Questions and answers with The Wolf Pack : What are The Three must have books for preppers?

Hi MD, hope you are well.

If you see fit, can you ask the pack if they could chose three books to start over with, what would the books be ? I presume the bible will feature heavily, but the other two I can’t even decide for myself.

btw Nice tower gardens I spied in one of your pics a few weeks back.

Regards happy camper

M.D. Adds : My top three for must have prepper books would be – LDS Preparedness ManualThe Encyclopedia of Country Living, and Where there is no doctor.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Bam Bam says:

    Encyclopedia of Country Living

  2. Carolina Blue says:

    Great Question:

    For me and in this order (Non-Fiction):
    The Holy Bible,
    How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It – James Wesley, Rawles,
    SAS Survival Handbook – John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman
    The 299 Days Series – John Wesley, Rawles
    Going Home – A. American
    One Second After – William R. Forstchen
    Holding Their Own Series – Joe Nobody

    Be Safe —

    • 299 series written by Glen Tate ;-]

      • iamone,

        Yep, Rawles didn’t write The 299 Days Series. Strange to read a whole series and not know the author, but I guess that they must have been more interested in the content…

        • Carolina Blue says:

          I’ll consider myself sufficiently admonished and scolded. I apologize for the error.


  3. poorman says:

    The Vegetable Gardeners Bible

  4. My three must have books are “When Technology Fails” by Matthew Stein, “Stocking Up” by Carol Dupping, and The Survival Medicine Handbook” by Joseph Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P.

    • Curley Bull says:

      Glad to hear someone mention “Stocking Up”. I’ve had mine since 1964 or 65 when my boss’s wife at the shoe shop gave me a copy.

  5. jamullins says:

    everyone has their own personal choices, their favorites, but i feel that these books (from your favorites) are the most important;

    a survival handbook – a skill primer or refresher, maybe you need help on a topic like medical procedures or identifying edible plants

    a faith guidebook – dependent on your particular guiding faith, it could be a religious book such the bible, it could be about nationality or the founding fathers, maybe it’s philosophy such jung or plato; whatever will give you a sense of social guidance

    an entertaining book – this is a subject of much debate because no one wants admit the need for personalized stress relief. get a book to chill out with; sci-fi, horror, erotica, fantasy, et cetera.

    my current carry selections are as follows;
    the special forces survival guide
    medicinal and edible plants of north america
    to ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth
    the cardinal of the kremlin

    i know it is 4 books, but its what is in my tag-along bag know.

    • Buckwheat says:

      Plato’s Republic is one of the original blue prints of the new world order. If you are reading that one in order to get someone else’s perspective, fine. But for a prepper, I think that may be a mistake to follow and promote it. He and his sophists may not have started all of this mess but they definitely propagated it. The moral relativism that they taught is the basis upon which people can justify any action whatsoever. The Bible, however, is the antithesis of the moral relativism. I am not knocking it on religious grounds, but there are certain truths that should not be negotiated.

      • jamullins says:

        i believe in S.E.L.F.

        society- can’t be a ‘one’ if there isn’t a ‘many’, understanding your place is up to you, but you will not exist alone
        effort- little or lot, that is up to you, but more effort means more success, life is achieve through your efforts not the other way around
        learning- not just eduction, but real learning what it takes to achieve
        faith- because not matter you believe in, everyone believes in something, usually a lot of somethings

        i didn’t get this from anyone in particular, it just sort of came about through my own experiences and beliefs. but, saying that is the foundation for a subtle yet globally domineering political movement 2000 years from now isn’t anymore logical than blaming plato’s works for the claim of a global conspiracy to create a secret order that controls everything.

        i’m not ranting at you, it’s just looking to assign an illogical causality to something that hasn’t come to pass. there are far too many real and immediate things to worry over. the new world order? so what, when the needs of the few crush the lives of the many, well, life has a way of self correcting just like nature.

  6. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Good question and one I’ve not thought about in a limit of books. I’ve an entire book case full of just Bible study, prepping and gardening.

    1 Bible
    2 Where there is no doctor
    3 Back to basics

    Unless the SHTF while on my boat then it’d be

    1 Bible
    2 The offshore cruising encyclopedia
    3 Storm tactics

  7. My three
    1. The bible
    2. Back to basics
    3.The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook

  8. Wait! I have over 5,000 books in my library and you want me to pick just 3?
    Encyclopedia of country living
    And there are 50 or more that could go in the number 3 slot including
    Herbal PDR
    Where there is no doctor
    Be your on doctor ( that may be Let’s play doctor )
    Any number of books on NBC events
    Rodale’s guide to organic gardening
    Merck’s manuals on human and vet medical
    The list is really endless as my library covers a bit of every thing from algebra to zoology .

    • Mary in GA says:

      I have Where There is No Doctor, but not Where There is No Dentist, can anyone tell me more about it? I have had it on my Amazon wish list for awhile.

      • Mary,

        You can download it for free from the publisher:

        www dot hesperian dot org.

        • Mary in GA says:

          Thanks Sirius, I’ll do that!

        • Hi Sirius, I went to the site, but could only find the Kindle versions of Where There Is No Dentist, and Where There Is No Doctor which they charge for. Still a good deal, but do you have any suggestions?

  9. Tactical G-Ma says:

    What about the books on anatomy and emergency surgery. Pests and pest control. The PDF. A minimum of a dozen just to get by. Especially the ones dealing with life and death!
    3 books! The Bible, a Hymnal, and DIY embalming! 🙂

    Otherwise, MD’s choice was good.

  10. Wild One says:

    Sas survival guide and wild edible plants.

  11. patientmomma says:

    Same As MD , plus Scriptures And Vet Book For animals

    • Happy Camper says:

      Wow, I’d not thought of a vet book. And I have animals with me 24/7.
      This week my bull terrier was very sick, she spent a night at the vet on IV fluids with high temp and high white cell count. 24 hours cost me $540 (thankfully I had $550 from goods sold on ebay in my AC). Bought her home on amoxicillin.
      No improvement after 24 hours home, so I gave her a 1ml injection in her back fat of colloidal silver and 2ml orally.
      Within 15 minutes she was alert and stood up and walked about a little.
      Colloidal silver is magic stuff for people and animals 🙂

  12. Practical Herbalism
    Encyclopedia of Country Living
    Where there is no Doctor

  13. I think for me it would be: The Bible, Back to basics, and some field medical book. The bible could serve as my entertainment as well as my grounding.

  14. tommy2rs says:

    I’d have to have 4

    Encyclopedia of Country Living
    Rodales Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
    Probably The Green Pharmacy because I’ve relied on it for so long and it’s full notes I’ve made in the margins

    And last but certainly not least and because what would life be without it…..drum roll please….
    Bacon Nation – 125 Irresistible Recipes

    • Happy Camper says:

      What if you have no bacon ? The pictures and recipes might be a bad thing. Lol !

