Prepping to take over preppers… Are you on someones attack and take list?

I’ve personally talked to several people that have had the same attitude / idea about going and shooting preppers so that they can take what they have after the SHTF. I usually, bring up the show “Doomsday Preppers” in a general conversational manner and away they go.

I just look at it as an advanced warning of who to shoot first – because if they come to my door after “it hits the fan” I already know what their plan is… What will you do?

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  1. The type of people who are looking to rob other folks preps are the first ones who will be stacked up in the body pile.

    • +10 , yep , they will be just another piece of shit wandering the streets ………shot like a stray turd they are .

  2. Good morning. I just watched you video and I agree that there are those who are just waiting to take your things when TSHTF. I am a prepper now for two years. One would say I am a rookie at this. I have much to do and learn. I manage a small marina and at the gazebo, on sunday morning many of the boaters come and hang out and talk about things going on and on many occasions I have found that there were many who through lazyness say they will just go out and take what they want to survive. I was very surprised that some of my boaters who I’ve known for many years thought this way. I have my religous beliefs, I have preachers who have there own church’s in my family. I want to believe in the goodness of men to conduct themselves in a good and charitable way. Unfortunately this is not to be. The opportunist out there are waiting for or standing by for the time to do what they feel they must and to hell with anyone in the way. May God forgive them.

    • Millie in KY says:

      The bible tells us that man is depraved. I think we are going to see a lot of it….it does color what you think about people, though, when they make remarks like that. I would never trust them at all…..

  3. Mystery Guest says:

    This has been a given for us to be concerned about the whole time we have prepped.
    There was an article about a man that found out his closest friends were planning on this scheme. He was hurt to think they were like that, but so glad he found out before it was to late and he could slowly break ties with them.
    You expect such out of thugs, criminals and the ones that are not prepping. But to think you actually know someone with such plans must be quite disheartening.

  4. Rider of Rohan says:

    What many have preached on this site many times. It’s called OPSEC. Loose lips sink ships, etc. Don’t tell anyone what you do unless you trust them with your life, that’s the attitude I take.

    • worrisome says:

      How are you doing Rider? You ok?

      • SCPrepperPoppa says:

        Yes Rider, you doing any better? You have been in my thoughtsva lot b

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Still fighting it cheerily, my friends. Can’t get in to see a specialist until October, good thing I’m not really sick. lol The worst, or best(depends on how you feel about work) thing about it is that I can’t go back to work or drive until this mess is settled. Oh, well, catching up on my reading.

  5. private idaho says:

    going to leave them laying on the lawn to fertilize my grass

  6. Yep, I learned my lesson when a man I was carpooling with told me he didn’t need to store food, bullets last forever. I went out and bought a shotgun that week, and have purchased several firearms since – and lots of ammo – and I’m an extremely good shot.

    • I dont like dogs myself , but in a SHTF situation , 2 big dogs will be very worth your investment in preps to look after them . Most of the time , an attacker is relying on surprise to succede , this includes the cowardly gang member tactics of ” law enforcement ” who in this country is now rapidly turning into the enemy of the people and to be fought . Dogs negate that element of surprise giving you priceless seconds or minutes to arm and be ready . If you have the Room in a rural setting , it might be worth it to get SEVERAL ( 5-6 ) large dogs , nobody enjoys the idea if being attacked by a pack of animals , armed or not .

      • Think of it this way , most people would rather run into a bear out in the woods than a pack of wolves , numbers do make a difference , both physically and psychologically .

      • axelsteve says:

        We have a Great Dane that has a powerfull bark. Our Pit also has a authoratve growl and bark. Our sheppard mix outgrowls and barks both of them though.I think that she has the best nose from what I could tell.

      • Leonard M. Urban says:

        Until TSHTF, keep your big, mean dogs under wraps. Across the country, cops are killing dogs without real provocation, and they’re NEVER held accountable. They claim they felt “threatened”. In Albuquerque, where I live, if the cops shoot your dog(s) you are taken into custody and charged with felony animal cruelty for “making” the cops shoot your dog…

        • I think you should shoot the cop , then charge his parents for for felony child abuse for not raising him correctly .

      • This is a good idea because some may get killed.

