What did you do to prep this week?

Hello, pack!

Before we start today, I would like to give a big shout-out and thank you to Susan B, Jana M, Eric B and Mike L for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you – you all have officially grown from cubs to adults wolves…. 😉

Just in case you missed it – Amazon.com has finally caught up with the flood of orders for my new book “31 Days to Survival: A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness” and now have copies in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Please order while they still have the book in stock, because they do sell out rather quickly.

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

pic of my chicken coop

Finished my new chicken coop - now all that I need to build the outside run and move my flock to the new coop.


pic out of the window of the chicken coop

This is a view of the screened in window from the inside of the coop.


pic of chicken door when closed

This is a pic of the chicken door when closed.



pic of Glock 19 Gen4

Bought this new Gen4 Glock 19... It's sweet!


pic of Blackhawk Holster

Bought this Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster for the Glock 19


pic of survival books

Partially organized my books this is about half of my total collection...


p.s. I hope that no one recognizes the bark on those thees behind the coop – (some of you will know what I’m talking about) :evilgrin:

What did you do to prep this week? Please let us know in the comments below. Thank you…

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  1. The coop looks GREAT! Your flock will be very happy with their new home. I love the chicken crossing sign, whimsey is a good thing.

    I bought 6 lbs butter (50 cents a pound!) which I will can up. I also bought and canned more chicken, 34 pints; this gives me a year of chicken now. I also have a year of home canned chicken stock. I found a BOGO on beef and picked up enough to put up 8 pints. Still working on getting to a year of this! I cleared and cleaned a huge amount of shelving in my garage for all the home canned stuff. I also added 3 more gallons of vinegar to my canning preps.

    I added to my garden and I’m now telling myself that a week of rain is a good thing. Sometimes I hate how wet Oregon is. Several years ago we had 10 straight months of rain! Maybe I should go get more 55 gallon barrels and set up a collection system, in case of drought.

    Tried out another cheese recipe. Came out pretty good, I’m really starting to enjoy this and it adds to what I can do during SHTF. I’m wanting to branch out into those cheeses that require more than rennet or vinegar but first I’d like to have a handle on what I could do in a break down.

    I did manage to read more in MD’s: 31 Days to Survival. The Basic Survival Tool Kit…did an inventory of what we’ve got. I just need to get a double-bit ax and single-jack hammer. That’s all I’ve managed to do this week. Hope The Pack is happy and well, prayers for those in need!

    • axelsteve says:

      That Glock looks pretty nice! I like the grip on it the finger groove looks like it would be stable.Would come in handy for rapid fire. I would not argue with the knife either.That chicken coop also looks well made.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Hey, Debbie! Good job on the preps…just a thought….unless your garage is climate-controlled, might want to move the home-canned goods in the house. Food will maintain color and nutritional value much longer in climate-control than not. In a non-climate control, you’ll get about half the shelf life. Our house is small, but has high ceilings; thus, we have metal shelves stacked as high as they can go with “supplies” in climate control, while we still have the ability. We close doors when necessary, and do not invite people into our home, other than a handful of trusted friends. Just a thought. : ) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Bam Bam says:

    I’ve got a couple of things to report. First, I tried some of my homemade soap on my dog Max. I had been using expensive dog shampoo for dry, sensitive skin. One of the books I read on soap making recommended using pure castile soap on dogs. It worked great. His coat is silky smooth and he smells clean. And, most importantly, he is not scratching from dry skin.

    I made a Walmart run this week. Household items purchased include a flashlight, 2 queen-sized blankets, five packages of dishtowels, two packages of dishcloths, a set of pot holders, cleaning supplies, 68 lbs. cat litter, 10 lbs. charcoal and lighter fluid. I also picked up 7 boxes of band-aids, 5 lbs. small red beans and 5 lbs. black beans.

    I made a quick run to Sam’s Club and picked up spices (garlic, onion, taco and Italian), 20 lbs. sugar and cold and allergy medicine.

    Does anyone know about retractable clotheslines? I need a clothesline.

    I received my order from amazon: cast iron Hibachi grill, charcoal starter, grill cover, battery-powered fan, and 18 boxes of tea. I had ordered the grill as a Father’s Day gift for my dh, but it was delivered in a bright yellow box with a big picture of the grill on it. I let him open it early. We grilled steaks last night. Steaks cooked on a charcoal grill taste so much better than steaks cooked on a gas grill.

    I also picked up supplies to clean my Glock. I watched a video on you.tube. Now I just have to get up the nerve to take it apart. I plan on using the Lucky Gunner gift certificate to get ammo for my Glock. Thank you to M.D. and the Pack.

    I also stocked up on packaged meat this week: polish sausage, lunchmeat, bacon and brats. I made six large pans of lasagna to put in the freezer. I also got a very large boneless pork loin for the freezer. My freezer is completely stuffed. I need more gasoline for the generator to keep it safe.

    I left the article M.D. posted on Greece out for my dh to read. That really lit a fire under his rear end. He let me order a two-way radio set from Motorola and he agrees that we need a rain barrel. And “we” are going to make an effort to stockpile prescription medication.

    • Bam Bam,

      The Glock is very easy to take apart (field-strip) for cleaning. You will not have any problem – just follow the directions in the owners manual…

      Below is a link to a simple Youtube video that should help…

      • Bam Bam says:

        Thanks, M.D. I am not mechanical in the slightest. But it looks like there are only four parts: the barrel, the slide, the spring and the rest of the gun. LOL I might be able to do this. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

        • Bam Bam,

          You could probably take it to the dealer where you bought it and they could show you… Just a thought. But I don’t think you will have any trouble

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Bam Bam, the Glock in my opinion is the easiest pistol to assemble and disassemble as you said the four basic parts. There are even cleaning mats for well with a description of the pistol. A technique I have used for a few friends is I took a picture of each step in assembly and disassembly and put it on a flash drive. It’s packed away in storage or I would email it to you.

        • The Glock is about the easiest pistol to take apart. I love mine, except it’s pretty heavy, and for carry I have something lighter (but in the same caliber).

          • Bam-Bam
            funny I have to say this but I thought you were a guy, until that DH note! great!!! Just wanna share, was scared of guns till i worked in a bar as a manager, and company has a gun assigned to our property…well it turned out to be the glock 26 that I still have, paid thru salary deduction…company closed and me and my baby glock are still on, its smallish frame fits my smallish hands perfectly, which this 45 cal, 911 crazy country cannot give me! I been thru a lot of rough times but selling my glock never even crossed my mind! Now this prepping thing made my resolve stronger never to part with it. Am the only poor guy in the neighborhood with a “hot” gun, my friends would quip! ha ha. Best regards and best week ahead of you!

            • Bam Bam says:

              HaHa, Doods. Nope, not a guy. Did you read the message I posted for you on Friday’s Misc.? M.D. posted a link on what it is like to live in Greece right now. I thought it would be interesting for you to read that and compare your conditions to what’s going on in Greece. I think that would make a really interesting article.

            • conmaze says:


              That’s too funny about Bam Bam! Some think I am a guy too, maybe because I’m single and no references to DH, only DD and GS. I guess in those cases it makes for good OPSEC lol

            • Bam Bam says:


              HaHa. I thought you were a guy.

      • Bam Bam,

        No worries, your gun will be extremely easy to take apart to clean and put back together. Glad to hear your husband is getting on board.

    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      Bam Bam, Lehmans has a retractable clothsline offered as one of its products. Take a look.

      • Encourager says:

        You can buy a retractable clothesline at many places cheaper than Lehmans. Try Kmart, Walmart, Menards for starters.

      • Encourager says:

        I didn’t mean to hit submit so fast!
        We have a five line retractable clothesline. It came with a pole that fits into a sleeve in the ground (you dig a hole and insert the sleeve). Be careful sticking the pole in – I once squashed a toad…oops. Then pull out the line and attach to pole hook.
        The only problem is that sometimes the lines pull out crooked – just start over. There is also a lock/tightener on the side of the storage box (box mounts on side of house or wherever). You can crank it open and closed a few times and it evens out the lines. Also, wasps seem to favor sneaking in and making nests inside the box…be forewarned.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Bam Bam,
      I just had our GSD to the vet for skin issues. We thought it was allergies to the food, changed that and same.
      Looked on-line all over. The vet gave him prednisone and cephlex and a genta spray (gentamicin).

      I spoke with the dog obedience trainer, she’s a vet tech also, and she asked me what laundry detergent I was using. I told her I made my own, (aahhaa! lightbulb) until a couple months ago when I ran out and found a container of Tide stuffed at the back of the cabinet and I began to use that. She said switch.
      It was her experience many dogs with skin issues resulted from an allergy to Tide. She described Judah’s skin to me before even touching and looking at it and was right on.

      So, good thing I made laundry detergent last week! Gave the Tide to oldest DD. Only used one prednisone and stored that away. I’m using a weeks worth of antibiotic then I’m storing that away. His skin is already mostly clear, no red hot spots, no scaling on his back and a LOT less itchy. It’s only been since Monday. Course I’ve re-washed people and dog bedding, rugs, ect. Bathed him twice.

      The obedience trainer also shows Siberians and takes a squirt bottle with about half an inch of original listerene in the bottom and the rest water. Sprays her dogs with it at shows and wipes them down. Said it works to make their coat shiny but also works as an antibacterial so they don’t pick up germs at the shows.

      Another reason to make your own laundry detergent.
      Itchy dog can be contact allergy. Dunno why I had never thought of that. I do now though.

      • Bam Bam says:


        I am going to pick up a squirt bottle today! That is such a great idea. Max tends to get hot spots on his paws. We have been using antibiotic ointment.

        • my breeder told me that she uses the listerine mix- you can use the store brand to get rid of doggy smell- it really helps- i think this is a dog show secret:)

          • sw't tater says:

            the listerine mix also works for humans…dandruff and for light cases of psoriasis… Should the pooch get allergic to the formula you are now making, just try omiting the borax. It can produce allergies as well. For allergy free formula …I double the laundry soda and omit the borax. Our Jack Russell, is sensitive to fleas/ flea bites…so We have gotten prescription pills for him to repel and kill fleas and ticks…they are very expensive, but work in our rural area …deer ticks are just one of the many critters he and we can pick up.
            While we are on subject of pets…Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative that is allergy friendly. can”t use Skin so soft or most hightly scented things…Don”t tolerate garlic for us’n humans and Dogs with bad kidneys don’t guard very well or long…
            Hooray, Y”all !for my prepping this week I have moved back to my preferred location. MIL is doing great! and DH, PP (Primary pooch), and I are all happy to be home!,

      • my breeder told me that she uses the listerine- you can use the store brand to get rid of doggy smell- it really helps

      • The wrong soap gives me the itches too. When I’m feeling too lazy to grate Fels Naptha for homemade laundry soap, I use Arm & Hammer unscented detergent. But I also stocked up on Fels Naptha, washing soda and borax, so I could do both.

      • Charlie (NC) says:

        Soggy, take all of the Cephflexin (Kelflex) the vet will let you have and preferably get prescriptions for it. It’s a human broad spectrum antibiotic. If you can get the vet to give you a prescription for it you can get it filled at Wal-Mart on their $4 list. The same stuff is also available from Pet supply places as
        FishFlex for adding to fish tanks. Comes in a capsule just like the human or dog dose.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Thanks for reminder, C in NC: I need to do that, too, and had let it fall by the wayside!

          • Homeinsteader says:

            I found what I believe to be the best price on Fish Flex Forte on ebay from a seller out of MO @ $41.97 500 mg x 100 each; free shipping. I like going through ebay as I’ve been set up with Paypal for years, so, it’s easy for me. Problems are generally easy to handle, too, because I have been there for years with 100% positive feedback. Just one way to “git’erdone”.

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          Charlie (NC),
          We go back to the vet next week for a re-check. I’m going to rave about the antibiotic working and ask for a refill.
          Which of course I will give all of to the dog as prescribed.
          I won’t squirrel it away into the med cupboard, next to the papers on Cephflexin dosage and reasons to use. I would never save it until such a time as tshtf and it’s needed for human use. ~wink~

    • Bam Bam,

      You can get a retractable clothes line at an RV store, like Camping World. I have one and love it.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        I picked up a vintage retractable cylinder clothesline (80’s) new in the original box in a hardware store; I guess some of them just keep stuff on the shelf ’til it sells. Works for me!

    • tommy2rs says:

      You can always get one of these to speed the learning process on the glock cleaning.


      Amazon also has them for the XD, AR, AK, 1911 and others. I’ll be getting one for the wife to match whatever she finally decides on.

    • conmaze says:

      Bam Bam,
      Great week prepping…Minky’s 49′ clothesline on Amazon for about $10 . I have used mine for the last two years (elec. dryer only when it rains) and I love it. Slides away and the yard looks neat and clean. Reminds me I should get another one – two is one…

      • Bam Bam says:

        Thanks, Conmaze. Have you hard from Mary yet?

        • conmaze says:

          Bam Bam,
          Yes, she is unable to help because of distance and she’s tied up for six months (maybe due to the baby?) She said she would try to find someone closer but recommended a place in Jacksonville, which is just as far as Gainesville for us. I’ll just wait to see if I hear anything from her. Thanks for asking.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Conmaze, thanks, the place I’m moving to has a clothes line set up and I would hate running into it at night and it looks like a great alternative.

        • axelsteve says:

          Jarhead. We had a hammock that a prowler tripped over in out back yard when I was a kid.He did a good job of tripping and I think he was injured but manage to get away.Maybe a clothesline and hammock in combination would be lethal.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Axel, I own a few hammocks from the large Mexican hand made that could Michael More and his ego lol and my pack hammocks for camping/hiking trips. Sounds like a plan

      • Jar and Bam Bam,

        Word of warning on the clothesline. There is a tenioner on it that broke after a very heavy load of jeans. No worries because I just wrap the line around the knobby thing on the bottom of the casing twice and it holds just fine. And for those making the switch to au naturale, an aluminum extension pole is something you may want get to prop up the line in the middle to keep it from sagging from weight – keeps your long johns from dragging on the ground.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Conmaze, thanks for the heads up

        • Conmaze,

          Thanks for the heads up. I hope you don’t live in Escambia County–they got 21.7 inches of rain in a 24 hour period.

          • conmaze says:

            Bam Bam,

            Nope, Leon County. We’ve had a lot of rain in the last week but no where near that much – Wow!

    • Bam Bam, I’m going to suggest the Castile soap to my DIL. They have a yorkie that’s allergic to everything. They’ve had her allergies tested, and do what they recommend but she still suffers with skin problems.
      Soggy, we’re going to try the listerine/water spray on my dogs and I’m going to suggest it to my DIL also.
      Awesome advice!

      • SMB,

        Make sure you tell her to get unscented Castile soap. The essential oils can irritate sensitive skin. I did read that it’s not the soap dogs are allergic to–it’s the chemicals they put in the soap.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Are they feeding her dry dog food? If so, that’s the problem; especially if it is corn or wheat based. Dr. Becker has lots of good information on how to feed your dog or cat to keep them alive a long time and plenty health…I cook our rescued lab mix dogs food about every 4 days and feed them “homecooked” food; in between, I keep ONLY American-made, quality dry dog food in bowls which they access “at will”; they treat it like puppy popcorn. I give mine either Blue Buffalo of Nutro; both high in REAL protein (not castoff pieces/parts) and no grains. Grain allergy, especially corn, is very common in dogs because they get so much dry dog food containing it; think about how our Creator created dogs and the natural diet for them; it ain’t corn and wheat!

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        My clothes line is made from fence posts and paracord!!!! Glad to get a confirm on the castille soap. I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s unscented on the mini poo because she was sooo itchy.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Also, please see my (rather lengthy) post today, June 11, about cleaning and allergies from Dr. Becker. You might find it helpful info.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      You know you can home can the bacon (thick cut only), brats, and sausage, right? (Not the lunchmeat, though.) Wrap the bacon slices or sausage in parchment paper, fill your clean, sterilized quart jars, sterilize your caps and rings and place on jars; process in pressure canner like any other meat: 10 lbs pressure for 90 minutes. Is it as good as fresh-cooked? Absolutely not! The bacon will be kinda “weird”, and you’ll still need to fry it up in a pan when you take it out of the jar – although it doesn’t take very long, since it is pre-cooked. It may crumble on you, as well, because of it’s texture. But it will taste for all the world like bacon, because it’s bacon! I haven’t tried pre-cooking the bacon, crumbling it, then canning it crumbled yet, but I’m going to; why? because bacon canned in the first method (raw) takes a lot of quart jars! In a SHTF, it won’t matter if all bacon is crumbled, it will still be bacon, eh?! The sausage will also change texture; it won’t be as good as fresh-cooked, but it’s tasty and definitely sausage; both will have a lot of fat build up in the jars, but that’s a good thing. When you open the jars, you can save the fat for other purposes and you need the fat in the jars to keep it from drying out too much. Hope you find this info helpful in some way.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      If you search, today’s headlines include Ireland demanding a rework of it’s bailout package to match that of Spain’s; DH might be impressed by that tidbit, as well! : )

    • sw't tater says:

      just, FYI,You can cut the amount of clothes line you need by hanging all clothes on hangars, then putting them on a line. I use clothes pins to secure them, because the wind can blow them off the hangars. I have a dedicated set of hangars I use, because I bend down the hook on the hangars, they stay on the line better.I have only one line that gets full sun, so I adjusted!

    • Hi Bam Bam, which hibachi grill did you get, if I may ask? Amazon has such a wide variety and I’d appreciate a recommendation. Normally I’d go with Lodge because it’s made in America but it’s very heavy. I like the idea of another way to cook when our regular options are gone.

      • Bam Bam says:

        No Way,

        I got the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi for $29.99 on Amazon. I am really pleased with the quality. It’s a heavy duty grill.

  3. JP in MT says:

    Got some more work done on getting the area in the basement ready for more preps.
    Put up 9 x 25 lbs buckets of rice, beans, and sugar.
    Looks like range time will be put off until Monday.
    Found and ordered a rack for my 20 lb propane bottles. It was designed for 5 gal round water jugs, and is only 19″ wide. Since all of our power/heat/water is grid dependent, propane is our backup fuel. The problem is how to store the bottles. This solves that issue.
    Got in the PM’s we ordered last month while prices we low.
    Picked up another 5 gal square water jug w/spigot. Probably have to wait a while before I get any more as all the ones they have left are damaged.
    Ordered and sent back a iTAC 3x w/lighted reticules (red & green). Looked good on paper but the eye relief was too short and the reticule was too small.
    Picked up a GI cup/cover/canteen/belt for $4 at the thrift store.
    Ordered and received a 3000 psi gas powered pressure washer (replaces 750 psi electric which does not have enough pressure to clean the mud stains off the trailer or truck from camping).

    Seems TDL is working toward being the “Republican Campaigner” of the week. Got himself (along with a few others) a bad case of foot in mouth.

    I sure hope Europe can hold themselves together for a while longer. It ain’t looking good for the southern ones. And you know it will hit us 6-12 months after it falls apart over there. Economic Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Best to keep prepping and praying.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Ireland is now fighting to have it’s “relief package” rewritten to match that of Spain’s bailout.

  4. JP in MT says:


    Any reason for picking the Gen4 Glock over the Gen 3? Saw a used Gen 3 Glock 23 at the store yesterday.

    Have you looked at adding a set of TFO sights to yours. I’ve got a set on all of my “keepers”.

  5. Lonestar Gal says:

    Starting small here, but happy to have something to report beyond taking inventory. 9lbs white rice, 8lbs pinto beans, 4 boxes bandaids, 2 tubes triple antibiotic ointment, and some cheap crayons/coloring books for my cubs.

    I also put back $15 to go towards my pressure canner and canning supplies. Those are first on the list. Then a dehydrator, wonderwash, clothes line/drying rack, solar camp shower bag thingies.

    What’s a good method of long term storage for dehydrated foods? I’m wanting some way to divide it up into smaller portions before storing it in a larger bucket. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Bam Bam says:

      Lonestar Gal,

      I get my staples from the LDS Store online in #10 cans. If you are going to store in buckets, most folks use mylar bags.

      • Michele says:

        Lonestar Gal,

        Starting small is a LOT better than not starting at all.

        At the LDS Bishop’s Warehouse in Sacramento (nice people – they even let me can there, and I’m not Mormon) they will only allow you to can stuff that is already there – however, they will loan out the machine that seals the #10 cans, so you can buy the cans and lids and take the machine home for anything you really need to put in #10 cans that they don’t sell there.

        You can buy mylar bags on ebay, and I do get my 5/6 gallon ones there, but the best ones for 1 gallon storage are also at the LDS sites. Those are really thick. They are easy to seal with an iron at home, or again, you can borrow the mylar bag sealer from the Mormons.

        I got a BIG box of mylar bags (they are only 30 cents each) here from the LDS cannery so I can put stuff away as I need to. Don’t forget to get the oxygen absorbers as well – they are 10 cents each. When you get a big bag of them, you will also need to buy an oxygen absorber bag clip ($1.90) to keep the absorbers fresh.

        The nice thing about having the bags around is you can seal things up right after you get them, or after you dehydrate them. Since you were discussing being able to store smaller portions, you could cut the mylar bags in half, seal stuff in the bottom half of the bag, and seal a new bottom to the top half you cut off. With the oxygen absorbers, you could also seal a bunch of stuff in a glass mayo jar or other non-canning jar (I use my canning jars for canning), and throw an O2 absorber in and seal it up.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Lonestar, the solar shower bags are great especially during the sunny months but make a point to test the water before using, they can get hot.

      • Lonestar,

        I agree with Jarhead, the showers are great but can get VERY hot. They are so inexpensive that I have three of them – can use for doing dishes, washing white clothes, etc. Just keep them full and there’s plenty of hot water without having to waste any fuel.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Commaze, thanks for mentioning washing dishes. Friends looked at me like I was nuts using it to wash dishes on a camping trip. I have a hanger in the kitchen for when we had power outages and dishes still needed to be done lol.

    • Lonestar Gal,

      Not to rain on you…..I have a wonder wash. I bought it at a boat swap for way less than new. I have an issue with them in that the lid is plastic. It’s very difficult to tighten it enough but not too MUCH! The lid is a very easy to break part. DH and I went to a local machine shop and had a new ‘inner’ lid made. The old one was broken (didn’t know it) when we bought it. They work well with very hot water provided you don’t have a broken lid. Again they are very easy to break. Just trying to tighten the lid closed is enough to break the flimsy plastic! However, the new inside lid is great. So…MD can I insert a link to my boating post?

      Please, edit out if not kewl:


      The unit now works really well, but it needs a replacement lid!

    • Prudent says:

      Lonestar: What Bam Bam said!!! The LDS store. Take a look at the ‘starter’ pack. A very good mix of staples at a very nice price and packed in very usable containers sizes.

    • As Lonestar Gal outlined, the LDS Bishop’s storehouse is a great resource. Not only can you sign out a canning machine but the storehouse in my area has mylar bags & a sealing machine. You can also purchase O2 absorbers to place in your cans very reasonably. Great place to purchase staples but you can custom can anything in the comfort or your own home with the portable units.
      Here’s a great free website the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saint has information.

    • lonestar gal –

      One of the best things you can do is to visit http://www.dehydrate2store.com

      Tammy is a guru of making your own food storage mixes, vacuum sealing and then putting them in mylar, then in buckets.

      She has just come back on line in the last few weeks – she lost her husband last year and had to take time off to get things sorted I’m sure.

      She is a wealth of information on dehydrating. Lots of good videos.

      And you can’t go wrong buying your mylar bags at the LDS store – or canning them in #10 cans.

      Good luck

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Tammy? You out there? We need you, girl!

      • Lonestar Gal says:

        Thanks for the tips on the mylar bags. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Jarhead and Conmaze, good to know about the solar showers. I’d intended to get them primarily for laundry/dishes. Debbie, thanks for the heads-up about the lids on the wonderwash. My dad does some metal working so I can get him to make a new lid for it for me. Grannyj, I’m going to check out that site now. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for helping a newbie out. 🙂

  6. jr from ar says:

    Hello Wolfies! Blessings to you! I was on vacation for two weeks and went to Bransion, Mo. Back at work with 12 hr shifts but I am not complaining because that is where my prep money comes from. ok, Preps:
    Another 12 cans to the pantry
    Bought some jasmine rice to try
    Another 555 count box of .22’s
    A case of freeze dried veggies
    4 more tubes of toothpaste
    3 sacks of hard candy put back
    A 24 pk of toilet paper (gold!)
    2 more thingies of lamp oil
    3 pack of shaving gel
    3 pack of antibiotic cream
    Mess kit for BOB for $6
    Bought and read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn (highly recommended)
    Bought new Echo weedeater for the Ponderosa
    Prepping is a bit of a strain since I am prepping for me, princess wife, daughter, son in law and grandson…but it is also fun! Have a great coming week my friends

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Hey, jr from ar! I’d love to be able to ask where u r, but, I know that’s not a good thing on the net. I’ll just say we’re partial to NW parts.

    • sw't tater says:

      Jasmine Rice is the cat’s Meow!

  7. M.D. can’t make out the bark on those trees , could you set the res higher on your camera and get a closer view of the chicken house?? Although I do recognize some of the leaves on those trees and if I remember from my forestry classes that those combinations only occur in a small 3 square mile area of east tn, Haha! Looks good makes me really want to get my homestead and get going on my own poultry factory.
    Not much on preps this week still being frugral for vacation week after next, I was in the local grocery store and noticed that they had a bunch of torn and taped upi bags of charcoal from the holiday and talked to the manager and got 7 bags of 18lb charcoal for $2 each will put in 5 gal buckets and store away with the others , that gives me over 200 lbs for whenever I need it. I can bake bread, pie or othere things in the dutch oven with about 20-25 coals depending on how hot I want it , so that will give quite a bit of cooking time. They also had bottom round on sale for $1.99 a pound so I picked upi 20lbs and will can up in pints and half pints this weekend.
    Did an inventory on food and looks like I have about a year in storage and maybe another 2-3 months in the regular pantry so I am now to the point I am only going to concentrate on adding when I get a really good deal on something. I am short on fruit but with my new solar deheydrator working well will add to that all thru the summer with ripe local fruit and then put in mason jars with a oxy asorber and seal with the lid sealer.
    Did do an inv on TP and looks like I have 18 months worth but will still add when on sale. I only buy when the three or four brands I like are on sale and I have a coupon so most of the 12 packs I have, I paid either $2.99-3.99 or 4.99 for. Not as concerned since my butt cloth wiping experiment a few weeks ago but will still stock up to keep up with normal usage. Think I will experiment with a solution of water and pool shock in the bucket to see how that works instead of vinegar solution.
    Congrats on the winners of the contest this week, could not agree more with the selections.

    • I have a small patch of woods on my property about forty feet wide by one hundred forty feet long, In that patch of woods, I have elms, ash, black walnut, black locust, catalpa, mulberry, red bud, paradise tree (the stinky one) and a few white blossom crabapples and one lone white oak. Try to determine a location by those trees.

  8. riverrider says:

    i didn’t get much done this week. received ee order: pilot crackers, brown sugar, margarine powder, pinapple and various mre sides and fruits for the ghb’s and canoe camping. received silver dimes, quarters and halves that were ordered last week. got a little range time in. the argentine 45 that i had to work ona while back functioned flawlessly as did one m4 that i built. had a fail on m4 number two, though. chamber was so gritty the case stuck in it tight. brand new barrel too. all the barrels i get these days are lousy with phosphate and metal shavings, even the brand names. too lazy to clean them i guess….anyway, shot the kimber. all i can say is…OMG,where have you been all my life? first round, 25 yrds, stock sights, standing unsupported, bullseye! thought it was a fluke as i’m no sharpshooter w/ a handgun. i put 4 more next to it & the other 3 still in the 10 ring. i am amazed. i carry it 24/7 now…..spent a bunch of time on the lizzard farmer blog. its about building your defenses, very good stuff. planning on incorporating a lot of his ideas into the retreat plan……things looking dicey overseas, i think some are being optimistic as to the lag time between their fall and ours. our banks are garranteeing their debt, but don’t have the assets to cover the default. i’m gathering the materiel for the defenses next week. time to make like a turtle. stack it high folks.

    • village idiot says:

      Well, you say you didn’t get much done, river, but I say you achieved quite a bit. Too bad about the M4 barrels, it seems everything we get these days is of lower quality. Except the Kimber! I going to go out on a limb and say that the out-of-the-box quality of the Kimber puts it way ahead of the competition. Great sights, flawless functioning, beautiful finishes, and the best fit in the business just make these outstanding weapons. I’ve fired over 500 rds. through mine and no failure to feed or fire. Even my Glock had one misfeed one time. Of course, the Kimber costs more than a Glock so that can be an issue.

      As for the Greek collapse, their’s was in slow motion, ours will take place over a period of days, not months or years. We will wake up one Monday morning to a crisis, mark my words. Greece is the canary in the coal mine, and the canary is dead. Take note and take care. Redouble your efforts, folks.

      • Michele says:

        I’m hoping, since this is an election year, we’ll be safe until January – but am putting my preps into high gear since I have so many to prep for.

        • Bam Bam says:

          Spain has asked for a bailout and the EU has agreed. Greece is small potatoes. If the EU can keep Spain afloat, Europe’s descent into depression may be quite slow indeed. This gives us more time to prep, maybe even another year.

          • village idiot says:

            Bam Bam, the bailout is just for Spanish banks, and it won’t be enough. The sum started at 15 billion euros, went to 40 billion, and now could reach 100 billion euros. All in a matter of a few weeks, which should give you pause. And if Spain is to be bailed out, then Italy is next, followed by Britain. There is not enough money in Europe to bail all these countries out. Yes, it did kick the can down the road a bit, but assures the outcome to be much worse and more violent when it finally comes. But, it will give us folks who are preparing some more time. Not as much as you might think, though. A crisis could come at any time. China and India have both stalled, and so has Brazil.

            • and, one bank in Italy has refused withdrawals…can google and see. Imagine everyone’s income being deposited into banks automatically – and then how do they manage until the banks decide to again allow withdrawals…shocking developments.

              My DD is driving me into town tomorrow a.m. to get some cash out…cheers.

            • MtWoman says:

              Yikes. For those of us on SS….which is being mandatorily direct-deposited soon (no more option of checks in the mail), that could be bad (banks freezing money in accounts). 🙁 I have been taking cash out as soon as my SS is deposited, but if it’s frozen, I won’t be able to get to it. Scary.

            • village idiot says:

              MtWoman, I’m writing an article in the new contest that will touch on the problem of mandatory DD of Social Security. Hang on, hope to be through in a few days.

            • Looking forward to it VI.

          • village idiot says:

            Bam Bam, I’ve been watching the credit markets this morning, and they aren’t buying the bailout. Spanish 10 yr. bonds are back at 6%, and even worse, Italy is now approaching the 6% threashold. The 100 billion euro bailout was for Spanish banks, and didn’t even address the much larger problem of European sovereign debt. One wonders how long Germany will want to float the French, Italian and Spanish economies. I don’t think this is going to end well(understatement of the year nominee).

            • Cos, River and Viilage, do you all know anything about the Kimber Solo 9mm? Reason I ask I am looking for a small toy for concealed carry. Has to be really concealed in parts of Kali. In fact I will have to apply using the address of my property in a gun friendly county.

            • village idiot says:

              d2, I love the looks of the Kimber Solo, but initial reviews and reports had FTF. Kimber also recommends only premium ammo, which could be an issue for some. Later reviews indicate Kimber has solved the initial problems, and that it performs up to Kimber standards. I don’t know anyone who has one, but I’d sure like to give one a try.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, yes and i poo-poohed kimber because i didn’t see how it could be so much better than my off the rack 45’s….until i got one. lesson learned. i’m lucky to hit a paper plate at 25 yrds with my other 45’s, even the colt. i will love it and i will hug it and i will squeeze it and i will call it george, and it will be my constant companion….as to the crash, golly i hope we are all wrong on this.

        • Cosmolined says:

          I think we’re related! LOL. (Except I don’t name my stuff.)
          My son’s Kimber is the finest .45 I’ve ever shot….. Maybe
          if I cook him supper and he dies of food poisoning it would
          be mine again…. hmmmm. LOL (He’s a diamond.) Cos

      • axelsteve says:

        Kinda reminds me of the movie toy story. Woody tells buzz that that is not flying it is graceful falling.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        village idiot,

        I agree. Our collapse will take as much time as it takes to change the numbers on a spread sheet at the fed. and transmit the near zero numbers to member banks. I’m guessing that the fed could shut the doors of every bank in the country in less than 10 minutes. In two days they will be issuing red-backs instead of green-backs. In a grid down situation, where the fed cant communicate with member banks, each bank will independently lock its doors. If they don’t have procedures to do so, we need to resurrect Jesse James!

        History shows that banks can ‘freeze’ safe deposit boxes, and I have no faith that they will refrain from that practice in a knee jerk fear reaction to any sort of a bank run by the public. We couldn’t get to the bank in time if they shut down suddenly. Our safe deposit box contains only R/E papers, birth certs. etc.
        I know many will disagree but we don’t have those papers at home because of the possibility of roving/starving gangs burning down every house in sight.

        • We keep a copy of all our important papers in a few places. Safe deposit bank, a trusted friend, a trusted relative, at home and on our vehicles divided up and yes in a hiding spot-sorry I cannot share where- smile !!
          I have a gut sense that our banks will be changing within the next 6 weeks so I have taken out cash and cashed some savings bond.
          Thanks I didnt know banks could freeze safe dep boxes unless it was in an estate issue. Arlene

        • conmaze says:

          I have copies of important papers spread all over, but the originals are in a small fireproof, waterproof safe stored with my grab-and-go stuff. As far as cash in the bank, I withdraw all non-essential funds every payweek. I keep a small stash hidden in my car, locked in my desk at work and the bulk of it buried in several locations in my back yard. I have told DD and some trusted family members that live in different areas of the country where they can find it. While underground it is safe from looters and fire. If I have to bug out, I can quickly retrieve some or all of it, depending on the circumstances. If I have to leave in a hurry, I may not want to be wandering around with big wads of cash and may have the hope that I can someday return to the homestead. I don’t have any kind of retirement funds to worry about, but if I did I would be cashing them out right now, even with a big hit in penalties. As someone else said, you can’t eat money and it will be worthless to even try to use it for purchasing/trading.

          I have a question for the Pack….I’m thinking of good bartering supplies and I wondered if you can buy regular (not pipe) tobacco in cans or pouches. I’m thinking it would be easier and cheaper to store tobacco and rolling papers than to buy cartons of cigarettes that would eventually go stale. You could seal pouches w/Foodsaver and cans woud probably be good for a few years. Plus I would imagine the loose stuff isn’t taxed as much as packaged so less $$. Hard core smokers would probably trade just about anything for some smokes, especially under stressful conditions. Just thinking…..

          • Consider storing small bottles of booze. Pints and even miniatures. Stick to the basic Rums, Whiskeys, Vodkas and Tequilas. Brand names will not be important. The cheap stuff will be the expensive stuff after SHTF.

          • Conmaze,

            You can buy cigarette tobacco in a pouch or a can. But if you are looking for bartering goods, I would go with what has worked historically–salt, sugar, tea, coffee, and seeds. Personally, I am not inclined to stock anything for barter that I do not use myself. And I don’t drink or smoke.

            • conmaze says:

              Bam Bam,

              I agree with the standard barter goods and I’m trying to stock extras for that purpose. But being an ex-smoker, you probably remember someone asking to bum a smoke and then they hang around and talk while smoking it. Depending on the circumstances, it might be a helpful tool for “bonding” with someone. You know, stand around chatting while building trust. The other barter items I can see as being just an exchange of goods and we each go back to our respective sites. Smokes, on the other hand, might encourage a little conversation which can build relationships. May not be suitable for all circumstances, but I’m trying to think out of the box. How about a shot AND a cigarette? Hey, now there’s an idea for my “aftermath” business – a saloon! lol I put myself through college by tending bar and that’s a skill you never lose!

            • Bam Bam says:


              You might just be on to something there. When I quit smoking I realized how boring it was to hang out and talk to people. LOL

          • We have an ‘Indian Store’ here, run by a native american tribe that sells tobacco products and I used to buy my ex boyfriend’s tobacco there. He liked rolling his own and I bought ZigZag tobacco. There are other kinds available and other smoke shops carry them too, just not as cheap.

            • conmaze, One of the scariest situations after the major shhtf situation will be First Contact between twogroups of survivors. A little smoke and drink might make the difference between peace and death.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Conmaze, shades of Wild, Wild West! Love it!

          • Homeinsteader says:

            Good morning, Conmaze! I’ve read a number of blogsites that recommend smokes for barter; never having been a smoker, I’m hard put to appreciate that, I guess. I’ve also read that alcohol stored will be great for barter; I don’t drink, either (I am TOO fun! : ) but I’d put my money on food and water, lots of food and water, as best bartering tool. But I’m sure you thought of that already. Just stating for others who may need to hear it. Extra medical supplies, even the simplest, i.e., “aspirin”, acetaminophen (because many can’t take aspirin); bandaids; ointments; rubbing alcohol, peroxide, even a suture kit, etc. – I’m thinking ALL of the “basics” will be good bartering tools, as well. What do you think?

            • Homeinsteader says:

              I should add I DO keep certain alcohols, i.e., beer for slug traps in garden, vodka for herbal tinctures, and gin for arthritis raisins, so I may have some “bargaining chips” up my sleeve! : )

            • Homeinsteader says:

              I nearly forgot: vodka is supposedly one of the best ways to wash off urushiol, the substance that causes poison ivy/oak, etc., outbreaks, but, like anything else, you must use it within 10 minutes of outbreak to remove oils and prevent absorption of oils into skin, in which case, it’s too late. So, it’s good to have some on hand for this, especially when we go mountain!

          • Hunker-Down says:


            What kind of containers do you use for your yard stash?

