Are You Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse?

zombie survivalWe’ve all seen the movies, where the Zombie masses roam through the countryside in search of the flesh of the living who were not effected by the outbreak. Most of us think of this type of thing as only Hollywood fantasy, but is it really possible.

Could a virus turn your neighbours into flesh-eating Zombies, well according to this post published by the CDC it could happen. They even give their survival tips about what you should do when it happens.

Now, it all sounds kinda strange to me and I’m not looking for Zombies (or are they already:-D )  to walk the earth anytime soon, but I suppose theoretically it would be possible under the right circumstances.

Anyway, it does get you thinking and considering the “what if” factor.

Do You Think A Apocalypse Is Possible

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What if it happened. What would you do. Would you be ready. Could you shoot your neighbour or worse a loved one if they fell victim to the Zombie virus. What would you do…

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  1. I tend to think of the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor for any type of major disaster that would result in the breakdown of society to the point where people turn on each other. In that sense it’s actually quite foolish to believe that it can’t happen.

    As far as an actual zombie apocalypse goes, there are ways that it could happen, to a degree, but you simply are not going to have dead people rising from the grave. There are fungi that can take control of a host’s brain, there are viruses that alter your mental state, there are drugs that reduce brain function–any of these things, with some slight modifications, could cause something like a zombie apocalypse.

    As far as being ready, I don’t believe you need to do anything different, prep-wise, to be ready for a zombie apocalypse as opposed to any other major disaster. Lots of food, lots of water, secure shelter, weapons/hunting implements, tools, transportation, etc. The only real difference is going to be the willingness to kill other people, and for most people that is something that would be incredibly difficult. I don’t believe that there is really any way to train yourself for that–certainly, there are people who handle it better than others, but coping is really all most people can hope for.

  2. Matthew says:

    It could happen, and I think I’d survive it longer than most.

  3. ZombieVader says:

    Why not add a Zomb A-poc to the list of of disasters? Its probably one of the worst apocalypse scenarios out there. Right next to the Cyborg uprising or Alien invasion. Seriously though, Who knows what our government is working on in some lab somewhere that has the potential to devastate the population. Its not really that absurd, and science fiction usually has a small bit of factual basis for its story. No I don’t think that a meteor will fall from the sky and turn people into mindless zombies, but any number of viruses can make a person irrational and or violent. If something like that spread through the population it could be something very near a zombie type apocalypse. I don’t mind being prepared for that.

  4. I do not have the foggiest notion of how it would happen, virus, spores, bacteria or just plain out cannabalism. But it could happen.
    I will have to handle this when it happens, I guess.
    But how a heart would break to have to bring this into a personal situation. If it would happen to me, kill me, I am old and not to far in the future will be considered useless. But the younger ones what a horrible thing. But I think I would do it to keep them from being such objects of what would be ridicule and knowing they would not want to be such creatures.

  5. dort-munder says:

    Double tap!!

  6. Hey if anyone wants to come and try eating me I am going to blow their brains out. 25 years in the army, I have no problem just blowing them away. I don’t know how likely the whole scenario is but anything is possible with our government being involved. I don’t know that I am prepared enough for something like this to happen. Maybe I should consider the possibility and get better prepared. Something to really think about. Great post M.D.

  7. mountain lady says:

    I voted no, mostly because I am not sure what the phrase really means. Most of the Americans are already zombies. You know, the half dead, in the mind, sheeple that are only animated if they are plugged into something. When that ends, they will not know how to wake up, and so will probably keep acting like zombies. Well, that is my take on the situation.

    • mountain lady says:

      Okay, I went out and read the article. So the CDC thinks they might be able to reach the sleeping sheeple by telling them to prepare for the worst by using zombies. LOL, even they know the American sheeple cannot think for themselves.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Mountain Lady, I agree with you. The zombies are already here.