  7. worrisome says:

    Same here! I was in a conference with people from work! The conference came around to this subject and two of them said they were “saving money” on supplies as they had AR15’s and plenty of ammo……..I was shocked! These two were supposedly ethical individuals. My reaction was to go get my CCW!

    • The blessing about this are that most of these people have NEVER EVER been in combat or even have seen a dead body from gun wounds up close and personal . Most will shit their pants and cry the first time they are in a real firefight , see one of their own get killed in front of them , or get hit ( anywhere ) . Or be caught by surprise themselves by either a sniper , or jumped by a real gang that wants THEIR GUNS AND AMMO and gets it ! Sorry folks , but its not like the movies and its not paintball . Truth is , they or we for that matter who are not combat veterans will not know how we are actually going to react .

      • T.R.:

        You are VERY right. It takes a certain mindset to take in all of the “horror” of combat and still function. Although I served 20 years, I have n ever been in combat. But I was ready, at least as mentally ready as you can get, for the last 15 when I realized it could happen any day.

        I truly hope to avoid having to shoot someone to protect my family, but I am fully prepared, mentally, physically, and equipment wise to do so, and I will not hesitate.

        • Your training is never forgotten and will serve you well , hope not one of us have to find out , I know I dont want to .

          • And unless you’ve been trained as a group and have practiced your skills, most often simply identifying the Alpha Dog and taking him out, will send the pack running; be it wolves, or bipedal hominids of questionable intent..

            • Leonard M. Urban says:

              Don’t be overly optimistic about that–there’s always others in the gang that have designs on that very office. If you get “Alpha”, great, make tracks anyway…

              • And if you have actually used force, be it a firearm or a fist; be sure to call 911 and report it. Generally the first call to 911 is considered the victim. If I attack you, and you draw your gun on me, but don’t report it. I can call and tell them that you just threatened me, and you will have some splainin to do Lucy.

              • Shades of Green says:

                Then that’s when you simply take out the whole pack. No one left , at least, in that pack to move up. If it is between me and them they will lose. I won’t start a fight but I sure will finish it if I have to. I learned very young that because I was small some people thought it was okay to pick on me but they realized it didn’t work that way.

      • TR &JPinMT;
        He said it would be a cold day in hell before someone took what we had earned. He has been in combat, and all that you spoke of. He knows what it is like under those circumstances, & will not hesitate to do it again.
        That is what he stated to me last evening, where this came from I do not know, it must have been something he had been watching on TV.

  8. People with a criminal mindset – the socipaths – are that way before any kind of disaster and will certainly take advantage of any situation that gives them an opportunity to steal rather than do hard work. Socipaths are born, not made — they can show up in any family regardless of what kind of parenting they had as children. Know your neighbors and know your family and be cautious of those who do not respect the rights of others — their behavior towards others won’t improve during a crisis.

    • Linda,
      “Their behavior towards others won’t improve during a crisis.”
      True; however, during that same crisis your options do improve. Most bullies and thugs only do what they do because the opposing force has rules to obey, that they ignore. Once the gloves are off, the playing field is generally more than leveled. In those situations, you don’t call 911, and the thugs should knows that, or soon will.

  9. I’ve posted this before. I have a neighbor near our property who owns a business and lives in a $400,000+ house. His Wife has a high paying job with a Fortune 500 company. They must be doing well as he often takes his fishing boat on 2-3 week long vacations, and his whole family spends 2-3 weeks each winter in Florida or Mexico. Mr. X also goes and hunts Bear in Canada in the Fall and has 2-4 fully mounted ones that he killed, which can’t be cheap either to do.

    He is a hunter and sort of a survivalist, so we shared a few things that we have with him. The next thing we know we catch him breaking into our basement one night.

    We since have hardened our basement with security shutters and upgraded our security system with cameras as well.

    The fact is; There just are some real evil SOB’s upon this earth, who will “get off” taking your stuff away from you as much as eating the stuff.
    Look at the crime of rape. It’s not about sex, it’s about aggression, anger, and dominance. I believe that this is true for other crimes/sins as well.

    • Ghost,
      OMGosh. Seriously? Did he get arrested? What an asshat.
      Did you find out why he broke into your basement? For the thrill? Obviously he doesn’t need the supplies.

