What did you do to prep this week?

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Now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

  • Subscribed to “Hobby Farms” magazine.
  • Renewed my subscription to “Countryside” magazine.
  • Ordered ten more Magpul 30 round AR-15 magazines.
  • Worked in my garden and tended to the needs of my newly planted dwarf fruit trees.
  • Butchered six young rabbits from my stock.
  • Replaced consumed canned goods with new products (remember rotation).
  • Bought twenty boxes of .22LR ammo from the local Wal-Mart.

Well folks that is the highlights for my prepping this week, now it is your turn – what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. The weeks are flying by so quickly that my head is dizzy. I have found a trade source for salt. It turns out that a friend of a family member is a sculptor and his preferred medium is salt. He orders exotic salts from all around the world by the ton. So now I have trade sources for eggs, honey and salt.

    I canned a dozen pints of chicken, 8 pints of pork and 24 pints of red beans. I picked up three more flats of pint-sized canning jars and some more black beans to can. I plan on adding at least another 10 flats of pint jars so that if we loose electricity I have enough jars to can everything in my freezers.

    I ordered a case of strawberries and a case of assorted flavored TVP from EE—with a 15 percent discount. I received the strawberries yesterday. I received an email from Thrive that two more cans of cheese from the case of cheese and case of meat order I placed have shipped. The other two cans of cheese and the case of meat are still on backorder.

    I made dishwasher soap. And I filled my rinse compartment with vinegar. Here’s the recipe for dishwasher soap.

    1 cup borax
    1 cup washing soda
    ½ cup kosher salt
    3 packets sugar free lemon drink mix (generic Kool-aid)

    I just put all the ingredients in a large bowl, mixed them with a whisk and poured the contents into a wide-mouth quart jar. I cannot see a difference between homemade soap and store-bought soap—except the homemade stuff is so much cheaper.

    I also made tangelo essential oil. I grated two cups of tangelo peels and put them in a pint-sized jar, and then filled the jar with olive oil. I left the jar out in the sun for a few days. I will let you all know how well this works. I plan on using this for cleaning.

    I hit quite a few sales this week. I picked up another 36 boxes of cereal. (We go through 12-15 boxes of cereal per month.) Chicken breast was on sale this week for $1.99 lb. So I picked up 40 lbs. and will pressure can that over the next few weeks. I also hit some excellent sales at Publix. Butter was $2.00 lb. So I picked up 12 lbs. I also picked up eight large bottles of catsup, $2 each. Gator-aid and hotdogs were BOGO so I stocked up on those as well. Keep your eyes open next week—hams should be BOGO.

    My tomatoes have set fruit and my eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash are just about ready to flower. Looks like I will have fresh veggies from the garden soon. Then it will be time to can salsa.

    PS: Hi Hawkeye

    • Ozarkanna says:

      Thank You for the dishwasher detergent recipe, Bam Bam. I have been wanting to find a good one to make. The tangelo essential oil sounds nice, as well. Can’t wait to hear how it works out. You certainly have been busy this week. When do you sleep?

      • Ozarkanna,

        I am a bit worried that leaving the tangelo oil out in the sun like the directions said will turn the olive oil rancid. Tomorrow will be three days sitting out in the sun. So I will check it then.

        • Ready2Go says:

          Would it matter if the oil went rancid if you are just using it to clean?

          • Ready2Go,

            I don’t know. I was supposing that rancid oil would make it stink. I will find out tomorrow.

            • I have “brewed” St. John’s Wort in a 1/2 gallon jar of olive oil sitting on a window sill as long as a year at a time and it has never gone rancid. The jar just needs to be air-tight to keep out contaminants. Over time the properties in the herb transferred to the oil. I have kept the same filtered St. John’s Wort/olive oil in glass bottles for several years and it has never gone “bad”.

    • bam bam…I know exactly what you mean…re weeks flying by so quickly. keep having fun. cheers.

    • BarbeeBunch says:

      I have been using this dishwasher soap for quite a while, and I love it. The only problem I have with it is that it got really hard in the storage container and I have to scrape it with a knife to loosen it up so I can use it.

      • There must be a solution to that somewhere, it seems. What do we do with brown sugar? I wonder if the solution would be similar, though I know the substances are so different. (eg a pottery shard soaked in water kept in the container.)

    • The active ingredient in the drink mix is the citric acid, which one can buy much more cheaply at bulk food stores, at least here. Here it’s $3.19 per kg and you’d only need a couple of tablespoons per batch.

    • Lee (TX) says:

      BamBam,, I know the other three, but what is “washing soda”?

  2. Okay did nodda again this week. I forgot to mention along with the sales being bummers at the regular grocer they had decided to widen the road from our town south towards a larger city. They are doing it piecemeal working on one end then going to the other. They had the way to the grocer blocked and as I am driving my sons truck didn’t want to take the other way to the store.
    But do have to report that my daughter and grand daughter with forced labor from grandson and son-in-law has been going whole hog on gardening. And to add a big plus to it she has managed to find gardening helps at the dollar store. They are container gardening but they did buy grapes and put them in the ground. I am so tickled.
    Our family joke is that the grand daughter doesn’t want to go with out green beans. She has always loved those things.
    My grandson wanted his mother to plant an entire flower bed in carrots.
    But all in all with my daughters ingenuity and her shopping abilities I think that they will become farmers for sure.

  3. Where do you buy your pint jars and wh.at price is pretty good for those?

    • JJ,

      Walmart usually has the best price–usually $7.99 for a flat of 12 jars.

    • I get mine at second hand stores. I check the rim first, (though hardly ever find chips.) For me they’re between 10 and 30 cents each. But of course that doesn’t usually include lids like new ones do.

  4. riverrider says:

    hi all. this week started with ordering 2700 rounds of 223 from sg, great deal and 4.99 shipping! split and stacked four loads of wood. we should be set for two years now unless we have an exceptionally hard winter. ordered a better can opener. in researching i found that if i could come up with a good can opener, i’d be a millionaire. none that i found satisfied everybody and even the expensive ones got mediocre reviews….ordered a mop bucket n squeezer for rinsing the clothes, a couple of photon keychain lights for the wifes edc. i bought a case each of galv and regular 16p nails and deck screws. still waiting on the kimber:( after that comes in i’m done on the arms side, and refocusing on building the defenses around here. need lots of barbed wire. tfh- still thunking on it. i’m trying to figure a way to do it thats economical to both sides. stack it high yawl.

    • riverrider says:

      ps- don’t forget, a large chunk of space rock will be swinging by earth on april 1st, no fooling. via spaceweather.com. its not large enough to destroy us but would make for a bad day for anybody in its path should earths gravity pull it in, as some have theorized. some smaller chunks flew by even closer last week and had no change to their trajectory, so who knows. just fyi.

    • How will you store regular nails to keep them from rusting?

      • arkieready says:

        Natalia, about preventing rust……im trying camphor blocks in a couple tool boxes. Found that in a home town, old time drug store. Not big box pharmacy. i hope it also keeps wasps and ants out of my truck tool box. Thses blocks are small 2″ squares, scored on top for breaking. Cant remember a brand name. If i venture out there, i will buy more. I wonder if they’d be safe to use with canned goods?! Hmmmm…..

        • to prevent rust in tools and such,,,an old small piece of cloth with kerosene on it.Close it up pretty much air tight(coffee cans) and no more rust….rub it on shovel blades….I would NOT use it on food or near clothing because of taste and smell.

      • riverrider says:

        nat, i keep them in my shop loft, box sealed. so far no rust until i open them.

    • River, good job on the ammo and wood! Those zombies won’t kill themselves lol

      • riverrider says:

        tfh, lol, roger that. i would probably live in a cave in the mountain if it weren’t for the wife:)

      • riverrider says:

        j, splitting all that wood nearly killed ME, lol.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Sorry if I’ve already posted this here or if someone else has but did you see where dept. of Homeland Defense just signed an indeffinite quantity contract for not to exceed 450 million rounds of .40 cal HOLLOWPOINT pistol ammo? It’s a 5 year contract. What in the world do they plan to do with that? The last time a border patrol officer shot an illegal they put him in prison (actually 2 of them) and they are still there I think.
        You don’t use hollow point for target practice. That leaves the coast guard. The average coastie never fires his weapon during his career except on the range.

        • Let’s not panic here folks. In fact, our DHS may actually be doing the responsible thing. With sales of firearms and ammunition at an all time high in the civilian market, getting your order right now ensures that they have the ammunition available and probably locks in a price range. The 450M over 5 years is 90M per year. The current numbers appear to be 20,000 border patrol agents, and assuming that each practices with 100 rounds per month would use 24M rounds per year. Assuming that each agent carries 50 rounds on their person, that’s another 1M rounds. As for practicing with hollow point rounds, I would beg to differ with you. You generally always want to practice with the ammunition you will be using, which in this case is hollow point, being paid for by someone else. I’d practice with them all of the time in that circumstance.

          Everyone of is who carries a firearm for personal defense, are probably carrying some sort of hollow point, or perhaps even a specialty round like Hornady Critical Defense® (which is what I carry). I practice with inexpensive FMJ in the 3-20 foot range, but at least once per year (and twice if I can afford it) I run several magazines (with magazine changes) of the defensive ammunition through my guns to make sure they still function with that ammunition. The cost of the ammunition is rather high, but failure to function in a critical situation can cost you a lot more.

        • Charlie NC, I posted two weeks in a row the math on it. Just over 75,000 to 100,000 armed agents officers ranging from border patrol, secret service, ICE and Coast Guard among others in HLS averages to 6,000 rounds per agent/officer. Not that much when you take training, academy and carry into account.

          • I’ve been wanting to ask this, but just now doing it. I’m curious, why was this information published about the Dept. of Homeland Defense signing a contract for ammo?
            Was it in a newspaper? Is it routine for the gov. to publish this type of information? Or (here’s my cynical and paranoid side) was this information published for some other reason? Was it just general information for the citizenry or people in other countries? Since I don’t know where it was published I have no way of knowing if it’s just routine info.

            • But I should also add that I don’t see any news except the stuff that makes the main pages on the internet and This blog is the only one I’m on as well. The rest of the pack may see this type of info all the time.

        • village idiot says:

          Charlie, this has come up a couple of times the past two weeks, and Jarhead did a bit of research. I went back and read the original release someone linked to, I think it was MtWoman. The 1-year contract for 450 million rounds of .40cal ammo may be renewed during the following 4 years for additional amounts as neccessary. According to the article, DHS also placed a bid out for 175,000,000 rounds of .223 ammo, requiring a quick bid process by April 12.

          I have no experience with government contracts, but it looks to me like the contract is for one year, with the agency having the option to lock in the same price if they want additional ammo over the next four years. No contract has yet been let for the .223 ammo, so no details are available as to length of time and options. Hope this helps clarify things.

          • charlie (NC) says:

            Well I hope the collective take on it is correct. Still seems like a big number to me. However, I remember a conversation I had with an ex-Navy friend who was on a competition shooting team. I forget how many practice rounds he was allowed each month but he told me he never used them all and took the extras home with him so if Homeland sec. works the same way I can see how they’d use them up. As for homeland security’s actual ammo use I’d like to know what officers Ramos and Campeon have to say about it. By the way, if they had shot that kid with a hollow point round I don’t think he would have walked back to Mexico to tell about his injury. Just saying!

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      No problem. Just let me know. Good week there, specially on the ammo. And hardening the house is so underrated, IMO. If I could get away with a moat filled with crocodiles, I would truly do it. But I’m positive that would get me sued before very long…:(

      • axelsteve says:

        I would do it just to piss off a hoa.

      • Tinfoil, if my neighbors had gators or crocks in a moat I would have a full tummy, a fridge full of meat and a pissed off neighbor.

        • axelsteve says:

          gator meat taste like chicken just firmer.

          • Tinfoil Hat says:

            Lol. Very true. Gator tail is quite the delicacy in several places in the south. Personally, I love it with bbq sauce grilled. Very tasty…

            • village idiot says:

              tfh, gator is a growth meat industry, and we are seeing it in restaurants in and around Louisiana. I live in Arkansas, and we have a Cajun-style restaurant here in town that serves gator a variety of ways, none with bbq for some reason. Most is deep-fried with cajun seasoning(the best to me), but it is also used as the main ingredient in hot dips with various types of bread for dipping, usually as appetizers. Sometimes it’s substituted for crawfish, and frankly, I prefer gator over mudbugs. Forget about the gator on a stick and other such garbage, it’s a waste of time and gator. Sorry for the length of my post, but gator is becoming one of my favorites, and I eat it at least 1 or 2 times a month, and more often than that when I can get it. By the way, we have a gator season in Arkansas, by permit only, similar to what you see on Swamp People.

            • I like gator tail with butter. Yum. I had a dream last night that I was in Africa and a small boy was being chased by an alligator. I was running toward the boy with my Glock and yelling for the boy to keep his distance. My dh woke me up before I shot the gator. Dang, I could have been eating gator tail in my dream.

    • Ohio Surveyor says:

      The best can opener i have found is a “good cook” side cutting can opener. Purchased at Wally World. I love being able to put the lids back on. I’ve had mine for over 6 years and no problems. Now that I think about it…I need to buy another one as i don’t have a “real” one for back-up. Thanks riverrider for reminding me.

    • I got the idea from somebody in here to use the barbed wire as a platform to grow your berry bushes on…………. food and pokythangs in one place………

    • RR,
      We’ve been very happy with the Swingline hand held and hand operated openers. They appear to be available in several models and grades, and we generally purchase ours for around $10.00 at the local restaurant supply (GFS in our area).

      • riverrider says:

        cool, i’ll check them out. i ended up ordering a swingaway extra with a crank handle. need a backup so i’ll look for yours.thanks.

        • RR,
          Oops, brain fart. Mine is a Swing Away, not a Swing Line. We’ve been using them for more than 30 years and need a new one about every 5-7 years. We received an electric can opener as a wedding present nearly 30 years ago, and got rid of it within the first year. It still worked, but we both preferred the manual. We have a couple of them stashed, but at our age a couple will probably last a lifetime, LOL.

          • arkieready says:

            I just bought a swing away. I like it. Dh keeps threatening me with an electric. Me thinks just to irk me.

    • Lee (TX) says:

      riverrider, I looked at Sg site,, lots of choices in 223,,, which one did you order?

  5. Another good week of preps! But first, I wanted to comment on how interesting it is that I look at so many things differently since I became a Prepper 15 months ago. I evaluate objects and places that I used to take for granted in a different light on whether something would be useful to me in a survival situation. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Run down houses in the country with wells, solar power, propane, vegetable gardens and old pickups that I used to think were a blight have now become Camelot with carriages to me. I also look at every route I drive with a whole different perspective. I view neighbors and friends differently based on character and skills. I suppose I am somewhat obsessive in whatever I do so hopefully that will make me a better prepared Prepper! I thank all of you for the great information you have provided.

    On to my preps for the week:

    Bought candle supplies and made candles with my dd on Saturday. Not only are they practical but it was a lot of fun (although we made some mistakes since I was rusty).

    Ordered and received assorted fruits and vegetable from Honeyville with the discount that was posted on here last week. Thanks for the heads up!

    Ordered M.D.’s new book. Also started re reading Patriots as this was the first Survival Novel I read 15 months ago that helped set me on my current path to prepping.

    The Tasco scope arrived for the 22 so I mounted that. Thanks jarhead and Village Idiot for the advice!

    Started a binder with all the articles I have pulled off this site as well as some other documents.

    Ordered and received antibiotics from the Veterinary web site as backup only to my primary human source for WTSHTF.

    Went to a local sporting good store and picked up a Stackon Gun locker (more like a safe) for $99 on sale. Also picked up a gun bag for the 10-22 and a cast iron skillet.

    Picked up a 1 pound bag of calcium hypochlorite pool shock from the pool supply store for water treatment (up to 10,000 gallons for 1 lb.

    Picked up 2000 more N 95 masks and several boxes of hand sanitizer. It only cost me a lunch!

    Did a Costco run for bulk meds, batteries and additional food supplies. And hit Home depot for plastic sheet rolls.

    Keep on prepping!

    • village idiot says:

      Wow, great week d2. I wish I could get a steal like you got on the N95 masks. And let me know about those one hole groups you’re shooting with your new scope! Great prepping, you were busy.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Good job Gd2 prep,
      The misses and I started 1 year ago. I guess I have always been a prepper at heart but didn’t know what it was called. Always enjoyed fire arms and have a good selection. I started in ernest a year ago and it was overwhelming and learned some expensive lessons, although late. I am more focused and understand everything doesn’t have to be new. Have the battery in place but would like more ammo, of course who wouldn’t. Have enough food for a year for two, working for the kids and grandchild. My mother and I started talking last year and now she has almost enough food for a year now. Folks need to focus on a little at a time and steady. I paniced when I first started but now stay focused and within budget. Enough history, now what have I done over the last couple of weeks.
      Bought 3 more food grade buckets and 2 ammo cans, mylar bags and oxygen obsorbers. Went to Sam’s and bought 100 pounds of rice for the buckets, slab of chicken noodle soup, slab of pinto beans and slab of beenne weennies, 2 cans of coffee and one lemonade.
      Visited a fellow prepper and learned a great deal about dehydrating. Ordered a excalibur dehydrator, can’nt wait for it. Also ordered a rotato potato peeler, recieved it today, works great.
      Plowed the garden yesterday and my mom decided it wasn’t big enough,LOL so I plowed about another 100×30 spot today. Plan on putting out some onions and cabbage out next week. Enough for now, keep up the good work everyone and don’t get discouraged. You will eventually reach that happy place one day, were you feel prepared for the those times when life throws us a curve. Swing for the fence!

      • d2 prep says:

        KY, I agree on the do a little at a time. I am telling folks that now that are starting down this path. They feel so far behind, but I tell them they are already ahead of most for just getting in the mindset.. I point them to M.D.’s r article on what new Preppers should now to get started.

      • Julie in OR says:

        Hello Everyone.
        This is my first post and want to tell you all how much I appreciate everyone’s willingness to share and help. I have been on this site for a couple of years now and feel Mentally prepared. My DH and next door neighbors are 100% on board. I work in a retail store that sells food and a lot of sporting goods and I get a very nice discount, so I’m picking up things here and there for future use. My DH drinks tons of diet coke, which is so bad for him, but I’m taking every 2 liter bottle and putting water in them for emergency use. We are on a private well and have not made arrangements yet for the day power goes out. We live in the high desert with a lot of deer and critters so I will be gardening on my upper deck out of the way of pests. We have a very short growing season, about 90 days. I have also ordered books from Amazon for container gardening. It’s not a matter of ITSHTF, but when, and will we live through it? If it gets to bad, please Dear Lord just take me home. I don’t have much stocked yet as we have not had a steady income for quite some time. That has now changed and I will be putting more and more away as I can. I live where there are tons of garage/yard sales and I can’t wait to start finding treasures for prepping. Thank you everyone for your insites on living in much harder times. M.D. I appreciate everything you have done and I have passed this site on to many people. I just hope they start preparing.

        • cosmolined says:

          Julie in OR:
          Welcome to the pack! I lurked for a while too before I became a member. Once I realized I could contribute, I joined and have enjoyed it immensely. Cos

        • village idiot says:

          Welcome to the Pack, Julie, or welcome to the comment thread I guess. The more people who prep the better, and I think you’re in a pretty good spot, too. Congrats on the steady job, and keep prepping.

        • Copperhead says:

          Welcome to the Pack, Julie. I started out as a lurker also. I sure learn a lot from the folks here.

        • about the well water…we have a device here in the mountains called a well bucket.It looks like a piece of stove pipe with a flap on the inside that moves.With a rope,it is dropped into the well and it will fill with water.As it is lifted,the weight of the water closes the flap and then it’s pulled to the surface.Nearly every body has one stashed in the barn here but you live in the desert.You could order one through a local hardware store along with a good length of rope.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          Welcome to the pack! I’m certain we are all as eager to learn from you as you are from us! Sounds like you already have some good insights on prepping in a desert climate. Welcome!

      • Anonymous says:

        I saw a cool thing on TV – so chime in on the reality of it please. In storing rice in a mylar bag and that in a food grade bucket, then using nitrogen with a push tube to get to the bottom fill the rice bag up and the simple test the it worked was to put a lighter in – when the lighter hit the nitrogen, it put the flame out. then seal the mylar and the rice is in a sealed state……

        Would there be any issues with using the rice after that….it looked like a good storing technique

        just sayin…

        • K Fields says:

          Pushing out the oxygen with nitrogen before sealing the bag is a good idea and works in the same way as using dry ice or oxygen absorbers – the product will last longer in an oxygen free environment. None of these methods will adversely affect the taste or nutritional value of the stored product.

    • What are the plastic sheet rolls for, d2, if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks!

      • d2 prep says:

        Hi Natalia, multiple purposes: they can be used at my new property if I have any leaks in the existing structures or cracks in windows. In a SHTF event they can be used to seal off safe rooms in a nuclear or biological scenario or even a quarantine room in the event of a pandemic. There are many other uses for it that others have that they may want to chime in about as well.

      • Natalia, the plastic sheeting can be used for sealing up windows in the event of a chemical leak, biological outbreak, patch up a broken window, water collecting/catch basin, shelter, create a clean room, solar still etc.

        • seal up foods and hardware, water bladder, vapor shield on a root celler or inground refridg…, rain gear, tent liner, major wound cover, water filter, gaskets, ……………………….

      • wheelsee says:

        Last fall/winter, we had a cold snap with my tomatoes still producing, so I used 10′ PVC pipe (1/2″) bent like a wagon top and covered with my plastic sheeting – instant greenhouse. Put a ceramic heater inside and had tomatoes all the way past Christmas……let your imagination run…..I keep several ROLLS of it handy.

    • D2, great week! A scoped 22 helps when shooting squirrel, rabbit or other small game as well as a zombie head shot lol.

      That’s a lot of masks! You will be good for years, I’m lucky if I have 200.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Jarhead 03,

        Is it possible and practical to add a green dot to a Nikon P-22 scope?

        • HD, its possible if you find a barrel or tube rail laser/light mount designed at the same diameter as the scope. I’m guessing its going on a 22 rifle so recoil isn’t a concern on the scope with a mount. As for the practicality it can be practical where you have the scope for target/small game and the green dot for tango’s/zombies.

          There are some companies making green/red dot integrated to the scopes and some scopes with a rail but outside of the high end models I don’t know the quality. Seen Aimpoint I believe make one.

      • Jarhead, they will make great currency and charity in TEOTWAWKI time. I figured they will come in handy. BTW, I watched the first 2 episodes of Colony last night that you recommended. Very interesting show. A lot of masks are worn during the show. That pig scene for fuel is just a little nasty!

        • in the 1820’s there were so many pigs that they had no value.They were used as fuel in steam ships on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.Can you imagine the smell?

          • tenOc, hopefully they got the pig fat before they were infested with the maggots LOL!

    • clippins says:

      D2 prep I have often wondered about chlorine tablets instead of drops of bleach for water treatment. Any easy ratios, or were you treating that much water? I too look at a few in the neighborhood the same way you do.

      • clippins,

        It comes in a granulated pack, not tablets. The instructions tell you to mix a certain amount with water and then use that as the solution. I would probably do the boil thing on top of it too. Something about drinking the pool water still doesn’t sit right with me ha ha.

      • Clippins, here is something I had in my binder on using the HC:

        • To make a stock of chlorine solution (do not drink this!) dissolve 1 heaping teaspoon (about one-quarter of an ounce) of high-test (78%) granular calcium hypochlorite for each two gallons (eight liters) of water.
        • To disinfect water add one part of the chlorine solution to 100 parts water to be treated.
        • Let the mixture sit for at least one-half hour before drinking.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      d2 prep,

      When storing the calcium hypochlorite, keep it away from anything metal, and in an area with plenty of ventilation.
      I think the bag it is shipped in is OK, but after you cut it open the contents can be dangerous. We keep ours in a small plastic bucket(still in the original packaging) with tight fitting lid, in the garage. I need to go check to see if anything next to it is corroding.

      • Hd – you are right of course…so I will just have to go and collect the 18 kgs of calcium hypochlorite I just locked up in my shipping container – not enough ventilation. Thanks for the timely reminder. cheers.

      • Hunker Down, thanks for the tips. I put the package in a gallon size ziplock but will look for a bucket to move to.

        • I use a 20 mil ammo can for my HTH they are air tight. Do take care to only open a sealed container of chlorine outside. They can build up a puff of pure Cl2 gas that can knock you off your feet.

    • d2 prep,
      Looks like you’ve made the transition from “Normalcy Bias” to “Situational Awareness”. Good job & welcome aboard.

  6. Tinfoil Hat says:


    Congratulations again on the book! Glad to hear its doing so well!

    Well, same story, different week. Continued to save money ahead of the wedding and this summer. Continued to stare at AR-15s to supplement my armory that the STBDW keeps ahooti

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Darn smartphone. That the STBDW keeps shooting down. I DID manage to get some canned goods (veggies) due to a 3 for 1 special at Food Lion. They also had great deals on Chuck Roast and chicken breast, so got a few of them for the deep freezer (not every emergency involves a grid collapse right?). Inspired by the previous post on walking home, I’ve set up an exercise with a friend to play out hopefully within the next 2 weeks. That may be a very interesting entry for me soon on this board. Also got my says for when I can begin telecommuting for work. April 30th can’t come Xoom enough. Meanwhile, my short ammo supply is a continued source of consternation for me. Yeesh, so much to do, so little time/funds…

      • Tinfoil, great on the exercise! As for low funds, maybe try a hand at bartering for it with things you don’t need.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:

          Jar and RR


          Your expert opinions on this 1 as a “backup” AR that I am looking for?

          *no affiliation to the website beyond being a customer/lurker

          • riverrider says:

            tf, bushmaster is usually good stuff, but i’m concerned by the miss match of parts. A1 upper, m4 barrel, but it says new in the box so…not a bad price. the dpms sportical can be had 50 or so bucks cheaper. has your gf given the go-ahead? can you say whipped? 🙂 just kidding bro, gotta keep harmony on the homefront.

            • River, I try to keep my parts all the same. I have a DPMS parts kit and a Olympic Arms kit for the lowers and spare bolt carrier group.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              Lol, got the go ahead, sort of. Had to explain the bans in the Clinton years and what TDL is probably up to to FINALLY put it over the top. Whatever it takes 🙂

          • Tinfoil, I agree with River. I didn’t like the A1 upper with A2 barrel. River is also correct at the price on a DPMS. I paid $600 for it and the parts availability will/should always be there compared to that model. MOST mil-spec AR parts SHOULD be interchangeable but if you go CUSTOM you limit parts availability if something happens.

            Consider buying either an M4 or AR that meets mil-spec and 5.56mm rated.

      • riverrider says:

        tin, looks like your prep week just got better, congrats on the winning post!!

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          Sure did! Wasn’t at all expecting it, but sure was a nice surprise, and makes me feel a lot better since I haven’t been able to do much (though STBDW did point out that “building a strong savings is good preps”). I guess she’s a little right. She’s the brains of this partnership, that’s for sure. Thank you (and you too Jar) for your advice on the AR. I may keep scouring….

          • riverrider says:

            tin, not saying thats a “bad” ar, just think its odd they would mix the parts that way. and def can get better price, for a while at least. i still might be able to work something out. i’m passing near you toward the end of the month.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              I checked out the DPMS you mentioned, and they seem pretty decent firearms, also attractively priced. Shoot, even if I buy 1 elsewhere, if your heading this way, we ouhhta meet up for lunch or a beer or something. Let me know…

            • riverrider says:

              tin, roger on lunch. making a run to hatteras w/ the old lady(she hates when i use that term,lol). might try n link up on the way back north. the area has built up so much since i went to odu, i’d be lost. i’ll email m.d. n see if he can send you my email.

            • riverrider says:

              tin, you okay?

  7. Had a pretty busy week for me. Meetings each week night except Tuesday. Finished up some orders for end of the month (EOM) stuff that was on sale.
    Got all the shelving out of the garage last weekend, except on large 48″ wide shelf for misc ammo that will be going up today. Then I will be able to check my inventory and see if there are any glaring gaps. Mostly I have been able to take advantage of sales and replace what gets used and not have to go looking for anything in particular.
    Getting the reloading room together. Got a new brass cleaner and will start this week depriming and cleaning the old brass then seeing what will get bagged up and sold at the next gun show and what will get loaded. It will also let me make sure I have enough primers and powder for what we use.
    I got some “Hot Pockets” at Wal-Marts end of season sale. Along with some winter thermal undershirts.
    I got in my latest order of 45 ACP and 12 ga ammo.
    Bucketed up a 4 gal pail of various M&M’s.
    Picked up some AR-15 mags for storage or trade.
    Ordered some milk and vegetables from Honeyville (that’s for the heads up on the sale!). Also split and order of Zapplesause with a friend from EE.
    Still waiting on my backordered sight mounts for my 10/22 project gun and my 30/30.
    Ordered the new Ruger 10/22 takedown (I hope it lives up to the billing, I will fill so many niches for me).

    Other than that we are just trying to keep things afloat until the big wave comes in. (Hopefully TEOTWAWKI will wait until I’m 98% finished!)

    Keep prepping! And keep the information on what’s working coming!

    • riverrider says:

      jp, that zapplesauce, whats the deal with that? all it said was maltodextrin added. what advantage does it provide? i like that you can eat it from the package. any info would be appreciated.

      • JP in MT says:

        Not sure, I have a partner that is my BOB food guru. It is supposed to have 400 cal/package. I’ll let you know what the taste is like when they get here. I also am about to order some regular MRE applesause, but we go the other for $1 each and free shipping, so we’ll see.

    • JP, great job on the ammo and new toys! What’s the project with the 10/22 if you don’t mind my asking? They are so versatile, I have my standard and may pick up one more in the T6 and rail set up. Would be great to have a 2nd rifle.

      • axelsteve says:

        I would like to have a compact model for stashing in a pack. Have it with a few extended mags and that would be a nice setup.

      • JP in MT says:

        I wanted one that would be real good with 60 gr Aguila Sub Sonic ammo and be VERY portable w/no or limited electronics. I have most of the pieces and waiting on 2 other parts before I seek professional help.
        I’ll try and set up a picture if I can when finished.

      • Axel and JP, I considered if I do it, I may have a gunsmith cut the barrel down to 16″ from the standard 20″. A T-6 stock 10/22 with an Aimpoint or flip up iron sights could be a nice backpack tool.

        • axelsteve says:

          Good idea Jarhead

          • Axel, the reason I say 16″ is for federal guidelines. Now I’m taking into the fact that a shorter barrel means less range but a “tactical looking” rifle regardless of caliber would come in handy and not way as much as an M4. May have to get working on it.

        • JP in MT says:

          Jarhead 03:
          Not sure what you are going to pay for the gunsmith work but it might be easier to just get a 16″ barrel from Ruger (or at a show).
          The take-down 10/22 I just got in today breaks down into 2 parts, the barrel is 18.5″ and the stock w/actions is 20.25″.

  8. SuburbanHousewife says:

    Wow Bam Bam – you had a productive week! Good for you.
    I didn’t get to go to Brazil, my mom had a relapse. I am back in Ohio, got her out of the hospital and back home on hospice. She is doing pretty good – considering. Hospice is great – but it sure is a lot of appointments and meeting and stuff. I think we are through most of that now though.
    I got to read Peggy Layton’s book Emergency Food Storage & Survival Guide. And I just ordered M.D.’s Dirt Cheap book – I wanted his new one but it won’t get here in time. I could get the 2 day shipping from Amazon on his old one – I will read that on the plane Wednesday when I go to North Carolina to help my pregnant daughter move in to her new place outside of Camp LeJeunne – then back to Ohio for a week to make sure Mom did OK while I was gone – then home to CA. (Yay! – I hope)
    I had ordered a bunch of supplies and books before I got called back to OH this time so it will be like Christmas when I get home. I’ve already forgotten what I ordered! So not much prepping for me these days – but trying to read archived blog posts when I can and organize my brain. That’s bout all I can do right now – gather knowledge.

    I am eager to try your refried beans when I get home – am I correct in that you only soak the beans? – you don’t cook them? The pressure canner cooks them and gets them sufficiently soft? This sounds crazy easy – and we love Mexican food at our house.

    • Suburban Housewife,

      Yes, you just soak the beans overnight, rinse and put in jars. Then fill jars with broth leaving 1/2 inch headspace. I used chicken broth with lipton onion soup and taco seasoning. That makes the beans more Mexican-like. The important thing to remember is that you can only fill the jar half full with beans; the other half has to be liquid. This is to ensure proper heating/cooking.

  9. The Prepper says:

    Sounds like you had a good week MD, and hope everyone in the ‘pack is doing ok! I spent a bundle of time tending to my garden this week. The peas are getting big, the tomatoes are starting to take off and my bush beans and cucumbers are coming around as well. Has anyone here started lemon balm or dill from seed? I can’t get lemon balm to start (tried multiple ways), and the dill seedlings come up paper thin. Also, is there a trick to getting nasturtiums to start? Only one of the seeds I planted actually came up. I’ve tried scarring the seeds, soaking them in water and direct seeing them.

    • I’ve never had a problem with nasturtiums. I use a file to nick the outer shell (like beans, they have an inner side where the sprout comes from. Don’t nick that. Only on the outer side) After a somewhat generous nick I soak them over night. Poke them down in the soil about an inch. Works every time for me.

    • SuburbanHousewife says:

      I had trouble with Nasturtiums from seed too – I bought a 6 pack from the nursery a few years back – planted those and they have just been coming up every year since.

  10. trapper from manitoba says:

    Hi …. i have been lurking here for a number of months somehow ending up here one night looking for something. I never considered, living where i do way up north and i mean way up north…. we are getting a dump of snow as i speak, the idea’s being discussed with such enthusiasm and religion here. I find it so interesting. Reading this response to today’s post though i had to comment because as much as i have started doing little things lately, i am a single dad, there is no way i can do anywhere near the amount of things i hear other people here doing while balancing work and being a full time single dad. Its quite overwhelming. I guess my first post is to say hi … and wow, the dedication and spare time some people have amaze me.

    • Welcome Trapper! It sounds like we could learn a lot from you given your location and living in extreme weather conditions.

    • Hello trapper and welcome to the wolf pack. You will find quite a bit of useful information from the site. I don’t envy the snow you have been getting this winter. In my part of the country we have been mowing lawns for almost a month and will be planting in the next week or two.

    • Welcome trapper,
      Just take it a little at a time. You will get there. I was a lurker for about a year, I made notes and lists of things that hadn’t crossed my mind. That is considered prepping too.
      When I went to yard sales or junk stores, I would pick up things on the lists that I had made. For example, oil lamps I now have six and have them as everyday decoration. I don’t think I paid more than $5.00 for any of them. There are ways to do some of the prepping with just a little time and little money.
      Don’t give up, just keep doing the little things you are doing and you will be surprised how quickly it starts adding up!

      • Mary in GA says:

        Wow, $5.00 for a hurricane lamp is a deal, good job!!

      • BarbeeBunch says:

        I found 3 beautiful copper oil lanterns at a garage sale last week for $1.00 each! I also bought almost 200 canning jars for a total of $3.00. My town has a Buy, Sell, Trade site on Facebook and I picked up almost 200 canning jars for free last week. I also bought a Coleman propane grill, never even taken out of the box for $2.00. It was a great day of hitting garage sales!

