What did you do to prep this week?

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Now let me see what did I do to prep this week… ?:-)

  • Finished work on my survival library / writing studio.
  • Planted two more dwarf apple trees and a plum.
  • Detail cleaned all of my firearms after shooting for accuracy and sight alignment.
  • Worked in my garden.
  • Replaced consumed canned foods and beans from my food-storage with new products.
  • Ordered a used copy of Tire Recycling is Fun by Paul Farber.
  • Ordered seasons one and two of The Colony.
  • Bought one-hundred rounds of #4 buckshot.

What did you do to prep this week?

P.S. If you haven’t purchased my new book “31 Days to Survival” yet, it’s apparently my job to convince you to do so. It’s really cool, honest!

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  1. Cold Warrior says:

    I started work on an in-house storm shelter/safe room under our basement stairs. There are some good plans for them on the net and Amazon also sells books on the subject as well.

    Continuing work on my article on the Methods of Marxism.

    • Cold Warrior – you are my inspiration. I’m trying to do something similar and glad to hear others are doing. My wife thinks I’m nuts.

      • Survivor Mike,
        Keep up the good work. A year ago my wife thought I was nuts too. What a difference rising grocery store prices, gas prices and gun sales make. We went and looked at a potential BOL today and I think she’s more excited about it that I am.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        It wasn’t much of a selling job, as we have had to repair major storm damage to our home twice in the past 5 years.

        This site is all about using ” reason” in you preps, that includes your relationships. Tell her that as a guy you are driven to protect her and any kids you have out of love for them. Also be sure not to go out on a limb money wise as life is a matter of balance.

    • Cold Warrior, good luck on that. Would like do that myself one day.

  2. It’s been a slow week, here. Car troubles have kept us busy with “non-prepping” stuff.
    Small purchases for the stockpile – mainly some canned goods and basics.
    Bought four more raspberry plants to plant out after this latest cold snap.
    Repotted a bunch of seedlings and more work towards plants in the garden.
    Bought some more herbs – found French tarragon and some purple basil. Picked up three more (different) heirloom tomato plants for the main garden – Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler, and Black Krim.
    Bought and planted out eight more Early Jersey Wakefield cabbages. Planted out some basil in the herb garden.
    Bought timber for raised lettuce bed and got it filled with compost from the horse manure compost pile (aged two years so it’s good and composted).
    Moved horses around some more and fed them more round bales in the continuing “rest the pasture” effort. It was farrier day this week – so trims on two of the seven beasts. Eventually the arena will dry enough that I can work the three year olds…
    Planted five apple trees and one cherry tree.
    Continuing fencing efforts to make a new horse paddock.
    Bought four new books for the library – Bradley’s Disaster Preparedness Handbook, The Veggie Grower’s Handbook, Red Cross First Aid Manual, and Earthquake Survival Manual.
    Inspected house with an eye towards earthquake issues – need to secure the hot water heaters badly as well as a few other issues.

    • Hello Pack,

      I hope everyone had a great week of prepping. The quest for being more prepared has led me to take on and learn new things or re learn forgotten skills from my past. I have a thirst for knowledge that I have not had since college. This web site and many of the Pack members have provided great sound advice as I have embarked on my journey. I have signed up for numerous classes, read many books, talked to several experts, explored new ideas, etc…Most folks around me still don’t buy in to what I am doing yet. However, one of my DD’s reminded people that no one believed Noah when he was prepping!
      This week’s preps:

      • Ordered cheese and butter from Mountain House for my stores.
      • Picked up a Bowie Knife on sale from Big 5 Sporting goods (normally $39, on sale for $14) along with sanitary bags for portable toilets and a couple of freeze dried meals for my travels. I also used my 25% member coupon on top of it.
      • 2/3 of the way through a book called Shut Down about an economic collapse and the aftermath. My DW tells me I need to get back to my normal history, military or sports books.
      • Picked up a few more prescriptions for the Medical stores.
      • Stopped by a local feed and grain store and picked up a 50lb sack of cracked corn. Question for those in the know: Is this safe to eat and if so how would you prepare it? I have heard several opinions elsewhere but it does concern me that this is chicken feed.
      • Made a run to Home Depot and picked up supplies and such for my new retreat land in the Sierras: Shovel, charcoal, American Flag, Lysol, All purpose cleaner, Lime, “No Trespassing” Signs.
      • Made a list of all the projects that need to be done at the land before I can build a cabin. Will be taking the clan out tomorrow for the first time.
      • Contacted the propane company and they will be installing a 500 gallon tank on the property next week. Currently, there is only a 5th wheel trailer there, but timing is everything.
      • Bought a Groupon for 1/3 the price to attend a honey bee keeping class. I will probably do it sometime in May or next Sunday.
      • Continue to add articles to my notebook on different subject matters.
      • Had a Solar Company come out to my house and give me a pitch and a quote. On paper it looks good. I could be saving between $100 and $200 per month by leasing the system. My house will need 52 panels to provide the same energy it gets now. If anyone has done this before, please let me know. I do like the idea of the battery back up in the event that the grid goes down. Apparently this company has a battery they use that was created by Tesla that can be leased as well.
      • Took an early lunch on Friday and shot the AR at the local range on Friday. Lots of folks playing hooky!
      • Had are existing raised gardening bed weeded. Hope to plant today
      • I am attending the free DIY class at Home Depot today on building a raised gardening bed. I am also picking up some supplies.

      • riverrider says:

        d2, don’t lease solar, its a gimmick. and you don’t need as much power as you use now. think survival not comfort. a small system that will provide a few lights and battery charging is about all anyone “needs”, and maybe run 12volt water pump if you prefer over hand pumping. oh, chicken feed may have chemicals and antibiotics in it for the chix as well as fillers. check out the sidebar “10 things to do now” and “10 more things” and check out md’s book. it’ll get you on the right track w/out making costly/deadly mistakes.jum2c.

        • Thanks River on the solar tip. Curious as to the gimmick comment? I am just trying to learn as much as I can on solar to make an educated choice. Our electric bill is outrageous and it could serve several purposes if I go that route. Knocked out the “10 things now” lists 16 months ago when I first found this sight and started prepping and it got me going. Also read both of M.D.’s books. I am at the prepping stage of trying to fill in as many gaps as possible, and the more I do, the more I feel like I still need to do. Whole lot of skills that I still need to acquire. I appreciate all the sage advice fro you and the other experts in the Pack.

          • d2 prep,

            I hope your found my books useful – if you have any suggestions please let me know and feel free to post a short review on Amazon.com.

            • Will do M.D. Both have been extremely useful and I use them to check myself when I embark on a new project. The new book has some great ideas that I will put in motion on my new land. I will definitely write a review. Do you do that through Palladin on their site or on Amazon?

          • Hi d2 prep,
            I just happened to be looking up solar power and was wondering about the leasing thing too. The article I read had to do with England but from what I understand the same scam is going on here. A company comes to you and offers to give you free solar and cut your electric bill. They install solar panels on your roof. Well they have also just leased the space on your roof from you. For a period of about 25 years. Any extra solar energy that is collected is fed back into the grid and solar company makes a tidy profit. The issue is that if there is no buyout clause on the lease then you may not be able to sell your house. Basically the solar company has the right to come on to your property and inspect their equipment and they can take you to court for removing it. Very bad stuff. I’m researching solar companies as I think we may have found our BOL. So anyone in South Texas let me in on good companies you have dealt with or ones to stay away from.

          • axelsteve says:

            Remember. A type A comisioned salesman will sell you anything weather it is right or not ,the comisson is the only thing that matters to them.

          • So there I was wondering how to ty in somesort of solar power system….. Chapter 4, pages 27 > 39 of this handy lil book. And it was ‘Dirt Cheap’. I found the solar cells at Harbor Freight, the rest o the stuff at Oriely’s auto parts, Home Depot and the battarys at a cart shop at Angola road and McCord. Guy at the cart shop gave me some tips on series hook ups and the rest I took straight outta the book. The lights came on. The radio works. The CB works. All this, no lease and I still have the book.

      • d2 prep,

        Your comment on Noah irreverently reminded me of an old Bill Cosby comedy routine I heard as a kid. In his version, people kept coming by and hassling him about his project. He wouldn’t tell them exactly what he was building and why, but gave them all a hint, with the following question: “How long can you tread water?”

        Cracked corn for chicken feed is edible, but might not be as clean as most would like, although it’s probably more of an esthetic thing vs. a health issue. “Seed” corn should always be avoided since it is likely coated with anti-fungal chemicals to keep it from rotting if the ground is too damp when planting. As fir use, I personally would grind it into corn meal, and use the meal as an ingredient in muffins, cornbread, mush, etc.

        Are you purchasing the propane tank or leasing it from the company? Keep in mind that if you’re only leasing it, then you must purchase all of your propane from the company that provided the tank. If you purchase it outright, then you can call around in midsummer and fill with the company offering the best price.

        A beekeeping class is a great way to get started, but as a supplement there are many excellent videos on You tube on subjects from installing foundation into frames to installing bees into the hive. Keep in mind also that depending on where you live, it is probably too late to actually purchase bee packages this year. Mine were ordered more than 2 months ago and the local suppliers will have their last delivery in mid May. BTW, Groupon is a great place to save money on lots of things.

        • Ohio, I love the Cosby reference. Thanks for the cracked corn comments. I assume you would wash the corn before grinding? I will be leasing the tank and having it filled by the company. The price is reasonable but I hear you on the flexibility issue. Not the ideal solution but better than the one I have now…20 lb tanks LOL! Thanks for the beekeeping advice and dates, I had no idea as this is a completely new subject area for me. I do the Groupon thing and something called Yelp. There seems to be some good nuggets in both periodically I also look at the Sunday circulars.

          • d2 prep,
            If the corn is already cracked (as in coarse ground broken kernels) washing might be an issue if the corn absorbs moisture, in which case you may have to allow it to dry before grinding. Sifting it through standard window screen material and visual inspection to remove any non-corn products might be another way to process it also.

      • D2Prep,

        I have read that feed corn is okay for human consumption. What you don’t want is corn that is intended to be planted commercially, if it has been sprayed with chemicals to prevent growth of weeds and molds. Perhaps someone else could verify this, as I have only read it.

        • Thank you Bam Bam!

        • arkieready says:

          Corn is corn. Commercially grown, it will be gmo, sprayed & fertilized with chemicals. Just like the cornmeal in a store.10-4 on the visual inspection. I store some. Hmmmm, chicken scratch……………10 grain cereal……..

      • D2, just read and saw what others are saying. Seen reports of the same on the news so would advise against or if you go ahead, do your homework, research and have a lawyer assist in putting a clause they have to contact you 72 hours in advance and you have the right to terminate the contract if they don’t meet agreed terms. I would rather save the money and buy multiple panels over a period of time and have them feed into a battery or multiple batteries over time (pay as you can afford) as I have some panels that are charging batteries and running small necessities without needing the generator.

        • Thanks Jarhead, sound as advice as always. The lien thing does concern me as well.

        • Jarhead…hey, while I was fueling my car before driving home this evening – just saw a USMC Dodge military truck, with the gun in the back, and the shovel on the right side, along with the fuel can…and in the left side, was the spare wheel.. it was a 1938 model the guy driving it said…military – he was getting it fueled up for ANZAC day, and then I saw him drive into the car wash…the tag on it was ‘historical vehicle’. So I took a couple of photos of it…know it was before your time…but just thought I would mention it…cheers.

          • Chloe, thanks for the mention. I am a huge military historian especially World War II era. Marines were using mostly World War I weapons, equipment and vehicles in the beginning of WW II against a technologically advanced and experienced Japanese force.

      • Old Hillbilly says:

        For many years I have operated a restored grist mill at local festivals until my health failed. It was my grandfathers that he used in 1915. My father and I restored it in the 80’s. It will soon pass onto the 5th generation in my family. It is a Williams 16″ using granite stones. I also have a Meadows 16″ and a Meadows 8″ steel case mill. (the larger ones are wood case). I said all that to say this….if you frequent sites where “millers” congregate you will hear a lot of talk about “food grade corn”. There really is no such thing as “food grade corn” but there is corn tested by the USDA or their state counterparts to see if there is the presence of alpha-toxins which are dangerous. This test is routinely performed on grains used to make flour and meal and such for human consumption but not so much for animal feeds. That being said, I have used plain old regular “feed corn” for years to make corn meal and had people come back year after year for it. Government inspectors probably would have frowned on using feed corn but I did it for 15 years and my family consumed a bunch of it (and still do) so I think I have a pretty good track record using it. I did however know the grower or the milling company it came from and knew their facilities were clean and dry and not subject to mold or dampness which from what I hear can lead to the alphatoxins. Some (not all) actually told me that ALL their corn was tested for alpha-toxin no matter whether it was milled into meal or sold for animal food. I would hazard a guess that in all probability your cracked corn would be fine to eat if you can somehow grind it on down fine enough to make meal. I have never heard of cracked corn (which is chicken feed) being treated with any chemical or antibiotic like other processed and pelletized feeds may be. It is normally just what it says it is…cracked corn. A word of warning though….depending on the miller that bagged it, check the bag and make sure there is no cross-contamination of some other type of feed that was run on the same bagging line prior to our corn. Once I bought 300 pounds of whole yellow feed corn to grind meal at a festival. We always ran a bag to “test the mill” and all of a sudden my son in law who was pouring the grain in stopped and handed me a handfull of corn with compressed alfalfa pellets mixed in! I immediately stopped, we cleaned the mill and bought more corn….from a different feed and seed. I seriously doubt the pellets would have hurt anyone consuming them but just to be on the safe side we fed all that to the critters we have. My suggestion to you…find a nice hand cranked grain mill, one capable of grinding corn into meal, and grind away. You can get a cheap mill for around $30 which does not grind real fine, but some say it still grinds fine enough for meal. I have one but it is packed away in preps. You can find plenty of them of Ebay or by going to the Lehman’s Hardware website. The Meadows mills are still available and even the old ones still have parts available from the factory in North Wilkesboro, NC. They are pricey though. The 8″ stone mill is now around $1500.
        Also…as already mentioned, DO NOT use seed corn to grind as it is most probably treated with chemicals. Fortunately most of it will have a reddish pink tint to it which is the chemical…and this makes it easy to see. Please note that I nor anyone else can guarantee you that your feed corn is safe for consumption as it varies with the milling company, but take it from a fat old hillbilly that has used it for many years….most of it IS edible safely.
        Hope this helps. Watch your back and keep your powder dry.


        • Old Hillbilly says:

          CORRECTION: Meant to say “NEITHER I nor anyone else can guarantee…” Sorry.

        • Becomes the Bear says:

          Hillbilly is right, most of the corn is safe but it is also true that corn and peanuts can have aflatoxin in them. It is best to get tested corn or peanuts if you are getting them from a farm store or the like. Aflatoxin is a toxin caused by a mold and is the most potent and toxic poison/carcinogen that occurs in nature. Most peanuts and corn are limited to less than 20 ppb for human consumption. Yes, that is parts per Billion. If you are feeding it to animals, there are other much much higher limits. Nasty stuff! This is not an area to cut corners, IMHO.

          • Thanks for the input Becomes The Bear. I am getting a great lesson from the Pack on this topic and its most appreciated.

          • charlie (NC) says:

            Becomes the Bear,

            Although I’ve been around peanuts and peanut farms a good deal over the years I never realized aflatoxin was a problem in peanuts. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • Old Hillbilly, many thanks for the great insight! I am printing out your note to put in my binder. I did pick up a cheap grain mill (victoria) earlier in the year. Now I just need to learn how to use the darn thing LOL! Is there a home test you know of to test for Alpha Toxins? Again thank you for taking the time to reply to this.

        • Hi all, just a quick update to all on the corn issue, I called the feed store where I purchased and asked about the alfatoxins (sp?). They indicated that there were no chemicals used. They told me that alfatoxins are used in a chemical for bleaching the corn. was wondering if that is correct. Nonetheless, I will be sealing the corn up in Mylar bags this weekend inside the food storage buckets with my oxy absorbers . On the beekeeping class I was pushed out until mid June due to the overwhelming popularity of it via Groupon. I thought i could just tell them when i wanted to show up! PPPP! Ex Military folks will get that reference.,

          • Old Hillbilly says:

            It is good that the gain does not have chemicals but I think what they told you about the alpha toxin being in a bleaching chemical is wrong. It is a naturally occuring mold! If you want to learn more about it, check this out:

            • Hillbilly, after I posted my comment last night I went and found the same document doing a search! I realize the guy I talked to did not know what alfatoxins were in corn. Thanks for sharing.

      • Yadkin Girl says:

        D2 Prep,

        On the solar panels:

        We have 18 solar panels which supply us about 1/2 our total usage. We bought ours for a cost of about $28K (which included panels, inverters, installation and all neccessary wiring and permits). Although I am for a small governement that does not pick ‘winners’ & losers’ we got tax write-offs at 35% federal and 30% state (or, something like that – I should remember as I just did the taxes) – which you deduct from taxes owed (not off your income) and you can take these deductions for up to 5 years until you get the full benefit – it took us 2 years for the federal and we are still deducting on our state taxes as their rules are different. We also sell the electricity to our power company (they have to buy it!) at a higher rate than we pay them for electricty. Also, for us, there is a statewide program that pays us again for all the KW we produce. All in all, our panels will be paid off in 5 years – not bad!

        Anyway, as others have stated, when TSHTF, you won’t be using as much electricty as you do now.

        You must also note, we may loose all our panels with an EMP as the inverters may get fried. We are unsure about this but plan just in case. For this scenario, we bought 4 extra inverters (they are one of the most expensive parts of the whole system and there is one inverter per 2 panels) giving us the use of 8 panles.

        We would like to hook our panels to batteries and get off the grid but this route is expensive and you need to replace your batteries every three years or so. We have also thought of just having our installation company make it possible to go to battery back up when TSHF so we can switch at that time and have dry batteries on hand. We have yet to decide and all this costs money!

        All-in-all, we do not regret buying the panels but know they may not work with an EMP and may never get to replace the inverters- so we have 2 extra panels (from Costco) we can use to charge several batteries we have which will give us some power.

        About leasing panels, I never heard of such a thing but I would rather own.

        Well, I hope this helps.

        • Yadkin Girl, thanks for the info. The fed and state rebates are very enticing indeed. I was quoted a buy price of $60 K for the 52 panel system. With the leasing option you don’t get the tax credits. You only get a lower bill and with the battery option a potential grid down power supply. After 20 years it works like a car lease. Your comments on the EMP worthiness are probably spot on. I had not thought about the inverters getting fried. I have a make shift Faraday cage (Trash can) for a bunch of my Prep electronics in as I have recently studied up on EMP. You have given me more to think about!

        • Anonymous says:

          You could store a extra inverter in a faraday cage to replace in case of emp.

          just sayin…

      • not sure if i can advertise on here-not to late to order bee’s in the tri-state(oh,in,mi] area. my dad has some 5 frame nuc’s and queens for sale.avalible around the 1st of may. he’s very knowledgeable and can work with you if you are just learning. we also have pure honey for sale[not the heated and filtered crap you get at walmart] and can save you some if you want a big container of it.remember it never goes bad unless you somehow contaminate it.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        The cracked corn should be fine to eat as long as it’s clean and dry and you don’t see or smell any sign of mold. You could ask the store if it’s been tested for aflatoxin. I would assume it has but you know about assumptions.

        As far as use, you can grind it down more with a hand grinder or between two bricks or however you can figure out to do it and make it into corn meal. Corn meal is just plain old corn ground down between two stones or in a burr mill or hammer mill.

        Actually I saw an article that showed how to grind grain with a lawn mower. Take a standard push lawn mower, clean it up real good. Bolt a piece of heavy plywood over the bottom of it so that it is sealed up. Put a screen over the outlet port where the grass would blow out. Put a small hole in the top of the frame with a funnel attached to the hole. Place the mower so that the outlet port blows directly into some sort of container. Start the mower, pour the corn in, the screen over the outlet port will size it for you. You select a screen that suits you. Everything that can go through the screen will and that is your meal. Everything else will stay in the mower and beat around until it does go through the screen.

        That’s off the top of my head and might vary slightly from the way I read it in the article but that’s close. An online search would probably find something. Maybe a youtube video.

        • Thanks Charlie, I will call the grain store to ask the question. I love the lawn mower methodology for grinding. That would be fun explaining to curious what the heck I am doing.

          • charlie (NC) says:

            If I had seen OldHillbilly’s post before I sent mine I wouldn’t have replied. I know OldHillbilly personally and there are two things about him. If you ask him a question he’ll give you an honest answer and if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’ll keep him mouth shut.
            Whatever he tells you, you can take to the bank!

            As I said, I’ve never seen a lawnmower “hammermill” in operation. I’ve only read an account of one being made. I don’t know if it worked at all, worked but not well or is the best thing since sliced bread. If I made one I’d run some wood chips or something through it for quite a while to scrub it clean before I used it for grinding corn for human consumption.

        • Kelekona says:

          When you say push mower, I thought you were talking about my gear-driven, not a gas model.

          I disobeyed my hubby when he told me to get an electric if it wasn’t much more expensive than the pure mechanical. I worried about the extra weight, but then I started drooling over the one with the battery and broke the price point. Would have been fine with the grass-whip if the HOA wasn’t so picky and the summers not so hot.

      • my real name? says:

        Have fun with the bees. Hopefully the class you are taking covers Top Bar as well as Langthroth. We found Top Bar to be much easier to harvest as you don’t have to have extra “equipment”. I spent a lot of time with our bees and wasn’t affraid of them, so I didn’t even wear extra protective clothing, just gloves & never ever smoked them. Sadly we had a yellow jacket infestation and our bees left. We did get a little over 1 gallon from the empty hive though and 2lbs of wax. Been reading up on how to locate wild swarms so when we are ready we can capture it and start over. Loved the TB method so much we have picked up another hive so we can experiment with colony dividing later on.

        • Thanks My real name is, I am a complete novice so this will be completely new to me. I am hoping to do the class this class. I am looking forward to learning.

      • my real name? says:

        Hope your bee class also goes over Top Bar method. We found this to be more bee friendly than Langstroth. Makes for stronger happier bees as they do ALL the work. No manmade frames for them to fill in which also makes harvesting easier (although a little messier). All you need to do is cut off the honey filled comb, drop in large bowl, mash up with potato masher till soupy, pour into mason jar, use fine screen mesh over top then invert another mason jar (creating an hour glass) use tape to secure together & let honey filter through screen. After a day or two you have raw honey in the bottom & wax in the top.

        • my real name? says:

          sorry for the extra post basically saying the same thing. Server is acting up today.

  3. riverrider says:

    hi all, interesting week. wildfires in the area so i bought some sprinklers to wet down the decks. no danger here, just a prep that “i’ve been meaning to do.” received 2 large alice packs, 840 rds 5.56 that i ordered. ordered/received my first ever silver, a good feeling:) okay the intersting part…the power went out one afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. tried to call the power co., but the cell tower died seconds into the call. hmmmm, WTH? thought “this might be it, maybe a sunspot snuck in on us:)” then i remembered my backup pots phone. power co said theives had stolen wire/equipment from a SUBSTATION! that musta hurt. the power was out for about 20 miles all around. they said 3 hours, turned into 8 but still not bad. well, i’m ready for the end of the grid, but a short term outage is a different beast. i can’t rewire everything into my solar backup for a few hours. i hadn’t set out the solar shower bags etc for hot showers, flashlights were nowhere to be found though i have many. i didn’t want to use propane/kerosene due to heat. too hot for the woodstove to heat water. forgot about the bags of chem lights in storage. too lazy to pull the genny out for what we thought would be 3 hours. just a bunch of mental failures….as time drew near for NCIS, i realized something had to be done! i ran cords to the solar inverter up to the cable and tv( i know where my priorities are:) found the chem lights etc. took a babywipe bath and settled in for NCIS. power came back on, went off, came on, went off for a few hours until it finally stayed on. lesson one- don’t be so smug about being prepared because i’m not as prepped as i think…..lesson two- don’t be lazy,crank the dang genny, thats what its for….lesson three- know where all your SH&% is at….lesson five- re-evaluate NCIS as a priority. lesson six- never,ever believe the power company. add at least 6 hours, ten days if its an ice storm. there are more but you get my drift. stack it high yawl.

    • RR,
      I understand your statement, “well, I’m ready for the end of the grid, but a short term outage is a different beast”. I absolutely concur with this statement. Switching to off grid mode takes some time and is a real PIA if the grid power comes back up 20 minutes after you get everything switched over. We have flashlights a plenty, and non-electric propane heat for a winter event. For that NCIS issue (BTW a show I also like) the satellite receiver/DVRs are each on their own UPS, so with everything else switched off they will run for several hours and record things that I can watch later. That transition period actually gets most of us unless you have enough spare cash to have an auto start genset with tons of fuel to run it.

      • riverrider says:

        op, glad somebody else can feel my pain,LOL. thats a great idea about the power supplies, got any reccomends on a good/not outragious one?

        • RR,
          I have some commercial UPS units that I got a great deal on; however, for most consumer applications I personally prefer APC (American Power Conversion) units which are typically available from a local computer store, office supplier (like OfficeMax) and probably from Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Look at the power consumption of your cable box/DVR/etc and then get the appropriate size UPS, based on the ratings supplied by APC.

        • Anonymous says:

          Two things-
          1) having a chem light in each bath room is a must.
          2)One of the best things I ever was clever enough is to buy a house where both bathrooms and the kitchen have skylights – even on cloudy days there is enough light to go from one end of the hopuse to the other and get “essentials” done

          just sayin…..

      • recoveringidiot says:

        Since I’m alone now when the power goes I just sit in the dark. No problem, I can wait hours to make sure it’s not coming back before I drag my but off the recliner to light a lamp. If its real cold I might get another blanket. I did get a UPS for my router and modem so the wireless laptop will keep going long enough for me find out whats happening. At work I amaze my coworkers when I just pull a flashlight out of my pocket when needed, I don’t tell them about the pistol. The light is out in the bathroom? I’m good….

        • SurvivorDan says:

          recovering idiot: About the personal light thing…what amazes me is that my co-workers know to come to me for a light, knife, Gerber tool, etc. but they still don’t carry their own!

          • SurvivorDan,
            Perhaps when you stop loaning out your gear, those who really need it will get their own. You no doubt remember the old maxim (generally applied to a different scenario) that there is no reason to buy the cow when the milk is given freely. I think perhaps it applies here also.

            • SurvivorDan says:

              OP: You’re wise but I’m such a do-gooder at times, I have a hard time not helping. And I do make the occasional convert.
              But….There is iron in your words for all to see…..

        • riverrider says:

          ri, now thats energy independence.

    • River, that was a great dry run for you. It’s good to know what you would do differently next time or during the real thing My in laws live in storm country where their power was out for 3 days during the tornadoes last week. Lot’s of food was spoiled and they lived in the dark for 3 days.

      • riverrider says:

        d2, my grandpa always said ” if you ain’t screwing up you ain’t learning”. if it got down to losing food i woulda cranked up the genny ,until i could eat it anyway:) i need to run a genny test, since i hooked up a lockout switch for it. and test run the solar for longevity. on paper it should run what i want, but you know how much thats worth. i kinda need two transfer boxes. one for solar to run 110 volt stuff, another to run from genny for 220volts. i’m not sure thats legal, nor safe. more research……

    • Kelekona says:

      Seems there was an episode of Ask This Old House where they had a power box that would switch off your grid power and have the backup safely running through your house. In their case, they were using it for a generator.

      I hope the episode is still up if you want to try figuring out what the switch is actually called.

      • Yadkin Girl says:

        That’s what our generator does – automaticcal turns on when the power goes off and switches off when the power returns. My clever husband hooked it up. You have to do it right because when the power returns you may have problems – I am not really that informed on the subject as my husband is the expert in this field.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yadkin – Have you clever husband write up the design and answer question for the rest of the pack…..then we can all praise him

          just sayin….

          • Yadkin Girl says:


            I doubt I can get him to write up about this subject. This blog is more my thing than his.

            He bought the generator, tranfer switch and did all the wiring. I went down to look at the brand he bought as it came with all the instructions you need to do it yourself and they were great to work with – at least from my husband’s point of view.

            I must note: I am not an electrician and have no affiliation with Gen Tran but I know the installation of these switches must be done to code and the person installing them must have a lot of compentency with wiring and understanding the dangers of doing same.

            Link to automatic switches:


            Link to manual switches:


            Hope this helps you.