      • @Mama J
        Mr.X thought that we were not home because he rang our door bell and no one answered. We both happened to be in the basement with the dog, which is where he tried to enter. Needless to say, we sat and watched him attempt to pry open our basement door, before confronting him.

        The Police were called and Mr. X said that he was trying to do us a favor and “fix” our door for us. The Cops said that because he never entered our home there was no crime committed and let Mr.X go. We later found out the Police Officer and Mr. X might have gone to High School together.

        We believe that Mr. X was after my guns, which he knew were stored in a safe at that time. (before I lost them all in a tragic canoe accident)
        God Bless

        • That seriously bites about your guns.

        • worrisome says:

          What an absolutely sick pos! To think you had to live by someone like that.

        • Leonard M. Urban says:

          Those canoes–so tippy! I’m concerned the same will happen to me…

          • I put training wheels on my canoe for that very reason… then I got to paddling too hard and it popped up and flipped over backwards on me. Just too much power for it to handle. Guess I needed wheelie bars as well.

        • Shades of Green says:

          Ghost, that’s when you accidently leave “set traps both outside and inside said window for future visits from Mr. X. Your defense: Oh I am sorry, did I leave those bear traps out? Oops! Hope your leg heals. Not.

        • Rob Crawford says:

          I do believe that office was full of it. The guy was on your property, attempting to force his way into your home.

    • Didnt Jeoffery Dalmer use barrels of acid to dispose of the evidence ? Just a thought .

  10. I have two words……Bring it.

  11. I ran into these types before Y2K. I even had one of my coworkers say, “If things go bad, I know who’s house I’m going to.” My only comment was “Call first. Just showing up might not be a good thing.” He stopped, looked at me, and said “I can see how that could go bad.”

    I was a shooter before I was an official prepper. My friends know it. I have made no secret of how I feel about those who choose to ignore the warning signs and spend their money on new cars, vacations, and the latest gaming systems.

    I was talking to one of the guys at a sporting goods store I frequent, and a customer said something to the effect of “Well, maybe we should just come over to your house if we need something.” I told him how the way in funnels people down to a 15 foot wide area, and advised him to not come in groups of less than 20. He got the hint.

    When (not if in my opinion) things go south, there are a lot of these people how think that preppers only put up food. They will be in for a very rude awakening.

    • patientmomma says:

      A few of my neighbors know I garden and can food. They also know I have guns and know how to use them. They do not know I have a BOL and they will never know where it is. My best friend knows I prep and she gave me that same “I’m coming to your house…”, but even she does not know where my BOL is.

      • Encourager says:

        My niece told me the same thing “If it ever hits the fan, we will come to your house.” I told her if she came empty-handed, that was how she was going to leave… I even tried to help her prep, but she ‘had no time, no money’ yet left the next week on a retreat to Sedona AZ. Had money for that and for other frivolous expenses. We finally parted ways last year with her having nothing to do with us…after I repeatedly helped her out.

  12. GoneWithTheWind says:

    But here is what YOU need to know:

    1. It’s later then you think.

    2. Food will be worth more then money in the future.

    3. Someone you know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

    4. Someone you don’t know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

    5. By the time it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to prepare.

    6. If you don’t prepare then you are the one planning on sponging off someone you know or to take what they have when things get tough.

    • 100% agree

    • GWTW, so true. And sorry to all the moochers out there but I have enough mouths to feed without adding you.

    • Doris Jones says:

      Gone with the Wind, 100% agree also.

      Excellent list. Clearly stated and the truth. It would be very wise for each prepper to really look around and notice who is around them and their mindset. It will get very hairy when people do not have food and maybe not even water–most people cannot imagine how people who “seem nice” will actually act. A lot of surface manners are just there for show. Those “manners” will evaporate fast in a crisis. Harsh situations bring out the best and the worst in people–it was there all along but just needed real pressure to show up.

    • Applications for spongers not accepted at my residence.

  13. I used to work for an armored car company which sent me and twelve other loss prevention managers down to New Orleans during Katrina. We were all ex military or police. We removed funds that were left behind at the New Orleans branch and then provided extra security for the trucks and the branch at Baton Rouge for the next four weeks. We were heavily armed and openly displayed weapons. This tactic worked well and we had no incidents. People do not act normal when scared or hungry.

