What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 22nd – 28th 2020

Hello Pack, hope y’all have had a highly productive week of prepping. The warming weather has our flock of poultry birds back in nearly top egg production mode already. In a single day my duck hens laid a dozen eggs, and the sole Buckeye chicken breed hen chipped in with five nice quality medium brown eggs.

I got out my dehydrators, and dehydrated this bunch of eggs to increase our long term food storage supply. If I keep scoring good used ones at auctions and yard sales I am soon going to be out of room for my “collection”.

I powder the eggs after I dehydrate them to conserve space and to have containers of easy to measure ingredients for making scrambled eggs, cooking, and baking.

The dehydrated egg powder might not taste as delicious as farm fresh eggs, but I guarantee you they taste as good as the eggs from the grocery store even after sitting on the shelf for two years.

We had a few new additions on our survival homestead this week. Our daughter surprised me with four new ducklings… that my beloved did not think I needed. But really, can you ever have too many ducks?

She got me two Pekin ducklings – my personal favorite because they are so dang cute, and are excellent egg producers. Lousy sitters, but create delicious eggs and healthy ducklings consistently.

They are awfully young to determine sex yet, but from the current look of the way their tail feathers are angled and spread, I believe we have one of each. I currently have two drakes to nine hens, so I won’t have too high of a male ratio if I am correct.

Brea also got me two Khaki Campbells:

khaki campbell ducklings

I have never kept this type of duck before, but have written about them a lot in survival livestock and homesteading articles over the years.

Khaki Campbells are renowned for not only their egg production ratios but also for their sitting prowess. I think I have one of each sex with these ducklings as well – fingers crossed.

My Pekin ducks are superb layers, but the hens do not boast high maternal instincts. Every once in a while one of the duck hens will sit her eggs, but she soon gets bored and off she waddles to the pond and that’s the end of that.

In other preps this week we are still on fence mending and repairing to sure up the damage winter weather and deer have done to our fence. In the coming weeks I hope to add a new dairy calf and a couple of weaner hogs to our barnyard.

One local farmer has really good hogs already at butcher weight for $200 each. I think we are also going to get one of his hogs, butcher it, and pressure can the meat.

I am still toying with the idea of getting a heritage breed hog, I truly love to do my part to help keep the numbers of traditional pre-factory farm livestock growing. But, the lean meat such breeds produce doesn’t really make nice hams and bacon.

We are in the midst of tearing down a two story deer stand in the upper pasture that also was set to serve as an LP/OP – listening post observation post. Not really happy about the tear down.

The gas company screwed up and did not use common sense when surveying the area for the temporary access road they contracted with us for an upcoming pipeline expansion project.

The deer stand was not new, but in good shape and was nestled amid trees along the fence line.

Once the road through our woods opened into the upper field, they had ample room to move over the eight feet it sticks out, but the surveyors were not here when the agent that agreed with me this route was the best one to use for many reasons, was also on the property.

Since the government is involved with the project and already approved the route as mapped and the usage will start in only a few weeks, it cannot be changed now. Not even though they also contracted with us to use a small space for parking.

Logic would dictate, in my opinion, to position the parking area next to the deer stand area – which is at the end of the temporary access road and the pipeline, and just drive around it.

But, logic and government plans rarely ever intersect. So, now they are going to pay us to tear down and remove the tree stand and to have another one built.

Free to piggy back through the parking area and close to $3,500 to pay use for the tear down and build. Seemed like a simple choice to me and actually the company agent. But since the government is involved they will soon be writing us a nice check!

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?
  2. How are things given the current pandemic madness?
  3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. 1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?
    No. Not a place for them yet.
    2. How are things given the current pandemic madness?
    We’re doing well, but I wish it was dry enough to plant my garden.
    3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?
    Not eggs, but I can and dehydrate foods.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:

    -Trying to teach our new, overactive, one-year-old Basset to lead. Hopefully our daily walks will be good for her, too. (I discovered how she’s been getting out of the fenced-in yard. She’s jumping from the porch and going over the fence. I put things on the porch to keep her further away from the edge. It didn’t deter her. Now she just climbs the fence.)
    -Changed out all heated waterers for regular pans and buckets.
    -Added more straw to one of the coops. It’s pretty muddy here.
    -Started cleaning the “nursery coop” to get it ready for chicks.

    -I started many more seeds in the greenhouse. (Four kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, three lettuces, three kinds of squash, and a couple of herbs.)
    -The cabbage never did germinate. So, I bought seedlings at the local farm and garden store last week, and transplanted twelve in a raised bed. I will put the rest in the garden when it’s dry enough.
    -Planted two kinds of beets in two raised beds.
    -Planted an apple tree, plum tree, and two blueberry bushes.
    -Filled the 55-gallon barrel in the greenhouse.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: powdered lemon juice, metal, one gallon of iodine for the animals,

    -I made a huge pot of jambalaya. DIL and I froze it in meal-size portions.
    -I started a journal. It will be interesting to read about the current situation when all of this is long past us.
    -DH and I have started taking a walk nearly every day when he gets home from work. I’ve been trying to get him to do this for years and years. I guess it took a stay-at-home directive to motivate him. I’m thankful we live in a rural area and can do this without coming into contact with others.

    -Does learning to make jambalaya count as a skill?
    -I’m getting the hang of growing plants in the greenhouse.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • I started my “War Diary” on the 1st of March. Glad I did, so much has changed so fast.

      Not sure what the “metal” was you got this week.

      • JP

        I’ve kept a journal since 1999. This year’s, so far, is 68 pages long. In 2018 it was 344 pages. I do post photos on it, mostly of granddaughter (big surprise there, I’ll bet) 🙂

    • I forgot to add that on my last trip to town to get meds for the goat, I got three barn cats. A lady at the vets’ office had them. I only wanted two, but she brought three. Oh, well. Maybe we will finally get rid of all of the mice in the barn.

      • Love those barn cats they are the best. Now our animal shelters, are calling some cat breeds Decorative cats, so because my cat, is a Maincoon, she’s a decor piece oh my gosh, what’s next??? My kitty still chases the squirrels, and birds out of the yard, and chases spider’s, and other bug’s she’s a good kitty.

  2. I’ve got some VA money coming, the wife is back to work, and In theory I’m getting $1200 from the govt, so I bought $5000 worth of 1/10th oz gold coins. I already had a few, and some junk silver quarters. I got some money out of my deposit box, put it into another bank, and hid it in various places, as I will do with the coins when they arrive. I’ve got food, gear, etc, and I’m using sandbags in a backpack to increase my fitness.

    • balisong:

      Not sure how or where you live, but in times of potential trouble, keeping money type things in a bank’s safety deposit box is, IMO, a bad idea. If they close the bank, or maybe even the lobby, you might have trouble getting to it. The items are not insured, that I know of. And they can get access to it, if so directed. Might not be a bad place for copies of important paper (off site and fire proof) but that was all I ever kept in mine.

      • JP,

        I agree about keeping money out of the bank these days. I do keep a couple of grand in there to cover shopping (online and in stores). Early in the month I have more, but that is to cover rent, 1/2 of my pensions to the Ex, and a couple of other bills. Once bills are paid, I remove most of the remaining money.

        • Zulu 3-6:

          I was mostly talking about safety deposit boxes, but I am the same with money; I keep in there what I need to transact business. I still have some debt so it is not wasting away (as some would think). Since my dept is over 10% interest and my best savings is 2%, it’s a no-brainier to me. I do put some in the savings for those annual events (property taxes, etc.) that I know are coming.

      • Agreed, we stop having a bank box, when they opened our box by mistake, ( I called BS) and started opening up sealed from the mint coins, that my husband collected and got from his step dad, they were trying to figure who’s box it was the maddening part was we kept a bank slip right on top to show who’s box it was so needless to say we took everything out that day…

        • I don’t blame you. Closed my safe deposit box because of same concern, plus they started charging a stupid amount of the box.

      • In accounts of the great depression when the banks crashed. People who could get money or valuables out of the banks were lynched by mobs right outside the door. There is a reason the generation that hid money in coffee cans and their mattress did so.

        • deuce:

          You will not hear me argue for leaving leaving money in the bank. We are an on-line society, I get most of my supplies on-line so I need debt/credit cards. Having said that, I don’t leave all of it there, nor have I. I still have some debt so what’s left over after the “regular spending” for the month goes there.

          I would think that the people you are talking about also took out large amounts of money, more than they needed to operate. That might be what caused the issues (I’m old but not that old, so I have no first hand info). When I get cash out, it’s probably less than most people who are/were “cashing out” for fear of bank runs.

        • My parents and grandparents survived the Great Depression. Grandma kept folding money in the sugar bowl on the sideboard by the table. It was folded ing a of and half again. She ironed it to lay flat and covered it in sugar. The family drank coffee black and unsweetened but her money was well hidden.

  3. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not? Nope. No room, no pond, no desire.

    2. How are things given the current pandemic madness? We are good. Still able to top off supplies if we wish to go out. DW working from home. Working on our plans for the “porch garden” with the handyman.

