What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week?” blog segment, I would like to thank  Joe D, Doris J and Mike L for their donations and support of The Survivalist Blog.net. Thank you for your help – it is greatly appreciated.

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Let me know if you’re interested in this – if enough people show interest I’ll go ahead and get it set-up and running…

We would also like to welcome our newest advertiser to the blog  “WikiArms – Live Ammo Inventory Tracking” they track the ammo and let you know what is available and where to get it.

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

raised bed garden

Worked in the garden – will be adding two more beds next week.

raised bed garden number 2

This bed (as well as the two beds I’ll build next week) will be used to grow an inter crop of corn, pole beans and squash.


raspberry trellis

Built this raspberry trellis for my new plants.



pear tree

Planted this pear tree.

peach tree

Planted this peach tree.

apple tree

Planted this apple tree.

nest box

Cleaned and added new bedding to my nest boxes. The hens seem happier already…

Well that’s it for me – what about YOU? What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…




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  1. Purchased a Rossi Circuit Judge in .44 magnum. At my age, it’s much easier to shoot than a handgun in the same caliber. Good for deer, feral pigs and social work.

    • I hunted my first few deer as a teenager with a semi-auto .44 magnum rifle as a teenager. It was my grandfather’s but I can’t remember who it was made by. Probably Remington or Winchester knowing him.

  2. Let’s see:

    *Added the aquamira frontier emergency filter to my get home bag
    *Unpacking nad repacking said bag this morning
    *Added a Katadyn water filter to my BOG
    *Picked up 100 rounds of .38 Hornady Critical Defense
    *Ordered the Hornady Reloading Starter Kit and dies in .223, .45 ACP & .38.
    *Snagged 17 MREs from the field this month while out with the Army Reserve and found a pair of 20 round M16 mags in an old, abandoned latrine.
    *Started a small BOG fro my friend’s bday in July and one for my grandmother to take to Honduras for her missionary work in September.

  3. Prepped way back for Y2K and not again until a few weeks ago. Started stocking shelves down cellar. Husband laid off for two months so we had to stop. We don’t have much and am now eating from that stock.
    Hopefully he goes back to work soon. I’ve got lots of lists and am ready to get at it. 🙂

    • I was kinda skeptable of the rumors of Y2K that our power will fail across the country, all our computers will crash because of turning 1999 to 2000. Many were had.

      You can find many ways to suppliment your food supply since summer is coming. Wild food, a small garden, preserving the food you gather or grow, and two-for-one sales help stock your supplies again. There is a lot of reading you can find here on this website that could help you until a job is found.

      • Thanks Donna! Great tips.

      • Papabear says:


        The subject of Y2K comes up now and then, usually with complaints. You were not ‘had’. There really was a problem. Part of the problem was that it was overblown by the media.

        We knew in the early ’90s that there would be a problem when the year rolled over to 2000. The IT industry as a whole spent most of the decade working to fix the problems before they occured. So when the date change came (almost) everything worked. When nothing appeared to crash everyone thought it was a hoax. Nope, there really was a problem. We fixed it ahead of time.

        Blame the lame stream media.

        • Papabear,

          This is an excellent explanation of Y2K.

        • Schametti says:

          Thank You for explaining that. I always wondered what, if anything happened. I remember feeling a bit let down, haha.. I wanted SOMEthing to happen, even though I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to be the end of the world or anything. But, of course, I have changed A LOT in how aware I am about things since then.. Now I understand a little better what happened.. Thanks Papabear. 🙂

        • worrisome says:

          Papabear, you are absolutely right. In the company I was working for at the time, about September 15th, someone in the accounts payable department put in a date for January 2000 to note a future payable and the whole system crashed. After being promised that the software was fixed, this company’s y2k experience came early. It took the software company about 10 days of feverish key punching to get it fixed and the company was reduced to working with paper (o the struggle, alas) for a while.

          • Papabear says:


            In ’91 our IBM rep told us of a very major company that tried an experiment with the year 2000 on their mainframe. It trashed every disk drive on the system. They spent 3 days trying to get the system back up.
            Without applying fixes to everything that used a computer this could have been very devastating.

            • Shades of Green says:

              I did buy some stuff for Y2K just because I wasn’t sure what would go on and felt it would be better to be prepared for any unexpected event that may have disrupted power or water and food services. Even though I did not need them that year , the ones who thought me a little odd then dod npt the following year when we had a major ice storm in Ga. and we were all without power for 12 to 14 hours. I have a gas stove and was able to cook large meals like chicken & dumplings for our group of friends who had all electric. Our fireplace was also wood so my home was heated and with my camp coffee pot we all had coffee. Our generator let us watch the news to see what the weather was. They were all gratrful that day that Mrs. Linda was a little on the “odd” side as they say.

              • Since I grew up in GA and still live here, I don’t ever think anyone odd for having a generator and a way to cook when the power is out. I have lived through enough – 1970s (The Night the Lights Went Out in GA), SnowJam 82, SnowJam 83, Blizzard of 93, etc. My mom insisted on a gas starter in her fireplace in the house we lived in back in the 70s and it paid off because our total electric house was pretty useless without it.