            • conmaze says:

              PVC pipe. My neighbor had some extra leftover from past sewer jobs. There is a solid cap on one end and a screw cap on the other. Both caps are glued on to the pipe. Dug the hold with a post hole digger and dropped them in vertically so the top is just a few inches down so it wouldn’t take much digging to get them out. We have a very sandy soil, well, it’s pretty much all sand, so it’s pretty easy to dig – even with your hands.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Thanks, I’m going to build a couple. We are also on sand.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        One of the best analogies I’ve heard to accurately describe the problem, vi.

        • village idiot says:

          Uh-oh, Homeinsteader, after the Spanish bailout, now Greece wants to renegociate its bailout, and Ireland wants the 63 billion euros back they spent to bail out their banks. We(US Federal Reserve) spent 700 billion dollars on the banking sector alone in the 2008 bailouts. The European banking system is larger than the US, and is not as well capitalized. I’m not sure a trillion euros would be enough to save the system, and where is such a sum to come from? Looks to me like these folks are pushing on a string.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            Oh,me….and I’m struggling to deal with balancing MY checkbook! I’m leaving this knowledge field to you, VI! Keep up the good work!

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Never fired a Kimber, one day hopefully. I agree about your lag time comment. Years, decades from now, if we’re lucky, historians will write in shock that we didn’t see it coming to our own shores. It’s ugly my friend….

    • mountain lady says:

      I wish I had a better memory, but I heard last year, that when the Euro falls we have 3 weeks before the dollar does the same.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      River, who’s the manufacturer of the Argie .45? Thinking FM if it’s a 1911 frame. I owned an Argie FM Highpower before I could buy a real one and shot great.
      Sorry to hear about the M4, it was like that even after a pre-cleaning before the range? I like to get the wire brush and some patches before I fire any new or used firearm.
      Love them Kimber’s, may buy one if I do sell the Ruger P90 and the Springfield.
      If you need any tips or advice on home security preps shoot me an email.
      Spoke to a friend and he said the countries that are failing with “locals becoming agitated” that they have unofficially been suggesting that families of those assigned in Europe consider moving back to the US.

      • riverrider says:

        j, its a hafdasa,official military manufacturer of the time. great shooter before the russian ammo incident, but she’s back to form now. i have a fm hp now and i love it. its a toss-up whether i’m better with the hp or beretta. hp fit like a glove. i really want to sell off several guns and standardize, but each one has something great about it….yes, i got lazy and ASSumed the maker would send out clean parts. i gave the m4 a good scrubbing,need to test her out…..the lizard farmer is just reminding me of my infantry roots. when i made msg i got away from the tactical side of the house so i have to do a refresh, its coming back. i’m putting in fences, with extra wire in storage for tanglefoot etc. thinking about a tank ditch down one side, scaled down for 4×4’s, as that side is wide open. one problem is a powerline down one side. legally i can’t cut off access to it, so i need a plan to impliment post tshtf. i can see i need more diesel for the backhoe..i’m trying to decide between chain link over the windows or wood shutters. shutters protect better but block vision, also flamable. i sure hope it takes the zombies a while to get out this way…

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          River, you can look into storm shutters made of aluminum or steel for the windows. If you do fencing for the windows I would set it up with a frame set up where you can install them on the inside so they don’t stick out as a target.

          As for a tank/truck pit I seen a few former clients had set up was in the from of a man made creek 2′-3′ with fish in it so if anyone asked it was a part of the koi fish pond. In the area where you have a pole you may want to make that the KZ for anyone to come through.

        • FarmerKin says:

          rr, do you have a Habitat for Humanity store (or the like) anywhere around you. The ones in my area (Florida) usually have a pretty good selection of used hurricane shutters. You may be able to find what you need there.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            Hey, Pack! As usual, I’m coming into the party a little late on this one! : ) But seems to me a good source for heavy, cheap wood supply would be vintage or old wooden furniture, coffee tables, etc. – condition irrelevant as long as wood is still good; make shutters from those?

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        River, the only Russian ammo I purchase is the 7.62×39 for the AK and SKS. I have never been happy with it in any of my pistols, thought it was too dirty out of the shotgun and will never put one round through and of my AR or M4s. I’ve heard and seen to many problems from friends that have fired it through their AR/M4 platforms.

        If things can clear up in the EU fast. I remember when they started up the whole EU saying it would prevent something like this from occurring and the experts called it but it didn’t happen as fast as the experts at that time predicted. We live in in interesting times.

        • riverrider says:

          j, i can’t afford metal shutters. i was thinking i’d make a frame on the outside that gives standoff distance of a couple inches between the wire mesh and the glass to allow for impacts of molotov cocktails. just my train of thought…..i’ve used russian ammo in my ar’s w/o any problems for years but the pistol incedent shook my confidence in it. i think though that it might have been as much fault of the gun as the ammo. the chamber is worn for sure, and steel case ammo swells up to fit it and stays that size while brass shrinks back ever so slightly. i think in a new barrel it would be fine. that said, i’m using russian as target fodder and replacing it w/ brass, except in my 1919 which eats anything…..kz, roger that. i want obstacles to slow them down too. i could run the fences on either side now and run the cross fences tshtf +1. fencing is expensive as all get out! i don’t know how we kept 80 acres fenced back in the day, maybe thats why my folks had me fixing them daily. i couldn’t wait to get off that farm, now i dream of being on one like it. we had about every type livestock, huge gardens, hayfields, corn, oats, wheat, tobacco and a pond full of fish. lots of work though. if i only knew then…..

          • conmaze says:


            Check into using metal roofing panels instead of aluminum storm shutter panels. It may not withstand the impact of a storm panel because of the thickness of the metal, but it would prevent something thrown by hand from getting through and it is way less expensive. You could build frames for each window or instal a “J” type channel on top and bottom of window frame and slide the metal panels in from the sides and screw the exposed sides into the 2 x 4 framing around the windows.

            Or you could hinge them at the top and make them a Bahama shutter style that could swing out at the bottom and be propped open to allow air flow when safety isn’t an issue, but then you could drop the prop from inside the house and close and lock in place with a hook and eye or barrel bolts or whatever would work for your window style.

            Another option would be to cut 5/8 inch plywood to fit on each window and seal the outside surface of the wood with some type of fireproof coating. Not sure what that coating would be, but I’m sure there’s something out there that woud work.

            I live in a mobile home and I’ve been trying to think of options for my windows also. I lived in So. Fla. for 20 years and used plywood for protection until I could afford the storm panels. The panels work great and easy to put up/take down, but they are quite expensive.

            Another drawback from having all of your windows sealed off is the risk of fire. Be careful with whatever choice you make in that you and your family (kids) can easily remove the security from inside the house to be able to escape if necessary. So many people (kids) in storm prone areas have died from not taking their panels off right after storms and they were trapped inside their homes and burned. Just sayin’ – be safe from outside dangers as well as inside dangers in whatever options you look at.

            • riverrider says:

              con, very good info, thanks! that metal roofing idea may kill two birds by keeping my plastic window frames from melting if a fire gets too close.

            • Pineslayer says:

              conmaze and RR, in the spirit of adding to the to-do list, plastic or fiberglass style screens are bad news in an ember storm, replacing with aluminum or steel makes a difference. Plastic gutters bad too. I like the plywood smothered in recycled metal roofing stuff.

        • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

          Jarhead 03, I’m with you on russian ammo, I have also seen way too many problems with it from friends who went cheap and purchased some. I dont have any AK’s or SKS’s so I dont even bother looking at russian ammo for any reason.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      RR, it seems that all the “good” AR stuff is gone and the dealers are selling the crap that used to be in the recycle bin. Buddy of mine bought a complete M4gery no name because it was so cheap. The trigger was absolutely the worst I have ever seen and no amount of tuning would save it because the hammer and sear were too soft. We put a take off trigger group in it and it worked ok. Pie plate accuracy at best but it did function.
      I fell for a Sig Sauer 1911 classic carry last week, only had a chance to run about 100 rds so far and it has been 100%. I mixed 200gr lead swc at different oal’s and charges plus some 230gr ball factory and it ate them all perfect and is more accurate than I am. Its the best fitted and finished factory pistol I have owned to date. Except for the the external extractor its all series 80 1911 so parts availability won’t be a problem, I’ll shoot it a lot more before I trust it but so far I love it.

  9. What kind of knife is that the flock is resting on. Kind of resembles my Sykes Fairbane except the pommel looks heavier, and the clip point.

  10. Annie Nonymous says:

    Very nice job on the coop, MD! We’re talking about chickens now, so I see a similar thing in our future… yours has given us some great ideas, thanks!

    This past week – rotated some food to our church for their perpetual food drive – always feels good to know that someone won’t go to bed with an empty tummy tonite! Now off to the local “Sams Costco” to restock, and do some BOL stocking… which leads to the good news…

    Escrow closed on the BOL yesterday!! We’ve been sweating this one out, and it was a scary move to make a hard jump like that, but I truly believe that God led us to this to be able to keep our family safe and secure… It just shows how, when you put your faith in the Lord, and let His will be done, things come together. Now, need to put in a freshwater tank and maybe a backup for the grid-fed well pump, and plumb propane (the place is electric with wood heat, no gas whatsoever!)… little things!

    Also, with the way the S is starting to HTF in Europe, and the expected repercussions stateside, it’d gonna get dicey around these parts… not to mention the upswelling of disease – I suspect the EEC (Expected Economic Collapse, Not Europesn Economic Community, tho the 2 seem so be synonymous right now!) will hit just before the mutated flu virus plows us tis fall/winter. To think we, at one time, planned on a BOL to southern Europe – Indeed, God IS good, and has led us to greener pastures!

    In the plans – since the altitude of the new BOL (it somehow acquired the nickname “Wolf’s lair”, don’t know how thathappened… 😉 ) is about 2500 ft. higher than our current place, need to start learning about high altitude gardening, and plans how to put in a greenhouse…

    Anyway, congrats on the new addition to your collection – I really like the holster, so much so I may have to look into something like that for the 1911, if they make one to fit.

    • Annie, congrats on getting your BOL lined up. Great job on supporting your local food drive, you will be blessed for your generosity.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Hey, Annie N! You’ve done exactly what we’ve just done. High altitude BOL, and it was definitely a “G-d thing!”. Would welcome learning from you on adjustments needed – we’re not as high as you, but, not far behind you, either. Grace and truth, Homeinsteader

      • Annie Nonymous says:

        The hardest part was realizing that Gd was steering us in this direction, and that it was our own self will that was putting that fear that held us up back. IMO were it not for that conviction, we would have likely lost the opportunity on this place – mind you, we have a good chance of riding out things where we are, but ralizing the close proximity of a large population center, we felt the push to “make adjustments”.

        The worst part – other than having to start research on growing food far higher (and honestly, colder) than we were used to – was putting our faith in the Lord to pull out of the market and put it into our and our family’s future. This was one of those things that, left to our human nature, we would have never done.

        The other biggie is going to 100% wood heat… even for cooking… but the former owners (both in their 90’s, and as spry as someone in their 30’s) tell me that’s not hard to get used to. That and not having to worry about the Zombies!

        Thanks for your prayers and wishes – I’ll post more as we learn more!!!

  11. Kelekona says:
  12. worrisome says:

    Another quiet week. Grandkids and I went to a friends place and picked a bunch of cherries, which I pitted and froze. There will be cherry pie filling when I get around to canning them.
    Just sent MD a lil donation to help out with the Wolf Pack’s expenses.
    Worked in the garden, it is coming along nicely. Just hope it gets warmer and starts producing something.
    Went to a grandkids graduation……..’twas lovely, well organized…made me cry.
    Met with the neighbors, we are calling it camera adjustment meetings, so that everyone gets to see what they want, but the wine and refreshments and conversations are all good as well. Basically what is developing is a nice neighborhood watch with everyone pitching in with the skills that they have. Because of the expense; I bought the server that the system is attached to; they bought the cameras they wanted. Since it is an IP based system, all the neighbors need is software to log in and see what they need to see. We were able to program each user so that the privacy issues some had are handled…now we are just fine tuning the placement and the resolution on a few. It is going well. So far the only visitors to the forest side of our properties have been deer, coyotes and a fox.
    As for the reason we did all the work, the trail has been altered enough to slow some folks down. And the one neighbor is following up and seeing if he can figure out where the supply drop offs are for those that are planning to grow mj up on the mountain this summer. He is ex LE so he knows how to handle it. He is also taking his GS puppy along for exercise, it is a good thing. Some of the neighbors took a hike back in there on Wednesday all the way up the creek to the falls and did a clean up and packed out all the miscellaneous trash. Again, a good thing.
    I will be off on a cruise to Alaska next week, so I am packing up and getting ready. Can hardly wait, it was a present from my family. I love Alaska, going to be taking lots of pictures. This will be my 5th trip there. I am meeting some friends up there at two of the stops. One family are Klingit (sp) indians. While a very modern thinking couple, they are experts at the local flora, fawna and fish and they are going to take me on a tour what their summers are like as they plan for the cold and dreary winters. We will be talking to folks that dry salmon; pick berries and such; discussing some hunting techniques they use…my cameras will be in hand the whole time.
    After a busy couple of years getting used to the idea of prepping, the family jumping in and all of us getting things together, loosing the love of my life, this will be my first outing kind of on my own. I think I am ready for it.
    Have a great week wolf pack

    • Sending prayers for your trip. What a wonderful adventure. Look forward to hearing about your travels.

    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      worrisome, as someone once suggested for me, take a small notebook and pen/pencil and write notes also, will help you remember. You could even do a short guest post for MD’s blog, we would all be interested in picking up any info about drying fish, picking berries etc.

  13. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    MD, looks like a great chicken coop. Laughed when I saw the chicken crossing sign attached to the door. I admit, I didnt get the reference to “recognizing the bark”. Maybe a hint?

    As for my own WDYDTPTW stuff, did my usual adding to the larder. Picked out some stuff that was about to expire and that I wouldnt get to eat and am giving it to an out of work friend of a friend (anonomously). Working the garden daily, added some mulch, planted some bush green beans in planters, reinforced some cucumber trellis’s. Ordered red stem and green stem malabar spinach seeds and some jicama seeds from Kitazawa seeds (mostly sell asian food crop seeds). Will grow the malabar spinach on a trellis outside the chicken coop run to provide some shade. Ordered some candles, a candle lantern, and a deitz oil lantern from amazon via MD’s link. Watching the news carefully. Keep on prepping folks, hope all have a great week.

  14. MD chicken coop is B-E-A-utiful.
    Well finally got my shelf units arranged. I had to unload the one I had already done as the way I wanted the units wouldn’t work, so had to arrange them in a corner unit type thing.
    By the time I finally got finished I felt I had moved cross country. I really didn’t think I would ever get it finished.
    But now I know what I have and what I DON”T NEED TO BUY.
    So here goes writing another list for things that I am low on and all those needed things that have been allusive.
    All in all I am tickled with getting all the stores out of those tubs.
    Now the kitchen Sterilite cupboards are next to be cleaned out. That will be a back breaker too but it has to be done.
    Even though didn’t buy anything pretty happy with this weeks work.

  15. I love my Gen 4 Glock. Favorite gun hands down.

    Nice looking coop also!

    Been working on water solutions for the ranch. Looks like I’m ever so closer to getting my well off the grid. Saving the money for the parts has been difficult but no water…no life. So water before anything else.

  16. d2 prep says:

    Greetings Wolf Pack! Attached is the link to an article from Barron’s regarding Gold and other precious metals that is very interesting:


    I am personally very bullish on gold and silver but do not want to try to influence anyone. I am going as far as evaluating transferring a portion of my IRA into a gold IRA broker who physically holds the gold. Because it is an IRA, I do not believe I can physically hold it until I cash in at retirement. Please do your own research on this and make the best decision for you and your family. What is certain is that the stock market is in a downward slide with only the end point as the unknown. Many are predicting that this will make 2008 look minor. Good luck.

    I had to travel to East Coast again so it was another light week, however I did get a few more things done:

    • Attended and NRA sponsored shotgun class on Sunday and fired 5 different 12 gauge action guns. We did trap shooting which I realize I need some work on. But I sure loved it and will now move forward with the purchase of the Remington 870 combo express.
    • Did a little fishing with my youngest and she loves it without knowing it is a prepping skill! (One step at a time). Also went lake fishing this morning with a buddy.
    • Received my shipment of precious metals I had previously ordered and have stored them at a secure location.
    • Ordered & received 8 more #10 cans of Mountain House chicken and beef entrees and 4 cans of FD vegetables.
    • Purchased and completed an on line Will from legalzoom.com for only $79. The process took maybe 15 minutes. I would recommend everyone who does not have one to look into Legalzoom.
    • Continued studying the world economic situation on line and through the advice of friends. Still scary, however TDL informs us things are fine LOL!
    • Gathered up the usual hotel goodies…don’t forget those pens, coffees and teas and oh yeah TP, thanks Jarhead!
    • Have secured a workday at my retreat with several trusted handy friends to do a number of projects next week.

    Have a great week everyone and I look forward to a great week of prepping. The news on public sector unions was very intriguing this week. I think bottom line is no one wants to pay public officials more for pensions and retirement than what they themselves make. I do know in Kali there is a lot of corruption with the double dip public service pensioners and that is why San Jose voted overwhelmingly to slash it. Stay aware everyone and don’t believe the sheeple!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      D2, I hit a great sale today at a Preparedness/CERT store that is I guess you can say 30 minutes from LAX in the city of Van Nuys and they have everything you could want for both CERT and prepping considering it is not a very big store.
      Los Angeles Fire Department is pushing the CERT program heavy considering it’s earthquake country.

      • Jarhead, I will have to hit up that store next time I am down your way. There was a CERT table at that Reno gun show last month. He was selling stuff for about 50% of what I paid on line 2 weeks before the show. I look forward to visiting the store in Van Nuys!

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          D2, it’s called SOS preparedness in Van Nuys.

          • d2 prep says:

            Is this the place: http://www.sosproducts.com/

            Looks like they have a bunch of free classes coming up that would be useful too. Man I would have fun in a store like this. My inner Tim Allen would come out and I may start grunting!

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              D2, yeah that’s it. They are great, if you saw the link for the sell you would have seen the savings.

              The classes I’m looking to start taking. They have all kinds of topics from first aid to food prep and temperature/storage affecting the expiration date.

              It’s an hour or more if traffic isnt great.

    • village idiot says:

      d2, we love the Mountain House fd food, it is the only one my wife and daughter will consistently eat, especially the chicken varieties. They like the beef stroganoff as well. Good choice.

      I’ve been buying a goodly amount of silver as well, and a little gold. I’m high on precious metals long term, but cash is king right now and access to it. Remember, with precious metals if you don’t have it in your hands, you don’t own it.

      And good on you for practicing your shotgun skills, and you couldn’t have picked a better all around shotgun IMHO. I have one myself, and it has never failed me, and it’s over 30 years old. An 18″ barrel and magazine extention makes it a great tactical weapon as well, and mine has that setup. Good luck and take care. And buy plenty of ammo while it’s cheap, relatively speaking. It’s about to go sky high if TDL gets back in.

      • Thanks Village, yep I physically hold my precious metals as well. Glad to hear the family likes Mountain House because I have a lot of it! What kind of ammo do you buy for the Remington and where would you recommend to buy it?

        • village idiot says:

          Here’s what I have d2:

          00 buckshot
          #4 buckshot
          #6 squirrel shot
          #7 1/2 birdshot

          I’ve bought all the slugs I’m going to buy, but I intend to add some steel shot and more #4. I’ve concentrated more on #4s in the buckshot, and I’ve bought a lot of slugs for my son.

          Wally World is usually the best place to get it, but I bought some at Lucky Gunner, and some at a S & W Days at a local gunshop.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            VI, got to love Walmart for picking up buck shot and slugs. Love when they have the 15 packs for $12 saving almost $3 per 15 rounds.
            I have so much #4 shot that was passed down to me I could never use it all. My shot shell loads consist of:
            7 1/2 birdshot
            #4 birdshot (magnum loads)
            BB (great in the middle load for game and defensive)
            00 buck (I have 3″, 2 3/4 and light recoil loads)

          • d2 prep says:

            Village, many thanks sir!

    • GeorgeisLearning says:

      d2 prep hi, thanks for posting. Can I ask where and what type of silver you buy? I was looking at getting some maples from apmex. What are you r thoughts on old silver coins or actual silver bars or maybe even just silver rounds?
      Thanks in advance for any and all inputs .

      • d2 prep says:

        Hi GeorgeisLearning, I have an account with a gold and silver broker company (one that does a lot of TV advertising). I only do coins for both gold and silver. The reason is that the smaller denominations will be a lot better for barter in TEOTWAWKI as well as you will always have the face value of the coin and a collectors value even if the value slips. For silver I mostly buy Walker $.50 pieces and for Gold I just bought War of 1812 coins. I do not think bricks or bars will be practical other than to sell to a silver dealer. Very important to take physical possession of your coins and store in a secure place. Unless it is an IRA and the law does not allow you to hold the coins, I do not trust that my metals will be there if the fan is flinging pooh around! Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  17. Hey M.D. Creekmore, AKA: Mr. Prepper,
    As for prepping, I’ve picked up several more bags of rice and beans. I visited one of our local bakeries and picked up approximately 14 new 5 gallon food grade buckets for free. I’ll need to wash them out and have them ready for food storage or just plain storage. We have pickedup additional batteries of all different sizes (for various radios, flash lights, alarms, ect.). My husband built a new above ground (barrel type) compost (above ground to prevent small rodents from making a home in or near compost). Reorganized our garage shelving to hold specific ready to go items for bugging out. We’ve picked up more para chord. I’ve been canning and freezing vegetables from our garden. And finally, my husband and his friend are preparing to go hunting for additional food for our freezer in the upcoming months.

  18. Soggy Prepper says:

    Pretty good week.
    -Made another 5 gal of laundry detergent.
    -Started Math U See Epsilon with small DD and it works great. She’s pretty visual, just wish I would have started this program with her a couple years ago.
    -Figured out dogs skin issues were an allergy to Tide. Should have saved the vet money and spoken to the dog obedience trainer first. But now I have some antibiotics socked away.
    -Bought another box of borax, 2 wash powder and 2 fels naptha. Pretty sure I have enough supplies for about 40 gal now.
    -added 50 lbs of rice (haven’t mylar bagged and bucketed it yet)
    -added 50lbs various beans to last weeks purchase, haven’t stored these yet either.
    -discovered my o2 absorbers I’ve had for about a year were dead. I stored them wrong. So I used some that were still good I had ordered from EE awhile back. Bought them in packs of 10 which I will do from now on. Easier to use up then opening a pack of 100.

    I made the all purpose cleaner and the antibacterial (air fresh) spray someone posted a link to last week. The work great and I will be making them again. The air fresh spray is water and essential oil. I used peppermint. Be careful. I went crazy spraying it the first time thinking, huh, just essential oil and water. Peppermint burns the eyes and a little goes a long way. (and dog doesn’t appear to have a problem with it!)

    I also made jolly rancher vodka cause the pictures online looked yummy. Tastes fine too if you like jolly rancher flavored shots. So they sit in my fridge in canning jars. DH asked what I was planning on doing with them, I dunno, just wanted to make them. I prefer a mojito. I kinda thought I could add seltzer water to the flavored vodka and sip it, but no. But they sure are pretty!

    The chicken coop looks great! You’ll have a happy flock for sure.
    What is that knife? My DH is now looking at some knives, mostly cold steel type. Any knife recommendations?

    • Soggy Prepper,

      The knife is also made by Glock.

      Here is a link to the knife on Amazon.com –

    • Kelekona says:

      Soggy, we once made a run of Skittles vodka, and it tastes okay as long as you don’t use a cleaning vodka like Burnetts. Filtering out the white gunk was a PITA though. (White gunk could break teeth, apparently.)

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Jolly Rancher vodka has no white gunk. Only a beautiful bright color!
        It looks nice in canning jars, but in clear pretty bottles it looks even better. Wish I enjoyed drinking it more then I like to make and look at it.

      • I once drank at a bar where the bartender told me they made their own bubblegum vodka. Just take some Bazooka gum and stick it in vodka for several weeks.

        Last year I soaked fresh mint in vodka to make a tincture. It came out rather earthy, not like mint candy at all. Probably still has medicinal qualities?

    • Indiana joe says:

      Hey soggy. Noticed a reference to math u see and wondered how it compares to switched on We took my dd out of public then private and are now homeschooling. Haven’t decided what to use yet but like prepping people think we are crazy!

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        We never tried switched on so I can’t compare with Math u see.
        DH is good at math through trig, but not so great teaching math, if that makes sense. I suck at math beyond the basics.
        So I’m actually learning math along with my 13 year old! Rofl!

        Other subjects we are eclectic, Bob Jones (love it) or Lifepac. Going back to basic Lifepac for 9th grade this year with eclectic pick ups from the Goodwill.

        Wish you all the best on your decision on which to use. But if what you start to use doesn’t work or you both end up hating it, change it! (Took us 3 years on the math for that light bulb to turn on!)

        • Indiana joe says:

          Thanks. I am the same way. Great at math but can’t teach it. No patience. And wife isn’t. It’s all new and kind of overwhelming

      • When I was a kid I was a math wiz 2 years ahead of my class, and I really liked a comic book called Professor Calculus, for math.

        Also get the kids “Flatland”. It’s fun.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Soggy, funny you mentioned jolly rancher vodka lol we did Jim Beam Red Stag Gummy Bears the other night.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Jarhead 03, were the gummy bears good then? Can you taste the alcohol? or are they just gummy bears with a kick? Do you just eat a few for fun and conversation starters?

        I just can’t imagine eating a ton of gummies for a buzz! I’d get sick then never touch a gummie again, aversion therapy.

        I remember drinking spodies (sp) as a teen. All that fruit soaked in Everclear. Great then, not so appealing now. Geez. I’m getting old.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Soggy, we have done it with vodka as well but the Jim Beam Red Stagg has a black cherry taste so it blends well.
          You can taste it for sure but it’s not over bearing if you make sure to let it soak in the fridge and pour out any alcohol left over (I usually pour it in a shot glass and drink it lol) and serve.
          It can be as a starter or if you don’t want a harsh drink. It want a bit of a kick.

          You have tried it in watermelon? If you need directions let me know, it’s great for summer time

  19. My chicken tractor is working out well. Plan on building more, with changes of course. Rotating water stored in 2 liters. Pretty handy having extra! I fill 5 gallon jugs with purified h2o but ran out. Just grabbed a 2 liter to tide me over. Keeps usage in mind when you pour vs twisting a handle! Restocking is slow. A few # of beans here, a few bottles of ketchup there. Bought more CHEAP candles for buddy burners. I can store those everywhere safely. Bought more charcoal. 10 big bags now. Stored in big, wheeled trash cans.

  20. Gardening mainly, although I did get to actually ride one of the hayburners which always is a good thing. Sometimes they forget that they are working animals, and not just pasture ornaments.
    Chopped down an Osage Orange tree that was annoying us. Put the long limbs away to cure for bow staves.
    Added some canned goods and beans to the stash. Also some first aid supplies.
    Got all the tomatoes staked up and trellises started for the beans and peas.
    Weekly auction was a big big big score. Picked up a White treadle sewing machine with accessories and in wonderful working order for $50. Also got two manual meat grinders ($8 and $10) and a two man saw for $10.
    Made it to the range to shoot, which is always a good thing.
    Added a bunch of stuff to the first aid supplies also.
    Started in on organizing the printouts of various posts/blogs/articles/manuals about prepping and other subjects. Eventually I plan to have the printouts in binders so I can find things in a grid-down situation.
    Got some of the electronics into the metal trash can as a faraday cage – mainly the backup hard drives, but also the two emergency radios.
    Bit more water put up. More cleaning of stuff in the storage room so I can have space for more preps…

    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      Victoria, those Osage Orange make for good fenceposts….but sometimes will grow back.

      • Osage orange posts last a l.o.n.g. time. Set them upsidedown to prevent sprouting. Useful tree. Ugly things. That wood burns the hottest of any I ever burned! I use fallen fruit to fill ‘chuck holes, weird thing is they don’t seem to sprout. Lore is the “apples” run off roaches if tossed under the house.

        • Encourager says:

          PJ, you need to soak the Osage oranges in a bucket until they become slimy; rinse well and you will be left with the seed to plant. If you plant in a row fairly close together, when the shoots get about 2′ tall, bend over the tip and bury in the ground; keep bending each shoot, weaving it into the next bent over shoot. Shoots will go straight up and it will quickly fill in and become impenetrable. I am hoping to start an Osage fence along the boundaries of our property. No one will want to go through it with all those thorns!

      • We have the white vinyl fencing here so I can’t use the things as fence posts. We aren’t so “rural” that I can totally ignore the neighbors desire for a fence that matches… especially when it is shared. Also, I’ve been very very impressed with how well the vinyl stands up to the efforts of the seven horses to destroy it.

        Granted, most of the fencing was already up when we bought the property, so we’ve just gone with what was here…I’d really prefer the pipe fencing I got used to in Texas, but where we are now, there isn’t a good supply of used well-pipe.

    • MtWoman says:

      Osage Orage or what’s called “Bois D’Arc” or “Horse Apple” here (Texas) wood makes excellent bows. When I was a teen, we had neighbor who had suffered “bomb concussion” in a war, and was a little ‘slow’. He spent his time in his garage making B’Darc bows. He showed me how he did (he was always kind to me), and I remember how beautiful I thought they were. Here is a link describing how to make them: http://www.osageorange.com/. (I am not associated with the site in any way; just posting for info purposes).

      And here’s WIKI’s take on it, which includes this: “scientific studies have found that extracts of Osage orange do repel several insect species, in some studies just as well as the widely-used synthetic insecticide DEET.”


      • We used to call them “monkey balls” and chuck them at each other. My grandma puts them in a bowl as a table centerpiece.

        • Oh, I NEED some! Could I buy any Osage orange balls to place in a bowl as a centerpiece? I have wolf spiders that are the stuff of nightmares. Yes, I also use an exterminating service but, like I said, wolf spiders live here. In here. With me. Yikes.

          (Tunnel spiders live outside. My exterminator told me the stronger the web, the more poisonous the spider. The tunnel spider webs are holding sawdust. And I’m sure you’ve seen black widow webs holding leaves.)

          Please send me an e-mail via M.D. if I can pay anyone for a box of Osage oranges.

          • Encourager says:

            No Way, may I ask what state you are in? The reason I ask is that Osage Oranges grow in all the midwest states, from east Colorado to probably West Virginia, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and probably Minnesota…I am sure I am missing some. The pioneers planted and used them for fences to keep cattle and goats confined. The Indians used them for arrows and making bows. They have nasty thorns when mature. I did notice a decline in the spiders in the basement this winter as we had one in a foam dish in every room; they are also suppose to repel mice, so we had them at every door that opened to the outside.

            We have wolf spiders, too; hubby killed one that was on the ceiling that was the size of a nickel last week.

            • sw't tater says:

              I know where there is an Osage Orange in Tn. after reading that posting I am sure there will be some more.

            • Encourager, “my” wolf spiders are on steroids. Enormous. Tarantula-sized.

              I am not in the midwest and Osage orange trees don’t grow in my locale. I would greatly appreciate any Osage oranges and I will gladly pay you for them. Thank you.

      • MtWoman, Thank you Ma’am! My old neighbors, before they bought down the road, bought a little ranch near Waco. He said they used “bowdark” posts for fencing. Said it was so hard, it took special short, strong staples to nail on the wire. And now I know what “bowdark” is. Jeff

        • MtWoman says:

          Yeah Jeff…colloquial names can confuse things. I’ve been studying native plants for years, and I especially like to know what the locals call them. I used to give presentations in Cal on “Uses of Native Plants”. One of my favorites is “Sticky Weed” (otherwise known as Bedstraw or Cleavers), that the pioneers stuffed into mattresses. I made a pillow with it so everyone could see, feel, and smell what that was like. Has a very sweet smell when it dries.

          Some info: http://www.altnature.com/gallery/cleavers.htm

          • Hunker-Down says:


            I have a colloquialism dilemma. In Central Illinois many farms have trees in the fence row that grow about 30 feet tall, have very crooked trunks and limbs, and grow a sticky yellow ball, larger than a big softball. We called the trees ‘a hedge tree’ and the yellow ball a ‘hedge-apple’. Farmers prized the very crooked wood as fence posts because they had a reputation of lasting 30 years. It is extremely difficult to drive a nail or steeple into them.
            I saw an online picture of an Osage Orange and the tree limbs looked straight, so I think the two are different trees. I can’t find anything on the Internet that looks like the tree I described.
            Back in the day Hedge-apples did have a tendency to be thrown through our bedroom window on Halloween.
            Do you know what the proper name is?

            • Sounds like Bois d’arc trees to me. We called the balls that were on them “Horse apples” and people cut them in half and put under the cabinets etc to get rid of roaches. That white liquid that oozes out is super sticky and hard to get off your hands. Pronounced “bow-darc” or bore-darc

            • MtWoman says:

              Hunker…is this your tree? I imagine, from your description, that your tree IS a Bois D’Arc or Maclura pomifera. Check this out:


            • Hunker-Down says:


              Thanks. I think you found it. The description matches the trees found in fence rows in Central Illinois. From your link I was able to find pictures that match the crooked Illinois trees. Wow, they are sure out of their native range.
              I did not like building fence lines when dad had a bunch of ‘hedge posts’. Cutting them with a two man cross cut hand saw was a chore. It was an art to get those crooked posts to line up well enough to build a decent looking fence.

  21. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello to everyone, It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted and it’s not been as productive as I had hoped.
    1. 50 rounds of 12 Ga. in #4 shot
    2. 25 rounds of 12 Ga. in 00 Buck
    3. 1050 rounds of 22 hoolow point
    4. 100 rounds of 22 mag.
    5. 100 rounds of 38 special
    6. 1 10 guart dutch oven
    7. 50 bags for the vaccum sealer
    8. Bought a magifier scope for AR-15
    9. Bought 10 pair of jersey gloves on sale ( Can’t keep enough in the winter)
    10. 12 piece set of snap lock containers
    11. Dehydrated 5 jars of vegetables
    12. Went to the denist and had a tooth fixed, one more to go.
    13. Changed the transmission fluid and filter in the BOV as well as had it tuned up. Runs much better!
    14. Almost finished 31 Days to Survival: Better prepared than I thought but still have alot of work to do.
    I think that’s about it, I guess I did better than I thought, just didn’t seem like much going along. I would like to add one comment. I have seen several posts about JWR and the lack of pictures on his site. They would be beneficial to many out there and I don’t know why he doesn’t post any. I do know his books along with his web site have gotten many people in the notion to prepare for the worst. About 1 1/2 years ago I read his first book along with one second after and really started prepping in earnest. Both books gave me a great deal to think about. Not just our country falling apart but local disasters which could have a lasting effect if one is not prepared. I feel anyone who can jar us out of the “Sheeple Mode” is worthy. Both sites have their benefits and I don’t feel the negative comments are appropriate since we all have the same goal and that is to protect our friends and family. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend and God Bless.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Surviving, great week for you on the preps! Looks like you picked up where I left off while moving lol

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Hope the moving went well Jarhead, and you didn’t pull anything. LOL Moving is a real pain. When I moved 14 years ago I was down to the bare essentials but after that amount of time it sure has grown. I would hate to move now, the preps would take a great deal of space not to mention all the questions it would bring. Hope you had some help that was trust worthy. God Bless!

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Surviving, still moving things. The date of move in is July 1st. Trying to get things to storage is a pain. The preps is the biggest part of it.

  22. Bought more tea in mylar bags. Bought instant coffee (don’t much like it but in better than nothing on the mornings I don’t have time for the real thing), soup mix, dried fruit, and nuts. DH dug potatoes (over 1/2 bushel from 8# of seed potatoes). Froze green beans and black-eyed peas. Dried cucumbers (for future cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese and lemon juice or Italian dressing) and basil. Are getting some tomatoes ahead of the birds who love to take one peck out of each one as soon as they turn pink. Got a bookcase for the guest room to have more room for prepping. Finished making a crocheted lap blanket for a shut-in. Enjoyed a meal with friends and fellow gardeners. DH is considering getting new windows installed while the money is still worth something as the current ones are very hard to open and take advantage of cool mornings. We can put off using air conditioning for about a month longer than our neighbors by opening windows early and closing them as soon as it gets to the same temperature inside and out (in Texas some run their air from April til November–we prefer from mid-June til mid or late September).

  23. Checked out prices of wide mouth quart jars at Kmart online and they are having a 10% sale on canning products ending today(online). Plus they are offering free shipping for orders over $49. For the quart jars they also offer shipping to your home (no having to pick up at the store). Killer deal if you need jars!
    Another interesting find this past week: I went to a baby shower and the hostess gave everyone a gift of baby powder smelling soaps that looked homemade. I asked questions how she made these. She confessed to buying them online in bars of 4 lb. loaves and then cut them herself and wrapped them. The ingredients are olive, jojoba, avacado and shea oils. The site is called Petunia Farms and they offer around 100 scents. The loaves are between $23 and $26, shipping is free. (for those who haven’t started making their own).
    Have a great weekend

    • thanks for the info- i looked and they are the same as the everyday price at our local grocery store- HEB- we started our first garden earlier this year and so far i have put up over 7 doz pt jars and 3 doz qt jars – and the garden is still producing- we ate our first jars the other night- they were good- my son has been putting up pickles but said mine look better than his and wanted to know if i added food coloring!!!! didnt get much prepping done this week- we had the granddaughters in but found out they can entertain themselves really well and they loved to help int he garden and i taught them how to shell peas- even the 3 year old! this week we are going to dry pack our big stuff and i am going to pack them in my closets- we are running out of room- and i am unsure what to do- my son built his bed so he can store 5 gallon pails under the mattress= we may have to do that. good work everyone and blessings to all of you

  24. charlie (NC) says:

    MD. I see what I’m pretty sure Tulip Poplar out the back and what I think is sweet gum through the window. I don’t know that it tells me much. Both of them grow all over the S/E and the Tulip Poplar grows
    from Florida to New Hampshire. You’ve got me stumped as to your meaning or joke.

    • Kelekona says:

      Charlie, I barely get the joke. Either it’s in reference to one or more of the paranoid bloggers who don’t show photos, or someone pinpointed a fancy retreat bunker by matching photos up with satellite imagery.

