What did you do to prep this week?

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Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

raised bed garden

Worked in the garden – will be adding two more beds next week.

raised bed garden number 2

This bed (as well as the two beds I’ll build next week) will be used to grow an inter crop of corn, pole beans and squash.


raspberry trellis

Built this raspberry trellis for my new plants.



pear tree

Planted this pear tree.

peach tree

Planted this peach tree.

apple tree

Planted this apple tree.

nest box

Cleaned and added new bedding to my nest boxes. The hens seem happier already…

Well that’s it for me – what about YOU? What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…




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  1. I would just like to take this opportunity once again to thank the Pack for nominating my flu series articles. Although I have never met any of you personally, I truly consider you all to be my friends. I look forward to this WDYDTPTW segment each week.

    This week my dh and I have done a complete inventory and have identified holes in our preps—mostly OTC medicine and pet supplies. We went shopping.


    Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine (2 x 72 count)
    Generic Mucinex (2 x 200 count)
    Acetaminophen (3 x 200 count)
    Nyquil (2 bottles)


    Surgical gloves (200 count)
    N-95 respirator masks (2 x 35 count)
    Medical eye protection (2 pair)
    Hand sanitizer (2 large bottles)
    Feminine hygiene products


    Trash bags (2 x 150 count)
    Dish soap (3 large bottles)
    Plastic sheeting (4 rolls)


    Ramen (4 cases)
    Honey (5 lbs.)

    Pet Supplies

    Cat litter (6 x 34 lbs.)
    Canned cat food (4 x 48 cans)
    Cat food (6 x 24 lbs.)
    Dog food (4 x 50 lbs.)
    Dog cookies (14 lbs.)


    2 Oil Lamps
    Lamp Oil (6 x 32 oz.)

    The results came back from the blood work my doctor ordered. I am perfectly healthy. We also picked up a six-month supply of prescription medication for me. My dh hasn’t called his doctor to ask for his prescription yet.)

    I am excited to report that my mother is getting onboard with prepping. Last month we took her to the range. She bought a Glock 19. When I spoke with her this week she asked me to come up with a food supply list for her, my brother and his two children. I sent her a copy of The Wolf Pack Cookbook along with a list of basic supplies (and the web links for where to buy everything). She does not have room at her house for a year’s supply of food for four people, so my dh and I said she could store it here. I need to get busy cleaning out closets.

    • Bam Bam, last week you were looking for a homemade hand sanitizer recipe. . . this week I ran across an article with recipes for an alcohol -based version, an alcohol-free version and a ‘touch of alcohol’ version:


      Glad to hear your test results were good.

      • Lantana,

        Thanks for the link. I erred in my first attempt to make hand sanitizer by using aloe vera liquid and not aloe vera gel. Now I know better.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Very good article. Thanks for sharing.

      • AlaskaLuke says:

        FYI- The alcohol of a hand sanitizer needs to be over 60% of the total volume of to be effective. Otherwise, you are just giving the germ a bath, but at concentrations above 60% you can effectively sterilize your hands. A pathologist I know recently did an experiment where he used surgical scrub and OTC hand sanitizer to perform hand hygiene. He then pressed his hands onto agar plates and incubated the plates. The surgical scrub showed 4 bacterial colonies after 48 hours of incubation, while the alcohol based hand sanitizer showed 0 growth. The point being, you could perform surgery after using hand sanitizer in a mass casualty situation.

    • I forgot to include this update on H7N9. As of Thursday, the Chinese CDC will no longer give daily updates on H7N9; they will provide only weekly updates. It appears that provinces are still reporting new cases. Therefore, we do not know how reliable the latest figures are: 120 infected, 23 dead.

      The U.D. CDC has issued a new set of guidelines for dealing with suspected cases in the U.S. (Currently, the only confirmed cases are in China and Taiwan.) Here’s an excerpt from the CDC guidelines:


      These interim recommendations are based upon current information and the following considerations:

      Current lack of a vaccine for H7N9 virus

      Severe H7N9 disease with substantial mortality to date

      Limited current human-to-human H7N9 virus transmission but potential for increased transmission in the future

      End Quote


    • Here is one more article on H7N9. Chinese scientists announced that the virus needs only one more mutation to spread easily from person to person.


    • That’s great you got your mom prepping and using a defense weapon. It can be enjoyable as it was with my mom who just passed away. She was 90 and had a wonderful life with me. The prepping can go both ways as mom taught me how to make preserves, how to recognize trees in the wild that produce food, and she always had more food than she could eat stored away. Most important she was a prepper for the Lord and got me into my faith. You will need it when it is your time to go!

    • FreeRangePagan says:

      Glad you’re in the clear. Thank you for the articles and the updates on H7N9. I’ve got Lady onboard with elderberries and we’re going to order some this week for tinctures. You’re constantly helpful 🙂

  2. Not much accomplished towards prepping this week – stepdaughter is in the hospital and that’s eaten most of our time.
    Did manage to buy a few sundries for the stash and ordered a couple of books on finances.
    Also got some seedlings transplanted into bigger pots – still not quite warm enough to put most of them out.

    • Oh, and I’d be interested in a monthly sub option.

    • worrisome says:

      Praying for your stepdaughter VS……..worry and stress! makes it hard to stay on target AND important sometimes to stop and just know that for your stepdaughter she was having a personal shtf moment as we all do.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        I agree with worrisome, stress makes it tough all around. Sending prayers for your stepdaughter’s speedy recovery!

    • FreeRangePagan says:

      Prayers out for you and yours. I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. Cleaned the henhouse and nesting boxes. Put new shavings and straw in it and tilled up their 16 x20 run so the poop would not smell so bad and also ,expose more dirt for the girls to poke around in. Drew up some plans for a chicken tractor ill be building soon. Bought the lumber and hardware now I’m just waiting for a day off. My big rear time tiller is a great machine but it is to big to turn some of the soil in various places that need occasional de-compacting and turning. Stumbled across a huge sale at my local sears franchise outlet store and snatched it up before they changed their mind. I’m now the proud owner of a craftsman mini tiller/cultivator and got it for a little more that 100 bucks of the catalog price plus another 10% off my entire purchase for using my sears card (which I’ve already payed off). I hate debt but sometimes it pays to use the card. I’m down to two debts in my life and only two. My house(4 more years) my truck (3 more years) then I can breath a little easier,,,,,, are we there yet?

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I noticed you said you were waiting for a day off, Bctruck. Did you find a new job?

      • Yes. I’m hauling sulfuric acid. It’s the most dangerous job I’ve ever had (I load and unload my own tanker) for the least amount of money I’ve ever worked for and the most hours in a week I’ve ever worked. Be careful what you pray for. I’m missing the umemployment. At least I had time to think.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Sounds dangerous, one would think the pay would be more considering that one should hire the best drivers when hauling sulfuric acid. Stay safe, my friend.

  4. Didn’t get a whole lot done this week…. But did get some:

    -decanted peppermint and rosemary tinctures

    -started elderberry tincture

    -getting to experiment with them due to sniffley sinus crud at my house

    -am in the process of bringing home all of my educational materials and supplies from school: I have enough hand sanitizer to bathe in regularly for an indeterminate amount of time, have enough kleenex for a very bad cold/flu season and then some, and enough other supplies and materials (markers, crayons, paper, dry erase markers, index cards, construction paper, glue, old textbooks and workbooks…) to open my own one room school and at least be able to teach English grades K-12 and math grades k-6 plus several other subjects. It is amazing what you collect in classroom closets over the years. Guess I was adding to my preps every time I’d buy that extra bottle of sanitizer and take it in and stick it in the closet.

    -saw the dentist and have an appointment for having a cavity fixed on a back molar

    Can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure I will late and I’ll just add it on then… 😉

    Have a great week!

  5. FreeRangePagan says:

    Good morning Pack!

    I have officially quit the job I hated! I have something starting up in about a month, so I have a month of prepping and crafting to look forward to!

    This week was planning and budgeting out this next month, and getting some things done around the house. Bought some candles, baby powder, medical tape, masks, and a box to store the extra toothpastes, brushes and deodorants in. Went to the dollar store and compared prices for canned goods. Picked up a bunch of canned vegetables, salt, baking soda and powder and I think I’ll stock up there from now on.

    For Lady, I picked up a first aid kit, an LED flashlight, a battery for her other flashlight, and got her scattered things in one bag. I”m going to go through the house and gather other bits like lighters and such later.

    Lady and I sent a god bit of this past week cleaning a friends apartment so she could rent it out. I’m still tired from all of it. We were glad to help, and we’re keeping the bleach and other cleaning things we didn’t use there, so we’re good on that.

    We’re off to the farmer’s market and a bunch of rummage sales. We’ll see what I come home with!

    • FreeRangePagan:

      One of the advantages we got from drastically reducing our debt was my being able to walk away from my job. Physically, it was designed for someone in their mid-30’s not mid-50’s. Plus I was again trying to get money from a segment of the population that didn’t have much, and couldn’t manage what they had.


  6. axelsteve says:

    Victoria S. I hope that your daughter recovers very soon. I hope you and your hubby are doing ok despite the circumstances. As far as preps go I am just getting into shape.Kinda hard to make it if ya can`t outrun the zombies. Charged up the battery on my vstar and it lives again. Kinda embarrased that I let it go like I did, I normally stay more on top of my machines. Get ready the darkness from tdl is coming.

  7. Not too much. A lot of talk about what our long term goals, and discussing some of the pros and cons of living in different areas.

    I did order from Mountain Rose herbs 3 lb of elderberries and another lb of elcampane root. I actually stopped at the store to pick them up, instead of shipping, since we had the option of going through Eugene, OR on the way to Jeff’s house. Will start tinctures here in Oregon for both as most of my herbs are in Placerville. I kind of feel naked without my herbs!

    It is so glad to see that the pack is starting to learn about herbal medicines, and hopefully about nutrition as well. It will serve well all of your life, SHTF or not.

    I have found that using whole herbs instead of parts of herbs where someone ‘extracts’ the active ingredient works much better, and herbal ‘cures’ work better for me than the ‘medicine’ the Dr gives me – EVEN for such serious things as diverticulitis!

    • Schametti says:

      I’m super excited that we have such experienced herbalists here. I’ve started compiling things today to start making my tinctures and things.. Since I’ve been put on a budgeting leash, (Bah!!), I could only get a couple things. I bought a box of breathe right tea, and eight ounces of elderberries.. I will start making a list of things to get next time I get permission to go to the cutest little herb shop in town ever. 🙂 Keep those recipes coming, Michelle!!

      • Schametti says:

        I was flipping through my survival journal this evening.. adding the tooth pain info I gleaned from the pack today, and noticed that my “Migraine Tea” page, only has a header on it.. I think.. that I forgot to get specifics, or I was confused on them, and meant to ask more questions, but then didn’t, and who knows how many weeks ago that post was, so I know I’ll never find it, haha.. So if, Michelle, or TG, or.. whomever has the lavender, and cammomile migraine tea recipe.. could possibly remind me what’s in it, and how I make it again, I would most appreciative, thank youuuu.

        I’m a little irritated at myself, looking at my journal, it laid so nicely, I was surprised when I started filling it out… Well I just realized that I started in the BACK of the journal, instead of the front. Doh! I’m an idiot. See, THIS is why I have so many journals that I never write in, because I worry that I’ll mess them up…. I DO, haha. Ugh. I’m so embarrassed.

        • Schametti, that was me . It was from last weeks wdydtp post under my post. The herbs are peppermint chamomile and lavender. You have to play around with the amounts, some people respond better to more peppermint and others to more lavender. The chamomile is a relaxant to help ease the tension from a migraine. Once you have your blend of herbs take about a tablespoon in about 8 oz of water. You want it kind of strong but measurements dont have to be exact. Then let it steep for about 10 minutes. Be sure to cover it, that will keep the volatile oils from the plant inside rather then let them evaperate off.
          It is best taken right away, but can be taken at any time. The longer you wait to take the longer it takes to work and may require a second come. It is also best if you can lay down for about 20 minutes in a dark and quiet room.
          Also you can do a blend with peppermint and/or lavender essential oil, in a carrier oil. Use that to rub a little on the temple and perhaps have someone rub into the shoulders and neck.
          I just noticed that 2 weeks ago you asked about what plantain and calendula was (in response to a recipe for body butter I posted), plantain is a common weed, and the calendula is a flower, often referred to as pot margold. Both the dried plant and the seeds can be bought thru mountain rose herbs. In my area there is plenty of plantain to be had, but I bought the calendula seeds. I planted them last year and am still waiting for them to bloom. I am hoping they will give me flowers this year since my supply of dried flowers is running low. Anyone out there know how to make these pita plants bloom?

          • That was suppose to be second cup, not second come. Lol.

          • Schametti says:

            Thanks so much for the tea info TG. 🙂 I’ve added it all to my survival journal, and finished the page that I hadn’t finished before.

            In checking my other pages, it looks like I DID finish writing down the BodyButter recipe, but thank you for letting me know about the plantain, and calendula.. cause I still had no idea what they were. 🙂 So how do you “infuse your oil” with these plants? Just let them soak in it?

            • There are 2 ways, the cold infusion, where you put your herbs in a jar and cover with oil (the same idea as with tinctures but stir instead of shake to keep air bubbles from getting trapped), or the hot infusion where you gently heat your herbs in the oil, on a very low heat for a couple of hours. You dont want to cook it, just warm it up. Both methods work fine, the cold infusion takes longer and personally I prefer it. The hot infusion is done quickly, so if you need it right away you have it.

              • Schametti says:

                Great! Thanks. Now I have a page on infusing. 🙂 I love my survival preparedness journal, (even if I did start at the end and upside down, lol). Hopefully I get a lot of use out of it in the apocolyptic future, lol. Thanks for another lesson, TG.

                • Schametti, one other thing about infusions, in alcohol, if you have herbs that are slightly damp it is no big deal, but with oil infusions you have to make sure that your plant material is dry. When your herbs are fresh after washing them blot them with a paper towel to absorb any water then put them on a dry paper towel and let them sit (preferably in the sun) for a couple of hours. It will help prevent all kinds of ickyness. I didnt let some herbs get dry enough one time, after only a couple of days I had green smelly slime. Yuck.

                  • Schametti says:

                    Oh dear.. it’s starting to get complicated, lol… Thanks TG. I will try to make a note of that in my infusions sections. I appreciate any and all feedback.

                    Azyogi, No Sir/Ma’am, I’ve never tried ANY herb for migraines. I don’t get them often.. maaaaybe one every three months or so, and they’ve only started the last two years or so, and I haven’t been ‘diagnosed’ with them or anything, but they’re pretty intense, and my pupils get really big, and I’m insanely light sensitive, and I get this weird, slightly smokie scent when I get them, which then makes me wheeze and have to use my inhaler.. lol.. it’s an annoying chain reaction. ANYway, I’m just starting out with this new herbal idea, (new to me, I mean), so I’m hoping I can find some things that work well. Do these things work for ‘normal’ but bad headaches too?

                    I will write those herbs down and see if I can’t find them as well, money and time permitting. 🙂 Thanks for the advice guys.

                    • Not complicated. The alcohol has water in it so a little water wont hurt. Water and oil dont mix, so no water for oil infusions. Easy way to remember.

        • Schametti, have you ever tried the herb Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) for migraine. Either in a tisane (tea) or capsule. The Duetches (German) committee G on herbal remedies recommended it for migraines and to prevent rebound headaches.

          • Brenda says:

            The feverfew does work, my ds used to get terrible migraines. I bought him some capsules and in just a short period of time he no longer got headaches.

  8. The big purchase was a couple of brand new tires. I discovered one of my rear lugs was cross threaded and had a small saga from that, but got an extra stud and nut, in case it happens again. The rear studs can only be got from the dealership. It’s a Hyundai, and if we ever get into a war in North Korea then things from South Korea might become scarce. Of course they might be made here, I dunno if I’m being overly careful, but at least having the stud will save time if it happens again.

    This week I ordered two books online – one was “Contact!” by a guy calling himself Max Velocity. It looks to be a tactical handbook on how to defend one’s group/home/land/self in the case of a total breakdown of social order. The other was a book on asymmetrical/open source warfare by John Robb. It seemed timely in the face of the Boston bombing, to learn something about that. Robb has mostly moved on to writing about and promoting local resiliency, but his war book is a classic that I’d been intending to read for some time anyway.

    The garden: I just tore up more grass so I can divide and spread some herbs. Got my mower going then it quit on me – it’s either flooded or there was water in the gas tank before I filled it, so I thought to let it sit overnight and settle, before trying again. My goal this year is eventually not to need the mower and have the entire yard be garden or a mulched path. I have inch-high seedlings: turnips, peas, potatoes, lettuce, arugula, and I think one of the brussel sprouts came up. The radishes I just planted haven’t popped up yet. Only three of my taters came up so I’m going to plant some eyes from a sack of taters I bought last month. And I really must start some tomato seeds now. I’m late. I have volunteer cilantro from last year’s seeds, and I transplanted it from a window box to somewhere sunny. It’s doing well.

    They decided to have a veggie garden at work and I bought scrap lumber to do a raised bed, but then they changed their mind about the raised bed so I’m taking the lumber home and using it here.

    I finished reading a book about aquaponics and decided it seemed a bit too fiddly for me to attempt at this time. However, if I happen to score a free tank or two, I might rethink it down the line.

    Gear: I bought a used army seabag for like 10 bucks. This is like a big fat duffel with its opening on one of the ends, and backpack straps. Mine is a little musty and has a small hole, so I’ll be washing and mending it. I want to use the seabag for the car so I can empty the trunk in case of a wreck. Right now my car bug-out stuff is in a lot of little bags and boxes. Nice for getting the one thing I need, but not good for grabbing everything and bailing.

    A little vanity: for a few bucks I got a whole roll of sage green and dusty pink trim at the thrift store, I plan to trim out some of my gear with it just to be cute. The pink isn’t too loud, I think it would not ruin the “camo” effect of the drab colors of the gear.

    The next week or two I’ll be working on a lot of little home repairs in expectation of a rental inspection (ugh), and trying to save up for an insurance bill. I suspect my prepping purchases will have to take a break, but home repairs could be considered prepping too.

    • axelsteve says:

      Penny pincher. I work at a auto parts store and you can probably be able to get lug studs and nuts from Dorman.I mean it is all about length diameter and thread size. I see no reason that would be a problem. It is a Hynda not a Ferrari or lambo for goodness sake.

  9. worrisome says:

    It isn’t never a quiet and peaceful week when the boys are home from the bol. The garden has been weeded and everything possible has been planted. I had leaks at almost every standpipe and one under the sink and they are fixed. There are new hoses where needed, the fence around the garden repaired, cameras cleaned up and reset, problems with neighbors cameras and electric fences handled. They spent a day across the street with the old couple putting a small garden in for them. They took a hike up on the mountain to see if there are any new intruders moving in and so far there is nothing. They also took a day in the bay area and did some fixes on my daughters houses that their hubbies needed some help with.
    The guys also have the trucks loaded for the next phase of building up at the bol. They are framing! In case I hadn’t mentioned it, BIL is a gen’l contractor, nephew is an electrician………..between them, they make most stuff look easy.
    I am sending about half of the stuff I have canned and as much out of the freezer that we can safely get there back up to the bol with them. I have two freezers here, eventually one of them is going up to join the one that is already up there.
    I haven’t picked up any new supplies, but did place another order with Mountain Rose based upon Bam Bams new information and will go find some vodka today sometime. The boys are going to go by Cabella’s at Stateline on their way home (a bit out of the way) and pick up some needful things. I heard something about a Judge and some targets; a smoker; and some better knives and who knows what else…………they are guys! AND I was told to hurry up and get the camera system ordered for the bol so that will be my assignment this next week……..I had kind of let that one go pending them getting more things under control up there.
    Guess that is it for the week. Have a great week folks.

  10. wonderprepper says:

    bought 300 rounds of 40 caliber. paid off one bill. bought some food supplies.

  11. Well, this week I bought a new backpack for my BOB. The price was rather high, for my budget, but still around the lowest I found : 80$ for a modular, framed, forest camo bag with waist and chest straps, brand new.

    I’ve also bought a manual water filter that is said to work for up to 2000L with only one ceramic cylinder. The price? Horrible, 100$, but I’ve never seen it lower anywhere on the web, and sometimes ranging as high as 100 pounds (british pounds).

    Bought some additional material for my BOB, including a good compass, a pair of basic, cheap binoculars, another 100f of paracord, a new knife (Camillus, Les Stroud arctic with fire-starter, 50$, def. worth it), a dense-plastic water canteen, a new pack of water purification tabs, two new leather belts (eh, 50$ for the pair, but try buying cheaper when you wear size 50, except at Whatever-mart) and that’s about it.

    Bought a tarpaulin for my gf’s BOB, which has everything she might need in it. I bought her BOB two weeks ago for 255$ (taxes included) and it only lacked a 12×10 tarp.

    Oh… and I bought two canadian MREs for 6$ each, just to try. The entres are good, lot’s o’meat, but one of the snacks was just terrible and my dessert (cherries in syrup) tasted like cheap wine. Me and my gf ate them WHOLE, just to see if it would get us sick. The answer is : no. We were fine. I’ll buy 6 more next week for our BOBs.

    I’ve started recruiting potential preppers in my friends circle, and made steps with the city to set up a “civil safety comitee”.

    Well, that’s about it.

  12. riverrider says:

    hi all. next to nothin this week. received my order of shiny stuff, cut some wood. funds low due to alt bov repairs. ordered threaded muzzle adapters for my 10/22 and mk2. thats about it this week, lot of yard work took all my time. stack it high folks.