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        No self respecting prepper would ever allow themselves to run out of bacon, it’s the most perfect food there is…

        I have been canning a lot of it to make sure I’m a good prepper.


        • Happy Camper says:

          I guess you could get it to walk with you on a lead rather than packing it. Lol

      • axelsteve says:

        It will be hard to leave my book Real men don`t eat quiche. It is always good for a laugh.

        • tommy2rs says:

          Quiche Lorraine has bacon in it, that makes it manly enough for me. I just refer to it as bacon and egg pie……lol

          • Kat's Tale says:

            Gosh you guys can make me smile. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Lucky for me my DH is a great maker of bacon. Most of his recipes are in his head, so we don’t need a how to book. How ever there are some great titles that I am going to look into.
            We have a few Foxfire books that are very helpful.

  15. Encourager says:

    I guess it depends on where you are at with your prepping.
    For a beginner:
    1. the Bible
    2. The Prepper’s Workbook: Checklists, Worksheets, and Home Projects to Protect Your Family from Any Disaster (this has been out of print but just became available again 4/1/14 – I just ordered it, but it was so highly recommended to me that I am listing it here)
    3. Encyclopedia of Country Living

    • Encourager says:

      Boy, that was realllly difficult, just choosing 3!!! How about 10??

      • Can I have 17? Maybe that’s doable…

      • Happy Camper says:

        Well I guess it comes down to space and weight of what you can carry.
        Books have more than information, paper has many uses also if needed.

  16. k. fields says:

    Encyclopedia of Country Living
    The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Care at Sea
    Naked Into the Wilderness

  17. TNfarmer says:

    Encyclopedia of Country Living – Carla Emery
    Earth Abides – George Stewart
    Websters Complete Dictionary (I could spend hours learning new words :)) Also good as a teaching tool for children.

  18. Patriot Dave says:

    Great suggestions. Some I need to purchase myself.
    I would throw in a large general cookbook to provide ideas to avoid pallate fatigue.

  19. Patriot Dave says:

    Just thought of it. A good road atlas.

  20. Nancy V. says:

    Three books? Egads.

    Okay, here it goes…

    1. Pocket Ref, 4th edition, Thomas J. Glover
    2. North America Flora identification book.
    3. A Survival Medicine by Alton or LDS

    and since I must have a bookmark for my reading, I include a miniature copy of 100 classic poems. 🙂

  21. Happy Camper says:

    Awesome suggestions !! I’m in a pinch now because there are a few books that I feel I must have.
    I ebook novels, usually on iTunes so I can get them again at a later date without taking up storage.
    But paper books are also a must have. I personally prefer a paper book over a bright screen.
    I would pack the bible and ???maybe one of my grandmothers old old books, some have great traditional info and I’m not sure on the third.
    Great answers pack 🙂

  22. My list isnt much different then most here,
    The Bible
    Doom and Bloom Emergency Medical Handbook
    Emergency Vet Guide (it’s up in the barn and I’m not sure of the exact name) and I have a first aid kit for my horses just as extensive as for humans)

    And after reading the list I should add in The Enclycopedia od Country Living.

  23. SoCalPrepper says:

    I don’t get the bible choice. The bible is things you know (or know well enough) – if you could only choose 3 books to take with you into the TEOTWAWKI, best bet is to take technical books that you can’t know as well as you would like, and then write down the religious stuff from memory, or recreate with your memory along with other people’s memories.

    Anyway, here’s my 3:
    Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners
    Dressing & Cooking Wild Game: From Field to Table
    When there is no Doctor

    Disclaimer – I’m not so much a religious person.

    • The bible as a whole is a religious book but that having been said it is also a book of agriculture ,a book of history, a book of medical care , a book on wild foods and so much more. In short it is a book on life.

    • One other book people might want to look at is Billy Joe Tatum’s Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        That looks like a good one Fixit! I’ll have to order a copy soon for my print library. I keep most things on my Nook, but for instructional books like that I like to keep hard copies.

        I get what you all are saying about the Bible being important to you, but I feel like feeding yourself is more important. Maybe you can do both! It’s not like you’ll REALLY only be allowed to take 3 books. From a purely literature point of view, the English translation of the Bible (IMO) isn’t even that well written. The Hebrew is better…but anyway the whole thing is hard for me to wrap my head around because I’m a Jew that’s quickly becoming atheist. But I don’t mind people having their faith and if that is important to you and helps you survive, it’s all good.

  24. DH and I would want 6 books: The Bible, because it’s not just a religious book, but it also has exciting stories and poetry; Petersons Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants; one of the Military manuals (we have the Army one) on survival; a book on medicinal herbs; and a general how to type book like the Encyclopedia of Country Living or Back to Basics

  25. First and foremost would be The Holy Bible, but I think that it is a given, so the next 3 prepping type books are…
    The Art of War by Sun Tzu gotta know what the bad guys are gonna do and how to react to it.
    Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Peterson Field Guides
    Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
    Those are ones that I actually read and like a lot, there is a ton more on my list to get to in my ‘spare time’, those stick in my head as ones I reread.

    • Happy Camper says:

      Have you read the art of war ? I need motivation to get through it. I just can’t get into it.
      I presumed you needed a certain train of thought or military background to understand it. I’ve got it on my iPad and it’s my nemeses along with ‘to kill a mockingbird’

      • Happy,
        It gives insight into the minds of what people do, how to predict what they will do, before they even know it themselves. Shows how to give to lead others, give clear commands so that team members understand what is expected of them.
        I had to go through it a few times to get where he was going with some of his ideas.
        Military is just one area that this book is useful, anyone that is in a position of leading others, manager or owner of a business, or even having kids and being ‘in charge’ of a family.
        If you are a leader, or want to be more in control, this book will show you the tools to be good at it.

    • Brearbear says:

      Another book similiar to the Art Of War…
      The Book of 5 Rings.

      • Bearbear,
        The Book of 5 Rings is another great one, Musashi’s story of his strategies for battle and how he used them to ‘retire’ as an undefeated samurai. Most never got that chance, defeat was death.

  26. The Rangers handbook

  27. Lord Snow says:

    Why do so many list the bible? Will the the bible teach you to grow food? Will the bible teach you how to treat an infection? What about fixing an internal combustion engine, or purifying water?
    I would imagine a book like the bible would be of little use if you were starving, sick, or thirsty.
    And I know the general response of “the Lord protects me”, or “Faith will guide me”. Someone who deep down actually believes in preparedness must make peace with the notion that there may be no god and a book such as the bible may be of no more use other than tinder. Think about it; What is more far fetched? A solar flare that wipes out all electronics on the planet, or an all knowing space ghost that created the universe in 7 days and knows what is in the mind of every human being from antiquity until today?
    I’ll take three books that would actually be useful.

    • Lord Snow,

      That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it – just like everyone who trusts in our lord Jesus Christ are entitled to do so. So why go on the attack toward others faith?

