Reader Poll: How long before they come to take your guns?

Well folks with recent events, such as the Aurora Colorado shooting with calls for more “gun control” and the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that Obama, has indicated he would  sign, it looks like the Second Amendment is once again under attack from multiple angles at the same time.

(note: The Arms Trade Treaty can’t be enacted unless Congress ratifies it.)

How long do you think we have before the government starts confiscating individually owned firearms?

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Please elaborate on your choice in the comments below… ?:-)

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  1. I am a longtime lurker but i had to post on this,
    The treaty may be signed by Nobama but the majority of the senate has already said they would not vote for it if the treaty touched the 2nd amendment. even democrats learned in the 90s that gun control is political suicide.

    • worrisome says:

      did i hear however, that between the time that the treaty is signed and the senate takes it up and denies it, it is in fact in force????? If so what an opportune time to take a run at ruining the gun industry to the point that it may not be able to recover?

    • SurvivorDan says:

      The treaty is technically in force after the Prez becomes a signatory and until the Senate votes it down, which Reid won’t allow.

      • riverrider says:

        don’t bet on it! reid is a demon spawn. its not tdl, its reid/pelosi running us in the ground. day one they took over power from tdl, he’s just a talking head.

    • The Aurora theater massacre may help sway enough politicians… They don’t need very many republicans to go along to get to the 67 vote threshold.

  2. I really don’t see any serious attempts to be made unless Obozo gets reelected and then a very serious attempt will be made. One hundred percent confiscation I don’t believe will ever happen due to popular feelings for the second amendment. Won’t stop him from trying however.

  3. SurvivorDan says:

    Have little faith in Republicrats but it depends on whether Obama get’s re-elected. I’m thinking less than five if he does pull it off.
    Severe restrictions on specific categories of weapons (ie: 50 cal, large cap mags, semi-auto rifles, semi-auto handguns) will begin in less than one year if he gets re-elected. In four years more THEY will have 52 – 54 % of the population dependent an THEM and their positions of power are assured. So THEY can get away with massive gun grabbing. UN ATT will be their excuse to register all gun owners (in accordance with the treaty) in a database prior to confiscation.

    I saw it happen step by step in Australia. And in Canada they had the same ‘voluntary’ (or face prosecution) turn in of banned weapons. Lot of tough talk in Australia and Canada by gun owners but they folded when push came to shove. Did a citizen want to lose their freedom, money and property or turn in ‘unnecessary’ weapons?
    You can say, “….from my cold dead hands…” But will you face financial ruin and imprisonment without flinching? Can you look down the barrels of the FEDS guns without wavering?
    I know what I will do but I’m old, my children are grown and I have that ‘Banzai!’ Japanese gene.
    Good luck everyone. Severe-restriction/confiscation is on our doorsteps.
    It’s at the door……

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I’ve heard that the ATT has to be voted up (ratified) or down, otherwise the US can be held accountable. And we can, in theory, be forced to abide by any related actions demanded by the signatories. Why else would the O sigh something that he knows will not be ratified? I think that it is a case of plausible deniability by the FEDS.
      “Oh golly! We didn’t know that we’d have to abide by this until it was ratified.But, we guess a U.N. gun registration data base )used only to fight terrorism and illicit arms dealing) isn’t so bad. For the War on Terrorism, be a good patriot and comply. Unless of course, you have something to hide…….. We had to be a signatory to it, to know what was in it.”

      • axelsteve says:

        Remember they confiscated legal firearms from good citizens after katrina.

        • MrSpud in ID. says:

          That’s right axelsteve, I was there and witnessed it first hand!! I was in Mississippi when Katrina hit. We took a direct hit from the storm! Thank God we faired ok-ish. So I volunteer to go to New Orleans with the Disabled American Veterans disaster van and help fellow vets get on there feet after the storm! I’m here to tell ya…It was total chaos!! There were police officers shooting, looting and raping in the streets!! The Military was on patrol, knocking/kicking every single door to “render aid” and to disarm every single citizen! If they resisted, they were shoot and then they would blame it on “gang violence”. It was total BS!! This was the single event in my life that sent me down the road to prepping! I’ve seen the dark side people, it’s swift and violent. “They” could care less about our nations citizens when it all comes down to it! I’ve seen it!

          • axelsteve says:

            Mr spud that sucks. I guess i will keep a registered gun handy to turn over and not say anything about any unregistered guns that I may have or not have.

    • worrisome says:

      It would have to be in less than 5 at the point of his re election so he can finish the job long before the issue of any future election might come up

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      Its already happened in California years ago (1989?). The state demanded outright registration and banned all others. Iirc, not very many were registered. Threats were issued, deadline passed – and nothing happened as far as prosecuting people who already owned them, at least not to my knowledge.

      But I’m not from nor live in California – maybe someone from that state can chime in ?

      • I lived in Kalif at the time of the assault weapons ban, it sukked! They(politicians) thought they were sneaky, telling us what we could have, before registration of certain “assault weapons”. There was pretty much massive non compliance, less than 10%, of the banned weapons. After the ban, they came back and added certain features to the allowed guns, for possession, if they were registered, again non compliance, and then came an outright ban on given classes and types of “assault weapons.” It was a major joke! And those that had swallowed the line and registered their guns found themselves being told to turn in, destroy or sell out of state! They couldn’t have them, even thought they had followed all the rules. It was a scam to see who had what! The good side? The sunshine patriots, “they can take my guns from my cold dead hands,” were getting rid of “stuff ” like there was no tomorrow! It was a buyers market and then a sellers market! Mags, ammo, and yes, guns, were being sold on the mega cheap and resold for massive profits. The gun law section of the penal code(laws) started to look like a Reno phone book, and even cops were unable to decipher the laws. The result was chaos, little enforcement of anything due to the confusion, a new class of criminals that were formerly law abiding people, and best of all, newly enlightened people that had trusted the “guvmint” coming around and desperately seeking to buy what they could no longer get or legally possess, but which they felt they were going to need. This is the current state of affairs in the state I used to live in, and Boxer, Feinstein and others of their ilk are still the ones the citizens have to depend on to change the laws and support the position of the 85% that don’t agree with the laws. How in the heck do they keep getting elected? The sad part? The new class of enforcement officers, the “young un’s,” were all about enforcement without common sense, and some of the existing Federal enforcement officers, particularly USFS and BLM, were downright scary! They were all about getting the lawbreakers, and the existing laws allowed them great lee way in doing this. But they had to get approval of the local sheriff to enforce state laws in any county…generally no prob, OMG, this could go on and on…..

  4. They’ve already done it during Kartrina, using a natural disaster to impose their opinions regardless of established law, or common sense.

    • Katrina was a bit different in that it wasn’t local law enforcement taking guns…it was leos from jurisdictions where private firearms are not allowed….

  5. SurvivorDan says:

    F the……………you know who.

  6. I do believe there are going to be big changes coming as far as buying fire arms and ammo. In fact, my wife finally said I should go get my AR15, (God love her!), because of my feeling of what’s coming. But it would be a nightmare trying to round up all the fire arms that we all currently own. I think it will take something a whole lot bigger than anything that’s happened to date. With that said, anyone that wants an “assault rifle” (rediculous), better buy one soon. Once the BS starts, there’s going to be a run on them. Anyone remember the big run on ammo during the last election? This ones going to be a LOT worse! Glad I finally got mine, thanks honey!! God bless everyone in The Pack, long live our 2nd amendment!

