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How long would you survive after a global cataclysm? If you’ve watched the show “Doomsday Preppers” then you know that each participate receives a score based on their preps and estimated survivability time.

Well, now you can get your own score, based on the same scoring system and scale as used on the show.

This is a fun exercise that could bring to light some overlooked weak spots in your plans and preps.

Click here to start the survey and get your “Prepper Score” then come back here and post your score with your thoughts in the comments below…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Schatzie Ohio says:

    I took the survey but scored low. I couldn’t get the the slide bar to move on some the the sections and some sections were pre filled with the wrong answer.

  2. Who would be stupid enough to go to NatGeo’s website and take a survey like this?

    You might as well just call up your local government and report everything you’ve done to prep.

    Do NOT raise your head up like this and tell anyone what you’ve done to prep. You’re putting yourselves in the cross hairs people.

    • Clem,

      Yet you post comments on survival blogs…

      • Just Plain Brad says:

        Who says my answers were accurate! LOL

      • Yes I post…via a very anonymous method using several remailers and a final mail service all through TOR.

        It’s not about being afraid…that dog won’t hunt. Those in-the-know, such as James Wesley Rawles advocate this same thing. It’s called OPSEC. It’s called being smart.

        • Clearly you don’t know what OPSEC means. You’re looking for PERSEC here. It annoys the hell out of me when people try to sound cool by using military lingo and don’t even know what it means.

      • Haha that was the best comeback I’ve seen in a while. Short and to the point. Besides I’m pretty sure the local “authorities” will have the lowdown on our military service and post military licenses and purchases.

    • Celm, I don’t think you have to worry too much, I doubt they even collect this data, and even if they did, I can almost guarantee that plenty of people took this, several times, with varying answers.

  3. patientmomma says:

    This was very interesting; I have never watched the TV show because I ditched my cable a long time ago. According to the survey, my weakness is in securing my property and that some of my group members are not expert survivalists. Now I know where to focus improvement.
    Thanks MD, this was fun and practical!

  4. Victoria S. says:

    8-12 months, but I “fudged” on a few – we don’t store MREs – we store things like canned soups, etc, which fulfil the same sort of function. I also counted the milk/beans as meat.

    I think they put too much emphasis on stuff and not enough on knowledge… the gardening abilities we have counted for less than storing a lot of ammo, which is wrong. And there was nothing about books/knowledge/classes beyond “security” and “first aid”.

    • I agree. There weren’t enough options in some categories. I’m sure many of us are more than weekend campers, but not experts. There’s no in-between option. I have some MREs, but also have lots of items that can be eaten straight out of the can/package. I didn’t include milk or beans at all. I also have other methods of heating/cooking food than what was offered. Some people have Sterno or rocket stoves, etc.

      As for people in my group and do “my” knowledge of first aid, survival etc…that’s a so-so question too, as people in my group have varying levels of survival skills and some have medical backgrounds.

      As Clem stated, I was a little leery to do the survey, but figured ‘screw it’. The gov’t is watching more than surveys.

      • I took the survey, to the point that it asked how many guns we have, then I deleted the whole thing. Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you! Didn’t mean to hit a feedback note on NANN!’s comment,. this is my first post, and I just goofed. Sorry!

        • I actually found that question interesting. The largest response was 5+. Now considering they asked how many trained adults do you have in you location and the answer went up to 10+, this didn’t seem to me to be a question of having too many. Most people believe that 4-5 is a MINIMUM survival battery.

        • Welcome to the Pack, Nama!

    • And all the transport questions assumed you’d be using a car… didn’t have anything about bikes/carts/equines as alternative transport.

      Nor was there much about tools – do you have non-electric tools? Sure it’s great to have a generator – but do you have a way to do basic tasks in your garden/house/workshop without electicity?

    • I think this thing is meant to be taken as a fun exercise, not something very serious. If it helps point out some inadequacies, that’s great.

      We don’t store MREs either, but do store freeze dried food to supplement beans, rice, etc, and canned goods. FD wasn’t an option tho.

