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  1. The new one looks like a puppy dog wearing a superman cape. I like the old one better.

  2. I like this one but I’ve noticed the older I get, the less I like change.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      BC just wait until you are in your 70’s it only gets worse.

      • Say it ain’t so, Schatzie! Let me know when you get to the point that it starts getting eaiser!!

    • Bc – ain’t that the truth! We’re in the same neck of the woods in more way than one: I have surmised from your comments that we are in adjoining counties/parish, depending on which side of the Red you’re on. I’m on the side with the Star, if you follow my drift. Lassiez les bons temps rouler, neighbor!

  3. Rider of Rohan says:

    For some reason I’m having a difficult time getting on your blog, MD. Either someone is monkeying with my computer, or with your blog. I keep getting redirected to my ISP, with a 504 error message. After I wait 30 min. or so, then I can get back on. Interesting.

  4. Yes I like it but it really should say
    Plan Prepare Prosper
    Growing up a p.k. you learn to illerate your points.

  5. Surviving in Ky says:

    Like BC the older I get the less I like change. I like the backgroud on the other header better but like the layout of the title better on this one. Also, like RofR, my email alert would not let me go to the website but instead took me to a Dlink search. I used the link in my favorites list in order to get to the site.

  6. Chuck Findlay says:

    Both look OK to me, content is more important then looks.

    • “content is more important than looks” HA! DOUBLE HA!!! tell that to all the girls ive asked to dance with me.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Plastic surgery may help.

        Or a big fat wallet, lots of money is the best aphrodisiac when it comes to woman…

      • Jersey Drifter says:

        BC you know how to dance? Wish I did, even took dance lessons when I was a kid. No help. Always thought that was why I had no luck with the ladies.

  7. I’m with Ozarkana on this one. My first look was, “What, a gray dog with a red body? Huh?

    I think it’d be okay if the far right box was all tan (or gray) instead of the red part at the bottom.

    • Exile1981 says:

      actually I think if the red and tan box on the far right was on the left of the banner it would look better and not be a cape for the wolf.

  8. mom of three says:

    I like it wolf’s, are beautiful creatures.

  9. Suburban Housewife says:

    I like that it is clean, bright, uncluttered – nice colors.. .but the right side does need some tweaking – the alignment of the red “cape” with the wolf is bad. You could eliminate the red even. It might also make a little more sense if the wolf was maybe smaller but showed more of it’s body to show that it is a wolf and not a “puppy dog”

  10. Until you mentioned it, I’ve never noticed you had a header…

    • JSW,

      That’s just sad.

      • Not really, once I found this site I Favorites’d it and don’t think I consciously ever noticed the header again, and I don’t mean that in any way derogatorily at all. It goes back to content over banner – once I get on this page I start reading the articles and don’t really pause to check the surrounding area out too much.. Having said that, I feel that the prior header was more effective in catching a first time visitors eye – which, after all is the main objective isn’t it? to get them to take time to pause and check out the content?- that’s how the pack grows. Now I cannot point to one particular thing or another, that was just how it struck me and I was glad you had kinda settled on that one for a while. Personally, the wolf with the scarf tossed casually over his shoulder (that’s what I see) looks prepared to me! Hang in there MD, it keeps getting better and better!

  11. I like this header better than the hershey bar with the condom wrapper.

  12. How about another wolf picture that is not quite so much in profile? This one is about as dangerous looking as a puppy

  13. I like the new one, it’s brighter and has a warmer more real feeling to it. Gotta work the logo in somewhere though.

  14. Sorry, my vote was for the old one.
    I liked the paw logo over the “puppy-wolf”

  15. Rob in Ontario says:

    I like it the wolf just needs to be a little smaller to show its ears

  16. Jersey Drifter says:

    I like it, maybe more if it was howling. Or sinking it’s teeth in the back end of a liberal.

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      On second thought….. Your The Alpha Male, the pack will follow your lead I am thinking.