      • Kelekona,


        • charlie (NC) says:

          AH! Now I understand. I guess I don’t read enough prepper blogs to be aware of that.

        • Kelekona says:

          Which part is correct? I can’t remember where that argument about the satellite matching on the prep-bunker happened… (the identified bunker seemed to scrotum-wave about not caring) I guess it was before I settled on this blog and started mostly ignoring all sources that don’t lead from it.

          And yes, I don’t care to put effort into finding them now, but I think at least three blogs are photo-graph paranoid for reasons I haven’t bothered with knowing.

          • Kelekona,

            I think it is a smart move not to post photos of roads, land-marks, your home, your family, car tags ect., that would let everyone know where you are. But being afraid to include pics that show how-to-do-it details of building projects, such as making a water filter with a five gallon plastic bucket and Berkey filter because you’re afraid someone will recognize the plastic that the bucket is made from and track you down because of it, seems like extreme paranoia to me… I’m not going to live my life hiding in a bunker – if photos and pics will help my readers to better understand what I’m writing about then hand me the camera…. That is why we (survival bloggers and authors) put ourselves “out there” is to help others, I know that is why I do it…

      • Bam Bam says:

        Someone might notice the reflection from his fire engine on the tree bark.

  25. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Hello Pack!

    Sorry for the short absence. So what have I done to prep. First off, I married the greatest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Pretty damn good prep for hard times IMO…

    My 30 days to TEOTWAWKI is behind, but I’m looking to get back on track this week. I did mange to put away 300 rounds of 9 mm in storage, and bought some more junk silver on the dip, and started politicking for Secretary of State in the Riverrider White House. Also continued my running. Im Up to 13 miles at a stretch no stopping 1 hour 59 mins (best time so far, most others have been around 2 hours 3 mins, but Im working on getting better :(.

    Another beautiful day in Virginia. Enjoying it on the back porch with the DW, the survival mutts, the grill, and a red solo cup 🙂

    • d2 prep says:

      Tinfoil, it’s a close call on what I congratulate you on first, the wedding or the 13 miles LOL! Glad you are back and congrats again. Oh and thanks for running that mile for me last week.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      god bless
      may you have long and wonderful marriage

    • riverrider says:

      tin, holy smoke 13 miles?! i’ve never run that far, on purpose anyway (you know, last guy in line on a 25 mile road march). congrats again. i’m merging State, Interior, Energy and most of the rest into Defense with you at the head, hope you don’t mind the extra work. atf,dea, fbi, ss, all become one under sheriff joe of arizona. border patrol will be handled by the 120,000 or so gi’s coming back from japan,germany, etal. let them spend there wages here. epa head will be replaced by rusty the wonder dog. have a great week bud.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        13 miles brother, and let me tell you, 31 ain’t 23, cause it hurts alot the next morning, but I need to do it. And it feels good at the end.

        All the extra work from the other Departments is all worth it for me being able to tell the UN they are evicted, so piss off and get back where they came from 🙂

    • Lantana says:

      Tin, DW! is this the first time you’ve typed that? The way it rolled off your fingers typing this post, it’s as if that’s the way it’s always been.

      Congratulations to the lucky groom and best wishes to you both for a long and happy life together!

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Lantana thank you. We’ve been together a long time. Ive kinda thought of her as the DW for a while now…

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      TinfoilHat, Congratulations! May you have many wonderful, prosperous, enjoyable years together! Is your wife a runner, also?

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Thank you! Yes, she is a runner as well. I actually met her running. I don’t wanna get inappropriate, but first time I saw her, she was running, and running about 10 feet behind her was, well, let’s just say that’s how my attention was caught first ;).

        Pound for pound, she’s probably a better runner than I am, and much more dedicated to it. She runs organized road races much more often than I do.

    • village idiot says:

      Great news, TFH, here’s my wish you both live a long and happy life together with little or no strife that can’t be handled by an afternoon in the new shop. LOL. Seriously, I wish you two the best, and the George Strait song, “Living and living well” always comes to mind when someone finds the right woman.

      The ammo and the silver is a prudent move, and the running-well, I’m hanging my head in shame. Good on you, sir, is all I have to say about that.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Tinfoil, congratulations on the marriage and the run time. I’m raising a drink in honor of you both.

    • conmaze says:


      Congratulations to you and your new bride. May you have many, many blessed years of happiness ahead.

    • axelsteve says:

      Tinfoil. congratulations about the marriage.We have been married 25 years but I heard Bill Murry say that is minus 8 years for sleeping. So I have been married 17 years. New math is kinda funny,now people understand why I hate metric so much.Not much preps this week. We caught up on our property taxes and we are broke til tuesday. My son is taking me shooting early this afternoon though.

    • JP in MT says:


      Went to a wedding yesterday, and thought of you and your new bride. Congrats! Mine was sitting right there with me and reached over and took my hand a couple of times. Just reminds me that I’m glad I don’t have to go through life by my self and it’s great!

      I don’t run anymore, but I’m glad you are and enjoying it.

    • and, one bank in Italy has refused withdrawals…can google and see. Imagine everyone’s income being deposited into banks automatically – and then how do they manage until the banks decide to again allow withdrawals…shocking developments.

      My DD is driving me into town tomorrow a.m. to get some cash out…cheers…

      • Tinfoil…congrats – wishing you both a wonderful, long and happy life together…cheers.

    • Encourager says:

      Tinfoil Hat! Congratulations on your marriage! May the honeymoon continue for at least 50 years.

  26. I organized all my camping/bug out gear, and made a list of what I have and what I lack if I have to get out quickly. Or for my interior camping trip this year. Sometimes one in the same!

    Going to a local gun show tomorrow, I need a scope for my .22 and a few other things. I may come back with a new rifle. Maybe.

    Also going to Costco to stock up on bottled water and dry store-able foods.

    Finally, I picked up a book on identifying tree bark to exact locations (latitude and longitude coords). MD, expect a visit. I’ll probably bring beer.

  27. XZombieMommyX says:

    The zombie barricade is complete! Hopefully this fence will last a long time since it cost a bloody fortune.
    Picked up a decent amount of silver. I plan on buying a bit each month but will need to skip the next couple of months due to above fence expense.
    Looking into putting up some bat houses to eat the mosquitoes. Of course, I keep thinking about the movie “Contagion” so that has me a little worried. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about! Also want to get some citronella & other bug repelling plants.
    That’s about it here. I’m gonna be broke for a while!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      XZombie, do you have any N95 respirator/dust masks?

      • XZombieMommyX says:

        Oh yes, I’ve got tons Jarhead! And one of those full suits, and goggles, etc. My greatest SHTF fear is a pandemic, so my preps are sort of focused on that. And, you know, ZOMBIES! ; )

    • Ms ZM
      That bat guano that collects under the bat houses is worth its weight in gold.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Greetings! I’ve been doing some reading on mosquito plants, and it is my understanding citronella (i.e, “mosquito” plants) aren’t all that effective; I’ve had them, and I’d agree. There are plants that are more effective, two of which are Lantana and Bee Balm. If you do an online search, you’ll find more, no doubt. I hope you find this info useful.

  28. Kelekona says:

    I hit one thrift store and found a flea market. I bought two books on home maintenance and repair, one of them is the reader’s digest version. Turned down some garden tools, guy wanted $5 each for shovels and most of the stuff was old and needed repair.

    I can’t seem to find any “good” stuff at thrift stores. They’re wonderful for collectable kitchen stuff, not so much for old jars and the like.

  29. Kelekona says:

    I hit one thrift store and found a flea market. I bought two books on home maintenance and repair, one of them is the reader’s digest version. Turned down some garden tools, guy wanted $5 each for shovels and most of the stuff was old and needed repair.

    I can’t seem to find any “good” stuff at thrift stores. They’re wonderful for collectable kitchen stuff, not so much for old jars and the like.

    Speaking of wanting supplies and not having them, I’m starting to deep-clean the rental. Vinegar and elbow grease are fine for my standards, but I’m going to actually have to buy proper cleaning products.

    • Maybe I’m looking in the wrong thrift stores or at the wrong time because not only don’t I usually find anything worth while but what I do see seems to be overpriced. So I can certainly understand the frustration.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Kelekona, I also don’t find the best deals at thrift stores. Yard sales are the sh*t for me. I am fortunate to live in an area where recreational gear abounds and my gear collection proves it. I find near new stuff for $10- $1. Friday I got a brand new Gregory pack($10), a North Face daypack ($1), 2 small Camelback packs($1 each), an old circular grater that mounts to the counter top(looks new, American made vintage, $2), organizer/tackle box type/thingies ($1 each), a Ben Pearson #40 recurve ($40) and they threw in 2 small bows for kids, a 4 book set Medical Encyclopedia ($4). My last armload had dog collars, bread pans, a large canvas waist pack, for $5. Great shopping day!

      Lastly, my camper 12ga (Mossberg 500A) lost it’s front bead sight, called Mossberg, they sent me 3 different sights, 2 each, for free. Go Mossberg!

  30. MtWoman says:

    Mixed bag….glass half-empty/half-full week:

    -The AC was off for 2 days & it was almost 100 degrees for those days. Was 88 in the house…. Was a hassle dealing with the landlord(s) to get it fixed. But I did, so there it is.

    -Truck broke down; radiator split at the core and brought me to a stop while driving from where I live to The Big City. Fortunately, I was already in the City, but on a busy street, at a busy intersection…and it was RAINING! Radiator fluid was spewing from under the hood, and the engine was rattling, so I pulled into a turn lane and turned it all off. Fortunately, my son lives close to there, and came to help. Had it towed to the mechanic who had to totally replace the radiator etc., which took $$ I was saving for something else. 🙁 Today I drove it back to the boonies where I live (1.5 hours from The Big City), at a slow speed, and with my son following me. It seems the engine compression is compromised now, and the truck doesn’t have much get-up-and-go, so there’s more work to be done. *sigh* Have to figure it out…canNOT be out here without a vehicle.

    -Have to get serious with some health issues. Won’t get into it here, but I have some concerns to deal with. Time for another round of tests. Ugh.

    -The deer devastated the green beans, acorn squash, sweet potatoes and sunflowers….all eaten down to nubs. 🙁 I could not get that garden fenced before they came around….they’re early this year…not a good sign I think, re: drought. Will not re-plant right now…need to regroup and re-figure priorities. Still have a yellow squash plant producing and radishes, beets, basil, parsley & cilantro. Also have some gourd plants coming up. I did well selling dried gourds last year. I grow the lagenaria kind…hard-shelled…that people use for crafts (bird-houses, etc.)

    Won 1st prize in the contest!! Thanks MD and all. I & my son are excited to try out the stove, and the other things will be really great additions to my prep stor. And congrats to Bam-Bam and Doods.

    Picked & Processed more plums; now have 20+ gallons of plum mush to make jam with. Now waiting for the Mustang grapes and peaches and figs I’ve got lined up to get ready. And I kept back some plums to dehydrate. I love dried fruit!

    Harvested and processed mint to make jelly. There will hopefully be one more mint harvest to be had before the weather gets too hot.

    Was a coupon in Sunday paper for $1 off pectin & $3 off 2 cases of canning jars. Called all my neighbors that get the paper, and had them save theirs for me. This will help a lot.

    Kroger raised their price of bulk honey a $1 a lb. Well, the good thing I guess about that is that now I don’t have to make a special trip to Kroger to get honey. I bought it there because it’s bulk & I could get only what I needed, and it was 2.50 a lb. Now it’s 3.50, the same as other places I already go.

    My son & I discussed having a ‘bug out’ drill…grabbing what we’ve put together and meeting up at pre-designated place for an over night. Should show us the ‘holes’ in our prep. I’m thinking I’m gonna have a lot of applesauce, but not enough TP!!! We also discussed doing it in the heat and not wanting to…but we’re not particularly gonna have a choice when/if it’s necessary, so the suffering may be worth it. We both promised not to cheat and ‘fix’ our bug-out preps before-hand…but to really do with what we have and see how it goes.

    Re-inventoried my vacuum-packed dehydrated food stash…it is growing…I need a bigger box! And only 2 bags had ‘unsealed’.

    My ½ sister had given me a pressure cooker for Christmas, but when I opened it, it had been used! She said she bought *new* it from Ace Hardware, so someone must have returned a used one and it made it back to the shelves. I gave it back to her to get her money back, but when we were both at my father’s health screening family meet, she said she never returned it and did I want it? I took it back. The inside has stains…what I think is probably hard water stains…which I am going to clean with vinegar. I am a bit afraid to use the darned thing…don’t know what might be wrong with it. So…I know someone here posted about getting pressure canners tested (BamBam?)…please post that info again? If I can determine that this canner is good, it will be great to have.

    I sure appreciate the folks on this blog, and all the good info I get here! Thanks to MD and all of you.

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping, and let’s keep LOVE in our hearts!

    • Bam Bam says:

      Mt. Woman,

      Call up your county extension office. They usually test them free of charge or for a nominal fee.

      • MtWoman says:

        Thanks Bam-Bam. Will check into it.

      • MtWoman says:

        Hey Bam Bam….I signed up for the Food Preservation class on the 22nd. Thanks for the heads-up. I was told to bring my canner for testing. 🙂

        • Mt. Woman,

          That’s great. If you learn anything beyond the basics you could write up a post. (My impression of such classes is that you leave afraid to do any caning for fear that you will poison your family.)

    • conmaze says:

      Firstly, congratulations on winning the prize – great, great article. Sorry to hear about your truck problems. Driving around like that can be stressful never knowing when it’s going to break down. Luckily your son was around. Do you have a ghb? You can take your pressure cooker to your county extension office for a check.

      • MtWoman says:

        Conmaze…thanks. Am checking into an extension office this next week….and yes, I have a GHB.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Mt Woman

      The ecozoom stove is awesome! So far, i have used it for spaghetti, homemade beef stew, canned Dinty Moore beef stew (a favorite), hot dogs, kielbasa, and boiling rice. All of them have come out great! Love the Ecozoom Stove!

    • Not BamBam but I do have some suggestions for you. You can call your local county extension service – if they have a Master Food Preservers group they can probably check the gauge for you or you can call your local hardware store and sometimes they can test it for you. In the meantime, check the pressure cooker for some simple things – make sure the bottom is flat with no bulges or dents, make sure that the top of the pan is flat and level. Check the flanges (where the lid and the pan lock together) and make sure that they are all there (none missing) – check the same things on the lid. Also make sure the lid sits flat on the counter. Nothing should rock. Double check the pet cock and the gasket (if it has one) make sure its in good shape. If there is no gauge but it uses weights make sure the weights are clean (a pipe cleaner would work for this)

      Try just heating water in the pressure cooker – get it to the steaming stage put the weight on and make sure that it seals well (no steam leaking between the lid and the pan) – and you should be good to go unless someone thinks of something else that needs to be checked.

      • MtWoman says:

        Sarahy…thanks so much for all the info! I will be looking at it all this coming week….

    • MtWoman says:

      Forgot to ask: can canned goods (from the store, in cans or jars) be “re-canned” to extend their shelf life? Example: if I have a can of green beans and the x date is close, can I “re-can” the beans?

      • Yes you can re-can them but they may end up a bit soft. Keep in mind the expiration date on cans is just so the manufacturer keeps you buying. Unless the can is rusted or bulging the food is ok.

      • This is not something I would personally do – for one thing you will be overprocessing the food and you may not like the texture and flavor once that happens. I have some store canned food that I am using up whose expirations dates are past. As long as the cans are still sealed (not bulging or leaking) and the jar lids have not come unsealed the food is most likely still good – when you open the item be sure to examine the item and smell it if there is an off odor or it spews consider it spoilt and dispose of properly.

        Best bet is to use up the food that is coming close to the expiration date or donate it to a food pantry.

        • Encourager says:

          Not only will the re-processed food be soft and unappetizing, it will have little if any nutritional value left.

      • I don’t know if reprocessing the beans would extend their shelf life or not. I once opened a can of pears in heavy syrup that was a few years past it’s expiration date. The pear halves had degraded to the point where they turned into mush when my spoon hit them.
        If you have one, you might want to consider dehydrating the beans and then storing them in mylar or glass jars with a O2 absorber. I’ve bought the utility size cans of vegetables (pricing compared to standard cans is considerably cheaper) to dehydrate. In the end, the only difference I could tell was that the canned product took longer to dry due to it’s already being processed and “wetter” than fresh or frozen would be.

      • MtWoman says:

        Thanks all for the suggestions. I bought quite a bit of canned goods last year and some before that, and they are coming up on expiration dates. My budget is so low, I was just wondering about re-canning to save money. I thought also that they’d probably be soggy. Dehydrating may work…will try that with some of it.

        I think the best things for me to do is re-think what I buy. I don’t normally buy/eat canned veges, but bought them when in a bit of a “prepping panic”. Needs some thought.

        • homemaid says:

          I re-can great deals I get on #10 cans of beans, chili, stew…etc. I’ve been doing it for years and have never had a problem. I have not re-canned green beans, corn or peas. I grow those so a sale on #10 cans would NOT be a great deal.

        • sw't tater says:

          Mt Woman,
          My family also does not eat large amts of veggies on a daily basis.I also bought up quite a few cases last year.. and I have to check the dates as well.Thanks for reminding me!.
          I started dehydrating last year.. By those veggies being fully cooked, If you dehydrate, will just have to re-hydrate to use, they would make a good dry soup mix… Just thinkin’. I’ve done fresh things from the garden..(Zucchini and Okra, we use for munchies. ..have also done cucumber, carrots, yellow squash and celery ,mint.). None of these require blanching. Stored in a jar, in a cool dark area..they’ll keep quite a while .I use the Bama jelly jars and peanut butter jars.I don’t use o2 absorbers but I do use the silica gel packets and charcoal moisture absorbers… that come in medications, to maintain low humidity.
          I plan to buy sweet peas, corn and string beans frozen , to dehydrate.. sincewe are just getting home and have to get our garden plot ready before I can plant it..so I will plant and grow what does well for us.. BTW, deer love squash..they got in mine and mowed them last year at end of season(our electric fence went down)..and the coons got my corn!

          • Sweet tater…thanks for the heads up about dehydrating. I think I will try a couple cans that way. 🙂

      • Homeinsteader says:

        You could, but you’d have mush – and not much nutritional value. Heat kills vitamins and minerals. Not recommended. Don’t try purchasing frozen foods and home canning, either – you’ll get the same effect.

        Keep in mind those dates are for how long the product can be sold – not how long it is good. I don’t care to give advice on the subject as to how long a canned product is “safe” (won’t give a number), but if the can is not damaged and the seal is not broken, MOST canned foods will be good well beyond the printed date – ESPECIALLY if they do not contain meat or egg products.

        Hope this helps.

      • Cosmolined says:

        I think trying to recan stuff will potentially put you at risk.
        Once something is in a can, as long as the can doesn’t show
        signs of excessive pressure, (bulging from botulism), it will
        be good to eat. I’ve had Spam that was 7 years past the “best
        by date”. The texture had changed, ie, soft, but there were no
        abdominal issues. I’ve read the vitamins go down, but the food
        is still edible. Try to get one of the starter kits from the Mormons. They have free shipping too! God Bless, Cos

    • axelsteve says:

      mt woman. sounds like you may have blew a head gasket or warped a head. What kind of truck do you have? Is it a iron block with aluminum head? Maybe try to retorque the head bolts and see if that helps.

      • MtWoman says:

        Axel…’92 Toyota pickup. Don’t know the metal content of the block or head. But I will be finding someone who can check all that for me. *sigh* Pain in the B**T. Thanks for the suggestions….and I’ll ask whoever I find to “torque the head bolts”…or would that be easy for me to do myself?

        • axelsteve says:

          Is it a v6 truck or 4 cylender? The v6 had a headgasket issue and the toyota dealer may fix it for free.Go to a good reputable dealership even if you have to go farther then your local dealer.

    • if they are water stains- turned kind of black- you can get them out i have heard with cream of tartar and water- i dont know the exact proportions but my canner turned black the first time i used it and it was new- the book said to add a TB of vinegar which i did but it still turned black so did my water canning pot

      • Bam Bam says:

        I just let mine sit for an hour or with about a cup of vinegar and luke warm water put in. The stains come right out.

      • MtWoman says:

        mama & BamBam….will try your suggestions….thanks.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        mama – I had the same experience. I didn’t find the vinegar useful, either. Haven’t tried the cream of tartar, though I read that one. I just wipe it out with paper towels while still wet, and that removes some of the hard minerals from our water. Since I’m not going to consume the water from the pressure canner, I don’t worry too much about it. Haven’t for years. Should I for some reason? I’m still using my 70’s pressure canners, in addition to newer ones, and none of them seems to mind! : )

        • i dont know- i am new to canning but would really like someones opinion but if you are still using your canner from the 70s- it doesnt sound like it is dangerous- what kind of canner is yours- i bought a presto with a weight gauge- but the gaskets might have to be replaced in a few years – according to the book- is the all american a weight or a dial gauge? i know it doesnt have gaskets…..
          the only thing i can think of is if the discoloration gets in the water- i dont use the water in the jars but do use the water to sterilize the jars- i worry about the integrity of the aluminum but i have aluminum pots from my childhood days that are still good……

          • Homeinsteader says:

            My largest canner is a Presto “big” canner – you can double-deck pints, with the right dividers between them, of course; late 70’s, harvest gold paint on outside; purchased off ebay a few years back.

            Old gaskets will need replacing; you can buy them online; the pressure gauge indicator is original and works perfectly, as do the other 3 I have. But you can buy replacement parts of any kind online, for most models – unless they are really, really old.

            It is heavier (thicker metal) than the new ones (I have those, too); it heats up faster, distributes heat more evenly, and holds temperature better – I spend less time “adjusting” it than the news ones. I also have a Guardian Ware smaller one that I use for small jobs, and I LOVE the way it works! But, you won’t get a great deal on a GW off ebay – just so you know. I have newer Prestos, as well; I use them, but they’re more labor intensive, in my opinion – don’t hold heat as evenly, need more “watching”.

            I would SUGGEST that if you are only going to have one pc, make it minimum 17 quarts. This does not mean you can pressure can 17 quarts at once; that’s how much “liquid” it will hold. You will can no more than 7 quarts at a time in a 17 qt, and, I think 8 pints, unless it’s a tall one you can double-deck, like mine.

            If you buy a used one, make sure it contains the rack, or you will have to buy one, or two, whatever.

            You can often buy the manuals off ebay, too; but most of those you can also get from parts suppliers.

            DO NOT TRY TO PRESSURE CAN with a pressure cooker. It doesn’t work, and you’ll poison someone. I see ebay sellers listing pressure COOKERS as CANNERS all the time; they ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME. Most sellers just don’t know the difference.

            Tip: NEVER store your pressure canner lid in place on the canner. Wrap it in a clean, soft towel, turn it upside down, and store it upside down on top of the canner pot. Storing them with the lid in place destroys the gaskets.

            Another good place to get replacement parts may be your local hardware store.

            The new ones are made in China; that probably explains a lot about them. Snipe a vintage one off ebay; look for a seller who doesn’t seem to care about starting price and/or has a weird “ending” hour for their auction – such as late at night or a holiday, when most people are out playing. Remember that ebay operates off PACIFIC time, so, adjust YOUR time for PT to be available, or, set a proxy bid, if you are not a “weird hours” person (I am not). That just means you decide what top bid you are willing to pay, period and bid that amount. Don’t forget to factor in shipping; some ebay sellers slam you on shipping. Know in advance what it will cost to get it to you.

            One of the other canners on this site has a gold Presto like mine, and she loves it, too. Color has nothing to do with it, of course; they also made 70’s models without painting them. Just get “made in the USA”, and make sure there is NO DAMAGE to the unit – seller’s description should cover that, but ask questions before bidding.

            You could also try etsy.com – just be sure to search under “Vintage”; it’s either “handmade” or “vintage” on etsy.

            There is also shopgoodwill.com – but their sellers don’t usually provide very good information; you’d need to email them for details not provided, like any site.

            Aluminum is not to be consumed, period. I don’t ever eat food cooked in an aluminum pot. I use my USA-made 1980’s stainless steel cookpots and/or Corning glassware, which I have collected from various sources. Cast iron is perfectly safe; aluminum is not.

            With a canner, you’re not eating food cooked from the pot – it’s processed in glass, so no worries!

            I hope you find this useful information.

          • Bam Bam says:


            I have the All-American, the one that holds 7 quarts or 10 (I think) pints. IMO, the All-American is vastly superior. There is no gasket to replace every few years. The All-American comes with both a gauge and a weight. I have never used the gauge. I go by the weight.

            There are three reasons I opted for the All-American: first, there is no gasket to replace; second, it’s made of thicker metal than the Presto so you don’t have to watch the caner closely (thicker metal means it retains heat better and so the temperature is more stable); and third, it is made in the U.S.A.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Hey, Bam Bam! I agree – the All American is “vastly superior” – it is also priced beyond the reach of many people. If and when my vintage canners (all 4 of them) die out, I might invest in one….but until then, I can’t justify the expense…my vintage American-made Prestos and Guardian Ware have been serving me well for years – paid for, of course. “All American” is simply priced out of the market for many, including me.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Argghhh! If your engine was rattling, I’d bet you a tooth it’s going to die when you need it. In my experience, that kind of
      means the bearings are gone from overheating. Be sure to take
      water and a phone with you when you have to go to the city.
      (Sometimes I find the Lord’s tests to be kind of hard….) Cos

      • MtWoman says:

        Cos…I’ve lined up to have a garage check the compression and head for cracks. Then I’ll go from there. I’m taking everything out of it except GHB and toolbox and water and truck fluids, so if it breaks down, I don’t have to worry about taking a lot of stuff somewhere. It’s been my BOV, so I’ve had all my camping and BO stuff in it. *sigh* always somethin’…..

        • Cosmolined says:

          While the vehicle is TOTALLY COLD, not having been operated in hours, take the radiator cap off, look for an
          orangish goo. Then take the oil dipstick out, looking for
          the same. If you have a cracked head/bad head gasket
          oil and antifreeze meet and are distinct to anyone who
          has ever seen it before.
          I can relate with the taking everthing out stuff. I have a
          hard time taking my truck in for serious maintenance
          issues. LAM. (My wife just doesn’t understand why I need
          to fill the living room floor!) God Bless and Heal you. Cos

          • MtWoman says:

            I’ll give that a try Cos…thanks.

            • Charlie (NC) says:


              Go to a autoparts store and ask them what their best brand of engine stop leak is. I like Bars Leak but there are others probably just as good. Add it to your engine coolant just as it says on the container. It won’t hurt anything. It might well cure your problem temporarily if not permanently.

            • MtWoman says:

              Charlie…that’s a great AFFORDABLE idea!! I am headed to the mechanic in the AM to get a compression check; I think that’s a good idea no matter what…but depending on what I’m told, I will definitely consider this. Thanks.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              the stuff is more commonly used than most folks think. It is sometimes used even in new engines. Ford has or at least used to have their own brand that
              you could buy from your Ford dealer service dept.
              There’s has (if they still have it) a glow under black light dye in it so that if the stop leak doesn’t fix the problem they can use a black light on engine tear down to see where the leak is.

              Lots of folks have paid for expensive engine repairs when the crooked mechanic poured a can of stop leak in, cleaned the engine a little bit to make it look worked on and sent them on down the road.

              Like I said before, it won’t hurt a thing to try it.

    • grannyj says:

      Mt woman check the ACE store she bought it from and see if they test them. My ace store does.

  31. NorCal Ray says:

    Hope all is well with you and your G.F. You haven’t mentioned her in quite awhile. The Coop looks good. That Glock 19 is Sweet.

    For preps this week I picked up a couple Rat Traps and 4 Mouse Traps to control Vermin after TSHTF.

    Last week I told about a store I found in Modesto that even though you can’t tell by the name, it caters to Preppers. This is what I got for 29.00
    1 Web Belt, 1pr. LC1 Suspenders, 1 AR15 Mag Pouch, 1 Stainless Steel Canteen Cup, 1 Canteen Pouch, and 1 Compass Pouch.

    From Harbor Freight & Tool: 2 Windshield Repair Kits, 2 Magnesium Fire Starters.

    From one of my accounts Silva Compass, 2×100 rd. Boxes CCI .22 CB Longs, 10 Tobacco Bags (small item storage), 1 Fish Spear, 1 Frog Spear, 2 x 50 rds. .22lr, 1lb. IMR 4320 Powder, 10 boxes 2 3/4″ Buckshot 20ga. 1 box of 20rds. 2 1/2″ Buckshot .410

    Received a phone call from D.D’s school telling me I needed to be at the Senior Brunch on Tuesday as my D.D. was receiving a Scholarship in her A.P. English Class. Not bad for someone who couldn’t speak a word of English 6 years ago.

    Cosmo, I hope all is well with you and your Wife.
    Chloe, I hope all is well with you and you are recovering quickly.
    Both of you are in our prayers.


    • NorCal Ray,

      We are no longer together…

    • worrisome says:

      Ray, glad to hear your daughter is doing so well! You did a wonderful thing bringing her into your world and turning out a treasure! Good on you and your wife! Good on her for her efforts! It is amazing to watch the unfolding of a mind when given a chance to bloom. Had that honor myself! 🙂

      • NorCal Ray says:

        You are 1000% correct about watching the unfolding of a young mind.
        Thank you for your compliments. They are very much appreciated.

    • d2 prep says:

      Ray, you hit some great scores and congrats to your daughter! Which Harbor Freights do you go to?

    • thank you Ray, and my emails to you keep bouncing back undelivered…will try again tomorrow…cheers and yes, am better..thanks…cheers.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        I will send you an email and you can just reply. Lets see if that helps.

    • Cosmolined says:

      No need for prayers for either of us FINALLY! Thanks though.
      Since Papabear had me start vitamins, no bruises whatsoever,
      despite falling on some stairs due to new boots/not paying attention! (Thanks again Papabear!!)
      Pray for Chloe, Cliff, Conmaze/Jake, Mtwoman and anyone
      else who has asked the Pack for help. Congratulations on your
      daughter’s scholarship! You have to be bursting with pride.
      God Bless you and yours, Cos

  32. village idiot says:

    That chicken coop looks like the Taj Mahal of chicken coops, MD. I’ve lived in worst places than that. Great job. Also, I love the Glock knife. I bought one for my BIL for Christmas, but liked it so much I kept it for myself and gave him a different gift. LOL.

    It’s been a busy week. I got the silver rounds I bought a couple of weeks ago, they are beautiful Maple Leafs, shiny as can be. I also took $4000.00 out of the bank for emergency use. It’s better to have cash than to have it in some money market fund. The Greek collapse is proof of that, and bank runs are taking place there right now. The return of Greeks to the countryside is a hint of what will happen here when the SHTF. Except we have a much larger, more violent and helpless population than the Greeks do, so it will be even worse.

    A trip to Sam’s netted several cases of corn, green beans, lima beans, carrots, beef and chicken broth, tomatoes, tomato paste, tuna and chicken. Added more cheesecloth, vinegar, salt, baking soda, paper cups, paper plates, tp, and paper towels.

    Also got an early Father’s Day gift of AR ammo, got excited and ordered some Cor-bons for my .45, and bought some #4 buckshot at Wally World(Jarhead reminded me, and thank you for that), and another brick of .22 rimfire.

    On a personal note, the greatest American I’ve ever had the privilege to know died this week, and we had his funeral yesterday. A very sad affair. He started his career in the US Navy in WWII, served in Korea, and entered the US Air Force after that. He was shot down over No. Vietnam and spent 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton, 3 of them in solitary confinement. My wife’s cousin wore his POW bracelet while he was a POW and wrote him letters, and he came to see her after his release and they ended up getting married. What a great man and great story. I salute you, sir, Heaven is shining with a new light, brighter than most.

    And chloe, I’m still praying daily for you. May God heal and succor you in your time of need. And other pack members as well, including Jake and Rece.

    • d2 prep says:

      Village, I was not aware Chloe was Ill. My prayers go out to her as well as the repose of the soul of your hero you mentioned, God rest his brave soul. I agree with you on Greece, I am loading up on metals and cash because the bank will not have it when it hits. I think the civil unrest we will see here will be catastrophic. Good week for you overall on your preps. Keep up the great work.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, wow you have stepped it up!….a great man died here this week too. he landed in normandy on d-day, robert slaughter. he was the catalyst behind the d-day memorial being located in bedford, va. as bedford lost the most troops per capita of any town that day. they were national guard troops, not ra which made it even harder on the community. bob wrote a book about his experience, i think it was a bestseller. normandy and beyond? i think…..anyway its sad, i just saw him a few months ago. he would sometimes welcome the troops home to this area. he will be missed.

      • village idiot says:

        It was a terrible week for my family, river. We lost our uncle at Normandy(82nd Airborne), and June 6 is always a rough day for my mother. With Col. Hughes passing away on June 4th things just went downhill from there. I’m just so happy I went to see Col. Hughes in the hospital last week and got to talk to him before he passed. He was the most humble man I’ve ever met.

        And Bedford, Va. does register in my mind for losing the most troops per capita on D-Day. I remember seeing a program on The History Channel that mentioned the NG unit from there. And I mean no disrespect to anyone, but it seems to me that we in the South have given more of our sons over to war than any other region. And have received less gratitude than what we should have. Just saying.

        • riverrider says:

          vi, hadn’t thought about that. i guess its like sparta and athens, we being the spartans. death before dishonor and all that….colonel hughes, that name sounds familiar for some reason. we lost col. barfoot this year too. he was a 3 war vet, medal of honor. flew the flag everyday, died one morning while raising the flag. he had to fight the hoa to fly it, almost caused a rebellion here over it. now it will fly no more forever.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          village idiot,

          Check out the origins of the 82nd Airborne.

          • village idiot says:

            All-American Division, and they still wear that AA on their sleeve, I believe. Good point, HD.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              There is a bridge in Stevens Point Wisconsin dedicated to the local unit that became the 82nd.

        • Cosmolined says:

          I’m sorry to hear your Uncle has passed. Rejoice that the Airborne Commander has another trooper in his command.
          God Bless you and yours. Airborne! Cos

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        River and Village, I had a drink in their honor last night after work. They were warriors of the highest order. Grew up around some of my dads friends that fought that day as well as a friend of his that was a pathfinder on the operation.

        • village idiot says:

          Thank you, sir, that was a nice gesture. I really appreciate the men and women who have served their country, and I know you are one of them, J. Thank you again.

    • VI…am getting better steadily – thank you for your prayers. When am stronger will post as usual. cheers.

    • VI…am getting better steadily – thank you for your prayers. When am stronger will post as usual..can only stay on my feet for a few minutes at a time without spinning out…been through worse – so, it’s just a matter of time to get well. trying to keep up with the posts and what everyone is doing…

      cliff – praying for your continued improvement…cheers.

    • conmaze says:

      Thank you for your continued prayers for Jake. They are helping! And thank you for letting us know about Chloe. She will be added to my list of those that need extra attention. As well as Rece.

  33. Hey guys, since I’ve been focusing on mostly food prep for the last several months, I decided to turn my attention to defense of my prepes so I bought:
    -Black UTG SWAT tactical vest
    -Gerber folding sheath knife
    -Whetstone Cutlery The Vermillion Survival Knife and Kit with Sheath Knife
    -Allen Company Neoprene Shotshell Belt
    -550lb. Type III Paracord 100′ Black

    I also was at Walmart last night and bought several more cans of food and large ziplock bags.

    I have a question for you guys. I want to buy enough Mac and Cheese to fill a 5lb. bucket. I’m going to take the shells out and seal them by themselves but I was wondering if I should leave the cheese in the small sealed bags they come in or should I take the cheese out of those and seal it all up in one large Mylar bag?

    • Bam Bam says:


      I wonder if it would be cheaper for you to get the noodles and the cheese mix separately. You could get the noodles from Sam’s Club and the cheese blend from EE. If you are buying the box and taking out the noodles, I would definitely keep the cheese in the packet provided.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      i bought the no.10 can of powdered cheese from augeson farms. not the same as kraft but a good deal and allows yoou to buy noodles in bulk. as fasr as thier powder i am not sure

    • JP in MT says:

      That’s why I like the new #2.5 cans.

      We bought one from EE to try with our noodles (I try to buy a bunch when it goes on sale). I know it won’t be kraft, but after a couple of months without my Kraft, I’ll take it.

    • inquisitorjje says:

      I know this doesn’t really answer your question but I bought two cases of kraft mac n cheese in 07 and we have just gotten around to finishing them up this year. The exp. date was in 08 and after 4 years they have become quite bland and much harder to enjoy even though it was edible. If it was me I would leave the pouch intact and rotate out within three years. Just my 2 cents…

    • Storm, we purchased macaroni noodles from an LDS Bishop’s storehouse more reasonable than anywhere else and it was already put up in #10 cans and boxed. We bought some cheese powder from Augason Farms which I believe advertises on this blog. If not here’s a link to their site (if it’s okay with MD). I believe that some Costco’s have Augason products also.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        I haven’t bought boxed mac-n-cheese in years. I buy pasta when it’s on sale, then I buy powdered cheese in cans. I mix about 1/4 cup of cheese powder with about the same amount of plain yogurt, then mix with the drained pasta. Kiddos don’t even like Kraft anymore 🙂

      • Encourager says:

        Col.D, you can get Augason Farms at Sam’s Club online, too. They then ship it to the nearest Sam’s Club where you pick it up.

  34. I love reading the preps every week, but it’s hard to keep up with! Really inspiring though. I didn’t do a lot besides add a few more can’s to the pantry; also found a handheld vacuum thing with bags. It’s not heavy duty but my proper one isn’t sucking at all, have to do some diagnostics.

    Planted some of the amaranth and quinoa–two kinds of quinoa meant for eating (organic whole grain.) One was Casbah brand and one was bulk from the bulk store. The quinoa is coming up, both kinds. The amaranth (from the local seed growing farm) isn’t yet.

    Here are today’s books. http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/06/books-available-june-9-2012.html

    I’m also just about to post a list of older books that are free long-term. Hang on…. okay, done, here it is: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/06/classic-older-survival-skills-books.html

    • Thanks again for providing the daily Kindle books I’ve really got a great digital library going on.

