Prepping for Disasters an Infographic

Prepping for Disasters Infographic


  1. The water filtration system is really important.

  2. mom of three says:

    Right now I have filled a 5 gallon water container, that with the old water, I just emptied onto my plant’s. I have another 5 gallon to refill to keep in our trailer. Water, is super important I use a britta container, to filter out our city water which is pretty good water, but still the way they have to clean it I’ll keep filter it too.. I rotate my stock every 6 month’s, and move it to my lazy susan, to use up first anything that is getting close to a sell by date I either eat up or give to our churches food pantry. When I buy food I look for the furthers date out. I will not buy anything canned that expires in 2016, or even 2017 , I try to get 2018 & 2019, some
    are now 2020..

  3. That would make a great poster; does Wise Company sell or give them away? It’s colorful and succinct, and would be a great reminder to us, or gift to reluctant family.

  4. I’ve really got to come up with a prep list for diabetics. There are so many things on standard lists like this one that I can’t eat. And I don’t want to get stuck eating jerky in emergencies. I do have a lot of Epic meat bars that I’ve stashed in the freezer (they don’t need to be frozen, that’s just to extend their shelf life), but I’d like a bit more variety.