t have a food processor.
    Hand grain mill–Fail.
    Became possessed, spoke some odd languages, kids and dogs split the area, yet sick determination grew stronger.
    Hand meat grinder—Fail.
    Back to blender. (that 5 strikes now?)

    The problem with the blender I think was because my sprouts were too dang long?! They would get wrapped around the part below the blades. Anyway… I ended up with enough of a mess I threw it in some flour and made some dough. Sprouts stink btw.

    So I baked up 3 loaves. They looked beautiful. Only (lol) some of the long sprouts will floss your teeth ate the same time you bite. (nasty). DH ate it like a champ. Kids, not so much. Me, so ticked after the making of it and the tasting/flossing I wouldn’t have much to do with it.

    The raccoons loved the bread.

    I won’t be making sprouted wheat bread anytime soon. If … IF I sprout wheat ever again I’ll toss the sprouts in soup when they are half as long as the wheat berry.
    Lesson learned.

    Have another great week of learning and adding to the larder Pack!

    • Soggy prepper, I give you points for trying. I keep telling myself every week that I am going to start making bread again, and every week I seem to “forget”

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Basic bread I can do. I bake about 2 loaves a week, either a french bread, whole wheat bread or a whole wheat oatmeal.

        Sprouted. I’m going to “forget” about that one for good me thinks.

    • Lol- think you may be able to market that one… bread that flosses your teeth while you eat! Way to save time for busy and health-conscious families!
      I love making bread, too… but have never tried adding sprouts to it. Think the DH would revolt. He hates color in his food. Kids will eat pretty much anything I put in front of them. They’re used to me trying new things on them.
      Hooray for tooth-flossing bread!
      Thank you for sharing that story. Made my evening.

  74. robert in mid michigan says:

    not a great week but still moving forward

    15 lbs pintos
    3 cans of spam
    5 cans chunk chicken 13.5 oz
    12 cans dinty more beef stew
    24 cans vegies
    2 cans kool aid
    4lb lentils
    4 6oz cans of ham
    1 jar sage

    got peas planted

    recieved seeds

    keep prepping
    keep praying its getting ugly
    god bless and me he keep us all safe in the future

  75. Not too much this week. I had a follow up appt with the doc, this has put a damper on some intended bulk purchases. Found out I have allergies to beans, wheat, corn, dairy and eggs. Hope I can live on rice! While filling a prescription I wandered the isles and grabbed bandaids, ace bandages, alcohol, a FAK for DH’s BOB, and neosporin. We received our hiking packs which will double as BOBs, DH got a 95 liter, and I got a 55 liter. We will be set for our family of 4 when TSHTF. Now to inventory our little stores (just started) and fill 55 gal drums with water.

  76. And maybe this has something to do with ammo unavailability?


    • Mt. Woman, that was a topic last week. I did a little research and posted the following:
      Departments buy their ammo in quantities and contract for multiple years. Homeland Security consists of over 200,000 employees since Bush created it and people forget its the following major agencies:
      Secret Service: 4,400-4,500 personnel
      CBP: 58,000 (20,200 Border Patrol up 10,000 in the last 3 years alone). Customs agents and ICE make up the rest.
      NPPD: estimated 3,000-5,000 employees
      FPS: 2,100 estimated
      Air Marshals: unknown, guessing 500 to 1,000.
      Coast Guard: 50,000 Active and Reserve (not including civilian or security contractors or auxiliary.
      Those are the armed departments not including TSA and intel departments.

      That’s roughly 117,500 agents, officers and guardsmen. Not all are armed so let’s say possibly 75,000 armed. Stats are from wikipedia and respective department websites.

      So that’s 6,000 rounds per armed officer/agent/guardsmen. I’ve shot over 3,000 to 5,000 rounds in a single training exercise.

      Each officer/agent will most likely shoot 200 to 500 rounds per training session. Academy training taken into account, that could be tens of thousands of rounds per agent/officer over 6 months of academy training. That could lower the numbers of rounds per officer agent dramatically.

      Two primary calibers being the .40 S&W and .223. With the majority of M4s and AR15s going to Secret Service (that shoot the majority requiring extensive/constant live fire training, Border Patrol and Coast Guard are issued M4s for border and maritime interdiction.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Spot on jarhead. Nice research. I conjectured as much, but you researched it for us.
        Let’s not see a Boogie-Man under every rock. Though there are a few under some of the rocks…….. 😉

        • SD, had to make up for my bad info I got on Ruger lol.

          • axelsteve says:

            Jarhead. The ruger info was not bad,The terminology was a bit off the results are the same and that is what counts

            • Axel, thanks lol I have been so busy this week with my preps and orders from the last two weeks I haven’t had time to post as much as I have and catching up. I’ve already started on my WDYDTPTW because its a list.

              Two weeks ago when all the stuff in Florida hit the news I had a feeling of ordering a few things from out of state, buying some things local and what I had a waiting period on as well as a Security/LE store for what’s been on the wish list.

  77. Whew! Finally finished reading all the good stuff above!! Went to the town I will be moving to and couldn’t find anything to buy. With the oil boom all homes are bought, rented, under contract, etc. One house was listed and 30 minutes later it was sold. Trailer houses everywhere on every spare piece of ground. Daddy does have some land outside of town and I guess I will put a trailer out there and dig in. I will have to dig a water well, septic tank, storm cellar, etc. but I will be out of the main flow of traffic.

    Decided not to plant a garden since I may be gone most of the summer trying to get things done. I hate to just let plants die and I may be gone for several weeks at a time.

    Canning this week: 7 pints of beef, 8 pints of chicken, 24 pints of milk, and 6 lbs of butter canned. Had some colby jack I canned 5–1/2 pints.

    Everyone have a blessed week and prep if you got it to prep.

  78. Well we didn’t do very much to prep this week. Watched the baby chicks grow, planted potatoes, tended the seedlings under the grow lights.

    My boyfriend has a farm north of here by about an hour and we have talked about bugging out there and building a retreat up there. We went to the farm yesterday and saw someone had broken in again and destroyed the gates this time…normally they just take them off the hinges. This is about the 3rd set of gates he’s had to replace. Last year someone burned the farm…thankfully there is only one building on it now that is deep into the woods. He is now thinking of selling out to Mennonites that are encroaching closer and closer. We don’t think this will be our bug out location anymore. Disappointing but I’m glad we decided this before we started to build. So, back to square one…or I guess less than square one since now we aren’t sure where to look for land or wait for an offer again on the farm. Hopefully, decisions will be made and someone will come looking to buy.