    • Doris Jones says:

      I remember when that went down. Saw some news about you guys on TV. Very interesting. Have 2 MSgts in our family. Thanks for all you did for us and still are doing!

  14. axelsteve says:

    Stick to the basics opsec opsec opsec! Do not have all your preps in one place. Ever hear the saying do not put all your eggs in 1 basket? It applies to preps as well. do not let someone know what all that you have. Most people do not know of all of the tools that I have. That way they do not ask to borrow them for one thing.You may have a friend that you tie flys with or handload ammo with. Don`t let them know how much you have. They may not do anything ,they can`t tell anyone else about it iether.

  15. The owner of a gun store near here recently told this story. Several of his customers were talking about what they’d do in a SHTF situation. One said that he’d take supplies from a group in town known to advocate preparing for emergencies. The store owner, not a part of the conversation, started laughing when he heard the comment because members of that group make up some of his best customers.

    The store owner,incidentally, who makes his money by selling guns and ammo, will often ask his customers if they have stored any food and water. He points out that eating bullets is never a good long term strategy. We include the store owner when we find a group buy of food or supplies with an attractive price. I recently paid for a firearm transfer through him with a #10 can of chocolate chips.

    We try to maintain a low profile. People likely suspect we have supplies. No one knows for sure what we have.

  16. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    The people who tell you to your face “If things get bad, I’m going to YOUR house” should be reminded that is why you own firearms, to prevent being a victim.

    Opsec and keeping different kits in different safe locations is a big help, but sooner or later, even if you are completely under the radar, you would likely become a target, especially if a lone household. Several adjacent households would be easier to defend, as long as everyone is aboard and all can keep their traps shut.

  17. Exile1981 says:

    I was at a lunch table at work and a bunch of guys were discussing the show doomsday preppers and talking about what they would do if the SHTF.

    A couple people had the idea the government would save them so there was no need to prepare. I figure they will be the ones to panic and go feral when it does happen as they all have families and kids.

    Worse were the ones (6) who have a gun and some ammo and figured that is going to get them everything they need.

    The last group was me and another guy who didn’t say a word. I just said I hadn’t seen the show as I don’t have a TV. I suspect the other guy preps but I’ve never asked and don’t want to know.

    So at a table of well paid professionals 60% have a plan to become raiders, 20% are going to be victims and 20% likely are preparing.

  18. Me and one of my co-workers had been talking about canning and dehydrating. I had been over his place a few times and he even showed me his weapons supply. One day I get a call saying he’s in the neighborhood with his daughter and would like to stop by. I tell him to head out to the house… I’m about 5 minutes out and will be home soon.

    We talk about canning and I slice up some veggies for the dehydrator. I show off some of what you can dehydrate and can up. We spent a lot of time talking and towards the end he slipped up. He stated… if it ever goes to hell, I know where to come. My response was something along the lines of… it will be very bad for your health if you do. He tried to cover himself with… just to help you protect it.

    Now keep in mind…. I don’t really have that much stored up yet. I’m working on a tight budget. Then I will also end up bringing my folks in which will further deplete my stocks.

    After that… I decided I didn’t really need to bring folks in to teach them. They can learn it the same way I did. Watch YouTube and do it yourself.

    • worrisome says:

      SW good conclusion. I think it was Mountain Woman that said something along the lines that it costs you in maybe unwelcome attention to try to teach others……….those weren’t her words and if she reads this I hope she chimes in with what she did say. It was an appropriate statement about people being responsible for finding their own way as we are.

  19. Although I don’t have a propensity to take other people stuff, I do have to say that frequenting this forum has given me some good candidates who stuff I could easily take if I needed to. Some folks OPSEC are horrible, and those who freely admit that they are unarmed just become targets for the predators. I know for sure some of the folks here are unarmed, because they openly talk about having no firearms, in many cases after losing them all in tragic boating accidents. Just sayin’


    • OP,
      You seriously just made a funny! That made me laugh out loud.
      When you come to my house will you bring something for dinner?

      • worrisome says:

        Damn those kayaks, canoes and yes ski boats……….that is where I lost mine. The just flew right out of the boat on a tight turn with a good fast skier behind me! Lost em along with my best sun glasses and straw hat! Twas a terrible day!!!

