What did you do to prep this week?

First off I would like to thank Susan B for her generous donation via Paypal this week. Thank you Susan, you are very much appreciated…

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Now lets me see, what did I do to prep this week… ?:-)

Spent most of the week getting a water meter and spigot set in place on my property. This will be a big help with my gardening, livestock and extra safety in case of a fire. This is a huge step for me since, I’ve not had water from the municipality in years. I’m so excited 🙂 .

What else did I do to prep this week…

  • Bought a Skil 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw
  • Added more mulch around my  dwarf apple trees.
  • Cleared away underbrush alone my property line.
  • Replaced used food from my storage with new.
  • Bought a “brick” of .22LR ammo.

That is it for me this week, how about you – what did you do to prep this week?


  1. Soggy Prepper says:


    Augason Farms has some good prices from today thru April 3.

  2. Encourager says:

    Kinda sad right now. 2nd son received a good job offer upon graduation; however, it is in MN, far, far, from home. I am glad he will have a job; but so far, far, far from home! I know, he can come home and visit, which he has promised to do often. But ISHTF, he would have to go through Minneapolis and Chicago, or across Lake Michigan if the Badger is still up and running, or through the U.P, and downstate. A very long trip. I just want my chicks home safe with momma hen if something bad goes down.

    • encourager…wow – that is rough…stay strong…we are not in this on our own..pray for his continued safety and protections. cheers.

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks, Chloe. I know he is all grown up but he will be moving to an area where he knows not one other person. He is so different from his brother, who is very self reliant and independent and is the one who opened my eyes to prepping. The one who is going to MN is too trusting, quiet, needs just a few good friends to be happy. He has always been the homebody. Sigh, as a mom I just want the best for him AND want him to be safe. I did tell him NOT to get an apartment in Minneapolis but to go out to the smaller towns, closer to his new job, to find one. Thankfully, the new job is in a small town outside of Minneapolis. We will probably go with him apartment hunting and will help him move as we can pull a closed trailer with all his stuff. I hope we can just take the Badger over, that would save us from going through Chicago, probably save about six hours of driving, at least.

        I know, I know. They grow up and leave the nest. I thought I was all prepared for this – surprise! I’m not!

        • encourager…when my daughter turned 18, I bought her a return trip Cairns – London – Cairns, open ticket for 12 months…told her that had I died when she was 6yrs old (like I was told by the dr/s that I would), that DD would have come into her inheritance and she would have gone overseas – so, off she went – only 2 provisos – not to get married or pregnant.

          And we booked her into a youth hostel for her first night…then she was on her own.

          DD also had my bank details/pin numbers etc, and I hers, so I could transfer money into it if needed…and off she went…

          My ‘feelings’ and instincts are very strong anyway – yet seems the further away from me, the stronger the connection – and DD was near London when the bombings occurred on 7/7.

          At around 3am her time, DD phoned me to say was unable to sleep and felt uneasy and strange – and wanted to spend time talking to me…so I had a card and I called her back and we talked for 2 hours (when the card ran out) – and then she was tired and – went to sleep at 5am…so, a few hours later when news showed me what was happening over there – knew my DD was safe and sound and sleeping in her bed.

          Encourager…can’t be there with them all the time…have faith that your son is precious and loved by our Lord Jesus, and that you are available if he needs you, when he needs you…and let him spread his wings…one day he will have his own family to be provide/worry/care for/laugh with – and his world experiences will stand him in good stead…

          Remember – you have done your best raising him – now it is time to encourage him to step boldly into the world now that he is ready to fly…very exciting – hope you are proud of him, as it takes guts to step out of one’s comfort zone.

          Also, what is a Badger, is it a form of transport – bus?, train? hot air balloon? cheers…hope this post makes it…

        • encourager…read your post again – is the Badger a ferry? cheers.

          • Encourager says:

            Hi Chloe, Yes, the Badger is a car ferry that runs from MI to WI across Lake Michigan. It saves you from having to drive through Chicago. You don’t save that much time, because the ferry ride is 4 hours long, but you are not in the car driving, driving, driving and can take a nap or read for 4 hours and refresh yourself.
            The Badger is the last coal burning car ferry on Lake Michigan and the EPA wants to close it down…says it pollutes the Lake too much…what?! Actually, I don’t know of any other ferry other than the Badger that makes that run.
            Thanks for the words of encouragement. My son is actually having second thoughts; his older brother talked to him for a few hours and sent him his “head hunter” contacts. He may turn down that job and see what he can find in MI. The problem is, he does not have the money to put down on an apartment – he will need about $1000 just for the apartment. The job pays well, but his bank account is empty. He can’t live on the street in MN until he gets a paycheck! And the cost of living in Minneapolis is three times the rest of MN. So that really cuts into what he earns. We are praying for him, believe me!!!