        • I still have some of the things I bought to prepare for Y2K my friends quit laughing a while ago, a Zastava 9mm $79, 1000 small pistol primers $10.95, a Ruger Old Army round ball mold .457″ $10, 10,000 #11 percussion caps $50 (well I’m down to less than 5k now) Turns out some of my preps for Y2K were good for inflation and fear induced shortages.

  4. MD – the subscription service would be a great option. And thanks to all the wolf pack for their great tips, info and advice. This site is the best!

    Part of the retirement dream has come true – we purchased our retirement vehicle, a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and traded in our 11 year old Saab 9-5. Now the fun begins! Still a few months away from the big day, but really looking forward to it.

    The garden is in and doing fine. We actually started clipping the basil already and have tiny blossoms on all the tomato plants. Unfortunately the deer got to the pepper plants (just the hot peppers, not the bell peppers), nibbled them down to just nubbins.

    Tried my first batch of beef jerky in the dehydrator and I must say – it was world class and is gone already. Another batch is underway. Finally found some 9mm ammo and paid more than I should have, but really needed the extra as we are taking our CCW class next Saturday.

    The new Kelly Kettle came in from EE – can’t wait to try it out. Planning a get away week in a few weeks and will be on a bug-out practice run (and visiting family up north). Will travel the back road pathways to get from NC to PA with no interstate driving (imagine I-95 after a MPE). Survival camping, MRE’s, Bug-out bags – no restaurants, motels or other amenities – (On the Road with Jack Kerouac).

    “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” – Danny Kaye

    • I found a trick the forest service does to their seedlings to keep the deer away. They take a thin piece of paper about the size of a card, fold it in half, and staple it shut to the top leaves of the plant. I don’t have a deer problem in the midst of many deer herds in my area because I discard my dog’s poo around the border. It works maybe because we have wolves preying on them, leaving their scat on their trails, and the deer know that dogs are a variant of wolf. It smells the same to them. .

      • Donna in MN says:

        P.S. I have to change my user name to Donna in MN since someone else using my name “Donna” is posting here. I didn’t buy vinegar.

    • Schametti says:

      I bought the kelly kettle a couple weeks ago too, it looks amazing. But it’s still in it’s box, lol. I have SO MANY projects and lists of things to do and try that I haven’t even gotten around to learning how to use that yet, (or the new sport solar oven I bought with it), but I’m sure both will prove invaluable to me, when the time comes.

      • Schametti,
        Since your budget has been cut look at it this way, it is a great time to learn how to use all of the gadgets that you have bought. You may not be able to buy much but you do need to know how to use everything you have.

        • Schametti says:

          That IS a good way of looking at it. 🙂 Thank You for the positive perspective.. lol. I’ve been a little crabby, trying to revise my shopping list for prepping items for the coming month, and trying to cut it in half. Oi, it isn’t going to be easy. I guess, in the long run, it will be good for me though, because.. with no spare money to waste, and having to make very careful, and calculated purchases, I’ll make the most of our money. (Of course, I’ve always tried to be mindful of that, but now I REALLY will be, lol). I have a HAM radio, a kelly kettle, a solar stove, a propane stove, an outside firepit in a box.. some two way radios, some yard, and a new crochet hobby, and a TON of books sitting here that I need to read.. so the time will be well spent.

          RIGHT NOW though, I’m working on tincture recipes in my survival journal, that I’M HOPING to be able to collect stuff for to make. 🙂 We’ll see if the budget holds out.. haha.

          • worrisome says:

            Schametti, If you have income coming in several different times during the month, take all the small things on your lists that you need and set aside a little money out of every check to work on them. Set another little bit of money as savings towards the big things. I have been doing that all year and have found that it helps me on keep on target and to know what is up next to be buying. Yes, if I find some “great deal” then I move items around, but it has helped me a bunch! I actually have a calendar that is several months out ahead of the present date and have written on it what I am going to buy and how much I plan on spending. Has kept me focused and effective.

            • Schametti says:

              We’re actually on a budget plan where we only get paid once a month, and have to budget for the whole month with it.. so I wouldn’t be able to do that. Likely, I’ll spend my month’s budget in the middle of the month, all at once, and then sit and sulk and plan, and read, and learn for the rest of the month…. It’ll be painful, but I WILL get used to it. 🙂

  5. Ordered a “breecher” choke from Carlson Chokes for my 835 Mossberg shotgun. Also some back up parts from Mossberg as well.

    Picked up 2 boxes of the anti-virus face masks at our local Target store.

    Turned off the Cable TV. Although we only had the local channels, even they were becoming more than we wanted to see. I remember when “Prime Time” was shows like “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows best”, now it’s “How I met your Mother”, “Modern Family” and “2&1/2 Men”. How fast values have fallen.