  79. Rob in Ontario says:

    congratulations MD-and thank you,not to much done lately. Been working odd jobs to get by the last few years- finally had to file bankrupcty-I feel guilty about doing it but was tired of always beening broke and falling farther behind each month even with paying what i could-so took what I didn’t pay out this week and picked up SKS for $225 can’t believe the price of ammo for it $4.50 for 20 rounds with clips, hope to get my life back on track now. Thank you every one here-God Bless

  80. Candy in Nebraska says:

    What we prepped this week



    Got rid of some more stuff out of garage.
    Realized tonight I didn’t buy the right amountof meats to last till payday so I am glad I have canned items.

    Planted so farin the Garden:

    Georgia collards

    DD#1 and SIL are having me plant Okra for the first time. He is going to teach mehow to cook those.
    Bought 49 of the new type of cloth diapers for $40.00 DD#1 says she buys used ones in New York at $3.00 a piece so I saved a bunch on new ones.

    Had to take Grandson to hospital Mother (great grandma) left her pills on the table and he got a holdof them. We could only find 3 and a partial out of 5 pills. Scared the hell out of me. Called poison control and they had us rush him in to e.r. Luckily they found he had none in his system. So everyone including the Docter is assuming he threw them away. Now Mother is not allowed to carry her pills, they are givin to her at the times needed. It made her mad, but I would rather tick her off then lose a Grand child because she can’t remember what she has done with her pills.

    • BamaBecca says:

      Candy, you may already know this but okra likes very warm soil. If the soil is the least bit cold it wont come up, so make sure your cool nights are past before planting. Also, soak your seeds in water overnight and they will sprout faster. Okra is one of those things we southerners do well, lol. I LOVE it fried….but just cant stomach it boiled. Its also great pickled! Good luck!

      Glad the baby was ok, whew….I KNOW that was scary!

    • sw't tater says:

      OKra is wonderful dehydrated!….and it’s easy if you have a dehydrator, just have to wash it, allow to drain and cut up like for frying. Put in dehydrator til it is hard.
      Some ppl like to spice theirs, but we like it palin. can be eaten dry or rehydrated with water for fresh fried…and yes it’s just like fresh after you let it sit in a like amount of water for about 30 min.
      Okra needs to be picked every other day after if comes in good and will bear until frost. Fertlize it well and the stalks will get bigger than a quarter.

      • BamaBecca says:

        sw’t tater, would you tell me exactly how you dehydrate, then rehydrate and fry the okra?? I’d LOVE to know. I had thought about it, but as I don’t like it boiled, I didn’t think that frying it would work due to the sliminess of wet okra…..waiting on pins and needles for your answer!!!!

      • Candy in Nebraska says:

        Im glad to hear that they produce a lot. SIL’s mother told us to plant 15 of them that they only produce 10 – 15 pods. Glad the pack is here.

  81. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey all, this week got some more Keystone meats, that are out of this world, and of coarse some more Bacon Spam. I’m waiting for my Ford stock to perk up a little more and I’m ready to make the jump and get me a little property up north. M.D. I read your book, I got it last week and the info was on point. I’m getting the Remmington 870 soon, and i’m watching the silver prices, for dips when I can get a little more. Stay Alert, Stay Aware, Stay Frosty.

    • Mentalmatt , how is the bacon spam?? Saw a bunch at a salvage grocery for like $1.50 a can and wondered how it was, may by a couple this week to try and see if I want to stock up. Don’t like the packaged bacon bits , they add some kind of bacon chemical flavor that is just way to strong and am wondering if the spam is the same.

    • village idiot says:

      Matt, I bought some silver last week, and will look to buy some more soon. Like you, buying as much as possible on the dips, but am still buying some along the way. I’m about to switch to buying all guns, ammo and accessories for the rest of the year. Things may get dicey in places like Detroit. Get that shotgun soon, my man. Take care, and watch your back. Looks like you’ll have plenty of meat to eat on that property you get up north.

  82. Nan in NC says:

    Bought a welder. Added more water, canned vegetables, beef stew, flour sugar and dry milk to my food supply. Cleared out the bottom closed shelves in our bookcases to store more supplies, dried celery in the dehydrator.

  83. Not a lot other things on stove this week

    But did get an FN FAL with 2 mags
    Ordered an additional 8 from DSA
    Bought 300 rounds of 308

  84. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    This was a good week for me. I received my Peggy Layton book, Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook. Made bread from a recipe there. Very tasty!

    Vac packed
    28 lbs oat groats
    20 lbs hard red wheat berries
    25 lbs hulled barley

    inventoried the two freezers
    planted garlic
    started decluttering closet – need to move first aid supplies out of shed into house.
    SO bought supplies for welding and brazing (plz don’t ask me – I haven’t a clue)
    discussed water storage with SO. Will try to clear space in shed for 55 gal drums.

    In the garden –
    peas, as well as onions look great
    spinich and arugela coming in nicely
    brocolli, beans, zuchinni and squash seeds planted in green house

    Fed refund came in. Going to drop it all on the credit card. That will pay it almost off. Lesson learned.

    take care all!

  85. Not much this week…I cooked down a turkey carcass and canned it with some of the left over carrots and potatoes from the root cellar. They are getting just a little soft feeling, so time to do something with them. Planted peas and spinach since the cold snap won’t bother them much, and got the cold frames out of the cellar. Hope this summer isn’t as wierd as the winter has been!

  86. Encourager says:

    Hello Wolf Pack!
    I need your help. About a year ago (I’m guessing!) someone in the Pack said they had a program set up in Microsoft Excel that listed all of their preps, including room for expiration dates, quantity and where it was stored. I have to do something different with my lists; I am loosing track of expiration dates and I am too busy/too lazy to go down and check all the stuff every month. I wish I had a free shelf where I could put stuff that would be expiring within two months. But I don’t! Hence the program I need. I don’t know how to do Excel but will learn; hubby used to use it at work and in the Scouts (but that was a long time ago); we can work on teaching me.
    Thanks for your help!!!