      We also have no way to heat or cool our house. In Hawaii. I guess we go paws up when the electricity goes out in January.

      While we have camping gas stoves, we don’t have wood stoves, but we do have two Weber grills and a hibachi, and quite a bit of charcoal. Plus quite a few trees. Not an option, tho.

      Standardized calibers: The wording of the explanation looked a little like they meant all the guns – rifles, handguns, shotguns – should use the same cartridge, but that is obviously absurd, at least as far as the shotguns go. We have standardized with .22RF, .223, .38/.357, .45ACP, and 12 gauge. Does that count as standardized? Oddly, it said in the evaluation that standardizing makes reloading easier, but gave the .22 RF as an example.

      It was fun to do, tho.

  5. I took the survey. Who set them up as experts,aren`t they the idiots who allowed a felon pedophile on there show?

  6. Good tool. I used it with the bol and was at 80%…at 60% here at the house…About what I expected…

  7. I scored low but mainly because of a lack of water (really need to have included things like water heater in that total) and lack of protection – will have to continue to work on those.

  8. Babycatcher says:

    Apparently the internet connection isn’t very good right now. I had the same problems the first poster did…will try later.

  9. I scored 50 and it said I would last 4-8 months, which at my age isn’t for sure anyhow, even if nothing were to happen. I also forgot to include several stores of water and did not score well in the protection/security area, part of why I’m considering relocating soon.

  10. JeffintheWest says:

    My survival score was low (2-4 months) because of our currently very low food stocks (last month’s personal SHTF incident lowered our food stocks quite a bit); that, and I don’t have any firearms yet…. Guess it’s time to get started on my armory.

  11. Scored a 92 without fudging on my answers. According to them that gives us a 18 – 20 month survival time. I’ve watched the show since it came on the air and have never understood their methodology to establishing the ratings. We know we’ve got enough put away for many, many years plus the ability to replace most all of the necessities.

    Oh well, it was a fun exercise and some of the links on their page are interesting. Go to the green line of buttons and select any one of them, In the window below the green line select #4 to get the disaster map. Choose your disaster and then select the “flags” on the right side for the map to display details.

  12. My food store was low (2-4 months) because of water. I think this survey is flawed. On the food storage question, for example, they asked about one’s supply of grains–but it only went up to 200 lbs. I’ve got five times that much. They ask about meat. But they don’t say if it is canned meat or freeze dried meat–big difference. The glaring flaw is that they don’t talk in terms of protein sources; they talk about meat. Most of us have beans galore. One question asked about MREs. I only have a dozen or so MREs for our BOBs. We don’t plan on bugging out. We have 4-6 months food stored in cans and dried foods.

    I think this show needs to hire a Mormon to educate them about food storage. MREs are expensive. Soups bought BOGO with coupon are cheap.

    I though the ammo question was pretty dumb as well. They asked how may guns one has. Then they asked how much ammo. The ammo only goes up to 1000 rounds. Most of us have 1000+ rounds per caliber. Who here doesn’t think 10,000 .22 LR is a good goal? Who here doesn’t have 2,500+ 9mm per gun?

    And the questions on water did not make sense. Yes, it is important to have a couple dozen gallons of water stored up. I’d like to push that figure to 200 gallons. But the big thing is to have access to well with a hand pump and a means of filtering water. I haven’t worried too much about water because our friend down the street has a well with a hand pump and we have a Berkey with extra filters. And given that you can dig 10 feet and hit water here in Florida, water is not a problem, provided you have a means of filtering it.

    • I’ve read you should have 10,000 rounds per caliber gun you own.
      I thought the water source question was iffy too. I have a water source running through my yard, my neighbor has a pond, and one of the Great Lakes just a couple miles away.
      I don’t have an orchard, but there are many large farms and orchards in very close proximity to my home. For these reasons, I answered no to some of the questions.

    • CountryVet says:

      Scored low as well (5mo), but mainly because I did not divulge anything about ammo and weapons “just because,” so we got a zero on that front. Security questions were dicey as well, Also, water catchment not addressed and you are correct on the on the problem with their scoring on foods. No MRE’s here either. Not enough weight was given to the ability to renew your food surces either.
      A joke, but somewhat inbteresting.