    3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why? N/A.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well, …

    Things are changing fast. The food situation reminds me of what I’ve read of rationing in WWII (as I read about it). C-19 cases are WAY up. Montana had a BIG jump this week, causing me to harden our lockdown. The Governor started a state-wide Stay-at-Home order effective 28 March (thru 10 April – as of now). I had been making short trips to top off, but not anymore. I’m actually getting more ordering on-line than going to local stores.

    Last Saturday I was at Wal-Mart, not my favorite day/time to be there, usually. Traffic was light; shoppers were few and pleasant; folks had a sense of humor about them. I actually got a bottle on hand sanitizer! (I was looking at soap when he pulled it out of the freight.) We went for gardening material and seeds (we still have snow on the ground), but we did go through the grocery section and picked up a few things (I got my favorite sliced cheese and more coffee, I can go through most stressful situations if I have coffee!), topping off our usage so we don’t have to hit the “stash”.

    Last Saturday, DW needed to “get out” so we took the dogs and went for a drive around to see what’s up. Still plenty of snow on the ground. Breakfast, which is usually a sit-down on Saturday morning, was drive through. Topped the van off with gas. Traffic on the road and at businesses looked normal, for a Thursday at 9 AM instead of a Saturday at 1 PM.

    Saturday night our “local” BSF leaders got together in an on-line conference as set up the beginnings of our on-line lesson/study starting Tuesday evening. Looks like we’ll have some semblance of “normal” in our lives. Church was on Facebook Live on Sunday.

    Got my Individual First Aid Kit from BearIndependent.com. Well worth the $190, unless you are a First Aid guru (and I’m not). Lots of good/quality trauma equipment inside. It’s supposed to be better than the one the AF issues Para-Rescuers.

    Tuesday I was able to order Scrambled Egg mix from Wal-Mart.com. On Thursday the price of AF #10 FD Strawberries came down into the realm of reasonable ($21+), they were $33+.

    Worked, more, on sorting and inventorying our preps. To date we have not had to dip into them. Our regular pantry and freezers have been providing everything we need.

    Helped out a friend with some practice ammo. We were getting geared up to go the Front Sight, but that got put off for a while, so I have some spare.

    Went Friday AM to the grocery to top off perishables. Both of us were nervous, we each had a plan but we failed to discuss it beforehand. Bad idea. We’ll do better in the future. My desire to be out and about has greatly diminished with the number of C-19 cases in Montana growing at the rate it is.

    Talked with my handyman/prepper friend about what we were thinking on the “porch garden”. He liked the basic idea, made some improvements/suggestions. This weekend we are clearing out the area where the support shelving is going to go. Hopefully we can get started working on it next week, be growing stuff 1-2 weeks after that. We have made a couple of attempts before, now it’s serious.

    Supply Run: garden seeds and buds; potting soil; coffee; hand sanitizer; general foodstuff to top off;

    Received: IFAK; pants; BOOST protein drink mix; sign (do not knock); book; dog “no scoot” meds; Vertical foregrip for AR; Indoor digital antenna; DW’s replacement tablet; gallon ziplock FG storage bags; pants;

  4. Good morning,

    1- I don’t keep livestock but I want to once the move to Tennessee happens. Ducks are first on my list. They’re quieter and don’t become egg-bound, I’ve heard.

    2- We’re technically locked down but there have been no restrictions other than gathering places like restaurants and bars are restricted to take out only. I’d kill for a draught beer with my friends right now. Work is slow but my business is exempt from the lockdown under Logistics and Communications. Some of our customers are still open so we are making do.
    3- I have some FD eggs and usually buy a dozen or two eggs a week. My next door neighbor is Azorean. He keeps chickens and sends over eggs now and then.
    4- Every shopping trip is an adventure now. One problem is that, if you don’t get there at 645, you won’t get much. The elderly are allowed in at 0600 and they hit the store like a swarm of locusts. Too bad we no longer have any dog tracks in this state to distract them.
    Sold Ruger PC9 to a Lodge buddy. Won’t hold zero after takedown/reassembly. Bought a KelTec Sub2000 to replace it. It’s light and handy and takes those same Glock 17/19 mags as my new primary EDC. Best travel carbine ever. Check out Sootch00 on YouTube for a great video review.
    I managed get more .30 carbine ammo and some .380 Winchester HPs for a friend. Maintaining friendships is absolutely critical in a crisis.
    Considering another trip to the Volunteer State soon. Will keep you posted.

    • Overwatch,

      I have been thinking about getting a KelTec Sub2000. My dh and I both have 9 mm for our side arms. And we have lots of 9 mm stored. So you would totally recommend this rifle? We have shotguns and older long range rifles but nothing in terms of “assault rifles”.

      • Bam Bam:

        Make sure you work the action before you buy. My DW could not make it work, the spring was just too much for her.

      • I like it. Check out Sootch00 on YouTube and his review. It’s accurate enough for close quarters and handy. I’m on the road a lot so it’s right for me. Using the same magazines as my Glock 17 keeps the Logistics simple. The spring is tight as JP said but I think it’ll settle after a while. $400 was a great deal. You’d be well served with one.
        Mind you, it’s more than a pistol but less than a rifle. I have real battle rifles for SHTF.

          • Yes. Any of the Glock 19 (compact) or Glock 17 (18 rds) mags will fit. The larger mags stick out a bit and give me a more comfortable grip. I have big hands. There are 33 round Glock mags originally made for the Glock 18 machine pistol. They’re available in your state and will fit this carbine nicely.

          • Bam Bam: It can. They make it for G-19 mags and G-17 mags. For you, I’d try for the G-19 one bacause, like your pistol, it can use the 17 and 32 round mags, just sticks out farther. I think my Ruger PC-9 can even use G-26 mags (I’m not going to buy one to try though).

  5. First 3 questions do not apply.
    What I did this week – did 2 home delivery from WM, won’t continue because they want a large tip which we cannot afford, on SS. The items were for stock up. Out of grapefruit again, potting soil, fish emulsion fertilizer.
    Planted a lot of seeds – 4 types asian greens, pole beans, radishes, arugula, cukes, all up in 2 days. Waiting for the lettuce, carrots, green onions, peppers. Today planted zucchini, more asian greens and radishes. Transplanted 2 volunteer peppers, hope they take, Have microgreens of buckwheat, sunflowers in pots, swiss chard and carrots in 10×20 flat. Will plant buckwheat and sunseeds in smaller containers to free up the pots.
    Picked last of the oranges and loquats. Eat the oranges immediately and ususally can freeze a lot of loquats (last year 100 pkgs of 2 servings each) this year managed 30.
    Paper reported this has been the driest March in about 40 years – usually 3+inches, so far less that 1/2inch. We s ave all the water we can because it is so expensive. Have rain barrels just waiting to fill up. Temps in the high 80s low 90s so need water for the plants
    Still only 3 reported cases in our county, much worse north and south of us. On the west coast of FL so not hit by the cruise ships and spring breakers like the east coast.
    One week into a self-imposed 14 day social isolation – hubby is compromised immune system – not having any issues with stay put as it is normal for us not to go out and about but once a week.

    • Bellen,

      I am assuming your are out west. We are north central. I am a bit concerns that folks trying to escape New Orleans will bring into via I-10.

      • We are south of Sarasota, north of Naples. Hadn’t thought too much about those coming from New Orleans until earlier this afternoon, but It’s a real threat. FL Surgeon General has issued recommendation that all those over 65 or in poor health stay home. We’ve already decided to do a 21 day self-isolation. Take all precautions, stay well.

  6. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash on a moderate level. Did some weekly cooking.

    I don’t know what to say about what is going on. Regardless of source, it is not a good thing. However, I am personally certain that this virus originated in China whatever China, the UN, or WHO have to say about it. The UN and WHO are in China’s pocket and China is working their disinformation machine 24/7. My Ex started quoting some statistics from China and I asked when she started believing anything that came out of a communist government. She had to admit I was right (I’m sure that hurt her to admit).

    Weather has been quite warm for the time of year. Mostly in the high 80s to low 90s and sunny. Totally dry too, no rain and we could use some.

    I’ve been reporting about the Detroit PD and their adventures with the Chinese virus. Here’s the latest. 500 officers are on quarantine. 39 have tested positive, including the police chief. He designated one of his assistant chiefs to take over, and that assistant chief just came back to work from being quarantined. The departments has lost two employees so far, a 911 operator and a captain, the head of homicide. That is a lot of people off sick out of a 2,200-officer department, which is actually understaffed to start with. Luckily my old department is doing OK so far, with no employees testing positive or in quarantine (yet). I hope Chief Craig from Detroit pulls through OK. He’s been one of the most competent police chiefs Detroit has had in years.

    New York PD (a much bigger department) has 300 officers positive including the top three senior command officers.

