The Shocking Public Reaction to Survivalists and Preppers

Public Reaction to survivalists Dave Bailie

cute-18927_640I guess I have been a survivalist or prepper for a long time, long before it became popular in main stream media. Back then I wasn’t aware it had a name I just figured it was common sense like changing the oil in your car. If I didn’t do it sooner or later it would come back to bite me. If asked I would give my opinion why I felt it was a sound practice, if not I kept my mouth shut. Some people get it and some people don’t, I try not to judge.

I recently launched a series of definite purpose survival kits. These kits are aimed at the casual prepper , hiker or outdoors person who may just be starting out or puts being prepared lower down on their list. I now find myself in a position of having to talk about survival to those who may be marginally interested. I’m often surprised by the reaction I get when talking about the subject.

The comments range from you should be on Doomsday Preppers to that would be great for my brother in law who hunts. When I ask if they have anything in their car that might help them hike home or spend a night in the front seat of their car, I get a blank stare. One young couple told me they weren’t my target market. I was a bit short with them and responded that they must never leave there house. Mind you this was on top of a mountain and I was giving away the product to get reviews.

I have others treat me like I’m the Jehovah witness who shows up on your door step Saturday morning. (No offence to the Jehovah witnesses, they can relate) I need to clarify, I’m about the most laid back sales person you will meet. I also get the rolling eyes treatment like I give my 19 year old son when he says something 19 year old experts say. This is by no means my first picnic doing business with the public, but the reaction to survival preparation is unexpected.

This got me to wondering why this is; I’ve got a few theories.

Part of what I come up with is the recent slew of survival type shows, while I think it’s great that these shows get people thinking of survival. I also think by the nature of these shows, people disqualify themselves based on the folks we see in these shows. The shows fall into two categories. First it’s the guy out in the wilds doing things that we mere mortals would have a hard time pulling off in circumstances we will probably not find ourselves in.

Don’t get me wrong I learn from these shows but subconsciously exclude myself from most of the scenarios. The second stars the person that the TV producers picked because of their entertainment value, maybe not for the quality or wisdom behind their preps. Again I subconsciously separate myself from these people. When the smoke clears I don’t identify too closely with either type. I just wonder if this attitude is found in the main stream population as well.

The other theory I have is as a society we expect the power always to be on, unlimited water on demand, law and order as well as reliable transportation. Anything else has become unfathomable and nowhere on peoples radar. The ugly truth is just too uncomfortable to think about.
And then there is the fact that most preppers keep a pretty low profile about their activities and are more likely to be the neighbor you see mowing his yard or washing her car. Generally we are unrecognizable from the rest of the herd and like to keep it that way. Unfortunately between the shows and the news the face of survival preparation gets twisted, often for the worst.

The last idea is that people seem to relate what we do as only applying to apocalyptic scenarios affecting large groups or regions when in reality it’s more likely you will use your preps to makes it thru a few days with no power. You don’t see people giving backpackers the same treatment even though what they do is just short term bugging out without guns. You don’t see Boy Scouts treated this way even though the skills they teach are aligned with that of the survivalist. You sure don’t hear about the military, firefighters or law enforcement in the same light.

From a personal stand point I really could care less what others think, from the big picture stand point this might not be a wise approach. The more prepped we are overall as a society, the better the outcome for all of us if and when the time comes. So when someone asks it’s up to all of us to present thoughtful relevant info to the uninformed or unconvinced. No one ever plans on having an accident but most people carry auto insurance, how is that different from prepping?

People don’t plan on getting cancer but go to the doctor to get checkups, how is this different from prepping? People know it’s smart to carry a spare tire, how is that any different. I think it’s wise to avoid trying to convince people of an impending pandemic or economic collapse etc. I say this because as soon as you bring up something they don’t agree with, the rest of your message gets written off. I often explain it as a way to have a measure of control over events you have no control over.

I find presenting survival as a hobby makes it much more palatable to the main stream. Funny a guy with a basement full of model trains is a serious hobbyist but a basement full of food and water makes you a nut? Once you present it in those terms it may help others relate. Personally I approach it that way, although I take it very seriously, I do enjoy it and isn’t that the purpose of a hobby? A hobby with potentially high stakes but a hobby none the less.

