What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start today, I would like to extend a huge thank you to MsFedUp and Lee O for their generous donations this week via PayPal. It is folks like you that keep this blog running and free, for everyone else. Thank you…

This week, I’ve received several e-mails from readers asking me to provide them with my affiliate link back to Amazon.com, so that I could  receive a commission on their purchases there, thus allowing them to support the blog without actually spending any extra money.

If you want to help support the survivalist blog and the Wolf Pack  through your purchases at Amazon.com than please bookmark this link and use it as your regular Amazon entry point.  It will cost you nothing extra when you order and I will get a small commission from each sale that will be used to keep the survivalist blog up, running, and free for you.

Speaking of Amazon.com sales, while going over my affiliate commissions and orders summary, I noticed something strange or at least I thought it was strange.  What I noticed was that when I link to my new book “31 Days to Survival ” readers clicking the link through to Amazon.com have actually bought more copies of James Wesley Rawles’s book How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times  than copies of my book “31 Days to Survival” over the past several weeks.

However, according to my reports from Paladin Press sales of “31 days to survival” have been strong with the first printing already selling out.  So I think the answer to the dilemma is that readers of The Survivalist Blog dot Net and the Wolf Pack prefer  to order directly from the publisher rather than going through a second party (middleman) at Amazon.com.  However it should be noted that all copies of the book come from Paladin Press.

Okay let’s see, what did I do to prep this week?

  • Safeguard has agreed to send me one of their “Stealth Body Armor” vests for review. They have also donated another vest for our non-fiction writing contest, that vest will be rewarded to our first-place winner.
  • I spent a large portion of this week working around my property and in my garden.  And I’m happy to report that I got a lot done, and I’m even happier to report that I am going to take a break today.
  • This week I also ordered two more “Magpul AR-15 magazines” these are great magazines for the AR-15 and have my highest recommendation.
  • I also bought five boxes of “308 – 180 gr SP – Federal Power Shokammo for my Savage Scout rifle.

Well, that is it for me – what did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. BamaBecca says:

    Got some bad news today. As of Friday evening the dh will no longer have a job. His boss is shutting down all of his trucks due to diesel prices. He just can’t afford to run them anymore. its been tough enough with me being laid off since Feb. Oh well, we’ll just tighten the belt a little bit more, thank the good Lord that I have preps…and not many bills anymore and see what He has in store for us next. I keep hearing Lintpicker telling me to stop worrying about a job cuz the Lord has plans….thank you Lintpicker…and wherever you are…say a prayer for us and I’ll be saying one for you as well!

    • Prayers for you and your DH, BamaB. Keep on thinking creatively–this may be the good Lord’s way of opening a door to something you would not have considered before.

      • BamaBecca says:

        Thank you for the prayers Lantana. I know that God has something better in mind for us 🙂 A while back, I would have truly panicked. But although I am a little nervous, I know that God has plans. He has ALWAYS taken care of us before…and He will continue to do so….and we have been in some pretty tight spots before. I’m just gonna keep a closer eye out for that “new” door 😉

    • village idiot says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, BamaBecca. If you would be willing to move to the Ark-La-Tex, your husband would have no problem getting a job. There is a huge oil and gas boom going on here, and I heard an add on a radio station today begging for drivers. This was in Shreveport, but there are driving jobs all over the area. If you can’t leave Alabama, I will be praying for your husband to get a new job there. And for strength and wisdom for you both. Keep the faith.

      • BamaBecca says:

        Shreveport? hmmm That is certainly an idea. Thank you very much! I really prefer to stay here if at all possible though, but we’ll explore some different options as well. I have 6 grandbabies that I would HATE to leave…and with things getting so bad, I want to be close to my kids just in case. I know they aren’t prepping…and no matter HOW old they get, my “mama” instinct is as strong as ever! We would have to scratch and scrape to feed them all, but I’ll do my darnedest to be here for them no matter what if and when TSHTF. Plus my mom isn’t in very good health and I wouldn’t feel comfortable being so far away from her. We’ll just do a lot of praying and see what God has in store. Thanks, all, so much for the thoughts and prayers!