      • Mary in GA says:

        +1000 .M.D.!!

      • Lord Snow says:

        Not attacking at all. In fact I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from K-12. I merely wish to entertain other possibilities. I fully support any and all faiths (unless they suppress individual freedoms). I still believe that there are some very respectable aspects of Christianity as a whole, however, if I was to take three books the bible would not be one of them.

        • Encourager says:

          Lord Snow,

          Attending a Catholic school no more makes one a Christian than sitting in a garage makes one a car. Those of us who profess to be Christians have a relationship with God, not just head knowledge.

          “I still believe that there are some very respectable aspects of Christianity as a whole…” nice backtracking.

    • Per Hiero Desteen says:

      One wonders why you would launch such a vicious, unwarranted attack.

      • Lord Snow says:

        Vicious? I simply offered another point of view. No offense intended.

        • Per Hiero Desteen says:

          You lack self-awareness. Calling God a “space ghost” is insulting to Christians. Much less denigrating people who choose the Bible for one of their 3 books. You should list the 3 you like and not criticize another’s choice.

          • Lord Snow says:

            I lack nothing. For someone with no faith in a supernatural being “space ghost” is not insulting at all, merely an observation of canon (a non-corporeal being that resides in the heavens). I’m sure you and others have your own description of your deity, however that does not mean that I would use such terms. KYPD

          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            You criticized other people’s choice of the Bible. That is not your place to question other people’s choices, nor does it have anything to do with the post. List your 3 choices. No one will criticize them because those are the ones YOU made, the ones that are important to you. Quit being an immature troll.

          • axelsteve says:

            You lack many things snow,you are to arrogant to recognize that fact.

          • Lord Snow says:

            So my list is:
            Encyclopedia of Country Living
            5 Acres and Independence
            Doom and Bloom Emergency Medical Handbook
            Special consideration to:
            Army Survival guide
            Where there is no Doctor
            The whole Foxfire series
            Facing Violence

          • Snow,

            That’s what the reader was asking for – a must have three book list. A lot of folks don’t have the money to build a huge survival library or just prefer to keep it small and to be honest by choosing the correct ten books one can cover everything that is needed…

          • Buckwheat says:

            I am going with:
            Vegetable Gardeners Bible ~ Ed Smith
            Encyclopedia of Country Living ~ Carla Emery
            Strategic Relocation – Joel Skousen (Just in case I have to plan on the fly before or during a bug out)

            I had forgotten about a couple of books mentioned above and not thought of others. I will go through the list and make an order shortly.

          • Per Hiero Desteen,

            Exactly, the question was about choosing three books and asked for readers choices only, and was not an invitation to criticize other readers choices. Or to insult other readers faith with terms such as “space ghost”.

          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            Thank you for that, MD. And I’ll admit I got a little carried away, but I have never made any attempt to shut down any opposing view. I have never e-mailed you or made any attempt to get you to censor anyone’s view. I called the guy out for his criticism of other’s choices and his insult. In any event, I apologize for any confusion I might have caused.

          • Encourager says:

            +1000 MD.

            Insecure people attack others. ‘Nuf said.

          • SoCalPrepper says:

            In all actuality, calling God “God” rather than spelling it as “G-d” is pretty offensive to many Jews. Like I said in my random essay below, we can comment and criticize other’s choices – that’s the point of having the discussion. If I posted on here that I’m only going to shoot steel jacketed ammo from now on, I bet ya’ll would have something to say about it.

          • axelsteve says:

            I have nothing against steel jacketed ammo . Beats having no ammo. Heck I would rather have a 9mm then be unarmed. I would rather have the 223 or the disco 5.56 then being unamed.I never understood the G-d thing with the Jews since god is a title not a name.The good book states that there are many gods. I happen to worship the creator though not the creted.

          • SoCalPrepper says:

            So the origin of that one is pretty straightforward. In the original Hebrew, the “name” of G-d is set right out in Hebrew letters BUT, because 1) we’re not supposed to try to pronounce it and 2) the Hebrew Bible contains no vowels, we don’t know how to pronounce it. In the translation, that combination of letters is translated straight across as “God.” So the translators THOUGHT this was an accurate translation, and in mysticism, at least, it’s the thought that counts. So “God” became the English translation for the name of God, and Jews have had to try and get away from that because you’re not supposed to attempt to pronounce or write the name of God.

            Good sense says it would be a title not a name, but that wasn’t the original intent.

          • Encourager says:

            Ummm….here. Chew on this:

            Names of God…
            El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty)
            El Elyon (The Most High God)
            Adonai (Lord, Master)
            Yahweh (Lord, Jehovah)
            Jehovah Nissi (The Lord My Banner)
            Jehovah-Raah (The Lord My Shepherd)
            Jehovah Rapha (The Lord That Heals)
            Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There)
            Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness)
            Jehovah Mekoddishkem (The Lord Who Sanctifies You)
            El Olam (The Everlasting God)
            Elohim (God)
            Qanna (Jealous)
            Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide)
            Jehovah Shalom (The Lord Is Peace)
            Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts)

            He goes by many Names…but He is the One and Only God. Period. My humble opinion and deepest belief.

          • SoCalPrepper says:

            Maybe in Christianity those are all accepted “names” of G-d. Go study some Judaism – only ONE name of G-d is accepted, and when the Hebrew was translated to the Greek, and then into the English, the collection of letters that was chosen to represent the Hebrew name of “G-d” were G…o….and d. Like I said, in Judaism, at least, it is the intent that counts. The original translators intended that to mean what it was supposed to mean…a name. You can cite whatever you want, here, but the Judaic tradition of NOT spelling / pronouncing it exists. It is a tradition that is REAL.

            My point is – LOTS of words can be offensive. So what? A person’s job isn’t to run around life trying to be super careful not to offend someone’s sensibilities.

            People are clamoring about having their faith questioned – and here you all are questioning MY people’s very serious belief that the word should be written a certain way. It isn’t fluff – it’s a real tradition. Now, do I, personally, care about a critique? NO! Of course not! I’m on here talking about my blossoming atheism!

            But you’re all up in arms about Lord Snow’s “space ghost” comment, yet there is no problem ridiculing a very real tradition and belief about the spelling of a deity’s name? So what IS, in a name, then?

            Pot, meet kettle.

          • Encourager says:

            Those “names” of God came mostly from the Old Testament. They are also mentioned in the Torah.

            Can we just call a truce????

          • SoCalPrepper says:

            Sure!! Truce. I don’t really care about the names themselves. The point was just that everyone can find something offensive in everything 🙂

          • Hi SoCalPrepper, ” everyone can find something offensive in everything :)”

            I think the issue here, tho, is the difference between inadvertently giving off offense, and doing so deliberately.

            I am satisfied that Lord Snow did the latter, especially since his original offensive remark was not part of a post giving a list of the three books he would take with him. All he did was try to provoke offense, and he succeeded.

