Reader Poll: How long before they come to take your guns?

Well folks with recent events, such as the Aurora Colorado shooting with calls for more “gun control” and the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that Obama, has indicated he would  sign, it looks like the Second Amendment is once again under attack from multiple angles at the same time.

(note: The Arms Trade Treaty can’t be enacted unless Congress ratifies it.)

How long do you think we have before the government starts confiscating individually owned firearms?

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Please elaborate on your choice in the comments below… ?:-)


  1. P.S. Examples to look at are Afganastan. The French tried to take it and failed the Russians spent 10 years there trying to dominate them and failed and now we are there and failing. Small arms in the hands of millions of citizens is a daunting task even our military could not endure, and how many in the military just might roll over and refuse to carry out such an order. There are too many tactical, strategical and logistical elements in play to make this happen.

    • riverrider says:

      tom, yes but they have nothing to lose. until we have nothing to lose we will take it in the keister to preserve what little we have….well, most will. hopefully there’s enough losers like myself to pull this off. the sad fact is they will never fight us, like charlie cong they will boil us in the pot slowly.

  2. robert in mid michigan says:

    cant vote on this one as we are already doing it, katrina california, d.c. chicago, newyork and anytime the cops come talk to you and they confiscate your weapons for safty reasons good luck getting them back. when will it speed up second week of november of 2012, if he gets realected along with the house and senate they will legislate it in over a year or two, if we win and he loses it will be much, much faster in the matter of a couple weeks with fast executive orders, that are worded just so that it will take years to untangle the web and your weapons are turned into plow shares

  3. MountainSurvivor says:

    Unless everyone turns in their guns, like the good little atomatons that the Government believes them to be, there is no way that (Government) is going to be able to confiscate everyone’s guns. It’s time that everyone stop registering their guns and stop telling the higher ups everything. It’s none of their business what We, the People, do because there is a higher power called, The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. And if they don’t want a revolution, well, I suggest they quit while they are still ahead. I have a pet rock of which I’ve started to think might actually be smarter than some of those Socialist (Nazi) anti-gunners that are attacking our country from within, right now. Control the guns, control the food, control the water, control the religion (thoughts)…I hope they don’t get away with it because they’ll then control the people.

    • michael c says:

      The bacteria on top of the rock are smarter then the blue green slime in government.

  4. livinglife says:

    The gun ban/confiscation is going to be in gradual steps. It started with trying to ban all lead ammo, no firearms on federal lands, microstamping all brass and bullets so it cost prohibitive to make or buy. Banning replacement parts, mandating imported materials not be used in firearms manufacturing…there are a myriad of ways to destroy the 2nd amendment without an outright confiscation or ban.

  5. Uncle Charlie says:

    Can’t happen without a constitutional convention or the president declaring marshal law, the latter of which would lead to a civil war. The Prison Planet article is a tad paranoid. Consider the source. Besides, my NRA newsletter today declared victory, and you know they only state the God’s honest truth.

  6. Petnumber1 says:

    Okay, interesting thought that came up in a conversation I had at a gun store this morning. The guy who was showing me different handguns and I were talking about this whole subject and CCP (Utah, where I live, has one of the most widely accepted permits in the nation).

    His thought was that if we get to a point, whenever it may be, where someone comes to take our guns, who are they going to focus on first? Are they going to start randomly knocking on the 100+ million doors in the US? Or are they going to focus on those most likely to have guns – i.e., those who have CCPs, those who have registered weapons, etc.? I’m wondering now, since I only have guns to protect my household, if I should avoid CCP like the plague? And also buy my guns from private sellers? 3 of my 4, I’ve bought or been given privately (i.e., no record of ownership). Would love everyone’s thoughts on this…

  7. 3gens4wars says:

    My understanding is, due to the vienna conference signed in ’61, if the sitting president doesnt say no, & the congress kicks it down the road without radifying it, then it remains as law until it is voted on. Idk? But do you trust anything they say? Vote all incumbants out, regardless of party!

  8. Semper Fi says:

    Remember, the weapons you like/enjoy, others will also. The confiscators will keep the nice weapons. When you surrender your weapons, cut them or smash the receiver. Leave the serial number for proof of turn in of “guns.” If you can’t have them, they can’t either.