    • Plant Lady says:

      BamaBecca: I feel for you! The same thing happened to us about 4 yrs. ago at this time of year, the first time diesel prices skyrocketed. The company my husband drove for had to close its doors after 65 yrs. That was our real wake-up call that started us seriously prepping. Luckily we had a little savings, but not much, as at that point I hadn’t been working for 2 yrs. since i was caring for MIL 24/7. Hubby took a couple months off and we got a lot done – enlarging the garden, building the chicken coop and getting chickens, started planting fruit trees and bushes, etc. Luckily, good drivers are always in demand and he soon got another job…a better job! Now he is home almost every night, where before he was usually gone Mon.-Fri. And he is usually a lot closer to home when he is out, since he hauls “trains”, which are two trailers. Due to weight restrictions he rarely goes out of state. That sure is a blessing for me, since I get a little break in caring for his mom when he is home. Sure seemed like a tragedy when it happened, but it sure worked out for the best!
      So try not to worry too much…and if you get desperate, let me know. The company hubby works for is alway hiring…they haul mostly steel. Of course, with a name starting with “Bama” you might not like moving north into snow country…

      • BamaBecca says:

        Plant Lady, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I just told dh the same thing last night. He has been working 6 days a week and there are some things that need doing around here that I really need help with. I told him that maybe we could take a week off and get them done, then start looking for another job. I DO have faith that the Lord will provide.

        LOL, as for “snow country” , I don’t know about that. He tried his hand at driving cross country a few years ago and loved it….until it got winter time and he experienced his first snow storm! It wasn’t long after that, he found a job closer to home. I still tease him about that. As for me, I lived a year in northern Utah…and although I LOVED the area….my blood is too thin for all that snow and cold! brrrr I still get chills just thinking about it! The Lord put me in the south for a reason! lol

        He does love to watch that show on tv about the “ice roads” but I don’t think he wants to give it a try himself. I WILL keep your offer in mind tho if things get to looking too bad.

        We’ve been talking for months about building a chicken pen and getting chickens, so hopefully “keeping my fingers crossed” we can at least get that accomplished. I haven’t had chickens in years…and I LOVE fooling with them. I also want a goat, mostly to help clean out some brush in back of the house for garden space, but he has hesitated because he hasn’t had time to build a shelter for it. With all the coyotes around here, I couldn’t just leave one tied like I’ve seen done by some people. The coyotes would get him for sure!

        God bless you for caring for your MIL….so many types these days wouldn’t bother. 😉 And thanks for the thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

    • I will say prayers for both of you as well. Like you said, “thank the good Lord I have preps”. Ain’t it the truth. If everyone would prep, the collective fear and anxiety of this country would go so far down! Might not have all that road rage, anger, etc that we experiance from so many folks “out there”.

    • bama…prayers for your financial situation to improve…rest in the Lord’s providence. cheers.

    • Mrs. Prepper says:

      Prayers for you and your DH for new employment quickly.

  2. Pineslayer says:

    Have to throw this out there…


    Makes me wish I lived out there, kinda. I have heard that this is great sale. I have lots of CS and they never disappoint.

  3. BamaBecca says:

    Ok you guys, I got a chance to use my hand cranked lantern last night, so I wanted to give you all a report on it. Until now, I had left it in the package, saving it for when SHTF. As most of you know, we bought a used rv last year to save money….and last night our inverter died. So…no power. With dh about to be unemployed, we aren’t sure what we’re gonna do, but for now we just have an extension cord run over to the neighboring rv spot. We are the only ones living here, so that’s not a problem. I’m pretty good at improvising, so we’ll “make do” until we can get it replaced or repaired…..plus get some practice for an “off-grid” scenario.

    Back to the lantern: It took only a few cranks to get light and it has 3 different settings, but even on the highest setting, the light isn’t very bright. It would get you to the “outhouse” and back, if you had one, but I won’t plan on reading by it or much of anything else. The lantern is manufactured by Gordon and I bought it at Harbor Freight some months ago. The enclosed booklet says that you can get up to 100,000 hours of light with it, so I’ll keep it around just in case. I just won’t count on it for a main source of lighting in a SHTF scenario.

    Ok you guys, I’ll check back later! for now I have to unplug the computer and plug the fridge and freezer back up! lol This is gonna be interesting!!