      • Pineslayer says:

        Kelekona, The electrical item that you are referring to is an Automatic Transfer Switch. Senses the grid is down and tells the gennie to fire up and prevents backflow into the grid for safety reasons. When the grid comes back it allows the grid energy back and the gennie will cool down and shut off. You can get a Manual Transfer Switch also for other situations. I have a Manual unit that was my first back-up with a little gas gennie, had 6 circuits wired into it. Now have a 200amp Auto unit that supplies the whole house, since I have 2 100 amp lines coming in. If you have a single 100amp line, then a 100amp unit is what you need. they come in all kinds of sizes. It is a handy set-up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pine slayer – thanks for the info and I love your callsign – makes me want to change to CookieRaider

          just sayin….

    • cosmolined says:

      Thanks for the free lessons! (What is a NCIS?) ROTFL. I’ve never seen it. When our power went out here at night, despite
      have many maglites, I couldn’t find a single one! My Sure-Fire
      heated up so much while I was looking for the maglites I put it
      on the ceramic kitchen counter so it wouldn’t start a fire….
      Hope you stay safe! God Bless! Cos

      • worrisome says:

        NCIS television show is what I think he means.

      • Kelekona says:

        It’s interesting how NIPSCO blessed me during my childhood. Every windstorm, the power would go out and they’d patch the break in the most expedient way possible, which meant that the repair would not hold. It took several years before my mother figured out to put in a service call when it was a beautiful day to be working outside on top of a ladder; she clearly explained her intentions. Well, that and we had a colony of flying squirrels that lived on the tree next to the power transformer. Fire is not always a good thing.

        There was also the candle addiction, but a smoker in the house meant easy lighters and we knew exactly where the oil lamps were staged.

        In this house, I have scattered enough nightlights that we’re a bit used to navigating in the gloom. And I have a magnetic emergency flashlight mounted on the fusebox just because it’s central and magnetic.

      • riverrider says:

        cos, your welcome. maybe some good can come from my poor example:)

    • River, I’m an NCIS fan as well. A suggestion that I have set up. A flashlight, chemlight/glow stick, candle and fire extinguisher in every room. Each closet and cabinet has a push button LED light.

      When the power goes out I hook up the fridge, everything else isn’t as important. For NCIS, I believe you can watch it online at CBS.com.

      • riverrider says:

        j, “chem light, flashlight etc in every room…” now, THATS an idea. thanks!

      • riverrider says:

        j, hey how long do those led closet lights last, on average?

        • I’ve “accidentally” left the push button light over night in the safe and found it on the next day and in the “repeated accidental” leaving of the light on it has lasted easily a few days with no problems. LED takes little energy and when I test them once a month I leave them on for about 5 minutes and if the light dims I replace the batteries. Post SHTF I have rechargeable batteries and a solar charger for them.

        • River, I have some lights I haven’t had to change for a 3 to 6 months or better using standard AA batteries.

          On a side note, with all the 62gr 5.56 I see on sell at the gun shops I may have to buy it. All of my 223 and 5.56 is 55gr for consistent ballistics/trajectory. May have to add the 62gr for iron sights with the zombies for CQB lol

          • riverrider says:

            j, yes i prefer 55gr too as i have a couple 1/12 barrels. this batch was 62 because it was all i could find on strippers at the time. i have 2700 55’s on strippers on backorder. they’re saying sept/oct delivery. thanks for the LED info, i will get a few of them too.

            • River, most don’t realize that NATO/US did not go away from the 55gr because it was ineffective but because it was deemed “inhumane” due to the high velocity impacts do a lot of damage.
              The 62gr is the round that was deemed ineffective by troops the “penetrator” round out of the M4 barrel hasn’t been as effective and they have been testing the 72gr round with positive results out of the M4. The problem is the short barrel doesn’t produce the same results and the 20″ barrels. If I pick some up I may stick to using it out of the AR instead of the M4.

              Its why I like the 55gr over the 62gr, also cost.

            • village idiot says:

              “..most don’t realize that NATO/US did not go away from the 55gr because it was ineffective but because it was deemed “inhumane” due to the high velocity impacts do a lot of damage.”

              I’m sitting here trying to think how shooting someone could ever be humane, and why anyone would be concerned that a bullet was effective. I thought that was the idea. I realize there are treaty obligations, but I thought the treaties concered hollow point bullets. I would want to use the most effective bullets possible within treaty limitations, and one would hope the US military would feel the same way since lives of our soldiers would be lost using bullets that were less effective.

            • Kelekona says:

              Jarhead, all I’ve learned that wounding does more damage to an enemy that is compassionate enough to treat the wounded.

              I suppose that you should go for head-shots if you are worried about suffering. 1-bullet insta-kills seem to be most compassionate if you believe that everyone has a good afterlife.

              I am still uneducated in the way of the caliber, but how does the gauge order run for someone who shoots with the expectation of simply killing someone, not wounding?

            • Kelekona⁠ , the old rule of thumb was if you wound an enemy you take him out of the fight and while his brothers drag him away or try to save him you shoot them. The problem is wounding doesn’t always immediately take them out of the fight.

              The problem head shots on a moving target at 200 to 400 meters/yards is not an easy task even at 50 to 100 yards. Its why they teach shooting center mass. Even if it doesn’t kill them it will put them down and eventually die.

          • axelsteve says:

            Jarhead. I think it is cqz fro close quarters zombies!!

            • Axel, sounds about right lol.

            • Jar/river……….
              I haven’t been hit by either (55 or 62 grain) but my understanding has always been that the 55gr is more “deadly” in soft tissue just because it’s light? That “lightness” causes it to tumble and rip hell out of things! The 62gr, being heavier, doesn’t tumble as much and the 72gr would tumble even less. I’m almost certain I heard/read that the services selected the 62gr as it had better penetration in harder targets (vehicles/concrete block walls, etc.). I was in the M1/M14 Army and we didn’t have the same “penetration” issues as the plastic guns!

            • Hawkeye, if they could afford to mass produce enough M14 SOCOMs or AR10 type rifles for the entire military with options of short and standard from 16″ and 20″ barrels it would be sick but of course they wouldn’t be able to carry the amount of ammo necessary for urban battle and even then the 7.62X51 would be nerve wreaking. When we were training the Saudi Royal Marines they had G3s and we loved them but when rounds went through the walls nearly hitting the guys behind us in the room over we were glad we used M16s lol.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Hawkeye, I think the tumbling you are speaking of is somewhat a function of the twist rate of the barrel you are firing the round through. I’m no expert but I’ve read up on it online. I don’t remember the particulars. I don’t know if the lighter rounds need a higher twist rate or the other way around but the rotation speed stabilizes the round and different weight rounds respond to different twist rates. Supposedly the happy medium is to use a 9:1 twist rate barrel for both the 55 and 62 grain rounds. The options for most .223’s are 7:1, 9:1 and 11:1.

            • Charlie (NC)..
              In general terms, the “twist” rate has more to do with bullet weight vs. long range accuracy. For example, the M14 was designed for a 147 grain bullet using 1:11 twist. Now M14s are likely to be found using the 168gr Sierra Match King BTHP and the barrel is more likely than not to have a “faster” 1:9 twist.

              My Springfield has the 1:11 barrel and does just fine using iron sights and 147 grain surplus 7.62X51. My Polytech was rebuilt by Smith Enterprises Inc. using a GI bolt, trigger, sear, stock, foregrip and, most important…the SEI Crazy Horse 1:9 twist barrel being used by the Army in South Asia. This rifle, frankly, is better at a longer range than the guy holding it.

              We’re likely both saying the same thing, just in a different way…but, for certain, one way or the other the 55 grain was known to “tumble” more than the 62grain, steel core “penetrator” round.

              My understanding is a little different than Jarhead’s, as to the reason for the change from 55 to 62 grain. The US Military uses Napalm, Agent Orange, 500 pound smart bombs on point targets, flame throwers and Atom Bombs. I’m hard pressed to believe that a more “humane” bullet than the 55 grain, was the reason for the change to 62 grain? But, what do I know.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Hawkeye, I’ll just pass on being shot with either one thank you. grins. As I said, I’m no expert on it. I’m just passing along what I’ve read as well as I remember it. My prep and plinking .223 is mostly 55 gr. I’ve got some 62 Gr. jacketed HP but that is because you can’t shoot game with FMJ ammo in this state. I’ve got a Saiga with a 16.34″ barrel. I think it’s a 1:7 twist but I’m not sure and can’t find the paper work.

            • Charlie (NC) and Hawkeye, the heavier the bullet the shorter the twist like 55gr is suggested 1 in 9″ and the 62gr is generally 1 in 7″ twist and a 1 in 10″ for the 45 gr in varmint.

              Hawkeye, I agree with you in I will never understand how the Geneva Convention or US/NATO on how they deem what is allowed and what’s not. Hollowpoints are not allows because they create too much damage so therefore deemed inhumane as is the double edge blade or knives with blood letters. I was just a grunt lol that did carry a double edge blade.

            • Charlie (NC), Jarhead03……
              Amen to what you both say. To a large extent we must all put “some” faith in what we read as few of us have the means to develop information independently.

              Furthermore, I think we are all agreeing on the essence of the subject, while saying it in somewhat differing ways. It just makes sense that a heavier round needs a faster spin/twist to stabilize it, especially over distance.

              I wish I liked the 55 grain more than I do, if for no other reason, the sometime substantial price difference. Most of my stored stuff is 62 grain Green Tip (Lake City and Radway Green). I just figured if it was good enough for the current military, then it is certainly good enough for me. What 55 grain I have, I keep for the Minis.

              But my favorite guns are the “wood and steel” M14 types. Just can’t help it…I have an emotional attachment to them and to a lesser extent, the US Rifle Cal. .30 M1.

              Jarhead, I especially agree with you on the irrational logic behind some of the Geneva Convention laws. Laws on how to kill each other jut seem oxymoronic.

              Also, I hadn’t heard that the 55 Grain was banned by the Convention. All along I thought it was due to the “penetration factor”? Hence the “Steel Core Penetrator” designation. Are you quite sure about banning of the 55grain by treaty?

            • Hawkeye, the banning of the 55gr was more a NATO thing from reading more into it and found nothing on the Geneva Convention. So more of a European push to make a more humane round that would create less damage when hitting enemy combatants and pushed it on the US.

              As for the 72gr I was doing some research and it was developed primarily as a close range/hard impact round.

              Each one has its ups and downs. I have 45gr ammo for varmint (100 rounds was a gift) and would like to know a bit more about its overall ballistics. I know it screams out the barrel and tears up a coyote out of my 20″.

            • cosmolined says:

              Just because I’m a non-conformist, I use 55 grain soft points, ’cause they are SO wonderful on prairie dogs, they probably work on long pork. Cos

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Lesson 3 is the story of my life. I KNOW I have that tool/wire/battery/key/can opener. I just don’t know where….

      • cosmolined says:

        ROTFLMAO…. Twice. Tinfoil if you find my missing Glock, I’ll hug you……. I’m sure I put it somewhere where I could find it. Cos.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          I’ll look for your Glock if you look for my post hole diggers lol….

        • Cosmo, attach a whistle tracker on it lol. You whistle it beeps. If someone’s breaking in the house whistle, they hear the beep and you have a Garand in your hand. Lol

          • we misplaced one of my husbands pistol for almost a year- then one day i found it wrapped in my sweaters- he must have put it there when we went on vacation…….we love NCIS- anyone remember when DC went without power and they had to solve the crime “in the dark”- that was a good one

            • Mama and River, they film NCIS here in LA and the scene where Jethro was talking to his old boss (can’t remember his name) were talking with a fence between them and snow around them was filmed right next to my work. I also see them film Justified from time to time.

            • FarmerKin says:

              Mike Franks. Jethro’s former boss was Mike Franks.

            • Farmerkin, Thanks! I didn’t like that they killed him off.

            • Farmer Kin says:

              I agree. I love that show, but they did a poor job on that one. His character deserved much better.

    • village idiot says:

      river, I have my CCrane solar/battery/dynamo radio sitting on my kitchen countertop. It has a built-in flashlight, is always ready to go if you have an arm to turn the dynamo, and is in a central location. Don’t you have one of those? LOL. If you don’t, buy one, it’s the best money I’ve spent on prepping. As for NCIS, now that’s a mystery to me.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, roger on the c.crane. that was the second thing out of the dw’s mouth:”go check the emergeny radio”….the first thing was: “oh, SH&%!, the cell tower just died”LOL.

        • RR,
          Cell Tower died? OMG!! That’s why I still maintain a landline. Worked in telephony for nearly 15 years and I’ve seen the batteries that run the Telco CO. They’ll run for several days before the genset needs to kick in.

          • riverrider says:

            op, yes we thought we were in for it for a few moments there until i remembered the pots phone i bought earlier. best 5 bucks i’ve spent in a long time. i thought the cell towers would have backup power automatically?

            • Kelekona says:

              Land lines are expensive. I know that a cell phone without a plan will call 911, would hooking a handset into the house do the same thing, or do I need to see if the old blue-box literature is still available?

    • Anonymous says:

      You got Gibbs……great post lol’d seriously

      just sayin..

  4. 2 tubes of toothpaste.
    Wheeling and a dealing this week.

  5. Canadagal says:

    Hi everyone. Hope your week was as good as ours. Best part of our week was Thurs. marked our 50th anniversary & we both survived to see it. We both had community commitments that day so Fri. we went to the small city an hour+ away for a nice meal & a shopping outing. Between the trip to the city & the local grocery store sales we stocked up on a bunch of things.
    400′ of 6″ hose for our floating pump
    a bunch of metal for DH’s future projects
    2 gal. powersaw oil
    10 pk electrical tape & a variety of glues
    3 pk mosquito coils
    1 lg cast iron frying pan
    4 boxes gauze pad in variety of sizes + 1 box lg heavy duty bandaid
    2 lg black thread + 2 lg white thread = 1 cone white thread
    close to 1/2 price on 12 680 ml cans pasta sauce, 8 cans pie filling,2 kg icing sugar, 4 kg brown sugar plus a good deal on 2 tubs scotch mints.

    Jobs worked on…DH + nephew put up 4 cords of wood for our for sale pile. Then he cut some 2″ slabs for benches for museum with his 1 man powersaw mill from a tree someone in town had cut down. Also cut some of remaining wood for museum’s clay oven for their bread baking project that helps support the museum. Today he will have the repairs done on the green house.

    I did some more work on the quilt, made 2 big pots of soup & froze most for quick meals when gardening gets busy, potted up 12 celery, 10 parsley, 16 tomatoes& 5 geraniums. picked up 2 Foxfire books & ordered 6 more preserving, medical, & pioneer craft books from our lending library. I like to borrow the books 1st & then if they are worth while I buy them for ourselves. I also did some reading to learn about some useful things when life gets trickier.

    That is about all. Next week will be filled with income tax as it is due at the end of the month in Canada & some more planting in the greenhouse. Have a great week everyone

    • Canadagal,
      Congratulations on your 50th. Last Tuesday the DW & I had our 30th and plan to celebrate this weekend with a nice dinner out somewhere.

      • farmmomwannabe says:

        Canadagal, Congratulations on 50 years! Incredible!
        Ohio Prepper, Congratulations on 30 years! Also incredible!
        You are both an inspiration and I wish you both many more happy years.

    • Congradulations on the anniversary. You have reached a goal that most of us will never see.
      Keep the Faith

    • Congrats on your golden anniversary, Canadagal & Mr. Canadagal!

      OP, best wishes to y’all, too–now you’re 60% of the way to your own golden anniversary.

    • NorCal Ray says:

      Happy 50th.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      gratz on the fifty years

    • Prepper RN says:

      How wonderful. Congratulations on the big 50. What a gift. God Bless.

    • Congrats on 50 I only have 22 more years .

    • Major congratulations on the 50th to Mrs and Mr Canadagal!

      OP, Congratulations to you and yours for the 30th as well.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Congrats on the 50th! Hope you all get to celebrate many more.

      • wow- 50 years- that is so incredible-my husbands had theirs a few years ago- it really encourages me to see married couples that stay together nowadays and do things together- my hubby and i are working on our 31st year this year and we ran errands yesterday- we got a few prep items and items for our garden- things have had to slow down for us so i am working on an inventory and repacking our stuff- also getting rid of clutter and things we cant use and dont need and kids stuff- they moved out 5 years ago!!! also selling what i can
        BTW the solar charger for usb devices i got from harbor freight works great

    • Yadkin Girl says:


    • Encourager says:

      Congratulations on your 50th, Golden, Wedding Anniversary! What an accomplishment! We are 10 years behind you and going strong.

    • Tonya from TN says:

      Congrats to you both on your 50th! Praying for lots more blessings to come your way.

    • village idiot says:

      Canadagal, Congrats on the 50th, that’s quite an accomplishment.

      And good on you as well, Ohio Prepper, 30 years is nothing to be sneezed at.

  6. This week I looked for a job pretty much all week. Been having trouble finding anything that pays more than 10$/hr.

    Anyway, I sold some things on Craigslist that I no longer use to pay my bills and secure some extra cash for extra gas and buying some things at Costco.

    More than preparing tangible items, I have been preparing intangibly by praying to Almighty God for the strength to take up my cross and overcome certain vices I have. 🙂

    • Hang in there, Ascetik, and good wishes for your job search.

      You sound resourceful–keep your eyes peeled for the blessings the good Lord will send to sustain you.

    • Ascetik, praying for you to find a good paying job – stay positive…a lot of good people are doing it tough…cheers.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    This week we planted two 55 gallon plastic barrels with potatoes and seeded tomatoes and peppers in cardboard pots made from toilet paper rolls. My fingers are still cramping from making those cardboard pots. We planted onions, peas and radishes in the garden. I know you boiled peanut eaters are almost through with your growing season, but we still have many nights with freezing temperatures.

    I want to dig a hole in our yard to plant an apple tree, so being the good little sheeple that I am I called “Diggers Hotline”. I cannot dig before April 26 and must complete within 10 days. It’s my yard, my dirt and my shovel, but maybe not?

    Just wanted to share some indigestion with everyone (from CampaignForLiberty.com);
    This coming week, Congress is set to take up another so-called “cyber security” bill, H.R. 3523, the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011” (CISPA). It allows the transfer of vast amounts of data, including information like your Internet browsing history or email content, to any agency in the federal government, including non-civilian agencies such as the National Security Agency or the Department of Defense Cyber Command. It currently overrides privacy presumptions found in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the Communications Act regarding the privacy of an individuals online communications and related records.

    Kind of makes an SS trooper on every street corner obsolete; that law will be very efficient, like the SS furnaces.

    • riverrider says:

      hd, there is some hope. virginia passed a law forbidding state agencies, police or military from assisting in any way with the enforcement of the ndaa. virginia seems to be tired of the beltway intrusions. some sheriffs are tossing the feds out of their counties, they have that legal right. our attorney general has hammered uncle holder repeatedly on everything from health care to eminent domain. i hear wyoming and arizona are balking at the federal land grab going on as well. we may be in for the war of northern agression part deu:)

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Love our AG. The Governor isn’t bad either. Sic Semper Tyranus and pass the ammo….

      • rr……..
        But the DC is a Southern locale (Virginia). Make that the Southern War of Aggression part Uno!

        • riverrider says:

          hawk, we don’t count anything north of fredericksburg as virginia, or the south:)

          • rr……….
            Who is “we” ?

            • riverrider says:

              hawk, any real virginian. since we are the invaded, we can not be called the aggressor.

          • Northern Virginia is not southern. It’s a suburb of D.C.

            • Bam Bam….
              Arlington (Suburb of DC), home of Robert E. Lee! Come on Rebs…face up to it!

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Northern Virginia is “occupied territory”.

              Riverrider I think you can safely include Warrenton (home of one of my favorite gun shops) and maybe even Winchester but anything north of where 17 crosses 95 heading west and east of 15 is not friendly territory to a true southern boy! grins

            • riverrider says:

              charlie, sadly you hit it on the head. mosby’s confederacy is still near and dear in our hearts. though occupied ,we will continue the insurgency until whence time the yankees find it untenable and retreat north of the potomac. 43rd rides!

            • riverrider says:

              hawk, if you remember r.e.lee’s home was seized and occupied, an unnecessary attempt at humiliation, and never returned. therefor it is enemy territory. we would have never touched grant’s home had the shoe been on the other foot. there lies the difference between our two cultures and why we will never be content under one flag.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              my inlaws are in Hagerstown. I’ve spent a lot of time in that part of the world over the last 30 years. The cities and burbs are completely 180 degs out from the small towns and country side but even the small towns are often occupied territory.

            • Hawkeye,

              Yep, I went to school not too far from there. Go Patriots! Back in Robert E. Lee’s days, D.C. wasn’t a bloated sprawl like it is today.

            • And we would have never buried salt so nothing would grow for 100 years. Few schools up north teach Sherman’s March. Hell, they don’t even teach the War of Northern Aggression properly.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:

              RR, couldn’t have said it any better. NVa is occupied territory, sadly, the cultural differences were made plan time and again by the armies behaviors. When retreating from Gettysburg, did Lee’s army loot and destroy the town? Nope, but after Fredricksburg, the army of the potomic practically leveled the town. When Lee moved north into Maryland to fight Antietam, did he “march to the sea” burning everything he came across to the ground, killing civilians and leaving thousands homeless and displaced? Nope…

            • “OK”…you rebs have me outnumbered! I shall now retire.

            • riverrider says:

              bam bam/ tin, correct. in fact, lee admonished his starving troops for raiding farmers fields for GREEN corn(yuck!). ahh, but for the lack of a recon of little roundtop….

      • Kelekona says:

        Hah, perhaps it is time to apologize for the declaration of independence and agree to participate in European processes…. where we shall sow choas!

        Or not. As I understand it, America was were Europe put all the dissidents before they discovered Australia, and so our way of life is “we spit on the fussy” and the entire euro-zone would take offense enough to start a hardcore slap-fight.

    • Hunker Down, I read about that as well. It is down right frightening they we do now live in an Orwellian society. I am pretty sure someone can know everything that I do if they want to. Stay stealth and keep your powder dry!

    • Kelekona says:
      • riverrider says:

        which is another reason to never buy a new car.

        • Kelekona says:

          I paid $2500 for the station wagon, plus at least $1000 to $2000 in lemon-tax, though some of that is just old car payment, haven’t kept good records of the difference. (Plus the blindspots fee.)

          It’s either accept that American ideals have died or find your battleground. I’d like to emulate Dean Winchester and avoid flying by driving a 70’s muscle car that I have the skill to keep alive.

          I’m probably going to be just three years ahead of the rest of you in accepting my sub-dermal implant. It would be five, but I’m a walking techbane and would hold out for an easily-removable piercing because I’m sure something impossible would trigger and I’d need to rip it out in a hurry.

      • Any body in here have a nice F-150 for sale…. say something in the mid to late 1970s….. rusty is fine… I’ll pad a lumpy seat… discount for no tailgate… no stars and bars paintjob is perfered.

    • cooolwoods says:

      HD, I posted some indigestion myself.
      I saw the cispa thing too. I already need tums.

      stay safe

    • Anonymous says:

      Just a FYI…as I am a Network Operations wageslave ..I can tell you that for the last two years (That I know of for a fact) your browser history as well as the Identifiers of personal insterest (email, facebook, myspace, twitter…etc) can and have been tracked as well as linked data to information sources (like wiki’s) …so if you visited on monday and then went back three days later – that info is trackable – I know this as I worked for a company that sold space and stats of buying trends for all internet sites (including this one)…. as a private company can munge a pedabyte of data every nite to provide stats on what demographic was buying what and where……the government program is far more complex……And the is from the first bush administration…..

      just sayin….

      • That is terrifying.

      • That’s why you keep your cookies routinely cleared out.

        • village idiot says:

          How do you do that, OP?

          • O.P.,

            Yes, please explain how to clean cookies.

          • If you want to know about non-feed cookie clearing, then click on your browser’s “tools” link and clear your browsing data. You can set IE to clear it’s data automatically if that is what you use. I use Sandbox and it clears the cookies when I close the browser.

            If you want to know how to clear food type cookies, send ’em to me, I will do it for you. LOL

            • village idiot says:

              Thanks for the info, Ms. ACW. As for the food-type cookies, I know too well how to clear them. To my detriment, I might add. LOL.

            • I just checked out the cookies on my computer. There were hundreds. I deleted them. Now my computer runs a lot faster.

  8. This week I but some canned goods to replenish rotated out stuff, 2 platypus .5l collapsible bottles, a can of isobutane fuel for my pack stove, chemical light sticks, a couple boxes of Clif bars, 2 pair of Olsen Hegar needle holder/ scissors, moleskin, tegaderm dressings, Silver dressings for my Med Kit. I also bought a small box of Quinoa to try and see if my wife and I can at least tolerate it as a dietary addition.

    • Quinoa is awesome with beef gravy. 😉

    • Tim,

      Instead of using water to cook the quinoa try chicken broth–it comes out with a little more taste. I added some dried fruits and it was okay.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Good luck with the Quinoa. We tried it as a pilaf. The pilaf was good. But the family kept looking at each other as we ate with a grimace, bird seed. Reminds me (and family) of bird seed.

      Quinoa crossed off our list. No one here will eat it. Storing more rice, oatmeal and wheat.

    • The other Ellen says:

      Quinoa is a great addition to anyone’s diet – lots of good quality protein, and good to have on hand in case you (or anyone in your party) develop an intolerance to wheat.

    • If you eat quinoa out of the box it’s ok, if you grow it, you have to soak the saponins off the grain first. It grows with this coating that acts like a natural bug repellant. Anyway, quinoa is OK, it’s a bit like couscous.

  9. Spent eight bucks on some 2x10x16 and some screws. Added another section to our garden. Soon the entire backyard will be for fruits, trees and vegetables. No more lawn for us. Priced some canners and canning supples. Checked on my new puppy to see if his mom is cooking him right. A ninety pound friend who loves only his family and is a natural prey dog is a must. Cleaned my handgun. Checked the mags for tightness.

  10. Mary in GA says:

    Finally got some brawny help at the retreat last week and got some fruit trees planted: 2 pear, 2 apple, 2 cherry, 1 asian persimmon, 1 fig, 3 paw-paws and 2 mulberrries, as well as 5 blueberry bushes. I received some hazelnut tree seedlings that I have planted at home to move to retreat in the fall, and have 4 plum trees on the way, that I’ll keep here and move in the fall, too. Weeded my herb beds at the retreat and continued work on my garden at home. I’m about to order some cranberry bushes, only they’re not really cranberry bushes, but they supposedly look and taste exactly like them. They are a member of the honeysuckle family and are hardy to zone 9. True cranberries are only hardy to zone 4 or 5, and I will planting in zone 8. I also read that they get tall and thick and make a great edible privacy hedge. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

    I got an email from Honeyville for 10% off code, good through April 24. I don’t think I’m going to order anything this time but type in EARTH in the coupon code to get 10% savings on total order. Have a great week all!

    • I didn’t know about these cranberries so thanks for the idea! I’ll have to research how the zones work. We are really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter, zone 6 though, sounds like they should work with the zone number but will the winters kill them? Have some research to do!

  11. XZombieMommyX says:

    Haven’t posted in a while because preps have been slow. Going on vacation this week. Much needed for the whole family. I made sure to ask for a bottom level floor. I know a lot of people don’t think about it but I’d hate to evacuate w / 2 children from a high level floor should an emergency occur. Better safe than sorry. Also will have the usual preps in the vehicle & several in the hotel room with us.

    When we return I have a large order of supplies I plan on placing. Books on wild edible plants, and probably more food/water preps, knives, etc.

    Also last week bomb squad had to detonate 2 grenades county workers found near a retention pond. This wasn’t in my neighborhood but a nearby one. Close enough to hear the explosion clearly & see the helicopters flying overhead. Really got me thinking about how anything can happen at anytime. Of course most of this know that already. But it was an unfriendly reminder.

  12. Kelekona says:

    Mundane life keeps coming in the windows.

    One notable thing that happened was that our microwave stopped working. It looks like we just need to find a replacement internal fuse, but it’s an annoying enough inconvenience that I realize that I should try having “no-microwave” challenges to enrich my habits after it’s fixed. Is that why vintage plates boast being oven-safe, to make it possible to reheat leftovers?

    The diet isn’t going well. It seems that pasta and most of my favorite foods have a gadzillion calories.

    • Prepper RN says:

      Just keep telling yourself that the microwaves are bad and we lived for years without them.
      I stopped using one 2 years ago and think of it as a healthy move. No more rays to be exposed to. Things do take longer to heat up with stove, but they do taste better. I use my toaster oven for heating small items now.
      Good luck with the diet, don’t give up.

      • Kelekona says:

        Prepper RN, and lack of microwave,

        How do you make frozen veggies be hot without making them soggy? I have some pyroceram handy, seems that avacodo green was too trendy for dishware that lasts forever.

        I have a pair of advanced frying pans, though fried eggs tend to taste funny without a little insulating fat. I believe that they are comparatively as harmful as molecular excitement.

        DH seemed to think that I rarely use the microwave… he’s right when it comes to everything except re-heating my breakfast or lunch.

