Monday: Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack

Question from Reggie

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile, and I am a minority prepper and I am worried that when SHTF will Caucasian preppers accept minority preppers into their groups or kill them off and take their supplies. I worry when reading some of the survival blogs that this is a Whites only club. Can you pose this question to the wolfpack?

M.D. Creekmore replies: It probably depends on where you are and how you approach things, the important thing is to have a worthwhile skill that would benefit the group. To be honest I hear race brought up far more often by minorities themselves than by white folks. If we can all get to the point of seeing ourselves as just Americans, with no white, black or whatever attached to it we will have this race thing beat.

Please help Reggie out by posting your advice and thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. In a prolonged grid-down situation I am going to be very wary of strangers and will want to cooperate even more than usual with my neighbors to help provide security for our neighborhood. If you are my neighbor, I will not care what color your skin is, but I will care about whether you are part of the solution or are part of the problem. If you have the ability to defend your household and keep them in food and drinking water and are willing help defend our mutual neighborhood and help take care of sick or injured or hungry neighbors, then I will have your back with the expectation you will have my back.

    • Hunker-Down says:



      You put my thoughts into words much better than I ever could. Thanks.

    • This is pretty much how I feel. If the S ever does HTF then I am going to be leery of everyone… I don’t care what you skin tone is. If you’re a stranger.. then you’re a potential threat and will be treated as such.

      If I know you, and I know your a good person then I will try to band together with you to get thru whatever we are facing at the time because at some point.. we will be facing folks that want to take what is ours.

    • Linda,
      There are some simple rules to follow.
      Know your neighbors.
      Be as self reliant as you can.
      Have useful skills and be prepared to employ them for others.
      Be a person of principles and integrity.

      When I look for a friend or new MAG members, these are the characteristics that end up being important.

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I think your concern is misplaced. The fear should be of any stranger not simply because they don’t look like you. Furthermore if you are willing to be unbiased and look at the news you will discover that contrary to the hype it is the minorities who commit most of the violent crime. Instead of being worried when you encounter a caucasian prepper you probably should be happy they are not a minority prepper. Most of us in our day to day experiences with all people here in this country simply do not run into the kinds of people you are concerned with. I meet people of all races and backgrounds everyday and never meet any racist or hateful people. What we see on the evening news is often awful and sad but does not reflect reality here in this country for 99.99% of us.

    • axelsteve says:

      I operate under the theory that God is not partial and anyone serving him in a acceptable fashion will be welcomed. Put it this way. I work with 2 African Americans(I hate the hyphenation) and if both showed up Only 1 of them would be welcomed. One I know to be a good man and his family. The other guy I think is kinda shady and would not trust him initialy .Plus black on black crime is so more common then white on black crime.I was once going through the psyche test to be a corrections officer at San Quenton. A black woman (they where black back then) Asked me not axed me if I would shoot a black inmate before I shot a white inmate. I told her that I would shoot the one that is more likely to injure me. I then told her as John Wayne once said to a black cowboy in a movie. I do not have a racist bone in my body,but I would shoot a black man as soon as I would a white man. The woman liked my reply to her question.I passed the psyche test.

    • The world is coming to an end. I actually have to agree with GWTW. lol

      I work in a prison and I can back them up when they say that the majority of offenders are minority. Every day my unit roster has the breakdown of race in my unit. As for the numbers it usually goes… Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Other

      Does this mean that I’m gonna be more weary of Blacks over Hispanics? Hell no… the Hispanic gangs are more hard core than the Blacks ever thought of being.

      • axelsteve says:

        Hispanics need to be seperated from other hispanics in prison since hispanic gangs are many and competing.Not so much with white and black inmates.

  3. worrisome says:

    Depends on what you do yourself. If you are or will be aligning yourself and have only friends now that are of your same minority, you may find yourself depending upon the same group of people after any major catastrophe.

    To say that preppers are all white, would be a stretch. On this website, we don’t use our real names and rarely if ever talk about our ethnicity, so how do you know? Some of the names can you give you a clue to their ethnicity, but you never know for sure. I do know that there is at least one black policeman and one asian that do post here from time to time and I think there are a some hispanics as well.

    On the TV show, Doomsday Preppers, they highlighted blacks, hispanics, asians on episodes.

    As far as “killing you off and taking your supplies”……….chances are preppers are the least of your worries………it is the other 97% of the total population you need to worry about. Opsec is key for anyone wanting to make their future a little less hazardous! As far as being accepted into a group, skills, talents and your own survival skills will probably the most important considerations.

    • Hey don’t forget the Jew Boy 🙂

      • worrisome says:

        Huh? Kelley, your point would be? Someone’s religious affiliation is not a minority as to race….as for an episode where there were people of the jewish religion I did not see it, so can’t comment on it.

        • worrisome:
          You are WRONG for the Jewish people Religion is the race of the people, WE are a State/Nation/Those who brought the word of god to the people..Ask any Jewish person what he is and the first words out of their mouth is Jewish. NOT American not black not white, not red or yellow. Jews are the only race in the World where Racism against them is tolerated and sometimes even bless by all races and religions. THAT IS MY POINT. Check your FBI stats.
          We are the chosen people and hated for it.
          What is your point in thinking you know the Jewish mind.

          • Lantana says:

            Kelley, when you said ‘hey, don’t forget the Jew Boy’, who were you referring to–someone featured on a DDP episode, or yourself?

            I suspect worrisome thought you were referring to someone on the show, in a perjorative way, and was challenging that.

            From your response, I gather that you were referring to yourself in a ‘pokin’-fun-at-myself’ way, as another example of the variety of people here.

            FWIW, if we asked randomly selected Americans to define “race”, I imagine today 9 out of 10 would say color (fifty years ago, most would have said Caucasoid/Negroid/Mongoloid). Which opinion would be neither here nor there as to how the remaining 1 of 10 defined race.

            In any event, I don’t believe worrisome intended to be disrespectful of the Jewish people. In fact, seemed to me that she was about ready to pop the top on a big ol’ can of whupass if your further comments were disrespectful of them. . . .

            • worrisome says:

              Lantana, no doubt! And thanks for the support! What a cretin this guy is.

            • MD, I do not feel that this comment is in anyway needed. This entire thread has gotten kind of crazy, but this one is way over the top out of line.
              I did report the comment.

              • TG,

                Thank you – It’s been moved to the trash…

                • Md, if you would remove mine as well I would be greatful. I’m trying to stay out of it but that last comment from Kelly was mind boggling as to the fact that someone like that really exists. My comment was posted before I could stop myself. Sorry.

                  • Bctruck,


                  • BC, I sooo understand. That last comment was completely uncalled for and had I responded to it, your comment would have been considered polite.

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      Totally the same here. You did good BC! Any word on the surgery yet?

                    • my wife had surgery at about 7;30 am. she is still in icu and they are having problem with her eliminating enough bad air on her exhale and they have cut her meds back to the point she is in great pain. this is hard to watch. if i could make thois be happening to me and not her, i would swapo places in an instant. the tumors they removed were indeed cancerous but the doctor said he got it all and the rest of her lungs are pink and healthy, however, they took a cvouple lymph nodes out as well and will have them tested to see if the cancer has gotten into them,if they have, its a whole different ball game as to the next course of action. if there is no cancer in them the doctor said she is home free and will live a long life. i just came home to feed the chickens and let the dogs out and i will have a couple strong cups of coffee and head back to the hospital to hold her hand and maybe nap in a chair beside her.thanks for asking and thanks to the pack for the well wishes and the prayers.

                    • Rider of Rohan says:

                      I’m praying for you and your wife, bctruck, and I’m truly sorry for the pain your wife is going through. I pray it is eased soon, and that you and she get a good night’s rest. Take care, brother, and God Bless. Keep us informed.

                    • Lantana says:


                    • Lantana says:

                      Okay, that was in affirmation of Rider of Rohan’s kind thoughts for BC and his DW.

                    • Lauri no e says:


                    • +10

                    • BC, sending prayers.

                    • worrisome says:

                      Take care of both of you BC!

                    • Prayers for you and your wife B CTruck. Arlene

                    • JeffintheWest says:

                      I went through this last year — fortunately my lymphs were clear and I have a good five year prognosis. Sounds like she’s probably going to be okay based on the description of the rest of her lung tissue. I’ll be praying doubletime for the next couple of weeks to make sure though!

                      Tell her to do the breathing exercises, believe me, it’s REALLY important for her! The pain from that was worse than the pain from the surgery itself for me. They had me in ICU for about four days after mine, so don’t get too worried just yet. I know you won’t see this for a day or two, but we’re all pulling for you guys!

                    • Encourager says:

                      Still praying for both of you BC!

                    • BC,
                      Understand the hard to watch, but keep your chin up and remember that you are in the thoughts and prayers of a lot of good people, here in the pack.

          • worrisome says:

            It isn’t the “jewish” mind I was referring to,it was “Jew Boy” disrespectful remark. This particular blog is to help people, if your are here to just be trolling……we will all just quit talking to you and ignore you.

            • JeffintheWest says:

              worrisome, I’ve come to the conclusion that “kelley” is either an unmitigated jackass or a complete troll, and in either case, I think you’re wasting your time arguing with him. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, talking to him “is like shoveling flies across the room.”

            • Encourager says:

              Another point – when a person accepts Christ as their personal savior, they become adopted into the family of Abraham. Thus, we are a part of the Jewish people. Jesus was Jewish, his apostles were Jewish, and most of his followers were Jewish (but Greeks also believed in Him).

              I, too, was dismayed at the “Jew boy” remark. Very disrespectful, even if the speaker was a Jew.

              • Winomega says:

                Encourager…. I’m spouting hubby’s dogma here, but the old testament is background. Jewish are Jewish, Christianity is new with its roots in Judiasm.

            • already am! and a few others.

          • From what I’ve seen, folks of any religion think they are the “chosen people” so what’s your point?

          • I never met a Christian who hated the Jewish people. The Christians I know love the Jewish. I now you meet with a lot of hate you didn’t earn, but I don’t think it generally comes from Christians, does it?
            Personally, I am a Christian and I have worked for a Jewish family business for 23 years.

          • worrisome says:

            Kelley, I was married to someone of jewish descent. The first words out of his mouth when asked “what he was”, is I am an American. And proved it in service to this great nation more than once.

      • Kelley,

        That wasn’t very nice or constructive to the conversation. Let’s keep it on topic and helpful.

        • Huckleberry says:

          I find it interesting (read: bothersome) that everyone seems to back the person that is perceived as a “regular” in this blog’s commenting section. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that kelley was referring to himself. Anyone that reacted based on some assumption that he was talking about an unknown person they weren’t even aware of being on a television program is being more reactionary than kelley ever intended to be. To then call him out for reacting to an assumptive reaction, especially when there was some display of ignorance in the idea that Jewish could only be perceived as a religion and not a race, hardly seems fair. Someone can convert to the Jewish religion, but are there not plenty of stereotypes of how someone of Jewish ancestry looks? I don’t think I need to list them. Kelley’s reaction may have seemed emotional (and maybe they were), but he wasn’t the first to react. In fact, as Lantana (who reacted fine imo) saw no bias in worrisome words, if you remove any bias from your mind and reread kelley’s reaction, there’s no guarantee that there is hostility; it’s only obvious that he has a passion for his people and religion, as many here do. Words on the internet can be a dangerous game, but to react to them without first seeking clarification can be even more dangerous.