      • You’re welcome, Sunny! 🙂 It’s great to know you’re getting some use of them.

        • NANN!/Cruzette says:

          Yes, much thanks, Natalia! I’ve been checking the site everyday for good reads. It’s greatly appreciated!

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Natalia, Many thanks again for all of your hard work. Not only have I added (too) many books to my electronic stash, but my sister is now on board. I’m pretty sure she’s looking your up daily, too! Your hard work is SO appreciated!

  35. Michele says:

    Didn’t post last week – so – for both weeks:

    Bought 100 rounds .45 ammo at Walmart for $37
    Bought 2 pkgs -18 wash cloths
    Bought 4 pkg waterproof matches for the kids 72 hour bags
    ordered 3 backpacks for the kids’ 72 hour bags (they’ve been keeping them in a bag in their trunks)
    and a heavy duty camp grill
    1-#10 can of sour cream,
    1- #10 of dehydrated green and red peppers,
    2- 56 oz jars of Ghee

    Bought more heirloom garden seeds, some for now, some to put in mylar bags in the freezer for later.

    Got my son’s to made large planter boxes, I bought 2 truckloads of mushroom compost/dirt mix – got my temp garden planted (I need to rent a tractor to get my permanent area ready. Its about an acre and needs to be terraced)

    Started the seeds for my respiratory herb/flower garden, and started digging it up and adding tons of compost. Planted Marshmallow seeds in a semi-shaded area at the back of my flower bed (one of my grandsons was really excited until I told him it doesn’t grow marshmallows). Pulled up the last of the broccoli (mostly leaves) to make room for the Swiss chard. Washed, blanched and dehydrated the broccoli leaves (and when I ran out of room in the dehydrator, bagged some in freezer bags for eating sooner rather than later – I think broccoli leaves are some the tastiest greens I’ve ever eaten.

    Got a big bag of rags for $3.00 from thrift store (for sanitary reasons, in case the toilet paper runs out – if long term emergency – thanks Wolf Pack for the suggestion)

    Bought a bag of pool shock. Small amounts can be added to water and used to make bleach.

    Worked a little more on digging my root cellar (OK, it’s taking a LOT longer than 2 weeks, but I’m being a little lazy). Added more soft dirt to the bottom of the outdoor chicken coop for dust baths. Since the new coop has wire on the bottom as well as top and sides (raccoon and hawk protection), I had to add a 4-5″ layer over it for scratching and ‘bathing’.

    Bought another 2 bags of Kirkland dog food. I already have enough puppy food for the next 5 months, and several months of dog food in the stores. My ‘puppies’ turned 8 months old on Monday. Lady, a pure black German Shepherd/Lab mix is a mere 61.5 lbs, Jake who is German Shepherd/Anatolian Shepherd mix (litter mates, believe it or not) is 79.5 lbs. How’s that for a great alarm/protection system?

    Went to see my grandson’s kindergarten play (family is important too). He wasn’t expecting me, so the moment he came out and saw me he had a great big smile and yelled out, “Hi Grandma”. He was an absolutely adorable tree – and even had a speaking part in the play.

    • That’s one thing I need to stock up more on—dog food. I have enough for six months and then I figure I’ll start feeding them left over scraps. But I’d like to have enough for 1 year.

      • Encourager says:

        Anyone have any suggestions as to the best dry dog food to buy? Our dog is allergic to wheat and corn, which most dog foods have as a filler. Right now we are using Taste of the Wild but it is sooooo expensive! She likes the Bison and Venison one.

        We had bought some on sale at a Pet store and it was part of that recall a month ago. We were shocked; we thought it was made up and packaged by Taste of the Wild but it is done up by Diamond.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Always buy ONLY made in the U.S.A., and you’re going to want a brand that is high in REAL protein – not chicken beaks and feet, entrails, etc. These brands ARE going to seem “expensive”, but they will keep your pet healthy for a very long time, as opposed to the health issues they will certainly have with bad food. Dogs do not naturally eat “dry” foods. Think about how our Creator made them, and their natural diet – mostly raw meat, and some greens (grasses). Unlike some, I do not advocate a raw meat diet. Any farm kid knows why. I cook my furbabies’ food; yep, I do! I cook about every 4-5 days; I mix a blend of brown rice, white rice, and wild rice with beef broth and pre-cooked beef; I use my home-canned meats a lot. I do this because one furbaby nearly died from tainted dog food out of China (I did not know that Iams had sold out); now she has permanent kidney problems; thus, the special diet. I do not mind. But, in between, I give them dry dog food; they treat it like “puppy popcorn’; but only high-quality, Made in the USA; Some suggestions: Blue Buffalo (but not the one with the little dark round things in it – I haven’t found a dog yet that won’t pick those things out!; Bil-Jac (it’s been made in the US for decades!); Nutro; and Naturo. I use Nutro chicken and oatmeal for sensitive stomachs (green bag) a lot because of furbabie’s issues. It’ s best not to change their diets around much, especially if they have problems. For snacks, I give them REAL cooked meat; none of that soy protein crap – that will kill humans and dogs – I occasionally give them a rasher (strip) or two of bacon, but no often; but I never give them “Begging Strips” or any such nastiness. They cut teeth as puppies on cold baby carrots, and they still love them; they can have as many of those as they want. While I don’t advocate wheat products, one treat they don’t get much but really love is Nilla Wafers. The point? If it isn’t suitable for humans, it isn’t suitable for a dog, either. Not if you want a healthy, happy dog. PetSmart carries all the brands of dry food I mentioned. You can read more from Dr. Karen Becker, Holistic Vet, but she is a proponent of raw food, and I am not. Still, I learn much from her posts. Hope this helps.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            Whatever you give them, just be sure it is made in the USA; if it doesn’t tell you on the package, “Made in the USA”, it isn’t. Don’t fall for “packed in the USA”, either; that means it was shipped over from China and re-packaged.


            • Homeinsteader says:

              oh, I forgot – the cooked food also contains frozen peas/carrot blend, or green beans – they love both!

          • I make alot of my own pet food also. I just got a new 5 week old Corgi puppy yesterday. I hadn’t thought of the cold baby carrots. Great idea.

        • Growing up one winter my family was using commodities (pre-food stamp days where they actually gave you food I believe once a month). Anyway, nobody liked the bulgar but we had dogs who also needed to eat. That winter the dogs ate bulgar and actually did quite well. Several years later Dad raised a big garden and when he came home after work he would go out and check the garden. The dogs we had at that time would go with him and he would share whatever he was eating from the garden with them. The dogs loved the fresh vegetables and he was hardly allowed even one bite before the first dog was waiting for his next treat (4 dogs so you had to be quick if you were going to enjoy any of the vegetables).

  36. P.S., great job on the chicken coop M.D.! Can I ask how much it cost for materials to make it and how long it took to put together? Also, how much of an area would I need to consider having a coop like that?

  37. On the preppping front. While at the Commissary there were quart cans of DelMonte pasta sauces (plain, mushroom, meat, w garlic etc) for .50 a can on a managers special. Bought 20 cans. At less than 2 cents an ounce figured I couldn’t go wrong. Will go back on Monday and get another 20, and see what else is on special. If we don’t eat it, will donate it to the food bank before the Oct 2014 expiration date.

  38. Jarhead 03 says:

    Hope  everyone had a productive week. M.D., the coop looks great and congrats on the Gen 4 Glock, we can’t get them in Kalifornia.
    Prayers sent for the Pack and their families.

    Late post due to a company that specializes in emergency preparedness and CERT equipment had a huge sale and many things were 25% to 50% off with  vendor reps, LAFD CERT representative looking to recruit more CERT volunteers as they expect a major earthquake in the next ten years. 
    Still moving things into the storage facility close to the new house.
    Had to visit the chiropractor for an adjustment.
    Gardening  prep: 
    Went to Lowes, Home Depot, Osh and Kmart to see what they had in drip irrigation.

    Firearms prep:
    Did my monthly cleaning of all firearms and back into the safe.

    Ammo prep:
    Found more ammo than I was expecting when going through tote boxes and containers I added the ammo I’m keeping to my ammo cans and for the calibers I no longer own I will be bartering it for other calibers I do own and some some seriously old buck shot ammo that is paper instead of plastic I sold to a collector.

    Solar prep: 
    Picked up another solar charger to charge my other items.
    They had a rep there and was pushing a great solar powered generator that can run a fridge for 16 hours on a full charge and extend that time by having the solar panels connected. The generator is silent! They also have solar powered power packs that can run CPAPs and other devices.
    The company is GOAL ZERO and the website is

    Water prep:
    Picked up a 30 gallon water barrel at a sale and they included the hand pump/ siphon, wrench and water treatment.
    Picked up an additional 5 gallon water can that’s stackable, may pick up more after I move.

    Other Preps:
    Bought a new bed, I’m considering that a health and comfort prep. It comes with a four drawer base instead of a metal frame so I save overall space. Will have it delivered the day after I move in.

    Have a good week everyone.

    • Kelekona says:

      Ah Jarhead, we’re doing the same thing with replacing the mattress when we move, except that hubby will be building the drawer platform later with old-fashioned techniques.

      (Apparently pre-industrial woodworking is a fascination for him. He really is the most amazing catch when he isn’t annoying me.)

      • axelsteve says:

        kelekona. A friend of mine makes hi end custom electric guitars and he cant make acoustic ones. They take too much time.He made one and it took him 100 hours,that is a 10 thousond dollar guitar. he may make them later but for now he can`t

        • Kelekona says:

          My hubby is interested in woodworking, but not in-depth enough to make a living at it to abandon his contract work.

          I’m an unemployed sponge right now, but also interested enough in woodwork to do the labor of it if he can manager it…

          As long as I don’t have to use the circular saws that gave me recurring nightmares back when I was a work-study for the college theatre. And as long as one can support a guitar shop with one alcoholic employee that can only work from 3-10 am at best.

          We can’t compete with the Amish, and I love them too much to try.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Kelekona, I agree and would love to do that but since I’m at work 9-10 hours and where I currently live, could manage to do it. Would be great. I wanted to keep a rocking chair my grandpa crafted. It mom didn’t like it and out it went. I tried sneaking it in my room. That didn’t work or go over well as a kid lol.

      • Mother Earth says:

        Kelekona, the amazing catch statement cracked me up, you just described my DH! There is nothing he can’t fix (except computer type stuff) but boy does he annoy me.

    • conmaze says:


      If you’re looking at Goal Zero, also check out the Humless Sentinel. Humless will soon be coming out with a bigger unit than the Sentinel and you will be able to add batteries to it. One thing about Humless vs Goal Zero is they use lithium batteries and they will take up to 5,000 complete drains/recharges so I think it might have a longer life exectancy. Might be worth a look for you.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Conmaze, thanks I will look into it. The reason I have gone with Goal Zero on my portable small medium chargers is everything can be interconnected to produce more energy/reduced charge time.
        I’m seriously looking into a solar generator and noticed the website I posted didn’t have the generator I was looking at during the sale.
        Thinking how my Honda is quiet during the day but without taken measures could be heard at night. Love the idea of constant power via the sun (sunny California about 300 days out of the year) and with the panels I have now from them for my power packs I can save money since I wouldn’t have to store added fuel.

        Was still looking at a tri-fuel as well just in case.

        • Jarhead,

          I need to buy “Solar for Dummies”. I like the Humless because of the lithium battery. The Sentinel is a stand-alone unit, but you can add more panels to it for faster charging, just not more batteries. I think it’s 1000 watts peak. I almost bought one figuring I could at least keep a small refrigerator/freezer going, my computer and small tv or dvd player to keep GS happy. I also like the idea that it’s small (40 lbs.) so very transportable if needed. It can sit right in a closet or cabinet so no one would even know it’s there. I’m glad I hesitated because I think I’d rather get a bigger one that you can add to. Would love to be able to have a small chest freezer and run some fans at night if the grid goes down. North Florida has lots of sun and gets very hot in the summer and I can’t imagine trying to sleep with no AC. Keep me posted as to what you find out/do. I’ll be very interested.

          • village idiot says:

            conmaze, I bought an 1800-watt solar generator a few weeks ago and it has a lead-acid deep cycle battery instead of lithium. I figured if the SHTF that the lead-acid would be easier to find, although I would have preferred the lithium. I just haven’t had the chance to do a really good study, but the solar keeps my television, desk-top, and a light going at all times. I intend to try it on my frig, but it is large and sucks a lot of power, so I don’t have high hopes. We’ll see. I looked at the Sentinel, and really liked it.

            • conmaze says:

              Preparedness Pro ran a 24 hour test with the Sentinel and it was able to keep her regular fridge and freezer going – swapping both on and off manually, of course. She didn’t say what size her appliances were or if they were newer energy star products. She also said in another test she was able to do three loads of laundry in her front-loading washing machine. (I can think of a whole host of other things I would use it for before worrying about doing laundry! LOL) I’m anxious to see the bigger unit and how much more money it will cost to see if there’s that much added value.

              Can you add batteries and/or more panels to your unit? You’re right on the availability of the lead-acid batteries and a smart choice you’ve made. I figure if I can hold on long enough to gather the funds I’ll get the Humless, with the lifetime of the lithium I wouldn’t have to worry about it going bad for a very, very long time. But if things start going into any faster decline than we are experiencing right now, I may not wait and will jump on your brand. Time will tell. Thanks for your input, I hope you can keep us updated on its capabilities and shortcomings. All eyes are on you right now LOL

            • conmaze says:

              Meant to say Preparedness Pro kept her full-size fridge/freezer and a separate chest freezer going…

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Commaze, you are right. I have several items from Goal Zero and with a solar generator I won’t have to worry about panels on the roof and can move the panels along with the sun.
            The fact that it is lighter run a fuel ran generator is a major plus. If you can adapt as many panels or eventually got a second or third generator and panels you could almost run everything.

        • d2 prep says:

          Jar, I just bought my tri fuel6500 watt genny from Powerland. It is pretty heavy and I have yet to fire it up (will do this week). It good fairly good reviews from what I could tell. Here is the link: http://www.powerlandonline.com/product/PD3G6500E/Tri-Fuel-Generator-6500-w-portable-on-sale.html

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            D2, if you make it out this way on a Monday/Tuesday I’m available at any time and other days before 1pm since I work. I’m lookin for an excuse to go back after I move into the new place. Made two deliveries to the storage. My 30 gallon, 5 gallon and 2 litter water bottles as well as fishing tackle are stored. I almost dumped all my water and was going to start over.

          • Cosmolined says:

            If Jar doesn’t tell me when you’re in the neighborhood,
            Santa will leave him coal under his tree. Cos

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Cos: it’s in the stockings. Lumps of coal in stockings hanging by the fireplace for naughty ones. Trust me on this one! : )

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cosmo, when Santa stopped leaving coal when I stopped leaving claymores on the roof and chimney lol. Besides haven’t you heard, all Marines are on Santas good list since we do the toy drive every year. All other toy drives are imitators with a the same good cause lol.

              Cos, I think Home is on the naughty list btw lol.

            • You got it Cos! If the three of us are in one place, TDL is sure to send his jack boots to harass us and make us submit to his ways.

            • Homeinsteader says:


    • d2 prep says:

      Jarhead, I have the Nomad 7 from goal zero for charging phones and other little things. I have been pretty happy with it. Keep us posted on the solar genny as that is something I am interested in too. Looks like a good week of preps despite the moving inconvenience. I look forward to hitting that store in Van Nuys as well.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        D2, it was the Nomad 7 I picked up for $89. Couldn’t pass up the price. I have one of them and the smaller Nomad 3.5 and have four Guide 10 Plus battery packs.
        I also have an Escape 150 power pack, the panels are not goal zero but but it works. I’m planning on picking up the goal zero panels so I can “chain together” the panels and increase charge time. May be a year before I buy the Yetti or go with Conmaze’s recommendation especially if the panels can be hooked in. Thinking stay consistent.

        • d2 prep says:

          Jarhead, will do on the Monday – Tuesday thing when I get back down there. Also, the solar panel project sounds great. I am into buying solar toys lately (detection lights, lamps, chargers, battery chargers). My next step is the genny or the multi 15 watt panel kit with all the trimmings. Good luck!

          • Homeinsteader says:

            Did you see my post about the newest sale at Harbor Freight? Don’t know if these things are even in the same category as what you’re trying to do…just want to make sure you know about them.

    • Jarhead 03
      Just got back from a camping trip and used my new Goal Zero Extreme 350 Base Camp Kit. It handled lights, CPAP, cell phone, and even a small fan with no problem. Not sure if it would handle my frig at home. Been thinking about that Yeti 1250. Which one did you get and have you tried it out yet?

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        MSgt, I would like the Extreme 350 as its a better power source than the Escape 150. My panels were from HF but I’m looking to pick up a Yetti within a year. My plan is to pick up a panel every three months as I save up for the Yetti.
        Top, I’ve had to carry too many batteries over the years and on the last few hiking camping trips the solar has made a difference especially in areas where fires are restricted. I’m now looking into a solar lantern or two. Trying to cut the battery consumption and an alternative to too much fuel/propane in a limited space.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Did a complete inventory of my water supplies and will have to move:
      2 liter bottles: 43
      5 gallon water bottles: 10
      5 gallon containers: 4
      10 gallon containers: 2
      20 gallon containers: 2
      Cases of bottled water: 23
      Glad I haven’t filled the 30 or the new 5 gallon yet. Will be moving those into storage so when the friends help me move they won’t see all the preps.

  39. KR Prepper says:

    Hello Everybody,
    This week.

    -Put in more Russet, and Sweet Potatoes
    -Tended my little truck garden 6.5′ x 6.5′ Everything’s growing perfectly. We’ve had an abnormally hot summer for MN
    Made room for more plantings
    -Bought my first #25 of wheat. and made wheat berries (YUM!!)
    -Bought 5 Cans Pears, 5 cans beans, (Red, Black, Navy, and Pork and Beans)
    -Bought 5 Cans Pink Salmon,
    -Bought 5 Cans Tuna
    -Bought 5 Cans Fire Roasted Tex Mex Tomatoes (Wally world)
    -Bought bag of Contractor Trash Bags

    -Went to the range with and fired a hundred rounds through my Maverick 88.
    -Went again today with my son and shot another hundred, also Shot a few through a rented .357
    -Purchased A box of 00 Buck from Wally World
    -Started on a weight lifting regimen.. Nothing extenstive.. Just curls and stuff everyday

    -Gave some band-aids away (literally)
    -Talked to my mom (nurse practitioner) about her med manuals.

    -One of my friends graciously gave me 30 cinder blocks (stocking up on free cinder blocks for the foundation to my cabin) need 114 more
    -Figured out a very cheap way to make a rabbit fence out of stakes, cinder block and plastic.
    -Made arrangements to secure retaining wall bricks for planters.

  40. Very nice coop, your chickens should be very happy.

    Went to Wally World and picked up more Bear Creek soups, 1 dozen wide mouth pint canning jars, and a dozen wide mouth lids; then to Harbor Freight and got a sling shot for DH, a pair of work gloves, one box of medium vinyl gloves, and used a coupon for a free small led flashlight; then on the way home stopped off at grocery store and got 2 jars of roasted peanuts (DH loves these) and some popcorn that was on sale.

    Tried a little variation on my bread recipe, but wasn’t crazy about the taste or texture, so will go back to old recipe. I definitely need to practice more often, was a little rusty. Used my Nutrimill electric grain mill that DH gave me for Christmas, it works really well. My tomatoes are starting to come in and even the first ones were tasty. Still waiting on the jalapenos and the onions.
    Found this link that is medical related that people may want to check out:
    It has medical flow charts relating to what to do in medical emergencies. I am going to save it to my desktop and to a flash drive or cd. My focus in the next few weeks is to continue improving my medical preps.
    I am keeping a close eye on the news for any troubles to be aware of. To everyone with troubles, prayers heading your way and may God grant blessings to us all.
    Ms ACW

  41. Very nice coop, your chickens should be very happy.

    Went to Wally World and picked up more Bear Creek soups, 1 dozen wide mouth pint canning jars, and a dozen wide mouth lids; then to Harbor Freight and got a sling shot for DH, a pair of work gloves, one box of medium vinyl gloves, and used a coupon for a free small led flashlight; then on the way home stopped off at grocery store and got 2 jars of roasted peanuts (DH loves these) and some popcorn that was on sale.

    Tried a little variation on my bread recipe, but wasn’t crazy about the taste or texture, so will go back to old recipe. I definitely need to practice more often, was a little rusty. Used my Nutrimill electric grain mill that DH gave me for Christmas, it works really well. My tomatoes are starting to come in and even the first ones were tasty. Still waiting on the jalapenos and the onions.
    Found this link that is medical related that people may want to check out:
    It has medical flow charts relating to what to do in medical emergencies. I am going to save it to my desktop and to a flash drive or cd. My focus in the next few weeks is to continue improving my medical preps.
    I am keeping a close eye on the news for any troubles to be aware of. To everyone with illnesses or problems, prayers heading your way and may God grant blessings to us all.
    Ms ACW

  42. Coop looks great!
    Got another 1/2 rank of free wood. Picked up a sling shot, and a second set of two way radios. LED spot light that hubby can re-charge on generator. Picked a ton of yellow squash anyone recipes and storage would be very helpful. Getting lots of broccoli and cherry tomatoes now.

    Hubby put together a small GHB for his motorcycle when he rides it to work. We both commute to the same town but at least he has a few things with him.

    Been using our water collection container to water the garden. Good thing too since we haven’t had rain in a month!!! The last rain that we did get was about 3/8th of and inch which filled our 275 gal. container back up to the top. It was half empty when that rain came along.

    Starting to practice with the sling shot. New skill set for me!

    Prayers to all in need!

    • C. R., dehydrate for soups and stews or freeze for baking. Haven’t heard of anybody being happy with summer squash canned. Jeff

  43. Indiana Joe says:

    Great week!!
    20 cans peas and carrots for 29 cents each
    10 cans sweet potatos for 29 cents each
    12 cans corn
    20 cans soup
    2 large jars peanut butter
    1 Midland crank weather radio
    Food dehydrator
    Today at garage sale…solar and crank midland rario for 1.50
    5gallon gas can
    5gallon kerosene can…now just need teh heater.
    2 large cans of oats
    5 large cans of chicken
    two bottles of hot sauce
    20lbs rice
    And the major score…I was at a friends house helping set up his pool and I saw a foodsaver box in the dining room. I joked and asked him if he would sale it and he gave it to me.. A brand new in the box never opened foodsaver 370.

    • Where do you guys find canned food for prices like that? (.29 cents)

      • Yes! Where do you find canned food so cheap?

        • Indiana joe says:

          If you have an Aldis or something like that. The normal price is 59 cents but every week in the back they have clearance. Dates are still 11/14 expire

      • At Big Lots I picked up 3 more bars of Zote (90¢ each) for making laundry soap, plus another gallon of bleach. 2 cases of pint canning jars, $7.25 each and 6 boxes of lids.

        With grocery store coupons I got a bottle of bbq sauce for 10¢, three 8lb bags of mesquite charcoal 1.99 each, 5 pounds peaches for 99¢ a pound, will be canning those tomorrow.

        I used all the tomatoes I had in tin cans to make salsa which I canned in jars, 14 pints and 1 quart as well as 2 quarts of tomato juice.
        Canned 9 half pints of salsa verde.

        From a thrift store I got a nice food mill, one of the cone shaped ones with a stand for $2 and found the wooden pestle for it at Etsy.com for $3. They usually go for about $20 complete.
        Also found 3 canning jars at another thrift shop, 40¢ each.

        Received 2 refillable butane lighters with long bendable ends $5.99 for the 2 on Ebay.

        Neighbors were putting out books for the trash man (crazy!) and I brought them home, I already sold one on Ebay for $70 on the history of beer, I’m selling off more in my Etsy store. Included were 3 survival books I’m keeping: Wilderness Survival by Gregory Davenport, Easy to Make Contraptions by Roland Berry (for kids but has some nice trap ideas) and Living Off the Land by Chris McNab. These will go on the shelf with the Foxfire books and herbal and gardening books.

        Had to take the cat to the vet, $101 lighter now, but hopefully the cat will be better. Kind of put a kink in my purchasing this pay period but fur-children need to be taken care of too.

  44. MD, that chicken coop rocks, love the window, my sitting hen would like to have that view!

    For preps this week dehydrated 5 lbs of carrots, all the Excalibur can hold at once. Picked up more sugar, bar soap, deodorant, rice. Received 5 gallon bucket of Charlie’s Soap – hypo allergenic laundry detergent. Should last several years. We did a test for a month to make sure everyone was ok with it. Dog approved, oh and so did DH! Books, books and more books for the Kindle. Extracted just under a gallon of honey, tastes wonderful.

    DH just went through BOBs and decided on same additions needed.

    Dog on high alert we saw a possum last night the size of beagle! Wildlife has really picked up around here this year. The feral cats in the area are nearly gone, so now we’ve got squirrels, rabbits and quail again. Deer have stayed on their side of the fence so far, but squirrels have eaten strawberries. Trapped a rat in chicken coop.

    Have a safe week.

  45. Cold Warrior says:

    Traded in my Wife’s sedan for a Toyota 4w SUV. We figured it would be a better choice when things turn sour.

    Stoped at our local $1 store and found a product called 1-2-3 Charcoal, which is a one time use brick of coal for cooking. The bag says that it will give you a 350 degree fire for 90 minutes. Bought 10 of them at $1ea. (of course). Great for bugging out with out hauling around a big bag of the stuff.
    Like my old Pastor used to say, “Prayer changes things”. Hate a blessed Sunday.

    • axelsteve says:

      Cold Warior. What model Toyota did you get? I worked for toyota for years and you can`t go wrong with one.I would love to have a fj or about any model .They are kinda weird but I would like to find a 2 door rav 4.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        I drive a 1999 (109,000 miles) Rav4 (4door ) and it’s still going strong. Just got the Wife a Rav too. While we were at the dealer, the sales guy tried to get me to trade mine for a new Tacoma. Really tempting.
        The FJ might be the “Preppers Dream” car but too rich for my blood.

    • JP in MT says:

      Cold Warrior:
      Thanks for the tip on the 1-2-3 Charcoal. Went and checked our Dollar Tree and they had some, so we picked up 6. Will give it a try on the next camp out. It was much smaller than I was looking for, I was thinking something the size of a Presto Log.

  46. Cold Warrior says:

    A correction: HAVE a blessed Sunday.

  47. SurvivorDan says:

    Coop is fantastic. As a lad and when I was overseas, I lived in domiciles that weren’t as nice! Love the escape hatch/chicken door. Seriously, nice job MD. Plans to be posted?

  48. This week I received an order of 10 cases of canned B&M Raisin Bread for $1.72 per can. Picked up more denim blouses, skirts, and jeans as well as flannel sheets at local thrift store. Also this store has what they call “paint sheets” – sheets that have some damage to them. I bought one to test out (they are rolled tight and bundled so you can’t see what you are really getting). They sell for 75 cents and the one I got was in such good condition I plan to use it on the bed. Will go back for more. Also, continue to work in my garden and learn. Harvested and froze about 7 pounds of heirloom green peas and collected another 2 -3 pounds to dry for seed for next year. Finally made time to send in this reply to what I did this week to prepare!

  49. SurvivorDan says:

    Got several wood blades for my reciprocating saws. Got another Buck skeletonized fixed blade at Walmart ($19.95 holds a great edge – feather light). Fry’s grocery – 100 lbs charcoal for $24.00 for emergency cooking only. Dry and hot in the garage so it will be good for a few years…or not? Actually built the two 4″ x 24″ burial caches. Got an 8 lb maul from Harbor Freight. Not liking the fiberglass handle but it’ll do for now.

    • I am with you on the fiberglass handles!! I have broken more of them than I want to count. At least with a wood handle in a pinch you can sometimes patch them with some glue, screws and hose clamps but with fiberglass once they break they are done. I have replacement wood handles for most of my good tools that are essentials.

    • Dan, I wish I read your post before yesterday. I just picked up a fiberglass handles axe at Harbor Freight yesterday. The price drew me in!

  50. Well after a long needed rest from prepping back in the game
    this week.

    Picked up 1100 .22
    Picked up 50 .45 ACP
    Started P 90X program
    Picked blackberries from retreat
    Took edible nature class.
    Made Blackberry freezer jam.
    Pulled Sassafras roots for tea.
    Put together plans for 275 gallon water tank /rain collection system to water beginning orchard

  51. 2040hours – Sunday

    HELLO to all…I’m still a little wonky…so hope my post makes sense.

    First – thank you to the pack for praying for me…it seemed I was not getting back on my feet – but steady progress is being made.

    Cliff – tried to post re your stroke – but it didn’t jump the blogosphere – so, know that I am praying for your continued improvement.

    Cos – thank you for being such a considerate and kind person – even though you had your own health issues – which I had to find out from your post – you took the time to let the pack know that I was in need of prayers…thank you from the depths of my heart. You stepped up also for Mt Woman, and your wife, and took your health issues in your stride – had to find out via the blog that you had good news too. Praise the Lord.

    To all who prayed and sent their best wishes – know that I read the posts and was very touched at the outpouring of concern…you guys are the best…

    What have I been up to…like VI, I transferred $4k out of my mad money account online with the intention to store it at home before the banks lose it all – but haven’t managed to get in and withdraw it…but will as soon as I can get into town. I sense the need for more cash at home – even though I have dozens of bags of coins filled with $1 and $2 coins.

    It’s been 2 weeks – and haven’t required anything from the shops – however DD has brought me fresh bread when needed. So good to know that everything I needed was already stacked up here.

    Had frost here 2 mornings in a row – and 8 degree Celsius during day. Too weak to close the windows and skylights on my TT…good practice when SHTF and we’re all living like rats in makeshift shelters…(only half kidding).

    Still want to purchase land further out in the boonies…however – when I had to call the ambulance – was so glad they only had about 40 minutes to get to my place…and they managed to find it in the dark…so, now need to reconsider whether I really want to go even further out – just in case I need to call them again any time in the future.

    It is so hard to balance what needs to be done…I know it will not be safe when SHTF to be anywhere near crazed people – yet, too far out now, as I live alone can be iffy…have to think about it a little.

    Insurance Premiums.

    My insurance broker phoned me to let me know the insurance premiums on my properties have risen. We have had devastating flooding and natural disasters, and some whole towns have been denied cover by insurance cover…so, one property is now $6,075 p/annum, and the other is $6,319 p/annum. The other 2 have also risen – but are under $4K p/annum…

    There is no option to opt out of flood cover, even though I’ve owned one of the houses for 40 years, and its never flooded – have no choice but to pay the premiums.

    All up I have $19K in premiums due, and last year my premiums were just over $6K…that is a huge increase.

    Thank goodness I am a control freak with my savings – always setting aside the weekly amounts due for my essential expenses out of my weekly incomes…however…this is a huge expense…so, I have to just suck it up and get on with it.

    But if I have another huge increase like this next year – will probably sell 2 of the rentals. And getting sick made me realize the burden of managing the houses will also fall on my DD’s shoulders…(she took a week off work while I was in hospital, and has been over daily to help me) I have no idea how people who also have a mortgage manage…at least I own mine outright, and they are rented.

    I still haven’t managed to finish unloading the car – should have realized something was wrong when I had no energy – and my plans to camp out and about this winter have been postponed…bummer…but not complaining, as things could have been worse.

    My priorities when I get better are to reschedule my small engine maintenance and welding courses, and rifle range attendance with a view to purchasing my own firearms in the near future. And have to get back to the gym and get my strength back again.

    I am shocked at how long it is taking me to get going again…nil by mouth for a week, then soft canned fruits and lollies and toast – so physically weak…and when I read above that someone ran 13 miles – I want to at least be able to walk that distance again.

    Mt Woman…the networking you have set up and the lifestyle you have is way ahead of so many…when the SHFT – as it is in Greece right now…money will be tight – for all…and some are only now getting networks set up…whereas you are light years ahead of the game…so, thank you for being a shining light in what one can do with what one has…I am paying attention to your posts and what you manage to achieve.

    Conmaze – hope you are strengthened by all the prayers – I have been lighting my candle when I sit outside – praying for all – it is going to get tough, and even more so for people with family to care for…stay strong.

    Encourager – thank you for the prayer…made me cry – I totally rest in the Lord – daily, as I was healed many years ago, and have amazing good luck and health.

    Mama J – loved reading your posts – and your reply to MD re corkscrewing someone out of his car window…and your reply – that is exactly how I think too…that it is a good workout…couldn’t agree more, and had a great laugh.

    To everyone else – can’t remember all individually – please don’t be offended if I haven’t mentioned you by name…nights/days have been blurred lately – some of your posts were so funny – and shows me how brave you all are – when we can all see what is going on with our respective gov’t’s and debt increasing shockingly…thank goodness I have you guys to share with and learn from.

    Now I’m getting tired…and will see if this posts…love and cheers to all.

    • Continuing to lift you in prayer. You are an inspiration to many and as you can tell, you are loved and admired by the wolf pack. May God continue to bless you as you travel your way back to good health.

    • JP in MT says:

      I just got my escrow (insurance and taxes) notice from the bank and it was telling me about the increase. But after hearing about your increase, I’m not going to complain, as it was less than $60/year.

    • JP in MT says:

      I just got my escrow (insurance and taxes) notice from the bank and it was telling me about the increase. But after hearing about your increase, I’m not going to complain, as it was less than $60/year.

      Get better soon!

    • worrisome says:

      Get better soon Chloe…And please think about how far out to move. One of the early survivalists built himself a retreat in the outback of Oregon somewhere……..and with all his planning died of a heart attack on his property……..no way to alert ems in time to save him. So all the planning in the world will do no good if you can’t get help in time. Those insurance premiums are horrible! Again, hope you continue to recover quickly!

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Thanks be to God that you are on the road to recovery!

      19K insurance premiums for 1 year!!??!!
      Consider what repairs you could do in one year by spending 19K, then consider dropping your insurance except for liability coverage (well, the flood coverage too, if it is mandatory).

      • HD…thanks…yes, that is correct – cost is for 4 rentals, plus contents, landlords rental cover (if a tenant defaults on rent, insurance covers rent to end of fixed term lease etc), and flood cover is now mandatory – and that flood cover is what has caused the blow out…

        The cover is 100% tax deductible for me – however, this has now got me thinking what will the property rates come in at soon – for the next 6 month period. There was no way I could have foreseen this huge increase.

        I am wondering if wellrounded has had her insurance cover rise sharply as well…as they also had severe flooding down her way…these insurance companies are national/international – so, will wait and see if wellrounded confirms same in her area.

        I only paid $20K for the house back in the day…with repayments $90 p/month….with rents back then at $30 p/wk and interest rates circa 9.2% (I am a hoarder of paper records, as I have won a few battles in the past with the other parties own paper generated records).

        fast forward 40 years – now tenanted for $550 p/week – even so, this is now going to cut into my prep budget.

        As I mentioned in my post to worrisome (and it failed to post), will be putting an ad in the paper when I have worked out all the pros and cons of it all – and see if I can swap one of my rentals for another place up here, away from flood danger and cyclones…more suitable for defending against zombies, lower property taxes and insurance premiums – however, won’t be another rental – so, will give some thought to home based income producing ideas.

        Will see what I come up with…regards and cheers.

        • DJV…thank you…

          and Storm also, many thanks….

          Worrisome, my first post to you got lost – the sooner I get my new laptop the better – and if I had a shotgun would put this out in the yard and shoot it up a few times – just for the satisfaction.

          Have spent some time sitting and thinking about all the well wishes posted…guys…we have some tough times headed our way with what is happening with Greece…the dominoes are falling, even with the financial prop-ups they have been getting. At least you guys are relatively close to one another geographically – and can link up as things tank.

          The citizens of Greece could see what was coming, probably better than us, yet so many are even now unprepared – take care of yourselves…cheers.

          posts aren’t making it…so, using different reply sites…

          • worrisome says:

            This sounds like a good plan! And you are right, the propped up economy is going to be a burden on us for many years in the future. Take care please!

    • Chloe! So grateful to see you able to post. We are still praying for you!

    • God bless you chloe!

    • conmaze says:

      I just learned about your illness this evening. I am so sorry you are going through such a rough patch but Iam so happy to see your post! You are a strong woman and will fight a good fight, I know. But just know that your family here has you in our thoughts and prayers. You are a special lady and you hold a special place in the Pack.

      You are correct in rethinking things. We are not getting younger. As much as I would like to think I can still do the things I did five or ten years ago, the reality of it stings a bit. I am still ahead of others in my age group that I know, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I want to be 40 again – the wisdom of living but still having a body that will do what you ask of it. *sigh*

      I will keep you on my special prayer list and thank you also for your continued prayers for Jake. It was a litle rough last Sunday, but he had another great week. The power of the Pack’s prayers is so amazing that I have complete faith that you will be back to your old self very soon. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs. I know that your head is going to be quite boisterous now too, but please, shut it down for a little bit and concentrate on getting well. Take a break from your vigilant prepping and let yourself heal up. Trust that God knows what a blessing you are to so many people and that He will have perfect timing for you. No worries (o:

      • Conmaze…thank you…you’re right the reality of not being able to do things, or bounce back as fast does sting…

        yes, the pack is a special group…much caring and sharing – and seriously prepping.

        Good to hear re Jake…and have my candle lit each early morning and evening – the flame is so high I have a glass lamp cover to help draw the flame even higher…

        So good to hear you are managing – and isn’t it wonderful to be part of a great support network – like we have – right here. cheers.

    • village idiot says:

      Wow, you continue to amaze, chloe. I am personally so happy to see you able to post, and am so glad you are doing better. What an inspiration you are to the Pack, and I bet to everyone who knows you. I won’t burden you with useless drivel, but know we continue to lift you up in prayer. We’ll meet one day, and I look forward to it, and banks and money and hurt and sickness will not matter at all. I’m looking forward to seeing all my Pack friends one day. We may have one of those many mansions all to ourselves.

      • Mother Earth says:

        I second what VI said! Couldn’t have put it better.

      • VI…that was a beautiful post…thank you.