        I was a bad housewife in that last weekend I threw extra cheese sauce and spare boiled penne at him and expected him to feed himself. He made quite a meal out of that and a scant portion of yam-sausage-onion fry-up. All in a saucepan.

        • Prepper RN says:

          I never cook frozen veggies in the microwave. I always use a steamer basket in a pan, or the pasta insert for larger amounts.
          I love post and pans. Now have quite a collection of cast iron. Many that are enamel coated for inside cooking and the plain for the grill.
          And tell your hubby to pass me a plate…his dinner sounds delish.
          Smiles here.

      • Kelekona says:

        Oh, I also have bowls that supposedly can go in the oven, and they proved they can survive being perched on the steamer grid of my rice-cooker, though the lid doesn’t fit when that happens. And I learned that those “pre-seasoned steam-in-bag” frozen convenience side dishes with potatoes don’t respond well to being dumped naked into a rice-cooker, even with added water, or perhaps especially with.

      • cooolwoods says:

        +1 microwaves are bad. diet? microwaves ruin the nutritional value of food, thats why people over eat they fill up but are still hungry. 6 years ago we quit using them fifty pounds later….i feel great. for us it was a study, 2 plants, 1 watered with microwaved water the other not. guess which one died.
        we love the toaster oven and stuff tastes better, hot pockets ect.

        stay safe

        • Rob Crawford says:

          Microwaves do no more damage to the nutritional value of food than any other steam heat.

      • The best and simplest attenuator for microwave waves is to stand further back from the micro while it cooks. Those waves are logarithmic in effect, in other words, they reduce in amplitude by a factor of 10 with each amount “n” of distance. (not sure what the constant n would be though).

        So when I cook with the micro, I stay back at least 6 feet after I hit that start button. Just in case.

        • Kelekona says:

          As I understand it, the first part of the body that doesn’t recover from mild microwave exposure is the eyes. Somehow a raw egg is the perfect way to demonstrate it. (Or perhaps sheep’s eyeballs are too foreign or gory for television.) I suppose I could let a little crazy into my life and coat a microwave’s fashion side with poorly-refined chicken grease to see if there are leaks.

          I thought steaming or boiling leached nutrients from veggies, and microwaving was decent because of the lack of water. (Depending on the carb, yes you can reclaim the water-leach.)

          Still wondering how to keep frozen veggies from being soggy.

          I’ve noticed that preservatives damage my appetite more than microwaving, so perhaps correlation vs causation backups need to come into effect. I’m just doubting that most people just use microwaves for vegetables and reheating, and there are a lot of tv-dinner crossover. Kinda like how many pot car crashes also involve alcohol.

          I do admit, when I get weak and get stuffed pizza squares, frying pan is superior to microwaving.

        • Kelekona says:

          BTW, yes in my pre-teenage years I was fascinated by microwave popcorn and perhaps that damage is why I now have astigmatism. That oven blew out maybe five or more years ago, the first one I remember from having stuck a twist-tie bread in it at about 1984.

  13. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    Spent a little time at the range too, practiced with my AR, my M9 and my Berreta .22. Got green beans, 2 types of squash (one winter, one summer) planted along with 3 types of cukes (Persian, Asian, and pickling). Did some seed sharing with a couple of coworkers, gave them hot pepper and long bean seeds, will get pears and spinach in the fall as they harvest their produce. Getting excited, have some blossoms on my lemon tree. Picking up some supplies today to replenish used stuff from the larder. Did some first aid studying and practice when I had a boil burst on me, not comfortable but tolerable now. Coloidal silver is amazing. Inventoried ammo, need to keep purchasing but have to be $ wise. Going to focus on .223, 9 mm, and .22. Picked up a couple of inexpensive magnifying glasses, eyes getting worse. Used my VA benefits to get two more pair of glasses too, if you’re retired military and dont mind wearing the current version of BCG’s (birth control glasses, ha ha) you can get them for free from the VA (at least here you can). Keeping an eye on the election stuff, hoping for the best but prepping for the worst. Keep up the prepping and have a good week all.

    • AZ, do you ever get out to the gun show in Phoenix? Also thanks for the tip on the BC’s, my union covers glasses but if I can score a back up pair, I wouldn’t mind.

      • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

        Jarhead 03, I dont get up to Phx much, try to avoid the big city if I can. If you are on Tricare, go to the on-base vision clinic and see if they will give you the glasses free. I got a pair of BCG’s and a pair of BCG sunglasses (same exact frames) for free. While not the most attractive, as a backup pair, cant beat the price (although it takes 20+ years of service to earn that price).

        • AZ, I was Service Connected with the VA and Medically Retired. I got a pair when I got out, will try again. If not, I’m covered through my Union for 1 pair a year.

      • axelsteve says:

        My wifes aunt went to that gunshow. She got a picture of her holding a pink,black and white 50 cal barret sniper rifle. She was smiling from ear to ear holding that thing.

    • AZ rookie – lol we used to laugh about the BCG’s all the time. But at at my age now, I simply think a guy is trying to look like Buddy Holly –

      • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

        grannyj, Buddy Holly was pretty cool in his day. I dont mind if I look like him 🙂

        • SurvivorDan says:

          That’s what I used to tell Mrs. SurvivorDan about my BCGs, that they were cool like Buddy. Now similar plastic frames are ‘stylish’. I was ahead of my time and styling. Who knew?

          • sd,az rookie – that’s what I’m saying – Buddy was great! And who wouldn’t want to be stylin’ (lol) like a rockstar!

            Go AZ, Go SDan! You rock! and ya can’t beat the cost either…

  14. A lot of work on garden preparation this past week, but not a lot of stuff. Did finish the income taxes and will be getting a small refund. The DW was cleaning up some clutter and found a Christmas gift from a few years ago. A Presto 8 Quart pressure cooker, still new in the box. Time to work on more clutter and maybe this time find a new shotgun or something, LOL.

    Quick trip to Big Lots yielded: 8 additional Bear Creek soup and pasta mixes, 7 solid rubber bungee cords for the survival kit, and a new steam iron @ 60% off that will be dedicated for use for Mylar bag sealing.

    Packaged bees arrive this upcoming week and the weather is starting to stabilize. Should be able to start planting garden in another 3 weeks.

  15. Bob in IA says:

    I had a pretty good week of prepping.. Made my first loaf of sprouted wheat flour bread. Turned out great and my blood suger level was well with in the range it was supposed to be. Bread tasted great too.

    Also picked up

    8 lbs bacon @ 1.99 lb
    6 24oz jar pasta sauce @ 1.67 jar

    Canned 8 pints of Banana Nut Cake.

    I guess that’s not much after all but like T. Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

  16. I have a few things to report this week. I canned 18 pints of mango chutney and 29 pints of salsa this week. Local vine ripened tomatoes are going for 99 cents a pound at the produce store right now. I don’t think we will see prices that low for the rest of the summer. So I wanted to get some salsa put up.

    I am feeling a bit under the weather. I have had a bit of a fever, a head ach and a stomach ach for three days now. I hope that clears up. The little grocery I like to shop at on Saturdays has boneless pork loin on sale for $1.99 lb. I would like to get more pork put up. But I don’t know if that is going to happen.

    I picked up some Diatomaceous earth this week and will see how well that works on pest control. I also picked up some lye and want to learn to make soap. I picked up four cases of pint jars for canning. I have also been picking up four or five boxes of lids each week.

    If I can get past this bug I will put up black beans, pork and maybe some tomato-basil pasta sauce. I am running low on bread and butter pickles (only three pints left from last year). So I am hoping my pickling cucumbers come in soon. The vines have begun setting fruit. So it’s just a few more weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed with the weather. Spring arrived a month early here in Florida. I did plant a month early. But temperatures are already in the 90s on a fairly consistent basis. I fear the gardens will burn up before producing much. Well if everything else fails, I will have more room for sweet potatoes.

    • riverrider says:

      bam bam, i’ve been feeling the same, off and on for weeks now. it’ll clear up for a couple days and return. quite agravating. get well soon.

      • Thanks RR. I have been taking it easy for the past few days. There’s a stomach flu that’s been going around.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Try getting a Probiotic and take it everyday for 7 days, twice a day then another 7 days once a day. I did it and it really knocked it out and did not come back. I wourk with children and getting rid of the bugs is hard. So I was amazed at my sucess with the probiotics.
        Good luck and feel better.

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Bam Bam,

      I hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks guys. I am feeling better today. But still a few grumbings from the digestive system. I have been thinking about trying a spoonful of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in a quart of water.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Bam Bam,

          Maybe you are suffering from inhaling fumes from your tank as you chase that cottonmouth. hehe.
          Good to hear you are improving.

    • BamBam…hope you are feeling better…cheers.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Bam bam – you make me crazy!! (in a good way) you are not feeling all that well and you still manage to get more done in a week than I do in a month. Feel better – you remain a major source of inspiration for me.

      • Thank you, Suburban Housewife. I got most of my canning done early in the week. And spent most of the weekend lounging around. I am back to normal today.

  17. Kept on looking up books for “the Pack” ;). Lots of reading on this site too. I had a bunch of notes on other stuff I wanted to write but lost my list!

    Here’s today’s book post: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/04/books-available-april-21-2012.html

    Tomorrow is my anniversary and we’re away for a little break, so the post will be late in the day tomorrow, but I’ll try to post a reminder here when it’s done.

    I’ve noticed that the book blog gets fewer and fewer clicks as the week goes on, making me guess that some people are forgetting to check on their own as they stop reading the WDYDTPTW posts. For those people, who are clearly interested in the books but forget to keep checking, I suggest subscribing.

    For those who missed it, some guy wrote a “book” plagiarizing a bunch of M.D.’s writing from this blog. It looks like hardly anyone saw that post, as there’s only one other review besides mine (Thank you to that person!). I hope MD is able to report that book to Amazon.

    —–Change of subject, I remember one thing I was going to ask those who stockpile toilet paper. Has anyone bought the folded kind? That takes a lot less room to store than rolls, but is still “real” toilet paper. Phone books are still more compact, of course. Here’s an example. http://www.sca-tork.com/product/114276/ And getting a dispenser http://www.sca-tork.com/product/556000/ boasts “Up to 30% reduced consumption compared to conventional rolls.” I’m sure someone could make their own dispenser too; remembering the more work to pull out (without tearing), the less gets used. I’m thinking of visiting a janitorial supply store to check this out.

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Thank you for continuing to find free downloads for us! I’ve found something almost everyday, although some days I’ve checked later than others.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      I had never thought of storing, “the folded kind”. hmmmm
      Cash n Carry stores have the “folded kind”. I may pay them a visit and try it. Small package for testing sake. Then I’ll check out the amount and cost compared to Scott’s brand.

      I only buy Scott’s since my one bad tp purchase of a huge box o toilet paper from Cash n Carry. I forget the name brand, but it had roses on it, yeah. It pretty much left dingle balls of tp on your whoohoo. What a mess! My oldest wouldn’t even take it! Nothing worse the dinglefuzzles on the whoohoo. ;(

      • FYI, our septic tank guy recommends Scott for the septic system (no kickbacks involved). He says that Charmin is a septic-system killer.

      • Oh, I just HATE dinglefuzzles on the whoohoo!!!!!

        Scott makes the folded kind too.
        Try checking janitorial supply places; I haven’t yet but that’s where I’ll start.

        I think even poorer brands would be more comfortable than newsprint, though of course telephone books are even more compact. This stuff is just so much more compact than rolls, but I don’t know how prices compare until I check the stores. Also, when pricing out prices, i.e. numbers of sheets per dollar, people should make sure to note the sheet sizes might be different.

    • Yadkin Girl says:


      I never heard of folding TP. Is it more expensive? What is the brand name? Sounds interesting – I just keep buying the regular stuff at Costco – we probably have 4 years worth and it takes up a lot of space!

      • It does take up a lot of space. Rolls have so much empty space around and inside them! I assume that it’s cheaper as that’s what corporations often buy in bulk. But also you use less of it, so there’s less waste. I plan to check a janitorial supply store.

    • Thank you for the links.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Natalia- you are right about the book blog, in my case anyway. I do forget and I knew I would so I did sign up right away. I haven’t gotten any post announcements or emails or anything as of yet. I don’t remember what service you are using but I had the problem of people signing up for my blog and never getting a post – took me a long time to figure it out. I eventually changed feed burners or what ever they are called. I think I will go sign up again right now while I am thinking of it and let you know later if I get anything from your blog.

      • I’m sorry it hasn’t been working! I don’t know how to fix that–if it still doesn’t work you’ll have to tell me how in more detail. Thanks for letting me know.

  18. Prayers sent out for the Pack and their families. Prayers to those in the tornado stricken areas.

    Welcome new pack members and those lurking. Seen a lot of new posts.

    My Preps for the week
    Sweet olive oil (for ear infections)
    NyQuel 2 pack sale
    Mucinex 2 packs
    Alcohol 1 bottle

    Water Prep:
    Filled 3 2L bottles
    2 Bottle Filtration Systems to refill water from the tap/questionable water sources and 2 spare filters

    Food Prep:
    20 lbs of rice frozen, then stored
    1 Large Quaker Oatmeal
    2 boxes Shredded Wheat Cereal
    2 boxes Honey Oat Cherrios
    1 case condensed milk

    Other Preps:
    96 rolls of Toilet Paper
    3 pack baby wipes
    100 count coffee filters
    2 sun screen in lotion and spray

    Gun preps:
    Side saddle pouch for Mossberg 930 stock.
    Took an inventory of all ammo last week so now I’m topping off all ammo cans.
    125 rounds of 12 GA low recoil 00 buck (gunshop had them on sale)
    50 rounds of 12 GA slugs
    100 rounds 223 and put them on stripper clips.
    200 rounds CCI .22LR
    No longer buying the bulk ammo in .22, I’m focusing on better quality .22 ammo for my semi autos.

    Back in the gym trying to get to where I was 5 months ago since my promotion at work has kept me so busy.

    Have a good week Pack and good prepping

    • riverrider says:

      j, good job marine. carry on.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Not bad for a bullet sponge buddy ;). Just kidding bud. I hope you’re giving some thought to my suggestion/request about an article on ammo choices, storage, and DIY artillery. I’m hoping you’ll write it…. It would be an awesome read with your knowledge and experience JH….

        • Tinfoil, thanks I will consider it. Work has had me pretty busy pulling a couple doubles and I want to do it in a context that gets the point across, not piss off the anti(insert weapon here) groups lol.

          • riverrider says:

            j, good luck with that. i will never write another gun article due to the armchair snipers.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              Can’t let that bother you. Like you told me, opinions are like a-holes. Everyone’s got one…

            • RR,

              That’s too bad. I learn a lot especially from the gun articles. But I know what you mean–some folks just want to be critical and don’t understand that folks who write articles are doing so to help others. Sometimes in writing posts you become a target for unsolicited and unwarranted criticism (this being entirely different than genuine disagreement for principled reasons). I think some people are just critical by nature. They need to tear others down so they can feel good about themselves.

            • River, that’s the problem. If you remember the time I discussed martial arts training and every Col. Keith follower bragged about having a CCW and said they won’t let anyone within 20 feet of them and had never been in so much of a bad situation.

              I get critiques/disagreements on my comments, I don’t mind and actually like someone else’s view but what I don’t like is opinion based on what someone read compared to experience. When you watch sports news like ESPN the analysts with player/coach experience always better than the guy that didn’t.
              Or Col. North compared to Anderson Cooper lol.

            • riverrider says:

              thanks guys, and you gotta love ollie!!

            • axelsteve says:

              Don`t forget the online seal teams.

            • new prepper says:

              I for one learn a great deal from many of the post, especially the weapons and ammo info. there is a great deal of poor info on the web. After reading the info you and several other “daily” contributors post, I trust your thoughts and lessons. Please do not let the “snipers” keep you from sharing your knowlege

            • It is hard to explain real info to someone who’s military training was Halo or Call of Duty.

              Also why try, I gave up in another forum, some so called experts, insert Halo info-martial, just do not get real life either, or they think their way is the only way.

              There is no ultimate Gun/Rifle/knife or ultimate survival Gun/Rifle/Knife, there is only what is good for the moment, what you have on hand and well actually knowing how to use the tool in and of itself.

              The real tool is your mind, let them squaller in their own faeces when the fan starts whirring around. You tried, a lot have tried, do not worry about them, they will get bored and wander off to another video game, that is until the power goes out.

              Then the tool they need the most is the one that has not gotten any real experience or workouts, THEIR brains, a muscle that needs working out, well it will be kinda like mush, O well, cheers to them. Let them find out then, and go O shite,, I should have listened!

    • Jarhead, I will be adding a shotgun to my preps in June. I was leaning toward a Remington 870 12 gauge pump action. However I keep hearing more and more about Mossbergs. I know this is not an apples to apples comparison but finances dictate that I can only swing one for now. What would your preference be and why? Thanks.

      • cosmolined says:

        Not Jarhead 03, but if you have the nickels, go with the Remington. I only have 3 weapons to compare from my
        history, but the Remingtons were better made, even the
        Express model. The Mossy rattled and didn’t seem as well
        balanced to me. HTH. Cos

        • Hi d2,
          I would have to agree with Cos, I’ve had my Remington over eight years now and put a lot of rounds through it. I’ve shot everything from slugs to mini bird shot through it. One fail to feed in all that mess. No rust or exterior damage even though it’s not a pampered gun. I’m getting ready to cook up some wax slugs to try. The only thing I like better about the Mossburg is the thumb safety.

        • Thanks for the input Cos. Much appreciated.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          +1 on Cos comment. Don’t get me wrong, something is ALWAYS better than nothing, and we must all live within our means, but for a firearm as versatile and important for prep and survival as the 12 ga, I would do my best to go with the Remington. My 870 is my absolute favorite, 18 years old, and never one single issue. DISCLAIMER: Rem 870 was handed down to me by the old man, so I have an attachment to it not entirely objective…

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Ditto on the 870. Mine is 10 years old and was approved as my personal shotgun for duty with my local sheriff’s department. As I am now ‘retired’ I have put a fold over stock with spare ammo in a mount on the stock. Keep it hidden in my truck and never leave home without it. A great comfort in a bad social situation.Though, since my DOD days, I’ve never had to fire a shotgun in anger, it is a great intimidator. Often its mere aggressive presentation resolves the crisis.

            • SD, the shotgun has been overlooked lately with the push/increase of carbines. With multiple choices/types of ammo the shotgun is a force multiplier compared to the carbine in many situations.

      • Hey Jar,
        I would look for a Model 1200 Defender Remington, or model 1300. Excellent tool, multiple barrels, quick change barrels. Very accurate, very comfortable and able to shoot faster than any Auto loader shotgun I ever went up against in IPSC shooting events.

        • Wilderness, I agree that Remington makes some great semi autos, I couldn’t pass up the sell on the Mossberg 930 for the price I paid. If I was going with another auto shotgun I will go with a Benelli

          • axelsteve says:

            Jarhead. I have been told that Joe montana bought Benelli shotguns for his front line for the whole team.He had there names engraved and there player numbers gold inlayed on the guns.Kinda a thank you for keeping me alive all those years.

        • duh,
          was reading Remington, I meant to post Winchester Model 1200/1300 Defender
          sorry for the brain fart there

          • Wilderness…………
            Thought maybe I was getting senile there! I had a 1300 Home Defense 12 Gauge (it was stolen in a burglarly) and I was feeling certain that it was a Winchester.
            Mine is an 870 now…with no complaints.

          • Wilderness, I knew what you meant lol. I carried the Winchester 1300 in Somalia and never had a problem. Those things I was told were issued during Vietnam and they had a bayonet lug mount installed on them. Not my favorite gun but it worked, kept me alive and never failed. We used Slug, 00 buck, bird shot (training), rubber buck shot, wood baton rounds (wood slugs), bean bag and tear gas rounds.

            The first door I ever opened in Somolia was with a slug out of a Winchester.

            I also think Winchester was the first to encompass factory scope base/mount for a turkey or slug shotgun.

      • village idiot says:


        I bought my Remington M-870 in 1975 and it still functions flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many rounds have been through it, but it’s in the thousands. I can’t speak for the Mossberg, I never needed another shotgun. The 870 is one fine weapon.

      • D2, I love the Remington 870 with no complaints. The 870 I own is older than I am (purchased by an LAPD officer during the Watts Riots) and I bought it off the friend who could no longer shoot it. The only modification I made was a 2 shot extension and installed a side saddle. Never had a miss feed, or any other issues.

        870: Advantage is the craftsmanship is better than the Mossberg as the tolerances are a bit tighter. They cost a bit more but if you can afford the extra $50 to $150 (depending on options, sales and rebates) its well worth it.

        500/590: advantage with the lower cost you can add extra ammo or accessories to your shotgun if you don’t want to keep it simple. I own a 590 (almost 20 years and countless rounds from 7 1/2 shot, 00 buck, slug, flachette rounds, homemade bolo rounds, steel ball bearings etc), shot and carried a 500 in the Marines for 6 months, have shot several variants of the 500, patrol, cruiser, security and mariner. Mossberg manufactures extra models to fit the needs of the individual compared to the Remington. Replacement parts and additions (rifled barrel, long barrel, replacement barrels) are cheaper than Remington if needed. My Mossberg shoots almost everything but doesn’t like low end (poor quality) shotshells like Wolf or Eastern European manufactured ammo.

        Either way you can’t go wrong and both have great options for adding side saddles, light mounts, slings, various grips/stocks including T6 and the KNOXX T6 recoil reduction system to make the slugs and buck shot easier on the shoulder.

        • Thanks everyone, you have solidified my choice on the 870. I would love to have them all but with other items I have to still buy, I can only justify one more gun for now.

          • D2, look at Big 5 adds and look for the Remington 870 Combo. If its not on sell call and ask, they are pretty helpful if they know they will get a sale.

            They often sell it with an 18 1/2″ barrel along with a 26″ or 28″ hunting barrel and its usually at the same price or $25 more than you pay for the shotgun alone in either model. Its worth it for home defense and switching out the barrel for hunting.
            Bird shot does some damage coming out of a long barrel and especially the #4 or BB loads I recommend. Its why no one messed with Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies lol

            • Jarhead, Granny was a bad A$& and would have scared the crap out of me! I was at a Bass Pro today and looked at a Remi but don’t think it was the combo. About what price point would you expect to pay? I hit up the local Big 5 for lot’s of things but did not realize their gun prices were good as I buy my guns so far from a mom and pop shop. On the Remington site, the recommended price is $597. Here is the link: http://www.remington.com/products/firearms/shotguns/model-870/model-870-express-combos.aspx

            • d2prep, Jarhead….
              I got an 870 at Big Five, less than a year ago. I don’t think it was on sale as I was actually looking for a Winchester 1300 to replace one that had been stolen. The 870 was the Home Defense version with the magazine extension and no spare barrel. I recall the price being something less than $300 plus some tax which brought it to just over $300. I don’t know if Big Five has standard prices throughout their system or not. But, compared to rifles, the 870 12 gauge is a BARGAIN!

            • village idiot says:

              d2 prep, I saw 870s at the last gun show I attended(January) for less than $350. And ammo was widely available at pretty good prices, but the ammo and guns have gone up recently, so you might want to move quickly.

            • cosmolined says:

              The Remington Express 870’s were on sale for $350 here is Lost Angeles last time I read the Big 5 add. Cos

            • Thanks Hawkeye, Village Idiot and Cos. I will head over to Big 5 this weekend and see if they sell or can order the combo.

    • Awesome week of prepping!!

      I got at least one ear infection a month throughout my entire childhood. As a result, I am more susceptible to them as an adult as well. I get a terrible one once a year or so. I’ve heard of using olive oil but have always been terrified of it making the infection worse. I’d like to know how to go about using olive oil…how much/often, etc. I’ve also heard of using garlic?

      • Prepper RN says:

        When I was a kid in the 60’s, my Mom warmed olive oil and the a few drops in each ear that ached and then a piece of cotton(only to absorbe the oil that drips out, not tightly packed. ) I always got rrelief. I never took meds or antibiotics. It always went away. I only remember having it put in one or two times a day. I hope it helps you.

        • charlie (NC) says:

          RN, I can vouch for that as well. I’ve been treated with it many times and have used it on small children who went from crying and fretting to calm and quiet and soon asleep with one drop of warmed olive oil. You can buy it in the pharmacy in a little bottle marked “sweet oil” but it’s nothing in the world but olive oil.

          • I have learned something new. I have never heard of putting olive oil in one’s ear. I put in rubbing alcohol after swimming but that’s it.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Bam Bam, do it just like fixing a milk bottle for a baby. Warm it until it feels normal when you drop a drop on your wrist (not cold to maybe just a bit warm) then lay the patient on their side with the hurting ear facing up and drop a drop straight down in the ear canal. INSTANT relief!

        • Shades of Green says:

          You can use Mullen oil the same way. It is herbal and works wonders. I keep it at my home for all my grandchildren. The plant leaf is specifically for ear problems. Give it a try.

          • Use the dried crushed mullen leaves to make a tea and drink to cough up phlegm and clear the lungs. Really works fast too.

      • You could try using the oil from inside one of those garlic gel caps?

    • JP in MT says:

      Give Winchester Power Point 40 gr HP’s. This is may standard hunting 22 LR round. I’ve shot a fair amount of small game with 22 LR’s up here and the Power Points DROP them, no “death dance” after getting shot. Even the Quik Shot pre-fragmented rounds didn’t drop them like the PP’s.


  19. Thanks to M. D. and all of you who post here, even though I have been working at this for a year and a half, I learn new things or get reminded of things that slip my mind all the time.

    After I finished cleaning up all my landscaping and tending to the garden, I got back to work this week with my preps:
    4 packs Bear Creek soup – tortilla and potato, so far
    1 box of Borax, only one on the shelf this week
    3 boxes Washing soda
    5 bars Fels Naptha soap
    2 bottles each of shampoo and conditioner, need more
    6 plastic squirt bottles normally for condiments, lots of uses (irrigating
    wounds, filling with shampoo from the bigger bottles, olive oil, etc.
    3 ladies undergarments
    12 Ball quart size wide mouth canning jars
    6 lbs. canning salt
    6 cans sterno for the little camping stove
    1 dark green rain poncho for DH’s BOB (on clearance)
    2 Quick Clots on clearance for $5 each, last 2 they had
    2 USA made plastic bowls for the evac kits
    2 large containers of face wash on sale
    ordered from Emergency Essentials: 2 #10 cans chicken, 1 #10 can carrots, 1 #10 can potato dices, 2 packs IOSAT, fingertip and knuckle bandaids, and 2 one inch micropore tape.

    I took some 4 by 12 foot drop cloths I bought at Harbor Freight and cut them down to 4 by 8 each. They now cover all my 5 and 6 gallon buckets on the storage shelves. Keeps the dust off better and you can’t tell that their is food in them now cause it covers the labels. Still have 2 drop cloths plus 4 feet of one left to use somewhere else. While I was putting the covers on, I inventoried how many #10 cans of each item I have so that helps me decide what else I still need.

    DH was busy too, he installed my peephole in the new front door so now I can tell who is at my door. Yea! He also installed a new mounting pole for the American flag since it doesn’t feel right without one. We ALWAYS have a flag flying at our house! He ordered a repair kit for his pellet rifle because it is not holding air when he pumps it up and some parts for a black powder rifle he is building. He ordered some new walking shoes on Amazon which I did not know he was doing or I would have had him go through your site, M. D. Sorry I didn’t catch him before or would have done that. He surprised me by ordering two books I had in the wish list section: “The New Self-Sufficient Gardener” that M. D. recommended and “The Joy of Keeping Chickens” which I hope lives up to it’s billing. I still don’t have any chickens yet, just have to be content with the book and my chicken rubber boots that he gave me for Christmas. Love my boots and have been about living in them lately.

    Trying not to watch the news too much, it ticks me off too much. Like I have said before, muting the tv every time TDL runs his chops has about worn out the Mute button.

    Stay safe everyone and stay well.
    Ms ACW
    (for those that are new that stands for Angry Conservative Woman from having to listen to morons on tv!)

    • riverrider says:

      ms acw, be careful of the peephole. smart/ruthless crooks will watch for you to put your eye to the hole and shoot thru it, or the door. since you like harbor freight, they have a cheap but good camera that can hook up to your tv.place it to the side so you can see the whole porch. when someone comes to the door, tune in to the video channel first. it works in the dark too. or they have two with their own tiny monitor, still reasonably priced. jm2c.

      • Kelekona says:

        Good point. I can’t remember how my personal experience knows this, but it’s pretty easy to interpret the peepholes. Somehow it involves standing 3 feet from the door and staring at the peephole while focusing beyond it. (Wow, if you master this technique and there actually is a hotel that doesn’t have the bathroom shielding the beds, you could probably get low-resolution live-porn.)