  7. SurvivorDan says:

    I notice that few have voted for less than one year.

    “How long do you think we have before the government starts confiscating individually owned firearms?”

    How about 50 cals, large cap mags, street sweeper semi-auto shotguns, etc.
    The question didn’t say all guns. THEY will do it incrementally. Category by category. And if you don’t think some folks need or should have one of those categories then remember:

    “First they came for the Jews and we said nothing. Then they came for the Catholics and we said nothing. Then they came for the…..”

    • Doomsday says:

      You hit the nail on the head! Obama already said that he would go after the guns in his second term, and you know what? Most of our population is dumb enough to re-elect him! Holder said “We need to brainwash people into thinking differently about guns.” It can’t really be in our faces anymore than it is right now. We just need to get over the fact that our govt is trying to destroy this country and make us their slaves! I saw what this looked like when I was in Iraq….it’s not a good situation.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      That rat bast**d gets re-elected and he won’t be afraid of doing anything. Look at the polls. He’s still leading! How! The fix is in. And after his successful election…..anything goes. Ever heard of executive orders? How about ginning up an excuse for martial law? He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if his party gets thrown out en masse as long as his agenda goes through.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      ….”starts confiscating”….

  8. Richard J. Medicus says:

    Survivor Dan makes a good point. They’ll go after the “big” guns first. Let’s face it, they’ve already started. The supremes declared a shotgun with a “too short” barrel illegal. With a few exceptions you must get a state sanctioned CCW to carry and that’s limited in most areas. Mayor Bloomberg claims that we don’t have nearly enough laws on the books. Of course Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora and others all make Bloomberg look the fool. Each of those locations had rules against guns.

    • worrisome says:

      Bloomberg speaks behind a barrier of well armed guards. What is good enough for him is not good enough for the rest of us. Bloomberg bought that job he is of the ilk as Soros only Soros hides in the shadows like a big fat tarantula

  9. I don’t think they’ll ever try outright confiscation. Too troublesome. They’ll simply make it impossibly hard to sell a gun, or buy a gun, or leave a gun to somebody in your will, or receive a gun as an inheritance or gift. They’re playing a long game. They can’t tear gun ownership out of America, so they’ll just breed it out.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Possibly Ray. That’s what the ‘serial number on each bullet’ law and ‘magically coded to fire only for the individual gun owner’ proposed in California was designed to do. Make it expensive and cumbersome, if not downright technologically impossible to comply with.

    • Agreed Ray, confiscation through attrition.

      • Also agreed with Ray.

        They will not outright make guns/weapons illegal, they will just impose taxes, red tape and want so much personal information it will be really hard to get legally.

        I also feel that although you may have a gun you wouldn’t be able to purchase ammo or gunpowder. They could impose fines, taxes, etc. which would make ammo so expensive you couldn’t afford to stockpile.

  10. Practically speaking, since our politicians are all cowards anyway – they may WANT to do that – but I really can’t see it happening. Too many people (like myself) would say “I sold all my guns – don’t have any.” In other words – good luck!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I have lived in Australia and have friends from Canada. They all told me it couldn’t happen in their countries. Later, it did.
      But I agree with your civil disobedience tactic.
      “I sold my guns.” or “Dang! They musta been stole, officer.”

      Private purchases. Buried caches. A bit of drywall work…..

      • You don’t think the drones are already looking for caches or don’t have the ability to do so? You’re fooling yourself. The amount of R+D paid for by ten years of war and trillions in debt is far beyond the technological grasp of all but the most far thinking physicists. Google leases technology from the US Government to keep your GPS maps up to date. Not the other way around. If you pay a subscription fee you can get even more exact information. We were using GPS in the late 80’s in my unit when the classification was Secret. Meaning it had already been proven effective and not theoretical in the field. What do you think satellites and drones are capable of now? See you in the camps.

      • You see, there was this boating accident…

      • WESTPAC says:

        Ditto…better start planning your cache now (actually multiple caches) so when the confiscation starts, you just have to heavily lubricate, wrap & bury. Keep your show pieces handy, so the Fed clowns do not go away empty handed…maybe they will even allow you to keep a squirrel gun or two…Ha!

        Ammo caches should already be in progress, along with reloading equipment, spare parts, tools, etc.

        Stock up on archery supplies, so you have alternate hunting/protection methods.

        I’m going to place more emphasis on .22 weapons/ammo, as this will more-than-likely be one of the last things they come after to either confiscate/regulate (works well for small game & personal protection up close). Keep the heavier stuff out-of-site, out-of-mind for when it is needed.

      • WESTPAC says:

        Yes, sadly, many so-called Americans will behave like the Sheeple they are & bend over to present their backside to the government authorities to do with as they please.

        If this living on your knees so disgust you that you would rather take to the hills, then non-violent acts of civil disobedience are the way to go…might take a while, but if more than a few people catch on it will eventually start to show.

        However, making that Last Stand against overwhelming forces goes against everything Guerrilla warfare stands for, “Live to fight another day.” If you expect to eventually make a difference, then it is at this time that hard decisions need to be made & patience/discipline needs to be practiced…all the while waiting for the moment to take back the country with constitutional means…unless things get so bad that extraordinary measures become necessary.

    • worrisome says:

      I think it could happen. Look at all that has happened already in the last 4 years and no one does much of anything about it. We talk about it, don’t sleep nights, but no one is building the kind of consensus and political group to truly fight it. Most people don’t even bother to watch television. Walk through your work place, ask everyone you meet if they know what Fast and Furious is, or if they know that on New Year’s Eve, Obama signed a law that says they can put a citizen away forever without a trial if they are suspected of terrorism…and then Napolitano says that every conservative is a terrorist; look at what is happening on the border and no one seems to care or to know; how about killing a US citizen in Yemen because he was deemed a terrorist …. he was a louse but there was no trial……….. there is a lot going on. It is coming at us so fast and no one seems to be paying any attention at all.

      • riverrider says:

        CACHES! okay folks i’m going to break a rule here…..theres this thing called GROUND PENETRATING RADAR. its been in use mapping the country for years, prior to y2k at least. They will run another scan after the TURN-IN Law takes effect and watch for the new blips….park a junk car now. post law, move it long enough to cache, repark. take the wheels off, make it look broken. use your noggin, in a junkyard(current) etc…..improvise,adapt,overcome and….aim small, miss small.

        • You sir, give me hope.

        • Just me says:

          THANK YOU RR. I have been wondering why no one has brought this up before. They also have vans that can move through neighborhoods and exray your house. How can we fight all their technology?

          • Hide them in or under something that’s supposed to be metal in the first place (junk car good idea – also how about a metal shipping container cabin? Big metal fence posts? Heap of scrap iron pipes? Metal yard sculpture?).
            Bury a lot of old alternators and junk so they get false positives a few times and then give up.

            Backscatter devices are like nuclear fallout. You protect yourself by putting thick things between you and them. A few layers of bags of flour or rice would work. Of course they may also be looking for food caches at that point.