          • Huckleberry says:

            Also, from for reference:

            Jew [joo] Show IPA
            one of a scattered group of people that traces its descent from the Biblical Hebrews or from postexilic adherents of Judaism; Israelite.
            a person whose religion is Judaism.
            a subject of the ancient kingdom of Judah.

            I’d say the first definition is clearly describing a race of people. As for people claiming “Jew boy” is such a terrible remark, would you be offended if someone said “Hey don’t forget the white boy,” referring to themselves? I would bet money it wouldn’t get the same reaction. Jew is the appropriate noun form of jewish; it isn’t a racial slur.

            • worrisome says:

              Huckleberry…………..As in other “slurs” I reacted to “jew boy” and I am still not sure how you could possibly know he was referring to himself.

              As far as the religion vs race discussion, I was married to a person of jewish descent for many many years. He would tell you the hatred comes from religion and would argue as to “race” based upon the nature of how “color” plays into race politics today and in the past.

              You are entitled to your opinion, as I am. EOS

            • This is an online forum. To assess whether a statement like ‘don’t forget about the ___ boy’ refers to the speaker or someone else, we are pretty much limited to prior declarations, context and probability.

              Given the demographics of the U.S. adult population, what are the odds any given poster here will be Caucasian? High. Black, Asian, Jewish, Buddhist, homosexual, red-headed, or left-handed? Low.

              Absent cues from the poster, it’s not unreasonable to assume ‘[small demographic group] boy’ refers to someone other than the poster.

              As for the term ‘Jew Boy’, I doubt most Jewish guys would appreciate being referred to so by a non-Jewish acquaintance or stranger–but I think it’d be the ‘boy’ part that they’d take offense to.

              • Huckleberry says:

                My last line “words on the internet can be a dangerous game, but to react to them without first seeking clarification can be even more dangerous” sums it up just fine. If it wasn’t completely obvious to you as it was to me, then asking for clarification before judging would have kept this entire discussion from even happening.

          • Lantana says:

            Huckleberry, I don’t believe the commenters were “backing up” worrisome *because* she’s a “regular”.

            rather, I believe they felt they were *standing up* for someone who has developed a reputation for good-heartedness when they felt she was being addressed harshly.

            for those who don’t follow the weekly ‘what did you do to prepare’, worrisome’s reports have included rescuing a puppy she saw thrown from a moving truck on the highway, covering its substantial vet bills and adopting it (even though she was just recovering from the pain and expense of knee surgery); mobilizing her neighborhood into an informal mutual security and aid group; getting authorities to route out marijuana growers whose methods were also trashing the adjacent national park’s ecology; and providing numerous meals and cleaning, canning and helping with other needs of an elderly neighbor couple. IIRC, this past week she provided food and money to a homeless single mother of two and found the lady a job.

            I believe that The bluntness of Kelley’s comments in the past few weeks have not served him well in building his own reputation, further intensifying the sentiment to stand up.

            • worrisome says:

              Thanks yet again Lantana…I still want to meet in the middle and get acquainted!

          • Lantana says:

            Y’all, I’d also like to take a moment to say something on behalf of Kelley. The more Kelley allows, I’m gathering that he may be from the East Coast.

            When I lived there, I found the folks blunt, tenacious, stressed out and argumentative–to the point that my Jewish boyfriend insisted that my Jewish friends back home (who were just as friendly, lend-a-hand typical Texans as the rest of us) were not really Jews. Because they had hair that was sandy or light brown, that wasn’t coarse in texture.

            The culture shock dang near killed me. But I came to appreciate the ascerbic East Coast sense of humor and to overlook the style.

            Now that’s a lot easier to do in face-to-face inteactions than blog post snippets. But I bet that if I met Kelley on his turf for, say, bagels and orange juice, we’d end up getting along just fine. Though he’d probably harangue me mercilessly for violating some hallowed bagel flavor choice tradition.

            That’s okay, I’d just invite him down here the next day for lunch at What-a-Burger.

            Then when he ordered ‘mayo, hold the mustard’, I’d say in my best Southern-sweet-Texas-loud voice, ‘LORD PRESERVE US Kelley, you aren’t ordering a SISSY burger, are you?’

          • JeffintheWest says:

            But then, you don’t really know WHAT was going on, do you? Instead, you’ve chosen to make assumptions about everyone else on here and trot them out as fact. So maybe you’re just as “guilty” as everyone else you’re targeting here. Ever stop to think about that?

            Look, there are lots of ways to discuss things on here; being purposely abrasive, as several people seem to be, is not really the best choice. We are a community of people who share a major interest here — prepping, or being self-reliant, or whatever you want to call it. Throwing in abrasive, judgmental, and insulting remarks directed at ANYONE is not necessarily the most constructive path to pursue here. But when people do, well, we are also pretty self-confident people, and they can expect to get called for it and have a penalty flag thrown.

            So can we please stop that now, and get back to the prepping and sharing part of this blog?

        • The Bewildered Rooikat says:

          Thank you for that.

          I gotta say, I thought that Kelley’s was a rather strange comment, a little out of place from what I expected to read here.

  4. Reggie;
    I was raised that it did not matter what race you were, what matter were you a hard working, caring, family oriented person. That above all else goes to a persons ethics, believe it or not. As MD said it just depends on where you live, some folks are just plain old narrow minded.

    • That was the same way I was raised. I’ve opened up my house to one of the black guys I work with, along with his wife and daughter and there are white guys I work with that would never even see my front yard, much less the inside of my house.

      I judge people by their actions… not the color of their skin.

      • SW;
        It appears our parents were of the same mind set, they raised us to be respectful.

  5. I live in small multi racial neighborhood and I can assure you,folks in my neck of the woods will be far more concerned with your character,integrity and your intentions,than your skin color. I have to agree with MD. It’s seems to me that black folks make skin color an issue more than I hear white folks making it an issue. When a person tells me they are “African American” or allows others to refer to them as anything other than American, that tells me you already see a differance in us ( meaning me and you)

    I want honest people of good moral character,faith in the creator of all things and a desire to work towards a common goal to be on my team or in my neighborhood watch, and skin color plays no role in having or not having those desirable human qualities.

    • Encourager says:

      I went to a new doctor a week ago. There were some questions on the New Patient Info form that asked what race you were, what ethnic group you were, etc. I wrote “None of your business” across them. The nurse smiled and told me that the GUBBERMINT has asked them to get answers to those questions as part of the Census (???). Obummercare already.

      Oh, and she told me that they were suppose to ask me if we had any rifles, handguns and how much ammo for each. For child safety, of course.

      Had to smile…one of the magazines in the waiting room was a handgun and rifle one…addressed to the doctor I was seeing…gotta love it.

      • my wife goes in for surgery in the am tomorrow. today we were filling out (she was,i was just with her) the paperwork and several differant times the questions were so unrelated to surgery that it made us furious. some of the questions were asking if we had guns, if i hit her,if she felt threatened,if she was sad, if she wanted to harm herself or anyone else. all these questions were on paper work to have half a lung removed. she didnt answer the questions and the girl who read the paperwork started to say something and my wife said it was very insulting to have our privacy violated like that and she decided better than to insist she answer those questions. what is the world coming to?

        • It’s just one more way for the gooberment to track and catalog every aspect of your life so they can have ultimate control over you in the future.

          Wow… come to think of it… maybe my tinfoil hat is on a bit tight. Naaaaaaaaa

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Good luck, BC — I’ll be praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Hang in there, you two!

        • BC, My son broke his collarbone last Friday and had to answer those questions before receiving treatment in the er. (I called it treatment, but the doctor we saw for 80 seconds could’t find his butt with two hands and said it wasn’t too bad). When we saw the specialist on Tuesday, he said it was one of the worst he has ever seen, and he just got back from a war zone. The surgery was on Friday and I told them we were not answering those stupid questions again. God help us.

        • worrisome says:

          bc, I am white, but the last time I was at the dr. I had to fill out new paperwork “because they were going to a new electronic system”. When it came to race, I wrote mongrel. When asked if anyone hit me..I said no because i hit back. They asked if I lived with anyone and I answered many. They wanted to know my sexual preference..I answered it would be nice to have some sex…………in other wods, I answered but not what they wanted to hear. So when it came to questions about weapons, I told her that I had a couple but had lost them in a boating accident… And then she just typed in……….patient not cooperative, and when I signed it, I said, I agree I am not cooperative…

          • worrisome says:

            Praying for your wife. This is a big deal!

          • Worrisome, lol. I love those answers. If anyone hits me? Yup, my dog hits me with her tail everyday. She has a whip for a tail and has even left bruises 🙁

      • For Encourager and BC… just remember… the best information is disinformation. Take a play out of the gooberments handbook 😉

      • Encourager,
        I consider myself a member of the human race, and that is all that counts.

    • "Big Jim" says:

      My thoughts exactly BC . We’ve all got more than one shade of blood , pumping thru our veins ! But it’s all red when the air get’s to it …

  6. You should keep in mind that no matter what the colour of your skin, in a grid down situation people are going to be wary of ANY new person.

    White, Black, Asian, or whatever your first priority (after prepping food, weapons, medical etc) should be finding like minded people who you can trust and come up with a plan.

    THOSE people you formed relationships before hand are your go to people.

    After that, I firmly believe that with the common goal of survival, skin colour won’t matter, honesty and integrity will.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      My family has multiple skin tones , due to a multiple heritage truly an American blend. Ditto to the evaluations required for acceptance by others..morals,honesty, integrity, skills…will be the things we look for in those near us, to assist us with our needs and to help in our community.
      Our community is mixed, but heavily caucasion… many of those will not be, and are not presently, to set foot in my door or on my property..not because of the pastiness of their skin tone, but because of their lack of character,honesty and integrity.
      ..I am concerned about the dark skinned families I know, because few of them have self-sufficiency skills evident, no basic knowledge of edible gardens, dependence on “programs” for jobs, food,and basic needs. With the limited contacts I have…I try to point out some of the things available, things that can be started from the poverty line and below..(.Those things I have done and used to assist members of my family)
      The preps I am able to make will not be sufficient for those of my extended family that may appear on my door(.work will be a requirement for even these.).I can’t see how they will survive with just two weeks of groceries, if that…and there is any large event that shuts down transportation or communications.

  7. I think the key is to network with other peppers before an event takes place. Anybody that I don’t know before is a doubtful person , but if I know you and what you are bringing to the table then why would I care about what race you are.
    Now if you were to try to join an Arian nations or identity group yes you would be in trouble just as I would if I wanted to join a black panther group. That said I think most of us feel that we are all out of Adam and that what divides us is as much cultural as skin color.

  8. SD Hunter says:


    It is unfortunate that race is brought up in any situation. It would be great if, like M.D. stated, that we all thought of our selves as Americans because that is what we are. That being said, I believe that in a post SHTF situation folks that have put things aside to assure their survival can and will probably be attacked for those resources by neighbors, gangs, ect. I don’t think that race will have anything to do with this situation. It will come down to survival. If a person is a member of a community and contributes to the survival and well being of that community then they will be accepted. If not they will be on the out side. There is safety in numbers, and no person can do everything by themselves. Any person that can contribute to the community will be a valuable asset. Just remember, any person may and probably will kill when animal instinct kicks in to survive. Doesn’t matter what color they are.