    • riverrider says:

      g, yeah and now the fcc says they are going to allow the f bomb and others on primetime. i wonder what exactly they will add to the “art”. i’d cancel mine but i gotta have foxnews. i’m addicted.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        riverrider, how about Fox news on the radio?
        I gave up TV about 3 years ago, way too expensive. Now I use Netflix on the computer only for watching GOOD OLD tv shows and movies, commercial free too!

        • riverrider says:

          good idea, but i think i’d miss the visual stimulation. then again, i can work and listen at the same time…..

    • Ghost,

      We unplugged from cable a few weeks ago. We don’t even miss it. We have Netflix and that is sufficient.

    • Kelekona says:

      I miss commercials….

      I don’t know how long we’ve been without proper non-internet TV, maybe 3 years….

      We were watching something ad-supported with broken filters…. What empty-nesters need to upgrade their kitchen just in case their student drags his entire frat and the mascot home? I think that was the entirety of the ads we receive as ads, but still….http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/prep-week-9/?replytocom=234172#respond

      I did also get addicted to the “how to tile” show available on XBMC,,,,

  6. Bought vinegar, 6 gal., duct tape, 3 rolls, salt, 20 lbs and spent a couple of hours making my list of items I had on had and organizing my shelf

  7. gunrunner says:

    I am passing on this gun test for everyone this week. Shot the Sig Sauer Mosquito , which is a compact 22LR. Then shot the Ruger SR-22 compact pistol also in 22LR. Both are well made firearms from very reputable arms makers. As expected both shot well and very accurate, fit and finish were flawless. But here it is, the Sig Sauer Mosquito needed high velocity ammunition to function properly. Standard velocity or target loads would not eject properly. The slide on the Sig is heavier than on the Ruger and it made the difference. In reading the included instructions the Sig recommended CCI Mini-Mags, which are great shells, if you can find them right now. And another gripe was that Sig only supplies one magazine. So in a SHTF situation I think the Ruger SR-22 would be my choice. Two magazines and it seemed to digest whatever ammunition I had laying around, important factors these days with 22 ammunition being so scarce. Shoot straight and be safe…………………….

    • riverrider says:

      g, thanks! and have you priced a spare sig mag? ouch!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I have an SR-22 and love it. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite everyday carry firearms, and I find myself grabbing it more often than my Glock.

    • Sundancing says:

      My carry weapon is an SR-22 and I don’t think it would be possible to love it more than I do. I’ve never had a problem with it, it will shoot anything, and for a woman, it’s the perfect size. LOVE! 🙂

  8. Anothermom says:

    Took the time to support a small local business. She started a survival goods store, and while I can access what she sells on line, it is much nicer to keep a small business open, and I like to see and touch items before I buy!!
    Now I have to get busy washing windows and cleaning out the chicken coop. Have a nice day everyone!

  9. I didn’t really prep any stuff. But I did get dd to shoot a 380 and a 9. She was nervous & reluctant but did it anyway. She wouldn’t shot anything bigger. Yet. It’s a start.

  10. Got my silver order in this week, really want to buy some 1 0z rounds but seems they are harder to find than ammo right now.

    Went to sams a bought 20 pounds more beans and rice, and also ordered two more starter kits from the LDS online store. I now have 15 of the starter and want to get to at least 24 kits, and really like them for long term strorage and to also give out as charity for anyone that I see the need for after shtf, I figure one will feed a family of 4 for a week, not gourmet but will keep them alive. I am trying ot buy one or two a month till I think I have enough.

    Other than that not much been to busy with work and other stuff to do anything else, now just waiting for the garden to get going if would just stop rainiing and warm up some.

    • riverrider says:

      g, montanararities still has some.

    • George,

      Don’t the starter kits from LDS Online Store come with flour now? If so, keep an eye on the flour. If I recall correctly, it has a shelf life of two or three years max.

      • Yeah they do come with one can of flour. I am not to worried about it though I have plenty of wheat buckets in mylar and the by the time I will have to use the starter kits I don’t think I will be worrrowing about the quality of the flour so much as not starving. I am getting them as a last resort backup and to give out as charity and trade. For the price you really can’t beat what they have in them.

    • Schametti says:

      You are so kind. I’ve been so worried about prepping for my family, that it’s hard to think about storing excess food kits for strangers and passerbyers. And now my girflriend talks more and more about being serious about coming here to pool our resources, in a SHTF scenario. Only PROBLEM is.. I have resources, and she.. does not, lol. But I haven’t had a best friend to be close with like this in a long long time. She calls me a dozen times a day, stops by several times a week.. she and I are doing this garden project for first timers together.. I adore her, and I know that I would let her in, no matter how little she came with. That being SAID.. I did encourage her to start buying a box of rice, or container of oatmeal, or something every week, and bringing it by to store on my shelves. At least that way, we’d BOTH feel a little better when/if she moves in…