  4. Carl in W.V. says:

    I see alot of people on here waiting for and/or backordering ammo. Don’t get me wrong I have done the same thing and even swore by some of those brands. But I am here to tell you that Wolf, Tulammo and MFS are some good ammo, clean ammo and pretty darn accurate. I shoot often and one of the biggest concerns I had was it will gum up the action with the laquer coating. NOT TRUE they don’t use laquer on the newer ammo and besides if you clean your gun after you shoot you you will never have a problem anyway. I just hate to see my new found family getting ripped off from lack of knowledge especially the new preppers. Buy yourself a box if your gun is not leaving extractor marks on the casing then it’s just fine to shoot. This ammo is not PROK range compliant.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      here is a video on Wolf ammo check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ZB3UfG960

    • Thanks Carl, I buy Wolf and other Russian for my SKS and AK never having an issue.
      I think most of the concerns have been for American manufactured 223 ammo. I bought 200 rounds of American Eagle 233 55 gr for $7 a box. A bit more than what I pay at gun shows but still affordable.

      Walmart carries the Tulammo but goes pretty fast.

    • Carl in W.V. ……
      I haven’t bought an AR in a couple of years now but the last AR upper I bought was a DPMS. The warranty specifically stated that if laquer coated ammo was found to have been used, the warranty was voided. I don’t believe Polymer coated ammo was available then. Perhaps Polymer coating is acceptable. Anyway, we differ in our regard for the Russian ammo 🙂

  5. Ok well to start off I went through a 32hour labor with my wife. She decided to go all natural. I cried worse then my son. And my arms were like jello. My wife also decided breast feed so we spent all night being woken up at 1 hour intervals. So I’m tired and going to bed again.
    Also ordered a ruger sr556

    • Luke….
      Congradulations to you and the wife. You’ve hot your work cut out for you for awhile!
      You’ll love the SR556…I do!!

    • Congratulations on the new baby!

    • Congratulations, Luke! Wonderful news!

    • BamaBecca says:

      congrats on the new bundle of joy Luke!

    • Copperhead says:

      Congratulations on the son, Luke! God’s blessings to you and your family.

    • Congratulations, Dad!

    • luke, congratulations on the birth of your son…am so laughing at your post…re ‘cried worse than my son’….and ‘I’m tired’….cheers.

    • village idiot says:

      Luke, congrats on the new bundle of joy that is soon to come. Oh, yeah, and on the new baby, also. Hahaha!

    • Mrs. Prepper says:

      Congrats on the new baby! Glad to hear DW is BF–it’s the best start in life for your son. Once routine is established, sleep should return soon. Have faith…the most precious joy of my life has been my 3 beautiful children that God has gifted me. The ROI (return on investment) would rival the greatest windfalls of Wall Street million fold. Enjoy every moment, even the sleepless ones…as they past oh too quickly. Today you’re holding him in your arms and the next they’re on the school bus and the next they’re 21. It’s a blink of time that you rarely notice the speed of it, unless it passes.

      • Mrs. Prepper says:

        Congrats also to DW on both the “all natural birth” and the BF. It’s nice to see more families opting for these choices (when medically appropriate of course) as our society isn’t always welcoming to these personal choices. As a mother of (2) 9lbs boys and (1) nearly 10 lbs girl who went “all natural” and BF all 3, I know what it’s like to do both, against the push/pull of others wanting me to do the opposite. Thankfully we are seeing more support of both natural birth and BF.

      • Encourager says:

        Lol, Mrs. Prepper – “Today you’re holding him in your arms and the next they’re on the school bus and the next they’re 21…”

        Oh, how I can relate. And how did I get to be so old?! I don’t feel like a senior citizen! Surely, there’s been a mistake somewhere….

    • Papabear says:

      Congrats Luke! We went natural on our 2, and home schooled them. That was a really long time ago. Watching the GS grow is almost as exciting.

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Congratulations Luke and wife! You’ve just had an experience you’ll remember “forever”. There is nothing like having a little one of your own to bring out all the best in you. I still laugh when remembering some of my mom’s comments coming out of my mouth….especially the “dumb” things I swore I would NEVER say! Enjoy!

    • Encourager says:

      Congratulations and God’s blessings to both you and your wife, Luke! So, what are the stats??? Just like a guy, details aren’t important, lol!! And what is the baby’s name???

      Forgetta-bout the sleep. It will be non-existent for about six weeks!

  6. Today’s books:


    Healing Herbs & Spices : Health Benefits of Popular Herbs & Spices Plus Over 70 Recipes To Use Them In


    Build Your Own Super Chicken Tractor


    How To Forage For Free Food – The Let’s Get Foraging Recipe Book (this is a recipe book to accompany the foraging book I posted the other day. Please note “Grandma”‘s review lower down the page for info on British to US terms.)


