Prepper News Brief April 19, 2017

1. The New Cold War…

Inside Russia’s top-secret Arctic base which Vladimir Putin has filled with nuclear-armed warplanes and REINDEER-riding special forces… Via The Sun.

Meanwhile… Russian bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force scrambles jets.

2. Las Vegas, hoping to stem HIV and hepatitis, to get needle vending machines…

Hey, I have a better idea… stop shooting dope. Via LA Times.

3. The Truth about Facebook and Social Media…

Who Will Speak for America If Social Media Forces the Alt Right Out of Business? Via The Commonsense Show.

4. What Would Happen If Kim Jong-un Fired Off A Nuclear Weapon?…

For years, the world had heard warnings, but most doubted the day would ever come. Most fall before allied defenses, but one missile finds its mark — it’s the one that matters most. In a flash, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people perish. Via The Daily Caller.

5. Trump Grants Military Full Authority To Declare War Unilaterally…

This authorization moves the military further and further away from civilian control, and we have all seen the fate of nations where that happens. Even scarier, the top military brass have gone on record saying that an upcoming major conflict is ‘almost guaranteed’. Via The Last Great Stand.

6. Many Venezuelan Women Opting For Sterilization Amid Economic Collapse…

For many Venezuelan women, having children today is far more stress than joy. It’s hard to feed them when the inflation rate is 800 percent. To care for them when the health care system is wrecked. Or protect them when Venezuela has the world’s second-highest murder rate. Via WLRN.

7. How Western Civilizations Could Collapse…

The political economist Benjamin Friedman once compared modern Western society to a stable bicycle whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth. Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease, the pillars that define our society – democracy, individual liberties, social tolerance and more – would begin to teeter. Our world would become an increasingly ugly place, one defined by a scramble over limited resources and a rejection of anyone outside of our immediate group. Should we find no way to get the wheels back in motion, we’d eventually face total societal collapse. Via The BBC.

8. How to Cope With The End of The World…

Are you prepared for the collapse of society? Here’s the knowledge you’d need to reboot civilization. Via The BBC.

9. North Korean ‘EMP weapon’ called existential threat to U.S.

It’s not just that North Korea may have missiles that could reach the United States, and may have a nuclear warhead that could be fitted on the rockets, it could have already put in place the potential for a nuclear blast and EMP attack when it wants. Via WND.

10. U.S. at risk from an invisible nuclear attack…

The United States can experience a nuclear attack, where no one feels a shock wave; no radiation; no heat blast; no neutron bombardment; no biological or chemical impact, yet in one year, up to 90 percent of the U.S. population would be dead. Via Herald and News.

11. Seven reasons we’re at more risk than ever of a global pandemic…

Public health experts believe we are at greater risk than ever of experiencing large-scale outbreaks and global pandemics like those we’ve seen before: SARS, swine flu, Ebola and Zika. Via CNN.

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  1. Granting the military the authority to declare war is frightening if not downright illegal. Military minds have their own agenda which doesn’t always jibe with more peaceful thinkers.

    This also smells of the potential for a military coup if it gets out of hand.

    • I agree, illegal and unconstitutional. Demican/Republicrat, different trains, same destination. Chipping away at our Constitution is the SOP of both parties.

      Aside from the war power act, naval vessels at sea, temporary acts to defend from actual attack, etc. only Congress has the power to declare war.

  2. #5. Declaring war is the exclusive purview on Congress.

    Having said that, getting into one can be done at any level of national government. It can be done intentionally, unintentionally, or with plausible deniability.

    And the how/who is not nearly as important as being ready for the possibility. Which, as a country, we are not.

    My personal view is that this administration is not looking for a fight, but are not backing away from one either. War, at this time, IMO, would be a mistake. But there will always be those who think it is THE solution.

  3. #8.

    1. Make a pot of coffee.
    2. Load rifle.
    3. Move rocking chair to porch.
    4. Watch the show.

    I’m either ready or not. I’m mentally prepared or not. And I just found out that I am not on the list of those who get to decide when/where/how is will start.

    Alfred said it best, many years ago…..

  4. #1

    Inside Russia’s top-secret Arctic base

    Is it top secret if it’s being discussed on blogs?