    The Ex walked out into her attached garage yesterday (Friday) and surprised two strangers poking around. They claimed they were looking at the house as it was for sale. She told them to call her realtor and to beat feet. I told her to call the sheriff. The local patrol deputy called her back (they aren’t making house calls on not-in-progress crimes). He said they’ve had similar reports in the general area and will be increasing patrols. The Ex only had a bare description, two white guys in a grey SUV, but that is actually enough to investigate if a deputy spots such a vehicle and the tags don’t come back to the neighborhood. The Ex walked around and told her neighbors. One said he has a camera system and will check the archives. Scum bags. I told her to keep her pistol on her at all times now and keep the 9mm carbine handy and loaded. Also, keep the garage door shut unless she is actually out there and doing something that requires the door to be open.

    My county has a stay-at-home order in effect 24/7 now. There are so many exceptions that I don’t know why they bother with such an order at all. Except it’s a political thing that makes the powers-that-be look like they’re doing something useful. Dorks. If you can’t fully enforce it, don’t waste time with it.

    #1 daughter says granddaughter is getting tired of her mommy being home all of the time now. #1 thinks its because whenever granddaughter asks for juice, candy, or some other sugary treat the answer is “No” or “We’ll see later.” Sucks to be her (#1 thought that was hilarious, the Ex thinks I’m an a-hole). Which I fully agree that I am. Everyone needs a hobby and being an a-hole is mine. 😊

    Food supply: I went to Publix a couple of times this week. Paper products are at zero. Meats are off and on. Monday they had ground turkey, yesterday (Friday) they didn’t. Canned goods are mostly in in stock. Some refrigerated goods are low to zero (I didn’t closely look to see exactly what was at zero). Just noticed gaps in the refrigerated case. Bottled water is also very low. The store is also rationing some things, less stuff on Friday than they were on Monday.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?

    Nope, no ducks. No place to keep them. My son is considering adding ducks to his flock of chickens.

    2. How are things given the current pandemic madness?

    For me, things are mostly OK. I miss not having granddaughter over. We Facetime a few times a week, but it isn’t the same and granddaughter gets bored quickly. I’m an introvert, so being by myself is mostly no big deal. I have plenty to read, and since the grid is still up, I can surf and watch TV to my hearts content as well. I’ve already cleaned and lubed my guns, so I need to wait a week or so to do that again.

    3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?

    I do make jerky in my dehydrator and I did some mangos for #1 daughter, but otherwise, no.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6:
      Maybe the ex-wife needs to keep the house listed but take down the sign if it is attracting the wrong kind of attention. My son is hoping to find something in Lake County over the next few months if prices cool off. He has been unsuccessful this past year.

      • Moe,

        Yeah, that is probably a good idea. I just got off the phone with her. We were shopping for a security camera system and motion activated flood lights. Those jerks really shook her up. She made sure to get a system that will alert her Smart Phone and let her look at the camera views.

        I’m still a financial owner in the house, so I have some interest in this too.

  7. Happy Saturday to All

    COVID-19 numbers are way up but that is the reflection of the amount of testing that is being done so that doesn’t bode badly. I am surprised at the people who were sick and want to get a test. If you were sick and now over it, what difference does a test make other than bragging rights?

    For the questions this week.

    Keep ducks? Nope, no live stock except for the two dogs and the random kitty that wants to come in and visit. When I moved 3 years ago to this house I left behind my house that always had deer in the back yard. We have had up to 7 at one time and each time they have new ones they bring them to show off. Friend lives there now and reports on the coming and going. Last week one of the does caught her foot in the chain link fence going over. Neighbor lady heard the catterwalilng and went out to see. It actually stood still and let her untangle the foot and then ran off. While I lived there they had a stead diet of deer kibble, deer corn, salt blocks and mineral blocks and other things to snack on. I put all neighbors on notice that if one of them got shot I would come looking for the shooter and we have a semi-easy understanding.

    Wednesday was online bible study and was almost like being there except we weren’t able to prepare communion for Sunday. We left more than enough if anyone needs to partake at church they can. Last Sunday we had online church, Bethany Christian Church, Dallas, GA and you are welcome to tune in and watch past sermons. If that’s not allowed, please take it out. During church we prepared our own communion and partook at the same time that the 6 people at church did. (Pastor, Elder, 3 members of the worship band and the video guy). We will have like service tomorrow. Bad thing is that tithes and offering are way down and it still takes money to keep the church afloat.

    We got up and went to Walmart this morning. The parking lot wasn’t crowded, we came equipped with nitrle gloves and when we got our buggy they had spray sanitizer available and wipes to clean it before use. They had meat (we dot some hamburger and some steaks), TP and paper towel (not a lot but we don’t need any and didn’t buy any) and plenty of milk, eggs and bacon. We didn’t need eggs or milk but bacon will make some good BLT sandwiches.

    One thing we overlooked is a thermometer. DW was not feeling very well about 4 weeks ago and took ours to work to monitor her temperature. Naturally when they sent her to work at home she forgot to bring it. Everyone is out of them. The lady at Ingles said she had ordered some and they would come in between 9a – 9:15 on Monday and she would put them out and if you were there you might get one. Seems it is the new TP. I offered to check DW with the meat thermometer but she said no thanks.

    So far work is still going. They said they are good for payday next Friday. Then they sent me a list of past due receivables and told me to figure out who to call to get our money. I was the manager of the company for over 20 years when they bought us out, I didn’t take a manager position but let the guy I worked with be Director. I still guide from the side but they don’t let me know about incoming money until it’s a problem and then I start twisting some teats and see what I can break loose.

    Local folks are complaining about price gouging on ammo. I’m not saying anything. I have more than enough but am not going to sell any unless I sell guns and if they are the only ones in that caliber than I’ll probably throw in the ammo for it.

    Local news interviewed a guy who was selling N95 mask for 5 bucks each. He said he had spent 150,000 dollars of his own money right before this started up buying PEP from Hong Kong and she was selling it as fast as he came in. They asked if he was doing this to help people or to make money. He said both but I tend to think he was more interested in making money.

    Enough for me for the moment.
    Keep praying, keep healthy, and keep smiling.

    • Cliff,
      I am less than an hour drive from you. Get on 278 and head west. Our church started doing facebook live about two years ago and of course it has greatly expanded we also have a website that many use to donate online. We don’t have Sunday school but we do have life groups who choose when and where to meet. My life group has stayed in close contact through messenger and group texts. The biggest thing is that we are very active with the youth. Kids K – 12 would meet every Wednesday and the church feeds all of them. We also have a thing set up with one of the local elementary schools and we provide food for a weekend for 15 kids. The public school has been doing a fantastic job of providing food for kids.

      • Hi Brenda,

        We are hunkered down and probably not going out again until this is over. If we have to get into survival stash then that is fine. Not looking forward to eating my way through the MREs though since every time I was on exercises in the Air Force they force fed us MREs and after the 5th or 6th meal things stop moving and it’s very uncomfortable. You can’t drink enough water when you are wearing your chem gear and gas mask with hood and rubber gloves. You drink a couple of gallons but then sweat out 3 or 4 gallons during the day.

        I’m off track again, sorry. We had our Wednesday night Bible Study and it was very good. I haven’t looked at the counter to see how many people watched or have watched since Wednesday but I hope it is a lot.

        Our church has a very active presence on Facebook and we have quite a few prayer chains going. We support CAYA strongly and they are feeding a lot of the school kids who normally get free or reduced cost lunches. Since I can no longer go to the store to buy supplies I’m sending them as much money as I can. It’s very important for the kids to eat and I don’t mind sacrificing a chunk of my bank account to see that happen.

        We have a large number of “Heart Groups” who used to meet weekly at each others houses so since we can’t do that there are now skype and zoom meetings and that helps. DW and I are not part of the Heart groups simply because they usually meet around 6pm during the week and most of our congregation live in Dallas and Hiram, GA and we live in Douglasville. When DW was working at work and not at home, she usually didn’t get home until 5:30 or so. I don’t get off work until 5:30 or 5:45 most days and it’s a 30 minute drive from our house to the church or the closest Heart Group in Dallas. So, we have our own Bible reading and Bible study. Last week I started reading Genesis again and got stuck trying to figure out where Cain’s wife came from. That will have to wait until we have in person Bible Study again, so I started reading Matthew and finished that up last night. Will start on Mark this evening after we watch Jeopardy on TV.

        Our youth minister is very active on social media and he plans activities for the church youth on line. He handles the kids through the 5th grade and his older children minister to the kids their age up to 12th grade. It’s not as good as being in person but it does get the Word out.

        Speaking of heading west on 278, we got on the road just to ride around a few weeks ago and went West to Villa Rica and further on. Since we were out that way DW suggested we go visit her parents graves. It was pretty far out in the country and was very nice and peaceful with very few cars on the road. Almost makes you forget the troubles that are going on.

        Keep praying, stay safe and stay home.