  17. I’m one of those who voted, “What Header?”; not because I don’t know what the header is; but, because it doesn’t matter much to me, since I come here for the information and interaction. To me the header contents and any discussion is a metaphor for all topics, since all to often people get worked up over trivial things that don’t really matter or that we can’t change in the short term, while we lose our rights and get out pockets picked while we are distracted.

  18. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    I like this one better. To me it is looking well fed and prepared as it is pondering the the survival of the pack in a bad situation.

  19. I love it. Beautiful wolfie!!!

  20. tommy2rs says:

    I got so used to ignoring the other one I didn’t even notice it had changed until it was mentioned in another thread. Also, as I mentioned in the other thread The Boss said it would look more like a wolf and less like a dog if it was facing forward so there was at least a 3/4 front view.

  21. I, like BCtruck, generally don’t like change. That said, the new banner is fine and I like that the puppy dog has a superman cape! Need the logo on it somewhre though.

  22. JeffintheWest says:

    I like the new one fine, but I liked the old one just fine too. This one is simpler, but the older one was more evocative of what the site is all about. Either one works for me, though.

  23. The right hand side looks like a cheap cut and past job added on top of the banner. It might look better with the whole head of the wolf showing with the sky backround continued and put the theme in a narrow strip running lengthwise along the bottom of the banner (not on top of the banner).

  24. Eh….it’s fine. I liked the previous one, but this works, too.

  25. MD;
    Change is good for all, but some have a harder time adjusting.
    The dog/wolf image reminds me of the huskies we use to have when we lived in Montana.
    The header is like this site, you have to keep things interesting or you lose readers.

  26. JP in MT says:

    What’s the wolf looking at: TDL, DHS, … ? Kind of the look I’d have if I found Nancy walking out of gun shop.

  27. Hunker-Down says:

    Give the wolf some incisors. Make him mean and narley, like he’s stalking a politician. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Lake Lili says:

    Yes I like the layout and typeface and placement much better… not so keen on the angle of the wolf

  29. I never did like the hershey bar header with the wrapper (that was funny BamBam). I liked the original wolf header that you changed.

    So, I like the new wolf a lot, but maybe a different angle of the head, or more of the wolf head and body. Also, the right side looks cut and pasted onto the rest of the header. Perhaps move the wolf to the left more, and change the color of the tan and red to gray.

  30. Brearbear says:

    You peeps are a hoot!
    Thanks pack…i really needed
    A good laugh tonight!

    Some badthings beenmaking things kinda
    Hard for me lately…

    Im off to work camp tomoro..
    Hoping to see wolves this time…supposedly a pack lives nearby …
    Last dec. Saw my first wolverine …a wounded limping fox that i fed mylunch to…lotsa rabbits moose and a herd of elk…

    I was kinda freaked when i got a flat after crossing a ice bridge over a river…at1am…
    But really want to experience wolves!

    I like the banner but how about a header with a wolf pack instead?

  31. We should find one and then stick with it , distracts from the content . It’s not all that important but does distract when changed .

  32. Looks more dog like than wolf… How about one of those old pictures of a wolf on a snowy hill at night howling at the moon… Hoooooowwwwl!!!

  33. Encourager says:

    I do not like the new wolf. I like one that looks right at you. And I REALLY like FixIt’s “Plan Prepare Prosper”.

  34. Wolves are heroes! Check out this link:

    If you can get a still of the white wolf at the end of this video superimposed over the geyser in the background, that would be a great logo!

  35. Honestly the header is nice, but I don’t come here every day to look at the header. I voted what header. The priceless information I get here makes the header irrelevant. You will not draw people in with the header, it is the content.

  36. Donna in MN says:

    I don’t like it as much as the last one. This wolf has no ears.

  37. Dog Log says:

    The old banner gave a feeling of someone with skills, that handmade it
    I do also like the new one, like the wolf..
    M.D. would you allow readers to submit banners to you for change up, if that is something you were going to do from time to time?

  38. banaras says:

    I like the wolf picture, he looks very intelligent

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