        You do know though that the pack inspires and lifts me too…and thank you for the prayers…I have surges of energy and start moving at my usual fast pace…then I have to lay down and rest again…but, am getting better – today have spent more time on my feet or sitting up than laying down…yippee….cheers.

    • Cosmolined says:

      I have to agree with another poster, (sorry, don’t know who), we all LOVE you and wish you the best! My stuff was just lack of
      vitamins, (thanks Papabear!), and taking counsel of my fears.
      Blood on my tshirt between my shoulder blades was kind of
      disquieting with my family history, LOL. Just have to pat my
      back dry now and so far, I’m good to go.
      My wife being out of pain, finally, after 10 years, has our whole
      world changing. She’s being nice, I’m being nice…. Dang, I hate
      nice… ROTFL. maybe not. You are in my prayers most nights,
      may God Bless and Heal You! Your friend, Cos

      • village idiot says:

        cos, with the kind of results the Pack is getting, maybe we should hold the financial crisis up in prayer, and who knows what might happen? The Power of the Pack is awesome.

        • Cosmolined says:

          I’m kind of the opinion the world is going to get a big spanking for what it believes is quantitative easing.
          (Printing money). I do pray for the Pack and my family.
          When it’s all over, I know my Lord will judge us by our
          actions. (I still ask for His mercy……). This past health
          thing had me really scared. I have failed in so many ways
          with my sons. I have always thought I’d be there to teach
          them/show them when they needed me. Now I know they
          are a dollar short and I’m a day late. Doom on me.
          (Folks who haven’t read Rouge Warrior don’t know that
          expression, but it’s XX rated for me as the object.) I so
          love Marcinko. Your friend, Cos

      • Cos – hello my friend…good to hear you are on the mend…does this mean that you will be storing vitamins in your BOB….

        Wonderful news on your wife’s recovery – amazing…make the most of it. Best wishes for you and your family’s continued good health…so important – we barely appreciate it when we are well. cheers.

        • Cosmolined says:

          Nope. Bruising will be part of my natural camouflage!
          It’s really good to see you posting again! Hugs, Cos

      • Cos – hello my friend…good to hear you are on the mend…does this mean that you will be storing vitamins in your BOB….

        Wonderful news on your wife’s recovery – amazing…make the most of it. Best wishes for you and your family’s continued good health…so important – we barely appreciate it when we are well. cheers. ..

    • Chloe, I just learned this week in someone’s post about your illness and I prayed for you. I am glad you are felling better and on the road to recovery. I don’t want to pry, but am curious as to the nature of your illness as it sounds similar to something I went through years back. You are one of my mentors in the Pack and I look forward to reading your posts and comments each week. God bless you and may your recovery be quick and full!


      • Hi D2 prep…some time ago had 4 operations – in quick succession – 5 kg cancerous tumour removed from uterus…- prognosis less than 3 months – plus maximum doses of radiation a few months later – fast forward a few years – another bout with cancer…chemo made me feel real sick…

        anyway, I’m way past my use-by date…

        I can only think that I ate something from a takeaway rooster outlet on my trip back from the big smoke…had a severe reaction within a couple of hours…needed to find a restroom – urgent – you get the picture…however, because I am normally strong as a bull – seriously, it took a few days to develop into serious lower abdominal stomach cramps while I gradually wound down like the duracell bunny…and then started serious vomiting all night – till couldn’t take it any more and called ambulance around 5am.

        I have been told sometimes that I have a sub-acute gut obstruction – as lots of adhesions etc, however, the poop gets through no worries…it could be another tumour – as my tummy got awfully distended…even with not eating anything for over a week…and then only soft food when I got home – still distended…so, will get it checked out at first opportunity.

        anyway…I have no tolerance for drugs of any kind – even panadol etc…long story short…IV infusions, with 2 different types of antibiotics alternated (with the resultant increased vomiting) – but wasn’t getting better…but at least the stomach cramps were gone after a few days…

        after a week of being totally toxic from all the drugs they put into me…I told my daughter to help me dress and get me out of there…as she turned up one day and saw the IV panadol – while I am covered in hives and scratching like crazy…crazy bastards.. yet it was clearly written that that was one of drugs I am allergic to…

        if I had been strong enough – would have gotten up and sorted them all out…had to tell one nurse she needed an attitude adjustment – just because I was weak and unable to move doesn’t mean I can let them get away with bad behaviour.

        I got a scare this time…as could feel pressure in my chest – and tightness…however, ECG showed no problems with my heart…and blood tests all showed up as normal…and blood-pressure for this old girl was 114/65…(all I can say is, thank goodness for all those years of hard competitive fitness training in multiple disciplines – and one nurse even asked me if I was menstruating – stupid bastards, the chart would show them I am 59 y/o…just because I look much younger and don’t have any gray hair yet – why don’t they just read the chart and familiarize themselves with the patients details – and they wouldn’t need to ask such stupid questions.

        Anyway – am usually okay – just got to be careful of what I eat – when I eat food I have prepared I have no problems, and eat simple tasty meals from fresh ingredients.

        There are nasty bugs in a lot of take-away places – and yet they couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with me…took daily blood tests, however, didn’t take me for an x-ray – which could have helped…idiots, the lot of them.

        When am stronger – today was the first day that I actually drove my car to the local store for a newspaper and fresh fruit – and then fell asleep when I got home – exhausted…

        so, will get a referral to a specialist to check me out for a possible tumour – again…plus, I’m due for my breast check up…so there you go, hope haven’t grossed anyone out…but I don’t know why I am still so weak…usually am moving around normally – not this time.

        One thing I have noticed is that I don’t have my usual mess/piles of just purchased canned stuff etc about the place, as I am not doing my usual prepping of testing stuff, or moving stuff and checking expiry dates, or vac sealing stuff…it takes a lot of energy to be a prepper and get stuff sorted…so, that is on the back burner until I am stronger.

        However, having said all the above…I really don’t have problems like some have…I am praying for Conmaze and Plant Lady – who both inspire me with their daily guts and courage – and there are others on this blog who are also dealing with health issues – and don’t complain…so, know that each morning and evening I pray for all pack members, and then pray for the wider global community.

        Tomorrow, Saturday DD is driving me to the little big smoke to collect my new laptop, and 1 TB external back-up, and a 2 TB external back-up…(back-up for the back-up).

        Also, made a phone call to another insurance broker – and got a quote for $4K instead of the $6K – so, a saving of $4k so far…and I said that I need to compare apples with apples, and to email me the terms and conditions on the policies he recommended…instead he personally dropped them off on his way home…

        so, I have been going through the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording of the different quotes – to make sure I am not being penny wise and pound foolish…I need to have the same level of cover I already have, or better.

        And told the insurance brokers that are expecting $19K in premiums that I am not going to pay the 2 x $6K premiums – they rang me back and told me they are going to requote.

        That only makes me want to send my current insurers only the amount of $263 which is the annual premium on my TT at my retreat – and nothing else – until I have decided on which company to go with.

        That ought to give the Accounts Receivable clerk at the insurance company pause for thought…I am the customer, and I decide who gets my money – and not the other way around, where they send out their quotes, and expect me (and many others) to just accept the amounts…see guys, am getting my usual feisty and combative self back…

        Only one more day of putting up with this shit-box laptop and all the problems trying to post, or getting multiple identical posts…

        cheers ..

        • mountain lady says:

          chloe, so good to hear that you are on the mend. Will continue the prayers until you are completely well.

        • Cosmolined says:

          My Dearest Chloe,
          If I may cuss, aw, never mind. What a trial!!! Glad to see you posting again! If you lived closer, I’d come over and help. God Bless and Heal you! Cos

        • Chloe, thanks for the response. I am sorry you have gone through so much. Since I am male it turns out our issues are different (smile). I am glad you are on the mend although you are tired,your sense of humor and descriptions of the medical “professionals” is hilarious ! If you are getting ticked it means you are starting to heal! Keep up the good fight and btw, how do you not have gray hair at 59? LOL. My prayers are with you and the others in the Pack that need them.

        • Chloe, glad to hear you are on the mend. During my last stay in hospital for a G.I. bleed they served me my first meal after my colonoscopy , bell peppers (alergic) coffee, and OJ. Acid, caffiene, allergy for a bleeding ulcer!

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          Sorry you went through all that! Very happy your coming out of it, whatever “it” is!
          Continued prayers for continued recovery.

  52. Cold Warrior says:

    My better half wanted me to add that today we pick the Rhubarb from her garden and plan on canning jars of strawberry/rhubarb jam.
    She’ll also bake her special Rhubarb cake and freeze what is left.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Now, I am jealous! : ) Rhubarb does not grow in the Gulf South. Much too hot and humid. And, oh, how we love rhubarb! I’m trying to grow a plant indoors, but, don’t know if it’s going to work out…oh, for a good rhubarb pie!

  53. pjwilly says:

    Hi all put up some more shelving.spring veggies are done putting in some green and wax beans in thier place. Cant believe how big the chicks are getting 3 weeks now. Glad to hear fellow pack members are seeing improvments in thier health and personal problems,we have had are issues in those depts. also. God Bless All

  54. MtWoman says:

    Ah Chloe…great post….truly shows how strong you are!! I’m so glad to know you are recovering. I’m sending BIG healing thoughts your way….

    And thanks for your comment about my “networking”. My parents…father in particular…taught me to be “resourceful”, a thing I have taken literally. He doesn’t buy a part when a piece of tape or bobby pin will do, and he used to ’embarrass’ me when I was young by going around the neighborhood to pick things. Because of this, I see resource all around me, and since I am pretty poor, I am working on utilizing that. It IS an important thing, I think, and I hope more people avail themselves of looking at things this way. It started where I am by my noticing that several of our neighbors just let the fruit fall on the ground rather than pick it. I approached them and asked if I could harvest it, and here I am…canning my A** off…for the third season in a row! At first I was shy of asking…there seems to be a stigma about doing that here, and a stigma about being “poor”. But I got over that, and now there’s no stopping me!! 🙂 Thanks for noticing, Chloe.

    I am sending you BIG healing wishes!!!! Wish I could send you some flowers…or even come help you. I am really good at that! But, my thoughts will have to be enough for now. 🙂

    • Mt Woman…the ‘money will fail’ – we are living in times where we are seeing it happen literally in Greece, and Spain and Italy is next – no doubt about it…the PTB are positioning themselves for the fall-out – and the pack members are all doing what we can – putting stuff aside for when only those tangible items have worth, as the fiat money will be worthless…

      so when it happens, your skills, your eyes, your abilities, your knowledge of the surrounding neighborhood, your abilities to stretch things, your connections with your neighbors – will ensure you are not viewed with suspicion as times get crazier.

      We are all unique, with our own unique skills and gifts – don’t hold back or hide your light – it is so wonderful to finally see you grow into this part of yourself – and for me to see how you have overcome your own troubles…which I hope you understand are the required impetus for your finding the solutions…it is the grain of grit in the oyster that makes the pearl.

      I have definitely felt the healing prayers from the pack…I spend lots of time in prayer and quiet contemplation – and my senses and intuition is quite strong…so, know that I have wrapped myself up in all the prayers that have come my way.

      Congrats on the competition…I posted congrats to all winners…but it mustn’t have posted…anyway…well done…and cheers.

      • Chloe, that was such an insightful and blessed post. Thank you for sharing those thoughts, even though they were addressed to MtWoman

        • ..3rd attempt to post….
          Cos – hello my friend…good to hear you are on the mend…does this mean that you will be storing vitamins in your BOB….

          Wonderful news on your wife’s recovery – amazing…make the most of it. Best wishes for you and your family’s continued good health…so important – we barely appreciate it when we are well. cheers. ..

    • Homeinsteader says:

      MtWoman: Good heavens! Who told you that you are poor? I do not think you are poor at all. I think you have everything you need, and could teach us all. Seems to me that you are rich, indeed. If only all people understood the difference.

      • MtWoman says:

        I AM rich in many ways: friends, family, some skill sets, etc…..but I feel poor in money matters….and money does matter in some things. I’m definitely challenged in that way. BUT…life is good! 🙂

        • Mt. Woman, you are measured in richness by the number of friends you have in life. If the pack is any indication, then you are one of the richest people I know!

  55. No food preps this week. Went out west to work on new house. Pulled off baseboards in all rooms and took off paneling in two of the rooms, removed nails and paneling ready to put into the garage after insulating it. Removed two rooms of carpet and tack bars (this included the closets).

    Back at home where I have internet and can catch up on everyone. Back next weekend to talk to contractor about starting on the changes in the roofline. Will demo the kitchen cabinets, and pergo, floating floors) in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

    Hope to begin laying ceramic tile before the end of the summer…waiting on ch/a to be installed after roof. 100 degree plus days make it hard to stay in the house after about 11:00 am. Just hope I can get everything done before shtf and get moved. Times are scary and I worry, but not about what I will do…that has been decided but now just the follow through.

    Not bad for a 54 yr old woman and her 73 yr old mother. It just takes pacing.

    Also bought a .38 special so mother and I both carry the same weapon and can share ammo.

    Working with a friend this week to help them get started and some of my past students are interested in preparing for themselves and their families. Just knowing that some of the younger set are seeing the possible outcomes to our worldwide spending spree makes me happy they will be more ready to face whatever comes their way.

    To all those needing prayer, prayers for you. I find strength in my faith and it has gotten me through many hard times. May God bless you all in the coming week and prepare ways for you to reach your goals.

    • Holy Cows…Maji…what a renovator…and very good for a woman and your age…I take my hat off to you…and I can just imagine how good it is going to look when you have got it finished…so satisfying to get a job well done…my drop saw and other power saws are all stored away for the time being…but what a great feeling working and renovating…

      And I love laying ceramic tiles…however, I get a tradesman to lay the base, and use his laser and chalk line to mark the grids…and then I am off…as I know everything is squared correctly…you are going to have so much fun…wish you well in your reno….cheers.

  56. Encourager says:

    M.D., love the coop! But put a latch to hold that door open. In the wind, it could smack a hen going in or out. I hope your run will have chicken wire on top also. Keeps climbing critters out. Also, bury the chicken wire at least 1 foot into the ground…best to dig a trench that you then bend the wire into a backward ‘L’ shape (1 foot on horizontal piece and depth). Keeps critters from digging under and getting into the coop. I am speaking from experience here!

    What did I do to prep this week? Ordered big order from EE; still waiting for delivery. Went garage sale-ing with hubby; bought huge sturdy basket with leather handles for $1. Bought a smaller hot water bath canner that I should be able to use on my glass topped stove – it is half the size of my big HWB canner. Cost me $4. Hubby bought, at my urging, a vintage Myers hay trolley for $12. It is rusty but in very good condition. One sold on EBay, was not in as nice shape, for $500. We don’t need it, so will sell it online. More money for preps! Went to a “Man Sale” listed on Craig’s List; did not find a man I liked there…however, there were 5 of them, all in late 20’s, early 30’s that some younger woman might have found at least entertaining. At that sale I found a book that was listed as an Oprah’s favorite…when I asked loudly which man had read it, they all blushed and pointed fingers at each other. Loved it! Made my day!! Decided to keep the man I have…he is vintage and have had him almost 40 years. Don’t want to break in another one……… ;o)
    Too hot for me to work outdoors…heat gets me and my ankles swell up and get a red rash around ankles that hurts and burns. So I totally cleaned the greenhouse (that is what we call it as it is in the middle of our passive solar house, actually the winter ‘solar collector’…) top to bottom. Whew. Now will re-pot a few things this coming week, place a huge co-op order and keep working on preppin’.

  57. GeorgeisLearning says:

    Heck MD toss in a bunk and a person would be happy to live in that chicken coup. lol No question some folks in this world would look at that as if it were some kinda mansion on some Cali beach front property.
    Well done!

    This weeks preps other then food and water replacements are Im making a solar oven. I live in Florida so really should use the sun.
    Once I get it finished up I’ll post some pics online somewhere and share it with the pack, along with temp readings and hopefully a pic of a nice roaster chicken looking all yummy and good.
    Have a great week all

  58. Slow week for me prepping, money has been really tight lately. Instead I’ve been concentrating on doing my lawn chores by hand, mowing with an old fashioned push mower, etc. Spent a hour today weeding.
    Did make one great prepping find at a garage sale, got a shovel handle for $2.00 brand new. One of the short ones with the D handle on the end.

  59. mountain lady says:

    Chloe, so good to hear that you are recovering, even though it is a slow process. Will continue with the prayers for you and all the other wolfies that need them.

  60. MENTALMATT says:

    Chloe, you hang in there, prayers from me, God speed. My preps for the week, I ordered a one month supply of storage food from E Foods direct, who have a 25 percent off sale. Not to much else for the week. Hey if any of the pack like soap opera’s read about whats happening here in Detroit, this is insanity, we are on the brink of bankrupcy, in getting an ulcer worrying about my paycheck, my pension, ect… The inmates are running the asylum.
    Oh on another note I feel compeled to warn the pack about an investment scam I’ve seen a few co-workers of mine have fallen into. The scam is buying the Iraq Dinnar. Right now you can buy a million Dinar for about $800.00 dollars, however you have to get them from these companies that are brokers and it will cost you about $1,200. The websites tell you that when the Dinar is revalued it could be pegged to the U.S. dollar and it will be worth a million U.S. dollars, BULLCRAP!!! First the Dinar would have to appreciate about 15 to 20 percent for you to break even, remember you paid more than the $800.00 dollars for the million. Also when or if the revalue day comes, it means nothing, they could just call in the money, knock a zero of the value and thats it. My best friends girlfriend is a bank manager, and she told me all of the banks are forbidden from dealing in Iraqi Dinnar, she can get any other currency in the world almost but not Dinnars. If you google Iraq currecy scam a ton of websites warning about it pop up. Please, I’ve had severl co-workers fall to this get rich quick scam. R.V. day isn’t comming, the only people getting rich are the online brokers selling it.

    • village idiot says:

      Matt, it’s a shame and a disgrace, but I’m afraid many cities in the US are being run exactly like Detroit. And let’s hope the crooks who have been running Detroit in the ground will be brought to justice. It will take a long time to clean up the mess that has ruined the majority of our cities. And hopefully your paycheck and pension will be assured. The politicians who bankrupted Detroit and rewarded their cronies have grown rich at the expense of the taxpayer. What a travesty.

    • thanks matt…had a longer reply – blogosphere gobbled it.cheers…

    • Cosmolined says:

      Things here is SoKal seem to be a bit iffy also. Somehow the
      folks “in charge” don’t have a clue how to balance the check-
      book. I’m a Gubermint worker, (Public Works), and think
      I will never be able to depend on their promises. I’m longer
      in the tooth than you and think I’ll just spend another 4 years
      or so in harness just to be sure I have enough to exist even if
      or maybe when things get ugly and the State defaults. I hope
      you escape the coming carnage. God Bless and protect you. Cos

    • TXBubblehead says:

      MentalMatt, had friends of mine buy Iraqi Dinar in 2004 for $750 per million. They are still wating to get rich. It is still only worth $750. Boy am I glad I passed and bought gold and silver.

  61. The oldtimers say Osage orange seed balls keep spiders out and I think they do as we no longer have those giant wolf spiders in our cellar or storage buildings. Some were as big as rats!!!!! Came down one night and one was in the bathroom…almost had te big one. Now I wear my glasses !!!! Our mailman and his son do rendevous’ and son built me a bow with osage from our farm. When we moved here the corner posts to the falling down yard fence were osage…you can barely cut that aged stuff with a new chainsaw blade.

    Most efforts here revolve around moving the soaker hoses to keep the gardens going. Built two new raised beds. Dug some early potatoes. Side dressed the corn. Trying to plant something everyday. Dill and more zucchini…don’t laugh. We have a really hard time growing zucchini and squash here! This may turn out to be a good year as the bugs haven’t shown up…nary a stink bug or Japanese beatle to be found. Not even cabbage worms. Arrived too early and done for??? Not complaining, mind you.

    Pa and I got wills,power of attorney and health directives done this week. Something we’ve put off way too long but family issues make us want to be sure what happens to the farm when we’re gone.

  62. Need your feedback, please! M.D., that beautiful coop has me rarin’ to go on the chickens. What do you all think about getting a resin storage shed and modifying it for a coop? Seems it would be easy to set up (I’m a widow with very limited carpentry skills) , easy to clean (hose it out – add a PVC drain in the floor?) and there are lots of sizes available for reasonable prices. I’d think they would hold up for quite a few years.

    Anyone had any experience with this type of shed? Pros? Cons?

    Thanks all!!

    • Judy,

      I thank that would work great with a few minor modifications such as roosting bars and nest boxes.

    • Judy,

      In my search for the perfect coop for my girls, I saw several made out of those storage sheds. They were entries in a coop contest a few years ago. They had made a few modification to the door. One thing to remember is chickens like a lot of air so they can’t be closed in too much. Just make sure there’s lots of venitlation. Sure would be easy to clean out! You can sometimes find used ones on craigslist for a lot less money. Do a very specific google image search like “resin shed chicken coop” or “Rubbermaid shed chicken coop” and see what pops up.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Greetings, Judy! Just one question re: using the resin storage shed for a coop: how storm prone is your area? How likely to experience high winds and/or a tornado? Just a thought…or two….

  63. recoveringidiot says:

    That’s a good looking chicken condo! Can you get to the boxes from the outside?

    My work vehicle cost me what a new rifle would have but its back on the job again. Still cheaper than making payments on a new one. Had to work on the backup vehicle as well but no money spent on parts just a little sweat. I changed oil etc on both this week as well.

    I decided to buy a new pistol even with the vehicle repairs, got a good commission from work:^)
    New Sig Sauer 1911, and so far I love it. Commander length slide with officers model frame with good night sights. The Sig “short” mags hold 7 rounds compared to the Colts 6 and they work fine in the Colt so I think I’ll order some spares from Sig for both pistols. I did go on and order new springs for 2 other .45s, one really needs a new recoil spring. I also need to get more reloading stuff for the pistols.

    Got some plumbing stuff to work on the new hand pump with but got lazy and quit on that to go shoot new pistol.

    Bagged up some lentils and pinto beans and replaced some canned goods. Trying to figure the best way to seal up spices, I’m thinking half pint canning jars with O2 absorbers?

    MD, thanks for a great blog!

    Prayers for all with health issues and hope everyone has a great week.

    • Depends on how much of the spice you will be using at a time. I actually have some of my spices stored in 2 or 4 oz jelly jars. The half pint jars I think would give you more of most spices than you realize and spices are best when they are the freshest. My thought is better to have several really small jars then one or two large jars and the spice loses its flavor before you can use it all up.

      • recoveringidiot says:

        sarahy, I found some jelly jars today. Thanks for the idea, I get stuck on the bags sometimes.

  64. This week I picked up a SOG seal pup with nylon sheath and 100 rds of .223 from Wal Mart. I finished reading the ‘Doom and Bloom Medical handbook’ by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. I got a goody box from Chinook Medical supplies that included 10 triangular bandages, 2 sets of oropharyngeal airways, 2 needle/ catheter units for chest decompression and some bandage materials. I got 2 SAM style splints and an adjustable cervical collar from BP medical. I purchased all these items (I’m just a satisfied customer).

    Most importantly, I got my wife (Miss “VERY” picky eater) to try some FD savory stroganoff and NOT spit it all over the kitchen. YAY for me!

    I love your coop. I wish that I didn’t live in a development with CCR’s and deed restrictions. they specifically ban livestock and butchering or raising for food production. I can’t even have a real garden. I guess that’s not too bad though because I have a decidedly brown thumb.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Tim, you will live the Seal pup, it’s a good knife.
      Good preps on the medical.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Hey, Tim! We have some of the same issues you have re: where we live (for now, anyway). We can’t have chickens or livestock; not supposed to have a garden, either, but, that’s the beauty of a 6′ privacy fence….could you get away with it, ya’ think? I compost (no smell!) and I build raised gardens; we’ve sure been enjoying my organically grown green beans and berries; hopefully, more yummy things to come! Just don’t invite the neighbors in! Only trusted Pack members!

  65. Sounds like everybody has been busy this week. Ours was pretty good too, even though most was accomplished in the last 3 days.
    I abought 2 qts corn syrup
    2 boxes rolled oats
    2 500 ct bottles ibuprofen
    2 gallons vinegar
    2 gallons vegetable oil
    1 each borax, washing soda, ivory bar soap for making homemad laundry soap. Haven’t decided on my container for it yet, but excited!
    14 boxes wide-mouth jar lids (single use, no bands)
    The best part is, I received the 2 new gaskets for the pressure canner (I ordered a spare) so I got to can:
    16 pints of beef
    8 pints of pork loin roast
    8 pints chicken
    Dehydrated 6 bell peppers from our “flower bed” garden

    • sw't tater says:

      If you make the powdered detergent, Old Ice cream buckets work well…either round or rectangle…2 buckets will hold a lot of loads of mixed detergent!

      • DJV, I just read on someone’s blog that she uses large empty vinegar bottles for her homemade laundry soap. I like that idea because it would be easy to pour.

        • Thanks, NoWay. Sounds good! I have saved some laundry detergent bottles but I haven’t washed them out real good yet. And they don’t hold much either. Gallon jugs will be great for storing the batches in, then I could just shake one up really well and pour some into a smaller jug if the gallons seemed too heavy.

  66. Dang! I always forget something, and this was a biggy! I finished reading M.D.’s book “31 Days To Survival”. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of things we had ready. But of course, there were still lots of things to learn and practice!
    I highly recommend this book. It is smooth quick reading and such good explanations of things.

  67. Carl in W.V. says:

    I love that chicken coop but you are gonna have to put something around the bottom, if it is anything like mine they will see you when you climb down in the root cellar/storage room. and if i could get you to put one more pic of the back side of the poplar i would be able to come up with a long/lat ROTFL. As for preps I put up 16 asst. Bear Creek soups a case of Keystone chicken and beef. 3 packs of AA and C. We have been working in the garden all week not much time for anything else. SIL was killed in car wreck on mothers day so MIL has been spending alot of time with us.

  68. Carl in W.V. says:

    The coop looks great but if it’s anything like mine you are going to have to cover the bottom or they can see you climbing into the root celler/storage room LMBO. If you could post a pic of the back side of those poplars I believe i could get a long./lat on you ROTFL. As for preps we put up about 16 Bear Creek soups 2 cases of Keystone meat chickrn and beef. Also picked up some AA and C batteries That was about all i could afford this week had to put a power steering pump on the Tahoe. Going to be close to you next weekend got to make my annual run to bristol for fireworks. Hope all is good with the wolfpack. OBTW do you know there is some pretty powerful fireworks out there for preps. BOOM

  69. I bought canned meats, veggies, soups for my storage, as well as, 15lbs beans and 15lbs of rice, and sugar, and added to my water storage. I just started but feel good about finally getting this far. I am learning alot from this site and thank everyone for sharing ideas and progress. I have always wanted to learn how to can food, so that is next on the agenda.

  70. pjwilly says:

    Hi all put in some more shelving. More garden work spring veggies are done will replant with green and wax beans. Chicks are getting big 3 weeks old now. Its good to hear fellow pack members doing better with health and personal problems we have had our share also but things are looking up. Thats about it. God Bless to All.

  71. SD in Maine says:

    What did I do? I started reading, One Second After by William Forstchen. Very good book. An definite eye opener for anyone who is on the fence about prepping. My 16 year old son has expressed an interest in reading it.

    Moved the chicken coop this week. I think that I am finally getting my husband on board. We started with these 6 chickens. He likes it so much, that to my surprise, he suggested we get some more. He also thought we should have more ammo.

    I learned about dehydrating. Youtube is a great resource for a lot of tutorials. Right now, I am using the oven until I can buy a good dehydrator. I want quality so I will need to save a little more.

    I have a good start with general first aid items but I would like to expand a little more. I put some of my new found skills together a few weeks back. My husband sliced his finger. We were in the backwoods. I was able to clean and butterfly it up nice. Felt proud of myself. It is healed up nicely now.

    The garden is coming in nicely. I look forward to eating fresh and trying out some of my new skills to preserve some of these items, as well.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      SD in Maine,

      I read The Road, and that got me thinking. Then I read One Second After. That was all it took. It wasn’t long after I found this group and my prepping has improved my leaps and bounds.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Just picked up a copy of “One Second After” online from goodwill store; thanks for recommendation! Can’t wait to read it!

      • MtWoman says:

        You can shop Goodwill ONLINE???? I can’t find a portal for that….

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Oh, man! Did I let that secret out?! : )


          but I bought my book from the Seattle Goodwill, which was selling it as a vendor on the Amazon marketplace. Just go to http://www.amazon.com and use the search box for what you want; every linked in vendor will pop in; I got some better values recently like that on some things I need. You pay through Amazon, but the vendor is just selling on Amazon.

          I usually do a little better on ebay on SOME items than on goodwill; people look at Goodwill as a “charity” (duh!) and very often don’t mind paying more there; but I have also picked up some sweet deals off goodwill, since the people who list for them don’t usually know what they are doing. Not being unkind…they just don’t. Happy hunting!

          • MtWoman says:

            Home….the prices on there are HIGH!! I checked two things against Amazon, and WOW…almost twice as much on the goodwill site. I’ll stick with the finds I get when I go in the local Goodwill store.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Good morning, Pack! For all canners, there is a blog site I’d like to recommend, “Canning Granny”:


      Today’s tip: home canning mint sauce! Roasted lamb with mint sauce, anyone?

  72. Tricia in NC says:

    We worked in the garden–it is a good idea to practice the gardening thing–the learning curve is steep. I ordered 2 combo packs from EE through M.D.’s site. I have a hard time stockpiling food–my boys eat so much but they won’t touch my long term supplies so I am thinking this is a new way to prepare for my household. I have been putting it off making said purchases but grow increasingly weary of the world. Have a great week everyone!

  73. Kelekona says:

    There must be something to the absorption of vitamin D that I’m not getting. Not only did my retinas decide to give me an amazing sci-fi fireworks display every time I opened my eyes, but at least one spider tried to claim me as territory in a half-hour, (and lucky for him that I only have mild arachnophobia and didn’t identify him until he rappelled off my arm) not to mention all the other bugs that did get a piece of me.

    • sw't tater says:

      Are you taking Leutin,? You might want to check it out DH’s retina specialist recommends it to prevent macular degeneration,among other retina problems.. ( a minimum of 2mg).DH ‘s eyes are improving on 6mg day/4$month.

  74. ozhillbilly says:

    Greetings to all of you out there in Wolf Pack land. I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything. First, I would like to congratulate M.D. on the great job he did on his chicken coop. Also, I’m very impressed with his library. Jealously is a terrible thing. : )

    I’m still around trying to do the prepping thing. I’ve quit explaining to folks what it’s all about. Chances are if they haven’t figured things out by now, they aren’t going to. In fact; last week, I purchased two used six gallon water jugs for 50 cents each at a garage sale. The seller asked me what I was going to use them for. I explained that you never know when there is going to be an emergency and you might need to store some water. A lady that happened to be customer said something about talk like that is crazy. That was the extent of the conversation, no more, no less. I looked at her with pity, paid for my stuff and left.

    I guess the point I want to make is what a great treasure we have with this site. We are able share our interests, stories, etc. with like-minded folks. We support each other with prayer, advice or whatever else might be needed. Even if one doesn’t participate much in the discussions; (um . . . like me!) and only read what others are doing, you can’t buy therapy like this!!! I hope you all understand what I am trying to say.

    Since I last posted I have managed to do quite a bit of prepping, too much to mention. I’m basically doing what others have written about lately. A little silver, lots of ammo, canning supplies, etc. I did recently purchase an EOTech optical sight for my AR at a local gun show.

    I would like to add as current events develop, it’s clear that the world is in a mess. Only the LORD knows what is going to happen.

    • axelsteve says:

      If I get questioned why I buy something I normally make up a lie.I once told this old geezer ,because I am an american citizen and can if I chose to do so. He put his arm around me and said,son you and I are going to get along just fine.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Axel, I have Have four Walmarts within 7 miles and when I’ve had employees or “regular” customers ask why I’m buying so much I have said things like I am donating to charities, school fund raiser or camping trip. From there I alternate which one I go to if I’m making larger purchases. That or I go to Costco/SAMs Club.

      • conmaze says:

        axel and Jar,

        If someone questions my purchases I have a couple of answers depending on what’s in my cart. One is that my church does a lot of family-style dinners and we deliver the leftovers to shut-ins so I want to make sure there’s lots of leftovers. The other one is I do a lot of work with 4-H and scouts so I do a lot of camping with large numbers of kids so I have to be extra prepared for everything under the sun. Those two answers work every time. I always get responses like oh, you’re so kind, God bless you or What a great idea! or Good luck with the kids and stay safe (o;

    • ozhillbilly…so right re if people haven’t figured it out yet…and good score on the water containers.

      There will be plenty of people to assist when the time comes – you will know who will be grateful for the water or food or shelter or clothing you can offer.

      I understand exactly what you are trying to say – it’s that you truly value and appreciate the community spirit that embraces the posters here…

      and we in turn value you too –

      we are all brothers and sisters – and we need this time to remember and imprint this into our souls – because when the time comes, it is going to get ugly – and our connections / memories of our shared prep journey is going to hold us steady while others are starting to flounder – and we can then help them re-balance – to live and prep each new day – whatever it may bring. cheers.

  75. ozhillbilly says:

    Greetings to all of you out there in Wolf Pack land. I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything. First, I would like to congratulate M.D. on the great job he did on his chicken coop. Also, I’m very impressed with his library. Jealously is a terrible thing. : )

    I’m still around trying to do the prepping thing. I’ve quit explaining to folks what it’s all about. Chances are if they haven’t figured things out by now, they aren’t going to. In fact; last week, I purchased two used six gallon water jugs for 50 cents each at a garage sale. The seller asked me what I was going to use them for. I explained that you never know when there is going to be an emergency and you might need to store some water. A lady that happened to be customer said something about talk like that is crazy. That was the extent of the conversation, no more, no less. I looked at her with pity, paid for my stuff and left.

    I guess the point I want to make is what a great treasure we have with this site. We are able share our interests, stories, etc. with like-minded folks. We support each other with prayer, advice or whatever else might be needed. Even if one doesn’t participate much in the discussions; (um . . . like me!) and only read what others are doing, you can’t buy therapy like this!!! I hope you all understand what I am trying to say.

    Since I last posted I have managed to do quite a bit of prepping, too much to mention. I’m basically doing what others have written about lately. A little silver, lots of ammo, canning supplies, etc. I did recently purchase an EOTech optical sight for my AR at a local gun show.

    I would like to add as current events develop, it’s clear that the world is in a mess. Only the LORD knows what is going to happen.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      He’s the only one who really needs to know…and all we really need to know is the Lord!

    • ozhillbilly…so right re if people haven’t figured it out yet…and good score on the water containers.

      There will be plenty of people to assist when the time comes – you will know who will be grateful for the water or food or shelter or clothing you can offer.

      I understand exactly what you are trying to say – it’s that you truly value and appreciate the community spirit that embraces the posters here…

      and we in turn value you too –

      we are all brothers and sisters – and we need this time to remember and imprint this into our souls – because when the time comes, it is going to get ugly – and our connections / memories of our shared prep journey is going to hold us steady while others are starting to flounder – and we can then help them re-balance – to live and prep each new day – whatever it may bring. cheers…

  76. Papabear says:

    Not much in preps here. Had this weekend off and got a couple of seriously hard naps. Needed the down time.

    Also had a small wakeup call. Blew out all the fuses in the inverter (don’t ask how that one happened). Had never thought about having spares. Amazing that 40A spade fuses are hard to find in the big city, easy to find online. Now everything 12V will have spares.

    Here is a way to bake bread in a crock pot. Interesting link.

    • Papabear says:

      Left a couple of things out. The tomato plants didn’t make it though the hard rains a couple of weeks ago. Let them dry out thoroughly before putting in the compost bin. Started seeds for a retry. Sweet pepper plant has several growing now. Picked up some basil and rosemary seeds.

      Winter is long past here. Washed most of the winter clothes and put them away. Today’s official high was 102 deg. Unofficial temp on the front porch was 105.

      Found out tonight that MIL is having surgury. They will be implanting a defibrillator. None of her family knew that she was having heart problems.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Love this link; thanks, Papabear!

    • Cosmolined says:

      My most grateful THANK YOU! for the advice on the vitamins!
      I haven’t had a bruise in over a week, including a klutz moment
      with new boots on metal stairs. May God Bless you and yours! Cos

      • Papabear says:

        You are very welcome Cos. Nutrition is a big deal for all of us. Let us pray that we can all stay healthy in the coming years.

  77. MENTALMATT says:

    KELEKONA, I hate spiders almost as must as i hate thiefs, good luck with them. I’m still sweating whats gonna happen here!

  78. Mt Woman and BamBam,
    just checked the site again and in response to your questions, the following: The order I received for B&M Raisin bread has an expiration date of 28 February 2015. I special ordered it thru the military commissary on my base (Commissary is military talk for grocery store). For those who have commissary privileges, they are generally very good about doing special orders and I have found this to be true for the civilian grocery stores as well. While stores can’t always get everything you want, my motto is it never hurts to ask. I checked both Wally World and Food Lion locally and they don’t carry this product (Didn’t check at Piggly Wiggly). I will provide you with the UPC code in case you want to put in a request from a local store. The case I got is 12 cans per case.
    The UPC for Raisin Bread is : 0 47800 34004 2.
    Plain Bread UPC is 0 47800 34109 4.

    I had to contact the company directly at B & M to get the code for the Plain Bread as I could not find it locally. Their website refers you to an online ordering source – mybrands.com which sells the product for $3.27 per can. Someone mentioned survivalist businesses sell it for as high as $9 per can. That’s a rip off IMO. Hopefully you can get it locally for a good price.

    • Marti,

      Thanks for the info. I might have to make a commissary run next time I am up to visit the folks.

    • Marti…do you guys really have a store called ‘Piggly Wiggly’ – and if so, what does it sell.