  8. charlie says:

    M.D. in your poll do you mean any kind of an Apocalypse or a specifically a of the Zombie sort. I ask because 84 voters into the
    poll 35% of those polled say no. Now if they are voting on a zombie related Apocalypse I can buy that but if they are voting on an Apocalypse in general I’m wondering why those 35% are reading this blog. I took it to mean any sort of apocalypse and voted yes. Just curious.

    • This was meant to be a fun post – specifically a of the Zombie Apocalypse. I hope everyone has fun with this…

      • charlie says:

        M.D. I knew you meant it as fun and I intended my comment in the same light. My writtings tend to be a bit terse sometimes. I guess the humor didn’t come through.

  9. Spook45 says:

    First and foremost, I do not believe in ZOMBIES although I have seen a few people who fit the bill. As far as an appocalyptic event, we have had many and some worse than others. As far as what I call an appocalypse, we have not had that since the flood of Noah. I do believe that with the current events both astrologicaly that effect the Earth, as well as the geophysical issues that are happeni g now within the Earth, I think the potential for a major cataclism are very high right now and that is not even to mention the politicla and geo political issues that are transpiring as well at the same time. I dont forsee zombies(in a classical sense) roaming the streets eating people, but the populice as a whole being unprepared, my act like zombies or worse.

  10. gary in bama says:

    Well i dont thing a zombie outbreak will happen but a viral epadenic released on the general public by TPTB is almost a certainty in the next 10 to 20 years .when they cant raise taxes any more and the system begins to crash they will cull the poor along with the young under 10 and the old over 60 with infectious viruses. these two groups are the least productive and strain the elites income the most.I DONT AGREE WITH THIS IDEA BUT IF I CAN THINK OF IT THEY HAVE TO!think real hard have we already seen 3 experiments? can we say swine, bird and SARS this is what i think TEOTWAWKI will be.A 100 million dead mabe more to save they rightful role in society they would do it with no more remorse than id have killing a zombie!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well if you have been in the armed forces and went into battle Especially in the field. You will know it is not easy to take an other humans life for sure. But if it is your hide or theirs you best not think about it to long. You never get used to killing a person comfortably, If you do I think you have a Zombie brain. I is not normal but we have been doing it for a long time.
    (Just my option).

    Now if see the person and you are doing the deed from a sniper view or through mechanical machine
    at a distance. Well it would not be as bad you do not see the white of there eyes. That is hard! the other persons eyes. Zombie Family member may be a little harder.

    If it boils down to my life or a zombie even a family zombie. I would not lie down and let em have me as a snack.
    My logic is that it is not the same person. Just looks like em! I would hope that they would not know who I am and what I was doing you.

    Really if they are looking ugly that would help. It is hard to shot a horse of even a family cat.
    I had to do that one a cat got caught in a leg hold trap and it broke his back I guess he was still very much alive. And was the only cat I really got attached to, So watch the critters they might be come a zombie also!

    I did not vote because I am not really not sure if it could happen I suppose it could.
    I do not know a thing about genetic mutations ect. All I know is that is not a pleasant subject to write about.. (Killing that is.) Also it may be regular old street gangs or criminals coming after you when tshtf so better think if you can pull that trigger or however you plan to get rid of them!!

  12. We’ve got real problems to address. Worrying about flesh eating zombies is not one of them. Besides, I’m willing to guess, if I’m prepared for hurricanes, and terrorist attacks, Zombies should not be an issue.

  13. The CDC is ridiculous. I thought the “zombie apocalypse” was when people were so hungry they became mindless zombies and lost all sense of their humanity, eating people…etc.

  14. I read this article earlier and it gave me little laugh. Then I thought about it a little and realized that these bureaucrats just don’t get it.

    While I think it’s great that they’re encouraging folks to prep and if you’ve tried to order supplies lately you’ve seen just how busy the suppliers are, I think they miss the point. They focus on natural disasters and terrorism and use zombies as an allegory, while ignoring the equally likely problems their fellow agencies are encouraging.

    How ironic is it that FEMA, DHS and the CDC are advising preparation while they and the rest of the government are pushing an agenda that will destabilize every facet of our society?