    • I have my food storage sheet in Excel. I have not included the expiration date of the food. But I would be interested in learning how to set up this function in Excel. Does anyone know how to do this?

      The only problem I can foresee is that it would make your data base significantly more complicated. Right now, I just have the a single column for, say, hard red wheat. Then I have the number of #10 cans, another column for weight per can, then a calculated column for total pounds of hard red wheat. If you want expiration dates (and not all of your hard red wheat has the same expiration date), you are going to have to figure out another way to design the data base.

      • Encourager says:

        I was more interested in tracking canned stuff, like beans, soup, etc. I have my wheat in buckets and those are easier to keep track of.

      • worrisome says:

        I want to take my spreadsheet to the next level I want to have the number of calories and carbs per serving and also the main vitamins and minerals as well as expiration dates. That way, if you are cooking for a crowd, you can hopefully ensure that you are managing to keep enough vitamins proteins and energies going for them. It would also be a good way to ration if it comes to that. Those working harder get a few more calories, those doing more sedentary chores get a bit less, etc.

  87. We all met at our bug out location this weekend. It was alot of fun! Went through and did some reorganizing, talked about other things we think we should stock up on.
    Purchases this week:

    12 Body Wash
    6 shampoo
    5 lotion
    4 jars of honey
    3 jars of parmesian
    20 cans of assorted vegetables
    12 bottles of v8
    20lbs of sugar
    5 boxes of asssorted cereal
    2 containers of coffee
    6 cans of tuna
    6 boxes of poptarts

    Keep prepping!

  88. Has anyone heard from Chloe? I read there’s been at least two earthquakes in Australia over the weekend. Just wondering….

    • Don’t know…hope we hear soon. Here’s the news about the quake:

    • Haven’t seen Chloe this week…..Gayle either, for that matter. Hate to see either of those two disappear, that’s for sure!

      • Gayle is here Hawkeye…under a new ‘handle’. Hey…OPSEC can work! 🙂

      • hi guys…responded to your posts last night when I replied to conmaze’s post…looks like they got gobbled up in the ether…the tighter security settings on my laptop is taking a little time to work with…as have not been out and about all daylight hours…and only come in when too dark to see out…cheers. hope this post makes it…

        • wow, I am tired…should read ‘have been out’. Too many long drives lately…cheers.

    • mountain lady says:

      Besides Chloe, I have also been missing Luddite Jean. Hope she is okay.

    • hello conmaze…earthquakes a long way from me…thank goodness…

      and thanks for wondering about me…as I was quite spooked last week…or was that the week before…the days are just flying by –

      have been ramping up my preps – going as fast as my physical strength allows.

      My post is somewhere above…had the IT guy come last week and load some stuff on my laptop…labor was $300 – fully tax deductible.

      When am at big smoke next will get a new laptop – (a depreciation item for me).

      And will then continue using this one for logging into the net etc, and my new one for all my QuickBooks and net banking etc.

      Much better security for me – as IP address/number will be new…cheers…

  89. Soggy Prepper says:

    For all you “cheesy” people.
    Enola at the Paratus Familia site has a great tutorial on a type of cheese. Also has listed her experience with putting up butter, cheeses, ect.
    Just thought some of you may be interested, she has pictures… I love those!

  90. MENTALMATT says:

    The Bacon Spam is awsome, it’s got real bacon in it and I wish I could get it at the prices you are looking at. I’m totaly sold on it, its an awsome thing to have lined up in the pantry.

    • village idiot says:

      Matt, I saw on the news where New Black Panther party leader Malik Shabazz threatened to burn down the city of Detroit if the state took over operation of the city under current law. The front line of TEOTWAWKI could very well be in Detroit. Be careful out there, man.

      • From what I know of Detroit, that would be the greatest
        service, to the state or the country, this group is ever likely to perform! What he referred to was any “taking away of their entitlements” ……they would burn the city down. Can’t wait.

        • charliebuck says:

          No doubt.The Black Panthers are all ignorant radical troublemakers.THEY ARE THE BIGGEST RACISTS OF ALL!!!!

          • Charlie,

            The Black Panthers are the dark side of the KKK. Same hate. Same irrationality. TDL should denounce them as domestic terrorists.

            • Bam Bam,

              Now you know racism is a white thing and only white people can be racist or race motivated.

              A couple of years ago a young white couple (Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom) were kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered and burnt by a group of African Americans (was that politically correct?).

              While listening to news reports of the case and trial as it unfolded, I don’t recall hearing the words racism, racist, race motivated or hate crime…
              We have a double standard in this country when it comes to who is labeled a racist. It seems only white people can be racist and their crimes against others race motivated…

              The Black Panthers are no different than the KKK or any other racist group and should be treated the same by people of every skin color.

            • M.D.,

              Two days ago there was a story buried in the paper (page A4, I think). It was about two black teens who beat a white tourist to death. The Treyvon Martin story was all over the front page. The black on white hate crime was buried.

              There is a double standards and I am surprised that America doesn’t see it. An even more disturbing fact is that George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white. He identifies as Hispanic. So what do the papers do? They want to retain the white on black story line and don’t want to admit they mislabeled Zimmerman, so they invent a new term: white Hispanic. Are we now going to have black Hispanics and red Hispanics?

              I cannot believe how blind the masses have become. I can’t believe the media continues to run the photo from Treyvon from when he was 12 years old. If we have race riots in this country, the media will be largely responsible for mis-shaping the story. How many more young people have to die because of ignorance?

  91. SurvivorDan says:

    Encourager March 26, 2012 at 3:48 PM
    Hello Wolf Pack!
    I need your help. About a year ago (I’m guessing!) someone in the Pack said they had a program set up in Microsoft Excel that listed all of their preps, including room for expiration dates, quantity and where it was stored. I have to do something different with my lists; I am loosing track of expiration dates and I am too busy/too lazy to go down and check all the stuff every month. I wish I had a free shelf where I could put stuff that would be expiring within two months. But I don’t! Hence the program I need. I don’t know how to do Excel but will learn; hubby used to use it at work and in the Scouts (but that was a long time ago); we can work on teaching me.
    Thanks for your help!!!

    • SD, until you know who that was, look at the one on
      foodstoragemadeeasy.net it’s easy use and best of all it’s FREE!

