Prepper News Brief Feb 13, 2017

1. Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people ‘defects’…

What amazes me the most about “black lives matter” (then stop shooting each other and getting abortions) movement is that it’s not viewed with the same suspicion and disgust as the KKK or skinheads, I mean a racist is a racist right… if you want to read this sickening racist B.S. then you can click this link to go to the site. Meanwhile, KKK imperial wizard Frank Ancona is found dead.

2. UFC 208 sucked…

I watched UFC 208 Saturday night and was very disappointed to see Holy Holm have the fight and thus the belt stolen from her by the judges and an amateur referee. Holm was the aggressor through the five-round fight and continued to push the pace until the last bell, attempting a number of take-downs and almost knocking her opponent out on two separate occasions. While her opponent did essentially nothing through most of the fight and ended up throwing her best strikes after the bell and round had ended… on two separate occasions, yet the referee did not take any points away or disqualify her.

3. STUDY: Climate Engineering Enhances Global Warming – Ice Melts…

Wow! I wonder if Al Gore knows about this… chemtrails, Geoengineering, Global Warming, Weaponized Weather oh my… and did you hear… NOAA cheated and got caught fibbing about ‘global warming’

4. Asylum seekers fleeing US for Canada brave snow, extreme cold…

Here you go Canada… now you can’t say we never gave you anything… meanwhile, the parties over in Houston TX Wave of fear strikes immigrant communities in Houston, and across Texas. Oh yea, and did you hear… In Berlin, Germany Refugee ‘beheaded woman in RITUAL killing after stabbing her 30 times’.

5. Girls, 11 and 12, critically wounded in Saturday shootings less than 30 minutes apart

So sad. Like I said in article number one above if black lives matter so much to you then stop killing each other! Maybe more gun control would solve the problem of the out of control murder rate in crap-hole Chicago… oh wait they already have the strictest gun laws in the country, so no that wouldn’t work.

Oh yea now we see what the problem is… In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders – via

6. ALERT: America’s Most POPULAR Cheese Recalled- IMMEDIATELY THROW IT AWAY, It Can KILL Your Family

Please read the article and then go see if you have any of the recalled products and if you do then throw it out. So many food recalls these days, so much better and safer to produce your own food on the homestead.

7. Gov. Jerry Brown asks potential nemesis — President Trump — for aid

Wow! I thought Gov. Brown was a Trump hater and that California wanted to leave the United States union to form their own country because they hate Trump and Trump’s supporters or something like that. Now Brown is begging president Trump for money… meanwhile, California Oroville Dam expected to fail

8. North Korea getting it done… now the question is what can be done about it

North Korea’s ‘game-changing’ new missile is more stable, more efficient – and harder to detect. Intelligence estimates suggest that the Pukguksong-2 has an operational range of 3,000 km (1,860 miles), which is less than the 3,500 km (2,175 miles) of a Musudan. It is considered likely that now North Korean scientists have perfected solid fuel engine technology, they will seek to apply it to a new generation of missiles with longer ranges.

9. US and Japan demand UN action after North Korea reveals pictures of new nuclear-capable missile

The United States and Japan have demanded UN action after North Korea boasted about the launch of its latest ballistic missile, which is almost impossible for Western satellites to spot before it’s fired.

10. America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries

America’s biggest foreign creditors are suddenly having second thoughts about financing the U.S. government. Any consistent drop-off in foreign demand could have lasting consequences on America’s ability to finance

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  1. No.1, we are all racist to a degree, some of us more than others. I am very racist. I believe the white race is the master race. I love it when one black kills another. Just means one less and they won’t be reproducing. I believe in abortion, because most of the people getting them are the ones we don’t want reproducing in the first place. Same for free birth control. We finally have people in government that are going to start cleansing this country and making it white again.

    • JAS,

      You are entitled to your opinion even though I disagree with it. President Trump does not want to “cleanse this country” as you put it, he wants for us all to prosper no matter what skin color.