  9. riverrider says:

    like there are no atheists in foxholes, neither is there color. that said, you need to build trust before tshtf, no matter what color you are. there are many people of various colors that i served with who would be welcome at my retreat, but many more that won’t be, not because of their color but their character. that applies to whites as well, even family. if i can’t trust them, they ain’t coming in. good luck to you.

  10. Doris Jones says:

    I so much agree with MD’s reply about how great it would (will) be when we can get to the point of not caring about race. (Since there are no “pure” racial types anymore–we are ALL mixed with something somewhere it is not a smart way to judge others. Unknown to us, it is very possible if we are prejudiced against some race–we may actually carry some of that race within ourselves!) I know the danger and suspicion will be towards “strangers” more than race.

    If you have trusted friends of other races now–if real friends they will be there for you in a crisis. Just prepare now and don’t wait for the crisis.

  11. It seems that the paradigm of minorities based on race is shifting in recent years. Myself, I tend to believe people are people regardless if they are brown, yellow, red, black, white, or purple with pink polka dots (yeah that last one would be strange); it is their actions that speak more of their character than skin color. It also seems IMHO that people of color are more suspicious of other races than many Caucasians, and are more focused on racial differences or indifferences. A lot of this is the environment people are subjected to.

    I believe there are many more loner’s and small family oriented groups than there are larger groups. I also believe that after a SHTF event occurs is when peoples ‘true colors’ will become exposed and then you would be able to have a better way to determine who you should be wary of and who is more trustworthy.

    Your location may also have a huge impact on how being prepared is received. If you live in areas of high unemployment, low income and where most people have not prepared, or have depleted what preparation they may have made; I believe that is an area you would want to get away from before a SHTF event occurs. I think these type locations will be prone for people, or sheeple, to become a roaming horde and take whatever they can scavenge from whomever they come across.

    Then there is the mindset of ‘trust no one’ with few exceptions of very close family members and friends; even then you may not really know someone once the pressures of a SHTF event take effect.

    It is difficult to say, as I can certainly not speak for anyone else, but I plan to be with our small family group along with a couple like-minded neighbors and long time friends all with different complimentary skill sets. Any outsider would be looked at as a potential threat, and would not be trusted, maybe not for a long time, or ever.

    However, I also believe that you will only be able to see the ‘true colors’ of people after an event occurs before you can make any reasonable determination.

  12. There are some people who will try to “kill you off and take your supplies” no matter what the color of your skin or theirs. To be totally honest, IMHO, most people are not going to trust or be civil to any one for the first few weeks or months in a total collapse. Specially the diehard prepper/survivalist or whatever you want to call them/us. I think we’ll all be rather uncivil to any one we don’t know and maybe even to some we do know until we all settle down and get our wits and common decency back and it doesn’t matter what the color of our skin. In other words, I think we will all have to worry about some one trying to take from us and if deadly force is required it’s them or us. I don’t want to be that way and I pray that God helps me to stay civil and be a light in a dark world.

  13. “Minority” sometimes implies someone is possibly disadvantaged or poor, without the means to help themselves. That sucks, but I didn’t invent it.
    What it really means is a person of a certain race that is outnumbered in a geographical area by another race.
    I am a minority where I live. Caucasian people are outnumbered by Hispanic and Native Americans.
    My husband is the only caucasian person on his jobsite. They call him “white boy” and the “white boss man”. He doesn’t care, or put labels on others, he is there to make money. He would be fired if he labeled others because he is white, though he would never stoop so low. He would pull those same men out of a burning building with his bare hands.

    We would consider anyone to come into our group if they met our criteria of hard working highly skilled folks.

    We would not take a persons preps or supplies regardless of skin color.
    It would have to an act of pure desperation and then we still would not seek out a person of a different skin color to take from. Silly.

    I will tell you that I am prejudice against haters, meth addicts, thieves, liars, rapists, child abusers, criminals in general and racists. Religious fanatics or cults scare the beans out of me. They are dangerous.
    Those are the people you should be afraid of, just like the rest of us. They come in all colors, sizes, and religious backgrounds.

    Doesn’t make since does it, to not like someone because of what the do or how they dress? An oxymoron. I am prejudice against people that are prejudice. I own it.

    99.9% of folks on this site will not care what color your skin is, so join in, prep and learn. Your supplies are safe with us.

    • Mother Earth says:

      +1 Mama J, I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Ditto Mama J,

      I always told my daughter it is not the color of their skin it is the mentality of their brain.

      I remember when I was 12 years old my Dad standing up for a Hispanic family that moved next door to us some of the neighbors were going to take up a petition and my Dad said as long as he takes care of his wife and family he can live anywhere. Wonderful family and the mother is one of the reason I came to know the Lord.

      Also, when I was a little girl in the sixties my Sunday School teacher taught us the song Jesus loves the little children, the song is red and yellow black and white she taught us red and yellow black and white and brown because a little Hispanic boy asked her does Jesus not love me? Makes sense so I taught my daughter the same way my SS teacher taught me. My neighborhood is multi color we all get along. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, India and Muslium. Mostly we wave as we go by in our cars.

      • Lauri,
        We have learned to respect and care for each other as friends and neighbors. It is comforting to me that we are all humans and not defined by the color of our skin, hair, or eyes. Isn’t it odd that we ever did?
        I loved the National Geographic series about the human family tree. I laughed till I cried when they discovered all humans come from DNA that originated in Africa. I love it. I could just see the Arian Brotherhood groaning in pain.

        I have also had many beautiful mentors in my life. I have very fond memories of a sweet bossy Hispanic woman who taught me how to make tamales and tortillas. She smelled like cinnamon. She loved her family and her church with a fierceness that came off her in waves.

  14. Mystery Guest says:

    I figure we as preppers and survivalists as such will be the minority.

  15. Navy Ken says:

    I spent 20 years in the Navy and in that time I worked with literally thousands of people. Of all those people I met I only met a hand full of causation’s who were hard core racists. Now on the flip side and it was not PC to point it out but I was discriminated against and down talked to by far more blacks many of who were not shy about stating they did not like whites and would never give good marks to a white over a black. Again this is not PC to point out and hard to prove. Granted most of these delightful folks came from the inner city such as Chicago. In my out of Navy daily dealing I can honestly say I have never had a race issue. First If I don’t know you regardless of what crayon color you look like I am going to send you packing. If I do know you and you have your own supplies and a good work ethic you will be welcomed with open arms. If I do know you and know you have a good work ethic but for what ever reason don’t have supplies I will try to help you best I can but I only have enough food storage for my family. That said I will help you best I can to hunt, gather and if possible plant food. I cont care about race but I do care about your ethics.

  16. JP in MT says:


    It has been my personal experience that racism, in and of itself, is just stupid. In this current political environment, we see racism and financial elitism pushed as “okay” but only when the opponents fit into a specific category.

    I, personally, have never used race as a precondition. I have found that attitude is more important and evident. Someone who is going to be a good partner in my group, is going to be a good partner because of a positive attitude. If you are someone who fells “entitled” to my supplies, whether based upon race or anything else, will find themselves “sadly disappointed”. This applies to family members as well (a thread you will find prevalent here with this group).

    Is racism a part of our everyday issues as an diversion to working toward solving actually problems? Yes. Will you run into it, as long as our society has made it an issue? Yes. As long as we refuse to accept the basic premise that WE are responsible for our situation, good or bad, we will be looking for the other party who is at fault. It’s what our government is promoting. If we are divided, then they are needed. If we are united, they are less of a “necessity”.

    Prepping shows that you are more concerned with the problem, than placing blame on WHO created it. That’s a good thing. And those groups that are true to the real cause will be welcoming all who will be a positive addition to their group.


  17. Winomega says:

    I think it’s attitude as well as skin color. I’m not sure how to signal that you’re a valuable individual, but practice the “calm alertness” until a situation proves that it needs you to be fierce. Also, pay attention to how you speak, both in pronunciation and word-choice.

    I was struggling with something that looked at racism. Turns out I just had a long streak of them starting it by staring at me like I had pissed in their oatmeal that morning.

    Fixit has a point about networking. Anyone who doesn’t come together now will have to wait until most of the mediocre people have been weeded out.

  18. My reaction would be based solely on the situation at hand, so it’s really hard for me to honestly tell you yes or no. I live on the outskirts of a medium-sized city in the Northeast, and there’s a community of less-than-earnest folk who reside there. While not all are, the majority are black (I hate hyphen-American anything-I feel it’s too divisive), and they would pose a problem based solely on the fact that many are dependent on social welfare at the present moment.

    Once that safety net goes away, there’s no telling what could happen here, and I’d be leery of any stranger irregardless of color, coming into my area. I know and am known by my neighbors here, and we’d at large be concerned if a large number of people started showing up.
    But I have to reiterate-it would be based more on the situation than anything else. That’s the best and most honest answer I can give you.

  19. Preppers won’t be your problem, it’ll be thieves of all colors and sizes. Some rob you with a six gun, some with a fountain pen.

    Race doesn’t really matter. It’s only a poor excuse people use to steal from other people. What thieves prey on is weakness. Eliminate every weakness you can.

  20. There are hate groups everywhere. Its unfortunate that I can say that. These people dont care what the color of your skin is, they really dont. They just want an excuse to hate and be violent.

    I have spent my life in many parts of this country. There seem to be certain areas that are more prone to racism then others. If you feel you are in an area like that get out. Those are the places that in a grid down situation, you would most likely encounter that situation.

    Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. Family, friends, neighbors, they all show you insight into how they will react and those are the people you are more then likely going to be with if the lights go out.

    If YOU show signs of racism (and I am not saying this in a mean way or trying to blame you- many times we see in others what lies within ourselves) start changing that.

    I can not speak for the whole, but for myself, I could care less what you look like. Umm, ok I might be a little leary of the purple with pink polk a dots, as I would be wondering if it is a contagious disease. But first impressions go a long way. I am not talking skin color, but more in how you present yourself. Does this person look like they have a chip on their shoulder? Do they swagger like they own the world or like the world owes them? Do they do the gang talk? Are they hiking your pants up so they can walk? (Really, what is the deal with wearing the pants around the knees?)
    If the answer is yes to any of these I will be very leary.

    I dont think any of us, at least on this site, is going to be worried about going and raiding others. We will be hunkered down protecting our own. It is all the non preppers that you really need to concern yourself with. And this is a big area of opsec. If people dont know what ya have…..

    So in all my ramblings, what I am trying to say is, think about how you present yourself to the world. That alone will be a big factor in how you are treated. Think about who you are friends with, that will be another deciding factor in how you are treated.

    If you are a prepper and have to bug out, I am sure you will have at least a small amount of supplies on you. As someone said a few weeks ago in a comment, we see things like that. It may be subtle, but I am sure you would stand out from the masses as someone who is willing to help the situation rather then hinder it.

