Monday: Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack

Question from Reggie

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile, and I am a minority prepper and I am worried that when SHTF will Caucasian preppers accept minority preppers into their groups or kill them off and take their supplies. I worry when reading some of the survival blogs that this is a Whites only club. Can you pose this question to the wolfpack?

M.D. Creekmore replies: It probably depends on where you are and how you approach things, the important thing is to have a worthwhile skill that would benefit the group. To be honest I hear race brought up far more often by minorities themselves than by white folks. If we can all get to the point of seeing ourselves as just Americans, with no white, black or whatever attached to it we will have this race thing beat.

Please help Reggie out by posting your advice and thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Reggie,
    Race is a tool used for describing people to others in my mind. We have all colors in my neighborhood, and who I trust is not related to their color. I picked this neighborhood because I wanted my son to grow up in such a neighborhood.
    I am a white Christian Conservative. I am anti-Obama because I don’t share his values and because he had a chance to bring this country together as one nation, but chose to divide us at every opportunity instead. I am grieved that our first president of color is so divisive and so willing to lie about everything. You might agree with that or not, it would not affect my willingness to be friendly with you.

    If you lived in my neighborhood, we would probably be friends. Just be neighborly, give a wave, let me know if you see my dog out, talk to me when you see me, watch my house when I am not home, and offer to get my mail when you see me pack the car. Decent people of all colors want neighbors to be neighborly. Avoid the neighbors who avoid you.

    Prep for yourself and be ready to defend it. Your neighborly neighbors will have your back. God bless you and your family in this journey.

  2. Well, Reggie, I’m part of the only race that counts: the genuine human race. You are too. To another genuine member of the human race, only your character will be considered.

  3. Bear KIller says:

    I would hope and pray that at the end of days the last of humanity will plunder and pillage without regard for race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. That is my deepest wish for all mankind. Or as my old Sergeant used to tell his trooper “Kill em all let God sort them out!”

  4. t42n24t2 says:

    I see I misrepresented myself and my intent yesterday. I am not commenting to cause trouble nor to stir things up. If you were offended, I am sorry.

    On another note, I’m a woman, so either Cuppa T or this name works for me.

    • Encourager says:

      Picture you upon my knee
      Just tea for two
      And two for tea
      Just me for you
      And you for me…alone-


      t42n24t2, if you were my neighbor, I would have the tea pot on! I love a good cuppa Earl Grey with maybe a touch of honey…or some Moroccan Mint tea! 🙂

  5. Christian Gains says:

    Hey Reggie, That’s a VERY significant question, and I thought M.D. had good points, ESPECIALLY the point that minorities TEND to be a WHOLE lot more sensitive and “victim mentalitied” than majority folk…REGARDLESS of color. You might want to try befriending some folks from other races…(especially any racial group you feel are questionable)…to see how they respond. That’s one idea.

    Here’s a personal testimony: I was born in Chicago Ill. But, at age 7, (1952), Mom moved us down to Atlanta Ga. (trust me on this — my school mates did NOT LIKE the fact that a “Yankee” was in their midst), and within 6 mos. I came to my Mom and asked, “Mom, have I been here long enough to be half Yankee, and half Rebel?” That to say, I am, by NO MEANS ignorant or unappreciative of the devastating effects prejudice can have. BUT! I determined to simply be ME, and learn to be happy being just ME…not something someone else that I SHOULD be.

    At age 32 I married a beautiful black, (so black that her friends called her by the “N” word). 10 years later, she came to me and simply stated, “You’re not a racist, I am!”

    It was a threshold moment, and thereafter she had a wholly different attitude about white/black relations.

    She & I and our 6 mo. old son, lived 6 mos. with “Mama DEE DEE” {her Mom}, in SOUTH CHICAGO — Mama Dee Dee once suggested that I MIGHT be the only white man in the entire neighborhood or surrounding area — But, because I’d determined to treat people based upon their life, actions, and attitudes, I really had no problems.