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      most of us have a good week or two then settle in for awhile of not getting much done. all you can do is do the best you can. if that means grabbing a few extra cans of food every time you are at the store you are far better off than most and it will surprise you how fast it builds up, believe me i look at a lot of these posts and almost get depressed because i got so little done. i am sure thier are a lot of us on here who feel this way.

      welcome to the pack and keep posting and reading.

    • Copperhead says:

      Trapper, welcome to the Wolf Pack! You will get lots of info here from the good folks. Just know that doing any small thing puts you ahead of most people out there. When you go grocery shopping, just buy two of what you like and you have started. It will gradually build up. Have a way to obtain water or start filling containers of some to store. Not all of us prepare in the same way, just do what you can and what feels right to you.
      ALL questions are welcome!

    • Trapper,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. Raising your children to become independent, productive young adults is prepping. The other stuff can be done one day at a time. Just add what you can and over time your stockpiles will grow.

    • village idiot says:

      Welcome, trapper. The very fact that you’ve started doing something puts you ahead of the vast majority of folks. Most of us started slow, have slow weeks, and then hit the jackpot some weeks. And yes, there are some here who are super preppers, but the vast majority aren’t. However, we all learn from the people who have blazed the trail ahead of us, and are thankful for them. They keep us from making rookie mistakes, and are a source of vast information. That’s what makes MD’s blog so dang good, people eager to share their knowledge with others. Happy prepping, my friend.

    • The Prepper says:

      Hey Trapper! Prepping can definitely be overwhelming when you start. I was freaked out when I first started prepping, but eventually realized there is only so much you can do. If you start doing a little bit each week (adding extra food, saving money, etc.) you will eventually look at your preps and say wow I’m coming along. Welcome to the ‘pack and god bless!

      • Hey Trapper,
        most everyone is very nice here. Take your time, store water first, then get a Water purifier or make one. Northern Manitoba is beautiful, much nicer than the southern part is.
        Cheers ~WR

    • welcome trapper…and ‘Hi’ back at you…as you have probably noticed, we are all unique and prep in our way – for our own individual circumstances/needs/abilities/climate/finances/time etc.

      No one is in competition with anyone else…and we are all spread out geographically – and we support each other in many ways, not just with preps – sometimes a poster will have a rough week, health or accidents etc – or sick pets etc.

      And I learn what I can, contribute where/what I can and the other poster’s comments often show me where my gaps are…so, it is a win-win place…

      Go at your own pace and enjoy the ride. cheers.

    • Welcome trapper! If you have any questions, with the Pack as a whole someone can come up with an answer to help.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Welcome Trapper!

    • axelsteve says:

      Trapper just start with small steps.I have never seen anyone just walk into a healthclub for the first time and benchpress 450 pounds.Start small read up and do bits at a time. You will be light years ahead of sheeple soon.

    • NANN!/Cruzette says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Trapper! I know how reading these posts can make you feel a little overwhelmed. I find myself buying a couple extra things at the grocery store, or picking up odds and ends at dollar stores or yard sales that I think might come in handy. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you accumulated your supplies. Soon enough you’ll catch yourself prepping without even thinking about it.
      Sorry for the snow dump you’re getting. I’m in the Buffalo area, and we’ve hardly gotten any snow all season….once in December and a few nights ago.

    • Yadkin Girl says:


      Welcome to the site. I am fairly new to the site but have been prepping for years. We started off with basics: water, sugar, salt, grains and extra cans of canned foods. As many have said, just buy a little at a time and when things are on sale. Whenever a dry good (rice, beans, pasta) is on sale (even if I already have a lot) I buy a couple boxes or bags. We also thought of bartering items (such as salt and sugar) at first.

      Good luck!

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack, trapper from manitoba! Can we call you Trapper?? I don’t think there is a Trapper on here. Don’t be overwhelmed. Just do something every week. When you grocery shop and buy what you normally eat, if it is canned or dried, buy three instead of one. Set two aside as preps. If you do that each time you shop, you will be building a good supply of stuff you already like to eat. That is important. Going out and buying 50# of wheat berries when you can’t mill them is a waste. That is one heck of a lot of wheat sprouts or cooked cereal! Yes, wheat is important…but first start off buying WHAT you normally eat. If you eat 5# rice each month, buy 15# instead.

    • Kelekona says:

      Trapper, prep for the little things first. How long can you survive if a snowstorm cuts off your power and blocks your door? What if it freezes your pipes?

      Get to the point where having a week-long disaster is only an inconvenience and go from there. Once you’re fine for a month after every likely natural disaster, most of the rest is how much you can stockpile and whether you have a plan for what happens when the stockpile runs out.

      You’ll pick up some of the finer points from the rest of the members as you go along.

    • Trapper,
      Welcome aboard.
      I don’t think that many of us have that much “spare” time or money for that matter, but you make time and money for the things that you consider important. As a single dad earning a living and raising your kids rightfully comes at the top of that list. The best thing you can do is make a list, check it off against what you already have, and start acquiring as you can afford the time and money. As you go on, read the posts here and look at other resources, and you’ll continue to add to and revise the list. Chip away at it at your own pace, occasionally taking a moment to see what you have accomplished, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Even a 72 hour kit, or a few weeks of food on the shelf, puts you well ahead of 90% of the population.

    • Chilly Beaver says:

      Welcome trapper, always glad to see a few extra mukluk wearers joinin the pack.

    • you may already have a leg up on a lot of us, since you live so far north and civilization is more spread out up there. Once you get going with your preps, you’ll be sitting nice. 🙂

  11. Hunker-Down says:

    Ordered five Moldex 2730 N100 Respirator Masks, and for the DW, five Moldex 2731 N100 Particulate Respirator Size Small, a Butler Creek Lula Universal Loader and “The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables”.

    Our last frost day is only 44 days from now; time to order seeds! For those of you that have tomato plants setting fruit….go boil some peanuts.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Ahhhhh, boiled peanuts! The nectar of the gods…..

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Alright you guys……In Detroit they use boiled peanuts to patch pot holes in the black-top roads.

        • Encourager says:

          LOL, Hunker-Down! No wonder Detroit is pot-hole city! You can lose your car in one. Those boiled peanuts don’t last – the pigeons eat them all….

        • Oh ya, well in the South we use asphalt to patch holes in our boiled peanuts.

    • And my cilantro is almost as tall as my tomato plants.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      HD, I would love to have a beer flat half boiled peanut’s and half boiled crawfish. I’m a south mississippi native and feeling a little home sick. missing DD.

      • village idiot says:

        Carl, my wife is from New Hebron, Ms., which is about halfway between Hattiesburg and Jackson. We’ve spent a good bit of time in Gulfport and Biloxi over the years. And she introduced me to boiled peanuts years ago when there were folks selling boiled peanuts all along Hwy. 49.

        • Carl in W.V. says:

          I’m from just south of Wiggins on hwy 49 east on Wire rd.

          • village idiot says:

            Know Wiggins well, Carl, as we went through there every time we vistied Biloxi and Gulfport, which used to be great places until the gambling casinos opened there. Both places were never the same again, and of course Katrina destroyed many of the old homes we loved along Hwy. 90. We haven’t been there in a few years, now spending our time on the Redneck Riviera instead.

      • Mt_man_stuckinthesouth says:

        I’m sitting here in Picayune, MS and now am going to have to drive into town to get some boiled p-nuts. Thanks for making me want some.

    • HD, those respirators are great, we use something close to that model at work, a bit thicker than the N95 and comfortable.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Jarhead 03,

        It’s good to know that they are comfortable. The DW never allows anything restrictive to touch her body. I’ll bet her parents had a terrible time getting her to wear shoes.

        • village idiot says:

          Not wanting to wear shoes is a definite sign of a hillbilly or stump jumper who loves boiled peanuts. Just saying! Or at least that’s what I’ve observed over the years. Now where the heck are my shoes?

  12. axelsteve says:

    You have been busy Bam Bam. I have not done much this week yet just a bit of food for the larder.I got some more matches and have been looking for a shotgun.I also want a 357 or 45 however i am concertrating on a 12 guage.I already have some ammo for it I have a box of # 6 shot and 20 rounds of 0 0 .If worse comes to worse I can use the shotgun ammo for barter.My son is home for the weekend but it is raining too hard to go plinking this weekend.

    • Axel, a suggestion would be to pick up a 100 round pack of 12 Gauge 7 1/2 or 8 shot at Walmart for about $23. Its not a heavy load but does the job for certain things.

      I like recommending as an economic 1st shotgun at Big 5 they sell the combo set up of short 18 1/2″ and 28″ barrel for about the same price as the shotgun with one barrel. You can always put a 2 shot extension with short barrel on for tactical and the long barrel for hunting.

      • axelsteve says:

        Jarhead. Thanks for the advice.There is not a Big 5 in my town though there is in in Ukiah and 2 in Santa Rosa and one in petalama and one in Napa Calif.It would be worth the drive to any one of those and I have a walmart in my town.We sometimes call it the lake county mall.

        • Axel, maybe the next time I’m up that way heading North we could meet up with Ray and anyone else that area. Look on line at the Big 5 add and when you see it, give them a call and see if they have it in stock.

  13. Canadagal says:

    Well Bam Bam you sure put me to shame but over the last 2 weeks I have accomplished a few things to prepare. The major activity here has been the maple run. We only put out half the taps as we were caught flat footed with spring coming a month early and equipment wasn’t ready. There hasn’t been a lot of frosty nights & sunny days so the run is slow also. That is why we try to keep one year ahead on our stock. We only do for ourseves & for gifts. we don’t market the syrup.
    DH has finished his wood cutting outfit. We had gone to a museum short course last weekend so got to the city where he could get some puck board for the trough on the wood elevator. I stocked up on tooth paste, tooth brushes & bar soap all on sale. I’ve reach my goal on those 3 items now. The next 3 items on my list to complete when on sale are bleach, vinegar, & salt. Of course I still have a bunch from the last sale but I still have a higher goal. I also picked up a bunch of dehydrated vegetables and made a detour on the way home to pick up my sewing machine which was in for repairs. I therefore was able start sewing together the pieces I’d cut for a quilt. It is a glorious day today after a heavy rain last night so that should get the grass growing. God provided us with a firework show in the name of lighting. That will put a bunch of nitrogen into the soil to help the garden whenever it gets warm enough to plant. Have a great prepping week everyone but take a few minutes each day to enough life.

  14. cooolwoods says:

    Hi everyone!,
    just a few thing done
    I started converting an old display case into can storage, I have the middle section done,120 auto rotating cans! veggie cans work great! the larger soup cans(110 cans only) i have to bump to get it to work so I’ll make changes on the next section(drop slot in the back slightly larger).
    2 cases diced tomatoes
    and… ok thats all I did this week other than read

    I found and interesting webpage

    county sheriff project, very interesting. looks like we may have a loophole of our own.

    and an interesting privacy notice
    MD you might want to consider something similar

    Warning–any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government, New Zealand Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/ or the comments made about my photo’s or any other “picture” art, or comments and opinions posted on my profile or my comments in the forums. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.

    It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one. THANK YOU**

    this guys site is set up strange but there were some interesting links there

    alot of freedom and liberty site links.

    blessings to those sick or hurt

    stay safe

    • cooolwoods says:

      Ok, how could I forget.
      and got 15 pullets 9 rhode island reds 6 golden comets
      and 7×110 foot roll of deer netting to cover the enlarged section of the run
      that netting (tractor supply) is pretty neat, stronger than I would have thought.

      and blessings to everyone else

      Stay safe

    • The site QRZ is not a guys site, but a general amateur radio information site. The particular ham KB9QFH just has a fancy profile. I have one there also, but not nearly as fancy.

  15. Quite a week for you MD.

    Purchased some waterproof matches (case of 100)
    Additional battery powered lantern
    Case of 24 boxes of pasta
    Purchased Grade 1 deadbolt lock for the front door – installing today

    Also, pointed my extended family to my article on providing for your family in the hopes they begin to start prepping seriously. One can hope.

    • wheelsee says:


      While your at it, look at Jamb Armor (at Lowe’s and Home Depot, ~ $100). It is a metal sleeve that fits into the jamb (lock side and hinge side) that provides extra protection against a kick-in. EASY to install. Took me all of 2 hours. Pop the trim off, use a Sawzall to cut the door nails, screw the jamb into the studs (4″ screws included), then put the trim back on. Can’t tell it’s even there.

  16. village idiot says:

    Concentrated on G and A this week and hit the jackpot….

    S & W AR-15
    2 cans of Federal 5.56 (840 rds.)
    BOGO 2 boxes ea .45, .357, 9mm Golden Saber
    1 case .22lr(10 bricks)
    2 single-point tactical slings
    5 DPMS 30 rd. magazines
    9-in blade Gerber machete w/brush hook
    range bag
    48 pack AA batteries

    I also went to Sam’s and stocked up on butter(4 lbs.), rice(20 pds.), beans(10 pds.), got my starter kit from LDS, and ordered 2 more starter kits. The wife crapped until I reminded her of how much she spent last week. Good preps, everyone.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, way to go man! see, i told you, if you take care of prep number 1, you’ll be all right:)

      • village idiot says:

        You are a wise man, riverrider. I got the M&P AR for $639.88, and I danced a little jig. Good thing no one saw that. Hahaha.

        • riverrider says:

          wow, great deal! i would do my happy dance and not care who saw if i got that deal. i’m always on the other end of the deal though.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, which is why i’m taking the misses to hatteras next month;)

    • VI, great deal on the AR and ammo. I have a few of the DPMS mags but don’t see them available as much as the Colt or Magpul.

      • village idiot says:

        Jarhead, I would have bought a boatload of mags if I could, but the limit was 5 @ 6.99ea. A pretty dang good loss leader for getting folks into the store and buying other stuff. And also there was a limit of two cans on the 5.56 ammo as well, or I would have gotton a lot more. I’m gonna check river’s source at sg, I didn’t know they had a great sale going. river was an overachiever this week, and you as well, Jarhead.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, i was panic buying over the trayvon affair:)

        • VI, I usually pick up my magpul mags for $10 each and Colt AR mags at $20 each. I got four of the D&H mags for $9 a piece to test them out. Like river, with all this going on. I can load up 20+ mags and all my G21 mags and be ready. I know it won’t go to the point I empty that many but I know how much I will have lol

  17. worrisome says:

    Here in so called “sunny” California it has rained all week. Most everything I have done has been indoors. I canned up most of the chicken in my freezer to make space for some incoming beef from the butcher. Completed dehydrating all the red and green peppers I got on sale last week. Watched a segment of Doomsday Preppers where a guy named Doug in the Sierras actually had his canned goods secure. First one I have seen where someone in that show was smart enough to make sure that all of those glass jars wouldn’t end up on the floor in a broken sticky mess.

    The whole camera/electric fence project has come to a screeching halt pending better weather and the arrival of my nephew the electrician. In the meantime some of the neighbors are making some improvements along their fence lines, which is a good thing. It will make it much easier to do the electric fences if the regular fencing is in better shape. The camera systems have been ordered and I think we came to a good compromise between taking care of our security and each other some and maintaining our privacy.

    Three of the neighbors have gone to visit a local breeder of German Shepherds. They are thinking a good guard dog would be good. One of them has the means and methods (I think) to perhaps make it work. Again I am still doing a lot of hiding and watching and not sharing much of my own on this. Takes time to trust. What I did like hearing was that if they do this dog thing, they will be putting kennels in their back yards, they have the room and they won’t have to worry about another good dog getting out of a fence and getting into the woods and maybe getting shot.

    I have promised to teach some of the neighborhood women what I know about dehydrating and canning. All but 2 of the neighbors are planting gardens this summer. Those two are going to be traveling, but have been eager to contribute to the security issues.

    Going to spend the week end relaxing with family. I have spent weeks sorting through the left overs from the departed in my life, it is getting very depressing.

    • Worrisome, I am interested in the German Shepard route as well. Let me know what you learn. I will also be putting a security camera system up before summer at my new retreat location.

      • D2 Prep,

        I have a German Shepard and we went to training school together. I learned so much in dog school. This is the first dog I have ever had that obeys hand signals.

        • d2 prep says:

          Thanks Bam Bam, we had a GS once when I was a kid for about 6 months. I remember him being incredibly intelligent. He was stolen in the middle of the night or ran away so never had the full experience.

          • axelsteve says:

            We have a great Dane. She is a good dog but a shepperd would probably be better.Danes have a thin coat and get cold easily. Allot of folks get intimidated by her size though.

        • K Fields says:

          I also currently have a German Shepard – female, solid black.
          Wonderful, wonderful dogs.

          • Schatzie Ohio says:

            I agree with you on the German Shepard being Wonderful. Our last GS was a white female that lived to 15 1/2. She was VERY special and very intelligent. We miss her very much. We got another white female GS rescue and she is slowing becoming special in her own way.

    • If you speak another language or two, consider training your dog in a language other than English. That way you are in control and what you say quietly to your dog, others haven’t a clue.

      • Kelekona says:

        I think it’s actually tradition to command police dogs in German. I think it’s so they can shout “Stop!” at the perps and the dog won’t respond until he hears “Roust.”

        • Kelekona,
          I think you’re correct here, and knowing the language isn’t really required. As long as you can properly pronounce a dozen or so commands clearly enough for the dog to know what you want, you’ll be good. Dogs can’t actually speak or understand German, or English for that matter, and simply learn and relate an action or behavior to a sound.

          • K Fields says:

            The use of German comes from the schutzhund training / certification regimen. At one time, only German Shepherds that had passed a Schutzhund test or a herding test were allowed to breed so the German commands were universally accepted.
            Beyond that, the guttural nature of the German commands are thought to be easier for the dogs to pick up on.

          • Kelekona says:

            Ohio… just like human babies. 🙂

      • axelsteve says:

        a buddy of mine trained his pit in German.If Joe starts speaking in German You best watch yourself.

      • Eagle,

        When I was in middle school I trained my GSD in Spanish just to annoy my parents. I trained my current GSD in German. And my cat knows pig. I holler, “Sueeeee-ey and he comes running.” LOL

        • All, I can order a beer, ask for the restroom and get slapped in about 6 different languages LOL! Not sure that will help me much with training a dog. Thanks for the input on the dogs.

          • I will let y’all know when I know something. This is all very new and hard to know how any of these folks will really do if something heavy this way comes. My idea of getting a german shepherd would be to get one already trained and then buy it. There is a lot of physical effort required in training something that big and for novices a lot that can be done wrong. I have friends that have a great pyranes (spelling) who loves me and I love her. Wish they had reason to give her to me, she is so well training, has lovely indoor manners and is extremely protective of those she cares about. The whole training thing is a lot of work. As I said only one of these neighbors has any experience, so we will see.

          • K Fields says:

            d2prep – Having gone through Schutzhund training with a number of German Shepherds over the years, I’d be glad to send you a list of the most important commands in German with English pronunciation if you ever decide to try training your dog that way. Just send a note to MD and I’ll send him the info to forward to you.

  18. Prepping has been mostly hit or miss over the last week between work and taking care of my newborn daughter. I’ve tried to do something productive every day, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

    Turned one of my 23” Stanley Fat Max toolboxes into an ammo can for my shotgun ammo. Another contains various calibers and empty magazines for my PSL and Ruger 10/22s.

    Work on my parent’s basement has slowed to a crawl. I managed to joint compound one wall and primer another. I still need to do some sanding and fix a door jamb before I can call it finished.

    Today’s agenda is getting my hands on a deep freeze. Once that is in place, the ordering of food buckets, Mylar bags, and oxidizers begins. I need to clear out some more room if I am going to be able to store a year’s worth of food.

    On the upside, I’ve got enough gas on hand for the car that I do not have to worry about a run on the local gas station.

    My wife put a M1A Super Match on layaway.

    Another trip to Walmart for:

    Basic first aid kit
    Largest LED Mag light I could find
    More D batteries
    2 small pocket knives
    3 Leatherman tools (one has gone into our vehicle kit)
    1 x 4 foot wide trawling net for small bait fish
    2 x 5 gallon fuel cans
    Another bottle of Sta-Bil
    2 boxes of .45 ACP (finished filling up an ammo can)
    4 boxes of .308
    3 boxes of 380 Auto
    200 rds of .223 Rem
    6 boxes of 12 ga. Slugs

    Trip to local gun store:

    3 Glock 23 magazines
    Foam mat showing Glock handgun breakdown
    Parts for future AR15s

    • riverrider says:

      cain, wow, nice wife(m1a):) i’m sure i should know, but what is a PSL?

      • Romanian PSL – 7.62 x 54R – The rifle is considered a squad based marksman rifle. It uses a long stroke system versus the short one found in AKs. Many people unfamiliar with this weapon mistaken it for a Dragunov. A PSL sells typically for around $800. The downside of this is the 10 rd magazines used in this weapon are hard to come by.

        • axelsteve says:

          I looked that rifle up online to see what it is. Pretty nasty looking rifle.*00 is not to bad when you consider that sks is 650 these days in my area.

          • Rob in Ontario says:

            Axelsteve– SKS here in my area are about $225- ammo is 10 rounds for $2.25

      • River, its a nice rifle, its based off the RPK but looks like a SVD. A Designated Rifleman type rifle. Been on the receiving end of one from a sniper we had eliminated. They put rounds down range for sure.

        • riverrider says:

          cain/j, ahhh, if you had said romanian it might woulda put this old brain in gear. thanks.

    • Unexpected bonus with 5 more MagPul 30 rd mags, ammo box, and 300 more rds of .223.

      MD’s new book arrived yesterday. Read a portion of it before going to bed.

    • Cain,

      A foam mat showing Glock handgun breakdown. Where did you get that? I am not mechanical in the least. I still don’t know how to break down and clean my Glock. Next time I am at the range I need to get the cleaner stuff they guy recommended. Then I will have my dh show me how to break down and clean my gun. But a foam mat with pictures would really help.

    • Cain, you had a great week on the preps. The PSL is a good rifle, not sure of availability of soft point ammo in your area outside of online purchases but it makes for a good hunting rifle. That is a great wife, the M1A SM is a great tack driver.

      Good run on the ammo and mags as well.

      • The only ammo you will find for the PSL is imported ammo from Bulgaria, Romania, or Russia. Those green tins everyone associates with the Mosin-Nagant rifles work great in the PSL. Unfortunately, getting match grade ammo for the Romanian PSL is almost impossible. This rifle can easily reach out and touch someone at 700m to 800m.

        At the end of every shooting session you will need to pour Windex down the barrel to clean out the corrosive salts. The PSL in its default configuration really can’t handle anything larger than 155 gr. For match grade ammo, you have to hand load them. The pressure caused by 170+ gr bullets have the potential to ruin the rifle unless it is modified for those type of rounds.

        Given the logistical difficulties of finding magazines and match grade ammo for this rifle, I’d take the SKS over the PSL. The SKS is plenty accurate in its own right. My Romanian PSL was an impulse buy.

        On a lighter note I bought 5 x 30 rd magazines for my wife’s M1A

        • Cain, Winchester makes ammo for it in soft point ammo.

          • Soft point is 180 gr. I can’t use it in this rifle until I either tap it with a bit or buy an adjustable gas block to replace the existing one. So for now I’m stuck at 155 gr or lighter.

  19. BamaBecca says:

    What did I do this week to prep?

    Well I DIDN’T do much shopping, STILL saving for that a/c.

    But I did contact support at freecycle to let them know that our local group hasn’t been active in over a year now…and I offered my services if they needed a new admin for the local group. They responded quickly and said that it would take up to a month to try to find out what happened to the group administrator….then go from there. I’m anxious to get freecycle active again in my area….it can REALLY help with preps…and all the stuff is free. I get emails from a few other groups but they are all too far to drive really. I’ve been seeing a LOT of requests lately for things like empty soda bottles, food grade 55 gal drums, canning jars, etc. Sounds like folks in this area at least are waking up…thats GREAT!

    I scoped out a few more likely spots for my “in the woods” garden and hopefully I’ll get a few things planted this coming week, if the rain will hold off. The past week or so, its been either raining or too wet from all the rain to do much.

    My strawberries are blooming and I have sage, thyme, marigolds and spinach peeking thru the dirt. My potatoes are growing fast and I’ve had to add dirt to them twice now. Onions are looking kind of peaked…not sure whats wrong with them.

    Restarted my worm bin. (I let it go over the winter cuz ants got into it).

    Purchased a case of jelly jars for canning butter. Now I know there has been lots of discussion on canning butter lately, but I haven’t paid as close attention as I should have, except to add it to my “to do” list. SO, if you ladies (or gentlemen) would kindly remind me how many lbs of butter I need to can a case I would appreciate it greatly! Also, I looked and compared butter prices in several places. At our local farmers market, I found 2 lbs of Amish butter for 5.99. In Wally World, their brand was 2.99 for 1 lb. Does it really matter which kind I buy? And should I buy salted or unsalted for canning???

    DH finally broke down and had satellite installed, so I watched my first episode of the Doomsday preppers and also Doomsday bunkers. I wasn’t very impressed. Planning to watch The Colony tonight if I can find it, lol, its been so long since I had tv that I can’t remember how to do the programming thingy. TV isn’t really my thing, but DH was spending so much buying movies that it was just as cheap to pay for the satellite.

    That’s about it for me for this week. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else got done.

    Have a great week all!

    • BamaBecca,
      Get some glass marbles at the dollar store, sterilize them with your lids and drop one in each jar before you cap it off. The marble helps with the shaking process. Check out youtube for videos – search for “bottled butter”‘ or “canned butter”. I use salted butter because I figure the salt can only help it store longer. Good luck!

    • Becca,

      Publix has butter on sale this week $2 per pound.

    • Becca,

      One pound of butter is four sticks. Two sticks is one cup. Two cups is one pint. So 1 lb. of butter will make a pint.

      I hope I got that right.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        For those that have canned butter. Have you eaten any? Say at 2 months, 6 months and a year? Is it still good?
        I’ve heard it gets rancid after 6 months. Just curious.

        And why is canning butter better then just keeping butter powder which has a shelf life of up to 5 years?

        • Prepper RN says:

          Hi everyone. I have been canning butter. I have had no problems. Keep everything very clean, pressure canned without dying as of yet. No rancid butter either. I use mostly unsalted utter. Like 4 pounds unsalted and one salted. All salted is too salty and the unsalted alone is just blah! The texture is not as smooth as fresh, but the taste is great.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Bam Bam,

        Your math is confuzing me. Four divided by two is one?

        I’ll just fall back on the old ditty; “a pint’s a pound the world around”.

        Unless its dry stuff, or by volume, or cubits, or political.

        • H-D,

          I have never heard that expression. LOL I was trying to use math to figure out how many sticks of butter it would take to fill a pint.

          • K Fields says:

            16 fluid ounces = 1 pint, 16 ounces = 1 pound
            It’s a good way to remember the number 16, but not much use beyond that.

  20. Welcome new members to the Pack! Prayers sent out for the Pack and their families.

    It was a busy/expensive week (and last week) altering my priorities with what’s going on in Florida and several protest marches around the country. Beefing up defensive preps for home and vehicles. Much of the stuff I ordered over the last two weeks came in. (Waiting on M.D.’s book and looking forward to it)

    Increased my prep cabinet at work, if I had to hunker down. I increased from 2 weeks to a month or 4 days worth for my crew if we we’re stuck there. The companies 72 hours for “all hands on board” emergency preps plus mine is a nice feeling.

    My Preps for the week
    Bandages, gauze, tape and stretch gauze (beefing up my two GHB vehicles first aid kits)

    Food Prep: (all for office)
    1 case peaches
    1 case clam chowder soup
    1 case chicken noodle soup
    2 cases Ramen noodles
    1 case canned chicken
    1 large container of instant coffee
    1 large peanut butter
    1 loaf of bread
    1 16 oz dry roasted peanuts
    2 cases of granola bars

    Water Prep:
    3 cases of water 1 for each vehicle and 1 for work

    Gun preps: (went heavy)
    Mossberg 930 6+1 round semi auto shotgun (broke in 50 rounds of bird shot, 15 00 buck and 10 slugs through it and works great)
    6 round side saddle
    Tactical sling
    25 rounds of 00 buck
    25 rounds slugs
    100 rounds bird shot
    100 rounds BB load (friend reloaded them for 500 9mm brass I supplied the BBs, wads and shells, he supplied powder and primers)
    Cleaned the 3 primary firearms.

    Streamlight TLR-1S light mount for the G21 & 6 extra batteries
    2 Glock 21 magazines
    4 AR H&S magazines
    2 Ruger Mk II 22/45 magazines

    Defensive Preps:
    2 canisters of Pepper Spray MK 4 size. (1 in each GHB)
    2 Bear Sprays MK 9 size (1 in each vehicle) mounted to GHB.
    8 Heavy Duty black sling shot bands replaced all slingshots bands one in each GHB and other packs.
    1/2″ ball bearings for the slingshot stored in M&Ms minnie tubes.
    2 new filters for my MCU-2/P Gas Mask (from military days) the mask and one extra filter is going in the car/SUV until all this dies down. Had a friend in the Guard take it to their NBC section and inspected. GF joked if it works after the chili it should work for tear gas. It works lol.

    Bladed weapons:
    1 SOG Seal Pup (in the GHB) Walmart for $50, 2nd purchase of one.
    S&W First Responder Rescue Knife

    GHB: (2 bags one for each vehicle)
    Reorganized, pulled out the knives and replaced them with the SOG Seal Pups
    Replaced energy bars, MREs, flashlight batteries changed, new spare batteries, new N95 dust masks and inspected water filters, dusted off the gear, cleaned the 100 oz water pouch and fresh socks and t shirt.

    SUV: Tune up, oil change, coolant flushed and rotate tires.
    Removed all unnecessary items. Fueled up the tank, inspected winch, belts, overhead/grill OHV lights, spare tires and added another ABC fire extinguisher.
    Window security screen inserts are in the back for all 8 windows.
    The car was recently tuned up and fully serviced.
    The two fold up bikes were cleaned up and tires aired up.
    15 gallon reserve and two 5 gallon cans filled and treated.

    Other preps:
    24 each AAA, AA, C and D batteries
    100 count cable/zip ties
    Old fashion style double side shaving razor and 100 blades ($35 for the handle and $17 for the blades) will last me a year.

    Keep an eye out for stormy weather ahead folks!

    • riverrider says:

      j, great day, you prepped more in a week than 99% of us in a year.good job.

      • River, I am the 1% lol. On a serious note, just getting some things done I’ve been wanting to and with not sure which way things will go I want to be prepared for just about anything. Thought I was good but after an assessment I thought why not speed it up. Sold the Mossberg 590 to a friend who wanted a shotgun and his 16yo daughter loves it after a day at the range so made a good sale to cover some of the spending. Now to sell the Ruger P90, a friend backed out of the sell so I’m keeping it for now or may keep it was looking to sell it for a down on a G21.

    • cosmolined says:

      Wow, Jarhead!
      I am in awe of your week! Fantastic Job, Marine. Cos

      • Cosmo, I don’t know what is around the corner so I spent all my OT money for a Vegas trip on things I had on the wish list. Told gf the Vegas trip was pushed back 2 months due to work. She actually was happy so she can finish up with school for finals. Worked out lol

    • axelsteve says:

      Jarhead. I do not know how old your suv is.If you have anti lock brakes you may want to have them flushed.By machine to get the block flushed. They get messed up with moister and are expensive littel sob`s.

    • village idiot says:

      What’s on your mind, Jarhead? Are you suspecting some real trouble, as in are tensions getting high in LA? And I’m wondering what Hispanics are thinking about all this Martin/Zimmerman mess? Mexneck, or anyone, do yall have any insight?

      Oh, yeah, that was an awesome week, young man. You should be ready for just about anything. Take care.

      • VI, As Zimmerman to my understanding is half mexican half Jewish (CNN said so who knows) who knows how that can take into affect. I know here hispanic/black interactions are like anyone else only some deep rooted in their culture are having issues as Hispanics are outnumbering blacks and moving in to their neighborhoods. It can go either way.

      • VI, The only latinos I see really voicing an opinion are the liberal college/high school students that want to free the world with modern leftist socialist views of fight the power just don’t fight back or we scream police brutality 99%ers.

        The rest I haven’t heard much but they think Zimmerman is guilty as do most of us out here. I’m trying to reserve judgment but the coroners report has come back no bruising on the kids fists, no hair or skin in his fingernails and his phone was still on when he was shot.

        The detective on the scene suggested charges of manslaughter but the DA refused (Mr. Zimmerman’s dad is a judge) I see a real investigation here.

        That’s from reliable news sources and public record. As far as people saying his head was cracked into the concrete and grass stains, the news showed him at the police station front and back and I saw no grass stains, no blood or visible wounds and the officers were handling him with no gloves. Again, I am looking at this logically, no emotion and hope “the people” see it as well. If he is innocent, let the facts show it, if he is guilty, so be it and charge him.

        • Jarhead,

          I wish the rest of the country would take your approach and reserve judgment until all the facts are in. This case should be decided on the physical evidence–Zimmerman’s medical records: do they show he had his head smashed against the sidewalk? Do they show his nose was broken? Did police find blood spear on the sidewalk? Martin: What did the autopsy show? Was there evidence of a struggle? And what about the trajectory of the bullet? Where was Zimmerman positioned? Where was Martin positioned? I would like to see an objective CSI reconstruction of the crime scene.

          • Bam Bam, you are right. Even here are the blog people were posting things from “news blogs” as if it was fact and so far those early reports were wrong. We will see, I’ve seen white people “jump the gun” choosing Zimmerman’s side as the black community did with the kid, to me its no different and wreaks of the same bias (I know that will piss some people off) but as a civilized nation/people those of us that have a level of common sense can’t just jump on every rumor, plot or conspiracy without research or getting the facts with out prejudice (not only race but religious and political) and thing will be better. I have seen too many conspiracies and rumors recycled from the Clinton admin (did not like the Clinton admin as I served) but find it funny as people show links to websites but not one actual fact and just like this shooting, people were throwing what they read on “news blogs” as if it were facts. So far released
            d FACTS have shown Zimmerman was the aggressor, his dad’s a judge who knew the DA they are investigating the DA and so what if the kid smoked pot or had been suspended from school. That doesn’t warrant a death sentence from someone.

        • village idiot says:

          Jarhead, the worm continues to turn in the Zimmerman/Martin mess. Now ABC has enhanced their video, and they are reporting Zimmerman clearly has an injury to the back of his head. The Daily Caller had already done this earlier, and Z clearly had some type of injury.The NYTs is now reporting that Zimmerman weighed 170 and Martin 160 instead of Z over 200 and M about 130. NBC is now investigating its news team that altered 911 reports to make Zimmerman appear to be a racist.

          We can throw ABC, NBC and the NYTs out of the reliable news sources. If they were even reliable prior to this mess. The news media has really cost itself in this debacle, and trust will be a long time returning. Not to mention the infamatory reporting could still result in rioting and loss of life if Z is found innocent, or isn’t charged.

          • Kelekona says:

            What’s with the media frenzy over Zimmerman/Martin? Doesn’t this sort of thing happen all of the time?

          • VI, That’s why I’m trying to reserve judgement. Its a sad state when you can’t trust anyone. The right and left wing news media spin it their way to get what they want from us. It would be nice if they could have an actual independant news media not trying to spin it. Its why as I calmly wait for the truth to be set free I calmly clean my firearms, prep my ammo, stage what I need and await the zombies.