  13. Busy month this month. Lots of canned goods stocked up as we hit all the sales and the shelves are once again restocked. It is a comfort to see them full.
    We are raising some meat chickens this year and today we butcher the first batch. Will have about 100 in the freezer. We worked it out with the kids and they are helping with the butchering as all are on board with us.We broke it up in 3 batches as everyone works and scheduling can be a challenge.
    The laying hens are awesome. They have supported 5 family’s for the last year. I have kind of made pets of them but they are doing so good, kindof got attached to them.
    It is finally warm enough to plant the garden. Starts are in the greenhouse and the garden area is ready, made it bigger this year so hopefully will have veggie to store again.
    My ds called and suprised me with questions on stocking up. She has known for awhile that I like to do this and would make comments about she knew where to go when things went bad. I tried to explain to her that if shtf she may not be able to go anywhere and I think they finally understand. They have a very large family and so do I but I’ll admit I was worried they would think I could support their needs too. Their income is four times larger than mine and I am close to retiring so was relieved when she called. I gave her lots of info and (hope you don’t mind MD) gave her this website and suggested MD’s book. I know there is a lot of pepper info out there but this is by far the best and the main site that helped me the most.
    All and all busy month but loving every minute of it. Well better get to butchering the kids will be here shortly.
    Thanks Wolfpack!!!!!!Love you all!!!!

  14. A wet Wiggy’s sleeping bag will keep you warm
    while your body heat dries it.
    I bought a Wiggy’s Hunter Ultima Thule with a
    hood rated minus 20F for each member of my
    immediate family.

  15. Greeting to the Pack!

    1st off, I wanted to mention that I got one of my regular sale flyers from Midway (midwayusa.com) and they had a couple of items of interest for preppers. First was the Katadyn Vario portable water filtration system. This is the one I take with us traveling. They have it for $75 ($20 off). They also have 10 different Mountain House packages on sale. My WalMart has them for $6.88 so all of these are cheaper, but several are $5.49 each.

    Since we were on the road last week, I didn’t “report in” (I did comment a couple of times). My table works better with the keyboard, but I forgot it.

    First is that my DW used her GSSF certificate to get her Glock 23. Then we found this week we could get 9mm ($13.69) and 40 S&W ($16.69) ammo locally. Not in great quartiles, but I got some more practice ammo and passed the word to some friends. Continued to pick up some 22 LR/Mag shot shells, as I found that what I thought I had was gone, and some 308 FMJ. Replaced 2 more of my AR mags I sold in Jan for $35 for $19.99. Along with stocking up on CLP and Honing Oil. Picked up some more canning supplies, Pine Tar soap, and book #5 of the 299 days series.

    We continued our dehydration project, adding 10 pints of chicken and 10 cups of apples to the stash. The pork is going to stay frozen cooked/diced chucks as we only got 1 pint from the 1st try (w/chicken we would have gotten 3) and with all the fat, it’s a lot of “fun” to work with. Ground beef our next project. Lots of “Pack Notes” on that to follow.

    We sold my 49cc scooter. Great idea to get one, bad execution. I live in hilly country and although it got 100 mpg, it would only haul my fat b*** up the hill at 8 mph. Plus the ethanol attacked the fuel system and cost an additional $80 to clean out. (Note to Pack: Don’t store fuel with ethanol in small engines. If it is going to sit for more than a week, empty it out. I now use Premium now as it has no ethanol here.) Anyway, I took a chunk of the money and bought food with it:

    Pasta, various: 58 lbs
    Chicken Breast: 13 lbs
    Pasta Sauce, 24 oz cans: 6
    Bags of Bulk Black Tea, 1 lb: 3
    #10 cans of FD food: 6
    Maple Syrup, pure 12.5 oz: 1
    Bags of Bulk Black Tea, 2 lb: 3
    Organic Maple Sugar, 24 oz: 1
    Oatmeal, Instant, flavored (serv): 220
    FD Fruit Bucket, Costco: 300 serv
    Rice: 50 lbs
    Pancake Mix: 10 lbs

    Pasta at the grocery store has gone up to between $1.99 and $2.39 per 1 pound package. Some of the new packages are 12 oz now. Wal-Mart still has theirs for $1 to $1.08 but with the others doubling, I’m not sure how long that will last. Pasta is a real staple up here for most folks, especially those with limited incomes. This increase will certainly not help those people at all.

    Our starter garden (inside) is going okay. I think one of the blueberry bushes just up and died. Green leaves one day, noting by brown stick in the dirt the next. Onions and garlic are growing like weeds! So we are starting to learn what we can do, and what not to do.

    With the dehydrating going well the DW has decided it might be time to start canning, so I have been picking up jars, lids, and other equipment for her. Still no pressure canner, but that will be coming. Thanks to everyone’s info on their canning. She reads along and gets emboldened by your efforts.

    • JP in MT says:

      Note on the above:

      The GSSF is the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation. Every year starting with your first renewal you get a coupon to get a LEO package Glock (lower price and 3 vs. 2 magazines). We saved over $150 for a $25 renewal.

    • axelsteve says:

      JP Stabil makes a product for ethanol gas.

      • JP in MT says:


        Yep, saw that and picked some up. Just wanted to let people know of one of the problems with fuel with ethnaol.

        • Kelekona says:

          JP, I have similar problems with my 49cc. I have to spray starter fluid into the air intake to get it started, and it was stalling until we siphoned out the gas. (Still haven’t refilled it to see if it fixed.) There was an enzyme treatment I picked up at a motorcycle shop.

          Hubby would take it to work, but the headlights keep blowing. (Should change the lamps anyway since the bulbs are hard to find in this area.) I simply don’t leave the house often enough, and often need the car anyway.

          As electric technology progresses, we might convert the scooter off of gas. The scooter was cheap and its frame fits me.

          • I just took apart my leaf blower that would not start and the fuel lines just fell apart. It was 8 years old and I think the lines were not made for the new ethanol fuels. The ethanol fuels are really hard on parts of older machines. Noticed saturday that a lot of the new rider mowers had labels on the gas tanks that said no more than 10% ethanol.

          • k. fields says:

            Kelekona –
            Regarding your proposed electric conversion, the write-up of this build might give you some ideas.

        • axelsteve says:

          J P Yep ethonal is not the miracle that they try to make it out to be.

    • worrisome says:

      JP, dehydrating ham works better than port. I do that all the time works good and rehydrates very well for ham and bean recipes 🙂

      • worrisome says:

        that should have been pork, not port…….hmmmmmmmmm but perhaps there is a way to dehydrate port too

      • JP in MT says:


        Thanks for the ham idea. Sounds like our next project. The chicken breast have worked out good, and it was on sale! Have to look for ham.

      • Kelekona says:

        JP, we don’t like the way hamburger dehydrates, the inside stays wet. Lean cuts sliced fine work for pemmican.

        I wonder what beef heart would do in the dehydrater, it’s a super-lean muscle.

    • Schametti says:

      Costco has freeze dried food buckets?! That’s awesome! I wish we had a Costco here.

      JP, do you have any idea when Tate will be releasing books six and seven of the 299 Days series? I have the first five sitting beside me here on the desk, but I refuse to even start them until I have them all. I HATE waiting in between to find out what happens next, lol.

      • Schametti:

        I got the buckets from their on-line site. They have 3 different assortment buckets. I need to add more fruit to my stores so that’s where I started. Shipping was included. It’s the first time I’ve used them so we’ll see.

        I thought that 299 vol 6 was available on pre-order from Amazon. I can’t find it now. The site http://www.299days.com has a service for notification. Nothing new from the publisher, either. No info posted on the site about coming books. If I had to guess, based upon past releases I’d say one every 3 months. His personal email address is glentate123 @ gmail.com.

        I understand about wanting all 10 volumes before you start, but there is a pretty valuable perspective presented in this story that you might glean something from as you go along.

        • Schametti says:

          That’s a good point. When I catch up on projects and things, maybe I’ll start them. I wish, (since they’re all ten, plus two bonus spin off books, are all written), I wish he would just release them all at once, but I suppose it makes sense to not, from a money marketing perspective. *Sigh*

          I didn’t even know that Costco HAD an online site. Do you, (I’m guessing), have to be a member of the club to order things on the site too?

          • Schametti:

            Yes, you do need to be a member to use Costco.com. However, I think a friend could send you something 😉

            I had the same problem with the Left Behind series. I have the 1st half in trade-sized paperback, the reset in hardback.

            • Schametti says:

              Ah HAH. Now I just needs to find a friend who has/and shops at a Costco! :):)

              I haven’t read the left behind series, but I have, of course, heard of it. How many were there again? Maybe I should add it to my entertainment, in a grid-down scenario shelf, lol..

              Speaking of which! (If anyone is lurking who might know). I have decided recently, that the future looks bleak, to me, and I wouldn’t put it past 1) our government, or 2) N.Korea, or China Or WhoEVER.. to put us in a lock down martial law kind of situation, so I decided I want to have the Diary of Anne Frank on hand to read again. I haven’t read it since High School. But when I was looking on Amazon, oh my gosh, there are eleventy billion different versions of it.. Does anyone know which is the “real” one.. by Anne herself, without anything cut out or added?? I could use a little advice in this area.. Thanks Much!!

              • Schametti:

                The Left Behind series was 10 books and the prequel was another 2, if memory serves. I prefer reading a trade paperback due to the size, but I think you can still get, or order, the series in hardback too.

              • k. fields says:

                Re: Anne Frank, you must remember there were originally 3 versions;
                (1) – Anne’s original diary,
                (2) – the rewrite of the original (leaving out some personal thoughts that may have seemed childish or too personal) that Anne herself did as she grew and decided to become a writer and
                (3) – the compilation that her father originally had published.

                Currently the “best” book is “The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition” released by the Netherlands Institute for War which looks at all the versions plus additional material, but it is a bit scholarly.

                For a simpler read. I’d suggest “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl – The Definitive Edition” as it is mostly taken from Anne’s original. As an additional note, this is the version that was banned by some US school districts back in 2010 because it includes many of Anne’s original thoughts of growing up, becoming a woman and questioning relationships.

                • Schametti says:

                  Thank Youuuu so much K.Fields. I think I will go with the latter of the three, that sounds great. I appreciate very much you taking the time to explain some of the differences in them for me.

  16. Mother Earth says:

    Good day all! This is an off buying week so I am working on a deodorant and toothpaste recipe and crocheting dish clothes. I did get a black gum tree I will plant today. I have one but wanted another just in case. I also got a dogwood and red maple for free, so I will plant those in the back field. Now just waiting for spring so I can start yhe garden!

    Thanks for the pictures MD, I like seeing pictures of what you are doing.

    • worrisome says:

      Mother Earth, please share those toothpaste and deodorant recipes when you get them worked out?

      • Mother Earth says:

        I will do that Worrisome, I’m going for just enough for one tube each. Since there will be no preservatives, I only want onesies.

        • Schametti says:

          Ironically, this is weird.. I was JUST writing down a homemqade deodorant recipe that I came across that sounded very nice. I would love to (also) write down Mother Earths’ recipe, but until she gets it down, I’ll share the one I found.. 🙂


          • axelsteve says:

            I have some friends at church who like me to sit next to them. The reason is I do not wear aftershave or etc. They are cosmetic sentsative.Sometimes a handcream is enough to bother them.

            • Axelsteve, as a person with sensitivity to smells, I have to say I understand where they are coming from. Everyday things like dish soap, deoderant and especially perfumes and strong scented cleaning supplies can give me a migraine within a matter of minutes.
              I have been playing around with different deoderant recipes for a while but havent found one I like. Most of the time, since I am usually just around the house, I go without. Although I have noticed that as long as my magnesium levels are up and I am eating good foods, my sweat doesnt smell so horrible.
              If anyone has any good shampoo and conditioner recipes that isnt castille soap or baking soda/vinegar I am all ears. That is the only area of hygene I havent gone “natural” in and my shampoo has been causing dermatitis and headaches lately.

              • Schametti says:

                I have mild asthma, and perfumes, cigarette smoke, and heavy cleaners get me to wheezing in no time flat. Almost instantly actually. I just use my inhaler, or cough for an hour, (neither of which I like doing, but I don’t like to try implying to people that they should change what they wear so that I can breathe better, haha. But yeah, I sooooo know what you mean, by being smell sensitive. Me too.

                • Schametti – I also have mild asthma and even came down with a sinus infection within 24 hours of eating at restaurant where they still allowed indoor smoking – I avoid cigarette smoke as much as possible now.

                  Caffeine is supposed to help with mild attacks too.

                • Schametti, it sucks being smell sensitive. Especially when you cant tell the random person that they really over did it with the cologne. The worst is going into convient stores near closing and they have just mopped the floor and you can tell they used half a bottle of cleaner. Or holdling your breath to get to the center of the isle where the toilet paper is, because on the other side is where they have all the cleaning supplies, smelling candles, air freshner ect. And of course someone always sprays the air freshner to smell it while your right there.

                  • Kelekona says:

                    My mother was, well let’s call it smell-sensitive. One of my favorite activities, going to a craft store, was ruined.

                    On another note, I started buying scent-free detergent because I didn’t know my mother’s brand and was buying enough used clothing to know that I didn’t like the scents another brand used. Then my husband discovered that he needed the scent-free stuff anyway. Why don’t all brands jump on the scent-free bandwagon, especially when they could probably make bank by selling the soap and the scent separately?

                    • Pardon me as I jump into this conversation – my 20-year-old was in class during high school one day and a teacher had brought in a plug-in air freshener. My daughter has a really sensitive nose and it started bleeding during class. She had to tell the teacher to take it home or at least make sure it was unplugged during her class.

                    • Kelekona, I second the scent free detergent. There are only a couple of brands that dont have the heavy smells to them. I could really use some scent free dish soap too.

                    • GA, those plug ins are horrible. I hope the teacher listened. I have gotten a bloody nose from bleach before, since then I can not even open a bottle of it without getting an instant headache. Luckily nothing else has ever done that to me, perhaps because I am now more vigilant about stuff like that?

                    • GA Red says:

                      Country Save detergent (available through Amazon) is scent free and natural.

                      From their description:
                      EPA Design for the Environment designation
                      Completely biodegradable.
                      100% phosphate-free.
                      Gentle for sensitive skin.
                      Ultra concentrated.

                      Also, it lasts a long time for an HE/front load washing machine – I bought a case in February 2009 then not again until October 2012. I didn’t actually open the new case until a few weeks ago either.

              • k. fields says:

                TG –
                For shampoo, have you tried yucca root? Just pulverize and mix with water (or use an electric blender if you have one) then strain through some cheese cloth.
                Some people do have an allergic reaction to it though so be sure to test it on your arm first.

                • K. fields, thanks. I will give it a try. I am getting pretty desperate as my scalp has been itching and burning like crazy lately. I think I might know someone who can send me some to try out before commiting and buying it.

                  • Schametti says:

                    Kind of weird, but maybe have you considered trying a gentle Johnson’s baby shampoo until you find a natural one that you like?

              • Kelekona says:

                TG, have you thought about just rinsing your hair? It might be gross for a while, but supposedly your scalp gets used to it and stops producing so much oil.

                I think homemade dry shampoo is cornstarch based.

                • Kelekona, I am down to washing my hair once or twice a week, and have noticed that after about a month my hair doesnt look or feel so icky between shampooing. I may just go ahead and take the plunge to go ‘pooless’ and then find something for the occasions where hair washing is required.

              • TG, you’re probably too young to remember, but in the 70s, there was a time when girls were using cornstarch as a dry shampoo–sprinkle half a cup in to your hair at the scalp, let it set for a few minutes to absorb the oil, then brush out.

                If there was a bit that didn’t brush out, you could use a blow dryer to get it out.

                • Lantana, yup, too young to remember, lol. But I will try this. I am assuming arrow root powder can be used instead? Right now, between washings I am using coconut oil with rosrmary and lavender essential oil on my scalp. It helps some, but until I can get rid of the shampoo, its not going to go away.

                  • Lantana says:

                    TG, you may already be doing this with all the natural things you do, but you might consider taking raw cold-pressed coconut oil as a supplement.

                    Look into it for more details, but you’d want to be careful to start with just a half teaspoon or so, to let your digestive system adjust, especially if you do not have many probiotics in your diet.

                    • Lantana, thanks. I do take coconut oil, I also take cod liver oil, a multi vitamin and extra b vitamins. I dont get a lot of probiotics, but I do drink raw milk. I am hoping to try some kumbacha or kefir soon to get more probiotics in me.

                    • Lantana says:

                      TG, here’s a recipe from someone who has used arrowroot powder–with a variation for dark hair or light hair. I hope it helps with your concerns.


                    • Lantana, great! I just shampood a couple of days ago, so I could probably go about a week before needing to do this, but I will definitely be trying it.

              • TG;
                My dh and I were having problems with the shampoo coming off our hair when we rinse. I am not a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse person but I found where it worked for one lady. So I thought why not give it a try. Before I shower I use about 2-3 Tbsp of baking soda work it into my hair down to the roots(hard water will make your hair lump)get hair wet work the soda as if it were shampoo. Rinse then use normal shampoo and rinse. You will find your hair is softer, does not fall out (if you have that problem), and hair stays clean longer.
                My hair(mid back)was falling out so bad I thought I would have to get a hair transplant, or cut my hair off real short just to save what I had left. I could not believe the difference right away. I should let you know if you smell vinegar/ammonia , it is coming from your hair/scalp. I personally believe it is chemical build up from years of store bought hair products.

                • Becky, thanks. My problem is that I am sensitve/have allergies to a lot of synthetic chemicals in everyday products. I need to cut the shampoo/conditioner completely. Every brand I have tried either makes my scalp itch and burn, or I break out in hives. I just really dont care for the feel of my hair after using castile soap, and when I tried using the baking soda/vinegar method my hair got really stringy and hard to manage. I could barely get a brush through it.

                • Sw't Tater says:

                  If you are having problem with hair turning loose in large amounts, take two cold eze losenges a week for three weeks. According to one of my surgeons, when the zinc levels drop the hair turns loose!

            • Wow, I understand that. One whiff of scented handcream and I’m almost immediately comatose for hours. Found myself on the floor a couple of times years ago with no memory of the falling down. For me, it started when I was in my early twenties. My maternal aunt and a 1st cousin have the same problem.

              More and more folks are encountering this problem. Years of whiffing all the scented stuff that seems to be everywhere is probably a huge culprit. An allergist I went to back in the 90’s was absolutely apoplectic over all the air fresheners.

              Fortunately, I’ve found enough “unscented” stuff, i.e. ALL detergent, Aveeno hand lotion, candles, to keep the worst at bay. Plastic shower liners have to be aired outside before I use. Baking soda on the carpets helps.

    • Shades of Green says:

      Mother Earth,
      You can try using a salt deodorant. Whole Foods sells it in a stick. You just rub it on your under arm. It might help.

  17. Goatlover says:

    I received my order of bulk organic seed from Seeds of Change this week. Most are fall crops, which is our main growing time here in the extreme south. Also ordered several #10 cans of powdered milk from Augason Farms even though I’m a dairy goat farmer! When the STHF, we will have 16 or more family members living here—it will take me 7 months to get all my does pregnant, delivered, and ready for milking—so I need SOME powdered milk to fill in that gap until production increases.
    Received a manual butter churn from Amazon! No more “hand-shaking” the cream from my herd for fresh goat’s butter. :o)
    Garden work continues. Squash is almost ready for picking; garlic is coming along nicely, and cherry tomatoes are going crazy. I continue to stock up on pelletized hay for my herd and now have a 6-month supply, all High and Dry in the barn loft.
    I’ve gotten my Encyclopedia of Country Living book back out to re-read. It’s got literally thousands of ideas for self-sufficiency and I find it keeps me motivated! Keep preppin y’all. It ain’t looking too good out there…..

    • k. fields says:

      I’ve got an old version of Carla Emery’s book (mimeographed on different colors of construction paper) from 1975-’75 and I still enjoy reading through it today. Always wished I could have attended her “school” in Idaho, but never got the chance.

      Other authors that are great to reread in the vein of self-sufficiency include the work by Scott and Helen Nearing and Ed and Carol Robinson. The “Have More Plan” written in the 1940’s is an excellent little work for someone just starting out.

  18. Rider of Rohan says:

    Nothing this week, been sick as a dog. I did do a little experiment using me as a guinea pig, which might not have been such a good idea, but here goes.
    I came down with a cough sometime Sunday night, no fever or any other issues so just played it off and went to work on Monday. On Monday I could tell I was getting sick, so I started taking the elderberry syrup that I had just received that day from Amazon. I got in 2 doses that day. Woke up Tuesday feeling really bad, coughing, lungs clogged, headache, etc. I didn’t go to work Wednesday, took medicine including elderberry syrup 4 times a day. Continued to get worse, no sleep at all that night. I stayed on the medicine through Thursday with no improvement so went to the doctor Friday. Bad case of the flu. I got a shot at the doctor’s office to dry my lungs up so I could quit coughing all night, and did get some sleep last night so am rested this morning. I will say I’m rethinking elderberry syrup as a remedy as it had no effect. Take care, all.

    • Rider,

      Thanks for the heads up. Did you take 15 ml four times a day? That is the recommended dose. The elderberry syrup is supposed to stop the virus from replicating. You also need to take Mucinex to clear out your lungs.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Bam Bam, I took 2 teaspoons 4 times a day, which was the recommended dose. The syrup was Nature’s Way Original Sambucus. I honestly couldn’t see any difference, and I continued to worsen as the week progressed. I did take Mucinex and I coughed up crud all night. Anytime I lay down I coughed it up, and had breathing difficulties Thursday night, which is why I went to the doctor Friday. I had intended to rely on elderberry syrup as my primary defense against the flu, but this experience has me thinking about not relying on it at all as a flu defense. Let’s just say I’ve lost my confidence in it.

        • I’m so sorry you were sick, and I hope you feel better soon. I think that herbals are great preventative medicine, but they may not be enough by themselves if you DO end up getting really sick. Sometimes modern medicine is genuinely required. However, I wouldn’t through the “baby out with the bathwater”.