            Giving offense inadvertently is a mistake. Deliberately giving offense is rude.

          • That would be offensive to Christians , Muslims AND Jews .

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I think I have to support Lord Snow here. I was raised Lutheran and am still active, but if survival is the issue the bible would not be a first choice. It’s part of my prepper library and always will be (I have it on my Nook E-Reader and a paper copy) but it’s not in my opinion a survival book. I think most of us have a good idea whats in it and value what it teaches but I don’t need a copy of it with me on a camping trip gone bad. If I were in a survival situation I would want problem-solving books that would help me keep my body alive to get home. I don’t see the bible doing this. I do take my Nook with me most times so I guess I do have it with me, but it’s not a go to survival book for me.


          • Lord Snow says:

            Thanks. All I was attempting to get across is that I do not believe the Bible is a survival book in the purest sense. Sure, you may like to reference it, or find some comfort in its pages, but it will not help to feed, cloth, or quench your thirst (physical people… not spiritual).

          • Buckwheat says:

            Pretty sure that the “space ghost” comment was what got everyone’s attention. Your last comment would have been a great point to make. The ones before it, not so much.

          • axelsteve says:

            Now he changes the argument by stating the purest sense.Typical lib he may now start screaming since he has not played the race card yet.I am done feeding trolls.

          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            Why criticize someone else’s choice? It’s their choice. List the ones you like, I’m not going to criticize you if I don’t like your choice.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Lord Snow you have touched “the third rail” and can’t win with your point of view.

            The third rail is a political term relating to electric commuter trains, you touch the third rail and you are dead, electrocuted.

            Politicians try to not talk about anything that will kill or harm their popularity. and religion is one of the political hand grenades that can kill a politician.

            You sir just grabbed the third rail with both hands, so you get electrocuted.


          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            Wow, now we have to go off on some philosophical, nonsensical slant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The point of the article was to list 3 books to start over with, not to argue over the merits of the Bible being a prepping book or not. That’s a personal opinion. And if someone wants to list the Bible as one of their 3 books, that’s fine. Or should be until Lord Snow and now you make the decision that it isn’t. Well, it may not be to you. Good, fine, don’t list it as one of your three. But don’t question other people choices. It’s their choice, it’s one of the three books they want if they were to start over. I don’t understand why you can’t see it’s not so much the criticism of the Bible as it is the criticism of someone’s choice. It’s THEIR choice, you don’t get to make it for them.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            This is my last post on the bible issue as it’s not useful after a point.

            And those that take offense to it are the very apposed to counter views and come out swinging with both hands. they can’t fathom someone having a view other then theirs. hence “the third rail” comment.

            As far as the “philosophical, nonsensical slant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.” many post here go in all kinds of different directions, it’s called communication and people talk about different things.

            Your “philosophical, nonsensical slant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.” comment actually shows you have no tolerance for apposing views as it’s nothing more then a response attack to shout other views down.

            Like I said above I was raised Lutheran and am still active. I don’t agree with Lord Snows views, but unlike you I respect his right to have them and voice them even when they are not my views. My post on this was nothing more then that.

            Before you post again, ask yourself why someone with apposing views makes you attack with words like “philosophical, nonsensical slant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand” that clearly tells the other person you have no respect for him and his views. Do you attack others in post that have nothing to do with the bible? if not the “nothing to do with the topic at hand” is clearly only a gun you pull out when your religious viewpoint is questioned.

            Again I think we agree on our religious views, but I can allow Lord Snow to post his views and while I don’t agree with all them, respect his RIGHT to have and voice them.

            This is one of the founding principals this country was founded on, and it seems you may not really understand that.

            MD like I said above I will not keep going with this because of the intolerance of apposing views on this basic freedom will never end with some here and this debate (even when I agree with the views of most posting against Lord Snow and by default myself) like the police debate of a few weeks ago it will never stop.

            Just let it go and move on people and try to allow for others to have views different then yours…


          • Happy Camper says:

            When I’m thinking about a conflicted Tuesday question, I refer to the bible.
            At the moment in my house I’m culling,me baying and donating items. The bible has motivated me on value being mental and in relationships not possessions.
            It’s not a matter of getting a black and white answer, for me it’s about seeing opinions and scenarios and becoming informed to make my own choice.
            If you have a confusion or bourdon, try googling the issue in regards to bible verses. I think the value is in the timeless issues we all face again and again.
            There’s so much information in the bible in regards to survival, oils, silver etc.
            Having faith means to me being able to share my problems, Jesus died on the cross because none of us are strong enough to carry all our burdens alone.
            Do you celebrate Christmas or Easter ?
            This question is about what three books would you chose, these books go into your bag for you to carry.

          • Hi Lord Snow,
            They talk about you criticizing when you weren’t. But yet they are out of line talking to you that way. If you believe in the Bible, then you should know it!!!! And it will stay with you. God wants “Us” all to do the Footwork needed to survive!!!!

            I know the bible so I don’t need it.

            I do however need help with:
            1: A military book that covers: Field training, Medical, Survival, ect.
            2: Herbal Medical book that is in detail of not only the Medical Herbs and how to grow them, but how to make the medical salves, tonics, ect
            3: Seed Saving to Growing of Fruits and Vegatables in your Climate area.

          • Now if I could have 7 (anouther 4), I would add:
            4: Merck’s manuals on human and vet medical
            5: Hunting & Trapping, how to butcher all types of meat, and one that reciepes for wild game.
            6: Depression cooking cook book (to help with, make shift type recipes, substitutions and solutions).
            7: Canning, Preserving, Smoking, Curing – in all ways.

            No matter what. This blog is great. Good way for people to think about what type of books they need and why.

          • Have to disagree , religion is a very personal thing , BUT its also a very powerful thing , the body is just one part of the survival equation , the mind and will are the other two , and will carry you through even when your body lets you down . Even the military suggests to those on a ” camping trip gone bad ” to keep your faith and to take the time to pray and do whatever is your belief , they understand that it can keep a person focused and going forward . If religion had no real value , the world would not be under siege by people willing to go through extreme hardship , privations and pain to accomplish goals ….Islam .

        • axelsteve says:

          Having a name lord snow you may be a britt and britts are not real people they are mere subjects.

          • Lord Snow says:

            It is from Game of Thrones….I do believe some of the actors may be Brittish though.

          • SoCalPrepper says:

            I can’t believe everyone missed the “you know nothing” opportunity 🙂

          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            I doubt very many here watch Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead is more popular, or at least that’s been my observation. And a number of people here don’t have cable or satellite, either. I don’t spend my money on it, but again, that’s a personal choice.

          • Dont watch American TV at all …its a propagandized brain rotter .

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Lord Snow,

      You should look into a CD called ‘Learn the Bible in 24 hours”. Using math and quantum physics Dr. Missler can show you exactly how God created everything in 7 days. It really just depends on E=MC squared and where you are standing!