  8. (1) I used to keep ducks but predator issues lead me to give the last few away. Darned gators and bob cats. I did love their eggs and their personalities…
    (2) I don’t leave the property much these days, but when I do, I notice that the traffic is much lighter. MOST people are sticking close to home…no hostilities noted when out in public. At least that’s what my hubby tells me. LOL
    (3) I don’t preserve eggs. Not expecting to run out! I am an avid canner and dehydrator. Everything from fruits to veggies to herbs. Jams and jellies and pickled stuff gets water-bath canned. Veggies are pressure canned, as are meats. I dehydrate moringa leaves, sliced bananas, pineapple chunks, all kinds of herbs….the list goes on. It’s a wonderful life, and this social distancing thing has given me the perfect excuse to spend hours and hours outside!
    (4) Prepping this week included planting Seminole Pumpkin, pigeon peas, okra, tomatoes, green beans, and asparagus beans. Got my moringa trees cut back, as well as my banana plants. Mulberry picking is ongoing. Just ordered my sweet potato slips. Should be here in 2 weeks. Been trying my best to dispatch a 5-foot gator before he starts killing anything important around here….wish me luck. Yes, it will make the grease stink if I am successful.

    • Goatlover:
      Can Moringa trees withstand freezes? I have not had success growing Moringa but I don’t know if it is the cold, the wind, or the lack of moisture. So for the time being I order Moringa tea bags.

  9. Hello everyone-
    Answers to Tara’s questions:
    1. No livestock here but endless supply of eggs from my niece who lives a mile away. Since I just returned from out of state, this week’s trade took place with an exchange done with goods left on front porch. She is 7 months pregnant and being super cautious. The trip to my house this week was her first off her property in over a week. They needed buttermilk and I threw in two jars of granola and some jam. She has been told if things stay the same she can have her husband around for delivery when the baby comes. But hospital thinks our rural area may just be peaking around her due date. If that is the case she is on her own—
    2. Made first trip to grocery store in a month. Had to pick up scripts. It was first day of stay at home order for our area but plenty of people out. Rural areas tend to ignore dictates from the capitol. Only 3 of us wore masks and I was the only one with gloves. People for the most part were distancing from each other. But the other two mask wearers were members from the coffee clutch at the donut shop which is now closed. They weren’t buying- just lookers. This type of behavior is why I want to stay away from the grocery store as much as possible. I am sure the WalMarts will be worse. I topped off dairy products and fresh produce. We don’t plan to return for duration if possible. Limited to one month scripts by insurance but can private pay up to 3 months.
    3. Dehydrate and can from garden.
    4. Started 4 types of tomatoes, multiple greens and brassicas, basil and dill. Planted Swiss chard, kale and spinach outdoors. The cloth hoop I purchased last fall tore apart in one of the wind storms this week. Moved half to cover new plantings and left portion that covered the Swiss chard which had wintered over. Made batch of jambalaya and froze portions. Negotiated for bison meat in return for future garden produce and grains. We are pretty well set even if this pandemic extends through the summer.
    Stay safe everyone.

    • Wish i lived nearby, i would help your daughter. See if she can find a Certified Professional Midwife to help her have the baby safely at home. Win, win. Emailme if you have any questions. Tara has my permission to share my email with you.

      • Babycatcher:
        I already suggested that to the parents. We have a great midwife in the community. I plan to push them more in that direction depending on viral spread. We are a rural isolated community, but have a great county response team and a good hospital because the counties around us are very low in population and so we have the “regional” healthcare center. The OB/GYN and midwife have a good working relationship. So, I am thinking plans may be in the works already. We have 7 people per square mile. County to the south 1.5 people per square mile and county to the north .75 people per square mile.

        • Excellent! Keep up the good work! For healthy moms/babies, it really IS safer in most instances to birth at home. Ive had 2 of my 3 at home, and that was a looong time ago- 30 years. Its much easier to find a midwife now. Thats one of the reasons i became one!

          • Hi Babycatcher. Had the lady baby at home. Midwife couldn’t be here but my husband delivered. Still overall a good experience. She’s going to be 43 next month.

      • Babycatcher,
        If I remember correctly, you’re in the Gatlinburg area. How are things there? I saw a photo online that showed it as a ghost town. I don’t believe everything I hear…or see.

  10. The kid’s and I have been staying home I did go and get more cat food, the store I went to only had three customers, so we were social distancing, and I wore my mittens, since it’s still a bit chilly in the morning, so I should have enough cat food to get me through April. I did pick up some ground meat, and stew meat, which I premade a few dinners, so I don’t have to think everything out. A few friends, haven’t gone out to get food or toilet paper, so they are still very unprepared, one friend has 8 people and 6 rolls of toilet paper, odds are not in their favor, tho stores, are slowly getting stock back in .

    Questions 1 No livestock

    Question. 2. In our area still 29 people, sick only 3 have died.

    Question 3. Yes. I have been dehydrating for 8 year’s now I do mainly vegetable, herbs and fruits, would like to try eggs, one day. I’ve been canning 24 year’s, my whole marriage, I helped mom as a child and I am a 4th generation canner, I taught my step son, and my two children have

    Question 4. Just a little shopping, staying mostly home.

    Be safe and hopefully better news in the next few weeks.

  11. Ducks – I have a pond, we feed them and have had a few for dinner. And yes, we have other livestock. First thing out of the ground this year is the chives. I have already cut and dehydrated my first batch. I am still planting seeds in the greenhouse, We will have a big garden this year so we aren’t part of the stress on systems.

    We are all well. We have a friend in San Diego with Covid19. AND my grandson, presently out of the Navy and still in reserves is probably going to be called up. He was a Corpsman while in the service. He received a phone call but is now just waiting to see what happens. His wife is due with baby #2 in June so we are concerned about them.

    Still cold and snowy here so haven’t done much but tend animals and keep people fed. And we haven’t been out at all to see what is going on around the town.

    There is an increase in people cruising the streets at night around the area where our shop is. We have folks there full time now and cameras, security systems, fences with razor wire on top, so we haven’t had anything happen, but neighboring businesses are being hit. LE is NOT responding to burglaries and such unless it is “in progress and someone is available”. I think that is important to note here.

  12. 1) My parents had chickens when I was growing up, an the sister had her pet ducks. Where we are at now, and with my duties I’ve no time for these animals. Although I love fresh eggs over store purchased.
    2)This area has had lower parties exposed, but unfortunately one death because the son took his mother out to a senior luncheon which exposed everyone there. Yes, not the bright light bulb.
    3)Have dehydrated foods in the past and I still have some of them stored in glass jars. Foods put up this way seem to hold better than vacuuming in plastic bags.
    4)This area is stay at home, with the exception of seeing my chiropractor. Have only been into one grocery store to pick up a few items, and see what happens when locusts hit a grocery store!

    Did go to the ol fashion meat market in this area for ground beef and chuck roasts. Arrived early so that I could beat the crowds. Good thing as not long after arriving the shoppers started showing up. You could only go in when your ticket number was called for selecting what you wanted from this business. They carried beef/chicken/pork and sea food where the other stores were out or severely lacking in this area.

    Neighbor brought us garden soil for our mini garden this year. Hopefully I will be getting a couple more dog kennels for this project from his SIL, as she is moving an not taking them with her.
    On the soil they would not let me pay them so made homemade cookies for them as they both work and have several little ones. Last evening sent a text that there was a special package waiting for them when they got home, hope the cookies were still warm. Said the kids were scarfing them up lol, a special treat for all of them. ( apple cookie recipe).

  13. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not? Yes I have ducks just purely for the love of ducks.
    2. How are things given the current pandemic madness? We’ve stayed home the past 12 days. Will continue as needed.
    3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why? Yes. Canning.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? I have slowly started workIng on the new hydroponic garden set up. Most things are here. Some on order. I can’t finish without the rest of the order so I’m letting weather dictate outside work right now. It snowed again this morning. Pretty but I’ll work on inside projects for a day or two.
    At 73 I have many projects and no help but bit by bit I get them done. I just can’t be in a rush. Inside I’m sorting supplies and transferring into new to me heavy storage containers. The current area is medical supplies. Making written lists to tape to the front like a packing list. Each container get a general label stuck on. And each container gets a permenant marker number. Some things I’m combining. Makes sense to have full containers as long as its related items.
    I want to get the hydroponics pipes laid out and dry fit so I can get a measurement for the recycled wood support structure(s).
    Things are coming together nicely but slower than I’d like. I’ve always had help. My husband alzheimers is progressing and he’s unsteady walking and almost zero help. He’s constantly askIng what he can do to help. Most things inside I work where just on person can fit. Outside if its not too cold he’ll sit in a chair and quietly watch me work. He wants to stay close. Little seems familiar anymore so its unsettling to be alone. Thankfully he remembers me.
    Also glad we’ve gotten all prescriptions on 90 day supplies and the pharmacy is working to get both of our prescriptions to where they will all fill at the same time to save trips into town or if I pay by card on the phone they will FedEx them to me.
    Today is day day 12 at home. Staying busy and as old peppers from before it was anything but canning and buying ahead year to year.. We are just fine for quite a while.
    My last day out we had a neighbor drive us to Tractor Supply and the feed mill nearly 90 miles away. I bought 450 lb of feed for the chickens and ducks. At tractor supply I added a crab apple tree to the order. Then on to home depot to pick up a pond pump and tubing, 12 thin wall 4″ pvc and 24 elbows, glue and cleaner, and a box of 3 inch wood screws. Then to a friends home to pick up the last 4 barrels I’d purchased from him.
    We stopped at a Long John Silvers for lunch. Every other booth was closed off do required distancing. The next day all restraints were closed unless the could do a drive through window or deliveries. I heard m a my wrote their number great big on front windows and attempted to deliver to the parking lot. I think most are closed as were pretty much under a self isolation order with no group larger than 2 now allowed.
    Thankfully in the country we have more than a postage stamp yard to get outside and always plenty to do.