      I’ve been meaning to look at what the LDS-NOT-STORE has to offer. I’ve heard great things about their supply and prices. Even though I got put on a strict monthly prepping budget this week.. maybe I can get something from them in the coming month. 🙂

      • Sundancing says:

        Schametti, if your friend brings you that much joy, and yet she will not prep, sometimes it’s better to just bite the bullet and plan for one more mouth to feed. If you do it in the spirit of love and friendship, you won’t resent it. And when she arrives, even if she doesn’t bring food, she can earn her keep by helping with the tons of chores we will all have to do manually to keep ourselves clean, well-fed, healthy, and alive. Never underestimate the value of friendship, support, love, and laughter. Personally, I’d rather have someone around who makes me laugh and keeps me sane than a couple of extra boxes of rice. So enjoy her, let her help you now, and when the time comes, you can help her too. 🙂

        • Schametti says:

          I love that. Truly. And you’re so right. Even if she doesn’t add ONE BITE of food to our stores, and comes anyway, she would be well welcomed, and never regretted. I know that, without doubt. We’re so much like sisters this last past year, that it really would be nice to have her around to laugh with and share the work load with. Thanks for that bit of perspective, Sundancing. 🙂

        • Sundancing, perfect perspective.

  11. Shortly after I posted yesterday, Jeff proposed to me. We went out shortly afterward and bought rings, and this morning I ordered a custom made wedding dress, a replica of the Lady Galadriel’s mirror dress from Lord of the Rings.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Very exciting news, Michele. Congratulations!

    • Best wishes, Michele–and congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. Michele!

    • worrisome says:

      Hope the rest of your life is blissful!

    • JP in MT says:

      Well, congratualtions!

      I will pray that things go as well as it sounds. Glad you found someone who shares your dreams and vision.

      • Congratulations! Your dress will be gorgeous — I love that dress. Best wishes for a happy future!

    • Michele,

      Congratulations. I wish the two of you a wonderful life together.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Congratulations!! That is wonderful.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Yay! Congratulations to you both! How happy and exciting! Best wishes to you both!

    • mountain lady says:

      So happy to hear the news. I know we were worried about you at the beginning, but you knew what you were doing. Have a very happy life together.

    • Schametti says:

      Aww yay congratulations Michelle. Very exciting news! :):)

    • Congrats Michele! That will be a beautiful dress!

    • Congratulations Michelle to you and to your soon to be DH. I hope your lives together will be blessed and wonderful!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Well, as a member of the Rohirrim and a Rider of the Mark I will certainly be looking forward to attending that great affair.

      Haha…just kidding, Michelle. Congratulations, it is well-deserved. I remember not too long ago you were looking for a gentlemen to share your journey. I didn’t think you would have too difficult a time. Keep us informed, please.

    • Congratulations,,
      Life is so much nicer when you have someone by your side to share it with!

    • Oh yay! Congrats! I wish you both much happiness.

    • Sundancing says:

      Wow! Congratulations to you and the upcoming Mr. Michele! So happy for you both….and your dress sounds divine! 🙂

    • k. fields says:

      Congratulations Michele – I hope you have a fantastic life together.

    • Omg! A wedding! And an elven dress! I’m excited for you! So glad for you both!

    • Encourager says:

      Oh, Michele! What wonderful news! Congratulations and best wishes for a fantastic life together.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Congrats!!!! May you have many happy years together – that is such a hopeful and positive bit of news. Thanks for making my day!

    • axelsteve says:

      WOW Michele! congrads dear!

    • Congratulations!!!

  12. ladyhawthorne says:

    I will be using the monthly donation button soon MD, great idea!

    I did get a few supplies this week for making my own ….
    2 bottles vodka and 1 large bottle brandy for making tinctures from the purchased and homegrown dried herbs.
    Received 2lbs of dried organic elderberries
    Received 1lb of organic arrowroot
    Have plans to make the tinctures, some toothpaste and some deodorant this week.

    I had gotten a box of gluten free crackers (Glutino brand) at the discount grocery last week. They are really good and the crackers come in 2 mylar bags, pint size. So I eat the crackers, recycle the cardboard box and reuse the mylar, how cool is that?
    Quite a few packaged food items are in mylar now and I am saving them to reuse.

    Here’s my experience regarding two heath issues this week:
    For the last 2 weeks I have been plagued with facial twitches under my eyes. Even massage did not seem to help. Stress and hours of computer use I am sure caused it. Finally read about taking a magnesium supplement to help and bingo, one tablet later they were gone! Seems the magnesium helps relax the nerves and muscles.

    I also found an article on using amber jewelry to lessen arthritis pain.
    Then I remembered that magnetic hematite does also. I put on my amber bead necklace and made up a bracelet of amber and hematite and put that on. I had been having a lot of pain in my left elbow for over a month and not even Aleve would dent it. Very sharp pain when I tried to lift something, even a glass of water. I wore the jewelry to bed and into the next day. Where I would have rated the pain when I had to pick something up as a 6 on a scale of 10 being the worst, that next day it was about 1½. I have kept wearing the jewelry and except for yesterday when it rained all day, I have had very little pain, just a small ache and that only when I try to lift something. Is it the amber or the hematite? Don’t know for sure but I like not hurting so much. Even my back (sciatica) feels better, I went shopping with no back pain that caused me to sit down every 15 minutes for the first time in a long time.