      • Hi VI,
        I really had written a much longer response but it was so incendiary my computer almost melted. I realized that if I posted it I would have to go into hiding like Lint, so all I want to say is,
        Practice situational awareness and keep your powder dry.

        • Mexneck,

          I would like to hear what you have to say.

          • Bam Bam,
            I can assure you from personal experience that NOTHING is worse than waiting for a grand jury indictment to decide ones fate. Worried about if I was going to be able to see my kids grow up, bankrupt from payment to a defense attorney or spend the next X number of years in a state facility . I did not have any wounds. The main difference between my situation and the one referenced is that I was on my own property.
            I always get nervous around rabble rousing mobs. For some time after the incident I got some very hard looks from my neighbors, many even stopped talking to me. My house was egged and my bushes in the front yard set on fire. The “media” was relentless and will do anything and everything to sensationalize and embellish “facts of the case” . Making your name known to every person in your community and trumpeting details of your life to anyone that has an ear.
            Rant starts here/
            When you see the poor working guy who got taken out by some “young man from a troubled home” everybody is all broke up and promises to start a fund for the kids etc. etc.. Like it’s a foregone conclusion that the older guy had to die for looking at Mr Baddass the wrong way.
            When it just so happens that middle aged guy has a carry permit and military experience the tables are turned. “Troubled young man” is made out to be a saint who “didn’t have a chance”. Who cares that his juvenile criminal record was as long as your leg. Then everyone who even thought they knew “troubled young guy” thinks he shouldn’t have had to answer for his crimes with his life. After all he was on the “place whatever high school sport he ever even showed up for a practice here”, now he will never realize the extent of his life. (most likely as a career criminal).
            /end rant
            In the end after sweating bullets and no sleep the grand jury decided I had acted in self defense. I won’t tell you what the deciding factor was, but it was shocking to me that something I would always consider the right thing to do could make such a difference. ( I suspect the same thing may be true in this case) No charges were filed against me.
            I moved within a year with no notice and no forwarding address, changed my appearance and kept very much to myself. The fallout to me and my family was extensive. In confrontations I’m much more restrained (yes, I still carry) and I still several years later (irrationally ?) fear that some “social justice” DA or guberment official may reopen my case for “the common good”. Try sleeping well with that hanging over your head.
            I can almost 100% assure you that Z has been prescribed sleeping / anxiety medication, lost his job and is in the process of selling his home and moving very far from his community. Because he chose not to be a victim of a person for whom society let believe ethnicity was an excuse to do what ever they wanted.

            • Papabear says:

              You have friends here. Rant as much as you need.

            • village idiot says:

              A sad story, Mexneck, and one that has been told far too often. And so true how the media has taken a side, and didn’t even wait for the truth to come out, but had a narrative they wanted to push from the start. At least NBC fired the producer who spliced the 911 tapes to make Z look like a racist.

              Take care, my friend, and I wish you peace and joy, and the courage to continue on.

            • Lee (TX) says:

              Mexneck, I realize you stated that you do not want to make known what saved you, but if you will reconcider, letting us know might save some of us also.

              I sincerely respect your choice.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Just reading between the lines, I hope my reaction to a similar encounter would be the same as yours.

            • Hi all,
              I’m sorry, I reread what I wrote and want to clarify a point.
              I didn’t hear about this until much later from my attorney. The thing that was pointed out as saving me is that I was the one who called 911. Sorry for leaving a cliff hanger like that. I thought it may impact my OPSEC.

        • Mexneck, agreed and understand. I’m trying not to take a side, just make sure I’m good to go.

    • wow jarhead…you really pulled out all the stops this week. Well done. It’s good to have things ship-shape. cheers.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Now that’s a heckuva week right there. Me and my inferiority complex are gonna go away now lol. In all seriousness, great job!

      • Tinfoil, I have always tried to be rational in everything I do even with prepping but with the possibility of something happening I checked off on my check off list for this week and the next month lol. I do see myself buying a bit more ammo and looking at transporting toys to work and back without getting in trouble lol.

    • Jarhead
      I always look forward to your posts and this is why! Just wow. (by the way i picture you as the sexy man in uniform, just saying! intended as nothing but a compliment!) Those double sided safety razors are the best… Every alpha in the pack should be aware of them. My DH has been using one for over two years and there’s absolutely no going back to the crazy expensive multi-blade face rippers.

      • Nessie, I was looking at knives and shaving items at the cutlery shop with a coworker and saw one like my dad used when I was a kid. The old Gillette shaving handles were made during the 40s were fetching $50 to $200. I wanted one and saw a German made handle for $35 and picked up to see why my dad loved them so much and with 100 blades I could shave for the whole year. Not ready to shave white walls yet, I have a barber for that lol.

        I still have about 50 triple blade disposables and plan on keeping them for back up or in a hurry shaving as well as medical if needing to suture someone.

      • Nessie, I was looking at knives and shaving items at a cutlery shop with a coworker and saw one like my dad used when I was a kid. The old Gillette shaving handles were made during the 40s were fetching $50 to $200. I wanted one and saw a German made handle for $35 and bought it to see why my dad loved them so much and with 100 blades I could shave for the whole year every day or two to three years by shaving every other day.

        I still have about 50 triple blade disposables and plan on keeping them for back up or in a hurry shaving as well as medical if needing to suture someone.

        • axelsteve says:

          I thought jarheads were trained to shave with a k bar

          • Axel, we don’t keep our blades that sharp. Induces blunt trauma lol I was never a big fan of the K-Bar. Besides issued bayonet I would carry my EK Commando or Cold Steel SRK.

            • Pineslayer says:

              Jarhead, my best prep of the week is an SRK Carbon V, should be here this week :):):) Gosh are they clean, functional, and strong for the price. A close second prep of the week was making it through Disneyland. Thanks for the comforting words of help if needed. Don’t know if I could survive such a place in a SHTF senario, lots of people! My daughter had a blast, we rode everything setting a blistering pace, it took her 2 days to rest when we got back.

            • Pineslayer, all my training never prepared me for getting stuck on its a small world ride lol since they don’t sell alcohol in Disney land my preps include little bottles of Jim Beam lol.

              Disneyland will wear you out for sure.

            • Lee (TX) says:

              My Son is in Afghanistan,,, I bought him a Cold Steel Master Tanto.

    • Got M.D.’s. book in the mail as I was heading out he door to work. Looks great! Skimmed through it and will be reading it later tonight.

      • Jarhead,

        I hope you like the book and find it useful – if you can please take a couple of minutes to post a short review and rating on Amazon.com. Thank you.

        • M.D. You got it. I went through your Amazon and its actually my first Amazon purchase. As I usually buy in person or select online companies.

  21. This week I tended my garden. I replanted the corn and squash, maybe it’s too early for them, but they just didn’t germinate last time. Zone 6. Comments on that? Also amended the soil in the carrot patch and tried planting again, but couldn’t find the stubby heirloom carrot seeds. So in went some year-old hybrids. The taters are coming up finally. The peas are 3 inches high and the lettuce and tomatoes have their secondary leaves.

    I lost one of my part time jobs yesterday. The bosses are both getting old and they decided to slow down, and one is getting surgery, so they don’t need me. I sort of expected that day would come eventually. I haven’t decided whether to seek out new bookkeeping clients, or whether to get another roommate, or mow people’s lawns, or start messing with selling stuff on Craigs List, or what. At any rate, I’ll have a couple business days a week in which to run errands or go to the range for part of the day, and I’ll have more time to get my existing clients’ taxes done. (and mine too!) which will keep me “employed” for a few weeks until I figure stuff out.

    I just attended a military funeral for the US head of my karate style. There were so many karateka, cops and ex-military there it was probably the safest funeral around! The procession had to have been a mile long. I wish I could have gone to the wake at the dojo but I had to work afterwards. Between him and Earl Scruggs dying, I had a thought that maybe God is calling the great back to Heaven before the SHTF.

    Stay safe y’all.

  22. Kroger in my town had a sale on canning jars, clearance, a dozen for 3 bucks. There was a great swarm of ladies buying them. I got the last dozen. I’m looking to see when the Kroger down the road puts theirs on clearance. There’s a heads up for anyone with a Kroger!

  23. I didn’t get as much done this week but was busy doing work around the home. After getting a high estimate on painting our new door and the trimwork, we decided to add that to our long “to do” list. I worked around the yard and worked on pulling weeds (a never ending job) and trying to eliminate some stubborn poison ivy. Bought a new pressure pump sprayer for spraying the weeds and poison ivy since the old one had sprung a leak. DH is going to try and repair old one so we will have a back up. My tomatoes, onions, scallions, chives, oregano and mint are growing well and benefited from the rain we got last night. Been about 4 weeks since we had anything other than a sprinkle. Will still have lots of work to do over the next few weeks getting the pond cleaned and the flower garden spruced up.

    Not many purchases this week in the food department, trying to see if we can go a while without groceries and living on our stock.

    Ordered a Pearson’s Nurses Drug Guide and “Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid” by Auerbach to add to my first aid manual and Merck Manual. I am studying the first aid manual so that I can have a better idea what to do in an emergency rather than having to look it up when tshtf. My DH ordered a repair tool for one of his rifles and some more brass for the 45. I have a want list of items to pick up at Walmart next time I go.

    People, I am getting more concerned with how far TDL seems willing to go to insure his reelection. I think he is willing to encourage race wars and their are those in this country who are more than willing to help him. We need to stay aware and be careful out there. Stay safe everyone.

    • village idiot says:

      Mrs. ACW, I know this has been talked about quite a bit recently, but I’m concerned about the level of racial tension that the media has ginned up. What if some nut were to shoot a group of people or something along those lines, with tensions where they are now, we could see some really bad stuff that would feed on itself.

      If we had a real President, he would calm the racial fires, call for an independant commission to investigate, and seek the truth. A real President would seek to unite rather than divide, and would refrain from making statements that exaserbate the situation.

      • VI,

        TDL is using race as a means to win reelection. I completely agree with your comments. And I voted for Obama.

        • K Fields says:

          VI and BamBam – I think the President did right by replying to this on a personal basis instead of on a political one and I don’t see how his response can be seen as using race to win an election.

          In the 2008 Presidential Election, Whites made up 76.3% of the voters, 12.1% were Black, 7.4% Hispanic and 2.5% Asian.
          Nearly all (95%) black voters voted for Obama. Among Latino voters, 67% voted for Obama while 31% voted for McCain. Among Asian voters, 62% supported Obama and 35% voted for McCain. White voters supported McCain (55%) over Obama (43%).

          As the percentages of Black and Asian votes really hasn’t changed much since the late 1980’s (a couple of % points up or down), and the percentage of Hispanic votes has only increased about 1% on each presidential election during the same period, just which race is he attempting to use?

          A large percentage of the White vote remains what is necessary to win the Presidential Election. Are you saying Obama’s statements were made to gain him White votes? Please explain, as I seem to be missing something.

          • riverrider says:

            divide and conquer.

          • village idiot says:

            I won’t speak for Bam Bam, but what I meant is that he should have tried to calm the situation down, asked the state of Florida to form a commission of some sort to investigate, and let the cards fall where they may.

            To say Martin would look like his son was misleading, as the photo of Martin that was circulating was when he was 13 years-old, not the 17 year-old gang-banging photos present on social media today. The impression was someone murdered what could have been Obama’s son. This kind of incendiary remark contributed in some way to rewards offered by the New Black Panther Party, and the rhetoric by the race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson.

            And yet we have no action from Obama or his Justice Dept. on radical groups issuing wanted posters and offering rewards for American citizens. What do we hear from them? Crickets.

            In any event, since only 50% or so of people vote in Presidential elections, this is all meant to fire up the base, and get out as many black and liberal voters as possible. I have no problem with any party trying to get their vote out, but using these tactics are worthy of some authoritarian regime or banana republic. Reminds me of Argentina or Venezuela.

            • K Fields says:

              Obama called the incident a tragedy, urged cooperation among law enforcement and said that Martin’s parents “are right to expect that … we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.” How is that making statements that exacerbate the situation?
              And as for your statement that he should have asked the state of Florida to form a commission of some sort to investigate, Obama stated he had been told that Florida’s governor had (already) formed a task force to look into the case and that the FBI was also looking into it.
              The photo? When I saw the published photo of Martin, I thought he resembled Obama and that fact doesn’t change simply because the photo was a few years old or because the boy changed as he grew older. I don’t understand how noting a resemblance is either misleading or incendiary nor how such a statement would make any difference to the New Black Panther Party, Sharpton or Jackson. The shooting had national attention long before Obama said anything.
              I’ve listened to Obama’s answer to that reporter’s question time and again since I read your first post concerning it, trying to understand, but I still can’t see how it was meant to fire up the base or how it was worthy of some authoritarian regime or banana republic.
              I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

            • K. Fields,

              I think the problem is that our president is buying into the racial narrative–white man shoots unarmed black child. The media is doing everything possible to retain the race narrative, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. First, Zimmerman was Hispanic. Second, there had been several burglaries in Zimmerman’s neighborhood, and he was a neighborhood watch captain calling in suspicious behavior. The media seems to think the suspicious behavior was being black while walking through a white neighborhood. The media has not emphasized that Martin was suspended from school three times, once for drugs and once for being in possession of burglary equipment.

              As president, Obama should seek to unite. He should seek justice, and not the sort of justice demanded by the Black Panthers. The fact that Obama has not denounced the Black Panthers shows he is pandering to his base. The Black Panthers are domestic terrorists. They have violated George Zimmerman’s civil liberties. Why doesn’t Obama call for a special commission to investigate this hate crime? And unlike Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin, this is clearly a hate crime.

            • K Fields says:

              As you’ve said elsewhere, let’s wait for the facts before we talk of guilt or blame, but the race aspect of this case does cause questions for many. Not so much that Zimmerman shot a black man, but how the police viewed the shooting. I’m not familiar with the Florida law, but if Martin had felt threatened (guy sitting in car watching him, guy gets out of car and starts following on foot, and a confrontation occurred – remember I’m just speculating here) and Martin ended up shooting Zimmerman, would he have been treated the same by police as Zimmerman was? A lot of people think not and I think Obama, as a black man, questions that also. You just have to look at his comments in the Crawley/Gates incident years earlier that riverrider referred to see those underlying feelings.
              But I don’t see it as pandering to his base, I think it is just the reality of being a minority in a White controlled society that was extremely prejudicial for a long, long time.
              As for the black panthers, I don’t know what to say on that because I could argue it in too many ways. Where does freedom of speech no longer apply, when can you prosecute for the idea of a crime if no crime has yet been committed, etc. etc. As the recent court decision in Detroit showed, there’s a lot of leeway that must be respected. Would I like to put a bounty on THEIR heads? Yes

          • riverrider says:

            k, we have a large segment in the white voting population that feels ashamed to be white for some reason, so playing the race card pulls them in too. plus the segment thats on the gov dole. when 50% of the population is on the dole, its hard to lose…..that said, remember last time he stuck his nose in? the black lawyer and white cop incident? at first it was “hang him high”, then after the facts came out it was “oh, lets just have a beer and forget about it” . i’m getting tired of forgeting.

            • K Fields says:

              I don’t see Obama needing to impress the guilty whites or those Hispanic and Blacks who are on the dole. I think, if they vote at all, they won’t vote Republican and no statement from Obama (unless it’s I’ll cut your benefits) will bring any more of them to the ballot box.
              But the Whites on the dole (the majority by far) are a different matter – they could go either way. Obama is Black and Liberal, they may not see past that to think Republicans could take away their free lunch.
              But Obama using race to win an election isn’t about him impressing White voters – so I still fail to see the validity of the statement.

              The Crawley/Gates incident was really a different matter. Obama DID make racial remarks that could be seen as incendiary when answering that reporter’s question – but, granting that, I again, certainly didn’t think he did so for political gain.
              I’m still amazed that case didn’t spark more problems. It had completely conflicting statements from the 2 people involved (1 black, 1 white), an official police report that was, according to the witness, completely fabricated, and a fellow officer sending out e-mails saying Gates (black) had verbally assaulted Crawley “like a banana-eating jungle monkey,” The fact that Gates didn’t pursue a civil case still leaves me wondering today. Was it because of the beer?

            • riverrider says:

              k, i agree with you ,to a degree. i was impressed with obama taking a wait and see approach. i just wanted to point out that he did so due to the fiasco he, not created but fueled, the last time. i do think he could/should have done more to calm the situation. that makes me think he/his team are using this to his political advantage. and i agree zim probably contributed to his dilema. unfortunately there is no way he will get a fair hearing now. just makes me sick to see senators say he was “gunned down”, “executed for being black” and such. and so far everything i have passed on from alternate news sources has panned out as fact. i’m going to go “have a beer and forget about it”,this time.

            • K Fields says:

              I completely agree that a lot of people (politicians, news media, tee shirt sellers, etc.) are using the kid’s death for personal gain and it makes me want to throttle each and every one of them. But I just didn’t see the answer that Obama gave as being geared that way. Although he was bound to be expecting such a question at some point, his reaction to it didn’t convey to me that he had a prepared answer ready to go – much the same as with the Crawley/Gates incident. The answer this time was more controlled, but I think he was still expressing maybe too much of his personal feelings.
              Could he have done better? Oh yes, definitely.

            • riverrider says:

              k, well i guess we are not that far apart on this after all. it was nice to chat with you on this. get well my friend.

      • axelsteve says:

        We also need a real media.

      • Don’t worry, he’s not a real president.

  24. I recently bought 31 Days to Survival and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the book. I haven’t been able to do much on stocking with this month being tight on money, but I am honing my skills as time allows. I learn more everyday as I continue to read this blog everyday. Keep up the great work, M.D!

  25. MD, congrats on the book!!! Didn’t get a lot done this week. DW and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary so we took it easy. Did receive 500 rounds of 8mm for the mauser. Tractor is in the shop (a mechanic I’m not). Seedlings are coming up great. Our last average frost is in 9 days so can’t wait to get in the garden. Rain has been steady lately so hope it dosn’t stop after the garden is up. Keep the faith people.

    • JP in MT says:

      TN Sam:
      Congrats on your 33rd!

    • TN Sam, congrats on the anniversary and good score on the 8mm ammo.

    • cosmolined says:

      TN Sam:
      Just in case, is the ammo corrosive? Do you know to pour hot, soapy water down the bore and scrub the face of your bolt before you clean it normally? (My friend really damaged a Swedish Mauser ’cause they told him it wasn’t corrosive.) Cos

      • Don’t want to step on any toes here, but the pouring boiling water down the bore trick is an unnecessary risk for any weapons cleaning. Think about it, water causes rust. The majority of today’s solvents will prevent the build up of the salts that make corrosive ammo hard on your CR rifles. I shoot corrosive ammo all the time and I have never used anything but Hoppes 9 solvent. Pour water if you like but don’t complain when you find rust on your rifle because you didn’t get a chance to completely dry all that water out. And then there is that trick with Windex. Really? Buy well regarded cleaning supplies that are formulated for weapons cleaning, the life you save may be your own.

        • Mexneck, we used to do it with our M16s, M9, M249s and M40s. I see where your coming with on an older weapon. Once washed/flushed we would dry them out as well and soaking/coating them down with CLP “break free” and never had an issue with rust if the water was removed quickly. Our biggest issue was rust from being in the ocean water (above/in) and maintenance prevented the rust.

          I use the method on my SKS and AK when shooting corrosive ammo.

          • axelsteve says:

            My dads friend told me that in ww2 they would pour hot soapy water down the barrel of there springfields to clean out the corrosive primer residue.

          • Jarhead 03,
            I don’t know what I would do if I had to maintain small arms in a salt water environment. Sounds work intensive. I didn’t like to get the LE involved in the hot soapy water or other creative ways to clean their weapons because it bred laziness and could introduce a point of failure into the weapon. When they could get away with it, a commonality was for them to use hot soapy water and then forget the Break Free. Rusted springs especially in the ejectors and triggers are not pleasant surprises when you need your weapon to work. I have never used hot soapy water to clean a weapon and I have never had a malfunctioning weapon due to rust. So I’ll stick with what I know.

            • Mexneck, I never used soap when flushing them only hot water. Soap was a precious item when on board ship or inland and our ride is off the coast over the horizon.

              We would punch some CLP soaked patches or if it was seriously bad we had a few cans of carburetor or break cleaner, flush it with hot water, soak it with CLP, dry it down with cloth, patches and Q tips and then coat it with CLP. It was a form of illegal maintenance that widely practiced because salt water was the weapons enemy.

              When on a Mike Boat of Zodiac Boat swimming to shore or to the cliffs our weapons were soaked with ocean salt water and even on the Amtrack (Amphibious Tractors) and LCACs they were susceptible to salt water pouring through. It was a shortcut that worked for us. I don’t recommend it to someone lacking in weapons maintenance skills.

        • cosmolined says:

          No toes stepped on. Anything that preserves the weapon is good. (My hot water evaporates and I clean it with Break-Free the next day.) God Bless, Cos

        • Yea the ammo is corrosive but small arms is one of the things I did in the Navy. Thanks for the web site. They have some great info.

          • TN Sam, I did most of my time on gator freighters (ships designed for Marine units to others lol) and know how bad the salt water got and did some shifts manning an M2 and M82A1 (wish I could have manned the Bushmaster 25mm) when passing the Straights looking out for Iranian gun boats.

  26. i finally got my AR 15 5.56/223 with 200 rounds of ammo and an extra magazine and tomorrow hubby and i are going to repackage our food stores- we shot the gun and it was FUN!!!

    • JP in MT says:

      Congrats on the AR! I sure like mine (even after hauling an M16 for my 20 years). Next thing I ended up with last year is a S&W 15-22, an AR type rifle in 22 LR (got it for about the same price as a CMMC conversion kit).

      • what do you think about the AR15 conversion kits(?)- we saw one at the gun show- boy was it crowded and it wasnt a big one- it is one held monthly-for $160. would like to hone my skills on the AR and in general open sights guns- i am pretty good witha scope- dont know if it makes much of a difference- but the AR is loud and we dont want to draw attention to us at our place- i am thankful we can shoot safely at our place. it was crazy though- the horses came running up WHILE we were shooting and we had to stop- they sniffed around the target then we continued to shoot after they moved off- they came back still. we are thinking of training them to get used to us shooting from their backs- you know- if we ever needed to.
        will be concentrating on skills like others here in the next month- and need to start saving cash because the purchase depleted some of our reserves. we did do some trading with guns we decided we had no use for so ended up walking away from the deal with cash in our pockets.
        there was several dealers with prepping stuff at the show and the guy we bought from vaguely mentioned he was but we didnt say anything.
        i bought the ingredients to make homemade soap so i will be doing that this month- does anyone have a simple recipe with just lye, water and lard ratios? i did pretty well with my dry laundry soap and am happy with it.

        • have a look at grandpappy’s site…he has a basic soap recipe. cheers.

        • Mama, like JP suggested the AR or M4 chambered in .22LR is on at most $100 to $150 more than the conversion kit itself. This way you have another rifle, shoots the same way, same iron sights or rail system and handling. Either way if you go with the conversion kit or the 22 M4 or AR is win win.

        • mama,
          I’ve been using a .22 conversion in my AR platforms for several years and absolutely love it. I have a CMMG with Black Dog magazines and have had no problems with any of the inexpensive ammunition I’ve run through it.
          Although it costs a bit more than run of the mill ammunition from Wal-Mart, I’ve not had any problems firing subsonic ammunition through the rifle, which quiets it down even more.

    • axelsteve says:

      Good to hear that it was fun MAMA. Nothing worse then a bad experience with a gun.I once went on a shooting trip with a 458 magnum,that was the worst day of shooting ever.That rifle had the worst trigger that I have ever felt.Starting with that lousy trigger was the recoil and noise.The recoil and noise is doable with a decent trigger however,with a lousy trigger like it was you could not help but flinch.

      • i just wanted to let everyone- esp women that shooting can be fun and i know AR 15s are popular with everyone right now- and i know why now- of course the fact it can be customized is one good reason too probably- i want to get “legs” for it and a better sling….
        anyway- back to the “real” prepping……..i bought some food grade pails and have washed about half of them.
        glad to hear everyone going on their gardens- i am looking forward (and dreading) a little bit my first time canning and pressure cooking- but am really encouraged by my reading here by other members. keep up the good work everyone

        • mama,
          “customized”? Oh yea, which is why it’s referred to as the big boys erector set, LOL.

        • Mama,

          Considering the role of the AR15 most people do not put bipods on this weapon.

          While I do not know what type of AR you have, if it comes with a collapsible stock I recommend replacing it with a Magpul CTR stock. It will reduce the wobble caused by generic stock and give you a more stable platform. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/2MPIMAG311B-1.html

          Depending on the hand guard mounted on your AR you might want to look a MagPul angle fore grip. This piece helps you maintain better control of your weapon (especially if someone tries to take your weapon from you by force). http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ARR859-1.html

          • Mama I agree with Cain if you go with the option. When at the range and if you see anyone with those options test fire first. My M4 has standard forearm not the quad rail and I’m happy but I do have the magpul T6 like he suggested.

        • K Fields says:

          Legs for an AR15? Do they have the range to make use of a bipod? 🙂
          Sorry, couldn’t help myself – AR15s and Glocks – no matter how much I’ve tried, I simply have never been able to understand the fascination.

          • K Fields, the primary purpose of an M4 or M16/AR having the bipod was for those on the defensive or accurate shots in conjunction with optics or red dot type attachments such as if you were in a bunker or on the wall as well as in a firefight on the receiving end of heavy rates of fire it adds “designated marksmen on your end as belt feds are laying down rounds you can put out “more accurate” shots down range. Even on an M4 at 200 to 300 yards/meters it can be the difference chest/head shot or shoulder/arm or miss while under fire.

          • Surviving in Ky. says:

            K Fields, Speaking as ex-military, you should take a look at both. The AR15 is the civilian version of the M16 minus the full auto. I have routinely made shots at 500 yards free hand with mine(peep sights). Now I’m not talking about pin point accuracy but center mass. A bipod would go a long way in improving an already accurate weapon. As for the Glock, I have not found a weapon to compare. (my preference) There are a lot of great weapons out there and I have been fortunate to have either owned or shoot many of them. Find someone who is willing to let you get some trigger time and you may become a fan.

            • K Fields says:

              I’ve played with them both – M16s in the late ’60s and Glock P80s in the early ’80s but I just couldn’t warm to them. They are also both favorites of a lot of my friends, so every time we go out, I’m COMPELLED to shoot them as I NEED TO BE CONVERTED.
              But your point of giving things a real try before making a decision is very valid. In this case though, I have, and I still don’t see the fascination.

          • K, oops, I have been working almost 3 weeks strait and with prepping in Overdrive I completely misread it lol.

            Surviving in Ky, I agree, I was a 6th award expert. On pre-qual day I would see how many 500 yard/meter head shots out of 10 I could get with iron sites. Always pissed off my range coaches lol.

  27. I did way less than I should have, work kept getting in the way.

    Put 3 more gallons of H2O away
    Sighted in my ACOG and the red dot on my 10/22.
    Took a NOOB to the range for the first time
    Reorganized my ammo supply

  28. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought about $100 in canned food (veg, fruits, meat). Strolled through their sporting goods dept. and found a large LED flashlight (batteries inc.) for $15. Very nice, bright, and heavy in case you need to hit someone with it.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Some folks would say the heavy flashlight makes a nice door stop or paper weight……………” Very nice, bright, and heavy in case you need to hit someone with it.”………….the survivalist considers the exigent circumstances weapon use. 🙂

    • We have one of those large LED Mag lights tucked away inside my daughter’s crib.

  29. Had a better week money-wise, so was able to add 8 canned goods and some taco seasoning packets to my extra food, and to get some bandages of different sizes from CVS where you can buy them individually for 99¢ each. I also got a small red rubberized flashlight from the dollar store. It’s a cheap regular (non-led) light, but good enough for my truck BOB. Also got 3 packs of strike-anywhere matches for $3.

    The big purchase was 4 eneloop Ni-MH AA batteries with charger. I’ve been wanting to try these, mostly for my camera…but it will be good to see if the set-up works well in general. Anyone else testing/using these? http://tinyurl.com/7yo8tx5.

    And I got: “Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Cookbook”, which I’ve been wanting for a long time…it looks good! 🙂 http://tinyurl.com/6pezn3h.

    The ‘happy’ purchase of the week, though not a ‘prep’ per-se, makes me glad: I found a Mirro screw-type cookie press in the Goodwill for $3.50. It’s in excellent condition and has all the parts (12 shape inserts and 2 icing inserts). My mother used one of these when I was a child and I loved watching her. AND…on a whim, I called her and told her I got it, and asked her to send me her recipe for the dough. She actually said yes! Yay!

    A small chest freezer we have crapped out, thawing out about 2 gallons of frozen blackberries from Dad’s garden 2 years ago. So…I made 10 half-pints Blackberry jam. Yum.

    NEW SKILL: I made some Chevre (soft goat milk cheese). It was easy and the cheese is good. I made three gallons of milk into cheese, which made eight 8 oz containers. I left some containers plain, and in another, I added some chopped Garlic Chives from the garden.

    UPDATE #2: The goat lady has 16 new kids, so milk availability is down, as some does have no milk and the ‘extra’ from other does goes to bottle feed their kids. Once all the kids have grown some and started eating, there will be more milk. Meanwhile I’ve 2 more gallons to work with.

    I met a neighbor family here…a couple with 3 children, 6, 14 & 16, I think. I stopped by their place last night to drop off some goat cheese, and the middle boy was doing an “experiment”. He had dug a hole in the ground, built a fire and made dinner for the family: vegetable soup, cornbread, tea and baked potatoes. These people are home-schooling the children, and as part of that, they get them involved in all kinds of hands-on things, at home and in the community. The oldest boy meets and works with a group of pilots to learn about planes and flying, as well as works with a local horse rancher learning about horses. The middle boy works with the lady with the goats where I get the milk. And they are always doing something neat at home. They are in the process of building their own house, and they all work on it. Really great folks. Their children will do well.

    I started some green beans, yellow squash, zucchini squash, chives, dill, flat-leaf parsley, basil, cilantro, corn, cucumber and chard. I debated whether or not to grow anything this year, not knowing what the summer will be like or how long I will be here. But I decided it was better to go ahead, and if it gets too hot and nothing grows, well, so be it. But if it stays mild enough and it all grows…I’ll have food! I also bought a Heirloom Tomato: Cherokee Purple, which I planted in a pot.

    A good friend of my Dad’s, who lives in this community as well, is having some real health problems. I’ve had to go over twice in the last couple of weeks, and call an ambulance. I will be staying overnight at his house for a few nights starting tonight. There’s someone there during the day, but his son, who lives elsewhere is concerned about no-one being there at night. So…off I go. I am glad to be of service. He is a nice guy. AND it will give me a break from my father!!!! Something I think we both need.

    That’s about it. Thanks MD for this blog. And I look forward to when my “Depression” article is published here!

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping….and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts.

  30. Hi all well I put some rnds through the glock23. Worked on some seedlings and got some gardening supplies. Ordered a k-bar army knife.(like I need one more knife). Weather is weird up here in Newengland last week it was like summer this week like winter crazy. thats about it pack God Bless.

  31. cosmolined says:

    First off, THANKS for the prayers for my niece!!!!! Her surgery on Tuesday showed no sign of the cancer, only scar tissue! Now she has 12 more weeks of chemo, but things look simply wonderful. Thank You All for your prayers. God Bless You!
    Cleaned some weapons this week. Got a nasty surprise with a Rock Island Arsenal 03. The striker assembly, inside the bolt was rusted big time. You can’t notice it until it is cocked… Think I’ll try a brass brush and break-free on it. I need more Bore-Stores for all my weps.
    Got the brakes on my truck replaced, new brake fluid and differential lubricant. (Fell in LOVE with a Tacoma crew cab, forest green, 4WD while I was waiting in the showroom.) LAM, Cos

    • village idiot says:

      That’s great news on your niece, cos, hope she continues to improve. I’ve been eyeing a new truck myself, but am reluctant to commit to payments. It’s nice to own your vehicle. Good luck with your rifle. Prep on.

      • cosmolined says:

        village: Thanks for the prayers. The truck thing will probably not happen because of the state sales tax. I’d rather keep the 5 year old one running…. The rifle thing was just embarassing, but I have spare bolts. (Cosmolined came from overindulgence in CMP weps.) Cos

    • cos, good news re your niece…prayers her good health continues to improve. cheers.

      • cosmolined says:

        I’m one of the folks who worried about you last week. Glad to see you are well! Thank You for your prayers Lady…. cheers!

        • cos, have been posting…but they are not getting through…just sent one a few minutes ago – with my preps so far for the week – and it disappeared also.

          thank you for your concern…it is difficult when the internet doesn’t work like it should….this is the only way I can communicate with all of you – so, will keep plugging away…hope this post makes it…cheers.

          • so tired, can’t seem to spell my name tonight…hahahaha cheers.

            • diver gal, repair mama, mountain mom, cos and others, my posts are not getting through…it’s not for want of trying…catch up next time..cheers

        • cos…my replies are not getting through…the security settings on my laptop are too smart for me at the moment…so don’t think I am ignoring any of you…just have to work out how to fly this laptop again.

          No need to worry about me, I just get stuck into my preps – and I still have commitments, so I have to balance things…

          had to wear one of my ‘hats’ for a few hours the other day and this morning as well…and then am off to check out one of the properties –

          and will put an ad in the local papers to see if I can swap one rental for a place further out from here….

          not going to go into debt – if I drop dead, will just burden my DD with it, so that is not going to happen….and, was really spooked last week, or was it the week before? – and I don’t scare easy…so, it is time to put another plan into play.

          Guys, a quarter of the year is already gone…thank goodness it has been a productive prepping year for me.

          hope this post makes the jump…cheers.

          • village idiot says:

            chloe, if you have Windows 7, go to tools at the top right hand of your screen, click on internet options, a small window will appear, then click on privacy at the top of that window, and then you can set your privacy selection. I have mine set on medium high, if I set it on high or blocks all cookies, it messes up posting on this site. I hope this helps. I don’t want to miss all those toasts. LOL.

            • VI. thanks, still have XP – and IT guy sent tight security…and I was also going in and blocking cookies…and even when I was trying to do internet banking…got a screen saying I had to enable cookies to continue…so, hopefully – this old girl is getting it all worked out…

              will get another laptop soon – but will keep using this one for posting etc…and new one for banking/emails/tax records etc…

              so, thanks, you figured it out before I did…the setting was messing up my ability to post…cheers..seems to be working okay tonight…
              20:20hours…tues 3 april.

    • axelsteve says:

      Cosmo. You can`t beat a toyota truck. Just think of it as a halfe ton and you will no problems with it.

    • Cosmo, glad to hear she is doing well. Sorry to hear about the 03. Those Tacomas are nice.

      • cosmolined says:

        Jarhead 03:
        The dealer took 6 hours to work on my brakes. I had lots of dreaming time looking at the new Tacoma. (I just am dreaming though. I’ve got sons’ college bills first.) Cos

    • Great news. Prayers and best wishes that this trend continues for her.