      Might not have exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a start…I know of a couple of others, IF I can find them…..buried under the mountain of paper notes with books, ideas, advice etc from the WP.

    • SD… I didn’t post anything like that, but most folks where I work consider me the go-to person when they have questions about anything to do with Excel. And I work at a university with a lot of people who deal with data and math and such all the time.
      It’s a pretty simple program to work with if you have it already on your system. If not (and most PC’s come with it already installed nowadays…. do a file search for it – might be there), there is a program called Open Office that is free and pretty much the same thing, at least for what you will need to do. I can help you find and install Open Office if you need to go that route.
      To start your inventory spreadsheet, go to the task bar and select ‘File/New Worksheet’. Click on the first cell (A1). A is going to be your item column. Type in “item”. Second cell (B1) can be ‘location’. Third column (cell C1), type in ‘Expiration date’. I use dates in the format yymmdd, so that it is easy to perform a data sort later and you can easily find all the items that are about to expire by having them appear at the top of the sheet. (I can help you with that later)
      Now, you have a spreadsheet, all ready to enter your items. Make sure to do a File/Save frequently so that if something crashes, you won’t lose it (and give it some kind of name that you will remember and put it some place where you will know where to find it later… done both of those mistakes before).
      To enter an item into your inventory, click on A2, and enter the item name in that cell. For example, I am a tea drinker, and have lots of different kinds of tea. Item:’Oolong Tea, case of 12 boxes’. Cell #B2 gets where it is stored: ‘Top shelf, Pantry cabinet’. Cell #C2 gets expiration date “140320”, for March 20th, 2014. Save, enter next item in cells A3, B3, and C3.
      It might be useful to give each prep location a different worksheet within the file (Go to ‘Insert/Worksheet’ in task bar) and name the little tab at the bottom of the page with which location the items on that sheet relate to. Like tab 1: ‘Pantry’, tab 2: ‘Chest freezer’, tab 3: ‘cabin shed’, etc. That way, if you want to know what is best to consume in your chest freezer because your nephew just shot an elk and wants to know what you can take off his hands (it’s happened in my family before), you will be able to quickly make space by getting the things that will go bad soonest out of there to make room!
      Anyway… good luck. If you have any more Q’s, send them my way.

      • Hi SurvivorDan and Encourager (and anyone else with Excel questions)-
        I’ve made a Google doc that can be uploaded to Excel if you would like to use it. I won’t post the link here unless someone thinks it would definitely be useful… and then I will leave it up only a few days, because Google does not protect my account name during this kind of transaction, and though I would not hesitate to tell WolfPack members that kind of info, it’s the rest of the world that I don’t trust.
        If you decide to try it, I’ve formatted it so that all you will have to do is plug your own information into the cells (once it is on your system) and then later, you will be able to use the Data/Sort feature in Excel to have the spreadsheet sorted by what is going to expire first. I’ve also tried to incorporate an option so that the number of #10 cans (or boxes or etc.) that were purchased at that time can be entered on the same line (as per Bam Bam’s suggestion above).
        This setup might work so that each week, whatever is purchased/added to the stocks can be given its own line in Excel. Data/Sort can be used to sort the entire mess according to the item name to determine the # cans/bottles/gallons (etc.) you have of each item. The Data/Sort option can be used to set up your line items any way you want to view them – it’s a pretty useful tool, and one that I teach my students relatively late in the semester when they take my class.
        Let me know. I’m glad if my little bit of techie know-how can be of help. People around here have already helped me out so much, it’s the least I can do!

        • Cat,

          I would love to see the spreadsheet you’ve made. What function do I use to calculate the number of days between Date A and Date B? I want Date A to be the expiration date and Date B to be today’s date. There should be a way to change the dates into codes, so that the number of days between A and B can be calculated and then translated back into date format.

        • Encourager says:

          Yes! Post it, or we can go through M.D. with him giving you my email. I understand why you don’t want your email posted for any troll to see.
          I downloaded an Excel Spreadsheet from http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/fsme/checklists/bsc-1-gs_2.html. It seems to be working, but no place to put expiration dates. Maybe I should just add the chore of going through stock every two months and moving stuff to use up to a box on the floor or something. Ugg

          • Hi Encourager and Bam Bam-
            Give me the evening to try and build what each of you would like to see in your spreadsheets. I know it can be done, the challenge will be to make it both functional and relatively user-friendly. I can go through MD to send each of you the link to try it out yourselves, and then we can fine-tune it a bit more if needed. There may be another way we can make it available to the Pack for a limited time without compromising my personal information. I’ll ask my eldest son about it! He’s pretty much my go-to tech person for all things internet related.
            An ftp transfer site or some such should be able to work.
            Have a good afternoon All,

            • Cat,

              Thank you for doing this work.

            • Hi BamBam and Encourager-
              I sent that link via MD last night. It will need explanation if you are not familiar either with google docs or Excel. Contact me at your convenience. I’m usually on the computer, unless it is dinner/family time or I am teaching.

            • Encourager says:

              Thanks Alikaat! I so appreciate your doing all this work!!

            • Hi BamBam & Encourager-
              Does it work the way you need it to? You should be able to go to the google link and download it as an Excel file. Then, (hopefully) you will be able to input the data from each set of items in your stores. Double click on the labels at the bottom of each worksheet (the ones that I have labeled Kitchen Pantry, Main shed, small shed, etc.) and customize them to your prep locations. If you need to add pages (because I am assuming most people here have more places to store things than I do in my little house), just go to ‘Insert/Worksheet’ from the task bar at top. Then click in the upper left hand corner (above the A1 cell) and select an entire page from one of the formatted sheets. Hit Edit/Copy. Then click on the blank, newly added page and again, select the upper left corner. Select “Edit/Paste”. It should carry forward the entire format that I programmed, so you can organize more stock areas.
              Don’t be afraid to contact me at the email associated with the google page… I’m pretty much always near my computer, and I now consider you two among my students!
              Have a good evening,

            • Cat,

              Thanks. I have emailed M.D. and asked him to forward your email to me.

            • Encourager says:

              alikaat, I don’t know how to retrieve the spreadsheet you sent. I emailed MD but is that the way to do it?