        Holy cheese-nips… I have two peeps at both doors, plus they didn’t give me a sidelight cover. Those doors are probably flimsy! I had to ask for a chain when I moved in.

      • Yes, I have heard the stories about the peephole problems. I will say that so far, we have fared okay without the door to door crime some of the other local areas have dealt with. Mostly, this is to be able to avoid opening the door to sales people that drive me bonkers. Hate door to door sales and they could be a “bad” person in disguise. We are also looking into a remote camera for the front and back door. Thanks for the concern.

    • cosmolined says:

      Ms ACW:
      Simply amazing! (I love your title so much I may change my handle to BPP, blood pressure peaking, when I watch the “news”). Great job this week! Tell your husband I need
      him this coming weekend. God Bless you and yours! Cos

    • I want chicken boots. I want pink chicken boots with little baby chickens in lime green. Then if I had chickens, I would be the coolest chicken farmer around.

      • I will wear my chicken boots when I drive my tank around the neighborhood.

      • My chicken boots are yellow with brightly colored hens and roosters all over. They came from Gardeners Supply (they run small, had to exchange for a bigger size) and I love them. For the time being, they are the closest to chickens I have. I had them on when I made a trip to the garden center this week and made quite an impression with them.

        Bam Bam, you will be dashing in pink boots chasing your cottonmouth around in your tank!

      • Mother Earth says:

        Oh, I want the purple iris ones! No chickens yet, stubborn DH!

        • Encourager says:

          I want the chicken ones! And some big puddles to jump in! Do they have matching umbrellas???

          • Encourager,

            Now that sounds like fun. I asked my dh if I could have chicken boots and he looked at me indignantly and said, “You already have duck boots.” No chicken booties for me. We had some great rain this weekend. I wish I had thought of walking out and splashing in puddles.

            • Bam Bam, did you remind DH that two is one and one is none?

              Heaven forbid TS hits TF and you are forced to make do with a single pair of poultry boots. . . .

        • Those purple iris ones are pretty. Oh, look, Wolf Pack Ladies in pretty rubber boots! +1

  20. Clippins says:

    Looking forward to next couple of days. We had bought 10 baby chickens and a duckling right before Easter Sunday and finally getting their housing taken care of. A friend of ours used to raise lovebirds and other birds and has no use for the old 10×40 pen. SCORE!!!!! Trying to build back our cash flow after Parvo got our 9 month old pups. They are getting better but not as good as the Vet. SCAM but our dogs are alive. Also,does anybody have suggestions for a good southwest edible plants book. Thanks in advance. Keep on keepin on.

    • Had to add some to my past comment. I had originally wanted to if possible,bug in. But today after reading the paper and seeing the proposed site of PegasusGlobalHoldings test facility named ‘CITE’, I am thinking a little different now. Things like this unfortunately end up in someones back yard all to often and I knew it was slated for somewhere in Southern New Mexico,but didn’t think it would literally be in my backyard. Check this ‘privately funded company’ out . Kind of spooky.

  21. Brett posted these video links last week. I have watched the first video and it is definitely worth watch. I will repost for those who might have missed them last week. The first video deals with lack of food and the Great Depression–contains historical footage.




    • Bam Bam, thanks for sharing. Very good stuff especially coming from Congressman Bartlett urging people to be prepared.

  22. An Angel benefactor from the Pack has seen fit to help ease my dental pain, and has sent funds to cover the ‘fix’ I need. I am immensely grateful, and moved beyond words. I know you said not to thank you, so I’ll just say BLESS YOU…..over & over & over……

    On that note: I have managed to get the abscess to drain on my own (yuck) and to get things calmed down with that tooth. But it’s still broken & acting up and needs to be fixed. The whole experience has brought home to me what things could be like if/when TSHTF and dentists aren’t available. We’d best all think about that, and get the books, skills, and info we need to help ourselves in such a situation. I’ve seen a couple books on Amazon that I’ll check out.

    Gardening: Green beans got all beat to heck by the wind so re-planted. Then some cutworms came along and ate those when they sprouted. I don’t think I’m getting beans this year. :/ Otherwise, the corn, zucchini, yellow squash, garlic, cilantro, beets, sunflowers, basil, and potatoes seem to be doing ok. This is all planted in 2 very small garden areas. I have to do “intensive” planting because of the lack of space, kind of like “square-foot gardening”, but not exactly in squares. But it’s worked in the past, so I’m hoping for it to this time as well. Now, if the weather will just co-operate, and we don’t have a drought like last year, I may have some food growing!!

    Son & grandson came for a visit and we went to that local Gun Shop ‘shack’ I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I showed my son what I was considering, and we went over the pros and cons of each. My next step is to go to the range here and rent & test fire each one. One’s a 357 revolver and one’s a 22 revolver. We’ll see how they work for me. The 22 feels very good. In the meantime, my grandson had a field day in the shop. The owners carry a nice rounded-out inventory, even though it’s small, and there were a couple of things that interested him. Was fun sharing all that with him & my son.

    Had a dry run of bugging out last Saturday, when storms were going to possibly be severe. My system, I’m happy to report, for gathering items worked pretty well. I keep a duffle (sprayed with water-proofing) that has “dry bags” in it, labeled with the items that go in them. This is for electronics and papers and incidentals: computer, camera, phone, weather radio, wallet, calendar & calendar book, address book, VI papers, etc. Considering that notification was slow for the last storm that spawned those tornados in my area not too long ago, I packed early and had it all ready. (Those tornados formed REALLY fast and hard, giving little time for notices). Then I set my NOAA radio to “alert” and watched the radar on the TV and online. We didn’t get anything severe, but the ‘drill’ was good. Found a couple of shortcomings in my preps, so now I can address them.

    Acquisitions: A friend told me about “Half-price Day” at the Goodwill store…once a month everything is half-off. She told me she had seen 2 cases of canning jars in there. Wednesday was the day for this month, so I went, and the jars were there. I got 24 pint jars, with rings, for $5. That’s the first time I’ve had any luck with finding and getting jars in a second-hand store. Really glad for it, as jars are getting more & more expensive. I usually use ½-pint jars for jellies & jams, but maybe it’s time for me to expand my canning skills to veges and other things. I also got a candle variety set of 24 pieces for $1 and a nice bag of free hotel-sized soap bars…a charity was handing them out with information about themselves.

    Thanks MD for the blog and the work you do on it.

    Hope you all had a great PREP week! Keep on prepping, keep on prepping….and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts.

    • cosmolined says:

      Simply a GREAT SCORE on the jars! In Kali, they are $11 a dozen…
      I kind of know weps, so if I may, when you go to the range, shoot .38 Special in the .357. It has much less recoil and if
      the weapon is what you are comfortable with, after you buy
      it, load it with .357 self-defense loads. (When you need to
      fire it in real life, noise and flash will not be a factor.)
      If you choose the .22, go back to the range and practice,
      at the closer range, just pointing and shooting. I teach folks
      one round at a time, just go from preparing to shoot, to
      seeing the threat, firing one round by only pointing, using your sights will not work in the dark. It builds muscle memory.
      In America, I’d go with a 5 gallon bucket at close range until
      I hit it always, then I’d move it farther out. When I hit the
      5 gallon bucket consistently at maybe 10 yards, I’d start again
      with a gallon can at close range. (This is from Ed McGiveren’s
      book “Fast and Fancy Pistol Shooting”) It works…. God Bless! Cos

      • axelsteve says:

        I liked Mcgiverens book also Elmer Kieth had a great book called sixguns.I learned ( and probably forgot) allot of good stuff from those 2 books.

      • Hey Cos…thanks for the great info. I’ll keep it all in mind, and check out that book. And bless YOU, sir. 🙂

    • Hunker-Down says:

      We put 3-4 wraps of newspaper around the part of a tomato plant that will be just below the surface. The paper is about 2 inches wide. It seems to keep the cutworms away. We do the same to pepper plants. I’ve never tried it, but how about cutting a cardboard box into 2 inch strips and lining both sides of the green bean row, then plant the seeds? Keep the cardboard .0000002 inches below the surface so it doesn’t wick out all the moisture. In 3-4 weeks it will rot and attract earthworms.

      • I picked up a trick from a Korean gardener. Put tinfoil around the base of plant, on both on peppers and tomatoes. This prevents creepy crawlies from climbing up your plants.

        • I will keep this in mind bam-bam. If the THIRD planted crop of beans comes up, I’m on it!!

        • FarmerKin says:

          Bam Bam, What a great idea. I’m gonna give that a try. I had a couple of horned tomato worms last year that ate better out of my garden then I did. Thanks for passing that on.

      • Well Hunker…all my beans were started and planted in cardboard TP tubes (like someone said on here), but that didn’t stop the little devils. It’s an INTENSE year for cutworms…everyone I know is having a lot of them. In fact, there’s a LOT of insects overall, and early. I have a banana with slits cut in it hanging from one of the Pecan tree limbs off the deck (saw how to do this online) and it is COVERED with Butterflies. This morn there wre at least 30 (!) and more waiting to get on. I do this every year, but this year is absolutely the most B-flys it’s ever attracted. Several of my friends are also commenting on the number of butterflies & moths & other insects this year…which of course means caterpillars, who are voracious hungry critters. I usually just handpick them off, but may have to resort to more drastic measures this year….growing my own food is more important than ever. They also wiped out our Peppermint patch. 🙁

        • Wow. I haven’t seen hardly any bugs at all. And we are already having summer temperatures. We had a day in early March that the high was 93.

          • charlie (NC) says:

            cabbage worms are wearing my collards out. I’m dusting with 5% Sevin but they keep coming back. I think I’ll get some BT (dipel) and try that.

            • Encourager says:

              Charlie (NC), BT – Bacillus thuringiensis – works on all worm or caterpillar critters; also on mosquito larvae in ponds, wet areas. It is great stuff. It would be my first choice in a killer.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          How do the cutworms climb over the cardboard?

          My DW will live your banana idea. She is a camera nut and loves butterflies. But they don’t frequent our part of the country until late summer.
          Why the slits?

          • I have no idea, unless they are coming up through the soil.

            The slits are to give the Bflys access to the ‘meat’ inside; they can’t get to it otherwise.

            And all these butterflies we are having here is a VERY unusual occurrence, both in timing (early) and numbers.

            Be sure to hang the banana when it’s fairly new; some B-flys will come to it then, but more will come when it starts turning black…different ones.

            • Mt. Woman,

              I just put out a few slices of the banana I put in my cereal. Then I put the peel in the compost bucket.

            • Encourager says:

              We have seen an explosion in butterflies here, also. We drove by our Honeysuckle bush and the entire bush was moving with the butterflies. I have never seen so many! Could the mild winter and/or the early spring weather have anything to do with it?

          • H-D,

            I put out any kind of fruit that’s no good–oranges and bananas seem to be their favorite. But any kind of fruit will do. I used to put out half an apple but the squirrels would get them. There is a butterfly exhibit on campus that is just incredible. Check out this link. The bottom picture is what it really looks like.


        • We are having lots of Bflys this year, and plenty of caterpillars. The c’pillars are even getting in the house! Will give the hanging banana a try. Thanks!

    • Mt Woman, that is great news on the tooth! I was on a business trip once half a country away from home and had abscess flare up. It was absolutely killing me so I found a dentist in the town I was in who did the emergency procedure. Relief was instant!

    • Mtnwoman
      I just found some info on Oil Pulling to help Teeth and gums. Try googling it and see if you think it will work for you. I know someone personally, met them in RL they said it has helped them, no cavities or gum problems since they started. The original info was from a website, so when she commented I asked her directly.
      good luck to you.

      • Wilderness…oil pulling does indeed work; I do it on a regular basis. But this problem developed anyway, and got to where I’m needing pro help. Thanks for the idea though.

      • Encourager says:

        I have never heard of Oil Pulling. But it is simple enough that I am going to try it. I am going to use coconut oil as I happen to have some sitting on my bathroom sink. Will let you know how it goes! I just hope I can last 15-20 minutes………=o{

        • Encourager…you can use coconut oil, but I find it is a little ‘thin’ and doesn’t have the ‘pulling power’ of the cold-pressed sesame oil that I use. Also, I find coconut oil a tad ‘slimy’ for me. Also, start with 2-3 minutes…it’s a long time…then go up to 5, then 8, etc. I started with 2-3 minutes every day until I felt it was time to take it up a notch (about 4 days) and so forth. It’s a work-out on the TMJ for sure! Don’t make yourself sore.

          Also, I do it first thing in the AM; after I’ve done my stretches in bed, I get up and get the oil in my mouth, then sit at my PC and check my email. Time flies that way.

          And I rinse with coolish water afterward. My mouth feels great after doing the routine!

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Very interesting. I never heard of oil pulling before. I think I’ll try it. Anyone have experience with tea tree oil? Supposed to be good stuff. I tried a sample bottle of it once but there was so little of it I didn’t really come to any conclusions.

    • MtWoman……..
      Can I say to your “angel benefactor”, whoever you are….Good Job!

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      mtwomen, god works in differant ways, shows the quality and compasion of the people on this site. to help another is doing gods work, to not seek attention or publicity is the best way of doing it.

      make sure you get that tooth taken care of as soon as possible i have two reasons to stress oral hygene. when i was in my early twenties i was in a car accident and tried to eat a steering wheel at 70 mph it broke the front 6 teeth on both top and bottom jaw. they were promply pulled but i also had hairline cracks in some of the other teeth. it caused pain but i am so afraid of needles i refused to see a dentist. fast forward eight years i had a bad infection and damn near died from it because i had lost 70 lbs, ended up withpnumonia and a whole lot of other issues. because i was afraid of a needle.

      seven years ago one of my best friends had an absessed tooth he refused to get worked on, he died of a heart attack on xmas morning at 37 years old. his five year old son found him dead on xmas morning. the heart attack was caused from the infection from the explanation i got.

      oral hygene is criticle to a healthy and long life.
      again i am glad you can now get it taken care of
      god bless and keep on prepping

      • Take this from a dental professional of over 30 years, do NOT mess around with a dental infection! I had patients come in who had used all kinds of home remedies to “treat” an infected tooth and usually it ended up costing them two to three times more in the long run to treat the problem than if they had gone for treatment early on. (Mtn. Woman, this isn’t aimed at you personally, just info for everyone) The important word here is INFECTION and that is not to be taken lightly. We had a much loved southern newspaperman named Lewis Grizzard that died from an infected wisdom tooth. He had the best columns in the ATL Journal-Constitution about southern life and the paper has been a piece of junk ever since he passed. Please don’t take chances with your life, we will miss you too much!

        If you have tooth pain, call around to dentists in your area and they may help you even if you are unable to pay or they may know of a local charitable medical/dental office. We never turned away someone who was in pain even if they had no $. Somehow, we always managed to take care of them. There is a facility of this type close by that is run and staffed on a volunteer basis. Call the closest dental school, your church or friends to find help.

        • Kelekona says:

          I wish I had known about cheap dentistry beforehand. I just got dental coverage, after at least five years that finally led to me me not freaking out when a tooth broke and instead berating myself for daring to eat something as hard as a stale Dorito .

          After I got insurance and those teeth were pulled, trying to a eat carrot hurts my mouth, and I re-puke half of most meals with elements that definitely should have been chewed before the first time down.

          My current dentist is great, feeding me valium instead of novicane…. He’s trying to dig out the root infection instead of ham-fisting it, though I wish it didn’t take so long. Things like this make me re-think my homeopathic bent.

        • Thank you for reminding me of Lewis Grizzard. I would always look forward to his columns in the Fayetteville Observer whenever I was home.

  23. Ridge Runner says:

    – Purchased Lula Loaders for .223 and 9mm. (Awesome machines!)
    – Purchased 400 – .223, 62 grain “penetrator” rounds.
    – Purchased more canned stuff
    – Started talking more candidly with a couple of neighbors about preps.

    • Ridge Runner, I noticed several gun shops selling it in my area. I think with the Army and Marines going to a heavier round Federal is selling it off the public. I normally stay with 55 gr but for the price I may have to start buying.

  24. cooolwoods says:

    “sigh” my post was lost in cyber world.
    not much preps this week
    cleaned and oiled our weapons
    got the chicken housing taken care of
    replaced used food stores
    worked on the water supply for a hydro project
    spent a ridiculous amount of time reading posts here

    remember that Executive Order?
    a Member of Congress wrote a letter on it

    remember this?

    I guess this is the gubberments responce

    need to stock more tums
    stack it high and hide it
    stay safe

    • Hunker-Down says:


      How does one prep against a government?

      • Anonymous says:


        just sayin…

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Voting once every 4 years just gives the enemy 1,459 days to strengthen their position.

      • riverrider says:

        hd, check out mountainguerilla.blogspot.com.

      • cooolwoods says:

        for me, I’d rather know whats going on. not much prep too be done other than vote carefully and be proactive. I guess the biggest prep would be too try to get the truth out there, as “main stream” news is just a spin outlet for the gubberment.
        ammo helps too

        stay safe

      • Hunker down.
        Just by being independant one is to prep against all government control. Ain’t it grand that they will run scared over a person taking care of themselves????
        Kinda makes ya all warm and cuddly on the inside.
        I am patiently waiting for the liberal world to wake up and find out that they have sold their right to any freedom. But there will be those that will follow the mainstream off a cliff.

        • Encourager says:

          Would we call them lemmings or sheeple???

        • cooolwoods says:

          I agree about being independant.
          knowing whats happening is also a prep (keeping your ear to the ground).
          I would rather (hopefully)know when to be on full alert rather than be woken up in the middle of the night only wearing under ware and a .45
          thanks RR

          • riverrider says:

            cool, how did you like that blog?:) taught me a thing or two so far. sic semper tyrannus

            • cooolwoods says:

              been off of here for a couple of days,
              RR I like it, I have no “formal” training and tactics is some thing I’ve been looking into.
              looks like alot of info for me. sad thing is i saw you post it before and missed out on checking it and forgot.
              thanks for bringing it back up

              Stay safe

  25. NorCal Ray says:

    Didn’t do much this week. Ordered 4 books thru Amazon last week. Received them this week. 31 Days To Survival, Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat, Emerg. Food Storage & Survival Guide, and Barnyard In Your Backyard. Finished reading 31 Days and Dirt Cheap last night. 2 very good books M.D. I will be posting reviews on both in the next day or so.

    Just got back from the Flea Market my Daughter put on at her school. It was their first one and it was very successful for both the school and the vendors. Spent most of the week preparing for that.

    On May 12th, I will be doing a Flea Mkt. in San Leandro that is all Fishing Tackle only. That will be the last one for the year. I only do three per year as they are for charity.

    Started looking for some land after reading M.D’s book.

  26. Okay, I’ve decided that I’m not any good at keeping track of what I did each week.

    So instead of posting a true-but-lame ‘I tried hard, must have made some progress but boy there’s a lot more ground to cover’–or not posting anything–this will be a WDYWTTTW (Who Do You Want To Thank This Week?) post.

    This week, I’d like to send a big Texas thank you to:

    HD, for inspiring me to try growing potatoes in a container, and all the other barrel farmers who have shared their insight–we’ve reached the 2/3s filled with dirt mark, and it has been such a trip watchin’ those vines grow.

    Old Hillbilly, Charlie (NC), SurvivorDan and Jarheado3 for explaining what a tactical flashlight is, and not making me feel like a dumb girl for asking. It was a big help to hear it explained several ways.

    Ron S for his thorough exposition on canned meats. We’re trying to move to pastured meats/basic whole foods and away from meats from CAFO (confined animal feedlot operations)/processed foods. You helped me find a comfortable balance and a brand that we’re pleased with.

    Everyone who expressed concern and support during the recent tornados in our area–it’s a comfort to know that good thoughts are coming from across the nation (and around the world, even) in a stressful moment. A special thank you to Jarhead03 for reminding me personally to take care–you tell your mama she raised a good man next time you talk to her, Jar.

    Each Pack member who has shared a burden or a joy with us here. I don’t always chime in, but I do try to pause and say a prayer of supplication/thanksgiving on your behalf. It’s an honor and a privilege to be given that opportunity.

    Well, I’m sure I missed a lot of folks who have taught me something, made me think or just gave me a good laugh–I’ll try to remember better next week.

    • Well duh, I missed MD.

      You deserve the biggest thanks of all, for creating a community that encourages us to be better stewards so we can care for our families, friends and neighbors. There will be more stars in your crown, indeed!

    • Lantana, thanks for the kind words. I’ve told a few people why I’m so helpful. In my younger Marine days I wasn’t always a good boy.
      When I was on the operating table with a large caliber bullet in my knee I made the same promise everyone else does when they are about to meet their maker that I will do whatever I can to pay the debt so I can watch my 2 year nephew grow up.

      I didn’t promise to go to church every Sunday or give blood every month but I did promise I would do my best to help others in any way I can.

      With that promise I have done things as simple as sharing advice, experiences, knowledge, jokes or keeping someone with bad intentions in line.

      As for raising me I give more credit to my dad than mom for making me the man I am today. He taught me the Golden Rule of “Do onto others” and I’ve stuck with it. He passed almost 6 years ago. Now I focus on being their for my younger sister, my nephew, nieces, friends and members of the Pack included.

      • Jarhead, you do your dad proud.

        • cosmolined says:

          Ditto what Lantana said. Nobody starts out as fine as they should be. It’s a learning process. (Just remember to forgive
          yourself!) God Bless! Cos

  27. Is two hours drive too far away for a bug out location?

    • riverrider says:

      depends, on how close you are now to a large city. i would say it was bare minimum for me from a large population. you want enough stand-off distance to thin the herd before they get to you. a tank of gas distance would be better, as long as you stay alert and bug at the beginning of trouble and theres no pop center between you and the bol. jm2c.

    • SMB,

      That really depends on what is between you and the bug out location. I mean if it’s just a country road no problem. But if there are bridges, bad neighborhoods, interstates that will be stop-and-go for 150 miles, that’s another matter.

      • Omgosh! I don’t even know about any of the bridges, traffic neighborhoods, etc. I feel a bit overwhelmed about this.

        • Kelekona says:

          Breathe, stand back and think. How is your memory?

          Perhaps, how are your map-reading skills? Do you have maps? Even if you have external maps, how far can you go without having to stop and study them?

          Not freaking out is one step. Knowing the general shape of the area you’re driving through is another step. Being able to read a map and having a relevant maps is another step. Knowing what you are driving through is another step.

          When I was taking the non-highway route home, I was passing unmolested through some pretty nasty territory. Even as a punk teenager, somehow I avoided that. In one of my cars, I was sitting on an unsheathed throwing knife, and all it served was to re-assure my mother because I suddenly pulled it out to cut a merchandise tag. Even I didn’t know why it was there, except for some teenage wasteland misunderstanding of “that’s what you do.” (If I was lucky, I would have probably made it to the one-horse town on the opposite distance of home to have my own knife pulled out of my shoulder.)

        • SMB,

          Don’t get overwhelmed and start buying. You will make mistakes that way. If you live in a reasonably safe area (some place other than a medium or large city), start by stocking up on the basics. There are some posts that really helped me when I first started. Let me see if I can find the links.




    • Kelekona says:

      SMB, that question alone breeds more questions. It’s good for OPSEC or whatever it’s called to get questions rather than concrete answers.

      Where you live is a variable. More specifically, how long would it take you to leave if everyone else was leaving? Do you know how to dive off the highway? What does leaving the highway mean? How long could you stand a traffic jam? How does season effect your answers?

      Chicago rush-hour traffic with a kitten that had a diarrhea attack…. 10 minutes was too long and I probably added time by trying to run away from highway traffic by hitting the “this route is stupid because of stoplights.”

      (Very lack of knowledge about cats and physics led me to believe the stupid monsters could hold it for two hours and they would appreciate an ice pack while I drove in the august heat without air conditioning. Condensation-diluted diarrhea mess and they reminded me of this by constantly paw-flicking it at me…. so glad that I could mumble pleasantries while separately carrying both to a bathtub-rinse and myself a shower and thank god I left a street-legal sleeping dress at my mother’s. She took her van back to get us pizzas and stuck them in the trunk because the passenger seat smelled so bad.)

      All I remember from “Walking Dead” is that iconic image from the first act where the outbound lanes were frozen but the inbound lanes were clear enough for a horse to run down.

      • Thanks, I asked myself those questions and I realize I need to do a lot more studying on the surrounding areas.

        • Encourager says:

          If you already have a BOL, drive it with someone in the passenger seat who has a map open. Using different colored highlighters, circle bridges you drive under, bridges you drive over, any other obstacles, etc. On the way back, take a different route and do the same thing. Do this at least 4 times, so you will have at least 4 ways out and back.

          And breathe. Panicking helps no one. Make sure you have a BOB in your car at all times and extra water, and good walking shoes.

      • George is Learning says:

        “their constant paw flicking it at me”

        holy cat crap batman

        • Encourager says:

          George, I gotta quit drinking anything while reading this blog. ROFLOL!! I can’t get that picture outta my mind!

    • cooolwoods says:

      rr and bambam have good points, the only consideration I would add is at a tank of gas, how many people would run out of gas in the same area? if truly off the beaten path that wouldnt matter as much. maybe that 5gal can of gas would be the difference. like rr said depends on your starting point. which way would the masses head?

      stay safe

  28. Is a 2 hour drive too far away for a bug out location?

    • cosmolined says:

      It always depends on location. In Wyoming, you’re talking a hundred miles. On a bad day in Kali, you’re talking maybe 300
      yards. (I spent 4 hours stopped on the 134 Freeway once.) Cos

    • worrisome says:

      Probably not………..keep your ear to the ground so you know when to move and make sure you have multiple routes?

  29. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Wolfpack, Hope everyone had a good week. Pray for the people affected by the recent tornados in the midwest. Ordered 18 half gallon mason jars for our dehydrating preps. Made my first attempt at dehydrating potatoes and failed misserably on the first batch. I did not blanch them long enough and they turned black. The second batch was much better and came out as they should have. Better to learn when there is no pressure. I guess! I did hate all the effort was wasted because of my rushing. Recieved my training DVD’s called insanity. Hope I have the stamina to do it. The better half and I are going to try and get back in shape mentally and physically in order to prepare for a uncertain future. Also recieved the extra oxygen obsorbers needed for the mason jars. Bought 2 more 55 gallon plastic barrels to be used for water collection. Had another cold spell which pretty much took care of the plums, really was hoping for a good crop but it won’t be this year. Going through another cold spell today, hope it is the last one. I am looking forward to getting back in the garden. About it for this week. Prayers to all and keep up the good work.

  30. worrisome says:

    Family started rolling on Wednesday, the weather is warm and they are all busy! As for me I am still sitting around waiting for my knee to heal. Went to the dr. and it is not yet ready for therapy in their opinion.

    Family is putting my seedling in the ground in the garden. One or two are busy with the neighbors stringing wire of several kinds for electric fences, security cameras and zone alarms. Small things; built one more block raised garden bed; hung yellow jacket traps out as there seems to be a bunch of them hanging around.

    Hung out the bird feeders and bird houses, the swallows are here, they love a tree or two on my property and since they are fun to watch I encourage them.

    With family around, all the sorting I have been doing over the winter months has paid off. A big truck load of “stuff” went to charity; the daughters went through the piles I had set aside for them and I got most of that stuff right. Grandson who is going to be in the Navy soon got my brother’s knife that I found. Niece and nephew went through their piles of stuff and were amazed what I had set aside for them. Everyone seems happy
    Brother in law was by as well, he has mad carpentry skills and created me two wonderful hiding spots for weapons. He has decided how to put a false wall in the garage as well. That gets done sometime over the summer.

    Since the big turn around in the neighborhood, I am thinking that I will stay in this place for at least the short term, going to sell the “other” house and use whatever I get out of it to create us all a West Coast back up place.

    The east coast family have converged ou our country place there with a lot of additional items from the list we created last fall. My brother in law is going back there next month to create some well hidden cache spots and places to hide weapons as well. Since the death of the love of my life his calm wisdom has been a Godsend! I am so blessed with great family and friends! Just not sure why I got so luck

    • worrisome says:

      That should have been Just not sure why I got so lucky!

    • George is Learning says:

      I love to watch the birds and their sounds, its very soothing. Im going to set up a bird house today, thanks for reminding me. 🙂
      I’m glad your brother in law is a huge help to you. God always seems to take care of us in some way. Sometimes we see it right off and others it takes us a while to see how he has helped. Its wonderful. Having great family is a very special thing. I’m greatful for your blessings.
      Have a fantastic week

  31. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Howdy Pack!