    • I am sorry you caught a bad case of flu. I got it last January and it put me out for 5 days, had to sleep upright on my couch because of the fluids in my chest. I hadn’t had the flu for many years, so I had no antibodies to fight it, nor did I get the flu shot which some people got it and still had a bad case of flu. (Why I don’t trust a shot for one or two strains when there are many strains)

      There are many variables that determine how sick one gets with the flu including the type of strain of flu. I worked with a man at a health spa (health food, juice, and exercise nut, vitamin crazy guy) and one afternoon he was knocked off his socks with the flu hard. He showed up for work the next day just fine. I caught his flu and ended up with walking pneumonia sick for two weeks. I lost 15 lbs and became a skeleton, and had to quit work. (That’s what you get when you minimize body fat). I was on the same regimine of 1500 exercises a day, a healthy diet, and popped the Vitamins like he did. Not every one reacts the same. Do what is best for you and get well quick!

    • Encourager says:

      Rider of Rohan, you just described what I had for almost 2 months. A very nasty virus.

      Take the Musinex DM. It will stop the constant coughing and when you DO cough, it will be productive.

      Take just Benedryl (unless you are driving or using power equipment of course!); I found the OTC cold remedies made me worse as they dried out my sinuses and then they got infected, too.

      What shot did the doctor give you that dried up your lungs???

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Encourager, I don’t remember what the shot was. Frankly, I was feeling so bad I was ready for anything. I will find out and let you know as it allowed me to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in 4 days.

        • Encourager says:

          Thanks, RoR.

        • sw't tater says:

          It sounds like the cocktail they gave me, it contained Benadryl, antibiotic, something for injection pain, and a decongestant. Knocked my socks off for 12 hours. If you had that stuff and it lasted less than three weeks your meds were effective!..
          I was sick with the bad cough for 6 weeks, and then it was three more weeks before my strength was up to snuff. I will be sing a combination of three anti-virals.
          .L-lysine 1,00mg 2x a day, plus my gum and rabbit tobacco tinctures. i will be reducing my tinctures in a double boiler to reduce some of the effects of the alcohol, since I have too few guts. You need to do some searching on that Oil of Oregano… I kinda think that is what has cut my lyme symptoms (arthritic)…It is anti..(.bacterial, parascitic, viral)!
          I have not gotten any elderberries yet, but we have some that grow nearby, and I have one bottle of syrup.

    • worrisome says:

      Rider……….My failsafe is stll just a tea made with one tsp willowbark and one tsp elderberryies steeped for 8-10 minutes, and I usually try to drink a cup every 1-2 hours……..Sorry you were so ill! Sometimes there is nothing for it but to live through it!

    • Rider, I am so sorry you got sick and that the elderberries didnt give you the results you were looking for.
      One thing about herbal remedies is that they dont work the same way that taking medicine does. Many times they dont relieve the symptoms, but helps your body fight the infection. Also, just because something works for me does not mean that it will also work for you. When working with herbs it is always best to have a back up. Sometimes it takes a mixture of herbs to get the results you need.

      • Schametti says:

        Oh No… RoR, that sounds awful.. 🙁 I’m so sorry you were so sick. I haaaaate getting sick, because when I do, I get it BAD, and keep it forever.. especially coughs, hang ON and on. I think that’s one reason I’m so worried about things getting REALLY bad when medicines, and doctors’ visits just aren’t an available option. It freaks me out that the Elderberry Syrup didn’t work for you, because I just started buying all the crap.. (I mean stuff… 🙂 lol), that I need to make them. I wonder how much more, or less.. powerful the homemade version that Bam gave us the recipe for. is.. compared to the one you purchased..? It makes me wonder though.. and more importantly, it makes me fret that the syrup and the tinctures won’t work for me either, when I need to count on them most.

        Is anyone using the preventative, refrigerated version of the Elderberry syrup that they/she recommended that you take a shot of twice a day? I was possibly planning on making that as well, but I don’t know if I want to be out the expense if they don’t work. :/ I guess I’ll just have to try them and find out. I’ve always said that prevention is key, and much easier to deal with than dealing with the aftermath, once you’re sick.

        Get Well, RoR!! And Soon. 🙁 *Hugs*

        • Schametti, many times the homemade works a bit better because it hasnt been sitting on a store shelf for who knows how long. Also you dont know if it has been held at an unstable or too high a temperature, both of which can cause it to lose it efectiveness.
          Also, read my comment directly above yours.

          • Schametti says:

            Yes, I did. And all of that makes absolute sense. Let me ask you, TG.. how often do you double the strength of a tincture or whatever by steeping it twice? Or do you just follow the recipe and do it once? Is it more effective if you do it twice? I want the best bang for my buck, lol… but I don’t want to make any mistakes or get sick from taking stuff that comes out too strong, or whatever. Thanks for the advice. 🙂

            • Before you make your tincture (any type) first make a small cup of tea with the herbs. Some people can have an allergic reaction, so by sipping a small amount of tea you can easily find out if there is an allergy.
              I rarely double the strenght of my tinctures, instead what I will do is combine a couple of tinctures depending on symptoms. Like with what rider described I would have added a ginger, and possibly a mint with the elderberries, made up a vapor rub, served homemade bone broth with lots of fresh garlic and onions and have about 1/2 cupevery hour. Also would drink lots of herbal tea with infused honey.
              I promise this week I will get my notes to Bam Bam for her wonderful research skills then sent to MD. I am just trying to be as in depth as I can.

    • riverrider says:

      sorry to hear that buddy, get well soon.

    • Shades of Green says:

      They probably gave you a steroid shot for your lungs. Before I started using herbal medicine that is what they would give me when a cold got out of control due to my asthma. You cough so much and it hurts because you have exacerbated your lungs. A steroid will help all that. Don’t give up on Elderberry though. It is good but for a cold/flu learn what other herbs work with it. In the fall I make my own version of Nyquil. I simmer dried elderberries, lungwort, licorice root ( great for mucus ) , eucalyptus, anise, Echinacea . These would be a daytime version. If you want a nighttime you add either skullcap or valerian root as a sedative. Skullcap also helps with fevers. You can also add wild cherry bark in place of the skullcap or valerian root. It is potent so be gentle with the amount you use. I simmer this down to get a concentrate then add some honey and about 3 tablespoons of brandy and mix well, cool slightly and bottle in a 16 oz. bottle and refrigerate. I saved an old Nyquil dose cup. When the first signs of a cold or sore throat come on I do 2 things. First I take a dose of MMS ( this is a solution of stabilized oxygen and citric acid) and then follow it up an hour later and just before bed with a cup of hot tea with my herbal cold medicine. Just heat water and add a dose cup of the above herbal syrup to a cup of hot water and sip. I haven’t got a bad cold in years with this remedy. If you study about herbs you will learn so much. Good luck.

  19. JeffintheWest says:

    Not much to report this week — getting ready to move…somewhere. As a full-time RV-er (at least until we finally find some place to settle), it’s not a problem not having a clear destination, but it does take some prep work to get ready for the move….

    Still waiting on SO to decide if she wants to go north in California, go to Oregon, or go to Colorado. I occasionally make a pitch for Idaho, but no rises yet.

    • riverrider says:

      all three places are just more of what you have now. idaho is going to be that way in ten years due to all the transplants from cali too. you need easy water too. just saying. good luck wherever you land. great thing is, if you don’t like it you can just drive away.

      • riverrider says:

        ps; you might want to take her to east tenn/kentucky on “vacation”. let her see all the horses and such. she might just like it.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Yeah, I’ve been talking up the Ozarks and Ouachitas for some time too (she’s somewhat “arty” makes her own jewelry and so on), but just mentioning any state in the old south gets her hackles up. I LOVED Kentucky when I went through basic training there (Fort Knox, in the late 70’s), but getting her to consider such benighted places…not so easy. She’s originally from NYC, so I have quite a bit of innate prejudice to overcome — prejudice that she’s completely unaware that she has, which makes it even harder. But you’re preaching to the choir here on her state choices. Except, maybe, Idaho.

          • Jeff, if she is an artsy person and likes to make her own jewelry, perhaps the opal mines in idaho would draw her attention. Of course you would just be going to visit the mines, but what would it hurt to scout around while there?

          • Schametti says:

            Just “park” close to a rennesaince faire locale or two, or travel around to them. That would be a fun lifestyle, I think. 🙂 I’m getting ready to go to a Renn Faire in St. Louise in a couple weeks.. I love them, (well, okay, this will technically only be the second time I’ve ever BEEN to one, but I still love them, haha). They have so many little booths and vendors, and I’m sure your Lovely could make quite a name for herself and her jewelry in the faire circuit.

          • If you come to 2 states you both like, you could do what many people do here in Minnesota. They leave their camper at a campground to live in summer up here on one of the beautiful lakes, and in winter live in Arizona, Florida, or other “hot” states with a permanent residence. That way they have two homes, and don’t have to take the campers back with them. I work at one of these campground resorts and the camper people even grow a small garden. Some places charge $1000 a year while lakeshore campgrounds charge $3000 with all the electric, septic, laundry, boat slip, campfire rings, water, and a beach.

  20. Millie in KY says:

    Hi, first, this is a free ebook on herbal medicine that you can down load for free from Amazon, just found this today:
    Not a whole lot this week, still working on the bookcase project and although the bookcase itself is painted, I have to do the wall behind it. Today it’s raining so will get after that in a little bit.
    I have just about finished filling up the pantry from the hit of not buying groceries and the bird money has run out so will be kind of sparse pickings until the next little bit of money comes in. I have some baby goats that I’ll be selling and that will fund the next bit of prepping. I did buy some Miracle Grow and will try and keep that on the grocery list for a few weeks to stock up since it will keep. I got a couple of bottles of acetaminophen and some paper plates. Also a fishing rod and some hooks and things. That was about it for buying things. The other thing we accomplished was that the fish for the pond came in yesterday, wide mouth bass, catfish and bream. They have been put in the pond and hopefully will grow big and fat!
    If it quits raining this weekend, I will plant the trees I bought last weekend.
    I am still hoping for the job I interviewed for two weeks ago. I think I will go pester them again on Monday. Please pray that I get it!

    • Millie in KY;
      Thank you for the posting on the herbal ebook, I am so new at herbal medicine it is a disgrace, but I am trying to catch up. I do not know what section of KY you live in, I thought the landscape was beautiful, and so were the people we stopped and visited with on our back road trip.
      I will add my prayers with yours for you getting the job you are seeking. Good luck.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Hi Millie,
      Prayers for the answer you need as to the job you interviewed for coming your way!

    • Southern Blonde says:


      You are in my prayers to hook that job. I’m sure it will turn out great.
      I am planning to begin looking for land in KY this summer. My family lives there and I’m ready to come back home, but it will be 2 years until I can. I want to buy a few acres, and I want to make sure I get a pond for fishing and when SHTF. I come to KY every few months to see the family, and I’m so excited to open a new chapter in my life. Maybe we can meet someday.

      Take care,

      • Millie in KY says:

        Thank you all!
        Southern Blonde, I’m one, too, we are in S. Central KY and just love it here. Land was reasonable and we have four ponds but I have only stocked one. One is a spring, one is just above it but is only there during the rainy season and is more from a run off type of situation. The other two, one I stocked and the lowest one (very shallow) are run offs, too, from the spring. I’ve watched them now for three summers, hot and dry as it gets sometimes, they will go down a little but always have plenty of water in them. I just hope the little fish live, I’ve found a few dead ones though.
        If you come to KY, get my email from MD and maybe I can show you round the county.

    • Schametti says:

      Still praying for you to get your job, Miss Millie.

      Are you going to fish and eat your catches now/soon, or wait until the SHTF before you start depleting the pond? I wonder how fast they’ll reproduce. I’m so jealous.. fish and baby goats, and hens, oh my. :):)

      • Millie in KY says:

        They gotta grow up, first, so will be probably 3 years before they are big enough. I’ll get a few new ones each year and add them. I’d really like to do some kind of hydroponics thing but need to study up on that some more, first.

    • Millie, sending prayers your way for the job. I really hope it works out

  21. Mystery Guest says:

    I bought an enamel 15 qt. dish pan. I do believe even my toosh would fit in it-no water but my toosh.
    I wash my dishes in bleach all the time, but had for eons been using those plastic jobbers. Well they get so awful that you never think the thing is clean. So got this so it could be sanitized if sickness comes around.
    I really like it. But think when I get the money will order the 11 qt. for doing dishes.

  22. Well, I got two of my four raised beds up and filled with soil. The old flower raised bed was cleaned out, since it is going to become my herb bed. Does two younger people showing concern that I carried eighteen bags of soil myself count? I can do it with God’s help. Anyway, there is a ton of stuff in my Amazon wish list, and I am hoping to explore the army navy surplus store this week and a new camping store.

  23. Schametti says:

    My girlfriends and I built our four-pallet raised garden bed for our carrots this week.. to keep our potato bed company. It was another back breaking adventure into self reliance. We also planted a couple plants of Cilantro, Basil, and Rosemary. I’ve had to cover them every night this week though. Despite the weatherman telling me it would be fifty-five degrees every night this week, it’s dipped down to forty instead. *Shakes Fist* Mother Nature certainly isn’t helping me succeed in my first foray into gardening, that’s for sure.

    I planted my second 30 gallon rainwater barrel, container garden with a tomato plant on top, and a half dozen jalapeno pepper plants in the pockets. I will be adding the banana pepper plants to them tomorrow. The barrels look great, but man, they’re sooo heavy with 128 quarts of dirt in them. I have them on round wheel dollies, and I bought a couple fifth wheel pin hookers to drag them around the yard with.. (that’s a trucker’s tool.. just a long bar with a hook on the end, for those unfamiliar with them). Even so though, they’re still tough to lug into the shed every night. I’m building up some muscle in this wimpy flabby girl body, so I guess that’s something, haha.

    I had to whine and beg a little, but I got to buy my second companion apple tree this week. The Hubs has not been very supportive of the gardening hobby of late, so it was harder than I had suspected it would be, lol. I bought the Fuji Dwarf last week, and this week we got the Gala Dwarf. My best friend bought a dwarf Hale Peach as well.. and I bought an O’Neil blueberry Bush, and a Bluecrop Blueberry Bush, to go with the two I accidently mismatched last week. We’re hoping to get them all in the ground in the week ahead, if the weather cooperates.

    The 50 silver rounds I bought almost three weeks ago, have finally shipped, and I expect them in the morning. This will most likely be the last batch I buy, since it’s getting so in demand, and they’re running out everywhere. It’s crazy to think about that. I have to wonder, who’s all buying it.. if it’s just people like you and I, or if something bigger is going on. Very strange though.. No bullets, not guns, no silver.. Less food for more money.. other countries and the government prepping along side us while telling the world that everything is fine.. It definitely makes me wonder.

    While I was browsing at the Lowe’s this week, one of my new expensive hobby stores.. lol.. I picked up a couple books that looked pretty interesting to me. Field & Stream “The Total Outdoorsman Manual; 375 Skills You Need!” And Outdoor Life “The Ultimate Survival Manual; 333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive!” I haven’t started reading them yet, past thumbing through them, but they look great.. with a lot of gorgeous and interesting pictures.

    I spent a lot of time this week reading up on BamBam’s flu Pandemic advice, and making a list of everything I need to make me some Elderberry Tincture, and Syrup. I added both the recipes, along with Michelle’s Lobelia (Asthma) Tincture to my Survival Preparedness Journal, and hope to get the supplies to make them over the next few weeks.

    Ideally, I would say that I would get everything to make them immediately.. and make them now.. buuut SchamWow has been put on a Prepping/Gardening Budget effective immediately. I supppoooose that I knew this was coming, after seeing my husband get increasingly agitated with me, for spending every bit of our extra money on gardening and preps for the last seven months straight, and not letting him blow his fair share of the monthly budget, on various car parts.. (his hobby before I took over our finances completely), but still.. I feel like I got grounded or something.. *Hangs Head* So.. the master list of prepping things I had been compiling the last few days might take a liiiiittle longer than I had anticipated, and I’ll have to figure out how to carefully budget and prioritize. I know, welcome to the club, right? 🙂 But I’m still pleased with what I got accomplished and stashed away before I got harnessed and bridled.. lol.

    I’ve been trying to ask myself all day today.. if I was only able to buy.. five more things for prepping, before something terrible happened.. and those five things were the LAST five things I would have time to buy.. what would they be?? And I’m struggling to choose what’s most important to our post-apocolyptic well-being.. lol.

    Outside of prepping, I’ve been busy baking and icing sugar cookies all week. Five years ago when my husband had his accident, and was in a coma for several months, and then when he woke up, and spent months and months in the hospital, then later at home learning to walk and talk and tie his shoes, etc again.. I started up my own little hobby cookie business, (just a small operation, to sell cookies to friends for birthday parties, and mother’s day, and so on), to keep us afloat, while neither of us were working, so we could eat, and help my parents with the bills.. ANYway.. some of my old ‘clients’ still occasionally ask me for cookies, for special occasions. Back then, when times were extremely hard, I always said I would pay it forward one day, and give back to and for all of those people who bought my cookies when I needed their support the most.. and it’s times like these, that I’m able to do that. A mother asked me to make her son some cookies. He’s serving in Iraq. Of course I said yes, and I’ve been diligently making yellow ribbon sugar cookies all week to get them ready to send off to him. I told his Mom I’d only allow her to pay for shipping. The cookies and the time are the least I can do, to repay a favor to a soldier for keeping me safe and free, while they can, and I am. His mother was thrilled, and I’ll be putting plenty of extras in the box, so that he can share with all his buddies. He’ll be the most popular guy in the barracks while they last.. 🙂

    That’s it for me for this week.. I look forward to catching up with everyone, and reading up on what the pack has been up too. This is my favorite time of the whole week.. 🙂 Stay Strong, Wolf Pack. Much Love, <3 A.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Thank you for sending cookies to the soldier, Amy. I have a son in the Army who is deployed right now in the Crapstan, and I know how much he appreciates stuff from home, so I know your cookies will make your friend’s son happy. My son’s due back in May, I’m just praying nothing happens as his time is getting close, although he’s not in a combat unit. I just wish all our boys and girls would come home from that craphole. Thanks for your support.

      • Schametti says:

        Oh it’s definitely my pleasure RoR. The feeling I get from giving my time and small skillset to cheer up the day of a few soldiers.. is worth WAY more than the ‘price’ I could charge for them, if you know what I mean. I’m sure you are thrilled that your son will be home in a couple weeks. Please thank him from me, for his service.

      • +1.

    • Schametti, I also do the if I could only buy x amount of things what would I get. Most of the time I cant decide what it is I want. I have only a small amount of money every week and I will have 3 or 4 pages open on my computer as I flip back and forth deciding which shopping basket I am going to purchase. Or I will be in the store and grab something, stand there holding it and have a conversation in my head as to if I want that or something else. I have gotten more then a few weird looks while shopping because of my habit of talking to myself.
      I also have to say thank you for sending cookies. My brothers, anda few of my cousins have spent time over there, and I know they always appreciate when something comes from home. Funny story, when my little brother was there, I asked him what he wanted. He told me a tall curvy red head. I sent him a barbie and a magic wand to “bibity bobbity boo” her into a real person. I put it right on top so it was the first thing seen when the package was opened. Well some of the guys had been getting alcohol sent to them so their co was present when all packages were opened. Needless to say my brother got teased for quite some time. The joys of being an older sister…

      • Schametti says:

        OMG, a barbie.. that is hilarious. I can only imagine what became of her in the company of a bunch of soldiers, haha..

        I don’t have any close family or friends serving overseas, so I pick the son or family member of somebody else’s to spoil from time to time. I mean, I know they don’t know me.. and I don’t know them.. but I hope it helps them to understand that I appreciate their time and service, and show them whenever and however I can.. Last summer I sent a big box to the brother of a friend of mine.. full of magazines, and comic books, candy, cookies, and beef jerky.. and a thank you card. I heard that he loved it. 🙂

        I have to giggle picturing you standing in the stores going back and forth in your head about what you should buy, lol… I have a feeling that I’ll be doing that myself soon enough, now that I’m on my new super strict hubby enforced budget, lol… But it’s a good thing, since the end of our months have been pretty uncomfortable the last few months, thanks to me and my prepping, so it’ll be an adjustment, but one that I’ll need to learn how to manage.

        • Schametti, my brothers swears she wasnt blown up, that he gave her to a little girl. Still not sure I believe him, but… at least I got a good laugh out of it. Lol. The soldiers love anything the can get from home. I have the kids make hand made cards and baked goods for christmas. We will also put in battery operated lights, santa hats, and what ever else we can find. Then through out the year I will send other care packages, it may sound weird but ramen noodles and potato chips are also a big hit. It will usually cost me about $20 to put together and another $20 or so to ship it, so well worth the cost of bringing a few soldiers some comfort.

          • Schametti says:

            That is super awesome. Seriously. I just packed up three baker’s dozen of sugar cookies. A dozen and a half yellow ribbons, and a dozen and a half orange circles with Ty written on them. I also made the soldier receiving the box, his own special half dozen with his name on them.. I told him that he had PLENTY to share with his bunk-mates, but we’ll see if he shares, lol.. They were shipped out this morning. I hope they like them. I meant to get to the store and pick up a thank you card, but never made it, been so busy outside with the planted banes of my existence, haha.. so I just hand wrote him a thank you note. I wish I could share a picture of the cookies with everyone. I think they turned out great. It’ll be a little burst of color in their sand filled days, I think. 🙂

    • Schametti says:

      Watching “Unsealed: Conspiracy Files.” Dun Dun Dun… I love this show.. This episode is about the New World Order, (and no I’m not talking about Wrestling, lol). Why ARE there cryptic statues and murals at the Denver Airport..? And why ARE there miles of an underground base/bunker down there?! Are they REALLY preparing for Martial Law, and Argmaegeddon on Earth, where people are murdered in the streets to reset the planet, while all the rich and powerful, political, and important people are safe underground!? Sounds like we have an interesting future coming.. if any of it is true… O.O I’m nervous, lol.

      • Schametti;
        You like those shows also?? Some of them you can only find on U tube, as they pulled his TV programing for almost a year. They finally renewed it, but it is not like before, you will be able to tell by the content of the program(pooh).
        On the cookies for the soldiers, hope the are not arm wrestling over who gets the last cookie…..from a home that has a retired military personnel, we thank you for such great thoughtfulness.

