Questions and Answers with The Wolf Pack : Augason Farms Emergency Food

Hi, new to blog, great stuff so far via email… thanks. I just have a quick question on your thoughts on Augason Farms Emergency Foods. Any experience with them? I’m looking to get something quick while I stock up on my own items at my $ pace. If you don’t recommend them, can you point me in another similar direction? For background, I’m a beginner and am just starting to plan and prepare.

Thanks! BH


  1. If the world goes to poo, having something, anything edible is better than having nothing at all. I’ve never ordered any pre-packaged foods. That being said, these guys look like they have some pretty good prices – like a 44lb bucket of white rice with a 30 year shelf life for $46.

    If you’ve got the cash to order some stuff from them while you sort out the rest of your food preps I’d say go for it, just make sure you have stuff that will provide decent nutrition (try to get not just rice, but some beans, dehydrated vegetables, canned meats etc).

    Keep in mind that some of the MRE type stuff like a complete meal in a can or bag, freeze dried, is very high in salt content. They are good for emergencies when there’s nothing else around but I would caution against making them a mainstay of your food prep.

    • charlie (NC) says:

      50 lb bag of white rice from Sam’s Club….$20.00
      5 gal food grade bucket free from a grocery store or restaurant or purchased for about $5.00
      Small block of dry ice for a couple of bucks.

      Put a bit of dry ice in the bottom of the bucket, pour in 44lbs of rice. Put the lid on but not quite completely sealed.
      Let the dry ice evaporate and seal the bucket.
      Put the other 6 lbs of rice in mason jars in your pantry.

      Spend the rest of the money on beans or bullets.

      • I don’t disagree at all. It’s just the original poster was wanting to purchase the pre-packaged stuff he could get NOW without doing any work like that while he sorted himself out for future preps, to ensure he did have food.

        At least that’s how I took it.

        I do something similar with rice, and other food. I just don’t use dry ice or 5 gallon buckets. It’s more labour intensive but I use 1 gallon mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Then I put a mix ‘n match selection of food stuff (rice, beans, pasta, dried fruit and nuts, dog food) in individual sealed containers. Reason being is that I might have to bug out and leave the city, and if I can only grab one container, at least I’ll have a variety of things to live on to provide a more complete nutrition, instead of say, a single bucket of only rice….

  2. poorman says:

    Always had good service from them. Fast delivery no problems with their products.

  3. JP in MT says:

    I have not tried their meals, but their products in #10 cans are part of our household. In fact, their Creamy Wheat Cereal is cheaper than buying Cream of Wheat in the store (it also helps we like it better).

    For “grab and go” buckets, we use the Wise Foods 60 meal entree. I prefer the taste of their “just add water” items.

    A word warning on the buckets; stay away from the ones with breakfast in them. You can get instant oatmeal and granola a lot cheaper than you’ll pay for it in a bucket combo.

    • JP in MT
      Thanks for the heads up on the cream of wheat. I rather eat
      that than oatmeal. (oatmeal= :-pzzzz yuk)

      • Desert Fox says:

        When I make oatmeal…my grandkids have thirds! I thoroughly cook them with cold water to start, (cook slowly) – add honey, a drop of vanilla and Half & Half….like a pudding! Don’t forget the cinnamon powder! Healthy!

  4. seeuncourt says:

    the specials they run on bulk potatos, macaroni, rice, beans, etc. are great for stocking up. Delivery is prompt.

    • ordered a $270 combo kit for wife who must have gluten free.being shipped as i write this.doing this for emergency SHTF scenario

  5. grandma bear says:

    I use thrive and honeyville. I purchase the #10 can of mainly dried strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I also purchased dried potato cubes and TVP bacon flavo and buttermilk. I also have cans of pancake mix. As a rule I only purchase what I cannot put up myself or is too expensive to do on my own. Great products long shelf like. Honeyville has specials through out the year and with a flat 4.49 shipping makes it very affordable. Good Luck!