    Hair Gone Wild! Recipes & Remedies for Natural Tresses

    Build Your Own Automatic Seed Sprouter



    -What Came After


    There are also two prequels to the above book, though I don’t know how much they will be about our interests, I thought I’d include them because they relate to the above book, and you can decide:
    The Mechanic (Stories from the days before What Came After)
    Silence (Stories from the days before What Came After)


    speculates on what would happen to our advanced society if a Solar Flare burnt out our electric grid and reduced us to an 1850’s level of technology. The book explores how people and governments would react in the final week before the CME impacts earth.

    I haven’t read any of these books yet. Hope someone finds some of them useful.

    • JP in MT says:

      Thank you for the links. You are better at finding these than I am!

      • JP, you’re very welcome. I am slightly OCD about checking for books for myself every day; I use ereaderiq dot com, and as I’m checking anyway, I keep my eyes out for them. I bet I miss some though–make sure you post any I miss, okay? Thanks for your comment. 🙂

    • thank you so much natalia for your posts esp on free books- i love my kindle and really hope i dont lose the ability to have it if and when tshtf- although my hubby- rightly so- said i wont have time to read it…..but i got a solar charger usb just in case- at harbor freight and it works great- i use it daily to charge my cell phone and mp3 and my kindle when it needs it

      • I like the idea of a solar charger. As long as the kindle doesn’t break down and you can’t repair it, and there isn’t such a strong EMP that would stop it (I’m pretty ignorant about what they would and wouldn’t stop) there’s no good reason it shouldn’t keep working. It won’t need internet to work because all those books will already be on it. You may not have time to read it; then again, if you’re hunkering down you may have way too much time on your hands and it’d be a great help. Thanks so much for the reply and I’m glad you can use them. 🙂

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    You pour guy! You have an overactive imagination.

    Congratulations to she who walked the walk, and to her decision to ‘go natural’.

  8. congrats- i hope baby and mom are doing well- i am glad to see mamas still doing natural childbirth and still breast feeding- i did both with all my four kids
    breastfeeding is a lot easier than bottlefeeding on both mama and dad

  9. my real name? says:

    Little behind on posting. Gotta catch up on WDYDTPTW x3.
    Berkeys, check
    2000 gal water storage, check
    vacuum sealed (into manageable qt size) 100+ lbs asst’d dried beans, check
    same with 50lb rice, check
    ditto 25lb oatmeal, check
    ammo, check
    also packaged grits, buckwheat, wheatberries, rye flour, check
    storage facility for over flow, check (DS said, what would happen if this somehow got on Storage Wars? I replied, I’d have to kill whoever got it & get it back! Was only partly kidding)
    3000 servings assorted breakfast foods, check
    5000 servings assorted lunch/dinner foods, check
    ammo, check
    sluce box, check
    accessories for essence extractor, check
    worm farm, check
    vacuum sealed 100+ sead packets, check
    75 lbs sugar, check
    50 lbs brown sugar, check
    75 lbs powdered milk, check
    50 lbs coffee, check
    20 lbs tea, check
    15 lbs cocoa, check
    15 lbs black pepper, check
    ammo, check
    cross bow + 4 dz arrows, check
    metal detectors, check
    30lbs dry pasta, check
    75 packages veggie mix, check
    12 #10 cans instant potatoes, check
    ammo, check
    slingshot, check
    crank radio, check
    did I mention ammo?

    With what we already have, we have only a few things left to get.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Your last line, “…we have only a few things left to get.”
      Hahahaha! I had to laugh.
      Your a prepper! I don’t ever really think preppers are ever done.
      There is always something else that pops up that you hadn’t thought of and the list just keeps going!

      Although your done list for the last 3 wks had me drooling.
      On the coffee, did you buy from a special place like in a bag? or did you load up on canned coffee?

      • my real name? says:

        LOL yes, the prepping never truly stops. I realized there was a lot I left off the list too. We’ve taken a strange way to look at our preps. Even though we will have power via generator/solar, we have decided to go with “if we lived in 1830 what would we use?” and took it from there.
        As far as the coffee, we have in the 3lb cans, 1-5lb bags whole bean (we have an old fashioned hand crank grinder), some plain instant as well as a few cans of “fufu” flavored. We are lucky to have 2 local stores that sell grocieries & sundries 20-80% below retail, just need to watch for pull dates & badly dented cans. Most of their stuff is overstock, mishipment, or liquidation from closing stores.