        • Schametti says:

          Becky, yessss, hehe, my husband and I LOVE those kinds of shows. Every time I watch them my mind just swims with info, and I talk to people about them, and they tell me that I’m gullible and watch too much TV.. But yup, I’m guilty, I believe most of it, lol..

          I can’t wait to hear if the guys all liked their cookies. (Like I said, I sent them to ONE lucky soldier, but I sent him FIFTY SEVEN cookies, LOL… so I’m hoping he will share with his buddies. Or at least let them clean his boots, and make his bed for a cookie or something, haha.. I really wish I had a brother or cousin or someone ‘over there somewhere’ to spoil.. but since I don’t, I have to pick on unsuspecting sons of my friends. I don’t FEEL like I should be OLD enough to have friends who have serving sons, but I guess it has finally gotten to that. Ugh, I’m getting old, lol..

          And no thanks needed, for me. Honest and Truly. I wish I could do even more than I do. I really and sincerely DO appreciate every sacrifice they, (and their families) make for my freedom, and safety. Freedom isn’t Free!!

          Mama J, that is soooooo awesome. I will have to look into adopting a soldier. My dear Hubs would love to do something like that too, I know.. and maybe spoiling our adopted soldier won’t come out of my prepping budget, haha. 😉

          • Sundancing says:

            Amy, you just….rock. 🙂 As much as you think you’re behind the curve, you ROCK! 🙂

            • Schametti says:

              Awwww. :):):) Thank You so much, Sundancing. *Hugs* I really appreciate that boost of confidence. I’m trying to do prepping like I do everything else.. the best I can. You guys keep me motivated though!!

    • Mama J says:

      IT so nice you send packages.
      I constantly have two “adopt a soldiers”. http://www.adoptasoldier.org
      I have had them for going on 10 years. I have sent packages to 8 different countries.
      It is interesting what they will like. I know the soldiers in the sandbox really appreciate lotions, suncreens and bug spray. Socks are a big one. I send alot of books they share.
      Balloons and super soakers for water fights.
      Ziploc bags to keep the sand out of stuff.
      Mouse traps. I know. All those cookies in the lockers, they get critters.
      Gotta love the USPS. If it fits, it ships. Plus the 2.00 discount on the APO/PPO addresses. I have gotten some weird looks from the postal employees when a small box weighs 40 lbs.
      One of my soldiers who is an experienced combat medic came home from Iraq. He came to my town to met me and my family and gave us a crash course on Zombies Apocalpyse Field Medicine. So fun.
      We both cried when we finally met. He calls me Mom and I will support him anywhere he goes. He is one of my boys.

  24. Encourager says:

    I order a bunch of stuff from Amazon and EE. Should be here early next week.
    I also did some research from this book I am slowly reading – “Christians Will Go Through the Tribulation and How to Prepare for It.” by Jim McKeever (deceased) printed in 1978. So it is outdated in a lot of the info. He had a big chapter devoted to Nuclear War and how to survive it, which was REALLY out of date with the fallout maps, etc, but got me to thinking. So I went online and looked at current fallout maps. Now that is enough to scare you, let me tell you. Either we have to move or just accept if we have a detonation up (down?) wind we will be in deep $h!t. Such is life – or death – as the case may be. Seriously, I don’t think you can prep for everything and still stay sane.

    The peas I planted, after soaking overnight, STILL have not come up. So I went out and dug a couple up. They look just like they did before planting. I will give them another week as the weather has been awful – cold with sleet, rain, snow one day and pleasant the next, then repeat. Sigh. Help me remember this weather in August, okay? I am going to plant salad greens today in the raised bed. Gardeners are optimists…

    Finally decided and committed to a supplemental insurance plan to go along with Medicare, which starts May 1st. Took two weeks to wade through all that paperwork.

    I am trying to research GE (genetically engineered) plants and the problems with same. What a bunch of misinformation/alarmist info on the web with nuggets of truth here and there. After Whole Foods, United Natural Foods Inc, Organic Valley, Stonyfield, have all caved in and agreed to allow GMO grains into their ‘organic’ food (by THEIR definition, not mine!!!) I need to find a new source or two.

    • Kelekona says:
      • Encourager says:

        Oh Kelekona! Thank you!!! Am so happy I can buy Kosher foods and not worry about the GMO. Have not checked out the other site yet but will soonest.

        You blessed me!!

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Yes, thank you Kelekona for those links! I like that second site’s Facebook page and their “wake the flock up” 🙂

        • Encourager, my understanding of the article was that it’s the Apple K kosher program that is making this move, and that they foresee a 12-month transition to phase out current products with the Apple K certification that may contain GMOs.


          • Encourager says:

            Oops, thanks Lantana. That slipped right by me. I will go look up their symbol. We have large Jewish communities in this area of the state so I should be able to find the Apple K kosher products.

    • You can check out a site called non gmo project. There is also a site that puts out a list called the “clean 15 and dirty dozen” it isnt gmos, but the fruits and veggies that test high for pesticides.
      As for gmos, I avoid them because we dont know what kind of side effects there are. Monsanto wont let studies be done on them either. Even if they are safe, I dont like monsantos politics on harassing organic farmers whos crops get contaminated.
      There is a lot of misinformation out there on both sides. And I think it will end up staying that way until monsanto releases their seeds to be studied by an independent 3rd party tester.
      One of monsantos creeds is that yhey feed the world, but from a representative of theirs I was told that most of their corn and soy crops go to feeding cattle. I am pretty sure that they dont distribute meat to the world…

    • Encougrager;
      Items like peas, beans, any legume, if you want to start them use a cheap paper towel lay the seeds in a line(row)as if you were putting them in the garden for planting. Make several lines on the damp towel, cover with another damp towel. Keep moist until they start to germinate, then you can place the cut paper towel strips in your prepared rows in the garden, cover with soil. By doing it this way you will know if you have seed failure.
      To keep the seeds warm place them cookie sheet, cover it with plastic wrap. Then place the seed towels on top of the plastic wrap, check the seed towels every day to make sure they stay moist, but not soaking wet. Then this goes on top of your refrigerator which will keep the seeds warm enough to germinate. Happy dirt digging…..

      • Survivor says:

        A spray bottle will work perfectly for dampening your paper towel. You can control the amount of water sprayed.

  25. Not a lot but I did get five more cases of canning jars. After more than six months of checking the three stores in my area that carry them, the best price is at Wally World and they never go on sale. Kroger might put them on sale but they start out about three dollars a case more than Wally World, so they will probably never be less and I’ve never seen them on sale at the third store either.

    Also, I bought a five pound bag of rice and a first aid kit for the middle daughter. She and I will be making some more leftovers stew/soup today too.

    • GA Red,

      I got a dozen cases of canning jars last autumn on clearance at Tractor Supply. Apparently, the put them on clearance every year in autumn.

      • BamBam;
        Nice heads up, I will be checking our store at the end of canning season.

      • I’ll keep that in mind for one of our road trips. Our closest Tractor Supply is 28 miles away.

        • Shades of Green says:

          GA Red,
          Ace Hardware will have them on sale sometimes also. I have a Tractor Supply and Ace not even 1/2 mile apart so they compete with each other on stuff like this. I would rather give them my money than Wally World.

  26. Hello Wolf Pack!

    All the orders we had placed last week have been received! Plus, I did not mention that we had placed an order for Country Fresh powdered milk that a friend of mine recommended. We got six #10 cans delivered this week.

    Thanks to Bam Bam and Michelle I placed a rose bush ordered had not got it yet.

    Put up 75# of sugar this week
    Picked up 10# salt
    More epsom salt at Wally world .88 bags, been buying one or two bags of that for months.

    Realized that I have a ton of aloe plants that need tending some have trunks more that an inch thick! Nice to have around for healing.

    Working on getting Yucca plants transplanted from MIL house so we can get a start.

    So glad to see that our tame Blackberries did make it through the drought.

    Pond is back up to normal stage and while not large we have fish still there. We had a HUGE rain that washed some out last weekend after I posted.

    Long term forecast doesn’t show any frost so thinking about moving the blue berries out to their new home.

    Pick up some 20 ga. slugs at Wally world about the only think there that we needed. NO 22 at all.

    Watching the goings on here on our own soil. Wonders what is next. Watching for attacks and earthquakes since there have been several in OK and IL and we are right in the middle!

    Those who have illness or loved ones with illness prayers have been sent.

    Blessings to all!

  27. Lauri no e says:

    I have a ear infection finally went to the Dr. on Fri for meds. I ate to many chocolate cover peanuts during the Boston and West situation never been a drinker, smoker, or a druggie, but sweets are my down fall and I grab sweets when stress.

    My preps, I shared some of the flu blog about buying extra bleach, mask and gloves. I also bought a pkg of the cheap shower caps at the dollar store.

    Last time I went to the hair dresser another hair dresser walked up talking to mine and said her kid got lice at school, of course naturally when you start talking about lice we all start itching. My hair dresser said if she every got it she would shave her head but, the other girl said she always keeps lice kits on hand at her house. My family has never had it so I went and bought a lice kit, and also flea bombers (never had flea’s) and also pick up extra ant and roach spray just to keep on hand if needed. One more thing I bought 2 pkgs of the click and stick lights 3 to a pkg and they are suppose to be 30% brighter.

    I have some questions, What kind of pool shock do you buy? What kind of portable water filtration to buy? I know to buy a propane generator but which one do you recommend.

    Hope Ma-G-Tac is ok praying for her and her family, you never know if could be her that is sick and not her husband.

    Love the pack prayers to all especially the person with the sick SD and Rider. Shandi you are in my prayers with your job situation, that is the one thing I love about being retired is not needed to put up with the garbage at work. Looking forward to the Hockey Playoffs next week. Be safe, keep prepping. Thanks M.D. for this blog and advice.

    • Lauri, better then the lice kits, listerine and a nit comb. A friend of mines kid brought it home from school, and passed it around. She tried all of the kits at the store, finally broke down and called me. Saturate the scalp and hair with listerine, cover with a shower cap and leave it on for ten minutes. Shampoo it out, preferably add a few drops of tea tree oil to shampoo, then comb with a nit comb. She did that every other day for 3 times and they were gone. Of course all bedding, stuffed animals and other stuff had to get washed

      • Lauri no e says:

        Thanks for the info, I hope I never get them. I had a friend years ago that picked it up she believes on a plane, that is the only place she can remember the back of her head rubbing up against.

        • Lauri, no problem, I had it when I was young and we had a devil of a time getting rid of it. With my gaggle of girls and all their long hair I am terrified of an infestation.

      • Has anyone tried diatomaceous earth against lice? If it works one fleas and ticks on pets and lice and mite on chickens, wouldn’t it work on human lice? I would try rubbing it into the scalp and through the hair and cover with a shower cap for maybe 10-30 minutes? Wash. Repeat every other day?
        I used store bought kits on my kids. Then switched to mayonnaise.It worked as well, only safer. just stinks like heck.

        • Sorry Pj You post didn’t show up till I posted not trying to take your thunder. LOL

        • Yes my daughter has used DE on head lice, it took two applications but it did get rid of her lice.

        • Pj, just as ling as you arent breathing in the DE, I dont see why it wouldnt work. Thanks because I didnt even think of that and I always have DE on hand.

      • Mayo is great too the oil smothers them. A nurse friend shared that with me. Had an 80 that had open sores and lice on her head couldn’t treat with chemical stuff, but the mayo worked!

        • Lauri no e says:

          To all on the lice response, thanks for all the great info and hopefully I will not need to use it.

    • Encourager says:

      Yes! Go Red Wings! They made it into the playoffs!!! They nearly didn’t…. =0

      • Lauri no e says:


        I prayed for you to get well but, I am rooting for the Pens my favorite player got traded to the Pens a couple of years ago and we are following his career and now I am a Pens fan. My daughter and I do like and respect the Red Wings Coach Mike B.
        It’s all good and fun and I enjoy watching hockey because my daughter is the one that got me started on it.
        Go Pens, Go Wings, Love all the teams except for a couple of players.

        • Schametti says:

          We’re rooting for the Maple Leafs here. 🙂 The Hubs is imported from Toronto, so I sort of married into the loyalty, lol. This is the first time the poor team has even MADE it to the playoffs in eight years, so we’re very excited..

    • axelsteve says:

      laurie no e . I think life without chocolate is not worth living. The darker the chocolate the better.I guess that is why I weigh over 250 lbs.

      • Lauri no e says:


        My husband also loves dark chocolate. My weakness is sweets and I have found when I eat to many I get congested.(Sugar) Yes life is not worth living without chocolate.

        • Schametti says:

          I like sweets.. but my weakness is CARBS. Bread and butter and honey, or mashed potatoes and gravy.. pasta.. Angelhair and alfredo sauce, or just with salt and pepper and butter. Mmm. Carbs are my downfall, which is why I too look like I do. I suppose of all the drugs out there, mine is safest on those around me.. lol… but yeah, we all have a crutch, and carbs are definitely mine.

        • axelsteve & Lauri no e:
          Chocolate lovers unit!!!!
          Guess I will have to pass on the secret to keeping our beloved weakness handy. If you have a vacuum seal machine, put your chocolate candies in a mason jar and seal. I use it for after holiday candy sales, gum, chocolate chips any thing that will flatten, melt during warm temperatures goes into my jars, that includes nuts that have a high oil content, since they are so expensive. I have experimented with different food products since I received my first vacuum seal machine, many years ago. Now you know one of the other reasons I look for extra canning jars. We also like pudding and jello, so I use the portion bags to seal the jello products to extend their life cycle.

          • Lauri no e says:

            That was funny, and thank you, for the food saver suggestions I will need to try them.

      • k. fields says:

        Wine, coffee and chocolate – you can never have enough!

        • mountain lady says:

          You sure are right about that one. I still have to get a few cases of wine. Chocolate and coffee are covered well.

      • A couple of chocolate recipes. I tried the brownies, while they arent at the top of my favorites list, they werent bad. I substituted the palm sugar for 1/2 regular sugar and 1/2 maple syrup. I havent tried the other two yet but they sound good.




  28. Southern Blonde says:

    Hi All:

    I really look forward to the weekend so I can read about everyone’s preps and I make notes from all the information and tips. Thanks to all of you!

    We put up our very first raised bed garden. We bought soil, compost and peat moss to put in it. I did a lot of research on soil content, so I hope I did the right thing. I cannot believe the price of DIRT! Right before we went to buy the soil, the truck decided to die on us. We will need to get it towed to the mechanic, but in the meantime I was bound and determined to start our garden. Well, off to Wallyworld we went and bought 30 bags of soil, 15 bags of compost and several bags of peat moss. I also bought about 7 bags of potting soil for my pots on the deck. I thinking about putting strawberries in them. I bought tomatoes (roma & cherry); green peppers, squash. Question for the pack—are red peppers really just green peppers that have stayed on the vine longer? The reason I ask is that I bought 2 red pepper plants in addition to the green pepper plants, and then I read somewhere that red peppers are really just ripe green peppers. Confusing! Pardon my ignorance, but this is my first endeavor into gardening. I’m taking everyone’s advice and staring small. The books say that squash and tomatoes are easy to grow, so I thought I can’t go wrong with them. Except, I didn’t realize but after I bought the Roma tomato plants they say it is best to use them in cooking and other tomatoes are better eaten right out of the garden. I’m bummed about that because nothing is better tasting then a tomato out of the garden. I think that I’ll just buy my tomatoes from the farmer’s vegetable stand if the Roma’s don’t taste that great. I wasn’t brave enough to start my plants from seeds, so I bought the established plants, but next year I will try them from seeds.

    I do have experience growing herbs in planters, so I picked up rosemary, basil, chives and oregano—love all of these in my cooking.

    Another question for the pack–can you plant one blueberry bush and get fruit? I thought I read somewhere that you need two blueberry bushes?

    My husband got an email from one the the ammo places online (maybe armory?) and they said that ammo was coming back in stock. He must have inquired or asked them to send him notification, but he was looking for .223 and the email said it was in stock. Looks like either the run on ammo is easing or the manufacturers are catching up with orders.

    That’s it for me for this week. Take care, Pack!

    • Encourager says:

      We bought Scotts soil last year. They had a guarantee on the bag that said no sticks or rocks. Well, guess what we found…LOTS of sticks and rocks. DH rarely gets ticked, but he did. So he took a picture of all the sticks and rocks from two bags (a nice pile) and sent it to them by email. Low and behold, we got every penny back for ALL the bags, I think we bought 10. Nice!

      So to your questions, Southern Blonde:
      1. Yes, green peppers will turn red eventually. BUT, some peppers are bred to turn red faster. Or yellow or orange or even chocolate color.
      2. Roma tomatoes are Italian-type tomatoes which means they are very good for sauces, as they are more meaty, less juice and seeds. They can still taste wonderful to eat fresh, but are bred for meatiness for sauces (takes less time to cook down).
      3. You didn’t ask, but give Rosemary lots of room. She gets fungus if she is crowded and kept damp. She needs to dry out between waterings so let the soil get pretty dry (stick your finger in it, if it is dry down to second knuckle, water well, let drain then let dry out again.) Same goes for thyme, oregano and marjoram. They like it dry not wet. I fill the bottom of the planters with two inches, at least, of pea gravel.
      4. Don’t know about the blueberry bushes. We don’t grow them because we have an organic grower not far from us.

      • Encourager says:

        You can also add some sand to your potting mix to help it drain better for Rosemary and her friends.

        • Southern Blonde says:

          Thank you, Encourager for all your helpful hints. I will use every one of them. Take care,

      • Millie in KY says:

        Yes, you do need two bushes, preferably of different kinds, I believe. I got 6 o fBlue Ray and 3 of Jerseyr to fill 3 very long narrow raised beds.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        In the reading I have done, they say they need a companion. I planted one for MIL and her neighbor had one, so it did well, berries first year…, until someone stole it!…Be sure to give it lots of acid, pine needles, chipped up pine bark, mulch of cedar etc…dig a very deep hole, about 18 inches, and give it all those things it loves below it, then mulch it with cedar.It should go wild.

    • worrisome says:

      Roma tomatoes make great tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes. They usually have a rich tomato taste and are denser than some of the bigger beef steak toms. I use them in sandwiches all the time, although I grow a lot of different kinds of toms just because I love them. Red Bells just are “programmed’ to go “red” sooner, which is cool as then you can have red and green in your salads for color 🙂
      My favorite soils are Fox Farms line. Do you have them there?

      • Southern Blonde says:

        Hi Worrisome–by the way, I love your name. I always call myself that because I worry about everything non-stop.

        I haven’t heard of Fox Farms line, but I’ll do some research and find out.

        Thanks for the info on the peppers—I do love them in salads.

        Take care,

        • worrisome says:

          So Blonde, I have earned that worrisome name over the years. My whole family, tho is very patient with me:_)

          • mountain lady says:

            Oh my, my family and friends used to say that I worried about not having anything to worry about. It must be in the blood, lol.

            • worrisome says:

              Maybe it is a mom thing or a genetic trait:)…But ya know that female thing just worked in an unusual way! Do you ever have moments when you just know you haven’t seen in a long time is going to show up? Well I had one of those moments at about 10 this morning. So I went into the kitchen and started making choc chip oatmeal cookies and when the boys asked me why I told them a friend I hadn’t seen since the kids were in their teens was coming by. They asked if he had called, I said no, that I just knew it. About 3 hours laters, cookies were done, fresh coffee was cooking and there was a knock on the door and in walked this friend! The boys just shook their heads, grabbed a handful of cookies and sat down for a chat… love moments like these 🙂

              • mountain lady says:

                That sounds so wonderful. I used to know when the phone was going to ring, but even that is no longer there. I have been having some really strange waking insights recently, but won’t know if they are real, until they are.

                • worrisome says:

                  mountain lady, heed those insights! I call those “hide and watch” moments! For me, more than 50% of them happen so I pay attention. Sometimes for all those “feelings” to “come through” ya just have to find a quiet place and peaceful place, relax and breathe. That was what I was doing when yesterday’s “event’ happened. Wish those feelings would tell me when to go play the lottery or help make some of these big decisions i am making these days…………but I will take what I get, thank God, because I believe that is where my feelings come from 🙂

                  • Encourager says:

                    “Hide and Watch moments”…. exactly. When I get those ‘feelings’ I become very still and watch, kinda like inside, if you know what I mean. Then I agree to wait until God’s timing.

                    I completely freaked out my oldest son one time. I had one of those moments, and actually ‘saw’ him doing something. When he sneaked in past curfew and I was up and waiting, he lied and gave me some flimsy excuse why he was late. I told him exactly what he had been doing, and told him he is never alone, ever. God has ways of letting Moms know stuff. He was as pale as a ghost. He also straightened up for a while…until the hormones and natural idiot-ness of teenage boys kicked back in. Sigh. We have to remember their brains are not fully developed until mid 20’s, if then…if ever…

                    • GA Red says:

                      I keep reminding myself about the full brain development. With three girls between 17 and 23, it’s a wonder I don’t have more gray hair.

              • Worrisome, I have saved my life and a couple of others before by just ‘knowing’ something was going to happen. There are 3 times I can name.
                I believe that there are some people we are just connected to. That person you hit it off with and after 5 minutes you feel like you have been friends forever, or the times when you know something is going to happen with someone you know.

                • Encourager says:

                  One time we were coming home from Wayne State U in Detroit where dh was taking classes at night. I had to go with him to keep him awake on the drive home as he worked full time plus overtime. It was foggy and you could not see 20 feet in front of the car. We were going way under the speed limit because of the fog. Suddenly he said “What?!” I said I hadn’t said anything. He said a voice just said to pull over. He slowed down some more and suddenly said “Okay!” and yanked the car over. He said the voice told him emphatically to pull over NOW. We sat there for a few minutes and then he began creeping along the side of the road up the slight hill. On the other side of the hill, just under the crest, were people standing right in the road, at a bad car accident. If we had kept going we would have hit all of them. The police and EMT’s arrived a minute later and we continued on..shaken to the core.

                  Pay attention to those messages you hear!