    • ladyhawthorne,

      Remember that it’s 100% voluntary, can be canceled at anytime, and should be used only if each “subscriber” can truly afford it. Thank you.

    • Schametti says:

      I think MD means canceled, and not concealed, hehe.. but hey who knows on this blog. Concealment is a big deal. 😛

      LadyHawthorne, I’m so glad that you’re feeling better with your arthritis pain.. I never put much thought into that, but that’s really interesting.. I have some hematite here, (I make bracelets, used to sell them, but no one is buying those kinds of things anymore), but I should try getting some Amber and make my Mom a couple things to see if it would relieve her pains as well. I wonder.. how much, and where.. you’d have to wear the pieces, for them to help sufficiently…

      I have those facial spasms across my forehead a lot. I never know if they’re from reading too much online.. or from my sinuses acting up, or a combination of both, but I should look into getting some magnesium pills to try for next time.. if the prices are reasonable.Thanks for the advice on these issues.

      • Schametti,

        I hate when that happens! My fingers work faster than my little brain sometimes…

      • Sundancing says:

        Magnesium is VERY inexpensive. It’s also a bit of a miracle cure for so many things. I take one 250 mg tablet every night – it’s calming; it helps control all the weird little symptoms of my mitral valve prolapse, great for the heart, keeps you regular, LOL. The thing to be aware of is that more is NOT better of this stuff. Depending on your body size, taking high dosages can cause diarrhea. For me, at about 150 lbs, 250 mg is all I can get away with. Anything higher and things get, um, bad. 🙂 So just be aware of the dosage. Maybe start at 250 mg for a few days and if you can tolerate it well, move up to 300.

    • ladyhawthorne,
      Thanks for the info about the eye twitches. I was having them often and I too figured out they were caused by stress and overuse of the computer.

      I had not heard about amber. I wear hematite jewelry that I made, I think that I need to wear it more often. I will have to look for some amber to add to the pieces that I have.

    • Kelekona says:

      Lady Hawthorne,

      Well, I used to believe in minerals, fell more into the “meh” about the whole thing…..

      Amber isn’t anymore special than old linoleum in my mind, and plastic beads are pretty similar-sounding as well…do they absorb heat and hold it?

      Hematite I think is impure iron… magnetic healing beliefs… do hematite stones draw heat away from the body?

      Amber and Hematite might be doing something together, I’m just willing to go “duh, these things are helping” and leave it to you to blog about it.

    • Ladyhawthorne, a bit jealous. I love hematite and have a couple pieces of it, but I can not touch it. Everytime I do it makes me feel sick to the stomach and feel weighted down. But I do love my rose quarts…

  13. Bam Bam – glad to hear your blood work came back and you’re healthy!

    As for prepping… I didn’t do too much. Stocked up a bit more food (nothing overly long-term — no 20-year stash), but stuff that’ll keep, and on zip lock bags, foil, toilet paper and trash bags. Teenage child #1 seems to think life would be survivable with just a knife, trash bags, and duct tape. Oh, and ramen noodles and pop corn. Of course.

    Asked a co-worker who was going to a shooting range a ways away from here to get me some ammo (it’s nearly non-existant here, even at Cabela’s) and said coworker came back with FOUR boxes (woo-hoo!) for $81. Went to a local range to practice and found they had some, too (limit 1 box per person). Happy me. Decided to collect my brass after practice, too. Not sure what to do with it, but may sell it to another friend whose DH knows people who re-load. Found yet another friend who shoots at a friend’s farm and plan to go there sometime in the near future (can’t afford range fees all the time!) I’ve only practiced 4x, 3x with my own firearm, so I’m still a major novice with that (and with prepping). Ordered and received a “thunderwear” holster. Not sure I like it. Teenage child #1 and #2 both tell me I look as if I’m happy to see them. Not funny. Gotta figure this CCW thing out. Looking into other holster options: belly band, IWB and a thigh holster. Still not comfortable with having my firearm loaded and on me; feel like I need more confidence in that area, still, so in no hurry to actually CC yet, though the DH says, “If you have it, you should do it.” Easier said than done: he doesn’t have CCW or a handgun (yet).

    Seedlings outside doing quite well. Have tomatoes on the plant started in December, indoors. My keyhole garden possibly won’t be happening in time to do much this year. May get it built after June 1, though, so maybe…

    I “put up” popcorn (seed) after reading that it keeps extremely well and (duh) can be used to make cornmeal. Now if only I can keep teenage child #1 from finding it and popping it all!