      Plus there are planting instructions, medical advice and prepping information as well! You are giving voice to your lack of knowledge.

      AND if there is no God and we are nothing after except dead and gone and nothing…no one will ever know and having lived an honorable life by Bible instruction harms no one. HOWEVER, If I’m right (and I absolutely believe I am and not just based from the Bible) you may find yourself in a big way of hurt after you die. Really, you should avail yourself of the free information at

      As far a prepping? Let me remind you of a modern day commander in the middle east who was given the book of Joshua (art of war book) by a friend before leaving for his tour. He found himself frustrated and needing information. Oddly, he picked up that little book and read a description of the very place he was at. It gave him what he needed to know. Thus you never know what you can find within those pages.

      If however you want to believe that first there was nothing and then it exploded…and we’re all here because of that….then knock yourself out, but leave me with all my Bible history, teachings and beliefs and my other prep books.

      • Lord Snow says:

        I have not heard of Dr. Missler, but from a brief google session I did not find his thieries to be backed by any reputable mathematician, astronomer, or other STEM professional. There is a book I would also recommend, it is call the The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins. In this book Mr. Dawkins uses logic and science to explain why god not only does not exist, but cannot exist. He does not attack religion, merely explains his research as to why it exists and how it came to be. I would suggest even devout religious people reading it for no other reason if not to better understand the point of view of athiests.

        • Annnnnndddddddddd , there was also a time when science and research said the world was flat …………we put too much faith in science , truth is ….we know nothing . That and the fact that humans only use 20% of the brains potential , that alone should say volumes . Their are things we have no clue about …and never will . Like anything in either direction , you can take it too far . I find most hardcore scientists are without conscience , morals or decency … those are not the type of people to be trusted , the Nazi’s loved scientists like that …..I’ll pass . When you dont understand the basics of right or wrong ……your a danger to society and need to be sepparated from that society . Just Sayin .

          • Tolik,
            We know nothing? Most everyone did believe that the world was flat, until science proved that it wasn’t. It was believed that the entire universe rotated around the earth, until science proved that it didn’t, but even then, it took several hundred years for the church to stop prosecuting people who understood the science, even though the church knew it to be true.
            As for hard core scientists being immoral, perhaps you could give some references, since none come to mind at this moment. Keep in mind that someone claiming to be a scientist (i.e., Bill Nye the Science Guy), doesn’t make it so. In his case he’s gotten into the alternate religion of climate change. You can tell it’s a religion when they ask if you are a “Believer or a Denier”, and at that point science is no longer involved.
            You state, “the fact that humans only use 20% of the brains potential” and although I hear this lot, it is simply incorrect. We only use perhaps 20% at a time, but the entire brain is used almost continuously. If you’re sitting in the dark, listening to music, your visual cortex may or may not be engaged as much as your audible cortex, and your sense of taste may not be in use at all; however, these areas that are not in use, will be at some other point in the day, when the audio or visual is not being used as much. Only 20% at one time is perhaps a better analogy.
            By the way, throwing in the Nazi’s is always a nice touch, although I’m sure no ill intent was meant by it.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I do believe that true science is A-moral. Proof is or isn’t.
            Science should be totally objective. That doesn’t mean that scientists are any more or less religious than the general population.

          • Tactical G-Ma,
            While I agree that science should be totally objective, I don’t think that it should be amoral, because lack of morals or ethics can end up creating the Nazi’s Doctor Josef Mengele. Although science should be objective and always deal with provable and testable truth and facts, we should still apply ethics and morals. The mere fact that we can do something in science, or potentially test and prove a hypothesis doesn’t always mean we should do it. As we learn more about neuroscience and genetics, there are potentially many things we could do both for and to human beings; however, ethics need to be applied, and some things not performed, because they are or could be perceived as morally wrong.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            You make a very good point. I wish to clarify what I said earlier. Definitely ethics and morality should be applied by scientists. I was thinking more of the science. Like science doesn’t have emotions or pretend. Scientists on the other hand are human.

    • Lord Snow,
      The Bible is more than just a way to praise the Lord, It’s stories show much in the way of prepping and lessons for living with less.
      I think that if someone reads and understands the Bible they would see the lessons for life and beyond.
      I may not agree with you but that’s ok, I think your other choices in books are good ones.

    • SoCalPrepper says:

      Like my post above said, I raised an eyebrow at the choice of the Bible too BUT I think the difference was that I pointed out a different “why” – not because it isn’t important to them, but because the technical “stuff” in the how-to books might be impossible to re-create, but you know the Bible and could re-create most of it.

      Like I also said above, I’m quickly becoming an atheist. I think that idea has always been there, but I’ve started reading some pretty great books on it lately and it pretty much sums up the way I feel about religion – specifically God, No by Penn Jillette. It basically talks about how if your answer to “is there a god” is “I don’t know,” then logically you can’t then believe there is a god. For instance, if I asked you if there is a cow on top of the Empire State Building right now, you can’t know that unless you go and look, right? So your answer has to be “I don’t know.” But can you still BELIEVE there is a cow there? I don’t think so.

      Sorry for the diatribe. I was a philosophy major so it is all really interesting to me – the interaction of belief, logic, and reality.

      But no one cares about my philosophy. My actual point is that we debate choices here all the time – this water filter over that water filter, this method of storing grain, what should I store for fuel, etc etc. But when it comes to debating books now that’s not ok? Silly, maybe, because like I said, it’s not like you can REALLY only have 3 books! But I think open discourse on ALL prepper topics is good, and that’s why we all hang out here.

      That same Penn Jillette book I’m reading had a REALLY good point on proselytizing, too. This, from an atheist. He basically said that if you REALLY believe that I’m going to be cut out of heaven and eternal life by doing what I’m doing, but you don’t say so or say anything because it might be socially awkward, that’s pretty weird. I mean, if you seriously believe that by doing “X” I’m going straight down to you-know-where, how can you just sit there and say nothing? If you were about to get hit by a train, I would push you out of the way or at least tell you it’s coming! And everlasting life is way more important than that!

      I just thought it was a really interesting point that more discourse is better, rather than less. So maybe we’re a little critical of faith / belief, but that’s ok – you should be critical of us, too!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Have you ever heard “there are no Atheists in Foxholes”?
        There is some truth in that.
        As a Christian we are taught to constantly witness the glory of being “Born Again”. No one in this country and most others have never been given the opportunity to choose to be a Christian. I do believe if you do not believe and accept Christ as your savior you will live eternity in Hell. But I cannot pass judgement on anyone because we are taught that that’s God’s job.
        So, I say to you, I love you as I love myself. I pray that you will choose to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and that we will reside together in heaven. But we all have free will to believe what we believe.

        I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But He loves me anyway and through Jesus Christ will take me to Heaven when my time comes.

        It is really hard for me to believe. Every cell in my brain screams that religion is hocus pocus. It only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed. And God and science aren’t exclusive of one another.

