What did you do to prep this week?

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Now let me see what did I do to prep this week… ?:-)

  • Finished work on my survival library / writing studio.
  • Planted two more dwarf apple trees and a plum.
  • Detail cleaned all of my firearms after shooting for accuracy and sight alignment.
  • Worked in my garden.
  • Replaced consumed canned foods and beans from my food-storage with new products.
  • Ordered a used copy of Tire Recycling is Fun by Paul Farber.
  • Ordered seasons one and two of The Colony.
  • Bought one-hundred rounds of #4 buckshot.

What did you do to prep this week?

P.S. If you haven’t purchased my new book “31 Days to Survival” yet, it’s apparently my job to convince you to do so. It’s really cool, honest!

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    • village idiot says:

      OPSEC people, OPSEC.

      • worrisome says:

        Agreed Village Idiot……..(shudder), can you imagine anyone in their right mind?

      • cosmolined says:

        I like your response. Mine was going to be slice your wrists, then contact these folks….. Cos

        • cooolwoods says:

          wow am I lucky! I dont have too slice my wrists!
          I married my best friend/prepper/survivalist and crazy bi***!
          14 years yesterday,and all we did was get steak n cheese subs from the local shop cause she’s saving up for a good pair of binoculars. I do love that woman!

          Stay safe!

          • Pineslayer says:

            cooolwoods, you 2 are setting the bar high! Congrats on the anniversary! I am 1 month away from #17 and wouldn’t change anything.

          • village idiot says:

            You’re a lucky man, cooolwoods. Congrats on the 14 years, and 17 for you Pineslayer. No small feats in today’s world.

  2. gm all – need some help – a couple or three weeks back someone posted a link to the type of cup that soldiers and probably mountain men used to wear on their belts – stainless steel type – wrote it down and can’t find it or the link.

    Can anyone help?

    • grannyj,
      You can find them on the web under canteen cup.
      Make sure to get the stainless steel one, not aluminum.
      It is usually worn in web gear and fits around a standard size GI canteen. Here’s a hint, if it’s hot out, wet the canteen cover and the water in the canteen will stay cooler.
      In the sandbox we would just tie 550 cord to a 1/2 liter water bottle as a sling and cut a section of the heat scarf to cover the bottle. The wet mesh of the scarf kept the water cool enough so it wouldn’t burn going down. The rest of the scarf was wet down and kept around the neck.

  3. Today’s few books are now up. (I also spent a few hours finding a bunch of oldies that are permanently free but I’ll save them for when the new WDYDTPTW post is up.)

  4. This has been a busy week for me, but I tried to fit a few things in…
    1) Inventoried my medical supplies and added/replaced commonly used items like band-aids and triple antibiotics. I also used to inventory to make a list of things I still need to get
    2) Bought a surplus police revolver in .38 Special for farm carry after the last dog attack on my animals. Got caught by the dogs still in the farmyard with no gun on me. Not again!
    3) Made a holster for the gun above
    4) Emptied, then reorganized my pantry since we were getting lax about FIFO
    5) Went shopping to replace some of the canned goods we had used up
    6) Purchased a solar battery recharger from Amazon
    7) Replaced 2 inoperable 2-way radios with new ones, again from Amazon, and tested them for compatibility with radios I already had
    8) Inventoried all my books on survival, self-sufficiency, medical, etc, and prioritized/organized them in case we had to “grab and go” and have the opportunity to take some or all of them
    9) Built lesson plans for “Training Day”, one day a week when as a family we decide what skill we want to learn or practice more. This week, basic sewing and clothing repair taught by my 16 year old daughter
    10) Got a copy of “31 Days to Survival”, and actually read some of it! 

  5. Grannytraveler says:

    Finally got most of my garden in!!! Hopefully will have LOTS of tomatoes this summer and other things to can. Things are getting tighter now that DH had to retire a little sooner than planned because of medical reasons . Grocery prices are actually going down here in soCal. There have been some great deals and I’m trying to take advantage.

  6. Lee (tx) says:

    Ok Pack, thanks for the suggestions on the Freeze Dried food sourcies,,,,I searched for a SpreadSheet templet to keep track of my inventory,,,do any of you want to share the one you use?

    • lee go to foodstoragemadeeasy.net
      Jodi and Julie have a free downloadable, easy to use spreadsheet there for tracking all of your inventory. There are many out there some free. They also have links on their website to many other sites – one has inventory sheets that are free. Just print them out. Lots of good info on their site – all free.

      They also have freee “baby steps” that you can print out for free, or order their “binder” – it outlines all their baby steps in becoming prepared – lots of good usable information for beginners.

  7. Lee (tx) says:

    Mylar bags,,,, do you open the bags the food came in from the store, or place the BAGGED food into the Mylar bags? Sorry if it is a stupid question. Like the Rice Bag, they are plastic, should the rice be loose in the Mylar bag so the Oxygen Absorber can get to the Rice?

    • lee, take them out of the store bag – and do one of two things –

      place the contents inside a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber and seal, date and label.

      I prefer to put my goods in a food saver bag in measured portions, oxygen absorber, then use my food saver to pull all the air out. seal, and then place in a mylar bag with another absorber and seal date each bag as well. Depending on the size of your mylar bags you canput two or three of theother pouches inside. this way, when you open it, you can take one out and reseal the mylar.

      My suggestion is to go to the website http://www.dehydrate2store.com and watch Tammys videos. She does this and many other things with foods she has dehydrated herself. But she’s an expert at packaging with a vacuum sealer and mylar bags. It’s the best out there.

  8. in case anyone wants to hear it, I just watched a video on Becks the Blaze with Beck talking with Ted Nugent about his recent experience with the feds and some other things that are going on. Very interesting and darn right scarey.

    I keep waiting for the jack boots……..you know?

  9. Soggy Prepper says:


    The Rumors of War put together with Glen Beck can be seen for free at BareNakedIslams blog. So if you were interested, there ya go.


    • SP,
      Thank you for posting that. I’m a Beck subscriber and I must tell you this is one that will make your hair stand on end. Real people with real credentials giving the real facts without a lot of watered down pc agenda.
      Those who have read my posts know that I always point out what is happening on the border in Texas and I must say all this did was confirm my suspicions about TDL allowing the border to become porous to terrorists and drug traffickers all in the name of cheap labor and indentured servants. It’s pathetic that we have reduced ourselves to slaves to the new world disorder

  10. Today’s books posted:

    If you want to check past posts to see whether any previously mentioned books are still available, click here instead: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/

    • Kelekona says:

      Natalia, the feed from prep utility vehicle is great, and it comes quick enough that I’m catching more now.

      Would it be too much trouble to add home repair diy to your filters?

  11. charlie (NC) says:

    I hope this deal gets resolved quickly as it might cause problems for all
    preppers if it gets really ugly. I don’t know if this guy is guilty of what they say or not. Not passing judgement one way or the other because all I know about it is the headline in the article. Just passing it along.h
    If he’s guilty of murder he needs to turn himself in. Being a prepper or Survivalist has nothing to do with it. I hope it’s not another Ruby Ridge deal.