I’d like to hear others thoughts on this.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Unfortunately, part of your job in selling this product is to educate your customer and most are resistant to it based on media brainwashing over the decades. Survivalist, preppers, gun nut, and many others terms are now used derisively to label those with a plan for emergencies and disasters as fringe.

  2. TV shows are made for their entertainment value and ability to attract advertisers. Plus most of the entertainment industry is left-of-center and even those that believe that something bad COULD happen, it won’t happen to them (and most live in major cities – strange).

    I have met several people who realize that things are getting bad, but feel that God will somehow intervene on their personal behalf so they will not suffer. To me this is sad and ignores reality and biblical history.

    A large percentage of our population does not have a valid clue on what is going on. Their lives revolve around being entertained, living vicariously through their children’s activities, or being narcissistic enough to only be concerned about themselves. All of which is sad.

    In an attempt to gain more control over the general population, our governments have promoted the idea that they have all the answers and solutions (if only given enough resources, i.e. money). People don’t need to worry about anything bad happening. FEMA is the best and worst example of this. Somehow, a huge bureaucratic organization is supposed to be able to take care of every emergency, everywhere. If we look at Katrina we see that they were shocked into a stupor, then overwhelmed by the size of the task, and wasted more resources than they used effectively. And this was basically a local event. Imagine what their ineptitude will look like if something happens on a regional or national level.

    Their desire to be in control is what drives their “hoarding” and gun control campaigns. They do what you quiet for 3-7 days, but after that they want you dependent upon them. If you have several months of food, the ability to defend yourself against predators, appropriate shelter, and a means of heating, cooking and providing power for yourself, you don’t need them. If you feel you don’t need them, you won’t fund them. If you won’t fund them they may have to find jobs that create resources, vs. use them.

    Every generation has had those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves; assuming they are entitled to be taken care of. These are the ones you see in disasters who are complaining to the media “When are they coming to take care of me?” And these will be some of the first to either be a victim or turn on their neighbor and become a predator.

    • JP,
      Concerning FEMA and Katrina you stated that “And this was basically a local event”, to which I must add, and an event that they had many days of warning to prepare for. Something like an earthquake or tornado outbreak is one thing, but a weeks warning and still not prepared, jeeze.

      • OP:

        Katrina is my favorite example to point to when someone says they have full faith in the federal government taking care of them in a major emergency. That plus I live in a “fly-over” state, with just over 1 million people in the whole state. I’m pretty sure that even Alaska comes before we do.

  3. Some good ideas on your site.

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    Yeah, were the bad guys, the nuts who can survive 5-10 days without electricity from an ice storm. We need to be profiled and labeled as hoarders and terrorists, cause we don’t need FEMA.

    Where was FEMA during that ice storm? Our electric utility crews went there, but where are the agencies that grow fat off our tax money?

    • Lurker Judith says:

      Most people are just unable to grasp the concept of anything going wrong. And we who are able to face it are called every derogatory name in the book.
      Speaking of that ice storm I had to shake my head at all the people that had to leave their houses for motels etc. No preps at all living in an area that routinely sees 30 below temps.

    • What strikes me as particularly bizarre is the government reaction to people like us who are following the blasted government’s own recommendations to prepare for emergencies.

      Federal, state, and local authorities, plus the American Red Cross, ALL tell us to be prepared. Then the political people call us wierdos.

      • Rob Crawford says:

        As you said, it’s the people who actually have to think about emergencies against the politicals. It’s hard for a politician to pose as a savior when people are taking care of themselves…

  5. Donna in MN says:

    I started preparing for food storage and paying off my debts when the ’08 recession happened. It was a wake up call for me to to have plenty when many became destitute.

    Since NG came out with these shows with wierd people on them, I don’t refer myself as a prepper, but like you said, a survivalist. It fit my lifestye for over a lifetime of primitive living and foraging of food in the wild. I did it because it was an interest to me as a choice.

    Many people outside of this forum don’t want to believe a catastrophe can happen, some laughed at me thinking I was smoking waccy tabaccy. They are too occupied in FB, Miley Sirus, hollywood, other worldly things, otherwise there would be millions subscribing to this educational, very informative website. A catastrophe would probably bring em here, but too late to prep in most cases.

    Your approach may work for some in the prepping short term. I mean prepping a week to a month in supplies which is good. Most can relate to that. I suppose long term prepping one would have to have a lot of funds to have a hobby that costs thousands especially when they have children and spouses to care for in the long term. It’s money most people can’t spend because the rising cost of living and healthcare going up, cut incomes, cut work hours, and middle income index shows it has gone way down.