  11. FarmerKin says:

    It would be a gross overstepping of power by the Fed that I don’t believe will be tolerated. I think there would be a secession of states before a confiscation occurs.

  12. They can try.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      LR: Defiance. I like that. F*** ’em, if They can’t take a joke. If THEY go that far. Resist. Defy. Stand up to the Bast***s.

      “Better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees.” Emiliano Zapata Salazar

  13. SurvivorDan says:

    The politicians are cowards but they will seize the opportunity to confiscate if they can get away with it and then hide behind burly officers and agents.

  14. Tinfoil Hat says:

    I don’t believe they will “take” them per se. They will start with “assault” weapons, banning them along with hi cap mags. Following this will be some sort of MASSIVE tax on the sale, importation, and/or transport of firearms under the precedent of the “sin” taxes already established in so many states and localities. Finally, they will make ammo a controlled subtance, requiring a special license to purchase, along with penalties for anyone in posession over a specified threshold. They don’t have to come get our guns. They can simply regulate it out of us.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Very likely Tinfoil Hat. Sound reasoning.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      TH, your right, incremental steps. Might even go for the tax angle as well. I fear the I*R*S.
      Didn’t our friends to the north decide the cost of keeping up the registry scheme was way more than it was worth? The country may be too broke to implement anything except more tax laws.

  15. SurvivorDan says:

    Darn it MD! You got my blood boiling!

    But that’s what you do. Keeping us informed and thinking.

    • Prudentman says:

      See… See… see what he did…. MD Posted that thing yesterday and me allllllll worked up. Went out right then and there and picked up an “O’Rielly Special”…. heavy weapon.

      • I don’t get riled up reading, but if I listen to Alex Jones I sometimes get hopping mad. He’s good at that. I have to go calm down after sometimes for a day or two, or I run out and buy ammo or something that night.

  16. Waterboy says:

    Coming to take people’s guns and taking them may be two separate and distinct things…I’m just saying.

  17. village idiot says:

    If Obama is re-elected I’m pretty sure we will see him move quickly on gun owners. First, he will sign the UN Treaty, then he will agree to enforce the treaty even if Congress doesn’t approve it. Congress has done nothing to stop him from giving amnesty to illegal aliens. He appears to be getting his way in the Courts. There aren’t enough Republicans to impeach and remove him, so he will do as he pleases. If Congress cuts off funds, he will order the Fed to print money, that’s what he is already doing. We are in for tough times, and the only hope we have is to overwhelmingly reject him in November. The end of the Republic draws near.

  18. Cold Warrior says:

    Anyone who underestimates the intentions of a Marxist, is a fool. I know this from having fought them in S.E. Asia and Central America. They are without a moral compass and ruthless as a rattlesnake.
    To them you are just a dumb animal standing in the way of their rise to power. Thus you need to be swept away and your wealth made theirs.

    Marxism is not about making the life of the little guy better, as people are poorer under their system. It’s about making the most evil of the bunch into an elite class of rulers.
    I don’t know when they will come for my guns, I only know for certain that THEY WILL. (and I’ll be ready for them).

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Marxism is and always was about establishing an oligarchy. And they always had help from the “useful idiots”. Whom they purged (murdered) or subjugated (tortured, relocated, re-educated) after attaining power.

      Cold Warrior, you’ve seen the Commies’ enforcement of their ‘utopian’ vision. Many will not resist but I believe you and a few others will.
      I pray it doesn’t come to that.

      • michael c says:

        “A few will resist”, I beg to differ. Over 300 million guns are in the US now, the military cannot just march in and take guns. Every window in every city would have a gun barrel sticking out.

        How could they “take” your guns? Simple, park the military just outside of cities and offer “Guns for Food”. You’ll have to walk there to cash in your food stamps or get a meal.

        This is why I store food.

  19. I believe if the Treaty does get signed by a majority of UN countries, even if the it does not get ratified by the US Congress for our country participation or not, there will be some ‘reasoning’ no matter how obscure that will impose additional restrictions to ownership, and/or limitations on ammunition purchases… firearm registration… it is only a matter of time.

    Will they “ever” come knocking (on or down) doors to collect them? That is hard to say… IMHO even if it were to happen, a shift of mindset ‘could occur’ within the next 5 years, so I could not say “it will never happen.”

    Fifteen years ago, I plead guilty to a domestic violence charge.. I slapped my wife after she tried to choke me, which I was wrong to strike in any manner so I plead guilty… unfortunately my lawyer did not explain the ramifications and I lost all of my firearms, including family heirlooms and the ability to ever own a firearm… ever again… so having already “lost” my 2nd amendment ‘right’ I do not own any, but I am an expert shot with my archery equipment. I would say they will ‘never’ come take those away.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      It’s very brave of you to admitt your mistake, I can tell that you are a real man. Are you able to own a black powder firearm?

      • WARLOCK SUNDANCE says:

        According to the BATFE… he can own black powder firearms, as long as they cannot use modern day casings….(shells).

    • You have paid for a mistake (slapping-maybe, pleading certainly). Just do as you are, the best with what you can have. I imagine many people are with the right for mistakes & misjudgements. I hope they find a way also.

    • village idiot says:

      Mike, in many states you can have your 2nd Amendment rights restored to you. If your state allows it, you can apply for the restoration of your rights. Pardons are also possible and can restore your rights. Some rights are restored automatically depending on the state you live in. If you don’t mind me asking, what state do you reside in?

      • I have already investigated, and for my state after 10 years the DV charge can be (and was) removed from ‘public’ record so it does not impact employment background checks, at a substantial cost, but it will never disappear in respect to any background checks for firearm purchases. I wish I had the lawyer when I got that cleared for job checks, back when I had the initial situation. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    • Just me says:

      I just read this, the UN is backing out of the gun control treaty, and Russia, Indonesia, and India are asking for more time…

      • It’s interesting as I see that as the guberment saying they are not quite ready to take on the sheeple. IMHO they think Barry has the election in the bag and somehow this treaty will be ready on his crowning, errrr…. I mean inauguration day. On that day it’s on. They will start in the military to identify those “on board” and those that are not. Then it will be our turn. Watch your OPSEC and watch out for neighbors that will turn you in as a hoarder to get an extra ration of guberment cheese. The financial calamity works in their favor. A hungry people are a compliant people. Uncle sugar will control the water, food and in the end, the sheeple. Game Over. All hail Pharaoh.

  20. Its to the point that you must becareful with say or type.
    thay will come, and there will be blood.
    the news meada will say it justified.

    • Prudentman says:

      Lee: Your are right but I believe you may have the ‘tence’ wrong… I had a Wal-mart clerk asking me what I was going to do with “…all those arrowheads..” (broadheads) I’ve been asked what I’m buying ‘aquatainers’ for…. I have a good buddy, So. of me, getting emails from people using his name and asking for info on his prepping, groups in his area and how to find them…. Ok, so you would expect that right…. maybe so…. how did this guy tract down his name… Or was he just tactless with no sence of OPSEC?

      • A store asked my birthdate when I bought ammo. I’m 50! I lied. Paid my money & left. Did they think I was not old enough? I haven’t been carded since I was 18.