    • Clergy lady, My Dad had alzheimers and I took care of him and DM who required complete care. I gave him coconut oil about a teaspoon in his oatmeal( replaced butter with it) and citicoline., i started him on two a day to get in his system,for 2 weeks., then daily. it really helped him, that he knew i was there to help him…and he remembered me. When I started, he did not.He was angry and., frightened.
      We have a big yard as well, for me is is a good exercise, mowing, weed trimming,gardening in raised beds.I can usually find more to do than i am able.LOL

  14. Puppy has been working out hard . A lizard jumped out of the grill and puppy thinks they taste like chicken. I said no and he didn’t eat or kill it. It looked like a baby iguana.

    House repairs
    Fixed the leaky toilet valve. Mrs said the water bill had gone up $20.
    Ordered a new air conditioner. Well better to fix it now while I can get it fixed. It was °100 in the sun yesterday.

    Planted pole and bush beans
    Started zucchini squash, cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.
    Started radishes they grow so fast.
    Planted more onions
    Peppers coming in already.

    Fruit tees
    Put the lemon and avocado outside
    Pear tree getting pears already,

    Took the saiga 12 to the range.

    Heavy workout and cross training.

    Thor’s questions

    1. What do you think about 1 million military being called up for active duty?

    2. Do you have national guard in your area?

    3. Are we going to war with China?

    4. Are you on lockdown?

    A new name for last minute preppers ……..TP preppers……😎

    • Thor’s questions:

      1. What do you think about 1 million military being called up for active duty? As retired military, I don’t see this as nefarious as some do. We don’t know what is coming, but it will require a lot of manpower. Getting it trained up and ready to move takes time, time we may not have.

      2. Do you have national guard in your area? As in activated, no.

      3. Are we going to war with China? Why? What’s in it for us? What will be the cost in men and material?

      4. Are you on lockdown? Yes. DW is working from home. We are finally getting some of the straightening up projects done (including the “porch garden”). (Hope the dump stays open!) Plenty of food stocks on hand for several months, and equipment to deal with “people acting poorly”.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. What do you think about 1 million military being called up for active duty?

      I didn’t know that it was that many. That would pretty much activate about half of the total reserve force, counting all branches and NG. There are only about 11,000 National Guard activated nationwide right now. The vast majority, if not all, are only working within their own states at this time. Some states have more NG activated than others. What I’ve read about it, the majority are medical or engineers. They are looking closely at bringing back retirees in medical specialties. As I wrote a week or so ago, #1 daughter and her unit’s XO spent over a day calling everyone in their unit (an USAFR aeromedical critical care unit) to find who was not already involved in their civilian job with the Chines virus (like my daughter, unfortunately). Even though she is not in a medical specialty right now (she is the unit’s training manager and that is her primary specialty now), however, her secondary specialty is medical administration and she has experience working out of a field hospital when in Afghanistan. So, I am worried she will be called up to be a med admin tech as she also has extensive civilian experience in medical billing.

      2. Do you have national guard in your area?

      Florida does have some NG activated, but none are working in my town. I have a nephew who is a sergeant in an Army Guard transportation unit (truck unit). He might get activated if his unit’s trucks are needed, but not yet.

      3. Are we going to war with China?

      We already are at war with China. It is mainly a financial and economic war, but it could have close to the same result as a shooting war. Are we going to get into a shooting war with China? We might, but China will end up pretty beat up out of it. I think the US Navy will put the Chinese Navy out of action pretty quickly. Japan and Taiwan will be on our side in that. China thought they were becoming King of the Ocean with their new aircraft carriers, until they realized their one carrier is a floating turd and the aircraft they made for it have zero chance against American fighters. Not to mention the ship being all but a sitting duck for American attack subs. Chinese Army? Please. The Chinese Navy has already tied the carrier up and is afraid to send it to sea because it might sink all on it’s own with no help necessary from the US. China also knows that the US will be pretty nasty if China does something really dumb like EMPs or a straight up nuke attack.

      4. Are you on lockdown?

      It depends on how you define “lockdown.” My county is on what they call a “stay at home” order, but there are so many exceptions they shouldn’t have bothered. They still have a somewhat stricter curfew in effect from 11:00pm to 5am daily. Funny coincidence. Just as I was writing the response to this question, I got an alert from the Florida Surgeon General stating that all citizens with health problems or who are 65+ years old (like me), should stay at home.

      • Thor1 and all.

        I did a little more research into the one-million troop activation order. Yes, Trump did sign an order that authorizes the SecDef to activate and/or recall UP TO one-million troops. They do not anticipate activating that many people.Trump just gave SecDef the flexibility to do so if things got really bad.

        As of now, activations and recalls are expected to be primarily in the medical fields and headquarters units (supply, transport, admin, etc).

        As JP in MT said, and as a military and police retiree myself, I don’t see anything nefarious in what is going on.

        • Z36, #2 daughter is on the frontline in a hospital. She is med-surge but her floor is now a Kung Flu floor conversion. I’m nervous. This is really bad !!!

          • Moe, thanks……she’s taking care of 8 patients normally its 4 to 6. They haven’t been supplying N95 masks and I offered mine and she said they couldn’t bring them in from home. BS….. Are they trying to kill all of our medical personnel ???

          • That is crazy if they won’t supply the needed masks she should be able to bring in her own. Actually shouldn’t they be liable for not providing appropriate gear for workers?

    • Tara’s questions

      1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?

      2.How are things given the current pandemic madness?

      3.Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?

      1. There are a lot of ducks an geese at a small lake 1/4 mile from my house.

      2. Survival wise excellent. Minus TP…..LOL Worry about family members though. Especially my RN daughter.

      3. Yes I freeze dry eggs. 25 year shelf life.

    • Thor1
      You stated that DD#2 is on a WU FLU floor but they will not let them bring masks from home. If they have a medical board/SS board in there area where the hospital that receives $$ from Medicare or private insurance companies. They can be turned in for jeopardizing the health of the works there while collecting monies for said services. Which means that the employees are to have all the medical equipment required to protect the employees health. If I understand the way the system works.

      Told my baby sister who works in the same type of situation, no masks when needed the higher ups could kiss off. Bet they are not going without a mask,,jerk weeds. She is a vampire in the hospital.🤩

  15. I got the potatoes we bought canned up (9 pint jars) and also the carrots we had bought (7 pint jars). Started the next set of 36 eggs in the incubator. I used almost every available hole for the eggs. Was going to only do the 24, but there was so much empty space and still so many eggs, I just kept going.
    Went to the hardware store where my son works and bought onion sets, seed potatoes, a tomato plant, a set of 6 small broccoli plants, a peppermint and chocolate mint plant. DH ran the tiller over the hill where we are going to put the potatoes, and also set up a fence to keep the dog out. I started many, many seeds and set them up in our big bathroom with grow lights. (Yes, it is that big and we don’t use it.)
    DH went to town and bought a big bag of chick food. We will probably move them out to the big coop’s brooder area next weekend. He had only bought a small bag of medicated chick food before, and they went thru that pretty quickly!! They are so cute, all have wing feathers and the beginnings of a tail! Adorable!
    Will be working on getting the actual outside garden ready for planting for the rest of this week and hopefully I can get hubby to butcher a few roosters. Yes, we have too many, and one has turned evil, only to me. Comes running at me whenever he hears my voice, and tries to attack me from behind. He has GOT to go!!!! Blessings to you all, the President, and everyone!

  16. Forgot to answer the questions.
    1. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?
    No, we could, but I just can’t get excited about keeping ducks.
    2. How are things given the current pandemic madness?
    Can’t find any bread or buns of any kind around here, and there are no cases in my county or the surrounding 4 or 5 counties! But that didn’t stop the hordes from panick buying.
    3. Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why? I preserve mostly meats, but as noted above, have done potatoes and carrots. I have also dehydrated herbs and spices, such as parsley, oregano, bay leaves, and such. Tried fermenting and didn’t like it. Could dehydrate eggs, but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will someday soon.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? See previous post.
    Thor’s questions:

    1. What do you think about 1 million military being called up for active duty?
    Well, I assume they are gearing up for something, what it is, I do not know.
    2. Do you have national guard in your area?
    Not that I am aware of. We are a pretty rural community, so I kinda doubt it.
    3. Are we going to war with China?
    Not heard that one. Not sure why we would. Have they threatened us?
    4. Are you on lockdown?
    Not really. We don’t get out much anyway, so we have just chosen our times to go out a little more carefully and they are probably a little less often, especially going somewhere a little further away.