    • JAS; What an awful thing to say. Hitler said the exact same thing…”master race”. Look what happened to him and look at the “master race” governing Germany today. Not so pretty.

      Fyi: America was NEVER totally “white”. You do remember the “red man” aka Indians. Of whom, taught the white colonists many things about growing crops in their new land. Plus, the use of herbs, as well as many other skills. There were also free black men were here as early as the 1630’s -1640’s.

    • I think JAS is trolling us. Trying to project his false persona onto us for being a Trump supporter.

  2. 1. Now, now everyone knows black people can’t be racist. The Regressive Left said so so it must be true… 😉

    2. That’s not a fight, this is a fight…
    Full contact medieval armored battle. No it’s not that foofy LARP junk. Ah, if only I was 30 years younger (Ok Ok maybe 40-50 years, jeesh, but that’s all I’m admitting to.)

    4. Bye, see ya, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    7. It’s time for Kalifornia to sink or swim…on their own.

    9. Yeah, demand UN action. So what, they’ll wag their finger at him and say “you shouldn’t being playing with that you naughty, naughty boy”? Just look for the biggest heat signature in the that TWSH and send him a candygram via drone delivery.

    • T2, #9, too funny. Lol

    • Tommy.
      Please realize that not all CA people are socialist idiots!

      There are 21 Counties in CA that have been trying for quite some time to break away from CA. ALL the 21 counties in CA, as well as several southern ones in OR are on board, have a legislative petition and are moving forward with the creation of a new state!
      We are just being ignored by the idiots in SAC…
      So dont just state to dump all CA…I’m sure there are psycho Libs in your area too…but we dont lump you in with them

      State of Jefferson!

      “Resistance to Tyranny
      is Obedience to God.”
      The Time Has Come For 51!

      • Acta non verba. Maybe when something actually gets done about Jefferson. Until then it’s all part and parcel of the same problem. The parenthesis states are out of touch with Real America and that’s not going to change anytime soon, if ever. So I stand by what I said, let ’em sink or swim … on their own.

        My area, deeply red, no riots despite having lots of the FSA here. It’s also full of rednecks and hillbillies. My kind of people and why I sold my business and spent everything I had at the time to move here from a place I had lived off and on for 50 odd years. I voted with my feet when I got fed up. You know, that whole acta non verba thing.

  3. 1) I am so sick of protestors and racist groups. We all just need to get along and prosper under Trump. That said.
    To the Black racist groups who want to kill white people: you are heavily out numbered and out gunned, the people pushing you to say and do things are your real enemy because they know if you attack you will be annihilated. That is their goal. You should listen to MLK, he knew this.
    2) I did not watch the fights but can’t stand seeing one stolen when it is clear that a different fighter won.
    6) Thanks for putting that up. You are a good leader.
    7) California, what to say, messed up laws and policies. Radiation in the ocean, illegals a muck, fires,landslides, earthquakes,dams breaking sounds like the wrath of God.
    8,9 &10) Are all together in the way of the world. China needs to step up and spank its little child Kim for possibly bringing war to its doorstep. The UN is worthless and needs abolished. China is also provoking the world with building fortifications on man-made islands. I think a serious war will breakout at this point with in the next 2 years, and no it will not be Trump’s fault.

  4. mom of three says:

    I am sending prayers to everyone in Oriville, and Chico, all the surrounding towns. We have family, and friends, and I know a few of the wolf pack, lives in Northern California too. Be safe and we will continue to pray take care ..

    • Mom of three; Axelsteve is somewhere in that vicinity. I’m not sure where exactly. I hope we hear from him SOON. I’ve called my prayer warriors for prayers for these folks.

      Here is a good article with a lot of photos. Pretty scary stuff.

      • hi Izzy.
        I am doing fine, I live in Lake county Calif. My friends in Yuba City and some outlying areas I can`t get a hold of. I pray that they are ok.

        • Hey Axelsteve….
          Your in Lake Co? That’s over west there by Napa and Sonoma…and Mendocino….Pretty too…I’m up In Shasta…
          Your county is part of the SOJ51 initiative though!