  20. You guys are making real good arguments for me getting a firearm. Thanks.

  21. The old neighbors knew we had a mini grocery store(before the fire). That was before I understood opsec, and those who use to know about the mini store we no longer speak to. The wife needs to have her mouth duc taped, she is a rude ol witch & gossip! One neighbor who is a prepper, she and her dh know, as I have been trying to teach her what they can do on a limited budget. She takes care of our place, and it is hard to hide some items. DF’s & my sister are the only ones I would trust, but I want to get it out of here just in case.
    We are in the process of changing that by purchasing another place in a different state.

  22. Millie in KY says:

    I had a friend walk into the extra bedroom where I keep a shelf that I am filling with canned foods and other things. I hadn’t gotten a lock for it yet and had the door open, didn’t think about closing it when she stopped by. She didn’t see all of it, fortunately, some is in the closet in there and some is in another closet and some is in a third closet. 🙂
    She said “My God, look at all the food!’ and without a beat I said Yes, good thing I keep my pantry stocked because I have to live off this while I’m looking for a job. That seemed to satisfy her and hopefully she will say nothing. If she shows up, I will share some with her but will need work from her. She has a 3 year old and she and her hubby have been very good to us over the past few years.
    A locking door set is on the prep list for that room. It won’t stop someone determined but will stop the accidental guest wandering in to look around.

    • Agreed… it is on my list too. Gotta keep out the friendly snoops.

    • You should have just said, “I know. I just got carried away with that couponing craze”. That should put them off, at least for awhile, especially if you act like you’re trying to sell off some of it.

  23. Doris Jones says:

    Great subject, especially for anyone who has not really considered it.

    I KNOW that most people (and for sure that includes many who are set up well financially) will NOT prepare, do not intend to and intend to “borrow” from others or just take it from preppers. A member of our own family who lives in a very upscale neighborhood in the Nashville area has said when we suggested to them preparing and storing for a crisis “Well, I do not have to–my neighbor across the road is a serious survivalist and his whole house is FULL of stuff.”

    This family member also told us,this neighbor talked to me about prepping and I told him “I do not have to prep–I know where YOU live.” Now this person is non-violent and just thinks “He has a lot and would share with us.” That is a very selfish attitude and I bet the whole neighborhood will all think the same thing. He has told EVERYONE what he is doing, brags about it all the time and SHOWS them his cache. Not smart at all. It won’t take that bunch long to take all he has.
    He is not a true survivalist since he is only paying for and gathering up stuff for people who refuse to prepare themselves.

  24. We live in a small town, rural area with a high poverty rate, although we’re on the nicer side of town. But our daughter, who just moved out a year ago at age 19, was not good about keeping things confidential, which was why I didn’t tell her much. But both daughters saw the ebay & amazon packages arriving, & I made the mistake of leaving somethings lay out where they could be seen. When my wife pointed that out, I started putting packages in the bedroom immediately when they came & increased OPSEC. My family knows I have 2-3 guns (not about the 4th- a shotgun).
    But when SHTF, I can’t be patrolling our yard all the time, even if I carry. At this pt, my wife or daughters aren’t mentally ready to accept guard duty, but I believe our daughter’s boyfriend could handle it w/ his shotgun. I’d like to get him comfortable using one of my handguns at the range, but can’t explain why we may need him to use it.

    • just call it a bonding exercise and leave it at that. If he has a shotgun he probably likes to shoot. You’ll kill two birds with one stone and not blow your OPSEC

      • Our duaghter’s boyfriend doesn’t seem like a “bonding exercise” kind of guy. But if I invite him along b/c “I’m thinking of getting a shotgun & want to see how his works,” & also invite him to try out my handgun(s), he may come along.

  25. I keep our food & water supplies in 3-4 seperate closets in boxes & buckets, so that if one is stolen, we have backups. But as those closets fill up, I have to find or make other spaces. May put a shelf up high, one foot from ceiling in laundry room. Or may move other stuff in closets, out to one of our storage sheds. OPSEC is so critical. Unprepared people will get desperate & take desperate measures.