  9. Schumer’s hi-cap magazine ban bill is in the Senate tomorrow, get on the phone with your Senator asap and tell them to vote it down. It’s a ban on carrying anything more than a 10 round magazine and it has jail time.

    • Just carry more magazines 😉 the M1 garand only held 8 and it was an ass kicker . These assholes think they are going to stop it ……so did the other meterosexuals that tried prohibition during the 1930s . All it does is create a booming business for the underworld . Not only that , making a magazine is a simple matter for anybody with sheet metal skills and a CNC machine .

  10. michael c says:

    I voted “never” only because the government is not big enough to do it. Facts are we have about 4 million troops (a lot deployed but, offsets the blue helmet in coming) – while there are more then 200 million American citizens who have guns. If only 3 percent of the “citizens” shoot back (crazy) then the military will be depleted quickly. I think that the mental failure rate of American citizens could go higher if soldiers storm homes in the city. Don’t forget about all the military RED’s (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) who won’t have wives or children to worry about or who will get set off by family being harassed.

    The apocalypse (from the Bible, might as well call it what it is) is moving too fast now to pass enough laws to actually “disarm” the public.

  11. In response to “how long?” The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 provides for construction of 32000 civilian internment camps, to house “potential domestic terrorists,which the Act defines as “gun owners, ex military and law enforcement, and anyone with conservative values. Next, there are dozens of compounds where millions of caskets designed to hold 3 to 5 bodies are being stored under the guise of FEMA, mostly in the Midwest USA. Next, Obummer rescinded the law that states that US military cannot fire on American civilians,,He pacted with Canada and Mexico for their militaries to cross our border, join up with ours, and fire on American civilians in the case of civil unrest, which is not defined in this legislation. Add all these together, I say less than six months. These internment camps are fully equipped and manned as soon as each ls completed. Don’t forget, our Pres is no socialist NOR Marxist…He’s a Muslim collaberator. I’ve done considerable research on this…and that’s what’s coming in the very near future. What’s your take on that MD?

    • Wyatt,

      It looks like they are getting ready for something big but I don’t think it will happen until after the election.

      • And let’s not forget, counting votes for this election has been contracted to an agency in Spain, a predominantly Muslim country.Hillary did that. On a side note,,,I over in an area that is all farming and mostly Hispanic. There is a single mosque in this town; it looks to be no bigger than about 3000 sq ft. Usually there are no more than a dozen cars parked outide. In the last several months, there have been numerous occasions I have driven by there when there are hundreds of cars parked, and no one in view outside of the building.I wonder where all the owners of the parked vehicles are? Watch for increased activity at the mosques in your area. Another side note,,,A few months ago Obummer made a statement that he might consider our military attacking Iran. Both the president and the ayatollah have directed Muslims in the US to rise up and kill Americans and Jews in the event ANYONE attacks Iran. That would allow Big O to declare a state of emergency and Marshall law, at which time he is then permitted by our constitution to confiscate any and all of your assets and personal property. Obama and his Muslim terrorist cronies have all of this very well thought out and planned. I don’t believe they are foolish enough to give all of us a lengthy amount of time to figure it all out and then prepare. All of these preparations have been made with a definite purpose and a definite time frame. So the issue here is far.more expansive than merely taking our guns. Because my sources are well connected and well informed, I have total faith in the prediction. So much so that my wife and I are quitting our jobs, cashing in our retirement, and moving out of CA to an area that’s more defensible.

      • robin smith says:

        the innternment canps r in place and some r the air force bases that the gov. closed in the 90,s. all have rails to them and military will be ordered to bring in the sheeps. your own sons and daughters. once martial law is declaired its over. come here, ull see . this town bought the water co. told everyone to buy insurance policy on your water pipes which i did and have cancelled check. they ssay i didnt. i asked my elect. co. to install a huge light to shine on my prop. in my backyard. they put it a block away. its a living hell living here in mountain home,ark. ive tried to sell so i can leave but after sighing contracts with agencies they wont show my home. i dont want to die here in this awful place but i cant get out. robin

  12. Uncle Charlie says:

    Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody can do anything about it. Let’s forget the paranoia and the politics (Muslim collaborator, really!!!!) and get back to prepping. I worked for the most efficient federal agency for 30 years and I can guarantee there is no agency capable of collecting all the guns in this country even if we offered them up voluntarily. The Supreme Court recently certified our 2nd Amendment rights. Lets get back to prepping.