  6. so, i was thinkin' says:

    I have bought several cans at Walmart for less money than advertised at their website. I have not yet tried their products. I figure though one can of each type would not be difficult to wade through if we don’t care for a specific item. Ready Made Resources has some good sales on Mountain House products.

    • JP in MT says:

      Went I can find them (our local one does not carry it) their #10’s are cheaper, and the breakfast and dinner packs even more so. I have found a store in “the next town over” that carries it at about the same price, less shipping. However, about half the time I get over there they are having a sale, so I always stop and stock up when I can.

  7. New Hampshah says:

    Sam’s Club prices on Augason are also cheaper than the direct website. Prices are mix and match tho’, compared to what you could easily do yourself with foodsaver abilities…

    We use the honey powder daily…the powdered eggs are impressive if prepared right (had to learn how on those) the oatmeal is excellent and we like it better than quaker. (It’s “cleaner” looking too)

    I like the company with everything we have tried.

    • I wish my Sam’s Club or the local Walmart would carry Augasin food or any kind of long term food.

      • If you go on Sam’s club web sight they have Augason food bucket’s that they sell.

  8. Buckwheat says:

    I have purchased a couple of their products. They are not GMO free and you have to pay attention to the ingredients before buying. You will find a lot of hydrogenated stuff, yellow 5 and 6, soy, and other additives on some of their items. Not saying don’t buy it, but to just pay attention.

    The best place I have seen to buy it online (with free shipping) is Sams club. You can also buy it at Overstock usually with a 10-20% off coupon. It is usually cheaper at Sams Club even with the coupon at Overstock.

    I can tell you that if you compare weight, Augason Farms is very, very heavy compared to brands such as Chef’s Banquet (sold online at Costco) or others that I have purchased. I only have a couple of the 30 day buckets that i originally bought since I started out in my journey. I have not eaten it to check taste. I figure if I have to dive in, taste is not my major concern with the few buckets I have left. I gave several as Christmas gifts this year to unaware family.

    In the last 4 months, I have migrated to Emergency Essentials and watch their sales for good deals to accumulate the prepackaged stuff. Seems like I find better ingredient environment there – but they are still not non-GMO and do have issues with some of the other ones I watch for.

    • Buckwheat says:

      oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I remember a short while back they had a sale on their website. I was looking for milk in particular (it is a milk substitute). but their sale was not as good as Sam’s club regular prices. I took a pass on buying from them at that point.

      • Nsaneprepper says:

        I have purchased but not yet used their wheat berries from wal-mart. Much better price than website. Called Auguson and they claim at least their wheat is non GMO.

    • patientmomma says:

      I use Emergency Essentials and Rainy Day Foods. I like the EE group order sales which have good prices and free shipping. You must order a minimum amount to get the group rate but you can get some others to split the order with you to keep your total price down. When I see something I need I’ll just place the minimum order for myself, other times I get friends to go in with me.

      • I guess I am lucky, I have one of their brick and mortar stores in town, very nice friendly staff too.

  9. I have also bought them at Walmart. The buckets were the right price at the right time, and less than their website. Walmart also has them online, but it’s been a while so I can’t tell you how it compares to the Farm’s website price.

    The food is good. Not gourmet, mind you, but pretty decent. We opened the first bucket to try before we decided to get more. For the price, we liked it, and bought a dozen more. We also decided that supplementing it with some other freeze-dried things and a good selection of “add-ons” was the way to go, but even on it’s own we thought it beat much of the other brands after figuring in the price differences.

    • Buckwheat says:

      Hi Steve, What area in the store do find them? I have never seen them in the store.

      • Bam Bam says:

        I saw them on a pallet right by the ammo.

      • They were by the Sporting Goods section on a pallet. They moved them around to nearby end caps as the stock went up or down. I did find out that not all stores carry them, but they are online and can be shipped to the store.