  26. livinglife says:

    an overly large supply of firewood is also a give away that you are prepared.
    I hear people at work say “I have a gun, I will take what I want from those who stocked up.” not knowing I am one of those. “Do you think they may have stocked up on G&A also?” “uhhhhhh no.”
    two people know I prep, my daughter and prep partner. We have stock in the city, the country and lake house.
    Shit is going to get bad sooner than most expect. I don’t see the current admin making things any better for the US.

  27. Colin Laney says:

    Thing is, if i was unprepared, I wouldn’t go near preppers if SHTF. Only target the weak not the strong, plenty of supplies in unprepared homes. (Speaking theoretically here)

  28. Hopefully,the scavengers will thin each other out before they get to us.

  29. Rider of Rohan says:

    Has anyone seen anything on preparations being made for problems around the Oct. 1 date? That’s when the PTB are going to run out of money if a bill doesn’t pass the Congress funding them.

    • RoR:

      Keep in mind that Oct 1 is the new fiscal year for the Feds. That may be all there is to it. Many times we had money left over in the budget. With the Feds it’s “use it or loose it”. It might not be that nefarious. (Of course I trust them as far as I can throw a Buick, but….)

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        JP, someone sent me this piece, very interesting. Watch it if you have time:

        • worrisome says:

          The “urban war games” in all of the states surrounding DC? As in “zoning” themselves in because nationwide unrest? Scary stuff!

          • So DHS & ? are bringing 480,000 foreign/Russian troops to be trained on US military equipment in the NE USA – so… what are they training for? possible uprising related to US govt shutdown? maybe backup DHS units in case of US people uprising?
            All National Guard units will be trained in handing uprising/ & crowd control. Sounds like the US govt is becoming afraid of the US people. Why?

            • I wonder just how true it is , and if so , I wonder what the REAL reason Putin has for doing so , his soldats training to use US equipment at our expense ……………..Good for them , perhaps bad for the government . ……… can never be sure . I also wonder how many of the general issue soldats are actually Spetsnaz .

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            I can’t get over all this reminding me of the Hunger Games, worrisome. I don’t know whether all this stuff is true, but I thought many here might know.

            • rofr;
              You just scared the living **ap out of me with this video. I am sending this to the members of my family who think(heads in sand)this will never happen here. Americans are being trained to put their heads down and not to look up for fear of what they might see.
              That scares me more that stupitity.
              I am married to a retired military person, and they have trained other counties troups here, but NEVER to the extent of what is being shown(if true). We are in deep deep kemchi.

        • Encourager says:

          Well, that video sure enuf scared the you-know-what outta me! Especially the home invasion at the wrong address! No search warrant, police being told repeatedly they were at the wrong address, yet persisted; refusing to give or present who was in charge.

          It is as if all the LEO and SWAT have been brainwashed into believing normal, law abiding citizens are the ENEMY. It can only get worse.

  30. Shades of Green says:

    My immediate family and grandchildren will be the first ones I help. Depending on the situation and how I feel it will unfold will determine whether I help others and how I help them. Their attitude will also be a factor. No one really knows what I have, even my family, and that’s the way I will keep it.

    I will not take anything from others but if I had to bug out and ran out of stuff then I would only search abandoned places. I have taught myself so many basic skills that I could forage also. Thankfully, due to life lessons and this and other web sites I should be able to weather some “storms”. If it comes to defending what I need to , I most certainly will not hesitate. When the ” b*@&h” is forced to come out in me she is not nice and it even scares me but a protective mother can be scarier than anything. Hope it wouldn’t come to that but if it does I can turn off all emotions and do what is needed, we have to in order to survive and thrive.

  31. Do people not understand game theory?

  32. It’s time to make some caches.

  33. Hawthorne Prepping Inc says:

    Hey guys its been a while but after alot of soul searching I’m starting to see God’s path for me. Atleast so much as its not where I stand now. Still have lots of issues but they will be worked through. Anyway to the topic at hand i realize many of you/us are prepared for a single person or maybe even a small group (2-8) but how about a full on roving band? Scum tends to stick together and with preexisting gangs already the likelihood of a roving band of marauders is high if not certain. How does one prepare to counter 20+ people. Chokepoints work but only so far and eventually even a slow retreat will hit a wall? Just a discussion point for you guys. In better news me and my dad will most likely be purchasing a handgun this saturday for home defense. I dont have him consigned to prepperhood but with a little more time I might be able to convince him. I love him dearly and am all he has right now so I try to bring him to the light so to speak. sorry for the relatively off topic rant but without a wdydtptw and with just now catching up on everything i had alot to spill.