  21. john p foley says:

    reggie as a prepper I judge a man or woman by what they do for themselves and those around them its not the color of their skin that matters its what they contribute to the group as a whole or society as it maybe ive got a brother in law that I would put out on his own so fast because hes useless and I have minority friends that I would invite to join me in a heart beat because they would be usefull contributors to the group and not be thinking of just thenselves

  22. Reggie, keep in mind the differences between prudent people and anarchists.

    Prudent people prepare so they can avoid or reduce hard times. Their focus is broad–improving self reliance and developing self-defense abilities. They hope everyone will prepare to that end, and try to encourage others to do so. They are cautious of people they don’t know, and wait for signs of whether you are prudent, foolish or ill-intentioned.

    Anarchists prepare so they can take advantage of hard times. Their focus is narrow– improving strength and developing aggressive capabilities. They encourage the members of their little gang to do the same, and see other folks as either targets, rivals or power brokers.

    Simpletons live in/for today. Their focus is shallow–entertainment, popularity/approval and short-term gratification. At their worst, they blame others or external forces for their problems.

    Look for other prudent people, Reggie. You’ll have to earn their trust and respect–just as they will yours. And both sides will be the better for it.

  23. NotAHusker says:

    I grew up in a small town in PA that unfortunately had klan in it, so I have seen the ugliness of racism first hand; and I am white for what it is worth. With that said, real prepper’s are not racist and will look at you for your integrity, honesty, and skill set if you decide to find a group to join with. You should start forming or finding a group now to build trust before the SHTF, because it takes years to from true friendships.

    • Your from a small town in PA so let me tell you first hand a lot of Preppers are Racist. BUT unlike Most I don’t believe WHITE and RACIST are interchangeable I also include, Church of Christ, Black Islam church,KLAN (who hate a lot of white people),Amish. Growing up a minority in a Black community I saw first hand a lot of Racism.

      • Encourager says:

        You think the Amish are RACIST??? Are you serious??! Just because a religious sect separates themselves from people that do not believe as they do, does NOT make the racist.

        In the United States, we DO have the right to worship as we choose. To be called a racist because of those beliefs is beyond the pale. But then, I have noticed your anti-Christian rants on this site. So I am not surprised by you trying to cause (more) hard feelings/trouble on this site.

        • Winomega says:

          I am confused about the Amish… there was that one television show that I should probably watch, but…

          Do Amish allow those not born into their families to join? Do you have to join by marriage? How many people are bothered by the difference in smell?

          Considering that black Americans who moved to Africa steriotypically acted like white supremacists, I don’t doubt that descendants of slaves learned a couple bad habits. (I keep picking on the blacks, but my impression of Mexican-types is either driving labor prices down beyond minimum wage, or being responsible for creating stores that carry decent avocado.)

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Really? Wow. And yet you think of us Christians as “racists.” Amazing.

            • Winomega says:

              No, JeffintheWest, I think of the Christians as absurdly mistrustful of non-Christians and Christians of different sects.

              And I was asking questions about supposedly racists religions.

              I’m the one who is racist against people who stare at me like I’m the one who pissed in their oatmeal that morning..

              • JeffintheWest says:

                Maybe, and in that case, you need to consider word choice a bit more carefully in the future, since you come across as incredibly patronizing and judgmental of those who dare to think differently from you.

                On the other hand, maybe you just ARE incredibly patronizing and judgmental in which case, I’ll start treating you like any other troll and ignoring you until you go away.

                • Winomega says:

                  Alight, JeffintheWest, correct my word-choice. I keep feeling like I picked up a weird dialect.

                  • JeffintheWest says:

                    Okay. Take the comment; “How many people are bothered by the difference in smell?”

                    If you said that in one of your friends’ living rooms in the middle of a dinner party, how do you think most of them would react? Would they think you were clever or charming? Or would they find the remark offensive and rude?

                    More importantly, were you aware that there are major differences in the way EVERYONE smells, based on their diet alone? That, for instance, people who eat meat smell differently from those who don’t? That some sicknesses cause a different smell than being healthy does? That out in the desert, you can literally smell a cigarette from MILES away?

                    So why focus on something like that? It tends to make the casual reader think that you are being patronizing and judgmental. That’s my point. You could have phrased that question differently in a dozen ways and still accomplished the same thing, but you chose one that was bound to set hackles rising. Why is that?

                    Perhaps I’m doing you a real injustice here, in which case I sincerely apologize, but since you asked, and since I’m after being a reasonable man, I’m trying to explain what I’M seeing here, and why it bothers me. And what I’m seeing is that you like throwing the cat in amongst the pigeons in order to see if you can get a rise out of them. If so, fine, I’ll drop this here and now and ignore you from here on out. But if you genuinely are seeking to understand why some of your remarks are perceived…ah…as slightly hostile, and received in that spirit, this is just the most recent example, and I’ve attempted to explain MY reaction to it. Hopefully, that helped. If not, then so be it.

                    • Winomega says:

                      JeffintheWest, this conversation here sounds perfectly normal to me, and the laugh track is overreacting.

                      I could have used the word “pheromones,” but the friends I have dinner with tend to think in tangents where the evolutionary purpose of body hair might be the next natural topic.

                      This is the internet, I can’t see your facial expressions. You’ve had to decide on a meaning that crystallized without clarification. In a real-time conversation, I also wouldn’t have been rapid-firing questions.

                      When I’m trying to be hostile, I use loltext.

          • Winomega,
            You asked some questions, and although I am not Amish, I will answer them as well as I can understand the Amish I know in the local area.

            “Do Amish allow those not born into their families to join?”
            Yes. You must accept and convert to their religion (a sect of Christianity) and lifestyle, which is basically that of the technology of the 19th century.

            “Do you have to join by marriage?”

            “How many people are bothered by the difference in smell?”
            They smell no different than most of us who do physical labor on a hot day. They practice hygiene habits from the 19th century, meaning that baths are not taken every day. If you work around them for a while, you don’t even notice the smell, which is no different than working around your horse or chickens on a hot day. It’s just another form of country air.

            • Winomega says:

              OhioPrepper, the smell question was phrased confusingly.

              I’ve noticed that people of different backgrounds tend to have different scents of musk, and believe that difference might get in the way of a sexual relationship.

              But you’ve still given me something to think about with post-Ragnarok hygiene habits.

        • Encourager… Like B.A. Baracus used to say… I pitty da fool. It’s obvious with Kelley’s last post he/she is nothing but an ignorant, intolerant fool that want’s to cause trouble on this site.

          If we all quit feeding the troll… the troll with die.

        • Encourager,
          I live in Amish country and as a whole they are good people, who have decided to live their lives in a rather self reliant lifestyle, doing most things for themselves or within their community. I’ve hired Amish to do work on my barns and roofs, and they do excellent work at reasonable prices. They are in general a hard working group of folks, who like most preppers just want to be left alone to do their own thing. They can often be seen at farmers market with canned jams, baked goods (delicious I must say), and vegetables and fruits, and are generally friendly and very easy to talk with.

          • Encourager says:

            I, too,know quite a bit about the Amish, OP. Everything you said is true. Plus I have found them to always offer help if you need it, do excellent woodworking (we have an entire bedroom set crafted by a wonderfully talented Amish man), and are willing to talk to you about their faith and why they live as they do. Most of them have a great sense of humor.

            I admire them. Their families are close-knit to the point of adding on to their houses an apartment for the grandparents (or even great-grandparents) to live in. Their faith and their families mean everything to them.

            • I agree !!!! The Amish are to be admired . Arlene

            • Encourager,
              “close-knit to the point of adding on to their houses” is sometimes an understatement. One family about 20 miles from here has a “normal” house, with an extension off the back, and one off of that, and yet another off of that. If I’m remembering correctly, there are 5 or 6 additions, and I suspect that if you saw the property from the air, it would look like someone playing with a large set of dominos.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Working in a predominately black community I experienced racism against me! Everyone here has probably had some experience with racism that was not pretty
        . Kelly, DROP the religious attacks against those who don’t believe like you do. It has no place here.

      • Wow…I thought Kelley was only hating me. That troll has expanded to others now. I wish I could met him/her in person to show it how much it means to me.

        • NotAHusker says:

          My fault for starting this, you all can hate on me ;). I was trying to get across that it takes time to build true friendships and you should start now before the shtf, no matter what color your skin. I’ll work on getting my thoughts written down better, I enjoy this group and want to get involved more.

          • NotAHusker,
            You didn’t do anything. Kelley is the trouble maker and he has trolled here before.
            I re read your post and there is nothing to hate.

          • Encourager says:

            NotAHusker, nonsense.

            Kelley is a troll along with GoneWithTheWind. They both come here to be rude and cause trouble. Most of us TRY to ignore them but we end up getting irritated and start replying to their stupidity. I guess we feed the trolls, as much as we don’t want to.

            Get involved! Regardless of the trolls, this is a great group of people. No one posts ‘perfectly’; we all make grammar and spelling mistakes from time to time or don’t say what we want to exactly how we want to. That’s life!

            Welcome on board!

          • Sw't Tater says:

            your post was clear. .. pretty simple, I got your meaning.. get your ducks in a row now before we need to have a group of LMI’ takes a while to build.

  24. Reggie:
    You have a right to be concerned as I am. As we say talk is cheap.
    You never said which minority you were and that makes a big difference and where you live which also makes a big difference. If you are from a minority which is peaceful/American/doesn’t blame others for their own failing/have an orderly community then you’ll just have to prove your usefulness and if you have your own supplies more the better. NOW if your from a minority who openly dislikes whites/has a higher ratio of fellow minorities in Prison/crime ridden community. Then that legacy will stay with you and other preppers will be very guarded or turn you away cause they don’t need more problems (real/or not). BUT TO KILL YOU OUTRIGHT and take your stuff ? NO I don’t believe so. Just be cautious like I do and be very heavily armed. Me I’ll stay far away from any far RIGHT christian compound they’re nuts now imagine if rule of law is gone and they are in charge? We’d have another crusade on our hands.(Don;t believe me read Rawles new book)
    Bottom line is find friends NOW before it all come loose. If you have preps and can defend yourself and live in NR OHIO give me a shout, I’ll interview you. I’m not bugging out but could always use a good man. Remember this and this pertains to any stranger you meet if TSHTF Your personal survival is #1 SO in my case I might pull the trigger to be safe then not and be sorry (dead).

    • Far right Christian compounds would be the safest place for you to be. What is your beef with conservatives? With Christians? With the far right? The non believing,godless abortionist gay marriage supporting socialist left wing but jobs are a far greater danger to every living soul on earth than any Christian you’ll meet at a ” compound”.

      • That was supposed to read “nut jobs” but it does seem Aprapo.

      • I have nothing against Conservatives I am one you don’t have to be Christian to be a conservative. You have problems with abortionist well Christian dogma in the 13 century thru the 19th century didn’t care about abortion mainly do to the fact the church stated that a man didn’t have a soul until 40 days after birth a women 80 days. If I went to a C compound I have to convert if I didn’t I’d either be expelled or imprisoned/killed. Don’t think so you forget History to name a few the Aztec,American Indians (esp on reservations), Jews (all european countries),Japan (Jesuit),Persian counties, 1-3 crusades (middle East), 4th crusade )constantinople) , 5th crusade (lower france,spain,),Haiti.,The destruction Christians have brought to this earth is unmeasurable In their quest they have destroyed countless works of art,irreplacable knowledge, and many religions that did not agree with them as well as fellow Christians. Some people today wonder if they even pray to one god or many now that they pray to Jesus and not god. SO I really don’t think I would be welcomed nor safer in a C compound.