  17. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?
    No, my wife wants chickens but all she can do is work, sleep, or watch the granddaughter so they would be my chickens. I have enough trouble keeping my cats feed.

    How are things given the current pandemic madness? What madness, I haven’t been out in a week. I have doctor’s appointment Monday but no thanks, I’m hunkering down for the duration.

    Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?

    What did you do to prep this week?
    Mostly fighting grass, the heat and extra light have everything growing. If I fall behind I will lose my garden. Getting things done is made more difficult because my body is in reverse mode this month. I sleep from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. It is over 90 F so I have to wait until the sun gets lower to even start working. I try to get the worst spots done before it gets too dark.

    Last week my wife had her days off to herself because our daughter had stopped work and was staying home with the granddaughter. Next week she is going back to work, she can’t stand to be trapped inside with her child. My wife has an easier time because we have lots of open space and the pool. Also my wife is not afraid to use corporal punishment. I would rather restrict my exposure but oh well.

  18. We are under a stay at home order. This is at the county level and not the state level. Our governor is an idiot. He doesn’t grasp the concept of exponential growth. The stay at home order still permits folks to go to the grocery store and the liquor store. Restaurants are open for take out only. All “non essential” businesses are closed. So bars and nightclubs are closed–not that we ever frequent such establishments.

    I went to Publix today to pick up birthday cake for dh. They are only allowing one person in the store per 1000 square feet of retail space. I only had to wait a few minutes. With all the students sent home, our area has turned into a ghost town. Publix has been limiting purchases of essential items to one or two packages. So their stock is starting to come back. I was able to pick up a package of toilet paper. They had eggs, milk, bread and meat. This is only the third time I have been out in the past two weeks. I could have made a cake for dh at home but we ordered our wedding cake from Publix and it’s a bit of a tradition to get the same type of cake for birthdays–chocolate with butter cream. Yum!

    We have set up a Zoom family get-together for dh’s birthday tomorrow. It’s been hard not having the kids over every Sunday for dinner. Dh turns the big 70 tomorrow. (I robbed the rocking chair. LOL!) The kids don’t want to potentially expose him to the virus.

    I am surprised that folks think things might return to normal by Easter. That’s just not feasible. If the U.S. went on a real lock down and required everyone who was out for essential reasons to wear a face mask, we could see a peak by the end of April. It would take four to six additional weeks for cases to drop. This is assuming everyone complies and that everyone had access to face masks. That’s not the case. We are in this for a minimum of two months. What irritates me the most about our governor’s lack of action is that hospitals will become overwhelmed–no beds, no ventilators. Medical professionals will be forced to ration care, just like in Italy. I read one estimate that estimated 2.2 million deaths from coronavirus. This does not count the number of deaths from preventable illnesses where folks could have been saved had they had access to medical care. I think this estimate is too low.

    • Bam Bam:
      Interesting comments about Publix. Do you have to stand in line outside and how does the store keep people apart at the check out lines? My son mentioned his Publix sanitizes the belt in between customers at the check-out. He goes shopping late in the evening to avoid crowds. My Dad utilizes the senior hours but that is the only precaution he takes.

      • There are strips of blue tape outside to tell people where to stand in line. Customers have to self-monitor for social distancing. I ran into two twit teens who were oblivious to the rules. I said, “Excuse Me!” in a very loud voice. I think it was the first time anyone every corrected their bad behavior.

  19. Do you keep ducks as part of your survival livestock and why or why not?
    Unfortunatly since my Primary residence is in town and my town of 500 decided we can not keep Poultry or livestock in town I don’t have any.

    How are things given the current pandemic madness?
    Here in SoDak it is not really bad yet. We only have around 80 confirmed cases everyone is taking the stay home and the social distancing thing seriously and everyone is still friendly and generally cool with things.

    Do you preserve eggs and other barnyard-produced or store-bought items by dehydrating and canning for your survival food stockpile? How, and why?
    Not currently honestly I never considered dehydrating eggs and now I am fascinated by the process how long will they keep just dehydrated?

    What did you do to prep this week?

    Hello Pack, Hope this finds all well. This week has been fairly under the radar. I cleaned some weapons and I am in the midst of the “gun\storage room” rebuild and I hope to work on that this weekend. I also installed an LP tankless water heater last fall that needs to have vinegar run thru it to clear the heat exchanger so I need to get that done as well. The wife repainted and then I assembled a new shelving system in the Laundry so we can try and organize the mess. The freezers and pantry are full and there is not much reason to go out. The boys have been going out in the back and trying to get some bunnies with their wrist rockets mostly been a waste of pellets LOL. I want to go into the “Deep Storage” this week and see what all I have stashed in there I have not looked in a while so it is time.

    My oldest is all in on a wilderness survival pack and he built one out of a matchbox I wanna strike while the Iron is hot here so I think I will help him put together a legit BOB. I am trying to get my Bulging Ass in shape and the weight is coming off hard but my cardio endurance and strength are progressing very well. I like to eat and I like beer neither of which is good for weight loss.

    I found that my dehydrator decided not to play anymore, just as well it was an older cabelas model and I have not been able to find replacement racks in a while. So that will be a couple hundred for a new one. I have had to have a serious conversation with my wife she has been hesitant to keep a get home bag in her car in years past (easier in the Obama years than today) However with the state of affairs right now I kind of had to put my foot down. She is a Nurse and as such has to travel the 40 miles to the city for work. If this goes full lock down and there are riots etc. She needs a gun, cash, decent boots\shoes, water, and some quick energy in a bag. Along with a decent blade and a flashlight. She generally has had no issues carrying in the past but the last few years she has not done so consistently since I usually am. And she can not take the gun into work so she didn’t see the point. I worry things could get ugly quick if it gets to forced quarentine.

    Thats all from here I really hope everyone is well and look forward to reviewing y’alls posts have a good week.

  20. Hi everyone,

    Weather wise, this week had mostly rain, rain again.. Today and yesterday was in the high 70s’, low 80’s and sunshine. Tonight another storm, with potential tornadoes, and sunny tomorrow. The grass is close to baling for hay.

    I had to go into work this week, except for Monday and Friday. Had to teach a class, keeping social distancing, but am working on training that any new employee can do on their own, then g get checked off with their preceptor.

    Found gas for $1.61, topped off the tank. Did not go anywhere other than to work and home, so did not buy anything this week. Don’t really need anything anyway. I did sell some CS to someone at work, and provided the research to go with it so they could learn about it. The person that bought it has her 84 yr old mother living with her. I need to try out my nebulizer with it so I can keep myself hopefully protected.

    Cooking up some kale soup as we speak. Can’t wait until it’s done.

    Watching Hallmark movies and watch Building Alaska all day today. Had things to do in the house today, but was a slug, again. Can hope tomorrow is a better working day.

    Prayers for everyone, prayers to rid our country of this virus, prayers for The President and for America.

    Stay safe everyone.

  21. Taras questions
    1. nope, i keep chickens at the moment nd was planning to expand with turkeys but with the economy as is i am putting all epansion on hold, flat broke for months anyway

    2 no big thing for me, i was ou of money before it and already in a strict ration system, now that the weather is warmer i can travel but nowhere to go, just went online to list my surplus chickens on a local trade site. probably won’t be back for a long time. i was effectivly in isolated quaranteen months before anyone else was, so i was doing it before it was cool.

    3 somewhat, i can pickle eggs, or powder them but i usually rely on them fresh, i do lots of canning and drying.

    i stacked 10 full cords of firewood onto pallets, piled and burned a huge amount of branches. done a lot of cleanup, i was sawing all winter then when i ran out of saw gas and bar oil i was using a 1 man crosscutsaw and ax, i clearcut 3 acres and heavily thinned other areas. my season goes from october to october (i spend a year stocking it then sell it out in october then start over) by january i had enough to rival then exceed my best season.

    butchered a lot of surplus chickens, and went online to list the other surplus for sale before butchering, the way things are headed i don’t want to bestuck feeding too many if i can’t feed them andthe economy sucks from what i heard on public radio. i don’t forsee any firewood sales this coming season, mild winter and lots of people sitting around means there will be a vast surplus of wood available from many sellers and nobody will have money to buy it. i rationed everything over winter well before the country joined me, bunch of posers, i was doing it before it was cool. i heard preppers are in full on panic for not having the right preps (radio interview) that is what prompted me to go online and see what everyone here was talking about, see if that was accurate or not, i am mostly unaffected and unconcerned myself and can’t imagine the radio interview was accurate. i think i am getting a stimuous check but not sure, if i do i will use it to buy lime for the garden, then i can plant this season and fix the acid soil that nulled my last atttempt. i was living on preserved food since october and at the current rate i will run out in may of 2021, so i have to put in a garden this year. just finishing my maple season, getting too warm now, i only tapped 1/3 of my trees since i was still working around the others, got 3 gallons syrup, it was also a very short season, might get 1 more gallon. wrote a book in february, its 314 pages in pdf format, my life story and how i ended up a selfreliance extremist with strong distust for gubermint. will put it online if i can find a lace to put it, though its really messed up (some chapter are really dark and horrible and scarred me for life, so they ended up in the book). still not going to be online much in the future, but since i will try to be back on when i can.

