What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start today, I would like to thank Gilda T, Victoria S, Scott H for their generous donations via PayPal this week. Thank you it is appreciated. I would also like to thank “Dragon” for donating several items from his online store Pirate Personal Protection Services.

I would also like to thank those posting a review of my super-duper, one of a kind, must have prepping manual “31 Days to Survival” on Amazon.com. When looking over the order numbers, it looks like most members of “The Wolf Pack” have already ordered a copy of the book. Thank you pack, your support is appreciated and I hope every one of you find “31 Days to Survival” useful and that it becomes your go-to survival manual.

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Bought these tools... You can't have enough tools!


Installed this television antenna - now I can watch the news... Yes!


Planted these spruce trees - will grow to make a great windbreak and to offer concealment.


Completed framing the partition for my new survival library / writing studio...


Built this trellis for my Blackberry vines to grow along...


Planted two more blueberry and two raspberry berry bushes...

Fell these two trees away from my garden area...

Well, that is it for me – what did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Not much to report this week. I am still waiting on my tomatoes to ripen. I found a recipe for a tomato-basil sauce that I am eager to try. I will be eating yellow squash from the garden this week. I am excited about that.

    I canned a couple of things this week: 7 pints sweet pickle relish, 13 pints pepper relish and 15 pints of corn relish. Mangoes were on sale this week so I picked up a dozen. I am going to make mango chutney today.

    With spring arriving a month early this year, vegetables from South Florida are coming in. There have been some excellent sales at the local produce market. I am excited to get back into canning mode.

    I had a talk with my dh about selling our home in suburbia and getting something a little smaller on a few acres. He was open to the idea. We prayed about it and are going to get an appraisal done on the property, just to see where we stand. I am seeing a future with chickens and pigs. We did agree that if we are going to pull the trigger and sell this place, we had better do it soon. Neither of us thinks the economy is improving. We think things are going to get worse.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Bam Bam,

      Pigs will root in the soil for grubs and worms and nuts. They will ruin any level piece of ground as this is their natural way of grazing. They can lift a 2 x 6 out of the dirt with ease with the end of their snout.
      Before getting pigs, talk to SEVERAL experienced swine raisers. We have a few Wolf Pack members who have posted how they take advantage of the pigs natural habits, but it takes a lot of knowledge to do it.
      If you intend to build a ‘hog tight’ woven wire fence, the hogs will find the lowest spot along the fence line and escape. Consider learning how to ‘ring’ a hogs nose; when and how to cut teeth.
      I was raised on a hog farm and would go back to it tomorrow if the chance came my way.

      How are you going to keep the anacondas and gators away from the livestock?

      • H-D,

        I have not thought that through yet. My dh is opposed to farm animals. I learned that as a teenager he spent his summers working his uncle’s dairy farm. I might have to tell him the chickens are pets. LOL

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Bam Bam,

          One legitimate argument your DH may have against having farm animals is that you have to feed and water them every day. Cows need milked 2 hours before you want to get up and they poop and you need a place to put it, all of it. No vacations to Alaska. A dog or cat can travel with you in your car, but porky and bossy and billy will not be potty trained.

          My BIL farmed corn and beans until he was too old to stay on a tractor all day. One year he raised pigs and hated the fact that he had to stay home to feed and water every day. He never had a farm animal after that but continued raising corn and beans.

        • MareBear says:

          Bam-Bam, I have a better plan then going to all that trouble and learning curve to raise hogs, buy silver quarters! Once you move to the country, find a nice old hog farmer whose wife has passed on and loves homemade goodies, ( my specialty is Sweet Potato Pie with a dash of Courvoisier). If that doesn’t work, cash always talk, trade your old silver quarters for his smoked ham and bacon.

          • MareBear,

            I make a mean sweet potato pie. And I’ve got seed sweet potato to put in when it gets too hot for my tomatoes–I fear that may be the end of May the way our weather has been going.

            I have learned that if I go to the country store on Saturday late mornings all the older farmers like to hang out and talk to people. I have learned more about farming in my part of Florida from men with no teeth than I have learned from all the books I’ve read. But they cautioned me against putting tomatoes in in February. Normally I wouldn’t put them in that early, but I had a feeling Spring was going to be very early. We have already had days over 90 degrees. It’s nuts.

            • MareBear says:

              Bam-Bam, you are in a cooler planting zone than I, so planting your sweet potatoes near the end of May will work. Remember to give them 120 days growing time. I have settled on growing “Beauregard”. I prefer them over “Bush Porto Rico.” I grow in two 4’x8′ beds and that is more than enough for a year’s supply for two adults. We harvested in October and just finished the last of the stored ones for Easter. I have several frozen 2-cup pkgs. to take me thru the summer. I have stored several tiny potatoes and will attempt to use them for starts in the next couple weeks. We have an out-of-control opossum problem to resolve before I plant. The beast is rooting in my raised beds. I just found out tonight that my adult step-sons have a ready market for fresh opossum, so once the beast is trapped, they will come retrieve it.

            • A ready market for possum? I thought you could get leprosy from eating possum. My uncle had a dead possum rot in his AC vent in his mobile home. I had to stick my hand down the vent and pull it out. I pulled and the tail detached from the body. He ended up tearing up a section of the flooring to get to the vent. Ugg. This is a memory better forgotten.

              I got sweet potatoes to use as starters from working 1800s farm, now a state parks. So whatever kind they are, they are acclimated to the area. I am worried it is going to get too hot too quick to have a good tomato harvest. We’ve already had several days in a row over 90 degrees. We hit 93 during the middle of March. That does not bode well for tomatoes continuing to set fruit.

            • village idiot says:

              Bam Bam, possums don’t have leprosy, it is armadillos that harbor it. And wow, that’s some story on the possum.

      • HD, isn’t that what Bam Bam’s small tank and pet cottonmouth are for?

      • arkieready says:

        I contained pigs in hog panel yards. T posts. with cattle panels laid downfor a “floor”. wired floor to walls. Walls to t post. they bent the heck out of the floor panels but couldnt get out. Lots of straw for bedding. And they could root in dirt. I previously had pigs with rings in snout burrow out under chainlink pen with barbed wired at the bottom with a hot wire just above the ground! Got out, tore up the garden, ate 30# of calf milk replacer and had diarhea inside the shop. Yeah.

        • IndianaAli says:

          We have chickens and rabbits and I highly recommend them for ease of care and the chickens produce plenty of eggs without the ordeal of butchering which is a plus. We also keep a beef cow and we butcher once a year for that and have one or two liters of rabbits that we butcher yearly. It is true that we can’t take any trips unless we get someone to help with the daily chores and are tied into watering and feeding daily in every type of weather… but that is what you get with livestock. You have to weight out the “return” against the work involved. Now my son on the other hand loves pigs, has about 6 of them right now and he also likes goats… so we can do some pretty good “trade offs” with meat between us. DH would like a mild cow but I am thinking that this is way to big of a committment for us… so for now we have been putting that idea on the back burner. Just do your research and don’t overextend yourself by getting too many animals at once.

          • IndianaAli says:

            OOPS, meant to say MILK COW… too early in the a.m, need another cup of joe.

          • Hunker-Down says:


            All those daily chores tend to instill a lifetime of responsibility in our young.

            • I have milked my grandmas cows and there is nothing wrong with a “mild” one. Got knocked on my butt and spilled a few buckets of milk till got the honery ones figured out. And grandma was no help as she was one that believed in letting you get the experience rather than telling you how to do it, which is not a bad thing , “learned ” a lot from grandma!!

        • recoveringidiot says:

          arkieready, when I was young and our neighbors kept hogs everybody had to fence the gardens. We had an electric fence charger that would burn weeds down. A young person that was supposed to be weeding in the garden and left the wire gate open would get whacked. I had some experience with the whacking part! Our neighbors hogs would inevitably root out and everyone is right, they can do some real damage. My mother liked her flowers and I don’t remember seeing her any more PO’d than when the hogs tore them up. We bought/traded a hog from this same guy every year and I remember her saying she hoped we got the one that rooted up her flowers.

          • Carl in W.V. says:

            I raise two every year i have a 6×8 concrete pad poured around 8 4×4 posts i use rough cut 2×6 on the inside of the posts for the 8 foot walls the bottom board being 4 inches off the ground so i can take a water hose and spray it out every couple of day’s.The end walls i use 2×4. So after my concrete was dry I put the 2×4 on the end walls about 1 inch off concrete floor then i put 2×6 on long wall then 2×4 on short wall then 2×6 on long wall until it’s 5 to 6 feet tall then i put rough cut wood on roof covered with tin. There is a good air flow gap between boards and since they are stacked on inside of 4x4s they can’t push there way out. clean up is a snap. I put my door on the six foot wall between 4x4s it’s 3 feet wide plenty big enough just off set the end wall 4×4 to allow for it . hope this helps if you have any questions just ask i have a real working homestead and have been through lost’s of trial and error.

          • axelsteve says:

            When I was a small kid a friend of my dad worked at a golfcourse in Novato calif. Wild or feral pigs were tearing up the course so there was a pig hunt to stop them.His friend almost totaled his old porsche hitting one on the road.

            • My dh and I were driving back from the ocean one day and we almost hit a family of feral pigs. The sow must have weighed 800 lbs. She was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. The whole family ran right across the road. So far living in Florida I have tagged a deer (totaled my truck), and almost hit a gator, a family of pigs and a black bear cub.

      • I have to agree with everyone, if you choose to have livcstock, and if you choose to milk, o my, you are locked to the land in a wya that can be both lovely and so! tiring at the same time.

        If you are going to get pigs, you must put the time, effort and money into a way to contain them as they are excellent as breaking out and they can indeed do alot of damage in a very short time.

        A guy down the way, lost his “pet” pig, and it took months to trap it and the damage it did was amazing! I have turned the air blue around here a few times when DH lets the pigs out a few times to and then got distracted before putting them into their working pens, they are fast and repairing their damage is time consuming in pastures.

        On the flip side, if you have the right equipement and training done, they make amazing farm helpers.

    • Bam Bam,
      You stated, “I will be eating yellow squash from the garden this week”? Well, I will be planting yellow squash in the garden next month. LOL.
      Could probably plant a little earlier, but with all of the warm weather, we’ve still had a few nights with a rather hard freeze, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

      • worrisome says:

        I will be lucky to be eating yellow squash in July………sigh

        • Worrisome, did the storm that hit us on Friday down here hit you up there? Loving it but figure you are done with it.

          • worrisome says:

            Yep Jarhead, it did indeed and yep Jarhead as much as water “should” always be welcome, when it comes down in sheets for several days in a row, it is just plain a nuisance! :_)

            • Worrisome,

              I am glad to hear you and yours are okay and the storms were just a nuisance.

      • bam bam and ohio prepper- here in tx we will be eating yellow squash this wek and be getting cucumbers big enough to can pickles and the jalepenos are coming in good too- so my first year trying canning should be interesting.
        hubby killed two gophers in the garden- we got traps like he remembered as a kid but setting them up as instructed didnt work so he set them up as he remembered and they worked- so listening to the old timers is a really great idea
        we had a hard week last week so didnt get our food packaged like we hoped- i bought a few more things at the grocery store and we went camping- havent determined how much water hubby and i actually use but the horses used 20 gallons this weekend- i hauled the water and my arms are very tired- the buckets were only 2 1/2 to 3 gallons. need to start lifting weights i think
        hope everyone has a good week this week

        • Mama,

          I think the easiest pickles to can are bread & butter pickles. You just prepare the brine, dice the cucumbers, onions and peppers and cook for a few minutes. Then can in water bath canner.

          Here is my favorite book on water bath canning.

          The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: Over 300 Recipes to Use Year-Round by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard (Mar 16, 2007)

    • Bam Bam,
      Good for you and glad DH is on board. I too am looking forward to fresh chicken in my diet. DW laughs at me because she has raised chickens and goats before. She’s up for chickens but she says if I get goats she’s moving to a condo downtown. Must have had a bad experience with them as a child.

  2. Michigan Bob says:

    This week I purchased an axe, a dozen snares and a cargo carrier for my little SUV. The best thing I did to prepare this week was to read Mr. Creekmore’s newest book 31 Days to Survival. A great read and lots of good common sense ideas… Bravo M.D.

    • Michigan Bob,

      Thank you, and I’m glad that you liked “31 Days to Survival” please if you have time post a short review.

      • grandma shortie says:

        I would like to order your newest book “31 days to survival”. You mentioned that it was available on Amazon .How do we let them know that we saw it on your wonderful site?

        • grandma shortie,

          Thank you – just click the link in this post through to Amazon.com where you can order the book…

          • grandma shortie says:

            Thank you so much, I am looking forward to reading it.
            I love reading all of the comments and post on your site. I have learned lots and lots from all of them. I have been hesitant to comment, but think I have been lurking in the shadows long enough. So Here I am!

            • farmmomwannabe says:

              Welcome, Grandma Shortie, from a recent lurker! You will love it here, they’re quite friendly and knowledgeable! : )

  3. riverrider says:

    hi all. prayers to those that need it, and those folks in the tornado zone today. good week of preps. made a panic buy from ee of 175lbs rice, 125lbs beans and 40lbs oats as well as a few mre side items for the ghb’s. ordered 840rds of 5.56 from ammoman, its already shipped. finally felt comfortable enough to dive into the silver pool. the dw said she had some “old money”. thinking it couldn’t be much of value, i finally checked it out. she had a nice little collection of everything from nearly uncirculated morgans to a couple of silver nickels. inspired me to start my own collection:) …..per sootch on youtube, i crossloaded a big ammo can with a variety of ammo and another with various mags, the idea being if i had to bug out really fast and could only take what i could carry in one trip out the door. it would suck to find that the weapon i had grabbed didn’t fit the mags/ammo i had grabbed in the dark on the way out the door. sootch suggested doing all your ammo this way, but i like to keep mine seperated so i can tell how much i have at a glance.ymmv ….also i needed some small ammo cans, but shipping was outrageous, so i consolidated my ammo into what boxes i had and wound up with 5 small ones empty….i re-arranged our camper, set it up so the bed folds up against the wall. this allows for more storage. i built cabinets and shelving in several locations as well as a hidden compartment for long guns n such. after vacation season it will be stocked for bugout….started an altoids tin survival kit. thats about it this week. take care n stack it high.

    • village idiot says:

      Great job, river. You’ve loaded up on food and ammo, so I guess the Trayvon affair had something good come from it. Prices are only going to go higher in the future. I’ve been buying a little silver, very little, over the past few weeks as the price has gone up and down. I’m pretty sure that whatever I buy will go up in value over time unless we have a deflation, which is highly unlikely dang near impossible with Ben at the helm of the Fed. I noticed a couple of Fed Governors proposing more QE unless the economy started picking up soon(that’s political speak for whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected). A lot of the recent growth was forward demand because of a warm spring, and now demand is slacking off for consumer goods other than guns and ammo(haha). Ain’t no slacking of demand there I can tell ya. Expect an announcement soon on another round of QE, in the neighborhood of $800 billion to $1.2 trillion. Or maybe a little less if the stats get better before they pull the trigger.

      I also have a large ammo can with several boxes of all my common calibers mixed together. So, if I can only grab one, this is the one I get. All the ammo in this can is the good stuff, either soft point, hollow point, or enhanced(tracer and AP). I thought it was a good idea.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, roger that. the trayvon affair got me off the fence. i may be broke but i’ll eat and shoot for a while:) on the silver thing, what got me going was over at acceptthechallenge blog, the guy was saying tptb are talking electronic money again, cash outlawed. its been tossed about for years but w/ app for phones able to swipe a card it will be more feasible to pull off. you’ll need silver or barter to get anything other than approved/taxed transactions. brazil’s pres hammered tdl over the fed actions, tdl blew him off like it was a joke. from what i read, the world is hating on us because it hurts their economy somehow. i don’t see any way it can last much past the election. that said, folks are out spending like hell, on what, i don’t know.

        • village idiot says:

          R, it will only be a matter of time before we are no longer the largest market in the world. When that happens, the dollar will be dropped as the reserve currency, which will have implications the dumb asses(tptb) can’t comprehend. They think this is some sort of game they’re playing, but the wealth of the entire US will be destroyed. And people are going to be pissed. They will try to blame it on the bankers, etc. but the truth is that the bankers can do nothing without the pukes in DC/NYC/LA/Chicago implementing and encouraging it. And getting rich in the process I might add.

        • axelsteve says:

          I think our secret service agents contributed to brazils economy from what I heard.Kinda funny I see the word vice in secret service.Well tdl gets to take the credit for that one.

        • worrisome says:

          No….TDL is busy in Cartagena making fun of all of us out here who have been objecting to the expensive vacations he and family are taking……….check out his interview with Chris Mathews for confirmation on this. Glad he is so patronizing of us taxpayers, the jerk!

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        QE3, because 1 and 2 worked so well, right? I don’t know why no one sees Quantative Easing for what it really is: an immoral, evil, desperate robbery of anyone holding a dollar in there pocket….

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Sounds like you had a pretty good week of it my friend. I love the idea of a single can of all your calibers. I would’ve never thought of that (just another reason I love this site). I love silver, I’ve been an advocate of its stocking for a long time (mostly bc I can’t afford gold lol). I think everyone should hold at least 25 1oz coins, three 5 oz bullion bars, and $50 face value in junk. Just my .2 (a lot of this comes from my humble opinion that I’m prepping for an economic collapse/hyperhyperhyper inflation SHTF scenario).

      • riverrider says:

        tin, it wasn’t too good on my savings account, but heck its losing money as it sets there anyway. that is a nice goal to work toward. i’m skipping the bars tho, as folks around here won’t know/trust them. i’m specializing in silver halves right now, with the occasional silver eagle. i’m not going to fret the ups n downs, just get what i like. i’m putting my monthly savings into it, not from my present account, so if it goes lower i won’t worry about it. just wish i could stop the rest of the hemoraging from the account.

        • Carl in W.V. says:

          RR, Let me recomend provident metals for buying silver I have had great success using them. http://www.providentmetals.com/coins/us-silver-coins/coin-90-silver-us-junk.html

          • riverrider says:

            carl, thanks. i have heard ups and downs on them, but i’m planning on getting my eagles from them soon.

          • Tinfoil Hat says:

            Provident has always been good for me, though eBay is much cheaper for buying junk…

          • this just doesn’t seem like a good investment though. I checked out the site and one thing that caught my attention was…

            90% Junk Silver US Coins | $500 Face Value …. that will cost you $11,364.93

            That just doesn’t seem like a prudent way of spending over 11 grand. Especially if what you’re buying only has a $500 face value.

          • JP in MT says:

            Provident Metals is my got to source too. I occasionally get some from a local dealer, and that’s cheaper, but that is only when he happens to get some in. If I want to plan for what I’m getting then I go with Provident.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          Hemhoraging? Nonsense! Haven’t you heard Chairman Bernankes briefings? There’s no inflation. Calm yourself, and just continue to buy. After all, the only folks effected by inflation are the people who save their money anyway, so, that’s what you get for not spending .

          My Dad taught me the value of hard money early on. It’s the only part of my preps I feel pretty darn secure in, but it takes a while to get there, just like with anything else. You are right, a lot of folks won’t trust bullion bars, but I like to think its worth having a few around for instances where junk and 1 oz’ers won’t cut it. Good inflation hedge if nothing else. YMMV. I don’t really sweat the ups and downs of it either. I just know that when I REALLY REALLY need it, I’ll be glad I have it. Silver eagles are amongst my favorites, but Maple Leafs have a bit of a better reputation, IMHO. But silver is silver, in the end…

          • village idiot says:

            Tinfoil, my favorite way to own silver is American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. Both of these coins are magnificent. Throw in some junk silver and a few silver dollars, and one is pretty well set. I would rather have small gold coins than silver bars if you need something to store a lot of value. jm2c.

          • axelsteve says:

            I think Bernake is related to Baghad Bob.

          • was reading your posts on silver and finally looked at the link – now I’m not an accountant so bear with me.

            I buy a walking liberty 50 c piece valued at a dollar for 23.xx (the rate for the mount of silver. Descroption says the coin has .315xx amiunt if sikver but earlier on it says .715.

            So, I need to buy something for 2 bucks – hand them a coin worth a 1 face vlaue – that I paid 23 plus for….ok Im stupid – I dont see any value in that. especially since I probably won’t get any change… lol

            Please enlighten me. As I said – Im stupid about this type of transaction.

            • sorry for the typos – using a small netbook instead of a full size keyboard.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              The coins themselves are not ever meant to be spent for there face value. What gives them value is there silver content. The general notion is that, as the dollar or other currencies inflate, folks look towards commodities to save there wealth from what is quickly a deteriorating currency. While the dollar you hold in your pocket is subject to huge decreases in its denominated value via inflation, precious metals like silver gold and platinum historically hold and increase there value, particularly during times of hyper inflation. So while the coin you hold SAYS $5.00, it’s content makes, and will make, it far more valuable.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              I buy Roosevelt dimes at eBay. No mileage on the car, no paper trail(?).

            • Old Hillbilly says:

              grannyj, you just posed a question I have long wondered about and I AM an accountant…or was before I retired…actually a tax auditor for a state government.

              The way I see it, if you hold “junk” or any other type silver and there is still a precious metals market with companies live Westminister, Northwest Territorial (watch this one) etc. then there is no problem as they will always buy your silver back at face less whatever they take as their commission….you still get your money back assuming the dollar is still worth anything. The problem, at least as I see it, is when the day comes that the dollar is no longer accepted and we have to rely on our own “currency” to trade..ie…silver or gold coins or bullion. Knowing some of the folks I live around, if I try to give them a silver quarter (let’s say it is worth $7 in silver value) for something that at that time is worth about $7 then they are going to ask me were the other 27 quarters are because to them a quarter is a quarter no matter what it is made of! Granted, if I am dealing with someone who knows the value of silver and knows that the quarter I am offering is 90% silver then we can probably make a fair deal…but what if the person on the other end is some knot head that still thinks “a quarter is a quarter”? On the other hand if I hand that knot head a 1/4 oz. silver round that plainly states 1/4 oz .999 pure silver on it….then they may be more likely to take it because it is not that U.S. “quarter” they grew up knowing was only valued at one fourth of a dollar.

              This is just my take on it and a concern I have always had about relying on “junk silver” totally. I think some of it is good to have when trading with those who know silver values but for those that don’t….it could be a problem. Just this old hillbilly’s opinion.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Here is junk silver at the grocery store.

            • I was always taught that percious metals are only worth what the next guy will pay. You can’t eat them and you need a stable reference point to establish value. Not high on my list of things to buy….

            • riverrider says:

              grannyj, you wouldn’t trade silver with the knotheads next door. you trade it with the doctor or dentist or bribe the deputy to look the other way with it. it is a way of carrying large amounts of wealth(tangible) in a small package. its kind of a pain to tote around 100lb sacks of grain or 3 chickens and a goat everytime you need a doctor, and he probly will turn you down cause everybody else already brought those things. you can bet he’ll know what silver is worth:) its been a commodity almost since caveman days.

            • Hunker-down…I watched the video, and the thing that was left out was: what was the FACE VALUE of the coins he used to buy the items? The difference between the face value and the silver value would have been a good reference to have.

              I also think that this store took gold & silver for regular items for sale because they BUY gold and silver. The store owner/manager has the means and tools to know what silver & gold is worth and to deal in it because he buys . I don’t think there are many stores set up this way. I agree with the video host that more stores may get into this, but boy is there ever gonna be scamming going on.

              Thanks for sharing this. I think it’s something to consider. I agree with him that making those relationships NOW is a good idea. I’m gonna ask around this community and see what’s up about this. And it can’t hurt to stash some “junk silver”. I can’t go out of my way to find and purchase it, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for some.

            • FarmerKin says:

              I think the draw to junk silver vs. some other forms of silver (i.e. silver rounds, silver bars etc.) is that it is widely recognized and TRUSTED since it was minted by the US Government. In other words, there is no question that it is real. Also the smaller weights would make it easier to make change. Of course, not everyone knows that the older coins (1964 and prior) contain silver, and that definitely could be an issue with some. Even less known I believe is that there are actually some nickels (1942-1945) that contain silver. This was due to the country needing nickel (the metal) for the war efforts. Also why the 1943 pennies were made of steel instead of copper.

              I would suggest that anyone keeping these coins for the purpose of trade should probably also invest in a copy of “The Official Red Book”, a guide book of US Coins (or something similar) … so you could educate someone who doesn’t recognize their value. The paperback version of this book is around $15 and you can sometimes pick up last years printing at a discount.

            • JP in MT says:

              If you want to find out what the value of your “junk silver” is go to Coinflation.com. They cover all US coins and give your the “melt” value, i.e. what the value of the coin is based upon it’s metal value. That’s what I use as a guide.

            • MtWoman, as I understand, that kind of pay with PM in the back operation is not uncommon in third world countries; you might start looking at ethnic markets

            • Muddy Fork says:

              Hunker Down
              Sadly, you are mistaken about the eBay paper trail. They keep very detailed records and regularly provide them to city, state, federal and retail investigators without warrants on a regular basis. I Personally, I have received them on numerous occasions with just a simple email request. These records are for informational purposes only and cannot be used in court without an official subpoena. If you want to purchase without a paper trail eBay is not the way to go.

            • village idiot says:


              There is a hyper-inflation event taking place in Zimbabwe right now, and the hard currency(other than dollars, rands, and euros) being used are grains of gold. As an aside, there is a $100,000,000,000,000.00(yes that’s 100 trillion) dollar bill in circulation worth about $5 US. So even in a TWC we see that the people know the value of precious metals and trade in them daily. You can be sure Americans would figure out the value of anything based on silver and gold content very quickly. My only caution is not to have large denominations like 1 oz. gold coins unless you are using them to store long-term value. They would not be useful in daily transactions.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Muddy Fork,

              Thanks for the eBay paper trail explanation, good to know.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Junk silver are U.S. minted coins that contain silver but have no numismatic value.
              JP in MT (and I) recommend checking the price at Coinflation.com as it changes throughout the day.

              Just like oil, when panic goes up, the price goes up and when complacence sets in, the price goes down.

              I buy 5 or 10 silver dimes on eBay when able, so that we will have some low value currency when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. At that point the coins themselves will have no value, but the silver content will. Then, the silver coins face value will be, as it is now, irrelevant.

    • River, I have two cans like that, both .50 cal cans for BOB and range trips:
      One has my 3 primary calibers 5.56, .45 and 12 Gauge (00 buck, slug and birdshot. I have 6 AR mags and 4 G21 mags.

      The other 223, 7.62X39, 45, 22 and 12 Gauge (12 gauge is split with 00 buck, slug and bird shot). I have 4 AR mags, 4 G21 mags, 2 10/22 mags and 3 Mk II mags. Less ammo than the 1st but if I grab them both and my range bag I’m set.

      These are range/BOB ready at all times and marked

      All other cans are set up in large and small ammo cans and stacked all large cans at the bottom and smaller cans on top. I can grab a large can for an all day shoot per caliber in case friends want to buy ammo or grab the smaller cans for each caliber and toss them in the car or SUV and not having to worry about weight. Its nice to finally have all my 223, 5.56 and 7.62X39 on stripper clips in the cans ready to go.

      • riverrider says:

        j, nice setup. i may steal your idea and add mags to the box. of course that will mean removing some ammo. i like the amounts that fit in there now though. if i go any larger on the box(its a saw box) i won’t be able to carry it. hmmm, what to do….i do have a grab bag of loaded mags. i’ll give it a thought n fifure something out. thanks j.

        • River, what you can do is set up a can like my #3 can with/focused on only the ammo you will take with you and have a range bag or back pack set up close or next to it with all of your mags plus a basic gun cleaning kit, patches and oil. All you have to do is toss it on your shoulder and grab the ammo can. Maybe I can set something up for a post how I have my set up with pictures.

      • axelsteve says:

        Jarhead. Do they make stripper clips for the 5.56 so they recharge a magazine for the ar?My son has some for his mosin and sks and I used to have some for my o3a3.

        • cosmolined says:

          Not Jarhead, but yes, they do. They require a magazine adaptor and hold 10 rounds each. Cos

        • Axel, cheaper than dirt sells the stripper clips and the feeders for them. Best price I had seen around.
          100 stripper clips Part#AAR-037 $11.97
          10 stripper clip guides Part# AAR-038 $7.97

          This is what I got this way I don’t have to ask friends to hook me up down at the base.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Riverrider, It seems all my purchases are panic driven anymore. I can’t make it or spend quick enough. I believe it won’t be long before cash, bartering, and selling things on sites like CL, will be verboten. Saw Hunger Games last night, reading book 2 now, it didn’t help my positive mindset. Just a movie, but a good example of one ruling party.
      Lightweight compasses for GHB’s
      more 20lb propane tanks, used at $5 each
      Thinking of liquidating my coin collection, except the silver
      Been spending time on the sewing machine making duffel’s out of old pillowcases, great for storing all the sleeping bags and stuff.

      I’m stacking it high!

      • riverrider says:

        pineslayer, i like that pillowcase idea.thanks.

        • village idiot says:

          river, I know you mentioned this somewhere about us going to a cashless society, and I noticed yesterday that the Social Security Admin announced they would no longer send out paper checks sometime in 2013. You will get an electronic entry or a debit card. You called it dude, and I would give you all the credit, but it was too easy. We all knew these crooks were heading this way. They claim it will save a ton of money, but if the fraud in the EDC cards for food stamps were extrapolated to SS, the losses will be in the tens of billions. But hey, its all good, Ben will be happy to print up….uh….make some additional electronic entries. I think I’ll go to Cartagenta on my money. Looks like a fun place!

          • riverrider says:

            vi, LOL i’d join you in Cart, but i’d have to give the wife half my money when i got back, in addition to finding a new place to live:) and with my luck i’d get something on me that don’t was off.

      • new prepper says:

        I too feel like I am in a panic as I started prepping to late and lack the resources to catch up. Doing the best I can 🙁

        • New prepper, don’t worry and remember that anything you add is better than what you had.

        • New Prepper: Hang in there. Concentrate on what you have accumulated and not what you lack! I think as preppers, we aren’t ever going to feel like we have completed our lists! I bet if you are anything like most of us, if you had a one year supply of everything on hand, then you would continue to accumulate stuff for barter, and for helping the less fortunate. Or you would decide one year wasn’t enough and start working on a two year supply! Just my opinion.

        • riverrider says:

          np, don’t panic. slow n steady wins the race they say.

        • village idiot says:

          new prepper, just calm down and stay focused. Don’t try to do everything at once. When you try to prep that way you make mistakes, I can attest to that. Think turtle not hare, as slow and steady wins the prepping race. There are a few things you can do immediately, and you should, but just don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Good luck.