    Hope everyone had a good safe and productive week. I am back in save money mode now, but I did begin plotting my summer garden in the back yard, which I’m very nervous about, as everything I try and grow dies. Literally everything. Hopefully the STBDW has better luck. I also completed some of what I like to call “marriage prep”. I purchased a smallerish (terrible English I know sorry) refrigerator for the shed, and have begun filling it with beer, Pepsi, Bourbon and Captain Morgan (a personal favorite), along with hot pockets and pizza bites. Next week I will move the spare microwave out there. I expect I will need my own escape area, and since she’s already taken over the house proper(and she doesn’t even live there), its best I stake claim to the shed asap.

    Also bought a few extra hand tools. Can never have enough vise grips, needle nose pliers, or duct tape, IMHO.

    • cooolwoods says:

      marriage prep! too funny! I’ll be married 14 years in a couple of days, yes set up the man cave now. dont forget the music you’ll need it while you inventory your vise grips, needle nose pliers, and duct tape.

      stay safe

    • riverrider says:

      tin, last line…the building blocks of the new civilization:) dang, i never heard of a fella building his doghouse before he even got married. maybe ya “need to re-evaluate the nature of your relationship”. lol, of course the captain can smooth a lot of marital wrinkles.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        ROFL, I love her to death, I just know myself, and after a while, whether I’m grumpy or not, I know I’ll need an afternoon alone. Just part of my anti-social nature I guess 🙂

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Can dig it, I adore Mrs. SurvivorDan but recently formed a local hemanwomanhater’s club. Preppers and combat vets mostly. Tuesday evenings we B-B-Q, sans women.This week – Bass (we caught at Lake Alamo) fish tacos. Drink beer. Watch NG (prepper series) or military channel. Smoke ceegars. Much chest beating.
          Don’t misunderstand , we don’t really hate the women. Just borrowed the name from Spanky and Alfalfa of Our Gang .
          First beer …we toast the ladies! Then swap lies the rest of the evening. 😉

    • George is Learning says:

      your going to need an escape tunnel from the bathroom to the shed.

      you will need a skunk and one day cover the bathroom in smelly love then ask your wife for some toilett paper. once she gets a wiff of the odor she will never return to the bathroom while your in it. Now let the tunnel work begin. hogans heros style

      from this point on your established a safe tunnel entry method.

      placing dog poo around back door in multiple piles she will think twice before even going outside


    • Married 20 years today, not bad for $75 bucks! The Man Cave in the basement gets a lot of the credit. Why is a man cave important for the woman as well as the man? Well, let’s see, the newest furniture in the house (a couch and recliner, both 4 years old) is in the man cave, but most people would guess from its current condition that we have been raising baboons down there. I haven’t seen any yet, but I’ve heard ’em a few times.

  32. Hi SMB
    Our comfort zone was 1 hour drive just in case we had to make the journey on bikes. We figured with small kids and the BOB /kid dog trailer it would take several hours. We have two rest points planned and routes that are farther out of the way but with no steep climbs. Has anyone figured a golf cart or other type of electric vehicle / small bike motor into their bugout plans?

    • I really need to get on a bike again. Our town isn’t bicycle friendly. I’m actually afraid to ride one here. In a bug out situation it is definitely something we need to plan for if we have no vehicle transportation. I’m thinking walking is our best option, if we can’t drive.

    • XZombieMommyX says:

      A bike trailer is a great idea for small kids! Why haven’t I thought of that? Looks like I’ll be adding a bike (for me…hubby has one) and a couple trailers to my list! I was really trying to figure out how we were going to bug out with the kids if the vehicles aren’t running. Or we can have seats for the kids & just put the BOBs in the trailers.

    • Mexneck, SMB and Xzombie, I have a fold up compact bike that I keep in my car trunk and SUV.
      They will get me home, not as comfy as a mountain bike or beach cruiser but beats walking.

      I have two trailers for my two mountain bike, one a kids type trailer that I can conceal what I’m transporting and the other is similar to a truck trailer where I can put a lot of camping equipment, water, weapons etc and have a tarp cover for it. Both trailers have mountain bike tires for off road or up and down curbs.

    • Mexneck,
      I have been thinking about what you said about the kids, dogs, bug out bags and the hour comfort zone. I think that an hour is better for us too. My kids are gr

    • I am sorry I keep messing up my comments. Anyway I think an hour away is our best bet too, my kids are grown but my girls live within 10 minutes of us and they have little ones (and one on the way) and pets as well and I know we would be traveling in a pack. If we had to walk it would be an ordeal if their husbands were out of town. The bikes are a great idea.

  33. Alittle 2Late says:

    What did I do this week….
    I purchased a 33′ tow behind camper, will be picking it up on monday. It was one of those too good to pass up deals.
    I was doing some research on the Berkey water systems and saw quite a few negative comments on the black filters. All saying that they fall apart and start leaking, they were older posts and I’m wondering if anyone knows if they fixed the problem. Also was wondering if any of you Canners could point me in a direction for a portable outdoor Propane stove suitable for pressure canning/waterbath canning.
    Picked up 200 canning jars for $20 off Craig’s List yesterday. all different sizes. a few are chipped but for that price… I took in 3 loads of scrap Copper/aluminum/car battery’s/metal. Its no wonder everyone is stealing copper. Sold my boat trailer,boat got crushed by a tree 3 years ago.
    I ordered M.D.’s new book. Bought $20 worth of strike anywhere matches. Picked up a cast iron dutch oven from the goodwill store. I’ve been experimental cooking with barley instead of rice. Being diabetic SUCKS! everything is so expensive. That’s about it for this week.
    Take care everyone.

  34. goldielocks says:

    Just picked up 75 pounds of roma tomatoes for $30.oo bucks. Salsa is on the agenda and canned tomatoes. Bought 30 half-gallon ball jars for my deyhdrated foods. Most were in food saver bags with sarah wrap on the outside for cushioning. Several packages were poked thru so in the jars we go. Been busy all week meeting excavators, county electric co (costs of road and electricity) and neighboors on a 60 acre parcel I’m trying to purchase.
    Amazing how many people say =what are you going to do with all that land? or, you won’t be able to maintain that much property. I say: well it’s been maintained on it’s own for this long just fine! I don’t plan on turning it into a park. Amazing!
    Need to purchase some more .223 ammo.

  35. Hi Pack we planted 2 apple and 1 pear tree some rassberries and blueberries also added some strawberries to. Tomorrow brocoli lettuce and spinich. I also picked up a mag for the glock and ordered 2 genuine saiga 223 mags getting very hard to find. God Bless All

  36. Prepper RN says:

    Hello All,
    Not the best week for me. I woke up after a 12 hour night shift and proceeded to dump a whole cup of hot coffee into my laptop. What a waste fo a good cup of coffee, I tell ya. New laptop up and running after several hours with customer support from my provider. Painful. The one from India set it up wrong and 2 Americans(I demanded) later, I am good to go.

    Preps went well. My local Shoprite had 1/2 gal Ball jars so I bought 3 flats.
    Shiitake mushroooms dried, 2 large containers.
    4lb of Quinoa.
    100 white cotton washclothes, 20 white cotton bath towels. Both on sale. Placed in space bags and put up. I want to have enough linen to be able to tackle all needs and such for during the cold weather. I am not thinking that hand washing laundry in the cold will be my speciality.
    Heavy duty mop/wringer for laundry. Much cheaper than a laundry wringer.
    3 boxes Bandaids, free with coupons.
    4 deodorants, also fee with coupons.
    2×4’s to start to frame my small safe room/storage. I lan to make a walk in closet into a reg closet with the back to be my safe room. It will have 2 entrance/exits as the other side of the back wall is another closet in a hall.
    10 cans of evaporated milk
    ordered 200 pounds more of grain from Honeyville with the new coupon.
    Praying hard for our country.

    • Yadkin Girl says:

      Prepper RN,

      I stock up on linens, too, (wash cloths, towels, sheets, blankets, etc.) and I started out by buying a lot of white (when on sale) and then I thought these would be harder to keep looking clean (not that this would be a TOP priority) but, none the less, I began buying darker colors so the stains won’t show as much with hand washing.

      • Prepper RN says:

        Yadkin Girl,
        I agree with you on the towels and such. I got the white ones because they were cheap and I figure that I can bleach the crap out of them…literally and figuatively…:)
        I really need to get some extra sheets nad blankets. I have a couple blankets found on sale. I am hoping to score some more.

        • This is one area where I am sorely lacking. I have two sets of sheets, one for our bed and one for the guest room. My old thinking was that you can only put one set on a bed at a time. Why have more than that. I need to invest in more sheets.

  37. Added 12 inches of insulation to attic this week and windows had final inspection. Goal was to get house as energy efficient as possible so we can maintain a livable temp here in FL if SHTF. Now researching either adding a hand pump to our existing deep well or adding a second shallow well w/hand pump.

    Eating cukes every day now, cherry tomatoes will be up next.

    Practiced with blow-dart gun, so much fun our youngest girl wants one of her own.

    • Sunny, have you considered a solar powered pump? May make things a bit easier. Or if you make a second well, you can have one solar and the other hand pump.

    • George is Learning says:

      outstanding job on the insulation.
      I work in the ac industry here in Florida and insulation is one great thing to do to save money.

      windows and insulation you should be saving some cash this summer regardless


    • MareBear says:

      Sunny in FL, I should have my first cukes in the next day or two. I love peeling a chilled cuke and eating the whole thing for lunch. Here is one of my favorite recipes for serving cukes with a meal:


      1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
      2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
      2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
      1/2 teaspoon sea or kosher salt
      3-4 cloves garlic, minced
      10 fresh basil leaves (I use 1/2 tsp. dried basil)
      5 fresh oregano leaves ( I use 1/4 tsp. dried oregano)
      1/4 tsp. black pepper
      3 small fresh cucumbers (pickling or thin slicing)
      2 large beefsteak tomatoes, vine ripened
      1 red onion, cut in half and sliced paper thin

      Mince garlic or press through a garlic press. Let garlic stand in balsamic and wine vinegars for 10 minutes (this takes the “edge” off). Discard any garlic which has green sprouts in the center, as the flavor is too sharp and bitter for this salad – use for another purpose.
      Wash basil and oregano leaves (pick at noon time on a sunny day for best flavor). Roll up leaves and slice into little strips (chiffonade). Chop and add to your best olive oil and allow to stand in oil while garlic marinates.
      Meanwhile, prepare salad ingredients. Wash cucumbers and tomatoes. Peel cucumbers, leaving a scant amount of peel (helps with digestion). Slice cucumbers into 1/4 inch coins (circles).
      With a sharp knife, remove stem and blossom end from tomatoes (a very small amount). Slice tomatoes into wedges, being careful not to crush and lose juice.
      Place tomatoes and cucumbers in salad bowl and sprinkle with sea salt or kosher salt.
      Combine olive oil with vinegars, whisking together well. Use to dress tomatoes and cucumbers; serve at room temperature.
      Variations: Add 1 thinly sliced red onion, pitted oil cured black olives and fresh mozzarella, sliced (or use the small bocconcini).

      • MareBear,

        I make the same thing. I just love it. I picked five yellow squash and a zucchini this afternoon. Yum. I am cooking them for supper tonight–ham, lentil and rice, sweet potato and veggie stew, with fresh basil of course.

  38. Not much this week. I bought more can foods for my storage and some other foods.

  39. Kelekona says:

    Interesting revelation…. and I have the presence of mind to question my state of drunk while admitting to my lack of sober.

    I have three key-rings. One is to my bike, separable because I don’t want the darn thing to flop around and scratch things. Plus at one point I wasn’t willing to lock the house until I could get the darn thing started, hence needing separation.

    The other ring is to my car, only one key because having a separate key for the trunk of a station wagon is considered silly. (I have a locking rumble seat and the glove box!) I intend to get another key in hopes that new teeth for a circut-key is cheaper than a new key.

    Hubby would benefit more from easy-seperation. He likes to start the car for defrost, come inside to retrieve his coffee, then leave. It’s possible to lock the keys in the car because it has a combo-entry, and he gets away with one ring because I technically guard the house even that early. I admit that I had a similar system for the old cars that wouldn’t get magic-ed away in the driveway because I still don’t believe in the 30-second-idle rule, especially for older cars.

    • axelsteve says:

      Went shooting with my son today. Allot of trigger happy folks out there and they were shooting that stuff that blows up after shooting.MAN THAT WAS FUN!!!!We were just shooting 22lr but had a good time. Next sunday Caleb gets his 45 and we plan on going out with that next Sunday.

  40. Hunker-Down says:

    We are experimenting with growing peanuts in a barrel. You don’t need to tell me that I’m nuts, I already have a certification.
    Because we have a teeny weenie growing season we want to start the plants in the house a month before moving them outdoors.
    Are there any special considerations required when seeding and transplanting?

  41. mountain lady says:

    As usual, not much spending. I did get a large box of pint canning jars, along with a medium sized bag of jelly jars at the thrift store, for 4 dollars. Did get to town, but only bought replacements for things I used. Today it is 84 degrees and last week I was keeping my wood burning stove going all day. It is supposed to get back down to the 70s after tomorrow. My oak barrels are all prepped for seeds which I plan to put in tomorrow. Since winter may not be over, I am only putting in chard and lettuces. Not sure what I want to put in the other 2 barrels. I may try zuchini although I did not have good luck with them in barrels in previous years. I am up here in liberal country keeping my head down and my powder dry. Blessings to all of the Pack.

  42. I have been reading past blogs and articles and there’s a lot to catch up on and learn. I’ve been taking quite a bit of notes and trying to collect my thoughts and ideas and organize them into a plan.

    I haven’t planted my seedlings outside yet, but they are doing well. My sweet potatoes that I started for slips have a bit of roots now. I’m considering the need to experiment with growing some vegetables in the house. I ordered my dehydrator and purchased a Foodsaver. My friend that gardens told me she started canning last year and gave me more confidence to try it. So here I go now looking for canning jars.

    I bought some food for my pantry storage. Canned chicken, green tea, vinegar, water, jerky, more water, dry onions. Also got some foil, peroxide, alcohol, robber gloves, and more seeds.

    I’ve still been trying to organize my basement. I’m definitely hoping for bug-in, but concerned about bugging out, since we don’t have a location. I’m considering some areas to purchase, but at this point thinking we will be squatting somewhere, lol. My kids are adults, so I am hoping to get them on board. My girls seem to be hearing me bit more, I talked to them about getting 72 hour bags instead of “bug-out bags” and they were receptive to that idea. I talked to them about the tornados and what happen if we lost everything, where we would go etc, and I think that got their attention.

    I had a $50 gift card and couldn’t decide whether to get walkie talkies or more gun cleaning supplies, so I didn’t get either (ugh).

    Downloaded and printed the Wolf Pack Cookbook, and starting the sour dough bread.

    Have a blessed week, and I am so thankful for all the knowledge and wisdom you all share.

  43. Haven’t any money to buy, but did other things. Got my space tilled today for my garden and will start to plant next weekend. Washed jars and filled, now off to vacuum seal.
    Sorted through my buckets to inventory what I had, and did some re-organizing.
    FYI- I used to date and put the price I paid on all my canned goods, and then quit doing it after awhile (thought it took up too much time) I noticed today, my 48 ounce peanut butter I bought March 2011 I paid $3.99 for it. Yikes! It makes me think inflation is not 36% but well over that! So now I will go back to adding the price to all my dry goods. I find it ‘interesting’ to know the price and my memory just isn’t what it used to be…..
    I was informed yesterday that I have a starving, out of state, college student; who needs either money or groceries sent to her. Her best quote “groceries are soooooo expensive” Well of course they are and especially when your’e using your own money!!! Welcome, my last child, to the Real World! I’ve heard this quote from each one of my children as they left home, still makes me laugh!
    Hope everyone has a great week!

    • Peanut butter went up sky high in the early winter, I think there were problems with last season’s growing season. I have an excel spread sheet about 20 pages long with the regular prices of everything I buy from 3 local grocery stores and Walmart. I use this spreadsheet when I’m looking at advertisements to determine real deals from fake deals, and to plan how to use my coupons. You would be surprised how often Walmart is NOT the lowest price. I also go through all my grocery receipts and update the prices from all of the stores every time I shop. This way, I can really track what foods are creeping up in my area and buy a bunch of them before they skyrocket. When I saw the article on peanut butter prices last fall, I ran out and bought 6 2-pack jars of 40 oz. at 9.34 each. Now, those 2-pack jars are at $12.72 at Walmart.

  44. Soggy Prepper says:

    Hope you all had a good week of preparing.
    I added 12 cans each of: green beans, peaches, pears, spaghetti o’s, and 24 cans mushrooms. Also a couple 24 packs of ramen: pork and beef. A couple packs of cup o noodles. Some poweraide and a couple containers of regular oatmeal. Oh, and 15 lbs Jasmine rice, love how it smells and tastes.

    Someone linked the site The Yummy Life, curse you. That has been another site I’ve got lost on with recipes and recipe/gift ideas. Very fun. The overnight refridgerator oatmeal has become a staple here with my homemade yogurt! and the stupid Mojito!


    I had never heard of that before and the pictures (gosh I’m a sucker for pictures) looked so yummy! Finally I got the stuff to try it. DH and I are on our third Mojito!!! Man they are good! It was actually sunny today (not liquid sunshine) and these sure hit the spot. If you try them, which I highly recommend, be sure to use Fresh Limes! Cut and squeeze them, holy cow!

    So that’s it for preps. Added to the larder, worked some extra hours after DH was home to watch the kids, and tried Mojito’s. Delicious.

    Keep on prepping, it’s not going to get better any time soon. But remember to enjoy everything you have as well and find pleasure in the small stuff.
    Till next week…

    • Soggy Prepper: Amen on the Jasmine rice! I love it, and its the only kind I buy. I can get the 25 pound bags at Costco.

      • Encourager says:

        Have you tried the organic brown Jasmine rice? Made a batch using organic beef broth and WOW! It was awesome! I wish all brown rice tasted this good.

  45. Concrete termite says:

    I put away a few bottles of water. I didn’t get much done this week. Work has been screwy. Hopefully things will straighten out soon and the world will be right again.
    If anyone has any questions about building safe rooms just give me a yell. Building indestructible structures has been good to me. I have some experience in the field.

  46. SurvivorDan says:

    Thursday I loaded up – 12 cases of bottled water, a 10 pk of Mountain House (Costco), 96 cans of beans, beef stew, chicken dumplings (840 cal / can), 6 pk of #10 cans assorted Auguson Farms breakfast foods, 200 serving dehydrated assortment (Costco), 12 toothpaste tubes (Walgreens drugs, 88cents per), 48 macaroni and cheese (Walmart), 2 #10 cans of TVP (Honeyville’s). Fairly productive week for a change lately. Plus I was test driving hi-gas mileage cars. Might get a Scion IQ. Don’t say it’s a chick car ‘cuz I don’t care. It’s like a motorcycle with a shell. I’d be sort of a biker in a midget car….Old man in a can with wheels….whatever……. 😉

    • riverrider says:

      sd, i got 44mpg in my 2010 toyota corolla non-hybrid 5 speed, 40 if i drove like an idiot. hybrid is a bunch of phooey. good luck.

  47. Last weekend I started digging my root cellar. It’s not going terribly fast, but not bad for a 55 year old woman and a shovel. I really think I could have the digging completed in another two weeks or so, because I’m digging into the side of a hill. I’m digging it so that the inside dimensions will be approximately 8′ wide by 12′ long and have 2-3 foot of dirt on the roof. The hardest part is throwing the heavy shovels of dirt up onto the tarps.

    I downloaded the $50 and up Underground House book for free, and will use his guidelines for building my root cellar. My property is heavily wooded, my house at the top of a hill, so and I need to make a bit of a fire break, and the downed trees will work well for this project.

    I also researched mushroom kits to ‘plant’ in the stumps. Most of the trees up here are conifers, so the only mushrooms that grow well on conifers (pines, cedars, and fir – but fir are the best for this purpose) are ‘chicken of the woods’ mushrooms. However, there are no poisonous look alikes for this kind of mushroom, so these are good ones for me to ‘plant’. They also supposedly grow wild up here – I’ll have to pay better attention this coming autumn.

    I also got my monthly Amazon subscription of TVP, spelt berries and a 56 oz jar of ghee. I also ordered and received from VitaCost (they shipped fast) 2-56 oz jars of coconut oil. I also started a Q from Shelf Reliance and got a #10 can of sour cream for my first shipment.

    Printed some more survival information I found on line for my binder.

    I’m working on an ad for starting a local preppers club around here, and plan to publish it in as many free avenues here locally as I can find – but first have to find a place we can meet for free – maybe a local restaurant??? I invited a Shelf Reliance consultant to the first meeting, which I’ve planned for May 18th in Placerville. Future meetings can be Food Preservation (I’m a Master Food Preserver), local edible wild plant identification, and maybe I’ll make a big pot of soup from shelf stable foods and wild local plants (weeds). If anyone shows, we’ll have to make those sort of decisions together – but wish me luck.

    • Yadkin Girl says:


      Good for you on the root cellar!

      I would caution on the Prepper Group – you never know who will show up. Personally, I would not attend such a meeting as I do not want strangers (or most of my neighbors, for that matter) to know how preppped I am or even that I prep…but, then, I am a little paraniod!

      • I second Yadkin Girl’s admonition. And I would suggest perhaps using “Self Reliance” rather than “Preppers” in your title & ads. People have weird ideas about people who prep, and/or they want to know what you have. I ran into that here. I’d keep the subjects to self-reliance too, which it seems like they are anyway.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      My brain is like a 2 headed coin on the preppers club issue.

      I would love to attend to gain the very important knowledge. Two brains are better than one. A meeting can generate a cross current of ideas worth hearing. Making alliances is critical. Making a presentation at such a meeting forces one to expand their knowledge of their topic.


      I’m an INTJ bashful introvert who is completely satisfied to spend the day alone. I am extremely reluctant to reveal to anyone that I am a prepper. If there were an opportunity such as you are presenting in our area (there isn’t) I would be afraid to go because of the OPSEC issue.

      What to do?

      • Hunker-Down,

        I wouldn’t go to a prepper meeting. I would be afraid some folks might attend just to figure out who they can rob when SHTF. I think it is better to feel people out first. I talk about hobbies like canning and shooting, if I know the person in question has guns and likes to shoot or if the person is into gardening/canning.

      • HD, start a group for INTJs.

        ‘Want a break from your bashful introvert ways, but trying to avoid mindless pop culture fluff talk? Then join your fellow INTJs for coffee and chat about whatever you’re applying your master mind to these days.

        Share your area of expertise, learn from others. Barrel gardens. . . home energy efficiency strategies. . . fishing . . . you may not be intrigued by every topic of discussion–but at least you’ll be conversing with deep, analytical thinkers.’

        • Lantana,

          That is a great idea. It would be wonderful to be surrounded by intelligent, aware people.

    • Some restaurants will allow “free” meeting places if everyone at the meeting purchases at least a cup of coffee.

  48. IndianaAli says:

    Got the gutters and rain collection up on the barn for watering animals. Worked on rotating some of my food storage, will continue that job today. Sold my old rabbit cages for a few $$$ and bred two of my does, hope it takes. Planted a dwarf cherry tree and worked in the garden some. Placing left over newspapers between the raised garden boxes to help keep the weeds down. Constantly trying to keep the clutter down and make more room for preps, neverending battle and I’m running out of room. Mostly just the usual routine stuff of life. Keep prepping.

  49. Prepping Preacher says:

    we purchased more heirloom vegetable seeds; had serious discussion about selling off a few “large” items, adding “disposable” income to the proceeds admidst formulating a plan to relocate permanently to what is currently our B.O.L.

    • Encourager says:

      Prepping Preacher, is your congregation on board? Do you preach on being prepared? I am just curious. Would love to find a church like that!!

      • Encourager,

        Good questions. Prepping Preacher, how do you combine guiding the flock and prepping? Or do you? I have a deep philosophical question: How can the Christian be said to love his/her neighbor and continue to stockpile food while so many are going hungry now? (I do not have a satisfactory answer. The best I can come up with is that there is only so much we can do in terms of charity. But that doesn’t sound very biblical.)

        Does anyone have an answer?

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Bam Bam,

          Maybe for the same reason Noah didn’t invite all known humanity onto the ark.

          Maybe because we were not given powers to create food and water.

          Maybe because God gave us a hierarchy, not a democracy. So we have greater responsibility to parents and children than to Joe Schmuck standing at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk. That is, feeding Joe at the later expense of moms nutritional health is irresponsible.

        • Prepping Preacher says:

          BamBam, first, i live and work in a ministry that helps others; others’ hunger, in the broad sense as you’re suggesting, is not my individual responsibility, only those whom i may have contact with or know about… using my ealier analogy, i would never insure anyone else’s vehicle, home nor life, so i would not take from my personal “stockpile” to support anyone… if you find a Biblical mandate for that, please post it here so i can adjust my life… my primary responsibility is to my own family as is everyone else’s to his/her own… we have been blessed with enough and to share and we do and we will if/when the time comes that we must depend on our stores but mine will not go hungry for the sake of others’ lack of prudent behavior…

          • charlie (NC) says:

            BamBam, the purpose of prepping is so that you do not become one of the ones that need help. In that way you are safe, secure and strong and able to help others. Wandering among the masses, with no way to care for yourself is no way to help anyone.

            You seem to have the idea that one can not be a Christian and a prepper at the same time?

            • Charlie,

              I don’t want to suggest that one cannot be both a Christian and a prepper at the same time. I am a Christian and a prepper. I am just a bit uncomfortable sitting on so much food when others are going hungry. I am not going to start handing out food supplies. But I wonder how possible it is to teach the poor to fish, so to speak. I have so much knowledge and know-how when it comes to shopping for groceries and cooking from staples and saving money. I just don’t see many people who want to learn.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Bam Bam, you sound just like my mom. I’d like to position some preps at her place for two reasons. Primarily so she’d have something to eat when the balloon goes up if I can’t get to her and secondarily
              as a back up location for part of my preps. I can’t do it because she would give them to the local food pantry as fast as I could unload them an leave. A few years ago she wanted to give away a 3 acre piece of waterfront property because “it’s just sitting there and we aren’t doing anything with it”. I understand her point to a degree but I don’t think it is the correct way to see things. You keep preps so you don’t become dependent on others. As for my mom and the land. We haven’t done anything with it yet because it has yet to reach it’s full potential value. Land is like fruit.
              You shouldn’t pick it for use until it is “ripe” for the purpose it is best suited for.

              Now let me tell you what I do with my preps to solve the problem you are struggling with. I know that food given to the food bank will be used immediately. So I keep track of my prep foods. When they are within about 60 days of the expiration date I go through them. The ones I can use immediately go into our day to day pantry. Everything else goes to the food bank or some other food drive. Then I replace them in my preps. It’s a win-win situation.

          • Prepping Preacher,

            I guess I had in mind the stuff about giving your shirt to a poor man if you’ve got two or giving up your food if you’ve got plenty. Now I need the actual verse. Okay here it is.


            John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.” (New Living Translation, Luke 3:11)

            A similar idea is in Matt 25: 35-40. My thinking I guess is that if Jesus died so that we might have life, should we not give back and “feed him”–i.e., help feed the poor?

            35 For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. 36 I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

            37 “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? 39 When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

            40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters,[a] you were doing it to me!’ (NLT, Matt 25 35-40)

            End Quote

            • Encourager says:

              Bam Bam, you mentioned earlier that you have knowledge to share about cooking from scratch, etc.

              Why not find a church that has a food bank, see if you can have a class showing the recipients how to cook it? So many poor people DO NOT know how to cook – they get dinner from the closest gas station. They depend on the schools to feed their children.They simply do not know what to do with rice or beans, or anything that has to be cooked from scratch. Classes should be offered through the food banks or the local Cooperative Extension office.

              I remember a friend crying because she had just come back from a summer program. They brought cereal and milk for the kids at the park. The majority of the kids did not know that you poured milk on cereal. If they poured anything on cereal, it was water. They usually ate it dry, at least two times a day, for a meal. She was horrified that those kids did not have any milk in the summertime – they said they only got it at school.

            • Encourager,

              Teaching such a class has been on my mind.

        • axelsteve says:

          Jesus said that there will always be the poor. So prepping is not out of the question.The apostales had to prepare before going on a journey.We will not feed 5000 people with beans and rice like Jesus did with fish but we still must look ahead and be prepared.

        • You aren’t hurting anyone by buying your future needs food early. Well, if you buy up the entire supply of any one food every week, even if the stores try to adjust their ordering for your needs, and no one ever has a chance to get it… But if you go in and buy all four of something once in a while, that’s not even rude, it’s just not over-thinking about anyone else.

          There is food being wasted simply because of logistics.

          Look into dumpster diving. There are laws that protect stores that would be willing to donate certain types of stuff they put in the trash. (Figure out what law it is and how to contact store managers about getting close-dated stuff for your soup kitchen. Free food today means a smart ant can use the extra for emergency pantry.) There are stores that secure their dumpsters because somehow it would devalue their product by having people grabbing the post-dated canned goods and produce bags with only one rotten fruit.