        • worrisome says:

          Kelley what the he.. does what happened in the far far distant past have to do with abortion today? First Planned Parenthood was started by a diabolical racist. 50+ million abortions since roe v wade. What a bunch of uneducated idiots of the dark ages has to do with abortions today is as crazy as all the other posts you have put out here today, troll.

          • Winomega says:

            Worrisome, I point you to the PBS series “Call the Midwife” season 2 episode 5 for a video example of how complicated the abortion issue is. “Cider House Rules” has another example, IIRC.

            There’s too much common knowledge to not have it legal. They first made it legal because women were accidentally killing themselves horrifically at the same time. Every other option should be offered, of course, including lack of judgement on the details.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            +10 to worrisome!

        • Kellkelley – Not all Christians feel that way about Jews. My dh has Jewish relatives, and I grew up amongst reformed and conservative communities. But that said, if the crisis times came, I wouldn’t recommend anyone turn into tourist. I won’t trust anyone who’s a stranger, and that includes many of the local people in the area.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          I wasn’t going to answer this screed, but justice requires a response to misinformation, half-truths and ignorance. First of all, I don’t know of any Christian “compounds” in this country that have forced anyone to convert. I would like some proof as opposed to a silly assertion. Rawles might do it is the proof, based on a book of fiction he authored. Excuse me if I remain unconvinced.
          Now for the Crusades, as you say. What year did the 1st Crusade take place? It was several hundred years after Spain was conquered by the Islamic Jihad in the 700s. The initial invasion of Europe was stopped at Poitiers, France, by Charles Martel in 732.
          The Christian areas of the Middle East and No. Africa had been conquered by Muslim armies in the 600s, and most Christians were forcibly converted to Islam, enslaved or murdered. That Christians might react to such treatment seems to have escaped your logic. No matter, the Jihad in Europe continued unabated until Rome itself was sacked by Muslims in 846, and by 900 all of Sicily and most of southern Italy was in Muslim hands. The attacks continued unabated in an attempt to conquer all of Italy.
          I don’t have to go into all the history, but Muslim invasions and raids were common throughout all the European states at that time and later. The 1st Crusade was seen by the Pope as a way to stop these attacks. Were Christians to allow themselves to be conquered, or were they allowed to fight back? Whether one agrees with what happened in all the Crusades, it is historical fact that they started as a way to defend against the Jihad, which predated the Crusade by hundreds of years. You left out a huge part of history, and the motivation for the Crusades.
          I don’t want to get into the Jewish conquests of the Holy Land, etc., but as a Jew you should know your own history, even if you aren’t too knowledgeable about others.
          I’m not familiar with all the works of art, irreplaceable knowledge, other religions, etc. you claim Christians have destroyed, but I’m sure it’s much less than Islam, and the Jews did their part to destroy other religions, etc. during their conquests. No religion has clean hands, including the Jewish one.
          I don’t know where you got the 40-80 day thing on abortion, and I don’t care, really. I’ve never heard of such a thing in the Baptist faith. I’ll tell you one thing, given the chance to go to a place full of Christians vs. a place full of non-Christians, I’ll take the Christian one every time. Goodnight and good luck, you’re going to need it.

          • worrisome says:

            Wow! Good representative of some great history classes RoR!

          • JeffintheWest says:

            +10, Rider. But I suggest we all just pat this jerk on the head and ignore him from here on out. Anyone who has to brag on himself like that, probably doesn’t really have much to be proud about. And considering being a “bounty hunter” to be some sort of personal highlight, well, it’s just really sad.

            My recommendation (especially after that despicable tirade against worrisome) is to simply not respond to anything this moron says from here on out. He’ll get tired of the silence and go away after a while.

            • Well put Jeff .With any problem writers- not responding is best I believe. Arlene

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              I didn’t see the attack against worrisome that MD deleted, but I wish I could have responded to the jerk when he attacked my good friend. Sometimes justice itself demands a response to these people. However, your advice is well taken, although I now doubt he is a Jew or any other person of good will. He did get me riled up, as my grandma used to say.

              • worrisome says:

                Thanks RoR………I didn’t see it either, but I do so appreciate that you were willing to step up…as did all of you. Thanks!

          • +10

        • Hunker-Down says:

          The cherry picking of historical events just serves to highlight your colossal ignorance of Christianity.

      • Encourager says:

        BC, troll alert. Ignore…ignore…ignore…him.

        • good advice and i will not reply or read anymore posts from the obvious trolls that have found this blog. I guess you know youve made it to the blog big time when you have an army of invading trolls. comes with the internet teritory i suppose.

    • Winomega says:

      Bctruck, Christians have enough members that come off as cult-ish that an examiner of belief might well live in fear of being burned at the stake in such a compound.

      A moral code that is based off the bible and let me volunteer for spending Sunday morning in the watchtower or tending lunch, fine. Tell me what to believe or that Odin is in league with Lucifer and I’d rather take my chances with foraging.

      I wonder how many religious documents will fit on a convenient amount of microfilm, and how I could get such a thing.

      • I won’t go so far as to say “ur an idiot” but I do think you have some deeply seated emotional problems. Ill thank you not to reply to my comments that are clearly intended for the poster. I will have nothing to say to you from this day forward. Life is far to precious to waste words on someone who is delusional. I am a Christian. I believe every single word in the bible. I try to be the man I think my creator and my lord and savior JESUS wants me to be. Ill never apologize,capitulate, acquiesce, or hide my beliefs to satisfy or appease you. If you don’t believe,I’m truly and deeply sorry for you,but I won’t be reading or replying to your posts. I’ve read the book ,and you lose.

        • worrisome says:


        • JP in mT says:


          I have to stand with you. I consider “Christian” to be a “Christ-following Believer”. As with any “organization” there are those who only pick certain parts to follow, one of the reasons that there are so many “Christian” denominations. Any “Christian” who can condone to issues of past “wrongs” hasn’t read the same book I do.

        • Winomega says:

          Hey Kelly, is this what you were talking about?

          Unless he has access to the original copy… the telephone game is bad enough, but enemies of reason have probably added to the corruption.

          (I think it’s the Ganges that points to how being sacred can’t protect something from corruption, but I guess they don’t count because it’s not a Christian belief.)

        • Sw't Tater says:


        • Amen, brother.

      • worrisome says:

        BS Winomega BS Cults are one thing. Christians another.

        • Winomega says:

          Worrisome, I invite you to describe in detail the difference between a cult and and Christian group that requires that all members agree on beliefs, especially ones that require agreeing to the belief of the leader.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            But then, your very loaded question actually defeats itself: a group required to agree on all beliefs, especially the belief of the leader, isn’t a Christian group at all. Obviously, you’ve never belonged to a church run by a good pastor. They are not some sort of liberal thought police, instead they try to guide you to a better understanding of the Lord. Think of them as a “community organizer” or a “facilitator” and you might get a better understanding of their relationship to their congregation.

            Or perhaps you’ve just never belonged to a church, and because you have no experience with it and never tried to understand it, you’ve decided to condemn it all out of hand and attack it wherever you can. No doubt that approach is confirmed by what you hear the local news tell you, or whoever it is you listen to on TV. Still, it might be refreshing one day to actually sit down with an open mind and try actually communicating with (as opposed to “talking at”) someone who professes a belief in God. It might even surprise you.

            • Winomega says:

              Jeff in the West,

              I’ve belonged to one church, my mother went to my childhood church ten years after I rejected them, plus most of her life, and finally realized how toxic it was. I only suffered through 2 or 3 ministers, maybe 4.

              Then there is the whole religious dogma I occasionally weather on this blog.

              My husband was actually a religious studies major before he moved to where I met him. He decided I was an agnostic. (I watched part of Disney’s Hercules and am wondering why I haven’t heard of anyone involved with Disney or the film getting struck by lightning.)

              I’ve actually felt indirectly attacked in a strange church, can’t remember what sect.

              There is someone I want to maintain relations with, I can’t remember what sect it was, but it actually studies the bible. She caught me pulling out my sketchbook last time and understands the fidgets. My other alternative for Sunday mornings is a Unitarian church where I’ve already caught crocheters.

            • worrisome says:

              +100 Jeff!

      • I usually stay out of conversations like this. I am not sure I should this time either. I am going to ‘bare’ myself here a bit.

        In a couple of months, it will be 9 years since I walked into an abortion clinic. I had just found out I was pregnant with baby number 3. I was on birth control and it turned out I was one in ten thousand to get pregnant on that particular brand. I was in what I thought was a stable relationship. But the issue was I had 2 kids already who I could barely support at the time. Money was insanely tight, my second child was 4 months old and I couldnt afford diapers for her, never mind a new baby. It took me several weeks of thinking hard on what I was going to do and if it was the right decision.
        Fast forward to that day, I got the ultra sound done (required) and was sitting in the waiting room. I was crying and telling myself notto look at that picture. I couldnt stop myself and looked. I sat there for 20 minutes looking at that picture. I could see the heart. I knew right where to look. I was trying to remember all the reasons I was sitting there. I couldnt. I got up, turned in my file and walked away.
        I am pro-choice. I may not have been able to do it. I couldnt knowingly end that life that was growing inside of me. But I know the struggle many women face. I have been there. I know that some people use it as a form of birth control, some women do it for rape or incest, and others for reasons such as mine. I find it is not my place to judge them. That will be between them and their Makers.
        I feel the same way about gays/lesbians. It is not my place to judge who or how a person loves. That will be up to God.

        I do not consider myself a Christian. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus Christ, and i believe in so much more then that. But I can not say I believe in religion. I think that the different religions are mans interpretation of Gods word. Perhaps I am wrong. That will be between me and God.

        I love reading this site. We have a wonderful group of people willing to share advice and insight. We do get the occasional troll, and we do have the occasional squabble. What community doesnt? But we have jammed up a board on a question regarding something quite different with an all out battle over religion. I know our beliefs (in particularly religious) are very much who we are, and we all have the right to express our opinion (isnt that what I am doing right now?) but, do we need to do the ‘I am right’ thing to prove our points?

        • TG,
          You are beautiful.

        • JP in MT says:


          Thanks for sharing. That’s quite a story.

          With your statement: “I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus Christ, and i believe in so much more then that. But I can not say I believe in religion.” I understand where you are. I was in a very similar place, but for other reasons. If you study the Scriptures, you will find that we were designed to be social creatures. We are supposed to gather together, especially for worship. There is a difference between being a Christ-following Christian and a member of a religious organization. You are right that most religion was designed by man to communicated to God, and most of the denominations leave out or don’t emphasize certain sections of the Scriptures because it makes them uncomfortable in their sin nature. They forget that that is the purpose. You are not supposed to be comfortable in sin (which means “missing the mark”).

          If you want to grow your understanding of the Scriptures, God, and Jesus Christ, I suggest you look for a “church” (meaning a family of Christ not a building or particular denomination) that teaches from the Scriptures and is open to your non-judgmental questions. Look for one that has a discipleship training program (people to come along side you and HELP you understand, not force you). As your understanding grows you will know whether this is the place you belong. If it’s not, move on. Don’t let them make you comfortable with things that are wrong. There is not perfect church as they are all filled with people. I am not perfect, nor do I expect to be. I’m just a sinner saved by God’s grace. And proud to be that.