  6. People don’t want to hear the unicorns, rainbows and fairies aren’t real.
    Those that take charge of their future at work, are also doing it at home. Those who shuffle along and do just enough to get by are the ones who think prepping is stupid. “The government will take care of me.” My answer is, “How long will it take the government to do that?, three days, a week, month? I stocked up for two weeks just in case.” (shorter periods sound more ‘reasonable’ that months or years) Fish out of water gasping is next as it dawns on them it won’t be an overnight solution. “Well maybe a few days of extra’s is a good idea.” in a few months “what kind of gun would be good just in case?”
    It’s good that the shows are on but they usually portray the weirdest possible people.

  7. taminator013 says:

    I never thought of myself as a survivalist or prepper even when these terms became mainstream in the last few years. Having grandparents that lived through the Great Depression and parents that were born back then, stocking up on neccessities was just a normal way of life for them. They still did this when I was growing up, so I never thought that there was anything strange about it. You also planted a garden to have fresh vegetables in season and canned things for fall and winter. We got grapes from the neighbors for jelly and juice and picked wild black berries and black raspberries. We only normally used the fireplace on special occasions, but it really came in handy when it was cold and the furnace would break down or the power went out, sometimes for days at a time. We never froze or went without something warm to eat and drink. It wasn’t as easy as using the electric stove and gas, forced air furnace, but we made due. I’ve always had these basics after being out on my own these many years, although for the last few years I’ve gotten quite a bit more into it after reading great tips and tricks on websites like yours.

  8. I learned long ago that loose lips sinks ships..
    I avoid engaging in the subject in casual conversation, unless it’s with one of the people in my group.
    Even with something as simple as a power outage, you would be surprised at peoples ability to recall you mentioning that you heat your home with wood, and come asking for wood for their never used fireplace because the power went out.
    or want to haul the contents of their fridge over to your place because they know you have a backup genny.

    if you are prepping for a Just- in- case situation, the last thing you want to do is start talking about your hobby to people in casual about something coming back to bite you, even without a disaster, tell people in the gun department that you have a nice stock pile of .223, 308, and .22 LR ammo sitting on your shelves and find out how popular you become now, let alone in a SHTF scenario.
    your well announced hobby is somebody’s option for resources, because they dont share the same hobby.

  9. @ Dave Bailie –

    just think about this a minute…wait until the next ice storm, and give your product line away – see if it doesn’t change people’s minds when they are broken out of their trance of watching dancing with the stars, and eating microwave popcorn… win friends and influence people said it best if you want to sell something- ask them 3 yes questions, um, hey buddy your power out? yep, you and your family uncomfortable? yep, your a smart guy, you know this area has power outages often right? yep, and make the forth question- so you have set aside provisions because you know that kind of thing can happen? well um…. you need help with that? yep!

  10. I used to live in Florida, moved out now for a couple of years and I am amazed at how people who live in “Hurricane Alley” do not prepare for power outages, water issues, or lack of food. The insurance industry has made the use of storm shutters a requirement, but keeping emergency supplies on had, forget about it. When the loons on the news channels say a big blow is coming, the sheeple run to the stores and buy up everything on the shelves, ( a lot of perishables!), and then are interviewed that they are shocked that a storm may disrupt their lives! What fools.

  11. IMHO, it goes much deeper and is often self inflicted. Too many preppers are nuts and kooks. At least they talk and dress that way. If you’ve followed this and other ‘prepper’ sites for any length of time you’ve read the ones like “I’ll shoot any trespasser, or anyone looking for help.” I remember reading Mel Tappan. He had all sorts of ‘off the grid’ advice. Did you know that he was married to the “Mack Truck” heiress. Money was no object. Even the mountain men needed civilization. Don’t act or dress differently from your neighbors. Everyone is suspicious of the “different”. Everybody!

    And of course the NG reality types are likely the oddest balls NG could find. What real prepper anounces it to the world.

    • Happy Camper says:

      I think that some preppers will be far more dangerous than any natural disaster if they go a bit weird in the head or think people are after what they have. How many may end up shooting Aunty Betty or a sibling who are seeking out shelter or protection.
      The stockpile of weapons some have could end up being history in the making.