  13. Some good news I wanted to share with the Pack: I’m an Illinois resident. Sent my FOID card renewal in April of this year. Check was cashed by Illinois State Police in late May. FINALLY received my FOID card today! So, if they come knocking on my door, at least my card will be current.

    Now, any ideas on what I should buy first? (Not a hunter; need something for TEOTWAWKI, zombie apocalypse, urban SHTF, etc.) Thanks to all in advance for any advice…

  14. Most of the reader here really don’t seem to understand how this country and the economy work. The executive branch (currently run by Obama) only implements laws. Congress makes the laws. Rich people and Corporations own Congress. There won’t be an effort to take our guns unless the people rise up out of anger at the Rich people who have been screwing them and the economy. This uprising must be like an Arab Spring and thus sufficiently threaten the Rich, Powerful and Elite such that they then pressure Congress to act and preserve their wealth and security. Then Congress, especially the Republicans who are so cosy and protective of the rich, will rush to try to take away your guns. For losing civil rights think Patriot act (Republican creation). In terms of defending civil rights think ALCU, a liberal leaning organization. So the more Republicans in office the more likely we are to lose more Civil rights. I’m worried and preparing accordingly.

    • Cosmolined says:

      How did that nation of laws thing work with the Prez invalidating the law on illegal immigrants and the Immigration folks being able to check/hold them? You are simply wrong. Cos

  15. Uncle Charlie says:

    I forgot to add that Spain is 71% Catholic and is not a predominantly Muslim country. Wyatt, I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but I would double check my sources if I were you.

  16. I went to my favorite gunshop today where all of us old guys like to hang out and swap information. So while Uncle Charlie is busy dismissing my verified info as ridiculous, they are already setting up military roadblocks on a few interstates and confiscating whatever they feel like grabbing.The I10 going into Texas is one spot,,there are several others.While most of you are busy swapping recipes and how to make homemade showers, the gun grab has already started. I’ve been taking a lot of time off work prepping my property, organizing my friends and neighbors. Do you guys really believe that ANYTHING in our country is actually going to follow rule of law? We are facing a Muslim takeover, and for those of you who choose to disbelieve the info I’ve presented here..guess what…if you’re uninformed you’ll be unprepared, and that’s what they’re counting on. Best of luck to all of one can say you weren’t warned.

  17. axelsteve says:

    One thing that we can say to the goverment is. Well the economy has sucked for so long that I had to sell my guns for cash. I needed 2500 dollars to get my truck out of the shop and I did not have the money. Mike at the garage has them now. Just tell them mike at the local shop that closed down 3 years ago. They never had a mike there but you get the idea.

  18. SEMPER FI says:

    Something to consider..the FEDS have a bucket load of informants that are not in prison because they agreed to look and listen for the government. The old saying, if two people know a secret, one is an informant. The US ARMY used to advertise “AN ARMY OF ONE.” That is what will be needed for the potential civilian soldier. Trust no one except mayhaps your wife. If an informant is found in your area of interest, the most severe action will be stopping the informants gene pool. An informant can decimate an organization.

  19. I don’t think they will try to come get them. I think they will slowly limit the ability to acquire them.

    They know that coming to the door and demanding your guns is a tragic error in the victim selection process. A lot of people will.. Well let’s just say they will ‘resist’.

    Remember the story of how to boil a frog?

    So I see it this way… They ban internet ammunition sales.. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can buy.. They add taxes to firearms that could be used as ‘assault weapons’. They close the so called “gun show loop hole” and force you to pay to transfer a gun to someone else.. Then they tax that to the point you can’t afford the gun..

    Sure you have a right to keep and bare.. Just pay the $1000 transfer tax and you are good to go..
    Box of ammo? Sure.. $100..

    It might take years but they can slowly make it hard for a gun shop to be in business. and impossible to buy or sell a gun as a private person..

    They don’t have to come get guns.. They just have to tax them out of existence.