    • nemoseto:
      I don’t know how the process works but do know one way to self-publish online is through Amazon books. It is linked to Kindle somehow. Good luck with the garden.

      • nemoseto and Moe,

        I’ve got two books published, both through Amazon and Smashwords.



        Neither cost you anything to publish with them. However, they do take a small slice of the action when one of your books sells through them. Also, you will need to read over the instructions carefully as both require your book to be formatted a certain way and to have a cover (doesn’t need to be super professional).

        If you care, you can look at my books. I made the covers myself.

        Stepping In It: Marine Corps Boot Camp for 19-cents an Hour.

        Tales from the Street: Stories of Police Work

        I don’t make big bucks on these. I have covered my writing expenses with some extra.

          • JP,

            Thanks. they aren’t the most professionally written books, but most people who have read them liked them. Particularly the police stories.

          • JP,

            I went through in 1971. If you watched the first half of Full Metal Jacket, you got a taste of what my boot camp was like. Except we had three of those monsters working on us, sometimes at the same time. Oh, and no such thing as jelly donuts in the mess hall, but it was a great scene. 🙂

          • I went through just afterward, 1975. It really wasn’t all that bad. I did a lot of pushups because I was used to calling men in authority Sir. Wish I was in some semblance of that shape now.

        • Zulu,

          Just finished reading Stepping in It: Marine Corp Book Camp for 10-cents an hour and really enjoyed it.

          I went through Air Force Basic Training in March of 1970 (one step ahead of the draft and the Army) and while our basic was not nearly as extreme as your experience in the Marines were we did have a lot of similarities.

          In my day the TI’s could hit you (and they did that often, but never in the face where it would show), they loved turning off racks and throwing stuff out of lockers and place kicking freshly shined shoes and boots. Our flight was on the 3rd floor and we always ran in and up the steps, one day the TIs were ticked about something or other and as we ran up they were on the top floor throwing down mattresses on us. The guys below were pushing to get up and the mattresses were flying down and we all ended up in a hug pile (about 75 Airmen if I remember correctly). Anyway, got everything cleaned up and racks remade and all was forgotten.

          They spent a lot of time with mind games and would do things like, we would be marching by and another TI from a different flight would start to give commands and woe be it unto us if we obeyed those commands. Or towards the end, when we would start to get cocky and would be marching and expect to be marched to the post office and we started to veer off in that direction, it would be push up city for us until we remembered our places.

          I remember the guys who came over from the fat boy flights, my best friend in basic joined us after the 2nd week. Airman Tandy had been there since before Christmas but he had to lose 50 pounds before he could join a regular flight. He used to talk about PT 5 times a day and spartan meals at the dining hall. Toward the end we got base liberty and we would go over and visit with some of his friends and we always snuck in candy bars. They put a smile on those guys faces.

          I remember one guy who got washed back to us. We went to PT and when we were running his underwear started sticking out of his PT shorts leg. Seems he refused to wear his jock and had rolled his drawers legs up. That didn’t go well. The next morning I woke up and noticed a puddle of water under his rack (he had the rack next to mine). I let the squad leader know and then the TI came and took him away. I had to pack his stuff in his duffel bag and he was gone. Seems the Air Force had no sense of humor about wetting the bed. They discharged his as unfit to serve.

          During shakedown inspection on the first night we had to empty our pockets and dump out of overnight bags. One guy had brought a dozen condoms with him. Not sure what he was planning but he got a rash of stuff about that. Another had brought his golf clubs. That didn’t go well. Another had several naked pictures of his girlfriend. He lost those.

          During mail call the TI would always finger letters for anything inside. One guy had something in the envelope and the TI made him open it and show everyone what it was and to read the letter out loud. It was a used condom from his girlfriend saying he should go off and die and that was the condom his best friend had used with her and she liked him a lot better. He was a wreck for a while. Another had a little bag of white powder and that didn’t go well. Seems his girlfriend had sent him something as sweet as he was. It wasn’t sugar. It and him were sent off with the OSI folks and we didn’t see him again.

          My grandmother wouldn’t take no for an answer about sending goodie packages. TI watched me stand in front of the rest of the flight and eat a whole package of oreos. After that she didn’t send anything else. I didn’t feel well all night.

          Sorry for going on and on and on. Memories from over 50 years ago keep flooding back.

          Thanks for writing what you did. I’ll be reading your other book soon.

          Take care
          MSgt, USAF, Ret

          • Cliff,

            Oh, in the good old days, the DIs and TIs could get away with a lot more stuff and in my dad’s day (WWII), the DI’s carried swagger sticks with .50cal shell casings filled with sand on each end. Recruits used to wear pith helmets and the DIs loved to smack the crap out of those helmets with their sticks. Dad said they definitely got your attention.

            I don’t remember if I wrote about this, but in Marine boot camp, close order drill under arms was standard. When moving the rifles around we were expected to slap the hell out of them and make a very loud crack. One day we weren’t loud enough, so they made us sit down on the grinder, (mind you it was asphalt and in August in San Diego) then slap the grinder as hard as we could until the DIs were as happy as you were ever going to make them. Everyone had bloody hands. Then up we got and back to drill, slapping our rifles with bloody hands, and often burned buttocks.

            If we didn’t do things exactly right, the DI would say “Oh, you girls want to play fun and games? OK. I’ve got more games than Milton Bradley.” And then he would prove it.

            I think I wrote about this, but there were a couple of time when one of the DIs would put us in the sand pit in front of our barracks. Then he would go inside and come back with a folding chair. It was then we knew we were going to be playing in the sand for quite awhile. He’d set up the chair, sit in it, light a cigarette, and order “Bends and thrusts, until I’m tired. Begin.” (Bends and thrusts were a form of burpees or squat thrusts and we called them something else not suitable for polite company). Very exhausting. I’d rather be smacked around.

  22. nemoseto,

    Good to hear from you again. I was wondering if you were OK.

    Sounds like you were one busy little (OK, not so little) camper. That’s good as it keeps one out of the saloons and pool halls. 🙂

    I’m not one of those preppers who thinks he didn’t prep the right things. If I had my druthers, I probably would have gotten more N-95 masks than I do. But if I don’t plan to go out an mingle with the rest of the great unwashed (or other deplorables), I should have enough, plus I have a stock of surgical masks. I think it’s safe for me to say that most of the old timers here are the same way. Good to go with what they have, but maybe would like a specific item or two now that the actual nature of the SHTF is clear. Can’t think up all of the nasty ways S can HTF. One good thing about the nature of this event so far is the ability to continue grocery shopping and not seriously dent your pantry stash, and even add to it. Maybe not toilet paper, but I have food to eat and know other ways to wipe other than with TP.

    The only thing I am seriously missing is my granddaughter. Her parents are working from home and want their little girl close. I don’t blame them. We Face-time a few times a week.

    Good luck out there. You are so lucky to have a governor who has his stuff so together that he can help advise how the federal government and neighboring states run their business. 🙂

  23. This week was rain and 50-70 degrees. Lettuce and onions up in garden, planted cabbages outside also. Ginger is coming up, comfrey up, peach and plum trees blooming. This may not be good, since it can turn really cold yet.
    Walked and checked fences for cows, went thru area that use to be a dump, on back of property over 50 years ago. I always check it out to see if rain has exposed any old time treasures. I saw what appeared to be bottom of a big jar, dug earth around it carefully, and it was a one gallon jug, with a finger hole, next to it was a 1/2 gallon jug, with finger hole. Both in perfect condition, just needed cleaned up and I have corks to fit them. Then I started thinking about the Bible saying we are earthen vessels, and we choose what we fill them with, be it good or bad content. What our world is currently experiencing is a result of choosing bad content for our vessels. We could repent, choose content pleasing to God and the madness we are all living thru would subside. Just a thought.
    Tara’s questions1, no ducks
    2. I preserve eggs in pickeling lime solution, recipe can be found on line.
    3. I love being home, so no imposition due to virus situation. Got to watch frogs everywhere ( in love at pond.) Fish jumping clear out of the water they felt so good. If this is not spring don’t tell them, they are loving it.
    4. Garden moving right along, babies playing in fields, plant and live like your life depends on it, it might.

  24. Since I am unable to find your comment on here, and there was not enough info to track down the Italian show you mentioned, thought I’d just try commenting to it and see if I can find it that way! Thanks!!

  25. It has been a really long time since I last posted here. I have been missing reading all of your comments. I have had several health issues and other stuff so I had not been doing as much as I wanted to. Thankfully I have still kept a pretty well stocked pantry.

    A couple of weeks ago we managed to buy some plants and seeds. Last week I planted lettuce, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, yellow pear tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon thyme. I moved the strawberries as they were not doing well where they were at. I also moved several flowers and planted some more. On Saturday we got lucky and bought several fruit trees for $7.25 each! We got 2 granny smith apples, 2 fuji apples, 2 elberta peach, 1 bartlett pear and 1 black cherry. We already had one pear and was suppose to get one more cherry but there was a mix up and I didn’t get it yet. All of those trees were planted today. As I write this DH is busy tilling the beds so I can get more stuff in the ground.

