Red Dot Sights and the Aimpoint Comp M4s

Aimpoint M4 2 Minute of Angle ACET CompM4 Sight


  1. JP in MT says:

    I have a M4 “knock-off” from China. Only cost $200 and has 2 colors (red and green). Even marked “Made in Sweden”. The battery life is rated at 80,000 hours, which is about 10 years on a single AA battery (which I like).

    I have had no issues with mine to date. So I’m sure the original works even better.

  2. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have an older Aimpoint (bought in the mid 1990’s I think, it’s been a while) a BSA one, a Halo site and a Weaver Quick Point from the 1970″s that uses gathered light.

    All of them work and are fun to use. Makes for a quick target picture.

    But honestly if you are using a combat handgun, you really should learn instinctive shooting and not need sites or a red-dot site.

    Scopes and red dot sites in my opinion are better suited to target / hunting guns, be it pistol, rifle or shotgun.

    Most holsters don’t support a gun with a red-dot site and the more complicated you make something the better chance things can go wrong.

    Drop a handgun with a red dot site and it lands site first, you can bet it’s not pointed where it was before the drop. The site can move, the mount can move when dropped.

    Not to say I don’t like red dot sites, I do, but I just don’t see them as good for a handgun you grab at 3-AM.

    • PatrickM says:

      I agree that handguns for defense should be kept “clean”.

      While I like the red dots, I am thinking about trying out a Burris fast fire sight. Red dot has the primary feature I like, that is AA battery size, it allows standardization, I try to keep all of my portable electrics within the AA or AAA size for simplified logistics.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      What Chuck Said!I just finished a course this week end. At that level of training, I saw only a few pieces of ‘glass’ on the shot guns and NO glass on the back up ‘pistols’. At the upper range drill, if you didn’t ‘wear’ one, the instructor ‘Dropped’ the pistol in the gravel at your head and got ‘vocal’ until you could make the 65 yard conversion shot on a 10 X 14 in. plate. At that range even the ‘iron’ sights covered the target. In the bright sun…. I donno if you could even see a red dot at arms length…. anybody try that?

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have Trijicon Night Sights on my 357 Mag (Need to put them on the Beretta 9-MM and 45 Auto) They don’t need batteries and work just like the original sites only they glow in the dark.

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