          • Encourager says:

            JP in MT, what an elegant answer! You say it so much better than I did! Thank you!

            I, too, am a sinner saved by God’s grace and mercy. I will never be perfect until I enter heaven.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          TG, I read everything you said, and I really respect what you did. But I’ve always wanted to ask this question, and maybe you have the insight to help me understand.
          Money was tight, you couldn’t afford the children you had, etc., so you decided to have an abortion. And again, I mean no disrespect, I’m just wanting to understand. Why couldn’t you have just decided to give the baby up for adoption? I know you didn’t go through with the abortion, but in your thinking process to have the abortion, did it ever occur to you to give the baby up rather than abort it? There are so many people out there wanting babies and not being able to have them. I’m just trying to understand.

          • RoR, first off let me say that I answer this only for myself. I speak for no one else.
            A lot of of it I will not be able to put into words. There was whirlwind of emotions attached to what was going on. Some of it, as a guy you will never truly understand (and I dont say that in a mean way).
            In a lot of ways, I was trying to think of the babies I already had, the ones there in my arms. I needed to be able to care for them. How was I going to care for a new little one?
            How could this happen, I was careful and did what I could to prevent it. Why didnt the birth control work? What are my options?

            Wrote out my options with a list of reasons for and against each options. I will not go into detail about that list, but I will say there was a lot of emotions poured into it.

            I did think about adoption. But there are thousands of kids in the US that need homes. While I know that babies tend to be adopted faster and easier then older kids,what would happen if s/he didnt have a family waiting? Would s/he end up in foster care? And as crazy as this sound (blame the hormones) I actually got unbelievably mad at the people who only wanted babies, when there are kids of all ages waiting on loving homes and there are people out there who are picky about only wanting aperfect baby. Again blame that last rant on the hormones but it did play a part…

            Then there was my family. I have family members who have given kids up for adoption, and they never ever let it be ‘forgotten’. The second they heard I was ‘thinking’ about maybe giving a baby up the phone calls started. “Well you dont want to do that, you will regret it’ ‘if you do that it will be the worst mistake of your life’ or the one that chilled my blood ‘I will fight to get that baby. If you have any plans of giving it up, tell me now so we can work something out so I can adopt it.’ You would really have to know my family and our dynamics to understand that a pack of hyenas would be a better option.

            Then there was also a completely selfish reason. I knew deep within, that I would never be able to carry a baby inside me, feel that life growing, the complete amazement of it, then hand the baby to someone else. I knew when I walked out of that clinic that I was keeping my baby. That I would just have to figure things out.

            This is just a very small fraction of what I was thinking when making my decision. So even though I was mot able to do it, I can not bring myself to question others who do. I know there are women out there who dont give it a second thought, and I pitty them. But there are women, right or wrong, whether we understand or not, feel that there arent any other options.

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              TG, thank you for sharing that, and I’m sure your thinking process is pretty common for people in that situation. After I thought about it, I do remember hearing someone say one time that if they carried a baby to term that they wouldn’t be able to part with him or her. Thanks again for shedding some light on this problem for me.

            • Lantana says:

              TG, you are a strong person with a kind heart.

              God bless you for accepting this gift that was hard to receive at first–He must have a very special plan for that child, to have brought them into being as He did and to have chosen you as their mother.

            • worrisome says:

              TG, thanks again for sharing. What a time that must have been for you. No one can walk in another’s shoes and be making their decisions for them at a time like that. Family dynamics DO play a huge role in the choices and I truly understand that one. Economics unfortunately also. The fact that you made your decision, honored it and figured out a way despite the odds is truly heroic! And again, there are times when such decisions are truly, nobody else’s business.

        • worrisome says:

          TG, a great share. So so sorry you had to go through such an experience! I don’t judge those that make a decision to abort, i don’t judge gays and lesbians, i don’e judge people that believe differently than I do, unless they are somehow of a religion that is inciting murder and mayhem. I have family members that have faced some of your choices and I have family members that are gay………..they are all people to me trying to make their lives work………….as we all are. I feel the same way about the race issues………..we need to be respectful.

        • Encourager says:

          TG, there is a big difference between being a Christian and belonging to a religion. Religion is man-made. Becoming a Christian is a relationship between you and God.

          Man has always used ‘religion’ to control other people. God loves us and wants a relationship with us. It is a two-way relationship. He has given us free will so why would He want to take away our free will? It was how He created us! He does not want to control us with laws and rules. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law. And Jesus said the greatest commandment (rule) was to….LOVE.

        • TG,
          Thank you for sharing your struggles. This kind of honesty is what makes the wolf pack a community. God bless.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      If anyone offers to “interview” you, I’d strongly recommend you either skip them, or consider interviewing THEM first. Joining a group has to be a mutual thing, not some kind of “job interview,” and anyone approaching it that way is already on a power trip and should be treated very warily. Kind of makes me glad I’m not in Ohio anymore.

      • worrisome says:


      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Is it me, or has this blog somehow attracted some idiot troll types who are trying to sow discord and don’t contribute one thing to prepping? Good thing I don’t have my tinfoil hat on or I might venture a guess where they came from and who signs their paychecks.

  25. JeffintheWest says:

    I’ve never been particularly concerned with the color of someone’s skin unless THEY make an issue of it. Are you going to come in demanding special treatment because of your race or ethnicity? If you do that, I would politely tell you to hit the bricks. I don’t need that kind of crap. On the other hand, if you want to be part of the team, pull your fair share and protect us as we would protect you, then welcome aboard. Attitude reflects altitude, we used to say in the Air Force, and if you arrive with a good attitude and don’t hold the color of MY skin against me, I’ll treat you the same way. Simple, no?

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Oh, I might add that if a skinhead showed up spouting his racist nonsense, or a feminist showed up demanding special treatment, I’d get rid of them pretty damn fast too. The bottom line is that personality and ability to merge with the team are more important than skin or beliefs. If you can’t get beyond those issues, then you probably need to look for a team that supports your belief/issue.

  26. Lantana says:

    Reggie, have you ever thought about writing something for the contest about your experience, perspective and concerns as a prepper who is also a minority?

    I think a lot of folks here would appreciate your insight–and with 13k subscribers and who knows how many more readers, you might inspire some who may have had similar questions to join the discussion.

  27. KR Prepper says:

    I wish I could transplant 99 percent of y’all to my area. People here aren’t as grounded. If I’m seen in x area, it’s an automatic questioning thing. I love archery, so I have to go rural to get my bow tuned. They make sure to let me know, “my kind” isn’t welcome.

    But again, that not everybody. At my north spot, I got some white and Vietnamese brothers that I could bet on.

    • t42n24t2 says:

      I understand. There are areas around here that my white self would be questioned, too. That doesn’t make it right. Yes, I did live through the race riots of the 60’s and 70’s, and we still pulled together for the common good. We always have, and with God’s help and grace, we always will.

  28. t42n24t2 says:

    Post SHTF, we’d all be in the predicament. Sadly, there are preppers out there who intend to take what they need /want from anyone and everyone. They plain just don’t care. Those are the ones I worry about. In my opinion, we would all be wary of other people we didn’t know, but we’d still give them a chance. We’re going to be so busy trying to survive that race, religion, and politics won’t matter as much as banding together for mutual benefit and protection. So, in answer to your question, some people may but the vast majority of us would not care. We’d be people trying to survive. You may call me a dreamer, but this is what I hope.

    • t42n24t2 (you need a new name LOL)

      “Post SHTF, we’d all be in the predicament. Sadly, there are preppers out there who intend to take what they need / want from anyone and everyone.”

      Those folks aren’t “preppers” or “survivalists” but are marauders – the whole point of prepping is to be self-reliant and provide for ourselves. Preppers will be the last folks to as you put it “take what they need / want from anyone and everyone”.

      • t42n24t2 says:

        Whatever you call them, I have a heck of a time here convincing one young man that he and his friends will be shot if they do that. We’ve gone through three scenarios so far this year, and they all add up to being looters. What I am trying to do is persuade him and his buds to prep and defend their neighborhood if it gets bad. So far, I have talked them out of fleeing to Canada.

        A new name, huh? 🙂 I understand, but I do love the song. I’ll switch to cuppa t. How’s that?

        • worrisome says:

          MD, can I make a suggestion. Reggie asked a good question……troll Kelley and perhaps this t42 guy are just in here to stir up crap and not truly contribute. If this string is going to be about honestly answering questions instead of rolling over and putting up with loons, is this a time when we can report the comment and have them off here until you review and see if your really want them?

          • worrisome,

            If you don’t think that the comment is appropriate then yes. It take 3 people to report a comment before it is removed and sent to moderation.

          • Winomega says:


            I am a little bit surprised that you’re not picking on me, or am I just hooking on the grain of truth that should be given a moment of thought?

            Then again, maybe the trolls here are a lot more subtle than the ones on the World of Warcraft forums.

            • worrisome says:

              I am joining BC and telling you that I am going to ignore all your posts from now on. Even with the name change, you often make little sense.

          • Ohhhhh…so you are here causing trouble because you want to “HELP” us.
            Your ego is out of control and this is the wrong blog for you.
            Since you are so qualified you should start your own blog and leave us alone.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Got some real ego issues there, Kelley. Imagine my surprise.

          • kelly,
            You state, “survival is the matter of 4 seconds” which in many cases is 2 to 3 seconds too long. Look up “Tueller Drill”.

          • JP in MT says:

            A demonstrated over-inflated sense of self importance is not conducive to teaching. Perhaps something you should have picked up while getting your “Masters”.

        • Encourager says:

          LOL, I have been trying to sound out your ‘handle’ but not having any luck…

          • Lantana says:

            Let me see if a little softshoe with help, Encourager:

            *clears throat and picks up cane* Tea for two ‘n’ two for tea” . . .

            • Encourager says:

              LOL Lantana! I NEVER picked up on that!! (laughing at self…..and now I cannot get that tune out of my head and am tempted to get up and do a soft-shoe routine!!) Arggg!!

      • Oooops: MD: I “Reported” your comment. I guess you better check it out to see if it is inappropriate. Never can tell. Sigh…

        Anyway: >>Those folks aren’t “preppers” or “survivalists” but are marauders <<

        I agree. The problem is that we can't control what the marauders call themselves. The group I met with once in Hawaii planned on stealing a sailboat to escape nuclear Armageddon, but that didn't stop them from calling themselves survivalists. "Pirates" would have been more like it.

        Anyway, Reggie, my guess is that few people are going to care what color skin or religion someone has after a big problem. There will always be some cretins of all races and religions, but that largely militates in favor of being part of an in-group, ideally before a big problem arises. Most of us already are, unless we have moved recently.

        Church, synagogue, temple, scout group, prepper group, volunteer group, the people with enough basic social skills to be part of a group will mostly come out ahead of the loners.

  29. Michele says:

    I haven’t read everyone else’s response yet, but truthfully, since I do not know what anyone else looks like on this blog, or more than just a few (like 5 or 6) people who are preppers, I wouldn’t know about a white’s only club.

    However, my response to you is the response I would make to anyone. Don’t tell anyone about your preps – it won’t matter what color or ethnic persuasion you are, if you have food, and ‘they’ are starving -‘they’ will probably use any means they have to take your food.