        • axelsteve says:

          pj. I just tell them that my kids are old enough to buy ammo. That usally gives them a reason to smile.

  21. We should be so lucky! Coming to take the guns by force be a messy business. They’ll have a hard time knowing if they got them all, and there are enough people who will object with deadly force. It would also be a blatant signal of their aggression.

    Maybe I’m giving them to much credit, but the scenario I see as most likely is that they will wait until people are very hungry and then “generously” offer a food-for-guns trade program. To keep the peace, of course.

    Why do you think people who have a year’s supply of food are suspected terrorists? Why do you think they are going after front-yard gardeners? Why do you think they are pushing the Codex Ailimentarius? If you have the food, a hungry populace is easy to control.

    Now if only we had used up our grain stores making ethanol and there were a crippling drought in the breadbasket to the world….

    • With all due respect, you are a scary man. Only because what you say makes frightening sense. I hadn’t thought about the food for guns angle. Living in the midwest I can tell you this drought is a serious problem. Prepare friends, and get active in your local politics. I don’t think we can survive four+ more years of these fiends.

  22. Is it me or is it happenstance that this moron in CO had impecable timing? UN Treaty, lame duck session of Congress coming…Just saying. I wouldn’t put it past this administration and his party to kill their own people in order to push their agenda. With the dipshit suspect not talking and trying the insanity BS, something is rotten in Denmark…

    I have a plan if they do “all mine have been sold so your barking up the wrong tree, go talk to John Doe in Cleveland, here’s a signed reciept”

    • They’ve already been caught allowing people to be killed in the name of their agenda…’s called Fast and Furious. Has anybody checked to see if the guy in Colorado had an ancestor by the name of Oswald. Just sayin’.

  23. Dean in Michigan says:

    Voted “won’t happen” on the premise that I feel TSHTF happens before that. Now, that may prompt a gun grab, but not on the lines we are talking about right now. TSHTF will be much different. PVC people!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hard to believe, but if you stop and think about it maybe an EMP by a hostile country would actually be the lessor of two evils. Then again……..

  24. Cosmolined says:

    I voted “in a year or less” because if Obama gets re-elected, he’ll just do another Executive Order. Laws be damned….
    Folks always talk big about how they’ll not let anyone take their weps, but I think in real life, if your wife and kids are home, you’ll choose for their safety instead of the macho stuff. Cos, CPT. 19th SFGA, (Ret.)

    • Survivor says:

      Cos, I agree with your sentiment, but my wife is a gun owner as well. She feels as I do, free people own guns, slaves do not.

  25. SurvivorDan says:

    Cold Warrior: Central America? I spent some time delivering ‘bibles’ to the Isabella Mountains of Nicaragua. It was always sweet to get back to the ladies in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They were so warm and welcoming.

  26. SurvivorDan says:

    Way back when….. Now Ortega is El Presidente again. But he’s not a FSLN leader nor a Marxist-Leninist Commie this time…… No…….

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Right, and our President isn’t one either. I taught “Medical skills” to some concerned Central American “Patriots”.

  27. SurvivorDan says:

    Too much ‘cough’ medicine. . Forgive my intemperate blathering gang, but Obamayomama just pisses me off.

  28. SurvivorDan says:

    I despise all Marxist dogs and their Progressive sheep in wolves clothing! But enough hate.

    Let us bow our heads and prep. Let us thank God and His servant MD.

    ” Dear Lord, help us to be self-reliant. We will bow down to no graven images nor FEDS. Give us the will to ask for nothing and the strength help our fellow survivors. Preserve the principles this great nation was founded on so we may help to restore it one day. So our children can live free. Amen.”

    Yep, I’m mad and I’m three sheets…. God bless you all.

  29. I don’t think it will be an overt gun grab. I think they will use peer pressure and brainwashing to make guns so unpopular that you will be seen as some sort of antisocial misfit because you like to hunt or go target shooting.

    Ray and Tinfoil said it. It won’t be “We’re coming to grab your guns.” Rather, it will be “We’re just taxing your guns/making you obtain an expensive special license with yearly renewals to own one/charging outrageous taxes on ammo/teaching children in the schools that guns are evil.”

    I think it will be a series of “reasonable” steps. Many gun owners would agree that there’s not much use for an automatic weapon in a suburb, so why not ban them except for military and LEOs? And you don’t really need a shotgun in the suburbs either, so maybe they should be banned in city limits… but why would you really need a handgun in the city? If the government gets rid of all of them, we won’t have to worry about crime anymore, right?

    A case can be made against any firearm, making gun control sound reasonable and rational right up to the point where suddenly TPTB are the only ones with weapons and no one is protesting because if you’re holding a broken beer bottle and the guy in front of you is holding an automatic weapon, you’re not going to be protesting for long.

    Criminals (including some criminal politicians) don’t obey the gun control laws we have now. Banning anything only keeps it out of the hands of the lawful-minded. The will go on obtaining, distributing and using whatever it is, while it becomes difficult or impossible for a law-abiding citizen to obtain it for legitimate purposes.

    How’s that war on drugs workin’ out for ya?

  30. Let’s see what the 27th brings. There’s been much noise about the Olympics not being quite safe, and now I hear Romney’s going to attend the opening ceremony. But then I’m a conspiracy buff. I just think it’s weird that this treaty’s debate ends on the same day as the Olympics starts, and that there’s all these rumors.

    I think the gun grab will start in less than 6 months, if some kind of major event happens that gives TDL an excuse to declare martial law. Otherwise, if TDL gets another term it’s going to start the minute he gets off the podium for his swear-in and picks up a pen.

  31. I think the correct response when they knock on the door is what guns? I have already sold them / destroyed them to save you the trouble. As a caveat – make sure you have moved them before they search you house……

  32. Prepping Preacher says:

    whether it’s within 6 mos or 6 yrs, they will try because that is the nwo global agenda… the issue in my mind is HOW they will neutralize our firearms ownership… as we’ve already experienced with the liar/fraud-in-chief illegally occupying out White House, he is devious so he has a plan of action for when the treaty bites the dust… he will create taxes that “aren’t taxes” on every aspect of ownership – part of which is already buried within the UNhealthcare bill he has forced on us… like other commodities such as alcohol and cigarettes, the taxes will triple or even quite possibly quadruple the cost of every item relating to firearms, ie ammo, spare parts, gun club membership and reloading equipment… tptb will simply make it financially impossible to own and use firearms eventually… so, boys and girls, buy now while we can and hang on because these days will get harder and harder – no matter which political gang of thugs occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…

    • Cold Warrior says:

      PP, the last line of your post really hits home. If I’m not mistaken, it was the “Conservative Party” that started the gun ban in England?

      After what that no good John Mclame said about Congresswoman Bachman this week, I’m done, Done, DONE with the Repunks forever.

  33. You could look at this from another angle.

    You all know Obama is going for the socialized health care and socialism in general. You may look to Canada to see where he may go with guns and gun control in General.

    I believe it was the late 80’s in Canada where some guy had this thing against women and he went into a women’s school with a Mini 14 and two 30 round mags and shot up the place, killing a bunch of girls in the process.