    • I also think most of the “survivalist” networking is predominantly Republican and Conservative. If you are not, you wouldn’t join prepper boards or you keep your head down and your opinions to yourself. Although there are times I want to point out in a very smartarse way that I am a liberal with guns, I homeschool with an emphasis on logic, we are a family of color, do not get or want a thing from the government, and we Prep. We are the stereotypical prepper worst nightmare.

      • Would you please explain why you consider yourself someones worst nightmare. I guess I am missing something.

        • Because according to the worst stereotypes on both sides we should huddle in a ball and die off never to be heard from again once the SHTF. And based on some of the comments I have read and heard we aren’t like minded enough so that a good thing in some minds. Not all, or perhaps even most thank goodness. .

          • Like most on here, I do not prep to die off. I prep to survive with my family. You are also here to survive with your family. We come here to learn from others. Not all things that are said here will work for me and I am sure they will not work for you. I do not comment very often here because people make rude comments when they can hide behind the computer. I am just hope I learn some thing that will help me. I do not think you are even close to my worst nightmare. I live in a wilderness state with very few people. We work together because we have to. I do not even see another person unless I go to the closest town that is 12 miles away. I really don’t see us being different other than where we live

          • I am glad you prep. I have met quite a few black people who prep to one degree or another. They are usually very good with opsec but it might just be that privacy is more of an ingrained habit with them. If life isn’t fair in a lot of ways due to people, then keeping your head down is a survival strategy.

            I know some people who even hide their extras/preps from their own families. Usually because they have a druggie family member who steals. One white lady I work with keeps a lot of items at work to keep her relatives from stealing them. Furniture, toiletries, clothes, food, etc. If it wasn’t for all the dumba$$es in her family she’d be doing pretty good, but it’s almost like they haunt her looking for something to steal or to bum.

            Don’t let the haters get you down!

      • Are you one of the MARAUDER types,taking what others stored up?

        • Time to put my head back down, but no, we aren’t planning on marauding as part of our preps. I would hope that there would never be a need, but if necessary we might forage where people have abandoned or died.

          • N2Y, You are not only not my worst nightmare, I wish there were a lot more people like us, whatever their melanin content. Melanin content is irrelevant to character.

            Unlike the Democrats, and far too many Republicans, some of us do look at individuals based on their character.

            Maybe that is one of the reasons Democrats and Republicans alike think we are at best mildly nutty.

            And foraging for abandoned property is exactly that: looking for useful thing others have abandoned.

          • Actually you sound like our kind of people. Folks who love their families and plan and work toward taking care of them. Don’t let the color of your skin make you prejudiced against us. We may be kinda pale but our goals are the same as yours.

          • Jesse Jackson hates you.

            IMO, black people should be mad as hell about what white liberals have done to the black family in general. My extended family is all white, and it was no accident that I moved an hour’s drive away.

      • So Blame the disaster on Bush?

      • No, sounds more like you’re a prepper with good and honest values. Stereotypical seems to be something the media invented, and it’s not meant to be complimentary. I doubt the vast majority of preppers care that you’re a family of color. Personally, I’d be a happy camper (oops, I mean prepper) if you lived right next door.

      • Nope, you could be my best friend. Dont think wrong, even if many of your thoughts are right. LOL

  12. I think that most people realize that bad things can happen, from hurricanes, to earthquakes, to wildfires; although, most tend to whistle past the graveyard, hoping that it will not happen to them, and after all, if it does, the government will step in and fix things, right?
    I think that prepping scares people, because it makes them aware that some of us are taking things seriously and doing something about it. Whether you have the money for preps or not, the big thing is that if takes both physical and mental effort. You have to get off your butt and do something about tt. Not only that, when you step up and do the things that need to be done, you are now one of “them”, those who are outside of the mainstream and subject to ridicule.
    We live in a society where everyone that can afford it, hires everything done for them. Most men in today’s society are either helpless or at least feign helplessness. Simple maintenance around the house takes thought, effort, training, and skill, and getting off of the golf course, or Facebook, or keeping up with the latest reality show doesn’t leave time for the trivial things you can hire to be done for you. Preppers are to most, an anachronism in a modern high tech world.
    Even within the prepping community we sometimes get rather myopic. Back in 1996, I was attending one of many preparedness expositions that were popular leading up to the Y2K non-event. There was a table selling the original Baygen windup radios, for something like $150 with two long lines leading up to the table. I was standing near the table and looking at the literature, when someone in line asked if I had gotten my radio yet. I told him I didn’t see any point in the radio, and he wanted to know if I had plans for communications when the power went out. I laughingly asked him if he really expected the power to go out, and he assured me that he did; so, I asked him a simple question. “Since radio stations run on power and you expect the power to go out, what are you going to listen to on your new radio?” His face took on a horrific look of shock, at which point he sort of coughed, got back in line, and tried to ignore me. Sometimes even the preppers don’t really get the whole point of what most of us do, which is Self Reliance.
    Prepping and self reliance are a way of looking at the world, and acknowledging its history. As historian George Santayana stated, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, and the past is replete with modern societies whose members have become homeless desolate refugees. I may fail in my efforts; however, my intentions are to not be among those who are unprepared for the worst.