      The things I am learning, amazing. cheers.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Hi, Chloe! I’m not Marti (obviously), but, yes! We have a grocery store chain called, “Piggly Wiggly”; it’s a southern chain and has been around a very long time. There is one in my community, and it’s the cleanest, best-stocked grocery around, although it is higher on some items, because it isn’t as big as, say, “The Stuff Mart”. When someone says, “I’m goin’ to the Pig”, they mean, “The Piggly Wiggly Grocery store”. They sell pretty much the same thing as any other grocery store, except they are more locally oriented. And now you know. : ) !!

        • I can’t stop laughing…I thought it may have just been a slang term…cheers.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            DH says to tell you, “you can pick up bangers and mash”. Is he getting me in trouble here?

            • We have bangers and mash a few times a week.

            • hahahhaha…’bangers and mash’ is Aussie slang for a meal of sausages (beef or pork etc) and mashed potatoes…

              I am including the phrase ‘going to the Pig’ when I speak to my DD – as I want us to have our own private language that others can’t pick up on – am slowly adding to it all the time…never know when it will come in handy. cheers..

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Chloe, the first time I visited Perth a man walked up to me outside a bar if I wanted a fag and I nearly hit him. The young lady I was with said no thanks we dont smoke and I took a deep sigh of relief.

              The man apologized as he saw the look on my face and remembered we call them cigarets or smokes.

              I still say “bollocks” after training with the Aussies and the Brittish Royal Marines especially when I call BS on one of my Aussie friends.

            • charlie (NC) says:

              Jarhead. I was in a country store near my home in the late ’70’s. There were several guys in there and other than me I doubt if any of them had a high school education or had ever been more than 100 miles from home. A guy pulled up on a Moped, pulled the store door open just a bit, stuck his head in
              and said in a deep British accent “pardon me chaps, mind if I come in and have a blow?” I’m not sure but it’s a fair bet based on the looks on their faces, if I hadn’t been there they might have lynched that old boy on a tree out back right then and there!

              I told him to come on in. Then he pulled out a pouch and some rolling papers and proceeded to “roll his own” but it was tobacco. The boys in the store weren’t real sure until he lit it. He turned out to be a mechanic from England who decided to “see America”. When he got to New York he found out he wouldn’t be able to get a US drivers license because his British license was suspended. He hitch hiked to North Carolina where he happened upon a Honda motorcycle shop that also sold mopeds. They explained to him that he didn’t need a license to drive a moped. He bought one on the spot, hung 2 big suit cases over the rear of it and set out to see America.

              He seemed like a nice “chap” and even the good ole boys in the store began to talk to him. Now here’s the sad part. About a week later I heard on the news where a British tourist was hit by a truck while driving a moped in SC and was killed. I don’t know but I’m willing to bet it was him.

            • response to Jarhead re ‘fags’…no reply button at end of your post…

              Jarhead…I just had a great big laugh – I can just imagine your reaction when you heard that…hahahahaaa.

              Yes, ‘fags’ are cigarettes…

              and ‘thongs’ are rubber slip-on shoes that lots of aussies wear when they are out and about – for either casual or semi-casual wear….

              And erasers for correcting pencil notations are called ‘rubbers’ here…I’m not kidding.

              If I think of others…will post them…cheers.


      • Chloe,

        Yes, but we call it “The Pig” for short. The Pig sells groceries.

      • Lol, Chloe, Piggly Wiggly’s empire stretched clear into Texas in my childhood, and was my grandmother’s favorite store.

      • village idiot says:

        Our Piggly Wiggly is the best place to go for meat, chloe. I like to go there for other groceries just so Wally World continues to have some competition. We like The Pig a lot.

      • village idiot says:

        Meant to mention this, chloe, but you can get “I dig the Pig” t-shirts at our local Piggly Wiggly. My daughter has one, I’m surprised Bam Bam doesn’t. LOL.

      • sw't tater says:

        yes, there are a few of them in our area as well. It is a grocery store chain. a full grocery store, with bakery , deli and meat market.

        • We go shopping at the Pig when we tailgating at the Swamp.

          • bam bam..what is ‘tailgating at the Swamp’?


            • Homeinsteader says:

              Mornin’, Chloe! Lemme take a guess, OK? I think “tailgating at the swamp” means tailgating parties waiting for the football games to start for Florida Gators. Did I get that right, Bam Bam?

            • Bam Bam says:


              Yep. Before college football games, folks like to hang on out in the parking lot and sit on the tailgates of their trucks. We have cookouts. The “Swamp” is the nickname for where the Gators (University of Florida football team) play.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Yay! Now, if only there was a prize…..(just my luck! Finally answer a question right and no prize…..oh, well…. ; )

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Just as I suspected, you can order B&M Raisin Bread through Amazon.com That’s where I get my Nabisco chocolate wafer cookies for DH’s favorite refrigerator cake; can’t buy them in grocery store in Deep South.

    • MtWoman says:

      Marti….thanks for the info. I make my own “Can” Brown bread, usually with raisins, but this is good info to have. I love the stuff!!

      • Homeinsteader says:

        We sure would like to have your recipe and instructions! Hint. Hint.

        • Home…I’ll post it soon. 🙂

        • Here’s the “Tin Can” bread recipe I use. I know, I know: tin cans now have that chemical coating in them. But I decided to do this anyway, and I have managed to find some older cans that at least don’t have the white coating. It’s a personal choice, I guess. One could make this in a loaf pan instead, but I like the shape of it when made in a can.

          Tin Can Bread presented by Crocker Springs Bed & Breakfast

          Boil together:
          1.5 C raisins
          1.5 C water
          2 Tbsp butter
          (I boil it all until the raisins are soft)
          Cool slightly

          Add the following ingredients:
          1 egg
          1 tsp vanilla
          1.5 C sugar
          2 2/3 C sifted AP flour
          1 (scant) tsp salt
          3/4 C nuts (I use walnuts, but pecans would be good too)
          2 Tsp baking soda

          Pour dough into well-greased tin cans (I use spray oil) until HALF-FULL. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes (check at 40 min). Cool on cookie rack for 10 minutes, then remove from cans. Allow to cool a bit longer. Makes 4-5 # 2 1/2 cans or 5-6 soup cans. (I use larger cans, like what spegetti sauce comes in; makes fewer but larger loaves. Have to cook them a bit longer too).

          The boiled raisins give the dough a nice brown color. This recipe does make as dense a loaf as the B&M brand, but it’s good!! It’s really great with cream cheese and jelly. Yum. Enjoy!

          • MtWoman says:

            It should say “DOES NOT make as dense a loaf as the B&M brand”…..duh…distracted by lightning & thunder & rain, oh my….and that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! ;P

        • Well….I just wrote out the whole recipe, and tried to post it, and now it’s not here. Got an error message…… 🙁 Sending this as a test, then will re-post the recipe if this works ok.

          • Cosmolined says:

            I get the error message too when I try to post but when
            I get back to the site, it has posted…. Blessings, Cos

            • so to I..it says ‘internal server error’. and then sometimes it has posted – other times not…cheers.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            I get this error report on every post, but it posts anyway, so, I’ve come to look for the error report…that’s how I know it’s posted! Got that?! : )

            Anyways, thank you VERY MUCH MtWoman, and I”m going to make it in cans, too – and hope they don’t rebel too much! Aw, heck…if they do, I just won’t share it with ’em. We’ll show them, won’t we?! ; )

    • charlie (NC) says:

      I checked the mybrands.com site this morning. They have the brown and the brown with raisins for $2.97 a can if you buy a minimum of a case of 12. I think that compares pretty close to
      the small loaves of raisin bread I buy at the chain grocery stores.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Hey, charlie! How r u today?

        Amazon has several vendors making it available, and, as always, price fluctuates wildly, depending on which vendor you use.

        • charlie (NC) says:

          I might try to see if I can get it through the local Piggly Wiggly store.

          I’m doing fine Homeinsteader. Thanks for asking. Hope you are.

  79. EB.Esquire says:

    Spent this week still waiting on the new addition to the family to arrive. Should be in week or two, mama is ready as the heat is starting to take it’s toll. In other prepper news, got the siding on my house fixed and a new coating of rustoleum on all the outside metal doors.
    Put up five more cases of bottled water and some packages of noodles.
    Last Thursday was my birthday and got a lot of gift cards to Home Depot, so I decided to sell my old mower and get a new one which will I be doing tomorrow, and should have enough left over to get a new circular saw as well. Already have battery operated one, and would like a plug in style, for close to home projects so I dont have to mess with batteries. I got $50 for my old mower off of craigslist, was pretty happy about that.
    Have a few things left to do this week on my Honey-Do list, hopefully can get them all done by the time the little guy arrives.

    • Happy Birthday EB Esquire..and wishing you many more…cheers.

      • EB. Esquire says:

        Thanks! I also forgot to mention the biggest step I decided to take…after a two year hiatus from running them, I have decided to run another marathon in October, so on my 34th birthday I went and bought a new pair of running shoes, and started training. Have been doing pretty good in the week since, and last night ran a nice little 3 mile trail by my house.

  80. breadmomma says:

    Added new son in law to preps..handy former first sarge with lots of combat experience and the right mental attitude…a nice addition to the family. Local kid with lots of knowledge of the area’s finest hunting, fishing and other smart skills…
    added 50 lbs. scarlet runner beans and 50 lbs. of yellow calypso beans thru Indian Harvest foods out of Minnesota…a commercial foodservice source but if you have any one in the food service world, they can source it for you for wholesale bulk purchasing.
    More quinoa from Costco…a good price.
    Went through inventory to use up older stuff and replace with newer stuff. PAID OFF LAST OF UNCLE SUGAR bill…so now debt free cepting the mortgage but redid that and dropped down from a 3o year fixed to a 15 year fixed WITH lower monthly…can double up payments and still get it paid off much sooner rather than later…
    got boat tuned up to keep it running ready at all times…never know when a Tsunami might hit…real or financial…more silver and more first aid…that about sums up the latest and greatest…7 months till I pull the pin and retire…

    • breadmomma…that is all good news for you…congrats…and having the ‘right mental attitude’ is so correct…that has got to be one of the top prep items to have….cheers.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      “Added new son in law to preps”; where did you find a Mylar bag that big? lol

      Its a great thing to add such talent to your community. I don’t trust anyone enough to invite them and will probably never have such a community.

  81. George,I’ve been using the toilet clothes for a while and what works the best for me is some homemade laundry soap and a cap of bleach in the bucket.Bam Bam before you can all that butter you might want to read the post on that subject at http://www.paratusfamilia.com.I‘d hate to see you waste your money or get sick.For those who want to add to thier book collections,check your local library.They often give discards away.I’ve found school books,gardening books,kids books and all kinds of other books for free that way.Some of them even look new and could be sold for extra money.Good luck all.

    • Connie,

      I think you got me confused with someone else. Home canning of butter is not recommended, as there is no way to sure the safety of home canned butter. When it comes to home canning, I am very careful.

  82. Re Vit D Kelekona, If your vit D is low and your calcium is a but high you may have a parathyroid issue.Please get a blood test.I eat lots of dairy products and work outside on our farm and I have low vit D and must take daily Vit D supplements. Arlene

    • Homeinsteader says:

      It’s my understanding from natural sources that Vitamin D3 is best (absorbability), that, and what you produce from being in the sun at least 15 minutes every day.

    • Kelekona and Arlene,
      I was shocked to see that my latest blood tests showed that I have a Vit D level of 9. Supposed to be 50.
      I was fatiqued, sleepless, cranky. I have had extensive thyroid blood work done. Nothing wrong there. I am brown as a bean, in the sun all day. All year. I eat organic foods, grass fed meats. Grass fed pork can assimate Vit D to the human body.
      I must take 3000 mg daily Vit D. We will see what the next test looks like. I am just beginning to research why…..this is happening. Something up in the environment? Why is it almost always women with low levels? This is not a new “niche issue”?
      I have been stockpiling vit d, and noticed that the price has tripled (or more) in the last year.

      • MtWoman says:

        Mama J…I too am taking massive amounts of D. My doc said my low levels has something to do with changes in or lowered hormones (aging). Just the way it is I guess. I spend great time outdoors as well. Someone once said to me that D is best absorbed through the eyeballs. What are we supposed to do? Stare at the Sun????? Geez.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Are you taking D3? Have you done reading on the various forms of D? Are you allowing yourself 15 minutes daily in the sun to produce your own, naturally? (When there IS sun, of course!)

      • Bam Bam says:

        Mama J.,

        It seems that I read somewhere (but do not know if this is true) that fluoride and another chemical block calcium and Vitamin D from being absorbed. I read something to this effect but haven’t taken the time to research it. Maybe the other chemical was bromine.

        • Mt. Woman & Bam Bam,
          You are both correct. From what I have read also it is hormones and I thought some toxins.
          I am menopausal, but know other women pre and post who have low levels. I stopped swimming in clorinated, bromide waters years ago due to the toxins. Our hot tub is cleaned with an ozinator and heated with solar. Mostly. Our water is does not have fluoride. Actually is glacial water that is heavy in minerals. I should have it tested. I run my drinking water through the Big Berkey on the kitchen counter.
          Having low Vit D levels not fun. You can only save so many suppliments. I would like to get to the bottom of it. Too bad we don’t have a point of reference from a hundred years ago when the pollutants were much less. I am sure low vit d levels were not a going concern. Would they have know, or had the test?

          I hope it is not only absorbed throught the eyeballs! I am a serious sunglass wearer! I have amber eyes that CAN NOT tolerate bright light. Instant intense headache. Actually, I see very well in the dark. Like a cat, DH says. I can see almost as well as he can at night with his night vision.

    • Kelekona says:

      Arlene, Mama J, Homeinsteader,

      I just got a little paranoid about needing vitamin D since I spend all day inside. A few weeks ago I was worried about why I kept having to talk myself out of buying instant noodle cups, turns out that there are several other malnutrition factors that happen before one goes nuts over salt.

  83. MD Nicest chicken coop I have ever seen.!! Thia week for prepping I read all of your exc. replies. I ordered a 2012 Manual for preparedness from the LDS.I have read some of their books before- all are exc. (if you wish to order one do it now as they are ob back order) Ordered blankets and an extra sleeping bag- all on sale from Majors .com I am keeping my eye out for a two person saw because if they grid goed down chainsaws may be useless.If anyone knows a company that still makes them please post it-thanks) We ordered a supply of gasoline (oouch $$$) I purchased Canning Jars Made in the USA for 7.50 a dozen(usually $11.00)Butter was on sale so we bought 6 lbs at $1.99 lb.
    Has a long talk with my husband of 42 years and my sister who lives with us about how we need to prepare for defending our farm when the SHTF.Decided to cash two savings bonds and take some $ from savings due to the ify economic scene.
    Our favorite rice is Basmati and also Jasmine !!
    Next week I am taking a refresher course at our local Cop Ext on freezing, canning and dehydrating-the older I get the more I need to review every few years-smile !!
    MT Woman you are in my prayers. May all you wolves keep howling and prepping. God bless. Arlene

  84. Concrete Termite says:

    Well my prepping this week consists of getting approved for a home loan and finding a home. I think I have foumd the one I want and I am going to put in an offer in the next day or 2. It will be nice to get out of the city and back to a small town. I will be getting an much bigger place too. More storage and yard space for the furry security system.

  85. Homeinsteader says:

    Have y’all seen this article?

    Google And Apple Using Military-Grade Software To Map Entire World In 3D

    It’s posted at “Now the End Begins”: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=10272

    If you thought you had any privacy left…..maybe not.

    • Home…I saw about this on the news. I’ve already surmised that privacy is a thing of the past, but this takes that realization a step further. LACK of privacy is one thing; INVASION of privacy is another, and I think we are on the way to that. My son and I were talking about all this (as we were driving along streets in The Big City, and seeing cameras on everything), and we had the thought that there will be technologies (black market?) developed to counter it all…windows that rebuff the spying tech? Whatever. I used to think a person could be free of all this if they lived way out in the boonies, but that’s not true any more. Sad, sad world we have, I think, that it’s going this direction.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Wish I could say you’re wrong and you’ve nothing to worry about….but I’d have to lie to do that, and I’m just not into lying. Sorry…we have each other to console…for now! : )

    • charlie (NC) says:

      A few months back Glenn Beck made the statement that although we all worry about the possibility of an EMP attack
      that it might turn out to be a blessing. He said that a massive EMP attack was the only way to shutdown all of the electronic surveilance going on all over the planet these days and it might be the only way for mankind to regain freedom. Or at least something to that effect.

      • mountain lady says:

        Charlie, I used to watch Glenn and then I had the dish disconnected. I have been thinking the same thing about an EMP giving us back some of the freedoms we have lost, and continue to lose.

        • charlie (NC) says:

          Mountain Lady, you might or might not know that he’s not on TV longer anyway. He has an Internet TV show now. It allows him to say anything he wants to say without worry about sponsors or network executives. Unfortunately it cost
          5 bucks a month for the privaledge to watch his show and 10 bucks a month for full access to his site. I subscribed for one year which is about to run out. I’d like to subscribe again but this year but I don’t know that I have the spare money. I might have to just settle for his radio show. We get that locally.

  86. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! Still not working so funds are limited. Did buy a book on identifying wild plants. Other than that, the garden is my focus. Picked my first blueberries off the bushes I planted last year. Can’t believe how much better tasting than what you buy at the store.

    MD, I love your chicken coup! Thank you for posting pictures, I for one, really appreciate them. I know people worry about OPSEC but everyone here feels more like family and I truly enjoy all of you. Prayers and congratulations to all who are in need or just married Tinfoil!

  87. Got my AR, bought 2-30 round clips, added to the stock pile of ammo, picked some veggies out of our first garden. Started savings for next firearm.

  88. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Got my red worms and set them up in thier new home (worm compost box) and ordered some more of them I was so impressed.

    Weeded and tilled more soil into my garden.

    Discovered that my peas were taking off like crazy (10 pods already and not three weeks old) and needed more twice to grow all over.

    Staked out a nice area to place a bunker… ah… herrrr! *clears throat* Root cellar.

    Bought and stored more water.

    Discovered how to cook less meat but not feel the loss. And in doing that…

    Found out how not to use the oven for what most people use the oven for.

    Prefected the art of pre-cooking with Vinegar – yes, it does cut down on cooking time and adds a great flavor that my wife and kid cannot seem to get sick of.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Pre-cooking with vinegar? Can you tell us more?

      • Buuurr in Ohio says:

        Sure… it really isn’t that hard. What I do is kind of ceviche meats that normally wouldn’t be. I thinly slice my chicken before cooking and mist to with vinegar. I let it seat with some salt, pepper, and red chili while I do some chores around the kitchen. After about half an hour chicken that was dark and red should now look white and bleached … kind of. Basically do this with any meat you have. The key is slicing it real thin. We have baked chicken this way with a light breading and oddly enough vinegar adds some kind of vibrancy to the dish when baked. You get a different taste and feel if fried. Pork and chicken take to the vinegar the best and even some of those smelly cuts are given new life. You know? The pork that is fresh but for some reason smells of pig. I hope this helps.

        • Buuurr in Ohio says:

          I should add that a real simple test to see the difference is to mist a bone in chicken breast with vinegar and then bread it with shake and bake. Go ahead and bread the other breast with the vinegar mist and cook both together and see which you like best.

          In our test, me and my wife and kid found that the breast with the vinegar was not only better tasting but it was literally sopping wet it was so moist. And both pieces were of the same size and color. I am not sure the reason for this but it actually makes chicken and pork less prone to drying.

        • Charlie (NC) says:

          If you want to cook BBQ chicken on a grill or cooker and don’t have all day to do it, you can par boil it in vinager water
          and then finish it on the grill. Works good. You can go ahead and add pepper and other spices you might like in the par boil water if you like. Boil it until it is hot all the way through but not until it starts to come apart.

    • Ditto Homeinsteader…more vinegar info plz.

  89. M.D., all I can see is sycamore bark. I was hoping for sassafrass.

    This week I bought around 5 or 10 lbs. of diatomaceous earth mixed with bentonite at a feed store. It was “food grade for animals” and “Codex” compliant. (Why are they labeling stuff sold in the US as “Codex” compliant?!? That is a UN food standard and we haven’t adopted it here, it would require us to allow 9 pesticides we’ve already banned, and in 2006 Germany tried to get supplements banned by Codex, but failed. Ah, but I’m getting political. I have no love for the UN, if you haven’t already noticed. I don’t like the idea of foreign Commies running things here – oh wait they already do.)

    I used the DE to kill weevils in a bag of rice. It worked in half a day! When I go to eat the rice, I have to rinse it about 10 times to get the dead bugs and the DE out. But it seems ok.

    The rest of the week was mostly gardening, to the hilt. I also built a door from plywood and 2×4’s, but haven’t hung it yet. The doorway was an unusual size. I have to unclutter the doorway before I hang the door.

    I have a dead mouse somewhere in the kitchen and I can’t find it. The smell keeps migrating. I can only hope it dries out soon. The up side is I’ve been spring cleaning the kitchen and looking on all the shelves etc. for this miserable mouse.

    I racked some cherry wine I made from concentrate. I think I might have mentioned a few months back when I burnt half of it because I fell asleep. Never cook and walk away. Or at least set an alarm.

    My new roommate attempted to move in, and none of his furniture fit up the stairs. The ceiling was too low by an inch. He can’t sleep unless he has a large TV going, and he needed to get a new large TV because the other one wouldn’t fit. I don’t know what he will do in a grid down situation. Not sleep until he falls asleep from exhaustion I guess.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      My friend just had a migrating dead smell in her kitchen too. Finally pinpointed it with a flashlight.
      Dead mouse under the fridge in the grate under there.
      Maybe check there for yours?

    • grannyj says:

      make sure the mouse hasnt climbed up into the back of your stove (where a pilot light if it’s gas will be warm – and urinated – awful awful smell. Also check the top of your water heater – couldve crawled up there and died….and when it heats up smellllllllllly!

      • Homeinsteader says:

        where’s your dryer vent, if you have one? I had a dadgum rat crawl into the dryer vent and die once – of course, DH was out of town that week. Bummer….

        • Kelekona says:

          My grandparents had a similar escapade and had to discard the dryer…. darnit, my old vent was on the roof, but now I have to worry.

          My mom’s stove had insulation saturated with mouse pee… that was a few years ago and I’m not sure if she did anything about it or just continued with the no-oven tactics. (Did you know that you could cook a frozen pizza in a frying pan when it’s too cold to grill?)

          • I'm A Prep Kat says:

            Is it ever too cold to grill? I’ve been out in the snow up to my bum grilling!!!

        • Encourager says:

          Homeinsteader, I went to get some laundry out of the dryer one time and couldn’t figure out why it smelled like burnt meat. It was awful. Hubby found four crispy mice under the lint holder. Gross. I rewashed that load twice and used up a can of Lysol in the dryer.

          • Homeinsteader says:

            At least your DH was there to find them; mine was out of state for week when the rat died in the dryer vent – wouldn’t you know?! Hmmmmm……you don’t suppose he planted it? ; )

    • sw't tater says:

      put some vinegar out in a couple of cups out of the way…that will help with the mouse smell….It helps with even the strongest odours!

  90. Plant Lady says:

    Hi All! Been a couple weeks since I posted. MIL had a couple more severe TIAs (mini-strokes), and hasn’t been doing so well. Not eating much and wasn’t even trying to feed herself until the past couple days. Cognition and communication really affected, but seems to be slowly improving.
    So, even less time available to prep with her needing more care…have had to scale back the garden plans severely. That scares me – but no way around it I can see at this time. That will allow us to put a lot of the garden into green manures for this season. The garden really needs massive injections of organic material, and will be much easier doing it now with powered equipment…so as long as TS doesn’t HTF until next spring might be ok.
    I just love how things work out sometimes. A recent Monday ordered two books on sausagemaking from the library. Picked up one on Thurs., then on Friday went to our big community-wide garage sales. First place we stopped I picked up a huge #32 sausage grinder, 5 different size grinding plates and two more brand new in the pkg, two extra cutters still in the pkgs, 3 different size stuffing tubes and a meat pusher. Was marked down to $40 from $50…and the original reciept (from sausagemaker.com) was in the box – just the grinder alone was $89.95. Went online and checked out the pricing on the plates, cutters and stuffing funnels. For $40 I got $280.99 worth of equipment! And this is a really big grinder – the body is 4″ wide by 11″ long. She scores!
    At the garage sales also picked up a really nice super heavy-duty Craftsman tool storage setup. It is about 4′ wide by 5′ tall and has two side-by-side banks of different size drawers. That was only $80! At the same place I picked up 12 Merillat maple full-extension drawers for $15. That gives me a good start on the new kitchen project. At a different place was given a free extra-large folding dog kennel with a plastic tray in the bottom. Very sturdy and about 3′ wide and 4′ long. Not big enough for my dog (really – he is 49″ from nose to where his tail bends down), but will work good for maybe a chicken sick-bay or a big rabbit hutch.
    Went to an estate auction last weekend and found nirvana! Wish I had known this lady because we would have been fast friends! Massive quantities of craft supplies: yarn, material, patterns, basketmaking supplies, embroidery, cross stitch, quilting. There were two double rows of huge Rubbermaid totes (the 40″-50″ long ones) in the yard – about 60 of them! And her large sunroom was stacked to the ceiling with one skinny little path through. I may have hyperventilated a time or two (hehe). I got one of the huge totes full of 88 skeins of new yarn for $50 ($250+ worth)! 64 skeins are the same colorway – a beautiful blend of my favorite colors…rich jeweltones of teal, plum and raspberry. Also got two of the huge totes full of new basketmaking supplies – one for $15 and one for $5. Heck, the totes would cost $25 each! I really scored there – there are about 20 bundles of new reeds of various shapes, sizes and colors, but the bulk is various handles, some hinged, some carved and a lot of handle/frame combos. The $15 tote had 2 pkgs. of 3″x60″ ash and poplar veneer splits and two each 2″ wide cherry and walnut – the 3″ pkgs were marked $19.99 ea! I am on page 7 of the inventory and am at well over $500 so far…not bad for a $20 investment. And haven’t even started on the shoulder tote in there that is full of new RIT dyes and tools – awls, cutters, shaves, rasps, new clothespins, etc. along with some basket patterns. And about 10 new embroidery hoops.
    When I left the auction, saw a thrift shop and got a pair of brand new unused crutches for tall people (5’10”-6’6″) for $2! I am 5’11” and hubby is 6’6″. I had priced them locally at $50 for the tall ones and was waiting for a sale – but can check that item off my list now.
    Been fussing with the first chicken tractor. Changed the plans to make it sturdier and had to order more fittings. Had all the pieces cut and dry-fitted together and the 1″x2″ welded wire cut to fit over the top and sides and temporarily attached with zip ties. Chicken wire just doesn’t do the job if you have any predators around, even if you double it (hint, hint, M.D.). We tried that ten yrs ago and lost all 30 chickens. Today figured out how to include supports for two nesting boxes and added those. Took the first bent apart to start gluing…then had a little talk with my husband about 10″ meaning 10″ when he cuts…not somewhere between 9-3/4″ and 10-1/2″. Sigh…that led to making a jig on a pc. of plywood with wood blocks so we could use what was already cut. Oh, well, the jig will really speed up gluing the rest of the bents (20 total) and making sure everything is nice and square and flat. We are making 5 chicken tractors to start – one for each breed I raise (Gold-Laced Polish, Welsummer and Ameraucana) and two that will be divided lengthwise for housing extra roosters. Each will be 4’x12′, made in three 4’x4′ sections. The rear section will be covered with a tarp and have plywood on each end – this is the sleeping quarters and includes a roost, two nest boxes and a door (22″wx36″t). The other end will have a door and the food and water will hang from the mid-roof supports there. Working with this PVC stuff is just like playing with tinkertoys, except for the purple stains and glue all over my hands…and the buzz from the fumes even though I glued outside in a stiff breeze (hehe)! After we get the chicken tractors done will make a few cold frames – the first one for my winter salad garden. Been working on emptying that out so I can get it reseeded for next winter.
    WallyWorld finally got in another ammo shipment, so got a couple more boxes of .45s and 00 buck. They can’t seem to keep any handgun ammo in stock for more than a day or two. Nearing the point of having to use commas in my inventory (of anything besides .22s), so having family and friends over next weekend for some shooting, a cookout and some games. Our new favorite is Backwoods Bocce…no court, just the entire property (23 acres), mostly wooded. Can get pretty interesting and you get in a lot of walking.
    This month hubby and I celebrate our 32nd anniversary!

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Plant Lady: Can I go yard sailin’ witu? If you’re not in MS, might want to give me some lead time….but I want to hit YOUR yard sales!

      • Homeinsteader says:

        PS: Happy Anniversary! DH and I aren’t far behind.

      • Plant Lady says:

        Homeinsteader: You are more than welcome to come…head north to the Canadian border and back off just a little! Seriously, tho’, finds like these are few and far between…hence worthy of mention! And congrats on your long-lasting marriage!

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Thanks, Plant Lady! Let’s see…if I start now…and drive through for a few days…yeah, I can be there for the Saturday yard sailin’! How ’bout you put the coffee on? I’ll be needin’ it!

    • Plant Lady,
      Happy Anniversary! I felt like I was there with you treasure hunting. I love finding a great sale with the muchness! Better than birthdays.
      I hope MIL will recover. Remember as a caregiver to be kind to yourself too. I had a bad gardening year last year. If I had known I would have laid in a green manure crop also. Everything will be as it should be.

      • Plant Lady says:

        Mama J: MIL won’t recover…she is 88, bipolar with Alzheimers. Best we can hope for is a slight improvement in her cognition and communication now with a quick easy end before she reaches end-stage Alzheimers – which is as grim as it gets. I got spoiled over the past year when she was doing so well – after improving so much that she got kicked off Hospice after 2 yrs. Now I am just thrilled when she can remember to close her hands to get her arms through sleeves or hold her foot up for me to get her socks on…or feed herself or drink on her own. Seems like little stuff, but sure makes it easier on me if she can do them!
        I think we may be nearing the end-game – before the last two TIAs she could have easily passed for 60 yrs. old. Now the skin on her face has loosened, especially around her eyes and mouth, forming wrinkles. She didn’t have any before! But then again when we moved her up here 5.5 yrs. ago we all thought she had a month or so to live at most…then 3 yrs. later when she went on Hospice we thought “this is it”, but that lasted two years and now she is a year out from getting kicked off hospice for doing so well. Have this errant thought that she just may outlive us all!
        Not being able to put in as big a garden as we have room for is really scaring me. I will get in as much as I can, but was really counting on using this year to gauge how much of what to plant for our needs. Will be mainly concentrating on corn (for flour and meal), dry beans, squash/pumpkins, carrots, beets, etc. – the stuff that is easy to store and make good livestock feed.

        • I am truly sorry, and hope for an easy passing for you all. She is in good hands.
          Having is slow year because of illness, injury or bad year due to weather in the garden is a great way to gauge how we should plant extra. Last year was an eye opener for me! After growing at the altitude for the last 20 years. One bad year could have really hurt us in a post shtf world. Even with all the food we have put by.
          I think I have several years, for something like Yellowstone blowing, or pandemic. But, I was wrong. And wrong is something I am not comfortable with.

    • Encourager says:

      Wow, Plant Lady! What a haul! I am green with jealousy regarding the totes full of yarn and basket supplies. Did you pick up any material? That would have been MY downfall! Can never have enuf material!

    • conmaze says:

      Plant Lady,

      So sorry to hear of your MIL’s setbacks. You’re right, it’s the little things that make your life easier. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

      I would love to see pictures of your tractors and raised beds. I now have my yard cross-fenced to enclose the coop and left enough room for three 4 x 20 raised beds. I did not install the ribs on my beds at the community garden because I knew that would be a short-lived situation, but that is my goal for the new ones here at home. In addition to covering them to protect against hard freezes in winter, I also want to cover with netting/screening to keep birds/squirrels out. If my life is depending on what I grow, I sure don’t want to share with them.

      Great scores, by the way!

    • sw't tater says:

      Congrats on your anniversary!
      also, I just went thru a five month stint with my MIL,
      ( three months ago they did memory testing. concluded her problem was from a stroke, and placed her on small doses of two drugs…that were developed for alzheimers. She has her memory back!…is now able to live alone and drives again!) Care giving can be very hard, so make sure you get in a lit!tle “me” time on a regular basis….I haven’t been able to find any yarn at decent prices in so long it’s pitiful. I am glad you found some you liked!

    • Plant Lady…prayers for your continued strength in looking after your MIL…

      and great scores on the yard sales…I got excited just reading your post…

      congrats on your anniversary. cheers.

  91. Uncle Charlie says:

    Nice coop MD. Spent a small fortune fixing my bug out vehicle. It seems that my ’95 Bronco wouldn’t stop and needed new everything. Fortunately it still runs great and easily passed another emissions test. Picked up a new Hi-Point .45 caliber carbine, and also two used ones in 9mm. Ordered a Saiga 20 gauge semi-automatic shotgun. Picked up another Arisaka in 300 Savage just for grins . Love that caliber! Toyed with the idea of getting a Saiga rifle in 4.45×39 because of the price and the cheap ammo, but I have too many different calibers as it is, so I will stick with my 7.62×39’s. Speaking of which, I picked up a Rossi Wizard also in 7.62×39 with a 23″ barrel so I can varmint hunt without carrying around a SKS and draw too much attention. I also have a spare barrel for in in .28 gauge for doves and maybe squirrels when the leaves are on the trees. Also toying with the idea of converting the worst of my Enfields into 7.6×39 but the conversion kits are as expensive as a new rifle. Still, the urge is there.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Uncle Charlie, good call on avoiding the new caliber. They are widely available but when supplies start to dry up and since they aren’t sold at every gun shop or Walmart would make it harder to stock up down the road.
      Nice picking up the Arisaka and Rossi. I’ve fired the Saiga in 12 and .410 but haven’t fired the 20 gauge.

  92. Homeinsteader says:

    Dr Prepper: Thassa beautiful chicken coop! Well done, Maestro!

  93. Homeinsteader says:

    This Amendment Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

    The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.

    The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion…….

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-legalizes-propaganda-2012-5#ixzz1xU7vHA8B

    • tommy2rs says:

      “information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion…….”

      Sounds like campaign promises to me…lol

    • Home’r – a couple of weeks ago I made reference to this ‘Ministry of Truth’ to Riverrider…and noted the connection to the Orwellian Ministry of Lies – see the book ‘1984’. (I was able to download it for free off the net…just do a google search…)

      The Ministry of truth is really about lies.
      The Ministry of love is really about hate.
      and can read about the other 2 Ministries that are mentioned in the book…

      You know, we couldn’t make this kind of crap up – and to see how closely our reality is teeing in with ‘1984’ is scary.

      Thank goodness as a group we can share the new developments with one another, and proceed accordingly. cheers.

  94. Prudent says:

    A very educational read this morning. Thank you all for the ‘links’ and the like. Somebody on cable got the rights to the “Book of Eli” this last week and they have been running that movie back to back….. DW has been paying attention to the focus on ‘water’ in the flick and wanted to know how much and how long that much would last us…….. She would like to up our capacity and said OK to two rain barrels for the downspouts.

    Light week in quantity but an ouch week on quality.
    1. One Rem. Mod. R-25 and 6 extra Mags.
    2. 200 rds. of Fed. match king boattails and 500 rds of Nato ball 308 ala LuckyGunner.
    3. Nikon 3-9x50mm BDC scope.
    4. another Glock 17.
    5. Aquatainers ala Wallyworld.
    6. 2 – 60 gallon rain barrels ala Home despot.
    7. Another layer of compost/MG soil on the potato pile.
    8. Silver dimes, quarters, halves and rounds.
    Don’t mind telling the world…. that is unless the world decides to kick in by door first! What the Hell… Opsec went out the window when I keyed into this site so … Eh! My ‘Beans’, ‘Bullion’, ‘Bandaids’ and ‘Bullets’ are topped off now. My liquid assets are bottomed out for now. Time to good week the onion patchs and clip some garlic tops for salad at noon.

    MD…. I hope your planning on treating yourself better than the chickens! That.. is a sweet looking Coop! I tried finding yer place on the Sat maps but form 200 miles up…. I suppose your ‘coop’ looks like any one of a million sheds, coops or outhouse roofs.

    Could you paint a big paw print on the roof so we can all find ya????

  95. Prudent says:

    “Time to good week…” good week… ech…. yeah if was… but i ment to say……… “Time to go weed…” the onion patchs…..

  96. Homeinsteader says:

    Since we’re talking about pet allergies today, it seems appropriate to share a new post from Dr. Karen Becker; what she talks about here impacts all living things in your home – pets and people!

    Here’s the gist of it:

    Safe Household Cleaners

    Replacing chemical household cleaners with a few simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic agents will lighten your pet’s toxic load and cut down on a number of potential triggers that can set off an allergic response.

    Bare floors. If you have wood floors, ceramic tile, linoleum or vinyl flooring, you can use a vinegar and water solution instead of a chemical floor cleaner. Since pets are so low to the ground, this is an especially important tip.

    I recommend adding one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water to mop the floor. There’s really no need to saturate the floor while mopping. Go easy and let the vinegar and water mixture do all the work. And there’s really no need to rinse. If you do find that the floor has a dull appearance after it dries, you can mop again with straight club soda to add a nice shine to your flooring.

    To remove stains on your vinyl floor or actually to any vinyl surface, dip a clean cloth in full-strength lemon juice and rub it into the stain.
    Windows and mirrors. You really don’t need ammonia-based products to clean windows and mirrors around your home. You can actually use a mixture of lemon juice and water. Use four tablespoons of lemon juice and half a gallon of water.

    You can also use a clean lint-free cloth rather than paper products to wipe those surfaces clean. Sometimes old, cotton t-shirts or cloth diapers also work really well for windows and glass surfaces.
    The kitchen and bathroom. For cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom surfaces, dust with baking soda, then wipe with a moist cloth or sponge. For tough grime, add some salt and elbow grease to that recipe.

    If you need to tackle grease, mildew, or other stains, spray the area with either lemon juice or water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then use a really stiff cleaning brush to scrub the mess away.

