Get it NOW before the price increase

If you’ve been waiting to order my top rated book – The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World, as We Know It: Gear, Skills, and Related Know-How then you must act now to get it at the current list price of $11.33 in paperback. Because in a few hours the price will be going up to $14.99 to cover costs.


  1. Got mine last year. Great Book!

  2. Great book. I have it. Ordered one for my sister.

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    Even at the higher price it still seems like a very good price for this book.

    All it takes is for one or two good ideas to make even an expensive book worth the price.

  4. Gareth Nicholls says:
  5. Thanks for the dedication! Great book, helps put prepping in a organized way that I can use.

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