Product review of the Remington Model R-25 semi auto, cal. 308 win. rifle

An opinion of the Remington Model R-25 semi auto, cal. 308win. Rifle: by Thomas T. Tinker

Offered by a none.. sniper, super human, wannabe operator, Ramboesque, hiding in a spider hole, nutcase, doomsday paranoid … I just own one.. I mean the rifle. Thomas T. Tinker.

I thought about buying one of several big bores… I mean BIII..ig bore rifles .. cause at my age and income level, I can. Thing is I really wanted one I would use and enjoy the experience of break in, glass selection, the pride in knowing I can rise to the level of its design .. and do it. Naturally I looked at 50cals. bolt and others. I got touchy feely with Barret’s… naw not in my budget. Short mags.. I hate ‘bastard’ ammo. M1A… owned one. A totally tricked out, scoped oh my gawd one. Didn’t fit. Sold it for a semester for DD at St. Ursula’s Academy for girls. Ah.. sorry getting off point.

Enter presence of mind .. damn. Honesty and self-examination.. Again… damn. I don’t have the eyes of an 18 year old recruit anymore. I can’t see… trying… to rent the 1000 yard range at Camp Perry to work up the dope and play with a toy that needs… a 1000 yards to challenge. Ok, 308. I can afford that. I can do… that. Now remember you gringos and gringettes, this is a posting on MY choice of a heavy-er cal. Rifle and not in any way intended to detract from your choice or opinion.

I shopped. I shopped some more. I played one dealer off another and hit the gun shows. Big Box shops and storefront operations on county roads. I held em. Petted em. I pointed em and went bang bang. I bought one.

Rem R-25, semi auto, 308, Green Mossy oak finish, 20” fluted Barrel, 7.75 lbs., pick rail upper/gas block, with a hard case and one…. One 5 round mag. I ordered 10 mag-pull 20s because they fit a few other brands. The fella mounted and bore sited a Nikon BDC 50mm 3 to 9 in Leopold ‘wingnut’ mounts. See R-25

This rig is a tank… Aluminum or no aluminum. Solid with no rattles. Specs can be found at a book load of websites so let us move on.

This rig is of course built on the AR10 platform. Anyone owning the ‘AR’ will relate to the R-25 with no problems. Same bolt hold open/release. Same mag release. Same T handle. Same dust cover. Same bolt forward assist. Same ‘stock’ options i.e. grip and cheek weld. Even has the lil hidey hole and hatch in the stock for cleaning equipment or granola bars.

The Mossy Oak coating adds quite some to the wow and cool factor. And it negates the urge of some of us to ‘paint’ or otherwise ‘camo’ a field rifle. Rem. offers this Mossy finish in a green pattern and a winter white pattern. Basic black is another option. Put a gilly sock on the barrel and one over the scope and this tank will lose all ‘eye’ appeal at once. Rumor has it the coating is subject to chipping …. Well Duhhhhh. Speaking for myself only, If ‘I’ am going to own a tool such as this… or any other and I can’t feel free to drop it in the gravel or mud cause I’m clumsy or I gotta .. Why own it. Rhetorical question there. BUIS sight are available to offset that sort of event are they not? If one is that afraid of scratching ones toys … then that’s all they are.

Now for the noisy part! I asked around the local PDs, TDI instructors and range rats …. And MD! Settled on the Fed. Sierra Matchking boat tail 168 grain as my go to load. Works for me. Not that I haven’t collected a ‘boat’ load of ‘non-Russian / Chicom’ ball as well. Took it to Maumee Shooters indoor range to get it on paper. Snake eyes and same-holers off a sand bag at 75 feet. My ego run-eth over. Safety Tippoalla! Ear plugs work for S—t at an indoor range with a 10 ceiling. Ware the muffs too. See Sierra matchking 168gr,. BTHP product code # em308m

Son in law to be came along to the Fulton Co. range and we jacked up the gun on my sled and slowly burned every different make and model of rounds through the rifle we could. Hardly a Guns & Ammo test my dear preppers. For a cold, dry, new rifle … no burps or hiccups. R-25 dropped all the brass 10 feet to the right and 4 feet out. No failures. We took half the day on this. Coming and going with this rifle, hot to cold.. cold to hot. No failures. Now the choice of ‘glass’ was mine.

