How To Protect Red-Dot and Laser Sights From EMP

This video shows how to use RF cloth to protect red-dot, laser, and other electro-optical sights from an EMP. Testing was done in my laboratory to determine which RF cloth performed best for EMP protection. This particular cloth is made with stainless steel fibers. You can use this for guns that are kept outside of a metal safe, or as an additional layer of protection for those kept inside of a safe.


  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    I wonder if the gun (being metal) would act as an antenna for the EMP?

    I would think it would be better to wrap the whole gun then just the site as he is doing.

    Also I would think aluminum foil could work for wrapping the gun and site. And it’s going to be less expensive then the bag he is using.

    About the bag, it looks like it’s long enough to slip the whole gun in it. Wonder why he would not do that?

    Also you could buy a few extra sites (they are not that expensive and pack them in a metal box. I have a few extra scopes and powered sites put away., if you drop a gun post-SHTF it would suck to not have replacement optics for it.

    PS: Make sure you pull the batteries out of them and any device that runs on batteries when you store the device..

    PPS: MD thanks for fixing the post button that was vanishing on me when I had a longer post.

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