    #3 Stop whining about Facebook and social media. Build your own and make your own rules like this guy did. Dailymotion is very popular, being the second largest video-sharing website in the world. It’s based in France and was started by a guy in his Paris apartment in 2005, the same year YouTube burst on to the scene. Put up or shut up. Or use Gab instead of Twitter, use Voat instead of Reddit, try Weapons Feed for firearms and outdoors, Full30 for gun videos. I don’t use social media but managed to find alternatives with a few keystrokes.

    #8 Looking around I have trouble trying to find a reason to want to rebuild civilization. I’m starting to believe the human race as a whole would be better off without it. Or maybe I’m just extra disgusted today and need more bacon.

  5. The whole #$%& house is about to go up in flames. Who said that? I believe it was Jim Morrison from the Doors. Get your kicks before it happens !!!

    I believe the Congress has the ultimate authority of declaring war, but rules of engagement have always applied. If fired upon. But in the age of nukes, what if the threat is imminent?
    By the time Congress passes something the damage would already be done.

    Russia & NK keep being provocative, its a matter of time.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Russia being provocative? Seriously? Are you really buying the party media line?

      • JM, it ain’t the media flying Russian nuclear capable bombers 100 miles off of American territory in Alaska.

        It ain’t the media threatening to nuke America.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Thor1 – geography 101, 100 miles is far outside “national boundries” not too mention you do realize the distance between Russia and Alaska is under 200 miles…not including Islands in between…;)

          Quite silly to believe everything without looking at facts first.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            I do find it interesting that muricans are perfectly fine having over 400 permanent military bases in other peoples countries, most put there without permission, (not too mention the dozens of instances in which we already got caught flying drones over their nations withou permission) after extreme “political pressure” and yet when someone “flies” 100 miles (way outside national boundaries) from our borders…its okay to get upset and throw a fit?

            Come on, the founders are rolling in their graves, how is it in any way moral or legal or constitutional to do what this and every pres since Lincoln has done…please explain that to me…and remember, only facts 😉

            No worries, I respect everyones ability to have varying views, I cannot however condone anything that could mean harm to my family and our foreign policy, is virtually guaranteeing everyone will want us dead before its all said and done-

            That isnt patriotism supporting that is not moral it is pure party line lock stepping. 🙁

            Again. Would love to sit down and have a drink or meal with any and all of you 🙂 remember. Freedom means we can disagree. And still be friendly 🙂

            • JM, bases in most countries are NATO or treaty obligations to defend other countries. A side effect does give a strategic advantage. 🙂

          • JM, those bombers can carry nuclear cruise missiles which have a range of an additional 620 to 2500 miles.
            Fact, Russia reopened military bases near Alaska.

            Fact, NKorea threatened to nuke America. Multiple times.
            Fact, Iran has large gatherings and shout death to America.
            Fact, Iran took Naval officers prisoners.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Fact, Iran took US Navy men who were sailing well within 20 miles of Iran captive, eg., international maritime law?
              Fact, Russia has as much right to fly nukes as we do to put nukes around the world in submarines…? Or just us?
              Fact, THE ONLY REASON the usa hates Iran, and placed an embargo on them (resulting in absolutely understandable animosity) is because THEY TOLD US to screw off. And got away with it. They proved to the world our government and its excessively imperialistic approach via military bases and bombastic over the top overtures utilizing everything from drones too MOABs on tunnels we financed and built than our dear leader lied about as being “secret lmfao” to ensure cooperation from others.

              FACT- if you had any idea what the founders actually were about, the first founders, eg., declaration of independence founders, you would be ashamed to feel as you do now.

              You know better, you know what our nation has done and is doing is wrong. And yet, you support it without even considering that may be, what is happening is wrong?

              60+% taxes-
              Laws governing how you sleep with your wife or husband.
              Laws regarding what you can eat, how you can grow your food, if you can HARVEST RAIN WATER, or whether or not you can DEFEND YOURSELF- yes you have to PROVE in your own home that you feared for your life because in this country. are guilty until proven innocent not as it should be.

              So dont, dont believe you can convince me some little country that doesnt even have electricity except in one city is a threat- shoot. Honestly. I hope something happens honestly. Because its time!

