Prepper News Brief 12/23/2016

1.) Unethical Website Of The Month: Bye-Bye Snopes: Ethics Alarms has been tracking the increasing political bias exhibited by Snopes, once the definitive “Urban Legends” web source to identify false stories on the internet, e-mail hoaxes and other pollution of public information. The website has made the disastrous decision to wade into political topics and to hire some new social justice warriors and wanna-be Democratic Party operatives to cover them, resulting in the site becoming a bad imitation of PolitiFact.

2.) Snopes Co-Founder Accused Of Embezzling Company Money, Spending It On Prostitutes: The Daily Mail also revealed that top Snopes “fact-checker” Kim LaCapria claimed on her personal blog that she has “posted to Snopes” after smoking marijuana. As TheDC previously revealed, LaCapria describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and once claimed that Republicans fear “female agency.”

3.) CEO Arrested on Charges of Fraud and Corruption: owners Barbara and David Mikkelson were detained by police today after an unrelated investigation of a editor lead police onto a paper trail of corruption, bribery, and fraud at the very heart of the fact-checking organization.

4.) Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House: As I have been arguing for most of the past year, the election of Donald Trump was inevitable and would precede the triggering of the final stage of our ongoing economic crisis. I came to realize that the Fed’s timing of their latest rate hike is highly strategic. Not only does it set the stage for a series of hikes that will crush U.S. stock markets this coming year and finally shock the public out of their fiscal stupor, but it also maneuvers the crisis right into the lap of Donald Trump and the conservative movements that support him.’

5.) Go armed my friends…ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches.

6.) Christmas solar storm to batter Earth as flare blasts from massive hole in the sun: A solar flare is heading our way and it’s threatening to wreak havoc with modern life on our planet.

7.) Putin claims his military is more powerful than any potential enemy: Russia’s military today can overpower any potential foe but should strengthen its nuclear arsenal, President Vladimir Putin told an annual end-of-year meeting Thursday with defense chiefs. “We can say with certainty: We are stronger now than any potential aggressor,” he told the meeting. “Anyone!”

Meanwhile – Putin urges Russian nuclear weapons boost and Conducts Fifth Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile. Folks, they are getting ready for a nuclear war that they know is coming.

And U.S. intelligence and, now briefed president-elect Trump know it’s coming too – Trump Says U.S. Should ‘Expand Its Nuclear Capability’. Duck and cover all over again… but this time it will end in a mushroom cloud!

8.) The Bank of Canada just laid out how the economy could tank: In recent months the Bank of Canada has ramped up its warnings about heavily indebted households and the unreasonable expectations driving the housing market, yet all indications are that Canadians have stuffed cotton in their ears.

9.) New antibiotic resistant, pandemic syphilis strain identified: SYPHILIS is staging a comeback — and now medicine knows why. It’s a new mutation of a strain that tore through Europe in the 1700s.

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  1. #8 – I’m Canadian. I have stored food, water, BOB, firearms, ammunition, portable solar power etc. – and I also have no debt. Well, except for the mortgage. But I consider no debt as a part of my preps.

    What amazes me are the people around me. They are absolutely flabbergasted why I don’t have a new vehicle every 2 years, why I don’t have a giant McHouse, why I don’t have rooms filled with a plethora of the newest electronics and gadgets. Apparently, I’m the weird one for not wanting/needing that.

    So it’s a pervasive problem with the population when most of it is just one paycheck away from defaulting on their massive and unnecessary debts. Crazy.

  2. #3 — comments to the referenced article itself, as well as some other posts elsewhere, say this was a hoax. What actually happened?

  3. Obama has quite intentionally reduced our nuclear capability while at the same time Russia and China were openly building up there own nuclear arsenal. Nuclear weapons in the hands of superpowers is a deterrent. conversely any superpower who willingly/foolishly fails to keep up their nuclear power creates an opportunity for the remaining super powers. Nuclear weapons are scary but we cannot and aren’t going back to pre-nuclear days. We are stuck with the reality that at least three countries (and perhaps half a dozen) could wipe out any nation on earth with nuclear weapons and the ONLY thing that prevents this is the corresponding fact that any nuclear superpower can retaliate against that first strike with devastating if not country ending nuclear response. If you give up that option of the devastating response then you become target #1. It is naive at best to think we can disarm unilaterally. It is also naive to think we could have any honest agreement with China or Russia to disarm because we know they are not honest and we know that they would use this as an opportunity to get the upper hand.

  4. #5 The church The Boss and her family attend is already protected. Been donating my time there with a rotating team on Sundays and after their second hvac unit was stolen I helped them install some ground sensors to alert the parsonage of persons and vehicles when there shouldn’t be any in that area of the grounds.

    Might check this out just in case your ‘puter gets tagged. One of The Boss’ uncles got hit and lost all his files before he called for help. They trashed his so thoroughly it wouldn’t even boot up. So…
    Before You Pay that Ransomware Demand…

  5. 6. Solar weather. Here is a daily source I check.

  6. #1 – I haven’t trusted Snopes for years. I’ve known about their leftist bias for some time.

  7. I am so tired of Snopes and social justice warrior safe space professional victims.

  8. I have been telling people for years not to believe Snopes. Did they listen? Nooooo!

    #4 I’ve been telling people for years…actually over 2 decades, about the central bankers. Neither congress critters nor citizens want to listen to the brutal truth that Woodrow Wilson sold us into. People with even a 2 digit brain should be outraged over what our govt. has done with the national debt, which is mostly interest owing to the central bankers. ESPECIALLY Obamao. The Rothschild dynasty needs to be clipped NOW.

    #5 For the first in awhile, I did go armed today. I thought it was it was pretty sad that an old lady felt the need to carry a weapon just to buy food. It also makes me very angry that we have to be on alert during our celebration of Jesus’ birth. A very sad epithet for our world because leaders refuse to stop the fanatic savages.

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