                  • Encourager, for me, we were the ones in the road. It was one of those curvy mountain roads in colorado. I was behind a semi going up the mountain, the oncoming van hit an elk. They have a nasty habit of disappearing in headlights. Well the vans battery exploded on impact and the dear was thrown into our lane right in front of the semi. So we were all stopped. While we were out checking on each other and damage I just got this funny feeling and started yelling at everyone to get out of the road. I am so thankful they listened. No sooner had we got to the side of the road another semi came thru, was blinded by the headlights of the semi in front of me, and seen the van at the last second. He managed to avoid hitting it, but had we still been standing there… I have learned to never ignore those ‘feelings’ no matter how weird they may be.

    • midnight1st says:

      About the blueberries – Yes, you must have at least two blueberry bushes to get fruit, and they MUST be of different varieties. The two varieties must bloom at the same time. This is true of several different kinds of fruit. I know that you must have different varieties of plum trees that bloom at the same time unless the one you have says on the tag that it is self-fruitful.

      • Schametti says:

        Ack. O.O Blueberries sound so confusing. I hate to ask, (but you seem to know a lot about them), I bought one O’Neil Blueberry, and one BlueCrop Blueberry, then realized I accidently bought two different ones, and I thought I needed two of the SAME,.. *Sighs and Shakes Head* ..So I bought one MORE O’Neil, and one more BlueCrop, lol… So now I have FOUR blueberry bushes, of two different kinds on my kitchen table.. I’m hoping it’s warm enough to plant them in the coming week.. but could you pretty please tell me, Midnight1st.. if you know.. If my two types will cross pollinate, and cohabitate all right? LOL. Thanks… :):)

      • Southern Blonde says:

        Thanks midnight1st. I’ll need to run out and get another bush and another variety. I’ll make sure the varieties bloom at the same time too. You have been a big help!

    • Schametti says:

      Heya Southern.. I feel your pain. Sounds like we’re on the same journey right now, lol. I am headed down the Gardener’s Path for the first time in my life myself, and it’s a terrifying road, haha. I couldn’t agree more than dirt prices are absolutely insane.. In the last month and a half I have purchased about 25 of the MASSIVE 64 quart bags of dirt, and 20+ cubic feet of peat moss.. several bags of feeding soil, moisture control soil, (because I’m doing containers, and contained raised beds).. Bonemeal, Sand. Etc Etc Etc.. it adds up lightning fast before you even GET to the strawberry plants, the tomato plants, peppers, and seeds, fruit trees, seed potatos, and herbs.. Oh My. I’m broke, and in big, bug trouble with my dear hubs, who is totally over this gardening thing, and I’m just getting started, LOL. So needless to say, what I have now is what I have to work with, my gardening budget has had her wings snipped.. I wish you much luck, sounds like we’ll both need it. 😀

      • Southern Blonde says:

        LOL! That is so true. Well, I definitely didn’t try gardening this year to save money! But I am thinking that this is my experiment so I can get my hands dirty and learn, learn, learn. Who knows–maybe I’ll get good at this one day.

        • Schametti says:

          Exaaactly.. I cringe when I think about what great prepping things I COULD have bought it I didn’t spend so much money on DIRT, Baha.. Ugh… But I know me. And growing things, and keeping them ALIVE.. is just not my forte.. So my initial plan was to store seeds and wait until TSHTF before gardening. But it occurred to me that I needed a normal store-available year to make my failures, and my mistakes, and learn.. before I REALLY needed to depend on feeding my family from the ground. I’m off to a lousy start, lol. I started too early.. the weather has been crappy.. I’ve already killed a few plants.. not to mention ALL my tomato nursery plants, because I put them outside, and all their stems broke.. Gah, lol… But I am definitely learning a lot.. so here’s hoping this spring/summer isn’t a total bust, and that I have SOMETHING edible at the end to show for it. We.. shall see… lol.

          • Hi everyone. This is my first post in the site although I have been reading everything for the past month or so. You are all a fountain of information and I really appreciate

            Schametti, I wanted to comment on your gardening experiences. First of all, go online and check with your local county extension office. They have tons of info on planting schedules, fertilizing, etc for your particular area.

            I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and am finally back to doing a lot of this again (gardening, canning, maybe bees?). However, because of limited space in my backyard, I am using the “square foot gardening” method. I am loving it. Raised beds, compost, peat moss, and vermiculite. Little or no weeds, easy to work in, etc. doing my own composting, too.

            Well, thanks again for being such a helpful group of wonderful people. Talk to all again soon. God bless.

            • Encourager says:

              Welcome to the Wolf Pack, “T”. How high are your raised beds? We built one last spring that is hip high and we love it. Seems the older we get, the farther away the ground is.

            • Schametti says:

              Welcome to the pack, T, I’m glad I could drawwwww another lurker out into the open.. hehe. I’m struggling like whoa on my first run out the gate.. but I’m learning a lot, so hopefully this will be old news by this time next year, and I’ll SORTA kinda maybe know a little bit about what I’m doing, lol… but who knows.Thanks for the advice! I’ll try calling our extension office sometime this week and see what they have to tell me.

          • Schametti – my sister told me that she gave up on growing things after several years of trying. Thing is – she still puts up more food than almost anyone I know. People give her food they have grown all the time. She gets free pumpkins at work every year because they use them for decorations, then throw them away (or give them to her). She picks wild blackberries and wild plums from the forest behind her house. People offer her apples, if she’ll just come get them. They bring her a “mess of greens” just because. For a while, she managed to feed her family by making deals with the produce manager at the grocery store for things they were about to throw away. I honestly think she could have written articles for the Penny Pincher’s Gazette.

            Anyway, if gardening doesn’t work for you, you might be able to find people who will trade their produce for helping them out in other ways.

            • Schametti says:

              Wow, GA, that must be nice.. lol. I never know how people can end up so lucky. No one ever gives me ANY thing.. well I shouldn’t say that.. my kindhearted older gentleman, next door neighbor always brings me some of his beautiful and delicious, fat red tomatoes every summer, which I am always immensely grateful for, and I pay him back in kind with cookies every December.. 🙂 But aside from that.. Here’s hoping I can eventually learn how to grow my own though, so I don’t have to rely on anyone. Thankfully though, at least I’m really good at growing my own sprouts, so if I SHOULD happen to failface gardening, and failface hard.. at least I’ll have some plant life in my diet that way.. I need to stock up on huge amounts of sprouting seeds though…..

    • Take the romas and split in half and put some parmasean cheese and breadcrumbs on top and put under the broiler , gives you some real good rich tomato flavor and something a little different. I do believe that the Olive Garden uses sliced romas on their salad also.. Plus romas are a great tomato t dehydrate and then use in tons of different ways.

      • tommy2rs says:

        I slice the Romas thin, dehydrate them until crisp and then smoke them and grind to powder. Makes a great thickener and flavor enhancer.

        • Southern Blonde says:

          Tommy2rs–another man that knows how to cook! I just love this place. Now, what do you mean by smoking them? Can you explain? Thanks,

          • tommy2rs says:

            I take the dried tomato slices and put them in disposable pans and then they go in my little horizontal tube smoker (with an offset firebox) outside for a few hours. Used to use a Brinkman upright but it really gets too hot and my big tube is overkill unless I’ve got a bunch of meat, sausage or bacon to smoke along with the tomatoes. Just stir the tomatoes around in their pans every so often until they are good and dark all over. Low and slow with lots of smoke is the key.

            Theoretically you could do it in a kettle grill by building the fire off to one side and putting the pans on the side of the grill away from the heat. But like the Brinkman it would probably be too much heat.

      • Southern Blonde says:

        George, I love a man that can cook! What great idea, and it sounds so yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking about that. Well George, you made me feel better about my Roma’s. I was starting to think I made a mistake, but I think it’s going to be good.

        • Hey anything you can grow yourself and taste goods is no mistake! Maybe one day I will buy a broccoli plant by mistake and put it in the garden , may be the only way I will eat it…

    • Survivor says:

      Set up a compost bin or pile so you can mix that with your soil. It’s very easy to do and will save a ton of cash.
      There are a lot of things you can use (http://cultivatorscorner.com/compost-bin-designs-homemade-compost-bins-are-easy).
      I made mine out of a plastic 55 gal barrel. I drilled about 50 3/8″ holes all over it to increase air flow to the mix. Then I cut a 12″x12″ hatch out of the side, added hinges and a hasp to keep it closed. Then I cut a 3″ hole top and bottom, and ran a 7′ long, 3″ piece of pipe though both holes. I put some cinder blocks on the ground and laid the thing over so that the the ends of the pipe were on the blocks and the barrel was suspended off the ground on it’s side.
      If you’re diligent you can make a couple of pounds of compost in a few weeks. Once you get the bin composting, roll the barrel a few times every day, but be sure to park it with the hatch down. Sometimes the compost gets clogged on the bottom and it’s a bugger to get it broke free. So with the hatch part as the bottom it’s relatively easy to get in and break it up.
      The initial load is important. Put in the food scraps, grass clippings, a few leaves, cardboard (no shiny paper) and other organic material as space allows in the barrel. It should self start, but I throw in a couple of pounds of dirt or just dilute some urine and pour in. If the compost is warm to the touch in the center, the bin is working just fine. It needs to stay damp, but not wet. Grass clippings straight from your lawn mower bag is a bit too wet, so mix it with paper and dead leaves to get the desire dampness. You check by grabbing a handful of material and squeezing. Drop the clump on the ground. If it breaks up, it’s perfect. If it hits the ground and sticks, it’s too wet.
      Compost bins won’t kill all the weed seeds, but it will kill most of them.

      • Survivor says:

        ps…you’ll probably have too much material for your bin so think about a compost pile, as well. This method will take longer but will produce the same results in greater quantity.
        My BIL does lawn care so I get all his clippings he has to dispose of anyway.

        • Me, I just pile it all up over the mowing season in a 10′ by 10′ x 5′ area about 40 yards from my deck. Every so often I turn it all with a little tiller. In the fall I top it all off with leaves and pine straw, turn it top to bottom with a shovel, and then let it cook all winter under a tarp. Just uncovered it a couple of weeks ago and piled all the finished compost into a 5′ x 5′ x 3.5′ ready for use. Most of which is going to go to building my turmeric and ginger garden in the old dog pen. He’s getting a new and longer run out closer to the big garden to hopefully run off the deer and other varmints.

        • Southern Blonde says:


          That is exactly what I need to do! I have been researching composting, and when my hubby cuts the grass we have tons of clippings, so I will look into this. Thanks for the link. I’ll save this info and review it.


          • GA Red says:

            Grass clippings are also helpful in keeping down weeds and holding down moisture. I’m putting down a layer of newspapers covered by grass clippings in my garden. The only draw back is that grass clippings can get hot so in the heat of summer, they may not be so great.

    • Southern – Red peppers vs green peppers – if they were sold as red peppers, they may be HOT peppers. Was there a picture with the plant? If you bought hot peppers and bell (sweet) peppers, you might want to grow them in separate areas too. My ex-MIL had hot peppers and sweet peppers in the same area once and the sweet peppers got hot. Those little red peppers dry nicely and can be used in all kids of dishes to spice things up, but they can pack a punch.

      • Southern Blonde says:

        GA Red:

        I think they are regular, sweet red peppers. There were other hot peppers at Home Depot, but I didn’t get them. I will check and let you know. Thanks for the tip.

  29. Nice set up on the fruit trees, MD. Was wondering if anybody out there has tried growing Dragon fruit, and if they have any advice? Thanks.

    • Patric,

      I have several apple trees, as well as a plum, pear and a peach tree. Never tried Dragon fruit.

      • axelsteve says:

        In my area dragoon fuit is also called mother inlaw fruit.

      • Schametti says:

        Hey MD.. (I’m starting my first garden this spring, ever.. with my girlfriend, and we’re doing raised beds, made from shipping pallets, I saw the idea on Pinterest. I noticed your beds were very shallow.. – What are you growing in them? I’ve been worried that ours weren’t deep enough, so we picked up another four and will have four beds with two pallets high, and two beds with FOUR pallets high, and hopefully we manage to do all right. We’ve looked up a lot of root growth charts, to TRY and make sure they have enough room, lol.. Anyway, I just noticed that you have several shallow beds, and wondered what you had success growing in such a limited space. 🙂

        • Schametti,

          Actually, they’re deeper than many raised bed designs – I used 2X6 lumber for beds 6 inches high. A lot of people use 2X4 lumber. I also dig the ground up where the beds are to make it easier for the roods to grow down into the existing ground below, so depth is unlimited…

          One key to growing a maximum amount in a limited space (I have 6 4X8 feet beds) is to keep every square foot planted during the growing season. When a plant is harvested don’t just leave the space empty, plant another plant back in the same space. For example, I can get 3 crops of onions in the same space per growing season.

        • Kelekona says:

          Also, Schametti,

          The height of the bed being extreme can make for a great garden, but…

          Basically, it seems like total space for roots, and I guess getting it above ground level gives a warm top-layer? The depth you want probably depends on the ground underneath.

          I have seen old tables converted to 4-inch beds on legs.

          This house came with a raised bed enclosure with soil that isn’t higher than the lawn. I weeded it, dug around and found that it goes to a soil/sand mixture below the ground line…

          Last year in the rental, we just had a few inches of dirt on top of newspaper on top of grass, and it was okay for beans and lettuce.

          • Schametti says:

            Okay, thanks for the tips guys. I think I’m just worried, because, (to prevent a summer full of weeding), we have put garden cloth on the bottom of our pallets.. so the plants won’t be able to grow down into the ground below. So with the two stacked pallets of dirt, we’ll have about ten to twelve inches of root space for the two-high beds, and twenty odd inches for the four high beds. I’m hoping we’ll come out all right.. but I guess we shall see…

            • Kelekona says:

              Schametti, I don’t know how long the cloth lasts. but considering that my garden was under yard waste all winter and was decently-enough dead, you might get more depth in a few years. It might just take some deep aeration once the cloth is frayed to get things un-compacted.

              Then again, I have something that is decidedly not lettuce in my lettuce bed. I’m just curious enough about what it is to let it grow that long before trying to kill it.

              • Schametti says:

                Hah.. That’s awesome.. that you have a mystery plant growing in your lettuce bed. And you make a great point.. once they cloth fades away, my roots might be able to get deeper than I ever expected. Good point!!

  30. This week I got a case of canning jars, ordered some activated charcoal and tincture bottles.
    Other then that I have been trying to work on my article I want to submit, but my husband has had most of the week off so I have been chasing after him. He is an antsy soul and cant sit still, so if he isnt working he is at home driving me nuts working on something or another. This week he decided he was going to *clean* so I was trying to save stuff from getting tossed. Interestingly, he only wants to toss my stuff….. never mind his tools that I am constantly picking up.
    But I did talk to him again about prepping. I have thought before that I have gotten him on board and it didnt happen. I am hoping this time it actually worked. The problem is he immigrated here and has the mind set that nothing bad can happen here. I reminded him that yes they do happen, we have just gotten lucky so far in that it hasnt happened to us. But I told him I at least want plan in place for if something does happen, and I want plenty of water, food, and medical supplies. He just kind of nodded his head so we will see.
    Oh, we moved the papya tree that volunteered itself in the middle of my garden. We actually ended up with 5 different trees. I am hoping they survive the move.

    • Schametti says:

      Heya TG. 🙂 I picked up two dark glass brown bottles today, two different sizes. I’m not sure WHAT size they are though, I’m thinking.. 8 and 12 ounces.. Since you brought it up.. :):) I wanted to ask you, what size is best for most tinctures? I don’t know if you’ve Bam’s article about the elderberry syrups, and things, but I’m trying not to waste any money, now that I’ve gotten myself put on a strict prepping budget, LOL… so what size bottles do you think I should be stocking up on?

      Oh, and if you happen to know.. can you make/steep/whatever (where I’m shaking once a day for 2/6/whatever weeks in mason jars, and then transfer if to the dark glass, or should I do the shaking in the dark glass too)? Just trying to get all my questions and concerns clear in my head, or as many of them as I can.. before I actually try MAKEing these things.. lol..

      Where did your Hubs immigrate from? 🙂 I hope you convince him that prepping will be essential soon, even here. I know it’s a foreign concept to many here too.. but I think you’re right.. I think it’ll be imperative, and soon. :/

      • Mother Earth says:

        Schametti, I use mason jars for making tinctures. Right now I have vanilla “curing” in a pint jar. I keep the jar in a cupboard and when I need vanilla, I have a small brown bottle I use that can be kept out. I do the same with other tinctures too. I use a small cupboard where they are kept together and I can check daily for shaking and so on. When they are ready, I store them in brown bottles in the basement. Hope this helps!

      • Schametti, I make my tinctures in whatever bottles I have on hand, just as long as they are glass. I have used mason jars, old coconut oil jars, salsa jars, ect. I have even used 4 oz baby food jars when trying something new. If Iike it I can make more, if I dont, its not a huge waste.
        Just remeber to keep it in a cool dark place at a controlled temperature, both while making it and after.
        If you make up a lot of one tincture or extract, your size bottle would be good to store the bulk of it in. I usually keep my tinctures in anywhere between 1 to 2 oz bottles for things I dont use a lot of, otherwise I have 4 oz bottles.
        My dh came up from mexico. Although his family is doing ok there(not poor but not rich) he has seen some pretty bad stuff there, so in comparison… we actually own some property there and have been talking about the possibility of moving down and raising cattle. That is what his grandfather did before he passed and left the property to us.
        As for the prepping, he brought up north korea to me, so I explained an emp to him. I told him I dont want to panick, but I do want us to have a plan in place in case something happens. We talked a bit about what we would do if, and I also told him I want a good supply of food (he rolled his eyes there and asked me 1 where we could possibly store more 2 do I really think other people wouldnt take it) water and medical supplies. Well hopefully he at least listened to me instead of doing the hubandry thing of “uh, yeah, ok” that they do when their minds are really elsewhere.

        • Schametti says:

          Mexico, cool! I imported my husband from the border to the North. 🙂 That’s so cool that you have property back in his homeland, with room for cattle. Are they still there, (the cows, I mean), or would you have to buy new ones if you moved back? We have cows down the road. Late at night, when I’m sitting outside, waiting for my boys to potty before bed, I hear them moo’ing up a storm, and always wonder what has them so upset, lol.. Cows are great. Tasty. lol. Would you be raising them for the milk, or the beef?

          Thanks for the advice on the tinctures. I’m sure I’m being a pest with the questions, at this point, lol.. but I like to try and ask ALL questions that might come up, BEFORE I try something new, so I don’t waste any time or money, or do something wrong. I have a nice long list of things I want to try making in the coming month, so it should be interesting. 🙂

          • Schametti, pester away with all the questions. Lol. I, and I am sure all the others here, dont mind answering. Also, dont be afraid to make mistakes with your herbs. I cant even count how many mistakes I have made in the learning process and I am quite sure I still have some to make.
            My in laws who are caring for the property while we are here dont have the cattle any longer. We are looking at prices now though. We would mostly be raising them for the meat but it has already been announced I want a pair of milkers. But you know, my in laws are devious, they bought 6 goats and about 12 chickens and 4 turkeys and sent me the pictures on facebook. They KNOW that is exactly what I want. I told the dh that I am ready to go now. But we still need passports for the kids, and then if we move there, we have to get their equivalent of a green card for the kids and I.

            • Survivor says:

              Something one should consider when aquiring cows for milk is that different breeds give different kinds of milk. The Holstein give a ton of milk but it’s faily low grade milk. Jerseys give somewhat less milk but it’s high grade stuff. The milk and cream seperate easily from both for butter or cheese.
              You have to milk them twice a day, every day. If you don’t they get mastitis and that ain’t good. Wash their teats before milking them.
              I have a huge scar on my right hand where a cow kicked me when I was milking her. She mashed my hand between her hoof and a steel bar set in concrete. For a couple of weeks after the doctor stitched it up I would get little pieces of cow crap bubbling up from the wound.
              The moral of that part is to use a kick board or rope so ol’ Bossy don’t kick the milk pail over or knock you into next week.
              I’m going with goats for milk and Herfords for beef.

              • Survivor, thanks for the info. The dh and his family have a lot of knowledge in that area, me I am trying to learn as much as I can. I know if that is the choice we make, the family will teach me everything i need to know. I am really thankful that i have them to do that.
                I think I need to ask my dairy what breeds my favorite milk comes from.

            • Schametti says:

              I think the only reason that I’m so hesitant to make mistakes, is that mistakes are costly, and right now, (especially now, with time running out, and my new budget FIRMLY in place, haha), I don’t have the extra time or money to make a lot of mistakes. I am CERTAIN that I will make some. I’m such a goober so much of the time, I think.. I so got this.. Wait, wait.. Noooo I don’t, lol. But thank youuuu for letting me pick your brain. I have always been one, growing up, to try and learn from OTHERS’ mistakes and save myself from making them, so please feel free to tell me what NOT to do when making my first tinctures, haha.

              And that is soooooo mean of your in-laws to show off their milking and egg herds/flocks.. and try and teaste you with them, lol.. I hope that you get to go soon though, it sounds like it’s a great place, already perfect for homesteading.. Keep me posted!! 🙂 And good luck.

              • Schametti, tinctures are some of the easiest things to make, once you know which herbs to use. Just remember 1/2 full bottle for dry and all the way full for fresh, check after a couple of days to make sure the herbs are covered in alcohol, top off if you need to. Then let it sit for about 2 weeks. If you remember to shake every day that is great. If you get busy and forget its no big deal. Just make sure you put on the jar what it is and the date you made it so you dont decant it too soon. Other then that, even if you forget about it for a year the alcohol will keep it from going bad.
                As for the in in laws, they are mean. Lol. But you gotta love their persuasive skills.