    The closest we’ll come to a zombie apocalypse is when the welfare checks and food stamps stop. The riots will be indistinguishable from a horror movie!

    • Oh come on now, elt2jv…’re just being cynical.

      Next month, the CDC will be announcing the Zombie Nix-Vax and those who’ve been innoculated will begin emitting an odor making their flesh undesirable for the Zombies in the present and near future.


      • What’s even more ironic elt2jv is if you follow the advice given by the CDC, the DHS lists “stockpiling food” as one of their indicators you are a potential terrorist. Pure insanity.

  15. Since I don’t have a ton of ammo or a defensible position I’m probably fodder early on. Gives a whole new twist to having the in-laws over for Sunday dinner, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, the zombies will eventually die of resource depletion since they do eat brains. Some days I think those may be as much past peak as petroleum.

    I have a copy of “Tom Brown’s Survival Guides” on my bookshelf next to Gardening When it Counts, Depletion and Abundance and many other obviously nonfiction sustainability/survival books. One of my scarier relations spent a few minutes looking over that row of my bookshelves, pulled out Tom Brown’s Survival Guides and after reading the jacket chirped “Oh! Is this another one of his zombie books? I LOVED the Zombie Survival Guide!”

    I am going to go buy all-aluminum cookware so when the ZAP hits I can at least poison my share of them.

  16. thatAway says:

    Anonymous has a point it would not be like shooting game.
    All we need is a money backer and the peppers could save the
    world from the zombies. Man that could be a good flik.
    We could show prepping techniques and so on.
    It could be a tutorial at the same time…
    I am sure we have some creative thinkers out there that could
    come up with some concepts! What ya all say!!
    We could could all be stand ins! Just need the cash as usually!
    You can be prepared, and have fun also!
    This could be a fun topic Zombies HA!!

    I am Leaving

  17. Jim Murphy says:

    If my neighbors became flesh eating zombies, it would greatly improve their current diets.

  18. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    In the spirit of having a little fun with this silly zombie scenario, I’ll play along.

    Yeah, I’m prepared. I’ve got lots of lead to put into their zombie brains and I’ve got lots of matches so I can dispose of their contaminated zombie bodies. If you see lots of smoke rising from the West, it’s just me and my homies getting rid of the zombie hordes that we’ve wiped out.

    However, if my comments suddenly stop coming, then you know that the zombies got me and I wa

  19. MD
    I think we knew that, but still, just what is a Zombie. No telling what will be the utimate zinger in the collapse.
    But now wasn’t is kinda silly of the CDC?
    Maybe they know something we don’t?????????

  20. Muddy Fork says:

    Sounds like someone with CDC was trying to wake up those types of individuals who live beside a river levee, major fault or on the gulf cost and never think of being prepared for a natural disaster. I bet they even spent several thousand dollars on TV spots too. I’m sure they had fun putting this together and I would like to see the TV spots as well. Anything can help when it comes to waking up the masses.

  21. Hank Hill says:

    I don’t know about real zombies, I don’t think it’s likely to happen but I’m not going to say it can’t. I know some survivalists use zombies as a metaphor for looters, and one of my favorite survival sites ( pretends to be about preparing for zombie hordes because if you’re ready for that, anything else won’t be such a big deal… at least that’s the theory

  22. Hello MD and everyone ..

    Interesting post .. And I know it’s meant for fun, but when I saw the article this morning off Drudge Report I was immediately reminded of Russ Dizdar’s teaching on the Black Awakening, which is light years beyond the goofy zombie concept and is anchored in a lot of real life experience and research. This would be categorized under spiritual preparedness I guess, and hopefully it’s not too far off target for this site (great work by the way, really enjoy the site).

    Russ’ ministry is called Shatter The Darkness and can be found here: and is a treasure trove of teaching and information (not the best designed site, quite busy actually, but take your time and browse through).