              BTW, I downloaded the excel spreadsheet from http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/fsme/checklists/bsc-1-gs_2.html.

              After spending three long days entering everything into that, when I saved it, it disappeared. Gone. Completely. Three days wasted and I am beyond ticked. Wish I knew what I had done wrong…

            • alikaat says:

              Hi Encourager-
              There are no more ‘reply’ links under your response… guess there are too many levels now.
              Go to the link (I am assuming it works and you get there). Go to the google task bar on the upper left side above A1. There should be a like for ‘File’. Goto File/Download As/Excel. This should give you the file on your own computer, and then you can enter your own preps inventory on each line.
              Here… I’ll give you the link, so you can download it (also any other WolfPack member if you would like to try it out). I’ll only leave it up for about a day, so there will be less chance of abuse: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsER00ICjwdKdGtXeHo3Q3ByVHR0NGRLZkJZcXV1Wnc#gid=0

              I have programmed a column where the number of calories and protein for that that particular prep line will be calculated for you (see columns H & I), and also the months till expiration date (or best by date) in the last column, L. The weird 0’s in H & I and error message in L should disappear once you’ve entered data in the blanks associated with that information. If it doesn’t work, something weird may be going on with the transfer from one system to another.
              Good luck!

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Thanks for making your spreadsheet available to us.

  92. Alittle 2Late says:

    What did I do this week…..
    Took a weekend flight to AZ to visit my Father. I can honestly say I will NEVER fly again. If I can’t get there by driving or floating I ain’t goin! I’ve never felt so naked in my life.
    It was a very nice visit not counting the flights. I do have extra gear at my dads place. But I have to get there.
    I did manage to reclaim 3 old , thought ruined cast iron skillets. Knock off excessive rust with a wire brush then soak in a 2 parts vinegar to one part water bath for 24 hours.Put outside or in a deep container (it bubbles/foams) scrub with steel wool, coat with crisco/canola oil or what ever you prefer. bake in oven at 250 for 2.5 hours. repeat baking if necessary. I was amazed at how well it worked.
    (they were left outside for over 2 years.)
    Transplanted my beans and peas to bigger pots. Used bamboo skewer’s as a temp. trellis till I get them into the raised beds. Added more earth worms to the bins while I raked all the leaves that blew into all the bushes and corners around the yard. That’s about it. This is the second week of no shopping. So far so good. No major holes in my preps yet, some minor improvising. But that is what I’m doing a month without shopping for. If I can go a month, I’ll go through my notes and fill any voids and try 2 months next. With spring here it should be a lot easier. Plenty of forage to be had from now till the fall.
    Take care everyone.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I presume by naked, you mean unarmed. I understand the frustration. I do have to fly at times and I am always armed.

      I fly with a Surefire flashlight w/impact bezels, two weapon specific steel pens (any good metal pens will work), a steel kubaton attached to a keychain and a bamboo fiber resin impregnated cane (any good cane will do).
      Never been denied boarding. Flashlight’s a flashlight. Pen’s a pen. A kubaton is a keychain fob. (I used to have a ‘cute’ wooden one for flying but I switched to steel- no TSA noticed) And who would take away your cane?
      If you see a little ‘ol Asian gent on your flight with a cane, it might be me………..and I ain’t unarmed. 😉

      • Encourager says:

        LOL, SD! Yep, you were armed. I love the cane idea.
        But I think she meant going through TSA… I need to go check on/visit my Dad in AZ but hate the thought of flying because of TSA invasion. If gas were not so high, I might be able to talk my hubby into driving and we would pull our travel trailer…but we did that two years ago. I think I will have to just fly. arggg.

      • SD, same here, I always use a cane on flights (although I don’t need it (my knee injury ends doubt along with my VA service connected I’d) and I also keep a kubaton on my key chain along with some 550 and a solid well built pen that can be hammered into “just about anything” needed on a flight gone bad. The belt makes a great garrote as does the 550 cord.

    • Alittle 2Late: We are the same way. No more flying. It would have to be a life or death situation, and right now I can’t think what that would be, as all of our family lives within driving distance of us.
      Also, the “no shopping for a month” is something I haven’t done yet, but need to, so thanks for bringing it up.

  93. Want to share this link. They have quite the Urban Homestead going!
    (I don’t know them…just saw this online)


  94. Uncle Charlie says:

    Carl (WV) let us know how that kerosene refrigerator works when you get it. Do you know if it would work with alcohol? Goldilocks: trees are good for low profile. Keep lots of trees between your food plots (people vs. deer) and any roads or neighbors.

    I purchased a Springfield XC SC .40 S&W subcompact + gear system and two magazines for $399 off of Gunbroker.com with a lifetime replacement guarantee from Davidson’s. It seemed like a good deal after looking around. I’m sure this could come in handy when my full service size Glock 22 would be inappropriate.

  95. I found another post-apocalyptic novel for free today on Amazon for Kindle. Is it okay if I post these? I realize we are here because of the reality and not fiction of future difficulties, but perhaps there are enough people who like to read this sort of thing too?

    Since Tomorrow


  96. Natalia
    I think it is great! I’ve downloaded all the free ones that has been posted.

  97. cooolwoods says:

    some decent info here, free pdf
    “The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions.”

    just thought I’d share a freebee I ran across


    stay safe

    • cooolwoods: thanks for posting that link! Awesome. I downloaded it and printed it. I think this will be a very helpful and practical guide to have.

  98. hello one and all….

    welcome to any new cubs and prayers and a lit candle for those sick or recovering or about to undergo any procedures…

    and a high five to those that are closing on property, or selling property and those that just bought zombie poppers.

    Strength and courage and a sound restful sleep for those who are tending to both new and old members of their families…

    Past week + has been a whirl…friend named her baby and gave her my name as baby’s second name – that was a wonderful surprise.