          There’s also the logistics of how it doesn’t help to think of starving children when there is food left on your plate. Yeah, we already ship food halfway around the world, but for people who can pay for it.

        • village idiot says:

          Well, yes, I have an answer, Bam Bam. Why is it any different that you keep monies that could be used to buy food and clothing for the poor? What is the difference in stockpiling cash and stockpiling food? There is none that I can see, so what justification do you use for saving cash that could better be used to help poor and starving people?

          Here’s my take. I’m required to give 10% of my salary/investments etc. to my church and charity. That’s the very minimum, and more is better. However, scripture requires you to also take care of you and yours so they won’t be a burden to the poor and downtrodden. So there you have it. Give as much as you can above and beyond the 10%, only you and God know what the figure should be.

          For people who aren’t Christian, I would love to hear how you feel on this subject.

          • Bam Bam, if you buy food to store, you’re putting money into the economy and your demand for the product helps the stores you trade with keep their doors open and pay their employees and suppliers.

            With food on hand, you’ve got options. Someone you know falls on hard times, you can bless them with a food basket to help them get their bearings. Rotating your stock lets you bless the local food bank with items a few months from their ‘best by’ date.

            Serving your home-canned foods when friends and family come over might spark someone’s interest in learning how to can or cook from scratch. When you need a wedding or graduation gift, creating a selection of, say, soup-in-a-jar kits from your food storage can help young folks get off to a good start–and with recipes included (and maybe a seasonal shopping guide 😉 ), they now have the knowledge to start doing for themselves.

            The way I see it, God doesn’t ask us to solve the world’s problems, but rather that we be good stewards of the resources He has entrusted to us.

            • Lantana, thank you for a well written comment. One of the best explanations I’ve read on that. I think the methods you described remind me of a verse in the Bible (pardon me to anyone who doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy) that says (and I’m paraphrasing) The word of the Lord does not return unto Him void.
              There are so many ways to be a blessing to others, and we don’t always get to know when we have blessed someone else, whether it be with goods, or services, or teaching. JMO

            • Kelekona says:

              Actually, reading loan-words from subbed media, and realizing what concepts they probably lacked, not quite a basis for anything, but Full Metal Alchemist openings make one wonder.

            • Lantana,

              You are right. I have been thinking of “the poor” and “the hungry” as abstract concepts. When I think of friends and family members who are going through tough times, its easier to see the right thing to do. The answers is that I need to trust that God will show me what he wants me to do. LOL It’s that easy. I have a tendency to want to think though major world issues. And I get frustrated when I can’t come up with a solution in a matter of a weekend.

            • In and aside concerning this: My niece recently got married and specifically asked my sister if it would be OK for her to ask ME for a case of my home-canned spaghetti. I complied. Found out after the wedding that niece’s new husband is a beginning prepper, and they both not only love my spaghetti, but want to get started prepping, but didn’t know a lot (they were stocking the pantry with store goods, however). So, they got a post wedding gift, too – I downloaded and printed out the LDS manual, several of M.D.’s lists and a few other things, put it in a binder and mailed it to them. They loved it. And niece asked if she could keep the jars…I siad yes. Anything to help them get started.

          • Kelekona says:

            Well, I turned away after raised under christian ideals…. long story short is that I am the keeper of my own soul.

            Between sheep and wolf is the wonder of local creatures, and I fit into the bobcat/badger group more than fox or wolf or that which runs on split-hooves.

            I’ve actually tried church at various points after turning away, even unitarians with the embrace of pre-christianity, I still feel seperation.

            I should really get over the difference between being the warden of my own soul and finding a church to attach myself to. Where else is a Fluttershy to find allies?

            • Kelekona,

              Are you looking for a church home? Are you comfortable being the keeper of your own soul? These are questions to resolve within your self. (I stayed away from church for a couple of decades and then found my way back.) You could always pray that you be shown the right path for you.

            • Kelekona says:

              Sorry, that must have been the night that I was so drunk that I couldn’t taste food. I really can’t remember the context for this because it was probably great.

              And I really wish I could get rid of my ability to type properly while drunk. Perhaps I should try switching to Dvorak.

          • VI,

            Thanks. Your explanation helps. I see so many people who are woefully prepared. And given the price of groceries, I just don’t see how they can afford to feed their families. I was in the grocery store today. Bread was $4.29, a bag of chips was $4.99 and a watermelon was $8.99. That is just crazy. I really don’t know many people who can afford to pay those prices. I see things falling apart this summer and just going downhill into the election.

            • village idiot says:

              Bam Bam, I’ve been noticing the price creep(more like explosion) myself, with things like my off-brand shampoo going up from $2 to $3.50 in just a few weeks. Peroxide increased from .88 to $1.32, bread from $2.49 to $2.98, and things like Pledge and other cleaning supplies going off the charts. It’s not just food, so I don’t see how the government continues to cover this stuff up. As for watermelon, which is my favorite melon, a small container of it is more than I used to pay for a whole melon. This disgusts me. And you are a wise lady, Bam Bam, I’m sorry to say I see things exactly the same way. The recent events in Florida are likely a prelude of things to come. I noticed a white man in Mobile, Al., was just about beaten to death by a black mob Saturday, with some in the mob shouting, “This is for Trayvon”. We have the jerks in the media to thank for this, and they should be held accountable. Be careful out there, Bam, you are close to the center of the crisis. I wonder if you’ve decided on the concealed carry option yet. Take care.

            • VI,

              I have completed the class but have not applied for a CCW. My dh has one. I am pretty much a home body and I don’t go out after dark without my dh.

              About the media . . . It is illegal and immoral to walk into a crowded theater and yell “fire”. It should also be illegal for the media to create a riot. And that’s exactly what they have done.

              I wonder how many white people have been beaten at the hands of angry black mobs yelling “Treyvon”? This would make an interesting news story. But it will not get written. Truth is not relevant anymore. What matters is sensationalization and profits.

            • village idiot says:

              Bam Bam said, “Truth is not relevant anymore”.

              Wow, that just about sums up the world we find ourselves in right now. I think George Orwell put it best, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

          • cooolwoods says:

            I stock as much extra as I can for me and mine. as for the poor and downtrodden? I give stuff that is close to date to a small church close by that does a food bank, I drop it off at night so (hopefully) no one see’s me. I dont want anyone to know who has “extra” food and I (no offence to anyone) really dont want to have to engage in a god bless you conversation. this church(I went and got a donation) appears to give the food out fairly thats how I picked them. I returned my “donation” 3 fold the next night and have been doing so every couple of months

            the first 2 I checked out seemed to give more to those who looked better off… just my opinion I could be wrong.

            most Christians are good people so I dont mind helping them help people.
            hope I didnt say too much.

            Blessings and Stay safe

            • Coolwoods,

              I used to do volunteer work with one of the local charities. They often give out more food to the folks who look okay because these are the folks who used to donate before the economy fell out. Many of the folks who are helped now are the folks who used to give. If you are behind the counter you also know these folks won’t go over to the dumpster and throw out what they don’t feel like cooking.

              Things are not always as they seem.

            • Coolwoods,

              I hope my previous comment didn’t come off as critical of you. It was a big lesson for me to learn that many folks who pick up food pick and choose what they keep and throw the rest in the dumpster.

            • cooolwoods says:

              honestly, I hadnt thought of that.
              “I used to do volunteer work with one of the local charities. They often give out more food to the folks who look okay because these are the folks who used to donate before the economy fell out. Many of the folks who are helped now are the folks who used to give. If you are behind the counter you also know these folks won’t go over to the dumpster and throw out what they don’t feel like cooking. ”

              the give me for nothing group,I guess I’m old enough to be in the dont waste anything group.
              I can see that.thank you, BamBam. I am open to a fresh perspective, part of the reason I like this place. and all of you.
              I hope I dont come off as too strange
              stay safe

            • Coolwoods,

              Strange is good in my book. That means you don’t automatically accept the status quo and think for yourself. You must be an INTJ. LOL

              I tell you I have seen people walk out of Catholic Charities will a box of food and walk straight over to the dumpster and throw out the stuff they didn’t want. I was shocked. If folks here saw the kind of poverty around the world, they wouldn’t throw out food just because they didn’t want to have to cook.

      • Prepping Preacher says:

        Encourager, though ordained and pastored a church some years ago, my current position in ministry is not that of pastor of a church; that said, if i did, yes i would preach/teach preparedness and i do invest the t ime to explain it to those who may ask about what my wife and i do as individuals… the simple truth is, we buy insurance based on the possibility of something could happen, be it vehicle, property or life… prepping is no different in my view – it’s a kind of insurance against what is looming ahead if drastic, dramatic changes aren’t effected immediately…

        • Encourager says:

          Thanks for the reply, Prepping Preacher. Even though Joseph set aside food for all of Egypt and those others who came (including his own family) during the 7 years of plenty for the 7 years of want, they were charged for the food – it was not given away to them. Joseph made Pharaoh one rich(er) man. I agree that we take care of our family first. There is no greater gift you can give than to teach someone to provide for themselves. But there are always the ones who think they deserve what you have, with no work on their part. Those are the ones you defend against. And those are the scary ones in MHO.

          • Prepping Preacher says:

            i have no doubt that the security forces of Pharaoh were up to the task of fending off those who would try to get grain by any other than the prescribed means… we could also take a lesson from the 10 virgins and their lamps with or without oil… those without were told to go get their own at their own expense… little difference in my mind as it pertaines to prepping…

          • Soggy Prepper says:

            I decided awhile ago to take a lesson from Noa and Joseph in stocking up while we can. Also I’m not going to be “giving” away my food either. I’m Not a soup kitchen or a charity.

            If by some happenstance someone figures out I Have supplies and they want something… they will pay. Whether it be jewelry, gold, silver, shoes, buckets, physical labor (making my front yard a garden?!)…. whatever.

            I won’t give it away for free. That would just bring more scroungers my way. No free feeding at the trough. That’s what has lead our country to it’s knees already. Something for nothing….

            If ya don’t work, ya shouldn’t eat!

            • Prepping Preacher says:

              i concur wholeheartedly, particularly with your last comment which comes directly from the Apostle Paul’s own pen to all hearers ears… no one person in any society is owed anything from his/her respective society – not even the most poor(Ruth & Naomi)… workfare NOT welfare… i will bend over backwards while offering my last shirt to someone trying to get it together but the lazy, bone-idle, entitlement crowd can go suck eggs…

  50. Been a busy couple weeks. Planted two more apple trees, beans, peas and beets in the garden. Still waiting on my seed potatoes to come up, weather has been really crazy around here. Worked some more on the back patio/outdoor kitchen project. With much trepidation, I looked at my wife and said “you’re going to think I’m nuts, but I would love to drive a well and put a hand pump on it” To my total surprise she replied that “We sell those at my store”. (she works in a small independant hardware) God bless a reasonable wife 🙂

  51. This week we made our first visit to the Miami LDS Cannery and brought back one of every #10 can to try out. With a 30 year shelf life and great prices on rice, wheat, oats and of course, hot cocoa, I had a great time. I’ll be going back in about 6 weeks to really stock up. It was a great first visit. I posted pictures here, if anyone wants to see what the inside of a cannery looks like: http://www.wildriverrogues.com/2012/04/lds-cannery-visit-in-davie-miami-florida/

    ~ Sandy Taylor

    • Sandy,

      Thanks for posting the link to the pictures. Is the LDS Church now recommending only 16 lbs. dry milk per person? That’s not a lot. Welcome to the Wolf Pack.

    • Sandy,
      Good for you and your first visit to the cannery. Looking at your photos it appears that your cannery is a little larger than the local one I go to. Our crew is headed back there in about 3 weeks and we generally go there quarterly.
      For those of you who might want to do the canning at home, those canning machines in Sandy’s photos run $1500-2000 used. Don’t know what they cost for new ones, but I’m glad we have a relatively local (about 1 hour away) cannery here, and that the LDS folks are gracious enough to allow non church members to use them

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Sandy Taylor,

      I enjoyed your picture tour very much. Unfortunately we live about 400 miles from the nearest cannery. Your web site is first rate!

    • Thank you Hunker-Down! And thanks for the info OhioPrepper – It’s actually really neat to know regular folks can buy a canning machine if they really wanted. And I too feel fortunate that our “local” LDS Canneries allow non-members to use their equipment. The Tampa Cannery even allows non-members to take equipment like heat-sealers off-site for a day or two. But we’re not quite close enough for that to be a possibility.

      And Bam Bam, yes, it does look like the LDS Church is recommending only 16lbs of dry milk per person per year. I agree that that doesn’t seem like much at all, but again, that’s their MINIMUM recommendation. In our family, we LOVE diary, and I plan to stock much more than that, especially because you can use the powered milk to make a variety of other dairy products (a project and a post for another day!).

      I’ve been a follower of this blog for awhile… but this is my first time writing in. Thank you guys for the interaction – I’m loving it!

      ~ Sandy Taylor

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Thanks so much for that informative visit to your LDS cannery… It’s not at all what I had imagined. I have looked up canneries in my general area but haven’t contacted them because frankly I was kind of uncomfortable not knowing what to expect or what they really are. I will definitely be contacting them now as I will feel more comfortable. Thanks again.

      • Suburban Housewife,

        You can buy stuff from their website. The prices are the lowest around and shipping is free.


  52. Elizabeth says:

    got my printed out articles organized into a binder. put up another 12L plus 3 cases of water. found leather mitts at giant tiger for 50 cents a pair, bought out the remaining 3 pair. also grabbed a couple of clip on ‘tracks’ for boots for less than half price. yeah season change. found an inexpensive 1974 set of britannica encyclopeadia on kijiji which i got.

  53. Tilled the garden. Planted grain and picked rocks off the fields. Alternated between working in a t shirt and working in a parka as the weather swung

  54. Yadkin Girl says:

    We mostly concentrated on skills this week:

    1) Practiced loading/reloading and shooting all our firearms
    2) Made a fire using flint and made a meal in a dutch oven and cast iron skillet
    3) Fired up the brick oven and made bread
    3) Watched a video ” Year Round Vegetable Production…” by Eliot Coleman (this guy has it down! He grows enough food to make over $100K a year on, I believe, 1 acre using greenhouses – in Maine! Although, we do not intend to make a living out of gardening, he has great ideas on producing a lot of vegetables with little land. Impressive! We borrowed the DVD from the library
    4) Printed out several articles for our survival


    1) A case of TP – I don’t think I can stop buying this stuff!
    2) 3 large bottles of shampoo and 8 bars of soap – Once again, can I ever stop?!
    3) 3 boxes of Borax to replace those used
    4) 2 large desiccant metal cans (reusable) to place into storage area to keep things dry
    5) 30 Desiccant packages and metal desiccant cases for firearm cases and ammo cases (reusable)
    6) 100 food safe desiccant packages for storing seeds (non- reusable – I couldn’t find reusable ones – so, I bought a lot)
    7) Eliot Coleman’s book “The Winter Harvest Handbook…” for my husband’s B-Day

    That’s it for us.

    Keep up the good work Pack!

  55. I will try again. My post disappeared.
    Congratualtions MD on your library completion!I tried to leave a review for your new book on Amazon, and it wouldn’t let me. The message said ” Reviews cannot be left before a books official release date” ??????? If you can tell me how to do it… I’m a techno-dinosaur. I may be doing something wrong.
    Now, for this weeks preps.
    REcieved all of the rest of the supplies I ordered for medical care. Sterile bandages in a multitude of sizes, butterfly bandages in 2 sizes, sutures in several sizes, both nylon and gut, more surgical instruments, including scalpels and extra blades, (sterile, single use style)
    3 rolls plastic sheeting
    1 large 80 oz liquid hand soap refill
    2 shave cream
    4 toothpaste
    5 toothbrushes
    2 large shampoo
    4 deodarant
    2 bottles antidiarrhea pills (Imodium)
    1 500 count ibuprofen
    2 boxes urinary pain relief (Azo)
    1 100 count anti nausea (dramamine)
    4 brownie mix
    2 boxes raisins
    2 cannisters raisins
    8 cans of soup
    2 Katadyne Hiker water purifiers with 200 gallon purifying capacity)
    regular $99. on EE, on sale in April for $49!!!!!
    Canned 15 pints chicken
    Canned 9 pints of ham
    Dehydrated 5 bunches of celery (on sale 99 cents each)
    Dehydrated 7 bell peppers ( on sale 2 for $1)

    • DJV,

      Someone when listing “31 Days to Survival” typed in the wrong release date (the book was released two months ago) now Amazon thinks the book has not been released yet. My publisher has contacted them but they (Amazon) have yet to fix the problem… Sorry.

  56. Hit the yard sales this week and got some bargains. Got two used rain barrels and diverters for $15 bucks each, looked like they were only used for a year or two. Got them set up and they filled up quick with just a light drizzle. Also picked up a small 2000 watt honda generator for just $150 bucks , looks like it was only fired up a few times, guy bought it a couple years ago and is moving to the the big city(fool doesn’t know what he is doing) his lose is my gain since I think those hondas run$ 800-1000 brand new. Been looking for a small portable one to run the refrigerator for short times and not have to drag out the bigger one. Also found some canning jars for
    $2 a dozen sor picked up 4 doz various sizes.
    Also did a lot of research on solar dehydrators and will start to build one this week if I have time. Any of the pack have any tips and suggestions on solar dehydrators???

    • George,

      I think you have the finds of the week–rain barrels, generator and canning jars, all for $38. What a steal.

      • Okay, ha ha. I thought you got the generator for $15. I was thinking I need to shop where ever you have been shopping. LOL

        • And I talked the guy down from $200, but at $150 it was still a great deal. I don’t think the guy had any idea of what he had, he was selling off all his late dad’s stuff at an estate type sale he was running himself and had a whole house full of stuff priced really low. I think he just wanted to get rid of it fast so he could move to New York as fast as he could. Don’t think the poor sap knows what he is in for if shtf. I was not big on yard sales but after this weekend I sure am converted.!

          • Pineslayer says:

            Gosh George don’t you feel guilty for that gennie deal? Is it a eu2000i? Those units hum. I have a eu1000i and am very happy with it. Nice score. Garage sales get my attention like Lynda Carter in a body suit. Got a box of light bulbs, rolls of wire, and other consumables for $6 today at a moving sale today.

            • Yeah , I feel a little guilty but the guy was kind of a snobby jerk, so I don’t feel to bad. Looked like his dad was a retired guy who rv’ed all over the country and had a lot of stuff for that lifestyle. This guy was a little lite in the loafers and just wanted to get rid of stuff to get back to NYC and all the shows, as fast a he could.

    • I just got a piece of screen for repairing a sliding glass door and a make it yourself frame kit (to make window screens of any size – just cut it to the size you want, but the little corner things and…) at Walmart last year. I made the frame, and left the screen full size, but put the first half of it in the frame. Then turned it over (so now there is a little 1/4″ tray, put my veggies, tomatoes and fruit (usually at different times), then folded the rest of the screen over it to keep the bugs out. It worked great and only cost me about $7.

  57. arkieready says:

    Got 2 little backpacks for g. kids bugout bags. will stock them by the time dd & sil move here. got a auger/post hole digger to make a surface well. hatching out new chickies. so cute. bought more candles. too broke to do much.

  58. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! Prepping is slow as far as buying goes. Bought some of the plastic screw on lids for my canning jars. Trying to not waste lids for non canning stuff. Picked up some reg canning lids and disposable labels. Made a batch of pine needle salve, put it on dh’s sunburned ears and stopped the irritation. Planted a few rows of corn, a little early still so not sure if it will do anything. Doing lots of yard clean up and planning the garden. That’s it for me.

  59. livinglife says:

    Went to a CCW class and let some totally unschooled people borrow my .45 and 9mm under range master supervision. They were concerned about the future and wanted to know how to shoot and how much recoil the two had and nowhere to rent from.
    The more people that are prepared will make for a better ‘after’ world.

  60. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey all, I got the steal of the century, and bought a used Remington 870 for $300 bucks. It looks brand new and works like a charm. No other preps this week, looking to possible buy a roll of 2012 silver eagles. Silver the poor mans gold. I think that with Europe crashing in debt, along with out spend heavy government, silver should go up in value. My 2 cents at least. God Bless

  61. I watered the plants I will be transplanting to my garden in May. I also downloaded books from Kindle free on Amazon to help me learn new skills.

  62. Started back preping, was a prepper when they called it back to the land, survivialist ect in the 70’s sort of quit when I went back into the army. was fooled by the prosperity of the 80’s and 90’s. Bought your 31 day’s book and digging up my old prep books, Total resistance, five acres and independence ect. I have started by writing down a plan.

  63. I bought an apple corer/peeler/slicer. This thing is awesome, definitely a French Tickler from the Pantry Porn Store. I will be drying apples like they are going out of style this fall.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Hahaha! Accessories for the Pantry Porn affliction! How positively titillating!

      I’ve looked at those in the Lehman’s magazine, may have to splurge this year. I plan on planting another apple tree so I know I’d use it.

      Something else fantastic at Lehmans. If you buy the Adams peanut butter, Lehman’s has a lid with a crank and a mixer part that fits on Adams jars and stirs it. That’s on my wish list too!

      • You know, if you spend a minute for three days shaking up the jar before sticking it in the fridge, natural peanut butter seems to stay homogenized, or at least my brand does.

      • How is that adams PB compared to the old commodity PB from back in the day?? Man that was the BEST PB ever. My dad used to buy or trade some friend for some and used to eat the crap out of it at boy scout camp back in the 70’s . Sure wish I could get me a big ol can of it now!

  64. Hunker-Down says:


    Thanks for the recommendation.

  65. Wellrounded says:

    Our health hasn’t been great over the past few weeks and it’s slowed us down quite a bit at times. What was my tidy, productive vege garden, is now a mass of weeds. We’re still picking from it but I haven’t been able to work out there so I’m way behind with autumn planting.
    We bought a second hand timber kitchen which I have 1/2 installed, I do consider this prepping as so much of what we do revolves around food and I need the kitchen to be as easy to work in as possible. I’ll have much more bench space, an extra sink and quite a bit more storage.
    Added a lot of cleaning product, soap making and cheese/dairy making ingredients and equipment to stores.
    Took inventory of all my preserving jars etc, working out how many of what I need. I want enough to store 3 years of garden/farm produce for at least 10 adults. Gathered 24 dozen beer bottles for home brewing, working on filling them, (We can have as many as 6 young volunteers here at once, a beer or two each per evening over a month is a lot of beer!).
    Turned the electric hot water off, now if you want a hot shower you’ll need to keep the kitchen (wood burning) range going. Should save quite a bit over a year. The cost of electricity is going to skyrocket here in the next year or so. We are hoping by then to only be using the grid for freezers, the cool room and for some workshop stuff. Then we’ll work on taking them off the grid too.
    We are slowly reducing the numbers of livestock on the farm, reducing it to what we really need to feed ourselves and our family.
    We’ll have 2 sows and a boar (Wessex Saddlebacks) and what ever pigglets we keep from each litter to butcher. A handful of ducks, just enough to provide a few eggs for baking and some for meat. Geese (probably keep a dozen or so), great for keeping the grass down around the orchard and vineyard and we eat a few. Chickens will be reduced to 40 or so hens and a few eating birds (we still need quite a few eggs as they are used in the pig feed and the dog food). We have reduced our sheep numbers to 8 ewes and a ram, although we’ll
    probably keep any ewe lambs born this year. We will no longer be keeping goats, they are too hard on the fences and not productive enough in this country. We have a steer to butcher and two heifer dexters and have just bought a dexter bull, we’d like to add another 2 cows to this and will keep most calves for meat. These numbers will provide us and our extended family with plenty of meat, dairy and eggs, if we feel we need a bit more meat we can raise more chickens, ducks or pigs. We want to reduce stock numbers enough so that we can feed them for more than a year from one silo of grain, plus pasture and farm grown crops. With a bit of extra work and some grain sprouting we can extend the grain for much longer if we have to.
    We also have 5 horses, big consumers, but once the fences are in good order they will have a 120 acre forest paddock, lots of feed in the clearings and along tracks and fence lines.
    We’ve worked pretty hard on food self sufficiency over the past few years. Now we want to put quite a bit of our time and resources into finishing the house (still don’t have walls on the bedroom and have to use a ladder to get up there), equiping and tidying the workshops,
    refining the animal facilities to make chores faster and easier, we will also be thinking about the equipment the farm and workshops will need to give us even more independence.
    I’m going to reduce the amount of intensive cropping for the next year (keep up with soil improvement though by growing some green manure and turning it in). We will replace our stores as we use them but not really add to them much. I think we need to spend our time
    making the farm work better, build better facilites, gather and restore farm equipment, work on security. We know what we can grow here and how long each crop takes throughout the year so can move into survival mode pretty quickly. I guess what I’m trying to say is we’ve worked out what we can grow/make here and what we need to process and store it, so are taking steps to get everything in order as quickly as possible.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      My gosh! Just reading that wore me out! That’s a lot of work to keep all those critters taken care of and the upkeep of everything. You should be proud.
      I think you probably work harder sick then I do well!

  66. recoveringidiot says:

    MD, I’d love to find some #4 buck but all I can find local is some 10 pack stuff marketed as home defense ammo and it’s real expensive. Do you order yours online?

    My week was mostly work and most of that was on the road. The work vehicle cost me more money this week as well, not a break down just maintenance but still cut my prep money out. I feel like I’m getting a bit burnt out, not so much on preparing but just in general.

    Hope everyone has a good week.

    • Pineslayer says:

      recoveringidiot, I have had good luck with Cabela’s and 4 shot. Their deals go in cycles, haven’t figured out the pattern yet.

    • cosmolined says:

      Take next weekend off and do something FUN! It will recharge your spirit so you can feel less pressure from things. Cos

  67. The wife finally started her therapy on her broken knee this week and she is able to drive herself now. Returned her wheelchair from the rental place. Thursday I went in and had my heart zapped in an effort to establish a regular heartbeat. It worked. So now my irregular heartbeat is taken care of.
    Have spent a lot of time reading the post from my fellow wolfpackers which is good because with the medical expenses we have had the last 5-6 weeks there has been little we could have done for preps. However the past couple of weeks I have received two cases of MRE’s, a Wise Food Vegetable bucket, and a Wonder Junior hand grain mill. Thanks to MD and the sponsors. Es Mucho Apreciado!

  68. Rockchalk says:

    Hello wolf pack!
    The only thing we accomplished this week was to bring home some chicks. They were hatched at school and needed a home so they will be joining my 4 girls soon. We went to a huge trade show and bought a few things for our BOL(besides just spending some time together). My garden has cutworms . So I’m looking for a way to get rid of them. And I finally got my Lehman’s catalog- now I have a whole new list of things I want. I hope everyone has a safe and productive week

    • Rockchalk,

      You have the chickens but do you the chicken boots? We are fashionable chicken farmers around here. LOL

      • Rockchalk says:

        I have boots! Mine are brown with pink hearts!!

        • Rockchalk,

          Okay. Now you can join the Cool Boots Division of the Chicken Farmer’s Association Department of the Wolf Pack.

      • Hey, gals, count me in on the fashion boots. I have black ones with all different colored polka dots. I love my boots and I wear them to tend the chickens and work in the garden until the weather gets too hot….ewww, sweaty feet.

        • I'm A Prep Kat says:

          I have black with dots too! The hens peck at the dots like its something to eat 🙂

  69. This week i purchased
    150 lb red hard spring wheat cleaned and bagged 13.00 per bag x 3
    AR15 parts kit for son
    hand crank wheat grinder 5.00
    1 box 223 ammo 5.00
    8 box 243 ammo 5.oo per box
    1 lp fish fryer
    put up apple wood for cooking
    expiremented with wheat recipes
    and shared 2 bottles of pear wine with my nephew

  70. MENTALMATT says:

    Oh and a big heads up to the Wolf Pack, with the Travon shooting being televised every where, and with all the race pimps involved, word is Zimmerman is either crucified, or all major cities will riot. Trust me I’m in the high command, (like the song from the 80’s). Please get your preps ready. I can assure you we cannot contain the issue here in the “D”. I also think another attack on out contitutional rights to bear arms will come after this also. It’s a mess! What will they think of next, you cant defend yourself in your house, who knows. Make sure you get out and vote this year. God Bless

    • village idiot says:

      Good advice all around, MATT. Watch your six, and be careful. I hope your retreat plans are progressing well.

    • worrisome says:

      Bless you for what you do! I wish you could retire and get out of there! Thanks for the heads up…………

    • sw't tater says:

      Thanks! Matt, You confirmed what me and hubby have been thinking.