    • What an unfortunate thread, Lord Snow. Thanks a lot for starting it with a deliberate slam at religious people. You knew perfectly well that “all knowing space ghost” would be offensive to any religious readers, and you used it deliberately.

      I am not religious, and I am offended at you deliberately offending those who are religious. Your transparently spurious defense that people who aren’t religious would not be offended by “all knowing space ghost” is as convincing as a Klanner claiming that walking into a black church and calling the congregation “n******” is OK because fellow Klanners would not be offended by the term.

      Just because you consider yourself intellectually oh so superior to anyone who is religious does not entitle you to be deliberately offensive. You were deliberately offensive, and I take your comments in the manner you intended them.


      • Per Hiero Desteen says:

        Thank you, Penrod. I have never seen the word “space ghost” used in any other manner other than a pejorative to question the intelligence of Christians. I believe he knew it when he used it that way, and that is what precipitated my initial remarks. I’ve apologized to MD for getting carried away and sucked into that particular argument. As he said, “maybe I just had too much coffee”.

        • Hi Per Hiero Desteen, maybe you did have too much coffee, but you were also deliberately provoked by someone who apparently thinks he is entitled to be rude to those who do not share his faith that there is no deity.

          Perhaps the best response to him from now on is to ignore him. His type thrives on offending others. Don’t respond and he’ll eventually lose interest and go away.

          • Per Hiero Desteen says:

            Very good advice, Penrod, and I’m going to take it. Whether you are religious or not, you are a peacemaker, sir, and that puts you in good stead.

          • Thank you, Per Hiero Desteen. I fail all too often, but thank you.

            I am not an atheist: I’m agnostic. I am sceptical, but have no faith that there is no deity. Someday I may decide on one side of the question or the other, but I respect both those who have faith and those who don’t.

            I don’t respect deliberate rudeness, though, and that for me is the issue here.

      • Lord Snow says:

        There was no deliberate poke. I have no feelings of entitlement, and do not get off on getting others riled up. In fact rarely ever post on any site. I have been following this site for well over a year before posting anything. I simply had a different opinion of what appears to be the majority of folks on here. Oh well. In my personal experience the greater the religious fervency the greater intolerance for others religious inclinations should they not align to their own. At least I have managed to carry out this conversation without name calling.

        • Per Hiero Desteen says:

          Here’s the thing, if you want others to tolerate your beliefs, then you should be willing to tolerate theirs in the same manner. You can shout to the world you’re an atheist, I’m not going to criticize you for it. If you had selected the book you referenced earlier, I wouldn’t have said anything, or criticized your choice. In any event, I don’t want you to leave this site because of anything I said. Everyone needs to prep, including atheists.

      • Perhaps he should go to either , Syria , Iran , Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Afghanistan , etc. …and tell them that their god is a space ghost and they are wrong ……..attacking christians and jews is safe and they are easy targets because they are not violent , Muslims will KILL your ass for it , and guess what ….as a result , they are not attacked like that ………… for thought and perhaps a different game plan .

        • Tolik,
          OTOH, Christians can go to these same countries and receive a prison term or worse for simply having the bible with them. Not a good comparison my friend; nor, is the implication of your food for thought.

  28. Jersey Drifter says:

    I am a slow reader. And I like to take naps ( when reading ) so one book would keep me busy a long time.

  29. Mary in GA says:

    1 – Bible
    2 – Encylopedia of Country Living – Carla Emery
    3 – Back to Basics or Foxfire series

  30. axelsteve says:

    Bible in large print Boy scout manual. The one before they went rainbow.One of M. D`s books of course,we are on his blog.

  31. The Boy Scout Handbook (the older the better)
    The Boy Scout Field Manual (the older the better
    The Joy of Cooking

    • Encourager says:

      I was cleaning out some bookshelves in the basement and came across a Boy Scout Field Manual from the 1950’s. Whoo-hooooo!!! My dh said it had been his dad’s. How cool is that? We also have many of the Handbooks before they became ‘politically’ corrupt.

  32. Chuck Findlay says:

    I never really liked the “if you could only have 1, 2, 3” or however many, but always a very low number of whatever is being talked about. I don’t have to limit myself to 3 guns or 3 books. Over the last several years I have built up a respectable prepper library that covers numerous topics. I don’t know what is coming so I have a lot of information in books to cover a wide range of situations. My library of books, PDF and Word files is one of my most valued prepping items. I’m not going to limit myself to only three books.

    I don’t know for sure, but I think the “If you could only have (insert low number here)” of an item is to get an idea of what others think is the most important or best of that item to get. And I guess there is some value in this if you are looking to fill your library with good useful books, but don’t think that 3 books will prepare you for what could be coming at us.

    I often find new books I see value in having from what others post, but I am also building a library that is larger then even I expected it to be. A few years ago I built a book case made to be moved by a hand-truck in that I made a sliding piece of wood for a front cover so it could be moved intact without any books falling out. I made it strong enough to allow it to be moved and not get loose unlike many things made today that fall apart in short order. I made it bigger then I thought I would need by 25%. It’s now overfull and I;m going to make a new one this summer. I never thought I would fill it any time soon when I built it. Had I limited myself to a small number of books this book case would have been fine. But as I learned more (actually I learned there is much I don’t know) I looked for information in the form of books to fill in the gaps and now I have a library of books that almost any prepper would find useful.

    Here are two books I would say every prepper should add to their ever-expanding library as both are the top in their area of interest.

    Encyclopedia of Country Living – Carla Emery

    The Prepper’s Cookbook – by Tess Pennington (300 recipes to turn your emergency food into delicious life-saving food)


  33. Tough call for someone who has already experienced this book replacement.
    1) 1940’s Betty Crocker cookbook
    2) Western Gardens Book
    3) Genealogical Handbook of our family history
    Some things can be replaced, others can not. We each have a choice, these are mine.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      I have a few older cook books and like them. But I noticed they use terms that are not common today. I would suggest anyone that has one of these great older books take a few min to look through it and put a note in it (in the form of a bookmark / page of paper) that converts things to more understandable today terms to make it more useful.


      • Encourager says:

        I have two cookbooks I treasure –

        “The American Woman’s Cook Book” by Ruth Berolzheimer, published in 1938 (which was my grandmother’s); and “The Settlement Cook Book (The Way to a Man’s Heart)” [yep, it really says that on the cover!!] compiled by Mrs. Simon Kander, published 1945.

        I also have an Amish cook book that tells you how to cook and eat every single part of an animal…

        • Could you share the name of the Amish Cookbook? Thank you

          • Encourager says:

            I bought this in 1972 and it may not be in print any more.

            “Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook – Fine Old Recipes” Edited by Claire S. Davidow; printed by Culinary Arts Press, P O Box 1182, Reading PA.

          • Encourager
            Which year was yours published? I found two different printing dates.

          • Encourager says:

            The latest date in mine is 1972. There could have been more printings after that, of course.