    On The 13th of this month I tripped and fell in my own driveway and hit the side of my head pretty hard. Of course the first thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw how totally graceful I was! LOL After a couple of days I realized that I had a concussion. I looked it up online and just treated myself. Not going to the Dr’s office unless I just really need to. I didn’t do much of anything for a week! I had to close my office. Thankfully business is rather slow because of people not being out. I am a tax preparer so I am still working but I am doing it by appointment only and for my regular clients if they can email me their papers or drop them off that is even better.

    I saved the best for last! I became a great-grandma last year! She is absolutely adorable! I hate not being able to see her or most of my other grandkids during this time.

  26. All,

    It’s official. Trump signed the order allowing activation of USAF Reservists, particularly medical people. They are asking for volunteers first and then will see how many they will have to involuntarily activate. No deployment locations or actual numbers needed are known yet. #1 daughter does not plan to volunteer, mainly because she is no longer in a primary medical specialty.



    • Zulu 3-6:

      Both the DW and I are retired Army. Both understand that we can be recalled – indefinitely – by the President, as needed. Now I did state that if I was recalled, the rest of you need to fill sandbags because I am that broken and out of shape, plus my skill set is well past it’s expiration date, that we must be in some severe trouble. It’s one of the “benefits” of taking a check from them every month.

      • I am retired Air Force MSgt. My stint the in the retired reserves ended at the 30 year mark of TAFMSD as I understand it. I tried to go back at 9/11 but they didn’t want me. If they want my tired old almost 70 year old ass with bad eye sight, partial deafness and heart disorders and there was something I could do well for them then I’d be happy to draw a uniform (still got my boots) and a gasmask and canteen and I’m hump by old butt anywhere I could be of use.

        My skills as a high speed Morse intercept operator are a little rusty but if anyone in the world still used Morse code other than hams and they could turn the volume up loud enough for me to hear it I’d be glad to sit a rack and spin and grin all day long.

        I doubt they want me but I’m here for the taking. I am still one hell of a Disaster Preparedness NCO and Emergency Evacuations NCO and Emergency Destruction NCO if they have need for that. I don’t have to be able to get out of my chair fast and what I hear isn’t often being what is said….


      • JP,

        I’m old and busted down too, although some of my old military skills are still OK (shooting guns, etc). I could manage or supervise some stuff, but screw those sand bags. I never had to even fill one in Desert Storm (rank has it’s privileges), but I did fill a whole bunch in Vietnam (lack of rank has its detractions).

        • Zulu 3-6:

          Just so there is no confusion, I will go if they call. I can still yell at people. And Supply was my secondary.

          • JP,

            I’d go too, but I don’t think they would keep me past any physical. My Air Guard primary AFSC was Security Police and no secondary. My Marine Corps primary was motor transport, secondary was military police, and my tertiary was embarkation. I’m way out of date on the trucks they use now and the embarkation computer systems are way beyond my training too. I could be a security superintendent I suppose, as that is actually my primary Air Force specialty within security police (now called security forces). But I’d need to lose weight and get in better shape even though it would be more of a desk job.

            No sense wondering about it. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • Zulu,

            That’s a fact. I’m 25 pounds heavier than when I retired and at that time I was teetering on my max. They don’t want me and don’t need me so I’m happy at home. Besides at this age I have very little tolerance for authority figures and probably wouldn’t bow down before a butter bar.

            All we can do is give thanks that there are well equipped and well qualified people out there in the trenches that have been trained by the people we long ago trained and we did it well so that means they too are well trained.

            Take care

  27. Cliff,

    No, I wouldn’t be very butter bar tolerant either. I retired from the police department as a deputy chief, and I consider myself as quite senior to a second lieutenant. Hell, I wasn’t very tolerant of 2d lieutenants when I was a MSgt. I’d sooner put some of them to work filling sandbags than some junior enlisted people.

    Like the joke we had in the Marines: What’s the difference between a 2d Lt and a PFC? A PFC has been promoted once. 🙂

  28. Hi Pack, I am late to the party.. been checking in to read but get interrupted… Like Bam Bams DH i have had a B day… we have both been having sinus issues.. finally have seemed to get them under control being allergic to all pollens and grasses is a pain.
    I do not have Ducks, Hubby refuses. Have chickens, and rabbits.we take the chicken eggs and lime them., prefer them , can use in any recipe, after pulling out of bucket and rinsing outer shell.. have dehydrated them and have some done… did not care for them as plain eggs but used some to cook with… I dehydrated eggs, scrambled in a non stick skillet with no oil..diced with spatula in small pc’s , then after dehydrated til hard put them in a food processor and powdered. recipe to use is one tbsp egg powder to 2 tbsp warm water, allow to rehydrate unless utting in recipe. I got between 3.5 and 4 dozen in a pint. and packed them with oxygen abosrber. kept well sealed 18 months…
    Our state Tn now has a safer at home order… all non essential is closed , eaterys are carry out only…Has not affected us, we typically make all /most purchases on payday/pay bills and take care of business..get groceries and any needs./ hardware//gardening and feed stores are considered necessary. Have MD’s visit with specialist scheduled, going to try to modify that visit-possibly video appointment… exception yesterday took few things to DD she could not find in her area , met her halfway..was a grocery run for her… we met on an open lot. regular gas was 1.359. in Middle Tn about 50 c. cheaper than our area. Generally rural area most seem to be taking seriously, the social distancing measures and grocery stores are limiting supplies to a household and people from a household in store. DD reports that is not the case where she lives in the city. She works for a grocery retailer, supplies coming in are limited and Tp generally is in stock no more than 2 hours before the small lot they have is gone. She has been issued “traveling papers” for work.
    Here is a projection tracker for state by state… It tells how many beds are projected to be needed, how many ventilators and how many Icu beds they expect to need and be short. for each area. It tells the peak date of highest need.I went on and looked around.. several southeastern states are due to peak within days of each other..
    I have continued to work on garden beds transferring fertilizers and new soil to them.. we did plant some potatoes. and have sorted out 2litters of rabbits.(12 Bucks/2 Doe). Callie gave us another litter and is a good MOm. One more is due in coming week.Grass is growing, ready to be cut when the ground dries enough to not require floats on mower.We have doubled our raised beds , now to get them planted…
    Prayers for our nation, for Our President and those working with him. Take care y’all and Keep on Keeping on.

  29. Hi pack. Troubled times. Retired CMSGT, USAF. Many skills, mostly technical. I believe at last count, there were 6 AFSCs. Unable at my stage to pass the 5 basic exercise routine. Actually unable to run 1/4 mile, much less a mile or more. Anyway, this (crisis) has revealed a couple small weaknesses in our preps, despite our previous testing. Went to the BOL yesterday, only to discover our well pump has gone out. So, we called the well people – if we install the same type pump as before, the cost will be o/a $2500. But this is the third time that pump has failed. To upgrade to a more reliable system will be in the $5500 to 6000 range. Ouch! still, we will opt for the better system.

    One of our long ago preps, was to install an RV battery with a small charge controller in one of our out buildings, with two solar panels totaling about 6 amps output. We use that system to charge our small rechargeable batteries. Also, put two 50 gallon barrels of water in there. I wired a Shurflow pump through a switch to the RV battery. The pump has a pvc pipe, elbow and the pipe reaches the bottom. Water hose connection to the output of the pump. Connect the hose to a hose bib. open the valve and run the pump. This pump puts out 4 gallons/minute at 45 psi, so we have running water, with total capacity of 100 gallons. This will also work with a city type water supply, but you must turn off the main water valve to the house. Otherwise, should the water come back on, it could blow the valves in your little water pump. BTW, the Shurflow pump pulls only 4 amperes. In SHTF situation, we would haul water from a nearby natural clear water lake, treat the water and siphon the water into the barrels.

    • Bill T
      In regarding your well pump issue.
      Did the party that installed your pump tell you what was causing the continuous failures? Was it the minerals in the water? The fact the pump was not being used all the time? Electrical wiring to the pump or the valve installed in the pipe where the water will drain an not place a strain on the PVC piping? How old is the pump you had installed? Did it last more that a year or two? As they should be good for 10-20 years depending on usage.

      A pump should not fail unless it is defective or someone who installed it for you messed up.

      Next question how deep is the well? What is the static water level in the well? Do you know how many GPM the well produces when in use? Do you have a mineral problem with the water being pumped out of the well?

      Things you need to know when dealing with those who install well pumps for a living. Did you get a second opinion on the up graded well pump, the one they are telling you that needs to be replaced.

      Reason I am giving you all these questions, is to know what you are dealing with concerning pump installers. Second of all, I am what some term as water locater or the term dowser, (aka water witch-dislike that term).
      Passing what I know that will help you now and in the future-jic/ been doing this for over 20 years.


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