  32. robert in mid michigan says:

    slow week financially, didnt buy anything really other than to replace what we used. got out in the garden, having a hard time calling this a prep as i would probably sleep out thier if the wife would let me. did cook a few of the new recepes that i have downloaded. turned out good all from preps.

    made up a purchase plan for food preps
    took the wife to the range she doesnt like the 12 guage pump, so i am going to be stuck with the 410.

    • Robert, did you try a 20 gauge before having to go to the .410?

      • Or perhaps a 28?

        • axelsteve says:

          A 28 may be to small for reliable defense.

          • It may be, but it is a lot larger than the 67 gauge (aka, .410) which was being discussed as the alternate.

            • They [28 gauge] are about .58 caliber hard to find with buck or any SD type shot. I load my own so I have good SD 28 gauge high tops with 7/8 ounce of .22 cal pellets. Still even # 7 shot would be bad news up close.

      • robert in mid michigan says:

        sons of guns is the problem the girl on it has the 410 and she wants to have one, better yet that one from them. yeah not going to happen. my brother has a 410 so i am going to go thier and let her try that before i buy. 20’s are real uncommon around here and never heard of a 28 before. like i said i dont do much on weapons i know what i use, like and i stick with it. dont have a ar or ak and probably never will 22, 30-30, 308 and 12 guage is my defense battery and soon to be a 410

  33. recoveringidiot says:

    Another slow week for real preps, more long hours at work (good and bad) and spent most of my spare time after work working on my new (old) Kawasaki mule. The previous owner had jury rigged a bunch of stuff that had to go. I did a complete service and found no real problems which was a great relief. Spent most of today watching it rain and installing the spray rig on the mule. I have tomato plants and a few green peppers to plant when the weather allows. Did a cowboy buffalo match last Sunday had great fun shooting my friends 38-40 Winchester. You know you have a real friend when he supplies the rifle and ammo for you to shoot with and won’t take anything in payment! You meet good people at rifle matches and I have a lifetime worth.
    Hope everybody has a good week!

    • village idiot says:

      Hahaha, recovering, I can just see you in a cowboy hat and duds. I’m glad you had fun, it’s great for you to take a little time off from your heavy work schedule. And yessir, you better keep that friend! He’s a goodun!

  34. Kelekona says:

    When I was cleaning, I discovered a package of home-made jerky that I had forgotten to mail, and it had the same mold-pattern as if it were fresh bread sealed in that bag. I think the friend might have been saved from improperly cured jerky by my lapse.

    Does anyone have a better recipe, one that will stand up to being stored at room temperature?

    Other than that, it’s been mundane headaches I’ve been dealing with.

  35. DH did most of the the prepping this week, blow-dart gun and sling shot. The dart gun is dead on accurate, really easy to use. Scope for rifle.

    I ordered and received 3 different types of freeze dried dog food to try. Once I decide which one he does best on, I’ll lay in a supply. Right now we have about 5 months of dog food stored. Ordered and received 1 year of garlic supplement for dog – really helps to keep ticks off here in Florida. Need to visit Vet next week to get pet med stock replaced.

    Stocked up on prescription human meds this week.

    Have a great week!

  36. NorCal Ray says:

    Hi all,
    M.D. congrats on the book. It sounds like you had a pretty busy week.
    Missed last week. I was very busy. Took a road trip to test out the rebuilt tranny in my jeep. Took another one to test out the engine and tranny in my daughters Tracker. Happy to say both performed flawlessly. Talking about my daughter she was just accepted to U.C.L.A. and U.C. Santa Barbara. She has now decided instead of going to Brown she is going to U.C.L.A. Made arrangements for her to contact a friend in L.A. in event of emergency.

    As for preps I went to Walmart and picked up 6Black Electrical Tape,
    2000 rds .22 H.P. Pellets, and 50 rds. PBA .22 Pellets, and a Sewing Kit.
    Flea Mkt. I picked up 8 Trout and Kokanee Lures, 2 pkgs. Bobber Stops, 10 pkgs. Gamakatsu Splitshot Hooks, a Sinker Slide, and 16 ct.pkg Bait Hooks, AR-15 cleaning kit and a removable rear sight.
    From a customer I picked up 1lb Unique Powder, 10rds. .38spec. Snake Shot, and a package of Fishermen’s Soap. (Removes odors and is totally odorless itself.)
    Thats it for this week. Our prayers go out to all who need them. Welcome newcomers to this great blog.

  37. IndianaAli says:

    Lots of work in the gardens this week with the nice warm temps, so unusual for this time of year. Made 2 new raised beds, planted a bunch of onions, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes. Peas are all up and growing great. Got a new dehydrator and set it up, will start working on some of last years left over potatoes tomorrow maybe to give it a test run. Fruit trees and berries are starting to bloom…crossing my fingers that we won’t get any really cold weather. Planted 6 cherry bushes, 1 peach tree and 2 grape vines to replace two that died out. Waiting for more of my garden/seed/berry order to come in later this month, trying to plan on where to put some of them. Weeded the strawberry patch, blooming there too! Money is tight right now with the increase in gas prices/food prices and DH fixed income… thinking about adding another day to my work schedule… seems like unexpected issues seem to crop up every month taking any left over $$$…. Ugh and tax season again… going to have to fork out some $$$ to the IRS too… depressing. Can’t hardly stand how the government wastes our hard earned$$$ on so much crap!. Going to order MDs new book and the retreat one also. Next month will plan on working on skills more than purchasing… but I am already looking into a new Bug out backpack, etc. military surplus style. Went to annual electric company meeting, really getting concerned that we will not be able to afford the electricity in the future with the current gov. policies to eliminate our energy sources (COAL) here in the midwest especially… looking into back up alternatives but basically will have to have a big lifestlye change in the future, I’m afraid. Going to have to really get creative for some low cost solutions. Look forward every week to reading all the posts here, just never do get to post too often, but I sure do learn alot from everyone… Thanks!

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      ALI, here in Southern W.V. we are concerned with the loss of jobs over the gov. cutting the use of coal. we won’t be able to pay the electric bill or buy gas and groceries. You have a right to worry because it is a very real situation it is already starting to filter in to our economics here. Example: this month had two mining industry support business to cut and run several jobs lost.

      • The only thing booming here in my area of Southern WV (Huntington) are the bars on 4th Avenue.

      • Carl,
        Here in Ohio, American Electric Power has announced that they will be closing 6 coal fired plants over the next year or two with about 10,000 jobs lost, and increase in electric rates by as much as 40%. They are pretty vertically integrated from mines, to generation, to transmission, but I still suspect there are other support industries that will take a hit also, like those who provide things like food services, janitorial, etc., and that all has a big ripple effect. Trickle down does work, both for creating and destroying an economy. Our only hope is to send TDL packing this fall and hope that the new administration can rein in the EPA and other regulators before it’s too late.

        • village idiot says:

          Ohio Prepper, the current regime seems to think it’s a good idea to destroy private industry that is not in obeyance with its vision. Most of this is done to enrich friends who have been given funds from the taxpayer trough for a variety of unreliable and expensive energy projects that can’t possibly compete on a level playing field, so the regime makes it more expensive or impossible for the competition, all to the detriment of the average consumer who has to pay for this crap. I fear if this guy is not removed, then our fate and that of our children is wedded to a corrupt and malevolent regime for who knows how long.

        • cosmolined says:

          Not to be a problem child, but why not just shut off the lights in D.C. until they see how WONDERFUL coal is? Just thinking out loud. God Bless all Coal Miners! Cos

          • I’ve had a similar thought for a number of years. We circulate a petition nationally that would be signed by those who want to go green and get rid of all of those nasty fossil fuel energy devices. When you sign the petition, it also puts you on a list that allows your local power company to pull your electric meter. If we get enough signatures and pull enough meters, then we would eliminate the needs for numerous new plants. Basically, the left wing greenies need to put up or shut up.

            • Kelekona says:

              Can’t anyone see the middle of the road here? If we slowly build a “Green” architecture and stop having to run the coal plants at their full capacity to meet demand, we’re making a step in the right direction. Every time we can passively rely on the environment, the power company is shaving a little off of fuel cost. It probably will take ten years to make a noticeable dent in how much we rely on fossil fuels.

              Some coal plants actually seem to have trouble keeping up, so all we can hope to do with them is bolster output.

              Not all environmentalists want to take your guns away, some just want you to seriously think about what you can easily do to help. (Anyone who is hoarding soda bottles for food storage… keep up the good fight. You’re using the lowest-energy form of recycling and cutting demand for specialized food containers.)

            • Kelekona,
              If we run the coal or natural gas fired plants at less than their full capacity they are much less efficient. These plants (at full capacity) by themselves only produce what is known as base load. Additional diesel, gasoline, or natural gas fired plants that can be brought on line quickly produce the extra power for peak load. The base load plants are designed to run at highest efficiency at specific operating temperatures and pressures, and you can’t just turn a knob and produce less output without a large loss in efficiency.

              The problem is that green energy is currently not ready for prime time. Our most clean energy is hydro, which is pretty well tapped out, as in no more places to build them. Nuclear is relatively clean, and with the modern plants and their containment buildings have proven to be safe, as long as they’re not built in earthquake zones along oceans that could be prone to a tsunami.

              Since wind is basically a hybrid of two mature technologies, both of which (electric power generation and aircraft wings) are pretty much as efficient as they are going to get, I don’t see us doing anything much more efficient here, and the main problem (other than the infighting among environmentalists over clean power vs. killing birds) is that the generation is at time sporadic.

              That pretty much leaves us with solar, which currently has at least two issues being that the best current panels are only 20% efficient, and like wind, generate power only sporadically.

              So we basically need to approach the green energy initiatives on two fronts: More efficient solar panels, and higher efficiency and higher energy density batteries. Just pouring money into the existing solar and battery technology is a complete waste as we not only saw with Solyndra, but also with one of the large scale generation facilities called Solar Trust (another Obama green energy project) that announced that it is filing for bankruptcy today.

              From my perspective we need to drill for gas and oil and get our economy back up and running, and then build some new nuclear plants, while we make investments in research with clear goals for the development of less expensive or more efficient (or both) solar panels and batteries. Instead of tossing more than a trillion dollars down the rat hole, perhaps $25M in grants with specifically targeted goals, to institutions like Sandia, MIT, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, etc. would produce those costs and efficiencies that will be required to make the green solutions actually viable.

            • Kelekona says:

              Ohio Prepper,

              Okay, my grasp of the engineering behind power plants is weak. If these peak plants are only being fired up in strange circumstances like holidays, then I suppose they can be tolerated. I guess the least radical thing left is that when one of the polluting plants reaches the end of its life, its replacement isn’t a polluter.

              When you say that solar is 20% efficient, what does that even mean? Does it mean that 80% of the energy falling from the sky is not being collected?

              I really wish this article would give numbers , but it shows that it really might be possible to increase efficiency of solar. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea//news/article/2007/05/picture-perfect-parabolic-solar-collector-systems-48660

              Don’t hate on products just because the company was rotten. Solyndra was a bad business model and someone should have checked their numbers before handing them a grant. You don’t sell beef at 50 cents a pound when feed grain costs a dollar.

              We can agree on the economy needing help. Seems to me that part of it was businesses being able to use stimulus money for better machines instead of hiring workers, but I’m not an economist enough to do more than guess or figure out a solution that doesn’t chafe against the freedoms that had been working for us.

            • Kelekona,
              The peak load plants are not just for holidays. At least some of them are fired up during peak power times, typically from around 4:00 PM until perhaps 11:00 PM, every day. Additionally, on extremely hot or cold days, additional capacity is brought online with the peak generation facilities, to accommodate the extra power requirements for heating &/or cooling.

              As for replacement of the “polluting” plants. It depends on your definition of pollution. CO2 is now a pollutant, and as our measurement instruments get more sensitive, the EPA continues to tighten their restrictions, in many cases beyond the bounds IMO of sanity. Today’s plants are already 10+ more times efficient (meaning that they burn less fuel per KW of energy produced) than those of 20 years ago, and their emissions are orders of magnitude less than they were in the same time period, due both to efficiencies and addition of filtration and scrubbers to clean the emissions.

              And, the lifetime of the plant is determined at least in part by the government regulators themselves, via tariffs. When a utility wants to build a facility, they must provide cost information on construction, maintenance, and operations to the utility regulators. Here in Ohio that would be the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio). The PUCO will select a time period (typically in 10’s of years), allow for a fixed percentage of profit, and then set the rate required to pay off the plant with interest, and keep the plant maintained and running. I worked in the telephone industry, and our standard time for recoup of investment, meaning keeping the equipment maintained and running, was 40 years. I think with the additional expense for power generation it is quite a bit longer than that.

              Your linked article makes sense, but does have two drawbacks. First, it is not direct Photovoltaic Conversion which means it’s only viable for large scale commercial application. This is only a small issue, basically meaning that we won’t be having one of these on our roof anytime soon.
              Second, is that being solar, you still only get power when the sun shines, although these systems may be able to store some latent heat and work past sundown for some amount of time.

              Solyndra is only one of IIRC 8 solar providers who got subsidies and went bust. They went to the government because the private sector wouldn’t fund them, because their business model is unsustainable. That doesn’t mean that someday it couldn’t be, but right now, it’s simply not.

            • Kelekona,

              One more thing on solar panel efficiency. On a clear day in bright sunlight near the equator, the sun provides about 1 KW of power per square meter (roughly a square 40 inches on a side). Currently the best photovoltaic panels can only produce 200 watts from this same square meter (20% or 1KW). On overcast days or at the more oblique angles we see as we move north or south from the equator and especially in temperate places like Ohio or farther north, the amount of energy produced is even less.

            • K Fields says:

              “I guess the least radical thing left is that when one of the polluting plants reaches the end of its life, its replacement isn’t a polluter.”
              That is exactly what the new EPA regulations being discussed here are trying to do.
              They do not apply to existing plants – only those constructed after next year. The new regulations are strict, no doubt about that, but cleaner plants such as those powered by natural gas or coal plants with new scrubbers can meet the standards.

        • K Fields says:

          Ohio Prepper,
          I hate to hear about situations like that. Having lived through the virtual closing of the timber industry here, I know too well the devastation such actions can cause.
          Today though, I look around at the clear streams that resulted from the halting of clear-cutting, the variety of plants in the forests that grew after the aerial herbicide spraying was stopped, and I have to concede, maybe it was worth it.

          • K Fields,
            At some level it was worth it. The clean air and water act and the EPA which all started under Nixon in the early 1970’s along with removal of things like tetraethyl lead from gasoline, did improve water and air quality significantly; however, we have now run into at least two problems with those regulations.

            The first is the improvement of scientific instruments for measurement. We can now measure exceedingly small quantities of substances that were immeasurable just 10 years ago, and as measurement gets even better, there will be no future limits on these restrictions.

            Secondly, the EPA no longer uses science as much as politics and religion (in this case the religion of extreme environmentalism) to make their decisions. One of the pollutants the evil coal fired plants emit is CO2, which means we all also pollute every time we exhale. And finally keep in mind that TDL himself stated when he was running that electricity from coal fire plants would necessarily skyrocket.

            So if it costs jobs and raises our electric rates and keeps our economy in recession, then I guess that’s just the price we pay for electing a left wing zealot.

            • village idiot says:

              “So if it costs jobs and raises our electric rates and keeps our economy in recession, then I guess that’s just the price we pay for electing a left wing zealot.”

              These are in fact the least of our worries, OP. We are on a trajectory to disaster if we don’t do something drastic about the deficit. I don’t see anyone or any party with a valid plan(although Ryan is trying), but one thing is as certain as the sun rising in the east. We will wake up one morning facing a financial disaster that will make the 2008 Recession and the Great Depression look like cakewalks. This is not speculation on my part, this is fact. It takes a long time for these bubbles to build up, but they bust in a hurry. And the sovereign debt bubbles that Western governments have built are unprecedented in human history, so the bust will be unprecedented as well. Which is the main reason I prep I might add.

            • K Fields says:

              Ohio Prepper,
              “EPA Declares Human Breath a Pollutant” yeah, yeah, I remember the court case back in 2007 (before Obama) and blog furor too. Such statements were off the wall then and remain off the wall now. Do you really want to discuss the differences between the exhaust of a coal plant and a human exhaling?
              As I’m sure you know, very few of the new regulations affect EXISTING coal plants and those that do, have provisions that pollutant levels can be averaged over a 30-year period to comply with the new standards. I can imagine that we’ll actually see a small boom in new coal fired plant construction as the regulations allow any new plant that breaks ground in the next year to be grandfathered in as existing.

              I get it, you don’t like Obama and anything that happens while he is in office is bad for America, but the same arguments against environmental protection were present when Nixon began the EPA. And, as I hope you would agree, it turns out that it was actually worth doing.

            • VI,
              I absolutely agree, and although it’s not the main reason I prep, it has added some priority to what and when I’m trying to get things done and in place.

              My concern with all of the “green” energy is that it is not ready for primetime and while we waste time and effort on it, we lose one of the driving factors that has kept our economy running and in some way needs to be a large driver again, and that is cheap energy.
              Additionally, we need to eliminate some major and IMHO unconstitutional departments, like Education whose $100B budget would at least make a dent in the overall spending. Roll all of the entitlements and other budget items back to perhaps the 2006 levels, and along with inexpensive energy, crate a tax incentive system to get the economy going again. Balancing the budget, eliminating large unneeded portions of the federal government, along with increased tax revenues from a growing economy, is IMO our only hope to keep the ship from running onto the rocks.

            • K Fields,
              Actually these new regulations and the costs associated with them are the reason they are shutting down plants in this area. The main problem with this administration is that they say one thing, while doing another. They talk about all of the permits being reviewed to open up drilling in the gulf, but fail to mention that these permits are taking significantly longer than they used to.
              When you state that “you don’t like Obama and anything that happens while he is in office is bad for America” you are only partially correct, I haven’t really like any president since Reagan because I see them all as large government guys, whose only real difference is how fast they wish to take away our freedoms.

              I was for the EPA back when it was founded, and the clean air and water acts have accomplished significant environmental improvements; however, the EPA and its regulations have run amok and are more quickly than ever being used to control how each of us uses our own property. There has to be a balance between a clean environment and economic growth, but that balance has I think tipped too far toward overzealous regulators, who look at all of us as serfs to be controlled by the all knowing bureaucrats.

              All I’m asking for here is to use real science and strike a reasonable balance.

            • village idiot says:

              OP, better be careful, many on the Left are now calling for people who don’t believe in the AGW regimen to treated. One Kari Norgaard, a sociology professor at the Univ. of Oregon, called for Climate Change sceptics to be identified and treated. There was a press release from the university that described her new book and its findings. The press release has now been sent down the memory hole. I know because I saw it and fired off a letter to the University of Oregon about the Stalinist tactics, and also sent a copy of the press release to my 2 Senators and my Congressman. If you are curious, you can go here:


              or even better here:


              I might add that Tim Blair in Australia and Anthony Watts are two of the best bloggers on the planet, IMHO. Go visit their sites if you can. Tim is very funny, and Anthony is trying to bring some sense to the Global Warming debate.

            • K Fields says:

              Ohio Prepper,
              I’ll state again – the new EPA regulations unveiled at the end of March don’t apply to existing plants. So let’s look into what is really going on.

              The regulations American Electric Power is dealing with right now are parts of the New Source Review, a permitting process created in 1977 as part of a series of amendments to the Clean Air Act.

              The proposed closures, etc. are actually part of a settlement (reached 9 Oct. 2007) of a lawsuit that was brought against AEP in 1999 by a coalition of eight states and the federal government for violations of that act.

              To comply with the settlement, AEP has decided (their choice, the settlement only specified a certain total reduction of pollutants) to close 5 plants (1 in VA, 3 in WV, and 1 in Ohio) that were too old (oldest was built in 1944 and the newest in 1958) and inefficient to deal with, to shut down specific units at 6 other plants (the other units at these locations are being retrofitted with scrubbers), and to shut down four other units temporarily to convert them to natural gas.

              In addition, although under no obligation by regulation to do so, in May 2010, AEP announced it planned to run 10 small coal-fired power units on a part-time basis starting in June of that year as “the weak economy reduced demand and low natural gas prices have made the use of some coal units less profitable,” according to their press release.

              But AEP is also bringing a new coal plant on line just north of Fulton, Arkansas and was planning a second one (actually an additional unit to an existing plant in WV) but cancelled that project even though it had been given a $334 million grant from the Department of Energy in Dec. 2009, to help with the construction.

              So how much has the current regulations and weak economy hurt American Electric Power? Between 2008 and 2010, they made an estimated $5.899 Billion in US profit (that’s right, not gross income but profit after their accountants wrote off every possible expense that they could) – and their taxes for all that profit? They received a freakin’ REBATE of $545 million.
              Yeah, all these “new” regulations are really killing them…

  38. Mary in GA says:

    Welcome new members! Started another celery from the “throwaway” end. Planted some bush beans and cucumbers in my garden and continued sprouting seeds for squash and tomatoes. Still working on a quilt (forever, it seems). Ordered some hazelnut trees and got confirmation that my fig tree is on the way. I started reading my first “Uncle Eric” book and ordered a couple more, can’t wait to get them in! Started work on a drying frame for herb drying and making plans for my new chicken henhouse/run to re-do the old one that is falling apart. Planted a few more berry bushes and (for short term prep) made 6 casseroles that I froze.
    Keep prepping!!!

  39. Carl in W.V. says:

    Went to Sam’s picked up 4 cases of bottled water and 4 20 pound bags of pinto beans. I also ordered a Desantis intruder holster for my Glock 22. DW went through about 90 rds of ammo in her AR. I sighted the gun in. iron sights with 9 rds She took it from there man that girl can shoot. ordered 2 more life straws for the BOBs. Butchered 2 of my new zeland/chinchilla cross rabbits. hoping to sell the rest as easter pets this week and next weekend. What don’t sell gets butchered as soon as i get home along with about 10 cornish X rocks.

  40. Welcome to all the new members and congrats MD on the great sales of your book.

    This wasn’t a good week for prepping as the tax refund is now gone. Finally got my order from EE and reorganized the supplies we have. My plants under the grow light are growing well. I have another 3 weeks before the frost free date and I’m afraid if I put my things out too soon we will have another late frost like we did a few years back. I’m hardening off my broccoli and will be planting it this week. I was given some blackberries so planted those. DH went garage saleing and found a great sale with tons of ammo, camping supplies etc. Spent $100 and came home with ammo, shelves, lamps w/oil & etc. Tomorrow we are finishing the chicken coop to move the chickens out in the next few weeks.

  41. trapper from manitoba says:

    Thanks everyone for the welcome, the one thing i have noticed about this community is its friendly helpful demeanor. It certainly makes it an interesting place to visit and soak up the wisdom.
    With that said, i did do some stuff this week also so in the spirit of “What did i do this week … I cleaned all my firearms, a 30-06 pump, a 303 bolt, a 25-06 bolt, a 308 semi-auto, a 22 lever, a 22 pump, a 12 ga pump and 22 mag revolver. That in itself was a few nights. I also counted and rotated my ammo and made a list of ammo i am short of.
    In addition i cleaned and organized all my traps and made a half dozen jug fishing sets for spring out of some old detergent bottles. I also scrounged 4 car batteries and obtained 2 100 # propane bottles and 6 new bbq sized bottles also. I smoked about 10lbs of pike and 5lbs of burbot today.
    I took note of a few things that really rang true with me from suggestions and when i buy items now i will try to double up some and establish a bigger reserve of key items at first and go from there so its not so overwhelming. I also plan on buying both of MD’s books so, in time, i can improve on the preps i have made. The travel trailer thing looks quite neat, mostly because not only do i also live in a mobile home but in the summer months my daughter and i have a remote camp with 3 campers as our base.
    Once again, thanks for the welcome everyone and i hope to contribute a bit. My strengths are hunting, fishing, trapping and the tools that are used in those pursuits. I have been a licenced hunting/fishing/guide for 22 years but it is not my primary occupation.

    • village idiot says:

      trapper, you might just be more of a prepper than you realize. Having the skills you possess as a hunter/fisherman/trapper and guide gives you a leg up. What many of us here understand is that we will all run out of preps at some point, and then it is skills that will determine whether we survive long term. You’re pretty blessed in the skills department. And you’ve accomplished more than you think from what I’ve read. And good job on raising your daughter as a single dad.

    • Hey there,
      sounds like your sorting things out nicely, congrats

    • cosmolined says:

      trapper from Manitoba:
      Welcome to the pack! Folks here are wonderful. I envy your life!(I’m from mountain country but live in Los Angeles.) God Bless! Cos

    • Trapper,
      I would like to make a friendly suggestion. When you stated, “I cleaned all my firearms”, you should have probably left it right there. For what it’s worth, you just listed at least a small list of the guns you own, and although we are all pretty proud of our acquisitions, now that you’re posting you should probably keep OPSEC in mind as you type. This applies to all of us to some measure, and I’m not trying to criticize, just offer a suggestion for you to keep in the back of your mind.

      • cosmolined says:

        To carry OhioPreppers thoughts a step futher. It might not be a good thing to say you’ve circumvented local/State laws on the internet. Cos

        • Lee (TX) says:

          Cos,, while I agree that Trapper should not have listed all his weapons, what laws did he circumvent?

  42. Soggy Prepper says:

    Finally ordered and received my rocket stove. 🙂
    I cleaned out our upstairs fireplace and put the rocket stove in there. I just now need to get “the right pot” with a lid to dedicate to it to go with it.
    I plan on cooking on the rocket stove and the volcano stove in the fireplace wshtf. Smoke goes up the chimney so we don’t all die, yet I stay dry and warmer in the house. I haven’t used it yet but look forward to doing so. The home made ones we made work great, but this ones larger and a lot more sturdy.

    Started reading, Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family. It has some good information and some stuff I never thought of which I will do/implement. Honestly I get better and more information here.

    Ordered bacon and chicken breast from Zaycon. It won’t come in till the end of April, but then I’m going to can at least 30 of the 40# of chicken. The bacon…mmmmmmm bacon…. Just freeze and eat.

    Waiting for it to dry out eventually. I have the strawberry and onion to go into the ground since last week but it’s been so dang wet here there is no way. It was our wettest month in March ever recorded. Stayin soggy here in the pacific northwest!

    Hope everyone gets well and stays well and adds to their preps even if it’s just one can. Every little bit helps and adds up.

    My DH thinks some big time race wars are coming, no thanks to this egomaniacal narcissist and chief. (even named his dog after himself, what?? Who does that?)
    This Martin/Zimmerman tragedy seems to be a catalyst all the race baiters were waiting for. The mother even trade marked her son’s name. That would NOT be my first thought if my child were killed., just seems wrong on so many levels. But the whole thing is just truly sad.

    One of Israels staging secrets got “leaked”. Gee, wonder who that was? or maybe he just thought the mic was off. I hope Netanyahu fed this administration a load of *&%% to see if they were trustworthy. Course the answer is NO. Pray for Israel.

    I pray for all of us that this summer is really boring and nothing happens. and we all lived happily ever after! hahahalol

  43. DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

    Hey Wolfpack,

    First off Congrats MD on the book success. It’s well deserved!

    Its been another nutty week in the Divergal Household…. or maybe I should say a week of freak accidents.

    While filleting fish with one of my nephews I sliced my thumb almost to the bone… 4 stitches.

    Since I couldn’t have my next flying trapeze lesson (I have 3 left) I decided to clean out the garage and get it all organized. Off I go for supplies to build racks for kayaks and surfboards because why buy stuff when you can build it yourself. Burnt the crap out of myself welding the homemade rack together…. So that’s my sad sad story for the week. BTW I did finish the rack and it got tons of stuff up off the floor. I may even be able to use my garage for the car someday soon…
    Doc gave me some good pain pills but they are going in the inventory cuz they just make me sick and I can get by on advil. If TSHTF, Im sure they will come in handy.
    In an effort to avoid any more accidents, I decided to shop and fill in some gaps…

    5 cases of canned fruit
    Battery Operated Digital TV
    4 boxes of band-aids (obviously will be needed)
    4 Neosporin
    4 Burn Cream
    8 asst packages of guaze and 4×4’s
    1 years worth of zyrtec (sp?)
    8 boxes of baby wipes
    3 packages of razors
    6 sunscreen
    Ordered 12 Mountain House Pouches for GHB’s
    8 Cake Mixes
    6 Pasta Sauce
    6 Boxes of Pasta
    6 cases of water
    8 bags of charcoal (great sale at Home Depot)
    2 Gas Tanks for the grills

    Completely organized my coupon binder, Had a doctor write me a prescription for amoxicillan with 10 refills. Dehydrated 2 very large bags of sweet peppers I got BOGO last week.

    My nephew decided air could potentially be a problem if the house is sealed off so e are going to do an experiment this week with scuba tanks filled w Nitrox, a closed off room, and a calculator, to determine how long each tank would continue to supply air (Nitrox has a higher concentration of O2 than the air we breathe) and how long we would maintain positive pressure in the room AND how many tanks might be needed. Totally his idea, not mine, but the kid has a head for science so who am I to discourage him.

    He also wants us to build a homemade hydroponic system, a desalinization machine, and he has another experiment in mind too, but one at a time….

    Thats it for me… Back to updating the inventory. The only problem with buying lots of stuff all at once is that it all has to be labeled and put somewhere and added to the master list.

    Happy Prepping All!


    • axelsteve says:

      Divwer Gal. I have always wondered about using air tanks for above water use after sealing off a room.Let me know if he does not blow up the house with it.

    • DG,
      As an old diver myself, I think we can estimate that a standard mix 80CF air tank will typically last 1-1.5 hours in shallow water (or no water) with a 20% O2 content. Nitrox contains more O2, so you could probably get a good estimate from that content. The problem that would concern me would be the buildup of CO2, since you’re not exhaling it out of the system (as free bubbles) but potentially concentrating it in the room, regardless of how much O2 you are adding. Another source for information on this might be your local fire department, most of which use the Scott Pack (SCBA, which is SCUBA without the ‘U’) and they could probably give you information on the tank size, pressures, and elapsed time they expect from these units.

      One possible DIY system you might look up and play with is an air to air heat exchanger, which would allow you to bring in fresh air from the outside and expel the CO2 and other products to the outside. Include a HEPA filter and perhaps some activated charcoal, and you can do a pretty good job keeping the air filtered and clean.

      Also, instead of SCUBA (or the SCBA used by fire and EMS) you might check with a local gas (not gasoline) dealer and see about purchasing pure O2, or finding a used O2 concentrator.

      • village idiot says:

        I was also thinking, OP, that perhaps a welding supply store would have the type oxygen you are suggesting, and perhaps one could buy it cheaper there. Just a thought.

        • VI,
          When I said gas supplier, I was thinking welding supplies. We have a local supplier called Valley Gas that provides everything from O2 to Propane, Acetylene, MAP, Helium, etc. They’re kind of a welding supply on steroids.

      • K Fields says:

        Ohio Prepper,
        The air exchange system you describe is a lot like the ones used out here for indoor grow rooms – although they are pumping in extra CO2 instead of trying to eliminate it. Seems like you could use the same system with O2 tanks instead of CO2 as they are already engineered for optimum filtration per a specified square footage.
        For those in other parts of the country, the grow rooms I’m referring to are completely sealed to provide a “perfect” environment for the plants – keeping out all inbound airborne contaminants and filtering the exhausts to prevent the odors of the plants from being detected outside of the grow room.

    • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

      This is a lot of great ideas so thanks.

      Happy to say we did the experiment and there were no explosions. I don’t think the room was sealed completely but we released the air at a slow rate and it used up a tank about every 35 minutes. When I dive I can get more time out of tanks but thats one person and the air is only coming out of the tank as I inhale as opposed to continuously. Personally, I think breathing off a regulator would be a better bet than just letting the air out in a steady stream.

      I brought up the O2 tank option, not for the experiment, but as an option and my nephew informed me that O2 is flammable and his way was much more safe.

      I think I let him spend too much time with my husband when he was still alive. DH was an engineer (designed and built deep water submersibles) and inventor, and he and the nephews would spend hours in the garage building manly things. They even built a tornado studying instrument after they watched the movie ‘Twister’ because they were so inspired by the ingenuity of it all. In all, I’m proud because he is determined to create things to make surviving easier, and when I think of all the things he could be doing instead (video games, TV, getting into trouble) I am thrilled he chooses the way he does. Wish the rest of the family thought that way.

      I’m off to build solar ovens now. He downloaded plans for several online and is determined to build them all and see what works best. He also made a list of what he thinks he needs to build his desalinization project. Sometimes being an aunt is more expensive than being a parent I thing.

      Happy Prepping All!


    • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

      I forgot to ask in my previous post…. How the heck do I get the duck tape residue off my walls where my nephew taped up the plastic sheeting for his ‘experiment’? If it were truly a SHTF scenario I wouldnt care but it isnt and I want it off…


      • conmaze says:

        Goof-Off sold in Home Depot, Lowes. Get the latex version in the orange spray bottle. Works great. Do a test spot first to make sure it doesn’t take the paint off the walls/woodwork (which it shouldn’t). As long as you don’t rub too hard and let it sit for a second, it should loosen up the residue and you can wipe it right off.

  44. BamaBecca says:

    Welcome to the Pack trapper from manitoba! I’d love to hear about how to smoke fish. I watched a guy smoking fish over a fire this past November at the annual Creek Indian Powwow, but didn’t take notes and this old brain doesn’t retain like it used to. Do you use a smoker or do it over a fire?

    • trapper from manitoba says:

      Hi Becca, here is a good link that i refer to often when my brain freezes and i forget what i am doing or how i should be doing it. For fish that is not oily, i usually soak in brine at least 24 hours, more likely 48. More oily fish 12-24 hours and very oily fish about 6 hours. I have two smokers, one is the commercially made ‘big chief’ that i use in town and out at camp i have a home-made smoker made from an old fridge, completely metal. Smoking times and temperatures depend on what i am smoking as i also smoke wild meat.


      • The link says that smoked fish only lasts two weeks in the fridge or 60 days in the freezer. If this is true, it’s not a long-term preservation method. Is this your experience?
        Thanks from another Canadian.

  45. Repair Mama says:

    Well, This week has been weird at best. Started the week with trying to find the ingredients needed to make laundry soap to find the local small hardware store only had the fel bar soap, but was out of the borax and dont even carry the washing soda, said they dont even have a supplier for it. So much for that this week.
    Went to get a check up at the dr’s office, I found out that I am now officially short and fat! few days later, got my blood work back to find out I am also a “Walking solid”! Choloesterol and triglyerides are through the roof! Well, I am no longer aloud to eat food…….(Guess if I can eat, I dont need to prep food! lol hahah) just kidding about the food. But, after mowing the grass this weekend, I have also found out that I must be a zombie snack. I will be eaten, cause I am sooooo out of shape that I could not even outrun my 3 grandsons that all are under the age of 2! Gonna have to do something about that!

    So for this week, I have been walking the groc store to try to find what I can eat. Healthy fresh food costs a damn arm and leg. I guess I will have to find some space for the garden, because produce is unreall in pricing!

