Prepper News Brief 1/2/2017

1.) WASHINGTON POST PULLS FAKE STORY ON RUSSIAN POWER GRID HACK: The Washington Post retracted a story claiming Russia hacked the U.S. power grid shortly after Infowars debunked the claim Friday.

In case you forgot – The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public and just how to they do it – How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans.

And that’s why we are hearing so much of this “fake news” nonsense pertaining to the alternative media coming from the federal government and mainstream media and that is because they want full control over the narrative. They want to be able to spoon feed you any bull crap that they want and leave you with no other sources of information.

2.) Sunni Extremists Infiltrating U.S. Southern Border: These infiltrations, which are carried out with the help of professional smugglers trained in smuggling illegal immigrants from Latin America, represent a major problem given the threat of the Islamic State.

3.) “Everything’s dead!” Marine mystery in Canada’s Novah Scotia intensifies! Now everything is dying!: A marine mystery is confounding residents of southwest Nova Scotia who are watching thousands of dead fish, starfish, crabs, clams, scallops and lobster wash up on the shore.

4.) Unprecedented Times!: It is crystal clear Obama is trying his best to sabotage Mr. Trump’s presidency, whether he starts World War III in the process is the obvious danger. The next three weeks may be the most dangerous three weeks in our planet’s history as the “launch codes” are in the hands of someone obviously not thinking correctly.

5.) Is “the big one” coming? Quake swarm near the California-Mexico border gets scientists’ attention: The Brawley Seismic Zone is particularly important to watch because it is the region that connects the San Andreas and Imperial faults, both of which can produce damaging earthquakes. The seismic zone extends for about 30 miles from the city of Brawley, across the Salton Sea’s southern half, and ends near Bombay Beach.

6.) North Korea Close to Testing Inter-Continental Missile: Kim Jong Un said North Korea is in the “last stage” of preparations to test-fire an inter-continental ballistic missile, adding to claims his isolated country has the technology to threaten the U.S..

7.) Oh goodie! Just what I wanted… not! Arctic air to infiltrate US from coast to coast during 1st week of 2017.

8.) Millennials lack basic survival skills compared to older generations: YOUNG people are clueless when it comes to basic survival skills such as tying a knot or sparking a fire from scratch, according to research. But they are good at whining and setting up a “safe space”.

9.) 2016’s Assault On The Internet Was Brutal. Will 2017 Be Worse?: Yes, of course it will.

10.) Gingrich fears Trump administration might lose its nerve: Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Sunday that he fears the incoming Trump administration will lose its nerve after the president-elect enters the White House. On Sunday, he said he worries that the Trump team will “give in.”“I worry that when they realize how big the problem is, that they decide that they’re just going to do the best they can and give in,” he added.

11.) And some good news – Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10 – 8 years of this twit was more than enough.

12.) ISIS is plotting ‘mass casualty’ chemical attack on Britain : Coming to America after Trump takes office and cuts off their funding and support in the middle east and attempts to close the border.

Yale Economist Warns of Economic Collapse During Trump Presidency

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  1. #7:

    We are definitely having a lot of “fun” with the arctic air. Having the DW home on Monday and Tuesday, not going anywhere, is going to be a start on our new lifestyle!

    • My new wood stove is working beautifully. Furnace never came on last night. Love it. The bad part of this really cold weather is carrying water to chickens and feral cats. Hoses disconnected for the winter.

      • patientmomma says:

        Docj: “The bad part of this really cold weather is carrying water to chickens”. Agreed; I have same problem; the worst is the pig enclosure. When it thaws, the mud takes over.

  2. #8.

    I truly worry about our young. When the wheels come off the cart, they are going to be dropping like fly’s. They are so unobservant and lack attention to detail that they don’t see what’s right in front of them. And they can not mentally follow an action to see it’s possible ramifications.

    • JP in MT,

      I worry about the young in general too. I’m not specifically worried about my daughters, particularly #2. She is a very experienced outdoorswoman and has been prepping on a limited basis (income limited). She also has a concealed weapons license.