Beat me and Kick me Packers… my choice of scopes. Mr. Nikon got in the X ring on the 3rd. round. Ala 100 yards. Nikon BDC scopes are pre-packaged to zero at 100 yards. The scope will do the work from there out to 600 yards by simply moving the target ‘down’ to the next reticle ring. Kentucky windage and elevation rules still apply. We had a left quartering wind that day and still grouped inside a fifty cent piece with groups of three. Practice and practice and my older eyes will reduce that to a Dime easy. See Nikon prostaff 3-9X50 BDC reticle.

I have every bit of trust in this rifle as a good standoff weapon. Draw backs … it’s a tank. Running at just over 9 lbs. scoped and loaded. So… This is MY rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’d like to thank the sponsor of this posting Mr. MD Creekmore and state that the opinions expressed in this post are just mine. Any questions, comments, or death threats should be address to me in the ‘comment’ section below Love and kisses … Thomas T. Tinker

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. I looked up the rifle on the remington site. Interisting rifle, not just another ar from what I have see. The 308 caliber is a plus. I also saw the new Remington 788. What impressed me on that one is that it comes in 7mm mag.I wonder if that replaced the 71o or whatever that one is.

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      NEW 788 ? Did they reintroduce that 60’s – 80’s vintage bolt gun again ?

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Can’t say what the ‘788’ replaced but I remember the 788. More of a budget 700 which I couldn’t afford either one back then. I’m ‘up’ on bolt guns but if I was ready to take the jump on a real world budget… the 788 would offer a nice place to land…. and leave enough to make off with more than a few rounds to go with it.

  2. That’s for the write-up. I have looked at an AR-type 308, but stayed with my M1A.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      JP… I think I’ve said before….. “Rifles and Pistols are like buying a ‘fine’ set of shoes… They had better fit… You.” I took recruit training with the M14 at MCRD Dego. I kinda felt undergunned when I took issue of my first M16.

      • TTT:

        Your right about fit. I’ve had 2 M1A’s, they just feel right. Yep, they were pricey, and mags are kind of difficult, but they always go bang, and what I’m shooting at goes down. My current is a SOCOM, with just the black synthetic version of the original wood stock. I put a 2-7x Burris pistol scope on it, on the scout mount. Works for me.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I feel ya! I love the passion of your experience and should I ever have the funds to add a .308, I will definately use this review.
    I believe there is a courtship when buying a firearm. One must really know when it is right. And you got this one right!

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      I like the metaphor.. I do I do. Is there Irony here Madame? Make the wrong choice and you end up…. unhappy….. until the seperation.

  4. livinglife says:

    I own a R15, it shoots as well as my buddies Colt. The only dislike is the trigger system on mine is not interchangeable with the AR platform. Most AR-10’s do not interchange either. So I would advise a spare parts kit be acquired.
    the 168gn round is considered ideal ballistically for the 30 caliber rifle. The same bullet shoots great in an .06 too if you are a reloader. two guns, one bullet type.
    If you add a comp to settle it down, the drawback is an increase in volume to those to the sides of you but great for keeping on target.
    I opted for a RR LAR8, it was in stock.
    Good choice of glass.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Yaknow LL… I don’t have a comp on my ARs. I developed a style of snapping into the rifles (s) that just rocks me up a skoush and sta..rate back. Trained that recoil movement to the resets on the rifles……….. drift the ring back around the target on the inhale…. and press the last few ounces……………

  5. I’ll take my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle anytime for a great .308

    • jrread,

      I have the Savage scout but the Ruger would be great also. I like the scout rifle concept.

      • MD

        I also love the scout concept. I have 2, one being a Ruger Fronteir in .300 WSM ( only scout rifle Cabelas had left 4 years ago; would have preferred .308 ) and the Steyr Scout. Got that one for free, of you can believe it. Kinda weird story. But free is the best prepper score, is it not?

      • I like the scout concept also. I would like to build one around the remmy 721 or whatever that short actioned rifle was I forget right now. I also like the savage and ruger versions of it.I also like the idea of a swede mauser action so it can be loaded with stripper clips.I like the idea of having it in 308.Having a scout in 06 would be to punishing though between the noise and recoil and muzzle flash.I think it would be easy to carry but hard to live with.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      I Hopes U like the scout…….. Olde man It was on your write up and req o mend that I went out and found one. I had mine built on a 5.56 and I can chase a beer can with it. Don’t ya love good tools MD.

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