    If you need to disinfect a surface, a nice homemade disinfecting agent is a mixture of two cups water, three tablespoons of liquid soap, and about 25 drops of tea tree oil, which is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
    Oven cleaning. If your oven isn’t self-cleaning, skip those totally toxic, commercial cleaning chemicals that release loads of harmful fumes into the environment. Instead, coat the inside of your oven with a paste made of baking soda and water. Let it stand overnight, and then scrub off all the grease and grime the next day. You can finish up with a moist cloth.
    Unclogging a drain. If you have a clogged sink or tub, it’s a good idea to avoid caustic chemicals and drain cleaners as much as possible. I recommend you consider pouring half a cup of baking soda in the drain. Follow that up with two cups of boiling water. If you have a really tough clog, you can follow the baking soda with a half cup of vinegar. Then be sure to close or cover the drain tightly while the soda-vinegar mixture is fizzing away working on the clog. You can flush the whole mess down the open drain with a gallon of boiling water.
    Polishing wood furniture. Most commercially available furniture polishes contain petroleum products which are toxic. Furniture polish sprays pollute the environment in your home with potential hazardous chemicals that you and your pets can both breathe in.

    Instead, I recommend a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Use two parts olive oil to one part lemon juice. Apply it to your furniture with a soft cloth, and you can polish your furniture with a secondary clean cloth that actually leaves a really fresh scent.

    I’ve also quite successfully used coconut oil on my wood furniture. However, I will tell you that my Boston terrier follows me around licking it off, so if you have a pet with a taste for coconut oil, that may not be the best idea.
    Controlling paint fumes. Painting anything indoors certainly creates fumes and odors that can make any member of the household ill. If you have a touch-up project or you’re painting in your home, I recommend you set small bowls of vinegar around the room to absorb the smell. Refresh the vinegar daily and leave it out for a few days after you’ve finished painting, especially if you don’t have an ionic air purifier that will help clean the air.
    Metal polish. If you have brass, copper, stainless steel, or chrome items around your home that you’re interested in polishing, you can totally skip those harsh chemical products that typically contain ammonia and acid. Instead, I recommend you make a homemade solution using equal parts vinegar, salt, and flour.

    Using a clean cloth, rub this paste into the item. Cover the surface entirely. Give the piece about an hour to dry, and then wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth.

    For tarnished sterling silver, there’s a very cool trick you can use. You need to line a sink or bucket with aluminum foil. You add your silver, and then you add boiling water with a cup of baking soda and a sprinkle of salt. If you let that whole mixture sit for a few minutes, you’ll find that the tarnish will transfer from your silver to the foil. You simply rinse your clean silver and wipe it dry.

    If you’d rather polish your sterling silver by hand, you can dab a bit of toothpaste onto each piece and rub it with a clean soft cloth, or you can substitute three parts baking soda with one part water for the toothpaste. Rinse your items with warm water and pat dry.

    Take It One Step at a Time

    This is by no means a complete list of all the ways you can reduce or even eliminate the chemical cleaners in your home for the health of all your family members, including your pets. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make massive changes all at once. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with an allergic pet.

    What I recommend you do is to think about where your allergic dog or cat spends most of her time when she’s inside the house. Then consider making changes to ensure your pet isn’t exposed to environmental pollutants in the areas where she is spending most of her time.

    If your dog naps on the floor like most dogs do, make the switch to safe, non-toxic floor cleaners first.

    If your kitty loves to snooze on a favorite blanket or pillow, consider switching to a green laundry detergent or research how to make your own. And don’t use chemical dryer sheets with any fabric that your pets will come in contact with. I recommend if you want to freshen up your laundry, add a few drops of the essential oil of lemon to a sock and add that into your dryer, instead of the chemical laundry sheets that a lot of people use.

    Try taking a step every week or maybe a new step every two weeks towards de-polluting your pet’s indoor environment.

    You may find you ultimately hit on something that makes a significant improvement in your pet’s allergic response, or you may simply get the peace of mind that comes with knowing nothing in your home is contributing to your pet’s suffering.

    And as a bonus, you’re on your way to living a much greener, cleaner life with fewer chemicals in your environment.

    You can access the entire article at: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/06/11/household-cleaners-affects-pets-allergies.aspx

    She’s a frequent guest poster at Dr. Mercola

    Here’s to a healthier us!


    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Hahaha on the Boston Terrier following you around to lick the coconut oil off the furniture.
      I made a lotion from some recipe I found online with beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil and I used grapefruit essential oil (cheap and smells clean). Both dogs and a couple cats love to lick my hands after that!
      So it’s the coconut oil!

    • Unclogging a drain. If you have a clogged sink or tub, it’s a good idea to avoid caustic chemicals and drain cleaners as much as possible. I recommend you consider… Using a Wet Dry Vac.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        We keep those long, thin plastic “things” with “teeth” on each side around; they work perfectly! Cost about $2.00 or less each, depending on where and when you buy them….look for them in plumbing supplies at the Stuff Mart.

  97. Homeinsteader says:

    What did we do to prep this week? Canned more bargain priced meats. Hubby bought 2 new gas cans and filled them, as well as old cans; gas down to $289.9 in MS for now. He thought the gas cans were overpriced at the Stuff Mart, but I told him, “if you don’t like the price now, don’t wait to buy them…you really won’t like it later!”. Still waiting on others to get BOL ready since we are far away. We have all the right people; they’re just very busy right now; no worries! They’ll take care of us. Can’t wait for the first chance to stay on BOL and enjoy it! Sent DH and DS fishing; told them they need to sharpen their skills; they were more than compliant, bless ’em! : ) It’s all good!


  98. Hunker-Down says:

    Karl Denninger, financial author, using government figures has made the following discovery; “Since 1980 the government has NEVER has one 3-month time window in which GDP grew faster than debt. NOT ONE. NOT ONE IN THIRTY-TWO YEARS.”
    Source; http://barnhardt.biz/ post of June 3.
    Why doesn’t every junior in high school know this? Does anyone under 21 know what GDP is?
    We are a long way down the road to a repeat of the dark ages. Sharpen your battle axe.

    We purchased 50 one pint plastic freezer containers. They are square and will stack well in the freezer. Last year we used round ones and will use them again if we run out of the square boxes. We hope to freeze peas and strawberries, enough for 2 servings per month of each. We bought 12 pounds of sugar for 10.60 at our bulk food store. I spent 2 days (I’m old and slow) from 8:30 AM to 5PM picking (at a pick-our-own farm) and freezing 30 pints of strawberries. The DW can’t help, she had surgery on her left hand and stitches will be removed Friday.

    What is the best way to store strike-anywhere matches?

    M.D., That chicken palace should be on the cover of Mother Earth News!

    • I can’t believe no one has recommended a name for M.D.’s new chicken coup. I recommend “The Taj Ma Foul”.

    • I believe someone on this blog posted this link to a wedding favour, of all things, of strike-anywhere matches in spice-type jars. http://ruffledblog.com/diy-strike-anywhere-match-jars/
      The commenter said they would put the black fine grit sandpaper on the inside of the lid and make sure it was a waterproof lid.

      • MtWoman says:

        I would NOT put the sandpaper on the inside…if the jar gets shaken, it could make the matches strike themselves.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          I never thunk of that; was getting ready to do it. Many Thanks for the warning.

          P.S. “thunk” was not rejected by my spell checker; it cant even tell when I make a word misspelt.

          • sw't tater says:

            why not put some sandpaper in with the matches, but place in an envelope or fold of paper…so to have handy, but avoid accidental contact.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              sw’t tater,

              Thats what we will do. I will cut the strike strip off the match box, fold it in-side-out and wrap it in plain paper. Then the matches and strike strip will be stored in 8 oz. Smuckers jelly jars. I tested the jar lids, and they are waterproof, the down side is the glass.

            • hunker-down…I have mine in clear plastic screwtop jars – no fear of breakage – recycled peanut butter or promite jars are a good size. I have also used recycled berocca jars – waterproof and these will also float – as I spend a lot of time when outdoors near creeks/rivers.

              2 lighters to a berocca jar…or one lighter, plus assorted matches, and box with striker part folded inside also.

              when in big smoke a few weeks ago bought another firesteel – this will go in another berocca jar, that has duct tape wound round it…

              Also, put a sheer knee-hi stocking/pantyhose length into a berocca jar…use a pencil to poke it down, then fill with cotton balls smeared with p/jelly…force as many balls in as possible…then twist and cut off excess pantyhose length…that way can access all c/balls when required…can then wrap parcord around the berooca jar…easy access/easy to store in BOB.

        • You could easily put the matches head down, solved! 🙂

          • Hunker-Down says:


            I have this match (Fred) who is mad at his friend (Kevin). Fred has the hots for this piece of paper (Mary Jane) and Kevin wouldn’t light Fred the last time they saw Mary Jane.
            So I have to keep Fred and Kevin apart by turning one of them up-side-down when I put them in the jar.

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          But if the matches are in a jar with limited o2 how will they light?
          What is the fire trilogy? oxygen, fuel and the third I always forget.

          • MtWoman says:

            Well Soggy…maybe they won’t, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance.

            • Cosmolined says:

              I know you are correct. Think about gunpowder in a shell. Where’s the oxygen? God Bless and Heal you. Cos

  99. Great looking chicken coop MD, and that G19 is a dream! my baby G26 needs a big brother now! save save save doods! ha ha. Congrats MD! wanna share my little prep this week:
    1. Made a new design for a wolverine type survival knife (is 12 inches blade length considered a machete?) and gave it to my brother to be made in a province called Batangas where a village specializes in a fan knife called “Balisong”, well, the village is named what else, Balisong! I hope they will follow the design well…
    2. did a special bartending service for the hosts of former malaysian minister mahathir who visited our country. the extra earning made me purchase a sack of rice, several pieces of canned goods, gelatin mixes for the “box” for desserts (kids stuff), five butane fuels and paid for the extra ten 5-gal water for the stash.
    3. read download of PGF file on Archery – I am serious of learning the stuff and pursue production of the bow…again, its saving saving saving!
    4. bought 24 pieces of 9mm ammo, little goes a long way…ha ha ha
    5. Made three more alcohol hobo stove from recycled aluminum soda can..this is becoming addicting…also made two more paracord bracelet, one for my brother (with a fishing kit inside) and another for a godson
    6. asked around coz am looking for a local canning “expert” (envy of the posts here). Found out it’s “complicated” in our country, or it’s too warm (or actually hot) to think of it seriously, besides, a local wet market is just about every corner, where food can be bought easily…but then in a SHTF scenario, this isn’t good…later found out canned veggies, usually imported with brands like del monte, can be found in up market groceries (like Rustan’s) with it’s up market prices!!
    That’s all for now, little prep and mindset alignment…reading reading reading. Happy week co-packers! Cheers


  100. Homeinsteader says:

    Thanks to Charlie NC for reminder: picked up Fish Flex Forte order online today; and found a good buy from Goodwill on a book recommended by prepper post. Thank you, all!

  101. Indiana Joe says:

    Hey guys..a quick question:

    I have been playing with my new dehydrator and making some fruit chips and jerky. Any good ideas of what to use it for and how do most people store the food after its done. The manual says seal fruit and refridgerate meat. Any thoughts

    • Homeinsteader says:

      For long term? Store in glass containers, away from heat and light: plastic allows oxygen penetration, glass does not, but heat and light will cause both to break down.

      Or, use those mylar bags we’ve been talking about with one oxygen absorber per bag and heat seal with your iron. (See posts above).

      You? Ironing? I dunno…would your masculinity be threatened by having to run an iron? Doubt it! I don’t even know you..why am I pickin’ on you, anyways?! Have fun today, IJ!

      • Indiana joe says:

        Ya I don’t have a problem with that!! Can I get mylar bags at regular store?

        • Indiana joe says:

          Somebody said oven roasting bags like for turkeys work. Anyone ever heard of that?

          • Homeinsteader says:

            do not use the turkey bags, IJ. (1) Too expensive; (2) they allow light to penetrate so your food will break down more rapidly. Several posts appear ABOVE (somewhere) on getting mylar bags; LDS stores are best prices, but you have to buy in really large quantities (min. 250, I think); Emergency Essentials sells them, as do most emergency prep sites; DO NOT buy them off ebay – they are thinner and not of the same quality. You’ll need oxygen absorbers, too, but you can buy those wherever you buy the mylar bags, usually. EE ships fast, so, wouldn’t take long to get them; probably true at any prep site.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              And no, I do not think you can buy these in grocery stores, and they would probably be sub-quality, if you could.

            • I'm A Prep Kat says:

              Question: If I buy the thinner mylar bags, can I use the food saver to vac and seal?

            • Kat, The Foodsaver will “sort” of seal the mylar but I don’t think it works well because I tried it and the bags didn’t stay sealed. It also won’t suck the air out because the mylar doesn’t have the little ridges in it that allow the machine to suck the air out. I bought a cheap iron at Wally World for $9 and use that solely for the mylar.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              This procedure is very close to the steps we use to vacuum our 5 mil Mylar bags;

              We use our Foodsaver vacuum attachment instead of the vacuum cleaner. Our ironing board is a three foot aluminum carpenters level.

            • I'm A Prep Kat says:

              The youtube you posted is exaclty what I needed!!! Thank you!

          • Hunker-Down says:

            I’m A Prep Kat,

            Sharp things like macaroni can poke through the thin Mylar bags. We use 5 mill bags and haven’t had any problems.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Irons are common at yard sales these days, since there are only about 10 of us left in the world who actually iron clothes (or, so it seems!). Just ask the seller to plug it in and make sure it works, and make sure it is not damaged – yard sales often involve damaged appliances that the sellers have replaced. You can pick them up for a buck or two, if you’re really good! : )

            • Snort! Guffaw! I am one of the ten people left in the world who still irons! I do it on my down time. Pop in a movie and iron for hours! I even have an old cast iron one that heats on my wood cook stove.

              Nothing better for an overachieving OCD chick than crisp clean shirts in my husbands closet. He is the boss at work, so he needs to look nice even if it is in the oil field.

            • Encourager says:

              Hey! I, too, still iron! But with hubby retired and both sons on their own, I don’t have many shirts to do.

              However, I do love freshly ironed pillowcases and iron the top third of our top sheets.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Mama J – somehow I knew that about you! I have “friends” who don’t can, don’t iron anything…don’t prep… I really don’t know WHAT they do. They probably don’t know, either. They can’t use the excuse “I work outside the home”, because I did that for 30 years, made 5 cross-country moves, raised 2 kids, took care of a handicapped inlaw, and still did all these things, including making my own breads, pies, cakes, etc., from scratch (as was most of my cooking). Got me. I don’t know what women do today.

              Funny story: shortly after marriage (about 100 years ago!) DH told me not to worry about ironing his shirts; he would do it himself. He didn’t like the way I did it, apparently. No problem. For years, I refused to iron anything for HIM. Many years later, one day he asked me to iron a shirt for him. I told him I couldn’t do it right, he’d have to do it himself. He got the message. I’ve been ironing his shirts for several years now, and he has never said another word – happy, or not!!!!

            • Homeinsteader says:

              PS: I don’t have a wood cook stove; not yet, anyway. I’m green with envy! But I do have an antique iron that I can use in a SHTF scenario (purchased to have as a prep) – I just have to learn how to heat it and use it first. Tips are welcome. Hint. Hint.

    • sw't tater says:

      I would put meats in glass jar, with moisture absorber, sealed tightly…(old spaggetti sauce/jelly jars would work well.) in cool and dark place…until able to get mylar bags and o2 absorbers.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        You can also use heavy brown paper bags to keep your jars of foods in – I buy them at the local farmers market; they are heavy enough to keep light off the glass containers; just use a marker to indicate what’s in them and date, if you like.

    • I/Joe…I have dehydrated fresh and frozen veges – including peppers and onions, tomatoes – then vac sealed them and then stored them in recycled metal cans (think – coffee/milo cans etc).

      Have also dehydrated assorted oranges, limes and lemons (and their peel for adding to hot black tea), mangoes, bananas, pawpaw etc…and have made hamburger rocks – see Miles Stairs web page.

      And the best was dehydrating beef stirfry strips – no fat what so ever – and was a cinch to dehydrate…then vac seal.

      I then sealed a vac seal bag down the middle – so I had two same size compartments – and put 1/2 cup of dehydrated veges in one side, and 1 tablespoon of dehydrated beef/ground mince in the other side…and then sealed the top…repeat till all food items used up.

      I like adding dehydrated cabbage and cauliflower to my mix – as better for long term energy out doors…however, pasta is good too, if you don’t choose to have cabbage and cauliflower.

      this is a nutrition packed, non salted healthy mix – then you just add whatever seasonings, soy sauce, gravy powder to at the end of the cooking time, which is short, as items are already blanched etc as preparation for dehydrating and your dinner is ready.

      When you pack your BOB, or go camping – pack twice the amount of food you think you will need, and half the clothes you think you will need. Then pack rice and pasta – the harder and longer you are active outdoors – the more I need veges and meat on a bed of either rice or pasta…your choice.

      A good site on the web is dehydrate2store…lots of youtubes to watch and learn from…only limited by your imagination…

      some preppers on this site have dehydrated eggs, others cheese, and others have dehydrated leftovers from meals.

      I still have a 3kgs can of tomato paste to dehydrate – when I can…putting teaspoon sized servings on the tray for fruit leathers – and then vac sealing these as well…and some will be powdered in my blender. Add some canned cheese, and some sachets of taco mix…and can have a variety of different tasting dishes.

      Can also dry herbs..have some Rosemary I need to dehydrate soon…so, have a go and have fun. hope this helps.

      Also, remember, canned goods are heavy and take a lot of space…compared to dehydrated goods that are lightweight and can pack a lot in just one duffel bag – will last ages…have fun…cheers.

  102. Homeinsteader says:

    I need to pick up some Ipecac syrup and Activated Charcoal capsules; anybody have suggestions based on what you believe to be a better choice/better quality, etc.?

    • Encourager says:

      I tried to buy Ipecac and was told by 2 different pharmacists that they no longer can get it. The charcoal caps I got at the health food store.

  103. Pineslayer says:

    Energy, energy, energy. I have an idea, drill baby drill, then cap baby cap. We use about 20% of the worlds energy or is it oil, we have 3-4% of the worlds population. You can fudge the numbers a little, but these are close enough. Those are scary stats for our future. It takes a while to get oil from ground to market, making fresh deposits less than an immediate fix. So use the new wells as our strategic reserves, build a refinery or two. Use up the worlds reserves and hoard our own. Problem with this idea is that we are still sending our $ to other countries. Reduce demand, which I would be willing to bet that most on this web site do anyway by being conservative, price goes down and we send less $ abroad. There is still alot of oil out there, but it is getting harder to get it out due to location and regional politics. BTW there is no such thing as clean coal, cleaner coal burning methods yes. Big difference, the coal companies like to use that phrase to brainwash us into believing it. Just like the 2 ruling parties lie continually to wash our brains of sane thoughts. How about trading a bushel of wheat or soybeans for a barrel of oil? That would tip the balance of power a little. There are always solutions if we are willing to think outside the box.

    • village idiot says:

      Pineslayer, there’s a big buzz in the oil industry about the new shale play that’s developing in Russia. It’s called the Bazhenov-Neocomian, and is 80 times larger than the Bakkan in No. Dakota and Montana. Conservative estimates on recoverable oil are in the 350 billion barrel range, but many are predicting recoverable oil of 1-2 trillion barrels. It’s bigger than anything ever discovered to date, although it’s existence has been common knowledge for about 20 years, new drilling techniques make it possible to produce it. I noticed that Exxon had teamed up with Statoil and Rosneft, and they drilling a couple of wells so far. With production rates very similar to the Bakkan. Of course, there are no political or environmental factors to stop development. Russia will soon be the richest nation in the World, no doubt about that. The implications will be tremendous for the West as Russia and China could very well be the new superpowers of the World. I suspect Russia will make an offer to the Chinese before putting all that oil on the market.

      • Pineslayer says:

        VI, that’s a lot of oil. The problem with shale is it is very labor intensive and wastes lots of water., but if it is all you have then…
        I guess it comes down to no matter how clean we get, if others don’t change we are screwed anyway. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I wish I had something positive to say or even think about on the subject, but I don’t. There is a move afoot to put vets to work in sustainable energy fields, that gives me hope. Vets are motivated and goal oriented, maybe they can help us in ways that most don’t give them credit for. My oldest girl just got back from Bejing, she didn’t paint a very pretty picture. Dirty, rude, and no running allowed. They even advise you not to breathe very deep, can you say Blade Runner. That could be most of the world very soon at the rate we are going. Cheery stuff 🙂 On the bright side I picked up a MKII Bull Barrel today. I need to quit watching and listening to the news. May the schwartz be with us.

        • village idiot says:

          Pineslayer, I guess I was unsuccessful in getting my point across, which was that all that oil in Russia was going to give them more control and influence over world events. And that they would team up with China in an effort to thwart the West. I didn’t mean for it to be an article on peak oil and all that. I’m sorry it got interpreted that way.

          And on a more cheery not, I love the new Ruger you got. I don’t have a bull barrel on mine, sure wish I did. And I just got the Director’s Edition of Bladerunner, it’s one of my favorite movies, and maybe the best science fiction movie ever made. Not book, mind you, that would be Dune. Ok, I did it again, you LOTRs lovers have at me.

          • Pineslayer says:

            VI, your message got thru, I just got off topic. I think when the poopoo hits Russia and China will be neighbors at odds. Although China will be in damage control mode with a Civil War, IMHO. I guess my biggest point is that if we learn to conserve and change we will be fine compared to most.

            Going rogue again, my other MKII is the Government Target model, 6 7/8″ barrel, very accurate and heavy. This new one is better balanced. Now everyone in the house has a 22lr rifle and pistol I can take a day off.

      • Lexington says:

        Not sure where you are getting these numbers from -and I really wish people would provide sources instead of pulling numbers out of a hat- but the US Geological Survey estimates the size of recoverable reserves at about 40 billion barrels (http://energy.cr.usgs.gov/WEcont/regions/reg1/p1/tps/t117401.pdf).

        If Bazhekhov really has 1 trillion barrels of recoverable reserves it would be 12.5 times larger than Gawhar in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest oilfield ever discovered.

        Unfortunately, this claim seems to come from Christopher Hellman at Forbes, who simply compared the geographic extent of Bazhekov to Bakken and concluded since it covers 80 times the area, it must have 80 times more oil (you can read his blog post here –> http://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2012/06/04/bakken-bazhenov-shale-oil/).

        From this we can conclude that (a) Hellman isn’t a petroleum geologist, and (b) he has no business writing about something he obviously knows nothing about.

        Because, like Fox Mulder, many people want to believe, they just picked up on this nonsense and ran with it without considering the source.

        • village idiot says:

          Lexington, the study you reference looks like it is from the year 2000. To say there has been a sea-change in drilling techniques and drilling technology since that time is an understatement. As for USGS estimates, I had to laugh when you referenced them. This is the same outfit that claimed the Bakkan had only 151 million barrels of recoverable oil, then upped its estimate to 3-4 billion, and is now having to do another study. They are good at studies, facts always seem to elude them.

          I’ve heard about the Bazhekov for years, as it’s the source formation for most of the oil that has been produced from that area. I was on a Haynesville shale forum last week and a couple of guys talked about the Bazhekov, and that’s where I came up with some of the figures, which were on the conservative side. Some of the Exxon guys were really high on the play. I could not, nor would not give a link as the forum is private. I did give the high estimate based on the article in Forbes. Thanks for linking to it, I was remiss in not doing so.

          But remember, this is not a technical site, but a place where we discuss prepping and other issues. We don’t always give links, as most of us know each other. Thanks for your input.

      • Lexington says:

        Not sure where you are getting these numbers from -and I really wish people would provide sources instead of pulling numbers out of a hat- but the US Geological Survey estimates the size of recoverable reserves at about 40 billion barrels (http://energy.cr.usgs.gov/WEcont/regions/reg1/p1/tps/t117401.pdf).

        If Bazhenhov really has 1 trillion barrels of recoverable reserves it would be 12.5 times larger than Gawhar in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest oilfield ever discovered.

        Unfortunately, this claim seems to come from Christopher Hellman at Forbes, who simply compared the geographic extent of Bazhenov to Bakken and concluded since it covers 80 times the area, it must have 80 times more oil (you can read his blog post here –> http://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2012/06/04/bakken-bazhenov-shale-oil/).

        From this we can conclude that (a) Hellman isn’t a petroleum geologist, and (b) he has no business writing about something he obviously knows nothing about.

        Because, like Fox Mulder, many people want to believe, they just picked up on this nonsense and ran with it without considering the source.

  104. GoatPoor says:

    Hey wolfpack!! I’ve been lurking for months and finally have time to add something. I love reading what everyone is doing to prep…gives me great ideas and motivation.

    This week:
    -worked in the garden- gonna have a stellar pea crop
    -acquired two boxes of ammo and did some range time
    -made and canned 11 quarts of vegetable broth
    -bought several books off amazon on making items at home (panty, cleaners, etc) and a new canning book
    -was given a portable charger/compressor to keep in my car
    -bought a vermicomposter….been waiting all week for my worms to arrive, so excited to have the little buggers start making me some fine dirt
    -bought more pasta and toilet paper
    – have 30 pounds of strawberries arriving tomorrow- gonna be busy tomorrow night!!

    Been spending most of my time getting the shrubs and ivy cut lower and back so that it’s not only nicer to look at, but clears up the bad guy hiding areas near the doorways.

    Thanks everyone for all the great ideas!!!

    • Encourager says:

      GoatPoor, welcome to the Wolf Pack!

    • village idiot says:

      Welcome aboard, GoatPoor, glad to have you. You had a pretty dang good week, and all those strawberries will be good eating. I don’t envy you cutting them up, though. Take care.

    • Goatpoor,

      Welcome! Now that you’ve stepped out, we look forward to your posts and tidbits of info you’ll most likely be sharing. As you know from your months of lurking, if you have questions, speak up and most likely you’ll get at least one answer. Lots of folks here with lots of different experiences and backgrounds from around the globe. P.S. You’ll love your worms!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      GoatPoor, welcome to the Pack

      • GoatPoor says:

        Thanks everyone! I’ve been prepping for just a tad over a year now. When my eyes opened they REALLY opened!! I have been obsessive about getting ready…for whatever. I have a year supply for my daughter and I. Now it’s down to the bigger purchases like a solar oven, water purifier, etc.

        Can’t wait for my worms to get here…hopefully tomorrow. My DD (age 3) doesn’t understand at all how they will make “dirt” so should be a fun learning experience.

        Luckily my strawberries coming in today are already washed and sliced. Cheating I know, but that’s why I bought this way instead of picking them myself. Wish I had my dehydrator already…really want to dehydrate a bunch of them. Guess they’ll go in the freezer until after vacation next month when I can afford the dehydrator I want.

        Have a great week everyone!

    • EB. Esquire says:

      Welcome to the world of composting! You will soon find yourself walking around the kitchen and house looking for things to compost! I compost all our kitchen scraps, shred our junkmail and compost it, I even compost my hair since I cut it myself:-)

      Check out this website and all the other ones like it to make sure you are composting all that you can!


      A lot of coffee shops even leave out their grinds for gardners to pick up, even the evil Starbucks does.

    • Goatpoor…welcome to the blog. cheers.

  105. Standard more food, more water, garden growing. I’ve got tomatos and strawberrys on the vines. Cucumbers, green beans and green peppers all have blossoms.

    My wife allowed me to pick out my father’s day present…A S&W M&P15. Time to stock up on 5.56 🙂

  106. Tortoise says:

    The bark on the trees is almost enough, but once you get chickens….you know someone will say, “Isn’t that Bob Green’s chicken Freida?” Then we will all know where you live. 😉

  107. Cosmolined says:

    Hi Pack!
    Geez, I haven’t had a computer for 4 days….. (quivering), LAM.
    Just had Time-Warner replace the modem. Sure is good to be back!
    I’ll start reading the entries now. God Bless! Cos

    • village idiot says:

      I wondered where the heck you’d been. Thought chloe might have changed her mind and skinned you. Hahaha. Not really, but did miss you’re posts. Glad to see you back.

      • Cosmolined says:

        For a Hick, you are Good People….. Your friend, Cos

        • Cosmolined says:

          For the Nasty Leg/non-Airborne folks here, Good People is the highest compliment S.F. folks use.

          • Cosmolined says:

            Upon thinking about it, I’m a noncombat vet. There is a higher compliment, but it is for combat vets. It involves
            a wet thumb in your ear and (mumbling….). Airborne! Cos

            • village idiot says:


            • Cos, you are on a roll! Glad your health and spirits are back. King of battle!

            • Cosmolined says:

              Thank you friend! Life seems a whole lot brighter now compared to a few weeks ago. (WHEW!). God Bless, Cos

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, I should have passed the word but kept it on Opsec unless people asked. No one asked lol everyone was too busy welcoming Chloe and Cliff back. On a serious note, glad you got the net com back up and running. I’ve been busy with moving things to storage so haven’t had much of a chance on here as usual.

  108. Uncle Charlie says:

    “information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion…….”

    You mean it could get even worse than it is already? We are already bombarded by “information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion…….” from every direction: church, state, business, politicians … ad infinitum. I understand the reason for the 1948 law, but I think that it has completed been ignored by all the parties that it was supposed to regulate. I guess if this passes, the government can spend even more money on it and budget it rather than doing it on the sly. I guess the republicans consider this free speech if it passed the house, but it’s not free if WE have to pay for it.

    PS: I’m not a liberal nor a democrat, I’m just saying.

  109. Hi everyone!
    We are going to NM on vacation next weekso we have mostly been getting ready for the trip.
    One Prepper dog got all her shots and physical to get ready for the ride.
    I got all my meds refilled, even the ones I don’t use to add to my medicine hoard.
    From SAMs got sugar, beans, & water.
    Then I scored big-time at Target, my all-time-favorite Crystal Lite with stevia on sale for $1.02. I bought 50 boxes!
    We will be bringing home the big haul from NM of green chili. We also buy tamales from our favorite place and freeze and bring a couple ice chests home with tamales. (yum!)
    I’ve downloaded a ton of books, thanks do much Natalia!
    I started reading One Second After.
    Happy prepping everyone!

    • SMB,
      We LIVE on New Mexico green chilis. I drive there in late July, early August and buy a truck full of roasted green chilis, 400-600 lbs of onions, and whatever spicy goodness catches my eye.
      We eat 10 bushels of chili each year in our house. Easily.

      Good score on the crystal light packs. I have been seeing alot of those on sale lately too.

    • Ah , One Second After the perfect book to read on vacation!!!!!
      You won’t sleep good till you get back home. LOL

  110. We’ve had another great week at our house. Only one rough day last weekend, but other than that it’s been violence free. It’s gone from at least one violent epidsode a day down to one episode in two weeks. This is a miracle indeed. I can’t express enough gratitude to all you who have been praying for us. God is listening.

    I want to share some information with you all that maybe not everyone has thought of. I know many of us are depending on our gardening skills to feed our families. Have you thought of a plan if there is a nuclear disaster and all of the soil and water becomes radioactive? That would also mean our livestock, wild game and fish would also be radioactive.

    Well, I did some research and have learned that a product called”Sweet PDZ” may save you. It is sold in feed stores (Tractor Supply) and is very inexpensive. It’s main use is as a horse stall freshener. Here’s where it gets interesting. It is made from zeolite which is mined in the western part of U.S. Zeolite actually binds with radioactive particles. If you sprinkle it over your garden soil, that radioactivity will bind with the zeolite and thus prevent it from being absorbed into the cells of your garden plants. They used zeolite to clean up Chernobyl and now in Japan.

    You can buy straight zeolite (I believe it’s quite expensive) to take internally to rid your body of contamination or give to your livestock so you don’t have to worry about radioactive milk/eggs/meat.

    I also learned how to make an inexpensive water filter that will work as well or better than the “big boys” at a mere fraction of the cost. Use five-gallon buckets or 55 gal. drums or whatever size you choose, depending on how much water you plan on filtering, portability, etc.. The 55 gal. drums will filter enough water for a village – thousands and thousands of gallons.

    In your container you put a layer of gravel, a layer of sand, a layer of charcoal and a layer of Sweet PDZ. Repeat as many times as necessary to bring it up near the top of the container. Make the layers as thick or thin as you please. Place mesh, screens, cheeze cloth, etc., over the top to filter out the big stuff. You can cut holes in the bottom of the bucket and stack on a second bucket to catch the clean water or put a spigot near the bottom of the bucket.

    This is the same filter they are using over in third-world nations to provide clean, safe drinking water. Sweet PDZ will filter out radioactive particles from water too. Make a smaller filter (two or four gallon bucket?) to keep in your BOV along with a hose/syphon/pump. Make one from a 2L soda bottle for 72-hour kit and just don’t cut holes in the top (actually, the bottom of bottle) until you need it. Let the water filter out through the cap end to easily drain into water bottles, cooking vessels, etc.

    Bottom line is stock up on inexpensive Sweet PDZ. If you would like to read more about this, just google “Sweet PDZ and radioactivity” As they say on those public service commercials, “The more you know….”

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      I was buying incredibly expensive small bags of zeolite to absorb odor from the cats’ litter box. Works great. Then I found a product called Stall Dry at the feed store. It’s main ingredient? Zeolite! Cheap and just as effective. Now I have another use for it.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Great tip! Thanks, conmaze!

    • Thank you so much for the great information, Conmaze! Saving that to do for sure.

    • village idiot says:

      Great news on Jake, conmaze. We know the road is long, but the heart is willing, so you will get where you need to be, I’m confident of it.

      And thanks for the tip on Sweet PDZ. I had never heard of it. The knowledge of the Pack is great indeed. Thank you, ma’am, and I never thought you were a man. lol.

  111. Our preps this week are getting several thousand plants planted in an acre covered in weed barrier. The barrier is an excellent product. Saves hundreds of hours pulling weeds, saves moisture and provides an excellent cover for soil. No need to till. Tilling is bad! The worms and soil organisms are abundant and the top soil stays intact. No more walking in mud.
    Very easy to set up drip irrigation. If set up properly, it can last 15 -20 years. We are using an organic liquid fertilzer similar to using manure tea, stored in large recycled livestock water tanks. A tube feeds it into the water system which can be run easily on low pressure from water collection tanks.
    The rest of seed and root crops are planted and irrigation systems set up. I am documenting the amounts of seeds and yields this year following Farmgals lead.

    Then a nice trip to Lake Powell in Utah as a reward. A gorgeous warm water lake in a wasteland. If you ever get the opportunity, you should go. Nothing else like it on the planet.
    As we were drivng through, my prepperphenia kicked in again. I was mentally going through our GHBags. We would not have enough in those bags to get home. Not easily in that harsh environment. Even though I have alot of experience in the desert. I am a native plant master in high altitude and desert flora.

    It was very very dry. The beds that normally have some water had nothing. The big Cottonwoods and Tamarisk looked like they were suffering. I was out of my comfort zone again.

    I am glad to have that desert in between us and the hordes.

  112. Homeinsteader says:

    Here’s an article worth sharing, I do believe; I provide excerpts, but you can access the entire article at the address given:

    The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet June 11, 2012

    The U.N. recently revived its long-held desire to take control of the Internet. It is unlikely to get its way. So, led by European nations — who else? — it has hit upon another means by which to exercise its influence: Taxes. CNET reports:

    The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations.

    The European proposal, offered for debate at a December meeting of a U.N. agency called the International Telecommunication Union, would amend an existing telecommunications treaty by imposing heavy costs on popular Web sites and their network providers for the privilege of serving non-U.S. users, according to newly leaked documents.

    The documents (No. 1 No. 2) punctuate warnings that the Obama administration and Republican members of Congress raised last week about how secret negotiations at the ITU over an international communications treaty could result in a radical re-engineering of the Internet ecosystem and allow governments to monitor or restrict their citizens’ online activities.

    “It’s extremely worrisome,” Sally Shipman Wentworth, senior manager for public policy at theInternet Society, says about the proposed Internet taxes. “It could create an enormous amount of legal uncertainty and commercial uncertainty.”

    Posted on: Blacklisted News

  113. Homeinsteader says:

    For some strange reason which I do not understand, this posted as a reply in the wrong place, so I’m going to repost and hope it doesn’t happen twice:

    Good morning, Pack! For all canners, there is a blog site I’d like to recommend, “Canning Granny”:


    Today’s tip: home canning mint sauce! Roasted lamb with mint sauce, anyone?

  114. Homeinsteader says:

    OK, Pack…I HAVE to share this story…

    MAN WRITING ABOUT KINDNESS IN AMERICA SHOT & WOUNDED: And FBI reports big jump in small town murders

    It’s hard to make up stuff like this. “A West Virginia man who was traveling across the United States gathering material for a book about kindness in America was shot and wounded while eating lunch in Montana, police said on Monday,” Reuters reports. “Ray Doland, 32, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the arm following the incident near Glasgow, Montana on Saturday, Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said. Doland was still in hospital on Monday but was expected to recover, Meier said.”

    The sad and bizarre story comes on the heels of a new FBI crime stats report indicating a big jump in the number of murders in small towns across America. While overall crime went down slightly last year, murders in towns of under 10,000 people spiked 18.3%.

    We have come to expect violence in big cities, but now such evil is penetrating even small town America. Lord have mercy on us. We need a Third Great Awakening or we risk an implosion.

    I haven’t read Rosenberg’s book, “Implosion” yet, but it’s definitely high on my list. See the article here:

    From Joel Rosenberg’s blog: http://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/man-writing-about-kindness-in-america-shot-wounded-and-fbi-reports-big-jump-in-small-town-murders/

    • Pineslayer says:

      Homeinsteader, my guess would be Meth. It has infiltrated every corner of the nation. It changes people quickly. I know because many of my old friends are into it. I rarely see them anymore, but when I run into them it is scary. they look bad and won’t change. The common statement is ,”It’s too late for me”. Sad stuff, even sadder that I can do nothing for them.

      • village idiot says:

        Very true, Pineslayer. It is one of the few things that can cause a mother to lose her love for her children. I’ve seen it first hand, and it makes you sick.

        • EB. Esquire says:

          Apparently the only thing worse than Meth is these bath salts that cause people to eat one another!