    Get a shot gun – preferable 12 gauge – the kind that you have to rack the first round – and makes a big noise when it does it. If TSHTF in a serious way, and someone is coming down your dirveway (or walk or whatever), and the sound of you racking a round doesn’t make them immediately stop, and start beating feet in the other direction, it might be time to use that racked round – in their immediate vicinity – like right into their chest and abdomen – they mean to hurt you and yours.

    • Racking the round takes about 2 seconds more than I want to give them. I’m loaded for bear when I pick up the firearm.

  30. I have a small group which will rally at my rural property if TSHTF. Of the seven adult males, one is black. He brings a wealth of special ops military experience, weapons and ammo experience, and a willing spirit (he is also my dearest friend). As long as you have something to offer in the form of skills that we need or of your own supplies, you would be welcome in my group. We need those of any color who are willing to work and, if necessary to fight alongside us. We will have no use for freeloaders of any color.
    Chuck in AL

  31. a_texian says:

    Howdy Reggie,

    It’s an excellent question and one in which I’ve also ruminated for a couple of decades as well. I’ve always been open and hopeful that my retreat would be blessed with folks from every race, culture and creed every bit as much as with a diversity of talent. I’m in an area (Central Texas) that is white as a sheet and therefore it’s down to sheer luck whether Hispanic American(s) and to an even lesser degree, African American(s) will end up joining us. I do have a prospect (African American fellow), but, as with so many others (regardless of race or culture) he’s having a difficult time trying to persuade his wife of the importance of having a safe location to turn to. I still hold out hope that he’ll bring her around, especially since the guy is a 4th degree black belt and they are very intelligent and upstanding citizens.

    I suppose that the overall chances one might have with regards to finding a suitable retreat within a reasonable distance will depend upon – as others here have pointed out – the area in which one resides as well as quite a few other mitigating factors (the predominance of a given race, the predominance of a given culture, and above all, the predominance of a given socio-political mindset, etc, etc).

    I certainly wish you and yours the very best in finding that source. Believe me, even when you’re in an area (like me) with an exceedingly high percentage of patriot/liberty-minded individuals, it’s still extremely difficult to find “just the right blend” of like-minded folks with the skills and capabilities to collectively fabricate a well-balanced and viable retreat.

    All the Best,
    Ed (a_texian)

  32. worrisome says:

    Reggie, your “whites only club” remark is sticking with me. As far as preparing, you don’t need a soul else to get ready for an emergency. You need water, food, guns, shelter………

    Why you would think such a thing? At this blog site, we remark on hard work, ethics, and a political view that requires honesty and credibility……..something seriously lacking inside the beltway and is not reflective of any specific race. We often denounce dependency of government social programs. We are also likely to be rather vociferous about unlawful activity of any kind……………… why would you think that preppers would be interested in stealing from you……….????

    • Winomega says:

      Worrisome, perhaps the Obama-bashing, related schpiel like welfare and the people who voted for him, might confuse some people.

      Then again, it’s mildly surprising that this isn’t also a boy’s club. An overwhelming amount of Alpha personalities and INTJ, but a full-spectrum balance of tough and nurturing in both genders.

      • Lantana says:

        Dude, it’s a public website; why would it be a boys’ club?

        Honestly, the women who shattered the glass ceiling are collecting social security now. That wasn’t my generation, but we weren’t far behind–and we were convinced that the biggest limitations on our life were how high we aimed, the choices we made and how hard we wanted to work for it. Who didn’t read the memo?

      • Winomega,

        What does “Obama-bashing” as you put it have to do with race? We “bashed” Bush just as bad when we did not agree with his policies. In fact it’s hard to tell those two guys apart.

        • Bwhntr57 says:


          Agree on the bashing of Bush and Obama. Bush brought us a war on Iraq that really was not necessary, and the Patriot Act. Obama has done nothing to repudiate those policies that infringe our freedoms. In fact he has increased dependency and expanded Govt surveillance big time. Even the New York Times agrees on that.

        • Winomega says:

          I wasn’t around for the Bush-bashing as a thinking adult. I am picking up impressions here, and it feels like everyone else knew Rainbow Brite as something the young idiots gobbled up.

          How many known preppers are dead from age-related problems?

          Apologies if I’m not seeing the new-blood. I’m just here because “Swiss Family Robinson” was my favorite book as a kid.

      • I’m glad it’s NOT a boys club. Bam Bam, Mama J, Tactical G-Ma, and the rest of the ladies have a lot to offer this site.

  33. Scott G says:

    I was once accused by a minority gentleman of being prejudiced. I told this misguided individual, “That’s not true, I hate everybody.” He didn’t quite know what to say.

    Seriously, I never make any judgments about anyone based on a person’s race. I make judgments based on their heart, their character.

    • Encourager says:

      Well, I will admit that I am prejudiced. I am prejudiced against bullies, drunks, people who beat other people, those that prey on children, the down-trodden, the homeless, the handicapped, the elderly. I would just as soon drop-kick them into the next century.

      But the color of your skin? Nope, no problem. If you have a nasty attitude just because my skin color doesn’t match your skin color, I will have nothing to do with you.

      So be it.

      • Ah Crap says:


      • JP in mT says:

        I have a problem with color…green…I just don’t like most green vegetables!

        • Encourager says:

          JP, What?! No Broccoli?? You sure Bush is not your last name?? Bro-haa-haa-haa!!!

          I went on the South Beach diet and now I can’t even stand the smell of broccoli…

          • JP in MT says:

            The problem stems from my mother boiling green things in vinegar. Now I can’t stand either smell or taste.

            • JeffintheWest says:

              My Mom did the same thing! It took me many years to ever look spinach in the face again…. 😉

    • I’ve used that line at work a few times. I’ve also told the inmates that today I hate white people… tomorrow it’s gonna be I hate black people, and the day after that I’m hatting on hispanic people and to round out the week… I’ll even hate on the asians.

      Basically… it lets them know I hate everyone the same and to leave me the hell alone unless you want me hatin on you today.

      It’s also gained me a lot of respect because they know that I don’t show favoritism based on skin color…. I treat everyone the same.

      • When I was in basic training in ’82, I had this solidly built black DI. You could see the satisfied looks on the faces of the other black trainees and so could my DI. He addressed them specifically saying, “I see only one color: GREEN!” He played no favorites and doled out the same number of push-ups to everyone. I swear, I must have done five million of them the day I got off the bus with my new haircut.

  34. MATTLBS says:

    Not knowing you, I’ll consider you a stranger. I’ll go with my gut if I am ever put into that situation. I don’t care what race or sex you are. If I feel I can trust you, and that you can add something beneficial to the situation, then I will let you in my circle. If I don’t, then I won’t. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t worry much if I were you though. I think most folks will probably operate in much the same fashion.

  35. Well I don’t know about most on here (but I think it is the majority) I don’t plan on killing anyone and taking any of their preps. Just not in me and if I do have to kill ANYONE it will be because they (regardless of race) are trying to harm me, someone in my family or someone in my group or any other person that can not defend theirselves.

    That being said , I am a very good judge of people and I always judge on attitiude and body language, race does not matter to me no more than anything else.

    If you are a good, honest, hardworking person you will be welcome if I have anything to give whether you be black , white , yellow, gay , straight , christian, jewish , islamic or green with three ears and I have most in my extended family now so a few more probably won’t matter anyway. And by the way more than half my extended family would not be welcome at my place and most of them are the white, christians that would not be welcome.

  36. cuppa t says:

    Being a lone wolf prepper at the moment, I am hoping to find like minded people around here to band with if TSHTF. So, Reggie, it comes down to this: no matter who we are, we all have the same hope: to join up with good people. There are people out there who view people as people. We just have to find them.

    • cuppa t is ahwole lot easier to spell but i got the tea for two and two for tea monicker.

      • Encourager says:

        Oh!!! Okay, now I get it! (slaps hand on head…)

        Thank you BC; I worried that moniker half to death and never picked up the ‘tea for two and two for tea’.

        Awww, Go back to your other moniker, now its cute!!

        • should i be concerned that i recognized a line from a musical? hmmmmmmm,,,,,, nah!

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Hey, I did too, but I’m secure enough in my masculinity to not worry about what others think! 😉

          • Encourager says:

            “Picture you upon my knee
            Just tea for two
            And two for tea
            Just me for you
            And you for me…alone- ”

            (tapping feet and doing a slow shuffle and hummmming along!)

  37. LukeAlaska says:

    I think that I would more readily accept a minority after the SHTF because I think it would take a lot of courage for a minority to approach Caucasians under those circumstances. I live on a large island in Alaska with a small population and the vast majority are either Caucasians or Alaska Native and I really hope that the knowledgeable Native folk that I know will accept me and mine because they have been living on this island for over 7000 years and have a lot of very powerful info.

  38. TrailGuide says:

    Me and mine live in a semi-rural North Texas area. 20 years ago we had a convenience / mini- store that drew lots of local black folk from deep in woods. A couple of years later, we knew who was trouble (few) and most became loyal / trusted customers. Most trouble was handled by the locals in no short terms – usually older folk setting the scene straight with pretty colorful language which resulted in a ‘yes, ma’am’ pretty fast.
    Treat folk with respect and pretty quickly you can sort through no matter what skin tone.
    That being said, the temperature has changed dramatically in my small space on Earth. I didn’t vote for the current POTUS, but certainly hoped it would ease tensions and put a final nail in the bucket of racism crap….but like everything else that was a LIE – tensions are and have been necessarily escalated. Scars that were almost healed and only remained for convenience sake has been re-opened, renewed with hate and distrust.
    My son in near-by Dallas is what keeps my ear to ground. He know if I call with the ‘special’ tone: Get home, NOW… I’m not kidding.
    Still praying for Peace on Earth ~..~ TG

    • TG, u may want to change that “special” ring tone to a special text, as sometimes texts can get thru, when a ph call cannot, at least if a disaster strikes your area, & ph lines are jammed & extra busy.

  39. Reggie,

    I asked my partner what he thought of Hyphenated-Americans. He walked away from me and pee’d on a tree. He’s a Canine-American but he doesn’t know that. He just thinks he’s people. Now if the rest of the Hyphenated-Americans thought the same way, this country would be in a much better place.

    Now as to your perception of me practicing the Boy Scout motto as being a “whites only club” I am highly offended. You’ve got some much bigger personal issues to work on before you need to start being concerned with some white person shooting you and taking your stuff.

  40. Encourager says:

    Reggie, a person’s race does not matter to me. What matters is if she/he has integrity, honesty, knows how to work hard, has a skill or skills that we need and hopefully, loves Jesus.

  41. xen·o·phobe n. A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.

    I truly believe that very few racists exist. They are just very vocal, and tend to stand out. Most that are xenophobic can get taken for racists indeed fear of the different is the basis for xenophobia. My Dad was in the Air Force so I grew up all over the world. Even amongst others of the same race we were gaijin to the civilians. As for fears of which group will be bad after the feces impacts the ventilation device, the pagans express similar fears of other religions. Like many I despise bigots, and wonder if that prejudice can lead to self loathing. I try not let it effect how I treat them but it is hard to hide I’d rather muck out a stable.