    The response to that was to enforce some different types of gun control. For example, guns are now in 3 categories, non restricted, restricted and prohibited. Prohibited guns include things like the AK-47 and short barreled hand guns. Magazines are capped at 5 rounds max for semi autos, 10 rounds for all other actions. ALL handguns fall into the restricted category and as such they cannot be moved from your home without something called an authorization to transport, and they can only be fired at sanctioned gun ranges. Also when transported hand guns must have a trigger lock on them AND be in a locked box.

    Anyways, my two cents where Obama may try to take American gun control.

  34. riverrider says:

    this is the way i see it going down…..un treaty gets ratified, critters say it will stop terrorists(bs)…..tdl says turn them in, army/leo largely refuse to enforce the proclamation…..hillary gets “elected” next time, demands turn in, some people still hold out, hillary calls on her beloved un to send in the troops, it always takes months, meanwhile several states secede giving hillary the “mandate” she needs to order the army in, un troops set foot on u.s.soil without incident, until they leave the sheeple city, then are decimated by militia, army ordered in to stop the “terrorists”………thats where my vision gets murky. will the army attack or refuse at that point? its “terrorists” after all, bent on seperating from/destroying the union…….true most folks won’t fight, too much to lose. but many like myself have no kids, my wife’s family can protect her, i am getting long in tooth so i won’t be sacrificing my future. many single young folks have nothing to look forward to, no job, no chance at the life we led, they will fight. the rev was fought by 3% they say……..

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      I can see your vision realizing, unfortunately. If it does, I can say this. I’m still a relatively young man, who believes in this country, and has combat experience. I have no children, I do have a wife, but she understands what’s worth fighting for. I do, unfortunately, believe the army will fight. I also strongly believe that there are many, many men like myself, who love this country, love what it stands for, and learned the art of combat in the villages of Afghanistan and the streets of Fallujah, and we will fight. We need leaders, officers, senior nco’s and Vietnam Vets who understand how to RUN, not just fight, but RUN a guerilla campaign. My generation is not so foolish as we always seem….

  35. Now since Katrina, they have a new plan, and they know the weak link is ammunition, in a week long meeting in July 2006
    The UN came up with a plan, now this was when we could buy German, South African, etc 9mm ammo for $90 a case, .223 for $135 a case, It ain’t out there anymore. Ammo has nearly tripled in price just in 6 years. Without ammo they are just funny looking rocks, and odd shaped clubs.

    Look at the ammo shortages since Obama has been elected, look at how the media are beating the drum the shooter in Colorado had 6000 rounds! oh my…….

    It is already being floated a 100% tax on ammo, in a nut shell control the ammo control the guns

    It looks bad on TV when you beat 60 year old women to take their pistols, and it looks bad when you send in “crack ” ATF agents, and they get the crap shot out of them, but pass a draconian tax on ammo so nut cases do not shoot children at the theater, and the population will go along with it. (Those that don’t own guns, or go to the range once a year)

    I think they will go that route first, so stock up on ammo, and or reloading components

    They will likely have some high profile raids, (think Waco) lots of media, to scare the population into surrendering their guns, and most well without a whimper

    Monsanto says control the food control the people, UN says control the ammo control the guns

    So stock up on everything, and find a place to make your stand

    • Agreed. Ammunition will be key. Through executive order and regulation they will successfully neuter the 2nd ammendment.

    • You bet, a gun without ammunition is about as lethal as a rock. There “may” be an intimidation factor, but that would only last until you get challenged to actually use it.
      Even if you do not own a gun, having bulk ammunition of the primary calibers may be quite the valuable bartering item after SHTF… instead of guns for food, ammo for food.
      “Today’s exchange rate is: 5 rounds of 22 for a squirrel; 3 rounds 00Buck for a quail…”

  36. worrisome says:

    It has begun, pay attention folks this sneaky little POS has been added to a cyber security bill now in the Senate. Start thumping on your representatives and hold them accountable for allowing it to be added!

  37. Caoimhin says:

    Agree with the NRA or GOA or not they are the political heavyweights on our side in this fight. Now more than ever it is time you joined. You are not under the governments radar anymore. You are already on lists. Join the NRA. Call your senators. Do it today. Thank You for your cooperation in this urgent national matter. Get er done.

  38. benjammin says:

    They can pass all the laws and treaties and executive orders they want, but with millions of gun owners out there, such laws become de-facto unenforceable.

    Just because someone says so doesn’t mean it can or will happen. Without the will of the people behind it, it is just a hollow statement.

    Or does anyone here really think gun owners will just line up to hand in what they have? A few might, but experience says most people will either ignore it or go hide them somewhere no one can find them.

    As for sending in the goons to bust in doors, I saw how miserable that policy works out in Iraq. 3 years after we entered Baghdad, you could still go into a bazaar and dang near everyone still had a gun. You can’t just send in the troops, because you will end up with lots of dead bodies on both sides, and people will still have guns.

    Obama may sign that treaty, but even he isn’t stupid enough to try and enforce it, or to let another country come in here and do his dirty work for him. If Reid stalled the Senate vote to try and allow the treaty to be enforced, he’d be committing political suicide, or worse.

    • Benjammin,

      Sadly, I think that a majority of those in the U.S. would hit the floor and spread their butt checks for insertion if the feds started confiscating arms. Look at where we are now in regards to freedom and rights, look at how much we have lost in the past 10 years. No one has done anything besides complain. As long as American Idol and Monday night football plays on the TV most Americans will be pacified.

      • It strikes me that a hidden gun is about as useful as no gun. Although a hidden gun brought out when the “time is right” is better than a confiscated gun. We’ve got a mess on our hands friends.

  39. JP in MT says:

    SurvivorDan: I’m not sure I understand; do you have any strong feelings on this? 😉

    I’m not sure how they would get the UN gun ban enforced. We haven’t had an invading army trying to take away our liberties since the 1810’s. And that didn’t work out so well for them. I do think a lot of people will roll over and do nothing, usually the fighting is done by 2%. I’m pretty sure that by the time they start their confiscations I won’t have any guns left. Well maybe one or two for the 1st one through the door.

    I know the Liberals/Progressives agree that their plan won’t work unless America is disarmed. Signs don’t work, laws don’t work, protests don’t work. They’ve tried it all, in the name of making us “safe” from crime, but those pesky criminals just won’t listen. The only ones who abide by their laws aren’t the ones breaking them.

    The “Assault Weapons Ban” sounded good. The L/P’s loved it, and believed that IT was the solution. Problem was that all it did was make $20 mags sell for $50, we lost our evil bayonet lug, and guns prices doubled. But what happened to the crime? No reductions attributable to the law. England, Norway, Australia still have gun crimes, many of which are worse than the ones here. How’s that working for their citizens?

    You can’t legislate morality. The government keeps putting stress on its people and wondering why they snap. Fools!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Like I said, in Australia the government required the ‘voluntary’ turn in of what had become ‘forbidden’ weapons. Folks complied or faced financial ruin and potential imprisonment. Period. Most ordinary people capitulated. They had property, investments, etc and wanted to keep their ‘freedom’.
      What are my feelings? I fear the same thing is on its way here. Un troops for the enforcement. Doubt that will be necessary.
      Let’s say they start with AKs. Face ruinous prosecution of give up my two AKs. Let’s say I give them up because its not worth losing everything and they promise that is all they are after…’assault’ weapons. Next year it’s AR’s. Then all hi-cap mags. Then all semi-autos. It will be incremental. Step by step.
      An insidiously slow and sneaky usurpation of our rights!
      Makes my blood boil!!!!