  13. Stupid survey, not sure how they came up w/score. I got 2-4 months and it gave me a 7 for water,,,,,,when we have a pond and a well with not electric pump. The well is a deep well 180 feet,, not off the pond.

    It didn’t like the fact we don’t have BOL or BOV,, but then we plan to hunker down. There is a second building we can get to on foot, also stocked,,, but that wasn’t one of the questions.

    • Same here regarding the BOL. I don’t keep all my eggs in one basket, but do have other locations on my property. Not what I’d call a BOL.

  14. Swabbie Robbie says:

    It was an interesting exercise. A little too general and brief to really be meaningful enough. But I did see a couple areas I need improvement. Questions about bug out bags, vehicles, and location were areas I had nothing because I already live there. My main bug out bag is really a get home bag and shelter for 72 hour bag based on my likely maximum needs to get back home.

    Water we have by the river full plus three springs and my well. But we don’t have very many bottled water jugs. We can purify it as needed. It said I scored low on generating electricity. I have 2 generators that will run the whole place and fuel to run them for some time. I have held off on wind and solar because of prices and quality issues based on friends that have them. I would like to develop those resources. Realistically, we could live without electricity. Use wood heat as our primary for 38 years. We have grills we can cook on, and dutch ovens which are fun to cook with of campfires and grills and even the wood stove.

    I am not part of any survival group. However, here in the country we are used to having neighbors and friends that form a defacto support group.

  15. I took it three times, with slightly different answers.

    It’s been nice knowing y’all.

  16. I scored a 75. My weak link is security. its just my wife and i. We dont have a survival “group” and i hope i dont have to be a part of one. There isnt anyone i know enough to trust, that is close enough to be considered part of my group. I have all e;lderly neighbors except 2. One is an ex marine with 2 kids and the other is a pretty sure by now, everyone knows how i feel about cops and im pretty sure he would be my biggest threat to survival if he knew what i had stored. A lot of questions wer about bugging out. I have no plans and zero need to bug out,EVER. Ive put every ounce of energy and every spare dime into making my home a fortress and my land,a self sufficient homestead. The option for water that a renewabkle source of water starts at a 10th of a mile away when in fact its not 10 feet from my back door. I drilled that well myself,by hand. there is a lot to be said about the inaccuracy about the test,but it is just one more way to look at your level of preparedness through someone elses eyes and perhaps see a weakness you werent aware of. I knew my weakness was the fact that its just my wife and i and she is disabled. Nothing i can do to improve that besides making freinds with people i dont trust. its a head scratcher and a point to ponder for sure.

    • medic mom says:

      I’m interested in your comment that you don’t want to be a part of a group. I do kind of feel the same way, but we have a concept in EMS called “mutual aid” where people come to the assistance of other’s when called. I am hopeful to find an area where I can live self sufficiently but yet be around other like minded people who would offer mutual aid and I would do the same.
      Just a thought. It’s hard to know if someone is going to helpful until you bring it up. Or they do.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        I think that in a truly catastrophic situation (major SHTF, not just a personal one or a very localized one) like an EMP event or a pandemic, there would be stages that everyone would go through. In a more rural area, I’d expect most folks would sort of hunker down for a while to see how things shape, and then would probably start a bit of limited outreach to their neighbors to see if there are areas where they can work together to help everyone survive. Gradually, I’d expect these contacts to expand and grow until there was a large local network of folks. Along the way, there would probably also be a “weeding out” process where folks inclined to be non-cooperative would be sort of pushed away. It would probably work differently and at different times depending on the area (farmers in Nebraska might band together a lot quicker than say suburbanites in silicon valley, and areas where a lot of people are related probably would find it a quicker process too, whereas areas with larger populations might find it harder to develop micro-organizations or might even collapse into anarchy), but overall, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see something like that. Outside pressures (like armed raiding groups or masses of people flooding an area from a nearby city) might warp the process quite a bit as well.