    Black Awakening MP3s here, and some of the things described are very reminiscent of the chaos, destruction and collapse seen in movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn Of The Dead (opening scenes):

    Hopefully some of the readers here will gain insight from this.

  23. Crazy Timing.

    Tax Cheat, Tim Geitner said yesterday that he is absolutely positive a second financial collapse is coming. He said he’s not sure when, just that he’s sure it’s coming.

    Now the CDC is warning us to stock up on water, food & meds.


    • “Now the CDC is warning us”
      Not now!!! The fact is that CDC, FEMA, Red Cross and State EMA agencies have been warning for years, it’s only now that some are starting to pay attention.

  24. I agree, the Zombies are already here. Especially in my neighborhood.

  25. Alex (Ontario, Canada) says:

    If you mean dead people rising from the grave, no.
    However there are a number of things that can happen, from viruses to some weird drugs, that could create a “zombie”.
    If anyone here does believe in the classic rise-from-the-dead zombie, then I assure you, that such an event will not be as destructive as most people think.

  26. Patriot Farmer says:

    I have no doubt that this could happen. Just one accident during a specialized experiment or the government putting into practice their population reduction plan and the zombies would be coming.

    Death to all Zombies!!!!!!

  27. I read the article a few days ago and actually thought it was a cute way to encourage people to think about preparedness. Along with Red Cross and FEMA ( the government at some level is actually trying to make people aware of how they should be at least minimally prepared, and if it takes a tongue in cheek Zombie Apocalypse, then so be it. Every prepared person (even if only minimally so) out there helps not only themselves, but all of us.
    I think we live in a society of metaphors where you can for instance use the word freak or frack on the air, but not the ‘F’ word that’s being replaced. Likewise, I can shoot zombies all day, but a discussion of dispatching fellow humans is most often a taboo subject. If you’re getting sheep to be more like sheepdogs, then I’m for nearly any method that might work.
    As for a real Zombie Apocalypse, my prep group hosts one every summer at the BOL of one of the members. A full weekend of shooting, all at zombie themed based targets, with different tactical scenarios and a plethora of different firearms. There’s nothing like practice on real zombies to get the juices flowing (and expend a lot of ammunition).

  28. If we’re talking actual Night of the Living Dead, then no certainly not. The walking dead is fiction. However, many events have occured in recent times none of us ever expected. What is possible is society becoming a faceless mass of barely human hoard, doing whatever it takes to exist another day, and the eating of human flesh has been documented several times times in our history. ex. the donner party, south american soccer team in the andes. So, we are not above it. Am I ready to defend my family, home, and self. Oh yeah! Pistol close, shotgun at the ready, and EOW supplies stored.

  29. Well said OhioPrepper. The CDC is trying to get sheeple to think a little. They don’t see too far beyond three days though…

    As for splattering zombies. ’00’ buckshot at close range would be fun!

  30. charlie says:

    I find it difficult to side with the CDC but I think they actually hit a home run with the Zombie bit. I bet the hits on their web site are up at least 10 times today if not 100 times. I think their intent was to make folks think about disaster preparedness and today they have made that point to a lot of folks who otherwise would have been watching a lady GaGa video. Hopefully some got the point.

  31. Frank B says:

    Some variant of mad-cow-disease would be all it took to change the minds of the doubters. Anyone left with their uninfected mind and wits would have to do what was necessary to get through the epidemic and see the other side. Not unlike what we see coming as an political or economic collapse. Prep in the same way but be ready to bury or burn the dead.

  32. MOPrepper says:

    I work with a bunch of zombies.
    I can say things like, “Boy, whoever printed this out is a complete idiot. Did YOU print this out?” and they don’t even connect the dots at all.

    Any in-depth conversation with them is about 9 seconds in length. Yet, they continue to think that they are fully aware of what is going on and that everyone else is an idiot.