        But they don’t sell ammo : (

    • my real name? says:

      that would be seed packet (heirloom of course) not sead.

  10. village idiot says:

    Congrats on the new prepper, er…son, Luke. Nice rifle, one of my sons has one of them. And get some sleep, you’ll need it, lol.

  11. JP in MT says:

    I wanted to let the Pack know I was just at WalMart. The Quick Clot (25g) were on cleanance for $5 each. Curad Silver Solution (1 oz) is on clearance for $3. These prices are about 50%.

  12. hello to one and all…welcome to all the new cubs, prayers for those who are sick and on their way to healing…

    Had to attend to some work – and decided to leave my wireless and laptop here as I knew I would be just too tired at night to log on…departed Easter Sunday or Monday – have to check my diary, and too late now to do it as almost midnight Thursday – want to get this posted, as I have just scrolled through all the posts.

    While was staying in the house – only took my swag, battery radio, LED string lights, a bag of clothes/toiletries and stuff I needed for work. Had my kitchen backpack – but never used it.

    Had all my meals at the local pub – much easier than trying to prepare my own food, when too busy doing other things…anyway, onto preps, as best as I can recall at this late hour…

    more TP.
    assorted hybrid seeds,
    pillar candles,
    fishing hooks and swivels

    plus other bits and pieces – receipts still in car – and can’t remember all of it.

    I decided to drive home at 6.30pm – for the past 2 nights have really been wanting to log in, and thought about going to an internet cafe…but drove home instead…will be driving back Saturday morning early, and will be away for a few days again.

    Short post for me tonight – have only received news on radio – no input from internet…that will have to wait for tomorrow. catch up next time…cheers.

    • cosmolined says:

      I’m sure happy to hear from you! Get some rest. See you soonest. Cheers! Cos

      • cos, thanks…most days/weeks can prep to my hearts content – spending hours vac sealing, dehydrating and moving stuff etc…

        and other days/weeks have to attend to more mundane things, like making sure my income streams continue. And it takes me away from checking into the blog and see what everyone is up to…

        lots of house inspections, and getting stuff ready for tax time – also gearing up for camping and rogaining (like orienteering). If I can will attend the event on the 28/29 of this month.

        So, if I don’t check in as often as usual, it’s because I am out and about exercising and getting my fitness up to another level…and also want to attend the up-coming caving events…only time to do caving here is in winter.

        Having said all that, I overdid it physically Easter Monday and the following 2 days – still recovering, it is a bummer to get old, the body just needs to be pushed that much harder.

        I tried out my camping mattress I bought a few weeks ago…so good to sleep on – am still sleeping on it, as just got back to my work area, and this time I brought my laptop and wireless connection with me.

        Found out the chef at the pub where I have my lunch/dinner makes a great beer batter (love battered fish) – and I have had to have a little cat-nap each afternoon, now I realize it may be the beer affecting me, and not the fact that every muscle in my body is still aching from overwork.

        Great to hear how everyone is going…some of my posts haven’t made the jump through cyberspace…

        Jarhead…hope you got my post re condolences on the passing of your friend/fellow marine/LEO…our toughness is counterbalanced by our sensitivity – so I understand the hurt/loss/pain you are feeling – know that he is in a better place now and watching over his family.

        cheers to all…

    • village idiot says:

      chloe, what up, girl? Sounds like you had an adventure or two the past few days. Glad you made it home safe.

      • VI, thanks…decided to drive back to my retreat Thursday night – very windy and rainy here…so good to sleep in my own bed in my caravan (even though have the 4 b/r house to stay in here).

        Fed the wild birds – seeing greater numbers of the birds now, so it is good that I can supplement their feeding needs…I often imagine how hard it would be for me if I had to rely on foraging skills.

        Collected my mail and drove back again this morning – it is now 22:30hours Sat – so, am tired.

        For the past 4 months I have been making notes about the terrain/routes I usually take…and it is amazing how much more I am actually seeing and paying attention to now…it just takes time to train the mind/eyes to see the terrain as it is, and not just as the view out of my car window…

        guys if I don’t post as often, it’s because I’m doing different prep activities for the different season – have to use the cooler months, as we have a dry winter – and very wet summers – so, only have a couple of months to get so much fun and prepping stuff done.

        cheers and take care all – prep on.

        Mt Woman…read your post – I really need time to respond to it, gave me much to think about…so, in the interim – well done…till next time. cheers.