    • axelsteve says:

      Brad. You have a survival group. your wife, You And you killer ankle biters.

    • BC,
      I have this nagging feeling that after SHTF you are going to have a driveway full of helpers. Courtesy of YouTube. Plan accordingly.

  17. medic mom says:

    Scored low also but again as many said, lack of water hurt the score. I do have several BOB’s and 55 gal plastic drum’s but as we are moving in 2 months, it doesn’t make sense to fill all these if I can’t move them. In my own defense, I have several types of water purification, which the survey didn’t ask about. I also would have scored better 4 months ago, before we decided to eat our stocks up and replenish after we move. I’m not storing a lot of food in a storage locker, but we have considered caching around the country. I can’t seem to decide if I think it’s a good idea or not. i know the thought is out there that there are lots of “good shit” in mini storage and I do think thugs will go for them first. So I can live with the low score temporarily

  18. Texanadian says:

    This survey sponsored by Toyota extreme 4x4s, Cumberland Heights Realty and Evian Bottled water.

    It got my weight wrong to. 🙂

  19. Thomas The Tinker says:

    OH Gawd…. now I’m on NatGeo’s list.

    • Yep. When the anthropologists come knocking on your door, expect to appear in a nekkid photo spread of the native preppers.

    • Thomas The Tinker,

      If that was the only list I was on I would be in pretty good shape lol. All joking aside there are a few folks that read this blog that are so tin-foil-hat and worried about everything and anything, that I can not figure out why they even own a computer, phone, bank account, drive a car, home, utilities, get a degree, go to trade school, own a gun, get a hunting license, order anything through the mail, or anything because doing so puts their name on some kind of a list. I’m an American and I’m going to live free and will not cower in a dark corner in fear, on “a list” or not they can kiss my ass… Instead of living in fear and hiding as even more of our rights are taken away, we need to get organized and demand our rights and freedom be returned NOW.

  20. I’m only set up for short term survival, 3-6 months, because after my meds run out I’m dead anyway. I can only get 3 months worth at a time via insurance. It is prohibitively expensive otherwise and I’m not sure of the self life anyway. This is before I go on dialysis. After that, I’ve got 2 weeks tops. So all the other stuff: bop, vehicle, guns and ammo is just overkill except for my surviving family members who are more than welcome to it.

    • patientmomma says:

      Uncle Charlie, Something is going to get us all eventually. It’s what we do with the time we have that counts. Your prepping is an example to others and may give knowledge to survive. God bless you!

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      I have to take thyroid pills they are cheap roughly $15 for 100 – but can only get one bottle at a time ,

  21. mom of three says:

    I also did the test twice, I think you need a mouse, my tablet would not let me move the line at all.. I did one where we are at now, and one at my parents house. I scored 1 to 2 months, at our home including 2nd property. At my parents, I scored 2 to 4 months, little better just because they have a well, and a stream running though their place. I need to get more water, and a water filter asap. They don’t include food for animals either, I’m sure I would have scored O.K. on that too. It may be flawed just because you can’t factor in everything that would be to hard. They just put the important things that most people have around. To me it was a huge help to get my self going again, and just to realize how much more we need to have. If anything it’s a good tool to have on hand and try the test every few months to see if you score better.. Thanks M.D. for putting this up to me it’s very valuable information.

  22. We fell in the 6-8 month range. Not sure why. It did remind me of some area’s where we fall short, but I have tried to make up for things in other ways (stocking more food as the growing season is shorter). These don’t seem to factor in.

  23. higherview says:

    I rated 76 which suggested 12-16 months. Of course this is a simple & not very detailed, there are a lot of other things which might affect a score which are not asked. I’ve taken this before & use it as a fun way to check with friends and inquiring people who want to learn more. It’s less intrusive than if I ask “how many months / years of food do you have stored, how much ammo etc. etc. This is a way to start with people who are inquiring. If they won’t even take this silly test, I have saved a whole lot of time which would have been wasted otherwise on someone who thinks they need to prep, but do not want to take even simple action or are not flexible enough to try something new – or perhaps are too fearful to even take an anonymous test. Any of these tell me a lot that is useful in how I should respond and in learning potential connections for prepping.