    • Schametti says:

      I hear you on the loaded CC firearm thing. I bought a pocket holster for my mini-revolver.. and it keeps stabbing me in the side when I sit, lol.. And I’ve still yet to carry it LOADED, while out in public. I keep feeling like I’m breaking the law, even though I know that I’m not. I’m sure it’ll just take me some time to get used to the idea.. but I’m trying to get there.

  14. I just did an experiment for all you food expiration worriers. I just baked a german chocolate pillsbury cake mix with and expiration date of feb 2007, so that mean it was made in 2005-6 and is more than 7 years old. Just added 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda and powder to it and it came out just fine. I t was not even sealed up or stored in any other way than just on the shelf in the pantry. Now the nutriition may not be what it used to be but HEY IT’S CAKE so who cares you don’t eat cake for nutrition anyway!!

    • As long as it was edible, tasted good & didn’t make you sick… NO PROBLEM!

    • Cake has plenty of nutrients called comfort. Lol.

    • I’ve done research on the whole expired cake mix thing (and other mixes) over the years… basically it will have to have the mold spores already in the mix in order for you to get sick. If that’s the case then it’ll get you sick even if it’s within the expiration date.

      Of course I looked into all that after I got that email a few years ago about how horrible expired mixes are for you and threw out everything that was remotely expired…

      • Not to worried abou the mix, I don’t use them much , mostly bake from scratch and am more of a fruit or cookie person anyway..I think this is the first boxed mix I have used in a bout 6-8 months. Just found this one in the back of the pantry and probably bought it when on sale and with a coupon anyway.

  15. Built 3 raised planting beds that are 3 feet wide by 15 feet long and 12 inches deep to hold top soil for planting root veggies. Also had 2 1/2 tons of top soiled delivered and I’m about halfway done moving the dirt by shovel and wheelbarrow into the raised beds. While filling in the top soil I added in about a half a ton of mulch we developed from cleaning out our chicken coop and adding kitchen scraps and other yard waste over the past year. Our soil is hard Carolina red clay hence the need for raised beds. There are plenty of empty fields around us for planting other veggies when needed.
    Started on building another chicken run that will be a spoke off the current run for summer use.

  16. Patriot Farmer says:

    I paid off the last of my credit cards. No more plastic and 20% plus interest rates for me.

    • Patriot,
      Ours will be gone in October and I’m counting the months. We will NEVER let ourselves get in a bind like that again.
      If we don’t have cash for it, we’ll wait until we do. And I find if we have to wait for something, most of the time we decide we really didn’t need it after all.
      Impulse buying is a thing of the past for us.
      Congrats on getting rid of your bills/plastic!

    • Schametti says:

      Yaaaay! I paid ours off years ago, (Made some BIG mistakes with them, feeding ourselves, a laptop, etc.. oi, the interest.. SUCH bad things, credit cards.. when you do it all wrong). I haven’t used a credit card in ten years, and it was the best decision ever. I’m with R-Me.. now.. if we don’t have cash for it, we can’t afford it.

    • k. fields says:

      Funny, I use credit cards for EVERYTHING!
      Having the use of someone else’s money for 30 days interest free and getting extras (airline miles, etc.) from them on top of it is a plan I constantly take advantage of.

    • Way to go, Patriot Farmer!

  17. sw't tater says:

    Hi Pack, I’m late checking in ,
    MOTS, (more of the same) computer is down, has been down for one week…at a slow connection now.
    car died., as we were planning a trip for a few days, providence in action as we were not on the road miles from no where broken down… We are in nowhere..aka” Now here” .. :>)…replacement in the works.
    Have not had sufficient time to read all posts.
    Continue to encourage and teach others in bits and pieces.
    Bought a few things, to fill out sick room supplies, masks, peroxide, gloves, tissue, soap. Put on tinctures of new gum leaves and rabbit tobacco…by day four the gum had darkened.. the solution significantly and the rabbit tobacco the same result, different color. Stirred, remixed and refilled, to cover the material..
    Few added snack and grocery items… rice, jasmine and regular, 3 lbs lentils, rice a roni, hot dogs, bologna, lemon drops, cookies, peanut butter, jelly, oats….
    Got a few gardening chores done, gardens broken and disc, looks like we may be able to get back in to finish this week if we don’t get any more rain. storms of past days have by -passed our immediate area.with approx one inch each time…. Found tools, sanding disc 10 “, saw blades, handles for hoe,black plastic..@ cheap, cheap.$.
    Prayers for the Pack and all her members and families.
    I introduced DH to the idea of pantry porn this week , when I put all the dehydrated things from the past several weeks in one place.
    Dehydration continues, with meats picked up on sales.I am attempting to remove all meats from freezer, to give room for fresh incoming foods, whether veggie or meats.
    Here is a breakdown of yields. of some of the dehydration this week..this may help someone with approx expectation . From my investigations, I am expecting each ounce of dehydrated meat to re-hydrate to approx 3 oz. I am judging this from info on #10 can packing, serving sizes posted as ADA serving size, and volume expected from those.
    . 8 lbs of pork neck bones cooked, de-fatted, de-boned.. yield, one full quart, packed of pork crumbles.
    3 lbs of pork chops, pressure cooked, de-boned and de-fatted..yield, one pint packed chop bits.
    8 lbs onions, cleaned, sliced/chopped, blanched and dehydrated..yield one full pint , packed crumbled onions.
    30 oz green onions= one pint dehydrated tops.
    4 dozen large eggs, dehydrated= one qt., egg powder.
    10 lbs russet potatoes, boiled whole for 10 min, cooled, skinned, diced, dehydrated= 2 qts.
    Stay safe pack! stay informed and active in every manner possible to take care of you and yours. We are the ones we can depend on.

