Quick Tip Tactics- Defend Yourself In A Home Invasion

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  1. Seasoned_Citizen says:

    ,,,and Dial #911…

    always use your cell phone; have it handy 24/7.

    “Pro” Home Invaders will use a simple wire-cutter to snip your hard-wired land line where it enters the house BEFORE they come in. Don’t ask me how I learned this.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      (Don’t ask me how I learned this.)

      By watching bad 1980’s detective / PI TV shows?

  2. Bluesman says:

    All the alarms , locks , thorny bushes and deadbolts do help to slow bad guys down , but if they feel a need to enter your domain and help themselves , here is another option .
    A handy device to have next to my nightstand is a T-Ball baseball bat . It is small enough to swing indoors and be effective . If you can hit the perp in the eyes first , and when they grab their eyes just smash their hands , breaking the bones , then clobber the crap out of the top of their feet , breaking several small bones making it difficult to stand up or run . At this point you may be close to being in control of the situation , if not there is always the .357 .

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    Yeager is wrong on a few points, he said second floor windows don’t have locks on them. Every window I have ever seen (and I have worked in homes for 30-years) has a lock.

    Second he says ALL motion sensors are heat sensors, not motion. This is also wrong.

    The Bata-max rant makes no sense as why harp about something people have not had since 1987? Just say your Blue Ray player. He’s an idiot.

    He overall had some good ideas in the video, but he has been so arrogant in the past (and is in the first few seconds of this video) that I have trouble giving him much respect. I suspect he likes being arrogant as he sees it as making him a tough guy, but all many people see is an Ass.

    The third video is very well done with his step-by-step breakdown, the guy did a good job.

    The third video also said you need night sites on your handgun, and it probably is a good idea. None of my guns have them other then red-dot sites.

    And he cleared he house and said to then call 911, I’m mixed on this as you normally want the cops on the way right now. But then most times you hear something it’s going to be nothing. Not sure what is the right choice here.

    But I have (for years) been practicing not looking at the sites and looking at the target and shooting. To do this you don’t aim the gun (look at the sites and the target) you look at the target and point the gun (not aim it) and fire. It works better then it sounds like it would and is instinctive shooting that is faster then taking time to aim and split your time between the target and the gun sites. I can hit a pop bottle at 20-feet almost every time. Put your handgun in your holster and draw it and shoot. Start out slow and slowly go faster once you are hitting the bottle. Use a 22 pistol to practice and get muscle memory and then move up to your larger gun. I have use this to kill a cat that figured out how to flip the top of my garbage can and dig inside and make a big mess all around the can. I did it with a single action 32 Mag Ruger, the cat was so focused on it’s midnight dinner that I got to 15-feet away before it saw me.

    For me I seem able to instinctively shoot a revolver better then an auto, not sure why. But I’m good enough with both to hit a person sized target.

    An interesting item I bought a few months ago is a remote switch. You plug it into the wall and a table lamp into it and it has a remote that can turn it on at a distance. I keep the remote in the bedroom and the light in the living room. I want to get another one but I need to see if they can be on a different channel. I tossed the box for it and it has no switch that I can see to put it on different channels.

    PS: Before anyone rants about the cat. If I have to control my dog (and I do), so should cat owners and not let them roam at night throwing trash all about. Not sorry one bit for doing it, be it a dog, cat, raccoon, or whatever if it does this it’s going to be held accountable.

  4. Aussie Prepper says:

    Why mess around with a baseball bat? If you are in a state with “Castle Doctrine” double tap the dirtbag in the middle of the breastbone. Then dial 911.

    We dont have castle doctrine here but we do have the right to use “reasonable force” to neutralise any threat that poses “real and imminent” danger. We cant legally have a gun beside the bed for self defense but if you can get to one in time and the threat is real there is no reason not to use it. I certainly would.


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