                • Schametti says:

                  See! Tg.. Another thing that I did not know. Half full for dry herbs, and full up for fresh. Learnt something new about tinctures again today, so for that, I thank you Ma’am. 🙂 I don’t HAVE anything fresh, as of yet.. but maybe one day, depending on how well I do with this gardening thing. I have an amazing little shop for the dried stuff here in town though. I could go broke there reaaaaalllll easy, I know it.. I want everything, haha.. They have herbs and oild, and bottles, and homemade soaps, and crystals, and stones, and incense, and burners, and yeah, well… just about everything you could ever want in the natural remedies department. They didn’t have one thing on my list though.. Black Mica Extract! So I’ll have to buy that online, but that’s all right. 🙂

                  • That sounds like a shop I would love to go visit. I love stores like that. As for the fresh, even if you dont manage to grow anything (although I think once the weather cooperates things will take off for you), you can do scavenger hunts for things like dandelions, plantain, nettles, milk thistle, and a whole bunch more. Just make sure you can positively identify your plants.

                    • Schametti says:

                      My yard is FULL of dandelions this year. I normally loathe it when I see them, because they bring bees, and 1: I’m allergis to bees, and 2: They sting my dog’s bellies, 🙁 ..and the welts make them itch, and their pain makes me sad.. lol.. BUT, I just read a thing about Dandelion roots being good for a variety of things, so it made me look at them in a new light. I had no idea that they even HAD roots like that.. lol.. Silly.. I had no idea about A LOT of things until this year, so my head will soon explode with all the information I’m trying to cram in to it.

                      Anyway, I’m rambling.. lol. I bought a couple books on medicinal plants, with pictures, etc.. so hopefully I can actually READ them soon, and learn even more, and take them out to see if I can actually FIND any of them.. haha. Sounds like it could be a fun adventure though, for sure.

                    • Schametti,
                      Dandylions are indeed out and early bee food which my girls are already enjoying. Along with the roots, the greens are also good to eat as are the flowers. Here’s a cookue recipe for the flowers:

                    • Schametti, for the bees see if you can find other early flowers that bees will prefer. It wont keep them away from the dandelions, but they may be more interested in other things say in the garden where you really want them. The earlier you can get the bees in your garden the better, as they will keep coming back to help pollinate for you. I plant a lot of flowers in with my veggies so that I also get the predatory wasp (it is interesting watching them fly off with a caterpillar 3 times its size) hoverflys, ladybugs ect.
                      The dandelions are useful root to flower, like Ohio mentions. Besides the cookies, you can also make jelly, and wine, throw the leaves and flowers into a salad, you can also fry the dandelion heads. Do a search for cooking with dandelions and you can get some great ideas.

  31. First, MD I would love for you to have a monthly automatic subscription plan. I would definitely sign up.

    Transplanted my strawberries, not looking too good right now I hope that they bounce back. Planted lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, basil, dill, thyme, and parsley this week. We spent most of the week getting the yard work caught up with.

    The fruit trees are looking good. My sage, mint, oregano, and asparagus is growing like crazy.

    I read books 2 and 3 of 299 Days. I love this series of books. I guess that is about it for this week.

    • I forgot to mention for those that are stocking up on OTC meds. I have discovered a good one. When I went back to the Dentist for a checkup to make sure that everything is healing OK (it is healing OK just slow going). The Dr applied OraBase to my gums. He gave me some samples. I just applied a little bit and did not have to take my pain pill. It is a thick paste so it stays put. It numbs quickly and lasts for quite a while. I can take just about any kind of discomfort but I can not take a toothache! They told me that it is about $6 a tube.

      Hubby and I just got back home from another trip to the Home Depot and this time I was able to find the sweet banana peppers that I wanted and we added some bell peppers too. Now I just got to get them planted. 🙂

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Brenda, thanks for that tip. I looked it up on Amazon and found that 5 tubes is around 30.00.
        Here’s the link to the 5 tube group, although they also have single tubes for sale as well:


        But, if we decide to purchase, going through M.D.’s link will help him a bit financially I think!

        • GV,
          Thanks for the info. I had not thought of looking on Amazon. I always use MD’s link to buy anything on Amazon.

          I have also used listerine in the past and I have used whole cloves that I just placed where it was hurting and bit down on them. The problem this time was a hole in my gums from having 2 teeth pulled. Dr told me not to use mouthwash until it was totally healed. As we all know not everyone reacts to meds the same way and it pays to have muliple options available. I appreciate all of the alternatives that have been listed and I will definitey make notes of them.

      • Schametti says:

        Strawberries.. the newest bane of my existence, lol.. The seeds are SO DARN tiny, and the plants grow soooooooooooo slow, and the ones I planted from seeds two MONTHS ago, are STILL itty bitty. I don’t know HOW they’ll ever be big enough to go outside, lol…

        Thanks so much for the advice about the tooth paste. Dental pain gets to me hard and fast. It’s one pain that turns me into the biggest, whiniest baby and fast, lol.. it occurs to me that I don’t have ANYthing yet in my preps for dental pain, so this is something I will seriously be looking for ASAP, so I appreciate it very much. I hope it works as well and as fast for me when and if I ever happen to need it.

        • Qui Jon ryu a type of acupressure treatment calls for pressure on the bottom of the earlobe for toothpain. Picture clothes pins on the ears. Or oil of clove in Everclear. My recipe is 0.25oz Everclear 10 drops oil of clove and 10 drops sesame oil. Put on pellets of cotton applied to tooth, try to keep clove oil from cheek, gum, and tongue. And do not swallow or you’ll get a tummyache.

          • Interesting, older movies and illustrations will often have a grumpy-looking man with a cloth around his head.

            Swishing an area with Listerine or a strong alcohol will temporarily make a toothache less painful in about 30 seconds.

          • Schametti says:

            Thanks for all the tips on toothaches, guys. 🙂 I’ll have to add these to my survival journal too.

            Ladyhawthorne, do you have the recipe for your tincture handy? I would love to add it to the list of things I make.. eventually. It’s a long list, haha..

            • ladyhawthorne says:

              Basic recipe for any tincture is fill your container at LEAST 1/2 full of herbs and pour in your preferred liquor. I use the yarrow flowers I have growing in the garden. If you are making a tincture you can use them fresh or dried. I used gin as that was what I had but most people use vodka or everclear. I bought some flavored gin for some new tinctures I will be working on and I use brandy with the elderberries. Once you have your jar/bottle filled and capped just shake it once or twice a day and let it go for at least 2 weeks. The longer the better as the alcohol will draw out everything the plant has to offer. In the case of my yarrow tincture, I put the flowers into an empty gin bottle till they nearly filled it. Then poured in the gin and it took over 1/2 a bottle. I have actually left the flowers in the bottle for 3 years as it will do no harm. You can also strengthen the tincture by adding more herbs later and topping up the alcohol, shaking and steeping same as before.

              • Schametti says:

                This sounds great, thanks so much for the recipe. What are your recommended dosing suggestions.

        • Schametti,
          I have never tried to grow strawberries from seed. I bought small plants and I have had them for a coupe of years. It became necessary to move them from where they were at. They have always been good at sending out runners so that I have new plants.

          • Schametti says:

            I have heard about these runners that people mention, but since this is my first time… I don’t know exactly what that means, lol..

            I too have bought some small plants.. (about a dozen of them). But I started a packet of seeds of alpine strawberries, shoot, three months ago, and they’re still not even an inch tall, soooo tiny and delicate, that I can’t ever imagine them growing to the size of the plants you can buy at the store. I keep them on my dining room table, in their little tin.. until they grow up, but I’m thinking that could be years, at this rate, lol.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        I made some tincture out of gin (it’s what I had) and yarrow flowers. Gave some to a friend and she used it on a painful tooth until she could get to the dentist, said it worked great. A couple weeks ago I had a sore on the side of my tongue that scraped against my teeth, ouch! I used some of the tincture by swabbing it with a q-tip and next morning it was totally healed.

  32. OregonMike says:

    Hi fellow Packers
    Beautiful weather and the 10 day forecast is all good.
    Planted some cukes, squash, green beans, container corn and more tomatoes and peppers (fajitas). Harvesting lots of radishes and lettuce for daily salads.. Still have lots of seedlings just waiting in the wings. Canned 7 quarts of beans and ham and Mylar’d 25lbs of dry beans. Dehydrated 10lbs potatoes then tried fine grinding for mashed. Tried it but came out a little gummy. Suggestions? Can’t seem to help myself when I visit a store that has veggie plants outside. I’ll be canning or dehydrating an awful lot this season. Hope all are well or getting that way!

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Don’t grind the potatoes too finely, leave them a bit chunky. Once re-hydrated and cooked you can mash them. You can use finely ground as potato flour for bread making though.

    • tommy2rs says:

      I’ve found, through much trial and error over the years, that half baking and then grating the potatoes before dehydrating gives me the best results in texture when re-hydrating. Works with both sweet potatoes and regular.

      Con is you pretty much have to store them in mason jars as they make holes in an every type of vacuum bag I’ve tried, even double bagging.

      • tommy2rs;
        When I have items that will poke through the vacuum bags, I use plastic bags the size I want for the project, snack, sandwich, quart, gallon. I just make sure that the bag is not zipped close on one end so that it will pull the oxygen out. I lay the item flat inside the vacuum bag, if the bag does not go down I stop the process and recheck the content bag to see if I accidentally closed it. Try this and see if it works for you.

    • Oregon Mike, take a look at the video on potatoes on Tamy’s site, dehydrate2store.com. She is a guru at dehydrating and she has dehydrated mashed potatoes. no affiliation – she just has some great ideas.

  33. Oregon Mike;
    Although I have never ground up dehydrated potatoes, my question did the potatoe chips(dry potatoes slices)snap when you tested them before grinding them? Since that type of item needs to be uniform when sliced, did you do it by hand or machine?
    If you can afford one you can still purchase a salad shooter by Presto for precise slices. My ds bought on for me this year for my b/day gift, and yes I was surprised they still made them. She located this one in
    B*d,Ba*h&Bey**d, I believe under $40.00. I hope!
    Your project is what I am hoping to do this year, put veges I raised, sliced and dehydrated. Let me know if that helps you.

    • dean in az says:

      nothing I dehydrate ever comes out crispy till its removed from the dehydrator,maybe a humidity thing,but crisp up once they cool.Remember to blanch them before you dehydrate,or they turn black

      • dean in az;
        Thanks, I would have never thought of that. I guess it is due to the starch content.

      • OregonMike says:

        Becky & Dean,
        Thanks for the comments. I did blanch the potato cubes (not slices) for 10 minutes per a book on Dehydrating foods. Then after dehydrating, put them in a Magic Bullet to grind them. After that, put the crystals back in the dehydrator for 1 hour.
        Rehydrated with soy milk. I’ll try warm water next time. At 20lbs for a dollar, I had to try SOMEthing to preserve ’em. I suppose potato soup would be an option also.

        • I was just going to suggest an “instant” potato soup from the ground potatoes if you can’t get the mashed to work right. Add powdered milk to your potato powder and some seasonings and store in a jar. You could probably add dehydrated ham or something like that too.

  34. Survivor says:

    Not much..doing a traveling gig in Montana at the moment. Went to the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park this morning. Very cool stuff!
    I bought a book all about herbs and how to prepare them for eating or medicine. Some very good information in there.

  35. Enzo Pamrona says:

    Well, I didn’t do anything for prepping this week. I am an IT guy and this is migration season so I have put in about 80 hours for each of the last three weeks.

    BUT, my neighbor did something for my prepping this week….gave me 750 rounds of 9mm brass. Now all I need is a 9mm pistol, some dies, some bullets, some……

  36. Am finally seeing 9MM ammo in my part of the world. This is a suprise after two very dry months. Got some Darn Tough socks from Socks Addict (someone gave the link a few weeks ago- thanks). Got a great deal. Took the Pack’s military retiree’s advice and have started to work on getting healthy, walking, juicing, etc. Learned something from the juicing/smoothie thing – as preppers we are told to carefully introduce grains and the like into the diet. After my homemade concoction today, I understand the concept and once I recupperate from the pain will know how to GRADUALLY introduce such a diet of whole grains, fresh veggies and the like into my daily diet as well as SHFT plan.

    • Kelekona says:

      Sorry Marti, but it sounds like you got a lot of work cut out for you to clean up the diet.

      After watching the video on the page I’m linking, I’m wondering if I’m wanting to dump my two packets of Shore Lunch, my box of Jiffy, and that box of mash potatoes in the food bank, or if I am going to face a situation where I’ll want that level of convenience. I gotta clean up my act enough to make those desperation foods at least.

      • Kelekona
        Thanks for the link. Been searching for similar links…this is great !
        Lots of info, recipes and healthy eating.

      • Schametti says:

        Love this link also. I feel like a dummy, but I had no idea that you make homemade noodles from just water and flour, essentially. I thought you needed eggs and yeast.. etc. :/ So now I’m totally going to try to make my own homemade noodles this week, and if they turn out well, I’m absolutely adding flour. and (more) salt to my pantry shelves.

        I love links that talk to me like I’ve never made things like.. homemade noodles on my own before, because.. well, I HAVEN’T, lol. (Yeah, I’ve helped my mom make them before, but I KNOW there are eggs in them. I guess they would be.. egg noodles? lol), anyway.. I hate when books or links assume that I have any idea how to start from the beginning, so if anyone else has any links about ‘cooking with whole foods for idiots’ then please share them.. :):):) Thanks Kelekona!

        • k. fields says:

          You should look at this posting on Kate’s blog (she also posts here).
          I’ve found all of her writings are down to earth and recommend her work highly.

          • Schametti says:

            I love Kate’s blog! Especially when she links me to something specific that I’ve asked about.. otherwise, I find it a bit hard to navigate, (or find things I saw before, and now can’t find, lol). But yes, I love her information very much. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

        • Kelekona says:

          I’ve been thinking about portability of making your own noodles in a campsite, backpacking is going to happen eventually in a worse-case. If you do have a cutting board to roll on, I think it would still be too small for comfort.

          I can’t seem to find a gnocchi or pinch-dumpling recipe without eggs quickly, but it seems like the easiest way to get a pasta-like food if you have more time and fuel than surface.

          Or I imagine that creating a powdered mix would work, since eggs, milk, and potatoes can be found dry.

          Remember that powdered milk needs to be made wet before being mixed with hot liquids if you’re making a cream sauce. Similar to how you’d get lumpy gravy if you just dumped flour in.

      • Kelekona, thank you SO much for this link. I will be bookmarking this site and going thru it. I have been cleaning up our diets and switching to more and more whole foods. I am currently on a campaign for a pressure canner for christmas so I can at least put up my own stuff rather then pay crazy prices for canned organic.
        I am also wanting to try my hand at homemade kefir or kombucha, but the starting grains are a bit expensive and I havent found anyone local who has any to share to see if I like it. *sigh*
        As for the juicing, I do one a day. I am still breastfeeding the baby so I dont want to take it to far until he weans. As soon as that happens I am doing a juice detox to clean out my system. Although I argue with myself when thinking about it if while doing the detox I will still drink my milk. I am betting I probably will because I love my raw milk… I think I might even be addicted. Lol.

        • TG, what do you do for your juice detox?

          • Lantana, lots of organic fruits, leafy greens and some vegetables. Depending on what I can find for the week. I will usually also add coconut oil for the healthy fats that help you digest plants better. I also drink some nettle tea to help keep my liver clean while detoxing. I usually do it for about a week, with day 3 and 4 being the slugish days.

    • axelsteve says:

      A buddy of mine started juicing one time. He juiced up a bunch of garlic in a smoothie and it was enough to get a co worker to flash back to Vietnam. Funny looking back at it but not at the time.

  37. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    My peas are up! Also, the winter-sown containers out on the porch are almost all sprouting or have little seedlings in them. This winter sowing really works and they all look so healthy! I highly recommend it.
    Hubbs got two more pkgs of 9mm ammo, I bought more dish soap, but that was about it. I’ve been cutting my own hair in order to save money and this week I cut part of it too short and ended up having to go to a cheap hair-cutting place to get it saved. I tell you, don’t ever try to even things up in back when you’re trying to hold the mirror, scissors and comb all at once, as it can turn out badly. So there was some prep money spent, along with the dryer money. But hubby got a call from the company he applied to and passed the first interview. At least we think he passed it, as they said they’d send him an email if they didn’t need him, but would call him if they were interested in giving him another interview. He hasn’t gotten an email, so we’re crossing our fingers.
    We’re cleaning out a storage unit, almost finished, and that will tick off one bill each month. If hubbs gets the job we will send him out and I will probably clean things up around here, sell the place and pack and move me and the kitts out there. I promise I’ll try not to whine, as we’ll be grateful to escape this crazy state. Have a good week and God bless you all.

    • worrisome says:

      Grumpy, praying that this all works out for the best for you! It sounds like you have had a tough time there.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        I do have down days, and I need not to post on those days as I’m not very upbeat for others then. But Thank you for your prayers. God knows we each and our nation as a whole could use them in spades right now! I keep trying to remember that we get squeezed most when we’re resisting something that’s ultimately in our best interest. I’m nothing if not stubborn, so the squeezing maybe has to be a bit more than smarter folks need 🙂

  38. Found an interesting article about research in India on removing fluoride from drinking water:


  39. Here is a link to a Q&A session with a guy that survived the SHTF situation in Bosnia . Its a good read , and like Fernando Ferfal , gives you a real life insite to what we may have to face , makes you think afterward .

  40. We worked on clearing a spot for the raised bed garden. Hopefully we will have all the supplies by next weekend to get it put together and filled.
    I put together a couple shelves and reorganized some of our canned foods. Added some condiments, canned goods, toothpaste, and bar soap to the supplies.
    Some other supplies added to the security area.

  41. KR Prepper says:

    Hey All

    It’s been a rainy, and good week.

    Beans: Finished Backyard Garden. (1) 12×8 (5) 4×10 Beds: + 12 Rows
    More Radishes, Spinach, Chard, Collards, Lettuce, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Corn, 3 Types of Beans, Tomatoes, Onions, and Squash.. I’m happy because it’s the biggest, and most diverse garden I’ve done:
    Also secured some more containers for the indoor garden.

    Practiced making fire, and barbecuing open fire in the rain

    Bullets: Put in a ton of time with my bow this week. Blew through 3 homeade targets. I’m finally at a half inch group at 23 yards.
    Sighted in my crossbow. Need to replace because I cannot get the weaver rail to stop wobbling.

    Bandaids. Spent time chopping wood with my dad. If only I could work half as hard as he does.

    Transpo: Learning how to read topo maps. Started on my Motorized Bike/Trailer Project. Mine has a custom exhaust.. Almost whisper quiet and pulls me and 70# of gear pretty much anywhere.

  42. Separated my cow from her bull calf so that he can finally be weened. This is the 3rd time trying to break him from nursing her, it took putting her into another pasture. Of course we did not have many hours sleep for the 1st 48 hours, neither did the neighbors, when she gets her mooing revved up no one sleeps!!!!!!!!!! We are into 7 days and will keep them separated for another 14+ days just to make sure she is dried up.
    Dh stayed home and I went shopping at HDep*t, picked up 3 squash plants, basil, cilantro, cantaloupe, honeydew to round out my block and bucket planters.
    I was able to get the A/C cleaned and working finally, we have been in the 80’s for the past week and it is getting rather uncomfortable trying to cook and eat in this heat.
    Ordered elderberry from Amazon since it can not be purchased locally they have been out for months from their supplier. Picked up Chlorella at local health food store for my dh and myself. Orchard Supply had canning jars on sale, for wide mouth quarts 10.99 per dozen, usually those go for $13+. I have searched the yard sales, craigs li*ts for canning jars they are becoming a rare commodity, so I have been buying new. Cleaning up the outside so we can leave for a few days to visit family up in WA, OR. That is about it for this week, next week more yard clean up.

    • Hobbitt of the Shire says:

      A lot of the dollar type stores carry canning jars and lids and rings. In my neck if the shire they run 8-10 dollars a dozen. Tle flats are between 1.50 and 2.00.

      Check around, you may be pleasantly surprised.

      • Hobbitt in the Shire:
        We only have one store that might have what you are talking about, all the others only carry household goods, no canning jars. I will give them a try who knows I just might luck out, and thank you for the information. Love your handle……it is cute.

        • Black rosé says:

          I noticed the dollar store has generic medicines peptobismal, pain medicine band aids etc. I purchased the band aids and toothpaste but was afraid to stock up on meds as I am not sure if they are safe. Does anyone know if their generic meds are ok to use?

          • ladyhawthorne says:

            I buy all my regular OTC meds at dollar stores. They work fine, just generic and probably made by the name brand companies.

          • Southern Blonde says:

            Black Rose’–check the ingredients and most of the time they are the same as the name brand. My dad’s a pharmacist and he always said that most of the time they are the same as the name brand. But before I tell you definitely that it is ok, you should read the ingredients first. With name brands, we are just paying for their advertising.

          • Encourager says:

            As long as they are not made in China, they should be ok.

    • k. fields says:

      Great description of your cows! Just went through that a few weeks back – luckily I have no close neighbors.

  43. Well I ranted and complained last week that my dh committed us to a dinner date with another couple. We just got back. I had a wonderful time. It turns out she is an extreme introvert and hates people–she complained all day, “Can we just cancel and stay in?” LOL It turns out she is a published writer and a gardener. They planted an orchard two years ago but so far no fruit. This year they put horse manure on the trees and they are looking better. They live just down the road. She has a keen interest in virology, so we had a great conversation about H7N9. I just emailed her the articles I wrote. It will be interesting to get their response. (Her dh is a physician and her undergraduate degree is in nursing.)

    Our husbands were just in awe because we hit it off so well–when normally we can’t stand to be around other people.

    • Bam Bam, so glad your dinner date went well. Since they are right down the road perhaps before long you will have a prepping buddy. Let us know her thoughts on the H7N9.

    • BamBam;
      How wonderful you found someone who shares the same interest as you. I believe that life brings people into our circle when we truly need them. Best of luck with developing a new friendship, who knows they be preppers after all.

    • k. fields says:

      Great to hear!
      Thanks for the update, I’d been wondering how things went.