  24. Jersey Drifter says:

    I didn’t take the survey. I have watched the show about a 1/2 dozen times, and don’t care for it. It gave me the impression that they portrayed preppers as a bunch of nut cases.

    That said, I don’t feel that preppers are nut cases. I don’t think I am a nut case, and I wouldn’t say any of you are nut cases. At least not from your postings.

    Mostly from this site ( your doing a great job M.D. ) and the Wolf Packs input on all matters of importance from politics, weather, food and water, defenses, and herbs and medicines, I have a fairly good idea where I need to put some more attention. I can only do it at my own pace and within my budget. And a score from some TV show might make some mad, depressed, or give them a feeling of hopelessness . Me, I think I would cuss them out some.

    But I am miles ahead of where I was a few years ago and feel more comfortable with my situation, knowledge, and ability to deal with problems as they come up.


    • But I am miles ahead of where I was a few years ago and feel more comfortable with my situation, knowledge, and ability to deal with problems as they come up.

      And that is exactly why we are all here J.D. We all started somewhere and all we can do is keep plugging along and hope that #1 That all our prepping is in vain because the SHTF never comes
      #2 The thing we do such as gardening, grinding our own flour,eating meat we raised ourselves makes us healthier and happier.

  25. I scored 4-8 months survival based upon lack of security. We have guns, ammo, but are only two of us to secure the property-until the reinforcements show up (kids). We are not bugging out either and it clearly assumes you will when taking the survey. I didn’t count the grains stored either.
    Like Uncle Charlie said in his post, he only has 90 days worth of meds before his personal SHTF medical problems get him, I am in the same situation. We prep to make it as long as the good Lord lets us make it and hope the kids remember thier lessons.
    MD, I am with you. We have as a nation given our rights and freedoms away and it is time to start holding those accountable in office for something. God Bless America.

    • S'wt Tater says:

      Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily, recognize facts, think optimistically. Plan eternally. THen you have all bases covered. Here are some things that may help you.. in planning. When I worked in a long term facility…a long time ago, we routinely gave a drug holiday every sunday, to non essentials..
      .except cardiac, breathing meds…on 90 day supplies they can be refilled usually about 10 -14 days ahead of the actual 90 days.If you are diligent and refill as soon as allowed, you can build in an extra month supply over a year…add in accidently missed doses, or held for labs, doses…
      For B/P and breathing problems there are herbals,( do the research, ask questions of herbalists,naturopaths etc) that can assist you in reducing dependence on pharma.with daily monitoring of blood pressure, cardiac function, kidney function. You must know that some b/p meds also protect the heart and kidney function , some of those are effective for that at extremely low ( 2mg) doses. By starting an appropriate herbal now, you might be able to increase your stock of basic meds, if your prescribed dose remains at current level. 4 skipped doses in a month = a months supply in 7 or so months.
      Milk thistle is often encouraged by internist to assist the body with liver and kidney functions.

  26. I got 1-2 months. Stored food, power and shelter were my biggest hits.

  27. I scored a 49 for not having enough water stored. Ha! I have 5 lakes 2 creeks, 5 springs, 4 wells, and a river all running trough or on my property.

    • PWB,
      It didn’t like my water situation either, but I’m like you lots of natural resources,,, just not stored in bottles that you can count.

      Only good thing was it had me organize my preps in my head.

  28. The site has issues. Doesn’t work!

  29. Ohio Surveyor says:

    They needed another level of ammo stored above 1000+…it should be .”a butt load”….and there is nothing wrong with tin foil hats…I actually own 2 …silver for home use and….a nice blue colored one…for when the misses and I go out on the town 🙂 thanks’ for the link, the survey was fun.

