How to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout and Survive an Atomic Attack – 1950s Educational Film


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  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    Didn’t watch the first video, will watch it tomorrow.

    Always liked these old videos. They are a look back in time and the mindset of the time.

    In the second video it says (4-min into it) stay in a shelter for 2-week, by that time community resources will be in place. I think they mean local government. And the federal government will be able to come to the rescue shortly after that.

    I find both of these ideas unlikely, local governments are completely unprepared as most people are. And the Fed Gov will take care of itself, not us.

    It says canned food and dry boxed food (17-min into it) only last 6-months, that’s wrong and even back then they should have known they would last much longer.

    And talks about having an antenna rigged outside. But not about grounding the heck out of it inside. I would have the wire ran inside a metal conduit that is bolted shut and set into the concrete floor. And a big grounding lug inside. Once you needed it you could unbolt it and use it post attack.

    I wonder how many of the old fallout shelters are out there? I have been working in people’s homes since the late 1980″s and I have never seen a single one.

    It would be kinda neat to buy an old fallout shelter sign to hang on the wall, I’d put it next to my Guy Fawkes mask…

  2. Nice to be reminded that government,can do (has done) some good work. Still, a stopped clock. Good info.

    • Although, I won’t expect help to arrive in two weeks. I will looks for fallout for days (weeks?)

  3. What preparations have people made to help themselves out in the event of nuclear fallout? For ourselves,
    (+) we are more than 60 miles from the nearest city and we have a cement basement under the house.
    (-) if the power goes out, the sump pump will quit working and if there is rain or it is spring, the basement could fill with water in just a few days. It would be nasty living down in the dark dank dungeon with 7 kids for 2 weeks!

    I watched a video “This family lived in a fallout shelter” ( from the 1950’s about a family with 8 children who lived in an 8′ x 11′ shelter for a week. I think I might just go bananas under the same circumstances.

  4. Fallout is many things. If one nuke is set off 50 or so miles from you then protecting yourself is fairly easy to do. If you are downwind from city killer nukes and it is a massive attack there is nothing you can do at home that will save you and your family, nothing. If there is a massive attack everywhere in the U.S. will be deadly and remain deadly for months. Without a first class fallout shelter you are toast, literally. The good news is in a massive attack the dose will be massive and your death, though painful will come in days to weeks. Do not be fooled into to thinking that because you live 50 or 100 miles from a city that somehow you will be saved. First of all the targeting will be random once the nukes start disrupting the radio waves and atmosphere and nukes will miss their target by miles. Second if 2000 nukes are set off within 4 hours or so the cumulative fallout/radiation will be too strong everywhere.

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