  10. mom of three says:

    Walmart, carrys them. I did open the corn and made corn chowder, I bought the six pack dinner $67.00. We bought two but we have it and I’ll be thankful for it. They have recipes, on the back for several different meals. I did buy the powdered eggs, I have not used them.
    WINCO, also carrys some of their product’s they have them up in front of the check stands.

  11. Bam Bam says:

    I buy staples from the LDS Online store. I like knowing my food is safe in #10 cans. For someone who is new, I would recommend doing the 10 Things to do Now and Another 10 Things to Do Now. Then I would recommend getting some starter packs from the LDS Online Store and learning now to cook with staples–seeing what your family likes and doesn’t like. Then you want to pay attention to things that make staples eatable–like dehydrated apple sauce and sugar for oatmeal, and dried onions and garlic and tomato for beans.

    The only fancy meals (like Mountain House) that I own are from winning prizes here. It is so much less expensive to by the ingredients than to purchase the “just add water” version.

    Actually, that would be a great idea for a post. Okay, you’ve got all the staples in buckets or #10 cans. Do you have enough spices and other goodies to make stuff or will you end up eating white rice with no butter or veggies because it’s the middle of winter and you live in some horrible place where there is stuff called “snow” and you don’t get to garden year round? 🙂

    • tommy2rs says:

      and you live in some horrible place where there is stuff called “snow”

      No, No make it stop please…. 😉

      If you live in a place like that be sure to stock up on sprouting seeds. Fresh greens every 4 days, just like clockwork with minimal effort.

    • LDS??

    • Hi Bam Bam, We started with the LDS starter kit (one can each of flour, red wheat, white wheat, rice, pinto beans, and oats) and very glad we did. I had never cooked dried beans before so we tried a couple or three things with the pintos and were delighted. So we bought several cases of pinto beans. Rice seems like rice and oats like oats so we didn’t bother opening the cans before buying cases of those.

      The red wheat sprouted well, but the pintos…maybe about 15%. Since we prep for short term problems like hurricanes and earthquakes, we don’t see ourselves baking, so we didn’t stock up on the wheat or flour. The Starter Kits are a great way to figure out what you would be likely to use.

      We make chili from scratch all the time now. We like it a lot, and it is great to incorporate the same type foods we store into our regular diet.

      I don’t think we could get many more cases under the queen size bed…

      • Bam Bam says:


        You can soak the beans overnight and then pressure can them–just put the beans in the canning jar, and fill with spice and broth. Somewhere on the blog is a recipe for “Bam Bam Beans”. Yum. This is a very cheap way to fill out your pantry with some no water needed foods.

    • JP in MT says:

      And that stuff you Southerners call “snow” we call “outdoor winter water storage”.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Well you just keep your outdoor winter water storage up there! I don’t like snow!

        • JP in MT says:

          it was predicted to be -11 for a high last Saturday, so the Costco trip got put off. Delved into another “basement reconstruction” project instead. This week we should have highs in the high 30’s, so the roads will clear off. Still have 3’+ of “storage” in the yard. The back yard has a “track” dug out so the dog can do her “business”. We’d loose her otherwise.

          I’d rather have snow than bugs. So it works out.

        • I agree about them keeping their snow! I enjoyed seeing snow this winter, but I am thankful it melted in a day or so.

  12. I have bought numerous items from Augason Farms- individual cans, 3 of their 1 month ,small can packs, and some buckets. All at great prices when they run a sale . They seem to be geat products and the few I have used tasted good.

  13. TexGalatHeart says:

    Last Fall when I was watching that crazy prepper castle show on (I think Net Geo) they were advertising Wise Food Freeze Dried food. They had several different plans to work from. The one I choose is $65 a month for 52 servings. They include breakfast cereal, milk and juice plus main dishes. And Shipping is free. Once a month a bucket comes to my house in a plain brown box. The buckets are easy to store (they are square) We have opened one of the buckets and tried different packages of the dried food and all of them have been good.
    I think it is a great buy for the price and convience.