  40. Survivor says:

    I don’t think the feds will even try confiscation. Maybe some liberal states will, which might set off a flurry of lawsuits from individuals or groups (NRA?) opposing the states doing what the feds are supposed to do, ie, like the immigration laws some states enacted.
    In my neck of the woods guns are exchanged to settle debts, trading up or sold to pay other bills. Not much registration after the initial buy so the feds don’t really know who owns what. My pat answer is gonna be, “Ohh, I sold that to someone… Now, what was his name? I don’t remember.”

  41. For what it’s worth:
    With technology moving as fast as it is now they are going to be hard pressed to take all weapons. Especially when we’re almost to the point of being able to make them ourselves out of durable materials.
    Also check out Amazon for books on making weapons as well.
    And then there are the energy balls coming out of electronic guns which can cause as much damage as a slug. Not so far-fetched and closer than we know and will be easy to replicate with the proper software.

  42. Survivor says:

    The real task for the confiscation will be the inner cities and gangs…who’s gonna do THAT?

    • Prudentman says:

      Survivor….. I live much to close to that part of the ‘hood’. That sounds like a ‘wait and see’ kinda thing. Would the thugees panic and dump em in the streets or…… just start the fight. I see drones in the sky like crows. Not until they have taken the low hanging fruit first….. those with something more to lose besides the weapons.

      Are you Federalies getting all this?

    • robin smith says:

      cant believe what im reading.start with gangs. no way . cops dont have the guts. but they do have all it takes to start with old ladies and law abiding decent families. then they tell the neighbors ,on and on , the fear grows and spreads . no knock law patriet act has people shaking. some sunday morning, early , while still asleep they will be standing over you with the one thing u love more than anything, dead in their grip ,then see what u do. how did they take over millions. one at a time then one family, then one block, one town. right here last mo. 6 blackhawks came here and hovered at certain houses. this town has bullitproof hummers. 50 man swat team, and head of homeland office for ark. right here in this little sleepy town of 11,000. why. they r getting ready. when i talked to plain clothes he said when marshall law is declared ill be seeing u in your house. ill be taking all guns and booze and if u resist u die….. in harrison ,ark. they allready had the drill to divide families by age,40 and over will be taken one way and the young for other reasons. railroads in place, so are gas chambers. i have the article from the newspaper that tells about it. also address if u want to buy the cd showing all about it. just ask. im 70 and i remember the fear of hitler. . the very people u think u can trust r running this. pasters and firemen. good luck. robin

  43. charlie (NC) says:

    I read somewhere (don’t remember the source but I think it was Dick Morris)
    that the treaty goes into force unless the senate votes it down with in a certain period of time. The writer said Reid will not bring it up for a vote and in sort of a reverse “pocket veto” it will go into force and the clock will get run out and the treaty will go permanently into effect with the same force as a constitutional amendment.

    Some Republican senator was on TV this morning saying he had 51 senators that would stand against it …… and then came the big… UNLESS…. they come up with language that ….. blah blah blah. We all know that these things are just like laws passed by congress. The law or in this case the treaty is just spelled out in broad brush strokes and left to bureacrats, in this case the UN, to write the regulations AFTER the fact.

  44. JeffintheWest says:

    It depends on the election, of course. If Obama is re-elected, then it will happen, and sooner rather than later. If Romney is elected, it won’t happen while he’s President, but he also won’t do anything much that will significantly prevent the next President (or the one after that) from finally doing it. Really, it’s simply inevitable since the Libs won’t stop until they’ve taken away every meaningful Constitutional Right that we ever had. In a way, our only hope to preserve our freedoms is systemic collapse due to the SHTF — at that point the central government will become less effective (and, if we’re lucky, might even drop out of the equation entirely) and, in the ensuing chaos, the charmingly disingenuous libtard mob will manage to get a great number of themselves eliminated from the gene pool one way or another, which will at least slow the erosion of our rights…. I have to admit, when that fat pig Michael Moore manages to get himself shot by some misunderstood criminal type robbing his mansion, I won’t shed too many tears. And if Sean Penn happens to be a house-guest at the same time, well, my cup will runneth over….

  45. M.D. your correct. What do we the sheeple to do without getting arrested. We are loosing our religious freedom, and guns. I want to buy a gun to defend myself. I use to be against having guns. Did you know George Washington took the oath of office across the street from Ground Zero!

  46. Petnumber1 says:

    I don’t think it will be as outright as a ban on either guns or ammo. I think it will be subtle – like the war on tobacco. I’m not advocating smoking, but there was a concerted effort by the government, funding anti-smoking agencies and coalitions, state restrictions, court cases, you name it…all in the name of making smoking so unpopular and scary and expensive that the average American doesn’t want any part of it. It was a simple case of building consensus against smoking, and getting the average American to buy into it…from that point, it was just a matter of peer pressure.

    Outright bans don’t work – prohibition proved that. It will be subtle, and aimed at the sheeple first. And the sheeple will then try to shame the rest of us into it. And in the meantime, there will be taxes and state restrictions, and who knows what else. 🙁 And then maybe an outright (but slow) ban, when most of the country is on “their” side. Much easier and cleaner that way.

  47. It will never happen. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to pull something like this off? I’m talking about physically taking people’s guns away from them and the time and cost? Not to mention the outcry? It would be anarchy and political suicide. Besides, it won’t stop people from still getting guns. This is what politicians (the dems) don’t understand. You can take guns away from the stand up law abiding citizens, but the crazy people (Holmes) and felons are STILL going to get guns and then it’s going to make crimes even easier to commit. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  48. I personally dont think it will happen , unless they are willing to risk civil war ………and that is what would be a sure fire way to initiate one . The American people will and have put up with a great many things…………..but thats not one of them , and once Johnny Reb starts shootin , they dont have the manpower to roll over it . They will have to retreat .

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “Okay. We (the Feds) are just going to confiscate 50 cal weapons. Citizens certainly don’t need 50 cal weapons. It’s for the children and their safety. These weapons clearly fall under the ATT provisions. Turn them in please or be subject to fines and prosecution. It’s for the greater good. No other categories of firearms are subject to the ATT provisions. U.S. citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms with reasonable restrictions.”

      “Hi! It’s us (the FEDS) again and we are just eliminating hi-cap magazines. There was another brutal theater massacre. Children were wounded and killed. 5 and 10 rd mags are still permitted as we support your 2nd amendment rights. God bless America!”

      ” Most of the nations of the world agree that the confiscation of all semi-autos will prevent senseless violence throughout the world. As signatories to the ATT we must comply but we insisted that all U.S. citizens may possess revolvers and shotguns (not semi-auto) for sport shooting, hunting and self-protection. We support your 2nd amendment rights!”