    Bought 10 boxes of 480 baby wipes…and gave some to said friends, plus other goodies. Then I spent the afternoon cooking at their place…banana cakes and a roast and veges in oven for their dinner before I left…couldn’t stay as had to get another load to plan ‘B’ site..
    But going back this weekend sometime – going to do the same thing again…they text’d me and said how wonderful it all tasted etc ….am such a sucker when it comes to flattery and praise…

    So, Sunday morning called in to backpacker hostel…(was too tired to do it all myself after the busy week I had, so had to get reinforcements) but most were still drunk/hungover from drinking..anyway, found a new arrival…and we loaded stuff – but first had to feed him breakfast…these poor kids have no spare money when they are traveling…

    anyway…long story short – we stopped for lunch at 3.30pm, as we worked right through…cooked 4 T-bones steaks, chips, gravy etc…he could not quite manage to eat three – so packed the leftovers in a glad bag for him to take with him when we ran out of daylight…however…he was exhausted – so we called it a day – paid him and dropped him back…I was able to keep up with him the whole day…yet I was worn out though by the time I got home and had time to wind down while driving back home.

    so then I went shopping – Tuesday – if I remember correctly – where has the week gone…

    flood down south left our Woolies with no fresh meat, fresh veges, generic butter, hand towels and other assorted foodstuffs – so called into IGA.. topped up some stuff as they had great specials…rain-check for 40 jars of pasta sauce .99cents each save $1.16…(friends love my spaghetti sauce).

    While I was there bought a 3.2 kg can of tomato paste $20 – going to dehydrate this soon…at the moment I have 3 x 750gms packets of frozen sliced onions in dehydrator.

    Going to put my bread ends in there tomorrow and top up my breadcrumb jar.
    Also bought a heap of fruit/nut mixes – going to use these to make some fruit cakes.
    and today bought 4 pkts of freeze dried apples for .99cents, save .50cents.
    Purchased heaps of baking goods…going to bake cup cakes, swiss rolls, breads/rolls, quiches, meat pies, sausage rolls, stews etc…so they have plenty of food frozen.

    got a better deal on my iphone monthly charge.

    we have had a lot of rain here…land slides north and south of me…so I had fun here cleaning and sorting stuff…my filing cabinet now holds canned foodstuffs.

    LPG price has risen 50% in the last 6 months…feel sorry for those guys with gas cars.

    Had a good look at the rat packs (military rations) list…as am going to start making my own versions.

    spent some time one evening at End Times Report…and printed out some articles…eg,
    making lye water
    making bar soap with homemade lye water and lard
    and making bar soap with commercial lye
    making candles – and how to make your own candle wicks (with borax and salt)…borax comes up often – seems it is good for lots of things…so, have stocked up.
    how to build a solar oven
    cleaning used engine oil
    all about growing corn, selecting type, growing, harvesting etc..and how to select the corn for future crops to increase/maintain yield…and corn for livestock feed.
    article on sustainable food economy…and the crops to grow – and how to grow.
    semi-hydroponic gardening sheet
    canning butter
    canning soft cheese
    hamburger rocks…have already got these down to a fine art…however, realize others in my group may need this info.
    water-bath canning.
    veterinary medications – not the koi type…this is a powder.
    Nolvasan antibiotic ointment – for animal use
    article on home remedies
    article, diagrams etc on basic collodial silver generator.

    Also, noted that there was mention on that site that if bleach is mixed with vinegar it is a potent disinfectant…but be careful…
    Remember – chemicals are dangerous…so check things out for yourself – don’t just take my post at face value…(memory of my pool chemicals flashing before my eyes right now…LOL).

    There are a lot more articles of course…have fun.

    Still have to vac seal 20kgs millet.

    Some stuff I purchased these past few days…
    8 prs of reading glasses…I just need the magnifying type so I can read the fine print.
    heap of paper towels.
    4 pkts of band-aids – different brand to what I already have – so tried one on my tummy (found I was allergic to some tape a few years ago), sure enough – itchy and red – these are now in a clear plastic screw top jar – marked ‘for anyone but me’ with a sharpie.
    3 more flashlights and dozens of lighters (now I seem to have 2 obsessions)…have been buying assorted flashlights, and giving a few to my DD and SIL to keep in their respective cars.
    more of the usual TP and butune stove/propane canisters for plan ‘B’ site…
    heaps of sauces in jars – sweet and sour, black-bean etc – easy base for meals if in a hurry.
    20 pkts x 30 medium plastic garbage bags
    20pkts x 25 large plastic garbage bags…saw a youtube of a military guy using a wag bag…can’t have too many plastic bags – or laxatives; if you find the youtube, you will understand what I am talking about – as those boys were quite graphic.
    lots of extra large wheelie bin garbage bin liners…

    basmati rice on special – 1/2 price – $7 for 5kgs..to be vac sealed later this week…as if I don’t have enough rice as it is…

    Also, was very tired one day – just could not get going as worn out from huge physical days, so spent a quiet day reading my bible.. Once got my physical strength back, I was right back into it.

    unleaded fuel is $1.48 p/litre here .

    other assorted stuff that this prepper can’t resist…

    well that is it for me – got to read all the posts now…over 500 so far…cheers.

    • it’s 22:00 hours here – just so you know…cheers.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Wow. I have to go take a nap after reading all you accomplished! Great job btw!

      • soggy…thanks…and forgot to mention that while I was sitting in a real estate office – spooked myself some days ago…want to be invisible – so looking for land…noticed some alcohol bottles on a small table..but it took me about 5 minutes to realize they were filled with tea tree oil – so I bought the largest bottle 1.24litres for $55 – (the johnny walker bottle) – that ought to last me a while…and now I know where to get more supplies when necessary.

        and what a day today – did not get back till 4.30pm – left early for anther trip to plan B site. called into bank and withdraw some cash, called into gas/camping store…new hose for one of my 3 burner camping stove…don’t want any hoses perishing when SHTF time happens. While I was in there saw a similar self-inflating mattress that I bought a few weeks back…and realized mine is a queen size not a double…and – I definitely got a bargain that day. cheers.

    • village idiot says:

      chloe, what a great week prepping you had while I sit on my butt thinking about prepping. While sitting on my butt, I saw on tv where Labour took quiet a beating in Queensland, wonder if Julia is running scared. Does this mean you will be rid of the carbon tax anytime soon? Hope so, and…cheers.

      • VI…yep, there is a joke going around now, what is the difference between a Tarago (Toyota Van) and Labour – answer = the Tarago still has 8 seats. (Labour has only 7 seats left)…

        Our state has a current debt of almost $90B. and don’t get me started on our national debt – before this Labour govt came in we had a surplus – in 2007 – now we are a basket case.