  4. M.D.: Looks like you have a busy week.

    We keep up the work on our storage facilities. Got 2 more sets of shelves set up in the cellar, and a set of wire shelves (600 lb max per shelf) for my loos ammo. Moved a lot of items out of the pantry that could go into “long term” storage and onto these shelves and started organizing my “loose” ammo.

    Picked up an old aluminum double boiler to melt down old candles to make new ones in jars w/lids and matches (got the idea from a picture a friend sent from another blog – matches already with the candle). Now I need one for soap.

    Bought a “spare” 9mm pistol. American Tactical 92C Centurion. Basically a Turkish made clone of a Beretta 9cC (same and the M9 or 92F with a 4.3″ vs 4.9″ barrel). It uses Beretta magazines (a requirement, I hate having guns that I can’t readily get mags for). Seems to be a well build gun, good and tight. I’ll send out a post when I get done running a couple hundred rounds through it. It was also about 2/3 the cost of buying a full sized Beretta.

    Found Quik Clot and Curad Anitimicrobial Silver Solution at WalMart. They had it priced at 50% off, on close out I assume,so I bought them out. Still with years to go on the expiration date.

    New to me was bags of dehydrated fruit at WalMart. I am trying the banana (8 servings for $1.88). They seem to have about 6 kinds of WalMart brand and another 6 of other brands. These are in sealed bags.

    Kmart had our brand of TP on sale so I picked up another 24 rolls. I am almost where I want to be with regular TP and up 50% over goal on the camping type.

    Pistol and rifle mags I ordered should be in the 1st part of next week. Hopefully my Zapplesause will come in too.

    Got the sight parts for my 10/22’s in. They are ready to go to the range where I will run probably 1,000 rounds through each of them. That will sort through any warranty issues, like I have with my little Taurus. After firing about 12 rounds through it the slide was having issues working correctly. Now it won’t move at all. Taurus has a great customer service on their weapons, but I recommend that if you buy one new you make sure and run a BUNCH of ammo through it. If you are going to have a problem it will show up within 100 rounds and it takes them about 10 days to get it back to you fixed.

    Looks like my family in OK may be in for a rough time this weekend. It’s my Father’s side and kids he had after he remarried, so we are not that close but getting closer. I was glad to hear that the Pack came through the Texas storms with limited issues. Saw the pictures of the 4′ of hail they got, wow! I can’t think of a better time to talk to people about basic prepping than with the weather we are having.

    So, Keep your RADAR on and keep preppin’!

    • JP, I had done the same this week since I was sick I just threw on some gloves and put all remaining 7.62×39 on stripper clips, put the new 223 ammo on stripper clips and everything was emptied, recounted and put on the shelf. Its a nice feeling. Even my bird shot is all in ammo cans.

      I do the same thing when I put candles in jars. Strike anywhere matches.

      I buy the dehydrated fruits and the banana is my favorite. Great for hiking, camping and road trips.

      thanks for the heads up on the Quick Clot, it goes fast around here. A Walmart employee told me Police Officers buy it and throw it in their “war bags” and first aid kits.

      Stay safe, even California was hit by a tornado and water spouts off the coast with the storm we just had.

      • FarmerKin says:

        Guys, wondering if I could ask advise on ammo. Are there any rules or best practices on where/how/how long it is stored? I read where most people keep it in an ammo can, but then where are those cans stored … does it matter? Right now, I don’t keep mine in an ammo can because I feel the need/responsibility to keep it in the safe … and it takes up a lot of room. I have it stuffed in every little nook and cranny there is. I can fit more in that way instead of trying to fit whole cans in there. And I don’t know if this is an unfounded concern or not, but I try to stack it so that all bullets are facing down (although impossible to do with 550 boxes of .22) with the thought/fear that if the house were to catch fire they may ignite … wouldn’t want all that ammo flying off in all directions. BTW, I figured out what you meant last week and agree. Thanks for any info you can provide.

        • Farmer, I prefer storing in ammo cans because of:
          Waterproof, air tight, stackable, easy to label with tape and marker or label maker, easy to grab and go, can go with small cans or larger cans, if stored in a safe its an additional level of security in a fire, ease of accountability and you can rotate them like canned goods.

          If stored properly it will last longer than 40 to 100 years easily.

          What did I say last week, said a lot lol. Usually do lol
          All my 22 ammo that came in the 550 count boxes are poured into an ammo can and I just throw a few hand fulls into a zip lock sandwich bag for the range.

          I keep my ammo (secured) next to a window, in the event of fire I can open it up and toss them out the window. The safe I stack a couple small ammo cans and guns in is rated for 2 hours and with the ammo cans, two fire stations less than half a mile and three more within a mile and the fire hose I can hook up to the hydrant near by it should be good.

          • FarmerKin says:

            J03, you don’t remember, that’s good … lol. I was afraid I may have asked too many questions last week. Thank you for the info, if/when they ever deliver my new safe, I will be working toward getting the ammo into cans. I ordered the darn thing back in January, for goodness sake. There must be one heck of a demand.

        • cosmolined says:

          Your ammo will not fly in all different directions if there’s a fire. Unless it is a chambered round, it’s more like fireworks. Tests show it won’t even penetrate sheetrock. They do not all go off at one time. (I dropped some .22 into the campfire one winter. It’s more like popcorn.) High temps will degrade the primers, so you want to keep it as cool as possible. I store mine in an old, well aired out non-functional fridge in my garage. Cos

          • FarmerKin says:

            Cos, thank you so much for that information. That is a big relief off my mind … especially the reference to not penetrating sheetrock. I store it all in a gun safe inside a closet in the house, and my a/c is running most of the time (So. Fla.), so I should be okay on all fronts. Still want to convert to ammo cans as soon as I can.

      • Jarhead 03:
        Thanks for the thoughts.

        One of the things I like about where I live on Montana is the lack of extreme weather. It gets cold in the winter but since we moved up here in ’95, ’96 was the only real bad winter (4’+ snow in the front yard). Where we are the weather has to come from the SW or it goes around us.
        I grew up in Oregon, just south of Portland and I really love that kind of weather. Just can’t do the politics anymore.

  5. Plant Lady says:

    Coupon Code: EXCEBAP12
    10% off up to 3 items in shopping cart.
    PLUS, ask for Catalog Special MG11 and you will get the 9-tray dehydrator with one free Paraflexx Premium Sheet for $229.95 instead of $249.95!
    Online it says it will be $249.95, but the lady I ordered from at http://www.excaliburdehydrators.com said the “online” price had just gone up to $249.95 but the catalog special would be honored at $229.95.
    So, the main thing I did this week was order the 9-tray dehydrator with 8 more Paraflexx Premium Sheets and “The Dehydrator Bible”
    Will return later with more news…gotta get outside and get planting this morn!.

    • So happy for you that you quit smoking! Congratulations!

    • Plant Lady, I posted that in the wrong place somehow. Thanks for the Excalibur info, we have been wanting to get one and looks like its my lucky week!

  6. Mrs. Prepper says:

    Hi MD,
    As always, thanks so much for everything you do to provide this amazing site for us.

    I have a greenhouse going in my eat-in kitchen right infront of my 4 patio door glass panels and all my seedlings and potted plants are going like gangbusters! This area is the direct access to our deck and those 4 patio door panels 8ft tall and 12ft wide facing sun most of the day couldnt have planned better if I tried–previously I cursed having DH installing them when economy tanked and utility bills outta control cuz of the heat coming from all that glass during summer, funny how things change, huh? DW got huge hug n kiss when he suggested this area for my new greenhouse area!

    I have tables covered everywhere…on the floor, the counters…thankfully we have a huge area off our kitchen and a formal dinning room…which we are now using for first time in 7 yrs LOL cuz we normally eat at kitchen table which is now my new greenhouse room.

    I am so amazed at the process and its very nurturing to my soul already. I am making this area my new daily devotional retreat as it is so inspiring and calming.

    Over last several weeks I started the makings of my future garden by soaking seeds and planting about 600 seeds so far in various homemade containers such as tpaper and ptowel rolls, newspaper, yoguart containers, plastic food containers, egg cartons etc that I had been saving and creating. I also had picked up 2 burpee seed kits (72 pods each) at thrift store since they were so cheap

    Also planted 2 blueberry plants in 5 gallon buckets DH scored from the owner of our local Asian carryout and we are picking up several more today!
    Planted mustard greens for my mom in a bucket too and they are 2″ high already.

    Not sure why, but I decided to lay clingwrap over all the plantings as it just seemed like it would create a mini greenhouse effect and oh my gosh nearly everything is already sprouting! I hope this is good idea as I havent seen/read anything on it but seems like its working. Only 3 peas havnt come up and couple other seeds..yet but maybe they will..I dated everything to keep info and so far I have about 95% germination so from what I hear thats pretty darn good…maybe I got a greenthumb afterall. LOL. Time will tell as the hard part is growing IN the garden and proof is in the harvest.

    Its amazing to watch as I pass them, I can almost see them growing, especially the 3 diff pea varities are huge already after only 5 days!
    Other items sprouting up are:
    Various lettuces
    Brussel sprouts
    Lima beans
    Bunching onions
    Still waiting on these to peek up as some I soaked and some I didnt and I staggered the planting so as to have data as experiment on what works etc and so everything isnt harvest ready all at once.
    Pole n bush beans
    Various peppers
    3 types tomatoes
    Various herbs

    My strawberry plants arrived yesterday so waiting to decide where they will go just yet. Will be planting my potatoe seeds in trashcan this afternoon and very excited as we are huge potato lovers.
    Sketched plans for garden plant layouts based on sq ft garden method, noting companion planting principles and also planned out container planting locations for my patio and deck areas for optimal sun/shade locations based on plant preferrence.

    Checked up on the soil in our raised garden boxes that we modified for our sloped yard and appears no soil has been lost during the rains and the wood chips from Back to Eden suggestion is doing exactly as planned…brushed back the chips and soil is black and moist and beautiful. The one area we didnt get to cover yet is dry, cracked and crumbly.

    Cant wait to see how our real garden grows, when we begin planting outside. BTW, I highly recommend The New Self-Sufficient Gardener as there are so many wonderful ideas in practical sense for maybe not just newbies like me. I will be reproducing these ideas at my next location on full scale, as I cant do many of them here due to space and HOA restrictions.

    Got lots of help last couple days from our extended family living in our basement so prayers definitely answered and starting to see the potentially great experience this could be for both our families. They have fully moved in and the tranformation into apartment is completed including 3 br areas, living rm, kitchen, bath and dinning area and seaparate entrance walkway.

    Thanks to WP for all your suggestions, idead and most importantly, your support and prayers. God hears our prayers as the last couple days He has certainly blessed me with renewed hope of His plans for our families.

    May God continue to bless each of you this week.

    • Mrs. Prepper,
      Wow, you’ve got a garden growing right in your house! Good work. I hope it all transplants well for you and gives you an abundant harvest. I’m so happy you went with the back to eden method. I am having good luck with it also. I’m experimenting with several different things, but that one seems to be a keeper. I am still gardening in my community garden as I haven’t built my raised beds at home yet. I’m now hoping to getting them built in the next month or so and then building the soil over the summer and then planting in the fall. Too many things on my plate right now that I’ve stretched myself too thin and have made myself ill with cold/sinus infection.

      I am also happy to hear your new living arrangement is on the mend. Me thinks we will all be making adjustments in our homes with extra “roommates” in the future. Better to go throuh the adjustments and work out the kinks now when times are not as stressful as I fear they soon will be. Sounds like you all will be humming along just fine when tshtf.

      • Hi, Liked reading your post very much, congrats on your wonderful starts, as most of them will be transplanted out, and as fast as they appear to be growing by your post, might I recommend putting a moving fan on to “stress” them in a good way.

        Creating a breeze will help them get a little tougher and not so leggy.. also for what its worth a few things on your list, like the pea’s IMHO don’t transplant well, but you can plant them out directly in the garden every two weeks in a stagger planting.

        For many things, I like to plant in ground as well as starts, and I am aways amazed how sometimes the in ground even being weeks behind can thrive and outproduce the house started and then transplanted ones..

        I can see that you are really enjoying it, and that is wonderful! and I am so pleased that its become a family gathering point and hope you will keep us posted on how things go..

        • sw't tater says:

          If any one plans to plant okra,it will come up 3- 5 days if you soak it in warm water or buttermilk. Will bear until a hard frost,prefers warmth.
          I was able to get a great stand up last year, and thanks to some family that didn’t want to pick theirs late in the season, I dehydrated several quart jars.Okra is easy to prepare for dehydrating, just wash drain and slice. May season them with spice mix if you want. But we prefer ours either fried or in soups.

  7. button crazy says:

    I have learned a lot of information from this web site. I finally had time to print out the Wolf Pack Cookbook. I will try to fix some of the recipes in the next few weeks. This week I added plastic silverware, shampoo, 4 packages of tp, four rolls of duct tape, one canned ham, dried black eyes peas, pinto beans, tuna fish, trash bags, paper plates, band aids, gauze pads, vinegar. Every trip to dollar general or wal mart i purchase something to add to prepping. Happy prepping to everyone. Welcome to the new people. Have a great weekend.

  8. trapper from manitoba says:

    Hi again everyone. This is more of a what i did the last 2 weeks as Easter weekend has come and gone and i was not around.
    First off and most importantly, as this is a new journey of awareness for me, i have started to identify needs and started a list.
    I also purchased, through Paladin Press by linking from this site, 31 Days to Survival and Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat. Side note to that was the shipping to Canada was almost the same amount as the cost of the two books. Not impressed.
    I subscribed to obtain electronic copies of Self Reliance Illustrated. It’s a good magazine and i find a couple of interesting articles every issue.
    I purchased a propane heated shower/hot water on demand unit.
    I also purchased 10 heavy plastic vacuum storage bags. These are really neat items you can get at dollar stores. What you do is insert items such as pillow or clothing or sleeping bags… basically anything that will compressed to a smaller size. Then you zip seal the bag and insert a vacuum hose to an outlet on it and turn it on. Presto, a super small package of stuff that u can reopen and repeat until the bag is full.
    I have started a secondary pantry and purchased 2 cases of water and some canned meat.
    I practiced with my sling bow and made 2 arrows for fishing this spring.
    I researched canning and pressure canners and have added that to a list of things that i would like to have. (its a big list, just bigger now 🙂
    And most importantly, this morning i celebrated my 3rd full week of not smoking. I was a daily smoker for 31 years and its awesome, I feel great.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      trapper from manitoba,

      Congrats on the smoking! 3 weeks! Next week you will be able to taste food again, and breathe deeper, and cough less, and spend more on preps!

    • Amaranth says:

      Trapper well done on the three weeks non smoking. Something to be proud of!!

    • Go Trapper, go!

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Congrats on the smoking Trapper!

    • FarmerKin says:


      Congratulations on kicking the habit! Better health and some extra funds freed-up to help knock items off of that list your are developing. Win – Win!

      • Prepper RN says:

        Congrats on the no smoking. I am on my 6 month mark now. I still miss it bad, but am so glad to not be smoking.


        • charlie (NC) says:

          Lee my family on both sides grew tobacco for well over 100 years. When the buyout check came I was tickled to death to take it and get out of the business. The only folks making any real money out of tobacco is the government. It’s the same with gasoline. The producers of both products make pennies on the dollar and the government makes dimes on the dollar. I wouldn’t wish a smoking habit on my worst enemy.

          • recoveringidiot says:

            charlie(NC), same with me, no one in my family grows the sticky weed any longer. Most of my friends I grew up with that farm have stopped as well. Too much money up front with too much risk of loss. I’m convinced tobacco killed my mother and hurt others in my family so I try to convince the young people to stay away from it. It did feed and keep us warm for generations but the health costs are terrible.

    • Trapper, so happy you quit smoking! Congratulations!

    • Trapper,
      About that list….it never gets shorter lol Keep up the good work!

      And congratulations on kicking the butts. I, too, have been smoking for more years than I want to admit. Did you cold turkey or use another method?

      • trapper from manitoba says:


        No i would not have survived if i tried to quit cold turkey, as it was a couple of days after i quit i was very ill and actually took a day away from work.
        I am using Nicorette lozenge’s in the 2mg form. Basically when all i can think about is having a smoke, then i take one. The cravings are still there but these lozenges are helping soo much its bearable. I recommend them to anyone who is quitting.
        I will add this, in the past i have tried to quit and i remember saying that to people … i am trying to quit. I believe i was setting myself up to fail thinking that way. I just wasn’t ready i guess. This time around i am telling people i quit smoking. Its only words but now i believe its also a mindset that you need to have to be successfull. Anyways, yaa me 🙂

    • village idiot says:

      Glad to see you back, trapper, and gladder still that you ditched the cigs. They cost too dang much, and cause health problems. You will enjoy the clean air and the extra dollars. Congrats.

    • trapper, watch that list carefully…as it will seem to grow of its own accord…sounds like you are having fun – taking control of your present and future needs feels great, doesn’t it.

      Excellent news on the non-smoking…prayers that you will continue without the need for the nicotine.

      Amazing how you are taking control of different areas of your life, all for the better…good to hear…cheers.

    • SC Redneck says:

      Congrats on the smoking. I put them down over 2 years ago after 40 years of smoking about 3 packs A day. Hang in there it will get better.

      • axelsteve says:

        You probably are on tdl`s $hit list for quiting smoking.You are depriving him of tax revenue and it is sysematic of the failed policies of the bush adminastration.

  9. vlad strelok says:

    I offer this info for those not familiar with the excellent Lee Loader.
    A 50 cal ammo box will hold a Lee Loader, powder, primers and bullets for 500 reloads. We can load accurate ammo on truck tailgate, at the kitchen table, or sitting on a log.
    You may reload ammo with Lee Loader for all rifles — bolt, lever, pump or autoloader. The cartridge case is fireformed to the chamber of the rifle in which it is fired. Keep cases fired in rifle A with rifle A, cases fired in rifle B with rifle B etc. Cases fired in other rifles usually do not fit your rifle chamber unless resized full length.
    I welcome civil comments and questions.

    • I have used Lee Loaders for many years now and can not brag on them enough. Although I no longer reload anything since I have only 22 caliber firearms no, I have reloaded 38, 9mm 30 carbine 44.40, 45 long colt, 32 long colt, 30.30 and 30.06 with Lee Loaders. You are right on having a nice compact set up in an ammo box since that is where I kept mine all those years. I did find out in the process of reloading to stick with 4 basic powders all from Hercules and CCI primers, both large and small. I also reloaded 12 gauge and 410 gauge over the years but not with a Lee but with a Lyman tang tool.

      • axelsteve says:

        I used one for loading my 30-06. It made great ammo and worked well with my 03a3.The ammo can setup sounds like a good idea.

        • Another Lee Loader option is the hand press. I stopped using the regular Lee Loader when I was using a 16 oz ball peen hammer instead of a mallet and tried to load my thumb into the primer pocket.

  10. axelsteve says:

    you were very busy this week M.D.!!

  11. This week I planted some shallot sets. It started getting dark and I have to tuck them in around other things, so I stopped before I was done. When I got inside I read that you have to separate them into cloves like garlic. So I guess I was planting entire heads! I guess I’ll do it the right way for the rest of them. But that means I’ll have to find more places to put them!

    And I also planted some seeds from Eastern Prickly Pear (I think the germination rate is 15% so I’m not hoping too hard. However there’s a business around the corner that has a whole bed of these, so I can try again sometime when they get more pears) These plants are edible just like the desert kind but they grow in temperate regions. In KY they call them Kentucky Cactus. Could be a stealth crop, if this asinine trend of municipalities outlawing food gardens in people’s yards continues. Unless the garden nazis decide that landscaping plants that also happen to be edible must also go. (read: the recent Executive Order that proposes to take over every edible substance)

    I planted arugula and sorrel some weeks ago and forgot which was which. Finally the sorrel has germinated and is starting to catch up with the arugula.

    Also planted sage and lemon thyme. I accidentally mowed my sage down the other year and it died so I needed another. Looked for sweet tater slips, but the seed and feeds don’t have them yet. Maybe next week.

    Bought an extra mag for my Taurus. The gun store guy told me they were very hard to find this week.

    A coffee seller was going to compost some old roasted beans. I asked for them. I had to sift them out from wet coffee grounds, but they’re fine. Not gourmet anymore, but it’ll make good “office coffee” or SHTF coffee, and it was free. I’m still going to buy his good stuff anyway. I put the used grounds on my compost, and brewed some of the beans just to make sure they were tolerable.

    In a pinch you can re-brew coffee grounds, just add a little new to it. Again this makes a mediocre cup of coffee, but it’s better than nothing.

    When tax season is over, I might have some breather room to declutter and sell off a bunch of old computers and stuff. And put the money into preps.

    I saw this cute thing – a tactical corset. (www.tacticalcorsets.com) It’s a milspec SWAT-black nylon fabric corset, with snapping buckle closures, and Molle straps for hanging stuff off of it. I think I could make something like it for me for one tenth the cost. (I’m sure it’s the labor that makes it so expensive). Because I’ve made corsets a couple times before. But it’s pretty much pure fashion: what do you do when you’re cold and you’ve got all this EDC crap hanging off your corset, and how do you keep hot brass from going down your cleavage when you are shooting? And they’re not ballistic. Now if someone made them from that new Milliken ballistic but thin fabric. Hmm… I’d probably need some kind of license.

    • Kelekona says:

      Oh man, I remember lusting after tactical corsets before steampunk became popular enough to notice. Many of the characters in Girl Genius wear something akin to a cotton or linen shirt underneath these, though still don’t address the issue of spent shells and cleavage.

      You could probably still put on one of those shrug-jackets that are pretty much sleeves and a collar. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one that covers the vault.

  12. This week I managed to get 4 additional mantels for propane camp lights, 50 feet clothes line, and 100 feet of rope.

    Canned up 9 pints of pinto beans and 18 pints of canellini beans. Used one left over ham bone for each type when cooking dried beans and then added the picked off ham meat to the jars when I canned them. 6 pints of ham and 10 pints of pork loin. Working on canning up meats rather than freezing them. Since the electric company installed a new “smart meter” we’re getting letters saying we use more power than our neighbor. Yep, more folks in the house here and both hubby and I work from home. Neighbors are a couple and gone to the office for the day. But…then too, if there were an EMP I’d be using gas to run the generator to keep things frozen, so my new thought is to can the meats.

    Got more plants started in the greenhouse. Re-potted lots of them, tilled the high garden (by the house) and planted green beans, carrots, salad mix, and beets. Low garden (by creek) tilled and planted potatoes.

    Also discovered an old cookbook I’ve had for years (1849) has a wealth of info for TEOTWAWKI. This led me to begin grouping all books I currently have that would be helpful. I’m off to the used book store soon to scout for more.

    MD looks like you had a good week and got lots done. Hope the Wolf Pack has a great weekend!

    • Power company is trying to do that to us also saying we are using more than the neighbors and more than we did some years ago. Totally remodeled, insulation, double pane windows, new high efficiency furnace new fiberglass duct work, central air and due to restrictions about flame in the basement had to go to a new electric hot water heater. They are trying to sell me on a energy survey for 500 bucks. After the sixth letter, I wrote them a nasty note detailing all of the changes made and challenging them to prove I was using more power than I did several years ago. I told them the house sat empty for 5 years with no power so of course I am using more power now than then. Bunch of crooks.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Sounds like your power company is using the same statistician used by uncle Bernie and TDL.

        • It’s just a scam to generate some more bucks with their energy survey and I don’t buy it.

      • village idiot says:

        Tell the b$stard$ that you’re paying for the #$&@#!@ electricity, so what’s it to them?

        • VI,

          I am sure the electric companies are sending out all these mailings because eventually they would like to charge heavy users more per kilowatt hour.

          • Anonymous says:

            The “smart meters” count power in both directions. Think about some wind or solor with a battery room. The power company has to buy power – although its usualy at the bulk rate rather then retail.

            just sayin…

      • Gotta agree with village idiot here .. what’s it to the power company if you use more electricity than your neighbors? Silly me, I thought the idea of capitalism was that the company wanted to sell you things…

        • Prepper RN says:

          I have been consciously using as little electrictiy as possible. Getting myself used to when there won’t be any. Saving money and preparing at the same time. I just love the Vortex non electric blender. It will obliterate anything.
          I like not giving my money to the greedy electric company whenever possible. We all know that they plan to start charging extremely high rates as soon as TDL is re elected.

          • village idiot says:

            PrepperRN, I’m pretty sure the plan TDL has for us is much worse than just high electric rates. The higher rates are just one feature of his plan. You may read about the plan by googling Agenda 21 or UN Sustainable Development. It’s communism.

      • Harold,
        You stated, “due to restrictions about flame in the basement had to go to a new electric hot water heater”. As long as you can get connected from a cold water inlet, the hot water line for the house, and a vent, you could theoretically put a water heater anywhere, like an unused closet or corner not in the basement.

        • Remodeling was done by the County Rehabilitation and had to follow some of their rules here due to old age. Only flame allowed under the floor is space heater of a certain type. I really liked the instant response from the gas heater and it was a fairly new one too with the thirty year glass lined interior. Unfortunately do not have any place upstairs to install one. When bought the place not one closet in the house. Had to build in closets.

    • Sounds like a very productive week Debbie! I worry about the smart meter nazis as well telling me how to live.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        When my power company offered discounts on the monthly bill to have their “smart meters” intalled I declined. No discount is worth the control they would have over my power usage.

  13. Hi Wolfpack-
    So happy to see pics of MD’s homestead this week! Makes it seem so much more real, and realistic. Words don’t convey nearly what pictures do… actually only 1/1000th of the info! Based on that ratio, MD’s post would have to be more than 7000 words long, or about 10 pages to bring us the same message. Thank you, MD for posting pictures instead!
    This week, my DH and I went to BJ’s Warehouse again, and though I don’t have a nice detailed list to post here, know we spent the majority of our $’s on meat and long-term supplies that would cost significantly more at the local grocery store. Used my vacuum sealer to subdivide all 40+ lbs of meat into single meal-packages and stash in the chest freezer (love to see that thing full!), and dehydrated ~10 lbs strawberries and ~3 lbs apples that I picked up on the cheap at BJ’s, but most of it fell to the hungry mouths of my children during the week. Only a small batch of about 1 c dry berries made it into glass jars in the pantry. Don’t know how I am ever going to get ahead of their appetites with the dehydrated stuff. They eat it as fast as I make it. Still, better that they eat this good, healthy stuff than lard and corn-syrup filled prepackaged baked goods their grandmother brings over every week. That stuff is still in the cabinet! (little cheer)
    My prepper family brought over the rototiller from their mother/deceased step-father’s barn, to take up permanent residence in my shed. It is in pretty rough shape – though it is not really old, the previous owner died shortly after using it, and it never got cleaned up/drained out, and has been clay-covered and deteriorating in the corner of the old barn for a number of years. It is goign to need a lot of work. In fact, I am procrastinating what I should be doing right now – cleaning it up, disassembling and soaking parts in gasoline to get it back in shape so that I can get the new/reclaimed parts of my garden up and going before the little moisture in the soil is gone and none of my seeds ever have a chance to sprout!
    Guess I should get back to work. Such a slacker.
    God Bless, and take care, All.

    • Rototiller update: Poor thing is seized.
      Took off everything I could and am soaking it in gasoline. The block is now percolating in Marvel Mystery Oil. Let it do it’s magic for a few days, and then I’ll see if it’s loosened up any.
      Price was right, and already got a nice sunny afternoon of tinkering under my belt yesterday. If nothing else, I had fun.
      There are beginning to be reports of scattered wildfires in my region. We almost never see these here, and if we do, it is always in July or August. Any rain we’ve had this spring has only been a few drops here and there, nothing substantial. If I don’t get the rest of my garden in soon (in other words – get this tiller up and running), I don’t hold out much hope for anything productive coming out of it.
      Very, very concerned about the dry weather. Hope it breaks soon.

  14. robert in mid michigan says:

    been a rough week here. the lady we are buying the house from on land contract told me she has to cancel the contract and i can either get a loan to pay off the house or she is putting it on the market. i cant get a loan that i would be under water on from the start, not to mention i dont have the cash for the down payment. so looking at that and being competly crushed of the loss of the american dream.

    prayer and soul searching may make this a good thing however, got a call this morning from a guy who we wanted to buy a piece of land from that had a small trailer on it. well he called back and came down on price to what i wanted to start with arleast closer but he at this point is willing to take my small down payment and in exchange ill add 2k to the total price. two acres of land the river is less than two hundred yards past the property line with a small track of woods between two farmers fields for access to that. its in the country so i can have chickens and even a goat. well and septic service all in all a pretty good deal in my opinion. will meet with him tommorow night to see if i can work this out.

    as a side note the woman we have been buying the house from saidd she knows that she is screwing us over but she needs out, so she has reduced the house payment, now rent. she is going to have me do work around the house so she can list it and will pay me comercial rate in rent credit. so she isnt being a total Bi*** about it. she wants to retire and cant with this and her own house over her.

    other than that i bought
    25 lb wheat
    25 lb rice
    12 lbs variuse beans
    6 cans of chicken chunks
    4 cans of spam
    4 lbs instant milk

    god bless to all
    keep prepping, pray we dont need it
    take time to enjoy life
    good luck all
    god bless the U.S.

    • robert,
      Don’t know about Michigan, but I have both purchased and sold property on land contract, and at least here in Ohio, a single party cannot just cancel a contract (any contract), assuming it was actually registered with the county. It might at least be worth checking with an attorney (yea I know) about the laws and your rights, regardless of the fact that she “wants” to retire. We all “want” a lot of things, but sometimes the realities of life get in the way.

      • Encourager says:

        If you have a valid land contract and have kept up the payments, she cannot just ‘cancel’ the land contract! That is a breach of contract, and I bet she know that. Get your papers out and go over them with a fine tooth comb. See if there is a clause in there about canceling the contract and the conditions of doing so. I live in Michigan and we purchased our land on a land contract. It was binding by both parties.

      • robert in mid michigan says:

        thats why i am home from work today waiting to go see a lawyer about it. not sure what we are going to do.

      • OhioPrepper,
        100% agree, Robert, don’t give up your dream only to line someone else’s pockets.

  15. Have much appreciated everyone’s comments and stories in response to my “Depression” article. Really made me feel it was good that I spent the time it took to get it together. Thanks, everyone. And thanks MD for the opportunity. (Hope I win something too! 🙂 )

    Have had a toothache all week. I have a broken tooth that pretty much behaves itself, but occasionally acts up. This is one of those weeks. I haven’t the money to get it fixed right now, so I’m having to do home remedies to control it. Takes time, but generally works out. Something to think about if there are no dentists available WTSHTF.

    Skills: Two more gallons of goat milk processed into cheese. With practice, it’s getting very simple to do, and the cheese is improving in texture and flavor. Had a talk with the goat farmers about how far we want to take the cheese-making endeavor, and we decided to keep it small right now, and just make cheese for ourselves, our families and to use for barter, and to not try to sell any. It’s VERY hard to sell dairy products here in Texas..ESPECIALLY any made from raw milk. Too much bother, so we’ll just keep it simple.