    Before I decided to purchase they sent me a sample meal and it was great. Easy to fix and very filling. One thing really nice is that you deal with the same person all the time

  14. RB in Alabama says:

    I can highly recommend their cocoa (except the cinammon one- yech)!

  15. Sadja49 says:

    Sam’s club prices are cheaper but online only. I’m going to talk to the manager of my local Sam’s club to see if he would put a small section in his store for people to try. People here in western Kentucky are serious about earthquake preps they may sell. Of course I’m not going to tell him I’m one of those foil hat prepper guys. :-).

  16. mindyinds says:

    We are also concerned with GMOs, and run gluten-free. Found both nonGMO and gluten-free off this blog, upper left margin. PREPSOS; just ordered two boxes of vegetables.

  17. what is the storage life of red wheat in the square bucket from walmart ? do I need to repack it ? ( first post ever )

    • JP in MT says:


      You Mileage May Vary but they found rice and wheat in tombs in Egypt. The wheat still germinated. For me and mine, I don’t plan on outliving it’s shelf life and with our weather and storage conditions, I don’t plan on “repackaging” it.

      I get wheat from Wheat Montana. They sell buckets and bags of soft white, hard white, and hard red wheat. You’d have to check their website for shipping because we do a group order and take a trailer “down the road” and pick it up.

      • thanks jp
        just bought some from walmart for 12.50 a bucket . figure I will get some more .

  18. When dh was able to eat food normally I used the Pototo Gems from
    Augason Farms, they are so good!!
    Word of warning to all who use them they are not like instant potatoes you must be careful if you use to many gems and not enough water(use recipe)you will have a lovely potatoe brick. Learned the hard way, I kept adding H20 to the mix until it was smooth and we could eat them. I had about a weeks worth of mashed potatoes in the fridge for microwave heat up but dh did not care. He loved/loves mash potatoes with real butter. There(augason) dehydrated strawberries are like candy once you start eating them it is hard to stop, be sure to hide the can. 😉

    Meals I have been asked this same question lately by late bloomers to self reliance. My response is buy what you would like to eat, try all the different brands for a lunch or dinner meal. Go to an outdoors/sporting goods store find something you like, each person purchase a differnt meal from a different company. Then you will know what company you will like to due business with. I have eaten
    rehydrated chicken(#10can)& celery-Honeyville with onions(Augason) made into a chicken salad. It was really good tasting, an you would not have known they were once dehydrated.

  19. Thomas The Tinker says:

    the following is worth about .. 2 cents.

    I betcha most of us in here have ‘auditioned’ more than a few long term storage foods. Mommasan and I did settle on Augfarms and LDS starter kits. Thing is we layer our food preps so we have taken some time to find out what we will bloody well eat. Layer 1 is our WET pantry which is frozen and canned. Layer 2 is our stack of 2 week buckets ala Wise and others. Layer 3 is bucketed stripped MRE main courses (our favs) / sides / extras as in cheeses, breads, some desserts. We have packed these in relation to the total calories offered in even numbers of ‘meals’. Layer 4 is 30 days of complete MREs. for 4. Layer 5 is an 18 month supply of AF #10s figured for 2000 Cals. a day. Layer 6 is 1260 lbs of vac packed dry storage and a growing stack of LDS starter kits. In between layers 5 & 6 we store seed vaults and those are more for trade than anything else as we have nearly NO room for beds and towers.

    We rotate the AF cans in our kitchen … currently the Chicken Alfredo and the potato soup. We rotate the pintos all year long. (2 cups beans. Boil for an hour or so. Drain. Soak over night. Add one ‘Dak’ canned ham, Goya salt.. 3 tbls or so, bring to boil and simmer on med. till they are just soft enough to mash. Sweet ketchup and serve .. or over rice. left overs … blend and viola ‘refried’ for … )

    I loves talken about food BH …….