    Bought a metal shelf and $300.00 in canned goods (meats, veggies, fruits, sugar, salt). Put the shelf up in the spare bedroom with all the new food on it. The new tent for the bug out kit came in. The wife, kids and I went on a hike and practiced fire building with a flint and steel. The bug out kit is almost finished, we need one more sleeping bag, one more bivy sack and some odds and ends. Surviving is expensive!!

  72. village idiot says:

    I’ve done some things this week, but I haven’t had time to post them. My son was the victim of an attempted home invasion Saturday night, and I’ve been caught up with that. Luckily he wasn’t hurt, and did all the right things. He heard a knock on the door, which was unusual since they have a doorbell, so he looked out a 2nd floor window and saw a lone male standing there. He was about to walk downstairs when he observed 2 more males approaching. He knew none of them. He grabbed his pistol and moved to a safe area, then released his German Shepherd. The dog spooked the men, who ran down the street and jumped into a car and sped away. He was very fortunate. Folks, it isn’t even safe in our homes any more as he lives in a quite neighborhood. Be ready and be prepared.

    • Encourager says:

      VI, that is scary. No one is safe anymore. We just found out a neighbor was arrested for home invasion – of at least six houses so far. They found a trailer stuffed full of stolen stuff. He had a decent job and was in a management position in a shop and making good money. Has a tiny baby and girlfriend (don’t think they were married). He threw all that away because of greed. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And he has brothers to follow after him. His cousin, same age, died a few years ago after he tried to outrun a cop; flipped the car and died because he did not have his seat belt on. Stupidity must run in the family.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Encourager, Obviously I don’t know your neighbor but around here when you see that kind of thing going on you can safely bet your last dollar there is a drug habit fueling the criminal behavior or rather the criminal behavior is to fuel the drug habit.
        No one has a good enough job to support being hooked on crack cocain or Oxycontin.

    • axelsteve says:

      My 4 dogs are what I call free range dogs. They wander inside the house and have a dog door to the backyard.They are basicaly always on the job.they also dislike loud or angry voices so someone can be yelling down the street and they get defensive.Crates are for apples not dogs.

    • VI, wow…just goes to show..the need to be alert to our surroundings – not just in public. Good work on your son’s part on having a good dog handy. cheers.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, all i can say is WOW. and glad everybody is all right.

      • village idiot says:

        river, we’re trying to see if the house was targeted because the homeowners were out of town due to having a baby born with a serious heart condition. They will be gone for 3 months, and we are wondering if someone knew they were gone, but didn’t know my son was watching the house for them. That’s what I think, and since all these folks are in the Army, I suspect the perps are in the Army, or had friends in the Army who had knowledge the homeowner was gone. I don’t want to think someone in the Army would rob a brother who had a baby born with a heart condidtion. The thought of that makes me sick.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, indeed that is a terrible thought. they obviously either knew or cased the house as the folks were packing the car to go. so many folks do it right in the open for any cruiser to see. hard to believe it was a fellow trooper, but as i said before the army has changed for the worse. gangs were getting rampant in some units. perhaps it was someone they told like a paperboy or the like? glad he was there and still okay.

    • charlie (NC) says:

      There was a a case near here a few days ago. Some folks have a child with cancer. There was a fund raiser for the kid. Because of the fund raiser everyone in the area knew the kid was sick and some low lifes apparently figured there would be pain meds in the house. They kicked the door in, had the folks spread eagle on the floor while they searched the house and grabbed anything of vaule they could find including firearms. The victims said that when the perps left one of them said to the other “what do you want to do with them”. Then they just left and the folks were unharmed. The perps wrecked their car a few miles away and tried to get away on foot, disposing of the loot as they went. They were caught and all or most of the stuff was apparently recovered including stuff from other robberies.

      All of this happened about 2 miles from where my 93 year old mother lives alone. This is an area that has never had any problems before the last 3 years or so.

  73. W.Va. Prepper says:

    Added used mini-14 rifle & Colt 1911 45-cal handgun to my collection of armaments; added new 10/22 rifle for my wife to use at the range

    Sighted in all scopes at the rifle range

    Entered into purchase agreement to buy 7 rural acres of land for new homestead

    Ordered the book “When Things Go Boom” from amazon.com

  74. SurvivorDan says:

    Finally had another good week of prepping and it didn’t post. Well…. it’ll just be my little secret. But I did forget to mention 2 cases of Spam! Being from Hawaii…..that’s the prize prep this week….cama aina survival meat of choice.

  75. Paid down on first AR, there is a gun store here that has layaway which is nice so one doesn’t have to come up with all the money at once. Allows me to spread out the money on a few projects. Started new garden a few plants to start to see how good we are at gardening. Went through bag and continue to modify for the season change.

  76. This weekend I attended an Appleseed rifle training course and earned the Rifleman badge. To get this you have to score at least a 210 on the AQT, the Army Qualification Test. Only one other person got the badge out of around 10. It was cold. I also camped out that weekend and stumbled onto something called MANFEST which seemed to be a celebration of all things macho. It was interesting, they sort of adopted me, though I’m a lady. So during the day I was shooting and then at night I was chomping cigars, telling dirty jokes, and passing the talking stick with these men. They were gracious to put up with me, but then I’m a tomboy anyway so I kind of fit in and had fun wallowing in the Al Bundy-ness of it all. Also for the first time I ate an MRE, and I tested my cold weather sleeping bag, and figured out it works a lot better if you zip the inner lining as well as the outside of the bag 🙂

    I also tried out my homemade mini rocket stove.

    One thing I learned from this was: if you are going to be outside all the time at 50 degrees, you will want a scarf as well as a hat, and you will definitely want winter clothes. Also a little bottle of dish soap is a good thing to add to your BOB.

    About MRE’s: Mine had the heater things, which kept only being lukewarm. After I got impatient and ate the food, and poured most of the water out of the heater thing, it heated up a lot. So I heated something else with it, then used it like hot hands until it wore out. I wonder if I was using too much water, or if I didn’t wait long enough for it to work?

    Regarding mini rocket stoves: They will get sooty. This soot will get all over your hands and everything they touch. Also, it’s very hard to start a fire with just sticks. You want something fuzzy, or some wax, or a 1-inch blob of pine tar or something. Or all three! When the sticks have been recently rained on, it’s even more difficult. I suggest that keeping these firestarter things and a little dry tinder/kindling with the rocket stove might be a good idea. Your vessel that you cook in will also become quite sooty. Pack something to keep these sooty things in, so they don’t get soot all over the rest of your stuff. Rub soap on the outside of your cooking vessel before you start, and it will clean up easier. And bring a potholder.

    It is easy to forget to drink water when it is cold out. Don’t forget. One of the first things to go when you start to get dehydrated, even before you get thirsty, is your fine vision, which makes it harder to shoot.

    I think camping is a real good practice for survival situations, because you can test certain techniques and equipment, while you have an out if it doesn’t work. If I were thrown into a situation where I got stranded with only my BOB stuff, I would want to know how it all worked, and be able to just roll with it.

    • Hey…good job Penny Pincher
      I scheduled an Appleseed shoot a few months ago. Had to cancel as a relative had the bad taste to schedule her wedding the same weekend.

      I’m curious as to how you liked the training itself, what kind of rifle you used and at what distances you shot?

    • Penny Pincher…loved reading your post…and now you know that actually getting out there and practicing and using the stuff in your BOB is wonderful.

      I spent today repacking my car for this weekend out in the scrub – and reading your post…can barely wait. Yet I only got back Monday evening from another trip.

      What type of mat did you use to sleep on…I seem to need/want more padding under me. Maybe I just want the same comfort I have at home.


  77. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Preps were good this week. I ordered some pantry size cans from Shelf Reliance to try. I amazed SO with a meal made from 90% stored food and our fresh backyard eggs.
    Dehydrated strawberries and blueberries.
    I cleared a space in the shed for water storage. Started filling 2 ltr bottles. The fit nicely in the cardboard wine boxes from the local package store.
    Started building the get home bag for the car.
    Made a list of get home items and 72 hour items that are small enough to fit in the bottom of the kidd-o’s school back packs. The can walk the 5 miles home, or be cared for at school if need be and still have a few comforts of home. Now I just need to put it together and give them the ground rules for using.
    Repurposed a rabbit hutch for the “teen-age” chicks. They out grew the baby coop and they are not yet ready to join the flock.
    Vac-packed more of the half-a-cow in the freezer. Checked on the lambs.
    SO left the chicken yard gate open and the hens got half the pea plants and some of the lettuce. Going to have to put a spring on that gate!
    That’s it for this week. Take care, y’all!

  78. I just got back from a 3 day business seminar so I’m a little behind. As of this writing there are 412 comments on this thread that I still have to read! Plus the other threads. Had no wi-fi either at the conference or in our room, so had no chance. Plus I leave on Wednesday for another 3 day conference (hopefully their wi-fi works).

    This week we ordered some books and gear through M.D.’s Amazon links. It’s starting to trickle in.

    Got magazine for my pistols (Browning, Beretta, and Glock) and more AR mags due to pricing specials.
    Stopped by a WalMart in Idaho and picked up some #10 cans of milk and biscuit mix (must price out what I’m paying online and compare prices).

    Sorting out the ammo onto our new shelves is going slowly. Need to lower one shelf. I’ve got 4 milk crates of misc ammo that is not in cans to got through already in there with the locker still to go. Reminder: Must get more ammo cans.

    The store should be stocked up from their .75/lb pasta sale, so I may get over there on Saturday and use my Rain Check.

    Need to get some more of the 4 gal square and 4.25 gal round bucks. I still have several of the 3.5’s and 1.25’s that I got from the bakery, but those sources have dried up here locally. I have a lead on some 55 and 30 gal blue barrels. Some are from the lawn care people and these will get cut in have to grown stuff on the glasses in front porch.

    Glad to see all the comments and look forward to getting them all read.

    Keep the RADAR on and keep prepping!

  79. Thoughts and prayers for the Wolf Pack this week.

    Picked up some tooth paste, gum and coffee filters for storage. Also picked up another flash light. Got some potassium iodide pills at a gun show.

    Picked up a spring assist knife for DS1. He normally carries 2 pocket knives on him. This one will be put in a zip lock bag with a few other essential supplies for his back pack. He knows that if/when things get bad that I may not be able to pick him up. He doesn’t drive so he will have to find his way to the house.

    In the wife’s multiple little jobs she works there is a trip to another small town every few weeks. She found a new gas station that had the price cheap to attract customers. She asked me for any available cans, and filled them up (12 gal total). She isn’t thinking long term storage. She wanted to take advantage of the pricing. That’s progress.

  80. Got a few things accomplished this weekend. The local gun show was great and I finally got my handgun of choice…. Glock 22…and for a pretty decent price. We also had a garage sale and made back a little bit of the money I spent on gun. Basement organization continues, and is much easier with the extra stuff gone. My little prepper/safe room is up and running and contains all of our water/food and emergency items.

    Planted two tomato plants, a jalepeno pepper and a red bell pepper.

    I’m again trying to quit smoking, let’s hope it stick this time.
    Enjoying reading of all of your activities.
    Take care,

  81. my real name? says:

    Got a 1909 Singer only needs a minor lube & tune, couldn’t be more thrilled!!! Picked up an old horse trailer that will become not only animal transport but temporary barn when time to move on to land. ( no plans on getting horses at this time but will be able to if we choose, will also beat putting a goat or 2 in the bed of the truck later on as well) Honey fell in love with 2 goslings, unfortunatley they aren’t sexed so we don’t know what we have yet. Figure they will make fabulous “watchdogs” and if one or both female, we add to egg production, it’s a win-win.
    As I said before about only needing a few more things, we are now down to 2 that we would like to aquire and then we are on the other side of the prep scale… DOWNSIZING. Between the 2 of us, we have way too much “stuff” as many people do. All of the family “heirlooms” that do not have practical use will be distributed equally to our children and the rest will be sold to add to the land fund.

    • Is your Singer a treadle? I got the treadle that I learned on; my parents got it 2nd hand then (1970s), and I got it when they moved a couple of years ago. It needs a decent restoration to make it work again; you’ve inspired me.

      Also, your downsizing is inspiring too. It’s a hard balance because a lot of what we do is collect things to store for preparations, but I’m also sentimental so have things for that reason too. I hope your kids will love those heirlooms.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        I’m sitting at a Singer treadle machine at the is very moment. I don’t use it often but it works. A friend of mine gave it to me years ago when he moved away. The leather belt streched and needs adjustment but it’s fine. I keep my notebook computer on top of it.

        • Similar here–ours holds the TV in our rental suite–until I can find room in our place and the time to work on it! I love the knowledge that I learned on it, though.

  82. My aneima came back spent the weekend in hospital getting 6 units blood, plus the same useless tests that have failed to find leak in tummy. On the plus side at about the third pint the answer to a live firing pin under a halfcocked hammer came to me, an acorn nut. Set it on the adapter lower the hammer to the nut instant safety, a wire to keep it from getting lost during firing. My DD1 did score me 51 lbs of ground Turkey breast for $1.66/lb. Now I get to test out my All American 915 canner [goodwill $45] on Taco filling and sausage for milk gravy.

    • azyogi…my prayers are with you…hope you get better fast….and score on that american canner…the shipping costs are huge for me…so, have to hear all about it from you guys. Get well…cheers.

  83. Kelekona says:

    To anyone with vision problems, how concerned are you? I have astigmatism, but somehow I can’t adjust to having any sort of lenses. Last time I tried to wear glasses, my eyes went numb and while I could navigate a city, I couldn’t appreciate an art exhibit.

    Back when my art involved cutting score-lines into CD’s without glasses, then hitting those scores with a dremel tool, I felt I did well enough. (Basically 1/4 but consistently.)

    I recently got a moped and an open helmet simply because I thought a visor would make me claustrophobic. I have goggles, but I can’t see through them, but I managed not to run into anything the one time I used them. Now I prefer having to blink road grit and bugs out of my eyes, though I have managed to keep the damage down by going “mouse mode” and using the visor to deflect most of the wind.

  84. Kelekona says:

    I’m not sure what political wing I am, much less what you all are, but I suspect that my husband is a man-child that needs straightening. What is a gentle way to correct him into “you must listen to all of my nagging and then decide what can ignore without leading to a full-fledged bitch-fit.”

    Telling him multiple times that something is upsetting me doesn’t seem to work unless it’s one of the easily-solvable problems. Would warning him that I stay up 2-3 hours later than him and am willing to bring up the issue at that time penetrate? (Then again, he wasn’t even aware that I was asking him where my favorite only sketchbook was, and kind-of clueless when I was challenging him about why he stuck my only favorite sketchbook into the toolbox it was on top of.)

    Then again, I hate to even use a flashlight to locate my pajamas while he’s sleeping. It seems like an unfair tactic when he tries his hardest to minimize my hateful mumbled swears when he has clothing-locating issues in the morning.

    STUPID GOLDEN RULE HAS CRIPPLED MY ENTIRE LIFE AND HAS LED TO A MINOR NEUROSIS and I still have a fervent enough belief in it to apply it to marriage. Then again, as the female, not having the golden rule is much worse. I’m not sure, but we’re going the dark side of biblical without it.

    • cosmolined says:

      “hateful mumbled swears” doesn’t put you into a reasonable light either…. Try taking daily walks and practising holding hands…. Neither my wife or I can push the other, despite logic.
      (It’s a married thing.) Cos

    • Kelekona honey, not knowing what age/stage of life y’all are at, the folks here are probably not your most able source of counsel on this.

      But, if a young woman in my family said ‘DH does X and that is driving me nuts, what do I do?’, here’s how I’d counsel her:

      When you are frustrated, assume the best–he’s a good man trying hard, perhaps under difficult circumstances you may not realize.

      Show him love by figuring out exactly what has frustrated you (that you can’t find your stuff, not why did he move it), and what *you* can do to avoid frustration (a dedicated space to keep your important things?) or reduce it (if sock drawer sounds wake you up, lay out a pair in the bathroom?)

      If your own efforts don’t resolve it, give him an easy way to improve the situation (a Wifey’s Stuff that I Needed to Move box?)–and notice with appreciation whenever he does.

      The outside world will bring pressure and sorrow enough in life. Do what you can to keep your home life happy, and make it easy for him to do the same.

      Kelekona, I don’t know if any of that is helpful to you, but I hope you find more peace.

      • Kelekona says:

        Latana and everyone, I think I decided that the first thing I need to do is ask my doctor for a bottle of the drug that causes people to be allergic to rum, then work on myself some more.

        • Kelekona,

          Do it. Call your doctor now. Tell the appointment maker that you have an alcohol problem, and you need to start addressing it today.

          While you’re in the waiting room, consider whether AA is right for you. Here’s their web page for people considering AA:


          Alcohol is your zombie. Your DH and your doctor are your team. You can find allies at AA.

          God bless you and Godspeed, dear.

          Now, fight!

          • Kelekona,

            If you think you might have an issue with alcohol, you probably do. Check out the AA website and see if it’s for you. Go to a few meetings. Talk to people. Listen to what they have to say. There are many who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. There’s an interesting book. I can’t remember the author but it’s called A New Pair of Glasses. It’s about a man who constantly finds fault in his wife. The more he looks for faults, the more he finds. When he gets his thinking straight, he realizes that what he focused on is what got bigger. So he made a decision to focus on his wife’s positive attributes instead of her negative attributes. It’s all about perspective. Think about it. When we were 16 our parents were idiots. By the time we reached 30, it was amazing how smart they had become.

            • Bam Bam (and Kelekona): the author of the book “A New Pair Of Glasses” is Chuck C. Yes, good book.

          • Yes., AA has saved the lives of lots of folks and restored lots of relationships. And the great part is, the longest a person ever has to go without a drink, is 24 hours! (Although at the start, it can be minute by minute :-} )

    • Kelekona…have your pyjamas set out ready for you to get into, possibly have them folded and in the bathroom somewhere…no need for flashlight, and possibly bumping into furniture and stubbing your toes…

      or get into your pj’s early in the evening, if you are not going out, or expecting company – wind down early and relax.

      Same with DH’s clothes for the morning…have them set out on coathangers, socks & jocks, shoes – all ready for the morning.

      plan ahead – because when it is late, and we are tired…may not be the best time to go looking for stuff.

      However, having said that..can sympathize – good luck….

  85. This past week I feel like I was able to store quite a bit, yet it never seems like enough….

    5 cans of chicken
    5 boxes of cereal
    4 cases of water
    4 cans of beef stew
    10lbs of rice
    6 jars of coffee
    10 cans of pasta sauce
    2 bottles ranch dressing
    2 jars peanut butter
    4 jars of mayo
    40 bottles of ice tea
    8 boxes of assorted snacks
    6 boxes of quitips
    20 bottles of shampoo/conditioner
    6 extra large candles
    40 bottles of dish soap
    2 bottles of contact solution
    6 bottles of kids pain reliever
    4 bottles kids cold medicine
    2 boxes feminine products

    Keep stacking everyone….there are an awful lot of empty store shelves!

  86. FarmerKin says:

    Hello everyone,

    Not a whole lot this week. I went to a different WalMart and was finally able to pick up 200 rounds of 9mm. Wasn’t the stuff I was looking for, but with availability the way it has been, I was okay with it.

    The grocery store had 5lb bags of potatoes on sale for $2.99, so I got 3 bags and dehydrated all of them over the weekend. It’s amazing that 5lbs of potatoes can fit into two quart jars. Roma tomatoes on sale for .79 per pound. 2lbs have been dehydrated and another 3lbs will be soon. Oh yeah, also got a dozen quart jars for packing the stuff I’m dehydrating. Yeah, I know … expensive, but once I get the things that I plan to use day-to-day packed in jars for easy access, then I will start vacuum packing excess for longer storage.

    When I found this site a couple months back, it was because I was researching for a wheat grinder and MDs article http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/recommendations-on-choosing-grain-mill/ popped up on my Google search. I got so side-tracked with all the great info and community, that I shamefully have not ordered a grain mill yet. I had kinda made up my mind to get this Little Ark by Retsel.


    I need to get back on track and get a mill, but wanted to ask the pack if anyone has this mill and could comment. Of course, if there is anyone who is passionate about the mill they have, I would love to hear about what you have and why you like (or dislike) it.

    Thanks everyone, have a great week!

    • FarmerKin…our roma tomatoes are $4.99 p/kilo – and our cabbages are now down to $4.99 each..

      Unleaded fuel is $1.60 p/litre.

      Have not used my mill often enough to be able to give you any substantive opinion…however, it was the one I choose to go with after deliberating for a few months….came with both stone burrs and stainless steel burrs…and a flour guide –

      my Survival Ark grain mill grinds all grains, from fine flours to course cereals…it is manually operated, but can be motorized…

      have only tried grinding wheat and buckwheat so far, as my grains are for long-term storage and vac packed and put away.

      …but written guide states that it grinds sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, linseed, soybeans, lupens, oat groats, buckwheat, millet, barley, triticale, peanuts, coffee beans etc.

      the stone burrs provide for the finest stone ground flour – for pastry quality fine flour – from wheat, corn, rye, oats and other dry grain…and also rice.

      My mill cost $300, plus shipping, and I was able to get it from an Australian supplier. Just a happy customer – not connected with the company in any way. Hope this helps…cheers.

      • FarmerKin says:

        Oh my goodness Chloe! Those are crazy prices! I wish I could send you some, but the shipping cost would ruin the great sale price … and you would probably receive tomato juice instead of actual tomatoes. LOL

        Thank you for the response regarding the grain mill. Just knowing a pro like you has chosen the same brand that I am looking at makes me feel pretty good about the decision.

        From what I understand, this company does not accept credit cards, so I guess I have to place the order and then mail them a check, and then they would send me the mill. Sounds like a two or three week process. : (

        Take care.

  87. Hey Wolf Pack. In digging around on this site, reading some of MD’s past articles, I found the recipe for Pinto Bean Pie. Made it tonight and it is awesome! Woo Hoo! Another way to use pinto beans!!!

  88. Candy in Nebraska says:

    We won coupons off a site that plays games once in awhile. around $75.00 worth. I just need to go through them and actually see how much I can use.
    Neighbor gave us his chicken tractor for the babies and boy do they love it. better then that tiny little cage we had. We had to climb in it the first 3 nights and push them in the house with the heat lamp but they finally figured it out.
    Neighbor is also giving us close to 1000 red brick bricks. Just got to go dig them out.
    Recieved another tent the first one tore all to hell in a wind storm thankgoodness it was under warrenty. But got the new one in today so we are camping out in the yard tonight.
    Went to cash wa and found #10 cans of diced peaches on sale for $3.00 so we bought 2 of them. Been dehydrating carrots all week,cleaning, and organizing.
    I condensed some items and found I had a 5 gal bucket worth of quick oats, in seperate smaller containers that I put into 1. Found 5 gal of macaroni as we well. Now I have 3 empty shelves.
    DD1 and SIL1 and babies still stuck in NewYork waiting for his discharge. Military lost his paperwork a 2nd time. What fun.
    Most of the garden is up doing rather well gong to plant my tomatos and peppers hopefully next week.

  89. Kelekona says:

    BTW, does anyone know why I always have government mind-control-dreams right as I pass out in front of the fridge? I mean, with an alcohol tolerance enough to distinguish puke-potential vs cleanup, there is a 40% chance of aiming for linoleum, and that’s without considering how pleasant it is to pass out on carpet…

    Tonight’s ankle-twist must have been an accident, but if the mold-cleaners weren’t chasing us out of the house…. I’d be launching a trap. (And now with my announcement, they’ll leave me the fuck alone and continue their piddly experiment elsewhere.)

    • kelekona…always get a chuckle from your posts…can’t understand some of them – okay, most of them –

      but I always look forward to reading them…could be that I am up late trying to get through all the posts…cheers.

  90. New books today. It’s late in the day so hopefully those who want to will see it.


  91. beavertonbuck says:

    So I have been a lurker and this is my first comment. I am just getting started prepping.

    Over the past two weeks I have: purchased 20 cans of chicken & tuna and purchased 50lbs. of rice. I also purchased and filled three 7-gallon water containers. I practiced making fire using a flint & lint or cotton balls soaked in vasoline. I purchased a edible plants book for the PNW and worked on identifying some plants.

    A question for storing rice for long term. When I buy the large bags of rice they usually have a use by date around six months. Is there any way I can extend this period or incorporate rice into long term storage. I look forward to learning from everyone’s experience.

    • welcome Beavertonbuck…good on you for preparing to provide for yourself and family…..

      re the rice…I have vac sealed my rice into smallish sized bags – anywhere from 1-3 kgs…and then these have all been placed into heavyduty food grade buckets…

      I have also stored rice in mylar bags – approximately 12 inches (“) by 12” – with an O2 absorber placed in the bag before sealing the opening with a hot clothes iron. These mylar bags also come in various sizes and thicknesses, and also 5 gallon…

      The absorber will shrink that mylar bag down tight against the rice grains – and then place these also in buckets…as don’t want mice/rats or other critters chewing through the mylar or vac sealed rice and other foodstuffs you will also no doubt put away into storage.

      There are other methods that I have read about…e.g. using a piece of dry ice – however, I have no experience with that method, so someone else will have to explain that to you…or do a google search on this site – it has been covered in detail.

      Others have suggested freezing the rice for a few days, 2-3 days, and then packing rice away, as any egg laying critters will have died off during the freezing process/period.

      the pack are amazing – vast knowledge, in many areas…get ready to feel swamped with info…

      d2prep has really taken this prep journey in his stride – has made huge progress…no doubt he may be able to give you valuable info…hope this helps…

      there is a huge amount of info on this site…if you get a chance, take the time to go through the archives…


      • beavertonbuck says:


        Thanks for the response and I have gone thru the archives trying to figure out what not to do. I have heard of freezing the rice before storing before so I will give that a try.

        Do any of the processes you talk about extend the life of rice? Would this rice be good for 2-3 years or does it have its original expected life. I know that the “expiration date” doesn’t mean the rice is automatically bad but just looses some of its nutritional value. I want to get at least six months of storage up before I start rotating my food and I am trying to figure out what is the maximum storage period for rice.

        • village idiot says:

          Once you’ve stored white rice this way, beaverton, it should last a minimum of 10 years, maybe as long as 20, if the rice is properly stored in a cool, dry place. HTH.

      • Thanks Chloe and welcome Beavertonbuck! Happy to share any of the things I have learned on my journey (Mistakes and all!). Reading the comments on the SME’s on this site has been life changing. You will become more self sufficient than you ever were and knowledgeable in subjects you never even previously thought about.

    • village idiot says:

      beavertonbuck, welcome and be prepared to learn. The people who post here know about just about everything when it comes to being prepared. Their info is not theoretical, they know because they’ve done it. I use the same method chloe suggests, using small mylar bags for rice storage, then placing the small bags inside the 5 gal. bags and into a food grade bucket. I put my rice in the freezer for 2 weeks prior to bagging, but that length of time may not be necessary, I usually go over the suggested amount of time just to be safe. Good luck and good prepping.

    • B-Buck,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. I buy my rice from the LDS Store online and it comes in #10 cans–shelf life of 30 years.

  92. JR from AR says:

    Hello Everyone! Like most I have been lurking for several weeks after finding this blog. I have so enjoyed it and have absorbed a mountain of infomation thanks to all of you! I have been half heartedly prepping for a couple of years (insert shame emote) but I have recently been really getting serious and have order some (for the moment) freeze dried food, stocked up on medicinal supplies, antibacterial wipes and canned goods that I have marked for rotation. I have added 1000 rounds of .22 ammo, bought a Ruger 10/22 w/25 round clip, a concealable 9mm pistol, a pump and seal and currently looking for a grain grinder. I am excited to be a member of this group and may God bless each of you!

    This week’s preps:

    3 bottles of Ibuphrophen
    3 pack of antibacterial wipes
    6 tubes of toothpaste
    6 cans of coffee
    2 large bags of rice
    recleaned and oiled 3 pistols and 3 rifles

    I have ordered and read MD’s Dirt Cheap Retreat..I am still waiting on the 31 Days to Survival to get here…Amazon is slow on this one after 3 weeks….Have a wonderful day and God bless you!

    • FarmerKin says:

      Welcome JR.

      Your half hearted preps have put you leaps and bounds ahead of many. Looks like you have made a pretty good start. Just think how much progress you will be making now that you have gotten serious.

      The pack is pretty resourceful, if you have any questions, don’t be bashful.

      Take care.

    • Welcome Jr From AR. You will love this site and these folks!

  93. Today’s books posted:

    If you want to check past posts to see whether any previously mentioned books are still available, click here instead: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/

  94. Lee (tx) says:

    Hey Pack,,,any recommendations on where to buy my Freeze Dried Food? I searched the archives, but i must have not searched correctly.

    • Lee,

      Check out Emergency Essentials and Honeyville Grain. Before you buy anything do a Google search to see if there is a coupon code out–you can save 10 or 15 percent off your entire order. I think Honeyville has a code out now.