  33. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey I own almost every Zombie movie ever made. I am a huge George Romero fan, ect, ect, Yes I’m prepared for the zombie invasion. Lots and lots of ammo, and of course clips. I’ve got lots of provisions stored. Word to the wise all rescue stations will be knocked out, stay out of all major cities as thats where the zombies will go for food, i.e. us. Oh hey being a police officer here in Detroit I’ve already seen zombies, not from a virus, but strung out on drugs, and yes they will eat us.

    • Sheri (IN) says:

      Matt – my thoughts exactly. If you’ve ever seen someone who has been on Meth or Heroin more than once, a Zombie is pretty much what you have….

  34. Yes I voted yes 🙂 They are already here they are called sheeple, now if they get exposed to radiation you can call them zombies I’ll call them ghauls. If they were flesh eating or I felt threatened I would shoot them or run them over if I was in my car. Some of my research has already brought me to conclude there will be those of us that did not prepare that will survive on flesh of the living and dead. It has been done in other cultures and in extreme survival incidents. I’m not to worried about it though I just know it is possible.

  35. blindshooter says:

    We have plenty of zombies already running around here, they are called crack heads and meth addicts. They might just eat somebody after they complete the home invasion where the homeowner is killed and then they can’t find any cash or prescription drugs. They will kill their grandparents for not funding their addictions. Be ready when they come……

    I see the CDC wants you have enough supplies to make it to a shelter, I figure if I end up in a shelter I’ve failed miserably in my personal preparedness.

    Off topic, I have tomorrow off and I’m going fishing! I figure its a practice run to see if I can capture protein after the collapse but mostly to have great fun. I better enjoy it, my company landed a big account(hospital system) and they are telling us we will have all the overtime we want soon. Including getting to do on call time. I’m not sure my old self is up for all that.

    Y’all have fun with this one, I think I’ll see if I can get some of my buddies to put on a BBQ and zombie shoot.

  36. I’m ready, I have a sickle standing by the back door, a machete at the front door and the chainsaw is gassed up. Sean of the Dead is one of my favorite movies.

  37. Hunker-Down says:

    Zombies are here!!
    In D.C.!
    There gonna eat our wallets; then us!

  38. The fact that the CDC is getting on board makes me laugh. Hopefully it’ll cause some to give pause and consider the prudence of prepping. Unfortunately, most will not.

    In a real Zombie Apocalypse, the living dead will most likely be those who haven’t prepared, those who are walking around looking to take what they can from others or die trying.

    As I mentioned in a Zombie Apocalypse post over on my site a few weeks ago, the zombies may be your unprepared neighbors, the alcoholic/drug addict around the corner, or those who are just barely living within the confines of civility now.

    Frightening stuff, but that’s all the more reason to prepare for it.


  39. i can handle the first 100,000. it’s 100,001 that concerns me. best defense against zombies; STRONG OFFENSE! enjoyed the laugh. thanks MD.

  40. Omo Bob says:

    Well its an interesting concept, and if I adopt a philosophy of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” then prepping becomes a LOT easier…just move into a highly populated area, be one of the first to turn zombie…then eat the people I used to worry about outlasting. No sweat!

  41. Who is the head zombie? Can he possibly “change” things? Is there hope for our wallets or us?

  42. A bureaucratic blunder. I wish the government would get serious about the need to be prepared for anything besides these silly articles on their websites.

    • Lynda,
      The CDC and FEMA have had serious information available for years, but most people simply ignore it and go on about their daily lives, pretending everything will be OK
      If a silly, tongue in cheeck article like this one will make someone stop & think, then it’s well worth the effort.

      • Bureaucratic blunder,indeed! It is laughable to note that FEMA can push “preparation” documents when they themselves are totally unprepared for a majority of disasters, including those within their own secure facilities. There is simply no excuse for the Feds in charge of “homeland security” when they can’t even get out of their own box in a safe and orderly fashion. No Federal agency with secure perimeters, no less, should be telling people how to do this-n-that or “prepare” when they themselves have not implemented action plans of their own for evacuations or disaster mitigation. And the CDC “guidelines,” vaccination agenda and all the ensuing illnesses they “study” through their epidemiological reporting.

