Are You Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse?

zombie survivalWe’ve all seen the movies, where the Zombie masses roam through the countryside in search of the flesh of the living who were not effected by the outbreak. Most of us think of this type of thing as only Hollywood fantasy, but is it really possible.

Could a virus turn your neighbours into flesh-eating Zombies, well according to this post published by the CDC it could happen. They even give their survival tips about what you should do when it happens.

Now, it all sounds kinda strange to me and I’m not looking for Zombies (or are they already:-D )  to walk the earth anytime soon, but I suppose theoretically it would be possible under the right circumstances.

Anyway, it does get you thinking and considering the “what if” factor.

Do You Think A Apocalypse Is Possible

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What if it happened. What would you do. Would you be ready. Could you shoot your neighbour or worse a loved one if they fell victim to the Zombie virus. What would you do…


  1. 28 days later was the most realistic depiction of ‘zombies’ I’ve seen thus far, and points out their limitations (so stupid from the disease they starve to death – so your best strategy is to hole up and wait them out)

    Such a scenario would be a survivalists’ dream:

    few people left, so no real competition for any resource the survivors want

    1.move into that solar-powered mansion and stock it via your local Costco

    2. raid the Best Buy for that 65″ 3D HDTV

    3. take any gun you want including full auto courtesy of your local armory

    4. then burn thousands of rounds of ammo a day

    5. etc.

  2. I voted yes. Anyone heard of rabies? Get bitten and, if untreated, become uncontrollably aggressive and psychotic? Any mutation to this virus will be called zombies.

  3. The zombies are already here amongst us. They’re called Meth users. Meth is reported to change the user’s brain pattern permanently to that of a different species. It’s just a matter of time before one is banging on your front door trying to get in to have at your goods.

  4. bulldogbeau says:


    The experiments they’re doing there… Why not? I voted yes.

  5. With the current fad of zombie movies and max brooks books selling well they probably think they can get some people interested. There sure could be some kind of viral outbreak at some time. I’m fairly well prepped but sorely lacking a lot of skills, no hunting, no fishing, no gardening.
    You blog is great and I’m learning all kinds of stuff.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    i voted “YES” because it is entirely plausible. our government still experiments with all kinds of bacteria and viruses, so all it would take is the “accidental” release of a weaponized mad cow or rabies or something along those lines, and instant zombies. Plum Island does all kinds of disease research and experiments, they were responsible for Lyme’s Disease after all. who knows what other scary shit they’ve cooked up?

  7. I’m prepped enough for the basic zombie invasion. However, if those bastards learn to fly, I’m screwed.