  30. k. fields says:

    Fun quiz – thanks for posting it.
    I scored a 67 = 8-12 months. Seems I got docked in the food category for not storing meat (I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, why would I stock meat?) and not having any MRE’s (there are better options).
    Also for my security – having no night vision equipment, body armor, “fortification” surveillance and for not having enough people in my “survival group.”

    • k. fields
      Most of my meat is “stored on the hoof” in the field and stable.

      • “Most of my meat is “stored on the hoof” in the field and stable.”
        That’s a good point I didn’t think of – guess my cows, pigs and chickens could be seen as stored meat even though I don’t eat them…

        • k. fields,

          Just curious, but why do you own pigs if you don’t eat meat?

          • k. fields says:

            I use them to till and fertilize plots after a crop has been harvested and as a way to dispose of extra food and milk. I find they work much better than having to deal with a compost pile – basically, they do the work so I don’t have to.
            I then butcher and give the meat away to folks that may need a bit of help during the winter here when employment is scarce.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      And, I must say, I’m confused by the “fortification surveillance” question. How would that be different from any other kind of surveillance? And wouldn’t a deer blind concealed in a tree work for something like that (though they seemingly wanted CCTV cameras or something)? Does an “overwatch” position count? Frankly the security questions were put together by an amateur and failed to take into account anything but having firearms and lots of ammo plus the kind of high tech foolishness that’s as likely as not to get someone killed for over-relying on it instead of exercising caution and remaining alert. I’m surprised they didn’t dock us for not having an MRAP.

      • You don’t have an MRAP? DHS is giving them away for free! Just put it on your department letter head. If you say you live in a densly popuated area they’ll throw in a drone. All subeject to federal tax of course.

  31. They failed to ask if you live at your retreat. I do and I would think that would add points big time. I thought the guns and ammo questions were wholely stupidly arranged.


  32. Had a score of 60 and according to the survey good for 8-12 months. I will not bug out and am not prepared to have a gun fight. Hunt and protect myself in a home invasion, but not open warfare. As I lived off the grid for 11 years prior to where I live now and now have the infrastructure and knowledge to provide food 12 months a year, I figure I can keep the family going as long as I save the seeds and not experience a drought so bad the acre pond dries up.

  33. I just had a thought about the scoring. Since the premise of the show is to show prepping in an entertainment point of view, it wouldn’t look good if they started rating things where people could go past 2 years with the best of preps (even your own fire truck).

    Just a thought.

  34. I couldn’t get my mouse to move some of their slides, either. I (we) know communications are lacking. We have two water sources nearby and Sawyer filters and Shock (for making bleach) and iodine etc. Scored low on water. No extra fortifications that will work if the power is off…Interesting survey, told me what I already know, and I know we have enough to stay-in-place for more than 2 – 4 months!

  35. I’ve watched several episodes of the show and noticed a trend that must be for marketing. Each episode had a scene that was sure to make people uncomfortable…the guy killing the rabbit, the guy eating the cat food, the wife that wouldn’t enter the BOL, the mother acting all military-like with her children etc. I guess the ratings need the shock factor to work. Too bad they couldn’t take a normal situation and show normal people preparing for it. It could be educational.

    I have done this survey before and am still lacking in keeping my family safe. It serves as a post-it note for me – gotta do something about that! I am still pouting for not getting any points for living at my BOL.

  36. Scored at 58, 4-8 months. I need to work on water storage, plus there’s no bunker / saferoom here, and we don’t have night vision or armor. Some of our preps don’t register on the survey, like for others.

    I’ll take the survey later to refocus since I get bogged down in areas more in my comfort zone. Free survey, plus it gives me things to think about. Thank you for posting the link!

    • I too scored a 58, 4 – 8 months. I had to eat MREs in the Army and I refuse to store/eat them. I have other things stored they didn’t ask about. My biggest weakness on the survey was not generating electricity.

      Why would I want to generate electricity if I don’t want it now? My plans are to not notice when the electricity goes off. I will not miss my computer when I have no internet.

      Still, I would like to have a solar powered fridge (a small one) but I won’t be upset if the world ends before I get it.