    Food: Dehydrated the last of the spinach. Bought 2 cans of black beans and a small can of smoked ham. I know this isn’t much compared to others’ purchases, but I have to just go “a can (or 3) at a time” extra. I continue to look for a cabinet to put my food stash in. They are EXPENSIVE!! The cheapest I have found is $65, and it doesn’t lock. I will look for an auction of office/industrial furniture maybe. I’d like a locking metal cabinet.

    Garden: Planted some more; I now have planted: yellow squash, zucchini, corn (yellow and blue), pole beans, giant sunflowers, basil, cilantro, dill, chives, potatoes, parsley, and chard. It’s all small amounts of these…just a few plants of each, but, if all goes well, it will be nice to have these foods right here at home. And with it just being Dad & I, whatever these produce should be enough. The weather is so strange this year, I don’t know what to expect though. Will just have to wait to see…and hope for the best.

    I stopped on the way home the other day and checked the wild plum bushes on a side country road that I frequent. They were LOADED with fruit!! I hope they mature well. If so, there will be wild plum jam this year. Also the Mustang grape vines are loaded, and that means grape jelly too. Time to start stock-piling jars again. I can’t believe Goodwill wants 50¢ each for them…used, and without flats or rings. That’s how much they are new and with lids in Walmart here.

    First Aid: Worked on new first aid boxes. I always feel I need to add so much to these. I’m not medically oriented, so I have a hard time imagining the scenarios to prepare for, beyond a simple cut, scrape or minor illness. So, I’m availing myself of online info to try to put together comprehensive 1st aid kits.

    General: A friend of my father’s gave me his old “Alice” pack. It doesn’t have the aluminum frame with it, so I am looking around for one. As big as the pack is, a frame will be a big help in supporting the weight when it’s full. It will take me awhile to figure out all the straps and pockets and such about the pack!!

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping….and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts!

    Thanks MD for this blog. 🙂

    • Need to add: I’ve been reading through my *new* copy of “Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Cookbook” and it’s full of good ideas! The first thing I’ll be trying is the vege flavored noodles, made with powdered veges.

    • charlie (NC) says:

      Mt.Woman. Plum bushes grow wild on our farm. They have nice small (quarter sized) plums but they get “worm ripe” every year. I mean by that the worms or flys drill into them and that causes them to ripen early with a worm inside. I haven’t really bothered with mine in years but if you want to try and harvest some of the ones you found I would suggest you stop by there every week or so and dust the tree down with Sevin dust or BT.
      BT is non toxic (except to the bugs). here is a link for reference but you can buy it much cheaper and in bigger qantites from a farm supply. http://www.non-toxic-pest-control.com/dust/bt-garden-dust. I guess I should go over and dust mine too.

      • Charlie…thanks. I harvested from these same bushes 2 years ago, and there were no wormy ones. Made the best jam. But I will keep an eye on them this year, and treat if necessary. And I appreciate the BT link…I’ve been looking for a non-toxic substance to use. I’ve tried garlic, pepper powder, EVERYthing in my garden…to no avail. These Texas bugs are PERSISTENT!!

        • tommy2rs says:

          Tried horseradish? Fresh ground (to as liquid as possible) as strong as possible. Spray it on everything, leaves, stems and ground. Worked for me on a severe stink bug and squash bug infestation. So much so I made a dedicated horseradish garden.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      MTW those frames go for cheap on ebay. I have noticed the board of education throwing out some nice cabinets but by the time my friend got back with the truck they were gone

      • Carl…will check out those things. I know there’s school furniture auctions at times, and will look on eBay for that frame. Thanks.

    • MtWoman, I just sent a text to my DIL, she is a dintist asst., I will reply with her answer.

      • Oh Lee that would be great. I can use all the help I can get. The tooth is beginning to get better, but is still tender and I can only eat soft food.

    • mt woman…that article you wrote was excellent…seems you got a lot out of it as well…so good that you have this time with your dad…because once they are gone, they are gone forever…

      Want to write more, but some of my posts are getting lost…should write them as papabear suggested –

      re the metal storage cabinets – I used one of my 4 drawer metal filing cabinets – all lockable, and they hold a lot of canned goods, which are incredibly heavy. when I see more, at thrift shops – will get more, can stack the canned goods almost 3 jars high (I’m not in an earthquake zone however).

      some of the thrift shops here are also expensive – so I choose my purchases carefully.

      Don’t worry about not getting as much stuff as others – we all have individual circumstances…eg, I don’t have a large garden, as am not there enough to tend to it…I choose instead to focus on increasing my physical strength and endurance and outdoor skills.

      Nor do I spend time with canning – more productive for me time-wise to buy ready canned stuff…

      Sounds like that sore tooth is now a priority – don’t know how the health system works/doesn’t work over there – perhaps a university dental training scheme…may provide the needed dental work for free/minimum dollars…am sure you will work it out.

      all the best, and really enjoyed reading your interview of your father’s memories of the Depression – shows that it is not the amount of stuff we have that is most important, instead it is the many good people we know that really matters and makes all the difference. cheers.

      • Thanks Chloe. Doing the Depression article was a great gift to me; my father is a closed lipped old German dude, and interviewing him, and having him open up for it was great. Probably the most real conversation we’ve had. 🙂

        I am looking into a local dental college for care. I have a real need of it.

    • MT Woman, your article was fantastic! My Dad was born in 1919 and grew up during the Great Depression. He has long since passed but many of his lessons were instilled in me as a young kid. I try to convey those same messages to my offspring but am usually met with blank stares of incredulity! I think the biggest difference between the Depression era and modern times is that we are more divided than ever as a country. Social welfare and entitlement programs have changed the mentality of half of the country. I don’t see people willing to help each other out as our Fathers stated. I see people that will do whatever it take s at all costs to get theirs. It is sad to think this way because I would rather chip in and help as many people as I can. Again, great article and thanks for sharing.

      • d2 prep….I too see polarization and isolation as issues in our country today. A rotten shame, that. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my father i my life, is that it’s ok to disagree and STILL BE FRIENDLY. He’s friends with a wide variety of people, many who have very different views than he does on important issues. I am grateful for that influence.

        I’m glad you liked the article. 🙂

    • Lee (TX) says:

      MtWoman, I heard back from my DIL, of course she suggested going to a Dentist,and the idea of going to a Dentist School was good, but if you want to try to fix it temperary, Ammoxine if it is already infected, then get filling material at Walgreens.

      • Thanks Lee. Dentist isn’t an option right now, but I will check out that Ammoxine for sure! Thank you so much for the help!!! Tooth problems really bite (pun intended). 🙂 Hey…I can’t help it…pain makes a person say weird things.

      • Hey Lee…I put Ammoxine in Google, and there’s not anything about it. Do you mean amoxicillin?

  16. My oldest DD got me a 3 handheld radio set for my birthday. Also worked on some garden things time to put in some cool weather things.
    Praying for Pack members facing the severe weather around the country God Bless to all.

  17. FarmerKin says:

    Not much in preps this week, mostly just reading and experimenting with the new dehydrator … apples, bananas and cantaloupe … and vacuum packing with the FoodSaver. Also mixed up my sourdough starter per Farmgal’s write-up … thanks again for writing the article, I’m so excited about giving this a try.

    MD, thank you for all the time you dedicate to keeping this forum running.

  18. Prep Now [ so.fl.] says:

    Decided not to flash that siding?

  19. One thing I did was open a blog for posting the free Amazon Kindle books for people here, the ones I’ve already been putting on posts here. Because this WDYDTPTW post is only once a week and people must stop checking after a while, I thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place. People who want to be able to check books every day can subscribe by email or Google reader or whatever they prefer to use, to get a notification whenever there’s a post. Some days I don’t find books of interest, so you wouldn’t waste time checking on those days.


    Because I check for books for myself every day anyway, as long as I do that I don’t mind doing this too. If it ever gets too much I’ll pass on the search settings to a new enthusiast. That shouldn’t happen for a while. It does take a little extra time though, so as time goes on I may need occasional signs that people are actually using it (I’m not fishing now as you all have been really kind.)


    Other than that I have been trying out my vacuum sealer and jar attachment with the dry goods already in my pantry, plus some big bags of herbs I bought for the purpose. A couple of jars, one of cornmeal and one of herbs, unsealed by the next day, so I will soak those lids and try again. I don’t want to have to buy new lids every time I vacuum seal something and I know I’m not supposed to have to. It could just be those lids had some dust in the sealing area. However, the one bag I did also lost a bunch of its vacuum. Guess it’s a learning curve right now.

    I have put a wanted ad for blackberry canes. They’re not wild in this area but they’re one of my favourite fruits and I would love a huge harvest in a few years’ time. I thought if I could get canes from people already growing them in their gardens here it might be better than straight from a nursery. Just a thought I had, don’t know if it’s actually true.

    Our two hazelnut trees were incredible when we moved here but they both have started dying off; one was really old, and the other suffered when we had to dig up some pipes in the yard. Also, the summers are getting hotter and dryer it seems. Upset about those trees as they were a real selling point to me. Will have to buy a couple of new ones, unless I could try rooting a cutting/sucker. Hadn’t heard of doing that yet. Did grow a couple from seed but they didn’t survive the first summer in the pot.

    Finally found a place to get a mini greenhouse, but I know they don’t last long, the plastic perishes over winter. Need a better idea, one that can be portable would be best for our climate, I think.

    Also tried extra-long soaking of a batch of garbanzos to start them sprouting. The dr has told dh to limit his carbs somewhat so it’s my understanding this will help a bit, also increase nutrients. This would be important in a situation eating out of storage without a source of fresh veg, so thought I’d better figure it out. Haven’t made anything out of them yet, will do hummous today, don’t know how the flavour will change.

    Did a bunch of research on vacuum sealing, found some interesting info I hadn’t seen around yet, and am writing myself a document pulling everything together that I’ve found.
    Also searched for more info on drying more unusual things and am going to do the same with that.

    • I signed up for your blog 🙂 I love your free book recommendations!

    • Prepper RN says:

      If you stack 2 lids on the jar then vac seal it seems to work better to seal the lid down. Using an old lid aso works better, I have found. The second lid does not stay, it is just for leverage. I hope it helps you.

      • Thank you, RN, I will try this! By old lid, do you mean one you’ve used on a jar already? Do you use it as the second extra lid, or the one that seals? The first two that unsealed were reused, and the 3rd (another one unsealed yesterday) was new. I’m wondering if I wasn’t picky enough about the condition of the lids. Also, all three were finer items (cornmeal, oregano, and garlic granules), and though I cut coffee filter paper as a guard to put over the product, I wonder if some dust was still pulled out by the vacuum and some stayed on the sealing area. Maybe I pulled too strong of a vacuum and that pulled more dust out?

        I did some reading and found that adding an extra lid was recommended by someone online for the regular size jar attachment because that size doesn’t work as well. I will try it with the bigger one too now. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Natalia,

      That is so strange about your jars not sealing with the foodsaver. I have doing it for quite some time and I have yet to have one not stay sealed up tight. I’ve even opened and resealed the same jars over and over and still no problem and I’ve never had to soak the lids. I’m wondering what the problem is….I use the Ball jars and lids – quart and half-gallon wide-mouthed jars. Hmmm. If it keeps happening, I would call Foodsaver. I had a problem with one of my orders from them and their customer service was excellent. I’m sure they’d be able to help you.

      • Encourager says:

        I, too, have had problems with the jars staying sealed. Am I suppose to heat them in hot water first?

        • Encourager, I’ve heard some people do that. It works with regular canning (obviously), but I could see dampness being a problem here. It’d be nice to have a way to soften/heat the rubber without using water, or you’d have to very quickly and very thoroughly dry it before using.

          I’m going to try the extra lid and see if that works better. Hope it does for you too. 🙂

          • Encourager says:

            I have used two lids but still had them lose the seal. What if I heated the rings in hot water for 10 minutes then dried them well before using quickly??? I can understand wet lids would have any water sucked into the product…a bit no-no.

            • Or maybe it would be sucked *out of* the jar? Hmmm. Maybe using something very fast-wicking to dry it, like paper towel. Worth I try, I think.

      • Well, I had one each of all 3 sizes jar I used unseal (half-gallon, quart, pint)! Funny. They were all wide-mouth as that’s the foodsaver attachment I have. These products were bought second hand. Actually the vacuum sealer is a Prolock Professional and the attachment is Foodsaver; I bet they wouldn’t stand behind it at this point (2nd hand) but maybe I could at least get their advice. Thanks for the tip, conmaze.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      garlic hummous yummy

      • It’s my favourite too, Carl in W.V., I’m late posting a reply because I wanted to post my recipe. I got it from food.com (formerly recipezaar) to start with, then went through all the recipe’s comments and adjusted it to suit me. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted, and always gets wows at potlucks.

        I usually double or triple this but I’ll put the single recipe here.

        Incredible Hummous

        2 large cloves fresh garlic*

        1 -19oz can chickpeas, about 530 ml or 2 1/2 cups home-cooked, (save some liquid-optional, see next ingredient)

        2/3 cup olive oil (or 1/2 cup and substitute some bean liquid for the rest)

        1/2 cup tahini (sesame seed paste/butter, available in ethnic sections or stores [cheaper] or sometimes by the peanut butter)**

        4 T lemon juice

        1 tsp salt

        1/2 tsp cumin

        Process until very smooth. Add some bean liquid to process easier if necessary.

        *not garlic from jar, if possible, you can really taste it in this recipe
        **in Canada, the best deal on tahini that I know of is at Canadian Superstore, in the ethnic aisle.

        I hope you enjoy it! I think I’ll add this to the beans post from last week too.

        • village idiot says:

          Thanks for that recipe, Natalia(I think of the James Bond movie Goldeneye, which is my favorite of the new James Bond movies, every time I see you post). I’m going to try your hummous this weekend!

          • I haven’t seen that movie, so I don’t know how I feel about that. 😉 I hope the hummous turns out for you. Thanks for the reply.

    • Judy, another one says:

      I’ve also found that wide mouth lids and jars vacuum seal much better than regular mouth.

      • Yes, I was going to try to get the regular mouth attachment but then saw it had a lot of bad reviews online. So now maybe not. It’s just the lids are cheaper and I have so many of the regular jars. But no point in losing food to spoilage! Thanks, Judy.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Yay! Thanks for the blog.. . I signed up and even though I don’t have a Kindle I can get some the books free or really cheap with their app on my iPad . I have enjoyed several and they have been a al life saver on the planes lately – so thanks again.

      • Thanks, SH! You’re very welcome. 🙂 I can’t seem to access any stats to tell me if anyone is subscribing at all so I’m glad to hear it. I can only read on my computer and getting tired of that so want to get an older model Kindle now. Hard to find these second hand!

        • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

          I signed up too, always can use a good read and since I inherited my sister’s kindle this works out fabuously… so THANKS!!!


          • I wish I had a sister to hand me down an old kindle. 😉 I appreciate the message, DiverGal. I can’t tell if anyone is subscribing, so it’s good to hear.

  20. Canadagal says:

    Hi everyone! Well with Easter, a 3 day flu, doing some work on the church books & preparing things for our income taxes prepping has been slow this past 2 weeks.
    Did get all my dental work up to date, finished the 9 blocks for my grandson’s quilt, & finished the maple sap run. Thurs. sap had a budding out flavour so we will use it up ourselves but won’t bottle it. It has been a poor run this year… very off & on but that is why we try to have extra from other years so we are prepping in that way. I think we got about 45 cups this year.
    My first planted tomatoes are doing well & need to be transplanted to bigger pots but the 2nd planting came up poorly so am replanting this am. My DH is bringing in, splitting & piling wood this week. The new processor he built is working real well. Hopefully this coming week will be warm enough to move stuff out to green house. Have a great week everyone.

    • Canadagal ,
      What kind of heat source do you use to render the sap into syrup? Have you, or anyone you know ever used a Reverse Osmosis system prior to boiling? We have trees that are finally a good enough size to start tapping next spring, and although I’ve read about the R/O systems, I wondered if anyone is actually using them in small quantity production.

      • Ohio Prepper

        I have never used the process, I have looked at it though, and we use wood to boil it down to a certain point and then move it over to finish with propane.

        I know I’m not the right Canadian but have been boiling an making maple syrup since we moved here eight years ago.

  21. Usual grocery run with some purchases put back – canned soup was on sale this week so put back 12 cans of various soups as well as some pasta and the usual box of ramen noodles (I try to buy one 12-container box every month or so to put in the stockpile).
    Purchased some more canned goods – some baked beans and similar.
    Monthly run to Sam’s for the usual foods plus stuff for preps – 50lb bag of rice, two boxes of salt, Crisco, and some canned fruit put back.
    Finally made a run to a local Amish bulk store – purchased oil, spices, pickling salt, and buttermilk powder for stockpile.
    Purchased lid accessories for the vacuum sealer – able to vacuum seal mason jars now! Did the spices purchased earlier.
    Ordered and received five apple trees and three cherry trees for the property.
    Planted chard in the garden, usual weeding and stuff. Planted some more seeds indoor in prep for getting things out in the garden.
    Bought a new oil lamp.
    Finished sorting out the change jars – checking for pre-1965 coins (none found, bummer!) and then took the last six months or so change in to the bank. Stashed half the earnings from the change into the emergency cash stash, the rest of the profits went into mercury dimes for emergencies.
    Took the accumulated plastic bottles that I’ve been saving up for water storage and filled them – added 18 gallons to the water stockpile.
    Did “burn tests” on the new oil lamp to see what the usage rate is. Still in progress but amazing amount of burn time!
    Spent a while printing off various articles I’ve accumulated on the computer in preparation for getting all the “how to” and “what if” bits of information organized into a notebook.
    Read “The Jakarta Epidemic” and finished off reading “Patriots”. Am still rereading “Tears of the Sun” (among other non-prepping books read).
    Went to the local library’s non-fiction book sale to pick up some useful stuff – mainly furniture working books as well as some reference books. Going back shortly for their “bag sale” – fill a bag for $5!
    And totally non-prepping related but caught a huge barn owl out and about in daylight and got some decent pictures of him! (I’m a photographer when I’m not a stay at home mom, so barn owl pictures are a BIG deal.)

    • Victoria, How did you like the Jakarta Pandemic? I just read it this week as well and it has given me some additional things to consider.

  22. Hope everyone in the pack is doing ok. Prayers for those in the tornado zone today. Ordered 2 more mags for the AK yesterday. Also ordered some canning supplies from Lehmans. Canned butter for the first time last week and by the taste test it came out ok. Also found a 54″ crosscut saw for $35. Picked that up before the guy changed his mind. It is in excellent condition. I don’t know how long I could use it before it wears me out, but if there is no gas for the chain saw, I’ll still have firewood. Also found out about the Wolfpack Cookbook yesterday and downloaded it. Lots of great looking recipes. Keep the faith!!

    • Prepper RN says:

      TN Sam,
      Check out Katzcradul on youtube. SHe dose the best video n canning butter and I have had the best sucess with it. Both in taste and quality.

  23. Can I make a suggestion as a new reader? Could you put some kind of week identifier convention in the titles of these weekly updates? I read this weeks and there are 5 other links at the bottom of related articles with the same title.

    Please don’t take this wrong, it’s not really a gripe, but it would make it easier to differentiate between the different threads with the same titles.

    • oHIo,

      There is a date at the top of each post to identify when it was posted…

      • I can see that, but directly below your first entry it has this:

        If you enjoyed this article, you might also like…

        What Did You Do To Prep This Week
        What did you do to prep this week?
        What did you do to prep this week?
        What Did You Do To Prep This Week
        The defendable 200 yards of road-frontage

        There is no differentiation between these links. Other than my browser turning them purple, there is no way to tell if I have already read that one or not.

  24. Got a Lehmans catalog in this week and Holy Cow my wish list just increased by a bunch. If you have not checked their catalog out you need to get on their website and order one, tons of stuff to make life easier without electricity.
    Picked up a wide mouth and reg foodsaver jar sealer at local farm supply store, they were $6.99 each which I thought was a good price compared to what I have seen on the internet. Also picked up a food dehydrator that seems to be a excalibur clone/knockoff for 5 drawer for $120, so I will start on dehydrating this summer. Am also staring to putter around on a solar dehydrator.
    Got more planted in the garden after the frost this week, got some potatoes, sunflowers , black eyed peas, peppers , sweet corn, pop corn and various herbs planted.
    Picked up few dollars worth of junk silve on the drop this week, hopes it drops more so I can pick up more.
    Can’t wait to get a new place and get off the grid, Debbie sorry you have to put up with one of them Obama Smartmeters and the Overlords telling you that you are using too much power, it will only get worse next it will be water and then gasoline etc, etc, etc till they will start rationing toilet paper and then food. I would probably go Amish but don’t want to give up internet and TV!!!! Plus my beard is to grey to grow out without some hair dye!!!

    • George,

      I just ordered a Lehman’s Catalog. After the discussion last week and your comment today, I just had to order one.

      • Carl in W.V. says:

        I still want the kerosene refrigerator lol

        • I think they make a multi-fuel fridge that uses not only kerosene, but propane &/or Nat gas.

          Also, as proof that drill baby drill works, regardless of TDL’s minion stating the contrary, well head price of net gas right now is $2.00 per 1 million BTUs, due to the overabundance of it and the supply and demand curve which still works. By the time it’s piped to us for use it perhaps doubles to $4.00. That’s the equivalent energy of 8.6 gallons of gasoline, 7.7 gallons of diesel, 13.1 gallons of E100 Ethanol, or 10.9 gallons of Propane. These quantities of these fuels all cost a bit more than $4.00. Time to send this guy and his green agenda and staff back to Chicago.

          • recoveringidiot says:

            OP, I’m still considering a NG/propane refrigerator when my electric dies. The place I moved to has NG and I kept my propane stuff from the old place as back up. My only hangup is the extra heat in the house come summer in NC. I wonder if the little flame generates any more heat than the coils/heat exchanger/compressor in the electric units? The house has a attached garage that is right off the kitchen so I guess I could place it by the door in the garage if the heat would be a big problem.

            • recoveringidiot,
              I had cousins who had a Nat Gas fridge as a kid growing up. Their claim was that it didn’t really heat up the house any more than an electric did. That pretty much makes sense, since you’re using the energy quite literally to “pump” heat from one place to the other, using generally the same physics mechanism, so it should take similar amount of electric or heat energy to do it. You could always box in the back of the unit and exhaust the heat through some dryer vent and a small box fan in the summer.

          • sw't tater says:

            chicago is not far enuf

      • Me too, Bam Bam.

    • I have been collecting telephone books, the paper is smoother than catalog paper to use on your arse. My 2 cents.

  25. village idiot says:

    Hey MD, that’s the first slingblade I’ve seen in many a moon. I remember them as the world’s first weedeater, or at least that’s what I had to do with one when I was growing up. Great photos by the way. I also wanted to let you know I got both your books in the mail this past week, and wanted to thank you.

    As for preps, I bought a case of 45 acp, 100 slugs, 100 CB caps, 1000 pellets, 2 bore snakes, Break Free CLP, patches, Remoil, and solvent.
    I also got lucky, and a restaurant in town was going out of business and I was able to buy all the dry condiments he had left, including salt and pepper packs that were in little sealed plastic bags with a napkin and fork. Thousands of them for a little of nothing. This got me excited.

    I got 2 more starter packs from LDS, and ordered a case of pinto beans and a case of white rice. I also ordered canned butter and canned cheese from the Internet Grocer. I’m looking forward to trying these two as I’ve heard they are really good. That’s about it. Everyone have a great week.

    • village idiot,

      Thank you my friend – I bought the slingblade at tractor supply the other tools I found used at a yard sale.

      I hope that you linke the books – please leave a short review on Amazon.com if you have time… Thank you again.

      • village idiot says:

        Will do, MD. I also forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the new book. I’ve already started to apply some of the strategies in your book. I’ll have more to tell about it next week. Plus my best friend is enjoying his book as well, thanks to you MD and the writing contest.

      • lol- yall will like this- my son calls the slingblade an idiot stick because when he was growing up even an idiot could use it and would- i never knew that and thought it was funny

        • riverrider says:

          mama, that is so true. in basic training the drill sgt said he had a couple of openings for special weapons training volunteers. several raised there hands and he handed them slingblades and pointed to a swampy area out back of the barracks. ft.benning, ga. first of july 1981.

          • cosmolined says:

            Dang those D.I.’s for at least 15 minutes! Loved the story riverrider…. Thanks. Cos

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            Guess no one gave them rule number 1 of basic training. Never, ever, EVER, volunteer for ANYTHING….

            • riverrider says:

              tfh, hehehe, sadly no. my dad clued me in. the one good piece of advice he ever gave me.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, oh yeah i almost forgot…we have a huge forest fire going, about 30 miles west. they say its a historic size event. the smoke got me moving over to lowes for sprinklers. bought 3 dif ones to try out. no danger of the fire getting here, but if one starts on this side of the mountain it’ll be here in a jif with the high winds we’ve been having. everything is tinder dry, just as i predicted weeks ago. it’ll be a long dry summer. take care brother.

      • The swamps are burning here in Florida. There is one fire that was 13,000 acres Tuesday and is expected to be 40,000 by Monday. It’s dry enough to burn but wet enough so they can’t get in the equipment to fight the fires.

        • Bam Bam, stay safe! Have they determined the cause of the fires? I’ve been on the 95 when smoke is hitting the highway, be careful.

          • Jarhead,

            The fire is 100 miles north of me but if the wind is blowing just right, it’s terrible. I drive up there one day a week and I almost turned around and went home. You could see maybe 20 feet on I-75.

        • Ridge Runner says:

          Bam Bam
          Smoke here on the coquina coast was bad a couple of days ago. Wind out of the east now and clearing. That County Line fire is a mess. Hope you’re not too near.

          • Ridge Runner,

            I am 100 miles south of the Ga-Fa line. So far we’ve only had smoke when the wind was blowing south. But there are fires to the south of us as well. I hope we get some rain soon.

      • village idiot says:

        Wow, river and bam bam, fire season already? As you know, we had a terrible drought here last year, and I went out to our lake that we use for a water supply and it is full for the first time in over 18 mo. As we were checking out the swimming area, my wife noticed something swimming, and it turned out to be a gator in the 8-10 range. Right by the swimming area. Are you short a gator, bam bam? And one that can read?

        • riverrider says:

          vi, maybe its tinfoil’s gator, escaped from his moat:)

          • Tinfoil Hat says:

            Indeed! Please return Goliath at your earliest convenience. I will handle any and all shipping costs… 🙂

            • village idiot says:

              Tin, Goliath took issue with leaving the water, and I didn’t feel like pressing the matter, if you know what I mean.

            • riverrider says:

              vi, did you discuss rule 308 with goliath? i’m sure that if he knew about it then he would be more cooperative.

        • VI,

          I hope we get a slow moving, weak tropical storm this year. Our water levels are down. It’s the dry season for us. The summer rains usually start the end of June or beginning of July. It used to rain every day at 3 p.m. But we haven’t had our normal rains in a couple of years now. The strange thing about Florida is that it can be raining cats and dogs in the front yard and dry in the backyard. The steam coming off the roofs makes it look like the houses are on fire.

          • Bam Bam,

            We’ve been getting the smoke too, from GA and a few wild fires nearby. Depending on how the wind is blowing it can choke you out. This has been going on for over a month now. Some are controlled burns and others are wild.

            You are right, we need another Faye. Faye pulled us out of the rainfall deficit in a hurry! We’ve gotten a little rain here and there, but things are so dry it soaks it up too quickly. My lawn is already brown and the leaves on the trees are not even fully grown. Ugg. I fear what the summer brings.

            Trying to make a decision on what to do with what limited funds I have – use it all for food/security preps or sink some major $$$ into a metal roof. I guess if a fire comes along, all of the food and preps would be up in flames anyway. Maybe I just answered my own question there. Although a metal roof doesn’t mean fireproof.

            It appears there is no “safe” place to live anymore between threats of tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, being too close to military bases, major metro areas, drought, wild fires. Just makes me want to crawl in a hole somewhere and wait for teotwawki.

            • Conmaze,

              Take that money and buy a goat. The goat will eat all the vegetation around your home. As a result the fire will just bypass your home. No fuel, no fire. I saw a photo of a massive fire from LA, if I recall correctly. A massive subdivision burnt down to the ground, except for one home. The home owners had a goat.

            • That’s amazing, BamBam! I grew up with goats, love ’em.

    • VI, Looks like you had a good week. Saw how many slugs you picked up and was thinking that’s what I need. Tried to separate my rifled and smooth bore slugs and unsuccessful. May just pull the ones I do know and set them up, start over and what I don’t know just shoot them at the range. Planning on picking up a rifled barrel for the new semi-auto Mossberg.

      I know I can shoot both through a smooth bore but want to separate them or stick to sabot slugs for now.

      • village idiot says:

        J, my son has been training on using a shotgun with slugs for entry breaching. He told me to get at least 200, more if I could. I’m halfway there.

        • VI, 200 slugs is a good solid number. Trying to talk to a couple gun shops to sell me a case and knock off a few bucks. Looking at the sabot loads so they fly out nice and smooth. Then when I pick up a rifled barrel I want a case of rifled slugs.
          In a small ammo can you can fit 125 shells and 260 in a large ammo can. So may have to go with 385 on the slugs lol.

  26. Prayers sent out for the Pack and their families. Welcome new pack members and those lurking.

    Didn’t prep much this week attending OSHA classes and dealing with a cold I caught from my 6yo niece watching my sisters kids so she and her DH could spend some quality time after his first cross country trucking trip.

    My Preps for the week
    Case of pedialite
    2 packs Pepto tablets

    Water Prep:
    Filled 2 2L bottles
    1 case of water

    Gun preps:
    Side saddle for mossberg 930
    45 rounds of 00 buck.
    200 rounds 223 and put them on stripper clips.
    Loaded 400 rounds of 7.62X39 on stripper clips.
    All rifle ammo is on stripper clips now.
    Traded 200 rounds of 9mm I found for 150 rounds 45.
    Accurate count, sort, placed in ammo cans and re-stacked all ammo. Not as easy as I thought it would be.

    Researched cell phone blockers and found portables designed for the pocket and even designed in a cigarette pack for as cheap as $60-$100 and on the high end of $250 to $350. Still doing research and debating.

    Have a good week Pack and good prepping

    • Thought I would repost this since its been a while and I got an email asking for the info. Making your own patches from T shirts in a shtf scenario or just have some time, old shirts and want to save a few bucks:
      1″ x 1″
      .17, .22, .223

      1.25″ x 1.25″
      6mm, .243, .25

      1.5″ x 1.5″
      7mm, .270

      2″ x 2″
      .308, 7.62×39, 30-06, .303, 30-30, .32, .35

      2.5″ x 2.5″
      .380, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, 10mm, .44, .45, .410 Gauge

      3″ x 3″
      20 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 12 Gauge, .50

      Sizes/caliber match vary by thickness of the cotton t shirts.