  18. This week to prep I built a chicken coop. I purchased six chicks from my local feed store, a 50lb bag of feed, and a heat lamp. I also placed an order for two 55 gallon barrels to start an outdoor aquaponics system. I plan to grow herbs/spices in it, as well as leafy vegetables to feed my chickens. I’m very excited about this upcoming project.

  19. I just have to say this is one of the better weeks for prepping in a while. My wife decided to take me serious when I jokingly said since it was our 5th anniversary coming up we should get matching shotguns. Now I just have to find 12 gauge ammo locally. Smart girl got the 20 ga Mossberg for herself and the 12 gauge for me. Guess I should joke more often.

  20. For those in the houston area, we went to traders vilage (off 290) today and found a couple of intersting shops. They had one place that had some “army supply” items. Not sure of the cost. They also had a few knife sellers, and a medical supply shop. I had already spent my alloted money, but they had small toothbrushes 5 for a dollar, some small bottles of povidone iodine also only a dollar. They also had bed pads trama pads, gauze, wheelchairs, ect ect. I did get some of the iodine and toothbrushes, but I want to do some price comparison before I buy anything else.
    As it is a flea market they had a bunch of other stuff available. I spent my money on some more herb plants, goats milk soap (I seriously need to quit being lazy and just get around to making my own) some goats milk lotion (I am so going to see if she will give me any hints the next time I go back because she told me her ingredient list and it was surprising small), and I had stopped and bought some beeswax before heading that way. My honey/wax supplier raised his prices by a dollar because of the drought. Even still a pound of wax is only $4.

  21. This week I topped up my food preps a bit while grocery shopping (pasta, oats, peanut butter), located a local source of high-quality meat, bought supplies to improve the roof of my chicken run, planted a bunch of seedlings, and received my first silver Liberty Dollar in the mail…its so pretty!

    I already have some PMs in jewelry form. However the silver coins are more immediately recognizable for what they are, and I’d be more likely/willing to part with coins than I would sentimentally valuable jewelry (though, of course, I’d sell it/trade it if I had to). I’m planning to slowly grow my “stash” of silver over time. I know it’s a small step, but you’ve gotta start somewhere!

  22. k. fields says:

    It’s been normal homestead chores here this past week; animals to feed, eggs to collect, cow to milk, crops to plant, crops to harvest. New piglets finally seem to be getting settled in and I’m fencing in a new area for them to root up.
    Been experimenting with making alcohol fuel and converting one of my tractors over to burn it which has been proceeding along pretty well, so I’ve decided to take the next step and clear a new area to plant a good crop of Jerusalem artichokes to make into ethanol. I figure even if it doesn’t work out, nothing will be lost as the tubers make great animal feed.

  23. Made a paracord belt this week with a so called whistle buckle, whistle that doesn’t work…. That’s ok, got about 80 ft of cord in the belt and now my pants stay up! Lost enough weight in the last year that my old belts are too big and I like the paracord being just the size I need with the ability to up size or down size it if necessary.
    Rained some this weekend so garden is taking off. Even well water just doesn’t do the right “thing” for the plants, got a friend here that got into rainwater collection before it was popular because tomatoes don’t do worth a crap without rainwater.. To paraphrase him! He even has an outhouse with a flush toilet by his garden supplied by the collection tank. Seriously need to get gutters on the house to get collection going here, DH works for a company that has its own sheet metal shop so the gutters would be cost… But, too many other things on his priority list. And he sent a golf ball sized rock into the living room via the window with the lawn mower yesterday. Got email out to insurance agent to see if it’s worth submitting to home owners insurance. It’s one of those double panes and holed the screen as well. Ugh, won’t feel right leaving the house now until it’s fixed, security wise.
    Heading out to let horses out into pasture and to pick jasmine flowers! Nice and foggy this morning, lots of drippage out there. Temps dropping again this week, but enjoying it before it heads into Texas summer. Hopefully this won’t be one of those blistering hot ones this year.
    Take care everyone!

    • Shades of Green says:

      I am not sure what the prices are in Texas but unless you have a very small deductible it would not be worth putting it on your homeowners insurance. This the type of work we do and that window , if it is your average size , should only cost about $100.00 including the screen. All you need to do is give the measurements to a local glass company ( let them know if you have a plastic grid in side that makes the window look like separate squares, this is called muntins) and once made you can take the frame off the broken window then put in on the new one and place back in opening.