            • Kelekona says:

              Um. According to wind direction, the cars that take the long way around through Chicago would still be doing damage to the lake and the surrounding areas… At least until electric catches on in a big way.

              Badger could be retrofit with the coal-burner as emergency backup, or they could have an alternative-fuel boat. Seems to me that some of the factories along the southern edge of the lake get some very weird-colored flames coming off their stacks, and it would probably worth collecting those substances to use as secondary fuel.

  3. Bwhntr57 says:

    Wolf Pack

    Greetings to all. Is there a site which gives the various shelf life of foods that are canned or in jars? like let’s say instant coffee. How long would that last unopened?


    • B-57,

      Each product has its own expiration date and that is the best source. Are you looking for the expiration of a particular type of food? Are you trying to figure out what to store and in what proportions?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Read the fine print on the can or jar. Sometimes dates are found on the bottom. Many companies use dates like 0322012 or other confusing numbers. This example shows 032 as the 32nd day of the year, meaning February 1st, then the year 2012. Other schemes are also used. I had to email Emergency Essentials to get an explanation of their dating code, and they responded with a clear explanation.

      If you see someone in the grocery store staring at the bottom of a can, it could be a prepper. Since I began looking at dates I found several items in places like the dairy case where the store is selling expired items.

      • cooolwoods says:

        I just realized that I look at the date on everything. even if its gonna be dinner tonight. guess that opsec for me is blown there, btw aldis canned ham is now dated 08/22/2016.
        the one local meat market has a bin of “just out of date” stuff at half price, everything else on the shelf is well within date. I wonder if the owner is rotating “his” stuff

        stay safe

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Yeah, I stalk date checkers in the grocery store so I can inspect their cart to see if I may be missing something. The store manager has his eye on me.

          • cooolwoods says:

            o, coool.HD, I thought it was just me. best buy date. yup they just start losing some nutrition factors. the last can of “07” tomato soup”test group” tasted just fine. Ron, the 07 was the oldest I have to try.kept soup veggies,chillie all good. the noodles in the chicken soup were…pasty.

            stay safe

          • HD, toooooooooooooo funny!

        • Just in case someone doesnt understand this date thing. They are NOT Expiration dates. They are Best By dates. Whiler we should use oldest first we have no need to panic if a few older cans or other containers get by us.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            I suspect the expiration date is determined by the manufactures desire to get us to throw their product away because it has “expired” (not) so we will hurry up and buy another.

    • I think it was on a comment on this site some time ago that someone posted a link to an article that actually CHECKED the safety of items rather than going by the dates. What I remember was that properly sealed home-canned items in glass jars actually were safe indefinitely (some were over 100 years old!) Here, I finally found the link.


      I understand that dates on canned goods are there just because they have to choose a date, but are safe long after (unless corroded or dented, etc) That’s my understanding, I know none of you will go on just my say-so, but it might be worth more research.

      • Natalia,

        Thank you for posting this link. This is good information. I have bookmarked the site.

  4. worrisome says:

    Worrisome is getting worried!

    Disturbing report: The Department of Homeland Security just purchased 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Maybe the 4000 requested new IRS agents need it? They are going to audit our returns to make sure we paid our health insurance premium, or paid the penalty.

      • worrisome says:

        Truly HD, I pulled down the complete transcripts for all three days of the Supreme Courts deliberations. I have my fingers crossed that Kennedy sees the need to be moderate and to send this thing to the trash heap.

      • riverrider says:

        hd, i understand the irs needs the agents to track the insurance payments and make sure we include that as income on our returns. the benefits paid to the hospital/doctors counts as income.

  5. For those interested in seafood radiation levels, Vital Choice’s most recent newletter releases information on the test results for its products:


    Whether or not you trade with them (we occasionally buy their canned tuna because it’s young albacore), the article & links gives details on what was measured, current safety standards, fish migratory patterns, ocean conditions etc. that you may find helpful and/or interesting.

  6. Found this today free on Kindle

    Emergency Food Storage – A Primer On Long Term Food Storage And Emergency Preparedness


    MD-I don’t want to post this if it competes with a book of yours that I don’t know about because I’m new; if it does, pls don’t post and pls accept my apologies.

  7. Encourager says:

    Whew, alikaat! Ran out of indents! Thank you SO MUCH for all that work on the Excel Spreadsheet. I downloaded it and saved it. Will work on it this weekend.
    BTW, Hubby was able to find the Excel spread sheet from Food Storage Made Easy that disappeared…took him a while but he did it. I like yours better!