    For prepping, here it is:
    2 bars of fels soap
    10 boxes of sugar free drink mixes to replace the pop we used to drink
    4 boxes of whole wheat pasta
    1/2 gal jar of pickles
    6 bxs of fiber snack bars (cheap with sale and coupons)
    4 24pks of bottled water
    found 25lb bag of pintos in storage (put in jars and food savered them)
    1 lb brown rice (to eat this week)
    put but ends of 4 leaf letuces in water to see if I can get them to grow
    put some usefull tools in truck tool box
    4 boxes of triscuits
    2 boxes wheat crackers
    learned to make pico de galo fresh
    looked at dehydrator at china mart
    (told dh that we could use it to make jerky that we could have every now and again with our own seasonings and lean cuts of beef.. I think that he might get me one for b-day???)
    bought 12pk of bungie cords for storage
    3 jars of pizza sauce
    1 lime juice
    1 lemon juice
    looked for local bulk food store for grains and popcorn
    picked up more meds cause little man and I have strep throat and I also have another ear infection. bummer. maybe since I cant eat, I will lose a few lbs??
    got the dr to prescribe some chantix so I can lose the smokes tooo!
    pray for me, I’m gonna need it. I have to get rid of the monkey on my back. Cant stay on the cigarettes.
    well, that is it for the week. \
    maybe next week will be better after I get the data entry finished and get the taxes done. I am almost out of time on that one.
    Hope everyone here has a great week.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Repair Mama,

      If you start to work on everything you listed for personal improvement, you ain’t gonna make it.
      Pick one thing, master it, then spend a few days choosing the next thing. Take it slow and easy on yourself.

      I spent 6-8 weeks getting off of drink mixes an onto just plain water. I love peach flavored tea (the label says 90% sugar) but substituted water sometimes, then more water, less tea and slowly transitioned to just water. Today I prefer the water over the tea. Didn’t know it would work out that way. Now I’m working on getting younger.

    • RepairMama,
      I’ll say prayers for your attempt to quit smoking. It’s my monkey also, but I’m not in a psychologically good place right now with the grandson. I’m afraid I would totally snap if I didn’t have my vice to calm me.

      I did take Chantix about five years ago and it worked wonderfully! I didn’t take it long enough though. Please be sure to stay on it a good six months – even if you think you have it licked. I convinced myself I was over the addiction and didn’t want to continue spending the money for the Rx so I only did two months. Took another two months for some life trauma to come along and the first thing I did was go buy a pack. Dumb.

      The only side effect I had were the dreams. I’m one who usually never remembers mine, but while in the first weeks of the Rx I had so many really cool, vivid dreams that I could remember the next day. I really enjoyed that part of it. I would probably be a really good candidate for LSD experiences LOL

      On a positive note, if you are one to experience anxiety or obsessions like worrying, this drug seems to take that waaaay down. I never felt drugged at all, just calm and focused on whatever I was doing.

      Again, prayers are with you. From your health report, IMHO this is probably the single most important first step back to health that you can take.

      • Repair Mama says:

        How did you feel in the mornings after the dreams. I usually dont remember my dreams either. I do wake up very tired though. I am afraid that this med will make me even more tired if I am having vivid dreams all night ling.
        Do you think I might get more rest or less? just wondering.
        thanks for the input
        take care.

        • Repair Mama,
          I slept fine. I think we dream each night, but we just don’t remember them. If you have trouble sleeping, try Melatonin. I like the time-release. I sleep like a baby when I take it and don’t feel groggy in the morning. I felt great the whole time I was on Chantix. And as Bam Bam said, you don’t even want to smoke. I had no urge. I hadn’t had a cig in a week or so and was on a road trip with my cousin. One of my triggers is driving. We were almost to our destination and I just blurted out – holy cr*#! I just drove two hours and didn’t even think about a cigarette. It’s shocking how much you just don’t care about them.

          Talking about it makes me want take it again. Think I’ll make an appt. with the doc tomorrow. Notice I didn’t say “try to quit again.” That’s because I have so much faith in this drug that I know for a fact I will quit – no “trying” about it. Just have to make sure I stay on it for much, much longer than the first time.

    • Repair Mama,

      I bought borax, washing soda and Fels Naptha at Walmart. If your local store doesn’t have them, amazon does.

      I quit smoking years ago with Chantix. Being on Chantix was the weirdest experience I think I’ve ever had. I took the pills and three days later I had no desire to smoke. It was like my fairy godmother waved her magic wand and said, “You don’t want to smoke.” I never had withdrawal symptoms or cravings for smokes. I didn’t have a care in the world. If I were ever going to be a drug addict, Chantix would be my drug of choice. I didn’t have a care in the world.

      • conmaze says:

        +1 (o:

      • axelsteve says:

        I am not sure of the name ,there was a antidepressant back in the 90`s that a side effect was quiting smoking. A neighbor of mine got a bunch of samples to quit smoking.

    • repair mama…just can’t stop laughing…re ‘now short and fat’ etc…and a ‘walking solid’…that is just too funny…not laughing at you…just your sense of humour….one time I went to the doctor for blood tests – and of course they ask all kinds of questions…and I answered no to drinking/smoking etc…and then he asked if I drank coffee…well that didn’t go down well…

      so, am still laughing at your post- good to hear you have such a sense of humour….

      will pray for you to be able to toss the smokes away for good…my DD smokes, and tries to stop, but takes the habit up again…so I know what a struggle it can be…cheers.

      • Repair Mama says:

        I have to have a sense of humor, or I would have capped my self a long time ago!! I like to laugh and love to make other people laugh too. Guess I should have been on stage instead of in a service truck or behind a desk. Most of my days are on an office chair at the keyboard or on the phone. Does not do well for someone who needs some cardio!
        I get winded going to the kitchen for a refill on my 30oz coffee cup! (or is it a 24oz???) lol
        If I have to make more than 2 trips up the steps to go to my sewing,sign makeng office, I will need a rest between them!

        I used to have to take meds for high cholesterol, but it causes pregnacy!!!! You wont find that side effect on the label!!!
        He is 7 yrs old now and I will not go back on the meds again!!
        We have 3 grand children older than our youngest child!!!
        Now there is a killer of the retirement plan!!! lol hahahah

        I want to give up the smokes so I can chase the grand babies. the twins are a hand full, and if you add the 3rd grandson, well…….You can imagine what that looks like hu? not to mention there will be another baby in the clan here this fall with the birth of the newest member of the crew. We dont know if we are getting an office manager, or another electrician. Maybe he will follow in his dad’s footsteps and be a carpenter or masonary worker???? We will have to see. Maybe “She” will want to follow “Granny” and be a technician too!! I can leave my tools to her in my will after the zombies eat me!! (talk about a high fat, high choloesterol food!) I guess I would be bad for the zombies health!
        I could list myself on the the list of foods to avoid!!! hahah
        Have a great day!

    • SuburbanHousewife says:

      Repair Mama,

      You made me laugh out loud! I too am “a short, fat walking solid” who can’t out run her 18 mo old grandson! I can’t help you with the smoking but I can tell you what was a really easy tasty fix for the solid part and maybe help with the exercise thing too.
      I was having some minor heart issues when I found out about being solid – my cardiologist gave me til the next visit to see if I could help my numbers with diet and exercise, before she put me on Rx. I already ate what “the world” teaches us as “really healthy” – then my DH and I bumped into the video Forks Over Knives on Netflix – followed by Food Inc. The next day we went vegan – cut out meat and dairy completely. Thought it was going to be boring and tasteless and grass and twigs! We were prepared to suffer for the cause. Boy were we wrong! We are eating like royalty – really tasty stuff and neither of us miss meat and dairy hardly at all. We aren’t doing it for “PETA” reasons although we do detest cruelty to animals – but we detested that even when we ate meat.
      In 8 weeks my cholesterol dropped 29 points!! I was shocked. My cardiologist was shocked. I know people who’ve been on Rx for years who haven’ had that kind of result – while the Rx is messing up other parts of their bodies. So I HIGHLY recommend watching Forks over Knives and then getting the book Engine 2 Diet. You can get a lot of recipes free online just by googling Engine 2 recipes or E2 or go to their website. Stay away from the Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes though – that’s the only recipe we didn’t like. My husband took one bite and said “this is what I expected all along, and why people don’t eat this way” LOL
      The other thing is google C25K – there are systems and methods to teach you to run a 5K – usually in about 9 weeks. You can download music and prompts for your ipod – and it basically starts you out walking for like 90 secs then jogging for 60, and progressed up to running a 5 K. All my information is on my computer at home in CA – I am on my Mom’s computer in OH – but if you search C25K you will get to plenty of info – just search around til you find a program you like. I had a fairly decent start before I got called back here. Will have to start at zero again when I get home, and I plan to take as long as it takes – not just 9 weeks – to get there. I have new motivation now that I am prepping cuz I don’t want to be a Zombie snack!
      Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

      • Repair Mama says:

        We have made drastic changes to the diet here. I dont “Cook” any more, we just go out back and graze for 30 minutes or so. Somedays, you just take a salad dressing bottle out ther with you!
        I have been eating a steady diet of cereal, and taking my metemucal daily. the orange stuf tastes like tang with lumps!
        or tang grits with a really watery texture. they could at least put some vit c in there too!!!
        I have hit the scale at a SHORT 230LBS. I used to be 5’8″, but now measure in at a mean 5’5.5″. I was at the dr’s office on friday with my son (we both have strep throat, and I am battleing again another ear infection) They have one of those hieght and weight charts that tell you what your body mass index is, I looked myself up and it said I am excessively obease!! WHAT!!!!! ARE THEY KIDDING???? I have some fat around my middle, but no one has to take out a wall for me to go to work. I dont know any obease person that can climb a ladder the way that I do. My DH still gives me a wink from time to time and chases me through the house, soooooooooo What is this chart all about????

        I would love to chat with you about a diet more veggitarian than what I am used to. I like veggies and all, but I miss bread, potatoes, and meat!!!! (I eat like a guy too!!!!)
        I could use some help in that areana. I need to know what to put in the garden instead of making the grocery store rich.
        MD can give you my e-mail add so you can write me.
        chat at ya later

        • Suburban and Mama,
          My sister watched that movie also and is now somewhat vegan. She does ocassionally eat meat and eggs and butter. She was a carboholic and has been obese for years. Her numbers were off the charts and she never moved faster than a snail. She had type-2 diabetes. Well, let me tell you, she has dropped so much weight she weighs less than she has in 40 years. She is also off all of her meds. She still doesn’t get exercise though. If she had, she probably would have lost it much faster. Her doctors are thrilled. She’s on some blog that she loves. She compares it to the Wolf Pack – helpful hints, recipes, encouragement, etc. If anyone is interested, I’ll get the blog address from her.

        • repair mama…sent a reply already, but it got lost – so, new post, different topic…

          when I lived in the UK – for some reason – unknown to me still, after all these years – had no appetite for meat, of any kind.

          Instead I would have the canteen ladies spoon whatever assorted cooked green vegetables they happened to have on any particular day, onto my plate…and that was my lunch/dinner for about 12 months.

          Wherever I happened to be working for a few months, would always stay in the quarters…and hence, ate all my meals in the canteen.

          Never missed a meal, and had no snacks between meals…however, lots of cups of tea – those brits, (love ’em) know how to brew a good pot.

          And would go for long walks in the cool/cold/freezing weather on my days off. Walked for miles – both in the city and the countryside.

          When I went to visit my relatives they put me on the scales…weighed 59kgs…had lost 12 kgs without trying…and I ate well, and often, the whole time.

          Had noticed I had to use safety pins to hold my nursing belt on my waist, but I didn’t notice the weight loss – always had layers of woolen clothing on, plus scarves, gloves, hat, fur lined swede boots and thermal leggings…barely recognized myself under all those clothes when I was ready to walk out the door to explore.

          never felt hungry…and, I would toss my room keys to the security guard on my way out for a run along the M4.

          Had to wear gloves on my hands as too cold for me…amazing feeling to be able to run for miles and not drip with sweat. And had to keep running the whole way back and right into the heated quarters before I could stop, or I would shake and shiver uncontrollably from the cold.

          It was only when I went to stay with relatives again in the summer and was on the beach that I really noticed my weight loss…so, may work for you…see what your dr. thinks about it…

          One down side to losing the weight – when I got back on the mat when I was back home again – noticed other judoka’s were able to really pull me all over the mat…I had to step fast just to stay on balance…so got my weight back up to my competition weight in a few months.

          take care of yourself…only have one body, and it needs to last you for the entire time that you need it for…cheers.

          • Chloe, the Britts bland lack of seasonings it doesn’t surprise me you didn’t want to eat meat there. Now when I was in Oz while my friends went to McDonalds and the Hungry Jack (Burger King subsidiary) I was eating at pubs, local restaurants and an Aboriginal owned restaurant. I have ate kangaroo and “salty tails” salt water crocodile tail. Loved washing it down with some Sheraz or some VB.

            • jarhead…ahhh VB..my dad drank that.

              Also, years later, when they had the ‘mad cow’ scare – I was so glad I hadn’t eaten any meat.

              I am used to French/Italian food.

              However, I really didn’t mind the veges – hot food to warm me to the core…

              I have not eaten Kangaroo or Crocodile meat. We have Kangaroo meat in our meat departments – just can’t bring myself to eat it – as they (wallabies) are in my yard/clearing every morning and late afternoon, not aggressive at all.

              On the other hand…our saltwater crocs are unpredictable and have taken unsuspecting adults/children.


        • axelsteve says:

          That body mas index is a scam. So are the hieght weight charts.When someone mentions those words I say I want to talk to a real doctor not a index or chart.Pro athelites are called obese from the charts and probably from the mass index.I would like to see those putzes call a mma fighter obese because of some weenie chart

    • village idiot says:

      Repair Mama, one of the best things I ever did in my life was throw away the cigarettes. I got tired of coughing and coughing one day when I had a cold, and went outside to smoke, and it caused the coughing to get even worse. I thought to myself, “you’re crazy, and you can stop this”. I put the cigarettes down, never smoked another one, and that will be 25 years ago this October. I got mad, no…angry with myself. Anger can be a very strong emotion, and I was determined to never smoke again. I never have. Good luck with whatever way you choose. By the way, it took two years after I quit smoking for the full effects of it to go away. So don’t get discouraged, and I’m praying for you to have the strength to quit. And stay quit.

    • Repair mama, Hunker Down is right. First things first. Just do one at a time. And for every day that you make your goal, at the end of the day, thank God, and pat yourself on the back! Hang in there. Maybe since you posted, asking for prayer, if just half of us Wolk Packs pray for you, think how many that is! God surely couldn’t ignore all of that noise!

  46. Candy in Nebraska says:

    For prepping this week:

    Bought an 18×18 foot tepee tent from sportsman guide $180.00
    50 # of cheese sauce powder mix $18.00
    plastic canvas for both dehydrators as someone on here suggested can’t remember who, but thank you they work very nicely.
    Dehydrated onions, celery, and apples
    bought a small cage for the chicks we just bought as well. something to atleast keep them in when in the house, safely. I have a certian small doggy that thinks they would make a nice little toy.
    Bought a new frying pan
    Planter seeder boy does that save on the back and hips. We did 3 times the work with it compared to the past years.
    Have most of the garden in seeing as how they are saying we are having an early year. Still going to wait for atleast a month before we plant the Okra.
    Put in some more Blackberry Bushes seeing as how they are the only ones wanting to grow in our yard.
    DD #3 and I have been picking dandelions to try our hand at jelly with them.

    DD #2 bought a childs life jacket for the canoe now we need 3 more and 7 adult jackets.

    DD#1 is getting anxious about coming home. Guess I am to even if it means a houseful. Aleast I will know where everyone is at and safer then being in New York or in any other larger city.

    New job is very boring, but easy work and it gives me time to get things done here at home and make some cash as well. Thinking about putting in a bid to mow the village here for this summer. it would help compensate for all the driving I have to do.

    We just keep doing things a day at a time.

  47. SurvivorDan says:

    Besides mastering biscuit makin’, hit Honeyvilles for 4 #10’s of powdered whole eggs and a couple of TVP beef (laff at the TVP but it may be the preferred beef in the distant future, lol), an extra butane stove and cartridges, 6 cases of water, some winter clothes (Walmart end of season mark-downs), 48 cans of beef stew/chicken & dumplings/mackeral, three LED AAA flashlights, 500 rds for the .177 springer and a new knife (never have enough blades).
    I told a buddy I wasn’t going to prep this week and he shamed me. Going into our slow season so I need to stock up while the checks are good.
    By the way, I am retired and took a good 25hr/wk job primarily for prepping. I used to whinge about not having enough money to do it. Extra job and parsimonious shopping gets it done.
    Besides, I missed out on the Mega Millions lottery thing again. There goes that custom built underground bunker and 15 years of good food and the armored assault vehicle/tank and the cute maids, and the disco chamber and the ……………… 😉

    • Bam Bam says:

      Survivor Dan,

      I ordered some TVP as well. It should be here Monday. I am going to open a can just so I can try it out in various recipes. If I come up with anything good, I will post the recipe. Just looking at price, TVP is an excellent cost-effective means of insuring sufficient protein in one’s diet. I am thinking about incorporating it into my family’s diet–if I can sneak it in.

    • village idiot says:

      LMAO, Dan. When you do win, can I be your BFF?

    • Julie in OR says:

      LOL, Ditto!

  48. Prepper RN says:

    This weeks preps include 200 rnds for 12 gauge
    4 bottles of Fantastick
    2 bottles of bleach
    40 pounds of lyme
    garden pots and soil to container garden on my patio
    2 blueberry bushes
    2 concord grape vines
    10 cans Manwitch sauce-free with coupons
    waxed 20 cheese bars
    put up 10 gallons water to add to my 200 gallons.
    40 pounds of rice-I have more than enough to last 10 years but this is a great item to have to give out to those in need. I am filling old glass spagetti sauce jars with it.
    more spices
    canned 10 pounds pork chunks.

    Praying for our nation.

  49. Prepping Preacher says:

    purchased another installment of heirloom seeds – varieties which are common and i and my family will eat when grown… did some target practice… scouted tree-stand and ground blind locations on our newly acquired property… purchased a NIB older model handheld gps unit and am learning it’s operation and limitations and purchased an external antenna, data xfer cable and auto power cord for it as well as downloaded free, simple gps software that is totally compatible with my unit for producing maps, selecting waypoints and other functions…

  50. Here is what I did as a housewife in Europe to prep this week:
    read up on basics of canning
    learned more about emergency childbirth
    homeschooling plans
    started investigating synthesis of basic chemicals for household needs
    most importantly, continued seeking husband for my sister and friends!
    Matchmaking is a super critical survival dimension for the feminine. If things go south, ladies will need husbands. And since you won´t live forever, being a bachelor is a pretty bad survival plan (-:

    • axelsteve says:

      Seekingloveliness. What part of europe are you in? I have a friend from England and Switzerland.I am partialy Finnish.

    • village idiot says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Seeking. I seek loveliness myself, but it is mostly in nature, and I’ve seen quite a lot lately as the dogwoods, redbuds, and azaleas are all blooming at the same time. Not to mention all the shades of green I’m seeing as spring has sprung. Good luck on your matchmaking, lol. And welcome again, I’m sure you will find much info here, if not husbands for the ladies. But you never know.

  51. arkieready says:

    Im reaping rewards (kinda) for having food storage. Since ds came home he’s living in the mobilehome and has food available. Id been grocery shopping alot otherwise. But………my supplies are depleting. Catch 22. When we get him transportation, he can get a job, he can help restock. Tough times when an adult (uh dolt) child comes home with just the clothes on his back.

    • village idiot says:

      arkie, I have a son coming home soon after 4 years with the Army. They decided not to send his unit to Afghanistan until later in the year, and he won’t have enough time for a deployment. They asked him to re-up, and he said no, so they are kicking him out. It’s not because he’s afraid to go, he’s been deployed to Iraq, but the Army is changing for the worse, and he wants out. But truly, the way things are going I’m happy to have him at home. Your son will be a good addition to your preps as well, as another pair of hands and eyes, especially young eyes in the case of my son vs. my old eyes, are most welcome. Good luck.

      • K Fields says:

        vi – congrats on your boy coming home safe. I can just imagine the 2 of you will be a real prepping pair.

        • village idiot says:

          Actually, KF, I’ve had a rash of good news this week. My DILs family is moving here from Kansas to be near the grandbaby, and even though they aren’t preppers per se, they are rural folks who garden, can and freeze food, hunt, fish, and are very mechanical. The father works offshore, so he can live anywhere, and his son is young(23) and was able to get a job here already. With my other son coming home soon, we will have a pretty large family group, and security will be less an issue.

  52. Found a source for used chemical cold packs, and extracted salt peter from them, PITA but doable. Purer than stump remover salts, and they’re free. A very produtive range trip, shotgun primers on Howdah went Bang every time, pyrodex loose and pills, 777, Swiss, Goex, and both of my formulas for Black Powder all worked well [stump remover salt peter a little weak] Less success on building a safety for these adapters, all three prototypes were destroyed, and failed to stop simulated AD’s I do hate primed guns on a halfcock. I did build a lock for testing new prototypes, as I’d hate to break the ones from Pedersoli, the engraving on them is soo purdy. Anyway back to my success, fired 1,000 remanufactured large pistol primers with 0 failures. On my rifle primers only 3 of 1000 failed all three loaded on a progressive press in used military brass with crimped primer pockets. All three had not fully seated due to crimp, [the anvils diplaced]they did discharge as I removed them with my Lee field loader. Ordered 2 new primer pocket reamers. Test fired 100 .308 hand jacketed 180 grain bullets [jackets made from used .22 lr brass] test gun was a 30.06 Rem 700 BDL Weaver 3×9 32 scope at 400 meter gong. All rang the bell. Too much time spent on these projects, for what is afterall just backups, but I feel better with these tools, and knowledge on my top shelf. When I cleaned up the arroyo I was shooting in I recovered more lead than I had fired As this was midweek I saw no one but border patrol, and even they were too busy to stop and chat.
    For food stores I bought bulk rice at $0.33 per pound and bagged and bucketed 10 gallons worth. Got 3 35 gal barrels that had been used for muriatic acid, rinsed them with baking soda solution then dryed them. I put the last of my mesquite pods in them with hand warmers. These are not the sweet pods I prefer for flour, but I do like them for smokers. In a pinch they will do for [trade] fodder. The room in my conex they took up while drying, I am eyeing for a dehydrater 2′ x 4′ x 8′ if there’s one thing I have plenty of in that conex it’s dry. Still have yet to make up mind on the citrus trees, dwarfs by the fence or cut down the cyprus trees and plant in the middle of the front yard.

    • azyogi

      hubby is very interested in the information you have posted- i dont know how to approach this- but could you post your recipes or perhaps correspond with my husband privately if you would be interested- MD can set it up i think- if you dont- i understand- he is in charge of this part of our prepping
      thanks for the info you have posted

      • Send me an E-mail. Those are not things I’d want the very young to dabble in. Aside from gunsmith schooling I have done college level studies in chemistry, and worked in a lab. Safety is not to be taken lightly in this endeavor. I’m not hard to find on gun and BP forums or MD could assist if not too busy.

  53. I was able to get some work on My living plans, I dont want to SURVIVE I want to LIVE. My prepps were , first and foremost clean the shed and basement. I want to take full advantage of the Trash truck city pick up while I cna. Its an inventory of sorts, going thru the stuff we have, do we really need it if its in a box that we moved here and never opened in 20 years? if somoen can use my junk go for it be my guest. Having a clean organized storage for food or knowing where stuf is to bring away with me may save time in an emergency. Some of my Prepps were cut short by WORK!!!!! i was called back to my chosen trade in masonry. i havent had full time work in nearly 3 years. It was exactly the inauguration day but it almost coincided with the throning of our fearless leader . ( I know, its not his fault its bush or someone elses fault) I dont know how many weeks or days I’ll get but had overtime even It wont be hard to get used to a real paycheck again even if its for a short period of time.
    I worked on a tractor, its a 1962 bradley suburban. good enough to mow , plow or doz small areas. Its part of a small collection of machines I want to put to work at my retrete.
    After the basement was cleaned i inventoried stocks and organized food stocks. I have a few small bins that can be grabbed to go out fast if I cant take time to haul it all or most away to saftey. It felt real good to throw away stuff that was useless and make room for something Lifesaving.
    The generator got and oil change and a few more cans of gas in storage. the shed is in need of more organizing.
    We have a local craigslist and I always look for free stuff and use it to get rid of some of my “treasures”. I found 100 mason jars new and old .He was asking 50$ but used jedi (JET EYE) mind control to cut the price in half. I can sauce and jellies to sell for money to buy food at food pantries. I save some jars for my own use. This purchase came with a bag of lids and ball jar rubbers for the old style jars. The lids and seals were worth the investment. I will need to rebox and organize the jars, i now have hundreds.
    Today is a church bake sale and all my jellies and sauce will be donated. i have a few dozen candles made from altar candles thay will be for sale too. i have kept some and have HUGE amounts of wax and wick for making more. Becaus i worked yesterday ( it feels funny to even say that its been so long) i dint bake like usual. Often I’ll drop off dozens of loaves before services start. I just smile when the ladies raise thier brow and say WOW this is nice fresh bread, thatnk your wife for us!
    Feeding others will be a skill i hope serves a purpose Now and Then. I have a group of freinds who meet and camp anually and I make the meals for 25 over a fire. Good practice for rustic living.
    I sold a cord of wood and will purchase some preciuos metals, copper jacketed lead , that is.
    My gardens are 3 times what I had last year and transplanted the seedlings to bigger pots. I am sifting the compost for the beds to be ready for planting soon. It’ll be good to plant them outside and get the space back that the little sprouts are monopolizing.
    In the coming week I will make time after work, to go thru more stuff and weed out trash from treasure.
    keep on preppin…..

  54. exile1981 says:

    As the snow is finally gone and the ground dried up enough to start yard work so I added a 4 foot by 32 foot bed for raspberry canes. Also worked on the bathroom i’m renovating.

  55. We finally eliminated/gave away 30+ years of wifes teaching stuff. It is as if we just got an extra room on the house. Been filling up all the shelf space with canned/non perishables.

    Added 400 rounds 9MM, 250 of 38 spcl and 100 of 357 mag, all from Wal Mart. While at the BX yesterday picked up a Maglite 2D cell LED flashlight for 20.97 ( managers special). I purchased three previously on a special, but the wife took one, and the other two walked out the door with the sons. So on this one 4 = 1 for me. The BX had 10% off most firearms the last two days. Place was packed (pick a number and wait). Was amazed at the number of women making purchases. getting

  56. Howdy everybody . I am single female 49 yes a late starter lol. I am from germany and have been here 23 years this is my home =) .
    Started prepping about 3 month ago . I finally got my gun yesterday i was always afraid of them until i went to a shooting range 3 weeks ago and tried a few out i settled on a ruger lc9 it feels comfortable and is concealable wow now i feel like i been rambofide hehhe and can defend my home i been growing my own garden for 3 years now and plan on bugging in since i have no relatives or other choices to bugout to . i do have my pack ready and in the car just in case .
    I think i am not doing to bad in the time span i been doing this , got 2 buckets of grain from pleasant hill grain, last week . also collecting used food grade buckets from stores one is full of rice and one full of varies beans and lentils. stored a bunch of can goods i think i have 3 month worth of basic food supplies for 2 people . I love all the ideas i am getting on here . I believe i was always a prepper at heart . I have a 22 year old son living with me but he seems no not take it to serious luckily he has a group of friends that are including me in some of there meetings on bug out inspections hiking trips. The next one will be survival skills testing on knots and fire making and other survival tasks i cant wait . Oh yeah at the last meeting mind you i am 49 and there all in there twenties and some early thirties . They told my son That i was cooler then he was HAHHAHAHA that was funny.

    Anyway i got a long way to go on my prepping and thanks to all of you i am getting there . Love you all PS :my spelling sucks please excuse

    • cosmolined says:

      Welcome to the Pack! Look on Ebay for one of the 1960’s Boy Scout Handbooks. They should be less than $10. They have all of the basics of camping, fires, knots, navigation… Your spelling in English is better than my spelling in Deutch! LOL, God Bless. Cos

    • village idiot says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Tuschay, and no worries with the spelling as most here could care less. Looks to me like you’re doing pretty good for yourself, and you have a good start prepping, which puts you way ahead of most. Congrats on your new pistol, and for taking control of your life. You’re lucky to have your son with you, and don’t worry, most young people don’t take these things too serious. They are young, and want to enjoy life. Let them, and do the prepping for them. They will be there to help when you need it. Good luck.

    • welcome…and don’t worry about the spelling…the important thing is that we get to communicate with each other…you are doing well with your preps…good to see you are having fun with prepping. cheers.

      • wow, guys, my posts are getting through..diver gal and repair mama, and cos…my replies to you guys didn’t make it…don’t know why…cheers.

        • cosmolined says:

          Your replies arrived, they just were delayed by translating them to right side up! Cheers!, Cos

          • LOL Cos!

          • you cheeky bugger…

            seriously though, you guys are so clever…good humour…wish I could think of things like that to say…so, have to have some time to think, and see what I can come up with. Off to inspect one of the houses first thing tomorrow…catch up next time…cheers.

  57. This week, the thing I am most excited about is that DH got our FIRST rainbarrel hooked up! It was quite a bit of work due to the area we needed it, Our house has no gutters, and there is an area of the roof where the water seemed to all run off at that one trough! And the space between the two edeges of the roof where gutters should be was too narraw for gutters (nice house, but somewhat strange architecture) and apparently the ensuing deluge of rain has obviously been a problem since the house was built. Built in 1982, we have only owned it two years. Anyway, previous owners had done everything from pile layers of shingles on the ground, to gravel, etc. But NO MORE! My awesome talented DH bought sheet metal and make a trough to fill that space, attach to the eaves, cut a hole and attach pipe fittings and pipe down to the barrel. It’s awesome! I know my description isn’t very good but just trust me! LOL! Now, if the drought won’t set back in (we are in Texas) the rain will fill it up and when it does, all we have to do is add another barrel!!!
    The other main thing we did this week was plant the rest of the tomatoe and pepper plants. Good week!

  58. Ohio Surveyor says:

    Hi wolfpac.
    This week instead of sharing what i did to prep, Im going to give you some items and web sites for items that I found and think you all can benefit from.
    If you need rechargable batteries that are long lasting and are cheep go here. Just make sure you buy the highest “mAh” for each type.
    If you cann and vacuum seal foods these things are a great addition and are fun to use (especially with marshmellows).
    If you own a AR/AK rife and want to put alot of bullets down range fast and accurate and legal. try this great item.
    If you own a Mosin Nagant and would like a 10 round magazine with no modifications to the rifle. Go here and be added to his mailing list. He is making them and getting ready to sell them soon.
    If you have animals or dont want to use liquid fuel lanterns try these. I have 3 and love them. You can use a 20% off coupon on top of the low price.
    lastly for some good prices on firearm / outdoor accessories .
    Notice: I have no vested interest in any of the items/companies/websites I listed. I just found a bunch of neat items/websites and wanted to share with the pac.

  59. KR Prepper says:

    Put away 4 cases of bottled water
    Purchase 15 gallons of distiller water
    Bought 60 rounds of #6 shot
    bought 60 rounds #00 buck
    Bought a years supply wheat flour and baking stuff

  60. KR Prepper says:

    Spoke with leed cabins about a shippimg comtainer cabin
    Saved for land.. Researched land clearing cost.

  61. Howdy All,

    It’s been a sad week at the homestead. I had to put down my buddy Max. Max was as much a part of this family as one of the grandkids (almost). I midwifed him 10 years ago and he became a 110 lb. lap dog, but he was also an excellent guard/watch dog and watched over the entire family, especially the small ones, as if we were his children. I will be looking for another soon, but will surely miss Max for a long time.

    I did get 4 raspberry and 4 muscadine planted, but that was about it for this week.

    Blessings to All,
    Matthew 24 & I Timothy 5:8

    • PS: I did order 4 of the “Mosquito Shoo Geranium” plants from Farmer Seed.

    • pjwilly says:

      Sorry to hear about Max Rex. Last June I had to do the same and it still hurts.

    • cosmolined says:

      Rex J:
      Sorry to hear of your loss of Max. My GS friend of 12 years passed last month. I know your loss. I’m too long in the tooth to risk another dog, so now I just have memories. God Bless you and ease your pain. Cos

    • Prepper RN says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. I have cherrished every dog child that ever kept me. They are family and it is sad to lose them. Blessings to you all.

    • Rex,

      Sorry to hear about your dog. My GDS is named Max.

    • Sorry to hear that. Our dogs are like one of our children. Our oldest dog is 11 and he’s having a hard time getting around so I’m not sure how much longer he has.

    • axelsteve says:

      Hi Rex! I had to put down my friend Jake a few years ago. I still miss him ,he was a good friend.I put him down myself I would not let anyone else do it. He is buried in my back yard and I sometimes still go out and say how I love and miss him .We have a lab pup now but he is not a replacement for Jake.

    • Hi Rex,
      Sorry to hear about your buddy. Sounds like he was a great friend.

    • rex, sorry to hear about Max’s passing…at least now he is in doggy heaven. We love our dogs and it is always painful and sad when they leave. Good to hear you will give another dog a home and family to love and have fun with. Blessings.

    • SuburbanHousewife says:

      My deepest sympathy to you and your family…that is so sad and I feel for you.

      • village idiot says:

        Rex, I sure do hate to hear about Max. I don’t know what I would do without my little girl Piper to keep me company every day and warn me of danger. She has already pointed out a copperhead to me this spring, and perhaps saved me from a nasty bite. A dog is more than a good friend, they are surely family in my book. I sure hope you find you a new dog soon, as that is about the only thing that will make you feel better. Good luck.

    • KR Prepper says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. Living alone makes animals mean so much more

    • charliebuck says:

      Rex,sorry to hear about the loss of your 4 legged friend.Every time I lose one,I cry and say thats it,but then I always find another one.My wife and I have no children,so our dogs end up being treated better than alot of peoples kids are treated.Sure hurts when they go.God Bless You,Buddy.

    • Rex-
      Our Max went to dog heaven about 2 years ago after 15 years of loyalty, love, and always mischief. He protected our children through their toddler years, guarded my DH through several serious bouts of his condition, and was our firstborn. There is no way to replace a child… not even a four-legged one. We have a lab pup now, and though she is a good girl with a lot of potential, she can never replace Max in our hearts.
      They will live on in our memories and wait for us at the end of our journeys. We will see them again.
      God Bless,

  62. Ready2Go says:

    Garden: Harvested and dehydrated broccoli,carrots, cauliflower, kale, onions, shallots, cabbage, chard and celeriac. Planted more peas, lettuce, potatoes, onions, fava beans, beets, carrots and comfrey. Planted 2 more transplant trays @ 120 cells each: tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, oregano, thyme, tarragon, stevia and basils.

    Butchered: 10 Cornish Cross: 5 in the freezer and 5 were canned.

    Canned: 10 pounds of Fall harvested potatoes. 10 quarts of celery/carrot mix. Dehydrated 10 pounds of Fall harvested potatoes and 2 quart jars of celery/carrot mix.

    Fed last years canned potatoes, carrot/celery mix, and 20 pounds of buggy walnut meats to the two new hogs. I love having chickens, hogs and a big worm bed…no leftover garbage…turned into eggs, hams and nutrient rich poop…can’t beat that.

    Re-seeded the small pasture. Planted two more apple, peach, pear, cherry, plum, and fig trees…I’m up to 8 each. Some of the trees I planted last year have tiny fruit on them!