  115. Homeinsteader says:

    Nasty storms in the South last night, continuing today. Tree limb took out my prized heirloom tomato plants; oh, well – just the 2 biggest ones, not the “kids”. Lightning hit a tall pine and brought it down in backyard, but, by the grace of G-d, it didn’t hit anything except dirt! (Thank you, Heavenly Father, in the name of Y’eshua/Jesus Christ!)

  116. Homeinsteader says:

    Lowe’s is advertising 5-tier steel shelving, reg. $77.98 for $59.98; 72″ h x 48″ w x 24″ D (6 ft. high x 4 ft. wide x 2 ft. wide shelves). Max load: 800 lbs. PER SHELF; stock # 101933

    Harbor Freight has a new flier out; they show Predator generator 3200 rated watts/4000 max watts (212 cc) for $289.99, reg. $449.99; 70 dB noise; (claims “super quiet”); is this a good deal, y’all?

    They also advertise 36 LED Solar Security Light for $17.99; reg. $24.99; Bunker Hill Security made it; Item # 98085; includes 1.2 volt 600mAh/6volt NiCd rechargeable battery pack.

    Also Harbor has a coupon for 20% off any single item, so, I assume you could take another 20% off, in which case it would be about $232.00, plus tax.

    You’ll need coupons, but, they always have coupons in house; don’t know about the 20% off one, though.

    • EB. Esquire says:

      A lot of time Harbor Freight will only let you use the 20% off coupons on full priced items, so if it is already on sale, you can’t use it. But every once in a while you’ll fine a cashier who will “force” the coupon through.

  117. stream148 says:

    I am working my way thru 31 days to survival, I can not get the link for rotational shelf to work, can anyone give the link? I would like to see the plans, thasnks!

      • EB. Esquire says:

        Just discovered what I am going to do once the baby gets here and I have some time off work. Very cool, and i bet it could be modified for baby food and formula cans as well.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          EB: baby here yet? Don’t know if it’s your first or tenth, but, may I share some advice? (I know – everyone has “advice”!)

          I never gave our babies “baby food” (commercially prepared); I used one of those small food processors (still have the same one!) and processed whatever we ate for the baby, from day one. Yes, the Ped said, “don’t do it; they need a different kind of food, or, it’s too soon – their little systems can’t handle it”. Hogwash. If you eat right, they’ll eat right; just blend it into a nice, semi-soupy paste. This is the same Ped who told me not to give my infant son “solid foods” until X# of months; the infant was crying from hunger at night; he got real food (homemade baby food) at about 3 months, and started sleeping through the night. Today, he’s nearly 30, 6’4″, and strong as an ox. Don’t think it hurt him. My point? You’re the parent; you decide what is best for baby; dr’s can be very wrong.

  118. Homeinsteader says:

    Hey, Pack! Ladies AND Gents….

    Are you familiar with the site, “As A Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots”?


    There’s some cool stuff on here for both Moms and Dads – especially Dads, in honor of the soon to be here “Father’s Day”.

    Just thought I’d share, in case you’re interested…..

  119. Lets see, we bought a Biopod, this will be a good compost, chicken grub feeder, fertilizer tea addition… we were able to get a good deal on it ..so far we are pleased…planted a ton more beans along with pumpkins, started harvesting the onions, hoed under the dried sugar snaps and saved some for next years seeds, stocked up on powdered milk and a few other baking necessities, made a gallon of homemade granola. I finally think Ihave found a recipe I like, we were given 2 dozen sweet potato slips that will head into the garden this Thursday. I finally pulled the lettuce that was going to seed in between rain drops. This month makes three years since we sold our clothes dryer….we have really noticed the savings, made up a gallon of pancake mix and stored in canning jars…. blueberries will be in within the next week or two and I wanted to be ready! stocked up on a half gallon local honey from a nearby hive, and the 6 layers have now grown to the point we have moved them to the big pen.. I know this sounds rather gross, but a biologist friend came over for dinner and noticed our garden was a bit depleted in nitrogen… so we um… have been saving our urine, diluting it and using it on the garden… I have to tell you it has done the trick! leaves are coming in a nice dark green and we haven’t had to pay for fertilizer….

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      If you put your chicken poo in your compost, you shouldn’t have a problem with nitrogen. You could also top dress with composted chicken poo. Pee works too. We used to have the boys pee in the compost before we had chickens. It’s a little harder for us girls to do that 🙂

  120. Homeinsteader says:

    Good morning, Pack!

    You can go to http://frugallysustainable.com/download-herbal-rescue-your-guide-to-creating-a-homemade-herbal-first-aid-kit/

    and download a free herbal first aid guide, in case you need a place to start with herbal medicinals.

    Blessings to all, in His name!

  121. Homeinsteader says:

    Wow! I just found an inspiring “Guest Post” on ModernSurvivalOnline.com – I do not think Dr Prepper will mind me sharing this here (else I would not); but if you want to be reminded of the importance of what we do, if you want to know you are teaching your children well, go here and read:


    • Thanks Homeinsteader. Yes that was very inspiring to read.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, DJV. I sometimes need reminders of “good” in this life! They are becoming a rarity, are they not?!

    • Home’r…that was a great article…

      you know, you guys are all so generous to one another..I know, I read the web articles – and yes there are some crazy bastards out there – same here…however, there are more good people than crazies…hope you guys get to link up with the other preppers and form various networks if it works out. cheers.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Morning, Chloe! Glad you enjoyed and was blessed by the article; I hope you have a wonderful day, full of blessings from our Lord!

    • Encourager says:

      Wow. What an awesome article. And did that Dad raise his kids right? YES!! I got teary-eyed.

  122. Homeinsteader says:

    PACK — I know that some amongst you are military; you will appreciate this problem, I’m sure, and I ask for your prayers. My friend, “Michael”, a young father, just returned from a tour of Afghanistan, and he is not o.k. Seems the military has decided he needs psych treatment, so, he is undergoing such now. I do not know the particulars, but was told he was posting “weird things” (I do not know “how” they were weird) on social media and powers decided he needed psych treatment, apparently. He is National Guard. Please – all Prayer Warriors – hold this precious young father in prayer – and especially that he be ready to meet the King of Kings! Thank you, in His name.


    • EB. Esquire says:

      Prayers sent for Michael and his family.

    • Prayers on the way…mornings circa 6am and evenings circa 5pm on my time on my side of the pond…cheers.

    • Encourager says:

      Praying for him AND his family, and wisdom for the doctors, nurses and all others who come in contact with him, that they will have a God-given word to uplift him, sustain him, and give him hope. I pray for his healing, mentally, emotionally, physically and most important, spiritually. In Jesus Name!! Amen

    • Homeinsteader,

      Michael is on my list. So sad, especially because there are a lot of Michaels coming home….

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Thank you, conmaze…and you are so right. My heart is breaking for this beautiful family and this wonderful young man…a light in darkness when he left…I’m praying for full restoration, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Y’eshua/Jesus Christ!

  123. He’s on my list now.

  124. Jarhead 03 says:

    Home, I’m betting the powers that be are the people (close friends, family and fellow Guardsmen) that see some things that are not the regular.

    I know when I returned my friends and family noticed changes that I didn’t. He needs his friends and family to support and be there for him. Being in combat where you constantly look over your shoulder, look upon everyone with suspicion, anything on the road could be an road side bomb, watching your friends become wounded or die changes a person forever.

    It took me years to unwind and mellow out. Some of it was talking to counclers, friends and especially my dads friends that were Vietnam, Korean and WW II vets. They understood when others who said they did but didn’t. I will keep him in my prayers and if he needs the help, at least now dogs there isn’t the stigma like there used to be.

  125. Homeinsteader says:

    If you’re second-guessing yourself as to how you spend your time and resources right now, maybe this will help:

    from: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2012/June13/136.html

    Russia Warns War Is Coming To Syria


    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preparing a major offensive in the coming days against the opposition targeting his regime, an informed Syrian government source confirmed.

    The source told WND yesterday Assad was warned by Russia that if the coming counterinsurgency targeting the opposition is not successful in the next 4-6 weeks, Syria should be prepared for a war.

    The source did not say whether the possibility of war referred to a Russian expectation of international intervention in Syria.

    The information comes after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday accused Russia of sending helicopter gunships to Syria for use in crackdowns on rebel positions across Syria.

    “We have confronted the Russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to Syria,” said Clinton. “They have, from time to time, said that we shouldn’t worry – everything they are shipping is unrelated to their [the Syrian government’s] actions internally. That’s patently untrue.”

    Continued Clinton: “And we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically.”

    Also yesterday U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland echoed concerns by UN envoy Kofi Annan that a so-called massacre is being organized against the Syrian opposition.

    “The United States joins joint special envoy Kofi Annan in expressing deep alarm at reports from inside Syria that the regime may be organizing another massacre,” Nuland said. “People will be held accountable.”

    A previous attack against civilians in the Syrian neighbourhood of Houla saw 108 people, including 49 children, reportedly executed at close range on May 25. The international community quickly blamed Assad’s forces for the massacre.

    This past weekend, Germany’s leading daily, the Frankfurter “Allgemeine Zeitung,” quoted sources claiming the Houla massacre was actually committed by anti-Assad Sunni militants.

    Immediately following the massacre, WND reported Syria presented the United Nations and the U.S. with information that claimed it was a group affiliated with al-Qaida, armed by Turkey, that slaughtered the civilians in their homes in Houla, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

    go to the link above for the rest of the article….

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Home, according to the news the Brits are not ruling out supplying the resistance. A few Carl Gustavs In the hands of the right people or some acquired and air dropped off RPGs could help change the course.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Yep. Things are lining up – just as Holy G-d said they would; imagine that! : ) It’s all good!


  126. Homeinsteader says:

    Woo-hoo! Our Kato Voyager KA-500 arrived today! Just ordered it last week off Amazon; solar, battery, and crank power – with all the peripherals! YAY!!!!!

    ..and…picked up several nice storage tins at a local thrift shop…don’t overlook tins of all sizes (the kind treats and other foods come in) as a good way to long-term store food, meds, supplies, etc. Just keep them away from moisture sources, obviously.

    • MtWoman says:

      Home…I’ve had mine for some months now, and it’s worked well. I’ve been very glad to have it (left on ‘alert’ status) for the storms we’ve had lately. I recommend you order the ac adaptor and the antennae. Adding both makes the radio a very thorough tool. What color did you get?

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Morning, MtWoman! Yep…DH handled this one…got the adapter and antennae….DH asked me what color I wanted…I answered anything that doesn’t scream, “He’ I is!”. DH ordered black. Looks like a nice little piece of equipment; glad to have finally added it to our preps.

        I hope you have a blessed day!

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        MtWoman, Homeinsteader,

        “What color did you get?” This made me giggle. Such a female question! I’ve asked my DH on things we’ve purchased, what color? His response is ‘who cares’. lol

        I don’t have that radio, but the one we have is bright red.
        Still giggling.

        • MtWoman says:

          LOL. I guess that is a funny question. But…they come in green, yellow, red, blue, camo, black….so….gotta know. 🙂 Hey….gotta keep some of the ‘fun’ part, right?

  127. Homeinsteader says:

    Hey, all you prep cooks! This could come in handy:

    Prep Cooking Tips: Substituting Sweeteners

    Courtesy: Whole New Mom: http://wholenewmom.com/whole-new-budget/baking-with-honey-sugar-for-baking/

    How to Substitute Sweeteners
    1. Honey and maple syrup are sweeter than sugar, so use less (about 1/2 – 3/4 cup) for each cup of sugar.
    2. When substituting a liquid for a granulated sweetener (e.g. using honey when the recipe calls for sucanat or brown sugar), for every 1 cup of honey, subtract 1/4 cup of liquid from the recipe (that means also, for every 1/4 cup of honey, subtract 1 Tbsp of liquid).
    3. The converse is then, when substituting a granulated for a liquid sweetener (e.g. using sucanat or coconut sugar when the recipe calls for maple syrup or honey), for every 1 cup of sweetener, add 1/4 cup of liquid from the recipe (that means also, for every 1/4 cup of honey, add 1 Tbsp of liquid).
    4. If baking with honey or maple syrup, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit, since maple syrup and honey will tend to caramelize and burn faster than granulated sweeteners.
    5. Since maple syrup and honey are somewhat acidic, when baking, you will need to add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp baking soda per cup of honey or maple syrup to the batter so it will rise.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      PS: She doesn’t mention molasses, but I happen to be very fond of molasses – and, as it was in the days of old (WWII days), it may one day be our only source of “sweetener”!!!

  128. EB.Esquire says:

    Since I am pretty new to this prepping thing, and I have not seen a post on it and searched pretty well, I was wondering if anyone has done a cost/benefit analysis comparing canning your own fruits and vegtables and buying store bought. I was wondering about the cost of growing all your own, buying the jars and caps, and canning equipment, etc. Also, do home canned good keep longer than store bought, are they easier to store, etc.

    Just wondering, I see we have an abundance of canners on here, so I figured maybe someone has looked into it and would want to share their findings.

    • Bam Bam says:


      Now that is a great idea for a post. I would venture to guess that it is cheaper to buy fruits and veggies already caned–if you are not growing the fruits and veggies yourself. I buy my fruits and veggies canned from the store. (I don’t have enough room or enough time to grow all my own veggies.) But it is important to know how to can fruits and veggies because one day we may not be able to get them from a store.

      There are things that are cheaper to home can–salsa and chutney, for water bath canning. Where you really save money with home canning is with the pressure caner. I still can’t believe that folks pay $8 for a can of meat (Yodders Beef, for instance), when you can can your own for less than half that price. I can chicken breast, pork loin and meatloaf. I also can my own chili and soups. Another place your really save money is beans. It costs me about 33 cents to can a pint of beans.

      So I guess to give a general answer to your question, some things are cheaper to buy (pickles, fruits and veggies) and other things are cheaper to can yourself (condiments, beans, meats, soups).

      I would be interested to hear what others have to say. I know that some folks barter for fruits and veggies to can. If you are getting the fruits and veggies in trade or for free, then it is cost effective to home can them.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        BamBam, Could you post instructions for canning meatloaf? Would same methods work for meatballs? Thanks for info!

        • Bam Bam says:


          Ya just make the meatloaf and put it into a wide mouth pint jar. Put an indentation in the top for the grease to collect. Process as you would ground beef or meatballs–75 min. for pint and 90 for quart.

          I didn’t care for the texture of the meatloaf but my dh loved it. It will work for meatloaf sandwiches.

      • Encourager says:

        BamBam, I have to agree that LEARNING how to can is the most important. I buy pretty much all organic, so my cost would be much higher, buying canned/jarred fruit or veggies. We are also learning how to garden…never been very successful in the past.

        We just discovered an organic farm which is a CSA (but you can buy veggies if you don’t belong to the CSA, too) that is about 5 miles from our house. Saw a sign and turned in to find out what they had. Lovely young couple with a 16 m.o. child and another on the way. We really clicked with them for some reason. So now I have a source for all the stuff I didn’t get to plant. Came home with a huge bag of mixed baby lettuces for $4. Has to be a couple pounds of greens. She also gave me the name of someone who sells shares in her cows so I can again buy raw milk for drinking, butter, cheese and yogurt.

        • Encourager,

          That is the prep of the week. I think it is of the utmost importance to establish contacts with farmers now.

        • Pineslayer says:

          Encourager, finding that farm has got to rate in the top 10 of preps for the week. Connecting good.

          Anybody ever watch youtube, slingshot channel, Jorge is a big kid, check out his pump slingshot, I gotta have one! Here’s his website..


          • What great slingshots there are on there!! Slingshot rifle, CANNONS, and the beautiful homemade hand-held. Thanks for the link, Pineslayer.

        • Homesteader says:

          Encourager, you know to keep the “raw milk” on the down-low, right? Else you could have the gubmntsheeples crawling up your tailpipe. Perhaps we need a code word for RM?

          • Encourager says:

            Yeah, Homesteader, I really shouldn’t have mentioned it but I was so excited. BTW, we can ‘buy’ shares of a cow, which means you own or rent the cow, and then can ‘share’ in the benefits of said cow. It is all legal, although the state is very unhappy about it and has been attempting to shut down various farms that do this. Some NEED to be shut down as they are not following even the basic cleanliness issues. The state also runs articles in local papers every once in a while poo-pooing such practices as unsanitary and dangerous to family health. They have gone so far as to say parents who give their children raw milk or products from milk are abusing their children.So I imagine legislation is down the road regarding this. Hope it dies in committee!!!!

            Hmmm. a code word….how about precheese.

    • worrisome says:

      There are several ways to evaluate canning.
      1. Quality of product you are canning. Knowing the source from whence the goods you are canning are coming from. Pesticides, fertilizers, etc
      2. Practice so you know exactly how to do it when other forms of food run out and it is your only method of storing food for future use.
      3. Tin cans vs. glass jars can be a flavor issue for some. I personally hate say spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce done in a can.
      4. As for length of time; I believe for best flavor and nutrition value, cans and home canning are about equal in length of time stored.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      I can only answer for myself when I say this because of the amount of green veggies we eat in my home. Zucchini. Zucchini alone is enough to justify planting, growing and canning your own veggies. At $4.00 a pound (which is one zucchini) we have little choice but to grow them. The average zucchini plant can give more fruit then one family can use in a week so canning is a definite unless you plan on filling a freezer with zucchini. I have heard people mostly complain about these plants because they planted two or three and cannot keep up with the fruit once the plant starts producing.

      Potatoes is a ditto. $5 a 10 pound bag in store for a couple of potatoes or three seed potatoes that can be used to create upwards of 30 potato plants. Using the stacking/tower method each plant will produce an insane amount of potatoes ( I have read) but I am still working on mine so I will let all know how many come from it once they are done and I will have pictures and whatnot to show.

      Shallots. Shallots. How much does a nice bag of shallots cost at the grocery? At ours they run about $6-$7 for a little, tiny bag. Basically enough for a salad. Or you can get some shallot sets. No seeding. No hassle. They can be bought at pretty much any garden center that isn’t big chain. My sets cost $2 and I got eight sets in the bag. That doesn’t sound like a lot until after three weeks you discover that you have at least 24 shallots growing because they have multiplied and they have only been in the garden three weeks and it is only June. Good times.

      We saw a decent canner at Costco two weeks ago. It came with the instructions, can picker, lid thingy and the lifter. It had a 7 or 8 can capacity I believe. It cost $30. The jars for canning can be found at yard sales or at local stores that often sell them real cheap by the case.

      All in all for me and my family it is a massive savings and we will do nothing else going forward. For how easy gardening is, I can’t for the life of me see why everyone isn’t doing it. We saved $400 last month because of food and that was including the added cost of some soil, organic fertilizer, watering cans, hoses, hose reels, seeds, sets, garden tools, manure, worms for a worm composter and gloves.

      This garden is in an urban area with very little space to use ( I am talking rooftop gardens have more space) but we still cannot imagine what we could produce with an extra lot, let alone a whole field.

      Of course success does vary.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Gardening in containers produces a great deal of good, as well; you can live in an apartment, container-grow, and still save significant $$$ by growing your own veggies and fruits. Don’t overlook citrus: lemons, limes, and oranges do very well container grown; you just have to protect them from hard freezes and keep them properly fed and watered – you’ll have homegrown citrus year around, if you do this!

        • Buuurr in Ohio says:

          We have mostly raised beds for the big stuff and pots for things like tomatoes and peppers. Also a potato tower that saves massivly on space. My onions I have left in a traditional garden space and add soil to them to keep the stalks growing up and out (mostly so we get to eat the amazing green shoots). I would never skimp on my onions happyness. They are my favorite thing to grow and eat. If it doesn’t have onions in it, we didn’t eat it. 😉

      • sw't tater says:

        B in Ohio….try dehydrating some of those zucchini, they are so sweet! we eat them dehydrated and raw.for snacks!…no need to cook them. Okra, ditto but should you choose to prepare in a stew or fry, just rehydrate for 20-30 min and proceed…and the storage space required is minimal. I use all my Bama plastic jelly jars for these…they seal tightly,unbreakable and hold enough for three meals for us.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      I found it’s cheaper and a hell of a lot easier and faster to buy store bought canned fruits and vegetables. Bottom line.

      If I pay 30.00 bucks for a box of peaches or pears, then buy the sugar and lids. Then spend the next couple days processing everything it’s not worth it to me. I’d rather pay 30 bucks and a half hour at the store then done. Buys a hell of a lot of cans.

      On the flip side. I do can and enjoy it. Only now I only can when I am able to get the fruit or veggies for free. If I get apples I make sauce. If I get blackberries out in the woods, it becomes jam. Gona try to can my sister’s rental house Japanese pear this fall (or dehydrate if it’s mushy, I’ve read different reviews on it).

      I don’t have a big enough garden to can from, we just use it as it is ready. Except onions, which I winter over in the basement until they start to head down hill. Then I chop them and freeze them.

      Free = worth canning. Plus it tastes better.
      Buy fruit/veggies to can = not worth it.

      Just my opinion and what I’ve found to be true for our family.
      I’m Soggy Prepper and I approve this message.

    • Kelekona says:

      EB.Esquire, that is an interesting thought. Are we just practicing skills for when we have to throwback to home canning? Then again, some condiment recipes are better than what you get in the store and too fiddly for small batches.

      Many people here have gardens, so feast and famine. I imagine that the cost for someone new to canning is going to be more than for someone who just needs new lids. Then there is fuel-energy costs.

      Of course, there is also a benefit of you having more control when home-canning. Less BPA worry because the lid doesn’t come in contact with the food. No funny salt replacements or added salt unless you did it.

      I’ll try to remember to take notes for the report the next time I’m canning.

    • I'm A Prep Kat says:

      For me it isn’t a matter of cost. I can because I it is a skill I want to have, I know what is in my food, and because I have some food allergies. When I can my own home grown or purchased from trusted farmers, I ensure healthy, quality food for my family. Gives me great satisfaction as well, to see all the jars lined up on the shelf and know I have provided for my family.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Buying a caner, jars, lids, and tools is expensive. If your cost-benefit analysis is for one year, its obviously not worth it. On the other hand, caners, jars and tools last 30 years, so our cost-benefit calculations use that time frame.

      Canning is work. I’m old and lazy BUT we want to be prepared for the day when grocery stores are empty because the semis that restock them have stopped running. Grocery stores have a 3 day supply of food and will run out if the fuel supply system for the trucks is broken.

      Caning is a skill and starting to learn it, starting to accumulate the ingredients after a disaster is not going to feed your family.

      Peas are the next crop to ripen in our area and I am NOT looking forward to spending a day caning 20 pints of peas. I will though, because next year they may not be on the shelf for .69 a can. They may be 3.69 a can or completely missing from the store.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Yep! You are so right, H-D. Let me know if you want to sell some peas!

      • Hunker Down, my thoughts and sentiments exactly. When I have spent all day canning, I certainly realize that I have done a “days work”, but it is definitely worth it in peace of mind. And I bought my canner in 1977 so I think it has fully depreciated and I don’t even consider the cost of the canner any more. Just the lids and jars. And I still have jars that I have been using that long as well. Granted, I have purchased some thru the years, but it is rare for one to break. And even though it is a lot of work, I still enjoy doing it and enjoy using the foods I can.

    • MtWoman says:

      EB…I can…because I can. 🙂

      Really…I got into canning because I have a very limited income and there was produce in all my neighbors’ yards that they didn’t want, as well as some growing wild that I could pick (grapes & prickly pear). I taught myself to can jam & jelly and traded them to the neighbors for picking enough fruit to also make some for myself and family. There was a very large pot left here by my step-mother, and I got some jars from neighbors and bought some sugar and pectin and was off and running. I have been doing that for 3 years. This year, there is also a large crop of available fruit …and now vegetables…and I have been given a water-bath canning pot and a pressure canner. Everyone has returned the jars I gave them, and I even managed to sell a few jams and used that $$ to buy more jars, sugar & pectin, so I’m about to be very busy.

      I have no idea how the cost of making the jams and jellies compares to store-bought (and I haven’t canned veges…yet), but for me, using up the fruit readily available factors in and I think it works out in my favor.

      And I like that I know where my food comes from and what’s in it. I think that gives a better ability to track quality and expiration, especially these days when the rules of store-bought food have changed and are still changing (and I don’t trust all that).

      I also think it’s a skill that is good to have. Perhaps, if you don’t want to invest in all the tools, you ‘can’ ( 🙂 ) take an AG extension canning class, and see if it’s for you. I’ve signed up for one for next week.

      And…perhaps bottom line….I find home-canned goods to have much better texture and flavor than store-bought.

      I know none of that answers your question. 🙂 Just some thoughts I have on the subject.

      • sw't tater says:

        the home prepared foods generally are of better flavor and quality, whether canned , dehydrated…and as has already been pointed out, You know what’s in them…and more important, may leave out ingredients that your family may not tolerate.

  129. Homeinsteader says:

    EBE: I do not have the cost analysis for you, though I recently read such on a blog site, and can’t remember which one, of course (I get hundreds of blog feeds weekly). Here’s the gist of it: YES. Home canning IS more cost-effective than commercially canned, ounce for ounce.

    You will need to buy some equipment up front; it does not have to be new; your best source for 2nd hand may be ebay, or, even etsy; my second-hand vintage pressure canners have been serving me well for many years; I simply keep the gaskets changed, as needed (parts for vintage are available online or at your local hardware), and store them properly (never store a pressure canner with the lid in place; wrap it in clean, soft fabric and store it upside down on the canner pot; keeping the lid in place in storage damages the rubber gasket.) Once you have your equipment, any of it, properly cared for becomes an heirloom.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON, perhaps, for home canning is not even saving $$ — it’s what you put in your temple (1 Cor. 6:19). What you eat and drink every day determines how well that amazing machine our Creator gave you will function, and for how long.

    Long term and when the SHTF you do not want new or bigger health problems due to poor nutrition or eating and drinking toxic chemicals – speaking of which, I hope you are NOT consuming water with fluoride in it. Same problems as artificial sweeteners, MSG, and can chemicals. There may not be medical care available.

    Commercially canned foods often contain artificial sweeteners and MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), BOTH of which are proven neurotoxins (kill brain cells) and cytotoxins (cause specific types of cancers). I even found artificial sweetener in canned green beans once; why do manufacturers put it in there? Because Americans have a sweet tooth, and you can take even sub-grade food, sweeten it, and Americans will love it. Cha-ching! Artificial sweeteners off the shelf are expensive, but in the quantities used by food producers, cheaper than natural sugar.

    Artificial sweeteners stop the synapses of messages from one part of the brain to another; get enough of it in you, and you’ll go to the dr. about memory problems, ambulation problems, etc. and, sooner or later, you’ll be diagnosed with Epilepsy, Alzheimers, etc., when you don’t have any disease – but a physiological reaction to the build-up of these neurotoxins. I speak from personal experience, and have not touched anything containing artificial sweeteners in 25 years. They are all the same; they all have this effect. There are hundreds of names for them, but, in general, if there is anything in your food with “tame”, it’s aspartame – highly toxic. There are others, too; you can do your research and become familiar with them all.

    Then there’s the issue of the chemicals used on the liner of the can. I won’t even try to go into the names or science here – you can do your own research – but those cans are lined with toxic man-made chemicals, as well. The proof of the toxicity is available; just be careful of your online sources of information; many of them have been planted (yes, “conspiracy”) by the same companies who profit from the product with their bogus “scientific” studies proving that said product is safe for human consumption, such as was done by filthy rich entrepreneurs to bolster the demand for aluminum products when WWII wound down, which gave us “flouride”, good for your teeth, right? Wrong. It never has been and never will be; just another lie of overpaid scientists in fear of losing their jobs.

    Natural News, Dr. Mercola…sites like that are, in my estimation, far better sources of TRUTH. And, NO, I am not a crusader…I just do not like being lied to; the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth..if you can find it!

    PS: Somewhere in here, I hope I answered your questions! : )

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Also, if you can’t “grow your own”, purchase in from local growers.

      It is critical that you establish a relationship with your local community/local growers NOW. They need to know you are trustworthy, and you need to know whom you can trust. Once the system as we know it fails, they will be very difficult to “find”; you need to know this NOW.

      There are online sites that help you find local growers, including organic (but not just), and farmers’ markets are a good source of building relationships with local growers. People who can in your community know where to find them.

      It won’t be long before local growers will be your ONLY source of food supply for what you can not produce yourself. NOW is the time to build those trusts. It will be a lot harder when the SHTF, and it is about to hit the fan.

      Did I say, NOW?! : )

      • Homeinsteader,
        Amen Sister, you are completely correct. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
        My advise to everyone…..
        If you are looking for cheap…you will get cheap. You may “survive” on it, but I intend for my family to “thrive” on whole clean food that was grown by me or someone I trust. Unless supermarket food says organic, it most likely has pesticides, herbicides, or artifical ingredients than are harmful if not truly discusting.

        My favorite new quote by Joel Salatin “If you think eating organic is expensive, have you priced Cancer lately?”

        Ya, I am a Food Nazi. Not a vegan, I eat my eggs with the yolks and like my meats grass fed. I love fried chicken made from chicken butchered by me, breaded with locally grown flour and fried in my own rendered lard. Or a nice slow cooked elk roast, covered in onions and wild picked mushrooms, with mashed homegrown potatoes and my own canned green beans. Hot apple turnovers from apples I can every fall, bartered from a local orchard. I pick a pick up truck of apples for a case of my jalapeno jelly.

        Please don’t say….Oh, I don’t have a farm and I work full time. My husband works 50-60 hours a week. Until the last 4 years I worked a full time job, grew a 2 acre garden with the help of our co op members. And raised 6 children. 2 that were adopted. If you can’t do it by yourself due to other reasons, then get together with friends and have a season long garden canning party. If you really want it, you will make it happen.

        Many farms across the country sell CSA (Community Supported Ag) Shares which you can get a large portion of the farm produce, eggs, dairy and meats every week. Most will welcome you to come help for a discount in price. What a better way to learn than from the experts. the kids LOVE it and you get an opportunity to hug your farmer.

        Check out http://www.localharvest.org for a farm near you.

        When SHTF happens you will survive on your food stores, but for how long? Even if you have 10 years worth, what would you trade for a cold crisp tree fresh apple in October? Or a slice of fresh cucumber, or a fresh sweet fat tomato. Eventually you will need to grow, raise animals, barter with neighbors and become sociable again. Knowing your farmers right now will only help you in your preps.

        So go ahead and cruize the thrift stores and yard sales. Buy those canners, cookers, jars and lids. Find the places that provide clean beautiful produce, meats and start taking your food back form Monsatan and their minions.

    • Kelekona says:

      Dang, Homeinsteader.

      One, you are adding to my desire to join the wrong side in the war on junkfood. (Regulating junkfood sounds great until someone tells me that I gotta turn vegan, can only buy the whites of the eggs, or that I can’t get sweetner for my tea.)

      Two, there goes my article on thinking like a localvore. You’re more passionate about actually doing it now. All I’d have left are reminders to store produce for over the winter.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        I do not endorse the Nanny State in any way, shape, or form. Most of us know how to read and are perfectly capable of making our decisions – good, bad, or indifferent. Somehow, I believe you are in agreement.

        Some “junk food” is healthier than “health food”; you just have to know a little and read a little, of course.

        I am not Vegan, and never will be. I drink sweet tea – it’s “the wine of the South”; but I drink it with REAL sugar. You heard me – REAL sugar. It’s still far superior to any man-made chemical toxin. Or, raw honey or molasses – whichever I have available, though the latter takes some getting accustomed to.

        There’s also Stevia, but stick with Stevia in the Raw – green box only; TruVia and PurVia are Stevia, but they are processed with ethanol. Yummy. You can also grow your own Stevia and dry the leaves to use or make a tincture of stevia leaves and vodka (this gets my vote!).

        I eat the whole egg – preferably “free range”, but, whatever…. I make a mean 3-egg omelet, and I do not eat “just the whites” – yuck!

        I wouldn’t want you to think I always eat “healthy” – of course, that depends on who is defining, “healthy”!

        So, while we wait for SHTF, enjoy a Twinkie or two! ; )

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Probably the most important reason of all to can your own food is the supply chain; when the SHTF, there will be no grocery store; even if there were, you’d be taking your life in your hands with all the sheeples turned zombies. You won’t be able to buy canning supplies when the SHTF, either, so, if you aren’t going to use it immediately, get the stuff you need: water bath canner, pressure canner, jars, caps, rings, tongs, jar lifter, sieve (for tomatoes), etc. And a good “how to” book: the Ball Blue Book is a good place to start. But I don’t really recommend you wait; when you need to be DOING a thing is not the time to be LEARNING – much less stressful to have the knowledge and the tools in advance of the need!

  130. Homeinsteader says:

    Another article worthy of sharing, in my opinion:

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding research into bracelets that track mental, emotional responses

    (NaturalNews) Pushing vaccines on the entire world is apparently not the only goal of the infamous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is reportedly now funding research into human tracking bracelets capable of gauging both emotional and physical responses to various stimuli. According to The Washington Post (WP), the Gates Foundation has already quietly spent more than $1 million on research into the biometric bracelets, which could forever alter the way students learn and teachers teach.

    In a controversial move that was only recently brought to light, the Gates Foundation allegedly forked over about half a million dollars to South Carolina’s Clemson University late last fall, and another more than $600,000 to the National Center on Time and Learning (NCTL), a group dedicated to improving student achievement. Both grants were intended to fund test studies on the effectiveness of the “galvanic skin response” bracelets, which assess the physiological responses of students to learning material.

    The idea is that when a student, for instance, is exposed to new lesson plans from his teacher, the bracelet will detect electrical changes on his skin and inside his body which can be used to assess how well he is learning the information. The bracelet may also detect various cognitive responses in that student’s brain which indicate whether or not a particular teaching style is effectively engaging him according to his learning abilities and types.

    Tracking bracelets could further dehumanize American education

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036171_Bill_Gates_bracelets_monitoring.html#ixzz1xlon1DLp

  131. Homeinsteader says:

    Since I’ve been going off a bit about gubmnt sponsored lies (I know! I know! There isn’t room to cover them all here) thought I’d share this really BIG one coming up, trying to convince us all to eat GMOs! Would you like some fluoridated water with that? Good for your teeth! Bah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Hidden Food Poisons Your Family – Ignore These Cooked Up Lies

    What do a former mouthpiece for tobacco and big oil, a corporate-interest PR flack, and the regional director of a Monsanto-funded tort reform group have in common?

    They’re all part of the anti-labeling PR team that will soon unleash a massive advertising and PR campaign in California, designed to scare voters into rejecting the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Acti.

    In November, California voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a law to require mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered ingredients in processed foods, and ban the routine industry practice of mislabeling foods containing genetically engineered ingredients as ‘natural.’ Polls show that nearly 90 percent of the state’s voters plan to vote ‘yes.’ But when November rolls around, will voter support still be strong? Not if the biotech, agribusiness, and food manufacturers industries can help it.

    It’s estimated that the opposition will spend $60 – $100 million to convince voters that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safeii. They’ll try to scare voters into believing that labeling will make food more expensive, that it will spark hundreds of lawsuits against small farmers and small businesses, and that it will contribute to world hunger.

    None of this is true. On the contrary, studies suggest just the opposite.

    Here’s what is true: The opposition has lined up some heavy-hitters and industry-funded front groups — masquerading as “grassroots” organizations — to help spin their anti-labeling propaganda machine. You have the right to know what’s in your food. You also have the right to know who is working tirelessly to prevent you from ever having that right – and who is signing their paychecks. Here’s a partial lineup of hired guns and organizations behind the anti-labeling advertising blitz soon to hit the California airwaves:

    Read the rest of the article:

    • Homeinsteader says:

      PS: In case you don’t already know this – Europe and Japan long ago banned all GMO seeds, food grown from GMO seeds, etc.; one nation even went so far as to destroy hundreds of acres of corn in process of being grown from them once they understood the dangers in them. We now have superbugs, superworms, etc. who have built a resistance to the chemicals, so, the food is toxic to humans but the bugs and worms for which they were created just mutated to allow for the toxins. Perhaps we will, as well?! Just sayin’ ……

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Bugs mutate in decades, humans in several centuries. This is a race we are loosing. We need an effective GMO boycott organization.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Environmental Working Group (EWG): http://www.ewg.org/

          or Natural News: http://www.naturalnews.com/

          There’s also Dr. Mercola, Whole Foods, and many more, I’m sure. I would think EWG would be the best group for this. What do you think?

          • charlie (NC) says:

            Homeinsteader, with all respect to you, if you do some
            digging and dig deep enough you will find out that the
            EWG is heavily funded by the “Tides Foundation” which is George Soros money. Soros is a big backer of the militant green movement which has very little if anything to do with the environment and a lot to do with global control, socialism and communism.

            Check it out. I might also suggest that the views and goals of Tides and the EWG and George Soros are just about totally opposed to the vast majority of the prepper movement. I will cede to you the point that GMO might prove to be a bad thing. I will suggest to you that the EWG and Tides are demonstatably worse. I’ll also suggest EWN’s attacks on GMO are just a vehicle they are using to push their one world government agenda.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              I genuinely appreciate your respectful response, Charlie. I do not necessarily endorse any of these organizations, I certainly DO NOT support nor do I endorse anything associated with George Soros, although I obviously had not taken time to see that he has his demonic hand on this entity, as well. Good to know. George Soros: one of the most evil men to ever walk the earth (he and Bill and Melinda Gates were huge supporters of Monsanto tech as major shareholders, and, I assume, remain so). Thank you for “heads up”. I do not know that I agree that they are pushing GMO agenda for personal agenda, although, it is not out of the question, since everything they do is aimed at world domination. I do know one country (trying to remember which one) cut down all GMO corn and destroyed it, Europe has banned GMOs, as has Japan. I do know George and Bill and Melinda were behind Monsanto who was behind S510, Federal Law that took effect in June, 2011, making owning, growing from, selling, or providing foods grown from, heirloom sees – a felony! I grow only heirlooms. But I clearly can not possibly “know it all”, and I am most grateful for continued “education”. Thank you, ag