    • riverrider says:

      j, just from what i’ve read, those cheaper ones aren’t too good. they jam fewer frequencies and have lower power, so i’ve read. ymmv. i put a “hang up and drive” sticker on my truck and one that says “guns don’t kill people, driver’s on cell phones do” . i know, redneck, but i just had too:) …wish there was an emp just for cell phones.

      • riverrider says:

        ps: you guys should tell the athiests that want to take down the cross to go ahead and take it down themselves if they want, then meet them on top the hill w/ a platoon of marines:) they can prove their lack of faith that way. funning how they all call out “oh god” at the end… better yet set up a perimeter around it. i doubt anybody would answer the call to remove it then, even the alphabet soups. semper fi.

        • Atheist Prepper says:

          Dear Riverrider
          I am shocked that you think it would be funny to murder folks who don’t agree with your religious views.

          As a humanist, I believe we should help and respect others, even those who think differently than us.

          I hope you will reconsider your posting.

          • I do not see the humor in forcing others to comply with an atheist’s lack of religion. In my opinion, atheists are proving how intolerant they are of others by forcing the removal of those crosses. Just my two cents.

            If I was the commander of that Marine base or higher up, I’d 99 year lease that area of land to the family of one of the Marines’ families that put those crosses up for $1. The sole condition of the land lease is for the crosses to remain in place and the surrounding area undeveloped. That would take the legal standing completely away from the atheists.

            • And what’s more, if the religious symbol was from Judaism or Buddhism no one would complain. The atheist, separation-of-church and state folks are really anti-Christian.

            • Bam Bam, remember Reagan was a huge advocate for separation of church and state as were our founding fathers. I’m not taking a side on the pro/anti cross. I have seen Christians complain about the star of David as well as the Crescent. Everyone needs to lighten up, a cross should be allowed, atheists and agnostics need to lighten up but Christians need to lighten up on those who don’t agree as well. Its a two way street of respect is what I’m saying.

            • Cain,
              I’ve often thought that the lease concept would be a good thing. Perhaps extend it to a small 15×20 patch on the courthouse lawn, where the private citizen who owned the lease could put up a Menorah or a Crèche or any other symbol.

              I have many friends from many religious persuasions, including atheists. My atheist friends have no problem with tolerance, because they have faith that what they believe is correct, at least for them. The same is true of those who are theists. When I see atheists or theists for that matter trying to actually tear down symbols of other faiths, it has been my experience that these people only sort of believe in their philosophy, and live more by consensus than faith. Any outward sign that would cast doubt on that consensus must be removed, because deep down it reinforces their doubt in what they claim to believe. Just sayin’

            • I hereby declare “atheism” to be a non-theistic religion, and now I demand the separation of church and state. LOL

            • recoveringidiot says:

              “When I see atheists or theists for that matter trying to actually tear down symbols of other faiths, it has been my experience that these people only sort of believe in their philosophy, and live more by consensus than faith. Any outward sign that would cast doubt on that consensus must be removed, because deep down it reinforces their doubt in what they claim to believe.”

              I think you nailed it right there OP!

            • Encourager says:

              We have the highest hill in our county near us. The land (I think over 300+ acres of prime land) was given to the state with the provision that if ANYONE ever took down the huge cross on top of the hill, the land reverts back to the descendents of the people who donated the land. We had a group of anti-Christians from a city about 45 minutes away who come out here to ride their bikes four abreast down our curvy, hilly country roads, have a petition drive and then contacted the ACLU to sue to remove that ‘offensive’ cross that was on state land. The papers and TV news ate it up….until the state revealed the conditions of the agreement…and it all went quietly away.

            • Cain

              Amen to that post my friend. Atheists and so-called Humanists are so put out by religious symbols and the mention of God/Jesus that it begs the question: Are they that way because they want to ensure they never have to think about a God, which even they cannot disprove exists, that may ask of them why they denied Him and never worshipped or had a relationship with Him? So by denying His existence and all His symbols of it they can put it out of their minds and hope it never hits them, like when they die. To bad they will then find the truth.


            • Encourager,
              I think it would have been better to take down the cross. Then when the land reverted to the original owners, they could put up three crosses and post the No Wheeled Vehicle signs for those idiots.

          • riverrider says:

            i’m saying let them put their ass on the line for their beliefs like the marines that put the cross up. i said nothing about murder, what i find funny is how so called athiests have time and time again called out to GOD in their time of need/death. they want to force their beliefs/lack there of on me by taking down a memorial to fallen heros. if you don’t like it, don’t look. i drive by a mosque and a temple and several catholic churches , none of which i believe in, every day. i wouldn’t dream of asking them to take down their icons/crosses/minoras. one would think that the so called enlightened athiests would be more tolerant of us ignorant religious folk, but like progressives its “my way or the highway”. surely you can’t be so arrogant as to think that in 50,000 or so years of human inquest that you are the only ones “right”?

            • There are tolerant atheists. Just because a group believes X and some of the group believe Y, does not mean the whole group believes Y. By the way, you seem to be confusing tolerance with certainty of belief, they are two different things.

          • axelsteve says:

            Muslims kill people all the time for that reason athiest prepper.

          • cosmolined says:

            Where is the respect for Christians? Just think we’ve been pushed enough. Cosmolined

            • breadmomma says:

              Ah jeez guys, leave it at the curb…try being a Jew and being pushed around for thousands of years before and after Jesus came down to the earth…I figure when the shtf, it really will not matter …we will all be in the same lifeboat and we all better be prepared to deal with life as it comes…who I pray to or what I believe in is no ones business, just like if I prep or don’t prep…no ones business, I have been treated fairly by Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddists and Catholics as well as Christians…I have been screwed by more Christians than any other group, so really what it boils down to me is basic ten commandments and the Golden Rule…… I really don’t expect to be asking those questions…I come to this site to find others that prepare for the eventual problems…be they man made or mama nature at her worst…bottom line is beans, bullets, buillion and band aids…
              If God floats your boat, great, if you are a Humanist, and don’t crap in my cherrios, you are also welcome…we have freedom of religion or the right to not choose a religion…
              I came to this site originally to find out what smart prepared folks were doing…I am seeing fewer of old friends and more and more folks that seem clueless…hey…don’t screw it up…might have to just take my leave as Linty did a while back…haven’t seen Gayle on in a while…
              I have ranted enough…just keep your powder dry, your mouth shut and your preps safe and out of site.

            • Ut-o. Not this again. I hope breadmama catches on quicker than Hawkeye. LOL

              Breadmama, meditate on the yellow puppet.

            • village idiot says:

              breadmomma, I just wanted to tell you that there are some still around and posting that you mentioned or referred to. They changed their names for OPSEC purposes.

              As for after the SHTF, it is likely that religious, social, race and other groupings will play a large part in survival if past history is an indicator, which it is. No man is an island. Take care.

            • Breadmomma, AGREed +1

          • Athiedt Prepper, I didn’t see River saying murder anyone trying to remove it although anyone trying to get pass Marines them to get to something they are protecting is not an easy task.

            I am a Christian but look at things with open eyes. I feel Atheists should let Christians be and not complain about crosses.

            On that not I am against teaching of religion in school unless parents want to send their kids to private school or home school. I also am for separation of church and state because I wouldn’t want a crack pot like Pat Robertson running this country, we would be no different than Arab states and would have a religious police.

            Everyone needs to lighten up, not judge and turn the other cheek when it comes to others beliefs. My dad was a deacon and told me before you insult someone’s beliefs, learn and understand it so you don’t go into a battle of wits unarmed.

            • Damn typos lol. Need to stop using the cell phone and use a computer.

            • Jarhead,
              Never been a marine, although I worked Marine-Navy MARS comms for a lot of years, and my stepson is a former marine sniper, so I find your statement, “although anyone trying to get pass Marines to get to something they are protecting is not an easy task” a little underwhelming, as in I would think that “not an easy task” should be replaced with, “downright suicidal”. Then again, perhaps you were just being nice. 😀

            • Ohio, you are correct, I was lol.

            • jarhead

              I would not want to be the person or group trying to get past an outfit that has not lost a battle in its 230 plus years of history; ie The US Marine Corps!

              But I do not have to tell you that. But some others may not have got the word.

            • Jarhead: Right on! I agree with you 100%. You said it best.

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            “Help and respect others, even those who think differently than us?”




            Respect is a 2 way street. When atheists stop attacking my faith, and doing everything they can to incite, insult, and invalidate it, I’ll be happy to respect there rights to believe in nothing.

            Incidentally (and since the few posts I’ve seen from you are respectful and have substance, I am not including you in this statement), athiests should stop acting like presumptuous @$$holes, and cease speaking to people of faith as if they are the adult indulging the conversational ramblings of a 4 year old asking if the Easter Bunny is real.

            I am 31 years old, hold a bachelors and masters from nationally known universities. I’ve seen war and I’ve seen the world beyond our borders. I am a rational, reasonably intelligent Christian. Stop treating me like an idiot (again, not directed at you, but by the sudden “athiest movement” in this nation).

        • worrisome says:

          Riverrider, In this country, the majority vote is supposed to mean something. All these special interest groups trying to force their will on the rest of us is extremely tiresome. If they don’t want to look at those crosses, they don’t have to. It is not like they are all that out in the open anyway. I can understand your frustration.

          • riverrider says:

            worrisome, a great big roger that! thats what i was trying/ failing to get across.

    • River, thanks! I figure the $150 to $200 price range will work well but not at the top of the wish list yet.

      As for the situation at Camp Pendleton we will see what happens. Every base camp within the base has a chapel so that could set the precedence. There are many agnostics, atheists and non Protestant Marines in the Corps so we will see how it plays out.

      When I first came in, regardless of a Marines religion or lack of, we were forced like to go to the Protestant service and it drew contempt from non Christians Marine Recruits as we would if we were forced to attend Jewish/Islamic/Buddhist services. Although I had attended many other religious services and found many traditions fascinating. Maybe just me, the jewish tradition of the family and friends pouring the dirt over the coffin/grave is great at coping and moving on with a loved ones death.

      • riverrider says:

        j, roger that. i was raised baptist but no longer adhere to any man made church. i am “spiritual” and believe in a higher power/stream of conciousness. i just think i can be closer to it outdoors than in a man made structure full of hippocrites. but i don’t begrudge any person their beliefs or lack of, as long as they leave mine, and yours, alone. hell, 90% of the “religions” are the same, just the names are changed to protect the guilty:) sorry i got into this stream, but like worrisome said, it irks the heck out of me that these tiny minorities rule the roost and we run scared everytime they speak. its ’bout time we stood up to the bullies.

        • River, I understand. My big thing is I’m a Christian (not the every Sunday in church and behave like an angel and try to do my best in helping my fellow man/woman) my only thing is I have seen all sides force down each others throat and no matter who’s side I’m on I’m going to piss someone off so why not piss off everyone or at least get the debate to stop. I do live by the Golden Rule of “do onto others as they would you” if we did that regardless of beliefs (every religion and common sense of duality dictates it and we would be a better society for it.

        • cosmolined says:

          We belong to the same Church. God hears our prayers equally. May He Bless You, Sir and keep you safe. Cos

        • village idiot says:

          Well, just about everything has been said here, but I do want to add one thing. I hear Christians called hypocrites all the time. But may I say that hypocrites are found at work, school, Wal-Mart, Costco, the Mall, the Courthouse, an Atheist meeting, or any other place more than two people meet. Hypocrisy is one of the few growth industries in the US, and hypocrites are everywhere. Christians hardly have a monopoly on it. The politicians in DC and the media are the worst of the bunch.

          Jarhead, I grew up in the South, and it has always been a tradition here to put dirt on the coffin. Most of the time it is done by the pall bearers, but sometimes family members. Sometimes the flower boutineers are thrown in or laid on the coffin as well. It’s pretty common across all Christian denominations where I live. There are no Jewish Synogogues within 100 miles. I just thought it was a Southern tradition. I learn things here all the time.

          As for the Marine memorial, this was put up by soldiers to honor their comrades who were Christian. It is not something that was officially done, so I don’t see what the problem could possibly be other than animosity toward Christians. As a Christian, I would have no problem if a Star of David was put up to honor a Jew, so long as it was done by the men and wasn’t officially done, not that I’d have a problem either way to tell you the truth.

          • vi,
            I think the fact that Christians are called hypocrites has more to do with demographics than anything else. The majority of this nation identifies itself as Christian, and if hypocrites, or any other designation is really spread across the landscape, then there would tend to be more of then that are Christian. If we’re talking Israel, then they would most likely be Jewish, or the middle east, Muslim, or India, Hindu. When someone denigrates a group that I belong to, be it religious, or ethnic, or a prepper or a firearms owner, I generally try to consider the source, and not let it really bother me.

          • riverrider says:

            vi, easy buddy, i didn’t mean to imply christians were hypocrits, just those at my church were. more worried about what people were wearing and who sat next to who than saving their souls. and spend a million bucks on a fancy new church, we’re talking small time country congregation, while folks next door to it didn’t have food to eat. i don’t think jesus woulda appreciated that.

            • village idiot says:

              Didn’t take it at all amiss, my friend. I was in no way offended, referring to the media and politicians more than anything. And yes, hypocrites abound in the churchs, same as everywhere. And Christians are held to a higher standard, I suppose, but one must remember that we are all fallen(sinners), which is why we need Jesus in the first place. Sorry for the religious stuff, folks, I’ll keep it to a minimum from now on. I hope breadmomma can keep me in line. LOL.

    • Jarhead,
      Keep in mind that cell phone blockers are generally illegal to use, unless of course you’re a government agency.

      • OP, thanks for the warning label and going outside the topic I didn’t start lol. I do know and considering the ramifications. Its getting old where the person in front of me at the theater refuses to put the phone down or the neighbor with no respect. I would exercise great caution “if” I bought one.

  27. Kelekona says:

    Our garden is doing okay… Peppers and tomatoes and lettuce are all still sprouts. Beans have slowed down from their impressive magic. The sprouting potatoes we threw in just because we missed their edible phase are threatening to be an issue.

    I somehow had not thrown out at least a half dozen 1.75 rum bottles, so I filled them with tap water and threw them under the sink. I am halfway sure our source is chlorinated, without being positive, I’m wondering if that makes my stored bottles safe for cooking and tea, and if star-san was neccessary for drinking it raw.

    I determined that I want a special jacket for riding the scooter in. What materials block the wind but are cool enough for sunny hot temperatures?

  28. charlie (NC) says:

    Didn’t accomplish too much this week. Added 7 lbs of pasta noodles and 2 big jugs of pancake syrup to the food preps. Worked in the garden some. Working on my lawn mowing equipment. It has all decided not to run this spring and my yard is growing up nearly waist high in weeds.

    M.D. FYI the news you can get on that over air antenna is barely worth watching these days. It’s better than nothing but about all you’ll get is local stories and the company line from the nations capital. I’m sure you know that already.

    • charlie (NC),

      Yep. The news that I like most is the local weather forecast…

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Heard that M.D. I find out more about what is going on around here by listening to a police scanner than I do watching our local news. We do have good weather folks though.

      • trapper from manitoba says:

        For TV viewing, might i recommend a little site called IceFilms.info I use it everytime there is a show or movie i want to watch. Best of all, providing you have a DSL connection or best, its FREE !!!!!
        I watch ALL my regular favorite TV shows and all new or old movies from it. Basically you download the program and once its done, watch it commercial free. I have never got a virus from it in the 2 or 3 years i have been using it.
        Yes, i believe technically it violates copyright infringement laws so to protect yourself you should always delete the file once you’ve watched it. Or store everything on a portable hard drive 🙂

      • Carl in W.V. says:

        I had my dish cut off two months ago. I have a hunting app on my Iphone that has the best weather info I have seen 7 day and hour by hour with local radar and u.s. radar. obtw my home page is msnbc.com so i get all the half truth i need lol.

    • mountain lady says:

      Have to agree with MD on this one. My complaint with the Dish was basically that I had 250 channels and nothing worth watching most of the time. All the news is not worth watching, but I do like to get the weather forecasts even though they are often wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      goats – great lawnmowers – also they do great on blackberry bushes

      just sayin…

      • Goats are also great at getting rid of problem areas of poison ivy/oak. Not sure if it would be wise to use their milk on such a diet (maybe someone here can answer that question?) but one of the families in my prepper group inherited a hill from an elderly family member, and his farm had been left fallow for about 15 years. Poison ivy took over all of the border land between the woodlot and a pasture, and one of their kids was very, very allergic. They took the advice of a neighbor and staked their goats in that part of the field. Within a week, there was no sign of the noxious weed!
        To be safe, they let the kid take all the milk for the duration and for a few days after.

        • Cat…I used goats in Cal when I lived on acreage there to rid the place of PO. It’s true that it can come through in the milk. Anyone who is sensitive to PO shouldn’t drink it until some time has gone by with the goats eating something else.

          However, we used to drink some (a little bit each morning) every Spring while the goats were eating the new PO leaves, and that seemed to help our immunity to the PO.

          I had friend who would eat the PO LEAVES each Spring, and was totally immune to it. I wouldn’t do that. But he was the one everyone called on to clear PO or do any work where it was growing. He was always busy.

          We just have to use common sense with things like this.

          • Thanks, MtWoman. Looks like they did the right thing just using their gut.
            I hate poison ivy!

          • What fascinating anecdotes. Make so much sense. After all, if eating local honey made with local pollens can possibly “immunize” one to hay fever, then drinking that milk sounds just as effective.

  29. Natalia,

    I have a greenhouse that I love. I’ve had it for 15 years and my hubby put it together for me. It is something that could be broke down and moved so maybe it’d be of interest?

    Mine is the 8′ x 8′ with shelves at:
    Hope this helps, I know it’s spendy but I’ve added to mine over the years and boy can I pump out the plants from that little space!

    • Ooh, those are nice! You’ve now tempted me with greenhouse envy. I’m still too small-time for these beautiful specimens, but maybe someday……
      Thanks, Debbie!

      • Well Natalia,

        For what it’s worth…Harbor Freight has greenhouses on sale for like $300. Don’t know if you’ve one near you but I thought of you when I saw the ad today. Then again, there’s always free windows from those remodling to make cold frames with. 😛 sorry I’m just a gardening nut!

  30. Cold Warrior says:

    Worried about my apple, plum and pear trees as we had some late season frost where I live. Purchased 2 cases of a very good scotch whisky for trading purposes. I must have over 12 cases put away of various types of alcohol. The stuff has so many uses besides drinking it.

    Been researching our Government’s plans to go to a cashless economy, which would give them almost complete control on what we buy/sell ect.
    Also begun work on an article I’m writing on the history of Marxism, which may become a book?

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      Thats what I need to find some one rotating stock on a good single malt. I would surly trade a case of new for a case of their oldest lol.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        There is an old brand known as “White Horse” which is a blend of single malts and comes from Isley’s oldest distiller. White Horse is rated 4 stars out of 5 by The Spirit Journal and at $21 a liter is a best buy.

        To give you some idea, Johnnie Walker Black and Glen Livet 12 are also ranked at 4 stars at $35-$40 a bottle.

        • Carl in W.V. says:

          Thank’s CW I’ll have to check on that. I just thought it was funny as preppers we always make sure we keep our stock rotated out. I could not imagine finding a 10 year old case of single malt.

    • Cold warrior and Carl, I keep the good stuff for me and the cheap stuff for bartering.

      • Carl in W.V. says:

        I definitely do that. i was just thing of the 114 year old shackleton whiskey they found in anartica. Just one taste well maybe one glass. I have a steak appetite on a pinto bean check lol.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        Roger, will do

  31. I finally received my copy of “31 Days to Survival”! I’ll probably start reading it tomorrow.

    I also bought more canned foods for my stock (every time I go to Walmart, I always buy at least a dozen or so extra cans of food for my stock).

  32. I was a bit late posting today’s books, so just a heads-up I just did. Click on link on my name.

  33. Not as much done this week, but congrats to everyone else who have been busy. I did study on my first aid book and nurse’s drug guide so that if something medical did happen, I would have a better idea what to do.

    I did a little grocery shopping to replace some of the items we have used.

    The best thing I did was try the Bear Creek soup that I bought at Walmart a couple of months ago. I only bought one to see if we liked it and wow, I can say we both really liked this one. It was the Tortilla soup, so I will add some more of it to our stash. We added chicken and potatoes and it was really yummy and made a lot of soup. I am going to get some of the potato and see if we like it too. The good thing about storing this was it had a best buy date of mid 2013 so we can definitely rotate it in that time range. It will work better for us to use it instead of Mountain House entrees in #10 cans since there is only two of us.

    Still working in the yard and small garden so not much time to do much else. Take care everyone.

    • My family loves the Bear Creek chicken noodle. It’s our standard cold remedy in our house. We’ve got lots of this on hand!

    • I love the tortilla soup too and we also love the chili.

    • Ms ACW,
      Don’t know if you have a Big Lots in your area, but the ones here keep a pretty good selection of the Bear Creek soups for $3.00 each. Tomorrow we’ll be trying out the Cheddar Cheese pasta for the first time, but so far we haven’t found one we didn’t like.

      • OP, thanks for the heads up on Big Lots. We do have a local store and they recently moved into a bigger storefront. Vaguely remembered someone mentioning they had good prices so thanks for the reminder.

      • I found Bear Creek soup at Walmart the week before last. It was $3. I picked up two packages. Each package makes two quarts of soup. That’s a great deal. I think I will pick up a few more.

        • Bam Bam,
          The pasta mixes only make 1 quart, but it’s some of the best Mac & Cheese you’ve ever had. We had Cheddar Broccoli pasta over the weekend.

          • O.P.,

            I will have to try the Bear Creek Cheddar Broccoli. I stopped by Walmart today before work but I only had a few minutes. I will check next time I am there. I think I will get one of each kind and try them. Right now I only have tortilla soup and potato soup.

  34. Well, I haven’t posted much in a couple of weeks. I’ve been lurking. We did move a 55 gal food grade water barrel to our cellar and treated it. So that is the second one filled and ready for use. Our 275 gal. rain catch is working well for watering our garden.

    Still sheltering out tomato plants in the greenhouse which they LOVE. Had a hard freeze Thursday morning so glad they and the pepper plants were still toasty warm.

    Our Cherokee Blue Eagle corn popped up after the frost.

    Caught Cabbage on sale and made a small crock of Kraut. Ended up with about 5 quarts and a pint.

    Asparagus is coming out of our ears and we are really enjoying it on the grill.

    Found a source for raw milk and I’ve been making butter for us. Waiting on next round of it to make chive butter and maybe some sort of cheese. I know I need to learn that skill!

    Prayers for those that are ill. M.D. getting ready to get your book!
    Welcome to all the new people!

    Hold on tight it’s gonna be a bumpy ride …………

  35. The Prepper says:

    Before I start with the things I did to prep this week, I wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone in the pack. GA Mom, Bam Bam, FarmGal, Jarhead, … you are all so nice, and I’m glad we are all a part of the same mission! Thanks!

    As far as preps, I didn’t do much. We are closing on our first house next week, and the stress and work associated with closing is really adding up. FIlling out paperwork for the bank, dealing with contractors and getting things in order has really overwhelmed me. I firmly believe we made the right decision buying the house, and it will be a great place once all of the renovations that need to be done are done. We will also have our first set of raised beds growing by then (until then we will continue to use containers) as well! Yay!!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy week. God bless!!

    • The Prepper, your welcome! Good luck on the home.

    • The Prepper,

      Congratulations on your first home. When I closed on my place, I freaked out about the idea of being in debt for 30 years. But it’s been a good investment, even with the economic downturn. Once you get all the papers signed and you get to move in, you will have a blast.

      • The Prepper says:

        Thanks Jarhead and Bam Bam! My mortgage payment is $400 less than what I’m currently paying in rent, and my fiancee is planning to chip in each month as well. It is definitely scary to be in debt to the bank, but I have a plan to get the house paid off well before the 30-year mark. Looking forward to raising chickens, gardening and having a basement to store my preps. Just want the stress and hassle to be over with!!!!

        • charliebuck says:

          My local bank has wised up and now they open all rolls of half dollars before they sell them to me!Someone in the bank is hoarding the silver!

    • Thank you The Prepper! You too! Good luck to you. I know you are very excited!

  36. Patriot Farmer says:

    I went to the bank this week and on a fluke I bought $20 dollars worth of Kennedy half dollars. When I got them home I found 12 of them were the silver coins. I guess somebody wasn’t paying attention at the bank.

  37. NorCal Ray says:

    Just to let you know, I ordered 31 Days through your website and Amazon Link as well as Barnyard in your Backyard, Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis”, and Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat.

    Bought .38 Spec ammo, and 1000 rds. .22 cal. H.P. Pellets, bought ticket to send D.D. to L.A. for the day on Sat. to meet at U.C.L.A. for her tour and contract signing, etc.

    Planted 2 Raspberry bushes that I got off Freecycle.net. Worked in Garden and installed Panniers, Racks, and Baskets on Bikes that I had bought previously but hadn’t installed yet.

    Outfitted D.D.’s car with G.H.B. and emergency tool Kit.
    Take care all.

  38. Ordered a 40 pound, or so, pail of Pinto Beans for the emergency food stores.

    Got familiar with my AK-47 how to disassemble and reassemble and did a good cleaning of I while doing soo. Ordered a retaining plate for the AK to replace the retaining spring.

    Did some shopping for grden supplies.ended to the garden, sprouts for radishes, lettuce and beets are coming up. I have planting to do this week for tomatoes, celery, lettuce, eggplant, peppers and herbs.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  39. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Hello Pack

    Ecstatic to say after a long interval that I had a good prep week, though that was mostly thanks to MD. I received all of the writing contest privets, so tni week I got th Shepards Survival pack (that thing is AWESOME). I know have an effective BOB in addition to my ghb. Also got an tried out the Ecozoom stove, which was simple an fun to use. Made a pot of spaghetti on my back deck with it. Got 1 months food supply from Augason, stocked and stored in the larder, and used the lucky gunner GC for 250 rounds of .45 and a brick of .22. Also took advantage of local sale and bought 7 roasts for the deep freezer, ran power out to my shed in the backyard, replaced shed door with a solid, framed in oak door.
    MD, thank you very much for your contests and prizes, it has helped me SO much. And Wolfpack, thank all of you for your encouragement and perpetual positivity! Love this website, and the folks on it.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Forgot, I also scored and filled 3 propane tanks. 1., this is the south, we grill in all weather and 2., propane grill is the plan for cooking when S initially HTF.

    • riverrider says:

      tin, congrat brother!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Ain’t it grand! Sounds like a great week for you Tinfoil. As to the prize…you truly deserved it.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Tin, GOOD for you! Your input is always worth the time to read.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Aw thanks RI. I always kinda feel like a mooch here, cause I always learn way more than I feel like I contribute. Best survival blog writer and community on the web here…

    • village idiot says:

      Take a bow, Tin, you deserved it. Now I gotta go find your alligator for you. How would you like it shipped when I do?

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Any large crate will do. Please just make sure Goliath has.a.few chickens to munch on for the road please. 🙂

    • Wow TF…sounds really great! Congrats. 🙂

    • Tinfoil, congrats! I’m trying to think of some topics that are non-firearms related to show Its not all guns and ammo with me (it really is but we won’t let them know) lol

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        I think you should write a common mans review/suggestion of ballistics, ammo brands, proper storage, and DIY artillery. I’d love to see an article like that, and seems you’d be the man to write it….

  40. I haven’t done squat over the past week for prepping.

    The S&W MP15-22 MOE came in this week. Apparently, this little guy doesn’t play nice with Remington Golden Bullets, so I am having to bring in some Winchester and Federal .22 LR for it.

    • riverrider says:

      cain, i have a lot of friends that don’t play nice with remington golds. i’m mainly a cci guy.

      • River, I stopped buying Remington ammo years ago, the 22 ammo jammed in my 10/22 and AR7 and I had a squib load with the UMC 40 when I had a Glock 22.

        Trying to find an all purpose solid reliable 22 ammo. I like the CCI green tag and match. I wonder about the Aguila 22 ammo. What’s your thoughts. I stopped buying 22 ammo until I can find a solid round. I will go through all the old stuff as I add new ammo.

        • riverrider says:

          j, i’ve had pretty good luck with the federal champion line, any cci product, and the upper winchester line(super x, black box). i’ve heard good things about aquila, and have several loads of it in my shopping cart online but i have yet to purchase any. they have a 60 gr. subsonic round that looks positively evil. my ammo shuffle revealed a need for more 22 myself.

        • village idiot says:

          Jarhead, I’m buying all CCI right now in .22lr, and Federal and Winchester on everything else. Remington has some manufacturing problems they need to address. Their .22 ammo constantly causes misfeeds and deformed bullets even in my lever-action rifles.

          • Vi, That’s been my experience. I picked up some snack bags putting all my bulk 22 Remington ammo and next time I hit the range I’m going to attempt to unload all 2,200 rounds by giving friends 200 round bags.

            I’m keeping all my CCI in the 100 count plastic containers in my ammo can.

            • village idiot says:

              J, if you have a revolver the Remington ammo works fine, and that’s what I’m using mine in. I haven’t reached the giving it away stage yet, but am considering buying another revolver. I have a lot of Remington, I’m sad to say.

            • axelsteve says:

              I have had good luck with the blazer brand in my marlins and the formerly mine 10/22.

            • VI, No revolvers, I have what some have called an anchor lol. A Ruger Mk II. It eats everything, its the AR7 and 10/22 that has had the feed issues.

        • FarmerKin says:

          Interesting. I’m having the opposite problem. Both my pistol and rifle will only work with Remington. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with that being the round I broke them both in on. I gave a couple thousand rounds of Winchester to my bf because my guns kept choking on it. He had some Federal, so I tried that and had problems with it too. Weird. Both of his .22s will eat anything he puts in them.

          • riverrider says:

            fk, every gun is dif like fingerprints. that said, have you done a detailed cleaning on them. lead residue and the wax lube can build up badly in a 22. just a suggestion.

            • FarmerKin says:

              Yes rr, usually clean after every trip to the range, maybe every other trip if it was a light day.

              I think it was the Winchester that the spent shell would get stuck trying to exit the slide … not sure if that is an FTE or a stovepipe (maybe they’re the same); and the Federal just wouldn’t cycle the slide, I would have to pull the slide back to eject the shell. It may have been the other way around, I can’t remember for sure now, it’s been a while. I just gave up since the Remington was working and had easy access to it a WalMart … although that has changed. They now have mounds of Winchester and no Remington (at least I had stocked up) … and still no 9mm for 3 months now. Very frustrating. I need to go check some mail order sites I guess.