      “All shotguns must be turned in except for single shot or double barreled which are smaller than 20 gauge. Revolver owners may not have speed loaders as these are not necessary for hunting or sporting purposes. Statistics indicate that revolver owners who fire their weapons in successful self-defense fire an average of three shots. So reloading is not necessary. You must comply.”

      Incremental confiscation. Insidious…..

      { Notice how THEY get less polite as categories of weapons have already been confiscated. }

      • LOL aye that !!!!!! Stalin would be proud . Your right tho in the fact that they try to do it little by little . We have a free flow southern border with Mexico , drugs , weapons , people cross over undetected every day . All they are going to do is create more business for the underground elements of society . Look at high capacity magazines for example , they are a simple thing to make for anybody with sheet metal skills and a CNC machine . Prohibition didnt stop alcohol either , but rather created a multi million dollar business for the underworld ( million dolars back then was a lot of money ) . Then there are nations that dont like us very much ( the list gets longer every year ) willing to ship things to those with the cash . The Mexican government is NOT in controle of that country , even if it was …….money talks in Mexico , it always has .

  49. the Goldfinger says:

    I said less than 5 years because regardless if the ATT is passed or not, its clear to me that it is and has been a plan on the table for well over 20 years. Incrementally, they are moving in that direction. They will continue the “frog in the pot” routine until the day comes when it will be much easier to confiscate your weapons. This won’t happen in 6 months or a year, because a few other things need to happen before its feasible to come to your house and take your weapons…but in 5 years, well, a lot can happen in 5 years. A economic collapse will be the likely pre-cursor…and a few other things thrown in for good measure.

    • Possible , but I still think , economic collaps + attempted weapon confiscation = civil war .

      • SurvivorDan says:

        You could be right T.R.

        • The way I look at it is in a collapse , the government would get the brunt of the blame , justifiably so , under proper management it could have been avoided . Then on top of that, the same corrupt government wants to take your means of protecting yourself or feeding yourself and your family away from you ? There are going to be A LOT of angry , hungry , desperate people out there . Also a very large number of discharged vets that have been shit on after their tours by the same government to train Johnny Reb .

          • Secession is another possibility , there is already a big movement in Texas . All it will take is one to initiate it and others will follow .

  50. Given the number of Armed American citizens and efforts by gun organizations th fight will be long and vigerous. Many hoplophobs will be voted out of office reducing the chance of firearms being confiscated. I still do not trust them and am preparing for the worst by prepping to conceal the firearms and ammunition I possess.. At my age, I will more than likely die with a firearm in my hands.

  51. P.S. Examples to look at are Afganastan. The French tried to take it and failed the Russians spent 10 years there trying to dominate them and failed and now we are there and failing. Small arms in the hands of millions of citizens is a daunting task even our military could not endure, and how many in the military just might roll over and refuse to carry out such an order. There are too many tactical, strategical and logistical elements in play to make this happen.

    • riverrider says:

      tom, yes but they have nothing to lose. until we have nothing to lose we will take it in the keister to preserve what little we have….well, most will. hopefully there’s enough losers like myself to pull this off. the sad fact is they will never fight us, like charlie cong they will boil us in the pot slowly.

  52. robert in mid michigan says:

    cant vote on this one as we are already doing it, katrina california, d.c. chicago, newyork and anytime the cops come talk to you and they confiscate your weapons for safty reasons good luck getting them back. when will it speed up second week of november of 2012, if he gets realected along with the house and senate they will legislate it in over a year or two, if we win and he loses it will be much, much faster in the matter of a couple weeks with fast executive orders, that are worded just so that it will take years to untangle the web and your weapons are turned into plow shares

  53. MountainSurvivor says:

    Unless everyone turns in their guns, like the good little atomatons that the Government believes them to be, there is no way that (Government) is going to be able to confiscate everyone’s guns. It’s time that everyone stop registering their guns and stop telling the higher ups everything. It’s none of their business what We, the People, do because there is a higher power called, The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. And if they don’t want a revolution, well, I suggest they quit while they are still ahead. I have a pet rock of which I’ve started to think might actually be smarter than some of those Socialist (Nazi) anti-gunners that are attacking our country from within, right now. Control the guns, control the food, control the water, control the religion (thoughts)…I hope they don’t get away with it because they’ll then control the people.

    • michael c says:

      The bacteria on top of the rock are smarter then the blue green slime in government.

  54. livinglife says:

    The gun ban/confiscation is going to be in gradual steps. It started with trying to ban all lead ammo, no firearms on federal lands, microstamping all brass and bullets so it cost prohibitive to make or buy. Banning replacement parts, mandating imported materials not be used in firearms manufacturing…there are a myriad of ways to destroy the 2nd amendment without an outright confiscation or ban.

  55. Uncle Charlie says:

    Can’t happen without a constitutional convention or the president declaring marshal law, the latter of which would lead to a civil war. The Prison Planet article is a tad paranoid. Consider the source. Besides, my NRA newsletter today declared victory, and you know they only state the God’s honest truth.

  56. Petnumber1 says:

    Okay, interesting thought that came up in a conversation I had at a gun store this morning. The guy who was showing me different handguns and I were talking about this whole subject and CCP (Utah, where I live, has one of the most widely accepted permits in the nation).

    His thought was that if we get to a point, whenever it may be, where someone comes to take our guns, who are they going to focus on first? Are they going to start randomly knocking on the 100+ million doors in the US? Or are they going to focus on those most likely to have guns – i.e., those who have CCPs, those who have registered weapons, etc.? I’m wondering now, since I only have guns to protect my household, if I should avoid CCP like the plague? And also buy my guns from private sellers? 3 of my 4, I’ve bought or been given privately (i.e., no record of ownership). Would love everyone’s thoughts on this…

  57. 3gens4wars says:

    My understanding is, due to the vienna conference signed in ’61, if the sitting president doesnt say no, & the congress kicks it down the road without radifying it, then it remains as law until it is voted on. Idk? But do you trust anything they say? Vote all incumbants out, regardless of party!

  58. Semper Fi says:

    Remember, the weapons you like/enjoy, others will also. The confiscators will keep the nice weapons. When you surrender your weapons, cut them or smash the receiver. Leave the serial number for proof of turn in of “guns.” If you can’t have them, they can’t either.

  59. Schumer’s hi-cap magazine ban bill is in the Senate tomorrow, get on the phone with your Senator asap and tell them to vote it down. It’s a ban on carrying anything more than a 10 round magazine and it has jail time.

    • Just carry more magazines 😉 the M1 garand only held 8 and it was an ass kicker . These assholes think they are going to stop it ……so did the other meterosexuals that tried prohibition during the 1930s . All it does is create a booming business for the underworld . Not only that , making a magazine is a simple matter for anybody with sheet metal skills and a CNC machine .

  60. michael c says:

    I voted “never” only because the government is not big enough to do it. Facts are we have about 4 million troops (a lot deployed but, offsets the blue helmet in coming) – while there are more then 200 million American citizens who have guns. If only 3 percent of the “citizens” shoot back (crazy) then the military will be depleted quickly. I think that the mental failure rate of American citizens could go higher if soldiers storm homes in the city. Don’t forget about all the military RED’s (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) who won’t have wives or children to worry about or who will get set off by family being harassed.