      #1 daughter has also been prepping, and although she has some military experience, it has been in Air Force Reserve medical units as an admin person. However, she is smart and clever and I’ve provided her with some tools to help her. She has guns, but no concealed weapons license (yet).

      Both gals pay close attention to what is going on in the world and the country.

      However, my son I am worried about. He went all the way through Cub Scouts, but declined to go further. I would have happily stayed with him through Boy Scouts and into Venturing, but he thought video games and skateboarding were more important skills. I am working on getting his mindset on preparing himself. I gave him a tricked out 870 and some other things (he’s too young to legally have a handgun). He is developing an interest in shooting, which I think is a good start. We’ll see how it goes with him.

      • runnamuck says:

        i warn everyone to stay the hell out of the military since thay now allow gays and transvestites.i served for 13 years as a ranger/green berett

    • draq wraith says:

      Me too retainer how think the government is going to take care of them. Obviously they aren’t living in the ghettos of America lately.

  3. George in Minesota says:

    I’m not particularly worried about the lack of survival skills among millennial young people. After a SHTF event, if they run true to form they will present a list of demands and retreat to safe spaces to play with puppies and cuddle teddy bears while they colour in politically correct colouring books.
    Shortly after that they will be eliminated or integrated into someone’s stable of non-compensated labour (ie: slaves).
    This should clear unhygienic items from the equation and leave available resources for those who will better know how to use them. Of course some of those removed will be closely related to me and I will be sad. Perhaps there may even be a tear or two.

  4. #13
    though i don’t trust christopher greene i believe he’s right about an economic collapse under trump. i figured if hillary was selected we’d get WW# and if trump was selected we’d get an economic collapse. i guess the minimum wage hikes will get the ball rolling. in AZ it’s jumping from $8.15 to $10 an hour!
    short story- i worked at dollar general for 3 1/2 yrs making minimum wage. when i started, MW was $7.65 or so. when i left MW had gone up to 8.15. the shift leaders only made 9-10 an hour, asst. manager only makes $12 currently. manager is salaried not hourly- 30 to 40k a year depending on bonuses.
    so with this wage hike, the basic crew members and shift leaders will be making the same and asst. mgr only makes $2 more than them. that’s going to be some serious restructuring of the pay grade. all the while i watched as prices remained the same but the products got smaller. as a a stocker you see it first hand as the new lighter box of cereal or smaller bag of dog food, or smaller tube of toothpaste goes out on the shelf.

  5. #3 – I wonder about the reliability of a news source that can’t spell Nova.

    #7 – It’s here a day earlier than predicted, 4 degrees this morning, expected to be -7 tomorrow. I hope the power doesn’t go out again because I use electrically heated water bottles & bowls for my animals.

  6. Prepping should be more than ever at this point.

    Food is starting to seem as if its under attack. Sea food dying, chickens bird flu, water sources for crops in Florida and California.

    To top it off the government doesn’t want preppers to be self sufficient /off grid. Hmmm

    On a brighter note 17 more days of Obama. Lol

  7. PrepperDoc says:

    Shiller has been projecting (just like me) that we’re overdue for a crash. While he’s historically correct, there’s the old adage, “The market can remain irrational for LONGER THAN YOU CAN REMAIN SOLVENT!” And bingo, I’ve missed some money as a result of my conviction that the market (in which I made a PILE of money in recent years) was nearing or at or beyond the peak…and it went still higher up.

    Market Crashes are wonderful things….if you are prepared. Obviously, they allow you to purchase stuff at far more realistic prices…. but only if you are not caught with your pants down by debt…..

    Market crashes are NOT necessarily the same thing as economic crashes. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

  8. I love that Yale guy on AMTV. Do the math: $20 trillion debt; $3.25 trillion taxes collected each year. Who would invest in this mess? Even with a 50% drop in our standard of living; we will still be better off, than most of the world. I like my beans and rice lifestyle. More for preps. Grateful for what I have.

  9. Anonamo Also says:

    #3 DUUUUHHHHH, Radiation kills smallest plants and everything that feeds on them dies. sarcasm on.. Go buy that tuna folks its a bottom feeder and your ears will light up, will save money that way….. sarcasm off.

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