              Thanks for the suggestion.

  41. worrisome says:

    Another slow week due to surgery on my knee. This hobbling around is getting old!

    Family should be in within the next week and we will be going forward with the camera systems and security fencing along the back of the neighborhood. It has been raining again this week so not much progress on closing the trail into the national forest yet.

    One of the neighbors has bought his German Shepherd and has made a deal with the breeder to help him train it. He spent the whole week fixing up his fences and putting together a huge pen for the pup when he can’t be with him. This puppy and my dog have become fast friends, so there is now a dog door in the fence between our houses so they can play when they are out. Right now they are the same size, but the GS is going to quickly outweigh and outsize my mutt.

    I had the gardener wander through my already cleared and turned over vegie garden and pull out some new weed and grass shoots. It is still too wet to plant much but I have quite a collection of seedlings getting close to being ready to go in ground. The electric fencing is going to help us all with keeping the deer out of our back yards.

    As others here have stated, the news continues to be depressing with so much “spin” going on to avoid dealing with the serious issued we have to work on. All the distraction to keep us focusing on something other than what is important. Keep prepping folks and take care of yourselves….

    • axelsteve says:

      Worrisom. Take it easy and let the knee heal. It is better to have 2 good knees then hobble around til the next surgery or for the rest of your life.

    • Worrisome…hope you mend quickly. And you are so right re focusing on what is important and not letting distractions take precedent…cheers.

    • Worrisome, good luck on the knee rehab. I have had 3 operations on the same knee over the years and know it is not fun.

    • Encourager says:

      Worrisome, take it easy and let your knee heal! When you start the physical therapy, keep it up. I know it hurts like h-e-double-hockey-sticks, but the pain will eventually go and your knee will be strong and healthy. Don’t do more than the doc says to do, no matter how tempted!

    • NorCal Ray says:

      Take it easy on that knee. Follow the Dr’s. orders. Don’t do as I did and think you know more than the Dr. If you do you will regret it the rest of your life.
      Get well soon.

  42. Slow week this week, down with a cold/sinus. Worked in the garden today and picked sweet peas and strawberries. Having a problem germinating butternut and acorn squash. I have planted twice using different brand seeds and nothing. Others in the community garden are also having some troubles germinating. I’m thinking it’s because it just got hot too fast. This is a prime example of why you cannot depend on your gardens for all of your foods. Things happen – drought, flood, pest invasions, wild temperatures, etc. When you do plant, go big so you have lots of surplus to put up just in case the next year isn’t productive.

    Okay, I’m ready for the plunge – went to Walmart to check out Mossberg 500. I really need the youth model. Standard size stock just felt too awkward – fingers too far from the trigger and had to reach. Didn’t feel good. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a youth model in stock but said if I order one it will be in in about ten days. I am going back tomorrow to order it.

    Now I need your help on what kind of ammo to buy. Everyone is saying to stock up, so I’m ready to stock up – except I don’t know what to stock! I think someone told me #4 shot? Is there anything else I should get – slugs? Please be specific on what brand, size, etc., as I’m totally green on this.

    I am also planning on getting a Glock 19, but that won’t happen for a few months. I am going to a gun show the end of April and they have a concealed weapons class for $140 and they provide everything I need to get my CWL – all I have to do is send in my application and another $75 and I’ll be good to go. I will be doing all of this before I even have my handgun. I’m not planning it that way, but that’s how my finances are dictating at the moment.

    What can I expect to pay for a Glock 19? Is the gun show a good place to be looking for that too? While it totally goes against my grain, if I find a fabulous deal at the show I’ll use my plastic money instead of holding out until I have the cash. I’m all about saving money!

    I’ve heard from all of you that ammo is inexpensive at the shows, so here again I need your help on what to look for/pricing for the Glock ammo as well as the 20 gauge.

    You all have been a great source of encouragement and confidence for this big… no….monumental step for me. I am listening and trusting in your comments. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your expertise with me.

    • riverrider says:

      con, if its a 20 gage mossy you are getting i suggest #3 buckshot, slugs and hi-brass number 6 shot. that’ll get you dinner or send a bad guy to his last dinner. on the glock, first try a variety of rounds to see what it likes best. i like the big boys, 147 grain hollowpoint, but let the gun tell you what it likes best and go with it. don’t fall for the sales pitch “you gotta have these”. any good name brand round will suffice if placed in the right location. i get a lot of my 9mm from underwoodammo. good luck to ya.

      • conmaze,
        I agree with RR on the selection of 20 gauge ammunition, but having the gun and ammo is only the tip of the iceberg. You should try to get some training if you plan to use it tactically, which sounds like your intent. One good introduction on video is the Magpul Art of the Dynamic Shotgun, which will at least get you an idea of what you need to be learning. Check with your local library system, and you may find that they have the DVD set available.

    • Conmaze,

      I use the Federal FMJ for my Glock 19 and I haven’t had any problems. I hope I am remembering this correctly, but as I recall a 100 count box sells for $22.50 at Walmart.

      • Bam Bam,
        The Federal FMJ is a good practice round, but if you are or will be carrying at some point, then you’ll need to step up your ammo to something with a little more stopping power. The FMJ will generally go through and through (as in enter the target and then leave it) without much damage, unless you should hit a vital organ or bone. A JHP, or one of the specific types of JHP like the Federal Hydro-Shock or Hornady Critical Defense, are a bit more expensive, but are meant to remain in the target, delivering more energy and damage, and lessening the probability that the round could exit and hit another target.

    • axelsteve says:

      I would get an assortment of 12 guage ammo. I would get slugs and 00 buck and various weight shot.Hunting ammo would also be wise.

    • Conmaze, Winchester makes ammo called PDX 1+P . They are JHP rounds and because of the extra pressure, the terminal velocity is only like 8 pounds less than a 40 cal. That’s about the most bang you can get from a 9mm. Good choice on the Glock. I have a Ruger P95 9mm and a Glock 30 45acp. Love them both. Good luck and enjoy.

    • Conmaze, congrats on buying a new shotgun.

      Suggestions for shotgun ammo:
      Training: Look for the 100 round packs of ammo for about $23 in 7 1/2 or 8 size shot. Its light recoil, cost is great for getting used to it and helpful with the basics of familiarization.
      Hunting/defensive: #4-#6 and BB shot is a step up and can be used for hunting and home defense with just a bit more recoil because its design for hunting.
      Defensive/Offensive: BB, #4 buck, 00 Buck and slugs are great for home defense, out in the open as well. The BB gives a great coverage and impact and can be used for hunting and defensive. The buck loads are well rounded patterns and slugs are for hunting and aiming at specific targets as well as door knockers and other implements.

      If you are concerned about recoil go to the gun shops and look for low recoil #4 and 00 buck. To save your shoulder. Youth model is great, I have suggested to those that bought a full size to buy a youth stock to bring it in closer and easier handling.

      Everyone covered the 9mm pretty well.
      Range/prep bulk ammo: buy 115 or 124 grain FMJ, its cheaper, bulk rates are affordable and its effective for training and the zombies. On sale you can find good prices to buy 50 to 250 rounds a purchase.
      Defensive: go 124 grain at the lowest to 147 grain. The 147 gets a slower velocity but hits just as hard and you reduce the chances of if going through them, exiting and hitting someone else compared to a 115 grain bullet. Look for Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) it costs a bit more but be it Hornady, Gold Dot, Winchester, they will do the job. I seen the Winchester 147 grain JHP for a good price in a 50 round box at the price most offer in 20 rounds.

      Shoot the different loads and see what works best for you.

      • cosmolined says:

        Make sure you load full mags with your defense round and test EACH magazine. (It may cost you $40, but when you need it to work and it stovepipes, you’ll be unhappy…) One trick I use is to load all but the top 3 rounds with ball/fmj and test the function with the top 3 rounds. Then you can strip the ball if you want to save ammo. Cos

  43. This is my first week to write what I did this week to prepare. I have been going back into the archives and trying to read up and ended up having to put myself on a limit because I won’t get anything else done lol. I have been making lists and keeping a diary of things to do trying to get my “10 Things list” (that’s what I call it) together. We have decided to put $65 extra into our food budget a payday to build our pantry up.
    I have been working on our bug out bags, and trying to get sewing and first aid kits together for them. I’m still hinting at my kids about all of this. So far 1 DD seems to “entertain” my ideas, both SILs have teased me and my son I’m sure will be on my team when he is back in the US. I have also tried to open conversation with some of my clients by mentioning the TV show Doomsday Preppers. I have has mixed opinions, although one did tell me she watched Mad Max and will throw herself off a cliff if something happens. Lol!
    I have been still organizing my basement, making lists and notes and going through my coupons to get ready to start building up my food. My husband got a new gun. I got my compost turned so I can put it in my square foot gardens, tended my vericposting, and started my sweet potato slips. My little seedlings are doing well, but I have no luck with lettuce or spinach and haven’t for 3 years. So I’m researching that.
    I did see some pictures a guy took showing how to make small individual antibiotic ointments by putting the ointment directly from the tube into plastic straws, cutting at about an inch to 1 1/2 inch. And dealing the ends with hot pliers. I thought it was pretty cool. Loving this site and may God bless you all!

    • Please excuse my spelling.

      • SMB, welcome, and don’t worry about the spelling…it’s good to see you are taking active steps on preparing and providing for your family’s future. Cheers.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        SMB: Great ‘geterdone’ attitude. Proud of you. Wish my grown kids had half your enthusiasm. You go girl!

    • SMB,
      I saw that titorial on making your own Single Use Antibiotic Packs, and my only thought was duh? Why didn’t I think of that. A little work can save a lot of cash with these DIY projects. Here is the link: http://www.briangreen.net/2011/07/diy-single-use-antibiotic-packs.html

      • Thanks OP, that is going in my notebook!

      • Lee (TX) says:

        sorry, I hit the wrong reply,,,a great idea,,, some of the comments suggested using differant colored straws for different products, thanks.

    • George is Learning says:

      great thinking to add a lil extra into the food budget. Its amazing how fast it will start to add up. Just like a foot race, one step at a time. Dont forget to use those coupons. My wife has some method of clipping the coupons from manufactures and then in 2 weeks she says the items will also go on sale at the store, so you get maximum benefit from the coupons.
      We have also been hittin yard sales every saturday and besides the great family time, we are finding some awesome deals. Just remember to only buy what you really need or can use. Other wise your just helping someone clean out their garage and paying them to do it lol. I’ve been looking for stuff to resell at yardsales, heck one dude found a picaso at a yardsale 3 weeks ago somewhere.


    • SMB,

      What part of the country do you live in? Here in the South we have excellent BOGO (Buy One Get One free) sales. Keep an eye on the sales. You can make that $65 go further by catching sales and using coupons. Online coupons tend to be better than the ones in the newspaper.

  44. Carl in W.V. says:

    I finished my 4 cage Rabbit pen for my bucks they are now completly out of site from my doe’s. Thinking about getting rid of my two fru-fru rabbits my red mini rex the don’t grow fast enough and it’s so hard to sell solid colors for some reason. I have 3 new zeland/american chinchilla cross doe’s and 1 buck. one mini lop doe and 1 buck, ain’t nothing mini about them and they are broken colors so they sell easy. and 1 each red mini rex’s. Getting ready for the gun show next weekend I have a knight Master Hunter Disc Extreme muzzle loader stainless .50 cal. with a nikon prostaff scope. It is valued at around 800.00 with the scope gonna try to trade for one more AR .I know i’m gonna get burnt alittle but there is no muzzle loader season here and I think the time is near. other than finding a LC-1 harness with belt and pouches at a yard sale not much done so far this week.

  45. Preps this week – four gallons of vinegar, two packs of practice targets and a new beehive. Six months of pet meds added to supply.

    Windows are in – security glass and installed for hurricane standards should make it somewhat zombie proof. Hoping for improved energy efficiency as well, which will be really important if SHTF. Adding insulation to attic next.

    Picking cucumbers, asparagus and sugar snap peas now. Chickens laying more eggs. Turkey is laying every day too but boy is she annoying. Anyone thinking of adding turkeys to their livestock think twice, they are noisy. On the upside they are great alarms, they know when something is up outside before the dog.

    Have a great week.

  46. Ugg. I had to go to a dinner party tonight. I was bored out of my mind. It was just a bunch of people drinking and acting stupid. The party was supposed to start at 7 p.m. So we got there 10 minutes early. The guest of honor did not show up until almost 8 p.m. and dinner was not served until 9 p.m. I have come to realize that I have nothing in common with 99 percent of the public. At least my dh had a good time. I told him he has to watch 18 hours of cupcake wars as payment to my attending a party with him. LOL I really have no idea why I find people so completely boring. Maybe it is because they are so out of touch with anything relevant in the world today. I would have preferred to stay home and play catch with my cat.

    • Bam Bam,

      You are the 1% LOL

      I hear what you’re saying. I find most conversations today so mundane. It’s as though people are blind and so far out of touch with reality. They think nothing of the future or are naive and think the country’s/world’s situation can go no place else but up. They are buying the horse and pony show on the media and, hey, things are on the mend!

      I’m not saying that I can’t/won’t converse with anyone but preppers, but you must have some interest in gardening, saving money, getting healthy, sustainability, the environment, the economy…..basically you just have to be conscious and somewhat alert to the world around you – the real world and not what you see on television. I guess in a lot of cases that is asking for waaaay too much!

      Enjoy those Cupcake Wars episodes…LOL The topic around the water cooler at my job is Toddlers in Tiaras. Good grief!

    • NorCal Ray says:

      Bam Bam,
      You have my heartfelt sympathies. I can’t stand dinner parties or crowds myself. D.W. likes them though so I suffer in silence most of the time and leave as early as possible. I grew up with a father who drank too much . To this day I can’t stand Drunks and Idiots. That seems to be what is primarily what goes to those kinds of things. At least they seem to be who I get stuck with most of the time.

      • worrisome says:

        Agree with you Ray. And what passes for conversation these days….it all starts with “I” and no one ever listens to what another is saying. They just want to “one up” on whatever the other is talking about. I had a one way “listen” on the color of red the other day………she went on for 10 minutes, saying the same thing over and over and when done, it meant nothing…….

        • NorCal Ray says:

          Can’t stop laughing. I had a very similar conversation the other day. Only difference was halfway thru the other person got a funny look on their face said excuse me but what were we talking about? Istarted laughing they turned red and walked away muttering.

    • village idiot says:

      Hehehe…I KNOW exactly what you mean!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Ditto Bam Bam. Rather play sudoku than socialize and drink with most folks and I’m not fond of sudoku. I must be an anti-social idiot because I just don’t have any witty bon mots that would be relative to the party conversational topics.
      Now if someone at the last company party had brought up potential TEOTWAWKI events, I would have perked up but I would have had to pretend to be disinterested for Opsec. Can’t win….. 😉

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Bam Bam, I hear you!
      I talk with a good friend, my DH and my sister and bro. We can literally talk 2 to 3 hours on the phone about news, preps, religion and politics.

      We also all talk about how we all just don’t seem to fit into certain groups or social settings because we don’t have anything in common. I can’t even keep a tolerant face anymore when people start talking about the latest hollywood affair, clothes, nails or the newest vehicle.

      While they are talking I’m thinking about the latest youtube video I saw of depression cooking or camo clothes, hiking boots, fingerless gloves for shooting or a bov for an emp. If I mention it I get looked at like I have 3 heads!

      So do you look at people too and wonder, “What skills would this person bring to the table when tshtf? or are they a sheeple that would consume my resources, not have anything to offer and would piss me off?”

      Whenever I have to attend “functions” anymore I just smile and nod like I’m special and pretend it’s an opsec test.

    • Or maybe because you’re perceptive and they’re just boring, LOL.

    • Bambam…I feel the same way…have no connection with lots of people – they are like walking/talking robots – appear to have no idea what or why they are doing what they are doing. I don’t waste my time with them anymore…I only spend time with people I care about, or have lots in common with.

      It is just the way it is…could be that as I am getting older, only want to spend time doing what I love and enjoy…so your post made me chuckle. Cheers.

      • Papabear…it is working…am typing my posts into a work doc and then copying/pasting it..and they are getting posted…thanks much for that info…cheers.

        • Chloe, that’s how I set up my posts each week. Its set into my phone on a not pad format where anything I add to my list up until Saturday morning is copy and pasted onto the blog. I then erase it and start over each Sunday.

    • IndianaAli says:

      I understand you perfectly….having a harder time relating to most people nowdays..so superficial. Hey at least watching cupcake wars you can learn how to make some great sweets!

      • IndianaAli,

        I am going to make my husband watch cupcake wars so he can decorate my cupcakes really pretty. (He is a trained artist.) LOL

    • Thanks for the support. I am feeling much better this morning. I can’t believe people wait until 9 p.m. to eat dinner. We usually eat supper around 5 p.m.

      I like the idea of looking around and imagining what skills the folks might have. The dinner party was at a fancy restaurant. There were a bunch of lawyers there. Yuck.

      But you know in marriage one must make sacrifices and occasionally do what your partner wants to do. I scored brownie points with the dh last night. That’s what counts.

      I still cannot believe how clueless these folks are. I am just really amazed. One woman mentioned that hurricane season was supposed to be really bad this year. I noted that if we got hit our county would be a host county–and then had to explain the concept of a host county, that we would be sheltering folks from the coast. They were clueless. So I just sat and smiled. And acted like I was interested in what folks were saying.

    • Hi BamBam-
      Similar experiences on my end. I was forced to go to a bridal shower a few weeks ago (for future SisterIL), and all the ridiculously shallow, fingernail-comparing, vacation-bragging, conspicuous consumption focus of the conversations was enough to make me physically ill. Though it has only happened a few times in my past (and always before in relation to something that reminded me of my abusive ex-husb), I had an actual panic attack when the mother of one of my childhood best friends hung on my arm, hugging me and telling me that they missed me from their weekly church-group meetings! Aaaghhh! Had to get out.
      Before I knew it, I had grabbed my purse, heart pounding and having a hard time breathing, and ran into the woods behind the restaurant. I didn’t stop running until I came to a clearing around some power pylons about a quarter-mile away, and then realized how ridiculous I must have appeared to everybody back there.
      Hate gatherings of people where I have to be ‘social’ in spite of what I really think of them. Hate them hate them hate them (ad nauseum).
      Kinda wish there was a way to politely tell them all to go to h@#% so that I could continue to do the things that are really important. Wasting an entire day and making nice with a bunch of people with whom I have absolutely nothing to talk about does not fit that bill.

      • Cat…I, too, have this issue…hanging with shallow, clueless folks. I have actually started saying NO when it’s going to be like that. Life is short, and I don’t want to waste my remaining years in ‘trivial’ pursuits. I know that some groups and gatherings HAVE to be endured, but I’m finding that less and less of them do.

        I have also recently let go of some old friends who never get back to me…I have to do all the connecting. I’m just tired of it, and if it means I don’t connect with them, well, so be it. I have always been uber-loyal, to my own detriment at times. I’m ending that behavior.

        In the state the world is in today, I don’t feel like I can waste one moment with unnecessary folks, or doing unnecessary things.

        Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

      • alikaat,
        “Hate them hate them hate them”? Don’t do that. Ignore them, or pity them, those are emotions that won’t tear you down in the process.

      • riverrider says:

        boy we’re a bunch of anti socials aren’t we?:)

        • Hehe.. thanks, guys. I don’t hate the people.. just the gatherings. The people (my cousins et al) are a generally well-meaning bunch who buy wholesale into the concept of the financed American Dream. I find the idea of going into debt to live high on the hog completely repellent, but you are right… ignore them, or pity them, because they will be among the first losses when things go off track. Just wish I didn’t have to pretend I am of the same mind when I am around them for the sake of the bragging rights of my very consumption-focused parents.
          Such a sham.

          • Cat…”the idea of going into debt to live high on the hog completely repellent”…hits the nail on the head!! I think this (along with most of the current technology) is the base of most of the problems we have in this country. I am so grateful that my parents and grandparents didn’t buy into that, and influenced me not to. One of the reasons I am so “poor” is because I have never availed myself of a credit card. My grandparents paid CASH for the house I visited them in when I was a kid. Of course now-a-days, we’d be investigated for paying cash for a house!!

        • You know… it’s funny. I have often wished that it was possible to know some of the Wolf Pack folk here in real life. So many have become trusted friends via the written word, but I wonder if it would even work. We are all such a bunch of ornery individualists, that I suspect it would be hard for us to function as a social group.
          In my prepper family, we find that when any two of our families get together for a picnic or campout, it works great – we have a great time. But put more of us together in close quarters, and it begins to get less… comfortable. Not that we aren’t all really good friends, but I think there are just too many leaders, and we all have different ideas about what to do at any given time. I don’t know to describe it better.
          As it is, it is a good thing that we never plan on living on the same patch of land, but will support each other from each individual home with the strengths that complement each other.
          Not sure we are all that anti social (at least on our terms), but we are all a bunch of darned individualists!

          • Kat,
            You would all get along with me fine, as soon as you realize that I’m right and learn to follow directions, LOL.

          • I am just now reading the Weekly Prep section–it’s terrible but I usually am behind getting to these til the middle of the following week. I can’t believe how similar we are in so many ways and so different than the rest of the world. and I am finding the Cats are in full force!!. There must be around 4 of us by now–go Cats

            • Encourager says:

              WELL!!! Hrump!!! Let’s not be so cat-ty! Some of us will think we have to change our name. How about Cat-a-strophic? Or Catsmeow….or Catch-as-Cat-can….

              Okay, I will quit and go take my catnap. It’s way past time….prrrrrrrrrr.

            • Yes…and we have 9 lives, so we’ll be around for a good, long while. Alikaats are a resourceful lot, so I figure it’s a good nick for someone who’s been kicked around plenty and always lands on her feet.
              Never been hit by a truck, but had a few close calls in my time.

            • and your name is encourager???? I was celebrating the cats. not at all complaining. I hope your catnap was long……

            • Now, now Ladies…er…kitties…Friends?
              Play nice and pull in those claws. Dear Encourager’s just batting at shadows with us.
              Catnip, anyone?

            • Encourager says:

              Cat!!! I was just teasing you – not trying to pull your tail! Really!!! And I do try to be an encourager but I have my weak moments. Sorry if you were offended – no offense was meant. =o(

        • RR,

          I don’t think we are anti-social. I think we would have a blast if we all got together. I suspect that the mindset that inclines one to prep is one of awareness. And so many people are completely unaware. Small talk just doesn’t capture our attention.

          • I can’t believe how much I wanted to fit into the social bunch when I was a teen. But that is a pretty normal thing to want at that age I guess. What a huge turn around. However I have “old” family members and a parent who are still way into that and it is difficult at best to get through those gatherings–no woods to go running into.

        • RR,
          We’re plenty social, just picky. Life is too short to be bored by clueless others.

      • oh I know this feeling oh too well. That’s all people talk about at my work. In fact, I was just told I’m not being professional enough since I’m not joining in on the Hollywood gossip and don’t dress to the “t’s”. Sad that everyone seems to be so much more shallow then before…or maybe I’m just noticing it more.

      • I’m much better now about large crowds now that I get to the city a few times a year, when I was living up north and only getting out to the south once a year, I went home to visit family for a christmas and on my first day back, they took me to west edmonton mall in the middle of Xmas shopping, It was wall to wall peaple, no air and I had my first, O my god, get me out of here right now! moment.

        It pissed off the inlaws but hubby was cool with it, I am always better with five to ten then larger, and I can handle up to a hundred or so ok, but put in thousands and I get the creeps, I can manage if I can get my back to a wall and be able to see a exit within a reasonable distance but I was at a working critter show once and they made us in the center, with thousands coming in daily and walking around us as we were behind little white picket fences, drove me crazy, the noise and the push of peaple.. finally packed up and left two days early,never been back, only do outdoor shows now, still got the crowds but I can set up a table front, with a tent and my space behind and they flow by but I am much able to contant the contact if that makes sense.

        I deal with the public for a number of difference work reason’s and so I am used to talking with folks in regards to explaining things on a basic level, over and over again.. most of the time, I am good with it, and find it amusing to a point on who can ask the dumbest question of all time.

        In regards to family and being strong minded folks, I do understand that one, my mom’s side of the family is filled with leaders in all generations and we find that giving folks well defined jobs to do is the best way to make it work,

      • Yadkin Girl says:


        I relate to the panic attacks. Took me years to battle them and now, for the most part, all I get is that “funny feeling” in the pit of my soul and I am able to let it go and know I am okay and safe.

        • Thanks, Wolf Pack, for the commiseration. I’m glad there are others here who get it. If I’m a bit off… well, I’m not alone, am I?
          Think I just hate to waste time when there is always so much still to be done.
          G’night All,

    • OMG, if I hear one more dingaling ask me if I watch and who is my favorite on that idiot show, American Idol, I will scream. Even my DB hit me with the question a few days ago. I just bit my tongue and said No. He recently called me a hoarder and I told him not to come knocking on my door when he is out of food. He is so caught up in the kids social lives and their current new toy that he just doesn’t get it.

      • Ms ACW, I get that from my gf’s friends all the time. My response is I don’t listen to industry generated hacks who lack the ethics or will to get out there and work for it, I listen to Slayer. That ends it every time lol.

        • Jarhead re your post – ‘I listen to Slayer’…Who is Slayer? Ta.

          • cosmolined says:

            As you know, I’m a cheeky bugger and NOT Jarhead, but I think it was just something to make the maggots go away. Glad to see you this week Lady! Cheers, Cos

          • village idiot says:

            I guess I’ll answer for J, chloe. Slayer is a heavy metal band out of So. California in the early 80s. They are not for the light-hearted.

          • Chloe, cos is correct the are a very heavy heavy metal band and not for the timid or average person. They are considered evil by most lol with songs like Reign in Blood, South of Heaven and pretty bad titles I will not say lol. They are good guys though lol.

        • Jarhead…this is funny. I too come up with some interesting responses when I can. Being a silver-haired elder woman, saying I listen to Slayer might just kick the can to the curb next time. Thanks.

          Uh…of course…you might actually LISTEN to Slayer. If so, no offense intended.

          • village idiot says:

            One thing to consider, MtWoman, if you say you listen to Slayer, 99% of people will have no idea who that is, especially us silver-haired folks. LOL. Heavy metal and disco drove me out of pop music and into country back in the day. Now I listen to classical music for the most part, and some contemporary Christian.

            • VI, I can’t stand pop music as its too generic for the sheeple and I do listen to some country (older country music) the new stuff is to main stream. My dad knew Hank Williams Sr., Tennessee Ernie Ford, Conway Twitty and many others when he worked for the Arkansas Democrat (newspaper company) I have no clue if its still around.

            • village idiot says:

              Jarhead, you’re not going to believe this. While I was in college I worked for the Arkansas Democrat. It was one of the smaller newspapers they owned, and I became the managing editor of the news division before I left to pursue other opportunities. Keep in mind that this was a very small newspaper(circ. 5000).What years was your father associated with the Democrat? And the Democrat is still going strong, now the largest newspaper in the state.

            • VI, My dad was working there during the late 50s to early/mid 60s. Rough times for people in those in Little Rock, Russelville and big cities.

          • axelsteve says:

            my all time favorite band is led zeppelin. My favorite modern band is collective soul. I have been listenin g to a bit of classical lately.

          • Mt…Woman, yes I do listen to Slayer and actually listen to heavy metal music among other things like jazz and blues and a huge Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop fan as well as Johnny Cash.

            It wouldn’t surprise me if you had told me that. The Queen of England listens to Black Sabbath and Judas Priest lol.

            I’ve seen people in their 60s-80s at heavy metal concerts because they were going to shows during the 70s and 80s. Its actually great seeing three generations at concerts.

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Bam Bam,

      You are funny! When I first met my husband I would always say, “People are jerks!” and he thought I was anti-social but now he gets it. People are too into themselves and are, for the most part, ignorant of what life is all about.

      • DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

        I agree with all of the above. My ‘friends’ all think ive become reclusive and antisocial but in truth I have realized I have nothing in common with them, maybe I never did, which is just sad. I actually was asked if my husband left me destitute because I was running my own business and clipped coupons. Just because I didnt want to go shopping for some new Jimmy Choo’s or the newest Coach Bag. Now I have to admit that I do have a love affair with my shoes but really, I wear flip flops or dive booties every day. How many pairs of strappy stilettos does a girl need?

        People are so self absorbed they can’t see past themselves to see what is really going on in the world. They would rather live shallow meaningless lives of ignorant bliss. When someone cant even tell me who the govenor of the state is I know its time to flee back to my pals at The Survivalist Blog and be thankful I found them.


        • The older I get, the more anti-social I feel. I’ve always been more comfortable by myself – usually riding my motorcycle for hour on end as a kid. I wish everyday that I could hop on an old Honda trailbike and lose myself in the woods. Only family committments/work responsibilities keep me in the fringes of social society at all. Reminds me of a great book – Alone in the Wilderness…guy lives by himself in a cabin he built in Alaska and journals and photographs all of it…you may have seen the PBS special on him…if not, it’s a great read.

          I get sooo annoyed by most people in a very short amount of spending time with them…I just want to be left alone!

  47. Prepper RN says:

    I had good luck prepping this week. Found mens thermal style shirts on clearance at wally world for $3 each. Bought 7 in different sizes. I figure that they will be good for layering. Bought 4 heads of cabbage at Aldi for 34 cents a head. Dehydrated 2 heads and then canned the other 2 mixed with onions, carrots and potatos. Found heavy duty clear plastic 9×12 sized on clearance for $2.50 each. Bought all 3 they had left.
    My local SHoprite had pasta on sale for 59 cents a pound. Bought 20 packages. Along with jar pasta sauce for 77 cents each. Bought 20 of them as well. I figure it will be a great give away to anyone in need.
    Bought 40 pounds rice. How much rice is too much? I now have 300 pounds.
    Bought 3 flats of wally world brand canning jars that I use strictly for dry canning dehydrated and the like. I save my Ball jars for the pressure canner. I practiced using my brake bleeder that has a hose and attachment that fits into the top of the vacume sealer lid to be able to vac seal jarss without electricity. It sure stregnthens your grip and works great on the jar.
    8 containers of canned frosting, in Easter yellow and pink, on clearance for 60 cents each. All with expiration dates of 10/13. If worse comes to worse I can add other color to it for another holiday.
    I am praying for our country.

    • Wow, our cabbages are $6 a head at the moment…and good score on the thermal tops.

      I have been buying up all the cheap pasta sauces and pasta as well…easy cheap tasty way to feed many people – and most children love a bowl of pasta.

      I hear you on the rice – it is so versatile, can be eaten in both sweet and savory dishes…or just plain with soy/sesame sauce. And for gluten intolerant persons – it’s a God send.