        I haven’t been able to read/catch up on all the articles…will get to them later…best wishes to all who need them, and prayers for the ill and those who are feeling burdened.

  13. Yadkin Girl says:

    As always, a lot of good prepping going on!

    We did little as I fell down the stairs last week and have been unable to walk very well. One positive thing about this, and I am sure you ladies will get this, is my husband has done all the cooking, shopping and cleaning!

    Anyway, due to my accident, we didn’t get much accomplished. The lesson we learned was how quickly one of us could be unable to perform when TSHTF.

    After reading some of the Pack talk about C4, I asked my husband what it is and he told me it was a type of explosive and asked where I heard about it. I told him and showed him the book that was linked to it (a Ragnar Benson book). It was for sale at $50.00. So, he looked up the book and found it on a website called http://www.scribd.com
    I am unsure if you need a Facebook account for this (my husband has one and that is how he found this sight). For a $9 one moth trial, you can print out all sorts of things from this site and we printed this book (because, I guess, it is out of print). I found it a bit too much for us but there are a few things we learned and I know there are some in the Pack who are interested in such things so I thought I would share this.

    Also, and especially for BamBam and some other folks who asked me about my wood-fired brick oven, you can print plans to build your own oven from Forno Bravo. You can also print the plans from their site: http://www.fornobravo.com/pompeii_oven/pompeii_oven.html
    I read the plans and they are great! They have all the info you need to build an oven and they sell “kits” for them – I do not know how good the kits are. My oven is a bit different than theirs but these plane will walk you through the steps of building one and you can modify them as you see fit.

    After you read the plans you will see how it would be a chore to write an article for this site – there is a lot to it. Good luck and I hope many of you look up this site and start to build your own ovens. I love mine!

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Sorry for the mis-spellings. I guess I should review my comments better! I can attribute it to my pain!!!

      • Yadkin Girl,

        Don’t worry about the misspelled words–most folks here (myself included) can’t spell very well. LOL. My excuse is that I am dyslexic.

        Thanks for posting the link to the brink oven. I am going to look into this.

      • cosmolined says:

        Yadkin Girl:
        C4 is not for home brewing. Probably even posting that on the internet gets attention from folks you don’t want to know.(The ones who search 9 year olds at the airport.) It is a military explosive. Freedom of speech is eroding lately. Yes, I am paranoid, I grew up in a land where I could board a plane without taking off my boots. Be careful. God Bless, Cos

        • Yadkin Girl says:


          Thanks for caring and I will heed your advice. Personally, I have no interest in such things. Too dangerous and not my style. I thought I was being “helpful” to those who were talking about this subject on this blog…but, in hindsight, it was stupid.

          I do try and be helpful and share knowledge but some things should be kept to oneself.

          Thanks again for your comment.

    • I’m very excited for the brick oven directions! Thank you!

  14. A few new books today.

    Prep School: Prepping For Your Period (not just yours, of course, but any woman you are helping to prep for)

    The Worm Book For Beginners: A Vermiculture Starter or How To Be A Backyard Worm Farmer

    Herbs For Rock Gardens & Ground Covers

    Drought Tolerant Gardening: Plants for Desert and Water-wise Gardens (I haven’t read, don’t know if any are “useful” plants for survival, though)

    How to Hunt Deer – Whitetail Tactics

    How To Train German Shepherds : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Breed Specific Training Techniques


    Eden (Eden Saga)


    12|21|12 (apparently an excellent shorter story)

    Merry’s Marauders (Scenic Route to Paradise) (

    ********Because these WDYDTPTW posts are only once a week and after a while people must stop checking and people who want books might miss them (because most are only there for 24 hrs), I was thinking of starting a blog that posts them. Then people who don’t want to miss them could subscribe to so they get email notification (which will stand out from all the WDYDTPTW notifications so they can check them right away).

    I check these books for myself anyway, and as long as I do that I don’t mind also posting ones of this specific interest. I don’t have any vested interest in it, so it’s not for personal benefit. Does this sound like a workable idea?

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      OK – I just spent a ton of time hunting for your post and these book links so -Yes – I would appreciate a blog or something. Actually it would be nice if this blog had a way to search too. There is so much great info I find while I am traveling – then it is really hard to find it again when I get home. I try to cut & paste into an email to myself but sometimes I forget or don’t have a chance.

      • worrisome says:

        try using control + f and typing in a word or two of what you are looking for…….??