  13. mom of three says:

    75 to 100 years, ago it was normal to stock up and can, butcher, a pig and steer. But now, most people relies on being able to run to the store.
    We live with in one mile, of three grocery stores, why should I worry about stocking up? That is what I get from most people, so I don’t share any more . Until, a large scale tragedy happens your just going to get blank stares.

    • My daughter likes Kroger chicken noodle soup for lunch. When I buy some more, I usually buy 10 cans at once to keep from having to run back to the store. After I check out, I usually have more than the store does. Not a comforting thought, knowing that she’s not the only kid around who eats this soup. Look over store shelves. Most products are stocked in similar quantities.

  14. When most Americans farmed, they were prepared because they could not predict the weather and had to be ready for several year’s worth of bad/poor crops. They were also more humble and closer to God because when you do everything you can to grow food to feed your family, then you have to finally give it over to God to provide the right amount of sunshine and the right amount of rain. That part is completely out of our control. Not so today. Less than 1% grow food or farm for even a PT income. The rest are utterly dependent on grocery stores and the food supply chain. We are so removed from the day to day work the farmer does to grow the food and the work that goes into the supply chain, that we are no longer humble before God – many have rejected Him entirely. We don’t “need” God like before. It seems too many are trapped in the delusion that we can provide all we need for ourselves, without God’s help and provision. For some, this delusion is manifest in the idea that the government will take care of them in times of emergency; for others, they simply believe they will always be able to go buy what they need without much thought to how the financial system could be disrupted to where their ATM won’t work. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and don’t even set enough aside in savings, to at least be our own line of credit when times are bad, like now. The first prep item should be the fear of the Lord. It is the beginning of wisdom and will help you break free of delusion.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      “In Genesis 41 we read about Pharaoh’s dream regarding the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine.

      Boy Scout Motto: Be prepared.

      Funny, I still can recite ” a scout is” without researching. …trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

      What percentage of the population thinks about fest/famine anymore? ***rhetorical*** It matters not that this is answered precisely as we be preaching to the choir, as it were.

      • PGCPrepper,
        I was done with scouting in 1969, & I recited that scout oath right along with you. Once committed to memory, some things just stick. Kind of like the multiplication tables, which are not always mandatory any more, since they tell us that the kids can figure them out or use a calculator.

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        True, however we must remember that the government of Pharaoh did the stockpiling. During the famine, the people had to buy food from the aforementioned government; therefore, they had to sell everything they owned, and the Pharaoh wound up with the property. So the government triumphed and the people suffered. Sound familiar?

        • PGCPrepper says:

          That is true. I guess I only focus on the basic point. I grew up so dirt poor that I’ve many reminders to do so. I do not, however, understand why my mindset is so different from many others that had little to begin with.

          I do have Government assistance, in essence, as I have a military retirement; well, a portion of it(X wife) but I am not reliant on it. I’m also in a bad way health-wise but I have refused to go to the VA so far. I am in my mid-fifties and have not had a mortgage or a car payment since I was 42. I have the money for much except an escape helicopter and a personal firetruck but I still do not possess a “smart phone” or an Ipad…or many things that many people of lesser means possess. Some of us are so different than the rest of the people in this country. Reading Drudge e’ryday is a stark reminder of the delta but reading Mr. Creekmore’s site is another dose of reality that is somewhat comforting, albeit apocalyptical sometimes. It balances.

