What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start today, I would like to thank Gilda T, Victoria S, Scott H for their generous donations via PayPal this week. Thank you it is appreciated. I would also like to thank “Dragon” for donating several items from his online store Pirate Personal Protection Services.

I would also like to thank those posting a review of my super-duper, one of a kind, must have prepping manual “31 Days to Survival” on Amazon.com. When looking over the order numbers, it looks like most members of “The Wolf Pack” have already ordered a copy of the book. Thank you pack, your support is appreciated and I hope every one of you find “31 Days to Survival” useful and that it becomes your go-to survival manual.

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Bought these tools... You can't have enough tools!


Installed this television antenna - now I can watch the news... Yes!


Planted these spruce trees - will grow to make a great windbreak and to offer concealment.


Completed framing the partition for my new survival library / writing studio...


Built this trellis for my Blackberry vines to grow along...


Planted two more blueberry and two raspberry berry bushes...

Fell these two trees away from my garden area...

Well, that is it for me – what did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…


  1. cosmolined says:

    M.D. A private note, if I may. Can you think of any way I can help Mtwoman with her tooth without this becoming a site for beggars?
    She is NOT asking for help, but I think I could pay for her tooth. Thank You Sir, John

  2. village idiot says:

    We are missing several people who have been sick. I hope they are lurking, and that nothing has happened. K Fields hasn’t posted this week, and pam s hasn’t posted in several weeks. I know there are many more, I hope and pray yall are just lurking and that nothing has happened.

    I also really miss Tom the Tinker, Lint, Lynda in Massachusettes, Mama J, Plant Lady, Lake Lili, Cliff, Repair Mama, Lynn, Luddite Jean, and several others I can’t think of. Please come back.

    • VI…and Templar Knight..hope they are all well…and if I recall…it is Lint’s birthday around this time of year..

      Happy Birthday –

      so much for Lint staying under the radar…but just had to mention it…keep that pink flashlight handy. cheers.

  3. Encourager says:

    I am TOTALLY P.O.’d. You ever had an uneasy feeling about something? Mine was about our home security. I thought we lived in a pretty safe neighborhood. Yet I had this nagging uneasiness. Well, tonight I found out that a man (27 y.o. now) who grew up on the property next to ours (which was sold and family built new house across the road) has been arrested for home invasion, felony firearms, and larceny of a firearm. So far he and his partner in crime have been linked to at least 6 home invasions, in at least 4 different townships around us and 4 different counties – including right down the street.

    I HAD been thinking of talking to his dad and his uncle and casually mentioning being prepared in an emergency. Thank God I never did it! Something always made me hesitate (thank you God!) This 27 y.o. man’s cousin died in 2010 trying to outrun a cop on a country road in the fog. He flipped his car and died at the age of 24. We are surrounded by this extended family. There are the grandparents who had 5 kids who ALL have houses within 1/2 to 1 mile of us. I am very glad we are homebodies and that we haven’t taken a vacation in 2 years. If we had, I am sure we would have been on his list, seeing as our home is isolated down a long driveway.

  4. Hey Wolf Pack, I thought I would share this info: Home Depot is having a free DIY workshop the next 2 Saturdays on building a raised gardening bed. I plan on attending the one this Saturday at a HD nearby. Here is the link: http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/catalog/servlet/ContentView?pn=HT_WS_WeeklyWorkshops

  5. Heads Up: FD Strawberries at Honeyville

    Freeze dried strawberries are on sale ($17.49 per can) at Honeyville and save 10 percent on your whole order with code “EARTH”.

  6. Because it’s so late in the day due to family visiting I’m posting the books here too.

    Just a heads up to MD and supporters. One of the books, World Financial Crisis, I am sure is plagiarizing our own MD’s 10 things to do now list. He’s changed some of the wording but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Maybe MD you could check it out and if that’s not you under another name and you didn’t give permission, you can report it to Amazon. Maybe supporters might leave a review or two if I’m right about this. I haven’t had a chance yet.

    Preparing for Off-Grid Survival: How to live a self-sufficient, modern-day life off the grid


    Sun Position – High accuracy solar position algorithms – a resource for programmers and solar energy engineers

    PERSONAL EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCES: Sylmar 1971, Santa Cruz 1989, Northridge 1994
    (including earthquake preparation)

    World Financial Crisis


    No Tomorrow

    • Natalia,

      Yep, he did – in fact he ripped off several sections of my blog. I don’t know why people do that sort of thing it is sad really. Just goes to show what kind of person this is… Shameful…

      Thank you for letting me know…

    • Kelekona says:

      Thanks for the book-links. It’s going to annoying to hubby next time I want to risk dual thumb-cramps. Apparently the best way to shunt books between accounts is to keep re-registering the damn keyboardless device so much that it gets confused to who it belongs to.

    • worrisome says:

      Sylmar 1971 and Northridge 1996…….I have personal experience of being right there……..As well as one in Tehachapi when I was little. Best advice…. secured everything standing up to the framing in your wall! Put a couple of boards across any open bookshelves so things don’t fall out. Stick art objects and such down with museum clay. Put locking pulls on all of your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Don’t put your bed under a window. Don’t be surprised when your refrigerator falls over and out here in California, when the government tells you to secure your hot water heater with straps to the wall? They are actually giving you good advice for a change.

  7. Hah, worrisome….

    I keep having earthquakes in places they shouldn’t be, about the only thing I’m willing to to do is chain a wrench to my gas-meter in case I have the urge to kill my feed and call the company to make sure everything re-lit right.

    I don’t let anyone sleep in DH’s office though… to many bookshelves that aren’t properly installed. There are about six wall-anchors and he’s not worried about how they are still in his desk.

  8. Yet another drunk revelation… don’t worry, all I did was spend an hour explaining to a perfectly fictional wizard about how to suppress hiccups.

    For the more intelligent out there… concentrating on any point of your rib-joints works, the solar plexus is just the most feelable one…

    Just use any relaxation technique you’ve heard of, concentrate on the spot that hurts when you hiccup, and your hiccups become suppressible.

    Yes, it took an hour to explain this to the fictional wizard, go fig.

  9. hi guys…gremlins in laptop again…none of my posts are making it…catch up again next time…cheers. Friday18:36hours.