  24. Bam Bam’s article got me motivated to go through my med cabinet.
    I spent all my egg money on:
    isolation gowns
    Four bottles of fish antibiotics
    A new ottoscope for looking in ears, throats and noses.
    Another stethoscope so I can have one for a big EMS bag.
    Strep test strips
    20 gallons of white vinegar.

    I took the girl cub on a six mile hike into the wilderness and found a fantastic cave with a water fall. No human sign at all. None. Not a print, virgin timber, not a speck of trash, no grafitti, nothing. We had to do some rock climbing to access it.
    I can always tell when humans have not harrassed an area because the wildlife is not skidish. Lots of shed antlers, and a dead elk. Not shot, but died on its own. We mostly walked on rock not to leave tracks. erased the ones we did leave and left quietly. My daughter can find this easily by herself. She led the way out without a problem. Another safe spot for her if she ever needs it.
    We learned to stop often and listen. Looked for places to hide. She carried her pistol and rifle this time. We will do two more trips and lay a cache in for emergency. I am grateful to live in a place where my girl can find safety if something happens to me. She would not be able to access this in the dead of winter, too much snow. But summer would be good. Very good indeed.
    That trip about kicked my butt. I am really feeling my age this week. We were both exhausted from climbing over dead fall and slippery rocks. I will spend the night next time.

    • Mama J yay on finding a new hidey hole. That is one thing I do miss about colorado, the ability to get lost in the mountains.

  25. Finished framing our outbuilding at the northwoods retreat, now we just have to put up the steel…thank goodness my husband is a jack-of-all-trades! Purchased strawberry, asparagus, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry plants for the retreat. Also found a nursery that offers cold-hardy kiwi trees. I’ll think about that for the week and possibly go back to the nursery for a couple of those. Also need to pick up a few apple trees. I’m sure the deer, bear, and other critters will love this new orchard…

    Also got a few things from Amazon.

    • Klipper,
      LOL, they will love it indeed. My biggest enemy is deer and elk harrassing my trees. We have 3-4 tposts and fencing around each and every tree we plant, or they will be destroyed within days. They can resist the smooth bark and tender limbs.
      I find alot of nice tposts at a salvage yard for 1.00 ea. Sometimes they have rolls of wire too.
      Good Luck. 🙂

  26. The clean 15 and dirty dozen list is out for the year. This is not gmo, but rather a list of crops that have pesticide contamination.


  27. nanablue says:

    Hi everyone. I either got a really late start for last weeks wdydtp OR i am early for next week. lol Anyway, a busy week this week. My ds and i built a rain water catching system to water my garden. Last year it cost me a small fortune in water bills to grown my veggies. We also built three raised beds (one 4×4 and two 5×5) I do square foot gardening so everything looks nice and organized. Not something i am used to. I planted tomatoes, I found ‘Amish paste tomatoes’. They are nice and meaty like a Roma only bigger.I also planted spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, pumpkins,two kinds of squash and some zucchini. Then we went up to the bol and organized and inventoried all the food preps up there.I weeded the strawberry patch. I have a raised bed for them also but they want to keep creeping into the next bed over. I learned a lot of interesting things on the blog this week. Thank you all for taking the time to share you knowledge.Have a great week all.

  28. Not a lot this latst week. Still batching it with the DW visiting the DD at school in Boston. Did get all of the hives assembled, and ready for the girls who arrive Wednesday of next week.

  29. Finally got a few days in a row where it didn’t rain and the ground dried up. The leaves hadn’t been raked last Fall, the weeds (not much grass) tangled up with the leaves, and had a horrible time raking things up. Raking done, mowing done, yaaaay. Then I mowed down the solid tangle of chickweed in the garden, raked as best I could, then tilled. What a nightmare. Hated to do it, but I had to dig out two huge overgrown lavender plants. They were just too big and way out of control. Had a couple of small plants leftover from last year, so I planted ’em. Tried digging up the saffron crocus, but just couldn’t get the shovel under them. Guess I’ll have to get new corms and start over.

    Looks like raised beds just ain’t gonna happen this spring. We had rain two days ago, and I’ll need at least two more sunny days for the ground to dry out again. Gotta re-till, deeper this time & with Espoma garden fertilizer. Then up goes the deer fence. The posts are heavy aluminum electrical conduit with 3 sets of holes drilled for zip-tying the mesh fencing. Wish I had a few more rolls of Weed-X fabric. Prices really went up even at Wally’s. I’d better borrow the dp’s pick-em-up truck and go get a couple bales of straw. At least I have a few packs of insect-weight row covers. Love that stuff. Can’t grow anything in the brassica family without it.

    • Oh, and I discovered by accident that our Home Dopey has gamma lids, black only, for $6.75. I better go back soon and get a couple of those. Didn’t see any food-safe buckets, tho. I missed the sale on those a few months ago at Lowe’s.