      • Thank you for the reply, S.H. I’m sorry it was so hard for you to find this, but I’m glad to hear you actually wanted to. 🙂

        So, I opened a new blog today for this purpose, in case it was wanted. Next time I find free books on Amazon that people here might like, I’ll put a post there. People can subscribe by email over there, there’s a place just at top right. M.D. will this be okay? If you have concerns, please hold this post and please let me know (maybe contact me by email?) . Should I still put the links on the comment on your blog so people don’t have to go to mine to get them?


        Yes, I made that up and thought it was clever. It’s for carrying (vehicle) useful things (utility) for this prep blog. Don’t anyone steal it, okay? 😉

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Thank you so much for finding these books for us! You are SOOO much better than I at this. I, too, would like a blog or some way to find you/your searches.

      • Thank you, farmmomwannabe 🙂 I just started one, just waiting for M.D.’s approval. If he is okay with it, my post with the link will appear just above under Suburban Housewife’s post. I’d likely also repost it on the new WDYDTPTWs,

        I appreciate the feedback. 🙂

  15. So for a little break in my work day, I wandered to the local SuperSaver grocery store. Kind of a fun way to pass a little time and get a short walk in, as it’s raining outside. Here’s what I got with the prices. It’ll all go into the food cache/rotation in my basement, everything listed has a shelf life (suggested) until 2014/2015.

    8 Cans 15 oz Van Kamp Pork ‘n’ Beans @ .45 per can (decent sale)
    2 Cans sardines in Oil @1.48 per – regular size can/not a great bargain, but looked really good
    3 reg. cans chunk lite tuna in spring water @ .75 cents per
    2 small cans vienna sausage @ .48 per
    1 can sliced beets @ .72
    1 can mixed vegetables @ .75

    Also, started my sourdough starter yesterday evening. Nice article on making sourdough bread a day or two on the main page. Also read about oven canning. Finally, considering doing some sun/outdoor food drying, especially beef and veggies….did some reading on that as well. Figured it would be fun and educational while helping me avoid the purchase of a food dehydrator until I can afford a higher quality one.


    • Hate to be seemingly going wild with prep items this week…but by telecommuting to work, I save about $30 a week on gas. I figure I can reinvest this money into preps, as it would have been gone to the fuel tank otherwise!
      ACE Hardware today, they have a $1 isle…you might want to check out at your local store. Some of the items I saw included spices/salt&pepper combos, catsup, mustard, emergency thread and needles, aluminum foil, utensils, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen pyroxide, antibiotic ointment, SPF 30 sport suntan lotion, fairly cheaply made rubber gloves (still have many uses) can openers (the old fashioned kind with a bottle opener on one end and pointed can opener on the other) and much more. It’s all obviously fairly cheaply made stuff, but can round out a B.O.B or overnight kit nicely. I picked up a handful of this type of stuff, along with a nice little waterproof, compact LED flashlight that also features a laser pointer for under $5.

      At Wally World, I added (for $1 or less each) 3 plastic rain ponchos, lip balm with sunscreen, bottle of aspirin and a little travel first aid kit for the car. Soon, both of our cars will ALWAYS be carrying a good, small LED flashlight, 3 rain panchos, emergency blanket, first aid kit and needle and thread, along with jerky, a can each of pork and beans and fruit cocktail and water.

      Also at Wally’s, picked up tampons for the wife (aren’t I nice?) an extra emergency blanket, batteries, 1 gallon of water ($1) small bag of jerky and M&M’s for the bugout bag, can of fruit cocktail, unscented baby wipes and Clorox wipes.

      Better be done for this week! BUT, my next purchase will be a camping stove…probably a Coleman. Going to garage sales to hopefully find one, but if not, good old Wally’s has them for around $35….two burner fold ups.

      Another future/soon purchase will be a dual fuel lantern. I like that you can burn either camping fuel or unleaded gasoline in them!! I also like the lanterns that have a top attachment for a burner for cooking. Don’t want to get caught all stocked up on rice and beans and no way to boil them.


      • Pineslayer says:

        Hey TomFish, I like your energy, full steam ahead! That stove purchase going to be Propane or Liquid Fuel? I have both and love the propane more, always looking for them at sales. 1 20lb tank last a long time.

        Any chances you are from the Indiana area?