        Throwing borrowed money around like confetti, while the cost of living has gone up 11% in just the last year (that is what I heard on the radio this evening – Alan Jones is the DJ). Plus over 30 cents of each litre of fuel is supposed to go to maintaining our road networks – yet only 10cents is being set aside…needless to say, the goat-tracks we call roads here are dangerous…as the majority of all taxes/stamp duty collected is funneled into the south east area of our state.

        And, our electricity bills are always increasing…people borrowed too much for their homes – and then the bust happened, and people are still hurting years later – sound familiar.

        Re Julia – Federal level – will just have to wait and see.

        We have a lot of issues here at the moment – the National Broadband Network.

        The mining tax, and the carbon tax…plus all the fracking on prime agricultural land – and just read the local paper when I came inside tonight – can’t say too much – OPSEC, but we have lots of problems with water potability.

        and now we are going to have a US base with a drone (plural, in the future – no doubt) on an island near us.

        And so I prep…cheers.

        • village idiot says:

          We have the same problems here, chloe. When I was born the US was the richest country in the World, and now we’ve been bankrupted by the politicians. And yet they continue to borrow and spend. It’s as if reality never intrudes in these people’s lives, and the population is so dumbed down that most truly think you can print money(or in this case create bank accounts with electronic entries) with no consequences.

          One of my son’s is 11-Bravo in the US Army, and he is getting out mainly because the Army has become so politicized since Obama became President. Right now he is a gunner on a Bradley APC, and the Army has spent many dollars on his training. If he could get a free trip to Australia, he might just stay, but I heard it was a Marine base you were getting. Better watch out for those crazy jarheads(no offense, Jarhead, hahaha). I’ve given my water situation much thought as well, chloe, and right now it’s a real weakness in my preps. I better get to work on that, but right now, Smith&Wesson Days is going on at one of our local gunshops and they have some ammo for half-price, so I’m headed that way. cheers!

          • VI, There is already a base in Australia that has been there for over 40 years but not well known. The new base is because of Japan may eventually kick us out which they have been wanting us out since the 80s.
            Marines should be glad Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance because he would want the proposed base shut down and for Marines, Australia is the Gold Standard for deployments.

            Chloe, if you see this you can confirm Holt Australia is in the middle of nowhere. I volunteered just to be able to fly every other week to Sydney or Perth. If I got the assignment I’d put money I’d be an Australian resident by now lol.

            • jarhead and VI…have tried to post comments in reply to your posts above – repeatedly, to no avail…sorry, problem at my end most likely – since IT security tightened…till next time and cheers…hope this makes the jump.

          • hooray…got one post to appear…

            VI…seems developed countries are enslaved by debt…going to be a rough ride if this doesn’t get turned around…our leaders seem to have lost their way.

            have fun at the A-shop…seems certain words in my posts are troublesome…cheers.

            • village idiot says:

              chloe, are certain key words prevented from being used, such as gun, survival, etc.? And when detected by a servor, prevented from going through? Sounds Stalinesque to me. Be safe.

        • village idiot says:

          chloe, there’s one other thing I noticed. You reported an 11% rise in the cost-of-living last year in Australia, while our government is reporting a 3% rise, which anyone in their right mind knows is an outright lie. Same with the unemployment rate, which is reported at 8.3%, but is really 11% or more. At least you have a government that is halfway honest, ours is nothing but crooks and liars, starting in the WH.

    • Chloe,
      Holy cr*% you were busy. See how much you can accomplish by not being glued to this site? Lol Glad to know there was nothing to worry about you. Congratulations – I think you just won this week’s award for “Super Prepper”!

      • conmaze…am not ignoring you…my posts to you disappear..posts to others seem to make it…am at a loss to explain what is going on…cheers. won’t mention certain words and see if this post gets through…cheers.

  99. well lets see orded and receved 3 bottes of coonp oil and a crt eaten tool from smkw plased tool and 1 bottle of oil in bob#1 plan on giten two moore eaten tools to falow the old rule of two beter than one,still read my bible to a seinor frend every friday not much i know but every little bit helps

  100. Soggy Prepper says:


    Augason Farms has some good prices from today thru April 3.

  101. Encourager says:

    Kinda sad right now. 2nd son received a good job offer upon graduation; however, it is in MN, far, far, from home. I am glad he will have a job; but so far, far, far from home! I know, he can come home and visit, which he has promised to do often. But ISHTF, he would have to go through Minneapolis and Chicago, or across Lake Michigan if the Badger is still up and running, or through the U.P, and downstate. A very long trip. I just want my chicks home safe with momma hen if something bad goes down.

    • encourager…wow – that is rough…stay strong…we are not in this on our own..pray for his continued safety and protections. cheers.

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks, Chloe. I know he is all grown up but he will be moving to an area where he knows not one other person. He is so different from his brother, who is very self reliant and independent and is the one who opened my eyes to prepping. The one who is going to MN is too trusting, quiet, needs just a few good friends to be happy. He has always been the homebody. Sigh, as a mom I just want the best for him AND want him to be safe. I did tell him NOT to get an apartment in Minneapolis but to go out to the smaller towns, closer to his new job, to find one. Thankfully, the new job is in a small town outside of Minneapolis. We will probably go with him apartment hunting and will help him move as we can pull a closed trailer with all his stuff. I hope we can just take the Badger over, that would save us from going through Chicago, probably save about six hours of driving, at least.

        I know, I know. They grow up and leave the nest. I thought I was all prepared for this – surprise! I’m not!

        • encourager…when my daughter turned 18, I bought her a return trip Cairns – London – Cairns, open ticket for 12 months…told her that had I died when she was 6yrs old (like I was told by the dr/s that I would), that DD would have come into her inheritance and she would have gone overseas – so, off she went – only 2 provisos – not to get married or pregnant.

          And we booked her into a youth hostel for her first night…then she was on her own.

          DD also had my bank details/pin numbers etc, and I hers, so I could transfer money into it if needed…and off she went…

          My ‘feelings’ and instincts are very strong anyway – yet seems the further away from me, the stronger the connection – and DD was near London when the bombings occurred on 7/7.

          At around 3am her time, DD phoned me to say was unable to sleep and felt uneasy and strange – and wanted to spend time talking to me…so I had a card and I called her back and we talked for 2 hours (when the card ran out) – and then she was tired and – went to sleep at 5am…so, a few hours later when news showed me what was happening over there – knew my DD was safe and sound and sleeping in her bed.