  37. It gave me a 2-4 month score, But I would (and in fact am) betting my life on much better than that. My climate, water, and low propane reserve numbers hurt me. The water and the L.P. are legit concerns but they skew the details as has been stated if your not ex-leo, or military they assume you cannot defend yourself. While I wish I had benefited from some military training the correct planning and state of mind generally can make up for alot of it. I know alot of guys with military training I wouldn’t put in charge of defending an outhouse let alone my family, and alot of hillbilly’s that I would “go to war with” so to speak.

    • hvaczach,

      I know alot of guys with military training I wouldn’t put in charge of defending an outhouse let alone my family.

      I know what you mean – I used to work with a bunch of former military guys, and was surprised by their lack of knowledge of firearms, guerrilla warfare and small unit tactics… I have nothing but respect for the military, but it seems that the training provided is lacking when it comes to that training being useful in a post disaster or WROL type setting when viewed from a civilian point of view. But then the training was not intended for that type of situation, but for following orders, and working with a large group when resupply is on the way. No doubt about it the U.S. military is the best at what they do but their training is limited from a survival / prepper stand point.

  38. Totally agree I have nothing but admiration for vets and the active military and guard units but creative thinking is not always encouraged or rewarded. Give me a man or woman with something to lose and they will figure out what there role is and how they best offer a benefit to a survival situation.

  39. i got 12-18 here but will bugout to my recluse location where i will survive much longer and nobody knows where that is except 2 other people! they will be with me!

  40. Well that’s a pisser: I’d last 1-2 weeks according to the survey.

  41. Chuck Findlay says:

    I did’t take the survey as i have ZERO respect for Nat-Geo and the survival shows they put on. I get free cable (it was working when i bought the house and i use it) I’m sure i would score low in a few areas like water as i store less then 5-gallons of it. I have lake Erie 1 mile away and a creek that runs to it within sling shot range of my house, I have numerous water filters to clean water. I also only have 24 MREs stored in my truck as i find them not that good. I have 200 Mountain House meals and a lot of #10 cans of long-term food ans lots of beans, grains and i did a Square Foot Garden last year and it worked much better then I thought it would for a first year gardener. I also can a lot including meat. I can bacon, hamburg, hot dogs Johnsville Sausage. I just went to the basement and counted, I have 57 cans of meat and it grows by about 15 cans a month. Plus i vacuum can all kinds of dry food.

    My shortcomings are medical knowledge, I’m in good health but i really don’t know that much about medical producers as i would like. I have books on it and took a Red Cross class on emergency first aid but it was aimed at trauma issues and then get medical help. If we have a bad pandemic or a grid-down situation help may not be there. Also I live alone (with my 4-legged alarm system) and I’m not sure how to handle the security issue after all one person can’t watch everything all the time. Firearms wise I have been a active shooter and reloader since the 1980s I use to work at a gun shop. I have lots of guns and ammo.

    I really don’t know how I would handle security beyond the alarms, locks, well made doors , the tog and keeping a low profile.

  42. Chuck Findlay says:

    The point above about free cable was that I would not watch Nat geo other then it’s free. The same for all the other junk that passes for entertainment today. I refuse to watch reality shows or almost all sitcoms.

  43. scored a 69, 12 months time. their supplies scales were a little low, 4 cords of wood for heating, 4 for cooking as if 4 cords were enough. up north here I go through 8-10 cords just heating my place in the winter, I don’t have propane or geothermal, what I do have is a back up wood stove (paid $20 in a yard sale and fixed it up) and over 100 cords of wood. I’m a logger and can cut a years worth of wood in a day, fuel literally grows on trees.

  44. Rob in Ontario says:

    I scored low 2-4 weeks lack of food, for 8 people but for two people I have lots but I know my siblings will be around when things go down , I have no need for electricity either except for radio charging, I have wood stove and a wood cook range and lots of wood

  45. Well I scored 55. Don’t know iffin it is good or what?
    I feel I’m a little prepaired.

  46. Nat Geo thinks I would be better off stepping out in front of a bus come SHTF rather than trying to last for more than a month. Challenge accepted.

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