    Max wrote a poem that many need to remember in part it says; “you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees or stars. You have a right to be here…” 🙂 { Desiderata by Max Erhmann }

  42. Donna in MN says:

    When some people apply the race card to prepping, there is no substance to their point and they lose. That in itself is racism, like fearing whites will take their stuff away. Lose the fear of whites, and look at people for the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the shape of their eyes, or the big pink pimple on their nose.

  43. K. Fields says:

    I think that the “majority of preppers” probably are white and that you should be extremely cautious if things ever do completely hit the fan. Do you feel completely at ease today among people who are different in terms of race or religion or social standing than you? If not, I can’t imagine things being “better” after a shtf event.

    People will cluster with like minded individuals – especially if resources are scarce. If they are Christian, then those of other (or no) faiths probably will not be allowed to remain with them. If they feel homosexuality is unnatural, then homosexuals probably won’t be accepted among them. Same with race if they feel certain races are not their equal.

    I wish I could tell you that all prejudices will disappear if the current social order should completely fall apart, but I fear there will be any number of people and groups who will feel such an event will be their opportunity to “set things right” and remake their local area into what they feel America “should” be – and that very well may not include you or me.

  44. Winomega says:

    I think I have a new assessment of the original question… Any prepper that approaches another prepper is going to be taken in after an initial butt-sniffing, and then the death-match comes at the first disagreement.

  45. patientmomma says:

    Reggie, As others have stated, most folks don’t care what your skin color is, or what background you came from, or how much money you used to make. It’s our character, honesty and skills which get any of us accepted in a community. It’s knowing you will bond with us in our community to help keep the neighborhood safe from those who would do us harm.

  46. Rider of Rohan says:

    When times get bad, all humans tend to get tribal. So Reggie, I think you will have a difficult time breaking into a tribe if you are unknown. The key is to get known right now. Any stranger of any race will be suspect, that’s why it is so important to get in a group before the SHTF. jm2c

  47. Bwhntr57 says:


    In my group, northern Wisconsin, there are very few blacks. Yet most local people, even though they have very little real experience dealing with blacks, would welcome you IF you are a person of sound character and humble attitude. Do not come off like a sh*thead and that goes a long way to being accepted and trusted. And that goes for any ethnicity.

    I live in Milwaukee, where most of the crime is inner city black on black crime. The goblins that prey on people care not what race they are, they just want what they have. Preppers do not prey on others; why would we? We already have stuff, and intend to keep it. That would be called defense. Most on this site would share with, to some extent, a person(s) in need. But very sound advice as noted previously is to get with like minded people before TSHTF. Strangers are to be viewed with much caution and circumspection.

  48. About 7 yrs ago, I moved down here to a mid-southern US area, & I discovered there is some racism against blacks, but interestingly, NOT against Indians or Native Americans. Don’t ask me why b/c I don’t understand it. One ex: a restaurant owner/manager told me that a few whites at his full-service restaurant, would ask for a different food server if a black waitress came to their table. This was a very small minority of whites, maybe 1-3%. The funny thing that was pointed out to me -those prejudiced whites had no problem with a black cook in the restaurant kitchen handling their food. Seems strange. But again, most whites seem to treat blacks the same as anyone else.

    If I was a racial minority, I’d focus on water & food & self- & home- defense for my family, & also get to know some like-minded neighbors or others in my area.

  49. Dear Reggie, We live in a rural northern area. People are accepted or not here by how they live. I hear your concern and I am sure the same would go for white people in an all black or all Asian community etc.
    On a blog none of us knows nor I don’t care what race etc a person is.
    My son is white and is married to a woman whose father is black. Our grand children are bi racial . They are Christian, caring
    people. We are blessed to have them as family. Keep prepping !!
    Its a good question

  50. Reggie, I’m sure its been said better by others before. Treat others as you wish to be treated. To me, skin color plays NO PART in my SHTF plans, if the members of your group are honest and willing to pull their weight – welcome aboard. There is security in numbers and this is a survival situation plan.

  51. Reggie,
    Race is a tool used for describing people to others in my mind. We have all colors in my neighborhood, and who I trust is not related to their color. I picked this neighborhood because I wanted my son to grow up in such a neighborhood.
    I am a white Christian Conservative. I am anti-Obama because I don’t share his values and because he had a chance to bring this country together as one nation, but chose to divide us at every opportunity instead. I am grieved that our first president of color is so divisive and so willing to lie about everything. You might agree with that or not, it would not affect my willingness to be friendly with you.

    If you lived in my neighborhood, we would probably be friends. Just be neighborly, give a wave, let me know if you see my dog out, talk to me when you see me, watch my house when I am not home, and offer to get my mail when you see me pack the car. Decent people of all colors want neighbors to be neighborly. Avoid the neighbors who avoid you.

    Prep for yourself and be ready to defend it. Your neighborly neighbors will have your back. God bless you and your family in this journey.

  52. Well, Reggie, I’m part of the only race that counts: the genuine human race. You are too. To another genuine member of the human race, only your character will be considered.

  53. Bear KIller says:

    I would hope and pray that at the end of days the last of humanity will plunder and pillage without regard for race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. That is my deepest wish for all mankind. Or as my old Sergeant used to tell his trooper “Kill em all let God sort them out!”

  54. t42n24t2 says:

    I see I misrepresented myself and my intent yesterday. I am not commenting to cause trouble nor to stir things up. If you were offended, I am sorry.

    On another note, I’m a woman, so either Cuppa T or this name works for me.

    • Encourager says:

      Picture you upon my knee
      Just tea for two
      And two for tea
      Just me for you
      And you for me…alone-


      t42n24t2, if you were my neighbor, I would have the tea pot on! I love a good cuppa Earl Grey with maybe a touch of honey…or some Moroccan Mint tea! 🙂

  55. Christian Gains says:

    Hey Reggie, That’s a VERY significant question, and I thought M.D. had good points, ESPECIALLY the point that minorities TEND to be a WHOLE lot more sensitive and “victim mentalitied” than majority folk…REGARDLESS of color. You might want to try befriending some folks from other races…(especially any racial group you feel are questionable)…to see how they respond. That’s one idea.

    Here’s a personal testimony: I was born in Chicago Ill. But, at age 7, (1952), Mom moved us down to Atlanta Ga. (trust me on this — my school mates did NOT LIKE the fact that a “Yankee” was in their midst), and within 6 mos. I came to my Mom and asked, “Mom, have I been here long enough to be half Yankee, and half Rebel?” That to say, I am, by NO MEANS ignorant or unappreciative of the devastating effects prejudice can have. BUT! I determined to simply be ME, and learn to be happy being just ME…not something someone else that I SHOULD be.

    At age 32 I married a beautiful black, (so black that her friends called her by the “N” word). 10 years later, she came to me and simply stated, “You’re not a racist, I am!”

    It was a threshold moment, and thereafter she had a wholly different attitude about white/black relations.

    She & I and our 6 mo. old son, lived 6 mos. with “Mama DEE DEE” {her Mom}, in SOUTH CHICAGO — Mama Dee Dee once suggested that I MIGHT be the only white man in the entire neighborhood or surrounding area — But, because I’d determined to treat people based upon their life, actions, and attitudes, I really had no problems.

    It has been my experience, (of 30+ years of “Prepping” & interacting with that community), that VERY FEW “preppers” (BOTH minority & majority racial makeup), feel differently than I do. I’ll think your future is WHOLLY dependent upon where you are, (the kinds of attitudes around your A.O.), and YOUR attitude. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is a pretty sure rule…just do NOT hang with dogs, or you’ll get flees…hang around honest, straightforward, charactered individuals, who treat you as you wish they would, and you reciprocate, you’ll be fine.

    • Encourager says:

      Wow! +10 Christian Gains! (and I hope that is not your real name…not good OPSEC my friend…)

  56. robert in mid michigan says:

    i have said this many times on this site and others and i do believe this. god made all of us in his image, the color of skin doesnt matter to him so it doesnt matter to me. ill judge a person by the content of there charactor not the color of there skin.

  57. JeffintheWest says:

    That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it?

  58. I told myself I was done with you gaping anal orifices because I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment but I can’t let a. lovely comment like yours go by without telling you what a crapload of festering drivel and nonsense you are full of and no one cares about your little tramp stamp tattoo. Now I’m done have a nice life somewhere else because I’ve been here long enough to see your kind have an extremely short lifespan as a commenter.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to Kelly’s latest brilliant comment to worrisome.

    • worrisome says:

      Guess I missed some stuff while I was at work today. Glad you guys took care of it so well. I wish I hadn’t set off whatever it was I set off when he started the whole “jew boy” thing. But as Lantana said, I could have opened up a big ol can of whoop a…, seems y’all did it pretty much for me. I am gonna quote Rodney King now…………”why can’t we all just get along?” And a question, “what are some so twisted?”

      • Worrisome, I’m so sorry that my very first comment got used as a spring board against you, and I am thankful that you did not see it.

        My natural inclination is to try to see the best in everyone, and the deleted comment showed that the man was either unwilling or unable to rise to the occasion. Very sad to see someone squander their life on vitriol.

    • worrisome says:

      BC I have been thinking and praying for the both of you all day today! Hoping by now the surgery is over and you are both doing well! Wish I lived closer, I would bring y’all a care package.

  59. Lauri no e says:


    How is your wife doing? How is she doing since surgery. I still will be praying.

    • Lantana says:

      BC, we’ve been thinking of y’all today too. . . . Give Charly our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery and favorable news.

  60. I for one, would look at the way you arrive If you show up all bedecked with gold chains, jewelry and numerous face piercings waving a pistol held sideways you will get shot regardless of skin tone. If you show up in subdued clothing carrying a pack, a walking stick and a holstered pistol on your belt you will be welcomed regardless of skin tone.

  61. Jersey Drifter says:

    BC, God bless the both of you. Praying He keeps you strong for her, and she has a speedy recovery

  62. Lantana says:

    JeffintheWest, IIRC you began commenting here within the past year. Prior to that, the poster you were having difficult exchanges with today was posting (under a different screenname) that they had a drinking problem, and their odd posts seemed consistent with that.

    Since returning, they’ve seemed to be more hostile and focused on base thoughts. So apparently, some sort of trouble remains.

    HTH give context.

  63. Nort'Dakotan says:

    Reggie im sure it depends on each individual you come across. but personally I don’t know anyone waiting for SHTF so they can pick off minorities. If I were a minority(which I have been in certain towns) I would not trust other minorities of my race any more than I would the majority race. You cant judge a book by their cover either way. If you were meeting me alone you would see I am white but would not be able to know I am married to a minority and have biracial children or that I loved working at a native American college for years. honestly I would be more leery of a person being a big man though, no matter the race. im not sexist either just am small & a large man would be stronger than me and more of a threat. but I would take the side of , or help, or include anyone into my group if they could prove themselves ethically.

  64. Leonard M. Urban says:

    Reggie, in a SHTF scenario, I’d be wary of all strangers, regardless of race. I don’t think that most people who stick close to home will be the problem, it will be the wanderers who’ll like be the most needy, hence, the most desperate. If you’re staying in place, particularly if you have a family, I doubt that most white people will have a problem with you, but if you’re one of those guys fantasizing about living off the land, and wandering the countryside, people are going to be suspicious, regardless of your race or theirs…

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