  44. Pole beans, corn, and squash is Three Sisters.

  45. Well was given a sixteen gauge by a coworker who found out he probly shouldnt have it for legal reasons. Its rough but free and untraceable both. Good things. Picked up seeds for the garden, and started planning out where the fruit bushes shall go. Cant wait to till.

  46. Been working on the garden, cleaning out the garage, etc. New to prepping but this website is a great help, thank you to everyone who has contributed. One of my interests (can’t really even call it a hobby yet) is blacksmithing, so when I get things up and going maybe I’ll post on that. Thanks M.D. and the whole Wolf Pack!

  47. Busy week, good for prepping the fruit trees we put in last month look good with new growth, and the pear trees had flowers!
    After reading BamBams article I started a binder for all the great research that pack members have done so I can refer back as needed. Also from that, I’ve started to fill in the gaps I had in my medical box, I now understand lacerations may not be the worse I encounter.

    I ordered a dwarf banana tree (still waiting for it to arrive) but we did plant a mucidine vine by the trellis and put in 2 more sprinkler heads for the garden. And got the rest of the squash plants in.

    I had started cleaning out our shed a few weeks ago, and today I was able to reorganize one wall,, theres still more to go, but being able to see it start to come together was a great feeling.

    • R-Me, please describe how you organized a wall. I have several that would do with some help. lol

      • I have about 20+ boxes of book/photo albums and don’t want them just on the cement floor because of dampness/mold. We had an old folding table that I had assorted bedding, comforters on,, so I put the first table down flat on the floor w/the second table open (legs down like a regular table) and put it on top of the first table. I now have a solid base up off the floor about 3-4 inches and sturdy enough to support heavy weight.

        Then I organized all the books by subject ( war stories, reference, best sellers, etc) in to paper boxes Ibrought home from work, all the boxes are uniform and labeled. I was able to fit 2 rows, two boxes high,,,a total of 20 boxes under the table.

        Then instead of digging through more boxes when ever I would need bedding for company,, or want to change curtains or bath towels. And never finding what I need in a timely manor!! Everything now has it’s own LABLED box on the top table.

        And there really is a reason for all this,,,, now I have more floor space for shelves for food storage and other prep storage in general.

        Good luck with your project NoWay.

        • Thanks for your detailed explanation. I’m always looking for inspiration to create order from chaos.

  48. Sundancing says:

    Hello all! Hope everyone is having a good week and those who are ill are feeling better! I wasn’t able to buy a lot this week as I had to replace my vehicle. My company just moved to a new campus, which is further away than the old one, and my 14-year-old, 12 MPG truck has been eating me out of house and home. So I bit the bullet and bought a smaller one (but it has tons of trunk space – my get-home bag fits easily with a lot of room to spare). This, just a month after having to replace my furnace and dishwasher. When it rains, it pours. SO grateful I didn’t put all my savings into silver like I had planned to do earlier this year. Was weird – I literally was sitting in front of the computer one night, about to hit the Confirm button to buy a bunch of silver, and something just kept telling me NO! So I walked away from it…and later that week the furnace died. A week after that, the dishwasher joined the furnace in appliance purgatory. So I was able to pay cash for both, instead of getting into debt. Thankful.

    The good news is that our new work campus is so huge that it’s literally 1/2 mile from the parking lot to the building. So I’m walking at least a mile 5 days a week that I wasn’t before. My cube-mate and I are also going to start walking during lunch. I’m determined to get in shape this year.

    – Borax, washing soda, Fels Naptha, and Oxy-clean to make BamBam’s laundry soap
    – 2 magazines for my little pistol
    – 2 spares for every moving part on my pressure canner

    – Transplanted kale, broccoli, and leeks. Our last frost date isn’t until mid-May, so I can’t plant anything except cool-weather crops still. Planted potatoes a few weeks ago. And last year’s over-wintered garlic, onions, and leeks are going like gangbusters!
    – Started a bunch of summer crops with my grandson
    – Cured a 9 lb. pork belly. Built a smoker. Going to smoke it tomorrow morning and then slice it into bacon strips to freeze and can.
    – Took all my frozen fruit out of the freezer, made pie fillings out of it, and canned it. I do this every year. During the winter, I like to snack on berries, and to me, they just taste better frozen than canned. So I buy as much as I can from the farmer’s market and pick the cherries off my tree, then freeze it all in single-serving FoodSaver bags. Whatever doesn’t get eaten over the winter gets canned in the spring so I can make pies in the summer (or whenever).
    – Finished cleaning out the spare bedroom downstairs and measured it so I can buy some shelving. When it’s done, it will double my prep storage space.
    – Started making a list of what clothes and sizes my GS and GD (due in June) will need for about the next 5 years. Going to the thrift store one day this week to start picking up stuff to put away for them.

    I’m bushed! Going to take tomorrow afternoon off from chores and prepping, and take my GS to a dinosaur exhibit. 🙂

    • Survivor says:

      I’m bushed just reading this one!! Well done!!.

    • Schametti says:

      It’s always a good thing when that little voice inside your head doesn’t let you make a choice that you’ll end up regretting. That little voice had nothing to say when I bought a chunk of silver not once, not twice, but THREE times.. so let’s hope that I don’t regret it, haha.. cause that’s typically how my luck goes.. 🙂 Great Week, Sundancing, nicely done!

    • Millie in KY says:

      Where can I find Bam Bam’s laundry detergent post,please?

  49. I like how you do this each week!
    This week we got a shed to put our garden junk in!
    I tried out a few Food Storage recipes 🙂

    Happy Prepping!

  50. Southern Girlm says:


    Think the automatic subscription plan is a great idea with busy lives we lead. Would like to participate.

    For preps, finished fence around raised garden boxes. Trellis up for the newly sprouted pole beans & cucumbers. Finished planting carotts & red/yellow bell peppers. Tomatoes in planters. The DH is exhausted. Don’t think he will take another vacation at home.

    Thinking about an article to deal with general pediatric home care. Advise we give for head lice is natural. No chemicals or pesticides.
    1.Apply generous amount of Cetaphil Skin Cleanser to wet hair & scalp.
    2.Use a blow dryer until completely dry, then comb out with a fine tooth comb.
    3.Most importantly. Remove all nits(eggs) with either the fine tooth comb or your fingernails. Next shampoo hair to remove the skin cleanser.
    4.Wash all bed linens & PJ’s in hot soapy water. Home treatment is no longer recommended.(This however is controversial)
    5. Either soak brushes & combs in half bleach & water or purchase all new ones. 6.Check all family members for signs of head lice & treat if symptomatic.

    This is just another recommendation that is safer than some of the OTC & prescription remedies that contain pesticides such as malathion.

    Enjoy this WDYDTWTP immensely. Thanks to all for the great info. Have a great weekend.

  51. Purchased a Rossi Circuit Judge in .44 magnum. At my age, it’s much easier to shoot than a handgun in the same caliber. Good for deer, feral pigs and social work.

    • I hunted my first few deer as a teenager with a semi-auto .44 magnum rifle as a teenager. It was my grandfather’s but I can’t remember who it was made by. Probably Remington or Winchester knowing him.

  52. Let’s see:

    *Added the aquamira frontier emergency filter to my get home bag
    *Unpacking nad repacking said bag this morning
    *Added a Katadyn water filter to my BOG
    *Picked up 100 rounds of .38 Hornady Critical Defense
    *Ordered the Hornady Reloading Starter Kit and dies in .223, .45 ACP & .38.
    *Snagged 17 MREs from the field this month while out with the Army Reserve and found a pair of 20 round M16 mags in an old, abandoned latrine.
    *Started a small BOG fro my friend’s bday in July and one for my grandmother to take to Honduras for her missionary work in September.

  53. Prepped way back for Y2K and not again until a few weeks ago. Started stocking shelves down cellar. Husband laid off for two months so we had to stop. We don’t have much and am now eating from that stock.
    Hopefully he goes back to work soon. I’ve got lots of lists and am ready to get at it. 🙂

    • I was kinda skeptable of the rumors of Y2K that our power will fail across the country, all our computers will crash because of turning 1999 to 2000. Many were had.

      You can find many ways to suppliment your food supply since summer is coming. Wild food, a small garden, preserving the food you gather or grow, and two-for-one sales help stock your supplies again. There is a lot of reading you can find here on this website that could help you until a job is found.

      • Thanks Donna! Great tips.

      • Papabear says:


        The subject of Y2K comes up now and then, usually with complaints. You were not ‘had’. There really was a problem. Part of the problem was that it was overblown by the media.

        We knew in the early ’90s that there would be a problem when the year rolled over to 2000. The IT industry as a whole spent most of the decade working to fix the problems before they occured. So when the date change came (almost) everything worked. When nothing appeared to crash everyone thought it was a hoax. Nope, there really was a problem. We fixed it ahead of time.

        Blame the lame stream media.

        • Papabear,

          This is an excellent explanation of Y2K.

        • Schametti says:

          Thank You for explaining that. I always wondered what, if anything happened. I remember feeling a bit let down, haha.. I wanted SOMEthing to happen, even though I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to be the end of the world or anything. But, of course, I have changed A LOT in how aware I am about things since then.. Now I understand a little better what happened.. Thanks Papabear. 🙂

        • worrisome says:

          Papabear, you are absolutely right. In the company I was working for at the time, about September 15th, someone in the accounts payable department put in a date for January 2000 to note a future payable and the whole system crashed. After being promised that the software was fixed, this company’s y2k experience came early. It took the software company about 10 days of feverish key punching to get it fixed and the company was reduced to working with paper (o the struggle, alas) for a while.

          • Papabear says:


            In ’91 our IBM rep told us of a very major company that tried an experiment with the year 2000 on their mainframe. It trashed every disk drive on the system. They spent 3 days trying to get the system back up.
            Without applying fixes to everything that used a computer this could have been very devastating.

            • Shades of Green says:

              I did buy some stuff for Y2K just because I wasn’t sure what would go on and felt it would be better to be prepared for any unexpected event that may have disrupted power or water and food services. Even though I did not need them that year , the ones who thought me a little odd then dod npt the following year when we had a major ice storm in Ga. and we were all without power for 12 to 14 hours. I have a gas stove and was able to cook large meals like chicken & dumplings for our group of friends who had all electric. Our fireplace was also wood so my home was heated and with my camp coffee pot we all had coffee. Our generator let us watch the news to see what the weather was. They were all gratrful that day that Mrs. Linda was a little on the “odd” side as they say.

              • Since I grew up in GA and still live here, I don’t ever think anyone odd for having a generator and a way to cook when the power is out. I have lived through enough – 1970s (The Night the Lights Went Out in GA), SnowJam 82, SnowJam 83, Blizzard of 93, etc. My mom insisted on a gas starter in her fireplace in the house we lived in back in the 70s and it paid off because our total electric house was pretty useless without it.

        • I still have some of the things I bought to prepare for Y2K my friends quit laughing a while ago, a Zastava 9mm $79, 1000 small pistol primers $10.95, a Ruger Old Army round ball mold .457″ $10, 10,000 #11 percussion caps $50 (well I’m down to less than 5k now) Turns out some of my preps for Y2K were good for inflation and fear induced shortages.

  54. MD – the subscription service would be a great option. And thanks to all the wolf pack for their great tips, info and advice. This site is the best!

    Part of the retirement dream has come true – we purchased our retirement vehicle, a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and traded in our 11 year old Saab 9-5. Now the fun begins! Still a few months away from the big day, but really looking forward to it.

    The garden is in and doing fine. We actually started clipping the basil already and have tiny blossoms on all the tomato plants. Unfortunately the deer got to the pepper plants (just the hot peppers, not the bell peppers), nibbled them down to just nubbins.

    Tried my first batch of beef jerky in the dehydrator and I must say – it was world class and is gone already. Another batch is underway. Finally found some 9mm ammo and paid more than I should have, but really needed the extra as we are taking our CCW class next Saturday.

    The new Kelly Kettle came in from EE – can’t wait to try it out. Planning a get away week in a few weeks and will be on a bug-out practice run (and visiting family up north). Will travel the back road pathways to get from NC to PA with no interstate driving (imagine I-95 after a MPE). Survival camping, MRE’s, Bug-out bags – no restaurants, motels or other amenities – (On the Road with Jack Kerouac).

    “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” – Danny Kaye

    • I found a trick the forest service does to their seedlings to keep the deer away. They take a thin piece of paper about the size of a card, fold it in half, and staple it shut to the top leaves of the plant. I don’t have a deer problem in the midst of many deer herds in my area because I discard my dog’s poo around the border. It works maybe because we have wolves preying on them, leaving their scat on their trails, and the deer know that dogs are a variant of wolf. It smells the same to them. .

      • Donna in MN says:

        P.S. I have to change my user name to Donna in MN since someone else using my name “Donna” is posting here. I didn’t buy vinegar.

    • Schametti says:

      I bought the kelly kettle a couple weeks ago too, it looks amazing. But it’s still in it’s box, lol. I have SO MANY projects and lists of things to do and try that I haven’t even gotten around to learning how to use that yet, (or the new sport solar oven I bought with it), but I’m sure both will prove invaluable to me, when the time comes.

      • Schametti,
        Since your budget has been cut look at it this way, it is a great time to learn how to use all of the gadgets that you have bought. You may not be able to buy much but you do need to know how to use everything you have.

        • Schametti says:

          That IS a good way of looking at it. 🙂 Thank You for the positive perspective.. lol. I’ve been a little crabby, trying to revise my shopping list for prepping items for the coming month, and trying to cut it in half. Oi, it isn’t going to be easy. I guess, in the long run, it will be good for me though, because.. with no spare money to waste, and having to make very careful, and calculated purchases, I’ll make the most of our money. (Of course, I’ve always tried to be mindful of that, but now I REALLY will be, lol). I have a HAM radio, a kelly kettle, a solar stove, a propane stove, an outside firepit in a box.. some two way radios, some yard, and a new crochet hobby, and a TON of books sitting here that I need to read.. so the time will be well spent.

          RIGHT NOW though, I’m working on tincture recipes in my survival journal, that I’M HOPING to be able to collect stuff for to make. 🙂 We’ll see if the budget holds out.. haha.

          • worrisome says:

            Schametti, If you have income coming in several different times during the month, take all the small things on your lists that you need and set aside a little money out of every check to work on them. Set another little bit of money as savings towards the big things. I have been doing that all year and have found that it helps me on keep on target and to know what is up next to be buying. Yes, if I find some “great deal” then I move items around, but it has helped me a bunch! I actually have a calendar that is several months out ahead of the present date and have written on it what I am going to buy and how much I plan on spending. Has kept me focused and effective.

            • Schametti says:

              We’re actually on a budget plan where we only get paid once a month, and have to budget for the whole month with it.. so I wouldn’t be able to do that. Likely, I’ll spend my month’s budget in the middle of the month, all at once, and then sit and sulk and plan, and read, and learn for the rest of the month…. It’ll be painful, but I WILL get used to it. 🙂

  55. Ordered a “breecher” choke from Carlson Chokes for my 835 Mossberg shotgun. Also some back up parts from Mossberg as well.

    Picked up 2 boxes of the anti-virus face masks at our local Target store.

    Turned off the Cable TV. Although we only had the local channels, even they were becoming more than we wanted to see. I remember when “Prime Time” was shows like “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows best”, now it’s “How I met your Mother”, “Modern Family” and “2&1/2 Men”. How fast values have fallen.

    • riverrider says:

      g, yeah and now the fcc says they are going to allow the f bomb and others on primetime. i wonder what exactly they will add to the “art”. i’d cancel mine but i gotta have foxnews. i’m addicted.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        riverrider, how about Fox news on the radio?
        I gave up TV about 3 years ago, way too expensive. Now I use Netflix on the computer only for watching GOOD OLD tv shows and movies, commercial free too!

        • riverrider says:

          good idea, but i think i’d miss the visual stimulation. then again, i can work and listen at the same time…..

    • Ghost,

      We unplugged from cable a few weeks ago. We don’t even miss it. We have Netflix and that is sufficient.

    • Kelekona says:

      I miss commercials….

      I don’t know how long we’ve been without proper non-internet TV, maybe 3 years….

      We were watching something ad-supported with broken filters…. What empty-nesters need to upgrade their kitchen just in case their student drags his entire frat and the mascot home? I think that was the entirety of the ads we receive as ads, but still….http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/prep-week-9/?replytocom=234172#respond

      I did also get addicted to the “how to tile” show available on XBMC,,,,

  56. Bought vinegar, 6 gal., duct tape, 3 rolls, salt, 20 lbs and spent a couple of hours making my list of items I had on had and organizing my shelf

  57. gunrunner says:

    I am passing on this gun test for everyone this week. Shot the Sig Sauer Mosquito , which is a compact 22LR. Then shot the Ruger SR-22 compact pistol also in 22LR. Both are well made firearms from very reputable arms makers. As expected both shot well and very accurate, fit and finish were flawless. But here it is, the Sig Sauer Mosquito needed high velocity ammunition to function properly. Standard velocity or target loads would not eject properly. The slide on the Sig is heavier than on the Ruger and it made the difference. In reading the included instructions the Sig recommended CCI Mini-Mags, which are great shells, if you can find them right now. And another gripe was that Sig only supplies one magazine. So in a SHTF situation I think the Ruger SR-22 would be my choice. Two magazines and it seemed to digest whatever ammunition I had laying around, important factors these days with 22 ammunition being so scarce. Shoot straight and be safe…………………….

    • riverrider says:

      g, thanks! and have you priced a spare sig mag? ouch!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I have an SR-22 and love it. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite everyday carry firearms, and I find myself grabbing it more often than my Glock.

    • Sundancing says:

      My carry weapon is an SR-22 and I don’t think it would be possible to love it more than I do. I’ve never had a problem with it, it will shoot anything, and for a woman, it’s the perfect size. LOVE! 🙂

  58. Anothermom says:

    Took the time to support a small local business. She started a survival goods store, and while I can access what she sells on line, it is much nicer to keep a small business open, and I like to see and touch items before I buy!!
    Now I have to get busy washing windows and cleaning out the chicken coop. Have a nice day everyone!

  59. I didn’t really prep any stuff. But I did get dd to shoot a 380 and a 9. She was nervous & reluctant but did it anyway. She wouldn’t shot anything bigger. Yet. It’s a start.

  60. Got my silver order in this week, really want to buy some 1 0z rounds but seems they are harder to find than ammo right now.

    Went to sams a bought 20 pounds more beans and rice, and also ordered two more starter kits from the LDS online store. I now have 15 of the starter and want to get to at least 24 kits, and really like them for long term strorage and to also give out as charity for anyone that I see the need for after shtf, I figure one will feed a family of 4 for a week, not gourmet but will keep them alive. I am trying ot buy one or two a month till I think I have enough.

    Other than that not much been to busy with work and other stuff to do anything else, now just waiting for the garden to get going if would just stop rainiing and warm up some.

    • riverrider says:

      g, montanararities still has some.

    • George,

      Don’t the starter kits from LDS Online Store come with flour now? If so, keep an eye on the flour. If I recall correctly, it has a shelf life of two or three years max.

      • Yeah they do come with one can of flour. I am not to worried about it though I have plenty of wheat buckets in mylar and the by the time I will have to use the starter kits I don’t think I will be worrrowing about the quality of the flour so much as not starving. I am getting them as a last resort backup and to give out as charity and trade. For the price you really can’t beat what they have in them.

    • Schametti says:

      You are so kind. I’ve been so worried about prepping for my family, that it’s hard to think about storing excess food kits for strangers and passerbyers. And now my girflriend talks more and more about being serious about coming here to pool our resources, in a SHTF scenario. Only PROBLEM is.. I have resources, and she.. does not, lol. But I haven’t had a best friend to be close with like this in a long long time. She calls me a dozen times a day, stops by several times a week.. she and I are doing this garden project for first timers together.. I adore her, and I know that I would let her in, no matter how little she came with. That being SAID.. I did encourage her to start buying a box of rice, or container of oatmeal, or something every week, and bringing it by to store on my shelves. At least that way, we’d BOTH feel a little better when/if she moves in…

      I’ve been meaning to look at what the LDS-NOT-STORE has to offer. I’ve heard great things about their supply and prices. Even though I got put on a strict monthly prepping budget this week.. maybe I can get something from them in the coming month. 🙂

      • Sundancing says:

        Schametti, if your friend brings you that much joy, and yet she will not prep, sometimes it’s better to just bite the bullet and plan for one more mouth to feed. If you do it in the spirit of love and friendship, you won’t resent it. And when she arrives, even if she doesn’t bring food, she can earn her keep by helping with the tons of chores we will all have to do manually to keep ourselves clean, well-fed, healthy, and alive. Never underestimate the value of friendship, support, love, and laughter. Personally, I’d rather have someone around who makes me laugh and keeps me sane than a couple of extra boxes of rice. So enjoy her, let her help you now, and when the time comes, you can help her too. 🙂

        • Schametti says:

          I love that. Truly. And you’re so right. Even if she doesn’t add ONE BITE of food to our stores, and comes anyway, she would be well welcomed, and never regretted. I know that, without doubt. We’re so much like sisters this last past year, that it really would be nice to have her around to laugh with and share the work load with. Thanks for that bit of perspective, Sundancing. 🙂

        • Sundancing, perfect perspective.

  61. Shortly after I posted yesterday, Jeff proposed to me. We went out shortly afterward and bought rings, and this morning I ordered a custom made wedding dress, a replica of the Lady Galadriel’s mirror dress from Lord of the Rings.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Very exciting news, Michele. Congratulations!

    • Best wishes, Michele–and congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. Michele!

    • worrisome says:

      Hope the rest of your life is blissful!

    • JP in MT says:

      Well, congratualtions!

      I will pray that things go as well as it sounds. Glad you found someone who shares your dreams and vision.

      • Congratulations! Your dress will be gorgeous — I love that dress. Best wishes for a happy future!

    • Michele,

      Congratulations. I wish the two of you a wonderful life together.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Congratulations!! That is wonderful.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Yay! Congratulations to you both! How happy and exciting! Best wishes to you both!

    • mountain lady says:

      So happy to hear the news. I know we were worried about you at the beginning, but you knew what you were doing. Have a very happy life together.