    • Hawthorne,
      It depends on the gang. If they are a highly cohesive and trained group, then you may have a problem. If they are the typical gang from the hood, then your advantage is that you can fight on their terms. They are used to dealing with police who approach them from within the bounds of the law, while they fight outside of its limits. When they approach you and yours those rules that they count on no longer apply. Add that to the fact that you are defending your turf, where you should know the lay of the land and your knowledge of what and where to find both cover and concealment. Will give you some advantage. Perimeter security to know they are coming and be ready for them is also useful in providing you with surprise. If you read Patriots, then will recall that the group have an LP/OP to provide 24/7 over watch, and something like this would probably be a requirement.

      • Hawthorne Prepping Inc says:

        Unfortunately I have not read patriots yet though it is on my to do list however very good advice thanks 🙂

        • Encourager says:

          Hawthorne, go get it at the library. Most libraries either have it or can get it for you.

  34. If they don’t fund the government on Oct 1st; every mining outfit worth it’s lawyers are going to hand in applications for patents, (You could too if you got ready- make sure your mining friends know, it’s not cheap but it’s title.) on all their mines/claims. Do you think they have money to throw at making that happen?

    • I’m not so sure. The USA survived a temporary govt shutdown a couple yrs ago, w/out any major problems, except for the politicians. If it lasts longer this time, I could foresee more serious issues.

  35. People talk big today but when the SHTF it is the weak and ill prepared that will be targets for the roaming gangs. Preppers will be last on the list because they are Hard targets. It’s the same reason why street hoods rob 7/11 stores and not banks.

  36. Antizombie says:

    Is anyone else scared s!@#$%ss at the thought of facing even 4 armed and determined individuals? Having never been in the military and seen combat I have a feeling that all that toilet paper I’ve stored is going to run out pretty quick if bullets start flying. i’ve been around guns all my life and can squeeze em off with the best of em, but I suspect that a real firefight is a whole different world. Sheetrock and stud walls are no match for a .223 bullet and unless you live in a bunker you’re house is going to be so much swiss cheese if a gang opens up. Add your fear for grandkids or your wife and it boggles my mind. BTW, I’m 6-9 and 285lbs so there has been little in my life that I’ve feared. I’ve heard a lot of you say that you’ll leave on the lawn for fertilizer and such, and I am glad you are that sure of your reaction and skills but it’s the off chance (and probable one) that keeps me awake at night. What do some of you think?

    • Doris Jones says:

      I think you are a REAL and honest person! Congrats! Bet YOU will survive because you are willing to face the truth and reality.

  37. I don’t consider myself a prepper but do live like one (off grid mountainman type). some of my closest friends are the local thugs who would talk about taking things from preppers. oddly they had a totally different view on the collapse of society. first thing they would do is get together, gets there kids to a secure location, then come find me and haul me and all my stuff to that location, they considered the take everyones stuff perspective then they realized i had a skill set that was far more usefull and would rather recruit me to run their encampment than take stuff they don’t know how to use. I would liken it to Masterblaster in the mad max movie or the guy running the projector in the postman, doesn’t have any muscle but the thug leaders can’t run the place without them.

  38. no sense buying guns or hiding food,the creator is returning soon and all those who truly trust in him will not want for anything,all I see in all of these comments are selfish motives,do you really think your bullets and cans of food are going to save you from being on the wrong side in the cosmic conflict?Just where is it you think you are going to run to?How will you hide from the face of god?,The truth is the “goverment”what ever that may or may not mean to you will opt to provide but only for those who will accept the mark,remember in the forehead or the hand???he who thinks as the beast thinks and worships as the beast worships-this is the forehead,those who cannot do without the all the modern day goods and tasty food and commerce-this is the hand.There will only be two sides,which one will you choose to be on?will you trade a few years of worldly spoils for an eternity of bliss untold?.You prepper folks are prepping for the wrong thing,fill your heart and mind with the bread of life,not hormel chili

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