    The apocalypse (from the Bible, might as well call it what it is) is moving too fast now to pass enough laws to actually “disarm” the public.

  61. In response to “how long?” The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 provides for construction of 32000 civilian internment camps, to house “potential domestic terrorists,which the Act defines as “gun owners, ex military and law enforcement, and anyone with conservative values. Next, there are dozens of compounds where millions of caskets designed to hold 3 to 5 bodies are being stored under the guise of FEMA, mostly in the Midwest USA. Next, Obummer rescinded the law that states that US military cannot fire on American civilians,,He pacted with Canada and Mexico for their militaries to cross our border, join up with ours, and fire on American civilians in the case of civil unrest, which is not defined in this legislation. Add all these together, I say less than six months. These internment camps are fully equipped and manned as soon as each ls completed. Don’t forget, our Pres is no socialist NOR Marxist…He’s a Muslim collaberator. I’ve done considerable research on this…and that’s what’s coming in the very near future. What’s your take on that MD?

    • Wyatt,

      It looks like they are getting ready for something big but I don’t think it will happen until after the election.

      • And let’s not forget, counting votes for this election has been contracted to an agency in Spain, a predominantly Muslim country.Hillary did that. On a side note,,,I over in an area that is all farming and mostly Hispanic. There is a single mosque in this town; it looks to be no bigger than about 3000 sq ft. Usually there are no more than a dozen cars parked outide. In the last several months, there have been numerous occasions I have driven by there when there are hundreds of cars parked, and no one in view outside of the building.I wonder where all the owners of the parked vehicles are? Watch for increased activity at the mosques in your area. Another side note,,,A few months ago Obummer made a statement that he might consider our military attacking Iran. Both the president and the ayatollah have directed Muslims in the US to rise up and kill Americans and Jews in the event ANYONE attacks Iran. That would allow Big O to declare a state of emergency and Marshall law, at which time he is then permitted by our constitution to confiscate any and all of your assets and personal property. Obama and his Muslim terrorist cronies have all of this very well thought out and planned. I don’t believe they are foolish enough to give all of us a lengthy amount of time to figure it all out and then prepare. All of these preparations have been made with a definite purpose and a definite time frame. So the issue here is far.more expansive than merely taking our guns. Because my sources are well connected and well informed, I have total faith in the prediction. So much so that my wife and I are quitting our jobs, cashing in our retirement, and moving out of CA to an area that’s more defensible.

      • robin smith says:

        the innternment canps r in place and some r the air force bases that the gov. closed in the 90,s. all have rails to them and military will be ordered to bring in the sheeps. your own sons and daughters. once martial law is declaired its over. come here, ull see . this town bought the water co. told everyone to buy insurance policy on your water pipes which i did and have cancelled check. they ssay i didnt. i asked my elect. co. to install a huge light to shine on my prop. in my backyard. they put it a block away. its a living hell living here in mountain home,ark. ive tried to sell so i can leave but after sighing contracts with agencies they wont show my home. i dont want to die here in this awful place but i cant get out. robin

  62. Uncle Charlie says:

    Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody can do anything about it. Let’s forget the paranoia and the politics (Muslim collaborator, really!!!!) and get back to prepping. I worked for the most efficient federal agency for 30 years and I can guarantee there is no agency capable of collecting all the guns in this country even if we offered them up voluntarily. The Supreme Court recently certified our 2nd Amendment rights. Lets get back to prepping.

  63. Some good news I wanted to share with the Pack: I’m an Illinois resident. Sent my FOID card renewal in April of this year. Check was cashed by Illinois State Police in late May. FINALLY received my FOID card today! So, if they come knocking on my door, at least my card will be current.

    Now, any ideas on what I should buy first? (Not a hunter; need something for TEOTWAWKI, zombie apocalypse, urban SHTF, etc.) Thanks to all in advance for any advice…

  64. Most of the reader here really don’t seem to understand how this country and the economy work. The executive branch (currently run by Obama) only implements laws. Congress makes the laws. Rich people and Corporations own Congress. There won’t be an effort to take our guns unless the people rise up out of anger at the Rich people who have been screwing them and the economy. This uprising must be like an Arab Spring and thus sufficiently threaten the Rich, Powerful and Elite such that they then pressure Congress to act and preserve their wealth and security. Then Congress, especially the Republicans who are so cosy and protective of the rich, will rush to try to take away your guns. For losing civil rights think Patriot act (Republican creation). In terms of defending civil rights think ALCU, a liberal leaning organization. So the more Republicans in office the more likely we are to lose more Civil rights. I’m worried and preparing accordingly.

    • Cosmolined says:

      How did that nation of laws thing work with the Prez invalidating the law on illegal immigrants and the Immigration folks being able to check/hold them? You are simply wrong. Cos

  65. Uncle Charlie says:

    I forgot to add that Spain is 71% Catholic and is not a predominantly Muslim country. Wyatt, I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but I would double check my sources if I were you.

  66. I went to my favorite gunshop today where all of us old guys like to hang out and swap information. So while Uncle Charlie is busy dismissing my verified info as ridiculous, they are already setting up military roadblocks on a few interstates and confiscating whatever they feel like grabbing.The I10 going into Texas is one spot,,there are several others.While most of you are busy swapping recipes and how to make homemade showers, the gun grab has already started. I’ve been taking a lot of time off work prepping my property, organizing my friends and neighbors. Do you guys really believe that ANYTHING in our country is actually going to follow rule of law? We are facing a Muslim takeover, and for those of you who choose to disbelieve the info I’ve presented here..guess what…if you’re uninformed you’ll be unprepared, and that’s what they’re counting on. Best of luck to all of one can say you weren’t warned.

  67. axelsteve says:

    One thing that we can say to the goverment is. Well the economy has sucked for so long that I had to sell my guns for cash. I needed 2500 dollars to get my truck out of the shop and I did not have the money. Mike at the garage has them now. Just tell them mike at the local shop that closed down 3 years ago. They never had a mike there but you get the idea.

  68. SEMPER FI says:

    Something to consider..the FEDS have a bucket load of informants that are not in prison because they agreed to look and listen for the government. The old saying, if two people know a secret, one is an informant. The US ARMY used to advertise “AN ARMY OF ONE.” That is what will be needed for the potential civilian soldier. Trust no one except mayhaps your wife. If an informant is found in your area of interest, the most severe action will be stopping the informants gene pool. An informant can decimate an organization.

  69. I don’t think they will try to come get them. I think they will slowly limit the ability to acquire them.

    They know that coming to the door and demanding your guns is a tragic error in the victim selection process. A lot of people will.. Well let’s just say they will ‘resist’.

    Remember the story of how to boil a frog?

    So I see it this way… They ban internet ammunition sales.. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can buy.. They add taxes to firearms that could be used as ‘assault weapons’. They close the so called “gun show loop hole” and force you to pay to transfer a gun to someone else.. Then they tax that to the point you can’t afford the gun..

    Sure you have a right to keep and bare.. Just pay the $1000 transfer tax and you are good to go..
    Box of ammo? Sure.. $100..

    It might take years but they can slowly make it hard for a gun shop to be in business. and impossible to buy or sell a gun as a private person..

    They don’t have to come get guns.. They just have to tax them out of existence.

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