    Ordered 4 four pound packages of bees with queens to be picked up in two weeks…can’t wait…lost my 10 hives this Winter: ants, wax moth and prossible colony collapse. I have moved my apiary and hope the move will help.

    Did not get to the cabin again…snowed in and I don’t like snowmobiling…I get a couple weeks off for Easter/Spring break…will attempt the trip then. I need to take up more wheat, rice and beans.

  63. KR Prepper says:

    Last one.. I keep forgetting. I started 20 more spinach plants, okra, cucumber, radishes, onion, lettuce and Roma tomatoes, beans, and asparagus.

  64. Michael in Ky says:

    Will see what price I can get the n-95 masks for. I was running a refinery a couple of years ago, and I used to order from one lab supply co, that had cheap equipment.

  65. MareBear says:

    I live within 15 miles of Sanford, FL. The Martin/Zimmerman conflict has led to boycotting the downtown businesses of Sanford as part of the protest. The local newspaper is saying there is no foot traffic or shopping currently in downtown Sanford, the sidewalks are empty! A tea-room was quoted as having lost $10,000 in sales in the last week. This just goes to show how an organized protest can be quite effective.

    I wish I knew someone locally who loves squirrel meat! I could keep that individual in squirrel for a long time. The little beast can’t keep their mitts out of my garden! They are suckers for sunflower seeds and fall for my trap everytime!

    My prepping is mostly trying and adding new recipes to my Thirty Day Meal Plan. This week I made a Carrot-Pineapple sheet cake w/cream cheese frosting; the carrots coming from my own garden. Canned crushed pineapple is currently on sale in most stores. Cream cheese as well! Today I’m making Turkey w/dressing and the works for my DH. The turkey was bought in December for .59 lb.

    I still waiting for the right house to come on the market, then these two old bears will be leaving Florida for higher ground!

    • MtWoman says:

      Good heavens! If a “Tea-room” can make…or lose…$10,000 in a week, I need to open one!!

    • Hell, if I was there in Sanford, I’d be shopping. Pretty silly to punish businesses for one guy’s actions.

      • village idiot says:

        Hear..hear..Cain, I was thinking the same damn thing. Then again, MareBear, if you read it in a newspaper, that doesn’t make it accurate. It’s kinda like NBC splicing the 911 tape and making it look like Zimmerman was prejudiced by saying Martin was black, when in reality he was responding to a question from the 911 operator. And April 1 was a Sunday, typically not a big shopping day where I live. And some people might be afraid to get out rather than reacting to a boycott, although it has the same effect, though for different reasons.

    • my kids love squirrel which is a blessing as there are lots of squirrels in the midwest!! Too bad you are so far away!!

  66. K Fields says:

    Usually I don’t post on the weekends (only comment) but today I feel I have something to share. Early this morning I was blessed with a new addition to my homestead, a sweet little 52-pound girl with the biggest brown eyes you’ve ever seen! She is so cute, even my old mule seemed captivated with her – which is really good for her at this age as the mule can be VERY protective when he wants to be and there’s not many predators that will stick around when confronted with an angry mule!
    Normally, I breed my Jersey with an angus bull to produce a beef calf for market but this year I decided I would breed Jersey in the hope of obtaining a heifer to eventually replace her mama who’s getting up in years now – and here she is! Even the skies seem excited – after days of cool, rainy weather, today the sun has come out and the sky is clear. I’m just so happy!

    • cosmolined says:

      K Fields:
      Congratulations! Your joy was infectious!!! God Bless you and the new calf. Cos

    • village idiot says:

      Congrats on the new addition, KFields. The Cirlce of Life indeed. Take care, and how are you doing?

      • K Fields says:

        VI – Not too great, but days like this really make up for a load of bad ones.

        • village idiot says:

          Understood, my friend. Lets hope and pray that the good days soon outweigh the bad ones. You’ve been through a lot, it will take the body a while to recover.

    • FarmerKin says:

      Congratulations on the calf. They are the cutest, aren’t they? When my G’dad had his dairy, he raised Jersey and Gurnsey (sp?) … said they gave the best cream.

    • Congratulations. I was elated by your comment as I could just feel how you were blessed. Made me smile.

  67. Rockchalk says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading about ya’ll’s preps this week. I look forward to this posting every week. We put in some tomatoes and peppers in our raised beds this week and I made an herb garden with basil, chives and thyme. We already have rosemary and sage. Our blackberry bushes are in full bloom – I can’t wait to get some fruit from them. I’m thinking of planting some at our retreat but I don’t know how they’ll do without a lot of attention – we’re only up there every week or so for a short time to check on things. Cleaned out and organized the freezer to see what I have already that I’d forgotten about. I made sourdough starter and am going to try a loaf of bread from it today. My dh bought some rounds of ammunition to replace some he’d used. That’s about all – the weather has been beautiful and we’ve just spent some time enjoying it. I hope everyone has a safe and happy week and I’m looking forward to some more inspiration from you all next Saturday.

    • BamaBecca says:

      Rockchalk, I’m not sure what kind of blackberry bushes you have, but they grow wild here…it probably wouldn’t be much of a problem not to have to baby them.

    • RockChalk, you live around the campus?

  68. In church it sounded like the preacher was afraid WW3 was going to happen. Psalm 23 was the scripture and he was all about God protecting people in concentration camps. Weird. Could he be reading about FEMA camps in his spare time?

    I’ve decided I’m going to focus on selling some electronics stuff off this week, and I have at least a whole day of accounting work scheduled for one of the days I’m not working that other job anymore.

  69. M.D. Review and post if you think this is …

    For the Soldiers Reading the Blog
    fwd Hero Dead British Soldier, bomb disposal and inside British Service article;
    I know I’m going to die, said Oz. But I want you to stand proud when they bring me home: The war widow whose dignity touched Britain reveals her bomb-disposal hero’s awesome courage

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2122959/I-know-Im-going-die-said-Oz-But-I-want-stand-proud-bring-home-The-war-widow-dignity-touched-Britain-reveals-bomb-disposal-heros-awesome-courage.html#ixzz1qos6Huek


    • wilderness…I read that last night…but my post got lost…thank you for linking it…very sad – soldiers do a job I could never do…I’m just not that brave…cheers.

  70. Mountain Mom says:

    I have been following this blog for a couple of years but have never posted before. Our family moved to the Appalachans to our retreat of 40 acres close to the top of a mountain almost two years ago. We started with nothing and have made huge progress since the move. I am very fortunate in that I have a great job that allows me to work remotely from home so it doesn’t really matter where we live.

    The first year we built our house including getting our water source (a spring that feeds a 900 gal. tank that in turn is gravity fed to the house) and septic tank etc.

    Last year we built our hen house and run as well as cleared and fenced our 150′ X 150′ garden with an 8′ fence to keep the deer out. We gardened last year and I learned how to can and our neighbors help me build a root cellar under our house, shelves, bins and all, allowing me to store pototoes and my canned goods and other bulk food storage I have purchased. (I am still eating potatoes from last year!)

    Unfortunately my husband lost his battle with cancer last year and so for the last eight months 12 year old son and I have continued on as we have been able with the vision that my husband and I moved up here with. I must say that no matter where you are it is so important to become a part of your community and to form close relationships with trusted people. An older couple that are our neighbors and whose family have lived on the mountain for at least three generations, took us under their wings and have adopted us. They have have taught me how to do everything from canning to raising chickens and gardening.

    So this year, with their help, we have started our garden by putting in our cool weather crops and preparing the rest of the garden to be planted. About a month ago I found a small urban homestead that raises heirloom fruit trees so we went and I bought a variety of over 50 fruit trees. Last week we finished putting our orchard of mostly fruit trees but some nut trees as well. This week we put in 35 blackberry bushes, 6 blueberry pushes, 2 red raspberry bushes and 2 grape vines. We are ringing three sides of the inside of our huge garden with berries and grapes and still have more than enough for us to raise all of the vegetables we will need. In fact, this year another young couple from church have joined in and in exchange for a part of the harvest they are contributing labor when I am working at my job.

    I still have a huge list of things I would like to do (my husband used to tease me by saying that I could have a crew of 20 people and I could keep them busy for the next five year :)) but day by day we are making progress toward the dream that we started with several years ago coming to fruition.

    Regardless of what happens In the future I plan not just to survive but to thrive and teach my son the importance of loving relationships with good, trusted people, the rewards of hard work and self sufficiency, and that no matter what happens, even though we may not be able to control it, we can control how we react and respond and we WILL be ok!

    • MtWoman says:

      Mountain Mom…this is a poignant and beautiful post. I send condolences about your husband. And I send congratulations about your great homestead. Thank you so much for sharing what your life is like. I so appreciate the gentleness of your approach to “prepping”. And your courage to carry on. 🙂

    • cosmolined says:

      Mountain Mom:
      I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Your grasp of the importance of being a part of the community is priceless! We do not live alone. We function as a whole unit. Living beats the snot out of surviving. You are doing well. May God Bless you and yours. Cos

    • Mountain Mom,

      My heart goes out to you. I know your pain. I lost my wife of 32 years just before Christmas, 2000. When I finally reached the limit of pain, I got on my knees and asked Father God to take the pain away (after I appologized for being angry with Him), and He did!

      If you have trouble sleeping, move to your husband’s side of the bed. It worked for me (heard it from George Burns).

      May you bathe in the Living Waters of God’s Grace until you stand before Him with your husband.


    • Sorry to hear about your loss and I pray for you.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Mountain Mom,
      Your story is inspirational and proves human resilience. Thank you for sharing and showing all of us to keep our heads high and continue to do what we know needs to be done no matter what life throws at us. Your husband would be proud and so am I. You prove why humans have what it takes to adapt to what is to come. Give your son a big hug from all of the Pack.

    • village idiot says:

      Wow, Mountain Mom, what a great testimony you have, and what an inspiration to your son you are. I wish every American could read your story and realize what real courage and hard work can accomplish. I wish you and your son the best, and I hope and pray you continue to live your dream. Because this is the real American story, a story of hard work, overcoming the odds, and thriving when you are kicked so hard in the teeth it makes you want to give up. I salute you!

    • Mountain Mom, thank you for sharing that. I pray that I might be able to respond to life’s difficulies with the grace that you have You are an inspiration!

    • charliebuck says:

      Mountain Mom,you should be proud of yourself for fighting a good fight and overcoming the stumbling blocks in your way! Be Safe,and May God Bless You.

    • mountain mom…posted last night…but it got lost..so, just wanted to say..

      you are a real inspiration, and thank you for posting your story…hang in there girl – having gone through what you have already, who knows what you are capable of…

      wonderful example for your son – a lot of good men relate how it was their mother who led the way for them…cheers.

    • Hello Mountain Mom-
      Welcome to the WolfPack. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, sad, truly inspiring story with us.
      There are many here who have survived tragedy and loss and found ourselves on the other side, still alive, still fighting. This is a group of good, kind, caring, and very knowledgeable people who will give you good advice and support when you ask for it and will applaud your successes.
      Welcome and God Bless,

  71. tommy2rs says:

    Got the main garden tilled and fertilized. Received my new push plow/seeder as I’m going from beds to rows. Makes it easier on my hands and back to weed with the push plow. And easier to get the wife to help, she has hoe trauma from her childhood…lol. At least that’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Still need to harvest the last of the winter’s lettuce and cabbage and get that garden ready to rest.

    Put new tires on the wife’s car and turned the old ones into planters for the kitchen garden. Used the last of the winter compost to fill them.

    Sold my old Camaro (with much sadness as I’m having withdrawal from not being able to drift the hairpins on my mountain road) and used the funds to stock up on ammo, components and powder.

    Got in both scopes I had ordered, one a BDC ( a whim, we’ll see how well it works) for the .22 rifle and the other an pistol scope for my .41 mag meat gun. What can I say, old eyes take the fun out of iron sights. Got ’em mounted and am going out back to sight them in once the rain stops.

    Finally finished repairing my Ace .22 -.45 conversion (I’ll never lend that out again, not even to family as it took 2 years to track down the right ejector not to mention unsticking the floating chamber) and put a new firing pin and spring in the WW2 CZ27 (.32 acp with Buffalo Bore +P ammo) I carry on walks in my woods when I don’t feel like carrying a real gun.

    Started mowing the big green field for material to start the big compost pile working.

    Made jerky, dried oranges, apples, corn and mixed veggies (bought frozen and on sale), and sweet potatoes. Since it’s raining I’ll be grinding the sweet potatoes into granular form then vacuum jarring them.

    Made time to sit a while and watch the bumblebees and such work the vetch and wild sweet pea.

    • I’ve been wanting to learn a bit about drying more than the usual things. How will you use the powdered sweet potatoes? Mixed with boiling water will they make a mashed sweet potato? Because you didn’t cook them before drying, right? I’m curious about why you said “since it’s raining” you’d be powdering them. Would you otherwise have prepared them differently? I hope you dont’ mind sharing a bit.

  72. Ozarkanna says:

    This week I received about half of the medical supplies that I ordered from CHIEF online. Also purchased a newer used vehicle that is about 6 years younger than my old one that kept needing major repairs. New one gets almost double on gas mileage. I have a feeling that the much improved gas mileage is going to be very important in the near future.

    Maybe it is Spring fever or just that I am another Spring older; but, I just can’t seem to get into the planting mood. This is sad because this summer and fall will probably be one of the most needed harvest seasons of all.

    Take care, my prepper family.

  73. davidsdesire says:

    wow, you guys are all over this!

    Trapper, ya start where ya start, dear. Even if it’s just some water and a bag of ramen noodles stored away.

    bamabecca, you can find wonderfully detailed videos on youtube (search for katzcradul) for canning butter, waxing cheese, prepping about anything. Kat says she mixes salted/unsalted 1:1 so the result isn’t too salty to eat later…I think that makes sense. I purchased butter for $2 a pound at BJ’s this week.

    this week I talked dh into building a yurt up in rural New England for a boh. We are researching solar power, composting toilets, rain cachement and grey water systems. We’ll be going up to Maine in 2 wks to see the property we already own as well as lots for sale so we can start planning where to put the yurt. I want the yurt in place and liveable by labor day…I am willing to take $$ from our retirement fund to achieve this. DH is close to retirement age so it’s time to ‘make a retirement’.

    I canned chicken, chicken soup, chili, ham and bean soup this week. I have cheese drying so I can wax it in a couple days. A bought a couple cases of ramen noodles–the grandkids will eat those if nothing else. Dehydrated 4-5 pounds of mushrooms and stored them away. Bought rice/beans and bulk cheese this week. I foresee a lot of cheese wax in my future.

    I ordered supplies for a camp toilet to go in the yurt…such a nasty necessary thing. Ugh!

    I have purchased 12 cases of 1.5 pint balls jars and have another 20 cases coming thru a supplier.

    My preps will be slow this week as we have a weekend out of town coming up next week. I do plan to get a significant amount of store-bought water stored up (we have a couple water bobs already) as that is the most crucial, least attended to supply we have stocked.

  74. Found a bag of jalenpo peppers for 99 cents as well as a bag of bell peppers – will be drying those starting today. Helped present information on emergency preparedness to two groups yesterday. Most were interested in what our bug out bags and first aid kits contained. Everyone was interested in the art of drying foods and making powders out of the dried food.

  75. conmaze says:

    Looks like there are some super prepper awards to hand out this week – holy cow! Kudos! Me, not so much.

    I did some food shopping and each week I am astounded at the price increases. I was able to get quite a bit for my stores at Publix BOGO sale and saved over $100.oo on the total bill. I got mayo, pasta, spaghetti sauce, butter to can, frozen veggies to dehydrate, bacon to can, coffee, cream soups, 4 bottles of wine (for cooking), canned pineapple, blackstrap molasses, and best of all…decadent brownie mixes – yum! (Poke a pin in the bags and either dry can or foodsaver them – will last a long, long time) Sure enough, the bag boy started looking at was coming down the belt to him and he said, what the heck are you going to do with all of this stuff? My answer was that between church, the scouts and food pantry (just didn’t say whose pantry hee hee) , I shop once a week and try to take advantage of the great BOGO sales and use coupons.

    I subscribe and save on Amazon and this week I received a case each of GS’s gluten free mac and cheese, choc. cake mix, and brown rice pasta. I need to order another 25 lb. bag of gluten free baking mix soon. I love Amazon!

    I also planted four each of red, yellow, orange peppers and two green peppers. My acorn and butternut squash did not come up so I’m hoping it’s not too late to replant. I’m going to soak the seeds to speed up the process. We’ve gotten some rain this last week which surely helps the garden. We’ve had choking thick smoke a few mornings this week along with the normal morning fog holding the smoke in. Very dangerous driving. Scares the heck out of me knowing there are kids waiting at bus stops along the roads while on my way to work and I can’t even see them.

    We’ve been having more frequent shootings on the news lately. One on Friday in mid-afternoon in the parking lot of Lowe’s. Drug deal gone bad. Two suspects shot there and then the crime scene moved over right near my GS’s school with another shoot out there. All told three shot – all suspects, thank goodness. Another shooting the next night. I know to some of you in big cities this is nothing, but it is significant around here!

    Have a great week!

    • Hi conmaze,
      I’ve been recording the same things here in South Texas. Seems that human depravity is up. Prices have increased, hold onto your hat, almost 40% over two years ago on food. DW notices it the most when she just goes to pick up a few things. On the other hand televisions, electronic gadgets and “stuff” prices are down.

  76. Yadkin Girl says:


    Many of the Pack have done a lot this week!

    We didn’t do much.

    10 boxes of pasta – on sale
    2 containers of maple syrup – I love this stuff!!
    6 cans tuna

    10 strawberry plants
    20 asparagas plants

    finished painting cement floor
    put in cabinets for kitchen and bath (old ones that were in the house when we bought it)
    organized stuff to see what we have in there and what we may need

    learned how to make cheese and made it – we will see as it is now aging
    made a cheese press


    How to raise goats – I am unsure if I want to do this but it would be great for the milk to make cheese.


    made a faraday box for the shed to hold various items

    What I want to learn:
    figure out how to make cheese with DH milk. Am going to try it and see how it works. I have a feeling it will not work well. I am going to experiment with adding buttermilk powder and/or butter powder to the DH milk and see what happens. Many cheeses need whole milk and all our DH milk is fat free.

    Have a great week everyone and keep on prepping!

    • Yadkin Girl,
      I don’t rememer whose post it was, but there was a post here in the last few weeks on making cheese from non-fat powdered milk, and IIRC they had good luck with it.

      • Yadkin Girl says:

        Thanks, OhioPrepper, I will see if I can find it.

      • Pineslayer says:
        • Yadkin Girl says:


          Thank you for looking this up for me.

          On another note: I still do not know how to find what I write and where I wrote it on this site. I know how to find my comments if I know where on the blog they are (go to the page, go to find, and put my name in and do “ctrl F”)…but if I don’t remember the exact page, which is often!!!… I can’t find them and don’t know if anyone replied to my questions or comments. I thought I was computer savy but I guess not. If anyone is willing to give me a brief tutorial on how to find my comments anywhere on this blog I would be eternally grateful…please tell me. I don’t want to appear rude by not responding to others. I need help!!!!

          • Kelekona says:

            Yadkin, You could systematically go through the last week or two’s worth of posts, maybe take notes on which blog page you commented on… I’d suggest messing with your email but I don’t know who you are using and how to search.

            Or you could relax, say “it’s the internet” and realize that it’s much different structure than any other form of communication. Ignoring, snubbing, and “failure to notice” all look the same.

          • Kelekona says:


            Btw, I’m still trying to get used to the “direct address” custom here. I guess it’s to make replies more evident in the emails. Ignoring someone who forgets to namecall is probably most forgivable.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      LOL! I had to read that twice. I first read DH milk and Dear Husband’s milk!!!!! No wonder it won’t work!!!

  77. Schatzie Ohio says:

    Bought 25 pounds of sugar, 2 flock blocks and an extra magazine for the 22.
    The DiL came over and we had a lesson in making blackberry jam. I started canning with making jam quite a number of years ago so she wanted me to help her with her first time at canning. I made her do all the work and just oversaw what she was doing. She now thinks that she could do the next batch by herself.

  78. I was wondering about getting my medications preps more inline however everywhere I have looked you need a prescription any help would be welcomed. Thanks

    • Brande,
      If you can afford to purchase them out of pocket, especially if they are generic, simply ask your doctor for another set of scripts and then take them to Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid or any of the pharmacy chains that offer the $4.00 /month or $10-15 / 90 days generics. If you have a good relationship with your doctor and you’re not looking to purchase narcotics, you might be surprised at the cooperation you’ll get if you’re just honest with them.

      • Thanks for the posts everyone I do really appreciate it. This is the 1 item I don’t know how to prep well on. I live in town and I’m not good at growing a garden because me and my husband work so much it always gets put on the back burner and usually the heat or the rabbits get it.

    • George is Learning says:

      Hi. Someone had posted a link to a site that I think sells antibiotics and such. I have not tried this but was curious.

      On a side note I think vitamin D3 is a wonder pill.

    • try survivinghealthy.com – medical doctor in USA – cheers. hope this post makes it.

    • Prudent says:

      OP is right… I have talked with my Dr.s and DDs and all but one provide me with more than I can use. A supply is kept vac-packed and dated in two locations….. cool, dry and dark.

      • Prudent,
        I will be keeping bees here starting in about 3 weeks, and the last time I visited my Doc I explained that I was going to keep bees, and although I was not (at least currently) allergic to them, that I thought it would be prudent to keep a couple of Epipens in my home first aid kit. I have a good relationship with my Doc and was given a script for them (they come in pairs). They are good for 1 year, and assuming I haven’t needed them in the next year, I’ll simply ask for another script. I’ve found that most doctors are pretty understanding as long as what you’re asking for is reasonable and for a good reason.

  79. hello wolf pack
    this week i planted 3 plum trees i scored for free they are about 6′ tall very nice. i put togther 4 get home bags for wife, son,daughter and myself picked up some canned goods and medical supplies-refilled my first aid kit. i found out my dad has a flour mill, grist mill, and a coffee grinder all old cast iron tucked away in back of barn those will come in handy. tilled garden and made bigger. talked to some neighbor about networking that went well. cut wood, went metal detecting found some silver coins those will come in handy and they didnt cost me anything but a little time.

  80. This is more like, what did you do to prep the last 3 weeks?
    We taught an Ohio Concealed Handgun class yesterday.
    Received copies of:
    The Chicken and Poultry Bible, which contains history, raising and breeding, butchering, dressing, and a bunch of recipes.
    The Bread Bakers Recipe Collection.

    A few hundred rounds of .38 Special.

    Starting seeds for garden plants. Should be able to safely plant them in mid May.
    Getting all of the bee hive stuff ready. Building some new frames and installing foundations. Bees will be here in a little more than 3 weeks.

    Dropped the Rototiller off at local shop for a once over, some gasket changes, and new tines. Planning on a mix of raised bed and standard hilled and tilled garden this year.

    The weather has been unseasonably warm and there is a really good upside financially. We generally burn through 1200+ gallons of propane per year, and so far haven’t used the first tank (800 gallons) since last June. Unless propane prices are through the roof, the summer fill this year should be a lot gentler on the wallet.

    • Also picked up 30 more packs of the $0.20 seeds at Wal-Mart. I had good luck with them last year, but did notice that the $0.20 buys a little less seed per packet this year. Still a pretty good deal when the Burpee seeds start at $1.00 each.

    • village idiot says:

      We missed your knowledge and wisdom over the past few weeks, OP. I can honestly say I always learn a lot from your posts, which are informational and how-to. Thanks.

      • VI,
        Appreciate the comment. I will try to keep on top of things here, but as the number of posts and comments keep getting larger, they seem to take more time just to read them. Add to that, that spring is here and we’re trying to get garden ready, hoping to plant some more trees and other perennials, bees on the way, a new shed to construct, and then there’s that pesky job that allows me to pay for all of this. If I disappear for short periods, it just because I have things to do that in some cases have deadlines (like my not quite complete taxes due in two weeks, LOL).

        • village idiot says:

          I understand fully, OP. I just wanted you to know you were missed. As for the taxes, I’m on the wrong end of those, and will get a visit with the agency later this year, at their convenience.

  81. conmaze says:

    With Easter here and eggs on sale, I thought this might be a good thing to share with y’all…

    Scramble the eggs in a non-stick frying pan with no oil, grease, butter, etc. Put the scrambled eggs in your dehydrator and when dry put them in the blender or food processor to powder them and dry can with your Foodsaver.

    1 tbs. of dried egg + 2 tbs. water = 1 egg

    • George is Learning says:

      neat idea

    • Kelekona says:

      Can the dried eggs be used for baking? I’m interested in making powdered mug cake mix that is stable enough to mail.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        I make microwave mug cakes by mixing together 1 box mix of angel food and one other type of cake mix. I use 3tbsp of mixed mix with 2 tbsps liquid – water, milk, juice, etc – and put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Really easy and really yummy!

  82. Kennith says:

    I haven’t heard of Hobby Farms so thanks for the link. I also read Countryside magazine and Backwoods Home Magazine. I’ve started collecting material for a key hole garden.

  83. Krystle says:

    We re-organized our BOB’s to add more space, started on a couple books. And of course watched Dual Survival 🙂 I always wish we could do more; it’s really tough being unemployed…but tougher to be unemployed AND unprepared.

  84. Finally woke up and started to order long term storage survival food. I ordered 3 buckets and plan to order one or two per month from now on until I have a good supply on hand.

    Also picked up 500 rounds of 7.62×39 Wolf Military Classic ammo for some of our rifles. Wolf 7.62×39 Military Classic, in my opinion, no longer seems so military nor so classic. If you would like to know what I mean, please see:


    Furthermore, I did my annual ammunition inventory. After that was done, I realized that I need to get myself some 12 gauge 00-buckshot as I have run low. I also found a good number of boxes of ammo I can either sell or trade so as to be able to get what I need, like the buckshot.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  85. Added a Transistor radio, small folding (gardening hand shovel), Orion 5min road flares, Platypus 1 litter, water bladder bottle, SS campers cup Ti for and spoon, all for my Get home bag.

  86. kathleen says:

    Hello everyone! Haven’t been able to buy much lately. I did get an electric blanket at the thrift store for 98 cents, a dozen quart jars, and a mummy style sleeping bag for 98 cents. I cut both ends off the blanket, cut the electric cord, and pulled it out. Then sewed the ends back up. Washed it, hung it up to dry- turned out great! I love it! And will be looking for more of these.
    Went to wmart for tp- the last time I bought a 24 pack–now they are 20-packs. grrr! Miss Inflation kept 4 rolls for herself!
    Was disappointed with the sales during Lent- couldn’t find too much fish on sale… I did get 10 cans of tuna for 68 cents, though.
    Thats about it for these last couple weeks…
    And still looking for another job…
    Have a great week everyone !

    • cosmolined says:

      Being smart is wonderful. Great job on the blanket! Inflation is here, food and gas can’t be included in the Gubermint reports or they’d have to increase Social Security. Good Luck, God Bless, Cos.

  87. I had heard that the best maps/atlas are the ones the truck drivers use, so while traveling this weekend I stopped at a truck stop and purchased a 2012 Rand McNally Delue Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas. Although the back says $79.95, it sold for around $32. Really nice with all 159 pages being laminated.

  88. Brandee,

    check out Jim Rawles Survival Blog, he has a doctor on that site that does write some prescriptions for preppers. Once you get to the site, do a search for prescriptions drugs and that should pull up contact info. This doctor usually writes a contributing piece about once a month for that blog site as well. Hope this helps.

  89. Uncle Charlie says:

    I purchased 4 more kerosene lanterns. I also purchased a used Rossi Wizard so I could use a previously purchased .28 gauge 28″ barrel. This is the only way I could get a cheap .28 gauge shotgun. Because of the cost of the smaller bore shells, I will probably take up hand loading shotgun shells (.410, 28. 20 and 12 gauge) for practice and hunting but NOT self defense. I will only use my Maverick 88 for self defense with factory produced shells.

  90. Plant Lady says:

    Been working on the chicken tractor plans again…think the plans are done except for one little door change (again). Need to quit fussing with them and order the fittings this week and get those built. Already have the PVC pipe and welded wire. The hens are starting to lay well – better than I had expected for 3-yr-old hens. So thank you, conmaze, for the dehydrating tip! Need to get an order together for new chicks – need to get some Cochins for broodys. Did a bit of mucking out in one of the pens in the coop, but will wait until I have the chicken tractors built and the chickens moved out before I do a full spring cleaning. So much easier without chickens underfoot!
    Got another 100 landscape blocks today, to finish the two 4′ wide beds that wrap around the south and west of the house. Well, only brought home 62…as all 100 weigh 3,000 lbs and we only have a 1/2 ton truck. Got them all unloaded by hand after I got MIL in bed. Home Depot (11 miles away) matched Menard’s price (50 miles away)…so instead of paying $1.61 apiece, only paid .89 each…and saved two hours of driving time!
    Have been raking the roads through the woods to harvest the leaves to make leafmould – the best soil amendment possible. And with fill sand around the house and clay in the garden, need every bit we can possibly make! Hubby brought up the first heaping truckload and ran them through the big chipper/shredder. Its better if you can wait at least 6 months to a year to use them, but I am using some in the new beds. Doesn’t matter how much we make each year…could always use at least twice as much!
    When hubby got another load of composted manure from one of my dad’s friends. also arranged to get all their old straw for mulching the garden. Putting out the word to all local farmers that we will take all we can get.
    A farmer I went to school with is ripping out a fencerow to combine two fields, so we have hit the bonanza of free firewood. About 1/2 mile of mostly ash trees, already bulldozed down. BIL got a load yesterday and today he and hubby took one niece’s husband and one niece’s boyfriend out with them to show them the ropes and got another load. Going to be spending at least half a day once a weekend for the foreseeable future harvesting there. We try to get as much firewood off the property as we can for now…trying to save the 19 acres of forest we have for when TSHTF…or we can’t afford gas anymore (which will likely be simultaneous).
    All the new fruit trees survived the winter. Had to remove some blossoms from a few – they shouldn’t put any energy into flowers the first year (or two) after planting. And the young branches aren’t sturdy enough yet to support any fruit without bending out of shape. You want all the energy going into making roots and the main scaffold branches and settling in well before they set fruit. Rubbed off the buds forming too low or in unwanted locations – easier and less traumatic for the trees than having to prune them off later. Plus all the available energy will go into forming just the branches I need.
    Been moving a lot of dirt, creating better drainage for the orchard and back yard. That is going to be an ongoing project…a LOT of dirt to move to get it done right. The main part of the orchard is 160’x80′.
    Found out that my new LDS friend has an herbalist friend, so she is going to introduce us. Guess this guy writes articles and has a website to sell herbal stuff he makes. Will be interesting to see what I can pick up from him.
    Got two new rockers and a little table for the front porch – boy, they are comfy! I Have been looking for some for 1.5 yrs., since we added the porch, but couldn’t find anything comfortable. We are both quite tall, so hard to find things that fit us well.
    Having a really hard time stocking up on ammo for my new Glock. It is just so darn fun to shoot! (hehe) Could someone recommend a good holster for open carry around the property? Would need to keep dirt/dust/sawdust off the gun and not interfere too much with serious garden activities. And need a bunch more magazines…where and what are the best buys for a Glock 21?
    Does anyone have an EarthWay garden seeder, or something similar? Sure looks handy.
    Does anyone make soil blocks for starting seeds/transplants?

    • riverrider says:

      stay away from the “asian military” glock mags. stick with factory. check galati international for a flap holster to fit the glock21.

      • Prudent says:

        What RR said. Chip away chip away and buy the factory mags. CheaperthanDirt.com

      • Plant Lady says:

        Thanks, riverrider! Is there a “best” type of magazine pouch to attach to a belt? I think I would like to have 2-3 extra magazines on me…should I get individual magazine “holsters” (?) or something that will hold all of them?

        • riverrider says:

          your call, but if i’m toting extra mags its a dual pouch. until tshtf though, i’m just toting the smokewagon loaded. if that don’t get me outta trouble, another mag won’t either. i know some will argue that. jm2c.

          • Plant Lady says:

            riverrider: Thanks for the heads up on dual pouches – had no idea which way to go in choosing something. Just too many choices for a newbie to make sense of! Sure appreciate your willingness to help and direct my purchasing, so I don’t waste what money I have.

        • cosmolined says:

          Plant Lady, the individual pouches will cost 3 times as much, if you go to Widener’s.com, look under the surplus list, packs and pouches, they have a 6 magazine bandolier for less than $10 usually. (I can’t click on it now, ’cause I lose my post and location.) If you plan on carrying your mags on a belt, I’d go with a 3 mag pouch in front of one hip and a pistol holster on the other side to balance the weight. (Maybe a one quart canteen if you don’t plan on lying prone.)Cos

          • Plant Lady says:

            cosmolined: Oh, yeah…I saw those bandoliers and really wanted a couple just to have on hand for later…but didn’t know if that was something only a Rambo wannabe would buy (hehe). And don’t wanna be scaring any LEOs that may show up during the “now” (hehe).
            Looks like it will be multi-mag pouches I get…just wasn’t sure if it would be hard to get a single mag out quickly, or easier on my back to use individual pouches to spread the weight around my waist.

    • wow plant lady, great week – and you are keeping your physical strength up. amazing work you have been doing…and am as excited as you are on hearing about all those free fence posts for firewood…

      Prepper eyes see opportunities where others see nothing…cheers.

      • Plant Lady says:

        Hi Chloe! It feels like I am falling so far behind, with caring for MIL taking up almost all my time. Most times I can deal with it, but this time of year when spring fever hits I just want to be outside from daylight to dark, working on the gardens and orchards and the like. And start second-guessing myself…is taking care of an 88 yr. old, when I could/should be spending every minute getting better prepped for self-sufficiency, really a wise decision?
        I have always been stronger than the average, being so tall and built sturdy. And caring for MIL has made me even stronger. She can’t walk on her own and with the dementia can’t remember the walker or how to use it. So I hold her up and she moves her feet to walk, with me walking backwards in front of her. I won’t keep her in a wheelchair at home because her legs swell too much and she really needs the exercise to keep her circulation going well. More frequently than I like she forgets what we are doing or her legs give out, or she has a TIA (small stroke) and temporarily dies and I have to outright carry her. She weighs about 130 lbs. and I only weigh 180, so its a bit of a trick…but I manage. Got a lot of practice last week…she had 5 TIAs in 7 days! Luckily just short ones, under 1/2 hour.
        Oh, and we aren’t getting fenceposts for firewood…the farmer removed the fenceposts and fencing to reuse. We are harvesting the trees that grew up along the fencerow over the past 120 yrs. So odd…the farmer had told 10 people they could come harvest the wood since he wants it out of the way so he can get planting…and we were the only ones who showed up!

        • plant lady, you are not falling behind…everything in its own time.

          And the most important thing is – with so many demands on your time, you are taking care of a life…’what you do for the least among you…you do for me’…or something similar…so, your dedication to your MIL is highly valued.

          We can only do so much to prepare for our self-sufficiency – the rest is in Lord Jesus’ hands…so don’t trouble yourself, just do the best that you can, when you can, with what you have…and hand the rest over.

          Will say a prayer for you that you can continue doing what you are doing.