          So although as Jeanne says there may be worry of quake, I dealt with that in LA for decads….
          I’m well to the north of it all…one County away from being in OR so to speak! And as such I only have to worry about Mt.Shasta, or Mt Lassen blowing instead!

          Beautiful, stunning area up here…to bad we have idiots manning the gov offices. (sigh)

          • TechOn; You do live in beautiful country. I climbed Mt. Shasta back in the day when my body was strong and full of energy. It was a STUNNING sight at the top. I do miss the Sierra Nevada foothills up in the gold country.

            I agree with the CA govt. being bad. It was headed that when I left in 84. Old Moonbeam is a jerk of the first water and so was his dad.

        • Glad to hear from you Axelsteve. For some reason, I tnd to misplace you. Have you heard from your friends?

  5. Yeah, I guess I could be called a racist, if you say it loud enough and long enough, maybe even I’ll start to believe it. but after working for 40 odd yrs in the packing industry, I’ve worked with every type a of person possible, white, red, black, yellow and yes, even a few green ones ( you know the ones, they get paid on a particular day of the week and they either don’t show up for work or they show up drunk and sicker than poop and they aren’t worth a darn to anybody). Every race of people that I’ve worked with has it’s steady Eddies, the egger ( ? ) beavers, the egg heads, the thinkers, the trouble makers, the screw ups and screw offs and the horse’s asses. No race has a lock on racism. One thing my dad told me many yrs ago is that you’ll/ me will find that there are more horse’s asses in the world than there are horses. And they aren’t limited to any one race or gender ( boy, was he right )

  6. Another thing is they were warned 11 years ago during a re license phase that this dam was at risk…same as in New Orleans…
    But as typical in CA, the threat was ignored,…after all their thoughts are always around CA as in a drought…so how could we have too much water?
    dumb arses ignored it…just like PGE has ignored fixing the old and failing power poles and connectors.

    CA always has money, but it is always spent in the wrong places, or in the southern areas…(illegals, state programs, etc)……
    Now I hear that 25k a month will be spent on former attny gen Eric Holder to defend the sanctuary cities? But they dont have money to reinforce a dam?
    THIS IS WHY the counties in the north want OUT of CA…

    Saddest part is this is the northern counties that have been trying to break away from CA that is now suffering because of their irresponsibility!!

  7. Racial hate has been growing for generations. While working home health I became aware of open hostility from black patients families. As a visiting nurse I’ve had shot guns pointed at me, knife held against my throat. I had black people look at me like they’d like to kill me. But all knew I was there for the patient. When I told them to turn grandma they acted like I was killing their love one. It took education to change their minds. The black lives matter group will only stop with their death.
    As for fight hubby watches it. Not me.
    As for Chicago when I went to Wisconsin for a reunion after arriving at OHare took a bus to car place. I knew Chicago was bad but when the clerk told me not to take a left because that was the bad area.
    California is a beautiful state up north. But the big quake is coming. That movie was a good idea of what could happen.
    N Korea has been stretching their limit. Their hatred for the US has Been ingrained for generations.
    I honestly feel there will be another 9-11 type disaster. But it will be several at the same time. Almost ready! I think?

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      As long as Korea and Mongolia have been on China’s borders China has used them as a wall against invasions just like the great wall in the north.. This is why China gave them slack during the most oppressive communistic Chinese history. It is my opinion that NOTHING goes on in Korea that China does not support or use to their benefit. Korea does not stand ALONE in it’s relationship with the world. President Trump (nice sounding isn’t it) recently gave China the high sign and POOF China put sanctions on North Korea. N. Korea is just a political CARD to be played in international relations and if you the “readers” are concerned about N. Korea you are being “played or manipulated”(by main stream media) into distraction from seeing the 800 lb gorilla hovering in the background over N. Korea. China is keeping N. Korea alive because that kid ruler’s war talk and missiles are part of China’s relations with the west.

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