        • Hey Bro…thanks for saying Hi. I saw a dual fuel stove or lantern from Coleman (can’t remember which) that would burn what Coleman sells as “Camping Fuel”, or would also burn unleaded gas. I know I’ll always have gas available, so it’s just a nice bonus. I do also have a Cabela’s smoker/Barbeque grill that will run on propane, charcoal and wood. I’m bigg into versatility!

          Thanks for the shout out,


  16. Backwoods says:
  17. Should I have getting a ham radio as a priority and if I should where is the best place to get one? I saw online that you have to have a license to have one, all the names are published with the addresses, that makes me nervous.

    • In my opinion, No. Don’t much like to talk to people now in a “normal” world. :o) I think a small radio that gets the emergency weather service would be a good idea, along with plenty of batteries, or hand-crank style. We got a hand held portable AM/FM/Weather battery op radio at a garage sale for almost nothing.


  18. Pineslayer says:

    Another reason Amazon could end up ruling the world…


    For this price you can afford to play around. Saw a guy on some site who turned this into a “go” gun. Had paracord, knife, and other goodies attached to the stock. Does anyone have hands on time with this stock?

  19. hey thanks for the co grats everyone
    my son just woke me up, he has alot of dry skin on his face that i think is starting to turn into a rash (interior Alaska has very dry climate). Anyone know something good for this? The hospital said to use aquaphor but it says its harmful if injested. Do yall know of anything i can use for this? I was thinking possibly burts bees products. Thanks yall. I truly appreciate it!

    • Aquafor makes a lip treatment, is that harmful to ingest as well?

      I found one article that said that udder cream is based on mineral oil. Mineral oil is usually next to constipation treatments, so swallowing a very slight amount shouldn’t hurt him. Another udder cream says that it’s got aloe vera, vitamin E, and lanolin in it, so maybe pop a vitamin E oil capsule on his face. You might even be able to find human-purpose udder cream, but that might be perfumed, and I found no statement on whether or not you can drink the cow’s milk after they have been treated.

      I think many sunscreens are also lotion-based, but I’m not sure about the toxicity. There may be formulas for babies.

    • charliebuck says:

      Luke,not sure for newborns,but pure Aloe Vera juice may safely heal the rash?I always keep a plant around and it works well for me.

    • worrisome says:

      How about A&D Ointment?

    • BamaBecca says:

      I always just rubbed my babies down with baby oil or baby lotion after their baths. They never had any ill-effects from it.

  20. BamaBecca says:

    Ok guys, I have a question for you. I’m not quite sure how I found it, but I came across a site called Activist Post and they have some pretty wild stuff on there like ” Chinese Troops Reportedly Amassing Near US-Mexico Border”. What I’d like your opinion on is whether or not (if you have even heard of it) you think this info is spot on or is this just one of those scare tactic, fact twisting, mostly bull sites. MD, I’d love your input here as well. I subscribed to their updates, but not sure I want to continue to receive them. If their info is reliable, sure….but we have enough to worry about with out totally off the wall stuff. I’m not the smartest cookie in the bag when it comes to deciding fact from fiction sometimes…and maybe that makes me look stupid, lol, but oh well….it is what it is. Looking forward to your replies.

    • BamaBecca,

      I’ve heard the statements being made by “anonymous sources” claiming that Chinese troops are amassing forces near US-Mexico Border. I call B.S. on this one. If you’ve noticed all of this stuff seems to come from “anonymous sources” unverified “anonymous sources” are a favorite tactic of Alex Jones and others. Most of this stuff is total B.S. with some having a small bit of truth with that has been stretched and twisted into a story for publicity and ratings…

    • I “worry” about this about as much as the Mayan Calander thingy!

      • BamaBecca says:

        I wasn’t really worried, just wanted to know if anyone else knoew anything about the site…and if it was mostly just hype or not. Thanks for the replies.

  21. Not so many books today

    Raised Bed Gardens – A Natural Solution For Proper Plant Growth

    Easy Camping Recipes from The Outdoor Princess: 33 Simple Camping Recipes


    The Mountain and the Flood

    Breakers (disaster, survival, then gets into alien stuff)

    As ever, I haven’t read these and can’t review their value.

    I’m also putting these on the new blog. If you sometimes miss these, you might want to subscribe to it so you’ll get notifications.

  22. M.D.,

    I couldn’t find the original comment when you asked if the terms “race motivated” or “hate crime” were used in the article. I had to go back and check and they were not. The journalist/editors danced around the issue of race. Here’s the article. It is shocking.