    It has been my experience, (of 30+ years of “Prepping” & interacting with that community), that VERY FEW “preppers” (BOTH minority & majority racial makeup), feel differently than I do. I’ll think your future is WHOLLY dependent upon where you are, (the kinds of attitudes around your A.O.), and YOUR attitude. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is a pretty sure rule…just do NOT hang with dogs, or you’ll get flees…hang around honest, straightforward, charactered individuals, who treat you as you wish they would, and you reciprocate, you’ll be fine.

    • Encourager says:

      Wow! +10 Christian Gains! (and I hope that is not your real name…not good OPSEC my friend…)

  6. robert in mid michigan says:

    i have said this many times on this site and others and i do believe this. god made all of us in his image, the color of skin doesnt matter to him so it doesnt matter to me. ill judge a person by the content of there charactor not the color of there skin.

  7. JeffintheWest says:

    That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it?

  8. I told myself I was done with you gaping anal orifices because I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment but I can’t let a. lovely comment like yours go by without telling you what a crapload of festering drivel and nonsense you are full of and no one cares about your little tramp stamp tattoo. Now I’m done have a nice life somewhere else because I’ve been here long enough to see your kind have an extremely short lifespan as a commenter.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to Kelly’s latest brilliant comment to worrisome.

    • worrisome says:

      Guess I missed some stuff while I was at work today. Glad you guys took care of it so well. I wish I hadn’t set off whatever it was I set off when he started the whole “jew boy” thing. But as Lantana said, I could have opened up a big ol can of whoop a…, seems y’all did it pretty much for me. I am gonna quote Rodney King now…………”why can’t we all just get along?” And a question, “what are some so twisted?”

      • Worrisome, I’m so sorry that my very first comment got used as a spring board against you, and I am thankful that you did not see it.

        My natural inclination is to try to see the best in everyone, and the deleted comment showed that the man was either unwilling or unable to rise to the occasion. Very sad to see someone squander their life on vitriol.

    • worrisome says:

      BC I have been thinking and praying for the both of you all day today! Hoping by now the surgery is over and you are both doing well! Wish I lived closer, I would bring y’all a care package.

  9. Lauri no e says:


    How is your wife doing? How is she doing since surgery. I still will be praying.

    • Lantana says:

      BC, we’ve been thinking of y’all today too. . . . Give Charly our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery and favorable news.

  10. I for one, would look at the way you arrive If you show up all bedecked with gold chains, jewelry and numerous face piercings waving a pistol held sideways you will get shot regardless of skin tone. If you show up in subdued clothing carrying a pack, a walking stick and a holstered pistol on your belt you will be welcomed regardless of skin tone.

  11. Jersey Drifter says:

    BC, God bless the both of you. Praying He keeps you strong for her, and she has a speedy recovery

  12. Lantana says:

    JeffintheWest, IIRC you began commenting here within the past year. Prior to that, the poster you were having difficult exchanges with today was posting (under a different screenname) that they had a drinking problem, and their odd posts seemed consistent with that.

    Since returning, they’ve seemed to be more hostile and focused on base thoughts. So apparently, some sort of trouble remains.

    HTH give context.

  13. Nort'Dakotan says:

    Reggie im sure it depends on each individual you come across. but personally I don’t know anyone waiting for SHTF so they can pick off minorities. If I were a minority(which I have been in certain towns) I would not trust other minorities of my race any more than I would the majority race. You cant judge a book by their cover either way. If you were meeting me alone you would see I am white but would not be able to know I am married to a minority and have biracial children or that I loved working at a native American college for years. honestly I would be more leery of a person being a big man though, no matter the race. im not sexist either just am small & a large man would be stronger than me and more of a threat. but I would take the side of , or help, or include anyone into my group if they could prove themselves ethically.

  14. Leonard M. Urban says:

    Reggie, in a SHTF scenario, I’d be wary of all strangers, regardless of race. I don’t think that most people who stick close to home will be the problem, it will be the wanderers who’ll like be the most needy, hence, the most desperate. If you’re staying in place, particularly if you have a family, I doubt that most white people will have a problem with you, but if you’re one of those guys fantasizing about living off the land, and wandering the countryside, people are going to be suspicious, regardless of your race or theirs…