      • village idiot says:

        $6.00 Australian for a head of cabbage? Good grief, my neighbor is sitting on a fortune if he lived in Australia(he raises cabbages, among other things). Did the recent flooding damage the cabbage crop, chloe?

        • VI…prices have been even higher in the past…also, that is why Wellrounded mentioned her crop of Butternut pumpkins getting wiped out during the recent floods…b’nut pumpkins were selling for circa $2.80 p/kg at the time…a huge financial loss. This is the 4th time have tried to post this…cheers.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Cabbage sure tastes great wehn you know how cheap you paid for it, for sure.
        I figured the same on the pasta and sauce. Not gonna be easy to get kids to eat beans but I think they would scarf down a bowl of spagetti.

        • prepper RN…have found that at every party – and guests bring a plate/bowl of food/desserts etc my big pot of spaghetti is always a big hit. cheers.

      • Chloe,

        Cabbage is on sale here this week, three pounds for a dollar. I could not afford to live in Australia.

  48. SEMO Jack says:

    MD… Why did you plant Spruce trees? Is there a use besides for a wind break? I’m planting a lot of trees on my property, but they’re all fruit or nut trees or species (bamboo, willow, etc.) that have multiple uses.

    • SEMO Jack,

      I’ve already planted a number of fruit and nut trees on my property as well as having over 5 acres of hardwoods. Besides forming a great windbreak, the Spruce trees also provide concealment and greenery through the winter.

      • We have numerous evergreens here also. They provide windbreak and concealment that you just can’t get from fruit and nut trees.

        • arkieready says:

          Still no $ for preps. Sold stuff to get ds on wheels so he can procure gainful employment. well, at least we eat! i will call this rotating stored preps.
          enjoying fermented foods this week. kim chi, sauerkraut, sourdough bread. i am, at least. he’s got beans & cornbread, & eggs. dd is feeding her sourdough starter daily.
          several hens are setting, i should have babies soon!

    • trapper from manitoba says:

      Couple more reasons Spruce trees are nice to have around …..
      Spruce are also an excellent source of Vit C. In winter when i feel a cold or cough coming on i will take a handful and crush them up and boil in a tea. Then i will let it cool for a bit add some honey, works awesome.
      When i am out hunting, i always carry a small bag of dryer lint to start fires, ssshhhh don’t tell anyone, lol … add some pine pitch to that lint and it burns hot hot hot.

      • trapper,
        My kit always contains not only dryer lint, but at least a few sticks of fatwood. I have to purchase it and can’t get it natively here since it grows mostly in the south, but it’s always a sure fire starter.

      • Trapper, a man after my own heart. I love spruce and pine needle tea. Every time I camp or hike in the winter I make sure to fill a couple zip lock bags full.

  49. "Big Jim" says:

    Haven’t been around for a while , my computer went blue screen of death on me ,so had to get another one. I’m pretty sure the salesman was in the geek squad commercials! Prepping my house for security.
    I decided to change out my back patio look. It is 30’x 42′ x 30′ with a 8′
    cedar wood fence. My lady friend came over for a wknd and suggested
    that since I was rather “macho & dangerous looking”—she’s half blind
    I think— anyway, she suggested that we start a cactus garden for opsec.
    We planted prickly pear , cow’s ear , yucca , agave , and a couple others
    I’ve forgotten the name of . We planted the entire fenceline about every
    3′, did I mention she owns a plant nursery , thankfully the discount she
    gave me kept me out of the poorhouse ! Some bonuses of these are that you don’t want to hop off that fence to get to the back of my place. And we chose cactus or cacti…that come to find out are edible and Tequilla
    worthy ! Yes when I sit on the patio now with a Dos Equis , I feel like the most secure man in all of the world ! Just gotta make sure my poor
    bassett hound is careful when he lifts a leg !
    Bought a slew of ammo to replace my practice trips.
    Got 10# each of pinto, black, and northern beans.
    30# ea. of rice & oatmeal , a bunch of assorted pastas.
    12 cans each of chili , tuna , spam , chicken ,& roast beef.
    12 cans of spaghetti sauce , 4 lg shaky parmasean jars.
    20# of sugar and a bunch of multiple spices & hot sauces.
    6 boxes of assorted teas and 6 lg folger colombian….
    With gas on the rise , so goes the increase of groceries! Buy now my
    packmembers if and while your able ! Oh I also bought 14 Peace $
    and 9 morgan $ and 32 silver liberty dimes for $200 from a buddy .
    Yeah , he doesn’t follow the price of silver , but hey he needed $200
    and I was happy to help him out!
    Well happy prepping guy’s and gal’s and as I drink another XXX
    let me say buenos suerta or good luck !!!

    • "Big Jim" says:

      BTW: M.D. your doing a great job on your new property and hope you further success. Love the Spruce tree choice ! Keep it
      up Mr. Alpha !

  50. Went to an Auction today, got a log spliter, a 500 gallon tank to add to my rain collector, a two wheel wheelbarrow, had my DW try to get some 223 at WalMArt, they had none, at all, none,,, I guess I am going to have try mailorder.

    • Lee (Tx)), if you know the guys in Sporting goods at Walmart find out when they get their deliveries.

      • Lee (tx) says:

        JarHead 03, yes, I asked the Sports guy and he said No Idea,, the warehouse is empty,,, no idea when there will be more.,,,,I tried some TulAmmo,,, no good in my Colt AR, but it will shoot in my Mini 14,,, got some MFS and it shot fine In my Colt, 62 gr. Soft Point, ,,,,You and RR and I think CW were talking Ammo the other day,,, how do I search for a past article? Can I search by name of pearson? I tried 223 ammo and that brought up too many hits.

  51. SurvivorDan says:

    Went fishing with my prepper buddy and two fishing/hunting friends for three days. Bass and crappie galore. My share was 12 lbs of bass and crappie fillets. Spent $200 to get 12 lbs of fish but you gotta stop and enjoy the good stuff life still has to offer. On the way home I stopped at Honeyvilles and got another butane stove and a case of cartridges. Backup stove to my backup to my backup…… Water and food does little good without the means to prepare them. Got six cases of water and lots of peanut butter (Jiff on sale at Fryes).

    I forgot to inquire at Honeyvilles so does anybody recommend a good portable water filter for processing larger quantities of water?

    I can boil, chemically treat, etc. But I saw a couple of 5 gal pail size filters at the S.H.O.T. show that looked promising but lost the literature.

    • riverrider says:

      sd, how portable? katadyn hiker pro is totl and small. msr makes good ones too for backpacking. if you’re talking bov portable then berkey if you have the funds, link on the sidebar. cheaperthandirt if you want to do it yourself, a lot cheaper but their shipping rates stink. good luck.

      • Survivor Dan, I bought the big Berkey last year after studying up on them. It is a bit expensive but then again I consider water to be my top priority in a survival situation so I did not want to short change myself. I have not used it yet but will put it to the test next Sunday for the first time at my retreat location. From what I hear it does the job extremely well. Others may want to contribute their thoughts?

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Berkey? Will look it up on the net. Thank you. Probably should go back through MD’s archives. Doubtless some info there. Have filtration bottles and chemicals for trekking and wilderness survival. But I have other needs to filter 10 – 50 gal of water at a whack.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Will check out Cheaper-than-dirt. They stopped sending me their catalogue cuz I hadn’t bought in a while, I suppose. Must be on the net though. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Bad Day Fishing Beats A Good Day Working….

  52. SurvivorDan says:

    Have drawn up plans for a fuel shed for wood, charcoal, propane and butane. Mrs. SurvivorDan is not happy with the tinderbox/fuel depot I call the garage. Will accumulate materials this coming week.

  53. Soggy Prepper says:

    This week for preps I got more tp and female supplies. It’s hard getting tp and coffee stocked up, dang.
    Also from Wallyworld got Augason farms bucket o’ rice and reg. oatmeal.
    Got #10 cans; a couple veggie stew blend, cream soup base and a vegetable soup. Some soy sauce & beef bouillon.

    I made and tried homemade shampoo and conditioner this week. The shampoo is basically 1 cup water, 1/4 c castille soap, 1/4 tsp olive oil and some essential oil. The conditioner is 1c water to 1/2 c apple cider vinegar and essential oil. I thought it would tangle my hair, (middle of my back long) it didn’t, which surprised me.

    The first wash was great. The second and third wash…not so much.
    The hair by my temples was a grease slick. So bad I kept wondering why my hair wasn’t dry yet, but realized it was greasy! YUCK!
    Re-washed with regular soap.

    So, I think I will try again next week when I don’t have to go anywhere for a couple days and see what happens. Also maybe leaving off the little bit of olive oil. I kinda thought that was weird when I found the recipe. Or I’ll just try the water and baking soda.

    After this week if it doesn’t work I’ll stick with storing shampoo, of which I have a couple years worth! But it’s still fun to try to do it from scratch!

    Oldest DD and I had our first self defense class and it was good. A lot of information and it’s very blunt and hard realism as to what is in store for “victims”. It’s good for my daughter to hear stuff like that other then from just me! I’m not as much of a paranoid hen as she accuses me of being! 🙂 Should have seen how round her eyes got when the instructor asked her if she could gouge an assailants eyes out with her thumb if it meant her life.

    The main take away from it for the both of us was, decide how you will react ahead of time, which is with swift and forceful action. The best defense being an explosive offense, and NEVER go with the assailant.

    Keep prepping pack, it’s not going to get better.
    Prayers for pack members health and well-being.
    Praying also that TDL does not get in in Nov. I can’t even imagine what would happen in that scenario.

    • Soggy Prepper, did you shake your homemade shampoo before you washed it the second time? I was wondering if the olive oil settled to the top and you put it directly on your temple area. The conditioner made with vinegar makes sense because it is acidic and closes the cuticle. I going to try your recipes out too, they sound really good. Btw if you get a build up or oily like you said, mix some baking soda in baby shampoo and leave it on a few min and it should wash out

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      How old is your DD? Mine is 13 and I’ve been considering similar classes for us. She is so trusting and I just can’t seem to get thru to her.

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Soggy Prepper,

      LOL at the shampoo! I am impressed with your efforts! I, for one, will just stock up on all types of soaps!!!

      Let us know about your new efforts and how it goes.

  54. Getting Started in Colorado says:

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now. You all amaze me, and scare me at the same time because I feel I am very far behind. I did pick up some .45 and .223 ammo this week.
    I guess I have been prepping for years in some ways but it is more in equipment and weapons. My wife and I are both retired Army (MP’s MD) and I am now a few years from retiring from the Sheriff’s Office. I’ve got a lot of equipment to survive with but now see many things I could use from lurking on here. Many of the Wolf Pack are very smart and have great ideas. I just need to make a list on the things I see and then start figuring out what is more important.
    Now on the food storage I am very weak, I know what canning is and my grandmother and parents used to do it every summer when we went back to Tenn. to visit. But 2o years in the Army and living blind for so long I am lost where to start. I have NO IDEA where to start. I’ve been thinking of getting some Wise packs to get something started and then slowly get started into the other ways of storing food. During the school year it is just the wife and I, but over the summer our son comes h0me from college and eats us out of house and home. My wife is ok with prepping food, water and ammo but I think it will be a cold day in H*** when I can talk her into canning and other things.
    On water storage I am checking out different sites for 55 gallon water barrels right now. It will hold the wife and I for a few weeks, but I’m planning on getting more water storage over time.
    I know I’m going to be spending a lot of money at first, or until I figure out the cheaper ways but I feel I’m way behind and I want to catch up fast on some things.
    You all have great ideas and I will probably keep lurking more than writing. MD I don’t know if I have missed it or there isn’t a place to just ask questions. I hate to jump into the stream when people are talking about what they did this week to prep, and I have so many questions that I haven’t seen talked about. Like do MRE’s last past there expiration date? When I started in the Army we used CRATS and then moved to MRE’s. The Army rotated them for us, now I feel so stupid for not knowing if they last past expiration. I’ve got boxes of them that have or are about to expire.
    And is there a dictionary for some of the abreviations used on here, Holy Cow…..some I can figure out and others I’m lost. But I just keep reading and hopefully figure out the conversation.

    Thanks again for letting me lurk and learn. MD I will be ordering your books soon, I’m just not a big reader but Love to learn hands on.

    Getting Started in Colorado

    • riverrider says:

      gsic, mre life is dependent on storage conditions. there are charts on the web. if bought new and stored in cool dark basement, will last 10 years or so. if 90 degrees they go at less than 3 years. they are handy for travel/patrol but are not the best bang for the buck survival food for the long term. i’m sure others will chime in to help you out. personally, when just starting out i bought superpails of rice, beans,wheat and corn, then moved to #10 cans, then store bought groceries. the superpails are the best way to build a stock quickly/cheaply. you can even do-it-yourself and save more money. good luck. we’ll leave the light on for ya.

      • Getting Started in Colorado, welcome to the Pack! To river riders point, I use MRE’s mostly for the BOB’s and GHB’s. When I first started out prepping last year I went to Costco and bought large sacks of rice and beans and packages of pasta. I ordered food grade storage buckets, Mylar bags and oxidizers. Through advice on this site I watched numerous videos on Youtube on how to effectively seal up these foods for long term storage. Also at Costco, I would stock up on canned foods with long expiration dates. I have since added a good assortment of #10 cans from several companies such as Mountain House through the Emergency Essentials website. Keep your eye out for deals if you get the e-mails from companies like emergency essentials. Just do a little bit each day, each week and you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Good luck and we would love your input on firearms since you are well trained in that area.

        Ex Army as well!

    • Welcome GSC-
      For 55 gal drums, try contacting a Pepsi or Coke bottling plant. They use them for flavor syrup, and though initially your stored water may taste a little funny, it will be non-toxic and the plastic is stable. Someone here recommended I look into that when I spend almost $100 on a pretty rainbarrel for my garden… and they were very right. The plant near me has them free for the taking, and they had dozens in a pile near their warehouse, just waiting to be taken to the recycling center.
      Good luck.

    • worrisome says:

      One of the best starts you can get is to buy MD’s books!
      Ask all the questions you want, people here share! And are patient with new people.
      Read over MD’s list of recommended reading. It will get you started!
      Shelter, Water, Food, Medical Needs. A Go Bag, a Get Home Bag some Everyday carry and you are good to go……….oh and weapons.

    • cosmolined says:

      Getting Started:
      Look into the 30 gallon water storage barrels. They only weigh 240 pounds full and can be moved more easily when you need to drain them to refill with fresh water. (Mine came with a chlorine solution that said it was good for 3 years. Now granted, I could boil it after that time and add Tang or Iced Tea if there was a taste issue, but I’m rotating mine.) Folks who’ve never had C-rats just don’t know that flicking the grease off the top of your cold can of food is NOT gross. LOL! Airborne! Cos

    • Getting started – welcome! Jump in – at the beginning, the end or the middle – all questions are welcome – some one here will have an answer, a link, etc to help you out.

      1. You’re in a great place to start – MD’s blog
      2. Which abbreviations are ya needing to know? List em and someone will tell you.

      Here’s a couple – http://www.foodstoragemadeeasy.net started by two young moms they have free printouts to getting started in food storage. Receipes, using their food storage, and lots of links, water storage.

      dehydrate2store.com – all about dehydrating and storing it for LTS (long term survival). Stuff you wouldn’t believe you can dehydrate, store, and rehydrate! Was a total DUH! moment for me.

      Show your wife this site: Food in Jars – it’s a site all about canning food – the jars are so magnificent, it makes one salivate….and you KNOW what is in it unlike mre’s. lol

      Read, read, read. A lot of info here.

      als0 – if you have an LDS (Latter Day Saints or Mormon) food storage center nearby, you can buy basics in bulk – they will help you can in #10 cans – pinto, black, white beans, rice, onions, sugar, flour, powedered milk etc. they have a website you can order from I think someone posted it above already.

      Ask away – we love questions – glad to have you aboard.

    • One tip that you can get your wife to start doing and it is easy. When she (or whoever does it) the grocery shopping. Tell her to start buying two or three of canned goods she normally only buys one of. That is how I originally started. Instead of 1 can of green beans, I would buy two. Also watch for the store sales flyer that each grocery store publishes. Especially look for buy one, get one items and start stocking those. You will have tons of extra food in no time. Don’t panic, just get started. You are way ahead of most people.

    • Ozarkanna says:

      Hi Mr. and Mrs. Getting Started, Welcome to the Wolf Pack. There are so many wonderful people here; and, so much information that it will amaze you. I started out just buying 5 cans of whatever fruits, veggies and other canned things that we normally keep in the pantry. From there, it went to buying 10 cans at a time.

      I laughed when I saw the articles about dehydrating veggies. I mean, we all dehydrated herbs and flowers in the 70’s; then, I found “Dehydrate2 Store”. When I can buy a few 1 # bags of frozen veggies and dump them on the tray and a few hours later have quarts of long term veggies to store– I’m in.

      Grind my own wheat to make bread? Yeah, like that is going to happen! I held out on this little project for almost a full year; but, I am pleased to say that I gave in BEFORE the price jumped up on the grain mill and the wheat.

      Probably the best place to start is to get a notebook and a pencil and read “10 Things To Do Now” and “10 More Things To Do Now”. Then, get M.D.’s new book, take lots of notes, make lots of lists and just take off from there.

      Right in the middle of my prepping, I started buying (expensive) long term food storage in #10 cans; then, I realized that we probably won’t need food with a 30 year shelf life. It will be needed a lot sooner than that; so, I went back to dehydrating normal food, learned to pressure can everyday food, and am working on gardening skills.

      Pretty much, if you just toss out any question or concern on any day, there will be someone with an answer or several someones with several answers (choose the one that sounds best to you in your situation). We are all in this together; and, I have never had contact with a more helpful, kind group of people in my life than M.D. and the members of the Wolf Pack.

      • Getting Started in Colorado says:

        Everyone Thank you so much for your responses. I really appreciate them all very much. I will give them all a shot, but I still think it will be a Cold Day in H*** when I convince my wife to CAN something….but who knows. Thanks again, Stay Safe.

        • I have the exact same battle on my homefront. Let me know if you make progress ..LOL!

      • After losing more money than I should have in 2008, at my age I look at 30 year shelf life as my new 401K. Just my 2 cents worth before taxes.

    • Encourager says:

      Getting Started in Colorado, Welcome to the Wolf Pack! Don’t be overwhelmed – we all were where you are now; just take it step by step, day by day. As far as the canning goes, see if you have a County Extension Service in your county. They are usually connected with a local college. You can take classes there, usually free, to learn how to can with a pressure cooker or hot water bath. There are good books out there, the first I would recommend is the Ball Blue Canning Book.

      Sometimes I, too, wish there were a acronym chart on this site!! LOL!

    • Getting Started,

      If you have questions the Saturday morning WDYDTPTW is a good place to ask. About food storage, make a list of the meals you eat now. Determine which of the meals can be made from self stable ingredients like canned food, pasta, pasta sauce. Then when the stuff you use regularly goes on sale, but extra. Set aside a certain amount of money each week or paycheck to use on food preps. Get a little extra each week, and your supplies will grow.

      Once you have a three month supply of regular food, you can invest in long term storage.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      GSIC: Welcome brother. From your post, I can tell that you are going to be up to speed very quickly. I have eaten MREs stored in the house after 6-7 years. The few I keep in the truck last a year but that is because I live in the Sonoran desert. I use them for trekking and hunting but not as part of my long tern food storage plan. Not cost effective. I like riverrider’s suggestion about superpails. I get a lot of canned goods too (desert living makes me like having already hydrated foods) from the dollar stores and sales with coupons.

      Mrs. SurvivorDan is not 100% with my prepping and so I have recently been learning to bake and canning is next on my agenda. You will have to learn canning if she won’t.

      I have a lot of primitive condition living experience and a bit of wilderness survival expertise but I have learned and continue to gain so much insight about prepping from the WolfPack.
      I have only been on this site about six months and it is the best. Stay here and stay tuned…. You’ll do great.

      • Just started canning my self, and I can tell you it is not that hard. What got me started was watching all those tomatoes go to waste because I could only dehydrate so many at a time. I was afraid of canning at first, but after watching videos on you tube and using the ball canning book.. I can say I’m not afraid any more.. can’t wait until this years crop of tomatoes.. bring them on!!

    • getting started…welcome, and since you figured out it’s a good thing to join the pack, you will also figure out what you need to do next…it is a process, so take it a step at a time and have fun – it is the best feeling to be able to take steps to prepare/provide for your family…cheers.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      You bring up a good point regarding the acronyms. A few of them it took me a while to get. Here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head we use from time to time.

      BOB – Bug Out Bag – A bag of basic, needed survival essentials that can be snatched up quickly if one has to leave there home immediately.

      GHB – Get Home Bag – A bag usually kept in your car/on your person that consists of whatever essentials are required to get you home in the event of an emergency.

      SHTF – $hit Hits The Fan – When the unwelcome events that we are prepping for take place.

      TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It – Global cataclysm that results in someone/thing hitting the societal “reset” button.

      GOOD – Get Out Of Dodge – To exit the urban area you normally reside in in favor of a more rural area during an emergency.

      DW – Dear Wife

      DH – Dear Husband

      DD/DS – Dear Daughter/Son

      SIL/MIL/FIL/BIL-Sister, Mother, Father,Brother-in-law.

      TDL – The Dear Leader or The D*mmned Liar – Unfavorable reference to the current President of the United States.

      YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary – Your experience with this product/tactic/attempt may very well differ from mine.

      WDYDTPTW – What Did You Do To Prep This Week – Weekly posting by MD that allows for sharing of preps amongst the wolfpack.

      What else am I leaving out guys?

      • Encourager says:

        LOL…and all this time I thought TDL meant the dark lord…oops, my mistake….

        • Encourager, I thought the same about it meaning the dark lord and will agree it can stand for the d*amned liar but absolutely refuse to accept the dear leader!

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            I always took The Dear Leader as a sarcastic reference to
            Former North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il, who’s title, created through his cult of personality, was The Dear Leader. Hence, POTUS = communist dictator. Alas it seems I was wrong anyways, and that it stands for The Dark Lord.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Tinfoil Hat,

        The Dam Liar has broken so many promises made in the last campaign, no one deserves the title more than he.

      • riverrider says:

        tdl is the dark lord, coined by lynn.

        • Getting Started in Colorado says:

          Wow, Thanks Tinfoil. Most of those I had already figured out but TDL was killing me. And YES I believe any one of those tossed out here for TDL fit very well. Thanks All….

      • LMAO – laugh my ar*e off
        LMHO – laughing my head off
        ROTFLMHO – rolling on the floor laughing my head off
        ROFL – rolling on floor laughing
        LOL – lots of laughs
        TPTB -the powers that be
        BOV – bug out vehicle
        BOL – bug out location
        POTUS – president of the US

        Michelle – pig eaten by Lynn for Christmas…(that ought to get the helicopters circling again).

      • Thank you, that helped me a lot too. I’ve been around forums and blogs for years and the military before that so I’m no stranger to acronyms. This site has some fairly unique ones related to the subject matter.

    • Getting Started in Colorado, don’t worry warrior and no need to think about catching up. We all were ahead in some areas and lacking in others and some just started.

      Look at the many topics on the blog such as lessons learned, what to do and mistakes made. Look for sales when buying. MREs as well as freeze dried foods can get expensive. With the MREs you have it depends on how they were stored like Riverrider said. I did the same.

      We are all here to help and if you have any questions we can answer them, just use our name first and then the question so we know its meant for us. Some of us just answer for others if we know the answer.

      With water, even if you start with 5 gallon bottles, 5-10 or 20 gallon jugs/barrels/containers is a good way to start even buying cases of water.

  55. wow MD…lots of progress on your place…good on you.

    okay…some preps so far
    fresh food supplies for my BOB – while am here for a few more days.
    more clothes at the clearance sales.

    At the discount pharmacy

    § 5 x 500mls Betadine solution for $49.75 for all 5 bottles. (that is less than 1/2 price).
    § 400ml bottle hydrogen peroxide 6% solution $8.99.
    § 1 x 25metres x 1” micropore tape $2.49.
    § 1 x tube of first aid ointment $9.99.
    § 1 x 100gm jar Menthyl salicylate ointment $7.99

    fuel – unleaded is $1.539 p/litre today.

    At the dollar store

    § 8 balls of jute string – $4 the lot – to make some smaller candle wicks, instead of using my ½ “ rope.
    § 8 lengths of 6/100cm elastaplast strips. $2 per length.
    § 3 x 2” compression bandage $2 each.
    § 1 x 3’ compression bandage $2 each
    § magnifying glass x 2 – $2.99 the set.
    § 1 roll of sports tape 9metres. $2.
    § Another tarp – can’t have too many.

    At the thrift stores

    § More jogging shoes – scored big time (I walk only, no running unless being chased by a bull). $6, $8, $4.
    § 2 Wool pull-overs $8 and $6.
    § 2 pairs of heavy-duty gloves – will use when gardening or doing foul weather work in future – $3 pr.
    § 4 s/less steel cook pots – all the same size – $3 the lot.
    § Assorted books – $6.
    § While I was there saw one of the homeless men – gave him $10 as he was walking past me…his pale blue eyes just lit up…told him the blessing was on me, and to enjoy it…made my day.
    § More zombie-knickers- 50cents each (hope the new pack members know what I am talking about – how am I going to explain it.
    § 6 Enya CD’S $1 each.

    Spent some time one evening going through all the stuff stored under my bed in the caravan…and folded/sorted all the clothes in my one robe and assorted drawers in caravan – getting cooler, and will need lots of warm clothing etc for the camping/caving/trekking will be doing for the next few months.

    That is it for me so far…hope all the newborns are doing what they are supposed to, and that is – keeping their parents up all night.
    And hope the new cubs on this site are having fun trying to catch up with it all.
    To all the pack members coping with sick family or bodies that are breaking down…my sympathies – and try to make the best of it.

    Cheers and catch up next time…

    • Prepper RN says:

      Great job on the medical preps. Wise choices that will come in handy. You may watch for chap feminine napkins and off brand baby diapers, possibly using coupons to add to your med preps. they work as great absorbers and bulky dressing material. Newborn baby diapers can go around a wrist or small limb. Larger sizes for larger places. And the velro on them works to hold them on so you will need less tape. They are a very clean item and can be dirt cheap with coupons.

      • thanks prepper rn…can never have enough first aid stuff..when SHTF hope to have enough stuff to really make a big difference for those who need it. People just do not realize how important this stuff is..and how quickly the stock can be depleted.

        Once the body’s integrity is compromised, eg, infection – whether from a cut or chest infection – it takes a lot of different stuff to get them back up on their feet again. I’m also stocking old towels (from thrift shops -washed, disinfected and lots of softener to fluff them up), to use as padding for chest physio… cheers.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      Oh geez! I have to ask . . . what are zombie knickers?

  56. breadmomma says:

    pepper spray for the ladies
    more flashlights
    some great spices from a trip to Colorado
    case of refried beans
    case of chili
    case of toasted almonds
    planted garlic, artichokes, strawberries, high bush blueberries
    got a cord of cherrywood from a neighbor

  57. Rather than admit to “lurking in the shadows” I would call it intelligence gathering. I want to thank you, Mr. Creekmore, for all of the work and expertise you put into this website. In my opinion, it is one of the best sources of information on the internet. All of this is enhanced by participation of the Wolf Pack, who almost feel like family now. I always look forward to coffee and sitting down at the computer on Sunday to see what everyone has done to prep the past week.

    Natural disasters, man-made disasters, terrorists, violent crime, and now the guys at MIT say we will suffer “Global Economic Collapse” by 2030 if we continue to use the earth’s resources at the current rate. OK, I’m convinced. If you’re not prepping by now, you had better start.

    I have been collecting weapons for some time now but the armory can always use more ammo and those extra odds and ends.

    Received the following items from Best Glide and will add them to the BOBs. Merchandise is good but their website and customer service (messed up my delivery address but did correct it in time) no so much.

    • 2 military speed hooks
    • 5 Emergency Ration Packs (Advanced)

    Received these from Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. Some supplies will go into medical pouches on BOBs (each BOB is redundant in case the GF and I are separated). The rest will be stored in a chest with the rest of the medical equipment and supplies. Tactical Medical Solutions’ material, customer service, and website is excellent. The website has training videos you can watch to learn how to use their products. If you call in your order and identify yourself as military or veteran you receive a good discount. Now might be a good time to say I have no connection with any of these companies, just want to pass on information, good or bad.

    • 2 Redi Splints
    • 4 Emergency Rescue Blankets
    • 2 Sterile Petrolatum Gauze
    • 2 SOF Tactical Tourniquets
    • 2 6″ OLAES Bandages
    • 5 4″ OLAES Bandages
    • 2 Blast Bandages

    Last week I received 4 cases of MREs for a quick evac and added 1 starter kit, 1 case beans, and 1 case rice from LDS to food storage.

    I do feel good with what I’ve gotten done in the past thirty days but have a long way to go.

    Whether you know it or not you’ve all given me a lot of help and encouragement. Thank you.

    • Msgt, we are glad to have you in the Pack!

      • d2prep

        Thank you. I still have a lot to learn and I enjoy the atmosphere with this group.

    • Msgt,
      I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in that MIT computer model. It was created in the 1970’s for the Club of Rome, an elitist environmental group who helped set the parameters for the model, in order to give themselves cover for the global political actions they were attempting. The model predicts dire consequences and major population die off by the year 2000. Oops, I guess they missed. Having MIT create and run the model was IMHO, simply a way to bring a great institutions name into the mix to afford some credibility to their otherwise bogus findings.

      • cosmolined says:

        Could the model have been about Intelligent Life?

        Welcome Master Sergeant! Cos

        • cosmolined,
          Maybe so. There are a lot of intelligent folks @ MIT, but the CLub of Rome is another story. Too often the elitists are those who live on grandads money, and think highly of themselves since they’ve always had plenty of cash.

    • msgt…welcome.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Welcome to the pack Sarge.

    • MSgt, welcome to the Pack! Medical Preps are important and thanks for the link. I have a pretty extensive medical prep set up and always looking for alternative web sites. Thanks, and remember anything you add is better than what you had.

  58. Ridge Runner says:

    Not much this week, but it all adds up I’ve found.
    – Ordered M.D.’s book on Amazon
    – Installed a 2m radio station in the house with backup power
    – Took a tour of our local county Emergency Operations Center
    – Signed up for “Code Red” emergency notification service via cellular

    • Ridge Runner,

      Thank you – I hope you like the book…

    • Ridge Runner,
      We have code red here also and it’s very useful. For those who are not aware of it, it’s essentially a reverse 911 system where the local authorities call you and warn of issues you need to know about. Around here it’s generally weather oriented alerts, but could be used for other major issues if required.
      Good deal on the 2m radio & power, in a pinch this could be your only comms to the area.