          Re the firewood – with all the demands on your time, you still had the prepper’s eyes, and energy, to follow up on the firewood, where others didn’t. For all we know they may be just as time poor as we are.

          I have too many demands on my time too just lately – want to devote more time to prepping activities, want to scout out more places/routes etc.

          And still need to ensure I have my income coming in regularly, so I just continue to press on, juggling everything as best I can –

          my DD came over for dinner last night (SIL away working)…then we sat outside – so I got one of my candles that I made with a 1/2″ thick rope as the wick…of course the flame was over 6″ high – and it was quite windy, but wouldn’t go out – just how I want it…and when my DD noticed the height of the flame – just laughed – told her that was just one of my many projects.

          So, we each do what we need to do.

          Prayers and God bless…and continued strength. cheers.

  91. Closet Prepper says:

    Long time lurker on this site – trying to convince my wife that preparedness is not waste of time and money… terrified that a lifetime of frugal living and saving will be flushed down the pisser. For the last several years (and without my wife’s knowledge) I’ve been picking up (junk) silver. My lovely wife found my stash last week… not a huge amount by Prepper standards but the culmination of 6 years of skimming and saving (a little over 225 troy ounces – $295 face) absolute meltdown! Just about have her convinced that if nothing else, it’s a good fallback investment for retirement.

    My wife believes that the dollar will always be solid, and therefor money should be in a bank account. She sees the wisdom of having a full pantry but stocking food and water is wasteful of food and living space. No need for a garden…Albertson’s has plenty of food on the shelves. I’ve tried to introduce her that, just like insurance on the house, the cars, and my worthless hide, having supplies and equipment on hand is insurance against things happening out of our control. I’ll keep working on it… any advice on how to draw a city girl into the prepping mindset would be greatly appreciated.

    Trying to figure out some basics… how much cash to keep on hand and how to maintain water for 3 people in my home in case the tap goes dry.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • riverrider says:

      cp, water-rainwater collection with a berkey or similar filter. cash-at least a months worth of essentials, some say 3 months. i’m slowly taking all mine out. banks are gonna crash at some point, aren’t paying enough interest to keep up w/ inflation. invest/spend it on hard items….wife-a buddy threw the breaker and pulled the plug on the phone and played dumb. his wife freaked for a few hours. then he said it sure would be nice to have (blank) right now wouldn’t it? worked for him.

      • Closet Prepper says:

        Thank you for advise Riverrider – I’m in the desert southwest – rain is less common than righteous lawyers out here.

        • cosmolined says:

          Closet Prepper:
          I’m in Lost Angeles. The first thing I want to say is NEVER tell folks what you have! I have two silver quarters, a canteen of water and bad words to defend them….. Just sayin’. About righteous lawyers, hmmm, is that possible?
          God Bless, Cos

        • riverrider says:

          that would be a rare bird indeed:) check out thefieldlab.blogspot.com. guy lives in the texas desert. he trucks in some water but relies heavily on the rare rain. built a large roof area and several 10k tanks to catch every drop. pretty interesting some of the stuff he comes up with.

    • closet prepper…good to read that you see the value in keeping some cash handy…

      tangible goods are necessary, and so is some cash…property taxes, medicines, fuel etc – all necessities, and cash is required for payment of same – not barter of tangible goods…

      so, just put away what you know you will need for the coming year, from last year’s expenses/totals. And then break it down to how much needs to be put away each day/week etc. And let it be in coins or small banknotes.

      Also, there may be some emergencies that crop up – car engine blows up, a tyre may need replacing, driveway/fence needs repairs, pets get sick etc – you get the picture.

      And yes, inflation bites, and prices are increasing – so just put away what you can, every week without fail..for when it’s needed. Just like food/first-aid/ammo preps are allocated an amount for a set period – do the same for unforeseen expenses.

      Make sure you know how much it costs you to live for a year – and any money left over can then be allocated to whatever you want.

      However, if you don’t know how much you spend each year in relation to your earnings – then it is pointless setting aside a set amount of cash – as it will be depleted for required on-going living needs…and at the end of the year/12 month period – will be no better off.

      Write down all your outgoings and total the amounts. Then factor in all the incidentals you spend your money on…once the total outgo amount is known, and you have a surplus – then you can set that amount aside, on a daily or weekly basis, so it grows steadily, and is available immediately when necessary.

      However, if you have a negative balance – what can you get rid of..magazine subscriptions, or maybe start a part-time job, or swap stuff you have no use for, for other needed stuff – see your neighbors etc, or sell useless trinkets that take up space in your home/garage etc.

      So, start from there, and then you will know how much money/cash to keep on hand for emergencies…spend a few hours quietly writing down all your expenses…time well spent in my view – and no shortcuts. Get right into the details of your income and outgo.

      Hope that helps. cheers.

  92. George is Learning says:

    My preps the last 2 weeks have consisted of:
    Restocking food and water ofc, thats a weekly thing.
    playing with the canner I got 2 weeks ago. Made some jam and some dill pickles so far. Will be playing about with canning meat next.

    Made an herb garden type of decoration kinda like these http://indulgy.com/post/k1ZvhhD9A1/cinder-block-herb-garden

    These last few weeks I have been working out, running and lifting weights. I’m 44 and have not been keeping up on exercise. If I dont have the strength to fight some thug off then all this prepping is for nothing . So my main prep is my body and mind. Back in the day I used to kick box with a trainer. The key phrase is “back in the day” lol. Now I can bearly kick a box haha. So physical training is #1 currently.

    Try and fight for 3 2 min rounds if you can great, if not get to training more.

    All in all life is great, prepping makes me feel good. Nothing like the feeling.

    Yard sales
    2 bikes brand new 80 bucks
    weight bench with oveer 250 lbs cast iron weights + 2 bars and a curl bar, can you believe 30 $. the weights alone got for 1$ a pound.
    Board games .50 cents to 1$
    Its a treasure trove for preppers. Get up and go to yard sales on Saturdays.
    have an idea of what you are looking for and go search, take the family, its a blast!
    Have a great week all

  93. I purchased my first firearm this past week. Ruger 1022 Full Contour Synthetic Stock 22LR along with 500 rounds of ammo. Looking forward to getting it and training with the neighbor.

    Also did plenty of work out in the gardens. This weekend I put black fabric down around my fruit trees to making weeding much easier.

    • Jonathan, I just picked up a 10-22 Carbine 2 weeks ago. Nice little rifle. Hope you enjoy yours.

    • village idiot says:

      Congrats on the new rifle. I really like my 10-22, but if you want to do more than plink, I would advise you to think about a full-size scope as an addition to your rifle after you have it broken in. It really makes the rifle much more flexible. Hope that helps, and good prepping.

      • Thanks for the tip vi. Thought I’d start small for the first purchase, but I’ll def be buying more before the election.

    • Prudent says:

      Magazines .. magazines .. magazines .. magazines .. magazines .. and magazines.

  94. riverrider says:

    update: all the puppies that i took to the spca have been adopted, YAY!!! the australian cattle dog that was brought in at the same time is still there. she is a beauty, with a great disposition. i wish i could rescue her too:( my 4 previous rescues are bankrupting me at the vet already.

    • riverrider…that was a good deed you did saving those puppies…and now they are enjoying being part of a family…

      I repeat….you did good…cheers.

      • village idiot says:

        chloe, river is one of those guys who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called phila…er phila..er, yes, er, Good Deed Doers. (The Wizard of Oz). Good job, river. Seriously.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, lol, i have a lot of bad deeds in my youth to make up for in my old age.

  95. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    It’s been a slow week. I canned a turkey and some broth. Orderd 6 New Hampshire Reds – had a hen go broody just in time for their arrival this Tuesday. Expect my Honeyville order to come today. I’ve been trying recipes for my food stores. Its no good to have lots of grain and such stored and not know how to use it or not be used to eating it already.

    I’ve been really worried about water lately. I don’t have any stored. SO does not want to buy bottled water, and I’m not sure how to store it otherwise. I can probably make room in the shed for a 55 gal drum, maybe two if I can stack one on top of the other. Any recommendations?

    Have a good week, y’all.

    • Prep Kat,
      Until you can figure out a major storage solution, start filling 2 liter soda bottles. You can stash them all over inside and outside the house and should keep some in your car. They fit under the bed, behind the couch, pull the books forward in your bookshelves and stash them behind the books. If you don’t drink soda yourself, just put the word out to friends and you’ll get lots. You’d be surprised how much you can get stored up in a short amount of time. Just remember that some water is better than no water.

  96. i just thought i would chime in with a few rarely mentioned items- bandanas- we use these camping all the time- diaper pins or large safety pins- clothespins, mattress pads- can be cut up and used for diapers and personal items for women, first aid padding- can buy them pretty cheapely used and at garage sales, pillowcase- use as bags, cut them up- again found fairly cheap at thrift stores, thermos- one for drinking and one for soups- for sentries or while working in the cold weather, fatorade or similar drinks- bottled or powdered- use for sick people or in the summer heat, jello- for a dessert for kids or for sick people- i dont know what the shelf life is supposed to be but i have used boxes stored in my pantry- moved many times and the box was still good. makes ure you have good screens on your windows and have screen doors or coverings- they advertise one that goes over your doors for about $20 and it includes two of them.
    i would also like to mention in training your dog- dont forget hand signals- it is very impressive when your dog will lie down,speak or whatever when you dont say a word- i also have trained my dog to growl on command- i clear my throat and he growls- i am working on a hand signal for it too but havent come up with one
    a possible loss of opsec but i have a supply of fishing line and brown bells to use as a simple alarm system on my property- i plan on using the line to string between trees low to the ground and tie brown- dead leaf colored bells- got from oriental trading for a basic alarm system for a sentry to hear
    hope this helps someone

    • mama, thanks for putting all that info together…some very good points…cheers.

  97. i forgot to mention- avon online is having a special 43% off sale of their skin so soft and free shipping on orders over $40? i think

  98. Did some research. some tidbits for new people.

    DO NOT tell everyone on the planet you are stocking ammo, precious metals and food. In the best of times zombies will kill you for a $100 pair of nike. What would they do for the only food and treasure in town, during a national/global emergency?

    Save the lint from your dryer in baggies, nothing is finer/cheaper tinder for fire starting.
    If your looking for likeminded peole “survivalist singles” is a good site i think.
    Sometimes dollar stores are cheaper than walmart.
    Practice, practice… if you can’t do a weekend in a national park , you won’t survive a year in the wildie.
    Join the NRA, they been trying to educate and prepare people for self defense and protect your rights for 125 years. 3 million members shouldnt have to stand up for 300 million forever. They have safety training for women, they have fun get togethers and everyone i know is a prepper.
    Precious metals. when all the paper money crashes and is devaluated, silver will be king, any country recognizes it as money for 7,000 years. Except USA. But 9 states are in the process of making it legal tender.
    Even if SHTF doesnt happen, the central bank (fed) has admitted they will try to inflate their way out of debt. That means silver and gold will climb as fast as paper declines. The central banks say its not money, but they have begun stockpiling it. China the largest silver supplier has banned exports. Othes silver countries will follow. This will all put the world economy under more pressure. Silver is used for solar cells, antibiotics, chemical catalyst, antiseptics, antmicrobial, mirrors, computers, hundred other industrial uses, and it has recently been found to be an antioxidant. The amount above ground is lower than anytime in human history. And you can still buy some for $35 an ounce.
    Its never talked about in the main stream media but 25 years ago a law was passed to require the goverment to make silver coins. They are called american eagles. The gov ran out of silver last year and now have to buy silver back. They even sold the navy emergency silver. So now they are not dumping silver on the market, they are required to buy some back to make YOUR eagles. (Thats why the price soared recently and will again) Don’t wait to long to buy, at some point the brokers and pawnshops will stop selling it. That will happen when the price is climbing so fast, they can just lock their doors and watch their stockpile make them rich. My parents told me lots of stories how during WW2 and the great depression a hand full of silver or gold saved entire families.
    If you dont think im right, please contact me and ill take all the silly silver off your hands and give you a pile of paper money. Think about it, you give me 5$ in silver and ill give you enouph federal reserve notes to wipe your bottom for a year after SHTF. Its a win win.
    Ranch land in nebraska is around 350 and acre. Its all sitting over the worlds largest underground aquifer. All you have to do is supply some labor. oh and our unemployment rate is 2.4%.
    Cheap land , unlimited water, Quite a few trees for burning and a booming economy. (Economy based on food) We have so much food we are trying to burn it in our cars. We have concealed carry and open carry.
    Nebraska is prepped. Come visit us.

    • village idiot says:

      ted, I would love to, but it’s just too darn cold in Nebraska for my old bones. I can’t stand the winters, otherwise I think it’s a great place for a retreat.

      • cosmolined says:

        village idiot:
        I’m also an old Grunt. Look at Wiggy’s for synthetic sleeping bags made in American, for 30% off. I bought several and they are light years ahead of the old “Cold-Intermediate” stuff. They are still bulky, but I’m too old to hump a ruck. HTH, God Bless, Cos

        • Cos,
          I think all the “old grunts” read this and had less than? fond memories of the old “Cold-Intermediate” Brought back some for me. I can still hump a ruck but I sure as heck won’t be carrying that old weighted down bag which was the first thing we ditched in the field. I scored one of the newer bags on my way out and was able to hold on to it. For those of you who want to travel light may want to think of a poncho liner. At least it will keep the frost out of your Ranger grave.

          • cosmolined says:

            I didn’t realize you were an Airborne brother. Sorry. I have several poncho liners and even a couple of the lamilite poncho liners from Wiggy’s because they used to be a reasonable price. After I bought mine, they went from about 30 dollars to 70’ish…. They are bulky as heck, but warm as can be. Mine are car blankets.
            Because I’m posting late, in case you read this, your story needed to be told. Never hesitate to tell facts. God Bless You and yours! Airborne! Cos

      • Vi, Cosmo and mexneck, in Korea the snow got so cold we built snow caves to sleep in. When its below zero and the throw in the wind chill a nice 32 degree cave felt pretty good.

    • Hey, just want to let you know that we are going to adopt the dryer lint idea: it’s fantastic. Thanks!

  99. I bought alot of my bug out stuff on ebay. Even the foreign stuff came in a few days, cheap.
    I think i paid like 7.99 for wind up flashlight with adaptors for almost every cell phone or small elec. device.
    You all talk about lots of batteries. Some batteries last longer if frozen. Some rechargeables are ruined if frozen. Thats why most inexpensive power tools barely last a year (first winter you leave them in your truck).
    My best buy: walmart has a coleman wind up flashlight, with built in caribeaner. I use it everyday. Its always on my belt . They seem to last about a year if you use them constantly, but they have a year warrantee. At 10 bucks, being portable and snapped to your belt. I dont want anything else. I bet it saves me 50$ in batteries each year, plus whatever headaches of searching for batteries, in the dark, when the stores are closed.

  100. Notsomuch says:

    We took the plunge and put our southern CA house (on the ‘edge’ of LA) up for sale. Should, I mean when, things start to happen we hope to have established a sanctuary for family who feel tied down to this area. I only hope our timing is sufficient.

    • Prudent says:

      And I thought we were the only ones to have moved out of that nice lil town….. The lot of us are scattered over Wa. and Or…. Oh. now. You may miss the possibilities in olde L.A. but not the other 19,000,000 people.

  101. Kelekona says:

    This is not a prep, but perhaps a warning sign.

    I’ve been trying to deal with Corel for several days, Canadian company but enough international business to consider as a big fish. I had paid them good money for a product and the first time I needed tech support, they shut me down and said I needed the latest version. I complained again about both the old version and the trial version of the new product, they insisted that I needed to give them upwards of $200 to have working software. I’m waiting to see what their response is when I tell them the old software is working again but the upgrade demo ignored being hit with the “work damn you” stick.

    Of course, it was the same when Cannon insisted that the generic black cartridge was causing the yellow to be green. (It was really a saturation issue… test pages would look fine, but the yellow was old enough to make what I was working on to look like the software was adding blue. The black cartridge was put in during the middle of the problem and caused me to use up several paper towels plus a trip back to the store.)

  102. Ok Wolf Pack, I have a question. Everything I read says not to use empty milk jusgs for storing water. Is there no way to clean these things to make it possible to store water in? I’m saving every form of empty container, i.e. plastic grocery bags, all empty plastic containers such as peanut butter jars, butter tubs, any and all boxes, etc. My thinking is that when TSHTF, and manufacturing grinds to a halt, everything will be in short supply, If I need to barter with someone, and trade, say, a pound of sugar for a pound of beans, the person I’m bartering with may not have a container, or myself if I don’t save these items. So what can I do with the plastic milk jugs? It looks like a little mild bleach water in them for a few days would clean them? Any advice?

    • DJV,

      The plasic in the jugs breaks down rather quickly and after a few months they begin to fall apart… They will work short term but they are not a long tern solution.

      • Thank you for that info. It makes sense now. I just couldn’t understand why they were any different from other plastic jugs. So I’ll save them, for a temporary container for dry items, or for an emergency funnel with the bottom cut out! Still can’t let myself throw them away!

        • Bam Bam says:


          I keep empty milk jugs as hurricane preps. If it looks like we are going to get hit, I fill them up to use as non potable water.

    • Prudent says:

      Drifted into the habit of picking up at least one Aquatainer at walmart each month. They normally stock only two at a time in sporting goods and it is the best price I have found with of course no shipping and handling…….. Just rotate freash water in and out of em twice a year with a very very light bleach rinse in between. Shorter term….. we keep a number of 90 gal. heavy duty trash cans on hand… full of toilet paper…. along with a dedicated hose to fill them with should we have the time to do it. Otherwise they are our ‘rain’ barrels…. This is what we have room for.

    • DJV…I have read that the milk jugs degrade fast, hence would lose your valuable contents…so, I use lots of fruit juice bottles, vinegar bottles etc…

      And keep any bleach bottles for storing water.
      Keep all plastic screw top jars – multiple uses.

      However, keep those cleaned milk bottles…practice now…fill 3, and also fill 3 juice bottles…put them away for 12 months, with a few drops of bleach in each – where no light can get to them…see what happens.

      Also, no harm in keeping lots of empty clean milk containers – for just that purpose – fill them as required, with whatever is required, at the time – that way, if they do degrade in the storage period…at least you have not lost any valuable prep items…and if they are still viable…then fill them with whatever is required…that way, will always have a supply of empty containers for whatever purpose you want to put them to.

      Also, can use them as starter pots for plants/seedlings.
      cut bottom out, on a diagonal, and use as a scoop.
      poke some holes through the bottle – push in some small branches/twigs..make 2 openings either side near bottom – use as a bird feeder.

      I have used milk bottles to store candles and matches/lighters in…can see the contents, and they are waterproof.

      can place assorted pens/crayons etc – all waterproof – tidy and in one place till needed.

      use them as float containers when setting crab pots.

      stuff lots of socks/undies etc – one bottle for each member of the family – pack them in – can fit 3 days worth in them – when needed, pierce the bottle along the bottom.

      I have lots of glad bags. They are sturdy and don’t take up much room until they are needed.

      Remember freezer bags and garbage bags – lots of uses.

      15 litre water bottles can be used as washing up tubs – lay them on their side – and cut out the top area…

      I am also storing 20 litre metal drums that cooking oil comes in…can make these into sawdust stoves, washing tubs, vermin proof containers to hold dog food/wheat/rice etc with O2 absorbers.

      Also storing empty 20 litre sturdy plastic containers – these can be filled with water – painted black and hoisted into a tree when needed ie, – use spigot at bottom of container when you want the water to flow when showering – first remove lid.

      Or, keep on side of kitchen preparation table when cooking outdoors – easy to keep hands clean, with spigot so handy – water wastage will be minimal.
      Or cut these also, and use as a washing up container…

      once your prepper eyes see the possibilities, and they obviously have…then keep those milk jugs…store them away from direct sunlight though.

      I used to get 50kgs heavy duty plastic buckets – now, they are no longer manufactured, instead they have changed over to cardboard drums…so, save what you can now…as sometimes items are no longer made…I am also saving all my glass jars with metal lids…vermin proof/waterproof…

      hope this helped..cheers..

      • Chloe, thanks. You are so right about containers that are available now, may not be later. For example, we save all metal coffee cans, but they are increasingly being made of plastic or even cardboard in some brands! So yes, I will be saving all plastic milk jugs, even though water storage may not be what they are best suited for, there will still be plenty of uses, as you pointed out. Another thing I see them used for in gardens, is to cut the bottoms out and put them over new plants on nights when there is a chance of a frost.

        • DJV…those metal coffee/milo cans are so good – I use them to hold vac sealed assorted stuff, not just food…yes, they will eventually rust, but I store them in cardboard boxes till needed.

          It is going to be so important to have vermin proof/unbreakable/floating containers – they are reasonably small and easily hidden/cached – and a great size to hand out to people who may be in need.

          Also, when going camping, can leave the cans out on table, and heavy dew/rain won’t bother contents…and when possums knock the cans over in the middle of the night…no worries.

          also, when I am painting (touching up paint chips on door frames etc, or walls etc) I cut a hole on the opposite side of the handle – such an easy paint holder, and paintbrush doesn’t fall into the rest of the paint…

          and I just wrap the whole milk jug/paintbrush in a plastic grocery bag while stopping for lunch…so many uses for these items, yet many people just discard the milk jugs (and many other items) and don’t see the possibilities. cheers.

          • Plant Lady says:

            Chloe: Great ideas…I save all containers, also. The clear 40 oz. Jif peanut butter plastic jars work great for nails, screws, bolts, etc. I use the large Coffemate plastic containers for fence staples, hinges, etc. And I stuff plastic grocery bags in them, too. You can fit a LOT in one…but don’t go overboard or you get a jack-in-the-box effect when you open one! And once i get the dehydrator, will be storing dried foods in a lot of them.
            I keep pill bottles, too, after thoroughly cleaning them. Great for seed storage.
            I keep all the containers in paper grocery sacks then when each sack if full, I put another paper grocery sack down over the top to keep dust/dirt off them until I need them – since I have to store them outside in a shed.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Plant Lady,

              Tonight the temperature is forecasted to get down to 28 after 2-3 weeks with the lows on the mid 40’s.
              We used part of our hoard of 40 oz Jiff jars as plant covers.

            • plant lady…yes, I recycle what I can…and isn’t it great that we can now call ourselves preppers and/or survivalists – because way back in the day, I would have been called a…sssshhhhh… hoarder. hahahha…cheers.

      • Pineslayer says:

        Another use for milk jugs, cut a hole in the side and cram in all those plastic bags from shopping. Great dispenser and you can get a lot of bags in there. I put a jug with our camping gear and it comes in very handy.

        • Chloe and Pineslayer,
          Thanks for the great ideas. this really got the wheels turning. I’m saving as much plastic as I can. DW thinks it’s a little crazy but she still does it because if something does happen where manufacturing is affected those plastic containers and bags may be more valuable than we think.

          • mexneck…I agree…if something does happen…will only have my stored/saved containers available – for who knows how long.

            Water containers are most valuable…there was a program on TV ages ago…a white family (from a city, went to live with an African family..and it was the women’s job to collect the water, in plastic containers – and they had a long walk to the river each time…and back again with those filled containers….

            the more containers, the less journeys – one wonders how many calories were expanded on a weekly basis for that life-saving water…because they didn’t have that many containers.

            So, things that we have in such abundance that some discard without a second’s thought – are real lifesavers in some other person’s reality and daily life.

            So, in my opinion, the more containers, the better.

            And like plant lady, I keep old pill bottles, Berocca jars (keep a lighter in it – waterproof and floats), I also keep the dark glass bottles, in case I have to make up some tincture or salve.

  103. Sharoola says:

    Hi everyone!

    Was an insane week at work. I have 2 jobs, 1 is my ‘fun’ job and lets say neither was much fun these past few days:)

    Did I get anything prepped? I think so:

    * put up 2 soda bottles of lentils
    * auto-ordered brown rice
    * had a huge holly tree taken down, fruit trees in its place in 2 weeks
    * added 2 gallons of coffee grounds from my office to my compost heap
    * 6 cans of pork and beans
    * 6 cans of green beans
    * ordered 6 bottles of 32oz Dr. Woods Black Soap with Shea butter. Its great for skin and hair. goes a long way. I want to try their castile soap too.
    * made up about 5 years worth of powdered laundry detergent using Fels Naptha, Borax and washing soda

    I think thats it. This week I have my sights set on another 55 gallon drum for water, and 6 flats of canning jars.

  104. concrete termite says:

    I haven’t gotten much done lately. I got few knives free from a friend and put them in different places. I need to bring home some unused shelving from work for more storage. A friend and I are working out some deals on some things, hopefully our plan works out. I have been researching a few things too. If i get some time, I am going to try to go snag some spoonbill and stock up some fish.

  105. Kelekona says:

    For Colony watchers, I was a little bothered by the first or second episode. It seemed like Zombies were sent against them when they had done nothing to attract such attention except have an abandoned tent. Then they go attacked, and I’m sure they were specifically warned not to bust anyone’s eyesocket with a tire iron.

    I did get inspired to store provisions on the second floor of a building where only the support (risers?) of a staircase was left, no tread to make an easy climb.

    • concrete termite says:

      You may want to look at those stringers. if the treads have rotted off the stringers may be rotten too. You don’t want to be trying to carrying something up those and have them collapse out from under you.

      • Kelekona says:

        Ah yeah, if it were me, my first climb would be simply “can I actually get up there.” I think I’m paranoid / acrophobic enough to feel what’s under me in that sort of environment.

        I was just thinking that the nails would be the first thing to break, or someone used the treads for firewood because they were easy.

  106. charliebuck says:

    I picked up a Coleman Solar Generator set at Costco.3 panels that put out 55 watts,charge controller and inverter.Any WolfPack members have any experience with these,are they reliable?Any input is appreciated,Thanks.Be Safe and God Bless America,we need it.

  107. Well, for starters let me tell you this. We are on a budget. Like a no-income, 50 dollars to our name budget. We returned a drill press to Harbor Freight for 49 dollars in store credit, and walked out with the following:

    – 2 Survival knives (with water tight compartments in handles containing a compass, mini sewing kit, matches, and hook and line)
    – 2 magnesium fire starters
    – machete
    – 2 50 ft lengths of rope
    – 2 LED flashlights
    – 3 pack of lighters
    – hatchet (more like a small axe)
    – dust masks (mostly because they were at the checkout and we still has a couple bucks left)
    – 3 carabiners (not climbing grade, but great for water bottles hanging off backpacks)
    – 2 pairs of work gloves
    – a funnel set (not sure why hubby wants this)(to collect water easier he says)

    We also picked up 2 boxes of 250 matches for a buck at Dollar Tree. We water proofed them with candle wax. We feel alot better having this stuff now thatn we did before. Harbor Freight is great for individuals trying to live AND prep on a budget. The quality may not be that of what you might find at Dick’s Sporting Goods or someplace, but we feel that it is better than not having anything at all. We’ve also got a Dollar Tree list, which is 90% of our bug out bags. $75 dollars and our bags will be done (though I’m sure hubby will still continue to add), including 2 weeks of food for each of us. All we will have left is to buy are 2 SCYY cpx2’s and a Remington 870 HD Express (with a tactical stock, hubby says.) Then we can go play in the woods and try to figure out how to survive!

    • BamaBecca says:

      You go girl! I’m so proud for you! You did an amazing job. Just goes to show what you can do when you’re determined. I know I’ve been moaning and groaning for weeks now, cuz I got laid off of work and my preps have dropped WAY down and I’ve also been using some stuff I had stored and haven’t been able to replace it, BUT I still have most of the basics…and I need to make another trip to the dollar tree! 😉 They have a emergency candles for $1 too, but you may have to hunt for them. I got a lot of my medical preps there.

      Its easy to get discouraged when you see others do lots of prepping that you can’t afford to do….but just keep on keepin’ on. You may not have everything you WANT to have, but having plenty of basics is a LOT more than most will have when TSHTF.

      Where there is a will, there is a way!

      • Krystle says:

        Thank you so much Becca! Your reply makes me feel alot better, even though I hate that there are others like me struggling to keep their heads above water AND trying to prep at the same time, it’s really helpful to know that I’m not alone. It’s also great to have another voice besides mine telling me that I’m doing the best that I can and that it’s way better than nothing! Thanks again for the encouragement!!!

        • BamaBecca says:

          You are very welcome hon…I’ve always been a penny pincher (well, MOST of the time) love to find a good bargain and lots of times I’ll put off buying something until I can find it at at better price. You did great! 😉

    • wow…amazing shopping ability…lots of bang for you bucks…can feel your excitement from here…so good to see you are having fun with your prepping…cheers.

  108. NANN!/Cruzette says:

    I headed to my local dollar store for one thing today, and ended up buying a few more items for my pantry. 8 cans of chunk white chicken, 4 of them with ‘Buffalo style sauce’…1 can shortening…couple more cans Hormel roast beef & gravy…2 more canned hams…2 more Armour beef stew…instant mashed taters…another case of cup o’ noodles…and a box of beef sticks. Also, yesterday I traded an old telescope for a treadle sewing machine.
    Best of all, received M.D.’s new book in the mail today. Read the first chapter so far. Looks like lots of good info in there! It’s nice to have survival info in print, and not have to rely on what’s stored on my computers. Thanks M.D.!

  109. mountain lady says:

    Just finished reading all the posts. Most of you have really done a great job this week. I did not buy anything this week, but did learn a few things just reading here. Thanks pack.

  110. West Texas says:

    For those parents who homeschool and for those of us that didn’t stay awake when we were in school ourselves…
    Found an outstanding educational resource – http://www.khanacademy.org/​#browse – gives tutorials that even a mentally deficient such as myself can understand. Covers everything from basic math to calculus to humanities and science (physics, biology etc.) – There are several charter schools that are assigning these to students – sponsored by Microsoft.

    Emphasis on FREE

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      We use Khan’s academy a couple times a week. Usually when youngest doesn’t want to do book work! lol She loves the biology stuff. It is a great source for anyone and has a lot to choose from.
      And free makes it even better!

    • NANN!/Cruzette says:

      Awesome! Thanks, West Texas!

  111. Mt Survivor says:

    This week I learned to can jam. So now have 8 pints strawberry and 6 pints blackberry (more to come when I can pick them fresh at my dad’s place he has them all over the place). I purchased the books “Back to Basics” and “Homesteading” by a lady last name Gehring. She has great ideas and the bread recipe in the back to basics is absolutely great. I purchased a second Springfield xd40 and sold some things that I won’t need if the shtf. So trying to decide which firearm to purchase next.

    • Krystle says:

      I checked both of those books out from the library and found them to be fairly helpful. In one of them, there is a chart to tell you which plants to keep near each other in the garden, and that was all news to me. Overall I liked them, but for me they seemed to be a bit vague in some areas and too in-depth in others. Good books though, happy reading!

  112. Hi, I assembled the first of three 6’ x 12’ greenhouses. I also planted about 1,000 seeds for spring (vegetables, corn & herbs). I plant extra for dry storage, canning and sharing. I had some help from friends clearings rocks from my new ¼ acre garden which is now awaiting 100 yards of top soil. I also went to Costco and loaded up on the usual canned goods. I also read a few more chapters of my raising chickens book and the Medicinal Herb Handbook.

  113. riverrider says:

    it looks like TDL wants to do away with the supreme court, since it looks like its not going his way. he “doesn’t understand how un-elected judges can override a law made by an elected official” ITS CALLED CHECKS AND BALANCES, its in the CONSTITUTION, READ IT SOMETIME. this is the man we elected to defend and uphold the Constitution and he has no idea what it says or why. which is why there is the supreme court to begin with. jeesh! can you believe this guy? he supposedly taught constitutional law? his students need to get their money back.

    • riverrider says:

      MD- sorry for the rant but it does apply to prepping. with a guy like this in office, there’s no telling what may come out next. we have to be ready for anything. no hard feelings if you don’t post it, just had to get it off my chest:) prep on brother.

    • cosmolined says:

      Ditto Brother. All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, now makes more sense. (What wonderful insight our forefathers had!) Cos

      P.S. I don’t know when the military oath originated, but I think it was before this clown was elected.

      • K Fields says:

        Cos – I hate to mention it but I think you’re forgetting the line, “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States ..” that follows.
        That line was put in by the founding fathers in 1789 (first oath after the Constitution).
        Current wording of oath becoming effective in 1962.

        • village idiot says:

          I hate to mention this, K, but you left out part of it. An important part.

          “…I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice”

          No soldier or Marine is obligated to obey un unlawful order. And any order that involves a criminal act is unlawful.

          • K Fields says:

            Are you sure that I wasn’t quoting the original 1789 version that doesn’t include the “according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice” statement? Remember, the UCMJ wasn’t established until 1951.
            OK, I’m just kidding – you’re correct. I should have simply posted the complete oath, but I’m not clear on the point you’re making.
            It seems to me bloggers who are quoting the phrase, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” are saying the military should conduct a coup d’état and throw the President out of office. Yet that would be unconstitutional and the oath clearly states, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
            That was the point I was making. The loyalty is to the Constitution and the President.
            The Constitution is clear who has the right to charge or remove a President – and it’s not the military or the militia.

            • riverrider says:

              k, i think its a matter of opinion. as a soldier i took that oath seriously, and at some point i would i feel it would be my duty to arrest or detain any ranking individual that i feel seeks to destroy the constitution and thereby the country. the joint chiefs thought so too in clinton’s last term, and let him know as much.

            • K Fields says:

              I really hate to hear that – not that you took the oath seriously, but that military personnel would ever consider a coup d’état in this country. Those words, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” were added in July 1862 because of the Civil War!
              There was never (as far as I know) any thought of those words being used as a basis for a military takeover of a government freely elected by the people. The Constitution clearly states how the government may be changed, and no-where in that document are such rights granted to a military body.
              The whole idea of having a standing army was hotly debated by the founding fathers with many feeling having one would be a mistake. As Elbridge Gerry stated during the Congressional debates over the Second Amendment, “What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty.”
              I have often thought those words were just a product of their time – as much of their complaint was the result of abuses from the British Military, but now I need to rethink that opinion and my explore thoughts on how I should really be seeing our current armed forces. If such an opinion of the meaning of the oath is widespread (and not just the talk of pseudo-military as I had thought), then I must question who really are the enemies, foreign and domestic, of this republic.

            • K Fields says:

              I just reread my comment and I may not have been completely clear. I was thinking about those Generals (joint chiefs) you spoke of, not rank and file military personnel.

            • Just to throw in my 2 cents, my oath was to defend the Constitution. Not to a temparay resident of the peoples house. If the orders given were unlawful I would not follow them. The sticking point is who would decide the orders were lawful or not. Thats where I would rely on the courts.
              Keep the faith.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      You must be a looney, right-wing, racist, hater, clinging to guns and religion to believe the Constitution is a foundational document with which to run the United States of America! You probably even believe in liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness!

      Crazy Patriot!

    • axelsteve says:

      If I remember correctly he was a guest lecturer not a professor.Kinda like a sub teacher but uncredentialed.