          • I found 1936 & 38, then found the 70’s issue.
            Thanks for the information. Does your book have swirls with dutch figures on the cover?
            I found one with a wooden cover, it looks like something that came out of the depression era.

          • Encourager says:


  34. mom of three says:

    I also would have my Bible, Stocking Up, Back to Basic, the third edition, it’s on sale at Barnes & noble, for $9.98, I just got it Monday, and I can’t put it down. The big book of preserving the harvest, by Carol W Costenbader. My Pritchett family cookbook one I could never get rid of. It’s my family’s recipe’s that one of my mom’s cousin put together for all the girl’s in the family. I have recipe’s from my great grandmother. If we had a fire, I know this is selfish, but I would try hard to save them before my wedding album:) Now that I think of it my wedding album, is by the front door so it could get saved:)

  35. Curley Bull says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I’ve been reading the above and “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”. Don’t knock others and they won’t knock you. The folks on this blog are family and while some are believers, some are not, but we don’t knock each other. I personally am not a believer, I’m a KNOWER! When you have been where I have been, seen what I have seen, and lived through what I have lived through, you can’t be anything else. We were given freedom of choice and with that, we choose what we wish to believe. This is a personal choice and I don’t have to answer for anyone else nor do they have to answer for me.

    While I’m on my soapbox, I’ve been around death most of my life. I have had nine people pass on while in my arms. My Father, my Wife, and seven young soldiers. I have been at the bedside or knelt on the ground beside another dozen and half or so as they passed. Of these folks, I know six were nonbelievers most of their life, but not one passed as a nonbeliever. Time will tell for all of us.

    There! That’s my two cents. If I’ve offended anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, but I just couldn’t help myself.

    With a brother’s love,

    PS: Anyone that thinks the Bible is not a survival manual, either hasn’t really read it or doesn’t know how to read it.

    • Encourager says:

      Well said, Curley Bill! I love your PS.

      Everyone has a free will. God does not force anyone to believe in Him or to accept the forgiveness through His Son Jesus. And everyone will face the consequences of their choice.

  36. Pineslayer says:

    Impossible question..

    A copy of the Declaration and Constitution are forever in my pack.

  37. Chuck Findlay says:

    The local talk radio station gave away pocket copies of the Declaration and Constitution. I ended up with several and keep one in my library, my truck and bedroom. And I actually read them every so often. Thomas Jefferson was one smart man, and I’m sure hated by King George. The Declaration was nothing short of an attack on all the injustice he was carrying out on the colonies. It had to push his buttons.

    Another great book is “The Foragers Harvest” by Sam Thayer. He also has a follow up book that is almost as good.


  38. Babycatcher says:

    In my case, it would have to be the Bible, Anne Frye’s Holistic Midwifery Vol 1,2 and 3( I know that’s three but they go together) and Back to Basics. Anything else I can share from another source…

  39. Chuck Findlay says:

    Another very good book is Public Works by Walter Szykitka.

    It covers just about everything you need to homestead. It’s a 1974 book filled with public domain information on how to do hundreds of things that will help the do-it-yourself person. It’s like a mini internet in that I can look up almost anything in it. It’s at the top of the list for my reference books.

    Here is the Amazon link to it.


    • Per Hiero Desteen says:

      Since there was no place to reply to your rant above, the record has to be set straight.
      1. No other than MD, you know, the owner of the blog, considered Lord Snow’s comments an attack on Christians.(read his post at 10:05 pm)
      2. I don’t care what you or Lord Snow believe, you can shout it to the Heavens.
      3. My point was the criticism of other’s choices. They have the right to their own beliefs and choices, same as you.
      4. Lord Snow was perfectly able to speak for himself, yet for some reason you decided to enter the conversation.
      5. And it’s nothing but a lie…yeah, a lie, that I’ve tried to silence anyone.

      Your response is typical of what I see on the internet, especially from progs. Attack someone, then criticize the person who responds, as if the initial attack is not an issue. Yeah, YOU have the right to attack anyone, but any response is trying to shut someone up in your mind. Let me make this clear to you, I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you do. In other words, I have no interest in you. As for the Constitution, you’re no scholar, as it doesn’t even apply in this case. The Constitution is a restraint on government, the interpretation you are trying to give it is one of the big reasons we are in the mess we’re in and having to prep. Now, I’m done.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Can anyone interpret what Per Hiero Desteen just said?

        • Per Hiero Desteen says:

          You should probably read the entire thread if you really want to know. It did reach the point of being ridiculous, and I’m done with it. But when someone accuses me of trying to shut down opposing views, which I wasn’t, then it gets under my skin. Sorry about the whole thing.

        • Yes: To each his own, if I am reading it correctly.
          You choose the one thing that gives you comfort, your personal bible.
          For PHD it is the Constitution Of The Republic For ‘these’ UNITED STATES.

        • Lord Snow says:

          “I have had too much coffee”

          • Lord Snow, You have too much of an entitlement mentality which tells you that is cool to be deliberately rude to others.

            I expect you enjoy the power to generate so many comments from others.

            Too bad you don’t use your power for constructive purposes instead of destructive. It’s easy to tear down what others have built, hard to build something worthwhile yourself. You chose to tear down.

          • Encourager says:

            Well said, Penrod.

          • Penrod,
            LOL. You mention how many comments have been generated while generating yet another.

            Can we ALL just please act like adults and ignore the posts that bother us. Then they will simply fade away. The only time I respond to a post is if I can add something reasonable to it, or correct a potentially dangerous instruction or assumption. This sometimes turns into a high school, and with a few exceptions, I think we’re all older than that.

  40. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Listen here, cubbies.
    You get to pick your 3 books and I get to pick mine.
    I chose the Bible as one of mine because it is a great source of comfort to me, it’s a great story book for children and adults, and has been used as a primer througout the history of our country. Things might get really bad but if we lose hope then all is lost.

    I believe our spititual and mental health is as important as our physical health. That’s my choice. Then if I die because I didn’t have the right books,ya’ll can say. “Told you so!”.

  41. Per Hiero Desteen says:

    The Holy Bible
    Where There is No Doctor
    The Ranger Handbook

    There are so many more one would want, but these are MY three most important choices. I chose the Bible because it’s important to me. It may not be to other folks, and that’s fine. I get to decide the three I want without having to consult someone else. Or have my choices criticized.

  42. Higherview says:

    Choosing only three books isn’t easy. Choosing the first one is – It has to be the Bible, it seems I am not alone here. I a sense this is cheating since Bible means Library in Latin and the Bible actually contains 66 different books.

    The second would be the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by Rodale Press. I have used this over the years as a great reference and assistance in growing food and problem solving with gardening and live stock.

    Third I would choose Henley’s Formulas for Home and Workshop. There is so much contained, how to make things that might be (are) hard to find, how to mix things to make other things etc.
    If I could have a fourth it would be a good medical guide such as Where The Is No Doctor, The Survival Medicine Handbook or Medicine for Mountaineering.

