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Private One-On-One Email Consulting

This is for one (1) short, simple, brief, clear & concise (500 words or less) emergency email response from M.D. Creekmore to one (1) emergency email of yours. Send in your paid private email consulting questions to the following email address and I will answer it within five business days (weekends excluded)…
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Please put “Private Email Consulting” in the subject line – If you’ve not received a response from me within six business days, check your spam folder.

I will help you with any area of your life you need help with but I prefer questions that are directly related to prepping, survival, homesteading, self-defense etc because those are my specialty and what I’m most qualified to answer. But will do my best to help you in any area of your life….

What makes private email coaching so valuable to you is the fact that it is one-on-one and is in response to your personal situation, and not some random answer to a generic situation. It can be as personal as you want to make it – if you need to send photos and diagrams you can do that too. Photos and diagrams can be a big help in giving you the best possible advice to help in your situation…

Every situation is different, and the very best advice for you is that which is given knowing your personal needs and situation… Because that advice is tailored for you and you only, which will save you both time and money by your avoiding costly time-consuming mistakes…

It’s the next best thing to having me actually come to your home /  retreat and giving you my suggestions on any topic that you are uncertain about or need advice on.

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