    • Schametti says:

      Aww yay congratulations Michelle. Very exciting news! :):)

    • Congrats Michele! That will be a beautiful dress!

    • Congratulations Michelle to you and to your soon to be DH. I hope your lives together will be blessed and wonderful!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Well, as a member of the Rohirrim and a Rider of the Mark I will certainly be looking forward to attending that great affair.

      Haha…just kidding, Michelle. Congratulations, it is well-deserved. I remember not too long ago you were looking for a gentlemen to share your journey. I didn’t think you would have too difficult a time. Keep us informed, please.

    • Congratulations,,
      Life is so much nicer when you have someone by your side to share it with!

    • Oh yay! Congrats! I wish you both much happiness.

    • Sundancing says:

      Wow! Congratulations to you and the upcoming Mr. Michele! So happy for you both….and your dress sounds divine! 🙂

    • k. fields says:

      Congratulations Michele – I hope you have a fantastic life together.

    • Omg! A wedding! And an elven dress! I’m excited for you! So glad for you both!

    • Encourager says:

      Oh, Michele! What wonderful news! Congratulations and best wishes for a fantastic life together.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Congrats!!!! May you have many happy years together – that is such a hopeful and positive bit of news. Thanks for making my day!

    • axelsteve says:

      WOW Michele! congrads dear!

    • Congratulations!!!

  62. ladyhawthorne says:

    I will be using the monthly donation button soon MD, great idea!

    I did get a few supplies this week for making my own ….
    2 bottles vodka and 1 large bottle brandy for making tinctures from the purchased and homegrown dried herbs.
    Received 2lbs of dried organic elderberries
    Received 1lb of organic arrowroot
    Have plans to make the tinctures, some toothpaste and some deodorant this week.

    I had gotten a box of gluten free crackers (Glutino brand) at the discount grocery last week. They are really good and the crackers come in 2 mylar bags, pint size. So I eat the crackers, recycle the cardboard box and reuse the mylar, how cool is that?
    Quite a few packaged food items are in mylar now and I am saving them to reuse.

    Here’s my experience regarding two heath issues this week:
    For the last 2 weeks I have been plagued with facial twitches under my eyes. Even massage did not seem to help. Stress and hours of computer use I am sure caused it. Finally read about taking a magnesium supplement to help and bingo, one tablet later they were gone! Seems the magnesium helps relax the nerves and muscles.

    I also found an article on using amber jewelry to lessen arthritis pain.
    Then I remembered that magnetic hematite does also. I put on my amber bead necklace and made up a bracelet of amber and hematite and put that on. I had been having a lot of pain in my left elbow for over a month and not even Aleve would dent it. Very sharp pain when I tried to lift something, even a glass of water. I wore the jewelry to bed and into the next day. Where I would have rated the pain when I had to pick something up as a 6 on a scale of 10 being the worst, that next day it was about 1½. I have kept wearing the jewelry and except for yesterday when it rained all day, I have had very little pain, just a small ache and that only when I try to lift something. Is it the amber or the hematite? Don’t know for sure but I like not hurting so much. Even my back (sciatica) feels better, I went shopping with no back pain that caused me to sit down every 15 minutes for the first time in a long time.

    • ladyhawthorne,

      Remember that it’s 100% voluntary, can be canceled at anytime, and should be used only if each “subscriber” can truly afford it. Thank you.

    • Schametti says:

      I think MD means canceled, and not concealed, hehe.. but hey who knows on this blog. Concealment is a big deal. 😛

      LadyHawthorne, I’m so glad that you’re feeling better with your arthritis pain.. I never put much thought into that, but that’s really interesting.. I have some hematite here, (I make bracelets, used to sell them, but no one is buying those kinds of things anymore), but I should try getting some Amber and make my Mom a couple things to see if it would relieve her pains as well. I wonder.. how much, and where.. you’d have to wear the pieces, for them to help sufficiently…

      I have those facial spasms across my forehead a lot. I never know if they’re from reading too much online.. or from my sinuses acting up, or a combination of both, but I should look into getting some magnesium pills to try for next time.. if the prices are reasonable.Thanks for the advice on these issues.

      • Schametti,

        I hate when that happens! My fingers work faster than my little brain sometimes…

      • Sundancing says:

        Magnesium is VERY inexpensive. It’s also a bit of a miracle cure for so many things. I take one 250 mg tablet every night – it’s calming; it helps control all the weird little symptoms of my mitral valve prolapse, great for the heart, keeps you regular, LOL. The thing to be aware of is that more is NOT better of this stuff. Depending on your body size, taking high dosages can cause diarrhea. For me, at about 150 lbs, 250 mg is all I can get away with. Anything higher and things get, um, bad. 🙂 So just be aware of the dosage. Maybe start at 250 mg for a few days and if you can tolerate it well, move up to 300.

    • ladyhawthorne,
      Thanks for the info about the eye twitches. I was having them often and I too figured out they were caused by stress and overuse of the computer.

      I had not heard about amber. I wear hematite jewelry that I made, I think that I need to wear it more often. I will have to look for some amber to add to the pieces that I have.

    • Kelekona says:

      Lady Hawthorne,

      Well, I used to believe in minerals, fell more into the “meh” about the whole thing…..

      Amber isn’t anymore special than old linoleum in my mind, and plastic beads are pretty similar-sounding as well…do they absorb heat and hold it?

      Hematite I think is impure iron… magnetic healing beliefs… do hematite stones draw heat away from the body?

      Amber and Hematite might be doing something together, I’m just willing to go “duh, these things are helping” and leave it to you to blog about it.

    • Ladyhawthorne, a bit jealous. I love hematite and have a couple pieces of it, but I can not touch it. Everytime I do it makes me feel sick to the stomach and feel weighted down. But I do love my rose quarts…

  63. Bam Bam – glad to hear your blood work came back and you’re healthy!

    As for prepping… I didn’t do too much. Stocked up a bit more food (nothing overly long-term — no 20-year stash), but stuff that’ll keep, and on zip lock bags, foil, toilet paper and trash bags. Teenage child #1 seems to think life would be survivable with just a knife, trash bags, and duct tape. Oh, and ramen noodles and pop corn. Of course.

    Asked a co-worker who was going to a shooting range a ways away from here to get me some ammo (it’s nearly non-existant here, even at Cabela’s) and said coworker came back with FOUR boxes (woo-hoo!) for $81. Went to a local range to practice and found they had some, too (limit 1 box per person). Happy me. Decided to collect my brass after practice, too. Not sure what to do with it, but may sell it to another friend whose DH knows people who re-load. Found yet another friend who shoots at a friend’s farm and plan to go there sometime in the near future (can’t afford range fees all the time!) I’ve only practiced 4x, 3x with my own firearm, so I’m still a major novice with that (and with prepping). Ordered and received a “thunderwear” holster. Not sure I like it. Teenage child #1 and #2 both tell me I look as if I’m happy to see them. Not funny. Gotta figure this CCW thing out. Looking into other holster options: belly band, IWB and a thigh holster. Still not comfortable with having my firearm loaded and on me; feel like I need more confidence in that area, still, so in no hurry to actually CC yet, though the DH says, “If you have it, you should do it.” Easier said than done: he doesn’t have CCW or a handgun (yet).

    Seedlings outside doing quite well. Have tomatoes on the plant started in December, indoors. My keyhole garden possibly won’t be happening in time to do much this year. May get it built after June 1, though, so maybe…

    I “put up” popcorn (seed) after reading that it keeps extremely well and (duh) can be used to make cornmeal. Now if only I can keep teenage child #1 from finding it and popping it all!

    • Schametti says:

      I hear you on the loaded CC firearm thing. I bought a pocket holster for my mini-revolver.. and it keeps stabbing me in the side when I sit, lol.. And I’ve still yet to carry it LOADED, while out in public. I keep feeling like I’m breaking the law, even though I know that I’m not. I’m sure it’ll just take me some time to get used to the idea.. but I’m trying to get there.

  64. I just did an experiment for all you food expiration worriers. I just baked a german chocolate pillsbury cake mix with and expiration date of feb 2007, so that mean it was made in 2005-6 and is more than 7 years old. Just added 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda and powder to it and it came out just fine. I t was not even sealed up or stored in any other way than just on the shelf in the pantry. Now the nutriition may not be what it used to be but HEY IT’S CAKE so who cares you don’t eat cake for nutrition anyway!!

    • As long as it was edible, tasted good & didn’t make you sick… NO PROBLEM!

    • Cake has plenty of nutrients called comfort. Lol.

    • I’ve done research on the whole expired cake mix thing (and other mixes) over the years… basically it will have to have the mold spores already in the mix in order for you to get sick. If that’s the case then it’ll get you sick even if it’s within the expiration date.

      Of course I looked into all that after I got that email a few years ago about how horrible expired mixes are for you and threw out everything that was remotely expired…

      • Not to worried abou the mix, I don’t use them much , mostly bake from scratch and am more of a fruit or cookie person anyway..I think this is the first boxed mix I have used in a bout 6-8 months. Just found this one in the back of the pantry and probably bought it when on sale and with a coupon anyway.

  65. Built 3 raised planting beds that are 3 feet wide by 15 feet long and 12 inches deep to hold top soil for planting root veggies. Also had 2 1/2 tons of top soiled delivered and I’m about halfway done moving the dirt by shovel and wheelbarrow into the raised beds. While filling in the top soil I added in about a half a ton of mulch we developed from cleaning out our chicken coop and adding kitchen scraps and other yard waste over the past year. Our soil is hard Carolina red clay hence the need for raised beds. There are plenty of empty fields around us for planting other veggies when needed.
    Started on building another chicken run that will be a spoke off the current run for summer use.

  66. Patriot Farmer says:

    I paid off the last of my credit cards. No more plastic and 20% plus interest rates for me.

    • Patriot,
      Ours will be gone in October and I’m counting the months. We will NEVER let ourselves get in a bind like that again.
      If we don’t have cash for it, we’ll wait until we do. And I find if we have to wait for something, most of the time we decide we really didn’t need it after all.
      Impulse buying is a thing of the past for us.
      Congrats on getting rid of your bills/plastic!

    • Schametti says:

      Yaaaay! I paid ours off years ago, (Made some BIG mistakes with them, feeding ourselves, a laptop, etc.. oi, the interest.. SUCH bad things, credit cards.. when you do it all wrong). I haven’t used a credit card in ten years, and it was the best decision ever. I’m with R-Me.. now.. if we don’t have cash for it, we can’t afford it.

    • k. fields says:

      Funny, I use credit cards for EVERYTHING!
      Having the use of someone else’s money for 30 days interest free and getting extras (airline miles, etc.) from them on top of it is a plan I constantly take advantage of.

    • Way to go, Patriot Farmer!

  67. sw't tater says:

    Hi Pack, I’m late checking in ,
    MOTS, (more of the same) computer is down, has been down for one week…at a slow connection now.
    car died., as we were planning a trip for a few days, providence in action as we were not on the road miles from no where broken down… We are in nowhere..aka” Now here” .. :>)…replacement in the works.
    Have not had sufficient time to read all posts.
    Continue to encourage and teach others in bits and pieces.
    Bought a few things, to fill out sick room supplies, masks, peroxide, gloves, tissue, soap. Put on tinctures of new gum leaves and rabbit tobacco…by day four the gum had darkened.. the solution significantly and the rabbit tobacco the same result, different color. Stirred, remixed and refilled, to cover the material..
    Few added snack and grocery items… rice, jasmine and regular, 3 lbs lentils, rice a roni, hot dogs, bologna, lemon drops, cookies, peanut butter, jelly, oats….
    Got a few gardening chores done, gardens broken and disc, looks like we may be able to get back in to finish this week if we don’t get any more rain. storms of past days have by -passed our immediate area.with approx one inch each time…. Found tools, sanding disc 10 “, saw blades, handles for hoe,black plastic..@ cheap, cheap.$.
    Prayers for the Pack and all her members and families.
    I introduced DH to the idea of pantry porn this week , when I put all the dehydrated things from the past several weeks in one place.
    Dehydration continues, with meats picked up on sales.I am attempting to remove all meats from freezer, to give room for fresh incoming foods, whether veggie or meats.
    Here is a breakdown of yields. of some of the dehydration this week..this may help someone with approx expectation . From my investigations, I am expecting each ounce of dehydrated meat to re-hydrate to approx 3 oz. I am judging this from info on #10 can packing, serving sizes posted as ADA serving size, and volume expected from those.
    . 8 lbs of pork neck bones cooked, de-fatted, de-boned.. yield, one full quart, packed of pork crumbles.
    3 lbs of pork chops, pressure cooked, de-boned and de-fatted..yield, one pint packed chop bits.
    8 lbs onions, cleaned, sliced/chopped, blanched and dehydrated..yield one full pint , packed crumbled onions.
    30 oz green onions= one pint dehydrated tops.
    4 dozen large eggs, dehydrated= one qt., egg powder.
    10 lbs russet potatoes, boiled whole for 10 min, cooled, skinned, diced, dehydrated= 2 qts.
    Stay safe pack! stay informed and active in every manner possible to take care of you and yours. We are the ones we can depend on.

  68. This week to prep I built a chicken coop. I purchased six chicks from my local feed store, a 50lb bag of feed, and a heat lamp. I also placed an order for two 55 gallon barrels to start an outdoor aquaponics system. I plan to grow herbs/spices in it, as well as leafy vegetables to feed my chickens. I’m very excited about this upcoming project.

  69. I just have to say this is one of the better weeks for prepping in a while. My wife decided to take me serious when I jokingly said since it was our 5th anniversary coming up we should get matching shotguns. Now I just have to find 12 gauge ammo locally. Smart girl got the 20 ga Mossberg for herself and the 12 gauge for me. Guess I should joke more often.

  70. For those in the houston area, we went to traders vilage (off 290) today and found a couple of intersting shops. They had one place that had some “army supply” items. Not sure of the cost. They also had a few knife sellers, and a medical supply shop. I had already spent my alloted money, but they had small toothbrushes 5 for a dollar, some small bottles of povidone iodine also only a dollar. They also had bed pads trama pads, gauze, wheelchairs, ect ect. I did get some of the iodine and toothbrushes, but I want to do some price comparison before I buy anything else.
    As it is a flea market they had a bunch of other stuff available. I spent my money on some more herb plants, goats milk soap (I seriously need to quit being lazy and just get around to making my own) some goats milk lotion (I am so going to see if she will give me any hints the next time I go back because she told me her ingredient list and it was surprising small), and I had stopped and bought some beeswax before heading that way. My honey/wax supplier raised his prices by a dollar because of the drought. Even still a pound of wax is only $4.

  71. This week I topped up my food preps a bit while grocery shopping (pasta, oats, peanut butter), located a local source of high-quality meat, bought supplies to improve the roof of my chicken run, planted a bunch of seedlings, and received my first silver Liberty Dollar in the mail…its so pretty!

    I already have some PMs in jewelry form. However the silver coins are more immediately recognizable for what they are, and I’d be more likely/willing to part with coins than I would sentimentally valuable jewelry (though, of course, I’d sell it/trade it if I had to). I’m planning to slowly grow my “stash” of silver over time. I know it’s a small step, but you’ve gotta start somewhere!

  72. k. fields says:

    It’s been normal homestead chores here this past week; animals to feed, eggs to collect, cow to milk, crops to plant, crops to harvest. New piglets finally seem to be getting settled in and I’m fencing in a new area for them to root up.
    Been experimenting with making alcohol fuel and converting one of my tractors over to burn it which has been proceeding along pretty well, so I’ve decided to take the next step and clear a new area to plant a good crop of Jerusalem artichokes to make into ethanol. I figure even if it doesn’t work out, nothing will be lost as the tubers make great animal feed.

  73. Made a paracord belt this week with a so called whistle buckle, whistle that doesn’t work…. That’s ok, got about 80 ft of cord in the belt and now my pants stay up! Lost enough weight in the last year that my old belts are too big and I like the paracord being just the size I need with the ability to up size or down size it if necessary.
    Rained some this weekend so garden is taking off. Even well water just doesn’t do the right “thing” for the plants, got a friend here that got into rainwater collection before it was popular because tomatoes don’t do worth a crap without rainwater.. To paraphrase him! He even has an outhouse with a flush toilet by his garden supplied by the collection tank. Seriously need to get gutters on the house to get collection going here, DH works for a company that has its own sheet metal shop so the gutters would be cost… But, too many other things on his priority list. And he sent a golf ball sized rock into the living room via the window with the lawn mower yesterday. Got email out to insurance agent to see if it’s worth submitting to home owners insurance. It’s one of those double panes and holed the screen as well. Ugh, won’t feel right leaving the house now until it’s fixed, security wise.
    Heading out to let horses out into pasture and to pick jasmine flowers! Nice and foggy this morning, lots of drippage out there. Temps dropping again this week, but enjoying it before it heads into Texas summer. Hopefully this won’t be one of those blistering hot ones this year.
    Take care everyone!

    • Shades of Green says:

      I am not sure what the prices are in Texas but unless you have a very small deductible it would not be worth putting it on your homeowners insurance. This the type of work we do and that window , if it is your average size , should only cost about $100.00 including the screen. All you need to do is give the measurements to a local glass company ( let them know if you have a plastic grid in side that makes the window look like separate squares, this is called muntins) and once made you can take the frame off the broken window then put in on the new one and place back in opening.

  74. Bam Bam’s article got me motivated to go through my med cabinet.
    I spent all my egg money on:
    isolation gowns
    Four bottles of fish antibiotics
    A new ottoscope for looking in ears, throats and noses.
    Another stethoscope so I can have one for a big EMS bag.
    Strep test strips
    20 gallons of white vinegar.

    I took the girl cub on a six mile hike into the wilderness and found a fantastic cave with a water fall. No human sign at all. None. Not a print, virgin timber, not a speck of trash, no grafitti, nothing. We had to do some rock climbing to access it.
    I can always tell when humans have not harrassed an area because the wildlife is not skidish. Lots of shed antlers, and a dead elk. Not shot, but died on its own. We mostly walked on rock not to leave tracks. erased the ones we did leave and left quietly. My daughter can find this easily by herself. She led the way out without a problem. Another safe spot for her if she ever needs it.
    We learned to stop often and listen. Looked for places to hide. She carried her pistol and rifle this time. We will do two more trips and lay a cache in for emergency. I am grateful to live in a place where my girl can find safety if something happens to me. She would not be able to access this in the dead of winter, too much snow. But summer would be good. Very good indeed.
    That trip about kicked my butt. I am really feeling my age this week. We were both exhausted from climbing over dead fall and slippery rocks. I will spend the night next time.

    • Mama J yay on finding a new hidey hole. That is one thing I do miss about colorado, the ability to get lost in the mountains.

  75. Finished framing our outbuilding at the northwoods retreat, now we just have to put up the steel…thank goodness my husband is a jack-of-all-trades! Purchased strawberry, asparagus, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry plants for the retreat. Also found a nursery that offers cold-hardy kiwi trees. I’ll think about that for the week and possibly go back to the nursery for a couple of those. Also need to pick up a few apple trees. I’m sure the deer, bear, and other critters will love this new orchard…

    Also got a few things from Amazon.

    • Klipper,
      LOL, they will love it indeed. My biggest enemy is deer and elk harrassing my trees. We have 3-4 tposts and fencing around each and every tree we plant, or they will be destroyed within days. They can resist the smooth bark and tender limbs.
      I find alot of nice tposts at a salvage yard for 1.00 ea. Sometimes they have rolls of wire too.
      Good Luck. 🙂

  76. The clean 15 and dirty dozen list is out for the year. This is not gmo, but rather a list of crops that have pesticide contamination.


  77. nanablue says:

    Hi everyone. I either got a really late start for last weeks wdydtp OR i am early for next week. lol Anyway, a busy week this week. My ds and i built a rain water catching system to water my garden. Last year it cost me a small fortune in water bills to grown my veggies. We also built three raised beds (one 4×4 and two 5×5) I do square foot gardening so everything looks nice and organized. Not something i am used to. I planted tomatoes, I found ‘Amish paste tomatoes’. They are nice and meaty like a Roma only bigger.I also planted spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, pumpkins,two kinds of squash and some zucchini. Then we went up to the bol and organized and inventoried all the food preps up there.I weeded the strawberry patch. I have a raised bed for them also but they want to keep creeping into the next bed over. I learned a lot of interesting things on the blog this week. Thank you all for taking the time to share you knowledge.Have a great week all.

  78. Not a lot this latst week. Still batching it with the DW visiting the DD at school in Boston. Did get all of the hives assembled, and ready for the girls who arrive Wednesday of next week.

  79. Finally got a few days in a row where it didn’t rain and the ground dried up. The leaves hadn’t been raked last Fall, the weeds (not much grass) tangled up with the leaves, and had a horrible time raking things up. Raking done, mowing done, yaaaay. Then I mowed down the solid tangle of chickweed in the garden, raked as best I could, then tilled. What a nightmare. Hated to do it, but I had to dig out two huge overgrown lavender plants. They were just too big and way out of control. Had a couple of small plants leftover from last year, so I planted ’em. Tried digging up the saffron crocus, but just couldn’t get the shovel under them. Guess I’ll have to get new corms and start over.

    Looks like raised beds just ain’t gonna happen this spring. We had rain two days ago, and I’ll need at least two more sunny days for the ground to dry out again. Gotta re-till, deeper this time & with Espoma garden fertilizer. Then up goes the deer fence. The posts are heavy aluminum electrical conduit with 3 sets of holes drilled for zip-tying the mesh fencing. Wish I had a few more rolls of Weed-X fabric. Prices really went up even at Wally’s. I’d better borrow the dp’s pick-em-up truck and go get a couple bales of straw. At least I have a few packs of insect-weight row covers. Love that stuff. Can’t grow anything in the brassica family without it.

    • Oh, and I discovered by accident that our Home Dopey has gamma lids, black only, for $6.75. I better go back soon and get a couple of those. Didn’t see any food-safe buckets, tho. I missed the sale on those a few months ago at Lowe’s.

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