  20. I bought the 30 day emergency kit after MD had mentioned it here. I really liked that it comes in smaller cans (not #10’s). The reason being we had a power outage and opened a #10 can but still haven’t finished it. I also like that I could almost test them without feeling I’m wasting the can.
    I bought my kit at Walmart online & they shipped it for free.

  21. Bugjuice says:

    If you can go to to Augason Farms warehouse store in Salt Lake City, they have a lot of unadvertised specials. We have gone to and bought from Wheat Montana store and the LDS store. We like them all even Mountain House has some great meals. They all have a lot of good points but, you will find more Augason Farms products on our shelves.

  22. Rod Zeigler says:

    I have purchased a lot of Augason Farms products and am quite happy with them along with Wise and Mountain House. I have seen some seriously ridiculous items offered as well. I will NOT spend over $2 for a self heating cup of coffee!
    I have a theory on long term storage foods. I have both “ingredients” AND “meals” stored. There will be situations when there is time for cooking a meal, and there will be situations when “just adding water” is the best you can do. I carry meals and other “just add water” items in my BOB, and have my “ingredients” stored elsewhere. I also look at the ingredients as an adjunct to any fresh protein (meat or fish) that I would acquire. Just seems like common sense to me.

  23. thanks folks for all the good information, very good to know.

  24. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have numerous Augason Farms # 10 cans. I have only used the powered eggs that are for scrambled (sp?) eggs (they make 2 kinds of powered eggs, 1 for scrambled eggs and 1 for baking) and I also used the beef flavored TVP.

    The eggs when mixed taste just like normal scrambled eggs. the TBP I use in the place of hamburg in things like Hamburger Helper. and it taste OK to good. But it is small size pieces and just a bit softer then real meat. The texture is not exactly like meat, but it’s emergency / survival food. I figure that if I can eat it now and like it, when the S hits the fan it will be gourmet food.

    I make my own TV dinners, I make more of the Hamburger Helper then I can eat at any meal time and I put it in a Tupperware container that has 3-compartments and a tight-fitting lid. I also put a vegy and mashed potatoes with a bit of gravy on them. These keep for 2-months or so if the lid fits tight. But the TBP gets soggy and while it taste fine it feels wrong when you eat it. hamburg does not get soggy or soft so I use it instead for these frozen meals.

    But for a meal you cook and eat right away TVP works well.

    I like almost everything Mountain House makes, it’s expensive, but good tasting food. But their eggs are like eating a sponge, freeze dried eggs are not a good thing, powered eggs are a great thing.

    My local Meijer store sells “Bob” Red Mill” grains and they have a package of unflavored TVP that sells for $2.99. All you do to flavor it is to soak it in a broth rather then water so it adsorbs the flavor you want. I use beef bullion cubed dissolved in water to hydrate the TVP.

    I bought several Augason Farms # 10 cans of Taco meat flavored TVP, I’m going to try it this summer when We have a family camp out. It will be interesting to see how it goes over. I’m not going to tell anyone it’s TVP till the meal is over.



  25. Chuck Findlay says:

    I forgot to mention I put the homemade TV dinners in the freezer and microwave them for 5 or 6 min with the lid loose. Works great. And I get a real meal instead of the 1/3 size meals they make today.


  26. Arthur X says:

    I can drink orange drink like a champ! But seriously, not only have I actually eaten some of their foods, I can recommend them as well. Orange drink is tasty. The soups are great. The Southwest Chili was a little spicy, but I like my food bland. It was still, very tasty. Anything else I have had of theirs has been great. Highly recommended food! And they are based in Utah and have been doing this for many years. They are a trusted company. Remember, always go with trusted companies. Mountain House, etc.
    Let’s do some budget shopping. I usually check Walmart on a regular basis. There is a Walmart in an adjacent town that has plenty of food storage on a regular basis. If you live in Utah practically all Walmart’s will have Augason Farms cans, and very good prices. Not all Walmart’s carry food storage, however maybe more than you think. Check on the ends of isles of your store, or in the sporting good section. They might not have that much to choose from however, their prices are usually good.
    Last year Costco had the, Augason Farms One Month Pack at Costco for around $150. It’s a great breakfast pack that I highly recommend. Costcos, can be hit or miss. Check your store on a regular basis. Below are the links …