    If I could have a fifth it would be Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kepart. Some of what is contained herein is dated but much could be priceless, not only how to camp, hunt and trap, but build a shelter or a permanent cabin. How to use pack animals and riding animals, how to locate and harvest wild honey, how to make cement from natural materials and lots of other very valuable information.

  43. PreppingMomma5 says:

    Can someone give recommendations for a good herb medicine book?

    • Any of Rosemary Gladstar’s books or Stephen Harrod Buhner’s books. Excellent stuff.

  44. Chuck Findlay says:

    OSPEC question.

    Just wondering how many of us keep out prepper library out of sight of others that visit our homes?

    I keep my prepper bookshelf in the basement with the front cover over it. I don’t want to have to deal with the looks and questions from people about why I have what is in their opinion strange books.

    Things like this always lead to the comment “I know where I’m coming if anything ever happens.” Like we are supposed to take care of, feed, and protect people that see no reason to prep at all.


    • SoCalPrepper says:

      Mine are peppered in with my “regular” books, and most are on canning/gardening/ etc and don’t stand out too much.

      BUT I hear what you are saying. We just had a couple of earthquakes, and I posted links to a pretty good 72 hr bag from Costco. Several friends went out and got one, but a few others said “oh I’m just coming to your house!” I’ve been able to play if off for the most part (haha, or you could buy your own because I’m only buying enough for me) but how do you really deal with this?

    • Buckwheat says:

      I keep mine in a corner in my office. I have a box ready to load them in for bug out or a quick hide. The key is that they must always stay together unless I am currently reading/working in it.

    • Encourager says:

      Most of mine are scattered throughout the house, mixed on shelves with other books. The fiction that is obviously of a prepping mindset are on a shelf in a closet. But the others? I have medical books (When there is no doc/dentist) and herb books filed with other books like them. People who know me, know I read A LOT, so have a huge variety of books.

  45. medic mom says:

    Handbook of Country Living, Where there is no DENTIST (since I just had an abscess myself) and Lights Out. I know the last one is fiction, but I was impressed by the information. If only non fiction counts, then A handbook of native american Herbs b y Hutchens

  46. My three choices:

    1) The Scriptures
    2) Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
    3) Live off the land in the city and country by Ragnor Benson

  47. Son of Liberty says:

    Good choice Col. D, et. al.

    I personally would go with 1) my Bible (NASB); 2) Carla Emery’s Country Living Cookbook; and 3) Making the Most of the Basics.


  48. Dave in San Antonio says:

    There IS a fourth Book…the Bible.

  49. Encourager says:

    It amazes me how such a simple question got so skewed.

  50. Brearbear says:

    To me…my humble opinion…

    Health care is #1!…

    1.When There Is No Doctor: Preventive and Emergency Healthcare in Challenging Times
    (is there a better basic medical book)? …like maybe the St. Johns ambulance book?

    ON the health issue…preppers…get a check up a.s.a.p!

    Are you a smoker?…try to quit. (ya… easier said than done)…

    …get in shape…try carrying that maxed out heavy B.O.BAG!…imagine living out of it and carrying IT every day…c’mon…we are all in marine corp boot camp shape …RIGHT?

    (think light weight backpacking…think homemade make it yourself skills…(pop can stove/hobo stove/mocassin making etc…)…learn/study/master basic skills…there is a certain amount of things you could start mastering now so you dont need to carry no heavy book!

    2. Where There Is No Dentist

    ON the dental health issue…preppers…get your teeth checked a.s.a.p.!

    …2 Vital issues…me thinks!

    …A vast amount of prepper time needs to be spent
    …practicing… woodlore/woodcraft NOW! …but having medical/dental health manuals i think is most important.


    Like Pineslayer says…(sorry i accidently pressesd the report button on pineslayer)…

    3. “A copy of the Declaration and Constitution are forever in my pack”.

    (Who knows…one day “WE” may be able to rebuild civilization…
    …re-building community.

    ..and clean up ALL THE S**t after the fan gets unplugged!)?

    …and if i could add…a wee bit of Seven generation sustainability to that pot?

    …i love this post M.D.!

    …a bunch of great books to research! (that i never heard of before)!…YAY!

    …on the above debates…i too am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my lord and savior.
    Nothing anyone says will change my belief.

    I respect free speech. I will fight for liberty…or give me death.

    Everyone has rights and responsibilities.

    You have a right to your opinions…
    …and the responsibilty to try to be a good humble neighbour/commentator…

    …let all ye do be done with love.

    Harm no one…harm no thing.

    As this is M.D.’s site and rules…and in keeping the community peaceful…a certain amount of couth
    NEEDS to be enacted/practiced…when commenting?

    …for are we not all here to teach…to learn…and as we are few like minded souls…

    …to help lift each other up in a positive way?

  51. Happy Camper says:

    Here are the top ten books people have listed. In order of votes and date voted:
    The Encyclopedia of Country Living
    The Holy Bible**
    Where there is no Doctor
    Back to Basics
    The Doom and Bloom Medicine Book
    Where there is no Dentist
    A Veterinary Manual
    LDS Preparedness Manual
    SAS Survival Handbook
    299 Days Series
    The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

    **note that I did not include the book of Scriptures of the Hymenal in counting the bible. Had I counted these, the Bible would be in first place.

    As this was my question, I thank everyone for their input. I now have clear direction in what books to get.
    Regards Happy Camper

  52. Papasmurf says:

    I don

  53. Chuck Findlay says:

    299 Days Series looks like it may be worth reading. But I’m going to wait till all 10 books are printed and then I will buy the e-version of it. I hate to read a book and wait for the next installment. It seems like reading a book and having to wait months to a year to go from chapter 1 to chapter 2 and so on.

    I listened to Glen on the survival podcast and he said all 10 books were written at once, but the publisher wanted to break it up to make more money. Nothing against this, but I don’t have to read it right now and I’m willing to wait.

    It’s not like I don’t already have an ewer growing stack of books waiting for me to get to them.


  54. The Encyclopedia of Country Living
    Where there is no Doctor
    Making the best of basics

    These would be my three, but when you state in your question that you’re “starting over”, it would depend on what that means, and what skills you already had. Some folks have assumed you’’ be packing these somewhere and the three books are for size and weight constraint. To be perfectly honest, if I had to bug out and leave like that, I’m not sure which of the hundreds of books I have would be chosen.
    My perspective on taking the bible along would be likewise perplexing. If I’m being shipped off to Mars or the bible was an old family heirloom, full of personal information like births and deaths, then it would make the list. Otherwise, keeping in mind that it is one of, if not the most published books of all time, keep in mind that every Podunk country church will have a stack of them somewhere, and in every dresser drawer in every hotel and motel in the country, will most likely be another, compliments of the Gideon’s, so snagging one alone the way would not be a hard thing to do.

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