          My wife is only 42 and a gorgeous woman physically and mentally. She has just come around. She is of another generation but still sees the writing on the wall. My major was business and economics so there’s some influence there I reckon. Regardless, there seems to be more and more concern amongst the young’ns As more and more see it, it becomes self-fullfilling. I have no money left in the stock market. I have no Schedule D to file this year. I have sold my rental property also. I do not know which part of me has instigated these moves; thinking of my ultimate demise and taking care of my much younger wife (emotional) or simply instinct, my education…or both. I think both. She does not get involved with my long form filing ergo if I am not around, her life is simplified. However, I believe we are in “feast” mode regardless of recent events and “famine” is much worse than what we’ve seen to date.

        • The person in charge of Pharaohs stockpiling was a christian though.

        • Donna in MN says:

          And Joseph was in charge of distributing food, a servant of God, second in command of Egypt, and God gave Joseph the gift of dream interpretation to the Pharoh to save for a coming famine which saved the lives of many people like Josephs family and father which was in the lineage of Christ. God blessed Joseph and Egypt at that time so people would not suffer.

    • A bank run can be stopped with a click of a mouse. One would have to be delusional to think that a plan and a softwate buttom dedicated to this very purpose is not already in place at every bank in the country.

  15. I guess we are lucky or unlucky depending on how you view it but we routinely lose electricity here on the Chesapeake Bay due to either ice storm’s in the winter or hurricanes. Because of that it isn’t rare for people in our town to be without electricity for days or even more than a week. Most people have learned that without electricity the well doesn’t work, you can’t cook on your range and grocery stores close. We can have conversations based on that without even using the words prepper or survivalist. It is an easy way to feel out how others are preparing and learn from each other without letting anyone know that instead of prepping for a week we are prepping for long term. We also know who is helpful. Who helps other neighbors, if they have skills and tools to complement what we have and can do.

    • Uncle Frank says:

      Gotta love Pepco and their mostly above ground utility lines.

    • I got a kick out of watching sheeple on TV as they “prepared” for hurricane Sandy. My personal favorite was the woman with a shopping cart full of frozen pizzas.
      When a hurricane is predicted to make landfall, there is a run on plywood at Lowe’s and Home Despot. Makes me want to ask these sheeple “What happened to the plywood you bought before the last hurricane?”

  16. A certain portion of the overly liberalized America will always believe there is nothing to worry about and the Govt. will take care of it. Preppers will always be cast as crazies to the mainstream because, the media is purpetuating an agenda. And the powers that be prefer you unpreparred because you will do as your told so long as they keep feeding you. Food can, has, and will again be used as a weapon to back down the “non-conformist element”.

  17. ‘People know it’s smart to carry a spare tire, how is that any different. ‘

    It isn’t different, of course. It is exactly the same thing, just like having fire insurance which most of us will never, ever, collect on. We still have it because of the consequences of needing but not having it.

    I have best luck with non-preppers by saying we prep for hurricanes. Most people can identify with that, even if they don’t do so. And they don’t have to know that we prep for more than a couple weeks on our own.

    The hobby approach is also non-threatening to some.

    I also sometimes liken prepping to financial savings. People who sacrifice current consumption for future security are preppers of a sort. They just are looking at financial security alone, instead of a more balanced “portfolio” of insurance which would include water, food, communications and lighting, first aid kits, and defensive gear for personal, physical insurance.

    Even if they don’t buy in, they tend to at least understand in their own terms that prepping is part of a balanced portfolio of insurance. At worst, they go away relatively unthreatened.

  18. very good points have been made here, thanks.

  19. LukeAlaska says:

    Keep talking and handing out information. One day they will be in a situation that they are totally unprepared for when they get to the other side of it, some of them will come to you for your services. I have close friends that like to laugh at me behind my back but I know that someday, and this day may never come, they will come to me for a favor. Does that sound familiar? 🙂 I’ve had people ask me, “If something ever does happen can I come to your house?” My reply is, “You can but you have to do three things first; 1. Admit that I was right and submit to my authority. 2. Don’t come empty handed, bring all of your non-perishable food, blankets, weapons, etc… 3. You have to be willing to help.