        DHS, FEMA, and the CDC should all be abolished, along with a number of other very large bureaucratic agencies we are forced to pay for.

      • Ohio, this proves my point. How many people do you know who actually visit these sites? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to get the word out in a more proactive manner? You know, like an address by the LOTUS(sing Kumbaya?) Surely he can squeeze it in between television appearances. This is an important issue and rather than continually promoting government dependency this would work far better. Another step they’ve considered is putting a little blurb on utility bills. If you’re going to do something then take it all the way. This, in my opinion only, isn’t it.

        • Do you actually read the notices on your electric bull? I’ll admit I rarely do. If one of these agencies actually released some brand new information, would you read it, let alone pass it on? Most would not, but the fact that we’re discussing it here and I’ve received the link from several other people due to the subject matter tells me that the tactic is working. We live in a world where the weird things go viral, and normal things, however relevant often go unnoticed. It may be a sign of the odd times we live in, but for the relative lack of expense and the relative effectiveness, this looks like a pretty good tactic.

          • Ohio, yes, I do, with a fine tooth comb because of my photovoltaic cells. I keep all bills and track electricity generation. As I do oil usage because of our solar panels.
            We discuss it here because we have the presence of mind to understand that bad things can happen and often do, thus the need to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability.
            Having lived in MA all my life I can tell you how many are ill-prepared for the run of the mill snow storm, let alone a blizzard or ice storm. The general distrust of FEMA and the inability of the government(no matter how well intended) would not be a magnet for people. They don’t want advice, they want saving.
            It’s been a pleasure discussing this with you though.

            • Lynda,
              If I was running any amount of PV I sispect I’d be doing the same.
              Also, the CDC Zombie article was mentioned tinight on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel. I suspect a simple mention about preparedness woulnd’t have gotten even a mention, and if it wakes up only a few folks, it’s worth the small amount of effort to get the publicity.

  43. I read a press release on this earlier. Apparently the CDC got tired of telling people the same old boring things to prepare for and decided to put this out as kindof a funny way to get people to prepare since the preps for many disaster situations are similar (food water guns shelter in place or bug out if necessary/possible).

    Having said that:

    Ready, aim, fire, repeat as necessary.

  44. The post on the CDC’s website was not really saying to prepare for flesh eating zombies. The post clearly uses zombies as a metaphor. Read the last sentence of the first paragraph, “maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.”

  45. It’s understood that the zombie reference was a metaphor. It’s immature and unrealistic, but then again much of what the government does these days appeals to the weak minded.
    If the POTUS can stress the importance of a Middle East peace process(but that’s another story), then surely he can focus his energies on the people of this country in a more constructive way.

    • Lynda, what ME peace process do you mean? The only actions I’m aware of is the intentional uprising over there in the name of “the new democracy” where the Muslim Brotherhood has united to bring about an overthrow. I’m not aware of the “peace” you are referring to — is that how Obama is spinning it all now?

      • Lynn, his address yesterday touting his vision of peace in the ME and his usual supercilious schmuctitude(new word.) Sorry to have gotten off topic. 🙂

        • Oh, Lynda, I knew what you meant…..but lookie! We got a new word out of our exchange: “schmuctitude”.

          “Let me be clear, I/me/my/I/I/I am The President.”

          • Ya know, he’s not really using a teleprompter when he gives these addresses. He’s looking into a mirror. He’s just so in love with himself. One of these days I swear, he’s going to start blowing kisses to himself. I,I,I,I am the President of the United States, and he appears every day on TV to remind us of this sad fact. I really need a bunker.

            • Most everyone is sick of Obama’s ego, no bunker required, Lynda.

              Charles Krauthammer summed it all up so well:
              ” It’s fine to recognize the achievements of others and be non-chauvinistic about one’s country. But Obama’s modesty is curiously selective. When it comes to himself, modesty is in short supply.