      You might also want to check out the LDS Store online for staples–they have the absolute best prices and free shipping.

    • I used Emergency Essentials (beprepared.com) (for ease of use+MD link))
      Honeyvillegrain.com ($4.99 shipping)
      Augason Farms (I get these from some Wal-Mart’s + MD link)
      Thrive Foods (shelfreliance.com) (Costco carries some of these)
      Wise Foods (many sources + MD link)

      I would do the following:
      1. Figure out what your family will eat.
      2. Check the cost/serving (watch to make sure the serving sizes are the same, you may need to compensate you cost/serving)
      3. Keep a list of what it will cost you to mail order, that way if you find something in a store, you know if it is a “sale” or not. (I send myself a text so it’s on my phone.)

    • cosmolined says:

      Lee (tx):
      I get mine from Walton Feed. Their prices are so low that in Kalifornia I still get stuff cheaper than I can anywhere else. (Except the LDS, which has both low cost and free shipping on the basic case of grains.) Cos

  95. I read in the paper today that the Dutch government collapsed. The situation in Europe looks to be coming to a head.

    • riverrider says:

      bam, i watch the bbc news on pbs. you would think they are on another planet because they report real news, not fluff. spain is banning cash transactions over 2500, people are leaving europe in droves for south america like here in the 1900’s. ireland is hurting, greece isn’t over its troubles either. france is likely tossing sarkozy out, looks like extreme right winger will take his place, over IMMIGRATION of all things. germany is tired of footing the bills for everybody. china, iran and russia are trying to get the world to use the yuan as the default currency. its a mad mad world:)

      • Good observations river…..
        The European welfare state is not that many years ahead of the US, unforutnately. We will face the same thing here…maybe worse. Fat salaries, fat retirements, endless benefits are unsustainable!

        You may have mis-spoke on Sarkozy’s competition, in the French elections though? I’m quite certain the competition is not a “right winger” but is, infact, a flaming socialist/liberal who will spend, spend, spend! Unlike Sarkozy who has worked with Merkel, of Germany, to work towards austerity and paying down debt!

        • Hawkeye,

          I misspoke. Sarkozy’s competition is from the left, a socialist. The French are sick of austerity. I was thinking about the collapse of the Dutch government at the same time.

          • riverrider says:

            bam, according to the bbc night before last, sarkozy faces a female ultra right winger that got more of the vote than him and a leftist that got nearly what he did. they have to do a run off of sorts until one gets 50% or something like that. hell its france, who knows how its done, but the lady was hammering sark over immigration and spending and according to bbc she was hitting a cord w/ the french citizens(subjects). they are pissed that he let millions of muslims in.

            • The French political system is confusing. I think they have a two state voting process. In the first stage every major party gets to run a candidate. People vote their conscience. Then there is a run off between the top two candidates. If I understand correctly, Sarkozy is a moderate-conservative. He is facing challenges from both the left and the right. But the right will fall in line and vote for him in the second election. The question is whether this gives him enough votes to overcome the socialist candidate.

              Do we have any French people who can explain this better? It has been 20 years since I have taken survey of world politics.

            • riverrider says:

              bam, i think you hit the process pretty well, but the reports were that quite possibly the right will not fall in w/ sarkozy this time and that was earthshaking to them. he is having to work hard to get there support. we’ll have to wait n see i guess. i kinda like his right wing opponenent, she is a real firebrand. we need her over here:)

      • RR,

        And when the Chinese Yen becomes the world’s reserve currency, the dollar will completely collapse and the U.S. will become a third-world country overnight.

        • Bingo Bam Bam….
          You’re exactly right! and if the Yuan becomes the world’s reserve currency, all the US printing of money will do is cause inflation/hyperinflation similar to Germany in the 30s! And that won’t be pretty!

          • Hunker-Down says:


            That money is already printed. We just have to wait for the banks to stop lending it back to the guberment as t-bills. The federal reserve has a choke hold on the timing as to when the t-bill lending will end and it will be when they decide to raise interest rates another 2 points. Then the cash from QE2 and QE3 will hit main street because it will be more profitable for the banks to lend it to us instead of to the government. We should buy a money/wheel/barrel before then (and junk silver).

            The federal reserve may decide to bail out the Dutch.
            Does anyone know what branch of the US government could stop them?

            Is is illegal for us to print our own Yuan before it becomes the world standard? lol They have been printing dollars for years.

            • Hunker-Down…
              Yup. I agree with everything you said. I was using the term “print money” as a metaphor but, whatever form it takes, it’s still “phony money” and is only worth what you can buy with it. And if it is not accepted as the “world reserve currency” then it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. No Doubt! Not pretty!

      • worrisome says:

        Amazing that in the home of the free, we are getting 60+ drone sites to spy on our own citizens; and our news is so restricted that we have no idea what is going on in other countries? I remember when the government of Ireland resigned and started over, I walked into work and said had “anyone heard that the government of Ireland had collapsed”? All I got were blind stares…….crazy as it would seem.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Is there a good place in South America?

        • riverrider says:

          hd, i like argentina. everybody speaks english as a second language and they have beau coup BEEF:) but alas, those nutty guys want to pick another fight with the uk. i can guess how thats going to turn out.

      • Riverrider, the reason our news is so full of fluff is because that is what the masses want. They do not want to hear or see anything that violates their sense of comfort and possibly confronts them face to face with reality. Thank God, there are some of us who do want to know, and are trying to be prepared. Because those same masses who are getting what they want now, are going to want for what they don’t have and will be up screaming when the government doesn’t come to their aid. And will also be asking why they weren’t warned. The term “weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth” comes to mind!!!

        • DJV,

          You are right. Back in the day when I was a journalist, the paper would have customer survey reports–what folks wanted to read. The number one type of story they liked in the paper was weather stories. You would not believe how many stories I wrote on the drought.

          There is no longer a sense of obligation to tell both sides of the story, to inform readers so they could make their own informed choice.

      • village idiot says:

        river, and here in the US the Senate has now voted to disavow the budget agreement that was the key part of raising the debt limit. It looks like we will reach the debt limit again before the election, and who knows what might happen. Britain and Spain have now both officially fallen back into recession, the US is only growing because of 1 trillion dollars in deficit spending each year, and that bubble could burst any day as it’s not sustainable. A large chunk of the world is now trying to ditch the dollar, and when that happens, inflation will skyrocket and the Fed can’t do a thing to stop it. That agency is too invested in inflating the currency and making the banksters rich using the carry trade. Sorry scumbags all.
        /rant over

        • I do have a question on this: Why has the U.S. accused China of currency manipulation when from all appearances it looks like the U.S. is the biggest currency manipulator in the world. It seems that the only way the Fed has keep up the appearance of not being in a depression is by manipulating the dollar. Is this just a matter of looking at a red chair and then watching everyone come in the room and announce “The chair is blue”. You see that it’s red but everyone is calling it “blue”. So you start to wonder if you are crazy and consider “correcting” what you think you see.

          • Bam Bam…..
            I don’t think the US is “manipulating currency” so much as creating it out of thin air. I don’t know the particulars but the Chinese seem to be keeping the value of the Yuan low vis-a-vis the dollar. That makes it harder for anyone to “buy American” including Chinese and damages the US ability to compete, in the process. That, to the best of my understanding” at least, is the gist of it.

          • village idiot says:

            Bam Bam, the Quantitative Easing Programs were nothing but money manipulation, and Turbo Timmy and Helicopter Ben and everyone at Treasury and the Fed knows it. But they don’t care because flooding the market with easy money drives the stock market higher. With the real estate market in depression, the only outlet these people think they have is inflating the economy. Which causes bubbles. The debt bubble building now is one that no one mentions because eveybody knows that once this bubble is pricked, the party is over. There will be only two choices, print money and cause a hyperinflation, or let the economy go into a huge deflation. I’m betting on the hyperinflation, which is why precious metals will be a good investment.

            And you aren’t crazy by any means. It’s just that the ptb will do anything to stay in power, and if that means red is blue, and up is down, that is what they will say. We as preppers just need to be able to see through the nonsense and prepare. Food and related products, medicines, g and a, gold, silver, copper, nickel…anything with tangible value will increase in price and protect you from the worst of what is to come. It’s just terrifying to watch the slow-motion end of the Western World taking place right before our eyes. Because the world we know advanced civilization to a new level, and the world I see coming is barbaric and evil. Think Pakistan and Afghanistan and you get the picture. I’m sorry to be so negative, but unless we have a miracle, I don’t see how we can get out of this mess.

            • VI,

              I don’t see your comments so much as negative as realistic. My dh and I have been considering selling our home and getting something smaller on a couple of acres. After reading about the EU, I don’t know if there is going to be time.

          • Pineslayer says:

            Bam Bam,

            Every nation attempts to manipulate monetary systems, it is called cheating. What has brought us down is instant gratification. The Fed should not be lending $ to banks. Banks should lend what they have in deposits, it’s called capital, that’s the basis for capitalism. A lot of Americans have forgotten how to save for what they need or want, our government has taught them well. But if we all saved and spent only what we could afford then the economy wouldn’t grow as fast as the greedy bastards need it to so they can buy their islands and jets. If the dollar fails then China is screwed too, they rely on us to buy their stuff. Think of the situation there, 500 million young men with little or no work waiting to rebel against something. China is sitting on a powder keg and they are more scared than us. I’m not saying that what they are doing is right, I just understand why.

            • All, I just received this video clip (below) regarding our out of control spending and our unserviceable debt. Very sobering!

              No one in DC is getting the message.

            • For some reason the clip did not transfer over. Oh well the gist of it was a narrative on our unserviceable debt and no matter what we do, we will not be able to pay it down…ever.

  96. charlie (NC) says:

    If you want to do something to prep this week I have a recommendation. It won’t cost you a thing. I won’t clutter up your prep closet either but it will inform you and make you aware of the coming threat. I’m talking about a documentary tonight on GBTV.com
    (that’s Glenn Beck TV. Beck’s internet TV station) He’s running the 3rd volume of his documentary “Rumors of War” tonight at 7 pm eastern time. If you aren’t subscribed to his service and you have an
    internet connection capable of streaming video you can go to his site and sign up for 30 days for free. You just have to cancel before the 30 days are up or you’ll get charged a monthly fee. He’s telling people to sign up and then cancel if they can’t afford his subscription.

    I’m signed up for a year to his cheap limited service which is $49.00 a year or $4.99 a month. I’m not sure the show is available that subscription so I might have to watch it later “on demand” but if you sign up for the $9.95 a month version of his service you can see it for sure and then just cancel prior to the end of the first month. In the mean time you can watch his daily TV show and news broadcast.

    I’m not here to promote Beck. He does a great job of that himself but the show tonight is supposed to be high level folks talking about a serious threat on our southern border by terrorist types and about terrorist already in place inside the coutry. Don’t take my word for it

    One of tonight’s speakers is Gen. Gerald Boykin.

    I’m just passing this along t
    read about it on his web sites GlennBeck.com or TheBlaze.com.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      charlie (NC),

      I’m looking forward to tonight’s topic.

      I like Beck and his foresight and honesty. He exposes himself to bring us many truths the MSM is afraid to, or not permitted to. That said, I am underwhelmed with the crowd of broadcasters that surround him.

      Last year I tried to cancel the monthly subscription and fell into the usual maze that makes one give up. I tried to cancel a second time and ended up in a different maze with the same result. Meanwhile TDL said a couple of things, then Beck started listing the things he predicted last year and I decided to remain a fan.

      We are in the Central time zone where his show starts at 4PM. Every day I get an email advertising the days topics BUT that email arrives around 5:30. They ignore my complaints about the issue.
      I am disappointed that cancelling is such a hassle, seems dishonest that they would set it up in that fashion.

      Still a big fan of the truth, and Beck.

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Hunker Down,

        I share your frustration. I’ve had a couple of issues myself. I haven’t tried to cancel so I don’t know about that issue but I once went for 3 or 4 days without being able to log on. I sent an e-mail and they quickly corrected it once they responded. Then last night it was 18 minutes into his program before the “join program” button ever appeared on my screen to allow me into the video feed. No rhyme or reason for it. I even logged out 3 times and logged back in but to no avail.

        In all honesty I think it is just growing pains on their part. What they are doing is new technology and they are doing it on the fly, learning and de-bugging as they go. Or at least I hope that is the reason. As for the daily e-mail. I’m in the eastern time zone and I get it late most days too.

        If the information he is putting out there was not so cutting edge and if it was available elsewhere I’d be tempted to bail out too but what he provides is important….. no VITAL … I believe to the survival of this country so I’ll hang in there as long as I can.

        I just figured out I will not be able to see tonights show because I only pay him 5 bucks a month. That’s ok. I already no basically what he’s going to talk about and the details might cause me nightmares but for those out there that don’t have a clue what we face, I hope at least one of them sees tonights show as a result of my comments here.

        • Well I like Beck as well – but I dont pay for subscriptions to anyones news service – one of the reasons being that you dont get good feedback when there is an issue and two it is almost impossible on some sites to unsubscribe!

          I’d love to hear the shows..but sometimes he’s so all over the board I can’t follow what he’s talking about. Guess that’s just me and my non-politically astute brain. I just lump em all together – liars (or lawyers) cheats and thieves. Wish I could see them for free….

          • charlie (NC) says:

            I understand that he is going to have that program burned to CD’s. I’d like to have a copy so I could hold a meeting and show it to a group of folks and I may buy one if they aren’t too expensive. I agree with you about the subscriptions. I subscribed when he first announced that he was going to the internet and paid for one year in a lump sum before he even had the premium 10 bucks a month package. If I don’t cancel they will bill me again in a couple of months but I have to tell you, it’s been worth every penny of the $49 I paid.

            As for Beck jumping all around. That is because he has ADHD and sometimes goes off on tangents. I know some folks don’t believe in that disease. All I can tell you is you’d believe it if you had it. I know!

            • charlie, think you’re right – I believe I read that some where about the ADHD.

              Out of curiosity I went to his Blaze website and at the top of the web page was a read banner – dont remember exactly what it said, but it sounded important – something about china and the US takeover and the conspiracy between Beijing and WA DC> Well shit, there goes me – using those bad words that HS will latch onto. So anyway, after listening to the whole thing (which was also typed as spoken) by an investor named Larry Edelson who lives in Asia who spells out clearly everything you all are talking about.

              He also says that natural resources are the way to invest and come out ahead on all of this – it was very interesting – of course at the end he has a bunch of free ebooks that are free if you subscribe to his monthly newsletter for a year.

              China WILL take us over and we will be in sorry shape (the majority of us) and the only way the US will stay viable at all will be to buy back our own money as yuan at half the price. Something like that….but he does list some information about what to invest in and it sounds tempting to sign up just to get the info.

              Has anyone else seen this?

              I have NOT seen anything in the last two days about the DUTCH or IRISH governments collapsing. Must only be on BBC. How can I get BBC on the puter?

            • Granny J.,

              One point to consider about China’s bid to become the next superpower is that by 2020 they will run out of potable water. Already they are dependent on the rest of the world for so many food imports because they don’t have enough water to grow enough food for their people. I read a while back that China is the number one importer of U.S. soybeans in the world.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Another thing about China. They MUST maintain economic growth of about 8% of more per year from now into the next century to support their population growth. They are already building big government buildings and shopping malls and housing projects that are sitting vacant just to make jobs. Their one child policy and Chinese cultural values about having a son have created a situation where the country if full of young men with no women to marry or even date.
              They are sitting on a ticking time bomb and they know it. They are building up their military and buying into mineral resources not only hear but in
              Australia and South America. They apparently see spreading out into these other countries as a way out.
              Australia’s economy is now in shambles and China is their primary creditor. The other day I heard something on the radio and I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or the truth but it makes a good point either way.
              The guy said that the name of one of the huge new war ships China is building translates from Chinese to English as “the bill collector”.

            • village idiot says:

              I also would like to let everyone know that right now as we speak the Chinese state oil company is buying up oil and gas production here in the US, and are even taking oil and gas leases on private land, where they get to decide when and if drilling will even take place. The Chinese are locking up oil and gas reserves here in the US as fast as they can, and nothing is even being heard about it. In the town I live in, one lease person makes a great living leasing exclusively for the Chinese. Scary stuff. While our “smart” policy makers in Washington continue to waste money on energy projects that can’t work, the Chinese are busy locking up our future oil and gas production. And our government is clueless because they hate oil and gas.

            • charlie (NC) says:


              I don’t think our government is stupid at all. I think people in our government all the way to the top know exactly what is happening and are fully in favor of it.
              The whole green energy thing is just a front. The green movement is best represented by a water mellon. Green on the outside … RED in the middle.

            • bam bam, charlie – the banner that I clicked on talked about the 600 million strong military precision force that china has, showed pics of their air craft carriers etc. Also their biggest financial building which is 101 stories high. Seems that our guberment is in cahoots because they KNOW they have put us in a hole we cant get out of.

              China is buying up as much of the worlds metals – gold, silver, copper and tin, oil, etc. as they can. I know they dont have vast reserves of food and with a man-heavy population – sheesh so many countries think women are not essential – uh huh – well be my guest fellows – pop those babies out.. lol

              In some parts it really scared me and then I thought Im only one person what can I do? If the red bar is at the top of his Blaze page, check it out.

              I appreciate your comments – you brought me back down to earth – and helped me see some things I hadnt – but we’re still screwed – 600 million soliders and we have what? I see Red Dawn happening all too soon – we have the food sources – at least if we can get the gmo asses outta there. I learn so much from all of you. (I guess I really should get a tv so I can see some of this stuff for myself.)

              I check the website earlier this morning while on lunch at work – they had a small portion of the video you all were talking about on…didnt have time to watch it – but Im gonna check now.
              Times short……

            • Gee grannyj…..
              I never heard anything about a 600 million man Chinese army??
              Sure you’re not talking about military age men between say, the ages of 17-55 or something?? Their whole population is only (only…what a laugh) 1,300 million. Six Hundred Million would be almost half the population under arms!

  97. I decided to splurge on some crazy preps, some I have never heard of before, just in case. These are all in powder form: soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, cream cheese, sour cream. Also tomato, applesauce, whey protein and unflavored gelatin ( these I already have but added 5 lbs. more because I’d hate to be without). Also added ibuprophen(?), aspirin, 3 cases assorted canned meats, and 6 #10 cans powdered milk. Also bought 6 bottles of concentrated 100% fruit juices: black cherry, cranberry, and pomegranate.

    • Heya Cat!

      Can you share where you found the powered sauces? I’m intrigued! As I stare at my new #10 cans of rice and beans, I think… gosh, I really need more flavors and spices around the house…

      ~ Sandy Taylor

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Anyone have a source for powdered cheddar cheese at a reasonable price? A little powdered cheese in a small vacuum sealed packet and a few macaroni noodles in another sealed packet and you have a serving of mac and cheese CHEAP.
        Kraft sells the same thing in a little plastic tub for about a buck fifty each. I know I can make them for less than 50 cents but I’d like to get the cheese price down some if possible.

        • I'm A Prep Kat says:

          I get mine from this site:


        • Hi Sandy,
          I found these powdered sauces at the Great American Spice Co. The shipping is $5.99 on all orders. I can’t vouch for the taste on these as this is my 1st time splurge with them but I can’t wait to try it. I already have a wish list for more- I would like to try the teriyake marinade powder, salad dressings,etc. but I always get a little carried away. What I like about this site is you can try it out with buying just a few ounces and then order bulk later if you like it. They always give the amounts of powder to water to add right underneath.

          Charlie (NC),
          I noticed they have cheddar cheese at this online store also but I don’t remember the price. I know sometimes they have stores like Wincos where you can bag your own, depending what part of the country you are in. That way you can see if you like the flavor before you buy in bulk. That is a good idea to have your own packets that you know you like to eat.
          Another thing to think about when you buy a lot of powdered goods is to figure out how much water it takes to rehydrate each package, jar or can and buy a few extra gallons of water just for that purpose.

          • Charlie (NC) says:

            Thanks Cat,

            It seems like Great American Spice was one of the sites I found it on too. I don’t remember now if their price was good or bad. I’ll look again. Thanks for the reminder.

            Next time you go to the store look in the area where they have those kind of portion packed, value added type stuff and look for the Kraft Macoroni and Cheese “cheesy made easy” It comes in a little foam plastic tub that is about 6 oz capacity but it’s not full. Inside is 2 0z of dry macoroni noodles and a little packet of cheese powder that is about 2/3 of an oz by weight. You peel off the lid and fill with water to the fill line. I suspect you don’t add more than 2 oz of water max because the noodles are down in the bottom too. Microwave it for 3 1/2 minutes then tear open the cheese packet (tha you removed prior to nuking) and mix it in.

            The only way I know about them is we saw some on sale for $1.00 each at Big Lots and bought them just to try. I think they are normally about $1.40 or so. Based on measuring what is in one of those packages I believe I can make them for less that 50 cents each down to maybe 30 cent depending on what I have to pay for the cheese.
            They also make another style that is shells and Velveta.
            It has an equivalent of shell pasta and the same size cheeze packet but it’s filled with Velveta brand cheese sauce.

            I believe that either can be hand packed at home. I intend to use my FoodSaver to vacuum pack them.
            I know the noodles will keep indefinetly vacuum packed and I think the cheeze powder will last for a couple of years at least. You don’t need a microwave. You just need boiling water.

  98. Hi Guys,

    Well, I am only four days late so I will keep it brief, I am working on going though the cellar, pantry and needed to update the van from winter gear to summer gear, and pull out cases of water that needs to be used and redone, I like most of my water in bulk but the MIL has a hard time with our well water so we buy cases of water on sale and then move it though.

    Have gotten a bit of gardening done but not near as much as I would have if we had not gotten a big old dump of snow, we did get a good amount of seed potato’s planted out, and covered and bedded down before the snow arrived.

    Got out to a permculture seminar, it had lots of interesting information in it and some what goes in the huh? pile and few things that go in the gotta try that? and see if it will work for me.

    Otherwise this weeks buying was all about cold packs, I added in a number of different kinds and sizes..

    Also picked up a cold steel Indian War club to play with!

    Are you a single survivalist?
    We are looking for you! We are a BIG production company looking to document your search for love before SHTF. There is no harm in contacting us, as we understand your need for anonymity.
    We are not your typical Reality TV Company – we DON’T make trashy television nor are looking to exploit ANYONE.
    We are looking to document your REAL life struggles to find love as you prepare for Armageddon (in any, and all forms).
    Upon contact I would be happy to give you our credits along with our company philosophy. There is no harm in reaching out… Help us do our research thoroughly and accurately, NO OBLIGATIONS.
    Please Respond to: [email protected]

    • village idiot says:

      OPSEC people, OPSEC.

      • worrisome says:

        Agreed Village Idiot……..(shudder), can you imagine anyone in their right mind?

      • cosmolined says:

        I like your response. Mine was going to be slice your wrists, then contact these folks….. Cos

        • cooolwoods says:

          wow am I lucky! I dont have too slice my wrists!
          I married my best friend/prepper/survivalist and crazy bi***!
          14 years yesterday,and all we did was get steak n cheese subs from the local shop cause she’s saving up for a good pair of binoculars. I do love that woman!

          Stay safe!

          • Pineslayer says:

            cooolwoods, you 2 are setting the bar high! Congrats on the anniversary! I am 1 month away from #17 and wouldn’t change anything.

          • village idiot says:

            You’re a lucky man, cooolwoods. Congrats on the 14 years, and 17 for you Pineslayer. No small feats in today’s world.

  100. gm all – need some help – a couple or three weeks back someone posted a link to the type of cup that soldiers and probably mountain men used to wear on their belts – stainless steel type – wrote it down and can’t find it or the link.

    Can anyone help?

    • grannyj,
      You can find them on the web under canteen cup.
      Make sure to get the stainless steel one, not aluminum.
      It is usually worn in web gear and fits around a standard size GI canteen. Here’s a hint, if it’s hot out, wet the canteen cover and the water in the canteen will stay cooler.
      In the sandbox we would just tie 550 cord to a 1/2 liter water bottle as a sling and cut a section of the heat scarf to cover the bottle. The wet mesh of the scarf kept the water cool enough so it wouldn’t burn going down. The rest of the scarf was wet down and kept around the neck.

  101. Today’s few books are now up. (I also spent a few hours finding a bunch of oldies that are permanently free but I’ll save them for when the new WDYDTPTW post is up.)

  102. This has been a busy week for me, but I tried to fit a few things in…
    1) Inventoried my medical supplies and added/replaced commonly used items like band-aids and triple antibiotics. I also used to inventory to make a list of things I still need to get
    2) Bought a surplus police revolver in .38 Special for farm carry after the last dog attack on my animals. Got caught by the dogs still in the farmyard with no gun on me. Not again!
    3) Made a holster for the gun above
    4) Emptied, then reorganized my pantry since we were getting lax about FIFO
    5) Went shopping to replace some of the canned goods we had used up
    6) Purchased a solar battery recharger from Amazon
    7) Replaced 2 inoperable 2-way radios with new ones, again from Amazon, and tested them for compatibility with radios I already had
    8) Inventoried all my books on survival, self-sufficiency, medical, etc, and prioritized/organized them in case we had to “grab and go” and have the opportunity to take some or all of them
    9) Built lesson plans for “Training Day”, one day a week when as a family we decide what skill we want to learn or practice more. This week, basic sewing and clothing repair taught by my 16 year old daughter
    10) Got a copy of “31 Days to Survival”, and actually read some of it! 

  103. Grannytraveler says:

    Finally got most of my garden in!!! Hopefully will have LOTS of tomatoes this summer and other things to can. Things are getting tighter now that DH had to retire a little sooner than planned because of medical reasons . Grocery prices are actually going down here in soCal. There have been some great deals and I’m trying to take advantage.

  104. Lee (tx) says:

    Ok Pack, thanks for the suggestions on the Freeze Dried food sourcies,,,,I searched for a SpreadSheet templet to keep track of my inventory,,,do any of you want to share the one you use?

    • lee go to foodstoragemadeeasy.net
      Jodi and Julie have a free downloadable, easy to use spreadsheet there for tracking all of your inventory. There are many out there some free. They also have links on their website to many other sites – one has inventory sheets that are free. Just print them out. Lots of good info on their site – all free.

      They also have freee “baby steps” that you can print out for free, or order their “binder” – it outlines all their baby steps in becoming prepared – lots of good usable information for beginners.

  105. Lee (tx) says:

    Mylar bags,,,, do you open the bags the food came in from the store, or place the BAGGED food into the Mylar bags? Sorry if it is a stupid question. Like the Rice Bag, they are plastic, should the rice be loose in the Mylar bag so the Oxygen Absorber can get to the Rice?

    • lee, take them out of the store bag – and do one of two things –

      place the contents inside a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber and seal, date and label.

      I prefer to put my goods in a food saver bag in measured portions, oxygen absorber, then use my food saver to pull all the air out. seal, and then place in a mylar bag with another absorber and seal date each bag as well. Depending on the size of your mylar bags you canput two or three of theother pouches inside. this way, when you open it, you can take one out and reseal the mylar.

      My suggestion is to go to the website http://www.dehydrate2store.com and watch Tammys videos. She does this and many other things with foods she has dehydrated herself. But she’s an expert at packaging with a vacuum sealer and mylar bags. It’s the best out there.

  106. in case anyone wants to hear it, I just watched a video on Becks the Blaze with Beck talking with Ted Nugent about his recent experience with the feds and some other things that are going on. Very interesting and darn right scarey.

    I keep waiting for the jack boots……..you know?

  107. Soggy Prepper says:


    The Rumors of War put together with Glen Beck can be seen for free at BareNakedIslams blog. So if you were interested, there ya go.


    • SP,
      Thank you for posting that. I’m a Beck subscriber and I must tell you this is one that will make your hair stand on end. Real people with real credentials giving the real facts without a lot of watered down pc agenda.
      Those who have read my posts know that I always point out what is happening on the border in Texas and I must say all this did was confirm my suspicions about TDL allowing the border to become porous to terrorists and drug traffickers all in the name of cheap labor and indentured servants. It’s pathetic that we have reduced ourselves to slaves to the new world disorder

  108. Today’s books posted:

    If you want to check past posts to see whether any previously mentioned books are still available, click here instead: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/

    • Kelekona says:

      Natalia, the feed from prep utility vehicle is great, and it comes quick enough that I’m catching more now.

      Would it be too much trouble to add home repair diy to your filters?

  109. charlie (NC) says:

    I hope this deal gets resolved quickly as it might cause problems for all
    preppers if it gets really ugly. I don’t know if this guy is guilty of what they say or not. Not passing judgement one way or the other because all I know about it is the headline in the article. Just passing it along.h
    If he’s guilty of murder he needs to turn himself in. Being a prepper or Survivalist has nothing to do with it. I hope it’s not another Ruby Ridge deal.


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