  59. Ridge Runner says:

    If you haven’t read this, you should. A chilling tale in three parts:


    • Hi Ridge Runner-
      Thank you for the post. Just finished reading them, and agree with the majority of the responses to the three parts. This is a very realistic portrait of infrastructure collapse as told from the point of view of a veteran first responder.
      Worth the time to read.

    • thanks ridgerunner…have bookmarked the link and will read it when I get a chance..cheers.

  60. KR Prepper says:

    I’m very happy this week:

    Added 2 more cases of water
    Filled up H20 Containers
    Bought a Tom Tom (I Know, not emp proof)
    Put the down payment on land north of here:
    Drove around the area to see a few people living in shacks and partially damaged mobile homes, not totally secluded, but I believe that there’s a sense of community
    Bought a Propane/Electric Reefer
    Did a walk through of an 12×18 potable cabin
    Bought an inverter and a Deep Cycle Battery
    Transplanted Seedlings to bigger pots, started new ones,

    Got and addiction to TANG and bought 4 containers
    Added 8 Pounds more pasta,
    Added Canned Crab-meat
    and Canned Salmon to the Pantry

    Bought a Box of 00 Buck, and 06 Shot from Wal-Mart

  61. Well, I have not read the posts yet but look forward to seeing everyone’s updates, and will for sure add prayers when needed, still waiting for M.D. book to arrive.. Love the photo by the way! in the overview..

    The biggest thing this week has been the garden, I am busy planting, working , indoor planting, greenhouse and cold frames etc. I am not going to list it all.. just put it down as a couple hours or more per day spent in yard, garden and starting food prep.

    On the critter front, this week I got to tend a wound, its healing nicely, still not sure what caused it on my beef calf, candle eggs, looks like I have a number of little ducklings coming, bought a new (and I hope finally) black leather leading halter for Girl the draft cow as well as a properly fitted packing T for her, so we can do more of the wood trails. I had to laugh a little, I had the choice of solid black leather with nothing on it for X amount and a second one on sale with bling on it.. I had to really think about it.. but my frugal side one out.. I figure push come to shove I can remove it or cover it if I ever need to.

    On the critter news, I am keeping a very close eye on the new rulings about use of antibodics in the US and them wanting to take it out of the feeds (I don’t have a issue with that) and possable making it so all need a vet writing, no over the counter antibodic sales.. that one worries me.. the extra cost of needing a vet check and a paying the always raised! sky high vet prices makes me go a little cross eyed..

    Let me give an real life example for you.. when I was up north and worked with a canadian vet, I was able to buy antibodic stripes 12 per stripe for 2 dollars, that gave her a full 100% mark up over what she paid for it.. When I was in Quebec for a bit, the vet sold me a box of the stripes at 4 dollars a stripe, (for a 300% percent markup) but currently in ontario, my vet wants to charge me 22 dollars for the same meds.. and we get into fights about it, I refuse to buy it for that price.. right now, there are ways around it, if you don’t buy from the local vet.. but if they take it so that it is vet control everywhere, not just in certain provinces, they will be able to make those kind of price increases, with no recourse left to pay or to face the results of not having meds when needed.

    So far its still in the early stages from the news reports I am hearing and reading but its something I am afraid I am seeing the writing on the wall..and I don’t like it!

    Otherwise the only other news is that I decided to take the “getting more fit” to the next level and started aqua workouts, lane swimming and once a week weight strengthing class, I need to step outside comfort zone and make it a get off the farm and work differently.

    I am only signed up for a month at a time but so far, I hurt in places I didn’t even know where there, and while I don’t care as much about losing weight (that would be nice) I do want to increase strength..

    Have a great week folks!

    • MareBear says:

      Farmgal, I don’t know how you could get anymore fit unless you take up body building! Between you and Bam-Bam, the both of you can outwork 10 men! At least, the men I know.

      • Hi MareBear

        Thanks for the kind words, I don’t really want to compare myself to others to much, I just want to get back or most of the way back to what I myself was able to do work wise ten or even five years ago..

        My hubby has not slowed down, in fact he has put on strength and has amazing stamana and I lost a fair amount with a couple bed rests in regards to trying to carry little ones to term (Makes you so weak, when you are on ten pd limits and or bed rest) and I just never seems to have gotten it all back and so would like to try to increase stamana and overall body strength again.

    • farmgal…is it possible to get stocked up now with animal antibiotics – items that you know you may need in the future, and if not for your animals, may be prudent to have some in reserve to exchange with fellow neighbours/farmers.

      re the getting fit…do as much as you can while you are still young…it is a battle as one gets older, the body just doesn’t want to keep going day after day with strenuous workouts.

      the lane swimming is a good start – will really increase your stamina.

      Wonder how many people can swim 500 metres to save their lives…just recently ) last week) some fishermen swam to shore after their dinghy capsized…2 made it to shore, the other, an 18 y/old boy, was last seen trying to climb onto the boat…his body was found a day later.

      Are you able to get a set of hand-weights – or even do some pushups by standing back from the wall, and leaning into the wall and using the weight of your body as the resistance.

      Also, remember my mentioning an inner bicycle tube – don’t cut it…hold the tube with about 12 inches space between your hands… and raise your hands above your head…now stretch that tube as far as you can for a count of 3 seconds and release. Then do the same with your right hand. Later will be able to hold for a period of 7 seconds.

      Also, can sit on the ground and place tube behind your feet and stretch that tube by doing biceps curls – close your hands over the tube and face the fingers toward yourself, keep your back straight, breath in, and then out as you pull and stretch that tube for all you’re worth – do what you can, when you can -use different movements to ensure you use as many muscle groups as you can. Once you start – will figure out how to get your legs and arms moving to their maximum rotations.

      Let me know when you are up to using 2 tubes at a time…because you are so much stronger.

      Have a go, can only get stronger. Remember to stretch slowly for at least 10 minutes before you start, and the same for when you have finished.

      to start with, your warm up and strengthening exercises may only be 20 minutes all up.

      you will know when your body has had enough…so, a little as often as you can, is better than a killer workout which leaves you avoiding the strengthening workout…play some nice music, not fast – just a steady slow beat so you get the maximum benefit when holding the stretch.

      Hope that helps… And I still get sore too. cheers.

      • Hi Chloe

        I do have free weights and use them daily 1pd to 10 pds, and I have a step up with program for it, as well as a number of stretch cords, very much like what you are talking about, you pull and hold, stand on it and do curl ups or up and over’s etc.

        I agree about the lane swimming, it is a very good workout, I will keep you posted and thanks for your help 🙂

  62. BetterLateThanNever says:

    I’m late to the prepping party compared to the rest of you, but hey, better late than never, right? I’ve always had an extra supply of food and groceries in the basement pantry because we were blessed to have the space and the means to keep a small stock. About a year ago I started to coupon again and really watch what I spent and stocked up when the sales/coupons got me the best deal. My supply has increased (although I’m not one of those extreme couponer people, however there’s a lot to be learned there) and I’m not ashamed to dig through the local recycle bin to grab more coupons to increase my stock for myself and friends (yeah, like that doesn’t sound like an extreme couponer! Hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do). We have well water but don’t particularly like the way it tastes so we buy bottled water. I’ve been filling the empty bottles with water and storing them for washing etc in the basement. I’d like to get some rain barrels and figure out how to get the well pump to work manually. We did buy a generator last year when a hurricane threatened the Jersey shore. Thank God we didn’t need to use it, but others locally lost power, so it could’ve been us. I’ve recently found some books about gardening and other self sufficiency skills at the local thrift stores and have been reading up on the various subjects. I’m in the process of replacing one flower bed with an herb garden, and made a new bed along the deck where I will start vegetables. My husband dug out a ton of cinderblock from behind the shed and made a raised bed for me. He also took me shooting this week so I could handle his handgun if needed and I want him to keep buying ammo. It’s not much and I realize how far I have yet to go, but it’s a start. We have so many ideas in our heads, just need to implement them. We’d like a wood burning stove for the basement. We have a fireplace upstairs, but it’s more for show than heat. It only heats the living room, so in a pinch, that’s what we’d use for now. We have a charcoal grill for cooking outside and I found some cast iron cookware in the thrift stores. There is so much to do to prepare and it makes me kinda nervous because we live in a sprawled city-like area with high crime to begin with. Little by little we will get there and I’m so thankful for this website and everyone who contributes their experience. The sense of community and comradery is so encouraging.

  63. Encourager says:

    We finished the new shooting range on our property; I think it looks rather like leftover dirt from a construction site but it already has grass growing on it. It is about 8 feet tall. It has been raining torrentially off and on last night and today, so we will see how much erosion happens.

    Went to a gun show on Friday and purchased a Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Revolver with a Crimsontrace grip. I didn’t care one way or the other about the grip so the seller knocked off $200. My oldest said if I had hemmed and hawed one more minute he would have made an offer! So I guess I got a good deal if Mr. Frugality wanted it!

    Now I have a problem I hope my Wolf Pack gun experts can help me with. I need to sell my Ruger LCR .38 Special +P, Model 05402. It hasn’t even had 50 rounds fired through it. I have no clue what to ask for it. I have seen it from $700+ down to $650 for new online. Yes, it is used, a bit. Does that count? Can anyone help me?

    Am still working on re-inventorying my supplies. I found expired beef broth (expired 8 months ago) that was fine after I shook it up good. Also used some dried potato flakes that expired a year ago. They, too, were fine. I think I will make some Polish palushki (“little finger” dumplings, boiled then fried in butter) with some of those flakes this week.
    Praying for those hit by the latest tornadoes last night. Will it never quit? I keep imagining what it would be like if this was happening AFTER SHTF. There would be no help from the Red Cross, volunteers, even fire departments or rescue folk. Makes me shudder.

    • Hi Encourager-
      I have faith that after a bit of settling in, the folk remaining after SHTF will be capable, self-reliant people who will chip in to help their friends and neighbors rebuild after something like a tornado hit. Most times, tornados don’t take an entire town, but rather take one block, then the next is spared, another strip, etc.
      There are (usually) large numbers of pe0ple unaffected by the event who are able to help rebuild. However, you are right – there are cases like with Joplin where there is nothing left to salvage, and little infrastructure remaining on which to rebuild a community, and with climate change, those kinds of events seem to be increasing each year.
      I have faith in people and their ability to survive incredible odds. Those remaining after SHTF will already have demonstrated their fitness, and most people will have already established connections with their most immediate neighbors. If someone is mean-spirited and selfish, no one will go out of their way to help them.

    • Old Hillbilly says:

      Encourager…yes, being used does in fact lower the value but with only 50 rounds through it, as long as it is not abused it still holds its worth pretty well. Don’t know if this is the same gun or not but there is a new in the box Ruger LCR-XS +P .38 for sale on Carolina Shooters Forum right now for $415.00 . Bud’s Gun Shop currently has the 5402 with Crimson Trace Laser grips for $595 which includes shipping. The same pistol without the laser grips is $402 (model 5401). Hope this helps.

  64. Encourager says:

    Forgot to add ~ M.D., you sure have been one busy guy! Wow! I am impressed with all you have gotten done.

    • Encourager,

      Unfortunately, my body did not care for the extra work and is letting me know with pain and soreness… “I’m not as good as I once was…” (Toby Keith)

      • village idiot says:

        “….but you’re as good once as you ever were”! No fighting, though. LOL.

  65. Hunker-Down says:

    M.D. Thanks for the pictures.
    They give us fodder for our imaginations to speculate on your environment and especially the hard work you are investing in your new homestead.

    Our last frost date is still about a month away and yesterday we planted 144 potato eyes in two 55 gallon plastic barrels. Some of the eyes are pretty minute, I hope they sprout. I was going to plant radishes and onions today but got rained out.

    The government is sticking their nose in our toilet. Now we have to have our septic tank inspected by some untrained overpaid government goon every 3 years. I’m beginning to wonder if living on a couple of rural acres in Cuba may be a lifestyle with more freedom. Sure, they have rusty cars, but with a pig, a cow, a garden and a hole to jump into during hurricane season, who needs a car?

    QE3 is coming, I don’t know why; Uncle Bernie told us that inflation is really really low. Look at what the knuckleheads at http://www.shadowstats.com/ are saying; they think food and fuel are part of our everyday living expenses; they should listen to Uncle Bernie. If you don’t believe uncle Bernie, ask the VP whom is not allowed on the campaign trail.

    • mountain lady says:

      HD: When more people work for the govt., than in private industry, it is over. My little county voted to use UN Agenda 21 as the basisd for our county plan. There is no doubt in my mind the we have idiots running the county and country. I best stop there. If you want to know what is going on in the world in financial terms, read zerohedge once in a while. Meanwhile, keep prepping as though your life depends on it, because it does.

  66. Started studying for my ham radio license. I feel multiple means of communication is important. Anyone in the Pack from the Chicagoland area?? Need advice on which bands everyone uses. Would love to have some feed back.

  67. Mountain Mom says:

    This week we planted three rows each of red potatoes and regular russets. I got my carrots and parsnips in as well as our beets. We went through our garden and cleaned out four tractor front loader buckets full of rocks (they seem to be our biggest crop in our two year old garden LOL). I also got my raised beds next to my house for my kitchen herb garden ready to plant. Finished planting all of our berry bushes and am now harvesting some of my asparagus from the bed I put in last spring. By next year I can harvest fully. We have a full week planned this week as well in the garden.

    On another note I have been working with a local mechanic to find me an older diesel 4 wheel drive vehicle that I can get restored and in good running shape. I have access to inexpensive field grade diesel fuel that I can stock pile and use a stabilizer to keep it in good shape to use. I think we may have found something but I am going to look at it this next week to see if it might work.

  68. recoveringidiot says:

    My week sucked all around. More work and driving plus vehicle problems. More work on old grass cutters as well. I didn’t even get the washing done this week. I did get a utility trailer for cheap but the truck tried to quit on the way home with it! Sometimes bad luck is all we get….
    I did get it all fixed with only the loss of one finger nail and a little money so after I wash the small mountain of clothing I’ll be set to start all over Monday.
    I did get some things from Sams to replace what I used the last couple weeks so it won’t a complete washout.
    MD, I have really enjoyed reading here this week, you all have made my lunch break useful for something besides filling my pie hole.

  69. Sitting here under a tornado watch, Very windy and humid. Smells like storms. After last years wind storms we got a new metal roof so at least that will be covered if it blows off!!!

    Greenhouse bursting but kinda afraid to plant much out yet. Had a hard frost last week. Down to 27 and alot of things got touched. All my early potatoes…even the big volunteer patch got zapped along with my lovely green bean patch. New it was pushing it to plant beans but most years I get away with it! Alot of the perrenials like my hostas/butterfly bushes/roses got touched but seem ok. My early beets,cabbage ok.

    On prepper side got a couple of cases of canned chicken from Walmart. Had it down the middle aisle a couple of weeks ago at $2.68 a 12-oz. can…found it this week for $1.64. Seemed pretty reasonable as I know how much work is in canning chicken….just did 20# I bought for .99lb. Also put 20# butter in freezer. Our local Wally World has it at $1.70lb everyday. Leary of trying canning it.

    New 15 Americauna pullet chicks growing fast….they adore the wheat sprouts I make for my layers. Plus plenty of chickweed right now. Got rid of 7 freeloading hens so feed bill has decreased dramatically.

    Read The Jarkarta Pandemic this week. Interesting and got me off butt to order masks/gloves which I had on my list. Also got busy and stocked up some over-the-counter meds. Got my order for stinging nettle capsules which, I find, are really effective for allergies. Pollen counts off the charts around here but I’m better than I’ve been any other spring. Didn’t know when I moved to MO how allergic to oaks I’d be…and we have 120 acres of them!

  70. Laid out raised beds and bought soil for fast grow, multiple yeild per season veggie garden. Finished plans for higher fence in backyard and gate for front. Cleared safe room with wife in basement AND attic. Secured breeder with large, protective dog for family.

  71. Hello Wolfpack,
    I hope that all of you had a blessed week and look forward to the next week with its ups and downs and challenges.
    First a word of warning so that some of you won’t go through the same pain I have this week. Most of you know I live in South Texas and it is hot here. We have had a drought for the last couple of years but not so much this year. Based on that a main concern of mine is water storage. Coupled with the need for water is the need to save space and keep water in a cool dry place. Which I thought I was doing. Since I like to conserve money I was using the gallon jugs that you can get milk or water in and filling them with tap water. I would fill them and then stash them in a location away from prying eyes. Behind the couch in the living room. Well it just so happened that it also kept them from my eyes. It appears that one of the jugs had a slow leak. since it was butted up to a wall and the couch this caused a damp wall and couch. The wall and couch in turn because of our climate developed mold. So as we all started coughing and having allergy symptoms we wondered what the heck was going on. Sure this years allergies were bad because of the additional moisture but never as bad as what we had. Finally DW, and believe me she wants you to know it was her idea, looked in the location of our stored water. We had mold growing up the damp wall and on the couch. Health hazard. So if you are storing large amounts of water make sure to position your jugs, barrels, containers in a way that you can easily observe them and put down a tarp to keep them from causing any similar situation to what I had. I also recommend not using the gallon jugs as they are thin and can be punctured easily. Spend the money and find the large 5 gallon military containers or the thick ones for a water cooler.
    I for the last month have been trying to order some new firearms. I say trying because as most of you know all those old stores of surplus military firearms are disappearing. As the shadow guberment squeezes more freedoms out of us and the zombies require more and more entitlements to survive some of the smarter of the sheeple have been waking up. The first thing the newly woken sheeple want to purchase is a firearm. So prices are going up and supplies are going down. Then they take new firearm to the range. If you go to a range on the weekend be careful! I had to go to the range on a Friday last week and it was scary. I was hanging my target on a cease fire and the range safety was distracted. New zombie hunter Rambo marksman sits down and starts to play with his gee whiz tacticool AR. Next thing I know I hear the sound of a bolt going forward. Uh Oh, zombie hunter guy has weapon in has hands with bolt forward and I have wide eyes at the business end of the AR. Safety whips around in a WTH moment and gently, I’m assuming as not to spook him, tells zombie hunter guy to cease fire get up and lock his bolt back. He then escorted him off the range. But this has become more and more common at my range. If you are at a range and don’t know range etiquette consider going with a friend or if you are shooting in the bush please go with someone who has been to the place your shooting and knows the ropes. If you don’t know such a person then bring along a large amount of quick clot.
    There is a youtube channel that I follow that has gun gripes and it is funny and informative at the same time. Check it out.
    We are still looking for our out of the way bug in location but not having much luck. People are still trying to get back out of debt from prices they paid during the bubble. Even though it is unrealistic Realtors know they have to push for the max.
    Prepping this week consisted of making four individual weapons cleaning kits that incorporate all the components required to clean a weapon in a compact zip lock bag.
    Changing out water storage location and containers.
    Creating a SHTF menu that is realistic and easy based on the Storing food vs being prepared article.
    Purchased another camp stove and two more small bottles of propane.
    Added sun screen to BOB in vehicles
    Found twelve packs of lighters at wallyworld and bought a couple for barter. Thanks Selco
    Thanks for reading Wolfpack may you and yours be blessed and remember, when the guberment says it’s all good, it isn’t.
    Deo duce, ferro comitante

    • wow, mexneck…that sounded scary to me, and I was just reading it…glad you are ok. cheers.

    • For those new to prepping, this is a great example of why you don’t use old milk jugs to store water. Over time, this type of plastic will break down and leak. If you insist on using them, put them in a rubbermaid type plastic tote so if they do leak, you won’t have the problem listed here.

      • I have found two years to be max for milk jug life. So the question is do I giveup those two years just because they don’t last?

        • Azyogi, that’s a tough decision. If you are good at rotating stuff and keeping up with how long the water has been in them, I’d say use them. Two years is better than nothing and if obtaining other types of water containers is a problem (expense or lack of space) then it certainly buys you some time. I’m not very good at it(keeping up with the rotation)! BUT I am saving the jugs. I wash them and let them dry inside then put them away. Might need them later for something, such as floats or putting something in for barter if the other person doesn’t have a container.

        • We use them, but not for storing drinking water. We keep a few in the basement where it won’t matter if they leak with some water for flushing toilets or watering plants. They also can be used for making funnels or a scoop for filling the bird feeder. I have filled them with water, screwed on the lid, poked a hole in the bottom with a nail and placed them next to plants to give them a slow watering. We’ve even used them as luminaries at Christmas – cut a hole in the side, put gravel or sand in the bottom and put a candle in the bottom. Voila! Cheap decoration!

          • Hi Ms ACW and all who replied,
            I still save these but I don’t put water in them. It was such a big clean up job that I didn’t want my fellow ‘Pack members to suffer because I didn’t speak up.

    • cosmolined says:

      Glad you are OK! I take quick clot and two Israeli bandages with me when I go to the range. (Something I remember from Medic training about entry AND exit wounds.) If you like M1 Garands, look into the CMP. Veterans don’t need a competition shoot to qualify, just a membership to an approved organization like the Garand Collector’s Association. You can buy a decent Service Grade Garand for about $650’ish. I didn’t see your reply, if you did, were you with the Rangers? Airborne! Cos

      • Hi cos,
        I don’t think I would have been able to stand still if the range safety didn’t remove that guy. Thanks for the CMP idea. Gonna check it out this weekend. I hope my Mosin’s don’t feel like I’m cheating.
        I was not part of the Ranger Battalion, only attached.

    • mindyinds says:

      Mexneck, I also had a slow leak, but in my store-bought water gallons, made a mess but not as severe as what you had to cope with! Now I keep them where I can see them. I know you will find this blog very helpful and encouraging.
      This week DH and I studied an article on mercola.com, titled “Hidden Foods in Your Yard.” I’ve always been interested in local wild foods but in TN where I used to live they are much more plentiful over several seasons. In TX (central), Spring seems to be pretty much it. I gathered lots of plantain leaves and dried them in my cheap little dryer for tea. Navaho tea also grows in my yard. There is purslane growing wild in my pots again (high in Omega-3), and this week the Agarita bushes are full of fat, red sour berries. I’ll give ’em another day or two and then go beat those bushes over an umbrella – that’s how it’s done to avoid the sharp leaves. Last week I dried and powdered mustard greens and spinach; added some to a pasta sauce and am very pleased with the results; will do more.

    • Encourager says:

      My husband steams and bends wood for box making. He bought store brand distilled water on sale (our well water leaves spots on the wood as it is high in minerals). He opened and used a few bottles yesterday and put the empty bottles in the greenhouse for me to use for watering plants. One of them leaked out all the water I put in it! We had just bought the bottles at the store so they did not even last one month! I have found empty water bottles in the root cellar which means they leaked out their contents into the gravel. I now buy the heavy duty bottled water and have not had any leaks. The brand is Ice Mountain, the plastic bottle is rigid.

  72. Hi all, M.D. I love the pictures of your preps! A slow week of prepping for me but still tried to do a bit everyday. Went on a college tour with my DD for the week to the East Coast and Midwest. As luck would have it, I was reading the Jakarta Pandemic and have come down with a nasty bug! I did the usual accumulation of toiletries, coffees and pens from my hotel room each day. Also started looking at prepping on the road differently since my dd was with me. I will start to pack several days of freeze dried foods for my business trips on Airplanes going forward and bring a survival utility knife assuming I check my suitcase at the airport. My situational awareness was heightened (Not paranoid) in a number of situations such as riding the subways in several major cities and planning my out if needed. Prayers to my relatives in the storm zone this weekend. People are without power in a number of those locations.

    Hope everyone has a great week of prepping!

  73. Yadkin Girl says:

    Good prepping everyone!

    I just need to add some thoughts while reading this post.

    To Breadmomma, I am with you. I have been on this blog for a short time and have read many things that discourage me from reading and/or replying to posts and even reading this blog. I do have to admit, I did once say something I wish I hadn’t…but live and learn.

    As to separation of church and state: there is no such thing mentioned in the Constitution. The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”
    Nowhere does it say “separation of church and state”. It states that the government cannot establish a religion and it cannot prohibit the expression of religion (any religion). Although not all the Founding fathers were Christian, they based the Constitution and Amendments in the spirit of Christianity because they knew, from experience, Christian beliefs, values and morals were open to the thoughts, beliefs and spirituality of others. A great book on this subject is, although it is a VERY heavy read, is “Original Intent” by David Barton. He shows the progression from the original intent of the Founding Fathers to where we are now and where the expression of “separation of church and state” comes from – and it is NOT the Founding Fathers.

    For me, I was raised a Christian and had very loving Christian grandparents and, later in life, a very loving Christian church I attended, but I am not a Christian. My values and morals align very closely with Christian beliefs… but personal life experience brought me to follow my own spiritual path and it has served me well. To me, spirituality is very personal and one is not better than the other. What matters is how one lives one’s life and how they treat all the living things on this beautiful planet.

    I would also like to respond to whoever mentioned the ‘vote of the majority’. We are not a democracy, we are a republic. A democracy is where the majority rules (and, I for myself, would not want this). A republic allows for the voice of the minority to be heard and protected. Not to say, our government has not gone too far with the minority voice. And, for clarification, when I use the term “minority” I do not mean, neccesarily, people in a minority race, religion, sex, etc. I mean a view of a minority of the citizens of the USA.

    Well, those are my 2 cents. I expect to get blasted for this response and, well, that is okay, I can take it. I choose to be with people who are supportive, mentally healthy and loving and if that cannot be found here – so be it!

    As to preps, I am still unable to walk and, as such, have done little but read.

    • village idiot says:

      You ain’t gonna get any argument from me. Sounds to me like you got it about right.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        No disagreement here either. I agree.
        And reading adds to knowledge and skills. I learn stuff from the others every week and different ways of looking at things I had never thought of.
        Long live the Republic!

        Molon Labe!

      • sw't tater says:


    • cosmolined says:

      Yadkin Girl:
      Nice analysis. (What the heck is a Yadkin?) God Bless, Cos

      • Getting Started in Colorado says:

        Yadkin Girl, I see serveral members of the Pack have already beat me to it, but I for one believe each to their own. In the military I had No Preference on my dog tags because I try to respect everyones religion. And as long as someone doesn’t try to shove it down my throat, or changes things for themselves I’m good with just about any religion.

      • Yadkin Girl says:


        It is a county (Yadkinville and the name of a river) in NC.

        • cosmolined says:

          Thank you. Cos

          • village idiot says:

            cos, we used to call those folks in No. Carolina cackalackys. And the Yadkin River is a main tributary of the Pee Dee River. I love both of those names, but Pee Dee is my favorite river name in the whole US. And if you want to start an arguement, tell someone from No. Carolina that people from So. Carolina are cackalackys too.

            • cosmolined says:

              I sure wish you’all could speak NORMAL! (How’s that for starting an argument?!) ROTFL…. Cos

            • village idiot says:

              cos, I took my senior trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., and fell in love with the place. I spent as much time as I could there over the years, and made many friends from that part of the world. They were some of the best people I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, overdevelopement, immigrants from the North, and modern culture have pretty much ruined what was a paradise. We don’t go there anymore, but now frequent the Redneck Riviera. I see the same thing happening there. It’s a real shame.

            • riverrider says:

              alas that is the issue with the whole east coast. just too damned many people, especially northern cityslickers, present company excluded:) wyoming is looking better all the time.

            • VI,
              Ah the Carolina coast. How I miss it. We used to make road trips down to SC and stop at Pedro’s every time. Myrtle Beach was always a little crowded for me so I would always end up a little South of it or a little North. We would always mix it up the Jarheads that seemed to be on perpetual leave there. As I got older I started going up to Wilmington and some other places. You would be hard put to find better people and better food. You could see it all going down hill when families who owned houses on the coast started selling them for tons of money and the million dollar shore houses started popping up. Back in the day, out of season I could take the whole family and get a room at a four star resort for $45 a night and they loved the military. Sorry to hear it has gone down hill. Reminds me to pick up some hush puppy and catfish mix.

  74. GM Greybeard says:

    I’ve only just started prepping and I am very appreciative to view everyones ideas and info that has been posted. My plan going forward is to stay put. It did cross my my to get out of suburbia now, but that just isnt a viable option. Here is my list of what I’ve been working on for the past month or so.

    Privacy fencing – found a company that is giving me old recycled fence panels at no cost.

    Top soil for raised garden beds- met a guy that gets his dirt from a mushroom farm. 7 yds of dirt for $15.oo he is in his 80s and has been gardening his whole life said that he would be glad to help me get started. I enjoy spending time with oldtimers. Their wisdom is priceless.

    Rabbits and chickens – will get started on this in the next couple of weeks. I have friends that are already doing this and they have been a big help.

    On to the more serious side of prepping. Ive been out of the military for almost 20yrs and have lived without firearms in the house. Its has been a personal choice to live that way, that has now changed. Over the years Ive been listening to friends and believed them to be a little off (a few bricks short of a load, a few french fries short of a happy meal) if you know what I mean, but recently I’ve been doing my own research and if you add this with that the puzzle starts coming together and it isnt painting a pretty picture. Many apologies to all of the crazy wakos out there. I have now goined the ranks.
    An old Scottish Family motto says “This I will defend”. My prayers are that it will not come to this, but I fear this will be tested. Its an evil and ugliness that few should ever see, but freedom and liberty come at a cost.
    Thanks again for all of the good info.
    GM Greybeard

    • GM greybeard…are you new, if so, welcome, as don’t recall you posting before..or could be the days are just flying by so fast, just can’t keep up with the posts…cheers.

      • GM Greybeard says:

        chloe…new yes…thanks for the welcome and your right the days do fly by fast. I try to do a little everyday to stop from feeling overwhelmed, but trying to balance it all out (work, family, prepping) is a challenge in itself. Doing a little everyday is better than doing nothing and burying ones head in the sand and hope that it will all just go away.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome, GM Greybeard. Hope you get all you need from this blog. It is hard to get started, it can be overwhelming. But a little bit at a time, just like you eat an elephant. I do not consider myself a crazy wako, but am prepared to defend myself and my family to the death. And no, it won’t be pretty.

    • cosmolined says:

      GM Greybeard:
      Welcome to the Pack! Everyone starts somewhere. Your military experience should help you figure out the priorities… water, food, shelter, something to defend them. Keep OPSEC in mind. Don’t tell folks what you have or they’ll want to share. God Bless! Cos

    • Encourager says:

      GM Greybeard, you inspired me. I have wanted to have a ‘name’ for our place and I love the “This I will defend”. I looked it up on the internet and got the Gaelic form. I will laminate a small sign and hang it on our gate when we get it up. Perfect. Thanks!!

    • village idiot says:

      From the ranks of the crazy wackos, I accept your apology. I don’t want to give it away, but I’m working on an article for the writing contest that may interest you. Welcome to the world of the sane, we are glad to have you.

  75. Good week prepping for us. We finished putting our Emergency Bags together. Ordered lots of all various types and sizes of bandages, as well as sutures, needles, syringes, surgical instruments for our First Aid/Medical kit. Also, we ate our first jar of roast beef that I canned a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I didn’t want to can any more jars of it until we had tasted it to see if I needed to tweak the recipe any. It was perfect, so I will can some more soon. This week we will try the chicken I canned.