              It began with the almost comical self-inflation of his presidential campaign, from the still inexplicable mass rally in Berlin in front of a Prussian victory column to the Greek columns framing him at the Democratic convention. And it carried into his presidency, from his posture of philosopher-king adjudicating between America’s sins and the world’s to his speeches marked by a spectacularly promiscuous use of the word “I.”

              Notice, too, how Obama habitually refers to Cabinet members and other high government officials as “my” — “my secretary of homeland security,” “my national security team,” “my ambassador.” The more normal — and respectful — usage is to say “the,” as in “the secretary of state.” These are, after all, public officials sworn to serve the nation and the Constitution — not just the man who appointed them. …

              Obama is not the first president with a large streak of narcissism. But the others had equally expansive feelings about their country. Obama’s modesty about America would be more understandable if he treated himself with the same reserve. What is odd is to have a president so convinced of his own magnificence — yet not of his own country’s.”

              And this gem:

              “Monarchs have the royal “we,” and we have a tradition of the republican “the,” both of which are intended to show an image against one-man rule. Before we start getting a slew of YouTubes showing the two Bushes, Reagan, and others using “my” and “I,” let’s just stipulate that it’s a common practice and not a hard-and-fast protocol. Krauthammer refers to a pattern that many have noticed about Obama, his repetitive self-referential language in speeches and remarks that far exceed anything seen from his predecessors — even the man we used to call The Big Me, Bill Clinton…It’s quite obviously Obama’s personal viewpoint, and combined with his continued self-focus, shows a remarkable cluelessness as well as hubris.”


            • Lynn, I heartily concur. The use of the word “we” smacks of royalty and that is not what we have. Well said.

  46. I wrote about this yesterday at If It Hits The Fan. I think it is an effective way for the CDC to get the individual responsibility and preparedness message to another segment of society. I’m shocked that the CDC promotes individual responsibility, but that’s a different story!

  47. A dumb government dumbing down a dumb PSA for the dumb sheeple. Who’da thunk…..

  48. SrvivlSally says:

    I like the Uncle Zombie pic. I would be far more afraid of other things because, in regards to zombies, when the brain swells up I think that would likely have an effect upon the rest of their bodies and how they function. With the drooling that those infected people do it is evident that it would be difficult for them to attempt eating anything, especially another person. Ever see a person who drools? Generally, their brain is not functioning properly and they lack sufficient motor skills for walking, talking and other normal actions that many take for granted. Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, for example, might give you a flesh-eating bacteria. I would also be afraid of diseases such as Syphilis and Herpes. I think that there are zombies but they take legal and illegal drugs, those that cause the sort of aggression and dumbness that our notorious zombies have been dishonestly portrayed as having. Poor things. I think we are going to have a problem on our hands wtshtf (if drugs are not fully supplied to our nation) because when people go through withdrawals without being in a controlled environment that will allow them to “get through it”, there will be nothing to stop them when their minds are going through the typical illusional states and/or their minds aggressively take over. There may not be much difference between them and the shoot-to-kill video game players because some players minds become one with the games that they play. Once the mind cannot decipher unreal from real, therein is where the problem lies. I would also be careful when walking down any street, entering any home or climbing inside of a vehicle (even my own) without first checking because some diseases cause bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, sores and other bio-hazards. Grab your face masks (plastic), goggles (plastic), guns (non-plastic), knives (non-plastic), boots (rubber), rain gear (water proof) when going anywhere and try not to breech your outfit in any way or you will potentially risk your health and bring an end to your own life that much sooner. The worst disease next to the Black Plague and being bitten by the most poisonous viper in the world is the Ebola virus. If you want to protect yourself, you should be prepared for the worst of things. Know what to look for, what the symptoms are, what the incubation periods are, what will happen throughout a course and what to do before, during and after. Everyone should know how to create a proper decontamination unit, seperate washing area and other areas of disinfection for those in-between moments.