          Encourager…can’t be there with them all the time…have faith that your son is precious and loved by our Lord Jesus, and that you are available if he needs you, when he needs you…and let him spread his wings…one day he will have his own family to be provide/worry/care for/laugh with – and his world experiences will stand him in good stead…

          Remember – you have done your best raising him – now it is time to encourage him to step boldly into the world now that he is ready to fly…very exciting – hope you are proud of him, as it takes guts to step out of one’s comfort zone.

          Also, what is a Badger, is it a form of transport – bus?, train? hot air balloon? cheers…hope this post makes it…

        • encourager…read your post again – is the Badger a ferry? cheers.

          • Encourager says:

            Hi Chloe, Yes, the Badger is a car ferry that runs from MI to WI across Lake Michigan. It saves you from having to drive through Chicago. You don’t save that much time, because the ferry ride is 4 hours long, but you are not in the car driving, driving, driving and can take a nap or read for 4 hours and refresh yourself.
            The Badger is the last coal burning car ferry on Lake Michigan and the EPA wants to close it down…says it pollutes the Lake too much…what?! Actually, I don’t know of any other ferry other than the Badger that makes that run.
            Thanks for the words of encouragement. My son is actually having second thoughts; his older brother talked to him for a few hours and sent him his “head hunter” contacts. He may turn down that job and see what he can find in MI. The problem is, he does not have the money to put down on an apartment – he will need about $1000 just for the apartment. The job pays well, but his bank account is empty. He can’t live on the street in MN until he gets a paycheck! And the cost of living in Minneapolis is three times the rest of MN. So that really cuts into what he earns. We are praying for him, believe me!!!

            • Kelekona says:

              Um. According to wind direction, the cars that take the long way around through Chicago would still be doing damage to the lake and the surrounding areas… At least until electric catches on in a big way.

              Badger could be retrofit with the coal-burner as emergency backup, or they could have an alternative-fuel boat. Seems to me that some of the factories along the southern edge of the lake get some very weird-colored flames coming off their stacks, and it would probably worth collecting those substances to use as secondary fuel.

  102. Bwhntr57 says:

    Wolf Pack

    Greetings to all. Is there a site which gives the various shelf life of foods that are canned or in jars? like let’s say instant coffee. How long would that last unopened?


    • B-57,

      Each product has its own expiration date and that is the best source. Are you looking for the expiration of a particular type of food? Are you trying to figure out what to store and in what proportions?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Read the fine print on the can or jar. Sometimes dates are found on the bottom. Many companies use dates like 0322012 or other confusing numbers. This example shows 032 as the 32nd day of the year, meaning February 1st, then the year 2012. Other schemes are also used. I had to email Emergency Essentials to get an explanation of their dating code, and they responded with a clear explanation.

      If you see someone in the grocery store staring at the bottom of a can, it could be a prepper. Since I began looking at dates I found several items in places like the dairy case where the store is selling expired items.

      • cooolwoods says:

        I just realized that I look at the date on everything. even if its gonna be dinner tonight. guess that opsec for me is blown there, btw aldis canned ham is now dated 08/22/2016.
        the one local meat market has a bin of “just out of date” stuff at half price, everything else on the shelf is well within date. I wonder if the owner is rotating “his” stuff

        stay safe

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Yeah, I stalk date checkers in the grocery store so I can inspect their cart to see if I may be missing something. The store manager has his eye on me.

          • cooolwoods says:

            o, coool.HD, I thought it was just me. best buy date. yup they just start losing some nutrition factors. the last can of “07” tomato soup”test group” tasted just fine. Ron, the 07 was the oldest I have to try.kept soup veggies,chillie all good. the noodles in the chicken soup were…pasty.

            stay safe

          • HD, toooooooooooooo funny!

        • Just in case someone doesnt understand this date thing. They are NOT Expiration dates. They are Best By dates. Whiler we should use oldest first we have no need to panic if a few older cans or other containers get by us.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            I suspect the expiration date is determined by the manufactures desire to get us to throw their product away because it has “expired” (not) so we will hurry up and buy another.

    • I think it was on a comment on this site some time ago that someone posted a link to an article that actually CHECKED the safety of items rather than going by the dates. What I remember was that properly sealed home-canned items in glass jars actually were safe indefinitely (some were over 100 years old!) Here, I finally found the link.


      I understand that dates on canned goods are there just because they have to choose a date, but are safe long after (unless corroded or dented, etc) That’s my understanding, I know none of you will go on just my say-so, but it might be worth more research.

      • Natalia,

        Thank you for posting this link. This is good information. I have bookmarked the site.

  103. worrisome says:

    Worrisome is getting worried!

    Disturbing report: The Department of Homeland Security just purchased 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Maybe the 4000 requested new IRS agents need it? They are going to audit our returns to make sure we paid our health insurance premium, or paid the penalty.

      • worrisome says:

        Truly HD, I pulled down the complete transcripts for all three days of the Supreme Courts deliberations. I have my fingers crossed that Kennedy sees the need to be moderate and to send this thing to the trash heap.

      • riverrider says:

        hd, i understand the irs needs the agents to track the insurance payments and make sure we include that as income on our returns. the benefits paid to the hospital/doctors counts as income.

  104. For those interested in seafood radiation levels, Vital Choice’s most recent newletter releases information on the test results for its products:


    Whether or not you trade with them (we occasionally buy their canned tuna because it’s young albacore), the article & links gives details on what was measured, current safety standards, fish migratory patterns, ocean conditions etc. that you may find helpful and/or interesting.

  105. Found this today free on Kindle

    Emergency Food Storage – A Primer On Long Term Food Storage And Emergency Preparedness


    MD-I don’t want to post this if it competes with a book of yours that I don’t know about because I’m new; if it does, pls don’t post and pls accept my apologies.

  106. Encourager says:

    Whew, alikaat! Ran out of indents! Thank you SO MUCH for all that work on the Excel Spreadsheet. I downloaded it and saved it. Will work on it this weekend.
    BTW, Hubby was able to find the Excel spread sheet from Food Storage Made Easy that disappeared…took him a while but he did it. I like yours better!

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