    • Do you mind telling what site you used for Medical supplies? Also what recipe did you use for your roast?

  76. IndianaAli says:

    Excited this week, we got BEES! One hive and son harvested a swarm from an apple tree.. so far so good. DH has been building an additional hive today in anticipation of more bees… this is our first time with bees so we are very excited to see what happens. Hopefully we won’t make any big mistakes. Also planted 3 more raspberries and a Gogi (sp?) berry and of course tending the garden. Had a couple of nights that were pretty frosty so things have been stunted back a bit, worried mostly about the trees but what can you do. This is only our 2nd year with fruit trees so we were hoping to maybe get a few off them. Did the usual grocery bargin shopping, got a few cases of baked beans, a few cans of salmon, 1 case of water, spices, butter, etc. every little bit helps… using the copuons. Picked up some guttering for the barn to catch rainwater for the animals/garden etc. I seem to really have a feeling about worrying about water this year, anticipating a drought type year, I don’t know, just a weird feeling like we need to stock up more on water, etc. Hoping DH and DS can get the guttering up this week and a new rain barrel. Still been staying away from the news for the most part, just can’t take all of the negativity I guess… just trying to concentrate on prepping and taking small steps forward every week.. Really appreciate this blog and everyone who comments about what they are doing. Keep prepping!

    • I was thinking of getting bees. Probably next year…chickens were enough for this year. I’m anxious to hear about your experiences with the bees. I was talking to a brother of a friend and he rents the smoker & suit to take out the honey out of his hives. We eat about a jar of organic honey every two weeks so I’m hoping to save money on honey from our own bees.

  77. Hunker-Down says:

    Prayers for those in the path of bad weather.

    Does anyone have any experience with MywebRX.com?

    Where do you shop for your fish meds?

    • hunkerdown..if I recall correctly, it is calvetsupply.com…google it, should come up…also, if want human antibiotics survivinghealthy.com is a good source for US citizens. hope that helps cheers.

    • Best selection and cheapest prices last time I compared:

      Just noticed they’re stocking Augmentin (amox/clav), too! This is new, never seen it avail in fish antibiotics previously. I’m no Doctor, but for real EOTWAWKI use, this is probably a better choice for any infection where Amoxicillin would be indicated, as it kills beta-lactamase producing bacteria strains that Amox alone won’t. Beta-lactamase is, I believe, one of the first and most common reasons that some bacteria have developed a resistance to penicillins. If there’s no lab services for testing sensitivity, everyone’s going to be guessing when it comes to antibiotic selection – less chance of guessing wrong with this in your toolkit. Also, the first-line treatment for any bite wound (or where saliva entered a wound, like cutting your knuckles on someone’s teeth).

      Expensive, but this would be a MAJOR upgrade for any SHTF-pharmacy I think. Any Med professionals here? Thoughts?

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Thanks, I printed your reply for our survival binder.

        • No problem H-D, but don’t put much stock in my medical advice. I posed the question to Dr Bones at his site to see what his thoughts were.

  78. recoveringidiot says:

    Anybody have experience with one of these? Or this company?
    I want something besides the old pitcher pump I have or at least something to back it up with.

    Shameless use of MD’s blog for personal info, dump this one if it’s out of bounds.

    • riverrider says:

      ri, check around on prices. lehman’s carries the same pump, might be cheaper. i’ve been thinking on that one myself.

    • Encourager says:

      RI ~~I don’t understand why you would think it is out of bounds to ask a question or for an opinion regarding a procedure or a product. That is what we are here for! How else will we learn? I trust the Wolf Pack not to give me poor information – and I always check the information they give me for myself ~ as I hope they do with mine.

  79. Not got much done this week in regards to prepping. Organized the preps in the basement. Went to a garage sale that had 5 gallon buckets of wheat that weren’t in mylar or vacuum sealed and weren’t in food grade buckets…so I passed on those. But I did hit 3 garage sales and all had canning jars so I got more jars. Now, I have over 100 quart jars and about 30 jelly jars that are cleaned and ready to can. I’m feeling pretty good about the canning supplies now. Just waiting on the garden to produce. The peas are starting to vine and as soon as it dries a little I’ll rehill the potatoes. Tomatoes are still in the greenhouse but looking ok. Glad the tornadoes passed just to the west of us but we did get some much needed rain.

  80. Bulldog94 says:

    I have to echo the Prayers for those in the path of bad weather.

    It has been a very busy and successful week for us! We purchased two fire arms . We got a Rossi 357 snub nose for defense and a Mosin Nagat. I am impressed with both so far. Can’t wait to get to “Choot ‘Em”! These added to the shotgun we have seems like the start of a balanced armory.
    We also FINALLY got our lil garden put in. Nothing fancy just some basic veggies. As we live in Florida we have a longer season so I think we’ll be ok. Hopefully we can put in some black and raspberry bushes next weekend. Also purchase a few items for our pantry.
    I guess the best thing we got accomplished this week was talking with some friends about being prepared. They are very interested and
    are the kind of folks I want on my side if and when TSHTF. I think this is the start of a good network for us in the future.
    Hope all is well out there! God Bless and Good Night!

  81. Candy in Nebraska says:

    Been dehydrating like crazy last 3 days. 12 bundles of celery.
    6 lbs of onions and tomorrow I get to start in on the 90 lbs of taters.

    We bought 2 stevia plants and I was curious if anyone knows when is best to harvest it?

    Also Bam Bam could you post some pics of how you do your celery I have 17 of them getting roots but they are very scrawny plants.

  82. freerangechicken says:

    Marked off back yard for six 8’x4′ raised bed garden plots. Ordered several ‘How to’ books to add to my collection. Ordered 3 rain water collection barrels – 75gal/each(to assist in garden and alternate water source in case of emergency). Donated unneeded items to Goodwill(freed up a lot of garage space). Got exercise with family.

  83. Soggy Prepper says:

    Many of you are familiar with this site, Peace of Preparedness,


    Excellent site on direct food storage preparedness for oldies and newbies. You will get lost there checking it all out, it’s a glory hole.

    The link below is titled, Menus at a Glance. A mass amount of menu information with shopping list, dry pack info and easy reproducible menu that is actually edible and stuff you have stored, or will be storing. It also talks about spices and what goes well with what. You will want to check it out and probably print it, it’s an awesome resources.


    • soggy, thanks, bookmarked the site and downloaded the menus…for reading at a later date…cheers.

  84. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Its been a light week for me. Mom was visiting for a couple of weeks and she thinks I am completely over the edge. I tend not to let her see my preps but she answered the door when the Honeyville delivery came. Quick thinking on my feet – 4 #10 cans of powereded milk are for yogurt making so i don’t have to buy so much raw milk at one time 😉

    I picked up 3 canisters of tang, 9 lbs of various beens and some maple syrup.
    Canned 9 jars of beans and dehydreated a couple pints of strawberries. I think we are going to a pick-your-own place next weekend to get our strawberry fix filled 🙂

    Take care, ya’all!

  85. Hunker-Down says:

    Markdown.com has a 40 % off sale;

    “My Patriot Supply Food, Fire, and Water Emergency Package”.


  86. Heads Up: Free Book on Home Canning

    Amazon has this ebook for free today. I downloaded it but have not read it.

    JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded [Kindle Edition] $0.00
    Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

    • Hey All,

      I looked through this book and it’s a pretty good introduction to canning. If you are new to canning, this is a good book. If you’ve been canning for a while it has a couple of recipes that look good.

      I like free.

  87. my real name? says:

    Swung in to Cabela’s yesterday & picked up an apple press, on sale $100 off! Got ammo too, DH spent the day @ local equipment auction, got a pallet of hitches but, some dumb bunny decided to open with outrageous high bid on the trailer we were coveting. Oh well.

    MD, want to say YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! Thank you for sharing info about the Acedophilous!!! My Dr is going to get an earful from me at my next appointment. I was diagnosed with diverticular disease in my early 20’s. At that time I was the youngest person they had seen with it at that particular hospital. Over the last quarter century not one of my GI docs or nutricianists ever mentioned it! I noticed a difference after 2 days and after 4 weeks I can’t believe how much better I feel! THANK YOU more than I can ever say. I am eating things I haven’t been able to eat in years and though cream gravy is still not my friend, I’m thrilled to be eating roast chicken without having to strip off all the skin & fat off my portion. ( yeah yeah I know it’s healthier, don’t care, likes my skin & fat! lol)
    Also thanks for such a cool site!

  88. Hunker-Down says:

    Prepping today yielded the following;

    There will be no physical ballots to verify the presidential election results.
    Ballots will be counted electronically in Spain.


    I found this out by watching an hour long talk by Ann Barnhardt at

    I’m beginning to see just how totally sick our society is.

    I’m moving up my timeline for procuring critical prepping tools!!!

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      So thanks for that Hunker-Down. Thought I’d check comments before I leave for work. Yours was the first comment so now I have that anxious feeling of dread full force.
      Why the hell would we have another flipping country count our votes?
      I love Barnhardt. She says it like it is. I’ve followed her and Beck and what the have to say for quite awhile now. They’ve been right all along.
      Breathe, Deep Breath…

    • Did Ms Barnhardt have anything about the 50 State Attorney Generals and how they feel about this? State Laws?

  89. Carl in W.V. says:

    Just got Blown away this afternoon. A local retirement village has been quarantined by the CDC because of an out break of NOROVIRUS. I really don’t know how common that is but wow it’s too close. http://www.wvva.com/story/17463573/quarantine-to-continue-at-retirement-village

    • Oh my. Not good. Do everything you can to be antiseptic: carry and use Purell or some other good hand sanitizer everywhere. Don’t shake hands or touch people you do not know…or their clothes. Wipe EVERYthing that you have to touch in public, or wear gloves. It looks like it’s not spread through the air, but I’d consider wearing a mask anyway, if for no other reason than to keep from touching my face. This could be spread by anyone who was not kept in the retirement home by the quarantine….someone could have left before the quarantine. Take care of yourself Carl.

      Here’s CDC’s take on it:

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Carl in W.V.,

      Gotta get more duck-tape for the windows!

    • Norovirus… caused by Sh*t. Make sure you wash your hands. Wash your door knobs and light switches. make sure everyone in your family washes your hands. Simple!

  90. i finally unpacked all my food and am taking inventory- i am discouraged to say the least- we do have enough food for two for 6 moths but some things i am sadly lacking- but hopefully my inventory will prevent that now.
    question- how do others store their food- i got the grains and other large quantities of things like sugar and salt, beans etc. i have the mylar bags and plastic pails for that. in fact i have a good supply of pails and am thinking of storing all my stuff in them- question should i store like things in one pail or try and do one months supply in one pail and label it pail #1 and pail #2 and rotate them out each month? for personal and non perishable items- i am thinking if i have an inventory i could put them in a box and store them that way?fill up once box then fill another.
    thanks for your suggestions in advance.
    i only have closets to store my stuff- i want to keep them hidden from guests. i have two large closets to store stuff right now.

    • mama, my food – all of it, whether cans, jars, etc are in buckets (either 25kg or 50kgs size) or suitcases and backpacks.

      Initially I just filled the buckets with my prep supplies – and marked each bucket with the month and year of purchase…and I use the buckets at one end of my shed first.

      Then I received mylar bags and O2 absorbers – and packed all rice/oats/salt/rice etc into those, as well as into vac sealed bags – anywhere between 1-3 kgs sizes. (as easier to handle and to use at one time – and to hand out to neighbours or others who may need assistance.

      Then I started mixing the stuff up – always made sure I had some vac sealed salt in with the rice / rolled oats etc.

      Initially I did not buy any pasta/macaroni – not a pasta eater, prefer rice. However, use the pasta weights as part of your flour calculations – will store much longer than ground store bought flour…and am keeping most of my wheat berries for last – however I have tried eating the soaked berries for breakfast – not my first choice now, but one day – who knows, may be life-saving to have it vermin proof and available in a few years time.

      So, now am packing pasta in buckets with jars of pasta sauce (rolled in newspaper to protect the glass jars) – so that whoever gets to unwrap the foodstuff will either have a big cry or a laugh at the prices printed therein.

      I then had to start mixing the foodstuffs up – as I thought if I had a chance to take stuff with me, there is no way I could take it all..so, any bucket would have a good selection – however, had to watch the expiry dates on the different stuff…

      Then I tried cardboard boxes to store assorted canned stuff in – like butter/cheese/fruit/tuna/ham etc – but not a good decision, as once wet – useless.

      Then I tried old Samsonite suitcases from thrift stores – vermin proof, waterproof etc…and filled them with canned goods.

      All vac sealed and mylar bagged food stuffs are either in large buckets or small recycled coffee/milo cans…and these work very well – however, they will rust over time – eg, I am expecting to get 7-8 years use out of them…and that is enough for me at the moment.

      Have also stored bedding, sleeping bags, towels in those large buckets.

      Have caving/camping stuff in Samsonite suitcases – easily identifiable when trying to find stuff.

      Also, buckets with assorted clothing/shoes/coats/gloves/hats etc – never know who may need these items – even now or in the next few weeks/months – doesn’t have to be the end of the world to be able to help someone out.

      Also have two large plastic wheelie (garbage) bins – cleaned well, and filled with assorted tripod, billies, largest heiniken cans that I have fashioned into twig burning stoves, cast iron cooking plates/huge skillets/dutch ovens, utensils, propane camp stoves and their propane canisters.

      All the dried dog food is in 20 litre buckets that used to hold cooking oil…with O2 absorbers.

      Also, have buckets with lye, borax, washing soda, cakes of pure soap.

      20 litre buckets with used cooking oil from fish/chip shops – for making soap if I ever need to…(however have lots of stuff) – it is just in case.

      4 litre cans of extra virgin olive oil – in heavy-duty suitcases, with wheels.

      Assorted ropes are in mesh bags – so I can see what size they are – without having to go through each one – and no chance of having them tangled up.

      Have assorted small backpacks that hold assorted tools – claw hammers, pliers, tin snips, shifting spanners, etc – a complete tool kit in each backpack.

      Can’t have too many key hole can openers – to make improvised stoves out of those coffee/milo cans one day, if necessary.

      Tin snips are a good idea – find them at garage sales.

      Other backpacks are first aid kits – filled to the brim with assorted stuff – and each pack has a first aid manual in it in case I am not the one using it.

      I have one backpack with a suturing kit and other vital items – this pack is for my sole use when rendering assistance.

      Have suitcases filled with stationery supplies.

      Others with too many books – probably won’t have time to read them all.

      You get the picture…for me my natural disasters are cyclones or bush fires.

      I have things set up that if I have to go in a hurry, I can throw assorted backpacks into my car and get out of there…may have to leave most behind, but have other places with stuff.

      Have multiple backpacks with similar assorted items…

      The antibiotics/silver/cash/gold jewellery/heirloom seeds/personal financial docs are only accessed if there is such an emergency as mentioned above.

      So, eventually, you may lose exact count of what you have, because you may stash it at more than one location…that is when it gets interesting, for want of a better word.

      So, just use the oldest buckets first.

      And always be sure to need more buckets on a regular basis, that way you will see the evidence of how much progress you are making…hope that helps…cheers.

      • thank you so much- i have thought about moving my first aid stuff to a bigger suitcase but didnt think about getting more to store items- i have a closet with luggage- not a lot but it wont look obvious i am saving food if anyone looks in my closet- it is the guest bedroom so i am worried people will snoop
        i will keep an eye out for backpacks at thrift stores and garage sales- i dont go to those much but will start
        i did plan on storing other non prepper items in plastic pails- i have using boxes and they dont last very long
        we are going thru a rough time financially right now- had a few car problems recently-so i have to be smart with my purchases here on out until we can get some work

        • mama, understand re financially rough times – been through them myself in the past, such that I never let my guard down – I consider/weigh-up every purchase – even if it is $1 or $2. I can make that $2 go a long way.

          Some places I get free stuff – lengths of plastic sheeting from the carpet/flooring stores (however I always give the owner 2 cans of cheese) as I fill a huge garbage with the plastic sheets – average 25 lengths at a time…and want to continue the relationship so that if/when bad times arrive – we already know each other well.

          These can be used to protect seedlings – from all kinds of weather conditions, biological threats, keep water from flowing into a house after cyclones, or temporary repair a roof. emergency tarps, car coverings, improvised shelter etc.

          recycled coffee/milo cans/wheelie bins/propane tanks (which I get revalved and then filled) – from recycling centre

          the large propane tanks I have stored will no doubt be recorded as being at my place – so, when I can, I get my own, and in the interim I use up the others…eventually there will be no record of my having any propane tanks at my place.

          buckets – from bakeries – scarce as hen’s teeth here, as people store chicken and horse feed in them.

          20 and 50litre plastic containers that held dishwashing detergent/vinegar etc from large hotels – with the spigot, can be used as a temporary shower, or use when camping or when water is turned off – to wash hands/etc.

          Make it a game…see what your imagination can come up with…I always ask politely, and offer to pay.

          the fact that you are preparing shows that you are independent and think outside the box…so, imagine where you will be in just a few months time.

          I wish you well and God speed in your prep endeavors – and know that the rest of us are doing the same as you are, and are here to help – with whatever our particular skills/abilities are.

          I have had amazing things happen in my prepping adventures – as a result of praying and then resting in the Lord…if that is not your way -that is okay. If it is, may find the same things happen for you…


  91. riverrider says:

    md, i’d like to tell you how much i liked your new book but i cant…my sister took it. guess i’ll have to order another one for me. what i saw of it was awesome. thanks

    • riverrider says:

      oh yeah, shoot my email over to tinfoil hat when you get around to it please sir. much appreciated.

    • riverrider,

      Your sister taking the book could be a good thing depending on how you look at it. The bad thing is you’ll have to buy another copy, but then if she puts the information that is presented in the book to use with her own preps she will be an asset to you.

      • riverrider says:

        roger that m.d., i got her on the ropes and the book might be the knockout. she’s an extreme couponer with what she calls “her stash” but she calls me crazy for the level that i take it. she just moved up north to crazyland, so she’s becoming more aware. their bol is here, they would indeed be assets. her bf is fbi/police/mil and a great guy to boot. thanks again.

    • cosmolined says:

      Tell your sister I’d like to borrow it when she’s done! ROTFL. Cos

      • riverrider says:

        cos, haha, the sad part is this will be the third time i’ve bought the same book.LOL, i need to claim md as a dependent on my taxes:)

  92. To see new free Kindle books for the 16th now added, please go to link in my name above. Have a great evening.

  93. Kelekona says:

    I just had a navigational revelation.

    Well considering that I was Great Lakes basin North-South for most of my life, then didn’t suffer a huge perception shift when I went to an area that was an East-West shift on the same basin….

    I was navigating more on uphill=home-road than any more subtle geographical cues.

    Dammit, I was drunk-watching 80’s cartoon intros again and can’t figure out what prompted that elevation revelation. For anyone that navigates areas that have clear geography, good luck. I now have to learn how to dowse ocean from inlet.

    • village idiot says:

      I don’t mean to be impolite, but I have no idea what you just said. Can you translate?

      • cosmolined says:

        Ditto what village asked. (Were you drinking when you typed it? If so, maybe I’ll be able to read it later tonight when I’m drinking!) or maybe not… LOL Cos

      • Kelekona says:

        Hopefully it makes more sense with a killer hangover.

        For most of my life, I thought I was “sensing” where the water was, but it was more likely that I had learned to read the geography of where the edge of the lake used to be. Downhill is where water wants to go.

        Probably the easiest way to see it is to look at the flood control areas that are built into subdivisions. The ground slopes into a grassy empty field. If there is a pond, it still slopes.

        • cosmolined says:

          Dang Kelekona,
          I thought he was talking about driving home…. Cos

          • Kelekona says:

            Ah no, that was on foot. When I’m driving, I keep from getting lost by having a decent idea of what the map looks like. I note any major roads that can serve as a clear “fence” to the area and constantly keep track of where the fence should be.

            When I first moved here, I relied on the GPS so much, I recognized that I had to leave it off while driving for a while or else I would go crippled without it.

  94. DiverGal (So. Fla) says:

    Hey Wolfpack,

    Hope this finds everyone well .

    Not too much prepping this week. Had to finish my taxes which I procrastinated because I knew I was gonna be giving away my hard earned money.

    Bought a new boat and got rid of the old money pit we were using.This one is a steel hulled old coast guard ship set up for research. Built like a tank. Gonna spend the rest of this week adding/subtracting equipment, installing a new winch. fun times.

    My fish were feeling poorly this week so I ordered them some fish mox. Would feel dreadful if I was neglectful of them.

    That was it for me. Not overly productive prepping wise but I’ll make up for it next week… hopefully.

    Happy Prepping all!


    • cosmolined says:

      WOW Diver Gal! Congrats on the new boat!!!! If the world ends, can I come and live with you? Ahhh, nevermind, I get sea sick…
      Really though, simply wonderful news. God Bless, Cos

  95. Kind of new at this, spent a lot of time reading this blog. I have had emergency preparedness and self reliance as something I “should” do but never really acted upon it until recently. More on a hunch than anything.

    I’ve always been a gun enthusiast so I started off with some decent hardware and a small arsenal of ammo. More is always better and I’ll continue to stock pile bullets. I’m also considering purchasing a cross bow and extra bolts for post SHTF hunting without need for ammunition. Lastly, on this front: I purchased a youth/toy crossbow to begin teaching my 5 year old about safety, proper breathing, sight picture and trigger squeeze.

    About 2 months ago I started stock piling canned goods and water. After reading this blog, I’m now looking into building a can rotation system. Every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up some extra stuff, especially if it’s on a decent sale. Is it me or do the canned meat products never go on sale? At last count I’m up to over 100lbs of stored food. I have a suburban home so my space is sort of limited. I’ve been considering those 55 gallon water drums sold on Ebay, but could someone tell me if they are stackable?

    Scored 3 civilian style ruck sacks for $50 shipped and am building bug out bags. Tonight I ordered 3 hand crank/solar radio/flashlight combos and 3 hand crank flashlights. (I still have to laugh as I grew up in a largely Polish/American community and one of the big jokes was “what is the greatest Polish invention?…A solar flashlight”) and I just bought 2…LOL Next I need a decent bag to put my stocked first aid supplies in as to make it an official “kit” I also need to figure out what foodstuffs to pack in them and get a couple of those straw filter things. I aslo need to pick up the rest of the little things that go in there. Waterproof matches, candles, tinder, etc.

    Plans for “what if” are in my head. I don’t want to prep for one specific kind of issue bringing on SHTF and something completely different arise and make my plans for not. I’m thinking of laying out planning on a flow chart to keep it all straight. I think having that straight before hand will go a long way in the panic moments of feces striking air propulsion device.

    Last but not least, I’ve finally gotten off my duff and decided to plant a garden after I’ve been saying I was going to do so for the last 7 years. Raised beds are built, I will be getting the dirt for it this weekend. Nothing overly big, to start. Very expandable though. Now I have plans for a rain barrel swirling in my head.

    DW is not quite on board 100% yet, but she understands my reasoning and likes the idea of having things put away “just in case”

  96. BetterLateThanNever says:

    ADDENDUM: after I wrote my comment I headed to the local flea market for my now weekly hunt. There was this guy there from a local nursery who was selling a small selection of shrubs. Guess what I bought? Blueberry bushes! You have no idea how excited I am because I saw blueberry bushes at Lowe’s for $14.95 and they were 1/4 the size of the one’s I bought for $20 each. I thought I was going to have to settle for those. I think I scored! I really hope I don’t kill them. I’ve never had blueberry bushes before. Never had anything fruity. Have only tried vegetable gardening, and even then, I don’t think I was really successful because I resorted to Miracle Grow, then gave up with gardening altogether because the weeds liked the Miracle Grow too. I’m really trying to be more organic this time around and my husband made me some raised beds. One of the books I found at the thrift store is called Lasagna Gardening. I’m going to try that in one of the beds but I don’t have any grass clippings yet. I went to a church that has acreage and I know they don’t use anything on the grass, which is beautiful from being old farm land (hasn’t been a farm in 30 years) and they normally just let it sit, but when I went yesterday, no clippings. I guess still being early spring the grass hasn’t grown enough for a cutting yet. So I came home and started some seeds in plantable pots. I’m probably a month or more behind in the garden schedule this year, but we had some life events these past few weeks. Worse comes to worse I’ll container garden this year until my beds are ready for next year.

    QUESTION…where should I look to find some free food grade barrels to use to collect rainwater? It seems the only kind of barrels I can find are those that were previously used for floor wax 🙁

    • Encourager says:

      Blueberry bushes love acidic soil. Make sure you test your soil before you plant them. You can get amendments to change the Ph of your soil before you plant them. Net them – birds know just when the berries are perfectly ripe!!

      As for rain barrels – we found some on Craig’s List. The food safe barrels were bright blue, 55 gallon size. I think we paid $20 each for them. We had to go pick them up but he was only about 30 minutes from us.

      • BetterLateThanNever says:

        Thanks Encourager! I’ve been reading up on the blueberry bushes and I’m going to be taking my soil down to the university testing center in the next couple of days. I plan on planting them in the bed near my deck, which my husband made wide. It’s close to the house where I’m hoping the birds will be afraid to come. I’ve never encouraged them before with bird feeders and such because I don’t like the poop mess, so we don’t usually see them on the railings much. However, I’ll have to invest in some netting just to be sure to protect my investment 🙂 I’m hoping I can plant various strawberry varieties in the ground in the same bed without changing the soil for either berry. Have to research that. Thanks for the rain barrel tip too. My husband is hoping to find something free though. That may take more effort to find! Will keep our eyes open. Thanks again!

  97. cosmolined says:

    M.D. A private note, if I may. Can you think of any way I can help Mtwoman with her tooth without this becoming a site for beggars?
    She is NOT asking for help, but I think I could pay for her tooth. Thank You Sir, John

  98. village idiot says:

    We are missing several people who have been sick. I hope they are lurking, and that nothing has happened. K Fields hasn’t posted this week, and pam s hasn’t posted in several weeks. I know there are many more, I hope and pray yall are just lurking and that nothing has happened.

    I also really miss Tom the Tinker, Lint, Lynda in Massachusettes, Mama J, Plant Lady, Lake Lili, Cliff, Repair Mama, Lynn, Luddite Jean, and several others I can’t think of. Please come back.

    • VI…and Templar Knight..hope they are all well…and if I recall…it is Lint’s birthday around this time of year..

      Happy Birthday –

      so much for Lint staying under the radar…but just had to mention it…keep that pink flashlight handy. cheers.

  99. Encourager says:

    I am TOTALLY P.O.’d. You ever had an uneasy feeling about something? Mine was about our home security. I thought we lived in a pretty safe neighborhood. Yet I had this nagging uneasiness. Well, tonight I found out that a man (27 y.o. now) who grew up on the property next to ours (which was sold and family built new house across the road) has been arrested for home invasion, felony firearms, and larceny of a firearm. So far he and his partner in crime have been linked to at least 6 home invasions, in at least 4 different townships around us and 4 different counties – including right down the street.

    I HAD been thinking of talking to his dad and his uncle and casually mentioning being prepared in an emergency. Thank God I never did it! Something always made me hesitate (thank you God!) This 27 y.o. man’s cousin died in 2010 trying to outrun a cop on a country road in the fog. He flipped his car and died at the age of 24. We are surrounded by this extended family. There are the grandparents who had 5 kids who ALL have houses within 1/2 to 1 mile of us. I am very glad we are homebodies and that we haven’t taken a vacation in 2 years. If we had, I am sure we would have been on his list, seeing as our home is isolated down a long driveway.

  100. Hey Wolf Pack, I thought I would share this info: Home Depot is having a free DIY workshop the next 2 Saturdays on building a raised gardening bed. I plan on attending the one this Saturday at a HD nearby. Here is the link: http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/catalog/servlet/ContentView?pn=HT_WS_WeeklyWorkshops

  101. Heads Up: FD Strawberries at Honeyville

    Freeze dried strawberries are on sale ($17.49 per can) at Honeyville and save 10 percent on your whole order with code “EARTH”.

  102. Because it’s so late in the day due to family visiting I’m posting the books here too.

    Just a heads up to MD and supporters. One of the books, World Financial Crisis, I am sure is plagiarizing our own MD’s 10 things to do now list. He’s changed some of the wording but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Maybe MD you could check it out and if that’s not you under another name and you didn’t give permission, you can report it to Amazon. Maybe supporters might leave a review or two if I’m right about this. I haven’t had a chance yet.

    Preparing for Off-Grid Survival: How to live a self-sufficient, modern-day life off the grid


    Sun Position – High accuracy solar position algorithms – a resource for programmers and solar energy engineers

    PERSONAL EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCES: Sylmar 1971, Santa Cruz 1989, Northridge 1994
    (including earthquake preparation)

    World Financial Crisis


    No Tomorrow

    • Natalia,

      Yep, he did – in fact he ripped off several sections of my blog. I don’t know why people do that sort of thing it is sad really. Just goes to show what kind of person this is… Shameful…

      Thank you for letting me know…

    • Kelekona says:

      Thanks for the book-links. It’s going to annoying to hubby next time I want to risk dual thumb-cramps. Apparently the best way to shunt books between accounts is to keep re-registering the damn keyboardless device so much that it gets confused to who it belongs to.

    • worrisome says:

      Sylmar 1971 and Northridge 1996…….I have personal experience of being right there……..As well as one in Tehachapi when I was little. Best advice…. secured everything standing up to the framing in your wall! Put a couple of boards across any open bookshelves so things don’t fall out. Stick art objects and such down with museum clay. Put locking pulls on all of your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Don’t put your bed under a window. Don’t be surprised when your refrigerator falls over and out here in California, when the government tells you to secure your hot water heater with straps to the wall? They are actually giving you good advice for a change.

  103. Hah, worrisome….

    I keep having earthquakes in places they shouldn’t be, about the only thing I’m willing to to do is chain a wrench to my gas-meter in case I have the urge to kill my feed and call the company to make sure everything re-lit right.

    I don’t let anyone sleep in DH’s office though… to many bookshelves that aren’t properly installed. There are about six wall-anchors and he’s not worried about how they are still in his desk.

  104. Yet another drunk revelation… don’t worry, all I did was spend an hour explaining to a perfectly fictional wizard about how to suppress hiccups.

    For the more intelligent out there… concentrating on any point of your rib-joints works, the solar plexus is just the most feelable one…

    Just use any relaxation technique you’ve heard of, concentrate on the spot that hurts when you hiccup, and your hiccups become suppressible.

    Yes, it took an hour to explain this to the fictional wizard, go fig.

  105. hi guys…gremlins in laptop again…none of my posts are making it…catch up again next time…cheers. Friday18:36hours.

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