  49. STL Grandma says:

    This reminds me of all the times I’ve been watching a horror or sci-fi movie and have yelled at the screen, “Don’t go back in the house, you idiot!” or “Shoot the gun already for Goodness Sakes, Woman” at the actress holding a gun on the bad guy with shaking hands or “It’s not your momma anymore, kill it!” at the zombie in the dark.. Yeah, I could and would definitely kill the zombie at the door and any of it’s friends as well. Could it happen? Well.. it’s not quite Night of the Living Dead yet, but it’s close. Talk about prepping with a sheeple in a casual type way and you’ll get some version of “I’ll just come knock on your door” and a giggle. I straightfaced the last one and said,
    “Don’t bother, I don’t want you and your helpless butt and no one else wants you either, so you better store some foodstuffs.” She was just a casual acquaintence at the dog park but she left with some serious thinking to do.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      STL Grandma, telling off the dog park loser made me laugh. I’d have done something similar, but probably got my butt kicked for doing it. You go, Granny!!

  50. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    Lynda & LynnS, I really enjoyed the exchange between the two of you. Both so correct about all that you said, IMO. I agree that the CDC and FEMA and DHS are big wastes of taxpayer money. Who is it that saves the day during a bomb threat or a shoebomber? THE PUBLIC! Who secures the borders? THE PUBLIC (ranchers and landowners on the border). Who fights our battles? THE PUBLIC (volunteer military).

    Perhaps the zombie story got the attention of some folks, but did it lead them to prepare? My guess is it did not. People either get it or they don’t, regardless of the theme used to get the message to them.

    As for the POTUS and his ego. Ever notice how he refers to people by their first names when he’s talking to senators or representatives or governors, but they always respectfully call him by his title. The guy is an empty suit with an ego – Soros is the puppetmaster and the POTUS is his puppet. We’re all screwed.

    • Lint, I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m anti-government. I’m anti-foolish, bloated, spendthrift, intrusive and overly powerful government. Sadly, so many are okay with this and it’s this very same public who are undeniably handing their rights over and leaving the rest of us dealing with the fallout. Those who are able to think for themselves and take responsibility for their actions in all things are fast becoming the minority. They scare me more than the government.

  51. 28 days later was the most realistic depiction of ‘zombies’ I’ve seen thus far, and points out their limitations (so stupid from the disease they starve to death – so your best strategy is to hole up and wait them out)

    Such a scenario would be a survivalists’ dream:

    few people left, so no real competition for any resource the survivors want

    1.move into that solar-powered mansion and stock it via your local Costco

    2. raid the Best Buy for that 65″ 3D HDTV

    3. take any gun you want including full auto courtesy of your local armory

    4. then burn thousands of rounds of ammo a day

    5. etc.

  52. I voted yes. Anyone heard of rabies? Get bitten and, if untreated, become uncontrollably aggressive and psychotic? Any mutation to this virus will be called zombies.

  53. The zombies are already here amongst us. They’re called Meth users. Meth is reported to change the user’s brain pattern permanently to that of a different species. It’s just a matter of time before one is banging on your front door trying to get in to have at your goods.

  54. bulldogbeau says:


    The experiments they’re doing there… Why not? I voted yes.

  55. With the current fad of zombie movies and max brooks books selling well they probably think they can get some people interested. There sure could be some kind of viral outbreak at some time. I’m fairly well prepped but sorely lacking a lot of skills, no hunting, no fishing, no gardening.
    You blog is great and I’m learning all kinds of stuff.

  56. Rusty Shackleford says:

    i voted “YES” because it is entirely plausible. our government still experiments with all kinds of bacteria and viruses, so all it would take is the “accidental” release of a weaponized mad cow or rabies or something along those lines, and instant zombies. Plum Island does all kinds of disease research and experiments, they were responsible for Lyme’s Disease after all. who knows what other scary shit they’ve cooked up?

  57. I’m prepped enough for the basic zombie invasion. However, if those bastards learn to fly, I’m screwed.

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