    • K Fields says:

      I’ve debated with myself whether to post this or not, but in the end I felt I should. Please understand that I’m not disagreeing with your sentiments nor trying to be an ass. Anyway, here it is:

      I understand the “rant” and agree completely that there should be full checks and balances but (and I know this sounds crazy), but the judicial branch’s power to exercise review over the other two branches of government is not explicitly granted by the Constitution.
      It is only through earlier cases, mainly Marbury v Madison in 1803, that there is any precedent for rulings calling action by the other branches unconstitutional.
      The founding fathers really struggled with this one as many felt such a power (if specified) would make the judicial branch more powerful than the other two (thus giving ultimate power to political appointees instead of elected officials).
      Hopefully Obama won’t push this, but I think he knows enough about the Constitution to realize it’s possible.

      I’ll be quiet now. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

      • riverrider says:

        k, none taken. you are correct to a point and i spoke out of frustration. you are a voice of reason. however the ff’s clearly intended for there to be checks and balances on the power of the executive and legislative branches, though they couldn’t agree on the wording. i myself have thought the scotus was jacked up in some of their decisions, but its no reason to toss them out. tdl has been all too eager to embrace them when they were on his side of an arguement. the reason their decisions became so radical in the first place was the politicalization of the appointment process. if you toss scotus, what’s next? oh maybe that pesky bill of rights? lets scratch off “liberty” from that whole “life, liberty and persuit of happiness” thing. clearly its all outdated, they didn’t even have smartphones to help them spell back then. since both parties have become frightened little children quaking in their boots over terrorism(or revolution), the scotus is our last hope of maintaining or recovering freedom short of armed insurrection. i certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. thats all i’m saying:)

        • riverrider says:

          k, and watch that “debating with yourself”. some guys in white jackets might show up:)

          • K Fields says:

            riverrider, Luckily I live in an area where everyone is a bit loony – they can’t get us all. Well, I hope not – but then again, maybe they could, aw sh*t I’m doing it again…

            • riverrider says:

              k, lol, nine out of ten voices in my head like you.

            • village idiot says:

              LOL. I’m pretty sure you could win a debate with them, K. Before they left your place they would be arresting themselves.

  114. Lantana says:

    Mt Woman and other north Texas Pack members, are you okay?

    We have two tornado emergencies, one in south Dallas, one in arlington, and a wall cloud forming in Johnson Co. 18-wheeler trailers are being thrown hundreds of feet in the air, our veteran forecaster says he’s never seen that. The storms have been on the ground for over 20 minutes, est winds of 100-120 mph.

    Prayers for all in the path of these storms. Hope local pack members can check in soon. . . .

    • Lantana, you take care of yourself. I saw the news on CNN an had never seen any thing like that before. My gf thought those were sheets of plywood or debris and when I told her those were trailers she couldn’t believe it until the news posted below that’s what the were.

    • Copperhead says:

      I’m quite a few miles from the tornadoes, thank goodness. Looks like pretty bad destruction, but, so far, no fatalities reported. That is a blessing!
      Lantana and DJV, hope you are both still o.k. (oops, just notice MtWoman, that you reported below. Glad your mom is o.k.)
      All take care….

  115. Thoughts and prayers going out to the Pack members and people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area up into the Oklahoma City area they say its heading to.

    Hunker down and stay safe people

    • Thanks jarhead 03. We are ok in my neighborhood, right on the Tarrent County/JOhnson County line. But more tornadoes are forming as we speak and we were just told to take cover (again!). Just keep praying! But we are ready, thanks to prepping, and that’s a mihty good feeling. DH is on his way home from work, just hope he doesn’t run in to it.

  116. This has been a bad prepping week for me. Life and it’s demands (plus the drain on the funds) has really thrown me off track. That said:
    1) I did get to buy some more ammo, some to sock away and some for the range
    2) I put in 2 hours of range time, with the kids, and played the “Shoot for House Chores” game – and ended up doing all the chores, again.
    3) I rotated through half the battery stock, and replaced them with newer batteries
    4) I finished packing the family’s clothing bags for storage (duffel bags with clothing requirements that are not part of the BOB), and actually put them away (more room in the family room now…)
    5) Received my order from Hoegger’s today, with medical supplies for my goats. I used the opportunity to replenish and increase our own medical equipment.
    6) I bought a(nother) gun. Due to my lady love’s rather stern look (husbands, you know the one), I also sold and traded two others to cover the cost….
    7) I revised my equipment and supplies list to reflect some changes in our circumstances (good and not so good). This is a constant activity
    8) I’m canning butter tonight. We’ve canned for years, and made butter for quite a while, but tonight while my lady love is out of town, I’m going to try to combine the two!
    9) I’m also doing the monthly budget tonight to see what’s available for prep related activities for the rest of the month. It looks grim, but that just gives me an excuse to be inventive.

    That about covers the last few days.

    • d2 prep says:

      Steve, it actually sounds like you accomplished quite a bit this week. Good job.

  117. MtWoman says:

    I’m good right now. I took pics of rotation right over the house here, but the actual tornados formed East of us. A tornado passed right by my mother’s house, but she’s ok. Waiting now to hear from my Grandson, who’s in the school storm shelter. Stuff is still happening out there. The cat won’t be coming out from under the bed for days now, ’cause of the lightning and thunder. Watching those semi trailers being tossed like toys (on TV) was sobering. Spring in the South ain’t for sissies!!!

    • cosmolined says:

      Mt Woman:
      This has all the makings of a bad year. Sure hope you have a hidey hole…. God Bless and Protect you and yours. Cos

      • Yeah…not looking good Cos..on all fronts. I’m in a pretty ok place…at least not in The Big City. This place has its issues, but then all places do, right? Gotta do the best we can. My main concern is WATER. We’re on city-run wells here. They got really low during last year’s drought. They had to start treating the water more often and with stronger treatment doses. Smelled terrible and tasted worse. One day it was so strong, it ‘burned’ an open place on my hand! Maybe it was fracking chems…we’re surrounded here (and the wells are too) by drilling ops, and this company is not strict on their drainage measures.

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I just wasn’t prepared for how quickly things went downhill in ’08, and just have to make the best of what I have and do what I can. I’m sure I’m not alone in this position. I know many people were “smart” and ‘saw the need’ way before I did. But we’re each in the place we are and as prepped as we are, and doing the best we can. I’d hae to think we’re just doomed ’cause we weren’t “smart”.

        Don’t know why I said that here…not really relative to anything here…guess I just felt the need to say it.

        Thanks for you thoughts Cos and everyone.

        • village idiot says:

          “I don’t know about anyone else, but I just wasn’t prepared for how quickly things went downhill in ’08”.

          Think about this, MtWoman, the real estate and MBS bubble of 2008 was around $6 trillion, nothing compared to the sovereign debt bubble we face today, which is something over $15.5 trillion just in the US alone, not counting Western Europe. If this thing bursts…all bets are off. The 2008 crisis was a crisis of liquidity, and we barely had enough money to stave off utter disaster. There is not enough money in existence in the entire world to provide liquidity for a sovereign debt crisis. That’s why I prep.

          • riverrider says:

            vi, the new banking law included a provision requiring mutual funds, hedge funds and corporation controlled iras to “invest” a percentage in gov bonds. that is, they required YOUR money be thrown away on bonds they have no intension of making good. they already robbed the mil and civ gov pensions. these actions will allow them to kick the can a little farther down the road. when that runs out, i don’t see anything left to rob, except savings maybe. greece made the people settle for pennies on the dollar, right after they put a limit on withdrawals. look for that soon here.

  118. 2:36pm They are telling us to take shelter (again!). We are right on the line of JOhnson and Tarrent Counties. So far, our neighborhood has not had a tornado on the ground, but the cells keep forming. Weather sirens just sounded again so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for any and all prayers. Feels great knowing we have folks praying. And that we have been prepping and barring being completely blown away, we can take care of ourselves. But there is lots of damage in the area due to tornadoes being on the ground for so long, and more forming. Could be a rough night

    • djv…hope you are okay…nature is so unpredictable. Let us know how you are when you can…prayers for you and others in the path of tornadoes.

  119. davidsdesire says:

    um, yeah….those tornadoes are NOT what I miss about being in Dallas. Tornado Alley ain’t my favorite address.

    Today I waxed cheese for the first time, procured some extra supplies. Bought some vitamins for the kids and for us. And I talked to ds about prepping and, surprisingly, he is on board! Yea!!

    Canning up some more ham and bean soup and some more chili today. 🙂

  120. Soggy Prepper says:

    Where’s BC Truck? Not another Pack member disappeared?!

    • axelsteve says:

      I hope not I like him.

    • Soggy, he has a youtube account. You can follow him there and leave comments.

    • soggy, he hasn’t posted for ages….great sense of humour too…remember the ‘trying to dehydrate water’ post. I’m laughing all over again remembering that one.


      there are others too, but won’t mention their names in case they are trying to stay under the radar…

      sending a big hello out to you all..you know who you are…take care.

  121. Candy in Nebraska says:

    I hope all is well with the Pack who are affected with these Tornados. Our prayers go out to all

  122. JP in MT says:

    FYI – Sales Alert!
    Albertson’s has 1 pound boxes of pasta at 10 for $7.50; .75 per lb.!

  123. Well, folks, another reason to be grateful to be a prepper. What is that admonition I read here? I think it’s MD that says “Never become a refugee”. I just finished reading some of the local news articles regarding the heavy damage caused by yesterday’s tornadoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One city is not letting residents back into their damaged neighborhoods at all, and one city is only letting people back into their homes with a permit. One of those cities is “requesting” that even people whose homes are not severely damaged to leave their homes as well, since they “might” not be safe either. (I have to assume this means some damage of some kind, just not necessarily really badly damaged). The article states that if these people leave their homes (the slightly damaged ones) that they also will not be allowed to return until the PTB decide it’s ok. Hmmmmm………

    • cosmolined says:

      As a Public Works Inspector, I’d guess with debris and power lines down across the streets, possibly no electricity or running water and most folks ability to do the most incredibly stupid stuff you thought only occured on tv, they are doing it for the overall public good. Cos

    • MtWoman says:

      DJV…good observation. I live here in N Texas (but safe, tg), and I’ve been watching intently how yesterday’s emergencies have been/are being handled. I, too, noticed the “curfew” restriction and the “authorities” not letting residents who fled their homes or were evacuated back in….AND that anyone still in there could be “evacuated” “for their own safety” (all in Lancaster). This is a bit more extreme than usual. We can thank HS training for all that.

      When I was on the West coast in 2008, there was a big wildfire where I used to live. I still had many friends there, and followed the progression of the fire intently, as many of their homes were threatened (many were lost). The fire was in a Wilderness area, around which many (including my friends) lived. I lived there 30+ years, and went through 3 major fires while there. In all those fires, the Forest Service, local volunteer firefighters, local residents, etc, all worked together to battle the fires.

      Something very different happened in this one: the local authorities (as in LE) put a mandatory evacuation in place, demanding that ALL residents leave, even if their homes were not threatened. Many people resisted, and many said flat out “No”. Those that stayed were put on “house arrest”, and not allowed to leave their immediate premises, even if their business, livestock, relatives or another part of their property was just across the street, or a neighbor was in sight and within a short walk to visit and check on. Mind you, the fire was no where NEAR many of these folks. Somehow there were enough LE brought in to park at all the driveways along the highway that runs through the community, and to police the HA.

      There ended up being much “night vision” meanderings to take care of personal business…like see if the fire was on their property, or to water and feed animals (yes…you couldn’t even do that). This “house arrest” lasted several days. After that, there was even a restriction put on fighting fire on your own property…you weren’t allowed. Several people watched while their houses burned….and the FIREFIGHTERS stood around their trucks off to the side, watching too, having been told that it WAS TOO DANGEROUS for them to fight the fire. One fellow (who was a volunteer firefighter in the community for 20+ years) just went ahead and saved his own house. He was arrested.

      There were other “outlaw” acts, as many folks there have heavy road-working and farm equipment, and they just went ahead and made fire-breaks and cleared and did what they had to do…. while firefighters watched.

      After the fire was contained, there was an “investigation” into how the whole thing was handled, and it was revealed that the “new criteria” was straight from new HS (Homeland security) trainings for all LE & all emergency orgs. I did some research, and found some interesting info about that….enough to make me shudder.

      And for the preppers on here that will jump to the conclusion that all the folks there were pot-growers or into some other criminal activity, you are wrong. These were all solid, hard-working, regular folks. Several of the places that burned were old homesteads, where several generations of folks had lived. Some were even from pioneer times, and the families that lived there were hardened Wilderness folks. There was no need for what LE did.

      We’d best pay attention, and give thought to how we’ll handle martial law.

      • Yes, Mt Woman, I am sure what you are saying is true. I was discussing this with DH and I said “But we have everything we need to take care of ourselves if there is no water or electricity. We even have tarps to cover roof issues, etc., in the event there is storm damage. If we only had some damage, why would we be forced to leave? Can they do that?” He thought they couldn’t, but it sounds like they can. And will. Yes, I noticed that most of these issues were in Lancaster, and I realize that a lot of the folks lived in multi-story apartments. And its possible that the apartment owners have some say in that issue for liability reasons. But we have three large tents. I would rather pitch a tent and stay with my “stuff” since we are the only ones who will take care of it and defend it from looters if necessary. It has gotten pretty scary how quick the authorities are telling people to get out of their homes and stay out.
        Cos: yes I agree about the stupidity factor and I realize some folks will step on live wires and then sue the city for not having it cleaned up faster. Not sure what you do about those folks. But I saw some homes that I really don’t think would have to be evacuated if this folks chose to stay. But I could be wrong. Thanks though, for your input.

        • DJV…it’s shocking and unbelievable that there are such “gestapo” tactics right here in “free” America, but there are, and they are increasing.

          And Cos: I understand the need to protect against looters, etc, but I have a serious issue with the whole “protecting us from ourselves” mentality. For what? I don’t adhere to life being necessary to maintain at all costs. Sometimes people are stupid, and they die. That’s how it’s supposed to work. All of nature functions that way.

          I’ve always hated the ‘protection’ being in response to the lowest problem…like the TSA response to the shoe & underwear bombers. Like in school: everyone gets punished for the stupidity of the few. Bleech. 😛

        • And here’s another thing I don’t understand about all of that. It looks like the people who are setting up shelters for evacuees, and authorities responsible for overseeing everything (city, county, etc) would be grateful for as many folks as possible to be prepared and able to stay at home. There’s a limit to how many people a city can shelter, and there would never be enough places for more than a small percentage of the population in any given city. It seems as if the mindset is to automatically “round everybody up and put them in one place”. Scary.

          • MtWoman says:

            DJV…it would seem reasonable, yes…but it seems we are not in any kind of reasonable times. I was watching on TV when they tried to interview a Red Cross worker at a shelter. She behaved as though any info about the shelter and how it operated was a state secret. Really, really weird times we live in. Never thought I’d see all this. :/

        • cosmolined says:

          After re-reading the other folks thoughts. Lawyers SUCK, but that’s my life. If I’m in my home and am requested to leave, it’s bad words time. (Not Gonna’ Happen.) I’m a Wyoming Native, we tend to be stubborn. Cos

      • K Fields says:

        Wow – that’s really shocking to hear.
        I think that was the same year (2008) we had a lot of fires up here, and the reaction was as you described. Local CDF was pulling in everyone they could find for help – I mean, if you owned and could run a decent sized chainsaw you were almost drafted into helping. Well, not really, but they certainly weren’t turning anyone away and this area IS mostly pot growers.

        • KF…yeah…same year…different part of the state…if you’re in Cal. It was really weird. All the other big fires, locals had been ‘drafted’, and even loaned tools to fight fires around their homes. That seems to be done now. Just another way, it seems, that we are being treated like children instead of free adults. Bleech. 😛

      • Kelekona says:

        What is going on here? Is it some layer of authority waving its dick around to prove a point, or to root out the non-compliant? Were the last levels of authority afraid of being labelled non-compliant if they used their own judgement?

        Was allowing the homes to burn part of some economic stimulus?

        Were they afraid that the ones who didn’t evacuate would loot the homes of the ones who did? Did the MiB want free reign to search the homes before they burned?

        Were they just afraid that the ones who didn’t bolt at the first smell of smoke would not even leave at the last opportunity, or that those would wait until the last minute and get in each others’ way? Are they afraid that someone will scream a satanic curse at them while burning alive because the fire surrounded them?

        On another note, I did some lite reading about the Katrina Superdome and one article pointed to how whoever was in charge purposefully did not order enough supplies because he wanted to make the experience uncomfortable enough that people will stop relying on the city to take care of them during a crisis. …So if you don’t take care of yourself you are lazy and deserve what you get, but if you do take care of yourself you are labeled a terrorist.

        A decent government would offer help and then leave anyone who doesn’t want it alone.

        • MtWoman says:

          Kele….exactly. I remember watching the military arrive at the dome in New Orleans…with guns…but no water. Disturbed me even then.

          As far as the fire in Cal that I described, it was clearly and simply a power-play on the part of LE, based on new attitudes gotten during HS training. There were none of the incentives you described in place.

          And, yes, “So if you don’t take care of yourself you are lazy and deserve what you get, but if you do take care of yourself you are labeled a terrorist” seems to be the fact of these days. ‘Creeping martial law’ is how I think about it.

  124. Kelekona says:

    I had a eureka moment. We have a soda stream, so we’re not going through soda bottles. I thought that buying old frosting buckets was our only hope. Then I realized that my rum comes in thinner food-grade plastic and DH’s rum comes in glass, both adequate containers for if I want water-tight storage.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Kelekona, start slamming, or stock plenty of rum 🙂

      • Kelekona says:

        Actually, it’s stop being such an alcoholic. We already use some bottles in the beer-brewing process, but we generate a lot more than we use, and there is a reason that my husband and I have different brands. (He likes mid-grade, I tolerate low-grade.)

        Just think, if we do get armed before Teotwawki, the area is going to have an arachnophobic bitch who is stressed from having to consciously hold on to the belief that every single spider crawling on her arms is a hallucination.

  125. Pineslayer says:

    Costco has 10lb bags of Lentils now, $7
    Giving my dehydrator a workout, spinach, sweet potatoes, strawberries
    The crowning jewel for the week, SRK Carbon V, grinning ear to ear
    Found a dangerous site,

    and a great one for those who haven’t seen it,


    I have some stuff on the way from LA Police Gear, pack, paracord
    Plan on learning how braid paracord for fun items
    Oh yeah, Red Dot Scope for…don’t know yet, but it was a good price.
    I have a 550gal cistern that I want get prepped, but can’t decide on putting it up high for pressure or hiding it down low. I have a 12 volt pump that could fill it up high, but tactically it seems like a bad idea. I suppose if things get bad enough for people to want to shoot it, then I will be having other problems to deal with.

    • riverrider says:

      fk, had the same dilema on the water tank. finally decided that water is life and set the tank where it is protected. can use hand or 12v pump to get it where needed. when full it has a lot of pressure anyway. if laying seige, i would take your water out first, knowing you can’t go long w/out it.

    • K Fields says:

      I agree with riverrider, bury the tank and use a submersible low-voltage pump with a hand pump for backup.
      As each foot of height provides only 0.43 PSI of pressure, you’d need a good sized tower to match the pressure of your current domestic system and that wouldn’t be cheap due to all the weight involved.

      • riverrider says:

        careful about burying them, they must be rated for it or it may collapse. i put mine on a concrete pad under my deck. it is protected by dirt behind retaining walls. post shtf i will sandbag the only open side. good luck.

  126. Free today on Kindle—

    Surviving the Rapture and Other Apocalypse Scenarios

    –Interesting, this one you can email the author who will send a free PDF copy that you can print and place with your survival supplies! I haven’t read it and can’t vouch for anything.


    The Blast of War: A Narrative History of the Third World War
    (an alternative history in “popular history book” style, though according to one review has a bias to the right)


    H10N1 (A deadly influenza virus rages out of control.)


    Frayers starts out with world heading into ice age, civilizations disintegrating, develops into science fiction (space travel) so depends if you like that sort of thing.


    NEXT BEST HOPE (I”m not really into the military overthrow type disaster genre but you might be) http://www.amazon.com/NEXT-BEST-Revelation-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B007PSYCRM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1333580083&sr=1-1

  127. FarmerKin says:

    Hello everyone.

    Thoughts and prayers for all those in N. Texas. Panicked when I got home and saw the news. Quickly made a call to make sure my brother was okay, and thankfully he is. Apparently all the activity was around 50 miles from him. Nerve wracking knowing what was surrounding him.

    My preps for the week were focused around dehydrating. Watched some You Tube videos by the lady from dehydrate2store.com. I had bought a cheap dehydrator about 10 years ago and never used it, so decided to get it out and quickly remembered why I had never used it. There were no directions provided in the box. After watching the videos I started experimenting. It really is not sufficient for preparing food for long-term storage, it only does a so-so job. This prompted research of dehydrators. I have heard that the Excalibur is the best, but some of the reviews revealed problems with the fan and some unsatisfactory customer service. Nothing else out there seemed to be as good, so I bit the bullet and ordered one. Hoping the problems I read about have been resolved.

    Received my Honeyville order … a case of fruit and a case of veggies. Also … and I’m so excited by my luck on this one … was able to pick up what looks to be a brand new Food Saver for $20. Doesn’t look like the cord was ever unraveled. Can hardly believe it. No box and no manual, but it does work. I’m interested in getting the vacuum seal jar lids, but it looks like they do not come with the hose. Does anyone know, was the hose supposed to come with the unit? Or maybe these are purchased separately?

    Thank you all, and have a safe week!

    • mountain lady says:

      Mine came with the hose only. I ordered the jar sealers from the Food Saver website. I use them a lot, well worth having.

      • FarmerKin says:

        Thanks Mountain Lady, that is what I suspected. I’ll have to find a replacement … maybe their website.

    • AnnetteL says:

      Hi FarmerKin,
      I was given a recommendation in regards to vacuum sealing with hose attachment. Keeping in mind if you are sealing with an electric sealer you will only be able to do canning jars and some models you have to buy regular & wide mouth attachments. I have a Pump & Seal. Non electric vacuum sealer. Comes with adhesive/rubberized “gaskets” that go on top of ANY jar lid. This gadget looks like an old school bike pump. So far works well.

    • FArmerkin: mine came with a hose. I bet you could get one from their website maybe? I use my foodsaver constantly! Almost never gets moved off of the counter and into it’s properly assigned living space (cabinet above the refrigerator!)

    • Oh yes, and one more thing, I bought the Excalibur dehydrator and love it. So far no problems. We have made jerky and have done vegetables. Then used the Foodsaver to vacuum pack them!

      • FarmerKin says:

        That’s where mine is, and I have no idea where else I would put it because my kitchen is so small. I wasn’t actually planning on getting one until after the dehydrator and then a meat slicer, but can’t pass up deals that good. I’m glad to hear you have not had any problems with your Excalibur. I ordered mine by phone and asked the customer service person about the problems I had read about. She told me the problems were in the past and that they had made some improvements to correct the issue. How long have you had yours?

        • We have only had the Excalibur a few months, but have used it alot. When I was reading customer reviews, I read some that had an issue with the fans, but they were immediate, as in the first time they used it. One purchaser actually had a fan problem with the replacement fan. So I’m hoping maybe it was a temporary thing and has been resolved. But I have noticed that it seems with all customer reviews, on any item, there seems to be a high rate of negative ones. So I’m wondering, maybe most people, (me included) get items, and if everything goes fine, they go about their merry way, and don’t take time to go back and write a good review, and it’s maybe the people who have a bad experiance that bother to write a review, thus the higher rate. I’m just guessing at that. And I guess I should do my part better and write reviews on everything I purchase.

          • FarmerKin says:

            I think you may be right about that. I need to go write a few reviews as well. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait for it to arrive … scheduled for Tuesday delivery.

    • farmer…yes, the hose does come with the unit…however, for $20 – you certainly got a bargain. Amazon sells the jar attachment – will see the hose there as well…

      If only using bags, no need to wait for the hose before you can start vac sealing…happy prepping…I stayed up till 1am for a few nights in a row, just loved sealing everything I could get my hands on. cheers.

      • FarmerKin says:

        Chloe, LOL. A picture of the dog and cat racing to hide under the couch popped in my mind as I read that. Too funny. I can’t wait to get started! Take care.

  128. Soggy Prepper says:

    I stumbled across this site that has matches for sale. I remember some saying they were having a hard time getting them.
    So thought I’d share.


  129. Pineslayer says:

    Thanks for the input on the water tank. Living here in the Rockies makes digging a blast (literally, had to dynamite my site for our foundation, solid rock), so thinking about dedicating a corner of the garage to keep it from prying eyes. Where I would put it outside, on a platform, would give us enough pressure to get it to our garden areas and into the house. The only real pressure that I would like to have is the shower, so I have another 12V pump I got out of a wrecked RV for that. A platform could act as a lookout also, shielded by RR ties it would be an epic water tower. Like I said, if people are looking to “smoke” me out by sending lead this way, whoa unto them. I can patch up a tank better than they patch up a sucking chest wound. I have a lot of smaller barrels for storage in the house for that WCS.

  130. Krystle says:

    With regards to food dehydrators, I found one at my favorite discount tool store for 25$.


    I really want one, but I absolutely can’t afford to buy a really fancy one. Does anyone know if this would be worth trying?

    • krystle…opened the link…couldn’t see if it had a temperature control…you need to be able to set the different temps.

      however, saw it was circa $25 – have a go if you can spare it…

      do some research on the different dehydrators available.

      do any of your neighbours/friends/family have a dehydrator etc. Can you get to see it when it is working etc.

      Before I committed to spending the money, I helped a friend peel/slice and stack her dehydrator trays…was so impressed with the results, bought my own with no regrets.

      Mine is an ezidri snackmaker with 15 trays, can dry a lot of stuff in one go.

      And, am constantly amazed at how cheap the prices are for you guys on these new items. Hope that helped…cheers.

      • Hey Chloe,

        After checking out the dehydrator you and others mentioned, I’ve decided to skip this one and try to save up for something more like what you have. Thanks for the advice and enthusiasm! We have to try to find things free or very cheap. We are always scouring freecycle and free craigslist. Our current plan is to hopefully be able to find some work this summer to save up for a bit of land in NH, then build our own tiny little log cabin. Totally DIY style! Anyway, thanks for the info, and encouragement!

    • FarmerKin says:


      I looked at your link and in addition to not having temp control, it also looks like it doesn’t have a fan. The one I was trying to use was similar in nature, and it took a long time to dehydrate things, but that could also be due to my location … So. Florida (humid). Another observation, the holes in the trays look pretty large. That was another problem I was having … my food was dropping down through the holes all the way down to the bottom of the unit. Depending on what you intend to dehydrate, that may or may not be an issue for you.

      For just a little bit more ($48 if you use one of their 20% off coupons), Bed Bath and Beyond has this Nesco American Harvest Snackmaster. (I’ve never tried putting a link here before, so hopefully this works.)


      It has both temp control and a fan, and the reviews I have read on it are quite good (both on their site and elsewhere). Check it out. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out for me. I bookmarked your link and after some thought decided that I will wait until I can afford something silmilar to that. I inted to dehydrate anything and everything possible!

        • FarmerKin says:

          That’s great, I think you will be happier in the end that you waited for a better unit. Below is a link to the YouTube video that got me so interested in dehydrating. Her name is Tammy and her website is http://www.dehydrate2store.com. Her first two videos go over how to prepare a lot of different items for dehydrating. Subsequent videos go through how to store and cook with the dehydrated foods.


          At the end of each video it will prompt you to click to go to the next video in the series. Very informative. I think you will enjoy them. Good luck!

    • BamaBecca says:

      Krystle, you can also check yard sales and thrift stores. i got my dehydrator, still in the box and it looked brand new for only $5 at a yard sale. Its a good model and has a temp control . It only has 4 trays, but the extra trays are available for 10 bucks each.

      • BamaBecca says:

        and by the way, mine is the Nesco American Harvest Snackmaster mentioned above. 😉 good luck. I LOVE mine!

  131. Summer B says:

    Anyone have advice on storing hard candy or chocolate long term? With kids it would be nice to have some special treats:)

    • Well, I’m not an expert but I think the hard candy would last just about forever if kept very dry (eg vacuum packed perhaps) but chocolate can go rancid bc of the fat in it. I don’t have suggestions for preserving it without freezing. I just read yesterday that vacuum packed walnuts, another high-fat food, stayed good for a long time when vacuum-packed, but I don’t know if chocolate would. Or perhaps it’s possible to buy already canned chocolate, eg in syrup form? Barring that, at a last resort, perhaps keep cocoa and some kind of fat or maybe evaporated milk, and sugar, and approximate your own.

    • Kelekona says:

      I haven’t seen chocolate go inedible. Powdered chocolate seems to do fine, I haven’t tested jarred or canned ice cream toppings. Unsweetened baker’s squares seem to hold up well enough for a few years. Chocolate chips and candy bars will bloom and degrade in quality, but I made a really good fudge with a year-old opened chocolate bar.

      Hard candy seems to go all squidgy even in the freezer. I think I have a bowlful in the fridge that is working on its second year, and can be still separated from its wrapping. Try storing dry sugar and just make small amounts of rock candy. That, or rock candy sealed without humidity may last longer than candies that aren’t pure sugar.

      Look up how to make dulche de leche in the crock pot.

      Horlicks is a non-alcoholic drink made from malt extract powder. An acquired taste, but it is sweet and nutritious.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        I was cleaning out some home school stuff out of a file cabinet and lo and behold I found a chocolate candy bar my friend had brought back from Germany. I had hidden my loot there away from the family and this one had escaped me.

        It was dated Jan. 09.
        Did I mention it was good German chocolate?

        So I ate it.

        That was a couple days ago and I’m fine. It was good and no funky taste or color and it hadn’t been wrapped special at all.

        So I can say that chocolate candy bar is good at least 3 years after it’s date.

        Once I hid Easter chocolates in the garage in a cooler and when I went out to get it to play the “bunny” it had all melted. We had a warm spell that had nuked it all. I don’t think that chocolate is quality chocolate cause it had turned kinda whitish and didn’t really taste great. And that was all within a week.

        So store the good stuff! Or cocoa powder which stores a long time and has lots of uses.

        • Well, I had a huge high quality chocolate bar that went stale fairly quickly (few months). But yes, some very old baking chocolate lasted longer. It may be more than quality here, perhaps it’s percentage of fat or milk ingredients or nuts or?

          • Soggy Prepper says:

            Natalia, you blew my theory! lol

            My 3 year old chocolate bar was from Germany, (creamy goodness of love!) not german baking chocolate. Wasn’t sure I made that clear. As hard up for chocolate as I can get I’ve never ate baking chocolate! ~grin

            I had some white chocolate almond bark go bad in about a year. Yes, I tasted it. Yes, washed my mouth out.

            • haha! I wonder whether there’s some research online anywhere that can say just what the important factors are, and what would help the best kind to last even longer.

  132. MamaBetsy says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted! DD #2 is now home from rehab and is doing great–going to her meetings, meeting new clean and sober friends, back in church and wanting to serve the Lord. I’m one happy mama. So now we have 4 adults in our happy household, and it’s a little cramped. We are building a new master bedroom, including a 2nd bathroom and a LARGE storage closet. Should be done in about a month or 6 weeks.

    DH has been busy in his “therapy center,” the garden. We are planting the regular things–green beans, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. But this year we have also added strawberries, a few potatoes, and broccoli. We will also plant sweet potatoes when the slips are available. Our granddaughter wanted her corn-on-the-cob, so she helped Poppy plant 3 rows of it over the weekend. I am asking for some blueberry bushes for Mother’s Day!

    Not much in the way of grocery store preps. Feeding two additional adults doesn’t leave a lot of extra money for extra groceries. They will both have jobs soon, though, so hopefully things will loosen up a bit financially. I did see that Homeland has a great 10 for $10 sale this weekend so I will try to make it out there to pick up some things.

    I was disapointed to discover that both Hunts and Del Monte have reduced the size of their “tall” cans of spaghetti sauce to 24 ounces, down from 29 oz and, not TOO long ago, 32 oz. I really miss those few ounces, as I am now feeding more people and it makes a difference. I may have to start using 2 cans instead of 1. Every time I try to stretch it with a little plain tomato sauce, everyone notices it and complains!

    Hope all is well with the Wolf Pack. I will try to check in more often, but my life is usually not really my own! Two recovering addicts under one roof sometimes makes things a little chaotic! Please pray that God give me wisdom to deal with the issues that arise,”one minute at a time.”

    • I keep a large container of Italian Seasoning and if I run out of spaghetti sauce I use regular tomato sauce with lots of Italian Seasoning and garlic added…garlic powder in a pinch but fresh-grated makes it pop–super easy and, I think, better than prepared sauce, as you can add more of the seasonings and make it stronger flavoured. Perhaps you could try adding those two items next time you have to stretch the sauce? Sorry if this is old hat to you.

    • mamabetsy…will pray for you, and your family.

      Strength and courage – cheers.

    • Ready2Go says:

      Add a bit of sugar or honey and some Italian seasoning along with the tomato sauce…they will love it.

  133. To the Wolf Pack and especially those in Texas, a friend Officer Jaime Padron of Austin Police Department was killed in the line of duty today. We served in the Marines together, he was a father of and a loving wife. Please keep them in your prayers.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Will do.

    • Copperhead says:

      Have heard that on my news today. So sorry for him and his family…quite senseless. His two little girls and wife and rest of his family are in my prayers. My sympathy to you, too, Jarhead o3.

    • I read how it happened. Very Sad. Many prayers out to his family.

      • Mexneck, if I could be given 5 minutes with the guy (like every other officer in the area wants) I know he will be give head of the line service for an execution. I saw the guys picture, he better not plead insanity.

    • cosmolined says:

      Crap. Prayers sent.

    • Jarhead…sincerest condolences on the passing of your friend….will pray for his family to get through this tough time, and for strength for the widow to carry on raising the children. Lord hear our prayers.

      • jarhead- i am sorry to hear about the policeman- my son is a cop too and i an sensitive to those that serve us

    • worrisome says:

      So sorry Jarhead. Prayers for all of you!

    • BamaBecca says:

      prayers for the family and for you Jarhead. This is so sad.

    • Encourager says:

      Jarhead, so sorry to hear about your friend. Am praying for his family – and for you. Blessings.

  134. Jarhead: will do. So sorry to hear. I have a son who is a cop and it’s a constant worry in the back of my mind.

  135. Lantana says:

    Officer Padron’s family has been in our prayers since the news first broke here; you will be too, as you mourn the loss of your friend and fellow Marine.

    Texas has suffered a tremendous blow, to lose such a fine man.

    • Lantana, thanks. Its such a smaller world when someone you know is over 1,000 miles away and it has been good to hear the employees tackled him. One thing I know about Texas is justice will be served.

  136. charliebuck says:

    Jarhead,sorry that you lost your buddy,and that his family lost a husband and father.My wife is in law enforcement and it worries me to no end.There are too many criminals out there,and the sad part is they seem to have more rights than those who don’t break the law.We need to start hanging them like they did not so long ago.Your friend and his family,and you also,are in my prayers,brother.Be Safe.

  137. grannyj says:

    Prayers have gone up to our Heavenly father for Officer Padron and his family. Today is Easter, and the Resurrection of Christ! We know he is in Heaven with Jesus!

    Happy Easter to all, and on a note of concern – did I miss something? today is Sunday, and I see no WDYDTPTW posted for yesterday. Is MD ok? or is my computer wonky?

  138. Jarhead
    So very sorry for your lost and the lost to the family. May God Bless this family with happiness and courage to follow on.

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