    • MonsterTruck says:


      You and I must be related… I say the same thing. However, I have a fourth condition: consider everything a loan and I expect prompt repayment when you are back on your own two feet…

    • Son of Liberty says:

      LukeAlaska – I like your response, and I know I will have family coming to visit me – though I too live in Alaska (assuming they can get here). #1 – there needs to be only one in charge, and that would be you. #2 – bring a truck load of any/every thing you can get your hands on. #3 – every day, all day, in every way you are asked to help. Your and my life can/will depend on it.

      Good word.

  20. HMS Crunch says:

    The spare tire anology doesn’t work. The spare tire is “FREE”. It is given to them with the car. No thought or planning for the future is required. Just look in the boot and there it is, whoopee.

    Prepping is simply viewing the world, and your little place in it, beyond tomorrow’s TV programming. Bad stuff happens again and again. Those that learn by being dumped on prepare. Those that don’t prepare look for those that do. Beware those that don’t.

    • Mary in Texas says:

      You haven’t bought a car lately–spare tires are not included in many models. Some only have a can of Flat Fix. That isn’t much help if the tire is shredded by a bunch of nails in the board you run over in the dark.

  21. I don’t go around trying to convince folks except on rare occasions. I did get a group buy together for the office when I found a bunch of mil surplus sleeping bags at a good price.

    We live in blizzard/mountain country and I encouraged them to keep enough in their cars to see them through.

    Most of them have been through several winter storms so it was not a hard sell. Most of them also know that I have been through (Or very near) most kinds of natural disasters so they don’t seem to think it too odd for me to think of these kinds of things.

    Good luck on your endeavor! It will likely be a hard sell with most, but may help some who is coming into the light.


    • “Most of them have been through several winter storms so it was not a hard sell.”

      Sheepdog, the real hoot is when people look with pity upon such as have been through an emergency, and say “Poor guy. He was in a disaster. No wonder he is so mentally ill that he thinks we should prepare for disasters.”

      I think they are the at least mildly mentally ill, but I guess I am one of the weird.

      So it goes.

      Keep on prepping!

  22. Only a few family members and a couple of friends know what we do & yes, one family member thinks we’re crazy, and rolls her eyes. She heavily invests in the stock market and proudly announced that she bought stock in gold. Really? It’s not tangible. (it was difficult not to roll my eyes) Yes, I watch the “Preppers” on TV, but for some reason, they’ve been focusing on people who have a 5000 sq ft “Bunker” with granite counters to race off to: or someone is building armored vehicles that ordinary people can’t afford to do. The reason for prepping is always considered “unlikely” according to the channel presenting the program. I, like so many others, glean information from sites like this, and from people’s comments as well. Going on a program showcasing a room full of various weapons, or a bunker filled with food, isn’t to me, the brightest idea. Some are in favor of sharing what they are doing to prepare for the worst to come, but we’re not. It took a while to get my husband on board with this, & yes, I’ve been storing “extra’s” long before “prepping & survival” went “public”. I don’t want people knocking on our door when shtf. It’s as simple as that. I like practical things that we can do on a budget that is affordable to us. Don’t think anything will happen? I’ve got to wonder why HLS bought 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo. The gov’t is preparing for something, but what? We just saw what happened in the N. E. with power going out for well over a week and another storm is on it’s way. Being prepared for such things like this, isn’t stupid, it’s common sense.

  23. Aloha to all, keep on keeping on!

  24. TheATLMac says:

    It’s no wonder that people treat you like a wandering Jehovah’s Witness. Not only is the entertainment industry left leaning, they’ve also taken up the mission of marginalizing anyone who doesn’t believe in their values. Consider the butcher job done on Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin. Take a look at how right wing politicians or conservatives are pictured in TV shows or movies. Want to guess the villain on any given show, but your money on the corporate guys. A&E’s Doomsday Preppers have done the same type number on the prepping community. I’m sure the entertainment value is much greater for some guy who’s out playing G.I. Joe with his kids and live ammo or for the blowhard who thinks himself to be prepper #1 and wants to show the world his prowess but the aggregate result is that any non-preppers watching think the whole prepper community consists of such weirdo’s. Guess the best way to fight that kind of an uphill battle is to demonstrate that preppers are just ordinary people with the insight to realize that civilization is a thin veneer and that our entire way of life is dependent on an 80 year old grid that’s held together with bailing wire and bubble gum. So, thanks for the article and keep up the good fight. Probably won’t be able to help most of those poor beggars, but hey, who knows, maybe one or two will be open minded enough to thinks about it and figure out where we are.

    Happy New Year,

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