    Orange Drink

    Southwest Chili

  27. I purchase these from sams club. the only thing that bugs me, is the number of servings. like the whole eggs can, it claims 71 servings, the serving size is 2 1/2 tbsp. don’t think that is a real life serving size, but I guess they all do that. for those just add water packages, I like them a lot for my BOB, GHB, etc. I keep them in my family cars along with bottle water in case of breakdowns in middle of no place, or if I have to leave my location in a hurry. you can ask various companys for a free samples to try.

  28. Brearbear says:

    …my thoughts…

    …first… For any brand…read the label for ingredients. Like the above poster said about gmo’s and other things…is their a better healthier alternative?
    …second…buy a small packet if you can and do a taste test.
    Try out the entire line. I love mountain house for example but not everything…
    …third…I do not know your budget nor for how many people you are prepping for…each person may have a health/ex. Seafood/gluten free issues possibly…each has taste issues…especially young children.
    …fourth…for myself I stock the small meal sized packs as my lifestyle is not entirely based on JUST prepping but enjoying life.
    I use my preps and camping gear as much as possible for camping hiking fishing exploring etc…so it is two fold.

    The small meal sized packs have a longevity of 5 plus years…
    The #10 coffee cans 20plus years.
    The small meal sized cans only need water…(and for me hot sauce and a beer)…And voila! …suppers ready with only my spoon to wash as can eat out of the package.
    The #10 coffee cans need to be eaten right away once opened and would be good for a large group…

    I see prepping on a short term/mid term/long term basis…

    Short term: b.o.b./vehicle preps…caches along routes to safer regions or to a retreat…light to carry but high energy food preps…

    Mid term: preps that are based on the limits of store bought expiry dates…small freeze dried food packs…dried goods…canning your own…hunting growing food…”gama bucket’s”:gamma lids/Mylar bags/oxycabsorbers/food safe buckets. Etc. for when at a safer region/retreat. If staying Home this still applies.

    Long term: same as the foundation established for mid range plan…
    But NOW…also having a big supply of the #10 coffee cans…

    I really would suggest that you buy a variety of small packets to descide on the ones you like…as I said…BUT highly recommend you
    Try living on them and nothing else for a month!

    So yes…for a beginner…I recommend stocking only/mostly the small meal packets you like…and have tested…
    …and buy LOTS of canned food FIRST along with these small packs… (Here in Canada I can buy for example: .78c canned tuna. Sardines for a buck. Canned baked beans under a buck. A gallon of baked beans at whole sale club for under 5$ : (canned pasta/tomatoe sauce/whole tomatoes ).
    So …canned foods are cheap.

    Hope this helps…but all this talk about #10 cans might not be the best way for a beginner. They are expensive and I can get 3 to 4 small packs for the same price of a big can. Go with what works for you but with 3 small packets/5 yr shelf life…means I can distribute all 3meals in 3 different caches.

    Just my take…hope this helps!

  29. Brearbear says:

    …ooopsy…(I just report commented myself)… 🙂

  30. Brearbear says:

    A suggestion for the “Gamma bucket” system…
    Say for example you are packing rice into a 5 gallon bucket…
    I suggest instead of using only one big Mylar bag …use
    a bunch of smaller ones…within a larger one.
    …having many smaller bags will help with longevity and gives you
    versatility where you can transfer the smaller bags to other caches etc. also if/when shtf you will not have the time to do this later…

  31. Arthur X says:

    Quick tip. Gamma lids are awesome. However, recently I bought some new buckets and gamma lids, and the lids did not fit properly and make the seal. To test push, install the gamma lids on the buckets. Push down on the gamma lids and if there is squeaking on the bucket then gamma lids did not seal properly! You will have to get different lids. Just a heads up.

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