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                And please dont call me a socialist or anything silly. Im not. Im a realist. And a historian. And used to teach the cops, military and feds (not all but many classes /) i worked with em- i dont believe in a system that does not work

                • JM, the restrictions are mostly from liberal States like California, Oregon, Washington,Network ect…. Taxes too !!! Fed tax is high at 33% but Hillary said you should be proud to give half your pay to the government. Jessy I know you have back problems, are you collecting social security disability? If so that comes from taxes. Older people, they collect social security. Tax money. Military equipment costs more then it used too. Its not flintlocks and black powder cannons. The worst thing that happened to our country was Obama, he singlehandedly doubled the national debt and gave our money to other countries.
                  Improvise,adapt and overcome !!!

  6. mom of three says:

    On number 6 I don’t care what country you live in the church, needs to mind it’s own business 4 and 8 children and can’t get any type of birth control but the church, says it’s wrong to get sterilize? I don’t believe GOD, meant that every women have 12 kids, he said go forth and multiply Okay I did I had two children and I was blessed with a step son, so three kids. I can’t even imagine 4,5,6,7,or 8 children. Our church says have what you can handle and afford. Just my 2 cents.

    • I’m old enough to remember Groucho Marx. One episode of his show, which did not have a time delay at that time so it was really live, his guest were a married couple. As usual, Groucho was having his introductory Q&A period with them. He asked if they had any children. The Mr replied, “yes, we have 15 or 18 wonderful children” what ever the number. Groucho sat back and asked how he could explain that. The Mr. told him, “I love my wife”. Groucho looked at the camera, flipped his eyebrows up a couple of times and then responded to the Mr. “I love my cigar too, but I take it out sometimes.” The screen went blank. Of course the object here is that many could if they would just not try so hard. That includes both the man and woman.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Mom of 3 I agree :):)

      Lmao oren- eg., groucho

  7. Jesse Mathewson says:

    What should we expect from a dyed in the wool government supporter over humanity/freedom Trump- 🙁

    I will say, I warned ya so. And I will say again, my respect for being willing to take a difficult position against something previously supported.

    I would only say the following,

    1. Do not join militias, official groups or any of that/ but do network and build solid relationships with others. (Now more than ever the feds will be infiltrating all groups just like was proven in the ill fated action taken by said ranchers in Oregon)
    2. Dont stop training. Especially in grid down medical needs as well as cqb firearms – I teach cqb/surveillance etc., and can easily help you find local solid individuals too you!
    3. DONT STOP PREPPING- removing everything from everyone is the only way to control people, honestly, sadly because so many still believe the efficacy/necessity of our modern policing and government, this will he quite easy. So DONT TELL people what you do specifically ever if possible.

    Hug all around and hope for better days

    • jesse m,
      get my email from mr. creekmore.
      interested in medical training.
      am in n. e. ohio.


      • Jesse Mathewson says:


        Email me any time

        jesse (dot) mathewson (at) hotmail (dot) com

      • Babycatcher says:

        One way to get some medical training, is go to the local technical school and either become an EMT or nurse. I decided this week to go back to school for an LPN. I have already been in nursing school, but could not quit working then to take my clinical. I was a single mom with two children still at home. Now, that’s not an issue, I have a very supportive hubby, and I can do this. That might be an option for you.

  8. To all that want to get excited about the military supposedly being given the authority to declare war, you need to go back and research that. The article referred to is a bunch of hype. What I read and heard right after the MOAB was dropped was that Trump had given the generals and admirals the authorization to “make war” as they saw the condition warranted. In this case, the general decided that after a couple of years of frontal assaults and no results except casualties, he would put an end to the tunnel complex for good. He elected to use a munition that was at his disposal, the MOAB. That is a long way from being able to declare war.

  9. #7 Collapse. During the Great Depression, people were far more honorable and self reliant. Dependency and blaming others (not big power), fuels chaos. Be out of town. Study: loop holes and interlocking fields of fire. Pray for Guidance

  10. canadagal says:

    8 How to rebuild our world from scratch. I bought the book “The Knowledge” by Lewis Dartnell. I bought the book & it is well worth the read. It gives the basics on how to restart many areas of society. You would likely want to do more research of each area but it gives you the basics for agriculture, energy, manufacturing, medicine, clothing etc. I recommend it.

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